PC Fuck

Alun knew that he was onto something by the looks she gave him.

He hadn’t set out to get together with a woman.

He had just gone out for a drink at his local and met his friends. One
of them, Vicky , had introduced him to Liz and they had got on like a
house on fire, but Alun recognised that the fact that she was 15 years
younger so he had enjoyed the interest and flirtation but held out
little hope that it would grow into something more.

That didn’t really matter because he was enjoying himself talking to her
– about writing – and she was such a natural woman, enthusiastic and
creative, that he was drawn in by her and found himself sharing a view
of the world that he had rarely discovered with others.

But, he knew he was interested in more than her mind as he was aroused
by the smallest details, like the way she tossed her head and her hair
bobbed and settled back, like a waterfall. He was ultra-sensitive to her
every nuance, her piercing eyes, her sweet smile, her whole being. In
fact, he was captivated by her, although she was neither a sexy bimbo
nor a great beauty she was so pretty that he was so overcome with her
vibrant personality and found her the most desirable woman on earth.

But, he was afraid. He was afraid of rejection, of the age-old dance of
seduction that never ended in satisfaction. Most of all, he was afraid
of the consequences and responsibilities of a relationship, but she was
so gorgeous that he put these thoughts behind him and listened as she
enthused and articulated her love of writing.

Alun didn’t know why he did it but he confessed to her that he wrote
erotic stories and was amazed to find that she was really interested.
Faced with the reality of revealing his inner self, Alun avoided honesty
and described his stories in general terms, explaining that he was
interested in placing his fantasies in an unreal world.

‘Of course, we don’t actually live like that’ he laughed.

Alun wasn’t prepared for what came next

‘Why don’t we live out our imagination?’ Liz asked .

‘Because the reality is always more disappointing’ replied Alun.

‘OK, so why don’t you come back to my place to discuss our imagination
and find out if that is true?’ Liz asked.

Alun’s head was swirling, not just with the alcohol, but also with the
possibilities opened up by Liz’s outright challenge.

‘OK, so let’s go back to your place.’ Alun managed to gasp.

They got up and left there and then, with Alun in far greater confusion
than Liz.

When they arrived at Liz’s flat. Alun suddenly became acutely
embarrassed. He had no idea of what was happening and his confusion
turned him into an awkward adolescent – despite his age.
He took his coffee in a mixture of bravado and dread. But, once they
were settled and talking, Alun began to relax and, when Liz produced a
wad of writing that she had done, Alun joined her on the couch to read
what she had written.

It was mainly poetry and it was good, well-written and challenging, and
Alun became enthusiastic and forgot himself. As he seized another poem
and turned to Liz, he was overcome by her body and scent and desperately
wanted her.

‘Liz. I know this is rather forward. I mean I’ve got no right to, er,
ask this, but ,er, …….may I kiss you?’

Her radiant look strengthened him, but he was disappointed by her

‘As long as it goes no further’ she smiled, as she leant over to him and
touched her lips on his and then allowed him to respond and, as they
kissed more strongly, she allowed him to hold her.

‘That’s enough’ she said, as she pulled away.

‘What do you think about rhymes?’ she asked, ‘I like them, but they can
be a real problem’.

Although Alun was aflame with lust, he responded in as sensible a way as
he could and brought himself back to the reality of his situation by
remembering that he had found a similar problem in his poetry.

‘Yeah, I interviewed a songwriter, recently, and he took up poetry to
get away from the rhymes.’

‘Really? I completely agree,’ Liz responded.

A thoughtful silence followed, leaving Alun to stew in his own
frustration and decide to break out and try again.

‘Please, may I kiss you Liz?’ he asked.

This time, Liz said nothing but to grab him by the neck and press her
urgent lips to his and grind herself against him as the kissing got
hotter. Alun couldn’t believe his luck and became bolder, grabbing her
arse and massaging her back, running his hands down her body until he
reached her legs, probing upwards until Liz broke away.

‘What do you think you are doing?’ she asked, looking him straight in
the eye.

‘Er, I’m trying to get it together with you.’ Alun faltered.

‘But, only if I consent’ Liz replied, as she stood up and took off her
blouse .

Alun’s eyes had trouble focusing in the magnificent sight of Liz’s pert
breasts uncovered. The fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra excited Alun
as he leant forward to touch her.

‘Ask first’ Liz said as she pulled away.

‘Please can I touch your tits?’ Alun asked.

‘No, but you can touch my breasts,’ Liz replied.

Alun didn’t argue, but he made a meal of them and, as he sucked, nibbled
and moulded her breasts, he was filled with a sense of awe that he was
being allowed this magnificent feast of succulent skin and flesh and, as
he tasted her nipples, he decided he was in heaven.

‘May I touch you elsewhere?’ he begged.

‘That depends’, Liz replied. ‘Just so long as you know that when I call
a halt, No means NO!’

Suddenly, Alun was afraid again. He had read about date-rape stories in
the papers and realised that he was entering a minefield.

‘OK, whatever you say. But, how am I covered, if you change your mind?’

Now, it was Liz’s turn to be challenged and she realised the problem.

‘Oh, trust me.’

‘I’d rather be sure,’ said Alun.

‘Oh, come on, this is a turn off’, Liz responded.

‘So it is for me,’ replied Alun, ‘but it could be a turn-on.’

‘What do you mean?’ asked Liz

‘Well, why don’t we both breathe easier by you writing down what you
want – that’ll cover me and it’ll give me a proper guide to what turns
you on.’

Alun gripped her shoulders, grabbed her eyes and confronted her.

‘You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever met and I want to make love
to you – on your own terms’

Despite her experience and confidence, this open betrayal of lust,
spoken and not implied, filled Liz with excitement. At last, she would
be able to explore herself with a man on equal terms.

‘Yes!’ Liz threw herself into his arms.

Alun buried himself in the embrace of this sensual witch. For him, Liz
was a sexual spirit, a kindred being, his mirror into which he wanted to
merge and emerge on the other side.

As he began to probe her body, under her clothes, he was filled with a
sense of discovery, as if he was discovering new lands, and, as he
pulled her skirt up and played with her thighs he found a new valley, as
yet undiscovered, but in his hands to explore.

But, just as he began to lose control, Liz pulled away. ‘What do you
want to do next?’ she asked.

It was then that he realised what Liz had already discovered – that
there was no power struggle or dishonesty in this situation. What he had
originally thought of as an insurance policy was actually a mutual
investment. At the same time, he recognised that he was playing the age-
old game of seduction and that the woman next to him knew it, as had
women for centuries, no thousands, tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of

It was at this moment that he looked Liz in the eye and was aroused by
her seductive smile. Who was seducing whom? On the other hand, who
cares, he thought and woke up to her question.

‘Well, er, I’d love to stroke you naked body, actually.’ Alun laughed.

‘That’s fine with me. Shall I write it down?’

‘Yes, please.’ Alun replied.

Liz got a pad from the coffee table and spoke the words as she wrote.

‘I, Liz Armstrong, being of sound mind and body.’ She looked up at him.
‘OK, so far?’, she smiled.

‘I have no doubt of it’ laughed Alun.

‘Do hereby allow, permit and accept the lustful advances of Alun – hang
on what is your surname?’ She smiled. ‘How slutty of me. I am willing to
let you play with my naked body and I don’t even know your surname.

‘Robinson’ he croaked

‘OK. Robinson. Where was I ? – Oh yes, – to play with my body, with
particular attention to be paid to the lips, ears, neck, arms, navel,
thighs and toes. How does that sound to you?’

Alun was both excited and disappointed. ‘Well, er, how can I put this?
Um, well its fine, but you’ve left out the interesting parts.’

Liz put on a face. ‘What on earth do you mean?’ she asked.

‘Well, I just thought I could go a bit further.’ Alun stuttered.

‘Oh, I see, well I’ll need to be convinced of that, so that’s all your
getting for the moment, so agree or go.’ Liz stood up and went to the
kitchen for a glass of white wine.

When she returned she was pleased to see that Alun was signing the

‘Let’s go up to my room and get comfortable.’ Liz said, as she marched
out of the room leaving Alun to jump up and follow her up the stairs. He
was delighted to see her trim bum and shapely legs entice him upwards
and when he reached her room, he was immediately impressed.

This was not just a bedroom, but a sensual boudoir, with subdued
lighting and mirrors, including, he noticed, one on the ceiling. In
fact, the room was a shrine to the pleasures of the flesh as he was
astounded by the rich tapestry with Indian erotica, the black and white
photos of muscular males and Aubrey Beardsley prints on the walls.

Alun was fascinated to see that the bed was round, large and
comfortable, lit by a couple of spotlights and his first impression was
that it was a stage.

‘Lights, camera, action’ Alun said, quietly, and Liz turned to him in
surprise. ‘So you know something more about me’. For the first time,
Alun sensed a frailty in this confident and attractive woman, but he was
touched by it and resolved not to exploit her. He never had been a man
to dominate a woman, because he liked women too much, and he wanted to
join with her rather than play power games.

But, he forgot all about his worries when he watched Liz as she
stripped off and threw herself on the bed. She looked at him with open
eyes. ‘There’s two types of people – those who watch and those who
do…….. Which are you?’

Alun answered that by stripping off his jacket and shirt and falling to
his knees to caress Liz’s feet which laid upon the floor as she wriggled
back onto the bed and relaxed on her back, awaiting Alun’s worship of
her body. She knew that was what it would be, because she knew Alun
better than he did. At last, she believed, she had found a man who she
could like, relate to and relax with and she even fancied him. In fact,
she had the hots for him, but was determined not to reveal that. She had
always wanted control but, as Alun began to massage and kiss her feet,
she began to wonder whether that was realistic.

Alun’s insistent caress of her feet and then legs began to heat her up
and only the agreement they had signed let her keep control. When he
moved up to kiss her neck and nibble her she began to lose it and when
he found her breasts and tantalisingly moved towards her nipples, her
enthusiasm became audible.

‘God, yes, that’s great.’ and when he started to suck her nipples she
started to heave her body and grab his head. But Alun wasn’t going to be
controlled that easily and he mover down to her navel and suck the flesh
above her hips.

As Alun moved back down to her thighs, kissing, licking and sucking,
Liz was beside herself with what he was doing to her body, but, just in
time, she remembered the whole deal and, once again, pulled away, off
the bed, to find her glass of wine.

‘Not bad,’ she said, as she looked down on Alun. ‘I think I’ll allow
this to go further.’

Alun pulled himself off the floor and looked round. ‘Where’s the pen and

Liz pointed to the table and Alun grabbed the pen and started speaking
and writing.

‘I, Alun Robinson, do hereby promise to kiss and suck Liz Armstrong’s
body all over, with particular attention to her pussy.’ Alun looked up
to find Liz pouting.

‘There are no cats here. I don’t have a pussy. I have a cunt and I’m
proud of it.’

‘OK, I’ll do anything you want.’ Alun pleaded, ‘but may I take off the
rest of my clothes as I’m bursting out of them.’

Liz laughed. ‘OK, so let’s have a look at you big boy.’

Alun smiled, but was once again anxious as he prepared to expose
himself. He knew he was just average in all ways, but his male bravado
allowed him to strip off with ease.

When he finally exposed his manhood, Liz was excited – not by his size,
but by his reality.

‘You’ll do, but don’t think you’re going anywhere with that weapon until
I say so.’ Liz said and then, realising the absurd Hollywood-type line
she had come out with, they both burst out laughing and fell together in
a comfortable embrace.

Alun was in seventh heaven as he stroked and massaged and kissed and
licked and sucked and explored her. The smooth contours of her body were
so enchanting that he took ages to finally reach her cunt and, when he
did, he understood the old metaphor that a woman’s cunt is a shrine to
be worshipped by men.

Life springs from here, he thought, as he began to kiss and lick her
thighs, moving closer and closer to the temple of love, the outer labia,
the soft sweet clitoris and the depths of her opening, opening up, as
she did, to his fingers and tongue.

The moist secretions that showed her response, excited Alun to further
probe her and he moved his fingers up to join his tongue in the forces
of pleasure that he was assembling. On and on, he went, teasing and
fulfilling Liz as he started to finger fuck her while he moved his mouth
upwards to her tits where he once again feasted on her pert nipples and
brought from her a ragged whispered response.

‘That’s enough for the moment’, Liz whispered as she dragged herself out
of his arms, one more frustrating time.

‘So, what do you want to do next?’ she asked, her flushed cheeks giving
him the answer he knew already.

‘I want to fuck you’ Alun replied.

‘You want to invade my body? Why should I let you?’

‘Because you want to’

‘But, if I let you, will I enjoy it? Can you guarantee me an orgasm?’
Liz smiled as she challenged.

‘No’ said Alun, ‘But I can try and I promise to do my best.’ he grinned.

‘How good is that?’ Liz asked.

‘There’s only one way to find out.’ replied Alun.

‘But you’ve gone soft,’ Liz answered and Alun felt so deflated that he
turned away to give up.

‘Alun, do you want me or not?’ Liz asked.

‘I’m not so sure.’ Alun replied. ‘What do you want?’

Liz moved over to turn his face to hers. She looked him straight in the
eye. ‘I want you to fuck the living daylights out of me. I want to feel
you cock so hard up inside me that it’ll come up out of my mouth.’

As she spoke, so she fondled him back to hardness and ,as he responded,
she leant down and kissed the tip of his prick. ‘So what do you want,

Feeling bolder because of her reaction, Alun whispered ,’please can you
suck me a little.’

Liz looked at him. ‘You’d better get this on record, because I may
change my mind.’, she smiled.

As Alun grabbed the pen and paper, he groaned as Liz licked him. ‘I’d
like to suck Alun’, he wrote and spoke. ‘Sign on the dotted line,
please.’ Liz took the pen and paper while still licking Alun’s cock
and quickly, she signed and went down on him again. As she pulled up she
turned to him and smiled, again. ‘I’m only doing this to get you going –
and before you say anything, let me just say that the greatest lie any
man said was I won’t come in your mouth.’

Alun laughed. ‘That’ll be the day.’

Liz relaxed and started to get into her stride, kissing and nibbling,
sucking and lapping his cock stirring Alun to exquisite sensations as he
tried to control himself. She had a wonderful technique alternating
between strong and soft, tickling his come-hole with the tip of her
tongue to vacuuming his prick down her throat,but never going so far as
to tip him over the edge, as she knew what she wanted.

‘God, you’d better stop now if you want anything more from me.’ Alun
Liz rose up on her haunches and held his face. ‘Now, what would that
be?’ she asked.

Alun looked her in the eye and then her face, her lips, her breasts, her
body and he sighed.
‘I want to drive my prick up your cunt and frig your clit until you and
I achieve a mind-blowing climax.’

‘But what if you come, first?’ she asked.

‘I’ll finger fuck you, I’ll do anything you want’ Alun pleaded.

‘Would you like to use my vibrator on me?’ Liz asked, smiling

‘Yessssss’ Alun sighed.

‘Well, I haven’t got one, but you can use this,’ she said, as she picked
up the bottle of white wine and finished it off.

‘No way!’ said Alun. ‘Without your full consent, I can’t even consider
it.’ Alun smiled.

It was Liz’s turn to feel deflated, but she realised what she had got
herself into, so she shut up and started writing.

‘I, Liz Armstrong, do hereby consent to allowing Alun Robinson to insert
a bottle into my cunt and …..if he’s a good boy,…his prick.’ Liz
spoke, as she wrote.

‘Bonanza!! How romantic!’ Alun laughed and Liz burst out laughing too..
‘Ok, we’ve both played the games and now you are covered, so let’s it
together.’ Liz said as she engulfed him in a sweaty embrace.

Alun felt free at last and, rather than take advantage, he began, once
again to tease and play her body as she writhed against him, more and
more avidly, until she began to devour him in a series of moves that
left him stranded. She threw him round the bed into various positions
as she abandoned herself, picked up the bottle and began to stimulate
herself with it.

‘Come on then,’ she whispered on his ear. ‘Do it.’

Alun grasped the bottle from her hands and began to run it round her
thighs, rolling it and probing her until she thrust her cunt upwards,
begging for it.

Then he twisted it into her slowly, pulling out and teasing her clit,
before pushing it back between her labia and slowly, agonisingly slowly
he began to push it into her cunt, as he sank down to lick her. moving
steadily towards her clit, where, at last he was able to abandon himslef
in sucking her while insistently pushing the bottle deeper into her.

Liz was beside herself with lust and began to whimper, ‘Fuck me,
please, ,ooooooooh, pleeease,Alun, do it some more.’ she whimpered as he
began to pump the bottle into her with greater force.

Her abandonment inflamed him and he started to see how far she would go,
as he pushed the neck of the bottle further and further into her,
twisting it and pulling out before thrusting it between her lips again
and again.

Liz was going wild as she urged him on.

‘Kiss my arse”! she demanded and Alun was only too happy to comply.

His tongue licked her puckered hole and while fucking her cunt with the
bottle and squeezing her nipples with his hand, his devotion drove Liz
upwards and higher until she was bucking and shouting with lust.

‘Now, fuck ………. me !!’

Alun needed nothing more as he covered her in his wild kisses and
embraces, roughly pushing her legs wide and open so that he could gain
maximum control and penetration. Then he began a a maddening dance of
lust as he probed her and pulled out, dragged his rampant prick around
and moved up to push it between her breasts and then slapped it over her
face encouraging her to seek it with her lips. After she sucked him in
he pulled back and trailed it back downwards towards the hallowed hole.

‘Fuck me in my cunt, for Crissake!’ Liz begged and grunted in relief as
he once again positioned himself between the lips of her cunt and began
to thrust. Slowly but surely, he began to enter her deeper and deeper,
until after one tantalising sweep of her cunt he finally buried himself
in her.

‘Oh, yesssssss,’ she sighed.

‘Is this what you want?’ Alun asked, through bared teeth. ‘Do you want
a hard man inside you?’

‘Yess, please.’ Liz cried.

Alun was suddenly cold with realisation. ‘So you want me to fuck you?’

‘Ummm,’ said Liz as she began to frantically grab his arse and try to
pull him in deeper.

‘Ok, so I’m going to fuck the living daylights out of you, – do you want

‘Yeah’ Liz screamed as he began to pound into her with increasing

‘Oh, yeah, give it to me. Fuck me deep. Oh, god, yes, yesss, YESSSS!’
she screamed as he banged her so hard that she was moved bodily across
the bed. Her nails ground into his back and bottom as she writhed and
moaned and began to meet him and bang her cunt against him drawing
deeper and deeper until they climaxed together with a roar of lust and
heave so much that Liz almost fell off the bed as he finished her off.

Liz was breathing so hard that she thought she would choke, but as her
breath came back she realised that Alun was still hard and insistent and
she was so fulfilled that she was determined that he would be, too.

‘Fuck my mouth’ she whispered into his ear. ‘Come on, let me feel you
inside me again.’ she murmured as she went down on him and pulled him on
top of her.

Alun was now in a frenzy of lust and he needed no further prompting as
he moved up to her eager embrace and let her take him in her mouth,
slobbering and sucking, until she pressed his arse forward and took him
right down her throat. She had learnt how to breath through her nose and
steadily feed a cock into her throat, relaxing her muscles so that she
didn’t gag and she used all her knowledge and technique to bring him

She urged his cock into her willing mouth, slobbering and sucking,
pulling on his arse to get him deep inside her, until she felt him
invade her throat and as she relaxed and let him fuck her mouth until he
was crying out with lust.

It didn’t take long for this ministration to produce the expected result
and Alun snarled as he pumped his semen down her throat. ‘Ahhhhhhhh.
yes, Mmmm’ he muttered as he unloaded his cream into Liz’s mouth.

She pumped the last drops out of him by hand and then collapsed back
onto the bed.

It took a while for them to return to reality and Alun moved over to
hold Liz tenderly and she responded by hugging him.

‘That was ……….. unbelievable’ she murmured in his ear.

‘Mmm,’ was all Alun could reply, as he began to fall into a daze.

‘That was something else.’ Liz whispered. ‘I lost all control’

Alun sat up and turned to her. ‘You what? You controlled it all’ He
grabbed the hastily written notes. ‘Everything was controlled by these

‘No, don’t worry,” Liz giggled. ‘I mean, at the end, after I wrote the
last one – and don’t worry, I’m not complaining.’ she smiled.

‘Well, thank God for that.’ Alun smiled back. ‘But isn’t it a bit

‘What ?’ Liz asked.

‘That you enjoyed it most when you were out of control?’

‘But, I wouldn’t have got that loose if I hadn’t been tight earlier on,’
Liz responded.

That was too much for Alun and he burst out laughing.

‘You know what the sexiest thing is about you?’ she asked.

‘No’ he replied, in surprise.

‘Your personality.’ she smiled and bent over to kiss him lightly on the

‘So what are you going to do with these agreements?’ she asked as she
leaned over and picked them up and offered them to him. ‘Use them to
blackmail me?’

Alun took them from her and read them once again.

‘Oh no, I’ve got a much better idea. Change the names and put the flesh
on the bones and I’ve got a brilliant erotic story. The only trouble is,
no-one would believe it’ Alun laughed.

‘Why not?’ asked Liz? ‘Its a man and a woman’s dream!’