Teaser In Torment

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoners of war who give in to their captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — both must make decisions in a vacuum, without benefit of familiar people or situations to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In TEASER IN TORMENT Robyn Durant finds herself in just such a situation. Kidnapped because her father is about to give damning testimony in a legal case, Robyn finds all her beliefs and moral standards put to the test. Raised strictly though lovingly by her father, she has never questioned his values and has accepted all he has taught her as truth. Now she must decide for herself what is right and wrong. What is moral and immoral. Confronted with new values, she must judge their validity, accept or reject them. Her kidnapping has became a positive experience, something that will change her life, for the better, she hopes.

TEASER IN TORMENT — the story of a young girl who is forced to come to terms with her own nature. A novel of significance to our ever-changing society.


“Aw, come on, Robyn,” Barry whined.

He was a little wiped out from the beer he’d been putting down. He pushed me down the hall towards a bedroom. I could hear giggles from an occupied room as we passed.

“I… I’d rather stay with the other kids if you don’t mind.”

“Shit, almost everybody else is in a bedroom… or hunting for one.”

Barry laughed and spilled some of his beer on the rug. He kissed me then and I tasted the alcohol on his lips. He was such an easy one. I’d been driving him half-crazy all night and enjoyed every minute of it. I let him push his tongue between my teeth, tickling the underside of it with my own until he moaned and shoved his body against me. My silk dress clung to my body. Barry’s hands were hot as he searched out the sharp curve of my waist and then fumbled to get under the hem.

“I’ll do the touching,” I whispered, grasping his wrist hard, letting him feel my nails. Barry grunted, let his hand go limp. Then I spread my fingers down the front of his pants. He was all shoved out in the crotch and the heat excited me. I could feel the shape of his cock all bent over inside his shorts. As I rubbed his dick, Barry moved his hips so that the shaft straightened, held against his belly by the elastic of his underwear.

“Jesus… let’s go find a bedroom.”

I shook my head. I was squeezing the long, hard snake, forcing my nails into the material of his pants.

“Robyn… you’re killing me!”

I giggled and tilted my chin up so he could kiss my neck.

“Just because it’s your parents’ house, you think I should go to bed with you.”


He nuzzled wildly down my chest. I caught his head before he could push my dress apart with his tongue. I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Dammit, you’ll be gone tomorrow. To that dumb-ass resort with your old man…”

“So you want to get in my pants tonight so you can brag all summer to the kids how you finally broke Robyn Durant’s cherry.”

“Aw, shit, Robyn. I love you!”

Barry grabbed my waist with both hands and pulled my hips forward. He ground his straining cock against me. I could feel its heat through all our clothes. For an instant I was aware of what was happening to my own body. It was getting harder to ignore the shivering rushes of pleasure as Barry touched me. But I could control myself. I’d always been able to in the past. And a lot of boys had tried to fuck me. They’d been trying since I was twelve and I was eighteen now.

“God, you’re beautiful!” Barry pushed me closer to the bedroom at the end of the hall. The other kids had kind of stayed away from it, knowing that Barry had ideas about using it. There was an unspoken excitement that night, everyone had sensed it. I wondered if Barry had talked about me to the other guys. About how he was going to take care of Robyn Durant, once and for all. Barry wasn’t really such a bad dude. I even liked him… kind of. But he thought plenty of himself, too. He was tall and strong and blond. He had letters in every sport. The coaches thought he was hot shit. Every girl from junior high up felt the same way. But for me he was just another guy with a cock who thought he could put it inside any girl he met. And once inside, they thought they had you, the bastards!

That was because most girls were so damned wishy-washy. A guy fucked them and they freaked. It had to be true love then. I heard all that crap in the showers before gym. But it never worked out like they wanted. They didn’t know the first thing about will power.

“You smell so good.”

Barry pulled me inside the bedroom and closed the door. It was pretty dark. But a glimmer of light came from the bathroom. It was probably his folks’ room. A touch of panic welled in my belly. Barry kicked off his shoes and reached, for my sandals. I kicked away but he pulled my ankles together and I flopped on the bed. He got the buckles loose and tossed them against, the wall. My breathing got weird all of a sudden. I had a funny thing about my feet. Maybe I was just born that way. They were more sensitive than those of a normal person. I couldn’t hardly stand to walk through sand barefooted. Even a stiff carpet could make me weak in the knees. All those prickles pushing up between my toes… And now Barry was trying to kiss me there.

“Barry… don’t… Ohhhhh!”

“I love your feet. They’re so small and thin.”

“Barry!” I kicked free somehow, Barry fell alongside me and hugged my silk-sheathed body to his. He was warm. Our hearts thumped loud in the darkened room. He took my hand and pushed it down against his crotch.

“Unzip me,” he breathed, tongue wetting my earlobe.

“Why should I?”

“You look fantastic in red, you know that?” He fingered my ear. “Because your hair is so dark, I guess.”

Barry was trying to get under the hem of my dress again. I didn’t really want to get him too worked up… well, not so that he’d freak out or anything. A guy had done that to me once when we’d parked out by the lake. He’d threatened to commit suicide if I didn’t let him screw me. I didn’t let him. He survived. But the vibes had been mean.

Still and all, if I kept letting Barry get his hand under my clothes, he’d think it was some kind of conquest and push all the harder for what he really wanted. Maybe I’d have more control if I was doing the touching.

I fingered his zipper teasingly. Boy, did I know how to tease!

“Promise you’ll be good.”

“I promise!” Barry gasped. He stopped moving his hand but let it rest halfway up my thigh. His touch felt a little too good for me to be comfortable.

“Take your hand out from under my dress, please.” I knew how to make my voice as cold as ice cubes. Barry moved his fingers down to my knee. Then I unzipped him. He fumbled his belt loose quickly. I hadn’t had that in mind, but…

“Here… Jesus…” Barry was yanking the front of his shorts down, too. I’d only meant to rub his cock through the thickness of the cotton. To get his balls to aching and then take off to the kitchen for a drink or something. I’d done that to lots of guys. When their balls got to aching, they usually didn’t want to do much anyway. Pet and stop. That’s how I did it. Tease and lie back, tease and slow down. Oh, God, it was kind of mean, but I couldn’t help but get off on seeing a guy wilt. They all thought they were so much better than girls. Big deal. They weren’t shit to me.

“Come on… you’re not afraid to touch it, are you?”

“Course not,” I said, wrapping my fingers lightly round the base of his prick. It was hotter than I’d thought it would be. I’d only brushed a boy’s cock with my palm once… by accident. But I didn’t want Barry to think this was my first time. God, his cock was big! I could feel the hot, pulsing veins under my fingers. I let my palm slide upwards until the ridged part of his prick bumped against the edge of my forefinger. Barry’s head fell to one side and he had a dreamy look. He moved his hips upwards, jabbing his cock through the circle of my fingers. He kept moving like that, kept pumping, fucking my hand and grunting.

I got the idea. He was on his back now, pants pulled down a little, legs spread. I knelt over him, working my fingers up and down. The rigid, hot meat swelled suddenly in my grasp. I hadn’t believed it possible for it to get bigger… but it sure was!

There was enough light leaking from the bathroom for me to see it now. And my eyes were adjusted to the gloom. I could see a lot of things. The panting, slack look on Barry’s face. The way his chest heaved under his shirt. But I kept staring at that strange thing that grew from his crotch. It was white and long and hot. Veins swelled out of the smooth skin all the way up to the head. And then everything changed. The tip was kind of spongy and fat. It was bigger than the rest of his prick and formed a kind of barb that throbbed bigger every time I brought my fingers up against it. It was darker, too… almost purple.

“Mmmmmmm…” he groaned. My own breathing was a little short, a little fast. I’d dated plenty, but this was the first time I’d gone this far. One of my dates had come in his pants kissing me good night. But even then we had our clothes on.

“Robyn, do it faster!”

Barry’s voice sounded so… so frantic! I looked at the wrinkly sac that held his balls. It hung loose and heavy at the base of his cock. There was seed in those bulging eggs. And I knew that if I fooled around too much, it would all come spurting out. I had no desire to find out what a man’s cum looked like.

It was only a few dozen steps to the bathroom. I made half of them before Barry caught me and crashed me up against the wall. His pants were down around his ankles. He stepped out of them and shoved his cock up against my dress. I could feel the heat through the thin, red silk.

“You Goddamn tease! You bitch!”

“Let me go!”

“I oughta fuck you.”

“You… I hate you!” I tried to twist away, but Barry was fucking his cock up and down my silk-sheathed belly. It felt so strange! My knees trembled. I could hardly get my breath. Barry twisted one of my arms, shoved it up behind my back.

“No… owww… ohh, you’re hurting me!” He pushed me into the bathroom and I saw him rummaging around on a shelf. He grabbed a bottle of hand lotion and yanked me around toward the door again. I stumbled ahead of him, helpless with my arm bent halfway up my back. He shoved me forward and my knees hit the edge of the mattress and I sprawled. Barry never let go my arm for a second. I could feel him kneeling between my legs on the bed. I whimpered with fear.

“Naw, I couldn’t get away with fucking you,” he said. His voice was low and mean sounding. “Even though everybody in school knows what a prick tease you are, you’d yell rape to the principal and I wouldn’t get back to school next year.” Barry grabbed the hem of my dress and yanked it up to my waist. I clenched the cheeks of my ass instinctively. The silk crotchband was up between my crack.

“Let me go, let me go!”

“But I know something you won’t scream about,” Barry laughed. “You won’t tell a Goddamn soul about this.” He pushed my wrist another inch higher and I whimpered with pain.

“Barry… Ohhh, God… I won’t tell anybody what you tried to do!”

“Tried to do? I’m gonna do it, you bitch!”

“Ohh, God… nooooo!”

Barry’s fingers closed around the elastic of my panties. I felt the silken rub of them as they slid over each plump cheek of my butt. I writhed face down on the bed, gasping with fear, wishing I’d never agreed to come to the party at Barry’s house. It was awful, to feel myself being undressed and not be able to do anything to resist.

He pulled my panties down enough to get his finger between my thighs. I couldn’t close my legs because he was in the way. A finger brushed across the closed, damp lips of my cunt. I shuddered as a tickle burst through my body. I flopped my hips around, trying to escape Barry’s touch. But he smoothed the finger back and forth until my damp curls had slickened everything. Then the finger forced the plump swells of my cunt-lips back and I felt the touch glide along the inner pussy petals and folds.

“Some poor bastard is gonna break that someday,” he growled, shoving against the red knot of my cherry. I bucked frantically, afraid that he might jab his finger through it just because be hated me so.

“Don’t! Ohhhh, don’t, Barry! I’m begging you!”

“I told you I wouldn’t get away with it. I’ve got a football scholarship at stake and I’m not blowing it over some piece of pussy like you.” He nabbed the glossy finger up over my clit and another shudder of pleasure made me twitch and buck. “But there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

I couldn’t believe what he was doing with his finger now! He moved it upwards, upwards until I could feel the glossy streak of my cunt juice across one swell of my ass. Then he shoved the finger down against my taut, hot asshole. I writhed like mad and tried to hit him with my heels. He just laughed and tickled the dry little knot of muscles until I was weak from the odd sensation.

While I lay breathless like that, Barry jerked my panties off over any feet. I heard him doing something with the lotion bottle. I was so scared couldn’t have spit if I’d wanted to. I couldn’t imagine anyone even joking about something like that.

Barry was trying to scare me, that was all. He was mad and he just wanted to scare me. Then I felt the cool squirt of something against the crack of my ass. I threw my hips around savagely but Barry gouged between my ass-cheeks with his thumb and spread the slick cream around.

“You won’t… you wouldn’t dare!”

He just laughed. He squirted more of the lotion, this time on his cock. I felt it dripping from the tip of his cock onto my butt. Then he lowered his body down. I tried to scream, but couldn’t seem to find the power to make any noise at all. I was panting like crazy and Barry still had my wrist bent up almost to the nape of my neck. He was sooo heavy! His hairy belly brushed over my ass and ten I felt something, something thick and hot and slick!

“Ohhhhh, nooooo!”

My feet flailed the mattress. My small tits were flattened inside my dress, flattened against the bed as Barry pressed down onto me. Then when he knew his weight held me prisoner, he pushed both my arms out like I was being crucified. I buried my face in the bedspread and sobbed. Slowly… very slowly, Barry was pushing his lotion-drenched cock deeper between the plump, swells of my ass. He forced my thighs apart wider with his knees. Being face down on the bed made me as helpless as a kitten. And Barry knew it. He was taking his time.

“I want you to have something to remember me by…”

“This is horrible,” I mumbled. Barry kissed the nape of my neck and brought his hips forward another inch. Now something very hot was touching the knotted opening to my guts. I whimpered and tried to squirm my ass out of the way but my strength was gone.

“I’ve wanted to see your pretty ass for a long, long time,” Barry growled, shoving his thumb into the whiteness of my flesh. “It’s even sweeter than I thought it’d be.”

“Nooo. Ohhhhh, don’t do that… don’t keep pushing with your…”

“You’d better relax a little, baby,” he warned, making the head of his cock bulge as he forced it against my closed asshole. I strained my hips forward and tried to damp my bung shut. But the hot squeeze of my ass-cheeks against his cock-tip only excited him more. He trembled all over and began to lick and bite at my shoulder blades. He was forcing his prick against my asshole with quick jabs. My tiny hung started to open. It hurt!

“You can have it this way,” he breathed, “or you can relax and let me have it. It won’t hurt so bad that way.”

“I don’t believe you really want to do this! It’s… it’s so wrong.”

“That shows how screwed up you are,” he snapped. “What in hell do you think you got all these holes in your body for anyhow?”

The thought of Barry’s cock being poked in every orifice I possessed made me half-sick.

“It hurts… hurts bad!”

“I told you to relax.”

He stopped shoving at my butt and began to lick the nape of my neck again. The rough heat of his tongue made shivers burn up and down the inside of my thighs. I didn’t think I was being excited, but the fever spread down my body. My nipples poked into the mattress and the muscles around my virgin cherry convulsed with a steady rhythm. I wasn’t aware when it happened, but my asshole loosened, unknotted. The slickened head of Barry’s cock pushed in an inch before I realized what was happening.

“Oooohhh!” I tried to pinch my asshole closed again, but the straining muscles couldn’t force his cock back out.

“I got you, baby… got you good!”

He lunged again and I felt the flared cock-tip thrust in my ass easily. The slick lotion smacked as he fucked another inch of his cock into my guts and ten another. I flopped my feet up and down helplessly as Barry continued to hold my arms out from my sides. His weight held me prisoner as he moved his hips with gentle fucking motions. I was in a state of shock. I could hardly bear to think of what was happening to me! Barry was fucking me in the ass… something so awful that I’d only heard a few whispers about it in my whole life. I’d thought it was something someone with a twisted mind had just made up. But it was happening. And to me!

Barry let go of my wrists. I balled my fists and pounded on the bed. It was all I had the strength to do.

“Jesus… this is good… you fine bitch. Your ass is better than most girls’ pussies.”

I didn’t want to hear. I wished I could close my ears, my feelings… everything! But the slow, rubbing penetration of my butt by Barry’s thick cock was setting off all sorts of reactions. It pulled the tender flesh tight around my pussy every time he fucked deep. Even though his prick wasn’t inside my cunt, it seemed to sense how close he was. Frenzied jolts of pleasure tickled the skin around my swollen cunt-lips. Barry grasped the fronts of my hips with both hands and fought to get his cock deeper. I writhed under the long, hard jab of his prick in my guts.

“Hot… you’re so damned hot in there!” His voice sounded funny and he was fucking faster all the time. The lotion sucked and smacked around the edges of my asshole. I wanted to die! But before I would be allowed that, I’d have to deal with the rising storm of sensations in my young body. I couldn’t ignore what was happening any longer. My pussy was on fire. Floods of cunt juice dripped out from my hole and wet the bed. My nipples were like small fingers of electricity. Even the slightest movements made a friction that inflamed me even more. I hunched my hips suddenly, and was immediately ashamed. But as Barry worked his cock almost all the way into my asshole, I hunched again… and again… and again…

“You like it, you bitch!”

“Noooo! I hate it!”

“You eat it up. You needed a little ass-fucking to show you what it’s all about!”

“Stop… stop doing it now! I’m going to faint!”

But I wasn’t going to tell Barry that if I fainted, it would be from the strangely exquisite tingle that seemed to consume every square inch of my flesh. I gasped and bucked and pretended to be in pain. The feel of that hot, thick cock speared between the cheeks of my ass was unbelievable. It went in and out so slickly, gouged so deep into my guts!

Barry shoved a hand under my body, under my dress. His palm coveted one of my tits and he squeezed it until the nipple popped between two fingers.

“Nuhhhh,” I moaned as the stormy excitement burst over my skin.

His other hand was sneaking around my belly, slipping down. A finger petted open the crack of my pussy and then, dove into the seepy heat. I choked on a cry; my body was squirming uncontrollably as Barry’s cock went in my asshole to the hilt. His balls flopped heavily against the underside of my butt-cheeks. He held himself like that, plunging for every last inch. I could feel that blood-swollen prick so deep inside my guts. More butter leaked from my cunt as Barry’s finger found my clit and excited it.


The tiny nubbin rose from the slick cunt folds that protected it and pushed back against Barry’s touch. He flattened it back with force and my hips rocked wildly from side to side. That huge cock of his was as far inside my butt as it would go now. Barry turned his head so be could get his teeth around the back of my neck.

“Robyn,” he grunted, nipping me, licking me. “Ohhh, Robyn baby… sooo good… you’re sooo good!”

His body jerked and he started fucking so wildly that I thought we’d slip off onto the floor. He pulled his cock almost all the way out of my asshole and then rammed it deep again. Tingling shudders made me breathless. There was a hunger in me that I’d never felt before. It was different than just being hungry for food, different than just wanting something real bad. This hunger made me frantic to feed it. It was a tickle, an itch… something that grew and grew and never was satisfied it seemed. I ground my hips around like a crazy person as Barry’s prick thrust at my sucking asshole.

“Barry… Ohhhhh… God… Goddamn!”

“Hold on, baby! I’m coming!”

“NOOO! Don’t do it inside me like that!”

But I couldn’t stop moving, couldn’t think of anything but the frenzied tautness of my body, the devastating bunts of pleasure that seemed too intense for a person to live through and yet grew even more intense with each jab of Barry’s hard cock!

Again my thoughts flashed to what was actually happening to me… I thought that was what they called it. I wanted to detach myself from everything. I wanted to pretend that this awful thing wasn’t happening to me. But by now my clit was a small, swollen lump that throbbed with shooting prickles of pleasure.


“Baby… Robyn!”

“Ohhh, God, nooooo!”

I guess I knew just about the exact second when Barry started to come. He made funny sounds in his throat and started jerking around real loose and crazy. I clawed the bedspread with both hands and tried to dig my knees in, tried to get away. My fever made me weak. It was a bewitched feeling… not being able to resist the lusty tickle inside my cunt. And I could hear the slick stuff smacking around between my ass-cheeks. It wasn’t just hand lotion now. There was a sharp aroma in the room, too… something I’d never smelled before.

“Huunn! Ohhh, God, stop it! Please stop it!”

“I can’t, Robyn… damn!” Barry was still lunging at me, spearing his cock into my asshole as deep as it would go every time he brought his powerful hips forward. The shock made my butt shiver again and again as he drove me down into the bed. And then at last I felt his twitching convulsions fade. With a groan, he pulled his long cock out of my asshole and my poor bong pinched tight again. I wanted to cry from embarrassment and shame.

“I hate you! You’re worse than an animal!”

“Yeah,” Barry chuckled, rolling onto his back, “guess I am.”

Somehow I made it to my feet and limped to the bathroom. My butt tingled and my asshole glowed with the stretching it’d gotten. Though I wanted to deny it, my dripping pussy felt blistered and in need of caresses. How could that have happened when Barry had been doing it… the wrong way? I pulled off all my things. I was still trembling.

I leaned against the side of the tub and turned on the water. Moaning from the memory of how I’d teen used, I climbed over the edge and let the warm currents swirl up around me. When the water came level with my cunt and a wavelet washed over my swollen clit, I shuddered violently. Nothing had been done to my pussy. Dry had hardly even touched it.

But in all those years I’d never made myself come. I’d had a few close calls. It was hard resisting that kind of stuff on a Saturday morning when I could lie in the bed late. But I knew that my mother would never approve. As for my father, he lived in another world. We just wouldn’t ever discuss things like that together.

It was then that I spotted the rubber hose hanging on the back of the door. It had a little fitting to slip over the spout. I grabbed it and put it on. I was breathing fast. All those thoughts about my first come on a hole… and the memory, horrible as it was, of what Barry had done… My mind was suddenly very clear. I felt eager to stir up the exhilarating sensations in my throbbing cunt.

As I held the rubber hose up and felt the hard spray hit my belly, I stopped for a moment. There was still a feeling way back in my mind somewhere that this was somehow… wrong. That if a girl got fucked and she came, that was one thing. But if she made herself come, it was against the rules. Of course neither way was really all that good. People got married in church and all, but they never talked about what happened after the marriage. I’d always thought it was like the people that were religious just ignored that part. The part that went on between the sheets when a bride took her clothes off.

But now hungry feeling was welling up in me again. I couldn’t bother with morals right now! My skin tingled and my breath was hot in my throat.

“Ohhhh!” I moaned as I directed the stream over both tits and the small fingers of my nipples were blasted by the hot spray. Then I shoved the tube down under the water and held it an inch away from my out.


The feeling was so intense, so sudden that I almost passed out. I couldn’t describe the way the pulsing jet bumped my tiny pinch of flesh around. I could feel more blood speeding to the engorged tissues and my cunt juice mingled freely with the bath water. I let the hot jet force against my cherry, too. It was like an invisible cock pressing gently in. But it felt best when I bobbed the hose back and forth very close to my clit. The furious shivers of passion increased in intensity. My shoulders shook and my head felt too heavy to hold up. I leaned back in the tub and fanned my toes. I was holding the hose only a tiny ways from my clit now and the heat of the water was doing naughty, wonderful things to me!

“Ohhh… ohhhhh, shit!”

It felt good to say words like that. I couldn’t stop to figure out why. The big muscles in my thighs stood out from the tension. My fingers were so weak I could hardly keep hold of the hose. Then one foot accidentally brushed the hot-water faucet and the temperature of the jet went up suddenly.

It wasn’t enough to hurt me or burn me. But it was a new excitement and I felt my trembling body pushed over the line between sanity and madness. I thrashed and splashed in the filling tub, my fingers working as the throes built between my thighs. That was part of it, knowing I didn’t know anything really.

And this strange and mysterious force was taking over! I gasped and babbled and grabbed the little red hose with both hands to keep from dropping it. My pussy was swollen open like ripe fruit, exposing itself completely to the steamy bath. And my muscles were moving all by themselves. I could feel the big ones in my ass tightening and loosening. When they moved like that, it made my hips rock forward and backwards. It was a movement, like Barry had been making when he’d climbed on my back and pushed his big cock…

“Ohhh… feels… sooo… good!” The hose snaked out of my hand for a second and I had to thrash the water to find it. But I got it back quick and the exhilarating throbs of pleasure increased like before. Then I felt a sudden wash of frantic excitement. I couldn’t stand just to spray myself. I had to dig at the throbbing folds of my cunt, too, with my other hand. I gouged along where my cherry was and along the depth of my cleft. The hot water bathed and swathed my cuntal membranes as the jet pulsed against my clit and sent me shuddering, sent me gasping into another world.

“Yuuuuuu… Ohhhhhh…”

My hips pumped violently now, sending water over the edge of the tub. I didn’t care. The door was locked. I was alone with my body and my body had me in its control! I could do nothing but satisfy that terribly wonderful itch that seemed, to break out in a new place every second. Mostly the tickle was between my legs, though. And the more I scratched it, the more intense it got. Until suddenly my body bucked and folded forward and I shoved the little rubber hose up against my pussy and ground it into the slippery petals.

“Nhhhhuuuuuu! Ohhhh! Come… come!”

“Robyn? You in there?”

I opened my eyes. Had I been dozing? The water was still running through the little hose. I turned off the faucets and pulled the plug. I was drying when Barry called again.

“Yes, I’m in here. Why don’t you leave me alone.”

“I wanted to talk.”

“You go to hell.”

And that was the end of my first and fast date with Barry Williams.


On Friday I was looking out the window of a 707 heading south. My dad was drinking a Scotch and going over some papers in his briefcase. Of course I was excited. I guess to Daddy it was just another working day. He was to get me settled in the Sand Palace, the big resort on the coast, while he flew off again to three more cities to visit clients. Daddy was a CPA. Somebody who cheated on other peoples’ taxes for them. CPAs were the best cheaters in the world. They went to school to learn how. Daddy told me all this himself.

The room at the Palace was dreamy. Daddy stayed long enough to rearrange a bag and have a few more drinks. When he went in the bathroom to shave, I finished the dregs of his Scotch and water and went to the window to look out. I never drank much, but on the flight down something had been bothering me. Barry. What he had done. The real problem was not being able to tell anyone. Usually I kind of liked to talk over my problems with a friend. If the problems weren’t too personal, I could even work them out with my mother.

But not what Barry had done. I couldn’t tell anybody about that! What made it worse was that my butt still tinged to remind me of that big, hot cock shoved up inside my asshole. Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought he’d stretched my bung some. That had to be my imagination! But I couldn’t seem to shake off the recurrent memories. I felt a little tainted, virgin though I was. So Daddy’s Scotch seemed to help a little. When he came out of the bathroom and threw some things in a bag, I was relieved to see that he meant to leave an almost full bottle there with me.

“I should be back in four or five days, hon,” he said, hugging me. “I’ll call from Atlanta and fill you in on my schedule. Your Aunt Ariel is going to drive down tomorrow or the next day to see if you’re doing okay.”

“Do I have to be looked after, Daddy?” I’d wanted to be on my own for a change. My aunt was nice enough but I knew she and her husband would want me to pay them a visit and see the sights and all that kind of crap.

“Your mother thought it would be a good idea. Besides, Ariel and Roger haven’t seen you for five years.” He stepped back like he hadn’t seen me for a long time himself. “You be careful where you go dressed like that,” he said.

“Just shorts and a top, Daddy.”

“Yes, I know. But shorts on you…” He rubbed his chin. “Well, I have to run. My flight leaves in half an hour.”

I hugged him good-bye and watched him go down the hall. Then I shut the door, went back to the Scotch and poured me some in the bottom of a glass. I was damned if I was going to spend any time with Ariel and Roger. That wasn’t any adventure, nice as I knew they were. The Scotch was pretty strong, so I added some ice. I was feeling loose.

I took a long look at myself in the mirror. Black hair tumbled over, my shoulders, half-hiding my halter top. At eighteen I still didn’t have much to fill that halter with but what was there rode high and firm on my chest. The material poked out where my nipples were. I did have nice nipples. They weren’t teeny little pink wrinkles like some of my friends had. Mine were dark and thick, and when I was thinking sexy, they jutted out and got so sensitive that I could scream when a boy tried to touch them. My legs were pretty fine. Long and lean. Willowy is what one date called me. Flat-bellied and slim-hipped. I licked my lips wet, pouted. The booze made me giggle. I grabbed my bikini, rolled it in a towel and started off for the beach. There was still half a day left to get a little sun. But I didn’t make-it out the front door of the hotel.

“You’re Miss Durant, aren’t you? Miss Robyn Durant?”

“Yeah, that’s me.” I couldn’t understand how the man knew my name. He was broad in the shoulders and good-looking. Curly, brown hair. A scar across one cheek. He looked like he’d handled a few rough situations in his life. He was dressed casually, like anyone you might see at a resort hotel.

“My name is Scott Morely. Your father told me to look after you.”

“My father?” I glimpsed the diamond ring on his finger. It wasn’t showy, but it looked like the real thing. He smiled and the scar crooked.

“I’m the house detective here at the Palace. Night duty. Mr. Durant told me you’d be spending a few days alone and wanted to make sure I was aware.” He surveyed my legs. It didn’t take but a flash of his eyes, but I knew he’d had a good look.

I finally managed a smile. “Oh, I see.” Scott looked around.

“Look, I don’t go on duty until seven. Could I buy you a drink?” He moved his shoulders. He moved them nice. “I’d ask you to the bar here at the Palace but you’re a paying guest and I’m an employee…” He shrugged, gave me another smile. “How about the Hilton? It’s just across the street.”

It didn’t seem absolutely necessary, that I become acquainted with Scott Morely. He knew who I was, didn’t he? But he kept looking at my legs. It was almost a challenge. He was lots older than the boys I’d dated back in Williamsburg. I couldn’t help wonder what hoops I might be able to put him through. And the Scotch I’d drunk said yes, too.

Scott gave the waiter a nod when he took our order. The drink I got was fruity and nice. But underneath the sugar I could taste plenty of booze.

“A girl does have to be careful,” Scott said. “Especially one like you.”

“What makes me different?” I said, trying not to slur nay words. I felt pretty loaded. I wasn’t used to too much hard stuff. I wasn’t used to any hard stuff!

“You know what makes you different,” he said. I couldn’t look in his eyes. A thrill burned through my body. It was exciting having a man on the run again. A real man. Not just some high-school big shot.

We talked about things. Scott had been around the world and filled me in on a few of his adventures. He seemed a perfect gentleman, though. Except for those eyes. We finished our drinks and he escorted me back across the street to the parking lot. He had a low-slung sports car.

“I didn’t say I was going anywhere with you,” I started.

“You have your bikini with you, don’t you? I know a place…”

“The beach is right down there,” I said, pointing at the ocean.

“My place is better. No people.” He started the engine. I felt silly standing in the hot parking lot with my bikini rolled in a towel. And the heat was cooking the alcohol in my head. I slid in and held on as Scott gunned off down the highway.

We had to walk down a narrow path to get to the ocean. It looked like a private beach, though there weren’t any houses close by. Scott pulled a pair of trunks out of his hip pocket and undid his belt. I looked away when I realized he was going to change right there in front of me. He saw me looking for a private spot.

“The shy type, huh?”

I said. “Maybe.” He had me on the defensive. He laughed and plunged out into the breakers. I waited until I saw his head dip beneath the waves and then quickly skinned off my shorts and got into my bikini. The top was easy, I just turned my back. But when I kicked off my sandals and started down the beach, the sand did awful things to the bottoms of my feet. By the time I felt salt water around my ankles, my clit had pushed out between the plump halves of my cunt-mound. It was so swollen that it rubbed the crotch of my bikini when I walked. It was impossible to keep that sand from sliding up between my toes, though.

Scott floated in beside me. The water was warm.

“I’m not much of a swimmer,” I told him. I’d fled my hair up but it was wet anyway.

“Come on, I’ll show you a few strokes.” Before I could do anything, Scott had an arm under my belly and had swept me up off the sand. I struggled but he walked towards deeper water. Then we were both floating. Instinctively I threw my arms around his neck. My legs scissored his middle as I sucked in air. Deep water always had scared me.

“Take it easy, I won’t let you go under.” His arms tightened around my back. Then I felt something hard against my belly as I clung against Scott. Almost at the same instant I saw his trunks bobbing on the tip of a wave, heading for shore. His fingers fooled with the tie of my bikini bottom.

“Nooo! What do you think you’re doing anyway! Ohhhh!” A wavelet put salt water in my mouth and I had to cling all the tighter to Scott’s strong body. I felt my bikini slide away from my hips. Scott yanked it free from between us. I shook my head violently.

“Get me out of here… get me into shallow water, damn you!”

“Easy, honey,” he laughed. “I’m the good swimmer, remember? You’d better be nice to me.”

My bikini top came off next, but I couldn’t let go of Scott’s neck. An incoming breaker almost took us under and I bobbed like a cork, spitting water and squealing. My tits flattened against Scott’s warm chest as I clung frantically to the only thing I had to keep from drowning.

“That’s it, just hold tight.” He kissed the hollow between my neck and shoulder. I fought down the thrilling jolts that made me shiver. I could feel Scott’s cock bobbing against the underside of my body, bumping my cunt-mound gently as the waves rocked us. When he tried to kiss my mouth, I pushed against his chest. He let me fall backwards, let me go under for a second. I came up spitting and choking. Then he grabbed me roughly and his tongue speared between my teeth.

“Mmmmnnnnnhhaaaa!” I cried, twisting away. He dragged me out with a thundering wave breaking around us. I felt the sand under my feet again and then Scott threw me down and fell on top of me. I squirmed like crazy. He had my bikini top in his teeth. He pulled my hands behind my back and wound the skimpy thing around both wrists. I knew when he jerked the knot tight that I wasn’t going to wiggle it loose. Then I was rolled onto my back again. For the first time I saw Scott’s cock as he knelt there between my legs.

“Eatin’ stuff.”

“What did you s-s-say?”

I was horrified. I couldn’t take my eyes off that… that thing that grew out of a thatch of curly hair. It was the biggest cock I’d seen in my whole life. And there was something else different about it, too. I couldn’t see the head… that part that flared out from the shaft, that part that had been purple-colored on Barry’s prick. This guy had a covering of skin that protected the sensitive barb. Uncircumcised. That was the word I’d been hunting for.

For a reason I couldn’t understand, my pussy flooded with butter when I jerked my arms in an effort to free them. It was the strain of my muscles, the feeling of helplessness. I was scared stiff and yet, shaking with another fever, too. The look in Scott’s eyes. Hungry. He bent down and dug his thumbs into the soft flesh of my inner thighs. I parted them with a squeal and he opened his mouth and looked into the bloom of my throbbing pussy.

I thought I was going to faint. It didn’t really happen, did it? Men just talked about eating a girl’s cunt. They bragged to other men about such things. But when it came down to it, they would never put their mouths against something like a girl’s pussy. Would they?

“Jesus, you smell like an angel,” Scott said.

The scar on his face jumped. Then he fell on his chest between my spread thighs, and I experienced the most intense and sudden thrill I’d ever known. My pulsing little cunt was swathed with his hot spit, petted and tickled with his tongue. I felt the pussy folds peel open for him as he speared along the V of my gash. He found my clit and sucked it noisily. His teeth edged the delicate tissues hidden in the heat of my gushing cunt juice. I felt like he was pushing his chin hard against my cherry and then his tongue raked the spot, too.

“Noooo! Ohhh, God, don’t… don’t!”

“I had a feeling you were a virgin,” Scott said. I focused on his face. His cheeks and chin were smeared with my glossy cunt butter. I could see the dew hanging in my beaver where the hair grew up from my cunt-mound.

“You better untie me… right now!”

Scott plunged his mouth back down on my cunt again. The shivery pleasure silenced me. His licking was slow now, teasing. He dragged his tongue across my clit, flattening it into the mess of my blood-swollen pussy.

We were barely out of the water and an incoming wave washed over my legs as Scott continued to burrow into the split of my cunt. All my pussy was swollen with the heat of excitement. I felt like my cunt was all puffed up and the spongy fullness of my twat folds made Scott’s tongue seem like it was shooting me with little electric shocks. In my panic, I tried to drum my heels against his back. But Scott was quick. He caught both ankles and stretched his arms out. My legs opened so wide that the tendons on the insides of my thighs bulged out. He nibbled those, too, letting me feel his teeth. The sensations sucked the breath from my lungs. I flopped weakly, knowing it was all wrong, afraid of his strength and intentions and at the same time unable to ignore the thrilling strokes of his caresses.

“I want your cherry!” he grunted, shoving the point of his tongue against the dainty bunched flesh. I flopped my head wildly.

“Nhhhaaaa! Nooooo!”

The bikini top around my wrists wouldn’t give. And when I jerked to free myself, the strain of my muscles only increased the tension of my excitement. Scott seemed to be going crazy. He held my butt up off the sand so he could lick farther down my crack. I guess the salt water had washed me pretty clean, but I still couldn’t believe it when he started licking around the taut knot of my asshole. The jolting thrills made me squeal. I didn’t want him to know what I was feeling. But the sounds poured from me and I couldn’t stop them. My body was a quivering mass of hot nerve ending. And he was licking and biting and sucking in a way I didn’t know a human was capable of.

“Ohhh, damn you… this is… awful!”

Scott sucked one of my ass-cheeks between his teeth and began to tease it with his teeth. The big muscles went tight and he laughed through his nose as a finger tickled close to my hymen and then pushed in enough to stretch the fragile membrane.


“It isn’t doing you any good.”

“Ohhh, please… don’t! Ohhh, God, nooooo!”

“Who are you saving it for?”

“Not you… I hate you!”

Scott just laughed again and pushed his dripping mouth down against my slit again. I felt my drenched pussy curls rubbing against his lips and chin. He held my ass, his fingers digging into the white flesh of my body as he ate my snatch.

He concentrated on my clit now and the steady suction, the rhythmic strokes of his tongue over that velvety lump made my back arch up off the sand. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t see. It was like a fire burned out of control between my legs, a fire that was going to consume all of me!

“Yes… that’s what you like, isn’t it?” Scott murmured between licks. I could only dig my heels into the wet sand and writhe. My pussy swelled even wider to his licking. I felt like my whole bottom would burst with blood if he didn’t stop. It was far more intense than spraying myself with water that time after Barry had raped my ass.


“You want more, don’t you?”

“Ghhuuuu!” My legs went straight up in the air. I could see them swaying, the toes pointed and fanned apart. Then I was doing something with my hips that shamed me even then. I was humping them forward and back, pumping my open slit against Scott’s mouth.

I knew it was wrong. I knew I was supposed to be resisting him. But how could I resist with my hands tied behind me? I couldn’t think. My body flopped as I made quick fucking motions and felt Scott’s tongue swathing my delicate cunt-flesh with his hot spit.

“Ohhh, something’s happening to me. You’ve got to stop… got to… got to!”

“If I stopped, you’d kill me,” Scott breathed and his tongue flattened my poor clit down into its protective hood.

A buzzing, tickling sensation shot through my ass and pussy! My body bucked violently and I felt the bikini top cutting into my wrists as every muscle in my body went rock-hard. I thought that if the tickling pleasure didn’t stop in a few more seconds that I’d die of it! Ohhhh, it was heavenly… but wrong… this… guy… eating my… cunt!

Then the tickle burst into the most delicious ecstasy! I plunged my heels deep into the sand and thrust my dancing ass up hard against Scott’s mouth. He licked my asshole and pussy and bit my thigh, too. I actually found myself wanting him to bite me and when his teeth cut into one swollen cunt-lip. I screamed with the sharp pleasure.

“Ohhh! Thhhnnn! Yessss! Ohhhhhh, help, help, help!”

Someone was dragging me to my feet, untying my wrists. I’d passed out. Where was I? Who was it behind me?

“Hey, sugar, you feeling all right?”

“What… where am I?” The sun was going down. I couldn’t seem to remember anything.

“We had a little swim. Now I’m taking you home.” Scott turned me around and held out the top of my bikini. Only then did I realize that my tits were bare. I clutched the skimpy thing against them and put a hand down to my cunt.

“Oh, I put that back on for you.” Scott smiled and his scar moved on his cheek. “It’s really kind of fun to dress an unconscious chick.” A jagged edge of fear cut through me. While I was unconscious… had Scott done what he’d threatened? I guess he read the look on my face.

“Aw, come on, Robyn. What kind of a guy you think I am?”

My hand touched the crotch piece of my bikini and I inched a finger under the narrow covering. My cunt-lips were terribly swollen and still drenched with my slickness, but the hot knot of my cherry was still there. When I pulled my hand out, Scott grabbed the wrist and thrust my fingers into his mouth. He was stronger than I was. I had to let him suck my pussy butter from each knuckle, pretending that the rub of his tongue didn’t affect me in the slightest. Actually, the hot friction between my fingers was setting off new fires. I bit my lip and frowned at him.

“I want to go back to the hotels… now!” He dropped my hand, shrugged.


“I can’t believe, what you’ve done. I mean, I really can’t believe it!”

“Look, baby, don’t bullshit me. You loved it.” He touched the small of my back as we headed for the car. I tried to shove his fingers away, but he persisted. And that damned rough sand squeezing up between my toes wasn’t helping either. I limped the last few feet to his car and fell into the seat panting.

“You don’t really want to go back to the hotel, do you?”

“You said you have to go to work.”

Scott rubbed a hand through his mussed hair. “Unfortunately, yes. But I’ll drop up to your room to see you.”

“Like hell you will.” I sat as close to my door as possible. Scott started up and wound up the dirt road to the highway. I didn’t say a word all the way back to the Sand Palace and neither did he. But I couldn’t help notice how his swimming trunks were. He didn’t have anything on underneath them. And he had a huge hard-on. So big, in fact, that the foreskin was poking out of one leg hole. I didn’t want to look… I fought to keep my eyes away. But Scott caught me glancing at his cock and laughed like hell.

“You want to play with it?” he said as we wheeled into the parking lot of the Palace. I just got out of the car without a word, grabbed my clothes and towel and headed for the lobby. Maybe it was something in my manner that tipped him off. He grabbed my wrist before I was ten steps away.

“What do you have in mind, baby?”

“Maybe your boss would like to know how you treat the guests here,” I snapped, my bottom lip trembling. Wind blew a curly lock across Scott’s eyes. He tightened ht grip on my wrist. It hurt.

“Oh, sure. You’re going to tell the manager how I took you out to a lonely beach and ate your pussy, right?” I blushed, dropped my eyes. Scott pursued his advantage. “He’d just love to hear all the details… and it would be your word against mine, after all.” He made me look up at him. “Wouldn’t it?”

“Let me go.”

“I’ll be up to see you tonight,” he laughed, turning back to his car. I hurried into the lobby and went to the desk.

“Could I help you, Miss Durant?” the clerk asked. He was a young man with a neatly trimmed mustache and dark eyes. I swallowed and bunched my towel against my damp bikini top.

“No… unless…” I stopped again and bit my lip. “No… nothing.”

“I hope you enjoyed your swim,” the clerk said pleasantly. I padded barefoot to the elevator and went up. Even walking rubbed my sensitive cunt-lips in an excruciating way. I locked the door behind me and stripped off my bikini. Then I went into the bathroom and sat on the closed commode. There was a bottle of oil at the sink. I poured some of it my palm and spread it gently over the raw blooms of my pussy. Then I went and put the night chain in place. That bastard Scott wasn’t going to come see me. Not if I could help it.


Someone banging on my door woke me up. Not just a knock. Banging. And a man’s voice. Not Scott, the house detective… thank God. I glanced at the dark window and rubbed my eyes.

“Just a minute…” My nighty swished around my ankles as I staggered sleepily to the door. With the chain in place I figured I was safe. Anyhow, no one would try anything too weird in a luxury hotel, would they? Peeking out, I saw a bare-chested buy with blond hair and cut-off jeans. He was holding a half-full glass and looked slightly bombed.

“Party down the hall,” he said, taking in the lacey edges of my gown. “Want to go?”

“I don’t think so.”

“I’m as safe as your brother,” the guy said, holding up two fingers. “Boy Scout honor!” He rattled the ice cubes in his glass. “Name’s Chris. My boat’s ashore for repairs so I’m a landlubber tonight. Come on and go with me to the party.”

His smile was awful nice. “I’m in bed. I’d have to dress…”

“No you don’t,” he laughed. “You’re with me. If anybody so much as lays a hand on you, I’ll make ’em walk the plank.”

There was something honest and crazy and very nice about his manner. He didn’t seem the type to be too pushy. I undid the chain and stepped into the hall.

“Maybe just for a little while.”

“That’s great, come on.” He snugged an arm around my waist in a way that seemed comfortable. I let him guide me down to a room where a lot of noise and music was coming from. I peeked around the corner before going right in. And I saw why Chris had urged me not to bother dressing. Two other women were wearing nightgowns and there were as many weird outfits as I had fingers and toes. The ages of the partygoers was pretty varied, too. Chris pulled me proudly alongside him. Nobody was bothering getting introduced. I smelled something kinda funny, like burning leaves. As we passed one couple, someone handed Chris a funny looking cigarette. He put it to his lips and sucked. My mind spun when I realized what it was.

“Have… a… toke?” he said, forcing the words out a little at a time shook my head. “Aw, go ahead. One won’t turn you into a pumpkin!” I had to laugh at this. And when I looked around at the other smokers, no one seemed to be freaking out or any thing.

“Maybe just one.” I put the twisted end to my lips and took a little smoke into my lungs. It was hot and got me to coughing. We drifted towards another part of the worn. Chris got me a beer and watched me smiling as I sipped to cool my throat.

“God, I didn’t know I’d luck out like this when I knocked on your door.”

I smiled and lowered my lashes. “I shouldn’t have come really. I don’t know anyone here.”

“You know me.” He touched a hand to the side of my head. He held out the joint again, and I took it from him without thinking.

“No, I shouldn’t have anymore of this.”

“Another toke’ll put us on the same wave length,” Chris said. His blond hair was curled in wild tangles at the tops of his shoulders. He was awful good-looking. I wasn’t sure I could take the dunce of being on the same wave length as he was. But I sucked a little more of the smoke into my throat anyway and chased it with a beer.

“I have to go back pretty soon,” I said over the noise of the mimic. A few couples were making a try at dancing. Chris handed the joint to someone who was passing by, and then looked hard at me.

“Eighteen?” he guessed. I was going to let him think that but the smoke was doing funny things to my reasoning. What did it matter if I was eighteen?

“Eighteen,” I whispered and then giggled for no reason at all. I giggled again. I felt swimmy and strange inside. It was a good feeling. So good that it scared me a little.

“Jesus Christ!”

“Something wrong?” Everything babbled around us. Were all those people high like I was? The giggles came again and I put a hand over my mouth. “I guess I’m too young for you, aren’t I?” Chris looked maybe thirty. Maybe.

“Darlin’, you are the sweetest, prettiest thing I’ve seen all summer.”

“But summer is just barely beginning,” I said and started laughing again.

Chris let me lean against him. Wow, was I feeling strange. I swallowed some beer to see if it would get my legs back under me again. Chris’ hand was rubbing my waist. Slowly. Up and down. Felt so good. So sweet. Chris was a nice guy. Chris felt like a brother. I liked Chris.

“I like you, Chris,” I babbled, leaning my head against his shoulder. Nice Chris. He was kissing my hair. Was there anything wrong with him doing that? I finally decided that there wasn’t. The lights were so dim. Somebody turning them that way. The music was slow now. Chris was swaying with me in his arms.

“I’m glad you’re holding me up,” I sighed. I could feel his muscled chest. God, he was naked!

No, just bare-chested. I’d forgotten about his cut-off jeans. So funny… everything so funny. Chris so warm. Only that flimsy gown between my tits and him…

“You’re lovely,” he whispered. “Smell so good.”

“You smell good, too,” I said back. How long had I known this guy? He felt so comfortable, so… comfortable. His chest rubbed the nipples of my tits and I felt them pushing out against the silk of my gown. He would feel them, too. That would embarrass me. Why had I even come with him in my nightgown?

“I’d better go back to my room,” I managed to say. I was suddenly afraid, afraid of the dim lights and the strangers and Chris’ fingers petting the outward swell of my ass. As we danced, his foot covered mine and we stopped. I could feel his toes tickling me.

“Sure you wouldn’t like another beer or something?”

“No… I’d better go back. Please take me back!”

Chris sensed the fear in my voice. He headed me towards the door. I could barely walk and clung with both hands around his body. The stiff nap of the hall rug ate at the bottoms of my feet. After smoking that grass, the sensation was a thousand times more intense than I’d ever experienced. Halfway to my room, the tendrils of tingling pleasure shooting up my legs became so overpowering that I sagged, felt my knees give way.

“You okay?” Chris said, pressing me up against the wall so he could hold me up.

“Would you… please… carry me?”

“Sure baby, no sweat.” He hooked a hand behind my knees and an arm under my back. He looked down at my tits as he walked. The nipples were making the silk gown poke up like two tiny volcanoes.

I guess he got my door open without putting me down. We entered the darkened worn.

“I thought you were gonna pass out on me,” he laughed, hands at my waist.

“Thanks for bringing me. I guess I’ll see you sometime.”

I wasn’t planning it. Maybe Chris wasn’t either. But I knew he was bending his head down to mine, and when his lips brushed my chin, I almost fainted. My pussy throbbed like a little bomb and I felt a trickle of my cunt butter make a hot line down the inside of one thigh as Chris embraced my ass-cheeks with his hands, grinding my body up against his cock-stretched shorts. I could feel that swollen prick of his as it rubbed across the fur of my cunt-mound. His tongue lashed hungrily between my teeth and I moaned. Our kiss was wet and sloppy and too good to stop. I threw my arms around his neck and clung there when he started to break it off. His fingers had pushed the silk gown between the plump halves of my ass.

“What’s your name anyway?” he laughed. “I really must be screwed up not to find out your name.”


“Robyn… Robyn…” He pushed me backwards to the bed. I fell across it and Chris fell beside me. I seemed to have lost all control. When his hands pushed my gown up, I gasped like a crazy person and let him search between the heat of my thighs.

“Don’t… don’t do anything to me… don’t hurt me!”

“Hurt you? I wouldn’t hurt you.” His finger brushed my silken pussy curls apart and I felt him snick open the plumpness of my cunt-lips. I closed my legs tight against his hand.

“NO! Please leave me alone now… please!”

Chris held my head between his hands and started feasting slowly on my lips. The kisses were so teasing… so light… so wet…

“Noooo… ohhhh God… what are… you… doing… to… me!” With his tongue, he asked for mine. I gave it to him and he sucked it hungrily between his teeth. My pussy was streaming juice. When I moved my legs on the bed, the wet folds smacked and I could smell the delicate musk from my cunt perfuming the worn. Chris thrust a hand down between my thighs again and this time I couldn’t resist opening for him. He massaged my clit very softly, urging it up from its hood. I grunted and began to move my hips. I felt as weak and helpless as a kitten. The gown came off over my shoulders and I flopped back on the bed.

“Ohhh… what… are… you… going… to…”

“Fuck you,” he breathed. The word sounded beautiful. But I felt the sharp fear, too. My mind fought to surface from the dreamy, hot flood of sensations.

“Don’t fuck Robyn,” I babbled, my voice like a child’s.

“Here… touch me,” Chris said.

He put my hand down. His shorts were gone now and I touched something long and thick and hot. I jerked back instinctively but Chris guided my fingers until they surrounded the base of his cock.

“That will make you a woman,” he whispered, tickling my ear with his breath.

“Too big… too long.”

Chris pulled my arms, made me sit up. He was kneeling before my face and made me touch his cock again. It jutted up from his crotch at an angle. The light from the street below came flickering through the window. I saw the dusky, swollen cock-head. The shaft was hot on my palms. Chris held my head with both hands as he bent to kiss the bridge of my nose. Then one hand dropped to my pussy. I was sitting with both legs straight out on the mattress, toes pointed. He inched open my slit and gingerly rubbed my clit with a fore-finger. My tits rose in the dim light, the nipples spearing upwards. And then as Chris caressed my cunt, he pushed his hips forward.

“Noo!” I gasped as the head of his prick brushed my lips. So soft, it was! Like hot velvet! I started to shake my head, but he jabbed his prick forward again and this time my tongue accidentally wet the smooth barb.

“You want to, Robyn,” his voice murmured. “It’s the most natural thing in the world to want to do.”

“It… it is?” I tried to look up into his face. My eyes wouldn’t focus. I felt like I was swimming through molasses. And the way his finger loved my clit… Ohhh, it was unbelievable.

“Robyn… suck me, suck me!”


“Robyn, dammit!” He was suddenly kissing me again, his lips petting and tickling. I sucked hungrily at his mouth. I felt so vulnerable, so ravenously hungry for more excitement. My ass worked in circles on the mattress. Then Chris broke off the kiss and pressed his cock up to my face.

“Yes, Robyn.”

My mouth came open and closed again. I shook my head. Chris smeared his flared knob over my dun and cheek. For a moment he was almost forcing his cock between my lips. But something inside me bucked and I kicked myself away. He hugged my head against his belly and I found my kisses wetting him there. I pushed my tongue into his navel. It was as, if I really did need to lick or kiss or suck something… but that cock scared me.

“You’re shaking all over, honey,” he whispered. “I feel so spacy!” Again I drove my tongue into his navel. The spit made a popping sound that excited me. And the light friction there seemed to excite Chris, too. He kept pulling my face harder against his flat muscles, wallowing my teeth back and forth against the taut flesh. He made me grab his cock with both hands. I pumped it weakly, not knowing what be wanted next.

“Won’t you try and suck me again?” he begged. He really sounded hard-up.

“I just c-c-can’t. I tried, but I just can’t. I don’t want to, don’t you understand?” I started to cry. “Baby, baby… take it easy.”

“Oh, I’m so mixed up. I’m high and dizzy and tingling all over.”

“That’s the general idea,” he laughed, pushing my head back. He kissed me softly on the lips and then like before began to shave his tongue deeper and deeper into my mouth. Soon I was sucking at it, trying to bite it.

“Just do that with my cock,” he whispered, “but not too hard.” His humor was lost on me. I felt like two desires were tearing me apart. Now Chris’ fingers were playing in my pussy again. I grunted with hot pleasure as his caresses brought the juice flooding out; in a moment or two my hips began to pump against the touching game.

“Nhhuuuuu… honey… ohhhhh, honey!”

“That’s it… just let yourself go! Think of my cock in your mouth.”

I closed my eyes and tried Chris’ suggestion. I would’ve tried any suggestion. I concentrated on the way he looked down there. The tong, slender hardness, the gracefully curved cock-head. His knob looked like a streamlined mushroom. And there at the tip was that little slitted hole where his cream would bubble out. I kept my eyes tight, thinking of that thing as I felt it with my hands. My slit was being peeled completely open by his finger now and I fucked my slim hips furiously on the bed.

“I’m going to fuck you, Robyn,” he breathed, pushing himself up over my body. I felt a sudden rush of panic. I writhed wildly, tried to slip from under his crushing weight. But Chris kissed one of my tits, pulled it into his mouth and tongued the nipple until I arched my back up from the mattress and just quivered like someone had stuck me trough the heart with an arrow. The bunting shivers of pleasure left me breathless. And as he sucked that hard, small tit of mine, he tickled the inside of my thigh with his cock-tip.

“I want you, Robyn… really want you!”

His words set off rockets in my head. He wanted me… like I’d seen in the movies. Grown men wanting grown women. But my fear was still strong. I’d been nothing but a tease all my active sexual life. How could I think of a hard, hot cock breaking my cherry. The blood… the pain!


“Yes, Robyn… it has to be!”

“It’ll hurt!”

“I’ll be careful…”

“It’ll split me apart!” I pushed his cock away from my lips completely and twisted on the bed. Chris grabbed me and wrestled me down. His cock bumped my hip and then he slid around so that it smeared my own spit across my tummy.

“God, you it a fine little piece… Jesus Christ… your body!”

“I’m too young. My hole isn’t big enough!”

Chris grabbed my wrists and bent them both behind my back. He had a funny smile on his face. I felt so weird. I was stoned and now this guy — a stranger really — was manhandling me something awful.

“Ohhhhhh!” I squealed as he pinned my wrists high on my back and bent his head down to feast on my tits. His teeth edged the small swells. I felt the dainty flesh quiver as he flopped his tongue against a nipple until it was jabbing out rigidly from the dark circle surrounding it.

“I’m going to fuck you…”


“Fuck you so good you’ll never forget it…”


“Robyn… baby…” His lips sucked a tit between his teeth and he ate it with loud slurpy sounds. My head flopped weakly to the side. Chris was holding me up, my ass still sitting squarely on the mattress. Then he urged me onto my knees. He wiggled his legs between the arch my thighs made, kept wiggling until his cock was almost directly under my bloomed pussy. Hot drops of my cunt butter splattered down on the purple swell of his tip.

“Lower yourself down, Robyn,” he whispered, pulling my wrists.

I shook my head hard. “You’ll have to rape me!”

“No I won’t.” He laughed easily. “No I won’t.” He held both my wrists with one hand and used the other to press the head of his cock up into my hot pussy folds. Then very gently he worked it back and forth over the button of my clit. A wave of shudders coursed through my body. My knees slid wider on the mattress as the muscles gave way in my thighs. I couldn’t hold myself up above him any longer. I was weakening. That hot, smooth cock was luring me, teasing me towards it. Again I felt that other Robyn taking control. I licked my lips like a hungry cat. Spit dribbled from a corner of my mouth. And my knees slid wider, inch by inch, second by second.

“Ohhhh, don’t fuck me! Please, Chris… don’t.”

“You’ll feel yourself being spread apart,” he breathed, hugging me against him, keeping my wrists pinned tightly together at my back.


“My cock will make it all easy,” he said. “It’s shaped just right to tit into a young girl’s cunt!”


“Here, feel it now!” He moved his hips in a way that bumped my thighs suddenly wider. I felt a pressure against that knotted red spot that protected my insides from cocks.

“Ohhhhh, it’s going to break!”

“Not yet… you’re like all virgins. Wanting to protect that silly little piece of flesh…”

“It’s wrong… to fuck… like… this!” I could hardly talk. Chris was tickling my clit with his pinky as he rubbed the glossy dome of his prick against my cherry, stretching it, poking at it.

“I can tell you’re tight and hot and wet inside!” Chris kissed my neck hungrily. It was hard to talk. My mouth felt sluggish and swollen. Then he was kissing my mouth, giving me his tongue. I couldn’t help but suck the jabbing thing between my teeth and whimper.

That was when Chris pulled down on my wrists, jabbed up with his hips. There was the feeling of a tear. It wasn’t really a sound, though I thought I heard something. It was just a little… jerk… a little snap. The pain was no more than a sting. But I started to sob like crazy. I knew what had happened. I could feel the flared head of Chris’ cock forcing its way into my slippery cunt-hole.

“You like it!”


“Why are you moving your ass around like that?”

“I… I can’t h-h-help it!”

I flopped my head against his shoulder. Chris let go my wrists then. For a moment I just let them hang by my side. He had his arms around my slim hips, pulling my cunt down on his cock gingerly as he rolled his hips. I felt the weight of my body forcing my dripping pussy down… down… down.

“You’re fucking me! Ohhhhh, noooo!”

I tried to keep my ass still, but it danced and twitched as the stiff, hot invasion continued. I winced as a tight fold deep within my cunt was forced open around the mushroom tip of Chris’ prick. The musky aroma from my cunt made me feel faint.

Chris eased himself slowly back on the bed. He just lay down with me riding his cock like that. I was bent at the waist, my knees on either side of his body, legs back. But I couldn’t keep that position for long. With a moan I fell forward on Chris’ muscled chest. And lying on top of him like that I started to work my ass in slow fucking motions. A consuming thrill shot through me, completely swamping the sting of my ruptured cherry. I babbled and drooled on hip neck and pumped my hips. I was on top. I was fucking him!

“You like it?”


“What does it feel like?”

“Like my body is part of yours. Like that hard thing is taking over my insides. Ohhhh!”

“Baby!” Chris held my lips apart with his and tongued my tongue. All the while I grunted with the fever I felt, thrusting my hips against his, letting that gouging barb stretch and fuck and spear me.

Chris petted my quivering ass-cheeks, pried them apart gingerly to touch the hot knot of my bung. I arched my back and brought my tits up from his body. He cupped one to his mouth and tongued the nipple hard.

“Nhhhhuuuuu… Ohhhhh, God I never knew anything could feel…!”

“Christ, you’re a nymph!” Chris sighed and then opened his mouth wide and tiled to work it around my tit. I felt the tender flesh being sucked deeper between his teeth. Ills tongue fanned the nipple savagely. I put my trembling fingers down, down to where his prick entered my body. There was a pulsing at the base of Chris’ cock. Where my pussy folds clung tightly to the shaft, that tube that ran along the bottom was swelling in a rhythmic way like the ticking of a slow clock. And through the bleary ecstasy I was experiencing, I knew that time was running out for me. He was going to come… come inside me!

“Oh, God! Ohhhh, God, noooo!”

I don’t know how I managed to lift my body off Chris. I was working on pure reaction, or far. I heard his rigid cock came sucking out of my pussy, felt my stretched insides clasping after it. Then I reeled, off-balance in the darkened room. I hit something with my elbow, something that hadn’t been there before in my room. Then I felt a hand steadying me, pushing me back.

“Get her back on the bed, damnit!” the voice said. It wasn’t Chris. I could see him on his knees on the mattress, hands catching me. Whoever I’d stumbled into pushed me towards Chris.

“Chris! Who… who’s in here with us?”

There was a funny look on Chris’ face. Then he moved out of the slanting light from the window and pulled me down with him. My heart felt like it was coming out of my chest. A stranger in the room. And Chris wasn’t doing anything about it! This guy was dangerous — maybe he was a burglar or something!

“Chris, didn’t you hear me?”

He pushed me down on my back. I was panting, the fires of excitement still flickering across my flesh. Then I saw what Chris was doing. He was rolling a thin membrane down back to the base of his cock. Hardly believing what I saw, I watched him roll the rubber back to the base of his cock. The he shoved my legs apart. He was smiling!

“A man… Chris… a strange man… he pushed me! Didn’t you hear him speak?” And then Chris had his cock against my swollen, bleeding hole. He gave a lunge and my head snapped back as I felt my throbbing pussy filled. The slippery folds clutched around the fucking thing again as Chris took me, his mouth found both my tits in turn. I opened my mouth to say something, but the words were lost in the sudden sharp frenzy of Chris’ loving. My body tickled into madness. My heels dug at the bed as Chris screwed me upwards on the bed with each fuck-strokes.

“… ohhhh! Yuuhhh! Chrisssss!”

I was coming… coming hard! My fingers raked at the muscular back of my seducer. I refused to be afraid, hard to be anything but in heaven! The big muscles of my ass constricted and I felt my pussy squeezing the lovely hard prick that speared in and out of my hole.

Was there movement in the room or was I lust imagining it? No, somebody was doing something, making noises with some kind of equipment. Oh, why was I so stoned? And then I felt my seizure grow stronger… pulsing… throbbing.

“Chrissss… you… I love… you!” My heels crossed and I scissored my legs tightly, hugging the muscular form of my man to me. I knew I’d gone way too far, gone half out of my mind with lust. But I was past caring. And Chris was babbling sweet things into my ear as he held my firm ass and fucked… fucked hard! The grinding fury of his loins against my clit made me scream. And then I fell limp. I was so exhausted I couldn’t open my eyes. I felt Chris lifting himself from me. I heard the snap of his rubber as he took it off.


“Sleep tight, baby.”

“That man, Chris…” He kissed me quiet. Then he was gone, the door closing so quietly I hardly heard it. When I touched my hand to my belly, I found the rubber knotted neatly at the top and full of Chris’ still-warm cum. That’s when I started crying.


It was really a crazy feeling. Sitting in the coffee shop of the hotel, listening to my Aunt Ariel blabber and not hearing one single word. If only she could understand what had happened to me. But all she was interested in was talking me into spending a few days with her at her house. The last thing in the world I wanted to do now.

“I just don’t want to, Ariel,” I tried explaining. “I appreciate your hospitality and all, but I’m having a good time here.”

“Your father hinted he wanted me to kind of look after you.” She sipped her tea and made a face. “So I guess I feel kind of obligated.”

“Don’t feel obligated. I’m a big girl now.” I was talking to Ariel but thinking about what had happened to me the night before. That voice I’d heard. So familiar-sounding. And when I’d asked for Scott, the house detective, the man at the desk told me he’d quit that very morning.

“Look, honey, Roger and I would love to cook up some steaks this evening. Are you sure you won’t reconsider?”

“I don’t want you to think I’m dumb…” I shrugged.

“Well, I guess I can understand. A pretty girl like you doesn’t want to get cooped up with an old married couple. Not with all these boys looking at you.” She winked. “The boys used to look at me, too, you know.”

Ariel and I said good-bye in the lobby and I went back to the desk.

“Are you sure Scott Morely quit his job?” The deskman assured me he had. “And you don’t have an address for him?”

“No, ma’am. Scott was…” The man tilted his head, smiled, “… kind of a rolling stone, if you know what I mean.”

“Thank you.” I started to turn away. “Oh… you don’t happen to know someone named Chris, do you? About so tall. Blond hair almost to his shoulders. He was at a party here tonight.”

“No, ma’am, I’m sorry. He doesn’t sound like a guest here.” The man raised his finger. “Oh, that reminds me, you have a card here. From your father, I believe.” I got it from my box and read it. Daddy hoped I was enjoying myself and said he’d been delayed for a few days longer than first planned. He wouldn’t be back for a whole week. I went back up to my room.

I’d looked at those three funny dents in the rug before, but this time I got down on my hands and knees. Three dents. Like a tripod had rested there. A tripod with something heavy on it. I went to the bathroom and brushed my hair. There was a red place on my neck where Chris had gotten a little carried away with one of his kisses. Just the look of it made my cunt get feverish. I picked up the knotted rubber from the sink. There was some of my blood smeared on the outside of it and inside the milky curds swished around as I rolled it in my palm. A little souvenir? Wham, barn, thank you, ma’am. No, he hadn’t even said thank you. A sob threatened, but I bit my lip and held the jizz-filled rubber over the toilet. Somehow I just couldn’t let it drop. Then I really did sob and I clutched the rubber to my lips.

“Damn him. It just isn’t fair!” I hid the full rubber in my bag and picked up the phone. “Would you call me a cab, please? Miss Durant, room four-twenty. Thank you.” I was just eighteen but that didn’t keep me from making a fool of myself. I was going to have a look around the docks. There was an empty place inside me, and only Chris could do something about it.

“Yeah, lady, down there.” The old salt waved his pipe. “The crummiest boat… you can’t miss it.”

Chris was on the deck winding a coil of rope when I came up. I went quietly up the gangplank. He was even tanner-looking than I remembered. I could smell him now. Nice smell. Maybe some of my smell on him. I coughed.

“Hey, what are you doing here?”

“I… I… wanted to talk. About last night.”

“Look…” He glanced around, then took my arm. “Okay, come on aboard. But you can’t stay long.”

I followed him down into the wood-paneled hallway that led to the rooms below deck. It was an old boat alright, but it had been a fancy one. Chris pointed to an unmade bunk and I sat and folded my hands on my knees. I had on my brightest bandana halter and a pair of faded jeans that even outdid his.

“Last night… I don’t know why I let go like that… I hope you don’t think…”

Chris wasn’t looking at me. He got a beer from the small icebox and offered it to me. I shook my head. He opened it and drained half of it real fast.

“I know I was stoned,” I went on, “but I’m positive someone else was in that room with us. You acted so strange when I didn’t you hear?”

He ran his fingers through his hair and drank more beer. “I’ve got a lot of things to do. I’m taking this old tub out of here tonight.”

“You’re leaving? I thought maybe…”

“Yeah. Need a change.” He still wasn’t looking at me. “I think you’d better run along.” He bent the beer can double and tossed it in a sackful of others. I was starting to get mad now.

“Okay. Fine. You left me that little souvenir. I guess it doesn’t mean anything to you that that was the most exciting night of my whole life.” My voice cracked. I got up and started past him.

“Listen, Robyn,” he said, grabbing my arm. “You don’t know the whole story.”

“I sure don’t. And I’m not sure I want to, either.” Footsteps sounded on the steps. Scott Morely looked surprised to see me as I was to see him. He had a folded tripod in one hand and a heavy-looking camera in the other. I stepped back, bumped my head on the wall.

“Oh, shit,” he said. “Grab her!”

Chris grabbed me, both arms around my waist. I felt the warmth of his chest against my back. I didn’t know what was going on. The two of them wrestled me around some and then Chris was wrapping something around my wrists. It felt like nylon rope. I kicked and screamed and kept begging them to tell me what was happening, but Scott had a grim look on his face and Chris avoided my eyes. Then Chris shoved me into another room, a small sleeping compartment towards the front of the boat. The door slammed shut as I stumbled against the bed. There was talking outside. I shoved my ear against the wood panel but couldn’t get it all. Something about my father. Something about the pictures they had. My face reddened. Pictures of me! Things were starting to make me nervous…

I heard someone leaving, climbing the stops to the deck. Then my door burst open and I petrified to see Scott standing there, a piece of heavy rough rope in his hands.

“Why are you holding me?” I yelled at him.

“You’d best keep your smart mouth shut,” he said, coming towards me. “I think I’ll pick up on a little of what you gave Chris last night.”

“I didn’t give it to him! I was… drugged on something.”

“You sucked his cock, remember? You fucked him, too.”

“Stay away!”

I couldn’t move very fast with my wrists, bound. Scott tore my halter off with one quick jerk and then started undoing my cut-offs.

“Shut up, baby… and you won’t get hurt.”

He stripped me down to my panties. They were so skimpy and thin that I felt naked anyway. The rope was rough as he wound it around my legs and up my body. I didn’t see why he was going to so much trouble. I couldn’t get away with my wrists bound. He wrapped me in the strong strands all the way to my shoulders and then lowered me to the bed. I jerked and the rope cut my skin. I felt like a mummy. And now Scott was standing by the bed undoing his belt.

“Nooo! What are you going to do?”

The bastard wouldn’t speak. He just had an awful smile on his face. When his pants dropped, his cock swung up dark and heavy. The foreskin was only partly pulled back and I could see the smooth, glistening membrane beneath it. I shuddered to think that he wanted me to take that thing in my mouth. I shook my head hard as he straddled my shoulders and shoved the damp underside of his cock against my chin and lips.

“Suck, you bitch!”

“Nooo! Ohhh, God…” He jerked the foreskin back to expose the slick head of his cock. Its juices wet my lips, smeared my cheeks as he tried to force his prick between my teeth. He leaned over me, a hand on the bed to support himself as he kept attempting to fuck his prick into my mouth. But I kept throwing my head to the side.

“If you want to play games, I’ve got some you wouldn’t believe,” Scott grumbled. He untied the rope and cut the cord that bound my wrists. I sat there on the bed rubbing the circulation back in and watching the door. I was tempted to make a break for it. But Scott was big. And he wasn’t half so nice as Chris. I felt like crying when I thought of Chris being mixed up with a… crook. I still wasn’t sure what they meant to do with me.

Scott looped the rope over a beam across the ceiling of the room. Then he made me put my wrists up and he tied them so that I could stand flat-footed on the floor. But then he stretched my ankles wide apart and tied them that way, one to a bed leg, the other to a hook in the wall. I whimpered and thrust my willowy body around. My bare tits jiggled on my chest and the tiny silken underwear I had on worked up between the crack of my ass.

“I hate you.” I said, voice shaking.

“What about that time on the beach? You liked that.”

“I didn’t! You forced me!” I shivered all over.

“It was nice eatin’ stuff,” he growled. “And before I’m through, I’m going to have more than that.”

Scott pushed his naked body up against my back. His fingers worked up the insides of my thighs. I strained against the ropes and they squeaked on the wood beam but there was no getting away. My skin stung where the rough hemp cut. And I couldn’t seem to shut off that part of me that was so sensitive to a man’s fingers. My cunt was starting to grow very damp. When I writhed around, the folds smacked with my heated cunt butter. Scott took a deep breath and started kissing down my back. I knew he could smell my cunt. I could smell it, too. The perfumey musk that always radiated when I was getting hot.

“Don’t… please don’t do this. You’ve got me here. Isn’t that enough?”

“Not for me.” He worked, a finger underneath the elastic of my panty leg. “I want to get inside that little quim of yours. I want to root in there until I cream you full…”

I snapped my hips forward, but Scott pressed the finger up against my cunt-mound. I hated what he was doing, but my body didn’t seem to pick up the message. I felt the outer cunt-lips give. They were swollen out against the silken crotch piece already. They gave again and Scott’s finger sank into the steamy, slick folds of my snatch with a slurp.


“Feel good?”

“N-N-Nooo! Stop! Ohhhhh!”

“How about this?” He pinched my clit roughly.

My head flopped and my butt made wild circles. Then I felt his thumb. He had hooked my panty crotch completely out of the way and worked his thumb into the torn hollow where my cherry had been before Chris had taken it. With a sudden upward shove. Scott fucked me with his thumb and a finger. My cunt muscles closed down around his touch and I felt more hot juice seeping to the furred edges of my pussy.

“Ahhh… hot… you’re really hot in there. I guess because you’re so damned young.”

“I… don’t… want… Uhhnnnnn!”

“What don’t you want, baby?” Scott laughed, working the thumb around in circles. The sucking sound of my pussy petals clasping and brushing against him made me weak. I tried to pull my body upwards by my bound wrists. It hurt and I lowered my body down over his hand again.

“What do you want from me?” I managed to get out. “Why are you keeping me here?”

“You’ll know soon enough. It isn’t any big secret.”

Scott closed his teeth down on the nape of my neck and continued to fuck in and out of my pussy with his fingers. I went limp with passion. I hated him, but I couldn’t escape the shivering thrills that jolted through my belly and thighs. I moaned for mercy. Scott didn’t know what mercy was.

“If Chris knew… what you’re doing…”

“Chris wouldn’t do a thing.” Scott forced my head and leaned over my shoulder to get teeth into my lips. I panted into his mouth, helpless to resist. “I bought Chris. So don’t get any ideas about that.”

I heard Scott snap out a knife blade. My heart stopped. I knew he was crazy. I just didn’t know how crazy.

“You’d better hold still if you don’t want me to cut you,” he warned. The pressure against my thigh was cold and hard — the back of the blade. He was sliding it under my panty crotch. Then he gave a sharp downward jerk and the silk parted. It stuck to my thigh for a second since it was soaked with my cunt juice. Scott lifted the back of my panties up and I felt something like Vaseline being smeared between the crack of my ass.

“Nooo… not that again! You’re an animal!”

“Yep!” He rubbed the thick, greasy stuff deeper, working it thoroughly around the dry knot of my asshole. Then he shoved suddenly with his middle finger and my bung was forced open. I choked on a scream as I felt him poke up into my guts as far as he could reach. My firm butt quivered like a rabbit on a stake!

“Yuuuhhhhhh!” The memory of Barry fucking my asshole came rushing back.

“Oh, so you like that do you? Something in your hot little ass!”

“Noooo! Ohhhh, pull it out. Please pull it out!”

He was feeling all around inside me! How could he do such a thing? It was so… twisted. Wasn’t it? But no more twisted than what I’d almost done to Chris the night before, I vowed then and there never to have a man’s cock in my mouth… ever! I’d stopped Scott from doing that this time. I couldn’t help what he was doing now. My nipples stood out rigid and hot from my tits. I wished my body wouldn’t run away with itself like it did. I was panting noisily, much as I hated that finger in my asshole. Scott urged it slowly in and out. The Vaseline crackled… a sexy sound even though I didn’t want to admit it.

“Now you’re warming up, sweetheart.”

“Ohhh, you’re the most awful person I’ve ever met.”

“Wait’ll I get my cock up your ass. Then we’ll see how you talk.”

“Ohhh, don’t do that! I’m begging you.”

Scott pulled his finger out of my guts so slowly that my asshole spasmed for a few seconds after he was gone. He wiped his hand off something. Then I felt him rubbing something on his prick. I jerked around, trying to close my legs, trying to ease the hanging weight on my hands. But Scott eased up behind me and I felt the flared barb of his exposed tip. He shoved it forcefully against my closed asshole. My guts bucked and I pinched my butt-cheeks tight against him. That was when I heard the click of a switch. A muted buzz filled the room. When I looked down, Scott had put his arms around my waist. He was holding something against my navel. Something shaped like a smooth, ivory bullet. The shivering tingle it gave to me was unbelievable! He was going to use a vibrator on me!

“You’re really sick! Did you know that?”

“You won’t be talking like that in a few minutes.”

He smeared the oily tip of the plastic cock down my belly. He’d put oil on it or something. And the tickling sensations were like nothing I’d ever felt. I’d heard about vibrators. But like sucking and screwing in the ass, I’d always thought they were mostly fantasy.

The smooth point of the thing touched the beginning of my slit. Though he wasn’t close to my clit yet, the rapidly vibrating bullet sent tingles of pleasure through my flesh. My clit bulged suddenly with blood and rose from its hood. I could feel it sliding out on its own juice, poking down between my outer labes like a tiny cock. And Scott rubbed his chest against my back then, cinched his arms tighter around my middle as he guided the terrible little device into my drenched gash. I trembled convulsively as my clit was turned into a fevered knot of madness. My toes splayed apart on the floor. Honey dripped from the swollen edges of my pussy. And again Scott tried to force his cock into my asshole from behind!

“You’re so small… nice to grab ahold of.”

“Don’t… don’t do this!”

“I like your hair, too.”

Scott mouthed my long hair, kissed behind my ear. I twisted my head weakly away but he persisted, biting my neck, eating at the back of my jaw. And this time when he lunged, he caught me off guard. The vibrator had nursed me into a state of excitement that made my muscles give. His cock-tip gouged open the greased mess of my bung and I felt the flared ridge thump inside. Another lunge brought my feet up from the floor and made the ankle ropes tighten. I felt my shivering ass-cheeks slipping down over his prick-shaft. And at the same instant, he rammed the vibrator into my pussy!


“Easy, baby… you’ll break a rope.”

He laughed and shoved the dildo again. The smooth end wet against the end of my cunt and I jerked and squirmed. Scott grunted as he jabbed his hips up and in, up and in… over and over until his balls pressed against the plump undersides of my butt. I’d thought ass-fucking was bad. But now both my holes were full!

I felt about to faint. My breath came in ragged gasps and every move was excruciating. Every touch set off new fevers that raged with the other tickles and swamped my senses until I could only groan and babble.

“You’ve got the tightest little pussy I ever felt,” Scott said, testing my hole deeper yet with the plastic cock. “You’re gripping this thing so hard I can hardly get it out.”

“Nnnnnuu! Ohhhhh… I… feel so… strange!”

“Yeah, I guess you do. With both holes filled.” He pulled my hair with his free hand, forced my head back on his shoulder. Then he turned my mouth and rammed his tongue deep between my teeth. I couldn’t get away. He had his fingers twisted in my locks as he sucked and bit my lips.

“You just needed breaking in,” he said when he’d eaten enough of my spit. His hips rammed me steadily, the knob of his cock poking my hot guts until I thought I’d scream! “You ever try this with one of your high-school boy friends?”

The ropes squeaked on the beam again as he changed his position slightly. My pussy ran juice as if it had been broken apart. The sound of the vibrator was muted when he pushed it up hard against the end of my cunt. And the fluttery things it did to me there made my eyes roll wildly in my head. I cooed with pleasure, much as I hated the beast who was giving it to me. It was beyond my understanding, but then I wasn’t thinking very straight at all. If I came, I knew it would be another victory for him. I bit my lip until I tasted blood. I tried to think of anything but sex. But the fat slide of his cock inside my asshole and the steady fucking movements of the vibrator weakened me. Slowly I started to work my hips in circles.

Scott laughed and took the vibrator from my pussy. When it came free from my tiny inner cunt folds, they sucked at it noisily. And then he jerked his cock from my ass, too! The jerking of my muscles now that they were empty of anything made my belly cramp.

“Beg for it,” he said, rubbing the tip of the vibrator up and down my thigh, smearing my skin with cunt butter. His cock rested greasily against one cheek of my ass. I fought to keep still. But my hips were plunging around, moving more frantically with every passing second.

“Beg,” Scott growled.

“Noooo… I w-w-won’t!”

He grabbed my hair again and pulled my head back. I couldn’t resist, even if I’d had control over my muscles. He sucked at my tongue until I had to give it to him. Then he started chewing on it… not enough to hurt, but enough to send throbbing jolts of pleasure through my tits and belly. He skidded the buzzing vibrator up my skin until the tip rested against a nipple. Waves of tingling ecstasy made my flesh crawl. I was weakening fast. My hips plunged viciously, as if in search of those long, hard things that had filled my holes only seconds before.

“Yeah… tell me about it, you nymphomaniac!”


“Do you want some more cock in your ass?” He bit my chin. “Come on… tell me the truth.” The vibrator was smeared across my chest to the other nipple. I sucked my belly in under my ribcage and jerked uncontrollably as Scott teased my hot asshole with the head of his cock.

I writhed crazily against the ropes that held my wrists. But Scott just laughed and hugged me against him. My ass was tight against his belly, that big cock pressing harder and harder against my tightened bung. He shoved the vibrator up under my chin and then pushed it at my lips.

“Nooooo!” I could smell my own musk smeared on the plastic. I tossed my head to get away from the buzzing, smooth thing, but Scott grabbed my hair again and made me take it between my lips. He started fucking it in and out of my mouth. The feeling of that thing tickling my throat was really weird. I hadn’t expected it to excite me, but I couldn’t help remember Chris’ cock and the way it had felt in my mouth. I rejected the thoughts, but they kept invading my consciousness, especially when Scott slid that vibrating bullet against the trough my tongue had made.

“You’d better relax… ’cause I’m gonna get in your back door,” he growled, bringing my heels off the floor as he lunged upward. My aching asshole resisted him for an instant, but the grease that had been spread deeply between the halves of my butt made it easy for him.

“YHHHAAAAAA!” I squealed as the barbed tip penetrated my bung again. My ass danced on the flesh spear as Scott ground his hips in a circle to get his cock even deeper. He took the vibrator from my mouth and pushed the spit-wet thing down into my pussy-crack again.

It took him a little while to find my hole. The dildo slid in easily. Though I was fighting it with every nerve in my body, I could feel my come start. It began as a tiny tickle around the hood of my clit and spread fingers of pleasure over my flesh. In just seconds the shock waves of my convulsions rocked my body.

“Yuhhh! Ohhh! NNHHUUUUUU!”

I rocked my hips forward, skewering my cunt on the vibrator and then squirmed back, grinding down on the hard, fucking prick that reached deep into my guts. I’d never felt anything like it! I was stuffed full… both holes. My muscles twitched as the fury of the delirious thrill overtook me completely. I went out of my mind. Drool spilled down my chin and I banged my head back against Scott’s shoulder. His big arm wrapped around my belly and held me as he fucked mercilessly into my ravaged little asshole!

“Coming… I’m coming!” he babbled, making the ropes squeal on the beam. My wrists burned with pain, but the pleasure overcame all that. The vibrator and Scott’s cock were both into my body as deep as he could get them. I writhed like a rabbit on a spit.

“You wild little cunt!” he grunted, his muscled belly shivering against my ass-cheeks. “Tight and good… God… damn!”


My head fell forward on my chest. I could feel strings of something hot and sticky leaking from between the halves of my butt, then down my thigh. A sharp fury of pleasure brought the air from my lungs in long, shuddering cries that echoed in the small cabin. My pussy writhed tight around the smooth, buzzing dildo. I felt each spasm build clearly and then thunder through my senses. Finally I hung limp and used on the ropes as Scott eased his cock from my asshole and pulled out the vibrator. There was only the sound of water lapping against the hull of the boat and Scott’s breathing. Then the door closed behind me and I was alone.

“The sonofabitch… the dirty sonofabitch.”

Hands touched my arms. I came awake and saw the blurry face in front of my eyes. I blinked and the face became Chris. He was undoing the ropes. Then I felt the numbed ache of my arms still tied up to that beam across the top of the cabin.

“Ohhhhh… it hurts…” The blood rushed back to my limbs as Chris pulled them down. I could hardly stand for him to touch me. I slumped onto the bed as he rubbed my back and shoulders. My panties dangled from my waist.

“When I got back, Scott told me to watch you. I didn’t know he’d…” Chris shook his head.

“Look, I’m sorry about all this.”

“Like hell, you’re sorry.” I rubbed the place where the rope had been. There was a rope burn across the inside of each wrist. As the sensation came back, my flesh crawled and prickled.

“I’ll put on some coffee,” he said. He shut the door quietly behind him. I found a towel to clean up with and some water in a can by the door. I threw my ruined panties in the trash basket and slipped into my cut-offs. My halter had been torn, too, so I dug around in a drawer until I found a man’s shirt. It was probably one Chris wore. It felt funny putting it on. Here Chris was holding me captive on his boat for one reason or the other. And Scott, his friend… It was hard to believe they were in the whole thing together. They weren’t alike at all.

“You like yours with anything in it?” Chris asked as I came into the small galley. He wouldn’t look at me. But I noticed he was between me and the stain leading to the deck. I sat down at the table.

“Cream, please. Chris, what’s this whole thing about?”

He put a cup in front of me and poured the black brew into it. “Okay, listen and listen good. I’ll tell you once. I’m in hot to Scott, you dig? I’ll lose my boat if I don’t play ball. Your father knows something about the taxes of a very important person. I don’t even know who it is myself — a politician with a lot, of drag. Anyway, Scott says there’s a grand jury brewing and this important person wants to make sure your old man gives the right answers.” Chris sipped his coffee, pulled out a chair and sat down across from me. “The other night… Scott took a few photos. Quite a few photos.”

“In the dark?”

“Infrared. Special filter and lights. The army uses it all the time.”

“And you knew what was happening when you made me…” I shook my head and looked down. My body tingled at the memory of Chris fucking me. I flushed red at the thought of my father seeing a singe photograph of that awful night.

“You’d better finish your coffee,” Chris said. “I’m not supposed to let you out of that room.”

I got up and circled the table. Chris stood quickly and backed himself between me and the stairway to the deck. I put my hands on his bare chest and started rubbing. If sex had gotten me into this, maybe sex would get me out.

“Let me go, Chris!”

“You got to be kidding. My ass is on the line now…” I rested my cheek against the curls on his chest. Then I spotted the small, hard male nipple a few inches from my mouth.

Did men like to be kissed there? Well, I knew that it did strange things to me when a boy touched or licked that spot on one of my small swells. I pushed the tip of my tongue out and rubbed it across the little nub. Chris grabbed my shoulders hard and tiled to shove me back. But I’d slipped my fingers under the front of his shorts. He shivered as my palm cupped the swelling head of his cock. I squeezed it and let it fill with blood again. It embarrassed me to touch a man’s prick like that, but Chris couldn’t see my face. I eyed the narrow staircase.

“Robyn… come on, I can’t let you go. Jesussss!”

“Feel good, darling?” I said, acting as best I could. The first button of his shorts popped open and gave me more room to work. I undid the next one myself and pulled his hot cock up and out of his underwear. My emotions raced. I’d never handled a man’s cock before. And I hadn’t realized that the mere shape of a male prick in my fingers could be so disconcerting. My heart raced and my mouth had gone dry. I felt a little buzzing excitement at the very tips of my nipples. They rubbed against the oversized shirt I had on. Chris let his palm slide down over my butt. I knew he was weakening. I tilted my face up and his lips found mine hungrily. Again, I eyed the stairs. If I could just make it to the top of them, I’d be free. I could jump over the side and swim the rest of the way to the dock. There’d be too much commotion for him to catch me… there’d be people around… someone to defend me when I made it to the pier.

“I’ll do anything you want,” I breathed, fingering the steamy, throbbing meat I held, wondering what excited a man, what kind of movements they liked. On dates I’d rubbed a lot of guys’ cocks through their jeans. For a high schooler that was enough to make them cream. But Chris was obviously more experienced.

“Suck me…”


The words had popped from my mouth before I’d thought. It was an instinctive reaction, a reaction based on fears and revulsion’s I’d had for years. But if I wanted to get out of here, I’d have to do better than that.

“I mean… y-y-y… of course, darling.”

I felt the pressure of Chris’ hands on my shoulders, urging me down onto my knees. I was shaking all over. Of course I couldn’t suck his cock! I just knew I’d faint before I could even get the nerve to put my lips against his… his prick! But I got to my knees in front of him, my eyes shut tight. The weight of his cock rested in my hand. It was hard enough to even touch his rod. All my dating experience had been the other way around. Boys begging to let them touch me! I remembered some of my tried and true techniques for ending it when I became tired or bored. One that always worked was to let a guy dry hump until his balls were aching and then grab his cock through his jeans suddenly and squeeze like crazy. That was always good for a laugh. Usually the guy flopped around like a lame dog until he creamed his shots. Which took about ten seconds. But I only did that to guys who were really insistent on getting in my pants. The others I let go home with their tongues hard. And they’d always asked me out again, hoping for the impossible.

“What are you waiting for?” Chris asked, grabbing the sides of my head. I still couldn’t look at what bobbed there before my face.

“Why don’t you sit down, honey? I could do it better that way.” I could hardly talk I was so wired. Surprisingly, Chris sat down. I could see his cock now, dark and angry-looking at the tip. But he’d forgotten that the stairs were closest to me now. I moved my hand up and down his prick-shaft, pulling the loose skin, rubbing it against the rigid meat underneath. That seemed to please him. He widened his thighs and stretched his legs out. His head flopped back and his belly began to heave. That’s when I made my break for it.

I was up the stairs three at a time. I saw daylight, heard the sounds of the waterfront. Below I could hear Chris jerking his pants up, knocking over a chair. He’d never make it. I was free… free!

The shadow filled the stairwell suddenly. I crashed against Scott Morly’s chest.

“Not this time, sweetheart.” Someone giggled. A girl’s voice. He pushed me down the stairs in front of him. Chris was coming up, buttoning his shorts.

“You dumb-ass sonofabitch,” Scott snarled.

Chris leaned against the wall. His face was red and he kept blinking and stammering. The girl looked at him and then at me. She was very tall and very blonde. Her tits pushed out the jersey she was wearing, the nipples like, small fingers in the red material.

“She’s a cute one,” the blonde cooed. She pulled her long hair over the fronts of her shoulders and put a hand on Scott’s shoulder.

“I can’t trust this bastard any more,” Scott said, looking at Chris. “But I figured that.”

“She made a run for it,” Chris said.

“Don’t you think I know that?” Scott said. “What was she doing, playing with your balls?”

“Look, Scott, I can explain.”

“Forget it. From now on, she won’t be going anywhere.” Scott looked at the blonde and she lifted the oversized handbag she was wearing. Scott pushed me back towards the cabin and inside. The blonde closed the door in Chris’ face. I looked at my two captors. They were grinning. Scott reached into the blonde’s bag and pulled out some metal loops with chains attached. It took me a few seconds to realize they were manacles.

“Please don’t put those on me…” But he was already kneeling, fitting one iron band around my right ankle. It clicked shut. There was a little room left, but not enough for me to get it over my heel.

“She’s got nice feet.” Scott looked at the blonde. “Don’t you think so, Jess?”

“You knocked her up yet?” she said, licking her lips. My mind seemed for a moment to be breaking apart. This woman named Jess sounded kinda crazy… Scott slipped another manacle over my wrist, snapped it shut.

“You’ll be disappointed, Jess, but we won’t be playing any games this time around. I just want a few more pictures anti we can let this one go. I don’t care who she runs to then. I don’t think she’ll be running to anybody.” He laughed and stood up. “And when her father gets a look at just a few of our little snapshots, he’ll be careful of what he says to that grand jury.”

“Why don’t you knock her up…” The blonde touched my hair, let her fingers slide down the side of my face. “Ohhh, I’d like to see her get knocked up…”

“Cool it, Jess, willya? GO get my cameras.”

Jess left. I heard her say something to Chris outside the room. Scott caught my face in his hands and nude me look at him.

“See, I know all about the modeling career you have planned. Your old man has pulled a few strings for you, too, hasn’t he?”

My mouth flew open. “How… did you know this?” It was my deepest, best-kept secret. I didn’t want any talk floating around to jinx me. But I’d been dreaming about being a model for years. And a good school had approved my portfolio. But if some photographs started turning up in some porno magazines, my career would be shot down before it got off the ground. I knew Daddy wouldn’t let that happen. Even if it meant lying to a grand jury. I heard Jess coming back.

“Okay, baby, those ones we took last night were just warm-ups. You ever sucked any cock?”

I tried to swallow but my mouth was dry as a bone. I bit my lip. I felt dizzy and weak inside. “Of course n-n-not.”

“Well, you’re gonna learn…”

Jess came in and closed the door behind her. She set up a camera on a tripod and took a light reading. She was cool and efficient now, paying no attention to me whatsoever. Scott was fitting another manacle to my neck. I couldn’t believe where he’d gotten all these things! It was almost as if they’d been made especially for me, they fit so perfectly. Not so loose that they could be slipped out of, but not too tight to hurt either. The one on my neck had a loop in back. Scott pulled my manacled wrist-up behind my back and fastened a chain to the neck iron.

“Doesn’t that feel sexy?” he asked.

“Nooo!” I shook my head hard. He was taking down his pants. I turned sway as he undressed, but then his hands were on the shirt I wore. He jerked it down and off. When the sleeve wouldn’t go around the manacle on my wrist, he tore it and threw the ruined thing into the corner. I was naked except for the cut-offs.

“The light is perfect,” Jess said, fooling with the focusing ring of the camera. Scott sat on the bunk and made me kneel between his parted knees. I was shaking all over. He smoothed my hair back over my ears.

“That’s so it shows your lips curving around my cock,” he whispered and then laughed. The camera went off, an expensive little click. Another click followed. Scott’s cock bobbed up and down an inch away from my lips. I could smell the faint musk of it, the manly aroma of sex.

“Suck it, baby.”

“Never… never ever!” I started to sob. Scott pulled the foreskin slowly back. I could see the glossy purple surface sliding into view. I remembered it from that day on the beach. I was panting hard. I couldn’t in the world imagine ever putting that prick in my mouth. Scott grasped my jaw and pinched it in such a way that I had to open my lips. Then he shoved the slickened tip of his prick against them.

“Noooo…” I gasped, twisting my head away. Scott slapped me across the face. It stung… stung bad. I could feel the red marks his fingers had made. He jerked me around by the hair. A tear skidded down my cheek as he shoved the crown of his prick between my lips again. The camera was clicking like crazy.

“Suck it,” Jess murmured. Her voice was tight and strange. From the corner of my eye, I glanced and saw her there at the side of the tripod. One of her hands had slipped under the waist of her shorts. Her mouth looked heavy, slack. “Suck his cock, baby. Come on!”

“Nooo! Ohhhh, don’t make me!”

“Look… it’s her feet,” Jess said suddenly, “That’s what turns her on!”

I hadn’t realized my toes had fanned out and I’d been rubbing them against the leg of the chair. I hadn’t even though I was that excited. But being naked from the waist up had had its effect. And though I hated the thought of it, the cock bumping my chin and neck was doing things, too.

“Get Chris in here,” Scott ordered. Jess opened the door. In a moment Chris came in looking sullen and nervous.

“She wants her feet kissed,” Jess cooed, rubbing a hand down Chris’ belly. Her voice was edged with venom.

“Look, I didn’t want to do any of this to begin with.”

“Shut up and get down on your hands and knees,” Scott rasped. “I own your ass, big boy, whether you like it or not!”

Chris got down behind me. My feet were poked out, soles up. He kissed one and then the other. My toes burned and tingled and I felt the nipples grow from my small tits.

“Nhuuuuu… Ohhhh, don’t do that any more!”

“Come on,” Jess said, “really turn her on!”

Chris pointed his tongue and ran it between my big toe and the one next to it. I thought I’d faint with the bewitching tickle! And my pussy had blossomed like a desert flower in the rain. I could feel the slick juice wetting the crotch of my cut-offs. I squirmed my hips uncontrollably as Scott thrust his cock up under my chin. It left a smear of hot juice there. My eyes felt heavy. Scott forced my teeth apart and rested his cock-head on my pouting bottom lip.

“Nooo! Ohhhh, God. Help me!”

“Hurry up and get it on.” Jess said breathily. “You guys are having all the fun.”

“She still won’t suck,” Scott muttered when I clamped my teeth tight before he could shove that awful cock between them. I was panting like mad. I fell against his leg, the chain rattling at my back where the manacles held my arm up almost to my shoulder blade.

“Get her on the bed, dammit.”

Chris helped lift me. They stripped my shorts down to my ankles, Chris obeying Scott’s commands. The faded denim cut-offs dangled around the manacle on one ankle as Scott made Chris put his head between my thighs. I tried to close my legs to the attack, but Jess helped by pulling on the manacle chain.

“Nhhuuu! Ohhhh, please… Ohhh, God!”

Scott was talking, telling Chris what he had to do. Chris put his mouth against the lips of my cunt. They were so feverish that his spit felt cool. My ass danced on the narrow bunk. Scott was kneeling above my face. On my back like that, I could look straight up and see his cock dangling heavy and hot. Chris pushed his tongue across my clit and I sucked in a shuddery breath. Then Scott knelt lower and pushed his cock close to my mouth. The angle was all wrong for me to take it in my mouth, even if I’d wanted to. But the camera was clicking again. I felt like bawling. I could just see the people at the modeling school looking at these pictures!

Then Scott was making me sit up, shoving pillows under my shoulders. When I lay on my back again, my head dangled at a right angle and upside down. Scott moved his cock-tip against my closed lips. The camera went crazy as Jess touched the shutter over and over and over!

“We’ll see how deep a throat she’s got,” Scott breathed.

He touched that place behind my jaw, squeezed it till the pain jolted me. My mouth opened. Upside down I could see the underside of his shaft and behind it the wrinkled sac flanging from the place it all grew out of his body. Scott changed position so that his prick could fit down into my mouth. I struggled, but Chris was spearing his tongue slowly in and out of my clasping cunt-hole. My thighs shivered with the throbbing thrills. And somebody was tickling my feet. Jess!


Without me even resisting, Scott had forced that bulging, purple cock-head down against my tongue. I couldn’t close my mouth now without biting his dick. And I didn’t dare do that! They were crazy! Every single one of them!

“Jesus, this is nice,” Scott gasped, pumping his hips, making that flared knob rake the side of my cheek and then slide across the tough of my tongue… back, back… I could taste the musky gloss that coated the barb, could feel the pulsing heat of his prick. My lips drenched the hot rod with my spit. So weird… being on my back on all those pillows… my head upside down. Again, I caught a glimpse of Jess. She was tending the camera, but leaning close to the whole scene. She looked about to drool on herself! Even from upside down I could see that.


“Choke her a little,” Jess said, her shorts bunched at the crotch where she was playing with her twat. I could hear the wet snick of her fingers between the lips of her cunt.

“You just watch that fuckin’ camera,” Scott growled, fucking his cock farther towards the back of my throat.

I choked and he pulled back a little, rolling his hips excitedly. I could feel the veins pulsing along the hardness of his cock. My tongue danced frantically, trying to escape the thick invasion of hot meat. I didn’t want to excite him by licking the harts that were so sensitive, but when he pumped deep and almost choked me, my tongue fluttered like it was trying to escape.

“Yeah… like that,” Scott coughed as I accidentally licked the top of that flared knob, the part that was so hot and spongy. The smacking sounds between my thighs were louder. Bursts of pleasure racked my belly and tits as Chris sucked at the blood-red bump of my clit.

Jess took the camera from the tripod and came in close. The big lens seemed only inches away from where my lips were stretched wetly around the fucking shaft of Scott’s hot cock. My spit sucked and crackled around it as he worked the head into my throat again and Jess clicked off half a dozen quick shots.

“Tell me when you’re gonna lose it,” she said to Scott. “I want some with cum on her face…”

“Gettin’ good…” Scott touched my tonsils with his cock and then brought it out until just the flared part was between my lips. My breath was hot against his dick; he probably liked that. But I couldn’t just stop breathing. Not with Chris burrowing his teeth and chin between my thighs. My cunt was on fire, my ass squirming on the mattress. Chris held my cunt-lips apart with his fingers as he fucked my hole with his tongue.

“Get ready…” Scott made a strange, grunting sound. His cock seemed to shiver and then it was throbbing powerfully. “I’m gonna pop!”

He held the sides of my face hard so that I couldn’t turn away. My head flopped back, hanging from where the pillows had been jammed under my back. I couldn’t escape. That thick, sliding prick was going to shoot its fuck-cream all over and I couldn’t get away. The manacles on my wrists and neck jingled as I jerked convulsively to free myself. Scott grabbed my free hand and held it up by his cock.

“You grab me when I tell you to. If you don’t, you’ll be sorry, baby — real sorry.”

Jess came in close with the camera. Chris continued to eat hungrily at my pussy as my throbbing petals sucked and clasped his tongue. And then Scott pulled his pounding cock from my mouth and made me wrap my fingers around the spit-slick shaft.

“Jack me, dammit. Jack me!”

I jacked. The swollen veins under the skin stuck out like ropes. His cock was so heavy! The tiny slit at the end was only an inch or so away from my upside-down mouth. I brought my circled fingers up sharply against the crown and a droplet of whitish cream grew into a string. It dangled from the slit until it splatted against my forehead and tangled in my hair. Then a powerful burst of seed sprayed my lips, the curds pooling inside my mouth. Jess was clicking the camera as fast as she could.

“Nooooo! Nuuhhhhh!” My eyes clouded as the sensations against my blossomed pussy became excruciatingly sharp. What was Chris doing? My clit was being sucked from my body! It felt like he had it between his teeth, nursing and nibbling and eating!

“She’s coming, too!” Scott mumbled, holding my head tighter than ever, pumping his hips to make his cock slide faster in the clutching circle of my fingers. More hot cum frothed from the tip. Strings dripped down my cheeks, some of the fountaining spurts hitting my neck and spraying up over my tithes.

A trembly madness seemed to sweep over my body. Blood pulsed in my ears and I felt dizzy and mad with the lust to reach that fiery pinnacle of pleasure nay body was so close to. I clamped my thighs tight around Chris’ head and humped wildly.

“Yuhhh! Yuuhhhhhh!”

My fingers smacked with slick cum as I continued to jack Scott’s cock, as I milked the heavy curds out so they’d drip into my mouth and run down my face. I didn’t seem to be conscious of what was happening. All I could think of was the fever Chris was making with his mouth. I fucked my hips furiously, hearing the soppy pussy folds suckle around his teasing mouth. It was like going mad slowly, so tantalizingly slow!

“Ohhh! Nhhhuuuuu! Come… got to come!” But nothing was coming out of Scott’s cock any more. He pulled it from my grasp.

“Eat what’s on your fingers!” he ordered.

As if hypnotized, I pushed a pinky into my mouth and then the next finger, sucking between each one. Even when I was doing it, I knew I’d never think of such a thing normally. But my body wasn’t normal at all right now. It felt like a live wire was running through it. I shivered and twitched, my ass still working against Chris’ mouth. The taste of the cum made me dizzy.

The camera was still clicking when Scott shoved me over onto my side and motioned for Chris to leave. Chris gave me a sheepish look, wiped his face on his arm and disappeared. I thought I’d freak out completely.

“Ohhh… what’s happening… why is he stopping…”

Scott motioned for Jess to come over and get a few more shots of me as I writhed on the bed, my belly heaving, my ass squirming around like crazy. Somehow I got a hand down between my legs. Scott jerked it away before I could shove a finger into my flooding, hot pussy.

“Get that other manacle. We’ll tie this one up, too.” He held my face roughly in his fingers. “Wouldn’t want Robyn here to start getting naughty habits.”

Jess slipped the manacle around my free wrist and looped the chain through the circle of steel at my neck. My hands were both pulled behind my back and when I tried to pull them down, the chains just jingled. Then she locked the chain that was connected to my ankle manacle to a heavy ring in the floor.

“Don’t leave me like this!” I begged, dragging the chain after me as they started picking up the camera gear. I followed them halfway to the door, but the chain caught and I went down on my knees. I was alone.

“Got to do something… got to…”

I looked around the room in a panic. My panting breath thundered in my ears. Streams of my cunt butter made hot lines down the insides of my thighs. I felt like I could come any second if I could just… just touch my poor, swollen cunt-lips… rub them… love them! My eyes flicked around the room… and then I saw it. The smoothly polished bedpost. It was just the right size and even had a little ridge as part of the design. Whimpering with hunger, I dragged the chain over so I could stand on tiptoes over the upjutting wooden prick. My outer labes were so swollen that when they brushed across the domed wooden post, they popped open with a smack. I let my knees bend and gently lowered my cunt down… down…

“Ohhhh… yesssss!”

The smooth wood forced my pussy-petals back until the butter ran freely down the varnished surface. I felt the muscles being forced apart inside.

And of course I could only remember one incident in my whole life that was anything like the sensations I now felt. Chris. My first lover. He’d shoved his cock into my cunt and fucked me until I’d been half out of my mind.

“Ohhh, Chris,” I groaned, bending my knees more, letting my heels down to the floor as I writhed my hips around.

The wood was so hard and cold. But it was something! Something to fill my hungry little cunt. I’d never realized that a girl could want something so bad. In the past I’d always been the one in control. I’d always made the boys want me! Then laughed when they didn’t get it.

“Ohhh… so hard… so big… feels good!”

I lifted and lowered my cunt over the wood post. My fists were clenched at my back where the chains bound me. It was hard keeping my balance without using any hands, especially as the rutting thrill came back strong again. I felt dizzy with lust and fever. I squirmed my ass around as I let myself down as far as I dared.

“Touching something way inside… Nuuhhhhh!”

My womb! It was stretching against the tight mouth of my womb. I jangled the chains, jerking my arms against them to no avail. My toes were splayed out on the floor like they always did when I was really excited.

“Faster… want it faster…” The slick juice sucked and smacked around the edges of my pussy as I bobbed up and down. I felt like a horse on a merry-go-round, getting fucked with every revolution. The feather-soft down at the edges of my cunt was dripping with juice. I was so well-oiled that if that wood post hadn’t been shoved deep into my pussy, I’d have fallen off. And the steady, rhythmic penetration of my tight little cunny was at last starting to get to me! My head flopped to the side and I drooled unashamedly. My eyes went blurry as the frenzied tickle grew into an insatiable itch that drove me wild.

I came like that, standing on tip-toes, my knees slightly bent as I rocked my hips forward and back, gouging the length of my cunt with that smooth wood post and then lowering myself down on it again as the convulsions racked my slender body.

I fell across the bed. I slept.


“Feeling better, honey?” the soft voice said. I blinked awake. It was almost completely dark in the stuffy place where I was. Where was I? My mind whirled, trying to get hold of something I could identify with. And then I remembered Scott, Chris, the boat. But this wasn’t Scott or Chris leaning over me in the gloom. It was Jess! My heart almost stopped. For some reason I was more afraid of her than anybody.

“The boys have gone off to get some photographs processed.” She giggled. “You know what. I’m talking about.” My eyes were adjusting now. I could see her blonde hair, the glossy lipstick she used. Then I became aware of how sore my arms were all chained up behind me. Jess saw me frown with pain.

“Okay, I’ll undo your wrists anyway. You won’t be going anywhere with that other one around your ankle.” She got the chains disconnected from the manacles after a short struggle. I rubbed the flesh under the bands of steel.

“If the pictures turn out the boys are going to let you go anyway. But I have to make sure you stick around until then.” She touched my shoulder. “You know, you should stay with me after these two dudes are through with you. If you only knew…”

“You’re out of your mind.”

“But you like to fuck, don’t you?” Her voice was like that of a little girl’s.

“Nooo!” I didn’t know what fucking was. Or at least, I didn’t know that much about it. Like Jessy was implying.

“Like hell you don’t! I watched you screw yourself on this bedpost.” She sniggered. “Look, it’s still slick!” She wiped a finger across the wood surface. I blushed and crossed my arms over my small tits.

“You’ve got the body men would pay plenty for.” She touched me with her eyes. “Slender, small-breasted, dark eyed. You’re a old man’s wet dream. Like something out of a high-school yearbook.”

“Could you get me something to put on?” I thought it was worth a try. She was acting friendly, even if she was a little twisted. I only wanted to bide my time until these bastards let me go free. Poor Daddy, he didn’t know what he was about to get hit with. I reddened at the thought of him seeing my photographs. And the longer I thought about it the more mortified I became. Jess must have read my mind.

“What do you think your old man is going to do when he sees what you were doing? You don’t think you can convince him you weren’t enjoying all that, do you?”

“You should’ve seen your face, honey. I mean, you were wiped out. You were drooling all over yourself!” She rubbed a hand down between her thighs. “It got me hot just to dig it all.”

Jess was more right than I cared to admit. I wondered if I really could face my own father after he’d seen me with a man’s cock in my mouth! A shudder jolted through me and I felt a little sick at my stomach. But there had to be a way to make him understand… had to be. Oh, why was he so conservative? I remembered how he’d sheltered me all my teen years. How he’d disapproved of most of the boys who wanted to date me. He was really prude when you got down to it. A terrible prude. But there was no place else for me to go. I sure didn’t want to have any more to do with my abductors.

“Aren’t you going to get me something to put on?” I tried again.

“How about a pair of my panties?” Jess said, twirling her long blonde hair around a finger. Her eyes were heavily made up. She left and came back in a few seconds. I looked at the skimpy things she’d handed me. Her so-called panties were nothing more than a red string with a little band of silk, also red, that stretched over a girl’s cunt. But it was something. I slipped the elastic string around one foot and then stopped.

“The manacle…”

“Okay, but don’t try anything funny.” She unlocked the chain and I put on her, panties. The silken band pressed up against my cunt-mound. I could hardly feel it at all.

“You could pull down a hundred bucks a trick easy,” Jess breathed. “Or I could take more shots. That’s big business now, skin magazines.”

“You must be crazy,” I said, “to think I’d ever want to…” I put my face in my hands. “Oh, you’re awful! You’re sick or something.”

“Look, honey, I was just being nice.” She looked mad as hell. Her eyes glinted in the light from outside. She fastened the chain on my ankle manacle and started to do the ones on my wrists, too.

“Couldn’t you leave them off?” I asked. “I’m sorry about what I said…”

“Well… okay. But when I hear the guys coming back, I’ll have to fasten them again.” She stalked out of the small cabin and shut the door.

For an hour I thought of what I might be able to do. Of course escape was the only way I had a chance of making things halfway right again. I could tell my father how I’d been tortured into making those photos. And I could warn him of what these people were planning to do with their malicious scheme. But escape was impossible. Or so I thought until I heard a boat bump alongside the dock near my porthole.

The man tying up was around forty, sea worn face and a build like King Kong. A dock light illuminated the muscles shaking under his torn T-shirt. He looked like a nice enough fellow. He was my only hope. I called to him, hoping Jess wouldn’t hear me from the next room. I put my arm though the small opening and waved frantically.

“Hey, Miss,” he said, standing up. His face was almost even with my porthole. The swells drifted his boat closer. I had to tell him things fast… but not too much. Any normal person would think I was out of my mind if I tried the truth.

“These people are holding me against my will,” I whispered. “Can you help me?” He acted like I’d asked him to help carry a package or something; his face showed no sign of fear.

“You see that hatch forward of you… the one in the roof?” He was close enough to the porthole now to see that I was bare-breasted but I couldn’t bother with modesty now. I went to the hatch he’d told me about. It was funny that I hadn’t noticed it before. The handle worked! I hurried back to the porthole.

“They have me chained in here,” I whispered to him. “I guess that’s why they didn’t bother to lock that thing.”

The big man jerked his head. The next thing I knew he was slipping over the rail, pulling himself up onto the boat. He lifted the hatch quietly and let himself down into the cabin. He was even bigger than I’d first thought. Six foot six or seven and well over two hundred pounds. I put a finger to my lips to warn him and then pointed at the chain where it was locked to the loop of steel in the floor.

He wrapped a coil or two of chain around his hands and I saw the big muscles in his back stand out. The loop tare out of the floor with a ripping sound. I heard Jess in the next room.

“What’s going on in there?” She pushed the door open, but the big man hit it with his shoulder and it slammed shut with a crash. I heard Jess stagger against something in the galley.

“Here we go,” the man said, circling an arm around my waist. He lifted me up through the hatch and followed. Jess was in the room below shrieking and banging around. The man closed the hatch and laughed. His eyes flicked over my nakedness felt more self-conscious about the tiny red panties than if I’d had nothing on at all. But when I saw the look on his face, I was thankful even for that tiny bit of silk.

“Hurry up now… easy… my deck is slippery. There’s a sea running tonight.”

He steadied me as we crossed to the hatch. Stairs led downward. By now Jess was on the deck of the other boat. She wasn’t yelling but she was about to freak out. I was glad when the big man closed the door behind him.

“Take her the hell out of here, Sid!” A lanky black man uncoiled himself from a bunk. I cowered back behind the big man who’d rescued me, hiding my nakedness.

“Hey, Will, we just got here, didn’t we?”

“You heard me, let’s take her out.”

The black man disappeared up the stairs. Will motioned me to sit down. A moment or two passed and the engines rumbled below decks. I felt the swells rock us as the boat moved into the harbor.

Will locked the door.

“You could just put me ashore somewhere,” I said, voice trembling. “I could get to the police.”

“Nobody is going to the police.” Will skinned his T-shirt off over his head and started working his belt buckle loose. “Not with this boat full of Colombian grass, nobody is gonna go to the police…” He let his pants fall. He was wearing no underwear at all and when his cock swung up, I put a hand over my face and collapsed against the wall.

“Hey, how did you come to be chained up like that?” he asked, walking towards me. “Well, it’s none of my business, I guess. But see, I only come ashore so we could loosen up a bit. Find some pussy. Gets lonely out there on the water for months with nothing but my thumb and her four-fingered sister.”

“Noooo… ohhh, God, don’t.”

“I rescued you, didn’t I?” He was so close I could smell him. A pungent musky odor that made my neck hair bristle. His big hands circled my waist and he picked me up, held my cool skin against his nakedness. Then he forced my thighs around him. My pussy opened wetly against the base of his cock. I could feel the long stiffness poking across my cunt-mound and between the underside of my ass.

“Ohh, you’re a fine-looking little piece. I think it’ll take me months to get tired of you.” He put me down on the bed and sat down beside me. “You ever seen anything like this?” he thrust his cock against my thigh. I shivered all over. A smear of slickness glistened from where the exposed head had touched. Now I could see that he’d never been circumcised. That cock was so huge it was hard to tell!

“Go ahead, grab it. I guess I’m entitled to a little reward, aren’t I?” He rubbed a rough palm across one of my tits. “Or would you like me to drop you back onto that other boat?”

“Nooo! Ohhh, don’t do that!”

“Now that’s more like it.” He grabbed my wrist, the manacle jingling. “Here… touch!”

I curled my fingers around his prick like he wanted. It was the biggest, heaviest chunk of meat I’d ever seen in my life. It was at least eight inches long and thick around the shaft. The flared head, which was almost completely swelled out from, its protective foreskin, looked too big to fit inside a woman’s cunt!

“Don’t look so scared,” Will laughed. “It’ll go in. You think it won’t, don’t you? Most women feel the same way. But when I get it in there, they go crazy!”


“Yeah. I ain’t bullshitting!”

He pushed me down on my back. His big hands moved confidently, as if he’d touched a lot of women in his time. He smoothed my belly until it stopped shivering. I was surprised at his gentleness but still scared half out of my mind. He hooked a finger under my cunt-mound and gingerly petted the pussy-lips open.

He was breathing faster now. His rugged face had a handsomeness about it that would have interested me if I hadn’t been so scared. His middle finger searched back along the deepest part of my gash until he found the torn edges of my cherry.

“This hasn’t been broken for very long…”

“Ohhhhh,” I sighed, trying to keep my mind working rationally.

“Feels good, don’t it?” He let the finger penetrate my steamy fuck-hole. I felt the muscles part for the intruder, then suck tight around his second knuckle. “Jesus, that’s gonna be a nice fuck!”

“Ohhh, don’t fuck me! I beg you, don’t fuck me!”

“Baby, I’m gonna fuck you till you don’t know your name…”

He bent his head slowly down to my shoulder. My skin burned as he let me feel the edges of his teeth. He worked slowly inch by inch towards one of my tits. His tongue swathed a wet path and then he nibbled for a while before moving again. By the time he was getting close to my nipple, I was shivering convulsively with anticipation. And Will’s finger was almost as big as a cock on a teenage boy! He was sticking it deeper into my hole and then dragging it out slowly. I shook my head, tried to get control of myself. But then he speared it as far as he could reach again and my ass began to work.

“That’s it, pretty thing… just relax and we can have a good old time.”

“I don’t want to have a good time. I want to go home!”

“Now I know your daddy couldn’t do this. Nhuuuu… ohhhhh… stop… p-p-please stop!”

His mouth covered my tit suddenly. He took the whole thing into his mouth easily and I felt the soft flesh being sucked deep, I felt my nipple ravished by the fluttering tip of his tongue. My back arched and I dug my fingernails into the nape of his neck. I didn’t seem to have any control at all now. His hands worked expertly over my adolescent flesh. I was at his mercy, it seemed, my senses being played upon like I was a flute. And then I knew that Will’s size excited me. I’d been so scared at first that I hadn’t realized how my unconscious hunger had been inflamed by the man’s big muscles, by his oversized cock and hard, huge hands. Huge but gentle. He smoothed my back, cupped my ass-cheeks as again his middle finger fucked me deep!

“Ohh… ohhh, God…” I moaned. Will took his lips away from my tit with a smack.

“You seem like the kind of girl that doesn’t really know what she likes best,” he laughed. Then he sucked the other tit between his teeth. His tongue raked me.

“Nhhuuuu… so hot… your mouth…” He made a sexy sound through his nose and wallowed his head around, finger-fucking me faster now. The clicking, sucking slurp between my thighs was the sexiest sound I’d ever heard. My thighs were parted back to let him do it. I didn’t care, didn’t care about anything. All the fooling around on the other boat had done something to a part of my mind. I’d never really touched my potential for sexual imagination. I’d always been kind of frigid when it came to my own pleasure. And now that world seemed to be opening up like a kaleidoscope. Will put his mouth against mine and kissed me hard.

I sank my teeth into his tongue and babbled through my nostrils. He sucked my own tongue deep and bit it gently as his fingertip found the mouth of my womb and pressed hard.

“Yuuuhhhh… Ohhmmmmmm!”

“You like that.”

“Yessss! Ohhh, God, yesss!”

Will rolled onto his back. His cock jutted upwards like some tower on a castle. When he slipped his finger out of my pussy, I thought I might faint. My twat muscles clasped after his touch and then he was smiling at me, not touching me at all.

“Ohhh, I feel so strange.”

“You’re just hot, honey. Just hot.” He grabbed his cock and jacked it slowly. The tip swelled dark blue with blood and the foreskin slipped back over the barb, exposing it completely. Without even thinking, I put my hand on it, too, and then quickly snatched my fingers away.

“Come here,” he laughed, pulling me down on him. My tits flattened against his chest, my nipples raking him. I let him hold my head as he kissed me. My spit leaked into his mouth and he drank it hungrily as his hands moved my body on top of his. I straddled him with my knees and pushed my fingers into his dark-brown hair. When I let my butt inch backwards, the hot tip of his cock pressed damply against the underside of one ass-cheek.

“Ohhh, God… it’s so big.”

“You can have as much of it as you want,” he whispered, steadying the big rod and rubbing its damp tip across my cunt-mound. There was a slurp as my outer labes swathed the spongy head with my butter. I let my head flop weakly against his shoulder. Then I was kissing him there. Kissing, kissing, kissing.

“You’re gonna burn up alive if you don’t get that thing inside your cunt.”

“It won’t fit… I just know it won’t.” I swallowed hard. “I’m afraid!”

“Touch it. Come on, touch my cock!”

He shoved my hands down between my thighs. I leaned my face against his chest and felt for the thick, hard prick. I let my palms slide over it and then dug my nails into the throbbing surface. Will grunted and lifted his hips up from the bed a little. I played with the skin, sliding it up and down, tickling between the plump little lobes so near the tip. The cock throbbed steadily now, jumping against my trembling palms.

“Yeah, it likes you!”

“It’s so h-h-hot!”

Will made a laughing sound in his throat that was almost a growl. Then he was sliding his big hands down my sides to my waist. He let his fingers stop at the outward swells of my hips and started forcing me back. “Nooooo!”

“Hold it up. Let it touch you!”

“I don’t want it to touch me…” I was suddenly very afraid. That thing wasn’t like a cock should be. It looked big enough to have a brain. The thought that it was a separate animal made chills clown my back. Then Will caught my head and pulled my mouth down.

God, he knew how to kiss. He could make a hard kiss seem so gentle. His lips nursed at mine, pulling them between his teeth for tingling bites. I groaned into his mouth as his tongue wet my chin and the corners of my lips. My ass started working up and down. My hands shook as they clutched that big, hard cock. And Will was easing me back almost without me knowing.

“Ohhhhh!” The steamy head of his cock had brushed open my outer pussy-petals. Hot butter flooded down over the smooth membrane of the cock-head. I guided it away from my hole, guided it away from both my holes. But doing that made it skid over the hot nubbin of my clit and the subtle friction made me throw back my head and sigh.

Will pushed his hips up from the bed enough to make the pressure and heat on my sensitive button even more intense. Gasping and choking, I wiggled my ass around like crazy, unable to resist the radiant sensations that bathed my flesh.

“Yeah, baby, that’s the way.”

“Huuuhnnn. Ohhhhmmmmm!”

“Faster. Get my cock good and slick!”

I seemed to have lost control. I clutched my finger and thumb just behind that flared cock-tip and gouged it up and down the heated slickness of my gash. The sound of it smacking and slurping in all my juice was unbelievable. I was coating Will’s huge prick thoroughly with my cunt butter, and I could feel the slickness dripping over my knuckles, wetting his balls.

The boat chugged on through the swells. I didn’t know where we were, where we were heading. But the sea rose and fell gently as Will and I panted and hugged on that bed. I had risen on my toes now, my face buried in his neck as I thrust and jabbed and bobbed my trim ass against that huge shaft that jutted upwards. My firm grip made me feel like I still had control of the situation. I’d never known how it could feel to rub my cunt with a big hot cock.

“Try it in your pussy, pretty girl!”

“Nooo… it’ll split me!”

“Here…” Will grabbed his cock from my slippery fingers and his other hand spread against the small of my back. I tucked my ass in and tried to get away, but he let go of his cock completely then and grabbed my hips firmly. His huge fingers inched all the way around my tiny waist. I flopped and whimpered, unable to get away from the upward movements of his cock. He brought his hips off the bed and moved my twitching butt into position. I felt my labes part around the tip as he gouged it down to my pussy-hole.

“Nhhaaaaa… don’t… shit, God!”

“Hold still. I don’t want to hurt you!” He gave me a sharp smack on the butt. It stung! I stopped flopping so much and whined helplessly into the warm hollow of his neck.

“Now… just a little at a time.” The smooth roundness of his cock-head had shoved into that dainty hollow now, that sloppy depression where my cherry had been torn by Chris that first time. The only thing that had been in it since was the vibrator Scott had degraded me with and the bedpost I’d had to use when my blood had boiled with hunger.

But though Will’s cock was bigger than any bedpost, it was real. And in his heavy, hot balls there was real cum, too! I whimpered and twisted as he forced me back. My ass made tight circles, trying to escape the inevitable penetration and at the same time being tickled and itched in a way I couldn’t cope with sensibly.

I was over my head! The thrilling jolts of pleasure made me pant like a dog. I could smell the hot musky odor from my body and Will’s. He must have smelled it, too. I wondered if he liked young girls as much as he liked older women.

“Will. Ohhh, don’t hurt me. I’m so excited, I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“I wouldn’t hurt you for anything. I like you.”

“You do?” I kissed the side of his face. Somehow I felt that Will really was my friend. Not just because he’d gotten me off that boat. I was his prisoner now, after all. But I thought he felt something for me. I was more than just a cunt.

“I’m more than just a cunt, aren’t I?” I gasped, wincing as he tried to push the blood-swollen tip of his cock into my pussy.

“Yeah, baby,” he laughed. “Fact is, you don’t have much cunt at all. I’m gonna have to make you one.”

“Oh, God!” I squealed.

“Calm down… be still… there’s some of your cherry left. I can feel it with my cock!”

“Ohhhh, it’ll kill inc. I just know I’ll bleed to death.”

But Will grabbed my dancing ass and forced his pulsing prick hard into the hollow of my cunt. I felt the edges of my outer labes slide around that huge dong and then something jerked and I knew my cunt was being torn wider.

“Nhuuuuuuuu… I… I… feel it going in. Ohhhh, noooo!”

“Oh, yes, baby. Yesss!” He had a funny look on his face. I could feel the tight walls of my cunt squeezing in on his dick, tightening and loosening as my body spasmed with fear and excitement.

“Jesus… you’re the tightest little thing I’ve ever fucked!”

“Ohhhh, it is tight… so tight!” I bit my lip. It hurt, but not too bad. The pleasure that throbbed through my dainty cuntal membranes far overshadowed any hurt.

“Work that sweet little ass of yours,” Will said, spanking my cheeks again, petting me hotly.

“Ohhh, when I move, I can feel that thing stretching my muscles. Nhhhhhuuu!” The flared part seemed about to slip past the constructed circle of muscles that guarded the depths of my cunt. I could feel them cutting into the spongy flesh of Will’s cock-head as he forced it deeper… deeper.

“Ohhhhh, it really is going in! Ohhh, God!”

My ass pranced as I held myself up on my toes, ready to jerk away if the thing hurt too much. But it wasn’t hurting so much any more. His cock was sending heat and tickles all under my body. My cunt mound was a mass of aching pleasure and the butter dripped out so fast that I couldn’t believe it.

Will pushed himself up so that he was sitting on the mattress, his legs spread. My knees were bent and straddling his waist. We hugged like that. It made me feel smaller yet to watch my tits flatten against his huge chest! He let me down, let my weight force my pussy down over that hard prick. Inch by inch I felt the penetration, felt my over parting and opening and moving around to make room for that huge cock.

“Ohhh, it’s not killing me. It’s going to fit!” I shuddered with pleasure. Will opened my lips with his tongue and kissed me hard. I melted into his arms, let my head flop back weakly so he could feast on my mouth and chin and neck.

“Baby, you’re the finest little thing Will has ever had!”

“Ohhh, I’m so excited… but it does hurt a little… hurts good!”

“Hurts me, too. That little cunt of yours is strong.”

I’d never thought of things that way. Girls were supposed to be weak and soft and willing. The man jabbed his hard cock in and out of the girl’s weak softness. But Will liked it that my cunt was strong! I concentrated on controlling the muscles around the hot prick that was spearing my young box. When I really tried hard, I could make them squeeze down around the roundness of his meat. “Jesus, Robyn! That’s something else, baby!”

“Ohhh, that’s fun. Does it feel good?” I bit my lip and really tightened my cunt this time. Will’s mouth went slack and he closed his eyes. I tightened and loosened, over and over until a slow milking rhythm was working at the cock that had entered my body. My movements were suddenly making me very excited.

“Ohhhh, it feels like I’m gonna come…”


“Nhuuuu… it’s because you’re so big!”

“I’m not even very far inside you yet, Robyn!” He got up from the bed and I circled my arms around his neck and held on for dear life. My weight pushed more of that cock up into my soft cunt. Will cupped his big hands under my shivering butt and petted me as he let my weight ease down, let me skewer myself on his cock like a shish kebab!

Woooo! It’s going way in now… I can feel pleasure came afire deep inside me. It was, the sensitive opening of my womb, rubbed and gouged and stretched by Will’s cock-head.

“I’mmmm gonna come! Ohhhh, yesss!”

Will turned and fell with me across the bed. I thought the whole thing would collapse. He was fucking faster and faster. I held onto his shoulders and dug my nail in. My eyes were wide with the tantalizing friction I felt I scissored my legs around his huge body and squeezed as he fucked furiously. The bed sagged and creaked as his hips pounded my hips, as his body pressed rue down.

“Ntthuuu! Coming! Ohhhhhh!”

“Hold on! I’m coming, too, Robyn!”

“Not inside! Don’t do it inside!”

The petals and parts that bloomed around my hollow made loud smacking noises when his prick came out. When it went in again, I made the noise. My squeals and whimpers were animal-like. The waves of my final ecstasy hit me like thunder. I rocked under the force of the pleasure. My face went purple. I couldn’t breathe. Every muscle in my body clutched at the huge man, the big cock that was bringing me to this pinnacle of joy. And my ass went crazy under the steady, strong fucking.

“Yhhuuuuunnn! Ohhhhmmmm! Goooooddd! Yesss! Commmmmmming!”

Suddenly I felt Will’s cock being taken from my cunt. Every fiber of my being wanted him to stay. But he jerked his prick free and sat back on his haunches. I pushed myself up on elbows and tried to focus. My body still twitched with the throes of my dying come. That cock of his jutted up between his thighs like some mighty tower. It dripped with my slick cunt-butter glistening in the light that filtered in through the curtains of the cabin. Then I saw the thick head throb huge with blood and a droplet of something white grew at the tiny opening. It grew as big as a pea and then dribbled off down the side.

“Robyn!” Will gasped, looking at me. “You gotta give me some help!”

In a flash I realized that he had sacrificed his pleasure so that I wouldn’t get pregnant. I jumped forward and grabbed the hot meat with both hands. The first, time I brought my fingers up under that ridged crown of seed frothed out. When I jacked down again, a powerful stream jumped high into the air. It came down in strings all over my arms and shoulders. It was hot!

“Suck me…”

And it was true. As much as I wanted to give Will pleasure, I couldn’t make myself put my mouth around that huge, strange cock that throbbed in my hands. I even went so far as to put my tongue out and bob my head near… but I just couldn’t. I rubbed my warm tits up against it instead as Will fell backwards on the bed. I climbed between his thighs and worked my hands frantically up and down the pounding shaft as I wallowed my soft tits, my hard nipples against the most sensitive underside of his prick. Jizz smeared across my flesh as I rubbed and jacked his dick. More fountains of fuck-cream bubbled out. I had the spongy cock-head between my titties flow and tried to squeeze them together to make a warm, smooth place for him to fuck. Even this was blowing my mind. I’d never dreamed of doing such a thing… never ever! And here I was doing it to a complete stranger. Will begged for more.

“What should I do?” I whimpered frantically as the jolts of heavy fuck-cream continued to flood between our bodies.

“Nipple… give me a nipple.”

I took one of my titties in my hand and pushed the hard nipple against the little lobes at the underside of his cock-tip. I rubbed back and forth over the sensitive place and Will grunted hungrily and fucked with his hips. A huge spurt of cum slickened the underside of my chin and dribbled down again. I jacked furiously, my knuckles glossy with the hot seed, the curds smacking and clicking as I milked the big man’s balls dry.

The knock came after we’d been in each other’s arms for a while. The cum had already started to dry, but when Will got up, it was sticky and slick where my tits had been against his hairy chest.

“Hey, cap’n,” the voice said through the door. “Some boat is followin us. Looks to be that one where you got the pretty girl off of.”

Will dragged on his pants and went to a porthole. “Sure as shit. We got ’em now… if you want ’em.” He looked at me. “I don’t like people following me. But then I suppose you’re not the type who likes to watch people drown.”

“I don’t want to hurt anybody. Not even them,” I said. But my mind kept flicking to those photographs they had. I was excited. Quickly, I told Will about what Scott had plotted, about the photos they planned to use as blackmail, about my father’s part with the grand jury. He took it all in, nodding, grinning back out the porthole at the approaching boat. I wrapped a blanket around me. The only clothing I had at hand.

“We could just skink that mother-fucker,” he laughed. “Wouldn’t that solve all your problems?”

“No… I don’t want them killed.” I remembered Chris. He was a weak-willed bastard when it came right down to it, but I couldn’t think of him lying in the mud at the bottom of the sea.

“So you want the photographs and that’s all. Is that it?”

“Yes. If you can do it.” Of course I realized that Will owed me nothing. He didn’t even have to feed and take care of me if he didn’t want to. But I was counting on what I guessed was affection on his part. I hoped he liked me like I thought he did. And when he smiled, I knew I’d gambled right.

“Okay, I can get your pictures. But you got to pay me back.”

“Pay you back? I don’t have any money.”

“Not with money…” He rubbed the crotch of his pants. “I want to feel that pretty little mouth of yours around this big old prick.”

I blushed, looked at my hands. The words had caused a thrill to shoot up my legs. But in my mind I couldn’t accept it. Still, it looked like the only way I was going to pull myself out of this jam. I nodded.

Will leaped up the stain, stopping at a closet only long enough to jerk out a rifle. I heard him topside giving orders to the black man. The boat’s engines thundered louder and I felt us turning. Through the porthole I saw the other boat coming on hard. Chris and Scott were on deck. One of then, had some binoculars and the other held a pistol up and waved it around.

I started up towards the deck but the black man was coming down. “Will says for you to stay below. Gonna be some shootin’ maybe.” He grabbed a gun from the closet and strapped it on. I shuddered as I watched him slip a clip of bullets into the handle.

“There’s a woman aboard that boat,” I said, pulling the blanket tighter around my neck. The black man’s eyes widened.

“Oh, yeah? Maybe if she don’t get shot up, I’ll get her over here.” He winked and disappeared up the stairs. The hatch was shut and locked from above. I went to the porthole in time to see the other boat swinging astern. A shot from Will’s rifle smashed a window. Chris and Scott dove behind some rope and one of them fired back. The boats swung past each other and as they did, the black man jumped, shooting off his automatic. Splinters flew and I heard Jess scream from the cabin of the other boat.

Then there was a splash and I saw Scott swimming. The black man held his gun in Chris’ back and shoved him against the deck. I heard shouts, saw a rope thrown to tie the boats together. Then Will was jumping to the other boat, helping tie up Chris. Scott was pulled from the water next and Will shoved him below decks. I figured he was making him get those pictures of me. In a few minutes they came back.

“There’s a chick down there, Sid,” Will said to the black man. “I think she’s waiting for you…”

“Yes, man,” Sid said, rubbing his nappy scalp. He stabbed the automatic in his belt and clambered below. There was another scream and I saw Jess being pushed up the stairs. Scott sat on the deck looking beaten and scared. I was glad. The bastard. The lousy dirty bastard.

I turned from the window. I was so excited and wrought-up I was trembling. I washed up at the sink and found the skimpy little red panties Jess had gotten me. I pulled them up and fixed the string where Will had broken it. Then I searched his closet until I found a ragged, but clean T-shirt. It was long enough to reach below my hips. It seemed I was loomed to go around in men’s clothing for the rest of my life. I hurried barefoot up the steps and banged on the hatch for Will to let me out.

“Okay, I guess it’s okay to come on out now,” he said, leaning it back and giving me a hand the last step. I bounced onto the deck. Chris and Scott were both tied up now, their boat bumping gently against ours in the rising and falling sea.

“It’ll take ’em an hour to get those ropes off,” Will said, untying the rope and pushing the bow of the other boat with his foot. The black man had already taken Jess below. I noticed that she wouldn’t look at me as they went past.

Will went up to the wheelhouse and started the engines. I tagged along. Now that I was up on deck the sun was bright and the sky blue. Birds swooped in close as the rumbling boat moved off from the one Chris and Scott were tied on. I thought I saw Chris looking at me across the waves. I waved and then looked away. It was too bad, but… that’s how the cookie had crumbled.

“I got your stuff,” Will said, kicking the leather briefcase he’d tossed to the floor. “Everything’s in there… negatives… everything.”

“How do you know?”

“I took a little peek,” he laughed, grinning. “It looks like you’re not as inexperienced as you were making out to be.”

“They forced me to do that. Remember? The chains and all?” I held up a wrist. The manacle and a couple of links of chain still dangled. The one on my neck was starting to chafe, too. “I wish you could get these off.”

“Get a pair of cutters in the toolbox there,” Will said. “I’ll clip the hinge pins and that’ll take care of that.”

He let the boat run its own course as he worked on the manacles. It didn’t take him but a few minutes to cut through the pins and break open the hinges. I rubbed my neck and wrists where the cold metal had rubbed me.

“Wow, that feels lots better.”

“You look happier now,” Will said, slapping me on the ass. It was strange, but I liked it when he did that. My butt tingled for a long time after his fingers had gone away. I looked out over the sea, daydreaming.

“Why don’t you go below and get us some beer?” Will told me. I nodded and padded down the stairs towards where I thought the galley was. I felt like a great weight had been lifted. I was still in some kind of fix. But unless something really weird happened, Daddy would never know about those terrible pictures, or what had happened to me the last few days.

I got a beer from the small refrigerator and started back up to the deckhouse. That was when I heard a groan coming from a room forward of Will’s. It was Jess groaning, and then I heard Sid’s voice.

“You sweet blonde bitch… always wanted me a white bitch.”

“Ohhh… please don’t do that!”

The door was open a crack. I had a lot of things running through my mind. I never had been one to go spying on people. But an odd thrill warmed my blood. I touched the door handle and pushed it open another inch. The light from the portholes played across the figures on the bed. The first thing that hit me was the whiteness of Jess’ skin and the dark and dusky hue of Sid’s.

He had her bent over the edge of the cot, her knees spread on the floor. She was naked except for the shredded silk that dangled from one thigh. I knew it was the remains of her panties. Sid was behind her on the floor, naked. His big cock swung from side to side as he worked his fingers into the blonde fluff that lined her cunt. His dark fingers were glossy with the blonde’s seeping own juice. I could see the slick dew hanging in her pussy curls and smeared on the insides of her thighs. Her back was arched sharply towards the bed. She tried to push herself up, but Sid put his forearm across her shoulders and forced her down again. As he did this, he held the brown head of his cock up against her pink cunt-mouth. The dainty folds opened and let it slide against the opening to her cunt. Then he brought his hips forward with a jerk.

“Woooooo!” Jess cooed, throwing her head up high as the big black squirmed his hips excitedly to skewer his shaft deeper in her cunt. The bed squeaked. Jess was breathing with short, labored breaths. I heard the juices smack as they coated the dark shaft of the black man’s big prick. I could clearly see the edges of her pussy fitting around the cock. Even for Jess, this guy was hung big!

Her big tits were flattened down against the bed. Every time the black man shoved forward, the delicate flesh jiggled. Jess tried to push herself up again and this time Sid grabbed her hands and crossed them behind her. Then he jerked a piece of rawhide out of his pants lying near. I held my breath as he wound it tightly around Jess’ wrists. There was something exciting about that maybe because I carried memories of the experience myself. I couldn’t forget how Chris and Scott manhandled me. And then of course there was Will who was big enough that he didn’t have to use restraints. He was a restraint in himself! I sucked a breath of excitement. Was I actually standing here dreaming of when Will would grab me again? My ears flushed red. Yes, I was!

“Ohhhh… so big… you’re splitting me open.”

“You ain’t splittin’. You had enough cock in your life to be an expert at gettin’ fucked,” he said. But I knew why Jess was scared. Sid’s cock was at least as big as Will’s prick was. And Will was big! Maybe even Jess wasn’t stretched all that much.

“Ohhh. Ohhhhh, ghaaaa!”

“Now you taking it good,” Sid breathed, leaning over her body as he plunged and fucked. The sound of cock and cunt melding together was something else! I kept swallowing and licking my lips, the two beers sweating in my palms. That darned T-shirt I had on made me feel sexy, too. Naked underneath, I knew my body was vulnerable to any cock on board. Even though there were only two of them.

I shook my head and blushed violently. Now I was even imagining what it might be like getting screwed by Sid. I felt strange. What was happening to my thinking? I’d never dwelt on such stuff before, not ever! Boys had been a means to an end. And that end had never included sexual pleasure.

But then I hadn’t known what sexual pleasure was all about back then.

I saw Sid draw his prick slowly back. As it slipped from the delicate pink petals that surrounded Jess’ pussy-hole, the butter dripped from it. I bit my lip and hurried on up the stairs. I didn’t think I could watch much longer without trying to push a finger into my cunt. Being naked and barefoot wasn’t helping my equilibrium either.

“What took you so long?” Will said when I handed him the beer and leaned against the wheelhouse to get my breath.

“Couldn’t find it,” I lied. I hid my panting with a cough and looked out to sea. Will drank half his beer quickly and licked the foam from his lip.

“We’ll be coming up on the coast soon. I’m going to go west to a harbor I know about and wait until it gets dark. A boat’ll be coming out to get the shipment and then my end of it’ll be through.” He looked at me. “I can put you ashore after that. Unless you want to stay with me…”

“You’ve been awful nice,” I told him, “but I do have to get back.” I drank some of my beer. “And think of it, I’ll never be able to tell a soul about what happened to me.”

“If I thought you would, I’d have to put an old anchor around your ankle and shove you overboard.” Will’s look wasn’t mean, but there was something about the way he’d said all that that made the skin crawl on my neck. I didn’t doubt for a second that he’d do it if he thought he had to.

“God, how could I ever turn you in for anything?” I said. “After what you did for me…”

“I thought that was the kind of person you were,” he laughed. The boat rose and fell through the water. We didn’t talk for a while. The beer was making me feel loose and happy.

“Where’s Sid?” Will asked finally. “Getting into that blonde good, I’ll bet.”

I swallowed hard. “Yeah. I guess that’s what he’s doing.” I could almost see that thick, brown cock all glossy with Jess’ cunt juice. I finished my beer quick and clung to the edge of the wheelhouse. Will was looking at the pert, outward swell of my ass under the T-shirt.

“Remember that little deal we made?” he said low. I nodded, glanced at his crotch. His denims were tight from the swollen meat inside. Would I ever be able to get all that in my little mouth? I would know soon enough.

“Tonight,” Will said. He pushed a palm under the edge of the T-shirt and rubbed my bare butt. “Tonight.”


The sea was pretty reflecting the lights of houses on the shore. We were heading west all the time, the engine chugging evenly as we picked up the incoming swells and rode them down the land’s edge. Then there weren’t any lights at all, just the dark silhouette of the trees and low hills. I didn’t know how Will could see in the dark like that, but at a certain place, he cut the engines and signaled Sid to slip the anchor off over the bow. The boat came around as the rope tightened and the iron hook caught on the bottom.

“It’ll be five or six hours,” till said. “These boys don’t like to take chances coming out unless everybody for miles around is dead asleep.”

I pulled down the edge of that damned T-shirt. Jess was sitting on a pile of ropes, brushing her hair. It looked blonder than ever at night with just the moon to catch the light-colored strands. I hadn’t said a word to Jess and she hadn’t said a word to me. I didn’t really have anything against her, but I wasn’t all that chummy either. Not with somebody who had wanted to see me get knocked up, somebody who’d been trying to get me in all kinds of trouble.

Jess had on her shorts and a little top that was so flimsy she couldn’t keep her big tits inside it half the time. Of course she didn’t have on any panties underneath either. I’d seen them in shreds in the cabin when Sid had worked her over good. That didn’t seem to bother her, though. She sat there on that pile of ropes with her legs spread wide apart. One plump cunt-lip stuck out of a leg of her shorts. Will was looking at her in the moonlight and I guess she was kind of pretty. In a cheap blonde kind of way.

“Well, we’re okay now until after midnight,” he said. “You take the first watch. I’m going below with the ladies.”

Jess looked up. She gave Will a smile that I myself wasn’t capable of. I never could understand how some women could do that with their eyes and mouths at the same time. Then she got up real lazy and sexy-like, stretching her arms above her head. Her tits rose in the loose hang of her thin top. One nipple poked out of the lace around the top.

“You got any of that stuff to smoke?” Jess yawned. “Or are you selling it all to your friends on shore?”

Will didn’t say anything. He just motioned us below with his head I was shivering. It wasn’t cold at all, but there was something in the air I didn’t like. I was unable to handle any situation that got too… weird. Why was Will taking us both below? It was going to be hard enough going through with my part of our bargain. I didn’t know whether I could suck his big cock without half fainting anyway. And now he was inviting Jess below decks. I hoped he didn’t have anything like a twosome in mind. That was beyond my experience and tastes. I didn’t really dare think of being back safe with my father. I was afraid if I really took time to think about my situation, it would scare me.

Will got out a little brass pipe and dropped some green flakes of something he got from a jar. I knew it was grass. Jess did, too. She rubbed her hands on her thighs and made a pretty face. I knew she was playing up to Will. Now that her little plot had been ruined and her gang broken up, she was willing to take advantage of her chances with these guys.

The pipe came around and I shook my head. Will insisted.

“Just a take, baby. You’ll like it.”

“I had some before. I didn’t like it at all.”

“Take your time with it,” Will laughed. “You probably got hassled.”

“I sure did! I was thinking of how Chris had broken my cherry that night I’d been so stoned. It makes me feel funny…”

Then Jess came over. Her eyes glinted at me.

“Look, honey, I can do it…” She pulled a lungful of the smoke deep and held it. Her dare was obvious. She was more the woman for being able to handle a little grass. Big deal. I wanted to kick her in the shins. I wished she’d suck Will’s big cock and I could just get the hell back to my hotel room and wait for Daddy to get back from business and everything would be alright. But I grabbed the pipe from her and put it to my lips. She wasn’t all that hot. I could smoke the stuff… or at least pretend I was.

The toke was hot and went too deep. I coughed and spit smoke. Will and Jess laughed.

“What’s the big deal?” I asked, taking more smoke to hold in my mouth. They’d never know I wasn’t really doing it. But somehow the smoke got down my lungs anyway and I started coughing again.

“Where’d you learn that, honey?” Jess said, her voice, full of poison.

“Shut the fuck up,” Will snapped. “You ain’t shit around this boat, blonde, so don’t go gettin’ uppity.”

Jess went red and bit her bottom lip. Will got up and went over to her. I didn’t notice the piece of leather thong he had wrapped in his fist until he hopped it out. Jess looked at it and swallowed.

“Get undressed,” Will told her.

Jess stood and snaked her clothes off quick. She knew he wasn’t fooling. I was envious of her big tits and her fully mature body. Her curves were wore outrageous than mine, her ass fuller Will seemed to like her too. He petted the sides of her body and then grabbed one of her wrists suddenly and whirled her around. He made her get down on her knees. Then he pulled her hands behind her back and bound them together. I was sitting on the bed, trying to keep my emotions in bounds. But the smoke had me a little high and I couldn’t help but feel something of what Jess had to be feeling. The tight wrap of that leather going around her ankles now. Will was tying her wrists to her ankles. She wouldn’t look at me. Her big tits rose and fell with her breathing. She looked scared and excited. I was, too.

“How would you like a little revenge?” Will asked me.

I was too stoned to think. I didn’t know what he was thinking about. His fingers worked at his belt buckle. I stopped breathing as I watched him step out of his pants. His cock looked even bigger than it had before. I remembered how the thing had hardly fit into the beginning of my tight little pussy. The memory caused my twat-petals to flush with blood and I felt the juice begin to flow. Self-consciously, I tugged down the edge of the big T-shirt. I walked slowly around the kneeling blonde. I noticed that she kept her eyes away from has cock.

“See, I have a feeling that Jess here doesn’t like to suck cock.” Will pushed one of his fingers into her mouth and the blonde twisted away. “I can always tell about those kind…” win looked at me then. “Take you, Robyn. I think you could learn to suck. But Jess had all kinds of hang-ups about that kind of thing… don’t you, blondey?”

Jess had a funny expression. She tugged at her bonds. The straining creak of the leather that bound her wrists behind her back and to her ankles made me shiver. I could clearly remember how it had felt to be tied up, how it felt to have people messing with my body and me being tog helpless to do anything about it.

“From what you told me,” Will said to me, “I figured this chick out.” He grabbed a handful of Jess’ blonde hair and yanked her head back. “She takes pictures. Photographers can be pretty weird people. They get off on seeing things happen to others…”

“Let me go!” Jess gasped.

Will held his cock up under her chin. He rubbed it slowly against the white downy skin of the blonde’s neck. I wasn’t even breathing. And my pussy was heating up something awful. I squirmed on the chair, my cunt-petals slipping around one another until I knew I was getting the varnished seat glossy slick.

“Wouldn’t you like to learn how to suck cock?” Will said.

He pushed his thumb and finger into the back of her jaw. Jess moaned land opened her mouth. Will shoved the swollen head of his cock between her lips. Jess moaned again. She tried to pull away. Will had her hair twisted in his fingers again, pumping his hips forward. I gasped as I saw the ridged tip disappear. A droplet of saliva slid back down Will’s shaft. I closed my eyes. I’d never in my life guessed that watching such carnal spectacles as this could really turn me on. But I sure wasn’t turned off! I was shivering slightly and I kept having to press my thighs together. Doing that put pressure on my clit in a way that felt warm and good and rubby.

Will had Jess by the head, holding her still as he widened his legs for power. I shuddered as I saw his big ass muscles bulge and he fucked forward savagely. There was a choking sound and the pretty blonde’s neck bulged out like she was trying to swallow a goose egg.

“Ghhuuuuuu!” she groaned, her tits quivering from the force of Will’s lunges. I saw her straining against the leather bonds again. But there on her knees, her hands bound to her ankles… she didn’t have a chance. Her lips curled wetly around the thick prick shaft that slid back and forth in her mouth. More of her spit trickled out and dripped from her chin.

“Come over here, Robyn,” Will ordered. I was about to say no, about to run out of the cabin. But I knew Will’s voice pretty good by now. He meant for me to do what he wanted, and I decided it would be best to obey.

“What d-d-do you want me for?” I murmured. I kept swallowing. I was shaky from watching these two. Jess turned heavy eyes up to me for a second and then closed them.

“Put your hand down at her throat and tell me what you feel,” Will said. His own voice was uneven and filled with lust. I didn’t want to have anything to do with all this. But I put my hand down like he said, touched Jess’ throat. At that instant, Will held her head and drove his cock deep again. The twitching blonde had to change the angle of her body and her head to take his cock deep. She bent forward at the shoulders and lifted her chin to make room for that swollen prick in the back of her throat. My fingers were pushed out! I could actually feel that bulging tip sliding down her throat. Jess gagged violently and her whole body bucked.

“What do you feel!” Will gasped.

“But… it’s pushing out… going down her throat,” I tried to get my breath. “It’s choking her!”

“Touch my balls,” Will ordered. I cupped my fingers and pushed them up gently under the heavy orbs. The wrinkled sac gave and I held the weight of Will’s seed-packed eggs. My palm was sweaty and I was having trouble keeping my eyes focused. Then, without really thinking about it, I was squeezing those big, spongy nuts! Letting them slide around in their sac, tickling them with my fingers. Will grunted and the muscles in his belly stood out. He curled his big hands behind Jess’ head and pulled her forward hard. Again her neck bulged with cock and she flopped around as the choking spasms hit her. But she wasn’t gagging quite so violently this time. Her bottom lip touched my fingers where I held Will’s balls up against his body. I couldn’t believe that she had every last inch of that monster cock inside her mouth and throat. But she did!

“Son… of… a… bitch!” Will moaned, eyes closed tight. Then he pushed the blonde’s head back… slowly back. I saw the thick meat coming out of the tight circle her lips made. It was shiny with her spit. Some dripped down over my fingers as I kept massaging his hot balls. Then when only the flared tip of his cock was still inside her mouth, Will stopped and caressed her ears and the underside of her chin.

“Now suck, you blonde bitch… suck good and slow!”

I saw Jess move her tongue. She opened her mouth wide enough to breathe and I stared at the way she curved her licking movements daintily around the blood-swollen head of Will’s prick. She made a trough of her tongue and slid it forward and back. The spit crackled around the lobes and veins on the heavy chunk of cock-meat.

Will flabbed me and pulled my face close to his. He kissed me hungrily, forcing my lips apart with his tongue and then fucking my mouth with it. I shuddered and moaned as I felt the exciting friction of his licking, the keen edges of his teeth. And all the while, my fingers played with his ball-sac, rolling the heavy orbs around playfully as Jess’ spit trickled down over my knuckles.

Something was throbbing deep in Will’s body. At first I just barely sensed the new rhythm. I could feel it pulsing, like blood pounding in a vein, but even more powerful than that. I shoved his balls harder up against his shaft. He seemed to like that. And here I was, doing things he liked. I was more mixed up than ever. But my body was aroused to a keen line of excitement. A musky aroma made me glance down at Jess’ crotch. There were dewdrops of cunt butter hanging in the sparse blonde curls of her pussy. She was excited, too! Even though Will was forcing her to do all this.

“Nnnnnnooooo!” she groaned as Will brushed one of her tits with his hand. Then he grabbed me and pulled me to him again. His mouth ate hungrily at the softness of my neck and chin. I let my eyes close. The throbbing pulse of his cock had grown much stronger now. And I could clearly hear the way the blonde’s mouth was sucking at the bluish tip that slid back and forth over her bottom lip, over her tongue…

“I think she’s starting, to like it…” Will pulled my body up so die could get his mouth around one of my small tits. The sudden hot friction made me quiver all over. “Jess is really getting into cock-sucking…”

“Ohhhh… I feel weird,” I breathed, my nerves on fire as the friction, around my swelling nipple increased. Will sucked it between his teeth and chewed gingerly as I writhed in his arms. Then he shoved the T-shirt higher, shoved it up over my head. I was naked and squirming against him, the side of Jess’ head brushing my thigh as I let Will wallow his mouth over both my adolescent tits. Hot spit trickled down my belly. My pussy was throbbing and swelling out. The heat of my twat-petals excited my thoughts and I imagined what it was like to be sucking on the huge knob of Will’s cock.

“Ohhh…” It was Jess, the spit running in rivulets down her chin. She had tried to pull back and win had pulled her forward again. But Jess twisted suddenly and the first hard jet of cum splatted on her cheek.

“God… damn!” Will had her with both hands now, shoving me out of the way. He made her open her mouth by pressing on that sensitive place just below her ear. She took the next flooding spurt of fuck-cream in the trough of her tongue but wouldn’t swallow it.

“Hold her, Robyn!” he moaned. It was like his voice controlled me so easily. Because I owed him something, I guess. Or just that he was so big and strong and willful. Anyway, I nabbed Jess’ head with both hands and kept her still while Will fucked deeply into her throat again. I was standing behind her, looking down over the front of her face, watching the thick, glossy shaft slide deep with a sucking sound. The thick fuck-cream boiled from the corners of her mouth and I heard it popping in her nostrils as she choked and finally had to swallow some of it.

“Nooooo! Ohhhmmmm!” Her body writhed as the jizz popped in her throat. I fought to keep her from pulling away. It was a strange feeling to be helping a man like Will, helping hold his victim still while he fucked her mouth. And I knew that the victim could just as easily be me!

“Yeah… that’s it, baby…” Will grabbed my neck and pulled me forward so he could kiss me while he fucked Jess’ sloppy mouth. He fucked his tongue deeply between my teeth. The thrill of that sensation made my slender form shiver.

Something came over me like a spring storm. I grabbed Will around the neck and kissed him hard and wet. I sucked hungrily at his tongue as he thrust out like a small cock between my teeth. Below I could hear Jess drinking Will’s thick cum. It popped at the corners of her mouth. Exhausted from my passionate fever, I glanced down and saw bubbles foaming out one of Jess’ nostrils. White, cummy bubbles. Her throat worked as she forced the hot jizz down.

“Baby… Jesus Christ…” Will grabbed my slender back and pulled me against him again. He let go of Jess. I heard her slip backwards and then onto her side on the floor. I found my legs astraddle of Will’s still-hard cock. It bobbed powerfully between my spread thighs, bumping my swollen, slippery cunt-mound. I could feel its heat easily and it made me wonder if I could ever get that cock up inside my fuck-hole again. My mind swirled with passion. I reached down between our bodies and caught the spit-slick prick.

“You crazy little nymph… I thought you were afraid of me.”

“I am… I just wanted to see what it felt like!” I rubbed the dark cock-head up between my cunt-lips. The dripping sap smeared over my feverish twat-flesh. My juice mixed with Jess’ spit and Will’s cum.

But Will was crapped out. He fell backward on the floor and lay there laughing at me as I straddled him and held his cock up against my pussy, wiggling and jerking my ass around in circles, rubbing the dainty twat-petals against the hot but wilting knob.

“Ohhhh, it’s getting littler… it’s getting softer!”

“You’re something else, Robyn. First you were scared stiff… now you want my cock when it’s not stiff.”

“Mmmmnnnnhhhhuuuu! Ohhh, why won’t your cock get bigger? It always does when I start messing with it.”

I guess I sounded pretty dumb. But I was still a little vague on how quick it took a guy to fuck again after he’d shot his wad. Will’s cock finally slipped from my fingers. I got up and leaned wearily against the wall. My hot little cunt was still throbbing, tickling, burning. I wanted… something to get inside it, to scratch my itch. There was a gurgling sound. I looked around to see Jess still swallowing.

“I musta drunk a quart of that stuff. Yeeeeaaahh!” She closed her eyes. Will looked like he was about to drop off, too. I gave a cry of frustration and shoved the door of the cabin open. I knew I was not wearing a stitch, but there was another room. Down the narrow passageway, a place I could be alone. I could shut myself in and do… something to relieve the tension my body was tingling with.

“Ohhhh, everything is so mixed up. I wish I was back in my hotel room.”

The knob turned and I shoved a shoulder against the door. I fell into the darkness, feeling my way around. There was a bunk and I quickly lay down on it and bent my knees up, heels digging into the mattress. Then my fingers plowed open my hot outer labes and there was a slick, sucking sound as I plunged a finger into my cunt-hole.

“Ahhhh… yessss!” I worked it in and out of the tightened circle of muscles while another finger played with my clit. I tickled and rubbed it, feeling the pleasure build. I didn’t hear anyone coming. There was just a sudden touch, long fingers around my slim ankle.

“Will? Is that you?”

“Baby, it ain’t Will, it’s Sid. You know me… don’t be scared.”

The truth was I was so scared I couldn’t even get a scream going. I thrashed and twisted on the bunk as he climbed over me. His hot body pressed against my thighs and belly. A hand closed over my mouth. I couldn’t close my legs because he’d positioned his dusky body between them.

“Mmmmnnnn!” I whimpered through his fingers.

“Now you ain’t racial prejudiced, are you? A black man’s cock is mighty fine thing for a little white girl to have in her pussy.” He laughed then and took his hand away from my mouth.

“Leave me alone,” I managed to mumble.

“Leave you alone! You in here playing with yourself… Yeah, I saw that! I saw your little white fingers stuck all up inside your cunt! I saw old Sid, he saw.”

He pushed his mouth down over one of my tits. The sudden heat of his tongue sucking ravenously at the silvery white flesh made my back arch.

“Like it, don’t you?”

I plunged my fingers into Sid’s nappy hair but couldn’t push him back. His teeth tickled and teased one nipple until it pushed out against his tongue.


“All my life I wanted a young white girl like you,” he growled.

His muscles tightened and I felt the breath being squeezed from my lungs. Then he grabbed my ankles. I didn’t know what he was trying to do. He was shoving my legs high, his own body squirming down between them. I felt his cock brush my soppy pussy-lips. He made me bend my knees and then hooked his broad shoulders under tern and rocked me even farther back on the narrow cot.

“Ohhh, what are you… Ouch!”

“I got a big black cock, pretty thing. I wouldn’t want it to miss that honey-hole of yours!”

“You’d better let me go…” I was afraid that this black man’s prick would be even bigger than Will’s. I’d heard stories about black men. I was so frantic that I thrust hands down under his belly and grabbed the dusky cock that kept flopping against my thighs. Thank God it wasn’t too huge. Not as big as Will’s, but plenty big. And so hot!

“I could scream!” I warned him.

“You could.” His smile glinted in the dim light of the cabin. “But maybe you won’t want to when you feel what I got for you!”

He slowly dragged the taut head of his cock over my clit, then pushed it back again. I tried hard to straighten my legs, but they were draped over his shoulders and arms. My butt danced from side to side under him. His heavy balls bumped the plump underside of my ass.

“I can’t fuck. I’m too small!”

“You mean to tell me you ain’t fucked Will yet?”

“Just a little… it wouldn’t fit!” I reddened.

Ills cock made a sucking noise as it pressed between the hot, fat lips of my pussy and dug slickness from the deepest part of my gash. I knew his prick was sliding in closer and closer to my hole. The muscles around that vulnerable spot tightened convulsively. I pushed at his shoulders and threw my head from one side to the other.

“Easy, you sweet little filly!”

“Nooo… I don’t want you to!”

“You’ll change your mind… after I get my cock in you!”


“Hold still… there… don’t be bucking around so much!”

“Ohhh… I feel you… don’t… don’t!”

His hot cock-tip was settling into the dainty hollow of pink cunt-flesh. My juices flooded out to thoroughly soak the invading barb with my cunt’s natural lubrication. Why was a cunt so slick, even when you didn’t want it to be? I wiggled and bucked and shoved at him with both hands. But with my knees bent over his shoulders like that I couldn’t get much leverage.

“Ohhhhhh… nooo… it’s going in!”

“Sure it’s going in… and it’s hot and tight, too. Jesus Christ, it’s hot!”

Sid straightened his body so he could grab one of my feet and shove it against his mouth. I knew he didn’t realize how my feet were. It was my secret, but it wouldn’t be for long.

“Please… not my foot!”

Sid pushed his hips forward and I felt the smooth barb forcing my ring of cunt muscles apart. The steamy slickness of my pussy oozed out over his dick. He licked the place between two toes. I shuddered all over and my nipples swelled out as far as they would go.

“Something with your feet, huh?”

Bid sucked my littlest piggy between his teeth and started nibbling. I went crazy. I flopped my shoulders on the bed wildly, my dark hair flying.

“Nuuuuuunnnn! Ohhhhmmm!”

“Damn if you ain’t got sensitive feet. Look at you!”

Sid ran his tongue teasingly between my toes. He fucked each little spot with his tonguetip until the hot spit trickled down my sole.

“Nhhhuuuu! Nhhoooooo!”

“Oh, yeah, baby… now I can feel your cunt opening up. You can’t help yourself, can you?”

“Don’t… d-d-don’t!”

It was true. The more Sid licked and sucked my toes, the harder it was to resist his cock with my pussy. I stained to make the powerful, young cunt muscles work against his prick. I fought to tighten them against that stiff, thick pressure. But inch by inch he was slipping that swollen cock-head into the trembling, slick pinkness of my cunt. When I felt the circle of twat muscles slip behind that flared cock-crown, I knew I was fucked.


“Jee-sus… you’re… tight.”

He pressed his mouth against the bottom of my foot and began to lick hard. I twisted violently as the pleasure burned its way up my legs, up my body. The bunk squalled beneath us as every muscle in my body spasmed and jerked. I was flopping around like a fish on a hook — a dark, thick, hot hook between my thighs.

“How about four inches real fast?”

I didn’t have time to say no. Sid grabbed my writhing hips and brought his hips forward with a quick snap. The sensation of being penetrated was the most intense I’d ever felt in my life. I could feel the delicate walls of my pussy being raped wider, being rubbed by the flared ridge of his cock-tip.

He had both my feet now, kissing one, then biting the other. The muscles in my calves were hard as rocks as I tried to kick myself free from his caresses. But then another huge wave of pleasure weakened me and my toes fanned out as if they wanted more of the sucking and caressing.

“Now it’s time for fun,” Sid breathed. He was puffing his cock out of my cunt, before he’d even shoved it all the way in. I felt so strange. Like I was relieved and yet like my body had been robbed of something, too. I struggled to understand my emotions. But Sid’s activity took my attention. He had a rope. He made a turn and knotted it around one of my ankles, threw the other end under the narrow bunk. Before I had time to try to resist, he had the other ankle bound and pulled it so tight that both feet bent under the cot a little. I flopped down on my back again, gasping from the tension and roughness of the ropes on my skin. Sid caught my hands and tied them above my head, looping the rest of the rope to the iron frame. I couldn’t turn, couldn’t use my hands. And my feet were pulled half under the bunk. Without another word, Sid buried his face in the mushy, hot slickness that dribbled from my pussy.


“Yeah! Eating stuff. Gotta eat you up!”


Despite my tight bonds, I made the bunk springs squeal. I had only a few inches of movement with my hips and I used all of it trying to escape the devastating attack of Sid’s tongue on my cunt. He licked and teased my clit until pounding throbs of unbelievable pleasure stormed over my flesh. My thigh muscles cramped as he pointed his tongue and fucked my pussy with it.

“What do you want me to do now?” he said, my own pussy honey dripping from his chin. I felt my throat and mouth making the words.

“Fuck me! Ohhhh, God, please… fuck ME!”

I’d said it, alright. And when Sid positioned his big black body between my white thighs, I gasped with anticipation. Sure, I was afraid. I still didn’t know beans about fucking, but my body was begging for it I’d experienced something wonderful the night Chris had broken my cheery. And then when Will had let me crawl all over him, shoving that huge cock-head up against my swollen little cunt while I flopped and writhed and gasped.

“Here,” Sid laughed, making the knot loose on one of my wrists, “you put it in!”

“Ohhh, hurry… yesss!” I felt the rough rope slide loose and thrust the freed hand down between Sid’s black thighs. His cock fit my palm like it had been shaped for that. I worked the skin frantically as he pushed the slickened cock-head against my blossomed pussy-petals again.

“It’s so slippery. Ohhhh, it’s going in. It’s going in!”

“Yeah, baby… mother-fucker… it’s going in!”

My cunt was really hot and swollen and slick by now. His cock stabbed into my fevered pussy as easily as one of my own fingers had earlier. I felt it stretching my hole, going deep. I felt the pounding tip rub the knotted hardness of my womb’s beginning and then Sid started rocking his body gently, the base of his cock rubbing my clit in a way that made me coo with passion.

The ropes that held my ankles under the bed creaked as I put pressure against them.

“I think you like being tied up,” Sid whispered. “It makes you hot quicker than anything.”

“Nhhuu. Ohhh, this feels so weird. So good!”

“Slow fucking… that’s nice, ain’t it?” Sid pulled his cock out of my cunt teasingly, let the pulsing cock-head rest there in the gentle squeeze of my outer pussy-lips.

“Ohh, God, put it in again! Ohhhh, please hurry up!”

“Kiss me with your pussy.”

“I can’t!”

“Sure you can. Try.”

I concentrated, pinched my eyes down hard as I tried to make my cunt work. I didn’t know a girl could do that much with those soft, plump swells that were fringed with dark curls. But then I felt my cunt-lips tighten gently against the flared ridge of Sid’s dusky cock. I sucked at his dick with my velvet pink labes, made them clasp and release, squeeze and let go. The slack look on Sid’s face told me I was doing it right.

“Baby… yeah!”

“It feels good?”


He slipped his long fingers under the plumpness of my ass. I knew he was getting ready to ram deep into my fuck-hole again and I let my cunt muscles relax and closed my eyes. Spit drooled from the corner of my mouth. And then that stiff, black prick speared me to the hilt!

“Ghuuuuuuu!” I squealed, thrashing my hips around pretty hard even though my ankles were still tied together under the bunk.

A knife snapped out. I didn’t know where it’d come from, but it was in Sid’s hand. He reached under the bed and I felt him sawing on the rope.

“Gonna cut you loose, you wild mare, you!”

I couldn’t even make words any more. As the ropes went loose, I threw my ankles up high, trapped them around Sid’s dark back. I locked them tight and squeezed as he plunged his glossy dick in and out of my fuck-hole. The pink pussy-petals sucked around the firm shaft as it slid back and I made my butt bump up and down on the bed as I tightened my cunt.

My other hand was free now, too, and I clung to Sid’s body, my nails digging in to his dark flesh a little as he fucked me hard.

“Ohhh, good. I like it. I gotta have it. Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck me!”

“Honey, that’s just what I’m gonna do!”

My poor little pussy was sure getting broken in now. I’d protected it for eighteen years almost, but it would never be the same. Chris had started nay cunt on its way, then just the head of Will’s big prick had stretched it a little more. But now Sid was doing it like it had never been done before. He was stretching my sloppy young hole in a way I knew would make fucking all that much better in the future. Getting fucked wouldn’t hurt so much next time, and even Jess after that. I felt silly now about being so damned reluctant to screw all those years. I’d never realized what the rubbing, hot meat of a man could do to a girl.

“Kiss me, baby!” Sid said.

I opened my mouth against his and let him eat at my tongue as he held my ass-cheeks firmly in his palms and drove into my cunt with quick, hard jabs. The air burst from my nostrils each time… tiny moans of pleasure as my pussy squeezed his cock.

“Nhhuu! Nhuuuuu! Ohhh, God! Ohhh, shit!”

“Gettin’ good, is it?”

“Ohhh, yessss. Soooo good. Too good. I’m going crazy!”

“Well, just go crazy then. Go crazy!”

My slim butt pranced and wiggled on the bunk. When Sid pulled his big cock almost out of me, I bobbed and made tight circles with my pussy, swathing his bulging knob with my hot cunt butter. The slickness dripped down the throbbing shaft and wet the blanket under me. And then I felt the familiar shudders of pure ecstasy. They built from the tiniest tickles but soon became raging storms of pleasure that threatened to make me faint. I babbled into Sid’s small, dark ear as he fucked furiously into my adolescent hole. The sound of our fucking pushed me over the line. That was the way it was happening now… smells, touch, sounds… All went together to heighten my joy. I clutched his hard ass with both hands and dug my nails in. It was glorious to feel his plunging hips actually fuck me like that! Then he was grinding the hilt of his cock down against my clit, and I went off like a thunderclap.

“Whoooooo! Yesssss! Ohhhhhh, I’m commmmiiiinnnng!”

“Baby… God!”

Sid fucked so fast that I thought we’d slip off the bed. I had a passing jag of fear. He was going to shoot me full of cock-cream. But vaguely I told myself that it was okay. My time wasn’t right to get knocked up, was it? Who cared now?

“Honey… Sid… ohhh, fill me up. Give me your cum!”

“Here it comes, baby.”

And I felt his body lurch. He lurched again and growled against my neck as something hot and sticky began to crackle at the edges of my fuck-hole. He was jabbing me with hard fucks and each time his hips crashed against mine, I knew that another steamy squirt of jizz poured into my clasping hole.

“Ohhh, I feel it. Really, I do!”

“I feel it, too, you sweet white girl! Fuck, I feel it, too!”

His fingers strayed to my asshole and one rubbed across the knotted bang as he jabbed and screwed and fucked me full of this jizz. I was still coming, my mouth twisted in the lovely agony of that thrill.

“You better than that blonde,” Sid breathed, giving me one last fuck-thrust. The hot jizz leaked from my pussy and wet the bed. I ran my fingers down to feel around my poor little cunt. Sid’s cock was still rock-hard and I could feel that tube on the bottom pulsing as it forced the last few droplets of cum into the depths of my cunt.

“That pretty good?” Sid said, smiling. I smiled back and hugged his neck. I didn’t care what color he was or anything. A fuck was a fuck, and Sid could sure fuck!

“It was better than good, it was better than anything.” I closed my eyes.

And then things were happening fast. I heard Will call and Sid grabbed his clothes and left me. I heard a boat come alongside and there was muted conversations. I knew I was better off below decks. I didn’t want to see any faces I might recognize, and I was certain nobody wanted me to see them either. The boat shoved, off and I heard motors thrum into the night. Then Will started up our boat and I saw lights on shore change positions as he headed her back east. Jess came into the darkened cabin where I sat on the bed, still tingling with the fantastic fuck I’d just had.

“Hey, no hard feelings,” she said, sitting beside me.

I shrugged. “I guess not.”

“I was just taking pictures for those guys. I didn’t have anything to do with all that other crap.”

“I guess it doesn’t matter now.” I wasn’t really very comfortable with Jess. She fingered her blonde hair and kept glancing at me. She’d pulled on her shorts again. I felt naked. Because I was.

“I wish I had something to wear,” I told her, turning on the light.

“They let me bring over some stuff from the boat when Sid caught me,” Jess said, matter of fact. “You can have a bikini if it fits.” She looked at my small tits.

“At least I could use the bottom of it… and find another one of Will’s T-shirts.” I picked up the one I’d had on through the night. It was cum-smeared and stiff where the sap of two different men was still drying.

Jess got the bottom of the bikini she’d promised and I put it on and went to Will’s cabin to dig for another T-shirt. I found it, one that fit me better than the first. I brushed my hair and took a look at the image I presented. Not bad for a girl who’d just had the hell fucked out of her.

“You ever thought about turning a trick?” Jess asked. It hit me right out of the blue. I stood there with my mouth open, unable to think of a single thing to say.

“Of course not!”

She shrugged, pouted. “Too bad. You could make a million with that body. Guys like their pussy young nowadays,” she sighed. “Even younger than me.”

Tess didn’t look very old to me. Not much more than twenty-five or so.

“I couldn’t do anything like that.”

“You just fuck for free, right?”

Her comment had certainly put me off balance. I tried to think of a reply but couldn’t. She had a point. I still didn’t intend to charge money to let a man enjoy my body. But if doing that was wrong, wasn’t fucking for free just as wrong? Or as Jess had implied, maybe there wasn’t anything wrong with doing it either way.

“Yeah,” I said finally, “I guess I fuck for free.” We exchanged a smile and I felt a bond between us. We didn’t have anything much in common, but there was an unspoken sisterhood. Both of us were females and pretty. There’d be many more men in my life. Maybe if I could keep my head on my shoulders, they wouldn’t make a mess of me.

When I went up to the wheelhouse, Will was coming in fast on some shore lights.

“Looks like I’m going to have to drop you here,” he said, glancing at my legs in the light from the instruments. “I’ll take a rain check on that little favor you owe me.”

I swallowed hard. In a way I was glad I wouldn’t have to put my mouth on his cock. Will had been terrific to me, he’d gotten me out of my jam and everything. But I didn’t think I was ready for cock-sucking… not quite yet. Especially when it was a cock as big as Will’s was. He shoved the leather briefcase to me with his foot.

“Don’t forget to take these,” he laughed. “You can show ’em to your grandchildren when you it old and gray.”

He put the bow of the boat up against the pilings and helped me ashore while Sid held, the hawser. Will’s big hand was warm at the small of my back.

“Take care, sweet thing,” he said, kissing my lips lightly. I hugged the briefcase to my side and kissed him back.

“Thanks for everything, Will,” I whispered and ten blushed. Everything had been quite a lot after all, hadn’t it?

It was almost dawn. I walked up the dock towards the lights of an all-night gas station. Within an hour I was in a cab, heading back towards the Sand Palace Hotel.


No one in the hotel lobby paid me any mind. I picked up a card from my father at the desk. He was to arrive that afternoon and then we’d fly back home. I felt a wave of relief. I’d gotten back just under the wire. I lugged the briefcase to the elevators and waited for one to come. I was free, it was as if nothing had ever happened to me. But — oh, God — a lot sure had! In fact the first thing I wanted to do was to look at those photographs in the privacy of my room. I’d had a couple of opportunities to get rid of them, to destroy them. But something had made me pause. I couldn’t resist having one last peek.

The elevator came. I wasn’t paying any attention to the operator until we were almost to my floor. Then I saw the way he was leering at my bare legs. I grasped the briefcase tighter and got out. I had just turned the key in the lock when I heard the footsteps, felt the hand cover my mouth.

“Inside and don’t make a sound!”

He pushed me into the room and closed the door and locked it. I backed into a chair, still clutching the briefcase. I had a feeling I knew what this one was up to.

“Chris and Scott told me that if I asked you politely, you’d give me that briefcase.” He stood, legs apart, pounding a fist into his palm. “If you don’t give it to me, I’m supposed to forget about being polite.”

I shook my head. Why hadn’t I burned everything in it when I’d had the chance? This guy looked mean. He was broad through the shoulders, young, good-looking. He had light-brown hair curling over his ears and a tattoo on his wrist. He took off his uniform jacket and tossed it over the back of the sofa.

“Gimmee,” he ordered, coming at me.

“You go to hell!”

A thousand things streaked through my mind. I guess I was trying to remember everything I’d learned the past few days. There had to be a way to outsmart this.

“Maybe we could make a trade,” I breathed, fluttering my lashes just enough to sidetrack his thoughts. I stood up, pushed the briefcase into the chair behind. “See, I’m kinda… horny.”

I reddened from the neck up. I didn’t have to act. I was embarrassed at my come-on. But I could see it was working.


“A girl gets lonely when she’s on vacation with her father. I mean, I can’t swing like I really like to in a hotel. Everybody is so… busy.”

I put a hand on his shirt. Slowly, ever so slowly, I let my other hand sneak down his belly, down over his hip. And then I felt it, felt the rigid, swollen meat that was shoving out the front of his slacks.

The bellhop’s breathing changed. He swallowed, swallowed again. I let my fingernails scratch along the material that covered his cock-head. Then shyly I pinched the zipper and began to inch it down. He put his hands around my waist and pulled me close.

“Do you know what’s in that briefcase?” I asked, letting my chin touch his cheek.

“Nope. The just gave me a chunk of money to get it…” He grabbed my shoulders roughly and shoved me back. “Hey, how come all the questions? You’d better let me have that.”

“Wait!” I said.

I had his zipper all the way down now. My small hand fit easily inside his pants. I stretched the elastic of his underwear down and circled my fingers around the shaft. His cock was hot and stiff and trying to get stiffer. I straightened the damp cock and pulled it out of his clothing. Then slowly I began to jack his rod.

“Would you like to see what’s really in that briefcase?” I whispered, letting my lashes devastate his resistance. “It’s something you’d never believe.”

“I’m just supposed to get the briefcase…” His eyes flicked. He was having a hard time regulating his breathing. I squeezed just behind the head of his cock. He sucked a lungful of air and his knees almost went.

“You’d better sit down,” I told him, easing him over to the chair. He slumped down in it, breathing hard. I got off his shoes and socks and then worked his pants down. He was staring at the briefcase.

“Go ahead,” I said, “look inside.”

I watched the guy find the packet of photographs and slip off the rubber band. Then his eyes almost bugged out of his head. I knew there was one of me getting fucked and getting my cunt eaten and one of me sucking Chris’ cock. There was plenty!

I was on my knees between his spread legs. He put each photo neatly on the arm of the chair as he finished with it. When he got to the last one, I licked my lips and looked at the dark head of his cock. It was the prettiest cock I’d seen so far, and I hadn’t seen all that many. But it wasn’t too big like Will’s, or too blunt like Scott’s. I bobbed my head down and wet the dry, taut knob with my lips and tongue. Then I looked at him and licked my lips.

“I can do what I did in those pictures. But you want to take a girl’s private photo gallery away from her.” I pouted and let go of his cock. It jumped there at his crotch, hungry for more touches from my mouth.

“Maybe we can work some deal,” the guy said. “Maybe I’ll only take them some of the photos.”

I shook my head hard. “I keep them all.” I pushed my tongue out as far as it would go, teased it under the bulging tip of his prick and then took it away. “I keep them all, or you don’t have any fun at all.”

“Jesus…” He rubbed his face, pushed his hips up from the chair cushion. “You can keep ’em all. Just… do that again!”

He pulled my T-shirt off over my head and started to rub my small, hard tits. By now I was just as excited as he was. I don’t know why I put my arms behind my back and clutched my wrists. Maybe because that was what had happened when I’d first been forced to take part in all those carnal acts. That feeling of helplessness had become a habit. I was even pretending that I was being forced this time, though the poor guy was really at my mercy.

“Jesus, baby! Oh, God, can you suck cock!”

He grabbed my wrists where I had them behind my back. He grabbed them and gently pulled me forward, pushed me back. A steamy rush of juice flooded out of nay pussy. Yes, that was what I liked. My arms behind my back, the full, thick heat of a man’s prick in my mouth. It was like knowing myself for the first time. Knowing the real me!

“Mmmmmmm!” I murmured, flicking my tongue across the tender ridge of his cock as the guy rocked my body back and forth. That big cock went into my throat and then back to my lips. The sucking, slick noises in my nose made us both shudder.

“My… name’s… Jim…” he managed to get out. I took my mouth away from his throbbing cock and licked my lips. Our eyes met.

“I’m Robyn… but I guess you knew that already.” He seemed nice, now that we were like this. “And Jimmy…”


“I like your suck your cock!”

The words coming from my lips excited and shocked me. I knew I was blushing because Jimmy smiled and touched the side of my face. Then my aching pussy sent a tingling burn of pleasure though my belly and thighs. I squeezed my cunt muscles rhythmically as Jimmy pulled me forward again and the flared crown pulsed against my tonsils. His belly heaved.

“Yeah… yeah!”

“Ohhhhhmmmmmmm!” I whimpered, mouth too full to talk. And then the thick cock-sap was bubbling into my mouth and I was gulping it down and straddling one of Jimmy’s legs, squirming my blossomed pussy down around it, rubbing my cunt until the jolting thrills made me squeal.

Jimmy rolled me over, pushed me down on my belly on the rug. His cock was still dripping cream. I felt the hot splats on my ass as he shoved my knees apart and bent over me. Then he was fitting the exploding cock-head between my feverish outer labes and I curved my back sharply to make it easier. The spurting prick slid up into my young cunt as he fucked like he’d never fuck again. It took only seconds for my hungry pussy-petals to now swollen with excitement. And then I, too, was coming! Flopping and moaning on the rug of the hotel room while a muscular stranger speared and stabbed and filled my eager cunt with cock.

“I didn’t really want to steal those pictures in the first place,” Jimmy gasped, kissing the nape of my neck as he shot home his hot jizz.

“Who… needs… pictures? Ohhhhhhhhhh!”

I dug my fingers into the rug and drooled as my pounding senses exploded in the white light of final pleasure. I could hardly wait to get back to my old home town and turn on some of the boys I’d only teased before.

“Ohhhh, fuck! I’m gonna come again! Ohhhh, shit!”

And I did came again. And again…

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