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Married 25 year old man searches for an experience to satisfy him

I open a large dark chestnut door and step into a long hallway, not much wider or taller than myself. The door shuts behind me. Large grey stones of varied shapes and sizes cover the walls, floors, and ceiling of the hall. It’s pretty dark, but at the end I can see a group of […]

A Wife With No Options 4.

Up until a few hours ago she dressed like a nun. Now she was sitting in a public place displaying her body on demand to acquaintances and strangers alike. She was undoubtedly sick about what she was being forced to do. But she had already convinced herself that she could not live with the alternative. […]

Who’s Sari Now?

I first met Rani in combined Graduate/Undergraduate Seminar on Computative Algorithms ( my introduction to computing, before that I was a Math Major and only biding my time in school until I was a Junior to Join ROTC and work towards a commission ). This was about 6 or 8 months after my New Yorker […]

Whiskey dreams

Thursday evening my sexy girlfriend, Kayla called and asked what time I’d be home on Friday? “I told her that I really didn’t know but it probably wouldn’t be till late if we worked for 14 hours, “Then I had to drive for 5 hours to get home. “She said, Ok, “Then told me that […]

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