Chained Coed

It is hard to conceive in this day and age, and especially in our Western society that individual human beings could be treated as mere chattel, and worse. Unfortunately, however, there are examples to be found all around us.

Migrant workers have long labored for a mere pittance, and are beaten and thrown out of their jobs if they protest their meager wages. Sharecroppers are forced to turn over much of their produce to land barons to pay off an ever-increasing debt whose termination they may never see.

And then there is Lynn Holcomb, the young college freshman in this story, who is forced to enter the degrading, shadowy world of a crazed fraternity’s sexual fantasies. She is forced to accept the abnormal favors of men she despises, and sinks into a pit of shame and humiliation with little hope of escape.

CHAINED COED — a novel of warped men and the girls they use to satisfy their sinful cravings. It is an insight into one of the more corruptive aspects of today’s modern society.


He was so strong and tall and handsome. She could imagine what it would be like having his arms wrapped around her lush, young body, pulling her ever closer, crushing her firm tits between their bodies. She shivered a little and felt a wave of weakness come over her. Lynn closed her eyes, and it was as if she could actually see Professor Matthews then. She shivered again, imagining his long, hard, virile cock thrusting up between them, aiming directly for her virgin pussy.

She felt her cunt begin to flood with desire. She inched back and forth at her desk, listening to the drone of the man’s voice, pretending to pay attention while her body demanded more and more attention. A stray finger crept up and under her dress. She found a tell-tale patch of wetness already dotting her panties. The finger wormed between soft flesh and the elastic band around her leg. She immediately found an aroused pussy.

She shuddered and tried to keep from crying as she shoved her finger knuckle-deep into her seeping curt. The feel of that finger was almost enough to drive her wild. The teenager didn’t know why she did things like this. Anybody in the entire freshman English class could see what she was doing, if they would only turn to look at her.

And many might be doing just that. Lynn Holcomb was a knockout. She was a honey blonde with blue eyes that seemed to beg a man for his prick. Even though she wasn’t like that at all, all the boys seemed to think she was. The girl had spent her entire time in high school fending off all the studs who thought all she wanted was their meaty pricks reaming her out.

No one could blame them for trying. Her tits shoved impudently against the thin fabric of her teeshirt. The twin points of nipple poked into the cloth, accenting the firm, cynical breasts that were large enough to make any red blooded man’s mouth water. If this had been all there was to the blonde — the tits and the bedroom eyes — she might not have gotten the attention she did.

There was more, lots more. Her narrow waist flared out into her very womanly hips. Every time she walked down the hall, eyes followed her. The roll and waggle of her buttocks underneath her dress was more than enough to give wet dreams to half the men on campus.

Slender, well formed legs completed the picture package of femininity. She knew she had good legs, and took every chance to flaunt them. In a way she hated herself for doing things like that. It got all the guys uptight — in more ways than one — and yet she enjoyed the feeling of power she had over them when they almost stepped on their tongues wanting to get into her pants.

She was a good girl. She didn’t screw around, and knowing that, she could wind any of them around her little finger by subtly promising more than she would ever deliver. That fact pleased her.

Those other students, they were all so naive and immature. They weren’t anything like Dr. Matthews. The professor was tall, dark and impossibly handsome. Lynn couldn’t keep her attention away from the thought of getting the professor to screw her. She felt her pussy convulse with even more desire at the thought of seeing his long, rigid prick poking lustfully toward her widespread cunt.

The finger dug even deeper into her humid, seething cunt. She started stroking her velvety pussy until she was unable to sit still on the chair any longer. She moaned and bit her lower lip to keep from crying out. Her finger flew in and out of her pussy until she could hardly stand it any more. She let her fucking digit slip free to find the long spire of her clit. The nubbin of erect tissue was pulsing with lust now.

It responded to her dreams of Professor Matthews’ fucking the living hell out of her, with a sensitivity that couldn’t be denied. The most feathery of touches was enough to send lightning bolts of desire ripping through her tender young body.

She began diddling herself faster and faster. The sexual tensions inside her belly mounted. When she came, it took all her will power to keep from screaming out loudly. Somehow, she managed to remain reasonably quiet. Guiltily, she opened her eyes and looked around to see if anyone had noticed.

Professor Matthews was staring at her with a curious look on his face, but he never interrupted his lecture. She moved her finger back to her pussy hole and slowly finger fucked herself. It wasn’t anywhere near as intense as stroking her clit, but the teenager was sure if she came again as she had just done, everyone would notice.

The humiliation of that kind of attention would be too intense for her to bear.

“And so, that wraps it up for another day, class,” the professor said.

She sighed as she watched him move slowly from one side of the raised stage to the other. He walked like a jungle cat, boneless and powerful. He even looked a little like her father, who was dead for seven years. She hardly remembered him, but he would look exactly like Professor Matthews. Lynn was positive about that.

“Dismissed,” the professor said, shutting his book and turning to leave.

For a moment, Lynn sat there, stunned. She didn’t know where the hour had gone. Glancing at her notebook didn’t help her any. A few odd squiggles were all the notes she had taken. The girl had no idea what the class had even been about, she had been so wrapped up in her masturbation as she dreamed about her professor.

“Lynn?” came a hesitant voice.

Startled, she looked up and saw Hank Sollen. The youth appeared uncomfortable. He wasn’t all that bad looking, and she wondered what his problem was. Usually, he seemed to be able to handle the chicks with more sophistication.

“Hi, Hank. What’s new?” She carefully removed her finger from her pussy and tried to wipe it off on her dress. The air circulating through the classroom quickly cooled and dried it for her.

“Look, I’m pledging Gamma Delta Iota. You know, the really top rate fraternity on campus, and I was wondering if you would like to be my date to one of the initiation ceremonies tonight.”

She thought about it. She knew that Gamma was one of the most prestigious of fraternities. Being the girl friend of someone pledging that particular house would give her all sorts of status. But why was Hank asking her?

“I don’t know, Hank. I mean, I’ve got so much homework to do and all. You know how it is.”

“Sure, Lynn, I know, but this is something special. Really, it is. You’re one of the foxiest chicks around and, to tell the truth, I want to make as good an impression with the guys as I could. If you were my date tonight, I would be really up there.”

She glanced at his crotch and saw he was already really up there. His cock had hardened just since he’d begun talking to her. She wanted to reach out and gently stroke it just to torment him. The teenager wanted to prove to Hank that he shouldn’t start something he couldn’t finish. And with her, finishing wasn’t very likely.

Not as long as she was a cherry-carrying virgin.

“I guess so. You’re one nice guy, Hank. Maybe…” She hated herself for stringing him along like this. The reputation she had gotten in just a few short weeks on campus was one of being a big prick teaser. Somehow, she just couldn’t restrain herself when the guys came on like this.

She stood and made a big point of brushing against Hank’s crotch. She felt his prick throbbing with desire. The girl simply couldn’t go off and leave it; this was too good a chance to prove to Hank who the real boss was. She could make him jump through hoops and sit up and beg before she was through.

And she would do just that.

“I’d be happy to come, Hank,” she said, choosing her words carefully. The girl saw the way his crotch pulsed wildly as she used the word “come”. She moved her hip against his crotch again as she continued. “Let’s go outside where we can get some fresh air. Its so… close in here.”

She let her blue, blue eyes drift downward to the mound. Then she quickly looked him straight in the eye. Carelessly licking her ruby lips, she gave him all the signals that she was as horny as he was.

And she was. The thought of Professor Matthews actually balling her had made her virgin cunt tremble and throb with desire. The fact that Hank had no chance whatsoever of getting into her pants and fucking her only added to her arousal.

“Tell me about this party, Hank. I want to know all about it.”

She was leading him on, and loved the feelings beginning to grow inside her. Her pussy was shivering with lust again, but it was a different kind of lust now. She knew that she could make him do anything she wanted. She had power, absolute power, and all because she was a seductively beautiful girl. She almost laughed out loud at that idea.

He followed her like a lovelorn puppy dog until she pushed him down under a tree, just off the crowded walkway bustling with students going to and from their classes. She made sure that her hand brushed across his bulging crotch in wanton invitation again. That kept him in line, waiting for her next move.

“The guys are looking for a couple chicks to take part in the most secret parts of he initiation rituals. If one of the pledges brings the girl as his date, it gets him all sorts of special privileges.” “What sort of ritual?”

“I don’t know. I’m just a pledge, but our advisor says that it’ll be something really special.”

“As special as being here, under this tree, with me?” She bent down and lightly kissed the youth on the mouth.

For a moment, he sat there stunned, then began to respond.

She let him. The thought that he could get this hot just from a single kiss pleased her. Her hands drifted around his waist and pulled him on top of her. His weight crushed her thinly clad tits, the nipples springing erect. Her legs wantonly spread apart as if in invitation to Hank.

She managed to break off the kiss and said, “No, not here! Not where people might see us!”

Hank was gasping in lust now. “Fuck ’em! Fuck ’em all! I want to screw you right here!”

“Hank darling, please. You’ll get us both in trouble. If anyone saw what you want to do…” She let her voice trail off, but one hand continued to rhythmically squeeze his cock. She could feel it pulsing harder and harder now. It would only be a few seconds before he creamed in his pants. The girl wanted to laugh at that, but didn’t. That, would be too cruel.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he said. “That honey blonde hair drives me wild. It’s so smooth and fresh and fragrant.” He buried his face in her nest of hair and began kissing. She could feel his soft lips working down the side of her head and getting closer to her ear. He began thrusting his tongue in and out of that tight aural channel like a wet cock.

She sobbed a little. Her ears were especially sensitive. The hot breath on that flesh made her go weak all over. Her pussy began to churn in earnest. When his hard, sharp teeth lightly nibbled at her earlobe, she almost came. The sexual tensions inside her were mounting again. She wanted something touching her clit — her finger. She slid her hand under her skirt and pressed the tip of her finger against the hard little button of her clit.

And she came.

“Ummmmm, ohhhhh!” she cried out.

The youth instantly forced his mouth against hers for a deep, passionate kiss. All the time she was coming, his tongue dueled against hers.

She wanted to laugh and cry and scream all at the same time. When the fiery winds of orgasm had passed, she managed to pant out: “It was good Hank. And you did it to me! With just your tongue, you did it!”

“Let me fuck you!” he demanded. “No one will see us. And if they did, they’d think nobody’d have the balls to screw in public.”

His insistent hands pulled at her skirt, lifting it. She pushed his hand away. “NO!”

“But Lynn! I need something!”

“No, Hank darling, please. Be civilized about this.” But her words were choking her. She felt more intense desire inside her trim, teenaged body than ever before. The idea that she might be picked for whatever initiation ritual the Gammas were performing that night made her even more horny. Hank was her ticket into the most select group of men on campus. She couldn’t possibly shove him away now.

He might actually go and ask someone else to be his date tonight!

“Well,” she said, sounding reluctant, “maybe we can do something”

He almost crushed her as he rolled back on top of her again. She hated to admit it, but she loved the feel of his strong body pressing down on her. Her boobs were flattened by his broad, muscular chest. His strong arms pinned her more slender ones to her sides. And the way his hips moved left little to the imagination. He was just inches away from raping her.

She had to cool him down fast, give him some sort of release.

Normally, Lynn would have considered all the possible ways of getting him to leave her alone. He would end up with blue balls but that didn’t concern her. She wasn’t responsible for a guy who couldn’t control his own passions. But today, she was particularly vulnerable. She had been fantasizing about how great Professor Matthews would be fucking her, and she had gotten off in class, diddling her own clit. And then, she had come again when Hank had used his cock-hard tongue to fuck her ear.

She may never have had a man’s prick up her cunt, but she wasn’t totally naive. She knew how much men loved having a chick suck cock. Her hands worked between their close-pressed bodies until she could run the fly down on Hank’s jeans.

The teenager found herself holding a handful of hot and hard prick. She squeezed down on it and began stroking, hoping she might be able to jerk him off. That would solve all her problems.

But he had a bit more control than that. “God, Lynn, that’s super. Now spread those legs and let me climb on and ride like hell!”


“Lynn, come on. You want my cock. I know it. You know it. Don’t fight it. Nobody’s going to see us.”

“I… I want to give you head. Please, Hank, let me give you a blowjob.”

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his reaction. Never before had the youth heard a woman beg to suck his prick. In his haste to let her go down on him, he almost tied himself into a pretzel.

“It’s so lovely,” she said. She stroked along the red length of his throbbing cock. Gently moving the foreskin back, she revealed the head. The girl couldn’t control her own rampaging emotions then. She was horny, and the bout with her own finger had made her even more so. The nearness of the youth’s hard body turned her on more than she cared to admit. And now she had a prime fuck stick inches from her lips.

She went down on him, taking his entire length into her mouth and sucking like there wouldn’t be a tomorrow. For a moment, she thought he was going to jet out all of his jism right away. She tasted the bitter drop of pre-come that beaded at the tip of his cock. Then the hard throbbing died down for a moment. She began sucking harder and harder on the very tip of his cock.

Her tongue ran around the rim of his cockhead, teasing and tormenting him the best she could. Her breath came in ragged pants. Her nostrils flared. She could hardly control her runaway desires. To have this meaty prick fucking her would be something new and different for her. She knew she could do a lot worse. But that wouldn’t be playing the game.

And the game was getting men hot and horny, then turning them down. This particular game had turned a full circle for her. She had to eat cock, or she would be the one who’d go crazy with lust?

She sucked so hard her cheeks went hollow, then she really applied her tongue to his cock. The tongue lashing she gave him made the youth squirm and thrash around under the tree. He groaned and tried to keep from calling out in his desire. The last thing in the world he wanted was to attract attention. That wouldn’t be any doubt as to what they were doing if they were seen.

The sucking, eating noises were obvious. The sight of his long, hard fuck stick vanishing between the blonde girls ruby lips was obvious. The look of supreme arousal on his face was obvious.

“Ummm, God, Lynn, I can’t stand that! Your tongue is too much for me! It… it’s driving me over the edge!”

She continued to lick and swirl her rough, pink tongue around the tip of his prick. Once, she tried to, stuff her tongue down into his piss slit. They both knew this wasn’t possible, but it turned them both on even more by simply attempting it.

She began bobbing her head up and down on his long pole of hard cock. Face fucking caused increased friction against her lips. This made the girl even hungrier for his cock. She cradled his turgid cock on her tongue so that it would rub the entire distance as his prick drove into her mouth. The blonde never slackened up on the suction. She wanted all his cock to herself.

“Umph! Ummmmgh!” she moaned out around thick plug of cock in her mouth. She wanted to tell him how good he tasted, how much she was getting off on this. But if the blonde did that, she would have to let his precious prick slip from her mouth.

That was the last thing in the world she wanted.

She sucked even harder, and his hips lifted off the ground, making jabbing motions. She sucked even more, and used her tongue to full advantage. She stroked around the most sensitive portions of his prick, teasing the tiny flap of skin dangling down under the cleft head. Then she tried stuffing her tongue down his piss slit again.

This triggered his come. She felt the first rush of his white-hot jism against her tongue. The girl almost gagged. She didn’t want to swallow his awful jizz, but she did. She took all of it, the salty taste tantalizing her until she began to wonder why she found this so distasteful.

She sucked and sucked until his bucking cock was totally drained. Lynn allowed his cock to slide out from between her lips. She licked her ruby lips once, then straightened up to look down at Hank.

“Better put it away, or someone will ask why you have it hanging out,” she told him. She laughed as he hastened to obey. It was so easy making a man do what she wanted.

“Uh, wow, thanks, Lynn. This has been great! I mean it. That mouth of yours is so damned hot I can hardly believe it!”

“For a man as virile as you, anything,” she lied. His eyes widened a little more and he straightened his shoulders. “Great, Lynn, just great. Uh, look, I’ll be by your dorm to pick you up at seven. Okay?”

“Fine, Hank darling,” she said stroking along his crotch again. She felt nothing but flaccid cock. The girl smiled to herself. She’d get him hard again tonight, and use that to force him to get her selected for taking part in whatever rituals the fraternity engaged in.


Lynn was more uptight about going to the party at the fraternity house than she cared to admit to Hank. She knew this was her big chance to make it with all the upperclassmen. The ones who really had power on campus would be there, and she would get the chance to meet them. The blonde girl knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she could wrap them around her little finger like she had done with all the others in high school.

It wouldn’t be long before she exerted the same kind of influence on the college campus that she had in high school. She could hardly wait. The thrill of the game alone, was almost enough to bring her off.

“Here it is, Lynn,” Hank said nervously. “Look, don’t try to impress anybody. Just be yourself, and I know that you’ll be one of the chicks chosen for our most secret initiation rites.”

“You don’t know what those rites are?” she prodded. The girl wanted a little clue as to what to say and what to do. If she made herself into the prime candidate, then they would have to choose her. They wouldn’t have any other choice, and she’d be on her way!

“Look, I’m just a pledge. I have to do what the guys tell me to do.”

Curious, she asked, “And what did they ask you to do tonight?”

Hank might have blushed. She couldn’t tell, due to the dimness of the light on the fraternity house porch.

“They told me to bring in the prettiest date I could find.” Shyly, he added, “and I think I did. None of the other guys will have anyone that’s half as sexy as you!”

She smiled, granting him a peek at just enough of her pearly white teeth so that he could feel good. She brushed against him, her firm tits rubbing him sensuously. Then the blonde said, “We’d better get inside. It sounds as if the party has already started. We wouldn’t want to miss a single instant of it, would we?”

“Nope,” Hank agreed, holding the door open for her. His eyes roved across the tightness of her skirt, and studied the way her ass rolled at just the right angle. It made his prick begin to stiffen in his pants. He fought down all the libidinous thoughts, and found that trying to do so only made his mind dwell on how incredibly foxy Lynn was. He gave up and followed inside.

For a moment, there was a lull, in the party. Whether it was one of the natural silences that occur from time to time in any gathering, or whether all the men inside turned to gape at Lynn, the blonde teenager didn’t know. She suspected, from the sweat beading all the male foreheads, that it was because she had chosen her tightest outfit.

It pulled firmly across her tits, emphasizing them without making her seem like a hussy. The swell of her snowy white boobs threatened to spill from her low neckline, and yet she appeared chaste at the same time; it was an effect she had worked hard to achieve in high school. Now she was glad she had. It paid off.

All the women in the room instantly hated her, and yet couldn’t point and tell their dates what an outright whore she was. She was dressed conservatively, compared to most of them, yet she exuded a sexiness that couldn’t be denied. The girl reveled in the feeling of so many eyes following her across the room. This was going to be one hell of a fine party, even if she wasn’t going to be one of the two girls chosen to take part in the Gamma Delta Iota initiation ceremony.

She tried to figure out what they wanted the sexiest women for. She knew that these frat houses were hotbeds of sexual activity — hotbeds in many senses of the word. She wanted none of that. But to tease and torment and exert her power, that would be great. She could get into the power trip in a big way. After all, wasn’t that why people went to college?

“Hank, you certainly obeyed well,” said one of the older men. Lynn eyed him in obvious appreciation, just as he was eyeing her.

“Yes, sir,” Hank said obediently.

Lynn looked at her date and knew that this was one of the leaders in the fraternity. Her conclusion was confirmed when a hand was thrust out toward her.

“I’m president of the fraternity. Marty Reinhardt’s the name.”

“How do you do, Martin,” she said primly.

The youth’s mouth curled up into a smile of half lust, half humor. “Yes, Hank, for a pledge, you did right good this time. The others will be pleased that you have chosen such a… beauty… for our party. Enjoy yourself, Lynn.” He turned and walked off.

Lynn frowned for a moment, unsure of what was wrong. Then it hit her. She hadn’t been introduced, and yet Marty had known her name!

Before she could ask Hank about this, she found a cup of punch thrust into her hand. Daintily, she sampled the liquid and discovered that it had been spiked. She had expected as much. The coolness against her tongue told her this was mostly alcohol. Carefully sipping it, she tried to figure out how much she could drink without getting drunk. Not much, was her guess. She didn’t want to totally lose control. If she did, she might do something she would regret. While the girl didn’t have any special attachment to her cherry, it was a matter of pride that no man had ever popped it. And with this crew, the promise of fucking a virgin might go a long way in getting the things she wanted.

“Let’s drift around. I want you to meet some of the others in the house.” Hank took her elbow and steered her around, introducing her to the others in the fraternity. She smiled politely to them and began to feel a little uncomfortable. All the active members, looked at her as a dog would look at a side of beef hanging in the butcher store. All the pledges had to work hard to keep their tongues in their mouths as they panted lustfully after her. She saw more than one of the pledges’ dates shove a sharp elbow into a heaving ribcage to bring them back to reality. Lynn did all she could to make sure that her presence was noticed by the ones most likely to do the selecting.

Less than an hour after they had arrived, she noticed that the party was a lot less crowded. She finally asked, “Hank? Where’s everyone going? To the initiation? We haven’t been left out, have we?”

She hated the idea of going to all the trouble and mixing with this boorish group and then being left out.

“Well, I can show you. If you want.”

Hank was slurring his words. He had consumed a considerable amount of the punch without realizing how potent it was. Lynn sneered a little at him. A man who couldn’t hold his liquor wasn’t really a fit date. She glanced around, trying to find Marty Reinhardt. The president of the house was nowhere to be seen.

She finally shrugged her bare shoulders. “Okay with me.”

Hank guided her up the stairs. She finished off her punch and accepted another cup before they reached the top of the stairs. People were coming and going, in both directions, in a steady stream. Hank pressed his ear against one of the closed door panels and said, “Here’s a good one.”

He opened the door to a darkened room. Lynn hesitantly went in. She didn’t want to get into any hot and heavy action, yet she sensed something was happening inside the room that she didn’t want to miss.

She almost inhaled her punch when her eyes adjusted to the dimness. On the bed, a couple were fucking their brains out. Her eyes adapted even more to the darkness, and she could see every little detail of their lovemaking.

The man was on top and pumping away furiously. She could see his ugly red prick vanishing between the delicately scalloped inner cunt lips of the girl under him. Her legs were thrown wide apart to give the man the best possible angle for his fucking.

“Ummmmm,” the girl moaned. “I love the way your cock fills me up! It’s fucking biiiig inside meeeee!”

“Y-your cunt,” the man gasped. “That’s what’s so tight. Never felt a pussy that tight around my prick before. God, it’s great!”

“Shut up and fuck me good!” the girl pleaded. “I want that swollen cock of yours fucking me till I can’t stand it! Ride me, ride me haaaaard!”

Lynn could see the mans hips gleaming nakedly in the dim light. He thrust forward, his hips ramming his prick forward in a smooth thrust. His cock vanished into the seething depths of the wanton girl’s cunt. The pussy lips seemed to give an obscene kiss to his incoming prick. The lewd smacking noise, as his piston of a cock reamed into her body, filled the room.

Lynn felt uneasy watching the couple balling. At the same time, she was turned on by it. She had gone to a couple skin fucks with dates, and had even jacked them off during the movie. Seeing a couple fucking on a tiny screen was a hell of a lot different from watching it happen in real life. Everything about it shocked her. She could hear the real noises, the sounds of cock sliding against agitated pussy walls, the grunts and moans and ail the other tiny noises. The sight was enough; it make her own cunt begin to churn and froth with desire, but it was the smell that made her feel hornier than she had ever been in her life.

She loved the odor of excited pussy and aroused cock. It made her mouth water.

Lynn rocked a little bit, suddenly realizing how drunk she actually was. She’d thought she had pacing herself with the punch very well. She was wrong. Though not quite drunk enough to collapse, she wasn’t sober enough to stand up without tottering.

A firm hand on her ass steadied her. She heard Hank saying, as if from a great distance, “Aren’t they great? Don’t you want to join them?”

“Join them?” she said dully, not sure if she was actually speaking.

“Sure, they won’t mind. He’s one of my fellow pledges, and that’s his date. This kind of thing is natural around here. That’s what makes Gamma such a great house to pledge.”

“Fucking?” she said, astounded that such a vile word could even cross her lips. The thought of letting Hank shove that meaty prick of his between her legs, like the man on the bed was doing to his date, appalled her. And yet she was just drunk enough so that she couldn’t really protest enough to keep Hank from pushing her toward the couple.

“Let me help you get those panties off,” said Hank. The youth’s hands shook a little, both from the punch and from his own excitement at the idea of actually fucking Lynn.

Before the girl realized what he was doing, she felt her panties pulled from her slender legs. The cool air from the overworked air conditioner caressed her hot snatch and made her shiver a little. She tried to push away from Hank and found herself sitting heavily on the bed next to the fucking couple.

All she could hear was the harsh panting of the pair, the sound of a rock-hard cock driving mercilessly into softly yielding pussy. Her own cunt was overflowing with love juices at the sight of them screwing their brains out, yet she didn’t want to join them. She wanted to run, to protect her virginity.

The liquor in her bloodstream kept her firmly seated on the bed. Her legs had turned to rubber, and her insides were quivering like jello on a plate.

“It’ll be great, Lynn,” Hank’s voice come to her in the dark. “I know it will!”

She tried to focus her eyes, and all she saw was his long, hard cock dancing around five inches from her lips. She didn’t know what to do, so she reached out and grabbed his dick. He let out an agonized yelp as she pulled it toward her, mouth.

“Don’t do that!” he protested. “You sucked me off this afternoon. I want to really fuck you tonight. I want to feel that pussy of yours surrounding my hot cock!”

His hands forced her flat onto the bed. Her legs remained over the side of the bed, her feet flat on the floor. Somehow, this made her pussy lips part obscenely wide, presenting a perfect target for the aroused youth’s cock. She felt his prick slithering up the insides of her thighs, aiming directly for her pussy.


The bed was shaking and trembling under her. She knew it came from the rhythmical fucking of the other two. Nothing could disturb them. The girl felt lost and helpless in that instant. She saw exactly what was going to happen to her.

The man’s prick drove hard into the girl’s cunt hole. The sucking pussy seemed to devour the prick before spitting it out again. The man’s hands had crept under the girl’s ass and lifted her off the bed with each inward thrust. Lynn imagined that she could see one of his fingers actually seeking and finding the tightly puckered ring of the fucked girl’s anus.

That finger dived deep into the girl’s asshole. She knew it wiggled every time the man’s prick fucked hard and fast into the juicy twat.

“Hank, please,” she pleaded. “I’m drunk. You’re not going to fuck a girl who’s had too much to drink!”

“Hell, why not?” he answered, his words slurring slightly, showing how far out of it he actually was. “If you don’t want to put out sober, why the hell shouldn’t I fuck you when you’re drunk?”

She couldn’t argue with his logic. From the male standpoint, it was perfect. She felt her control of the situation sliding away. She wasn’t about to lose her virginity through some sort of a goof on her part! Lynn tried to cross her legs and fight him off, but couldn’t. He was pressing heavily down into her, his cock seeking out the humid berth of her cunt.

“Don’t fight it, Lynn honey,” he said. “I’m gonna love the feel of that blonde pussy all around my cock, as much as you’re gonna love the feel of my pecker fucking you!”

She tried to escape him by rolling backwards. Instantly, the blonde discovered this wasn’t the way to get away from Hank. She felt her pussy mound pressing even harder into his crotch. His virile, throbbing prick slid along her well-oiled gash and almost entered her cunt hole. For a moment, a thrill of desire blasted into her body. It almost blotted out her need to keep him away from her.

Then she recovered. As good as his prick felt slipping back and forth along her cunt lips, she knew she needed to save that cherry for the future. When she gave it up, it would be for a good cause. She wasn’t doing anything stupid, like saving it for her marriage, night, but she wanted to barter it for the most power possible.

She was a prick teaser, sure, but she enjoyed the power she got out of it. That made it all right.

“Lynn! Lie still. Let me get it in, for Christ’s sake!” Hank pleaded. “I just want to give us both a hell of a good time.”

She struggled, her knees lifting up to try and push Hank away. As she did so, her cunt lips opened enough for him to rind her pussy. His prick drove into her twat and bounced off her hymen.

A thrill of pain lanced into the young girl’s belly. She was positive he had popped her cherry. Then she felt his cock pressing into the rubbery sheet that stretched across the inside of her cunt. He hadn’t broken her cherry. He had only stretched it a little.

“God, oh God, don’t do this!” she pleaded.

Her pussy tensed and clamped down hard on the hidden prick as her emotions ran wild. She felt the thick head of Hank’s cock throbbing and dancing with lust. Then it began to deflate, as if he had already come.

“Jesus Christ!” bellowed Hank. “You’re a Goddamn virgin! Your cherry’s still intact!”

She took the opportunity to shove the surprised youth backwards into the darkness. Lynn fled, leaving the startled couple, still fucking on the bed, and Hank, thrashing around and trying to get to his feet.


Lynn ran blindly. She felt her throat convulse with fear, threatening to choke her to death. The teenager had never believed she could feel such panic as she was experiencing now. The idea of losing her virginity was something of a shock.

She was drunk, so she staggered, and this made all the images she saw appear even larger than life. She saw cocks vanishing into cunts. She saw mouths opening to swallow entire pricks. She witnessed the most depraved sexual acts possible as she ran wildly through the fraternity house, seeking an exit.

The blonde girl finally tumbled down the stairs, with Hank hotly pursuing her. She didn’t know which way to turn. Everything was twisted and wrong. She found a door and opened it. A step inside, then another, and she was tumbling head over heels down another flight of stairs.

“Ummm, ohh,” she moaned, stunned. The fall had dazed her, clouding her vision more than it had been before. When she was finally able to focus her eyes, she screamed.

In the basement of the fraternity house was a complete torture chamber. It looked like something out of the Middle Ages. She had seen pictures of the equipment used by the Spanish Inquisition. This was more modern, but the uses hadn’t changed in many centuries.

Chains dangled from overhead beams, with strong wrist shackles attached whips were neatly racked on the walls. A brazier burned with charcoal, a branding iron glowing red-hot in it. She felt faint and wanted to puke but something kept her from passing out. Struggling to stand, the girl was all too aware of her predicament. She had fled an orgy, and had fallen into the pits of hell. Her situation was dire. She knew she didn’t have any panties. She could feel a dank breeze from some unknown source creeping up under her short skirt, lewdly caressing her hot pussy lips. Reaching out, she supported herself on one of the broad wooden pillars. The wood splintered and entered her soft ash. Pulling away, she yelped in surprise at the tiny points of blood on her palm.

Fear clutched at her again as she gazed around wild-eyed. The stocks in the corner of the room were under a barred window. She could never hope to span those iron rods to escape. The pile of leather garments in another corner made her cry out in fear. Fetters of all kinds littered the entire length of a third wall. Behind her was the stairway.

A creaking in the stairs made her spin around and put one delicate hand to her mouth.

“Here she is,” came Hank’s voice, quavering just a little. “Goddamn, how was I to know she was a flaming virgin?”

“You did well, brother,” came Martin Reinhardt’s voice.

Lynn backed up and burned her ass against the red hot brazier in the center of the room. She cried out, a trapped animal noise, and continued backing until there was nothing but damp stone wall behind her. She tried to press herself through the wall, hoping they wouldn’t see her.

They spotted her instantly.

“Don’t be afraid, Lynn,” said Reinhardt, his voice oily smooth. He was dressed in a monk’s habit. The hem of the black garb dragged the ground with a soft hissing sound that was almost obscene. He held out his hand toward her. “Everything is going to be all right. You have been chosen for our initiation. You should feel proud.”

“I… I’ve been chosen?” she stammered. “I don’t want any part of it. All this,” she gestured around the room, “what is all this for?”

“Our initiation, of course,” the president of the fraternity said. “We are an ancient order, and our advisor has contrived to put together truly ancient rites for us. They involve the use of a virgin. Hank tells me you qualify. It is rare finding a virgin these days. You are a vanishing breed.”

“I… I’m not!” she lied.

“Ah, I see that you are. A simple test like that will verify it. You shouldn’t lie to us. It will only make the ceremony painful for you.”

The others from the fraternity gathered, slowly descending the stairs. The cellar seemed packed with them, and Lynn tried to push through and escape. Hands clutched at her to push her back. She tried to fight her way up the stairs, but found the gathered throng’s force too great. She couldn’t escape their clutches no matter how hard she tried.

“Relax. It will make it easier.”

Others muttered, “God, a virgin! Shit, I never believed they even existed. This is going to be great!”

“Let me go. Please! Hank,” she cried out. “You can’t let them do this to me!”

“Do what?” demanded Hank. “This is all right, Lynn. Really. It’s all part of the ritual.”

She stared at him, her eyes wide with horror. He seemed to be drugged. She knew then that there had been more than alcohol in the punch. Some other vile drug had been added! She wasn’t drunk, she had been drugged! That was the only explanation for the behavior of all the pledges as they silently circled her and pinned her against the wall.

“Yes,” said Reinhardt, “there was an aphrodisiac in the punch. It numbs the higher portions of the brain and brings out the animalistic instincts. It is a shame you didn’t drink enough. You would actually enjoy what is to follow. As it is, you might feel considerable pain.”

“Who is this advisor of yours?” she cried out. “He won’t let you do this to me!”

“He is not here, but he would approve. He has been here for many such initiations. The drug causes forgetfulness, but I don’t think it is necessary to force it upon you now. I want to see how you react without the drug.”

“I’ll see you all in Hell!”

“No, and you won’t go to the police afterwards,” Reinhardt said, gesturing to his pledges to advance on her. “It would be your word against ours. Everyone knows of the promiscuity of college coeds. We would say that you wanted to pull a train twenty men long — and die!”

“Pull a train?” she said numbly.

“You wanted to fuck twenty men, one after another. Perhaps you did, and then decided it would be interesting to get us all in trouble. At any rate, it will be your word against ours. And many of us are quite reputable and upstanding people, with considerable wealth and power.”

She realized what Reinhardt said was true. The fraternity was noted for the wealth of its members and the power their families wielded. She couldn’t possibly say or do anything to get any of them in trouble. She was going to be their sex toy to use as they saw fit. In all the years they had been carrying on these depraved rites, she might be the first not to have been drugged into forgetfulness.

The pledges seized her and pulled her erect. In less than a heartbeat, they had her wrists firmly shackled from the dangling chains. The ominous clicks of the closing locks sent sick thrills through her body. She was dangling, her toes barely touching the pound. Her arms were pulled up and at forty-five degree angles with her shoulders. She felt as if she were being pulled apart.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she cried out, feeling humiliated and abused. She couldn’t even fight them off now. Her hands were too firmly imprisoned by the shackles. She strained to stay on tiptoe, the muscles in her legs knotting and beginning to cramp, from the strain.

The blonde realized that her position had been carefully chosen by Reinhardt. Her tits were flattened against her chest by the extreme position of her arms. She knew her ass was firm and tightly bunched; she could feel the muscles beginning to knot there, too. The girl was totally in the power of these depraved college students. There was nothing she could do, not even scream for help. The basement walls would effectively dampen any such cries on her part.

“Let the ceremony begin,” intoned Reinhardt, standing back and crossing his arms over his chest. Dressed as he was in the monk’s habit, he looked the part of some medieval inquisitor. Lynn could imagine him torturing heretics to death: people just like her.

She watched in mute horror as Hank and two others advanced on her with wickedly gleaming knives. The long blades caught the dim available light and reflected it back to her horror-struck eyes. She knew they were going to slash her to bloody ribbons.

The blonde teenager passed out for a moment as the knives came, closer to her tender white flesh. But the steel didn’t even nick her skin. The quick movements of the knives took away all her clothes. Slice after slice freed the sleeves of her blouse, the sides of her skirt, even the sides of her shoes. The super-sharp blades totally stripped her of her clothing and dignity.

Dangling stark-naked in front of the men, she had never felt more helpless in her entire life. She bowed her head and began to cry futile tears. She felt them slowly trickle down her cheeks and drip onto her flattened tits. The salty tears tickled and puddled on her nipples before dripping off to the stone floor.

“Bring forth the vibrator,” called Reinhardt.

Lynn’s head snapped up to attention. She opened her mouth to speak and found that wards refused to come out. Some anonymous pledge advanced on her, holding a twelve-inch long ivory colored dildo. With a quick turn of his wrist, he turned the vibrator on. The horrid device began to quiver and shake. She knew instantly what he was going to do with it.

“You can’t!” she screamed. “You can’t tape me with that. It… it’ll ripe me apart inside!”

And then the world turned to red pain for her. She felt the blunted tip of the shivering rod of plastic touch her cunt lips, sending a tremor of desire into her body that confused her. The girl knew she should be hating this, fearing it, and she was getting pleasure from it! The thick vibrator was stuffed an inch into her cunt, and she felt herself being pulled apart.

Pain mounted. Then a hard thrust came against her rubbery hymen. Her cherry popped, and a red pain showed in her eyes. She was positive she would bleed to death. Her insides were ruptured and torn. She would die on this spot.

Then the pain receded a little. She felt the insidious shivering of the vibrator deep in her cunt where no man’s prick had ever been sheathed. The shaky feeling spread throughout her belly. The pain diminished and soon went away, replaced by pure lust. She hated herself for it. She didn’t want to get turned on, but she was.

“Please,” she begged. “get this thing out of me. Take it out and fuck me with your cock! I want to feel a real man’s prick inside my poor little cunt!”

“Let no man’s prick enter her virgin cunt until I so order it!” cried the robed man.

“No, no,” she begged. “I can’t stand this damned vibrator in me. I want to feel hot cock fucking me! Don’t leave this in me. It… it’s inhuman!”

“Lower her; the second part of the initiation will now take place.”

She heard the grinding of a wheel behind her, and the chains holding her slackened. She collapsed to her knees, still held up by the chains. Her arms were pulled hard above her head, and the shackles on her wrists seemed even tighter than before.

“Suck the cock thrust into your mouth,” came the cold command.

She blinked and saw a limp prick in front of her face. She wanted to deny that this entire scene was happening. This was the twentieth century, not the Middle Ages. Torture like this didn’t happen!

The limp prick was held in a firm hand and shoved between her protesting lips. She sucked in her breath and received a satisfied sigh in response. The girl hardly knew what to do. This was terrifying to her. She was being used. The vibrator in her pussy still hummed, singing out its song of mechanical lust.

She felt its vibrating fingers reach into her belly, stroking bidden nerves, nerves never touched by a man’s cock. She was responding to this dildo rape; her pussy was beginning to flood with her cum oils. She wanted a cock fucking her, and all she had inside her tight cunt was a thick staff of lifeless plastic.

The blonde picked hard on the cock in her mouth. It was all the teenager could do to deviate some of the pent-up desires attacking her body. She loved the taste of the prick. The heavy male musk turned her on even more than the vibrating fake prick in her tight cunt.

“Suck harder!” demanded Reinhardt, standing to one side. His hand reached down between her legs and gripped the butt end of the vibrator. He began twisting and turning it inside her cunt. She felt her pussy walls try to hang onto the slick plastic. It was twisting her apart inside. Then the thick love juices oiled it enough to let it slip freely.

The friction still burned brightly in her untried cunt. The girl gasped and moaned and sucked even harder on the cock thrust between her lips. She was rewarded by the sudden gush of jism.

Choking on the flood of come, she tried spitting it out. The harsh command, “Swallow!” made her do just that. Immediately, she found another already erect cock shoved into her mouth.

She sucked, trying to give the best head she could. The girl’s mind was tumbling and churning with confusion. She thought that if she could suck all of the men off, she would be allowed to go free. The vibrator in her cunt was making it almost impossible for her to do anything but obey the cold commands of the robed Reinhardt.

She was beginning to hate him and this entire initiation. But as long as she was chained, and he had his hands on the butt end of the vibrator, there was little she could do to escape. She sucked harder, using her tongue more, in an attempt to get the man who was face fucking her, off.

She rolled her tongue around the rim of his cock. She felt the flesh tremble as she stroked the underside of his prick. Then she sucked harder and felt the rubbery tip of his cock bounce off the roof of her mouth. His entire length plunged into her mouth.

The girl felt his balls limply slap against her chin before she realized he had fucked all the way down past her tonsils. His cock was firmly lodged deep in her throat.

For a long heartbeat, the blonde was in a timeless state. Nothing moved. She felt the vibrator as something distant. Her cunt was filled to overflowing with the mechanical cock, but it wasn’t doing its job on her tender pussy walls. The prick in her throat wasn’t shivering with lust, nor dancing around like crazy. All this wasn’t happening to her at all, she thought.

She tried to convince herself that it was a dream. She was able to fantasize about fucking Professor Matthews. This was just another dream, a dream out of control.

The frozen moment melted, and she felt the quivery shaft of the vibrator. Reinhardt began fucking her with it, her resilient pussy walls expanding to take the vibrator’s girth. The man, whose prick had been buried in her face, slowly pulled out. Gasping for air, she stimulated him more than she had intended.

Her hot breath gusted through his tangled bush and caressed his balls. He went berserk. He face fucked her with all the force locked up in his body, then jetted out the creamy load of his come.

Gagging, she tried spitting his jism out onto the floor. The command stopped her: “If you do, we will use the branding iron on your cunt.” The vibrator was turned hard inside her tender cunt to emphasize the point. She swallowed hard, and the jism went down her throat.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she cried out. “I haven’t done anything to any of you! Let me out of here!”

“We need the purity of a virgin to consecrate our pledges,” came the mysterious answer. “It is an old rite, one going back to the Stone Age. Many cultures sacrificed a virgin, but none quite like we do. Keep sucking.”

Another prick filled her mouth. She let her pulpy lips drag along the sides of the shaft, the huge purpled knob rubbing against her teeth. She tried to bring off the man as quickly as she could. The girl had the idea that this might go on all night if she didn’t try to get every single one of the men off.

She sucked and sucked and sucked. The taste of cock after cock filled her mouth. A flood of jism always followed, only to be replaced by still another prick. They were face fucking her faster than she could handle. Her lips burned with the friction of their steady thrusts; they drove their meaty cocks into her mouth until she simply knew she couldn’t take any more.

And then she was forced to suck on more prick. The girl should have enjoyed this, but she didn’t. The chains were cutting into her wrists. Her shoulders ached from the strain of being hung up like this. Most of all, her pussy was screaming in pain from the violation of the vibrator.

The thick plastic rod remained inside her virgin cunt until she wished she had been like all the other girls in her high school, who had lost their virginity when they were fifteen or sixteen. Her cunt should have been able to take a cock, even one made from plastic.

The torture didn’t let up, and neither did the never-ending row of pricks being shoved into her face. She thought she would drown in jism before she reached the last of the pledges to the fraternity.


“Stop it! Don’t torture me any more!” pleaded Lynn, though she knew her pleas were falling on deaf ears.

Martin Reinhardt stood, arms crossed, the cowl of his robe pulled up around his face. He was an eerie, aloof figure, totally dominating the scene. Whatever he wanted done, the drugged members of the fraternity would do.

To him she pleaded, and from him she received nothing but a cold smile that taunted her.

She struggled to her feet. She felt the cold bite of the steel against her wrists, and this spurred her on. When Lynn managed to get her feet under her, she almost collapsed again. The quivering spike of the vibrator remained in her pussy.

Shaking and twisting from side to side as she tensed and relaxed her cunt muscles, Lynn managed to squirt the imitation cock from her twat. Relief flooded her body as it dropped to the floor, but her legs remained weak and watery from her ordeal.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she asked again. “I’ve never done anything to deserve this treatment!”

“You haven’t?” came the cold question from the robed man. “We do not pick the women used in these initiations at random. Careful study was made before choosing you. You were a virgin, true. That was only one of the qualities we sought.”

“What else, could there be?”

“You are, to use a crude term, a cock teaser. You delight in tormenting men with your voluptuous body, your ample tits, your waggly ass. And after you have aroused them to the point of erection, you refuse to carry through with your blatant promises.”

“So what?” the blonde teenager demanded. “There’s no law against that. But this, what you’re doing to me, it’s kidnap and rape, and God alone knows what else it might be. That’s illegal!”

“And what you do is immoral. We are trying to show our pledges that they are men and can cope with anything in the world. Dominating one such as you reinforces their will.”

“Go to hell!” she spat.

Reinhardt only laughed at her. Lynn felt cold inside. Sure, she was a real prick teaser, but that was no reason for them to string her up like a side of beef and do all these terrible things to her. She tried to kick out and stop the man when he reinserted the vibrator in her pussy.

For a terrifying moment, she realized she wanted it inside her, comforting her, filling her where a cock should have been. Then the buzzing came again, and a million imaginary butterflies went berserk inside her tortured pussy. The feathery light touches turned into something more. It was pure torture for her when the man began moving the artificial cock in and out of her pussy. She felt her cunt lips clinging to the sides of the vibrator as if it were a real cock.

“Please, that hurts!”

“That is your fault. You could have enjoyed a real cock. Hank offered to fuck you. You would have both enjoyed it. But you turned him down for reasons known only to your sick mind.”

“Sick? Me? It’s you who’re the sicko!” she moaned. The vibrator began corkscrewing around inside her, touching her innermost membrane, stimulating nerve endings never touched by a man’s prick.

“You! You, come over here. She is yours for the taking!”

Lynn turned and looked over her shoulder. Two of the robed figures were advancing on her. A momentary flash of doom descended on her before the men reached up and unfastened her shackles.

She fell forward, one of them catching her. She was too weak to stand, and this annoyed her. She had to show them she was better than they were, and here she was, acting like a weak woman.

“Bend her over that,” Reinhardt pointed behind her.

“No!” she cried. The red hot brazier he had indicated would sear her nipples off, if the pair of robed fraternity men tried to shove her down onto it! She fought hard, but it did her no good. She wasn’t strong enough.

They forced her forward. She felt the heat from the burning coals radiating up and heating her large boobs. Sweat popped from her skin and trickled down the cones of her tits. When the sweat finally ran off, it hissed and steamed on the coals. Just as she was certain that they were going to burn her nipples off, the two men moved her toward a stone altar.

The cold stone against her heat-aroused nipples came as a complete shock to her. She cried and moaned piteously, like some tiny animal trapped in the forest. They caught up her arms and pulled, them across the stone, and securely fastened her wrists to steel cuffs imbedded there.

The girl realized the position she was in. Stretched across this altar, her ass wiggling up in the air, she was in a position that the depraved men could do anything they wanted to her.

“Stop it this instant!” she cried.

They advanced on her, robes hiked up to expose their hard-ons. She may have sucked them all off but the aphrodisiac they had all taken gave them fantastic staying, power. In other circumstances she might appreciated this fact, but not now, not when they threatened her like they did.

One of them picked up a small whip. She felt the pain stinging her plump asscheeks before she realized the whistling noise she’d heard was the whip singing through the air. The man continued to whip her ass until she was positive he was stripping the flesh off her body.

She cried openly. She bent forward and let the cold, rough stone tear into her tender boobs. The blonde girl no longer cared what happened to her. She was a lost soul, tormented by these beasts from Hell.

The whip rose and fell repeatedly. The girl eventually realized she was receiving stinging, but stimulating blows. In spite of the pain, there was a small bit of arousal in her. The more the man used the whip on her naked ass, the more stimulation she received.

Soon, her pussy obscenely drooled cunt oils down the insides of her fleshy thighs. She hated herself for what was happening. She knew her asscheeks were striped red from the whipping she was receiving. She was in pain from it, but her body was responding as if she had received all the pleasure she could handle!

“She gets hot,” one of the robed men observed. The whip never stopped its monotonous whistle sting-slap rhythm. It didn’t cut deeply into her flesh, but it did warm her ass unlike any spanking she had ever received.

The girl’s thoughts turned back to her father. He had always lowered her pants and spanked her bare ass. It had been much like this. And now, for the first time, she could admit she had gotten off on that. Across her daddy’s lap, she had felt her pussy begin to churn, perhaps for the very first time.

Now she was going to pay the price for that illicit desire. She had wanted her father sexually, and she was being tormented by robed men for that reason.

“Stop this. I can’t take any more of your whipping!” she moaned. But the girl didn’t know if she really meant that. The pain had changed into something else inside her well-beaten ass. The heat from the whipping had burned along her nerve endings, and seemed to have finally resided in her cunt.

The blonde teenager didn’t understand this at all. The warmth of her flogged flesh concentrated along the walls of her pussy. She felt her flood of love juices begin to run faster and faster, trickling down the insides of her thighs until she wanted to cry out in joy.

But pain wasn’t the same as joy. Or was it? Lynn no longer sure.

She heard the soft scuffing of shoes against the stone floor as one of the hooded men approached her; turning her head, she tried to see who it was. She couldn’t tell if it was Reinhardt or not. It might even have been Hank, her hank, the boy she’d thought she had so firmly under her thumb. She had sucked off just to come to this strange initiation. If only she hadn’t been so sure of herself.

She shuddered as a hand reached out and gently stroked along the curve of her spanked ass. She cringed as pain hit her again. The welts stood out in bold relief, red mounds all over her buttocks. The hand pressed down, as if assessing the temperature other flesh.

“It is good enough,” the man intoned. She was struck by the fact that all the men were now wearing the cowls of their robes up over their heads. Unless they happened to turn in just the right way, she couldn’t even see their faces.

Whipped and raped by faceless men!

She began to cry out in anger and sorrow and pain. Then she felt the coarse robes rubbing along her beaten asscheeks. The chains cut mercilessly into her wrists, and her tits were mashed down onto the cold stone of the altar. Never had she been in a worse predicament.

She felt the long, hard length of a man’s erect cock poking between the meaty slabs of her ass suddenly. “No, please, no, you can’t fuck me up the ass! You can’t, not after you whipped me like that. You’ll really hurt me! You’ll tear me apart inside!”

“Do it,” came the cold command from the other side of the room.

Lynn screamed as the blunted head of the cock forced its way between her tensed asscheeks, seeking out her asshole. When the glans of the man’s prick hit her anal sphincter, she screamed again. She didn’t want that huge battering ram of cock shoved all the way up her ass.

“AIEEEEE!” she screamed again.

The cock shoved harder against her dry asshole. The man was not going to stop until he had buried his cock and balls deep up her rectum! She kept her muscles as tight as she could to prevent his entry up her tightest passage, but her body was losing the battle. She felt her muscles begin to relax just a little bit.

A surge of pain worse than anything she had ever felt before ripped through her brain. Her entire body convulsed as agony swept through her. Then she was able to relax just a little. The long, hot prick was firmly lodged all the way up her asshole. She felt it throbbing and pulsing with virile life. As her inner membrane stretched, the pain vanished to be replaced with — what?

She couldn’t put it into words. Not joy. She would have recognized that instantly. And this wasn’t the searing, bone-jarring pain of even a few minutes before. The cock danced around and pressed erotically against her bowels. She could feel every single contour of that mighty prick. The thick head of the knobby glans spread her tender tissues wide apart. A big blue vein on top of his prick throbbed with desire. The entire shaft of his cock filled her more than she would have ever thought possible.

The real pain then came. He withdrew, one slow inch at a time. Her asshole was not lubricated for this type of fucking, and the suction formed in her guts was threatening to pull her ass inside out.

“Don’t, I can’t stand it! Don’t do this!” she cried over and over. The girl knew her ravaged insides were being twisted, ripped and torn into bloody shreds. She would die. She would never be able to stand up straight again. Her assflesh ached and burned from the whipping. Now her entire ass was on fire from the fucking.

“Again! Enter her again!” The words echoed across the basement.

She tensed, but not soon enough. The ponderous column of cock smashed into her body again, filling her to the point where she wanted to pass out. But she didn’t faint. This time the pain was less. Her body had learned how to take such a large male invader up the backside. She almost enjoyed it this time!

The warmth filled her and soothed ha. It didn’t quite stimulate here but it came close. She felt the rough robe rubbing against the curves of her ass.

Even this turned her on a little more. Her pussy continued to dribble and run with its fuck oils. The girl was confused. She was responding to this butt fucking. Why? She should be outraged. She couldn’t possibly enjoy this!

The man started fucking her with long, smooth strokes. Every movement was agony for her; the dry tunnel of her asshole was burning with the friction of even these slow movements. As the man began to pick up speed, she cried and thrashed around, trying to escape. She couldn’t. No matter how she turned, his cock was there, aimed directly up her shit chute.

The chains rattled loudly as she tried to pull herself up on top of the stone altar. The blonde rapidly found that trying to get away in this manner was not what she wanted. It gave the man a different angle of entry into her ass. He could fuck her ass even more powerfully than before, and he did.

Every singe thrust into her tortured body rattled her teeth. The friction of cockflesh against asshole was more than she could stand. The fifes spread rapidly throughout her body. Her belly began to churn. The sexual tensions mounted inside her until she finally came.

“Unnggghhhhh!” she moaned out, unwilling to show the true extent of her pleasure. She knew that there would be no mercy at all from these men. They were going to use her repeatedly until they were tired of her, or until their bizarre initiation ceremony was at an end.

She almost wished she had drunk enough of their punch so that the aphrodisiac would have taken control of her tender young body. She would have forgotten all about this torture by the morning. But she knew intimately every detail of the cornholing going on. She felt the cock as it surged into ha bowels. She shuddered as it pulled out. She came again when she felt the hot rush of the man’s jism.

She received the sexiest enema of her life, and just as she was reveling in the warm afterglow of a good fucking, she felt another man come up behind her to take the place of the man she had exhausted.

“No, not another one of you! Please, I beg you!”

“Fuck her as your fellow initiate has done,” that monstrous voice commanded.

The man behind Lynn moved forward, his hands resting on her whipped butt. He moved the asscheeks apart and thrust his erect cock into the now soggy mire of her asshole. The prior man’s fizz still hadn’t caked, and that eased this second man’s entry considerably.

He jammed himself balls deep into her seething hot asshole. She grunted and shivered all over at the impact of his body against her buttocks. The girl’s ass was on fire again. The friction of the rough robes over her naked, flogged ass was more than she could stand. The lightest of touches was enough to send her off into gales of tears.

She came again, even as she was feeling the intense pain being inflicted on her tender assmeat.

“No, no, no,” she moaned. “What’s wrong with me? I can’t be enjoying this! I just can’t. I hate you all! I do, I do!”

She tried to get a grip on herself and found it hard. The chains rattled on her wrists, and her belly was being scraped raw by the motion of her body over the stone altar. Every time the man’s prick smashed into her, it carried her a few inches across the rough stone. Her tits were almost dangling over the far end of the altar. She was in the perfect sacrificial position, except on her belly.

The cock slid in and out of her ass with greater speed this time. The first man’s jism lubricated the way for the second. He fucked with quick, short strokes. The girl felt the tensions mount rapidly inside her belly, then snap with all the force of years of repressed desire.

She came harder than before. As she drifted down from her sexual high, she felt the man’s cock hosing her insides down. Before she could wiggle off the far side of the altar, another man replaced him and began fucking her with slow, deliberate strokes.

Lynn sobbed softly to herself. She was nothing more than a once-virgin receptacle for these depraved men. Dressed in robes, they were nameless and faceless. Even if she should escape and go to the police, who could she accuse?

Reinhardt was right. They were all decent citizens, fine students, pillars of the community. She couldn’t bring charges against them, especially when she was unable to identify all of them due to the robes.

She didn’t even know who the fraternity advisor was, the depraved man who had started all this. Reinhardt had mentioned that their advisor wasn’t able to attend the ceremonies this evening, but that he was the one responsible for thinking them up.

As she felt cock after cock fuck her ass and then deflate after coming, she wondered what sort of a man it was who could start something like this. The girl was crying openly by the time the last of the initiates had finished fucking her once-virgin asshole.


The ritual went on for some time, bypassing Lynn entirely. The blonde teenager was glad for the brief rest. She tried to will away all the pains in her body, but failed. She couldn’t believe that anything could make her feel like warmed-over shit, the way that butt fucking had done.

Her asshole still burned, as if acid had been dripped on it. The muscle spasms were dying down a little. She managed to roll over onto her side and get off her belly. The skin had been scraped off when she had been shoved repeatedly across the stone altar. She gingerly sat up, still tethered by the now-loosened chains around her wrists.

The pain in her ass was almost more than she could bear. She tried to shift her weight from one asscheek to the other to escape the stabbing pain. It wasn’t possible. Every square inch of her butt had been whipped before they had ass raped her.

She watched the ceremony, stark hatred in her eyes. She didn’t know who they all were, and she didn’t much care. She hated them all. The girt remembered Reinhardt, through the fog in her brain. She would remember him for a long, long time. And one day, revenge would be hers. She vowed that she would get even with him, and with Hank.

Hank scared her the most. He was a nice kid. She hadn’t seen anything different in him than any of the guys she’d gone out with in high school. He was easily controlled by the subtle use of her sex. He would have done anything for just the promise of fucking her. She couldn’t imagine how he had escaped the web of her promises and come around to actually fucking her as he had done.

Or had he? She didn’t know who all had reamed out her butt. Hank must have been one of them. He was a pledge to this bizarre fraternity. And she must have sucked him off too, although she didn’t remember that. The entire torture was beginning to blur and fade in her mind. The teenager didn’t know why that should happen. This all should be etched indelibly in her head, never to be forgotten.

Rape. Torture. Pain. Loss of her virginity. All those things couldn’t be forgotten in a few short minutes.

Yet it was happening. She wondered if the drug they had given her might not have had more effect than she’d thought. The girl hoped so. That would explain away her desires for the men who raped her. She had wanted them. She had wanted their pricks as deep in her body as she could get them. It didn’t matter to her if they fucked her up the asshole or up the cunt. But now, she wanted cock.

Even now, the gnawing hungers of her young body still worked on her. She didn’t understand her horniness. She had been horny before, before… she had been raped by a vibrator. But it had never been like this. Never!

She turned her attentions to the ceremony going on across the basement. She hoped for some clue to who all these men were. She might even be able to find out who their advisor was. That was the man she hated the most. He had led these impressionable college students astray. He had convinced them that it was all right to rape and torture, as long as the victim didn’t remember it afterwards.

Lynn thought up elaborate tortures for the unknown advisor. Cutting his balls off seemed too easy. She wanted to really make him suffer, just as she was doing. She rattled the chains on her wrists in the vain hope that she would be able to slip her slender hands out of the shackles. The cruel iron cut into her flesh at every turn. She finally gave up and went back to creating tortures for the fraternity advisor.

“Let five of the pledges come forth. Those five who are the bravest, those five to whom the pleasures of the flesh are the most important,” the hooded figure intoned the words, sounding like a priest at some religious service. But on religion Lynn had ever heard about conducted ceremonies like this.

A shudder of dread passed through her. These college kids couldn’t be Satanists. She had heard weird and horrible things about Satanist cults who tortured their victims and then finally sacrificed them on a stone altar, an altar such as the one she was bound to.

She tried to escape again. Her frantic rattling of the chains might have been what attracted their attention, or it might simply have been a point in the ceremony where they turned back to her. She didn’t know. All she could see were five faceless men advancing on her for some purpose too ghastly for her to even guess.

“She is the vessel. She is the well into which you dip your staff of life,” said one figure in a dark robe, standing off to one side.

One of the robed men came forward, hiking up the front of the coarse garment. She saw naked legs underneath, and a cock of such proportions that she almost fainted. If he tried ramming that up her ass, she really would be ripped apart inside. No female cunt could take that cock either. The thickness was easily twice that of her wrist. To have it stretching and tearing at her delicate insides would be the same as a death sentence.

“Stay away from me!” she screamed. “I don’t want anything to do with you. Any of you!”

The robed man didn’t seem to hear. He might have shown his face, but Lynn didn’t know. Her eyes were riveted on that seemingly telephone pole thick prick. She even missed the action going on at the side of the altar. One of the men was touching one of her chains. He quickly moved it to a ring on the other side of the stone. She was still bound, one hand on either side of the altar now. She managed to stand up on the altar, the chains just barely long enough to allow it.

“I’ll get even with you for this! I swear it. No matter who you are, I’ll get my revenge. You’ll never… oh, my God!”

The robed man lightly jumped up onto the stone altar with her, his robe brushing across her tits. With a sudden grab, he held her waist and spread her legs far enough apart so that he could thrust directly up and into her seething pussy.

She groaned in pain as the mighty column of cock surged into her virgin cunt. She had been raped with a plastic vibrator, but no man’s prick had ever entered her pussy. Now the rape was complete.

The huge spike of his cock pushed at her inner walls and threatened to fill her to overflowing with cock. For a moment she simply stood, robbed of speech, robbed of all feeling. Slowly, the pain in her cunt began to spread.

Just as slowly, it went away, to be replaced by joy. She was a woman now. It might have been rape but she was now complete. She had denied herself this pleasure for too long. Now she couldn’t possibly imagine why. The cock was almost more than she could take, but her pussy walls were young and resilient. They stretched to take the full girth of that mighty fuck stick.

“Oh, oh, sweet Jesus, I never thought it would feel this good,” she sighed. “Go on, fuck me! I want to feel what it’s like! Give it all to me. Every Goddamn inch of that fucking prick of yours!”

From across the room came the solemn voice, almost a chant, “The circle is complete. Male enters female. Continue.”

Lynn thought that was the signal for the man to really fuck her. She wondered how good it would be, getting fucked standing up with her hands chained as they were. She didn’t find out, not then. Another of the five men came up behind her and lifted her off the altar. She fought against this, but the cock up her twat never left its snug berth. Somehow, the cock managed to stay fully inside her throbbing pussy lips while she was planted on the floor of the basement.

“Why are you doing this?” she begged. “I just want what I’ve got in me now. I… ohhhhh!”

The man behind her slammed his prick forward. It plunged between the slabs of her ass and into her already well-fucked asshole. She gasped as it slid easily all the way up her shit chute. Not only did she have one hell of a pussy pleaser up her cunt, she now had a cock up her asshole as well.

It didn’t stop there. A robed man stepped up onto the platform she had just been taken from. He pulled up his robe and shoved his limp prick forward, toward her lips. She opened her mouth to complain and found the flaccid prick shoved in. She almost choked. The cock was still wet from his prior come.

She now had one cock in her pussy, one up her ass, and a third in her mouth that had begun to stiffen into a real fuck stick. When she felt a prick pressed into her right hand, she squeezed down lustfully. Another was added to her left hand. The teenager now controlled five cocks.

“Begin,” come the word from behind her.

All five men began to move at the same time. Lynn could hardly keep up with what was happening. The pricks in her hands were throbbing hard now. She squeezed down even more on them, feeling them buck and dance with lust. She stroked up and down, and found herself pleasantly surprised. She liked the feeling of so much cock flesh within her grip.

She was literally handling what she had figuratively controlled before. She had been a cock teaser, but now she was a cock stroker. A tiny moan of pleasure escaped the lips of the man on her left. She lightly flicked her fingertips across the hairy bag containing his balls. She was rewarded when the groan turned into a gasp. Her fingers clutched wildly at the man’s balls. She felt the hairy sac contract and then pulse with prodigious power. Wet, hot strings of jizm covered her hand.

But they hardly noticed that. She was taking the huge prick in and out of her cunt now. The man had decided it was time to fuck the living hell out of her, and he was doing just that.

She was a beginner at fucking. She had nothing but the ass fucking to compare this to. She gasped and moaned as she danced around on tiptoe, marveling at the feelings being built up inside her untried pussy. The teenager could hardly believe anything could be so great.

The nerve endings along the entire distance of her velvet, hung pussy were blasting out a message of lust now. Her belly tightened, and she leaned forward to see if this would drive that lovely spike of hard, throbbing prick even deeper into her cunt.

It didn’t, but the cock fucking her from behind slid an extra inch up her now well-fucked ass. The girl gasped and straightened. This sent the meaty probe into her pussy, digging in deeper than ever before.

“Shit,” she whined. “This is too much for me. I can’t take it any more!”

But she did, and she loved it. The girl was chained to the alter, being fucked front and back, jerking off a hard cock in one hand and trying to talk around the now thick plug of prick in her mouth. She couldn’t possibly ask for anything more.

Her hand convulsively squeezed down on the hard cylinder of cockflesh. She did her damnedest to get the man off. She wanted to concentrate on the delightful feelings in her pussy and up her ass. To do this, she had to deflate two more pricks. Sucking as she stroked with her chained hand, she managed to release another torrent of come. Both hands were now covered with the white, sticky jism.

She sucked and licked and did what she could with her tongue to ensure that the man whose cock rested between her lips got off. The man was struggling to keep from coming, but she tasted the tiny drop of bitter pre-come. Her eager tongue swirled around and snared it. Then she tried to stuff her tongue down his piss-slit. This was all it took to get the man off. With a loud yell, he began face fucking her with long, deep strokes.

She took every inch of his cock into her face. Sucking harder, she managed to swallow his come. She hated that, but she did it. There was so much more to do. As the limp dong slid from her mouth, she felt the tempo of the fucking up her juicy twat and into her tiny asshole increase.

Both men were cooperating to get the most out of fucking her. As one slipped out of her clinging interior, the other thrust in forcefully. As the hot poker of cock reamed into her from behind, her pussy was left empty. Then the cock in her asshole departing, the prick fucking her up the pussy returned.

This was the one she cherished the most. Having taken so many cocks up her rear passage, the blonde teenager got little thrill out of that. If anything, it was a little painful. The forceful entries into her had bruised and injured her asshole, and the whipping she had received left her buttocks raw and red. The constant motion of the coarse robes against her tender ass flesh irritated her, robbing her of a little extra pleasure.

Nothing of that sort took away an ounce of pleasure from the monstrous cock that surged between her pinkly scalloped pussy lips. She was now that it had been a vibrator which had plucked her cherry. If a fuck stick this large had done the trick, she might have shied away from fucking forever.

The feel of his hot and hard length resting inside her gave the — young girl a sexual charge that couldn’t be denied.

Come dribbling down her chin, she moaned out. “Fuck my cunt faster. I need it all the way. I want to feel you in me, dammit, all the way in me now!”

She came. The girl hardly recognized the gradual buildup. She had been used to all sorts of other things getting her off: a finger diddling her own clit; sucking on a man’s prick; the feel of a cock fucking her up the ass. All those things had gotten her off in the past. This was brand new, and an experience to be cherished.

“More,” she begged. “Faster! Give me all you’ve got!”

The man in front of her said nothing. His fucking tempo didn’t change, but his hands reached around her body and gripped her buttocks. He began kneading them as well as using them as support for his fucking.

The girl went wild with desire. The way he was manhandling her rump caused the cock fucking her from behind to feel like it was growing. By the time the teenager realized it actually was growing in size, she was too lost in the wonderland of sex to care.

The man butt fucking her came. She felt the sweet surge of his come shooting into her guts. The heated fluid dribbled out of her well-reamed asshole and down the insides of her tender thighs. Her entire universe was filled, however, by the huge prick still lodged firmly in her pussy.

Powerful hands pulled harder at her buttocks. She was forcibly pulled onto that fucking prick. She took more and more of it into her tender twat. The fuck oils leaked out around the thick plug of prick and mingled with the jizm running down her legs. The coed hardly noticed that. She was at the point of coming again.

The brink of ultimate human pleasure yawned wide and she tumbled into it, screaming and thrashing about. Only the chains holding her to either side of the stone altar kept her from flinging herself off the cock.

“Faster! I’m on fire inside. Give it all to me. Make me BURN with your fucking, dammit!”

She flopped up and down in an attempt to get even more prick inside her needy, hungry pussy. It had been denied a man’s prick for too long. Now she was turning into a greedy, sex-starved bitch who couldn’t get enough. She had to experience everything she had missed, and do it right now!

Her fingers clawed vainly at the man’s robe. She tried to make him respond to her. Tensing and relaxing her cunt walls seemed to spur him on. She clutched with her inner muscles on the huge girth of his cock. She tried to hold him inside her, never wanting to let him go.

For a moment, she thought she had succeeded. His long, strong fucking stroke stopped. Then her own body betrayed her. The thick oils lubricating the entire length of her pussy allowed his cock to slide free. He popped out of her clinging cunt lips with a lewd smacking noise.

“No, no, it can’t be,” she sobbed. “Stuff it back in! FUCK ME! I need you fucking me!”

The blonde coed felt weak in the knees, and completely watery inside. Her belly heaved with emotion. She needed that prick worse than she had ever needed anything in her life. She had been turned into a sex junkie, needing her fix in long, hard thrusts of cockmeat.

She felt his cunt juice-soaked prick slide up along her sex gash. She hurriedly spread her legs even wider. She didn’t want him going away without finding her cunt hole.

She screamed in joy as he rammed hard into her again. With a slow, sensuous motion, he ground his bush against hers. The crinkly hairs of his pubic fur stroked across the tip of her aroused clit. This was all it took for her to get off.

The orgasm spread rapidly from the tip of the throbbing, little nubbin of erectile tissue to her cunt. The cunt walls convulsed mightily and clamped down on the huge prick. Then her belly filled with molten, lead-like jism. She groaned and sobbed, then exploded all over. Her spine arched and her brain burned with the intensity of her orgasm.

“Aieeeeee!” she screamed, arms almost stretching the chains.

The man continued to fuck into her twitching cunt. She felt the friction adding to her come, pushing her higher and higher until the girl was positive she couldn’t withstand any more pleasure. She was wrong. She not only took more, she gave more.

Her cunt filled with hot manseed from the spurting prick. She shuddered and weakly collapsed to the stone altar, ignoring the pain in her ass as she scraped along the rough stone.

Lynn managed to open her eyes in time to see the limp prick swing freely between his hairy thighs.

Then the robe was dropped, and the faceless man with the mighty prick turned and walked away.

She panted harshly, feeling rivers of sweat tickle as they ran between her lush tits. Her boobs shivered as she fought to gain her breath. Tossing her head got some of the sweat off her forehead. Never had Lynn felt so sated, so sexually drained as she did now.

Both hands were drenched in come, her ass and cunt and mouth were all filled with jism, and her body was tired. Lynn marveled at the fact that she couldn’t even get enough strength together to hate the men who were doing this to her.


The icy cold stone under her back brought relief from all that had been done to her. She had never felt so miserable in her life. Her ass was well whipped and bloody raw. Rubbing it across the rough rock of the altar hadn’t helped, either. Her wrists were chafed from where the iron shackles cut into her flesh. Worst of all, her cunt hurt.

It didn’t just hurt, it festered with a thundering pain.

She had taken a huge prick into the most delicate portion of her body. She hadn’t had the experience that other girls of her age had. She had remained a virgin, foolishly so, she knew now. While the man was fucking her, it had been the greatest experience of her life.

But now she was paying for her insistence on being a prick tease for so long. She tried to rub her snatch and found that her still-chained wrists prevented it. She had to scoot around until she was pulled in one direction. This allowed one come-drenched hand to rub her tender pussy lips.

The entire vulva had turned a bright red from the abuse it had been given. She stroked and caressed her pussy until the juices started to flow again. She sighed and smeared the thick fuck sauce all over her blonde-rimmed cunt, making certain she found her clit.

Teasing the little organ erect was easy. It hadn’t really ever deflated after her last come. She rolled the pea-sized button around, reveling in the joy it gave her. This let her forget for a moment the aches and pains in her pussy. She was giving herself all the delight that the prick had done earlier.

Lynn looked up across the room. The odd ceremony was continuing. She wondered how much longer she was going to be kept chained. She had done all she could. Her body simply wouldn’t respond any mare this evening. She had sucked cock, and had been raped orally, anally AND up the cunt. There simply wasn’t anything left for them to do to her. They had even whipped her while she had been chained to an overhead beam!

“Bring the other,” intoned one of the robed figures.

Lynn squinted into the gloom and tried to guess if it was Reinhardt talking. The good feelings in her body were going away again. Replacing them was stark hatred for the man. He might be a big man on campus with all sorts of connections, but she wanted to feed his balls to a garbage disposal.

Nothing less would do.

And then she would start to get tough with him! Lynn watched in captive fascination as another naked girl was dragged into the basement. Her hands were chained, the bright gold of the links glittering in the dimness. Lynn didn’t recognize the girl, a stunning brunette. Irrationally, Lynn hated the girl for her lovely figure and great tits. They shined like white mounds of ice cream topped with bright red cherries.

Whatever else they were going to do to the girl, the brunette had obviously enjoyed it up to now. The lewd smile on her face told Lynn that much. She guessed the girl had drank more of the drugged punch than any of the others, which was why she’d been picked to take part in this initiation.

“To the altar,” came the distant command.

Lynn was a little startled as the robed figures moved toward her, carrying the other girl. They deposited the brunette on the stone altar while one of the robed figures hiked up his hem and displayed a boner of amazing proportions.

Lynn had thought the stud who’d fucked her was well hung, but this man was a giant. His cock was at least ten inches long. It looked more like a fleshy sword than it did a prick. The huge knob at the end pulsed with visible desire, and it took only a moment for several of the robed figures to pull the girl’s legs wide open so that their friend could drop down between her legs.

Lynn didn’t want to watch still another rape, but she found it difficult to take her eyes off the scene just a few inches away. They were doing this for her benefit, of that she was certain. The man’s cock slowly dragged along the brunette’s gash. The huge prick parted the girl’s pussy lips and exposed the liquid sea of pinkness underneath.

He continued to drag his prick up and down that trough until the brunette was writhing in joy. Then be stuffed his prick into her cunt hole and began to fuck. He used short, quick strokes designed to get the girl hot in a hurry.

It worked. The girl moaned, then caught her breath and arched her back. Lynn guessed that she had come. As the rigid muscular spasm left the brunette, the man fucking her pulled his prick entirely out. The others hastily rolled the girl over onto her side. The man then entered her cunt from behind, hoisting one of her slender legs up and over both of his. Lying on their sides, he continued fucking her.

Lynn wondered at the sudden change. She could see the cock driving between the lewdly grinning cunt lips. The sight of that hungry cunt swallowing the prick was intriguing, but she had learned. They weren’t doing this to amuse her. They wanted something new and different.

The order came very soon: “Lick her pussy. Lick his balls.”

“Go to hell,” Lynn retorted. Immediately, she felt the stinging lash of a whip. The leather strip hit her high on the shoulders. For a moment, she was too stunned to feel pain. Then she almost passed out. The lancing agony filled her entire chest. Even her nipples hurt from the blow she had taken on her back. When another came, she hastily slid forward on the stone table to get her mouth into the desired position.

The whip stopped. Feeling emboldened, she raised up to defy them again.

The whip lashed out once more. She groaned, realizing that she was truly a captive of these men. No matter how she struggled, she was their slave, and they could do with her as they pleased.

She bent forward, hating herself for giving in. Yet, she knew that the pain would force her to do what they wanted. She might as well try to enjoy the horrid things they forced her to do. That was all the joke she could have on them right now.

But one day soon…

The blonde moved her face down into the brunette’s pussy. The split twat was filled with cock, but she lapped along the front of the vee of the pussy lips and immediately found the girl’s clit. She toyed with it for a moment, teasing it erect. The brunette went wild with lust, then came hard.

Lynn had trouble keeping her face pressed into the snatch. The other girl was thrashing around too much, but the thick plug of cock fucking her from behind soon held her in place. Lynn’s eager tongue licked back along one of the red-tinged pussy lips until she came to the cock. Her tongue pressed into the side of the shaft. She was amazed at the way it pulsed and throbbed.

The huge fuck stick moved with deliberate motions in and out, in and out. She almost envied the brunette and all this cockflesh. Then she realized that her own tortured pussy wouldn’t take such a huge pillar of prick. It would rip her apart! The brunette was probably a real whore who stuffed all the prick she could find up her cunt. That would make it easier for her to take this cock.

But still, to have it fucking her… why, it should be painful!

Lynn continued licking, pressing her tongue as hard as she could into the turgid cunt lips. This drove both the man and the girl wild with lust. Their movements began to take on a spastic air, and soon they were writhing in abject desire, fucking wildly, hips pistoning, crotches grinding forcefully into one another.

Lynn took a secret glee in this. She was at least partly responsible for the man spurting gallons and gallons of come into the tight, hot pussy. She watched in fascination as his prick erupted and spewed forth its creamy load. As his limp cock dribbled out of the well fucked cunt, amid a flow of love oils and semen, she felt the nasty flick of a whip on her back again.

“Lick!” came the command. “Lick it all up!”

The blonde coed licked the other girl’s pussy, even though she hated the idea. Still, the twat didn’t taste that bad. It sort of surprised her, in fact. She had figured it would be revolting. Instead, it appealed to her more and more. The salty tang of cunt juice mixed with the acrid, slightly bitter taste of come made for more intoxicating brew than the punch she had been served. She was getting drunk on come!

“Enough,” rang the order. After it come three quick slaps of the whip.

She pulled back and looked up at the cowled, robed figure wielding the whip. Was this the mysterious advisor to all these depraved college students, or was it only Reinhardt? She couldn’t be sure. But one day, when she was, this sadist would pay, and pay dearly for what he was doing to her now.

The butt end of the whip was thrust into her pussy. She yelped as she was forcibly scooted across the rough stone surface with the whip. For a moment, she thought it might all be over. Then she panicked. She saw what they were doing to the brunette.

“No, you can’t do this! I mean, God, it’s fucking unnatural!”

“Silence!” The whip cracked, insuring her total silence.

Two of the robed men were strapping a double ended dildo onto the prone brunette. She appeared to have sprouted a huge red and blue cock by the time they finished. One thick end up into her pussy, while the other end of the obscene device bobbed around in front of her snatch.

Lynn didn’t doubt for an instant where that other, free end was going to go. She struggled, trying to flee. The chains on her wrists held her in place. The bite of the whip across her shoulders made certain she didn’t try to move too far.

“Fuck,” was all the robed, faceless man said.

The brunette smiled her drug-induced smile and moved forward. Lynn was too paralyzed to try and avoid her. The other coed reached between Lynn’s legs and stroked the damp pussy. Her fingers delved deeply into the humid crack, then deep into her cunt. Lynn gasped and went weak all over with shock.

Those fingers stuffed up her twat began to whirl around like some berserk tornado, and she hated herself for responding to them. She felt her own love juices begin to flow. The flood soon filled her pussy to overflowing.

Then the brunette stuffed the free end of the dildo into Lynn’s cunt. The blonde coed grunted as the rubber dong drove all the way up into her raped pussy. But it wasn’t as bad as she’d thought it would be. Her aches and muscle strains had abated a little, and this was almost therapy for her.

“Why are you doing this?” she wondered aloud. “You don’t have to abuse us. There’s no need!”

“Fuck!” came the single command.

The brunette smiled lewdly and started moving her hips in the ages-old rhythm. Lynn almost passed out from the intensity of the feelings roused in her body. It wasn’t pain she felt, but sheer and total arousal. She was being turned on by the motion of that rubber cock in her tight little cunt!

“No, no, it can’t be happening,” she moaned out. She knew it was happening. She felt her body tensing just as if this were a real prick in her pussy, stroking slowly, surely, fucking her until she was on the brink of orgasm.

The brunette’s body moved above Lynn. The other girl’s hands were only chained together, not to the stone altar like Lynn’s. She had the freedom of movement that was denied Lynn, and she used it to good advantage. Reaching down, she took hold of the artificial balls and began jerking on them to send the cock in and out of both their bodies.

She snickered obscenely, but Lynn was too far lost in the wonderland of her own emotions to notice. The stimulation in the entire length of her cunt was more than she could stand. She came.

It wasn’t the full-fledged orgasm she would have liked. It was small, but it made her feel good, damned good. She strained to drive the fake cock even deeper into her cunt. The feel, of the other girl’s body moving above her added to the sensation of being fucked by a man, but no man had nipples like the brunette coed.

The hard points throbbed with life. They poked and prodded into Lynn’s equally-hard nipples. The red pointed nipples dueled, one against the other. What their creamy white tits mashed flat again each other, Lynn came. This time it was a little bigger than before, but still it lacked the real intensity she wanted.

“Don’t worry, my pretty pretty,” said the brunette, lisping a little. “I’ll take good care of you!”

“Keep fucking, ram that cock in me!”

The other girl laughed and started moving in the most lewd manner possible. Her hips rotated and rolled like some stripper’s. She thrust and moved, then thrust again to drive the dildo into Lynn’s yawning twat. The pinkly scalloped inner lips spread wide apart and took every single inch of that rubber prong. Even then, both of them wanted more.

Lynn knew they were locked together in the moat obscene fashion possible, and she didn’t care. All she wanted was more motion in her pussy. The huge rubber dong wasn’t hot like the huge real prick that had fucked her earlier, but she didn’t care. The pressure of the shaft against her virgin tight cunt was enough for her.

“Move, damn you, move it in me! I want to feel it fucking me!”

“Then fuck me with it, too!” the other girl responded. She laughed, and it was the laugh of someone insane.

Lynn didn’t even notice. The feelings running wild in her body were robbing her of her self control. She wanted what that artificial cock could give her, and nothing less would do.

With her hands chained the way they were, the other girl had to do most of the stroking, which she did. She seemed to take, a special joy out of reaching down and grabbing the shafts of the double prick and running them in and out of the two nakedly exposed, juicy twats.

Lynn surrendered herself to the intense feelings. She sobbed and moaned reaching out to grab the brunette’s tits as they rubbed erotically across her aroused nipples. She felt the firm flesh quiver under her fingers and knew the extent of the other girl’s arousal. She was almost ready to come.

The blonde coed started tweaking and teasing those nipples. She caught one between thumb and forefinger, and rolled the fleshy pebble around in a small circle. Then she pulled it down onto her own nipple. She shoved her chest out, and tit mashed firmly into tit. She could even feel the other girl’s excited heartbeat.

The dildo raced in and out of her lubricated fuck slot. She shuddered under every impact of the long cock into her pussy. When the brunette started grinding her hips in mock imitation of a real screwing, Lynn came.

This was all that the other girl needed. She came too. The both of them moaned, shrieked and cried out their pent up lusts. Never had Lynn thought she could get off like this from another woman.

But she was getting off. She came again, even harder than before. Gasping for air, her tits rubbing hard against the other girl’s sweaty body, she tried to clutch the brunette to her, but the chains on her wrists prevented it.

The brunette reached down between them and firmly grasped the balls of the rubber cock. She twisted and turned and made the prick inside Lynn’s pussy dance around until the girl got off again. And then the brunette squeezed hard on the artificial balls. She shrieked and arched her back, shoving her cunt down hard onto the cock inserted all the way into her belly.

Lynn felt the sudden rush of hot liquid into her cunt. The phony feeling of a man coming in her set her off again. She hardly realized that it had to be fake. This wasn’t a real man’s prick. It was rubber, and the jism she felt racing into her cunt wasn’t real either. But it didn’t matter. She was too lost in the intensity of her climax.

By the time the liquid had sloshed around inside her and trickled out, Lynn felt drained of all emotion. The brunette lay full length on top of her. Their bodies seemed to be merged into one, connected by the fake cocks still inside their pussies. Lynn realized that fucking with dildoes was great. It never deflated like a real prick.

But it wasn’t the same, either. It wasn’t warm and exciting. It didn’t jerk and throb with every heartbeat, like a real cock always did.

Still, it had been nice. She slowly drifted off to a contented sleep, ignoring the circle of robed men around her.


Lynn didn’t know how long she had slept with the brunette on top of her. She had seldom felt more comfortable, in spite of all the aches and pains in her tortured body. Her pussy ached from the mistreatment it had been given, her ass stung every time she stirred on the cold stone altar, and her shoulders were beginning to hurt from the position she was forced to assume because of the chains on her wrists.

And inspite of all this, she felt good.

The lesbian lovemaking had done it. She felt she had gotten back at the robed men watching her. They had expected her to be humiliated, degraded by the experience. She had enjoyed the hell out of it. She realized the brunette was drugged and wouldn’t remember a bit of it when she came around. Lynn found herself feeling just a little sorry for that.

They had been good together. She hadn’t thought it possible to want another woman the way she did that foxy brunette. The way that girl used the dildo on both of their cunts had been expert. It was obvious that she had lots of experience, either with the real thing or with other women. Lynn didn’t much care. She idly wished she could find the other girl when she got out of this, and maybe then they could do more of this.

She shivered at the thought that intruded. When she got free of this predicament… when! She mentally changed that to “if”. She might never be allowed to go free. The robed men didn’t want witnesses to their depraved ceremonies. She was both a witness and one of their victims. If the drug had fully affected her, she would have forgotten all the things they did to her.

She might have woken up in the morning aching all over, her pussy hurting like hell. One of them would have leered at her and made thinly veiled comments about what a good time she’d had after she got drunk. She would have been too embarrassed to ever ask what had happened. She would have assumed Hank had popped her cherry while she was drunk, and that was that.

But she knew. She knew all about their bizarre initiations, and that their advisor had designed all this. And she was growing to hate them with an intensity that wouldn’t die down.

The warm afterglow from the fucking with the brunette faded away, and she became more and more aware of the pains in her lush, trim body. Even her hair seemed to hurt.

Moaning, she pulled herself upright. The other girl’s body rolled limply to one side of the stone altar. Lynn glanced at her and felt a lump form in her throat. God, was she beautiful! She could understand why the men had chosen her.

Looking around the torture chamber basement, she saw the tight knot of robed men slowly moving in a double line toward her. She had no idea how long she had been asleep. It was long enough for her to regain some of her strength. No longer did the coed feel totally drained and incapable of movement. Now she wanted to get up and run, to flex her strained muscles, to see exactly how much they had done to her.

“Remove that one,” said the lead figure. Two of the pledges took the sleeping brunette and dragged her toward the stairs.

“Where are you taking her?” demanded Lynn. For some reason, she felt protective toward the girl.

“Her part in the ceremony is over. She has performed it well. Soon, the drug will wear off and she will awaken confused. Someone must be with her at that time to explain her bodily aches, perhaps to ease than in an expert way.”

“You mean someone’s got to be there to fuck her silly again.”

The robed figure didn’t answer. He simply pointed at her, and two of the others came up, carrying a dog collar.

“You… you’re not going to put that thing on me!” flared Lynn, but she wasn’t able to effectively fight them off. With her hands still chained, she could only struggle a little. The pair of them were far too strong for her. The spiked dog collar was snapped around her neck, almost painfully tight. She found she had trouble breathing with it on. A long, slender chain ran from the collar to a small coil on the floor.

“Her hands. Cuff them.”

The robed men produced a pair of shackles similar to the ones worn by the brunette. They quickly placed these on Lynn’s wrists, then released her from the stone altar’s shackles. She could move, even clasp her hands in front of her body, but she was still very much their prisoner. With the dog collar around her neck, and the slender, golden links holding her wrists together, she couldn’t hope to escape.

“What do you want of me! What are you going to do that you haven’t done to me already!”

“One last ceremony must be performed. You will be released. You will flee and the pledges will chase you. They will be admitted to our ancient and sacred fraternity if they catch you and fuck you. If they fail to either catch you or consummate their capture with at least five strokes, they will not allowed to join our ranks.”

“The hell with you!” Lynn declared. She sat uncomfortably on the stone platform, the tough rock cutting into ha asscheeks. Crossing her arms defiantly, she declared, “I’m not going to let any half assed morons bent on rape chase me! Do what you want, but I’m not going to run.”

Someone snickered. That sent a cold chill of fear up Lynn’s spine. She suddenly realized they must have a way of making her run, and it probably wasn’t going to be nice.

One of the men silently left the double row of robed men and went to the brazier. He took out one of the branding from and tested it. Lynn was able to see him spit on it. The hiss of steam and the tiny tendrils of smoke that rose told her how hot that iron really was. She cringed as he approached her with it.

“Some of our more active members enjoy these ceremonies more than others,” said the leading figure. “This brother is one who enjoys using that branding iron.”

The red hot tip of the iron approached Lynn’s face. She tried to escape. Severe of the robed pledges grabbed her and held her. The iron came closer and closer to her face. She could feel the heat radiating from it. The lightest touch of that death wand would scar her permanently.

The heat threatened to blister her cheek. Then the man slowly moved it down her body. She felt the intense heat just above the hollow iii her throat she worked it lower. A feather-light brush across one of her breasts made her scream in agony. The ugly stench of burned titflesh come to her nostrils. He had only lightly touched her, and the pain was intense! She didn’t know if it would leave a scar or not. She didn’t think so, but the promise of deeper bums was still there.

“You will run.”

She didn’t know why she was saying no. It might have been the cold, emotionless command to flee. It might have been an agonized plea not to burn her with the branding iron. She didn’t know. She was too panic-stricken to think straight.

The branding frog moved just a hair’s width above her nipple. She didn’t understand what was happening to her. The nipple actually sprang erect, as if she were aroused by it. She thought the nipple might be trying to commit suicide by rising to touch the iron. Just as her nipple started to pulse and throb with real desire, the branding iron moved.

She liked where it went even less.

She could feel the intense heat from that iron rod between her legs. The man moved the branding iron slowly, closer to her snatch. She felt the pussy fur on her pubic mound begin to sear. The stench of burned hair rose to her nostrils. The pain she felt from the heat was almost nonexistent, but the fear of anticipation pushed her closer and closer to fainting.

“You can’t do this!” she pleaded. “Stop, stop it this instant! I… I’ll do anything you want. Anything! But don’t burn me with that iron. Not there!”

She felt her cuntlips begin to pulse. Her outer lips were filling with excited blood. It was as if her body had turned traitor and sought out the very things that hurt her the most. She was responding sexually to the threat of intense pain.

The girl didn’t understand that. She knew that pleasure and pain were almost the same thing. Only thin walls separated them in most people. But she had crossed over that divide and was getting turned on by pain!

They had done this to her. They had corrupted her feelings. They made her respond sexually to another woman. They had raped her virgin cunt and stimulated her in ways she’d never dreamed of before. They were turning her into some grotesque monster of perverted sexual desires. They were the ones who had introduced her, a virgin in most sexual matters, to the most depraved and degrading acts possible.

She hated them, and she felt even more confusion about what was going to happen with the branding iron.

Lynn didn’t want it to touch her delicate flesh. The blisters, the seared cunt lips, would mark her as deformed for the rest of her life. And yet she was growing damper and damper in the pussy. She wanted it to touch her almost as much as she feared it would!

“No, please, anything!” she sobbed. “Anything you want, I’ll do it! Anything at all!”

The heat against her fragile pussy lips, her inner thighs, even her tortured assflesh, made her quiver in fear. Then the heat vanished from between her legs.

“You will run,” came the simple command.

She nodded her blonde head, hair flying in wild disarray. She brushed it back and looked up. To her surprise, the basement was empty. Somehow, all the robed men had left. Startled, she stood and took a hesitant step forward. The coed was a little weak, but the feeling of freedom being so close at hand made her thrill.

The golden chains still bound her wrists. The nakedness bothered her, too, but she would do anything to be free of this horrible place. She went to the stairs and looked up, almost expecting to see a robed man at the head of the stairs, guarding it. All that came from above was a steady chant. She realized then that all the men had gone upstairs to complete their ceremony. The girl would have to escape before they returned.

Wild-eyed, she ran around the basement seeking some other way out. The windows were barred with iron rods thicker than her fingers. She couldn’t hope to bend them out of shape and escape that way. Finally, her desperate searching uncovered a door. She yanked it open and, to her relief, found that it lead outside. It was apparently seldom used. Perhaps before this was made into a fraternity house, the gardener had used this room to put the tools away. He wouldn’t have to disturb the people in the house that way.

She quickly made her way up the rickety stairs and out into the yard. It was well past midnight. The cold wind whipped around her naked body and cunningly sought out her most private places. A tendril of cool air inserted itself up her cunt. She shivered as the wind whipped around her pussy, matting the pubic fur and sending icy blasts up and down her spine. Even her nipples sprang erect. She had noticed that cold often did this to her. Now she wasn’t sure if it was the chilly wind, or the thought of those men chasing her to rape her if they caught her, that turned her on so much.

The blonde teenager started to run into the velvet black cloak of night, and immediately tripped and fell on her face. She managed to catch herself before she smashed face don. The girl had stepped on the chain linked through the dog collar around her throat.

Panting, she ripped and tore at that degrading collar, but it was in vain. The more her frenzied fingers tore at it, the less she was able to do. The pulse in her throat expanded her neck and caused the leather collar to cut into her flesh.

“No,” she sobbed to herself. “This can’t be happening!”

But it was, and she knew it all too well. The damp grass soothed her whipped ass and made her pussy feel fresh and clean again. She pulled herself to her feet and started off, running blindly, not sure of where to go. The girl felt her fear rising with every step she took.

The escape was too easy. They had allowed her to get away, but they were after her. She cringed and shrank from every single night noise. And once, she had had to dodge and hide behind a low shrub as a police car slowly passed by. Lynn knew she would never be able to explain why she was naked, chained with a dog collar around her neck. They would lock her up forever and throw away the key. They might even put her in an asylum. No one except the obviously insane would run around bare-ass naked like she was doing.

After the police car had rounded a corner, she stood and looked up and down the street. She didn’t recognize the area at all. It seemed to be residential, perhaps the row where many of the professors lived. She started to move to her right when a leaf crackled behind her. The blonde teenager turned and started to scream.

A meaty hand closed over her mouth, and a heavy body bore her to the ground. She kicked and fought, but it was no good. She felt her legs being spread wide apart, and a battering ram of cock thrusting into her snatch. She groaned at the entry into her twat.

It seemed to sap her of all strength. She heard tiny trapped animal noises, and suddenly realized she was the one making them. There wasn’t any way she could fight off this man. He was too strong, too quick and too virile.

His cock began to move slowly in her tight, clutching pussy. The girl hated him for raping her like this, but loved him passionately at the same time. She couldn’t understand her mixed emotions. She was being degraded and humiliated at every turn. She was nothing more than a cunt for these depraved men to fuck, and yet she was responding sexually to it!

“Fuck me,” she moaned softly, her chained hands clutching at his strong upper arms. He laughed harshly and began jabbing in and out of her juicy twat.

She felt desire race wildly and strongly in her veins. This was living? She was a primitive woman, thrown back into the Stone Age, and this was a caveman come to take her. His cock surged all the way up into her once-virgin pussy. Her cunt walls contracted and gripped down hard on that stony length of prick.

For a moment, she thought she was going to be able to hang onto it. Then her slick cunt walls betrayed her. The cock slipped free with a lewd smacking noise. She felt the incredible suction formed in her gut. The fit between cockhead and cunt wall was almost perfect. The plunger of cock entered her again. He ground his bush into hers. She felt desire surging stronger and stronger inside.

“Yes, yes!” she cried now. “I want it. Give it all to meeeeee!”

He laughed harshly and continued to corkscrew his cock in and out of her cunt. She felt the sexual tensions mounting. The girl had always had rape fantasies but she’d thought that was all they were. To be raped by an anonymous man, to be grabbed in the dark and thrown to the pound, to feet his prick enter her pussy and drill fast and furiously into her most private depths — that was the fantasy.

Now it was reality, and she loved it as much as she had when it had only been a dream.

“Fuck meeeee!” she begged.

He drove his prick in and out of her pussy until the friction mounted to the point where she was positive she could get off. She strained and struggled passionately. Arching her back, she was able to shove her snatch onto the hard rod of his impaling prick. She sang inside as her cunt walls convulsed and held onto his cock.

Then she felt the sweet, hot surge of his jism filling her insides. Her pussy walls quivered at the touch of the hot, creamy fluid. And then he was gone. She was still needy, her cunt empty and her desires taut.

She managed to open her eyes and focus them. She was alone in the night. For a ghastly moment, she thought she was going mad. She reached down and felt her turgid cunt lips, and pulled any a sticky string of jism. She knew then that it had happened. The man had thrown her to the pound, fucked her, gotten off and then left her.

The blonde girl rolled to her side and managed to get to her feet. The unfulfilled lusts gnawing away at her innards was almost enough to drive her out of her skull. It was the most inhuman torture imaginable to fuck her like that, to get her hot and almost ready to come, and then leave her. She sobbed to herself and rose, stumbling again on the chain around her neck. The girl gathered it up and held it before she ran again.

Blindly, she sought the darkness. She wanted to find a place to hide, a place where none of the others in the fraternity could find her. She stumbled and lurched, finally reaching the end of the street. The football stadium loomed, dark and ominous. But it was deserted, and it provided millions of places where a naked and frightened girl might hide until she could think more clearly.

Lynn went toward the empty stadium, thinking about finding a locker room to hide in. She might even be able to pry open one of the lockers and hide in it. No one could find her then.

Just as she reached one of the concession stands, she stumbled and fell forward. It took her dazed mind an instant to realize that she had been pushed. She tried to turn and see who was so silently stalking her. The girl failed.

Strong hands gripped her waist and guided her forward until she was leaning over the counter of the stand. A hard, long prick was thrust into her cunt from behind. She went rigid at the feel of that hot cock surging up and into her belly.

“Stop it. Don’t do this to me!” she pleaded. “I I’ll give you anything you want if you’ll just take me back to my dorm!”

“I’ve got all I need right here,” was the reply she received. She tried to turn and see who was fucking her so furiously from behind. The girl couldn’t do it. A strong hand had laced through her lustrous blonde hair and held her head directly forward. The other hand had circled her waist and was gripping her pussy mound.

His fingers sought out her erect clit and started stroking it. All resistance left her. She allowed the stark joys of that clit diddling to wash over her like the waves of the ocean.

And the prick! It fucked faster and faster into her from behind. She didn’t know the man who was fucking her, and the coed found that this added a certain zest to the fucking. She, who had been a cock teaser for so long, was coming to love the feel of a prick moving relentlessly in her pussy.

She finally came, and she realized that the man who had fucked her from behind was gone. She turned and looked around. She seemed to be alone. All that was left of the man was the warm glow in her guts from the fucking, the electric tingle in her clit and the tiny river of jism leaking out of her cunt.

Whether it was from her last faceless lover or the one earlier, she didn’t know. All she knew was that she had to escape. But where? Where could she run for safety?

Blindly, she turned and ran into the stadium.


Lynn jumped at every shadow. She heard noises that weren’t there. She was terrified.

Once, she tried to break the chains on her wrists. The thin gold links were deceptively slender. Try as she might, she couldn’t even dent one of them, much less break it. She finally gave up, afraid that she had wasted too much time in trying to escape from the chains. They were after her. They would find her if she stayed too long, in one place.

She ran again. Her bare feet made no sound as she raced along the deserted concrete passages under the stadium. She didn’t have any idea where she was running to, but she knew she had to get there soon. Otherwise, they would do all the terrible things to her that her frenzied mind told her they were capable of doing.

“Nooooo!” she cried as she ran past one of the pillars and a hand reached out to grab her. She was spun around to face a man. Before she could say another word, he forced her to her knees and shoved his hips forward. His prick was already free of his jeans. The cock slid between her lips and into her mouth.

“Suck,” he said.

“No,” she gasped around the thick plug of cock. “I won’t do it! Kill me if you want, but I won’t do it!”

“The branding iron,” he said ominously.

The girl shivered. She remembered the feel of the heated iron rod between her legs. Her cunt hadn’t been hurt but it had come so close.

“Please don’t do this.”


She sucked. It was all she could do. Her tongue ran around the rim of his cock, teasing the sensitive flesh as she prayed that he would come in a hurry. She didn’t want any more of this abuse. They treated her like some sort of animal. She wasn’t human, as far as they were concerned. She was to be used and then discarded.

“Suck harder.”

His hands laced through the strands of her hair and pulled her face closer to his crotch. She almost gagged as the rubbery tip of his prick bounced off the roof of her mouth and descended down her throat. She was no Linda Lovelace, but she managed to take his entire length down her throat. For what seemed like years that prick stayed lodged in her. Every time she swallowed, her tongue bobbed hard against the underside of his cock. This seemed to spur the man on. His fingers tightened their grip. Finally, he allowed her to move her head backwards. She gasped in relief.

The hot air from her nostrils gusted through his pubic bush and tickled his balls. She could see his hairy little bag contracting into a hard sphere. She knew then that it wouldn’t be long before he came. She sucked harder, her cheeks going hollow under the strain.

She tasted the male musk from his prick, and this turned her on. In spite of being as tied up like she was, in spite of the spiked dog collar around her neck, in spite of all the tortures and rapes of the past few hours, the smell and taste of this man’s cock made her pussy begin to flow. She moaned softly, and eagerly devoured his cock.

“Yes,” he moaned. “That’s more like it. Suck as hard as you can! Eat my prick!”

Her rough, pink tongue flickered out and lightly danced all over the tip of his cock. She managed to insert the end of her tongue into his piss-slit, just a little. This excited them both she tasted the first drop of come. There would be more soon.

She began using her chained hands on his balls, lightly bouncing the hairy sac on her fingertips. The girl could feel the agitation inside. The thick stew of his jism began to boil, and his balls lurched and tumbled in the tiny pouch. Her tongue sensed when his prick began to swell. The come was about to explode into her mouth.

Sucking even harder, she ran her livid tongue around and around the rim of his knobby cock. Then the lava-hot jizz exploded. Her entire mouth was filled with steamy come. Swallowing, she took every single drop. She continued sucking, begging silently for more. Spurt after spurt caressed her tongue. She smeared it all over her tastebuds to savor the full taste. Then his prick began to go limp in her mouth. Her lips worked hard on his prick to keep it stiff and virile. Lynn almost fell on her face when the man moved away silently.

Again, she was left alone.

The suddenness of his departure frightened her. She was abandoned. She no longer had the warmth and security of a prick in her mouth to suck on. The girl had been deserted repeatedly and didn’t know where to turn for help. She was still their prisoner, to do with as they saw fit.

“NOOOOO!” she cried aloud. “Come back! Don’t leave me like this!” The echoes of her lament filled the empty passageways of concrete. For long minutes, she stayed on her knees, crying openly. Her tits heaved and danced erotically, but there was no one there to see them. She managed to get her ravaging emotions under control, enough to decide to get the hell out of the stadium. She’d thought it was a good idea to come in here to hide. It hadn’t been. They had found her easily.

But where to go, where to hide?

She stood and paused for a moment, leaning against the hard, concrete pillar. Lynn turned and saw the women’s john just a few steps distant. She had no clear idea what to do there, but it provided a haven, a place that was known to her.

The blonde teenager staggered to the door and pushed inside. Hands grabbed her from all sides. She screamed and struggled, but it did no good. Naked and abused and helpless, she was quickly dragged deeper into the restroom.

“Why are you doing this?” she moaned. “I don’t deserve all this! I hope you all burn in Hell for this, you and that scumbag advisor of yours who put you up to it!”

She thought she almost got a reply out of one of the men who pulled her along. A quick look from one of the others silenced any outcry on the man’s part. They quickly turned her around in one of the stalls and lifted her naked body until her toes barely rested on the sides of the toilet. She heard a clank as the links of her chains were put over a hook in the ceiling.

They released her and she sank down a few inches, but no farther. She was suspended from that unseen hook high above, and the links in the chains binding her wrists refused to give. She dangled down, her toes slipping on the white porcelain of the toilet bowl.

Two men moved into the stall. Each one grabbed a slender leg and pulled. She was swung outward, her legs pulled into a wide, obscene vee. Her snatch was exposed to all the leering youths gathered. One of them quickly pulled down his fly and yanked out an already hard cock.

Without a word, he moved into the vertex of her legs, his prick before him like a blind man using a cane. She moaned softly as the cock entered her slit.

Lynn closed her eyes and tried to imagine she was elsewhere. Anywhere else would do. But the pain in her shoulders, arms and wrists was too great. Her entire weight was being supported by them now. The way they held her legs so far apart hurt. It hurt terribly. The position she was in caused her pussy to contract to the smallest possible diameter.

And into that impossibly tight cunt the man fucked hard. He didn’t seem to notice that her cunt was gripping down fiercely around his prick. He fucked smoothly, easily, and when her pussy started to froth and boil with her lust, he fucked even faster.

The girl was dangling from the chains, lightly swinging back and forth with every single thrust. The men holding her legs dropped them. The man fucking her quickly picked up her legs and held them under each arm. She was swung to and fro as he drove his fuck stick into her softly yielding cunt.

“The burning! I’m on fire! Do something about it! And my arms, oh sweet Jesus, my arms are coming out of their sockets!”

He didn’t listen to her moans of pain, and he seemed equally oblivious to her cries of pleasure. His prick parted her pinkly scalloped cunt lips and shot his balls toward her twat. Once berthed there, he rotated his hips in a large circle. She felt his prick stirring inside her like a spoon in a bowl. She knew she was responding forcefully to him, and hated herself for it.

She couldn’t possibly come from this rape, but she did.

When she came, her entire body convulsed. She felt her muscles going rigid with desire, then she shook all over like a leaf in a high wind. The man allowed her as much freedom as he could without releasing her or pulling his prick from her steamy twat.

“More,” she moaned aloud. “Give me more, dammit. Fuck me harder! I want it all the way up my cunt! Split me in half!”

The words seemed to be coming from other lips. She couldn’t believe she could get turned on by such torture. Her arms were leaden weights now. The tug of her body weight on her wrists and shoulders was driving her out of her skull with pain. The crude fucking lacked all the finesse that she knew should be needed to get her off.

She came again.

The pain blurred into the pleasure of the fucking. Just the feel of the hot and hard prick inside her tight cunt was all it took to get her off again and again. She felt like a string of firecrackers going off. The girl knew it was sick, depraved, perverted on her part to enjoy this torture and rape. But enjoy it she did.

Over and over, she loved every single thrust of his cock. She even began swinging her body to and fro so that she could add some force into each of his ponderous cock-attacks.

The spurt of his jism took her by surprise. She didn’t expect him to get off quickly, but he had. A voice from outside the toilet stall said, “Two and a half minutes. My turn.”

Hands dropped her legs. She cried aloud as the pain streaked through her arms and shoulders. Her entire weight was suspended by that thin chain looped over a hook in the ceiling. Hands fumbled under, her buttocks and ran down the backside of her legs. She was hoisted up, her pussy exposed to still another prick.

“I’ll stay on a hell of a lot longer. And I don’t mind sloppy seconds. Not when the nookie is as nice as this one. Shit, I can’t believe the way she gets off on this!”

She tried to focus her eyes to see who it was saying all the awful things about her. She couldn’t do it. Just as she blinked to clear her vision, she felt the blunted end of a cock poking into her cunt again. She shivered, a cold breeze finding its way into the stall and caressing her cunt. The blonde pussy fur actually rippled with the wind, and then the coldness was driven away by the heated shaft of manmeat.

He plunged balls deep into her seething hot cunt. She felt his balls slap wetly at her asshole, and wondered how much more of this she could stand. His hands worked up her legs until she was half braced against him. She wondered what he was doing as his hands worked over her well-whipped assflesh.

Then she knew. His finger found her asshole and plunged into it. She came hard. Her entire body shook and she almost pounded herself on his prick. Her hips swung back and forth in rapid movements, and his prick sailed up into her belly.

“This is it!” the man said. “I can hang on and ride her to the end of the line. I’m gonna collect that bet!”

“Another ten says he can’t stay on longer than three minutes.”


Lynn’s ears barely heard the voices. The drum roll of her pulse hammered loudly in her temples. She felt blood surge into her boobs as she breathed harder and harder. Her nipples sprang erect again, redly pointing fingers capping the snow-white titflesh underneath. She felt the cock reaming her out, moving slowly inside her, then speeding up.

And that finger! It drove her insane with desire. He managed to stroke his prick through her delicate inner membranes. The knowledge that he was doing this excited her as much as anything he was doing.

The friction mounted. Her cunt walls burned. The love juices that had once run freely now evaporated under the frantic fucking. He swung her to and fro with greater speed and more determination. His finger in her ass tormented her.

And then he came. His balls literally blasted out his come into a white-hot stream that seared her sensitive cunt walls.

All the while he was jetting his load into her hungrily awaiting cunt, the girl was coming too. But she wasn’t thinking of being strung up in the women’s john. She wasn’t thinking of all the cocks that had raped her that night. She wasn’t even thinking of the torment still to come.

She was fantasizing as she had done in class earlier that day. She imagined that her father figure professor, Dr. Matthews, was fucking her. She imagined it was his prick driving deeply into her cunt and filling her with manseed. She came and came and came, thinking of the tall, virile professor.

Only when the last of the pledges had fucked her did she allow her thoughts to return to her predicament — and revenge!


She was about to pass out from the pain in her upper body when they finally took her down. Lynn was surprised to find that she still had the strength to stand without support. Her arms had given out a long time ago, as the strain on her shoulders had been too much. She was positive she would never be able to move them again.

Her chest felt as if it had been filled with liquid fire. Every breath was agony for her, but her legs still moved. As she left the stall in the women’s john between two of the pledges to the fraternity, she found her circulation wasn’t entirely gone. Tiny needles danced along her arms and made her come more completely alive due to the pain.

“I hate you all!” she hissed.

“I’m not too pleased with you, either,” said the nearest of the fraternity men. “I lost twenty bucks because of you.”

“Hey, baby, I dig you. That pussy of yours just made me that twenty. Don’t listen to him. He’s thinking he’s God’s gift to women. He’s nothing but a second rate stud,” a second boy leered.

She glared at them as they hurried her along the still-deserted halls of the stadium. She wondered at the sudden change in the pledges. Before, silence had reigned among them, and now they were joking and talking. She guessed it might be because none of the fun-fledged members of the fraternity were here to caution them to silence. Lynn tried to remember everything about them that she could. She would get her revenge on all of them, somehow, someday.

“Where are you taking me?”

“To the swimming pool. We figured that a little late-night swim might do us all some good.”

They hurried her down the stairs, one hand curling around her perky asscheek to guide her. She flinched from the touch. Her ass was still raw from the whipping they had given her in the basement torture chamber, and she still wasn’t recovered from all the fucking. Her pussy was aching, and her asshole burned like fire.

She had no reason to feel charitable towards any of these college students. They’d taken her, a virgin, and raped her. They had tortured her. They had abused her in the worst ways possible. Sure, she had been a Grade A cock teaser, but she hadn’t harmed any of them. Certainly, she had done nothing to any of them to make them whip her with leather straps, chain her as they’d done, and threaten her with branding irons. They were cruel and sadistic. It was only sheer chance that she hadn’t drunk the drugged punch they had offered her at the party.

The party — it seemed like an eternity ago. She found it hard to believe they had been torturing her for only about six hours. It was around four in the morning, and they’d started at ten p.m. the night before. She wanted to cry when she remembered what her fantasies had been like in her English class with Dr. Matthews.

That was such a childish, immature fantasy now. She had thought it would be wonderful having the man who looked and acted so much like her father to fuck her — just to fuck her, nothing else. Since she had diddled herself in his class, she had been fucked more times than she could remember, both up the ass and in the pussy. And she had jerked off a couple men, and taken more than a dozen in the mouth.

Even her lips ached from the friction of cockflesh that had moved across them. Her entire being was one giant scar now. And to think that legs than twenty-four hours ago, she had been happy fantasizing fucking one of her professors!

Things sure had changed a lot!

She tried to keep from being thrown into the swimming pool but failed, tumbling head over heels into the water. She instantly discovered the handicap of having her hands chained in front of her. She couldn’t swim very effectively. Sputtering for air, she came to the surface and tried to get her feet under her. Luckily, she was still in the shallow end of the pool.

“God, she’s even better looking wet than she is dry.”

“Yeah, but I like her wet in more intimate places,” quipped one of the pledges. He immediately began stripping his clothes off and, when he was naked, dived into the pool.

Lynn watched his form, which wasn’t bad. He cut the water in a smooth dive and then surfaced, swimming strongly to the other side of the pool. He called out to her.

“Swim, you dumb cunt, or I’ll really show you what it’s like to be punished! Reinhardt doesn’t have any ideas at all compared to what I can do to you!”

She recognized the voice. It was the man who had tried to use the branding iron on her. She went cold all over. The feelings racing up and down her spine gave her gooseflesh all over. She tried kicking and swimming for the side of the pool.

He caught her before she made it halfway. He came up from behind her, his hands reaching out. He snared her waist and pulled her backwards in the water. Lynn fought, but he was too strong for her.

“Keep swimming and we’ll be just fine,” he told her. She felt him maneuvering around behind her.

His body pressed down on the back of her legs and she knew then that she might not come out of this alive. She could drown if he tried to fuck her from behind.

And that was exactly what he did. He slipped along her wet skin until his crotch was directly over her ass. The flare of her butt fit the curve of his body perfectly. She kicked her legs to stay afloat and knew that this was exactly what he wanted. Her legs drifted apart slightly, and his meaty prick shoved between the thick slabs of her rump and probed down into her pussy.

“No, don’t do this to meeee!” she protested. Then she got a mouthful of water. Gasping far air, she managed to turn her head to one side and draw in a deep breath. Her ample tits provided just enough flotation for her to keep on top of the water as the man’s prick parted her asscheeks and plunged all the way up into her pussy, which was, surprisingly, dry.

She would have thought that strange if she’d been given the time to think on it. Her pussy was absolutely dry. The feel of his prick moving inside her tight fuck tunnel actually chafed. She was turned on by the idea of fucking in the water, if not by being raped.

The water, however, robbed her cunt of all its oils. The swiftly moving stream of water in the pool rushed across her snatch and pulled away every last trace of her fuck juices and caused the plunging cock to irritate her most delicate tissues. “You’re tearing me up inside!” she moaned. She knew the man could feel it, too. There was no way he couldn’t. Her pussy walls seemed to jerk and grip at his prick every single inch along the way, and it wasn’t a pleasant grabbing around his cock, either.

“Yeah, I know,” he grunted.

She felt his hands around her waist. He turned her over suddenly, and she was floating on her back, the man entirely beneath her. He managed to press his face close beside her head so that he could breathe. His hands stroked over her lush body, fondling her tits and slowly working down across the slight dome, of her belly. When he came to the tangled mat of her pussy fur, he seemed to become excited.

Finger pressing into her clit, he began a rhythmic fucking that would have been delightful under other circumstances, but the chafing inside her pussy was too much. She moaned and cried out.

“Stop! This is impossible! I’ll let you fuck me, but do something about that prick of yours!”

“DO something about that cunt of yours,” he snapped back. But he knew what the problem was. He kicked lightly and carried both of them over the side of the pool. He yelled out, “Get the jar of petroleum jelly I saw on that shelf. Yeah, over there.”

One of the others dutifully brought the plastic jar over. The man dipped his fingers in it and carried out a huge gob. This he applied to Lynn’s blonde-furred snatch. He rubbed it into her flesh, then fucked in and out a few times to coat his prick. By the time the entire gob of grease had vanished, her pussy was lubricated. Then he really began fucking her.

She tried to stay afloat in the water. The chains on her wrists prevented her from doing too much paddling around. She finally discovered the best thing she could do was simply let her legs drift down on either side of his body. His prick shot directly up between her legs and into her cunt. By keeping her legs spread wide for him, she was doing both of them a favor.

Since chafing and irritation of a dry humping had been eliminated, the blonde teenager found herself actually enjoying this odd fucking. The sensation of being weightless while screwing gave her a heady feeling unlike anything she had ever before experienced.

“Ummm, this is so… different,” she managed to coo. Then the blonde got a mouthful of water and choked. Her thrashing around actually added to her arousal. By the time she had cleared all the water from her windpipe, she found that the wild motion had made the man’s prick move erotically back, and forth inside her tender pussy.

All of the dry fucking had actually stimulate her. The walls of her cunt were now more sensitive than ever. With the grease lubricating her entire length, the smallest motion made her come totally alive.

Her legs trailed in the water on either side of his body. She tried to rest her weight fully on him, but couldn’t quite do it. The man was beginning to pump and thrust upwards. She managed to pull her head out of the water enough to see what was happening. The sight of his ugly red prick parting her tender young cunt lips and plunging deep into her pussy added to her arousal.

She felt the lightning-swift shocks every time his prick shot deep up her cunt. Her pussy walls convulsed and squeezed down on his hidden prick. The feeling of the water lapping over their joined bodies added a certain thrill to the fucking that the young girl wouldn’t have believed possible.

Forgotten was the fact that her hands were still chained together. She could forget that she had been tortured, and chased through the deserted campus. She was nothing more than a convenient object for these men to screw, but all that was erased from her mind. Pleasure took her, and she came.

The feelings inside grew and grew after the come. She didn’t understand quite what it was. The water lapping over the tops of her tits certainly aroused her. The gentle water seemed to pull excited blood into her nipples. The red cherries pointed directly up at the nighttime sky like tiny beacons of lust. Her thighs were amply covered with water. This gave a rise and fall effect to the balling that made her giddy.

“More, faster! I… I never thought it could be this good!” she moaned.

She got a contented chuckle in way of answer. The man’s hands were outstretched on either side, slowly paddling back and forth to keep the pair firmly locked together.

His legs began kicking with greater speed. She could see what was happening: he would rise, and his prick would plunge far up into her cunt. The girl tried to cooperate the best she could. Her pussy squeezed down powerfully on his cock in an attempt to keep it firmly lodged inside her, but the motion of the water pulled it back out of her.

The friction of cock against cunt was delightful. The sensation of being completely without weight was superb. The feelings building up in her body, from the action of his cock in her pussy, drove her over the brink of climax again.

This time they turned over in the water. She ended up face down, with his heavy plunger of cock still fucking her powerfully. Gagging, she tried to get her head above water. She failed. Panic took her.

Bubbles rose as she tried to call out. The girl quickly stopped that vain effort on her part. She found she was more helpless than she had imagined. Strong hands held her hips firmly. Every movement was directed at getting his prick buried even farther into her cunt. Nothing was being done to allow her to breathe.

Finally, she succeeded in getting her head turned to one side. The air came to her, sweet and cool. The feeling of life added to her arousal. She had been on the verge of drowning. Now she knew she could hang on for a few minutes more. It added spice to the fucking.

“You love it, don’t you, you stupid bitch?” came the question from behind.

There wasn’t any way she could answer. She needed all her air for mere living. The fucking actually pushed her head down into the water at the same time that it raised her ass.

She began kicking her legs to try to surface. A compromise was reached. They wiggled their way across the pool dolphin-fashion, head coming out of the water while their asses were under, then reversing the position.

“Yes, yes, yesssss!” she moaned. Her hands were almost useless for stroking in the water. She held them closely together and tried to push herself up and out of the water the best she could. From the edge of the pool came the lewd remarks of all the other pledges to the fraternity.

For a brief instant, she remembered her hatred. She was being used again. While she might enjoy tit hell out of this aquatic fucking, she was still chained, and she hadn’t agreed to it beforehand.

She had been ordered to fuck, and she was doing just that. They couldn’t care less about her, or if she got off. All they were doing was feeding their own sick pleasures.

And she came again. The feel of the naked flesh of her inner thighs slipping across the hairy thighs of the man fucking her was too much. His cock filled her entirely. Her pussy had to strain constantly to take such a huge prick. The friction of his forceful fucking made her come totally alive. She knew her blue-tinged cunt lips might be bruised by this frantic screwing, but she didn’t care.

Her only hope was to get as much joy from this as she could. This was the only possible revenge she could extract from these horrible men, for now.

But later, later she would find out who their advisor was, and even the score with him! And she would track down each and every one of the men who had fucked her. She would get even with them, too.

She would!

The sudden surge of hot jism spurting into her pussy startled her. She hadn’t expected the man to come so fast, but he did. The teenager felt robbed. Her horniness had been increasing for some time. The feel of fucking in the pool was tremendous. She loved it. Under other circumstances she wouldn’t have ever wanted to leave the pool or the prick.

She managed to twist to see the gooey string of his jism leaking out into the pool. Then he flung himself away from her as if she had turned red hot. The suddenness of his departure left her face down in the pool. Her legs got tangled up and she foundered for a moment.

Spitting water, she managed to get her feet under her again. Luckily, they were back at the shallow end of the pool. Otherwise, she might have drowned. None of the watchers on the edge of the pool seemed inclined to help her.

Rattling her chains, she lifted her hands from the water and flipped them a finger. This seemed to amuse them even more, which made her feel helpless, inadequate. When the best she could do was a mildly obscene gesture, she was truly their prisoner, to do with as they pleased.


Lynn stood bedraggled for some time while the men gathered in a tight knot to discuss what to do with her. She took her chance. None of them seemed to be watching her all that closely. Carefully, she made her way to the far side of the pool. Climbing out without making noise proved a problem. The chains on her wrists rattled, impeding her motion.

But she succeeded, and not a single one of the pledges seemed to have noticed. Hope flared. She could get away from them!

Ignoring the pain in her pussy from the fucking she had just received — and all the cuts and scrapes and raw skin from the tortures they had given her — she started to sneak off. The blonde girl realized she would have to be quick about it. With her honey blonde hair, she stood out like a bright light against the shadowy background.

Her tits rose and fell heavily as she realized that freedom was almost at hand. She fumbled with the catch on a doorway lading who knows where, but she was almost away from the pool. She could hear the low, intense voices still discussing her probable fate.

The girl didn’t want to think what they were talking about. She could identify them. Even if she didn’t go to the police, she would be a constant threat. There didn’t seem to be any choice except for them to kill her.

Or was there?

Mother alternative came to her, even more frightening than outright death. What if they decided to keep her as a “pet” in the basement of their frat house? They could keep her imprisoned there forever, and no one would ever know. Feeding her would be easy. What was one more mouth when the food coming in was for fifty or so college students? The idea of them hiding her made the young coed shiver in horror.

She could see herself trapped forever in that torture chamber of a basement, her hands chained to the walls like some old time story of Edgar Allan Poe. She might not be bricked up in a wall, but she would be a prisoner nevertheless. They could use her for their depraved ceremonies whenever they desired. She would be theirs to command.

How could she hope to fight them? Chained, naked and helpless, she would become their sex slave. Their slightest whim would be her command. If they wanted to butt fuck her, all they would have to do was to command her to bend over. Their cocks would be sheathed in her tight assflesh instantly.

Sucking cock would become her breakfast. She imagined them all lining up and ordering her to eat cock. Fifty pricks, several at a time. She would be required to do it. Otherwise, they could hold back her food, or worse!

The whips had been well used. She would be whipped with them. The tiny whips were ugly looking, but the cat-o-nine-tails was the one which would give her nightmares for years to come. It had lead weights on the tips of the leather strips. If they used that on her, they could strip the flesh from her bones with a few strokes.

Or the one who had fucked her in the swimming pool. He was the one who enjoyed using branding irons on naked women. The girl almost broke out crying at the thought of being left alone with that depraved son of a bitch. He would scar her for life, possibly in places where no one would see unless they were fucking her.

She could be chained up on the stone altar while they performed their, odd rituals. The robes would keep their faces a mystery to her. Anyone could do anything. The fraternity brothers might not be content with only allowing their members to abuse and humiliate her. They might sell their rights to others. Who could tell when all were dressed in the plain robes, and the faces were so well hidden in the shadows of the cowls?

Lynn didn’t understand why the idea of having perfect strangers fuck her bothered her more. Most of the fraternity members were unknown to her. But these past few hours she felt a strange, obscene bond forming between her and all of them. They were familiar figures, figures to be hated and scorned and feared. But they were familiar. That was the key.

What would happen when they allowed anyone to use her?

The girl tried to break out of that chain of thinking. She was free! She had escaped from the pool and all the pledges. She could run with the wind and find help. Maybe the cops wouldn’t listen to her, but they couldn’t be any worse than the pledges.

Or could they? She remembered horror stories from high school of the questions the cops had asked a friend of hers who had been raped. They seemed more interested in hearing all the gory details — to get their rocks off — than in finding the pervert who had raped the girl.

That might happen to her. She could sit naked in the police station while they questioned her about her “alleged” rapes and tortures, and they probably wouldn’t even bother to take the chains off ha wrists. She clanked them in front of ha bare body. Going to the police was out, then. The teenager couldn’t bear the humiliation of all those strangers poking and prodding her, asking questions over and over until she broke down and cried.

She would have to deal with the fraternity members — and their advisor — on her own.

She tossed her head, and the long chain fastened to the dog collar whipped around, tripping her. She managed to get to her hands and knees when she heard the crunch of gravel behind her. Frantically, she turned and looked over her shoulder.

She hadn’t escaped! They were merely allowing her the sudden flare of hope so they could rob her of even that small pleasure. She realized the true meaning of torture in that instant. It wasn’t the physical abuse they heaped on her. She was young and strong. She could bear up under it.

The real torture was purely mental. They gave hope, like a carrot in front of a horn, then snatched it away as soon as she reached for it. If she’d never known the carrot of freedom, she wouldn’t have missed it when they caught her again.

“Can’t you leave me alone? Can’t you just let me go!” she begged. The young girl knew the answer. They couldn’t simply allow her to walk away. She had seen too much. She knew too much about them and their odd cult. Given enough time, she would even find out the man responsible for thinking up these depraved initiation ceremonies. And when she discovered the identity of their advisor…

“You. Try riding this bitch. See if you can stay on.” The man gave a tug to the chain around Lynn’s neck. She almost choked as he turned her head to one side.

One of the pledges detached himself from the group and came over. He quickly straddled her, as if she were some sort of horse, and immediately lowered his weight onto her back.

“Don’t!” she pleaded. She could hardly support him. He wasn’t all that heavy, but a extra hundred and sixty pounds on her back was almost more than she could take. The coed had been through so much that night, she was drained and weak.

“Ride!” came the command, echoing through the stillness of the night.

The youth straddling her, kicked up his heels and applied them to her tits. She groaned at the impact of his shoes against her soft, swaying boobs.

Her rider reached over and took the chain in his hands. He jerked hard, and she almost choked again. The dog collar around her neck had never felt tighter.

“Giddup!” he told her, punctuating his demand with a kick to her belly. She hesitantly began crawling forward. It had been a long time since she had played horsey, and never with such a heavy rider on her back.

The girl wasn’t sure, but she guessed that the man was getting a hard-on. Every time he bent forward, she felt a growing lump in his pants. For some reason, this entire scene was getting to her. She shouldn’t have responded to it at all. It was degrading, abusive, the most humiliating thing that had been done to her so far.

She felt the cool night wind caressing her cunt lips, turning her entire pussy cold. She also felt her cunt beginning to drool obscenely. The thought of having a man riding her like this made her more and more excited. She began to crawl faster. His heels prodded her in the ribs. When he reached down and grabbed one of her tits, she almost came.

The coed felt stark horror at her reactions. She was getting turned on by this! She was his prisoner, his sex slave. He held the chain fastened around her neck. The dog collar was too tight for her to ever hope to get it off, and with the chains on her wrists, all she could do was not enough.

Naked, she was as helpless as a woman can get. And she felt her pussy beginning to churn and boil with desire.

“Please,” she moaned out. “Go on and fuck me, if you want. But do something. I need it. I fucking well neeeeed it!”

The man laughed and slid off her, his knees hitting the ground at either side of her body. She stopped crawling, anticipating what he was going to do.

He was in the perfect position to fuck her like a bitch in heat. All he had to do was lower his fly and let his lovely, virile prick come leaping out. He was so do to her pussy that only one small thrust would carry him all the way up her fuck tunnel.

“Fuck meeeee!” she demanded. Her entire body was trembling in desire now. She couldn’t explain why she was responding so strongly to being ridden like a horse. It wasn’t something that she thought should turn her into a sex-starved woman, but it did.

She heard the metallic hiss of a zipper being lowered. She spread her legs just a little wider to give him the best possible target for his prick. The girl wanted to feel his fleshy spike driven all the way up into her needy cunt.

It didn’t come. She turned her head to one side and saw the youth standing behind her. He was sporting a huge boner, the one that should have been driven balls deep into her juicy, seething twat.

“Wh-what’s wrong? Why aren’t you fucking me?”

The pledge laughed, as did all the others in the go up. The man who enjoyed using branding irons stepped forward. He had dressed, and was ready to fuck again. Lynn couldn’t believe that their bout in the swimming pool hadn’t drained him for hours to come. Yet, there was no denying the huge erection dancing around in front of his crotch. The man was insatiable.

“We are all brothers in the fraternity. Share, and share alike is our creed. So, up on your knees, bitch! We all want a chance at you.”

“You can’t do this!”

She didn’t even hear the whip singing its ugly song in the night air. All she felt was the sudden pain across her already well-whipped back. A red curtain of pain robbed her of the power of speech. The whip rose and fell again on her unprotected back. Lynn rolled, trying to cover her shoulders to prevent further pain.

The man didn’t stop whipping her. She felt the sudden shock of the whip across her tits. The man laughed, and she realized that there was nothing in the world that could stop him now. Again and again, the whip rose and fell across her boobs.

She felt her tits filling with excited blood. She hated the idea, but she was getting even more turned on by the whipping. The pain fed her lust. She had to have more, yet her body screamed in agony.

She thrust out her tits and let the whip lash repeatedly on the turgid nipples. The sting was great, but the turn-on was even greater. The girl couldn’t stop to figure out what was happening to her. She was coming to love pain. She needed it for getting horny. Nothing less than sharp, searing agony would do her now.

The whip left her white, lovely tits covered with ugly red marks — nothing serious, but they hurt. Hurt! Her nipples felt as if they would explode from all the blood hammering into them. The girl rolled and finally came to her hands and knees, back in the horse position that they had found her in.

The leather whip sang its ugly song of pain again. She felt the strip of leather part her asscheeks and drive down to the bottom of that humid crack. The pain all along her ass was incredible, but her pussy began to froth and boil with lust. If a prick had been shoved into her cunt then, she would have had the most incredible come of her young life.

The whip prevented any man from getting that close. It landed squarely on her snatch. The broad leather strap spitted on her cunt lips and caressed the gash from her clit to her asshole. She came. She came harder than she ever had, and without a prick inside her! The pain was all it took. She shivered like a leaf blown about in a high wind.

Then she parted her legs, openly inviting more. It wasn’t something she consciously did. Her body was dictating to her now. It had come to revel in pain. Without it, fucking was bland, too tame, not enough to really engage her entire attention.

With the pain and searing agony of the whip, she could give a complete accounting of how it was different. She could compare, and from that comparison get the biggest sexual high ever.

“Don’t! Don’t whip mew!” she bellowed. But her body worked to get more of the whip.

It came. The man whipping her didn’t stop, or even slow down. The leather strap lauded repeatedly on her snatch and along her pussylips. The cuntlips turned a bright pink, then flared all the way up to blood-red. They were abused, mistreated, but she came again!

As suddenly as the whipping had started, it stopped. For a moment, Lynn lay on the ground, dazed. Then she realized something was missing. While some of the pain still radiated upwards into her belly from her well whipped pussy, there wasn’t any new torment being given her. She opened her eyes, imploring the man to continue.

He laughed at her again.

Again, she realized the true horror that these people were capable of giving. They promised freedom, then snatched it away. Then they gave her all the sexual arousal she could handle, then took it away at a whim.

She hated the man with the whip. She hated the president of the fraternity, Reinhardt. Most of all, the girl hated the unseen advisor who condoned this, who even concocted this whole dirty scheme.

“Line up,” came the harsh command. She turned her head and saw Reinhardt striding across the playing field in the center of the stadium. Wherever he had teen, he was now back in command. She wondered if he was really any different from the man who had just whipped her.

The coed doubted it.

“What now?” she asked, her voice almost breaking. “What’s left that you can do to me? You’ve whipped me, and chained me up like a dog. You’ve tortured me, then raped me up the ass and cunt. You’ve made me suck all of you off. And then you chased me and fucked me in a Goddamn swimming pool. What now!”

The sly smile on Reinhardt’s lips sent shivers down her spine. Whatever was coming, it wasn’t going to be pleasant.

“You are a sex hungry bitch. You might have been a virgin, but that didn’t take away from the fact that you enjoyed sucking a stud off now and then. Maybe you even let a guy take you up the ass before this night.”

“Never!” she denied, but it fell on deaf ears as Reinhardt continued.

“But you were a cock teaser. We all knew that. We think this is fitting punishment for a woman who promises a man pleasure, and then gets her own rocks off by denying him his pleasure.”

They were all lined up, like a squad in the Army. All of them ran the zippers down on their jeans. Cocks, like an artillery company, prodded forth. She saw purpled knobs throbbing with desire for her. She saw limp pricks that couldn’t quite make the grade. She saw half-stiff pricks that would soon jerk and buck their way up to full erection.

And then she saw a white cloud descending from the direction of Reinhardt’s prick. He’d jacked off into her face!

She gasped and put her hands up to prevent the thick, creamy come from running into her eyes. She was only partially successful. Some of his jism leaked past her fingers and got into her once lustrous honey blonde hair.

“What are you doing?” she demanded. “Why are you doing this?”

“Next,” came the solemn command. And the next in line jacked off into her face. For a moment, Lynn didn’t know what to do. Then she decided this might be humiliating, but that she could make the best of it.

She’d never really liked the taste of come, not before tonight, at any rate. Now her agile tongue leaped out and licked her lips clean of the thick goo from two of the men’s pricks. She probed farther and managed to get some of the stringy jizz off her cheeks. There wasn’t much she could do about the strings of the come in her hair, but she was going to get the last laugh.

She wasn’t going to let them degrade her. She was going to show them that she could play their game with their rules and still best them.

Then one of the pledges with a limp prick stepped up. For a moment, she stared boldly at him, daring him to get a hard-on and come. Then she realized this wasn’t what he had in mind. He didn’t want to get a boner. His piss-slit widened and out came a hot, smelly stream of urine. He pissed directly into her face.

“Nooooo!” she shrieked, flinging herself backwards and trying to roll on the ground. No matter where she turned, she couldn’t escape the hot, humiliating stream of yellow piss. Covered with dirt and smelling of piss, she finally managed to calm herself down a little when he ran out of steam.

The next one in line jacked off in her hair. She took that, trying not to cry. That would only give them satisfaction. Her hair was her prize possession. She might have great tits, a lovely face, a trim waist and a fantastic ass, but it was her lustrous hair that she preened and pampered the most. Now it was caked with dirt and fizz, beginning to harden in strands from the piss.

She thought she was ready for the next one who came up to her with a limp cock. She thought it would be like having the very first one piss on her. She was dead wrong — it was even worse. She knew what was coming, and there wasn’t a way in hell she could avoid it.

He tried to piss into her mouth!

Several of them lined up and chased her across the field, pissing on her as they went. She was hampered by the dog collar and chain around her neck. If she could have gotten free of the chains binding her wrists, she would have been better able to balance and run at the same time.

But they were relentless. Not until the last of the pledges was drained did they let her rest.

The blonde girl fell down in a pitiful heap, sobbing and crying. She curled into a total position and tried to die. Not even that would release her from the torment given by these depraved students. She finally controlled her crying, only to hear the demonic laughter of several members of the fraternity.


For several minutes, Lynn crouched on the football field, wondering if they were going to come back and molest her again. Her pussy hurt, her ass burned like a million fire ants were nipping at her flesh, her head ached horribly, and she had never felt a greater depression in her life. They had used her like a rag and then cast her off. They had abused her body. They had totally neglected to take her feelings into account.

She hated them, and this spurred her on. The girl realized that she had tried to escape them before, and it had all been a trick on their part. Now she wasn’t so sure that they wanted her to elude them. It would be dawn in another hour, and they would hardly want to be seen out here with a naked and chained teenager. The early morning joggers would turn them in to the police, and questions would be asked — questions none of the fraternity members would be willing to answer.

She edged across the field to the low benches where the football team usually sat. Sliding under one, she virtually vanished from sight. She didn’t know how long this would do for a hiding place. If they really searched, they could find her immediately.

Then she got the first break of the entire ordeal. A police car come into the stadium to slowly cruise around the track. From her vantage point, she could see the panic, running among the pledges. Reinhardt quickly gestured and called something she couldn’t hear. The intent was obvious: get the hell out of here!

She waited as the car patrolled the entire ring of track. The cops shined their light up into the stands, looking for derelicts come to sleep off an evening’s drunk, or overly amorous students, perhaps. She didn’t know or care. All she prayed was that they wouldn’t see her.

She was in luck again. Their light went directly over the top of the bench under which she hid. They missed her. In less than a minute they were out of the stadium and on their way to the next hotbed of crime.

Lynn knew she couldn’t stay here any longer. If the fraternity members came back, they would find her. She had to run. But where? She was naked and chained. Explaining the dog collar around her neck would be almost impossible. Who could she turn to in her moment of need?

Her mind raced and spun its mental wheels. No one would accept her into their house at this time of the morning, and certainly not in the condition she was in. She was a sight. Her hair was caked with urine and jizz, her body was covered with dirt, and she hurt. Really hurt!

Oh, to be able to go and confide in her daddy! He wouldn’t ask questions. He would let her tell the story at her own pace until it was all out in the open. He had always understood so much. Her daddy… but he was dead!

The thought was slow in forming in her fogged brain, but it did. If she couldn’t go to her real daddy, there was the man she had fantasized as her daddy. There was Professor Matthews. He wouldn’t ask questions. He would simply accept the situation and let her unwind. She didn’t know him too well, but she knew he had to be like that. He just had to!

She crawled out of the stadium, her belly and tits rubbing in the dirt as she went. The teenager didn’t want to stand and silhouette herself against the false dawn. By the time she reached the street where the professors’ houses were, a few early morning joggers were out huffing and puffing on their rounds. She had to hide from shrub to shrub to avoid them.

Finally, she found the small house at the end of the street, with Professor Matthews’ name on the mailbox.

She hesitated then. She didn’t know if the professor was married or not. What would his wife think if he took in a wretched piece of humanity like Lynn?

The girl was past caring about such things. She needed comfort, and the English professor was the only one she could turn to. He was the only one who would understand that this wasn’t her fault. She hadn’t asked for any of this. It had all been thrust on her.

It had!

The battered coed made her way around to the back of the house and timidly knocked at the back door. No response. She knocked louder, fearing some of the neighbors might be awakened and look out their bedroom windows. If they saw her, the shit would really hit the fan then. How could Professor Matthews ever explain her presence?

“All right, all right, I’m coming. Dammit, you don’t have to break the door in.” She heard the sleepy man moving around inside the kitchen. A light went on, then the door opened.

She hunched down on the doorstep, a miserable sight. For a moment, the man said nothing. His eyes widened slightly and his mouth started to form words, but nothing came out.

“Professor Matthews, please, I need your help,” she managed to say. “Let me in, please!”

“Certainly, Lynn. What the hell’s happened to you?” He looked outside, his now sharp eyes studying the lawn and the alley behind the house as if some clue to her disheveled appearance might be out there.

She crawled into the kitchen, hardly having the strength to do much else.

“I don’t want to sit on your chairs. I’m a fright,” she said. Besides, she felt comfortable at the man’s feet. He was so strong and dominant. He would be in full command of the situation after she explained it all. He was smart and strong. She liked that. He was the perfect choice for her to come to for help.

He sat in the straight backed chair, his robe pulled around his firmly muscled frame. She clung to one of his bare legs, her cheek pressed into his knee. Her hands clutched at him for support. She hardly noticed that his robe was beginning to tent at the crotch.

“They took me in and drugged me! And they made me do all sorts of awful things. They chained me and whipped me and raped me repeatedly and…” “Carefully, now, my child. Take it slow and easy.” His hands reached out and stroked over her matted, filthy hair. “Start at the beginning and tell me all about it.” The bulge under his robe grew as he spoke. He shifted, and the girl held on to his leg for dear life.

“Don’t leave me!” she begged. “Don’t leave me alone. I couldn’t stand that right now!”

“Don’t worry,” he told her quietly. “Everything is under control now. Just relax and tell me what you can. You say you were drugged. How much do you really remember of this… ordeal?”

“Everything!” she blurted. “I didn’t drink that much. I… I just got so horny I couldn’t stand it. When my boyfriend tried to fuck me and found I was still a virgin, he got really hot and told all his friends. And that’s when they took me down into the basement and chained me.”

She held up her linked wrists for his inspection. The professor took the golden chain in his hand and ran his fingers lightly over the entire length, examining it. He quietly dropped it and went on to examine the dog collar. He carefully avoided the inch-long spikes jutting out from it. The chain attached to it had snapped, and only a few inches remained attached. He shook his head.

“They raped me!” she cried, clinging even harder to his leg. The hairy leg seemed to be a great comfort to her. She could imagine that the man cared for her. He wouldn’t allow them to do any more of the hideous things they had done.

“Tell me all about it,” he urged. The purpled head of his prick rose from the folds of his robe. The man seemed to ignore it, and the frightened girl was too intent on her story to see it.

“They raped me with a vibrator. They took my cherry with it. It hurt! God, I never felt worse pain than when they shoved that dildo into my cunt. I thought I would bleed to death, but then they made me do things so that I’d forget. I was made to suck off the entire bunch of them!”

“Did they anally rape you, too?”

“Yes! They drove their huge pricks into my ass and fucked me. I was a virgin before then. I didn’t know what to do. And then they all raped meat the same time. One fucked my cunt. It was so embarrassing. I was actually hot for him. It was the drug they gave me. My pussy was frothing with desire, and he fucked me and another took me up the back and another shoved his prick into my mouth so I could suck him off. And two others shoved their cocks into my hands so I would jerk them off. It was… horrible!”

The man’s prick began to dance and buck mightily now. He didn’t even try to cover it up. He straightened, allowing it to jut boldly into the air. The girl still didn’t notice it. A smile danced on the lips as the man urged her to tell him more.

“The one with the branding iron was the worst. He threatened to burn me on the clit and pussy lips if I didn’t obey them!”

“Did he touch you with the iron?” The words came sharp and demanding.

The girl looked up into the professor’s eyes and saw real concern. This was just as she’d thought it would be. He cared. She had done the right thing by coming here.

“No, but he came close.” She saw the professor relax. That pleased her. As her gaze dropped again, she saw the thick head of his cock lurching lustily at his crotch. For a second, she was confused. This wasn’t the response she had wanted from the man! He was getting off on hearing her tale of torture and rape! He was supposed to be comforting her, not be turned on by it.

“Yes,” he said, softly. “I feel great arousal hearing all this. You are especially lovely. But the part about the branding iron bothered me. Those fraternity types shouldn’t leave branding irons around where the more impressionable pledges can get at them.”

For a moment, the girl didn’t know what to say. Then she cried out, “I never said it was a fraternity that did this to me. Never! How did you know?” A sick feeling hit her. She felt the cold lump in the pit of her stomach. Lynn now knew who the mysterious fraternity advisor was: Professor Matthews!

She tried to crawl away from him, but in a quick movement he stomped down hard on the chain that bound her wrists. He had her pinned firmly to the floor.

“While you’re down there, kiss my feet. Lick them, and, work up to my cock. I’ve really gotten hot listening to your tale of woe.”

“No, I won’t do it. Even for you!”

“Even for me?” he laughed. “As I thought, you sit in clots day after day and masturbate thinking about me. Oh, did I shock you? You didn’t think I noticed the look of passion on your face as you diddled yourself off? Of course I did. I can see everything that goes on in class. You are a cock teaser. You enjoy promising a man something, then never delivering. A virgin, eh? It’s about as I expected. That’s why Hank found it so easy to get you to the party. You saw the chance to torment him and you took it.”

“No, no, it’s nosing like that!” she protested.

“Lick,” came the cold command. He lifted his foot slightly and pushed it toward her face. She hesitantly lowered her face to the top of his foot and licked. Then she remembered all the times she had sat in class and masturbated while thinking about how great it would be to have a man this strong and dominant. Her kiss developed real passion then.

The bony ridge on the top of his foot wasn’t the most satisfying place for her to kiss, so she worked up his leg. The thickly muscled calf swayed a little, and she licked and caressed the flesh with her soft, ruby lips. The girl tossed a strand of blond hair back over her shoulder as she worked her way towards the man’s crotch.

His cock was firm and rigid, pulsing with obvious desire. She saw that his balls had hardened into tight little spheres, and the hairy sac holding them was visibly pulsing. She worked her way in and finally managed to snare that bag with her tongue. The coed pulled his sac ha her mouth and sucked for all she was worth.

The man began to speak. There was little trace of emotion in his cold tones. His control was perfect, and she loved hue all the more for that strength. This wasn’t someone she could waggle her ass at and make jump through a hoop. It would take a lot of hard loving to get through that icy exterior.

“You are a cock teaser; I picked you out for the initiation ceremony the first day of class. But I am sorry I missed the actual ceremony. Some damned faculty meeting. I prefer to watch as my students go through their ritual. It is so instructive.”

“Ummmm,” she moaned, her tongue working harder at his balls. She could feel them churning around inside, lurching and tumbling with the lust that his voice didn’t betray.

“No injury is to be done to the subjects chosen. For the most part, they never even remember the next morning. But your virginity seemed to add to the effect of the punch as well. I shall have to remember that in the future. The real cock teasers don’t like to lose control. They want to be able to pull the strings on the man they’ve chosen to torture.”

“Torture?” she mumbled around a mouthful of balls. “Not like that. NO!”

“It was like that!” he bellowed. “It’s always like that. The men in the fraternity are learning to cope. They are learning to be men. In this world, the women are slowly deballing the men. That must change! We must reverse the trend. Women’s Lib, pah! Simply another name for emasculation!”

“Yes, yes,” she murmured. She hardly understood what he was saying, but she responded to his strength. She wanted to be near him, to please, to give. She had to. He had commanded her, and she could only obey such a powerful figure.

“Yes, yes, she says. Hell, it wasn’t always the way it is now. They call it progress. I wonder. Don’t you like licking and kissing my balls?”


“See? Modern women aren’t supposed to enjoy things like that. Sex is supposed to be sanitary and neat, and only on Thursdays — if they don’t have a headache. Sex is always! And that is what I want to instill in my youthful pledges!”

He suddenly stood, and Lynn went tumbling to the floor. She had almost bitten off his balls in the suddenness of his rise.

“You enjoyed what happened to you tonight. Didn’t you?” His voice told her this was a command. She had to answer. The girl started to lie about it and then stopped. Why lie? Why not tell the professor exactly what she had felt? Just because society had told her she was supposed to hate it, it didn’t mean that she had to!

“I loved it. Every single scary, frightening, arousing instant of it. I wanted it!”

“Yes, you did. I figured as much. Our sick society tells you that you shouldn’t enjoy fucking. You were ‘forced’ into it tonight, and you found that you needed it. You have to be forced into sex before you can enjoy it. You have been so warped by society that you can’t naturally enjoy a good fuck. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, master.” She hadn’t meant to add “master”. It had just come out naturally. And she felt her pussy beginning to warm to the idea of being completely under this man’s domination. He knew all the answers. He was strong. He commanded, and others obeyed. He was the one she had been unknowingly looking for all these years since her daddy had died.

“Yes, I know,” he said, reading her mind. “Keep kissing. I like the feel of your lips and tongue between my toes.”

She did as she was ordered, and it was no longer horrible for her. It was, thrilling! She was responding fully now. Her pussy quivered and lurched, asking for long, hard cocks. She didn’t have to hide behind the artificial mores of society. She could let her true feelings out, and this was a man who could fulfill all her most secret desires.

“Fuck me, master,” she pleaded.

“I will.” The girl swelled with excitement at the words. “When I feel like it. Maybe later. Maybe if you satisfy my other urges at the moment.”

She applied her tongue to his toes with a renewed vigor. If she satisfied him now, he would ball her.

It was a promise. Tie would do it if she pleased him enough!

Suddenly, she found her tongue pressing into the linoleum. He had removed his foot from under her face.

“No more of that. I tire of you so easily. How could you amuse me better?”

The girl’s frightened mind raced. She was on the verge of losing him. After all she’d gone through finding a man who could totally fulfill her as a woman, she was on the brink of losing him! Fright was pushed down as she thought frantically for an answer.

Finally, she said: “I’ll do anything for you, master. Anything! Just tell me!”

The panic in her voice made the professor smile. He glared down at the coed and laughed harshly. “You’re mine to do with as I please, anyway. Why should I care if you cooperate or not?”

“It… it’ll be better that way!”

“Really? How can you be so sure? When you were teasing every cock in the world, did you ever think it would be nice to carry through and see what it was like? If you did, you probably considered it ugly and depraved. Do you like the taste of jism?”

She flinched away for a moment. The man had gone straight to the heart of the matter. She had considered fucking to be sordid, and she had hated the taste of come. Only tonight, it had been different. She had liked it when cock after cock had filled her mouth with the creamy manseed.

“I love it! And I’ll love yours even more.”

“A lie. A cunning one, but still a lie. You’re nothing but a dumb cunt. You think you know everything, but you don’t know anything. Get up on your hands and knees! Get that ass up in the air where I can look at it! If I want to bother, that it”

She hastened to obey. She thrust her whipped ass into the cool air and waited, and waited, and waited. Hesitantly, she looked around and saw that the man had left. The girl was too frightened to move. He had told her to hold this position, and she would, until he came back. To displease him now would be to ruin all she had worked for.

Lynn didn’t know how long she stayed on hands and knees, her perky butt up in the air. It might have been only ten minutes. It could have been an hour, but it seemed like an eternity to her.

Finally, her waiting was rewarded. She didn’t hear the professor return, but she felt his long, virile prick shoving between her legs and driving straight for her cunt.

She sagged weakly to the floor, her head cradled on still-chained wrists. The feel of the prick entering her so suddenly from behind was like pure heaven to her. The hungry cunt had needed just this tasty morsel to satisfy its yearnings.

“You love being fucked like a bitch in heat, don’t you?” he asked. His voice carried the same matter-of-fact air about it that he used when lecturing. The girl instantly realized this. He wasn’t that turned on by her. He could fuck her, and if nothing exciting happened, he would discard her.

She had to please him like she had never pleased a man before. Otherwise, she might never see him again.

“Yes! Yes, master, I love it! Especially when it is you fucking me. Do it fast! I need it all inside me!”

“Bitch,” he repeated.

He fucked her faster, and she shuddered under the repeated impact of his body against hers. The feel of his hairy thighs rubbing into her well whipped ass was a combination of torture and delight. She had no idea how to separate the two feelings now. One fed the other. Pain gave her more and more pleasure, and pleasure came only after suffering.

His body worked harder against hers. She started thrusting her ass back into his crotch to take his prick even deeper into her cunt. She needed this like a man dying of thirst needs water. Nothing less than all-out fucking would sate her wildly flaring desires.

He ground his prick into her snatch, using a corkscrewing motion. This turned her to jelly inside. She went watery and weak, then exploded in orgasm. She felt her pussy clamping down hard on the prick hidden so far up her pussy. The girl tried so tease and torment his prick, using only her resilient cuntal walls.

It was more thrilling to tease a prick like this than the way she had been doing it before.

“Not good enough,” came his cold words. She panicked, then tried every possible trick she had ever heard of to please him. She couldn’t lose him, not now! He was a pillar of strength in this ever-changing world. She needed his wisdom and power and dominant ways to keep her in line. Other men were more toads compared to him. He, of all the men, knew how to command. Strength fed strength and made her excitement grow faster and faster.

She came again.

Even after he had come inside her and left, without a single word, she worried about how to better please him in the future. He hadn’t said he would return, but Lynn thought he would.

He had to!

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