My wife and the biker gang

The experience I had on my last summer vacation still makes me shake
when I think of it. My wife of 23 and I (25) were making a cross country
trip in our brand new custom van. We had started from our home in Virginia
and were just taking our time seeing the sights of this great land as we
headed west for California. I have to tell you that my wife is a very sexy
young lady and loves to flaunt what she has. She is a stunning brunette
with long thick hair that she styles with part of it falling down her chest
and part down to the middle of her back. Her eyes are deep blue and she
has long lovely eyelashes. Her lips are full and she uses dark red
lipstick on them. She is 5’6″ and weighs 125 lbs. Her measurements are an
irresistable – 40 – 24 – 39 (D cup). She has long sexy legs and large
fleshy, white thighs. Her ass is perfectly shaped, although she thinks it
might protrude a bit too much since she has trouble pulling her tight
fitting jeans up over it. Her stomach is flat and she has a large naval.
Her 40-D, torpedo shaped, tits are full and firm with large pink nipples.
She has a large, meaty pussy, that is covered by a large amount of soft,
bushy cunt hair. I would immagine that most men would instantly get hard
and come in their pants if they ever saw my lovely wife totally naked.

Well I suppose I have bragged on my wife enough, so I’ll continue with
the story of our summer vacation. We were making our way across Colorado
when the adventure started. I was driving and my wife was sitting in the
passenger seat with her feet proped up on the dash. She was wearing her
jeans and her favorite tube top which streches across her tits so tightly
that the weaving in the fabric streches open to reveal the ends of her pink
nipples. We were on a side road, off the main highway, so that we could
enjoy the beauty of the forest up close. I suppose it was about noon, on a
bright and beautiful day, when a group of about 25 or 30 motorcycles pulled
up along both sides of us. The cyclists were of the stereotypical “Hell’s
Angels” type and several of them had rather slutty looking women riding
behind them.

One of the bikers pulled up next to my wife’s window and gave out a
yell, saying “Look at the size of the tits on that momma”! My wife tried
to ignore him but he kept yelling things like “Come on momma, show us your
tits.” and “I sure would love to slide my dick between those milkers.” My
wife finally, after my coaxing, stuck her arm out of the van and flipped
the bikers a bird. I increased our speed and left the cycle gang behind
us. I thought we had seen the last of them when, about fifteen minutes
after the incident, the van’s alternator belt broke. The engine quit and
we coasted to the shoulder of the road. About five minutes later, the
biker’s pulled up and sarcatically asked, “Having trouble man”?

All the motorcycles pulled over to the side of the road and I took my
wife’s hand and told her not to worry. The leader of the gang walked up to
us and asked if he could help with something. I told him that I would
appreciate it if he would send someone back with a tow truck because the
belt on our engine had broken. He laughed and said, “Sure, we’ll send
someone back; but first we should really help you with something else.” I
asked what he meant by that and he said, “Well, it seems as though your
sweet looking lady has something wrong with her middle finger. She showed
me a few miles back.” I just kind of sheepishly blushed and said that we
were sorry about that and hoped that they didn’t take any offense. The
grisley looking biker then said “I personally don’t take any offense, but
the rest of my gang really wants more of an appology from the young lady.
Their feelings are really hurt and I don’t think they will settle for just
a plain – ‘I’m sorry’-.” My wife stepped behind me and I asked the guy if
they wanted money or our van or anything else. The rest of the gang just
laughed and started moving closer to us. The leader told me that I should
just let them do what they wanted and everything would be alright. He then
grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away from my wife. I tried to fight
him off but two other burly men took my arms and held me. One of the women
of the gang walked up to me and rubbed my crotch and asked me how big my
cock was. I looked over, in pure fright, to see two members of the gang
holding my terrified wife’s shoulders while the leader was pulling the
tight fitting tube top down over her heaving breasts. He licked his lips
and then touched each of her nipples with his middle finger. He said, “Hey
boys, check out these jugs. I’ll bet that asshole over there loves to suck
on these while he fucks her!” Then he leaned forward and sucked my wife’s
left nipple into his mouth. One of the other bikers was lifting her right
tit in his large hand and said, “Man! This tit must weigh 8 pounds by
itself! Let’s fuck this bitch right now!”

I yelled out and begged the gang leader to leave my wife alone and that
they could do anything to me that they wanted. The man just stared at my
wife’s beautiful, huge tits and said, “Hey man, we are doing what we want
to you. We’re having fun playing with the sweet little lady with these
great big tits.” I yelled again and struggled against the snikkering men
who were holding me as the gang leader began feeling my wife’s jugs and
pinching her nipples between his fingers. My lovely lady was sobbing and
pleading with me to help her. I was powerless and fear was raging through
my mind.

The gang leader told the men holding my wife to take her over to his
bike and tie her accross the seat. She fought them as they dragged her
over to a large Harley and forced her to lay face down across the leather
seat. Then her hands were tied with leather straps to the frame of one
side of the cycle while her legs were left unrestrained on the other. Two
of the bikers were lifting my wife’s swinging breasts, squeezing them, and
then letting them fall free again to watch them bounce. The leader looked
over to me and told me to “Watch real good. Your going to enjoy this!
Have you ever watched a cunt get fucked by twenty five cocks?”.

Then he moved behind my wife and reached around her waist to unsnap her
jeans. She just kept yelling “NO!” and started sobbing louder. The man
pulled down her jeans, forcing her legs to come together and pulled the
faded denem off her lovely feet. She kept her legs together but her large
pussy and abundant cunt hair were plainly visible below her soft rounded
ass. The rest of the male members of the gang began to move in closer to
get a better look at the lovely twat while the leader undid his jeans and
pushed them down to his knees. His cock was stiff and was pointing
directly at my wife’s ass. He said, to my terrified wife, “I gonna love
sliding my aching dick up your sweet cunt, momma, and I’m sure the rest of
the boys will too!” Then a collective laugh broke out amoung the gang

The man about to fuck my wife told her to spread her legs apart or he
would tell the men squeezing and sucking her tits to bit her nipples off.
She sobbed again and slowly moved her shaking legs apart. The leader then
ran one of his hands between the creamy white thighs up to the hairy twat
while he spit in his other hand and rubbed the saliva over his swollen
cock. My wife was begging for him to stop and calling out my name but there
was nothing I could do. Another gang member had his pants off and was
rubbing his thick cock over my wife’s face and through her hair. The
leader then spread the folds in the big pussy he was holding and stepped up
to put his dick into it. I could hear him muttering to himself, “OH! baby
your, pussy is as hot as the heads on my bike and it’s just begging for my
piston.” My wife was screaming and twisting her ass trying to prevent the
cock positioned at the opening to her cunt from penetrating her. The man
released the grip he had on his cock and slapped my wife’s ass and said,
“Keep that sweet ass still for just a second and then you can move it as
much as you want, pretty momma.” He then told the men holding her tits to
bite down on her nipples and he said to the man with his cock in my wife’s
face, “Stick something in this screaming bitch’s mouth.” As my wife’s big
pink nipples were being bit on, the other man took hold of her head and
parted her lips with the end of his massive, dripping dick. The pain of
the chewing on my wife’s tits must have been unbearable for her. Her legs
stiffened and her ass stopped its squirming as the man holding her head
started pushing more of his cock into her lovely mouth. The leader grabbed
his stiff dick again and began easing it into the hairy muff. He groaned
and said, to me, “Man! your lady’s cunt feels soooo good around my crank.”
The men biting her nipples released her tits and one of the men rubbed the
bite marks and said, “Does that feel better, you fucking bitch?” Muffled
screams were coming from her throat, but the big cock fucking her mouth
prevented any sounds from carrying far.

The leader of the gang began sliding his dick in and out of my wife’s
tight cunt and I could see her juices shinning on the stiff shaft each time
it was pulled back out. The man fucking her was fondling her ass and said,
“This is the tightest pussy I’ve had in a long time. But I don’t think it
will be that way for long!”. Then he laughed and slapped her ass again and
started pumping in and out in faster and faster. The guy with his dick in
my wife’s mouth arched his back and pulled her head up off of him as he
sprayed her face with thick spurts of his cum. She was gasping for air as
the cum ran down her face and dripped onto her tits. The two men who had
been squeezing her jugs were jacking themselves off as they held her tits
against their dicks. The leader groaned and jerked his shaft all the out
of my wife and came on her pussy until it ran off her twat and onto the
ground. He said, “Lady, you have the most awesome cunt I’ve ever known.”.
He then began smearing his sticky goo all over the swollen, cunt he just
finished fucking and turned to me and said, “Man, you can’t keep a thing
like this all to youself. You’ve got to share it.” He then motioned to the
other men watching and they began to line up behind my wife’s ass. The two
men jerking off on her tits came almost at the same time and covered her
tits with their hot loads.

One, by one, the men of the gang stepped up behind the beautiful smooth
ass and fucked the hot cunt which hung below it. One of the gang fucked my
wife with slow long strokes while he pulled individual strands of cunt hair
from her pussy. Another fucked with quick, short strokes while he squeezed
my wife’s cunt lips around his dick. It looked like he was jerking himself
off with the hot slippery flesh. Cum was running down my beautiful mates
legs and some of the men were scooping it up and rubbing it over their
stiffened shafts. Some men were waiting to put their cocks in my wife’s
mouth and others, waiting for their turn in the hot, hairy pussy, had their
cocks out and were stroking themselves as they watched the fucking going on
in front of them. One, really large gang member, moved in behind my wife
for his turn and stuck his hand into her cum filled cunt and pulled out a
hand full of the sperm injected by the others. He then spread the cheeks
of my wife’s round ass and rubbed the hot, sticky mixture over her asshole.
I thought that my wife had escaped the ordeal that was taking place by
fainting, but when the huge man behind her started cramming his oversized
meat into her ass, she let out a blood curdling scream that I thought would
be heard for miles. The large biker kept forcing more and more of the long
cock up my wife’s young ass until his loose, hanging balls slapped up
against her gooy cunt. He was pushing and pulling on her hips as he fucked
her in the ass. Soon, he drove his giant tool all the way into her, threw
back his head, pulled the soft thighs tight against his abdomen, and pumped
hot cum into the bowels of my tortured wife. When he was through, all he
said was, “Damn bitch, your ass is hot!”

By this time my lovely, young wife’s body was covered with the cum of at
least 15 of the gang members. Her beautiful face was dripping with sticky
goo. It was in her eyes, her hair, running off of her now red tits, coming
out of her ass and cunt, and streaming down her smooth white thighs. Some
of the men were smearing the slimy spunk all over her face, tits and ass.
Others were standing over her and had some of the women gang members jack
them off until they shot still more of their loads onto my wife’s back.
There were still about 10 or 12 bikers who hadn’t had a turn at the lovely
lips, sopping pussy, or tight ass and I was going out of my mind while I
was forced to watch the gang rape continue. The leader of the gang had my
wife’s limp body (she had passed out) released from the motorcycle and she
was carried to a grassy area by the forest edge. The men pushed me on and
made me follow everyone else. The women gang members had all striped out
of their clothes and some were jerking their men off, some were sucking on
cocks, while others were being fucked in the ass or cunt. My wife was
being left alone now since she had fainted but there was one of the woman
bikers who was kneeling over her, slurping up cum off the big jugs while
her man was ramming his dick into her from behind. He was grunting and
saying, “Unh!, thats it baby suck the jizz off them tits. I’m going to
fill your cunt with my own.”. The woman was licking and squeezing my
wife’s tits and moaning, “Ohhhh!, shove that big dick into me baby. Fuck
me like this bitch has been fucked.”.

I was half crazy by this time and suddenly I noticed that the sight of
my wife’s cum covered body, her soaked pussy, and sticky hair was making me
feel aroused. I don’t know why, but the sounds of her tits being sucked on
and the moans of the woman being fucked doggy style were making my dick
hard, even though my wife had just been raped by over 20 men. One of the
gang women must have seen the bulge in my pants. She walked over to me and
told the two goons standing beside me to go and find something to fuck,
that she would watch me. She started rubbing my crotch and said, “You
gettin turned on by all the fucking your pretty lady has been takin’?”. I
didn’t answer, but my dick was getting even harder. The naked woman lifted
both of her tits up and asked me if I would like to taste them. Then she
took off my belt, unhooked my pants, and pulled them down to my knees. My
cock was standing strait out and the blonde bitch started sucking it. My
mind was reeling. I was torn with concern for my wife and lust for the
nympho sucking my dick. The woman stood up, turned her back to me, bent
over and reached around to guide my cock into her wet twat. Then she
started fucking me and said, “Well, grab my tits and fuck me, fuck me like
the guys fucked your wife.” I did as she said and soon we were both coming.

My wife was waking up. She was mumbling, “No more. No more.” and then
she turned her head toward me and saw me fucking the blonde bitch from
behind. I don’t think she believed her eyes, she just kept saying my name
and moaning softly. Then one of the men that was holding me before said,
“I’ve been watching that bitch get fucked every which way since we got
here. Now I’m gonna get some of that big slimy pussy around my dick.” He
walked over to stand in front of where my wife was lying and he took off
his jeans. His cock was enormous! I swear it must have been 12″ and as
big around as my wrist. He knelt down between her legs and lifted them up
to his shoulders, exposing my wife’s lovely but worn out cunt. Then he
said, “Hey bitch, I bet your fucking cunt is gonna feel like a virgin’s
when I drill this meat into you!” Then he grabed his huge monster cock and
beat it against my wife’s pussy. She didn’t move so he lifted his cock
again and slaped it so hard against her pussy that it made a loud “crack”
and I saw beads of cum go flying off of it. She opened her eye’s wide and
looked at the dick the man had hit her with and said, “OH! NO!, PLEASE
NO!, I can’t take it, I just can’t take it.”. She kept pleading with him,
but he just smiled and said, “Oh, you can take it bitch. Your hole is full
of cum already and I gonna fill you again!”. Then he placed the basball
sized head of his dick at the opening to her cunt. He grabbed both of her
tits and started screwing his pole into her. He was pulling on her tits to
enable his giant cock to make another inch into the wide open cunt. My
wife was screaming that he was tearing her open but he just kept grunting
and pushing more and more into her. I was still buried in the blonde
bikers twat and my dick was getting even stiffer as I watched the
incredible meat going into my screaming wife’s pussy. The huge cock had
large blue veins bulging out on the sides of it and as it was pushed
another inch into the pussy, I saw jets of cum squeezed out under pressure.

The man scooped up some of the other men’s sperm that was running out of
my wife and rubbed it over the remaining 6 inches of shaft that still
hadn’t entered her yet. He rubbed her tits with some of the goo deposited
by the men that had previously jacked themselves off on her. He said “Oh
man, your cunt is tight baby. And your tits are so hot! And all that cum
on your face is really turning me on! Now lets see if I can get some more
of this rod in your snatch before I have to really start fucking it!”. He
told my wife to tell him that she wanted more of his cock. She just rolled
her head back and forth and moaned loudly. He said, “Say it bitch! Say
you want more of my dick and that you want me to fuck your brains out! Say
it!”. Then he twisted her tits in his hands. My wife faintly uttered, “I
want more of your dick …. fuck my brains out …”. The man said,
“Louder bitch!” and then he forced another inch into her. My wife groaned
and screamed,”I want more of your cock in my pussy ….. FUCK ME! FUCK
ME! Fuck my brains out with your fucking cock!”. Then the man grabbed her
ass and shoved the rest of that awesome post into my screaming wife. He
pulled out about 9″ of cum covered shaft and then rammed in back in. He
was fucking her like crazy, pulling her ass off his shaft and then pushing
it back on. He said, “I going to blast one hell of a load into you bitch,
so get ready!” Then he lifted her legs off his shoulders and turned my wife
over, twisting her around on the big shaft stuck in her until her face was
on the ground and her ass was in the air. He grabbed the fronts of her
legs and drove his 12″ dick all the way into her cunt and as he did he
groaned and yelled, “Ahhh! Unnnnh! Oh bitch! Here it comes!”. My wife
MEEEEEEEEE!!!!” Then she collapsed and the huge dick was slowly pulled out
of her. Her pussy was destroyed and large globs of thick, white cum was
running out of it. The man started beating her pussy and ass with his
still hard dick and he shot three more long steams of cum onto her cunt,
ass, and back.

Being finished with his fucking of my wife, the man with the monster
cock stood up and wiped a handfull of cum and cunt juice off of his dick.
He flung the goop onto on to the back of the limp body under him,looked
over to me and said, “I ain’t never reamed a cunt as tight as that one.
Hope you’ll excuse the resizing I done!” Then he laughed and walked over to
his cycle. He opened a compartment on the side and pulled out a box from
within it. As he walked back toward my wife he said, “I’m gonna autograph
this ass so that anyone who fucks it again will known who’s been here.” He
knelt down next to my wife’s cum covered ass and opened the box he had,
removing a bottle of ink and a needle. He proceeded to dip the needle in
the ink and began sticking it into the smooth white skin of that lovely
bottom I had kissed and fondled so often. I was glad my wife had fainted
so she was free from the pain of that needle as it tatooed her ass. The
rest of the gang were finished with their fuck fest and were getting ready
to leave. The blonde that I had screwed, while my wife was getting plowed,
walked passed me and said, “I loved having your cock in my twat while I
watched Chuck giving it to your lady. I remember the first time he oppened
me up. My pussy was sore for two weeks after that son of a bitch rammed
that horse cock into me.” Everyone was on their bikes and the guy working
over my wife’s ass stood up and said, “Now, thats a work of art, even if I
do say so myself.” He walked over to his bike, put away his tatoo tools,
and yelled to me, “Put some good booze on that ass for the next couple of
days. It’ll keep it from gettin infected.” The leader started laughing as
they pulled away and yelled back to me, “You wouldn’t want anything gettin
into that sweet ass of hers, would you.”

I rushed over to my unconscience wife and looked with horror at the
tatoo on her lovely ass. There was a small trickle of blood comming from
where the needle marks spelled out in blue letters “ROAD HOGS – JULY 89”. I
carefully turned the slippery body over and my wife began to open her
mouth. She just murmered and rolled her head to one side. Her beautiful
face was full of cum, her lipstick was smeared all over her mouth, her long
eyelashes had big globs of sperm clinking to them, and her hair was matted
with the sticky goo from all those bikers who had shot their loads into it.
She had rivers of cum running off of her swollen tits and the hair on her
pussy was soaked with the sticky mess. I carried her to our van and laid
her down in the back. I dipped a towel in the ice chest water and
carefully cleaned her ravaged body. About a hour later another car came by
and I managed to flag it down. I begged the driver to go for the police
and to get a ambulance for my wife.

It’s been 6 months since our ordeal, and my wife has managed to adjust
to what happened to her. I still feel guilty about not being able to help
her during the torture she had and about the blonde bitch I fucked while I
watched. I’ll never be able to forget one second of the entire event.
Every time I see my young wife’s wonderfull ass the tatoo on the left cheek
reminds me that the “ROAD HOGS” fucked it like I never can. – Bastards!