My Daughter’s Friend

I couldn’t believe it, yet I knew it was slowly happening. I was
becoming enamored, completely taken, with my daughter’s college room
mate. She was twenty years my junior, the same age as my daughter,
yet it was happening in spite of all of my obvious misgivings. In spite of,
or maybe because of, all the things I had recently learned about Linda
and Jane, my daughter. What an old fool, I thought, she is much too
young for you ….. but I didn’t really want to believe that..

I met Linda when she had been assigned as Jane’s freshman room
mate at State U just a year ago. Since then Linda and I have talked a
lot, shared a lot together, all more or less innocent except in my mind
Now I found that I was drawn to Linda, whenever possible, yet I was
afraid to act on, or say anything about, any of my feelings for her.

* * * * *

It had been just Jane and I for years before Linda, her Mom had
died in a car accident three years before Jane started college. As with
all things we had adjusted and made a new life as best we could. I had
even started dating again after the first year had passed, for the most
part at the insistence of my daughter. She may have been only 15 at
the time of the accident, but her Mom had done a good job of making a
very pragmatic, well balanced young lady out of her.

Unfortunately I hadn’t met anyone dating that really interested me.
It seemed I ran into two types. The bar scene produced the one night
stands. It served a needed and pleasant purpose and I enjoyed it but I
couldn’t see a dinner party with any of them and my daughter yet. The
church scene was made up of ladies looking for a husband. I wasn’t
ready for that either. So I dated via the bar scene whenever I got too
needy and worked hard in between.

Jane, even at 15, had reacted to my outside needs well. When I
would call and let her know I wouldn’t be coming home she was cool.
Then one day when she was 16 she said, “Dad, bring your dates
home. You have to be spending a fortune on motel bills. Just call me
and I will disappear into my room.” So I did. Nothing else was said
about the ladies that came and went and Jane avoided them

Jane, from the time she was 14, had a steady line of young men
after her. A couple of things had occurred during her 15th year to
suggest that Jane was sexually active. I knew she was on the pill, her
mom had done that, and I trusted Jane’s judgment so I just left it alone.
Plus I had no idea what to say to a gorgeous, sexy, 15 year old that was
probably sexually active. So I ignored it, as best I could. The one big
exception being the erotic dreams I started to have where my daughter
was involved. I looked at her differently as she developed a killer body
just like her mother’s.

Then the night I watched her and her date fucking on the living
room floor while they thought I was asleep upstairs changed everything
between Jane and I. I now admitted to myself that I wanted her. That I
wanted to fuck her just like several of her dates were. I started waiting
up for her to come home from her dates and she didn’t disappoint me.
She brought most of them inside and provided me with a hell of a show.
My daughter demonstrated how good she was at giving head, fucking in
a number of positions. All while I masturbated as I watched spellbound.

I dreamed about fucking my daughter but I never once touched her
sexually. Hell I wanted to but I didn’t want to cause her problems. Her
signals to got more obvious until one night after I had watched her and a
boy friend in some unusually wild sex I retired to my bedroom and some
relief. I was stroking myself when the door opened and Jane looked at
me, my cock in my hand, and smiled saying, “Daddy you don’t have to
do that.” And she left. I forced myself to ignore her invitation and she
didn’t mention it again.

Life flew by and then it was time for Jane to go to college. We had
made all of the trips looking at colleges. She had selected one and then
there was all the packing and hauling until we were at her new school.

That was when I met Linda and was taken with her immediately.
She was beautiful and as well built as my gorgeous daughter without
that incest thing in the way. I caught myself, reminded my erogenous
zones I was twice her age and soon I managed to get past the visual
impact she had on me. Well almost. I had become somewhat
accustomed to half dressed young females, friends of Jane as well as
Jane herself, running around our house. I’m not dead I assure you and I
enjoyed looking at all these young things but that was as far as it went.

Linda really surprised me that first day with how she impacted me.
Then in addition to being beautiful and sexy she had a laugh that
absolutely grabbed you and defied you not to laugh with her. And her
delightful sense of humor kept us all entertained that day.

It was over dinner later, with just the three of us that I learned even
more of the deeper side of Linda.. I had taken them to a nice place to
dine, a good wine, a good meal and great conversation. My daughter
and I had become good friends over the years, as well as
father-daughter. Our frequent conversations had mellowed our
relationship to one of mutual respect. Our conversations covered
anything and just about everything. Linda seemed to move into that
openness with us as if she had been there forever. The conversation
was bright, stimulating and fun. I was impressed with Jane’s new room
mate. I guess it was obvious and when Linda excused herself to go to
the ladies room Jane smiled at me and held my hand saying, “I’m glad
you like my new “roomy” Dad.”

“Hmmm, is it that obvious? She is an interesting young lady.”

“I like her too Dad, but don’t you like her too much or I might get

We laughed at that, neither of us had any idea of how prophetic that
statement would turn out to be. Or how twisted the road would become.

* * * * *

Back at home, a three hour drive away, I was terribly lonely. First
losing my wife whom I loved dearly, and now with my daughter off at
college, the house was so damn empty. I missed my wife and my
daughter and I found myself thinking about Linda a great deal.

As so often happens with me, I hid in my work. It consumed me
and most of my time. Well there were the occasional nights out. The
hard work turned out to be very profitable and the money poured in. But
it did nothing for my loneliness. The bar scene helped my physical
needs but I missed Jane’s brightness, her conversation, our just being
together. And I thought about Linda. There was something so engaging
about her. Engaging and sensual.

I talked to Jane weekly by phone, and we e-mailed even more often,
almost daily. About half the time when I called, Linda would answer the
phone and I enjoyed talking to her too. I don’t know when it started but
one day I realized I was talking to her almost as much as Jane. I noticed
also that Linda now called me John. I was glad the “Mr. West” had
gone away. She seemed genuinely interested in what I had been doing,
and, like Jane, fussed at me for not relaxing and playing more,
admonishing me to take care of myself. I found I was flirting with Linda
as if she were a peer of mine, and she responded in kind. I knew I
enjoyed it.

The e-mail covered more detailed stuff. Jane talked about her
classes, her dates, her belief system and how it was evolving. Linda’s
e-mail talked about all those things too, plus at my prodding, her lonely
childhood, she lost her parents early in life. She shared her hopes and
aspirations. I was feeling very close to Linda. It also began to show up
how close Jane and Linda were becoming. I was glad of that, and even
gladder when the Thanksgiving holidays arrived.

Jane had been home on several week ends but she was a blur.
In and out, on dates, running around with old friends. As the
Thanksgiving holidays approached, she asked if Linda could join us over
Thanksgiving and, of course, I was quick to agree and to personally
invite Linda to join us.

A lot happened that holiday weekend, we ran and played a lot.
Jane, for some reason, didn’t date that visit and I was fortunate to have
two lovely ladies with me at all times. I liked that.

The second night they were home, we had all retired to bed after
a full day. I was reading in my bed when Jane joined me. This was a
common occurrence before .Jane went away to college and was when
we had our best talks. She jumped up on the bed and sat as I noticed
how her full breasts bounced and swayed heavily in her thin pajamas. I
never said I didn’t enjoy looking at my well built daughter’s body. She
grinned at me when she caught me looking as always but said nothing.
Then she said,

“Need to talk.” That was her usual introduction.

I laid my book down and waited.

“Linda” she said and paused. I thought I was busted. I knew I
had been looking at her with my tongue hanging out almost.

She continued, “Isn’t she cool Dad? I feel like we have known
each other forever. We have become so close.” Another pause
followed, then, “I know you like her a lot too Dad. I can tell. I mean
more than the way you leer at her body.” and she laughed.

I just nodded. Jane said, “Dad, I’m glad you like Linda and she
likes you too. A lot. She talks about you often.. I remember telling you
not to like her too much cause I might get jealous. I just wanted to tell
you I was just kidding that night. If the two of you got closer it would be
OK with me.”

My head was spinning. I looked at my daughter and wondered
what the hell she was saying. She just gave me permission to get
closer to Linda, what ever that meant, I wasn’t going to ask.

Then my Jane kissed me lightly with a touch of tongue and was
gone. Her mission accomplished. And I was in a quandary.

* * * * *

The most notable thing from Linda’s stay for me was the day I
walked into my bathroom right after getting home from work to find Linda
in my glass shower. I stood there as if struck and admired her nude
body. She was playmate material. Full, voluptuous, sexy, sensual,
hot… how many words can I use to describe her. Beautiful, ripe,
desirable, the list went on. I had a raging hard on and she turned to
face me. I jumped but she smiled and said, “Oh John, I’m sorry. Jane
said I could use your shower while she napped.” She made no effort to
cover anything.

I backed out of the room slowly, memorizing the view. mumbling like
some idiot but I will never forget the sight I enjoyed that day. I went
back downstairs to the kitchen after dropping my coat and tie, and trying
to get my erection to go away. I was working on dinner when Linda
joined me in her robe. The fact she had nothing on under it drove me
crazy. Again I apologized for walking in on her. She dismissed it as
nothing and she sat and watched, smiling at me as I fixed dinner.

After a short while she smiled and said, “I better go get some
clothes on or Jane will accuse me of trying to seduce her dad.”. We
both laughed but I thought, In my dreams sweetheart.

We ran around and played the next two days before they left and
had a great time. But every time I looked at Linda I flashed on the nude
images of her in my head. Linda seemed to be next to me, touching,
brushing against me at every chance. I loved it and fought my erection
continually. But more than that, I felt the need to be with Linda more
and more. I found myself wishing I could get to know her better, as in
date, as in sex and more.

Nothing else happened that visit except I had some great fantasy
material to think of. It seemed like a short time until the Christmas
holidays approached and Jane asked me if Linda could come home with
her for that holiday too. . She had this Aunt as a guardian but she was
basically on her on. I eagerly assured Jane that Linda was always

My life brightened considerably as I thought about having Jane
home again for awhile. Linda’s presence would make it even better.
As it turned out, their visit opened my eyes to a lot of things I had
refused to think about for a long time as far as Jane’s sexuality was

* * * * *

I managed to take off from work the full three weeks they were to
be home. We ran and played. Shopping, theater, movies, dinners. It
was a whirlwind of activities and I couldn’t remember being as happy. I
was proudly escorting two beautiful women around town. Women that
were sexy to look at and more and more sexual in their conversations
with each other and with me. I was becoming increasingly fond of
Linda and keenly aware of her sexuality. I also began to feel Jane’s
sexuality more and more. I got as many hugs and quick kisses from
Linda as I did Jane. Linda’s grew longer, closer, warmer and I enjoyed
them one hell of a lot.. But Jane’s hugs and kisses were also getting a
lot longer and more intimate. I was, as usual, confused by the situation.
It seemed like one or both of them was always at my side this visit too,
frequently touching me.

It didn’t take Jane long to revert to old ways and soon she, and
Linda, were running around the house half dressed. I had my eyes
filled repeatedly as flashes of nude female bodies stimulated the hell out
of me. Perfect, full, firm delightful, bouncing breasts. Delicious,
rounded appetizing bottoms. They were both built like the proverbial
brick out house. I kept telling myself it was just like high school, only I
knew better. I tried to look the other way, well some of the time. I was
getting hard looking at Linda and I had some wild fantasies.

Then I started to get erections looking at either Linda or Jane and I
knew I had to do something. Frankly I was afraid of where this was
heading. It was interesting as I got aroused over Linda how that now
translated to easy arousal over my own daughter too.

After a nice evening out, we settled in back home over coffee
laced with brandy I told them openly about my problem with their near
nudity. And I told them I would appreciate it if they would be a little
more careful about running around half naked.

Jane’s eyes opened wide and she looked at Linda and then back
at me grinning, and said, “Oh Daddy I’m sorry. How stupid of us. I
forgot you have no handy way of solving that problem. Daddy I really
am sorry. We will be more careful.” then after a moment she continued,
“Daddy don’t you have a lady friend you can call?”

Linda just looked at me and smiled.

. I replied, “Let’s don’t make a big deal out of this. I will survive. It is
just tough though to live with two gorgeous, sexy ladies like the two of
you. No matter how many lady friends I might have.”

Linda looked at me warmly and came over kissing me on the cheek
and thanked me for the “lovely compliments”. Jane kissed me on the
other cheek and added her thanks. I had full firms breasts pressing me
on both sides. And I had to excuse myself and go to bed lest my
erection become too obvious… I was a little ashamed of what I was
thinking about Linda and a lot ashamed about what I was thinking about
my daughter..

* * * * *

I awoke later that same night and looked at the clock. I had been
asleep for only an hour. I lay there and listened to the “house noises” to
assure myself everything was OK before I rolled over to go back to
sleep. It was then that I heard the strange noise. Not one usually made
by my “night house”. I got up to investigate and heard it again. I
followed the noise and it began to sound like a low moan. I continued
following the noise until I realized the noises were coming from Jane’s
bedroom. And then it hit me what the moans and groans were. The
sounds of mutual lovemaking. I stood outside my daughters bedroom
door in a bit of shock and heard Jane moan, “Yes Lin baby, oh yes lick
me right there….”

I staggered back to my bed and lay there staring at the ceiling.
My thoughts running wild. My daughter a lesbian? Linda too? I
pictured the two of them in a 69 position. I forced my mind clear of that
image and realized I had a hard on.

* * * * *

The next morning I was still befuddled. Not sure what to do. I
sort of mumbled my way through breakfast with the two of them.
Afterwards I excused myself and disappeared into my office behind the
closed door. I realized I was hiding. An hour later Jane hollered and
asked if I wanted to go shopping with them. I begged off for the first
time since they had been home. Everything else we had done as a
threesome. Except of course, for the activity I had heard the night
before. I felt this sense of extreme loss.

I sat there staring out the window for a long time. Having no idea
what I was going to do. I managed to avoid the two of them until
dinner. Jane knocked on my door and announced that dinner was
ready. I mumbled something to the effect that they should go ahead
without me. Jane asked in her concerned voice, “What’s the matter
Daddy? Won’t you please come join us?”

I told her everything was fine, to just ignore me. She went away
and I sat there for another indeterminate period. Then I heard a soft
knock on the door and Linda’s voice, “John?”

I invited her in. She stood there and looked at me with a strange,
sad, compassionate stare. Then she said, “You heard us last night?”

I looked at her for what seemed like a long time. I thought of how
beautiful she was. Of my feelings for her, almost like my daughter. But I
wanted her. I knew that then. I wanted her in my bed but she was my
daughter’s lover. My heart hurt as I stared at the lovely Linda. Then I
sighed and nodded my head.

She made a noise that was half moan, half cry, and said softly,
“I’m so sorry John. It was foolish of us. Obviously it has upset you
terribly. I don’t know what to say except I am so sorry it bothers you. I
will pack and go back to school. Please don’t hold this against Jane. It
is pretty complicated. Not what you think.”

And she turned and left the room. The thought of her leaving was
painful to me. The thought of what had gone on the night before was
confusing to me. And a little exciting. I found myself heading toward
the room they shared. The room I had heard them making love in the
night before. Jane sat on the bed crying softly, Linda was slowly
packing. I interrupted as I cleared my throat and without looking at
either of them, asked them to join me in the study for a glass of wine
and a little talk.

I apologized to both of them for overhearing and explained how it
had happened. They rushed to apologize too, Jane obviously in a lot of
pain as she said, “Oh Daddy, please don’t be disappointed in me. I love
you so much. I don’t think I could stand your disappointment.”

I stopped her and then I said, “I guess I’m just surprised to learn
my daughter is a lesbian. You sure didn’t act like one in high school.
And I’m equally surprised to learn that my “new” daughter is too. I know
I am supposed to be broad minded but it comes as a shock. Jane
honey, I’m not disappointed in you I will never ever be. I just have to
get used to this new change.”

Jane spoke up very softly, “Daddy I’m not a lesbian…. far from it.
You should know that.”

I looked at Linda and back to Jane as she continued, “Neither of
us are. I am as embarrassed as you Daddy. We should have abstained
from playing around while under your roof. I thought you were asleep
and we both were so damned horny. That’s part of how this got started,
as a way to take care of our needs without going to bed with half of the
males on campus.”

I looked over at Linda and she smiled and nodded her agreement.
Then Jane said, “Daddy, we are bisexual. It is so convenient since we
room together. We may both be over sexed but having sex with a string
of guys is too damn scary. Too much risk. I love sex but I don’t want to
die from it. Right now there is no special male in my life. There have
been a few but none right now, for either of us.”

I sat there staring at her. I was not unaware that a lot of women
were bisexual. Intellectually I liked the idea. But this was my daughter.
And someone I yearned for, another young woman I cared for. Linda
apologized again and said, “I better go finish packing.”

“Please don’t” I blurted out.

We all looked at each other for a moment then I said, “Look I have
to get used to this. It took me a long time to get used to the idea that
my daughter was sexually active with boys. This is a new thought.
Give me a little time to get used to the idea.”

“Daddy, you make it sound like I slept with half the town.”

“No Kitten… I don’t mean to, but there were several.”

She grinned at me and said, “You knew?”

“Yeah, there were lots of signs. You were pretty obvious that last
year you were home.”

Linda looked at me her eyes bright as she asked, “How obvious

I looked at Jane who was smiling and then at Linda and said, “I
watched frequently in the living room with one of her regular dates.”

Linda asked huskily, “What did they do John?”

I answered, “Well there was nothing left to the imagination.”

“Did Jane give him head?”

I nodded

“Did she let him do her?”

“I nodded.”

Jane spoke up and said, “That must have been Tom. I could never
say no to him.”

I looked at her and laughed saying, “No baby, I missed that show,
I saw you with Randy Taylor.”

A look of remembrance came on her face and she blushed. Then
she said, “God Daddy, did you think I was some kind of a little slut?”

“No baby, I just remembered when I was 18.”

Linda spoke, “God I wish I had you as my daddy John.”

We ended up in a group hug on the big couch for some time. I was
keenly aware of the firm flesh pressing into me from what seemed like
all corners. Then Linda went back to unpack and Jane kissed me
lightly and said, “I am sorry if last night pained you Dad, we will abstain
from now on. It is something Linda taught me. It really is nice. I prefer
men but it is a close second with women.”

Jane was still laying against me on the couch with my arm around
her. I patted her cute ass and said, “Jane honey, why abstain if it
pleases you?” I looked at her, “It’s a part of both of you. Don’t stop
cause you are here.”

“Are you sure Dad?”

“Yep… may drive me crazy, don’t you know that watching two
women make love is every guys fantasy?”

She smiled and said, “No I didn’t know that, the last guy I was
dating heavily sure liked to watch us though.”

I must have looked shocked. She said, “Oh shit, I did it again.”

I laughed nervously as I envisioned my daughter in a threesome
and she said, “We need to talk Dad. I have never held back from
talking to you and I don’t want to now. You know I was sexually active
in high school, though I didn’t know I should have been charging you

College has allowed me to open up a lot more. Linda was a big
step for me. I loved it. Hell I still do. I do love men too Dad, maybe
too much. Linda and I both do. Guess I am your daughter when it
comes to sex. I do love it. I love experimenting, but I will stop there.
Please don’t be disappointed in me?”

I stood up and pulled her with me. I hugged her. I kissed her
cheek, then her lips lightly and said “I will never be disappointed in you
honey. Sounds like we are a lot alike. And your Mom. I guess we both
need sex a lot.”

She hugged me tighter and I realized I was half hard and she was
pressing against it. There was no way she didn’t feel it. After a moment
I pulled away and she smiled at me as she glanced down at my swollen
crotch and she slowly licked her full lips. The tension was relieved in
seconds as Linda came back into the room saying, “I’m hungry,
anyone care for a burger?”

I said “I was hungry too”, hell I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. Jane
smiled at us and said, “You two go on, I have a huge head ache
suddenly. I’m going to take a couple of aspirin and lay down. Wake me
when you get back OK?”

* * * * *

Shortly Linda and I were parked at the only honest to goodness
drive-in in town. As we sat munching on our burgers and looking at
each other with new eyes, Linda said, “John, now that you know Jane
and I are lovers, what does that do to us?”

“Us?” I answered stupidly.

“Yes us, don’t be coy John, it doesn’t become you. You and I
both know we have been drawn together more and more. I find you
appealing in every way and I felt like it was mutual. At least until last

I looked at her and after a moment of silence I said, “OK nothing
but straight talk. No BS by either of us. Linda you are right. I find in
you so much of what I love in a woman. In so many ways you are like
Jane’s mother. You are fun, bright, sexy as hell and so easy to be with.
I have told myself that I was too old, you were my daughter’s friend.”

She interrupted me, “I thought we were going to drop the BS

“Linda, I’m not so sure that it is BS. I am old enough to be your

She looked at me and said, “How can you be so brilliant and so
fucking dumb at the same time?”

Her language surprised me but I grinned waiting for her to go on.
“John, since the day I met you I have thought about you every time I
turn around. I’ve acted like a love sick puppy. I am so damned
attracted to you. I have never felt this way about anyone. I have been
afraid you would think I was a child. That you wouldn’t be interested.”

“Linda I am damned interested. But how can you talk about you
and I, when you are Jane’s lover.”

She looked at me like I was some retarded child. “Oh John, have
you never had a sport fuck? I know you have, Jane has told me.
Jane and I do love each other, like family, only we happen to be
incestuous. Sex between us is fun, sport. We fuck each other and we
fuck others, mostly men. I hope this doesn’t come as too much of a
shock John, but your little girl loves to fuck. And so do I. Men and
women. I’m not the only female your Jane has made love with. I
introduced her to a couple of my friends. We have shared a couple of
guys too.”

I guess my mouth was hanging open cause she stopped and
looked at me and then started laughing. After a moment I joined and we
fell in each other’s arm laughing. We hugged and then our lips met. It
was a deep passionate kiss. Then Linda broke it abruptly and sat up
saying, “That was as nice as I dreamed it would be but you can’t be
seen in a hot clutch here.”

Soon we were parked in my drive and I asked, “Linda, this is
coming too fast for me. Understand the news that my daughter is
bisexual and has a pretty large number of partners is something I have
to adjust to. No problem with that. Knowing the same is true of the
woman I am falling in love with is another mind blowing experience.”

She looked at me and smiled, “You’re falling in love with me?”

“Oh hell yes.”

She slid into my arms and the deep kiss resumed. I wanted her
so bad. I knew she wouldn’t stop me from taking anything I wanted. I
wanted to cup her large breasts, to kiss her all over, to taste her juices
and to drive my now incredibly hard cock into her every where I could
find an opening.. This time I broke the kiss. She looked at me
strangely like she wondered why I stopped.

“Linda… before I go past where I can stop. From what you say,
you wouldn’t mind crawling in my bed and I sure as hell want you. But
what about Jane? I don’t want to hurt her in any way.”

“Damn John, Jane know how I feel about you. Knows I love you. I
mean big time love like being together always. Doing everything
together. She knows I lust after you big time too.”

“But if we go to bed, what about you and Jane”

“John sweetheart. As far as we are concerned if you and I get
together, either as a fun fuck, or something more serious, it won’t effect
what Jane and I do. Would that bother you?”

I thought about that for a moment, envisioning the two of them
together, then I smiled as I shook my head and said, “Let’s go inside. I
think my brain is fried.”

As we walked toward the door I slid my arm around her waist.
She turned in my arms and our lips met, tenderly this time. Afterwards
she said, “John, I know it is a lot to deal with but I do love you. I will
do whatever you want.”

“I love you too Linda, it’s just there is a lot more to you than I
knew. Give me time to recover… OK?”

“She laughed and then looked up at me and said, “Hell, you
might as well have one more shock tonight. John sweetheart… Jane
and I have another thing in common. Your hot daughter and I both want
to fuck you to within an inch of your life.” And she raised up and French
kissed me briefly and ran ahead into the house.

* * * * *

She was waiting for me inside the door. She threw herself into
my arms again and her tongue played with mine for a few moments.
Then she said, “John, sweetheart, be warned, after Jane goes to
sleep, I will come to your bed. If the door is locked I will know you can’t
deal with what I am. If your door is open we will have a wonderful night.
And maybe a lot more…”

I went to my bedroom, showered, and crawled under the sheet
nude. My door sure as hell wasn’t going to be locked.