Photo Story (MF,cons)

I’d been trying to talk Sarah into photography for a while. She had been
reluctant, to say the least. She was adamant that she wouldn’t allow herself
to be photographed if it meant that ANYONE else would see the pictures. I
tried to explain that we could have the pics developed through the mail at a
discreet private firm, but it wasn’t enough for her. I must admit that I
didn’t exactly relish the thought of someone else seeing us in our most
intimate moments either.
Being the persistent fellow that I am, I introduced the idea of the
digital camera. Sarah quickly pointed out the cumbersome need for the
computer. She was right, after all. I hadn’t considered that point and the
constant need for the PC would hamper our freedom of movement.
Last hope.
“What about an instamatic?”, I asked. “It would be completely portable,
the pictures develop themselves and we can see them as we go.”
“Welllll”, Sarah groaned, “I guess that might be okay. I’m not making any
guarantees, though. I don’t know if I can ever get comfortable in front of a
I tried to maintain a cool facade as I leapt with excitement inside.
“Alright then, I’ll check on one this week and see if there’s anything
decent out there.”

I was at the electronics store the next day.

I found an instamatic that seemed to have good picture quality and bought
it, along with several packages of film. I could hardly wait for the weekend

Friday finally came and I was hyped about the evening as I hoped it would
go. If Sarah really couldn’t get comfortable in front of the camera, I’d
understand. I wouldn’t want her doing something that she really didn’t want
to do simply to appease me. Hey, I’m male, but I’m not a complete jerk.
We started the evening slowly, spending a couple of hours talking and
having a little wine. We were feeling a little mellow by the time Sarah
broached the subject.

“Well, if I’m really going to go through with this, I suppose now’s the

She went to the bedroom to change while I loaded the camera. I was a little
surprised that she was actually going to try it and I was anxious to see
just how she would handle it.

Sarah walked back into the den wearing a short black negligee, seamed black
stockings and a pair of open-toed heels. She looked great and I could tell
that she was feeling the wine.

“I can’t believe the things I do for you”, she laughed. “I hope you
appreciate it. Now, what do we do?”

“Just lounge on the couch and we’ll see what poses work. No hurry”, I said.

Sarah sat down on the couch and leaned back, draping herself over it’s
length. We started with some very casual shots, but as we continued she
started to loosen up. She was showing some thigh, a little more cleavage; I
was starting to think that I might get some pretty hot stuff. After a few
more shots, I sat the camera down and joined her on the couch. I kissed her
deeply and let my ands trace the curves of her body.

“You look wonderful. The pictures are great. Very sexy. Are you alright
with things so far?” I asked.

“I’m fine”, she said as she ran her hand over the bulge in my jeans. “This
isn’t’s kind of fun, really.”

I kissed her again and asked what she thought of doing some pictures
without the negligee. She giggled and replied that it would be alright. I
lifted the negligee over her head and tossed it in the corner. My hands went
to her bare breasts and I gave them a gentle squeeze while I gave first one
nipple and then the other a soft suckle. She has wonderful nipples, big and
brown, and they both stood at attention now.

It only took a few minutes for her to get comfortable with being naked in
front of the camera. Before I knew it, she was playing with her tits and
giving the briefest glimpses of her pussy. I encouraged her, telling her how
hard I was getting and begging to see her beautiful box.

Sarah sat up and leaned back, letting her head fall onto the headrest and
slowly spread her legs. She was smiling and stroking her inner thighs in
long circles. Each circle inched closer and closer to her pussy. Just as I
thought she was going to touch herself, she lifted her leg and began a strip
tease with the stockings and heels. After a change of film and a few quick
kisses, Sarah finished her strip and lay back on the couch completely naked.
She propped one leg on the back of the couch and let the other hang off the
side as both of her hands finally reached her pussy. She cupped and caressed
her mound before slowly spreading the lips with two deft fingers.

I could see her swollen pink clit now, glistening with her juices. She held
her lips spread and ran her thumb around her clit, her hips moving slightly
with each rotation.

I clicked the shutter often, moving closer to get better shots of her
self-induced pleasure. Now she had both hands working, two fingers sliding
in and out deliberately. She purred as she spoke.

“Get me the vibrator.”
I was quick to respond. I returned with her pink gel vibrator and handed it
to her with glee.

She turned the vibe on and slid it inside the wet spread lips of her pussy.
I took frame after frame of her fucking herself with the vibrator until I
couldn’t take it any longer. I sat the camera down and fell to my knees
beside her, kissing her stomach and the soft down of her mound. My hands
found her breasts and those brown nipples. The scent of her excited juices
was driving me mad. I tore at my pants until at last my erect cock found it’
s way to freedom.

Sarah turned on the couch and guided my stiff dick into the velvet warmth
of her cunt. I began to pump wildly, slamming into her hard enough to rock
the couch. She kept the vibrator in hand and was working her clit madly as I
lost control. I gushed hot come inside her and as I did, her climax hit. We
both kept pounding our hips together as we trembled into huge orgasms.

After a few moments of hitching breaths and long kisses, we both slid to
the floor wrapped in one another’s arms.

“Well”, I asked her, “what did you think of photo night?”

Sarah replied, “I think that next time.we use the videocamera.”

I laughed as I answered.

“Whatever you say, baby.whatever you say.”