Hot Young Wife and the schoolboy

Pretty Harriet Fenton watched the red taillights of her husband’s truck disappear into the darkness of the night. Her heart began to race madly. A nervous feeling crept through her belly and she caught her lower lip between her teeth. She was all alone with her father-in-law.

She heard the recliner creak and her heart skipped a beat. In the dark window she watched him come up behind her. Then she felt his hands, big and strong, come around her waist. Something big and hard was pressing against her ass.

“Dad, don’t,” she said weakly.

It always made Harriet weak when someone touched her body. Especially someone like Jim Fenton. She couldn’t help this feeling. For as long as she could remember, she’d always been a very horny girl. Now, at eighteen, she felt hornier than ever. And the way her father-in-law’s hands were creeping up to her tits made her terribly excited. She wanted to stop him, but she couldn’t.

She shivered when her father-in-law’s hands smoothed over her ripe young tits. She could feel her pink nipples getting hard right through her little bra and light dress as his hands began to feel her.

“Please,” she whimpered, but it was more like a soft moan. Jim Fenton’s large hands felt awfully good on her thrusting young tits. And then there was his prick — so big and stiff and throbbing against her curvaceous ass. Harriet couldn’t stand it, and her knees went weak. Her lithe young body leaned against him and she shuddered as his hands opened her dress and caressed her half-naked beauties.

Her father-in-law turned her to face him. His hands moved to her shoulders.

Harriet felt her dress slipping down. “Oh, nooo,” she breathed as it fell around her ankles. Now she was standing there in nothing but her teeny-weeny bra and panties. She felt naked.

But she felt other things, too. A sort of breathlessness, anxiety, a little fear. And that familiar ticklish feeling deep in her cunt that told her she was going to fuck.

These feeling spreads from her womb downward, like warm honey pouring through her body. It made her feel weaker and more helpless, and her eyes closed as if they were too heavy to keep open.

She was breathing faster through her parted lips as her father-in-law’s hands removed her cute little bra. When the man’s mouth kissed one nipple and then started sucking on it. Harriet thought she’d faint.

“Dad… please… noooo,” she panted.

Her hands came up to his head as if to stop him, but by the time they got there his mouth felt too good on her tingling nipple. So her fingers curled into his hair and pulled his face tighter against her heaving tits.

As he sucked her lovely tit, he started pushing her little panties down. Harriet caught her breath as she felt the bit of silk slip below her crotch. When they were down to her knees, a big hot hand crept up between her thighs and gently caressed her furry young cunt. Harriet gasped as she felt her honey smooth down into her pussy.

Whenever that happened, Harriet’s pussy got super horny. That’s why she wished her father-in-law hadn’t touched her. If he hadn’t felt her up she would have been all right. But now he was sucking her tight young tits and stroking her clit and cunt. She couldn’t help but moan with pleasure.

“Oh, Dad,” she said with a shudder. “You’re getting me so horny.”

He quickly shoved her panties down and drew her naked body to the sofa. Harriet lay down, breathing fast and watching horny-eyed as her father-in-law opened his pants. When she saw the size of his stiff, wet cock, she gasped.

She had no thought of resisting him now. Resistance was the furthest thing from her young mind. With her pretty young cunt all wet with horniness and his huge dick throbbing madly, all she could think of was getting it stuck hard up her hot twat. She wasn’t called Horny Harriet for nothing.

Hypnotized by his enormous prick and burning up with hungry pussy feelings, she spread her lovely legs real wide and reached out with both hands.

“Ohhh, give it to me,” she moaned, almost begging.

Her father-in-law eased his big, thick cock into her anxious hands and Harriet grabbed the monster and pulled it to her open, wet snatch. Panting hotly, she raised her pussy up and guided his thick, wet cockhead between her cuntlips. When his massive cockhead was firmly wedged into the hot opening of her fuck-channel, she slipped her slender arms around his broad shoulders.

“Do it to me!” She panted, moving her moist cunt on his prick. “Now, now. Qhhh, please, Dad, push it in!”

When he gladly urged the full length of his slippery cock up into her squirmy little cunthole, she gasped, “Oh — do it, Dad! Ohhh, fuck me! Ohhh, God, what a big cock — give it to me! Fuck it into my cunt, Dad. Ohhh, I’m so fucking horny. Fuck the life out of me! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK MEEEE!”

Her father-in-law started riding her twisting young body, drilling his big dick into her squirmy twat, and horny Harriet met his every lunge with a sharp lift of her squishy young twat. His plunging cock sent her into a fit of lust as her horny little cunthole clenched and clamped on his driving prick.

“Uh-uh-uh!” She was gasping as the huge dick came plowing into her cunt. “Ohhhh, fuck me, Dad! It feels so good! Ohhh, I love to fuck — I do — I do! Uhhh, fucking is so gooood! Ummmmm, moooorrre! Fuck me good. Oh, what a cock! My pussy’s on fire for it! Mxnmmm. Give it to me. Fuck my cunt! Screw me hard and fast! Ohhh, I’ll cum like crazy! God, what a great cock! Ohhh how you fuck a girl! Give it to me! Bang me! Screw me! Ohhh, FUCK ME!”

This was the real Harriet. Horny Harriet. The hot, naked, tit-thrusting, cunt-humping, cock-hungry Harriet. Though she sometimes fought it, this was the way she really liked to be — all hot and wet and horny, fucking her juicy twat on a big stiff cock.

But even when she didn’t want to be like this, she had no choice. When she was horny she WANTED to fuck, NEEDED to fuck, and nothing in the world could keep her from fucking. That was her biggest problem. When her twat had its fuck-urge, Harriet was helpless to stop it. Horny Harriet was a slave to her hungry little cunt.

She knew it even as her father-in-law fucked the cum out of her pussy. How could she refuse him when her cunt was so hot? She couldn’t. In fact, Harriet couldn’t refuse anyone or anything when her twat was aroused. She’d been a slave to her pussy’s demands ever since she was a little girl.


It all began when Harriet was a very young girl. That was when she discovered the secret feelings in her little cunt.

She was lying in bed one night and one of her new pussy hairs tickled her thigh. She reached down under the covers to scratch the itch. But, as she scratched, a couple of her fingers scraped over hr pussylips. For some reason her little cunt got all hot and ticklish, and new feelings flowed in her belly.

She soon realized that scratching her twat could be extremely pleasurable. From that night on her parents had no trouble sending her to bed. Night after night she went to bed early, eager to be alone with her pretty pussy. She would open her young legs wide, slip her hand down there, and scratch the hell out of her tingling little cunt. She scratched and scratched till her poor little snatch was quite sore. There was no one to teach her the proper way of pleasing a pussy. It was quite a few months before she discovered she could just as well use her palm.

For such a young girl this was a remarkable development. Harriet was very happy to find she could get real nice feelings by rubbing her cunt vigorously with her hand. Once she discovered a new way, she spent hundreds of nights humping her hot little hand.

Then she learned that by curling one finger as she rubbed her pussy, the fingertip would keep sliding up and down along her sweet little cuntcrack.

Soon she had figured out how to get terrific good feelings for herself. She would slip one hand onto her furry little twat and the other beneath her cute little ass. Then she would close her eyes and lie writhing hotly as both hands creamed over her cunt and ass, working her up to a fierce state of young lust.

One night her twat felt so horny that she quite naturally worked a finger up into her cunthole. The pleasure was so intense that she eased a finger of her other hand into her squirmy little asshole. What a joy! Harriet got herself off thousands of times like this. It was her secret.

But a girl’s pussy often gives away her deepest secret. That’s what happened to Harriet. But not till she was a little older. Up to that time she simply enjoyed herself every night in bed, fucking her cunthole and asshole an her delightful fingers.

When her tits began to grow, Harriet got turned on to long slim things like pens and hairbrush handles and then hot dogs and bananas. She found that her horny young snatch liked to ride on these things. They made her cum and cum and cum.

Harriet was quite happy at that time. She had nifty young tits with cute little nipples that she thought were darling. And when her pussy got excited, as it did from time to time, she was content to use her fingers or hands or fucktoys. She didn’t know that her little sex secret was leaking out in a mysterious way. She didn’t know that her wide blue eyes and silky blonde hair and ripe pointy tits and cute little ass were attracting the lust of a man. And she didn’t know that that man was her own father.

Then, one night, she was in bed, diddling her cunt as usual, when her father came into the room.

“Harriet?” he whispered.

“Daddy?” she whispered back.

There was a lump in her throat as her father came up to her bed in the semi-darkness. For some unknown reason his presence made her feel nervous. And she was puzzled. Why were her tits acting so strangely? Why was her heart racing? And what was this funny feeling in her cunt?

“I forgot to kiss you goodnight,” her father whispered, sitting on the edge of her bed.

Even as he leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, she thought it odd. She remembered that he had kissed her goodnight earlier. He always kissed her before she went to bed. Why did he say he hadn’t?

She soon found out. As he kept her mouth covered with his, she felt his big hand slip beneath the covers to her jutting young tits. Harriet was naked. His hand on her ripe young tits made her pink nipples tingle like when she played with them. But this was even better. It felt so much nicer when someone else toyed with her tits.

Harriet found the sensation so pleasant that she almost forgot to be shocked. The shock came when her father’s big tongue invaded her mouth and his hand moved down to her pussy.

She shut her legs tight and wrenched her mouth away from his. “Daddy, don’t!” she gasped.

But something was happening to her — something new and strange and frightening, but thrilling, too. Her daddy was rubbing his fingers on her stiff little clit.

“Ohhh, don’t, Daddy,” she panted.

But years of pussy-playing had made her young cunt hungry for sex and, though she begged him to stop, her lovely young legs started to open.

Harriet was in a daze now. Her pretty tits were alive with new feelings. Her legs kept spreading. And when her father’s finger found her hot, wet cunthole, she began to hump his finger with her twat.

Her father groaned with pleasure and licking his tongue all over her thrusting young tits, he finger-fucked her cunt and made her cum so well.

This was Harriet’s first time at learning that her twat could get so horny. It got so horny that night that she pushed the covers off her naked body and let her daddy do anything he wanted to her.

She had believed she could control her pussy. Now she knew better, and it scared her. She wanted her daddy to stop, but she couldn’t tell him to. She could only moan and writhe as her tits were sucked and a man’s finger fucked her pussy for the first time.

Harriet couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Her hot little cunt was twisting crazily on her daddy’s finger. She was panting and gasping and humping her twat hotly as delicious feelings made her belly tremble.

“My baby,” her lustful father kept muttering. “My beautiful baby. You’ve grown so nice. Such adorable tits. Sweet young cunt. Hot little ass. My baby, my baby.”

Harriet couldn’t believe he was saying these things to her. His hot words made her blush all over. But worse, they made her horny. No one had ever talked like this about her tits and ass and pussy. It was alarming, and somehow thrilling.

The poor girl got quite dizzy from it all. She felt like her head was spinning as her father’s big finger dug way up into her cunt. She could feel the end of his finger probing around her young pussy where no finger had ever been before. It felt fantastic to the young, inexperienced girl. And she started to fuck faster as she gasped for breath.

She made a funny sound in her throat. Her eyes squeezed shut. Her tits thrust up at her father’s mouth. Her ass began churning and her pussy milked his finger. Suddenly, her whole body shook.

“Daddy!” she gasped hotly. “Oh! I’m cumming!”

She heard her daddy chuckle against her hard jutting tit as wave upon wave of extreme pleasure washed through her belly and cunt. Her twat started flooding and her father started sliding his finger in and out of her fuck-hole like a stiff prick.

The slip-sliding finger up her snatch drove Harriet crazy with uncontrollable horniness. Even as she was thinking that this was the most terrible thing a father could do to his daughter, every inch of her straining young body loved it.

Her father finger-fucked her wet squishy little cunt till she was breathless and shivering helplessly. Then he pulled his finger out of her soaked twat, leaving it for a minute to squirm and twist with new hunger.

As her pussy churned, he kissed her tits and started licking his way down her hot young body.

Even it her young age, Harriet knew what he wanted to do to her pussy.

“Daddy, no, noooo,” she panted. She grabbed at his head with her trembling hands as if to keep his mouth away from her hot little cunt. But, surprising even herself, she was pushing his head down between her outspread thighs. The truth was shocking at first but she couldn’t deny it. She wanted her furry young cunt to be licked!

“Ohhhh, noooo,” she moaned, lifting her juicy twat up to her father’s mouth. Then all hell broke loose.

Her affectionate father caressed her lovely little ass with his hot hands as he licked his big tongue over her cute young cunt.

Harriet felt fantastic thrills shooting through her twat as her daddy ate her. Her totally naked body was writhing on the bed. Her newly formed tits were sensitive. Her pink nipples were spiking and tingling. And her fresh young twat was super horny, making her like things nice young girls shouldn’t like.

Her daddy was having a feast. His big dick was enormous with lust as he ate his pretty little girl’s horny cunt. He had been wanting to do this for years, but he had waited till Harriet was ripe. He knew she liked to fingerfuck herself. He had watched her many times through the crack in the door. He had watched his skinny little daughter grow into a luscious, curvy young girl. And now she was ripe. He’d noticed that his little girl had become a horny young piece. So horny, in fact, that many times she couldn’t keep from shoving something up her hot pussy. He liked that. He knew that when the time was right, if he got her when she was helplessly horny, he could kiss her and feel her and lick her and eat her and fuck her. This was his night.

Breathing like a hot animal, he slurped his big tongue into Harriet’s open cunt and sucked up her flowing pussy juices. He licked his tongue up and down the youngster’s soaked twat, so beautifully exposed between her wide open legs. The musky aroma of her hot cunt made his big cock throb with need. Burying his nose in her silky pussy hair, he lapped like a wild dog at the velvety wetness that was oozing from between her writhing cunt lips.

Harriet kept moaning and cumming as her twat was sucked for the first time in her life. She felt like she was floating in a sea of hot cum as her daddy’s tongue licked deeper and deeper into the steamy wetness of her drenched young fuck-hole. She thought she’d die with pleasure as he sucked the fluid from her soaked twat.

When her daddy’s big tongue came licking its way up her writhing body, over her belly, Harriet was filled with a strange new feeling. It was like a deep hunger in her belly and she didn’t understand it.

Her father licked his way up to her lovely jutting tits, such perfect little darlings, and his tongue started licking them all over. While he did this, Harriet felt something hot press against her inner thigh, something huge and wet and alive.

Then she knew why her cunt was feeling so funny. Memories of school girl talk flooded her mind and she gasped. Her daddy wanted to fuck her!

“Daddy, no!” she whimpered when his thick, erect cock throbbed near her nervous little twat.

But her father was beyond the point of no return. His pretty young daughter was his slave now, a panting, trembling, hot little play thing. Her tits were thrusting up at his mouth and her young legs were splayed in a beautiful V. Her cunt was palpitating against his big hot dick. She was ripe for fucking and he knew it.

Harriet knew it too. Just the feel of her daddy’s enormous prick at her pussy made her all weak and defenseless. She thought she didn’t want this terrible thing to happen, but her furry little cunt was acting so strangely.

“My horny little baby,” her father murmured against her ear.

His big, hairy chest settled on her ripe jutting tits and Harriet moaned. He reached down between their bellies and gripped his big cock, and Harriet shivered.

“I’m gonna fuck you, Harriet,” he rasped hotly.

Harriet gasped. Her whole body shuddered. She could feel what he was doing down there — rubbing the huge wet head of his cock up and down her cuntcrack and pussylips.

“Daddy, nooo,” she whimpered. “You can’t. I’m your daughter. No, noooo, please don’t. It isn’t right. Ohhhh, I don’t want to. I don’t want to.”

Her father chuckled lewdly because he could feel her young cunt kissing his wet cockhead, no matter what she said.

Harriet knew she should fight or something, but she couldn’t think straight. Her daddy was urging the big end of his cock into the hot mouth of her horny little twat.

The huge head of his dick slipped between her moist cuntlips and plugged up her hot little hole. Harriet sucked in her breath. Her pussy twitched. Her belly tingled. She wanted to stop him, but her eyes closed and her fingers dug into his back and her twat opened like a flower.

“Ohhhhhh,” she moaned as her daddy’s big dick inched up into her juicy fuck-channel.

She caught her breath again and gasped as the monster cock spread her young cuntlips and wedged tightly into her virgin fuck-hole.

The terrific feeling of a giant man-cock entering her tight little cunthole made Harriet clutch at her daddy and sigh, “Ohhhh, Daddy, it feels too good!”

Harriet could feel her father trembling with lust as her teenaged twat opened up for his hot prick. She could feel the great thickness of his cock forcing the tight wails of her little cunt apart. Her pussylips were separated deliciously as his dick inched deeper and deeper into her excited young fuck-hole. When the fantastic man-cock was all the way up her pussy and the big cockhead was pressing against the mouth of her hot young womb, Harriet through she’d faint with erotic pleasure. As her father’s big nuts slapped her asscheeks she felt that no other girl in the world ever felt the pleasure she was feeling. With her daddy’s tremendous cock stuffed in her little twat, Harriet was very horny.

It was scary for such a young girl to have such a big dick up her twat. The pleasure of it was so intense and seemed forbidden. So Harriet whimpered, “No, no, please. Don’t do it to me!”

But her cunt-crazed father held his enormous dick imbedded to the hilt in her sweet, juicy cunt. He was enjoying the feel of her frightened young twat as it clenched his thick cock like a fist.

“I have to, Harriet,” he rasped hotly. “I’ve got to fuck your lovely little cunt. Don’t be afraid. Daddy won’t hurt you. You’ll like it.”

Harriet trembled and gasped as he started fucking his huge cock in and out of her squirmy little cunt.

Easing his dick back, then sliding it again into her hot wetness, he whispered, “There now. Doesn’t that feel good?”

Harriet’s fingers were digging into his shoulders. “No, nooo,” she panted, then her hot little twat sucked on his spearing prick and she moaned. “Yessss. I mean, no! Ohhhh, it’s nice. Don’t! Ewwww, Daddy, it feels too good! Stop! No. Yes. More! Ohhhhh!”

The poor girl was out of her head with pleasure. She no longer knew what she was saying. One minute she was saying no, she didn’t like it, but the next minute her soaked young twat was hungry for more big cock and she was saying yes, it felt wonderful.

As her father’s throbbing dick fucked her hot cunt, Harriet went back and forth between yes and no.

When she thought his massive cock was ripping her cunt open, she tried to stop him by pounding her fists against his shoulders. But his giant prick kept screwing into her hot little sex-box until, helpless with passion, she was moaning and fucking her cunt she loved it.

It was all very confusing for Harriet. She didn’t want to fuck her father, but her pussy was craving a big stiff cock. And if her father’s cock was anything, it was big and stiff. Harriet felt it in her cunt, making her pussy tingle and tickle and cream with exciting wetness.

“My baby,” her father was gasping, plunging his big dick into her wet twat. “What a tight cunt! Oh, baby, fuck your daddy!”

“No, no!” Harriet cried. “Please stop! Daddy! Don’t make me like it! Don’t make me like it!”

In his own world of pleasure, he started screwing, her tight cunt with lust. “Fuck, Harriet, fuck!” He was panting, driving the full length of his horny prick into her soaked cunthole. And Harriet found herself fucking.

Suddenly, she was clinging to him. Her pretty legs opened real wide and her young cunt opened too.

“Oh! Oh!” she was panting then. “I can’t help it! My pussy likes it! Ohhh, Daddy, do it to me! Give it to me!”

“Say it, baby, say it,” her father rasped, ramming his aching dick deep into her writhing young twat. “SAY IT!”

Harriet gasped as his huge cockhead drilled her cunt again and again, driving her crazy with fuck feelings. Thrusting her cunt hard, she suddenly gasped; “FUCK ME!”

Then, cumming deliriously on his slip sliding cock, she was trembling and fucking and panting. “Yes, yessss! Ohhh, I’m cumining so good! Ohhh, Daddy, FUCK ME! FUCK-FUCK — FUCK MEEEEE!”

In a fit of cum-soaked lust she hugged her father and twisted her horny little twat up and down and back and forth on his drilling, driving cock. Every inch of her flesh was tingling with excitement. Her tits and cunt were feeling delicious. Even her cute little asshole squirmed as she came and came on her father’s plunging prick.

But no sooner had she cum than she was panting, “Daddy… please… no more… please stop… ohhh, don’t.”

It was as if she didn’t want to fuck once her pussy was satisfied with pleasurable cum. But her timing was off. As she was wishing she could stop that huge cock from arousing her pussy, her father was groaning, yelling, “FUCK, BABY! HUNCH YOUR CUNT! AAAHHH, MY NUTS ARE GONNA EXPLODE! FUCK MY COCK, HARRIET!”

Harriet didn’t want to. “No, no,” she cried. “Don’t shoot it in me!”

But a driving man-cock in her cunt couldn’t be resisted for long, especially not a dick so swollen and horny and ready to flood her belly with cockcream.

The mere size of her father’s cock fucking her so hard made Harriet’s twat respond naturally. In spite of her protests and against her will, her pussy became instantly hot and horny.

Once again her twat came alive. She was gasping and clawing at his back and fucking her horny young cunt hotly on his stabbing cockpole. Unheard-of thrills shot through her young body and good fuck feelings twisted her mine.

“OH, DADDY!” she shrieked with pleasure. Something new and thrilling was happening deep in her belly. Shocks of electric excitement were shooting into her limbs and her pussy felt like it was going to burn up in flames.

“FUCK, BABY!” her father gasped. He shoved all of his cock up into her twisting fuck-hole. “Jesus! I’m gonna blow my nuts! Fuck, baby! I’m gonna shoot my cum. Fuck — fuck — faster, baby! Your cunt’s so hot and tight! Oh, Christ!”

The violence of his lust turned Harriet into a hot young fuck-machine. Her twat was twisting and squirming on his screwing, stabbing dick as if it was trying to suck him off.

His lust triggered hers again and she gasped, “Don’t stop! Fuck me, Daddy, Daddy, fuck your cum into me! Give it to me!”

“Here!” her father choked, and Harriet moaned as she felt his huge dick bolt inside her cunt. She almost swooned as his thick cockcream ripped out of his plunging prick. Wads and wads of prickjuice slammed into her belly as his hot cock squirted jets of jism into her.

His enormous cock was still spitting savagely when it happened. Suddenly, without warning, Harriet was cumming again, more violently and pleasurably than ever before. Her daddy’s fucking, pumping cock set her off. Her cunt muscles tightened. Her body trembled. And her pussy was flooding his shooting prick with a torrent of cuntjuice.

“DADDYYYYYY!” she squealed, cuming beautifully. “OHHHHH, GOD!”

Her father kept fucking her wet little snatch long after they both had cum, simply because her pussy felt so good. As Harriet trembled and panted for breath, he fucked every last drop of his cockcream into her sweet cunthole.

Later he murmured, “What a good fuck you are.”

When he got off her heaving body, she saw his pink, cum-drenched cock and marveled at its great size. Now it horrified her to think it had been up her cunt, fucking her.

“You shouldn’t have done that to me,” she said weakly. She felt ashamed.

When her father slipped out of her room, she lay for a long time wishing he’d never fucked her. Wiping her drenched cunt on the sheet, she promised herself never to let him fuck her again.

But pretty young Harriet didn’t know the force of her own pussy. She fooled herself into believing she didn’t really like or want sex. The next day, after school, she dreaded facing her lecherous father. When she got home and saw how he looked at her tits, she wouldn’t look at him. She hurried into the kitchen to do the dishes.

She was still at the sink a little later when she heard her mother go out. Then she heard her father come into the kitchen and she looked at him with wide, frightened eyes.

He smiled and came toward her, and Harriet felt her knees go weak as his eyes looked all over her body.

“How’s my baby today?” he murmured. His big hand slipped over her long hair on her back. A funny feeling crept between Harriet’s legs.

“Daddy,” she whimpered, “please don’t touch me.”

Her father chuckled and turned her to face him. “Why not?” he said. His hands came up and started feeling her pointed young tits. “This is what you like,” he said. “Isn’t it?”

Harriet couldn’t speak. She wanted to run from him or cry or tell him to stop, but she stood there as he lowered her dress, then her bra. He was playing with her naked tits, making her pink nipples get all tingly.

Her dress fell around her feet and her father bent down and licked her tits as his hands pushed her panties down.

Harriet didn’t know what was happening to her. Her tits and pussy got all excited beneath his hands. She got dizzy as he led her into thee living room. She was flat on her back on the sofa before she realized she was stark naked.

Her father brought his big wet cock out of his pants and Harriet’s cunt got moist. He chuckled and lay on her trembling body and felt her tits and ass as he pushed his rigid prick up into her cunt. Harriet cried softly as he raped her like he had the night before.

When she was cumming the first time, she stopped crying and started moaning, fucking her cunt something fierce on her daddy’s drilling dong.

She couldn’t understand what had happened to her promise to herself not to fuck. When her daddy was feeling her and kissing her, she couldn’t help but fuck.

As her father’s huge hard-on came driving up into her horny twat, she knew she could never refuse to fuck. But she tried.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, Harriet tried to keep from fucking her father. But day after day, week after week, month after month, he banged the living hell out of her sweet young pussy.

For five years Harriet remained a helpless slave to her horny cunt, fucking her daddy clear up to the day she got married. In those five years she cried, fought, evaded, hid, struggled, and protested, but when her father caught her, felt her up, and got her cunt hot and wet, she couldn’t keep her legs closed. When her fuck-urge had her in its grip, Harriet was as horny and fuck-hungry as a young whore. She couldn’t fight it.

That’s why she was now fucking so wildly under her lusty father-in-law. She was alone with him and he had felt her up and made her tits and pussy crazy for sex. She didn’t want to fuck with him, but she was so horny now. And horniness was her biggest weakness.

Harriet couldn’t stop her father-in-law from banging her pussy any more than she could keep her father’s big cock out of her twat. She was helpless in the presence of male lust. Her father had taught her that through five long years of repeated fucking.

But so had other men. As Harriet was growing into womanhood, she naturally met other males. And she helplessly succumbed to their sexual advances, even when she didn’t want to.


Harriet’s lecherous father had been banging her luscious little sex-box for a year when Mr. Sandon made his move on her.

She was in the back yard hanging out the laundry for her mother when she noticed the next-door neighbor eyeing her curvy young body.

It was a hot day and Harriet was wearing a light summer dress that clung to her luscious curves. Mr. Sandon’s glance took in her girlish tits and shapely body.

Harriet was sure he wanted to fuck her because she had the same feeling in her belly that she got just before her father raped her. Every time she looked, Mr. Sandon’s eyes were undressing her and making her feel naked and nervous.

Because of this danger she wanted to get back into the house quickly. But when she started back to the house, Mr. Sandon called to her. Harriet stopped and looked at him.

He was standing in the doorway of his cellar. He was grinning at her. His eyes were looking up and down her body. And in the front of his pants was a big bulge that he wasn’t trying to hide.

A funny feeling of helplessness made Harriet weak. Mr. Sandon’s eyes were so compelling, drawing her to him.

She knew her house was close, but she couldn’t turn that way. She took a few steps toward Mr. Sandon. Then she stopped and caught her lower lip between her teeth. She could feel her nipples tingling and the funny feeling in her belly was spreading down into her cunt.

Mr. Sandon eased the cellar door open behind him and stepped back into the shadows of the dark space. This movement made Harriet’s heart race and her pointy young tits lifted hard in her dress. A strange power drew her toward the smiling man and the cellar.

What’s happening to me? She thought frantically as she passed the gate into his yard. I don’t want to go down there with him. I don’t!

But her wide blue eyes were riveted to the huge lump in the man’s pants. As she approached him, it seemed to grow larger and larger, till she was within inches of it and it looked monstrous.

The man reached out and took her wrist. Gently, slowly, he drew her into his dark, dank cellar and shut the door.

Harriet made a small whimpering sound as he pulled her into his arms and pressed their bodies together. She sucked in her breath when his mouth came down on hers and his big tongue filled her soft mouth.

Except for her father, no man had ever held her like this. His tongue was probing her mouth, his huge cock was throbbing between her legs, his hand was teasing a tit, and his other hand was feeling her cute round ass. It was electrifying for poor Harriet.

She felt dizzy. Her head felt like it was spinning as her young body responded to the man with a will of its own. Her little pink tongue licked at his, her curvy young legs closed on his enormous hard-on, and her cute little ass started to writhe.

Her eyes were closed, feeling awfully heavy, and she couldn’t open them even when the hot kiss ended. She only gasped and stood breathing fast as the man unzipped her dress with trembling fingers.

She shivered as he pulled the dress from her shoulders and pushed it down the length of her body.

Suddenly, his big hands were all over her, touching her tits, feeling her hips, stroking her ass, and teasing her twat. He was having a field day with her hot body and Harriet was helpless to stop him.

Her pink nipples were hardening. Her cunt was warm and moist. Every inch of her body felt like it was on fire.

She could only pant and moan when the man’s fingers burned her flesh. When one of his fingers invaded the wetness of her cunthole, she hunched her twat on his finger.

“I thought so,” she heard him mutter. His voice sounded heavy and far away as her senses reeled. “No undies and no cherry. You horny little cockteaser. You sure had me fooled. Acting so innocent and pure. I’ll bet you fuck like a mink!”

“No, nooooo,” Harriet moaned. She wanted to protest, to explain, to excuse herself. But she couldn’t talk. Her pink tongue was licking at her ripe young lips. And her cunt was humping on his big finger. All sorts of sexy feelings were making her hot and horny.

“Don’t give me that,” the man said hotly. He bent her over his arm and rammed his finger up into her juicy little twat. Mouthing her frantic young tits, he murmured, “This is what you like, isn’t it? Your tits love my sucking. And your cunt wants to fuck.”

His horny kisses traveled up her throat to her open mouth. He licked at her lips and Harriet’s tongue came out to lick back as she shivered and panted.

“I know what you need, you pretty little slut,” Sandon rasped.

He released her body and she stood on the verge of fainting as her captor opened his pants.

Harriet heard the terrible sound of his zipper and she forced her eyes open a little. She saw his naked cock, big and wet in his fist.

“Oh, God,” she whimpered.

The look of shock and desire on her young face made the man chuckle.

“You have a lovely mouth,” he muttered hotly.

Harriet caught her breath as his hot eyes roamed over her full ripe lips. “Ohhh,” she moaned. She knew what he was thinking about. His glance was hot on her mouth and his huge dick was dripping in his hand. “No, noooo,” she whimpered again.

Sandon chuckled and set his heavy hands on her smooth naked shoulders. It didn’t take much pressure to make Harriet’s weakened knees fold.

She found herself kneeling in front of the biggest, wettest prick she’d ever seen, and the mere sight of it made her gasp. Strangely enough, she hadn’t seen much of her father’s cock. It was always plunging into her twat. And she’d never wanted to look at the thing that made her feel so horny and naughty.

But now there was no escape for her. Sandon’s randy cock was just inches from her face. It looked so dangerous, all stiff and wet and throbbing.

Harriet’s eyes darted over his huge nuts. She had heard schoolgirls whisper about boys’ balls and they seemed to like them, but never had she herself seen real live nuts. Especially not man-nuts, not even her father’s, although her daddy’s balls had slapped her ass many times.

“Put your hand on it,” Sandon said hotly. The minute her fingers curled around the hot hunk of sex-meat, she wanted to pull her hand away. But there was something compelling about the pulsing man-cock.

Harriet felt embarrassed holding his big wet dick, but she couldn’t let go of it. She was hypnotized by the strange power of his giant dick throbbing in her small fist, rising up and away from his big hairy nuts.

“Jerk it,” Sandon said thickly. “Slip your hand up and down, on it. That’s it. Up and down, up and down. Good girl. Now get some of that juice all over it. Just smear my whole cock with it. That’s the way. Now jerk your hand on it.”

Harriet felt trapped and ashamed by his power and what she was doing, but she kept his swollen dick in her fist and whacked it as he commanded.

“Keep looking at it,” he told her, urging his massive cock at her. “I want you to see how wet you make it. Play with my balls with your other hand. Don’t be shy, you little cockteaser. This is what you want to do.”

Harriet felt tears of shame burning her eyes, but she obeyed his orders, one hand caressing his hot nuts, the other jacking his immense hard-on.

“Now I’ve got something else for you to do,” he said hotly.

Harriet knelt dazed as he eased her hands away from his gigantic dripping cock. He grinned lewdly at her, making her look away fearfully.

“Suck it,” he said.

Harriet’s mouth fell open, not in obedience, but in horror. The smile left the man’s face, and he pushed his big dick toward her till his horny cockhead wet her cheek.

“Suck it!” he demanded.

Harriet quivered. “I can’t… please, Mr. Sandon… don’t make me suck it.” She shivered to think of this huge hot cock in her mouth.

“You have to,” he said. Then in a more gentle, coaxing way, he stroked her hair and rubbed his cockhead over her lips, and murmured, “You want to. You’re ready to suck cock. I can tell that by your pretty mouth and the way you look at my prick. Come on, now. Suck it like a good girl. Suck it!”

Harriet warned to escape this ordeal, but she was in a terrible condition of unwanted horniness and curiosity. Her lips touched his hot cockhead, and then she would have twisted away but he held her head still and smeared her lips with silky cockjuice.

“Lick it with your tongue,” he rasped. “Not only your lips.”

“I… I don’t want to,” Harriet whimpered. But even as her lips moved to speak, Sandon pressed his wet dick to her mouth.

The feeling of her sensitive lips on his bulging cockhead startled Harriet. Though she had never blown a cock in her life, there was something strangely natural about a girl licking a cock. Her lips parted. Her little pink tongue gave his red cockhead just a little lick.

His cockjuice tasted like nothing else she’d ever tasted. Between that and the aroma of stiff hot dick, Harriet found herself unable to stop this vile act.

“You have to do better than that,” Sandon said. “Use all of your tongue, not just the tip.”

Harriet was unable to resist his voice instructing her how to please a cock, that terrible weapon that made her fuck so much. She was now obeying, licking his rigid prick with the whole of her hot tongue.

Sandon groaned another order and Harriet was sliding her lips up and down his dick with her head tilted to one side. His rigid cock was soon drenched with her saliva, but he made her go on licking and kissing his cock.

“You like licking my cock, don’t you, Harriet?” he said softly. He chuckled evilly and rubbed his cockhead over her extended tongue.

Harriet felt her shame, but couldn’t stop tonguing his enormous dick.

“Well, don’t you?” he growled.

Harriet sniffled and nodded her head.

“What? Say it!” he ordered.

“I… I… yes… I like it,” Harriet whimpered. And her tongue lashed at his thick wet meat.

“Speak up!” he commanded. “What did you say?”

“I… I…” she started crying.

“Say it, you horny little cockteaser! You like licking my cock, don’t you?”

Harriet trembled, caught her breath, then gasped, “YES!” Then in a whisper of defeat, she whined, “Yes. I like licking your cock.”

She couldn’t believe she’d said such a nasty thing, but she had. Her will to resist was drowned in the sea of her own sex-crazed feelings of desire.

Sandon took her hands and made her fondle his dick. It was soaked and smelled of hot cockcream, and it slipped in her slim fingers. He pressed her hands on it and fucked his cock between her palms.

Harriet didn’t feel the coolness of the cellar now. She was burning up with the heat from her cunt. All resistance was gone, burned up by the strange heat that consumed her young body. All she could think of was this huge erect prick and her mouth on it. She was ashamed too, but her lips and tongue were alive with a different emotion-need.

Here in the dark cellar her need mounted. Her pink nipples were tingling with shameful pleasure and her little clit was behaving as if a man were sucking it. But it was her own deep-seated erotic need that was teasing her tits and clawing her cunt.

Sandon’s voice rasped, “Suck it. Take my dick in your pretty mouth and suck it.” He pulled her head and pushed his prick. “Suck it!” he demanded.

Harriet stuck her tongue, out. The tip of it touched his cockhead and her lips quivered. She ran her tongue over his meat and felt it sway. Then her hand curved around his cockshaft, holding it erect as her tongue licked round and round. Heady with sex now, she ran her tongue down from the wet slit at the end to his hairy nuts. Sandon was groaning, holding her pretty head tensely as her young mouth explored his cock.

Harriet was panting, with her cheek pressed against the man’s thigh and her lips and tongue moving through the matted hair around his giant dick. Her tongue touched his nuts, then darted back, then started licking at his balls experimentally. This made his cock stiffen powerfully in her hand and Harriet couldn’t resist the temptation to suck his balls. She licked at his nuts till his cock was a mass of iron muscle throbbing in her hand.

Sandon groaned and tried to push his aching dick into her soft kissing mouth, but Harriet wouldn’t let it in. She turned her mouth away and licked her tongue beneath his cockhead.

But cock licking completely subdued her in the end, finally compelling her to fondle Sandon’s balls with her mouth. She was slowly jerking his massive prick as she nuzzled his nuts.

She was completely enslaved now, not to the man, but to the cock. Its size and feel and aroma and taste and bulk and hotness and power all seemed to reduce her to a hungry licking female. Her reluctance to suck was soon overpowered by her emerging wantonness. She took Sandon’s hot nuts into her mouth and sucked them gently.

At this moment nothing existed in the world but Harriet and the cock. With a deep moan of need and surrender, she released his balls and slid her mouth up the length of his cockshaft. Turning her head, she took his bulging cockhead right into her mouth. She made a soft sound as the thick meat shaped her soft lips into a big O.

She pressed her tongue against the huge head and licked it round and round. Then she gripped his cockshaft in one hand as her other hand fondled his nuts. Her tongue was caressing all of his cockhead.

She realized she was doing a most wicked thing, yet her awakened female feelings urged her on to wanton cocksucking. She knew this man was taking advantage of her weakened condition, but the giant cock in her small mouth excited her.

She caressed and pounded his huge dick shamelessly, sucking off all its juiciness. The more she sucked, the mote juice came dribbling from the small slit at the end of his prick. Harriet shuddered, drinking, licking, and sucking.

In her delirium his dick slipped out of her mouth. “Please,” she panted, clinging to his cock. The word had escaped her throat, exposing her true feelings about this big stiff prick. “Please…” She touched her mouth to his big throbbing cockhead and whimpered helplessly, “Please… let me suck your cock.”

Her words aroused the man so much that he almost choked her when he thrust his big dick into her hot mouth. Harriet gripped it in both hands as he held her head and started fucking his prick back and forth between her soft pliant lips.

Her fingers clenched his throbbing meat, caressing and squeezing and jerking as her hot mouth took in more and more of his crazed cock.

She moaned, then shivered, then started tossing her head from side to side wildly while she frantically sucked him off.

She couldn’t tell what had come over her. All of a sudden she wanted his cock to fuck her mouth. Suddenly, strangely, hotly, more than anything else in the world, she wanted to drink real male cum.

She got her wish. Sandon arched his back and let out an animal growl as his big load of hot jism tore out of his aching nuts. Huge blobs of cockcream ripped through his straining cock pipes and burst with fury out of his bulging cockhead into Harriet’s softly sucking mouth.

The first explosion startled Harriet and she quickly swallowed the glob of cockcream. It was lucky she did, because a second later Sandon’s massive cock was pumping and spurting and gushing loads and loads of hot cum down her throat.

Harriet was amazed at what a girl’s mouth could do to a cock as she sucked and sucked and drank and drank.

For these dazzling moments she was all-female, jacking his dick hornily, using her lips, tongue, and mouth to suck him off. She was moaning softly as she sucked him dry, gulping all of his cum down. She forgot to be reluctant.

That’s what horrified her when it was over. Panting and flushed with confusion she released Sandon’s spent prick and knelt there by it sniffling. Crying softly, profoundly aware of what she had just done to a man’s dick, she snatched up her dress. Pulling it on quickly and zipping it up, she stumbled out of the cellar and ran home to her room. She threw herself on the bed face down and shed her tears of remorse.

But if she was remorseful, she was also hot. She couldn’t help but be horny after an episode like that. Sobbing softly, hating herself even as she was doing it, she slipped a hand down under her belly and fingerfucked her hot little cunt to a tremendous cum as she silently cursed Mr. Sandon for making her feel this way.

She would have many occasions to curse Sandon. She vowed never to go near the nasty man again, and she kept the vow — for three whole days.

Then on the fourth day she found herself reliving those moments in the cellar. All day in school she could think of nothing else but his huge wet dick slip sliding in and out of her hot mouth. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of boys’ crotches. It was terrible for her. All of this made her pussy feel horny.

She knew the only relief for her would be her own fingers when she got home. But by the time she reached the front door of her house she was half hoping her father would be in the mood to rape her again.

But her father wasn’t home. Harriet felt sad, then ashamed. Then she thought of Mr. Sandon’s huge dick. The mere thought of sucking it made her cunt quiver and cum wetly.

She went out into the backyard and puttered around, looking innocent, bending over a lot in her short dress.

Then, there be was at the cellar door, grinning at her. Harriet’s heart skipped a beat. She wanted to stop this crazy hunger in herself, but every inch of her body wanted to go to the man.

Sandon beckoned to her and stepped back into the cellar. Harriet started to sob. Her pretty legs were carrying her over there, even though she wanted to stay away.

Sandon chuckled and pulled her into the dark cellar. “I knew you’d come back, you little cocksucker,” he said.

He opened his pants and freed his enormous hard on. Though shuddering and whimpering, Harriet fell to her knees and stared wide-eyed at his big, thick, wet dick. Her hand came up shakily at first, then more firmly, and gripped his cock. Her pink tongue slipped across her lips nervously.

“Suck it,” Sandon said hoarsely.

Harriet whimpered. Her face inched toward his wet cockhead. Her hand tightened around his cockshaft. Her pretty ripe lips parted, opened. Her eyes closed and she took his big dick into her mouth and started sucking it softly. Moaning and sobbing from time to time, she sucked his cock as though her pretty mouth was made for it.

After he pumped a load of randy cum into her nice mouth, he sat down and made her blow his cock all over again. And then again.

Harriet sucked his cock for over a year. Finally in her less horny moments she always promised herself never to do it again, just as she always promised never to fuck her father again.

But for the next year her furry little twat fucked her daddy’s dick and her soft young mouth blew Sandon’s cock. She couldn’t keep from doing it.

She often blamed the men for her horrible desires, but once in a while the truth would scare her. It wasn’t the men it was her own need for hot raw sex. And though out her teenage years that deep need kept her fucking and sucking.

She thought back to that hectic year as her father-in-law’s huge cock was pounding away at her horny young pussy. She was humping hotly, thrusting her juicy twat and his drilling, thrilling cock.

I can’t stop him, she was thinking hotly as the plunging cock delighted her cunt. I couldn’t stop my daddy, or Mr. Sandon, and I can’t stop him either.

“I don’t want to cum!” she cried as she came for the third time. “Oh! God! Ohhhh, Dad, FUCK ME! Ohh, ohh, ohhhhhh, my pussy’s so hot! FUCK MY CUNT! MAKE ME CUM! No, don’t! Don’t fuck me! Ohhh, Dad, how did you get me this way? Oh! It’s CUMMING, IT’S CUMMING! HERE’S MY CUMMMMMMM!”

Harriet really knew how men got her this way. Deep in her heart she knew she couldn’t stop any man from fucking her or making her suck his dick. When her cunt was horny, she lost all willpower.

Oh, God, she prayed as she was cumming juicily on her father-in-law’s fucking cock, help me not to like sex so much!

In a moment of weakness she panted, “Please, stop fucking me. I don’t want to fuck. I don’t!”

But then her fingers were clinging to him, digging into his back. Her eyes were closed in rapture. Her lips were open, and she was breathing fast through them. And below, her hips were swiveling wildly, her cunt was strangling his burrowing cock, and she was fucking harder than many girls who claim to love sex.

“OHHH, YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH!” she shrieked as his big dick fucked her to another mind-blowing cum. “Oh! Ohhhh! Fuck me, you bastard! Get it! Make me cum and cum and cum! Oh, dear God, forgive me, but I love this stiff cock in my pussy! Ohhhhmmmm!”


When Harriet was a young girl she prayed a lot, especially, “Oh, God, don’t let me get hot again!”

She prayed this prayer every time her father crawled into her bed with his thick wet dick. She prayed it every time she took Mr. Sandon’s huge cock into her mouth. And she prayed it the night Tommy Perkins turned her on.

In the beginning Harriet thought Tommy was a “good boy”. He was a kid like herself, sort of quiet and well-mannered in school. That’s why she agreed to go to a drive-in movie with him. She thought it would be a relief to go on a normal date after all the fucking and sucking she was doing.

But she didn’t know boys nor did she know the power her luscious young body had over nice boys. Young Tommy was so hot for her curvy little body that his prick was as stiff as a poker all the way to the drive-in.

He couldn’t keep his eyes off her or his mind off her cunt. Harriet was looking ripe enough to fuck in her tight little minidress that just wouldn’t cover her pretty white thighs. And the soft mounds her tits were making in me tight dress were very inviting.

The movie no sooner started when Tommy eased an arm behind Harriet’s head. He moved closer to her on the seat and his mouth brushed her cheek.

The touch of his lips startled Harriet. “Tommy! What are you doing?” she gasped.

“I want to kiss you,” he said heavily. His young prick was pounding in his pants.

Harriet immediately sensed this. “No,” she said. But Tommy’s mouth covered hers.

His hand touched her firm round tits as his tongue invaded her mouth.

Harriet choked through the hot kiss and tried to push his hand away from her tits. Tommy let her push his hand down and, going with the motion, he pushed his hand between her legs. She was wearing panties like a good little girl. Tommy’s fingers easily slid into the crotch and dug at her clit and cunt.

Harriet’s tits began to heave with her quickened breathing. Electric shocks rippled through her defenseless pussy. Her head started to swim.

She struggled with the feverish boy for a few minutes, but his probing tongue and fondling fingers got the best of her. With a sudden shiver of erotic arousal she went limp on the seat and her whole body went soft.

A sound escaped her throat, a half-whisper, half-moan, as her lovely legs fell open. Tommy’s fingers gained free access to her stretched panties and she felt him rubbing her cuntlips and clit and fuck-hole.

When his finger slipped into her cunthole and started sliding in and out, Harriet’s senses whirled. Her fuck-urge was unexpectedly strong. Moaning hotly, she started wriggling her twat, liking the finger-fucking. Her hand somehow fell to Tommy’s hard-on. His prick throbbed hotly in her fingers. She was jerking him off.

“Jeez, don’t!” the boy rasped. “I’m gonna shoot in my pants!”

His urgency seemed to further confuse Harriet. There was something exciting about male lust.

“I wanna fuck you,” Tommy panted, pulling at her dress, pushing her down on the seat.

“Tommy… no!” Harriet cried. But she was flat on her back, legs splayed. The heat in the car was unbearable.

Boyishly, hotly, Tommy got one of her ripe tits naked and started sucking it as he yanked her loose panties aside. Harriet was panting and he was grunting as he got his rigid young dick out.

Trembling with excitement, he pressed his cockhead to Harriet’s cuntmouth. Her moist pussylips parted easily and his slim young prick speared into her juicy fuck-hole.

“Ohh, nooo,” Harriet moaned as his long dick thrilled her pussy.

Tommy buried his face in her neck and started fucking her twat with youthful eagerness. In spite of herself, Harriet started humping her cunt on his seesawing cock.

“Ohhh, Tommy,” she panted, twisting her pussy. “You shouldn’t be doing this to me. Oh, ohhh, you fuck so fast! Stop, stop, or I’ll cum, Tommy! Ohhhh, I don’t want to fuck! Oh — I’m cummning! I’m… I’m… OH! I’M CUMMING! OHHHH, TOMMMYYY!”

Her twisting little twat drenched his plunging prick with hot cuntjuices. She was gasping, moaning, fucking like crazy now. Her fingers were digging into his back as her clit clenched and sucked his stiff dick.

In his final moments of pleasure Tommy was aware of this. Harriet was a hotter fuck than he’d dreamed. He was amazed at the way she was humping his prick. And he was delighted at the way her twat squeezed his ramming cock.

“Christ!” he groaned then, and suddenly his battering dick was spitting savagely into Harriet’s horny young sex-box, and she was gasping, “Oh! Ohhhh! I’m cumming so much!”

They were one mass of hot writhing flesh on the car seat, twisting and grinding their hot crotches together, drowning each other in cum.

Harriet saw stars as his hard young prick spurted globs of cum into her hot cunt. She couldn’t believe she was fucking this boy. Even as her luscious body quivered with intense cum she wondered how he had gotten into her pants so fast.

She closed her eyes as Tommy thrust his dick into her squishy fuck-hole and shuddered the last of his cum into her box.

What have I done, she thought, when she felt his soft dick leaving her hot hole. Oh, God, why can’t I keep my legs closed? Ohhh, my pussy’s so hot now!

Tommy sat up and Harriet lay panting. She could feel his eyes on her and she remembered her naked tit and open legs. She opened her eyes and covered her tit and closed her legs. Tommy kept staring.

“Jeez,” he remarked, “you’re a fantastic piece!”

Harriet felt, like crying. “Please don’t talk that way,” she whimpered.

“Huh? What do you mean? You liked it!”

“I did not!” Harriet shrieked.

Tommy chuckled. His hand moved up between her legs. He watched her face soften as his fingers stroked her furry young cunt. Grinning, he murmured, “Well, your pussy sure likes it.”

His finger felt awfully nice on her twat and Harriet shivered. “I can’t help that,” she said. “I’m not made of iron, you know. You made me hot.”

“It sure didn’t take much.” Tommy chuckled. “One kiss and you were fucking like a nympho.” He found her cunthole sopping wet and pushed his finger into her snatch.

“Tommy, please don’t,” Harriet whispered. But she couldn’t close her legs. His finger was making her itching pussy feel good.

“God, what a neat cunt,” Tommy muttered. He was obviously enchanted by her wet little gash.

A thrill shot up her twat and Harriet gasped. Tommy looked up at her heaving tits and open mouth. “Want me to play with your clit till you cum again? My sister likes that after a fucking. She says a boy has to wait between cums, but girls like to cum and cum.”

Harriet’s eyes were wide. “You play with Sheila’s pussy!” she exclaimed.

“Sure,” Tommy said, tweaking her little clit. “She loves it. She likes me to eat her pussy, too.”

“Oh, my God!” Harriet exclaimed. She felt a big cum mounting in her cunt.

“It’s not so bad,” Tommy went on. “She sucks me off in return.”

“OH!” Harriet gasped. His talk and his fingers had driven her to an immediate climax. Gasping hotly, she grabbed his hand and crushed it to her cunt and churned her hips as she came wetly on his fingers.

“Uh-uh-uhhhh,” she gasped, shivering and shaking as the boy watched her writhe and cum.

Tommy leaned down, closer to her heaving belly, and watched her furry cunt twist hotly on his finger. He stared hotly as she lifted her ass up off the seat and humped her twat furiously. She was cumming profusely.

Remembering what his sister liked, he caught Harriet’s erect clit between his thumb and forefinger. He shoved a finger up into her soaked cunthole. He squeezed another finger into her twisting little asshole.

“OHHHHH!” Harriet squealed. Her eyes rolled in her head. Her hands pulled her dress open and grabbed her hard jutting tits. Gasping hotly, she quivered and trembled on the boy’s raping fingers. “OH, DADDY!” she gasped.

When her hot young body sank back down onto the seat, Tommy took his hand away so he could watch her pussy wiggle. His hand was soaked with her hot cum. Her panties were drenched. And her twat was all pink and swollen and wet.

Harriet looked unconscious. Her head was thrown back, mouth open and pink tongue licking her ripe lips. She was panting and moaning. Her hands were squeezing the hell out of her young tits.

“Jeez!” Tommy exclaimed. “I ain’t never seen a girl so hot!”

Harriet couldn’t hear him. She was still swimming in her sea of erotic pleasure, tits tingling and pussy purring. So she didn’t hear Tommy get out of the car either.

A few moments later she heard the door open. “Holy shit!” someone blurted. Then she heard Tommy’s excited voice: “See? Didn’t I tell ya! Now do you believe me?”

Harriet tried to look, but her vision was blurred. A figure was looming over her.

“God damn, what a cute body,” she heard a male mutter. “This is Harriet Fenton, ain’t it? Jesus, I didn’t know she fucked! Christ, look at her twat!”

Though she couldn’t focus her eyes, Harriet knew this guy wanted to bang her. Suddenly panic-stricken, she started to struggle as the guy got his big dick out.

“No, no!” she cried. She cried until her voice gave out.

The horny guy held her tightly. With one massive hand he ripped her hands away from her chest and forced her legs open, exposing her firm white tits, her furry young cunt.

Close-up, Harriet could make out his cock-threateningly large and wet.

“The prettiest chick I ever screwed,” her captor rasped hornily.

Harriet cried out again. She cried till she could cry no more, till the terrible moment when the huge cock met the soft flesh of her defenseless twat. Even as the thick rigid dick penetrated her cunt she felt the hot flow of her own cum squish out of her pussy, and she began to discover just what it was like to be gang-banged.

“Just relax, Harriet,” her rapist murmured as he drove the full length of his dick into her feverish fuck-hole.

But Harriet couldn’t hear now. She had hunched her cunt up and, with her mind fixed on the drilling cock, had fallen into another erotic daze.

The guy guessed what was happening to her so, shoving his big cock into her snatch, he mauled her tight young tits and felt her ass lewdly.

Harriet trembled but did not resist, and he fingered her cute little asshole. Her shitter was as wet as her cunt — soft and silky. He couldn’t believe the way her ass and pussy were moving. She was coming already, and her panties were absolutely drenched. In her helpless and dazed condition, Harriet wrapped her pretty legs around his pumping hips and her heels pounded his butt as his cock drilled in and out of her squirmy cunt.

His dick was like stone now. Harriet’s heels banging against his ass spurred him on to faster fucking. At this stage she gave a little squeal and, clawing at him with her frantic fingers, began humping her twat hard and fast on his thrilling cock, all the while exclaiming: “Oh, my God! It’s so big! How hard! Ohhhh, I’m cumming!”

The guy chuckled with pleasure, nibbling her lips, then her ear. “That’s it, Harriet, baby,” he soothed, shoving his dick into her fuck-channel. “Fuck like a good girl. Mmmm, hump that pussy, kitten. Ah, ahhhh, fuck my cock, baby.”

He grew hornier by the minute, licking her ear, nibbling her straining young tits, finger fucking her wild little ass, banging his pelvis against her fiery young clit.

Harriet’s eyes were sparkling. She clamped her cunt around the guy’s slip-sliding cock and moaned hotly as he fucked away at her horny twat.

Before long a softness pervaded her body and pleasure engulfed her mind. She no longer fought against this erotic pleasure but, whimpering passionately, started thrusting her pussy heavenward for more of his stinging, drilling dick.

Her next cum overwhelmed her with pleasure, and then she yielded completely to the horny fucking. Screwing her ass hotly, she drove her heels into the guy’s jerking ass. Twisting her twat and wiggling her ass, she sucked his tongue into her mouth and clawed his back with her fingernails, kissing him hornily. She seemed to be a different girl cock-hungry and cum-crazy.

Neither Tommy nor her rapist could believe it as Harriet fucked and squealed, “Give it to me! Ohhh, fuck my pussy! Make me cum! Fuck it, fuck it! Ohhhhmmmm, more. Oh, what a big cock! I wanna cum! Deeper — faster! Harder — ohhh, my pussy’s so hot! Oh! Ummmnun — I’m… CUMMMIIINNNGGG!”

As small as she was, she came so violently that she rocked the big guy who was groaning on her and ramming his dick up her wet snatch. Clinging to him hungrily, she worked her hot cunt viciously on his prick, sucking the cum up out of his nuts.

The guy jerked wildly on her thrusting young body and pumped a big load of cockjuice into her furry little twat. Harriet moaned loudly, feeling the great splashes of male cum in her hot belly. Suddenly she couldn’t get enough cock.

When the guy was gasping, pulling his spent dick out of her quivery cunt, Harriet lay moaning, rubbing, her tits and humping her twat in the air.

“Ohhh, morrrre,” she panted. Her pretty head was rocking senselessly from side to side. She was squeezing her hard pink nipples for pleasure. Her furry young cunt was writhing hotly, oozing cumjuices.

“Jeez,” Tommy rasped, watching his date beg for more cock. “What am I gonna do?”

The older guy laughed. “Fuck’er, dummy!”

“I just did!” Tommy complained. “My prick ain’t hard yet.”

“Tommy!” she cried.

He leaned into the car. “Yeah?”

Harriet’s eyes were heavy with female lust. Her pink tongue ran across her lips as she said, “Get another guy for you.”

“Huh?” Tommy gasped. “Who?” Harriet’s finger curled up into her drenched young twat. “Anybody!” she panted, fingerfucking her gash. “You found one. Find another one! Hurry, Tommy, please! It’s all your fault. You got me this way. Ohhh, Tommy, for God’s sake, get me a big stiff cock!”

Once Tommy got her message, he knew what to do. A few seconds later a guy was kissing Harriet’s mouth, mauling her tits, and fucking the hell out of her horny little cunt.

After he shot his load into her heaving pussy, she heard another guy say, “Christ, I thought she was just a kid!”

When she could focus her eyes a little Harriet saw it was Alice Banner’s big brother, Phil. He was crawling between her legs.

Harriet slipped her arms around his neck.

“Oh, Phil!” she panted. “I’m not a kid. I’m horny! Push your big prick up my pussy! Fuck me, Phil, fuck me like crazy!”

Needing the fuck as much as she did, Phil lay between her trembling legs. Gripping his massive hard-on in his fist, he pressed the wet end of his swollen cockhead between her wet pussylips.

“Yes, yes, yessss,” Harriet moaned, lifting her horny twat anxiously. “Stick it in me. All of it. Push it in. Ohhh, give it to me. Fuck my cunt.”

Phil got his big cockhead safely into the hot mouth of her eager cunthole and shoved all of it into her channel.

“OHHHH!” Harriet squealed as the long dick speared into her fuck-hole.

Phil gasped too, and filled his hands with her hot ass. Gripping her quivery asscheeks firmly, he thrust his cock again and again into her juicy young twat.

“Ohh, Phil, what a nice cock you have!” Harriet gasped. Her beautiful ass was wiggling now as her cunt twisted and humped on his drilling prick.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” she panted, loving the feel of his hairy chest rubbing on her spiking pink nipples as his marvelous cock plowed into her frantic sex-box.

As he rammed his iron dick into her fuck-hole, his hands squeezed her asscheeks and a finger wiggled up into her squishy little asshole.

“Ohhhh,” Harriet moaned, feeling his finger up her ass and his big dick up her twat. The combined pleasure got her off right away. Her pussy feelings were intense.

“Ohhh, I’m gonna faint!” she shrieked as his soaked prick slurped in and out of her tight but wet cunt. “I’m gonna die! OH…! PHIL…! FUCK ME FASTER! OHHHH, I’M CUMMMIIINNNGGG!”

Her humping, clenching pussy, was too much for Phil. “AAAGGHHH!” he groaned, and pumped a huge load of cockcream into her sucking twat.

“Ohhh, more, more!” Harriet panted crazily as he started withdrawing his drenched dick from her palpitating pussy.

Tommy was red-faced and open-mouthed. He was also hot to trot after watching Phil bang pretty, horny Harriet.

When Phil got out of the car, Tommy got in.

“Ohhh, Tommy,” Harriet moaned as the boy started fucking her hot cunt. “How did you get me this way? Ohhh, I need it. Fuck me. I don’t want to… but I can’t stop now. Ohhh, fuck me good, Tommy. I wanna cum and cum and cum on your prick.” Harriet’s horny pussy and the excitement of it all [missing text].

Suddenly grunting, pumping his stiff boner rapidly into Harriet’s writhing cunt.

Harriet clung to him and panted deliriously. “No, nooo, don’t cum yet! Keep fucking me, Tommy. Let me cum good!”

“I can’t help it!” Tommy blurted. No sooner had the words left his mouth than the cockcream left his jerking, fucking wick.

“Ohhh, noooo,” Harriet gasped, fucking hard on his spitting dick. “I didn’t cum! Ohhh, my pussy’s all horny! Tommy, help me! Don’t leave me like this! I gotta cum! Tommy, I gotta cum! Ohhh, I’ll die if I don’t cum!”

“Jeez, don’t panic, Harriet!” Tommy gasped in sudden fear. “Just wait here. I know what to do. Everything’ll be all right. You’ll see. I know what to do.”

He knew what to do all right. For the next hour and a half, Harriet was fucked and screwed and banged by a series of big, fat cocks. Not boys now, but men. Grown men. Big men, fat men, skinny men, gentlemen, rough men, passionate men, and downright lustful men. Cock after cock filled her writhing young cunthole and load after load of thick, hot cockcream gushed into her horny twat.

What Harriet didn’t know was that Tommy was outside the car collecting five dollars from each man who fucked her. All she knew was that after six big males had fucked her cunt real nice, she’d lost count. She just moaned and writhed and fucked and came as man after man assaulted her curvy young body.

The next thing she remembered was that a huge barrel-chested man with an enormous cock was biting her pretty tits, as he fucked her pussy.

When he finally came in her sore twat, she was moaning. “Please, no more… I’ve had enough… please, step, stop! Tommy! Where’s Tommy?”

Then Tommy was beside her, soothing her, rubbing her cunt gently, and no more big men came.

“Tommy,” she panted, “I wanna go home.”

“Now?” he asked. “Don’t you want to see the rest of the movie?”

Harriet pushed him away and struggled up to a sitting position. Her pussy felt numb and her head was spinning.

“Don’t talk to me,” she said weakly. “Just take me home.”

As he drove out of the drive-in, Tommy looked at her and said, “Why don’t you want me to talk to you?”

Harriet wouldn’t look at him. “Because I hate you,” she said.

She adjusted her soaked panties and covered her tits in her dress.

“You’re so Goddamned fuckable.” He chuckled and added, “Bill’s told me how you like to suck and fuck when you’re horny.”

Harriet gasped. “What! Bill told you that! Oh — how could he? How could he dare say a thing like that about his own wife?”

“My boy and I have no secrets,” Jim told her, ramming all of his dick into her writhing young twat.

Harriet was shocked. “Oh, I’ll tear his hair out for that!”

“Hey, easy, baby,” her fucking father-in-law soothed. “Don’t get so upset. So you like to fuck. So what? Nothing to be ashamed of. Rein. Enjoy your passion. Your pretty cunt loves my cock. Why fight it? When you get horny, just spread your pretty legs and fuck all you want. Any man will be glad to fuck you. Get all the fun you can. Fuck a lot.”

“Why, I couldn’t do that!” Harriet gasped in horror.

She was humping hotly now. “I’m not that kind of a girl.” Her ass came up off the bed, all shivery and shaky. “And you shouldn’t talk this way to me. I… I… OH! I’M CUMMMIIINNNGGG!”


Harriet’s father-in-law’s prick was banging the hell out of her cute young ass. When she was still in a condition of helpless horniness he had rolled her over onto her belly. Then he spread her lovely legs, exposing her tight little asshole. As she lay panting and moaning, he clutched her curvy naked body and wedged his stiff cock up her ass. As he fucked her hotly she remembered the first time she’d been screwed in the ass.

She was in high school at the time, and as pretty as all get out. Lots of sexual experience had given a sensuous light to her eyes. Lots of hot cocksucking had made her lips full and ripe. And lots of fucking had made her young cunt easy to arouse. In short, Harriet was a luscious, full-bodied chick.

Her bedroom mirror told her she was a tasty, mouth-watering, cock raising piece, and she dreaded it. No matter what she wore, she looked good enough to eat. Or to fuck.

Men on the streets ogled her and whistled at her and made naughty remarks about her swinging little ass. When she danced with boys, they started feeling her ass. Harriet soon realized that she was growing prettier and more attractive to males, not less attractive, like some girls.

But that wasn’t the worst of it for Harriet. Posing naked before her mirror, she smoothed her hands over her proud jutting tits. Her pink nipples hardened like they did when her daddy sucked them. She pet her pussy and her little clit swelled up like it did when her daddy licked it or when he fucked his big cock in her cunt. But then she smoothed her hands, over her naked ass and, to her surprise, it felt good.

“Oh, no!” she gasped. “Not another spot to worry about!”

But it was true. Her tender hands made her ass wiggle and writhe, and the more she rubbed her asscheeks, the hotter her pussy got. It got so bad that she fell across the bed on her tingly tits. Then with one hand rubbing her anxious clit and the other stroking her firm round ass, she got off a tremendous cum.

“OH! OH!” she squealed, humping her fingers and rubbing her ass vigorously. “Ohhh, I can’t believe it! What’s wrong with me? Why does it feel so good? Oh, Oh, OHHHHH!”

Her hot young ass was writhing beautifully under her stroking hand and, just below it, her cunt was oozing glistening joy juices.

This was the scene Fred Baker saw when he looked into the bedroom.

“Holy Christ!” he rasped, and an instant hard-on made a tent in the front of his pants.

Harriet gasped and looked wild-eyed over her shoulder at the intruder.

He tried to speak. “I… I’m the plumber you called… I knocked… no answer… I… Jesus.”

His eyes were fixed on Harriet’s twisting young ass and he stumbled across the room, drawn to it like a bear to honey.

“No,” Harriet said weakly.

She was trying to push herself up on her hands, but suddenly a big male hand landed between her shoulder blades and pressed her back down on her tits.

Crazed with overwhelming lust, the man fell to his knees between her luscious legs. Holding her wriggling body down, he attacked her pussy and ass with his mouth.

“Mmm, beautiful!” He was panting, gobbling at her cunt and asshole. “Delicious mmm, good… lovely… ahhh, luscious!”

Harriet was gasping, “No, noooo, don’t eat me! Stop! Ohhh, who are you? Please, stop! Ohhh, don’t!”

“You must want it!” the man rasped, licking his tongue into her twat. “What an ass!” he groaned and licked her asshole.

“OH!” Harriet cried when his hot tongue met her asshole. No one had ever licked her asshole before.

She went on protesting and gasping, but the lust-driven plumber couldn’t hear her. All he knew was that he was kissing, licking, and sucking the youngest ass and pussy of his life.

But he did notice when Harriet stopped struggling against the pleasure. Her body stopped twisting and started writhing. And she stopped protesting and started moaning.

Noticing the big difference, the man slipped his hand down her back to her ass. He hooked his thumbs into the hot flesh of her asscheeks and pried them apart. Then he licked his hot tongue into her squirmy little asshole.

“OH!” Harriet squealed again as he started sucking her ass. “OH, MY GOD!”

Inspired by her hot squeals of delight, the man buried his face in her crotch and chewed her swollen pussylips. Then he tongued her asshole again. Then he sucked her clit.

Mashing his face into the juicy wetness of her hot young crotch, he stiffened his tongue like a dart and drilled it into her tight little asshole. Harriet gasped and shivered.

“OHHHH,” she moaned hotly. “That’s too goooood! Do more! Oh, God, eat me! Suck my asshole! Lick my cunt! Ohhh, it’s too goooood!”

The man had never sucked ass before, but then, he had never seen an ass like Harriet’s before. He was drunk with her cuntjuice and asshole, and pleased to hear such a young girl whimpering and moaning for more. The taste of her hot ass and driving him wild with lust to eat her out.

Kneeling between her quivering young legs, he twined his thick tongue in the slippery wetness of her soaked asshole. With his nose stuck between her nice asscheeks, he licked his wild tongue in and out of her squirmy shifter.

Easing his hot tongue out of her clenching little hole, he slid it over her cuntflesh, down to her cunt. He sucked her cunt into his mouth, soaking his nose in hot cuntjuice, teasing her twat into a state of lewdness.

“OH, DADDY!” Harriet shrieked as his drenched tongue lifted more of her silky cum up to her asshole. “Ohhh, what are you frying to do to me!”

On and on the hot tongue licked and sucked, continually lubricating her asshole with cuntjuices. Harriet looked beautiful writhing on the bed beneath his hot devouring mouth. Her whole body was shivering with pleasure as the nasty man drove her wilder and wilder. Grunting like a hurt animal, she lifted her ass a few inches and twisted it against his mouth. The reluctant girl had turned into the sex hungry girl.

“SUCK ME!” she gasped. “Stick your tongue in my holes! Ohhh, God, my pussy’s on fire — my ass is hot! Eat me — eat me!”

She was really out of her head now, wanting to be sucked. Needing to be sucked. With senses reeling and ass writhing, she was humping the man’s tongue in search of her big cunt.

But the lust-crazed stranger had something else in mind. Eating this young chick’s pretty pussy and hot asshole had given him a tremendous boner. And here before his hot eyes was this perfectly delicious young asshole.

He suddenly stopped eating her horny young sex-box and was getting to his feet.

“Ohhh, don’t stop!” Harriet sobbed. “Not now! Ohhhh, please, suck my cunt, suck my ass. Anything! But make me cum!”

“Oh, you’re gonna cum all right!” the man threatened.

Harriet felt his big body come down on hers, felt a big, wet prick press against her asshole.

“WHAT!” she squealed. “Oh, no — not that! Oh, please, mister — DON’T FUCK ME THERE!”

The man licked his tongue into her cute little ear and urged his big, thick cock into her asshole.

“Uhhhh!” Harriet gasped as his huge prick came sliding wetly into her tight little hole.

Even as she whimpered, “No, no, noooo,” she was amazed to feel his massive prick stretching her asscheeks apart and filling her asshole.

The man inched his big dick into her. As he did so, he sucked her ear, squeezed one firm round tit, and clawed her clit. Harriet went to pieces.

“Ohhhh, how much more is there? Uh-uhuhhh, your cock is so big — so long — so thick! OHHH, MY POOR ASS!”

The stranger was grunting, pushing all of his rigid fuck pole into her tense little ass. When he had every inch of it up her ass and Harriet was moaning, he started a slow fuck.

Harriet panted, feeling his huge prick slip sliding in and out of her soaked asshole. She couldn’t believe the good feelings in her tits and cunt and, most of all, in her ass.

“Ohhh, I must be wicked!” she gasped. “I like it!”

The man chuckled and started fucking her faster, all the while massaging her tits and clit.

“God forgive me!” she panted, twisting her asshole on his stiff boner. “Ohhh, it feels so good!”

A few hot seconds later, as the man’s monstrous cock probed the depths of her ass, Harriet was gasping, “Ohhh, fuck my ass! Squeeze my nipples! Rub my cunt! Pinch me — feel me — ohhh, fuck my asshole! Ohhh, sweet JESUS, I’m gonna cum like crazy!”

The man’s hands cupped and squeezed her firm ripe tits as his stiff boner raped her writhing ass. His dick drilled relentlessly into her squirmy asshole.

He drove his wet cock deep. It slid in, in, in, wedging up her tight hole, stretching her lovely asscheeks, driving forward till his big, hot balls were slapping her dripping cunt. As he screwed his rigid dick in and out of her fist tight asshole, his nuts whacked her pussylips, making. Harriet shiver and whimper and moan with pleasure.

She panted hotly as he worked his big cock in and out of her squishy ass. She moaned as he fucked his prick faster into her bunghole. She was helplessly on fire, desperately horny, as the new thrills of being ass-fucked overwhelmed her young mind and enslaved her young body to the man’s lust.

She could feel her asshole sucking on the man’s slippery dick. She was impaled on his plunging prick. His cock felt enormous up her tight ass and she knew it would soon explode and gush like a volcano in her bowels. Wondering what it would be like only made her hornier, and her cute ass moved more hotly on his burrowing dick. She was amazed to find that the huge cock drilling her tight ass felt awfully good to her.

She was now fucking his cock with senseless abandon, wanting nothing but the fucking prick that was forcing into her asshole. The slip-sliding cock felt so good up her ass that she could hardly tell if it was screwing her asshole or her cunt. His big cockhead fucking her bowels thrilled her so much that her pussy kept creaming as he fucked her.

The ass-stretching dick hurt her and burned her but the good feelings up her ass and in her twat were even greater. Harriet was moaning with shameless pleasure. Joy juices kept oozing from between her sex-swollen pussylips as the huge hard-on fucked her guts.

She gasped and trembled when she felt the big dick up her ass fucking even harder.


Panting hotly, she pressed his hands tighter against her aching young tits. Then her hand reached down to her cunt. Gasping for breath, she clawed her clit hornily as the driving cock thrilled her asshole.

She shrieked as she came wetly on her fingers. Her whole body rocked with orgasm as the plumber plumbed her hot asshole and pumped his load of thick cockcream into her ass.

The man was groaning and ramming his big dick hard into her ass as it fired thick jets of white milky cum into her.

Harriet gasped, feeling his fountain of cockcream pouring, and her lovely young asscheeks closed around his plunging prick. The movement of her ass muscles made the man choke as he pumped his hot load of jism.

Whimpering with new fuck-pleasure, Harriet squeezed his lovely, cock with her asscheeks and moaned loudly as her pussy flowed and his dick spit savagely.

Fireworks went off in her head and sparks flew throughout her young body as the man drained his dick deep in her twisting asshole. Her cum-thrills washed through her and left her arms and legs feeling soft as rubber. She lay sprawled on her belly and tits, moaning as the man held his thick cock buried deep in her squishy asshole. The feeling was mind boggling and, for these forbidden moments, Harriet loved ass-fucking.

She lay moaning under the man, feeling his prick going limp, pulsing in her hot ass. “Ohhhh,” she purred.

A second later, catching her breath, she moaned, “Why did you do that to me?”

“You gotta be kidding!” the plumber rasped. “You were hot for it! Your ass was dying for a stiff cock when I walked in. What else could I do but fuck you?”

A tremor ran through Harriet’s body and it made her asshole squeeze his thick hunk of meat. “I’ve never had it like this,” she whispered.

“Your ass likes it,” the man said. He gave her ear a lick.

Harriet jerked her body. “Get off of me!” she gasped. She tightened her asshole and his thick wet cock made a slurping sound as it plopped out of her juicy gash.

The plumber chuckled, but got up. Harriet bolted to her feet and pranced into the bathroom, slamming the door.

A second later the door opened again and Harriet poked her pretty head out as sternly as she could, she said, “The sink you came to fix is in the kitchen, not in my bedroom!”

She shut herself in the bathroom and heard the man chuckling as he left her room.

She eyed her naked, glowing body in the mirror and gasped, “Goodness! You look beautiful!”

This surprised her because she thought a girl ought to look terrible after getting raped.

She stroked her hands over her jutting young tits. How sensitive they are, she thought.

She dipped one hand down to her furry little twat. It was soaked. “Oh!” she cooed when her fingers toyed with her cunt.

A few seconds later she had one foot up on the edge of the tub. Her thighs were splayed. Her finger was stuck up her hot pussy. Her sparkling eyes were dancing up and down her luscious young body in the mirror.

“I guess he couldn’t help fucking me,” she panted, humping her cunt on her fingers. “I am pretty. But what a thing to do to a girl!”

She turned and peered in the mirror at her curvy little ass. “Hmmm, maybe he couldn’t help that either,” she murmured, smiling slightly. “I must have looked awfully tempting on the bed like that.”

A shiver ran through her. She grabbed a bath towel and draped it around her body. Then she padded barefoot into the kitchen.

The plumber was kneeling near the sink, but he turned and eyed the beautiful young girl when she came in.

Harriet saw the instant lust in his eyes and said, “I only came to jell you I’m sorry you saw me that way. I guess it’s my fault. But you shouldn’t come into people’s homes without permission. And you shouldn’t come into a girl’s bedroom! But I apologize. The least you can do is say you’re sorry, too.”

The man chuckled and got to his feet. “Are you finished?” he said, approaching her.

“Don’t you come near me!” Harriet warned.

The plumber laughed lewdly, his eyes moving hotly over her half-naked body. “You didn’t come out here in nothing but a towel just to apologize,” he said.

His arms went around her body. “You came for more sex.”

His mouth pressed down on hers. His tongue pried her lips apart and dived into her mouth. His big hand stripped away her towel and dropped it to the floor. His left hand caressed her naked little ass. His right hand fondled he ripe young tits, then her cunt.

Harriet went all weak and helpless, breathing fast as he mauled her. Her pussy was rubbing into his fingers. She moaned.

The man lifted her weakened body up across his powerful arms and carried her into the living room. Harriet whimpered as he set her naked body down on the sofa.

“Please, mister,” she sniffled, “don’t fuck me again.”

The man smiled at her heaving young tits. “That isn’t what you really want to say,” he muttered. He was on his knees, stroking her juicy little twat and licking at her spiking pink nipples. “You really want to say, ‘Please, mister, fuck me again.'”

“No, nooo,” Harriet moaned, writhing beneath his mouth and hand.

He suddenly shoved his big finger up her hot cunt and Harriet gasped.

“Say it,” he teased.

“No,” Harriet breathed hotly.

“Say it,” he repeated, slowly fucking his finger in and out of her nervous twat.

“No, noooo.”

“Come an, now, say it.”


He grinned and took her lifting tit into his mouth. His exciting fingers teased her clit into anxious hardness. Her breathing quickened. Her tits strained. Her hips started writhing.

And her cunt started humping.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned in defeat. Her arms slipped around him. Her pretty young legs opened wide. With a final shudder and a little gasp, she whispered, “Please, mister, fuck me again.”

The man raised his face from her tits. He was smiling. “Where would you like me to fuck you? In your ass, your cunt, or your mouth?”

Harriet quivered. For one last moment she thought about resisting her crazy horniness. But her cunt started fucking and she panted, “In my pussy, first.”


All through high school Harriet thought she was a sex slave. Her teen years had been chock full of sex. She had grown into a luscious female with a curvy young ass, proud ripe tits, and a pussy that would give her no peace.

She thought about that as she blew her father-in-law’s rigid wet dick. As her soft, sensuous mouth sucked his erect boner she remembered her birthday present from Bob Alton.

Bob had attended her birthday party in her home. He had danced with her a lot, liking to hold her slim figure crushed against him. This made Harriet quite nervous because Bob was very good-looking and he always had a hard on.

During one dance, as his stiff prick dry fucked her twitching little cunt, she panted, “I know what you’re up to, Bob, so you can just quit it.”

“Quit what?” Bob grinned.

“You know what,” Harriet whispered, squeezing his rigid cock with her thighs. “You’re trying to get me hot.”

Bob chuckled and murmured in her ear: “Your pussy’s pretty hot already. I can tell by the way it rubs on my dick.”

“Bob, don’t!” Harriet gasped. The truth hurt. She knew the boy was right. Her furry little cunt really liked to ride on a stiff boner during a hot dance.

Bob gave her crotch a playful jab with his hard-on and said, “Let’s go out back and fuck.”

“Oh, no, you don’t!” Harriet giggled. “Not after what you did last week!”

Just the week before she had been dancing with Bob and he’d gotten her twat so horny that in no time at all she was stark naked and fucking his cock like crazy.

Bob chuckled and said, “I have another birthday present for you.”

“I’ll bet!” Harriet laughed. His dick was throbbing fiercely between her legs.

“I’m serious,” Bob replied. “Come on, let’s go far a ride.”

“A ride?”

“Yeah. Come on.”

Harriet went with him in his car. She felt safe because it was daylight. At least he hadn’t talked her into going to the backyard where he would have fucked her.

Sitting beside him, seeing no bulge in his pants, Harriet sighed with relief. She smiled to herself. It’s a good thing we stopped dancing, she thought. Another few minutes and he would have had me!

She was feeling quite safe until she noticed that Bob had driven her to the outskirts of town.

“Bob,” she said, looking around. “Where are you taking me?” She had a nervous feeling in her pussy.

Bob gave her pretty leg a friendly squeeze. “Relax, Harriet,” he said. “I’m taking you to your birthday present.”

Harriet looked puzzled. “Way out here?”

“Yep,” Bob said, and gave her thigh a gentle stroke.

He pulled off the road and parked under some trees. He got out and went around the car and opened Harriet’s door. “Come on,” he said, taking her by the hand.

Harriet held back. “What are you up to? This place is deserted. Bob, take me home. I don’t trust you at all. There’s no birthday present out here.”

“Yes there is.” Bob smiled, pulling her from the car. As she climbed out he saw her thighs flash and the sharp thrust of her jutting young tits turned him on. His prick got stiff as he led her into the woods.

“Bob!” she cried, trying not to stumble. “Don’t pull me so hard! Where are we going? I want to go home. You’re acting awfully funny. What are you up to? If you think for one minute that you’re going to screw me out here.”

The rest of her words got stuck in her throat as she saw a whole gang of boys. Her mind immediately flashed back to when all those men fucked her in the drive-in. Her eyes went wide and her pretty mouth fell open. Her ripe young tits started heaving and deep in her cunt a ticklish feeling made her pussy tingle dangerously.

“Happy birthday.” Bob laughed. He suddenly pushed her into the crowd of grinning males.

“No!” She cried as boys surrounded her and male hands attacked her defenseless body.

“Happy birthday!” one guy said, and plastered his mouth on hers.

“Happy birthday,” another guy said, and grabbed one of her fine pointy tits.

“Happy birthday,” said another boy, and he grabbed her other tit.

Harriet gasped through the hot kiss as someone else said, “Happy birthday.” Then she felt a hot hand come zooming under her dress to her furry little cunt.

There was another birthday greeting and a hand hiked her dress up in back and squeezed her naked ass.

Two more guys wished her a happy birthday and filled her hands with big stiff cocks.

Now Harriet was trapped by horny guys. Her mouth was full of probing male tongue. Her luscious tits and spiking pink nipples were being hotly sucked by two guys. Some guy was down on his knees licking her cute little ass. Another guy had his finger stuck up her asshole. In front, another hot finger was digging into her juicy young twat. Someone was licking her navel. Someone else was rubbing and kissing her legs. Harriet’s mind was in a whirl. She couldn’t help squeezing the big dicks in her hands.

Male hands groped at her body. Her dress was opened, then pulled down. Harriet was suddenly, beautifully naked, moaning, as hands and mouths attacked every inch of her hot young body.

She moaned again as she was bent backwards across a powerful arm. The tongues on her chest were doing things to her sensitive tits that made her pink nipples push up and out.

The finger up her ass and the finger in her cunt made her hump. Her eyes were rolling in her head. She could hardly breathe, she was so hot.

A small pan of her mind wanted the guys to stop and between kisses she panted, “Bob, I hate you. How could you let this happen? Ohhh, stop, stop, you’re driving me crazy! Please, please, there are too many of you! Oh, I can’t stand it! I’ll never forgive you! Ohhhh, stop fucking me! Take your fingers out!”

And yet her pussy was fucking the probing finger. Her tight little asshole was rotating on the other finger. She was jerking the cocks in her hands. And her tongue started licking at the big tongue fucking her mouth.

Her whole body went lax and started to tremble. Her tits were thrusting beneath hungry mouths. Her ass and cunt were twisting faster. Her fists tightened on the huge dicks in her hands.

The big prick in her left hand suddenly started shooting. Large doses of thick cockcream splashed against her hip and leg, oozing down to her foot. Harriet felt the hot jism hit her with force and she moaned. With a sudden shiver of forbidden excitement, she jacked off the shooting dick, making it spit savagely. Then she drew the wet cock to her flesh and rubbed it there.

“Ohhh, you bastards,” she gasped. Her right hand was whacking the other cock fiercely. Her twat was humping hornily on the finger moving in it.

The horny guys drew her hot body down. Harriet’s head was swimming. She felt herself being mauled, felt up, squeezed, and put into position.

One guy lay on his back and sat her on his aching boner. Harriet forced her eyes open and through her sex haze she saw a guy she knew vaguely.

“You bastard,” she breathed hotly, but she took his stiff wet dick and lowered her tingling cunt down on it.

Her eyes closed again as the long thick hunk of cock slipped up into the hot flesh of her juicy young twat. Panting hotly, she started fucking her horny cunt on his iron dick.

Two more cocks slipped into her hands. Two more came to her mouth, one from the left, one from the right. The big dick up her hot cunt made her so horny that she licked at each of the cocks in her mouth. All the while, someone was licking at her asshole.

When her sweet little ass was slick with saliva, the guy pressed Harriet forward, down on the boy she was screwing. The boy under her sucked her tits and fucked her cunt. The big guy on her back rammed his horny cock up her little ass.

“OHHHH!” Harriet shrieked. “It’s so big! Oh, oh, I’m cumming! Fuck me, you bastard!”

Harriet couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She felt so horny. The cocks in her hands felt so nice all of a sudden. The big prick fucking her mouth was delicious now. The boner up her ass was divine. And the cock screwing her cunt was fantastic.

“MMMM!” she moaned on the straining dick in her mouth. Someone’s dick was shooting thick cockcream all over her hip and thigh. The cock in her mouth started pumping loads of hot jism down hcr throat. The pricks up her ass and twat started ramming harder, then exploding. Hot cum seemed to be coming at her from all directions. The cocks in her hands were shooting, too.

“MM-MM-MMMMM,” she was moaning, sucking hotly on the cock spitting in her mouth. Her mouth was soft and loving now, twisting this way and that as her little pink tongue lashed at his cockhead, forcing his dick to spit more.

Harriet was drinking his cum down, moaning as other dicks shot their loads in her and on her. Her hands moved to her luscious young body and as she fucked and sucked, she smoothed the jism of the boys over her flesh, using it like a body lotion.

She was still moaning and spreading cockcream over her tits when a guy pulled her over to him. Harriet rolled onto her back, moaning hornily. Through her lashes she saw a big guy aiming his wet cock at her sex-box.

“FUCK ME!” she panted and threw her pretty legs wide and lifted her twat in the air for him. Her arms snaked around his neck as he pushed his big prick up into her horny wet cunt. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEEE!” she panted.

She was getting her horny wish. Lusty males were kissing her and licking her and fucking her, while still others were standing around watching, their dicks big and hard.

Harriet’s hot eyes fluttered and her lovely tits heaved as three guys stood over her and jacked off. She grew breathless as she watched big male hands jerk and whack big, thick hot cocks.

She moaned hotly as the men thrust their hips forward, fucking their pricks fiercely. Her eyes darted from cockhead to cockhead, staring hornily as they got wetter and wetter, dripping pre-cum onto her body.

Moaning passionately, she smoothed her hands into the warm fluid and creamed it into her flesh like a soft lotion. She was breathing rapidly now, almost gasping, watching the stiff cocks build up to climax. She knew the guys wanted to shoot their randy loads of cum onto her curvy little body.

“Ohhh, do it,” she whimpered hornily. “Shoot your cum. Give it to me. Bathe me in your cum!”

The lusty guys dropped to their knees, still jerking their wild young clicks. The guys were grunting, jacking their cocks to orgasm. Harriet saw two other guys standing by, ogling. Panting hotly, she reached her hands up and moaned, “Ohhh, you too!”

Her soft hands curled around two stiff clicks and started jerking them fiercely. Now she needed to have male cum shooting all over her body. Now she wanted these big hard pricks to respond for her, grow large for her, and spit like crazy for her.

The guy kneeling near her hip got off first. Suddenly his enormous wet cock started bolting in his fist.

“OH!” Harriet gasped as his dick started gushing great wads of white cockcream. Huge splashes of jism splatted onto her heaving belly. Squirts of male cum landed, in her pussy hair, against her thighs, in her navel. Moaning lewdly, she was writhing on the ground, smoothing the jism into her flesh with her hot, hands.

The shooting cock caused a chain reaction. All of a sudden, every stiff cock near her was spitting savagely, spurting and squirting her body with cockcream. Wads of cum hit her face, her mouth, her throat, her ripe young tits, her cunt, her legs. Harriet was moaning with passion, her hands circling and circling, rubbing the hot jism into her body, bathing in it.

Out of her head with horniness, she panted, “Ohhh, more, more!”

Spent cocks retreated and big horny dicks replaced them. Guy after guy came up to her. Standing or kneeling, each guy whacked off his cock and shot all his hot cum onto her body. Every once in a while Harriet helped by reaching out with her hands. She fondled big, hot nuts. She teased cockheads. She fingered dicks and thumbed them and jerked them, helping the horny guys to cum. In her advanced state of female lust she couldn’t get enough male cum on her luscious young body. She couldn’t see enough hot dicks. She couldn’t watch enough cocks spitting and squirting and gushing and spurting and dripping onto her. And her hands kept creaming the jism over her lovely curves.

Her pretty eyes closed in some kind of secret rapture. She was breathing through her parted lips. Her whole body was writhing in passion. And her hands were rubbing hot cum onto her firm young tits, smoothing round and round, working the lotion into them. Then her hands moved down to her twat. She spread her lovely legs real wide and her fingers drew gobs of cockcream over her flesh to her cunt. Spreading her cuntlips, she pushed wads of jism up into her pussy and hotly fingerfucked herself.

This naughty female behavior got a lot of studs very horny and before she knew it, guys were all over her, kissing her and licking her and fucking the hell out of her mouth, ass and cunt.

Harriet was in seventh heaven.


Harriet had this seventh-heaven feeling now as her horny father-in-law worked his big cock in and out of her mouth. She couldn’t help remembering her gang-bangs as his cockhead slid smoothly over her tongue and his thick cockshaft slipped back and forth in her hand.

She closed her eyes, recalling all the sex she’d had over the years. Here she was, eighteen and horny, blowing her father-in-law’s big dick and liking it. She knew she liked it.

She squeezed his wet cockshaft and started twirling her little pink tongue round and round his bulging cockhead. She took more of his cock into her pleasant mouth and started sucking faster. Her father-in-law was grunting with excitement and she knew his dick was going to fill her mouth with hot cockcream.

She started fondling and caressing his big hot nuts as his huge dick fucked her mouth. Her hand started whacking him off. She was whimpering now, expecting his burst of thick cream. Her tongue was lashing now, licking and sucking fiercely. Her father-in-law groaned. His cock jolted in her hand, bolted in her mouth.

“MMMM!” she moaned, and suddenly a huge blob of hot cream tore through his cockshaft and out of his cockhead into her softly sucking mouth. Then Harriet was moaning hotly, jacking him off, sucking hotly, and drinking blob after blob of gushing jism. Her father-in-law lifted her pretty head and shoved his thick cock deep into her mouth. Shivering and groaning, he pumped his fiery load of cum down her gulping throat.

Harriet was drinking fast, sucking up wad after wad of his randy load, and then she was panting, jerking his cock slowly, licking and sucking his spent cock clean.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned and lay with eyes closed as his thick dick softened between her lips. She lay a long time, breathing steadily, gently licking his spent cockhead with her soft tongue.

After a few minutes her father-in-law eased his shrunken dick out of her mouth and gazed down at her pretty face. Grinning, he said, “You sure like to suck cock, don’t you?”

Harriet heaved a sigh that made her ripe tits rise up. She opened her eyes and peered up at the grinning, man. “Only when I’m in this condition,” she said softly.

Then she tuned her face away and heaved a heavy sigh. She looked sad.

“Hey, what’s the matter, kitten?” her father-in-law asked.

Harriet wouldn’t look at him now. “Oh, Dad,” she whimpered. “You’d never understand.”

He lay beside her and cupped one of her nice tits in his hand. “Try me,” he said.

She looked into his eyes. Her tit was responding to his eager touch. She heaved another sigh and said, “Men just don’t understand. I know what you think. You think I wanted you to make a pass at me and fuck me. But I didn’t. You’re my husband’s father, for God’s sake. I like you. Really I do, I like you a lot. I didn’t want to fuck you. But when you touched me like that, I… oh, I can’t explain it… it feels too good and my pussy gets all hot and horny and then I’m doing exactly what I didn’t want to do.”

Her father-in-law shifted his hand from her tits to her furry young cunt. His fingers started smoothing over her cuntlips and crack.

“That’s quite a speech.” He laughed, teasing her clit into hardness. “But I think you’re kidding yourself. You love to fuck and suck cock.”

“I do not!” Harriet gasped. Her pussy was moving against his fingers. Her clit was tingling.

“Yes, you do,” he said, with a smile. “Look, Harriet, you’re eighteen now. It’s time you grew up and faced the facts of life. Stop running from your own truth. You love sex! Face it! Your tits love to be sucked. Your ass loves to be screwed. And your cunt loves to be eaten and fucked.”

“Dad!” Harriet gasped. “How can you talk like that! I thought you liked me!” Her cunt was writhing as his big finger eased up into her fuck-hole.

“I do like you, kitten. That’s why I’m leveling with you. Christ, you’re a beautiful young girl with perfect tits and fantastic goodies. And you like getting your rocks off. Quit fighting it. You can have lots more fun if you face the truth and open up to it.”

Harriet was breathing rather fast. Her pussy was humping his digging finger. “Dad, please don’t talk that way to me,” she purred.

“Well, I’m gonna talk this way. For your own good, Harriet. You’re not a kid any more. Come down out of your ivory tower. You try to act like you don’t want sex, but all I have to do is pet your pretty little pussy and you’re ready for a big stiff cock.”

Harriet’s hand dropped between them, then reached over to his cock and caressed it. As he spoke to her, she was squeezing and slowly jerking his dick.

“Stop and think a minute,” he went on as he fingerfucked her juicy little twat. “Wouldn’t it be more fun if you invited sex?”

“Oh, I couldn’t do that!”

“Sure you could. Think of how nice it would be if you looked forward to my next visit. Why, you could greet me at the door in a sexy little nightie and seduce me into bed. You could have your pretty pussy all ready for my cock.”

“Dad!” Harriet gasped, fucking her cunt on his finger.

He chuckled and worked his finger deep into her twat, making her hips roll and heave. “You’re a beautiful piece of ass, Harriet,” he murmured. “Enjoy it. Doesn’t my finger feel good right now up your pussy?”

“Well… yes… but…”

“No buts! Does it feel good or doesn’t it?”

“I… I… ohhh, yesssss!”

“Of course, it does. You want to fuck again. Your cunt’s so juicy right now, dripping with your cum. It’s so hot and soft and hungry. Why not enjoy it? Come on now, relax and let yourself go.”

“Oh, I can’t.”

“Yes you can. Come on. Let go. Relax. Spread your pretty legs. That’s the girl. Here, I’ll lick your nice tits for you. See how your nipples harden? Feels good, doesn’t it? Of course, it does. See how you’re jerking my cock? You know what you like. You want my dick stiff and fuckable. Right?”

“I, well, I guess so.” Harriet faltered. But her hot hand was whacking his big dick hornily, getting it ready for fucking.

“You know it!” her father-in-law said. “You’ve got to get rid of your old-fashioned ideas about sex. If you like fucking, admit it to yourself. Get all the cock you can. Why not?”

Harriet’s cute little ass came up off the bed as her wet snatch rotated on his fucking finger. “Ohhh, Dad,” she moaned. “I know you mean well. But I get so confused. I mean, sometimes I really want to fuck. I can’t help it. Something comes over me and all I can think about is stiff pricks shooting cum all over me and in me.”

“Of course you do,” he muttered soothingly, petting her horny cunt. “You were made for sex, kitten. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. You have to relax and enjoy your body. Why should you miss out on a helluva lot of fun just because of old-fashioned ideas? I’ll bet there are plenty of studs around this neighborhood who’d like to fuck you and play with your nice tits. Why not relax and get your cookies, too?”

“Oh, Dad, you make it sound so simple.” Harriet sighed.

“It is simple, kitten,” he said, squeezing her tense little clit. “This is a new age, baby. Women all over the country are getting it on. No more bullshit about sin and adultery and taboo. Just fun sex. Cunts are cumming like crazy everywhere right now. Why shouldn’t [missing text]?” Harriet gasped because a sudden thrill shot through her pussy. “OH!” she shrieked. “IT IS!”s

Chuckling lewdly, her father-in-law filled his mouth with one firm, jutting tit and dug his fingers into her churning pussy as she came and came and came.

Harriet was gasping and squealing. “Oh-oh! Ohhhh! Cumming is so nice! Make me cum, Dad! How do you get me like this? I feel so horny! My pussy’s dripping like mad! Dad, your cock is so big now. Ohhhh, give it to me. Ohhh, please fuck me with it!”

“That’s the way,” he said hotly, climbing onto her hungry young body. “Enjoy your fucking. Enjoy your horniness. Get all the cock you can.”

“Yes, yes, yessss.” Harriet was moaning. She was grabbing his big dick, jerking and caressing it till, it was throbbing at her cunt. “Fuck meeeeeee,” she whimpered, pulling his cock into her box.

Her little ass quivered anxiously. Her pussylips spread willingly for his enormous cockhead. With both hands clutching his cockshaft, she urged his huge hard-on up into her horny fuck-channel. The slick walls of her twat parted as his thick dong eased up into her cunthole. Harriet moaned and opened her pretty legs wider.

“[missing text] been! You fuck a girl so nice.”

A second later she was moaning like a slut, thrusting her cunt up at his diving, drilling dick. Pushing her hot tits at his face, fucking hornily on his cocky she squealed, “Ohh, fuck me, Dad! Fuck me all you want! Give me your dick — your prick, your dong, your cock! Ohhhh, I want to be so dirty! Fuck the shit out of me! Ohhhh, I’m cumming on your wonderful prick! Fuck it harder — deeper — faster! OH! OH! OH — FUCK MEEEEE!”

She was laughing sensuously then, completely reined, completely free. In her new passion she fucked like crazy, her belly heaving hotly, her legs flailing the air, her twat writhing and twisting eagerly on the driving cock. She was delirious, cumming rapidly and repeatedly as the dick fucked and rammed and screwed her delightful young cunt. Harriet loved every inch of it, every minute of it.

She was still cumming wetly a few minutes later when she felt his cock stiffen in her cunt. “Shoot your nice load!” She laughed hornily, shoving her cunt at his dick. “Fuck it into me, Dad! Ohhh, you nice man! Screw my cunt! Pump your load into my pussy! Ohhhh, my cunt’s so horny for it!”

It was one helluva orgasm. With every shot from his spearing cock Harriet’s cunt quivered and sucked on his dick.

“Jesus Christ!” he groaned, pumping loads and loads of hot jism into her sucking twat.

Harriet was moaning, loving every jab of his dick, enjoying every spurt of his cock. Her horny young pussy was crazy with passion now, clinging and sucking on his cock. Her whole body was writhing and twisting on the bed.

“It’s SOOO goooood!” she shrieked, humping her ass faster. “Oh, Dad, fuck it into me!”

Her father-in-law was panting for breath now. Her horny young body had fucked all his strength out of his dick. When it could shoot no more cockcream, he eased it out of her twisting little twat and sat smiling at her as she played with her tits and moaned with pleasure.

She smiled at him, too, and purred, “I think you’ve got a tiger by the tail, Dad.”

“What do you mean?” he chuckled.

“I mean you don’t know just how horny I get when I’m willing to fuck.” Harriet giggled. Her eyes were starry. “But you’re gonna find out, now that you set me free. You’re right, you know. I think I’ve always wanted to fuck, but I’ve fought it all my life. Except when guys make me horny.”

She heaved a big sigh and said, “Oh, you don’t know what I’ve been through.”

He lay beside her young body and caressed her firm, jutting tits. “Tell me about it.” He smiled.

As her father-in-law’s cock stiffened in her naughty hand she told him about Mr. Sandon and how he had her sucking his dick.


A few minutes later her juicy young twat was twisting hotly on her father-in-law’s big finger. She was panting softly, telling him how nineteen guys fucked her at the drive-in movie.

She was horny now and Jim Fenton’s cock was immense in her hand.

“Let me see your cute ass,” he said hotly.

Harriet giggled and rolled over onto her tits, revealing every smooth inch of her luscious ass. As he stroked it, Harriet writhed and told him how she had gotten fucked in her ass for the very first time.

“You’ve had quite a sex life,” he said, as he worked his finger in and out of her tight little asshole.

“Ohh, that’s not the half of it,” Harriet said. She twisted on the bed, caressed his cock, and gave it a warm kiss. “Just last year I took a bath in cum.” She laughed and licked her tongue at his bulging cockhead.

“How did that happen?” Jim wanted to know. Her sexy stories were thrilling his big cock.

In between licks and sucks on his throbbing prick Harriet told him all about Bob Alton and her birthday. “He tricked me,” she said, lapping her tongue around his leaking cockhead. “He said he had another present for me. Some present! He drove me out to the woods where a whole gang of guys were waiting for me. They did everything to me. And I mean everything! They fucked my bottom, my pussy, and my mouth, till I was just dizzy with horniness. I was so turned on I couldn’t stand it. And after all that sucking and fucking, the guys started shooting their cum all over me. Ohhh, I can’t begin to tell you what that did to me! I’m almost ashamed to mention it!”

“What did it do to you?” Jim urged her as he licked her pretty young twat.

Harriet gave his cockhead a nice suck and giggled, “I took a bath in cum! I mean, I just smoothed their juices all over my tits and cunt and ass. They kept pumping cum and I kept rubbing the globs into my body. It was so creamy.”

She and her horny father-in-law were now eating each other. As he licked his tongue into her squirmy little cuntcrack, she murmured, “I tried to tell, myself I didn’t like sex. But secretly I did. I must have. Every time a guy touched me, all I could do was go weak and do everything he wanted.”

“Mmmm,” Jim groaned, sucking her stiff little clit.

Harriet took half of his big cock into her hot mouth. After a few bobs of her head she said, “Now, here I am, eighteen and horny. I must be horny. I never dreamed I’d be sucking a cock willingly.”

She licked her tongue up the full length of his rigid prick and said, “You’ve helped me so much, Dad. I like sucking your cock. It’s so big and hard. It’s so hot. So thick. Ohhhh, and I like what you’re doing to my pussy!”

Her hips began to chum. Her hot cunt started humping against his sucking mouth. “Ohhh, Dad,” she purred. “Suck it. Eat me. Your tongue feels nice up my pussy! Ummm, suck my cunt, you nice man!”

Her father-in-law had every intention of sucking her lovely young cunt. A big change had come over his pretty daughter-in-law. He knew it was a real change because of what she said and did as he ate her quivering young snatch.

Grasping his iron rod tensely between both hands, she moaned, “Ohhhh, I feel so horny. Mmmm, eat my pussy all you want, Dad. Lick it, kiss it, suck it, fuck it anything you want! Ohhh, you make me feel so free!” Then, with a shiver of ecstasy, she purred, “Ohhh, you wonderful cunt-eater! I’m gonna suck your cock like it’s never been sucked!”

Moaning constantly, she freely and happily blew his big prick with an eager and hungry mouth as she came and came on his sucking mouth.

A few minutes later, with her cunt humping and quivering excitedly, she sucked the cum up out of his balls.

As she ate his hot load of spurting jism and as her horny young twat dripped hot juices, she thought, what fun sex is! Ohhh, I’ll never say no to sex again! I love it!

She was moaning now as her fingers pried open the warm lips of her horny young twat. With her hot eyes fixed on her wet little gash in the mirror, she eased a slender finger up into her squishy cunthole.

“Ohhhmmmmm,” she moaned, getting all of her finger up her twat. A pleasant smile crossed her pretty face as she fucked her finger slowly in and out of her pussy.

“Horny Harriet,” she purred. Then she was giggling and writhing her furry young twat on her drenched finger.

She was feeling really free for the first time in her young life. Her father-in-law had changed her mind about sex. Now she wanted lots of it.

“I really am a horny bitch,” she cooed, watching her cunt hump on her finger. “Why did I act as if I didn’t want sex? Silly girl! My tits and pussy love it, just like Dad said.”

Her eyes grew heavy and her fingers danced on her twat as she recalled all those horny moments with her fucking father-in-law.

“Uh-uh-uhhh,” she moaned, twisting her ass on the chair, as visions of stiff pricks filled her young mind.

Fingerfucking her passionate pussy eagerly, she remembered all the sex events of her younger years. She rammed her wet finger up her cunt, remembering how her daddy always diddled her and fucked her.

Humping her her cunt faster, she recalled her gang-bangs and all the marvelous cums she’d been forced to enjoy.

“I don’t have to be forced now!” she gasped. Her twat was now jerking, reaching, straining for orgasm. Suddenly, she was squealing with pleasure, humping her hot pussy savagely on her digging finger.

One hand was clawing at her excited clit. The other was fingering her cunt. “Ohhhh, I wanna cum!” she panted hotly.

Her pinky finger suddenly disappeared into her squirmy asshole. Her thumb and forefinger squeezed her tingly clit. Her middle finger glided up into her wet snatch. And then she got herself off that way.

“OH!” she shrieked. Her ripe tits jutted hard. Her belly started heaving. Her twat hunched forward and upward.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned, with ass and cunt churning in the chair. The girl in the mirror was about to get her rocks off.

She crammed her fingers into her hot holes and writhed her body wildly. Suddenly she was jerking from head to foot. Her tits were jiggling. Her legs were quivering. And hot cunt honey flowed wetly from her twisting belly down through her squirmy little cunt-channel. Harriet’s trembling fingers got soaked with hot pussy juices.

“Ummmm,” she moaned with pleasure.

Harriet saw how he was looking at her half naked sexy body and she groaned, “No, but you can interest me in your new hard-on.” Her eyes roamed over the instant bulge in his pants.

“What!” the man choked. “Are you serious?”

“You’re darned right.” Harriet giggled. “I know what you’re thinking about me and I like it. Come on in.”

Puzzled and red-faced he stepped inside and eyed Harriet’s pointy young tits as she closed the door. His cock was hammering in his pants.

Harriet stood close to him and said, “Why so surprised? I’ll bet you bang lots of housewives.”

The man laughed then, tickled by her boldness. “I guess I do.” He chuckled. “But not pretty young ones like you. How old are you?”

“Eighteen. Why?”

“You’re young enough to be my daughter.” Harriet smiled. “I’ll bet you’re a wicked daddy.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You know what I mean,” she cooed, fluttering her eyelashes at him. “If I was your little girl you’d be doing all sorts of things to me.”

“I don’t think so,” he said, embarrassed.

Harriet giggled. “Well, I do. I’d see to it! You’re a good-looking man and I’m a horny little bitch.”

Swallowing hard as her tits rose up before his eyes, he said, “Maybe so, but let’s remember you’re a housewife.”

“What have you got, against horny housewives?” Harriet giggled, moving up to him.

“Not a thing,” the man said. “But a guy could get in trouble fooling around with married customers.”

Harriet glanced down at his bulging lap. “I don’t think your cock is worried,” she cooed.

“Christ,” he said. “You’re a regular cockteaser, aren’t you?”

“But I’m a cock pleaser, too,” she purred. With a naughty giggle, she hiked her little skirt up in front and exposed her triangle of soft, curly pussyhair to his wide eyes.

He was surprised to see that her wickedly revealed twat was glistening with cuntjuice. She had obviously been playing with herself before he arrived.

Harriet giggled at his shocked expression and cooed, “Now that you see a young housewife’s cunt, what are you going to do about it?”

Fred Arnold was none too steady on his feet. “This is unbelievable,” he rasped. “Aren’t you afraid of what I might do to you? Most housewives are scared bunnies.”

“I used to be,” Harriet said, parting her cute cuntlips so he could see her juicy slit. “But I’m horny now. And you’ve got a mighty nice hard-on.”

Fred couldn’t say anything to that. His big dick was pounding in his pants and his eyes were staring at Harriet’s pretty young pussy. She was twisting it lewdly, seducing him with it.

Her eyes twinkled and in a soft, sexy whisper she purred, “Would you like me to suck your cock?”

The man swallowed hard and rasped, “You shouldn’t tease a man like that, young lady.”

“I’m not teasing now,” Harriet said, eyeing his hard-on. “You’ve got a big cock and I’d really like to blow you.”

The man was speechless, hard-dicked, and in a state of shock.

“Really,” Harriet whispered. She slithered down onto her knees before his huge boner and smoothed her hand over his chunky crotch. “I used to say I didn’t like cock in my mouth, but I do.”

Fiery lust coursed through the man’s nuts and his thick prick jolted against her hand. Harriet smiled up at him as her slim fingers unzipped his pants and pulled his stiff, wet cock out.

“Mmmm,” she hummed, dropping her eyes to his massive throbbing dick. “It’s a monster!”

No longer able to worry, the man leaned back against the door and watched the pretty housewife caress and milk his huge cock. Harriet was hypnotized by it. She started slip sliding her fist up and down on his silky smooth cockskin. A small drop of clear fluid seeped out of the slit at the end of his bulging cockhead and she moaned softly.

“I’ll bet you cum like a horse,” she purred, squeezing and jerking his thick cockshaft.

The man groaned. His knees started to shake as Harriet fondled and caressed his swollen, throbbing dick.

Harriet felt him quiver as she smoothed her thumb over the wetness of his big cockhead.

“You’d better sit down,” she purred. She stood up and led him to the sofa and had him sit down with his thighs spread open.

“I like to watch a cock get hard for me,” she said, stripping her shirt off.

The man’s dick bolted when he saw her high, jutting, pink-tipped tits. Harriet smiled at his prick and let her skirt fall to her feet. His boner bounced anxiously as his eyes riveted on her beautiful young twat.

When she was naked Harriet fell to her knees and stared lovingly at his massive erection. Hungry for it, she opened his pants all the way so she could see his thick curly hair and his big hot nuts snuggled beneath his monstrous dick.

She licked her tongue up the full length of his pulsing prick from the base of his thick cockshaft to the swollen cockhead. With a soft moan of pleasure she took his dick back into her eager mouth.

Fred started groaning and twisting nervously on the sofa as Harriet’s soft lips and warm mouth slipped up and down on his saliva slickened cock. From the way she was squeezing, jerking, and blowing his dick, it was hard for the man, to believe anyone ever had to force her.

Harriet was fingerfucking her juicy pussyhole like crazy as she licked and lapped his nuts and prick. Her slender finger was pistoning in and out of her frantic little fuck-hole and her mouth was riding fast on his throbbing wet cock.

“Jesus!” he growled, pushing his horny dick into her young mouth. “I’m gonna blow my nuts!”

Harriet giggled on his prick and moaned as she jacked his cockshaft and licked his cockhead.

“You horny bitch,” Fred rasped as her little tongue swirled round and round his immense prickhead. “Jesus you’re good. Suck it! Suck it, honey, and gobble my cum!”

Harriet thrilled as his big dick plunged in and out of her hot sucking mouth. She started moaning loudly, bobbing her head rapidly and humping her cunt wildly on her probing fingers.

“MMMM!” she moaned, suddenly shivering all over. Her tits jiggled and her bare ass quivered violently. She was cumming something fierce, her twat oozing a flow of burning joyjuice as she hotly sucked the man’s huge boner.

Milking his cockshaft with her hot hand, Harriet could feel his cockpipe swelling, building up for an atomic blast.

The man was now actively fucking her young mouth with his cock. His big hands grasped her pretty head and pulled her sexy mouth onto his ramming prick. He was grunting obscenely, eager to pump his thick load of cockcream into her lovely young mouth. It was extremely exciting to him that this lovely young housewife wanted to blow his cock and eat his jism.

“Good God!” he rasped, shoving his dick between her leeching young lips. “Suck it, honey! My nuts’ll bust any minute!”

Hotly desiring to make his big cock shoot a powerful load of thick cockcream for her, Harriet sucked harder and faster on his prick.

“Hell, yes!” The man groaned. He looked very please.

“I’m glad.” Harriet smiled sexily. With a saucy giggle she stood up on the sofa with her legs spread and cooed, “You can pay me back by sucking my pussy.”

The happy man slipped his hands between her outspread thighs and gripped her curvy young asscheeks. He looked up and admired her jutting young tits. They were high and hard, tipped with spiking pink nipples. He eyed the stiff little bumps sticking out from her pretty round tits.

“Something tells me you’re hot.” He smiled.

“I sure am!” Harriet exclaimed. “I’ve been cumming all the while I was sucking you off!”

The man’s eyes looked over her flesh from her ripe tits down to her wet young cunt. “So I see,” he muttered, licking his lips.

“Ohhh,” Harriet cooed. “When you look at me like that and lick your lips that way my pussy gets all excited!”

She inched her luscious twat toward his mouth and purred, “Please, mister, eat my pussy. Suck the hell out of it.”

Case up, the man could plainly see the glistening wetness on her cuntlips and, between them, sticking out like one of her excited nipples, he could see her stiff little clit.

Harriet couldn’t stand his eyes gazing at her pussy. “Don’t tease me,” she said hotly, wriggling her cunt at him. “Please eat it.”

Even though Harriet had just sucked all the cum out of his nuts, the man’s prick started rising. Her passionate pleas and pretty pussy were exciting him. Just the aroma of her musky young twat so close to his face made his dick stiffen.

He squeezed her firm asscheeks in his hands and drew her body forward. Sticking his tongue out, he gave her wet little clit and nice long lick. Harriet shuddered and moaned as his hot tongue licked along her juicy slit and pressed against her magic spot.

She pushed her horny twat hard against his mouth, twisting it there, burying his nose in her soft pussy hair. Taking a deep breath of her female odor, he started lapping up the warm honey-juice that had soaked her cute cunt.

Harriet gasped and her lithe young body quivered all over as the man’s expert tongue darted into the steamy hotness of her drenched young pussy. Her hands clutched her horny tits as the big tongue probed deeper and deeper into her hot, squirming cunthole. She shivered with delight as he sucked up the hot cuntjuice from the inner walls of her slippery cunt.

“Ohhh, you nice man,” she whimpered, twisting her pussy on his mouth. “I love to have my pussy licked. Why did I ever fight it? Your tongue is so big in me. Mmmmm, my pussy likes you!”

The man’s dick was throbbing wetly as he hungrily ate her hot little cunt. He’d sucked a few twats in his day but he’d never eaten a beautiful young pussy like Harriet’s.

From all she’d told him, he gathered she had been a shy girl at one time but that she was very horny now. Wishing to give her the sex pleasure she was craving, he slipped his tongue out of her soaked little cunthole and caught her horny clit between his teeth. Sucking her stiff wet clit in and out between his hot lips, he swirled his tongue round and round, making it quiver. Then he was nibbling it, sucking and lashing it, and softly chewing it.

“Oh, mister!” Harriet shrieked, massaging her tits. “EAT IT! LICK IT! SUCK IT! OHHH, MY PUSSY’S GONNA CUM!”

With cock throbbing and dripping, the man crushed his mouth to her vibrating cunt and speared a big finger up her twisting asshole. Fingerfucking her hot ass and sucking hotly into her swampy young twat, he brought her to a fantastic cum. Harriet’s craving lust reached an all-time high.

“OHHHH, NOW!” she screamed, humping her wet cunt furiously. “IT’S… I’M OH! OH! OH! I’M CUMMMIIINNNGGG!”

Getting her breath back, she stepped down off the sofa and saw the man’s immense erection. “Oh, mister,” she cooed, “your cock is stiff again.”

His eyes ran over her sexy young body and he grinned. “What do you think we should do about it?” He chuckled.

“I don’t know,” she purred. “My mouth wants to suck it and my pussy wants to fuck it.”

“It’s up to you,” the man said. “It’s your party.”

Harriet liked that expression. Eyeing his big, wet prick, she cooed, “It is, isn’t it? I can do anything I want with men. I can suck and fuck all I want to.”

“Right,” Fred laughed. “But you’d better make up your mind, beautiful. Looking at you and listening to you is going to make me shoot my wad.”

“Don’t you dare!” Harriet squealed. Then, giggling, she threw herself onto the sofa on her back.

In a flash, Harriet was crying out with joy, fucking her wet snatch frantically on the man’s driving, drilling dick.

“Ohhh, kiss me!” she squealed hotly. Fred leaned over her heaving young tits and pressed his mouth to hers, tonguing her. Harriet threw her arms around his shoulders and humped her ass passionately as she licked and sucked his tongue.

A few seconds later as her twat strangled his cock, she cried, “Suck my tits!”

He obeyed her wishes. Sucking her ripe young tits hornily, he screwed and fucked his big dick up into her squirmy, squishy young cunt.

Harriet was swooning with pleasure as she humped her soaked twat hard on his ramming prick.

“BANG ME!” she squealed as his cock drilled into her clenching fuck-hole. “FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF MY CUNT! I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING!! YOUR LOAD! FILL ME WITH CUM — OHHHHHHHHH!”


Harriet was surprising the hell out of her young brother-in-law Tim. He was a good looking boy who always liked to peek at his luscious sister-in-law. He had visited a few times before. Each time he would watch Harriet move around the house, enjoying the thrust of her nice tits and the sway of her cute ass. He liked visiting Harriet because he could sit around the house with an enjoyable hard-on hidden between his legs.

He hadn’t been by in a few weeks. He was now sitting on the sofa, reading a girlie magazine, pretending to be interested in it. But, from the corner of his eye, he watched pretty Harriet wiggle and swing around the room as she did the housework.

Something was puzzling him. Harriet seemed different than usual. He was trying to figure out what it was. When she bent over the coffee table to dust it, he watched her firm round ass and the smooth backs of her thighs where her brief minidress ended. His young prick stiffened in his pants.

He’d seen her pretty legs before. He’d eyed her tits and ass and legs before.

“You’ve been eyeing me ever since I married your brother, you little demon. Oh, I know you have. I’ll bet you thought I didn’t know what you were thinking. You don’t have to look away. If you want to look at my tits, look at them.”

“Jeez!” the boy gasped, eyeing her lively young boobs.

“Would you like a closer look?” Harriet purred.

Tim swallowed hard, but muttered, “Yeah.”

Harriet smiled sexily and moved around the coffee table. She sat on the edge of the sofa near his knee and turned her pointy young tits to him, letting him watch them rise and fall.

She glanced at the girlie magazine on his lap. “I think I’m as pretty as those girls, don’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah!” he blurted, prick pounding.

Harriet took the magazine and suddenly tossed it onto the floor. “Then look at me instead of them,” she cooed. “I know you want to. I was always trying to keep you from it before. But I’m not like that any more. I think if a girl has a nice body, she should show it. Do you think I have nice tits like those models?”

“Y-yeah,” he stammered, licking his lips nervously as her ripe young tits lifted before his eyes.

Harriet smiled. Her eyes fell to his lap and she saw the cute bulge there. “My, my,” she purred, slipping her hand over his hard-on. “Did the models do this to you, or did IT?”

“Y-you,” Tim rasped as her hand caressed his boner.

Harriet giggled. “You’re a liar,” she teased. “But a nice liar. Hmmmm, you have a cute young prick, do you know that? Has it been hard for me before?”

Tim swallowed, unable to speak. His cock was poker stiff in her fondling hand.

“Come on. Tell me,” she coned. “When you were watching my body before, did you get nice hard-ons for me?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, sure! I mean… jeez, Harriet, you’re sexy!”

Harriet giggled. “If I thought you’d keep it a secret, I’d get real sexy with you. You’re really a cute kid. I like the way you look at my tits, like you’re dying to see them. If you’ll keep it a secret, I’ll let you see them naked.”

“I’ll keep it a secret!” he said hoarsely.

Laughing lightly, Harriet reached up behind her and pulled down the zipper of her dress. Smiling at the hot-eyed boy, she slowly pulled the dress down in front. Tim watched her chest as inch upon inch of lush, high tits came into view. Cockteasing the youngster, she slowly eased the material down. Then, with a naughty giggle, she let the cloth drop down around her slim waist. Her ripe young tits were stark naked, tipped with cute pink nipples. “Like them?” she cooed.

“They’re neat!” Tim rasped.

“You can look at them while I play with your prick,” Harriet cooed, returning her hand to his hard-on.

She unzipped his pants and a second later she had his wet young dick in her hand, squeezing it gently.

“Can I play with them?” Tim asked.

“With what?” Harriet laughed.

He looked into her soft sexy eyes and knew she wanted him to be bolder. A boyish grin lit up his face and he said, “Your tits. Can I play with your tits?”

Hearing him say it made Harriet go soft. She squeezed his cock and leaned toward him. “Yes, you little demon. Play with my tits all you want.”

When his hands started massaging, feeling and fondling her milky tits and she saw how much fun he was having, she cooed, “Do the girls in school let you play with their little titties?”

“Heck, no!” Tim rasped, squeezing her boobs. “This is the first time I’ve ever seen naked ones! Except in pictures.”

Harriet smiled and placed her ripe tits in his mauling young hands. Slowly jerking his prick, she cooed, “Well, if you’ve never seen a girl’s tits, I guess you’ve never seen a girl’s pussy either, you poor kid.”

Tim sat dazed as his erotic sister-in-law slowly got to her feet near his knees. She smiled prettily and let her dress fall down to her ankles. She was very pleased by the instant look of lewdness on the boy’s face.

Tickled by the boy’s state of horniness and excitement, she spread her lovely thighs and hunched her hips forward. Smiling impishly, she cupped her beautiful young twat in both hands and purred, “Do you like my pussy?”

“Jeez!” he gasped. “That’s fantastic!”

Harriet’s fingers smoothed over her pussylips. One finger diddled her little clit. Good feelings coursed through her cunt. She licked her ripe lips and cooed, “Have you ever fucked a girl?”

“N-no,” Tim stammered.

“Would you like to?”


“Would you like to fuck me?” she purred, twisting her cunt at him.

“Jeez, Harriet,” he groaned, grabbing his prick, “I gotta jack off. I’m gonna cum!”

“Oh, no, you don’t.” Harriet laughed. She fell to her knees and grasped his young prick in both hands. “You just settle back there and leave your prick to me. Mmmm, you are ready to cum, aren’t you? Goodness, how hot you are! Well, don’t you worry Tim my, you won’t have to jerk off any more when I’m around.”

She lowered her head and Tim gasped, “What are you gonna do?” He was breathing fast and hard.

Harriet giggled, rubbing his dick in her fist. “I’m gonna suck your prick, silly. You’ve wanted a girl to blow you, haven’t you? Of course, you have. I think all males want girls to suck their dicks. You just relax and I’ll make your cock feel real good. Then you can fuck me longer, after you cum.”

With that, she took his pulsing young prick into her mouth and started sucking it with a passion. Young Tim writhed and jerked on the sofa, groaning frequently as his lusty sister-in-law blew his cock.

Harriet was moaning with pleasure. His smooth young boner felt very nice in her mouth, easy to suck. Her soft lips closed gently around his silky cockskin and her mouth started riding up and down the full length of his cock.

“MMMM!” she moaned, letting him know she liked sucking his prick.

“Holy mackerel!” the boy gasped, watching his dick disappear up into her sexy young mouth. “So this is what it’s like! Holy shit! Jeez, Harriet, I’m gonna cum the best I ever did! Jeez! Suck it! Ohh, wow! Suck my prick. Harriet! Holy cow! Here it cums! Are you gonna drink my cum? AAARRRGGGHHH!”

Tim’s youthful nuts contracted tightly and shot wads and wads of thick young cockcream through his throbbing prick into Harriet’s loving, sucking mouth. She cupped his hairy young balls and massaged them as her hot, wet mouth slid rapidly up and down on his spitting cock. She was moaning hotly, swallowing mouthful after mouthful of his horny cum. His stiff spitting cock was delighting her mouth. Suddenly, she really liked blowing dicks.

When Tim’s prick spurted the last wads of his hot cockcream, Harriet didn’t release it. She was moaning softly, still sucking on it. Her tongue was twirling round and round his soaked cockhead, licking up all his cum, but also keeping his young cock stiff.

“Jeez!” Tim gasped, jerking the last of his cum down her throat. “You’re keeping it hard! It ain’t going soft! Jeez!”

Harriet giggled, lifting her mouth from his dick. Jerking his cockshaft gently, she kept licking her pink tongue up and down his cockhead. When his prick was standing upright, throbbing hotly, she cooed, “there. Now you’re ready to fuck a girl right.”

“I… I never fucked,” Tim rasped.

Harriet smiled, getting to her feet. “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you all you have to know. Just lie down on the sofa.”

Tim obediently stretched out on the sofa. Harriet’s hot eyes looked over his erect prick.

She giggled and climbed on him, setting her knees to each side of his hips. Reaching down between her lovely thighs, she grasped his boner in her hand and said, “I’ve never fucked a virgin before. This should be fun.”

With a soft moan of expectation, she eased her wet twat down onto his prick, guiding it up into her tight little cunthole.

“Jeez!” Tim commented. He stared as his stiff young cock inched up into his sister-in-law’s furry young cunt.

“Unnmm, nice,” Harriet cooed, sliding her hot pussy all the way down on his erect cock. “Mmmm, you have a nice prick. It feels good up my pussy. Ohhh, Tim, you little darling, I’m glad you want to fuck me. Do you like my cunt?”

“Yeah!” he blurted, suddenly thrusting his prick up into her squishy fuck-hole.

Harriet was instantly horny to screw. Purring hotly, she lay down on the kid, pressing her hard naked tits against his chest. Kissing his mouth again and again as her cunt rode hard on his stiff prick, she purred, “Tell me how you like my pussy, Tim. Talk naughty to me. Tell me how pretty I am, how you want my tits and ass and cunt. Hold me, Tim, hold me tight and fuck your nice dick in my pussy.”

The boy was dazed with passion and excitement now as his lustful sister-in-law drove him to the brink of adult lewdness.

Humping his cock up into her squirmy cunt, he gasped, “Your cunt is good! Fuck my dick, Harriet! Jeez, I never dreamed you’d let me fuck you! I used to think of you a lot and jerk off in the bedroom.”

“Oh, you darling!” Harriet cooed. “What a nice thing to do!” To show her appreciation, she lowered a ripe pink nipple into his mouth and pushed it between his teeth. As he happily sucked her nice tit, she gave his young prick a special workout with her horny wet snatch.

“Fuck my cunt nice,” she panted. She crushed her pussy hair against his crotch and twisted her sucking pussy on his dick.

Tim hunched his young body on the sofa, thrusting up hard with his cock, liking the feel of cunt on his hard-on. He moved his mouth to her other tit and started sucking the hell out of her nipple.

“Ohhh, Tim!” she gasped. “This is nice. Suck my tits all you want. Ummm, I’ll fuck your prick anytime. Ohhh, you sweet boy. How cute you are. You make, my nipples so hard! Keep sucking them and I’ll cum all over your nice cock! Fuck it into me! Ohhh, fuck me, Tim! Ohh, how much fun you are!”

Just a few seconds later she was panting hotly. “I don’t care if you are young. Here, I’ll show you how to really turn a girl on.”

Gasping hornily as she fucked her twat up and down on his throbbing dick, she guided one of his hands to her ass.

Then she thrust her hand under him and said, “I’ll finger your asshole, too.” And she did, sliding her slender finger up into his twisting shitter.

“JEEZ!” he bellowed, fucking faster. “What a thrill! Holy shit, Harriet, you’re a fucking whore!”

Harriet was giggling sensuously, screwing her drenched twat on the boy’s thrusting young cock. Tim was groaning with pleasure, fucking his dick hard and fast up into her juicy, willing cunt. The room tilled with their combined moans and groans as both cock and cunt started cumming.

“I’M SHOOTING!” young Tim cried out, jerking wildly as his stiff young prick spit savagely into her cunt.

“I’M CCUMMMMIINNNNGGG!” Harriet squealed, humping her hot twat fiercely on his discharging cock. Her cunt was flooding with hot joy juices.

They became one mass of writhing hot flesh on the sofa, crotches twisting, legs flying, hips rotating, cunt and cock wrestling angrily, both of them cumming wetly and violently.

“Ohhhh, Tim,” Harriet purred, her pussy sucking all his cum out of his young balls. “You little demon. Ohhh, why didn’t you rape me before? What a nice cock you have. Mmnmm, this is fun. From now on you’d better come here with a stiff horny prick for me.”

“I will!” Tim gasped, loving her cunt on his dick.

“You’d better,” Harriet giggled. “My pussy likes your cock.”


Harriet’s pussy liked lots of cocks from that day on. Every day, as her husband puttered around the house, she secretly diddled her twat, keeping it hot and moist. Every night, when her husband went to work, she found herself a nice stiff dick somewhere, somehow.

A few days after her young brother-in-law left with a spent prick Harriet realized just how lucky she was to be a soft fuckable girl. She was eighteen and aching. She couldn’t imagine why she never struggled with the men who had wanted to fuck her and eat her and make her neat tits feel good.

Sitting on the sofa she hiked her dress up in front and spread her lovely legs real wide. Resting her pretty head back comfortably, she drew her soft hand aver her juicy young twat and began massaging it. Within minutes she was panting hotly, humping her hips wildly, finger fucking her squishy wet cunt.

After a nice hot cum she sat moaning, petting her pleased pussy. She was thinking about cock. Reaching over to the table she picked up the phone and dialed a number.

“Hello?” said a male voice.

Harriet sighed, petting her twat with her other hand. “Hi, Daddy.”

“Harriet! Baby! Jesus, I thought you’d never call me! I thought you’d go through life never forgiving me for the things I did to you. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.”

“Me, too,” Harriet said.

“I wanted to tell you how sorry I am,” her father muttered.

“Oh, Daddy, I want to tell you how glad I am that you fucked me so early in my life.”

“What!” he gasped.

Harriet giggled and stuck her wet finger up her juicy cunt. “I guess you’re surprised, but don’t be. I’m a different girl now.”

“Different? How different?”

“I love sex,” Harriet sighed, fingerfucking her wet twat and wiggling her cute little ass. “I used to think it was horrible what you were doing to me. How silly I was! Oh, Daddy, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be so happy now!”

“Jesus Christ,” he groaned. “Is this really my Harriet?”

She laughed sensuously and cooed, “Your horny Harriet. Ohh, Daddy, I could never tell you what you’ve done for me. Most of the women in this neighborhood are afraid of sex. I see housewives everywhere arguing and fighting with their husbands because they’re really not getting enough cock. It’s sad. I was talking to two girls at the store the other day.”

Harriet smiled, working her slender finger in and out of her furry young twat. “Are you jerking your prick, Daddy?”

“Hell, yes!”

“Hmmm, good. I can just see it! Do you know what I’m doing? I’m sitting on the sofa with my dress way up and I’m fingerfucking my pussy. Keep whacking your cock, Daddy, and I’ll cum like crazy on my hand.”

“Harriet, my baby, my darling.” Her father was groaning. His breath started sounding funny and Harriet started humping her twat faster on her frigging finger.

“Daddy, I’m cumming,” she panted.

“I’m shooting cum all over the floor!” her daddy said.

“Ohhhhhh,” Harriet moaned and fucked her cunt hotly up and down as her finger served as a dick in her fiery cunthole. Hot joyjuices came flooding from her belly into her twat, making it steamy and wet. Glistening juice covered her whole hand as she frigged herself to complete orgasm.

“Ohhhhhmmmmm, that was nice,” she purred into the phone. “But I wish you were here to fuck me. Why don’t you visit me, Daddy?”

“That costs a lot, Harriet.”

“Ain’t I worth it? Wouldn’t you like to suck my nifty tits? They’re really nice ones now. And wouldn’t you like to lick my pretty little cunt? You always liked eating my pussy. I’ll bet your cock would like to slide into my twat now. I’m a big girl now, Daddy, and my cunt can do things to your cock you never dreamed of. Please get the money and come see me. I’d sure like to see you. Mmmmm, we could fuck all night.”

“I’ll leave tomorrow,” her father rasped and hung up abruptly.

Harriet giggled and replaced the phone. Smiling contentedly, she reined on the sofa and used both hands on her ass and cunt to bring herself off once again. Her slim fingers invaded her asshole and pussyhole. They slipped and slid in and out of the gashes as her body twisted and writhed hotly. Seconds later, she was grunting like a hurt animal, humping her ass and cunt hotly, drenching her hands in cuntjuices.

She was just working herself up to another wet cum when she heard sounds next door. Getting to her feet and wiping her wet hands on her dress, she went to the side window and peeked through the curtain. Her next-door neighbor, Mr. Wilton, was repairing a fence.

Harriet watched him for a few minutes, thinking lewd thoughts about him. He was a nice old guy with blue eyes and white hair that made him seem father-like to Harriet. She wondered what his dick looked like.

“Mr. Wilton?” she cooed, parting the curtains.

He looked up from his work. His eyes rested on the valley between her ripe young tits for a moment. “Yes, Harriet,” he said.

“Could you come over for a minute?” she purred.

“Sure thing,” he said, putting the hammer down.

Harriet met him at the kitchen door and let him in. He tried not to stare at the sharp thrust of her jutting young tits in her tight little dress. “What can I do for you?” he wanted to know.

Harriet smiled prettily. “You’re so nice,” she said. “Always willing to help us.”

“Well, I like helping young folks get on their feet. You and your husband are well worth my time and effort.”

“I knew you’d say something like that,” she cooed. “And there is something YOU could help me with.”

“What is it?”

Harriet lowered her eyelashes like a little girl and cooed, “Well, I don’t exactly know how to say it.”

“Oh, come now,” he said, putting a fatherly hand on her shoulder. “We’re friends, aren’t we? I fixed your sink. I repaired the front steps. I even mowed your lawn a few times.”

“Yes, I know,” Harriet said softly, liking the weight of his hand. “But what I have in mind isn’t like any, of those things.” She sighed and added, “I’d feel awful if you got mad at me.”

“Mad at you!” he blurted. He cupped her pretty face between his hands and said, “You can’t make me mad at you, Harriet. How can you even think like that? Don’t you know I’d do anything for you?”

Harriet licked her tongue across her lips. Her nipples were tingling in her dress. Her twat was quivering. “Will you fuck me?” she asked.

The man’s hands froze on her face for a few seconds. Then they started trembling. He looked ill. “Are… are you serious?” he gasped.

“Yes! Please don’t get mad at me. I really want you to. I was… I mean, you’ve thought of me in that way, haven’t you?”

“Well, of course, but…”

“Would you like to fuck me?”

“Jesus,” he groaned. “I can’t believe we’re having this conversation! A beautiful young girl like you wants an old duffer like me?”

“Oh, you’re not old,” Harriet cooed. She leaned toward him so her pointy tits touched his arms. “I’ve watched you working around your yard. You’re a very energetic man. And you’ve got a nice chunky crotch.”

“God damn,” he grunted. “I’ve been reading about liberated women, but this takes the cake! But… if that’s what you want, that’s what you get.”

Grinning handsomely at her, he slipped his hands down to her chest and parted her dress, baring her ripe pink-tipped tits. His hands smoothed over her flesh-globes.

Harriet smiled. “Do you like my tits?”

“Like them! They’re gorgeous!”

Harriet giggled then. “Mmm, I like it when you lust for them like that. Ummm, your hands are so strong. You’re making my tits horny.”

Mr. Wilton chuckled, squeezing her perfect young boobs. “I didn’t know tits could get horny,” he said.

“Mine do,” Harriet sighed, thrusting her boobs upwards. “Every part of me can get horny. Then I’m all horny all over. Mmmm, I like how you play with them.”

She was stepping back slowly and he followed her, keeping his hot hands on her ripe tits. Harried moaned, loving the feel of his touch against the flesh of her boobs. Her firm young ass touched the edge of the table. Moaning softly, she deliberately leaned backward, stretching her lithe young body across the tabletop. She looked good enough to eat lying there with eyes twinkling and tits heaving.

“You beautiful doll,” Mr. Wilton muttered, smoothing his hands along her slim figure, down to her thighs. He was lifting her dress up in front.

“Am I a doll?” Harriet cooed, spreading her legs as he raised her dress.

“I think so,” he said hotly. “I’ve been watching you ever since you moved here. You always wear such sexy little things. Like a Barbie Doll.”

“Umnun, I like that,” Harriet cooed. “You can undress me like one and do anything you want to me.”

“Christ,” he groaned. He hardly heard her last remark. He’d shoved her dress way up on her belly, above her cute little navel, and he stood staring at her furry young cunt.

Harriet giggled and opened her legs wider so he could see every inch of her twat. She knew that if he saw it all naked and pink and wet, then he’d want to eat it and fuck it a lot. She was right.

The man groaned like an animal and suddenly he was leaning over her. His mouth turned into a sucking machine, devouring her ripe young tits, nibbling her nipples, licking her flesh. It spread hot saliva all over her heaving tits, then down her curvy body into her soft curly pussyhair. His tongue became a driving tickler all over her cuntlips and clit and fuckhole.

Squeezing and feeling her nice tits, he sucked her clit till Harriet was moaning loudly, twisting her ass on the table something fierce. Soon he stuck one of his hands under her writhing young ass and found her asshole open and receptive. Mauling her tits with one hand, and, fingerfucking her asshole with the other, he licked and lapped her furry young twat till she was squealing with joy.

Her ass was bouncing on the table. She was gasping, choking, shrieking from time to time, as his big tongue speared up into her cunthole and sucked deeply. Her slimy hot juices flowed continually as his nice tongue delighted her cuntwalls and fuck-channel. He filled her pussyhole with his tongue and wiggled it like mad, making Harriet go crazy with fantastic sex feelings.

“Ohhh! Mr. Wilton! Mmmmm, suck my cunt! You lick pussy so nice! Golly, what a nice neighbor you are! Ohhhh, eat me! Suck my cunt!”

Wilton was in seventh heaven. The delicious young housewife he had lusted after secretly for so long was now at his disposal, to do with as he wished. With that lewd thought in mind he ate her cunt till she was squealing with pleasure.

“Mr. Wilton!” she shrieked, thrusting her twat up at his sucking mouth. “IT’S… I’M… OH! OH! OH! HERE IT CUMS! IT’S… IT’S… OHHHHH, I’M CUMMIHNNNGGG!”

She cried and squealed and twisted and jerked on the table as Wilton licked, nibbled, chewed, and sucked her delightful young snatch. Harriet was going crazy with pleasure, humping her ass and twisted her cunt as his teeth, tongue, and lips drove her up the wall. Her soaked little fuck-hole was squirming round and round on his probing, drilling tongue. Her wet clit was tingling wildly. Her whole pussy was getting wetter and wetter and she came joyously. She was writhing and gasping hotly as her pussy flooded wetly.

She was still twisting and moaning when, through her heavy-lidded eyes, she saw Mr. Wilton up on the table with her. “What… what are you doing?” she panted hotly.

He grinned. Placing his knees to each side of her naked body, he inched his way upwards. Harriet’s eyes widened and she gasped. She hadn’t known he had opened his pants and gotten his big wet cock out.

“Oh, my God!” she gasped, seeing his huge soaked prick wobbling around as he climbed over her. His bulging cockhead was absolutely drenched with his horny pre-cum and it was dribbling onto her heaving young tits.

With a lewd chuckle Wilton grabbed her head and lifted it up. At the same time, to Harriet’s surprise and delight, he pushed his thick wet prick between her soft lips into her hot young mouth.

“MMMM!” she gasped. She welcomed half of his big dick into her mouth and shivered with excitement. Her next door neighbor had turned into a regular beast. Moaning with pleasure, she blew his cock happily as he hornily fucked her nice young mouth.

She grasped his thick cockshaft and jerked it rapidly as she sucked and sucked on his rampaging cockhead. He was very hot so it didn’t take long, to get him off. She grunted and lashed her little pink tongue wildly round and round his fucking cockhead and sucked harder and faster as his prick began spitting and spurting and gushing hot cockcream down her throat.

She didn’t get off that table for hours. To Wilton this horny young housewife was a smorgasbord. He ate her and fucked her mouth. Then he screwed her up the ass, rolling her over onto her nice tits. Later, he fucked the hell out of her horny young twat.

Harriet loved every minute of the orgy on the table. Never before had her kitchen table seemed so nice. It was during this sex-dripping rape that she got her horniest idea. Wilton’s big stiff cock was driving like mad up into her squirmy wet cunt and she was cumming for the tenth time, writhing and moaning hotly. The thought just popped into her lovely head. She filed it away for when Wilton was gone.

He wouldn’t have left at all that night if it was up to him. He was thoroughly hooked on Harriet’s horny cunt. But his wife called from next door after a few hours, wondering where in hell he was.

He pumped the rest of his hot thick cum into her juicy little twat and kissed her goodbye, promising to come by the next day to bang her cunt again.

Harriet padded naked to the living room where she got a pencil and paper. Rubbing her horny wet snatch with one hand, she wrote with the other, making a list of all her neighbors, all the males who had been eyeing her since she moved to this area. It was an idea that made her giggle with excitement. She called it her Good Neighbor Policy.

The following evening, after her hubby took off for work, she called Mr. Smith, the man who lived on the other side of her house. She told him she needed him to check her hot water heater. He was a nice old guy like Mr. Wilton, and like Mr. Wilton, he wound up fucking Harriet’s hot and horny twat.

The next evening she seduced Mr. Clanter, a younger man who lived just beyond the Wilton’s with his pretty wife and two kids.

The night after that she got Mr. Simmons to help her carry in her groceries. In the kitchen she fell to her knees and got his big cock out and sucked it to death.

Two weeks later her Good Neighbor Policy was in full swing and she was having loads of fun. Her hot little list had fourteen men’s names crossed off. But she had seduced males from only ten homes. This was because some of the homes had more than one male in them. Like the Barrets, for example. There was Mr. Barret, who took his false teeth out to munch her cunt, and Billy Barret, his son, a tall skinny boy with a tall skinny dick that thrilled Harriet’s cunt most of the night.

A month later, with thirty names crossed off her list, Harriet was in her bedroom riding her twat on a man’s stiff poker. This was Sam Hilldon, lying on his back eyeing and feeling her ripe young tits as this horny housewife slipped her tight young cunt up and dawn on his boner.

“Ohhh, this is so much fun,” Harriet was panting. She was shivering with climax, her fifth. Her wet cunt was stretched wide by the man’s enormous bull-cock and she was really enjoying its bigness and thickness up her twat.

Twisting and turning her hot cunt on his upright cock she panted, “I don’t think I can ever get enough cock.”

This was Harriet’s new truth. Her whole body was now devoted to sex pleasure. The silly reluctant little girl of a few years ago was gone forever. She was now a lithe and lovely female with loads of passion for men who kiss her and nibble her and eat her and suck her and fuck her. She was definitely horny Harriet.

Fucking her twat hard on the cream-pumping cock, she moaned, “Ohhh, fuck it into my pussy! Ohhh, Daddy, if you could see your little girl now! Ummmmmm, you cum a lot! Pump it into me! Fuck the slit out of me. Ohhh, my pussy’s doing cartwheels! Fuck the shit out of me. Ohhh, my pussy’s doing cartwheels! Ummmm, more, more, make me cummmmmm. Ohhhh, I’m cumiiinnnggg! You nice fucking man!”

After their vicious cumming, Harriet lay on the big man and hugged him as her drenched cunt kissed and loved his spent dick.

“Mr. Hilldon?” she whispered, licking at his ear.

“Yeah, kitten?” he said, rubbing her ass.

“How many sons do you have?”


“How old are they?” Harriet wanted to know.

“Uhhh, Tom is eighteen, Clint is nineteen, and Sam Junior is old enough. Why?”

Harriet slipped down hiss body and took his nice cock into her mouth. “Bring them with you tomorrow night,” she cooed. She was already thinking of the thousands of cocks she hadn’t fucked yet.

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