The Niece’s Sucking Fun

Meg Baker sat next to her Uncle Jeff on the living room couch. It was the summer before the teenager’s final year in high school, and she had recently become very much aware of guys. She was beginning to think about men differently, too.

“…so that’s about it, Meg. I just decided that I care a lot more about teaching young people and helping to mold their minds and lives than I do about making a lot of money,” Uncle Jeff was finishing, interrupting his niece’s wandering thoughts.

“I admire you so much for that, Uncle Jeff!” Meg cried, scooting closer to the man. “Not many men would turn down a great job offer like that just to teach a bunch of snotty high school kids!” Jeff laughed.

“Oh, come on, honey,” he murmured. “Even though I teach in a different school than the one you go to, I’m sure you’ve got students at your school just as I’ve got at mine… students who are bright and eager to learn… students like you.”

Meg blushed. She could feel her uncle’s thigh burning into hers through her jeans, and she trembled slightly.

“Don’t be embarrassed about being a good student, honey,” Jeff said, seeing the teen’s blush. “You’ve got a lot to be proud of, Meg, especially nowadays when so many kids are into drugs and gangs and the like. You’re a good girl, Meg, and an excellent student, especially in science. You keep up those high grades and you’ll probably be selected as a lab assistant.”

Meg swallowed hard, feeling her pussy beginning to itch and burn with desire. She could hardly believe that she was actually attracted to her own uncle.

“It seems so dumb,” she said now, pressing her leg harder against his. “I mean, here you are a science teacher and here I am really interested and wanting to be a science lab assistant… why can’t I be your lab assistant?”

“For a very good reason,” Jeff said with a laugh, putting his hand on his niece’s knee and squeezing it gently. “I don’t teach in your school!”

“I know, I know,” Meg mumbled, feeling her uncle’s hand making her knee tingle. The icy hot sensation traveled up her thigh to her pussy, making it moisten with cunt-juice.

“Well, look,” Jeff said, rising from the couch and looking down at his niece. “I really can’t wait any longer. Tell your mom I came by to tell her about my decision about that job offer, okay?”

“Okay, sure,” Meg said, walking her uncle to the door. She was sorry he was leaving, although she really didn’t know if anything sexual could happen between her uncle and herself. “But I don’t think that Mom will be very surprised to find out that you turned down all those big bucks. Everyone knows what a dedicated teacher you are.” Meg ran upstairs to the bathroom, as if trying to escape the incestuous urges which were pounding through her. She had thought that when she was no longer around her uncle, she would no longer feel those forbidden desires throbbing in her pussy. But, if anything, now that her uncle was not around to distract her sexy thoughts, the girl was finding that she was feeling even hotter for him.

“Maybe a good hot bath will help,” she told herself as she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. She was not wearing any underwear, and now her tits sprang free, high and proud on her chest.

She removed her jeans and glanced down to see little drops of pussy-juice glistening on the soft, silken hairs of her cunt. With a little sigh, she filled the bathtub with warm water and poured in two caps full of bubble bath for good measure. Then, she sank slowly into the tub and stretched out, feeling the warm water seeping into her aroused pussy and washing up over her sleek tits.

“Ohhhhh, Uncle Jeff,” she moaned.

She closed her eyes and ran her fingertips slowly up and down her naked body. She felt her nipples growing long and stiff beneath her hands, and she rubbed them for several minutes until they began to ache with the tension of sexual excitement.

She cupped one hand under her tits and lifted it up toward her face, gazing down at her blood engorged nip.

She wondered what it would feel like if it were her Uncle Jeff’s fingers on her nipple instead of her own.

That thought aroused the girl powerfully. She gave a husky groan as she arched her tit up as much as she could while she lowered her head to it. She strained her neck and just managed to touch her throbbing nipple with her soft lips.

“Oh!” she gasped as she felt her own mouth on her tit.

A shock of lust raced through her tit-flesh. She stuck her tongue out and licked it all around her long, thick nip.

Meg continued to lick her tit while she slid her free hand down between her thighs and began to thread her fingers through the sopping wet fur which covered her pussy-mound.

“God!” she cried as she dug her fingers into her tight pussy-slit.

She slipped her lips off of her tit and concentrated all of her attention on her cunt now. With one hand, she continued to stroke the furry slopes of her cunt-lips. With her other hand, she bent to slowly insert the tip of her middle finger between her swelling pussy-lips.

She felt her pussy-muscles relaxing, and her pussy-lips slowly spreading to allow her finger inside. She licked her lips excitedly as she found herself wishing it were her Uncle Jeff’s cock beginning to enter her.

The girl felt a little guilty for having such wicked thoughts about her uncle, who had been more like a father to her since her parents’ divorce several years ago.

Her finger probed deeper, touching her clit. She gently stroked her little nub of clit-meat up and down, feeling it harden and throb against her finger.

Meg had often finger-fucked herself to orgasm. But never had she felt this turned on before. And she knew that it was the forbidden fantasies about her uncle which were fueling the flames of her desire.

“Unnhhh, Uncle Jeff!” Meg groaned aloud, thinking how much she desired her uncle.

During the last few years since her parents’ divorce, Meg had grown very close to Uncle Jeff, who was also divorced, and to her three cousins. But, although she loved all of them, she felt closest to her mother’s brother, Uncle Jeff.

She eagerly stroked her stiff clit harder and faster with her finger. She felt so aroused that she knew it would take her only a few minutes to make herself come.

Suddenly, Meg plunged the middle finger of her other hand into her little pussy-hole.

“Oh, yeah!” she gasped, feeling her pussy muscles automatically clenching that finger.

The teenager was no virgin. But her fucking experience was minimal, something she had shared with only a couple of boyfriends in the recent past. That, plus the fact that she was simply blessed with an incredibly tight little pussy, made for a super-snug fit for her finger.

As she continued to finger-fuck herself, she kept stroking her clit, thinking all the while about her uncle.

I wonder, she thought, how big his cock is. And I wonder what it would feel like to have his big cock shoving into my narrow little pussy-hole!

“Uncle Jeff, I want to fuck you!” she whimpered.

She slid her body down in the bathtub until the water was up to her neck. She glanced down to see her nipples poking up stiffly, breaking a couple of big bubbles. She watched as her nips grew still stiffer, throbbing visibly, as she turned on more and more.

She thrust her finger deeper into her pussyhole, clamping her inner muscles around it once more. Then, she slid her finger still deeper into herself, not stopping until she had her finger buried to her palm and she could feel her fingertip stroking at the back wall of her pussy.

“Yuuuhhh!” she groaned, shuddering all over as she pretended that it was Uncle Jeff’s cock-tip nudging into the very depths of her pussy instead of her finger.

Meg held her finger deeply inside her while she continued to stroke her clit. She pinched her clit with two fingers, rubbing it up and down at the same time. She had never, felt her little clit pulsating so strongly against her fingers before. For that matter, she had never felt so fat and stiff before, not even when her boyfriends had fucked her.

As the girl continued to finger-fuck herself, she felt her thick fuck-juices oozing from her cunt-walls. Her cunt-sauce drooled out of her snug pussy-lips and trickled into the bubbly water swirling about her quaking legs.

Wanting to prolong her pleasure, Meg took her hands away from her pussy. Then, she cupped her tits, stroking her firm tit-flesh with her fingertips. She dug her fingertips into the flesh close to her nipples, watching the rosebuds poking out even longer from their pink centers. She caught her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and pinched them lightly.

“Oh, good!” she breathed.

Then, she pinched her nips harder, moaning with even more pleasure and excitement. She kept her eyes closed and continued to stroke and pinch her nips, pretending it was, her Uncle Jeff’s hands on her instead of her own.

“Ohhhh, yesss, Uncle Jeff,” the girl groaned, pressing her tits together and plumping them up lewdly.

The feeling of one wet tit rubbing against the other one aroused her still more, and she felt her little pussy beating out a steady throbbing of lust.

She pressed her thighs together, rubbing them frantically to vent some of the desire that was rushing through her loins. She gripped her tits still harder, making her nips jut out even more between her grasping fingers. She opened and closed her fingers, squeezing her blood-engorged nips at the same time that she opened and closed her legs, squeezing her cunt.

“Oh, God!” she moaned, knowing that she could restrain herself no longer.

She had to touch her pussy again. She had to make herself come!

She raised her legs high and spread her thighs far apart. Then she moved one hand away from her tits and began to stroke her cunt again.

She caressed her pussy-slit, sliding her fingertips up and down its length. Her nipples poked out even more stiffly against her other hand. As she continued to rub her little cunt with her fingers, she began to rock her hips. Her asscheeks were clenched together tightly, sliding against the porcelain smoothness of the tub.

“Ohhhh, Uncle Jeff,” she moaned, rubbing her cunt harder and harder.

Now, she slid her finger between her cunt-lips, spreading them wide.

“Unnnhh!” she moaned, pressing the pad of her fingertip against her trembling clit.

By now, the bath water was sloshing about, nearly rising to the top of the bathtub. Her clit felt hot and hard to her finger, and she pressed against it more.

“Aarghhh, it feels soooo good,” she sighed. Her little clit-bud was jerking about so violently that it throbbed and lurched. She wanted to feel her uncle’s hands on her naked body, stroking her all over. But she especially wanted to feel his fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, making her come.

“I need your cock, Uncle Jeff! I need you to fuck meee!” the girl wailed as she finally came.

Her entire body shook with the force of her orgasm. Her body went rigid as she came, and waves of erotic pleasure swept over her. As her pussy continued to spasm orgasmically around her fingers, she thought how good it would feel to have Uncle Jeff’s prick making her come.

She bucked her hips up so violently against her hand that she slid further down in the tub and her head went, under the water. She came up sputtering, still stroking her pussy all the way through her orgasm.

A short time later, Meg was toweling herself dry when she heard the peal of the doorbell downstairs. She grinned, thinking that it was her mother. The older woman often forgot her key.

No need to dress, Meg thought, as she hurriedly finishing drying and flew down the stairs to let her mother in. Mom’s seen me in the buff lots of times.

But when Meg opened the front door, it was her Uncle Jeff.

“Uncle Jeff! I didn’t know it was you! I thought it was Mom back from the store… you know how she’s always forgetting her key.” Meg babbled, feeling embarrassed yet excited.

“Don’t worry, Meg, no need to feel embarrassed,” Jeff said as he brushed past his niece and moved quickly into the living room. “After all, I am your uncle. And the naked body is a beautiful thing… a very beautiful thing.”

His eyes swept over the girl’s nakedness.

Meg began to breathe rapidly as she saw the way her uncle was looking at her.

“Should I… should I go put something on?” Meg asked, moving toward her uncle.

“Why bother? I’ll be going soon. I was just driving back here again and thought I’d check to see if your mother had returned while I was gone.”

“Oh. No, Mom’s not back yet,” Meg murmured, still moving closer to her uncle.

“So I gather,” Jeff muttered, his eyes moving alternately back and forth to his niece’s tits and pussy.

“I just had a bath,” Meg said, standing directly in front of the man now.

“I can tell,” Jeff rasped, his eyes boldly taking in the proud thrust of his niece’s naked tits and the golden triangle of pussy-fur glistening lewdly between her legs.

“How?” Meg asked, looking up into his face. “You’re still wet… in certain places,” Jeff said thickly.

“Where?” Meg asked.

“Oh… here,” Jeff said, reaching out and lightly touching her nipples lightly, “and… here,” he said, moving his hand down to her pussy and threading his fingers through her still damp pussy-fur.

“Ohhhh!” Meg moaned weakly, swaying on her feet.

“Does that answer your question?” Jeff asked with a teasing grin.

“I-I’m not sure,” Meg said faintly. “Maybe you should show me again where I’m wet.”

“Okay,” Jeff said. Meg heard the sexual tension in his voice, and she felt a little thrill of anticipation.

Jeff reached out again, and this time he caught both of the girl’s nipples in his hands, pinching them hard.

“Ungh.” Meg groaned, her eyelids fluttering closed.

“Here,” Jeff said, giving Meg’s nipples a little pinch before moving his hands down between her legs. He used one hand to spread her legs even farther apart. And then, with his other hand, he cupped Meg’s pussy-mound, squeezing it hard.

“And here,” he said.

“Omigod!” Meg cried. She felt a rush of pussy-juice jolt out from her pussy and drench her uncle’s squeezing hand.

Uncle Jeff bent his head and planted his lips against his niece’s. He shot his tongue into her gasping mouth, and she immediately began to suck on it. He continued to pinch her nips and squeeze her pussy as they tongue-kissed.

“Ummmmmm, good,” Meg moaned as he finally pulled away from her. “What happens now?”

Uncle Jeff opened his mouth to respond, but before he could say a word, they heard a car puffing into the driveway right outside the front door.

“It’s Mom!” Meg gasped.

“Yeah, it’s Jill all right,” Jeff said, recognizing the mound of his sister’s car. He reluctantly released his niece’s tits and pussy and moved away from her.

Meg turned to dash up the stairs so her mother would not catch her naked with her uncle. But, she gave her uncle one last, longing look before she fled, and that was when she saw the huge bulge between his legs.

He wants me! He wants me too! she sang to herself as she ran to her room, certain that her Uncle Jeff and she would find their chance to be alone together… and to fuck.


“Don’t you think Uncle Jeff’s just the neatest, Mom? I mean to turn down that high paying job with that big corporation?” Meg asked her mother enthusiastically a few days later.

Jill smiled at her daughter, noticing the way the teenager’s cheeks slightly flushed as she talked about her uncle.

“Yes, honey, I do! I’ve always thought my brother was, uh, ‘the neatest’,” the older woman responded with a little laugh. “Most teachers don’t really care all that much about the kids they come into contact with every day, but your uncle is one of the exceptions.”

“Yeah, I know,” Meg agreed, nodding her head as she spooned the last of her cereal to her mouth. “We kids can always tell when our teachers like what they’re doing… and when they like us kids.”

“You really are fond of your Uncle Jeff, aren’t you?”

“Oh, yeah, Mom! I’ve always liked him so much! But now… with you and Dad being divorced and Dad not even caring enough about me to want to see me.”

Jill sighed as she reached over and patted her daughter’s hand.

“Oh, hey, it’s okay, Mom! I’ve got Uncle Jeff now. He’s better to me than Dad ever was!” Meg exclaimed. “It must have been neat growing up with someone like Uncle Jeff as your brother.”

“Oh, yes, we were always so close,” Jill said, and this time it was Meg’s turn to notice a flush on the woman’s face.

“You know, I just wish that Uncle Jeff taught at my school! I’d be in his science class! That would be so great!” Meg cried.

“Well, it’s a thought. What are your plans for today, honey?” Jill asked.

“I thought I’d go over to see Vicky, Ron, and Danny,” Meg said, referring to her three cousins.

“And their father?” Jill asked knowingly. “Well, sure, if Uncle Jeff’s home, I’ll see him too!” Meg said.

A short time later, Meg was at her uncle’s house. She knocked, waiting impatiently for her uncle to open the door. She was eager to continue the incestuous lovemaking they had begun the other day, and she felt confident that Uncle Jeff would feel just as eager.

“Hi, Meg!” Ron greeted his cousin with a grin as he opened the door.

“Oh, Ron,” Meg mumbled, not able to keep the disappointment out of her voice. She saw that her older cousin was wearing only a pair of very tight bikini briefs, and a part of her mind registered how sexy he looked in them as she peered around the guy. “Is Uncle Jeff around?”

“Naw, he’ll be gone all day. Didn’t you notice that his car’s gone?” Ron asked, gesturing toward the driveway.

Meg turned her head to see that her cousin was right. She had been so sure that he would be home, just waiting to fuck her, that she had not even noticed his car was gone.

“What’s the matter? You look so funny, Meg. You’d better come on in and sit down,” Ron said, pulling gently on his cousin’s arm to draw her inside.

Inside the living room, Meg sat down and rested for a few minutes while she and Ron made small talk. Then, just as she was about to say she would go back home, secretly planning to finger-fuck her horny little pussy, Ron suggested that they take a swim together.

“Come on, Meg. I was just gonna get into the pool when you knocked. C’mon, it’ll be fun!”

Meg had noticed the thick bulge tenting out from the crotch of her cousin’s briefs.

“But I didn’t bring my suit!” she cried.

“You can borrow one of Vicky’s. She and Danny are out with friends so she won’t be needing it,” Ron said, opening the back door, which led out to the swimming pool. “Hurry up and change, Meg! PU be waiting for you in the pool!”

Upstairs in Vicky’s room, Meg quickly donned her cousin’s red bikini. Meg was a little bigger than Vicky, who was short and petite, and the bikini fit her tightly, leaving very little to the imagination. Meg glanced at her reflection in the full-length mirror on Vicky’s closet door, pleased by what she saw.

Then, Meg went to the window which overlooked the back yard and looked down at the pool area, admiring Ron’s powerful swimming strokes. His youthful, muscular body cut a sure path through the blue water of the pool.

Well, maybe I can’t have Uncle Jeff today, the girl thought as she dashed down the stairs, but Ron is looking pretty good to me!

When Meg reached the side of the pool, Ron swam over to her. Meg noticed that even after all of his vigorous exercise, the teen was not breathing very hard at all.

“That bikini looks a lot better on you than it does on Vicky,” Ron muttered huskily.

Meg grinned at the compliment. She noticed the way her cousin’s eyes were moving all over her scantily clad body.

“Where did Uncle Jeff go today?” she asked, dipping one toe into the cool water.

“Aw, he went to some science convention. You know him!” Ron said.

“Yeah,” Meg mumbled, flushing.

Ron heaved himself out of the pool and stood next to his cousin, his body dripping water.

“You look really sexy, Meg,” he said thickly. “That’s just what I was thinking about you!” Meg said, staring at the teen’s bulging crotch meaningfully.

Suddenly, before Ron could respond, the girl grabbed the waistband of his briefs and thrust one hand inside.

“God, Meg, what’re you doing?” Ron gasped, his face turning red. But he made no move to stop her.

Meg moaned as her fingers formed a tight fist around his solid length of cock-meat, squeezing it hard.

“Wow, Ron, you’ve got such a big cock! I had no idea!” Meg cried. She felt her little pussy growing wet with cunt-juice.

“Keep… keep squeezing my cock, Meg,” Ron grunted, closing his eyes.

The horny girl continued to squeeze and tug on her cousin’s prick. Then she began to stroke his fat prick up and down, using a gentle but firm pressure.

“Kiss me now, Ron!” Meg cried urgently. Ron opened his eyes and gazed down lustfully at his cousin.

“You never used to act this way,” he said, his voice filled with sexual tension.

“I never used to feel this way,” the girl said, her eyes smoldering with lust. “I’ve been feeling really… sexy lately and having all sorts of thoughts I’ve never had before.”

“Me too,” Ron said, lowering his face toward hers. “I guess we’re growing up.”

“Yeah, I guess so. Now kiss me!” Meg continued to stroke her cousin’s cock inside his briefs as they kissed. She pressed her lips demandingly against his, and was pleased to feel and hear him moaning inside her mouth. Even though Ron was older than she, Meg found herself taking the lead and feeling excited by it. She rammed the full length of her wet pink tongue between his lips, curling it around his tongue.

Then, she drew her tongue back into her mouth, forcing Ron’s to follow. As soon as it was inside her mouth, she closed her lips and sucked deeply from the back of her throat, bringing a guttural groan from the teen.

“Unghhh!” Ron groaned, feeling his cousin’s tongue in his mouth and her hand still squeezing his fat prick.

Meg continued to jerk him off until she knew that his cock could not possibly get any harder. Then she tore her mouth away from his, and laughed excitedly up into his face.

“Now I’ve really got you turned on!” she crowed triumphantly.

“Yeah, I’ll say! Now what are you gonna do about it?” Ron asked, trying to kiss the girl.

But she neatly evaded his move and, still laughing, she tore her bikini off and dove into the pool. She was delighted to see that Ron had peeled his briefs off and was diving into the water alter her, his hard cock sticking straight out and upward from his hairy crotch.

“You wanted to know what I’m gonna do about turning you on?” she yelled excitedly. “Come here and I’ll show you!”

Ron swam up to her and grinned as he circled her slender waist with one strong hand and pulled her against him. His mouth found hers instantly and he kissed her hard.

Their naked bodies bobbed in the water as they tongue-kissed over and over again. Then, Ron grabbed hold of the girl’s tits in both hands and began to squeeze.

“Yuuuhhh!” Meg moaned into his gaping mouth.

She felt his fingers stroking her nipples into long, throbbing pencil-sized rosebuds, and she moaned again.

“Now,” Ron panted as their torrid chain of tongue-kisses finally came to a breathless end, “show me what you’re gonna do for me.”

Meg reached beneath the water and fumbled for his cock. She closed her fingers around his solid slab of manly cock-meat and squeezed even harder than before.

“Good God!” the teen gasped.

Meg continued to squeeze and stroke his cock until he covered her hand with one of his own.

“Enough… I don’t wanna come in the pool!”

Meg giggled.

“What I do want is to fuck you, Meg. Are you game?” he asked hoarsely.

“I’m not only game… I’m in season… catch me and you can have me! You can fuck my brains out!” Meg cried as she broke away from him and swam as fast as she could toward the pool ladder.

“You little tease!” Ron laughed, already in hot pursuit.

Screaming with excitement, Meg scrambled up the ladder and ran toward the tree-shaded lawn which surrounded the pool. Her cousin was so close behind her now that she could feel the rush of his warm, panting breath on the back of her neck and shoulders.

Suddenly, Ron threw her down to the grass with a flying tackle, wrestling her around to her back and throwing his muscular body on top of hers.

“Well, you’ve caught me. Now you get the prize!” the girl said saucily, staring up into the teen’s flushed face.

Their naked bodies were sleekly wet from the pool water, and Meg thrilled to the lewd sensation of her cousin’s wet flesh against hers.

“Yeah, and your pussy’s the prize!” Ron crowed. He drove his hips downward, pressing the full bulk of his aroused prick against the lower part of Meg’s belly.

“You got it!” Meg cried as she pulled his face down to hers.

Their mouths and tongues met brutally, no longer gentle or hesitant. Meg groaned and drew her long, sharp fingernails down his naked back to his ass. She dug her fingertips into the hard, tensed mounds of his ass-cheeks, pressing him even tighter against her.

“Wow!” Ron gasped, wrenching his mouth free of hers. “You’re no virgin, are you?”

“Not for a long time. And you?” Meg asked. “Naw… but I’ve gotta admit that the idea of making it with my own cousin is turning me on more than I’ve been turned on before!” Ron admitted.

“Me too!” Meg said eagerly, delighted that they felt the same way about incest.

She began to undulate her hips, grinding them slowly from side to side beneath her cousin’s body. A low murmur of lust built up from deep in her throat as she opened her thighs wide and brushed the pounding tip of his hard cock against her wet pussy-fur.

“Fuck me now!” she grunted, her nails digging painfully into his ass-cheeks. “Come on… take your prize! Take my pussy!”

With a low groan, Ron lunged down hard on her, his body fusing with Meg’s with so much force that the slap of his lean belly striking against hers was a loud sound.

“My God! I love it! You’re ripping my pussy wide open!” Meg shouted excitedly, loving the mingled pain and pleasure which shot through her as her cousin’s hard cock penetrated her pussy.

The girl’s hips moved up and down from the grass, her belly rubbing against Ron’s as she worked his prick in and out of her seething hot cunt.

“Ohhhhh, it’s good, Ron!” she purred. His mouth covered her face and neck with hot kisses as his ass rose and fell on top of her, driving his cock deeper and deeper into her juicy little pussy. His chest squashed her tits almost flat as he rubbed his upper body over her, while he continued to pound his hard cock in and out of her.

“Fucking you feels soooo good!” the teen groaned, feeling his cousin’s cunt-muscles squeezing his prick harder and harder each time he stroked into her.

“Yes! Yes! It’s great!” Meg cried, humping up against him.

But, as good as it felt to have her cousin’s cock buried to the hilt inside her, she could not help but think how much better it would feel to be fucked by Uncle Jeff’s fat prick.

Ron raised his upper body from his cousin’s, and the next time he drilled his cock into her, he wrapped his lips around one of her thick nipples.

“Yieeee! Suck it! Suck my nip!” the girl cried.

She took her hands away from his ass and pushed them against the back of his head to increase the pressure of his mouth on her nipple.

Ron continued to suck Meg’s nip hard, all the while fucking the full length of his cock in and out of her clasping pussy-hole. Then, he sank his sharp teeth into her stiff nip, feeling it throb lewdly against his tongue and teeth.

“Aieeee!” Meg yelled loudly, thrashing her body wildly beneath her cousin’s. She felt his teeth biting into her nipple again, and icy-hot shivers of lust danced through her tit-mounds.

She ground her hips up against his, working her pussy-muscles feverishly about his cock. Her cunt-walls were massaging his prick-meat harder and harder, making the teen groan with mindless incestuous pleasure.

Suddenly, she threw her legs high up in the air and spread her thighs even wider apart. Now, her pussy was a gaping fuck-hole, sucking on the tip of Ron’s prick to draw it even deeper inside.

“So fuckin’ sexy!” the teen grunted.

He drove his hips down at her harder still, burying his cock balls-deep inside her hot juicy pussy-hole.

“Yeah, fuck me hard! Faster! Deeper! I love it! I need more! More cock!” Meg begged wantonly.

Ron’s naked ass bounced madly up and down as he plunged his hard prick mercilessly into his cousin’s pussy. Each lunge brought a lust-filled cry from her lips.

As the teen hammered his cock in and out of Meg’s tight little pussy-hole, she bucked up against him, matching him thrust for thrust.

“God, I can’t wait! I’m gonna come, Meg!” Ron yelled.

“Okay… do it!” Meg screamed, and she trembled at the exciting feel of her cousin’s cock pulsating against her cunt-walls.

She worked her pussy-muscles even tighter against the sides of his cock, longing to feel his cum pumping into her. She twisted and writhed beneath his muscular body. And just then she felt the heady tremors deep inside her cunt which meant her own orgasm was beginning.

“Hurry… come!” she cried breathlessly. “I’m commiiinnnggg now! Ohhh, God, Ron, come with meeee!”

“…soooo sexy!” Ron groaned as he let loose and filled the girl’s spasming pussy with more cum that it could hold.

“Yeah, yeah, good,” Meg gurgled, feeling her cousin’s hot cum drooling out of her pussyhole and beginning to trickle down her legs.

Her own orgasm made her little cunt twitch and convulse wildly around his cock as the cousins came together.


The next afternoon, Meg and her mother were sitting on their patio, sipping iced tea. They were both wearing tight shorts and halter tops. Jill’s tits were bigger than her daughter’s, and they now strained against the fabric of her top, as if besting to be released. Meg’s tits were smaller, and she felt her nipples growing stiff. She wondered if her mother noticed.

“I was thinking of going over to Uncle Jeff’s today, Mom,” the teenager said softly.

“Again?” Jill asked, taking another sip of her iced tea. “You were just over there yesterday.”

“I know! But at least they have a pool, and it’s so blasted hot!” Meg said defensively.

“Okay, okay,” Jill laughed. “Don’t get huffy. It’s just that you’ve been spending so much time over there that I hardly see you anymore. I’m getting jealous.”

The older woman looked at her daughter over the rim of her iced tea glass, but Meg didn’t seem to have heard her. Jill sighed and put her glass down on the table between them.

“Mom, what do you think about incest?” Meg asked suddenly, her face burning.

She was thinking about her uncle, and about the thrilling fuck session she and her cousin Ron had shared the day before. And she felt her little pussy beginning to moisten with her aroused fuck-juices.

“Incest?” Jill cried in surprise. “Why in the world would you ask me a question like that?”

Meg didn’t respond. She looked at her mother and had the feeling that she was trying to get her thoughts and feelings under control.

“Incest…” Jill said a few minutes later. She looked up at Meg and suddenly smiled.

Meg felt strangely excited by the expression she saw in her mother’s eyes. She had never seen her mother look at her in quite that way before.

The older woman’s eyes were glittering hungrily, and then they began to move up and down the teenager’s body. Jill licked her lips and stared pointedly at her daughter’s tits.

“Looks like your tits have got a hard-on. Is that why you asked me about incest, Meg? Are you hot for your mother, is that it? If it is, you don’t have to beat around the bush with me, honey. You can come right out and say so.”

Meg’s mouth opened and closed as she struggled for words that would not come. She could not believe her ears. Never would she have thought about making it with another girl, and certainly not her own mother! Yet, here was her mother looking at her lustfully, flirting outrageously with her.

“Mom, no, I…” Meg began haltingly.

“Meg, don’t be coy. It doesn’t suit you,” Jill interrupted. Then she moved her hands up to brown big tits and began to stroke both of her firm tit-mounds through her halter top.

“Mom!” Meg gasped, sitting up in her chair. Meg felt her pussy growing wetter, and she had to admit to herself that it excited her to see her mother playing with her own tits.

Jill laughed throatily and the husky sound seemed to shoot straight to Meg’s loins, arousing her. Jill rose, still stroking her own tits, and moved to Meg’s chair. There, she took one hand away from her chest and tweaked one of her daughter’s stiff nipples through the girl’s clothes.

“God!” Meg gasped.

“You like that, huh?” Jill asked knowingly. “If you want more of the same, just come on into the house with me where we can be more comfortable.”

Meg watched her mother moving away from her, her hips swaying seductively from side to side in her tight shorts. Meg swallowed hard, feeling her nipple still burning and tingling from her mother’s touch. She quickly followed her mother into the house and into the bedroom.

In her bedroom, Jill turned to face her daughter, her back to the bed. She slowly began to undress while her eyes burned into Meg’s.

“I’ve been watching you for a long time, Meg. I’ve seen the way you’ve been growing up fast. You’re at an age now where you’re probably thinking a lot about sex, isn’t that right?” Jill asked hoarsely.

Meg’s own eyes were on her mother’s now naked tits as she answered her.

“Yes! I think about it all the time!”

“Good. That’s only normal,” Jill said with an approving nod as she began to remove her shorts, kicking her shoes off at the same time. “And it’s important that you be allowed to express your sexual desires. If you try to repress them, it could make you very sick.”

“Oh, no! I’d never do that!” Meg said fervently, eyeing the top of her mother’s furry pussy-mound, which was now coming into view.

“Good girl,” Jill said, tugging her shorts down further. “And you’ve also been having thoughts about incest lately, or you wouldn’t have asked me what I thought about it.”

Meg nodded wordlessly. She felt her eyes widening as her mother kicked her shorts off, revealing her totally naked body to her daughter. Meg had had no idea that her mother had such a gorgeous pussy. And when she saw the little drops of cunt-juice dotting her pussy fur, she felt a responsive quiver in her own pussy.

“I think incest is very normal, too, dear,” Jill said, sitting down on the edge of her bed. “And I have to confess that I’ve been having sexy thoughts about you for a while now, too.”

Meg realized that her mother had the mistaken idea that Meg’s incestuous thoughts of late had been focused on her when, in fact, those urges had been for Uncle Jeff. But Meg decided not to correct her mother’s impression. Jill smiled and patted the space next to her on the bed.

“I’m glad you feel okay about this, dear. That’s important. Now, why don’t you take your clothes off and join me here on the bed?”

“Okay!” Meg chirped, and she took her clothes off so quickly that she found she was breathing fast by the time she was stark naked.

Meg sat down next to her mother and gasped as the older woman began to run her hand up and down the teenager’s leg.

“Oh, honey, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you all naked like this. You’re so pretty! And so sexy!” Jill gushed, feeling her own pussy growing hot and juicy.

“Awwwww, Mom, that feels soooo good!” Meg purred as she felt her mother’s hand lightly stroking her pussy-mound.

“I want you to stretch out on the bed now, honey,” Jill said, her voice sounded choked and strained.

With a little wimp, Meg obediently lay down on her mother’s bed, flat on her back. She stared up at her mother’s big tits, noticing that her nipples were fat and stiff now. She thought she could actually see them throbbing, and she moaned softly.

Jill heard her and grinned as she settled onto the bed next to her daughter.

“You’re really turned on to me, aren’t you, darling?” she asked.

“Oh, yes, Mom!” Meg cried.

Jill took her little girl into her arms and Meg moaned again, feeling her mother’s naked flesh burning into hers. Jill was lying on her side now, and her position made her tits plump up even more. Meg’s mouth watered, and she unconsciously licked her lips as she stared at her mother’s big tit-mounds.

“Your little tits are so sexy!” Jill cried.

The older woman reached out and pushed Meg’s tits together so that their stiff pink nips jutted out side by side. Then, she bent her head and kissed the rosebud tips.

“Ahhhh, Mom!” Meg groaned, surprised that another woman’s touch could arouse her so strongly.

Then, she gasped as she felt her mother’s tongue on her nipples.

“Ununnun,” Jill moaned as she wetly licked her little girl’s nipples, still holding her tits tightly together so that with one sweep of her broad tongue, she was able to lick across both of them at the same time.

“Ohhhh, God!” Meg panted, beginning to writhe on the bed with incestuous desire.

Now, Jill took one of her daughter’s nips between her lips and sucked on it.

“Yessss!” Meg hissed between clenched teeth. Jill gently gnawed on Meg’s throbbing nipples, her own nips growing stiffer with each passing second. Saliva spilled out from her mouth, wetting both of Meg’s quivering tits.

“God, Mom!” Meg cried, putting her hands against the back of her mother’s head with a firm, steady pressure.

Jill moaned against Meg’s tits, the sound muffled by the stiff nips filling her drooling mouth. Now, she slid one hand down the girl’s body and rammed it between Meg’s legs, forcing her thighs apart.

“Yes, Mom!” Meg cried hornily. “Touch my pussy!”

With another groan, Jill pressed her hand against her daughter’s soft, juicing pussy.

“Ahhhh, that’s it, that feels good!” Meg moaned.

She felt her mother’s hand rubbing and pressing harder against her cunt, and she shuddered all over with arousal.

Jill rubbed her daughter’s pussy again and again, now and then sticking a finger between Meg’s tight pussy-lips to stroke her stiff little clit. And, all the while, the older woman continued to suck and nibble on Meg’s throbbing tits.

“Mom!” Meg gasped after a few more minutes of this thrilling brand of torture. “Lick my pussy for me!”

Jill released her daughter’s nips from her mouth and grinned down into Meg’s eyes. Her grin grew wider at the expression of intense lust she saw there.

“A gal after my own heart,” she muttered as she slid down on the bed and crouched between Meg’s outstretched legs. The teenager automatically spread her thighs wider as she felt her mother settling between them.

“Oh, God, hurry, Mom! You made me so hot touching my clit like that! Now I need you to lick it! Lick my clit. Mom!” Meg wailed wantonly, shivering all over with anticipation.

Then she felt her mother’s mouth on her pussy.

Jill teasingly kissed the top of her daughter’s pussy with her soft, sensuous lips.

“Oh!” Meg gasped at the feathery caress.

Now, Jill stuck her tongue out and licked up and down the length of her little girl’s pussy slit, moaning as she tasted the delicious fuck juices that oozed out onto her aroused tastebuds.

“Ohhhhh, Mom, you’re licking my pussy for me!” Meg cried.

Suddenly, the teenager’s body bucked wildly as she felt her mother’s tongue slipping in between her tight, bloated cunt-lips.

“Yessss, Mom, eat my pussy! Stick your tongue right up my pussy and fuck me with it! Make me come!” Meg shrilled.

Her daughter’s obscene cry spurred Jill on. She felt her own pussy clench tightly, as if in search of a tongue or a cock. And she thrust her tongue deeply into Meg’s pulsing fuck-hole. She held the girl’s swollen pussy-lips wide open with both hands as she drilled her tongue into her tasty little cunt.

“My God!” Meg cried, shocked that another woman could make her feel so good.

She began to stroke and pinch her own tits while her mother continued to tongue-fuck her lust-filled pussy. She lifted her little ass up from the bed, humping her crotch up against her mother’s mouth, throwing her head from side to side at the same time.

Jill felt her daughter’s pussy-flesh burning and throbbing against her mouth. She groaned, feeling her own pussy turning on more and more. She shoved her tongue in and out of the teenager’s cunt hard and fast, fucking Meg deeper with each plunge. She felt her little girl’s cunt-muscles squeezing the sides of her tongue and she cried out with excitement.

Meg continued to squeeze and fondle her own tits while her mother ate her out. The girl could feel her pink nips growing harder and stiffer in her own obscene grasp. She clenched her cunt-muscles around her mother’s rutting tongue, moaning with pleasure.

Jul eagerly swallowed her daughter’s pussyjuices thrilled by the tangy, yet sweet taste. She felt her own pussy releasing a flood of fuckjuice, which ran unchecked down her thighs. She squeezed her thighs together and rubbed them together frantically to vent some of the incestuous desire pouring over her.

“Mom! I’m commiiinnngg!” Meg screamed as she felt her mother’s tongue-tip striking the back wall of her aching pussy-hole.

A breathtaking orgasm shot through her, catching her off guard with its force and intensity. Her entire body shook and shuddered there on the bed beneath her mother’s mouth. And Jill was forced to tightly grip her daughter’s hips to hold her pussy in place.

“Ohhhh, Mom!” Meg screamed as her orgasm peaked.

She wondered how she had gone so long without ever making it with another girl before. Her mother’s tongue had made the girl feel so good, better than she had thought possible. And it had given Meg one of the most exciting climaxes of her life, too. As her orgasm began to subside, Meg realized that it was the incestuous nature of their act that had made their fucking so thrilling, and it was that which had made Meg come so hard.

“Can I eat your pussy now, Mom?” Meg asked softly.

“Are you sure you really want to do that, honey?” Jill asked teasingly, raising her wet face from between her daughter’s legs.

“Oh, yeah, Mom, I can’t wait to taste your little pussy! And I want to make you come just as hard as you made me come!” Meg cried as she scrambled up on all fours.

Her mother got into position to have her cunt eaten out by her daughter.

“Mmmmm, sounds good. Go for it, honey!” she said hoarsely as she lay flat on her back and spread her legs wide, feeling her little girl scoot between them eagerly.

With a little groan, Meg stuck her finger between her mother’s swollen cunt-lips and probed for her clit. She found it and rubbed it as she bent her head to see the stiff bud poking out of its protective sheath.

“Oh, Mom! Your clit’s so hard!” the teenager gasped excitedly.

“That’s how much you turn me on, honey,” Jill said, beginning to writhe on the bed. “Now be a good little girl and make your mother come!”

“Oh, yes, I will, Mom, I’ll make you come hard!” the teen promised with a nod of her head.

For just a second, Meg took her hand away from her mother’s cunt and raised it to her face. She closed her eyes in pleasure, breathing in the heady aroma of her mother’s cunt-sauce. Then she opened her eyes and gazed down hornily at the juicy pussy spread out for her hungry mouth.

The girl lowered her head as much as she could and stabbed at her mother’s cunt with her hot, rough tongue, scooping out all of the delicious-tasting fuck-juice which she could find. The taste of her own mother’s pussy-juice on her tongue aroused Meg powerfully. She felt her own little pussy twitching with fresh desire, and she knew that she needed to come again.

The idea of eating her mother’s pussy to orgasm was so exciting to the teenager that she was sure that just the thrill of making the older woman come would be more than enough to trigger her own orgasm.

“Eat meeee!” Jill wailed, clawing at her tits as she tossed and thrashed about on the bed beneath her daughter’s licking tongue.

Meg stabbed the full length of her tongue up into her mother’s fuck-hole.

“Unghhh!” Meg groaned, feeling the clasp of pussy-muscles around her tongue.

“Yesssss!” Jill hissed, lifting her hips up and rubbing her pussy against her daughter’s mouth.

Meg groaned again and forced her wet tongue deeper and deeper into the older woman’s pussyhole. Her mind spun with erotic joy, and she felt her own cunt oozing with more and more fuck-juice.

“Fuck me!” Jill demanded, flushing all over with arousal. “Fuck your mother with your tongue, you sexy little bitch!”

Her mother’s cries thrilled the girl and she pulled her tongue almost all the way out and then thrust it full back into her mother’s cunthole. As she tongue-fucked her mother’s fuckhole, she felt her own tight cunt-hole opening and closing automatically. She only wished there were a big cock fucking her while she tonguefucked her mother.

“Yes! Yes! Keep fucking me with your tongue just like that, Meg! It feels sooo good! It’s almost like having a little cock inside meeee,” Jill whimpered weakly.

Now, Meg took her tongue all the way out of her mother’s pussy-hole, and used it to lash at her mother’s clit.

“Yieee!” Jill cried, throwing her head back and clenching her teeth tightly together.

Again and again, the teenager licked her mother’s clit. Then, she wrapped her sensuous lips around the base of her trembling clit and sucked hard.

“Yessss!” Jill yelled.

Meg could feel her mother’s clit jerking and twitching violently against her tongue. Her own clit was stiff as a board now and throbbing hard. With a moan, Meg thrust her tongue back into the older woman’s cunt-hole, ramming it into her deeply.

“Ummmm!” Meg moaned, loving the steady flow of warm pussy-juice which was running from her mother’s cunt into her hungry mouth.

The teenager’s own pussy was burning up with desire as she continued to eat her mothers pussy. She knew that she was going to come soon. And she also could tell that her mother was only minutes away from a huge orgasm.

As Meg continued to eat the tasty clit spread out before her, she used both hands to stroke her mother’s juicy pussy-flesh, rubbing the cuntwalls and feeling them pulsate. She licked and sucked and nibbled, not neglecting even one inch of her mother’s delicious pussy. It was her first time eating out pussy, and she was beside herself with excitement and lust, surprised by what a thrill it was.

Meg knew deep down that she would always choose cock over pussy any day, but she also knew that she would love to get it on with another girl now and then. Suddenly, she thought about her cousin, Vicky, and she wondered if the girl had ever made it with another girl. The thought of making love with Vicky made another jolt of pussy-juice shoot from Meg’s pussy, and she felt her own warm fuck-juice wetting her inner thighs.

“Unnnhh, oh, God, Meg, you’re licking me sooo good! Your tongue is fucking so deep up my pussy! I love the way you’re making me feel!” Jill groaned, her voice slurred with fuck-lust.

Now, Meg concentrated on her mother’s clit. She licked the sexually charged fuck-bud with quick, strong caresses, coating it thoroughly with her saliva.

“Yesssss! That’s it, Meg! That’s it! My clit! Keep licking Mother’s clit like a good girl! Make Mom come!” Jill shrilled, so aroused now that she was only dimly aware of her own words.

After giving her mother’s clit a hard, thorough licking, Meg lashed its head with her tongue, whipping the blood-engorged tip mercilessly.

“Aieeee!” Jill gasped, surprised and delighted by the intense surge of pleasure that shot through her. She was amazed that her daughter was able to give her so much pleasure with her mouth, even though the teenager had never eaten pussy before.

As Meg continued to tongue-whip the head of her mother’s clit, she stiffened the middle finger of her right hand and rammed it up into the woman’s cunt-hole.

“Unghhh, ohhhh, God!” Jill groaned.

No girl had ever eaten her out so thoroughly or so deliciously before, and she could hardly believe all of the pleasure-filled feelings sweeping through her.

Meg’s pussy was burning hotter and hotter as she continued to lick her mother’s clit and finger-fuck her pussy-hole. She felt the older woman’s cunt-muscles clenching her finger tightly and she groaned with excitement, automatically tightening her own pussy-muscles at the same time.

“God, Meg, I have to lick your little pussy again! Hurry, honey, swing around so you can sit on my face while you keep eating me out!” Jill yelled suddenly.

With a little squeal, Meg quickly shifted position, straddling her mother’s face and not wasting any time in burying her own face between the woman’s legs once again.

“Yuhhhh!” Meg groaned happily as she felt her mother’s tongue plunging inside her aching pussy-hole.

Meg sucked hard on her mother’s clit as she felt the wet, motherly tongue ramming in and out of her own fuck-hole. She clasped her pussy muscles around her mother’s tongue, squeezing it as hard as she could, wanting to keep it inside her forever.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” Jill shouted only seconds later, and her pussy spasmed violently against her daughter’s mouth as her powerful orgasm overwhelmed her.

Meg felt and tasted her mother’s girl-cum shooting into her mouth. Her own pussy exploded at that same moment. She could feel her convulsing cunt vibrating strongly against her mother’s face, and she groaned and cried out with pleasure.


It was almost a week after her lesbian fuck session with her mother. Meg was lying across her bed, beginning to feel depressed. Her mother was at work, which meant that the teenaged girl was home alone… alone with her lust-filled thoughts about her Uncle Jeff.

Summer vacation was almost at an end. But, so far Meg had not been able to spend any time alone with her uncle. The last time that Meg had gone over there, Uncle Jeff had secretly squeezed one of her tits when no one else was around. But just as they had been leaning toward each other to kiss, her cousin Danny had come into the room and the uncle and niece had sprung guiltily apart. Meg had felt so horny and frustrated.

And then she suddenly realized that instead of waiting around for a chance to be alone, they should take matters into their own hands.

Meg’s heart pounded wildly as she dashed to the phone and dialed her uncle’s house. To her delight, he answered the phone himself.

“Hi, Uncle Jeff, it’s me, Meg,” the teen said, her pussy already beginning to drool with anticipation.

“Well, hello there, honey,” Jeff said thickly.

“I’ve been thinking… school starts next week and we’ll both be so busy then… don’t you think it would be great if you and I could have some time alone before then?” Meg asked eagerly.

“I sure do!” Jeff said. Then he lowered his voice to almost a whisper. “I’ve been wanting to be alone with you, Meg. We never did get a chance to finish what we started.”

“I know!” Meg cried, pleased that she and her uncle were thinking alike. “So why don’t we do something about it? Why don’t we meet someplace where we can be alone?”

“I think you’re right,” Uncle Jeff said lowly.

“I’ll meet you out at the old mill on Sutter Road in an hour, okay?”

“Okay! I’ll be there!” Meg cried happily.

She hung up the phone and danced around the room, hugging herself and laughing aloud.

The girl showered and dressed in a provocative outfit which she knew could not fail to turn her uncle on. She was wearing the tightest, briefest pair of shorts she owned, along with a very skimpy halter top. Its neckline plunged deeply, revealing a good deal of her developing tits.

Singing merrily to herself, Meg walked the short distance to the old mill where she was to meet her uncle. An hour later, Uncle Jeff had still not arrived. Another twenty minutes passed and Meg began to wonder if he was going to stand her up.

Finally, she saw his car.

“Uncle Jeff! I was getting worried!” she cried as he got out of his car, looking more attractive to her than ever.

“I can’t stay, Meg,” Jeff muttered, looking uneasy. “I just came to tell you I can’t be with you.”

“What?! But why?”

“I’ve got some news for you.”

He walked toward her. Meg saw that he was carrying a letter.

“What is it?” Meg asked flatly.

“This is a letter from the school board. It says that I’m being assigned to your school on a temporary transfer basis. Looks like I’ll be teaching you science after all, Meg,” Jeff said, looking down at the letter.

“But why? What happened to Mr. MacFarlane?”

“Apparently, he’s become ill and has to have surgery. I’ll be replacing him until he can return,” Jeff said.

When he looked up at her from the letter, Meg thought she saw an expression of sadness in his eyes and she wondered why. She was terribly disappointed that he couldn’t stick around to fuck her right then and there, but she was excited that he would be her science teacher.

“There’s more, Meg,” Uncle Jeff said, looking down at the letter again.

“What is it?”

“MacFarlane selected you to be his lab assistant next year, so I guess that means that you’ll be assisting me instead,” he said, not looking at her.

The momentary thrill Meg felt at being chosen lab assistant was quickly dashed by her uncle’s attitude.

“Don’t you want me to be your assistant?”

“Oh, yeah, sure,” he said, glancing briefly at her and then back at the letter.

But his tone of voice betrayed his words.

Jeff ran one hand through his hair distractedly, and shifted nervously from one foot to the other.

“Look, Meg, I’ve gotta get back home. There’s so much for me to do to prepare for this change. I want to be the best science teacher your school’s ever had. I’ll see you later,” Uncle Jeff said as he got back into his car.

With a wave of his hand, he was gone.

Tears sprang to Meg’s eyes. She couldn’t believe how anxious her uncle had been to get away from her. Why, he hadn’t even offered her a ride home. She began to walk back toward the house, wondering at the change in his attitude.

But the teenager’s spirits lifted somewhat when she turned the corner to her house and saw her cousins, Danny and Vicky, waiting for her on the front porch.

“Hi!” Vicky cried out in greeting when Meg was close enough to hear her.

“Where’ve you been?” Danny asked.

“Yeah, we’ve been waiting for you. We got bored at home and thought maybe the three of us could do something together,” Vicky said as Meg reached the front porch.

“Sure! I’d like that,” Meg said, unlocking the front door and standing back to let her cousins enter the house. She followed them and closed the door. “I’m feeling kinda down, so I’m glad you guys are here. Where’s Ron?”

“Oh, he’s back at the house. He has some of his friends over for a swim and we’re just getting in the way,” Vicky said, making a face. “You know what a pain big brothers can be sometimes!”

They all laughed, and Meg realized that she was already beginning to feel better.

Meg made a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade and carried it into the den, along with a plate of home-made cookies. Danny was sprawled on the floor and Vicky was sitting on the couch. They had turned the television on to an old romantic movie.

“Did you really want to watch that? It’s so corny!” Meg said, pouring lemonade for all of them and setting the cookies down.

“I know… it really is,” Vicky said as she and her brother helped thorns elves to the cookies and began to drink their lemonade. “They always talk about sex in these old movies but they never do it!”

“Yeah, or if they do, they do it off-camera where we can’t see it,” Danny said.

“Oh come on, now,” Meg said with a little laugh, sipping at her own lemonade and nibbling on a cookie. “They can’t very well show us all the details of fucking!”

“Why not? They show us everything on video cassettes!” Danny said.

“You’re kidding! Have you guys really seen one of those X-rated videos?” Meg asked excitedly.

“Not one, but about half a dozen,” Vicky said, laughing at the look of shock on her cousin’s face.

“They’re pretty hot all right,” Danny said, staring at Meg’s nipples which were growing stiff and beginning to strain against the right fabric of her halter top. “A friend of mine got ahold of them and his dad’s got a VCR so that’s where Vicky and I saw them.”

“They’re a real turn-on all right,” Vicky said, “but they’re not nearly as good as the real thing.”

“The real thing?” Meg asked thickly. “You m… Vicky, I thought that you were probably still a virgin.”

“Not a chance!” Vicky laughed.

“Thank God for that!” Danny said. “And don’t try to tell us that you’re a virgin, Meg. We know better. Ron told us!”

Meg blushed furiously and looked away.

“Hey, hey, don’t get all embarrassed onus,” Danny said, reaching out and stroking the girl’s naked thigh beneath her shorts. “You should feel flattered. After all, Ron told us what a great fuck you are!”

“We want to make it with you!” Vicky said, reaching out and stroking Meg’s bare leg while Danny’s hand continued to slide up and down Meg’s other inner thigh.

“All three of us?” Meg gasped.

“Sure! It’s the greatest!” Vicky cried, standing up and stripping so quickly that she was completely naked almost before Meg even realized what she was doing.

“I’ll say! I love orgies!” Danny cried, rising from the floor and peeling his own clothes off. “Come on, Meg, get with it! Strip!”

Meg hesitated only a minute or two. She looked from Vicky to Danny and back to Danny again. She loved their naked bodies and she knew that she was eyeing them hungrily. She gave a soft little moan and tore her top off, exposing her tits to her cousin’s gaze.

“Mmmmm, nice tits,” Vicky murmured, moving closer to her cousin. She reached out and gently stroked one of Meg’s tits.

“Yeah, real nice,” Danny rasped, touching Meg’s other tit in a not-so-gentle way, squeezing her firm tit-flesh.

“Ohhhhh!” Meg moaned.

“Hurry! Get those shorts off!” Vicky cried impatiently, beginning to tug at them.

Before Meg could even begin to take her shorts off, her cousins had removed them in a flash.

“Wow! No panties!” Danny said, staring intently at Meg’s naked pussy.

“Were you planning to fuck someone, Meg?” Vicky asked with a grin as she brushed the back of her hand against her cousin’s pussy-hairs.

“No! Don’t be silly!” Meg protested with a flush, thinking of her ill-fated rendezvous with Uncle Jeff.

“Well, maybe you weren’t planning to fuck today but you’re going to… with us,” Danny said, pulling both Meg and Vicky down to the floor with them.

“I want to see you two kissing!” the teen said, pushing the two girls together.

Meg and Vicky grinned excitedly at one another for just a second. Then they locked their mouths together for a series of deep, probing tongue-kisses.

“Yeah! That’s what I like to see!” Danny grunted, slowly stroking his hardening cock.

Meg and Vicky continued to kiss, fondling and caressing each other’s tits at the same time.

“Okay, enough of that. Now I want to see some tit-sucking!” Danny commanded, leaning back and stroking his cock a little faster now.

Meg and Vicky broke their kiss and Vicky eagerly buried her face between her cousin’s tits, feeling Meg’s firm tit-flesh pressing against the sides of her head.

“Those nips looks like they’re gonna explode any minute!” Danny said with a groan, looking from one pair of stiff-nippled tits to the other.

Meg found herself thrusting her chest outward to press her tits against Vicky’s face. She felt the other girl’s warm lips encircling one of her fat nipples and much of her surrounding tit-flesh.

“Yessss, Vicky, suck my tit!” she cried.

“Yeah, suck it hard, Vicky!” Danny yelled, squeezing his raging hard-on.

“Mmmmm.” Vicky responded, her mouth too packed with tit-meat to be able to say anything more.

She sucked hard on her cousin’s tit, licking, sucking, and nibbling on the turgid nip. She could feel the rock-hard nip throbbing against her lips and tongue, and her little pussy become soaking wet.

As her cousin continued to suck on her tit, Meg moved one hand down between Vicky’s spread thighs and rubbed the other girl’s aroused pussy, toying with her stiffening clit. She felt a flood of cunt-juice wash over her hand. Knowing that Danny was watching it all just enhanced Meg’s excitement and pleasure.

The feel of her cousin’s fingers sliding in and out of her cunt-hole and playing with her clit aroused Vicky beyond belief. She sucked still harder on Meg’s tit.

“Ohhhhh, Vicky’s that feels soooo friggin’ good!” Meg gasped, wriggling her stiffened middle finger up into the other id’s cunt-hole, penetrating her deeply as if her finger were actually a fat cock. She finger-fucked Vicky’s juicy cunt while the girl continued to suck on Meg’s nipple, slurping noisily.

“Jeesus! You two bitches are really hot today!” Danny grunted, still fingering his hard-on.

He gripped his prick harder, moving his fist rapidly up and down its full length.

Suddenly Meg pulled back, freeing her nipple from Vicky’s mouth.

“I want to lick Vicky’s pussy!” she cried, looking at Danny, as if seeking his permission.

He nodded. “Go for it! Lick her good and make her come!” he said thickly.

“Ohhhh, yeah, eat me out, Meg!” Vicky cried, throwing herself onto her back there on the floor and spreading her legs wide for her cousin.

Meg crouched on all fours between her cousin’s wide-splayed legs and lowered her head, remembering the thrilling pussy-eating session she had with her mother.

As Meg lowered her head to Vicky’s sweet smelling pussy, she lifted her little ass up high, wiggling it from side to side in Danny’s direction.

Then, as Danny watched her and Vicky begged her to hurry, Meg pressed her trembling mouth against the other girl’s cunt-lips. She stuck her tongue far out and began to lick.

“Yeah! Eat meeee!” Vicky cried, her thighs and hips jerking and bucking uncontrollably.

Meg’s head bobbed up and down as she licked her cousin’s tasty little cunt, moaning with excitement and pleasure as she lapped up the flowing pussy-juice.

Danny groaned louder and louder, still jerking himself off. Tie was thinking that he had never seen his cousin look so sexy. Her hips and tits and ass were all jiggling and bouncing lewdly.

“Ummmmmm, mmmfff,” Meg moaned, the sound muffled by Vicky’s wet cunt-flesh pressed so tightly against his face. Meg could hear Danny’s hand moving wetly up and down his prick, and it turned her on incredibly to know that he was beating his cock-meat while watching her eat his sister out.

Now, Meg rammed her tongue fully up her cousin’s cunt-hole.

“Shiiiit, yeah! That’s it! Fuck me with your tongue!” Vicky shrilled.

Meg felt Vicky’s pussy-muscles closing tightly about her tongue and she moaned again. Her own little pussy was so wet now that her fuckjuice began to overflow and dribble down her thighs.

Danny licked hit ups as he stared at his cousin’s bobbing head and her pussy-penetrating tongue. He groaned and rose to his knees, crawling behind Meg.

“I’ve gotta fuck you now, Meg!” he gasped, feeling as if he would literally explode with desire if he didn’t raw his hard cock into her pussy right then and there.

“Uuuhhh,” Meg moaned, thrilled by the idea of Danny dog-fucking her from behind while she continued to eat Vicky’s little pussy. And she attacked Vicky’s cunt with vengeance, licking, sucking, and biting her sensitive cunt-flesh.

“Yeooowww! I love it!” Vicky cried.

Meg continued to feast on Vicky’s tasty pussy as Danny knelt behind her, fondling her rounded ass-cheeks. He gripped her twin ass mound, kneading them, rubbing them together and then spreading them lewdly apart. He stoked his stiff prick between them, making Meg moan louder and higher.

Meg knew that her little pussy was more than ready for her cousin’s hard cock. It was hot and wet, dripping wet.

“Gotta fuck you!” Danny husked as he gripped his cock and pressed his cock-head against his cousin’s drooling pussy-lips.

The teen thrust forward with the lower half of his body, fully sinking his prick deeply into his cousin’s cunt.

“Unnnghhh,” Meg groaned.

Meg felt Danny’s entire prick sinking into her pussy, deeper and deeper, until finally his bloated prick-head banged up against the very back wall of her pussy. She shuddered all over with pleasure and shoved her ass back at him to capture as much of his cock-meat inside her pussy as possible.

Danny pulled his cock almost entirely out of his cousin’s pussy, not stopping until only his cock-head was still buried inside her. Then, he took a deep breath and shoved forward with his hips again.

“Yuuuhh,” Meg gasped against Vicky’s pussy as once again she felt Danny’s prick sinking to the hilt inside her. She thrust her tongue in and out of Vicky’s streaming pussy-hole while Danny continued to dog-fuck her with deep and deliciously hard fuck-strokes.

“Ohhhh! You’re fucking me harder with your tongue now? I love it!” Vicky cried. Her cousin’s mouth was plastered tightly against Vicky’s pussy, and each time Danny fucked into Meg’s pussy from behind, Vicky knew it for she felt the hard press of Meg’s mouth against her crotch. And she felt the vibrations of Meg’s pleasure-filled moans all the way through her cunt.

Knowing that her brother was dog-fucking their cousin while Meg ate her out thrilled Vicky, and she began to come.

“Commmiiinnngg!” she shrieked, and her pussy-flesh spumed convulsively around her cousins fucking tongue.

Meg swallowed the mouthful of girl-cum that gushed into her sucking mouth from Vicky’s orgasming cunt.

“Unnggghhh,” Danny grunted, hearing his sister coming hard. “Your little pussy’s great, Meg… so tight… so wet!”

He fucked his cousin harder, rocking back and forth as he pumped his thick prick in and out of her clasping cunt. He was fucking her so deeply now that each time he plunged into her, his hips slammed violently against her asscheeks, making them buck and bounce obscenely.

“Keep fucking me with your tongue, Meg! I wanna come again!” Vicky cried, reaching down and clutching the sides of her cousin’s head to hold her face in place.

Meg was only too happy to keep tongue fucking her cousin while Danny continued to dog-fuck her from behind. She thrust the full length of her tongue in and out of Vicky’s spuming fuck-hole, keeping pace with Danny’s cock-thrusts into her on pussy.

“Commiiinnngg! You made me come again, Meg!” Vicky yelled as her second orgasm blasted through her.

Meg wrenched her face away from her cousin’s cunt and gazed down at Vicky’s pussy, watching the wet pussy-meat spasming in orgasm. She thrust her ass-cheeks back as hard as possible, eagerly impaling her wet pussy on the full length of Danny’s super-hard prick again and again.

“I’m commmiiinnng, you bitch!” Danny gasped as he unloaded into his cousin’s cunt.

“Ohhhhh, look at Danny! He’s coming so hard!” Vicky cried. She had crawled around behind Meg so she could watch her brother dog fucking the other girl. As Vicky watched Danny coming inside Meg’s cunt, she pawed at her own pussy, keeping her orgasm at a high pitch.

“God! I can feel all your cum filling me all up, Danny!” Meg screeched as she felt wads of thick hot cum gushing into her. The exquisite feel of her cousin’s jism pumping relentlessly into her triggered her own orgasm, and she came harder than she had expected.

“Ohhhhh, it’s sooo good,” she moaned weakly.

Still coming, she collapsed face down onto the floor. Danny kept his prick inside her pussy, still shooting off. And then Meg felt Vicky’s hands caressing her ass-cheeks and thrusting one finger into her tight asshole. Meg’s orgasm peaked.


School started the following week and Meg was glad. At least she would be able to see her Uncle Jeff, since she would be assisting him in the science lab.

Meg felt proud that the new good-looking science teacher was her own uncle. She knew that the other girls all had crushes on him and that they envied her for her relationship with him.

If they only knew that Uncle Jeff and I will be fucking each other soon, Meg thought smugly as she walked through the halls at school.

Meg assisted him during the lab part of the science period. She was thrilled to be standing up there with him, because being so close to him turned her on. She could smell his aftershave lotion and she pressed closer to him, loving the aroma which she thought was erotic.

Meg smiled to herself, thinking that when she and her uncle were alone together, it would be different. Then, he would relax and be more himself with her.

The following period was Meg’s study hall and, as arranged, she stayed in the lab to help her uncle clean up. When the last of the other students had drifted out of the door, she turned toward her uncle.

“Now we’re alone, Uncle Jeff,” she murmured huskily.

“Yeah, well, listen, Meg, you’ve been a big help but I think you can go now,” Uncle Jeff said.

He put his hand on the girl’s shoulder to steer her toward the door, and Meg felt a hot thrill shoot through her body.

“But, Uncle Jeff, I-I don’t understand,” she whispered, staying where she was.

“What do you mean?”

“What about us? You’re acting so weird. I thought that you and I… I mean, I thought that you wanted me like I want you!” the girl said in a rush, her cheeks burning with humiliation as she realized that she wouldn’t be able to stand it if her uncle didn’t want to fuck her after all.

“Look, Meg,” Uncle Jeff said, still wiping up the already-clean table, “you and I both know it wouldn’t be right. Don’t make this any harder on us.”

“Wouldn’t be right?” Meg echoed disbelievingly.

Jeff nodded and finally turned to face her, his eyes burning into hers with an expression she could not quite make out.

“I’ve given it a lot of thought and it just wouldn’t be right. You and I… well, we’re just going to have to forget all about that other stuff that happened between us before,” Uncle Jeff said. Then he turned away from his niece and headed toward the door. “Thanks for all your help. See you tomorrow.”

Meg’s mouth fell open in shock as she watched her uncle walk away from her. She was stunned. And more hurt than she had ever been before. As if in a daze, she gathered up her books, went to the school office to say that she was ill, and then she went home where she spent the rest of that day huddled into a tight little ball in her bed, tears streaming down her face.

Meg stayed out of school the next day, too, telling her mother that she had a bad case of monthly cramps. By the time Meg returned to school and to the science lab, she felt somewhat better. She was still confused and disappointed. Meg still felt hurt but she no longer felt personally rejected. After all, she told herself, it’s incest he’s against, not me.

Even though Meg did not agree with her uncle about incest, she felt a grudging respect for the man for sticking to his principles and, if anything, she loved him more than ever before.

She didn’t want to make things any harder on him and so she kept her distance from him as they worked together in the lab. When they were alone after class, they exchanged only small talk.

But one day while they were alone in the lab, going over some point in the science book, Meg found herself reaching out and touching his hand lightly. When he didn’t move away from her, she smiled up at him and was startled and delighted to see him looking down at her with an intense, smoldering expression.

Suddenly, everything seemed all right again. Meg felt herself being caught up in a magical glow that seemed to embrace her and her uncle. And, as if she were in a dream, she reached over and brought her lips to his. For just a second, their lips fused. She was sure she heard Uncle Jeff groan before he wrenched away from her. He closed the book and backed away from her.

“What are you doing?” he demanded angrily. “We talked about this before! It can’t happen, do you hear me, Meg? Do you hear me?”

“Yes, I hear you!” Meg cried, coming down from her rosy dream with a hard painful thump.

She felt her face flush, and tears filled her eyes. She began to sob as she rushed out of the room.

Mortified, the girl dashed toward the haven of home, almost wishing she would be struck down by a speeding car. Then, maybe Uncle Jeff would be sorry and he’d realize how much he loves me! she thought angrily.

But, by the time she reached a drugstore near her house, she realized that such thoughts were childish. So he doesn’t go for incest! she thought. Big deal! I can get along without him!

“Hey, Meg, wanna ride?” Ron called out from his car as he pulled up next to her.

Meg turned to face her cousin and she smiled at him, thinking that he was just what she needed to help her forget all about Uncle Jeff.

“Sure!” she chirped, hopping into his car. She snuggled up close to the teen and looked up at him through her long eyelashes.

“How’re you doin’?” Ron asked with a grin. “Your eyes look kind of red. Have a cold?”

“No, just an allergy,” Meg lied, wondering what he would think if she knew that she had been crying because his father wouldn’t fuck her. “It must be nice to be old enough to be able to drive a car,” she said, wanting to change the subject.

“Yeah, I’ll say. A lot of interesting things have gone on in this old car,” Ron said as he reached out and stroked his cousin’s tits through her blouse.

“I’ll bet!” Meg said, and they both laughed. Her fingers played up and down the teen’s leg as he headed the car out of town toward the lake. Her hand was slowly working its way up to his crotch. Ron groaned and spread his legs farther apart, unconsciously driving faster.

“Ohhh, Ron, you’ve got a hard-on already! I hope it’s for me!” she husked as she felt the hard bulge of his cock through his pants.

“Who else?” Ron rasped.

Meg unzipped the teen’s pants and slipped her eager fingers inside. She caught his naked cock in her hand and squeezed it wantonly.

“Ohhhh, I love this!” she cooed, feeling her cousin’s cock swelling more in her hand.

As she handled her cousin’s prick, Meg caught herself wondering what Uncle Jeff’s cock looked and felt like.

“I wanna kiss your cock,” she said suddenly. Ron’s eyes widened and he gasped. He all but ran his car off the road as he whirled his head around to look down at his cousin’s upraised, lust flushed face.

“Well, do it then!” he said in a choked voice. Meg spread the teen’s pants farther open. She hauled his cock out in the open and quickly lowered her head. Gripping Ron’s cock firmly at its base, she ran her tongue across his pulse big cock-knob and then planted a lewd, openmouthed kiss on the very tip.

“God, suck me!” Ron groaned, fighting to keep his car on the road.

Again, Meg licked over his cock-head with the flat of her tongue.

“Shiiit!” Ron cried.

Suddenly, Meg lowered her mouth on him, taking almost the full length of his prick into her mouth with one single, hard swallow.

The car lurched dangerously to the side, hitting the curb and bouncing back onto the road. It took every ounce of Ron’s self-control to steer his car on down the road toward the lake. Finally, he reached the cutoff and he turned sharply down the narrow dirt road, finally coming to a stop in the secluded clearing by the lake.

“Let’s get out of the car,” Ron said thickly. But Meg would not release his prick. She sucked him hard for several more minutes while he moaned with pleasure and stroked her shiny hair. Then she withdrew her mouth from his cock-stalk and licked his meaty prick from root to p. She lapped the underside of his balls with her wet tongue. Then she licked all over his cock-head once more and finally sucked it back into her mouth.

“Oh, wow, Meg, you can really suck cock!” Ron groaned, humping his ass up from the seat as best he could to feed more of his cock-meat into his cousin’s sucking mouth.

Meg slowly took more and more of Ron’s hot, pulsating prick into her mouth, thrilled by his moans and groans of incestuous pleasure. She let her sharp teeth graze the underside of his aching cock, and he groaned even louder.

“Unnhhh!” Meg groaned herself, loving the feel of her cousin’s hard cock inside her mouth.

She felt his prick rubbing demandingly against the insides of her cheeks and she trembled. She could hear the sound of her wet lips sliding up and down the teen’s bursting cock, and her pussy quivered. Her hot cunt-juice was overflowing from her twitching pussy.

“Yeah, Meg, yeah! Suck my cock haaaard!” Ron yelled.

The girl was sucking her cousin’s cock so hard now that her cheeks were hollowed and her nose was buried in his bed of soft prickhairs. She could feel his broad cock-head throbbing against the back of her throat.

“Unnghhh!” she groaned.

Ron gave a hard shove with an upward swing of his hips. At the same instant, Meg swallowed as hard as she could. And between the two of them, they managed to sink the full length of the teen’s prick down Meg’s throat.

She immediately tightened her throat-muscles around his throbbing cock-meat.

“Shiiiiit! That’s woo fuckin’ good! Yeah, Meg, yeah, deep-throat me! Make me come, bitch! I wanna unload right down your throat!” Ron gasped.

He continued to buck his ass up and down from the seat, feeding the full length of his prick down his cousin’s throat with each upward lunge.

Meg met her cousin’s upward humping movements with a downward bobbing of her head, eagerly swallowing his cock whole. She closed her fist around the base of his cock and tugged even more of it down her throat. She was sucking him so hard now that she felt dizzy. But she refused to stop. She knew that his orgasm was only minutes away, and she longed to feel his cum shooting into her mouth.

“Good God! I’m gonna come!” Ron cried loudly as his prick swelled to absolute stiffness down his cousin’s throat, bucking wildly against her clenching throat-muscles.

“Ummmmm,” Meg moaned, trying to let him know that she wanted him to go ahead and shoot.

Suddenly, she felt his cock lurching uncontrollably down her throat. She squeezed the base of his prick harder with her hand.

Gushers of hot, white spunk burst from the tip of Ron’s prick with a violence, pumping into Meg’s belly. She pulled her mouth back, wanting to taste the teen’s cum. She felt his thick goo exploding out onto her aroused tastebuds, and she moaned around his fat, orgasming cock.

“Ummmm!” she moaned, thinking how good it tasted.

It felt creamy and warm on her tongue and she swallowed it eagerly, wanting more. She didn’t have long to wait, for more and more cum shot from Ron’s piss-slit and splashed into the teenaged girl’s sucking mouth. She could feel every nook and cranny of her mouth being thickly coated with his incestuous cum.

Just as she swallowed the last of Ron’s cum, she felt her pussy throbbing madly with her own orgasm. She cried out and slid her mouth off of her cousin’s prick, sagging weakly against him as she came.

“You’re coming, aren’t you?” Ron asked excitedly as he reached out and pinched the girl’s nipples through her blouse.

But Meg could only moan weakly and nod as she continued to come.

Ron embraced his cousin and held her tightly through her orgasm, stroking her tits all the while.

“Let’s get out of the car,” he muttered the instant that Meg stopped trembling. He knew that her orgasm had ended, and now it was time to fuck her.

“Yeah, let’s!” Meg cried.

Meg and Ron stood out in the grassy clearing next to the lake, panting harshly as they stared hornily at each other. Then, with a little moan, Meg quickly undressed, shivering from the cool breeze from the lake and from the sexual excitement that pounded through her loins.

“Hurry, Ron! Take your clothes off!” she cried, seeing that her cousin was still standing there, staring at her naked body with lust-filled eyes.

When he still didn’t move, Meg stepped forward and hauled his pants down until they were hunched around his ankles. She groaned as she saw his naked cock jut out lewdly from his crotch, rock-hard and ready to fuck.

“God, I can’t wait any longer, Ron! Don’t bother to undress! Just fuck me like that! Fuck me now!” the girl squealed as she threw herself down onto the ground, lying flat on her back, and spreading her legs wide.

Ron knelt between his cousin’s thighs and thrust his hips forward, plunging his big hard cock into her cunt.

“Yessss!” Meg screamed as he felt her cousin’s big prick surging into her wetly clasping cunt-hole.

Her face twisted with fuck-lust. She humped her ass up from the ground and arched her crotch toward his drilling prick.

She felt the heady thrill she always experienced when a big hard cock speared into her hungry little pussy. But, as she had been discovering lately, incestuous fucking was the best possible kind of fucking there was.

Again and again, Ron fucked the full length of his cock into his cousin’s pussy. He felt her strong cunt-muscles closing around the sides of his cock-meat.

The sensation of being plugged full of cockmeat filled Meg with shock waves of pleasure. She thrust her cunt up harder and harder against his deeply stabbing prick.

“Unnnhh, ohhhh, yesss, Ron!” she moaned. “God! I love fucking you, Meg!” Ron panted, shoving his entire cock into her twitch pussy.

Meg’s head jerked from side to side violently, continuous moans of ecstasy coming from her slack mouth, which was now drooling lewdly at the corners. Her long, slender legs trembled as she wrapped them around Ron’s hard body, and her face and tits flushed with exertion and arousal.

She continued to work her strong, tight pussy muscles around the long, thick cock that was now fucking in and out of her cunt with deep, drilling fuck-strokes.

Suddenly, Ron stopped, resting his stiff prick in his cousin’s snug little cunt. He grinned down at her, his face damp with sweat.

“Why are you stopping?” Meg asked, her words strangled with fuck-lust.

“We’re fucking so fast… so hard gonna come… ohhhh… want it to last longer… don’t you?” Ron choked out.

“God, yes! It feels soooo good, I don’t want it to ever end!” Meg cried.

Ron grinned again, pleased by his cousin’s words. Then he lowered his head and kissed her tits, each in turn, coiling his wet tongue around her stiff, pink nips. He could feel her warm titflesh pulsing in his mouth, and his cock jerked with excitement.

“Ohhhhh, good, good!” Meg groaned, running her trembling fingers through the hairs on her cousin’s chest. And she thrust her chest out and upward, shoving more of her tit-flesh into his mouth.

She could feel the teen’s churning balls cuddled up against her ass-crack.

“Time to fuck again, baby!” Ron panted hoarsely.

“Oh, yes, Ron, fuck me again! Fuck me hard like before and make me come!” the girl squealed.

With a lust-filled groan, Ron began to fuck his big hard prick into Meg’s tight, wet pussy once again.

“Yeah! Yeah! Fuck me good and hard!” Meg yelled as she felt his cock-head striking the back wall of her little pussy.

“Don’t worry, baby, I’ll fuck you hard all right! I’ll fuck my cock right through your body!” the teen growled.

“Goody! Do it!”

Ron’s entire body shuddered as he threw his whole cock in and out of his cousin’s tightly clenching pussy. His eyes widened, his lips drew back from his teeth, and his fuck-strokes quickened.

“Ohhhhh, I’m almost there, Ron! It feels soooo good! Keep fucking me like that, Ron! I’m gonna come!” Meg whined as he drove his big cock deeper and deeper inside her.

The sloshing sounds of his prick driving through her wet pussy-flesh aroused both of the incestuous lovers, and they groaned in unison.

“Hang on tight, bitch!” Ron growled just seconds later. “‘Cause I’ve got a huge wad of cum my balls are cookin’ up just for you!”

Her cousin’s obscene promise thrilled the girl beyond belief. Her little cunt twitched uncontrollably against Ron’s deeply rutting prick. And she could feel her clit swelling more and more with each meaty plunge of his cock into her.

“Commmiiinnggg!” she squealed and she closed her eyes tightly in pleasure, savoring the feel of Ron’s big cock continuing to fuck her deeply.

His ass pistoned up and down and his prick fucked hard in and out of her orgasming cunt. His big, loaded balls were bunched up against her ass.

“Come! Come inside meeee!” Meg wailed. And he came. Hot, thick cum hosed out of his piss-slit and shot into Meg’s cunt-hole, intensifying her own orgasm. She hugged his body closer to hers as her pussy spasmed violently.

“God! You’re coming hard!” Ron panted, clenching his teeth tightly together.

“So are you!” Meg whimpered.

As Ron continued to shoot his heavy load into his cousin’s cunt, he felt the intense tremors of her clasping cunt, and he heard her eager moans of pleasure and lust. Her little ass humped up from the pound and her legs quaked around his body. She clawed at his heaving chest with her sharp rmganails.

“Ohhh, it’s soooo good!” Meg cried.

And then, just as she felt her orgasm beginning to subside, she came again, even harder this time.


Meg and her cousin Ron stayed in the clearing by the lake for a couple of more hours, sucking and fucking each other with all the passion of youth. The incestuous nature of their acts served to heighten their pleasure.

“I guess I’d better get on home. Mom will probably be wondering what happened to me,” Meg said reluctantly, still breathing hard from the hard ass-fucking her cousin had just given her.

“I thought your Mom was at work,” Ron said, helping his cousin up from the ground and watching her as she began to dress.

“That’s where she’d usually be. But this is the day she gets off at noon,” Meg explained.

Ron drove Meg home, but on the way she had him stop at the local florist shop. She went inside and bought a small spray of carnations for her mother. She grinned all the way home, thinking how surprised and delighted her mother wold be at the unexpected gift.

Once inside her house, Meg tiptoed silently toward the kitchen, certain that she would find her mother there. But, to her surprise, Meg discovered that the kitchen was empty. The woman’s car was in the driveway, so there was no question she was home.

I know! Meg thought with a snap of her fingers. She’s probably upstairs in her room, taking a nap!

Outside her mother’s half-opened bedroom door, Meg heard little murmurs of sound. She raised her free hand and opened the door a little wider, peering inside.

She froze, her mouth falling open in shock. Jill and her brother Jeff were locked in each other’s arms on the woman’s bed. Jeff had his arms around her and he was clutching at her ass, pulling her body up against his as their lips met with an obviously savage need.

My God! Uncle Jeff! And Mom! Meg cried to herself. She could hardly believe what she was seeing. She felt utterly betrayed, and she willed herself not to look at the couple on the bed. But her eyes never left them.

And, even as she felt the feelings of betrayal and jealousy ringing through her, the girl became aware of another feeling just as strong… lust.

Jeff’s thick tongue drove wildly into his sister’s mouth, plunging deeply toward the back of her throat, almost suffocating the older woman with the intensity of his kiss.

She moaned happily as she felt Jeff’s big tongue plunging in and out of her mouth. Her arms tightened around his broad back. Her hips pound slowly from side to side against him, feeling the swelling bulge of his prick, which was hardening more and more with each passing second.

Unaware that her daughter was watching her every move, Jill worked one hand down between her and her lover, squeezing his prick hard.

“God, Jeff, I can’t believe what a hard-on you’ve got! I don’t think I’ve ever seen or felt your cock this big! Whatever’s got you so fuckin’ turned on… I’m glad! Come on, baby, fuck me with this big cock of yours!” Jill gurgled.

Out in the hallway, Meg trembled at her mother’s words. For, the woman had just announced that this was not the first time she and her brother had fucked.

Jeff moved back from his sister and looked down at her with the gleam of lust in his eye. Jill lay there on her back, her legs spread wide, breathing hard with desire as she looked up at her brother.

Then, Jeff bent over Jill and his hands gripped her tits, squeezing them hard. He pressed her twin tit-mounds together and kneaded them with a sure touch until her nips were stiff and pointy.

He fell forward, his mouth sucking her rigid nips into his mouth. He seized them and clamped his jaws gently together, shaking them from side to side, as if he were a dog worrying a bone.

“Yesss, Jeff!” Jill hissed. She shuddered at the delicious combination of pain and pleasure that shot through her body.

Outside the bedroom, Meg watched her mother pressing her hand against the back of Uncle Jeff’s head, urging him to suck her tits harder. Meg trembled, surprised at her own reaction. She would not have thought it possible in the midst of her jealousy and anger to feel so turned on.

The teenager found her hand sliding beneath the waistband of her skirt as if it had a will all its own. She began to stroke her pussy, finding it even wetter than her cousin’s had left it. And, as she fondled and squeezed her little cunt, Meg continued to spy on her mother and uncle, eager to see what they would do next.

Jill’s hands moved up and down her brothers naked back as he continued to suck and nibble on her tits. She squealed with excitement, begging him for more. At the same time, she opened and closed her legs, squirming erotically beneath the man’s body as they both turned on more and more.

Then, Jeff began to work his tongue down the woman’s chest, licking her naked flesh slowly, teasingly to her belly. There, he drove the tip of his wet tongue into her bellybutton.

“Unghhh!” Jill groaned, bouncing up from the bed.

Jeff lifted her legs up onto his shoulders and stared down at her naked cunt.

“Ohhhh,” he groaned.

For just a minute, Meg was forced to close her eyes against the sight of her uncle ogling her mother’s pussy.

That should be me with Uncle Jeff, the teenager thought with a jolt of pain. Uncle Jeff should be making love to me!

But then the sound of her mother’s lust choked voice begging Uncle Jeff to lick her pussy made the girl’s eyes snap open again. And she began to stroke her wet pussy again as she watched her mother and uncle.

“Eat meeee, Jeff!” Jill shrilled.

Jeff lowered his head, his mouth planting little kisses all over his sister’s pussy-mound. He pulled her even closer, forcing her to lift her legs almost straight up from the bed. Then, he buried his face in the damp muff of her pussy fur.

“Yesssss!” Jill screeched with delight as she felt her brother’s tongue driving deeply into her cunt-hole.

Her hands gripped his shoulders, her fingernails digging into his back as Jeff’s head began to bob slowly up and down between her thighs, tongue-fucking her horny cunt.

Meg dipped one finger between her tight pussy-lips and thrust it into her pussy-hole, wishing with all her heart that it were Uncle Jeff’s tongue inside her instead of her own finger.

For long moments, Jeff continued to fuck his whole tongue in and out of his sister’s pussyhole. Then he pulled his mouth away from her and scooted closer to her cunt with the lower part of his body.

Jill gazed up at her brother’s hard cock, her eyes widening with excitement. Her hands moved and she lightly stroked the insides of his naked thighs. Then, she cupped the swinging weight of his loaded balls. She sat up in bed and beat forward, kissing both of her brother’s balls. Then, she licked them all over with the wet tip of her tongue as Jeff’s hands pressed her head closer.

“Yeah, yeah, Jill, you know how I always honk when you do that to me!” Jeff groaned.

Still watching her uncle and mother, Meg continued to fuck herself with her finger, plunging it deeper and more violently into her wet pussy with each thrust. She moaned softly, careful not to be over bend. She felt more and more cuntjuice seeping from her pussy-walls and soaking her finger. She trembled all over, thinking how good it must feel to her mother to have Uncle Jeff’s balls against her tongue-caresses.

Jill’s mouth opened wider and she sucked both of her brother’s balls gently into her hot, wet mouth. She loved the way they throbbed so strongly against the insides of her cheeks.

Jeff’s tongue began to stroke up and down the full length of her brother’s prick, circling it and nibbling on it in the way that she knew would drive the man half-mad with pleasure and desire. She had to bend and strain her neck uncomfortably to reach Jeff’s entire prick with her mouth. But she was so aroused now that every single sensation she was experiencing was an exciting one, even if it was a little painful.

“God, what you’re doing to me, Jill!” Jeff groaned, closing his eyes and swaying slightly on his knees.

Jill captured the knob of her brother’s pulsating cock and sucked it fully into her mouth. She held him in place for a spellbinding moment. Then she began to lick him furiously. She washed every inch of his prick-meat with her lashing tongue until she felt his prick jerking wildly in her mouth.

Meg moaned softly again, wondering what it would feel like to have Uncle Jeff’s cock inside her mouth.

How did Mom get so fuckin’ lucky? the teenager asked herself with that feeling of jealousy again.

Meg still had her mother’s carnations clutched in one hand, and she squeezed them hard as she continued to fuck the middle finger of her other hand in and out of her throbbing cunt-hole.

Inside the bedroom, Jill continued to suck on her brother’s cock as her fingers moved down to the sac dangling between his legs. She tickled at his hairy balls with her fingertips, making Jeff groan even louder.

As the woman sucked her brother’s cock and stroked his balls, she felt his prick swelling more and more until she could no longer keep all of his cock-meat inside her mouth. She slipped her mouth off of him with a little moan.

“Lie on your back!” she said, breathing rapidly. “I can suck your cock better that way.”

“You got it!” Jeff husked with a grin as she lay down flat on his back.

When Meg saw her uncle’s prick sticking straight up into the air, rock-hard and visibly throbbing, she felt her pussy-muscles clench her finger hard.

Oh, Uncle Jeff! she cried inwardly. I want you! More than ever!

Jill hovered over her brother’s crotch and she sucked his cock back into her mouth, taking him as deeply as possible without choking. Her lips tightened and loosened rhythmically around him as she sucked his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Unggghh, gonna pop, baby, keep sucking me!” Jeff groaned as his prick bucked wildly inside his sister’s mouth.

Suddenly, Jill’s mouth was filled with her brother’s hot cum. She swallowed hard and fast, trying to take it all down. But there was so much of his spunk that some of it burbled out of her stretched-out lips and dribbled down onto her chin.

Meg chewed on her lower lip as she felt herself beginning to come. She closed her eyes, concentrating all of her attention and effort on the waves of orgasmic pleasure racing through her cunt. She continued to finger-fuck herself as she came, breathing hard and fast.

When she opened her eyes after her climax, Meg expected to see her uncle and mother lying apart, thinking that their sex session had ended. But to her surprise, her mother was now straddling Uncle Jeff’s prick, which was still as hard as a rock.

“I can’t wait to fuck your prick up inside me, Jeff!” Jill said as she stroked her tits.

“Then stop talking about it and just do it! Ram that juicy little cunt of yours down on my cock and fuck the shit out of me!” Jeff cried as he ran his hands up and down his sister’s naked, quivering thighs.

God, yes, Mom! Meg found herself thinking, one hand still in her juice-soaked pussy and her other hand still clutching the little spray of flowers, fuck him! Fuck Uncle Jeff! I have to see his fat cock sliding in and out of your pussy!

As if hearing her daughter’s silent, lust-filed cry, Jill now began to shove her pussy slowly down the length of Uncle Jeff’s cock.

“Ohhhh, yeah, great!” Jill moaned as she shoved herself down the final couple of inches of his cock-meat so that she was now sitting on the lower part of her brother’s stomach with the full length of his thick prick buried to the hilt inside her.

Oh, Mom, Mom! I hope you know how lucky you are! Meg thought as she felt a surge of renewed lust overpower her at the thrilling sight of her uncle’s cock buried balls-deep inside her brother’s pussy.

The teenager began to stroke her pussy again while eagerly watching the lewd scene unfolding in her mother’s bedroom.

“God! I love the feel of your huge cock inside me!” Jill groaned.

“You always have, Sis,” Jeff said with a grin, and he reached up and pulled her face down to his.

The brother and sister kissed with every part of their mouth, their tongues locking together at once. At the same time, Jill began to move herself up and down on the big prick that was filling her pussy so deliciously.

Again, Meg realized that this was not the first time her mother and uncle had made it together. Maybe, the teen thought, they’ve been getting it on for years, maybe even ever since they were kids growing up together. Either way, Meg thought unhappily, it’s incest, and I don’t understand why Uncle Jeff is willing to fuck his own sister if he’s against incest the way he led me to believe.

But then she saw her uncle’s meaty prick sliding in and out of her mother’s juicy cunt. She could see her mother’s pussy-juices dribbling down the sides of Uncle Jeff’s throbbing cock, and she shivered all over, finger-fucking herself harder and faster now.

Inside the bedroom, the brother and sister continued to tongue-kiss while Jill pumped her naked body up and down on Jeff’s cock. Now the man reached up and groped for his sister’s tits. He squeezed them hard, making Jill squeal out in pain and pleasure. His thumbs and forefingers pinched her nips with tremendous force, and she shuddered uncontrollably on top of him.

Meg felt her own nipples pulsating as if her uncle were squeezing them, instead of her mother’s. She could feel her tits throbbing and she moaned softly, stroking the walls of her pussy, with her finger.

Jill wrenched her mouth away from her brother’s, gasping for air. She threw her head back and gave a guttural groan, rising and falling harder and faster on Jeff’s upthrust cock. Now, Jeff began to buck his hips up from the bed, fully impaling his sister’s pussy with the full length of his prick.

Yeah! Yeah! Fuck ‘er good, Uncle Jeff! Fuck Mom! Meg cheered silently. All she was aware of was the thrill of watching her uncle’s fat cock thrusting in and out of her mother’s bunt.

“Aieeee! Ohhh, you’re fucking me sooo haaaard!” Jill cried out, blinded by the tears of joy and pleasure which filled her eyes.

Each time Jill rose to the top of her brother’s cock-head, he drew back with his hips until only the tip of his prick was till inside her. Then, with a little joyful cry, Jill began to lower herself on his cock once more and Jeff lifted himself upward. Both worked in synch to skewer Jill’s hungry pussy-hole with Jeff’s hard cock-meat.

Oh, Uncle Jeff, Meg thought excitedly, your cock is so big! So hard! I’ve never seen such a huge cock! God, it’s so gorgeous and I’ll bet it feels awfully good to Mom!

Meg groaned quietly as she began to stroke her stiff clit with her thumb, all the while continuing to fuck her finger into her cunt-hole. She could feel her cunt-juices overflowing from her pussy-lips and dribbling down her thighs.

“Can’t believe how tight your little pussy is… it’s squeezing the hell out of my cock!” Jeff groaned.

My pussy’s tight, too, Uncle Jeff! Meg thought feverishly, feeling the snug squeeze of her cunt-muscles against the sides of her thrusting finger. I’ll bet my pussy’s even tighter than Mom’s! God, why won’t you fuck me?

“Are you complaining?” Jill asked with a slack-mouthed grin.

“Are you kidding? You know I love it!” Jeff grunted. He reached up and pinched her tits again, making her cry out with pain and excitement.

Jill pounded her pussy up and down her brother’s cock with amazing force, slamming herself down violently.

“Yeah, Jill, fuck me hard! It feels great! Keep it up, Jill!” Jeff shouted.

He was bucking the lower part of the body upward with powerful swings of his lean hips, driving his prick deeply into his sister’s seething pussy.

“Yeah! Yeah? Fuck! Fuck!” Jill cried, half out of her mind with lust.

Meg could hardly believe the fast, savage way her uncle and mother were fucking each other. Her uncle’s prick was but a blur as it raced in and out of her mother’s clinging pussy. Meg’s eyes were completely glazed over with fuck-lust as she continued to finger-fuck her own pussy toward another orgasm.

Both Jill and Jeff were groaning loudly now, the sounds mingling erotically with the wet noise Jeff’s cock made as it fucked into his sister’s juice-filled cunt. The sexy sounds drifted out to Meg’s ears, arousing her still more as she stroked her clit harder and faster, straining for the orgasm she needed so desperately.

Jill shook on top of her brother’s hard prick. She could feel his cock-head flaring inside her and she pounded down harder than ever against his hips.

“Ooooof!” Jeff grunted as his sister’s slamming thrust knocked all the wind out of him.

He caught his breath and dammed into her with a vengeance, filling Jill’s body with a raw, hot pleasure. She loved the way he was thrusting his crotch up against hers, deeply impaling her with his cock each time.

Jill twisted her head from side to side. Saliva dribbled down from the corners of her mouth, and she whimpered incoherently as she felt her brother’s prick continuing to fuck in and out of her. She tightened her pussy-muscles against the sides of his meaty prick, delighted by the guttural groan that came from deep in his throat.

“Ohhhh! Ahhh! Unnhhh! It’s sooo good! Aaarghhh!” Jill grunted, knowing that she would be coming soon.

Jeff began to work against his sister’s fastpaced fucking rhythm now, not wanting to come too soon. He kept his hips drawn back, not lifting up from the bed as she continued to thrust herself up and down on his cock. But Jeff was forcing her to do all of the work now, and her pace slowed considerably.

She pistoned her brother’s prick in and out of her cunt with a slow, steady rhythm. She closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure when she felt his hands gripping her tits again.

“Ohhh, yeah, squeeze those fuckers!” she cried.

Jeff grinned as she caught hold of her nips and pinched them hard.

“Yieeeeeee! Yessssss!” Jill hissed between clenched teeth.

Jeff squeezed and kneaded her tit-flesh all over as she kept fucking up and down on his cock with long deep fuck-strokes. He saw the tears of pleasure running out of her eyes.

God! God! I need to come! Meg thought to herself, still finger-fucking her pussy and rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Jill rose all the way up the meaty cock-stalk inside her, not stopping until her brother’s cockhead was being gripped by her clasping pussylips. Then, she gave a little hoarse cry and threw her body down on his full length. A shower of cunt-juice shot out from her cunt-hole, and her daughter gasped softly as she saw the stream of cunt-juice shoot out all over Uncle Jeff’s lower tummy.

Jill writhed on top of her brother, lost in her private world of fuck-lust. Every nerve in her body was on fire from their savage fucking. She loved the feel of his stiff prick sliding in and out of her juice-filled cunt, and she could hardly wait to feel him shooting his heavy load of cum up her pussy-hole.

Her cunt shot out more cunt-sauce, and her clit burned and throbbed, begging for release. Her nipples tingled and pulsated in Jeff’s squeezing fingers. Again and again, she fucked herself on her brother’s big hard cock, twisting and turning on top of him to reach all areas of her pussy with his prick-meat.

“Yeah, baby, go for it! You’re fucking me great!” Jeff groaned, beginning to slam his crotch up against hers once again.

Thrilled by the feel of her brother’s hairy crotch banging hard against hers, Jill lost all control and she began to come.

“Commiinnngg!” she screamed.

“Me too! Hang on, Jill, I’m coming with you!” Jeff cried as his prick swelled more inside her.

Omigod! Meg cried to herself out in the hallway, feeling her own orgasm beginning. She could see her uncle’s cum gushing out from her mother’s orgasming pussy, pooling into his crotch-hairs. The lewd sight took her breath away as she came sharply.

She struggled not to cry aloud as her orgasm pounded through her, filling her with pleasure. She glanced at the couple in the bedroom. They looked sleepy and satisfied as they embraced, and Meg took her hand out of her pussy and moved away from her mother’s room.

She went into the backyard and sat down on one of the lawn chairs, trying to collect her thoughts. She still felt hurt. Her Uncle Jeff had led her to believe that he could not possibly fuck her because it would be incest.

Meg shook her head, feeling confused. She thought hard and long, not wanting to believe that her own loving uncle would lie to her and betray her in that hurtful way. And finally she decided that perhaps her uncle felt differently about fucking his sister than he did about fucking his niece. She would rather give Uncle Jeff the benefit of the doubt than to think that he simply did not want her sexually.

She looked down at the flowers she still clutched in one hand. She saw that they drooped now, and threw them onto the ground. A few minutes later, she saw her uncle leave the house and walk toward home. Meg sighed again as she rose and went into the house to help her mother with dinner.


Weeks went by during which Uncle Jeff continued to act distant and remote with Meg, even when they worked together in the science lab.

One afternoon after school, there was a faculty-student basketball game. Don Morris, a teen in Meg’s math class, took her to the game. But when she started watching Uncle Jeff on the floor of the gym, she forgot all about Don, even though he was the biggest heart-throb on campus.

At game’s end, as the other faculty members carried Uncle Jeff off on their shoulders, Meg unconsciously rose to her feet, clapping loud and long. Then, she felt a tug on the hem of her blouse and she looked down to see Don looking up at her with a frown.

“Hey, Meg! You’re not supposed to be cheering! We lost!” he said.

Meg flushed and quickly sat down. She looked around her and saw the other students looking at her strangely.

“I guess you were clapping ’cause he’s your uncle, right?” Don asked, throwing one arm over her shoulder.

“Yeah, right. After all, he is my own uncle and I have a right to clap for him!”

“Hey, hey, take it easy. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you have a big crush on him the way half of the girls around here do,” Don said with a laugh.

Meg blushed again.

When Don took Meg home later that evening, she accepted his kiss, but she was unimpressed. As his lips touched hers, she closed her eyes, wishing it were her uncle’s mouth on her own. Don asked her to go to the upcoming school dance with him but Meg said no. She just couldn’t hack the idea of going to the dance with an immature teen like Don when all she wanted in the world was to be with her uncle.

After the faculty-student basketball game, Uncle Jeff seemed to act even more distant with his niece and Meg couldn’t figure it out.

One afternoon a few days after the game, when she and Uncle Jeff were alone in the lab, cleaning off the tables, he stopped and turned to her, fixing her with a penetrating gaze which startled her.

“I saw you with Don Morris at the basketball game,” he said.

“Oh?” Meg said, surprised that he had even noticed her.

“Yeah, and I was a little surprised. I mean he doesn’t really seem your type,” Uncle Jeff pressed on.

Meg felt a little flare of anger. How dare he question her choice of dates when he himself had rejected her?

“And just who do you think is my type, Uncle Jeff?” Meg asked evenly, looking him right in the eye.

Uncle Jeff flushed and glanced away, beginning to scrub one of the lab tables with furious swipes of the cloth.

“Is it serious between you and Don?” he asked a minute or two later.

“No. Why?”

Uncle Jeff looked up at Meg and she thought she saw an expression of relief in his eyes. But then the look was gone, quickly replaced with his more usual expression of indifference as he looked at her.

“No reason. Just curious,” he said. They were silent after that, both of them hurrying to clean up the lab so they could leave. When the lab was cleaned and set up for the next day’s experiment, Uncle Jeff turned the lights off. He picked up his briefcase, and Meg gathered her books in her arms. Then, both headed for the door. Uncle Jeff reached around Meg to open the door for her. But just as she was about to walk out of the room, he stopped her with a light touch on her arm, a touch that burned right through her.

“About what happened between us that day… when you kissed me…”

“I’m sorry!” Meg cried, embarrassed. “I never should have done that!”

Uncle Jeff seemed taken aback by the anger in her voice and when he spoke, Meg had the feeling that he had changed what he wanted to say to her.

“I-I just wanted to say that we should just forget all about it, as if it never happened, and leave it at that,” he said in a whispering tone.

Meg looked at his lips as he spoke and it took every bit of her self-control not to kiss him again. She forced herself to look away. She nodded and pulled away from his touch.

“It’s forgotten,” she said as she hurried down the hall. Just as she reached the main door of the building, she glanced back over her shoulder and was surprised to see that her uncle was still in the open doorway of the science lab, locking after her.

“You’re kidding! You mean Don Morris really asked you to go to the big dance with him and you’re not going?” Vicky cried in genuine shock.

“That’s right. It’s no big deal,” Meg said with a laugh at her cousin’s reaction.

“Maybe our cousin’s got the hots for someone else,” Ron said with a grin.

“No, that’s not it. I’ll just be staying home the night of the dance,” Meg said.

The three cousins were sitting on Vicky’s bed in her room. It was the following Saturday.

“How come? Why don’t you want to go to the dance?” Vicky asked.

“I guess I just can’t get into it,” Meg said, knowing that neither of her cousins could possibly understand how Meg could intentionally miss one of the biggest dances of the year.

“Listen, Dad and Danny won’t be home for hours yet,” Ron said, reaching out and stroking Meg’s tits through her terrycloth robe.

After a swim, the cousins had stripped and thrown on light robes.

“Where are they, anyway?” Meg asked, trembling at the feel of Ron’s hands on her tits.

“Dad took Danny shopping,” Vicky said, reaching out and slipping one hand inside Meg’s robe to fondle her naked, still-wet pussy.

“So… we’ll be alone for a while yet, then,” Meg said, grinning with excitement.

“You got it!” Ron said.

“No… you’ll get it if you’re real good,” Meg said, rising and removing her robe, exposing her vulnerable cunt to her cousins.

With cries of arousal, Ron and Vicky shed their own robes and the three horny cousins fell onto the bed in a tangled heap of arms and legs.

“I’ll bet you’d like some of this, Meg,” Ron said thickly, gripping his hard-on in one hand and waving it about lewdly.

Meg licked her lips excitedly as she stared at her cousin’s huge slab of prick-meat.

“You’re right, Ron. I’d love your cock but not some of it! I want all of it!” she cried hornily.

“Oh, goody, Ron’s gonna fuck you, Meg!” Vicky cried, clapping her hands together gleefully.

“How do you want it?” Ron asked, his voice slurred with fuck-lust. His cousin’s naked pussy was growing wetter by the minute.

“First, I want it in my mouth!” Meg cried as he threw herself onto her back and reached up for her cousin’s cock with both hands.

Ron chuckled with delight as he straddled her chest, holding his prick close to her mouth.

“Suck my cock, Meg!” he demanded. “Yeah, Meg, suck him! I can’t wait to watch you sucking my brother off!” Vicky yelled, feeling her pussy beginning to throb with desire.

Vicky settled back on the bed and began to stroke her cunt. She watched excitedly as Meg opened her mouth wide and Ron shoved his bursting cock inside.

“Suck me hard!” Ron growled. The tip of his cock struck the back of Meg’s throat and she moaned with sexual excitement. She felt him thrusting his hand between her legs and rubbing her steaming pussy. With a husky groan, the teen fucked more of his thick prick into his cousin’s mouth.

Meg felt Ron’s cock pulsating against her tongue, and shuddered all over. She reached up and clutched the base of his meaty prick, guiding it in and out of her mouth.

“Suck Ron’s cock hard, Meg! It looks sooo great the way you’re sucking him,” Vicky groaned, her fingers flying fast and furiously in and out of her pussy.

Spurred on by Vicky’s cries, Meg began to suck Ron’s cock as hard as possible. The teen moaned and trembled with ecstasy on top of her.

“You love the taste of my brother’s cock, don’t you, Meg?” Vicky gurgled.

“Ummmn,” Meg moaned, unable to speak. But it was true and they all knew it. She loved the taste and feel of Ron’s mouth-fucking cock. And she wanted more.

Ron groaned loudly, his eyes on his cousin as he felt her teeth grazing the underside of his fat cock.

“Oh, wow, I can’t stand this!” Vicky cried suddenly. “Can I join you two?”

“Yeah! The more the merrier!” Ron cried. Meg merely nodded, unwilling to release Ron’s hard cock.

“All riiiight!” Vicky cried, taking her juice-soaked fingers out of her pussy and diving between Meg’s splayed legs. The musky aroma of her cousin’s turned-on cunt made the girl’s head spin with lust, and she moaned loudly.

“Take your hand out of there, Ron!” she cried, slapping at the teen’s hand which was still fondling Meg’s pussy.

Ron laughed and took his hand away. Then he licked his fingers clean, moaning with pleasure at the tangy taste of Meg’s fuck-juices. He turned his head over one shoulder and watched Vicky as she began to lick Meg’s clit.

“Yuuuuhhh!” Meg gasped around Ron’s thick prick. She bucked and moaned in delight at the dual pleasure of sucking on her cousin’s cock while her girl-cousin licked her clit.

She sucked wildly as her body trembled with excitement. Meanwhile, Vicky was sucking on her clit now, wanting to make Meg come. She lapped up the flowing juices of her cousin’s cunt as she continued to lick her pussy. She smacked her lips, loving the taste of the other girl’s pussy-sauce.

Meg responded hotly to Vicky’s sucking mouth and the feel of Ron’s prick fucking her face. She teased at his cum-slit with the tip of her wet tongue as he continued to impale her mouth on his thick rod of cock-meat.

“Mmmmm,” Meg moaned, feeling more and more fuck-juice seeping from her pussy.

But before the thick tangy fuck-juice could ooze out between her swollen pussy-lips, Vicky’s tongue was there to lap it all up.

Vicky groaned with pleasure as she swallowed Meg’s delicious cunt-sauce, feeling her own little pussy quickly becoming sopping wet.

“You sexy bitch… suck me hard!” Ron groaned.

He alternately stared down at his cousin sucking him off and turned his head to look at Vicky eating Meg’s pussy.

While Meg continued to suck her cousin’s cock, she thrilled to the sound of Vicky’s mouth slurping up her fuck-juices. She could feel the other girl’s tongue licking over her clit, and then thrusting in and out of her fuck-hole.

She longed to feel the teen’s cum filling her mouth completely. She wanted to drink down all of his spunk and feel it warming her tummy. She sucked harder on Ron’s cock, feeling it swelling stiffly inside her mouth. At the same times Vicky’s tongue seemed to be licking her clit harder and faster.

“I’m gonna come, bitch!” Ron suddenly cried as he fucked his bloated prick in and out of his cousin’s greedily sucking mouth.

“Unghhh!” Meg groaned.

She could hardly wait to feel him shooting off inside her. She opened her mouth wider, feeling his balls slapping against her chin as he fucked her mouth savagely, working toward orgasm. She worked her tongue and lips and teeth on his hard cock.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” Ron bellowed only seconds later.

Vicky heard her brother’s orgasmic cry and she began to lick Meg’s clit as hard as possible. She wanted to help Meg come and she knew just how to do it. Now, Vicky wrapped her lips around the base of her cousin’s clit, feeling the stiff love-bud twitching between her pursed lips.

Ron’s cum squirted from his prick in violent wads, completely filling his cousin’s mouth.

“Yuuuuuhh,” Meg moaned as she gobbled his delicious cum down. She sucked harder and harder as each wad of jism spewed into her mouth. And, all the while, Meg could feel Vicky’s mouth sucking her clit harder than she had thought possible. The combined thrill took Meg over the edge and she began to conic with Ron.

Her pussy shuddered violently as waves of pussy-juice exploded from her pussy right into Vicky’s sucking mouth.

As Vicky felt her cousin’s pussy spasming in orgasm against her mouth, her own cunt convulsed and she came.

“Aaaarghh,” she moaned into Meg’s wide open cunt-hole, still sucking her as she came.

Now, all three of the cousins were coming together and they writhed on the bed, moaning louder and louder as their orgasms peaked. Then, their orgasms began to subside and their high-pitched moans became long, low shuddering sighs.

Ron slipped his still-hard cock out of Meg’s cum-dripping mouth and climbed off of her. Vicky pulled her juice-drenched mouth away from Meg’s still-twitching pussy and looked up at her brother and cousin with a grin.

“Okay, baby, I put my prick in your mouth just the way you wanted it. Now where do you want it?” the teen asked lewdly.

“Oh, God, Ron, your cock’s still hard! I can’t believe it!” Meg groaned.

“Believe it! So how do you want it?” Ron asked, running one fist up and down the length of his enduring hard-on.

“Oh, Ron, I want you to fuck me in my ass!” Meg cried, scrambling up on all fours and wriggling her ass-cheeks in obscene little circles.

“Great idea!” Ron said with an eager grin as he positioned himself behind his cousin, already aiming his swollen prick-head toward her ass-crack.

“Help me, Vicky. Spread her ass-cheeks for me!” Ron said thickly.

“Oh, God,” Meg groaned, hearing him. They all knew that the teen could have spread her asscheeks wide himself but they also knew that it would be more exciting to have Vicky do it for him.

With a little squeal, Vicky eagerly peeled her cousin’s ass-cheeks wide apart, using both of her hands to do it. Then she watched as her brother aimed the pulsing head of his prick toward her visibly throbbing asshole.

“Hurry, Ron! Fuck my ass for meeeee!” Meg wailed.

“Here it comes, baby, here comes my big cock right up your ass!” the teen responded.

And with that, he fucked forward. Vicky barely had time to pull hot hands out of the way as Ron buried the full length of his massive cock into Meg’s inner bowels.

“Yieeee! Yeeeoowww! Omigod, that hurts! It hurts soooo much!” Meg gasped, tears springing to her eyes.

“Is it too much, Meg?” Vicky asked with concern. “Do you want Ron to stop fucking your ass?”

“Are you crazy? That’s the same thing I want! I love it!” Meg cried, thrilling to the thrills of pain and pleasure which her cousin was giving her asshole with his big hard prick.

Vicky laughed, understanding exactly what her cousin meant.

Ron pulled his prick out of Meg’s asshole until only his flared prick-head remained in the firm clasp of her tight ass-muscles. Then, he fucked into her again with so much force that Meg had to struggle to maintain her balance on all fours.

“God! It feels soooo good!” she cried, more tears of pleasure and excitement filled her eyes.

“Oooooh, this is making me so hot!” Vicky cried as she lay down on her back in front of her cousin. Then she reached up for Meg’s swinging tits.

Gazing downward, Meg saw what Vicky was doing and she trembled with anticipation.

“Yeah, Vicky, play with my tits! Suck them!” Meg gasped hornily.

Vicky grinned up at her cousin as she gripped both of her tits in her hands. Then, she raised her head and sucked both of the pulsating nipples into her mouth at the same time.

“Yessss!” Meg hissed.

She felt Vicky’s mouth closing around her nipples, sucking hard, and she shuddered. She thrust her hips back to capture the full length of Ron’s cock inside her asshole and she closed her eyes and groaned, overwhelmed with all the incestuous pleasure her body was receiving.

“More! More! More!” Meg cried wantonly, throwing her ass back and forth. She thrilled to the feel of Ron’s prick fucking deeply up into her bowels and to the sensation of Vicky’s mouth sucking harder and harder on her nipples.

“Harder… faster… deeper!” Meg gasped, humping her ass back on his impaling prick.

“Ungghhh, I’m gonna come!” Ron cried only moments later. He was powerless against the tight squeezes of Meg’s ass-muscles around his cock. He knew that she was trying to make him come soon and that was just what he was about to do.

Suddenly, the teen shot his wad into the very depths of Meg’s bowels. She felt the spunk burning into her ass-walls and the lewdly exciting sensation made her come too.

“Commmiiinnngg!” she cried as her own climax crashed through her. Just as her orgasm peaked, she felt Vicky’s sharp teeth sinking into her nipples and she screamed loudly.

Ron continued to fuck his cousin’s ass until his balls were drained and there was no more cum to shoot into her. Then, with a thick groan, he pulled himself out of her and threw himself weakly onto the bed, his cock finally having gone soft.

Vicky released Meg’s nipples from her mouth and lay down next to her brother, lightly stroking his cock.

“I’ll get you up again in no time again, Ron, and then it’ll be my turn to be fucked!” Vicky said.

Ron looked at his sister and smiled.

“Don’t worry, Sis, I’ll fuck you all right!” he said.

Meg looked at her cousins with admiration. She knew that incest had made them even closer, just as it made her mother and herself love each other more.

She cuddled up next to Ron on the other side of him and began to play with his balls with a gentle touch while his sister continued to stroke his cock.

“Have you guys ever wondered if your father has a lover?” Meg asked a few minutes later, wondering if her cousins knew that their father had been fucking her mother.

Ron laughed and Vicky grinned. The brother and sister exchanged a glance and then they both looked at Meg.

“Besides my sister, you mean?” Ron asked. Meg heard a buzzing in her ears and her hand grew still on Ron’s balls.

“You mean… Uncle Jeff and Vicky? Oh, no, you’re kidding me!”

“No, we’re not kidding! It’s true, Meg! Daddy’s been fucking me for quite a while now! We never wanted you to know before because we didn’t know how you’d feel about incest. But now that we’ve all been fucking… well, what’s the big deal?”

“Uncle Jeff… fucking you…” Meg said in a flat tone of voice, staring at Vicky with shock-filled eyes. “I-I can’t believe it!”

“Sure!” Vicky chirped. “Don’t look so shocked, Meg. After all, we cousins have been getting it on! And my brother and I fuck all the time! What’s the big deal?”

Vicky turned her attention back to her brother’s new cock, which was growing harder under her stroking hand. Ron grinned at her and motioned his sister to get into position to be fucked. Vicky eagerly lay down on her back and spread her legs while her brother scooted between them. Just before Ron sank his entire prick into his sister’s cunt-hole, he glanced back at Meg.

“You can watch us while we fuck,” he said. “And maybe you’ll want to join us later.”

“Yeah… sure,” Meg muttered numbly, hearing the wet sound of Ron’s prick fucked into Vicky’s yielding cunt.

But Meg did not watch. And she did not join in. All during her cousins’ fuck session, the girl sat there on the bed with her back against the wall, thinking about the painful fact that Uncle Jeff had rejected her while he fucked not only his sister but his own daughter as well.

At home later, she threw herself onto her bed and sobbed hard at the betrayal she felt. She vowed that these would be the last tears she would ever shed for the man again. But even as the devastated girl made this promise to herself, she knew that it would not be an easy one to keep.


During the following two weeks, the entire school was abuzz with talk about the upcoming dance. Meg didn’t pay much attention. She buried herself in her schoolwork. And she continued to work with her uncle in the science lab. She quickly discovered that her strong feelings had not deteriorated one bit.

When she heard that Uncle Jeff had been asked to help chaperone the school dance, and that he had asked Miss Kestler, the English teacher, to be his date, Meg felt a stab of jealousy.

The next time that Don Morris asked, her to be his date for the dance, Meg accepted. She still did not feel much like going but she knew that it was not healthy to continue to let her feelings for her uncle dominate her life.

A couple of days later, while she was working alone in the lab with Uncle Jeff, he turned to her again with that same intense expression in his eyes which she had seen before.

“I’ve heard that you’re going to the dance with Don Morris,” he said.

“Yeah, I am. So?”

“I wish you’d rethink that decision. Frankly, I don’t think Don’s good enough for you, Meg. He’s such a tomcat, always trying to score.”

“Well, maybe I don’t think Miss Kestler is good enough for you!” Meg cried angrily.

“Oh, come on, Meg, that’s hardly the same thing. I think I can take care of myself with Miss Kestler! Besides, as a chaperone, I have to bring a date.”

“And I think I can take care of myself with Don Morris!” Meg sputtered. “Besides, did you ever stop to think that I just may want what he wants? That maybe I want to fuck him!”

“You can’t mean that, Meg,” Uncle Jeff said.

Meg looked at him, startled by the hurt look in his eye. He turned away from her and she reached out with one hand, wanting to make that wounded expression go away. But just as she was about to touch him, he whirled angrily on her and her hand fell to her side.

“Vine!” Uncle Jeff said between gritted teeth. “If that’s what you want, go right ahead and fuck Don Morris! Let him add another notch to his belt!”

“Fine! I will!” Meg spat out and she turned and rushed from the room even though she had not finished her work in the lab. She was halfway home before she realized that she had left her books in the lab. For once, she decided, I just won’t do any homework tonight.

Where does he get off refusing to fuck with me and then telling me not to goat with Don? Meg thought angrily. It’s like he’s jealous, but if he is, then why doesn’t he just fuck me the way he used to want to do?

By the time Meg reached her house, her thoughts were no clearer than before. But she knew one thing. She was glad now that she had speed to go to the dance with Don.

Jill was thrilled that Meg was going to the school dance. She helped her pick out a lovely dress and bought Meg an evening bag on a golden chain to go with it. Her mother was bubbling with excitement and gushed all over Don when he showed up at the door. Don looked very handsome in his white tuxedo.

The dance was held in the town’s fanciest hotel. They had a delicious dinner first and Meg was just thinking that the night might not be so bad after all when she saw Uncle Jeff walk in with Miss Kestler. The woman looked sophisticated and attractive in her gown and Meg suddenly felt like a child in comparison.

As everyone began to dance, Meg could not take her eyes off of her uncle and his date. The entire night went sour for Meg and she could not wait for it to end.

Meg stayed home from school the following Monday and Tuesday, unable to face her uncle. When she returned to campus on Wednesday, she found that she could hardly concentrate on her classes, wondering how uncomfortable things would be between her uncle and herself.

But when Meg opened the door to the science lab, she was startled to see not Uncle Jeff but Mr. MacFarlane standing before the class.

“Oh Meg,” the science teacher said as he saw Meg enter the classroom. “I understand you’ve been doing a fine job as lab assistant and I hope that you’ll continue that good work with me now that I’m back.”

Meg somehow managed to mumble that she would be honored to work with him. Now she didn’t know when she would get to see Uncle Jeff, especially since he seemed determined to keep as much distance between them as possible.

When Meg let herself into the house that afternoon, the phone was ringing.

“Hello?” she answered indifferently.

“Meg! I couldn’t wait to talk to you!” Uncle Jeff’s voice came to her over the phone.

“Uncle Jeff?” Meg said unbelievingly. “Why do you want to talk to me?”

Uncle Jeff laughed.

“Why do I want to talk to you? Don’t tease me, Meg. I’ll meet you at the old mill in half an hour. Okay?”

For just a minute, Meg thought of turning him down. She remembered how the last time had turned out and she told herself that she didn’t need any more [missing text]… not from Uncle Jeff.

“Yes… I’ll be there,” she said.

As Meg turned down Sutter Road toward the old mill, she saw that her uncle was already there.

“Meg!” he called out, rushing toward her. Meg started to run toward him, her heart thumping hard. He held his arms open to her and she ran into them, still not understanding what was happening.

Jeff chuckled delightedly and pulled slightly back from her to gaze down at her face.

“I guess you know that MacFarlane’s back and that I’m no longer teaching at your school,” he said softly.

Meg nodded wordlessly.

“God, am I glad that’s over! I couldn’t stand being so close to you every day and not being able to touch you the way I wanted to,” Uncle Jeff said, lightly stroking his niece’s face with his fingertips.

“I guess I never should have come on to you or kissed you that day,” Meg muttered.

“Well, it did make things difficult for me, Meg. Do you know the kind of trouble a male teacher can get into for making it with one of his students, especially his own niece? Jesus, Meg, even if someone had just seen us kissing, my entire teaching career would have gone right down the tubes!”

“And that’s what you meant when you told me that you didn’t think it would be right for us to get it on? You meant it wouldn’t be right because you’re a teacher and it would be unprofessional?”

“Yeah… and dangerous,” Uncle Jeff said with a laugh. Then he grew serious again. “As I say, honey, I could’ve been fired and my teaching career would have gone right out the window if anyone had gotten wind of the way you and I feel about each other. And I care too much about teaching to take that kind of chance, but I’ve gotta tell you, it sure as fuck hasn’t been easy keeping my hands off of you!”

Meg felt her uncle’s hands gently squeezing her tits and she looked up at him, her eyes brimming with tears.

“Then it wasn’t because you didn’t want me?” Meg asked thickly.

“Not want you?” Jeff cried incredulously. “God, Meg, I love you so much! As for wanting you, all I wanted to do every minute we were together in that Goddamned science lab was to tear all your clothes off and fuck you!”

“You mean it?”

“Why don’t you let me show you just how much I mean it!” Jeff said softly as he lowered his face and covered her mouth with his own.

Meg felt a jolt of happiness tremor through her as her uncle’s tongue snaked around hers and they kissed each other passionately, their saliva mingling.

“There’s no one buck at my house. Let’s go back there where I can really show you just how much you mean to me… how much you’ve always meant to me,” Jeff said hoarsely as he pulled his mouth away from his niece’s.

Meg nodded excitedly and got into her uncle’s car with him, sitting so closely against him that she was all but sitting on his lap.

Inside his bedroom, Jeff reached out and drew his niece to him. They kissed again and his tongue shot out between her soft, willing lips. Her own tongue eagerly met his and she shivered with desire.

Her hands moved down and very slowly she unzipped her uncle’s fly. Then, she slipped her hands inside his pants, caressing his cum-laden balls. She pulled his hard prick out and quickly lowered herself to her knees, taking his cock between her lips.

“Ohhh, Meg, baby, suck your uncle’s cock!” Jeff groaned.

Meg closed her mouth over the head of his prick and sucked on it deeply.

“God!” Jeff cried.

He felt her soft inner cheeks against his hard cock-meat. His swollen prick lurched from cheek to cheek and Meg began to suck him harder, letting his long, thick prick slide halfway down her throat.

“Yeah, baby, you’re sucking me real good! Keep it up, baby! Suck me off!” the man sighed.

Suddenly, Uncle Jeff knew that he had to touch his niece’s tits but that he couldn’t reach them from where he stood with her kneeling before him.

“Keep sucking me, baby. Keep sucking my cock and follow me over to the bed!” he said hoarsely as he began to back up slowly toward the bed, keeping his hands on her head to guide her movements and to be sure that she didn’t stop sucking him.

“Mmmfff,” Meg moaned as she eagerly crawled forward, following her uncle’s backward steps toward the bed, her mouth still wrapped around his bursting cock.

When Uncle Jeff felt the edge of his bed against the backs of his legs, he sat down and Meg scooted between his spread legs.

Jeff reached down and unbuttoned his niece’s blouse, releasing her naked tits. His fingers pressed into her nipples, pinching and pulling at them hard, instinctively knowing she would like it that way.

Meg moaned with pleasure as she felt her uncle handling her tits. Meg closed her lips snugly around her uncle’s prick, sucking at it hungrily. She could feel his fat cock-head swelling more inside her mouth. She had been lusting after her Uncle Jeff for so long, sure that he didn’t want her, and now here she was actually sucking him off.

She could feel his prick throbbing obscenely inside her mouth and she sucked harder and harder in response. She moaned around the thickness of his cock-meat, feeling her pussy drooling with fuck-juice.

The girl ran her soft fingers through her uncle’s prick-hairs as she continued to suck his tasty cock. She felt his hands moving all over her tits, pinching her nipples, kneading her titflesh, and she knew that she had never felt so turned on in all her life.

Uncle Jeff knew that he wanted to touch his niece’s pussy. But, again, they were not in the right position for that. With a sigh, he slipped both hands under her arms and began to lift her up toward the bed.

“Don’t let go of my cock, Meg!” he said desperately, knowing that he would not be able to stand it if she didn’t keep her mouth wrapped around his prick. “Keep sucking my prick while I lift you up here with me so I can touch your pussy!”

Her uncle’s words sent a hot sexual thrill through the teenager, and she shuddered with fuck-lust as she felt her uncle lifting her up onto the bed with him. Just as Uncle Jeff instructed her to do, she kept her lips snugly wrapped around his cock, sucking him as he maneuvered her into position.

Now, Uncle Jeff was lying on his side, facing his niece who was lying on her own side, her face in his crotch. Even though she was wearing a skirt, she was not wearing any panties and her uncle could smell the tantalizing aroma of her aroused cunt. He flared his nostrils to breathe in more of the heady fragrance as he began to fondle her pussy.

Then he threw her skirt up so that it bunched up around her waist, fully exposing her pussy to him. He gazed down at her naked cunt with hungry eyes and began to caress it once again.

“Mmmm,” Meg moaned around his swelling cock-head.

She could feel her uncle’s hands on her naked pussy and she closed her eyes, thinking that she had never felt anything this good in her life. She lashed out with her tongue, licking all over his spongy cock-head. She felt a little drop of pre-cum ooze out onto her tongue, arousing her tastebuds. She lapped that little pearly drop up quickly, savoring its taste as she swallowed it. She could hardly wait to swallow his entire creamy load.

Uncle Jeff’s fingers pried open the lips of her cunt, stirring up the pussy-cream in the creases, searching feverishly for her clit. The hard clit bud popped up from its hood, stiff and red, pushing demandingly against the uncle’s fingers. He flicked the nail of his index finger against his niece’s clit while she continued to suck him off.

“Ohhhh,” Meg moaned, sucking still harder on her uncle’s cock.

She thrilled to the feel of his fingers in her pussy, playing with her clit, and she knew that she would come soon.

Jeff rammed two fingers into his niece’s cunt and caressed her inner cunt-folds, arousing the girl half out of her mind.

“Ummmfff,” she groaned, now licking up and down the man’s prick-shaft with long, wet strokes. Then, she eagerly licked at the underside of his swollen cock-meat, feeling the large blue vein pulsing with hot blood against her tongue.

She lapped up more little drops of pre-cum which oozed from his puckering piss-slit. Then she closed her mouth around him again, trying to swallow his cock whole.

“Unnhhh!” Uncle Jeff groaned as he felt his prick sliding down his niece’s tight throat, her snug throat-muscles closing around him.

The teenager moaned with incestuous pleasure in response to her uncle’s fingers, which were fucking deeper and deeper into her cunt. Now, she took a deep breath and swallowed hard, sucking all of the man’s throbbing prick into the warm wet tunnel of her mouth, expertly deep-throating him.

She loved fucking him with her mouth and she wanted to feel him coming inside her, spurting all of his cream down her throat.

“You-you sexy cunt!” Uncle Jeff cried out huskily. “God, Meg! The way you’re sucking me! You’re deep-throating me! I love it.”

His fingers moved in and out of her pussy, finger-fucking her harder and deeper each time he felt the tug of her throat-muscles around his hard cock.

“Mmmm,” Meg responded, delighted that she was able to make her uncle feel so good.

She felt him tracing a slow, sensuous outline from her cunt to her asshole with his free hand. Then, he pressed one finger against her small, tight asshole and worked it into her.

“Aaarghh,” Meg groaned around him as little darts of pain lanced through her.

Then, she felt the hot membranes of her asshole closing tightly around his probing finger.

Meg’s body writhed from side to side as her mouth slid up and down on her uncle’s bursting cock. Her teenaged tits flattened out against his leg.

Suddenly, Uncle Jeff felt his balls tightening up against the base of his prick, and he knew that he could not hold back any longer. He had to come. He was going to come.

“Unnghhh, aaarghhh!” he groaned as large hot wads of thick jizz shot into Meg’s sucking mouth.

Yes, come! Come inside me! Make me come too! Meg shouted in her mind as she felt her uncle’s cum gushing into her mouth. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. How good it tasted. And how much more it turned her on.

As Meg continued to suck her uncle’s prick, swallowing down his delicious cum, she felt his finger on her clit once again. It was at that moment that her pussy exploded in orgasm.

“Yuunngghh!” she groaned around her uncle’s orgasming cock as she came with him. She sucked harder and harder on the lurching prick inside her mouth until she had completely drained the man’s balls. Then, she slipped her lips off of the still-hard cock. Still coming hard, the girl threw herself onto her back and began to claw at her climaxing cunt with both hands. But then she felt her uncle’s hands covering hers, and she opened her eyes to look up at him.

“Let me do that for you, honey!” he murmured with a loving smile as he gently pushed her hands out of the way. Then, he fondled the top of her pussy-mound with one hand while he used the fingers of his other hand to probe into her fuck-hole and stroke her clit.

“Yes, yes, Uncle Jeff, keep me coming! The way you’re touching me… it’s turning me on sooooo fuckin’ much!” Meg cried.

Uncle Jeff grinned down at his niece as he continued to rub her clit and fuck into her pussy-hole with his fingers. He felt the teenager’s clasping pussy-muscles closing tightly around his fingers and his cock began to grow hard again. With his thumb, he stroked her clit, feeling it shudder orgasmically.

Long moments later, her orgasm began to ebb. She gave a long, shuddering sigh as her uncle’s fingers withdrew from her pussy.

“Your fingers are all wet,” she murmured, looking up at his juice-stained fingers.

“Yeah, I know… let’s see how they taste,” the man said as he raised his fingers first to his nose, deeply breathing in the sexy aroma of his niece’s cunt, and then to his mouth. With a grin at Meg, he darted his tongue out and eagerly licked up her fuck-juices from his wet fingers. He felt his prick give a jerk and he knew that he had a full-fledged hard-on again.

“Oooh, that looks so sexy!” Meg cooed, reaching out and gently stroking his hard prick.

“So do you, baby,” Uncle Jeff said as he slid on top of the girl.

For just a minute or two, the uncle and niece lay there in a tight embrace, both of them knowing that they were finally about to fuck each other. After waiting so long for it, they both seemed to be silently agreeing that it was worth it to wait just a few minutes more.

“What about Miss Kestler?” Meg murmured, looking up into her uncle’s handsome face.

Jeff laughed and shrugged.

“Like I said, she was just a date. What about Don Morris?” he asked.

“Just a date,” Meg said with a shrug of her own. “I guess I wanted to make you jealous by going to the dance with him.”

“Well, it worked. It killed me to see you with that stud. All I could think about was how he was going to put the moves on you and after you told me that maybe you wanted to fuck with him.”

“I just said that because you made me so mad!” Meg admitted. “I didn’t want to make it with Don. He did try it but I put him in his place. I just kept thinking about you… you were the only one I wanted, Uncle Jeff. And I still feel that way.”

“Oh, baby,” Uncle Jeff said softly as he lowered his face and gave his niece little wet kisses all over her face and neck. Then, he pressed his lips against hers and they both moaned as their tongues met.

As they kissed, Meg slid her hands down between their naked bodies, reaching eagerly for his big, hard cock. She grasped it tightly and began to guide it toward her wet cunt. She spread her thighs farther apart and gazed up into Uncle Jeff’s smoldering eyes.

“I’ve been waiting for this for so long… for you to fuck me,” she said in a raspy. “I love you so much and I need to feel your cock inside me!”

“I need it too, baby. I’ve been waiting along time too. I need to feel your tight pussy wrapped around my cock more than I’ve ever needed anything before in my life!” the man said as he thrust forward with his hips and slid his cock easily into the girl’s juice-soaked fuck-hole.


Meg felt her uncle’s fat prick spreading her pussy-walls wide apart, stretching her. She felt little twinges of pain and strong tremors of unbelievable pleasure shooting through her loins.

“Ohhh, yesss, Uncle Jeff, we’ve been waiting for this for so long! Fuck me now!” she cried.

Jeff jammed his prick into his niece’s tight cunt, shoving it into her deeper and deeper while the girl wriggled hornily beneath him.

The teenaged girl felt pinned to the bed by her uncle’s long, thick prick. Her pussy was completely penetrated by the fat cock-meat which spread her pussy-lips wide open and stretched her inner cunt-walls deliciously. She had never been fucked by such a big cock before. And she had never before been fucked by anyone she loved as much as she loved her Uncle Jeff.

Uncle Jeff groaned as he pressed, down on the teenager and nudged his cock into her the final fraction of an inch.

“Oh, it feels so good,” Meg moaned, grinning up at her uncle with an expression of intense pleasure.

This was the moment she had been needing for so long, the moment she had been waiting for so very long. And she had never felt happier or more excited in all her life.

“It feels good to me too, baby,” Uncle Jeff husked, savoring the feel of his niece’s cuntflesh squeezing against the sides of his meaty prick.

“It’s no dream, is it?” Meg asked dazedly, still looking up at him.

“No, baby,” Jeff said, understanding what she meant. “It’s no dream. This is very, very real.”

Meg felt a deep, throbbing ache inside her pussy, an ache of lust and desire for her uncle’s cock. She groaned and began to undulate her hips from side to side, rocking Uncle Jeff’s cock against her snug pussy-walls.

“Oh, baby, let’s fuck!” Uncle Jeff cried as he withdrew all but his cock-head from his niece’s pussy-hole and then shoved his hips forward again.

“Yessss, let’s fuck!” Meg cried lustfully as she felt his prick plunging back into her cunt. She grabbed at his cock with her pussy-muscles.

“Unghh!” Uncle Jeff groaned.

Again, he pulled his hips back, withdrawing his cock until only his bloated cock-head was in the grip of Meg’s cunt-lips. And then again, he slid his prick up into the deepest reaches of her gaping cunt-hole.

“Ohhh, yesss, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Meg chanted, grunting with joy each time she felt her uncle driving his prick deeply into her pussy.

Their incestuous fucking was hard and intense, yet it was also incredibly sensitive and loving. Each time Jeff plunged his entire prick into Meg’s cunt, and each time she lifted her ass up from the bed to slam her crotch against his, they were doing more than venting their lust for each other. They were also expressing their deep love.

Jeff fucked his niece with long, deep fuck-strokes, fucking her at a slow, even pace. He savored the delicious glide of his cock in and out of her pussy, which was already foaming with her frothy fuck-juices.

“Ohhh, Uncle Jeff, I love you fucking me!” the teenager cried with wild abandon. Tears of happiness and erotic pleasure filled her eyes and began to stream down her face.

“And I love fucking you, darling!” Uncle Jeff responded.

Meg could feel her uncle’s massive prick stretching her pussy-walls to the limit, completely packing every single inch of her pussy with its hot, hard cock-meat.

Uncle Jeff was still lying on top of the girl, his hard muscular weight pressing down on her. He could hear her breathing rapidly, and he wondered if his weight were too much for her.

“Maybe… I should get off of you and kneel between your legs… I’m crushing you,” he said.

Meg felt her uncle begin to rise from her and she reached out and clutched at his shoulders.

“No, no!” she cried desperately. “I love the feel of your whole body on top of me! I can breathe okay! And, besides, I don’t care about breathing! I care only about you lying on top of me and holding me and fucking me!”

Uncle Jeff looked down at the girl and saw the earnest expression in her eyes. He reached out and tenderly stroked her face. He knew he had never in his life been loved as much as he was loved by his teenaged niece.

“Okay, baby, I’ll stay here on top of you like this. It’s the way I want it, too,” he said.

They kissed gently, then more passionately. Meg gave a relieved little sigh and wrapped her arms about her uncle. She felt his long, thick prick continuing to thrust in and out of her cunt.

She raised her ass up from the bed as much as she was able to, eagerly fucking back at him. She matched him thrust for thrust, taking great pleasure in the fact that she was helping him to fully impale herself on his prick.

Even though Jeff’s cock was super-thick and Meg’s pussy was super-tiny, there was so much fuck-juice pouring out of her cunt that her uncle’s cock was able to move easily in and out of her. Each time he plunged the full length of his cock into her, Meg squeezed at it hard with her talented cunt-muscles.

Again and again, Meg lifted her trim ass up from the bed and humped her crotch up against her uncle’s. Then, as he began to withdraw his prick from her, she reared back with her slender hips, pacing her fucking movements to her uncle’s.

The uncle and niece gasped for air as they continued to fuck each other hard, yet tenderly.

A hot, sexual sweat broke out all over their nakedly twisting bodies.

“Ohhhh, fuck me, Uncle Jeff, keep fucking meeee!” Meg whimpered, raking her sharp fingernails across her uncle’s shoulders and down his back.

“I will, baby, I will,” Jeff panted.

And he began to fuck her harder now, knowing it was what they bath needed. He shoved the full length of his prick into her cunt so deeply that his broad, spongy cock-head smacked up against the very back wall of Meg’s trembling pussy.

“Aieeee! That’s it! I love it!” Meg cried, thrilled to be feeling her uncle’s huge, hard cock plunging deeply inside her clenching pussy.

She squealed with whorish joy as her uncle fucked her harder and faster with each thrust now, bringing both of them closer to the mutual orgasm they both craved.

Jeff pressed his body down even harder on top of his niece’s fragile, body, knowing how much she liked that. He lowered his face and pressed his mouth to Meg’s, thrusting his tongue into her wet mouth in the same way he was thrusting his cock into her seething cunt.

“Umm,” Meg moaned as she and her uncle tongue-kissed passionately, and her entire body squirmed frantically beneath his.

Jeff took his mouth away from his niece’s and wetly slid his lips down to her heaving tits.

Meg felt her uncle’s mouth drooling over her tits and she trembled with excitement.

“Yes, Uncle Jeff!” she cried. “Lick my tits! Suck them! Bite them!”

Jeff grinned at the girl’s eagerness. Then, he used the broad flat part of his tongue to lick one of her nipples.

“Oh!” Meg gasped, feeling her nipple growing rock-hard at once.

Uncle Jeff licked her nip harder and then quickly moved to his niece’s other tit, licking that nipple just as hard. When both nipples were thoroughly soaked with his saliva, he drew back slightly to admire his handiwork. Then he lowered his face again and sucked one of the blood-engorged nips between his lips, lashing at its tip with his tongue.

“Unghh,” Meg groaned.

She loved what her uncle was doing to her tits and the way he continued to fuck her hard at the same time. She could feel her nip throbbing violently, and just when she was sure that it would have to explode, Uncle Jeff popped it out of his mouth with a wet sound.

“I love the taste of your nips, baby,” he groaned huskily. And then he moved to her other nip and sucked that tortured bud into his wet mouth, sucking hard on it.

“Oh, God, that’s good!” Meg cried, still humping the lower half of her body up against his.

A minute later, Uncle Jeff slipped his lips off of Meg’s pulsating nipple and he looked her right in the eye.

“You told me to bite your tits! Did you mean that, Meg? Can I really bite your tits?” Uncle Jeff asked eagerly.

“Oh, yes, Uncle Jeff, I love that! Bite them! Bite my nips hard! Don’t worry about hurting me!” Meg gasped.

With a lusty groan, Uncle Jeff squeezed both of the girl’s tits together, their nipples standing up rosily, stiffly. Then, as Meg watched him with desire-widened eyes, Uncle Jeff lowered his head and sank his teeth into her turgid nip-flesh.

“Yieeeee!” Meg cried at the top of her lungs as shudders of pain and ecstasy overpowered her.

Her entire body jerked up spasmodically from the bed, and she felt her uncle’s prick drilling into her pussy even deeper than before, fucking into her cunt.

Again, Uncle Jeff sank his teeth into his niece’s nipples and he felt his balls screwing up painfully, about to unload. He took his mouth off of Meg’s tits and thrust harder and harder into her, staring down at her all the while.

“Are you ready, baby? I have to come but I want you to come too!” he said.

Meg reached up and wiped the sweat off of her uncle’s forehead. Then, while he watched her, she licked his sweat off of her fingers. She was showing him how much she loved him for asking if she were ready to come.

“Oh, yes, Uncle Jeff, I’m ready. Let’s come together!” Meg cried.

Jeff flashed her a smile and then his face twisted with lust and pleasure. His prick jerked and lurched violently inside Meg’s pussy.

“Yessss!” she hissed as she felt something warm and wet flooding her cunt. It was her uncle’s cum. Her own uncle was finally coming inside her.

“Ohhh, Uncle Jeff,” she gurgled, hugging him harder than ever. “You’re coming inside my pussy! I can feel it!”

“Yeah, baby, I’m giving you every drop of my cum! Take it all up your beautiful pussy!” the man groaned.

Meg moaned louder and louder as she kit her uncle’s cum continuing to shoot up into her cock-packed pussy. Then she came.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” she squealed, clutching at the man on top of her. Her eyes rolled back in her, head as orgasmic waves of incestuous pleasure washed over her, releasing even more cunt-juice.

“Unnhhh, argh, ohhh, Meg, I can feel you coming, too! Your pussy’s squeezing my prick so hard… sooo much juice… cunt’s shaking all over my cock!” Uncle Jeff babbled, aroused half out of his mind.

“Ohhh, keep fucking me, Uncle Jeff! Keep fucking me while we come together!” Meg screamed, writhing frenziedly beneath her uncle’s pounding prick.

Uncle Jeff’s lurching cock spurted what seemed like gallons of creamy cum inside his niece’s spasming cunt. They moaned and groaned and embraced each other tightly, both of them caught up in their private world of incestuous love and lust.

Uncle Jeff continued to fuck the full length of his hard cock in and out of Meg’s pussy while they came together.

Each time he thrust into her, the plunge was so deep that his bloated cock-head entered the very depths of Meg’s cunt. She quivered and shook all over his cock, begging him to keep on fucking her.

And, all the while, Jeff’s cock continued to shoot wad after wad of jism into the very back of Meg’s cunt. The thick goo gathered inside her, clinging to her cunt-walls and lewdly coating every single inch of her cunt-flesh. The hot cum grew thicker, filling her all up until it began to back up, running out from her swollen pussy-lips and beginning to trickle down her quaking thighs.

Waves of orgasmic pleasure overwhelmed the girl. She had never been fucked so deliciously before. She had never been made to come so hard before. And she knew it was because she had never before loved her sex partner as much as she loved her Uncle Jeff.

“Ohhh, that was sooooo good, I can’t even describe it!” the girl sighed as she felt her orgasm subsiding.

“That’s how I feel too, baby,” Jeff said, letting his cock rest inside her for a minute or two after he finished shooting every last drop of cum into her.

Then, he reluctantly slipped his prick out of her cunt and cuddled up next to her, kissing her lightly on the forehead.

For a long while after their passionate yet tender fucking, Meg and Uncle Jeff lay in each other’s arms, both of them breathing hard and giving out a little moan now and then. Then, Meg began to cry, softly at first, then harder until she was literally sobbing.

“Oh, Meg, darling, what is it? What’s wrong?” Uncle Jeff asked with genuine concern, embracing her all the tighter.

“Nothing’s wrong, Uncle Jeff,” Meg blubbered when she was finally able to talk. “Everything was so wrong before and now it’s all so wonderful! That’s why I’m crying!”

“Oh, my darling,” Uncle Jeff said lovingly, holding her in his arms and rocking her back and forth. “All the time I was making myself keep my distance from you because I was your teacher was very, very hard on me too. But I had no idea that it was making your life that miserable!”

“Uncle Jeff,” Meg said, her sobs finally stopping, “it wasn’t wanting you and not being able to have you that made my life so miserable. It was wanting you so much and thinking that you didn’t want me after all!”

“Oh, baby, I can’t believe we had such a misunderstanding,” Uncle Jeff said. “All that time, you were thinking I was pushing you away because I didn’t want you, of all things! And all that time, I was thinking that we both understood that it was just a matter of waiting until MacFarlane took over again and I was no longer your teacher so we could fuck.”

“I wish I had understood things that way. Then, even though I would have been dying to be alone with you and feel your cock inside me, I could have stood it, knowing that you loved and wanted me,” Meg murmured. “But when you told me that it would be wrong, at first, I thought you meant that you couldn’t accept incest. Then I saw you fucking with Mom…”

“Oh, Meg,” Jeff groaned, thinking how hurt the girl must have been.

“…and then Vicky told me that you and she have been fucking each other, so I knew it couldn’t be invest you didn’t want. And the next logical thought was that I must be what you didn’t want!”

“Oh, baby, baby, baby,” Jeff said, rocking her back and forth in his strong arms once again. “I should have spelled things out for you, about the real reason I was forcing myself to stay away from you, I mean. But it just never occurred to me. I thought we were both on the same wavelength.” He lightly played his fingertips over her damp pussy-fur.

“Well, we’re sure on the same wavelength now, Uncle Jeff! I say that we just forget all about that hard time and get on with showing how much we love each other!” Meg said impishly, no longer feeling like crying. She felt a wave of happiness sweep over her at the thrilling thought that she and her uncle no longer had to keep away from each other. Now, they could be together anytime they wanted.

She watched excitedly as her uncle knelt between her legs, ready to shove his cock back into her pussy again. She moaned and reached out for him, drawing him closer to her.

Then, Uncle Jeff hesitated as a sudden thought struck him.

“Say Meg, you said that Vicky told you about her and me fucking…”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Meg said huskily, her thoughts on her uncle’s hard-on.

“What were you two girls doing that would make you start talking about incest?”

Meg grinned and ran her hands up and down his arms, trembling at the thought that in just seconds, she would feel his hard cock inside her again.

“Vicky and Ron and I were getting it on!” she said, delighted by the gleam in her father’s eye at her answer. “And Danny and I have made it, too! And Mom and me!”

“That’s what I was hoping,” Jeff said with a chuckle. “Good! Then, don’t you think it might be fun for the whole family to get together for an all-out orgy one of these days?”

“That would be super! I’d love it! Then we can all love each other in this special, special way! Now hurry and fuck me, Uncle Jeff! Shove that fat hard cock of yours into my pussy!” Meg cried, and she gasped with joy as she felt the full length of her uncle’s prick surging into her tight, clasping pussy-hole.