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Surrendering again, young lady?

“Surrendering again, young lady?” “Perhaps, but only to dwell in people’s minds for a little while.” “Very soulful, my dear,” he smiled. “Are your clientele not biting tonight?” “No, not really: maybe they think I am too young.” “Too young?” “Me, yes, ” she shrugged. “They do seem to think I am too young. How […]

The Final Level – big tits

Gwen looked at herself in the bedroom mirror and softly caressed her large breasts. Then taking each nipple between her fingers gave them each a vicious squeeze that made her gasp. She couldn’t believe what she was contemplating on doing this morning. She had played around the edges of it in her mind for years, […]

A Pet in Paradise

I was on my way to my new home with my Master. In a way it was our first home. We’d saved for years, lived in a series of small apartments where the neighbors were always thin walls away, putting money away and dreaming of what we’d have ‘one day’. And now the day was […]

My Date With A Devil

The day was a picture perfect day. The flowers and bushes in the city park were in full bloom complimented by the sounds of the birds singing in the nearby trees. Overhead, the beautiful cloudless sky was as blue as blue could be. I loved days like this. However, it was going to prove to […]