Mom Gets Her Licks

It has been said that every person has some dark passion within his soul — some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen by even the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such dark passions are easily submerged by the complexities of modem everyday life. But sometimes these passions are exposed, and another scandal bits the headlines.

MOM GETS HER LICKS is a dramatic representation of a family that dares to let its most base desires come to the fore. They are some of the few in our society who are willing to accept the consequences for allowing themselves to be completely liberated.

This is the startling story of a family that dares to let it all hang out.


Julie was wearing old jeans and a baggy sweatshirt as she struggled to rid the alley of weeds. The tall wooden fence was in good repair, but filled with knotholes. On the other side was her home, with a large expanse of lush lawn and shrubbery.

Despite the old jeans and sweatshirt, it was obvious Julie was a beautiful woman. She was on her knees, leaning over and hacking at the stubborn weeds with a dull scythe, the faded jeans stretched over her beautifully shaped ass. She could hear the twins playing on the other side of the fence, their giggles and, secret whispers comforting her. Becky and Ben were her joy, her pride. They had been the only thing that held her together when her husband had been killed almost two years ago.

They were a strange pair, she thought, wiping sweat from her forehead. They seemed more secretive than other boys and girls, spending most of their time together. At an age when boys considered all girls hardly worthy of their attention, Ben doted on his twin sister. Julie had heard or read someplace that twins often were that way, much closer than a brother and sister of similar ages. She looked at the remaining weeds, frowning because she still had almost five feet to go before the end.

She was leaning dawn to hack away again when the cock came poking through a large knothole in the fence. A gasp rose in her throat.

It had to be Ben’s cock; he was the only boy in the back yard. For a moment she felt anger, then a flush of embarrassment. She opened her mouth to yell at her son, and couldn’t speak.

Something unexpected happened to Julie as she stared at the boy’s cock. There was a sudden eruption of wet heat between her legs, a feeling of impending orgasm. She had not felt that sensation since before her husband had been killed.

The cock was hard, and she stared with glazed eyes when it was wigged up and down. Her son’s cock was thicker than she would have suspected, and about five inches long. The cockhead was very smooth, very swollen. The sun glinted on the cockhead, and she saw moisture there. Her tits felt full and hard, straining against the old sweatshirt.

The cock was about two and half feet from her, level with her face. Julie made a soft whimpering sound in her throat as her mouth became watery. She couldn’t help it. Her mouth always became watery when she saw a cock. It had been that way, at least, with her husband. Sometimes she wondered if anything was seriously wrong with her because of that…

She had married her husband knowing next to nothing about cock or fucking. He was the first to fuck her, and she had found what she had been missing. She had surprised them both with the violence of her orgasms, something they had delighted in. Julie came very, very easily. Within a week of her wedding, she found she could make herself come in a variety of ways: swinging her crossed knee, pressing her thighs together, and even fantasizing about hard cock.

Her husband had found it terrific, and often helped her. At his suggestion, they would dress and go out for dinner, but Julie would be totally naked under her dress. While eating in a nice place, her husband would whisper that some man was looking at her, that the man could see under her dress, and Julie would stare in a glassy expression, and come time and again.

But the strangest way she came was in bed with her husband. He would begin telling her an erotic story, with her as the main character. Julie would begin coming, and the more her husband built on the story, the more she came. Quite often she would thrash about in bed, clawing at her tits, or her cunt, squealing with orgasms. She didn’t have to touch her cunt during those times, but her hands usually found it eventually.

Her husband had enjoyed those episodes as much as she had, although he never came until getting is cock into her. Then he would fuck her with a brutal wildness that left her breathless and exhausted, radiant with rapture.

The first time she wok her husband’s cock into her mouth had sent shock waves through her slender body. She had been resting her head on his stomach as he played with his cock and balls. They had been married only a few days at the time. She had examined his big cock closely, fascinated by it.

Something had urged her head downward to his cock. There had been no specific thought that she could remember. Her husband had not asked her, nor had she told him what she was going to do. Julie had simply kissed the rounded head of his cock. A gasp had ripped from her throat, and before either of them knew it, she had her mouth wrapped about his cock and was trying to swallow the huge cockhead. When she had first lowered her mouth on her husband’s cock, her cunt had started contractions that were tighter, hotter, wetter than any other.

She had come time and again without rest, sucking at his big cock with a starving eagerness that surprised and delighted them both. Her husband had spurted his come juice into her mouth without warning because it happened so quickly. The thick and creamy come juice sprayed the back of her throat, then burned don into her stomach. Her eyes, which had been closed because of her joy, had popped wide as her body stiffened out, her cunt convulsing with such strength she could hardly bear it.

Thereafter, she sucked his cock as much and as often as she could. She was hungry for his prick, thirsty for his come juice. It drove her wild with desire when she had her lips gripping his prick, and she always began coming immediately, with her final orgasm the best of all.

“Some women are born cock-suckers,” her husband had told her. “Some women would rather suck cock than fuck it. You’re probably one of them, Julie.”

She had worried about it for weeks. She didn’t want to be different from other women, yet her desire to suck cock, was stronger than the desire to fuck with her cunt. She accepted her hunger to suck cock after her husband told her he preferred her mouth to her cunt. Not that he didn’t love to have her wet, hairy cunt around his cock, but she sucked so strongly and licked so good with her tongue. Her cunt couldn’t do that, he had told her.

From then on, Julie had sucked her husband’s cock off daily, sometimes twice a day, and usually fucked him once with her cunt.

When he had been killed, her sexual hunger seemed to have faded. Only once in a while did it surface, usually in a beautiful dream as she slept at night. During the day, she never thought about it.

Until now.

There, was no doubt in her mind that the cock she was gazing at belonged to Ben, her son. She strained her hearing but heard nothing, not even a whisper, on the other side of the fence. She wondered if Becky was still there, knew what her twin brother was doing. The idea that her daughter might even be watching sent a ripple of strange, burning excitement up and down Julie’s body.

She sat on her heels, her thighs together, staring with a smoldering, glazed look in her eyes. Her clit seemed to be pressing at the seam of her jeans, swollen into a hard, tingling knot. She swallowed, but that didn’t stop the watering of her mouth. She licked her lips.

Hot piss suddenly boiled from Ben’s cock, spraying a few feet into the alley. Julie’s breath caught in her throat, and she froze in stiffness as she watched Ben pissing. The lips of her cunt felt swollen, bulging at the tight crotch of her old jeans. She could feel the wetness of her cunt, the swell of her nipples, the throb of her inflamed clit.

She dropped the scythe and clutched her stomach, her cunt bubbling into an orgasm.

The words of her husband rang inside her head: “Cock-sucker,” he had said. “You’re a born cock-sucker. You love cock in your mouth, so I’ll call you fuck-face or cunt-face. Cock sucker… cock-sucker… cock-sucker…”

She was only vaguely aware of inching closer to her son’s cock. She tried to stop her convulsive movement, but her knees kept inching along the dirt. She wore a pair of soiled work gloves to protect her hands, and one slid along the wooden fence. Her eyes strained on her son’s cock.

She stopped, her face about a foot from Ben’s cock. The hot stream of his piss kept gushing in a strong stream. She felt the maddening desire to place the tip of her tongue on the shaft of his cock, to feel the heat of it, to taste the cock flesh. A low moan started in her chest, and she swallowed it before it came from her mouth. Her eyes moved to the head of her son’s cock, then followed the golden stream of his piss to where it splashed on the dirt. Then back up again.

She pressed one gloved hand between her thighs, pressing at her swollen cunt. Her pussy was rippling through one contraction after another, each getting stronger. The glove was dirty, leaving an imprint at her crotch, but she wasn’t aware of that.

The golden stream of piss was slowing down.

Julie licked her lips hungrily, moving her face closer until it was only inches from the side of her son’s cock.

Then the piss stopped. Ben’s cock started to droop, but lifted again almost immediately.

Julie couldn’t resist, regardless of the consequences. She opened her mouth and closed her lips about her son’s cock.

She heard the gasp on the other side of the fence, but her lips tightened. She moved until she stood on her knees, facing the fence, her hands pressing at the wooden boards. Her son’s cock felt hot inside her mouth, not as large as her husband’s had, of course, but just as delicious. The hunger to suck this cock filled her mind, blotting out everything else. She didn’t hear the soft giggles on the other side of the fence, nor the whispered words.

She felt the throbbing hardness of her son’s cock between her lips, and her tongue moved, licking at his prick. She could taste a few drops of her son’s piss, but didn’t care. Her tongue slid along the hard cock shaft, her lips tight and hot, wet, pulling on his cock. At this moment, it wasn’t her son’s cock she was sucking, but simply a cock she had to have in her mouth. It could have been any cock, an old man’s cock, a young boy’s cock, or any cock in between.

Her cunt was gripping at the seam of her tight jeans, twitching with hot orgasms. They were still mild, but were growing in strength. She pushed and pulled her greedy lips on Ben’s cock. She ran her tongue about it, licking the rounded cockhead, then gobbling back onto it until her chin and nose pressed at the fence, her lips still trying to get more cockmeat. She pressed her tongue hard at the underside of Ben’s cock, forcing it to the roof of her mouth. Then she began darting her mouth back and forth, fucking him with her lips. She sucked, her cheeks sinking inward. The cockhead would not quite reach her throat, where she wanted it, because of the fence. She was so hungry for cock, she didn’t care if her nose and chin were scraped raw by the wood.

The sounds across the fence finally burst through her reeling mind. She could hear the gasping pleasure of Ben, the soft giggles of Becky. They knew she was sucking on Ben’s cock, but Julie couldn’t stop now. Her cunt was going oft like bursting fireworks, her tightly clad ass shaking, humping as though she were fucking. She breathed harshly through her noise, not even trying to be quiet. Her desire to suck this cock overwhelmed her.

Her husband had once told her, “You see a cock, Julie, any cock, and you’re going to be sucking on it before it’s all the way out of a guy’s pants.”

She had protested she wasn’t that cock hungry, but she felt he was right. Once, she had noticed a man with a hard-on in the park, and pointed his cock-bulge out to her husband. And she had come just from seeing it pressing at the man’s pants. Her husband had grinned at her, knowingly, while she sat on the bench, blushing and coming.

Now, sucking on her son’s cock, she knew her husband had been right. He had not told her those things to be mean, but as simple fact. They both had enjoyed her quick orgasms, her intense hungers. They had never been mean and cruel to each other because of it.

Ben’s cock was growing harder inside her mouth.

She made a soft whimper as her son’s cock stretched her lips. She rammed her mouth onto his prick until she could go no farther, her nose and chin pressing at the fence. She wanted her son to fuck her mouth, but she couldn’t turn him loose long to say it. She didn’t think she would actually say it anyway.

She began to make soft, muffled sobs as she sucked strongly, her lips as tight as she could get them. Her tongue licked with fiery wetness, curling about the cockhead, flapping over the flare of his piss hole. She tasted seeping juices on her tongue and became hungrier yet. The juices seeping from his piss hole coated her tongue, inflaming her mind, sending her cunt into tighter spasms. The taste was sweet, hot, exciting to her. She could feel her cunt building to that final, mind-shattering convulsion.

She sucked in a frenzy, not caring if someone should enter the alley, see her on her knees sucking cock. It just didn’t matter. All that mattered was to suck this hard cock, to get the creamy come juice into her mouth.

She heard the grunting sounds on the other side of the fence, and at the same time, she heard nothing. Her hips were dancing with jerky movements, thrusting back and forth, her cunt drenched with wetness. Her tits pressed at the fence, her nipples on fire. She sucked hard, sucked fast, moaning with anticipation of the hot, thick load from her son’s balls. Her eyes closed, a moan of rapture in her throat.

The sudden spurt of cock cream across her tongue sent her cunt into that final, overwhelming, explosion. She swallowed the squirt of came juice swiftly, catching the next gush across the tip of her tongue. Her cunt contracted with a powerful force, her orgasm rippling up and down her stomach making her ass cheeks clench. She felt her cunt sucking inward, the poaching out, her asshole crinkling and puckering. She was squealing with frenzied intoxication. The thick jism from her son’s balls was almost driving her over the edge of sanity. It had been so long since she had tasted come juice, so long since she had her lips wrapped about a hard cock. Julie seemed to be trying to make up for the long dry spell. The come juice burned so deliciously into her gulping throat.

She stopped swallowing, holding the cockhead between her lips just behind the ridge, tasting the last squirts of jism into her mouth. She let it stay there for a long, exciting moment, then swallowed the precious load.

She felt Ben’s cock softening in her mouth, and with a sob, started to suck furiously again, trying to will it into hardness. She was crying, tears flooding her eyes. She wanted to devour the cock, to swallow it into her body. She sucked with strength, and felt her son trying to pull his cock away. He was pulling back, and she was clutching his prick with her lips, trying to keep it in her mouth.

She sobbed as the cock was pulled free. She opened her mouth wide, pressing her lips around the knothole with unashamed invitation, hoping this would make her son shove his cock back through the hole. When that didn’t happen, she sat back on her heels, sobbing softly, still wanting his cock, yearning for it. Her lips glistened in the sunlight, her tears sparkling in her eyes and on her cheeks.

She wasn’t crying with shame, but because she wanted more, much more. Her cunt was calm now, yet the burning demand was still in it. The taste of her son’s come juice continued to linger in her mouth, and she no longer had any interest in the weeds.

When Julie stood, her legs were weak, threatening to buckle and send her onto her ass. She leaned against the fence, removing one dirty glove. She touched her lips with the tip of her finger, slowly circling them. Her lips continued to tingle as if Ben’s cock were still between them.

Awareness came to her slowly.

She didn’t hear any sounds on the other side of the fence. It was over six feet tall, so she couldn’t look into her yard. She looked around, seeing if anyone had watched her. There was no one, but that didn’t mean someone wasn’t peeking out some window.

Oddly, Julie didn’t feel in the least embarrassed or ashamed of sucking her son’s cock through the fence. There was an elation inside her. A smile came over her face, her eyes shining.

She stood up straight, her shoulders back. Her tits thrust out beneath the baggy sweatshirt, nipples rubbing at the garment. She shook her ass, a deliciously wicked sensation crawling from her feet to the top of her head. She ran her tongue over her lips and began to hum softly as she entered the gate.

Ben and Becky were no longer in the yard. It was empty.

Julie felt as if something should be different, but it was still the same yard, same lush grass, same trimmed shrubbery. Nothing had changed.

Nothing, except she had just sucked her son’s cock off through a fence in broad daylight.


The house was quiet when she entered. Apparently Becky and Ben were hiding in a room, talking about what their mother had done.

The idea that they were discussing it excited Julie.

She went to her room, undressing completely. She carried her clothing into the bathroom, then ran the tub full of hot water. She noticed her panties, frilly and tiny and lacy, were soaked at the crotch. They had been clean and fresh when she put them on that morning. Usually Julie changed her panties at least twice a day, sometimes three. She sat on the toilet, listening to the tinkling of her piss, looking at the crotch of her panties.

She had certainly been hot, she realized.

With a giggle, she wiped her cunt with the panties, then standing, tossed them on top of her other clothing. She climbed into the tub, leaning back and looking down. Her tits were round and firm, beautifully and flawlessly shaped. Her nipples were a light-brown color, peaked half an inch. Her stomach was flat, with just the tiny hint of roundness. She lifted her ass, looking at the light, chestnut color of her cunt hair. She lifted one leg high. It was a beautiful leg: the calf curvy, her thigh slim and shapely.

“Not bad,” she said to herself in a soft voice. “Not bad at all, Julie, for a mother with twins.”

She didn’t have to examine her ass to know how lovely it was. Her ass rounded in a compact tightness, the cheeks flexing when she walked. Her husband had loved to spend hours with her, caressing her ass. He had been, as he called it, an “ass man”.

It had thrilled her when he fondled her ass, kissed and licked the smooth, creamy-textured ass cheeks, the backs of her thighs.

Yes, she was indeed a beautiful woman, a woman who loved fucking, sucking, hard cock.

She didn’t know why she had not sought out a new man after her husband’s death. Perhaps it had been in the back of her mind that no other man would be as compatible, so willing and cager to indulge in those sweet, exciting things she and her husband had enjoyed.

Some men, she knew, thought a woman was a slut if she had sexual desires, wanted to experiment, enjoyed fucking. That was their fault, she told herself, not hers.

She washed herself, removing the sweat and grime. Deciding she would hire someone to finish up the weeding, she climbed from the tub, using a soft towel to dry herself.

Nakedly, she entered her bedroom and saw she had not closed her door. She had always closed her bedroom door before. With a shrug of her shoulders, she left it open, and sat at her dresser. She brushed her luxurious, dark hair, watching herself in the mirror. Her tits lifted and fell with her arms. She noticed her nipples were still peaked in hardness.

With things still in her mind, feeling wonderful, Julie pulled a pleated skin and frilly blouse from her closet. She rummaged about in the drawers and selected a fresh pair of bikini panties. There were a dozen bras in the drawer, all new, never worn. She had not worn a bra for many, many years.

A shiver ripped through her naked body, and she stopped as she reached back into the closet. Her hand had touched her robe. Her eyes sparkled as she pulled it out. Ignoring her skirt and blouse, she carried the robe to the bed. Sliding her feet into the revealing panties, she adjusted the crotch over her cunt. Her cunt made an appealing, bulge in them, the cunt slit outlined. The seat of the panties pulled upward, exposing the creamy lower half of each ass cheek.

She slipped into the robe, a vague thought in her mind.

Wearing the robe, she left her room. The lower part of the robe opened to reveal her long, enticing thighs, almost to her crotch. The top of the robe swelled outward, the creamy valley of her straining tits exposed, all the way to her waist.

Entering the living room, she saw her twins sitting together. She caught the look they gave her, and tried to ignore it. Becky and Ben both knew it was she who had sucked Ben’s cock through the fence. They had known she was out there weeding. She mixed herself a glass of iced tea in a tall plastic glass.

Going back to the living room, she sat in her husband’s favorite chair. She leaned back, bringing up the foot part. Crossing her ankles, she allowed her robe to part. Her long thighs were exposed, again almost to her crotch. Sipping her tea, she looked at her twins pointedly.

Ben squirmed his young ass on the couch, and Becky was trying to keep from giggling. Julie continued looking at them, her eyes bold and starting to smolder. Ben was wearing a new par of shorts, his chest bare. He was still small, and looked startling like his sister, yet with a masculinity beginning to form on his face.

Both were light-haired, like their father, with bright-blue eyes that were usually filled with mischief. Becky wore a sunsuit with flaring legs and an elastic waist, the top held up by two thin straps. Julie noticed, for the first time, that her daughter was starting to sprout tits. There wasn’t much but nipple yet, but those nipples poked at the front of her sunsuit already.

Becky lifted a foot to the cushion of the couch, propping her chin on it, still trying to keep back giggles. Julie saw the slim thigh, and the teasing band of Becky’s panties showed near her crotch. A warmth started between her thighs as she looked. There was something exciting about seeing that band of panties, so near Becky’s young cunt.

She noticed Ben had slumped on the couch, his ass almost hanging over the edge, and he seemed to be trying to peek past her robe. He was trying to do it without his mother noticing, she realized with amusement.

Well, why not? Julie thought. I sucked his young cock, didn’t I? Would it matter if he saw me? Fair is fair, isn’t it? I suck his cock off and he wants to peek at my cunt.

No one had said anything so far, yet Julie could feel the tension in the air. There was something like anticipation between them, a heavy, erotic something. Even the air seemed to have the exciting scent of wet cunt and hard cock in it.

Julie uncrossed her ankles, testing her son. She parted her feet almost a foot apart before recrossing them. She watched her son closely, and saw his eyes widen briefly. He had seen her; Ben had caught a brief glimpse of her panties. She lowered her eyes to the front of his shorts, and noticed his cock was starting to bulge against them. Becky kept looking at her, her blue eyes starting to sparkle. This time, though, they didn’t shine with mischief, but with a naughty, wicked gleam in them. Julie wondered if her daughter had seen the quick flash of her panties.

The answer was given to her when Becky moved her hand slowly down the back of her uplifted thigh. Julie didn’t gasp, but her breathing increased as her eyes followed the small finger. Becky’s eyes twinkled brighter as she ran the tip of her finger along the exposed leg of her panties.

“All right,” Julie finally said, her voice throaty. “What’s going on here, kids?”

Becky released her pent-up giggles, her finger touching the band of her sunsuit, near the crotch. Ben acted nervous, but he was still trying to get a glimpse of his mother’s crotch. His cock, Julie saw, was pressing at his shorts, fully hard now.

It was Becky who answered.

“You put Ben’s peter in your mouth, Mother,” she said, giggling.

“Peter?” Julie asked, unable to stop grinning at the word. She had not heard that particular word in ages.

“You know, Mother,” Becky giggled again. “His prick!”

Julie felt as if she should blush, but she didn’t.

“I did?” she asked, smiling.

“I wasn’t dreaming, Mom,” Ben said, with just the faintest flush on his young face.

Julie thought quickly. There was no way she could deny it.

“So what if I did?” she asked, her voice low. She felt the wetness between her thighs, her cunt quivering.

“But you let him do it in your mouth, Mother,” Becky said. “You let Ben do it in your mouth!”

Julie looked at them before she replied. “So I did. But what did I let Ben do in my mouth?”

Becky giggled.

Ben stared at his mother, eyes big. “Come on,” Julie urged; “Let’s get it out in the open, kids. Stop pussy-footing around and say it like it is.”

Becky giggled again. “Pussy-footing,” she echoed her mother. Becky pointed to her crotch. “Like this, Mother? This pussy? Not a kitten?”

Julie didn’t answer her daughter. She fixed her eyes upon her son’s straining cock. It was outlined now, and she was sure she could see his hard-on throbbing.

“You’ve got a hard-on, Ben,” she said, her voice whispery.

“That’s because you put his prick in your mouth, Mother,” Becky said, bold and unashamed. “And because he’s trying to look up between your legs.”

“Becky! I am not!” Ben shouted. Julie smiled. “I think you are, Ben,” she said. As if to prove her point, Julie uncrossed her ankles, parting her feet and leaving them there. She saw her son’s eyes become big again, and he stopped breathing. Becky, too, looked.

“Like it?” Julie whispered.

Ben nodded, swallowing noisily. Becky giggled, her eyes flashing.

Now Julie answered her daughter’s question.

She said it with no trace of embarrassment. “That kind of pussy, Becky. I’m talking a girl’s pussy.”

“I thought so,” Becky said, her excitement showing in her face and voice. “Ben loves pussy, the girl kind of pussy, Mother.”

“Becky!” Ben said, his eyes fixed between his mother’s thighs. “I’m gonna hit you!”

Julie knew what her son and and daughter were seeing. She had looked at herself many times in mirrors. They were seeing the soft, sensitive inner flesh of her thighs, the crotch of her lacy panties, the way her cunt bulged inside, the moistening pussy slit. She trembled with delicious excitement.

The words being spoken went a shock of rippling pleasure through her skin. It was the way she had talked with her husband, both of them enjoying those naughty words.

“But Ben doesn’t get to see many pussies, Mother,” Becky went on. “He’s always looking at mine, though. He likes to look at my pussy, Mother.”

“Becky, you’re gonna get us in trouble,” Ben warned.

“Na, she won’t, honey,” Julie said in a thick sound. “No one will get into trouble here. I understand why you like to look at pussy. It makes your cock hard, doesn’t it?”

“That’s right, Mother,” Becky said. “His cock. His cock gets real hard when he looks at my pussy.” She peered at her mother’s crotch again. “Just like it’s hard now because he’s looking at your pussy, Mother.”

Julie’s pulses were racing. “He can’t see my pussy,” she said. “I have panties on.”

“He wants to see it, though,” Becky said. “He told me he wants to see your pussy, Mother.”

“Ben,” Julie said, “can’t you talk for yourself? Do you want to see Mother’s pussy?”

Ben swallowed, but he nodded his head.

Julie felt a thrill shoot through her stomach, her cunt clenching in tightness. She could feel the tip, of her swollen clit against the crotch of her panties. She wanted her son to see her cunt. She wanted both of them to look at her cunt, and she wanted them to.

She parted her feet more, almost two feet apart. Ben’s cock actually jumped visibly this time, and Becky made a soft cooing sound.

“So look at it,” Julie whispered, passion boiling inside her. “Look at my pussy, if you want.”

Becky was running the tip of her finger under the crotch of her sunsuit openly, her blue eyes seeming to be shooting sparks of wicked excitement.

Julie spread her legs, more, opening the flap of her robe to expose herself from her hips downward.

“You’re very hard now,” she whispered. “Don’t come off in those shorts, baby.”

Becky looked at her mother, her small hand moving toward her brother’s hard-on. Julie nodded her head, and Becky slipped her fingers into the leg of her brother’s shorts and pulled his cock free.

Julie gasped now, staring at her son’s cock with boiling hunger. With her brother’s cock free, Becky turned it loose and began to slide her fingers inside her sunsuit.

Ben stared at his mother, seeing the shadow of her thick cunt hair through the flimsy panties, the slit of her pussy outlined there, the wetness that was forming. Julie’s eyes burned on her son’s cock.

Of her twins, Becky appeared the more aggressive. Her blue eyes shone brightly, turning from her mother’s crotch to her brother’s uplifted cock. Julie’s robe was open from her waist down, her panties apparently exciting both twins. She found it odd that there was no feeling of shame, neither from her twins or herself. She didn’t question it, though. She was enjoying every second of this.

She said nothing as Becky shoved her brother across the couch, forcing him to his back. Julie’s eyes remained on his uplifted cock, her mouth watering. Ben kept his head turned toward his mother, staring at her wet crotch, Julie said nothing when Becky stood on her knees, pulling the wide legs of her sunsuit open, then the crotch of her panties. She couldn’t see much of her daughter’s cunt, but she knew it was fully revealed. She felt, vaguely, that she should stop this before it went any further, but she didn’t want to stop it. Her cunt was burning.

With deliciously naughty giggles, Becky squatted on top of her brother. She grasped Ben’s cock with one hand and, holding her sunsuit and panties to one side, began to rub her young cunt back and forth on the head of his cock. Julie’s eyes smoldered as she sat trembling with desire, watching them.

Apparently Becky and Ben had been doing this for some time. Julie didn’t care. Her excitement was swelling to the point that her ass writhed in the chair. She strained her eyes, trying to see her son’s cock rubbing at her daughter’s cunt. There wasn’t much she could see, and that irritated her. Her cunt was fiery and wet, and she wanted to see everything.

Ben was still gazing between her thighs, lying almost passively as his sister rubbed her cunt about the head of his cock. Becky was giggling and panting, glancing at her mother as if expecting Julie to stop then.

Julie placed her hands over her twin’s tits, digging her fingers into them, feeling her tits through her robe. Her nipples strained in hardness. She began to whimper in voyeuristic pleasure and opened the tip of her robe. Ben swallowed as he saw his mother’s lovely, firm tits Julie grinned at him wickedly and began to twist and pull at her own nipples. At the same time, she lifted her ass up off the chair, legs wide, and began to grind them wantonly. Dark hair showed along the edge of her soaked panty crotch, exciting not just her son, but her, too.

Becky squealed. “This is how we fuck, Mother!”

Julie’s cunt sucked inward with a sweet sensation.

“Fuck?” she said, her voice whispery and thick.

“Oh, yes! This is the way I fuck Ben!”

“That isn’t… you’re not fucking,” Julie breathed, squeezing her tit and trying to lift the fiery nipple to her tongue. “You’re just rubbing at each other.”

“We’re fucking!” Becky insisted, wiggling her little ass back and forth.

Ben began to move, to arch his hips upward. His eyes were glassy with pleasure, yet he kept staring between his mother’s thighs, at her uplifted crotch. Julie was twisting her ass about in tight short circles, licking her lips as she watched her daughter rubbing her cunt back and forth on Ben’s cock. Perhaps they really didn’t know his cock supposed to go inside her cunt to fuck. Maybe this rubbing at each other was all they knew, what they thought was fucking.

Ben was grunting now, his face turning pink. Becky was making more squeals, and her small ass moved faster. Although Julie couldn’t see that well, she was sure her daughter was rubbing the hotness of her cunt lips along the shift of her brother’s cock now. They were both getting ready to come — that was obvious.

Ben staffed swinging his hips up and down, and Becky banged her pussy against his cock. Soft, moist sounds came to Julie, inflaming her senses. Their movements were those of fucking, of a cock sliding in and out of a cunt, yet Ben’s prick was not inside his sister’s pussy.

A groan came from Becky, a groan that turned into squeals, her little ass churning. Ben grunted, his body shaking. Julie knew they were coming, and her own cunt rippled into a quick orgasm. She sobbed with pleasure.

Becky remained atop her brother for a long moment, then sat back on the couch. Julie saw come juice on her son’s shorts, then glistening drops on her daughter’s thigh near her crotch.

She lifted her chair to a sitting position, and with a dazed expression on her face, stood up on weak, shaking legs.


Julie stood stiffly, her hands balled into fists at her sides. She gazed at her son’s soft cock, seeing the puddles of his come juice on his shorts, wasted.

Her fingers fumbled as she untied the belt of her robe. It fell open, and she shrugged it from her shoulders. She stood naked, except for her flimsy panties. Both Becky and Ben seemed breathless as they gazed at her, seeing their mother undressed before them.

“That wasn’t fucking,” Julie whispered throatily. “You didn’t fuck at all.”

Becky and Ben didn’t answer. They seemed unable to speak.

Julie ran her hands up and down her body, caressing herself, watching them, seeing their reaction to her boldness. If they had shown any embarrassment, or shame, Julie wasn’t sure what she would do. But they weren’t showing anything like that. What her twins were showing was interest, intense interest and excitement.

“You want to fuck me, do you?” Julie asked her son.

“Mom, don’t listen to Becky,” Ben managed to say, his voice high pitched. “I didn’t say that.”

“Yes, you did, Ben,” Becky said. “You did so tell me you wanted to fuck Mother. Stop that lying, Ben, or I won’t fuck you anymore.”

Julie smiled at the kids’ bickering. Any other time she would have skipped it. But right now her cunt was bubbling with wet heat, her mouth watery. The only thing she wanted to do was lick her son’s cock, suck it in her mouth, drink that sweet hot jizz out of his balls again.

She started toward them, her movements jerky. As she walked, she ran her hands up and down her body, feeling her hips, up to her tits, then down to the front of her panties. She framed her concealed cunt with both hands, now on the other side of the coffee table from the twins. She arched her hips forward, sliding her fingers between her thighs, her thumbs above her cunt. She pressed, making her pussy bulge outward in her panties.

Julie thought of nothing but her son’s cock, her eyes seeing the come juice on his shorts. This insane desire for come juice was overpowering, and she wanted to smear her face into it, lick it into her mouth, taste his jism.

Becky watched her mother, a lewd grin on her young face. She sat with her legs wide apart, and cupped her cunt with a small hand. She looked at her mother as if she knew what was going on inside Julie’s mind. Ben looked half afraid, yet eager. His cock still showed past the leg of his shorts, not as soft as it had been a few minutes ago. The cockhead glistened wetly, and Julie’s hips twisted as she pressed at her cunt.

Stepping around the coffee table, she started toward her son. Becky drew her legs up and out of her mother’s way, but kept them wide apart. Julie stood a long moment, her tits lifting and falling as she sucked in deep breaths of air, staring at her son’s cock. She tried, for just a moment, to fight this wild desire inside her.

Then she gave in. Dropping to her knees, she slipped a hand up the boy’s thigh. She touched a fingertip to his cock, causing her son to grunt and his cock to jerk.

A cry came from Julie. Her head went down. Her tongue was out of her mouth before she shoved her face into the puddle of come juice. She made soft growling sounds as she licked it up hungrily. Her hand darted into the leg of her son’s shorts, cupping his balls. They were hot in her hand as she gently squeezed them. His cock rose up in hardness again, sliding along her cheek. She swirled her tongue into the slime of his come juice, her lips open. She sucked at the shorts, tasting his precious juices. She pulled her son’s balls out of his shorts, then placed her hand on the shaft of his cock. She pressed the throbbing hardness against her cheek, whimpering softly.

Becky watched, making cooing sounds. Julie was too busy to glance at her daughter, too excited with the taste of her son’s come juice, his cock throbbing at her cheek. She could hear Becky, and the sounds were enough to increase the storm of passion inside her body.

With her face smashed against her son’s shorts, Julie pressed her thighs tightly together. She smeared her face about her son’s shorts, and with husky cries, began to rub her face downward. She twisted her face into his beautiful, young, hairless balls, feeling them against her mouth and cheeks. This cock straining up hard near her forehead.

The desire to suck her son’s cock was strong, very strong. But Julie had to do something else first. She had to show them how to fuck that a hard cock was supposed to go into a girl’s cunt, not just rub.

Lifting her head, her eyes blazing in passion, Julie began fumbling with her son’s shorts. She almost ripped the bronze button from the waist, and then almost got the zipper stuck in her haste to yank it down. She jerked her son’s shorts to his knees and gasped with delight when she saw his body naked.

His cock stood up high, his balls looking tight. Ben had no hair at the base of his cock. She didn’t know enough about young boys, herself. She thought, though, that a boy should have hair in his crotch if he could come off. She grasped his cock, pressing it against her face, mewling softly.

Becky was staring at her mother, her lips parted as she gasped. She had lifted her small ass to the arm of the couch, her legs flung wide. Her small hand was inside her sunsuit now, her fingers moving up and down her steamy, sugary little pussy.

“Oh, I want to… I want to…” Julie hissed, kissing the hard shaft of her son’s cock with her wet lips. “I’ve got to, just for a minute!”

Unable to control the wild urges. Julie sank her mouth onto her son’s cock, taking it deep into her throat. Her lips pressed at the cock base, feeling the smooth, hairless flesh. Her mouth throbbed with wet hunger about her son’s cock. She smashed her lips hard at the base, the head of Ben’s cock probing the entrance of her throat.

Becky squealed with ecstasy.

“Mother, are you gonna suck his cock off again?” Her small hand rubbed faster inside the crotch of her sunsuit.

Julie’s only reply was a sob of hunger.

She then bobbed her face up and down, her mouth gripping and riding her son’s cock. She sucked hard, fucking him with her mouth, her pantied ass jerking, her ass cheeks clenching. Her cunt, dripping hotly, went through contractions of orgasm, increasing the drenched condition of her panties. She sucked hard, moaning, twisting her lips about her son’s deliciously hard prick. Then she jerked her mouth off his cock.

“I had to!” she cried, her eyes teary with uncontrolled passion. “I had to suck it! Oh, I love, to suck a hard cock!”

She stood quickly, and with one movement, tore her panties from her body. Ben gasped as he stared at his mother’s hairy cunt, his cock jerking. Becky made a soft whimper as she, too, saw their mother’s revealed cunt.

Julie lifted one foot, placing it on the opposite side of her son’s hips, the other still on the floor. “This is how you fuck!” she cried out. “You fuck like this!”

She peeled the lips of her cunt open, facing her son, and plunged her pussy down quickly. She hissed as his cock fucked into her fiery cunt, her eyes rolling. The hardness of his cock sent a rippling shock wave up and down her creamy flesh as she smashed the hairy lips of her burning pussy hard at the base of his prick.

Becky gave a yelp as she saw her mother’s ass slam downward, her brother’s cock fucked into the hairy wetness of her cunt.

Ben was holding his breath, staring at the way his mother’s hairy cunt had suddenly swallowed his cock. The tight wetness seemed to sear his prick, scald the flesh, blister it.

Julie wailed as her swollen cunt scraped down the shaft of her son’s cock. She enjoyed the hardness of a cock inside her cunt, loved the way it throbbed and stretched the sensitive cunt lips, but her real desire was for sucking cock. The thrill of fucking was fantastic to her, but most of her ecstasy was having a cock inside her mouth.

“This is fucking,” she hissed loudly.

With her one foot on the floor, the other on the couch, Julie began to fuck her son. She fucked her hairy cunt up and down, riding her son’s prick with moist sounds. Her hand gripped the back of the couch, the other in the hair of her pussy. She lifted her head to the ceiling, gasping and making whining sounds as her ass bounced up and down.

Behind her, Becky was watching with hot excitement. She had now shoved her hand underneath her panties, and was rubbing at her sweet cunt frantically. She could see her mother’s cunt spread about her brother’s cock, see the hairy pussy lips devouring it. Julie’s cunt was so wet, she frothed on the base of her son’s prick. The cheeks of her curvy ass jiggled and clenched as she fucked up and down, stabbing herself in the cunt with her son’s cock. She smashed the puffy lips of her pussy brutally against the hairless base, feeling her son’s balls brush at her ass with each downward thrust.

Becky was shaking as she rubbed her cunt, watching her mother’s lovely, excitingly naked ass move. Jerking her hand from her panties, she stood on the couch, and moved to her mother’s back. Reaching over her mother’s shoulders, Becky cupped the full tits of her mother, feeling the soft, yet firm, fullness. Julie twisted her cunt in a screwing motion onto her son’s cock, placing her hands on top of her daughter’s, pressing Becky’s palms hard against her burning nipples.

Julie felt the heat of her daughter’s thighs against her back, felt the pressure of Becky’s cunt rubbing there. Her ass wiggled and thrust, her cunt fucking furiously on her son’s cock while her daughter squeezed her tits. Becky was moaning as she looked down into her brother’s contorted face. She dug her fingers into her mother’s tits hard. Julie felt a slight pain, but there was more pleasure than pain.

“Ohhhhh, you feel so big in Mother’s cunt, Ben!” Julie gasped. “Your cock is so big and hard and hot! This is fucking, kids! This is the way to fuck!”

Becky drew one hand from her mother’s tit, reaching between their bodies. She pulled her sunsuit and panties to one side, and when Julie felt her daughter’s steamy young cunt rubbing at her back, she wailed with erotic ecstasy. She could feel the throb of her daughter’s tiny, but very hard, clit rubbing at her spine, feel the wetness seeping out of that sugary pussy, smearing her flesh.

“Oh, this is making me come!” Julie wailed. “My cunt… my cunt is burning up! Ooooo, fuck me, Ben! Fuck Mother’s hot cunt, baby! Ohhhhh, I’m about to come!”

Her ass went wild with movement, grinding hard at the base of her son’s cock. Through the boiling pulsations of her pussy, she could feel her son’s cock throbbing, the head of it very, very deep inside her greedy pussy.

She smashed her cunt hard onto her son’s cock, grinding in jerky movements. Her cunt gripped his prick tighter, flexing with contractions. The orgasm rippled through her naked body like suddenly released steam.

The orgasm had hardly faded when Julie began to come again. She shrieked with ecstasy, once again fucking up and down, her cunt clutching Ben’s cock in powerful spasms. She pressed her daughter’s hand tighter into her swollen tit. She could still feel Becky’s hot little cunt rubbing at her spine.

The continuous orgasm shook her naked body. She wailed and gurgled, screeched and groaned, her cunt pumping hard on her son’s cock. She clawed at the curls of her cunt, stretching the boiling cunt slit, causing her spasming cunt to jut in hardness. Each orgasm was harder, more ecstatic, than the last one.

Ben felt each sucking grip of his mother’s cunt on his cock. He was gritting his teeth and digging his fingers into her thigh close to his mother’s grinding cunt. Through the haze of her orgasms, Julie thought her son was trying to hold back, his climax.

“Do it, Ben!” she grunted. “Come, baby! It’s okay if you come in me! Come, honey! Come in Mother’s cunt! Let me feel your cock squirt that jism up my pussy!”

But Ben was about to come. He was gritting his teeth because the sensations flooding his young body were so intense. It was the first time his cock had been inside a cunt, and the searing wetness felt fantastic to him. The way his mother’s cunt squeezed at his prick sent shudders up and down his body, making his toes curl, his eyes roll.

Becky, behind her mother’s back, was squealing and rubbing her cunt hard. She was again clutching both her mother’s tits, her fiery little cunt smashing and smearing and rubbing at the woman’s spine.

“I’m gonna come, Mother!” she squealed. “I’m sure gonna come!”

“Hold my tits, Becky!” Julie groaned. “Ohhh, squeeze my tits, Becky! I’m coining so hard! Oh, my cunt is coming… on Ben’s cock! I can’t stop coming! I don’t want to stop coming! I want to come and come forever!”

Becky let out a little shriek, a sound that built in volume and turned into a scream. Her hairless cunt twitched against her mother’s back, then erupted into hot convulsions.

“I’m doing it, Mother! I’m coming now, Mother!”

Julie, through her own rapture, felt her daughter’s cunt burn at her back, felt the increase of slippery wetness. She rammed her spasming cunt hard onto her son’s cock, the hairy cunt lips sucking hungrily, pulling inward.

“I gotta come now, Mom!” Ben grunted.

“Ohhh, yes, yes!” Julie urged, grinding powerfully. “Came in Mother’s cunt, Ben! Give it to me! Squirt it up Mother’s wet pussy! Come in my cunt, baby!”

The hot gushes of thick come juice splashed the hot, velvety walls of Julie’s pussy, sending her into a final and intense orgasm. Her stomach clenched along with the cheeks of her naked ass.

Becky had settled back, on the arm of the couch, breathing hard, her little pussy twitching. Julie held her cunt down hard on her son’s cock as he spurted come juice up her cunt, and then as her pussy lips sucked hungrily, she climbed from him, sinking weakly to the coffee table. She leaned back, eyes closed as she struggled to breathe. Her naked tits heaved up and down, her legs open. Her bushy cunt kept contracting as her son’s come juice dripped from it, falling onto the carpet.

Her body shuddered with a final spasm and she cupped her cunt, grinning with a satisfied radiance. She felt her son’s come juice burn at her palm and, looking at her twins with a burning wanton expression, brought her palm to her mouth and licked at the jism.

“You’re still dressed, Becky,” Julie said, her tongue twirling into the hot come juice on her hand. “Why are you still wearing clothes?”

“I don’t know, Mother,” Becky said, half giggling.

Ben’s shorts were still at his knees, his cock resting on one thigh. His prick glistened with wetness, his balls moist. Becky leaned over and pulled her brother’s shorts off his feet, tossing them to the floor.

“I’ll undress, Mother,” Becky said, getting to her feet.

Julie watched her daughter removing her clothing. It was strange to see her undressing. She had, many times, watched Becky remove her clothing, but this was different. She had not really looked at Becky before, nor her son, for that matter. She was seeing them now as sexual objects, as two lovely young bodies to enjoy. She saw within her twins an erotic personality she had not noticed at all. They were eager to undress, be naked with her. Julie knew some young boys and girls had such an intense interest in each other’s bodies, they were fucking very early. It was obvious to her that the twins had been rubbing together for some time. She watched Becky’s tiny tits come into view. They were hardly more than two nipples, sweetly pink, with just a hint of swelling.

Becky stripped her sunsuit off, her expression shy, but her blue eyes glittered with passion. When Becky started to slide her tight little panties down, Julie stopped her.

“Let me look at you a moment, honey,” she whispered.

Becky’s panties were white, low on her hips, and very tight. The front of them looked puffy, her cunt swelling outward. There was something appealing about seeing her daughter’s slim, succulent body clad in nothing but tight panties. There was an itch inside Julie’s cunt, an itch that was different than when she saw a cock.

She had to touch, to feel.

Julie shoved her hand forward, and Becky giggled. Becky opened her slender thighs as Julie moved her hand between them. Julie rubbed lightly, making her daughter’s hips twist. Then she pressed her middle finger upward, moving the crotch of her daughter’s panties into the steamy pussy slit.

Ben was watching with huge eyes, his cock starting to stir and lift toward his stomach.

Julie took her daughter’s small hand and brought it to Ben’s still slippery cock. Becky squeezed her brother’s cock as her mother rubbed her pantied cunt. Taking her son’s hand, Julie drew it between her thighs, curling his hand against her hairy cunt. Then, while rubbing at Becky’s succulent pussy, she cupped her son’s balls.

They all felt and fondled each other, making soft gasps of increasing pleasure. Ben’s cock rose into a beautiful hard-on once more, gleaming with the wetness from his mother’s cunt as Becky jacked it.

Julie felt so wonderful, feeling her son’s balls in one hand, her daughter’s bubbling cunt in the other. She wiggled her ass on the coffee table, and Ben felt her up inexpertly. She squeezed his balls gently, watching his cock starting to bulge in his sister’s hand.

“I want his cock in me, Mother!” Becky gurgled, squeezing her brother’s cock. “I want it inside my cunt like you did! I wanna fuck him the way you fucked him!”

“You will, Becky,” Julie murmured, sliding her hand from her daughter’s cunt and up her trembling stomach. She tried to cup her daughter’s tit, but it was so very small. She twisted, instead, the hard little nipple. “You’ll fuck him, honey.”

She leaned forward and sucked Becky’s tiny nipple into her mouth. Julie had never tasted a tit before, and Becky’s hard nipple reminded her of a miniature cock. She swirled her tongue about it, making her daughter dance with delight.

“Ooooo, that’s good, Mother!” Becky squirmed. “I like that, it feels so good!”

Julie opened her mouth, licking her tongue in a wet circle about her daughter’s nipple, her eyes glowing up into Becky’s excited face.

Releasing her son’s balls, she began to peel her daughter’s panties down.


Becky stepped out of her panties.

Julie stopped breathing.

Her daughter’s cunt was totally hairless, just like her son’s crotch. It looked deliciously pink, kissable. The sweet pussy lips were slightly puffy.

“Oh, God!” Julie moaned, her mouth turning watery as she stared at Becky’s creamy cunt. “It’s so pretty, Becky! You have such a beautiful little cunt!”

Becky was pleased by the compliment. She parted her feet on the floor for her mother. Julie leaned down, seeing the sugary cunt slit. She licked her lips, her eyes moist and filmy.

“I wont to taste it,” she whispered. “I want to taste your lovely little cunt, darling.”

Becky giggled shyly. Julie stroked her hands up and down her daughter’s thighs, over those narrow hips, then around to cup the tight sweetness of Becky’s naked ass. She moaned deep in her throat, her face moving forward. She caught the scent of her daughter’s cunt. She moved her face about an inch away, smelling the erotic odor of Becky’s fresh little pussy. Her mouth became so watery she had to swallow. Her hands curled into the tight cheeks of her daughter’s ass, squeezing them, her fingers digging into the ass crack. Becky’s ass just fit her hands, she found. The tip of her tongue flicked outward, and she licked at the upper part of her daughter’s cunt. She twisted it past the searing cunt lips and brushed Becky’s tiny, throbbingly hard clit.

“Ooooo, Mother!” Becky squealed, her hips jerking.

“Mmm, tasty,” Julie mewled, sliding the tip of her tongue up and down, twirling at Becky’s inflamed clit. She could taste come juice from her son’s balls on her daughter’s cunt, and that drove her almost wild. She dipped her head, and her tongue swirled. The sugary sweetness of her daughter’s cunt, the taste of her son’s jism lingering on it, sent her senses reeling. She hugged Becky to her face, gripping her tight ass. “Ohhhh, darling! You’re delicious! Your little cunt is so sweet! I’d love to eat it, suck it! Oooo, I want to shove my tongue up your tight cunt and fuck it! I want to suck it off, taste you coming!”

“Do it, Mother!” Becky urged. “Suck my cunt, Mother!”

But Ben was watching, his cock straining.

“Not yet,” Julie said, regret in her voice. “You have to fuck Ben now, Becky. You have to feel his hard cock inside your cunt instead of rubbing it. Fuck him, honey! Fuck your brother… make him come in your hot little pussy!”

“I wanna fuck him!” Becky squealed.

Julie sat her daughter on the couch, pulling her ass over the edge, then spread her slim legs as wide as she could.

“Come on, Ben,” Julie said, gasping with eagerness. “Get on your knees and fuck Becky! Shove your hard cock up her hot little cunt and fuck her! I want to see you fuck your sister, Ben!”

Ben, his cock straining, moved quickly to the floor on his knees. He knelt between his sister’s thighs, and Julie placed her hands on Becky’s creamy cunt. She pulled the hairless cunt lips open, gazing at the pink wetness. The tiny clit bulged up in hardness. She couldn’t resist it. She lowered her face and licked the flat surface of her tongue along her daughter’s parted pussy, tasting the wetness. She fucked her tongue into the girl’s cunt, delving as deep as she could. Becky squealed and shot her hips upward into her mother’s face.

“Ooooo, Mother!”

Julie thrust her tongue in and out of her daughter’s cunt, fucking it wildly. She pulled her tongue free and dug it down to the crack of Becky’s ass. She wiggled it into the hot ass crack, flicked it across her daughter’s asshole, bringing a surprised squeak from Becky. Then she licked rapidly at the creamy cunt lips again, puffing the tiny clit past her teeth and sucked it.

“Oh!” Becky screamed. “You’re making me come, Mother!”

“Mmmmmm,” Julie moaned, opening her lips wide, sucking the full expanse of her daughter’s cunt, her tongue tickling the contracting fuckhole. Becky bucked her crotch into her mother’s mouth, churning and squealing with orgasm.

Ben, still on his knees, pulled at his cock, watching with excitement.

“Mom, I wanna fuck her!” he demanded, his cock throbbing in his fist. “Let me fuck Becky, Mom!”

Julie pulled her mouth off Becky’s cunt with reluctance. Becky’s pussy was juicy now, very juicy. The taste had thrilled Julie, and she had wanted to suck it clean. But her son was tormented with desire, and wanted to see his cock fucking in and out of her daughter’s sweet pussy.

She sat on the couch next to Becky, her hands once more holding the girl’s cunt open.

“Shove it in her, Ben,” she hissed. “Push your hard cock in Becky’s cunt! It’s wet and ready for you!”

Ben moved his cock forward. The swollen cockhead probed the open insides of his sister’s cunt. Becky squealed as she looked down her naked body, trying to see her brother’s, cock penetrate her pussy.

Ben hesitated.

“Do it, Ben!” Julie urged hoarsely. “Put it in her cunt!”

Ben shoved. Becky screeched.

Ben’s cock fucked deeply into his sister’s cunt, hairless cock base smashing hairless pussy lips. Julie’s eyes filmed over with erotic pleasure as she watched her daughter’s cunt stretch around her son’s cock. She saw Becky’s pussy lips twitch, clamping in flexing motions. The hard tip of her tiny clit was out of sight, pressed inward by Ben’s throbbing cock.

“Oh, it’s in me!” Becky cried. “It’s way in me! Ohhh, it feels so big! My cunt feels so full, Ben!”

“Fuck!” Julie gasped, sliding her hands up to her daughter’s tiny tits.

She pulled and twisted the sensitive nipples, her eyes straining down to watch Ben as he pulled his cock backward. Becky lifted her cunt, afraid her brother would pull free. But Ben didn’t take his cock out. He pulled back until only the cockhead was inside her, then he lunged inward.

“Oooooo, yes!” Becky wailed, her slim hips churning. “That’s good! Fuck me, Ben! Ohhh, Mother, it feels so fucking good inside me, in my cunt!”

Julie gurgled as she watched Ben fucking his cock back and forth, Becky’s little hips squirming and twisting, bouncing up and down to meet the hard, quick lunges of Ben’s cock. Once Ben’s cock was inside Becky’s creamy cunt, they fucked as if they had been fucking for years. Instinct took over, and Becky met her brother’s cock-thrust with a grinding, bucking motion of her little ass.

Julie’s cunt was on fire as she watched them. There was more excitement in seeing her twins fuck than she had expected. She had never had a chance to watch anyone else fuck. She and her husband had used mirrors, watching then selves but this was more exciting. She inhaled the hot odors of fucking, of a boiling little cunt and a hard cock. The scents aroused her to a high pitch, her cunt bubbling and twitching.

She wondered, briefly, what her husband would have had to say about this, and decided he would have enjoyed it, maybe wanted to fuck Becky, himself. A momentary sadness at her loss came over her. It didn’t last, though, because her cunt was burning hotly as she watched her son fucking her daughter.

“Listen to it!” Julie whispered. “Listen to that wetness! Ooooo, it’s beautiful! Fuck her, Ben! Ohhhh, Becky, wiggle your hot little ass! Ride your brother’s cock, honey!”

Wetness glistened on Becky’s stretching cunt and Ben’s cock, and Julie wanted almost desperately to get her tongue down there, to taste the fuck juices. She begun to suck on Becky’s stiff nipple instead, her eyes turned downward to watch Becky thrust her cunt up and down, churn her small hips, fucking on her brother’s stabbing cock.

The excitement the twins felt was overpowering their young minds, their senses. It couldn’t last long. This was the first time Becky had ever had a cock inside her cunt, and she was going wild.

“Ohhh, I’m gonna come!” she shouted, bucking her cunt violently onto her brother’s cock. “My pussy is on fire and I’m gonna come! Ohhhh, there! I’m coming!”

Julie made a hissing sound of pleasure as she saw her daughter’s cunt gripping at her son’s cock. The orgasm sent wild shudders through Becky’s sweet little body.

Julie darted a hand behind her son’s plunging ass, between his legs. She grabbed his balls hard just as he slammed his cock urgently into his sister’s gripping, convulsing cunt.

“Give it to her, Ben!” Julie gurgled, feeling her son’s balls writhing in her hand. “Shoot it up her little cunt! Fill her pussy with come juice, baby!”

Ben was grunting with each gush of his come juice, his cock deep. Julie felt his balls empty, and suddenly there was a squeal from Becky, a different sound.

Piss gushed out of Becky’s pussy. Julie gurgled as she saw Becky’s piss splash at her son’s lower stomach, spraying outward. She slammed her free hand between her thighs as an orgasm exploded in her cunt. She hissed with delight, eyes blazing as she watched Becky piss, gripping her son’s balls tightly, the heel of her hand grinding at her convulsing cunt.

“Oooo, look!” Julie hissed. “Oh, God! Becky… oh, Becky!”

Ben had been too startled to say anything when his sister began to piss, and Becky was expressing embarrassment. At that moment, the only one showing excitement was. Julie. Her eyes, big and bright, blazed hotly as Becky tried to stop pissing. The more she tried, the harder she pissed. The hot piss came in quick squirts, splashing at her brother’s body, spraying past his hips.

Julie squealed with perverse delight, feeling her daughter’s piss running down over her son’s balls, and on her hand. When the explosive orgasm faded, she pulled that hand from her thighs and placed it on her daughter’s stomach, her fingers close to the stretching pussy lips. While her own cunt kept convulsing with milder contractions, Julie pulled upward at Becky’s cunt, wanting to see the golden piss spewing. A short squirt of piss came out, ran over the base of Ben’s cock, and then Becky got herself under control.

“Ben, I didn’t mean to do that,” she said shyly as he pulled his cock from her clamping hairless cunt. “It was an accident. Ben. I’m sorry, Ben.”

Ben didn’t reply. He sat back on the coffee table, his cock dropping, wet with his sister’s cunt juices and piss. He gasped heavily, his eyes half closed with exhaustion. Becky had a pink flush on her face, trying to close her slim legs. But Julie wasn’t letting her. She had both her hands holding those slender thighs apart. She was leaning over, peering at the girl’s cunt. Drawing her legs up onto the couch, Julie knelt, leaning over, her head above her daughter’s cunt. The golden piss sparkled like dew on the pink pussy. Becky was making sounds deep in her throat, purring sounds.

Julie’s creamy ass arched into the air, twisting slightly, her hairy cunt still convulsing. The urge to push her face into her daughter’s cunt, to wipe her face, her chin, her nose, her mouth around that wet cunt was overpowering. The drawing power of the dew-like piss clinging to Becky’s sweet cunt was too much for her.

The insides of Becky’s thighs were wet with piss, as were the creamy little cheeks of her ass. Piss was everywhere in her crotch, and Julie’s mind reeled with wanton, erotic perversity. She didn’t know what the twins would say, or what they would think of her — but she couldn’t resist the devouring hunger gnawing at her.

With a cry, Julie buried her face into her daughter’s cunt.

Becky gasped and Ben let out a snorting, soft giggle.

The heat of her daughter’s cunt, the pussy juice mingling with her son’s jism excited her. But most of all, it was the hot piss that sent a storm of ecstasy through her. Julie smeared her face into her daughter’s cunt, mewling softly. Almost insanely, Julie began to lap her tongue, into her daughter’s cunt. The delicious taste of Ben’s cock cream and Becky’s cunt juices, mixed with the sweetness of her piss, created a rumbling sensation of such rapture in Julie’s naked body, her cunt seemed to expand again, the hairy pussy lips swelling, her clit knotted. She felt the hot, slippery juices of her cunt seeping along her thighs, her pussy about to contract again.

She ran her long tongue about the inner flesh of her daughter’s thighs, licking up the hot piss. She sucked, drawing juices out, her tongue teasing her daughter’s cunt.

Becky was no longer embarrassed. With gurgling ecstasy, she arched her cunt upward, slamming it into her mother’s face. She squeezed Julie’s head between her thighs.

“Ooooo, Mother! Mother! Lick it! Lick it, Mother!”

Ben, despite his tiredness, leaned forward, curious as he watched his mother sucking his sister’s cunt. The idea that anyone, including his mother, would suck and kiss at a piss-wet cunt was surprising to him. On the other hand, it excited him, too.

Julie’s cunt was clutched with orgasms again, a series of bubbling, contracting spasms that made her uplifted ass sway. Becky pressed her hands at the back of her mother’s head, ramming her little cunt up and down, fucking it into her mother’s mouth.

“I’m doing it again, Mother!” she shrieked. “I’m coming again! Oooo, I’m burning up! My pussy… my cunt! Mother, suck my cunt hard! I’m coming again!”

Julie felt Becky’s cunt grip her tongue, felt the flexing cunt lips draw on it. She fucked her tongue, deeply, wiggling it about, tasting come juice with piss and cunt. Becky’s cunt sucked at her tongue, the hairless pussy lips squeezing it. Julie head her daughter’s cries of ecstasy, and knowing she was giving so much pleasure drove her wild. Always easy to come, Julie was much easier to come now. It had something to do with seeing her daughter piss, she knew. She had come when her son pissed through the fence earlier.

She held her face tightly between Becky’s hot thighs, her mouth sucking until the spasms began to fade. Only then did she raise her face. She was grinning, eyes sparkling. Her face glistened wetly, a combination of fuck juices and piss covering it. She sat back on her heels, her flawless tits swollen, nipples rubbery in hardness as they jutted toward the ceiling. Her knees, slightly apart, drew the attention of her son. Julie parted them more for him.

It thrilled her that Ben was so interested in her cunt. She knew it was the contrast of her hairy cunt to the hairless cum of his sister. That was part of the appeal, the difference between his mother and sister, that excited him so much.

Julie knew her son was tired; she had lost count of the number of times he had come that day. No man or boy could keep that up forever, she knew. That fact was a disappointment. She could fuck all day, came all day. She would become exhausted, of course, but it required a long time before that happened.

Becky remained slumped on the couch, her little ass still over the edge. She opened and closed her thighs, her blue eyes shining. Now and then, a ripple ran up her stomach. Her perky nipples were still hard.

“You pissed on me,” Ben said, finally breaking the silence. He didn’t speak in anger, but as if still surprised.

“I said I was sorry, Ben,” Becky said, drawing her ass onto the cushions and sitting up. She closed her legs and folded her hands in her lap, looking shy, but not at all embarrassed. In fact, there seemed to be a mischievous grin on her face.

“You pissed on me,” he said again, pouting. Julie gave a low laugh. “It didn’t hurt you, Ben,” she said. “It just got you wet, that’s all.”

“You tan do it to me,” Becky said, half whispering. “If you want to get back at me, you can piss on me. But I couldn’t help what happened, Ben. It was an accident.”

Ben didn’t answer his sister. But Julie, hearing what Becky said, became very interested. “Sure,” she said, her voice throaty. “You can piss on your sister, Ben. Then you’ll be even with her. How about it? Piss on Becky, honey.”

Ben glanced at his mother. He had seen how eagerly she had sucked his sister’s cunt, her tongue licking at the hot piss on Becky’s thighs. He lowered his eyes, gazing at his mother’s lovely tits. Then he lowered them more. Julie leaned back, still sitting on her heels. The pink wetness of her cunt gleamed through the thick pussy hairs.

“Or me,” Julie whispered. “Piss on me, if you don’t want to piss on your sister.”

“It was Becky who pissed on me, Mom,” he said. “Why would I want to piss on you?”

Julie’s eyes took on a hot sparkling glow. She twisted her hips, grinding one heel into the crack of her ass, opening her knees wider so the full expanse of her cunt gash was exposed. The tip of her throbbing cunt peeked out from the juicy folds of her pussy.

“Maybe… maybe I’d like for you to piss on me,” she said, her voice so low it was almost inaudible.

Becky was watching her mother, her blue eyes questioning. She still sat demurely hands folded in her lap, knees together. Ben was staring at his mother, and. Julie was twisting her hips invitingly, her cunt glistening wetly. Her tits swelled up in round sweetness, nipples half an inch long and tingling in hardness.

“Well, Ben?” Julie urged.

“Mom, are you sure?” Ben asked, his voice coming out from high to low, cracking in a squeaking sound.

“I wouldn’t ask you to if I wasn’t,” Julie said, moaning softly with anticipation. “Maybe you’ll make me come again. It might be fun, and my pussy might come again.”

“But the couch…”

“Fuck the couch!” Julie panted. “We can buy a new one.”

Ben stood up, still unsure.

Julie gazed at her son’s cock, trying to imagine what it would feel like when his hot piss sprayed onto her. Becky’s eyes were enormous again as she watched, hot excitement glowing on her young, pretty face.

“Me you gonna really let him piss on you, Mother?” she asked.

“If he will,” Julie replied.

Ben started grinning from ear to ear. “Okay, Mom,” he said, taking hold of his cock. “But remember, you asked me piss on you. Don’t get mad at me later.”

A sob came from Julie’s throat as she stared at the head of her son’s cock. She gazed directly at his piss hole, anxious to see and feel his hot piss on her body. Ben stood before his mother, looking down at her hairy cunt.

“On your cunt, Mom?” he asked.

“Oooo, yes!” Julie whimpered. “On my cunt, Ben! Piss on Mother’s cunt!”

Becky scooted close, her knees touching her mother’s thighs, her eyes blazing with perverse excitement.

Ben, gaging softly with a slight embarrassment, shoved his hips forward a bit, and began to piss. The hot streaming of piss struck Julie’s cunt. She groaned loudly as her son’s hot piss splashed directly upon her knotted, distended, clit. She felt his piss burning on her cunt, and the rippling sensations of orgasm boiled deep inside.

“Ooooo, it’s good!” Julie squealed, lifting her hips up to get her son’s piss directly upon her pink, hair-lined cunt lips. “It’s hot and good and I think I’m going to come, just like I thought I would!”

Becky was gurgling as she watched her brother pissing upon their mother’s cunt. She rested a small hand on her mother’s tit, her other hand moving along Julie’s quivering stomach. Julie gave a low sob of ecstasy as her cunt convulsed. Trying to lift her hips and draw the hairy lips of her cunt open at the same time, she cried out with rapture.

Becky saw her mother’s difficulty, and ran her small hands through the thick curls of pussy hair, parting her mother’s cunt wide. The stream of hot piss boiled into Julie’s cunt. The orgasms scared her pussy, and Julie fell over the arm of the couch, coming in powerful, ecstatic waves…


Julie lay in her bed alone.

The day had certainly been something, she thought. She lay on her side, looking out the window. She seldom pulled the drapes because she liked to look out at the night sky before she went to sleep. No one could peek in at her, unless they come sneaking along the side of the house, and they had no business there in the first place.

She didn’t really care if someone did peek at her. In fact, she often fantasized about someone looking at her as she undressed and got ready for bed. It was a nice fantasy, but not one shared with her deceased husband. He had thought it was funny, but he’d had no desire to have a stranger watching him.

She wondered if Becky had sneaked into her brother’s room. She had learned during the evening that had been going on between them. But Ben was tired, exhausted. He had enjoyed a full day of fucking, getting his cock sucked off. His poor balls were probably drained empty.

Julie lay naked, on top of the sheets. She loved to feel the soft breeze from the window on her bare flesh. She had discovered the excitement of piss. And while her son had pissed onto her cunt, she had come so much she thought it would never stop. She had come often and hard with her husband, but this day had shown her what capabilities she truly had.

She hugged herself in delight, smashing her tits under her arms. Her naked ass wiggled deliciously, and she opened her thighs to feel the breeze on her cunt. She felt the soft pussy hairs stir under the soothing breeze. She touched the lips of her cunt gently, then rubbed slowly at her cunt.

She wanted more cock in her cunt, in her mouth. She found her cunt insatiable, as greedy as her mouth had been. Before this day, most of her erotic enjoyment had come from sucking cock off, the taste of that sweet, creamy, boiling come juice burning down her throat. Now, it seemed, her cunt wanted a hard cock as much as her hungry mouth did. Seeing her twins in her mind, Julie began to press her fingers upon her clit.

She dipped a finger into her pussy, fucked it in and out a few times, slowly, then brought it to her mouth. She licked at the juices, moaning softly, her hips squirming.

A soft rustling sound caused her to turn her head toward the open door of her room. The moon was full, casting a silvery light into the room. She saw her daughter standing there, hesitant. Becky wore a short gown, just slightly above her hips. She stood with her finger in her mouth, childishly, looking in at her mother.

“What is it, Becky?” Julie asked softly, still caressing her cunt, one hand resting on a full tit. “Something wrong, honey?”

Becky came into the room, sitting on the edge of her mother’s bed. She sucked at the tip of her thumb, her eyes glowing in the dim light of the moon.

“It was an accident, Mother,” she said around her thumb.

“What was an accident, honey?”

“When I pissed on Ben.”

Julie let out a low laugh. “Of course it was,” she replied. “Does it bother you?”

“Not me,” Becky said. “But maybe it bothers Ben.”

“Oh, honey!” Julie said, placing her hand on her daughter’s warm thigh, the one she had been caressing her cunt with. She rubbed the wetness into her daughter’s flesh. “I’m sure it doesn’t bother him. You saw him piss on my pussy.” Julie slipped her hand along her daughter’s thigh, her fingers very lightly brushing the hairless cunt, up and down the slit. “Why do you think it bathers him?”

“He’s been real quiet,” Becky said, opening her legs wider to her mother’s hand.

“He’s just tired, that’s all,” Julie said. “We almost wore him out, you know.”

A girlish giggle came from Becky. “I’m not worn out, Mother.”

“Neither am I,” Julie whispered, feeling the hot wetness increase on her daughter’s sugary cunt.

“I know,” Becky said, her voice low, too. “I saw you playing with your cunt.”

Her small hand rested on top of her mother’s tit. Julie rubbed her finger up and down Becky’s bubbling cunt, then slipped along her cunt. She found her daughter’s clit swollen, and rubbed at it gently. Becky gurgled and drew her feet onto the bed, her legs wide.

“You’re hot, too, baby,” Julie said, her voice thick.

Becky didn’t say anything. She leaned down and kissed her mother’s long nipple. Julie mewled, wrapping an arm about Becky’s head and smashing her tit into the girl’s soft, wet mouth. Becky sucked at her mother’s tit hungrily, her hot little tongue swirling.

“Just a minute,” Julie whispered, reaching out to click her bedside light on. “I like to watch. I don’t enjoy it as much in the dark.”

Becky again sucked her mother’s tit, the long nipple deep inside her hot mouth. Julie cooed softly and stroked her daughter’s body, shoving the short gown upward. Becky allowed her mother to remove the gown, and Julie lifted her face to a perky nipple. When she sucked her daughter’s nipple, every bit of the very small tit was in her mouth. Sucking at Becky’s nipple, she felt the girl’s small hand move down her stomach, through the hairs of her cunt. Julie spread her legs, and Becky began to rub lightly at her pussy.

“I love to touch your cunt, Mother,” Becky said. “You’re so hairy and soft and wet. It feels different than my pussy.”

Julie rolled her hips beneath her daughter’s hand. “It would feel the same if I didn’t have hair on it, honey,” she said. “That’s the only difference. One of these days, you’re going to have hair, too.”

Becky leaned over her mother, her feet were toward Julie’s head, parted. As she leaned over, Julie began to slowly fuck a finger in and out of her daughter’s cunt. She felt the breath coming from Becky’s lips, burning her flesh. She opened her legs wide, knowing what Becky was thinking about. Fucking her finger in and out of Becky’s wet, tight cunt, Julie twisted her hips, lifting them from the bed.

Becky gave a soft cry of delight, and pressed her lips into the soft hair of her mother’s cunt. The tip of her tongue darted, and this time Julie cried out. Becky’s tongue flicked along her mother’s inflamed clit pausing to swirl hotly.

Becky pulled her mother’s clit between her lips, sucking on it, a hand sliding up and down Julie’s trembling thigh and hip. Julie fucked her finger in and out of the youngster’s sugary cunt a little faster, and Becky responded by pumping her hips in a matching rhythm.

“Ooooooo, baby, baby!” Julie whimpered, grinding her cunt at Becky’s face. “Oh, that feels so good, baby! Suck it for me! Suck Mother’s cunt, Becky!”

Becky made a wet sound as she dipped her tongue downward, sliding it along the hairy lips of her mother’s juicy cunt. Julie’s hips jerked as the eager tongue flicked into her pussy. She placed her other hand on top of her daughter’s head, pushing down as she lifted her cunt.

“Ohhhhh, God! Becky, Becky! Ohhh, baby! Yes, yes, baby!”

Becky kept licking at her mother’s cunt, fucking her tongue in and out. What she lacked in technique, she made up for with enthusiasm. Her tongue burned all over her mother’s juicy cunt, darting into it, swirling along the slippery pussy lips, up about the inflamed clit.

“Ooooo, now!” Julie wailed, her cunt convulsing quickly. “Oh, you’re making me come, darling! Oh, it’s so good, Becky! Your tongue, your sweet, sweet tongue is making me come! Suck it, honey! Oh, yes, suck Mother’s cunt! Lick my pussy!”

Her finger fucked in and out of her daughter’s wet cunt in a frenzy as she came against Becky’s mouth. She could feel the hot tightness gripping her finger, and realized the excitement her son had enjoyed with his cock inside there.

Becky thrust her hungry tongue as deep as she could into her mother’s wet cunt, stabbing quickly, her lips smashing onto the woman’s contracting pussy. Julie bucked into her daughter’s face, squealing with rapture. A final shudder went through her naked body, and she moaned in pleasure.

Becky lifted her head, her face glistening wetly, grinning at her mother proudly, as if she had done something amazing. Her small tongue licked at her slightly puffy cunt lips.

“You taste good, Mother,” she said, clutching a firm tit in her hand, squeezing it and making Julie’s long nipple bulge upward. She kept her grip on her mother’s ass. “You taste better than I thought you would.”

“You mean you were thinking about licking my cunt?” Julie asked, delighted.

Becky nodded, leaned down and ran her tongue about her mother’s bulging nipple. Julie slipped her finger out of her daughter’s cunt, brought it to her lips, and licked it. Becky’s eyes burned, and she pulled her mother’s hand to her own mouth. She licked Julie’s finger, tasting her own cunt oil it.

“You didn’t come,” Julie said softly.

“I will, Mother,” Becky replied, sucking at her mother’s finger.

“I know,” Julie said, staring into her daughter’s eyes. She saw the willing eagerness there, and knew Becky would do anything, as long as she, too, come. “Fuck my tit.”

“Fuck your tit?” Becky asked. “How can I fuck your tit, Mother?”

“By squatting on me and sticking my tit in your cunt, that’s how,” Julie laughed wantonly. “Come on, let’s try it.”

Becky scrambled about eagerly, squatting above her mother’s rounded tits. Julie molded one tit with both her hands, making her nipple strain upward a rubbery hardness. Her eyes gleamed as she watched Becky lower her cunt to it, then rub back and forth on her nipple. The hairless cunt was very wet, and juices dripped out of it, running onto Julie’s tit.

“God, you’re hot, Becky!” Julie groaned. “Your little cunt is so fucking hot on my tit! So wet and hot! Let’s stick my tit in your pussy, Becky!”

Becky pulled at the lips of her pussy, opening it. Julie passed her half-inch nipple past the tight, pink cunt lips.

“Ooooo, Mother!” Becky gasped. “I can feel it in my cunt!”

“I can feel it, too, honey,” Julie mewled. “Fuck on my tit! Bounce on Mother’s tit… fuck it with your hot little cunt! Look at it, Becky! It’s almost like a tiny cock fucking you! God, you’re so juicy and hot! My tit is dripping wet with pussy juice!”

Becky gurgled and bounced on her mother’s tit. Julie held it firmly, making the tit tip stand up. Within moments, her tit and hands were slippery with the sweet juices flowing from her daughter’s cunt.

Squealing with delight, Becky smashed her cunt onto her mother’s tit, the nipple inside. She began to rub back and forth, flattening Julie’s tit. Julie ran her hands about Becky’s hips, clutching her tight little ass, squeezing the asscheeks, urging her daughter to rub and bounce on her tit.

“Ooooo, Mother! I’m fucking your tit!” Becky squealed hotly. “I’m gonna come, fucking your tit!”

“Yes, baby!” Julie moaned, the wetness of her daughter’s cunt scorching her tit. “Come, Becky! Let me feel your little pussy squeeze my tit! Come on Mother’s fucking tit… come all over Mother’s fucking tit!”

Becky squirmed hard, her small hips jerking back and forth, her cunt riding her mother’s tit. Julie tucked her chin to her neck, watching, inhaling the moist, heady scent of her daughter’s boiling cunt. She could feel her tit swell, the nipple inside the tight grasp of Becky’s cunt. Her own cunt was twitching again, the hairy cunt lips becoming puffy, her clit intensely distended and knotted.

Becky squirmed and sobbed as her orgasm grew.

“Ohhhhh! Ahhhh! Mother, it’s so fucking good!” she howled. “I’m about to come, Mother! Ohhhh, I’m gonna come so fucking hard!”

Julie felt the spasms of her daughter’s cunt, felt the orgasm starting to rip through the girl’s small, young body.

“I’m gonna come now!” Becky screamed. With a sudden jerk, Julie pulled her daughter’s cunt toward her face.

“In my face, Becky!” Julie yelled. “Fuck my face with your hot cunt! Let me suck it! Fuck my face and come, baby!”

Julie pulled quickly at her daughter’s ass, bringing the juicy steam of her daughter’s cunt to her mouth. She closed her hot lips around the hairless cunt, sucking the full expanse of Becky’s pussy into her mouth, her tongue darting into the tightly squeezing fuckhole. Hot, sugary pussy juice dripped into her mouth, coating her tongue, then ran down her hungry throat. Julie’s hips shot upward, her cunt contacting with wild, hot spasms. She come hard while she sucked and licked the juices from her daughter’s convulsing cunt, her fingers digging at the tight ass cheeks.

Becky screamed and twisted into her mother’s face. She shoved her hands behind her mother’s head mindlessly, puffing up hard.

Julie’s tongue licked all over Becky’s creamy cunt as her daughter squirmed and twisted at her mouth. When her tongue slid back and into the hot crack of Becky’s ass, Julie licked in a frenzy at the puckering, tightening, searing asshole.

Becky, her cunt exploding time and again, rubbed frantically, sometimes her cunt in her mother’s face, and sometimes her asshole. She sat there, her cunt in her mother’s face as her body trembled. Then she finally became still. She looked down at her mother’s face between her thighs, Julie’s eyes glittered up at her. Her nose was pressed at Becky’s cunt, and her tongue was licking softly now at the crinkle of her tight asshole.

“That’s my fucking asshole, Mother!” Becky giggled. “You’re licking me in the ass, Mother!”

“Mmmmmm!” Julie replied, her eyes dancing with erotic joy.

Becky wiggled her ass into her mother’s face, then pulled away. She sat at her mother’s side, legs crossed.

“You sure, made me come,” she breathed. “Even licking at my ass.”

Julie stretched, arms above her head. Her tits lifted, one of them still smeared with cunt juice. “Did you like it?” she asked. “I mean, getting your little asshole licked?”

Becky giggled. “It made me come harder, Mother.”

“Well, I guess I’ll have to suck on your asshole again, if it makes you came so good.”

Becky’s young face turned sober. “I don’t know, Mother.”

“Why not?” Julie asked. “I don’t mind at all. I kind of liked tasting your asshole.”

“I might… you know, have an accident, like with Ben.”

“You mean, you might shit?”

Becky nodded.

Julie considered a moment, then she said, a wicked grin on her beautiful face: “I don’t think so, but if you do, so what?”

“But, Mother!” Becky exclaimed. “In your face? It wouldn’t be like pissing if I shit in your face.”

“You won’t shit, honey,” Julie said. “At least I don’t think you would. But if it happened, it would be okay. I understand how excited a person can get.”

Becky didn’t reply.

“Speaking of piss,” Julie said, “you wouldn’t by any chance have to piss right now, would you?”

“Why?” her daughter asked. “Because I think I could piss, just a little.” Understanding came over Becky’s face. “You want me to piss on you, Mother?”

Julie nodded eagerly, her eyes sparkling. “And you wanna piss on me?” Becky asked. “Would you mind?” Julie asked softly. A squeal bubbled from Becky. “I’d like to try it, Mother.”

“In my face?” Julie asked softly, her voice husky.

“You want me to piss in your face? Not on your cunt, Mother?”

“Please,” Julie said, her voice whispery.

With naughty giggles, Becky squatted over her mother’s face. This time, however, she faced her mother’s feet Julie gazed up at her daughter’s crotch, seeing the sugary cunt slit, the tip of Becky’s cunt. She stared at the spreading little ass cheeks, watching her daughter’s tiny asshole twinkle. The scent assaulting her nose sent a burning, wild arousal through her.

Julie ran her hands up her daughter’s thighs and cupped the small, sweet checks of her ass. She lifted her head, unable to resist giving that twinkling asshole a quick kiss. Becky cooed softly and twisted her ass into her mother’s face. Julie scraped her tongue along the steaming cunt slit and around the puckered asshole, then rested her head on the bed again. Becky’s cunt hovered a few inches above her face, and Julie waited expectantly.

“Piss in my face, honey?” she whispered hotly. “Spurt your sweet piss in my face.”

“You gotta piss, too, Mother,” Becky said, wiggling her uplifted ass.

“I will,” Julie whispered, her eyes straining at the fine, pink slit of Becky’s cunt. “I’ll piss.”

A squirt of piss gushed from Becky’s cunt, splashing across Julie’s lips. Julia moaned as the hot piss drenched her lower face. Her neck, her cheeks, became soaked in hot piss. With a whimper of perverse hunger, Julie spread, her legs and sent a golden stream into the air. Becky squealed and her piss streamed strongly into her mother’s face. Julie parted her lips, letting hot piss seep past them into her mouth. She swallowed, and with a cry, pressed her open mouth into her daughter’s cunt. The contact of her mother’s mouth on her pussy caused Becky’s piss to stop, but it started again quickly. Julie swallowed her daughter’s piss with liquid sounds, drinking thirstily.

Becky, watching the golden piss gush up from her mother’s cunt, shoved her face into the stream, then began to lap at it with the tip of her tongue. As her mother was doing, Becky began to drink piss.

But then the hot piss stopped.

The flow was cunt off because mother and daughter were coming, their cunts contracting hard. Julie thrust her tongue in and out of her daughter’s piss wet cunt, fucking it hungrily. Becky shoved her face into her mother’s hairy cunt and sucked at it with as much force as she could, sobbing with ecstasy.

When it was over, they turned onto their sides, hugging each other’s hips tightly, faces buried into hot cunts. Becky pressed her thigh under her mother’s head and rested her cheek no her mother’s inner thigh.

And they went to sleep.


Julie and Becky came awake swiftly.

Ben had come into his mother’s room. The sun was streaming through the window, and he had seen them sleeping, lying on the wet bed. He had climbed silently on the bed, and sprayed hot piss all over them.

Julie and Becky sleeping with her faces in each other’s cunt, woke up, startled.

Ben laughed, swinging his cock and pissing dawn on both his mother and sister. Becky and Julie scrambled about, squealing in surprise. “Damn you, Ben,” Julie said, on her knees at the head of her bed. “You’re pissing in my fucking bed. You want to piss in a bed, go piss in your own.”

“But yours was already pissed in, Mom,” he laughed, shaking off the final drops of piss.

“I guess you’re right,” Julie said, grinning. Becky was standing on the other side of the bed, her hair dripping piss, glaring at her brother. “No sense in ruining two beds. But haven’t you ever heard of using a bathroom?”

“It looks like you and Becky don’t know what a bathroom is, either,” he laughed. “Somebody sure pissed in this bed.”

“Now I gotta take a shower,” Becky complained. “I hate to take a shower in the mornings. I like mine in the afternoon or evening. Fuck you, Ben!”

“Where?” Ben teased. “In the cunt or mouth?”

“Ohhh!” Becky stamped her small foot. “You… you asshole, you! Just wait, I’m gonna catch you sleeping, and I’m gonna piss in your fucking face and drown you!”

Julie laughed at the bickering, knowing Becky wasn’t as mad as she pretended.

“Now we have to buy a new bed far me, as well as a couch,” she said. “We’ve got to stop pissing on the furniture. At this rate, we’ll go broke fast.”

“When a guy has gotta go, he has gotta go, Mom,” Ben said, laughing.

“Then use the fucking bathroom from now on,” Julie said.

“And what are you and Becky gonna use?” he countered.

Julie remembered the night before. “None of your business,” she said.

Becky, inside the adjoining bathroom, called out: “Do like I do, Ben use Mother’s mouth.”

Ben arched his eyes at his mother.

Julie laughed. “Okay, so what?”

“Becky piss in your mouth?” Ben asked.

“So what?”

“Well, why can’t I piss in your mouth, too, Mom?”

Julie stepped to her son, cupping his cock and balls, squeezing them. She kissed his cheek. “I didn’t say you couldn’t, did I? We just thought you were mad about Becky accidentally pissing on you last night.”

“Sure! Accidentally! She pissed on purpose,” Ben said.

Julie pumped her son’s cock. “You liked it?”

“It was okay,” he said, grabbing one of his mother’s tits, his other hand going to her ass. “Do I get a morning fuck, Mom?”

The sound of the shower started as Julie jacked her son’s swelling cock. “Just like your father,” she said. “He wanted a piece of ass in the morning, too.”

She turned him loose, sitting on the edge of her bed, spreading her long legs and offering her cunt to him.

Ben moved between his mother’s thighs, his cock jerking up and down. Julie lifted her hips to him.

“Fuck me, honey,” she hissed. “Fuck me good! Shove your hard cock up Mother’s cunt and give it a good fucking!”

Ben cupped his mother’s naked tits, squeezing them. She grasped his throbbing cock and pulled the swollen cockhead to her pussy, and sighed in pleasure as it fucked in. The hairy cunt lips spread about the rounded head of her son’s cock. Julie’s eyes became dreamy as his cock fucked deep, his balls against the cheeks of her ass. Ben squeezed her tits as she lifted her thighs, gliding them up on his hips. She locked her ankles across his young ass, grinding her cunt hard at him.

“Ooooo, you feel so hard and hot in me!” she cooed. “Fuck my pussy, baby! Give Mother’s hot cunt a good-morning fuck!”

Ben thrust, fucking his cock back and forth. Moist sounds came from between her squirming thighs. She gripped his shoulders, her head turned up, eyes filmed with ecstasy. Ben clung to her tit, fucking his cock in and out of her gripping cunt. His balls swung back and forth, slapping at her churning ass.

The sound of the shower was a distant hiss to them. Julie felt transported with ecstasy. The burning friction of her son’s cock felt so very good. The way his prick fucked in and out of her cunt made her shiver with heat. She released his shoulders and lay back, her legs riding upward until she draped them over his shoulders. Ben hugged his mother’s thighs to his body, his ass jerking back and forth, his cock plunging deep into the caldron of his mother’s juicy, fiery cunt.

“Ram it, ram it!” she gurgled, clutching her firm tits and digging at them brutally, shaking her ass in tight circles. “Ram my cunt, Ben! Fuck Mother’s cunt! Ooooo, rip my hot pussy apart with your sweet, hard cock! God, it’s so fucking good! Stretch Mother’s pussy, Mother’s snatch, Mother’s cunt! Oh, give it to me!”

Ben was fucking at her pussy so hard, Julie felt a slight pain, but it was an ecstatic sort of pain. He was beating the hairy lips of her cunt raw, and she wiggled and thrust with him, not caring. Her clit scraped and slid along the rigid shaft of his cock, the cockhead fucking deep with each lunge. She clung to his shoulders and neck with her legs, humping and bucking her cunt to him, meeting him blow for blow. From her hips up, Julie seemed still. From her hips down, she was a dynamo of squirming, thrusting, churning action.

Ben was grunting, his eyes rolling. Julie could see his face only through a hot film now. She gasped and wailed with increasing ecstasy, her cunt burning as if it were on fire. Her flat stomach rippled in her efforts to devour her son’s cock with her hungry, juicy cunt. She screamed as her cunt exploded around her son’s cock.

“I’m coming!” Julie screamed. “My cunt… my cunt is coming! Fuck me, fuck me, Ben! Ooooo, I’m coming apart, it’s so fucking great!”

The lips of her pussy clutched her son’s cock, flexing and squeezing, the wavy motions deep inside sucking powerfully. Her hips bounced frantically as she came. Then, almost as if thinking about it for the first time, Julie began shouting.

“Don’t come!” she yelped. “Don’t come in my cunt, baby! I want it in my mouth! Come in my mouth, Ben!”

Ben was grunting harder, his cock swelling and jerking, his balls smashing at her grinding ass.

“I’m about there, Mom!”

“Come in my fucking mouth!” Julie wailed, trying to pull her cunt from his prick. “In my cock-sucking mouth. Ben squirt your come juice in Mother’s mouth!”

Ben, so very close to climax, yanked his cock out of his mother’s grasping cunt. Julie sat up quickly, her mouth opening as she lowered her face. She closed her lips about the swollen, juicy head of her son’s cock just in time.

The gush of his creamy jism splashed across her tongue. Julie cried out in greedy rapture, his come juice boiling past her throat. She licked in a frenzy at his gushing piss hole, her lips sucking very hard. Her eyes closed with ecstasy as she tasted his jism, her cunt exploding time and again with powerful contractions.

Becky’s gasp caused Julie to open her eyes. She saw her daughter standing in the doorway, dripping wet from the shower, watching them.

Julie let her mouth fill with fizz and then drew her lips from Ben’s cock. With a squeal. Becky skipped hurriedly to her mother, smashing her lips to those of Julie. Julie parted her lips and her daughter snaked her tongue into her jizz slimed mouth. Becky licked at the inside of her mother’s mouth, tasting her brother’s come juice, then sucked it into her own mouth.

“Mmm, that’s good,” Becky purred, her small hips swaying.

“It tastes better straight out of a cock,” Julie laughed lewdly.

Ben strutted proudly, waggling his cock at his mother and sister. “There’s more where that came from. When are you gonna suck me off, Becky?”

“Never,” Becky said. Then she grinned. “That is, I won’t if you keep pissing on me when I’m asleep.”

“You liked it, Becky,” Julie said.

“I’d like it better when I’m awake,” her daughter said, and flicked her fingertip at the head of her brother’s cock, then ran out before he could slap at her bare ass.

“Time for breakfast, Mom,” he said, rubbing the head of his cock where his sister had flipped it.

“I guess we have to feed you,” she said, “if your sister and I intend to keep that thing hard, don’t we?”

Julie wore a half robe as she prepared breakfast. She left it unbelted, knowing her son wanted to see her body. As she sipped her coffee, watching her twins, she tried to understand her feelings. Not her feelings about fucking the twins — that was the best of all — but her pleasure in using her mouth was not as intense as it had been. Since her son had fucked her, she would just as soon have his cock in her cunt as mouth. Either place was okay with her now. Her pleasure seemed just as great no matter where he put his beautiful young prick.

The biggest surprise of all was the enjoyment of pissing.

It was a delicious surprise, too. Feeling her daughter piss into her face, tasting it, had been one of her greatest of all sensations. The fact that Becky, too, enjoyed it helped increase her desires. Ben, apparently, didn’t mind pissing at all. It was so perverse, so wickedly perverse, Julie shivered with a good feeling.

Becky had slipped into a pair of frilly panties, and Ben wore white Jockey shorts. Things were happening so fast, none of them had become accustomed to being completely naked before the others yet. Eventually, Julie felt, she and her twins would become indoor nudists. In the meantime, it excited her to see them wear something — not much, but something. She had always found it delightful to see men wearing nothing but Jockey shorts. It emphasized that wonderful bulge of cock and balls. She found it more arousing, too, seeing her daughter wear a tight pair of panties.

After breakfast, the twins turned on the television, watching cartoons. Julie found it amusing that they could still be so sweet and innocent, enjoy such nonsense, and at the same time be so downright erotic with her. Somehow she had thought her twins would be constantly interested in her body, or each other’s body, now. But there they were, sprawled on the floor, absorbed in the stupid antics of cartoon animals.

Julie sat in the lounge chair, her half robe open. She couldn’t take her eyes from the twins. Just looking at them, almost naked, sent tremors of desire through her. Becky’s sweet little ass was cupped tightly by her frilly panties, the creamy, tight cheeks swelling in tantalizing roundness. The lower half of each ass cheek was exposed because the seat of her panties had pulled into the ass crack. Julie licked her lips, remembering the taste of that saucy ass earlier when she had licked at it.

Next to his sister, his thigh touching hers, Ben teased her. Now and then Ben would squirm his ass, pressing his cock tighter at the carpet. Julie’s tits rose in hardness as she gazed at the twins, her cunt quivering. She felt her cunt swell between her thighs and parted them.

Unabashedly, she ran a hand between her thighs, fingering her cunt. She found her cunt wet, becoming hot as she gazed in excitement at the kids’ young asses. Working her finger along her clit, she wiggled into the chair. Sliding her finger down farther, she penetrated her cunt with it. Slowly, she finger-fucked herself. She scooted her ass to the edge of the couch, spreading her legs wide. The juicy sounds of her finger-fucking drew the attention of Ben and Becky.

Their eyes brightened when they saw their mother sitting there, legs wide, finger-fucking herself.

“Well, why not?” she said. “You two have your fucking cartoons and I have my cunt. To each his own.”

She drew her legs up, bringing her knees back to her tits, the hairy expanse of her cunt revealed. She slipped her hand round her hip, her thigh, and worked a finger in and out of her hairy cunt. Then she slipped her finger from her cunt to her asshole. Ben’s and Becky’s eyes grew hotter and more interested as they watched their mother rubbing lightly at her puckered asshole.

Julie circled her asshole with the tip of her moist finger, feeling the sensations, enjoying them. Placing the tip of her finger against the heat of her asshole, Julie began to slowly press inward. She cooed as her asshole resisted for a moment, then gave away. The first knuckle of her finger slipped in and out her asshole gripped it tightly. She fucked her finger deeper. A soft whimper of delight bubbled from her throat. She held her knees at her tits, wiggling her ass and holding her finger deeply inside it. Her cunt was very juicy, and she felt pussy juice seeping from her cunt, running down around her buried finger. “Well,” Julie said, “a girl has to do something, doesn’t she? Why look at me that way? You have your fucking cartoons.”

She worked her finger in and out otter asshole, fucking it slowly. But the unusual feeling of a finger up her ass increased the bubbling demands of her pussy. She began to fuck herself in the asshole with her finger faster and faster. She waggled her ass lewdly, watching her twins through her uplifted legs.

Becky giggled and sat up, watching her mother with burning eyes. Ben, too, turned onto his side, his eyes blazing with interest. His Jockey shorts bulged more, and Julie watched his young cock swell into hardness, outlined by the white, stretching material.

“Ahhh, you like to see Mother doing this, huh?” Julie purred, fucking the full length of her finger into her gripping ass hole, then slowly pulling it out. She immediately fucked it into her cunt, stabbing it a few times, then back to her asshole. She finger-fucked herself in the cunt and asshole with alternate thrusts, gasping as pleasure grew inside her body.

Becky, sitting behind her brother, moved a hand across his hips and cupped his balls through his shorts. She squeezed her brother’s balls, then gripped his cock. She tried to jack on his cock through his shorts, watching her mother.

Julie, performing so lewdly before her twins, wanted more than her finger inside her. “Eat me,” she whispered. “One of you, eat me! Please, eat my cunt!”

She waggled her ass, darting her finger from cunt to asshole, her eyes glazed in hunger.

“Do it, Ben,” Becky urged her brother. “You eat Mother. Lick Mother’s cunt, Ben.”

“Ooooo, yes!” Julie squealed. “Come on, Ben! Suck me… suck my pussy, baby! Look how juicy Mother’s cunt is! Shove your face in Mother’s cunt and suck it, baby!”

Ben crawled on his hands and knees to his mother, with Becky knee-walking at his side. Julie lifted her legs straight up in the air, spreading them wide, almost doing the splits upside down.

Ben placed his hands on his mother’s hips, his eyes filmed with passion as he gazed into his mother’s cunt, seeing the curls of silky cunt hair, the pink pussy lips, the wetness bubbling from her fuckhole, Becky, at his side, pressed at the back of her brother’s head, urging him to taste their mother’s steaming cunt.

“You’ll like it, Ben,” she was saying. “Lick up and down Mother’s slit! Stick your tongue in her cunt! You’ll love the taste of pussy so much, I bet you’ll come in your fucking shorts! Eat her… eat Mother’s hot pussy!”

Becky shoved downward, pressing her brother’s face into their mother’s cunt. Julie whimpered as her son’s mouth pressed upon the wet, steaming lips of her pussy. She lifted her hips, ramming her cunt into his face. She gazed down at him, seeing his nose buried into the thick curls of pussy hair.

“Suck!” Julie hissed, grinding her cunt at her son’s face. “Suck that pussy, Ben! Oooo, baby, suck Mother’s cunt!”

Ben’s tongue slipped from his mouth, and squeezing his fingers into her hips, he began to lick at his mother’s cunt. Julie squealed as she felt his young tongue lapping the puffy lips of her sensitive pussy, then it twirled about her inflamed clit. She grabbed the back of his head when Becky turned loose and pulled his face tightly into her boiling crotch, churning her ass up and down, beating her cunt into his mouth.

“Ahhhh, Ben, Ben!” Julie sobbed, closing her hot thighs about her son’s head, capturing him there. “Ooooo, suck it, baby! Tongue my pussy! Tongue-fuck Mother in that hot, juicy cunt.”

Becky was standing now, watching with hot, blue eyes. She had her hand inside her panties, rubbing at her hairless little cunt. Becky’s other hand held one of her mother’s swollen tits. The tiny tits on her young chest lifted and fell with her breathing.

“Give me your cunt!” Julie yelped, pulling at her daughter. “Let me suck it for you, Becky! Oh, let me have your hot little pussy in my fucking face… while Ben sucks my cunt!”

With squeals of eagerness, Becky climbed on to the chair, placing her feet at her mother’s waist. Julie clutched the tight cheeks of her daughter’s perky ass, and shoved her face into the girl’s scented crotch. She left those frilly panties where they were, excited to lick her daughter’s cunt through them. She tasted the wetness seeping through the tiny hand. She sucked at the panties, her tongue stuffing them into her daughter’s sugary pussy. She clawed at Becky’s compact ass, holding the wet pussy hard at her open mouth.

“Ooooo, Mother, Mother!” Becky sobbed, grinding her cunt at Julie’s mouth.

Ben slurped into his mother’s very juicy cunt, his tongue sliding in and out, fucking at the gripping cunt lips, tasting and swallowing her pussy juices. His eyes burned up, watching his mother holding his sister’s ass, her chin pressing between Becky’s thighs. Wet sounds came from his mother’s cunt, and from his sister’s cunt.

“Move my panties, Mother!” Becky sobbed with heat. “Move my fucking panties! I want your mouth and tongue on my pussy, inside my cunt!”

Julie jerked at the drenched panties and glued her mouth to the hairless, smooth cunt of her daughter, sucking and licking and thrusting frantically. Her own pussy was fiery and wet, and she was about to come against her son’s mouth. She arched her ass up as high as she could, churning and thrashing, thrusting her cunt violently at her son’s sucking mouth.

Becky gurgled, sliding her cunt up and down, rubbing it at her mother’s lips, her nose, her chin. Julie plunged her tongue time and again into the tight, smooth cunt, fucking powerfully. The sweet taste again dripped into her greedy mouth. She swallowed and fucked her tongue in for more. As thirsty as she had always been for cock cream, it was inevitable that she would love the taste of wet cunt, too.

“Oooo, so fast, Mother!” Becky screamed. “I’m coming so fast! Oooohhhh, fuck, fuck! I wanted it to last a long time! I’m gonna come, Mother! Oh, I’m gonna come in your cock sucking, cunt-licking mouth!”

Julie squealed into her daughter’s cunt, her fingers clutching the tight cheeks of her ass, pulling that hot pussy as tight as she could into her sucking mouth. At the time her daughter’s cunt convulsed, her own pussy exploded mt her son’s mouth. Julie sucked as hard as she could, drawing the slippery sweetness out of Becky’s pussy, her throat working, her tongue lapping.

Between his mother’s legs, Ben was getting mouthful after mouthful of creamy, boiling cunt juice. His cock strained at his shorts, his balls tight. The way his cock throbbed, he hoped he wouldn’t come off in his shorts the way his sister had said he would. When he came, he wanted his cock inside a hot cunt or mouth.

Julie screamed into her daughter’s spuming cunt, rocking her hips up and down, the hairy lips of her pussy sucking at her son’s mouth and tongue. Ben managed to shove his hands up his mother’s shaking body and grip her tits. He dug into her tits, sending a deliciously painful ecstasy through Julie.

Julie dug her fingers into the crack of her daughter’s ass, squeezing at tight ass cheeks, drawing juices from the hairless smoothness of Becky’s contracting cunt hungrily. Becky slammed her young cunt back and forth, beating it at her mother’s lips, gurgling and shuddering with orgasm.

As she finished coming, Julie’s thighs reined about her son’s head, and he pulled free. Becky, her legs shaking, climbed from the chair.

Ben rolled onto his back, his young face gleaming with wetness from his mother’s cunt, his cock straining to rip through his stretched Jockey shorts.


“Ooo, look at that!” Becky squealed, pointing at her brother’s hard-on.

“Mmmmm, beautiful, isn’t it?” Julie cooed softly, still glowing from her orgasm. “Beautiful and hard.”

Becky rolled her tight panties down, her young eyes on the bulge of her brother’s cock. “I’m gonna fuck it!” she squealed. “I’m gonna get that big cock in my cunt and fuck it good!”

She tossed her panties away, and Julie caught them. As site watched her daughter drop to her knees and start tugging bet brother’s shorts off, she lifted the wet crotch of Becky’s panties to her mouth and sucked at the cunt taste of them, seeing her son’s cock flip upward stiffly as his shorts were jerked down.

Becky grasped her brother’s cock in a small fist and began pumping it fast and furiously, squealing excitedly. She jacked her twin brother’s cock as if she had never felt it before. She leaned over, drawing her knees under her body, one hand holding her head and shoulders up, the other pumping swiftly at his prick.

Julie’s eyes glazed with passion as she watched that small fist, the waggle of Becky’s compact, naked ass.

“Suck him!” Julie hissed.

“Yeah!” Ben agreed.

“Suck his cock, Becky!” Julie gasped, wiping her face with the wet crotch of her daughter’s panties. “Suck his hard cock! Take your brother’s hard cock in your mouth and suck it!”

Becky gurgled, lowering her face, her tongue swirling about the smooth, swollen head of her brother’s prick. Her small ass wiggled, and Julie saw the youngster’s hairless cunt sucking inward.

With a soft squeal, Becky closed her mouth over her brother’s cock. She held the cockhead in her mouth for a while, her tongue fluttering in hot, wet circles. Then she moved her mouth downward, taking her brother’s cock deep inside her small, greedy mouth. Her lips stretched widely and her eyes seemed to bulge with surprised rapture.

Julie moaned as she watched her daughter’s lips pressing at the hairless base of Ben’s cock. She sucked at Becky’s panties until the taste of her sugary cunt was gone, then she tossed them away. She picked up her son’s shorts, turned them inside out, and began to lick and kiss at the crotch. The scent of his young balls and cock was on them, and her eyes rolled with pleasure.

Becky choked softly and pulled her lips up her brother’s cock, then off. She giggled.

“I can take it all!” she gasped proudly. “I can take all your cock in my mouth, Ben! Oooo, I bet I can give you a good blow-job! I bet I can suck you off… fuck you with my mouth, Ben! Wanna get a mouth-fuck, Ben? Wanna come off in my mouth?”

“Suck it, Becky!” Ben urged, lifting his cock. “Suck my prick! I like it!”

Becky curled her hand about his hairless balls, holding them and stroking her other fist up and down his cock. The cockhead bulged, his piss hole opening, dripping a clear liquid. Becky’s tongue darted out, wiping the juices up and swallowing. She whimpered softly.

“Oooo, I’m gonna get it all, Ben!” she sobbed excitedly. “You’re gonna come in my mouth? I’m not gonna suck your cock unless you promise to come in my mouth! I want it in my mouth, Ben!”

“Come on, Becky,” he groaned. “Suck my cock!”

Julie sat with her legs wide, watching and listening. Ben’s shorts dangled from her mouth as she fondled her naked tits with both hands. Now and then Ben would glance between his mother’s thighs, arching his cock up and trying to get his sister to suck it. But Becky was having fun jacking him off, holding his balls, and she wanted to take her time.

But Julie didn’t want Becky to take her time. She wanted to see her daughter suck her son’s cock, to make him come in her bot little mouth. The idea of Becky sucking a cock off, her son’s cock, so she could watch, sent chills of wild pleasure through her. Seeing was almost as good to her as doing.

“Come on, Becky!” Ben groaned. “You’ve jacked me off enough times! Suck it for me! If you don’t start sucking, I’m gonna come off in your fucking face, Becky!”

“Oooo, would you?” Becky gurgled. “I’d love that! I’d love to feel your jizz in my face!”

“Suck me, you fucking little cunt!”

“Ooo, what you called me!” Becky moaned. “Well, you are a fucking little cunt,” Ben said. “And I won’t fuck you ever again if you don’t suck me off.”

Julie laughed, a low, lewd sound. “You better start sucking him, Becky,” she said hotly. “He might mean it.”

Becky squealed, and gulped her brother’s cock into her hot little mouth. She sucked on the cockhead, still jacking her fist up and down it, squeezing his balls. Ben squirmed his naked ass on the floor, trying to stuff his throbbing cock into his sister’s mouth. Becky lifted her head each time he pushed upward, but kept the smooth head of his cock in her lips. She lapped across his piss hole, licking up the juices that bubbled from it. The way the cock juice tasted sent a rippling ecstasy through her sweet cunt.

Julie couldn’t sit and watch any longer.

She scooted from the chair, moving quickly to her son’s other side. She leaned down, resting her cheek on his thigh, watching her daughter’s lips stretch and suck at the swollen cockhead. She pushed Becky’s hand from her son’s balls, gripping them, herself. She rolled his balls about in her hand, turning her face to lick and kiss at the flesh of his thigh, watching her daughter’s mouth.

“Suck him,” she whispered throatily. “Suck that hard cock, Becky! Oooo, baby, fuck him with your mouth! Draw your brother’s come juice down your hot little throat! Suck your brother, Becky! Suck his beautiful cock off!” Becky squealed softly, driving her lips downward onto her brother’s cock. She pulled most of his prick into her mouth, and then began to suck up and down. Her pretty little face bobbed, her eyes glazed in passion. The soft wet sounds of Becky’s cock-sucking sent a fiery tingling up and down Julie’s body. She shucked front her half robe, unable to stand anything close to her burning flesh. Again she began to lick at her son’s thigh, working her tongue in wet circles, going higher and higher. She reached his balls and flicked her tongue about them.

With her daughter sucking faster now, Julie lapped at her son’s crotch, tasting his balls. There was a slight sweaty scent and taste on them, but it was a heady, exciting scent and taste to her. Watching Becky sucking on Ben’s cock hungrily now, Julie pulled her son’s balls into her mouth.

“Ohhh, that’s good, Mom!” he groaned. “Suck my balls, Mom! Your mouth is hot and wet, Mom! Suck my balls! Becky, suck my cock! Mom is sucking my balls, Becky!”

Becky knew that. She was watching her mother sucking Ben’s balls as she ran her hot, wet lips up and down his throbbing cock. Her little cunt was on fire, dripping hot juices along the insides of her slender thighs. Without taking her mouth off her brother’s cock, she twisted and scrambled about, getting her knees over Ben’s head.

Ben looked up into his sister’s sugary cunt, sliding his hands up her trembling thighs and then clutching the small cheeks of her ass. He pulled, bringing his sister’s cunt to his mouth. He opened his lips, pressing them around the hairless cunt slit, his tongue dipping deeply into the fiery tightness.

Becky gave a squeal as her brother staffed tongue-fucking her pussy, and she sucked as hard and fast as she could on his cock. She shoved her small hands beneath his ass, cupping the ass cheeks and lifting him. Her stretching lips bobbed up and down in a hungry way, sucking almost frantically at his cock. Her eyes were glazed with steamy heat, but she could see her mother mouthing Ben’s balls.

Hot, wet sounds came from them. Becky couldn’t resist the urge to bounce her cunt into her brother’s face, and began to ram up and down, smashing her succulent cunt into his mouth, fucking on his probing tongue. She dug into his ass hard, lifting him a few inches from the floor as she tried to suck the swollen head of his cock into her throat.

Julie let her son’s balls fall from her mouth, but the tip of her tongue licked beneath them. Becky pulled her brother’s ass cheeks wide apart, and with a gurgling sound of pleasure, Julie thrust her tongue between them. She licked at her son’s asshole, feeling it crinkle tightly at her tongue. She licked up and down, from his asshole to his balls, making her son cry out with delight into his sister’s seeping cunt. She found his asshole sweaty, too, but that only increased her excitement. She licked greedily at the boy’s tight ass pucker, his balls resting on her cheek.

Becky saw what her mother was doing, where she was licking, and made squealing sounds as she sucked harder yet on her brother’s cock. He was dripping more and more from his piss hole, and Becky swallowed the juices eagerly. Her small ass wiggled and danced into Ben’s face. She moaned around his cock when she began to come. Her succulent pussy gripped his tongue, squeezing it with tight, hot orgasm. Ben shoved his mouth as tightly as he could into his sister’s contracting cunt, his tongue fucking in and out. He clutched her creamy little ass, burying his nose into her ass.

Julie pulled her son’s, balls back into her mouth, just in time to feel them writhing. She saw Becky’s eyes bulge, and her small checks ballooned outward. She felt her son coming off, his balls contracting in her mouth. She felt a mild jealousy that her daughter was getting that sweet come juice instead of her. Becky didn’t swallow immediately; the squirt of come juice caught her off guard. Creamy jism seeped from her tight lips, running down her brother’s cock to the hairless base, and Julie felt his cock cream on her lips.

Then Becky began to swallow. She made wet gurgling sounds, gulping down the spurting come juice. She held the head of her brother’s cock between her lips, her tongue licking at his jizz gushing piss hole, getting the full taste of his boiling come juice. Her cunt beat furiously up and down into her brother’s mouth as she, too, came strongly.

Julie’s cunt clenched between her thighs as she sucked at her son’s balls, getting a little taste of his come juice. Her eyes burned as she watched her daughter gulping the thick and creamy juice of Ben’s balls hungrily. Moaning softly with ecstasy, Julie clasped his balls with her lips, her tongue twirling about them. Becky’s cunt pumped up and down, banging into Ben’s face, the smooth, creamy pussy lips fucking at his tongue.

The shudders slowed and stopped.

Becky, purring with delight, rested atop her brother, her legs stretched out along his head. Ben’s chin pressed at his sister’s cunt as he sucked in air greedily. He kept holding her ass, but lightly now.

Julie had turned his balls loose, her cheek resting on his thigh, her face near his balls, inhaling the wonderful, exciting scent of them.

“Oh, God, that made me come, too!” she panted. “My cunt almost blew apart.”

“I like to suck cock,” Becky giggled softly. “I thought Ben was going to strangle me when he came, though.”

“You managed to swallow most of it,” Julie said. “Mmmm, and I had a nice taste of come juice, too. That’s what made me come, tasting that sweet come juice.”

Becky gave a small yelp.

Ben had dripped a little piss from his cock. It wet his sister’s neck.

Julie laughed when she realized her son was dribbling piss. “Let it go, Ben! Piss hard!” Ben sighed with relief as he let his piss flow.

The stream became stronger and Becky raised her face. The hot piss spurted across her neck, and with a squeal, Becky shoved her face into the stream. As piss splashed at Becky’s face, Julie found herself being sprayed, too. With a cry of pleasure, Julie opened her mouth and shoved her head close to her daughter’s.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured, her tongue out and tasting the hot piss of her son. “Mmmm, wonderful!”

Becky, too, opened her mouth.

Ben laughed lewdly as he pissed into the faces and mouths of his mother and sister.

Becky, drinking as her tongue licked at the stream of piss, grasped one of her mother’s tits, her small hand squeezing hard. Julie shot her hand between her daughter’s thighs, cupping and pressing at her suddenly contracting cunt. She moaned and pushed her daughter’s face away, catching the stream of piss into her own mouth. She lowered her face until she closed her lips about the head of her son’s cock. She drank his piss, her cunt exploding time and again with orgasm.

“Move over, Mother!” Becky shouted.

Reluctantly, Julie pulled her mouth off her son’s pissing cock, and watched as her daughter lowered her face. Becky held her lips parted, feeling the hot piss spray the back of her throat, drip to the base of Ben’s hairless cock, drenching his balls and inner thighs, his hips.

Julie, with a sob of ecstasy, shoved her face to her son’s balls, licking at the hot piss greedily. Becky held the base of her brother’s cock, and the flow stopped. But then Ben sent a final spurt of piss into his sister’s mouth.

Becky cried out as she swallowed it, her cunt, too, bubbling into an orgasm against her brother’s chin. Ben, feeling his sister’s velvety cunt contracting, dipped his face and thrust his tongue into it, fucking swiftly.

“Oooo, I can’t get enough of it!” Julie cried, burying her face into her son’s piss-wet crotch, sucking and licking at the wetness. “I love it? Ohhhh, God… I love the taste of piss! The taste of hard cock, hot cunt, come juice…”

“Fucking cunts,” Ben laughed, pulling his tongue from his sister’s pussy. “Just a couple of fucking cunts.”

Becky rolled from her brother. “Damn right, we’re fucking cunts, you little asshole! And you’re damn glad we are, Ben. Where do you think you could stick that cock if it wasn’t for me and Mother?”

Julie sat up, wiping her hands about her piss wet face, then licking her palms and fingers.

“She’s right, Ben,” she laughed. “You’ve never had it so good, and you know it.”

Ben moved out of the wet place on the carpet, sitting up and grinning at his mother and twin sister. “Sure, I know it,” he said; “But you’re still a fucking pair of cunts, hot cunts!”

“I agree wholeheartedly,” his mother said. “I sure have a hot cunt, and so does your sister. I wish I was all cunt, just one great big hairy cunt!”

“Besides, Ben,” Becky giggled. “Where would you be if we weren’t fucking cunts? A cunt that isn’t a fucking cunt wouldn’t do you much good, would it?”

“You two decide what’s a fucking cunt and what’s not a fucking cunt,” Julie said, standing up. “I’ve got to shower this piss off me.”


As she showered, Julie wondered if she would ever be able to go very long again without cock.

She found herself thinking of her deceased husband again, wondering what he would say about her fucking Ben, sucking Becky’s sugary cunt. When he was alive, they would fantasize together, and although it turned her husband on when she fantasized about eating cunt or fucking another man, they had never talked about doing it with their twins.

In fact, they had not fucked with anyone except each other. They had talked about it a lot. The fantasies had been wonderful, yet they had never once actually involved anyone else.

Her husband had told her she was cunt, that cunt was written all over her. She had been pleased, not offended. She wondered if it was really true, that cunt was written all over her. She wondered if other men noticed it, could smell it, on her. She had seen women who gave off an aura of sexuality, and her husband told her she was one of them. A woman like her drew men like a bitch in heat, he had said. Yet, he never worried about Julie cheating on him, and she never had.

If only he were still alive, she was sure he would be pleased with the things she was doing with their twins. She was certain, after all the fantasies, that her husband would love to watch her fuck their son and suck his cock. She was certain, too, that he would be fucking their daughter, Becky.

But she would never know now. Her husband was dead. And she was fucking the twins.

Somehow, she felt her husband was there, watching and giving his approval.

Fighting off a growing sadness. Julie turned the shower off and dried herself with a huge towel. Tucking it about her naked body, she joined her twins in her bedroom. Their hair was wet, and she realized they had showered together in the other bathroom. They were sitting in the middle of her bed, facing each other, talking quietly.

“I don’t know why I bother taking a shower,” Julie said, facing her mirror and brushing her hair. “I like to feel piss on me.”

“We do, too,” Becky said, watching her mother.

Julie’s long legs were exposed beneath the towel, and the lower part of her ass cheeks were revealed. When she placed the brush down and turned to face them, a puff of her cunt hair showed.

“Becky,” she said, “I’d like to know something. If your father was still above, would you fuck him?”

“Fuck Daddy?” Becky asked, and she began to grin. “Oh, yes, Mother? I’d fuck him good!”

“And suck his cock?”

“Mmmmm, I’d love to!”

Becky’s eyes shone as she tried to imagine sucking her father’s cock, the feel of it in her hairless cunt.

“Mother, did Daddy have a big cock?”

Julie smiled. “It was huge, so long and thick! That man could really come, too. And his balls were big and hairy, always loaded.”

“I wish we could have watched you two fucking, Mom,” Ben said. “I’d have liked watching Daddy, fucking you.”

“Okay, enough,” Julie said. “If we keep talking about him, the three of us will be blubbering, and we don’t want to be sad, do we?”

“No,” Becky said. “But I still wish I could have fucked Daddy.”

Julie dropped the towel and sat on the edge of the big bed. She smoothed her hand over the sheet. “Your father and I had some wild times on this bed,” she said.

“No more talk about Daddy,” Ben suggested. “Remember?”

“Right,” Julie said, grinning at her son. She leaned forward and kissed Ben’s lips. Her hand crept to his cock, squeezing it.

“Honey,” she said softly, “would you like to stick this thing up my ass?”

Ben’s eyes widened. “You mean fuck you in your asshole, Mom?”

“That’s just what I mean,” Julie said, pumping his cock. “You saw my finger, didn’t you?”

Becky squealed with excitement. “I’d like that, too, Mother! Ben, fuck us both in the ass!”

“You two are crazy,” Ben replied. “But it’s your ass, not mine. You want me to fuck you in the asshole, Mom, I’ll do it. I’ll fuck you anyplace you want — and you, too, Becky. I’m not particular.”

Julie lay on her back, legs wide. She lifted them, sticking her feet in the air. She parted her legs, then brought them together again, flashing her wet, hairy cunt at the twins. She drew her knees to her tits, clasping the cheeks of her ass, pulling them wide open. The pucker of her asshole gleamed at them, her hairy cunt just above it.

“Kiss it,” Julie whispered throatily. “Kiss Mother on that asshole.”

“Who?” Ben asked. “Me or Becky, Mom?”

“Either one,” Julie said, spreading the cheeks of her ass as wide as she could.

Becky gave her mother a wet, loud kiss directly on her puckering asshole. Julie whimpered in pleasure, twisting her ass.

Ben pushed his sister aside and smashed his lips upon his mother’s asshole. He sucked it, the tip of his tongue wiggling at the sensitive tightness. Julie gurgled and arched her ass up, her knees along the side of her head. Becky shoved her face down and began to lick at her mother’s wet cunt. The feel of both mouths and tongues on her cunt and asshole together made Julie cry out with ecstasy.

“Ohhh, my cunt is coming already!” she shouted, her pussy contracting with a swift orgasm.

Becky and Ben licked at their mother’s cunt and asshole until the convulsions passed, then sat up, giggling like two naughty kids. Julie let her ass down, keeping her legs parted widely. Ben and Becky loved to see her bushy cunt, and she took every opportunity to expose it for them. Being watched in lewd positions was part of Julie’s pleasure.

Becky sat on her heels, stroking her brother’s cock, bringing it into a lovely hardness. She was eager to see his cock fuck into their mother’s asshole, wanting her mother to take it first. She sensed it might hurt her own asshole, and she wanted to see what ass-fucking looked like before she tried it.

“I come so fucking easy,” Julie grinned, opening and closing her long, smooth thighs. “I’ve always come fast and easy. I can see a cock, hard, and come.”

She saw her son’s prick throbbing with hardness now.

“It’s so beautiful,” she breathed. “A hard cock is the most beautiful thing on this earth.”

“Take it up your ass, Mother!” Becky urged, “I wanna see Ben’s cock in your ass!”

Julie gurgled in pleasure, turning onto her side, then slowly onto her stomach. She lay for a moment that way, the cheeks of her ass clenching before their excited eyes. Sliding her hands down to her hips, she ran them over the swells of her ass, caressing the creamy ass cheeks. She gently parted them, stretching her ass crack open. Ben gave a soft moan of pleasure, and his sister seemed to sigh with anticipation. Julie revealed her crinkled asshole to them again, and wiggled her ass teasingly.

Ben’s cock throbbed as Becky squeezed it.

“Well?” Julie whispered, arching her ass, then lowering it. She wiggled and pumped her hips slowly, fucking at the mattress, twisting sensuously. “I’m ready.”

“Do it, Ben!” Becky urged.

Ben moved between his mother’s thighs as Julie opened her legs. The fuzzy lips of her cunt seemed to lift and pooch as she arched her ass a bit more. Becky rested her cheek on the small of her mother’s back, her eyes blazing with excitement. Julie pulled the cheeks of her ass far apart, offering her tight asshole to her son’s cock.

As Ben lowered his prick to his mother’s asshole, Becky made soft gasping sounds. Julie felt the head of her son’s cock brush the heated pucker of her asshole. She held her breath with expectation, her ass thrust upward.

Julie let her breath out in a hiss. “Do it, Ben! Shove it in me! Just push your cock up my ass!”

Becky, eyes enormous, tried to help her mother hold those creamy ass cheeks open. Ben pressed his cock firmly at the tight pucker of Julie’s asshole.

“Harder, Ben!” Julie hissed loudly. “Push hard!”

Becky was watching her brother press his cock downward. Ben, gritting his teeth, already feeling the heated sensation on his cock, pressed harder. The swollen head of his prick entered Julie’s asshole.

“Ooooo,” she moaned as her asshole stretched about her son’s cock. “Oh, yes! Oh. God yes, Ben!”

“Ahhh, look at it!” Becky mewled. “Look at Mother’s asshole stretch!”

“It’s so tight, Mom!” Ben gurgled. “Your asshole is so fucking tight!”

“Fuck it,” Julie whimpered, her asshole gripping the head of her son’s cock. “Fuck my ass, baby, fuck it!”

Ben fucked more of his cock into his mother’s burning ass. Julie wiggled her hips, sobbing softly with the pleasure, feeling his cock throb. Ben fucked his cock in slowly, with Becky trying to press her face deeper, her eyes wide. Julie felt Ben’s cock fucking deeper and deeper.

“Now, fuck me!” Julie hissed, feeling her son’s balls pressing against the bubbling wetness of her cunt. “Fuck that ass, baby! Oh, fuck Mother up the hot ass! Ram my asshole, Ben!”

Ben pulled his cock upward, still slowly. The sensation of heat on his prick sent his body to shivering. Julie’s ass ring closed tightly, flexing around his hard cock.

“Give it to her, Ben!” Becky groaned. “Ohhh, lick her ass! Fuck Mother’s hot asshole, Ben!”

Ben, overcome by ecstasy, plunged his cock up and down, fucking into his mother’s stretching asshole. His balls bounced, beating against the swollen lips of her steaming cunt. Julie cried out with perverse delight, squirming beneath her son. The friction of his cock seemed to sear the tender ring of Julie’s asshole. The heat generated in her ass was almost overwhelming. Her tits were swollen, nipples aching with desire. Her clit was throbbing in a tight knot. She gasped and whined, gurgled and grunted. Her hands were now shoved above her head, fingers clawing at the sheets. She held her ass arched upward, taking the increasingly fast fuck-lunges of her son’s cock into her asshole eagerly. Tears of joy flooded her eyes, moistening the sheets. She waggled her ass beneath her son’s pounding hips.

Becky couldn’t see anything now. Her mother was clenching the cheeks of her ass, squeezing the hot inner surfaces against her son’s cock. The only problem with her position was that Ben couldn’t get the depth Julie hungered for.

She began pulling her knees up beneath her body, sending her ass into the air. Becky moved her head, standing on her knees. Ben came up on his knees with his mother’s rising ass, his cock inside the scalding ass ring, Julie pulled her knees beneath her body, arching her ass back.

“Now! You can go real deep this way, Ben!” Julie sobbed, her asshole sucking at his cock. “Fuck me deep, baby! Oh… your cock is so big in my ass! You’re stretching Mother’s ass so fucking big! Ram it, Ben fuck my ass!”

Ben gripped his mother’s hips. He and his sister could now see the way their mother’s asshole clung to his cock, the light-brown pucker flexing.

“Fuck her ass, Ben!” Becky cried, her hand on one cheek of her mother’s ass, the other between her own thighs. “Fuck Mother in that hot asshole!”

Ben lunged. Julie screeched in ecstasy.

His cock fuck ed back and forth, his balls swinging against her poaching cunt, striking her inflamed clit with a moist slapping. Julie felt the swollen cockhead drive into her ass guts. The power of his fuck-lunges scooted her on the bed, scraping her raw nipples on the sheet. She sobbed in almost mindless ecstasy, her asshole gripping in a flexing tightness each time her son pulled back, only to open and expand as he thrust inward. The sensations were such that Julie felt as if her cunt were getting fucked, too. The wild grunts of her son the soft urging of her daughter, seemed to roar inside her head. She wiggled her ass, then humped it, fucking back on her son’s cock, pulling forward as he drew away.

Becky squirmed about, pulling at her mother’s arm. She pulled her mother’s hand to her cunt, and when Julie stiffened her finger, Becky began fucking herself on it. She held her mother’s wrist, and fucked her little pussy back and forth. Her eyes blazed constantly on her brother’s cock fucking her mother in the asshole.

“Oooo, it feels so good!” Julie sobbed. “Your cock is so hard and feels so good up my ass! Fuck me, Ben! Oooo, baby, fuck Mother’s ass! Bang your precious balls on my cunt! You’re going to make me come so fucking hard!” The last few words were high pitched.

Julie’s cunt throbbed, then clenched as an orgasm burned through her. Hot, slippery pussy juices ran down the insides of her thighs. She shook her uplifted ass wildly, ecstasy burning from her toes to the top of her head, with the center of her erotic storm in and around her asshole. The contractions of her orgasm sent her empty cunt into clutching motions. Her asshole sucked at her son’s cock, sucked hard, tightening and loosening. Becky, still holding her wrist, was fucking her tight little pussy onto Julie’s fingers. Through the mindless pleasure of her orgasm, Julie felt the hot juices of her daughter’s cunt dripping about her wrist.

“I gotta come,” Becky groaned.

“Up my ass!” Julie shrieked. “Come up Mother’s asshole!”

The gush of thick come juice splashing the sensitive walls of her asshole sent Julie into a series of orgasms that almost blew her mind.


Julie was weak, her ass still in the air. She could feel her son’s cock inside her asshole, but it wasn’t stiff and throbbing any longer. She didn’t know what had happened to her. Perhaps she had passed out for a moment with the intensity of her orgasms.

Becky wasn’t fucking on her mother’s finger any longer, but sitting with her small tits heaving up and down, legs parted, gasping hotly. Her hand and wrist seemed covered with pussy juices. Ben was leaning over his mother, breathing against her back, his hands beneath her body and cupping her full, spongy tits. She could feel him shaking, feel his cock shrinking inside her asshole.

She wasn’t sure if it was her imagination or not, but she thought she could feel his come juice bubbling inside her ass.

She wiggled gently, murmuring softly. “You can take it out of me now, baby.”

Ben lifted his upper body from her, turning loose of her tits. As he pulled his cock from her asshole, Julie made a whimpering sound. He pulled his cock out slowly, and Julie’s asshole, of its own volition, clutched his prick, clamping down as if reluctant to turn loose.

Once his cock was out, Julie waggled her ass lewdly, her asshole puckering. Then she straightened her legs out, lying on her stomach. A shiver moved up and down her naked flesh, her rounded, flawlessly shaped ass checks squeezing together.

After a moment, Julie turned over. Her son’s cock dangled between his thighs, his balls glistening wetly from beating at her juicy cunt. With a soft moan, Julie turned and shoved her face into her son’s crotch. She inhaled the exciting scent of his balls and cock. Her tongue swirled at his hairless balls, licking away the juices of her pussy from them. Then, with a soft mewl, Julie pulled her son’s slimy cock into her mouth. The fact that he had just taken his prick out of her asshole seemed to excite Julie. She sucked on his cock a while, her tongue licking. But his fucker remained soft. Julie didn’t mind, not at the moment.

“Mmmmm,” she purred, sitting up. “That was very good, Ben. I think you ruined my ass, but I loved it.”

Julie was on her hands and knees, and her daughter stared at her naked ass. Becky’s eyes glowed with erotic mischief. She giggled softly, and darted her face into her mother’s ass. Julie gave a pleased yelp, straining her ass into Becky’s face.

Becky buried her mouth between the cheeks of Julie’s hot ass, her lips sucking around the tight pucker, her tongue tip licking.

“Ohhhh, Becky!” Julie whimpered. “Lick my ass for me! Your tongue feels so wet and hot! Ben almost ripped my asshole apart. Lick it and make it feel good.”

Becky ran her tongue about her mother’s jizz slimed asshole. She tasted her brother’s come juice, and easily wiggled her tongue into her mother’s asshole. Julie waggled her ass wantonly, again resting her head and shoulders on the bed. She closed her eyes, feeling her daughter’s tongue licking in a wet, soothing way.

Not unexpectedly, Julie sobbed into another orgasm.

Becky, feeling the convulsions on her tongue, dipped her face and began to lick hungrily at the hairy lips of her mother’s juicy cunt, her nose buried at the steaming dent of her asshole.

Ben, still breathing hard, watched his sister sucking at their mother’s cunt. He watched his mother wiggle her well fucked ass into his sister’s face.

“Like I said, just a couple of fucking cunts,” the boy said.

Her orgasm over, Julie slapped at her son’s cock and balls, but Ben scooted away, laughing.

“Listen, you little mother-fucker,” Julie said, but her voice wasn’t angry. “Who are you to call names?”

“Cunt!” Ben laughed, climbing from the bed and shaking his limp cock at his mother tauntingly. “Fucking cunt! Both of you, fucking cunts!”

“I’ll get him, Mother,” Becky said, making a leap for her brother.

Julie sat up, watching happily as her twins rolled and thrashed about the floor, wrestling playfully. The flashes of cock and cunt delighted her.

They exhausted themselves wrestling, and Ben was sweaty. He wanted a shower, but Julie stopped him.

“Not yet, honey,” she said. “I love the way you smell. Take your shower later.”

Becky leaned over her brother’s body, her face close to his cock and balls, sniffing. Then she giggled.

“He does smell good, Mother,” she said. “I bet I could come, smelling him.”

“Let’s don’t get too freakish,” Julie laughed. “Freakish?” Ben said. “Anybody that would take it up the ass, then suck my cock, well, that’s freakish, Mom.”

“Okay, I won’t do it again,” she said, laughing to show she didn’t mean it.

“I take it back,” Ben said quickly. “I take it all back, Mom.”

“You don’t wanna loose what you’ve got,” Becky said. “But you will if that cock doesn’t get hard.”

“Why?” he asked his sister, a gleam in his eye.

“I want it, you asshole!” Becky said, grabbing at his cock and balls.

Julie sat on her bed, watching them starting to wrestle again. Becky pinned her brother down, sitting on top of him. Her legs held his waist, her pretty cunt showing. Ben’s cock was near his sister’s pussy. While Becky pinned her twin brother to the floor, Julie scooted off the bed and knelt. She pressed her son’s cock and balls to her daughter’s smooth, hairless cunt.

Becky giggled, wiggling her ass.

Julie stuffed the head of her son’s cock into Becky’s cunt, then, holding his balls in her hand, held it there as her daughter rubbed back and forth. The wet heat of his sister’s cunt caused Ben’s cock to start swelling again.

“Now I’m gonna fuck you!” Becky gurgled as her brother’s cock grew rigid inside her pussy. “I’m gonna suck your cock off with my cunt!”

Julie laughed with erotic delight as she watched Becky bouncing her sweet, compact ass up and down. She saw the hairless cunt spread about Ben’s swollen cock. The pink pucker of Becky’s asshole flexed. Holding her son’s balls, Julie leaned down and kissed her daughter’s ass. Becky, gasping, stopped moving. She sat on her brother’s cock, holding it deep. Julie licked down the parted cheeks of her daughter’s ass. She tickled Becky’s tiny asshole with the tip of her tongue.

“Ooo, Mother!” Becky cried out. “Lick it for me! Lick my asshole! Ohhh, I bet I can came… with Ben’s cock in my cunt and you licking my asshole.”

Julie made a hungry sound as her tongue flew up and down the hot crack of Becky’s ass, twirling and licking eagerly at the tight asshole. She lifted her son’s balls to her chin, rubbing them around, her lips still sucking on the girl’s crinkled asshole. Her tongue moved down to lick at her son’s balls, then she flicked the tip at the stretched lips of Becky’s cock-stuffed cunt, tasting cock and pussy together.

“Ohhhh, lick us, Mom!” Ben groaned, running his hands past his sister’s hips and clutching the compact cheeks of her ass. He pulled Becky’s ass wide open for his mother. “Lick my balls, Mom! Lick Becky’s asshole! Ooo, lick her cunt and my cock!”

Julie was breathing hard, her tongue darting up and down, tasting her daughter’s asshole, then her son’s balls, then Becky’s cunt where her son’s cock was buried. Her tongue went from one place to the other, wet and hot. She squeezed her son’s balls into her chin. Becky arched her ass, yet kept her brother’s cock inside her creamy cunt. Ben fucked up and down, driving his prick in and out of his sister’s cunt as their mother sucked and licked.

Julie was thrilled with the feel and taste of her son’s cock and daughter’s cunt. Her mouth and tongue worked feverishly, sucking and licking, kissing and biting gently. The heady scent of Ben’s cock and balls, her daughter’s stretching smooth cunt and little asshole, sent her mind spinning with intense sensations.

The tight squeal from Becky wasn’t needed to let Julie know her daughter was erupting into ecstatic orgasms. She had felt the contractions of her tight little cunt lips, the puckering of her luscious asshole. Becky squealed and came, her little ass shaking of its own accord. Julie licked frantically.

“I’m coming!” Becky cried out.

“Ohhh, I’m coming, coming so hard! Lick, Mother! Lick everywhere! My cunt, my asshole! Lick and suck me!”

Ben, too, felt his sister’s cunt grabbing at his cock with steaming waves of orgasms. He began to pump up and down frantically, fucking his cock in and out of Becky’s spasming cunt almost violently. Julie was aware of her son’s quickly approaching discharge. She ran her tongue about the base of his cock, tasting the fuck juices Becky’s cunt left there. She tasted her son’s cock throbbing so powerfully, and with a moan, she sucked his balls deeply into her mouth, her tongue twisting harshly.

“Here it comes, Becky!” Ben shouted.

“Yes!” Becky screamed.

Julie shot her hands beneath her son’s uplifted ass, sucking his balls in a frenzy, her nose pressed into her daughter’s asshole. She felt her son’s balls tighten, then writhe inside her hot mouth as he unloaded them, gushing his come juice into Becky’s hungry cunt. Julie moaned about her son’s balls, her cunt exploding. She tasted the creamy deluge of her son’s balls as it dripped from her daughter’s cunt.

Becky was lying across her brother now, gasping, her compact ass shivering. Ben let his ass down, his mother’s hands captured between it and the carpet. Julie continued to lick at his loose balls, squeezing her son’s ass. Becky straightened her legs out, and Julie felt her sweet little ass cheeks close about her nose. Releasing her son’s balls, she ran her tongue about Becky’s ass, licking up and down the ass crack, whimpering with erotic joy.

After a moment, she raised up. She watched them awhile, her son’s cock still inside Becky’s softly grasping cunt.

“That was a beautiful fuck,” she whispered. “Mother, your mouth sure made it fantastic,” Becky breathed, then she smashed her lips to those of her twin brother. She kissed Ben deeply, her tongue delving. She shook her ass in delight.

“Piss in her,” Julie said, her voice whispery. “Piss in your sister’s hot, cunt, Ben.”

Becky giggled.

“Do it, Ben,” she urged. “Piss in me.”

“I don’t know if I have to piss,” he said.

Becky, giggling lewdly, wiggled on top of her brother. Only the head of his cock was between the creamy lips of her cunt now.

Julie clipped her hands to her son’s balls, cupping them gently, her eyes burning as she gazed at his cock crammed into her daughter’s cunt.

She felt the urge to piss.

A dribble of piss came out of Ben’s cock. Becky squealed as she felt it inside her cunt.

“Oooo, that feels so good! More, Ben! Piss a strong stream in my pussy!”

Julie, holding her son’s balls, saw the golden piss dripping out of the lips of Becky’s cunt. She felt it on her hand. Then Ben let go with a strong stream.

Becky cried out with delight as her cunt became flooded with hot piss. She felt it stinging along the satiny walls of her hairless cunt, felt the warm piss running out. The heat of his piss sent tremors of perverse pleasure through her.

Julie’s eyes smoldered as she watched her son’s piss dripping out of her daughter’s cock filled cunt. It was hot on her hand, mixed with Ben’s come juice. She gave a little sob and stood up, spreading her legs about her daughter’s ass. Bending slightly, she crouched above Becky’s naked ass.

And she pissed.

Becky squealed as she felt her mother pissing on her small ass, her brother’s cock still gushing deep into her cunt. The wet heat drenched her ass, her thighs, and Ben’s balls. Julie was crying softly with pleasure as she watched her own hot stream of piss spurt out of her hairy cunt, splashing onto her daughter’s creamy ass, between those succulent ass cheeks, down across her cunt and Ben’s balls.

Becky shoved her hands to her own ass, stretching the small ass cheeks wide. Julie adjusted her hips and pissed upon her daughter’s crinkled asshole. Becky wailed in rapture, her little pussy contracting about the head of her brother’s cock.

“I’m coming again!” she wailed. “Oooo, piss on me! Piss in my pussy, Ben! Ahhhh, fill my cunt with hot piss! Mother, piss on my ass, my asshole! Ooooo, I’m coming so fucking hard!”

Julie kept pissing for a long time, even after her son had finished. A final squirt splashed upon the ring of her daughter’s asshole, and she was finished. From her waist to her thighs, Becky was covered in piss. Her cunt was drenched with piss. Ben’s balls and the base of his cock glistened with piss.

Julie stepped back and looked, and suddenly shoved her face into their crotches again, licking and sucking like a wild woman. Her ass lifted into the air, swinging about in tight circles, her hairy cunt exploding with unbearable orgasms all over again. The hot taste of their piss sent her mind reeling. Her tongue lapped about her son’s inner thighs, his balls, up his cock to her daughter’s cunt and across her asshole. Julie was almost out of her mind with perverse sensations.

The orgasms were starting to be painful. She pulled her piss-smeared face away and fell onto her back. She clawed at her cunt with both hands, twisting and thrashing on the floor. She yelped and sobbed, tears of joy streaming from her eyes.

Becky lifted from her brother, sitting across from him, watching their mother with amazement. Ben, too, was staring at their sex-crazed mother…

“I can’t help it!” Julie groaned. “I can’t help it! I’m coming and can’t stop! Ohhhh, I don’t want to stop! It hurts and it feels so fucking good at the same time!”

Eventually, however, she did calm down.

She lay on the floor, legs and arms wide, her tits heaving up and down as she gasped and struggled to breathe. Her naked body shuddered now and then. She kept whimpering. It seemed a long time before Julie felt any strength returning to her. Her legs were weak and wobbly when she managed to stand. She stood, weaving slightly, her eyes appearing sleepy, but she was grinning with satisfaction. She ran her hands through the thick mass of her cunt hair, parting the wet, pink lips of her cunt. Her clit was revealed. She gave her clit a feathery touch.

“It’s so sensitive now,” she complained softly, removing her finger, only to press the wet cunt lips together.

Her pussy hair was wet with piss, as were her inner thighs. Julie parted her legs, half squatting. Ben and Becky gazed at their mother, still excited by her lewdness. Julie pulled the lips of her cunt open once more.

“Kiss it,” she whispered.

Ben moved forward before his sister did, and buried his face into his mother’s piss-wet cunt. Julie raised her head, closing her eyes dreamily as her son kissed her sensitive, quivering cunt. His tongue soothed her aching clit as he licked slowly up and down.

“That feels good, Ben,” Julie mewled. “It makes my cunt feel better. God, I think my cunt is raw!”

Becky got on her knees behind her mother and began to caress Julie’s naked ass. Her hot little mouth pressed at the ass cheeks, kissing almost tenderly. Julie made a pleasant hissing sound as her son licked tenderly at her piss-wet cunt and her daughter licked lovingly about her ass.

“Mmmmm, between the cheeks, baby,” Julie mewled. “Lick between the cheeks of my ass, baby.”

Becky eagerly plunged her tongue into the crack of her mother’s ass, probing the tip against the slimy ring of her asshole. Julie purred softly as the aching sensation of her cunt began to fade. The feel of a tongue gently licking about her cunt and another one probing at her asshole made Julie feel very good. She didn’t have the desire to come, not after those explosive orgasms she had just gone through. She wanted the kids to lick her softly and slowly, help bring her down from that fantastic high.

“You like the taste of my piss, Ben?” she asked softly.

Ben’s eyes glittered as his tongue licked from her knee to her pussy, then down his mother’s other thigh. Becky, behind her, licked at the swell of her mother’s ass, the backs of her thighs, and probed at the hot ring of her asshole. Julie cooed with the gentle way they licked.

“I feel better,” she said softly, stepping away from them. “My cunt doesn’t ache anymore. I don’t think I want to ever come that hard again.”

She slumped to the couch, spreading her legs out wide. The gleam of her wet cunt held the excitement of her twins, who seemed to be in a constant state of arousal without tiring.

They were still where she had left them, and Ben stood up. Before, he could move away, Becky grabbed his ass and buried her face into his cock and balls.

“Mmmm, you taste good,” Becky said, drawing her brother’s cock into her mouth, tasting come juice, pussy cream and piss.

Ben held his sister’s head, grinning down at her, wiggling his ass.


Julie tried to remember when it had all started.

It seemed as if she had been fucking with her young twins forever, but it could only be a few days. Although she couldn’t remember when it began, she could remember and would always remember how.

The fence, her son’s cock sticking through a knothole, pissing, and her unable to resist it.

Her son and daughter had been doing things with each other for sometime, she knew now. She had taught them more, let them explore and use their imaginations and both, in just a few days, were as erotic of mind as she was, just as uninhibited. Doors were never closed in the house anymore. Bathrooms were used in full view of others. They showered and bathed together, pranced about in Jockey shorts, panties, or anything else that teased and enticed.

When Julie thought seriously about what she was doing with the twins, she wasn’t surprised at her lack of shame. She understood the intensity of desire, and felt it would be wrong to try and stifle such strong needs. On the contrary, she did everything she could to increase those burgeoning desires in her twins. They found nothing taboo. Julie was delighted that they enjoyed the natural scents of each other’s body, of her body. Julie found she received a great deal of her erotic pleasure from the odors of Ben and Becky. She especially loved the smell between their thighs, that beady scent of hot balls and hard cock, or wet, steaming cunt. Her interest in pissing increased, and it seemed that it was happening with her twins, too.

Julie loved to have her son stand, with her on her knees, sitting on her heels, and let him piss into her mouth. She enjoyed it just as much when her daughter squatted above her face and filled her mouth with that hot, sweet piss from her smooth and hairless cunt the taste of piss, drinking it from Ben’s cock or Becky’s cunt, was one of her greatest satisfactions. She never failed to come when that happened.

When her son or daughter came into the house after playing in the heat, all sweaty, Julie could hardly wait to get her face between their thighs. The taste of sweaty balls and sweaty cunt sent her pulses pounding deliciously. Although Becky and Ben were enjoying piss, too, they didn’t like it nearly as much as their mother. Becky preferred her brother’s cock inside her cunt, fucking her, and Julie preferred sucking cock. Ben, of course, was getting it both ways from them, and was happier than any boy his age could expect to be.

Julie finished up the kitchen after dinner, listening to her twins in the living room. They were wrestling about again, something she had not allowed in the house before. But they were careful when wrestling, not breaking anything. Their wrestling was always a prelude to fucking, anyway. Her tight panties hugged her swelling ass beautifully, molding the cheeks of her ass, the lower portions of her ass flesh exposed. The crotch was pulled in tightly at her cunt, pressing her clit. The crotch of her flimsy panties was moist.

When she entered the living room, she found her son on top of Becky, facing her feet. Becky was opening and closing her thighs, her cute cunt teasing Ben. His cock was throbbing in hardness, pressing at the side of Becky’s young face. Becky was squeezing at her brother’s ass cheeks, opening and closing them, her eyes half glazed as she watched his asshole puckering.

Julie squatted, placing her hands on her son’s ass and stretching the ass cheeks wide as she could. She slid a finger about Ben’s asshole, pressing and rubbing. Ben wiggled his ass, sliding his cock along his sister’s cheek and neck. He shoved his hands beneath Becky’s compact ass, closing his hands there and lifting her crotch to his face. He started licking up and down the creamy, smooth slit of her cunt.

Julie leaned down and probed her son’s asshole with her tongue. Becky, her eyes glassy, watched, her small tongue licking at her brother’s balls. Now and then, mother and daughter would touch tongues, then return to balls and asshole. Ben moved his tongue into his sister’s wet cunt, flicking it in and out for a moment. When he pulled his sister’s small clit between his lips and sucked it, Becky squealed and pulled his hard cock into her mouth. Ben immediately shoved his cock into his sister’s mouth.

Julie, watching her daughter’s mouth fill with Ben’s cock, began to lick faster at his asshole. She pressed the tip of her tongue against it, and then her tongue fucked up his ass. Ben grunted into his sister’s cunt.

Julie, crying softly with pleasure, tongue fucked her son in his asshole, watching with bright eyes as Becky sucked at his cock below. The taste of Ben’s asshole sent a shivering perversity though Julie’s body, and the crotch of her panties became drenched. She pulled her tongue out of his ass and stripped her panties off. She turned them inside out, and began to lick at the cunt-wet crotch, tasting her own cunt.

Becky’s eyes glowed hotly, and Julie rubbed her wet panties about her daughter’s face. When Ben pulled his cock almost out of his sister’s mouth, Julie rubbed her wet panties about the cock shaft and then Becky swallowed his cock again, tasting her mother’s cunt, too.

Julie watched them sucking each other for a while, sitting on her heels, her knees wide. She stroked her cunt, rubbing at her clit and clipping a finger into the wet heat. Ben fucked into his sister’s mouth carefully, licking at her creamy cunt. Julie loved to watch his precious balls dancing into Becky’s face. Becky clung to her brother’s ass cheeks with both small hands, parting them.

“I’m going to take a piss,” Julie said.

She scrambled about until she was in a half squat above her daughter’s head and son’s ass. Peering down, she saw her daughter’s eyes glow with eagerness.

Becky, her brother’s cock fucking between her gripping lips, watched her mother’s hairy cunt. Julie parted the lips of her pussy with her hands, and began to spray hot piss down onto her son’s ass. The stream struck directly against his asshole, making Ben gurgle into his sister’s cunt. The piss splashed at his asshole and ran into Becky’s cock-sucking face.

“Oooooooo, this is good,” Julie whispered, drenching her son’s asshole and her daughter’s face in hot piss.

Becky’s face glistened wetly with piss, and she could taste it around her brother’s cock. She sucked at the swollen cockhead, her tongue flicking hungrily at Ben’s flaring piss hole. The juices oozing from his piss hole coated her tongue, ran down her throat. She arched her hips up, grinding her cunt into her brother’s face, the hairless cunt lips starting to convulse with orgasm. She squealed with a muffled sound, grinding and whipping her cunt into Ben’s face almost brutally. She sucked as hard as she could on the swollen head of his hard cock, almost desperate to have her mouth filled with his jism.

But before Ben came, he jerked his face out of his sister’s crotch and, with a groan, yanked his cock from her mouth. He turned quickly, between his sister’s thighs. His cock rammed into her smooth cunt, and he began to fuck her with wild, jerky movements. Julie was still pissing and he turned his face into the stream. Their mother was pissing into both their faces now, and Ben was fucking his sister’s wildly bucking cunt desperately.

“Fuck her!” Julie hissed. “Fuck your sister’s hot little cunt, Ben! Come in her fucking pussy! Drink my piss and fuck her cunt and fill it up with hot, sweet come juice!”

Ben groaned and stabbed his cock deeply into his sister’s cunt, his body stiff. Becky rammed her crotch hard against him, her cunt clutching and sucking. She wailed softly, her mother still pissing into their faces. Ben grunted as his cock spewed jism. Becky howled into another orgasm, thrashing her hips up and down, beating her ass on the floor and fucking her cunt onto her brother’s jizz-gushing cock.

Julie stopped pissing, the golden stream dribbling now. She arched her hips forward, and Ben didn’t hesitate to lick at his mother’s piss wet cunt, his cock gushing jism time and again. Julie held the lips of her hairy pussy open. After a moment, she pulled her cunt out of her son’s face and lowered it to Becky’s mouth. Becky immediately began to tongue-fuck her mother.

“Ooooo, eat me, eat me!” Julie sobbed. “Oh, I’m going to come, Becky! Fuck my cunt with your tongue! Suck my hot cunt, baby!”

The contractions started and Julie screamed. Her hips jerked and Becky’s tongue left her cunt, only to be replaced by her son’s tongue and lips. As she came, her cunt was in both faces, one after the other.

She fell backward onto her ass, legs wide. She leaned back on her hands lifting her ass, her cunt clutched by burning orgasms.

“Ooooo, not again!” she wailed.

She came and came, and finally fell onto her back, gasping hard. Her flawless tits moved up and down, her nipples peaked in hardness.

“I did it again,” she whispered.

“Did what again?” her son asked, not sitting up, his cock dangling between his legs.

“Came so fucking hard!”

Becky turned onto her stomach, cupping her wet chin in one hand and grinning at her mother. Becky picked up her mother’s discarded panties, smearing the crotch about her face. Ben took them from his sister and washed his face with them.

“You two are getting as bad as I am,” Julie said, struggling upright.

“What do you mean, Mom?” Ben asked.

“My panties,” Julie smiled. “Washing your faces in my wet panties.”

“I like the way they smell,” Ben said.

“So do I,” Becky giggled. “But I’d rather have Ben’s Jockey shorts in my face.”

Julie laughed, a low, sensuous sound. “I’d much rather have his cock and balls in my face, or your cunt, Becky.”

“Speaking of my cunt,” Becky giggled, “it’s full of jism right now.”

“Ooo, I know!” Julie moaned. “Sit on my face, Becky! Let me suck it out! Oh, yes, let me suck Ben’s come juice out of your little cunt!”

Becky quickly squatted into her mother’s face. Julie pulled those creamy cunt lips open, and thrust her tongue into the wet fuckhole, lapping and drawing her son’s cock cream from it into her mouth. She sucked with her lips surrounding her daughter’s cunt, wiggling her hips with excitement. But Julie wasn’t satisfied yet. She ran her tongue to her daughter’s asshole, burying her nose into the steamy pussy. She licked at Becky’s asshole, working her tongue past the tight ass ring. She fucked her tongue up Becky’s asshole.

Ben, his cock lifting, stepped between his mother’s thighs, lifting her hips. He shoved his hardening cock into his mother’s cunt and began to fuck her. Julie cried out into her daughter’s asshole, thrashing her hairy cunt up and down. Ben fucked her vigorously, then jerked his prick from her cunt and, shoving his mother’s knees to his sister’s back, rammed his cock up Julie’s asshole.

Julie squealed into her daughter’s ass, her own asshole gripping at Ben’s throbbing cock tightly. She pumped her hips up and down, fucking her son with her asshole. She sucked hard at her daughter’s asshole, running her tongue to her cunt, then back to the crinkling, exciting asshole again.

“Ooooo, Mother!” Becky sobbed, twisting her ass into her mother’s face. “Ohhh, you’ll make me come again, Mother! Tongue-fuck my cunt! Tongue-fuck my asshole! Ooooo, my cunt and asshole are on fire, Mother! Suck me, eat me, lick me!”

Ben fucked his cock into his mother’s asshole, then jerked it out and rammed his fucker into her hairy cunt once again. Julie thrashed with ecstasy, feeling her daughter’s cunt contracting against her nose, that sweet little asshole gripping and flexing around her thrusting, wiggling tongue.

Still clutched with orgasm. Becky fell forward, her ass sticking in the air, her knees clamping her mother’s head. Ben, seeing his sister’s cunt and asshole, pulled his cock out of his mother’s pussy and scrambled up her body. Julie watched him ram his cunt-wet cock into his sister’s spasming cunt, and lick it in and out, making Becky scream with ecstasy. Ben’s balls banged against his mother’s chin, and Julie attempted to take them into her mouth. But Ben had pulled his cock free of his sister’s cunt and was trying to shove the swollen cockhead into her pink little asshole.

Becky squealed. “That’s my asshole, damn you, Ben!”

“I know,” Ben said, pressing hard.

Julie, almost out of her mind with passion, shoved her hands up to her daughter’s little ass, pulling the ass cheeks as wide as she could.

“You wanted it in your ass, Becky!” she wailed. “Now take it! Take Ben’s cock up your sweet little asshole!”

“Yes!” Becky wailed.

Ben rammed hard, and Becky screamed.

Julie made a sobbing sound of voyeuristic delight as she saw her son’s cock stretch the girl’s little asshole. Ben didn’t pause; he fucked his hard cock deep into his sister’s asshole, his balls banging at her smooth cunt.

Becky felt the searing pain as her brother started fucking her ass. It hurt, but the hurt was good. Her ass felt as if it were filled to capacity. She began to wave her ass about, lunging back as her brother fucked in. Julie shoved her tongue out as far as she could, licking her son’s bouncing balls and her daughter’s cunt together.

Ben fucked furiously, his cock going deep into his sister’s asshole. His prick came out, and when he thrust forward again, it entered his mother’s mouth. Julie wailed and sucked his cock, the taste exciting her intensely. Ben fucked his mother in her sucking mouth a moment, then pulled out and fucked into his sister’s cunt again. Then he went back to her asshole. Becky now took his hard cock comfortably in her ass. She was crying with rapture as he began fucking from her asshole to her cunt, then into their mother’s mouth.

Julie was almost wild with ecstasy. She flung her legs wide, bouncing her naked ass up and down on the floor, her cunt clutched with wild orgasms.

“I’m gonna come!” Ben shouted. “I’m gonna come!”

“In me!” Becky cried. “Come in my cunt, my asshole!”

Julie could only sob in rapture.

Ben’s cock sent a quick gush of come juice into his sister’s cunt, then before the second spurt came, he had his cock fucked up her asshole. He was gushing jism frantically as he pulled his cock out of Becky’s asshole, and Julie closed her lips about the cockhead in hungry frenzy. She caught a spurt of come juice in her mouth before her son pulled free. He grasped his cock in a tight fist, and began to jack off frantically. Spraying cock cream all over his sister’s ass and cunt, he splashed some into Julie’s face.

“Oooooo, yes!” Julie wailed.

“Oh, so fucking good!” Becky cried.

Ben pumped his cock, sending hot jism over his sister’s ass, her cunt, and into his mother’s face.

He rolled from them, exhausted.

Julie began licking furiously at her daughter’s asshole and cunt, cleaning away the creamy, sweet jism.

For a moment, Julie was alone. Her face was smeared with come juice and pussy wetness. Then she became aware that her daughter was squatting above her face.

“Ooo, I know what you’re going to do on me,” she gurgled.

“I’m gonna piss, Mother,” Becky giggled. “I’m gonna piss in your cock-sucking, cunt licking face.”

“Me, too!” Ben yelped.

Ben straddled his mother. He placed his cock against his sister’s cunt.

Julie stared up at them, seeing his cock touching Becky’s cunt. She held her breath, and they started to piss at the same time. She moved her hand up, holding her son’s cock at her daughter’s hairless cunt, the two golden streams mingling near Becky’s sweet pussy. Julie parted her lips wide and took the hot piss into her mouth. She moved her head upward, her tongue out. She flicked it across her son’s piss hole, then her daughter’s cunt, all the time letting her mouth fill with foaming piss, piss ran from the corners of her mouth.

Her cunt was on fire again, and she felt the orgasms racing through her body like a devouring flame. Her face was drenched in hot piss from cunt and cock, her neck, soaked, her tits burning and swollen.

After they finished, she lay in the wetness, opening and closing her long legs, smashing the hairy lips of her cunt against her cunt, wondering if she would ever get enough.

“My asshole is sore,” Becky complained. “Your cock hurt my asshole, Ben.”

“I don’t think so,” Julie whispered. “I saw how you fucked him back with your asshole.”

“It’s not that sore,” Becky giggled naughtily. “I could do it again, right now.”

“I can, too,” Ben bragged, waggling his limp cock at his sister.

“Not with your cock soft, you can’t,” Julie teased. “Besides, maybe we should rest a bit, anyway.”

But Ben’s cock was hardening again. “Oh, well,” he said. “I can still fuck the knothole in the fence.”

“Oh, yeah!” Julie said, flinging herself on her son and gobbling at his cock.

Becky laughed, and as Ben stood, with Julie clinging to his cock with her hot lips, Becky rammed her face between the cheeks of his ass, probing his asshole with her hot little tongue.

“To hell with that knothole!” Ben said. “I’m gonna cover it up!”

Julie sucked hungrily on the young boy’s cock, and Becky fucked her tongue into his asshole. Julie shoved her hand between her son’s thighs and began feeling her daughter up, a finger fucking into her hairless cunt. Julie parted her legs when she felt Becky’s small hand searching for her hairy cunt.

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