A Tale From the Dork Side

“Are you ready yet?” “No, hang on.” “Okay.” I looked into the mirror and adjusted my mask. Halloween was not one of my favorite holidays, especially since the candy-distributors began to scowl at us and say that we were too old to be trick-or-treating. Of course, our classmates had been telling us that since we […]

Twice the fun 2.

The next morning Terri and Tammy showed up at my door at ten o’clock; exactly when the pool opened, I might add. It was already 80 degrees outside, a typical, early August morning, and the girls were barefoot and wearing only their warm up gym suits. They said their mom wouldn’t let them put on […]

High school swingers

The Publisher Diane Christopher was immediately aware of the looks she was getting from her new math teacher. She was used to getting such looks from boys her age. She was eighteen years old and she already had the full figure of a woman. Her body combined with her shoulder-length, black hair, clear blue eyes, […]

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