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I was on my way home from work when I got the call from my wife, she would
be away on business for the weekend and wanted to let me know that our 13
year old daughter Sam, was having her friend Kelly sleep over.

As I arrived home I could hear the girlish laughter coming from the kitchen
and putting away my briefcase walked in and greeted the girls. Sam
introduced me to the stunning Kelly; I could hardly believe she was the same
age as my daughter. I wondered at how quickly they seemed to grow up as I
took a sandwich and a bottle of beer up to my room, leaving the girls to
their own devices.

It was around 11pm when I wandered down, all was quiet and evidence that
quite a feast had been prepared littered the kitchen bench. Wandering
upstairs again I could hear muffled sounds coming from Sam’s room and
finding the door partly open I stood in the darkened hall peering into the
softly lit room.

What I saw shocked me, my eyes widened with disbelief as I watched the
pretty little blonde head of Kelly moving furiously between Sam’s raised
knees. Sam was naked, her little titties thrust upwards as she moaned and
bucked beneath Kelly’s tiny pink tongue.

I watched Kelly stick her fore finger into Sam’s virginal hole, her
exploration seeming quite innocent, finding exactly the right spot to make
my daughter pant like an out of breath puppy. I felt my cock pressing
insistently against the fabric of my pants, my hand rubbing along its hard
shaft to appease the tension that was beginning to build.

Sam leaned forward and grabbed Kelly’s pale pink nipples, pulling her up to
her mouth and licking her juices off Kelly’s lips. I watched their tongues
touch and lap at each other’s soft young mouths, their eyes closed in
apparent ecstasy. Their hands massaged each other’s breasts rubbing across
the taunt nipples excitedly.

Laying herself between Kelly’s legs, I watched my daughter push her pelvic
bone against the other girl’s juicy pink pussy, both girls had only a light
fluffy promise of pubic hair. Their tiny well formed buttocks squeezed
tightly as they thrust their hips at each other, grinding their pussies

I held back a gasp of surprise when Sam leaned across to the bedside table
and grabbed a slender can of spray-on perfume. Holding it against her like
an erect cock, she waved it over Kelly’s glistening slit, both girls
dissolving into fits of giggles. With a thrust of her hips, Sam buried the
can into the other girl’s slippery cunny, holding the end tightly.

Kelly arched gasping at the cool length then thrusting her slender hips
madly she worked herself up and down the slender shaft of the can. Sam
leaned forward taking one of Kelly’s tight nipples into her mouth, sucking
and licking noisily as the girl below her panted and moaned until her body
stiffened in orgasmic bliss.

By this time I was pumping my cock furiously, leaning against the wall
outside her room for support as I peered into the den of promiscuity. I
imagined the tightness of their little cunts around my cock as I watched
them change places.

Kelly took the makeshift dildo off Sam and bending her forward on all fours,
positioned herself beneath Sam’s pussy looking up at it, licking at the pink
glistening slit to get it nice and wet. Sam groaned for her to hurry up and
stick it in, pushing her bare little ass back into Kelly’s face as her
tongue flickered across her clitoris teasingly.

As I watched Kelly slide the slender can into my daughter’s well-lubricated
cunny I felt my cock pulsate in my hand and clenched my teeth together so as
not to groan with pleasure. My cock emptying a hefty load into my hands,
being careful not to spill any on the floor outside the room.

I leaned against the wall to catch my breath as Kelly fucked my daughter
with the perfume can, her tongue working Sam’s little clit into a frenzy of
delight. I couldn’t believe this was my little baby, all grown up at 13!
Her body shuddered as Kelly brought her to the peak of climax, sucking my
daughter’s cum up loudly as it ran out of her juicy cunny.

I felt myself harden again my hand running up and down my shaft as Kelly
moved herself round beneath Sam so that she could taste her teeny slit as
well. They 69’d each other beautifully, their slender bodies pumping and
grinding their hips into one another’s faces. Muffled groans filled the
room and the sweet aroma of virgin cunny juice wafted through the doorway to

As they both writhed in ecstatic pleasure of their consecutive orgasms,
their little bodies plunging and shuddering they emptied their juices into
each other’s anxious mouths. I could hear the sound of rapid gulping as
each of them drank the other’s juices thirstily.

They rolled away from each other and relaxed spread-eagled on the bed side
by side, Kelly’s arm across Sam’s slender form, their pink slippery slits
open wide for me to gaze into as my cock exploded rapid spurts of cum again
into my hands.

I moved off back to my room to clean up, smirking as I imagined how my wife
would react if I gave my daughter a dildo for her birthday. As I washed up
and changed I wondered if my daughter would be having friends sleep over
more often now and if I would ever be privileged to see her play like that
again in the near future.