The Majorette Loved Spreading

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage. A growing-up period. A time when each young member feels he is infinitely more daring and modern than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society like ours.

Many an adult has smiled in remembrance of the time in his youth when he sneaked out back to enjoy a forbidden cigarette or beer. The time he challenged another boy to a drag race in his father’s car.

Denise Darlington’s story is that of a young girl growing up in a very special way: breaking the moral code she has been taught; flaunting her body in open rebellion; reveling in any and every wanton new experience; but all along what she is really seeking is sexual fulfillment, going from one shattering experience to another.

THE MAJORETTE LOVED SPREADING — the story of a young girl’s struggle to find happiness. A timely story for today. A story which answers many questions, but leaves many others still unanswered.


Denise Darlington shuddered with excitement.

She stood on the edge of the football field waiting, ripples of fear flooding through her.

The beautiful young girl was ready to take the field as the featured baton twirler with the band. The gorgeous freshman was the first of her age to ever win the spot as top twirler. She had blown every other girl away at the auditions.

She stood beautifully in her white boots, her legs tanned, slim, the skin flawless. Her pretty, bright-red uniform hugged her delicious body, the slick material gloving her luscious teen curves, emphasizing the curves of her hips, the molding of her tight ass.

Her waist was trim, her tummy tight, flat. The red uniform pulled in and slashed around her chest, cut low, strapless, and her tits pushed at the top of the uniform like two juicy peaches.

Her long brown hair hung in a long fall on her shoulders, cascading out from under her white majorette hat.

Denise’s bangs were visible on her forehead under the shiny black brim.

She stood ready, although her entrance was several minutes into the number the band played. She was a few feet in front of some men who were standing at a fence near the field.

“That little girl’s got a fabulous ass,” a man behind her said.

“The best I’ve ever seen,” another man said.

They sounded like older men, Denise thought. But their admiring comments stung her with a hot needle that shot an injection of pleasure into her.

“Man that is really a fine ass!”

“She’s good lookin’ too.”

“Look at that ass though.”

“I’d kill for it!”

The banter about young Denise burned her ears. She never had heard such talk. It made her hot and gave her an exhilarated feeling, a buzz of sweet ecstasy, a shivering slice of pleasure. She loved the way they talked about her ass. She knew she had a good one. Men stared at it all the time.

Denise knew also that she was pretty, but the conversation behind her was a new, exciting experience.

She bent over slightly at the waist, holding her baton like a barbell, placing it on her thighs down by her knees, bent over slightly, arching her magnificent ass at the drooling men.

“Oh, shit, look at that,” one man said.

“Fuck, she’s too much. She makes me hard!”

“God, me too!” the other man panted. Denise was so damn hot her pussy gooshed in her uniform. The juices flowed. She came.

She was squizzling. The darling Darlington girl was cumming-squizzling, as she called it — right there on the football field, sexily bent over, showing her young girl ass to the men behind her.

Denise let the beautiful feeling shoot through her fine body.

Then Denise turned and looked over her shoulder and saw the two men. They were handsome businessmen, obviously friends, both a little drunk, both gawking hotly at her amazing ass.

One of the men snapped a picture of Denise — her ass, the way she was posed, the intense look on her face, her brown eyes sparkling in the lights.

It was about time to go on the field, touching her white boots, her divine ass stuck up.

She wiggled to the left and to the right as if she were stretching her muscles. Her ass swung slowly.

“I’d eat a mile of her shit just to get to where it came from,” one the men said.

Denise had been born with superior hearing. That’s how she picked up the lewd comments of the handsome businessmen leering over the fence at her.

“Young girls get mature fast these days.”

“She’s a sweet package.”

“I’d like to doggie-fuck her all the way to Memphis.”

“I’ll bet she’d be a hot little fuck.” Denise turned sideways, waiting for her cue.

“And look at those tits. Shit!”

“Nice, huh? Real round and juicy.”

“Oh, if I were only a teenager again. I’d be after that little honey like a panting dog.”

Denise was excited by what they said. She wondered if men always talked like that about young girls. She guessed they did. Her chest heaved. She stood at attention.

She marched onto the field and performed brilliantly, full of confidence after hearing the men pant after her with their lewd, but strangely thrilling comments.

She looked wonderful in the lights, her tight red uniform sparkling, her fine body moving, wiggling, jumping, bumping, her baton like a knife spinning through the air, then falling like a piece of fire into her curling fingers. She twirled the baton between her legs, behind her back and over her head.

She received a satisfying round of applause from the stands as she marched off the field with the band. She watched the rest of the game with her uniform on, standing on the sidelines, down at one end with the band, who kept up the school spirit by playing the school fight song.

After the game Denise went with the band to change. She had her own little dressing room with the girls. She slid into a tight jeans skirt. The faded blue mini wrapped her hips like a wet rag. She pulled on a tight pink sweater. Her beautiful tits bulged against the thin cotton.

She slipped into short pink heels, fixed her long, sandy hair in a bobbing ponytail, and went with her friend Marlene James to the school dance in the gym.

Branson High always had a dance for the students after a home game. One of the locally popular DJ’s was spinning records when Denise and Marlene went in.

They walked up to the punch table. Mrs. Reardon, the retiring principal, was chatting with a handsome man. Denise recognized him immediately as one of the men talking naughty about her at the game.

Mrs. Reardon turned and saw Denise. “Oh, Denise, you were very good tonight. Very good. I’ll miss your performances.”

“Gee, thanks, Mrs. Reardon. This is your last week, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Oh, this is Mr. Park. Dick Park’s father. He’s in the PTA and agreed to serve as a PTA chaperone tonight.”

“Hello, Denise.” Mr. Park smiled. “Mrs. Reardon is right, you were great tonight.”

Denise smiled and nodded.

“This is my friend, Marlene,” she said. Mr. Park’s son Dick was the quarterback on the football team. He was handsome, and now Denise knew where he got his good looks. Mr. Park was tall, had brown hair, was thin, and manly handsome.

More chatting followed, then Marlene spotted her boyfriend Derek and she went to dance with him. Denise suddenly found herself alone with Mr. Park.

Mrs. Reardon had wandered off, chattering and making an annoyance of herself.

Mr. Park said, “Nice dance.”

“So you’re Dick’s father,” Denise said. He nodded. “You were quite good tonight.”

Denise smiled, then blushed.

They stood for a moment in silence.

“We seem to be the only ones not dancing,” Mr. Park said. “Should we?”

It was not uncommon for the chaperones to sometimes dance with, the students, mostly in a playful way. Still, Denise thought it strange but exciting that he would ask her.

She found herself in his arms, dancing to a slow, lilting love ballad.

Denise was a little frightened. After all, he was a grown man, a handsome man with a thin, tall frame.

They danced slowly and Mr. Park moved her to the side, off in a corner where it was darker. He pulled her closer and Denise felt something against her. She backed up quickly, looked down, and saw a thumping erection wobbling and throbbing around in Mr. Park’s slacks.

She stared at it, then glanced up at Mr. Park’s face. Then she looked back down. A small grin toyed at her lips. Her pretty face was intense.

Mr. Park pulled her closer again. Denise felt his hard prick slap against her belly.

She trembled, all over. She’d never experienced anything so thrilling. Mr. Park was as hot as hell. His prick throbbed against Denise. She was breathless. Her cunt gooshed in her panties. He held her tighter.

Mr. Park was trembling too.

They were both hot.

Denise felt dizzy. Mr. Park thought his prick would explode in his pants.

“But, sir,” Denise whispered, as he pulled her even tighter against his manliness.

“I know, I know. I’m sorry,” he said. “I just can’t help it.”

Denise was staring down again, moving back from him, looking at the huge bulge in his pants.

He slid his hand down on her hip and quickly thrust it behind Denise and cupped one marvelous asscheek, then he pulled back.

“Oh, honey,” he panted.

“You better not do that, Mr. Park,” Denise whispered.

His cock pounded against her. Denise felt as though she was going to cum. Her pussy was dripping wet. She thought some of her cunt-juice might seep down her legs.

They rubbed against each other. Mr. Park kept a lookout, his eyes sweeping the gym to make sure no one was looking.

It was dark where they were, so he figured he was safe. He slid both hands behind Denise and clutched her exquisite little ass. “Ahhh!” Denise gasped, sucking in her breath.

His fingers spread on her asscheeks, felt the pliant, slick curves of her ass.

Denise had her pussy pasted to his thigh, rubbing, rolling, pushing, pressing the damp mound against his muscular leg.

His cock throbbed against her belly.

She felt it pulse spasmodically when Mr. Park dipped his hands to her ass. He kept feeling her back there, and as he did, his prick wiggled at her.

Denise had her pussy glued to his leg. Once it started, she was a goner. The delightful ripple of ecstasy fizzled through her in joyous rapture. She shuddered. Her body quaked against Mr. Park.

He held her tight, moved his hands up off her ass, pressed them flat onto her back, and felt her shaking.

“My God,” he whispered. “You’re cumming. You’re actually getting it.”

She was indeed. Her pussy was like a hot muffin steaming on Mr. Park’s thigh. He held her tight, letting her shimmer through her climax, as his cock throbbed on her and spit jizz in his pants.

Denise couldn’t believe what was happening, that she was cumming, clinging to a PTA chaperone, in the gym, dancing in slow movements.

Mr. Park had a difficult time fathoming the whole incident also. He had not been so hard or so hot since he was in his teens. His cock jumped, pumped, thumped and humped at Denise.

She had his cock pressed between them. She leaned into him, her legs fucking on his thigh, her pussy rubbing.

“Is anybody lookin’?” Denise whimpered.

“No, we’re all right. It’s okay. I don’t think they can even see us over in this corner. Too dark.”

She shuddered again.

“Go ahead, keep cumming, Denise! Go ahead, honey!” he whispered.

She rolled on his leg. Her belly swirled at his cock.

“Damn!” Mr. Park gasped.

He slid his hands down onto Denise’s ass again, felt her fine behind, clapped his hands in a love-splatter, his fingers pinching.

He came.

Denise felt his cock throb wildly. She felt him shake. His hands clutched her ass and pinched insanely. She pumped hard, rolling and grinding against him.

“Honey-doll!” he panted. “Shit! I can’t believe it — I’m getting it! I’m cumming, Denise. You’re makin’ me cum!”

Denise was still shivering though her own magnificent climax. She was feeling that wonderful buzz. That heavenly tingle. She had never felt so good, so overwhelmed with delight in her entire young life.

Mr. Park couldn’t think of one thing in his life more exciting than what was happening to him, squirting his load in his shorts while he danced with a young freshman, while she rubbed her pussy on his thigh.

The record ended.

“God!” Mr. Park murmured.

Denise heaved a long sigh, her chest raising, her tits lifting.

It was if she was shaking off the last tickle of her climax.

“Meet me somewhere,” Mr. Park said urgently.

“Huh? Ah, where?”

“I’m soaking wet,” he whispered. Denise stepped back, looked down, and saw the damp spread of a cummy ooze. It made her shiver. His cock still bulged in his crotch.

“All the classrooms are locked,” Denise said.

“Outside then!” he gasped, “Well, there are some trees and bushes on the south side of the gym,” Denise said.

“Meet me there in a couple minutes,” he said, buttoning his coat and tugging it down over his crotch to hide the jizz that was seeping through his slacks.


Denise fooled around at the punch table, and when no one was looking, she snuck out of the gym, walked through the halls of the high school, and exited through a side door.

She walked to a thick clump of bushes surrounded by tall trees next to the school. The lights from the gym lit the yard. She found Mr. Park waiting for her. He pulled her back into the bushes.

He kissed her hotly.

It was Denise’s first kiss, and his manly lips and swirling tongue sent new sensations sizzling through her. His hands were busy feeling her ass.

“We came in there,” he whispered, breaking the kiss.

“Well, ah, we were dancin’ and stuff.” Mr. Park slid his hand under her little skirt and mashed his fingers into her slushy panties. He rubbed on Denise’s pussy, then got her skirt up on her waist. His other hand rubbed her tight ass.

“Jeeeez, Mr. Park, should we be in these bushes and stuff like this?”

“You sweet little fucker!” he panted, then dipped to his knees, tugged Denise’s panties down on her thighs, and pressed his face into her dripping young cunt. He slicked his tongue in obscene slurps up and down her gummy pussy-slit.

“Oh, jeeeez, darn!” Denise gasped.

A wonderful feeling gripped her. She had never experienced a man munching her pussy, never even thought about it much, only once or twice when she masturbated, but now there was a man — a real man — down on his knees, and he was chewing her cunt-flesh.

“Ahhhh, jeeeez, but, you know — ahhh, Mr. Park, it’s — you’re lick — you’re lickin’ me!” Denise moaned, thrusting her hips at his greedy mouth.

Mr. Park chewed her cunt. He nibbled tenderly. Then he munched and sucked, his tongue fucking on Denise’s clit.

She thought she might faint.

The satisfaction of his actions was so good.

“Ohhh, darn!” she cried.

He clutched her ass, gobbling greedily.

“Sir!” Denise panted.

He licked frantically at her little cunt. Denise came. She was pulled forward. She slid her hands down on his shoulders, clutched, pinched in for a balance, and let the radiating goosh of an orgasm send her into a high dive of deep delight.

Mr. Park chewed her pussy, tongue lashed her clit and made Denise feel wonderful. His hands pinched tighter on her ass.

She shook with pure joy.

Mr. Park was on his knees there on the ground, before her, eating between her legs, his mouth making loud slurping noises, wet smacks of love, as he lapped her schoolgirl pussy.

Denise watched him down there, and the sight of the older man kneeling before her like she was a queen or something really excited her. She instinctively pushed her hips out and rolled them slowly, mashing her crotch harder into Mr. Park’s smacking smooches and flicking tongue.

He quickly turned her around, lifted her skirt higher and revealed the bald, smooth, delicious hump of her darling ass. He rained tiny love kisses all over her beefy asscheeks.

“Ohhh, no!” Denise panted. “What are you doin’, Mr. Park?”

“Kissin’ your ass, honey. Your beautiful ass.”

“Oooooohhhh, jeeez!” Denise whimpered. “Would you eat a mile of my shit just to get where it came from, Mr. Park?”

He was surprised to hear her repeat his lewd comment, but her words sent fires of passion through him. He stuck his tongue up her ass.

“Oowwweeee!” Denise cried as the tip of his tongue swirled on her asshole. “Ohhhh, nooooo!”

“Eatin’ your shit,” Mr. Park mumbled. It was beautiful, wonderful, fabulous feeling for the little girl, an exciting tingle of pleasure she had never felt before. She bent over slightly at the waist as Mr. Park fucked her asshole with his wet, slobbery tongue.

He slashed up and down her asscrack, long wet slapping, flapping tongue-strokes, then twirled his tongue at her ass-bud again.

“Eating a mile of shit!” Denise moaned. “Mmmmmm, mmmmmm!” Mr. Park murmured behind her, spreading her asscheeks and sucking on her asshole, his mouth like a big plunger, his tongue wiggling like a minnow at her tight shit-hole.

“Gawwwwwwd!” Denise cried. “Jeeeez.”

Sweet, tingling joy shimmered through her fine teen body. She stood bent over at the waist, her hands on her thighs, her ass arched.

Mr. Park clapped her asscheeks apart and his tongue continued to lap, his mouth sucking in loud, obscene slurps.

Denise enjoyed the tongue fucking her asshole, the way Mr. Park slithered and licked up and down her asscrack so tickly and good.

“You like my ass, don’t you, sir?” she whispered.

“Mmmm, mmmm!” he moaned. “You were watchin’ it at the football game, weren’t you?”

“Mmmm, damn right,” he said. “It looked good enough to eat.”

“And now you’re eatin’ my ass too!” Denise gasped.

“Yes, yes!” he panted, licking his tongue up her asscrack. “Butt-fudge, mmmmmm, delicious, mmmmmm!”

Then he sent his tongue twirling at her asshole again.

“Oh, God!” Denise cried joyously. He tongue-fucked her wildly. Denise slid one hand between her legs and started masturbating her sweet pussy. She felt dizzy with delight.

“Oooooh, sir!” she whimpered.

“Eatin’ your ass! Eatin’ your shit!” Mr. Park moaned, his face in her asscrack, his mouth circling into a big round suction cup. He sucked at her shit-hole.

“Ahhh, awwww, Gawwwd!” Denise groaned. She diddled her little cunt.

“Best ass, so good, best I’ve ever seen! Love your ass, Denise!” Mr. Park moaned, still moving his tongue, still sucking.

“And you’d eat miles of my shit to get to where it came from,” Denise said, her words steaming into the bright autumn night.

“Yessssssssss!” he hissed, licking furiously up and down.

Then he tongued her asshole with a wild thrust. His tongue screwed into her shitter like a drill.

Denise stiffened.

“Awwww, geeee, here I go!” she whispered.

Mr. Park felt her shaking. He fucked his tongue deeper into her ass.

“Shit!” Denise yelped.

She came so fast and so good that she thought she might fall down. She took her hand out of her pussy, clutched her legs just above the knees and shuddered through a beautiful climax.

Mr. Park got up off the grass. He unbuckled his pants and pushed them down.

Denise turned around and saw his huge cock. It was the first time she’d seen one. She gasped loudly, and her eyes opened wide as she stared at Mr. Park’s huge prick.

His cock stuck out from between his legs like a big hard hunk of iron, a full nine inches long, thick in width, the head round, red and all bubbly with fuck-cream.

“Sir!” Denise gasped.

He reached out and took her arm, then brought it over so her hand was on his big cock.

Denise stood off to the side of him, and she got a hitchhiking grip on the prick. She pumped in and out as though she were standing at the side of the road trying to hitch a ride.

“That’s it, pump it, honey!” Mr. Park whispered.

“Like this?”

“Yes, Denise, like that, baby!”

“It’s shootin’ slimy stuff, sir!”

“Shooting cum, Denise, cum for you! It’s shooting that slimy cream because you make me so hot, because you make my prick so hard!”

“Ooowwwhhooo!” Denise whispered. Her skirt was still up on her waist. Her peachy-hot tits bobbled in her pink sweater. She jerked Mr. Park’s enormous cock for him with cute little strokes, her thumb sticking out from her cock-grip, blurring with the fast motions of her hand.

Denise stood beside him, her skirt up, her legs and ass bare, her feet in the little pink heels.

She pumped the older man’s prick with sweet strokes. His prick kept spitting.

He reached over and fanned a hand behind her and caressed her glorious ass.

“That’s the finest ass in the world,” he whispered.

“Thanks, sir,” Denise said.

“You saw us looking at you at the game?”


“But you couldn’t have heard us, how did you know to say that line about a mile of shit?”

Denise smiled and beat his cock faster, pounding hard and quick.

“Oh, yesss!” Mr. Park sighed. “Don’t stop! Jack me, you sweet little fucker!”

Denise was hot again. The way he talked excited her, and the big cock in her hand thrilled her. His admiring, appreciative hand circling her ass lovingly made her tingle.

He stuck a finger up Denise’s asshole.

“Awww! Ohhh! Hey!” Denise gasped.

She pumped harder.

Mr. Park came. An incredible shower of cum jetted from his big prick.

“Ohhh, gawwwwd!” Denise groaned.

“Jeceez! Shit! Slimy stuff all over! Sir!”

“Denise, Denise!” he moaned, cumming in hot squirts.

His body shook and shivered with pleasure. His prick kept spitting big gunks of cum out into the bushes, spraying the green leaves with thick cream.

“It just keeps shootin’,” Denise said. “You sweet little girl!” Mr. Park moaned.

Denise pumped him dry. “We’d better go back into the school now, Mr. Park.”

“Could I see you again, Denise?”

“Well, ah, jeez, I dunno. Do you wanna see me again?”

“Oh, yes, in the worst way.”

“Okay then, let me know.” Denise pulled her panties on and walked back into the gym, melting into the crowd as if nothing had happened.

But something had happened, and Denise had loved it. She could never remember feeling so good, so excited, and now so calm.


Denise looked sexy and cute in her majorette uniform, her twirler outfit. She had on the shiny black uniform that gloved her ass in a cradle of love. The little outfit was low-cut, and her tits pushed it out.

She wore a white majorette hat with a tassel on it, hooked to her head by a severe, black strap along her cheeks and under her chin.

Her white boots were shiny and new.

Her long sandy hair hung in a ponytail. She had her hair up, hidden by the tall majorette cap. Bangs were visible on her forehead just below the shiny black bill of the hat.

It was an hour before the game and Denise walked down the hall in the basement of Branson High School. She was killing time, calming herself before her performance.

She turned a corner and Mr. Cavendish, the new principal, was coming down the stairs. He was a tall man of broad stature, very handsome, academic-looking. He had brown hair and wore a pair of black slacks, a blue shirt with a striped tie, and a brown tweed coat.

He was in his forties.

He stopped and smiled. “Hello, there…”

“Hi, Mr. Cavendish.”

“And you’re ah — let’s see…”


“Yes, yes, the twirler. You are wonderful, Denise.”

“Gee, thanks, sir,” Denise said, thrilled with the compliment from the new principal. They stood awkwardly for a moment, Mr.

Cavendish’s eyes roving her lovely body, the tight black uniform, the push of her tits, the tight snugness of her crotch, her beautiful young face.

He got a hard-on.

Denise saw his erection and how it punched out the crotch of Mr. Cavendish’s slacks. Her mouth dropped open.

“You are gorgeous!” he gasped.

“Gosh, thank you, sir.”

They stood again in silence for a few moments.

Mr. Cavendish’s cock was jumping around, throbbing and wiggling in his slacks like a fish.

Denise looked from the erection to his handsome, rugged, face.

“I’d like to kiss you,” he whispered, unable to stop the flow of emotion that had overcome him.

He knew he could be risking his career, but he simply couldn’t stop the words that shot out of his mouth.

“Kiss you,” he said.

“Gee!” Denise gulped.

She trembled excitedly. Her principal wanted to kiss her!

He took her hand and pulled her close. Her little body pressed against his athletic body. His hands went behind her, holding her close, then he leaned down and kissed Denise’s sweet, pink lips.

His cock thumped at her belly.

She shuddered. He shuddered. Both were breathing heavily. His hands fell to her fine ass, and he cupped her tight, round asscheeks.

“Quick, in here, the faculty restroom. I have a key.”

Mr. Cavendish unlocked the men’s faculty toilet, and pulled Denise inside.

“You think we should?” Denise asked. “I think so.”

He locked the door.

“But, gosh, Mr. Cavendish!”

“In here,” he said, leading Denise to a toilet stall.

He took her inside, closed the door, latched it, and they stood close.

“Just kiss a little more? Is that okay, Denise?”

“I guess so, Mr. Cavendish, if you wanna.”

“I do, I do!”

He kissed Denise again, and again played with her ass. His cock was as hard as rock against her. He brought one hand around and slid it between them, rubbing on her cunt.

“Ahhh! Ooooh!” Denise gasped, breaking away from his kiss.

“Oh, God, Denise!” Mr. Cavendish panted.

She could tell he was hot. She liked the effect she was having on him. It gave her a feeling of power to have her principal panting over her.

“I could help you with your grades,” he whispered.

“Gosh, could you?”

“Sure. I can change them as they go on your report card. It wouldn’t make any difference what you made in class, on the tests, or your final grade. I could change it to an A on your card.”

Denise thought this over seriously. She hated school. She wanted to be a movie star or a model, something glamorous where her beauty would be admired and appreciated, and she wanted to make millions of dollars.

“You’d put down all A’s for me?” she asked.



“Then you could get into any college in the country, or you could get a good job. All A’s are important.”

“I know it is,” Denise said. “What do I have to do, sir?”

“You’re a freshman?”


“But you can’t ever tell anyone about our deal, Denise. If you did, I’d lose my job, and all your A’s would turn to F’s.”

“Like, what do I have to do, play with your cock and stuff?”

“Yes,” he said.

“And let you play with me?”


“And I get all A’s on my report card?”


“Well, ah, I guess — sure, okay. I’ll do it,” Denise said.

Mr. Cavendish took his sport coat off, put it on the hook on the stall door, then he took his pants down and stripped out of his shorts. His big cock snapped up.

“Ah! Oh!” Denise gasped.

Mr. Cavendish had a full nine inches of hard prick to offer. The cock was smooth as marble, thick, and it throbbed so passionately that Denise could see the pulsing.

“Gawwwd, sir!” she gasped. “You want me to play with that?”

“Yes, but take your uniform off first,” he said.

Denise reached back, unzipped her black uniform, then she peeled it down her fine body. Mr. Cavendish hung it over his coat.

Denise stood beautifully before her principal, naked except for her white majorette hat and her white boots.

“You’re not just tellin’ me you’ll give me A’s, are you?” she asked.

“No, no. I’ll take care of your transcript and your report card. I’ll help you in every way I can, Denise, the whole time you’re at Branson High.”

Mr. Cavendish reached out and moved his hand between Denise’s legs, feeling her fabulous little pussy. His fingertips tingled with thrilling excitement when he touched her marvelous pussy.

“I can even give you absent-slips so you won’t even have to go to class. How’s that?”

“God, that’d be great!” Denise exclaimed, thinking about the days she would go to the mall.

Mr. Cavendish slicked his finger lovingly up and down Denise’s pussy-slit. She stood rigid, beautiful, her tall majorette hat glimmering, the strap hooking under her chin.

“Should I play with your cock, then?” she asked.


Denise clutched his enormous cock. The stalk was hot in her little hand. “Oooooh, ah, gosh!” she gasped.

Then they stood there playing with each other’s sweet fuck-flesh, Denise squeezing and pumping slowly. Mr. Cavendish slid a finger into her pussy so he could fuck her with it.

“Ohhh, Denise!” the principal whimpered.

“Gawwwd, sir!”

“You sit down on the toilet, Denise,” he said.

Denise plopped her ass on the shiny black seat.

Mr. Cavendish got down on his knees, pushed her legs apart, licked up her thighs, then sent his tongue twirling into her pussy.

“Oh! Awwwwwwww, jeeeeeeez!” Denise howled.

Mr. Cavendish moved in on her, licking his tongue lewdly at Denise’s schoolgirl cunt. His tongue slicked the cunt-slit, then he found her clit and twiddled the erect thrill-spot.

“Awwwwwwwww! Shhhheeeeeeez!” Denise cried.

She was splayed out on the toilet.

Mr. Cavendish was on his knees on the cement floor, eating at her cunt, licking and lapping. He opened his mouth wide, sucked her clit into his mouth and chewed it tenderly.

“Oh, God!” Denise whimpered.

He slid his hands under her ass, lifted her, and ate wildly, hungrily.

Denise loved the feeling his tongue and mouth were giving her. She looked down and watched his obscene action, and the sight of her principal eating at her pussy gave her a hot surge of excitement.

“Darn! Darn!” she gasped.

Mr. Cavendish seemed to be an expert at eating pussy. Pie took Denise to new plateaus of pleasure, and soon she was shuddering and shaking on the toilet as she was gripped by the tingle of a hot climax.

“All A’s! All A’s!” Denise yelped. “Mmmmm, mmmmm!” he moaned.

He had a twiddle going on her clit. Denise came.

“Oh, ah, oooooooh!” she cried.

He ate lustily at her sweet pussy.

“Sir! Sir! Ohhhhhh!”

Then she trembled and shook though a brilliant climax. Her whole being was consumed with beautiful pleasure. She loved cumming and she was really doing it.

The smell of the men’s room, her principal going down on her, the toilet stall — it was all too much for the lovely darling. She climaxed again, then again, then again, and again. The ripples of pleasure shook her.

She finally slumped down on the toilet seat, spent, pleasured, satisfied.

Mr. Cavendish got up.

“I’ll sit on the toilet now, Denise, and you play with my prick, okay?”

“Okay,” she said, getting off the black seat.

Mr. Cavendish sat down, pulling up his shirt. His big cock stuck straight up, handsome, beautiful, long, hard.

Denise knelt beside the toilet. “Should I just play with it? Just kind of play around with it with my hands?”


Denise clutched his cock at the base. “Oooooooh!” she whispered. “I want you to kiss it, too,” he said. “I better not.”

“Yes, yes, you must.”

“Gawwwd, kiss your cock, Mr. Cavendish?”


“Oh, shit,” Denise said. She bent over.

Her majorette hat tilted. Her chin strap pulled in on her face. She puckered her lips and kissed the tip of Mr. Cavendish’s big cock.

He loved it.

“Denise! Denise!” he cried. “That’s wonderful! Kiss it! Lick it! Then suck it!”

He sat splayed on the toilet. His cock poked up at Denise’s pink lips.

She licked the tip of his cock. “Ooooooh, yes!” Mr. Cavendish gasped. She took his prick in her warm, juicy mouth. Her lips locked on the cock-shaft. She bobbed up and down, her majorette hat wobbling precariously.

“Suck it, Denise! Suck it, honey!”

She sucked his big prick, still clutching the long, beautiful cock-shaft down near the base, her fingers entwined in the curly fuzz there.

His balls hung off the edge of the toilet seat.

“You sweet, sweet dear,” Mr. Cavendish said, his voice quivering.

Denise slurped the huge prick, now and then glancing up at her principal, intrigued by the look of passion etched on his handsome face.

He stared down at Denise, his cock plugged into her little mouth.

Denise felt the first squirt of cum on the roof of her mouth, then he blasted out his load and damned near choked her.

“Suck, honey, suck!” Mr. Cavendish whimpered. “Suck me!”

Denise gulped on his prick. Thick cockcream spilled from her mouth, drooling down his cock. She slid off the prick and a mouthful of cum splashed out of her mouth.

But Mr. Cavendish was still shooting. Denise started jerking his prick.

“Yes, Denise!” he panted. “Do that!”

“Jerk on it?”

“Yes, honey, yes!”

Denise knelt beside the toilet, her hat still on, her boots splayed on the floor. She pumped hotly on Mr. Cavendish’s spurting cock.

“That feels so damn good!” he whispered.

Denise looked up at his face. He was hot. He looked as if he’d just bitten into a lemon. She looked back at the cream jetting from his huge prick.

“Jeeez!” she gasped.

“Oh, gawwwwwwwwwwwd!” Mr. Cavendish cried.

Denise pumped out his full load. The principal finally slumped on the toilet, huffing and puffing. He leaned forward and pulled Denise up so she stood over him. His hands went behind her. He cupped her ass.

“You have the finest ass I believe I’ve ever seen, Denise,” he whispered.

The little darling stood provocatively over him, her pink-glossed lips slick with cum. She stuck her tongue out, wiping them clean.

Her majorette hat was tilted to the left and looked as though it might fall off at any moment.

“You think so, sir?” she asked.

“Yes, yes.”

“My ass?”

He underhanded her asscheeks lovingly, jiggling them. “Yes, you have a beautiful ass, Denise.”

Denise remembered how Mr. Park had kissed her ass, licked her crack and fucked her asshole with his sloppy tongue, and she remembered how much she had enjoyed his actions.

Mr. Cavendish now reached up and cupped her peach-sized tits, fondling squeezing and caressing them.

He kissed her stomach, pulled Denise onto him so she straddled his legs, then he sat her down on his lap.

His big prick was hard again, and it stuck up like a hard pipe. Denise sat on top of him and looked down at his face.

“I wanna fuck you,” Mr. Cavendish said.

“Oh, sir!” she gasped. “I don’t think we should.”

“You said you just wanted to play.” He clutched his cock, rubbing it on Denise’s belly.

“Just put it in for a minute,” he whispered.

He lifted her up, then fucked his prick into her little pussy.

“Ahhhh! Oooooh!” Denise cried, looking down at the hot, slick connection of cunt and cock.

She was up, standing now, his cock big and hard and fucking into her cunt.

“I never fucked before!” Denise gasped. “Just move on my prick.” She rolled her gorgeous ass slowly. “Like this?”

“Hooo, ooooh, yeahhhhhh! Like that, Denise!”

“Oh, jeez!” she panted.

Denise was fucking on top of him, screwing her hips around and around, bumping up and down, taking a full eight inches of Mr. Cavendish’s big prick into her tight pussy.

He had his hands behind her, feeling her ass.

Denise put her hands on his shoulders for balance. Mr. Cavendish sat erect on the toilet. Denise did the work. She bounced faster, and her hat toppled off to one side and hung by the strap around her neck. Her brown hair fell down in sweet piles. Her bangs were matted with perspiration to her forehead.

“Fuck me, Denise!” he yelped.

“Oh, sir, I am! I am fuckin’!” Denise moaned, her voice full of joy.

His cock felt good in her cunt. She loved the hard shaft in there, so warm, so slick. She fucked up and down on him.

“Sweet, sweet fucker!” Mr. Cavendish groaned, his face twisted with pleasure.

Denise fucked faster and harder, until she knew she was going to cum again. She felt his prick bulge in her cunt. He sprayed out another cum-load that splashed into her with hot spurts.

“Ahhh, shit!” he yelled.

“Gawwwd!” Denise cried. “You’re squirtin’ in me!”

Mr. Cavendish arched up off the toilet, pushing harder into Denise’s cunt. She rolled her hips and pumped down on his hard cock.

Her climax filled her with love and thrilling emotion. She shook violently, shuddered, then stiffened.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ooooowhhooofff!”


When Denise told her friend Sue Simpson about her encounter with Mr. Cavendish, Sue responded with fascination and surprise.

“Come on, you’re kiddin’,” Sue said as they walked down the hall at Branson High. “No, and in the toilet, in the men’s faculty toilet.”

“And he’s gonna give you all A’s?”

“Shit, I’d go for that deal. I’d let him in my pants for that,” Sue said.

Sue Simpson was a blonde delight. Her blonde hair was long on her shoulders, and she had it slicked back on the sides, parted in the middle.

“I’ll bet you could get him to give you A’s if you did let him in your panties,” Denise said.

Sue wore a black mini-skirt and a white sweater. She had big tits. They looked like grapefruits bobbling around in her sweater.

“Would you arrange it?” Sue asked. “Sure,” Denise said. “Next time he talks to me, ’cause I got an idea he’s gonna wanna play around with me a lot more. I’m gonna see if he can’t swing it so I get the lead in the play.”

“Say, you wanna really see somethin’, Denise?”


“My Aunt Libby is visiting at my house. She always plays around with my brother.”

“She does?”

“Yeah, they fuck and stuff.”

“You’ve seen ’em?”

“Sure, but they don’t know I’ve seen ’em. Wanna come over and watch?”

“God, yeah,” Denise said.

“After school, then. We go over, but we have to hide in the guestroom closet for a long time and wait.”

“I don’t care. Your brother? Danny? Gawwwwd, he’s the hottest hunk at Branson High!”

“Yeah, I know. All the girls are crazy for him.”

“And he’s doin’ it with your aunt?”

“You’ll see.”

Sue led Denise to the closet of the guestroom.

“My aunt will be home soon. She always comes in about the time school’s out. She knows Danny win be home then.”

She took Denise into a big closet that occupied one whole wall. It had sliding doors.

“In here. We just sit in the dark, leave the door open, and they won’t see us.”

Denise ducked with Sue behind some coats and sat down on the hardwood floor.

Little Denise couldn’t believe she was about to see Danny Simpson fuck his aunt, but she was sure willing to wait out the possibilities.

“How long do we wait?” Denise asked.

“I dunno. Sometimes I’ve waited an hour or more.”

“God, they’re really gonna do it?” Denise asked.

“You just watch.”

Denise was clad in a faded blue denim skirt, red sweater and blue tennis shoes. She sat beside Sue and waited.

“Do you like to masturbate?” Sue asked.

“Sure, who doesn’t?”

“I love to do it,” Sue said. “Should we finger-off while we’re waitin’?”

“If you wanna.”

“Let’s do. Show me how you do it,” Sue said.

“Well, you know, I just do it,” Denise said, pulling her little blue skirt up and stripping her pink panties down on her thighs. “Kinda like this, fucking with my finger, in and out and stuff, then fiddling with my clit.”

“Ooooooh, yeahhhh, that looks good,” Sue said.

Sue pulled her skirt up, pulling her white panties down and did the same.

“Ohhhhhh, doesn’t this feel good?” Sue whispered.

“So damn good!”

“I know,” Denise said. “Do you do it a lot?”

“Oooooh, shit,” Sue whispered. “I do it all the time. I love it. I love finger-fuckin’!”

“Me, too,” Denise said. “Let’s cum, Denise!”

“Yeah, let’s!”

Sue fingered hard. Denise fingered hard. They sat in the closet like two dolls. Their fingers worked the magic, the pleasure, and soon Denise came.

“I’m gonna do it, Sue!” she yelped.

“Oh, good. Do it, Denise, cum!”

“Shit!” Denise whimpered. She leaned back against the closet wall.

Her body was stiff. Her hand danced on her pussy.

“Oh, shit, you’re cummin’!” Sue cried. “I am! I am! I’m cumin’, Sue!” Then Sue came.

“Me, too! I’m gonna cum with you, Denise!”

“Do it!”

“Ohhhhh, shittttttt!” Sue yelled. A sweet rippling consumed Denise. A beautiful climax filled her body with delight.

“I love it!” she cried. “Gumming!” Sue whimpered. They fingered off, then sat huffing and pumping in the afterglow.

Footsteps sounded on the stairs below the room.

“Oh, shit! Here she comes!” Sue whispered. “Be quiet now!”

Denise and Sue waited.

Libby walked into the guestroom. She was a beautiful woman of forty-two. She had huge tits. They looked like bowling balls in her pink sweater. The curves of her hips were luscious and plentiful in the swirl of her black skirt.

She immediately stripped off her clothes, took down her panties, lifted off her bra and stood nude, then she pulled on a pair of yellow panties, added a black merry widow, dark nylons, and yellow high-heels.

“She always dresses up like that?” Sue whispered.

“Why?” Denise asked softly.

“Gets Danny all hot and stuff.”

Libby combed her long hair. She looked in a mirror and rouged her cheeks, adding thick red lipstick to her lush lips.

Her huge tits bobbled in the merry widow. The tight garment hugged her curves, her mature lushness. Denise had never seen such big tits. They were scrunched together deliciously by the tight, uplifting bra-cups of the merry widow.

She gartered her nylons tightly to the black straps, sat down on the bed, lit a cigarette and waited.

Five minutes later, Danny appeared. He peeked into the room. “You all alone, Aunt Libby?”

“Yes, no one’s home, Danny.”

“Can I come in?”

“Of course, dear,” Libby said, beckoning to him sexily, standing up, letting the high school boy see her magnificent body, her big tits, her shiny black merry widow.

Danny stopped and gawked. “You like?” Libby asked, turning fully around to let him see her pantied ass.

Her mature face radiated a sexy challenge. She licked a wet tongue over her fresh red mouth. She pointed accusingly and wagged a finger at Danny.

“My, my. Naughty, naughty,” she said, eyeing and pointing at the boy’s stiff cock. The rigid stalk punched out his jeans.

Danny trembled with excitement. Libby bent over slightly at the waist, heaving her magnificent tits out so they looked as if they would spill from the top of the merry widow, then she criss crossed her fingers.

“Shame on you, Danny.” Danny couldn’t stand it. He reached down and squeezed his hard prick.

“No, no noooooo,” Libby said. “Take your clothes off first.”

Danny stripped quickly, then stood in front of his aunt, his lean, muscular teenaged body glimmering, his cock sticking out in a hot throb.

He had a full eight inches.

“Your brother’s got a big cock,” Denise whispered.

“I know he has,” Sue said.

Libby lifted her huge tits over the top of the merry widow.

“Do you like this, Danny?” she asked. “Ohhhh, Aunt Libby!” he panted. Danny’s prick squished out a gob of cum that spat into the air and splashed to the carpet.

“Ooooooh, you’re squirtin’, Danny!” Then she peeled her panties down on her thighs, giving Danny a look at her big, bushy brown pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Danny sighed.

He grabbed his cock and jerked wildly. “Ooooooh, my!” Libby whispered. Danny jerked off in front of her. “You naughty boy!” Libby gasped. “Playing with yourself! Jerking on your nice prick like that! You should be spanked, Danny!”

“Oh, Aunt Libby!” Danny sighed. He whipped off. The cum sprayed in a torrent of hot cream that splattered at Libby’s high heels.

“Ahhhhh! Ahhhh! Aunt Libby!” he screeched.

“Oooooh, I’ll bet that feels good,” Libby said, smiling seductively as she whirled her hips in a slow bump-and-grind to excite Danny.

He shuddered and kept shooting, and when he was finished, his young cock stayed as hard as rock. He slowly stroked it.

“Take your hand away from it,” Libby said.

Danny reluctantly let go of his prick. His hand dripped cum.

“Come over here, Danny,” Libby said.

Obediently, Danny walked to his lovely aunt. She stood with her hands on her hips, challengingly, sexily.

Libby looked up and down, her eyes taking in his youthful body. Then she stared at his rigid prick. “My, my, you’re all hard, Danny. Whatever are we going to do about you, my boy?”

“I dunno!” Danny panted, his cock shuddering, wiggling and jerking around spasmodically.

The sight of his beautiful aunt had poor Danny in a dizzy tizzy.

“Sit down on the bed, Danny,” Libby said.

The boy sat on the edge of the mattress. Libby sat down beside him. She took his cock in her hand and bent it outward, slid her hand down the creamy prick-stalk to the base, then she bent over and began licking up and down the long hard-on, slurping away the cum, her tongue wagging and lapping lewdly.

“Jeez.” Denise whispered.

“This is somethin, huh?” Sue smiled.

Sue looked over at Denise. Denise looked back and noticed that Sue was fucking herself with a high-heeled shoe, pumping the heel in and out of her pussy.

Denise was finger-fucking. She did it faster as she returned her attention to Libby and Danny.

Libby lifted off Danny’s prick, brushed her hair back with her hand, brought it to her mouth, then deposited a huge gob of spit in her palm.

She reached down and lubricated Danny’s cock.

Libby brought her hand back to her mouth and spit in her palm again, then took the hot bubbling goo and lathered it up and down Danny’s hot hard-on.

“Just look at your prick, Danny. It’s throbbing all over.”

Danny sat stiffly, his face wrinkled into a mass of passion.

“I know, I know,” he said, moving his hands on the mattress on either side of him.

“You can’t walk around with a big hard-on all the time, Danny.”

“When I think of you, Aunt Libby, I can’t help it.”

“My, my. I guess I’ll take care of this big throbber.”

Danny’s eight-inch prick was amazing. It wobbled, jerked around, throbbed, and stuck out from between his legs in freakish proportions to his young body.

Libby clutched his cock. She slid out farther on the mattress, got closer to Danny, then started pounding on his prick.

Her huge tits jiggled juicily as her arm and hand pumped.

Danny threw away all sense of decorum. He lifted his head, his eyes closed, his mouth open and screeched: “Awwww, ohhhhhhh, Aunt Libby!”

“You love it, don’t you?” she whispered.


Libby jerked his hot prick. She knew how to do it, too. She had a fine fuck-stroke. Her fist was clutched around the thick prick. Her hand slicked up and down.

“Ohhhhhh, ohhhhh!” Danny moaned. Denise loved the sight before her as she peered out of the closet. She flicked her finger wildly.

Sue diddled her pussy with the high-heel. Libby gave Danny’s prick a good fist-fucking.

Then the lad stiffened. His back arched. His neck craned, his face twisted into wild wrinkles, his mouth opened, and his prick juiced.

“Ali, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhh!” Danny gasped.

His cock spewed, another load. Cockcream spat and spurted from his prick-tip. It was a stream of cum. Libby jacked him off with hot, hard strokes.

“You naughty little bastard!” Libby whispered.

“Ooooohhhhh, Aunt Libby!” Danny yelped.

Libby pumped. Her tits jiggled. She looked gorgeous sitting on the edge of the bed in her merry widow, jerking the young boy off, pump-fucking his hard prick.

Denise came. She shuddered against the wall of the closet, her finger fucking her clit.

She let the feeling ripple through her.

She wanted to scream with thrilling passion.

Sue stiffened next to her.

“Shit, I’m gonna get off!” she moaned softly.

The girls came as they watched Libby give Danny an expert hand-job.


Danny sat huffing and puffing. Libby held his creamy cock in her hand.

Her red fingernails were covered with cum. Sue heaved a silent relief. So did Denise.

They relaxed against the closet wall. “Isn’t this great?” Sue whispered. “Yeahhhh, really,” Denise said. They watched as Libby let Danny’s prick go. It wobbled, then spit out another blob of cum that spilled down his cock-stalk and onto his balls.

But it stayed hard. His cock was big and swollen.

No way it would wilt. If anything, it was harder now than when Libby had first applied her fist-fuck.

Danny turned to Libby. He reached for her fabulous tits, got one in bpth hands, held it like a loving slave, then dipped his head and kissed the nipple.

“Now, now,” Libby whispered.

Danny buried his face in her big tits. Libby let him suck and lick as she rolled them against his face, cheeks and mouth.

“That’s enough now!” she gasped, standing up. She pulled her panties up. “Get down on your knees, Danny. I know you want to kiss my panties, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes!” Danny said, falling to his knees in front of Libby.

“Well, kiss ’em then!”

Danny ducked in on her and kissed her yellow panties. His hands went behind her and cupped her ass.

“No, nooooo!” Libby moaned. Danny held his hands away from her body, craning his neck, and lapped at Libby’s pants.

“Mmmmmm, that’s it, Danny. You like that, don’t you? You love your auntie’s panties, don’t you?”

“Yeahhhhh, mmmmmm!” Danny moaned.

Danny chewed on Libby’s pants like a wild animal. He dropped one hand to his stiff cock and pumped the bristling stalk.

“Gawwwwwd!” Sue whispered. “Jeeeez!” Denise purred. “He’s chewin’ on your aunt’s pants!”

“And he’s playin’ with his cock, too,” Sue said.

Libby stood over Danny, her hands on her hips.

“You wanna take ’em down, don’t you, Danny?” Libby cooed.

Danny nodded.

“Okay, take ’em down. Take my panties down, Danny.”

Carefully, lovingly, Danny stripped Libby’s spit-soaked pants down her nyloned legs until he had them at her heels.

Libby lifted one foot, then the other, and soon Danny had her panties in his hand. He brought them to his mouth and kissed them.

“Ah, yes, that’s it! Love ’em, kiss ’em, Danny!”

“Can I keep your panties, Aunt Libby?”

“You naughty boy. I suppose. Yes, you may keep my panties, then you can masturbate with them every night while you think of me.”

“Yes! Yes!” Danny cried.

“Get up, you naughty boy,” Libby said. Danny stood up.

“Didn’t you forget something, Danny?”


“You forgot to kiss my pussy, Danny!”

“Back on your knees, boy!”

Danny knelt quickly, puckered his lips and kissed Libby’s cunt.

“Ooooooh, you naughty boy!” Libby whispered.

Danny flicked his tongue out and licked I Libby’s cunt-slit.

“Mmmmmm, Danny!” she sighed. His hands slid behind her, cupping her naked ass. His tongue lapped wildly at her curt.

“Yes, Danny, lick it! Lick my cunt, honey!”

Denise was fingering real fast. Her arm was so tired she didn’t know if she could keep it up. Sue was still fucking the shoe.

Libby pushed Danny away, then lay down on the floor. She spread her legs and cocked her knees up, her pussy looking deliciously inviting.

“Okay, Danny, this is what you been waiting for. Fuck me!”

“Oh, oh!” Danny panted, climbing upon Libby.

She clutched his cock and plugged it into her slushy cunt.

“Ahhhhh, ooooh!” Danny groaned. He started bucking wildly on his aunt. “Yeah, hard! Fast! That’s right! Fuck me, Danny! Come on, you bad boy, fuck me! Oh, yeah, like that, Danny! Real fast!”

Danny fucked up and down, slamming his cock into Libby’s hot pussy.

His tight teen ass hammered in a blur. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” Libby yelled. “Awwww, look at that!” Denise whispered. “Danny’s fucking her!”

“I know. I seen ’em do it before!” Sue panted, slicking a sticky shoe into her pussy.

Danny fucked furiously.

“Yeahhhh! Fuck it, Danny! Fuck it!” Libby hissed.

She kicked her legs up, then hooked them around the humping lad, her heels crisscrossing above his pumping ass.

“Oh, Aunt Libby!” Danny cried. “You like it, you like it, don’t you, Danny?”


“You love fuckin’ me!”


“Feels good, huh?”

“Ohhhhh, yesssss, Aunt Libby!”

“Put your hands under my ass,” Libby said.

Danny slid his hands under her plump ass and cupped her chubby asscheeks.

“I never seen anyone fuck before,” Denise whispered, diddling her clit.

“Looks good, doesn’t it?”

“Shit, yes,” Denise said.

Sue slicked the high-heel into her pussy, fucking herself with a jerking stroke. “Yeahhhh, looks real good!”

Libby was fucking up off the floor now. She pumped her hips, thumping her ass back on the carpet, fucking at Danny’s big cock.

“Dunk it in there!” Libby cried. “Ohhhhh!” Danny sighed. “Come on, fuck me! Fuck it! Fuck my cunt!”

“Oh, Aunt Libby!”

“Prick me, Danny! Yeahhh, faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and — ohhhhhhh, shit! Danny! I’m gettin’ it!”

“They’re cummin’!” Sue gasped. “So am I!” Denise whispered. Then there was silence as four people climaxed at the same time in the steamy bedroom. Fucking and finger-fucking, fucking and high-heel-fucking.


Denise stood on the edge of the football field in her twirling uniform. It sparkled in the floodlights. Her white boots were shining. Her blonde hair hung in a ponytail from under her tall majorette hat.

Her ass looked good.

Mr. Park was on the sidelines watching Denise, and she knew it. She’d seen him standing there with his buddies.

She moved down the line in front of the men as she waited for her time to march onto the field. She tuned in to their comments.

“God, there’s that little cunt again.”

“Yeah, the one with the ass. Shit, what an ass!”

“Nice, isn’t she?” Mr. Park said.

Denise thought about how she’d danced with Mr. Park after the last game, how they both came pressing against each other. And he was a PTA chaperone. His son was the high-school hunk, Dick Park, star of the football team.

She thought about his tongue licking up and down her ass when they’d been out in the trees by the school.

An inner thrill shuddered through Denise. She looked over her shoulder at Mr. Park. He was gawking at her ass.

Then she was on the field.

Her performance was beautiful. She tossed her baton for what seemed like a million miles up into the lights, waited, then caught it as it spun downward. She executed some sexy moves, some hot twirls, and marched off the field to enthusiastic applause.

She headed for the school to change into some other clothes so she could come back out and watch the game with Sue.

But Mr. Park caught up with her. “You were wonderful tonight, Denise.”

“Gee, thanks, Mr. Park.”

“You are wonderful. I haven’t been able to think of one thing except you this past week.”

“Geeeee.” Denise smiled, looking up at the handsome man.

They were in the parking lot, winding through the maze of parked cars on their way to the school house.

Mr. Park stopped Denise, pinned her against the fender of a new car, and kissed her sweet, pink lips. His cock thumped hard and punched at her belly.

“Jeez, not here, Mr. Park!”

“God, honey, where?”

“Well, somewhere else, but not out here in the parking lot.”

He rubbed her pussy, his fingers spluttering against the crotch of her uniform. Denise liked the feeling.

“Come on,” she said. “In the school.”

They walked quickly to the school, into the side entrance, and Denise led Mr. Park to the biology lab. It was open and empty.

“In here,” she whispered.

“Take that little uniform off,” Mr. Park said.

Denise unzipped it in the back, then wiggled it over her hips, down her legs, around her white boots, and left it in a red puddle on the floor.

“Ohhhhhh, Denise!” Mr. Park sighed, admiring her young body.

She looked cute in her majorette hat, the black brim down on her forehead, the straps in a tight cut across her fresh cheeks.

Mr. Park got down on his knees, turned Denise around, cupped her marvelous ass, spread the cheeks, then licked up and down her asscrack.

Denise shuddered.

Then he licked her asshole. The tip of his tongue twirled at the tight bud.

“Awwwww, gawwwwwd!” Denise cried. Denise was in paradise. She didn’t know how it happened, but somehow Mr. Park ended up stretched out on the hardwood floor of the lab, and she was sitting on his face.

His tongue fucked her ass.

“Jeeeeez, I’m sittin’ on your face!” Denise whispered.

Mr. Park’s prick was out of his fly, sticking up hard and long.

Denise bent over and clutched it with her right hand. She jerked slowly while Mr. Park nibbled her asshole.

Denise pumped harder. She loved the feel of his prick in her hand. It was so squirty and juicy. She also loved the way his lewd tongue lapped at her ass.

“You’re eatin’ my shitter!” she whispered, lost in erotic enjoyment. “Eatin’ my shitter!”

“Mmmmmm, mmmmm!” mumbled Mr. Park.

Denise jerked his cock faster. She had a good hot jack-stroke going.

She came quickly and lost all sense of decorum. She jerked wildly on the man’s hard cock. He started squirting.

While they were cumming, Mr. Park managed to get Denise beneath him. He mounted her young teen body, and then he shoved her some cock.

She lay back on the floor, her majorette hat swishing around, her legs cocked open, her boots flat to the floor.

Mr. Park fucked her.

“Ahhhhh, ohhhhh, Mr. Park! Shit! You’re fuckin’ me!” Denise yelped.


His ass pounded. His prick fucked her cunt. Good, hot, fucking friction.

“Ah, it’s so darn big in there!” Denise gasped.

“Keep fuckin’,” Mr. Park said.

Denise squirmed under him, then remembered Libby and how she had lain beneath Danny. She lifted her legs and hooked them around Mr. Park, her boots high in the air. She started bumping up and down on the floor, her fine ass plopping against the hardwood with sweet thuds. She loved to fuck. This was wonderful, she thought. This was fabulous. She fucked furiously at Mr. Park.

Mr. Park slid his hands under Denise’s beautiful ass, cupping her asscheeks, then fucked harder. She pumped with him, meeting the thrusts of his cock with rolls of her little pussy.

“God, you’re good!” Mr. Park panted.

“Oh, sir.”

“We’re fuckin’ good, real good!”

“I know, sir! I know we are! We’re fuckin’ real good!”

He kissed her.

Their lips were hot, wet, succulent. The fucking was hot, wet, succulent. The sound of his prick squishing in and out of her pussy filled the lab.

Then he came. A spray of thick spunk flooded into Denise’s pussy. His cock throbbed and bulged. She came with him, clinging to his body, arched up off the floor.

Mr. Park fucked furiously. He pumped his load into Denise, then slumped on top of her.

“We gotta get back to the game,” she whispered.


“You sure Mr. Cavendish wants to?”

Sue was questioning Denise about a proposed date they had for that evening.

“Yes, he said to come over to his house after dark, knock at the back door and he’d let us in.”

“And he’s going to change all the grades on my report card to A’s. He promised?”


“Well, God! Why not?” Sue smiled.

“Let’s dress up real sexy and go over there and really turn him on.”

“Yeah, let’s make him pant for us like your aunt did to Danny.”

“Yeahhhh,” Sue said lewdly.

The girls dressed up that night, Denise in a black mini, a white tank top that left a slit of her belly showing, and white heels.

Sue wore a black dress with white polka dots on it. It was tight at the chest and waist, then flared out in sexy pleats. She also wore white high-heels.

They went to Mr. Cavendish’s house. His wife was gone for the evening, and he was waiting for them when they knocked at his back door.

“Come in, girls, come in.”

They followed him to the living room. He went to the bar and fixed a drink.

“Can I give you girls something?” he asked.

They had Cokes and stood at the bar as Mr. Cavendish came around to their side.

Denise took a sip of Coke, put her glass on the bar, turned to the handsome principal, lifted her little skirt and showed him her tight yellow panties.

“This is what you wanna see, huh?” Sue whispered.

“Oh, yes!” Mr. Cavendish gasped.

Sue lifted her dress, showed her nylons, the garter belt, the straps, her pink panties.

“Oh, yes, girls! Wonderful! Wonderful!” he moaned.

“And my pussy, too,” Denise said. “You wanna see that, too.”

She peeled her yellow panties down and let Mr. Cavendish see her sweet cunt. Sue hesitated because Mr. Cavendish immediately went to Denise and knelt down. He kissed her cunt.

“Ah, now, naughty, naughty,” Denise said.

“Mmmmmmmm, mmmmmm!” Mr. Cavendish moaned.

Denise stepped back. “You shouldn’t be kissin’ my pussy, Mr. Cavendish.”

“Oh, but dear.”

“Well, you already made a deal for me to get A’s. Now you gotta make a deal with Sue.”

“Yeah, with me,” Sue said. “I want you to change my grades, too, Mr. Cavendish.”

She stood sexily with her skirt up.

Mr. Cavendish got up from the floor. “Yes, yes, Sue, yes. We must change your grades to A’s, too.”

“So?” Sue asked.

Mr. Cavendish led the girls to a bedroom with a big bed covered by a pink spread.

“I want you up on the bed, up on your hands and knees, Sue,” Mr. Cavendish said.

Denise walked to the corner of the room, and she took a chair there. She decided to watch, stay quiet and do some serious finger-fucking.

Sue crawled up on the bed, placed her hands out flat on the spread, lifted to her knees, her magnificent ass undulating erotically under her thin dress.

She slid her knees on the pink, satin coverlet, and assumed a beautiful position on her hands and knees.

Mr. Cavendish licked his chops. Sue looked over her shoulder, stuck her tongue out, slid it to the corner of her mouth and hooked it back into a dimple on her cheek.

“Like this, Mr. Cavendish?” she asked.

“God, yes!” he hissed.

He moved to the bed behind her and fondly fingered the hem of her dress, lifting it slowly, puffing it up over her dark nylons, over the white garter-straps that slashed into her marble-smooth thighs as they dipped to the top of the nylons where they hooked up in a tight pull.

Mr. Cavendish lifted the flimsy dress higher, up over the pink panties that gloved Sue’s heavenly ass. The elastic edge sliced across the softness of her asscheeks.

Mr. Cavendish’s eyes were hot. He stared in admiration at Sue’s divine ass. His cock throbbed. He quickly stripped off his clothes, then stood nude, his cock as hard as rock, the stalk bending upward, the head like a burning red Christmas bulb.

Sue was still looking back over her shoulder, her gorgeous face registering disbelief at the strength and length of Mr.

Cavendish’s prick.

“Gawwwwwd!” she groaned.

Mr. Cavendish clutched his cock, his fingers lacing the stalk, pinching and squeezing the bulging slab.

He moved right in behind Sue, guided his prick between her legs, right at her nylon tops, humped down, spread his legs, his knees bent slightly, then let go.

The huge prick slapped up against the crotch of Sue’s pink panties, throbbing and rubbing there.

Sue swung her head, dipped her chin, looked down under her belly, and saw the waggling hunk of prick, the big head all fizzy and bubbly.

“Jeeeez!” she whispered. “It’s all slicky and stuff again, sir!”

He began a dry-hump behind her, fucking his prick between her legs, up against her panties.

“Don’t you dare try to fuck me, Mr. Cavendish!” Sue gasped.


“No,” she said. “No puttin’ it in me. You promised!”

“Yes, yes, my darling. I know. And I wouldn’t do anything to offend you. Nothing. You are the wine of my life. You give me life, Suzanne! I love you!”

His big prick sliced between her legs, the top of the cock-shaft rubbing on he warm panties, sawing in and out against the crotch.

“Jeeeeez!” Sue whispered, still watching Mr. Cavendish’s cock punching up between her thighs.

He layered her dress high up on her back. Sue reached down, grabbed Mr. Cavendish’s delicious-looking prick, squeezed the thick hard-on, cuddled her hand along the underside of the stalk, then cupped it in her hand and pulled the foaming fuck-head against her stomach. She squished the squirting tip against her bellybutton, massaging his cock all over her smooth, tight skin.

“Oh! You doll!” Mr. Cavendish cried.

“Geez, it’s sprayin’ on me!”

“Yes, I know.”

“It’s just squirty and stuff!”

“Darling, darling!” Mr. Cavendish picked up the beat, rocking faster behind Sue, fucking his prick into her squeezing hand.

She squashed the pulpy prick against her stomach, the head in the palm of her hand. She took the bulb-like tip, pinched it with two fingers, and rubbed it all over her bellybutton.

“Oh, oh! Shit! Shit!” Mr. Cavendish cried.

“You like that?” Sue asked. “I love it!”

The top of his cock-stalk was pressed against her pussy. Her panties were gooey, slushy, spongy, oozing with her pussy-cream.

“I love you, Sue!” Mr. Cavendish yelped. “And you’re gonna shoot out all that white stuff again, aren’t you, that real thick stuff?”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!”

Sue rubbed the spitting prick-head all over her navel, still pinching it with two fingers.

Mr. Cavendish was lost in a spasm of pleasure. He rocked behind Sue. His head was tilted to the ceiling, a look of pure pleasure on his face.

“Okay then, go ahead, shoot that stuff,” Sue said, tweaking his prick-tip, crushing the hot head against her tummy.

Then he shot his load, blew his stack, blasted those big, thick chunks of cum into Sue’s hand and all over her belly. Big strings of cock-cream flushed from her hand, drooling down onto the coverlet.

“Oh, sheeeezzzzz!” Sue gasped. “Ahhhhh, oh God!”

“Honey! Honey! Oh, sweet, baby!” Mr. Cavendish moaned.

Sue kept a tight squeeze, pinching his prick-tip with her thumb and forefinger, feeling the hot spurts of thick jizz that shot from his prick.

“You are really squirtin’, Mr. Cavendish! All that real white, thick shit! It’s like glue!” Sue said as she looked down at the splats of cum that shot from Mr. Cavendish’s big cock.

“Ah, oh, whoooshhhhh!” Mr. Cavendish moaned, his mouth hanging open, his head tilted upward, his face full of pleasure.

His cock thumped, throbbed, and shot more cum.

There was a puddle now, a big lake of cum beneath Sue and Mr. Cavendish. She still had his prick-tip between her fingers, pinching out every last spurt of jism she could.

For the first time in Mr. Cavendish’s life, he had two climaxes. He had stopped shooting his wad, but then his cock tingled all over again, and he staffed cumming again.

“Ooooooooh, shit!” he screamed. “I’m cummin’ again!”

Sue let go of his cock, placing her scummy hand on the coverlet. She twisted her head, looked back at the older man, and said, “Okay, fuck my panties then, but don’t go tryin’ to put it in me or anything.”

Mr. Cavendish shot his second load all over Sue’s tummy, her bellybutton up into her bra. She dripped cum.

“Ah! Ohhhh! Sweet darling!” he groaned.

Sue looked down, watching the creamy cum splizzle from Mr. Cavendish’s slick fuck-stick.

“Okay, then,” she whispered, her girly voice barely audible, “go ahead, go ahead, shoot that stuff!”

Mr. Cavendish pumped in and out behind her, his cock sucking her pink panties, the tip spitting big globs of jism.

He drained his load, then fell back on his haunches.

Sue rolled over and moved sideways on the bed, away from the pond of cum. Her flimsy dress rippled around her waist. Her legs were set apart, her heels on the bed, her knees cocked up and pointed outward, her pink panties soaked with fuck-slush.

Mr. Cavendish knelt above her, slumped at the waist, his huge cock dangling, the prick-head dripping with thick strings of cum.

“You shot that stuff all over my skirt, and look at my panties, looks like I just dipped them in a bottle of hand lotion or something,” Sue said, trailing her fingers down on her tummy, screwing her little finger into her bellybutton and scraping out the puddle of jism.

She looked up and gazed at Mr. Cavendish’s big cock, hanging there like a ring of bologna. She inspected his flat stomach, his manly shoulders, then looked at his ruggedly handsome face.

His eyes sparkled with desire.

He stared at the lovely girl, her provocative pose, lying there sexily, looking at her beautiful face. His cock began a slow thumping, a lifting, the cock-head bulging, throbbing upward in spasmodic jerks.

“Wow, jeeeez!” Sue whispered.

Mr. Cavendish’s cock pumped up into a frightening hard-on. His huge balls dangled in their brown sac like a couple of big plums.

Finally his prick was as hard as it could get, sticking out like a big hunk of iron, the cock-shaft slick and creamy, the tip foaming and still drooling cum.

Sue stared at the huge prick. It jerked and throbbed, wobbling around spasmodically.

Mr. Cavendish gazed at her incredible beauty, her face so princess-like.

He grabbed his cock and pumped.

“Oh, shit!” Sue cried. “Honey!”

“Gawwd, you’re playin’ with it!” Sue whispered.

“Uh-huh, I know,” he gasped, jerking faster and harder.

“You shouldn’t do that,” Sue said. “Why?”

“It’s naughty.”

“But it feels sooo good!”

She was fascinated by the way his wrist worked so easily, the way his hand clutched the thick cock-shaft.

“You’re masturbatin’, that’s what you’re doin’,” Sue whispered.

“I know I am, Sue. I’m jerkin’ off.”


He pumped faster now, his hard cock thick and bulging, the cock-head drooling.

Sue got hot. She slid her hand down over her cummy panties, rubbing on her pussy. “Yeah, do that!” Mr. Cavendish gasped. “Rub between my legs, like this?”

“Yes, Sue, yesssss!”

Sue rubbed her pants. “You’re gonna have to buy me some new panties. I can’t take these home. My grandmother would see ’em all caked and stuff when she does the wash.”

“Of course I will, darling.”

“You better.”

“Why don’t you take ’em off, Sue? Let me see your cunt.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Sue!”

“I dunno.”

“I’ve never seen your pussy. You’ve never showed it to me, honey,” Mr. Cavendish said, beating his big prick faster and faster.

Sue thumbed the cum-drenched pink panties. She wiggled them down, lifted, slid them down her thighs, down her legs, lifted one leg, then the other, and took her panties off. She dangled them on one finger.

“Ohhhhh, Godddd!” Mr. Cavendish cried, his eyes sparkling with passion as he eyed Sue’s luscious pussy.

The patch of black hair was thick, a luxurious bristle, a copious carpet of cunt curls, especially for such a young lass.

She lay there, her legs cocked, her pussy inviting, her dress up over her waist.

“Oh, Sue! That’s a beautiful pussy!” he gasped.

She smiled sexily and looked up at him, her mouth open.

“Is it?” Sue whispered.

She watched him masturbate his huge prick. He clutched his cock with both hands and pumped furiously.

“God!” she cried. “You are really jackin’ off, aren’t you?”

“Uh, uh, uh, yeahhhh!”

Sue squiggled her fingers into the thick mat of hair between her legs, then slid her middle finger into her cunt-slit and started finger-fucking herself.

“I’d like to eat it, Sue,” he said. “No, unh-uh.”

His cock heaved. It split a gob of cum that splashed on Sue’s thigh.

“Sheeeezzzz!” she gasped.

“Take your dress off and show me your tits, Sue.”

“God, you wanna see everything, don’t you?”


She puffed out a hot sigh.

“Okay,” she whispered, then wiggled out of her dress and lay back again, her pink bra cuddling her tits. She reached into the bra and plopped her tits out over the top. They were like two ripe oranges.

Mr. Cavendish was still on his knees over her, between her legs, pumping hotly, wildly with both hands.

“Go fast,” Sue said.

He jerked his prick savagely.

“Ooooooh, yeahhhhh, like that, sir!”

“Uh, uh, uh, Sue, Sue!” he panted.

She fingered her beautiful cunt-bush and watched with excitement while Mr. Cavendish pounded his prick brutally.

“I wanna fuck you! I wanna eat you! I wanna suck your tits!” he yelped. “Jeeeeez!” Sue whispered.

He came and sprayed a shower of hot, thick cum at Sue. Big shots of jizz splashed on her tummy, fingering hand and tits. A gob of cock-cream hit her on the forehead and splattered into her bangs.

“Ahhhhhh! Oh, fuck!” Mr. Cavendish cried.

“Shit!” Sue gasped. “You’re squishin’ on me!”

Then she came. A fabulous feeling gripped her, jolted her. She stiffened, lifting off the bed as her body vibrated.

“Ahhhh, ohhhh, ahhhhh, ohhhhh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Ahhhhh!” she shouted.

Mr. Cavendish rubbed his prick, hosing Sue with a shower of spunk.

“Feels soooo good!” he whimpered.

Sue was lost in the erotic goodness of her orgasm.

“Sooooo fucking good!” Mr. Cavendish sobbed, his prick shooting splats of thick spunk at Sue, spurting thick gobs of jizz that flew beautifully, like little puffy clouds, through the air and splashed down on Sue’s divine little body in simmering pools of jizz.

Sue came again. Another rippling rip of erotic ecstasy shivered through her.

“Awwwww, God!” she gasped hotly, her words like burning rocks that rolled out of her mouth, then tumbled through the pools of cum.

Her eyes widened. Her body shook. She fingered her glue-pot pussy. She watched Mr. Cavendish beat his cock-meat thrilling to the splotches of spitting cock-cream that flew from the tip of his prick.


Denise had finger-fucked herself three times while Mr. Cavendish played with Sue on the bed.

She was spent.

The principal ushered the girls from his bedroom and took them back to the kitchen. They left by the back door with a promise that he would take care of their grades for them from now on.

Each girl felt good about things, and they split up with a pact to meet the next evening and see what they could see with Danny and Libby.

Sue called Denise early the next night. “Everyone has gone out except Danny. He’s in the den watchin’ TV, waitin’ for Aunt Libby to come back. She’s coming in early because she has to get up in the morning to leave. You know what that means, huh?”

“God, we got to watch!” Denise said.

“Yeahhhhh, but let’s dress up real sexy and see if he gets all turned on by us like he does to Libby,” Sue said.

“You mean like we dressed for Mr. Cavendish?”

“Sure,” Sue said.

“Okay, I’ll be over in a little while,” Denise said.

She set about dressing, putting on a black mini with a tight white sweater. Under that combination she wore a white merry widow that hugged her darling body. The garter straps were tight to dark nylons, and she added pink heels. She fixed her hair in a cute but sexy ponytail, rouged her cheeks with a red blush, glossed her lips pink, then she set off for Sue’s house.

On the way three cars stopped, and one guy even leaned out and told her that she looked like a two-dollar whore. Denise knew that he was right, in fact that was the real reason she always dressed the way she did — she wanted to look like a cheap tramp.

She went in the back way and up to Sue’s room. Sue wore a red skirt, black sweater and red high heels.

“What do you got underneath?” Denise asked.

“Pink panties, pink bra, pink merry widow.”

Sue’s hair was freshly combed out, long on her shoulders and parted in the middle.

“We’re lookin’ hot, huh?” She smiled. “You sure you want to turn your brother on?” Denise asked.

“Yeah, I think it would be fun. What could it hurt? He’s always grabbin’ at me in the hall, patting me on the ass and stuff.”

“Jeez, I’m hot just thinkin’ about it,” Denise said.

“I know, I feel like I could finger-fuck myself all night,” Sue whispered.

“Gawwd, don’t you just love turnin’ men on, Sue?”

“Yeah, I do. It’s the best.”

“Yes, the best. I love it,” Denise said. “Well, let’s go down and see if we can get Danny as hot as Aunt Libby got him,” Sue said.

Denise trembled a little, then followed Sue down to the den.

Danny’s eyes were fixed on the TV set.

The girls walked in.

“Hi, Danny,” Sue said.

He looked up and gave the girls a good going-over, turned on by the way they were dressed.

“What are you doing?” Sue asked. “Just watchin’ TV.”

“Everyone out?” Sue asked. “Yeah, but Aunt Libby’s comin’ home early, since she has to wave early in the morning.”

Sue winked at Denise.

“So, you’re waitin’ for her, huh?” Sue said.


“Aunt Libby. You’re waitin’ for her.”

“Come on, Sue, what are you talkin’ about?”

“Don’t lie, Danny!”

“About what?”

“We know what you like?”


“Sue and me, we know.”

“Know what?”

Sue lifted her sweet skin, showing off her nylons, her garters, her pink panties. She was a teenaged Goddess.

“Ohhhhh, jeeeeez!” Danny gasped. “Yeah, we know, Danny,” Denise whispered, hiking up her black skirt, putting it up in ruffles on her waist. Her white panties were tight and pussy-packed.

“Ah! Oh!” Danny gasped. “You guys!” He sat forward on the couch, watching his sister and Denise. His cock sprang to a hard erection in his jeans.

The girls stood and showed off for him, both giving him sexy looks, their mouths open and wet.

Sue was leading the way, and Denise followed.

Sue rolled her hips in a slow dance. Denise did the same thing.

Danny’s mouth opened. He shuddered with excitement.

“You better hurry and beat off, Danny, before we decide to take our skins down.”

“Huh? What?” Danny gasped. “You better hurry,” Denise whispered. “Jerk off?” Danny asked. “Isn’t that what you wanna do, Danny?” Sue asked. “You’re always grabbin’ me around the house. Well, now you got your chance to see what you keep wantin’ to see.”

Sue stripped her pink panties down on her thighs, rolled them into her nylons, and showed Danny her marvelous cunt.

“Ohhhhhh, Sis! Sis!” Danny cried. “Well, it’s what you want, isn’t it? This is what you wanna see, huh?” Sue whispered.

“Oh, shit, I never thought I…”

“You probably wanna see Denise’s cunt, too, since she’s been over to the house so often. I’ve seen the way you look at her.”

“I wanna, yeah, I wanna!”

“Well, I’m not gonna let him see it,” Denise said.

“Yeah, you probably shouldn’t,” Sue said, rolling her hips and pushing her bushy little cunt at her brother.

“No, no, no, I wanna see Denise’s, too!” Danny cried.

He unbuckled his jeans, unzipped them, took them down, then he stripped his jockey shorts down on his thighs. His big cock slapped up in a wobbling hard-on.

Danny clutched his prick and jerked the stalk.

“Oooooooh, look at that, Sue,” Denise said.

“Gawwwd, Danny!”

“Don’t pull your pants up, Sis! Lemme see your pussy!”

“Well, I’m showin’ it to you. You better take a good look, ’cause you’re never gonna see my cunt again, Danny.”

“No don’t! Don’t pull your pants up, Sis!”

“I might.”

Danny jerked his big prick. The girls watched gleefully.

“Say cunt, Danny. Say it,” Sue said.

“Cunt!” Danny gasped.

“Keep sayin’ it.”

“Cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt!” Each time he said the beautiful word, his hand chopped his hard cock.

He stared at his sister’s sweet pussy. He glanced at Denise. She still stood with her black skirt up, showing him her panties.

“I wanna see Denise’s pussy, too,” Danny said.

“No, not until you kiss my panties,” Denise cooed.

Danny jerked wildly on his cock. “I will! I will! I’ll kiss your panties!” he moaned.

He was out on the edge of the couch now, his legs set apart, his feet flat on the floor. His back was hunched over and he was fucking his prick with a spastic pump-jerk.

“God, look at him go!” Denise said.

“Yeah, that’s good, Danny! Fuck off! Beat off! Jerk off! Jack off! Beat it, fuck it, do it off!” Sue cried.

“You better kiss my panties, Danny,” Denise said.

“I wanna.”

“Well, get over here and kiss Denise’s panties, Danny. Hurry up!” Sue said.

The lad stood up.

“Take your hand away from your cock,” Sue said. “Right now!”

Danny let go and his prick-stick throbbed and waved as he dropped his hands to his sides, his fingers twitching as if he were playing a piano.

Then he came.

His cock spewed big globs of cum at the pretty little girls.

“Danny!” Sue yelled.

“Oh, God!” Denise whispered hotly. “Danny!”

“I — oh — I — ahhhhh, oooohhhh! Oh, Sue! Denise!” he cried, his cock spitting, his body shuddering, his loose hands shaking, the fingers wiggling.


Danny’s cock was still shooting when he fell to his knees in front of Denise.

He moved in on her, his hands caressing her thighs, then he kissed her panties, really smooched them with sloppy, hot kisses.

“Kiss ’em, Danny,” Denise whispered. He lapped at the crotch of her panties, licked, then sucked, and finally chewed on her undies.

“Phhheewww, wow?” Denise panted.

“That’s good, Danny,” Sue whispered. “You’re really kissing, really eating Denise’s pants.”

Danny smooched Denise’s panties until they were soaking wet, then looked up and said, “Can I take ’em down, can I have ’em?”

“Ohhhh, that’s dirty, Danny!”

“Can I? Can I, Denise?”

“I dunno. What do you think, Sue? Should I let him?”

“Not until he kisses my panties, too,” Sue said, pulling her pink panties back up over her pussy.

Danny crawled over to her. His cock was hard and it wobbled as he made his way to her panties, kissing them and repeating the performance Denise had just enjoyed.

Then he looked up at his sister. “Can I take ’em down? Can I have ’em?”

“Yeah, and what are you gonna do with our panties if we give ’em to you, Danny? You gonna jerk-off in ’em like you do your auntie’s panties?”

“Can I take ’em down? Can I kiss your cunt, Sis?”

“Noooooo, no way! Kissin’ my panties is as far as you go, Danny.”

The lad knelt in front of the girls. “Here, take my panties down, Danny,” Denise whispered hotly.

Danny carefully unbuckled her garters, slipped her panties down on her thighs, redid the garters, then took them down and off. He held them lovingly and stared at Denise’s pussy.

He looked up forlornly at his sister. “Okay, all right, you can take my panties down, too, and keep ’em, but don’t go trying to stick your tongue on my pussy and stuff,” Sue said.

Danny repeated his actions, then gawked at his sister’s sweet cunt.

“Oh, Sis!” he whispered, grabbing his cock.

“What, Danny?”

“Let me touch it, let me feel your pussy?”


“Please!” he moaned. “I — uh — uh.”

Danny jerked fast now.

“He’s goin’ at it again,” Denise said. “Do we get you so hot you have to jack off, Danny?”


“I want you to stop beatin’ off, Danny, and put my panties on, and let you see us walk around in ’em. Then maybe I’ll let you feel my cunt.”

Danny quickly slipped his sister’s pink panties on. His huge teenaged cock was like a log under the thin nylon as it bulged the panties out lewdly.

“Oooooh, wow!” Denise said hotly. “Looks good, Danny,” Sue said. Sue then started a slow strip. Denise followed. The girls stripped down to their white and pink merry widows, their high heels, their naked pussies looking delicious, their glorious bodies in full bloom.

Danny gawked. His cock wiggled in the pink panties.

The girls were beautiful in their merry widows, nylons, garters, and the red and white high-heels. Their pretty faces radiated passion and excitement. Adorable.

Danny’s huge cock was throbbing in the pink panties now. He stared at his sister’s pussy.

Sue said, “Come over here and kneel down, Danny.”

He obeyed.

“You wanna feel my cunt?”


“Tell me you love me, then. You’ve never told me that.”

“I do! I do! I love you, Sue!” Danny groaned.

The little minx stood over him, her hands on her hips, and she started swaying sexily, rolling her wet pussy at Danny’s face.

“All right! Kiss it!” Sue gasped. Danny ducked in and sucked Sue’s cunt. “Awww, shit!” Sue cried. Danny thrust his arms behind her, clapping his hands to her pudding-soft ass. He munched her cunt piggishly as his fingers pinched into her gumdrop asscheeks.

Danny’s cock spit and throbbed, burned and seethed in the sweet pink panties.

Sue felt like she was about to cum. “That’s enough! That’s enough, Danny!” she yelped.

He wouldn’t stop. He kept eating his sister’s pussy, and his hands played patty cake on her beautiful ass.

“Stop! Stop it, Danny!” Sue moaned.

No way.

He was ravenous. He lapped, slurped, nibbled and tickled her pussy.

“Dammit, Danny, you shouldn’t be doin’ that!” Sue hollered, but by now she had her hands on his shoulders, and she was bent over a little at the waist.

Danny’s face was buried in her pussy. He licked, chewed and chomped the delicious cunt-flesh.

“Danny!” Sue sobbed. “You better stop — ohhhh shit! Shit! Shit!”

Sue came.

Her body shuddered as the throbbing ecstasy fluttered through her like a hot flame. She rolled her cunt at Danny’s face as he kept sucking.

Finally, Sue stumbled backward, and Danny gulped for air.

Denise came over. She stood over him.

“Get up,” she said.

Danny stood up.

Denise pulled the pink panties down. His juicy cock snapped out obscenely. Denise clutched the thick, hard prick and gave it a gentle pump.

“Ahhhh, oh!” Danny gasped. “I’m gonna suck you, Danny,” Denise whispered, kneeling down and pulling Danny’s cock level to her mouth.

She puckered her lips and gave his pricktip a good kiss, then her tongue went to work. It swished at the top of Danny’s hard-on, wiggling, slurping and fluttering.

Danny sighed loudly.

Then Denise gave him a breathtaking blow-job, her lips sucking around his cock, her sweet, pretty face plugged with prick. She bobbed in and out.

“Ah, Denise! Denise!” Danny moaned. “Suck him, Denise!” Sue yelled, sitting down on the couch beside. Denise and Danny. “Suck him real good!”

Denise did. She gave him a splendid suck, erotic and beautiful.

“I love it, I love it!” Danny cried. “You oughta,” Sue said. “I do, I love it, Sue! I love it, Denise!”

“Better than Aunt Libby?” Sue asked. “Yes, ohhh, yes! Denise is a good prick sucker!”

“You better tell her when you’re gonna shoot, Danny. Denise doesn’t like guys squirtin’ her mouth full of spunk.”

“Okay, okay!” Danny moaned in ecstasy.

Denise sucked his prick, her lips sliding back and forth with the movements of her head.

She sucked him and sucked him and sucked him, until Danny wailed, “I’m gonna shoot!”

Denise pulled off his cock, jerking the cock-shaft with a hammer-like pump.

The cum poured.

Danny yelled with joy.

Gum sprayed in big splotching gobs at Denise, sprinkling her titties and face.

“Oooooh, Danny!” she whispered. “That feel good, Danny?” Sue asked. “Ahhhh, yeahhhh! Soooo good! So good!”


Danny slumped to the floor, his cock still spurting. He lay on his back on the carpet.

Denise stood up.

The girls stood over him. Danny looked up at their sweet pussies.

His eager prick was still hard and swollen, as stiff as steel. Denise set one leg on either side of Danny, then squatted down lewdly. She grabbed his prick, guided the tip into her pussy, then fucked down on it.

Sue squatted on Danny’s face.

The two girls faced each other, as Denise fucked up and down, screwing around and around, and Sue let Danny fuck up into her cunt with his long, lapping tongue.

Denise fucked faster and harder, squatting and screwing. She was hot, and it didn’t take her long to cum. The hard prick up in her pussy was just too much. She couldn’t hold back.

“Ahhh, shit!” she cried.

Sue looked over into Denise’s face, saw the thrilling passion wrinkling her beauty and knew her pretty girlfriend was cumming on Danny’s prick.

Denise shuddered wildly, her orgasm oozing into every part of her body, consuming her.

She fell off and lay on the floor panting. Sue got up off Danny’s face. She knelt beside his cock, then took the hard prick in her little hand.

“Oh, Sis!” Danny sighed.

“I’m gonna play with it a little, Danny,” Sue said.

“I love you, Sue!” he whimpered. “You better!”

“I do, I do, Sue!”

Sue pumped his big cock. Denise finally got back into things and knelt on the other side of Danny. She liked watching Sue jerk her brother. The way Sue’s hand gripped his massive cock excited her.

“I wanna fuck you, Sue,” Danny said. “No.”

“Yes, you bitch!”

“Uh-uh, no,” Sue said, jacking faster on Danny’s prick.

“Please. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you! I love you, Sue!” Danny gasped.

“Well, all right. I’ll fuck for just a minute, that’s all, Danny.”

Sue got up and squatted over him.

Danny lifted his head from the floor and held the base of his cock as Sue fucked down on it.

“Awwww, jeeeeez!” Sue whispered. “Aw, Sis!”

Sue started fucking.

Danny was dizzy with excitement. Denise watched his face, then watched how Sue fucked on him, all squatted over him, her knees cocked outward, her pussy connected with his big prick.

“Sue, we’re fuckin’!” Danny gasped gleefully.

“I know it!”

“We’re fuckin’! I always wanted to fuck you, Sis!”

“And I always wanted to fuck you!”

“Yes, yes. I love it!”

“You guys are fucking,” Denise said, sticking her finger in her dripping cunt as she knelt beside them, watching, loving the action.

Sue rode him good, bucking and fucking on his stiff cock.

Danny humped off the floor, fucking deeper into her cunt.

“Oooooophhhh!” Sue cried.

“Fuck him, Sue,” Denise said.

“I shouldn’t be!”

“Oh, Sue, this is sooooooooo good!” Danny wailed.

“Is it?” Sue panted, really fucking on him, her ass in a hot, lewd swirl, her hands on her thighs.

“Yeahhh, I wanna fuck you for the rest of my life, Sue!” Danny cried. “Fuck you forever!”

“Yes, Danny!” Sue moaned.

He rolled her over. Sue lay on her back. Danny was on her, between her legs. He fucked his cock back in and started humping like a maniac on his sister. His prick fucked in and out with loud slurping sounds. His big balls slapped at her fine ass with resounding smacks.

He kissed her.

Sue wound her arms around him, hooking her sweet nyloned legs around him, her red heels glittering.

Danny’s ass pounded up and down. His balls kept banging her ass.

Sue broke the kiss, gulping for air.

“Oh, Danny!” she whimpered.

“I love you, Sue!”

“Fuck her, Danny!” Denise cried, fingering her cunt so fast her whole hand was a blur.

Sue bounced under his torrid fucking. “Fuck me, Danny!” Sue yelled. “Oh God, fuck me!” Danny pumped. “Ohhhhh!” Sue sighed.

“Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her!” Denise shouted. “I love watching!”

“I’m gonna cum!” Sue yelped. Danny fucked harder. His cock bulged in Sue’s pussy, then there was a blowout and a geyser of cum poured into Sue’s sweet cunt.

They were fucking and cumming, and Denise got off with them.

“Sue, Sue, Sue!” Danny moaned. “Fuck it, Danny!” Sue screamed. It was hot fucking, perfect fucking. His balls kept banging. His prick kept sliding. Sue stiffened and rode out her orgasm.

Finally, Danny slumped on top of Sue, spent, he whispered, “That was so good, Sue.”

“Better than Aunt Libby?”

“Yeah, it was the best! I just wanna fuck you and fuck you and fuck you and fuck you!”

“You sure?”


“And I was better than Aunt Libby?”

“Ohhhh, yeah!”


“I doubt that!” Libby hissed as she strutted into the den.

The three kids were stunned.

“You dirty little girls! What’s going on here?” Libby asked.

Danny rolled off Sue and struggled to get up, his cock still hard, still spurting. Denise stood up, too. It took Sue a while, because she was so weak from her orgasm, but she finally managed to get up.

“This is outrageous!” Libby snarled. “You and your brother!”

“Well, it was just this once, Aunt Libby. We never did it before. Right, Danny?”

“No, never, Aunt Libby!”

“And who is this lewd little girl who was masturbating so obscenely?”

“Denise,” Sue said.

“Well, this is awful! What if I were to tell your parents?”

“Then I’d tell ’em about Danny and you,” Sue said.

“Tell them what?”

“How you and Danny play around.”

“I beg your pardon, young lady!” Libby snapped.

“We know, Denise and me, we saw you from the closet.”

“Yeah,” Denise said.

“Well, I ask you, who are they going to believe me, you or me?” Libby asked.

She had on a black sweater that was so full of big tits it seemed as though the thin little garment was painted on. She wore with the sweater a black skirt, and it hugged her voluptuous thighs in a slick swirl.

She was pretty. Mature. A full-blown woman.

There was a stand-off for a moment until Libby let down the facade.

“You were fucking your big brother,” she said.

“I know,” Sue said.

“My, my, that’s very naughty, Danny,” Libby said.

“I told him it was,” Sue said.

“So did I,” Denise said sheepishly.

“You have always been a dirty boy, Danny. What’s wrong with you?”

Just seeing his gorgeous, incredibly stacked aunt had given Danny another hard-on. He stood like a whipped puppy, his cock throbbing with inflamed desire.

“He’s always hard,” Libby said. “Yeah, I know he is,” Sue said.

“Danny, Danny, Danny. What are we to do with you, my boy?” Libby asked.

“He gets so hot,” Sue said.

Libby smiled. “Such a naughty boy. Let’s all go up the guestroom.”

The kids followed Libby to her room. She took them inside and closed the door.

Sue and Denise put their clothes on a chair and stood waiting in their beautiful merry widows.

Danny stroked his cock.

“Girls I have a real treat for you,” Libby said, producing a huge dildo that had a big cock-head at each end. It was made of slick latex.

“Gosh!” Denise gasped.

“I want you girls to fuck this, fuck each other.” Libby smiled.

“What!” Sue gasped.

“Huh?” Denise said, her voice showing her amazement.

“Yes, if you little girls like to fuck so much, I’m going to give you this big prick and you can fuck as much as you want to, anytime you want to,” Libby said.

She went to the pretty girls and pulled them face to face so they stood about two feet from each other. She took one end of the huge, curved dildo and fucked it into Sue’s pussy. Her hand glided over the cock shaft, then she pushed the other end into Denise’s wet cunt.

“Now fuck. You fuck each other.”

“You mean just move?” Sue asked. “Yes, of course, fucking… in and out… back and forth… yes, like that Denise,” Libby said, noting Denise’s ass as it started moving in and out, pushing the other end of the dildo into Sue’s cunt.

Sue fucked back, and they got a good rhythm going in time, in and out, back and forth, fucking, screwing, humping the big dildo.

“Looks good, huh?” Libby said to Danny.

“Oh, yeah. Real good!”

“Shit,” Denise said. “We’re fuckin’, Sue!”

“Jeeeez, I know! Fuck me, Denise!”

“You fuck me, Sue!”

“I am!”

“So am I!” Denise cried. “They’re really fuckin’ good,” Danny said, stroking his stiff cock with one hand while he held Sue’s and Denise’s panties in the other.

“Stop masturbating, Danny,” Libby said.

Danny let go of his huge prick.

Libby undressed, stripping down to a body-hugging, black merry widow, dark nylons and black high-heels. Her big tits were fluffed up in the cups, squeezed together like cotton candy.

She stripped her pink panties down and off. She held them up, dangling them sexily from one hand.

“Want my panties, Danny?”

“Yes, ohhhhh, yes!”

Libby smiled. “Sure you do, you naughty boy. You wanna fuck ’em, don’t you?”


Libby bent over, her ass arched, and put her hands on her knees. Her tits looked as though they were going to splash out of her merry widow and hang all the way to the floor. She wiggled and rolled her ass.

She was facing the girls, watching them fuck each other with the big latex cock.

“Come over here and plug your prick in my pussy, Danny,” Libby said. Danny got behind Libby, set his feet wide apart, bent at the knees, and slid his bulging prick between her nyloned thighs.

Libby caught the cock-head, palmed it, lifted the throbbing bulb, and stuck it in her cunt.

“Now fuck me!” she gasped. Danny rocked back and forth behind her. Libby looked up at the girls. They looked at her.

“Now we’re all fucking!” Sue gasped. “Yes, all of us are fuckin’!” Denise cried. Libby smiled, pushing her ass back at Danny’s sucking strokes. She still held her panties in one hand, draped over her knee.

“Fuck faster, Danny!” Libby cried. Danny fucked harder. “Yeah, like that, my dear boy! Like that!”

Danny’s cock staffed to swell in her pussy. Libby tightened her cunt as he fucked in and out. The friction felt good. She lifted one hand from her knee and rubbed her clit with a fingertip, and then she came.

She felt Danny’s cum-load pour into her as the magnificent feeling of climax shuddered through her. Denise could tell by the look on Libby’s face that she was cumming.

Danny groaned and yelled. “I’m shooting!”

Just seeing the boy’s face wrinkle with pleasure so excited Denise that she got off too. She fucked wildly on the rubber prick.

Sue fucked her back, looked into Denise’s face, her mask of ecstasy, then she came too.

“Damnnnnnnn!” Sue sighed. Then Libby instructed everyone to change places.

Sue bent over in her pink merry widow, but her hands on her knees, just like Libby had done, and Danny fucked his drooling prick into her pussy from behind.

Libby started fucking Denise with the dildo. Denise fucked her back.

“Oh, shit!” Sue cried, looking back over her shoulder at her brother.

“Sue, Sue!” he moaned.

Denise watched Sue and Danny fuck, then looked at Libby. Libby was watching the slide of the dildo between them.

It was all too much.

All Denise could remember from there on was that she was bent over and Danny was fucking her. She remembered seeing Libby and Sue fucking the dildo, but she was simply lost in erotic pleasure, dizzy with ecstasy, cumming constantly.

When all the fucking was over, Libby suggested they all jerk-off.

They sat in a circle on the floor. Danny pounded his raw, hard cock. Denise watched him and fingered her pussy.

A circle-jerk, Libby called it.

Denise didn’t care what she called it, she loved sitting on the floor fucking her finger and watching everyone else jerk off.


Denise was walking to school. She had on a faded blue skirt, a white top that made her tits look like big scoops of vanilla ice cream and little white tennis shoes. Her hair was done up in a ponytail.

So much had happened in her young life. She didn’t know quite what to think. Was she so pretty, so sexy that she had made it all happen? Why had her principal gotten so hot over her? And what about Mr. Park?

Was it her fabulous ass, her slim legs?

She didn’t really care, because she knew one thing for sure. She loved to fuck and suck and masturbate and cum. Just thinking about it as she walked made her hot as hell.

Denise thought about Mr. Park and how he was so crazy about her ass. She shivered, thinking about how he had licked her back there, up and down the asscrack, and the way he twiddled his tongue on her asshole.

She turned the corner and there he was.

“Mr. Park!” Sue gasped. “I was just thinkin’ about you!”

“Yes? I was thinking of you too, Denise.”

“You were?”


“What are you doin’ at school?”

“I made up an excuse to have a PTA meeting, hoping I could run into you.”

“You did?”

“Yes, I need to see you right away. All I’ve been able to do is think of you. Can we go somewhere?”


“Do you have class right away?”

“No I have the first period free.”

“Somewhere here in the school. We can’t be seen leaving together, that’s for sure.”

Sue thought about how Mr. Cavendish had fucked around with her in the faculty men’s room. She nodded toward the basement stairway.

“Maybe we could do it in the faculty men’s room.”

Denise led the way, and Mr. Park followed at a safe distance. “You better go in first and see if anyone’s in there.”

Mr. Park went in, checked things out, opened the door, and said, “It’s empty.”

Denise slipped in.

They took a stall and locked it.

Mr. Park grabbed Denise. He kissed her. She rubbed against him, feeling his cock stiffen into a hot, hard erection.

His hands fanned her marvelous ass. He caressed her asscheeks.

Then he broke their kiss. He was out of breath, hot, trembling with passion.

“Are you gonna lick my ass again, sir?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Do you want me to?”

“Oh, yeahhhhh! Do it!” Denise cried. Mr. Park sat down on the toilet. Denise turned around. He lifted her blue skirt, layered it up on her waist and back, then tugged her pink panties down on her thighs. His hands cupped her ass. He spread her asscheeks and sent his tongue slavering up and down her sweet asscrack.

“Ahhhhh, shit!” Denise sighed.


“Yeahhhhh, ahhhh, oooooh, lick it, Mr. Park!” Denise groaned.

She was bent over so sweetly, her hands on her knees, her ass arched. She brought one hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy.

Mr. Park swished his tongue up and down Denise’s asscrack.

She loved the way his tickling tongue made her juice between her legs, made her whole body shimmer with delight.

“That’s good, Mr. Park! Good asslickin’!”

“Mmmmm, ahhhh,” he gasped.

He lapped and licked. Sue rolled her hips, waving her beautiful ass.

Then he licked her asshole. The tip of his tongue twirled and wiggled like spinning dart on the tight bud.

“Oooooooh, shit!” she whimpered, rubbing her cunt.

Mr. Park cupped her asscheeks. His face was buried in the crevice. He tongue-fucked Denise’s asshole.

“You’re right on it! You’re on my shitter!” she wailed.

Denise couldn’t tell for how long his flaming tongue fucked her ass, but she could hear him slurping back there. She came twice, and Mr. Park had her on the edge of a third climax when he finally stopped.

Denise turned around. He was taking his pants and shorts down. They fell at his ankles.

She knelt on the cement floor of the toilet stall, got down between Mr. Park’s legs, then clutched his huge cock in her little hand. She squeezed it, inspecting the bulging cock-head, then bent down and licked over the top of his prick.

“Oh, Denise! Yesssss!”

She glanced up at his face. She sucked his cock into her little mouth. Her cheeks sucked in. Her lips pulled. She dipped up and down as she slurped him.

“I love you, Denise! I love you sucking my prick!”

She glanced up again at his delighted face, then sucked harder, jerking lightly on the shaft of his cock.

Mr. Park stared down at the beautiful girl. The sight of her sucking on his big prick excited him. His cock bulged.

Denise felt the big prick swell in her mouth and she knew what was happening. She lifted off his cock quickly, then beat on the prick-shaft with a fast pumping action.

Mr. Park came. His big prick spewed globs of hot, thick cock-cream.

“Oooooh, jeeeez, shhhhhit!” Denise moaned, pounding his prick, milking his cum-load.

“Denise! Oh, honey-doll!” the man panted as his body trembled and shook with orgasm, as his cock spit gobs of hot cum.

Denise knelt on the floor. She pumped hard on his prick and watched the splashes of goopy cum jet from the tip, sticking her tongue out now and then to eat as much of the jizz as she could.

She loved to watch a prick shoot.

“I love it when you shoot!” she cried.

“I love to shoot!” Mr. Park moaned.

Denise stood, up. She was about to straddle Mr. Park and give him some good girlie fucking when suddenly the school janitor slid under the door, snaked into the stall and smiled.

“I caught you, Mr. Park!” he gasped when he saw who was sitting on the toilet.

“Ah-now, now, Eddie, I-I…”

“I’m gonna tell the PTA what you been doin’ with that girl,” Eddie said.

“That would be a mistake, Eddie.”

“I’m gonna unless I get me some.”

Denise looked down at Eddie, who had now crawled into the stall. He stood up. Then Denise looked at Mr. Park. Mr. Park looked from Eddie to Denise.

“It would be a big scandal,” Eddie said. Then he nodded at Denise. “And she’d be kicked out of school. You’d be run out of town, Mr. Park.”

Mr. Park was scared. And Denise certainly didn’t relish the idea of leaving school, not when she was doing so well, getting all A’s.

“You wanna play around with me? Is that what you want?” Denise asked.

“Yeah,” Eddie said anxiously.

Mr. Park stood up and pulled his pants on.

“You’ll keep quiet if she will?” he asked.

“Because if you say anything, you’ll lose your job too.”

“Lips are sealed. Or they can be,” Eddie said.

Mr. Park unlatched the door.

“I best be going then,” he said, and quickly exited.

Denise was left alone in the toilet stall with Eddie the janitor. He had gray hair and was pressing towards fifty years of age.

“Well,” Denise said, “what do you wanna do?”

Eddie already had a hard-on. Denise looked in amazement at the enormous bulge in his pants.

Eddie reached behind her and cuddled Denise’s ass.

“I’d like a piece of this fine ass, honey,” he whispered.


Eddie unzipped his fly and took his pants down. He wore no shorts. His cock throbbed.

Denise gasped, “Oh, jeeeez!”

His prick resembled the huge dildo that Libby had given Denise and Sue to fuck each other with. The long shaft of his cock had to be twelve inches long. It was an incredible specimen. A wild-looking hunk of prick.

“Shit!” Denise exclaimed.

Eddie smiled.

He hadn’t had such a hard-on in years. His big, long cock wobbled, waved and pulsed with anticipation.

“It’s big!” Denise whispered.

“Play with it,” Eddie said.

“Is that what you want me to do?”

“Yeah, play with it, then I want you to suck on it.”

He sat down on the toilet.

Denise dipped to her knees in front of him. He was like a king on a throne. His cock lifted high like a small baseball bat.

“Kinda just play with it, like this?” Denise asked as she moved her hands up and down the length of the hard cock, feeling the thickness, the smooth cock-shaft, the throbbing pulse beat.

“Yes, like that, you little prick-teaser.”

“Just tease your prick, Eddie?” Denise asked, looking up at him.

Denise clutched his cock in both hands, sliding up and down. She lifted a hand off, tickled his balls, then gripped him securely and pumped.

“Ahhhh, shit!” Eddie groaned.

“Is that good?” Denise asked.

“You’re damn right!”

Denise jerked the massive prick for a few moments, then looked up at Eddie. “You want me to suck on it, too?”

“Damn right I do.”

Denise dipped her head, her eyes glancing up at Eddie. She puckered her mouth and placed a sweet kiss on the tip of his prick.

“Ohhawwwhahhaaa, yeahhh!” Eddie wailed.

Denise kissed the big cock-head, then moved her tongue all over it, licking, slurping and finally slicking down the cock-shaft all the way. Then she licked back up the other side until her tongue was once again swishing over the cock-tip.

“Ahhhh, huhhhhhh, yeah! You sweet little fucker!” Eddie panted.

Denise went down on him, taking his huge cock into her mouth. Her lips scaled around his thick cock so it looked as though she was slurping the top of an ice-cream cone. Her cheeks were caved in. She bobbed up and down.

“Suck faster!” Eddie gasped.

Denise bobbed faster, sucking and jerking.

“Suck faster!” Eddie cried.

Denise slid off his prick, looked up at Eddie, and said, “I’m suckin’ as fast as I can!”

She went back down on him. She held his cock with both hands and sucked on the cock-head.

“You sweet little sucker!” Eddie gasped.

His words were like a shot of electricity to Denise. She really got hot. She worked hard. She sucked fast. She jerked on Eddie’s stiff prick.

“Yeahhhh, yeahhhhh, suck it you little fucker! Keep suckin’ my prick, you whore! Suck, suck, suck!”

Denise sucked.

Eddie started trembling.

Denise knew he was going to cum. She pulled off and swished her tongue over his cock-head until it bulged as though it would explode.

Then she gave him a two-handed jerk-job. “Ahhhhhhh!” Eddie yelled. He shot off.

“Oooohhhfffff, shit!” Denise howled. He exploded a cum-load that looked like a hose had just been turned on and it was watering the lawn. He spurted, sprayed, and sprinkled cum all over.

Denise felt splashes of cum hit her hair, her forehead, her arms. She opened her mouth to catch the spewing cock-goo.

She let go of Eddie’s prick.

The huge prick waved, spit cum, and throbbed.

He finally slumped down on the toilet, but his cock stayed hard.

Denise started to get up.

“No, now we gotta fuck,” Eddie said. “God, with that big thing?” Denise whispered.


“I dunno, Eddie.”

He lifted off the toilet and took Denise down to the slick cement floor. The smell of pine cleanser filled her nostrils. Her head was up beside the toilet. She lay on her back.

Eddie hunkered over her, his big cock hot and throbbing. He fisted it and shoved the tip into Denise’s sweet little pussy.

“Aw, shit!” Denise cried. Eddie started thrusting slowly. “But what if someone comes in?” Denise whimpered.

“I put a sign on the door — out of order!”

“Oh, you would!” Denise gasped. “Just keep fuckin’, bitch. Lemme fuck you.”

“Okay. Fuck me, Eddie. Fuck me on this damn floor! Fuck me in this damn toilet! Come on, fuck me with that big prick!”

“Ohhhhhh, honey!” Eddie sighed. Denise placed her feet flat on the floor, rolled her hips, and fucked back at Eddie’s huge cock.

“You like fuckin’, don’t you, honey?” Eddie whispered lewdly.

“It’s the damn best thing I can ever think of!” Denise panted, bucking wildly, her fine ass bouncing against the slick floor.

Eddie fucked harder. He drove in a full ten inches of his cock.

“Go ahead, give me as much as I can take!” Denise cried.

“I will, I will. And then I’m gonna fuck your ass!”

“Split me in two, split me up! Fuck me with that big cock, Eddie!”

They were beautiful on the floor. Eddie’s ass humped up and down. Denise lay under him, bumping and grinding her hips, fucking up to him. Her ass made sweet music as it thudded on the floor.

Denise wanted to fuck like this for the rest of her life. She couldn’t think of anything more beautiful, more exciting. There was nothing as wonderful as fucking.

“Fuck me!” she yelped. “I want to fuck!”

Then they came. It was mutual. As soon as his jizz started jetting into her pussy, Denise was shaking with orgasm.

The whole way through the fabulous feeling, she kept thinking about all the good fucking ahead of her. What she had experienced recently could only be a primer in her education. She still had a virgin asshole for Eddie to fuck, and there were lots of other hot cocks at the school to be tried.

She screeched and came again as Eddie’s prick shot her cunt full of bubbling fuck-cream.

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