A man finds his wife having sex with another man

I had been married for five years when an event took
place that would change my life forever. At the time my
wife Jill, was twenty seven years old. She was then and
still is a beautiful woman. On the small side, she is
about five four, 105 pounds, blonde hair blue eyes. She
has the most perfect double D tits you have ever seen
and ass that is so firm you could bounce a nickel off
of it.

Our relationship was great and I had no reason to
belief that Jill had ever or would ever cheat on me.
One night we decided to go out to the club and enjoy a
few drinks. Jill has never been able to hold her liquor
well and on more than one occasion I have had to carry
her from the car to bed, where on more than one
occasion I have taken that opportunity to do things
with her that she would not have entirely been willing
to do otherwise.

On this night Jill and I got ready to go to a club.
Jill liked to dress sexy when we went out and tonight
was no exception to that. She had a short black mini
skirt and a tight as hell top. The whole outfit showed
off every curve and crevasse on her body, and I must
admit that I loved it when she dressed like this.

We got to the club around ten o’clock and the place was
pretty busy. As usual it was one girl for every five
guys. This worked out fine for me because I had mine
and I did not like to dance, so Jill had her pick of
dance partners and I could just sit back, drink and
enjoy the views. We found a table and Jill sat down
while I ran to the bar to get our first round. I placed
our order and told the bartender to send a waitress
over with our drinks when they were ready.

I returned to the table and sat next to my wife. “Quite
busy tonight,” I commented. “It sure is,” Jill answered
back, “I won’t have any problem finding a dance partner
tonight. “Or three,” I smiled and said back confident
that she would not be bugging me to dance.

Our drinks came and I told the waitress to go ahead and
bring us two more rounds and keep checking back. I was
a beer drinker and Jill liked her wine. We easily had
our first drinks down before the waitress came back
with our next order. As busy as it was I had her just
bring a picture for me and a bottle for Jill. A couple
drinks later Jill told me that she was ready to dance
and was off to the dance floor. Jill never took the
incentive; she just went out on the floor and dance by
herself, but never for long. Someone always came to her
to fill the dance partner role.

After about four songs and four more drinks Jill came
back to the table and sat down, grabbed her next glass
and began to sip. “Having fun?” I asked.

“Oh yes, I am really tipsy though, but that makes it
that much more fun,” she said, “and more fun for both
of us when we get home.”

“I am ready when you are,” I said with a grin. With
that she finished her drink and got up from her chair.
“I am heading out for more,” she said and she walked
back to the dance floor. I noticed that the same two
guys had been dancing with Jill most of the evening and
Jill was having a great time. Jill brought them both
back to the table and introduced them to me. Doug and
Dave were their names and they said that they both
worked for the same sales firm and were in town for the

Doug was about six foot four and build very well. He
did not give the appearance of a sales man but more of
a carpenter or someone who works with their hands. Dave
was of average size and build and fit the salesman
look. Dave and I were actually built similar and he was
wearing a blue shirt and dark slacks, similar to mine.

All four of us sat at the table talking and drinking
when Dave asked to be excused to the restroom. Dave
left the three of us and we continued to chat away. A
few minutes went by and I felt the need to use the
restroom also. As I got up to go Jill also said she was
going. Doug said he would hold the table and Jill and I
walked to the hall that leads to the restrooms. There
was a line to the ladies room as always so I left Jill
there and went on into the men’s room only to find a
shorter line inside.

It took almost ten minutes to get through the lines and
headed back out toward the table. As I left the hall I
looked out and saw only Doug sitting there. I could not
see Jill on the dance floor so I returned back down the
hall. I looked at the restroom line for the ladies room
and noticed the woman that was in front of Jill was
still about three back from the door.

I thought that maybe something was wrong so I started
heading to her to ask about my wife. That’s when I
noticed the third door in the hall. The sign said
“Private, Do not enter.” But was slightly open. I bent
to peek inside and could hear noises coming from

As I got closer I could tell with out a doubt that
someone was having some really good sex in there. I
stuck my head inside the doorway. The room was dark and
I could only see the shapes of the couple inside. The
woman was lying on a large desk with her legs spread
wide getting fucked by. That is when I recognized the
woman’s voice and she was telling the man to fuck her.

It was Jill, my wife, and the man that she was fucking
sounded a lot like the stranger we had just met, Dave.
Dave was fucking my wife in the storage closet of a
bar. And fucking her hard. As he plowed his cock into
her over and over again she moaned and screamed with
pleasure. She loved every second of her fucking and I
was getting more and more pissed.

I thought about breaking in on them but decided to just
head back to the table and wait. A few minutes go by
and Dave comes out of the hall and comes over the
table, grabbed the beer picture, and pours himself a
drink. I thought the nerve of this guy, fucking my
wife, drinking my beer, but I just sat there and sipped
mine. A few more minutes went by and my drunken slut of
a wife came staggering from the hall and planted her
ass in the chair right next to mine. She leaned in
close to me and whispered in my ear, “I love you.”

“What the fuck,” I thought, and I was even more pissed.
I excused myself and heading back to the restroom to
think this out before I killed someone. After about
five minutes to myself I thought about what had
happened. That’s when Dave came into the room. I walked
right up to him and said, “Was she good for you?” Dave
turned white as a ghost.

“It was an accident,” he said in a panic,” I didn’t
mean too fuck her. I didn’t even know it was her until
after.” Dave continued his story. “I walked out of the
restroom and started heading back to the table when I
passed the door in the hall. As soon as I got close to
it a hand came out and grabbed my arm. I let her pull
me in the room but I could not see well at all.

“The next thing I know my pants are being un-done and I
am getting my dick sucked. As my eyes adjusted I could
start to see her better and could tell she was totally
hot. Before long we were fucking. It was not until just
now that I put two and two together. I am so sorry man,
I am so sorry.”

I just stood there taking in Dave’s story. Dave asked
what he could do to make it up to me. So I quickly came
up with a great plan to teach her to control her
alcohol. “Here’s what I want Dave,” I said to him, “and
this is how I want it….”

I returned to the table and sat down with Doug and my
wife, Dave was a few seconds behind me and he sat down
too. We all had another round when Dave announced that
he was ready to call it a night and told Doug that they
needed go. Both Doug and Jill were disappointed and the
two men headed for the door. Jill was sad that she had
lost her dance partner, and her fuck partner probably,
and had herself another drink. “I am tired to baby,” I
said, “lets get going.” Jill agreed and we headed out
the door.

The cab dropped us off and Jill could barely walk from
to the front door. We made our way inside and Jill said
that she wanted to take a shower. We went up stairs to
into the shower we went. The shower was large enough
for both of us, four of five actually, and it felt
really good. Jill washed herself and a few times I had
to help her from not slipping.

We got out and dried off. Jill sat on the bed with her
hair up in a towel and her bathrobe on. I went the
liquored cabinet and poured us both a drink, this time
a hard drink. I gave her hers and said “bottoms ups.”
She was just drunk enough to down that glass so I fed
her another, and another, until she could barely keep
her eyes open. Then finally she fell back into the bed
sound asleep.

It was at this point where the payback begins. I knew
she was out, and I know that she would not be waking up
anytime soon. I walked over to the window and looked
out to the street. There, in the darkness, a mid sized
rental sedan was parked. I waved and two figures
stepped out of the car. I went downstairs and opened
the front door just as Doug and Dave were about to

“Well,” I said.

Dave answered back, “We are good to go. How about the
little wife?”

“Oh she is as ready as she is going to be and I am sure
she will stay that way for quite a while so we can
enjoy the whole night.” I replied with an evil smirk.

The three of us headed up stairs to find Jill exactly
where I had left her. I asked for Doug’s help and we
pulled her up flat on the bed, removed her robe and
towel to expose her nakedness. Jill lay there all
sprawled out with pussy and tits for all to see. The
three of us enjoyed a drink while we stood over her and

“Ok,” I said, “here’s the deal. Dave, you fucked my
wife tonight. I’m sure that you enjoyed it; I know I do
when I fuck her, but here’s the thing. She needs to be
taught a lesson and I’ve enlisted you and your buddy
here to help me do it. The lesson I am going to teach
her is that she is a fucking slut whore and she is
going to be treated like one. She’s to be fucked
everyway to Sunday. No holes bard, if you know what I
mean. Before you ask, yes she’s on the pill.”

With that, I set my drink down and began to take off my
cloths. I told the two of them to do the same. After
removing my cloths I took a look around at the
competition. Dave, the wife fucker, was almost the
exact build as I was. Of average height and weight, and
his cock, hard of course, was about that same as mine
too. It was around seven inches and a little thicker
than average. Doug on the other hand was a completely
different story.

This man was huge, in all ways. Besides being build
like a football star he has a cock that made me want to
get on my knees and declare that I was not worthy. It
was at least ten inches long and a good inch and a half
bigger around than both mine and Dave’s. I smiled
thinking how that was going to stretch her out tonight.

I declared that I was going first. I got the flavored
lube from the drawer and proceeded to put it on my
cock. I lifted my wife’s legs apart and began to stab
my cock toward her cunt. Finding the sweet spot I dove
forward and with one motion and buried my cock deep
inside her and I began to fuck away. As I was pumping
her, Dave and Doug headed to ether side of the bed.

Doug stood next to the bed by my wife’s face, his cock
just dangling in front of her lips and Dave, on his
knees, began to crawl opposite of him. Doug reached
down and set his dick on my wife’s mouth, at which
point she let out a soft moan and opened her mouth
slightly. Doug began to slowly stick his cock into her
mouth while he played with one of her tits.

Dave lay down next to Jill and began to suck her other
tit. He licked and nibbled, and even bit her nipple a
few times pulling it away and letting it snap back. All
the while he stroked his cock. Then, to my complete
surprise and amazement, Dave shifted away from Jill’s
tit and moved up to her mouth where Doug was moving his
cock around. Dave opened wide and Doug proceeded to
remove his cock from my wife’s mouth, and he placed in
to Dave’s. Dave shifted forward and engulfed Doug’s
massive cock. I stopped and looked up. Doug said to me,
“Oh, didn’t Dave mention this?”

“No, Dave didn’t,” I thought to myself, “but this is
quite the twist.” I began fucking away on Jill like she
was a sex doll just laying there for my pleasure. With
the new added twist my excitement level rose greatly
and in just a few minutes I was dumping the first load
of cum deep inside her pussy. I pulled out of her and
watched as a little bit of my cum escaped her.

Dave announced that he would like to go next and moved
down to my wife’s crotch. He stuck his face into her
and began to lick her. I could clearly see that he was
eating my cum out of her not missing a drop he even
lapped up what landed on the bed. He then repositioned
him self and stuck his dick inside of her and began
pumping away. I was instantly hard again and began to
play with myself.

Doug walked around the bed and stood at my feet. Not
sure about what was going to happen or if I even wanted
it to Doug began to crawl toward me. Before I could
decide what to do Doug took my cock in his hand and
buried it into his mouth. He took me all the way in and
I could feel the back of his throat as he proceeded to
give me the best blow job I have every had. Dave fucked
away and Doug sucked away.

All I could do was lay there and take it all in. Jill
was moaning slightly in her drunken passed out state
and but that barely distracted me from Mr. Hoover
sucking my cock. Dave then grunted and stiffened. He
buried himself deep into my wife and shuddered a little
and he pumping his cum into her. Finally he collapsed
onto her, caught his breath and pulled his dick out.
This time more cum came out of her. It was a mixture of
my cum, now frothy, and his cum oozing out and onto the

Now freshly fucked and wet as can be Doug was going to
take his turn. I could not wait to see the massive cock
go into my wife. Doug reached to her crotch, rubbed her
a little, gathered up some cum and rubbed it on his
cock. After lubing up good he gathered up a little more
and tasted it. Doug positioned the helmet of his dick
at Jill’s cunt and slowly pushed forward. I put my face
about a foot away in order get the best view I could.

To my surprise her pussy lips spread as he pushed in
and before long his cock was in her. He continued to
push deeper in and as he did I could see, and hear cum
being pushed out of her. I had never tasted cum before
so I stuck my tongue out and bent my head forwarded. I
put my tongue on my wife’s clit and licked a little. I
enjoyed what I tasted and went back for a little more.

This time my tongue brushed against Doug’s cock. I
lapped up around her pussy as Doug moved his cock
around. I could not help myself at this point licking
his cock in order to get more cum. I backed off and
watched as Doug put his dick, balls deep, into my wife.
I would not have believed that she could take that
whole cock.

As Doug pumped away into my wife and moved up to suck
on her tits a little. That’s when Dave started handling
my dick. I looked down and he was stroking me. His face
was near my cock and I spread my legs a little. He
began to blow me. Better than Doug, Dave sucked my cock
like a master.

I lay on my back, closed my eyes and just enjoyed
myself. Then I felt something cold against my asshole.
I didn’t want to open my eyes because I was afraid I
would make Dave stop whatever it was he was doing. I
could feel Dave working his finger around my ass and
the coldness was the lubricant. Soon Dave was pressing
against my back door with his finger. I relaxed and let
him. It was amazing.

Soon Dave had two fingers and then a third inside of
me. I began to squirm a little and he finger fucked my
virgin ass as he sucked on my dick. Then I heard Doug
grunt and say he was about to cum. He slowed, got
tense, and ripped his dick from Jill’s sloppy gash. He
then began jacking off on her stomach. A huge load of
cum shot out of his dick and landed across her stomach
and chest. His next pump was increasable.

At least a tablespoon of cum shot from his dick and
landed with a thump on Jill’s face. Some just above her
mouth, on her nose and in a puddle near her eye. Four
or maybe even five more squirts of cum and Doug was
emptied. I could not believe my eyes.

Dave at this point got off of me went between Jill’s
legs and began to eat Doug’s cum out of her. I
contemplated for a moment and I too began to lick
Doug’s cum from my wife. I started at her face and
licked. I sucked the cum from around her eye first and
proceeded me way down her face lapping up another man’s
cum and swallowing it.

I could not believe what I was doing, but it was so
good. I made my way to her tits where a good amount had
ended up and just as I was cleaning one of her nipple
Doug stuck a finger in my ass and worked me a little.
Dave and I finished eating Doug’s cum and I went to eat
some more from my wife’s, now gaping wide, pussy.

After getting my fill I straddled Jill and began
fucking her. I was surprised that she had tightened a
bit already and her pussy felt so good and wet. As I
was fucking away stabbing my cock into my very used
wife I felt a hand near my asshole again. Wanting to
get finger fucked again I bent forward, pushed my cock
deep into Jill and stuck my ass up at the same time.
Only this time it was not a finger, it was Dave’s cock.
I grunted and tensed a bit and Dave stuck his very
lubed, very hard, dick right into my ass. I let out a
breath as he broke past the muscle and slid his dick in
me. It felt wonderful.

Dave began thrusting himself into my backside and as he
did the movement caused my cock to move into and out of
Jill. Dave’s fucking of me was directly causing me to
fuck her. It was the best feeling I have ever
experienced. This continued on for what seemed like
eternity when Dave said he was about to cum. As I felt
Dave’s hot juices fill my cavity I came inside of Jill.
We both collapse on top of my wife and rolled to the
side. My cum oozed from Jill and Dave’s cum oozed from

I was existed but Doug turned me to the side and begin
to eat the cum from my ass. I pushed it out and he
received it gratefully. When done he ate the cum from
Jill’s cunt and proceeded to fuck her again.

This went on for hours. We all fucked Jill at least
four or five times that night. Jill and I both got
fucked in the ass by both Dave and Doug. When we could
not cum another drop Doug picked up Jill and we all
went to the shower. We washed her clean and cleaned
ourselves. We put her to bed and I saw them both to the
door. I was sure to get their information so that I
could call upon them again.

The next morning I woke to find an empty bed. My wife
was not there and I was surprised at this. I went down
stairs and found her in the kitchen just finishing
breakfast. “Good morning baby,” she said to me with a
smile. “I had a great time last night; I don’t even
remember coming home.”

“You know,” she said, “you were amazing last night. I
am so sore we must have fucked all night long.” She
looked at me and continued, “I don’t remember it
though. I sure wish I did.” Jill then sat down across
from me. “I remember we did it in the store room at the
bar. That was increasable. I caught you just as you
came out of the restroom and fucked you like crazy.

“The rest of the night is a blur though.”