Learning To Eat Cum

I had been going out with my girlfriend, Lynne, for a month. She was 5ft 8 with long blond hair and fantastically good looking. We hadn’t been into anything too kinky, sex in different positions, oral sex, etc…it was great, she was the best girlfriend I had ever had’.but I craved something more.
I had always fancied the idea of swallowing my own cum, I’m not gay, but the thought of my cum in my mouth turned me on.
But how could I suggest it, what would she think of me – ‘I want to eat my come ‘- is that ok with you?’ No, she would dump me straight away.
But I made a plan, if I went down on her, covered my mouth with her juices and then work my way up her body and kiss her and she tasted her own juices; perhaps she would do the same to me.
So, that evening I opened a bottle of champagne and when Lynne came home from work I suggested she put on some sexy clothes. ‘You horny?’ she asked – knowing I was by the look in my eyes.
5 minutes later she came downstairs in a tight white top and short black skirt. By the way her nipples pressed against her tee-shirt I could tell she was wearing no bra and as she reached the bottom stair she raised the bottom of her skirt to show she was wearing no knickers. My hard cock got harder.
We chatted briefly about the day but my mind was only on carrying out my plan. I didn’t want to rush her but the way she downed the first glass of champagne suggested she was as turned on as I was.
So, after pouring a second glass, I leant over and kissed her, our mouths opened and we tasted each others tongues. She started to un-button my shirt and I lifted her tee-shirt off her. Her 34C breasts looked fantastic and her nipples were red and hard; I moved my hands over them before taking them into my mouth; she moaned as I sucked and nibbled her tits. With my shirt removed she then squeezed my nipples and I gave out a cry of pleasure. She undid my trousers and took my briefs off to reveal my hard cock and she gave it a quick rub.
But it was time to eat her pussy; from her breasts I kissed my way down her body; anticipating me, she undid her skirt and it slipped to the floor, I looked at her fanny; she had a faint covering of dark brown pubic hair which contrasted with her long blond hair. I worked my way down through her hair and found her slit. She was wet and tasted wonderful. I licked up and down her love hole, pressing my tongue hard against her clitoris, making her moan again and she become wetter. I licked her slit again, covering my mouth with her juices.
It was time to see whether she liked the taste of herself; and if so what that would lead to.
I looked up at her and said ‘You taste great, do you want to taste yourself?’ she nodded and opened her mouth for me to stick my tongue in. She hungrily sucked my tongue and all round my lips; she was enjoying the taste of her juices and my cock grew even harder.
‘Wow, that’s so horny you liking you fanny juices’ I said.
‘If it turns you on I don’t mind doing what you want. And as you have made me taste my fanny perhaps I should make you taste your cock’. She saw my cock twitch which answered her question. She kissed me again on the lips and moved down my body and took my cock in her mouth, she ran her tongue over the head and moved it over her lips. She looked at me; ‘Do you want to taste yourself?’ This time I nodded and she moved her lips against mine; I smelt and tasted my musky aroma, and lapped hungrily at her mouth. ‘You do like your cock’ she said ‘how sexy’; and with that Lynne went down on me again, repeating what she had done a moment earlier and once again returned to my mouth for me to taste.
She now had her sexy look in her eyes; ‘So, you’ve tasted your cock and like it; what about what’s in your cock; do you want to taste your cum – do you want to eat your cum?’
My cock twitched again, giving me away again and a little pre-come appeared at the tip of my cock. She scooped it up with her finger and put it into my mouth, her eyes looked excited as I licked her finger clean. ‘I’ve always wanted to see a bloke eat his cum’ Lynne said; ‘and I’m going to make you eat yours. I’m going to blow you and you and you are going to shoot your spunk into my mouth; I’m then going to kiss you and empty your cum into your mouth. But don’t swallow until I tell you.’
I couldn’t believe it, my fantasy was about to come true. I was a little hesitant at what I was about to do but I was so turned on I didn’t care.
Lynne again moved down my body, I saw my cock disappear into her mouth and she sucked and rubbed me hard. She caressed my balls and that threw me over the edge; I shot wad after wad of hot cum into her mouth.
She looked at me as she moved back up my body; she opened her mouth and I could see my creamy spunk in her mouth. She gestured for me to open my mouth and when I did she kissed me; forcing my cum into my mouth. When her mouth was empty she pulled away; ‘You look so sexy with your cum in you mouth, does it feel good?’ I nodded and she added ‘Now it’s time for you to eat it, swallow it all for me’.
And with that I swallowed.
‘That’s so hot’ said Lynne, ‘You’ll be eating lots of your spunk from now on’.