Mutant Vibrators at Girl Scout Camp

We had just got done swimming at the lake and were in the camp’s swim
locker room. Several of the girls were already in the showers while others
like me were still pulling off our swimsuits. I had a green one piece with
black strips. As I stripped down I didn’t really care if anyone else saw
by breasts since I thought they pretty looked good for a eightteen year old.

I wrapped my towel around my waist and walked towards the shower. I had
to wait in line with some of the other campers for a few minutes before a
shower opened up. Most of the other girls in the locker room were bashful
and stayed fully covered up. A few of them even undressed in the shower

When I finally got my shower stall, I decided to take my time and fully
rinse off the filthy lake water and mud. After rinsing off my hair, I
focused of cleaning my crotch. Then another camper was complaining that
she wanted in there so ended my shower early. At least I had a chance to
clean the important stuff.

I dried off as I walked back to my swim locker. I slipped on my pink
panties and bra when I heard some girls screaming. I ran over to see what
was going on. I noticed a naked camper on the ground and she was holding
her crotch. I saw that there was something inside of her twat and she was
trying to pull it out. Then within minutes she started to have an orgasm.
I was really confused with the entire situation but things were about to
become more confusing. As the girls continued to have her orgasm, her body
started to shrink and take a different form. When the transformation was
complete there were two vibrators on the locker room floor.

I just stood there in shock at what I had just seen. The two vibrators
then started bouncing towards the other campers. Most of the campers
screamed and ran for the door even though most of them were completely
naked, topless, or bottomless. Then the group that had ran for the door
suddenly changed course and ran back inside the swim locker room. There
were several others of the mutant vibrators outside waiting for them. The
mutant vibrators had blocked off the exit and started attacking the girls.
One of the girls had her red one piece swimsuit caught around her ankles
making her an easy target. Another camper that only had on a towel
screamed. When she dropped her towel I could see one of the mutant
vibrators crawling into her twat.

Several of the campers were on the ground having orgasms and I knew it
was only a matter of seconds before the number of mutant vibrators doubled
and finished the rest of us off. I made a run for it. As I ran I heard
the screams of the rest of the campers in the swim locker room. Then to my
horror, I saw several on the mutant vibrators bouncing towards me. I
couldn’t run very fast since I wasn’t wearing any shoes and my breasts were
bouncing out of control. I was still only wearing just a bra and panties.
I noticed that no one was outside the locker room like there normally is.
Girl Scout uniform
I then felt something hit me in the lower back. As I ran, it quickly
crawled into my panties. I tried to grab it as it moved towards my crotch
but when I pulled on it, it dug claws into my skin. Then before I knew it,
the mutant vibrator was inside of my twat. I tried to hold back the orgasm
as long as I could but the mutant was too strong for me. I felt it
starting to build up and I realized that I was doomed.

As soon as my orgasm hit my body, I felt myself start to shrink and
change form. I realized that I was being turned into a mutant vibrator
just like all of the other girls in the locker room. Before I completely
transformed I saw another group of campers coming down the hill for their
time to swim. The girls had no idea what was about to happen to them.