Sherri called me into the Office – teacher oral

“Professor Johnson, can I speak to you for a moment?” Sherri called into
my office.

“I’ll be right there.” I answered her.

Sherri was my student intern; she helped me with some secretarial duties
in the office to make my life a little easier. We had a brief encounter once
at a holiday staff party, we had encountered each other in the unisex
bathroom and both being a little tipsy had fondled and petted each other
while kissing passionately. Afterwards we had just acted as if nothing

I walked into my office and the site that met my eyes stunned me. Sherri
was bent over the foot wide desk that sat between the two bookshelves along
the back wall. She was but ass naked and her ass was definitely the first
thing I noticed. She looked over he shoulder back at me. “Don’t just stand
there, shut the door and lock it, we don’t have much time till the staff

I turned still stunned and taken aback a little bit I shut and locked
the door that I had just walked through a seconded earlier. I turned back
and looked at her gorgeous ass again, her low-hanging light pink snatch had
me almost mesmerized. “Sherri what are you doing?” I asked dumbly.

“Ever since that incident at the party, I’ve been horny as hell for you.
I decided to see what your reaction would be, and if this gorgeous piece of
ass presented before you isn’t enough to tell you exactly what I want, then
you really shouldn’t be a professor in a college as far as I’m concerned.”
Sherri answered me judiciously. To emphasize the nice piece of ass, Sherri
wiggled hers and shaking it a little bit tightened her ass muscles.

I was still mesmerized by her bright pink snatch and without another
though kneeled down behind her and started licking her pussy from behind. I
was getting harder and harder the more I licked and shortly stood up behind
her with a raging hard on. I dropped my pants and placed my cock against her
slit. Sherri reached down between her legs and guided me deftly into he love
hole. I pushed forward and slid into her sweetly soft, gorgeous, light pink

I watched as my hard member slid in and out of her, her skin was milky
white all except for her twat and I enjoyed watching my hard tan member part
those low hanging womanly pink lips, almost as much as I enjoyed her pussy
clamping down upon my member spongingly welcomingly sucking my member fully
into her. Her soft warm womanhood felt wonderful along my hard cock and I
slid in and out of her softly as I watched my cock part and slide into her
luscious womanly lips.

Sherri started bucking back against pounding her ass towards my crotch
burying my cock deeper inside of her. I started pounding harder into her,
matching her wanton thrusts. I slid deeper and deeper into her love hole
almost touching her cervix a couple times with our most powerful thrusts. “I
‘m close, are you?” She asked in a moaning sweet voice.

“Yes, are you safe?” I answered her back.

“Yea, oh god I want you to explode inside of me professor, you have no
idea how bad I want you hot cum to fill me inside.” She replied

We slammed our bodies together recklessly and finally with one last deep
thrust inside of her I exploded erupting into her soft hot twat, shooting my
load into her coating her womb with my seed. She came beneath me a moment
later quivering in ecstasy as I groaningly thrust in and out of her a few
more times shooting the last my load deep with in her. I pulled out of her
and Sherri straightened up, she turned around and dropped to her knees.
Sherri started sucking my cock bathing it off with her tongue and mouth, the
sensations were delightfully wonderful and sensuous, when she had finished
and sat down on the desk I asked her what had gotten into her. I grabbed
some tissues off of one of the bookshelves and lovingly caressingly cleaned
some excess fluids from her pussy. I kneeled down to give her a taste of the
wonderful sensation of being licked clean.

As I kneeled between her welcomingly spread legs and started kissing and
licking her thighs and slightly darker pink twat she sighed and moaned
between giving me and explanation. “Ever since that night at the party, I’ve
been fantasizing about having you fuck my brains out. Since I spend most of
my time working for you in this office, most of my fantasies happened in
here. Today I was just really horny and decided fuck it, lets see what
happens if he walks in and finds me butt ass naked.” She paused a moment and
sighed breathlessly, as my tongue met her hooded clit. “Did you enjoy
yourself?” She asked after a pause.

“Very much so how about you was it everything you had fantasized about?”
I replied.

“Oh my god, all that and more, do you want to repeat this again some
time?” She finished.

“Get another shot at you gorgeous pink pussy, how could I pass up an
offer like that.” I said standing up and looking into her face as I said it.

Sherri stood up and kissed me. “I wish we had time for more now but.”

“We have to get to that meeting.” I finished for her leaning in and
kissing her on the lips. Sherri reached behind me and pulled my lips to her.
My member started to rise again and she felt it pressing against the slit of
her crotch.

“Well maybe it’s alright if we’re a little later.” She sighed as I
pressed my cock against her vaginal hole once more.

“Yea, I think it’ll be alright.” I answered her. As I slid my cock deep
into her luscious hot hole once more I thought. “Maybe we can say we had the
time wrong in my date book or something, it’ll definitely be worth it. That
would give us another half hour.”

“Yea I think it’s alright if we’re a little late.” I told her.

“Or we could just not show up at all.” She sighed as my cock buried
itself deeply with-in her womanly folds.