Emily and Kelly invite a woman into their bedroom

“Kelly, I have to leave.”

I insist as Kelly’s lips run over my neck and the bulge in her pants grinds against my ass. Kelly smiles against my skin and flicks her tongue teasingly over my earlobe. I whimper and close my eyes for some semblance of control. I was supposed to be leaving for my morning classes at Stanford right now which no one should miss. Especially if you’re trying to be an attorney. But Kelly had surprised me with a whole night of hot, hot loving and then this morning. Seems she’s not satiable these days. We had moved out here last year once I got into Stanford and she gave me a promise ring. She got a new job at the local high school and sold her parent’s house to buy our own. We were both in love with it when the realtor brought us to the open house. My parents know I’m out, which they were surprisingly okay with, and they know I’m dating but Kelly agreed that we should wait another year or so to introduce her to them.

“You can be a little late. Come on, Em.”

Kelly whispers into my ear as her hands push down on the waistband of my jeans. My jeans are still buttoned so the cloth of the denim bites into my hips. I don’t even know how I got dressed this morning. She was probably planning how she was going to take off all my clothes while she watched me dress. My will power is deteriorating and she knows it. I groan in frustration and drop my bag. Kelly chuckles and helps me tug down my jeans after I’ve unbuttoned them. Kelly pulls down her sweatpants enough to reveal the strap on underneath and smirks when she reaches between my legs to feel my pussy lips coated in arousal. I reach between my own legs to grab her hand.

“You want this so fuck me, damn it.”

I growl to her over my shoulder. Kelly retracts her hand and positions our favorite dildo at my entrance.

“Your pretty little pussy seems to want me to fuck you too.”

Kelly teases and slams into me. I gasp sharply and bang my hands against the front door to keep myself from falling over. Yes, we are fucking in the foyer. She runs her hands underneath my shirt to cup my breasts while I adjust to the size.


I mumble and tap her arm to let her know she can move. Kelly’s hand finds it’s way into my hair and jerks my head back as her hips pump quickly in and out of me.

“What was that?”

Kelly asks as I nearly scream at her fast pace. I moan and shake my head as I try to meet her thrusts.


I yelp out as her hand tugs at my hair. Kelly releases my hair and grabs my hips. I pant harshly as constant moans spill from my lips. Kelly grunts behind me and pushes down on my back to bend me down further. I moan loudly at the new angle. It allows the dildo to push deep enough inside me to brush my g-spot. It ALWAYS makes me cum hard and fast. One of her hands reaches around my hip to stroke my clit roughly. I whimper and claw at the door.

“Oh Fuck! Don’t stop! Yes, yes, YES! RIGHT THERE!”

I scream. A sudden knock at the door makes her freeze. I debate if I should make her pull out of me but the dildo, still buried deeply inside of me, brushes against my g-spot again and I quickly say fuck it. I groan and continue to move my hips back. My orgasm is only a few thrusts and strokes away, no one is stopping me from cumming.


I growl. Kelly moans at my obvious wanton state and starts moving her hips and fingers again. I throw my head back on my shoulders and tighten around the shaft inside of me. Kelly groans when she meets resistance inside of me from my squeezing but continues to fuck me the best she can. My eyes roll back in my head and I cry out in orgasm. My whole body is rocked so hard I feel it in my toes and I shudder. Kelly doesn’t stop fucking me till I reach down and tap her forearm. Both of us pant desperately for breath as another knock reverberates against my palms. Kelly eases out of me as I glare daggers at the door.

“Are you fucking serious?”

I ask incredulously and turn to her, fixing my bra and shirt. Kelly frowns down at her sweatpants that show a large wet spot on her crotch. I chuckle and lean in to give her a peck on the lips.

“That’s what you get for spontaneous sex in the foyer Kelly.”

I tease and pull up my panties and jeans. Kelly glares at me playfully and starts to respond when another knock bangs against the door. Kelly smiles mischievously and before I can stop her she escapes upstairs to leave me to deal with whoever this insolent asshole at the front door is. I groan and yell after her.


She doesn’t respond or come back so I open the door with a glare. A beautifully stunning brunette stands on the other side, my glare wavers. She smirks and scans her eyes down my body.


She says. I clear my throat as a blush creeps up onto my face.

“Uh, hi. Can I help you?”

I ask. The brunette glances past me with a smile before looking back.

“Yeah, I’m Riley Dennison. I’m a friend of the woman I think just made you scream so the whole neighborhood, possibly the world, could hear you.”

Riley smirks and I glare softly. That’s too smug of a smirk for my liking.

“You’re a friend of Kelly’s?”

I ask to change the subject but I hear footsteps behind me and turn to see Kelly pulling a new shirt over her head while she walks down the stairs. At the mention of her name she furrows her brow and comes up behind me. Her face lights up the second she sees the brunette, brushing past me to greet her.

“Riley! Oh my God! What are you doing here? You should be in Africa!”

Kelly exclaims as her arms wrap around the brunette’s shoulders. Riley smiles and hugs my girlfriend back.

“What? I can’t come see my best friend every once in a while?”

Riley says and Kelly pulls back from the hug to scoff.

“Try years. I can’t believe you were knocking on my door-”

Riley interrupts Kelly with a smirk in my direction.

“When you were fucking your new student toy on the other side? Me either.”

Riley smiles when I growl. Kelly quickly steps in front of me to stop me from strangling the other woman. Kelly links our fingers together and shakes her head.

“Oh, um, no. This is Emily. My girlfriend, I don’t have sex…with my students…anymore.”

Kelly explains and sends a wink to me. I relax slightly and smile softly at my blonde. Riley’s jaw drops and her eyebrows skyrocket to her hairline.

“You’ve got to be kidding me? Kelly Harper was pinned down by a fetus?”

Riley asks incredulously and Kelly squeezes my hand. I glare at Riley.

“She’s not a fetus, stop being so mean. I love her. We have this house together. I moved out here for her. She’s attending Stanford Law, you know? First in her class.”

Kelly says proudly and leans over to kiss me on the cheek. I give her an eye roll and she smirks. Riley smiles at us.

“Well, my apologies Lawyer Emily.”

Riley chuckles. I roll my eyes again. Kelly steps back to let Riley in and I close the door behind her.

“Why are you seriously here Riley?”

Kelly asks curiously as she drops my hand to leads us into the kitchen. Riley leans against the counter as I lean against the door frame that connects to the sitting room.

“I came back from Africa a month ago. I should’ve called, I know but there was so much going on. Dad got sick again. A tumor on his kidney. It was pretty bad for a while but he’s stable now and the doctor said he would be for a while. So, Mom told me to come visit you up here. I’m only staying until tomorrow morning because I don’t want to be away for too long.”

Riley admits. My heart aches for her. Kelly deflates physically and moves in to give the brunette a hug but Riley rejects it.

“Oh God, no hugs. I get so many from my mom’s friends. I swear they all smell like cheese and medicine.”

Riley wrinkles her nose and Kelly backs off with a chuckle. I can tell Riley isn’t the type of person to receive affection. I walk over to give Kelly a quick kiss.

“I’m going to call in sick. You’ve already made me late so it won’t matter much.”

I tell her and Kelly frowns but I know she’s not sad. She often takes pleasure in making me late with her devilish antics.

“Oh, you sure?”

Kelly asks and I give her a smile.

“Yeah, Kayla will give me copies for whatever we learn. Thanksgiving break starts tomorrow anyway so I’m hoping there isn’t a lot. I’m going to go change back into pj’s.”

I smile at a smirking Riley before walking back upstairs. I call my school then change quickly before walking back downstairs. Kelly’s laugh rings through our house at something Riley said. I walk into the kitchen to see them sitting on the counter. I smile and take my place by the door.

“So I got my ass out of that damn jungle and never looked back! God! I wish you could’ve been there, Kel!”

Riley says excitedly. Kelly smiles and looks at me.

“Yeah, well I was having my own adventures around then.”

Kelly winks at me and motions me towards her. Riley smirks as I walk to my girlfriend.

“So, assuming you’re fairly young, Kelly picked you up from your old high school?”

Riley asks. I chuckle and look up Kelly.

“Yep. Senior year was most definitely my favorite.”

I bite my lip and Kelly leans down to press a soft yet slow kiss to my lips. I hum softly in contentment when she pulls away. Kelly pushes a few strands of hair back behind my ear with a smirk.

“I saw her and I knew I had to have her. When I did, I couldn’t just let her go.”

Kelly muses and looks back to Riley, as do I. Riley is biting her lip and looking me up and down.

“Yeah…I can see why.”

Riley smirks at Kelly who slaps her on the arm. I blush lightly from the blatant staring.

“Hey, stop eyeing my girlfriend.”

Kelly says with a chuckle. Riley rolls her eyes.

“You’ve got a hot girlfriend with a nice set of lungs on her!- Oh! We should have a threesome!”

Riley suggests excitedly with a gleam of lust in her eyes. Kelly immediately laughs but my eyes widen in surprise. Riley smirks at me before looking at Kelly and bumping shoulders.

“I’m serious. Just like old times, yeah?”

Riley sends my girlfriend a wink and I glare instantly at a pale looking Kelly.

“I’m sorry, just like old times?”

I ask angrily. I’m obviously jealous and angry but that flies right over Riley’s head as she continues to talk.

“Oh, yeah! We met by hooking up in college. It was so awkward it was painful! So, we decided to be friends instead. Shared a few girls those last nights of college, trying to see who could make her scream the loudest. I won most of the time.”

Riley says proudly. I clench my jaw and try to fight the urge to pull Kelly out of the room by her damn ear. Kelly swallows hard and finally looks me in the eyes, looking like a guilty teenage boy that just got caught ogling a titty magazine.

“I-It was a long time ago Em. It didn’t mean anything…I love you.”

Kelly tacks on at the end hopefully. I huff and glare hard at her.

“I thought you told me about everyone you had been with about a year ago when we had that big fight. You know, when we ran into one of your old “special’ students?”

I sneer angrily. Close to a year ago Kelly and I had run into Sara, the special student, who had practically thrown herself at Kelly the first chance she got. It took all I had then not to murder that bitch. Kelly got lucky with fucking me so good that night that I forgave her…after my big rant of course. Kelly gulps loudly and takes my hands into hers.

“I forgot about Riley. I promise I told you about everyone I could remember. Please don’t be angry.”

Kelly pleads and gives me a pitiful smile that almost makes me give in but Riley starts talking again.

“Relax Emily. We can all hop in bed together. I’m serious. You’re smoking hot and I haven’t gotten laid in a month. I can’t see it hurting anything because you’re obviously in love. Give me a chance to have some fun.”

Riley smiles charmingly at me. I sigh and look at Kelly who raises her eyebrow at my silence. I bite my lip and Kelly’s eyes widen in surprise when she realizes I am seriously thinking about the brunette’s offer. I clear my throat and look back to Riley.

“Give us a few hours to talk about it. You can come over for lunch. We’ll eat together and if we decide to have a threesome it’ll happen, if not we’ll just hang out.”

I propose. Kelly’s jaw drops and Riley smiles.

“Deal. I have to go set up my hotel so I’ll be back at 12. See you two later.”

Riley winks and hops off the counter and saunters to the door. I turn to Kelly who is glaring at me.

“I can’t believe you. First, you’re angry because I slept with Riley and now you want to sleep with her?”

Kelly asks in confusion. I wrap my arms around her waist which she ignores with an eye roll.

“I love you, Kelly. I will never want anyone else but you but…I’m 19 and the most experience I have is with you and that stupid jock from junior year.”

I say. I’ve thought about that a few times. By the look on Kelly’s face, she hasn’t.

“So…what? Do you want to experience other women? Huh? Do you plan on picking up some girls from your school?”

Kelly asks rhetorically and angrily. I sigh and close my eyes.

“If we do this, I get to explore something else and still love you like I never have before. Riley is pretty much emotionally stunted so none of us are getting attached. Trust me on this, Kelly.”

I bring a hand up to brush back a few strands of hair. Kelly softens and finally wraps her arms around my neck.

“I know we started this when you were young so I guess I’m just waiting for you to leave me for something better.”

Kelly mumbles insecurely. I smile and swiftly connect our lips in a soft kiss.

“There is no one better than my Kelly Harper.”

I whisper softly and it makes Kelly smile. She cups my cheeks and gives me another kiss.

“Okay. We’ll have a threesome with Riley, but I have some rules.”


“Hey. So are we having a threesome or not?”

Riley greets Kelly at the door. Kelly chuckles and motions her inside.

“Yes, but we have to set some rules first. Come on we have sandwiches in the kitchen.”

Riley pumps her fist in the air and follows excitedly. Kelly smiles at me and then at Riley.

“Okay, what are your rules?”

Riley asks and straddles a chair backward. Kelly smiles and leans against the kitchen table.

“1, no ass play. 2, no spitting. 3, no slapping unless it’s on the ass. Other than that, it’s free rein. Oh!- and the safe word is Africa just in case anyone gets uncomfortable.”

Kelly finishes. I raise my eyebrow at Riley who seems to contemplate the rules.

“You’re sure about the ass play?”

Riley asks and I laugh. Kelly softly runs her fingers through my hair.

“Yes. Em is still a virgin in that particular section and she would rather have us do that together, alone.”

I blush slightly and Riley pouts. She eventually sighs and stands up from the chair.

“Okay, I agree to your rules. Show me your bedroom.”

Riley smirks. I take her hand to lead her upstairs with Kelly following behind.

“Shame, she has a really nice ass.”

I faintly hear behind me. I look over my shoulder to see both women staring at my ass and roll my eyes.

“And all you get to do is smack it so no funny idea’s.”

I tell Riley with a smirk. A hand connects with my ass as expected but it still makes me jump slightly. Riley chuckles and I release her hand once we reach the bedroom.

“Okay, so considering you two are pro’s at this you should tell me what to do.”

I say when I turn around to them. Riley glances at Kelly and the blonde gives her a nod. Riley smiles at me and cups my cheek.

“One would kiss the other.”

Riley says softly and leans in. I close my eyes and her lips touch mine. There soft but not like Kelly’s. Riley pulls back and gives me another smile.

“Then someone else would come in.”

We look to Kelly who walks towards us. Kelly smiles and kisses me softly and lovingly. A reassurance. Riley leans in again to press a kiss to my jaw.

“And then it gets a little hot and heavy.”

Riley smiles against my skin and trails kisses down my neck. I hum softly and pull Kelly back in to kiss me. She smiles against my lips and wraps an arm around my hip to pull me closer. Riley removes her lips from my neck and slides in behind me.

“And we take your clothes off.”

Riley husks into my ear. Kelly pulls off my shirt then bites her lip as she looks at my chest. Riley kisses my neck again.

“And more.”

Riley’s fingers unfasten my bra and pull it down my arms. I should be shy considering Riley is here with us but Kelly’s reaction makes me feel desired. Kelly moans softly and steps forward to cup my breast. Riley teases my earlobe with her teeth and a moans spills from my lips. Riley smiles and cups my other breast from behind. I hiss softly and close my eyes. Their hands tease and play with my nipples and I arch into their touches with a moan.


I whisper when Riley’s teeth nip at my shoulder. Kelly chuckles and kisses me again.

“Do you like that, Em? When we both touch you?”

Kelly teases and pulls at my pert nipple. I whimper and clench my thighs together to lessen the throbbing, it doesn’t work. Riley moans behind me and reaches around me with both hands to tug at Kelly’s tank top.

“Mmm, you picked a girl who likes dirty talk. Take this off.”

Riley instructs to Kelly. Kelly smirks at me and strips off her tank top, already without a bra.

“Of course she does, a lot.”

Kelly whispers and reaches over my shoulder to cup Riley’s chin in her palm, kissing the brunette softly. Riley hums and licks her lips after pulling away.

“You’re sexy as hell Kel.”

Riley compliments before cupping both of my breasts and pinching my nipples. I gasp softly and turn my head just enough to connect my lips with Riley’s. Her hand drifts lower to cup me through my shorts and squeeze my heated sex. I moan and break the kiss to shove down my shorts. Instead of letting Riley take me into her arms again I turn and pull off her shirt. Kelly’s hands find my hips as she steps closer to me, both of us staring with lustful eyes at Riley’s well-endowed rack. Her taut nipples grazing my back makes me shiver. Riley smirks and pushes down her pants.

“Kelly…I want those pants off asap.”

Riley instructs while narrowing her eyes. Kelly lets out a light laugh before releasing her grip on my hips. I move forward to kiss Riley and caress her breasts with eager hands They’re perky and full, delicious. Kelly kisses my shoulder and lightly smacks my ass, making me squeak softly and jump. Riley pulls back from the kiss with a smirk.


Riley mutters before briefly kissing Kelly. I eagerly lay on the bed first. Both women stop to stare and I blush.

“Don’t leave me hanging ladies.”

I tease and spread my legs to show them my glistening pussy. Kelly licks her lips with a groan and nudges Riley with her elbow.

“I-I’ll take the top. You take the bottom.”

Riley nods her head and drops to her knees in front of me. My breath catches and I look up Kelly who trails her fingers over my chest.

“Relax. Let us take care of you.”

Kelly murmurs and captures my lips in a slow, heated kiss. I moan and slide my fingers into her hair. Lips caress my thigh and not only do my moans grow but so does the throbbing in my clit. I spread my legs farther and reach down blindly to tangle my fingers in Riley’s soft brown hair, pulling her mouth against me. I break away from the kiss with Kelly to moan deeply. Kelly smirks and leans down to suck on my nipples. Riley groans and grips my thighs with strong hands, pulling me closer to eat me out. My hand finds Kelly’s to give her a strong squeeze and my hips grind against Riley’s face.

“H-Holy fuck.”

I groan out and release Kelly’s hand to grab her hip.

“Sit on my face.”

I breathe out and Kelly raises her head from my breasts with a smile. I moan and arch my back again from Riley’s tongue teasing my clit. Kelly straddles my face backward so she can watch Riley work. I wrap my arms around her thighs and whine at the loss of the brunette’s tongue from her leaning up to kiss Kelly. I hear Riley’s soft chuckle.

“Your girl is so needy for us Kel. Should we show her some dual action?”

My mind blanks with a moan at the sheer thought of both of them going down on me.

“Yes, but I think she’ll only last a few seconds with both of us.”

Kelly teases and I lick her clit roughly in response. She simply moans and bends down to swipe at my own clit. I groan and start to eat her out. When another tongue brushes my entrance I cry out. I hear two distinct chuckles from the women above me before both tongues start at me again. I groan and shut my eyes as tight as I can but continue to eat Kelly out. My blonde moans against me and pulls back briefly, murmuring something to Riley. Riley moans and the next thing I know two fingers are teasing my soaked entrance. I gasp and arch my back to take them. Riley complies and pushes her fingers inside me, moaning with me. Kelly’s tongue starts licking me again and I dive back in. My hips can’t help but grind and twitch against these two women, needing more. Riley’s fingers pump faster and I throw my head back against the mattress with a desperate cry.


I scream. Kelly moans and sucks hard on my clit while Riley curls her fingers to reach my sweet spot. I come undone. My back arches so high I nearly buck Kelly off of me and my thighs clench around my blonde’s head. I see fucking stars because of them and I have to push at Kelly’s side to get her to stop. Riley soon catches on and pulls out her fingers. I pant for air as Kelly rolls off of me and Riley finally climbs onto the bed. My eyes are closed so when I hear sucking and licking I open my eyes to find Riley straddling Kelly’s face, grinding herself down with a moan. I moan and move closer to them, kissing Riley softly, moaning at the taste of myself, before interlocking my fingers with Kelly’s and moving between her legs. I moan at the familiar taste of her and spread her legs wider. Riley throws her head back and palms Kelly’s breasts roughly.

“Yes! Right there Kel! Don’t stop!”

Riley cries out. Mmm, seems like Riley is anything but a pillow princess. I work harder on Kelly’s clit and push two fingers inside of her sopping cunt. I hear a moan come from my blonde before it is covered by a louder one from Riley. And she says I have a set of lungs. I groan and thrust into Kelly as fast as I can. Her hand tightens it’s grip on mine and Riley arches her back with one hand buried in blonde hair to keep Kelly close.


Riley screams and jerks against Kelly’s face. Kelly moans and her hips start to buck for release. I moan deeply against her clit and curl my fingers. Her body arches and her face pulls away from Riley’s pussy, juices streaking her chin and mouth.


Kelly screams as her orgasm hits her. I moan and slow my fingers inside of her contracting pussy. Kelly shakes and gasps in breath after breath desperately. Riley rolls off of her and flops back on the bed. I finally release Kelly’s clit and take out my fingers, pressing a small kiss to her thigh. I move up to kiss her lightly, groaning at the taste of Kelly and Riley mixed together. I recognize the throb between my legs again and I look at Riley hungrily. I climb over Kelly and spread a still dazed Riley’s legs. Riley moans and looks down at me when I take her clit into my mouth. She’s so sweet. I lock eyes with her and run my tongue up and down her slit slowly. She groans and looks at Kelly.

“She’s a tease.”

Riley breathes out and bucks her hips. I moan and flick her clit. Kelly chuckles and straddles the back of my thighs. She leans forward and slides all my hair onto one shoulder, her lips brush my ear as I continue to eat out Riley.

“Oh, I am a worse tease. Isn’t that right, Emily?”

The way she says my name sends a shiver down my spine. Kelly sinks her teeth into my ear lobe and I whimper. I suck hard on Riley’s clit and it makes the brunette arch beautifully. Kelly pulls my head back by my hair and I gasp before her lips crash against mine. I hear Riley’s frustrated groan and pull away to look at her. The brunette is staring down at us with very sexually frustrated eyes. Kelly chuckles and taps my hip.

“Make her cum Em and lift your hips.”

Kelly instructs and I eagerly dive back between Riley’s legs to make her come undone while raising my hips and spreading my legs for Kelly. Her fingers immediately push into my cunt and I moan deeply against Riley. Riley reaches down and uses one hand to tangle in my hair to keep me against her, probably not wanting me to pull away until she has cum again. Kelly pumps harder and faster, forcing me to give all the concentration I have into sucking and flicking Riley’s throbbing clit. I can tell she’s close when her thighs start to tighten around my head and her moans become high pitched. I flick her bundle of nerves harder and faster, moaning myself as Kelly’s fingers continue to piston in and out of me. Riley arches her back and tensed, her fingers tightening in my hair.

“Son of a bitch! Yes!”

Riley screams out as she cums. Her hips grind against my face. I groan and attempt to clench my thighs, needing my release but Kelly spreads my legs wider. I whimper and pull away to moan desperately against Riley’s thigh.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Don’t stop!”

I groan out, thrusting back hungrily onto Kelly’s fingers. Kelly leans over me panting into my ear.

“That’s right Em. Cum for me like the good girl you are.”

My jaw drops at Kelly’s words with a deep moan, my forehead pressed to Riley’s slick thigh. My muscles start to flutter around Kelly’s fingers and she only fucks me faster. My toes curl and I bite into Riley’s thigh to hold back my scream of ecstasy. Riley shrieks quietly and Kelly chuckles very faintly in my ears, while I come undone with a mind blowing orgasm. I pant for breath as Kelly stills her fingers and shivers run down my spine in the aftershocks. Kelly kisses my shoulders before pulling out and rolling onto her back next to Riley and I. Riley runs her fingers through my hair and I smile up at her, gently grazing the bite mark on her thigh that I’m sure will eventually bruise and hurt like a bitch.

“Sorry about this.”

I apologize and softly kiss the mark. Riley smirks and shrugs.

“I don’t mind. Come up here.”

Riley says and takes my hand. I crawl up between them and lay down with my back to Riley, intertwining my fingers with Kelly’s.

“Thank you.”

I whisper to her and lean forward to press my lips against hers. Kelly smiles and I turn my head to give a kiss to Riley also.

“And thank you, also.”

I smirk and Riley nods her head with a matching smirk.

“Don’t mention it.”

Riley teases and runs her hand over my hip to grab my thigh.

“I want another round before I have to head back to the hotel. Do you ladies have any toys I can drill you with?”

Riley asks in a husky whisper against her neck, hooking my leg over her hip to spread me wide. I close my eyes and moan, arching into her. Heat running through my veins as if I didn’t just have a crazy hard orgasm a few seconds ago. Kelly moves closer and crashes her lips against mine, biting my lip with a groan. I moan and wrap my arm around Kelly’s neck, grinding back against the brunette behind me.

“Go get the strap on Kelly.”

I whisper against soft lips, dragging my thumb over her bottom lip. Kelly sucks my thumb into her mouth with a moan.

“I’ll get them both.”

I moan deeply and lean back against Riley wantonly open for both of them. Riley cups my breast with one hand and plays with my taut nipple. Kelly moves off the bed to our closet as I close my eyes again.

“Would you like that? Hmm? Taking both strap-ons? Too bad you can’t take them at the same time. One in this pretty ass of yours while the other is buried deep in your wet cunt.”

Riley whispers into my ear. I gasp softly and open my eyes to look at Kelly. Kelly chuckles naughtily and holds up two harnesses with dildos strapped to them. They are fairly the same size and length but nothing close to small enough for my virgin ass.

“Oh no no. These would be far too large for Emily’s cute ass.”

Kelly husks as she tosses one strap on onto the bed. Riley kisses my neck one last time before moving out from behind me to grab the strap on. I watch both women dress in them while biting my lip. Kelly finishes first and leans over the bed to connect our lips in a light kiss.

“I want you on your hands and knees.”

Kelly whispers softly. I moan and do as she says, offering her a great view of my eager cunt, spreading my legs wider for her. Kelly groans and gropes my ass. I lick my lips and look at Riley who has been stroking the cock between her legs with a smirk. I curl my finger at her in a ‘come hither’ motion and pat the spot in front of me. Riley bites her lip and kneels in front of me. Kelly lines the dildo up with my opening and teases my entrance. I moan and push back. Riley slides her fingers into my hair and places the dildo against my lips.

“Open up that hot mouth of yours.”

Riley husks. I moan and take the plastic cock into my mouth. Kelly suddenly pushes inside of me and I groan around the dildo in my mouth.

“Mmm, damn Emily.”

Riley groans as she watches me take the dildo deeper into my mouth and give her an expert blow job. I know, how would I know anything about an expert blow job with my hot GIRLFRIEND? Thing is, Kelly really loves blowjobs when she wears the strap on and has told me just how she likes it. Kelly thrusts into me roughly, knowing exactly how I like it when she wears the cock. Kelly pauses to move her foot onto the bed for a better angle before fucking me hard again. I gasp around the dick in my mouth and pull away to push back against my blonde.

“Yes! Just like that Kelly!”

I groan out. Riley leads my mouth back to her cock and slowly fucks my mouth. I moan and groan around the silicon dick as Kelly fucks me harder. Everything happening, this threesome with all the stimuli, it’s driving me insane. It doesn’t take long for me to be close to the edge. Kelly whispers something to Riley and the brunette pulls out of my mouth. I gasp when Kelly yanks me back flush against her by my hair and her hand traps mine behind my back. Her hips still against me and she kisses my neck. I moan deeply because I know the new angle will hit my g-spot so perfectly when she starts fucking me again. Riley moves close to us and kisses me roughly, making sure the tip of the cock rubs my sensitive clit.


I cry out when Kelly starts thrusting into me again and I’m forced to break the kiss with the brunette. Her lips brush against my ear.

“You like that? When I fuck you so rough like this with a guest in our bed? Look at her.”

Kelly orders. I whimper and open my eyes to look at Riley watching me hungrily.

“She wants to fuck you so bad Em. Do you want her cock in your pussy? Are you going to take it like a little bitch?”

Kelly scrapes her teeth over my ear lobe and I whimper, nearly hyperventilating at this point. When I don’t respond, because breathing moaning and whimpering is so much effort already, Kelly pulls my head back by my hair and sends a rough and pleasurable thrust into my soaking wet pussy.

“Answer me!”

Kelly hisses into my ear and her fingers dig into my wrists. Riley stops teasing my clit and leans forward to bite my neck and mark me. I cry out and arch into her touch.

“Yes! I’m going to take it like a bitch! Please! Don’t stop Kelly- Riley, please!”

I beg Kelly first then Riley who in return palms my breast with one hand and resumes the teasing on my clit. I moan and grind back onto Kelly’s cock as much as I can.

“Make her cum so I can have my turn Kel. I want her to ride me.”

Riley growls lustfully. Kelly starts pumping her hips again. I gasp at the brunette’s words and Kelly’s thrusts. It’s so rough and dirty that I’m shaking in seconds so on edge that a tear slips down my cheek.

“Please, please, please, please…”

I beg desperately. Riley presses her body to mine, her dildo rubbing my clit as she rolls her hips.


Riley hisses and pinches and pulls at my nipples. I throw my head back and scream, the waves of my orgasm crashing down on me as hard as my pussy squeezing the plastic. Kelly nips at my shoulder through pants with her hips never faltering. My thighs squeeze trying to close and I nearly fall onto Riley when I start losing my balance. Kelly quickly catches me around the waist with both arms and pulls me tight against her. I grab one of her forearms and Riley’s shoulder. Kelly kisses my back softly as I come down from my orgasm. Riley gently leads my face to hers for a quick kiss. I smile and tap Kelly’s arm to let her know she can pull out now. I groan and let myself flop onto the bed. Riley chuckles and takes my hand.

“Ah, ah, ah Ms. Lawyer. You’re going to ride me.”

Riley smirks. I smile and let her pull me onto her. She lines her cock up with my entrance and rolls her hips but doesn’t push deeper. I bite my lip and cup my breasts while looking down at her. That spurs her into motion. Riley moans and pushes inside of me slowly. I moan and let my head roll back on my shoulders. Riley had gotten the luck of the draw with getting the wider strap on. It fills me completely.

“Fuck, look at you, Emily. Do you like how deep you’re taking me?”

Riley husks as she grabs my hips and fills me to the hilt with her cock. I gasp and reach down to steady myself on her abs. I bite my lip and look down at her.

“God, yes.”

I groan out. Another hand slides over my ribs and I look behind me to see Kelly, sans strap on, straddling Riley’s thighs behind me. She smirks and leads my lips to hers so seductively slow. Riley starts rolling her hips and I moan into my blonde’s mouth. Kelly releases my chin and swiftly grabs my ass.

“Ride her Em. I wanna see her cock disappear into your wet pussy.”

Kelly whispers against my cheek as she slaps my ass with both hands. I gasp and move once on the cock. Riley moans from what I assume is the face plate of the dildo pressing against her clit. I do it, again and again, releasing moans with every thrust. Soon I’m frantically trying to ride her. Riley groans and reaches around my hips to grip my ass and slam me down onto her cock. I let out a squeak of surprise and lean back into Kelly. My blonde reaches her arms around me again and cups my breasts while rolling my nipples between two fingers. I whimper and let Riley lead me up and down on her cock.

“Oh shit.”

I mumble and bite my lip. Riley moans and grinds my hips down. I moan and arch against Kelly.

“You are so sexy Em, so fucking sexy.”

Kelly whispers into my ear then drags her teeth over my neck. I moan and thrust down harder into Riley.

“Fuck, Riley. Make me cum- oh! Yes! Just like that!”

I cry out when Riley pushes her feet into the mattress and thrusts upwards roughly, drilling my cunt fervently. Her moans tell me she is desperate too. Kelly growls and whispers into my ear again.

“That’s it Em. Take her cock so deep in your pussy.”

I moan and reach behind me to grab the back of her head, sliding my fingers into her blonde locks and holding her to me. Riley groans and digs her fingers into my ass, probably leaving bruises but what do I care if I get an orgasm? I moan deeply and feels tears stinging my eyes from all the pleasure.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Don’t stop! Don’t fucking stop!”

I cry out. Riley pauses her hips. I whimper and look down at her desperately. The brunette sits up with a feral glint in her eyes and leans back on one hand while the other stays with me to grab my ass. Her hips start pumping again and I nearly faint in pleasure. It feels like her hips are in overdrive, fucking me with so much energy I start to shake. Kelly drops one hand between my legs and rubs my clit with persistent fingers. I gasp, my jaw dropped in a silent scream, my back arches and my muscles flutter around Riley’s cock. Riley grunts out a few curse words and roughly fills me to the hilt in the last few thrusts, her own orgasm rushing through her. I shut my eyes tightly and dig my fingers into the back of Kelly’s head. Kelly slows her fingers to let me ride out my orgasm and I gratefully lean back against her as Riley falls back limply against the bed. I pant harshly and Kelly softly takes me into her arms. Riley effortlessly slides out of me and my blonde leads me to lay in between them. I instinctively curl around Kelly with our fingers interlocked between us. Riley shifts behind me and I turn my head enough to see her taking off the harness.

“That was amazing Riley.”

I smile and Riley smirks back. She slides out of bed.

“You’re amazing- you both are. Thank you so much for letting me join you. I was dying for an orgasm.”

Riley chuckles and grabs her clothes. I smile and turn in Kelly’s embrace to face the brunette.

“I think it’s safe to say it was our pleasure.”

I smirk and Kelly chuckles lightly behind me. Riley smiles and leans over the bed to kiss Kelly and me on the cheek. Before Riley starts to dress Kelly offers her our shower which Riley takes gratefully. I sigh and turn back to Kelly once Riley is in the shower.

“I love you.”

I whisper to her softly. Kelly smiles and pushes back a few strands of hair from my face.

“I love you too. Did you have fun?”

Kelly asks. I roll my eyes and laugh.

“What? Did my 1- 2- 3- 4 orgasms tell you nothing?”

I ask while I count out my orgasms on my fingers. Kelly laughs and wraps her arm around my waist, pulling me closer for a kiss. I smile against her lips and hook my leg over her hip. She pulls back and rests her forehead against mine with closed eyes. We stay there in silence for a while. I eventually speak up.

“I’m never going to leave you, Kelly. Not for a second. So when it gets rough, because it will eventually, I want you to remember that I’ll love you even when I hate you.”

I tell her, tilting her chin upwards to make her look me in the eyes. Kelly smiles and kisses me lightly.

“I guess I picked the right student, huh?”

My jaw drops and she bursts out laughing. I playfully smack her shoulder and wiggle in her embrace to get out.

“Way to kill the mood, Kelly!”

I sneer jokingly. Kelly swiftly rolls on top of me and holds my hands down against the pillows. I struggle underneath her whining about her special students.

“Shhh,” She kisses me, “Shhh, I’m messing with you. You’re everything to me. I would never want anyone else, including my ex-special-students.”

I stop struggling and look into her eyes.


I ask softly. Kelly nods her head and initiates a deep slow kiss that allows us to reconnect after everything that had just transpired. She releases my wrists and cups my cheek gently. The bathroom door opens and we pull away from each other slightly breathless. Riley chuckles and rolls her eyes.

“Jesus, do you guys ever take a break?”

She asks. Kelly laughs and gets out of bed.

“Not often, no. I’ll walk you down.”

Kelly says as she slides on her robe. Riley follows Kelly out of our bedroom with a small wave to me. I flop back against the bed with a smile. Suddenly my phone starts to ring and I reach over to my nightstand where it rests. My mom.

“Hey, mom.”

I greet.

“Hi, honey. I won’t bother you long. I just wanted to talk for a few minutes.”

She continues.

“Jenny, you know from your old school. I ran into her today and she told me you two got together over the weekend for lunch when she was visiting her brother. She met your girlfriend, right?”

I gulp hard. I know where this is leading.

“Uh, y-yeah. She did. What’s this about mom?”

I ask, hoping she will get to the point soon.

“Well, she said you have been in a relationship with this girl for about 2 years now. But we only heard about her last year, in fact, you only told us you were out last year and refuse to tell us her name even.”

I close my eyes and slide underneath the covers, groaning into the blankets.

“I want you to invite her for thanksgiving. Your father and I would like to finally meet this mystery woman.”

I quickly shake my head.

“I, um, no. She- She has friends and family that she has to visit.”

I excuse quickly. My mother doesn’t accept it.

“I don’t believe you.”

She says.

“Em? Why are you hiding under the covers?”

I hear Kelly’s voice from the doorway. My mother gasps.

“Oh! Is that her? Will you please put her on the phone?”

My mother asks. I come out from under the covers and look at Kelly with wide eyes. She furrows her brows and mouths ‘who is it?’.

“Mom, I really would rather not.”

Kelly’s eyes widen in surprise. My mother scoffs.

“Emily Marie Heart put her on the phone right this instant.”

I sigh. This is her ‘no exceptions’ voice. I pull the phone away from my ear and cover the speaker with my hand.

“She wants to talk to you.”

I grimace at Kelly’s pale face. I stand and walk to her with a hopefully calming smile.

“It’s okay. Just a few seconds and then give it back to me.”

Kelly takes a deep breath and nods her head, knowing my mother won’t take no for an answer. I hand the phone over to her and she forces a smile.

“Hello, Ms. Heart…My name is Kelly…Uh, no, I-I guess not…If it’s okay with E-…oh, okay…here she is.”

Kelly hands the phone back with a guilty face. I narrow my eyes at her while I address my mom again.

“What did you get her to do mom?”

I ask.

“Well, she’s coming to Thanksgiving of course. I love you very much, sweetheart. I’ll talk to you soon.”

With that, she hangs up. My jaw drops as I stare at Kelly.

“You agreed to Thanksgiving with my whole family Kelly! Even my second cousins come to Thanksgiving! What the hell were you thinking?!”

I ask incredulously, starting to pace in front of her. Kelly folds her arms and shrugs her shoulders defensively.

“It’s your mother Emily! Do you want me to call back and tell her no? Because she’ll come out here and drag us both there if I do and you know it!”

Kelly argues. I groan and grab my clothes from my drawers.

“I wanted you to tell her you also have other things to do! You could have said you have a party! Something other than yes! Because now we have to go to Thanksgiving and blindside everyone with the fact that I’m out and proud with my lesbian girlfriend! I am NOT ready for that kind of rejection yet Kelly! I-I need more t-time to figure things out! How to tell them and- and I can’t…”

Kelly swiftly envelopes the hot sobbing mess that is me into her arms. I cry against her chest as she softly strokes my hair and calms me down with soothing words. I grip her sides tightly. When I’ve calmed down enough to only be sniffling Kelly tilts my head up to hers. Her eyes are so kind and caring.

“I will be with you for everything. Your parents will help you through it also. Thanksgiving is in two days. I am going to pack a bag. We will get on an airplane and fly over early so your parents can meet me first. Then, we will meet the rest of your family and they will deal with it, however, they want but know that your parents and I will never ever love you any less.”

Kelly whispers to me while she wipes my cheeks of tears. I helplessly whimper at how amazing she is and connect our lips in probably our worse kiss ever. She cups my cheeks gently and pulls away to rest her forehead against mine. I sniff a little then wipe my nose.

“I love you, Kelly.”

She smiles at me with so much love and gentleness that I melt into her arms. She holds me for as long as I want.


Kelly takes my hand and gives me a smile.

“Are you ready?”

Kelly asks. I take a deep, yet shaky, breath and nod my head. We were sitting outside in a rental car in front of my parent’s house. Kelly parks the car and gets out to grab our bags from the trunk. There is already a little bit of snow on the ground from the early winter this year so I carefully step out of the car and take my bag from Kelly. She reassuringly slides her hand into mine as we walk up to the front steps. I knock on the door and my mother immediately opens it, she had probably been watching from the window.


My mother screeches excitedly and pulls me into a hug. Despite the butterflies in my stomach I smile genuinely and hug her back eagerly.

“Oh, you must be Kelly.”

I hear my mom say and she pulls away from the hug. Kelly smiles and holds out her hand.

“Ms. Heart, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

My mom gives me an impressed look as she shakes Kelly’s hand.

“Polite and beautiful, I don’t know why you’ve hidden her all this time Emily.”

My mother compliments. I blush and my mom ushers us into the house. Kelly takes my coat for me as my mother goes to find my father. He’s the one I’m worried about. Being their only child and a girl my father is quite protective of me.

“Look him in the eyes and do not, whatever you do, stutter or back down. He will never respect you if you do.”

I whisper to Kelly as I take her coat in turn.

“Em, please relax. I’m pretty amazing if you haven’t noticed.”

Kelly says playfully. I smile and take her hand and kiss her knuckles.

“I have, Kelly. I just don’t want this to go wrong.”

Kelly smiles and kisses my cheek.

“I won’t back down.”

Kelly reassures and I smile. My father comes down the hall and I take a deep breath.

“Dad, this is Kelly. Kelly this is Richard, my father.”

I introduce them. I hold my breath as Kelly reaches out and gives my father what looks like is a firm handshake.

“Sir, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Kelly nods her head. After some time my father nods his head back and releases my girlfriend’s hand. I let out my breath and smile.

“Okay, awesome. We’re going to go put our bags away.”

I say and grab my bag and Kelly’s hand. She follows me upstairs into my old room. It’s fairly big and I definitely have a large bed that takes up a little less than half my room. I set my bag down on the bed and quickly surprise Kelly with a hug. She chuckles and holds me tight and kisses the top of my head.

“Em, you need to relax or no one else will.”

Kelly whispers to me. I pull back with a sigh.

“I know, I know.”

I open my bag and start to unload my clothes into the drawers. Kelly follows my lead until suddenly my mom shows up in the doorway with a face of regret.


I raise my head and smile at my mom.


I ask and pull open a drawer. My mom bites her lip and glanced at Kelly who is continuing to put away her things. I stop what I’m doing to gawk at her.

“No, mom, no. That’s so embarrassing! You said it yourself that we’ve been together for almost two years! We sleep in the same bed together every night!”

I whine. At this point, Kelly has turned around with furrowed brows. My mom sighs and shrugs her shoulders.

“I know that and I don’t have a problem with it. It’s your father and he is a very traditional man. Kelly will sleep perfectly fine in my craft room, I promise.”

I frown and groan, giving my mom the best set of begging eyes I can. She sighs and puts her hands on her hips, narrowing her eyes at me.

“Don’t you pout to me, Emily. Your father is set in his ways. Anyone that you would’ve brought home would be sleeping in that room.”

My mother gives me a pointed look to make me cooperate before leaving the room. I sigh and Kelly smirks.

“It’s okay Em. If that is the house rule than I am more than happy to follow it.”

Kelly insists and starts to pack her things back into her bag.

“So where is your mother’s craft room?”

Kelly asks as she gathers her things. I lead her a few door down the hallway, grumbling about stupid rules along the way. I open the door to the craft room to show Kelly the twin bed with more than enough quilts on it and the surrounding sewing machine, pillows, and rolls of materials. Kelly gives me a quick kiss on the cheek before she walks in and sets her bag down.

“I’m sorry.”

I say softly and Kelly looks to me with a soft smile.

“Emily, if you keep apologizing for everything while we’re here I’m going to go crazy.”

Kelly says. I blush and give her a smile back. She shoos me away and I walk back to my room. I walk downstairs when I see that Kelly isn’t finished unpacking yet. It’s close to dinner time so I find my mom cooking in the kitchen with my dad sitting at the kitchen table still looking at the newspaper from this morning.

“Are the separate bedrooms really necessary?”

I ask my father. He glances up from the newspaper before looking back to it.

“If you had stayed over with your girlfriend a year ago it would have only happened the first time you two visited. But since this is the fist time after nearly two years into your relationship that you’ve visited together, it is happening now. If you decide to come again you will be able to share a bed. But not on this visit.”

He concludes and glances up at me one more time before going back to the paper. He’s angry about me keeping my relationship from them. A hand touches the small of my back and I look to see Kelly smiling at me. I will talk to him later. I smile back.

“Hey. All unpacked?”

I ask and she nods her head. I look at my mom.

“So what are we having for dinner? It smells amazing.”

I walk over to mom and try to sneak a carrot but she smacks my hand before It reaches my lips. Kelly chuckles and takes a seat at the table with my dad. I send her a quick playful glare.

“Thank you and we are having your favorite. Spaghetti with meat sauce, salad, and garlic bread.”

My mom says with a smile. I smile excitedly and give her a hug.

“Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

I squeal and kiss her cheek. She chuckles and motions to Kelly.

“Why don’t you two go set the table?”

My mother asks and stirs the sauce. I smile and lead Kelly into the dining room. We quietly set the table until my mother announces dinner. My father takes the seat at the head of the table while my mother sits on his right. I take the left seat with Kelly next to me. After a few seconds of awkward silence, my father finally speaks up.

“So, Kelly, what do you do while Emily is in school?”

He asks. My father is straight forward so I’m sure this is one of the less rude questions he has for my girlfriend. Kelly clears her throat.

“I got a job at the local high school as a history teacher.”

My dad nods his head with respect. Kelly sends me a smile. I smile back and look at mom. Starting a conversation about the neighbors. She is a huge gossip. They ask a few questions about school and Kelly’s job. Then comes the golden question.

“How did you meet?”

My mother asks. Kelly goes stiff beside me and glances to me.

“Um, we were just both at the right place at the right time I suppose.”

Kelly supplies. I take a large gulp of my water and my mom raises an eyebrow.

“That’s it? No romantic gestures or cute little notes?”

My mother asks with a frown. I look at Kelly who bites her lip softly. I sigh and set down my fork.

“We…We met…Maybe we’ll talk after dinner.”

I say nervously and take another drink of water. My mother furrows her brows and sets down her fork.

“Dinner is finished. We’re just sitting here now Emily. You can tell us how you met. I can’t think so it’s horrible.”

I look at Kelly who shrugs her shoulders to leave it up to me. I take a deep breath and prepare for their reactions.

“The truth is we met when I was in high school. She…Kelly was my teacher.”

I say gently. Everything freezes. My heart is pounding a mile a minute. Both of my parents are stiff in their chairs and I know Kelly hasn’t dared to look up at them. My father finally speaks.

“What do you mean Emily?”

My father asks. I look at my plate and swallow hard.

“Ms. Harper, my history teacher from my senior year, was Kelly. Kelly Harper is her full name.”

I close my eyes and wait for them to explode. Kelly swiftly slides her hand into mine and gives me a reassuring squeeze.

“Were you involved with her while you were her student?”

My mom asks with a soft rage in her voice. I look up and see her gripping her wine glass with white knuckles.


I start off and my mother shakes her head and interrupts me.

“Are you serious? Did…Did you sleep with her when you were her student? Or, God hopefully, did you just fall in love?”

I bite my lip and glance to my father who has a distant look on his face. He doesn’t even look angry. I look back to my mother, tears building in my eyes.

“We did sleep together at first- but we fell in love.”

I explain quickly. My mother stands up quickly, her chair being pushed back to bang against the wall and her wine sloshing onto the table. She leans over the table with a snarl at Kelly.

“My daughter was 18! What is wrong with you? She hadn’t even graduated yet and you’re- you’re seducing her to sleep with you! You are pathetic!- disgusting! Do you sleep with all your students? Huh?”

I stand up quickly.

“Stop! You might not like what we did THREE years ago but she is my girlfriend and I love her very much.”

I say strictly. My mother continues to glare at Kelly, her chest heaving with rage.

“I love your daughter and I hate the way our relationship started but…I can’t take back what we did and start over after she graduated.”

Kelly says gently. My mother growls.

“She still would have been 18! You made her love you at such a young age I’m surprised she hasn’t left you yet! Come to your senses Emily! She only made a move on you to get into your damn pants!”

My mother yells. I’m ready to defend Kelly when the blonde bursts up in her seat.

“I was different then. I didn’t plan on falling in love with Emily- in fact, sometimes I wish I hadn’t just so she could have a better life with someone else! So that people didn’t stare when she kisses her way too old girlfriend! So people don’t think that when we go out to dinner that somehow we’re related! I want so much more for her than just me! But I love her…and maybe I’m selfish for not walking away so she can have a better life but I don’t EVER want to even think about her with someone else.”

My mother is ready to start firing off again when my father stands up. He looks at me with no emotion before leaving the room.


I try softly but he walks away. My mother stands straight and looks at me with anger.

“Maybe you should leave us be for a while.”

My mother follows my father. I sit back down and close my eyes. Kelly gently rubs my back but I shrug her off.

“Not right now Kelly. I need…I need some time on my own. I-I’m going for a walk.”

I stand and grab my coat from the rack. I’m out the door before Kelly can stop me. I know I’m taking my anger out on her but I can’t help it. We started this whole thing all wrong and my parents are not only disappointed in me but also they hate Kelly. At least I think so for my father considering he didn’t say anything and just walked away. I shiver and look up into the sky. Snow has started to fall again. I walk to the park and take up my favorite spot on the bench overlooking the little town. I don’t know how long I’m there but it’s long enough to maybe literally freeze my ass and probably get frostbite on my fingers and toes. A hand slides onto my shoulder and I jump and look behind me. My dad. I smile softly as he sits down beside me. We’re quiet for a long time but I don’t start a conversation. He clears his throat softly.

“You came here when you ran away once. Do you remember that?”

He asks me. I shake my head and he continues.

“It was after your mom said you couldn’t play baseball anymore. You were such a tomboy it wasn’t that hard to see you weren’t like the other girls that wanted to play with dolls. I didn’t care what you did as long as you were happy.”

He says and turns to me. I look at him with a small smile. He finally smiles back and wraps an arm around my shoulders.

“I know you’re happy. I could see it when you were so scared for Kelly when she walked into the house to meet us. And, even though I don’t condone how you met Kelly or what you did at such a young age, I know it doesn’t matter now that you’re happy three years later.”

I smile and throw my arms around his neck. He chuckles and hugs me back, which he rarely does.

“Come on. We need to get you home.”

He stands and offers his arm to me. We walk back to the house in the falling snow.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Kelly earlier. I was scared for…well…your reactions. I wanted to tell you. She’s amazing, dad. She moved out to California for me. She loves me. I couldn’t ask for anything more than her.”

I say softly and rest my head on his shoulder. He pats my hand gently.

“I know honey, I know.”

He says back and kisses me on the forehead. I smile and walk inside the house first. I hear voices from the kitchen and softly walk towards the room.

“…I would like to talk with you and Mr. Heart later if that would be alright?”

I walk into the kitchen to see my girlfriend and my mother drinking coffee at the table. Civilly. They must have made up when I was gone.

“Talk about what?”

I ask and shrug out of my jacket, shivering still. Kelly smiles and stands up.

“Nothing. Oh, Em you’re shivering. Come here.”

Kelly takes my hands into hers and gently blows warm air on them. I smile and dip my head to connect our eyes.

“I’m sorry I just left like that.”

I whisper to her. She kisses my knuckles with those warm lips that I want to kiss so badly at the moment.

“I know you need your space sometimes.”

Kelly reassures me softly. I smile and kiss her cheek. Kelly smiles and looks back to my mom.

“Do you want some coffee? It’ll warm you up.”

Kelly asks and I shake my head.

“No thanks. I’m exhausted from the flight so I think I’m going to head to bed. Stop in to say goodnight when you head to bed?”

I ask and she smiles.

“Sure Em.”

She lets go of my hands and sits back down with my mom. I smile shyly at my mom.

“So, is everything okay now? I-I know dad is okay with everything. Obviously, you were very much less okay with our relationship.”

I swallow nervously. But my mom nods her head and pats Kelly’s hand.

“Yes, honey. We can talk more after Thanksgiving, okay?”

I smile and nod my head. I walk upstairs to my bedroom. After I get into my pajamas I lay in bed. I quickly fall asleep.


I wake slowly to see that I’ve only slept an hour at most. I roll over and take a deep breath. I can’t sleep. Shit. I groan and walk to my door, opening it to look down the hall for my parents. Clear. I tip-toe down the hall to my mother’s craft room to see Kelly sleeping peacefully in the small bed. I gently shut the door and sit on the edge of her bed.


I whisper softly and slide my hand into hers. She wakes up quickly and looks around.

“Emily? Wh-What’s wrong?”

She asks and wipes the sleep from her eyes.

“Nothing I just can’t sleep without you in my bed.”

I say softly. Kelly smiles and tucks a piece of hair behind my ear.

“I know how you feel. It took me twice as long to fall asleep.”

Kelly admits. I bite my lip and look down at the bed. Kelly smiles and moves to one side of the mattress. I quickly get underneath the covers with her and cuddle close. My body drops in revamped exhaustion and I quickly fall asleep in her arms.


“Emily! Kelly! Wake up, we need to start cooking for Thanksgiving!”

I jerk awake to my mother yelling. I wipe the sleep from my eyes and look down at Kelly who was still asleep. I smile at the fact that somehow her hand had landed on my ass while we had slept. I lean down and kiss her softly. Kelly groans and blinks her eyes open. I smile and kiss her again until she responds with her own kisses. I moan and slide on top of her. I haven’t had her cum for me in two days and now my raised libido is hitting me full force. Kelly groans and pulls away.

“Em, we can’t. I’m not having sex in your parent’s house.”

Kelly says. I smile and shake my head as I kiss her quickly.

“Oh, yes you are. We’re staying here for a week. You’re going to want me so bad you’ll be sneaking into my bedroom late at night just to kiss me.”

I whisper in her ear and rake my nails down her arm to grab her wrist. Kelly lets out a chuckle then gasps when I place her hand over my pussy. I bite my lip and she gulps.


Kelly whines and moves her other hand to gently run up and down my back. I smile and nibble at her bottom lip.

“Don’t you want me, Kelly?”

I whisper against her lips in the innocent voice that I’m hoping reminds her of when I was her student. Kelly takes a sharp intake of breath and clutches at my back.

“I…do not do that to me, Emily. Of course, I want you I just don’t want your parents thinking I’m-”

Kelly is interrupted by my lips pressing to hers. Kelly hums softly and hesitantly shifts her hand against my heated sex. I moan and roll my hips against her hand.

“Emily! Kelly! I’m coming in!”

My mom warns before she opens the door. Kelly squeals, which she never does, and pushes me off of her. Subsequently making my fall onto the floor with a groan.


I rub the back of my head with a squinted eye looking up at Kelly. My mom raises both eyebrows as she stands in the doorway.

“I figured you came in here when you weren’t in your room but did you really sneak in at the middle of the night to sleep on the floor?”

My mom asks in confusion. I roll my eyes and stand up.

“No, that I did not.”

I grumble and my mom blushes.


Kelly and I’s eyes widen and we quickly shake our heads.

“No, no, no. We-We just couldn’t fall asleep without each other. It’s nothing like you think.”

I insist and Kelly coughs slightly. I send her a glare and she shrugs softly. My mother clears her throat and we look back to her.

“Well, you should get dressed and come help with cooking. Oh, and sneak back to your room before your father gets up here because he will have a fit if he finds out you disobeyed his rule.”

My mother says pointedly and closes the door behind her on her way out. I sigh and lean over to Kelly to give her a quick kiss.

“Sorry I pushed you onto the floor but, you know, we’re at your parent’s house. I told you that.”

Kelly says in her I’m-right-and-you’re-wrong-voice. I glare at her playfully.

“Whatever, you squealed like a little bitch.”

I tease and walk to the door. Kelly’s gasp follows me out and I chuckle. I walk to my room to get ready for the day.


“Honey, get the door please?”

My mom asks. I take a deep breath and open the front door to greet my aunt Gloria and her husband Tom. Kelly walks downstairs just as they ask if I’ve met anyone yet. I smile and take a deep breath, nodding to Kelly who smiles.

“I have actually. Aunt Gloria, uncle Tom this is Kelly…my girlfriend.”

I breathe out. To be honest, I’m glad I see surprise instead of disgust on their faces as they shake Kelly’s hand. They look back to me and I take Kelly’s hand with a smile.

“Mom and dad are in the kitchen.”

I say and my aunt squeezes my shoulder as she walks past me and Tom pats me on the back. I turn to Kelly with a bright smile.

“Oh, my god! They didn’t even care!”

I say excitedly and wrap my arms around her neck. Her arms wrap around my waist in return.

“You’re amazing. Why would they even think about turning their backs on you for something that makes you incredible?”

Kelly whispers to me and gently rubs my back. I frown slightly and pull back to look her in the face. Her emotions show clearly but they are jumbled together.

“Hey, you okay?”

I ask softly and trace her jaw with my fingertips. Kelly smiles and kisses me softly, effortlessly making me melt into her cloud-like lips. She pulls back and moves a hand up to cup my cheek.

“I am great.”

She whispers and connects our lips gently. Another knock sounds on the door and Kelly pulls away.

“I’m going to go help your mom.”

Kelly leaves me and I answer the door again. The day starts to go by quickly when the house starts to fill with people and food. I end up helping my mother with the turkey in the kitchen with the last of the guests arriving for my father to greet. Finally, I walk around the party and find Kelly talking to my aunt Gloria again. I appear at her side with a smile and wrap my arm around hers. Gloria smiles.

“You two are the cutest couple.”

My aunt gushes and I smile happily. Kelly gives me a quick wink.

“I’m sorry, you’re a couple?”

I turn to my cousin’s husband, Owen, and smile.


I answer and give Kelly another smile.

“That is…repulsive.”

He hisses. I frown and turn to Owen.

“I, um…What?”

I ask in surprise and confusion. Everyone else had been okay with Kelly and me as a couple so far. And no one else had really said anything to us when we were out in public.

“You are corrupt and disgusting. You- You sleep with this woman in your bed and call it love when it’s purely a sin. How do you live with yourself when you know you will be damned to hell and be betraying God?”

Owen spits out. At this point I was stunned into silence and everyone else had been too. Kelly slides her hand into mine. Sharon, my cousin, grabs her husband’s arm.

“Owen, stop it. What’s gotten into you?”

Sharon grits out through clenched teeth to her husband. Owen shrugs her off of his shoulder.

“It’s an abomination, Sharon!”

He argues back.

“Owen McNeil!”

Sharon gasps out in surprise. I clench my jaw and feel Kelly stiffen behind me.

“Then I think you should leave.”

My aunt Gloria says and places her hand on top of mine and Kelly’s. I look to her and she gives me a supportive smile. Then my father appears and Owen looks like he might piss his pants from the murderous look in my father’s eye and the death glare from my mother behind him.

“Our daughter is perfect. She is becoming a lawyer. She is in love. She has a family who loves her. If you have a problem that Emily has a girlfriend, who is also perfect by the way, then I have a problem with you. Leave my house Owen.”

My father says surprisingly calm but oh so angrily. Owen looks around before grabbing his coat and slamming the door behind him. My father looks around the living room.

“If anyone else shares his opinion they should leave as well. Otherwise, dinner will be served in 15 minutes.”

My father nods his head in finality. Kelly pulls me away from the party to drag me into the kitchen. She immediately enveloped me into a hug and keeps me close. I rest my forehead against her shoulder and take a deep breath.

“That was kind of scary.”

I mumble to her softly. Kelly lifts my head to meet her eyes.

“I know. Are you okay?”

Kelly asks and pushes back a few strands of rouge hair. I smile and nod my head.

“I am…Everyone stood up for me. My aunt and father- I just can’t believe it.”

I whisper in amazement. Kelly smiles and holds me a while longer until my mother comes in.

“Are you alright? He was a little vicious. Sharon apologizes very deeply for him. She had no idea he had that opinion of the LGBTQ community.”

My mother says in exasperation. I smile and kiss her cheek, my heart throbbing at the fact that she looked into the community.

“We are. Let’s just eat.”

I walk Kelly to the table. I furrow my brows when my father takes the other seat next to me.

“Dad, you always sit at the end of the table.”

I say and my mother takes the seat next to Kelly. He nods his head as everyone starts to dish out their food.

“Yes, I know.”

That’s all I get before he turns to talk to my grandma. I smile softly and start to make myself a plate.


After dinner desert is set out and as delicious as it all looks I have my eyes set on something, well someone else. I gently take Kelly’s hand.

“I want to show you something.”

I whisper in her ear and she smiles curiously.


She says hesitantly before I lead her to the basement door. Kelly furrows her brows and shuts the door behind her.

“What could possibly be in the basement?”

Kelly asks and I chuckle, turning on a little light.


I husk as I push her against the wall. Kelly’s eyes widen.

“Emily! We are not having a quickie in your basement while your whole family is upstairs for Thanksgiving! Are you insane?”

Kelly asks incredulously and tries to escape from my grip. I pin her hands to the wall and crush our lips together. My blonde growls in anger and easily flip us so my back is to the wall. I gasp into her mouth as her teeth bite my lip and clutch at the back of her neck. Kelly pulls away to say something or another but I don’t give her a chance. I’m too hot and bothered, throbbing, to make myself stop. I lunge for her lips and hold her in the kiss, sliding my jean clad thigh between her legs. Kelly moans and caves, grinding against my leg. I moan and reach down to grab her dress-clad ass. God, I love this dress. It shows all her amazing features. I slid my other hand down to the apex of her thighs and jerk up the hem of her dress up to her waist. Kelly groans against my lips and moves her hips against the air. I smile when we barely break apart for air.

“…yeah, I think there’s a bottle downstairs. I’ll go check.”

I hear someone at the top of the stairs. Kelly gasps and tries to back away but I simply pull her farther into the basement and push her against a dark wall. I cover her mouth and slide my hand into her panties. Kelly moans and her eyes roll back in her head. The person is rummaging through the fridge we keep downstairs. I bring my lips next to her ear, my heart pounding as I slide two fingers into her drenched pussy.


I tease as another loud moan vibrates against my hand. Kelly opens her eyes to glare at me and I smirk. Her eyes flutter closed and I thrust harder, grinding the heel of my hand against her throbbing clit.

“I found it, Janet!”

The person yells back and jogs up the stairs, turning off the light and closing the door. Dousing them in darkness. I remove my hand and crash our lips together with a loud moan from Kelly. Her hips hump my fingers so roughly she might break my wrist. I groan at the slight twist and move my wrist around so it’s comfortable for me but I can still give my woman pleasure by rubbing her clit with my thumb. Kelly gasps and wraps an arm around my shoulders to pull me closer. I move my lips down to her neck but she jerks my head away by my hair.

“No- oh!…n-no marks.”

Kelly gasps out between pants and moans. I sink my teeth into her bottom lip instead of her neck. Kelly grunts and curls forward, one leg wrapping around my waist.

“Sh-Shit! I’m close Em!”

Kelly groans out and buries her face in my shoulder. I use my hips to pump a little faster into her. Her jaw drops open in a silent scream as her inner muscles squeeze my fingers tightly and her hips jerk against my hand.

“That’s right Kelly. Cum all over my fingers.”

I husk to her in the dirtiest voice I can. Kelly bites her lip and arches against the wall. I cover her lips with a kiss and let her role through the waves of orgasm. Kelly sighs and bites her lip softly.

“I think I would hate you so much for making me do that if I didn’t love you so much.”

Kelly breathes out and I burst out laughing. Kelly smiles and opens her eyes to drop her leg from my waist. I gently pull my fingers from out of her and kiss her softly.

“I love you too.”

I whisper once I’ve calmed down. Kelly fixes her dress and I bite my lip.

“Um, you go first. I can’t see anything.”

I chuckle. She smiles in the dark and takes my hand, leading me to the stairs that she somehow finds. When we finally reach the top of the stairs Kelly takes a deep breath and sneaks out of the basement first. I follow a few seconds behind her. I run into my grandma and I quickly excuse myself to the restroom. I wash my hands and walk back out into the party. Kelly smiles at me from the living room and I blush naturally from the thoughts of her.


“…love your daughter and I know she loves me. I know you haven’t known me for long at all but Emily has. I don’t know what I would do if she wasn’t there to remind me to actually eat breakfast, or lock the car, or even put on pants sometimes. When I have a bad day at the school she notices when I hide my feelings because talking about it will just make it worse. You know what she does? She just holds me until I’m better. I mean, how does that happen? It’s crazy if you think about it but it’s also so right. I’m so completely in love with her that a hug from her can make me feel better than anything or anyone else in the world. I…I guess what I am trying to ask is, will you give me your permission to marry your daughter?”

This is what I walk into the next morning after coming back from the mall with my cousins. My gasp gives me away from my hiding spot near the doorway. Kelly spins around with wide eyes. My parents smiling softly behind her. My eyes start to water and I bring my hand up to my mouth.

“Emily! You- You’re supposed to be at the mall with your cousins! Just forget everything I said, okay? Please.”

Kelly says panicky. I rush to her and wrap my arms around her, kissing her passionately. Kelly makes a surprised sound but wraps her arms around my waist like they always should. I pull away and press my forehead to hers.

“I will never forget this.”

I promise her. Kelly smiles softly then clears her throat and looks to my parents.

“Well, I need your parent’s permission first.”

Kelly draws and nibbles nervously on her bottom lip. I look at my parents and nod my head furiously. My father looks at my mother who nods her head then looks back to us.

“You have our permission.”

I smile wide and let go of Kelly to wrap my parents into a hug. My father kisses the top of my head and my mom kisses my cheek.


“Girls, your father and I are going out to the movies. Would you like to come?”

My mom asks as my father helps her into her coat. I smile softly and look to Kelly who shrugs. I sit down next to my blonde on the couch and wrap my arm around hers.

“No, thanks. We’re too stuffed to move.”

I say and they say their goodbye’s as they head out the door. I lean my head on Kelly’s shoulder and rub circles on her skin where the sleeve of her t-shirt ends. Kelly kisses the top of my head and moves her hand to my thigh.

“Do you want to make out like we’re both in high school again?”

I hear Kelly whisper to me. I smile and turn to her, cupping her cheek and pulling her down for a kiss. Kelly smiles and turns to me fully to scoop my legs into her lap. I giggle and thread my fingers into her hair. Her thumb rubs soft circles on my thigh as she leans me back against the couch cushions. I suck her bottom lip into my mouth with a groan and move my legs so Kelly is in between my legs. My mind wanders to how amazing Kelly is. Did she do this in high school? I pull back slightly for air and pant softly against her lips.

“Did you ever do this in high school?”

I ask as Kelly’s lips instead drop down to my neck and shoulder.


Kelly mumbles and nips at my skin. I moan and close my eyes.

“What was it like, because I-I’ve never done this?”

I ask softly, my heart beating a mile a minute. The thrill of getting caught and my slight nervousness is showing through. Kelly and I had been together for a long time but obviously, we never made out on my couch with my parents being able to walk back in any second. Kelly lifts her head and leads my eyes to hers.

“We usually wouldn’t go any farther than second base.”

Kelly smirks a little and licks her lips. Her fingertips dance across my jawline.

“But considering your my fiance I think we can go all the way.”

Kelly teases and kisses me again. I smile so wide it starts to hurt.

“You haven’t proposed yet.”

I whisper teasingly. Kelly smiles back and kisses me again. I moan and wrap my arms around her waist. Kelly slides her hand between my legs with a smirk at my gasp.

“And it usually has to be fast.”

Kelly informs me and slides her hand into my pajama pants. I nod my head and swallow hard, my eyes closing as her fingers rub my clit. Kelly kisses her way to my ear.

“Do you like that?”

She asks and I whimper. Oh, God, she’s going to make me cum so fucking hard. My legs squeeze her hips and grind against her hand.


She does as I ask and slides two fingers into my drenched pussy. I groan in desperation and I dig my nails into her back. Kelly pants against my skin as she starts using her hips to fuck me. my hands slide down to her ass as my back arches.

“Yes! Oh- fuck! Kelly- don’t stop.”

I moan out. Her free hand jerks my pants down to my thighs then suddenly her thumb is against my clit, rubbing rough circles around my tight bud. Kelly then pulls down my tank top and bra enough to take my nipple into her oh so warm and wet mouth. My jaw drops in a soundless moan and I arch into her touch.

“Come on. My beautiful, sexy, amazing fiance. Cum for me.”

Kelly breathes into my ear after releasing my nipple with a flick. I gasp softly and scratch my nails up her back. Kelly thrusts harder and faster until I’m whimpering and begging for release.

“Just like that Kelly! GOD!”

I gasp out when her teeth sink into my nipple. She throws me into a world of pleasure. My muscles flutter around her fingers and my toes curl in pure pleasure. I shake and tremble as my orgasm rolls through me. Kelly stills her hand and plants soft kisses on my chest. I breathe heavily and caress the back of her head with a gentle hand.

“I love you.”

I breathe out. Kelly kisses me softly and pulls her fingers out of me.

“I love you too.”

Kelly murmurs and brushes back a few strands of hair from my eyes. A car door shuts outside and I freeze.

“Shit, shit, shit.”

I curse underneath my breath and take Kelly’s hand, simultaneously pulling up my pants and dragging her up the stairs. The front door opens just as we round the corner into my room. My mother yells upstairs telling us that she had forgotten her purse. We fall onto my bed in a fit of giggles. Kelly kisses me quickly and lays back on the bed with a sigh.

“I’m thinking a long engagement so the wedding can be perfect. I really want this to be great for us. I want to make you happy…and I want to see you walk down the aisle towards me with a smile so big and beautiful that I end up crying against my own free will.”

Kelly says to the ceiling. I look to her and she looks to me. I reach over to interlock my fingers with hers.

“I want that too…but you have to propose first.”


I sigh and unlock the door. It has been rough today and if something else happens I’m going to go crazy. I set my keys down and furrow my brows at the smell of something burning.

“Kelly? What’s burning?”

I call out into the house. I hear a few pans clang together in the kitchen.

“Uh, nothing!”

Kelly calls out back. I groan and toss down my book bag.

“Kelly, you better not burn our damn house down! I am having a horrible day! My professor demolished my essay in front of the whole fucking class! My car wouldn’t start! I tried calling you only to be met with your voicemail 5 times! So what in the hell are you doing in there that is more important than me?”

I yell out in frustration.

“I…uh, yeah! Got it sweetheart!”

Kelly calls back. I furrow my brows and toe off my shoes. She rarely, if never, calls me by a pet name. I cautiously walk into the kitchen.


I gasp out. The entire kitchen is covered in flour, including Kelly herself. There is what looks like a severely burnt pizza on top of the oven. Kelly bites her lip and looks at me oh so guiltily. I smile and my eyes start to water. She was trying to make us dinner. Kelly frowns.

“Oh, no. No, no, no. Don’t cry, please! I’m so sorry I tried to make you a romantic dinner and- and I was going to propose. I even bought, like, an $80 wine.”

Kelly explains in exhaustion and sadness. I smile and wipe away a rouge tear.

“You were going to propose?”

I ask with a smile. Kelly nods her head and reaches into the back pocket of her jeans to then pull out a royal blue ring box. I laugh and she frowns. I walk to her, carefully stepping over a broken egg, and reach into my own pocket. I pull out a velvet ring box and my blonde’s eyes widen.


Kelly asks incredulously. I smile and shrug, setting my box on the flour covered counter.

“I was. Not tonight but soon. I was, um, I was tired of waiting for you to make the perfect plan.”

I tease and take the box from her hands setting it down next to mine. Kelly blushes and takes my hands.

“So…it’s a yes? From the both of us?”

Kelly asks as she pulls me closer. I melt into her body the way we just fit into each other. I nod my head and she smiles. I smile and cup her cheek that has a streak of flour across it. We kiss slowly and deeply. I find myself pressed against the counter with Kelly’s hands wandering over my body. I wrap my arms around her neck and pull her closer, delving my tongue into her mouth. Kelly groans and reaches down to grab my ass with rough hands. Kelly starts to lead us to the ground and I break the kiss.

“What are you doing?”

I ask breathlessly. Kelly lays me back against the flour-covered floor.

“I want to make sweet sweet love to my amazing fiance on our kitchen floor.”

Kelly teases and nibbles at my lip. I smile and tease her back with the tip of my tongue. She groans and deepens the kiss. I tangle my fingers into her hair and lead her. Kelly moves her hands to push up my shirt to cup and squeeze my breasts. I moan and break the kiss for air. Kelly drops her mouth to my chest and jerks down my bra cups, exposing my hard nipples to the cold air. I hissed as her warm mouth enveloped my breast. Kelly flicks my nipple with her tongue and I groan.

“God, you’re amazing.”

I gasp out. Kelly raises her head with a smirk and connects our lips in a soft but firm kiss. How does she even do that? I move my hands to her back and pull her shirt over her head.

“Pull down your pants.”

Kelly whispers. I shake my head and unfasten her bra.

“Uh uh, you first.”

I whisper back and trail my hand down and around to her sweatpants as she leans back on her knees to take off her bra. I sit up with her and take a nipple into my mouth, sucking on the nub of flesh. Kelly moans and slides her fingers into my hair.


Kelly moans out and moves her leg to straddle my own. I jerk down her pants then grab her ass hungrily.

“I want to fuck you so bad.”

I murmur against her chest and wrap my arms around her waist. Kelly’s hips start to grind against my leg.

“Then do it, just fucking do it.”

Kelly whispers softly, her fingers scratching down to the back of my neck. I groan and push my hand between her thighs, sliding into Kelly’s wet panties. Kelly moans and lets her head roll back on her shoulders.


Kelly moans and moves one hand down to cover my hand in her panties. I nibble at her collarbone and slide my fingers into her dripping pussy.

“Touch me too Kelly.”

I whisper, my clit throbbing almost painfully. Kelly uses her free hand to slide her hand onto my pants. I hum in pleasure when her fingers crush against my clit. Kelly’s hips move on my fingers and she thrusts herself harder and deeper onto me. I use my free hand to grab her ass and help her, moaning at her fingers still on my clit. Kelly rubs me harder and faster. I groan and lean back to look at her. To just take her in the vision of when she’s like this. Her lips are red and slightly swollen, her chest is heaving, and the muscles in her arm are contracting with tension to fuck me harder. She’s beautiful. Kelly gasps when I bend my wrist to crash the pad of my thumb against her clit and she looks down at me. Our eyes connect and I moan, my hips twitching under her touch. Kelly’s grip on my hand in her pants tightens and her teeth clench. I furrow my brows. Is she trying to hold off her orgasm? Kelly licks her lips and presses her forehead against mine.

“Cum with me Em. I want to cum with you. I want to feel you. I want to be your wife.”

Her words are pleading and desperate. I whimper and arch my back into her, my orgasm running through my body from my head to my feet. Kelly cries out and holds me close. Her muscles squeeze my fingers like a vice and her nails dig into my hand. I collapse back against the floor in a panting trembling mess. Kelly falls onto me and rests her forehead against my sweat slicked chest with her breath creating goosebumps to erupt across my skin. I shiver and remove my hand from her pants, she does the same.

“Please tell me we’re planning our wedding soon. I might die if I wait for another 6 moths for you to plan it.”

I whisper and run my fingers through her hair. Kelly kisses my chest with a smile.

“Did I really take 6 months?”

Kelly asks as she studies me from her spot resting on my chest. I chuckle and nod my head.

“Nearly 7 in 3 weeks. Promise me it won’t take longer to plan our wedding?”

I ask hopefully. Kelly leans forward to kiss me gently.

“Emily, I’d take you to town hall to elope if your mother wouldn’t hate me so much for doing it.”

Kelly whispers against my lips. I smile and nod my head.

“She would hate us both.”

I whisper back and bring her into another soft kiss. Kelly hums softly against my lips before pulling back. She leans onto her knees and zips up my jeans with a smile.

“I am going to order pizza, clean the kitchen, then open up the bottle of wine I splurged on.”

Kelly chuckles and helps me up. I smile and steal another kiss.

“I’ll be down in a minute to help clean up. I should change then call my mom to tell her the adorable details of your failed proposal, and mine.”

I tease and pull away. Kelly slaps my ass as I walk from the kitchen. I send a wink her way and walk upstairs with butterflies fluttering in my stomach. I’m going to marry her.


“Don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip.”

I repeat as a mantra to myself as I walk down the aisle to my future wife. Though I haven’t looked at her yet. How can I? I’ll look up and be paralyzed with love…at least that’s what happened to my cousin Joanne when she married her husband. My dad is escorting me on my right side. He squeezes my hand.

“You’re not going to trip.”

He insists and I finally get the courage to look up at Kelly. Her hair is pulled back into a loose bun and her dress…oh god it’s beautiful. She’s beautiful. Her dress is strapless and comes down to flow out around her feet. Kelly smiles and I already see the tears in her eyes. I smile back and shyly look at the floor before back to her. My heart is the only thing paralyzed with love (thank god).

“You’re right.”

I whisper in a barely audible whisper. My father kisses me on the cheek and leaves me at the altar to go sit with my mom in the front row. I step to Kelly who wipes away a tear. I quickly kiss her cheek before standing in front of her. The priest begins but I can barely listen to him I’m staring at Kelly so much. We agreed on no vows to be against crying in the wedding. I take her hand and say I do as I slide on her ring. She does the same for me and I cry anyway. Kelly laughs softly and wipes away my tear.

“I pronounce you wife and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

I smile into our kiss. Kelly dips me down in her arms and deepens the kiss. I pull away with a chuckle and take her hand into mine. We walk down the aisle and out to the car. We have to drive to the hotel where we are having the reception for our wedding. We have our first dance and take pictures and talk and eat. But now I’m dancing with her again and as much as I love her dress I want to rip it off. I place a kiss just underneath her jawline and she shivers. Kelly is thinking about me too. I play lightly with the back of her dress and lean my forehead against her temple.

“Do you want to ditch our reception?”

I whisper into her ear with a smile. Kelly smiles and pulls back enough to look me in the eyes.

“And why would we do that?”

Kelly asks in amusement. I shrug and start to pull her off the dance floor.

“We don’t have to, but…”

I draw and wink at Sharon who is helping us sneak out. Sharon opens the door into the kitchen and watches for any interrupters. Sharon had left her husband a few months ago. Apparently, he had always thought of the LGBT community in that way and Sharon had no idea, nor did she agree with his opinions. After a few sessions of couples therapy, she had ended it. My heart aches for her but she also has my ultimate respect. I pull us through the kitchen before continuing.

“I would like to fuck my wife.”

I whisper dirty into her ear. Kelly groans and leads us out to the side of the hotel in a hurry. I push her against the wall with hungry eyes watching her. Kelly smirks and hikes up her dress to her waist.

“Pull your dress up Em.”

Kelly instructs and pushes down her silky white panties that should be fucking illegal they are so hot. I quickly do as she says and move between her spread legs. Before I can touch her she spins us so I am against the cold brick. I gasp softly and cup the back of her neck to steady myself. Kelly crushes our lips together. Our teeth and tongues clashing and struggling for dominance. Kelly suddenly drops to her knees and I ache for her lips until I see her intentions. I moan but shake my head as she keeps my dress up with one hand.

“I-I want to touch you too Kelly.”

I whine softly but she ignores me. Kelly gives me this amazingly intense look to show me she won’t be negotiating before sliding my white lace panties down my legs. I gasp softly when her lips surround my clit. Kelly moans and scratches her beautifully manicured nails down my thighs, making me shiver.

“Jesus, Kelly.”

I moan out softly and press my hands against the rough wall. Kelly flicks her tongue against my clit and my hips jerk for more.


I whimper out and move my hand down to tangle in her hair. Kelly swats my hand away and pulls her mouth back from my clit.

“You’ll mess up my hair and you’re aunt will kill you. Do you know how long this took?”

Kelly asks incredulously, fixing her hair gently. I whimper and look down at her.

“Kelly, can you please fuck me so I can fuck you then get back to our reception? Please?”

I ask angrily. Kelly smirks and kisses my thigh.

“You’re so eloquent with your words.”

Kelly teases and I growl. She chuckles and sucks my clit in between her sexy lips. I relax back against the wall and grind against her mouth. I moan and moan, getting closer to my orgasm with every flick and suck she gives me. It feels so good I start mumbling incoherent words until I look down at her looking back up at me and finally get out some words. She’s probably getting her dress dirty and I will be doing the same in a few minutes.

“Do you know how sexy you are in your dress?”

I whisper to her. Kelly moans against me and reaches around to grab my ass. I shudder in pleasure when she pulls me harder against her mouth. I bite my lip harder to bite back my scream and arch into her mouth. I cum so hard against her mouth I feel like I’m falling down the wall. Until I actually am because the next thing I know Kelly is standing with me pressed against the wall with her lips kissing my neck. I release a sigh and wrap my arm around her waist while the other slides around the back of her neck to pull her back and kiss her gently. Kelly kisses me harder and reaches down between us to pull up my panties. I smirk into the kiss as I spin us around and press her against the wall. Her tongue teases my bottom lip as we break apart for air. I slide my hand down the front of her dress and into her panties. Kelly lets out a breathy sigh and wraps her arms loosely around my neck. I hum in amusement at the amount of wetness between her thighs.

“My wife is so wet for me.”

I whisper against her lips. Kelly smiles and rolls her hips.

“Mhmm, and horny. Are you going to fuck me today or tomorrow?”

Kelly teases and pulls me closer. I dip my fingers down lower and push two fingers into her. Kelly groans and bites her lip.


I husk and push my thigh between hers, using my leg to fuck her harder. She slides her fingers into my loosely curled hair and crashes our lips together with a moan. I gasp for air against her lips and press my thumb to her clit. Kelly moans and rocks harder against my hand. She’s close. I can tell by the way her hand tightens in my hair and she pulls me deeper into the kiss. I pull my hand back and she growls.

“Put your fingers back in my cunt or so help me I will divorce you tomorrow.”

Kelly hissed, reaching down to grab my wrist. I chuckle and drop to my knees.

“Yes, honey.”

I tease as if we are a seasoned married couple and thrusts my fingers back into her. Kelly lets out a soft gasp and her head rolls back against the wall. I move my mouth to her clit and moan at the taste of her.


Kelly groans and bucks against my mouth. I moan deeply against her and suck hard. Kelly whimpers and spreads her legs wider. Her hand comes to rest at the back of my head and pulls me closer. I flick my tongue out past my lips and stroke her clit while continuing to pump into her sopping wet pussy. Kelly tries to keep her moans quiet but once she arches off the wall it’s pointless. She cries out and digs her nails into my skull. Her body shudders in orgasm as her juices flow out onto my tongue and fingers. I moan and bury my face deeper into her. Kelly squeals and pushes my head away then covers her clit with her hand. I stop my fingers and lick my lips as I look up at her.

“Sorry. You know I love how you taste.”

I whisper and kiss her thigh. Kelly hums softly and I pull my fingers out of her. I stand up and kiss her lightly.

“We need to get back inside.”

I whisper to her and kiss her neck. Kelly hums again and nods her head. I chuckle in amusement and pull up her panties then straighten her dress.

“Come on Wife. Let’s say our goodbyes before we leave for the honeymoon.”

I whisper into her ear and take her hand. Kelly stops me and pulls me back to her. She wraps her arm around my shoulder and places her free hand on my cheek. Her fingertips trace my lips and she leans forward to barely kiss me.

“Dance with me again?”

Kelly whispers and rests her forehead against mine. I smile softly and nod my head. I take her hand from my cheek and wrap my other arm around her waist. Kelly folds her hand into mine and uses the arm around my shoulder to pull me closer. I lean my head against her and close my eyes as she starts to hum something slow and calming. It shouldn’t be romantic. We’re dancing behind the hotel building next to a bunch of dumpsters. But, all I can smell is her, all I feel is her, all I want is her, all I need is her. She’s with me for now and forever.