My Date With A Devil

The day was a picture perfect day. The flowers and bushes in the city
park were in full bloom complimented by the sounds of the birds
singing in the nearby trees. Overhead, the beautiful cloudless sky
was as blue as blue could be. I loved days like this. However, it
was going to prove to be one of the strangest days that I had ever

It all started when I saw him standing by the pond. There was
something about him that made me instantly attracted to him. There
was no doubt that he was a gorgeous looking man. His tall muscular
body was a pleasure to behold with that slim waist and the most sexy
butt! Just the sight of him in his snug fitting tee shirt made my
heart start to race. I could feel strange stirrings in my loins.

I knew that I wanted to make love with this stranger. I was being
pulled toward him by his animal magnetism. Without ever looking at
me, he had captured my heart. I blushed when he looked up and saw me
staring at him.

I wondered, “Did he see the raw lust in my eyes? Could he read my
mind and know the wild erotic thoughts that were racing through me?”

“Hello there,” he said and smiled.

I stammered something that I can’t even remember now. My head was
reeling under his magical spell. I could feel my breathing getting
faster as my knees became weak. I suddenly felt the urge to run away
and hide before these feelings within me rose any higher, but it was
already too late. I knew that I had to meet this most wonderful
specimen of a man. I walked over to him, and prayed that the sway of
my body was as seductive to him as he was to me. As I neared him, I
forgot everything else. His eyes seem to look right through me and
deep into my soul. When I looked into his eyes, it was as if I was
looking into the depth of a bottomless ocean. I was speechless. At
that moment in time, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was no
ordinary man.

When a small smile came across his face, I knew for certain that he
knew every secret fantasy, every dark thought, as well as each of my
deeply hidden desires. It was as if he had just seen my entire life
and everything that made me who I was. I’m not sure what happened
next. I think I fainted or something for all of a sudden, I found
myself in his arms. I heard him ask if I was ok, and chuckling, asked
if I wanted him to carry me home.

“I think I am ok,” I stammered.

I tried to move away from him, but he was holding me tight in his
arms. Then I realized that I really didn’t want to leave. His eyes
were looking right through me and I felt like a piece of melted jelly.

“I’m going to take you home with me,” he said.

His eyes mesmerized mine, and I couldn’t say no. It was as if I had
lost control over my own mind.

“What has he done to me?” I vaguely wondered.

Then, I told myself that I really did not care; I just wanted to be
with him.

As we walked toward his home, I could barely think straight. He moved
with the grace of a dancer, and walked with his arm around me. Each
step was smooth and showed all his sexy muscles. I could feel his
thigh rubbing against mine as we walked. I had visions of running my
hands over those spandex pants of his to feel those wonderful thighs
and that sexy looking ass. Chills and goose bumps dashed down my
spine. My poor little heart was pounding so hard with excitement, that
I thought it might stop altogether! A wave of desire rushed through
me and I couldn’t speak over the lump in my throat.
When we arrived at his doorstep, he swept me up in his arms and
carried me into his home where we instantly embraced into a deep
passionate kiss. The passion of the kiss was so strong that my legs
gave out, and I clung to him in abandon as the earth moved and melted
away from under me.

If I had been able to think straight, I am sure I would wonder why I
was kissing a perfect stranger as if he was my life long lover. To be
honest, it never crossed my mind. His lips felt like velvet on mine,
and I didn’t want him to ever stop.

As the heavenly kiss continued, I felt myself being picked up in his
arms and being carried. I didn’t really care where we were going. I
only knew that I wanted to be with this stranger, this man. It wasn’t
until we broke the kiss for air that I saw the most beautiful bedroom.
Without any strain, he softly and with the most gentle of touches laid
me on the centerpiece of the room, a king sized bed. His lips
returned to mine as we dissolved into each other’s kiss once again.

He must have unbuttoned my dress during the kiss, because a bolt of
energy shot through my body when his fingers touched my bare skin. My
nipples were hard and aching with excitement. He broke our kiss and
looked at my quivering body. I could see a hunger in his eyes. Yet
he restrained himself. Instead of reaching for my breasts, he took my
hands in his. He kissed each fingertip and sucked them into his mouth
one at a time, which sent, thrills all the way through me. No man had
ever done that to me before.. I closed my eyes again to relish in the
love that I felt.

For what seem like hours, he kissed my hands, and then my wrists.
I could feel his lips nuzzling my veins. His mouth was so tender and
kisses so sweet. There was not a spot missed in his journey up my
arms. It was as if he was in love with every inch of my body. By the
time that he reached my lips, I wanted his lips so badly that I jumped
forward against him full force. I gasped through the kiss when he
cupped my breasts in his hands. A passionate fire raced through my
body leaving me weak.

“You feel so soft and smooth,” he said while he caressed my breasts.

I felt his hands stroking my shoulders and then they were on my
breasts again, playing with my throbbing nipples. He was making me
crazy with desire, playing my body like a violin. The ways that he
stimulated me were only as I had dreamed of in my fantasies. There
was no doubt that he was a master!

I let out a low moan… “Oh yes!”

I felt myself getting very wet, and I could tell from the way his sex
pressed against my leg that he was just as excited. I moaned again,
louder this time. He grinned at my moans, and continued to amaze me
with his knowledge of my fantasies and how my body worked.

Sliding his hands down my sides, he let his tongue caress my tummy. I
could feel my tummy starting to respond to his touch. It was
quivering with little jerks and was rising up to meet the feather
light touch of his wonderful tongue. I could feel my desire rising
higher. He kissed my tummy as if it was the source of all desire,
and I felt his hands caress, then squeezing my buttocks. I was
writhing as he tortured me with his tongue. He moved farther down my
body. When I felt him open my legs and expose my sex to his gaze, I
gasped. He had such a hungry look on his face.

Looking up into my eyes, he held contact as he moved his mouth closer
and closer to my clit. I knew exactly what he was going to do. As he
neared me, I could feel the warmth of his breath against my tender
skin. The he touched it. I jumped and squealed with pleasure. Oh,
his tongue sent shivers all through me like lightning bolts! The more
that I thrashed, the more he licked. Then, he sucked it deep into his
mouth. I thought that I was going to die. I was so on fire that
every part of my body was screaming for him. I was in ecstasy and
agony at the same time!

“Oh please, please!” I cried out.

His hot tongue was licking up and down the lips of my pussy. Then,
suddenly, he was at the entrance to my love canal.

“Oh god … I can’t stand it!” I said. “You must be a devil to
torture me like this!”

I could feel his tongue inside me now; he was bringing me closer and
closer to the ecstatic orgasm that my whole body was screaming for. My
pussy was throbbing so hard and wanted to cum so bad that I screamed.
My clit was on fire and his tongue kept right on loving me. . My
excitement was building higher and higher. I knew that I was close to
the biggest cum of my life.

“Oh baby, you taste so good!” he said.

“Make me cum! Oh darling, you have me so close!” I cried out.

“Want to really cum hard darling?” I heard his voice through the fog.

“Ooooohhh!!” I cried as his tongue ran across my clit once again.

“Oh Yesssssss!” I gasped.

He stretched my arms up toward the bedposts and tied them with a scarf
that seemed to magically appear in his hand.

“What are you doing!” I cried out.

Before I could finish, I felt pressure on my clit again making me
forget about my hands being tied. He knew exactly where to stroke and
how to put me on the edge even further. He whispered to me in his sexy
“I am going to take you places where you have never been before,” he
said. “I am going to make your fantasy come true.”

“How did he know?” I thought.

This man seemed to know me so well. Before I could even think a
second thought, he had secured both my wrists and ankles to the
bedposts. There I was tied and spread-eagled before him with even the
most secret part of my sex open for him to view! But somehow it did
not matter anymore. All I wanted was for him to touch me, kiss me,
and make sweet passionate love to me!

Just for a test, I pulled at the scarves on my wrists. They did not
give at all. There was no doubt that he knew his knots. There was
nothing I could do that would loosen them. Next, he wrapped another
scarf over my eyes and tied it at the back, now not only was I
helpless, but blind as well!

“Now you won’t see anything darling, but you will feel it so much

Tied and blind, my ears were my only sensory input. I could clearly
hear him undoing his pants and letting them drop to the floor.

“Oh.. I wish I could see you!” I cried out.

I was dying to see him without his clothes the way he was seeing me. I
gasped when I felt him put his hard manhood up against my entrance of
love. I started moaning louder, and wiggling even more, was pushing my
sex towards him. I tried to force it inside of me. I wanted him so
bad! I wanted to cum! I gasped and moaned as he finally entered me.
He went so slowly. I could barely stand it! Inch by inch, he crept
in, expanding me with his width. It seemed like it took forever for
him to sink to the bottom of my love canal. I could feel my body
squeezing him so tight. When he reached the max, I could feel the
sensation of being totally stuffed. I looked up and saw him give a
mischief smile.

I realized in a few moments that his smile was the start of his
teasing me. Using that wonderful hard tool of his, he took no mercy.
Each time I got to the edge, he would stop and wait until it had
subsided a bit. Only after there was no chance of me cumming would he
start again. He repeated this process over and over again. Each
time, I thought this would be the time that I would cum, he would hold
me back. However each time he drove me crazy, I got a little higher.
I started moving to higher and higher levels that I never knew

I found myself pulling at the constraints to try to get that one touch
I needed to go over. I understood now why I was tied. Otherwise, I
would have raped this man long ago. I was out of my mind with desire,
I couldn’t even think!

He must have sensed my frustration. As I got more and more excited, I
noticed that he was not holding back anymore. I knew that this was
the time that I was going to cum. He drove into me faster and faster
lifting my excitement to a peak that I had never known before. As I
felt my body start to go into rapture, he leaned back and forced his
manhood against my g-spot and sent me spiraling over the edge.

I exploded with one of the strongest orgasms I’d ever had! I was
screaming and crying and thrashing around so hard! I felt like he had
shot me into outer space, I saw stars and lights everywhere in a white
hot orgasm! Wave after wave engulfed me. I shook and shuddered so
hard I don’t know how he managed to hold on to me.

When it had finally finished, I collapsed in exhaustion. Perspiration
covered my body. I could feel his hot cum inside of me mixed with my
own. He smiled at me and took me into his arms and kissed me.

“That was just a taste of what’s to come,” he said. “My but you’re a
hot little thing aren’t you, I knew you would be when I first saw
you… and yes you’re right, I AM a Little Devil.”

He laughed and took me to a new heaven.