Some girls really got off on that uniform thing

Tony watched as the officer in charge pulled the
piece of paper from his typewriter.

“Okay, Tony,” he said. “That’s the paperwork over and
done with. But you’ll be spending the night here.”

Tony didn’t bother to answer. He just took another
draw on his cigarette. At least, by now he was
getting used to smoking with his hands cuffed.

“You know, Tony,” the officer said, “this is not your
first time. And lying about your identity to gain
sexual favors is quite a serious crime. I wouldn’t be
surprised, if they put you away for years this time.”

Tony shook his head. So he had sex with a couple of
women. What difference did it make if he wasn’t the
real pool cleaner or the real pizza delivery boy? Big
deal. If they wanted sex with complete strangers
anyway, why not him?

“Not to mention impersonating an officer,” the
officer in charge added.

Oh yeah, that was it. He should have known. Dressing
up as a policeman had been a bad idea. They were not
going to like that. Great sex, though. Some girls
really got off on that uniform thing.

“Right,” the officer said. ” We’ll have two police
officers escort you to your cell.” He hit a button on
the intercom. “Steiner. Adams.”

Within a minute, the door opened, and two police
officers entered the room. Steiner was a big dark-
haired guy, looking like something out of the Marine
Corps. But Adams was a woman, a pretty young woman
with long, red hair in a ponytail and full, rounded
breasts bulging beneath her police uniform. And since
she wasn’t wearing uniform trousers, but a short
skirt, Tony had a look at her long, slender legs. She
was quite a tall woman, but looked small next to her
huge partner.

“Get up,” Steiner said. Tony put out his cigarette
and stood up, smiling amiably at the policewoman. She
stared back at him. Oh, alright. She had to keep up
her facade. But if he could just get her alone…

“This way,” she said, pointing at the door leading to
the jail cells. And Tony walked towards the door,
accompanied by the two officers.

“Bye, Tony,” he heard the officer in charge say.
“Sweet dreams.”

Yeah, yeah. Everyone’s a comedian.

When they reached the cell, Steiner opened the door,
removed Tony’s handcuffs and shoved him into the
cell. Tony almost fell over, but regained his balance
just as the cell door clanged shut. He had expected
the officers to leave, but they just stood there.

“Gonna miss the outside world, eh?” Steiner asked.
“What are you gonna miss the most?”

Tony didn’t answer. This was annoying. He sat down on
the bunk.

“I know what you’re gonna miss the most. Pussy,

“Come on,” Adams said, “let’s go now.”

“No wait,” Steiner said, grabbing his partner’s arm
and pulling her towards him. “Let’s show him.”

“No!” Adams said firmly.

But holding onto her, Steiner lifted up her skirt,
exposing her white silk panties.

“Panties off,” Steiner whispered into her ear.

“You piece of shit,” she hissed.

“All those years on the force, and still a tease,”
Steiner said. “Alright, I’ll do it myself.”

Tony watched in amazement, as Steiner twisted the
policewoman’s arm behind her back, making her squeal.
He then quickly pulled off her panties and lifted up
her skirt again.

Adams’ pussy was almost clean-shaven, leaving only a
small patch of red, curly hair above her pink slit.

“There,” Steiner said. “Pussy. Don’t you think you’re
gonna miss that?”

He had his arm round Adams, who was struggling to get
away, but Steiner was too strong for her. He began
stroking her labia with his middle finger, at first
gently, but gradually applying more and more
pressure. His finger forced itself into her slit,
parting her pussy lips, letting Tony glimpse the pink
wetness of her sex.

“Yesss,” Steiner hissed, masturbating his female
partner, as she wriggled in his grip. “Pussy. Lovely,
juicy pussy.”

“Nooo,” Adams sobbed. “Please stop.”

But Steiner showed no mercy. He paused, but only to
lick his fingers, wetting them with saliva. Then he
resumed massaging Adams’ pussy, spreading the
moisture over her soft flesh. Tony watched, as he
caught her clitoris between two fingers, squeezing
and kneading it, making Adams gasp for breath.

Then he licked his fingers again.

“Mmm, I can taste it,” he growled, as he resumed
masturbating her, harder and harder, forcing his
middle finger into her moistened slit. Tony felt his
cock swelling inside his pants.

“Oh my God,” Adams cried out, as Steiner started
sliding his finger in and out of her pussy, fucking
her with it.

“Yeah?” Steiner whispered into her ear. “Is it good?
Does that feel good in your little pussy?”

“You utter creep,” she hissed, but Steiner just
smiled wickedly, now forcing two fingers into her,
making her cry out loud: “Aaaah!”

He made her bend over, still keeping a firm grip on
her. From behind he started thrusting his fingers
into her soft flesh – over and over, in a hard,
relentless rhythm. He only pulled them out to slap
her ass hard with the palm of his hand. And then
slipped his fingers back into her pussy. And then
another slap. And back into her pussy. Tony’s cock
was getting really hard by now.

Adams was doubled over in front of her partner,
subjected to his powerful finger-fucking. She was
gasping for breath, still cursing at him. But she
seemed to Tony to be just as angry at herself.
Because this was actually turning her on. Her cheeks
were flushed, and her moans began to sound like moans
of pleasure.

Steiner slapped her ass again, then grabbed her
ponytail and pulled her up.

“Show him your tits,” he said. The policewoman just
stared at him.

“Do it!” he shouted.

And staring at Tony, she opened her uniform jacket
and unbuttoned the light blue shirt. She wasn’t
wearing a bra, and Tony’s mouth watered as he stared
at her big, beautiful breasts. Now Steiner grabbed
them, squeezing them hard, showing them off to Tony.
Adams’ full rounded breasts looked soft as butter, as
Steiner’s big, powerful hands were kneading them. Her
nipples stood out, stiff and hard.

“You like tits too?” Steiner asked. “Me too. But not
as much as… pussy!”

And on cue, he slid his hand back to her clitoris,
massaging it vigorously in a fast, manic rhythm.
Moaning loudly, Adams threw her head back against his
shoulder and flung her arms around his back. Her
ponytail had come undone, and her long, red hair
flowed freely around her excited face.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she hissed, and Tony realized she
was about to come.

Steiner was grinning.

“Yeah, that’s good, isn’t it? You’re gonna come. Now
spread your legs and let him see your pussy.”

Trembling, Adams spread her legs. Only Steiner was
holding her up now. Tony went down on his knees to
get a good look at her pussy. Steiner took a step
forward, pushing Adams up close to the steel bars of
the cell. And still his fingers were furiously
vibrating her little pink clit.

“Oh yes, oh yes,” she gasped, now holding on the
steel bars. Tony saw her juices flowing from her
pussy down the insides of her thighs. He could even
smell the spicy scent of her wetness, as Steiner
masturbated the policewoman ever closer to her

“Now!” she cried. “Aaahhh!” Tony saw her juicy love
muscles contracting, as the orgasm hit her. Again and
again, Adams cried out with pleasure. Then,
shivering, she dropped to her hands and knees on the
floor of the jail. She breathed deeply, fighting to
compose herself. Steiner stood over her, smiling, his
cock bulging in his uniform trousers.

“Christ,” Tony gasped.

“Yeah,” Steiner said, licking Adams’ juice off his
fingers. “She’s really something, isn’t she? But I
don’t know why she has to play hard-to-get. It’s like
this every time me and the boys wanna have some fun.
You know, she’s like ‘please, no’ and ‘don’t touch
me’ and all that shit. So we have to hold her down or
tie her up. And then we go to work on her.”

Steiner had taken off his jacket and shirt and was
now unbuttoning his trousers. His cock was long and
semi-erect, twitching slightly with anticipation.

“I mean, she should know we’re not gonna take no for
an answer. So we lick her pussy and stuff. There’s a
senior officer really knows how to use a vibrator.
That’s pretty cool. She actually fainted one time.
Didn’t you, baby?”

Adams was still crouching on the cement floor “Fuck
off,” she murmured.

“Well, as I said: We go to work on her real good. It
might take some time before she lets go. Which might
be a good thing. Gives me and the boys a chance to
get hard. And I mean real fucking hard. You’ve never
seen hard-ons like on ‘Adams night’, I tell you. But
sooner or later – well, you saw what happened. She
comes all over the place.”

Steiner was completely naked now, except for some
reason he’d kept his policeman’s cap on. His long
cock stood out, stiff and hard.

“Then, once she’s ready, we untie her and fuck her
fucking brains out. And she fucking loves it. And now
you’re gonna watch me fuck her. Get up! I said, get
up, what the fuck’s the matter with you?”

Steiner pulled Adams to her feet. He placed her, bent
over slightly, facing Tony, again holding onto the
cell bars. Her face was still blushing, her eyes
glazed, and her long red hair fell into her face.
Steiner stood behind her, his long cock visible above
her rounded ass-cheeks.

“You might wanna get your cock out, too,” he said.
“This should be good for jerking off to. Well, you
can come all over her face, for all I care. Ready,

Adams nodded slightly. Her eyes met Tony’s, but he
didn’t know what to make of the expression on her
face. Sure, Steiner was an asshole, but maybe he’d
got something right: Maybe she actually got off on
the abuse and humiliation. Whatever game those two
perverts were playing, this brutal kind of sex turned
Tony on. He felt a huge hard-on throbbing in his

Steiner grabbed his hard cock with one hand and
guided it towards the entrance to Adams’ pussy. Tony
saw her close her eyes, as he entered. Steiner slid
the entire length of his tool into her in one stroke,
making her gasp for breath. Then he froze, holding
his cock still inside her.

“Yeahhh,” he groaned, savoring the sensation of her
soft flesh around his cock. “That’s good pussy!”

Tony watched, as Steiner pulled nearly all the way
out, the hard shaft of his cock glistening with
Adams’ juices. The naked cop bent forward over his
still uniformed female partner and whispered into her

“I hope you’re ready to get fucked.”

The policewoman held on to the steel bars, gripping
so hard her knuckles were white. She closed her eyes
with anticipation.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Fuck me, please.”

“Right,” Steiner said. “Here goes, baby.”

He grabbed her hips with both hands and thrust hard
and fast into Adams’ pussy. He hammered his rigid
cock into her again and again, as she held onto the
steel bars for support. Tony watched her body shake
with each powerful thrust, her breasts bouncing in
time to Steiner’s fucking rhythm.

“Oh God, yes,” she whispered. She felt the hardness
of her partner’s cock poking the tender insides of
her sex. She felt every inch, every swollen vein on
the hard shaft probing her wetness.

Tony reached out between the steel bars, touching one
of her breasts. She gasped as he began to massage it,
squeezing and pulling the hard nipple, while Steiner
was fucking her.

God, she was beautiful, Tony thought. Quickly, he
unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock.

“Look at it,” he whispered to her. And Adams watched
with open mouth, as Tony began stroking his cock
right in front of her. His cock was of just about
average length, but he knew it was unusually thick,
especially when he was as excited as he was now. The
erect member swelled in his hand, as he shamelessly
masturbated, letting the policewoman watch.

Steiner let his long cock slide all the way out of
Adams’ pussy, then buried the entire length in her
with one hard thrust. And again: All the way out, and
then all the way in. And out – and in. Tony watched
his cock glisten and twitch, as Adams squirmed with
unbearable pleasure.

“No, please,” she whimpered. “Don’t stop. Please.
Fuck me hard.”

Steiner slapped her ass again, hard. The smacking
sound rang out in the concrete corridor. Then he
resumed fucking her, even harder and faster than
before. His hard cock hammered into her like a
piston, over and over, making her sob and gasp for
breath. Tony masturbated, turned on by the sight of
their brutal sex act.

Now Steiner grabbed hold of Adams’ hair, pulling her
head back.

“Now suck that cock,” he ordered her. “Suck the cock
of that criminal scum.”

Tony stepped up to the door, pushing his stiff cock
out between two bars, waiting for Adams to start
sucking it. And as Steiner slapped her ass again, she
opened her mouth as wide as she could. Due to the
size of Tony’s cock, he was still just barely able to
force his huge bulging helmet in between her lips.

“Ohhh,” he groaned, as the soft wetness enveloped his
cock. Adams started sucking it rhythmically, making
loud smacking noises. Excited, Tony began moving his
hips in time, fucking her mouth. Holding on to the
bars, he slid his fat cock in and out between the
policewoman’s lips.

“Yeah”, Steiner grunted, fucking her harder and
harder from behind. Adams held onto the metal bars,
making them jangle loudly in time with Steiner’s
powerful thrusts. They were both sweating from the
strain. Tony smelt the sweet scent of female
perspiration, as droplets formed on the policewoman’s
back, trickling down over her breasts.

As Tony pulled his cock out of her mouth, she gasped
for breath and then looked up at him with glazed
eyes. He inserted his thumb into her open mouth.

“Mmm,” he groaned. “Open wide.”

By now accustomed to the size of his meaty tool,
Adams obediently opened her mouth as wide as she
could. Looking him in the eyes, she let Tony feel her
teeth and tongue with his rough finger.

“Yeah,” he said. “Now suck this.”

And slowly he slid his thick cock in between her lips
again. Adams began sucking it harder, and Tony felt
his erection growing, the veined shaft becoming stiff
as a rod. He thought he could feel the policewoman
drinking the clear fluid of excitement trickling from
the tip of his cock.

“Unnnh,” he grunted, as she sucked him with loud, wet
noises. He forced his swelling tool ever further into
her mouth and watched her perfect breasts bouncing,
as Steiner relentlessly hammered into her pussy from

“Yeah,” Steiner said, suddenly pulling his long hard
cock from Adam’s slit. Tony saw the rigid shaft
glistening with her wetness, as the policeman slapped
her ass hard with his stiff cock, leaving wet spots
of pussy juice on her ass cheeks.

“Turn around,” Steiner ordered.

Reluctantly, Tony pulled his cock out of her wet
mouth, and she looked back over her shoulder at her
partner. Her hair was a mess, sticking to her sweaty
face, making her look even sexier to Tony.

“What?” she said.

“I said, turn around,” Steiner roared, as he grabbed
her by the hips and – clang! – pushed her ass hard
against the steel bars of the cell. Pulling her hair,
he made her bend over again, showing off her cute,
shapely ass to Tony.

“Bet that criminal scum wants to fuck you, too,”
Steiner said, stroking his cock. “Open that pretty
little pussy to him.”

“Please.” she whispered.

Steiner slapped her face hard with his cock.

“Shut up!” he said. “Open your pussy. Looks like he’s
got a nice, thick one for you.”

Cursing her partner, Adams stood with her legs wide
apart. Using the fingers of both hands, she parted
her pussy lips. The velvet, pink insides of her flesh
glistened with the juice of her lust.

Tony was dying to feel his cock exploring her soft
slit, but the sight of her open pussy turned him on.
Fascinated, he knelt down behind her and drove a
finger into the moist opening, feeling the intense
heat of her pussy. She moaned softly with pleasure.

Turning his head, Tony flicked his tongue over her
hardened clit, making her squeal. Licking her clit
with the tip of his wet tongue, he drove his finger
into her juicy slit again and again. Adams squirmed
with pleasure, grinding her ass against the cold
steel bars of the cell, approaching her climax.

“Yeah,” Steiner grunted, stroking his cock. “That’s
the way: Make her come, then fuck her hard!”

Closing her eyes, Adams felt Tony pushing two fingers
into her, rhythmically probing the tender insides of
her sex, his tongue still teasing her erect clitoris.

With a loud scream of pleasure, the policewoman came
again, her juices flowing over Tony’s face and
tongue. He lapped up the spicy liquid, as her entire
body shook from her orgasm.

She was still trembling, eyes glazed, as Tony jumped
to his feet behind her, pressing the bulging head of
his cock against her labia.

“Oh, my God,” she whispered, as he pushed forward,
stretching her aching flesh with the thickness of his
excited shaft.

“Give it to her,” Steiner commanded, masturbating at
the sight.

Still fully dressed, Tony the prisoner thrust into
Adams, burying his fat cock in the wetness of her
burning pussy. She was still gasping for air, as he
started fucking her, sliding his hard tool in and out
of the policewoman’s yielding slit.

“Yeah,” Steiner grunted, “fuck her.”

Clear liquid dripped from the tip of his excited cock
onto the concrete floor as he masturbated. As he
stood closer to Adams, she willingly opened her
mouth, expecting him to insert his cock. But
grinning, he kept the throbbing tool fractions of an
inch from her lips, still stroking himself with
obvious pleasure.

“Tell me you want it,” he hissed.

Tony grabbed her ass and hammered into her from
behind, thrusting his thick weapon into her tight
pussy again and again. Her body shaking in time to
Tony’s strokes, the policewoman looked up at her

“No, please,” she pleaded. Steiner grabbed her hair
with one hand, still masturbating with the other.

“I’m gonna come in your mouth,” he said, “but I wanna
hear you beg for it first.”

“Aaah!” she squealed, as Steiner yanked her hair,
“Alright, alright! Come in my mouth, you bastard! I
wanna drink your hot, thick cum!”

“Unnnh,” Steiner groaned, as he slipped the tip of
his cock in between the policewoman’s lips. Holding
onto her hair, he held her head still, only letting
the head of his cock enter her mouth. As she closed
her red lips around it, he kept stroking the rigid
shaft, jerking himself off in her mouth.

Tony held on to the bars of the cell, pounding his
bulging tool into Adams’ pussy as hard as he could.
The sensation of her wet pussy stretching around his
bone-hard cock was irresistible, and Tony felt his
orgasm approaching.

“Yeah, you fucking slut” Steiner groaned,
masturbating into the policewoman’s mouth. “I’m gonna
fucking drown you. Ahhh, ahhh!”

Throwing his head back in ecstasy, Steiner climaxed.
Tony saw the shaft of the policeman’s cock swelling
and jerking, as it fired jet after jet of hot, spicy
cream into Adams’ throat.

Steiner’s body was shaking with pleasure, as thick
sperm kept spurting from the tip of his twitching
tool. Mad with lust, he kept masturbating, emptying
himself for every last drop of semen, forcing Adams
to swallow mouthful after mouthful of his boiling hot

Now Tony couldn’t hold back anymore. Seconds before
he came, he thrust the entire length of his cock into
the policewoman’s pussy and froze. Grabbing her ass
hard, he savored the feeling of his cock swelling
inside her, it huge bulbous head growing even larger
as he felt his boiling hot come bursting its way
upwards through his cock. Until, finally, he

“Yeah!” he yelled madly, as he started ejaculating
inside Adams. His cock unloaded its sperm in hard,
powerful spurts, white-hot jets of creamy semen
shooting into her aching pussy.

Tony felt her trembling, too. Had she come once
again? Steiner finally pulled his limp cock from her

“Ohmigod,” she gasped, out of breath, “ohmigod.”

“Yeah,” Steiner said, smiling at Tony, “she’s a slut
alright! Did you like that pussy?”

“Yeah,” Tony gasped, “It was fucking great.” He
slowly slid his cock out of Adam’s slit. It was still
hard. Adams fell to her knees on the concrete floor,
still out of breath.

Steiner had walked over to where his clothes lay and
picked up the handcuffs.

“No,” the policewoman whispered, as he walked over to
her. “Please, no.”

“What do you mean, no?” he grinned. “It’s what you
want, isn’t it? It’s what you wanted all along.”

Tony tucked his semi-erect cock into his pants and
zipped up.

“No,” Adams whispered, as Steiner cuffed her hands
behind her back.

“Don’t lie to me,” he said. “You want it so bad, you
can hardly wait, can you?”

He pulled his partner to her feet. Tony watched with
amazement, as he unlocked the door to the cell.

“Don’t do this to me,” Adams protested, as Steiner
threw her into the cell. Naked and handcuffed, she
fell to the floor next to Tony.

Steiner locked the door and started putting his
clothes back on.

“Well, honey,” he said, buttoning his uniform
trouser, “will 24 hours be enough for you? It may not
be much, but this scumbag is a sex offender, and he
knows this is his last chance to get pussy. So I
think he’ll let you have it in a big way.”

Tony looked down at the beautiful, naked woman,
sprawling at his feet, handcuffed. If Steiner was
going to leave her here with him for 24 hours… He
felt his cock swelling in his pants. It would soon be
fully erect again. He might as well take his clothes
of now. He pulled off his t-shirt, revealing his
muscular torso.

“And you, scumbag,” Steiner said. “You know what she

Tony turned to face Steiner. The policeman was now
completely dressed, while Tony was pulling off pants
and shorts. Steiner looked at his erection and

“Yeah, that thing should keep her happy for a few

Steiner picked up Adams’ clothes from the floor.

“Okay,” he said. “See you around.”

His footsteps rang out in the corridor as he walked

Stroking his stiff cock, Tony turned to face Adams
again. Her eyes were wide open, as she looked up at
him. She was expecting him to do something, but he
just smiled at her, still stroking his cock.

There was no hurry. He had plenty of time.