Oh What A Job To Be A Priest Listening To Confessions

The priest at the church we go to was very stressed
after two of his colleagues died because of a sudden
illness one after another. There were only three of
them in the first place. I am a devout catholic and
very religious. I am also very friendly with him so I
tried to be agreeable to him when he asked me to assist
his new trainee priests. Most of the duties were not
very difficult to comprehend and follow but he was
unsure when it came to confessions.

“They are inexperienced in this sort of thing and may
lack maturity in their responses during confessions,”
he explained before requested me to volunteer to be
with them during confessions.

My eyes widened at his suggestion as confessions are
confessions and one shouldn’t meddle with the process
but he insisted and I agreed to be with the new
priests. But I was to be a silent participant and only
supposed to gesture with my hands if what they were
saying was okay or not so that they would get the cue
and change their response accordingly. After I agreed,
he was relieved and introduced me to the three new

The church was part of a government initiative to
rehabilitate convicts from the prisons and my church
had got the three trainees from a far away church. It
was a good idea as if they were not local parishners
would never recognize and question them. The first one
was a dark Pakistani named Abdul who was just released
after a prolonged investigation about his involvement
in a terrorist attack. The other two were black –
Jeremy and Troy – who had just finished time for raping
seven women.

So I was a bit intimidated when I was introduced to the
three large dark men. Their handshakes were firm and my
hand seemed tiny in their paw like iron-hard grips.

My first assignment was with Troy. Although 45, he was
in perfect state of fitness – his shiny black skin
healthy and his biceps and neck muscles rippling. He
was wearing the customary robe cuffed at the neck and
as we stepped in the confession cubicle, I had to
slowly get used to his body odor – nothing foul
smelling, I must say but a bit tangy and acrid like
stale sweat and musk mixed together. The cubicle was
rather small so it was a tight squeeze.

There was a thick black curtain hanging as partition.
They couldn’t fit another chair so they had provided a
cushion for me to sit. As we were waiting for the first
confession, I had this overwhelming urge to fall asleep
especially after the long-winded sermon. And Troy’s
thick muscular thighs could have been a nice pillow I
chuckled to myself and fought the sleep off.

One guy walked in and started rambling about how he had
been unfair to his children and now felt guilty blah,
blah, blah. I was surprised that Troy was very kind and
considerate in his responses. He looked at me for
approval and I gave him the thumbs-up sign. He was
doing very well till the seventh confession, it was
close to dinner time and dim lights were switched on. A
woman walked in and sat silently for a while. Troy
encouraged her to confess and finally she spoke in

“Father, I have sinned and am guilt ridden for doing

Troy: “What pray tell me, have you sinned, my dear

After some hesitation and further cajoling from Troy,
the woman whispered: “I may have cheated on my husband

Troy: “You do not seem sure, my dear.”

“I don’t know father and I am dying of my dilemma.”

Troy: “If you tell me, I could help, my dear.”

“Father, my dilemma is that I was not involved
willingly. So is that considered cheating?”

Troy: “If you want me to help understand the dilemma
better, speak up, my dear. Have no fear.”

She whispered: “A few weeks ago a man molested me.”

Troy: “Molested you? Did he touch you somewhere?”


Troy: “Where?”

“Ahem…well, on my body.”

Troy: “Where on your body?”

“On my breast…ugh…chest.”

Troy: “But you were wearing clothes?”

“Umm…actually no.”

Troy: “So this man touched your bare chest? How did
that happen?”

“I was at home showering when the doorbell rang. I
opened the door in my towel. There was man with a
letter. Just when I reached to take the letter, my
towel fell down.”

Troy: “I see. So the man accidentally touched your bare
chest while he was passing the letter to you?”

“Err…not really father. I had already taken the
letter from him but I forgot to pick up the towel.”

Troy: “So? Did you pick up the towel later?”

“Since my hands were busy, I had no choice but to ask
him to pick it up for me father. Then I asked him to
wrap it around me. So when he was wrapping the towel
around me, he touched my breasts.”

Troy, I could see, had handled the situation very well
so far but now he was getting a bit restless. I could
see beads of perspiration on his high, shining black
forehead. And I couldn’t blame him, I too was getting a
bit excited with her confession, the way it was
unfolding so to encourage Troy to go on I nodded and
gave him the thumbs up again. He wiped his brow with
the hem of his robe. When he was done, his robe fell
off his thighs and I saw his tree-trunk thick black
thighs. The sod was not wearing any trousers underneath
his flowing robe. Troy: “So he tied the towel around
you, and touched your breasts in the process and then

“Oh no father. He didn’t leave immediately. Actually,
his hands were trembling a bit and the knot of the
towel opened again. So I had no choice but to ask him
to tie it again. And then he touched my breasts again.”

Troy: “That’s it then? Did he leave?”

“I wish he had left but just then the phone rang and
that sort of scared me and I jumped. As I jumped the
towel fell down again and because the floor was wet
slightly I slipped and fell on the man. I am plain
lucky that he caught me before I hit the head on the
floor. Again, his hands landed on my breasts.”

Troy: “You mean both hands?”

“No. Only one hand was on the breast. The other hand
was holding me from between my legs. I think in his
rush to stop my fall he just grasped whatever came in
his hands.”

Troy: “So what exactly was he grasping with the other

“Father, that’s my dilemma. His palm was on
my…my…how do you say?…my mound.”

Troy: “Mound? What the fu… I mean what’s that?” I
tugged at Troy’s robe to admonish him but that only
made the robe fall all the way to the side revealing
his entire hairy leg. The other side of the robe also
fell to the other edge and I came face to face with a
lazy but very fat and long uncut cock peeking from
under Troy’s sexy black thong. I pinched myself to see
it I was not dreaming. Troy was indeed wearing a tiny
black thong. His black balls were spilled over one to
each side of the thing and his giant cock – was
completely extended out from the side of the thong.

“Sorry father, I meant my vagina. I really can’t blame
the poor man for what happened afterwards because I
keep my pubic hair shaved so the vagina-mound was
smooth and slippery because of the water. I would like
to think that is why one of his fingers slipped inside
my vagina while he was trying to hold me.”

Troy: “You are saying that his finger went up your
twat… I mean vagina while he was saving you…
hmmm… now that doesn’t seem like cheating to me. Go
on…” I could see that Troy was enjoying his role as a
priest and although I was a bit intimidated by his
horsecock which was continually growing up and was
dangerously close to my mouth, I was rock hard. I had
never imagined myself in such a situation and although
I am not gay or anything, I was fiercely fascinated by
this new black priest’s humungous cock swaying in air
with each sentence of the woman’s whispered confession.

“Thanks father I am so relieved to hear that you don’t
feel it was like cheating. Although I must confess that
I am not sure now whether it was just one finger inside
my vagina or a few. I was breathing really hard and he
must have thought that I was having convulsions or
something so he tried to listen to my heartbeat. But
the way we were positioned, he accidentally put his
mouth to my breast. To help him hear my heartbeat so
that he would go away, I put the nipple of my other
breast in his ear.

“He must be a little hard of hearing because he didn’t
hear a thing even though I continued to rub my nipple
in and around his ears. In fact, instead of calming me
down, he started groaning himself and I had to caress
his back and behind to soothe him down.”

Troy uncuffed the collar of his robe and pulled it
open, revealing a broad chest rippling with muscles
under its heavy coat of kinky curly black hair. Then he
started massaging his broad black nipples and asked:
“Go on child, you did the right thing to soothe him
down as he was only trying to help you. So how long did
you soothe him by massaging his ass…I mean back.”

“Thank you father. Actually not long as I was afraid
someone might see us in this situation and
misunderstand. So I asked him to carry me to the
lounge. Fortunately he was so strong and smart that he
carried me like a rag doll and at the same time latched
the front door too. Then he threw me on the lounge.”

Troy (now his black cock was rock hard and a thick
dollop of pre-cum was rolling down slowly along its
long and fat shaft…he was slowly pumping his shaft):
“Oh sweet Jesus. How could he throw you like that?
That’s a sin.”

“Oh no father, don’t blame him. He was in a hurry as he
had another parcel to deliver. I think he just wanted
to help me as fast as possible. He would have surely
gone but I was very uncomfortable after he abruptly
pulled his three fingers out of my pus…vagina. I was
dry and as he pulled out his thick and long fingers, he
might have caused some abrasion and I cried out loudly.
Poor thing, he was in such a tearing hurry that he
couldn’t ask me where some cream was and just dropped
down to his knees and quickly smeared some of thick
gooey saliva all over my pus…vagina.”

Troy now pulled the robe completely off. He also pulled
his thong off and threw it on my face, giving me a
wink. I smelt his strong black musk from the thong and
my cock tented up. Then he said: “its okay darling, use
whatever words you are comfortable with. Remember it’s
your confession so you should be at ease with the words
you are using. So he smeared his spit on your pussy
with his hands?”

“Thanks father. Nope the wretched man started smearing
his saliva straight from his mouth. In fact his mouth
was clamped tightly all over my pussy mouth. But I must
say it was calmed my pussy down a bit. But I have this
medical condition where if I get a little horny, my
pussy starts itching deep inside and then it can make
me very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, as he was
soothing my bruised pussy with his thick nigger lips, I
started getting aroused. I think that’s my sin.”

Troy: “No way honey. Any human being would have reacted
the same way. I can only imagine how you must be
feeling at that moment…I am a nigger myself and I
know we are very good at making women aroused using our
thick nigger tongues…so I won’t blame you at all for
feeling horny with that black delivery man. He was the
one sinning…it was his duty to calm your horniness
down completely with his tongue or with any other body
part that could do the job. I hope he didn’t sin
completely and leave you high and dry with an itchy

“No father. He was a good devout man. As he felt me
squirming under his mouth he got up and pulled out his
cock. Father, I must tell you. I was shocked to see
such a nice specimen of a cock. It was huge father, I
can’t tell you how big it was but I thought that was
the first real cock I have seen.”

Troy: “Oh fuck. That sounds awesome. I have been in
that situation before where I had to service…I mean
help a damsel like you in distress. Even I would not
bother taking off all the clothes. So how big was he?”

“I would say 10 inches long and still counting. But he
was very wide –about six inches and that’s why I got
scared. Because it was not really rock hard to soothe
the deep seated itchiness in my pussy, I offered to
help him by making it harder.”

Troy: “That’s blood good of you. But how did you manage

“He helped me decide the method. I was really confused
but when he came closer and pushed his cock in my
parted mouth, I knew that was the best thing to do in
the circumstance. I sucked his cock till he was rock

Troy pulled on his cock slowly and kept spreading his
pre-cum all over its shiny head and glistening black
shaft. Slowly the smell of sex rose in the tiny
cubicle. I could also hear the wet sounds of Troy’s
black hand going up and down his wet shaft. He said:
“How long did you suck that black cock and how much of
the 10 inches could you take in?”

“Don’t underestimate me father. I deep-throated him
down to his smelly and kinky pubic hair and I sucked
him for a full ten minutes before he was ready to fuck
me… I mean to soothe my pussy. Father? May I ask what
this smell is about… because when the black man was
making me suck his cock… it was a similar sort of
funky, musky aroma that filled my nostrils… and I
hope I am not sinning if I tell you that I am starting
to feel that same itchiness deep inside my pus… pussy
that I felt at the moment when I was blowing his black

Troy: “Ummm… Don’t misunderstand me child but I am in
a same condition as the man whose cock you were sucking
and it is getting a bit painful.”

“Father, if you like I can relieve you of the painful
condition. But I worry it may be a sin I am

Troy: “Oh no way honey. You will just be helping a
suffering priest in any case, it would be a sin for you
and me to see each other so my friend here can assist
you,” then Troy spoke to me, “BL can you please pull
the curtain over my cock? If you do this then both the
lady and I will not have committed the sin.” I stood up
on my knees and pulled the curtain in such a manner
that Troy’s lower body was now exposed to the woman.

In the process Troy’s cock slapped my face and I had to
hold it off to avoid any contact. I think the woman was
in a rush because I was still holding Troy’s throbbing
large cock when the woman’s mouth descended eagerly on
his cock. She started sucking like a cum-hungry bitch
in heat. She even sucked some of my fingers in the

“BL, be a kind soul and help the woman release my
load…caress my hairy balls while she is sucking my
cock,” Troy ordered me and I just couldn’t resist. Just
then the curtain parted slightly and too the breath
away from my chest. There, down on my her knees, her
one hand furiously pumping her own wet pussy, was my
wife sucking Troy, the new priest’s black fat cock.

I quickly hid behind the curtain. Troy had now put his
hands around the curtain to hold my wife’s head and he
was slowly humping her mouth by raising his big and
tight black hairy ass. Troy: “Baby, good as you are in
sucking my juices out, I want to hear your confession
so that we can complete the process. Why don’t you
turned around and let me take care of your itchy pussy
while you narrate your confession.”

I quickly sneaked a peek to see my wife raise her long
skirt all the way to reveal a panty less moist shaved
pussy. Since I was still holding Troy’s giant cock, I
felt it was my duty to slowly place its mushroom purple
head at the entrance of my wife’s slick pussy. The rest
was done by a slow and steady push by Troy as he thrust
forward and my wife was impaled on his 11-inch long and
seven inch thick cock. My wife’s pussy was stretched to
its limit as Troy started fucking her slowly. The
entire cubicle was filled with unmistaken smell of my
wife’s funky pussy and Troy’s man musk and sweat. As
they fucked themselves slowly, my so far prim and
proper wife continued her confession.

“Ahh… yes father that feels so good. Much better than
when the black delivery man shoved his monster cock in
my scalding hot itchy pussy. Oh god, oh father… the
relief I felt then and am feeling now has no
description…every inch of my pussy was invaded by
that black intruding cock. And he fucked me senseless
just like you are fucking me now… father, give it to
me hard…fuck me with you godly cock.”

I pulled out from under the curtain and started slowly
licking the holy union of my wife’s pussy and Troy’s
cock. It was delicious but I was just scared of being
recognized by my wife. Then Troy abandoned all priestly
pretence and pushed me away. He held my wife by her
waist and pounded her pussy like a true rapist. He
fucked her for ten minutes and my wife continued
ranting about how the black deliveryman had pounded her

“Father. You are the best… fuck… yeah… better
than the deliveryman even… you know he fucked me with
his cock for only five minutes and spilled his black
seed in my fertile pussy… I could feel his cum spurt
straight at the entrance of my womb… I could feel the
rush of his sperm to race and mate with my fertile

As she was saying this, Troy lost all control and
slammed deep inside my wife’s pussy. I quickly clamped
my mouth at the root of his cock and my wife’s pussy
and as expected, a torrent of thick ropes of cum
started flooded out of my wife’s rather outstretched
pussy. I swallowed it all up till Troy pulled out his
deflating cock out of her badly beaten pussy. I quickly
hid behind the curtain. Troy pulled my mouth on to his
cock and I cleaned his softening cock of all the
remnant of convict-priestly cum mixed with my wife’s
cheating pussy juice.

Then I gently pulled the thong back on the priest and
helped him into his robe. Once he gained his composure,
he sat down, still slowly pumping his soft cock. Then
he said: “There my child. Don’t you feel your pussy’s
itch was reduced?”

“Yes father. Thank you. But I have still not finished
my confession. Actually I had several similar dilemmas
that happened with the milkman, mailman, garbage
collector, plumber, servicemen at the petrol pump and
many more. I feel more confident in confessing to
you… shall I see you tomorrow again?”

Troy smiled and replied: “Sure sweetie. Anytime. But if
you have too many confessions maybe I can come to your
home and hear them all out together. If you feel that
it’s better to confess to different priests, don’t
worry I can bring two of my colleagues along – one is
black and as good as me, and one is a Pakistani thug
who has not had his cock serviced for a long time. So
shall we meet at 2pm tomorrow? I am sure your husband
will be at work and that will give you all the privacy
of confessing.”

I shot my load all over my pants at hearing this. And
my wife whispered back, “That would be lovely father.
After all if I am confessing to priests, I am not
cheating behind my husband. See you tomorrow. Sorry
father, now I must rush, my husband and father-in-law
must be waiting for me outside.”