Step-Daughter’s Oral Fun

The school doors were flung open and a horde of youngsters streamed outside, laughing and chattering.

Loni Sullivan, in her teens, spotted her father waiting for her in his car and waved gaily as she broke into a run toward him.

Van Sullivan sat in his car, watching his daughter. His mouth watered and his cock hardened as he gazed at his sexy, beautiful girl. She had long blonde hair, an angelic face, and, a slender, small-titted body.

“Hi,Step-Daddy!” Loni chirped, jumping into the car, her school books clutched against her chest.

Her skirt was pulled taut across her ass and its hem rode up high on her creamy thighs.

“Hello, darling,” Van said as he embraced his step-daughter. He smiled as Loni pressed her warm body against his. He kissed her cheek chastely, as any father would.

Van started the car and they headed away from the city, father and daughter chatting about their day. Van’s eyes glowed with more than paternal love each time he glanced at Loni. Twenty minutes later, he turned down a country road, heading for the secluded area that he and his daughter knew so well by now.

Loni pressed herself closer to her father. Her thigh touched his. He felt her body heat through his trousers, and his face grew red and warm.

He reached out with one hand and patted the girl’s knee. Her bare flesh felt like satin beneath his fingertips.

As soon as Van stopped the car, Loni threw herself into his arms and they kissed… with their lips, their tongues, even their teeth.

Loni eagerly opened her lips to her daddy’s probing tongue and she sucked on it, moaning softly. This was the moment the teenager had been waiting for all day long.

Their mouths were clamped tightly together. Their saliva mingled lewdly and their bodies pressed closer together. Van stroked his daughter’s glossy hair as they kissed. His hand caressed her long, slender neck and he could feel the veins pulsing in her throat. His hands rubbed her girlish shoulders and his cock hardened as they continued to kiss.

Loni moaned into her daddy’s mouth. Her little virginal pussy was tingling and throbbing now, and it was growing wetter with each passing second.

Inside the crotch of Van’s trousers, his cock and balls were heavy. His prick stirred, lengthening and thickening.

Finally, they broke their long, torrid kiss. Loni’s lips were moist and gleaming, her eyes shining as she looked up at her father with an adoring expression in her eyes.

Loni flashed her daddy a smile as she shrugged out of her jacket. Beneath it she wore longsleeved, sheer blouse. Her daddy could see her little bra through the material. Her tits were small budding mounds of girlish flesh.

“Oh, Daddy,” she whispered as she began to unbutton her blouse, “I’ve been dreaming about this all day!”

“Me too, darling,” Van admitted, his eyes riveted to her chest.

Loni unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it out of her skirt. She wore a white bra even tough her little tits were high and firm and did not need the bra’s support. The tops of her young tits rippled over the bra cups.

Van reached out with a trembling hand and touched his daughter’s tit. He gently massaged her tits through the bra, and caressed the satiny tit-flesh at the top of the bra-cups.

Loni sighed with pleasure and her tits rose and fell rapidly as she breathed rapidly.

“Will you take my bra off for me, Daddy?” she purred.

The man’s hands shook so hard that he could hardly unfasten the hooks which held the back strap of the bra together. But he managed, and in seconds, the bra was loosened. He slid the straps down off her smooth shoulders and at last her tits came free from the bra cups.

The bra joined the girl’s jacket and blouse on the floor of the car.

“God, Loni, how I love your tits!” Van groaned as his hands squeezed his daughter’s tits gently.

Loni smiled with erotic pleasure.

Her nipples were tiny and pink and, as her daddy fondled her, they stiffened and grew rigid.

Loni put her hands on the back of her father’s neck and pulled his head down to her tits. She gasped with joy as he started to nuzzle her tits, rubbijig his face against them. Her nips throbbed as they grazed his cheeks and chin. He kissed them hotly, wetly, pressing his puckered lips against each nipple. Her nips throbbed as they were pressed against the wet insides of Van’s lips.

Loni moaned and let her long legs fall open. One of her legs rested up on the cushioned car seat and her other leg stretched out with her foot on the floor.

Finally, Van came up for air. His face was flushed, his eyes were glazed, and his prick was hard. It made a tent-like bulge in the crotch of his trousers and it throbbed demandingly.

“You know what I want, Daddy,” Loni purred, “let’s get in the back seat so you can do me real good.”

And with that, the teenager scrambled over the front seat climbing into the back of the car with her father right behind her, his eyes on her pert little ass.

Loni half-sprawled, half-sat in the back seat of the car, her legs spread wide. Her daddy’s saliva was shining on her stiff pink nips.

Van knelt on the floor of the car between his daughter’s legs. He took hold of the hem of her skirt and slowly lifted it, exposing her pink thighs and her narrow hips and her pantycovered crotch. She wore a pair of plain white bikini panties, and they were stretched tight across her hips. Her little arched mound formed a rise in the crotch of her panties. The panties fit her so lightly that the folds of her pussy were clearly visible.

Van stroked her thighs with slow, teasing strokes, just the way he knew his daughter liked it. He slowly worked his way upward.

“Oh, Daddy!” Loni gasped when he first touched her pussy through the panties.

His hands shook as he slipped his fingers under the elastic waistband of her panties. He tugged them downward. Loni lifted her ass up from the seat cushions so her father could take her panties down.

Van unpeeled the white panties from the girl’s soft flesh, exposing her light covering of pussyfur and her delicate pink pussylips. He groaned and bit hard into his lower lip, trying to stifle his passion.

He pulled his little girl’s panties down to her knees and put his hot hands on her hips. Her pussy was a narrow, thin-lipped pink slit between her long legs. Her bush was soft, silky, and very light.

Van thought that his daughter would look even sexier if her pussy were shaven clean so that her pink cuntlips were uncovered. That would make her look even younger and more vulnerable. But he must wait before be asked her to do that, he told himself. He must bring her along slowly.

That was how Van had done things all along in the seduction of his daughter… slowly and carefully, step by step. Loni had always been a beautiful, sensual child. And from the time when her body had begun to change and mature, and her small tit-mounds began to grow on her flat chest, Van knew he had to have her.

Step by step, he had led Loni down the path of incest. He was always touching her, patting her, fondling her hair, rubbing her shoulders, hugging her. He was always careful to guard against such incestuous affection when his wife Lois, was around. He had kept his true feelings for his daughter a secret. And, doing her part, Loni was careful not to breathe a hint of her sexual activities with her father to a single living soul.

It made Loni feel special, as if she and her father were united in their torrid secret, the two of them against the world.

The man had seduced his daughter by slow degrees and he still had a long way to go. In fact, Loni was still technically a virgin, but Van would take care of that when the right time came.

He was always careful and sensitive with her. He loved her and had no wish to rape or force her. He was slowly initiating her into incestuous pleasure, guiding her skillfully, bringing her along carefully but steadily.

Often, when they were alone, he would pull Loni down onto his lap, her warm ass nestling against his groin. Loni always responded eagerly, thrilled by these displays of affection. She had always been very close to her daddy mid that closeness just seemed to grow and deepen as they sexually explored each other.

Now Van put his hand between her legs, lightly touching her pussy. “Mmmmm Daddy,” Loni moaned as he fingered her little pussylips. Her flesh rippled as his fingers glided over than, stroking them, making her pussy drool.

“Do it to me with your mouth Daddy,” she urged in a hoarse whisper.

Van wrapped his hands around her hips and lowered his head between her legs.

His warm breath rustled through the silken pussyhairs, making Loni giggle and squirm excitedly on the car seat. Her asscheeks trembled against the seat as her father planted a long, lingering kiss on her pink pussy.

Van parted his lips, extended his tongue, and ran the tip of it over her naked pussylips. In seconds, her cunt was coated with her daddy’s shining saliva.

“Daddy!” she gasped when he pressed the tip of his tongue betweenter pussylips. Her juices sloshed around his tongue.

“Mmmm,” he moaned as he tasted her tangy juice. He always loved the fresh, sweet taste of her and he knew he would never be able to get enough of her, as always.

As Van dipped his tongue in and out of his daughter’s pussy, his hands moved up across her flat tummy to her little tits. He fondled them, squeezing and kneading the girlish mounds. He pinched her nips and moaned when he felt them throbbing against the pressure of his fingers.

He moved his tongue onto her clit.

“Yesss, Daddy!” she shrieked.

Her hands were on his shoulders, clutching, tugging him toward her. She pulled his head down hard into her crotch and ground her wet little virgin pussy against his mouth.

Her juices were wet on his fact. His tongue lashed at her clit, harder and harder with each whipping stroke.

“Ohhh, shiiittt,” the schoolgirl moaned.

Loni lifted her little ass up from the car seat. Her hips rose and her pussy met her father’s mouth and his probing tongue. Her daddy always drove her wild with his lips and tongue on her cunt, and again and again she pound her wet cunt against his mouth.

Van’s cock was so hard now that it hurt. Another, more selfish, man would have fucked the girl right then and there, penetrating her with his stiff prick. But Van deliberately held himself back, playing the girl carefully, not wanting to scare her off. He wanted to fuck her badly, but only when she was good and ready for that all important step.

Loni made high-pitched squealing sounds as her orgasm grew nearer. Her fingers dug into her daddy’s broad shoulders, holding him tightly against her pussy.

His tongue worked her, gliding and licking at the girl’s clit until she came.

Loni tilted her head back and she threw her mouth open, moaning continually. She went rigid, every muscle in her body tensing with pleasure as she came. She shook and trembled violently.

Van knew his daughter was coming. His mouth was clamped don on her pussy and he could feel the orgasmic shuddering of her pussymeat against his lips and tongue.

Loni began to sob from the force of the orgasmic pleasure that shot through her loins as she came hard.

Finally, the teenager gave a final shudder and went limp. Van lifted his face from his daughter’s crotch. His saliva dripped on her pussyfur and lips. Her delicate pink pussylips quivered.

Loni moaned as her daddy kissed and licked her soft, juice-stained inner thighs again and again. Her small tits bobbed as she panted hard.

Van stuck one finger into his mouth and wet it with his saliva. He placed that wet finger against the girl’s pussylips.

“Ohhh,” Loni sighed.

Gently, he inserted his finger into his daughter. She felt hot and wet and her cuntmeat pulsed against his invading finger. He had not stuck his finger very far inside her before it bumped up against a thin, resistant piece of tightly stretched tissue… her cherry.

“Oh, Daddy!” she cried, excited but alarmed, too. Then she relaxed when she saw that her daddy was not going to break her little cherry with his finger.

Van smiled reassuringly at her as he removed his juice-soaked finger.

It’s time, he thought to himself, very soon now, I’ll pop my little girl’s cherry. I’ll give her first fuck of her life.

This hot little girl is more then ready to become a woman. She’s more than ready to learn all about love from the person who loves her more than anyone else in the world… her dear daddy.

Loni groaned as she sat straight up in the car seat. Her face was sweaty and shiny with bright red spots of healthy color in her cheeks. Her eyes were still slightly glazed, and her small tits shook as she moved.

She put her hands between her daddy’s legs and fondled his massive hard-on through his trousers.

“Now it’s your turn Daddy! Let me do you!” she cried eagerly.

The man’s trembling fingers unbuckled his belt, opened the catch of his pants, and pulled down the zipper. He tugged down his pants and shorts. His cock sprang free, rising up from his hips, bobbing lewdly in the air.

Loni got on her hands and knees there on the back seat of the car. Her ass trembled as she crawled to her father, her small, stiff-nippled tits dangling downward.

“Wait, baby, I’ll make it more comfortable for both of us,” Van murmured as he rose from the floor of the car and sat down on the seat.

Loni knelt at his side, her head poised over his crotch, her hair brushing his cock, making it throb. She grinned excitedly as she licked her lips, wetting them erotically.

Van gently squeezed his daughter’s tits as she lowered her head into his lap. The man gripped his prick by its thick base as she took its head into her hot, wet mouth.

Her father thrust upward with his hips, driving his prick into his daughter’s mouth.

“Mmmmmfff,” Loni moaned around the thickness of the tasty cock.

She began to suck her daddy’s prick as hard as possible.

“Ohhh, you sexy little girl,” Van groaned. It felt so good to have his own little girl sucking his cock with hard, forceful sucks. His cumloaded balls ached with his heavy load of jism. He couldn’t wait to shoot his creamy cum into his daughter’s hungry little mouth.

While Loni continued to suck her daddy’s cock, her greedy fingers massaged his aching balls.

Van’s hand still gripped the base of his cock, feeding it into her sucking face.

Loni’s mouth moved up and down her father’s thick cock while he continued to thrust it deeply between her gripping lips. He had taught the youngster how to deep-throat him, and now as he shoved more and more of his fuckmeat into her mouth, she let much of it slide down her throat. She tightened the muscles of her throat against the sides of his pulsing prick, holding it deep inside her throat.

Then she loosened her throat muscles, letting him slide out again, sucking in his cock harder and deeper each time.

“Your doing great, baby, just great! You really have learned how to suck cock great! Suck that baby, suck your daddy’s prick until I comedown your throat!” he groaned.

Her daddy’s obscene words thrilled the girl and she moaned with fuck-lust as she closed her lips tighter around his cock, sucking for all she was worth.

She could feel her father’s prick trembling and twitching inside her wet mouth and down her throat. And she longed to feel his hot cum shooting down into her hungry belly.

Van’s hips lifted higher and higher as his daughter’s sucking mouth quickened its tempo.

Loni was crazy about her daddy’s hard prick. She always had been. She wanted it, every fucking inch of it down her throat, just the way she would someday feel the full length of it deep inside her pussy.

She sucked harder and harder on his prick, waiting deliriously for the gushing, creamy cum that she knew would be her reward.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” Van yelled only seconds later, pumping his prick furiously into his daughter’s sucking mouth.

Thick, hot wads of creamy cum shot from his cock. They splashed obscenely into the teenager’s mouth, sliding down her throat, filling her belly deliciously.

The thrill of her daddy’s jism pumping into her belly took the virgin over the edge and she came, as she usually did when she sucked the man off. Waves of raw, erotic pleasure washed over her, making her little pussy quiver with excitement, and releasing a fresh flood of pussyjuice.

As they both came, Loni sucked on her father’s prick, trying to milk out all its creamy spunk. She adored the taste of his jism and she wanted to swallow every single drop. Finally, his cock began to soften, and Loni reluctantly slid her mouth, off it.

Van saw that his daughter was coming and he lowered his head, mashing his face down against her pussy once more. He felt her cunt spuming against his mouth and he trembled. He lapped up all of the cuntjuice flowing out of her virginal fuckhole. He eagerly licked her spasming little clit, feeling it vibrate against his tongue.

Loni stood in the center of her bedroom, stripping off her clothes. She smacked her lips, feeling as if she could still taste her daddy’s cock and cum on her tongue, even, though it was several hours after her forbidden sexual session with her daddy in his car.

She slipped her skirt off. Her panties were still damp at the crotch, partly from her own juices, and partly from her daddy’s saliva. She peeled them off and threw them to the floor, along with her skirt. Next, she removed her blouse and bra, and stood naked in the middle of her little-girl room.

She touched her pussy with one hand and gasped softly. Her pussy-lips were still sensitive from her orgasms, and they tingled hotly at her touch. She spread her feet, parting her thighs and opening her pussy up to her touch. Her long, slim fingers stroked the soft silken hairs of her pussy bush.

As she often found herself thinking these days, she wondered what it would be like to lose her virginity. The idea of having her tight little cherry popped by her daddy’s huge prick filled her with a hot, pounding excitement. She knew the time was coming for her daddy to fuck her.

She wanted to give her cherry to her dear daddy. She wanted her daddy to posses every single part of her body. And she knew that he wanted it that way, too.

She heard her parents talking softly now as they made their way down the hall past Loni’s bedroom on the way to the master bedroom at the end of the hall. Loni smiled. She liked sharing her secret with her daddy, hiding it from her mother. It drew her and her father closer, pulling them together. And soon she knew that they would become even closer when she gave her cherry to her daddy.

She was a little fearful of that moment. She had heard from some of her friends at school that it would really hurt badly the first time. She had told her daddy about her fears. He had hugged her and stroked her, telling her that, yes, it would probably hurt, just for a minute, but then it would be all over and she would feel very, very good.

He had added that when she fully gave herself to him, she would become a real woman, his woman. Loni thrilled to that idea. She could think of nothing more exciting than being her daddy’s woman.

And besides, Loni was sick and tired of being a virgin. Her daddy had been teaching her all about the joys of sex, and now she wanted it all. She was ready to be fucked. And she knew that her daddy knew that.

Loni went to bed. She slept lightly and was not at all surprised when the door to her room opened about an hour later.

“Loni? Are you awake, honey?” Van’s voice whispered into the stillness of the room.

“Yes, Daddy, I knew you’d come to me tonight,” the teenager murmured excitedly.

“Good girl,” Van murmured as he sat down on his daughter’s bed. “Your mother just wanted a quickie tonight so I fucked her real fast so I could come in here to my favorite girl.”

Loni giggled. She was never jealous of her mother, or of the time her father spent in bed with her mother, because her daddy had made it very clear a long time ago that, as much as he loved Lois, he loved his daughter even more, and would always prefer Loni sexually.

Van stroked his daughter’s hair now, whispering words of love to her.

“Oh, Daddy, I love you so much!” the youngster cried as she wrapped her arms about his neck and moved forward to kiss him. She kissed him fully on the mouth.

Van returned her kiss, crushing his mouth lustfully against hers. His tongue shot into her mouth, probing, tasting. He held her head in his shaking hands.

Loni felt excited by her daddy’s obvious need for her. He pushed her back on her bed and hugged her tightly, kissing her over and over.

“You know that I love you more than anything else in the whole world, don’t you, darling?” Van whispered, holding his daughter tightly against his trembling body.

“Yes, Daddy, and I love you more than anything or anyone, too! And it’ll always just be you and me. I’ll never love anyone else the way I love you!”

“I know you mean that now, darling, and it thrills me to hear those words from you,” Van said, stroking her body. “But the day will come when you’ll meet some young boy, fall in love with him, and get married. Then you’ll leave your poor old dad.”

“Oh, no, Daddy, I’d never leave you… never!” Loni cried fervently, hugging him.

“Oh, honey, I was just teasing you. You’re too young now to think about such things, but mark my words, you will go off to get married some day. And that’s the way it should be. I have to admit, I’ll be as jealous as hell, but as long as the guy is right for you and treats you well, I’ll have no objections,” Van said, kissing his daughter lightly on the lips.

“I don’t wanna talk about this anymore!” Loni cried, not liking the idea that some day she might leave her daddy…

And with that the youngster climbed onto her father’s lap. Her rounded asscheeks nestled against his groin. Loni moaned softly when she felt his hard cock through the thin fabric of her gown.

Van caressed his daughter’s soft, girlish body as he covered her face with hot kisses. Loni felt her little pussy growing hot and beginning to tingle and itch ferociously.

Van put one hand on her small tit.

“Ohhh, Daddy,” she moaned, puffing her own hand on his, pressing his hand harder against her tit.

“I must see you naked, darling,” Van said. “Oh, yes, Daddy, I want to be naked in front of you!” Loni cried, starting to remove her gown.

“No, darling, let your daddy undress you.” Loni raised her arms over her head so her father could take her gown off of her. He pulled up the hem of the garment, exposing her young body.

Van groaned with lust when his little girl’s crotch came into view. His eyes fixed on her pink pussy and her small soft bush. He set the gown aside and Loni sat up in bed, naked and proud of the body that her daddy loved and needed so much.

She felt proud that her daddy wanted her so badly. At school, there were classmates whose figures were much more mature. Sometimes Loni would look at their chests and wish that her own tits could be that big.

But her daddy had told Loni that he liked her small tits. He thought they were just perfect, just like the rest of her, and since then, Loni had fully accepted her little tit-mounds.

Van had turned the bedside lamp on when he had entered his daughter’s room, and now the yellow glow from it made the girl’s naked flesh glow erotically.

Van fondled her tits. He held one of them in the palm of his hand while he stroked it with his free hand.

“Ohh, Daddy, that feels SOOO good,” Loni murmured.

“Your tits are just made for kissing,” Van said hoarsely as he lowered his head to her chest and kissed both of her tits, wetly licking her stiffening nipples.

Loni held her daddy’s head and stroked his hair as he kissed her tits. Her nipples throbbed against his lips and she moaned over and over.

Then Van fondled her flat tummy and the rounded curves of her hips. He rested his hand on her inner thighs.

“Is my little girl still a virgin?” Van asked with a twinkle in his eye.

“Yes, Daddy,” Loni said with a smile. Her father always asked her this question. It was like a game with them and she knew that her answer was always very important to him even though be well knew that she was still a virgin.

He needed to hear her say it. And she liked saying it, for they both knew that her days as a virgin were numbered, and that Van’s cock would soon be ripping the little girl’s cherry right out of her tight little cunthole.

“Are you sure that you’re still a virgin?” Van asked. “Is Daddy’s girl a virgin?”

“Yes, Daddy, I’m your little girl and I’m still a virgin,” Loni said, knowing the words of this lewd conversation so well, it was as though she and her father were both following a script they had memorized to the letter.

“I’m very glad, Loni. But tell me, how is it that such a lovely, sexy young girl as you has managed to remain a virgin? I’m sure that many of your schoolmates have been fucking for some time now,” Van said, pushing his daughter’s thighs apart.

“That’s right, Daddy. A lot of my friends have been fucking like crazy,” Loni said with a shudder of lust as her daddy leaned forward, his head close to her cunt now. He stroked her pussylips and gently pulled them apart, exposing her inner cuntmeat which seemed to pulse before his very eyes.

“Then why not you?” he asked, beginning to pant now.

“Because, I’ve been saving my cherry for my daddy. I guess my friends aren’t lucky enough to have a father like you to pop their tight little cherries for them,” Loni said, moaning loudly as she felt her daddy sticking his finger between her pussylips.

Van groaned. His little girl’s pussy felt incredibly hot and tight around his finger. And he knew that fucking this tight-pussied teenager would give him the most intense thrill of his entire life.

“You mean that you’ve been saving your little cherry for me? Are you telling me that you want me to give you your first fuck?” Van asked, exploring her virginal pussy with his finger.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Yessss, Daddy, that’s what I’m telling you! I want you to fuck me! I want your cock to be the very first one up my pussy! The only one ever!” Loni gasped, clutching the sheets while her father’s finger moved all around inside her pussy.

When his finger touched her cherry, he stopped and smiled at her.

“Yes, you’re a virgin all right. Daddy’s little girl is a good little girl. You waited for your daddy to fuck you, and when I do fuck you, Loni, I’m going to make you the happiest little girl in the whole world. No one could fuck you like your daddy can, Loni because your daddy’s the only one who loves you so much.”

He took his finger out of her pussy and stared at the juices that coated it. He stuck it into his mouth and sucked it clean, smacking his lips.

“Oh, Daddy, are you gonna fuck me now?” Loni asked excitedly as she stared at the bulging hard-on jutting in the crotch of his pajamas. She felt a little frightened. She knew how huge his cock was and she knew that it would hurt her when it smashed through her cherry, but she wanted it. She needed it badly.

“No, darling, not just yet. But soon,” Van said as he gently pushed Loni off his lap and down onto her back.

He put his head between her legs and kissed her pussy.

“Oh, God, Daddy, that feels so good!” the girl cried.

Van had taught his daughter how to jerk herself off, and the young girl often did just that when her daddy wasn’t around to relieve her sexual itch. She loved rubbing her little pussy until she came, but nothing could compare to the thrill of having her pussy kissed and tongued and sucked by her daddy’s hot mouth.

As Van began to lick his little girl’s pussy, her eyes glazed over and her small pink nipples grew as hard as rocks, jutting out from the tips of her girlish tits.

Van shoved his tongue between her cuntlips.

“Ah! Daddy!” she gasped.

Even though her daddy had eaten her out just hours before in the back seat of his car, Loni felt so turned-on at that moment, it was as though she had not come for weeks.

Van licked his daughter’s clit hard. Then he wrapped his lips about the hard bud and sucked for all he was worth.

“Ohh, I’m coming, Daddy, you’re making me come!” the teenager cried, writhing feverishly with incestuous pleasure.

Van raised his face from between his daughter’s legs, her juices glistening around his mouth. As his probing tongue entered her mouth, Loni moaned, realizing that she was tasting her own juices. As the father and daughter tongue-kissed each other, Loni fondled his prick through his pajama bottoms. She could feel the sexual heat of his crotch blasting out at her through the material.

“Let me see your cock, Daddy! Take it out!” she demanded.

The young virgin was in an erotic daze, a fog of intense pleasure. Her pussy was hot with the afterglow of her orgasm, and as she squirmed about on the bed, her pussylips rubbed together, making them tingle.

Van stood up and smiled down at his daughter as he removed his pajamas. He was completely naked now, just as Loni was, and his stiff prick throbbed out and upward.

“Ohhh, Daddy, what a big hard-on!” Loni squealed, clapping her hands together. Van laughed delightedly.

His big cock was a rigid bar of fuckmeat. Its head was wide and swollen and Loni could see it pulsing. His balls hung low and his little girl knew that meant that he had a heavy load of cum — all for her.

Loni reached out to touch her daddy’s prick. She was kneeling on the bed now. Her long, slender fingers curled around his throbbing cockshaft. It felt hot to her touch. Hot and hard.

“Good girl,” Van said, smiling down at her. Loni ran her fingers over his taut balls, which were big and swollen in the sac.

His cock was so huge now, so swollen with lust, that Loni used both of her hands to grip it. She gazed down at the blue veins running along the shaft and she felt them throbbing against her hands.

She squeezed her father’s prick.

“Oh, yeah, baby, yeah,” Van groaned, rockhing back on his feet as he stood there by the bed with his little girl’s hands clenching his cock.

A single drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip of his cock.

Loni moved her face closer to the big prick. She pressed her soft lips against his broad cockhead and kissed it wetly.

“God, Loni!” Van gasped.

Loni felt a kind of power that was a real turn-on for her. It was the power that came with her, just a young teen, being able to drive a grown man wild with pleasure.

She parted her lips and stuck out her tongue. She licked the knobbed head of the man’s cock as if it were a stick of candy. Van gripped his cock at its base and held it up to her mouth now, staring down at his cockhead growing wetter and wetter with Loni’s saliva.

“Take it in your mouth now, darling,” Van said thickly.

Loni obediently and eagerly opened her mouth wide, fully accepting his big prick. It felt hot and spongy, yet firm, as she slurped and sucked on his pulsing cockhead.

She curled her lips over her teeth while she sucked him, just as her father had long ago taught her to do.

“Awwww, shiiit, that’s great!” Van gasped, breathing hard. After she had sucked him for a few minutes, his face break out in a sweat and turned a dark red.

Loni sucked his flaring cockhead and a few inches of his meaty cockshaft, hollowing her cheeks inward to increase the erotic suction on his huge cock. She sucked him eagerly, her head bobbing back and forth, loving the feel of having her mouth completely stuffed with her daddy’s throbbing cockmeat.

As he started to come, Van shoved more of his cock into her mouth and she groaned with excitement as she tasted the delicious cum squirting into her mouth, sliding down her throat, and on into her belly.

“You know it’s time, don’t you, darling?” Van asked, pulling his still-hard cock out of his little girl’s mouth.

“Time? Oh, Daddy, do you mean what I think you mean?” Loni gasped, feeling her pussy burning between her legs.

“I sure do!” Van said with a laugh, delighted by his daughter’s eagerness. “I think it’s time for your daddy to pop your little cherry for you.”

“Oh yes, I think so, too, Daddy!” Loni cried, throwing her arms around her daddy’s neck and hugging him hard, tears of excitement springing to her eyes. “Pop my cherry for me, Daddy! Fuck me!”

“Hurry, Daddy! Hurry and fuck me! Rip my cherry right out of my little cunt!” Loni squealed excitedly as her father climbed on top of her.

The young teenaged virgin waited eagerly for her daddy to shove his throbbing cock into her pussy. She desperately wanted him to fuck her. Her entire body was crying out with sexual need. All of her muscles were tensed as she strained her loins upward, trying to capture his long, thick pulsing shaft of cockmeat.

“Ohh, baby, I can hardly wait to fuck you! I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long!” Van groaned, hardly able to talk past the knot of lust in his throat.

“Me too, Daddy! I’ve been waiting so long for my daddy to give me my very first fuck! And now I just can’t wait any longer! Fuck me, Daddy, fuck meeeee!” she wailed.

Loni spread her legs even wider, giving her daddy full access to her young, hungry cunt. When she couldn’t wait one moment longer, she reached her hands down between their bodies and grasped the full length of his huge prick.

Her tight fist stroked up and down his thick prick for a moment. She could feel its pounding pulse against her soft palms, and the warm, sticky pre-cum that seeped from the blood-engorged prickhead.

Finally, with a groan of raw lust, the blonde virgin guided her daddy’s prick into her cuntslit, carefully positioning it between her swollen cuntlips. She held her father’s cock steady there as she placed her other hand on his trembling ass.

Loni closed her eyes in ecstasy as she felt the first thrilling contact of her daddy’s prick against the sensitive edges of her cock-starved pussy.

“Do it, Daddy! Don’t tease me any longer! I can’t stand to wait even one minute more! Fuck me, Daddy! Tear my cherry in shreds with your huge prick!” she begged tearfully.

Van’s chest crushed the blonde’s small tits, his muscular weight driving the air from her gasping lungs. Loni spread her legs even wider, and she began to hump her tight cunt against his pulsing prick. Van wriggled his taut ass and gave a savage thrust that sent his huge prick right through her cherry and all the way up her tiny cunthole.

“Aieeeeee!” Loni screamed as she felt a red-hot pain piercing her entire body.

But just as her Daddy had promised her, the pain lasted but a few seconds, and in its place she felt a hot, throbbing pleasure that made her moan and toss with excitement.

She eagerly thrust her ass high, driving her tight, wet fuckhole all the way up the full length of her daddy’s bursting prick. She lewdly ground her pussy against him, feeling his cumladen balls banging against her asscrack.

At long last, the youngster was feeling her daddy’s prick inside her cunt, and she could not have been more thrilled. She knew that a girl’s first fuck was a most important experience in her life, and she was turned on beyond belief to think that it was her very own daddy who was giving her her first fuck. And that in a few moments she would be feeling his load of cum shooting into her pussy. She had had her daddy’s cum inside her mouth and she had had it on her tits and even on her thighs, but never before had she felt the hot jism burning its way up her cunt, and she could hardly wait for that heady experience.

“Ahhhh, Daddy, your cock feels soooo good inside me! Fuck me hard, Daddy!” Loni squealed, bending her knees and spreading her thighs even farther apart.

She continued to hump her cunt up hard against his cock. She wrapped her arms tightly around his thrusting body as he fucked her skillfully.

Her breathing was ragged and shallow, and her long fingernails scratched jagged welts into his muscular back. Her thighs opened shamelessly wide, then she closed them eagerly around his pumping hips as he continued to plunge the full length of his cock into her wet, twitching pussy.

“Aaaarghhh, ohhh, Daddy, your cock’s so big and hard and it fills my little pussy all up! Fuck me, Daddy, keep fucking me until we both come!” the teenager gasped.

“You sexy little bitch! I’ll fuck you all right! I’ll give you a fuck you’ll never forget, Loni! Take my whole cock, baby, take it all right up that tight little hole of yours!” Van groaned, driving his prick into her with hard, pounding strokes. “Jesus, I’ve never felt such a tight little cunt around my prick!”

Loni was proud that her daddy liked fucking her virgin pussy so much. She shad heard how exciting it was for a guy to pop a cherry and fuck a tight cunt that only a virgin could have. And she was glad that she was able to offer such a rare treat to her beloved daddy.

She reached up and grasped her father’s muscular shoulders with both hands. Her fingers slid don over his naked body to grip the firm globes of his pumping asscheeks as he drove into her pussy with a hard, relentless rhythm.

She clenched her cuntmuscles around his reaming cock each time he thrust it into her. Then, after a few breathless seconds, she unclenched her pussymuseles, letting his prick slide out again.

“How’d you learn how to do that?” Van panted, thinking that if he didn’t know better, he wouldn’t believe that his daughter was really a virgin. She was fucking back at him like a pro, and clenching his prick with her pussymuscles as if she had been doing it all her life.

“How’d I learn how to do what?” the girl responded, not even knowing what her father meant. For the girl was merely following her natural instincts.

Van chuckled, realizing that, just as he had long suspected, his little girl was a natural-born fuck partner.

The girl’s cunthole was gushing out a steady stream of hot, thick juice, wetting her father’s prick, soaking down his prick hairs.

“Fuck me, Daddy! Oh, God, I love your cock soooo much! Keep fucking me!” she cried as more and more fuck-lust surged through her.

“Not to worry, little pussy! I won’t stop fucking you! Not ever!” Van grunted, his face red and sweaty.

As he kept thrusting his stiff prick into his daughter’s squeezing cunthole, Loni reached back to grasp his asscheeks again. Parting them lewdly, she eased her middle finger up into his tight asshole.

“Aaarghhh!” he gurgled, surprised to feel his little girl’s stiff finger invading his asshole.

“Mmmmmm, so good, so good, so good!” Loni panted as she felt every single inch of her father’s prick surging deeply into her fuckhole so that the broad cockhead was striking repeatedly against the very back wall of her pussy.

She writhed obscenely beneath his hard body, thrilling to his overpowering strength as he drove his cock into her again and again. She arched her back high and threw her long legs around her father’s back. She reached up and pulled his face down to hers, pressing her lips against his passionately. Their tongues fenced with each other, and their saliva mingled.

“Ohhh, Daddy, you’re fucking me sooo good! I love it, Daddy! It feels even better than I thought! Your cock is great, Daddy! It’s so big and hard and it makes my little pussy feel soooo good,” Loni whimpered.

She writhed violently on the bed as her father fucked his big, throbbing prick into her tight cunt. She plunged her finger in and out of his asshole a few more times before removing her finger. Then she squeezed the firm, muscular cheeks of his taut ass.

Van rubbed his hairy chest across her small, silken tits. He kept pumping his cockmeat between the swollen lips of her pussy. Her strong cuntmuscles immediately grabbed his large prick, holding it against her quivering cuntwalls for a few seconds. Then she loosened her muscle-hold, and Van slid his cock out of her hungry cunt. He slid it almost all the way out between her puffy pussylips, until only his broad, pulsing cockhead remained. Then he rammed his entire cock back in again. Over and over again, he repeated his exciting fucking strokes.

“Ohhh, God, Daddy, this is soooooo good! My cunt feels like it’s on fire!” Loni whined.

“Does it hurt, baby?” Van asked with concern.

“No! It feels great!” the teenager eagerly responded and she and her father laughed.

“Then you don’t want me to stop fucking you?” Van asked teasingly.

“God, no, don’t you dare! Keep fucking me until I come, Daddy! Make me come hard!” Loni cried demandingly.

“Ohh, baby, your little cunt’s squeezing the holy hell out of my prick!” Van groaned.

“Oh, then, maybe you’re the one who wants to stop! I mean, if it hurts.”

“Shit, no! There’s no way I can stop now, toni! Not until we both come! I’ve gotta dump my whole load of cum right up your tight little cherry cunt!” Van gasped.

“Ohhh, goody! I can’t wait, Daddy!” Loni said, writhing frantically on the bed beneath her father’s hard pumping body.

He lowered his head to her chest and sucked one stiff pink nipple into his hot mouth.

“Oohh, yeah, Daddy, suck my tits!” Loni cried.

Van wrapped his lips around first one nipple, and then the other, sucking hard. He licked all over his daughter’s tit-mounds, and when he was finished, they were both shining brightly with his saliva. Next, he sank his teeth into the turgid nips.

“Yeeeooowww! I love it!”

Van grinned down at Loni. His chest swelled with pride at having such a beautiful, sexy young girl lying beneath him, begging him to fuck her over and over. And the fact that she was his own little girl just added to the raging fuck-lust that throbbed through his loins. He had been slowly coaching her for this very moment, and she was responding even more eagerly and skillfully than he had dared hope. He was so proud of his daughter.

Loni’s eyes rolled back in her head, her breathing grew even more ragged, and her body writhed more violently as her daddy rode her closer and closer to her first cock-caused orgasm.

“Ohhh, yesss!” she gasped as her pussymuscies gripped his thick, throbbing cock.

“Great, baby!” Van shouted. “Squeeze my cock hard, baby! Feels like a fist around my fucker!”

He continued to pump his prick between her bloated pussylips, feeling his juice-soaked cock gliding back and forth across her trembling cuntflesh. He knew he was going to come soon, and he could hardly wait to experience the thrill of dumping his entire load of cum up his little girl’s cunt.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, I’m coming! I’m coming so hard! Jesus, I never knew…” Loni’s words trailed off as her throat tightened and choked with lust.

She squeezed her pussymuscles and asscheeks tighter and harder as she continued to come.

“Fuck me harder, Daddy! You’re making me come and it feels so beautiful!” Loni squealed, finding her voice again.

His little girl’s obscene words and writhing movements took Van over the edge. He began to come.

“Yes! Yes! Gimme your cum!” Loni hollered at the top of her lungs as she felt the first wad of her daddy’s jism shooting into her spasming cunt.

“I can feel it, Daddy! It’s shooting into me! It feels so hot! So creamy! So thick!” she yelled in excitement.

Van shot more and more cum into his daughter’s pussy. Her pussymuscies grasped his stabbing cock and milked all the jism out of him. He continued thrusting his cum-slickened cock in and out of her cunthole until his balls were completely drained.

“Ohhh, Daddy, I’m coming again!” Loni whimpered even as the last of the man’s cum shot into her.

Waves of incestuous ecstasy washed over the youngster, making her shudder violently. She closed her eyes and saw bright flashing lights behind her eyelids as the most thrilling and intense orgasm of her life crashed through her.

“Way to go, baby,” Van said, grinning down at her as he felt her spasming pussywalls clenching his prick hard as she came.

“Ohhh, it feels sooo good! I’ve never felt anything like it, Daddy!” Loni cried, tossing her head from side to side on the pillow.

When she finished coming, Van pulled his softening cock out of her twitching pussy. She clung to him, crushing her tits against his chest.

“Ohh, Daddy, you popped my cherry for me! You gave me my very first fuck and it was fantastic! Thank you, Daddy, thank you, thank you for making me feel so good,” Loni cried as she planted little wet kisses all over her father’s face.

“Are you Daddy’s little girl?” Van asked huskily.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, and I always will be!”

In high school, Loni became the head cheerleader. She was very popular and had more requests for dates than she could handle. But she turned most of them down, only consenting to go out with a boy now and then for her father’s sake. For Van had told his daughter that it was only normal to date, and even though it caused him some jealousy, he loved her enough to want her to have a full and normal life.

“But none of those boys interest me, Daddy!” Loni said with a pout one day after an especially satisfying fuck session.

“You’ll never know for sure who interests you if don’t go out with anyone,” Van said softly, stroking his daughter’s still-trembling tits.

“All the boys I meet in school are so immature, Daddy. I don’t want them! I don’t need them! I just need you!” the girl cried.

“Now, now, honey, I know that’s how you feel and it makes my heart glad that you care that much for me. But just go out with one of those boys now and then. Humor, me, honey. You don’t have to fuck them or anything. Just date them. It’s only normal. And besides, if you don’t date now and then, your mother will get, suspicious and we don’t want her to find out our secret, do we?”

“God, no!” Loni cried, clapping one hand to her mouth in horror. For the teenager honestly didn’t know what she would do if her mother found out and put an end to her thrilling fuck sessions with her beloved daddy. He was her whole world.

“Okay, Daddy,” she said a few minutes later, “I’ll date those-those little boys, but just once in a while!”

“That’s all I’m asking, honey. Now… how would you like to be my little pet?”

Loni grinned. She knew exactly what her father meant. For over the years, the father and daughter had created several very exciting games sexual games.

In seconds, Loni was on her knees on the carpet close to the bed in the master bedroom. She was naked except for a pair of red bikini panties, and her hands were clasped behind her back, making her tits thrust out prominently. Her little tits rose and fell with her excited breathing. Her rapid breaths made her tits jiggle slightly.

Her flimsy panties were tight against her flesh. When her daddy had bought them for her, he had made sure they were a size too small. The panties were stretched tightly across her hips and they were semi-transparent. The girl’s blond bush, which was pressed flat against the panties, could easily be seen.

The panties were pulled tight at the crotch, so that they cut into her pussylips.

Completely naked, Van walked over to her. He liked the way her hair spilled down her back as she tilted her head to look up at him. Her expression was one of slavish adoration.

“My little pet,” he murmured. He caressed her glossy hair. Strands of it spilled over the teenager’s tits.

“You want my cock, don’t you, little girl?” Van whispered.

Red spots of color flared in her cheeks as she blushed. She glanced down at the floor, feeling a little embarrassed by the raw incestuous lust that pounded through her loins.

“Yes, Daddy, I want it!”

“And you’ll do whatever I say in order to get my cock, won’t you, little pet?” Van asked, his voice slurred with fuck-lust.

“Yes, Daddy! I’ll do whatever you want!” the girl responded, looking up at him again, that same adoring expression in her eyes.

“Good girl. Right now, I want you to stay there on your knees just as you are, your arms behind your back. I like the way your tits jut out,” Van said as he stroked her soft cheek.

Loni turned her head to the side so she could kiss her father’s hand. She pressed her soft lips against his fingers.

“You’re mine entirely, aren’t you, little girl?” Van asked urgently.

“Yes,” Loni said breathlessly. “I’m all yours, Daddy! No one else’s! Just yours! I’m daddy’s little girl!”

“Good girl,” Van said as he put his fingers against her mouth again. She stuck her tongue out and licked them. Van held his fingers together and pushed them into her mouth.

Loni opened her mouth wider, the corners of her mouth stretching to accommodate his fingers. She rolled her tongue over them as they filled her mouth.

As she licked and sucked her daddy’s fingers, Loni watched his cock out of the corner of her eyes. She saw it stir and she could see that his balls were heavy. His prick, long and thick, twitched hornily.

Loni wrapped her pursed lips around his fingers, which were now slick with her saliva. She bobbed her head back and forth.

“Atta girl!” Van said. His cock grew thicker and longer. It doubled its size in quick, spasming flexes, thrusting out from his hairy crotch.

His prick was so hard and stiff now, that it ached. And it throbbed heavily.

Loni’s pussy drooled with arousal as she continued to suck on her father’s fingers and as she saw his cock growing still bigger.

Moments later, Van took his fingers out of her mouth. They dripped with saliva. Then, deliberately, he took a handful of her long hair and used it to wipe her saliva off his fingers.

Loni whimpered softy and Van chuckled, knowing that his little girl loved it when he did that. She loved him using her, in any and every way.

He pulled her hair, twisting it. She moaned, her eyes and mouth widening as he yanked the hair by the roots, hurting her just enough to turn her on.

“Tell me you love it,” he muttered.

“Yes, oh, God, yes, Daddy, you know I do!” she groaned.

“Look at my cock. Look at what you’re about to take into your wet mouth, girl.”

His groin was level with her face and Loni gasped with shock and excitement as she gazed at the big cock. For it had grown even bigger and thicker in the last few seconds. It was rockhard and his sprouted out straight from his lean hips, bobbing slightly. His round balls were swollen in their sac. The fat blue veins on the sides of his stiff prick visibly throbbed.

“You know what to do, little girl,” Van said, a note of command in his voice.

Loni moved her head forward, nuzzling her daddy’s stiff cock with her entire face.

“You sexy little girl,” Van said throatily. He wrapped strands of her golden hair around his hand and pulled her head closer to him.

The teenager ran her tongue over her lips, moistening them. She puckered her lips. Her father’s prick throbbed as he gripped it below the rim of its red, swollen head, guiding it to her mouth.

With a soft moan, Loni pressed her sensuous lips against her daddy’s cock head and kissed it wetly, hornily. She made loud smooching sounds, wet and sucking sounds, as she kissed it.

Van’s asscheeks were tightly clenched. He pushed his hips forward, shoving his cockhead against his daughter’s lips.

“Open wide now, honey. Take it on into your mouth,” he commanded.

That was the command the youngster had been waiting for. She parted her lips and her daddy fed her his cockhead between them, stuffing it on into her mouth.

“Good God!” he gasped as he felt her soft lips closing around his shaft.

Loni curled her wet lips over her teeth. Her lips pressed Van’s cockshaft just below the rim of his cockhead, which now pulsed wildly in her mouth.

The horny teenager flicked her tongue against the hard cockmeat. She rubbed her tongue-tip against the trembling piss-slit, lapping up the little pearly drop of pre-cum that oozed out from it.

She tightened the grip of her lips and sucked his cockhead hard. Saliva leaked from the corners of her mouth, spilling on her chin and down onto her heaving tits.

“Goddamn, that’s great!” Van cried, caressing her head and hair roughly as she sucked his cockhead. He pushed his prick deeper into her mouth, rubbing the head of his cock against the roof of her wet mouth. It felt smooth and slippery against his meaty fuckrod and he rocked back and forth, shifting his weight from one foot to the other while he struggled to control his raging lust.

“Ummmm,” Loni moaned. She pressed the flat of her tongue up against the underside of her father’s cock. She rubbed her tongue sensuously against the heated flesh.

“Jesus Christ, girl! I sure taught you well!” Van said with a husky chuckle which immediately turned into a groan of incestuous pleasure.

Delicious, tingling sensations sizzled along the length of Van’s heated cock, spreading through his aroused body. He forced his cock even deeper into her mouth. Her pursed lips massaged his trembling fucker as it glided over then, reaching for her throat.

Loni’s little pussy was soaking wet by now, and it was throbbing. She knew that she would be coming soon, for she always came when she sucked her daddy off.

Her cheeks hollowed inward as she sucked him harder. His broad cockhead bumped into the soft tissues at the back of her throat and his long shaft twitched on her tongue. Loni swallowed hard, taking almost half of his huge cock down her throat. For long moments, she deep-throated her daddy, making him groan louder and louder with each clenching of her throatmuscles.

Van pulled his hips back, withdrawing his cock until only its knobbed head remained between his daughter’s lips. His shaft was red and pulsing. Saliva made it shine lewdly.

Loni wrapped her tongue around his smooth cockhead, sucking him hungrily. After enjoying the girl’s lashing tongue for a few minutes, Van once more thrust forward, burying his prick back down her throat.

He continued this regular rhythm as he thrust back and forth, always increasing the rate of his thrusts so that his big cock pumped in and out of her mouth faster and deeper with each plunge.

Although the red length of the man’s cockshaft now and then slid out from Loni’s puckered lips, he always kept his cockhead firmly planted inside her wet mouth. He was fucking her mouth as if it were a pussy, for that was how he thought of it. That was how Loni thought of it too. Her mouth was another hole to give her daddy pleasure — just like her pussy and asshole.

While she sucked her daddy’s cock, he pumped it back and forth, each gliding stroke over her lips and tongue increasing the thickness of his hard-on.

Van panted for breath, his chest rising and falling rapidly. He thrust so hard and deep into his daughter’s mouth that her tits jiggled violently from the sheer force of it.

Her hair whipped his tensed thighs as her head bobbed back and forth.

“I’m gonna come in a second, Loni don’t pull away when I come. Keep my cock in your mouth… swallow all my cum!”

Van knew that his daughter would not pull away when he came. She never did. She always loved swallowing down every single drop of his thick jism, and this time would be no different. But Van always gave her those same instructions, for the obscene words turned him on and never failed to take him over the edge.

He put his hands on her head and held it firmly in place as he thrust deep into her mouth. He held his prick there in the trough of her tongue, no longer thrusting. The big cock twitched lewdly on. Loni’s tongue for a moment before Van came.

“Uuuumm,” Loni moaned, knowing that the moment was at hand. Her daddy was about to reward her sucking efforts with a mouthful of his creamy cum.

She felt a surge of pressure in his big cock. Then he came. Cum jetted from his swollen cockhead, splashing against the back of Loni’s throat. She closed her eyes tightly. Her tongue and jaw muscles flexed as she gulped down the jism which spurted thickly into her clenching throat.

“Unnnhhhh, yeah,” Van groaned. He held his daughter’s head tightly against his hips with his spurting cock deep in her mouth and throat.

He shuddered and gasped as the peak of his orgasm struck him.

“Eat it all, baby! Eat your daddy’s spunk!” he roared as his cum continued to erupt from his cock in thick gushes.

Loni groaned around the thickness of her daddy’s spurting prick as she came.

Waves of incestuous pleasure washed over the girl, making her entire body shake there on the floor as she continued to swallow down every single drop of the delicious jism.

Loni’s little pussy spasmed uncontrollably and pussy juice streamed down her quaking thighs.

Finally, the stream of cum spewing from Van’s cock ebbed to a slight trickle. His eyes were glazed with ecstasy. His mouth was open, slack. He fondled his little girl’s hair, smoothing it down with fingers that trembled.

Loni’s lips were still pressed against her daddy’s cock shaft and her tongue snaked all over it.

Van put his hands on her girlish shoulders. He gazed down at her, thinking how beautiful and innocent she looked. A sheen of sweat shone on her naked flesh. Her nipples were stiff and she moaned with pleasure when the man pinched and twisted them.

Since her mouth was still wrapped around his cock, her moans vibrated along his stiff prick, giving him an added shrill.

“Good blowjob, baby,” he murmured as he pulled his cock out of her mouth. Saliva mingled with cum on his red prickshaft as it emerged from her pursed lips.

The girl’s lips were pushed outward as his cockhead came free of her mouth and thick, gooey strands of cum floated on her tongue. Loni moaned as she swallowed it down so that it joined the rest of the jism pooling all warmly and deliciously in the pit of her belly.

Her tongue darted out of her mouth, lapping up the few traces of cum on her daddy’s prick. She saw still more jism in his prick hairs and she used her fingers to scoop it up. Then she stuck her fingers into her mouth and with a throaty moan, she licked them clean.

Van’s cock was still hard and it brushed against her naked flesh as he hooked his hands under her arms and helped her up to her feet.

“Get up now, Loni,” he said.

The man gazed down at his daughter, liking the sight of her stiff-nippled tits. He moved closer to her, his hard-on being pushed upward until it was sandwiched between their bodies, jutting upwards.

His cock throbbed and Loni moaned with excitement as she felt it pulsing against her. She rested her head on her daddy’s chest and he embraced her. Her hand dropped downward, fondling and squeezing his asscheeks.

At the same time, Van moved one of his own hands down and stroked and kneaded his daughter’s asscheeks through her flimsy panties which were now stained with cuntjuice.

Van stepped slightly back from his little girl. He slipped his fingers inside the elastic waistband of her panties and tugged them down from her hips. He peeled the panties right off her body. They were moist where they had cut into her pussylips.

Her naked cuntlips looked thick and hot and wet now.

“Ohhhh, Daddy!” the girl gasped when her daddy’s middle finger pressed her pussylips and speared between them, penetrating her with one quick thrust.

His finger entered her easily. She was well lubricated by her own juices.

Her thick cunt sauce sloshed around her father’s finger when he thrust it inside her, burying it up to the knuckle.

“You’re as hot as a pistol,” Van said with a chuckle. He wiggled his finger inside her. When he pulled his finger out of her, it was glistening, with her juices. He stuck the finger in his mouth, sucked it clean, and then smacked his lips, grinning at his daughter.

“Mmm, you’re one delicious little girl, Loni,” he said.

He bent down and picked up her panties from the floor, lifting them to his face. He held them open and sniffed them deeply, inhaling the fragrant aroma of her crotch.

The smell of his little girl was thick on her panties, arousing him, making his cock jerk and quiver with renewed lust.

“Ohh, Daddy,” Loni breathed, watching her daddy’s lewd actions, “you’re making me feel so hot and horny!”

“You know what I’m gonna do to you now, don’t you, daughter dear?” Van asked with an eager grin.

Loni wordlessly nodded her head quickly, her eyes wide with excitement and desire.

The man’s prick throbbed as he pulled the blankets and sheds down to the foot of the bed. Then he pointed toward the bed.

“Get into position, Loni.”

Hanging her head submissively, as she knew her daddy wanted her to do, Loni eagerly moved to the bed, her stiff-nippled tits bobbing, her ass trembling.

She mounted the bed and got up on her knees, leaning forward from the waist, her hands still clenched behind her back. Her hair spilled out on the bed as she pressed her forehead against the mattress. Her little ass was raised high.

“You know that I have to punish you, don’t you, darling?” Van asked huskily.

“Yes, Daddy, I know! It’s okay! I want it! Do it, Daddy,” Loni squealed, thinking this was one of her favorite sexual games she often played with her daddy. “Punish meeeeeee!”

A clear drop of pre-cum oozed out of Van’s piss-slit and he swallowed hard, willing himself to control his swiftly rising lust. He always chose these times when his wife was out for a few hours for these thrilling discipline sessions with his daughter. For then they didn’t have to worry about Loni’s high-pitched screams of pleasure being overheard.

He pulled his belt off its hook in the closet and approached the bed and his daughter.

Loni lay with her head turned to one side. She was trembling with anticipation.

Van stared down at the girl, his eyes focused on her raised ass. It was round, full, and smooth.

“Ohhh, Daddy, punish me! Please punish me, Daddy!” Loni groaned as she felt her daddy’s hand on her ass. Her assflesh quivered at his touch.

“I will, darling, I will,” Van said thickly.

Loni squirmed about uncontrollably as her daddy felt and fondled her asscheeks. Her tits were pressed against the mattress, their soft, girlish flesh oozing out to the sides. He could see her little wet pussy nestled below the globes of her ass.

“Unnhh,” Loni moaned as the man’s fingertip prodded the softness of her pussylips.

He doubled the leather belt in his hand for added striking power. He let the dangling leather skin the surface of his daughter’s ass, raising goose, bumps.

Loni closed her eyes and buried her face in the mattress.

Van raised the belt and slashed it down on the girl’s naked asscheeks. The belt made a hissing sound as it cut through the air, and there was the sound of leather striking soft flesh when it struck Loni.

“Yceeoowwwww!” she gasped, sobbing with pain and joy.

Van raised his hand again and slammed the belt down on his daughter’s naked, quivering ass.

“Yesssss!” she cried, and she came.

Mercilessly, the belt fell again and again on her taut asscheeks, leaving little red welts where it landed. As the leather strap rose and fell time after time, Loni came again.

As he whipped his little girl, Van’s free hand stroked his hard cock. Finally, he put the belt down, realizing that Loni had had enough punishment for the day.

She lay flat on her belly now, her shoulders shaking from her sobs as she continued to come. Her whipped asscheeks twitched and jerked, even though the lashing had stopped.

As he looked down on his trembling daughter, a powerful lust took possession of Van and he jumped on the bed.

“Owwww, Daddy!” Loni shrieked as her father grabbed her ass, clutching one whipped asscheck in each hand.

He pulled her up on her knees and pushed her knees far apart, spreading her thighs, opening her pussy up to him.

“Ohhh, Daddy, you turned me on sooo much! And I’m still coming! Fuck me while I’m coming, Daddy! Fuck me haaard!” Loni begged. She squealed as she felt her daddy’s hot, hard cockhead prying her quivering pussylips apart.

With one swift thrust, he buried the full length of his prick inside her.

One day she met Red. The red-haired boy was crazy about Loni, and after only a couple of dates, the young girl seemed to feel the same way. The teenagers dated steady for a couple of months.

“You’re going out with Red again tonight, honey?” Van asked as he lay in bed with his daughter one night.

“Yes, Daddy! Red’s the greatest! I’m so glad you talked me into dating,” Loni said happily, hugging her father gratefully.

“I’m not so sure that was such a great idea.”

“Aw, come on, Daddy, you’re just jealous cause I like Red so much!” Loni said with a laugh as she stroked her daddy’s prick.

“No, honey, that’s not it. Oh, I admit I am a little jealous, but I expected that when you found a special guy someday. No, it’s just that I don’t think Red is right for you,” he said, recalling his dislike of the boy the first time he had met him. “I don’t think he can make you happy.”

“Oh, forget about Red for the time being, Daddy. You’re still my main man! How about you making me happy right now?”

Van gazed down at his daughter’s moist pink cuntlips. He felt his cock growing hotter and harder as he looked at Loni’s beautiful little pussy. He rammed his middle finger up her cunt-hole, moaning with lust when he felt her cuntmuscles squeezing his finger lewdly.

Loni squirmed about on the bed as she turned on more and more. She began to rub her tits as her father’s finger probed deeper into her pussyhole.

He moved his finger to her clit. He could see it twitching, poking out of its protection sheath of cuntflesh. He rubbed the nub up and down with two fingers, jerking it off as if it were a miniature cock.

“Jeesus, Daddy, that feels soooo good!” the girl cried, her entire body jerking up from the bed. “I love it!”

She glanced down and saw her father’s prick throbbing hard. She moaned.

Van’s eyes swept down the length of his daughter’s beautiful sexy body. He licked his lips as he gazed at her wet cunt, and his hand moved to grip his cock.

Loni reached down and parted her pussylips. “Please lick my little pussy, Daddy,” she purred.

“You don’t have to ask twice, baby,” he murmured.

He knelt between her legs and let his tongue slide along her juicy cuntslit. He moaned with joy, relishing the wetness and warmth of her pussy.

“Ohh, yeah, Daddy, lick my pussy!” Loni squealed.

Van gripped her young, smooth asscheeks, hauling her pussy up to his hungry mouth. He slid his tongue along her throbbing cuntflesh.

“Ahhh, that feels sooooo good, Daddy!” Loni panted. “Make me come with your mouth!”

Van moaned with fuck-lust for his little girl. She was tilting her pussy up to him in open invitation, and he was turned on beyond belief. He licked her throbbing cuntmeat with his hot, hard tongue, lapping up her juices as quickly as they oozed from her tight little fuckhole.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s fantastic, Daddy!” the youngster groaned, feeling her pussy grow wetter with each incestuous lick.

Suddenly, she threw her long, slender legs over her father’s shoulders, and she pressed her thighs hard against the sides of his face.

“Suck my pussy hard, Daddy,” she demanded hoarsely.

His daughter’s totally wanton behavior and lewd plea made Van’s cock grow harder and thicker. He held her trembling asscheeks tightly with both hands as his tongue pumped in and out of her clasping cunt.

“Yesssss!” Loni squealed, tightening her muscles around her father’s tongue.

Van felt his long cock quivering with excitement as he plunged his tongue harder and faster into the girl’s hot cunt-hole. Warm fuck-juice flowed into his mouth.

Loni raised herself up on her elbows, grinning as she stared at the lewd sight of her daddy licking her pussy.

“Suck meeee, make me come!” she begged. Van continued to thrust his tongue in and out of her tight, clenching fuckhole, arousing her to such a fever pitch that her entire body trembled with desire.

“Yesss, Daddy, eat meeee!” she gasped. “It feels soo fuckin’ good! I love it!”

Van was breathing hard and fast now, panting as he sucked his little girl’s pussy. He tilted Loni’s asscheeks up and rammed his stiffened middle finger all the way inside her asshole, sending a surge of lewd pleasure through her loins.

“Ohhh, it hurts and feels sooo good!” Loni squealed. “Finger-fuck me, Daddy! Finger-fuck my asshole while you eat my little pussy! Make me come, Daddy, make me come good and hard!”

While he fingerfucked his daughter’s tight asshole, Van continued to tonguefuck her pussy. He thrust his tongue all the way up her fuckhole until its tip struck the back wall of her pussy.

“Yessssss!” the teenager cried as she squeezed his tongue with her strong cuntmuscles.

After several minutes of tonguefucking her tight little cunt-hole, Van moved his tongue to her clit. He licked it hard, feeling it throb stiffly against his tongue.

“Suck it, Daddy! Suck my clit!” Loni cried desperately, clawing at her tits with both hands.

Van closed his lips wetly around her clit and he sucked it qil for all he was worth. He bit down gently on the little nub, making the youngster cry out with pain and pleasure.

The man expertly played with his little girl’s pussy, skillfully knowing when to tonguefuck her cunt-hole and when he should turn his attention back to her clit. Over and over again, he tonguefucked the young blonde, bringing her to the brink of orgasm. Then he slowed down, deciding that he would make her wait for the ultimate, pleasure.

“Unnhh, yeah, Daddy, keep it up! That’s the way I love it! You’re driving me crazy with your hot mouth! I love it!” the blonde cried, thrusting her ass up from the bed.

The taste of his daughter’s creamy cuntjuices, the feel of her pulsing cuntmeat around his tongue, and now the thrusting of her cunt up against his sucking mouth, all combined to make Van so horny that it was almost painful.

He had to exert single ounce of his selfcontrol not to come right then and there. But he had no intention of wasting his cum. He wanted to shoot it in his little girl’s mouth, in her asshole, and up her cunt.

Van continued to eat his daughter’s trembling pussy, holding himself back with great effort. His long, thick prick was so hard and stiff now that it stuck up from his belly, jerking and twitching with the need to come.

“Suck meeee, Daddy, ohhh, yesss, suck my pussy!” Loni cried, half out of her mind with fuck-lust.

Van kept stabbing his middle finger up her little asshole while he sucked, licked and nibbled on her creamy pussy.

Loni repeatedly tossed her head wildly from side to side in a frenzy of lust and incestuous pleasure. Her hands continued to knead her tits, pinching her turgid nips between her fingers.

“Make me come! Pleeeease, Daddy, I have to come! Now!” the girl cried desperately.

Van began to suck hard on the young girl’s aching cunt. It took only a few hard, skillful sucks before the teenager began to climax.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” she screamed, her entire body writhing lewdly on her daddy’s bed.

“Mmmfff,” Van moaned, the sound muffled by the hot cuntmeat pressed so tightly against his mouth. A flood of hot, flesh cuntjuice drenched his mouth and chin, and his prick grew still harder.

“Ohhh, yesssss, I’m coming so beautifully!” Loni whimpered, twisting and turning beneath her daddy’s sucking mouth as waves of orgasmic pleasure washed through her.

Moment later, Van raised his face from his little girl’s spasming pussy, and he grinned up at her.

“You’re beautiful, baby, you know that? Everything about you… your body… your face… your pussy… the way you come…”

“Quit talking and fuck me, Daddy! Hurry! I have to feel your huge cock up my cunt! Right now!” Loni squealed, humping her ass up from the big bed.

“I’ve got a better idea, Loni! How about if I fuck your little ass? We haven’t done that for a long time!” Van cried excitedly.

“Too long! Super idea! Come on, Daddy, bugger me real good and hard!” the horny teen cried as she quickly scrambled up on her hands and knees.

Van eagerly knelt behind his daughter and spread her asscheeks as far apart as possible licking his lips in anticipation. He stared lustfully at the girl’s puckered little asshole. With an excited groan, the man slowly inserted his thick cock between her smooth twin ass-globes and his blood-engorged cockhead pressed against her tight little asshole.

“Unnhhh, yeah, Daddy, fuck my ass!” Loni moaned.

The insistent shave of her father’s huge, throbbing prick up her tight asshole hurt like hell, as always, but also filled her with a lewd red-hot lust, giving her thrills of incestuous pleasure.

“Don’t worry, baby, I’ll fuck you all right! Good and hard! Just the way you love it!” Van growled as he grabbed her asscheeks firmly and suddenly he shoved the entire length of his pulsing prick up her shit-chute.

“Aieeeec!” she screamed as she felt his huge, throbbing cock invading the tight muscles of her tight little asshole.

Van’s balls slapped lewdly on her unturned asscheeks as he drove into her tight little hole with hard, fast cock-stabs.

Loni’s daddy glanced down, thrilling to the obscene sight of his thick, throbbing cock pulling out and shoving back into the girl’s ass all the way. He loved watching her hips wriggling in response to his driving jabs. He knew her wild movements meant that she was getting off on this ass-fucking just as much as he was, and that thrilled him to the core.

“Yeah, baby,” he grunted, “move that sexy little ass of yours! Shake it for your daddy!”

The rubbery grip of Loni’s tight asshole tugged on Van’s big prick as she wriggled harder, just for him. The pain was rapidly disappearing now, as it always did, and soon all she could feel was a hot pounding pleasure that started deep in her ass and swept all the way through her body.

“Oh, God, Daddy, it feel soooo good! You’re fucking my little ass really good!” she gasped.

Her little bunghole was sizzling hat, and she thrilled to the sensation of her daddy’s big cock surging in and out of it, over and over again. She was already longing for that moment when she would feel his scalding cum shooting up her ass.

“Jeesus, but your asshole’s sooo tight!” Van exclaimed as he watched his little girl’s trembling asscheeks when she pushed back to meet his driving cock.

“Ohhh, keep fucking my ass, Daddy, yeah, just like that!” the girl cried.

Her ass quivered violently as her father’s huge prick kept pumping in and put of her clenching asshole. His throbbing balls beat a steady tattoo against her naked asscheeks as he continued to ram into her with all his might.

“Ohhh, yeahhhhhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Loni wailed.

“Unnnhhh, ohhh, you sexy little baby!”

Van’s gleaming wet cockshaft rammed into her over and over and over again with increasing force. Ripples of sexual excitement raced through Loni’s body as she felt her daddy’s hands reaching underneath her, reaching for her cunt.

“Yessss, yesss, touch my pussy!” she begged as she felt his hands pawing at her swollen cuntlips.

Her ass muscles clutched his prick instinctively as her hips pumped back and forth. Van was sinking his huge, hard cock deep into the wetness of her slick asshole.

“Aaaaarghh, I’m gonna come in a second, baby,” Van grunted as he watched his lust-engorged prick sliding easily in and out of the teen’s moist asshole.

“Ohh, I can hardly wait, Daddy! Come! Gimme all your juice! Shoot it all right up my ass!” Loni groaned, feeling that she would never be able to get enough of her father’s cock.

Hot, spine-tingling ripples of pleasure washed through her as his throbbing prick continued to fuck her tight little ass.

“Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me hard, good and hard, fuck me, never stop fucking me until we come,” she gasped, panting hard as she shoved her ass back to meet each of her father’s cock stretching her ass walls to the breaking point was driving her half-mad. She kept wriggling her ass, shoving it back and forth as the man rode into her more deeply with each cock-stab.

“Ohhh, yeah, baby, you’re fucking back at me so good, so sexy,” Van grunted as he fingerfucked her little cunt in sync with his cock-thrusts up her asshole.

“Uhhhhh, yeah, Daddy, keep fucking my pussy with your hand. And keep fucking my ass with your cock!” Loni squealed.

Van was driving his prick harder and harder into her now, frantically fucking her with his rock-hard cock as he prepared to come.

Loni threw her head from side to side, sending her long blonde hair flying over her back. Her tits throbbed and her nipple were so hard that they hurt her now. She moaned and gasped and screamed hysterically as her father relentlessly fucked her, driving his lust-bloated prick ever deeper into the tightly clasping hole of her ravaged ass.

“You sexy little girl,” Van gasped. He felt his daughter’s tight assmuscles closing painfully but pleasurably around his cock. As the clinging walls of her ass closed erotically around his stiff prick, he began to slam his loins hard against her flaked ass. His balls swung heavily on her asscheeks as he pumped even deeper inside her.

Each time Van thrust his cock forward into his little girl’s ass, she humped backwards, impaling herself on his big, stiff prick. The girl’s pussy was oozing out its thick, warm juices in a steady flow. She moaned as she felt those juices trickling out of her bloated cuntlips and dribbling on down her thighs, falling wetly onto the sheets below.

Van’s teeth were tightly clenched together and the veins of his neck stood out from the sheer effort of fucking his little girl’s ass.

“Fucking you… is such a fucking joy!” Van gasped as he reached out and slapped his daughter hard across her trembling asscheeks, leaving a large, red handprint on her lily-white flesh.

“Come, Daddy, came! I wanna feel your cum shooting up my ass!” Loni cried, tears of pleasure streaming down her face.

“I’m almost there, baby, and then I’ll give you a load you’ll never forget,” Van cried lustfully as he rammed his cock all the way into her trembling asshole and shot his wad.

“Yesssssss!” she cried as she came with her daddy.

As the father and daughter came together, Van continued to fuck into her, his cock sloshing through her juices and his own cum.

“Ahhh, Daddy, that was wonderful,” Loni sighed happily moments later as their orgasms subsided and Van slowly pulled his softening prick out of his little girl’s drenched pussy.

“It sure was, baby, it sure was,” he said with a smile as he tenderly patted and rubbed her still-heaving tits.

Now, that their fuck was over, Van’s mind returned to Red, the young boy his daughter would be seeing that evening. He was really concerned about her. For this was the first time Loni had dated any boy more than a couple of times, and it was clear that Loni was rapidly falling in love with this red-haired youth. What concerned Van so much was his fatherly instinct that the teenaged boy was simply not right for his daughter.

Van had nothing against Red personally. But he was so young and immature. And if there was one thing Van had learned about his little girl over the years, it was just how important good, skillful sex was to her. And something about Red told Van that this young boy just couldn’t cut it in the bedroom… not good enough for Van’s highly sexed and sexually experienced daughter, anyway.

“Baby, does Red know that you’re no virgin?” Van asked, now, still stroking Loni’s tits.

“Yeah, I’ve told him, Daddy,” Loni said, shifting uneasily in her father’s embrace. She didn’t like his question. It always made her nervous when her father tried to talk to her about Red.

“And he doesn’t mind?” Van asked.

“No, not anymore. At first, he was surprised and a little put off, I suppose. But now he says these are modern times, and it’s fine with him,” Loni said.

“What about his own sexual history? How much fucking experience does he have?” Van asked.

“I don’t know. He’s never told me,” Loni said with a shrug. “Daddy, what’s this all about? All these questions…”

“Just bear with me, baby. Does Red know that you I are lovers?” Van asked.

“No! Are you kidding? I couldn’t expect him to accept that! He just knows that I’ve had a lot of sexual experience… that’s all,” Loni said, an edge to her voice now.

“Okay, baby, I just have one more question for you,” Van said, squeezing her tit-flesh.

“What’s that?” Loni asked warily.

“Has Red fucked you yet?”

“No, but that’s okay,” Loni said.

“Why is it okay? You two care a lot about each other, don’t you?” Van insisted.

“Yes, we love each other, Daddy!” Loni cried fervently.

“That’s what I thought,” Van said with a heavy sigh. He had almost said that was what he was afraid of.

“Well, what’s the big deal anyway? After all, I’ve never fucked with any of the other boys I’ve dated and you never questioned me about that! You’re the only lover I’ve ever had, Daddy, and up until now you haven’t seemed to mind that one bit!” Loni cried.

“Honey, honey, try to understand me,” Van said, thinking that this might be the most important conversation he ever had with his dear daughter. “Of course, I’ve never questioned you like this before because you’ve never been serious about a boy before Red. But my God, if you two love each other, and you’ve been seeing each other all this time, don’t you think it’s only normal that you would make love? What’s holding you back?”

“Not me!” Loni cried, tears filling her eyes now as she dropped her defenses and looked up at her daddy with a soulful expression. “I want to fuck with Red! I keep asking him about it! Butte keeps putting me off! He said he’s old-fashioned and that we should wait until we get married to fuck!”

“Oh, Loni, this is even more of a problem than I’d thought. You two are actually talking marriage?” Van asked with an ominous feeling of doom.

“Yes, Daddy, he’s asked me to marry him and I said yes!” Loni said, her face beaming with happiness.

“Oh, Loni, I’m so worried about you. I want you to be happy, but I don’t want to see you marry this boy. He can’t make you happy, I just know it. And if he won’t even fuck you until after you’re married… oh, Loni, something is very wrong here,” Van said with a frown of concern for his little girl whom he loved more than anything or anyone in the entire world.

“You’re just jealous!” Loni cried, angry with her father for trying to spoil her happiness.

“Now, Loni, you have to know that that isn’t true,” Van said calmly.

Loni looked away from her daddy’s penetrating gaze. He was right. She knew he was never jealous. He had always told her that he wanted to see her happily married. She knew deep down that he was only saying these things because he honestly believed Red was all wrong for her. But he’s wrong about that, she told herself desperately now, he has to be!

“Honey, I can’t stop you from marrying him,” Van said softly tilting his daughter’s face up with one finger to look into her tear-filled eyes. “If he’s what you really want, I wouldn’t even want to try to stop you. That would place our relationship in risk, and God knows, I wouldn’t want that! I always want you and me to be close, even after you marry and even if that means we can’t fuck each other anymore. But please, Loni, don’t do anything impulsive. Think over everything I’ve said to you. And, for God’s sake, at least don’t get married until you have sex together! You’ve got to find out if you’re sexually compatible! That’s a must, Loni, especially for a healthy, sexy little girl like you. But, Jesus, honey, you’re so young. And so is he! You’re both only in your senior year of high school. Wait awhile, honey, please,” the mart said passionately as he gathered his daughter in his arms and rocked her to and fro as if she were still a little baby who needed his protection.

Two months later, against her father’s advice, Loni married Red and the two youngsters moved into a small apartment which Red’s parents owned.

“Your mom and dad are so nice to let us live here rent-free, Red,” Loni said softly, snuggling up to her new husband on their wedding night.

“Yeah… well, they usually wouldn’t like the idea of my getting married so young, but they like you a lot! They both said you’ll be good for me.” Red said, kissing his bride gently on her forehead.

Loni sighed, wishing her father was as accepting of her marriage. Lois, Loni’s mother, seemed indifferent about it, but then she had always seemed that way about anything and everything in her life. The mother and daughter had never been close, so Loni didn’t care that much about whether her mother approved of the teenager’s marriage or not. But her daddy was a different matter. She felt closer to him than to anyone else in the world, and that included her new husband. And Loni only wished he would come around and be happy for her. He had kept her word about not trying to stop her marriage, and he was generously helping the couple out with money, but she could feel his disapproval.

I guess I’ll just have to prove him wrong, Loni thought, cuddling up closer to Red. I’ll have to show him that Red is the right man for me!

“I’m feeling really horny, Red. Don’t you think it’s time that we got it on?” Loni asked with a kiss.

“Yeah, baby, I’ve been waiting a long time to make it with you,” Red said, but Loni could hear the nervous tremor in his voice.

Loni smiled, looking forward to long moments of foreplay. She and her daddy always spent a lot of time touching and licking and sucking each other, making each other good and hot before fucking. Except for those times when the young girl was already so horny she couldn’t bear to wait. Then she told her daddy to just go ahead and fuck her with no foreplay.

But this was her first time with her new husband, and she was sure that he would want to spend a lot of time getting her ready for their very first fuck.

But Loni was wrong.

With a grunt, Red mounted his wife and, with no preamble he shoved his entire cock up her dry pussy.

“Yeeoowwww! Ohhhh, God, that hurts!” she cried.

“It shouldn’t be hurting you! You’re no virgin, Loni,” Red said, pulling his cock out and shoving it back into the girl’s aching pussy again.

“Good God, Red! You’re tearing my pussy apart!” she cried.

“Don’t talk dirty!” Red groaned as he continued to fuck his bride.

Dirty? Loni thought, feeling like laughing. He should hear the exciting way she and her daddy always talked to each other while they fucked. It was downright obscene!

The young boy groaned and grabbed both of Loni’s soft asscheeks in his hands as he continued to fuck her with hard, fast strokes.

Loni gasped with pain and frustration, wishing her husband would slow down and give her a chance to catch up with him. He was fucking her so fast that she knew he would have to come soon, and she wasn’t even turned-on yet!

But she loved her new husband, and if she couldn’t enjoy their very first fuck, at least she could try to make it good for him. And, with that generous thought in mind, Loni tightened her cuntmuscles around Red’s prick.

“Jesus, what’d you do? That felt great!” Red yelled.

Loni looked up at her husband in amazement. She was beginning to suspect that the boy was a virgin. That would certainly explain his lack of sexual prowess. She felt let down, disappointed. She had always thought of Red as being so sexy, and she knew that he loved her a great deal. So she had been sure that they would have a terrific sex life together. But now, she remembered her father’s warning and she sighed, wondering what she had let herself in for in marrying this young, unskilled boy.

“Do that thing again, honey! That thing you did to my cock!” Red demanded.

“Now who’s talking dirty?” Loni asked dryly as, once again, she tightened her cuntmuscles around the side of the boy’s cock.

His prick was huge and it filled the girl’s entire pussyhole. She knew that such a meaty tool could give her unlimited sexual pleasure if he only knew how to use it.

Well, he doesn’t know how to use it, Loni thought sadly. So it’s up tome. Maybe my own sexual skill and experience can make all the difference. Maybe I can make it good for myself!

At that point, the young girl began to lift her little ass up from the bed and hump her pussy up against Red’s cock, hoping to turn herself on in a way that he couldn’t.

Red panted hard with excitement as his wife began to respond to his unschooled fucking movements. And he groaned continually as he felt her clenching and unclenching her pussymuscles around his bursting cock.

As Loni continued to shove her cunt up to meet her husband’s down-thrusting prick, she began to feel herself turning on just a bit. The longer they fucked, and the more that Loni fucked back at the young boy, the hotter her pussy got. Soon it was drooling with her aroused juices, and for the first time, she was really beginning to enjoy fucking with her husband.

Hey, this ain’t so bad after all, she thought, with a grin up at the boy she loved so much.

“Fuck meeeee!” she cried, really getting into the mood now.

“Please, darling, I hate to hear such filth coming from your sweet little mouth.”

His remark was like a bucket of ice water on Loni’s emotions. She turned off at once, again thinking about her father and how he had been right after all when he had warned her that Red would not be able to satisfy her sexually.

She lay there passively for a few moments while Red continued to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy, seemingly unaware that anything was wrong.

But then as Loni felt his big prick moving in and out of her little pussy, she began to turn on again in spite of herself. And again she began to hump her crotch up against Red’s, thrilling to the lewdly exciting sensation of his long fat cock fully impaling her, filling every nook and cranny of her cunt with its hard hot fuckmeat.

“Unnhhh, that’s good,” she sighed, afraid to say any of the other sexy things she was thinking, afraid that her husband would brand them as “dirty”.

Red reached out and gripped his wife’s tit, one in each hand, squeezing the mounds hard, and making Loni, moan with ecstasy.

Each time he fucked into her, she raised her ass, thrusting her hips forward and swinging them in slow, sensuous circles. Her slippery little cunt sucked at his cock and he threw his head back and groaned loudly, his face flushed a dark red now.

He pistoned his prick faster and harder and deeper into his wife’s pussy. Her cunt felt as if it were on fire as it sucked at his prick, milking it for its load of creamy cum.

Loni tossed her ass about in a feverish fucklust. Red grinned, sure that he was giving his bride the best fuck of her life. He held her firm asscheeks again, using them for leverage as he lunged forward as hard as he could. Then he pulled his cock almost all the way put and plunged it into her deeply again. Each time he thrust into her, Loni felt his hard prick rubbing against her cuntwalls, making her tremble with desire in spite of his clumsy style of lovemaking.

She shoved her crotch up hard to meet his prick. She ground her pussy obscenely against the base of his cock, moaning with arousal.

She knew that he would be coming soon, and she only hoped that she would come with him. She longed to come. Her entire body was crying out for the release that only an orgasm could give her. And she was sure that if they could come together during this very first fuck, she would feel much better about her husband and their chance to be happy together. Their coming together would serve as sort of a good amen at the start of their married life together.

“Kiss me, honey, please,” she moaned, raising her face.

Red lowered his head and planted a wet, sloppy kiss on his wife’s mouth. Then he raised his head and once more lost himself in his hard fucking movements.

“Gee, thanks,” Loni said sarcastically, hoping that Red would ask her what was wrong. But he seemed oblivious of her words or their tone. All he seemed aware of was fucking her hard until he came. He was totally self-obsessed, not knowing enough to be concerned about her pleasure or the lack of it.

Sven though Red had never fucked anyone before, he was sure that his new wife was impressed with his technique. He mistakenly thought that the harder and faster a fuck was, the better it was. And he was fucking her hard and fast, that was for sure.

The young boy was feeding so hot now that he knew he would come any second. It would feel so good to shoot his entire load of jism right up his beautiful wife’s sexy little pussy. He groaned, thinking about it. Up until now, he had shot his load only into his own hands, or into a handkerchief. Now, at last, he would know the thrill of dumping his spunk into a tight pussy. And he was sure that that was all that Loni needed, too, to feel completely satisfied sexually.

While Red and Loni had been dating all those months, the young girl had often begged him to fuck her. But he had always turned her down, saying that he was old-fashioned enough to believe that sex belonged in marriage. But that had not been entirely true. The main reason that Red had refused to fuck the beautiful girl in spite of his lust for her was because he was afraid he would not be able to fuck her well enough to satisfy her. And if he could not sexually satisfy her, he was afraid he would lose her. He could not risk that. For, he loved the young girl more than he had ever loved anyone in his entire life. And he wanted her bound to him in marriage before letting her see just how inexperienced he was sexually. But now, as he continued to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy with hard, deep strokes, he told himself that he had been worrying needlessly, that he was fucking Loni just fine.

Loni’s cunt poured out rivers of pussyjuice which streamed over the length of her husband’s cock. She swung her hips furiously, trying to capture every inch of his prick to the hilt. She was bruising her pussyflesh brutally as she savagely fucked her cunt on Red’s prick, straining for the orgasm she needed so desperately. She felt as if she were right on the brink of a powerful orgasm, but she just needed a few more minutes, a little more fucking, to make her come.

“Ohhhhh, it’s soooo good,” she sighed.

She wriggled her tight cunt on her husband’s pumping prick. She wanted to beg him to make her come, but she was afraid that he would scold her for talking “dirty” and, even worse, she was afraid that he would not know how to make her come.

She squirmed her hot cunt on the boy’s stroking cock. She was at a peak of a sexual fever now, and her naked ass bounced wantonly in Red’s clutching hands.

“This is it, baby! Enjoy!” Red cried suddenly as his hot cum spattered thickly into Loni’s cunt.

“Ohhhh, Red!” Loni squealed excitedly, enjoying the feel of his cum gushing into her, and sure that now she would come, too. All she needed were a few more hard cock-thrusts and she would have her own much-needed climax.

But it was not to be. For the instant that Red finished coming, he pulled his wet prick out of Loni’s cunt and collapsed on top of her with a satisfied sigh.

“Now… wasn’t that the greatest, honey?” he asked.

“Yeah, sure, the greatest,” Loni lied and long after her husband lay sleeping next to her, the young girl feverishly finger-fucked her pussy, giving herself the orgasm that Red could not.

Oh, Daddy, I need you so much! she thought to herself, tears filling her eyes as she finally came.

For long months, life went on in this way for Loni. Red seemed to think that fucking should occur only at night, in bed, and Loni was just as glad. For more and more she was coming to dread those unsatisfying sessions when the young boy would simply fuck her hard and fast until he came, leaving her high and dry each time.

The only orgasms Loni had had since she had gotten married were those she had given to herself with her own hand. She was becoming more and more frustrated, and she was alarmed to notice that her unhappiness with their sex life was spilling over into all other areas of their life together as well.

While the young couple had gotten along quite well at first, now Loni had turned shrewish and snappish, and Red had begun to snap right back at her, without realizing what was really bothering his young wife.

These days found Loni as concerned about her marriage itself as she was about her unhappy sex life. For she could feel herself drifting farther and farther away from Red, and it frightened her. She still loved her husband very much, and could not bear the thought of losing him.

Although Loni frequently visited her mother and father, with Red often accompanying her, the young girl always made it a point to wear a mask of false happiness so her parents would not guess just how miserable their daughter really was.

But now and then, as Loni saw her fathers penetrating glances, she had the disquieting idea that he knew. That somehow he could see inside her in a way no one else could, and that he was fully aware of just how right he had been when he had tried to warn Loni against marrying Red.

One day, after an especially frustrating fuck session with Red the night before, Loni lay sprawled nakedly in bed, idly fingering her little pussy to orgasm after orgasm. She was so unhappy these days, and she had thought about divorce more than once. The only pleasure in her life these days came from the orgasms she gave herself, but even those paled when compared to the kind of loving and fucking she needed from a man.

Just as she was about to come again, there was a knock on the front door.

“Shit! Great timing!” Loni said sourly.

And, sure that it was her husband coming back for something he had forgotten as he often did, she didn’t bother to throw her robe on. She opened the front door, her naked body fully exposed and kept her eyes downcast, not wanting to see the disapproval she always saw in her husband’s eyes whenever she was naked and it was not nighttime and she was not in bed.

“What did you forget this time, bozo?” she asked as she stood there nakedly in the open doorway. “And couldn’t you have used your key?”

“Hello, darling,” came her father’s familiar voice.

“Daddy!” she squealed, shocked to see her father standing there.

In all the months since her marriage, he had visited her only when invited, usually for dinner, and then always with her mother. This was the first time Loni had been alone with her father since her marriage, and her naked body trembled with desire as her eyes swept over his handsome, muscular frame.

“Yes, baby, it’s your daddy,” Van said, holding his arms open wide.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m so happy to see you!” Loni said, her defenses crumbling as she rushed into his arms.

Father and daughter embraced for long moments, holding onto each other tightly as Loni sobbed, finally venting all of her frustration and unhappiness.

“What is it, baby?” Van asked gently as his daughter’s sobs finally stopped.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m so miserable!”

“I figured that much… each time I see you, you seem more unhappy. I swear, I fed like killing Red for making you feel this way,” Van spat out angrily…

He waited for his daughter to spring to her husband’s defense, and when she didn’t, he knew once and for all that he had been right about the young boy.

“It is his fault, isn’t it?” he asked, closing the door and leading his little girl into the bedroom.

“Y-yes, it is, Daddy! You were so right about him! I only wish I had listened to you! He’s just no damn good in bed!” Loni said, fresh tears springing to her eyes.

“Oh, baby, I’m so sorry. This is one time when I wanted very much to be wrong. I only wanted you to be happy.”

Loni and Van sank down on the edge of the bed and embraced once again.

“I know, Daddy, I know,” she sighed. “Just how bad are things between the two of you?” Van asked, tenderly stroking his daughter’s face.

“Real bad! We hardly even talk to each other anymore! And when we do, we always end up fighting! It’s terrible, Daddy! But no matter how bad things are between us, Red still fucks me every night and when he’s finished, I’m not! And then I’m angrier than ever at him and things just get all the worse between us and oh, Daddy, I’ve even been thinking about getting a divorce!”

“Whew! That bad, huh?” Van said thoughtfully.

For a few minutes, the father and daughter sat there silently, locked in an embrace that Loni had missed during all these long and lonely months. Then Van kissed her lightly on the top of her head and smiled slightly.

“Tell me, honey, if you were being satisfied sexually, do you think you would stop thinking about divorce?” Van asked.

“Well, sure, Daddy, that would make all the difference in the world! After all, sex is really our only problem but it’s a big one!” she said with a frown, looking up into her daddy’s eyes.

“I know, honey. Well, listen, I’ve been missing you like crazy since you got married. I’ve been missing all those hot fucks we used to have…”

“Oh, me, too, Daddy! You have no idea!” Loni cried with a heavy sigh.

“… so I was thinking. Why don’t you let me take care of you sexually? Red doesn’t have to know about it. That way, you’ll be happy again, and maybe you can stay married to your husband, honey. What do you think?” Van asked, his cock already growing hard as he thought about driving it into his little girl’s hot, tight cunt.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, that’s a super idea!” the teenager squealed, eagerly clapping her hands together.

“It may not take care of your problem, however. I mean, eventually you’re going to have to confront your husband about his problem if you want to stay married to him. But, for now, it might be a way to take care of things and it would be so great to fuck you again, baby,” Van said huskily.

“Oh, yeah, Daddy, fuck me! I just have to feel your big cock in my pussy again! It would be so great!” Loni cried, her little pussy beginning to throb and drool now ma way it never did in response to Red’s clumsy attempts to arouse her.

Van stood up by the side of the bed and, while smiling lovingly down at his little girl, he undressed. He enjoyed the way Loni’s widened eyes seemed to caress his naked flesh, finally lingering on his big hard-on.

“Ohhh, Daddy, you’re hard already!” she squealed, knowing she didn’t have to worry about her daddy screwing her until he came, and leaving her needing an orgasm she would never have.

Van shook his head at his daughter’s beauty as she lay back on the bed. Here she was, a young married woman, turning to her father for the sexual pleasure her own husband could not give her. He felt a surge of pride in knowing that he was the only one who could give her what she needed.

Loni smiled up at her father, spreading her legs for the only cock in the world that could satisfy her now.

“Come on, Daddy, don’t make me wait!” she begged as she scooped up her small tits in both hands and held them up to him like some sort of sexual offering.

Van groaned and sank down on the bed next to his little girl, covering one of her tits with his greedily sucking mouth, licking her pink, stiff nip with his tongue, grazing it with the edges of his teeth.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Daddy,” Loni moaned, already turning on powerfully.

As he sucked and licked her tits, he rammed two fingers into her hot pussy.

“Ohhh, fingerfuck me, Daddy, that feels soooo good!” the girl yelled, bucking her hips up toward her daddy’s fucking fingers.

At the same time, she ran her hands over his bursting cock and balls, thrilling to the enormous size of his cock. It had been so long since this gorgeous prick had been inside her, and she could hardly wait to experience that thrill again.

Van continued to fingerfuck his sexy little girl, feeling her hot juices pouting out over his hand as she stroked his aching prick.

Loni groaned with desire and clasped her father’s fingers with her strong cuntmuscles. Then she released her hold, allowing him to slip his fingers from her cunthole. Then he rammed them back into her and she clenched her pussymuscles around them. Over and over, Van fingerfucked Loni while she squeezed and stroked his big, hard cock.

Just seconds later, Loni felt the beginnings of a huge orgasm and she bucked her hips up violently against her daddy’s fucking hand.

“Ohhh, Daddy, I’m commmiiinnnggg!” she screamed, throwing her head back in ecstasy as a gigantic climax thundered through her pussy, making her entire body vibrate with pleasure and incestuous passion.

As she came, Loni’s hand pumped faster on her father’s prick until he pulled it out of her grasp. He didn’t want to come until he was deeply buried inside his daughter’s pussy.

As Loni writhed and twisted on the bed, still in the throes of her orgasm, her father continued to fingerfuck her furiously while he sucked hard on her tits, moving his head from one to the other and back again, tonguing and licking the hard nips, now flushed from her climax.

“Ohhh, God, Daddy, I’m still commmmmiiiiinnnnnggggg!” she screamed.

As she came, Loni thought how strange it was that her daddy’s fingers were able to give her a much more thrilling orgasm than her own hand was able to give her.

Suddenly, Van removed his fingers from her pussy and took his mouth from her tits. Then, he settled his face between her creamy thighs and nuzzled her wet pussy.

“Ohhh, yessss,” the teenager wailed as she felt her daddy’s hot breath on her puffy cuntlips. “Eat meeeee! Eat my pussy!”

Van moaned and licked the full length of the girl’s cuntlips before he spread them wide and stabbed his tongue inside. As the horny teen groaned in passion, still spasming with orgasm, Van reached underneath her and grasped her firm asscheeks, shoving her cunt up toward his hungry mouth.

He expertly found her little clit at once and he sucked it hard as it jerked in orgasm.

“Ohhh, holy shit, Daddy! Eat my pussy!” Loni cried.

Van flicked his tongue hard and fast against his daughter’s twitching clit as her fuckjuices poured from her cunt-hole and ran wetly into his mouth. He swallowed them thirstily, loving the taste of her tangy juice.

It had been so long since he had eaten his little girl’s pussy. And Van had thought that he might never get a taste of her pussyjuice again. But now here he was with his face buried in her crotch, drinking down every delicious drop of her tangy cunt sauce, and he couldn’t have been happier. And what was even better was, the man’s knowledge that he was making her happy, as well.

“Ohhhh, God, God, God!” Loni groaned. She squirmed and twisted from side to side, her little tits bouncing around on her chest as she came again and again. She had been afraid that she would never feel her daddy’s mouth on her cunt again, and she was thrilled that he was sucking her to orgasm after orgasm.

It felt so damn good. He was such an expert lover. He knew just how to drive her mad with lust for him, and she knew that he would be just as skilled in using his huge cock once he started fucking her.

She raised her legs up high in the air and wrapped them around the back of his neck, holding him there as he sucked her juices out of her pussy as rapidly as she could give them to him.

Loni arched her body sharply and her ass flew up off the bed as her daddy lapped at her pussy, making wet, slurping sounds that filled the room, charging the sexual atmosphere even more intensely.

Finally, the twitching movement of her clit began to subside, and Van knew that her orgasms were ending. He took his juice-soaked mouth from her pussy and looked at her flushed and smiling face. This was the happiest he had seen the girl since she had gotten married.

“Ohhh, fuck me now, Daddy, I’m ready!” she cried, feeling intoxicated with lust and pleasure. If only Red knew how to get her this hot and wet before fucking her…

Without missing a beat, Van grabbed hold of his throbbing cock and guided it to the entrance of his daughter’s gorgeous, pulsating pussy.

“Yesssss, Daddy, yesss, fuck me, fuck me good and hard, just the way you always used to! Pleeease hurry, Daddy, I can’t wait!” she whimpered, tossing her head from side to side in a frenzy of longing for her father’s huge prick.

“Don’t worry, baby, I’ve been so horny for your little cunt… I can’t wait to fuck you either! I’ll give you just the kind of hard fucking you like the best!” he groaned.

Loni gasped with excitement at her daddy’s words. She hadn’t heard such dirty talk since she got married, and now she realized just how much she had missed it.

She reached down and put her small, soft hands on her father’s broad, strong shoulders to stop him for a minute.

“What is it, baby?” Van asked with a grin. “Let me… Daddy, let me do it… let me put your cock inside my pussy,” she said breathlessly.

“You got it, baby, go for it,” Van said, thrilled by his little girl’s suggestion.

Loni moved her hands down to her daddy’s hairy crotch and grasped the root of his big cock.

“Ohhh, baby, do it, put daddy’s cock in your pussy,” Van said with a moan.

Making little mewling sounds between her parted lips, Loni eagerly slid her father’s hard prick between her gaping pussylips, shoving it farther and farther inside her. Van pushed forward gently with his hips, helping his daughter to fully impale her pussy on his long, thick fuckrod.

“There’s just a little bit left to go. You do it now, Daddy. I want to feel you fucking it all the way inside me!” she cried, tears of lust springing to her eyes.

Van grinned. He liked his daughter’s style. He leaned back as far as possible without dislodging his cock. Then, with one mighty shove, he thrust the entire length of his prick into her to the hilt, not stopping until his prick hairs were grinding against her pussyfur and his balls were against her ass-crack.

“Wheeeee!” Loni screamed loudly as she felt the exquisite, mind blowing pleasure that had been denied her for too long.

Her pussy was completely stuffed with her daddy’s hard cockmeat. It pushed hard against the side of her cunt, stretching her pussywalls to the breaking point. Bolts of fiery ecstasy tore through her. At last! she thought excitedly. At long last she had what her marriage had not been able to give her… a skillfully fucking cock filling her pussy.

“You like this?” Van asked with a grin.

“Mmm, yeah, Daddy, you’re the best! This is what I’ve been needing all these months! Fuck me hard now, Daddy!” she sobbed.

Van reared back and let all but the tip of his cock slip out of Loni’s cunt. Then he lunged into her again.

“Yesssss!” she screeched as she felt the head of her father’s prick bouncing off the back of her cunt.

She sucked in her breath sharply. She wanted this wonderful, satisfying fuck session with her daddy to go on forever, but she needed to come again, too. And she needed to feel her dear daddy’s cum filling up her pussy. It had been so long since she had known that joy.

Again, Van pulled his cock almost all the way out of his little girl’s pussy and then plunged it into her again. Over and over again, he repeated his cock-thrusting movements. Time and time again, he reamed out her pussy with slow, steady strokes.

Actually, the titan’s fucking thrusts were not so different from Red’s. But there were other vast differences in their fucking styles. For one thing, unlike Red, Van had seduced his daughter instead of just shoving his cock into her with no foreplay. He had kissed her, petted her, fingerfucked her, and then eaten her out, all before beginning to fuck her. And for, another thing, while he fucked her, he talked to her and kissed her and played with her tits. When Red fucked Loni, he felt as if it were an act he were doing completely alone, and that all he needed from her was her pussy. But it was not that way with her daddy who needed, her kisses and her loving “dirty” words.

“Ohhh, yessss, Daddy, you’re fucking me sooo good! Keep it up, Daddy! Don’t stop fucking me! Fuck my little pussy with that great big cock of yours! Fuck meeeeeee,” she wailed, half out of her young mind with lust for her daddy’s massive prick and for the expert way he fucked her with it.

She raised her legs in the air again and slammed her crotch up against her daddy’s as he drove his prick into her buttery hot cunt, over and over again.

Thrilled beyond belief, Loni grabbed hold of her father’s upper arms and shoulders, trying to capture more of his prick as she continued to thrust her pussy upwards, matching him fuck-stroke for fuck-stroke. Father and daughter were fucking together slowly, rhythmically, like a well-oiled fucking machine.

Loni raised her head up and mashed her mouth against her father’s, sliding her tongue into his mouth, sucking hard on his tongue, nibbling on its edges.

“Mmmm,” he moaned in ecstasy.

She pulled her head free from his and tossed it from side to side, feeling her orgasm building.

“Unnhh, yesss, Daddy, yesss,” she chanted over and over as he continued to slam the full length of his turgid prick up her small, tight cunt-hole.

“Ohhh, baby, you’re the greatest little lay in the world! Your little pussy is so Goddamned tight! God, I’ve missed fucking you!” Van yelled, feeling his balls tightening up against the base of his cock.

“Daddy, I’ve been needing this fuck for so long now! You’re the dearest daddy in the whole world. I love you woo much, Daddy!” she cried tearfully and then she gasped, starting to come.

Van felt his daughter’s pussy spasming wildly against the sides of his cock and he knew she was coming. He grinned down at her, fucking her even harder now.

“Come, baby, come hard for your daddy! Then I’ll reward you with a big load of cream!” he said lewdly.

Her daddy’s obscene words intensified the orgasm that was pounding through Loni’s loins now.

“Ohhhh, commmiiinnnggg, Daddy, I’m coming hard… just for you!” she gasped, clenching her teeth tightly together as a large gusher of hot cuntjuice poured from her fuckhole, soaking her father’s thrusting cock.

“Unnnhhh, yeah, baby, yeah, that’s a great one! I can feel your little bunt shaking all over the fucking place! Jeeesus, feeling you coming like this is… making me… commmmmiiiiinnnnnggggg!” Van shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Ooooh, goody, Daddy, shoot your whole load inside me! I have to feel all of your hot cum filling me all up!” Loni squealed, grasping her daddy’s asscheeks and trying to pull him even deeper inside her.

Van’s prick made loud slurping sounds as he continued to dig into his little girl’s cunt which closed itself around his cock like a vise.

Intense spasms of orgasm shook the teenager, making her body thrash violently on the bed as she finally felt a huge, hot spurt of cum splash into her cunt-hole.

“Ohhh, I can feel you coming inside me, Daddy!”

Van grinned down at his daughter, taking as much pleasure in her ecstasy as he did in his own. He continued to come, wad after wad of thick, creamy spunk shooting from his jerking cock and splashing wetly against the girl’s cuntwalls, making her moan with sheer unbridled incestuous pleasure.

Just when Loni felt her orgasm subsiding, another one took its place, and still another until the wailing teenager was happily lost in the throes of a long chain of climaxes, all of them blending together.

Van had finished coming, but he could feel his daughter’s cunt still orgasming against the sides of his cock and he remained inside her, stroking her tits and kissing her tenderly as she continued to come.

He knew that his little girl had been sexually frustrated for so long that it was as though there were a long series of pent-up orgasms which had just been awaiting release. And now those orgasms were shooting through her, making her body writhe and shudder.

“Ohhh, Daddy, that was soooo good,” Loni sighed happily when finally the last of her orgasms pounded through her. She felt her daddy’s still-hard prick deep inside her cunt and she moaned with renewed passion. “Can we fuck again, Daddy? Right now?”

Van laughed with delight. What had he ever done to deserve such a beautiful, sexy little girl?

“You got it, baby!” he said eagerly as he began to fuck her again, knowing that he was helping to save his daughter’s marriage.

Week after week, on an almost daily basis, Van visited his daughter during the day when Red was at work. They fucked each other for hours on end, in every imaginable position.

Loni was happier than she had been since before marrying Red, and the irony was that the happier her daddy made her with his expert fucking technique, the unhappier Loni felt with her husband.

Sex with Red was still terrible for Loni. But now it was much more bearable far her and her daddy was making her feel so content these days that she no longer felt the anger and resentment toward her husband which had been coming between the two youngsters and threatening to destroy their marriage.

“Things are a lot better between Red and me now, Daddy,” Loni murmured lazily one day as she lay in her bed with her daddy.

“I’m glad, honey,” Van said, stoking the girl’s little tits. “But I take it sex is still a drag.”

“Yeah, I’ll say! But that’s okay, Daddy. I mean, as long as you keep me happy with this great big gorgeous cock of yours… mmmm, it’s such a fantastic prick!” Loni ran her hand up and down the length of her father’s hard-on.

“How about a tit-fuck, honey?” Van asked thickly, gazing lustily down at his little girl’s ripe tits.

“Oh, I’d love it, Daddy!” Loni cooed as she scooped her tits up in her hands and waited for her father to put his cock between them.

“Good girl,” Van murmured as he quickly straddled her just below her tits. Loni stared down at his red, blue-veined cockshaft and licked her lips impatiently.

Years ago, when Van had first asked his daughter to fuck his cock with her tits, she had been afraid that they were too small to do the job. But her daddy had taught her that the size was not important. It’s what you do with your tits that’s important, Van had assured his little girl. And, sure enough, since that time, Van and Loni had enjoyed many, many tit-fucks.

Now Loni grinned, loving the look of lust she saw in her father’s eyes as he gazed down at her. She saw his huge, throbbing cock lying between her girlish tits. And as she looked at it, it twitched and jerked impatiently.

She grinned again and eagerly sandwiched her daddy’s prick between her tit-mounds.

“Now, give your daddy a good tit-fuck, like you always to!” Van commanded, humping his ass off her chest.

“Ohhh, yessss, Daddy,” she purred.

And with that, Loni slowly began to tit-fuck her father, rubbing her tits against his hard prick, the friction causing his cock to jerk and pulse even harder.

“Oh, yeah, baby, you got it! Faster, Loni, rub my prick harder and faster with your little tits!” the man growled.

Loni giggled delightedly. She rubbed her tits faster and harder against his gigantic cock, feeling her little cunt growing hotter and wetter with each tit-fucking stroke.

Van groaned and began to move back and forth on top of his daughter as he felt his cum building. He loved the feel of the teenager’s tits on both sides of his cock, rubbing away frantically, faster and harder.

He glanced down at her lust-contorted face and grinned, enjoying the way her eyes glazed over with incestuous desire. Her tongue was sticking out of her slack mouth and saliva drooled from its corners.

He stared at her hard, pink nipples, engorged with lust, and he felt his balls screw themselves tightly as he prepared to come.

“Go, baby, go!” he shouted. “I’m gonna pop! Keep it up!”

“Ohhh, Daddy, I love the feel of your big hard cock against my tits!” Loni moaned.

She rubbed her tits faster and faster against her daddy’s cock, watching in fascination as it bobbed and jerked between her jiggling mounds of tit-flesh.

“Ohhh, yeah, baby, yeah!” Van cried. “Ahhhh, shiiiit, I’m gonna… commmmmniiluinnnnnggggg!”

“Unnh, yeah, Daddy, shoot it into my mouth! I wanna eat your cum! Shoot it all into my mouth, Daddy!” Loni cried excitedly, still rubbing her daddy’s prick between her tit-jugs.

She eagerly opened her mouth, waiting for her father to shoot his cum into her hungry opening. She always loved swallowing her daddy’s fizz. She adored the thick, tangy taste and she always felt as if it were her reward for a job well done.

She rubbed faster and faster, trying to make him come. Meanwhile, her cunt was pouring out its thick, hot juices, making her hornier by the second.

Van began to come. A huge, hot load of cum shot straight out of his cum-slit into his little girl’s wide-open mouth. Loni swallowed it quickly, then opened her mouth again for the next creamy load. She continued to swallow and open her mouth again as her father pumped an enormous amount of hot jizz down her throat. She could not quite keep up with him and his jism began to spill out from her lips, splashing wetly down onto her tits as his orgasm ended.

“Ohhh, Daddy, I’m commmiiinnnggg!” Loni cried as she swallowed the last of her daddy’s cum. She grasped his slick cock and rubbed its cum-coated head all over her face as her orgasm crashed through her, leaving her little pussy twitching with pleasure.

“Oh, Daddy, that was good!” she sighed, still hugging his prick to her face.

“That’s for sure!” Van said with a husky chuckle. “And look… my cock’s still hard!”

“So I noticed,” Loni said with an exaggerated leer, and they both laughed.

Suddenly, the teenager closed her hungry mouth over the head of her father’s big prick.

“Jeesus, Loni!” Van cried with a moan, feeling his prick growing harder and thicker as he felt his daughter’s warm, wet mouth beginning to suck on it.

The beautiful blonde squeezed her father’s prick, running her fingers up and down its full length, feeling it harden and swell beneath her incestuous touch. She wriggled lustily on the bed as she squeezed his cock, feeling her juices flowing more thickly. She was getting hotter and hornier by the second, and she couldn’t wait to make him come… again.

She moved her hands to his balls and gently stroked them, feeling a fresh load of cum already churning, getting ready to explode into her mouth.

The teenager’s hot, wet mouth sucked her daddy’s throbbing prick, taking great pleasure in the knowledge that, as always, she was arousing him beyond belief. She sucked hard and slowly, feeling the heat from his prick filling her mouth. The tantalizing aroma of male musk rose to her nostrils and she closed her eyes, moaning with pleasure as she sucked harder.

“Abhhh, yesss, Loni, suck me! Suck your daddy’s cock! Suck hard, little girl! Make me come in your mouth, you sexy little girl!” Van humped his ass off Loni’s chest.

As she continued to suck his hard, thick prick, Van fucked her mouth with his cock, shoving it in deeper and harder with each thrust. He thrust his hips up toward her eagerly sucking mouth.

Loni pulled her head back and licked her father’s silken cock-knob, tasting the drops of white cum that oozed from his twitching cumslit. She lapped it up eagerly, loving the taste and the exciting knowledge that it was her very own daddy’s jism which she was swallowing. The forbidden nature of this act, like all the others she performed with her loving daddy, just made it seem all the more thrilling.

Loni closed her lips tightly around Van’s blue-veined shaft. She pressed her hot tongue against the swollen cock-head and she could feel it throbbing harder and harder, and swelling thicker and fatter as it filled her entire mouth.

“Unnhhh, Loni!” Van cried. “Suck me hard, baby, suck me until I dump my whole load into that sexy little mouth of yours!”

“Mmmffff,” Loni moaned. She sucked in her cheeks, increasing the suction down her throat as she worked on her daddy’s throbbing prick.

She heard the sound of her own wet lips sliding over Van’s pulsating prick and she turned on incredibly, feeling her hot cunt-juice completely filling up her pussy and beginning to trickle down her legs.

“Yeah, baby, that’s great! Fantastic! Suck it hard, Loni!” Van groaned.

The youngster was sucking her daddy’s cock so hard and deeply that her nose was buried in the bed of curly prick hairs. She could feel his cock-knob against her tonsils. She moaned throatily as she licked and sucked the full length of the trembling fucker.

She concentrated on tightening her strong throat-muscles around her father’s prick, tightening, then loosening, tightening, then loosening, expertly deep-throating her daddy.

“Ahhh, baby, you’re sucking me so hard and so good, I’m gonna come soon!” Van moaned, still bucking his ass up off her chest, feeding more and more of his big cock down his little girl’s throat.

Loni closed her fist around the base of her father’s cock, and tugged more of his prick down her throat, sucking just as hard as she could.

“Keep up, baby! Keep sucking my prick, you sexy little slut! I’m gonna come! Ahhhh, commmiiinnnggg!” Van yelled at the top of his lungs.

Van’s cock swelled to absolute stiffness, pulsating strongly down his little girl’s throat. Finally, the hot, thick goo burst from the tip of his twitching fuck-knob. Gushers of hot cum squirted quickly from Van’s burning prick, pumping into Loni’s throat and or down into her belly.

Again, she was unable to swallow it all even though she desperately wanted to. Thick, white cream burbled out her lips and ran obscenely down her chin.

“Oh, yeah, baby, you’re the greatest,” Van murmured as he pulled his softening prick out of her mouth.

Loni shivered with desire as she realized that she badly needed to come usually, she came when sucking her daddy off, but for some unknown reason, this time she had not. Her cunt was a dripping, sopping mass of pussyjuice, and her nipples were rock-hard, aching with lust for her father.

“Suck my tits, Daddy!” she cried, unable to contain her desire and glad that, at least with her beloved father, she did not have to.

Van grinned with delight and lay down next to his daughter. He sucked her little tits into his wet mouth, first one, then the other. He sucked and tongued the rigid, stiff nips, using his teeth to nibble around the edges.

Loni started to fingerfuck herself, but suddenly, Van pushed her hand away from her trembling crotch, searching for her clit. Her pussy quivered and twitched with pleasure from her daddy’s rapidly moving finger.

“Ohhh, that feels so good, Daddy!” she squealed.

As the man frngerfucked her, he continued to suck on her flushed tits, licking and biting them again and again until she moaned with incestuous lust. She tossed her head from side to side on the bed, murmuring “Daddy, sweet Daddy,” over and over again.

Loni’s hot pussyjuice was flowing freely, increasing as she heard the erotic, squishy sounds of her father’s finger moving over her stiff, blood-engorged clit. She began to move her hips, thrusting her crotch up against Van’s hand.

Suddenly, he slid his finger all the way up into Loni’s tight, slick pussyhole. She spread her legs as wide apart as she could, allowing her father to slip his finger all the way into her fuckhole.

“Wow, baby, I can never get over how tight you little pussy is! You’ve got the tightest little cunt I’ve ever seen… or felt! And it’s grabbing my finger like it doesn’t wanna let go!” Van said with a husky chuckle.

“It doesn’t want to let go, Daddy!” Loni giggled. “Not until you make me come!”

Her entire body twisted and squirmed on the bed. She slid her hands under her own asscheeks and lifted her cunt up off the bed while her daddy continued to suck her tits and fingerfuck her wet cunt. Her pussymuscles closed tightly around his finger, milking it as if it were a miniature cock.

Just as she was about to come, Loni felt her father’s hand leaving her pussy, and she groaned in disappointment. But what happened in the next instant sent her mind spinning with joy… her daddy closed his mouth over her cunt.

“Aaaarghhhhh, yessss, Daddy, suck my pussy? Make me come with your mouth! Suck meeeeee,” she wailed.

Loni moved her hips up and down and around in little circles, fucking her father’s mouth with her hot cunt.

Van licked and sucked, smacking his lips with erotic pleasure as his little girl’s tangy cunt sauce flowed unceasingly into his mouth. As he licked and sucked the blonde’s stiff clit, he rammed two fingers back up her slick fuckhole, fingerfucking her furiously while sucking off her clit.

“Ohhhh, Jeesus, Daddy, you’re turning me on sooo fuckin’ much! God, I have to came, Daddy! I need to come! Keep sucking my cunt, Daddy! Make me come hard!” she begged tearfully.

Van’s fingers flew in and out of his daughter’s seething pussyhole. Her hips whipped forward and back, driving his fingers deep into her while his mouth sucked furiously and ravenously on her pulsing clit.

“Commmiiinnngg!” she shrieked seconds later, yanking her father’s head back by his thick hair. “Shove your tongue all the way up my little hole! Hurry, Daddy, I’m coming hard!”

But in that instant, Van decided that he wanted to shove more than his tongue up his little girl’s fuckhole. He pulled his mouth away from her crotch and knelt between her legs.

He rammed his rock-hard prick all the way up her spasming cunt.

“Agghhh, yessss, fuck meee, Daddy, fuck me with your huge prick! Yes, that’s what I need! Yes, fuck me, Daddy! Make me come again, Daddy! It feels sooooo good!” Loni screamed. She groaned happily with the force of her daddy’s fucking as he rammed her hard, driving his big prick in and out of her twitching cunt-hole like a piston.

“You sexy little whore!” Van grunted.

He shook his head in awe as he watched his daughter clutching at her tits, squeezing and pinching them. Then Loni reached down between her legs and cupped her hands around her daddy’s tightening balls, squeezing them gently, urging them to spill their load in her hot, grasping pussy.

“I love the way you fuck me, Daddy! Give it to me! Hard!” Loni moaned, still squeezing his balls.

She clenched and unclenched her cuntmuscles rapidly, keeping time with his hard, quickening thrusts. Suddenly, she felt the rise of another tidal wave of orgasms.

“Obhhh, Daddy, you’re making me come again!” she hollered, feeling several violent waves of hot climax wash over her, one quickly following on the heels of another.

“I’m coming too, baby! Conunmiinnngg!” Van yelled as a gusher of thick, white cream shot from his cock into his little girl’s fiery pussyhole.

As she felt her daddy’s creamy cum filling her pussy to overflowing, she smiled, thinking how lucky she was to have such a great lover for her very own daddy… especially since she did not have a halfway decent lover for a husband.

After they finished coming, Van and his daughter lay cozily in each other’s arms, both of them knowing that as soon as they caught their second wind, they would fuck each other again.

“Honey, I’m concerned about your marriage,” Van said softly, running one hand along the girl’s inner thighs which were wet with cum and pussyjuice.

“Oh, Daddy, don’t worry about it,” Loni said with a little sigh, “I told you that things are better.”

“Better… but still not good enough. Honey, I want the very best for you because I love you so much! You deserve it all! And you certainly deserve a first-rate marriage and an outstanding sex life with your own husband!” Van said fervently.

“I know, Daddy. I feel the same way. But what can I do?” Loni asked plaintively.

“Talk to you… tonight, honey! Spell it all out for… just how unsatisfying your sex life with him is and how he’ll have to find a way to learn how to please you in bed or the two of you will be headed for divorce!” Van said.

Loni gasped in shock. But then, she realized that her father was right. Fucking her daddy these days was helping her get along better with her husband, but she was smart enough to know that it was, at best, a stopping measure.

“You’re right as usual, Daddy. I’ll talk to Red tonight,” the youngster promised.

“Good girl,” Van murmured approvingly. “Now… how about another fuck?”

“Oooh, goody!” Loni cried eagerly.

Loni’s golden hair fell across her shoulders and down on her tits. She walked toward her bed, and Red smiled when he saw that she had let her hair down for him, the way he had told her he liked it.

She slipped under the covers and lay down next to her husband, and he reached out to touch her hair. The back of his hand brushed her soft tit.

With a warm smile, Loni took Red’s head in her hands and pressed her open mouth against him, kissing him passionately. He kissed her back hard. Their open mouths were fastened together. Red thrust his tongue inside his wife’s mouth, tasting her sweetness.

She leaned against him, her tits grazing his naked chest. The warm mounds of tit-flesh flattened as they pressed against him. Red could feel their warmth through her sheer nightgown.

He embraced her, shoving his tongue deeper into her mouth. As husband and wife kissed, Loni caressingly ran her hand over his bare shoulders.

She thrilled to the feel of the trim muscles flexing beneath her fingers. Her searching hand dropped farther down to his crotch which was still covered by the blanket. She could feel his prick growing large and hard.

The blanket lifted upward in a tentlike bulge as the boy’s hard-on grew. Loni fondled it through the bedclothes, tracing the outline of the now-hard rod of flesh. She squeezed its swollen knobbed head.

Red groaned deep in the back of his throat and his tongue moved urgently against his wife’s.

Loni felt as if her blood was boiling. Never before had she felt so turned-on to her husband, and she said a silent “thank you” to her daddy for insisting that she discuss her problem with Red. It had been only a few weeks since that discussions that had lasted far into the night, and already their sex life was improving by leaps and bounds.

Loin’s nipples tingled erotically, swelling with engorged blood. They puckered, stiffened, and grew as hard as rocks, jutting out against the fabric of her gown.

She broke off their kiss, moaning when she saw her saliva shining on her husband’s mouth.

“You just lie back and let me make you feel good, darling,” she said softly.

She stood up, and she liked the way Red’s eyes fastened on her stiff nips which were pressing against her flimsy garment.

“Let’s just see what we have here,” she murmured, pulling the blankets down to the middle of his thighs, exposing his throbbing prick. “Mmmm, how you’ve grown!” she said thickly, hungrily chewing her bottom lip.

As he reached for her with a groan, she stepped back slightly.

“Wait. Let me get all naked for you, darling,” she murmured.

With a slow, sensual motion, she slipped the straps of her gown down off her smooth shoulders, freeing her tits which jiggled slightly.

“Ohhhh, you sexy bitch,” Red groaned, using words he never would have uttered just weeks ago. He groaned again, wanting his wife so badly he could taste it. His quivering cock bobbed and jerked impatiently. But he restrained himself, remembering all that he had been learning lately about not moving so fast when it came to sex, about taking things slowly, letting them build to a fever pitch, and about being sure that his wife got as much pleasure out of fucking as he did.

Thrilled by her husband’s unusual restraint, Loni tugged her tight gown down off her hips, and it slid along her thighs and down her calves to her feet. She stepped out of it, completely naked now. Her stiff nipples and bloated pussylips were both a dark shade of pink, almost red with her hot blood.

Red wrapped his arms around her thighs as she climbed into bed beside him. She swung her long legs up on the mattress. She knelt between his long, muscular legs. His trembling prick brushed against her soft thighs. She could feel the heat of his hard-on and she moaned with lust.

Her husband looked hungry to her eyes. His mouth was open and his eyes were bright and glazed. She moved so that her stiff-nippled tits rubbed his face.

“God, Loni!” he gasped.

She swayed her upper body from side to side, rubbing her tits against him.

She put her hands on the back of Red’s head and pulled him to her, burying his face between her tits, sheltering him there between them. The warm smooth flesh pressed the sides of his hated face. Loni pulled back, cupping a tit in her palm, offering it up to his drooling mouth.

She guided her stiff red nip to his lips. He wrapped them around her nipple and sucked ferociously.

“Ohhh, yesss, Red,” Loni sighed, pressing his head to her tit and caressing his hair while he nursed at her nipple.

While he sucked, she reached down between his legs and closed her fist around his hard cock. She felt it throbbing in her grip and she moaned with excitement.

Teasingly, she stroked his prick, running the tips of her fingers along the shaft, which grew increasingly hotter and thicker.

“Unnnhhhh,” Red groaned when his wife lightly scraped her fingernails along his cock. Then she began to gently finger his balls. They were hard and tight in their sac. Sharp shooting sensations pulsed in her stiff nipple as his lips hungrily chewed and sucked.

Her juices flowed in her pussy and her cuntlips quivered.

Red moaned as she pulled back, taking her tit away from his mouth. Saliva shone on the stiff red nip. She lowered her head to his legs.

“Oh, Loni!” he gasped.

Her long hair caressed his balls and cock. She gripped his prick and guided it to her open mouth. She licked her lips, wetting them. She kissed the smooth cockhead before taking it inside her mouth.

Red trembled all over as his hard prick was surrounded by his wife’s hot, wet mouth. He closed his eyes with pleasure and leaned his head back against the headboard of the bed.

Loni’s tongue fondled his cockhead, teasingly licking it. She rubbed it against the smooth, slippery roof of her wet mouth. Then she lowered her head more, taking his cock deeper into her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked him. Her head bobbed up and down.

Red fondled his wife’s hair, her face, her shoulders. He touched her tits, running his fingers over the soft flesh and the firm nips. Loni wetly slurped and sucked her husband’s cock, which trembled in her mouth. She was so proud of him for having learned how to hold back. Always before, before their discussion that night, the boy had come at once when she had taken him into her mouth.

Her head bobbed faster and faster, her puckered lips caressing his heated cockshaft as they glided up and down on it. His cock was now so hot on her tongue that she felt as if it were burning her.

“Ohhhh, Loni, what you’re doing to me… God!” Red gasped, shaking his head from side to side.

Loni took the boy’s cock as deep in her mouth as possible, so that it was way back in her throat. She squeezed his balls, wanting to bring him off now.

And she did. Red groaned loudly. Loni clamped her mouth around his throbbing cock as his cum spurted from his swollen cockhead. She sucked it down hungrily as it jetted from his tiny pisshole, gulping the tasty jism down. The thick jizz slid down her throat hotly, comfortingly.

“Jeecesus!” Red cried. He clenched his hands into fists, digging his nails into his palms as the force of his orgasm rocked him.

Loni swallowed her husband’s cuxn, her sucking mouth milking him dry, taking each and every chop down inside her.

She kept his hard cock in her mouth long after he stopped coming. It remained rigid after the last tremors of his orgasm faded away.

She pulled her head up, rubbing her lips against his heated cockmeat. The red shaft with its pulsing blue veins was shining with cum and saliva.

She held the knobbed cockhead in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, licking the last drops up before she took it out of her mouth.

She smiled down at her husband, putting her hands on his shoulders and pushing him down so that he was lying flat on this back on the bed.

His cock remained stiff, strong and red. His chest rose and fell with heavy breathing, and he struggled for air, his eyes fixed on his lovely wife.

Loni’s hand closed on his hard-on so that the red, knobbed head jutted out from the top of her fist. Red sighed with pleasure when she squeezed his cock, making a single drop of cum ooze from its red tip. She licked it up, swallowing it eagerly.

Loni stuck her middle finger in her mouth and sucked it lewdly. Saliva dripped from it when she took it out, and her hand dropped down between her legs.

She pressed her wet finger between her quivering pussylips and glided it upward, nearing her saliva on her cuntmeat. Inside her fuckhole, she was already dripping wet.

She straddled her husband’s lean hips, still holding his cock upright. Her folded legs pressed against his sides, her pussy poised over his prick.

She was up on her knees. She lowered herself until his flesh touched hers, with his cock pressing against her wet pussy. She rubbed the broad cockhead along her wet pussylips.

“Oh, God, I’m so horny!” she gasped and then she froze, wondering if her husband would scold her for talking dirty, as he used to.

“Me too, you sexy bitch! Go for it, baby! Fuck my cock!” he responded, much to her relief and delight.

Loni smiled down at him as she guided his cock into position between her pussylips and lowered herself down on it. The red head of his swollen prick pried apart her pussylips, spreading them out to the sides.

Her cunt was bright pink and dripping wet deep inside and it pulsed as it closed around the boy’s cock.

Both husband and wife gasped and trembled as the cockhead filled her pussy, throbbing against her tight cuntwalls. She lowered herself farther down, taking his cockshaft deep inside her.

Her pussywalls stretched to make room for the long, thick prick.

Red felt shaken by the excitement of his shaft gilding slowly over his wife’s wet pussyflesh. Before, he had always thrust into her so quickly that he had missed that tantalizing sensation, and for the first time, he began to realize that he had been cheating himself every bit as much as he head been cheating Loni. He was only glad that she had cared enough about their marriage to talk to him that night so that he could realize the seriousness of their problem.

Loni’s pussy felt like hot, wet velvet to the boy’s cock. She had taken him fully inside her and his cockhead bumped against the back wall of her cunt.

Her pussylips circled the base of his prickshaft, circling his rod of hard meat Loni leaned forward, making him fill her even deeper. She stretched out on her husband’s gasping body. Her stiff-nippled tits grazed his flushed face and she stuffed a nipple into his open mouth.

She moved, rocking her hips back and forth and sideways. The erotic friction thrilled both husband and wife as his huge cock glided over her dripping cuntflesh.

Her ass jiggled as she rose and lowered herself. When her hips moved upward, the red shaft emerged into view from between her cuntlips.

Then she would lower herself again, taking him deep inside her, grinding her hips into his so that her pussylips were pressed flat against him.

The mattress sagged and the bedsprings creaked as husband and wife writhed together in ecstasy, faster and harder.

Loni’s tit filled Red’s sucking mouth, muffling his cries as he came.

His body went rigid, shaking violently. Loni gave her hips a few more violent writhings, grinding savagely into Red’s hard cock to bring herself off.

“Commmiiinnngggg!” Loni screamed as she climaxed. She sat upright on her husband’s cock, shaking and sobbing with ecstasy.

Her pussy quivered convulsively. It contracted rhythmically against Red’s prick as she came, squeezing the orgasming cock, milking it dry.

Loni slumped on her husband’s shaking body and sobbed for breath as they finished coming together. They lay still for a long time, recovering from the most thrilling fuck session they had ever shared. Red’s cock was still hard inside her and she could still feel it pulsing against her pussywalls.

Moments later, she rolled off him. Her pussy tingled as his hard cock slid over her wet cuntflesh and finally popped free of her pussylips.

She lay alongside him now, on her side, smiling happily at him. Red pressed up against her so that his cock pressed against her ripe asscheeks.

He reached around her, clutching her tits, one in each hand.

“Darling, that was the best ever,” she sighed, fondling his lean hips and taut thighs.

“I know. It was great!” Red said, smiling with satisfaction.

“I don’t know what you’ve been doing, Red to get help with our sex problem, I mean, but it’s working great so I only hope you’ll keep it up,” she said with a smile.

“Oh, I don’t have any intention of stopping now. I’ll definitely keep it up,” Red said.

They grew silent again and Loni realized that she didn’t even know what her husband had been doing or what kind of help he was getting. She had assumed that he was going for some kind of counseling, but she wasn’t sure. He had never said.

“Honey, you’ve never really told me. What kind of help have you been getting?” she asked in a puzzled tone. “Is it counseling?”

“Well, not exactly, though I guess in a way…”

“Red! You’re driving me crazy! Tell me! How have you been learning to make love so beautifully during these last few weeks?” Loni asked curiously.

“Loni, I’d rather not say right now. And does it really matter? After all, isn’t it the results that count?” Red asked.

Loni hear the serious tone in her husband’s voice and she knew that, for some reason, he really did not want her to question him any further.

“You’re right, darling! It’s the results that count! And the results are fanfuckingtastic!” she cried, hugging him hard against her.

A few days later, Loni used her own key to let herself into her parents’ house. She wanted to see her daddy, to let him know how wonderfully his advice had worked out. She wanted to tell him how far her husband had come in so short a time, and how much improved their sex life was. And, more than anything else, she wanted to fuck her daddy.

She wandered through the house, calling for him, and then for her mother. But no one was home. Just my luck, she thought with disappointment as she made her way into her parents’ bedroom.

The young horny girl stood there next to the bed for a few minutes, looking down at it and wishing that she and her daddy were lying nakedly on it that very moment. With a sigh, she threw herself down onto the bed and stretched lazily, hoping that her daddy would be home soon. And, before she knew it, she had fallen asleep.

When she awoke a short time later, she was startled to see her mother standing in the doorway, staring at her with a strange expression on her pretty face.

“Well, this is quite a surprise, honey,” Lois Sullivan murmured, her eyes moving over the length of her daughter’s body.

“Oh! Mom! Hi! You startled me!” Loni said with a flush, sitting upon the bed.

“So I see,” Lois said with a smile. “I haven’t seen you in awhile. Come here and give your mother a big hug!”

Loni stood up woodenly by the side of the bed as she watched her mother moving toward her with outstretched arms. Loni was surprised and puzzled by her mother’s unusually affectionate manner. The two females had never been very close, but any casual observer would never have known that from the warm smile on Lois’ face and the eager way she hurried to embrace her daughter.

Lois wrapped her arms around Loni, and the teenager found herself pressing her warm body against her mother’s. Loni stepped back slightly and raised her head to see the expression on her mother’s face and, to her amazement, the older woman kissed her on the mouth.

The older woman’s lips were soft and warm, and before Loni even knew what was happening, she felt her mother’s tongue thrusting into her mouth, probing, tasting, exploring.

At first, Loni gasped in surprise and thought of moving out of her mother’s embrace. But then she gave in to the excited pulsing in her pussy and she ground her mouth against her mother’s, passionately returning her kisses. The two females hugged each other tightly.

Lois’ hand was flat against Loni’s back. She felt the warmth of her little girl’s body through the thin fabric of her dress. She dropped her hand to Loni’s rounded asscheeks. Lois patted the ripely curved ass, the asscheeks rippling at her incestuous touch. She squeezed one of the trembling cheeks, making Loni moan softly.

Lois longed to see her daughter naked. She gently broke off their forbidden kiss.

Loni felt dazed. Her nipples tingled and became hard. She looked at her mother as if hypnotized, no longer able to think for herself.

“Let’s get your clothes off,” Lois said huskily.

Loni reached behind her back to undo, her dressing, but her mother stopped her.

“No, darling, let me do it for you,” Lois said thickly.

She turned the young girl so that Loni’s back faced her. She eagerly undid the hook at the back of the neck of the dress and pulled down the zipper.

Loni was wearing a black bra. It was one her daddy had brought for her, and she knew how much he loved to see it on her before removing it from her. Its back strap was stretched tautly across the pink smooth flesh of her upper back. The dress was opened to the small of her back.

Lois put her hands on her little girl’s shoulders, peeling the dress off them. She pulled the garment down to Loni’s waist. The teenager’s bra was a size too small for her and her tits strained against the lacy black fabric.

The older woman reached around to the girl’s front to stroke her flesh. She tapped her fingers against the bra cups.

“What a wicked little bra, darling,” she said with a tinkly laugh.

“Do you like it, Mother?” Loni asked, wondering what her mother would say if she knew that the girl’s father had bought the bra for her.

“Oh, yes, I like it very much, Loni,” Lois responded, pressing her lips against the warm flesh of her daughter’s bare shoulder.

Lois squeezed Loni’s tits and the teenager moaned with desire.

The older woman peeled her daughter’s dress down off Loni’s hips. It slid down her thighs and fell to her ankles. Loni was wearing a black half-slip, dark pantyhose, and panties beneath them. Ordinarily, she didn’t wear underwear at all. But now and then, she enjoyed wearing it all and letting her daddy peel it off layer by layer as he worked his way through all of her clothes to the ripe nakedness beneath.

“You’re so sexy, darling,” Lois muttered, her pussy aching with lust for her daughter.

“So are you, Mother. You really are!” Loni responded, realizing for the very first time in her life just how attractive and sexy her mother was.

“Turn around now, Loni,” Lois commanded gently.

Once more, Loni faced her mother. The black bra looked tantalizing against her creamy pink flesh. The tight bra plumped up Loni’s tits, creative a deep valley between them and making them look larger than they actually were. Her stiff nipples could be seen pressing against the lacy black cups.

Lois slipped Loni’s slip off her. Then she peeled the pantyhose off the teenager’s hips and rounded thighs. The older woman got down on her knees to roll the pantyhose off Loni’s calves. Loni lifted first one foot, then the other, so her mother could remove her pantyhose.

The teenager’s black panties were low in front, so low that the top fringe of her bush could be seen over the elastic waistband.

As Lois stared at her daughter’s crotch, her heart beat furiously, making the woman feel lightheaded and slightly intoxicated. Embracing Loni, she reached behind the girl’s back and quickly unhooked the strap of her bra, then slid the shoulder straps down her arms.

Loni’s tits tumbled free from the confining cups, the nipples stiffening into throbbing hard-ons. The bra had fit her so tightly that the shoulder straps had cut somewhat into her flesh, leaving little grooved marks.

Lois fondled her daughter’s tits, cupping them, lifting them, squashing them together. She moaned as she handled the solid mounds of warm tit-flesh.

“Ohh, Mommy,” the teenager groaned, her eyes shining, her mouth growing slack.

“You’re such a beautiful little girl,” Lois purred as she finally released her hold on the girl’s tits. She took down Loni’s panties, and her face twisted with lust as she undressed her daughter.

The panties fluttered down Loni’s legs and fell at her ankles. She stepped out of them, stark naked now, looking pink and smooth and warm.

Lois stared at Loni’s pussylips. They were swollen with desire, and moist with the youngster’s juices.

“Do you want me to undress you now, Mommy?” Loni asked shyly.

“No, darling. You get into bed now so I can watch you lying there all naked and pretty. I’ll undress myself and then I’ll join you,” the older woman said, her voice slurred with fuck-lust.

Loni grinned. She pulled the sheets and blankets down to the foot of the bed and then she mounted it, stretching out on her back. She spread her legs slightly, excited to feel her mother’s horny gaze on her every movement.

Lois quickly undressed. Then, standing next to the bed, still looking down at her daughter, she winked lewdly.

“Turn me on, honey. Show me how you play with your little pussy,” she said.

Loni gasped. Her mother’s words surprised her, but they also aroused her beyond belief.

“Sure, Mom, I’d love to!” the teenager said, grinning up at her mother.

Loni tweaked her own stiff nipple. She pinched it hard, then pulled it out. It looked raw and red when she finally released it.

“Are you always that rough with yourself, darling?” the older woman asked excitedly.

“Not always, but now and then I like a little trough treatment, Mommy,” Loni responded, feeling her pussy drooling.

“Good. I’ll remember that,” Lois said. Loni squeezed her tits so tightly that the pink flesh turned white where she gripped them. She pushed her tits together, then pulled them apart.

Her hands roamed down her flat belly. She put her hand on her naked, moist pussy and rubbed it hard and fast. Pain and pleasure mingled on her beautiful young face.

Loni turned her head to the side so she could look at her mother’s naked body while she continued to rub her own little pussy. The other woman’s tits was large and they jiggled slightly as the woman shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

Her pussy bush was dark and thick and her cuntlips were parted with desire, exposing the inner wet cuntflesh to her daughter’s horny gaze.

Lois’ asscheeks were high and firm. Her wide hips were lush and womanly, but not fat.

“Ohh, Mommy, you look so beautiful,” Loni sighed.

With a smile at her little girl, Lois suddenly mounted her.

“You can stop that for now, darling,” she said, taking hold of Loni’s wrists and pulling her hands away from her steamy crotch. The teenager’s thick pussylips glowed an angry red color from the vigorous rubbing.

“I’ll take over from here,” Lois said. She swung her long legs up, mounting her daughter’s head as if she were climbing into a saddle.

She straddled the teenager’s head and faced Loni’s feet. She doubled her legs beneath her, her pussy poised over Loni’s hungry mouth. Teasingly, she lowered her lips until her pussy was just over Loni’s lips.

When Loni moaned and tried to kiss and lick her mother’s pussy, Lois laughed and teasingly pulled her cunt away from the girl, deliberately turning her on even more.

Lois’ nipples were stiff. They throbbed lewdly on the tips of her tits.

“Pleeease, Mommy! Let me kiss your pretty pussy?” Loni begged.

Those were the words Lois had been waiting to hear. She knew it was time to let the girl have what she wanted… what they both wanted.

Lois’ pussylips were warm and soft and wet when they brushed against Loni’s face. Her bloated pussylips met the teen’s mouth. They split and spread obscenely. Thick juices dripped from them onto Loni’s open mouth.

Loni gasped as she felt her face being enveloped in hot, wet cunt-tissues, all pink and sleek and shining with juices which smeared her face.

She groaned and thrust her tongue up inside the older woman. Her juices were thick and hot and they tingled on Loni’s probing tongue.

“That’s my girl,” Lois sighed, “lick your mommy’s pussy!”

She leaned forward, making her pussy press even harder against her daughter’s mouth.

Lois put her hands on Loni’s soft inner thighs. She lowered her head, her big tits flattening against Loni’s belly. Then the older woman put her head between the girl’s legs, and her mouth against the girl’s pussy.

Her face creased into lines of naked incestuous lust. She kissed and tongued Loni’s pussylips which spread widely, exposing the shiny pink membranes within.

Lois probed Loni’s cunt deep with her tongue, licking and lapping her fill of the teenager’s juices. She moaned, savoring the tangy taste of Loni’s cunt sauce.

“Unnnhhh,” Loni groaned into her mother’s gaping pussy. She held her tongue straight up, its tip pressed against the older woman’s clit. She could feel the woman’s clit hardening and thickening and pulsing beneath her tongue, and the lewd sensation aroused her fully making her own little cunt ooze out more and more juice.

Lois rocked her hips back and forth on the girl’s mouth. No matter which way she moved forward, backward, or sideways — Loni’s tongue continued to press her clit.

The older woman decided to return the favor. She wrapped her tongue around the teenager’s stiff clit, rubbing it, caressing it, and she was rewarded by a long series of lusty groans from Loni’s mouth, groans which bounded off the walls of Lois’ pussy.

In seconds, the room was filled with the soft wet sounds of two hungry female mouths feasting on two dripping pussies.

This was not the first time Lois had made it with another female, and she knew that she could have brought her daughter to orgasm right away. But she decided to hold back, wanting to tease the girl to a fever pitch of excitement.

She knew that it would be better to slowly stimulate the girl, to build the fire, so to speak. And the more the older woman aroused her little girl, the more feverish effort she put into her tongue-fucking movements, and the more aroused her own pussy became.

“Mmmmffff,” Loni moaned, the sound reverberating against the walls of her mother’s cunt.

The youngster could hardly believe that she was taking part in this lesbian act, something she had never thought herself capable of. But as she tongue-fucked her mother’s wet pussy, and as her own little cunt grew wetter and hotter against the older woman’s sucking and licking mouth. Loni had to admit to herself that it was one of the most thrilling experiences of her life. And she savored every single hot, tingling sensations which her mother’s mouth produced in her pussy.

She moaned again, feeling her mother’s tongue lashing at her rigid clit for a few heady minutes before returning to her fuckhole and thrusting in deeply.

As if reading her daughter’s mind, Lois suddenly decided to go for it, to make Loni come. She speeded up the rhythm of her tonguefucking, driving the girl beneath her half-crazy with lust and pleasure. Again and again, using rapid fucking movements, Lois drove the full length of her tongue in and out of Loni’s cunt-hole.

Taking her cue from her mother, Loni began to tonguefuck the older woman’s tight pussyhole faster and harder and deeper. She tightened her strong pussymuscles around her mother’s invading tongue, even as she felt her mother’s cuntmuscles closing around her own tongue.

After tonguefucking her mother savagely for a few breathless moments, the youngster took her tongue out of Lois’ little hole and used it to whip at the older woman’s clit.

“Unnhhhh,” Lois groaned against her daughter’s wet cuntmeat, thrilled by the eager way her little girl was eating her out.

Loni groaned again and again as she felt her mother speeding up her tonguefucking movements even more. She arched her back, lifting her sweating asscheeks off the bed, pushing them upward against her mother’s face.

She knew that she was about to come and she was thrilled to realize that if she and her mother kept up this intense, rapid pace as they ate each other out, they would most likely come together.

But then Lois decided that her little girl should wait just a bit longer before coming.

Loni hovered just this side of orgasm. Each time she felt that just a few more penetrations of her mother’s tongue would send her over the edge, the diabolical woman would ease up and let the teenager cool down a few degrees.

“Unnhh, arrghhh,” Loni moaned raggedly, the vibrations from her open mouth sizzling through her mother’s cunt, giving the older woman an extra thrill. That thrill was the beginning of her climax, in spite of her plan to hold back longer.

As Lois began to come, she knew it was time to make her little girl come so they could come together.

Loni felt her mother’s cuntwalls spasming wildly against her thrusting tongue, and she knew that the older woman was coming. Fresh gushes of pussyjuice rained from Lois’ fuckhole into Loni’s mouth and the youngster thirstily swallowed them down.

Loni wanted to come, too, and she was tempted to wrench her face away from her mother’s pussy and beg her to make her come. But her mother’s pussy tasted so good, and it was so exciting to feel the orgasmic spasms against her mouth, that she simply could not bring herself to tear her mouth away.

So instead, she moaned and groaned into the older woman’s cunt, hoping that her mother would get the message and make her come.

Lois puckered her lips and rubbed the smooth wet insides of them against her daughter’s throbbing clit. She closed her lips about the base of the trembling bud and sucked for all she was worth. Her lips held the little clit prisoner between them as she sucked. Then, she whipped her tongue across the fleshy bud with quick, hard strokes.

And Loni came.

She screamed as she came. Her shrieks of incestuous ecstasy were muffled by her mother’s pussy. Lois pinned the girl’s writhing hips to the mattress.

Both of the females shuddered with pleasure as they came together. Heat radiated out from their pussies, sizzling through their entire bodies. They shook and shivered violently, clutching each other frantically.

Thick, delicious cuntjuice shot from their pussies into each other’s mouths and they moaned continually.

Their bodies went rigid, every single muscle in their bodies tensing as they came.

Their cunts twitched spasmodically against one another’s mouths. They squeezed their thighs against each other’s heads so that their mouths and nostrils were filled with hot, wet pussymeat.

Loni’s eyes rolled back in her head so that only the whites of them showed. She whipped her head from side to side. The young blonde was a little shocked by the intensity of the orgasm she was experiencing. Until now, she had thought that only a man could give her that kind of heady pleasure.

A choking cry came from the teenager, wrung out of her by her powerful climax. Her head was lifted high now, her mouth off her mother’s pussy.

Lois rose up on her knees. Her pussy pulsed as it was lifted off of the wet warmth of Loni’s mouth.

Loni sobbed with joy, her tits heaving, her face red and smeared with cunt sauce.

Lois rolled off her daughter and flopped down on the big bed next to her. She watched her little girl, pleased by how much pleasure she had obviously given her.

Loni clutched her own tits, moaning and twisting slightly on the bed until, finally, the convulsive force of her orgasm faded. It was replaced by the delicious afterglow which made every fiber of her young body go warm.

At the same instant, mother and daughter turned on their sides, facing each other. They smiled into each other’s eyes, and reached out to touch and fondle one another’s tits.

“Mom, I want you to know that I’ve never felt this close to you before… what we just did together made me feel so special…”

“You are special, darling, very special. I know we haven’t been that close in the past, but now that’s all going to change,” Lois said, giving her daughter a gentle kiss on the teenager’s parted lips.

As Loni began to doze off in her mother’s soft embrace, she thought about her mother’s somewhat mysterious words. It was almost as though her mother knew something she didn’t, and she wondered what that could be.

“Ohhhh, Red, you’ve got me so hot and horny I can’t even think straight anymore!” Loni gasped.

“So don’t think. Just feel,” Red said with a delighted grin.

The husband and wife had been playing with each other’s bodies for almost two hours now. Red had expertly fingered and sucked his wife to orgasm numerous times during their long bout of foreplay and now Loni was begging him to fuck her.

“Jesus, Red, you’ve never gone this long before without having to fuck me! I’m so horny! You’ve turned me on almost more than I can stand!” Loni cried, her entire body having been worked up to a feverish pitch of lust by her husband’s newly skillful hands and mouth.

“Good. That’s just how I want you,” Red said with satisfaction.

“God, Red, I don’t know what kind of counseling you’ve been getting, but all I can say is that I’m all for it!” the young girl cried, beside herself with desire for her husband.

“Okay, baby, it’s your choice tonight. How do you want it?” Red asked, stroking his huge hard-on.

“In my ass, Red! Fuck my ass!” Loni begged.

“Sure, baby, my pleasure,” Red said, laughing as he flipped his wife over so that she was now face down on the bed.

He reached out and slapped her hard on her lily-white asscheeks, leaving his large, red handprint on her delicate flesh.

“Oh, God, I love it!” Loni squealed, feeling her pussyjuice dribbling out from her cunthole.

“You little slut!” Red cried.

Loni groaned with excitement, realizing that until her husband’s counseling sessions, he had been unable to call her the names she loved to hear during their fuck fests.

“Hurry, darling, hurry! Fuck me up my ass! I can’t wait to feel your huge cock buggering me!” she cried desperately.

“You got it, baby, you got it,” Red said as he pressed his cockhead against his wife’s tight little asshole. He pulled her asscheeks as far apart as he could and suddenly shoved the full length of his prick into her asshole which was already wet with the juices trickling into it from her cunt.

“Aieeeee! It feels soooo good! Yessssss!” Loni screamed. She felt the familiar rush of pain and pleasure that never failed to thrill her from head to toe.

“You like it baby?” Red asked lewdly, letting his big cock rest deep within her shit-chute for a second as he leaned over her back.

“Unnhhh, yessss, oh, God, yesss, Red, it’s great! Your cock feels so good up my little asshole! It’s filling me all up! I love it!”

It was about a week after her forbidden pussy-eating session with her mother, a session which had unexpectedly turned into a three-way orgy when her father had walked in on them and had eagerly joined them in bed. Loni had been amazed but delighted by her mother’s calm acceptance of the fact that her husband and daughter had been getting it on for years, and the youngster had an instinctive feeling that her mother had always known and approved of the incestuous relationship between Loni and her daddy. By the time Loni had left her parent’s house that day, the three Sullivans had all agreed that they had never felt so close or loving toward each other.

Red began to fuck his wife’s asshole with slow, sensuous strokes as she writhed beneath him, now thrusting her ass back toward him to impale the full length of his prick inside her bunghole.

“Obh, yesss, Red, darling, you’re fucking my little ass sooo good! Keep buggering me, Red, until I come!” Loni squealed excitedly.

Her cunt was flowing with thick rivers of fuck-juice which ran on into her husband’s asshole, nicely lubricating the man’s big, thick cock.

She gripped the meaty cock with her tight assmuscles as it slid smoothly in and out of her. He was buggering her ass faster and harder now, expertly gauging his wife’s increasing lust and her need to be fucked harder.

“What a great little asshole you’ve got, baby! So tight! So tiny!” Red said, his eyes closed, his head thrown back.

The girl’s wild humping movements pumped even more life into Red’s gigantic prick. He could feel her strong assmuscles clenching and unclenching aound his cock with each and every thrust, and he groaned with erotic pleasure.

“Ohhhhh, it feels sooo good! You’ve never fucked my ass so great before, Red! You’re the best lover any girl could have for her husband!” Loni moaned.

She felt so proud of her husband for having learned how to please her in bed. And she was already breathlessly anticipating that moment when he would shoot his load into her little shitchute. She would seize his prick with her assmuscles and use them to milk all the cream out of his balls as he continued to fuck her.

“Mmm, it feels soooo great, lover,” she groaned, enjoying the exciting sensation of her sensitized nipples brushing against the sheet as her tits jiggled on her chest. Each time she shoved her ass back to meet Red’s thrusting prick, the force of her movement made her tits bounce up and down and sideways, and she liked the way it felt.

Red’s loaded balls slapped wetly against his wife’s firm asscheeks as he continued to drive his prick into her asshole with quick, hard, deep stabs.

Glancing down, he could see his thick, throbbing cock pulling out and shoving back into her ass all the way. He grinned as he watched her hips wiggling lewdly in response to his cock-thrusts.

“Unnnhhh, you’re so sexy, baby, love the way you’re fucking back at me,” he groaned.

“That’s because you’re making me feel so good… turning me on much… more than ever before, Red!” the woman gasped.

The rubbery grip of her tight asshole tugged at her husband’s prick as she wiggled her ass frantically. Her entire body was suffused with pleasure and lust as, time and time again, Red’s cock slid up her burning asshole, completely filling the small tunnel.

Her asscheeks shook obscenely as her husband’s big prick drilled into her. This was their most thrilling fuck session yet, and Loni could see that if Red continued with his counseling sessions, he would soon become as skillful a lover as her daddy, and that was saying a lot!

Red’s throbbing balls beat a steady erotic rhythm against the girl’s naked assflesh as he continued to ram in and out of her with all his young, muscular strength.

“Obhhh, yeah, keep fucking meeeee!” Loni whimpered.

She reached down and began to stroke her cunt, shoving two fingers up her cunt-hole and using her thumb to stroke her clit.

“Mmmmmm, good,” she sighed. Her assmuscles clenched and unclenched around her husband’s prick as her hips pumped back and forth.

“Harder, Red! Harder!” she begged. “Okay, baby, you asked for it!” he groaned, delighted that he had her permission now to fuck her even harder. For he had been holding back, just as he had been taught to do, not wanting to turn her off by fucking her harder than she wanted.

He pulled his prick almost all the way out of her asshole, and with a loud grunt and a savage thrust, he sent the entire length of his cock up her quivering asshole.

“Arrghhhhh! Yesssss! Sooooo good, Red, soooooo good!” Loni screamed at the top of her lungs as she continued to fingerfuck her cunt and rub her clit.

Again, Red eased his prick almost all the way out of his wife’s shit-chute. Then, while she writhed beneath him, continually begging him to fuck her hard, he plunged it in deeply to the hilt.

Over and over, the young boy rammed Loni’s asshole with his hard long prick. He fucked her deeply. He fucked her hard. And each time, he buried the full length of his cock up her tiny shithole. And each time, both husband and wife cried out their pleasure as he sank deeply into her.

As he slammed his cock into her, she raised her ass to meet it, helping him to penetrate her more deeply each time. She was writhing and groaning with pleasure, and she knew that she would be coming soon.

“Ohh, Red, you’re fucking me sooo good! I love it! Shove your huge prick up my ass! I love it so much!” she gasped.

As Red continued to plunge his big prick in and out of her clinging asswalls, she kept tightening and loosening her strong assmuscles, giving the boy the same kind of heady pleasure he was giving her.

“Ohhh, baby, your little asshole is so tight! I love fucking it!” Red groaned, sweat pouring from his face and splashing down onto his wife’s back.

Her husband’s obscene words thrilled the young blonde, and she clenched her assmuscles tighter and harder around his reaming cock.

Suddenly, Loni came.

“Yeooooowwwww!” she screeched as her orgasm raped through her. It seemed to start deep in her asshole, radiate out to her pussy and soon every nerve ending in her body was feeling its powerful effect. She tossed her ass up and down on the bed as savage shudders of orgasmic ecstasy tore through her.

As she came, Loni kept squeezing her husband’s prick with the tight walls of her ass. Red thrust his long, hard cock deeper and more roughly into her slick asshole with each plunge, about to come himself.

“Ohh, yessss, Red!” Loni groaned as she felt his cock lurching wildly against the walls of her ass. She knew that meant he was about to come, and she couldn’t wait to feel his cum gushing into her asshole.

“Shoot, Red, shoot all your juice up my asshole!” she cried desperately.

“Don’t worry, you little slut! I’ll give you all my cum! And you’ve turned me on so much, there’ll be a ton of the stuff!” Red cried.

He thrust his prick all the way up her wildly clenching asshole, then began to grind his prick in a small, tight circle inside her. His churning balls tightened up against the base of his cock.

“I’ll… help you… shoot,” Loni panted, tightening her muscles almost painfully hard around his cock, crushing down on the throbbing pole of meat.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” Red cried as a large, hot spurt of cum shot from his cock and splashed into his wife’s twitching asshole. His prick shot out wad after wad of the creamy goo.

He threw his head back and clenched his teeth tightly together, groaning with lewd pleasure as still more cum shot from his cock and filled the young girl’s asshole.

“I’m coming again, Red! All that hot cum it’s making me so hot… keep shooting, darling!” she gasped, coming again and again as her husband continued to shoot his heavy load inside her shit-chute.

The thick spunk overflowed, dribbling down her thighs and splashing obscenely onto the bed below her.

Long moments later, their orgasms subsided. Red pulled his softening prick out of Loni’s cum-filled asshole and collapsed on the bed, lying flat on his back.

“Oh, thank you, darling. That was the best fuck we’ve ever had! And I don’t think it could have been any better! Thank you, Red, thank you, thank you, thank you,” Loni said with a little laugh as she settled into the crook of her husband’s arm and planted kiss after kiss on his face.

“Our marriage was really in serious trouble, wasn’t it, honey?” Red asked thoughtfully after their breathing had returned to normal.

“Yes, honey, I’m afraid it was. With sex as bad as it was between us…” Loni said, her words trailing off helplessly as she snuggled cozily against her husband.

“Yeah, I know, I was a real mess, wasn’t I? And everytime I saw your dad… well, let’s just say if looks could kill, I’d be dead by now,” Red said dryly.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about him anymore, Red. I’ve told him just how happy you’re making me these days and, believe me, our marriage has his blessing at last,” Loni said, smiling adoringly up at her young husband. “I’m so proud of you, honey. You’ve learned so much in such a short time about how to please me in bed. Please tell me who your wonderful counselor is.”

“Well, she’s not exactly a counselor. But she’s definitely been a great teacher,” Red said, flushing slightly.

“She? Red! Should I be jealous?” Loni cried in mock anger.

“That all depends on how you react to the fact that I’ve been fucking another woman,” Red said, stroking his wife’s hair.

“You’ve been fucking another woman? And she’s the one who’s been teaching you all this great stuff? About how to go slower? About how to make it really good for me?” Loni asked, her eyes widening.

“Yeah, thats right, thats exactly what she’s been doing,” Red said softly.

“In that case, there’s no way I can be jealous! Instead, give her my undying gratitude?” Loni cried and they both laughed. “Who is she, Red?”

“Your mother,” Red said.

At first, there was only stunned silence. Then Loni began to laugh. Finally, she was laughing so hard that tears filled her eyes and began to run down her cheeks.

“My mother? My mother! Oh, God, that’s perfect, I love it! How did it happen, Red?” Loni asked, still laughing slightly. Suddenly, an image of her husband and mother fucking each other sprang into her mind and she felt her little pussy growing hot with renewed desire.

“Well, one day, when you and I were having so much trouble with our sex life, I went over to your house. I intended to talk to your dad since you and he have always been so close. I was hoping that he might have some ideas about how I could make things better between you and me,” Red said.

“Let me guess,” Loni said with a smile. “He wasn’t home. Mom was, and she took it upon herself to teach you about sex.”

“Yeah, something like that,” Red agreed, returning his wife’s smile.

“So that’s what she meant,” Loni said thoughtfully, remember her mother’s mysterious wards after the mother and daughter had gotten it on together.


“Huh, oh, nothing, honey. Now I’ve got something to tell you, and I only hope you take it as well as I’ve taken your news!” Loni said, and then she told her husband all about her incestuous relationship with her father.

“Wow! Your dad, huh?” the boy asked, stunned. But he was also aware that his cock had begun to harden, and he knew that he was turned on by the knowledge that his wife had been fucking her own father all these years.

“Sure!” Loni chirped. “How do you think I learned so much about sex at such a young age? You don’t mind, do you, Red?”

“No, not at all! In fact, I think it’s great! Your mom taught me that anything that feels as good as sex does can’t be wrong, no matter who you’re doing it with! And you don’t mind about me fucking your mom, do you?” Red asked.

“Hell, no! I think it’s a real turn-on. And I’ve got a great idea!” Loni said excitedly. “I think we should call my mom and dad up right now and ask them to come over here and join us in bed.”

“Yeah, great! Then we can have a four-way orgy! And I can watch you getting it on with your dad?” Red cried, his cock hardening more at each lewd thought.

“Right!” Loni said, already springing up from bed and heading for the phone. “And I can watch you and my mom fucking!”

“All riiiight!” Red said, grinning. “What’s so funny?” he asked as Loni burst into laughter again, her hand poised over the telephone.

“Oh, I was just thinking how true that saying is, Red… you know, the one about how young people should learn from their elders!”

Red joined in her laughter.