Wife Made To Suck

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party climbs up on the stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, joins the neighborhood mate-traders.

Kelly Wallace is one of those outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within her a depth of passion she never dreamed existed lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

WIFE MADE TO SUCK — a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


The war was over. Kelly had lost. Sam Hartman had her over a barrel. He had caught her with her hand in the cookie jar. His cookie jar. The petty cash drawer at the office.

Kelly tried the old feminine stand-by, tears. Her blue eyes glistened wetly and she sobbed, “I’m sorry, Mr. Hartman. Really I am. Please try to understand. The rent is due, and Tom had to take a cut in pay in order to keep his job. I didn’t know what to do.”

“So, you rob me,” Sam said. “How many times have you done that?”

“Only this once!” Kelly cried. “I swear it! Oh, please, Mr. Hartman, don’t think I’m a thief!”

“When somebody steals, they’re a thief,” he said flatly.

Kelly felt herself losing ground fast. “How can I make you understand?” she pleaded.

“There’s nothing to understand,” Sam said.

Kelly felt whipped. She heaved a sigh of resignation. “What are you going to do?”

“What else?” Sam said, with a shrug. “Call the police.”

“The police!” Kelly gasped. “Oh, please! Don’t do that! I’ll pay you back!”


“I’ll work nights! For free!”

Sam shook his head doubtfully. “Your husband will never stand still for that. You’re newlyweds, for God’s sake.”

“He doesn’t have to know!” Kelly blurted. “He works nights. I could come back to the office after I get him off to work each evening.”

Sam stored that information in his mental computer, and said, “There’s a better way to handle this,”

“How?” Kelly asked. “You can be nice to me.”

Kelly’s eyes narrowed. “What do you mean?”

Sam grinned at her. “Now, what do you think a fifty-year-old man means when he says that to a nineteen-year-old fox like you?”

Kelly got angrily to her feet. Her young tits jutted sharply in the tightness of her blue minidress.

“That’s filthy!” she fumed. “I’d rather face the police!”

“Suit yourself,” Sam said, and lifted the telephone.

Panic seized Kelly, and her heart pounded crazily behind her heaving tits. “Wait. Don’t!”

Sam set the phone down. His eyes ran over her blonde hair and pretty face and sexy mouth and thrusting tits.

Kelly felt whipped again. All the girls in the office knew that Mr. Hartman was a peeking, leering, dirty old man, but none of them ever would do a thing like this.

She looked at his white hair and naughty eyes, and grinning mouth. “What do you want me to do?” she asked weakly.

“You can be my playmate for a few days,” he said.

“A few days!” Kelly cried. “I only took fifty dollars!”

“Maybe,” Sam drawled. “I wonder what a check of the records will show?”

He might as well have lashed her with a whip. She sank back down into her chair across from his desk.

“All right,” she said, with a sigh. “What do you want?”

“Show me how you masturbate,” he said. “Mr. Hartman! God, you are dirty!”

“Oh, come now,” Sam said. “You must have masturbated before you were married. Maybe you still do. I do. I’d just like to see how you do it. You know how men are. We all like to see things like that.”

“This is degrading,” Kelly told him. But she slipped a hand under her dress between her thighs.

“Not like that,” Sam said. “Hang your legs over the arms of the chair.”

Kelly blushed. “This isn’t a dirty movie, Mr. Hartman. I’m a real person.”

“You sure are,” he said lewdly. “So spread your legs and show me how a girl plays with own pussy.”

“That’s awful,” Kelly said.

But she slung a leg over each arm of the chair, and her curvy young thighs were splayed. The blue of her cute panties matched the blue of her dress and eyes. They were very tight and her pussy-lips macic a nice bump in the crotch of them.

Looking away from her boss’ hot eyes, Kelly stroked her crotch with slender fingers. Her fingertips smoothed up and down in a slow, tantalizing way. Her eyes got soft.

Sam stared hotly and licked his lips. “DO you always play with your cunt through your panties?”

Kelly refused to look at him. Keeping her eyes lowered, she pulled the crotch of her panties to one side. Her cunt was blonde, young, pink skid moist.

Her hand slid down her thigh and her fingers started toying with her smooth pussylips. Two fingers spread the lips apart and a third finger rubbed her clit.

“Ohhh,” she moaned, as her clit stiffened against her rubbing fingertip.

Even as she moaned, a finger of her other hand stole into her juicy cunt-mouth and disappeared in there. Then both fingers, one rubbing her clit and the other sliding in and out of her wet fuck-hole.

She started to breathe more heavily. Her nostrils flared. Her tits rose and fell. Little quivers of orgasmic pleasure rippled through her young body and her cute young ass slipped on the chair as her cunt made small circles against her fingers.

Her heavy-lidded eyes found Sam’s leering face. “I never had a man watch me before,” she breathed.

“Does it excite you?” he asked.

“No,” Kelly lied. “It shames me.”

Her head fell back, her eyes closed and her lips parted. She could almost feel Sam’s eyes glued to her humping crotch. She came wetly all over her fingers. They got soaked.

“Ohhh!” she moaned, with a final shudder of pleasure. Thea her whole body, once straining, went lax in the chair.

“Ohhh,” she moaned again. After several seconds of deep breathing, she covered her wet cunt and struggled up into a sitting position. Her eyes were sparkly and her face was glowing.

“I hope you’re satisfied,” she said snidely.

“Come here,” Sam said, with a boss’ authority.

Kelly got to her feet and circled his desk. He swiveled and faced her. He leaned back in his chair, and Kelly’s eyes dropped to his lap. In his fist was the biggest, wettest cock she had ever seen.

“Oh, my God!” she declared. “You were playing with yourself all that time!”

Sam milked his prick up and down in his fist, and said, “Suck me off.”

“Mr. Hartman!” she gasped. But the horny look in his eyes and the condition of his cock told her there was no escape. “Please don’t ask me to do that.”

“You suck your husband’s, don’t you?”

“Well, yes, but…”

“Good,” he said. “Only a girl with experience can do it right.”

Kelly’s eyes flared at him. “I’ve never liked you, Mr. Hartman, but now I hate you!”

Sam slipped his fist up and down on his big cock. “You have a sexy mouth, Kelly, and I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.”

“But, I’ve never done that with anybody but Tom,” Kelly said, tears stinging her eyes. “It isn’t right. Please don’t make me.” Her eyes fell to his massive hard-on and she added, “Let me jerk it for you.”

“You’ll do that, too,” Sam said as she dropped to her knees.

Hoping against hope that he would quickly bust his nuts, Kelly took his huge cock in her hand and started milking it up and down. But Sam was fifty, not fifteen, and his prick only got bigger and hotter in her fist.

He chuckled at her girlish game, and set his hand on her head.

“It’s too big,” she rasped, seeing it up close.

He urged her face down.

“My mouth is too small,” she panted.

Sam pressed her head down, and Kelly sobbed as she took his monstrous prick into her sexy young mouth. When he felt her sexy lips caress his cockhead, he groaned with pleasure. Kelly sniffled and took more of his thick prick into her hot, wet mouth.

She didn’t really want to please him, but her recent orgasms left her feeling sort of creamy-dreamy, and the size of his cock — such a big one — was rather breathtaking, to say the least. She closed her eyes to shut out the man, but in mouth quickly got horny for his massive fuckrod.

The thickness of his big prick made her pretty mouth oval into a big O. She was surprised by the size of it. Who would have guessed that Mr. Hartman was hung like this? It was enough to turn a girl’s head.

Breathing rather hotly, she slipped her moist lips up and down the full length of his thick cock. His cockhead ravished her throat and she uttered a few moans as she blew him. She didn’t mean to. She just couldn’t help herself.

To her dismay, her pussy started purring and sort of creaming as she sucked his prick. The cummy pleasure made her whimper a little, and made her forget herself. Her small fist tightened around his massive cockshaft and she slowly jerked up and down as her mouth slid in unison.

Sam grunted like an animal and slid in his seat. His prick rose up into Kelly’s hot, sucking mouth. His lust mounted. Not only did young Kelly look beautiful on her knees, bent over his massive prick, but the sucking force of her mouth was enough to drive him crazy. Her hubby was a lucky man, he thought.

Kelly’s nostrils flared as she breathed faster, and her pretty head bobbed more rapidly on his stiff, wet cock. Her fist pumped, and her little tongue swirled around his cockhead as she sucked him off. His lust soared, and his balls tightened up against the thick base of his cock.

His big hands gripped the arms of the chair and he gritted his teeth against the impending explosion she was creating with her sexy young mouth. Kelly felt his prick surge between her lips and she was alarmed. She had forgotten to ask him for a handkerchief, and she had no tissues ready. She never let Tom shoot his sperm into her mouth.

“Mmmmph!” she protested on his raging fuckrod. “Mmmph! Mmmmphhh!”

Sam threw his head back and his hips jolted in the chair. His cock exploded in her mouth, all at once. A huge wad of jism spewed out of his piss-hole and Kelly gulped it down her throat in self-defense.

Then his prick leapt in her fist several times as huge gobs of jism shot out of it into her sucking, wet mouth. Again and again, his cock jumped in her hand, and again and again, a huge wad of cum gushed into her mouth. She gulped and gulped as his cock pumped creamily.

Taking full advantage of his good fortune, Sam gripped her pretty head between his big hands and fucked her face. Kelly wanted to stop, but he wouldn’t let her. He held her head tightly and grinned lewdly with private pleasure as he pumped all of his cum up into her sexy young mouth.

Only when his prick stopped spitting did he release her. Then she reared back on her ass and gasped for breath, eyes wide and filled with resentment.

As she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, Sam said, “You’d better get back to work before the girls start wondering.”

Kelly dried her eyes and went to the door. Sam watched the swing of her cute little ass. She turned and said, “You’re an evil man.”

But she didn’t know the half of it — yet.


Kelly was home at three, and Tom was still asleep. She undressed and padded naked into the bathroom where she showered. She scrubbed herself down, and washed her pussy thoroughly. Then she brushed her teeth for a long time as if to wash Mr. Hartman’s jism out of her mouth and memory. Then she felt better.

She put on her sexiest robe, a terry-cloth thing that was much too small for her curvy young body, one Tom liked a lot. Then she woke him up.

Tom came awake slowly and saw his beautiful young wife sitting beside him, her jutting tits half-naked in the open V of her robe.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” Tom replied, with a grin on his face. “Are you horny?”

“Yes,” Kelly said.

It was a half-truth. The other half was that she secretly hoped Tom could fuck away all traces of the lecherous Mr. Hartman. So when Tom pulled her under the covers with him, she fucked like never before.

It was too much for young Tom. Her tight, wet cunt sucked his prick so hornily that after only ten strokes, he shot his load of jism into her heaving young belly.

“Ohhh, Tommmmmm!” she panted. “You came so fast.”

“I couldn’t help it,” Tom gasped. “Your pussy’s so hot today. How did you get so horny?”

“I must be close to my period,” she lied.

Tom rolled out of bed and said, “Let’s take a shower.”

Kelly had to let another shower do what she had wanted lovemaking to do, make her feel clean.

Over breakfast, Tom talked about how hard his job was. Kelly wished he’d ask about how hard her job was.

Later, they watched some TV, then it was time for Tom to go to work. Kelly kissed him at the door and watched him descend the steps of their garage apartment.

He turned at the foot of the stairs and eyed her exposed leg and half-naked tits. He grinned and said, “You’d better go in before somebody sees you.”

Kelly peered down at her revealing little robe, and ducked back into the apartment. She returned to her coffee, and the phone rang. It was her kid sister, Tracy, who was having trouble at home. Their conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door, and Kelly had to cut her sister off.

The knock had startled her so much that she jumped up right away and answered it, unmindful of her robe.

“So this is how you look at home,” Sam Hartman said, and his eyes devoured her thrusting young tits.

“Mr. Hartman!” Kelly gasped.

“May I come in?”

He pushed his way inside, and Kelly backed away. He shut the door without ever taking his eyes off her.

“Wh-what are do you doing here?” she stammered, tightening the cloth belt around her slim waist.

“Well, since your hubby works nights, I thought we could finish what we started at the office.”

“Started!” Kelly cried. “My God, what more do you want? You humiliated me! I’ve never felt so ashamed in all my life! You’re horrid!” Tears came to her flashing blue eyes. “How dare you come to my home! My home and Tom’s! Get out!”

“I thought we had an understanding,” Sam said calmly.

“At the office!” Kelly blurted. “Not in my own home!”

“You mean, I have to wait until tomorrow?”


Kelly looked cute when she was angry. Especially in the small robe that had tit her perfectly just two years earlier. Her blue eyes shot sparks, and her tits threatened to leap out of her robe. The cloth belt loosened considerably and even her pussy tried to peek out. Sam grinned.

“I don’t think I can wait until tomorrow,” he said.

He slipped his big arm around her waist and yanked her crotch to his. His mouth attacked hers, but she twisted her face away and gasped.

“Stop! Don’t! Let me go!”

Her back arched over his arm, and her small fists pushed at his chest. In the ensuing struggle, her pussy turned and twisted, and Sam’s cock got very big and hard.

When Kelly felt his cock between her thighs, pressed up against her crotch, some of the fire went out of her.

“Please, Mr. Hartman,” she breathed. “Let me go.”

“Kiss me first…”

“Just one.”

Her lips parted and Sam covered her mouth with his. He eased his thick tongue into her mouth and did things with it that made Kelly’s cunt twitch against his huge hard-on.

When he lifted his mouth from hers, she was breathless ad weak in the knees.

“You shouldn’t be here,” she said weakly. “A deals a deal,” Sam said.

Kelly shuddered. “Tom might have seen you. So I waited till he drove off.”

“This is very mean of you.”

“Yeah, I know,” Sam said, moving her backward to the sofa.

Kelly fell back on the sofa, and she was all but naked. She felt trapped.

“I don’t want to do anything in my home,” she sobbed.

“But, it’s such a cozy little place,” Sam said. “Fucking in an office is kind of cheap, don’t you think?”

“Mr. Hartman! Don’t talk like that!”

Sam reached down and loosened the cloth belt of her robe. Her proud young tits forced it open. Sam flipped it all the way open, and then she was truly naked. His eyes got hot on her jutting tits and furry young cunt.

“Please, Mr. Hartman,” she sobbed. “Not here.”

Sam took off his jacket and loosened his tie. He knelt on the floor beside the sofa and looked at her as if she were a delicious smorgasbord.

Then he kissed her mouth. Soon she was panting for breath. He tongued her mouth and made her moan. As he kissed her, his hands roamed over her naked body, toyed with her pink nipples, stroked her flat belly, teased her clit and pussy.

Then his tongue followed the trail of his fingers and Kelly lost her breath completely. She wanted to stop him, but his hand aroused all parts of her, and now she knew his tongue could devastate her. It did.

He licked his way down to her jutting tits and kissed them and licked and sucked her nipples until they were spiking. He caught her stiff nipples between his teeth and lashed it with his tongue until Kelly whimpered with unwanted pleasure. Then he sucked the other one, too, and she went weak.

“Ohhh, noooo!” she moaned as her tits responded to his teeth, lips and tongue.

Sam chuckled to himself and licked both her tits as his fingertips kept her pussy warm. Then he licked his tongue over her hot flesh and made her wriggle and moan as he made his way over her body to her navel. He tongued that, too, and Kelly whimpered again. Her tummy muscles tightened up as he licked his way even lower.

He urged her thighs apart and she couldn’t stop him sow. Fires were burning hotly in the middle of her belly as his tongue licked over her tummy flesh. His tongue dallied in her soft fuzzy cunt hair, then found her little clit stiff and quivery. Kelly gasped when his tongue kissed it. Her eyes closed and her breath came in short bursts as he deliberately licked and sucked her clit.

“Ohhh, noo, noooo!” she moaned, but to no avail.

Sam expertly licked her clit and cunt-slit until he knew she was helpless with horniness and aching for the rest of his act. Sam gave it to her. He shuffled around on the floor on his knees and got between hers. He pulled her legs away from the sofa and splayed her curvy young thighs real wide.

He thrust his face into her hot crotch and tongue-fucked her juicy fuck-hole until she went out of her head with passion. She couldn’t believe what he was doing to her pussy. Even Tom never ate her like this. Sam sucked her cunt so hornily that she thought he’d eat her alive.

“Oh, my God!” she gasped, writhing her cunt at his mouth.

Her eyes rolled in her head. Her hands gripped and clawed her taut tits. Her belly heaved and twisted. Her pussy churned on her boss’ crazed tongue. Strong ripples of intense pleasure coursed through her whole body until she thought she’d faint dead away.

Sam chuckled with pleasure and drilled all of his tongue up into the tightness of her wet cunt. As he ate her, he unzipped his fly and got his raging cockshaft out. He milked it slowly as he tongue-fucked Kelly’s sweet little cunt.

When Kelly gasped and jerked on the sofa and pushed her pussy upward for him, he withdrew his tongue from her cunt-hole and applied it to her quivery little clit. He flicked it and Kelly bounced. He flicked it again and she yelped. She was on the very verge of cumming.

It was then that Sam stood up, and Kelly thought she’d die.

“Wh-what are you doing? Oh, my God! Don’t stop now! Ohhh, nooo, I’m gonna cum!”

“Suck my cock,” Sam said thickly, horny out of his mind.

He gripped his massive wet prick in his fist and aimed it at Kelly’s flushed face. She saw it beside her, looming large and wet and menacing. She licked her lips and churned her aching pussy in the air.

“You bastard…” she rasped, but grabbed his cock and pulled it into her mouth.

Sam groaned with lust and strained his body to fuck his thick cock into her sexy young face. Kelly surrendered, helpless, and sucked him off body. Her fist and mouth slipped easily on his rigid fuck-pole. It got bigger and bigger in her hot little mouth.

Kelly looked up at him through glassy and teary eyes as she sucked his big prick. Her mouth ovaled beautifully on his cock as he fucked it in and out. Her tongue lashed his cockhead until he thought he’d bust his nuts prematurely.

He eased his cock away from her greedy mouth and stood back, getting his breath. Kelly’s young eyes devoured his huge prickshaft now. In her present condition, she couldn’t help admiring the monstrous thing. What shamed her, however, was the deep need she now had for it.

“Mr. Hartman…” she murmured, her cunt still turning helplessly on the sofa.

“You… you shouldn’t make me feel this way.”

Sam grinned lewdly and moved down to her legs, so beautifully spread. His eyes roamed over her pubic area, her soft blonde hair, her sweet cunt, her red pussy-slit, her cute ass.

Kelly thought she’d pass out. “Please… don’t tease me.”

Sam knelt between her quivery thighs, gripped his massive cock in his fist and guided it to her anxious young pussy. Kelly gasped when his wet cockhead kissed her cunt-mouth. A little grunt escaped her throat and she jerked her pussy upward at his prick. Sam grinned knowingly and inched his cock into her body.

Her tight young pussy-lips parted for his thick cockhead and he wedged it into her. It lodged in her juicy, hot cunt-mouth for a moment, long enough to make Kelly whimper for it. Then he gritted his teeth and urged more of his fucker into her sex-box.

“Ohhh, God,” Kelly rasped, feeling the size of it in her cunt. It had felt so big in her mouth, but now it felt even bigger in the tightness of her pussy.

Once he had a few thick inches of his cock wedged into her cunt, Sam leaned over her and kissed her mouth hornily. He tongued her mouth and fucked her pussy.

Her mouth sucked on his tongue as her pussy twisted hotly on his prick. Her slender arms few around him and her fingers clawed at his back as more of his cock entered her body. She thought his prick would never end.

He groaned with increasing pleasure and pushed more of his rigid fuck-pole into her pussy until it was all the way in her. Kelly choked on his tongue when she felt his cockhead deep in her hot belly and his nuts kissing bar ass. She felt like she was full of cock. He filled her cunt like Tom never could, and that embarrassed her.

Shutting her eyes against her own unbidden feelings of cummy pleasure she sobbed softy as Sam fucked the daylights out of her. He was obviously crazed with lust and hunger for her body, and even as he drilled his thick cock deep in and out of her tight cunt she sort of understood that. He was a dirty old man, and she was a sexy young girl.

The juicy tightness of her pussy drove Sam wild on her. He shifted his wet mouth to her jutting tits and chewed the hell out of them as he fucked her cunt savagely. Kelly had never been fucked so brutally before in her life. It was a mind-boggling fuck.

His massive fucker rammed into her again and again. He grew more violent with her, hornier for her. He reared back with his hips and thrust forward hard, and all of his soaked cock drilled into her cunt. Kelly screeched and squealed as he fucked her.

Sam sucked her nipples passionately and licked all over her tits as he screwed her cunt faster and faster. Fire burned in his loins and his nuts tightened up. He gasped on Kelly’s thrusting tits, and his rigid fuck-pole plunged relentlessly into her pussy. Kelly swooned.

“Ohhhh, nooooo,” she moaned helplessly. “I shouldn’t feel like this! Ohhhh, I’m gonna cummmmm!”

She came like crazy on Sam’s drilling, plunging cock, and he fucked her harder to make her cum good. Her whole body jerked on the sofa and she cried out several times as her cunt gripped hard on his monstrous cock. Whether she liked it or not, her pussy churned and humped hornily for his big prick and she soaked it thoroughly with her hot cunt-juice.

Sam was even more violent and Kelly went out of her mind. Sam’s huge fuckrod enlarged deep in her cunt and exploded in the middle of her heaving young belly. Huge spurts of hot cockcream torpedoed into her pussy. His cock gushed and spat and shot wetly.

“I’m… I’m cumming again!” Kelly screeched.

And she came beautifully on Sam’s exploding cock. She writhed and vibrated and churned hornily as great waves of orgasmic pleasure boggled her young mind. It was the cum of her young life, and Sam sensed it. He gritted his teeth and rammed all of his spitting cock into her frothy little pussy.

When his prick could spit no more, he gasped for breath on her tits, then cased himself off her writhing body. He sat back on the sofa at her foot and gazed at her lovely, naked, fucked body. She was so young, so sexy, so horny when he turned her on.

Kelly was dumbfounded. At nineteen and married, she’d thought she knew everything there was to know about sex. Sam Hartman was a revelation. And very disturbing.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” she rasped, still breathless from the violent fucking.

Only she knew what she meant by that. Sam thought she meant he shouldn’t have fucked her. It meant much more to Kelly. It meant he shouldn’t have turned heron to such a big cock, shouldn’t have made her cum more than Tom ever did. It left her dazzled and confused.

How could such a wicked old man make her feel so fucking horny? she wondered as she watched Sam put his drenched cock away.

Sam put his jacket on and went to the door. “See you at the office in the morning,” he said.

After he was gone, Kelly got her breath back. She left her robe behind as she pushed herself up. It was soiled with a mixture of her cum and Sam’s jism. She took it into the bathroom and stuffed it in the hamper.

A tickle of her pussy made her sit on the toilet. The rest of Sam’s semen oozed out of her cunt and plopped into the water beneath her ass. The she took a nice pee.

What am I going to do? she thought as she idly rubbed her pussy. How can I stop him? Tell Tom the whole story? No! How can I explain sucking his cock? And tonight! God! Tom would die!

Her fingers danced all over her crotch, and she thought he said it was just for a few days. Wednesday then. No more after Wednesday. That’ll be it!

She took a long shower, and felt better physically. But her young mind couldn’t let go of Sam’s enormous prick, so thick and chunky. She even dreamed about it.


The girls at the office noticed a change in Kelly’s appearance.

“Well, aren’t we glowing this morning,” Sally said.

“Maybe Tom had the night off,” Elaine laughed.

Tina said, “Mr. Hartman wants to see you in his office first thing.”

“What?” Kelly exclaimed. “He never comes in before ten!”

“Well, he’s in now,” Tina said. “If I were you, I’d get my little tail in there.”

Kelly went into her boss’ office and found him looking horny. The minute she closed the door she knew he wanted to fuck her. She wanted to run.

“You look lovely this morning,” Sam said. His hungry eyes ran over her short blue skirt and pointy white sweater. Kelly eyed him warily.

“Sit down, sit down,” he said.

Kelly sat in the chair across from his desk. He grinned at her.

“You were beautiful last night,” he said. Kelly blushed. “I wish you wouldn’t talk about that.”

“Okay,” he said amiably. “Show me how you masturbate.”

“Mr. Hartman.”

Sam narrowed his eyes on her, and said, “I strongly suggest you stop bickering and start cooperating.”

Kelly tried another ploy. “You said sex was no good in an office.”

“I didn’t say that. It’s just different in an office. Too many distractions. Now show me. We don’t have much time.”

Kelly felt trapped again. He was so demanding of a girl. And it was true that the girls would get suspicious if she was in the boss’ office too long.

Resigning herself to her fate, she draped a pretty leg over each arm of the chair. She was wearing pantyhose, but no panties, and her young ass was visible. Her fingers moved easily over the thin material which caressed her crotch.

Her pussy was still tingling from last night, so it didn’t take much to get her motor started. Her pussy was purring in no time. Sam got to his feet with his eyes glued to her crotch.

“Stay over there,” Kelly breathed.

Sam ignored her and sat on the edge of his desk right in front of her. He looked at her pussy so hard that Kelly felt uneasy.

“You’re terrible,” she said hotly, as her cunt moved with her fingers.

“Take your pantyhose down,” Sam said.

“No…” Kelly rasped, her eyes getting heavy.

“Suit yourself,” Sam said and, before she knew it, he was on his knees in front of her cunt. He grasped her wrists and held her hands away. His elbows kept her thighs wide open.

“Oh, no!” Kelly gasped. “Don’t!”

But Sam buried his face in her young crotch, and licked his tongue up and down her thinly covered pussy. It was hot and moist.

“Oh, God,” Kelly rasped as his tongue attacked her clit. A sharp thrill shot through her cunt, and she shuddered all over. Her fingers had primed her pussy and now Sam’s tongue was devastating her.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned, and her head fell back loosely on her shoulders. Her eyes fluttered, and her breathing quickened. Her tits jutted, and her cunt started a slow, sexy twist.

Sam got the crotch of her pantyhose soaked with her juice from the inside, and his saliva from the outside. When it was drenched and soggy, he caught the material between his teeth.

“Oh!” Kelly gasped. “Don’t bite me!”

Sam chuckled hornily and chewed into her crotch. The flimsy wet material gave way after a few tugs of his teeth. Kelly heard it rip, then felt his hot lips on her naked little cunt. She almost passed out.

He deliberately licked and sucked her clit until it was buzzing and, even as her cunt churned against his mouth, she hated the power he had over her pussy.

She gasped and panted, and her ass slipped on the chair until her pussy was helplessly up and out. Then Sam tongue-fucked her squirmy, squishy cunt-hole.

“Ohhhh, God!” Kelly moaned.

Sam licked his thick tongue up and down her cunt-slit, lashing her clit with each upstroke. Her ass jerked on the chair each time his tongue hit her sensitive fuck-button. And each lick of her clit sent a thrill through her whole body. She panted for breath. Sam buried his tongue in her tight, wet fuck-hole, and reached up with both hands to maul her tits as he ate her out. His tongue ravished her pussy as his hands aroused her tits. He tweaked her nipples through her sweater as he tongue-lashed her cunt.

With the skill that comes with age, he worked her cunt up into a froth. He licked and lapped and drilled and sucked occasionally on her stiff little clit until Kelly’s hot little ass was bucking and humping.

“Oh — ohh — ohhhh,” she moaned. “I’m… I… ohhh, I’m gonna cummmmmm!”

And she did. Powerfully. Sam shafted his tongue into her fuck-hole and reamed her fuck channel so thoroughly that Kelly went to sexual pieces. Great waves of orgasmic pleasure rushed through her and overwhelmed her senses.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned, “what are you doing to it? Oh, my God! Ewwww, Mr. Hartman! You’re terrible! Ohhhh, no more, no more! Stop! Stop! I can’t cum any more!” But Sam gripped her asscheeks and held onto her squirming, humping ass as he tongue-fucked her to a dynamic, mind-boggling climax that left her breathless and gasping.

“Oh, my God!” she choked, secretly amazed by the strength and length of her orgasms. In spite of what her boss had said, sex in an office was alarming!

Sam got to his feet and Kelly’s eyes went wide. He had his cock out, thick and throbbing in his fist. He had been playing with it all the time.

“God, you’re dirty!” Kelly rasped. Sam leaned his ass against the edge of his desk and slowly milked his erect cock before her startled eyes.

“You’d better go back to your desk for a while,” he said. “Come back in an hour. Make some excuse. Bring me some papers to sign.” Kelly got to her feet and staggered to the door.

“An hour,” Sam repeated. “I’ll nurse this until you get back.”

What an animal! Kelly thought. She hurried to her desk. Her fingers trembled on her typewriter keys, and she was profoundly aware of the big hole in the crotch of her soaked pantyhose.

The hour went by too fast to suit her. She bit her lower lip as her mind filled with the image of Sam’s immense cock. To her dismay, her self-centered pussy got excited.

Fearful of the consequences if she disobeyed, she forced herself to enter her boss’ office. Sam stood up when she came in and, sure enough, there he was, an aging man in a business suit with his wet cock sticking out of his pants.

“My God,” Kelly said, wide-eyed. “You really did nurse it. What kind of a man are you?”

“Just like any other,” Sam said. “I’m a son, a brother, a father, and uncle. But right now I’m horny for your sweet young cunt.”

Kelly went weak in the knees. She hadn’t meant to, but for the past hour she had thought of nothing else but his massive cock. Now, here it was, aching for her pussy. Between his dirty words and the size of his wet cock, she felt weak all over.

“Come here,” he said.

He met her at the big, black-leather couch and urged her down onto it. Kelly whimpered a little as she stretched out. She couldn’t take her eyes off of his ominous cock. She was sure it was twice as big as Tom’s.

Sam grinned lewdly and flipped her skirt up onto her flat young belly. Cool air kissed her cunt and she shuddered. Sam saw that as a sign of anticipation. He knelt on the floor and urged one of her curvy legs aside. He dipped down and kissed her cute young pussy. He licked it and sucked her clit a little, just enough to prime her pussy for his prick.

Kelly’s senses soared, and her tits got hard, and her cunt got wet for him. Her whole body started to writhe on the couch, and she wished it wouldn’t.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned. “Don’t make me xx this way. I should only feel like this with Tom!”

Sam chuckled into her cunt and drilled his thick tongue into her pussy-mouth. He slid it in and out until Kelly was humping her cute ass. Then he replaced his tongue with his rigid fuck-pole.

Kelly’s ass jerked as his bulging cockhead separated her cunt-lips and wedged into her fuck-hole. It lodged in the tight wetness of her pussy-mouth, then inched into her narrow fuck-channel.

“Ohhhh!” Kelly moaned.

Sam urged every solid inch of his thick cock into her clenching young cunt until his hot nuts pressed against her lovely ass-cheeks. As his cockhead throbbed deep in her belly, he pushed her sweater all the way up to her chin. She was wearing a cute little beige bra.

Sam unhooked the small clasp between her tits and the silky cups slipped away from her jutting young tits. He assaulted her tits and nipples with his lips, tongue and teeth.

Kelly had always liked to have her tits played with and kissed, but this was something else. Sam attacked them with such passion that they got as horny as her cunt. Kelly didn’t know what to do with herself.

As Sam sucked her spiking pink nipples and slid his big prick in and out of her clenching cunt. Her toes curled and her fingers clawed at his shoulders. Horny little sounds got caught in her throat as Sam fucked her.

Her pussy opened for his huge fucker and pried her cunt-walls apart. His thick cockhead filled her fuck-channel as it made its way into her hot belly again and again. His swollen cock see-sawed faster and faster. The full length of his stiff prick slammed into her fuck-hole. His cockhead banged her guts. His nuts banged her cute little ass.

“Ohhhh!” Kelly moaned again, as a whole new set of cummy feelings rippled through her hot cunt.

Getting his devastating fuck rhythm established Sam covered her mouth with his, mashed her tits beneath his chest, and drilled his cock into her young pussy. Kelly suddenly felt like she was suffocating.

She choked on Sam’s tongue. Her whole body stiffened and trembled. Her cunt twisted and turned on his massive prick. And she came like crazy.

“Mmmmmmph!” she gasped on his probing tongue, as her pussy humped on his probing cock.

“Mmmmmph! Mmmmmph! Mmmmmph!” she tried to cry out.

But Sam couldn’t allow that. Not in his office. So he filled her wet mouth with his tongue and filled her wet cunt with his cock.

Kelly thought she’d die. Her eyes rolled in her head. Her aching tits thrust and twisted under Sam’s chest. Her hot little ass churned on the wet leather couch. And her pussy jerked wildly on his drilling, plunging fuckrod.

Huge waves of cummy pleasure overwhelmed her, and she lost her head. She jerked and churned and humped and twisted and turned and got so high that she thought her brain would burst.

Her fingernails dug into Sam’s shoulders. Her ass came up off the touch. Her pussy took all of his surging cock. And she came on it like never before.

Right in the middle of her excruciating orgasm, Sam began to shoot. That drove Kelly right out of her mind. His whole cock enlarged in her fucking cunt, and his balls tightened up.

Giant wads of angry cockcream tore into her heaving young belly.

His hot nuts jerked and spewed out bullets ripped through cockpipe, of it’s piss-hole, into Kelly’s sucking cunt. She felt devastated.

She shivered and shook all over, from head to toe. Her whole body buzzed, not just her pussy. When Sam’s mouth left hers, she gasped for breath. When his chunky wet prick left her cunt, a final thrill passed through her. It was like having her pussy kissed by a cock.

Her blue eyes glistened with tears when Sam got off her writhing flesh. Such a mind-boggling fuck left her feeling weak and used and demoralized.

Finding her tongue, she panted, “You shouldn’t have done that to me.” Her tears spilled over, and she sobbed, “I’ve never been treated like this before.”

Sam chuckled. “You mean you’ve never been fucked like this before.” The truth only made Kelly feel worse.

“I hate you, Mr. Hartman!” she whimpered. “Look at me. I feel like a whore. I feel used. You didn’t have to do it so much. I’m not that sexy.”

“That’s what you think,” Sam said, admiring her lithe young body.

“Well, Tom doesn’t go crazy like that!”

Sam grinned at her. “Tom isn’t fifty years old with nuts aching for you.”

“Don’t talk like that!” Kelly cried. “God, you’re dirty! I never dreamed you were so filthy or I never would have taken this job.”

“Too late now,” Sam said.

Too late now, Kelly thought, tears in her eyes. Look what he’s done to me. In just two days he’s turned me into a sex-maniac. It isn’t right. I hate him.

“You’d better use my private bathroom,” Sam said. “If the girls see you glowing like that, they’ll know you’ve been fucking.”

Glowing, Kelly thought. My God, does sex show on a girl?

She made her way to the bathroom and perched her cute ass on the toilet. Little shivers ran through her as she deposited Sam’s sperm in the water below. Then she took a pee that washed her pussy out.

She straightened her clothes, and fluffed her hair in the mirror. Her blue eyes were bright.

Her skin was glowing. My God, she thought, sex does show on a girl! That’s all I need is those cats accusing me of sex with the boss! It’s not his fault.

Well, tomorrow’s Wednesday, she thought. I’ll be free of him, thank God. But I suppose he’ll show up at my house tonight with that monster between his legs. Just one more night of this insanity, thank God!


Sam showed up ten minutes after Tom left far work. He was horny for her again, and Kelly was certain that there was something radically wrong with him. She knew she was pretty and attractive, but Sam’s animal lust for her made her feel like a magnet for cock.

The minute he was inside the apartment, he swept Kelly right off her feet, and carried her to her bed where he licked and sucked her until she was weak and helpless again.

Then he had her suck his prick until it was big and he fucked her brains out until the wee hours of the morning. It was after three when Kelly’s smoldering eyes saw the clock through her sex haze.

“Oh, my God!” she cried. “Tom gets home about four!”

Sam got up and dressed. He left Kelly writhing on her rumpled bed. He paused at the door.

“Why don’t you take tomorrow off?” He grinned and added, “With pay.”

Kelly was at first touched by the gesture. The thought of a day off in the middle of the week with pay delighted her. She almost had a kind thought about her boss. After all, it was the least he could do after all he had done to her.

She rolled over on the bed and hugged Tom’s pillow. Her ordeal was over. Now she could relax. Now things would be normal again. Now she could make love to Tom again. Sweet, guide, loving Tom, with his sweet, gentle, loving prick. She heaved a big sigh of relief, and dozed off.

She slept like a baby and never heard Tom come in, never felt him crawl into bed with her. She awoke about noon, fresh as a daisy and happy as a lark to have the day off. She relaxed with women’s magazines and TV, just lounging around and luxuriating. She felt great.

She got Tom off to work, on time and prepared to spend a night as relaxing as her day was. When someone knocked on the door about fifteen minutes later, she pranced to it. But then she was shocked out of her young mind to see Sam Hartman standing there.

“Mr. Hartman!” she gasped. “What are you doing here?”

Sam just smiled and said, “Did you have a nice day?”

Kelly felt naked under his lewd gaze. Not having expected him, she was in her undersized robe.

“Go away!” she cried, and her naked tits rose up in the wide V of her robe. “You said just a few days! It’s over! No more!”

“Now, don’t be like that,” Sam chided, like a father chiding a naughty daughter.

Kelly saw some neighbors coming out of their house across the street, and she panicked. What if they saw her half-naked with a strange man at her door?

She grabbed Sam by the wrist and pulling him inside and shut the door. Breathless, she moved to the window and peeked through the curtains. The neighbors apparently hadn’t seen anything. She sighed.

Sam moved up behind her and his crotch pressed against her firm, round ass, as his hands slipped around her middle. His left hand came up to her tits. His right dipped into her robe between her young thighs. His cock got hard.

“You smell sexy,” he breathed into her cute little ear.

“Mr. Hartman!” she gasped. “Let me get…”

His left hand smothered a jutting tit and massaged her pink nipple. His right hand rubbed her pussy and a big finger slipped into her wet cunt-hole.

“No! No!” she wailed. “Stop! You can’t do this to me!”

She kicked at his shins with her bare feet, and twisted her ass away from his disturbing cock. Panting for breath, she tore away from him and ran. Sam laughed and took after her. She raced around the sofa. Sam followed. When he stopped, she stopped to catch her breath. Her blue eyes flared at him.

“If you touch me now, it’s rape!” she declared.

Sam laughed. “Great,” he said. “The police love girls like you. I fucked him for a couple of days, then he raped me.”

Put that way, Kelly felt defeated. Now she couldn’t even scream if she wanted to. Not that she would. What would the neighbors think? And Sam gave her something else to think about.

“How would you explain all that to your hubby?”

Kelly’s heart sank behind her heaving young tits. Her shoulders sagged. Her eyes saddened. Her lower lip quivered. Then she sobbed.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she whimpered. “I was nice to you. You got more than my own husband. Please don’t look at me like that. I don’t want you to want me that way. Please, Mr. Hartman, leave me alone!”

Sam grinned and started after her again. Kelly squealed and dashed away. She darted around the sofa with Sam hot on her heels. He grabbed her flying robe and Kelly screeched. To get away, she had to slip out of the robe.

Sam dropped it and ran after her. She whirled around in the doorway of the bedroom. A hand covered her young pussy. An arm crossed over her ripe, thrusting tits.

“Mr. Hartman!” she cried. “Stop!”

Sam advanced slowly. Kelly retreated into her bedroom. Her blue eyes were wide on Sam’s obvious hard-on as she stepped beck. His eyes were hot on her lithe young body as he stepped forward.

The backs of her legs touched the edge of the bed, and she caught her breath.

“Mr. Hartman… please… don’t.”

He grinned and reached for her tits. Kelly jerked back and fell across the bed. Sam unzipped his pants and produced his enormous, wet cock. Kelly shivered and sniffled like a hurt child.

Sam slipped out of his jacket and loosened his tie, then gripped his prick in his fist. He stepped between Kelly’s trembling knees and leaned over her on one hand. His wet cock flamed her wet pussy.

“Ohhhh, nooooo!” she moaned. But her cunt, weak and helpless, opened like a hot little mouth for his big fucker.

His thick cock wedged into her pussy and stretched her fuck-channel wide as it slid inward. Kelly whimpered when she felt the way his enormous prick filled her cunt. It didn’t seem right somehow, and she sniffled again as his prick inched into her cunt. She was certain that a fifty-year-old cock this size didn’t belong in a nineteen-year-old pussy like hers.

Convinced of that, she rasped, “I hate you!” Sam chuckled and got every inch of his cock into the tight wetness of her pretty pussy. His pubic hair mixed with hers. His hot nuts tickled her asscheeks. His cockhead was lodged in her belly. She sobbed.

Sam grinned obscenely, aroused by her weak protest and state of surrender to his prick. He grasped her slim wrists and pinned them to the bed over her head so that her proud young tits strained up at him.

Holding her prisoner, he ducked his head down and sucked the hell out of her jutting tits as he fucked her silly. Her tits trembled and her nipples spiked in his mouth as her juicy young cunt twisted in protest against his drilling cock.

But it took only a few strokes of his long, rigid fuck-pole to change her twist of protest into hot little spasms of increasing horniness. Her pussy couldn’t resist a big cock like his. It was devastating.

“Oh, ohhh, ohhhh,” she suddenly moaned and whimpered a little as her whole body quivered.

Sam chuckled with pleasure, loving the feel of her tight, wet cunt, but also loving the way he could make her succumb to her own passion. She was fun to fuck.

Kelly panted for breath as his prick ravished her pussy, and she fought down the rising waves of lust she felt welling up inside her body. She wanted so much to repel his big cock, but her pussy wouldn’t let her. It started screwing on his cock.

Sam sensed her dilemma and helped her let go. Keeping her urns pinned to the bed, he reared back with his hips and drilled all of his cock into her squishy young cunt. It plunged so forcefully into her that her whole body jerked on the bed, and she let out a long moan.

Her senses reeled as Sam fucked faster in and out of her pussy. She saw stars. Her cute little ass writhed. Her cunt twisted, faster with his strokes. Her breath quickened and came out in short little gasps. Sam fucked her even faster.

He sucked and chewed her delightful tits as he plunged and drilled all of his cock into her cunt. His pelvic bone banged hers. His balls slapped her hot ass. His cockhead ripped into her belly again and again, until Kelly was gasping for breath.

“Oh, no!” she suddenly shrieked. “I’m cumming!”

She could no longer hold off the waves of orgasmic pleasure. They overwhelmed, her, engulfed her, drowned her ma sea of emotions that left her fucking hornily on Sam’s raping prick.

“Uh! Uhhh! Uhhhnnn!” she grunted like a fucking little animal. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened and her tits strained up into his mouth and her pussy churned hotly and wetly on his fucking cock.

Kelly thought the lights would go out in her head as the big man fucked her brains out. And yet that was just the beginning for her. Sam, in his growing lust, wanted to send her senses soaring, wanted to make her cum like crazy.

So he dug his toes into the carpet for leverage and rammed his huge, stiff cock into her wet pussy. His wet nuts crashed into her tensed ass. His shaft filled her fuck-channel. And his cockhead plunged into her hot young body. Her belly heaved on his prick.

“Oh!” Kelly cried when he first did that to her. Then as he drilled again and again, she squealed. “Oh! Ohhh! Ohhhh! I’m cumming! Ohhh, stop that! No, nooo, noooo! Ohhhh, don’t fuck me like that! Don’t, don’t! Ohhh, my God, I’m cumming and cumming! Stop, stop! Ohhhh, I’m cummmmiiinnnggg!”

Her fingers curled and uncurled like her toes. Her wrists twisted against his powerful grip and her cunt twisted on his powerful cock. Cummy pleasure stormed through her hot, vibrating body on the bed, and Sam chuckled lewdly over her jutting tits as he fucked the life out of her cunt.

His toes dug in and his prick lunged into her pussy. Suddenly, he raised his face from her straining tits and threw his head back. He gritted his teeth and fucked every solid inch of his cock into her clenching, sucking young pussy and shot his load all at once.

He let out a terrible groan as he busted his nuts. Huge wads of thick cockcream torpedoed through his distended cockpipe and crashed into Kelly’s humping cunt. For one crazy second she was afraid she had hurt him, he groaned so loud. But then it dawned on her that he was simply enjoying her pussy like the dirty man he was.

Sam emptied his nuts into her cunt, got his bearings again, and released her quivery, straining arms. He pushed himself up off her writhing young body and gazed at her a moment. Then he kissed her, gaping, panting mouth and whispered, “Take tomorrow off with pay.” Then he was gone.

Kelly’s head finally stopped spinning, and her eyes fluttered open. Reality set in and she gasped.

“My God! He’s paying me? I’m a whore!” That was too harsh for her tender feelings, so she said, “No. I’m not. I’m his mistress!”

She staggered into the bathroom, and as she got rid of his jism, she wished she could get rid of him.

It’s too late to tell Tom, she thought as she peed. And I can’t tell the police. What am I going to do? He uses me as if I belong to him! She padded naked into the living-room and picked up her robe. At least it’s not sex-soiled, she thought.

A knock on the door startled her. If that’s again, she thought fiercely, I’ll scream. She pulled her robe on and quickly belted it around her narrow waist.

She opened the door and looked into the face of a woman she knew.

“Mrs. Hartman.”

“Hello, Kelly. May I come in?”

“Unh, yes, of course.”

Kelly’s blood rushed in her head, and she thought she’d faint. Why was Mrs. Hartman here? Not because of…

“Sit down, sit down,” she said nervously. “Can I get you a cup of coffee?”

“Yes, thank you,” the woman said. Over coffee, Jean Hartman made herself quite clear. “I’ll get right to the point, Kelly. I know what’s going on between you and my husband. No, you don’t have to defend yourself. I know it’s his fault.”

“You do?”

“Oh, yes. I don’t know all the details, but I know how Sam operates. He gets a girl in a compromising position, then takes advantage of her.”

“That’s exactly what he did!” Kelly exclaimed. “But… what are you doing here?”

“I’m jealous,” Jean said.

Kelly’s eyes went wide with innocence. “Oh, Mrs. Hartman, I swear! I’m not interested in your husband!”

Jean reached over and set her hand on Kelly’s naked knee. “I’m not jealous of you, silly. I’m jealous of him.”

Kelly frowned, puzzled. “I don’t understand.”

“How naive you are,” Jean said, and slipped her cool hand up Kelly’s hot thigh. “It’s not only men who are attracted to a sexy young thing like you.”

Kelly’s mouth fell open. “Mrs. Hartman!” she gasped. Her thigh quivered. “Please take your hand off my leg. This is embarrassing!”

“I could make an awful lot of trouble for you,” Jean said. “One word from me and Sam would fire you tomorrow. One phone call from me and your husband would know everything — how you laid my husband at the office.”

“Open your legs,” Jean said softly.

Kelly parted her knees and Jean admired her sweet young pussy. “No wonder Sam comes home so tired,” she said, and stroked Kelly’s cunt with two long fingers. Kelly’s breath caught in her throat as the fingers teased her pussy. They were so gentle.

The lady’s tongue was even gentler. So gentle, in fact, that it drove Kelly right out of her young mind. She had never had a female lick her cunt before. It was quite a remarkable experience for her. It was as if Mrs. Hartman loved her cunt.

Jean kissed Kelly’s pussy at first, lips to lips, a gentle kiss that made Kelly shiver all over. Her eyes got glazed and her lips parted as she peered down with curiosity and growing passion as Jean’s extended tongue ravished her wet pussy. Kelly moaned because the feelings in her cunt were so horny. Jean moaned because Kelly’s young pussy was so juicy and sweet. She slurped her tongue into her young cunt and wiggled it round and round inside Kelly’s twisty fuck-hole.

Kelly’s head began spinning as Mrs. Hartman aroused, then tormented, then pleased her cunt. The woman sure knew how to eat pussy. When Kelly climaxed on her tongue, Jean sucked all the cum right out of her.

Jean licked and sucked Kelly’s little clit until the poor girl went out of her mind with cummy pleasure. She came juicily for a long time, and Jean licked her pussy absolutely dry.

“Ohhhh, Mrs. Hartman,” she breathed, trembling from head to foot, “I’ve never had anything like that.”

“Come here,” Jean said huskily. “Turn around here.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Just turn around. That’s it. Now bend over the back of the sofa. Go ahead. I’ll show you something eke you’ve never had, you horny little bitch.”

“Mrs. Hartman! How you talk! What… what are you doing?”

Jean had her draped over the back of the sofa. Kelly’s hands touched the floor. Her bare feet hung off the sofa cushion. Her ripe young ass was uplifted, round and firm. Sean gave it a kiss, right in her asscrack. Kelly gasped.

Jean murmured hornily to herself, turned on by Kelly’s sweet young ass, and she pried her ass-cheeks open with her thumbs. When she had exposed Kelly’s brown assbud, she drilled her slender tongue into the girl’s shitter.

“Oh!” Kelly squealed. “My God! Ewww, stop that! Mrs. Hartman! Ohhhh, you’re as dirty as your husband!”

She was shocked at the woman as Jean sucked her asshole. After such a nice pussy-lick, this seemed terribly depraved. But, depraved or not, it drove Kelly wild. Jean’s wicked tongue assaulted her shithole and her cunt-hole. She licked deep in both holes, back and forth from one to the other, until Kelly was a writhing mass of hot female flesh.

“Ohhh, stop! Stop!” she panted, wriggling and rocking hornily. “Ohhhh, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! I’m… I’m… Oh! I’m cummiiinnnggg!”

Her whole body rocked and twisted and squirmed as the horny lady turned her pussy and ass into molten lava. Frothy cunt-juice seeped out of her tight young pussy and Jean slurped it up like it was champagne.

When Jean finally stopped eating her, Kelly thought her cunt and asshole was on fire. Never in her life had anyone sucked both holes at one time like that. It was mind-boggling, to say the least.

She heard the door close and she collapsed onto the sofa, starry-eyed and with her legs wide. Her fingers traced nervous little lines all over her hot crotch. She shivered and shuddered for a long time.

My God, she thought hotly, I’m a sex slave for a dirty-old-man and his pervert wife!


Kelly spent the next day window-shopping since she didn’t have to go to work. She got home at the appropriate time, and that left Tom with the impression that she had spent the day at the office.

She had to admit — but only to herself — that this was a rather nice arrangement. No work and all pay.

On Friday night, right after Tom left for work, Sam showed up, not only with his cock, but with her paycheck.

“Thought I’d save you a trip to the office,” he said, waving her paycheck under her cute little nose.

Kelly was genuinely touched. “Why, thank you, Mr. Hartman.” Then she was really touched when she opened the envelope.

Sam grinned and stroked her ass. “Didn’t I tell you? I gave you a raise. You’ve been doing a damned good job lately.”

Kelly eased her ass away from his roving hand, and said, “I don’t know if that’s a compliment or an insult. You haven’t been very nice to me.”

She wondered if he knew about his wife. Far a brief moment she considered telling, but quickly changed her mind. If she told, he would know what Jean had done to her. That would be embarrassing.

“Would you like a cup of coffee?” she asked, hoping to delay the inevitable.

“Of course not,” Sam said, looking her over. She was wearing a light green shirt with a matching skirt. “You know I can’t think of anything but your pussy when I’m with you,” he said with a grin.

“Mr. Hartman! My God! Are you this horny with your wife?”

“Never,” Sam laughed. “I save it all for you.”

“Well, I wish you wouldn’t.”

Sam grinned lewdly, and said, “Show me how you masturbate.”

Kelly blushed. He never failed to embarrass her. She averted his piercing eyes and settled on the sofa. She sat propped up by some sofa pillows.

“Come on,” Sam chuckled. “Don’t stop now.”

Embarrassed but resigned, she left one foot on the floor and drew her other leg up onto the sofa. Her curvy young thighs splayed. She eased her skirt up onto her flat belly. She was wearing pretty green bikini panties.

“Matching bra?” Sam asked quizzically.

“Let me see it.”

Kelly opened her shirt wide and exposed two small triangles of light green on her tits.

Sam’s eyes danced. “A cute little bra for cute young tits,” he said. “And I can see your pussy through that light material. Did you wear those for me?”

“No!” Kelly blurted. “I wore them for Tom!”

“They look brand new.”

“They are. I just bought them this morning.”

“Well, I’m glad to see you’re putting your money to good use.”

“I bought them to please Tom,” Kelly repeated.

Sam grinned. “I’ll try not to eat my way through your panties.”

Kelly remembered what he had done to her pantyhose. “Oh, no, you don’t!” she exclaimed, and peeled her panties off.

She lifted her ass up off the sofa and pulled the panties from around her waist. Then she lifted her pretty legs in the air and worked her panties off her feet.

She set her panties on the floor beside her and resumed her splayed-leg position. Sam ogled her furry young cunt and a big bump appeared in the front of his pants.

“Your pussy looks brand new, too,” he said hornily. “Play with it.”

Kelly smoothed her naughty fingers over her cunt, but said, “Please don’t talk like that.”

“Well, it’s true,” Sam said, taking off his jacket and loosening his tie. “It looks so fresh and pink each time I see it.” He dropped his jacket to the floor.

Kelly heaved a sigh that made her little nipples poke bumps in the green triangles. “It embarrasses me when you talk dirty. Tom would never say things like that.”

Sam chuckled and unzipped his pants. Kelly’s eyes widened on his cock when he drew it out. It was always so huge.

Sam sat down on the sofa at her foot with his prick in hand, and he slowly milked it into its greatest length as he watched Kelly play with her pussy.

Her blue eyes got hazy on his massive cock as she slowly fingerfucked her cunt-hole. Sam watched her watch his prick.

“Come here,” he said.

“Give me your hand,” he said.

She did, and he drew it to his hot, throbbing cock. Kelly leaned forward at the waist and milked his prick for him.

“Have you been curious about it?” he asked. “No,” she lied, not wanting to seem impressed.

“Is it bigger than Tom’s?”

“Of course,” Kelly said. “You’re a lot older than he is.” Her eyes smoothed over his prick, her little pink tongue came out of her mouth to lick at her ripe lips.

Sam chuckled knowingly, and said, “Suck me off.”

“God, you’re a beast,” Kelly said. But she lowered her pretty head and slipped her sexy young mouth down on his rigid cock.

She didn’t really mean to do a good job for him, but she couldn’t help herself once his stiff prick turned her on. Her mouth never left his cock as she wriggled around into a kneeling position on the sofa. Then she bobbed her head up and down, faster and faster, amazed at how big his prick was in her mouth.

She breathed heavily through her nose as she blew him. Her fist pumped his cockshaft as her lips and tongue worked on his cock head. She gripped his cock in her left hand and let her right fingers dance around his hairy, hot nuts. They were big, too.

A moan escaped her throat when Sam fucked his prick up into her sucking young mouth and made his prick-head bang her throat. Her fist tightened around his hot cock and she got carried away. All of a sudden, she jerked up and down on his cock as if it were Tom’s and she sucked him off beautifully, hotly, hornily.

Sam’s head dropped back and he groaned from his tight guts as Kelly’s saucy young mouth sucked the life out of his prick. His nuts tightened up something fierce and he grunted like an animal.

His cock swelled up like a frog and Kelly moaned again. She jerked faster and her mouth sucked harder and he shot a fiery load of jism into her mouth. She gulped and gulped fast and drank all his cum, wad after wad. His big, gushing cock made her feel warm all over.

When his prick stopped spitting and Kelly got her breath back, he rasped, “That was great. Now stand up here, and let me give you your reward.”

He had Kelly stand up on the sofa cushion, one foot to each side of his hips, legs spread in a big upside-down V. He slipped his big hands between her curvy thighs and caressed her firm, round ass-cheeks. He urged her pussy forward and licked it with his tongue. Kelly shuddered. “That’s not a reward,” she panted as he licked between her cunt-lips. “It’s sexual slavery.”

Sam chuckled into her pussy-muff and tongued her juicy young fuck-hole. Kelly went to pieces. He licked at her quivery little clit, then caught it between his teeth, and that drove Kelly crazy.

“Ohhhh!” she moaned.

Her eyes closed and her head fell back on her shoulders. Her hands came up to caress and squeeze her jutting, horny tits as Sam’s tongue ravished her cunt. She whimpered and sighed and moaned continually, and finally she thrust her pussy at his sucking mouth.

Her legs strained and her knees quivered and her cunt twisted hotly on Sam’s licking, drilling tongue. Her cunt-lips opened and his tongue shafted up into her fuck-hole, and Kelly screwed her pussy round and round.

Sam squeezed her firm, round ass-cheeks and buried his thick tongue in her tight pussy-hole, then wiggled it around in there until Kelly was shivering with climax.

“I’m cumming!” she wailed with abandon, and her whole body quivered and shook violently. Her pussy churned on Sam’s fucking tongue and she came like crazy. It knocked the breath right out of her.

Right in the middle of her dynamic orgasm, Sam pried her tight ass-cheeks apart and tickled her asshole with a fingertip.

“Oh!” Kelly gasped. “Don’t do that!”

Sam stuck an inch of thick finger into her squirmy ass and she choked. Then, as he tonguefucked her cunt, he fingerfucked her little asshole until Kelly was whimpering and cumming wildly.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, don’t!” she rasped hotly, cumming violently. “Take your finger out of me! It’s too much! Ohhh, I can’t stand it! Don’t! Don’t! Ohhhh, I’m cumming too much!”

Her drastic orgasm rocked her out of her mind. Her fingers clawed and clutched at Sam’s hair. Her cunt twisted and jerked on his face. Her asshole clenched and choked his drilling finger.

“Oh, my God!” she shrieked. “What are you doing to me! Oh, ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, I’m still cummmiiinnngggg!”

Eating young Kelly this way was enough to drive Sam out of his mind with lust. His cock grew rigid and tall and wet. He pushed Kelly’s writhing young body down onto the sofa and he attacked her hornily. He threw himself on her and shafted all of his cock into her soaked, wrenching cunt. His wicked finger filled her asshole once again as he fucked her.

He buried his face beside hers and licked at her cute little ear as he drilled his cock into her tight wet cunt again and again. Kelly saw stars. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as her ass churned and her pussy twisted body.

Her asshole clenched his fucking finger and took her breath away as she screwed crazily for him. She couldn’t help herself now. In fact, she wasn’t herself at all. Sam had turned her into a hot, writhing, fucking little animal. She fucked wildly on his big prick.

Great, mind-boggling waves of orgasmic pleasure overwhelmed her senses and she went nuts. She screamed and squealed and panted and moaned as she fucked like a whore for him. Her head tossed and turned and her eyes rolled and her breath shot out in gasps. Her tits grew taut and horny beneath his chest and she twisted them there just as she twisted her tight young cunt on his cock.

Sam grunted, then groaned. His meaty cock swelled up and his nuts got tight against the base of his prick. Kelly howled through another wave of cummy pleasure even as his prick exploded in the depths of her heaving young belly. That got her off even more, and as his prick spat savagely into her cunt, she thought she’d pass out.

Sam pumped all of his jism into her sweet cunt, and left her panting for breath. He got off her writhing young body and admired her dazed state of orgasmic bliss. He grinned as she came to her senses slowly. He sat back at her feet and let her get her bearings.

When she looked like she could move again, he said, “I’ll take that cup of coffee now, if you don’t mind.”

“Well, I do mind,” she said. “Why don’t you go and take your wife out, or something?”

Sam stroked her wet pussy and grinned. “Trying to get rid of me, huh?”

“I’d love to get rid of you. You’re driving me crazy. A girl shouldn’t cum so much.”

Sam chuckled. “Don’t you know that the more a girl cums, the more she can cum?”

“No, I don’t know that,” Kelly lied, sitting up to escape his tantalizing fingers. Actually, she had read about serial orgasms in a woman’s magazine. She just wasn’t going to let him know that.

Sam reached for her and she jumped to her feet. She went into the bathroom and disposed of his jism. Then she got coffee for both of them.


Kelly couldn’t concentrate on her coffee. She glanced over at Sam’s wet, drippy cock and said, “Can’t you put that thing away for five minutes?”

“Does it make you nervous?” he laughed. “It’s disgusting,” Kelly said. “A man shouldn’t sit around like that.”

“Why not? You’re not wearing panties.” Sam reached for her, but she dodged his grasp. She slid over to the very end of the sofa.

Sam lunged at her.

“Mr. Hartman!” she squealed, and jumped to her feet.

Another hot chase was on. Kelly ducked around the sofa. Sam took after ha, his wet prick dangling. Kelly saw it over her shoulder and ran into the kitchen.

Sam chased her around the kitchen table a few times before she darted back into the living room where he chased her around the sofa again. She headed for the front door and Sam tackled her.

He tripped her and she fell, squealing, on her tits.

“Oh!” she cried.

Sam straddled her hips on his knees and sat on her ass. He leaned down and licked her cute little car as his hands slid under her to squeeze her ripe young tits.

“Stop! Stop! Get off me!” Kelly cried.

Sam chuckled and played with her tits as her cute young ass squirmed against his growing cock. When she felt his hard-on between her thighs, she struggled even harder.

“Mr. Hartman,” she panted, when his cock kissed her cunt. “You can’t be horny already. You just can’t be!”

But he was, and his horniness was contagious. When his huge fucker pressed up against her hot crotch, her pussy responded with little squirms that appalled her.

Sam got up on his knees between her thighs. He held her to the floor with one hand while the other flipped her skirt up onto her back.

Then he gripped her young hips and elevated her ass. His wet cockhead kissed her pussy from behind, and he urged his prick into her fuckhole. Kelly gasped. She had never been fucked in this position before.

She noticed the difference right away. His big, thick cock was deep inside her young cunt. It was upside down! His hot nuts, instead of biting her ass-cheeks as he fucked her, now slapped against her stiff little clit. The sensations were mind-boggling for, her.

“Oh, my God!” she gasped, as a series of electric shocks stunned her pussy each time Sam’s balls rapped her cunt. He drilled his horny cock faster, and his nuts spanked the hell out of her clit. Kelly’s senses reeled, and as this new kind of fucking turned her on, she twisted her aching tits on the floor and her fingers clawed the carpet.

Sam fucked her the way a dog fucks a bitch in heat. And Kelly soon was a bitch in heat. Again lust filled the air around their fucking bodies Sam gritted his teeth and grunted like a bull as he fucked her. Kelly bit her lower lip and whimpered like a wounded kitten as she fucked him back.

She wailed through her mind-bending, body wrenching orgasm, and Sam got his rocks off, too. His cock exploded deep in her humping belly, and he pumped huge wads of jism into her squirmy young cunt.

At the end, he banged her cunt so hard that her head banged against the door with each deep thrust of his prick. He shot lots of cum into her swampy cunt, and, as his prick jolted violently, her pussy spasmed.

“Ohhhh, I’m cummmiiinnnggg!” she groaned.

Sam didn’t stop fucking her until her tight young pussy had sucked every drop of cum out of this nuts. Then his prick softened in her tight wetness, and her cunt clenched and unclenched until it forced his prick out of her.

Sam sat back on the floor and admired his handiwork. Kelly looked well-fucked, with her face and knees on the carpet, her thighs wide open and her soaked cunt all red and swollen.

Kelly groaned as she, turned over and collapsed on the floor. She looked drugged.

“You’re an animal,” she said weakly. “No decent man would do this to a girl.”

Sam looked at his watch and said, “I have to go. I promised my wife I’d take her out tonight.”

Kelly watched him put his big cock away and get his jacket and put it on. She sighed with relief. He wasn’t going to fuck her all night!

He came back near her and took the doorknob in his hand. Kelly rolled away so he could get out the door. He grinned at her and his eyes ran all over her.

“Is Tom off tomorrow?” he wanted to know. “Yes! And Sunday, too!”

“Okay,” he said. “Take Monday off with pay, of course. I’ll drop by to see you Monday night.”

“No!” Kelly blurted. “I’d rather work than do this again!”

Sam just laughed and walked out. Kelly lay there, getting her bearings back. Her pussy twitched. She checked it with her hand. When her finger touched her clit, she almost came right then and there.

“Oh, my God!” she breathed hotly.

Her cunt demanded attention. Her hand obeyed. She slipped two fingers into her wet young fuck-hole, clamped her thighs together, rolled onto her side, and humped her pussy wildly as she came and came.

Her horny orgasms gave her added relief as did the fact that she wouldn’t have to see Sam again until Monday. She was prepared to spend a relaxing weekend with her hubby. But that wasn’t on the cards for her. Her kid sister, Tracy, showed up the first day in tears. Kelly was dismayed.

“How did you get here?” she demanded to know.

“By bus,” Tracy said.

“But… where did you get the money for a ticket.”

“My babysitting money,” Tracy explained.

Tom interceded. “Quit grilling the kid. Can’t you see she’s upset?”

Tracy gave him a nice smile. She sat up straighter on the sofa and her taut young tits poked proudly in her tight T-shirt.

Kelly wasn’t impressed. “Now, let me get this straight. You had another argument with Mom and she grounded you, so you ran away from home. No money, no clothes, nothing. And you want to stay with us? Just like that?”

“Please, Kelly!” Tracy cried. “I don’t have any place else to go!”

“You can go home, you little fool. Mom’s going to be worried sick. She’s liable to advertise you on TV as a teenaged runaway.”

“I don’t care!” Tracy said, and pouted. “She’s so mean to me. She won’t let me do anything.”

Kelly heaved a sigh. “What was it this time?”

“She found my vibrator under my pillow,” Tracy said.

“Your what? You mean, a massager?”

“No. A vibrator. You know.”


“It was just a little one,” Tracy explained. “Only about this long.” She held her hands about four inches apart.

As she spoke and demonstrated, her curvy young thighs parted a little. Her skirt was very short, high on her thighs, and Tom swore that she wasn’t wearing any panties. He crossed his legs to conceal his growing hard-on.

“Well, this is just like the handle of my hairbrush, only it vibrates.”

Kelly threw her hands up. “Tracy, I don’t know what to do.”

“Say I can stay with you and Tom for a while. Please don’t send me home. Please!”

Tom appeared in the doorway. “She can sleep on the sofa,” he said.

Tracy gave him another smile.

“Tom!” Kelly said sternly. “Don’t encourage her! Do you want to spoil her?”

“It would be just for a few days,” Tom argued. “Just until you straighten this out with your mother.”

“I don’t know,” Kelly said dubiously. “We really should put her on a bus home.”

“Oh, please!” Tracy cried.

“Just a few days,” Tom said.

Kelly relented. “Well… all right… but just for a few days.”

Tracy leaped to her feet and rushed up to Tom and stood on tiptoes and gave him a big hug and a nice kiss. All her goodies pressed up against him. He laughed and tousled her hair as if she were a kid, but his prick throbbed against her belly as if she were a big girl. Tom was surprised when she didn’t pull away.

“Okay, okay,” Kelly interrupted, getting to her feet. “Calm down.”

“Let’s all have some lunch,” Tom suggested. “You go ahead,” Kelly said. “I want to talk to Tracy a minute.”

Tracy stood bright-eyed with her hands behind her back and her proud young tits jutting sharply in her T-shirt.

“I don’t think you should throw yourself at Tom that way,” Kelly said.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not a little girl any more and… well… he is a man and…”

Tracy blinked her eyelashes. “You don’t think he’d get a hard-on for me, do you? Oh, Kelly, Tom’s not that kind of a guy. He’s like a brother to me.”

Kelly suddenly felt foolish. After all, this was Tom she was talking about, not Mr. Hartman.

“You’re right,” she said. “I was being silly. Come on. Let’s eat.”

Tom had fun watching Tracy drink her milk. She lifted her glass high and swallowed. When she lowered the glass, there was a film of milk left on her upper lip. She used her cute little pink tongue to lick it away. She did that every time, and once, when Kelly got up from the table, she looked right at Tom and did it with a smile. His cock jumped.

For Tom, watching Tracy watch TV was a sexual experience in itself. She bent over for more popcorn, and licked her fingers like they were little pricks. She stretched and her ripe young tits did tricks in her T-shirt. She yawned and her sexy young mouth ovaled as if it was filled with cock. She twisted on the sofa and her pretty legs opened wide. Her furry little pussy played peek-a-boo. For Tom, it was a long day. And a long cock.

He went to bed with a hard-on that wouldn’t quit. When he tongued Kelly’s mouth, she whispered that sex was out of the question when her kid sister was right in the next room. She rolled over and went to sleep. Tom waited another whole hour before he slipped out of bed, stark-naked and cock-heavy.

He made his way in the dark around the sofa. He knelt down and heard Tracy’s breathing.

“Tracy,” he whispered. “Are you awake?”

“Yes,” she whispered back at him.

“I didn’t kiss you goodnight,” he said.

He leaned his face over, and his mouth found hers. She parted her lips and when his tongue was out, she used hers. Then he used his. As they kissed, Tom reached between his thighs, taking his prick.

When ike raised his face from hers, Tracy whispered, “Kiss me all over.”

Tom groaned and his cock stiffened in his fist. Silently, hotly, he kissed her all over. She drew the covers aside and surrendered to his lips and tongue and teeth. His mouth attacked her jutting young tits and Tracy murmured hotly as he licked and sucked her little pink nipples.

His mouth burned a trail down her writhing young body. He licked her peach fuzz. It was soft and silky. He crawled down to her splayed young legs and kissed her cunt. Tracy wanted to scream for more, but she bit her lower lip. Instead she took his thick hair in both hands and yanked as she humped her pussy up at his mouth. Tom got the message.

He found her young pussy delicious. It was so cute, as well as horny. Tracy apparently liked her cunt licked so Tom did his best. He licked and lapped her pussy until she was writhing all over the sofa. It was fun to caress her tight young ass-cheeks as they bounced and twisted in his hands.

He tongue-lashed her little clit until Tracy thought she’d pass out. Testing the depth of her virginal pussy, he inserted his thick tongue between her tight pussy-lips and inched it slowly into her cunt-channel. Tracy caught her breath as he slowly invaded the most secret part of her pussy. She gasped as his big tongue wormed up into her belly almost.

As Tom tongue-fucked her, she gripped her aching young tits and mauled the hell out of them. She closed her eyes in rapture, and caressed and played with her tits all the while. Tom snuggled closer to her horny young crotch and drilled all of his tongue into her hot, moist pussy-slot.

Little grunts escaped Tracy’s throat and Tom felt her hips starting to move faster. He sucked on her quivery little clit licked his tongue into her cunt-slit, and probed her pussy-channel again and again. Her hot little ass came up off the sofa cushion then, and she shuddered from head to toe as her pussy creamed into Tom’s licking, sucking mouth.

Giant quivers of orgasmic pleasure rippled through her young body and she writhed like hell as Tom ate her out. He held onto her jerking hips and grinned to himself as he sucked her out tea dynamic orgasm. She came like crazy.

It was then his great pleasure to lick her pussy dry. She tasted much fresher because she was so young and still a virgin. Tracy moaned softly all through this special treatment and by the time Tom was finished with her cunt she liked him a lot more.

Tom’s rigid cock was immense and dangerously close to exploding. He wondered if he should dash into the bathroom and jack off. Or would Tracy jerk his prick? Would she go that far? Besides, what would he do with his jism?


Tracy tugged at him and he moved on his knees. He kissed and licked his way up to her hot face.

“I know how to suck cock,” she whispered. Tom almost busted his nuts right then and there. Tracy grasped his prick tightly around his thick cockshaft and gave a little moan.

The hot little licks she gave his cock also told him she liked it. She licked all the sexy slime off his bulging cockhead, then opened her small mouth real wide, sucking his cock in deep.

Under the circumstances, it didn’t take much. Tom leaned a hand against the back of the sofa, gripped his right thigh in the other hand, and fed all of his rock-hard cock to the sucking little girl.

Tracy moaned softly as his prick filled her mouth, and she slowly milked his cockshaft as she sucked on his swollen cockhead. Her free hand played with his hot nuts.

Tom gritted his teeth against the powerful urge to howl with sex pleasure. For a teenager, Tracy sure knew how to suck a prick. She seemed to adore his hard-on. She made little moans of pleasure and caressed his balls tenderly as her sexy young mouth sucked wetly on his prick.

Tom fucked his cock in and out of her hot mouth as she blew him, and his nuts tightened up fast. He fucked faster, and Tracy knew he wanted to shoot his load into her mouth. She wanted that.

Going for it. She teased the hell out of his balls and sucked harder on his rigid fuck-pole. Her fist pumped faster on his cockshaft as her cute little tongue swirled round and round his cockhead. That did it.

Tom tossed his head back and thrust his hips forward. His cock filled Tracy’s clenching young mouth and she sucked all the cum out of his nuts. His piss-hole distended, opened for the torpedoes of steamy cockcream, and let loose a torrent of jism. Wad after wad of cockjuice gushed into her mouth and she swallowed fast, gulping and gulping, drinking every drop. When it was over, she was pleased.

“Mmmmmm, that was good,” she whispered. “You make a lot of milk.”

Tom had to ask the question that was now burning in his brain. “Are you really a virgin? You’ve never been fucked?”

“Only by my vibrator,” she whispered.

“Jesus,” he groaned. “I want to fuck you, Tracy.”

She giggled softly, and confessed, “That’s what I really came here for.”

She had blown his cock real good. Now she blew his mind.

“You did?” he rasped hotly. “God damn! Jesus!” He paused for a breath. “But, how can I? I’d be afraid to break your cherry. You’re just a kid.”

“I don’t think I have one,” Tracy whispered.


“I think I fucked it out of existence with my vibrator. I even bled one night when I got carried away.”

“Oh, Christ,” Tom rasped, his wet cock rising up. “But how can we? We can’t do it here, now. We’d make too much noise. Damn!”

He was in no condition to think clearly. Tracy was. She was fingerfucking her hot little cunthole and thinking about his big cock. That inspired her.

“We could go on a picnic tomorrow,” she whispered, “and when we get the chance, we can go off together.” She giggled at the play on words.

“Go off together,” Tom chuckled quietly. “That’s neat. Yeah. Let’s do that.”

They kissed hotly to seal the bargain, and their tongues licked a lot. Tom nursed his cock. Tracy fingered her pussy. The heat was on again. Tracy broke the hot silence.



“I’m not sleepy.”

“Me either.”

“Let’s start all over again.”

“The same way?” Tom wanted to know.

“Yessss. That was fun.”

He licked his way down to her hot cunt. But they didn’t do it the same way. In the heat of passion, Tom stretched out on the sofa. Tracy sat on his face, and as she fucked her juicy little cunt on his wicked tongue, she leaned down and sucked his stiff cock. It was a beautiful 69, with Tracy’s slender teen body on top.

After Tom’s erect prick gushed like a geyser for her again, she kissed it and licked it, and whispered, “I can’t wait till tomorrow. I want you to fuck me.”

But they waited.

Kelly was all for the picnic. Tracy helped her pack everything in a picnic basket. Then they were off.

Tracy sat between Tom and Kelly in the front seat of the car. Whenever Kelly turned her head, Tracy gave Tom’s cock a squeeze and a rub. At one point, Kelly leaned forward, chattering about something. With her back as a shield against Kelly’s vision, she gave Tom’s cock a nice long feel and a promising jerk.

Kelly couldn’t understand why Tom insisted on driving all the way to Groton Park when the city park was just a block from the house. Tom assured her that Groton was better, had fewer people, more room for them, and bigger trees.

They found a cozy spat under an old oak tree where Kelly and Tracy set out the big blanket and all the goodies. Tom kept one eye on Tracy’s goodies as she moved this way and that. When she bent over, his eyes were on her cute little ass. When she stood up, his eyes were on her jutting young tits.

Their chance came after lunch, when Kelly dozed off while sunning herself. They simply walked off, and once in the trees, ran hand in hand like two excited kids.

They fell, laughing, into the grass, and Tom flipped her short skirt up. She wasn’t wearing panties, and her sweet little cunt was horny for stiff cock.

“Give it to me,” Tracy rasped, eyes bright with anticipation. “Fuck me, Tom. You don’t know how much I thought about it. I used to daydream about you fucking my sister. That made me very horny.”

Tom groaned with growing lust and got his thick prick out. They kissed hotly for a second as he got between her trembling young thighs. Tracy spread her pretty legs real wide for him and exposed her pussy to his prick.

Tom gripped his stiff cock in a fist and pressed the wet end of it to her cunt-mouth. His cockhead lodged in there and Tracy choked. Tom paused.

“Am I hurting you?” he wanted to know. “No,” Tracy said. “That was a thrill. Don’t stop.”

Tom urged another inch of his prick into the tight wetness of her pussy and groaned, “You may not have a cherry, but your cunt’s sure tight!”

“My vibrator was narrow,” Tracy explained hotly. “Your cock is so much bigger!”

Tom inched more of his fucker into her pussy. Tracy caught her breath as his bulging cockhead crept into her virginal fuck-channel. Tom pushed on, and his cockhead met with an obstruction.

“Christ!” he groaned. “Are you sure you’re not a virgin?”

Tracy’s fingernails dug into his shoulders as she squirmed her tight cunt on his prick.

“I lied,” she rasped hornily. “I was afraid you wouldn’t fuck me if you knew I was still a virgin. You’re too nice. Please, Tom, fuck me. Give it to me. Bust my cherry. I want it. Give it to me. Ohhhh, please, Tommmmmm, hurry. Fuck meeeee!”

“Oh, shit!” Tom growled from his hot nuts, and speared his thick cock into her wrenching little fuck-hole.

His cock cockhead rammed her cherry, split the tissue in half, then plunged headlong into her taut young belly. Tracy bit her lips against a horrible outcry as Tom’s enormous boner plowed its way through all obstructions. It sunk deep into her pussy and his nuts bit her quivering ass-cheeks. Tracy almost passed out.

Driven wild with lust by her virgin cunt, Tom lost his head in more ways than one. He buried his face in her hair and fucked the hell out of her pussy. He reared back and lunged at her. His whole cock drilled into her tight wetness, and Tracy squealed.

Tom forgot that this was his virginal sister-in-law, that this was his wife’s kid sister, that this was sweet, innocent Tracy. He was all cock, and she was all cunt. So he grit his teeth with horniness, and screwed her royally.

He drilled all of his prick, in and out of her tight, juicy cunt. She squealed and came wetly on his rampaging prick. She never stopped coming the whole time he fucked her.

His hot nuts slapped against her ass, wet now with her cum-juice, and his bulging cockhead ripped into her heaving young belly. Her senses reeled and she panted for breath as the violent screwing turned her into a horny little nymph. She had been aching for the fuck of her life. Now she got it.

Tom drilled his cock into her hot, writhing pussy, buried it to the hilt, and pumped his load of thick jism into her hot belly. Tracy swooned as his cock exploded in the tightness of her fuck channel, and her eyes rolled in her head as she came like crazy on his spitting, gushing, pounding cock.

“Ohhhhhh,” she moaned, shivering all over as he fucked all of his jism into her body. “Ohhhh, Tom, it’s even better than I dreamed! Ewwwww, what a huge cock you have! Ummmmm, I’m cuming so much! I just knew it would be good with you! I just knew it!”

She was still shuddering with delight when Tom rolled off her energetic young body. Her blue eyes stared unseeingly into the sky overhead as she surrendered to an exciting series of rippling and orgasmic spasms still vibrating throughout her newly-fucked body.

“Ohhhhh, Tommmmmm,” she purred like a contented little kitten, “thank you… that was good… ummmmm, I can’t wait till you fuck me again.”

She was reaching for his wet cock when they heard Kelly’s voice. “Tom? Tracy?”

“Oh, shit!” Tom rasped. “We can’t let her find us here. One look at you, and she’ll know we’ve been fucking!”

“I have an idea!” Tracy bubbled. “Come on!”

She took his hand and led him deeper into the trees, then circled around to their blanket. Then they re-entered the woods, calling Kelly.

When they found her, Tom said, “Where have you been?”

“Where have I been?” Kelly exclaimed. “Where have you been?”

“We just came from the blanket,” she said. “I was on the blanket. I must have fallen asleep.”

Tom pulled his arm around her shoulders, and walked her away from her flushed, starry-eyed kid sister.

“It’s a beautiful day far a snooze,” he said. “I think I’ll take one.”

Back at the picnic spot, Kelly asked if anyone wanted more to eat. She was hungry again.

“I’ll have something with you,” Tom said, sitting down on the blanket.

“Not me,” Tracy said. “My tummy’s chock full.” She shot a glance at Tom and stifled a giggle.

The picnic was a success, especially for Tom and Tracy. But Kelly enjoyed another day without Sam Hartman’s big cock driving her crazy. She felt like her old self again, and hugged Tom a lot.

Later, when they entered the apartment, the phone was ringing. Kelly took the call. It was her mother. Tracy and Tom listened to the one-sided conversation.

“You don’t have to worry, mother,” Kelly said. “She’s here with us. No, she’s fine. How are you? Good. Yes, she told me what the fight was about. Well, what can I say? Girls will be girls. No, I’m not being flip. What? Well, I don’t really know. A few more days maybe. Okay? Do you want to talk to her?”

Kelly held the phone out to Tracy, and said, “If you want to, she says.”

Tracy took the phone, and blurted, “Oh, Mom, I’m sorry! Really, I am. I shouldn’t have run away like that. But can I stay a few more days? What? Oh, no, you don’t have to worry about that any more. I promise never to use it again!” Her eyes were on Tom’s crotch when she said that.

Kelly brewed coffee in the kitchen. She hummed a happy tune, glad that all was well between her mom and Tracy. She sat on Tom’s lap to drink her coffee.

In bed that night, she kissed him nicely and thanked him for controlling his lust in bed. But she whispered, “Do you want me to jerk you off under the covers? PU get some tissues.”

“No, that’s okay, honey,” Tom said generously. “You’re worth waiting for.”

After she was asleep, he stole into the living room. He and Tracy enjoyed quiet but exciting oral sex most of the night.

Horny after a good, long cunt-licking, Tracy caressed his stiff cock and whispered, “Thank you for fucking me today. I’ve wondered about it so much. It was even better than I thought.” They resumed their hot licking and sucking for another hour. Tom was in bed and asleep by four. Kelly got up a little after six. She found. Tracy sound asleep, covers off, with a finger stuck in her cunt. She lifted her sister’s hand away from her pussy, and covered her up. It wouldn’t do for Tom to see her like that, she thought.

She had a light breakfast and dressed in her new green dress with matching light-green undies. She left the apartment quietly and headed for the office.


The girls were overly concerned about her. “Where have you been?” Elaine wanted to know.

“You didn’t even call in sick,” Tina said.

Kelly told them a pack of lies, and went to her desk. Sam Hartman’s door opened.

“Kelly,” he said. “Come in my office, please. Bring your pad.”

When Kelly walked into his office, she couldn’t see him. He was behind the door. He shut it and grabbed her. She gasped and dropped her pad and pencil. Sam buried his mouth in her neck.

“Mmmmm, you smell fresh this morning,” he said hotly.

Kelly tried to get free of his horny grasp. His cock was coming up fast between her thighs.

“Mr. Hartman… stop…” she panted. But Sam kissed her mouth and caressed her ass, and prodded her belly with his hard-on. Kelly went limp in his arms as her pussy took charge. She hadn’t had any cock since she saw him last.

“Ohhhhh, noooo,” she moaned, as her cunt got wet.

Sam drew her to the leather couch against the wall, and raped her hornily. The minute he got his big finger inside her wet panties and into her juicy fuck-hole, all resistance flowed out of her. She had been trying to save her pussy for Tom when Tracy wasn’t around, but everything she’d saved came gushing out for her horny boss.

“Ohhhhh, you bastard?” she breathed hotly as Sam licked his tongue, into her pussy.

He edged the small crotch of her panties aside and inserted his tongue into her moist fuck-hole.

Kelly went to pieces on the couch. Her cunt responded beautifully to his horny tongue, even ta complained all through the wild pussy. He expertly licked and sucked her cunt until she was a mass of hot writhing female on the damp couch. When he had her pussy churning and humping in the air for more of his devastating tongue, he paused cruelly and tortured her by holding off.

“Don’t stop!” she shrieked.

She was on the verge of coming. The pleasure was unbeatable. Her lithe body arched on the couch and she thrust her wet pussy at him, aching for more tongue. That’s exactly the way he wanted her.

“Mr. Hartman,” she rasped. “Please… don’t tease me like this!”

“What do you want me to do?” he said with a lewd grin. “Tell me what to do.”

“Ohhhh, you bastard, eat me! Lick my pussy!”

Sam chuckled with triumph, but instead of fulfilling her wishes, he got on the couch with her. He saddled her rib-case with his knees and got his big, cock out.

“Suck me off first,” he said.

Kelly almost cried. “You bastard! You bastard!” she whimpered. But she took his fat dick into her sexy young mouth and blew him hotly.

All that passion in her pussy, which was actually aching for a stiff cock, rushed to her mouth, and she let her horny boss fuck her mouth the way she needed her cunt fucked. Sam took full advantage of her weakened condition. He fucked her mouth hornily.

He slid his fucker in and out of her mouth hotly and mashed her jutting tits under his ass as she sucked him off. Her nipples spiked in her cute little bra as his rump massaged them. It turned her tits on. Whimpering, panting, moaning, Kelly pumped his prick in a tight fist as her wet mouth sucked hungrily on him.

Even as she blew his cock, she couldn’t keep her sexy cunt still. As his powerful cock slipped in and out of her mouth, turning her on, her pussy twisted and churned hornily, dying for a fuck. Sam knew that. That’s what he wanted.

At the crucial moment, when Kelly had his cock enormous and wet and throbbing, he eased it out of her sucking young mouth. Kelly was dazed as her eyes fluttered open.

“What… what…” she grunted, half out of her mind with passion.

Sam chuckled lewdly and worked his way down her writhing young body. He knelt between her spread thighs and Kelly whimpered as he poked his prick at her cunt.

“Want me to eat you or fuck you?” he said.

“Oh, my God!” Kelly gasped, aching all over no. “Fuck me!”

She hated his chortles and chuckle and superior attitude, but this was no time for arguing or cursing. She needed his cock! So when Sam relented and inserted his bulging cockhead between her cunt-lips, she pushed her pussy up and it grabbed at his prick. And when Sam lowered himself onto her straining lumpy body, she actually pushed back and held onto him for dear life as he fucked her brain out.

He was much too horny to suit her and his cock was much too big for a girl her age, but under the conditions we could do nothing but fuck like a slut for him.

His enormous prick filled her fuck-channel so thoroughly and created such mind-boggling sensations that she couldn’t help but screw her horny cunt round and round as his prick plunged, drilled, rammed, and pounded her pussy.

“Uhhhh!” she grunted inelegantly. “Unnnhhhh! Uhhhnnhhhh!”

With each grunt, she fucked upward with her tight, wet, cummy cunt. Shudders and shivers of orgasm rippled through her as she humped his prick. She came like crazy several times during the long, dazzing fuck, and the extreme orgasms left her breathless and weak and whimpering like a hurt kitten.

Sam didn’t release her body until he got what he needed. His cock swelled up in her twisty cunt and finally exploded in a series of violent jolts that brought stars to Kelly’s pained eyes. She groaned long and low as he pumped a flood of jism into her burning cunt, then she lay panting for breath.

She felt thoroughly fucked. As far as she was concerned, she’d already put in a day’s work. So when Sam said, “Come back in an hour,” she exclaimed. “Oh, no, you don’t! I’m going home!”

She turned at the door and said, “And don’t bother coming by tonight. My kid sister is visiting.”

She left the office without a word to the girls.

That was worth an hour of gossipy speculation. What had happened in the boss’ office to make her leave that way?

Kelly hurried home. Maybe she could send Tracy out to a store, or something. Then she could wake Tom up in a very special way. The sexy idea excited her and gave wings to her feet.

But when she got there, Tom was already up, in more ways than one. She found the living room empty, and heard some familiar sounds coming from her bedroom, the sounds of sex.

She started to dash to the bedroom door, but checked the impulse. She tiptoed up to it and pecked inside. Her eyes went wide, her breath caught in her throat, and her pussy got wet. Tom and Tracy were both naked on the bed, fucking.

Tom was flat on his back and Tracy was sitting on his prick, humping up and down on it. Tom’s hands were up, mauling Tracy’s pert young tits as her tight little cunt rose and fell smoothly on his wet cock.

Kelly thought she’d die on the spot. Her husband! And her sister! On her bed! It was too much for her.

“What are you doing?” she screeched, barging into the room.

“Kelly!” Tracy gasped, and fell off Tom’s prick. She landed on her back on the bed, legs flying.

Tom got up on his elbows, his cock upright and soaked with Tracy’s pussy-juice. “What are you doing home?” he rasped.

“Never mind me!” Kelly cried. “How dare you fuck my little sister? How dare you? That’s rape!”

“Rape?” Tom blinked. “How can it be rape? She was on top.”

“I don’t care!” Kelly yelled. “Oh, Tom, how could you?”

“I asked him for it,” Tracy piped up.

Kelly’s eyes flared. “You stay out of this! What do you know? I thought you were a virgin!”

“I was.” Tracy said.

Kelly’s mouth fell open and her flashing eyes nailed Tom. “You broke my sister’s cherry?”

“Not really,” Tracy said, sitting up to talk to her sister. “I mean, I think I lost it on my vibrator. You can’t blame Tom for that!”

Kelly was in no mood to listen to reason. “You’re going home if I have to drive you there myself?” she cried. She whirled on Tom and cried. “And you? You rapist! You pervert!”

“Hey,” Tom said. “Watch it with the names.”

Kelly attacked him. He jumped to his feet and fended her off. Her fists beat at his chest. Then she burst into tears, and Tom embraced her shaking body.

“Cry it out,” he said. “You’ll feel better.”

Kelly tore away from him.

“I’ll never feel better!” she sobbed. She sat down on the bed and buried her face in her hands. “My own sister! My own husband!” she wept.

Tom gathered up his clothes and carded them to the door. “I think I’ll go to work,” he said. He got dressed in the living room, and left the house.

Kelly turned her wet eyes to Tracy. “How could you do this to me? I thought we were friends, as well as sisters. I’m so ashamed of you. No wander you told me you wouldn’t use a vibrator any more. Well, you’re not going to use my husband’s prick for your dildo. No way. I’m calling right now, and I’m going to put you on a bus home.”

She stormed out of the bathroom, and Tracy heard her on the telephone asking for bus schedule information. It saddened her. She padded naked to the closet and got one of Tom’s dress shirts out. She slipped into it, buttoned it up to her jutting tits, and wore it as a minidress.

The Blake apartment was a bleak place for the rest of the day. Kelly gave her kid sister the silent treatment, pouting all the while. There was a bus leaving that night, about eight, and that’s all Kelly cared about.

By the time when Tom would normally leave for work rolled around, Kelly had a splitting headache. She glanced over at Tracy, a sexy teen in one of Tom’s shirts, and she had to admit to herself that Tracy was a luscious young thing. But that was no excuse for Tom to lose control of himself.

She got to her feet and broke the stony silence.

“You can fix yourself something to eat,” she said coldly. “I’m going to take a long, hot bath.”

The water pipes made a lot of noise, so Tracy got up to turn the TV sound up. But a knock on the door stopped her. She turned and hurried to the door and pulled it open. She looked up into the face of a nice old guy in a business suit.

“Yes?” she cooed, as his eyes examined the thrust of her tits in the open V of her shirt.

“Is Kelly in?” he asked.

Tracy remembered what her mother taught her about strange men. “Who are you?”

“I’m Sam Hartman. Kelly’s boss.”

“Oh, yes,” Tracy said with a pretty smile. “I heard her mention you. Come on in.”

She stepped aside, and Sam smiled with pleasure. As Tracy leaned to close the door, he admired her curvy naked legs. When she faced him, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her proud, pointy tits.

“Kelly told me she had a kid sister,” he said, “but she didn’t tell me you were such a cute nymph.”

Tracy was thrilled to her toes by his grownup assessment of her. He didn’t make her feel like a kid.

“I think you’re naughty,” she said, flirting like a big girl. “Are you this naughty around Kelly?”

“Always,” Sam chuckled, tickled by her boldness.

Tracy preceded him into the living room so he could get an eyeful of her swinging little ass. She glanced over her shoulder, and said, “Can I get you a cup of coffee?”

“No, no,” Sam said, sitting on the sofa. “Don’t even think of leaving the room.”

Tracy giggled and practically posed for him. Her eyes flashed, and she put on a pretty smile.

“You’re not only naughty,” she said. “I have a feeling you’re dangerous.”

They laughed together then, and a lot of ground was broken between them.

Tracy was naturally curious, about this man with such wicked eyes. “Just how naughty are you with my sister? I mean, what are you doing here when Tom’s working?”

Sam grinned. “Curious little thing, aren’t you? What are you fishing for? An entry for your diary?”

Tracy perched her ass on the edge of the sofa and peered at him with big serious eyes.

“It’s more important than that,” she told him. She searched his face for mutual seriousness. “Can I trust you, Mr. Hartman?”

“Implicitly,” Sam said, watching her tits play peek-a-boo in the V of her shirt.

That was good enough for Tracy. Sensing his sincerity — and liking his eyes all over her — she told him the whole story about her and Tom, about the picnic, about this afternoon, and about Kelly’s rage.

“And now she’s gonna send me home,” she said, pouting like a hurt child. “Can you help me?”

“Yes, I think I can,” Sam said, thinking fast. “Really?” Tracy bubbled. “Oh! What can you do?”

“I’ll tell you what you can do,” he said, taking charge of the situation. “You can take your cute little ass over to that closet and hide. Leave the rest to me.”

“Oh, Mr. Hartman!” she cried excitedly. “You may be naughty, but you’re nice, too!”

She suddenly threw her slender arms around his neck and kissed his mouth. Her hard young tits poked at him, and his cock loomed large between his legs.

“Get going,” Sam laughed.

Tracy pranced across the room and hid herself in the closet. She closed the door all but a crack and waited with her heart in her throat.

When Kelly emerged from the bathroom, she was wearing Sam’s favorite bathrobe. When she saw her boss, she gasped so hard that her tits almost jumped out of it.

“Mr. Hartman! What are you doing here?”

“I couldn’t stay away,” Sam said, grinning.

Kelly fumed. “But I told you not to come! My kid sister is here!”

“No, she isn’t. I gave her the money to go to a movie.”

“A movie!” Kelly cried, glancing at the clock. “That little brat! She has an eight o’clock bus to catch!”

“Never mind her,” Sam said.

He pulled her down onto his lap, and her robe fell open, and Sam kissed her and felt her up and took her breath away.

Kelly struggled weakly. “No, Mr. Hartman. Stop that. Don’t! Let me go! Ohhhhhhhhh, doooonnnnn’t. Stop. Ow! Don’t bite it! Please, let me up! Mr. Hartman! Don’t put your finger in meeeee! Ohhhhh, not again!”

Tracy’s eyes bugged large in her head as she watched the big man rape her sister. The closet got awfully hot and she had to fingerfuck her juicy little cunt as Sam ravished the hell out of Kelly.

Tracy saw how her sister’s back arched all of a sudden, and she saw how Sam’s big finger drilled into her cunt, and how he sucked Kelly’s nipples at the same time. It was quite a sight to see pretty Kelly get weak and horny with the man.

Rubbing her pussy vigorously, Tracy watched hungrily as Sam lowered Kelly’s trembling body to the sofa, and she stifled a gasp when he got his enormous cock out, all wet and throbbing for Kelly. Tracy immediately realized just what her sister had realized not long ago — Mr. Hartman’s cock was twice as big as Tom’s!

Tracy couldn’t believe that such a huge cock could fit into Kelly’s tight young pussy. Her startled young eyes burned as she watched every solid inch of it disappear from view. Then Sam’s pubic hair was flat, against Kelly’s. His prick was all the way in her!

Tracy fingerfucked her pussy faster as she watched Sam fuck the brains out of Kelly. What a powerful man he was, she thought. What would he do to her if she gave him the chance? Could that giant cock fit in her little pussy?

She shuddered through a hundred such thoughts as she watched Sam fuck like a wild man. He really turned Kelly on, that was for sure. Look how she was humping!

Kelly was out of her head with passion by that time, driven to unladylike lust by Sam’s ravishing cock. She came like crazy on it several times, and Tracy came a lot on her fingers. At last she could wait no longer.


Tracy came out of the closet stark-naked and her tits were hard and her pussy was wet.

“Tracy!” Kelly gasped.

“Hi, Sis. Having fun while Tom’s at work?”

“Tracy I…”

“I know, I know. You couldn’t help yourself. Well, I couldn’t help myself with Tom, either. And you were going to ship me home. My poor sister, the martyr! What a laugh! Betrayed by her husband and her kid sister. Ha! How long have you been fucking this nice man?”

“He’s not a nice man!” Kelly screeched horrified.

“Yes, he is. Thank you, Mr. Hartman. I don’t think she’ll send me home now. And I don’t think she’ll mind if I fuck Tom once in a while.”

Kelly whirled on Sam. “You planned this! You filthy old man! You’re corrupting her morals!”

“Yeah,” Sam said, eyeing Tracy’s pretty naked body. “How would you like your morals corrupted, Tracy?”

“Mmmmm, I’d love it,” Tracy said, and threw herself at his stiff, wet cock.

“Tracy! No!” Kelly cried, alarmed at the prospect of Sam’s immense prick ripping her small cunt open. “You don’t know what you’re doing!”

“Oh, yes, I do!” Tracy gasped hotly. She sat on Sam’s big cock and let it stretch her tight pussy-lips opal.

Kelly saw it was hopeless to warn her horny little sister, so she appealed to Sam.

“Mr. Hartman, please,” she pleaded. “Don’t do to her what you’ve done to me! Please! Let her go! I’ll do anything you say! Anything. I’ll suck your cock! You can fuck my pussy! My ass! Anything? But, please, please, don’t hurt her!”

“Oh, Kelly, be quiet,” Tracy gasped. “It hurts good!”

“Oh my God!” Kelly rasped, as sir watched her pretty sister turn into a wild little fucking nymph.

Tracy went out of her head with lust almost immediately. Horny from the closet expenance, aroused by the sight of Sam’s immense hard-on, hungry for grown-up sex she forced her tight cunt down on the stiff column of Sam’s fucker. Though it hurt and though she almost shed tears, she wouldn’t stop. She wanted it. Kelly had to look on horrified as her kid sister’s pretty little pussy sucked in every solid inch of Sam’s massive cock.

When her pussy-hair kissed Sam’s pubic hair, Tracy caught her breath and wriggled her cute little ass to make her cunt suck and fuck his prick. She was impaled by his monstrous cock and she loved it. His big cockhead was lodged deep in her taut young belly, and as it thrilled her there, she mauled her tits and squeezed her pink nipples.

Great waves of cummy pleasure rippled through her hot young body as Kelly looked on dismayed. How could Tracy fuck on that giant cock and survive the ordeal? Wouldn’t it drive her crazy?

It did drive Tracy crazy-crazy with passion. Grunting like a hurt animal, she started jumping up and down on Sam’s stiff prick, and it slipped slimily in and out of her clenching little cunt-hole.

“Oh, mama!” Tracy squealed, and all hell broke loose in her horny belly. “Ohhhh, I’m gonna cummm! Ew, eww, ewwwwwww, I’m cummmmiiinnnggg! Here it cums! Ohhh, Mister, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee!”

Kelly’s eyes moistened with tears when she saw what Tracy’s pussy did to her sex-crazed boss. It turned him into a fucking animal. He grabbed Tracy’s writhing hips and in the next moment, they were both tumbling to the floor. There, he rolled with her and got her onto her back, legs spread wide and trembling with lust.

He attacked her jutting young tits with his mouth and teeth and tongue, and all the while he fucked his thick prick into Tracy’s squirmy, juicy clit. She wailed and moaned and squealed and cum wetly.

Something happened to Kelly. She couldn’t stand it any longer, this horny fucking that was heating up the whole room. Her sister was acting like a fucking slut and Sam was screwing her pussy like a stallion. It was just too much for her. “Ohhhh,” she suddenly moaned, unable to contain herself any longer.

She rushed across the room to the fucking bodies and pushed her pussy alsami hxxd. He lifted his mouth from Tracy’s thrusting tit and attacked Kelly’s cunt with his tongue us he attacked Tracy’s pussy with his cockwfll tongue and prick drilled hotly into their fuck-holes.

The girls came together. Sam drilled his prick into Tracy’s cunt and shafted his thick tongue into Kelly’s squirming cunt to make them both come beautifully. It was his pleasure.

Right after her dynamic orgasm, Kelly collapsed on the floor, grunting. Sam finished fucking Tracy by shooting a big load of hot jism into her heaving young belly. She squealed with joy when that happened because his spitting cock made her cum even more.

Loving it as only a virginal teenager can, she hugged Sam and twisted her horny young cunt wildly on his shooting cock. She laughed and quivered and shook violently all the way through her mind-boggling orgasm.

“Oh, ohhh, ohhhh,” she wailed, humping faster for Sam. “What a big cock! It’s so good! Ohhhh, gollyyyy, I’m cumming so much! Ummm, give it to meeee! Fuck me, Mister, fuck meeeee! More, more, more! Ewwww, make me cum and cum and cummmmnin!”

Sam supplied her with all the cock she needed to reach her goal of orgasmic bliss. Kelly looked on wide-eyed as Tracy’s pussy ate his cock up and came so wildly and wetly on it. For a kid, Tracy sure could fuck a man-sized cock. It amazed Kelly.

When Tracy’s earthquake was over, Kelly propped herself up on an elbow and gazed at her kid sister for a long time. Then she murmured, “When I was your age, I was afraid of a cock that big.”

“Times have changed,” Tracy breathed hotly.

Sam sat by, looking smug, and Kelly didn’t appreciate it.

“What are you grinning about? Do you think it’s nice, inking girls like us do crazy things?”

“Don’t you let him,” Tracy said. “He’s a nice guy.”

“How can you say that?” Kelly cried. “He just raped you!”

Tracy shook her head. “You sure have a funny outlook on sex. First Tom raped me, and now Mr. Hartman raped me. They just fucked me, Kelly, and I wanted both of them to. Can’t you see that? Why don’t you get honest with yourself saw how you fucked Mr. Hartman before. You loved his cock.”

“That was after he was in me!” Kelly cried. “Do you think linvited him here? I hate him! He rapes me all the time! It’s terrible!”

“I think it’s nice,” Tracy said with a pretty smile for Sam. She reached over and caressed his thick, wet cockmeat.

Kelly watched her kid sister’s fingers dance over Sam’s hot prick. “You really do like it, don’t you? How did you get this way?”

“I’m no different from you,” Tracy said.

“I’m just more honest about it. Why don’t you stop playing big sister and play with his cock the way you really want to?”

Sam leaned back against the sofa and spread his legs wide. His cock inched upward in Tracy’s hand. It got bigger and bigger by the minute because of what she was doing to it.

Tracy looked at Kelly and said, “Want to join me?”

“God!” Kelly gasped, but as if drawn to a magnet, she crawled across the floor to the other side of Sam and helped Tracy to make his prick huge and, stiff.

“Suck it with me,” Tracy cooed.


“Oh, come on, Sis. Be nice!”

Kelly’s hot eyes danced all over Sam’s giant cock throbbing in Tracy’s fist. His cockhead was all wet and slimy and sexy. She licked her lips nervously.

Tracy led the way, just like an eager teen. She got down on her elbows and caressed Sam’s monstrous fucker and gave it little licks with her tongue.

Kelly made a strange soft sound, and the next thing Sam knew, both girls were down on him, licking and sucking and jerking his massive cock. He grinned.

Kelly and Tracy were becoming friends again over his hard-on. They kissed several times, the way they used to as kids. Sam’s hot cock brought them closer together, the way sisters should be, sharing and caring.

When it came time to get fucked, Tracy remained a good girl. “Fuck Kelly first,” she said to Sam. “She’s been nice.”

“She sure has!” Sam groaned, his prick throbbing wetly.

“Ohhhh!” Kelly moaned, because her pussy had gotten very wet. His familiar cock. It turned her on as usual.

Tracy was a good girl and a neat sister, but she was also clever. She waited until Sam had Kelly flat on her back with all of his cock sawing into her juicy cunt, then she kissed her sister and said, “You’ll let me fuck Tom once in a while, won’t you?”

Kelly was already out of her mind, it was easy for her to rasp, “Yes! Yes! I don’t care! Ohhhh, Mr. Hartman, fuck meeeee…!”

Half an hour later, it was Tracy screeching. “Ohhhh, Mr. Hartman, fuck meee!” she yelled as his rock-hard prick ramrodded her tight young pussy.

It became a nightly ritual after that. Sam showed up every night just as soon as Tom left for work, and serviced both girls. They played lots of sexy games to prime themselves, and then it was a three-way orgy. There was plenty of cocksucking and lots of pussy-licking leading up to dynamic, violent, hot fucking. Kelly’s and Tracy’s pussies were always cummy with pleasure.

The girls developed a nice program of fucking for themselves. After that first night, Kelly went to work bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, eager to get on Mr. Hartman’s leather couch in his office. And Tracy got to wake Tom up for work in the afternoon. She fixed him his breakfast and sucked his cock. She screwed him on the sofa and saw him off to work. After he was gone, Kelly and Sam came home together, and brought Tracy into their orgiastic fucking.

It was just a few days later when Tracy got to meet the elegant Mrs. Hartman. Jean showed up one afternoon, horny for Kelly, only to find Tracy alone in the cozy apartment. She was at once enamored by the curves of young Tracy’s nubile body.

“You’re much prettier than Kelly,” she said over coffee after Tracy let her in.

“Why thank you,” Tracy cooed sweetly, and drew her shoulders back as the woman eyed her jutting tits.

Tracy was wearing a new outfit that Sam bought for her. It looked like a tennis outfit, a white sweater and a short white skirt, high on her thighs. Mrs. Hartman’s gaze made her pussy tingle and she knew why.

They started talking about clothes, and Tracy revealed that she had come to Kelly’s with no money and no wardrobe. Jean took the hint and kindly offered to buy Tracy some nice things.

“I’d love to dress you,” Jean said hornily, eyes burning into Tracy’s jutting tits.

“You would?” Tracy cooed. “Golly, what would be nice!”

Jean resorted to her tried and true method of seduction. “Would you like to make an old lady very happy?”

It had worked with Kelly, and it worked with Tracy. She perched her cute little ass up on the back of the sofa as Jean directed, and she opened her pretty legs and lifted her little skirt, and in no time at all, Jean was licking and sucking the hell out of her cunt. They became fast friends.

Good as her word, Jean took Tracy shopping, and outfitted her luxuriously with the sexiest things she could find for the pretty girl. All Tracy had to do for these nice presents was model each outfit in Jean’s home. That as juicy fun.

She modeled a cute mini-dress for Jean, and in no time at all, Jean was on her knees with her head under the short dress. Tracy squealed when the woman’s expert tongue assailed her pussy, and she fell over onto the big, luxurious bed.

Jean murmured hornily between Tracy’s outspread thighs and licked her tongue hotly into the girl’s tight cunt. Tracy surrendered to the special feelings Jean provided with her lips and tongue and teeth. She sure knew how to suck a cunt, Tracy thought.

She got an added surprise that day, though. When Jean had her writhing and moaning on the bed, humping her pussy up for more tongue, the woman naughtily turned her asshole on, just as she had Kelly’s.

Initiating the teenager into some lesbian love, she had Tracy roll over onto her tummy, then she inserted her horny tongue into the girl’s tight little asshole. Tracy squealed with shocked delight as the licking, probing tongue made her ass as hot as her cunt. It was mind-boggling what this woman could do to a girl.

Jean licked her tongue up along Tracy’s cuntslit, tickled her clit, then squeezed her tongue into her ass. Tracy moaned hotly as Jean’s tongue assaulted both holes, first one, then the other, back and forth, back and forth, until she was cumming like crazy.

When she related all this to Kelly in private, her big sister became concerned. “Are you sure you like that? I mean, that’s an awful lot of cumming.”

“I love it!” Tracy bubbled.

“But, she’s so cunt-hungry, Tracy. Do be careful. I’m afraid she’ll eat you alive. You’re only a kid, you know.”

“Stop reminding me,” Tracy said. “And stop playing big sister. Mrs. Hartman is very good to me. My pussy’s still buzzing. And you could be nicer to her, you know. She really misses your cunt.”

“Did she tell you that?”

“Uh-huh. She told me how you sat up on the back of the sofa for her and she loved licking your pussy for you. She says you cum real nice.”

“Hmmmm,” Kelly hummed. “Maybe I ought to drop by and say hello to her one of these afternoons.”

On Tom’s night off, Sam waited until he and Kelly left the apartment for a movie. Then he spent the evening with Tracy. She wore a babydoll nightie for the occasion, the one Mrs. Hartman bought her. Sam was impressed.

“Well, don’t we look pretty tonight,” he said when she let him in.

Tracy modeled for him and whirled around in the center of the living room so he could see all of her. The nightie was see-through blue, to match her bright eyes, and Sam was pleased.

“I thought cute little undies came with a thing like that,” he murmured, eyeing her tits.

“They do,” Tracy giggled. “But I figured you’d only take them off me anyway.”

“You’re right!” Sam laughed and grabbed her.

He pulled her down on his lap in the recliner chair and held her up as they kissed hornily. Tracy wriggled on his lap and felt his hard-on come up against her cute little ass. She moaned on his tongue and twisted her pussy on his cock until it was stiff.

Sam lifted her nightie all the way up to her chin and she held it up there while he attacked her pert tits with teeth, tongue and lips. She moaned hotly as he turned her tits on and she fed them to his horny mouth hotly.

His big hand wedged between her hot thighs and his middle finger invaded the tightness of her cunt. After one more kiss, Tracy whimpered and slithered to the floor, eyes glazed and legs open.

“Fuck me, Mr. Hartman,” she breathed hotly.

Sam complied with her wishes eagerly, then and every night she asked for it. Tracy kept his cock pretty busy when Kelly wasn’t around.


Kelly was in seventh heaven. Now that all her foolishness had been fucked out of her, she thoroughly enjoyed sharing Tom and Mr. Hartman with Tracy. To make the new pleasure last longer, she called her mother and reported that she and Tom had decided to keep Tracy with them indefinitely. Mrs. Blake was greatly relieved to know that her daughter was doing well.

They were both doing very well, as far as cock was concerned. Many a day they laughed and giggled about how things had developed in their lives. It was so exciting to fuck their men, especially since Tom didn’t know Kelly was getting laid by Mr. Hartman, and Kelly pretended not to know how often Tom screwed Tracy.

Sometimes there was a threesome between Tom, Kelly and Tracy — a real hot night. And sometimes there was a threesome between Mr. Hartman, Kelly and Tracy. In each case, the girls got lots of cock and plenty of orgasms. It was too good to last.

The shit hit the fan the day Tom came home early. He found his wife and his kid sister-in-law on his bed with Sam Hartman. They were all stark-naked. Sam was flat on his back. Tracy was humping up and down on his cock. Kelly was sitting on his face, writhing her pussy on his shafting tongue.

“What the fuck?” Tom blurted.

The trio flew away from one another so fast that the girls fell off the bed. Kelly scrambled back up onto the bed and clutched a sheet to her jutting tits.

“Tom!” she gasped.

Tom’s face got red with anger and he looked like he wanted to attack Sam. It was Tracy who saved the day.

She scrambled to her feet and pranced up to Tom. “Now, don’t get mad,” she said, rubbing his crotch with one hand.

“Mad?” Tom erupted. “What the fuck is he doing here? With my wife! And my sister-in-law!”

Sam sat up, as dignified as he could manage. “Let’s discuss this rationally,” he said. “Like men.”

“I’ll discuss it with this!” Tom howled, raising a fist in the air.

But busy little Tracy really had everything under control. She unzipped Tom’s fly and brought his hot prick out. She caressed it gingerly for a moment then said, “Don’t get mad, Tom. That’s for squares. Look how sexy Kelly is. Do you blame him for wanting to fuck her? And me. You wanted to fuck me. Why shouldn’t he? Come on, be nice. Mr. Hartman is really a very nice man.”

“Sure, I am,” Sam agreed.

Tracy took Tom’s rigid fuck-pole into her wet mouth and sucked on it so hard that she got his undivided attention. He looked down at her pretty head and watched her sexy mouth slide wetly on his thick fucker. Her little tongue swirled.

“God damn!” Tom groaned.

Kelly took the cue. She turned to Sam and whispered, “Leave him to us.”

She jumped off the bed and joined her kid sister at Tom’s throbbing cock. She dropped to her knees next to Tracy and licked at Tom’s cockshaft as Tracy sucked his cockhead. Then they traded places on his prick — and their mouths tormented him.

Overwhelmed by their horny mouths, Tom’s anger quickly turned to lust. He fell back against the wall and thrust his cock at his wife and sister-in-law, aching for the blow-job now.

Tracy waited until she felt his hot nuts tighten up against the thick base of his cock. When he was that close to shooting his load, she stopped sucking his prick and peered up at him.

“It isn’t fair that Mr. Hartman ain’t getting any,” she purred cutely. “Why don’t you let Kelly go over and fuck him? I’ll blow you good.”

“I don’t give a fuck!” Tom groaned. “Just suck me off!”

Kelly ran, giggling, to the bed and she attacked Sam’s stiff cock. Tracy resumed her saucy blow-job, and Tom’s knees quivered as her mouth pleased his prick. When he saw Sam Hartman climb onto Kelly’s naked, writhing body and stick his cock into her tight cunt, he busted his nuts in Tracy’s sucking, leeching young mouth.

His eyes burned into the man who was hotly fucking Kelly, and he fucked all of his prick into Tracy’s mouth and shot his load. Huge wads of cockcream gushed out of his piss-hole, down her throat, and she gulped and gulped.

After he got his rocks off, Tracy stood up with him and put an arm around him and watched Kelly get screwed by Sam’s massive cock.

“Isn’t she beautiful when she’s fucking?” Tracy purred.

Tom looked at her, then back to the fucking couple on the hot bed. “Yeah. I guess you’re right.”

“Of course, I’m right!” Tracy laughed. “Ain’t I pretty when I fuck?”

“Let’s find out,” Tom chuckled and pulled her down on the floor.

Tracy giggled excitedly and stretched her pretty legs real wide for him. She gazed up at him with her baby-blue eyes and purred, “Will you eat my pussy first?”

Tom chuckled deep in his throat and went down on her with pleasure. He got on his elbows between her curvy young thighs and lashed her cunt with his horny tongue until she was whimpering for more. Then he fucked all of his tongue into her tight, wet cunt-hole and got her off a good one.

In her throes of passion, she cried out something she shouldn’t have.

“Oh, Tommmmmm,” she wailed. “You eat pussy so good! Ummmm, I haven’t had it this good since Mrs. Hartman ate me!”

All action stopped.

“Mrs. Hartman?” Sam yelped.

Then Kelly gasped the name, then Tom. Tracy suddenly felt very foolish. Kelly and Sam came off the bed and surrounded the poor girl.

“Why did you tell?” Kelly wanted to know. “I didn’t mean to!” Tracy cried. “I couldn’t help myself!”

“What’s this about my wife?” Sam demanded to know.

It all came out, not only about Jean Hartman eating Tracy’s lovely little cunt, but how she extoned Kelly’s pussy, too.

“Why that bitch!” Sam erupted. “That horny son-of-a-bitch! I wonder how long she’s been doing this?”

Kelly caressed his prick. “Now, Mr. Hartman, don’t you go getting mad. You’re as horny as she is. So what? She’s a very fine lady, and I don’t think we should embarrass her in any way.”

“Right!” Tracy agreed.

“Let’s fuck,” Tom said to Tracy.

She giggled and grabbed his cock, and drew it to her open, wet pussy. He pushed all of it into her tight cunt and fucked her brains out.

Kelly sat on Sam’s big prick and got her cookies several times before he shot a load of thick jism into her pussy. Jean Hartman was forgotten during the orgy.

Afterwards, Sam turned to Tom and said, “I said I’m a nice guy. I meant it. And I’ve been thinking. Now that we’re all friends, I don’t think you should have to work in that crummy factory for peanuts any more. I’ll double your salary if you’ll be my chauffeur.”

“What? Are you kidding me? Double? To drive that sleek Lincoln out there?”

“That’s right. What do you say?”

“Oh, Tom!” Kelly shrieked. “That’s wonderful!”

“I’ll take it!” Tom barked, grinning from ear to ear.

“Ohhh, Mr. Hartman,” Kelly bubbled over. “Thank you, thank you!” And she kissed him hotly on the mouth.

“Well, I’ve got something for you, too,” he said. “From now on, you’re my private secretary, at twice your pay.”

Everybody got very excited about this turn of events. Everybody except Tracy. She looked sad.

“What about me?” she said.

Tom and Sam looked at each other and seemed to read each other’s mind. They grinned like lechers, and suddenly grabbed Tracy and lifted her up and threw her on the bed. The both of them jumped her, laughing.

“You get fucked a lot!” Sam chuckled.

“Yeah!” Tom laughed.

Sam drilled his prick into her tight little cunt, and Tom shoved his prick into her sexy young mouth. With her holes filled by cock, Tracy had no time to feel sorry for herself. She was on top of the world as she came like crazy for the horny men.

A phone call interrupted the festivities for a while. It was Jean Hartman, asking about Sam. She told Kelly she was sure the bastard was there, fucking her.

“Remind him he’s supposed to take me to the opera tonight,” she said.

“Oh, shit,” Sam muttered. “I forgot!”

“Ohh, don’t go!” Tracy cried. Sam thought a minute. “Maybe I won’t have to go,” he said with a sly grin on his face. He reached into his pocket and produced a set of keys. He passed them to Tom and said, “You’re my new chauffeur, you take the bitch to the opera for me.”

Kelly went back to the phone and said, “Your chauffeur will be there promptly to pick you up.”

“What chauffeur?” Jean wanted to know.

She found out just ten minutes later. When she saw Tom, her eyes gave him the once over.

“Where did Sam find you?” she asked. As he was driving her, he said, “I’m Kelly’s husband.”

“Oh, I see,” Jean said, smiling to herself.

“No, you don’t,” Tom said eyeing her through the rearview mirror. “Sam didn’t give me this job so he could bang my wife while I’m away. He gave it to me because I’m letting him fuck Kelly.”

“You are?” Jean piped, eyebrows up.

“Why not? She digs his cock. And so does Tracy. But don’t worry. I’m sure the girls will save some pussy for you.”

Jean was silent a moment, just a moment. “I think you’re suffering from delusions, too, young man,” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“You think I’m a lesbian.”

“You eat pussy,” Tom said.

“So what? I eat cock, too.”

“You do?”

“Stop this damned car and come back here with me,” she ordered authoritatively.

Tom parked the car and got in the back seat with the refined, elegant-looking lady. She pushed him back onto the seat and unzipped his pants. He stared wide-eyed as she freed his rising hard-on and kissed it into stiffness. He groaned when she took it into her mouth and sucked it hornily for him.

She licked her way up and down his thick cockshaft and twirled her tongue around his cockhead as she whacked his prick with a tight fist. His cock reached extreme proportions for her, and by the time she was finished with him, he no longer believed she was a lesbian — just a horny old lady.

After she sucked the jism up out of his hot nuts, she had him eat her cunt. It was a well trimmed, perfumed pussy that really turned Tom on. This lady sure knew bow to take care of her cunt. It was beautiful and a joy to eat.

Once she had come, Jean returned to his prick, to Tom’s complete surprise, and she got it extra-hard again. Then she had Tom fuck her wildly. It had to be a wild fuck because Jean knew how to use the muscles in her pussy to good advantage. Her cunt sacked him off like a horny mouth.

He busted his balls and shot a fiery load of jism into her pussy for her, and she loved it. She jerked and jumped on the car seat and came hotly on his spitting, gushing prick. When he was finished, she wasn’t.

“Never mind the opera,” she said. “Take me home. I want to show you our rumpus room.” Once there, she fucked his brains out.

The Hartman home was a luxurious place, complete with a huge outdoor swimming pool. Jean showed Tom through all the rooms, then around the grounds. He was greatly impressed with the rumpus room, though.

“This room is fantastic,” he said. “I’ll bet you throw lots of parties in here.”

“We used to have juicy parties here,” Jean informed him.

“Used to?”

“Yes. Sam started cheating and ruined the whole thing. He started taking after the cute chicks in his office and leaving me out. I was left to grab a pussy whenever I could.”

Tom smiled. “There’s no reason for him to cheat now. I have an idea. Why don’t I go home and bring all of them here for a party? Let’s get it on and stop this sneaking around.”

“Why, Tom, that’s a marvelous idea! Do it!” Tom had all he could do to stay within the speed limits as he drove to his house. He burst in on Sam, Tracy and Kelly, who were on the living room floor in a most exciting position.

Sam was on his back. Kelly was sitting on his prick, riding up and down on it, moaning loudly and mauling her own tits, with her head thrown back in ecstasy. Tracy was in ecstasy, too, grinding her pussy into Sam’s horny mouth.

Unable to speak at the moment, Tom went over and opened his pants. He pulled his growing prick out, and stuffed it into Tracy’s gaping mouth. She got it real hard before she sucked it in earnest.

She played with his balls and licked his fuckrod into stiffness, then she moaned, cumming on Sam’s drilling tongue, and she sucked Tom off. He arched his back, grunted like a wounded animal, and shot a big load of jism down her gulping young throat.

He came, Sam came, Tracy came, and Kelly came. The room filled with the sounds of orgiastic pleasure, men groaning and girls moaning and whimpering and laughing hotly.

Then Tom told them the good news.

“I told the horny bitch everything,” he informed them. “You have quite a lady there, Sam. She told me about your old sex parties. I’ve never been to a sex party. Neither has Kelly, and I’m sure Tracy hasn’t. Come on, what do you say? Want to open your home to us?”

“Let’s go!” Sam laughed.

It was quite a special treat for Tom, Tracy, and Kelly. Rich folks like Sam and Jean had all sorts of sex — toys to lay with in their rumpus room — big dildos, sex movies on a huge screen, adult games to play, and even the billiard table was used only for fucking. Tracy looked beautiful on it when Tom fucked her there.

Later, when Tom was screwing Jean, and Sam was fucking Kelly, Tracy pranced into the big kitchen and prepared a silver tray full of snacks. She carried the tray into the rumpus room and served everybody. Jean was impressed, watching her cute naked ass wiggle around the room.

After the orgy, Jean said, “I have another idea. Kelly is now Sam’s private secretary, and Tom is his chauffeur. That kind of leaves Tracy out.”

“That’s what I said!” Tracy bubbled.

“Well, I have something for you, kitten. You can be my personal maid. How would you like that? A live-in maid.”

Tracy saw the woman’s hot eyes on her furry young pussy, and she smiled. “I’d like that a lot.”

It was settled then. And Tracy became the Hartman maid. The very next day, Jean had Tom drive her and Tracy into town where Jean bought her new maid a pretty little uniform, complete with white cap and cute apron.

Of course, Tracy had to model it for Jean when they got home, and that was fun. She looked cute in the outfit, with her proud tits jutting so sharply and her pretty legs naked beneath a short black skirt. In time, however, most of the uniform disappeared. Jean loved it when Tracy showed up in the morning with her breakfast tray in nothing but the little white apron. Then she had Tracy for breakfast.

From then on, there was an orgy every weekend at the Hartman house, sometimes by the pool, often in the rumpus room. And, in time, new members joined the sex parties.

There was only one rule with the fucking four. No old friends. They had to be new ones. Fresh blood. So when Jean met an elderly gentleman at a club, she brought him home. When Tom flirted with a chick on the street and was able to screw her in the back seat, he brought her to the sex parties.

When Sam finally got into the pants of Sally and Elaine at the office, they joined the growing group. It was up to Kelly to recruit Tina. That was easy enough. After a movie one night, she discovered that Tina had a penchant for pussy-licking. So they did sixty-nine, then Kelly got her to the parties.

As for Tracy, she was roller-skating one sunny afternoon in her little skating skirt, wearing no panties under it, when the two men tried to coax her into their car. She simply flirted with them and enticed them to follow her home. There, she fucked them both.

The Hartman house was again a horny house.

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