Hung, Strung Housewife

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoners of war who give in to their captors’ demands; the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors; all must act without past experience to guide them. All must make decisions in a vacuum, without benefits of familiar people or situations to guide them. The end result can be either a positive or a negative experience.

In this story, Rachel Welch finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive by her tormentors, she not only meets their sexual demands but, to her horror, finds herself responding to them. Rachel is forced to indulge in acts that are not only forbidden by society, but also by her own moral code.

HUNG, STRUNG HOUSEWIFE — a shocking story of a woman’s reactions under tremendous stress. Yet who are we to judge her actions?


“Well what the fuck have we got here?” Jack asked, pulling a long, shiny metal vibrator from the drawer and holding it up in front of Rachel. “You got a special surprise hidden in everything you’re selling or you just forget to clean this little treasure out?”

“Give me that back!” Rachel gasped, reaching for the sleek silver vibrator. Jack pulled it easily out of her grasp. “That’s not for sale and it doesn’t belong to you! Give it back this instant!”

Rachel glanced about the yard nervously, but thankfully no one else was around. Her big yard was filled with clothes and furniture and boxes of tools and kitchen utensils, but for the moment it was empty of people. Rachel breathed a sigh of relief. The yard sale had been a huge success so far, but she could never have stood her friends and neighbors discovering that she kept a vibrator to take care of herself after Bob, her husband, had done his sexy seconds of fucking, filled her up with his nasty spunk and rolled over to go to sleep.

“Mrs. Welch, I never thought you were a swinger.” Jack flicked on the vibrator and held it next to his ear, listening to its quiet humming. “Even sounds sexy, doesn’t it? I bet you get off real good with this baby.”

“Jack, you give that back tome right now!” Rachel couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Jack Martin had always been one of the nicest boys in the neighborhood, so tall and blonde and good-looking that all the girls and half the married woman got hot and wet every time he walked by. “Do you want me telling your parents the vile things you’re saying? Or my husband? Those are used to massage tired muscles. Nothing-nothing nasty!”

“Nothing nasty,” Jack whispered, edging closer to Rachel. He ran the tip of the vibrator up her forearm and the woman jerked back with a gasp. “I think I know what you massage with this baby, Mrs. Welch. I can smell your sweet cunt on it. And I don’t think you’ll tell anyone about the vile shit I’m saying to you. My parents would get a real kick hearing about the sexy bitch down the road who uses a vibrator to get off. And I’ll bet your hubby doesn’t know a fucking thing about this beauty.”

Rachel was terribly confused. She backed away from the boy until her shapely ass hit a big easy chair. Then she just stared, wide-eyed, at his approach. The vibrator had been the only thing that had ever brought her to a climax. Her husband was the only man she had ever fucked, and he had never been able to make her cum. Just the sight of the vibrator excited her, the knowledge of what its hard thrusts and maddening rub could do inside her pussy. Seeing the handsome blonde teenager holding it like a knife and walking toward her made Rachel burn with humiliation, but it also made her shiver with excitement.

Jack watched her chest heave and her nostrils flare and he knew he had her. Jack had watched Rachel all the time he was growing up. He tried to catch a glimpse of her in a bikini or tight sweater every day, and he beat off thinking about her every night.

“Now give it to me,” Rachel said weakly, reaching out for the vibrator as Jack stepped right in front of her.

“Yeah, I’ll give it to you,” Jack said, and ran the tip of the vibrator across her beautiful face. “I’ll give you this vibrator and a lot fucking more to boot.”

Rachel had long dark hair and big brown eyes. Her lips were full and perfect, her cheeks high, her nose long and straight. But it wasn’t her beautiful face that had made her the prime fantasy slut of a whole neighborhood of boys.

Rachel had the biggest tits Jack had ever seen on a woman. They thrust out from her chest like a pair of beach balls, like soft twin pillows. Each was capped by a dark nipple that always seemed painfully erect. Rachel was built so perfectly that she was almost unbelievable. Add in her long legs and the total package was so sexy it was almost hard to look at.

Rachel was dressed in a simple white blouse and old jeans, but on her the clothes looked great. She had a red sweater tied loosely around her broad, sexy shoulders. Jack ran the buzzing tip of the vibrator over the tip of her nose and circled her lips. Then he slipped the sweater from around her neck and looped it around her wrists.

“Just leave me alone,” Rachel whispered in a scalding voice as Jack tied her hands together in front of her. She looked around the yard, not sure whether to be terrified that someone might see her this way or relieved that Jack’s assault on her body would stop. “I’m almost old enough to be your mother. I don’t want you to do this.”

“Your lips say no, but your tits say yes.” Jack ran the vibrator across her jaw and down her long throat. He leaned in and kissed her fully on her lips, crashing their bodies together. “And my mother never fucking looked like you. If she had, I might have fucked her, too.”

Rachel gasped and trembled as Jack pressed his lips to hers. She tried to keep her mouth shut, but he crushed her lips against her teeth and forced her slowly, surely, into a deep, wet kiss.

Rachel squirmed against the big chair that held her pinned against Jack’s hard young body. Passion burned through her as Jack’s muscular chest mashed against her tits, his strong hips against her crotch. Jack’s tongue speared deep inside Rachel’s mouth, the gorgeous housewife couldn’t stop herself from returning his kiss. She sucked on his spit and played her tongue over his lips and teeth. A single fat tear slipped down her cheek as she realized she wouldn’t be able to control the animal impulses of her own body.

“That’s it, Mrs. Welch,” Jack whispered, kissing and licking his way across Rachel’s cheek and down to her throat. “These vibrators are something else, aren’t they? Here, why don’t you take a feel of something that’s even better?”

Rachel gasped with sudden pain when Jack bit her throat. He nipped just a tiny fold of her satiny skin and ground his teeth together until Rachel was sure he was going to bite a piece out of her body. Then she felt him sucking and knew he was giving her a hickey. The thirty-two year old housewife blushed with shame at the thought that she was being marked like some silly little teenage slut. Jack bit her creamy throat again and again, leaving a trail of reddening welts across her flesh. With a quick dip of the vibrator, he tore loose the top button on her blouse and touched the buzzing tip to the soft swell of her upper cleavage. Rachel moaned and her knees budded as pure pleasure flooded through her body.

Rachel’s huge tits had always been extremely sensitive. Bob had never had the slightest idea of how to handle her big tits, so for thirty-two years the only pleasure she had received from them had been by her own hands. Jack, who wasn’t half Bob’s age, seemed to know very well how sensitive her enormous tits were. And he seemed more than able to give them all the pleasure they could handle.

“No!” Rachel panted as Jack tugged her blouse back off her shoulders and played the vibrator up over her upper arms. He popped another button with his fingers. “Jack, please stop this! You could get us both into so much trouble! I won’t tell on you, I promise!”

“You’re the only one who could get into trouble, Rachel,” Jack said, letting the collar of the blouse tangle around Rachel’s elbows, further restraining her arms. “And if you’re good to me, really, really good, then I just might not tell on you.”

Rachel heard the slide of a zipper a moment before Jack forced one of her bound hands around the thick shaft of his cock. She squealed in shock and revulsion at her first touch of a cock other than her husband’s, and she tried to jerk her hand away. Jack responded by forcing her other hand right next to the first around the fat shaft of his prick. Rachel whimpered at the realization that her fingers could not quite circle the fat tube of fuck meat. Even more shocking was the thought that both her hands covered no more than half of the full length of Jack’s prick. Her husband’s cock was no more than five inches long. Jack’s seemed to be twice that size at least.

“Jack!” she whimpered desperately, then squealed again as he ran the vibrator across the upper slopes of her tits. “Oh please, Jack! Please!”

“Just pump on it, Mrs. Welch,” Jack whispered, humping her hands with a gentle fucking motion. A long strand of pre-cum slopped through Rachel’s fingers and his next stroke spread the sticky juice all over his cock. “Play with it the way you would with your husband’s cock. Just make me feel good, Rachel. Just the way I’m making you feel.”

Rachel whimpered, but she couldn’t stop herself from doing as Jack commanded. She slipped her hands all over his stiff cock, tickling his balls with her fingernails and massaging his fuck-lube into a slick sheen on his powerful prick.

Jack popped another button Rachel’s top, making the gorgeous housewife moan in shame. Most of her tit-flesh was in plain view now, exposed for anyone who happened to walk into the yard. The creamy tit-flesh bulged around the edges of a frilly black bra. Jack popped another button and pulled the blouse back even farther, baring the full pillows of silky tit-flesh. He almost came at his first sight of Rachel’s enormous tits.

“Oh Rachel!” he hissed, running the vibrator down the middle of her cleavage. He yanked back on the buzzing metal stick, tearing her bra in half. “Such fine titties! You’re such a beautiful bitch! Let me make those jumbo tits feel real good!”

The ruined bra almost exploded off the enormous pillows of Rachel’s tits. Her nipples were even darker and sharper than Jack had expected. He stabbed them with the vibrator and waited for the horny housewife’s reaction. The moment the vibrator pressed into the center of her right tit Rachel moaned deep in her throat and sagged back against the big chair. A look of dreamy ecstasy passed across her face. She grabbed his cock as though it were a life line and tugged on it as though she wanted to pull out every drop of cum he had. She was cuming. Rachel wanted to deny what she was feeling. It was degrading beyond imagination to have been brought so easily to orgasm by the boy. But she couldn’t deny the tempest that was blowing through her pussy, the lightning bolts of electric pleasure that were making her clit buzz as violently as the vibrator Jack was moving over her tits.

“You like that, don’t you?” Jack asked, pulling back so that he could watch Rachel climax, plunging the buzzing tip of the vibrator first against one nipple and then against the other. “Tell me how it feels, Mrs. Welch. Talk to me about how hot you’re getting.”

“Yes!” Rachel gasped. “Feels so good! So fucking good!”

Rachel jerked her hands up and down the swollen length of Jack’s cock, teasing almost transparent fuck-lube from his piss-slit. She slid the slippery pre-cum up and down his long prick, lathering his cock with wet stickiness. Jack popped her blouse completely open and ran the vibrator over the shuddering lower curves of her enormous tits. Rachel squirmed against the chair in sexual ecstasy. Jack popped the tab of her jeans and pulled down the zipper. Rachel gasped in anticipation at the sound of her jeans being opened.

“No, Jack!” she whispered shrilly, her voice trembling with passion and shame. “You’ve got to stop this! We’re standing in the middle of my yard! Anybody could come in and see us!”

“Makes it kind of exciting, don’t it?” Jack said, running his hand down into the crotch of Rachel’s jeans. “Shit, Mrs. Welch, you’re soaking wet! You piss your pants or something? You couldn’t be getting wet just from this!”

Rachel moaned in humiliation. Her panties were soaked with the creamy spendings of her orgasm. As Jack ran his fingers over her fat cunt-lips, she came again, and her pussy-juice squirted out into his hand. Jack laughed and ran the vibrator all over her shuddering, creamy tits. It felt to the sex-maddened housewife as if the vibrations from her tits were being transferred directly to her steaming cunt.

“Let’s get these jeans down before you make a fucking mess in them.” Jack grinned evilly as he wiped his pussy wet hand clean across Rachel’s flat, trembling stomach, then yanked her jeans down around her knees.


Rachel’s panties were plastered flat over her pussy. The dark brown bush of her cunt-fur was plainly outlined through the panties. Her swollen red cunt-lips bulged against the frilly cloth. Jack rubbed his fingers back and forth over her cunt until Rachel swooned with pleasure, then tore the panties away.

“No!” Rachel cried desperately as Jack ripped her panties to shreds. Then he swung the vibrator up in a vicious underhand arc, and she screamed even louder. “Noooooo!”

Rachel’s next orgasm hit her like an atom bomb. Jack plunged the fat vibrator fully into her hot wet pussy. Her amt gripped the vibrator like a strong fist, then exploded with the pleasure the tickling buzz of the metal shaft was giving her.

“No more!” Rachel cried, her long legs trembling beneath her as her climax rocked her sexy body. “Stop it! Oh shit, I’ve never cum like this before!”

“Don’t worry, Rachel,” Jack said, fucking the vibrator into her with all the power his strong young arm could muster. “You’re going to be cumming like this all the time from now on.”

Jack bit one of Rachel’s nipples and grabbed the other one with his free hand, pinching the nipple savagely between his fingernails. Another climax tore through Rachel’s thrashing body before the last one ended, and the voluptuous housewife wailed with pleasure. There was pain now too, pain from the mauling her nipples were taking and from the savage thrust of the vibrator inside her cunt.

“Such big fucking tits!” Jack growled, driving the vibrator into Rachel’s cunt until the knuckles of his first three fingers plunged up inside her too. “These tits belong to me from now on, Rachel! These big titties belong to me!”

Rachel whimpered in pain and lust as Jack bit first one of her jiggling tits and then the other. After awhile he stopped biting her nipples and started taking mouthfuls of her creamy soft tit-flesh, biting down until Rachel thought he was going to tear chunks of her tits completely off her body. His hand was working constantly too, scratching and pinching her big tits until tears ran down Rachel’s beautiful face.

“No,” Rachel whimpered, speech almost beyond her as agony and ecstasy assaulted her body in alternating, never-ending waves. “No, no, no, no, no, no!”

Jack kept fucking the vibrator deep inside her pussy. His hand was soaked with her cuntcream. Sticky pussy-slime dripped from his wrist in a steady stream. Rachel’s fat pink pussy-lips fluttered like butterfly wings around Jack’s knuckles. Her cunt was spasming around the buzzing shaft of the vibrator, almost numbed by the brutality of the fucking and the merciless tickling of the vibrator but inflamed and excited to the point where the slightest touch sent it into wild contractions.

“You’re a real slut, Mrs. Welch,” Jack said, smiling at the flush of humiliation that crossed Rachel’s beautiful face. “You know what, you horny old bitch? You’re a real hot whore. Shit, with a body and a face like yours, you could make somebody a fucking lot of money. Maybe I could help you with your yard sale, Rachel. Yeah, maybe I could help you a fucking lot!”

Rachel barely heard what Jack was saying. Almost all of her attention was focused on the various outrages he was committing on her helplessly aroused body. The vibrator was giving her almost nothing but pain now, and her tits felt as though they had lost a long and brutal war. Still she was cumming, one orgasm after another wrenching its way through her trembling body. Her cunt was beginning to swell shut around the constant thrust and jiggle of the vibrator. Pussy-cream ran between her trembling cuntlips, pussy-cream that was now gushing as much in self-defense as excitement.

“No more!” Rachel moaned, her hands slowing their pumping on Jack’s cock. Her hips bucked spastically as the evil boy teased another painful climax from her abused pussy. “It hurts. Jack! Please stop, I can’t take anymore!”

“Fuck that, we’re just getting started.” Jack stopped biting her tits, crushed his body against hers and bit her lips instead. The sudden agony almost made the beautiful housewife pass out. “Come on, you sexy old slut, I’m going to show you how a good a real cock can feel!”

Rachel didn’t have time to struggle. Jack spun her around and slammed his palm into the back of her head, all but knocking her out. He grabbed a handful of her dark hair and jerked her over until she was bending over the back of the easy chair. Rachel’s feet left the round and she hung like a helpless, sexy side of beef over the back of the chair.

“Oh no!” Rachel cried. She had been faithful to her husband for all the years they had been married. Now this hateful teenager was going to drive his ten-inch cock inside her and spoil her forever. “Don’t rape me! Please, I don’t want you to do this!”

“Rape you? Shit, that’s a good one! You’re cumming all over yourself.” Jack slotted the fat head of his cock against the puffy lips of Rachel’s pussy. “Why don’t you shut up, slut? Here, suck on this while I show you what a real fucking is all about.”

Rachel tried to shut her mouth when Jack rubbed the pussy-slick head of the vibrator over her cheek, but she was far too slow and Jack was far too strong. He pushed the dripping, dirty vibrator right between Rachel’s lush, sexy lips, plunging it into her mouth until Rachel jagged and thrashed in disgust and desperation.

Then he fucked her.

Rachel gagged helplessly, both at the foul, perverted taste of her own pussy-cream and the push of the fat metal shaft into her throat. Tears ran down her face at the thought of how completely Jack was debauching her. It seemed to the dazed housewife that she had been humbled completely. Now she was having to suck her cunt juice off the vibrator Jack had raped her with. But the disgust at having to suck the vibrator was nothing compared to what she felt as Jack fucked his big cock deep inside her pussy. It was different than the vibrator. It was better than the vibrator. She couldn’t keep herself from thrusting her ass back against him. She couldn’t stop herself from sucking on the pussy-wet vibrator as though it were a sweet piece of candy. She couldn’t stop the devastating orgasm that swept through her body.

“Oh!” she gasped, her eyes slitted against the pleasure she was feeling. Jack’s fat cock was stretching her cunt in ways it had never been stretched before. “Oh! Oh yes! Oh no! Please! You don’t know what you’re doing to me!”

“I know,” Jack said, pulling the vibrator out of Rachel’s mouth and running it back down over her huge, heaving tits. “Oh, you sweet, sexy bitch. I’m so fucking glad I figured you out. You’re going to be the sluttiest fucking slave a guy ever had.”

Jack couldn’t believe how lucky he had been. He swung his hips from side to side, driving his cock into Rachel first from one angle and then another. Rachel grunted and moaned, flipping her sexy ass back against Jack’s stomach and wrapping her cunt around his cock like a hot towel. Her pussy was so hot and tight and wet that every stroke threatened to bring Jack’s jism boiling up from his balls.

“Tell me to fuck you,” he whispered, rubbing her swollen, swinging tits with the buzzing vibrator. “Beg me to fuck you, you sweet whore! Beg me, or I’ll stop right now!”

“No!” Rachel screamed. She was riding the crest of an orgasm that seemed to be going on forever. She couldn’t bear the thought of Jack pulling his sweet cock out of her cunt. “Please fuck me! Jack, please fuck me hard! Stick your cock in my pussy! Do anything you want to me, you sweet boy! Just fuck me until I can’t stand up! I love your luscious cock so much!”

Jack moaned, crushing his body to hers and fucking her brutally. Jack bit at the creamy back of her neck until he drew blood. He slapped her sexy ass with one hand while he traced the vibrator all over her big, bouncing tits. He’d already brought the gorgeous housewife to about twenty climaxes. She was twisting her way through another one even now, her creamy, silky skin glistening with sweat, her sultry body squirming and trembling to the beat of his cock. The sexy chick’s limp-fuck husband had probably never made her cum, but Jack was going to see that she caught up a lot of the orgasms she’d been missing. Rachel was the kind of slut who only got off when she was fucked hard and treated like slut, he realized. She was the kind of bitch who needed to be tied up and hurt to really get hot. And that was just the kind of woman Jack liked.

“You had the right idea, slut,” he muttered, feeling his cum shoot out of his cock. “A yard sale’s a great fucking idea, but you’ve got a lot better shit to sell than the junk in this yard.”

“Nooooo!” Rachel screamed as Jack’s jism spurted inside her cunt. Her big brown eyes bulged as his cum squirted deep inside her. “Pull it out! Pull it out! Oh shit, you’re filling me up with your dirty, nasty cum!”

Jack dropped the vibrator and grabbed Rachel’s hips with both hands, yanking her brutally back on his spurting cock. His jism splashed deep inside her cunt, mixing with her pussy-cream until it ran down her legs in a thick, soupy broth. It was the most exciting orgasm Jack had ever had, and he plunged his cock into Rachel’s sloppy cunt until every last drop of his cum had gushed inside her.

Rachel cried like a baby. Her cunt was still twitching, and she came again as Jack pulled his still-hard cock out of her pussy, but she had never felt more ashamed. It was bad enough that Jack had fled her up and degraded her in her very own front yard. But to have him fuck her and fill her up with his filthy, nasty jism was just too much. Rachel felt polluted. The slow slithering of his jism down her trembling thighs was like the crawling of awful slugs over her flesh.

“Clean me off,” Jack said, jerking her around and pushing her to her knees. He waved his sloppy cock in Rachel’s face. “Your sloppy old cunt got me all sticky, Mrs. Welch. Lick me clean.”

“No!” Rachel gasped. A strand of jism hung from his cock. His dark cock-hair was matted with her slippery cunt juice. There was no way she could take such a vile thing into her mouth. “That’s too much, Jack! You can’t make me!”

“Do it, whore, or I’ll never fuck you again!” Jack shouted roughly, and grabbed one of Rachel’s huge tits and squeezed it until the sexy housewife cried out in pain and ecstasy. “I own you, bitch! If you ever want to get off again, you open your mouth and get your slutty tongue to wagging!”

“You bastard!” Rachel whimpered, but she opened her mouth and bobbed her head forward on his cock.

The slimy mix of cum and cunt-juice was sickening. But Rachel came three times while she was slurping it up. She almost threw up twice. She couldn’t understand what was happening. Jack had hurt her and defiled her. He was treating her like a slave, like a dumb animal. But it was turning her on. She was the first one to hear the voices by the gate. When she did she tried to get up, tried to pull her mouth off Jack’s cock and run away. He just laughed, pulled her to her feet and threw her face-down across the big oak desk she was selling.


“I’m going to hide under the desk,” Jack said as he strapped her hands to the desk’s front legs. Two of her husband’s old belts worked just fine for the job, “Don’t tell them I’m there. And tell them how hot you are. HOW many times you came. Maybe they’ll fuck you.”

“No, Jack!” Rachel hissed, tears running down her beautiful cheeks as he spread her shapely legs wide and strapped her ankles to the desk’s back legs. “This is too much! I’m not some kind of whore! I’m not a slave!”

“That’s exactly what you are,” Jack said, and to prove his point he thrust two fingers fully into Rachel’s swampy cunt. “I can make you cum anytime I want. You’re a hot-assed whore and I’m the only one who can cool you down. You’ll do whatever I fucking say, won’t you?”

He was stirring his fingers inside Rachel’s still heated cunt. Rachel moaned, hating herself for being controlled so easily by the teenager but unable to stop the feelings that were shivering through her voluptuous body. It seemed so unfair. He was stronger, he had her tied up, he had the vibrator at his disposal.

“Yes, Jack!” she gasped. “Whatever you tell me! I’m just a hot-assed old whore!”

“I’m glad we got that straightened out,” Jack said with a grin before he slipped under the desk.

Rachel jerked against the belts that bound her in place, watching fearfully for the approach of the people who were coming into her yard. She could see them now, three men she didn’t recognize from the neighborhood. She felt some relief that the men wouldn’t know her, but it was little solace in view of what was probably going to happen. The way she was strapped down over the desk she was completely open and helpless to anything the men might want to do. From the angle they were approaching her cunt and ass were hidden behind the desk and her torn blouse draped her enough to hide her huge, hanging tits. But that wouldn’t be much defense if the men walked more than a few steps into the yard.

The men were closer to her age than Jack’s, big and strong-looking. They looked like construction workers. Rachel gasped with sudden lust as she watched them handling her possessions. They were poking through a pile of her husband’s tools. When one of them picked up a long metal spike, Rachel moaned with excitement. She rubbed her lush thighs together, smearing pussy cream all over her silky skin. The beautiful housewife’s head began to swim as an orgasm toasted her insides. She couldn’t keep her ass from shaking. She humped the air as though it were a giant cock.

“Hey, lady!” one of the men shouted from across the yard, holding up a thin radio antenna her husband had used for his shortwave radio. “How much you want for this?”

“Ohhhhh!” Rachel gasped, trying to focus her big brown eyes on what the man was showing her. She shook her pretty head, but she was trapped in a hazy fog of lust. “Just take it! I’m-I’m sorry! I’m quitting for the day. Please leave.”

She had to get them to leave. Her flawless body was burning with lust. If she had to talk to them for more than a minute they were going to discover that she was tied and all but naked.

“Hey lady, you all right?” The man with the antenna walked toward her, his two friends no more than a couple of steps behind. “You sick or something?”

“No!” Rachel screamed. The sight of the big man holding the antenna made Rachel’s cunt clench. “Just get the fuck out of my yard, you creepy assholes!”

“What the fuck’s the matter with you?” another of the men asked. All three of them stepped closer to Rachel.

Rachel moaned, low and deep and throaty, as another orgasm made her marshy cunt surge. She dropped her head to the desk, tears running down her cheeks as she realized what was going to happen to her. She couldn’t resist anymore. Jack had set something loose inside her, something sluttish and vile. Now she couldn’t draw a breath for want of a fat cock stabbing deep inside her. She couldn’t chase from her mind the image of the men fucking her, one after another, while they beat her sexy upturned ass with the radio antenna.

“Well I’ll be fucked,” one of the men said. “She’s tied to the fucking desk.”

“She’s stripped too,” another of them said, stepping even closer. “Look at those fucking tits! And that’s the sweetest ass I’ve ever seen. You think somebody tied her up and raped her?”

“If they did she fucking loved it,” the man with the antenna said. He stepped up right behind Rachel, the antenna still in his hands. “Look at the way that pussy’s leaking. What about it, big tits, you get the shit fucked out of you and love every minute of it?”

The way they were talking about her made Rachel even hotter. She could tell from the looks they were giving each other and the way they were leering at her big tits and sexy ass and long, perfect legs that they had already decided on what they were going to do to her. She couldn’t keep from thrusting her ass up and out at the man behind her.

“Answer me, big tits!” the man with the antenna yelled, and brought the thin metal whip down across her asscheeks for emphasis. “After all, we can’t help you unless you tell us all about what happened!”

The other men laughed. Rachel moaned in pain, shaking her ass from side to side in a desperate attempt to shake away the burning pain the antenna had caused her. A bright red welt crossed both creamy asscheeks like a line of whorish lipstick. It felt to Rachel as if a piece of her skin had been ripped away.

“Look at her shake that ass!” one of the men shouted, pointing at Rachel’s gyrating hips while he unzipped his filthy jeans. “The slut must love pain! Fuck, I never thought I’d see a bitch as sexy as her want to get fucked and hurt as much as she does.”

“Look at this,” the other guy standing in front said, picking up the tattered, pussy-soaked remnants of Rachel’s panties. “Wet as a fucking sponge! What a dirty whore!”

The man behind her brought the antenna whistling down again. And again. And again. Pain burned through Rachel’s luscious ass. She twitched and heaved wildly, her big asscheeks jiggling as she whipped her hips from side to side. Her cunt clutched on itself so tightly that pussy-cream squirted down her legs like piss.

The man with her panties rubbed them all over Rachel’s beautiful face. Rachel gagged at the heady smell and slimy feel of her cunt-creamed panties. The man rubbed them all over her cheeks and lips, over her fluttering eyelids and up into her flaring nostrils. Both he and his friend pulled their cocks out into the open, and Rachel whimpered pitifully at the sight of the two fat, filthy logs of fuck-meat.

“Do you want us to fuck you?” the man whipping her ass asked. He brought the antenna slashing against the backs of her lush upper thighs, drawing a line of fire across the tender flesh where her legs met her ass. “You’re cumming all over yourself just getting whipped and smelling of your nasty panties. If you want to get fucked, whore, you better start asking.”

“Yeah, ask us pretty.” The man with her panties pushed them between Rachel’s lips, rubbing them over her even white teeth. “Tell us how lucky you are to get three big men like us, all ready to fuck you and hurt you until you can’t fucking stand it.”

Rachel wanted to throw up. The taste, smell and feel of her soiled panties filled her senses. The man behind her was flaying her alive, scoring her creamy soft ass and sleek, sexy thighs with the antenna. The dazed, sexy housewife couldn’t understand why her body was reacting with pleasure when all she was feeling was pain and revulsion. She couldn’t understand why she wanted to beg the men to fuck her until she couldn’t move.

“Please!” she whimpered. When she opened her mouth the man in front pushed her panties inside, making her mumble and drool while she pleaded. “Fuck me hard! Be rough! Hurt me bad! I’m so lucky someone tied me down and fucked the shit out of me! I’m so lucky you came along to keep doing it! Fuck me now! Hurt me now! Arrrrrggggghhhh!”

The man behind her shoved, his cock roughly up her cunt. It felt like a rough-barked log. Rachel’s dripping cunt clutched at it, then twitched in agony as the man drove it up her to the hilt. The impact drove Rachel halfway over the side of the desk, only the belts that looped her ankles to the desk legs keeping her from toppling forward on her head.

“You feel that, bitch?” the man shouted, jerking his cock back and then fucking it inside her again. “You feel my big cock fucking your sexy little cunt?”

“Yes!” Rachel yelped around her mouthful of soiled panties. Spit rolled down over her full lower lip as she gasped with pain and pleasure. “You’re fucking me so hard! You’re hurting me so much!”

“That’s what you want, isn’t it?” the man asked, hooking the antenna under her chin and then pulling back on it, one hand on each side of Rachel’s head. “Only a real slut would get herself tied up and stripped naked in her own front yard. You’re the kind of whore who needs a cock all the time. A cock and a whipping for your sexy ass!”

The man fucked her as though he wanted to flatten her into a pancake. Rachel grunted with each shattering impact of his heavy body. He jerked back as hard as he could on the antenna, bending Rachel back until her face was turned toward the sky, her tits were lifted from the table, and her wrists were bleeding from the way the belts were cutting into them. The abused beauty’s back was arched at an impossible angle. The two men in front of her marveled at how painful and sexy the position looked.

“Here, big tits, let me fill your mouth with something sweeter.” The man who had stuffed the panties into Rachel’s mouth pulled them out, rubbing the spit-soaked material all over her beautiful, pain-twisted face before throwing them aside. “A sleazy cunt like you is probably a real pro at giving head. Warm me and Frank up while we’re waiting for our turns at that hot little cunt of yours.”

Rachel’s big brown eyes went wide with fear and revulsion. The man’s prick smelled like it hadn’t been washed in ten years, and he wanted her to give him a real blow-job. Frank’s cock smelled and looked even dirtier. Both men stepped closer and rubbed their putrid cocks all over Rachel’s face. The gorgeous housewife struggled desperately, but the man fucking her held her with the antenna around her throat and each of the men in front of her grabbed a handful of hair to hold her firmly in place. Rachel clenched her eyes and mouth tightly shut, but she had to breathe, and just the sour smell of the two grimy pricks was enough to make her gag repeatedly.

The men smeared their cocks all aver Rachel’s upturned face. They rubbed their big cocks all over her checks and forehead, poked them into her eyes, ears and nostrils, slapped them against her nose and lips. The man behind her fucked her more savagely and choked her with the antenna until Rachel was sure she was going to black out. It was hard to keep from gasping for air, harder still to remember why it was so important to keep her mouth shut. Every punishing blow of his cock into her cunt and his big body on top of hers drove what little breath she could manage right out of her.

His cock was starting to hurt her cunt, too. Tired as she was, he could drive his cock as deep as he wanted inside her. And her pussy had already taken over an hour of abuse from the vibrator and Jack’s cock and fingers. It was starting to get sore. Even the flow of her pussycream was slowing, as though she had reached the bottom of a huge vat of lubrication. Another orgasm burned through her body. There was a bitter, painful edge to this climax. It was as though her pussy were an overworked engine, grinding its gears and ready to overheat. Her cunt twitched around the savaging stalk of the man’s prick, but there was no longer the wet sucking noise of her pussy-cream being stirred around.

Rachel moaned and whimpered as she came, jerking her big sexy ass around in an almost spastic reaction to the agonizing climax. The men laughed at her and called her every filthy name they could think of. Their mockery made Rachel dim again immediately, and this orgasm was so filled with fire that she trembled from the agony. She wanted to cry out for Jack to save her, but she knew that he wouldn’t. He was the real cause of what was happening.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum if I keep this up!” The man behind her jerked his cock from her smarting pussy and rubbed it over her welted asscheeks. “One of you guys take over. I’ll come up front and help get her slutty mouth open.”

Rachel gasped with relief when the man relaxed the strangling pull of the antenna around her throat. With his cock out of her cunt and the antenna no longer choking her, she felt almost alive. Her respite was short-lived, though. A moment later Frank was fucking his fat cock up her dry, bruised pussy. And the antenna whistled down to slice across the silky skin of her upper back.

“No!” Rachel cried, staring up at the two men in front of her with tears streaming down her fuck-lube-soiled cheeks. “It hurts! You’ve got to stop! Oh! It hurts so bad!”

“That’s what you like though, isn’t it?” the man with the antenna asked, smearing her face with more pussy-cream and pre-cum. “You begged us to hurt you. Now we’re going to hurt you real bad.”

Rachel opened her mouth to plead again, but before she could utter a word, the man whipping her with the antenna shoved the fat, dripping head of his prick right between her lips. Rachel tried to jerk her head back, but both men held her tight by her hair and her mouth was spread wide around the huge girth of his cock. The man brought the antenna whistling down across her shoulder blades and pushed his cock over the wet pink flesh of Rachel’s tongue. The sex-tortured housewife gagged uncontrollably, unable to accept the nauseating length of fuck-meat the man was feeding her. The taste of her pussy and his fuck-lube were revolting enough, but it was the accumulated filth on his cock that really made her gorge rise. His cock tasted cheesy, as though it was so filthy and sweaty that it had begun to mold. The men laughed at the expression of disgust and horror that twisted Rachel’s lovely face.

“Shit, her mouth’s as sweet as her cunt!” the man groaned, lashing her back with the antenna while he poked his rancid prick into every nook and cranny of her warm mouth. “Suck on it like a big lollipop, you sleazy cunt! Tastes good, doesn’t it? Lick it clean and I might even give you a little treat.”

Rachel quaked with disgust. She let her mouth hang limply open as the man with the antenna poked his prick all over. He rubbed his cock-head clean on her tongue. He fucked his cock into the space between her teeth and cheek. He rubbed his cock over the roof of her mouth, between her lips and her teeth. Then he pulled back and let the other man shove his cock in. Rachel gasped with shock as one cock was traded for the other. Most of the filth and sweat had been washed off the first man’s cock, and she had almost gotten used to the slightly moldy taste. The sudden sharp taste of filth from the new mans cock brought vomit rumbling all the way to the back of Rachel’s throat. He fucked it back down with one swift, sure stroke as he filled her throat with his long cock. The other man lashed her back and rubbed his spit-soaked cock all over Rachel’s scummy, pretty face. Each new blow hurt worse than the last. Rachel lay still under the beating. She knew she couldn’t escape her torture. She was beginning to wonder if she might not deserve it.

“Shit!” Frank fucked Rachel’s injured pussy with fast strokes, making her creamy ass shake and jiggle, knocking her sexy body back and forth across the desk. “Her pussy is so tight it’s strangling me. Shit, Buster, how’d you hold out for so fucking long? Her cunt’s like some kind of jack-off machine!”

Buster just smiled, wiping his slippery precum all over Rachel’s already scummy face and lashing her time after time with the antenna. The other man pulled out of her mouth, wiping his spit-soaked cock on her face, and Buster stabbed his cock back in. Rachel gagged as he forced her to take every gruesome inch of his prick.

“Jerry, get back here and take over,” Frank said, yanking his cock out of Rachel’s cunt. “I’m going to cum sure as shit if I don’t get a break and we promised to keep the slut entertained for a long time.”

“I’m ready,” the third man said, walking around behind Rachel and slotting his fat cock between the swollen red lips of her pussy. “Shit, what the fuck happened? She dry up on you guys?”

“Don’t worry,” Frank said, edging up to Rachel’s face again and smearing his leaking cock over her cheek and nose. “It just makes her pussy seem tighter and hotter. And fuck, we don’t care whether she’s having a good time or not, do we?”

Rachel’s back was starting to bleed from the savage whipping it had taken. The antenna whipped drops of blood into the air every time it swished back off her body. Rachel looked like a sexy slave girl, marked by the lash of her cruel master’s whip.

But the pain wasn’t the worse of what she was feeling. The worst was the knowledge of how completely she had been degraded. She was strapped down over the top of her husband’s old desk in her own front yard, her clothes hanging in tatters from her voluptuous body. She was being fucked and abused by three men at the same time. They were taking turns on her mouth and pussy as though she was some sort of whorish slave who lived only for their amusement. And while it was happening, a boy young enough to be her son was watching the whole spectacle.

“Please finish!” she whimpered as Buster pulled his cock out of her mouth. Her lips were connected to the fat head of his prick by dozen lines of spit and fuck-lube. “I can’t take anymore! You’re tearing me up inside!”

“Shit,” Frank said, pushing his cock between her lips while Buster smeared his cum over her nose, “were having fun. Don’t get to fuck a bitch as fun as you every day. We’re going to make it last as long as we can.”

They made it last for over an hour. Like some evil assembly line the three men traded places around Rachel’s gorgeous, bound body. Each time one of them came close to cumming he would pull out of her mouth or cunt and make room for one of the others. Rachel’s lips swelled from the bruising they took from sliding cocks. Her mouth became numb and her tongue ached from the strain of licking at the trio of cocks. Her face was so slimy from spit and fuck-lube that she looked as though an army of slugs had fought a war on her beautiful features.

The men finally stopped whipping her, but by the time they did, Rachel’s back and ass were a bloody, welted mess. When Buster had gotten tired, he had passed the antenna to Frank, and Frank in turn had given it to Jerry. They didn’t stop until all three of them were too tired to swing the antenna.

Her poor pussy was almost swollen shut. After forty-five minutes of constant friction it had begun to grow damp again, but the lubrication was far too little, and far too late. Her pussy-lips were swollen to three times their normal size, so puffy that they peeled back like ripe fruit. The inside of her cunt was bleeding in several places. The men laughed at the spots of her blood that speckled their cocks, taking great pride in having fucked her bloody. They laughed and Rachel whimpered when they made her lick her blood away.

The beautiful, victimized housewife was almost unconscious when the men decided that it was time for them to go. Buster was the first to blow his load up her brutalized pussy and when his thick jism spewed into her, Rachel’s eyes flew open and she screamed in agony. The cum was like acid in her raw pussy. It sizzled like fire into her wounded pussy-flesh.

“Look at her now!” Frank said with a laugh as Rachel bucked her ass in a hopeless attempt to escape the burning load of jism. “What a wildcat! She just needed a little loving to wake her up!”

Buster pulled back as soon as he stopped shooting and Frank jumped behind Rachel to take his place. The sexy housewife pleaded for the other two men to cum in her mouth, but they just laughed at her. Less than a minute later Frank was cumming, waking her wounded pussy with more burning cock-juice. Rachel screwed like a madwoman. She banged her head against the desk and pulled at the belts until her wrists and ankles bled. She thrashed wildly, knowing that her crazed movements were making Frank’s organ even more enjoyable but unable to stop her instinctual drive to escape the pain.

Jerry was the last of the three men to spew his jism up Rachel’s cunt. By the time he jammed his cock in, Rachel’s pussy was dripping with fuck-slime. His cock sounded like a bathroom plunger as he fucked it deep inside her. Rachel cried at the horribly degrading sound his cock made as it stirred the two loads of cum inside her pussy.

Jerry’s load of jism bubbled back out of Rachel’s swollen cunt almost as quickly as he shot it in. Gooey streams of fuck-slime ran down her trembling inner thighs and coated Jerry’s hard-thrusting cock. The pain wasn’t quite so bad the third time, because her injured cunt had already been burned almost numb by the first two loads of salty jism. When they were done, the men stepped away from Rachel and observed her proudly. Her voluptuous body was sprawled limply across the table. The only signs of life within her were her rapid, shallow panting and the slow, spasmodic shifting of her hips across the desk. Her back and ass were covered in red welts from the antenna whipping. Cum leaked from the reddened, swollen lips of her cunt, splattering on the ground below her. Her face was smeared with fuck-lube. All three of the men were satisfied that they had fucked the beautiful housewife into the dirt.

They made her lick and suck their cocks clean before they left. Rachel stared at them with weary, vacant eyes as she lathered their pricks with her tongue. The humiliation of having to suck clean the cocks of the strangers who had hurt her so terribly was almost more than the bound beauty could stand. But what came next was even worse. Frank bought her soiled panties for a dollar. Buster gave her a dollar for the antenna and slapped her ass with it a few more times while he stuffed his money up inside her swollen, sloppy cunt. Jerry was the worst. He pulled out a dozen of Rachel’s cunt-hairs with one hand as he pushed a handful of change into her pussy. Rachel laid her head against the table and clenched her eyes tightly shut, unable to bear the mocking looks the three men gave her.

“Thanks for the demonstrations,” Buster said, and all three men laughed as they left the yard.


Jack made Rachel dig the money out of her cunt and give it to him. Then he dragged her inside by a belt he looped around her wrists. Rachel tried to crawl after him, but he moved too fast, and after a few feet Rachel let herself go limp behind him. The front door was open and Jack gagged her through it and into the downstairs bathroom. He tossed her into the shower like a bag of garbage, turned on the hot water and left Rachel there while he used the phone.

Rachel screamed as the steaming water burned into the welts which marked her creamy back and silky asscheeks. She tried to stand up, and fell down twice before she could mange it. Then she adjusted the water’s temperature and stood under the hot spray, feeling the beat of the water bring her slowly back to life. She didn’t pull the belt off her wrists, though. She knew that Jack would punish her if she did that. The thought of him hurting her made her tremble like a frightened child. When he came back, and she saw what he was carrying, she cried out in despair.

“What kind of stupid cunt are you?” he asked with a smile, waving an enema bag in front of her face. “You can’t resell this shit once you’ve used it. It’s fucking gross.”

“No, Jack!” Rachel whispered, her voice breaking with fear and weak ness. “You fucked me for so long with the vibrator! And those men really hurt me! Please, Jack, at least let me rest for awhile! You know you can have me anytime you want me! You know how weak I am! Please just let me rest for awhile!”

“Rest?” Jack smiled. Without warning he slammed his fist into the hollow pit of Rachel’s stomach. “Rest, you fucking lazy slut? Your husband’s out of town for a week, Mrs. Welch. The only rest you’re going to get while he’s gone is when you’re flat on your back taking a cock up your smelly old cunt!”

Jack hit her four times at lightning speed, driving his fist into her huge tits and flat, tiny stomach. The punches to her stomach drove the wind out of her lungs and made dark spots dance in front of her eyes. The blows that flattened her big tits hurt her so bad that it made every muscle in her body go slack. Jack snorted with disgust as Rachel fell into a heap at the bottom of the tub. He planted his foot on the small of her back, pinning her there, and turned the water all the way to cold. Rachel screamed in pain as the freezing water splashed over her ass and back. Jack turned the tap back to hot and she screamed again.

Jack took his foot off Rachel’s back and pulled her up onto her knees, and she held that position for him, even when he played the shower’s spray right into the peeled-back lips of her battered pussy. Rachel cried like a baby, her sexy body shivering with pain, but she accepted her punishment.

He pulled her from the bathtub and made her kneel on the floor beside the toilet. Then he stuck the tube up her ass and gave her a three-quart enema. He took the dirty water from the toilet bowl. Rachel cried with shame as he filled up the bag and then began to empty it up her asshole. The thought of the dirty, filthy water flushing up inside her bowels made Rachel cry. Jack settled his foot against the back of Rachel’s neck while he filled her bowels with toilet water, pressing her beautiful face against the cold bathroom tile.

Jack couldn’t imagine anything sexier than what he was seeing now. The welts had faded on Rachel’s back and ass to the point where they were still very visible but didn’t detract from her beauty at all. Her creamy skin sparkled with the water from the shower and a glossy sheen of sweat. Her buxom body was arched like that of a stretching feline, her slender, bound arms stretched high above her head, her face and tits pressed to the floor, and her big, sexy ass waving high in the air. Her beautiful face looked even more alluring with his dirty boot pressed against it and a look of pain and fear creasing her perfect features.

“Lunchtime,” Jack said happily as he forced the big enema on the beautiful, beaten housewife. “Drink up all your liquid refreshment like a good girl and I might even give you a little more protein.”

Rachel flushed with shame. Her stomach was cramping as the cold toilet water filled her shitchute. There was an uncomfortable swelling feeling inside her. Her flat little tummy was pulling out a little under the heavy load of dirty water. Blasts of pain shot through her sultry body, making her squirm weakly under the firm boot Jack had planted against the back of her neck. Rachel shivered from the cold of the water that filled her. It felt as though her internal organs were being pushed aside by the rushing water. The enema hurt her terribly, and the chilling cold and the awful feeling of being filled too full, but there as also something pleasurable about the constant swirling of water up inside her. Rachel wiggled her lush ass from side to side, and her cunt began to squirm with excitement.

“You like it, don’t you?” Jack asked with a laugh, crushing Rachel’s face even harder against the floor. “You like getting your nasty asshole all washed out with water, don’t you?”

Rachel couldn’t bring herself to answer.

“Tell me!” Jack shouted, bringing his foot up to kick Rachel viciously in her stomach. The three quarts of filthy water gurgled and shifted inside her, the pain and shock almost knocking her unconscious. “Tell me that you’re getting all hot and bothered!”

“Oh Jack,” Rachel whispered. “You know it is. Anything you do. I’m so hot. Its killing me. Do something really nasty, Jack. Make me do matching really nasty.”

“Lick my boot, Mrs. Welch,” Jack said, rubbing the sole of the boot all over her face. “Shine my boots up and we’ll take things from there.”

“Ohhhhh, Jack!” Rachel cried. She nuzzled his filthy boot lovingly. “You treat me like such a whore!”

“You are a whore, Rachel,” Jack said as he squeezed the last of the three-quart enema up her numbed, cramped asshole. “You’re my whore. I’m going to make a lot of money off your sexy ass. Fuck, half the folks in this neighborhood have wanted to fuck you for as long as you’ve been here. Right now, you hold onto that enema until I say you can let it go. Understand, whore?”

“Yes, Jack,” Rachel whimpered, dragging her full, sexy lips over the side of his boot. “Yes.”

“Come on, Mrs. Welch,” Jack said, using the belt that bound her wrists together to lead her out of the bathroom. “Let’s go to your bedroom. It’s time for you to show me just how good you are.”

Rachel sniveled at the shame of following Jack out of the bathroom like an obedient dog. She shook with the pain of crawling with her bowels filled to bursting with the water from the toilet. The pain seemed to get worse with every move she made. She had to clamp her asshole tight to keep the water from gushing out, and already the muscles of her ass were shuddering from the strain of holding back the deluge.

Climbing up the stairs was the hardest part of all. Rachel slipped twice. Jack didn’t even break stride to wait for her to regain her footing. He pulled her up the stairs like a bag of old laundry. When they reached her bedroom, he dropped down on the edge of the bed and placed one of his boots against Rachel’s beautiful face.

“Lick them clean,” he said. “It’s been a long time since I got my boots shined, and I’ve never had them shined by a high-class slut half as sexy as you.”

Rachel trembled with humiliation, but her cunt clutched and leaked at Jack’s shameful words. His boots stank so badly that it was all Rachel could do to keep from vomiting. The pressure of the three quarts of toilet water in her asshole was so unbearable that she couldn’t keep her ass from wiggling.

The boot tasted the same way it smelled, so foul and base that Rachel knew the stains weren’t all mud. The sex slave housewife gagged at the first foul taste, but she kept her lips and tongue moving across the leather. As she slurped at Jack’s boot, the tickling in her pussy became more and more demanding.

“You like that?” Jack asked, watching with keen excitement as Rachel licked the sole of his boot. Her pink tongue and full lips worked wetly against the filth that caked the leather. “That’s good, Mrs. Welch. A slave-slut should enjoy pleasing her master. I’m real happy you find your work so fulfilling.”

“I love it,” Rachel said shyly, slithering her tongue and dragging her lips all over his boot. “I’m getting so hot. My dear, pretty boy. You’ve turned me into such a filthy slut.”

Jack laughed at Rachel’s babbling. He pushed his other boot into her face and Rachel attacked the filthy leather with a vengeance. Her belt bound hands were between her legs, pulling at her swollen pussy-lips. Fresh cunt-cream glistened on her fingers and inner thighs. Her big sexy ass rotated in wide, sensuous circles. Jack rubbed his dirty boot all over her beautiful face, dirtying her perfect features with dark streaks of filth. Jack rubbed his other boot all over Rachel’s big, perfect tits. The housewife moaned with passion as he gently kicked her huge tits, as he dragged the pointed tips of his boots over her hard nipples. Then Jack kicked her creamy tits.

“Aggghhh!” Rachel screamed. Her control over her shitter failed for an instant, and a single stream of shit-colored water sprayed from her asshole. “Please don’t! Please don’t! Oh fuck, hurts so bad!”

Jack stuck his boots back in Rachel’s face and leaned over to take her tits in his hands. He squeezed the big, soft mounds until the sultry housewife was blubbering like a baby. He smashed the big tits together like clapping hands and jerked them out until they looked like two long, fleshy tubes. He pinched her nipples so hard that his fingernails turned white and Rachel moaned in incoherent agony.

“Take my boots off,” he said abruptly. “With your mouth.”

Rachel whimpered, but she went at the task with desperate eagerness, pitifully anxious to please him. She caught the zipper tabs at the sides of his boots with the tip of her tongue. She pulled the zippers down with her teeth, then caught the boot flaps in her mouth and tugged them off. Her jaw ached by the time she succeeded in pulling the second boot down.

“Now the socks, Mrs. Welch,” Jack said wearily, smearing his stinking feet all over Rachel’s upturned face. “Fuck, I’d think a mature lady like you would have it together. Do I have to explain every fucking thing?”

Rachel whimpered with disgust as she caught the sweaty toes of Jack’s left sock in her mouth and pulled it off. The sock stretched on his foot, then snapped into her face when it slipped free. Jack grabbed her by her chin and rubbed the sweaty sock all over her face before tossing it to the side. By the time Jack let her spit the second sock out of her mouth Rachel was burning with pleasure.

She licked and kissed Jack’s feet without waiting to be told. She fucked three fingers from each of her bound hands deep inside her swampy cunt. A tiny orgasm tickled through her body and Rachel moaned with ecstasy. Even the burning agony of holding the enema inside her felt like another kind of pleasure.

Rachel slithered her wet, pink tongue between Jack’s toes, licking away the filth and sweat which collected there. She sucked his toes between her lips one at a time, suckling them like tiny cocks, rolling her tongue over them. She ran her tongue like a paintbrush over the dirty soles of his feet, washing away every trace of filth.

Jack’s feet smelled as though he hadn’t washed them in months. Rachel washed them clean with her soft tongue and sweet lips, then dried them by wiping her face all over them. She pulled on her swollen cunt-lips and fucked six fingers into the clasping hole until cunt-slime poured down into her palms.

“Take my shirt off,” Jack said suddenly. “With your mouth.”

Rachel whined in frustration. She slithered up between Jack’s legs, dragging her mammoth tits over his rock-hard cock. Jack giggled at the sight of her belly, which had been swollen into a plump little mound by the quarts of toilet water he had pumped up her ass. He laughed even louder when he got a good look at the brutal way Rachel was yanking on her cunt-lips and spearing her fingers up inside her body. It looked like she wanted to tear her pussy-lips off and stab herself to death with her fingers.

Rachel played her tongue over the buttons of Jack’s shirt. Tears were running down her face, tears of pain from the strain of holding the enema and tears of sexual frustration. It seemed to take forever for her to slip the buttons open down the front of his shirt. Then she had to open the buttons on his shirt cuffs. Jack made her lick and suck his fingers before he let her open those. Rachel washed his hands with her tongue and lips until they were cleaner than they had been in months. After she teased the buttons open, she bit his collar and pulled his shirt down his arms.

“Lick your way down to my pants,” Jack said cruelly, grabbing Rachel’s big tits once more and smashing them flat against her trembling, sexy body. “You use that mouth so good, Rachel. Use it some more.”

Rachel was shaking. Drops of toilet water were squeezing out of her asshole. Pussy-cream, mixed with the clotted remnants of the four loads of jism that had been pumped inside her, slithered down her wrists.

She dipped her lips to his shoulder and nibbled her way across his broad chest. His chest wasn’t hairy at all. Rachel dragged her wet lips over his smooth skin, slipping her tongue out of her mouth to tease at his tiny nipples. She took each of the little spikes into her mouth and sucked them gently while Jack was grinding her nipples savagely between his powerful fingers. She licked her way across his ribcage and down his sides.

Jack made her nuzzle his hairy armpits, and Rachel gagged when he closed his muscular arm down over her head, trapping her face in the smelly cavity. She ran her tongue over the patches of sweaty hair under each arm. She kissed the cavity and sucked the hair gently into her mouth, tugging at it softly with her teeth. By the time Jack let her travel back down his sides, his armpits smelled fresh and Rachel felt as though she had tongue-washed a basket of jockstraps.

“Tell me about my body,” Jack said as Rachel licked her way down his stomach. “Tell me how sexy I am. How my body is turning you on.”

There was a fine line of hair up the center of his stomach, and Rachel was soaking it with her spit and then licking it dry. She was tearing at her cunt savagely with both hands, knifing her fingers deep inside while she stretched her pussylips. Her asshole was numb from the strain of holding back the toilet water and the muscles in her stomach were cramped so tightly that her belly was as hard as a rock.

“You’re perfect,” she whispered, her voice trembling. She reached the cup of Jack’s navel and rimmed it with her tongue. “Your shoulders are so broad. Your chest is so big and hard. You’ve got the kinds of muscles that drive a girl mad. There’s nothing that’s ever turned me on as much as touching your sexy body. Look at me! My pussy’s dripping over your beautiful body! My mouth is watering for your big, hard cock!”

Rachel attacked Jack’s navel with gusto, clamping her lips around the rim and thrusting her tongue into the tiny hole. She cooped lint and sweat from the tiny hole, but instead of making her sick, the filth just turned her on more. She rolled it over on her tongue before swallowing it, then went back to kissing the tiny cup of Jack’s navel.

“I’m the luckiest slut in the whole world!” she cried, tears of joy running down her face as another climax rattled her straining, lusting body. “You’ve got the biggest, sweetest cock in the world! I’ll never have a man as sexy as you again!”

The lust-maddened beauty pulled desperately with her teeth at Jack’s belt. When it swung free, she went to work on the catch at the top of his jeans. She whined and grunted like a rooting pig as she worked the catch free, then grabbed the zipper between her front teeth and jerked it down. It took her several more minutes to work the tight jeans down Jack’s hips. She bit the waistband of his tight jockey shorts, but Jack slapped her face away before she could yank them down.

“Lick me through my shorts,” he said. “Wash my underwear real good, Mrs. Welch. Then I might even let you shoot that water out of your filthy little ass.”

Rachel sobbed with fatigue and frustration, ripping at her cunt as though she wanted to tear it from her body. She rubbed her beautiful face all over the front of Jack’s filthy shorts, licking and smooching at the outline of his hardened cock.

Rachel washed Jack’s shorts with her spit. She lapped like a thirsty dog at his fat cock and bulging balls. She worked her lips over his cock and balls. Soon Jack’s slick fuck lube was staining the front of his shorts. Rachel sucked it out through the crusty cotton, then slurped at his cock and balls some more.

Jack lifted his legs and presented Rachel with his ass. The gorgeous housewife flushed with shame and gasped with sorrow when she realized what it was he wanted her to do.

Rachel kissed first one of his asscheeks and then the other. Her kisses were long and soft and wet. Her tongue slithered out between her lips to lick Jack’s ass through the soiled cotton of his briefs. He spread his asscheeks wide and with a despairing cry Rachel nuzzled her way into his asscrack.

There was a skid mark down the back of Jack’s shorts. The taste of stale shit made Rachel gag until her sexy body shook and another quick squirt of filthy water spurted from her asshole. She soaked the material with her spit, hoping to wash the taste away. She came again, her orgasm so powerful that it made her head swim. Her tits were tingling and swollen, her clit stiff. Pussy-cream washed down over her hands in swift, sticky waves. The depravity of having to lick Jack’s asscrack through his filthy underwear was driving Rachel out of her mind with shame and excitement.

Then Jack pulled down his shorts.

Rachel’s first taste of Jack’s asscrack made her head spin. She came again, her mouth filled with the taste of sweat and shit, her nose filled with the smell of the boy’s asshole. She wanted to pull back, but she knew that the punishment for that would be terrible. Instead she kissed and licked her way down both sweaty, hairy asscheeks. Filth and sweat smeared all over her lovely face, but the disgust and humiliation that caused only turned Rachel on more.

“Come on, Mrs. Welch,” he said, “you’re missing the point.”

Rachel knew what he meant when he started giggling. Slowly, as if she was being pulled there against her will, she pushed her face deeper between Jack’s asscheeks. She wedged her face tighter and tighter into his asscrack, letting Jack’s heavy, hairy balls drape over her forehead. Finally, she clamped her mouth over the winking brown bud of his asshole.

“That’s it!” Jack shouted. “Give my asshole a French kiss, you sleazy old cunt! Stick your slutty tongue up my ass and pull out some goodies! Since you’re a piece-of-shit whore, you might as well get a taste of the real thing!”

Rachel came again, even as she fought to keep from throwing up. She gave Jack’s asshole the longest, wettest kiss she had ever given anything. The taste was so bitter and foul that it almost made her pass out, but she swished her tongue around inside the shitty tunnel until she had licked it clean.

Then Jack jerked her back and banged his cock against her beautiful, shit-streaked face. Rachel’s mouth filled with so much spit at the sight of his huge, dripping prick that she drooled all over herself. She climaxed again at the sight of his rock-hard cock.

“Now I’ll make you a deal,” Jack said, wiping his dripping cock all over Rachel’s face. “I’ll bet your tummy’s hurting real bad, isn’t it, Mrs. Welch? I’ll bet your little asshole feels like it’s going to explode. And you want to get fucked worse than just about anything in the world, don’t you? Well the deal’s this. You get me off three times with that sweet mouth and those big fat tits and all your dreams will come true. I guess you better start sucking.”

Rachel cried in hopeless sorrow at the thought of the impossible task he’d set for her. But she kissed the red, dripping head of his cock.


Rachel screamed as she fucked her fist into her swollen, dripping cunt. She shook her head from side to side, desperately trying to deny the terrible reality of what was happening to her. Her stomach felt ready to explode with the heavy load of toilet water it held.

Jack patted Rachel’s cheek as she bobbed her pretty head up and down on his cock. He nudged his foot against the swollen curve of her belly, and Rachel slurped on his prick as though it were a delicious piece of candy.

“That’s it, Mrs. Welch,” he said, stroking her silky hair. “Suck that sweet meat. You love it, you lousy whore.”

Rachel shivered with shame, driving her fist into her cunt until her bare knuckles banged savagely against the mouth of her womb. She spread her lush legs until she was in a near split and drove her fist relentlessly into the swollen, battered mouth of her pussy. Spreading her legs made the strain of keeping the three quarts of toilet water inside her even worse.

Rachel drove her face down the almost foot long rod of fuck-meat. The big cock shoved its way into her throat and she gagged helplessly. His cock clogged her throat and stretched her lips until they felt as if they might tear, but Rachel pushed her face down the tube of fuckmeat until she had swallowed every ghastly, wrist-thick inch. Only when her nose was crushed against his wiry cock-hair and her chin was draped with his balls did the gorgeous housewife pull her mouth back. And then she moved forward again.

Rachel squirmed her lips all over the heated prick. She slobbered up and down it, dragging her tongue back and forth to lick away her spit. She used her lips, tongue and throat in every way she could to tease Jack’s heavy load of cum from his balls. Against her conscious will, she found that she really wanted Jack’s cum. She was hungry for it. She wanted to taste his steaming jism as it belched from, his cock and filled her waiting mouth. She wanted to suck his cum from his balls, roll it over her tongue as though it were an imported delicacy, and then swallow it like a dutiful slave.

“Ummmm!” she moaned around the lip-splitting log of his cock. Her spit rolled down the fat shaft in glistening streams. “Ohhhh, mmmmmmm!”

Her cunt spasmed around her fist. Her pussycream gushed out around her pistoning fist. As she fist-whipped her cunt, she slavered over Jack’s cock. Her mouth drooled spit and fuck lube and her pussy leaked fuck-cream in almost equal measure.

She was climaxing, suffering through the most painful, intense, enjoyable orgasm of her life. Then Jack started cumming too. Rachel choked on the first throat-clogging wad of jism Jack splattered into her mouth. She tried to pull her face back off his spitting cock, but he tangled his fists in her silky hair and held her in place. Jack fed her his whole thick, gluey load of cum.

His cock jerked again and again. His jism splattered all over the wet, warm cavern of Rachel’s mouth. The first three powerful blasts splashed against the back of her mouth and poured down her throat in salty, sticky river. Rachel coughed and gagged as she tried to swallow the stringy strands of jism, and her eyes filled with tears. Another spurt slapped against the roof of her mouth. The filth filled the hollow of her right cheek. After that Jack pointed his cock straight down at her tongue and dribbled fat drops of jism into the bottom of her mouth.

Rachel couldn’t keep up with the load of cum the boy was filling her mouth with. She coughed up greasy wads of jism. She leaked jism from her nose. Lines of cum dribbled from the corners of her mouth to splatter against her big tits. She had never imagined that a cock could spill so much cum in one huge load.

The idea of it made her cum even harder. Her stomach rolled with the intensity of her orgasm. She tore savagely at her cunt-lips with one hand while she pumped her fist against the tiny mouth of her womb. Her pussy was shell shocked from the awful assault she was launching against it. Her cunt-lips fluttered helplessly around her hard-thrusting wrist. Her clit was still buzzing, though, driving her through the most devastating orgasm of her life.

Then the cramps hit her. When the first one tore through Rachel’s water-tortured stomach, the voluptuous housewife thought it was just the strength of her orgasm causing her muscles to spasm. Then the pain caught her fully, squeezing her sultry body in a crushing fist of agony. Before she could stop it, a quick squirt of water flushed back through her bowels. She clamped her muscles tight again, but there was nothing she could do to stop the single jet of filthy water from arching out behind her and splashing to the floor.

“Dirty bitch,” Jack said with a laugh and swatted Rachel’s taut, quivering asscheeks. “You better hold all that nasty water up inside you. If you don’t, I’ll fill you up with more and we can start all over again.”

Rachel cried out in fear and pain, writhing in agony as she tried to choke back the flow of water from her asshole. She shivered uncontrollably, gasping with the waves of gut wrenching agony that twisted through her stomach. Jack watched her suffering with a smile on his face, moving his sloppy, half-hard cock over her lips and nose and cheeks.

“Time to get started again,” Jack said after Rachel got herself under control. “Unless you want to take a rest break. I mean, I’m in no hurry.”

With a tiny whimper of despair, Rachel plunged her mouth over the slimy head of Jack’s cock. She caught the bulging head of his cock between her full lips and whipped her tongue all over it. She sucked on it desperately. It was only a matter of moments before Jack’s cock as rock-hard once more. Rachel’s hand was still buried in her cunt, but it was still now. Her other hand was propped against the floor. The pain in her stomach was so powerful that it made any other sensation seem meaningless. The pain — and the awful pleasure that it inspired within her — spurred Rachel to lavish even more attention on Jack’s fat cock.

She let the head of his cock slip from between her lips. She pushed her face beneath it, whipping her tongue up and down the fat, hard cockstalk. She rubbed her face all over it, pushing the cock over her cheeks, nose and forehead. She pushed her face down and lashed her tongue all over the crinkly bag of Jack’s balls. She planted wet, lingering kisses on the tight, hairy sac, washing her tongue over it as she sucked it gently between her lush, full lips. Jack moaned, fucking his cock gently over the silky curve of Rachel’s cheek. Her tongue slipped lower, pushing between his muscular asschceks to tease the bud of his asshole. When she finally teased her tongue out of his asscrack, back over his balls and onto his cock, Jack knew he was going to cum at any second.

“You’re a sweet bitch, Mrs. Welch,” he whispered, pushing his cock over her face as she traced a wet line with her tongue back up the underside of his prick. “I’ve never known a whore as sleazy as you. Swallow my cock and you can drink some more of my sweet cum.”

Rachel cried with eagerness and planted her lips around the head of Jack’s cock. She bobbed her face on his big prick, taking no more than three or four inches but lavishing on that section all the attentions her talented mouth could conjure. She slithered her tongue all over, squirming her lips up and down the length of prick she had captured. Her cheeks hollowed and bulged, hollowed and bulged, sucking his cock like a pneumatic tube in a wild effort to pull the jism from his balls.

It was only moment before she succeeded.

Jack clamped his hands powerfully around her head as his cum bubbled up out of his cock. He fucked her face as though it were her pussy, thrusting his cock straight into the tight tunnel of her throat. His cum splattered everywhere, coating Rachel’s tongue, filling her mouth and streaming down her throat.

Jack yanked his cock out of her mouth and milked the last of his jism out onto her beautiful face. He moaned with pleasure at the sight of his dirty white cum soiling the gorgeous older woman’s features. He rubbed his cock over her face while he was still dripping cum, wanting to dirty and soil Rachel as much as he could.

“Open up, Rachel,” Jack said with a thin, cruel smile. “Time for number three.”

Jack’s cock was softening rapidly. He was sure that Rachel would never be able to bring him to another climax before she had to release the enema.

Rachel parted her scummy, swollen lips eagerly for the advance of his limp cock. Jack pushed his prick inside. Then he started pissing.

Rachel’s big brown eyes went wide with panic. She choked and thrashed wildly in a frantic, hopeless attempt to pull her mouth free of his cock. Jack tangled her silky hair in his hands and held her tightly in place. In an instant her mouth opened around his cock and a rushing stream of piss shot out. Jack laughed and thrust his cock deeper into her mouth, letting his piss shoot straight down her throat. Rachel’s dazed mind couldn’t cope with what was happening. Jack was pissing in her mouth! Pissing down her throat! She was tasting piss, swallowing piss! Rachel gargled on the foul broth, trying to make her mind go blank. She couldn’t. The only thing that seemed real was the rush of piss into her helplessly waiting mouth.

Jack pulled his cock out of her mouth and pissed all over her face. Rachel shut her eyes, but her mouth hung open. Jack waved his cock back and forth and up and down, soaking her face with his stinking yellow waste. He had never seen anything as sexy as his dirty piss splashing all over Rachel’s beautiful, horrified face. His cock started getting hard again, even though he had cum twice in less than fifteen minutes.

A sudden orgasm exploded through Rachel’s bowed, broken body. Rachel jerked her hand from her cunt, moaning with pain as her fist tore through the already-tortured lips of her pussy, whimpering with shame when she saw the frosting of cunt cream and blood that coated her hand. It didn’t stop the orgasm that was blowing her body apart. Her hands clamped back over the swollen lips of her pussy, rubbing them as she jiggled and humped her way through her terrible, pain-wracked climax. The fact that she was cumming while a boy pissed on her destroyed the last traces of her self-respect.

Jack shook the last drops of piss off his cock and then pushed it between Rachel’s lips for her to suck clean. She hollowed her cheeks and played her tongue over Jack’s cock like a worshipful slave, unable to believe how the foul, salty taste of his piss had made her cum. She was a toilet now, a beautiful, debauched toilet who could cum while a boy emptied his bladder in her face.

More water dribbled from her ass. The pain in her stomach was so incredible that it felt as though her insides were exploding. Rachel swished her spit around Jack’s cock, plunging her face into his cock-hair and whipping her tongue around his limp fuck-pole. She only had to make him cum one more time. Rachel did everything she knew how to do. She slobbered on his cock, sucked his cock, and whipped her tongue around his cock as though she were trying to set the world speed record in cocksucking. She pushed her beautiful face into his crotch until her nose as pressed flat and her chin was draped with his balls. In desperation, she tried to jack him off with her mouth, driving her face back and forth on his slowly hardening cock until her spit flew everywhere. Jack just chuckled and let her suck, knowing she didn’t have a prayer of making him cum again before she had to spew the enema water all over the floor.

Rachel spit Jack’s cock from her mouth and lashed it with her tongue. She planted soft, lingering kisses up and down the prick-shaft, sucking and nibbling it with pitiful devotion. Jack looked down at her beautiful face, which was soaked now with piss, stained with shit and painted with cum and spit. The sight of the gorgeous woman kneeling at his feet, degraded completely and debauching herself even further for his amusement, really turned him on.

With a whimper of despair, Rachel pushed herself up between Jack’s legs and trapped his hardening cock between her huge, silky tits. She pushed her arms together against them, burying his prick between the two soft mounds. His cock felt like a branding iron between her tits. Pain rolled through her stomach at her sudden movement, Rachel tried to ignore everything except her need to make Jack cum one more time.

Jack’s knees almost buckled at the sudden, unexpected pleasure of having his cock folded up between Rachel’s heaving, creamy tits. He crushed his hands against the sides of the big tits, forcing them tighter around his hard cock. He jerked on her tits as though they were fuck toys, beating himself off with the silky globes of tit-flesh.

Rachel cried out at the pain that shot through her big tits, but she forced herself to lean even closer to Jack’s young, hard body. She pushed her face against his muscular stomach. She kissed, licked and nibbled, eagerly pleasuring the hard-cocked teenager.

She squatted and straightened, squatted and straightened, letting the hot, hard head of Jack’s cock run a red groove against her chest. Every move made burning anguish spiral through her stomach and asshole. She could almost hear the three quarts of toilet water sloshing around inside her. She only drove herself more powerfully against Jack’s cock, fucking him as though her tits were her cunt.

Another gulp of water spritzed out of her asshole. Rachel screamed with the terrible effort of clamping back the added quarts that threatened to rush out behind it. Her asshole flexed shut, her curt clamping down in spontaneous reaction. A sudden orgasm dynamited her already frazzled, fucked out body.

“Jack!” she screamed, rimming his navel with her tongue, shaking like a spastic as the orgasm thundered through her body. “Cum! Please cum! Please cum! I want your cum so bad!”

“Here it is, you dirty slut!” Jack shouted, thrusting his cock back and forth through her silky, heated tits. The sides of her tits were already slimy with his pre-cum. “You did it, sleazy! You made me cum three fucking times!”

Rachel gurgled with slavish glee, tears running down her scummy face at the realization of how completely broken she was to her teenage master’s will. His first spurt of jism exploded off her chin and long, fat lines of cock filth dangled back down onto her crushed, heaving tits. Rachel’s orgasm doubled in intensity with the slimy drip of jism over her sensitive tits. Pain and pleasure tore through her sultry body in a savage war that left her thrashing and trembling in shock. Jack coated her tits with his cum, and each new splash of jism sent tingling waves of pleasure through the creamy mounds.

Finally Jack slipped his cock out from between her slimy, silky tits. He rubbed his softening prick clean on Rachel’s arm and smiled down her.

“Ready to go to the bathroom and squirt that shit?” he asked pleasantly.

Rachel hung her head and cried. She was still cumming.


Rachel cried pitifully, hanging her head like a sorrowed mutt bitch. “Please, sir, let me let go of the enema now!”

Crawling back to the bathroom had been the hardest thing Rachel had ever done. Each time her knees pushed against the floor, lightning like bolts of pain shot up the backs of her lush thighs. Her lower back muscles felt as though they had been torn into little pieces. The pain from the enema was shooting all the way up to her shoulders now, like tiny fingers of fire burrowing just under her skin. Worst of all was the pain that sloshed through her bulging, water filled belly. With every move she made, the three quarts of water Jack had pumped her full of shifted and splashed inside her.

“Hold on, slut,” Jack said with a smirk, stepping around behind her. “There’s something outside I want to get. Move your sexy ass an inch, Mrs. Welch, and I’ll have to hurt you real bad. You understand, big tits?”

Rachel nodded her head and waited in agony for Jack to return. When she saw what he had brought back from outside, she began to sob hysterically. She couldn’t believe how cruel the teenager was being.

It was an old-fashioned white corset, a piece of clothing that had originally belonged to Rachel’s grandmother. Rachel, who’s waist was little more than twenty inches around and who didn’t like sexy clothes much, had never worn it. Now, with her normally tiny stomach puffed to twice its size by the quarts of toilet water Jack was making her hold inside her shit-chute, she was going to be forced into the painfully restrictive garment.

“Please, Jack,” she murmured, shaking her head beck and forth as her sobbing wracked her sultry body. “This is too much! Oh, Jack, why do you have to be so cruel to me?”

“Because it’s fun,” Jack said, a broad smile on his face. “And you love it too, you whore. Besides, what are you worrying about? I’m not going to bust you up. Not too bad, anyway.”

Rachel stayed on her hands and knees as Jack wrapped the white corset around her. She whimpered as he strapped it on, tears running down her beautiful face, as it pulled snug against her bulging belly. But then the real pain began.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Rachel’s eyes rolled back in her head as Jack settled his foot on the rounded hump of her ass and pulled back on the corset’s straps with every ounce of strength he possessed. “Aggghhhh! Ahhhhh! Go easy! Please! Ohhhhh! Jack, you’re killing me! Oh, it hurts so much!”

“Stop your fucking whining!” Jack shouted, pulling relentlessly on the strap that circled the back of the corset. His muscles bulged as he tugged on the slender straps of fabric. “I’m fucking helping you, you dumb old cow! You’d never have a waist this fucking tiny without me! I’m giving you the world’s sexiest fucking figure, you big-titted pig!”

The corset was gauged all the way down to sixteen inches. As he tightened it past twenty, Rachel’s enema-filled stomach began to gurgle loudly. At nineteen there was a pressure damping around her stomach that made her feel like a closed tube of toothpaste being squeezed by a powerful hand. At eighteen Rachel could feel the dirty toilet water squirting back from her bowels. At seventeen she couldn’t breathe anymore, and her ribs were bending under the unbearable pressure.

At sixteen inches, Jack leaned so much pressure on the foot he had planted on Rachel’s ass that he knocked the beautiful housewife flat on the bathroom floor. He quickly laced up the strap, then knelt to take stock of what the latest torture had wreaked on Rachel’s body. He had never seen anything as obscene as the spectacle he had made of her.

Rachel’s cunt was leaking pussy-slime and her ass was leaking water. Her creamy asschceks quivered and her cunt-lips squirmed against each other with wet, farting sounds. Her ass and hips looked enormous next to the inhumanly tiny band of her waist. And the contrast between her tiny waist and her massive tits was more incredible still.

Her hands were shaking, her lips were trembling, and her eyes were rolling back in her head. Best of all as her ass. The firm, creamy cheeks were vibrating from the strain of holding back the enema. Her ass humped back and forth in random, spastic movements.

“No!” she whispered, barely able to form words any longer. “Ahhhh — no! No, please, no!”

The agony she was feeling had passed beyond any possible frame of reference. It was in a league all its own now, bone-numbing, muscle ripping anguish that made her wish for death. Her stomach and sides and back were crushed inside an unyielding corset. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t swallow, couldn’t move without her agony multiplying itself by a hundred times.

“All right, Mrs. Welch,” Jack said, pulling Rachel back up onto her hands and knees and sliding a big paint tray he had salvaged from the front yard under her quivering ass. “You can let that nasty old enema shoot out your dirty little asshole now. But first spread those big soft asscheeks apart so I can get a good look at the action.”

“Yes, sir!” Rachel gasped. Jack loosened the belt from around her chafed wrists and Rachel used them to pry her asscheeks as far apart as they would go. “Is that far enough, lover? Can you see my nasty asshole real good?”

“I sure can,” Jack said quietly, moving back far enough so that he wouldn’t be splattered. “Let her rip, you sexy nympho.”

Slowly, uncertainly, Rachel relaxed her asshole. Then she screamed.

There was a loud, wet farting sound. Her whole opened wide as a gaping mouth before the rush of the water. Jack laughed and held his nose. Then the enema started shooting out. Rachel screamed as her shitter spread wider than it had ever spread before, spurting a steady stream of water into the shallow metal pan. It felt to the sultry housewife as if she was shitting out her insides. The explosive rush of the enema left her feeling empty and abandoned. The enema blasted out of Rachel’s pouting ass in an explosive geyser. It splashed into the paint tray so powerfully that water splashed back up on Rachel’s wide, sexy ass and creamy, shivering thighs. The water was tinted brown and yellow, the yellow the piss that had been in the stool water when Jack pumped it up Rachel’s unwilling ass, the brown shit that had lined the walls of Rachel’s tight, tortured hole.

Soon other things were shooting out of Rachel’s ass too. They were water-softened chunks of shit rushing out of her clasping shitter like logs carried down a waterfall. They hit the rising water level in the tray with huge splashes, splattering even more wet filth all over Rachel’s creamy ass. Rachel clenched her eyes tightly shut, shamed beyond endurance by the knowledge that she was helplessly shitting into a paint tray for the perverted amusement of a teenage boy. But the degradation, and the act of excreting the heavy enema, made a powerful climax rock her luxuriant body.

The relief of shitting out the stomach-stretching enema made her asshole tingle with a kind of pleasure Rachel had never felt before. It made her cunt squirm and vibrate with excitement. The splash of filthy water back against her heated ass and thighs made Rachel shiver and twitch. She rubbed her satiny thighs roughly together, smearing her pussy-slime all over her creamy skin.

“Ohhhhh!” she moaned, pressing the side of her face against the floor as she emptied her bowels into the filthy paint tray. “Oh yes! Ohhhh, fuck! Yes, yes, yes — ah — no! Oh yes!”

“You’re a real slut, Mrs. Welch,” Jack said, admiration and contempt in his voice. “You’re one big-assed, big-titted whore! Shit out the rest of the nasty shit and I’ll give you a reason to do all that fucking moaning and groaning!”

The water had finished shooting out of Rachel’s asshole. Thick black shit was plopping out now, hitting the water like bombs and splashing dirty water all over Rachel’s big, creamy ass. The gorgeous housewife squirmed and moaned as her bowels drained themselves completely into the paint tray. Her beautiful face burned with shame, but her swollen pussy spurted and leaked.

“Oh fuck!” Jack shouted, laughing and covering his mouth and nose. “You’re such a dirty bitch! You’re sleaze, Mrs. Welch! You’re slime! You’re such a gross, disgusting whore! And you’re so fucking beautiful!”

“Please don’t say those things about me,” Rachel whimpered. “Jack, why can’t you be nice to me? Why can’t we be like lovers?”

“Lovers?” Jack laughed again, his mockery crushing the last shards of the beautiful housewife’s self-respect. “You’re not my fucking girlfriend. You’re my slave. You’re my whore. Who the fuck would want to have a hot-pants slut like you for a lover anyway? You cum all over yourself at any nasty thing that happens. Shit, all you’re good for is being a slave whore. But don’t be sad. You’re a real fucking good one. This afternoon I’ll give you a fucking good chance to prove it, too.”

Rachel groaned in shame.

“Now, Mrs. Welch, there’s something that I want you to do for me,” Jack said, his voice thick with lust and contempt. “Turn around and lean back down. And stick that big, sexy ass as high as you can stick it.”

“Oh, Jack,” Rachel whimpered sadly, but she didn’t argue with his order. Tears ran down her beautiful face as she crawled around to do his bidding.

The paint tray was worse than Rachel had imagined it could be. The rusted tray was filled to the top with wet brown sludge. Flecks of yellow paint bobbed on the surface of the filthy water. Lumps of her shit poked through the toilet water like wet brown islands. Rachel almost threw up just from looking at it. Slowly, gagging helplessly and crying like a child, Rachel lowered herself onto the tray.

Her big, dangling tits hit the water first. Her elbows settled to either side of the pan, her bound wrists looping around the top. Rachel’s dark hair dangled into the filthy broth. Rachel couldn’t bring herself to touch her face to the putrid muck. She leaned where she was, her ass stuck up and out invitingly, her big, creamy tits soaking in the enema water. Jack stood at her side, his cock long and hard once more. She wondered what he was going to do with it — and her.

“Stop fucking around, tits,” Jack said, stepping around behind her once more, stroking his hardened cock. “You know where your fucking face belongs. Put it there.”

Rachel’s sultry body shook as she cried, but she did as Jack commanded.

The water was so foul that it seemed to sizzle into Rachel’s face. She held her breath as her nose broke the surface, then clamped her mouth tightly shut as her lips went under. Her eyes were clenched tight too, but she still shook with revulsion as she pushed her face into the tray of filthy water.

She pushed her face lower, following her teenage master’s orders. She buried her nose in the pile of shit, then her checks and lips. She didn’t stop until her nose was pressed against the bottom of the pan. Her head was almost completely immersed in the enema water, and her beautiful face was pressed snugly into a soup of her own shit. The only thought that kept the debauched beauty from losing her mind was that she was keeping her mouth and eyes tightly shut, that she wasn’t snorting any of the filthy water or clotted shit up her nose. Surely Jack would let her come up for air sometime soon.

She was wrong. Jack pulled her arms out from under her. Rachel gasped in shock as her upper body smashed against the tray. Suddenly her mouth and nose were filled with a thick, soupy mixture of filth. She couldn’t even struggle, because Jack pulled her hands behind her and kicked her legs out from under her. Before the voluptuous housewife knew what was happening Jack had tied her wrists and ankles behind her back.

Rachel’s face came up out of the tray. Her sultry body was bent back like a bow from the terrible way Jack had bound her. Pain tore through her lower back. Her tits and stomach were pressed tightly against the pan. Her legs were spread wide by the strain of connecting with her wrists behind her back.

“You’re looking good now, Mrs. Welch,” Jack said with a chuckle, stroking his big prick. “You look real natural. I think I’m going to fuck your asshole now, you shitty old bitch. Then you’ll be ready to do a little business for me.”

“Oh, Jack!” Rachel sighed miserably between chokes and sobs. “Aren’t you ever going to stop? I’ve never had a cock there before! I don’t think I can take one!”

Jack laughed. He dropped to his knees behind her and fucked his cock up her tight shitter.

Rachel gasped in pure agony as Jack leaned his weight behind his prick and fucked it up her asshole. She tried to tighten her muscles and repel his bludgeoning cock, but Jack had prepared his strategy too perfectly. The big enema had loosened her asshole some, and holding it for so long had exhausted the rings of muscle in her tiny shit-chute. Now there was only stretching and tearing — and the terrible agony that came with it. Rachel uttered small, wordless cries as her shitter reached the limits of its elasticity and began to tear. Jack knew what he was doing to her, but he just laughed and fucked into her harder.

The big head of his cock pushed relentlessly inside her, followed by ten inches of wrist-thick prick. Rachel, bent backward, lying in a pool of shit and piss, bound hand and foot, helplessly took every inch of torturing fuck-meat. When his balls swung up to hit the lips of her cunt and his cock-hair flattened against her silky asscheeks, she felt as though she had been impaled on a baseball bat instead of a cock.

Then he started fucking her.

“Uhf! Uhf! Uhf!” Rachel grunted with each new fuck-thrust Jack dealt her. He plowed his cock back and forth through her tiny shitter as if he were trying to nail her to the bathroom floor. Rachel rolled helplessly back and forth as he fucked her asshole. Her tits and stomach pushed hard against the bottom of the paint tray, then raised up almost out of the water. Jack laughed at the sight of her big tits being slowly plastered with her shit and grabbed her by her hair so that he could force her face down into the muck as well.

“Drink it!” he shouted, almost out of his mind with excitement of fucking her asshole and having complete mastery over such a beautiful woman. “You’ve already sucked it up one way, bitch! Now suck it down the other!”

“Slow!” Rachel moaned frantically. “Slow! Uh! Slow! Uh! Please, slow! Please!”

Jack fucked his massive cock up her shitchute. Her ass was spread helplessly before him, and he could thrust right down into it. Each fuck-punch he dealt her smashed her defenseless body into the floor. The angle was perfect for him, but the most painful one possible for the enslaved housewife. Each new jab tore her overwhelmed asshole and the straining muscles in her lower back, arms and legs.

Jack dunked Rachel’s face into the tray each time he fucked his cock up her ass. He held her down until he saw air bubbles rising to the surface. He rubbed her face into the shit that rose through the filthy water. Rachel didn’t struggle against him. She let him turn her pretty head in any direction, push her face wherever he wanted. There was no fight left in the beautiful housewife, only slavish obedience to whatever her young master demanded. For Jack it was the most thrilling fuck of his young life. Rachel’s asshole was virgin, so tight that it hugged his cock like a second skin. But the enema had lubricated her so thoroughly that there wasn’t the slightest discomfort for him as he fucked the tiny, straining hole.

“You love it, don’t you?” he hissed, rubbing Rachel’s face into a big mound of her shit, then pulling her back so that he could whisper into her ear. “You love having my big cock fucking out your dirty little asshole! You love getting fucked really hard and getting your face smeared in shit just like the filthy pig you are! Tell me you love it!”

“I love it!” Rachel cried. Her beautiful face was caked in shit and dripping with watery filth. “I love getting fucked really hard! I love getting hurt and fucked up the ass! Rub my fucking face in some more shit! It’s all I’m fucking good for!”

Jack fucked her even harder, making her lush asscheeks jiggle with every hammering thrust. His cock dripped blood when he pulled it back out of her asshole, and that spurred him on to fucking her even harder. The brutal ass-fucking had torn her insides. Now Jack wanted to see if he could make her cum while he was fucking her bloody.

He pinned her face to the bottom of the tray with one hand and grabbed her hip with the other. Then he fucked her harder and faster than he had ever fucked a woman before. He whipped his cock back until only the tip of the prick-head was still squeezed inside the mouth of her asshole. He stabbed in until his hard stomach slapped Rachel’s creamy ass with a loud smack. He was cock-whipping her, doing even more damage to her tattered shit-chute.

Rachel was drowning. The enema water was flushing through her nose and mouth. She tried to clamp her lips shut and closed them on a huge, wet mound of shit. Her lungs were filling with the filthy water, but she couldn’t stop gasping and grunting. The brutal fucking she was taking from Jack rattled her whole body. The pain and shock from the repeated savage cock blows kept her from being able to control her breathing.

She tried to drink the pan dry, but most of the water went down the wrong way. She wondered if this was how she was going to die, fucked into insensibility while she drowned in a pool of water she had flushed from her ass hole.

The pain was incredible. Now her chest was burning too. Her head was pounding. The muscles in her lower back and silky thighs were pulled and torn. Her arms were being pulled almost from their sockets. Her whole was in shreds. Still Jack fucked her, his cock pounding her ass, his body smashing into the floor. And then he started cumming, spraying his salty, burning jism up her wounded hole.

Rachel climaxed with him.

She raised her head from the water as Jack shot his jism up her hole. She cried out like a lost soul, then slapped her face down in the biggest pile of shit that rested on the bottom of the pan. Her sultry body thrashed and twitched with her choking and her orgasm. She opened her mouth and sucked in the shit while Jack filled her whole with spunk.

“That’s it, Mrs. Welch!” Jack shouted, holding her hips with both hands, rocking her ass back against his body-shattering fuck-thrusts. “Stick your face right down into that shit! You’ve come a long way from vibrators now, haven’t you? Fuck, there’s all kinds of shit that can get you off better than those!”

Rachel passed out from the pain, shame and shock, while Jack rubbed his cock over her rounded ass, smearing the creamy skin with streaks of blood.


Rachel woke up to even worse pain than she had collapsed under. She woke up crying out in agony. And when she opened her eyes and looked around, she screamed even louder. She was in her yard again, and Jack was with her. But they weren’t alone. There were dozens of boys Jack’s age in the yard with them and they all looked horny. They were also all looking at her.

One boy was doing more than looking. He had a pair of pliers in each hand and he was using them on Rachel’s defenseless body.

It took Rachel a moment to realize where she was and what had been done to her. She was spread-eagled between two trees in her yard, stretched tight and held off the ground. Thick chains wrapped around her wrists and ankles, spreading her body out helplessly for the inspection of the mob of boys. The chains cut into her flesh, and the pain of supporting her full body weight had already made her hands and feet go numb.

She was no longer dressed in the punishing corset. She had been cleaned up too. She wasn’t completely naked, but what she had on shamed her so much, that she would rather have been. There was a silver collar cinched tight around her throat. It had been part of an evening outfit she had only worn a couple of times. Now it was a slave’s collar. Five-inch spiked heels were on her feet. Those Rachel had only worn once. They had hurt her feet and she had hated them. The only other thing she was wearing was a black bikini. It was a tiny thing, little more than two pieces of see-through cloth. Rachel had always thought it looked like a whore’s outfit, and she had only worn it a few times. Her nipples and cunt fur were fully visible through the transparent cloth. Having the bikini bottoms spread across her lush hips only made her ass look bigger and more inviting. And having the bikini top press her huge tits up and together made her cleavage look even more bountiful.

Tears tracked down Rachel’s face at the thought of how much of a whore Jack had turned her into. He was standing beside her now, watching with a smile as the boy with the pliers pinched the soft, creamy flesh of Rachel’s belly. When he saw that she was awake, he slapped her face hard, then stuck two fingers between her lips for her to suck.

“Glad to see you awake, Mrs. Welch,” he said, sliding his fingers in and out of her mouth as she sucked them and licked them. “Meet the guys. They’re here to help make your yard sale a success. The guy with the pliers is Dale. He spent twenty dollars for those, so I told him he could try them out on you before he took them home. He’ll probably want to stick his cock in you too, as kind of a bonus. You don’t mind, do you?”

“No!” Rachel gurgled around her mouthful of fingers. “He can do anything he wants to me, as long as you say so?”

“Right you are, whore,” Jack said, his smile widening. He pulled his spit-wet fingers out of her mouth, wiped them clean on her cheeks, then slapped her again. “Let her rip, Dale. Guys, the next item for sale is this big old tow chain, so think about what you want to do with it and what you want to bid.”

There was a wild clamor among the boys. Rachel heard it, but most of her attention had been captured by the boy who was standing in front of her. He was still fully dressed, but his cock, at least seven inches of hard, throbbing flesh, was hanging out of his pants. Rachel’s mouth watered as she watched it swinging back and forth.

“Jack says you like all kinds of nasty shit,” Dale said, catching the edge of her navel between the jaws of one pair of pliers and squeezing until Rachel mewed in pain and trembled like a spastic. “Do you like getting love pinches? Tell me how much you like it. Tell me you like me, too.”

“I love your cock!” Rachel groaned, her voice shaking. The boy caught a sliver of flesh on her right thigh and pinched it until the housewife thought she was going to pass out. “I love sexy young studs! I love their big cocks and hot young bodies so much that I’ll do anything, let them do anything they want, if they’ll fuck me! Getting hurt turns me on too! I love you to fuck me while you hurt me!”

“Pretty good,” Dale said with a smirk. The mob of boys was laughing wildly. “But I paid twenty bucks for this, and I want to play a little while before I shove my cock up your slutty cunt. Sorry.”

Rachel cried forlornly. Then she screamed in agony as he pinched each set of jaws against one soft inner thigh. Of all the agonies she had suffered during her long day of sexual abuse, this was the worst. He had caught the softest, most sensitive flesh on her sexy body, the skin where her lush thighs merged with her quivering cunt-lips. And he was grinding it with every ounce of pressure he could put into the pliers.

Rachel thrashed against the chains that held her. She swung her head from side to side, as if trying to deny the horrible reality of what the boy was doing to her.

“You like that, don’t you, cunt?” a boy screamed, spitting in Rachel’s face. “Fuck, I bid twenty-five bucks for that chain! I’m going to whip you like the old bag of bones you are!”

At that moment Dale caught one of her pussylips in the pliers and squeezed.

Rachel screamed incoherently, promising the boy anything if he would just stop the inhuman torture. She whipped her body back and forth in a frantic, vain attempt to escape the pinch of the pliers. Her big tits jiggled wildly and spit dribbled from her lips. Nothing she did relieved the hellish pain the boy was giving her cunt.

He twisted the pliers back and forth, grinding down on them with all his strength. The pain made Rachel want to throw up. He looped his other arm around her hips and pinched the soft right cheek of her ass. Suddenly he switched from one side of her pussy-lips to the other. Rachel wailed in agony, her head lolling on her sexy shoulders. She stopped struggling, able only to twitch and whimper as the pain overwhelmed her. Her silky ass was already dotted with red welts where the pliers had done their fiendish work. Her cuntlips were so swollen and puffy they looked five times their normal size.

Dale pulled the crotch of her bikini bottom to one side and pinched her cunt-lips again. The crush of the cold metal against her bare flesh hurt eyen more than it had through the thin protection of the panties. Rachel whimpered, squirming weakly against the chains that held her tightly in place.

Dale caught the flesh where her ass joined her right thigh and clamped the pliers together as hard as he could. Rachel humped her hips forward at the sudden burst of agony. Her cunt spread open, revealing the tiny bud of her clit. Dale caught the bud deftly and started squeezing.

“No!” she cried. “No! No, no, no, no, no!” Gripping the pliers tightly in his hand, Dale swung round behind her. He pushed his big cock through the crack of Rachel’s ass and wrapped his free arm around her chest. Rachel knew what he was going to do the moment he pulled one big, soft tit free of her bikini top. It didn’t matter. She was helpless to stop him from closing the pliers around her thrusting pink nipple.

“Like that, you thirsty bitch?” Dale crushed her clit and nipple and fucked his cock through the crack of her ass. “Like that, you sexy old cunt? I’m going to tear your fucking cunt right off! And I’m going to fuck your slutty ass while I’m doing it!”

Dale stopped crushing her nipple long enough to stuff his cock-head against the tight ring of Rachel’s asshole. The broken beauty whimpered as he pushed his fat cock-head against the tiny bud of her shitter. It had swollen from the ravaging Jack had given it, but the muscles, stretched by Jack’s cock and exhausted by the enema he had made her hold, couldn’t keep Dale out. He fucked his cock brutally up her torn asshole, reopening the wounds Jack’s savage fucking had caused. By the time his cockhair spiked into Rachel’s sweet, full ass she was bleeding again.

“Talk to me!” the boy yelled, releasing his grip on Rachel’s clit and working the pliers deeper into her cunt. “You said you loved me, you sexy old slut! Talk to me like you do a lover!”

He caught a tiny bit of pussy-flesh and ground the pliers around. Rachel’s eyes glazed over with pain as he yanked the pliers back, pulling her elastic cunt-flesh. He caught one of her nipples with the other pliers and jerked out until the big soft tit stretched over a foot in front of her body. And he squirmed his cock around inside her ass, making her full hips jerk and wiggle.

“So good!” Rachel screamed as the boy plucked savagely at her tits. He was pinching every soft inch of her titflesh. “Hurt me more! Fuck me harder! You’re making me cum all over! Oh fuck, you’re hurting me so bad!”

Dale pounded her with his cock, making her sway back and forth against the chains that tore into her wrists and ankles. He caught her cunt again and again, squeezing tiny pieces of her pussy-flesh until Rachel blacked out from the pain. He woke her up with what he was doing to her tits. He was crushing big chunks of her silky, super-sensitive tit-flesh, trying to bruise every inch of her abundant cleavage.

Rachel squeezed her shit-chute tight around his thrusting cock and swung her sexy ass from side to side. The pain that flared through her wounded shitter made her cry and the grind of the chains around her ankles and wrists made every movement a torture, but she had to make the boy cum.

Dale responded almost at once. He dropped the pliers and grabbed Rachel’s full, soft hips. He fucked his cock back and forth in her asshole as fast and hard as he could, knocking her helpless body back and forth as far as the chains would permit. Rachel fucked him back enthusiastically. She ground her soft ass back against him and flexed her silky asscheeks in rhythm with his rapid fucking.

“Big-titted whore!” he screamed, biting down on the nape and her neck and shooting his jism up her tattered asshole. “Take some cum, you sexy old slut!”

Rachel cried out with pleasure as Dale’s cum sizzled into her torn asshole. His hands slipped off her hips as he blasted his cum inside her. He grabbed her full tits, using them as handles to swing her body back and forth on his jerking cock. Rachel screamed in pain and pleasure as Dale crushed her tits and filled her asshole with his acid-like cum.

She relaxed in her chains when Dale pulled his cock from her asshole. She was exhausted past her endurance, so hurt and tired that she felt barely able to move. Dale wiped his bloodstained cock clean on her trembling stomach. While he was doing it, he picked up one pair of pliers and pinched Rachel’s face. As the terrible metal jaws closed on her cheeks and nose and lips, Rachel cried softly. She didn’t even have the energy to scream.

Mike was the name of the boy who won the bidding for the chain. For ten minutes she circled Rachel’s gorgeous, helpless body and whipped her with the heavy chain. He smashed the chain against her ass and stomach and long, lush legs. He even beat her tits, knocking the big, soft mounds back and forth across her chest with one devastating blow after another.

Then Mike wrapped the chain around Rachel’s throat and stuffed his cock up her cunt. He mad her coo into his ear and tell him how much she loved him. Then he pulled the chain from around her neck and started pushing it up her asshole.

At first it didn’t hurt. The first half dozen links pushed easily up inside her. But very soon after, her asshole began to ache horribly. Mike didn’t care. He fucked her with his cock and the chain, drilling her pussy with short, fast strokes, filling her asshole with the heavy tow chain. After thirty links Rachel tried to shit out the terrible chain. After forty the pain in her straining asshole was so acute that she felt paralyzed.

Mike still wasn’t satisfied. He pushed the whole chain up Rachel’s clasping asshole. By the time he finished Rachel’s back felt broken, her stomach bloated. She hung her head limply on Mike’s shoulders, still whispering sweet compliments into his ear. Her only movement was a slight twitching of her hips against Mike’s punishing fuck-thrusts.

“Do you love it?” he asked, squeezing Rachel’s big, sexy ass and fucking her pussy with his big cock. The last few links of chain hung from her asshole like a tiny tail. “I’ll bet you really love it, you dirty cunt! You’re just a slutty old nympho! You fucking love everything!”

“I do,” Rachel whimpered weakly, teasing her tongue over Mike’s car. She knew that her asshole would never be the same after the brutal chain-fuck. She guessed it didn’t matter, as long as it was still tight enough to be a good fuck. “I love your big, hard cock. I’m only a slut, you know. Jack made me eat my own shit. I came while I did it.”

“Oh fuck!” the boy groaned, and his cum started shooting up inside Rachel’s cunt. “You dirty bitch! You’re going to get all the fucking you can handle from now on! You’ll be the fucking neighborhood cum-sucking slut!”

Jack grabbed the end of the long chain and yanked it from Rachel’s asshole. Rachel’s eyes went wide as the links popped rapidly out of her brutalized little asshole, each one bringing a helpless cry from her lips. It was like nothing else she had ever felt before. But it made her cum.

There was blood and shit on the chain. Mike made her lick it clean before he took it away. Then the next boy stepped up.

He had bought a pair of Rachel’s panties. He tore away the bikini she was wearing, and Jack unchained her feet long enough for the kid to slide the panties up her long, lush legs. The panties were silky and frilly.

“Piss in them,” the boy said simply, stroking his big, hard cock. “Piss your pants, slut!” Rachel did as the boy told her. It was difficult to pee in front of all the boys, but her bladder was full from the tray of enema water Jack had made her drink. She cried out in shame as the panties filled with piss. Then the stinking yellow waste was spilling over the edges and running down her creamy inner thighs in pissy rivers. And right in the middle, of her pissing, the boy wrapped her in his powerful young arms and fucked his cock up into her pussy.

The beautiful housewife screamed in surprise and pain. The boy fucked her through the panties, pushing the silky cloth up inside her cunt. Rachel’s piss ran all over him, but he didn’t seem to mind. He latched his mouth onto her tits, feeding on her nipples.

Rachel gasped and grunted, the air driven from her lungs by every hammering blow of his cock inside her. He lifted her on his cock until the chains on her wrists went slack and the ones on he ankles dug painfully into her flesh. He stretched her cunt first in one direction and then another. Rachel’s piss slowed and then stopped, but it was replaced by her cunt-cream, which was soon flowing all over the soiled panties. The boy fucked her panties so far up inside her that the beck panel stretched tight and tore around her jiggling ass.

“Fucking me good!” she hissed, kissing and licking the boy’s face as he fucked her through one climax after another. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop! Fuck me forever! Fuck me to death!”

“I’d love to,” the kid said as he shot his jism into her cunt through the filter of the thin panties. “But there’s a lot of other guys here waiting for their turn. And I don’t want to deprive anybody of a chance to fuck a sexy, hot-assed whore like you.”

Rachel burned with shame and shivered with excitement over the boy’s degrading compliment. She squeezed her battered pussy tight around his cocks letting his cum squirt deep inside her and then holding it there. She climaxed five times, one orgasm tumbling into another until she thought her body would explode, as the boy emptied his cock-cream inside her. Then, with his stiff cock still buried in her pussy, he started pissing.

Rachel screamed as the burning stream of piss filled her swollen cunt. The boy fucked her as he pissed, driving his spewing cock back and forth in her stretched cunt. Rachel moaned and cried, dragging her tongue all over his face. Another orgasm exploded through her cunt, this one so powerful that it left her weak and shivering. The boy’s piss poured down her legs and splattered to the wound beneath her. The other boys pointed and laughed and bid even higher for the other items Jack was selling.

The boy took the panties off Rachel once he had finished pissing inside her. He stood in front of her with the panties wrapped around his cock and jerked off. Rachel begged him to fuck her some more, but he just smiled and shook his head, fucking his hand and her panties until he filled them with his cum.

The panties were a mess, and soiled with her piss and cunt-cream and his piss and jism. Rachel knew what he was going to do with them even before he rubbed them over her face and pressed them to her mouth.

“I spent good money for these,” he said sweetly. “You don’t want me to take them home all dirty, do you?”

“Please bring them back and fuck me through them some more,” Rachel groaned. “You can do anything to me you want!”

“I know that,” the boy said, and pushed the panties into her open mouth.

Rachel sucked the panties clean. The mixture of fuck-cream and puss made her stomach turn — and made her cum so powerfully that she thought her cunt was going to tear itself apart. When the boy held his hand out for the panties Rachel spit them into his palm. He rubbed them dry on her face before he walked away.

The next boy had bought an umbrella. He drove it up her ass while he fucked her cunt, and Rachel screamed in agony as he fucked almost two feet of it up her helplessly clasping shitter. When he finished fucking her, he made her lick the tip of the umbrella clean, then poked her tits and stomach and ass with it.

The next boy bought a hammer. He beat Rachel’s big tits until she passed out. The other boys sprayed her with a garden hose to wake her up, and then the boy went to work on her again. He beat her stomach and ass with the hammer, then used the claw to pull her cunt wide open.

Rachel screamed until her voice was gone, then cried in silence as the boy brutalized her with the hammer. The last thing he did was work the head inside her cunt while he fucked his cock up her ass. He hammer-fucked her pussy while he pounded his cock up her asshole.

After that the boys’ actions began to blur together. It got harder and harder for Rachel to breathe, hanging as she was by her arms.

A boy worked her over with a yardstick, and she seemed to remember him driving almost the whole length of it up her hole. A boy bought a coffee mug and worked the whole thing up into her cunt. He made her piss again, then forced her to drink the cup dry. By the time the last boy had bought an item and used it to torture Rachel’s sleek, sultry body the sun had gone down and the yard was dark. Rachel hung limply from the chains that held her spread-eagled. Her luscious body bore the marks of a hundred different kinds of torture. Her cunt and asshole were inflamed and swollen. Her inner thighs were frosted with jism, and cum had run in shag trails down her long, shapely legs.

Jack counted his money and was shocked by just how much he had made off Rachel’s sexy body and beautiful face. He hadn’t known his friends had so much cash. He looked at the gorgeous housewife and felt both admiration and contempt. She was still the most beautiful bitch he had ever seen, even with the cum of a couple dozen guys dripping from her cunt and whole, even with welts and scratches and bite marks covering almost every inch of her creamy skin. She had cum maybe fifty times while she was strapped to the tree. Now she was hardly conscious.

“Mrs. Welch is really something else, isn’t she?” he asked, unhooking the chains from around her ankles. “And she gives the world’s greatest head. Since you guys already spent so much money, I’ll tell you what. A buck a shot and you can have her suck you off, lick your balls, lick your ass, shit, even piss down her throat. But first I need some fucking help getting her down. She might look skinny, but those tits must weigh twenty pounds each.”

Every boy in the yard rushed forward to help him.


“Please!” Rachel whined. “Pleeaasse! Jack-ak! You know how sensitive my tits are!”

“Yes, I do,” Jack said with a grin. “And I know how big they are too. The quicker you suck off my buddies, the bigger they’ll stay. If not, I’ve got the feeling these boys you have here might just squash those big old tits down to size.”

Rachel was kneeling in front of a small table. Her arms were drawn tight behind her back, bound from wrist to elbow with electrical tape. Her shoulders ached and the muscles in her arms felt as though they had been torn beyond repair, but the submissive beauty paid hardly any attention at all to those small discomforts. All her attention was directed in front, toward the pain that was about to start.

Fastened to the side of the table were two huge table vises. They were opened all the way, their flat metal jaws almost a foot apart. It was still a tight fit for Rachel’s big tits. The vises would have to be tightened several inches before they started to hurt her, but that was only a few turns of the metal handles.

Rachel was supposed to suck the cum from every one of Jack’s friends. When she heard that they had paid a dollar each for the chance to fuck her mouth, she had felt like the world’s biggest whore. And each boy could turn the crank one half a turn for each minute she took to make him cum. The worst part of all was the electrical tape that bound her legs together from her ankles to mid thighs, that wrapped around her back and stomach and the table legs and stuck to her ribs and the far edge of the table. The only part of her body she could move was her head. She was helpless, and facing the most terrible torture she could imagine.

“Let’s go,” Jack said with a grin.

The first boy’s name was Joe. He slapped Rachel’s face with his cock, driving her wild with fear by flipping his cock round out of reach of her questing mouth. The boys laughed at Rachel’s frantic, pitiful attempts to follow his cock with her mouth. She turned her head this way and that, flapping her tongue as far as she could out of her mouth. Joe would whip her face with his cock, then pull it out of reach just before she could brush it with her tongue.

“Half a minute,” Jack said, holding his wrist so he could see his watch and the action at the same time. “Let her rip.”

Joe let go of his cock and turned the crank on the vise that held her right tit. Rachel tensed as the vise tightened round her big tit, even though it was several turns away from where it would really start to squeeze her. She watched Joe’s swinging, half-hard cock intently. With his hands off the crank she finally had a chance to get his cock into her mouth.

Rachel plunged her face forward, stretching her long graceful neck until it burned with pain. She brushed the slimy head of Joe’s cock with her lips, cupping her tongue under the heavy cock-head to try to tease it into her mouth. Joe started to jerk back, but when he felt the wet brush of her tongue on his heated prick, he stayed right where he was. After a moment even that wasn’t enough, and he fucked forward until Rachel’s nose was buried in his cock-hair.

The boys cheered as Rachel hollowed her cheeks and went to work sucking the boy’s hard cock. None of them had gotten a chance at her mouth while she had hung upright between the trees. Everyone of them had huge, aching hard-ons at the prospect of sticking their cocks down the throat of such a beautiful woman.

Rachel hardly gagged at all as Joe brutally fucked his cock into the tight little tunnel of her throat. She couldn’t stop the wet gurgling noises she had made as she blew him, though, or stop the trails of spit that leaked down the corners of her mouth. The boys laughed at her and called her filthy names as she slurped and grunted hr way through the blow-job. Their contempt and mockery made Rachel so hot that she almost forgot the torture that lay ahead.

“Time!” Jack shouted.

Joe grinned at her and tightened the vise an her left tit Rachel bobbed her head on his cock like a madwoman, taking every inch he had to offer again and again and again, until her face was sloppy with her spit and his cock was jerking out of control in her throat.

“Oh shit!” he bellowed just as he started to cum. He grabbed Rachel by the back of the head and held her lips pinned to his balls. “Here’s a jism injection, you cocksucking slut!”

Rachel drank the boy’s cum as tough she wanted to suck out every drop of jism in his body. His cock seemed to vibrate in her throat, spitting out huge wads of gooey cock-juice.

The next boy was named Andrew. He had a small cock, so small that it barely poked Rachel in the back of her mouth. Her checks hollowed and swelled as she sucked the cum from his cock. He only managed to turn the vise on her right tit once before he poured his jism into Rachel’s mouth. She didn’t swallow it until he had finished shooting his whole load. Her checks bulged with the cum-load. Then she tilted her head back, opened her mouth so that all the boys could see the brimming pool of jism within, and swallowed it in laud, wet gulps.

“What a gross fucking bitch!” one boy shouted.

“Geez, she’s a sleazy cum-sucker, ain’t she?” another boy cried.

Their abuse and the perverted thrill of swallowing such a huge mouthful of cum made Rachel orgasm. She thrust her ass back and forth and flexed her cunt as if she were fucking a huge, pounding cock. Her big eyes glazed with lust. The boys called her even dirtier names, and a few of them stepped close and spit on her beautiful face and voluptuous body. Rachel moaned louder and came harder. When the next boy shoved his cock into her face, Rachel stared at it blankly for a moment. Then she swallowed it whole, pressing her nose against his stomach and squirming her lips around the bulging sac of his balls.

“Oh shit!” the boy gasped. “Oh shit!”

Rachel pushed her face forward desperately, slithering her lower lip over the crinkly bag of the boy’s balls. She opened her jaws impossibly far and popped one whole ball inside her mouth. Then she did it again, and sucked the whole bag into her wet, warm mouth. Her gorgeous face bulged grotesquely with the impossible load she was holding in her mouth. Spit ran over her chin like a waterfall.

The sex mad housewife slapped her tongue all over the boy’s balls. She flexed her throat around the gullet-stuffing shaft of his cock.

The boy gasped with pleasure, his legs shaking, but he managed to hold out until he had gotten to turn each vise once. By the time he filled her throat with his jism the vise on Rachel’s tight tit was just pressing into her creamy flesh. It didn’t hurt, not yet, but it was going to very soon.

The next boy was named Lonnie. He turned around and presented Rachel with his ass. He spread his asscheeks wide and poked his ass right at Rachel’s pretty nose. It was with a sigh of resignation that she plunged her face into his filthy asscrack and went to work. She knew that it could take a very long time to make a boy cum this way, and she didn’t have the time to waste.

His asscrack was filthy. It looked, smelled and tasted as though he had never used a sheet of toilet paper. Rachel rubbed her face into it like a cat rolling in kitty litter. She sponged her tongue up and down the filthy crack like a deer at a salt lick. And when the crud from his asscheeks was smeared all over her face and tongue, she plunged her soft lips onto the crusty brown pucker of his asshole and plunged her tongue up the clotted channel like a bear searching for honey.

It was the most impressive display of ass-sucking any of the boys had ever seen. Rachel smacked and slobbered on Lonnie’s ass as though it were the world’s sweetest morsel of candy. When she plunged her tongue up his asshole, his knees shook and he almost fell down. Than he whipped around and aimed his cock right between Rachel’s parted lips. His first spurt of jism splashed over her nose. After that there was fuck-slime everywhere. Rachel caught what she could in her mouth.

Lonnie hadn’t gotten to turn the cranks even once.

The next boy was named Henry. Rachel jacked him off with her lips, bobbing her head up and down, taking only three or four inches of his cock into her mouth. All the time she skinned her lips up and down his cock she was whipping her tongue over his cockhead. She made him cum in just a couple minutes, but by that time he had turned each of the cranks twice. Rachel cried as his jism filled her mouth to overflowing and cascaded down her trembling chin. The vises were pressing against her tits now. She knew the pain was going to start soon.

The next boy had a long, curved cock. Rachel trapped it between her white teeth and the wet, soft hollow of her cheek. She worked her cheek and teeth together and slithered her tongue up and down the curving cock-shaft. The boy dripped so much fuck-lube that it drooled from the corners of Rachel’s mouth like slobber, but she couldn’t seem to make him cum.

She slipped his cock into the center of her mouth and tried to deep-throat him, but the curve of his cock was too severe. He turned the vise again and again, and Rachel whined with discomfort as the jaws of the vises pressed against her lush tits. Finally she rammed her face all the way down on his cock, ignoring the terrible, tearing pain his curved prick caused her throat. The boy screamed with surprise and lust and choked her almost to death with his load of jism.

When the boy stepped away, Rachel looked around. Her beautiful face was slimy with cum and spit and fuck-lube. Jism dribbled over her pouting lower lip. The vise grips around her tits had begun to change the shape of the big, lush mounds. Then another boy stuck his cock in Rachel’s face, and she lunged her mouth down on it.

“Time,” Jack said before Rachel had even gotten the boy’s prick hard.

Rachel whimpered with pain as the boy turned the crank on her right tit. Her tits were almost completely covered by the wide jaws of the table vise. A boy stepped up and pushed his cock into Rachel’s ear. She tried to turn her head to suck him, but he just moved with her, fucking his hard cock into the delicate shell of her right ear. At thirty seconds he was leaking pre-cum into her inner ear, but he didn’t seem that close to cumming. He turned the crank on her left tit, crushing it a little bit more. He fucked her ear as though it were a tiny cunt, jacking off on his cock at the same time.

“What a pervert!” another kid shouted. “Here, let me get in on this action!”

Suddenly a cock was pushed into Rachel’s other ear. Her head was trapped between two hard-humping boys. They skewered her ears, filling the tiny cavities with sloppy fuck-lube. They took turns spinning the cranks on Rachel’s tits, slowly crushing her tits in the unyielding vises.

They came at almost the same time, and Rachel squealed her way through an orgasm as they filled her ears with jism. There was something so perverse about being fucked in her ears that it made Rachel climax.

The jism spilled deep into her ears and all over the sides of her face. Rachel’s beautiful face was sloppy with cum now. She looked every bit the part of the horny slut who’d sucked off a dozen boys. Even more shocking were her tits. The vises had made her luscious tits widen and flatten like silky, fleshy pancakes. The tips of her tits, free of the crushing vises, were filled with blood and bulging as though they might explode at any instant.

Another boy stepped up to Rachel’s face. She sucked him avidly, washing his cock with her spit and sponging it dry with her tongue. He came quickly, filling her scummy mouth with yet another load of jism. But before he stepped back into the crowd, he had tightened each vise two more turns.

Another boy stepped up to have his cock sucked. He pulled out just before he came and stuck his spurting cock up first one and then the other of Rachel’s flaring nostrils. The jism scalded Rachel’s sinuses. When he finished cumming, fuck-slime was rolling down from her upper lip like a dirty silver mustache.

A second boy made her suck his ass before he turned around and fucked his cock down her throat. He got to turn each of the cranks a half dozen times. The next boy rubbed his cock over Rachel’s face until he spewed his jism. His cock slime plastered Rachel’s beautiful face. Two more boys fucked her throat, pounding her gullet until her throat felt sore and swollen. By the time she had swallowed their loads of jism Rachel’s stomach felt bloated with cum. She realized blearily that she must have swallowed a gallon of jism. The next boy to step up held his cock in Rachel’s mouth, not letting her deep-throat him. The exhausted beauty was grateful for the break. She lapped at his cock until her tongue burned with exhaustion. She slurped at the few inches of cock that fit in her mouth until she teased the boy’s cum down her throat. Then another boy shoved his cock in her face and she had to start all over again.

Each of the boys tightened the vises a little bit farther, crushed Rachel’s billowing tits a little bit more. They billowed out around the sides of the vises like a cookie cutter. The pain was a grinding, pinching, tearing agony. The muscles in Rachel’s tits were being pulled slowly past the breaking point. The flesh was being squashed to mush. The pain-dazed housewife didn’t believe her beautiful tits would ever be the same after this inhuman torture.

Two boys rubbed their cocks over her slimy, swollen lips at the same time, and Rachel looked up at them with confusion in her eyes. Her lips were tingling, almost numb from the friction of all the cocks she had sucked, the burn of all the jism that had spilled over them, the impact of all the hard stomachs that had smacked against her mouth. Her tongue ached so terribly that it was hard to move it at all. It felt swollen and clumsy. And her throat seemed to be swelling shut. It felt as if it had been scoured with sandpaper.

“Two at once, big tits,” one of the boys said, pushing his big cock-head into her open mouth. “You suck us good and you’ll get a double mouthful of cunt.”

“And you’re sure one cum-loving slut,” the other boy said. He was banging his cock against Rachel’s lips, too, wedging her mouth so far open that the helpless beauty felt something pop at the back of her jaw. “I’ve never seen a suction-pump mouth like yours. You ought to really get off sucking on two big pricks at the same time.”

Rachel gurgled helplessly as both boys popped their huge cock-heads into her wedged-open mouth. She tried desperately to shake her head, to free her mouth long enough to beg the boys to stop.

The boys held her head tightly in place and pushed their cocks deeper and deeper into her mouth. Rachel’s mouth opened wider than it ever had before, wider than it was meant to open. Tears filled her eyes as the impossible double intrusion reached the back of her throat. She couldn’t breathe around the two massive cock-heads that banged against her gullet. But the boys kept pushing. Rachel’s face turned bright red as she tried in vain to breathe around the two massive fuck-rods. Her slender throat swelled around the paired cock-heads as they pushed down inside. Every boy in the yard gathered around close to watch the obscene swelling of her throat, the grotesque splitting of her beautiful face by the two big cocks. The boys pushed and pushed and pushed, and all of Rachel’s gagging and struggling couldn’t keep them from forcing every inch of their cocks down her helplessly resisting throat.

Rachel’s lips were pulled so tight that they split, and thin trickles of blood ran down her chin. The boys pushed on. Her eyes were forced shut, her chin pushed almost flat against her cock-swollen throat. The boys kept pushing. Her body swayed and her head was held upright only by the restraining hands and cocks of the two boys finally the boys’ cock-hair scratched her cheeks, their balls swinging against the lower curve of her jaw. She was taking two ten-inch pricks fully inside her throat.

The boys scoured her throat with their cocks, thrusting in perfect rhythm. Rachel could do nothing to stop the hellish assault. It went on for almost ten minutes.

By the time the boys poured their double load of jism down Rachel’s throat the vim were no more than two inches apart. She was sure that the big soft pillows of flesh would never recover from the abuse they were taking. The nipples bulged so obscenely that the boys couldn’t resist slapping them with belts. The shock of the blows made the unbearable agony even more devastating.

Rachel couldn’t swallow the cum the boys shot her full of. Her throat didn’t seem able to make the movements needed to swallow. She choked on the gooey, gluey slime, and while the boys were still shooting, it poured out of her mouth and nose. Boys screamed at her and spit on her as she slobbered jism all over herself, but there was nothing Rachel could do to stop it. After the awful double suck Rachel was helpless. She couldn’t make her tongue work, couldn’t purse her lips or draw them tight around a cock. It took her ten minutes to make the next boy cum, and Jack had to stop the others from closing the vises completely together on her tortured tits.

After a time Rachel could swallow again, but everything else just kept getting worse. After five more boys had taken their turns on her mouth, another pair of boys made her double suck them. Their cocks weren’t as big as those of the first pair, but the pain was still hellish. It seemed an eternity before the last boy soaked her face with his jism. He, and the last three boys before him, had rubbed themselves off on Rachel’s cum plastered face. Her mouth was too slack and swollen to afford them any pleasure at all.

And then there was only Jack.

He held his cock almost a foot in front of her mouth and smiled down on her. Rachel knew what he wanted, and with a tiny moan of despair, she tried to reach his cock. She arched her neck forward, tried to pull her body up over the table. She leaned forward as far as she could, and still the head of his cock was over an inch out of reach. Then she stuck out her swollen, cum-coated tongue. It brushed the very tip of his cock.

“Make me cum,” he said, and tightened the vises a half turn.

Rachel flicked her tired, aching tongue all over the hated, slimy head of his cock, trying desperately to tease an orgasm from him. And every thirty seconds he tightened the vises a little more. Tears of sorrow and agony ran tracks through the half inch of cum that coated Rachel’s beautiful face. Jack just smiled and watched.

Finally he could tighten the irises no farther. And then he shot his wad of jism right into the curled cup of the beautiful slave’s tongue.

Jack’s slumped back, tears stiff running down bar face. The vise jaws were pressing almost together, squashing Rachel’s enormous, creamy tits as flat as pancakes. Her face and mouth were gummy with jism. She had sucked the cum out of almost fifty boys.

“Anybody up for another round?” Jack asked.


“You’ve done pretty good, Mrs. Welch,” Jack said, loosening the vises from around her squashed tits. “A guy offered me ten bucks apiece for these vises. Can’t fucking beat that, can you?”

Rachel looked at her teenage master with dull, deadened eyes. She opened her mouth, then closed it. She tried to remember who she was, or how she had come to be in such terrible pain and surrounded by an army of hard-cocked boys. She dismissed the whole problem with a shake of her pretty head. She guessed the only thing she needed to know now was how to fuck a cock, suck a cock and take a cock up her ass.

“About the only thing you’ve got left to sell is your body, Rachel,” Jack said as he stripped the tape off the table and her skin. It hurt terribly, but Rachel didn’t complain. “If these guys are going to pay any money to fuck it, I think they’re going to want to do some real kinky fucking shit. Is that all right with you?”

“Yes, Jack,” Rachel said in a quiet, passive voice. Her mouth was gummy and numb from all the jism she’d swallowed and all the pricks she’d sucked.

“Okay then,” Jack said with a mocking snicker, then turned to the crowd of boys. “You heard her. Five bucks a shot, and you can do whatever you fucking want.”

He left the tape on Rachel that held her arms together from wrists to elbows. He tipped her over backwards into the dirt with the toe of his boot. There were already a dozen boys crowding around him, their cocks and money ready.

The first boy fucked her up the ass.

He grabbed Rachel by her creamy thighs and rolled her up until her knees touched the ground on either side of her head. The position made Rachel’s bound arms ache, but she didn’t cry out. She didn’t even scream when the boy stuffed the head of his cock inside her swollen shitter and force-fed her the whole gruesome length of his prick with one brutal thrust.

Another boy came at her, straddling her beautiful, cum-plastered face. He spread her asscheeks wide before he sat down. Rachel licked and nibbled at his asshole without having to be told. Then he laid his cock between her tits. When he crushed the two big, soft mounds together against his prick, the beautiful, broken housewife could no longer keep from screaming.

Her tits were still in horrible pain from the inhuman squeezing they had taken in the vises. The boy’s rough hands crushing them together fanned the pain to an unbearable level. Rachel shrieked into his asshole as he clawed at her sensitized tits. She trembled like a spastic as he drove his cock through the silky channel.

“That got her moving!” the boy fucking her ass shouted, then paused to bit her calf until blood trickled down her leg. “I guess those big tits must be pretty tender!”

“Sore as shit, more like it,” Jack said, pausing from auctioning off Rachel’s sexy boy long enough to grab her nipples and grind them between his fingernails. “After all, we squashed the fuckers flat. I’m surprised they bounced back without showing a little fucking wear and tear.”

“You want wear and tear?” the boy fucking his cock between Rachel’s tits asked. “Fuck, I’ll give these big old cow tits all the wear and tear they can take.”

Rachel shrieked as the boy tore at her tits. He raked his fingernails over the pillow-soft mounds, leaving angry red streaks on her creamy skin. He yanked her tits up by the nipples until the rounded flesh looked like massive, tortured cones. He smashed her tits to her chest and leaned down on them with every ounce of his strength.

The boy whipped his hips from side to side, fucking his cock directly into the pliant flesh of first one tit and then the other. His movement battered Rachel’s head and smeared her face with his murky ass-filth. The submissive beauty still tried to lock her swollen lips onto his filthy whole. She kept her tired tongue flapping against his humid asscrack. All the time she was crying at the ferocious pain and the further damage that was being done to her tits.

“Yeah!” the boy fucking her ass yelled. “Tear those jumbo tits right off her! She’s got enough for ten bitches! She can stand to lose a little!”

Rachel whimpered with shame and fear at the boy’s words. Even through her pain-fogged and lust-dazed mind she could sense that the boys were growing more frenzied. They were drunk with lust and the absolute power they held over her submissive, sexy body. The boy fucking her ass was the first to cum, spurting long, fat streamers of jism up Rachel’s sloppy, swollen asshole. He bit her legs viciously as he hammered his cock inside her. By the time he pulled his dripping cock from her shitter and wiped it clean on her ass, Rachel’s calves and ankles were covered with bite marks. Another boy was on her as soon as the first moved away. He buried his cock in her cunt with one quick, brutal thrust.

With a maddened scream, the boy tearing at her tits started cumming. He crushed Rachel’s tits around his cock and fucked them so fast that the tortured beauty thought the friction might set her tits ablaze. His first, shot of jism leapt through the crease between her tits and slapped down wetly across her belly. The sweet cup of her navel filled with silvery spunk. Before he could empty his balls anymore the boy swung his cock into the soft pillows of her tits, and the rest of his tacky fuck-filth spilled all over her silky tit-flesh.

By the time the boy pulled away, the valley between Rachel’s lush tits was awash with cockjuice. Sticky jism ran trails down both her heaving tits and congealed in the stinky hollow between them. Rachel’s beautiful face was stained with shit, her nose capped by a tiny wad of ass-crud. The boy fucking her cunt took one look at her shit-smeared face and hosed her full of his jism.

Another boy fell between her wide-flung legs and buried his cock to the hilt inside her cunt. Rachel gripped his hips with her knees in a vain attempt to slow him down, but he treated the move as encouragement and fucked her even harder.

A boy wiped the head of his cock over her nose until he had smeared the dab of shit there all over his fuck-meat. Then hi pushed his cock between Rachel’s numb lips. She gagged at the base taste of shit smeared over the meaty flavor of cock, but she sucked the boy as well as her tired mouth would permit. A boy straddled her stomach and smashed her tits together around his cock. A moment later her mouth was pulled off the cock she was sucking and onto a larger, curving prick. A fifth cock slapped down against her forehead. Rachel cried out like a lost soul, realizing that this time the boys weren’t going to take turns with her. They were going to mob-fuck her and overwhelm her sexy slave body with an army of hard cocks.

The boys pulled her face in one direction and then another, impaling her mouth on their hard cocks. Rachel would have one fat prick buried in her throat, then have her face jerked to the other side and get another one stabbed into her mouth. She tried to suck them the way she knew the boys wanted, tried to lick and kiss them as they bulled their way down her throat. It was hopeless. No cock stayed in her mouth for more than a few seconds at a time.

The boys seemed to get most of their pleasure by guiding their slimy, spit-soaked cocks all over Rachel’s beautiful face, and by jerking her head violently from side to side. There were at least six boys kneeling around her face, dragging their hard, dripping cocks all over her face.

Rachel gasped, barely able to breathe with all the action that was taking place around her face. The weight of the boy who was fucking her tits did nothing to help her situation. He was grinding her tits savagely against her body, turning them like corkscrews as he fucked his cock between them. He whipped his hips violently back and forth, riding her body as though she were a sleek race horse instead of a helplessly bound woman. Her taped, bound arms were crushed under her back by his weight and violent motions.

The boy fucking her cunt was hammering the shit out of her. He grabbed her hips and held her tightly in place while he pounded her pussy to rubble. He savagely fucked away the ticklings of pleasure Rachel had been feeling. She breathed a sigh of relief when his cum boiled up inside her, even though it burned her inflamed cunt like liquid fire.

More boys grabbed her, and Rachel squealed around the cock that was spearing her throat when hands twisted her hips roughly to the side. Her shoulders were still pressed tightly to the ground under the weight of the boy who was fucking her tits and the restraining hands of the half dozen boys who were soiling her face with their fuck-lube, but her hips were twisted so that both her ass and cunt were visible. Wrenching pain tore through her lower back from the outrageous position. A moment later she felt pain that was even worse. Boys fucked cocks up her ass and pussy at the same time. Rachel gasped like a fish out of water as the two huge cocks pushed up inside her swollen fuck-holes. She shook uncontrollably as both holes were stretched wide. She could feel the two pricks rubbing against each other through the thin wall of flesh that separated her cunt from her asshole.

She screamed her way through a sudden, pain-filled orgasm as the two boys started fucking their cocks back and forth through her ravaged sex-holes. Her whole lower body seemed to stretch and contract in rhythm with the punishing thrusts of the two cocks. She curled one leg back behind the ass of the boy who was fucking her shitter and hooked her other leg around the hip of the boy who was fucking her pussy. She couldn’t stop herself from urging them on, even though every doubled plunge of cock inside her felt as though it would ruin her body.

A cock started spurting on her face. Sloppy jism splattered into her open, gasping mouth and ran down her cheeks in sticky rivers. The boy stabbed his cock between her lips and Rachel milked his cock for a mouthful of steaming fuck-juice. He pulled his cock back out while he was still dripping cum and rubbed the last of his jism right into Rachel’s eyes.

Then he pissed on her. Rachel cried out in shame as the boys laughed but she didn’t try to turn her head away from the stinking yellow stream he played over her scummy, beautiful features. A boy pinched her nipples and ordered her to open her mouth, and Rachel did as he commanded. The boy who was pinning played the filthy stream of his piss right into her open mouth.

“Oh gross!” one boy shouted, laughing. “The bitch is drinking your piss! What a dirty old whore!”

Rachel gagged with disgust and spluttered on the wild rush of piss that bubbled down her throat. Piss poured back over her lips as her mouth filled to overflowing.

The boy fucking her tits moaned and came just as the boy who was pissing flicked the last of his piss onto Rachel’s face. He dug his hands into the full, silky mounds of Rachel’s tits until the helpless beauty almost passed out from the porn. Then his cum was striping her throat and chest. He slimed Rachel’s silky cleavage even more than the boy before him. By the time he slid off her voluptuous body the valley between her tits looked like it had been smeared with toothpaste.

He stood up, still straddling her, and pissed all over her big tits.


Rachel squeaked with shock as his burning piss splashed down all over her beautiful, injured tits. The boy aimed the stream right at her stiff nipples. Then he washed away the cum that caked the inner slopes of her tits. He soaked her full tits with his piss until both jiggling globes glistened wetly.

A boy spritzed the left side of her face with his cum. He angled his cock so that his jism sailed high over her face and then splattered down with loud, wet splats. Rachel rolled her head back and forth, letting the slimy shots of his jism bathe her face. Another boy stuck his cock between her parted lips and spewed a heavy load of jism into her mouth. Rachel swallowed what she could and let the rest dribble out over her lips. The boy who had been rubbing his cock over her forehead started cumming too. His first fat wad of fuck-slime glued Rachel’s right eye shut. The sight of what he had done amused him so much that he aimed his cock at her left eye and covered it in a thick, greasy pool of jism.

The boys fucking her cunt and asshole hammered her body savagely between them. First one and then the other would drive his cock inside her helplessly waiting body. Each of them wanted to fuck her the hardest and fastest. Sometimes they drove their cocks into her at the same instant, smashing her like a bug between their powerful bodies. Rachel’s cunt and asshole squeezed on the hammering cocks in pain-filled ecstasy.

A boy was standing over her head, dribbling his cum all over her face. Rachel’s beautiful face was nearly buried under a slimy coat of ten boys’ cock-cream. Her eyes were plastered shut, submerged under thick pool of jism. Her cheeks and forehead were coated with shifting, cooling layers of tacky cock-goo. Her nose was dripping cum, her nostrils blew bubbles of jism every time she took a breath. Her ears were clogged with fuck-juice, her dark hair was streaked silver and her throat was spattered like a painter’s apron.

Her mouth was the worst. Her full, swollen lips were painted silver, and her mouth was so full of slime that it webbed her teeth together and turned her mouth into a deep pool of cum. Rachel had stopped trying to swallow all the jism the boys shot between her lips, and now her mouth was awash with the mixed spunk of a dozen different boys.

The boy fucking her ass grunted and hosed his cum up her tortured asshole. Rachel jerked with each new spurt of cock-juice that shot up her shitter. Her sudden movements caused the jism that filled her mouth to slop down over the sides of her face. A boy bent down low and started pissing in her mouth. Another boy stepped up over her face while he came, splattering more jism all over her slimy, cum drenched features.

Another boy slipped down behind her after the first finishing cumming up her ass. Rachel trembled as he locked his hands around her hips. Her asshole had already been fucked to tatters. She didn’t know how many more cocks she could stand plunging deep inside her shitter. There were probably dozens of boys still waiting to take their turns fucking the shit out of her tenderized asshole. It seemed that every boy in the mob wanted to stick his cock into every hole she had at least once.

Rachel thought the boy was making a mistake when he pushed his cock up against the lips of her pussy. She waited for him to realize that there was already a cock fucking her cunt and slide his prick back to her asshole. Instead he slotted his fat cock into the straining crease of her pussy and fucked it up inside her.

Rachel screamed in agony, blowing jism out of her mouth like the spout of a surfacing whale. The boy gripped her hips tightly in his hands and fucked his cock all the way inside her straining pussy. Boys spit on her, pissed on her, and came on her. All Rachel could think about were the two huge cocks that were ripping her pussy wide open.

This was the end, the subjugated housewife thought vacantly as the two big cocks fucked her devastated pussy. There were two stiff pricks using her cunt as a punching bag, stretching her and tearing her with every powerful double thrust they dealt her. Rachel felt as if she was having a baby. Her cunt was stretched so wide that her pussy-lips tore, pushed so out of shape that it felt as if it might never return to normal.

Boys stepped on Rachel’s hair and shoulders and stomach and tits, pinning her down while the two boys destroying her cunt with their cocks went about their ghastly business. They pissed on her, soaking her sensuous body with stinking yellow waste. Before long the sultry beauty was lying in a pool of pissy mud, her sleek body dirtied so thoroughly that she looked as though she had been dragged through a sewer.

Then one of the boys fucking her cunt started cumming. Rachel wailed as his jism sizzled into her tattered pussy. It was like acid, burning up the tenderized flesh of her pussy. Something gripped Rachel’s cunt, making it spasm, but if it was an orgasm, it was an orgasm unlike any the victimized beauty had ever had before. When the boy pulled his still-hard cock from her cunt it was plastered with cum, cunt-juice and blood. Rachel cried at the thought of how filthy she was. And then another boy slid between her legs and fucked his cock up into her cunt.

“No!” Rachel cried. This really was the end, she knew. “Jack, please make them stop! They’re going to ruin me forever, and then I won’t be any good to you anymore!”

“Look up, sleaze queen,” Jack said, and it was then that the ravaged beauty realized that he was the new boy fucking her cunt. After that she didn’t beg anymore.

Piss slapped her face from every side. Jism fell on her like thick, wet snow. There was no direction Rachel could turn in which a boy wasn’t waiting with a cock full of piss or cum. The second boy fucking her cunt came, and another slid into place to help Jack with the destruction of her shredded pussy.

A boy squatted over her, spreading his asscheeks wide. Rachel watched through eyes that were covered with drying jism as his asshole began to dilate. The first turd that squeezed out was huge, brown and sticky. It fell right between her creamy, heaving tits. His second turd slapped her right tit and tumbled down onto the shuddering flat plain of her body. It was hit with five streams of piss before it came fully out, and in moments it was a thick brown broth that slithered all over her body and sides. The last turd rolled into the silky hollow of Rachel’s throat. A boy grabbed her by a handful of her soaked, silky hair and crushed her chin to her chest, smearing the shit all over the sexy curve of her jaw.

Another boy squatted over her. This one poked his ass right in her beautiful, dirty face. Boys tore at her hair, holding her firmly in place. They didn’t need to bother. Two boys gripped her jaws, holding her mouth open. They were wasting their time, too, though the pain did turn Rachel on. Then the boy’s first turd slid from his asshole — and pushed right between Rachel’s parted, glistening lips.

The boys bobbed Rachel’s head up and down, making her move her lips over the turd as if she was sucking a cock. The turd softened, shit caking on her lips and tongue as her face glided back and forth over it. Finally the turd broke free in her mouth and the boys made her chew it up and swallow it. While she was chewing, the boy squatting over her face dropped two more turd on her face. One turd curled over the bridge of Rachel’s nose and the other sat across her lips.

After the boy shit on her, Rachel began to lose track of what was going on. Fireworks were bursting in her mind and body, blasting away the last of the decent, normal housewife who had been Rachel Welch. What was left behind was a cock-grubbing, pain-loving slut. Rachel grunted and whined for fucking and torture at the hands of her wonderful teenage masters.

Every boy in the yard took a turn in her double-stuffed cunt. Jack lasted through five other boys before he spilled his load of jism up her pussy. A total of fifty-five boys fucked her cunt. The only time there was less than two cocks buried inside her pussy was when a boy had cum and another boy was getting into position.

After the boys finished with her cunt, a couple of them suggested trying the same thing on her asshole. Most of the boys had shot four or five cum-loads on or in the sexy housewife, so there wasn’t much response. Boys did continue to shit, piss, and beat off on her, though. At least a dozen boys shit on the bound helpless beauty. The pissy mud around her body was littered with their turds and her soaked, creamy skin was smeared with their shit. Every boy had pissed on her, most of them twice, some of them three or four times.

Finally, the boys began to leave. A few of them stayed around long enough to get in a last shot at the gorgeous slave, but Rachel was so battered and filthy that she wasn’t much use anymore. One boy kicked her until she had rolled over onto her knees, plucked a turd out of the mud with her lips, chewed it up and swallowed it. He fucked her ass from behind while she swallowed the cruddy turd. Another boy just wanted a last chance to hurt Rachel, and he beat her sexy, filthy ass with his belt until fresh welts appeared on her silky, bruised skin.

Soon after that the last boy filed out of the yard and Rachel was left alone with Jack. He stripped the tape off her cruelly bound arms and kicked her over on her side in the mud. She lay motionless and silent, staring up at him with vacant, loving eyes. Jack felt his cock getting hard again as he regarded his lovely sex pet with a strange mixture of admiration and contempt.

There was the cum, of course. Jism streaked her beautiful face like trails from the migration of the world’s biggest herd of slugs. More drying cum stained every inch of her sexy body. The wildest sight of all was her cunt. It was swollen and red and there were quarts of cum drooling form its peeled-back lips. The cum dripped and slithered down the insides of her thighs. There was a deep puddle of cum beneath her right leg, where she had been when the mass double fucking had taken place.

She was welted from the beatings she had taken. She was bruised from the pinching, beating and biting she had received from the mob of boys who had used her. Her lips were caked with shit, and dark brown smears of shit traced lines down almost every other part of her body. She was glistening with cum. The boys had spilled gallons of piss on and in her. Her silky hair was matted flat to her head from the piss that had poured down on her.

“Time for me to go,” Jack said, counting his money. He had made a fortune off Rachel’s slutty, sexy body. “I might drop back over tomorrow. Don’t go anywhere, okay?”

“No!” Rachel cried. All she could see was Jack’s hard cock and muscular young body. “Please don’t leave me alone.”

“Look, bitch,” Jack said with a shake of his head, “you’re a good little whore, but your husband’s going to be back pretty soon. This is just a temporary deal.”

“No!” Rachel gasped. She clamped her hands over her cunt, thrust her fingers up inside and stared at her master. “You could take me somewhere! You could keep me somewhere! I’d do good! I’d be good! I’d make lots of money for you!”

Jack thought about it for a moment, then began to smile. There was an old section of the sewer by the high school. Sometimes the kids went down there to fuck around. It was cut off from the rest of the city, too old to use anymore. It looked like a big fucking cathedral. A piece of sewer would be the perfect home for a gutter slut like Rachel. And he could make a hell of a lot of money before her sexy ass was fucked out.

“All right, Rachel,” he said, rubbing his cock. “But first haul your lazy ass over here and give me a blow-job. I’ve got to take a wicked piss, too. Maybe even a shit. You’ll swallow it all down for me, won’t you?”

“Yes, Jack,” Rachel said, her voice hoarse with lust. Pain tore through her ravaged body from a thousand directions as she tried to move, but she ignored it. “I bet your shit tastes sweeter than anyone else’s.”

Jack smiled and watched his beautiful, slutty slave crawl to him.

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