Whipped Niece

Immoral men capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

The girl in this book — Liz Hall — is the victim of her unscrupulous uncle and the evil people he causes her to become involved with. Liz finds herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the whims of her captors.

WHIPPED NIECE — the shocking story of an innocent girl learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.


“Ahh! Stick it in me! Let me feel your big cock up my pussy!” the naked blonde moaned. She squirmed her naked ass in the air, working her soaking-wet, pale-furred pussy around the mighty cock that plunged vigorously in and out of it. She was in her twenties, big-boobed, healthy and tan, but having her hair in pigtails made her look like a teenager.

Teenager Liz Hall stood in the doorway of her uncle’s office and stared. This couldn’t be happening! Her uncle — the hellfire and brimstone preacher — had his lush-bodied secretary spread eagled and nude across his desk, and he was fucking her hotly with an enormous cock!

The teenager slumped. Her knees were weak. She had to cling to the doorjamb for support. Her breath was short, and seemed to be sticking in her throat.

The blonde bounced her huge boobs around on the dark wooden top of the desk. She was apparently fond of sunbathing in an incredibly skimpy bikini, as the paleness of her ass and the ripe mounds of her tits contrasted starkly with the brown tones of her velvety body and legs.

Liz shook her auburn hair from her eyes. It couldn’t be happening, she thought again. Why, Liz had always assumed the unbelievably virginal looking secretary was just as innocent as she was!

And her uncle… the fine, upstanding pillar of the community whom the court had appointed her guardian after her parents were killed in a plane crash in Oregon. The only fine and upstanding thing about him now was his cock! Liz had never really seen a hard cock in action before. But the turgid, thick length of cockshaft that pumped in and out of Miss Fletcher’s blonde-furred pussy from behind had to be seven inches long! With the swollen prickhead added in, the preacher’s cock had to be eight inches! Liz felt faint.

More details began to seep into the adolescent’s swirling mind. Thick, hairy ropes were fastened around the secretary’s wrists, leading to the legs of the massive oak desk. And the jutting cheeks of Miss Fletcher’s butt seemed to glow with more than a normal pinkness. From a corner of her eye, Liz caught sight of a broken yardstick lying at her uncle’s feet. A horrid suspicion crawled into her brain.

Her uncle had stripped his foxy secretary naked, tied her face-down to his desk, spanked her lush ass with the yardstick till it broke — and now he was raping her!

Liz stared at her uncle with surprise. The self proclaimed Reverend Joseph Rogers was a tall, lean and angular man in his early forties. His hair, though growing sparse on top, was still a dark brown, undimmed by grey. He prided himself on keeping in trim, his niece knew. The hairy, bare legs were hard and muscle-bound. His prick thrust out between the tail of his white shirt to probe the woman’s pussy. Cunt oils had soaked and stained the shirt-front.

“Unnh!” Miss Fletcher moaned as her boss sank his cock to the hilt in her pussy again.

The smell of hot cunt was almost overpowering, despite the air conditioning that labored against the midsummer heat. Liz sagged against the doorjamb and tried to make sense of it all.

She’d been downtown at the public library. When she had finished there, she discovered she didn’t have any change for the bus, so she’d decided to drop by her uncle’s church. It wasn’t a church, really; Uncle Joseph scorned organized denominations. His First Church of the Incandescent Revelation operated out of a storefront on Silver and Seventh streets, south of downtown.

Walking through the hot, crowded streets, Liz had been uncomfortably aware of the attention she attracted. In her innocence, she couldn’t understand why men whistled and craned their necks to watch her as she passed. The fact that her swelling young tits were remarkably large and well developed for her age, and bounced merrily to the rhythm of her footsteps despite the bra confining them, never even occurred to her as a possible factor. And her long legs, brown and curvy beneath ultra-short white shorts that seemed to be sprayed on her pert, round ass.

Well, it was hot, so of course she wore shorts! What was all the fuss about?

Her uncle sometimes said things about the way she dressed that she didn’t fully understand. He sometimes made comments at meals about all the boyfriends he was sure she had, and cautioned her against staining her soul with sin. She always looked at him strangely when he said that. Though she didn’t belong to his church, or any other, she was a very prim and moral young girl in her own outlook. But try as she might, she couldn’t convince her uncle that she wasn’t engaged in the sins of Sodom with any of the high school boys.

She didn’t even know what he was talking about! So it was a stunning blow to her when she let herself into the cool dim church, walk past the empty rows of pews, past the silent pulpit and back to her uncle’s office, only to find the preacher fucking his tied-up secretary, his pants pushed down around his ankles!

Liz was confused. She was a healthy, physically fit girl, but she was just a bit past medium height, surely no match for her tall, wiry uncle. Should she try to rescue Miss Fletcher anyway? Her well spanked ass looked painful.

Then the secretary pressed her head against the desk and rubbed her cheek on the wood. “Oh, Father, I am undeserving,” she moaned. “Punish me more for my sins!”

Liz gaped. The secretary seemed to be pleading for more abuse! And even as the startled teenager watched, those pink asscheeks lifted, and she squirmed around the throbbing cock buried in her blonde-furred pussy in a move that could only be meant to increase the tall man’s delight!

“You shall be punished, my daughter.” Rogers’ voice boomed out like the hollow chords of a church organ. “Your sins are — uh! — grave indeed.”

His big knobby hands gripped the woman’s narrow waist, knuckles whitening as he ground his crotch against her bare asscheeks. Miss Fletcher moaned as the big cock stirred around inside her juicy cunt.

Then the hefty prick began to pull out of her tight, wet-walled cunt with a lewd sucking sound as Rogers bent his knees and reached down for the trousers crumpled around his feet. He had to squat down fairly far to reach them. Liz’s eyes widened in wonder as the cock emerged from the pink mouth of Miss Fletcher’s cunt. It was huge!

The beefy prick was angled upwards sharply, its considerable length slimy with fragrant cunt oils. Part of the immense conical cockhead had appeared, clutched fervently by the thick lips of the secretary’s pussy. The cuntlips seemed stretched out to keep their tantalizing grip on the swollen wedge of prickhead.

Fingers trembling with passion, the preacher pulled his thin black leather belt out of the loops of his pants. Then he straightened, driving several inches of his rigid cock back up his secretary’s cunt. “God! Yes!” she cried as the prickhead pried the oily walls of her cunt tunnel apart.

“Yes. God,” Rogers answered huskily, taking the silvery buckle of the belt in his palm and winding the leather strap once around his hand.

“His will… be done!” He raised his arm and brought the whip whistling down.

“Owww!” Miss Fletcher wailed as it landed with a vicious crack on her upturned buttcheeks. Her hips wriggled frantically back and forth. The preacher’s prick remained half-planted in the naked woman’s pussy, and her cunt rippled noisily around the shaft of cockmeat.

A new, thin line had appeared, angling across the left cheek of Miss Fletcher’s delectable ass. It glowed brighter and more angrily than the pink left by the spanking with the wooden ruler. To Liz’s frightened eyes it looked almost like the mark left by a red-hot iron.

“It hun,” Miss Fletcher groaned.

But along with the pain in her voice rang unmistakable tones of pleasure. Liz’s uncle pulled his cock slowly from his captive secretary’s pussy. Liz watched torrents of clear cunt honey gush from the slack-lipped pussy to splash on the side of the desk. The stinging pain of the blood-red welt on her ass was obviously turning Miss Fletcher on even more.

“Let me have it again, Father,” Miss Fletcher whispered, rolling her ass in an obscene invitation. “I need it!”

Rogers gave it to her, hard.

The lewd plunging sound of his cock ramming into her pussy came at the same instant the belt smacked her butt. He’d turned his wrist so that the leather tongue licked wickedly across the mounds of both asscheeks. Miss Fletcher writhed, squashing her huge tits on the desktop, crying out with pain and pleasure.

Liz shook head. An involuntary moan escaped her taut lips. She pressed her fingers hurriedly to her mouth, horrified that she might give herself away. What would her uncle do if he caught her spying while he whipped and raped his willing secretary?

There is only one thing to do, she thought as the liquid sound of her uncle’s cock violating Miss Fletcher’s pussy tunnel once more accompanied the unmistakable slap of leather against the silky skin of the woman’s ass. She should back away, she knew, go out through the silent lines of pews, out into the sunlight and walk away. She’d get home as best she could, and try to forget that any of this had ever happened.

But she couldn’t do it. It was as if her feet were rooted to the spot.

“Oh! Whip me! Fuck me! Dear God above, abuse me!”

Miss Fletcher’s voice was shrill and maniacal. The squishing sounds of Rogers fucking his cock in and out of her drooling cunt, and the loud reports of the belt smacking assflesh, became a constant, rhythmic pulse of sound.

As if of its own accord, one of Liz’s hands began roaming over her body. She moaned softly and licked her lips as she felt an unfamiliar pleasure. She looked down and discovered that her hand was cupping a ripening young tit. Something hard seemed to be pushing outward, through the brassiere and the thin blouse over it. The big nipple that crowned the pointy young jug was growing hard.

Liz cocked her head. The sounds of whipping and fucking rolled like surf in her ears. She watched, unable to control her own actions as her hand released her pliant boob and traveled down her stomach. She took in a sharp breath as her fingers tickled her flat belly. Then her fingertips brushed the white fabric that covered her virgin pussy mound.

Suddenly the hand slipped down and firmly clamped her pussy. She moaned, her head tipping back, her long brown hair cascading down over her shoulders.

A hot flush seeped into her cheeks. Her eyes snapped open. What was she doing? This was wrong! But she couldn’t move her hand away from the bulge of her meaty cunt. It felt too good!

Miss Fletcher’s butt was now a web of fine scarlet welts. She was writhing furiously, as if in hideous torment, her head thrashing from side to side, her girlish pigtails whipping about madly. Her arms pulled at the ropes that held them, as if in desperate attempts to break free. Yet every time the belt whistled down, her shapely ass rose eagerly to meet it, and when the preacher’s cock surged forward into the paradise of her pussy, she thrust her butt back eagerly to impale her cunt on that marvelous pole of cock.

Hardly knowing what she was doing, Liz fumbled at the fly of her shorts. Even before she’d come to live with her uncle, she’d always been taught that sex was wrong, dirty, evil. But if being fucked by her uncle’s huge prick was making Miss Fletcher feel as incredibly good as she obviously did — despite the agony of her well-whipped butt — it was something Liz wanted a share of right away!

And if her uncle the preacher was doing it, it couldn’t be wrong!

They fly of the white shorts opened, revealing panties that were yellow, decorated with butterflies. She plunged a hand down between the elastic waistband of the panties and the soft flesh of her belly. The pubic hair surrounding the cunt bun felt rough and crisp beneath her sliding fingers. Then she felt the panties pull reluctantly from the slit of her cunt. The girl’s pussy had begun to water with unfamiliar lust, and the freely flowing juices had caused the fabric to stick to the lips of Liz’s cunt. The tips of her questing fingers brushed her clit.

“Ohh!” she cried. Her squeal of sheer joy at the utterly delicious delight that flashed through her cunt and spread out into her stomach in a warm glow of lust sounded as loud as a firecracker in her ears. She looked up, fearful that she’d been heard.

But the fucking pair not ten feet away continued with their orgy. They were facing the drawn venetian blinds that masked the window, opposite the doorway where Liz stood, shamefacedly fondling her pussy. The pole of her uncle’s prick continued to slide in and out of his secretary’s greedy cunt, and the belt kept punishing her upturned ass, without a break in their lustful tempo.

One of Miss Fletcher’s bare feet was still pressed to the floor. Her other foot was waving in the air beyond Rogers’ butt. The foot dipped and swirled in circles as her ass dipped and swirled around the meaty cock pistoning in and out of her gaping cunt.

A trickle of spittle ran from the side of Liz’s red lipped mouth. She was completely in the grip of something she’d never experienced before — lust. Her fingers shook as she pried open the sticky lips of her pussy and thrust the first two fingers of her hand up the slurping tunnel of hot flesh.

The slick walls of her pussy passage closed around her fingers in a loving embrace. Cunt honey rolled in streams down her hand, but a sudden spasm of pain made her stop, her fingers only part-way buried in her pussy.

Her cherry was still intact, but that didn’t slow her down for long. The side of her forefinger was pressed to the tip of her inflated clit. Every beat of her heart made the hot bud of flesh pulse against the finger, sending ecstasy sizzling through her pussy.

She was horny! And she loved it!

She began jamming her fingers into her pussy. If she couldn’t stick them far up her cunt, she’d stretch her untried pussy walls another way! She got all four fingers crammed up her pussy before the passion that raged in her cunt took control, making her plunge her fingers in and out in imitation of her uncle’s huge cock, which was still pistoning in and out of his secretary’s juicy twat with ever-increasing speed.

“Ah! Ah! Ohh!” She threw her head back and wailed with delight. Her cries mingled with those of the tied-up secretary. Miss Fletcher was fucking herself single-mindedly on her employer’s cock while her ass shook to the violent blows of his belt.

Sweat stood out in glassy beads on the preacher’s forehead. One hand was on his waist, the other wielding his belt tirelessly. Each time the leather strap came hissing down to land on that vulnerable ass, a shock ran up his arm that seemed to jolt clear to his cunt-probing cock! The way the tender assflesh gave resiliently under the lash, then sprang back glowing-hot and ready for more, was almost as much of a delight as the way the walls of the blonde woman’s pussy clutched at his stabbing cock.

His prick seemed to be inflating still more each time it plunged into the yellow-furred pussy. Miss Fletcher’s splendid body grew tense with every stroke of the belt on her reddened ass. The increased pressure of the oily, flexible pussy muscles on his cock was sheer heaven.

Heaven! Yes, that was it! He was doing divine work. His luscious secretary was tormented by the demon lust, and he was doing no more than helping to purge her of her sinful imaginings!

Of course, quibblers might claim he was enjoying forbidden delights by fucking the tempting secretary while whipping her. Not so! By relieving her sexual tensions, and at the same time punishing her, he was cleansing her soul. His only pleasure came from knowing what good he was doing her immortal soul.

“Hmmmm,” he said, and ran his eight inches of prick between the woman’s pussy lips yet again.

“Au! Yes! More! More of your cock, Father! And more of your belt!”

Miss Fletcher was delirious. Her ass felt as if it were on fire from the ceaseless lashings of the belt, and an inferno of a different kind raged in her pussy. Her boss’ mighty cock was filling her cunt full of joy, a joy made more keen by the agony in her ass.

She deserved to suffer. She knew it. She was sinful. She’d always longed to seduce her father, and had compounded her sin by not having the nerve to do so. Preacher Rogers had shown her the way. His enormous cock was helping purge her of sin as surely as the belt scourging her ass. Sins were like foul water, he’d said. Bottling them up would only make them worse. They had to be let out!

She sucked in her stomach muscles, feeling her pussy tighten like a sleeve around the big cock slamming into it. Her sensitive pussy walls could feel the tall man’s pulse hammering in his cock. The racing heart beat seemed to generate electricity in her well-fucked cunt, voltage that crackled through her veins from her wiggling toes to her scalp. Her bountiful jugs, flattened on the desk with her marble-like nipples squashed into the pillowy masses of her jugs, seemed especially charged with erotic energy.

Her foot kicked at the air. She felt her boss’ hip rubbing the inside of her satiny thigh. His cock drew out of her pussy, causing a vacuum in her cunt that threatened to pull her slit inside out.

With a screaming whir, the belt whipped down again. Just the head of Rogers’ giant prick was trapped between the hungry lips of his secretary’s pussy, and the shaft of his cock vibrated in the air between his groin and the golden-haired pussy. The thin leather strap landed, not across the ripe buttcheeks, but along the scarlet furrow between them.

Miss Fletcher’s asscrack and crinkly asshole exploded with pain. Rogers stabbed his cock back into her pussy like a hot lance of steely prickmeat. She gasped as her pussy was filled with cock, her ass with agony.

“OHHHHH!” Her scream rattled the blinds as she came, her boss’ cock fully imbedded in her spasming cunt.

Fucking her own dripping pussy with fervid fingers, Liz Hall snapped out of her erotic haze at the lust-laden cry. She looked up in time to see her uncle thrust his cock up Miss Fletcher’s cunt with sledge-hammer force.

The secretary shrieked again. “You’re coming! Oh, come in me! Fill my unworthy pussy with your spunk!”

Her fingers pumping in and out, her cunt a swamp of aromatic pussy sauces, Liz watched through a curtain of her own hair as her uncle fucked his cock back out of his secretary’s cunt. The length of the prick was wet with gooey white jism. Then the cock fucked back into Miss Fletcher’s pussy, squirting a spray of cunt juice and thick come down her thighs.

Then Liz’s pussy went wild with an orgasm. Dancing lights of lust blotted out her sight as her lovely young body was gripped by the first climax of her life.


Miss Fletcher grunted with bestial passion as her employer’s cock surged back up her cunt. Jism blasted from the tip of the monumental cock, rebounded off the far wall of her pussy and washed back along her cunt tunnel and the sides of the giant prick.

Rogers had dropped his belt. His fingers clutched great handfuls of tender assflesh, still hot from the whipping he’d given his secretary’s lush butt. His cock bucked and jerked inside the woman’s pussy as her cunt muscles sucked his come greedily from the slit of his cockhead.

Liz Hall was on her knees. One hand crushed a mound of titflesh through her blouse and brassiere; the other thrust all four fingers rhythmically in and out of her lust-swamped pussy. Pulse after hot pulse of pleasure filled her cunt and welled up to bathe her whole body in ecstasy as she finger-fucked herself to orgasm after orgasm.

Rogers gritted his teeth as he felt the last glob of come stored in his balls expanding the inner spunk tube of his cock as it thundered toward his pricktip and exploded into his pigtailed secretary’s pussy.

“Oh, yes!” she whimpered as she felt the hot come spurt into her cunt. “Your jism fells so good inside me!”

Her wet-walled pussy kept clutching at the buried prick for a long time after the tall man’s come was exhausted. Rogers gasped, feeling the spasmodic pressure on his prick. Despite being out of jism, his cock throbbed with the aftershocks of orgasm for a half-dozen wild heartbeats.

At last the frenzy of climax calmed within the preacher. His head bent, and his lips moved soundlessly, as if he was in prayer. Sweat dripped from his forehead and fell on the tied-up woman’s glowing pink ass. The salty sweat stung her puffy, whipped assflesh, and Miss Fletcher gasped. Suddenly her pussy convulsed in yet another orgasm. The limp hose of her employer’s prick was squirted out of her cunt in a spray of harsh smelling, cunt-juice diluted come.

“Oh, my ass hurts! It hurts so good!” she cried. Her butt wagged furiously back and forth as her naked pussy lips pulsated in orgasm, clenching at nothing, dripping strings of jism. “I love it when you hurt me!”

Slowly Rogers took his hands off of his blonde secretary’s ass. His lengthy cock dangled between his legs, dripping spunk and cunt oils on the threadbare carpet of his office.

“It is a good sign, my daughter,” he intoned. Then he sighed heavily and wiped the perspiration from his brow with the back of his hand. “The work of the Lord is not easy. But I am not one to shirk my load — what’s that?”

Panting like a steam engine, Liz was finally coming down from the heights of her first-ever orgasm. The frenzied pace at which her fingers had pumped in and out of her drooling pussy had slowed to a sweet, relaxed rhythm. Her hand was slippery, soaked with the lustful juices of her virgin pussy. She pressed her palm over her throbbing clit and sighed.

“What!” It was a voice like thunder from heaven. “What is going on here? Oh, my God!” Liz looked up, cringing with fear.

Her uncle was standing over her, a look of horrified disgust on his face.

Rogers’ expression quickly turned to anger. “Harlot of Babylon! Is this what you have stooped to, you slut? Spying on your betters while you, engage in the filthy sin of self-abuse! Oh, the shame! The stain on the memory of my poor departed sister!”

Miss Fletcher turned her head to peer back over her shoulder. “What’s going on, Father?”

Rogers pointed a long, wrath fully trembling finger at his niece. “This abandoned slut was watching as we… as we purged your lovely body of sin. And she was abusing herself while spying on us!”

Liz shook her head. Her thoughts spun uncontrollably. This was all wrong! Not that what her uncle was saying wasn’t true — with her fingertips still resting against the slit of her satiated cunt, she could hardly deny that she’d been masturbating while watching her uncle fuck and beat his bound secretary. But was that so wrong? Considering what they were doing, it seemed mild that she’d rubbed her hot cunt to climax.

And besides, she thought, to describe stuffing her hungry young pussy full of her own stiffened fingers as “self abuse” wasn’t appropriate in the least! Fingerfucking her dripping cunt was anything but abusing it!

She tried to speak. No sooner had she opened her mouth than a stunning slap hurled her head backward. Then her uncle grabbed her wrist and dragged her to her feet.

She made no attempt to resist; she still didn’t know what to do. All she knew was that she was in a lot of trouble.

Her uncle’s thin blue-and-white-striped necktie was askew. He undid it, then caught hold of the girl’s other hand. It was shiny and sticky with her rapidly drying cunt honey.

“Wanton!” Rogers shouted, smelling the aroma of cunt that wafted from her hand. “You are besmeared with the waters of sip!”

“Owwww!” Liz protested loudly as her uncle brutally wrenched her arms around behind her back. He quickly bound her wrists together with the tie. She strained unsuccessfully to get loose, then looked at her uncle with wide, frightened eyes. “What are you doing, Uncle Joseph?”

Another slap sent her reeling back. With her shorts and panties bunched down around her knees, she was effectively hobbled. She staggered, falling against a bookshelf filled with religious tracts.

Still tied face-down and totally nude on the preacher’s broad oak desk, Miss Fletcher turned her head and looked at the teenager. There was concern on her lovely oval face.

“Oh, the poor girl,” the secretary said.

Liz’s heart rose. Perhaps the blonde would convince her uncle to go lightly on her. She was scared of him; she’d never seen him this mad before!

Her hopes were dashed an instant later.

“Help her,” Miss Fletcher said to Rogers. “Help her the way you helped me!”

Liz thought about the way her uncle had been “helping” Miss Fletcher — the secretary’s ass was still the ripe color of a desert sunset from the ceaseless attentions of his belt.

Her uncle approached her, glowering. His big cock seemed to have swollen once more until it was almost parallel with the floor. Liz stared at him without comprehension.

“I’ve let the flower of youth go too long untended,” the tall man said, “and it’s grown into a weed of sin and depravity. My error has been great.”

He reached out and hooked his fingers into the neck of his niece’s blouse. She cried out shrilly as he pulled hard. Buttons popped off of her blouse to ricochet off the cinder-block walls.

Liz stared down at herself. Her well-developed young tits heaved wildly, threatening at any moment to pop free of the white bra that held the ripe fruit of her jugs. Lower down, her sleek belly was a trim arrow pointing downward to the pink paradise of the virgin pussy nestled between her slender young thighs. She felt more totally naked than she’d ever had in her entire life.

Her uncle’s hot, dark eyes roved up and down her half-nude body. “You have grown into a lovely young woman,” he said, “A temple to the greatness of the Lord. You’ve been defiling it by sharing it with a mob of rutting young sinners.”

It was a statement, not a question, Liz shook her head. She had to make her uncle understand. She’d never even let a boy kiss her!

“But, Uncle Joseph,” she moaned. “I haven’t been doing that! I’ve never…”

He slapped her. She felt the burning imprint of his palm on her reddened cheek. Tears welled up in her hazel eyes. He thrust his face close to hers. It was dark and contorted with rage.

“Don’t lie to me, bitch,” he hissed. “It’ll only make your punishment all the worse!”

She tried to creep away as he reached for her tits, but with the bookshelves at her back, she was trapped. He clutched the front of her bra with strong fingers, between the cups filled to overflowing with nubile and succulent titflesh. He pulled hard, once, and the clasp at the back of the bra gave. Liz yelled with surprise as her boobs bounded free.

Rogers tugged at the bra till the arm straps snapped, then tossed the flimsy garment in the corner. He stood still a moment, and it seemed to Liz that she could feel the heat of his gaze on her exposed tits.

They were large, rounded, perfectly matched cones of titflesh, the complexion milky and flawless, the nipples like cherries set in the midst of broad brown-red areolas. Stimulated with fear as she was, her nipples stood out from her jugs almost defiantly.

Her uncle’s tongue made a slow circuit of his thin lips as his eyes devoured the sight of her naked tits. Then he turned away.

Liz closed her eyes. She slumped against the bookcase. Her world had turned upside down. What would happen now?

A thin, vicious whistling was all the warning she had. Then her big tits flared with agony, an agony that bit the cushiony titflesh like the cut of a knife.

She screamed. Her eyes snapped open. She looked down at her tits.

An ugly red welt crawled across the front of her boobs, angling from above her left nipple to below her right one. The nipples were even more erect than before as pain lanced through her boobs with every beat of her heart.

“Y-you hit me,” she sniffled. “With your belt.” Her voice was shaky and high-pitched. She stood, rocking from side to side. The pain in her whipped jugs was intense and showed no signs of abating.

“You have sinned,” her uncle plainly stated. “You must be cleansed.”

He raised the thin black belt above his head once more.

Even before the belt struck her bare boobs, Liz screamed. This time it hurt worse than before. The thin leather strap landed across her right nipple, driving it deep into the soft boob. The sensitive nipple broadcasted pain into her jug in nerve-grinding waves.

Her uncle drew his arm back again. Sobbing, Liz spun to face the bookcase. A hard wooden shelf cut into her abused tits. She kept her jugs pressed against it. As much as the unyielding shelf hurt her boobs, it was infinitely less agonizing than the hot kiss of her uncle’s belt.

She heard the nasty whine of the strap and tensed, wondering where the blow would fall. Then agony seared across the cheeks of her lush ass. She tautened her buttcheeks and gritted her teeth against the new pain that pulsed in her rump, a soft moan escaping her juicy lips.

Rogers slashed at her butt again.

“Aiii!” she cried. “Stop it! I can’t stand it any more! Please don’t hit me again!”

“Your pleas fall on deaf ears, slut,” her uncle said hoarsely. “I see my duty. I should have done it long ago!”

Like a line of fire, another whip-mark was etched into the soft skin of her butt. She howled and writhed against the bookcase. The belt licked out and slashed her ass again.

Rogers lashed his niece’s ass savagely, forehand and backhand, cutting across the jutting globes of her butt. The bitch deserved to suffer, he knew. Children these days were all alike — filthy, immoral beasts, the lot of them!

He remembered the many long nights he’d lain awake since his niece had begun to blossom into nubile adolescence, her tits and hips swelling, her legs going from skinny coltishness to shapely desirability.

He remembered imagining her with the army of lovers he knew she must have lean, hard-bodied young studs with eager cocks. They’d kiss and fondle her naked body, lick her tits till the juicy boobs were shiny with spit, trail their saliva down her belly and slobber all over her hot, inviting cunt.

And their cocks! She’d suck them like lollipops till they spurted come into her waiting mouth, pump her small fingers up and down on straining pillars of prick, impale her dripping pussy on cocks as rigid as steel bars.

No doubt she loved to be fucked up the ass as well, he thought. He could envision her lovely pert rump rolling around and around in mindless lewd abandon, as a rampant cock thrust between those tender buttcheeks into the narrow opening of her anus. The images were familiar; they’d haunted his dreams for over a year. That came before his eyes now, and he whipped the screaming, pleading girl with fanatical energy.

Liz felt her knees giving way. She fell to the side, her cheek and shoulder pressing against the carpet, trying to keep her tits shielded from that awful belt!

Her butt was stuck impudently up in the air. The once-white mounds of assflesh were crisscrossed by scarlet welts. With her rump thrust up like this, the cheeks of her ass had parted. Her asshole seemed to wink lasciviously at her uncle’s face.

“Temptress!” he shouted, and brought the belt whistling down yet again.

It landed in the shallow furrow between the hillocks of her shapely butt. The strap bit deep into her assflesh, stinging the puckered asshole like a scorpion’s tail.

“YEEAH!” Liz shrieked. She threw herself forward in a spasm of pain. Her whipped tits scraped agonizingly along the carpet as she slid across the floor.

Her uncle followed. The belt whipped relentlessly at the upturned buttcheeks. Liz’s screams rang out in time with the slapping of hot leather against her tender ass.

Then, abruptly, the rain of sickening blows ceased. For along moment Liz lay on her stomach, with her muscles tied into knots, braced for the agony she knew would soon ravage her ass again.

The expected blow didn’t land! Holding her breath, she opened her eyes and turned her head to look up at her uncle.

He stood above her with his legs spread wide. His cock jutted from his crotch like a massive wooden boom. The rigid cock seemed to loom threatening over her.

“You are a child of the Devil,” he said. “For a long time you’ve haunted me with your loveliness. You’ve shared your luscious young body with scores of youths, but never with me, tough I sheltered you and cared for you as if you were my own. Now you try to taunt me by… by playing with yourself while spying!”

He squatted down and grabbed a handful of hair. “Don’t!” she begged as he twisted her hair cruelly to turn her face toward his.

The tip of his cock prodded her cheek. The knob felt rubbery, yet hard, like a policeman’s riot baton. The cockhead was hot and dry against the silky skin of her cheek.

“You’ve held out on me too long,” he snarled. “No more. Open your lips, whore, and receive my cock!”

Suddenly the tip of the inflated cock was fitted to her tightly-shut lips, straining to gain entry to her mouth.

She squealed with dismay. The prick was rank with drying jism and the juices of Miss Fletcher’s blonde furred cunt. The idea of taking that man’s rigid prick into her mouth made Liz feel faint. She moaned, shaking her head in a violent denial, and suddenly her butt blazed with torment as the belt came down with a crack.

“Suck on it, bitch,” her uncle commanded coldly. “Take my prick in your dirty, debased mouth and suck on it, or I’ll whip the skin off your worthless ass!” For emphasis, he struck her undefended asscrack again.

Whether Liz could have held out much longer, not letting her uncle stick his cock in her mouth, suddenly became academic. As her tender asshole was stung once more by the black leather lash, her mouth flew open in a scream. The captive’s outcry was immediately muffled as the preacher plugged the had of his cock into her open mouth.

“Mmmmm! Rmmph!” Her eyes rolled frantically and her head jerked from side to side as she tried to pull her head away from the cock that had impaled her mouth. The huge cockhead had her jaws wedged so far apart that the sockets ached. The sharp taste of jism and the musky flavor of cunt made her stomach roll with nausea. There was a cock in her mouth — and it belonged to her own uncle!

“You lucky girl!” Miss Fletcher’s soprano voice had dropped an octave with unmistakable lust. “Your uncle is a good man. He’ll save you from yourself!”

Liz glanced at her. Her pink-lipped pussy gaped open amidst the golden tangle of her pubic fur. A trickle of pussy juice ran from the slack cunt hole and dripped onto tile top of the desk. The naked, bound secretary was obviously getting turned on from watching her boss whip his niece and fuck her face, like he was from doing it!

But her attention was snapped back as Rogers began to jerk his handful of her auburn hair back and forth, fucking her mouton his spear of prick. Her eyes bugged out as he worked the tip of his huge cock farther back into her throat. She shook her head again, trying to tear her mouth away from the big cock.

“Use your tongue, bitch! You know how to do it! Don’t think I don’t know!” His voice rang with madness. He moved so that his knees were planted firmly on the floor, and thrust his cock still deeper into his niece’s wet mouth.

She groaned with fear and disgust. Her tongue was flattened on the bottom of her mouth, trying desperately to avoid the slightest contact with that giant, loathsome cock. She couldn’t bear the thought of actually licking the slimy, nasty prick!

She’d forgotten how unbearable the kiss of the leather was on her abused ass, but only briefly. When she kept her tongue away from the intruding cock, the belt lashed at her butt again. Her anguished scream was muffled by the several inches of meaty cock already imbedded in her face. Her jerky jump at the pain in her butt forced her hot mouth even more firmly over her uncle’s fat prick. She felt the fleshy prickhead surge past the rear of her mouth and fuck right down her throat.

“Uhh! Ahh, that’s better. Swallow it, bitch! Swallow my cock the way you do for all the boys at school!”

Tears flowed from the girl’s eyes. Her uncle was so wrong! He was thinking that she had somehow led a career of utter sexual abandon, fucking anything on two legs. Nothing could have been further from the truth, but how could she tell him that? Her lips were stretched tautly around the enormous girth of his cock, her cheeks aching from the strain of having her mouth wedged wide open by the big prick. And still the cock continued to thrust into her face.

Suddenly she begin thrashing. The cock was going too far down her throat! She’d gag at any minute! She hated to imagine what that would cause; her uncle would probably slash her buns to ribbons for gagging on his prick!

“Yes! Take it in, slut! Eat my cock!” He clutched his belt, his right hand trapping itself in her hair. Holding her head diagonally to the ground, he thrust his hips forward. Two inches of cock were jammed instantly into the tied-up girl’s face.

It was too much. She grunted, and gagged on the bar of prick her uncle had forced down her gulping throat.

Her uncle gasped as the gag reflex closed the muscles of her throat tightly around his cock. It was like having a ring clamped around his prick right where it was most sensitive, where the swollen head of the prick joined the sturdy cockshaft. He shook all over. Liz gagged again. The action of her throat muscles around his prick drove him wild.

Liz sensed the sudden swelling of the already immense prick and wondered frantically what it meant. “Urgk!” she groaned. Her throat pumped at the expanding cock with pure reflex action.

The cock contracted suddenly, squirting a stream of hot come into the girl’s throat. She could scarcely believe it. Her own uncle was coming in her mouth, shooting his jism straight down into her stomach!

Or so it seemed. Her throat muscles worked frenziedly as she tried to swallow the seething come, while still gagging on the fat sword of cock. More steamy spunk flooded into her throat. It began to fill Liz’s mouth, washing back up around the stem of her uncle’s huge cock.

“Great God, it’s good! Drink it down, you bitch! Sate your foul lust with my come!”

He clung to her hair with hands that shook so violently that they tore loose some of the brown strands. She didn’t notice the brief pain as her hair was pulled out. All she could think of was the throbbing, pulsing, spewing cock stuck down her throat — and the hot jism pumping down her gulping throat.

Come surged up into her working mouth. She gagged at the awful salty-sweetness of the spunk. The more furiously her throat muscles tried to eject the fountaining cock, the more furiously it pumped the foul come into her throat!

The store of come in her uncle’s hairy balls, so recently spent inside Miss Fletcher’s sweet pussy, already had replenished itself till it seemed inexhaustible. Liz’s mouth filled with jism as her throat had — to the brim. Come leaked out around the cock plugged into her wet mouth. A sudden jet of jism made come surge up into her nasal passages. She choked, blowing come through her nostrils to coat the rough hair of her uncle’s crotch with milky droplets.

She stared at the tangled hair at the base of her uncle’s prick, her eyes unfocused. In spite of the fact that she had more cock in her mouth than she could handle, only a little more than half of the tremendous length of his cock had been inserted into her face. She looked cross-eyed past her nose at the cockshaft as it pulsated powerfully, delivering load after load of come into her sucking mouth.

Finally the last driblets of hot jism trickled from the cocktip and down Liz’s throat. She felt the prick beginning to shrink in her mouth. With a grateful sigh, she let her jaw muscles relax.

Moaning, Rogers pushed his niece’s head away. His prick slid out between her teeth and come-smeared lips. The still-impressive length of the deflating cock was streaked with white jism thinned by her saliva.

Abruptly the cock pulled away from Liz’s mouth. Drops of come dribbled onto her face as her uncle stood. She let her head fall to the carpet. The aftertaste of the potent come that soaked her tongue was harsh and sickening.

“But what are you going to do with her?” she heard Miss Fletcher asking. “If she tells anybody what’s happening… they might not understand your methods.”

Liz’s uncle nodded. “You’re right, my dear. This will bear some thought.”

Shuddering, Liz began to cry.


“So you want to unload this trim little piece,” the slim dapper man said, longing in his leather covered chair. Reverend Rogers stiffened. “My good man, I assure you…”

The smaller man waved impatiently. “I don’t want to hear it. I don’t care. What matters to me is the quality of the merchandise, not, its past history — or your reason for selling.”

He puffed at his cigarette through a long ebony holder, and looked at Liz. She was perched on the edge of a chair. The coy white blouse, a brief red skirt, her hair pulled back in a ponytail, made her look even younger than she was. But the impression was somewhat weakened by the womanly thrust of her jugs pressing hard against the front of her blouse. Feeling the man’s black eyes on her, she tugged her hem down lower along her slender thighs.

She was numbed by the events of the past twenty-four hours. Her uncle had dressed her after raping her, then bundled her into a closet and locked her inside. After a while she had dozed off, but the sounds of the evening services had awakened her. Her cries for help had been drowned out by the organ, and by the voices of the congregation loudly singing hymns.

Eventually, Miss Fletcher had opened the door of the closet. Rogers’ belt had been in her hand. She’d slashed Liz smartly across the tits a few times, and warned her to be quiet or she’d get worse.

Liz had gotten the definite impression the statuesque blonde would have enjoyed inflicting all kinds of agonizing tortures on her. Then Miss Fletcher had locked her back in the closet. Somehow Liz knew her uncle’s secretary felt that, by whipping her naked jugs, she was doing the younger girl a favor. That outlook horrified Liz more than out-and-out sadism would have.

They’d brought food to her later, a tasteless hamburger and a watery milkshake. She’d spent a restless night locked in the closet. In the morning her uncle had made her shower in his office bathroom he had a specially-built shower stall in the john. Once she’d dried, herself and dressed in the fresh clothes Miss Fletcher had brought her, her uncle had put her in the car and driven her to this place.

It was a small motel on the eastern side of town. Despite the run-down appearance of the exterior, the manager’s office was beautifully done up in costly, shiny oak and leather. The small, elegantly dressed manager looked like some European noble, here in his splendid den.

His eyes met hers. She dropped her eyes and blushed. The man threw back his head and laughed.

“I like that! She’s a natural, I’ll say that for you, Mister Roberts.” The way he paused and smiled sidelong at the preacher made the taller man shift uncomfortably in his seat. “She looks and acts like a perfect innocent, but she’s got jugs on her like a Guernsey cow! And she looks like — deep down inside — she loves the feel of a good hard cock any way she can get it. The girl next door — who puts out! What a perfect combination!”

Liz blushed still more hotly. The man was talking about her as if she were no more than an object, a mere piece of property to be bartered and used. She wanted to say something to wipe the smug smile off of the thin man’s face, but there were no words with which to do it.

“Come over here, darling,” the man said.

Liz looked instinctively to her uncle. Rogers looked studiedly away.

“I said, come over here!” he repeated.

His voice rang like a command. Hesitantly, Liz got to her feet and walked over to the man’s chair to stand beside it. She clasped her hands coyly in front of her crotch.

He reached up and squeezed a ripe tit. She gasped, and bit her lip. “What’s your name, sweetheart?” he asked.

She didn’t want to tell him anything. But something told her that for all the smoothness of the small man’s manner, there was a deep vein of cruelty in him that made her uncle’s self-righteous sadism seem a mild joke in comparison.

“Liz,” she said, shuddering with fear.

He nodded. “Call me Danny.” He fondled her jug. To her own astonishment she felt her nipple hardening at his firm touch.

Danny turned his head toward Rogers. “What do you want for her?”

The preacher’s answer was inaudible.

“Speak up, man! What’s the price?” Danny began to unbutton the girl’s blouse.

“A thousand dollars.”

Danny frowned, Liz’s blouse half undone. “That’s pretty heavy, with money tight as it is. Have to try her out first and make damn sure she’s worth that kind of investment.”

Liz felt her blood run cold. The reluctant arousal she had been getting from his kneading of her boob evaporated. She was meat on the hook to him, and nothing more. She felt humiliated, demeaned.

He glanced up at her. “What’re you waiting for? Strip!”

Her hand went to her throat. She looked from Danny to her uncle. Uncle Joseph was looking at her with a definite gleam in his eye. The dirty old hypocrite! she thought. She could feel how eager he was to see her disrobe and submit to Danny’s lust!

She longed for the strength to defy the two men, but she simply didn’t have it. Her tender ass and tits still ached from the whipping they’d received the day before.

Danny put his cigarette holder to his lips and puffed till the coal at the end of the cigarette glowed a bright red. The meaning wasn’t lost on the girl, as innocent as she was. She thought about having that red-hot coal pressed to her naked boob, and she shivered.

Hastily she unbuttoned the blouse and took it off.

Making no production of it, she reached behind, she reached behind, unfastened her bra, and took it off. Her tits swayed slightly as she tossed it aside. In spite of herself she felt her nipples hardening again under the pressure of Danny’s lustful eyes. Her boobs swung toward the small man’s face as she unbuttoned her skirt and pulled it down her legs to step out of it. She straightened, put her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, then hesitated. She was already half naked before uncle and a total stranger. Could she go through with it?

The cigarette glowed again. She felt an odd tingling in her bared tits. She pulled her panties quickly off and stood upright, revealed in all her naked splendor. Danny pursed his lips and whistled appreciatively. The bitch certainly looks like first class stuff, there was no denying that, he thought. Her legs and waist were adolescently slim, almost skinny. But her jugs were ripe and full, and her hips delightfully padded. She was a combination of child and woman that no man could resist. Her skin was smooth and shiny, her nipples taut in the circular areolas, her cunt fur a chestnut delta.

A truly delectable vision! he thought hotly.

He scooted his hips forward in his chair. “Undo my pants and get my cock out into the open, baby.”

Liz heard a small, stifled noise from her uncle. She thought about it as she dropped slowly to her knees in front of the dapper man. As her fingers sought his zipper and began to open his fly, she ventured a sidelong glance at her uncle, sitting across the room.

His face was red as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. There was no mistaking the look in his eyes. He was getting horny, watching his naked niece kneel before the smaller man. But he was also jealous!

Liz felt a hungry stirring in her cunt. Here was a way to get back at her uncle! Her fingers dipped into the small man’s underwear, and closed around a hard, hot bar of cock. She tugged the prick free of Danny’s pants and wrapped her lips around the cone shaped cockhead.

Danny moaned as her lips fastened wetly on the tip of his prick. Liz’s lips slid outward and down, enveloping totally the swollen cockhead, then tightened into a taut ring beneath the cock bulb. The girl sucked on the trapped head of his prick while her tongue bathed the cockhead in liquid fire.

She wrapped her fingers around the small man’s cock. Or perhaps that was the wrong thing to call him — there was certainly nothing small about his cock!

It wasn’t as large as her uncle’s, true, but it was seven inches long. She sniffed, and her nostrils filled with the tangy smell of her pussy, watering with lust. Deep down inside she recognized that it wasn’t just the need to get back at her uncle, in some small way, that was turning her on. She recalled how fantastic her fingers had felt dipping into her pussy the day before. She wanted to be fucked for real. And since there was no way she could get out of fucking this small, sleek, but handsome man, there was no reason she shouldn’t enjoy it!

She swirled her tongue around and around the cockhead in her mouth. Danny sighed and stroked her temples. His hips wee, pushing his cock further into her mouth. She started to pull back, remembering the way she’d gagged on her uncle’s big cock. Then she stopped and let Danny stuck another inch of his cock between her wet lips, enough to fill her mouth with his turgid, rubbery prick. Then she lifted her head. Her lips caressed the sides of the cock as it slid out of her mouth.

She raised her head till only the fleshy head of Danny’s prime prick remained between her lips. Then she lowered her head again. Danny gripped her head, rotating his hips with increasing excitement as she sucked his stiff cock into the cool cavern of her mouth. Her jugs were pressed against his shins. His movements made his legs rub her taut nipples in a way that made her want to squeal with joy.

Slowly she fucked her face up and down on the small man’s cock. As long as she didn’t try to take too much of the massive cock into her face, she was all right. The meaty flavor of Danny’s prick didn’t nauseate her the way her uncle’s had the day before. In fact, she was beginning to think that cock tasted pretty good after all!

A droplet of pussy sauce oozed from her cunt and ran hotly down the inside of her thigh.

She felt Danny’s hands close gently on both sides of her head. He lifted the girl’s head from his crotch. Her lips clung possessively to his stiff prick as it slipped out from between them. The cock popped free of her mouth and wavered back and forth. Her saliva gleamed on the tip of his cock. She moaned with disappointment, and stuck out her tongue to lap at the cum silt in the end of his cock. She needed that prick!

Danny shook his head. “Hey, enough already. You’ve got a great mouth, but I want to try your hot little box on for size.” He reached down and took hold of hex tits. Liz moaned ecstatically as the small man squeezed her boobs. It felt so good to have someone fondling her naked jugs. She stood up willingly and climbed up onto the chair, straddling his crotch. He never let go of her boobs. He kept the twin peaks of titflesh in his hands, rolling the nipples around with his sweaty palms.

The upright cock seemed to glow with a heat that bathed her thighs and her hot, waiting pussy. She was weak with the need to feel that cock crammed into her cunt. She didn’t know what it would feel like, but she knew she wanted it!

Danny’s hands released her tits, her nipples quivering with lust. His hands dropped to her waist, to rest on the swelling of her hips as he pressed downward. She felt her legs bend at the knees. Her eyes were closed, her lips parted with anticipation. A coral tonguetip poked from a corner of her mouth. Danny watched as the wedge of cunt fur dipped slowly toward his protruding cock.

The lips of Liz’s cunt kissed the tip of Danny’s prick. They both moaned as an electric current seemed to pass from her pussy to his cock. Pussy oil welled from her cunt gash and drooled down the shaft of the mighty cock.

Liz dropped her ass a fraction of an inch. The cocktip prodded briefly at her oily cuntlips then wedged them apart. She felt the cone of Danny’s cockhead slide up between her delicate pussy flaps. Already the friction of his big cock in her cunt was unbearable — and his prick hadn’t truly entered her pussy yet!

She wasn’t quite sure what to do to get the maximum stimulation possible out of fucking her pussy down onto the upthrust cock, but she felt she could do worse than the direct approach. She bore down on the cock, feeling it stab up into her, filling the vessel of her pussy with his throbbing cockhead.

Suddenly she stopped. Something seemed to be holding her up, preventing her from fucking her pussy delightfully down to the base of that rampant prick. Then she remembered. She still had her cherry!

She paused, poised above the man’s crotch with his cocktip fitted into her virgin cunt. This wasn’t the way she’d always envisioned losing her cherry, and she suspected it would be painful to burst her hymen on that rigid spike of Danny’s cock. But the way the prickhead stretched the lips of her cunt, the way the flared hood of the cockhead throbbed against her swollen clit, sent messages of undeniable urgency to her brain. She had to have that cock all the way up her pussy, no matter what the cost!

She took a deep breath and drove her ass down hard. Danny’s eyes bulged as his cock pushed against the barrier of the girl’s cherry. He frowned, then opened his mouth as if to speak.

“Owwww!” Liz shrieked as her cherry burst in a flash of pain. Then her cunt slid to the base of the steely prick with one fluid motion.

There was a moment of raw agony. Then Liz felt the walls of her pussy being pried apart as the cock surged up between them. Her pussy enveloped the man’s cock like a sheath.

“God, you’re big! Your cock is sooo big!” she cooed. In her fever of lust, she didn’t pause to reflect that she was using words she once would have refused to admit she knew. “You’re stretching my pussy so good!”

She moved her ass in a circle, revolving her lust around the shaft of his cock with an oily sound. He grunted and grabbed a double handful of her lush bun. His head dipped forward, his mouth open to scoop up the tip of her delectable tit.

Danny put his feet on the floor and drove upward. Liz squealed with ecstasy as her pussy was stuffed even more full of his fabulous cock. Squelching sounds broke rhythmically from her cunt as she swirled her cunt mound and around the small man’s great big cock. The rockhard shaft of his prick seemed to strike erotic chords on her straining, blood-gorged clit.

Danny’s butt crushed the leather seat of the chair as he pulled his cock out of the girl’s snatch. Cunt honey flooded his crotch. Liz pulled herself upward. Her pussy lips slid along the shaft of the prick as it slid from her sopping-wet cunt.

Liz’s ass went up and up. When Danny fucked his cock the first time into her pussy, it had gone in too fast for her to really appreciate how long it was. But now she could savor every inch of hefty cock as it withdrew from her pussy. Danny’s cock seemed endless! The sweet suction inside her cunt as his prick left it made her quiver like a taut bowstring.

Despite the fragrant cunt juice that coated the membranes of Liz’s pussy channel, Danny’s cock seemed to rasp her pussy on its way out. But instead of hurting, the grinding of the cock in her cunt felt good. It gave her a feeling like an itch, something like a tickle. She wanted to thrash and scream, and fuck her self up and down on that marvelous cock so hard that the chair creaked.

And she did!

“Oh! Ohh! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck your big prick clear to my tonsils! Ream my pussy out, big boy,” she shouted, throwing her head back.

Her boobs bounced frantically in front of Danny’s face. Whenever he could, he trapped one or the other pale globe of titflesh, and he sucked it hard while licking the nipple with his stiffened tongue. But every time he attacked one of Liz’s jugs that way, she went totally crazy with passion, and fucked him with such energy that her boob slipped from his lips almost immediately. It was something like bobbing for apples — but a million times more fun!

Danny had still not entirely recovered from his shock at learning that this hot-bodied adolescent with the eager mouth was a virgin — or had been until a few moments before. That changed things. But there was no time to deal with that now. This sexy Liz fucked a hell of a lot better than any virgin had a right to, and he wouldn’t stop jamming his cock up her breathtakingly tight pussy for the world! He couldn’t stop!

Liz was in a maelstrom of lust. Her butt thumped rhythmically against Danny’s trouser-covered thighs as her cunt drank in his cock. The plunging of that big prick in and out of her pussy was maddening her with passion so intense that nothing she’d ever experienced could compare with it. Compared to being fucked by Danny’s huge all-male cock, pumping her pussy with her as yesterday had been nothing at all! She didn’t think her pussy could ever get enough of Danny’s giant cock.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard!” the words tumbled out as if of their own accord. “I’m about to come! Come in me, please. Fill my pussy with your sperm!”

Her body tingled like a live wire. Unbearable sexual tension built up inside her pussy. She ground her butt in ever-expanding circles, trying to twist her pussy more and more around over the stiff rod of Danny’s cock. Her breath came in short, choppy gasps.

Suddenly her ass was drawn down as if by a magnet. She gasped as Danny’s cock filled her pussy with stunning speed.

Then a furious orgasmic contraction of her cunt sucked a blast of hot cum from Danny’s cock up into her pussy, and she soared right out of this world on shimmering wings of ecstasy.


Liz sobbed with uncontrollable ecstasy as she squirmed her pussy around the upright pillar of Danny’s upright cock. She felt the big prick pulsating within her pussy, shooting spurt after spurt of steamy jism far up the hole of her cunt.

“Ah! Ahh! Yessss!” she wailed. “Oh, your come is hot! Fill my pussy with your sweet, hot come!”

Her fingers clutched his thin upper arms like talons. Her lush butt swirled every which way as she sought to thrill her pussy with the hardness and fullness of the cock exploding within it. Her fucking was inexpert, but what she lacked in skill, she more than made up for in enthusiasm — and the incomparable tightness of her climaxing, virgin cunthole!

Danny’s hair had lost its neatness and gloss. It hung down in his eyes, sweat-soaked from exertion and passion. He grunted rhythmically as he levered his mighty cock in and out of the girl’s spuming snatch with powerful thrusts of his hairy thighs.

The insides of Liz’s cunt was like oiled silk. The tight sheath of her pussy expanded and contracted with breathtaking power and speed around the invading spar of cock. And each frantic tightening of the narrow, flexible-walled pussy brought a fresh geyser of come blasting from the tip of Danny’s cock.

The hot come rolled down the sides of the huge cock and dripped slowly from the lips of Liz’s hot pussy. She felt the gooey come smearing over the mouth of her cunt, coating her brown cunt fur with fat white droplets. She shook her head as Danny’s mouth gaped open wide to capture the tip of her swaying left boob. The delightful contact of his tongue-tip with the swollen nipple sent a new joy lancing through her tit and touched off yet another orgasm in her cock-stuffed pussy.

“Oh! Yes?” she screamed lewdly.

Danny was surprised by the amount of come that surged up the passage of his prick to spray into the auburn-haired adolescent’s cunt. Her tight little cunt just wouldn’t let his cock stop coming! He sucked in a mouthful of succulent titflesh, feeling the smooth skin turn slippery with his saliva, and moaned at the way her oozing pussy clutched at his spewing cock.

At last the hot jism stored in his hairy balls had spent itself in Liz’s cunt. Danny blinked as his prick continued to pulse with pleasure inside the wet-walled cunt.

“Oh, your cock feels so good in my pussy,” Liz moaned as her fingers massaged his biceps.

The last moments of his climax finished, Danny felt his monstrous prick begin to deflate in Liz’s pussy. She felt his body relaxing from its frenzy of passion, and whimpered with disappointment. It seemed that her own orgasms — had only just began! A final squeeze of climax in her cunt pushed the now-limp prick free of her snatch in a spray of jism and pussy oils.

Danny let the tasty tit slip out of his mouth as his limp cock, reeking of come and cunt juice, fell across the fly of his pants. Liz’s gaping pussy drooled cunt-juice and jism, then snapped shut. She sighed and let her ripe, round ass buns settle on the small man’s thighs.

Gently he lifted her off of him. She put weight on her rubbery legs as he slid out from under his naked body, then let herself slump gratefully into the chair he’d vacated. The shiny leather felt strange, but delicious to her naked sweat-sheened skin.

Danny stretched himself like the cat he resembled. He stuffed his slippery cock back into his pants and zipped up his fly. Then he strode behind his desk, pulled out a thick sheaf of bill, and peeled off several. He walked up the Reverend Rogers and tossed the money into his lap, which was tented by a painfully obvious bulge of stiff cock. The man had gotten excruciatingly horny, watching his niece fuck herself to frenzy on the little man’s not-so-little cock!

With shaky fingers, Rogers counted the greenbacks he looked up with a frown. “What’s this? It’s only eight hundred!”

Without changing his expression, Danny reached out and slapped him hard across the face. The tall man rubbed his stinging cheek and stared at the smaller man, uncomprehendingly.

“I shouldn’t be giving you that much,” Danny said, his voice cracking like a whip. “I would have been willing to give you even more than you asked for, if you’d told me straight off that the piece was still cherry.”

Rogers’ jaw dropped. He blinked his watery blue eyes twice.

“You have any idea what a virgin is worth? By the time I found out what I had on my hands, it was too late,” Danny continued.

Rogers was shaking his head. “But, I — but…”

“You’ve got your money,” Danny rapped. “Now get out!”

Ponderously, Rogers rose to his feet. He averted his face from his niece, who lounged easily in the chair, her legs spread apart to bare her gaping pussy with deliberate lewdness. A trickle of jism ran from her cunt-gash and down her perineum to farm a white pearl on her asshole.

Her uncle walked heavily to the door. She saw the way his eyes kept flickering toward her. Her nakedness, displayed so casualty and so defiantly, drew his eyes like moths to a flame.

He reached for the doorknob, his hand unsteady.

“So long.” The small man’s voice was soft, but its sound brought Rogers up short. “I’ll see you in church — Reverend?”

Rogers hunched his shoulders spastically, then sagged as if he’d just been shot. He dragged the door open and lurched out, slamming it shut behind him as if to shut off forever the well-appointed motel office. Even over the hum of the air conditioning the two could hear the scuffle of his leather-soled shoes as he hastily receded along the cement walk outside.

Danny turned to Liz with a lopsided smile of satisfaction. She returned his smile with one of her own — on that displayed every bit of lustful invitation her violated innocence could muster.

Danny’s eyebrows rose appreciatively. “I think you’ll do.” He walked behind his big oak desk and picked up the phone. “But I have to make sure of it.” He dialed a number.

Liz let her head roll back, and she sank into a sweet fog of sexual satisfaction. It had been so nice having her virgin pussy fucked full of real, live, rock-hard cock! The brief pain of having her cherry burst hadn’t dampened her enjoyment in the least, as Danny’s big bar of prickmeat had reamed out her untried pussy.

She lifted a slender hand and toyed with her pale boob. Instantly the fat nipple swelled into a ripe cherry, taut and round and exquisitely sensitive to erotic stimulation. She rolled the little nubbin of titflesh lazily between her thumb and fingertips and wondered at the ease with which she had slipped into a completely carnal mode of thinking.

Her sexuality had just been dormant, keeping that way by the heavy handed Puritanism of her uncle, though now she knew all too well what a sham that was. The questions her uncle had been asking the past couple of years, about what she did with boys — or let them do to her — suddenly made sense. The old hypocrite had probably been fantasizing about getting his cock stuffed up her tight little pussy since she’d moved in!

She was self-aware enough to know why she’d responded to Danny the way she had. Having her uncle there to watch had made all the difference! She’d had a chance to get back at him by fucking the daylights out of the small man while he watched — and she had, and she’d loved every minute of it!

Of course, the size of Danny’s cock, and the eager, skillful way he’d fucked her pussy full of it, hadn’t exactly made it hard for her to get off.

Her pussy had begun to water again. Vaguely aware that the man had spoken a few low words into the phone and replaced it in its cradle, she began to tickle the silt of her pussy with her fingertips.

“Mmmmm,” she hummed with satisfaction. The feathery touch of her fingers on her delicate pussy lips filled her cunt and her nubile young body with sensations she still couldn’t quite identify. They tickled, and yet again they had a strange, demanding edge to them. She sensed the man standing over her and looked up at him hopefully. Her big eyes asked the question, flashing from his face to the crotch of his pants. Cunt juice gleamed on her fingers.

Danny grinned. “Just lost your cherry and already hot to trot, huh?” he laughed and shook his head.

Statuesque Greta stood nearby, a black whip dangling limply from her hand. Her perfectly sculpted, high cheekboned face was as impassive as the man’s. But the way her nipples jutted from the immense globes of her tits, barely constrained within a wispy blue halter top, betrayed that she was as turned on as he was. Liz tried to bring her hands up to shield her tits as the woman advanced a slow step, but her hands were tied behind her back.

“Get up,” the tall, browned beauty commanded.

Biting her lip, Liz shook her head. She scrunched down into the leather chair as far as she could, retreating instinctively from the awful threat of the whip.

It did her no good, of course. Greta brought the whip forward with a vicious wrist-flick. The underside of Liz’s right jug stung to the impact of the braided leather thong.

Liz’s whipped tits jiggled as she arched her back, her mouth open with a wild scream of pain. “Aggh! No! God, my tits — they’re on fire! You’re cutting them to pieces!”

Not a flicker of emotion showed on Greta’s stony but lovely face. She raised her arm and slashed the whip sideways across Liz’s big boobs. The thin lash cut deeply into the front of the naked jugs, driving the nipples deep into the cushion of titflesh in a hideous flare of pain.

Liz threw herself out of the chair in a fit of agony. Her giant boobs pulsed with agony at the beat of her racing heart. Her uncle’s beating with the belt had been a gentle, sweet caress compared to the painful touch of Greta’s whip!

“Stop,” she moaned. “I’ll do anything you I won’t ever try to run away! Oh, Danny, make them stop hurting me!”

She was huddled on the floor with her knees drawn up, her flushed cheek and abused tits pressed into the carpet, her pale naked ass sticking up in the air. Danny looked down upon the inviting globes of assflesh waving from side to side, and to the wisp of chestnut pussy hair between the tops of her thighs. Drops of his come were still congealed in the cunt fur.

He shook his head regretfully. “Sorry, kid. Standard procedure. It’s for your own good, really. Better for you to learn your lesson now than to try something and have to be punished for it later. Believe me.”

Liz’s stomach did a flip-flop. What punishment could be worse than this? But she knew there must be things that were infinitely worse, and if anyone could think of them, the slim and elegant Danny could! And what he couldn’t think of, the tall, Nordic twins — they couldn’t be anything else — could no doubt dream up.

There was a sound like a pistol shot. Pain seared Liz’s asshole. With her butt in the air and her tasty asscheeks spread apart, it had been a perfect target for Greta’s painful whip. The knotted strap at the end of the whip had snapped exactly on the pucker of Liz’s poopchute.

She straightened her body, her whipped jugs dragging painfully across the carpet, the way they’d done in her uncle’s office the day before. But then it had been a broad leather strap abusing her tits and ass. Greta’s whip was more subtle — and far crueler.

Greta flicked the whip back and forth across the girl’s naked butt till the pale skin stretched over her pert asscheeks was an angry spider’s web of glowing red welts. Liz screamed and begged and cried, but the assault on her naked ass never abated.

Finally she summoned up all her strength and threw herself onto her back. Her butt just couldn’t take it any more.

Knowing what would happen, her scream began an instant before the whip landed hotly on her upturned tits. The nipples seemed to swell with pain. Red-hot lines glowed across her violated jugs.

Greta lifted the whip. Liz howled in desperation. Neither her big boobs nor her tender ass could stand even one more stroke of that terrible whip. She had to protect herself! But her hands were taped tight behind her bare back.

There was only one thing to do. In the instant before the lash descended, Liz brought her long, slim legs up so that her painfully taut nipples pressed into her thighs just above her knees. She’d rather feel the agonizing kiss of the leather on the backs of her thighs than on her throbbing boobs!

But the whip didn’t land on her legs. Greta’s beautiful face actually broke into a smile as she changed her aim, and brought the whip whistling down at her naked, sobbing victim.

“AIIEE!” Liz shrieked as the whip came slashing down along the vulnerable pink silt of her pussy, exposed between her thighs.

Her back arched uncontrollably. Her cunt seemed filled with fire. She squirmed hotly on the carpet, her breath choppy and irregular. Severe, searing pain burned her whipped pussy lips.

“Oh! Ohh, Ghaad!” she moaned, thrashing her head from side to side. “God, it hurts! I can’t stand it!”

In her delirium of agony she didn’t even think to anticipate the next blow of the whip. It wasn’t until the fire in her cunt started to die down that she realized it hadn’t landed. She opened her eyes and blinked away the tears.

Hans was standing over her, totally naked. His cock loomed over her face like the spar of a sailing ship, and it was immense!

“Get up,” he said.

When she didn’t immediately respond, Greta slashed her across the boobs with the whip. Sobbing with pain, clumsy with her hands lashed behind her, she struggled first to her knees and then to her feet. She stood in front of Hans, gazing down at herself.

Her boobs glowed bright pink. A red welt reached up onto her belly out of the thick forest of her pussy fur, testimony to the whip stroke that had brutally slashed her cunt. She was sick with pain and fear.

“Turn around,” Hans said in his thick, guttural voice.

She obeyed as quickly as she could. He took her by the arm and led her around the big leather chair. She came along meekly, afraid of the slick whip dangling from his sister’s trembling hand. Even in her misery and anguish, she was not unaware of the titanic rod of cock that bobbed inches from her bare ass as the young man walked beside her.

He brought her around so that her loins pressed into the back of the chair. The leather was cool on her hot skin.

“Bend over,” the blond young man commanded.

Liz did so, aware of the way her buttcheeks spread as she did so, and knowing how vulnerable that made her asshole — or her pussy, for that matter — to Greta’s whip.

But it wasn’t the whip that she felt attack her from behind! Something hard prodded at her asshole. She moaned. Her asshole still stung from the crack of the black lash. Then the hardness pushed forward more insistently against the tightly-shut asschute.

Liz gasped in horrified awareness of what was going on. Hans was trying to stick that giant cock up her ass!

“No!” she screamed. “No, let me go! Don’t shove that great big cock up my poor butt!” She felt his huge hands clamp onto her asscheeks. Too late, she tried to clamp the cheeks of her butt together. They trapped the giant cock-knob between them.

The salt on Hans’ palms stung Liz’s whip-welted ass. She barely noticed. All she was aware of now was the big cock pressing hurriedly at her tender butthole, and the certainty that she wouldn’t be able to survive having that monumental shaft of cock up her butt — especially without lubrication!

Innocent as she was, she’d heard the girls talk at school. She knew some of them had let boys fuck them up the ass — she even knew some who said they enjoyed it. She’d never been able to believe them. The thought of having something long and hard shoved up into her asshole made her ill.

And now the largest cock she’d ever seen — bigger even than her uncle’s eight inches of prick — was about to be rammed up her butt, bone dry!

She shook her head and cried out. Hans slid his thumbs down the crack of her asscheeks and pulled. The thumbs drew her asshole wide open in spite of her efforts to hold it closed. With a grunt he jammed the bulging head of his prick into the tiny opening.

“Yii!” Liz shrieked as the cockhead invaded her asshole. “Get it out! It’s too biig!”

Her buttcheeks were wedged far apart, and the entrance of her ass throbbed with a pain almost as intense as that of the whip stroke. The fat cockhead forcing its way into her asshole had rubbed the insides of her poopchute raw!

Liz squirmed with panic and pain. Her luscious young butt welled around the trapped cockhead. Hans sighed and moved his hands to grasp her narrow waist. Liz tightened her stomach and ass muscles, trying to force the agonizing cock from her butthole. All she did was increase the delicious pressure her asshole was exerting on her tormentor’s cock!

The breath was driven from her body as Hans started pushing his prick up her asshole. Liz had never imagined anything could hurt so much! The tears streamed down her cheeks as she fought feebly, trying to writhe free of the big cock impaling her ass.

Like a wooden stake, the rigid cock drove unrelentingly up the naked girl’s asshole. She groaned ceaselessly at the unyielding hardness wedging apart the walls of her tender ass passage. She felt a sense of invasion, of obscene violation, as the steely prick moved ceaselessly up her butthole.

But that wasn’t the worst. The dry cockshaft scraped the lining of her asschute til it felt like a razor-edged sword being thrust up her asshole!

“Ohh!” She choked. Her tits flopped freely, slapping against the back of the chair. Under other circumstances she might even have gotten turned on at the feel of leather against her naked titflesh. Now all that existed for her was the pain. “Take… it… out! I can’t — uggh — stand it! You’re tearing me apart!”

Hans ignored her, his face still showing no expression. But he wasn’t unaffected by it all. The pressure in her ass passage was crushing his mighty cock in an incredibly powerful grip, and the sensations as she struggled around the spear of prick impaling her ass were driving him to the very limits of self-control.

And her resistance was not without its effects either. It was taking all of his tremendous strength to cram his prick into her reluctant butthole. His muscles stood out in bold relief on his brawny arms. Sweat beaded his forehead, ran down the thin blade of his nose to drop onto the upturned cheeks of the girl’s ass. She yelped as the salty sweat stung the welts left by Greta’s whip.

Inch after inch of rock-hard cock ground into Liz’s butthole. The size of the cock was unbelievable. Even greased, it would have been hard for the girl to take it up her asshole. She felt as if her body was completely filled with cock, as if the cheeks of her ass would be torn asunder by the fantastic size of the prick invading her ravaged butthole.

But the scraping, rending, grinding pain of his cock was the worst. The pain in her raped asshole was greater even than the pain Greta’s hot whip had given her! Right now she would have been willing to let the blonde-haired bitch slash at her pussy all day with that whip, if only she could have this outsized cock taken out of her tortured butt!

But, endlessly, the cock rammed into her ass. Hans’ cock was like a telephone pole being pushed into the girl’s rump — a telephone pole covered with sharp bumps.

Something tickled the cheeks of her ass. A sudden thrust drove the final agonizing inch of hard cock into her tormented ass. Liz groaned, shaking her head mindlessly.

Hans grabbed handfuls of tender assflesh and ground his big cock around in Liz’s asshole. God, her butt was tight! He’d wanted to take as long as possible to stuff his cock into her butt, so that she’d get the maximum agony from the butt fucking. That was the purpose of the exercise, after all; the pleasure he got from both tormenting the lovely, naked girl and feeling her impossibly tight ass channel crushing his cock was only a delightful incidental! But now that was done, and he could fuck that beautiful butt for all he was worth.

“YEOWW!” The exclamation was torn from Liz’s lips as Hans ripped his huge cock free of her asshole. The flared hood of his cockhead seemed to flay the already-raw inner linings of her ass passage, while the suction of the enormous cock’s withdrawal threatened to turn her inside out.

“Oww — aggh!” she yelled as the cock drove back into her asshole with pile-driver force.

Then Liz’s cries became a constant wail, rising and falling like an air-raid siren as the cock thrust ruthlessly in and out of her tender butt. Each stroke of the huge cock hurt her asshole worse than the last, till they all blended together in an unbearable pool of pain.

The poor girl wailed and thrashed and waggled her butt frantically, trying to escape the awful reaming of the prick in her asshole. It did no good. Her struggles only served to give her tormentor even more pleasure as her butt surged around his hard-driving cock.

Hans let his gaze wander across the room. His sister was naked now, straddling Danny’s lap while he sat in the swivel chair behind his desk. Her legs were propped up, exposing her pink, pale-furred pussy, and revealing the small man’s big prick shoved to the hilt up her ass as well. But the pussy oils gleamed hotly on the shaft of his cock as it slipped from her ass — she wasn’t undergoing the unleavened torture that Hans’ ungreased prick was giving the howling captive.

Hans was looking straight at the delicious slit of his sister’s pussy when he came.

His cock expanded as a charge of jism traveled along its jerking length. Liz cried out, aware only that the horrid, bloated fullness of her asshole was getting even worse. Then the come blew into her asshole from the tip of the imbedded prick, and she learned what real pain was like. The saline come burned her raw ass channel like hot acid!

“Ohhh!” she screamed. “It burns! Oh, ahhhh!” Her butt pumped up and down in a ghastly parody of orgasmic passion as Hans’ giant cock filled her ass full of stinging jism, so much so that the thick white come ran in torrents from her cock gorged asshole.

His hands full of Greta’s huge jugs, his prick plunging in and out of her sucking ass, Danny looked over and saw the hot come dripping from his newly-acquired girl’s butthole as Hans’ monster cock slipped from her butt. The cock drove in again with such violence that a spray of jism coated the young man’s crotch before his hips slammed into Liz’s exposed buttcheeks.

“Gaaah!” the girl shrieked.

“That’s it, baby,” Danny grunted. “Just make sure you learn your — ahh! — lesson!”

Then his hips rose powerfully to bury his cock balls-deep into Greta’s plush ass, and he filled her butt with his own seething spunk.


A knock on the door woke Liz with a start. She sat up on the bed, blinking blearily. She almost called out when the knock sounded again, hesitantly, and she woke fully to her surroundings.

She was lying on the bed of a motel room, the radio blaring warmed-over disco in competition with the noisy squeak of the air conditioner. There was no need to ask who it was; it was her first client.

Her heart in her throat, she jumped to her feet.

“Just a minute,” she called out, trying to make her voice as sultry and seductive as possible. She knew the man who waited outside was probably a fat, greasy toad who smoked cigars and stank, but she had to make him feel as good as possible.

Anything was better than another lesson from Hans and Greta!

She stood in front of the big mirror beside the bed. She wore a loose white blouse, lighter and filmier than the one she’d had on when her uncle had brought her here two days ago. A long, loose skirt hung to her ankles, slit clear to the waist to reveal tantalizing flashes of shapely tanned leg and thigh. It was amazing how the change in garb made her look five years older.

She felt as if she’d aged a thousand years instead of five.

The knock came again. She jumped. If the client complained that she was slow, there would be trouble. Her asshole still ached from the day before yesterday and the wicked marks of Greta’s hips had barely disappeared. The marks they’d left on her soul would take much longer to fade — if they ever did.

Her long auburn hair was done in a knot at the back of her head. Sunlight filtering through the drawn curtains made golden highlights sparkle in her hair. She patted a stray strand back into place and turned toward the door.

She paused to turn on the radio. It took all of her willpower to make herself walk toward the door and the man who waited outside — the man who had paid Danny to possess her helpless young body and do what ever his perverted mind desired! But never far from her mind was the shrill song of Greta’s lash, the smack and sting as it bit into her naked flesh. Drawing in a deep breath, she walked to the door and pulled it open.

She relaxed abruptly, and a quiet sigh escaped her red-painted lips. This couldn’t be her customer! It had to be someone looking for another room. He was too handsome to have to come to a place like this to get laid!

The young man reached up and brushed his red gold hair from his eyes. He blinked rapidly in the stark white sunlight but there was naked appreciation in his gaze as he looked over the slim, beautiful adolescent. Liz felt her heart, beat faster. Maybe he wasn’t at the wrong place — and she certainly hoped not!

“Are you Liz?” he asked in a mellow baritone. She started to nod with coltish eagerness, then remembered the role she was supposed to be playing. She stepped back from the door, trying to ignore the sudden moistness in her pussy and the hunger deep inside of her lush young body.

“Yes,” she said, managing to keep her voice from cracking with excitement. “I’ve been expecting you. Won’t you come in?”

“Thank you.” The tall, handsome young man stepped gratefully in out of the sun.

Liz shut the door and turned to look at him. Her eyes were wide. The heavy mascara-lining job she’d done on them made them look enormous. The normally hazel eyes were darkened with the passion she felt building within her hot pussy.

Had she the time to reflect, she would have wondered at her instant arousal at the very sight of the sexy young man. Not that it was hard to understand being turned on by him: six-foot-two, golden-haired and tanned, eyes bright green, strongly built but not as grim and threatening as Hans had been. Had her years of sexual inhibitions allowed her a man of her dreams, he would have been that man.

But to react with such immediate, unabashed lust — that was totally strange. Or maybe not. She’d been used sexually, without any choice in the matter, time and again over the last few days. She knew she had to fuck the customer whether she liked the prospect or not. Maybe her horniness at the mere sight of this man was normal and natural!

“Pleased to meet you,” the young man was saying.

She realized she’d been staring, concentrating so hard on looking at the newcomer that she’d completely missed most of his words.

“Pardon me?” she said. She started to say something more, to apologize for staring and not paying attention to what he’d said, but she felt his gaze level on her and realized that she had no good excuse. She felt her cheeks flush hot with embarrassment.

“I said, my name’s James. You can call me Jamie, if you like. All my friends do.”

She raised her eyes to meet his. There was no mistaking the frankly carnal interest in his gaze.

“I’d love to be your friend,” she said. She didn’t want her words to be as breathless as they’d sounded.

She stood there a moment, uncertain of how to proceed. His green eyes watched her calmly, but intently. Should she offer him a drink? Ask him to sit down? Try to make small talk?

She tried to speak, but couldn’t. Her throat was dry, but her pussy was sopping wet. She was incredibly horny. Oh, well, that was what he was here for, wasn’t he? she told herself as she let instinct take over.

The cool green eyes lost some of their composure as the lovely, slender adolescent in the altogether grown-up outfit glided up to him and wrapped her arms around him. One hand reached up to pull at the back of his neck, bringing his head down to her upturned face. The other hand brushed thrillingly down his ribs, to cup his crotch as her lithe body suddenly writhed against his.

He had barely grabbed her slim sides when her mouth pressed against his in a fervent kiss. Her tongue probed hotly over his lips. He opened them. Her tongue stabbed into his mouth, searching.

She kneaded the bulge of his crotch in her moving hand. She felt his cock hardening like rapid-set cement. Her pulse raced. The cock that was growing quickly into a rampant hard-on beneath her eager fingers felt immense!

As his horniness increased and his surprised ebbed, tall Jamie took the initiative. His tongue strove mightily with hers in an erotic embrace. He slipped his hands down, grabbing two firm, rounded asscheeks. He was pleasantly surprised to note, by the silky feel of the flesh in his grip, that beneath the long, elegant skirt, the auburn-haired girl’s ass was as naked as the tits crushing pebble hard nipples against his brawny chest were.

His green eyes widened. A wicked, lustful light came into hers as she saw his startled expression. She smiled and ground her full boobs harder still against his brawny chest. The flimsy fabric of her blouse thrilled her sensitized tit-tips almost as much as the solid feel of the young man’s muscular chest.

Her fingers rubbed up and down the bulge of his big cock. It was bent, trapped within his tight trousers and underpants, but she could feel its fantastic size. A sudden hunger gripped her, as insistent as the longing inside her now-soaked pussy. With a lewd smacking noise, she broke the embrace of their two young mouths. Jamie stood there, looking at her, his head cocked to the side at an odd angle. His mouth was smeared, shiny with their mixed saliva.

Her heart fluttering within her ribcage, she dropped to her knees and sucked in an excited breath as her rigid nipples raked down the young man’s chest and firm, flat belly. She squirmed her boobs against the bulge in his crotch, sighing with the urgency of her erotic need. Then her fingers began to fumble at the belt buckle and fly that held captive his mighty cock.

In a moment his pants were open and his zipper was hissing downward. He rested his brown hand on her auburn head as she pulled his pants down to his knees and impatiently tugged down on his white boxer shorts. His fat spar of prick resisted for a moment, trapped in the elastic waistband, then snapped upward to slap his belly as Liz gasped with wonder.

His cock was nine inches long!

For a moment all she could do was to sit there on her knees, with the fragrant oils of her pussy running in an unrestrained river down her silky thighs. Jamie’s prick was much, much larger than even her uncle’s tremendous dong. She blinked at the giant pillar of cock as if believing it to be a mirage, but the vast outlines of the rampant cock remained incredibly the same. A reddish-purple prickhead the size of a child’s fist seemed to vibrate at the end of a fabulously thick, vein-wrapped shaft of rockhard cock. She could smell the meaty aroma of his prick now, as well as the sweet droolings of her own pussy. The heat from the great bar of cockmeat washed over her face.

“Oooh,” she cooed. The spear of hot cock was as hard and hot as it looked as she reached up to grasp it. She pumped her trembling fingers lightly up and down the thick cockshaft. It throbbed in her tight grip, and the youth moaned and shifted his hips with barely restrained passion. With a guttural sound of lust, Liz bent the cock down and popped the swollen tip into her mouth.

They both moaned loudly as her cool mouth closed around his super-heated prick. Her juicy lips were stretched taut around the pole of his cock. Her cheek muscles creaked in protest at the distance her jaws had to open to accommodate that colossal prick. She ignored the slight aching. The flavor and feel of his massive cockhead plugged into her mouth was too delightful to let anything to lessen her pleasure.

She felt the underside of his ballooning cockhead pulsing hotly against her tongue, thumping on the bottom of her mouth. She brought her tongue experimentally up around the curve of the gigantic prickhead. She felt the fat tip of Jamie’s prick throb, seeming to swell still more as her wet tongue swirled crazily.

She spiraled her tongue around and around the cockhead, savoring the taste of hot prick. Her tongue worked its way back to the very tip of the young man’s prick. He gasped and grabbed her head with both hands as she pressed her tongue-tip to the slit at the tip of his cockhead, as if trying to drill it into the tiny passageway running the amazing length of his cock.

She tasted something sweet, with just a hint of saltiness. Pre-seminal fluid had welled from the young man’s hairy balls to drip into her eager mouth. She sucked the clear fluid from the fleshy cocktip, savoring the taste like vintage wine.

Despite his efforts at self-control — made obvious by the quivering of his well-built body — Jamie was almost to the point of ramming his cock to the hilt into the delightfully sucking face of the kneeling girl. It was obvious that the girl was no expert at cocksucking, just as it was obvious she was nowhere as old as she was trying to appear.

But the fervent, happy way she was going about sucking his enormous prick was somehow a million times more exhilarating than the impersonal perfection of a prostitute performing a blow-job on a client. The girl seemed to have felt some overpowering attraction to him the moment she laid eyes on him, to be trying so hard. As she sucked on his prickhead so hard that her cheeks hollowed, and slipped her wet tongue down to assault the sensitive underside of the knob, he had to admit the feeling was starting to work both ways.

From the abrupt tension in the powerful thighs that her big boobs were flattened against, Liz guessed that she’d found a place to suck with her lips and tongue on Jamie’s cock to intensify his pleasure. With just the fat head fucked into her pretty face, she kept her fingers stroking up and down the huge length of his rigid prick. Her other hand began to rub the front of her tits, squeezing her pillowy jugs and his firm thighs. Her big boobs felt hot, crawling with delightful sensations. Her fingers slid to the slope of her breastbone, and she began unbuttoning the thin white blouse.

Never taking her attention from the cock stuck into her wet mouth, Liz undid her blouse, baring her scrumptious tits. She rolled the fat globes against Jamie’s legs, sighing happily around the cock plugged into her sucking face, at the feel of his pants raking over her swollen nipples. Jamie bent his head sideways to look down at her naked jugs and avidly cocksucking face. The big tits were white and gorgeous, as pale as snow in comparison to her suntanned face.

He felt his big load of hot jism simmering to a boil in his taut, hairy nut-sac. Just a few more moments of this excruciatingly sweet punishment from the girl’s mouth and he’d blast his spunk clear down into her belly! There was nothing wrong with that, particularly since the young girl had made it clear that right now she wanted nothing more than to taste his spurting jism.

But he had a hunger of his own that he longed to sate. He cast a glimpse at the bed, an impersonal rectangle of metal and cloth with a yellow and pale green print spread. Pleasure lanced up his cock as Liz combined a surprisingly deft twirl of her tongue with a hearty suck at the fleshy cockhead imprisoned in her sucking mouth. Ecstasy turned his legs to hot rubber. This was no time for subtlety — he had to take what he wanted while there was still time.

The cockhead slid from the girl’s mouth with a pop as Jamie went to his knees. For a moment the spit-slick prick was in danger of slipping altogether from Liz’s sexy oral embrace. Then her tits swung heavily as she bent down so that her lips could suck on the gleaming pricktip once again.

In a few heart-beats, she found herself bending over the reclining body of the youth. His cock jutted up like a marble column into the tight circle of her wet lips. A trickle of saliva ran hotly down the sides of the mighty prick.

Liz’s long skirt had fallen open, revealing a bare, brown leg and the succulent pink skin just below her waist. She had both hands wrapped devoutly around the base of the boy’s fat prick, moving them up and down as if trying to milk the huge prick. In fact, that was just what she was trying to do — milk every drop of delicious come stored in Jamie’s balls right into her hungry mouth!

He reached out and touched her bare leg. An electric current seemed to pass between his fingertips and her bare skin. She shivered, as if she was suddenly cold. But there was nothing cold about her; her body was heated by a passion that at any moment threatened to break into an uncontrollable inferno of lust!

Fingers crawled like living creatures up the girl’s thigh, sliding inward around the shapely curve of her curvy leg. Liz felt a hot tingling in her pussy that made her lush butt move around in the air like a revolving sign. The anticipation was almost unbearable, but at last the young man’s hands closed gently over the hairy mound of her juicy pussy.

Jamie wasn’t at all surprised when his hand encountered her crisp cunt fur. He felt the rubbery softness of Liz’s wet, pussy lips, and in her cunt flooded his palm with savory cunt juices. He squeezed the tempting cunt bun. With a gasp of sheer joy, Liz sucked at his prick so that it took every ounce of his willpower not to blast his come right through the top of her head!

His upper torso half-turned, thrusting another inch of his cock into the girl’s sucking face. She pulled her head up momentarily, then sighed and sucked his whole cock back into her mouth. The bulbous head of his cock probed clear into the back of her mouth, and into her gulping throat.

Her tongue tickled the cock stalk buried in her face. Should she drop her head lower still, to allow the mammoth cock to slip fully down her throat? Or should she stick with a proven performer and continue to work at the sensitive cockhead and the thick shaft of the youth’s prick? There was no need to make a decision yet, and she was distracted at that instant as Jamie slipped a finger into her cunt and began finger-fucking her vigorously.

While one hand massaged and fucked Liz’s slobbering pussy, the other pushed her long, trailing skirt up around her lushly-padded hips, baring her pert rump nit stuck enticingly up in the air as she knelt on all fours over Jamie’s hot crotch. Then his hand curled lovingly around the swell of one ripe young asscheek and began pulling Liz’s lush hips toward him.

Without understanding Jamie’s intentions, Liz shifted as his hands directed her to. She’d been instructed to obey her client’s every whim, and had described to her in horrifying graphic detail the fate that would be fall her if she balked at any whim, however perverse or bizarre.

But no thought of that entered her lust-fevered mind. The stiff finger plunging in and out of her hot cunt felt like sheer heaven. Anyone who was giving her that much pleasure could do with her as he wished — not that she suspected for a moment that the young man desired to hurt her. He didn’t seem capable of hurting even a fly. But what he was capable of was driving her tender young cunt crazy!

It wasn’t till her leg brushed his cheek and his hand urged her to swing her leg over to straddle his upturned face that she fathomed what he had in mind. His warm breath played over her wet, widespread cuntlips. His arms were wrapped around her thighs now, and his fingers pressed at her thick, furry outer pussy lips, pulling them open to expose her delicate inner twat flaps and wet-walled cunthole.

It hit her with the suddenness of lightning. He was going to eat her pussy!

She gasped. In her astonishment she let go of the youth’s fantastic cock. The prick sprang away from her open mouth, flapping to and fro like a flag in a high wind. After her torment and humiliation of the last, terrible few days, it had never occurred to her that anyone would ever give her so much pleasure by eating her pussy.

It was another thing she’d heard about from the other, more sexually adventurous girls at school — and from her own experience of sucking men’s cocks, receiving head must be a powerful pleasure indeed! Trembling wildly with passion and expectation, she grabbed Jamie’s cock and again stuffed it back into her wet mouth.

As her mouth gave exquisite suction to his cockhead once again, Jamie slid his tongue from his mouth and licked along the oozing slit of Liz’s pussy.

“Mmmm!” she exclaimed, her impassioned cry muffled by the prick plugging her mouth. “Nnh!”

It was like electricity surging into her pussy from the tip of Jamie’s hot tongue. Her ass rocked from side to side as the tongue stroked her pussy again and again. Then her lush buttcheeks rose high in the air, and drove powerfully downward as she tried to impale her pussy on the stiff, upright tongue protruding from the young man’s working mouth.

Reading her intentions, Jamie made his tongue stand upright, as stiff and strong as a miniature prick. The tip of his tongue touched the crinkly hairs around the opening of Liz’s pussy, and pushed them aside. They flowed down his tongue, and Liz thrilled to the feel of his tongue slipping along the nerve-rich inner surfaces of her cunt flaps.

Liz sighed as she fucked herself on the jutting tongue. She felt her cunt lips touch Jamie’s mouth, flattening themselves delightfully against his unyielding teeth. She rolled her delectable ass in the air, grinding her wet cunt against the young man’s face. Pussy sauces ran in torrents from her cunt, coating his tongue with sweet, sharp pussy-flavors, and filling his mouth.

At the same time she was filling her pussy with his tongue, Liz was cramming her mouth full of delicious, rampant male cock. The utter ecstasy of having her cunt eaten had driven away her apprehensions about swallowing her young lover’s cock. If anything, the passion Jamie’s tongue fucking was causing in her pussy made her long to have that big prick driven to the balls in her beautiful face!

Jamie’s fingers pried Liz’s pussy farther open as her face made its way toward his hairy crotch. The progress of his prick into her mouth and down her graceful throat was not completely smooth. When the cone-shaped head of the youth’s prick slid past the back of her mouth, she felt the first stirrings of a gagging reflex, and stopped.

Sensing the cause of her hesitation, Jamie drew his tongue very slowly from the girl’s pussy. The taste and crisp, clean smell of aroused adolescent pussy was thick and heavy in his nostrils. He pulled his tongue free of the oily embrace of Liz’s cunt and stabbed it almost savagely against the glistening pearl node of the girl’s clit as it jutted from protective folds of pink pussy-skin a mere inch from his chin!

Cataclysmic delight blasted into Liz’s pussy. Her eyes threatened to pop from her head as a tidal wave of pleasure smashed through her body. Without the slightest hesitation, she rammed her head downward.

His cock slid into her throat as smoothly as clockwork.

Jamie’s butt lifted off of the carpet as he fucked his cock upward. He felt Liz’s nose prodding the root of his giant prick as his crotch pressed against her straining lips.

She’d taken his whole huge cock into her mouth! Her fingers toyed with his balls as her tongue danced in maddening circles around the deeply imbedded sword of his cock.

For a moment the girl barely dared to move. As turned on as she was, she teetered on the verge of gagging on the mighty cock stuffed down her throat. Slowly she accustomed herself to having the great log of cock so deep. The head of his prick seemed to pulsate madly in her hot mouth. Then, hesitantly, she began to deliberately work the muscles of her throat around the great pole of prick she had swallowed, not in the unconscious reflex of gagging, but in a slow, urgent squeezing and stroking of the cock that soon whipped the youth into a frenzy of passion.

It was Jamie’s turn to shudder with lust. He licked mindlessly and aimlessly at the tasty meat of Liz’s cunt as her throat caressed his deeply buried prick. His heels pounded on the rug as he struggled to drive still more of his monumental prick into that altogether willing, sucking face.

Confident now that she could swallow his entire spar of cock without gagging, Liz raised her head once more. Her lips slid up the shaft of Jamie’s prick slowly, as though reluctant to let the marvelous cock leave her mouth. Her teeth, held apart at a precise distance, gently scraped the sides of the withdrawing prick, while her tongue stroked each inch of its length.

At last she had only the conical head of Jamie’s prick throbbing in her mouth. As she wrapped her lips tightly just behind the flared hood of the prickhead, Jamie gave a muffled cry and wrapped his lips around her big clit. His tongue flicked wildly at the swollen bud as her pussy sauces streamed thickly down his chin.

Conscious control left both of their young bodies. Liz rubbed her tits around and around over Jamie’s flat stomach, feeling the hard nipples being pushed up into the masses of her meaty boobs, feeling the tips of the nipples tingling at the touch of the cloth of the young man’s shirt.

She fucked her face up and down over the column of his big cock as hard and fast as she could have fucked him with her pussy. Her tongue was active, exploring the sensitive underside of the tremendous prick, and she sucked rhythmically with all the force she could muster. Her saliva slickened the entire length of his prick, and matted the hair at the base of the nine-inch cock.

Jamie sucked and nipped at Liz’s clit until the increasingly violent motions of her half-naked body tore the delicate nerve button from his oral grasp. Then he started licking her cunt with long, strong strokes, from the cunthole up, so that each lap of his skilled tongue flicked against her still-hard clit. Wise in the ways of cunt lapping, Jamie strove to maintain stringent precision in the tempo of his tongue strokes. In a few seconds Liz found herself panting, and the up-and-down motion of her head over his upright cock, and even her heartbeat, attuned themselves to the rhythm of his heated pussy eating.

How long they went on — joined cunt to mouth and mouth to prick, as one feverishly fucking organism — neither would ever know. Each spent a delightful eternity sampling the subtleties of the other’s lush body, at the same time reveling in the attention being paid to their crotches.

Liz increased the power of the cock thrusts in and out of her mouth, and loved the taste and hardness of the stabbing prick, while Jamie’s tongue played sweet music in her pussy.

Jamie was going out of his mind with the hot, wet pressure of the girl’s mouth as she sucked on his cock, while her tongue laved wet love all over his cock. His tongue tasted the musky sweetness of her pussy, and the two were locked in a lustful rapport the like of which neither had ever known before.

When they finally came, it was like an earthquake, their whole bodies shaking in a bone-jarring frenzy of passion. Liz felt her pussy clamp shut around Jamie’s probing tongue at the same instant his prickhead, throbbing against her working tongue, quivered and spat hot come into her waiting mouth.

Jamie shut his eyes as spunk exploded from his balls, and shook when he felt the silken grip of her pussy climaxing around his tongue. Their bodies pressed together with all their might as Jamie drank down Liz’s pussy sauces, and as she swallowed charge after charge of his seething come.

The thick white jism filled her mouth, overflowed, and ran down her chin as Liz greedily sucked on the spurting prick. Her pussy seemed to explode in rhythmic bursts of orgasmic energy. She thought briefly that the young man’s come was the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted. Then she let herself slip into the most total ecstasy she had ever known.


“Oh! Ahh! Yesss!” Liz shouted with orgasmic delight as the stocky, kneeling man pumped his jism-spurting prick in and out of her slavering pussy.

The rough rawhide covering of the couch beneath her rolling asscheeks gave her a sensual caress as Liz ground her lips around the prick stabbing in and out of her pussy. The hardness of Brad’s cock seem to swell with every tightening of her pussy around the pistoning prick. She felt the hot spunk blast into her cunt with incredible force, till white jism ran in thin streams through the torrent of pussy juice cascading from her wide-open cunt.

The girl’s long, slim legs were wrapped tightly around the man’s waist, and she longed to throw her arms about him and help pull still more of his short but thick cock into her needy cunt. She couldn’t, though. Her hands were tied behind her!

She didn’t let this trivial fact detract from her enjoyment of the oversized prick fucking her pussy with sloppy-wet squishing sounds, nor of the climax after shuddering climax that cock was fucking into her pussy. Brad’s hands gripped her sides and his head plunged down between her big boobs, slobbering over the twin peaks of luscious titflesh, sucking and licking and gently nipping her fat nipples while he hunched his hips to and fro to plumb the innermost depths of her pussy with his come jetting prick.

Brad’s cock was only six inches long, but its circumference was even bigger than Jamie’s had been. While she didn’t feel any emotional attraction to the medium-sized, blocky build man, like she had for Jamie, she had to admit that his monstrously thick cock felt almost as fabulous inside her, sucking pussy!

The orgasms that now possessed her naked body were at least as good as the ones that Jamie’s cunt eating had given her.

After the initial strangeness had passed, Liz felt her body melt into a warm, wet pool of lust. With a woman’s intimate knowledge of the kinds of oral caresses best geared to fill her pussy with delight, Janet was running her tongue up and down the moist slit of Liz’s hot cunt. Gradually she pried the girl’s pussy lips apart, and then her tongue was sliding rapidly back and forth between the cunt folds, sampling both Liz’s succulent pussy oils and the jism that had so recently been fired into that tasty cunt by Brad.

Slumping against the sofa and letting her head loll luxuriantly on her shoulder as she relished the feel of Janet’s tongue exploring her pussy, Liz felt something tighten around her right ankle. Alarmed, she opened her eyes and looked down.

Brad Dolby had just finished slipping a noose — of the same plasticized clothesline that bound Liz’s wrists behind her — over her foot. He looped the other end of the rope around a leg of the sturdy sofa and tied it so that Liz’s leg was held far away from the other one.

The girl wasn’t worried by this strange activity. They hadn’t harmed her when they lashed her hands behind her — far from it! Just the thought of the mighty cock pistoning in and out of her captive cunt was almost as erotic as the skilled feminine tongue that was so expertly caressing her shiny pink pussy lips.

But she was curious, “What are you doing?”

Just then, Janet’s tongue brushed her swollen clit and struck sparks that dazzled the adolescent’s brain. Liz’s back arched as her muscles clenched in ecstasy. Her free foot bore down on the floor as she sought to crush her wide-open pussy against the eagerly-sucking face of the kneeling redheaded woman. Her question died in a squeal of sheer carnal pleasure.

Janet had her hands under Liz’s thighs, her fingers curling up the outside of the girl’s shapely legs. The redhead’s thumbs held the mouth of the sorrel-furred pussy open, so that her tongue could scour come and cunt-juice alike from the fragrant cunt.

Brad looped a rope around Liz’s other leg and tied it to the far leg of the couch. The girl’s eyelids, tightly shut with the ferocity of the pleasure Janet’s tongue was giving her hot pussy, never fluttered. He smiled, his dormant cock once more beginning to stir with renewed lust. The stocky man rose and padded silently from the room.

Her arms and legs now securely tied, Liz writhed in the grip of a pleasure that trapped her as surely as the clothesline around her wrists and ankles. Her hands were clenched into white fists. Muscles stood out in bold relief all over her healthy, naked young body. Her nipples stood up like bullets of flesh from the pale globes of her quivering jugs.

Janet’s tongue was doing exactly the right thing to give her prisoner’s pussy the maximum possible pleasure. When the tunnel of Liz’s cunt seemed to ache with yearning emptiness, the kneeling woman’s tongue thrust a surprising distance up her pussy, in imitation of a rampant male cock. When the delicate lips of her cunt seemed to tingle with desire, the tongue stroked soothing wetness all over them. When her clit seemed about to explode with supercharged sensations, Janet’s tongue attacked it deftly — and made sure it did!

Janet’s thin lips seized Liz’s clit with almost savage abruptness, and her tongue struck the tingling nerve-node with sledgehammer force. A strangled gasp escaped Liz’s throat as her pussy tunnel, and then her entire body, tied itself into knots. Then she gave a full-throated scream of pleasure as a violent orgasm burst upon the scene.

Her big tits were filled with warmth and pleasure, the nipples vibrating in harmony to her tongue-lashed clit. Orgasm after orgasm wracked her naked body, shaking her with tremendous power until the last bit of her strength had been wrung from her tender body. Yet still the muscles of her sopping-wet cunt tunnel continued to wrench with unrelenting orgasmic energy.

Cunt honey poured like water from her cunt.

Greedily, Janet drank the clear, sweet cunt juice down, while her tongue kept giving ecstasy to the swollen clit.

Finally the frenzy of Liz’s multiple climaxes eased. She seemed to drop back to the couch from a height of several inches. Knowing from her own experience how super-sensitive the tied-up girl’s clit was — even the soft, gossamer touch of a loving tongue might be agony — Janet shifted her attention and began to lap at the brimming pussy slit again.

“Ahh,” Liz sighed. She longed to press her thighs together and enfold the red-haired head in the adoring walls of her soft flesh. Even after the pussy-wracking tumult of her climax, the slithering touch of Janet’s tongue on the hot mouth of her pussy felt supremely good.

Suddenly the loving, licking mouth was gone from her pussy. At the same time a slim finger sought for and found the button of her big clit, and began to rotate against the tender pink bud of flesh.

“Oh!” Liz exclaimed. Her clit was still a bit sore from the working-over Janet’s tongue had given it. But the redheaded woman’s touch was gentle and sure. In a few moments Liz’s pain was replaced by passion, and she was breathing in choppy gusts as lust totally possessed her pussy.

Warm breath tickled the exposed lips of her pussy. Her head still resting against the back of the divan, her eyes still luxuriously closed, Liz thought happily that Janet had decided to resume her pussy lapping. The captive girl’s body trembled in excited anticipation at the prospect.

She was not disappointed. A wet, slightly rough tongue-tip touched the girl’s puckered asshole, then strove upwards along the cunt slash. “Yes!” the girl hissed as the tongue stroked across her clit, still extended from its hood of pussy flesh.

The tongue-stroke at her cunt was repeated. Liz’s lush buttcheeks trembled on the sofa with the tremendous erotic energy building in her pussy. God, did that redhead ever know how to eat cunt, she thought.

The tongue licked out again at Liz’s hot pussy. The contact of rough tongue on her tender pussy hit her like a blow.

She gasped. There was something wrong! Something about the tongue that wasn’t as it should have been.

Not that it didn’t feel like Janet’s tongue, the tongue that her twat had gotten to know so deliciously well a few short minutes ago!

Hot breath washed insistently over her pussy as the tongue laved warm saliva over her gaping pussy mouth. Then the tongue was gone. Liz felt a pang of disappointment.

“Oh, Brad, now!” she moaned, her voice as full of pleading as Liz’s. “Give it to me! Shove that gigantic cock up my pussy! Pleeease!”

Her husband’s cock sprang out from his crotch, once more swollen to its full, awesome dimensions. The red-hued prickhead seemed to pulsate along with the lust pounding in his veins. He dropped to his knees on the carpet behind his half-nude wife. He placed one hand on a pliant mound of her asscheek, the other he wrapped around his massive cock. He fitted his prick to her cunt and shoved his hips forward. The blunt head of his cock slipped wetly between the loose lips of his wife’s pussy, it began to wedge them farther apart as the prick surged inward.

“Yesss!” Janet shrilled. “Your cock is stretching my pussy! It’s so bi-i-g! Yes, hurry, fuck it all the way up my cunt — ahh!”

The breath was literally driven from her by the force of Brad’s huge cock as it thrusted into her cunt, accompanied by a fine spray of pussy juice.

Liz’s eyes were wide open with horror and despair. Her brown eyes looked up into Janet’s green ones — they are the same shade of green as Jamie’s! the tormented girl thought.

Brad’s fingers dug like claws into the tender flesh of his wife’s ass. Not for the first time, he found himself grateful for his wife’s passion for exercising. Having had his big prick stuffed up the juicy pussy of the foxy teenager not half an hour before had given him grounds for easy comparison, and Janet’s red-haired cunt was scarcely less snug around his tremendous prick than the teenybopper’s auburn haired twat!

The rhythmic noise of his cock invading Janet’s pussy was music to his ears. Exhausted by her fruitless struggle, Liz let her head fall back against the sofa. Sweat rolled down her face, glistened on her big tits, boobs so firm that they scarcely flattened at all as she leaned back in defeat. Her hands were numb from her wrists being tied so tightly, and her useless attempts at escape had chafed her ankles.

She shut her eyes and tried to imagine it was all a dream. None of this could be happening! Her own uncle wouldn’t whip her and force her to suck his cock! He wouldn’t sell her to a man, to fuck and then turn his sadistic twins loose on her!

“Nooo!” She could hear ecstatic grunts from Janet now, as Brad jammed her pussy with his monster of a cock. Liz opened her eyes to find the redhead staring fixedly at her. Janet was biting her lower lips, and a dreamy look of utter joy was in her eyes. Her nostrils flared with every surge of her husband’s huge cock up the narrow passage of her pussy. Brad’s hips made slight bumping sounds against her lush buttcheeks as he fucked her.

[missing text]ing furiously her pussy, from the undiminished aroma of her own cunt juices that filled her nose, from the continued slippery feeling of the small canine cock fucking her pussy, Liz’s cunt was still lubricating!

The awful truth came to her then. She screamed louder, louder than she ever had before. Janet winced at the sound of her outcry, and Brad was shocked into immobility, his prick stuck full-length up his wife’s cunt. Her pussy sauces trickled down over his jerking balls in a hot stream that turned him on still more. His hands trembled on her rounded white asscheeks.

Liz ignored the shocked looks on their faces. She rolled her eyes upward and stared at the ceiling, trying hard to blank her mind, to deny what she had learned.

But now, somehow, he sensed the forbidden eagerness that grew within the young girl’s body. Even as she arched her back to impale her cunt more fully on his plunging prick, he redoubled the efforts of his fucking to match the sudden flowering of her horny passion.

“Ah! Uhh! No! Yesss!” Conflicting emotions battled within Liz’s confused mind, but there was no longer any doubt as to the outcome.


With an ironic expression on her pert, pretty face, Liz eyed her reflection in the big mirror beside the bed of her motel room.

All of her young life she’d dreamt of having fine, fashionable clothes. Being an orphan, and being the ward of a self-styled minister who frowned — or so he’d always claimed — upon females adorning their bodies in sinful fashions, had kept that a faraway hope with little chance of realization.

Rut now things had changed. Danny made another of his girls — the slim, olive-skinned Elena — take her out to buy clothes. Price was no object, the dapper little man had declared. He wanted his merchandise wrapped in an appealing package.

So now Liz had the elegant, exquisite wardrobe she’d always desired. All it had cost her was her freedom.

Now she was waiting once more for the knock on the door, which meant that whoever had paid — and paid well — for the privilege of using or abusing her young body any way they saw fit, had arrived. She scanned herself once more, trying to gain at least some satisfaction from the way she looked.

She was quite a vision by anybody’s standards. Her height was accentuated by high-heeled black sandals, with straps that wound high up her shapely calves. Filmy pants the color of burgundy came low down her legs. Her blouse was a pale blue, with long, full sleeves. It was sheer enough so that the white of her big tits and the dark nipples crowning them could be seen when the light hit her right. From certain angles, the dark triangular thatch of her pussy fur could be seen in a tantalizing light through the pants.

It was an outfit guaranteed to drive any red blooded male crazy with desire.

A brisk rap at her door made her heart flutter. She put a slim hand up to her throat. Would her client be another handsome young man like Jamie? She laughed at herself for being naive enough to imagine that she could have that kind of luck twice.

She’d grown up a lot in the past few days.

The knock sounded again, impatiently. She didn’t think that was a very good omen. Outside, it was evening. The blazing glare of daylight had gone, and a cool breeze cut through the dull heat the day had laid down. Two people stood on the concrete walkway in front of Liz’s room. Behind them the pool lapped and gurgled complacently.

They were not at all what the auburn-haired adolescent had expected. One was a man who looked to be in his early middle age, his body leather-skinned but firm like a much younger man. He had wide cheekbones, a great vulture’s beak of a nose, and straight jet-black hair worn relatively long for a man of his age. There was no grey in the hair, but it was thinning on top, and he’d brushed strands over the bald spot in an attempt to cover it. He had a coral-colored choker around his neck and a massive silver watchband with a coral inset. An Indian jewelry dealer, Liz guessed, and a well to do one by his looks.

But it was his companion that made Liz’s eyes widen and her breath stick in her throat.

His companion was a woman, at least six feet tall, Liz thought. Her long, lithe body was slender, almost gaunt. She was clad in a denim suit, with a long-sleeved jacket and calf-length skirt. The jacket was open. Her pointy jugs were encased in a double-knit tube top that left her pale shoulders bare. Her hair was a gleaming black mass, darker even than the man’s, so that it looked blue-black, like a squid’s ink.

But the most compelling thing about her was her eyes. Liz had always been vain about her own eyes; the deep brown contrasting with the red-brown luster of her hair had always made a stunning combination. But the woman’s eyes were pale grey, so pale as to be almost colorless. They were strange and striking beneath her midnight hair.

They also had a dangerous look in them that made Liz grow cold.

“Hi,” she said, trying to sound bright and cheerful. “I’m Liz. Come on in and…”

The man reached into a pocket of his custom-cut jeans and pulled out a bag of tobacco and some papers. “Shut up, bitch,” he told the girl. Liz blinked. “Make her shut up, Wanda.”

The tall girl stalked forward. Her hand smashed down across Liz’s face. With a startled cry, the girl reeled back into the room.

Her face blank, Wanda followed her. The nameless man brought up the rear, thoughtfully shutting the door behind him. Uncertain of her balance on her high heels, Liz staggered back against the dresser. She touched her cheek lightly with her fingertips. The skin was hot to the touch.

In a sudden rush of anger, Liz completely forgot Danny’s instructions. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she demanded angrily. “You think you can just come in here and…”

The man glanced up from rolling a cigarette. “I told you to shut up,” he said. “Use her, Wanda.”

The black-haired woman spoke for the first time. “Bare your tits, slut.” Her eyes met Liz’s in an unblinking gaze. As the black-haired woman unslung a heavy leather bag from her shoulder, Liz found her fingers moving helplessly to obey.

The girl had no intention of performing a lewd striptease for this strange couple. She didn’t feel very cooperative, but she had the impression that Wanda meant her command to be obeyed, as rapidly as possible. Her fingers fumbled. She looked down, working the buttons of the powder blue blouse as quickly as she could. Her tits swung free of the blouse, luscious globes of white flesh tipped with copper circles of her nipples.

Wanda was taking something out of the bag. To the adolescent’s horror, a quick wrist-flick revealed a cat-o’-nine-tails. A cluster of leather strands sprang from a single leather-wrapped handle. The end of each strand had a wicked-looking big knot tied in it. Liz imagined those vicious knots digging into her bare flesh, and cringed.

Wanda let her bag drop to the floor, and kicked it aside with a booted foot. “Now, bitch,” she said, a gleam of evil interest coming into those colorless eyes, “eat my pussy!”

Her free hand swept down and threw open the front of her denim skirt, slit from hem to waist.

Beneath it she was as naked as Liz was beneath her pants. Liz gasped. The bush of Wanda’s pussy was as black as her hair, and incredible luxuriant. The thick black thatch of cunt fur was spread well up her pale belly, and tufted down hair was between her lanky thighs. All Liz could do was shake her head wordlessly as her stomach did slow acrobatics.

“You’ve never eaten cunt?” Liz shook her head as the other laughed. “Well, every little girl ought to learn how to eat pussy. On your knees, slut!”

Liz found her voice: “You’re out of your mind,” she snapped without thinking. “I won’t…”

The whip moved so fast that Liz never saw it until it raked across her naked boobs like leopard’s claws. The girl shrieked and clutched at her lashed boobs. Burning pain pulsed in her ample tits, and stabbed through her lungs like a thousand hot needles. Her eyes brimming hot, agonized tears, she looked down at her wounded boobs, expecting to see the delicate skin of her huge tits lacerated and torn.

The white skin of her juicy jugs was still intact, but almost a dozen angry red welts glowed across the front of the jutting tits. They looked almost like a strange net bikini top covering her boobs — except that her nipples stuck out rigidly, swollen with pain as they’d have swelled with pleasure, had a lover’s tongue licked her tits instead of nine wicked leather thongs.

She looked up again at her tormentor. Wanda’s beautiful face was a mask of unholy exultation. “Nobody says won’t to me, bitch!” the tall woman said, her low voice ringing. “Now, get on your knees and get your face dirty. Lick my pussy good!”

Despite the pain in her tits, Liz rebelled. She just couldn’t face the prospect of shoving her face into the dripping, reeking mat of Wanda’s pussy! And dripping it was, though not the faintest hint of her pink pussy lips showed through the dense thatch of cunt hair between Wanda’s thighs. The cunt fur was dewed with pussy oils, and a thin trickle of cunt juice ran down one sculptured, curvy thigh.

Liz could easily smell the other woman’s horny, oozing cunt. Her pussy sauce was rank and sharp, smelling slightly like spoiled meat. It sickened the girl.

Her hands covered her big tits. The sweat on her palms stung the welts left by the nine-thonged whip, but it was better than having them stung again by the multiple lash.

When the girl didn’t respond, Wanda’s face contorted with anger. She swung her arm again. Liz heard a brief whine like a flight of bumblebees, and then the cat-o-nine-tails slashed across her crotch. The knotted thongs shredded right through the thin fabric of her beautiful, expensive pants to flay the forested pussy mound beneath.

Liz shrieked and fell to her knees. She pressed one hand between her thighs, cupping her violated pussy, the other barely covering both of her abused jugs at once. The top of her thighs and her lower belly throbbed with searing pain, and so did her cunt. She felt bare flesh and pussy hair beneath her palm — the whip had literally stripped the front of her pants away from her cowering body.

Liz rocked back and forth on her knees, crooning to herself a mindless song of agony. Wanda, her eyes burning with torture-lust, took two catlike steps forward and grabbed a big handful of Liz’s auburn hair, ripping it loose from the neat knot at the back of her neck.

The front of her denim dress started to close. With savage strength, she yanked the teenager’s head forward so that Liz’s face was buried in the rank, wet cunt fur the instant before the skirt closed around her.

Liz felt something sopping-wet rub over her lips. She pressed them tightly shut and turned her face away. Cunt juice smeared across her cheek. She put her small hands against Wanda’s cool thighs and shoved with all her might.

Losing her balance, Wanda staggered back. Liz lurched to her feet, but the whip sang its vicious song and her tits flared with new, horrible pain. Half-turning, Liz dropped to her knees, cradling her agonized boobs in her arms.

Like the breath of a blowtorch, the whip licked across her vulnerable asscheeks. As it had when Wanda had stroked it across her victim’s pussy, the whip tore the cloth stretched over Liz’s pert buttcheeks to pieces, and etched fiery lines across the snowy mounds of her ass.

Liz howled and fell to the floor. She racked back and forth, rolling from her back to her belly and over again, trying to protect her tender ass, tits, and aching pussy all at the same time.

It was a hopeless task. When Liz pressed her hand over her lush rump to ward off the whip, the leather cut agonizingly at the back of her hand as it ripped at her asscheeks. When the shrieking adolescent tried to clamp her thighs together to save her pulverized pussy, the whip slashed at them in a whirlwind of blows till she pried them apart in a tortured reflex.

The blow across her naked, gaping cunt that followed seemed to tear the fragile pussy lips clean away from her cunt. But all the whip had done was to fill the tender twat lips with an agony like liquid fire. Wanda slashed at the girl’s big boobs till the pale titflesh glowed a red darker than the girl’s sunburn. The kiss of the knotted leather made the writhing captive’s nipples explode with pain. Each blow of leather against inflamed flesh was somehow unendurably worse than the last.

“Oh! Ow! STO-O-OP!” Liz’s cries rang so loudly that she was sure any other tenants in the motel complex would have heard her. But if anyone had heard her agonized pleas for mercy, no one responded, no one except the tail, beautiful sadist, whose tits swung ponderously as she flailed her lash against her victim’s tender skin — and the dark man, who stood by, smoking casually, his eyes black beads of lustful interest, the fly of his white jeans bulging with his swollen cock.

For Wanda, whipping the screaming girl was a sexual pleasure nearly as intense as having the captive eat her pussy would be! When the nine vicious tongues of black leather sank deep into the globe of her juicy tit, it was as if a lover’s tongue had caressed Wanda’s own jutting jug. When the swell of Liz’s lush butt was scored by the lash, Wanda’s taut ass thrummed with ecstasy. When the cat lapped at the girl’s pussy and made her arch her back in a horrid parody of passion, Wanda’s own pussy gushed hot cunt honey.

But the man was beginning to fidget. Out of the corner of her pale eyes, Wanda saw him start to frown. She knew the signals; he was getting bored. He wanted the spectacle to get on to other things, and he didn’t want the merchandise too badly damaged — not before he’d had a chance to sample it as well.

It was time to stop the whipping. Wanda thought of what the man would do to her if he were displeased. The resultant pang of terror began in her brimming cunt and shot upward through her belly like a sharp spear of ice. But the thought of the agony she would suffer if she made her man angry — so much worse than what this pathetic, groveling child now found so unbearable — also produced a wild, masochistic thrill in Wanda’s hot body.

But she wasn’t ready for the final step, not yet. And the captive would be only too happy to obey her, now.

Just when Liz knew she’d die — or go mad — if her body had to undergo another minute of the brutal whipping, the hailstorm of blows thankfully ceased. She lay on her stomach, her pink, inflamed buttcheeks sticking up in the air. She still had on her open blouse and high-laced sandals, but her tight pants were now no more than a few miserable tatters of cloth clinging to her legs. The pounding of pain in her asscheeks was so fierce that it was only the lack of the distinctive ripping sound of the lash tearing into her ass that made her realize a new blow had not landed.

Sobbing, her eyes red and puffy from weeping, she lifted her head and looked up at her tormentor. The whip still dangling from one finely-manicured hand, Wanda leaned back with her stately ass propped up against a dresser.

Once more she swept open the front of her denim skirt. Her dense black cunt bush was matted, completely soaked with the sticky juices that flowed from her pussy. She had been turned on almost to the point of agony by whipping the now nearly-naked captive. Her pussy begged for release.

“Now,” she said, “are you ready to lick my pussy?”

Without conscious thought, Liz nodded.

The adolescent lacked the strength to rise, but she knew what would happen if she kept the woman waiting. She started to wriggle, forward on her belly, like a snake. The touch of the rough carpet on her tender tits was utter torment, but even that was better than feeling that awesome whip bite at her whipped tits or cunt again!

She groveled between Wanda’s outstretched legs, trying to gather the strength to lift herself. Wanda waited, her jaw clenched, as though against some torment. She was too horny now to whip Liz again, unless the girl willfully disobeyed. She didn’t want to do anything that might keep those luscious lips away from her cunt a second longer than was necessary!

Liz hauled herself up to a kneeling position. Wanda’s cunt was only inches away from her eyes. The smell of hot, wet pussy was overwhelming, choking thick in her nostrils. Her stomach was awash with nausea. As though moving through molasses, she extended a trembling finger and touched the cunt bush. A drop of pussy sauce ran along her finger and dripped to the floor.

Wanda shivered with anticipation. A hot wave of cunt-small, stronger than ever, washed over Liz, threatening to swamp her senses. The urge to flee was almost too much to resist. But the memory of pain, all to recent, kept her in place, kneeling before the altar of that black-furred cunt.

She’d already taken part in one lesbian act, she knew. She had let Janet Dolby eat her pussy, and hadn’t fought back — just the opposite! But that was passive. All she’d needed to do was sit there and let the redhead’s lips and tongue work their magic on her needy pussy. She couldn’t really have resisted even if she’d wanted to, but here, she’d have to take an active role. The thought made her feel faint.

But the whip… there was always the whip! Liz put both hands to Wanda’s pussy and began to part the jungle of cunt fur. Wanda moaned and writhed. At least this won’t take long, the girl told herself, sensing the closeness of the other woman to climax. Her fingertips touched her slick pussy lips. A shudder racked Wanda’s lean frame. Liz probed with her thumbs, found the moist, rubbery cuntlips, and spread the woman’s pussy wide open.

Like an exotic pink flower blooming in some dark rain-forest, Wanda’s cunt spread its petals before Liz’s wondering eyes. The pallid pink pussy meat was startlingly light against the midnight black of the cunt fur. The fragrance of the twat formed an almost visible barrier between the girl’s hot lips and the waiting pussy.

I can’t do it! Liz thought. I can’t!

Something touched the back of her head. She jerked, choking back a scream of fear. It was only Wanda’s hand, stroking her victim’s head with surprising gentleness, urging it lightly toward her hot pussy. There was no use in stalling the inevitable, so Liz took a deep, cunt-flavored breath, and dove head-first into the gaping well of Wanda’s wet pussy.

“Yiii!” the tall brunette shrieked as Liz’s lips nipped at the juicy lips of her pussy. Instinctively, her long, slim legs slammed shut around the teenager’s moving head, trapping her in a prison of white, resilient thigh flesh. The whip dropped from trembling fingers as the girl’s mouth began to work on the mouthful of cunt she’d taken in.

“Yesss!” Wanda hissed. One hand held Liz’s face to her pussy, while the other raked at her own bare thigh like the sharp talons of a maddened beast.

Liz’s mouth was filled with squirming wet cuntlips. For a moment all she tried to do was to eject the pussy flaps with her tongue, as she writhed to get free of the sudden tight embrace of Wanda’s thighs. Her senses were overwhelmed by the concentration of the cunt-smell, cunt-taste, cunt-feel.

She had to get away! But Wanda’s legs and hands held Liz tight in place. And after the first shock of intimate contact between her mouth and face and another woman’s pussy, Liz had to admit to herself that the flavor and feel of a hungry cunt wasn’t all that bad.

Her tongue flickered over the slit of Wanda’s hot cunt. She felt the tension shoot through the woman’s quivering thighs as her pussy gushed cunt oils to soak her teasing tongue. Not bad at all, she thought as her tastebuds sent a message to her brain about the good flavor of the shiny pussy juice.

In fact, the black-haired woman’s cunt was delicious!

Abruptly, Liz felt her own cunt begin to water with horniness. There was no way she could avoid eating this marvelous pussy now. If she balked at this point, what Wanda would do to her would make the earlier whipping seem like mere love play! So there was no reason in the world she shouldn’t just go with the tide and try to enjoy her first experience with eating pussy.

It wasn’t hard. The way the touch of her tongue on her sensitive pussy lips brought such an obvious, immediate reaction from Wanda turned her on. The black-haired woman’s thighs quivered against the sides of Liz’s head as her passion rose to intolerable heights, her fingers toying with the back of the girl’s neck, and each new tweak or tease of the tongue attacking her pussy brought a new flood of cunt honey streaming from her cunthole.

Liz’s mouth was wide-open, as wide as it had been when she’d swallowed Jamie’s cock on that day long ago. It was as if she was actually trying to eat that black-haired pussy for real, biting a chunk out of the tasty cunt as though it was a wedge of furry pie!

Her tongue stroked up and down the slavering slash of Wanda’s pussy, driving between the delicate inner cunt flaps where the pussy-flavor was most intense. Now and again she allowed the tip of her stiffened tongue to brush the swollen node of Wanda’s clit, knowing, what it did to her.

It had the desired effect on the black-haired woman. In a few laps of her tongue, she had the brunette clawing at the back of her head and banging her pussy against her face, as though trying to fuck herself on that darting, maddening tongue!

Muffled by the walls of Wanda’s thighs, she could hear her tormentor shrieking, in the throes of ecstasy. Liz’s tongue lashed out at the black-haired woman’s pussy as mercilessly as its owner’s whip had lashed at hers. And in some dim way, she sensed that the emotions the black-haired woman was undergoing weren’t all that different from the ones she’d felt, squirming under the lash.

There was no time for that, though. It seemed that Wanda’s pussy opened like a mouth and gathered in her tongue, and as she thrust her tongue willingly into the flooded tunnel of the other’s pussy, she felt it collapsing around her tongue with sudden manic urgency.

“Ah! Ohhh!” she heard Wanda shriek. “Eat me! Eat my pussy good! I’m commminng!”

Somehow Liz was not at all surprised when her own pussy clenched abruptly, and she came too.


“You realize you’re going to have to pay extra for this,” Danny said. “A lot extra!”

The dark man shrugged. “What I want, I get. I’m willing to pay.” He glanced at his companion, whose eyes still glowed with the remnants of the passion Liz’s mouth had kindled in her cunt. “You can, of course, use Wanda if you wish.”

Danny cast his eyes at the stately brunette. A little skinny for my taste, he thought, but padded in all the right places. Her tits were high and proud and full, the nipples clearly outlined against the fabric of her thin tip, easily visible in the bright lights illuminating the motel playground.

Tied to the merry-go-round, and naked and miserable, Liz listened numbly to the conversation. The dark man had proposed to buy her, she knew, and that could mean only one thing.

Whatever he had in mind to do to her, she was not likely to survive it.

She met the realization with surprising calmness. She done her crying, her screaming, her pleading; she was drained of all emotion. She could not stop them from doing anything they wished to her. She had resigned herself to fate.

But even her total resignation couldn’t entirely take the discomfort and humiliation out of her present position, however. The merry-go-round was a ten-foot disc of corrugated metal, with tubular railings for the children to hang on to, set on a low post so that it could turn freely.

Liz’s naked body was tied down to one of the railings. Her body had been draped lewdly over the cold, curved metal, her legs drawn apart and lashed to its uprights, her hands tied behind her back. Her big jugs and lush ass were thrust out, naked and exposed.

Cool night-time breezes caressed her naked skin, raising goosebumps. Traffic hissed by along the street in front of the motel, blocked from view by the low buildings. In the other direction was the busy freeway, but it too was blocked, by a high earth embankment between it and the motel. No one would see Liz in her final agony, nor hear her anguished screams. The thought threatened to shatter her new-found calm. She felt her eyes fill with stinging tears.

“Payment in advance,” she heard Danny saying. Unspeaking, the stranger reached into his pocket and pulled out a big wad of bills. Without so much as looking at it, he tossed it to the man. Danny leafed through the roll of greenbacks. His eyes got bigger and bigger as he did so, till they seemed about to pop right out of his head.

He looked up at the other man. “B-but why?” he sputtered. “Why are you willing to lay down this kind of cash?”

The dark man smiled thinly. “It’s the Fourth of July. I want to celebrate.”

Liz cocked her head. She’d actually forgotten about the holiday. In the neighborhood where she lived — used to live — the constant rattling of firecrackers for weeks in advance made it impossible to forget the fourth was coming. In her air-conditioned cell, she hadn’t heard any firecrackers going off, and with the awful, turmoil in her life, the date had been the last thing of any concern to her.

She heard footsteps crunching on gravel. Danny was now standing in front of her. Off to one side, she saw the dark man open the trunk of his steel grey Mercedes and bend down to rummage in the darkness.

Danny reached out to pat her head. “I-I’m sorry about this, kid.” She jerked her head away from his touch. “You were one of the best, believe me. But I simply can’t turn down this kind of cash.” He hefted the roll of bills in his hand.

She stared at him, coldly. If he expected sympathy, when he’d just sold her to God-only-knew what kind of sadistic murderer, he could go fuck himself!

But then, he’d more than likely go fuck the only too willing Wanda. And, watching the auburn haired teenager being tortured to death, the brunette would probably be the wildest fuck imaginable.

Danny turned away. The dark man was coming, carrying something. With Wanda helping, holding her skirt up around her thighs — her bare legs bluish-white in the star and lamplight — he set some dark, conical objects at intervals on the ground around the rim of the merry-go-round. When that was done, he stepped up onto the platform with her. It rocked slightly to his weight as he came to stand before her.

“It’s the Fourth of July,” he said plainly. Something long and thin, like an oversized pencil, was in his hand. “I thought you’d like some fireworks.”

He scraped a match along the railing. Liz felt a stinging in her flank as the blue and white head blazed into life. He held the flame to the far tip of the long rod in his hand.

Instantly it sputtered into life, spraying a stream of dazzling gold sparks. “Here,” he said, his teeth flashing a smile, and turned the rod so that the hot spray played over her, naked tits!

“AAAH!” Liz writhed, trying to escape the searing pain in her boobs. The droplets of flame that danced against her exposed boobs were not hot enough to damage her, but they were still hot enough to be unbearable sparks hissed against the pale titflesh, still hot from the touch of Wanda’s whip, deflecting from her nipples. When the little sparks touched her sensitive nipple, pain lanced right through her full boobs.

“Oww! Oh, God, it hurts! Take it away!” Muscles stood out, on her neck as she struggled helplessly. The pain was terrible as the stream of sparks sprayed her jugs. “Uhh!”

The jet of sparks fizzled, then shot out to sting Liz’s boobs with a half-dozen pinpricks of searing pain. Then the last of the powder was gone, and the end of the rod began to glow. Liz felt her head slump forward.

“Don’t do it any more, please,” she whispered. “I can’t stand it!”

The dark man laughed and threw away the burning rod. “Oh, I won’t,” he assured her, unzipping his white jeans. With his dark skin and dark shirt, the light-colored jeans gave the ghostly impression of standing alone, unsupported in the starlight. “I’ve got something else in mind!”

He whipped out his cock. His prick wasn’t as large as Jamie’s, or as thick as Brad Dolby’s, but it was rock-hard and throbbing with lust. He grabbed her by the chin, squeezed her cheeks so that her mouth popped open, and thrust his cock into her mouth.

“Unhh!” she said, as her mouth was filled with the taste and hardness of his cock.

“Ah, yeah, your mouth feels good on my cock, baby! Suck me good, and maybe I’ll be nice.”

Liz rolled her eyes. Her cheeks hollowed as she applied suction to the prick jerking between her wet lips. She was willing to take any chance to escape more torture. She felt the veins in his rigid prick throbbing with passion as her tongue began to swirl around the wedge-shaped head of the cock.

“All right,” the man called out, “let her rip!”

Liz, was concentrating on sucking the man’s cock, afraid to think of anything else. She heard steps on the gravel by the merry-go-round, heard matches being scraped into life.

The night burst into flame.

Panicking, Liz glanced around. Fountains of multi-colored sparks burst skyward in torrents. They were much like the spark-stream the dark man had used to torture her tits, but much fuller and thicker. Liz’s captors had set nearly a dozen spewing cone fireworks around the platform and lit three of them. The leaping jets of brilliant fire glinting in her eyes, Liz glanced around, forgetting completely the cock stuck in her mouth as she tried to figure out what was going on.

Then the platform started to turn.

“Mmm?” Liz tried to ask a question, and found the man feeding more of his cock into her mouth. She washed it absent-mindedly with her hot tongue, still wondering what was happening. The man’s maniacal laugh roared over the hissing of the fire-fountains.

Then Liz’s naked ass passed through the fire stream of one of the spewing cones.

“Mmmm! Nnnh!” Squeals of agony burst around the hot cock sliding inexorably between the girl’s lips. The fiery blast of the cone had singed her bare butt the way the sparks from the hand-held sparkler had singed her tits. The stream from the cones seemed hotter, more concentrated, but before her tender skin could be seared, her ass was out of the geyser of fire.

Almost immediately her ass was in the blast of another cone. She felt the flashing sparks wash over one rounded butt cheek, then shoot for a brief, awful instant right up the furrow between her buttocks, searing her puckered asshole with a kiss of agony. Then the other mound of assflesh was bathed in the jet, and blessed cool air was soothing her singed rump.

The dark man grabbed handfuls of Liz’s hair on either side of her head and enthusiastically pumped his cock in and out of her tear-streaked face. With her butt being periodically scorched by the miniature volcanoes, she wasn’t exactly working at sucking the prick pistoning in and out of her mouth, but that didn’t seem to matter. Her screams and agonized struggles seemed to be more than enough to make the sadist happy! She could feel the thrumming tension of his cock, knew that it was only a matter of time before he blew an overwhelming flood of jism down her gulping throat.

It was also only a matter of time before Liz went crazy from the pain. “Ngh! Ngahh!” she cried as her ass was once more tickled by the cone-shaped torches. She wanted to bite down on the sliding prick and share some of her agony with her tormentor, but somehow there was no strength in her jaws for anything but screaming.

The blazing light had begun to flicker. The night was reasserting itself, and Liz suddenly realized the fire-fountains were shrinking. Her ass felt a diminished upward shower of sparks, and then the cones died out. She breathed a sigh of relief; at least that was over, with!

Then three more cones began roaring, spewing sparks into the air.

Once more Liz went through hell. Her jaws ached from screaming, and from her mouth being held forcibly by the bar of hot cock thrust between them. But the ache in her jaws was nothing to the shrieking torment in her ass as her lush butt was held for brief, awful instants in the fiery breath of the cones.

It was diabolically clever. The short intervals of time that her ass was exposed to the sparks were not long enough for her lovely butt to be damaged or disfigured, only enough for the nerves in her sensitive rump to begin their shrill song of agony.

The second relay of fountains died. Liz had a few short seconds of reprieve before the last set flared up. “Unnnh!” she groaned as her ass was blasted by a fresh stream of hot flame.

The jerkings of the cook in her wet mouth had become more urgent. As she shrieked and squirmed, her mouth moved over the pistoning prick and filled the cock with exotic and wonderful sensations.

His face coated with sweat, the dark man looked down at his captive. Her lovely face, and her mouth so violently — if unwillingly — sucking his rigid cock, were obscured by a curtain of the girl’s hair.

But her naked body was clearly visible. The twin hillocks of her lush butt were illuminated in silhouette, back lit by the awful glare of the fountains. Each time her rump was bathed from behind by the spark-streams, her screams and struggled increased dramatically.

It was fantastic, but it was too much to take any longer. Before the flame-jets of the last set of cones had died down, the man felt his balls explode. He fucked his cock to the hilt in Liz’s face, and bellowed like a bull.

When his cock drove past the back of the girl’s mouth and down her throat, she knew what to expect. Nonetheless, she choked on the first spurt of jism his cock fired down her throat. The cock slid out of her mouth to the knob and spat come again, filling her mouth with his acrid come.

She screamed again as sparks flayed her butt. She choked on a new load of come, felt the potent spunk spew from her mouth as the cock plunged back down her gulping throat. Some of the come got into her nasal passages from the inside and she choked again, come dribbling from her nostrils as well as her mouth.

Finally the cock pulsed a final time, the tip drooling a thin stream of jism down her gagging throat, and began to go limp. The girl realized the fires of the last cone were out. It would be a while before the first in her tortured butt went out, however.

The man pulled his limp prick slowly from her mouth.

“Gah!” she said, spitting out the last inch of the prick with as much of his nasty jism as she could. “Oh, my ass! Oh, it’s horrible!”

The man laughed. Holding a handful of hair, he grabbed his cock with his other hand and began smearing his jism from his prick over his victim’s face.

“Oh, that’s just a little taste to whet your appetite,” he promised, in a voice that was hoarse with sadistic lust. “Just wait till you see what happens next!”

Cringing away from the sliminess of the spit diluted come being rubbed all over her cheek, Liz became aware of low, bestial grunts coming from nearby. She glanced in the direction the orgiastic sounds were loudest. Black-baked Wanda was on her hands and knees in the gravel, moaning rhythmically, sounding as if she were in pain as horrid as Liz’s ass had been, subjected to the flame-fountains.

But Wanda’s torment was of a different kind. On his knees in the gravel behind her, Danny had his big cock jammed into her asshole, and was fucking her big butt for all he was worth. Her denim skirt was thrown up around her waist to bare her ass for his mighty cock.

Seeing where she was looking, the man released Liz’s head and stood back.

“Does that look good to you, baby?” he asked. “You like to have something shoved up your butt too? Well, I’m sure something can be arranged!”

Liz held back a groan. With her butt just recently cooked, and before that, cruelly whipped, she wasn’t too eager to be fucked up the ass. But if that kept the man from doing anything more bizarre and excruciating to her, then he could butt-fuck her all night long!

He bent down to pick something up off of the platform as the merry-go-round wound slowly to a stop, now that Danny and Wanda had quit turning it. He came up with another firework in his hands. It was a tube, thicker than the hand-held rod, and set into a square wooden base. With one strong twist, the man broke off the base. He examined the butt of the tube for a moment, then nodded.

“All right,” he said. He bent over Liz’s rump. She screamed as he laid a hand on a pain-filled asscheek. His palms were sweaty with lust and exertion, and the salt of his perspiration filled her tender rump with fresh fire.

“Ow!” she cried, as he thrust his thumb up her asshole. “What are you doing?”

He got the tip of his forefinger into her poopchute, then two, and with his fingers pried open the entryway of her shapely butt. Then he deftly stuck the lower end of the cardboard tube into her asshole and pulled his hand from her ass.

Liz gasped with discomfort as her butthole snapped into a taut fleshy ring around the inch thick tube. It was as bad as having a cock up her ass!

“What are you doing?” she asked again, her voice tense.

“What do you think?” the dark man asked, and lit the fuse.

A stream of red sparks flamed from the free end of the tube. Liz felt the tube pushing its way further up her asshole. But that was the least of her worries. Before the thrust of the jet had pushed the fountain much farther into her butt, the intolerable flame within the tube would have burned its way down and be burning within her ass!

Hysterical fear threatened to break her. “NOOO!” she shrieked. “Get it out! Nooo! Gah!” The tube was already heating up inside her tightly-clenched butthole. Just a few seconds more…

A dazzling light washed over her. She blinked, surprised. This was not the flickering glare of a fire-fountain — it was the steady beam of a spotlight!

The dark man stiffened, his laughter dying into a rattle low in his throat.

“Hold it right there!” a harsh voice barked. Then: “Oh, my God! What’re they doing to her?”

A scream split the night as Danny yanked his cock savagely out of Wanda’s asshole. He shot a stream of jism all over her upturned buttcheeks and back as he fought to rise and run, his cock still discharging bolts of jism.

He knew enough to recognize the police when be heard them!

The merry-go-round rocked to the impact of heavy shoes as someone leapt up on to the platform. Liz heard a male voice grinding out a stream of obscenities, and then the burning tube sticking out of her ass like a flaming tail was plucked from her butt and hurled far, far away into the night.

“Wait a minute. This is all a misunderst…” the dark man said, his words cut off by the sickening thud of a hard-rubber baton against his forehead.

He slumped back against the rail. A nightstick smashed into his face again. He toppled limply from the platform.

Men were all around now, untying her, speaking soothingly to her. Nearby, she heard Wanda sobbing brokenly as she lay sprawled on the ground. Other voices were shouting at Danny, telling him to stop. In his panic, he ignored them, even after a pair of flashlights caught him in their beams.

He was climbing up the freeway embankment, his come-drooling cock dangling between his thighs, when a volley of pistol shots knocked him against the slope. His fingers scrabbled frantically against the hard-packed earth for a moment. Then he slipped and rolled to the bottom.

Someone was making his way to the platform as Liz was helped off of it. She was shivering uncontrollably when someone put a jacket around her shoulders.

“Here, I’ll take care of her,” said a voice.

Liz’s head snapped up. It was Jamie’s voice!

“She’s all yours, Sergeant,” a patrolman said, and that was all she knew.

The lights were low in Jamie McFadden’s living room. It was a small room, but it was tastefully decorated. The only extravagant touch was the big black leather sofa that lined one wall.

Two people sat on the sofa, one astride the other, their naked bodies gleaming in the pale yellow lamplight. Liz’s buttcheeks, shiny with the ointment of her rescuer had smeared all over them, worked slowly and lovingly around the stiff column of hot cock that slid easily up and down inside her pussy.

Their mouths were locked together in a tongue twining embrace. Then the girl broke away and planted a kiss on the young man’s nose.

“I never expected to see you again, Jamie.” Liz’s tongue licked out, traced the line of her lover’s jaw.

He laughed softly. “One look at you — ah, your pussy’s nice and tight, and I swore I’d come back and take you away from that hellhole. Which wasn’t too hard, considering I’m a sergeant with the undercover squad.” His hands massaged her boobs, rolling her nipples this way and that with his palms.

“Mmm! I like that.” Her tongue flicked at his eyelids. “My uncle? What about my uncle, the phony preacher?”

“He’ll think a ton of bricks has landed on him, the sanctimonious bastard.”

“Ahhh,” she sighed with satisfaction.

He inhaled sharply as she squeezed his cock with her now-skilled pussy.

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you too.” He bent to kiss a rigid nipple. “Promise me something.”

“Anything.” He shoved upwards hard and fed another half-inch of cock into her greedy cunt.

“Hurt me sometimes. Just a little. Please?” He looked at her for a moment. His prick fucked languidly in and out of her wet pussy. “Anything you say.”

“Ahh,” she said, and locked her mouth to his again.

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