Our visit aunt and uncle

Rachel and I went to visit her aunt and uncle. It has been a while and people do change.They used to come to her mom and dad’s place often in the summer and with their camper they would stay for weeks. As children Rachel and I would spend a lot of time with her cousins exploring the back woods alone . I mostly would hang out with Brad and Rachel with Susie ,they both were a year younger than us .

As we all grew older things changed ,I grew more interested in Susie and Rachel with Brad. When it became hotter out we would all spend time in the stream swimming ,even their parents would go there to swim. They had set up a nice picnic area with a fire pit for barbecues and a rope swing to land in the water.

When we were young it wasn’t a big deal to see their parents skinny dipping with us there. It was normal for them and later became normal for us kids to do the same things. There was nothing to be concerned about as it was a secluded place and was on private property.

As us kids got older the adults would leave us behind with someone to watch over us , I assume it was so the adults skinny dip alone. When they returned it was our turn to go have fun in the sun and of course skinny dip. Susie’s older brother Don, would chaperone us since he was three years older.

Things changed when we all grew older , by the time we turned 16 we were on our own.We had no idea what incest was and probably wouldn’t have cared. The girls started growing pubic hair but still were flat chested,us boys well things were changing.Don had really changed and had a much larger cock, and the girls seemed to really enjoy his company.

He probably knew what incest was and did nothing but flaunt his bigger cock. He began spending more of the summer with the adults after the girls seemed more interested in his man hood.That led the girls to start asking Brad and I why ours were so different .They would often have us stand next to each other and hold our cocks together to see who was the biggest.

We did little swimming that year, mainly standing in the water watching the girls sunbathed nude. A view I would masturbate to while thinking about them many times.

They became big teasers that summer, often spreading their legs wider for us to drool over. It was only the last day of their visit that they became interested in touching our cocks. They even let us play with their pussies taking turns with each one. When they left it was just Rachel and I and we continued exploring each others bodies.

We also started kissing each other more often while hiking naked through the woods. She liked holding my cock and often said it was her handle that no one else could hold, I didn’t mind at all. It was embarrassing though when she held it too long one day and I erupted, spewing my cum all over.

From that day on every time we walked in the woods she would tug on my cock until I came.She would say “someday we are going to make a baby with that sauce”, giggle and say, “but not today”.

It was on her 17th birthday our exploring took a deeper turn and she jerked me off against her pussy. She began giving me hand jobs when I drove her to work and back home, she eventually let me finger her pussy .

Sex education in school taught us a lot of the birds and the bee’s ,we studied the rest with each other. Often it would be at her dad’s store after closing ,and put condoms to work, thankfully we never were caught. That was also where I took her virginity , using condoms of course ,and used a lot of them after that.

Throughout the years she would talk to Susie and they would share what they were doing , she even told her about losing her virginity with me. She was surprised that Susie told her she lost hers with Brad.She even had sex with Don,and told me Susie wanted me to do her too.

”She also had sex with several other guys, and really wants you,” Rachel said ,”I don’t want any one but you”. She then kissed me “I love you and will always love you “and emphasized “always”. Shortly after finding out about Susie’s affairs , a condom broke and Rachel became pregnant .

Her mom and dad actually seemed happy that they were going to be grandparents, and brought in a camper where we could be alone.They then gave us their old family home when we got married and the twin boys were born. That is where we now live 20 years later and only recently started sharing each other with others,a new chapter in our life.

We were driving to her aunt’s place when Rachel said to me”I wonder if Susie and Brad will be there. Susie always said she wanted to have sex with you ,what do you think about that”.She chuckled and said “I would do Brad,and we could have a foursome ,now that would be fun. Susie and I have had sex with each other when we were younger so if Brad doesn’t show it could be a threesome”.

“Should I stop and buy condoms” I asked her “in case they are there and would like to join us later in bed”.

“Why” she said “I can’t get pregnant and I will take all the cum he can give me. Susie had always wanted children but her last two husbands did not, maybe you can give her them”. Rachel rubbed my thigh and said “stud” then giggled and gave me a kiss on the cheek “I hope they are there”.

As luck had it they were both there and we found out they were still having sex with each other between boyfriends . “I didn’t know Brad was bisexual either until Susie told me.you wont have a problem with that will you “Rachel said.

I took a deep breath and said “well we are exploring new and different acts of sex”.

“Well I guess bisexual is better than being gay”Rachel said. “I would have to say when I was younger and sleeping naked with Susie we too were bisexual”.Rachel thought for a minute then said “ would you let him suck your cock for us”?

Thankfully we arrived at her aunt’s house before I had to answer her question.I do have to say she got her answer later that night when Susie and Brad came to spend the night.Other questions were answered that night on the drive back home with them..

Visiting her aunt was really a nice time,seeing Susie and the thought of having sex later made it even better. She hasn’t changed much and the two girls still had the same body features. I had to wonder since they were so much alike will it be the same once we hit the bed.

Brad and I spent time together but nothing was said about being bisexual. It made me wonder as he spent most of the time eyeballing Rachel. He also would ask questions about her ,some showing his interest in her sexual desires.I only told him that he would find out later , that made him more eager to come home with us.

Why did Susie and Rachel growing up and still today look very much alike except for their hair color. The answer is that Rachel’s father and Susie’s mother had an affair and Susie is actually Rachel’s sister. Susie’s mom and husband got a divorce over that, and later she married Brad’s and Don’s father

When Susie found that out she then started having sex with Brad and Don, which was why her and Brad were so close in age.

Was Brad bisexual maybe or at least he was led to believe he was. When Don found out Brad had sex with Susie he blackmailed him and made him give him blow jobs.Don also made him watch when Susie and him had sex,then made him lick his cum from inside her. That happened on a regular basis ,until Don moved away.

Well the night became more interesting when we all arrived home and started drinking.We played a few card games which turned into strip poker. Before we knew it we were all naked and horny deciding to just have sex with one another.

Seeing Susie and Rachel naked together and knowing in a way they were sisters made it clear why they looked so much alike. Susie was a dark blonde with a tint of redness in her hair, breast size was so close that with your eyes closed you wouldn’t tell them apart.

When the girls climbed up on the bed and said “eat me” it was my chance to see if they tasted the same. I was told to take Susie ,which I was hoping to do anyway.When I moved to her I carefully ran my hands up along her thighs watching her smile ,I then looked at Rachel who was also smiling. Brad wasted no time getting his tongue in Rachel but I took longer to begin licking Susie.

I paid a lot of attention to her clit and used my fingers to guide my mouth between her wet lips before I licked up along them.I guess there really wasn’t much difference in taste between the two but more of a tightness.She ran her hands down along my face and through my hair before grabbing my head pulling me tight against her pussy. When she let out a moan and quietly said “yes” it was a lot like Rachel would have said.

I would look up and over to Rachel and each time I saw they both had their eyes closed and their mouths open. Several times they were staring at each other with big smiles. It showed me that they were both enjoying the attention we were giving them.

Susie was getting wetter the longer I slipped my tongue inside her pussy and after twenty minutes she said “enough” forcing my head away. “It’s my turn,”she said, pushing me to my knees and wasting no time grabbing my cock.

I looked over at Rachel while Susie took my cock into her mouth and was surprised that Brad was already fucking her. I finally was able to see up close Rachel getting fucked and hearing her moan made me harder. I grabbed Susie’s head and started face fucking her about the same pace as Rachel was getting fucked.

Susie finally gagged from taking more than she wanted and got off her knees pushing me onto my back. She was on top of me now smiling as she lined my cock up to her pussy and sat down. “I have wanted this for many years” she said then started riding me .

When I looked over to Rachel all I could see was her legs in the air and Brad’s balls bouncing off her butt. When i looked back up at Susie she smiled and said “he is fucking the shit out of her ,isn’t he” then laughed . She then laid down on me giving me kisses while I held her ass helping her fuck me.

I could only hear Rachel moaning and the sounds of her getting pretty sloppy when she would cum.I made it a challenge not to cum inside Susie until Rachel had taken Brad’s load .Finally after twenty more minutes I heard Brad say he was going to cum. It was then only grunts and groans that filled the air, then silence .

When Brad finally pulled out and got off of Rachel ,Susie sat back up giving me a chance to see Rachel still on her back . Her legs were still spread and a stream of cum was seeping out of her , it was an awesome sight. Susie must have liked it too because she then got off of me and laid down between her thighs. She started licking away at Brad’s cum that was still inside her.

I rolled over and moved my cock into Susie’s sloppy hole ,grabbed her hips and started fucking her. Brad had laid down beside us watching my cock going in and out for the longest time. When I finally said I was cumming, he put his hand on my ass holding it until I finished filling Susie.

When I slowly pulled out he took a hold of my cock and started smearing my cum around between Susie’s cheeks. He looked up at me with a funny look and then sucked on my cock a couple of times . He then moved between Susie’s legs and licked at the cum he had spread around on her body.

I moved over to Rachel who had a surprised look on her face and laid down beside her.I gave her a kiss then looked over seeing that Brad had finished cleaning my cum from Susie and was laying down beside her.

We laid there until we were ready for another drink ,then we all got up and walked into the kitchen. When Rachel and I were alone she smiled “you let him suck your cock,are you okay with that”?

“It was okay,I was just caught up in the moment,”I said “did you like it”.

Rachel put her hand on my cheek and said”yes , i would like to see you suck him too”.

We then walked back into the living room then sat down still naked and looking pretty relaxed.