X-Rated Beverly Hills

Mrs. Walsh opened the door and was shocked and very happy to see
her daughter’s boyfriend. Brenda was out, but she invited him in
any way. Always happy to see his young handsome face around the
house, she brought him into the kitchen and began talking to him,
neglecting to mention Brenda was probably gone for the afternoon.
So was her husband and son. All were off doing other things,
leaving poor Mrs. Walsh home alone to fend for herself. She had
been doing just that too. She had been doing luandry when she
accidently bumped against the washing machine. Remembering times
past, she began masturbating on the machine in minutes. Her shorts
were around her ankles, panties askew, fingers working their magic
when the doorbell rang.
Reluctantly she climbed off the washing machine, zipped up and went
to the door. Five minutes later she was sort of happy she had.
Dylan had jogged over to the house and he was wearing a tight
t-shirt and short thigh hugging shorts. Mrs. Walsh had never found
his body very appealing, always wondering what her daughter saw in
the boy, but with a sheen of sweat and a tight pair of drawers, she
could see what got Brenda going. It was getting her going too.
Soon she was locked in the dilema of talking to the boy for hours or
finding a way to get him out the door so she could masturbate about
his young body. She felt a bit perverted thinking of her daughter’s
boyfriend that way, but she had fantasized numerous times about her
son’s friends.
“Mrs. Walsh, I’m really sweaty, is there any chance I can borrow
your shower. I don’t want to stink up your house.”
Her heart leapt at the thought of the boy naked in her house. why
shower, she wondered. She liked the way he smelled right then and
there. But she also liked the idea of letting him use the shower
though because while his shower was going, she could entertain
herself. She led him to Brenda’s room, telling him to use her
shower. She returned to the bathroom with towels, hoping to cathc
him shirtless and he was. Unlike her husband, his body was still
very firm and almost hairless. Mrs. Walsh felt a warmness in her
loins and she hurriedly excused herself, beelining for her room
where her shorts and undies fell and her fingers played their magic.
After her orgasm she passed by the room, noting that the shower was
not running anymore. She suddenly realized the poor boy had no
clothes to change into. Although his running around naked was a
fine idea from her point of view, a seventeen year old naked would
get her in major trouble. She grabbed some clothing from her son’s
room and knocked on her daughter’s door. There was no answer,
figuring he would have the bathroom door closed, she opened the door
and stepped into the room.
He didn’t have the bathroom door closed and Mrs. Walsh saw more of
Dylan than she had expected. He was standing over the toilet buck
naked, his right hand jacking himself off. With the door open she
could hear his moaning and the music coming from Brenda’s stereo.
He had been so into what he was doing, he hadn’t heard.
She stood aghast, mouth open, her free hand dropping to her still
moist crotch. He was so into what he was doing, his teeth were
bared and he had bent slightly at the knees, his hand moving more
quickly. The phone rang and Mrs. Walsh let out a yelp of surprise.
Dylan twisted suddenly, his hand in midrub, his face registering
shock and shame. The clothes in her hand fell and she looked from
him to the phone and back again. Dylan stepped away from the
toilet, his hand still wrapped around his tool. On the fourth ring
the machine downstairs picked up the line and the two stood still in
“I’m sorry, Mrs. Walsh. I don’t know-” he began to say but she
moved forward, crossing into the bathroom and kneeling down before
him. Pushing his hand aside, Mrs. Walsh rubbed her hand up the
length of his long stiff penis. Her lips formed and oh and she
tongued the pre-come, loving the taste. She hadn’t given head since
her husband’s birthday five months before but within in moments she
was back at it.
Dylan groaned his approval and leaned his head back, loving the
sensation of Mrs. Walsh mouth sucking his dick. He was so turned on
it was unbelievable. The pit of his stomach was beginning to hurt
as his orgasm neared. He couldn’t believe his girlfriend’s mother
was blowing him or that it was so much better. Unable to control
himself anymore he warned of his climax but she kept sucking his
dick. That turned him on more considering her daughter always
pulled away, making him shoot it in the air. He pumped his load
into her mouth, spraying the back of her throat.
Mrs. Walsh swallowed every drop, knowing it turned guys on. She
didn’t like the taste much but from her years she had learned guys
like to get off in women’s mouthes. Upon finishing his orgasm, she
continued tweaking his dick, wringing out more come. She even went
so far as to pull it from her mouth and rub him off more with her
long thin hands, licking off the residual come for him to see.
Leaning back on the carpeted floor, Mrs. Walsh undid her belt and
Dylan obiediently dropped between her legs. without a word, he
pulled her shorts and panties off, noticing the wetness and thinking
the blow job had caused it. His mouth went to her bush, slurping at
her vertical smile. Mrs. Walsh groaned her approval and began
playing with her own breasts as Dylan sucked her pussy. She hadn’t
been eaten out in years and he brought her to climax quickly and
easily a few times.
By the time Dylan finished eating her out, Mrs. Walsh’s top was off
and her bra was askew. Dylan moved up her form, stopping to suckle
her breasts. As he did, he felt. Mrs. Walsh’s hands begin jerking
his penis. Five more minutes and he was again rock hard, dying to
fuck Mrs. Walsh’s dripping cunt.
With a solid shove he was in her and their bodies were one. Unlike
Brenda, Mrs. Walsh was not a loud fuck and that left Dylan to do
most of the grunting as he manhandled his long tool deep into her.
Her jerking body and kneeding hands kept him going, while her long
thin legs, ankles crossed, pushed him on. He finally came,
depositing his seed in her with one mighty scream. He collapsed
onto her body, their sweat comingling as they panted.
Feeling a bit ashamed, she crawled out from under him and showered
in her own room. When she stepped out, he was standing there,
offering to towel her off. Declining the invitation, she wiped off
her body and wrapped the towel around herself, confusing Dylan with
her sudden bashfulness. She passed him, mentioning they should get
dressed because Brenda could be home soon.
She bent to retrieve her shirt and felt his hand pat her exposed
snatch. Mrs. Walsh unintentionally moaned. Straigthening up, she
looked back to see him standing behind her, his hand still between
her legs. With his free hand he tugged her towel down. The cool
air caused her nipples to harden more. Dylan slid to his knees, his
lips kissing her tiny ass. Still rubbing her moist pussy with one
hand, he used the other to seperate her ass cheeks, his tongue
probing her rear. Mrs. Walsh groaned again, loving the sensation.
She hadn’t received a rim job since college. He tongued her asshole
for awhile, while his fingers tickled her clit. She came long and
Before realizing it, she bent at the waist and demanded, “Fuck me
from behind.”
Dylan was shocked by her language and by the suggestion. Standing
up, he grasped her thighs and pushed his hard-on into her slick
trench. She grunted loudly, as his tool slid into her. She was so
well lubricated that he quickly found a fast rythm, and their bodies
crashed together.
“Wait a second,” she demanded, straightening up and forcing him to
bend his knees. His cock slipped from her dripping bush, but he
held fast to her hips. Clutching her, his lips kissing her neck,
Mrs. Walsh could feel Dylan’s manhood trapped against her ass
cheeks. It felt like a thick pulsating pipe. His hands slid around
her body, roughly squeezing her breasts, while he rubbed himself
against her. “Let’s take this to the bed.”
Releasing her, Dylan followed Mrs. Walsh to the bed. They climbed
onto the bed together, Dylan’s body draping over hers. He guided
himself back into her from behind, Mrs. Walsh moaning her approval.
Kissing her back as he rocked his pelvis into her, Dylan thought he
was going to spooge any instant. Brenda had never done it standing
up with him and only once had he spooned her like this. Grabbing
Mrs. Walsh’s thigh, he rocked to his side some and she followed
suit, keeping him in her. He glanced up at the floor to ceiling
mirror across from the bed. Mrs. Walsh’s teeth were bared and her
body was covered in a sheen of sweat. As he thrust and she matched
him, her small breasts jiggled wildly.
“Slow down,” she commanded, “I don’t want you to come too fast.”
He did as she ordered, slowing to the point that he was barely
moving his prick in her box. Wrapping his hand around one of her
breasts, he tweaked her nipples, while kissing her neck and ear.
Soon even that was too much and Dylan found himself increasing the
tempo to the point that the king size bed shook mightily. Her moans
began to become audible and he joined, the two keening loudly. With
a huge grunt, he deposited his third load of that day.

Mr. Walsh hated having to pick the girls up from pep squad.
Especially on Saturday afternoons when he prefered to be out golfing
with his buddies. But he promised his wife he would do it, so here
he was back after only nine holes. It was even more annoying
because Brenda was old enough to drive but due to some recent heavy
partying they had taken her license away – Cindy’s decision, not
Waiting in front of the school was Brenda, his daughter, and her
friend Donna. Mr. Walsh noted that girls today dressed quite a bit
more snuggly than they had when he was young. Both of them were
wearing form-fitting tops and very high shorts. He pulled up to the
curb and Brenda came around to his side, tapping on the window.
“Hi dad,” she said. “I’m gonna stick around and help Kelly with a
yearbook project, if that’s okay.”
“Bren, why didn’t you call my cell phone,” he complained.
“I did, the operator said it was off.”
Mr. Walsh glanced at the phone and noticed it was in fact
unplugged. “True. Kelly will drive you home?”
“Yeah. Can you take Donna home, though?”
“Sure,” he said reluctantly and his daughter signalled for her
friend to get in the car. The passenger door opened and Mr. Walsh
caught sight of the young girl’s long muscular leg. It looked so
much smoother and firmer than Cindy’s did. Like hers had in
college. Donna said hello and he nodded.
“You’re the best, dad,” Brenda said, kissing his cheek and rushing
away. He yelled good-bye and she waved back.
As they pulled away from the curb, Mr. Walsh decided to make small
talk, even though he knew the girl was not that quick. They talked
for awhile as he drove, his eyes roving to her occasionally. “How
was pep squad?”
“Great, we learned an incrediible new cheer.”
“Really,” he answered, unconcerned.
“It goes like this,” Donna said, before breaking into her routine.
Mr. Walsh noticed all the movment and glanced over. “Here I’ll do
it again cause you weren’t watching,” she said.
Mr. Walsh watched more closely, his eyes transifixed on the girls
firm bosom as it shook wildly. God, he wanted to touch them so
badly. Cindy was so small and this girl was nothing huge but in
comparison. “Look out, Mr. Walsh!”
He looked back to the road, having been distracted by the girl’s
undulations. An older couple was crossing a residential street in
front of his car. He slammed on the brakes, his right arm flying
out instinctively to protect his occupant. The car skidded to a
halt safely away from the couple and Donna fell right into his open
palm. She had taken off her seatbelt to do the cheer. He glanced
over, pulling his hand back quickly, though not wanting to release
the girl’s solid tit.
They’re implants he thought, as he apologized.
“That’s okay,” Donna said. She looked at him more closely as they
started moving again. “You’ve got strong hands. My boyfriend,
David, is kind of weak, his hands are small and soft. Your’s
She took his hand in hers, her tiny fingers fondling his palm. Mr.
Walsh felt a sudden rush in his lower abdomen. “Very strong hands,”
she repeated, dropping his hand onto her smooth thigh.
“How are you and David,” Mr. Walsh asked, his hand slowly rubbing
her leg. She put it there, he thought.
“Okay. He’s just seeming so juvenile. He doesn’t do special
things for me anymore.”
“I know how that goes, Cindy doesn’t either,” he said, his hand
having slid to her inner thigh, his erection growing. He glanced
down, noting it was obvious.
“Things like what,” she asked, parting her legs some.
Mr. Walsh took the cue, pushing in. “Things with her mouth.”
“The same with, David,” she commented as he pulled into her long
driveway. He stopped in front of her house, the car hidden from
street view.
“Maybe we can do those things for them,” he suggested. “Some time
Donna responded by leaning over and unzipping Mr. Walsh’s pants.
Her hands easily freed his straining erection and she stated, “It’s
so much bigger than his.”
“Huh,” he said simply, his spine tingling as her small soft hands
traveled the length of his cock. As he thick lips descended on his
dick he remembered something, “What about your parents?”
“Gone for the weekend,” she said before licking the come off the
tip of his head. Minutes lated the little blonde head was bobbing
up and down on his stiff piece of flesh. Mr. Walsh mumbled his
approval, his head realing backward as she sucked him like a pro.
The girl was a human vacuum. She would occasionally pull away,
saliva still conecting her lips to his throbbing member, and her
hands would rock his dick. Other times she stop and just milk his
head with her lips and tongue.
Responding, he pulled her tight shirt forward, noting she wasn’t
wearing a bra. Running his right hand around her thin soft frame,
he fondled her large breasts. Donna groaned, as his thumbs played
with her erect nipples. Just feeling the weight and texture of her
soft young skin did it for him. “I’m coming.”
She yanked her face away and her hands wrapped around his jerking
dick. White goo flew from him in agonizingly long hard streaks. He
moaned loudly as the come sprayed up and landed on his steering
wheel, and some hit his golf shirt. Most ended up pooling around
her hand and on his pants though. When he was through, she pulled
her hand away, licking it.
Mr. Walsh looked at Donna approvingly. Her short blonde hair was
disheveled and her top was up to her armpits, firm implants sticking
out, nipples erect. She was on her knees in the BMW. She grinned
wildly at him.
“Look at this mess,” he said. Yanking off her shirt, she wiped the
steering wheel and dashboard. Without thinking he began rubbing her
hard tits, his mouth falling to the nipples. Donna cooed her
approval falling back onto her side, him on top, suckling. Finally
she pushed him back suggesting they go inside.
“Why not out here,” he asked, his heart lusting to lick every
portion of her body.
“We can throw your pants in the wash machine. Sorry I don’t
“It’s okay,” he said, opening the door and climbing out. He
noticed how she leapt from the car topless and ran to the door. If
anyone saw her in that jaunt they got a treat he thought.

Brandon glanced around David’s room wondering what was so important
he had to come over right after work. David came back from the
bathroom grinning. “You’re not going to believe this.”
“What, man.”
David pulled a videotape from under his bed. “Remember how Kelly
was seeing Reid Thorton?”
“Yeah about a month ago, why?”
“Well, what I’ve got here is compliments of Steve.” “So, what is
“Check this out,” David said, giddily as he pushed the tape into
his VCR, pressing play. “About a month and a half ago Kelly and
Reid went a frat party and got blitzed when they got back they Steve
came over and they drank it up. He never got bombed though. They
did. Here it is.”
“Is this going to be people puking?”
“Much better.”
On the screen, it was obvious someone had placed a videocamera on a
tripod is someone’s room. Brandon guessed Reid’s. Kelly and Reid
were laying on the bed drinking. Steve, a hulking blond, joined
them. They began talking about looks and Kelly mentioned that she
thought her breasts were too small.
“No way,” Steve said.
“Yes. They’re average,” Kelly complained, sticking her chest out,
before downing more beer.
“I like them just fine,” Reid said, his hand squeezing her chest.
Kelly giggled, “No. I think I need implants like Donna’s.”
“I’ve seen Donna’s before, let me see yours,” Steve suggested.
Kelly leaned forward and asked them to undo her dress. Reid zipped
it down and the velvet fell, revealing her brassiered chest.
“They look nice,” Steve said, pulling her bra strap down. Reid did
the same on the other side. Pulling the cups down too, Kelly’s c
cups tits were fully exposed. “I’d say they’re real nice.”
“Think so,” Kelly asked, as the two men fondled her chest.
“No shit,” Brandon said, tugging at his stiffening pants. “I can’t
believe you’ve got video of Kelly topless.”
“It gets better,” David said with glee.
Reid began to suckle her chest and Steve concerned himself with
just rubbing her breast. Kelly leaned back on the bed, moaning how
good it felt. “Keep sucking my titties.”
Steve tongued the breast in his hand and Kelly moaned more, running
her hand over his head. Reid sat up and began to pull her dress
down. “Kelly lift you ass up, baby.”
She did as he said, inquiring, “Are you taking my clothes off?”
“Yes we are,” Steve said.
“But you’re in the room, Steve.”
“That’s okay, Kelly,” he said as he pushed her panties down. “I’m
going to make love to you too.”
“You are,” she said, as Reid finished hauling her underpants off
her legs. Her blonde bush was in plain view of the camera.
“I’m going first though, baby,” Reid told her as he opened his
pants, releasing his dick. Steve climbed off the bed and
disappeared. The camera suddenly zoomed in as Reid began to fuck
Kelly, his dick pistoning in and out of her pussy. After awhile
Steve apeared in the shot, naked. His big erection stuck out in
front of him and he asked Reid to move aside. Taking his turn with
her, Kelly became more vocal, yelling out, “Oh yes, Steve fuck me
with your big hard-on. Oh, that dick feels good baby. Keep
Brandon watched amazed. His hard-on was unbelievable. On the
screen, Reid resumed fucking her and Steve, straddled her head,
asking for a blow job. She refused at first but further pressuring
led to Kelly tilting her head and sucking his dick.
Brandon glanced at David who was fiddling with his pants. His
friend pulled out his erect pecker, rubbing it absentmindedly as he
watched the show unfold. The two guys on screen changed positions.
David reached under his bed and withdrew hand lotion. Squirting
some on his hand he remarked, “I love this part.”
On the screen, Kelly was grinding her pelvis forward, legs splayed,
as her boyfriend rubbed his dick on her face. Steve was busy
driving his dick into her sopped snatch. He yanked it out suddenly
and she complained, “Keep going. I want that huge dick in me.”
“No way, Kelly,” Steve said, rubbing himself. He grunted and his
dick began to discharge copious amounts of goo. The blasts landed
on her pubes and stomach and chest. Wrapping her hands around his
dick, Kelly worked him off by hand.
“Come all over me. Keep going. Oh, yes. Yes.”
Her boyfriend, Reid, wanking himself beside her suddenly yelled
out. His smaller dick splashed jism across her chest. Still
working himself, he turned to her face, letting his sperm fall
across Kelly’s face and open mouth.
Taking a cue from David, Brandon produced his rod. Spitting in
his hand he began jacking off too. His friend seeing the production
of the his dick, leaned over with a handful of lotion and slapped
his fist around Brandon’s dick. Brandon was too shocked to say
anything, but the increased rigidity in his member told him it was
okay. David continued working himself while also jerking off
Brandon’s longer, thin cock.
On the screen, Steve had begun to suck Kelly’s cunt, while her
boyfriend, rubbed his own juice into her breasts. Kelly suggested
they switch positions. Which they did. Twisting over, she took
more of Steve’s dick into her mouth, while her boyfriend, began
fingerbanging her from the side,
Steve muttered, “Oh yeah, that’s right suck my dick.”
Suddenly David slid to the floor and wrapped his mouth around
Brandon’s erection. He couldn’t believe what was happening on the
TV or in the room. The blow job felt sensational, even though he
was bewildered as to how or why he ended up in such a predicament.
David somehow found a way to cram all of Brandon’s thin eight inch
rod into his mouth. Brandon’s previous girlfriends had trouble with
it, but Dave was going at his dick like a pro.
On the screen Kelly had turned around and was getting balled from
behind by Steve as she sucked her boyfriend’s third leg. She
stopped though, her body still jiggling as Steve fucked her,
glancing back she said, “What have you got in my ass?”
“My finger,” Steve said, “You know you want it there.”
“I do,” she said, returning to suck her boyfriend, who played with
her rocking breasts.
Brandon reached down, slowing the blow. He could feel the
tightness building in his gut and he didn’t want it to end so fast.
David took the cue, pulling away and licking up and down his shaft.
He began licking his balls even and pushed at Brandon’s chest,
telling him to lean back. Yanking off his friends jeans, David went
back to sucking his dick, while a free hand rubbed under Brandon’s
On the screen, Steve pulled away from Kelly and sprawled back on
the bed. “Get on my dick, Kelly. There we go, Kel.”
She turned around and settled onto him, his thick meat disappearing
into her stretched pussy. Reid closed in behind her, standing over
the slowly fucking couple. Dropping down he rubbed his rod up her
ass cheeks.
Brandon realized what might be happening and he felt himself
getting even tighter. His balls were clutching his body as the blow
sped up.
Reid slowly pushed himself into her and Kelly glanced back. “What
are you doing?”
“Filling both holes, baby.”
“It burns,” she complained as her boyfriend pushed in more.
“I know, baby,” he said, grunting as he pushed in more. “Oh shit,
you’re so tight here. I’ve wanted to fuck you like this since I met
“Oh, it burns. Oh, god it hurts. Please. Please. Oh fuck me.
Yes, yes, yes, shove it in there.”
“Ughhhh, so tight,” Reid groaned.
Kelly began to buck on the two dicks and Brandon felt himself
beginning to come. He couldn’t believe he was seeing Kelly getting
fucked in both holes at once. He couldn’t believe his best friend
was sucking him off. “I’m coming,” he moaned, clamping his hands
down on David’s head and pumping with his pelvis.
David didn’t struggle but instead swallowed the load, just as Reid
exclaimed he too was going. Brandon emptied himself in David’s
mouth and Reid in Kelly’s ass. David pulled away, wiping at his
mouth. Steve on screen, told Kelly to lean back and he took his
turn doing her anus, but with him on top.