My Red-hot Mom!

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”. This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today’s world.

The majority of today’s men and women live in boring circumstances, and then the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged, for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness — a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

MY RED-HOT MOM! is a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us — and the extremes to which it may drive us.


“Cunt-face… cunt-face… cunt-face!”

“I’m gonna tell Mother,” Sarah pouted. “You’re gonna get it, Bobby!”

“Cunt-face…” Bobby said again.

“Sarah’s a little cunt-face!”

Sarah ran into the house. “I’m gonna tell! I’m really gonna tell!”

Linda looked at her daughter as Sarah entered the living room. “What are you going to tell, honey? Is your brother teasing you again?”

Sarah frowned. “Mother, you gotta whip Bobby. You gotta beat him up for me.”

“I do?” Linda smiled. “And why should I beat your brother up for you?”

“Because he’s… he’s calling me bad names again!”

“What kind of bad names this time?” Linda asked.

“I can’t tell you,” Sarah answered shyly.

“I see.” Linda watched a blush creep over her daughter’s exquisitely pretty face. “That bad, are they?”

Sarah nodded. “He calls me slut and other things. What’s a slut, Mother?”

“Oh, it’s just a name boys call bad girls. You know, girls that do things with boys they aren’t supposed to.”

“You mean like touch them, Mother? Why can’t a girl touch a boy if he can touch her? It’s not fair. I’ve never heard a boy called a slut for doing that.”

What her daughter said made sense to Linda. If only their father were still alive, maybe none of this would be happening. Maybe Sarah and Bobby would be more affectionate toward each other instead of constantly fighting. Linda found it very hard to discipline either of them. Just the other day Bobby had brought a note home from school, telling her that he was yanking up girl’s dresses in the school yard, trying to pull one little girl’s panties down.

Linda had seen Bobby trying to peek at his sister, but she had considered it natural curiosity for his age. She watched Sarah squirm and blush. Maybe her son was a little too precocious for his age.

“Run along, honey,” Linda said. “I’ll have a talk with your brother.”

Sarah scampered down the hall to her room. Linda got up and looked out into the back yard. Bobby was in the tree swing, slowly swinging back and forth, his chin cupped in his hands.

Linda left the house and walked up to him. “Something bothering you, Bobby?”

Bobby watched the gentle breeze play with his mother’s skirt as it molded it to her long thighs. He thought his mother had the most beautiful legs in the world.

When he didn’t reply, Linda squatted before him, not aware that her son could see the crotch of her panties.

Bobby stared long and hard, feeling his cock harden in his pants. He felt excitement rise in his young body. This was the best look he had ever had of his mother, and it made his balls feel very hot.

“Your sister tells me you’re calling her names again,” Linda said. She felt the breeze lift the back of her skin, and she smoothed it down over her ass. Then she noticed his gaze, and she realized he could look up her dress. With a flush, she stood up. “Bobby, that isn’t nice, looking up dresses. Why do you do it, honey?”

Bobby lifted his head, his face flushed slightly, Linda felt his eyes burn on the thrust of her tits, and she felt a little feverish.

“You’ve been doing that a lot lately,” Linda’s voice suddenly sounded low and husky.

“And at school… jerking up dresses. Bobby, why? And why are you always calling your sister names?”

Bobby stood up.

Linda gasped.

Her son’s cock was bulging inside his pants, very hard, outlined. Bobby made no effort to conceal it, but stood there proudly as she looked, feeling mesmerized. The gentle throb of her cunt surprised her, as did the sudden wetness against her pants.

“I see,” Linda whispered. “Bobby, it’s time you and I had a talk. Come with me, please.”

Bobby followed his mother, his eyes gleaming as the breeze pressed her dress to her compact ass. His cock began to throb with greater hardness.

He followed her to his room, passing her as she held the door open. He sat on his bed while his mother closed the door.

Linda leaned against the door, not sure how to proceed, but knowing she had to say something. His cock was still very prominent in his pants, even though he was sitting down. She moved toward him, sitting on the bed at his side. Placing her hand on his thigh, she felt the heat of his flesh burn into her palm.

“Where do you hear those names that you call your sister? At school?”

Bobby nodded, very aware of her closeness.

“Do you know what they mean?”

“Some of them, Mom,” he answered softly. “I know what slut means. That’s what we call a girl at school because she does things. You know what things, Mom… in the restroom and under the bleachers.”

“With you, too?” Linda asked, feeling a little jealousy well up inside her.

“Oh, no, not with me!” Bobby said quickly. “She’s older, and all the bigger guys go with her.”

“Bobby, that does not make her a slut,” Linda said. “Some girls, well, they just need — even if they do things with boys, like you say, that doesn’t make them bad, or sluts. They have needs, like you and Sarah and, yes, even me. Do you think I’m a slut, baby?”

“Not you, Mom! You’re my mom!”

“And Sarah is your sister,” Linda reminded him. “And I don’t think Sarah is doing those things with boys, do you?”

“Sarah? No way, Mom!”

“Then she isn’t a slut, is she?” Bobby blushed. “I guess not.”

“What were you calling her today?”

“Aw, Mom, I can’t say it to you.”

“But you can say it to Sarah, is that it?”

Linda rubbed his thigh, feeling a strange excitement inside her body. She stared at his lap, seeing his cock, watching it move as hard throbs pulsed through it. She wrapped her arm around his shoulder and pulled his cheek to her chest, resting his head on the firm curve of her tit. Rubbing his back gently, she whispered into his ear. “You can say it to me, too. Anything you can say to your sister, you can say to me. I want to hear what you called her, Bobby.”

Bobby began to shake. The nearness of his mother’s tit against his mouth was so very exciting. He thought he could feel her nipple at the corner of her lips, and he wanted to turn just enough to put the tip of his tongue against it, but he was afraid of what she would do.

“Tell me…” Linda purred with her lips close to his ear.

“I called her a… a… cunt-face,” he mumbled.

“A what?” Linda lifted her head, looking at him. “You called your sister a what?”

“I won’t do it again, Mom!” he promised easing his lips toward her nipple.

“Bobby,” Linda said, cupping his face. “Do you know what that is? That name you called Sarah?”

Bobby nodded, looking downward at his mother’s nipple.

“Are you sure?” Linda asked.

“Well, kinda sure,” he said. “No, I guess I really don’t, Mom.”

Linda felt him trembling, knowing what he was trying to see. Without thinking of what she was doing, she pulled him down and against her body, pressing his face between her tits. She heard him moan. Her hand moved along his arm to his thigh, then up his thigh. Her fingertips touched his cock.

She heard her son moan again, as she traced the outline of his cock.

“Bobby, I’m going to do something… something I shouldn’t. But you must never say a word, not to your sister, not to anyone, do you understand?”

He nodded.

Breathing heavily, Linda began to rub his cock. She felt his prick throb with such hardness that it excited her, made her cunt pulsate wetly. She felt the swollen head of his cock, then she moved her palm up and down the hard shaft to his balls, then up again.

She felt as if she were on fire, as if her cunt was on fire, the wet flesh melting. She drew away from him, looked for a long time into his glassy eyes, her hand holding his cock.

“Bobby, honey… you want to look at girls — then look at me. Maybe then you’ll…”

Linda couldn’t say anymore. She couldn’t explain to herself why she was doing this with her son. All she knew was that she was burning up. She trembled as she pulled her dress up her thighs, pausing for a moment before she lifted it to her waist.

Bobby’s eyes grew big as he stared at his mother, seeing her bikini panties and the shadow of her pussy hair through the thin nylon.

Leaning back, she drew one knee onto his bed, trembling feverishly as her son stared at the stretching crotch of her panties. She felt as if she was about to come.

“You called your sister a cunt-face, Bobby. And you don’t even know what that is. This is a cunt, Bobby!”

Linda ran a finger into the tight crotch of her panties and yanked it far to one side.

Bobby groaned loudly as he gazed at his mother’s cunt. Her pussy was surrounded by soft, curly hair, the pink flesh looking so wet and hot. He swallowed nervously, grabbing his cock.

“Take your hands,” Linda said, a little too harshly.

“But, Mom…”

“Look at it,” she interjected. “You want to see a cunt? Then look at my cunt! But from now, you don’t ever lift up a girl’s dress at school. You don’t call your sister names. Now, look at my cunt and have yourself a ball… but you’re going to have to behave from now on. Am I making myself understood, Bobby?”

Showing her cunt to her son had been a spur-of-the-moment decision, and now she found herself ready to come with such force that it was almost frightening to her. She saw his cock lurching inside his pants.

“Bobby, it’s okay,” she said very tenderly. “I know it hurts. You can take it out. It will feel better if you do.”

Bobby frantically clawed at his pants, releasing his cock. It lurched up from his open fly, and Linda gasped, staring hotly at his prick. She was surprised to see that his cock was so thick and long.

“Oh, my!” she cried softly.

She leaned back slightly, one knee up on his bed, her other foot on the floor, holding her legs wide apart for him. She felt her clit pulsate. The edge of one finger brushing against her cunt, and she felt wetter than ever in her life. She gazed at the head of her son’s cock, watching beads of juice form on the tiny piss-hole. Her ass began to writhe. The urge to take her son’s cock in her fist and jack him off swiftly was very strong.

Bobby stared hypnotically at his mother’s cunt.

Linda watched his young body start to shake. He had a glazed look in his wide open eyes.

“Bobby… ohhhh, Bobby!” she moaned. “Ohhhhh, Bobby?”

Her ass jerked, lifting off the bed.

Linda gasped and whimpered, biting her lip. Her orgasm had been so unexpected, yet so powerful, she couldn’t believe what was happening. Her cunt seemed to open and close as she came, her clit vibrating hotly. The contractions shook her from head to toe.

She calmed slowly, but the heat did not fade.

“What happened. Mom?” Bobby asked.

“Nothing,” she sighed. “Yes, something did happen, but I can’t tell you what it was, Bobby. Later… some day, you might understand.”

She started to get off his bed, but Bobby’s hand on her knee stopped her.

“No, not yet, Mom! Please, not yet!” Bobby ran his hand up her thigh, into her panties, leaning over to look closely at her pussy.

Linda sat there as he gazed, shaking once more, unable to move or to stop him.

She heard him breathe deeply, the back of his hand resting on her thigh near her cunt as he held her panties to one side. She began to moan softly.

“Mom, it’s… you’re beautiful, Mom.”

“That’s enough, Bobby,” she replied weakly, trying to push his hand away. “Bobby, you’ve looked long enough.”

“Mom, I gotta cum!”

The hot gush of his jizz flew from his pisshole, landing on her thigh, scalding her flesh.

She stared at his cock as he came, sending spurt after spurt of come juice on her thigh until it was drenched from crotch to knee.

Bobby grunted and gasped as he came. “Ohhhhh, Bobby!” Linda sobbed, grabbing his shoulders and pulling him against her tits again. “It must feel better now, baby!”

She felt her son’s hot hand on her thigh, his fingers at the edge of her panties. His other hand was sliding up her dress toward her tits. She held her breath when he cupped her tit, squeezing it gently. Her nipples bulged inside her bra, and her tits felt so tight with swollen desire. She felt his fingers working slowly into her panties, and for a moment, she held him tightly against her body.

“No, Bobby! That’s far enough. No more… you’ve had your fun.”

“But I thought… Mom, I thought…”

“I-I know what you thought,” she gasped. “Just remember, you promised me never to lift girls’ dresses at school again, or call your sister those names.”

“I won’t ever again, Mom,” he said sadly as she stood up and smoothed her skirt down. “But what am I gonna do now? I mean, when it happens again?”

“You mean…” She nodded toward his cock.

“It gets worse all the time, Mom!”

Linda gazed at his cock. His prick was still half hard, glistening wetly on the head with his come juice. She licked her lips, shivering, as she leaned over without even considering what she was doing.

Linda placed her lips on the shaft of her son’s cock, kissing it tenderly. But the hot touch of his cock against her lips sent a wild shudder through her. She licked along the shaft of Bobby’s cock to the head. She tasted his come juice.

Suddenly she jerked upright, blushing furiously.

Bobby looked up, at her, his expression showing surprise.

Linda felt giddy, then she began to giggle. “I don’t know why I did that, honey. I just… that should not have happened. None of this should have happened.”

She twirled and ran from his room. She flung herself onto her bed, face buried into her arms. She knew she should feel shame, or guilt, or something. But not this excitement, this feverish hunger…


For the next day or so, Linda watched her son closely. He was on his best behavior, not tormenting Sarah as usual.

The image of his strong, young cock was in her mind all the time, remembering how it had squirted on her thigh.

Linda’s first experience had been somewhat similar, she remembered. As a young teenage girl she had been with a boy who had tried hard to get into her panties. As they wrestled on the seat of his car, her clothing had become mussed, with her dress about her hips. She had not struggled very hard, but she also tried not to show too much eagerness for what was happening. She was slowly giving in to the boy, her emotions soaring, her cunt on fire. She had let the boy pushed her back, and she had shivered with wonderful pleasure when he caressed up her thighs to her panties.

She lifted her ass so he could pull her panties off easily, his fingers feeling so hot on her flesh. The boy, overly excited, had come before he had her panties off, spurting his juices over her thigh.

Linda had come very hard, yet she still remained a virgin. Linda soon found she had to be very careful or her hungers would control her. The only time she had allowed herself to let those wild feelings loose had been with her husband, a man who took great pleasure in her almost insatiable attitude in bed. After her husband had died unexpectedly, Linda had deliberately submerged those feelings.

She gazed at her son’s body, looking at his ass in those tight jeans, the bulge of his cock and balls, feeling as though she would come at any moment.

Her son, however, was finding it very hard to keep his promise. Bobby tried, but the temptation was much too powerful for him. Fearful of getting another note from school, he struggled with his feelings during school hours, but at home it was harder. His sister, two years younger, didn’t seem to understand how sweet and tempting her body was to him.

Bobby wanted to feel his sister’s satiny flesh, squeeze her lovable little ass, touch and rub her hot little cunt. He wanted to rub his cock on his sister’s body, on her thighs, her ass, between her legs, and maybe, just maybe, see if he could put his cock into the little slit of her pussy.

Bobby tried to imagine what it would feel like to have his cock in her pussy. He knew it had to feel better than fucking his fist.

Linda moved to the patio door, watching Bobby and Sarah in the back yard. She smiled affectionately when she saw her son pushing his sister in the swing. They were not bickering for a change, and maybe Bobby would keep his word to her, she thought.

But she saw something else, too.

Bobby was pushing his sister quite high, and his cock was obviously hard. Watching closely, Linda soon saw why. Each time Sarah swung back over her brother’s head, her short skirt lifted. She saw the flash of Sarah’s tight panties and the backs of her slim legs. Bobby was looking up, seeing his sister, too. And each time he pushed her, Linda noticed that his hands shoved at her little ass, not the seat of the swing.

“Bobby!” Linda called, stepping onto the patio. “I want to see you for a minute.”

Bobby walked to her, his eyes cast down, not looking at her. He was trying to conceal his hard-on, Linda noticed.

“You promised, Bobby,” Linda said, unable to put conviction into her tone of voice.

“I didn’t, Mom!” her son protested, knowing what she was talking about.

“Bobby, I was watching.”

“But, Mom, it was an accident this time! I was pushing Sarah and her dress was — Mom, it was an accident!”

Linda trembled, trying to keep her eyes off the front of his pants.

“Come with me,” she said, turning. Bobby followed her, knowing he was in trouble again…

Taking him into her bedroom, Linda sat on the edge of her bed. The heat between her thighs was unbearable. She clamped them together, immediately releasing the pressure, a soft gasp coming from her.

“Something must be done,” she said, almost whispering to herself.

“But it was an accident, Mom.”

“Maybe so, but…” Linda folded her fingers together, pressing her hands into her lap. She felt her cunt throbbing, her clit becoming very stiff with hardness. “You were still looking.”

“What am I supposed to do, Mom? I mean…”

“Have you told anyone about… you know?”

“Not me!” Bobby said firmly. “I promised, Mom.”

She looked at his bulging cock, unable to avoid looking at it. Linda placed her hand on her son’s hip, feeling him shaking. His cock was so hard in his pants, so very hard.

“Would you like to?” she sighed. “Would you like to see it again? Would you like to look at Mother again, honey?”

“Can I, Mom! I sure would like to look again! I liked it that first time, and I think about it all the time, and I still remember what it looks like, and I get all…”

Linda laughed at his eagerness, digging her fingers into his hip, pulling him closer to her knees.

“Hush, baby,” she whispered. “I know. I know very well. Again, I have to ask you never to mention it to anyone, not even your sister.”

“I won’t! I won’t ever, Mom!”

“I believe you.” She pulled her dress along her thighs. “Honey, you can take it out again, too.”

As she watched him frantically opening his fly, she pulled her dress to her hips, leaning back on her elbows, eyes glassy with anticipation, waiting to see his young, hard cock again. She parted her knees, and Bobby stared at the stretching crotch of her panties as he pulled his throbbing cock out. His prick angled upward, jerking in a vibrating way, the head very swollen, very smooth, the shaft so excitingly long and thick.

“Let me see it, Mom! I wanna see it again!” Breathing hotly, Linda pulled her panties to one side.

Bobby groaned as he gazed at his mother’s hairy curt. It looked very hot and wet to him, much wetter than the other day. He could see her clit straining upward and juices oozing from the pink slit. He gripped his cock very tightly in his hand, moaning softly, bending over from the waist because of the hot feelings in his balls.

“Would you like it if I took my panties off this time, Bobby?” Linda asked in a quivering sound.

“Ohhh, yeah, Mom!”

Linda refused to let herself think of what she was doing. She peeled her panties off, then leaned back on her elbows again. She slowly spread her creamy legs open.

Bobby began to pant, squeezing his cock hard in his hand, as he stared at his mother’s cunt. The hair was thick at the top of her pussy, thinner as it spread along the edges of her cunt.

Just as her son was staring hard at her cunt, Linda was staring equally hard at his cock. His tight fist around it made his cock-head bulge even more.

“Bobby, you can push your pants down, if you want.”

Bobby, so eager to comply, almost stumbled as he pushed his pants to his feet. Linda began making soft mewling sounds as she gazed at her son’s body, his T-shirt up around his chest. His cock was so hard, so very hard, and his precious young balls seemed swollen. Skimpy, crinkly hair grew around the base of his cock, with a few strands on his balls.

“Rub it on me!” Linda gasped, hardly aware of what she was saying. “Rub it on my leg, honey! Touch me with it!”

Shaking with desire, Bobby stepped between his mother’s spread knees.

Linda gasped as she watched him rub the hot head of his cock along her thigh. He left an exciting, hot trail of wetness as his piss-hole caressed her soft flesh. She trembled as she watched him, feeling his cock move over her thigh, along the inside of it, then over the top. The wetness glistened on her burning flesh, sending rippling chills to her cunt.

“Higher!” she panted. “You can rub it a little higher!”

Bobby moved his cock along his mother’s thigh, trying not to pump on his prick. He was breathing as hard as she was, his eyes flashing with heat.

Linda purred. She writhed her ass. Her cunt closed tightly around her clit.

“Higher!” she moaned, pressing her thigh against the head of her son’s cock. “Higher, Bobby!”

Bobby pushed his cock along her thigh, the shaft hard and hot on her flesh.

Linda looked down at his cock, her breath catching. Her ass was bunching with steamy sensation.

“Oh, my God!” Linda gasped suddenly. The head of her son’s cock had touched her cuntlips. The contact almost made her come. Her hips jerked in a sideways motion, causing Bobby to stiffen. The head of his cock was against her hot pussy-flesh, with soft cunt hairs curling against it.

“Bobby… baby, you can rub back and forth!” Linda moaned. “Rub it back and forth!”

Bobby held his breath as he rubbed the head of his cock bumping against the lips of his mother’s cunt. His balls began to ache, and he was dripping more pre-come than ever.

Linda moved her hips up and down, his cock sending liquid fire racing through her half-naked body. She leaned back, eyes closed, enjoying the feel of his cock rubbing against the side of her cunt. Her clit was stiff, and she felt as if she would come any moment. She pressed against his cock as he stood between her legs, rubbing back and forth, pushing the head into her pussy hair. Her cunt felt so swollen as she twisted lewdly against him.

She was aware of her movements, aware of how wanton she was being with her son, but she didn’t care. She needed this, needed it so very much. The bumping of his cock became harder against the edge of her cunt, and she squirmed her ass upward to meet it. Her son began making fucking motions, and she was pumping her ass up and down, encouraging him.

Then Bobby’s cock slipped into her cunt.

For a moment, Linda couldn’t breathe. Her cunt gripped his cock hard, just around the head.

Bobby gasped.

“Bobby!” Linda cried out, starting to jerk her ass away from his cock.

But then, without thinking of what she was doing, she rammed upward, her son’s cock sinking into her cunt with a single thrust.

“Ohhhhhh, Bobby!” she sobbed, making grinding motions with her hips.

His cock was buried into her cunt completely, the long, thick shaft filling her pussy, his hot balls smashed against the crack of her ass. The feeling was unbelievable, and Linda cried out with ecstasy.

“It’s in me!” she moaned. “Oh, God, it’s in me, Bobby!”

“Mom, I didn’t…”

“I know! I know you didn’t do it on purpose, Bobby! But… oh, God, that thing is in me so deep! Bobby… I… honey, Mother wants — ohhhh, baby, do it now!”

“I don’t know what to do, Mom!” Bobby groaned, staring at his mother’s cunt pressing so tight and hot against the base of his cock, the heat inside her pussy making his mind spin. “What do I do, Mom!”

“You… you push it!” she sobbed.

“Like this?”

“Ooooh, yes!”

The pressure of his hard cock inside her cunt was driving her wild. Linda moved, her hips jerking up and down, her cunt sliding back and forth on her son’s cock as he stood stiffly, staring wide-eyed at her bushy pussy, his cock gleaming wetly.

Linda squeezed her son’s hips with her thighs, locking one leg behind his, helping to pull his cock deep into her cunt. Her clit was rubbed by his fiery hard cock-shaft, and she cried out, ramming her ass up with a frantic lunge.

“Ohhhhh, I’m… God, I’m doing it! I’m coming! Oooooh, I’m coming!”

The orgasm burned through her with such intensity that Linda could only strain her cunt as hard as she could around her son’s cock, trembling as the rapture swept through her feverish flesh.

She arched her back, lifting her ass high, her weight on her shoulders as she came, enjoying the most beautiful orgasm of her life. Her cunt closed around her son’s pulsating cock, rippling up and down the shaft in burning convulsions. She came and came, one long, drawn-out orgasm.

“Oh… ohhhh, baby!” she whispered. “That was so fast. So very fast!”

Her legs began to slide down his hips, then she lifted them and held him tightly between them, his cock still so hard inside her cunt. She saw the uncertain expression on his face, of what he was supposed to do now.

“Move, Bobby! Move it in and out!”

“It’s okay, Mom?”

“Yes!” she screamed, lurching her ass upward. “It’s okay! I want you to move it in and out! Bobby, do it to me! Do it to Mother right now! You can do it… you can fuck me!”

“You said that word, Mom!” Bobby gasped. “And I’ll say it again!” Linda cried with hot desperation. “Fuck… fuck! And if you don’t fuck Mother right now, I’ll say it some more!”

Bobby, giggling with shyness, moved his cock back and forth, staring at her cunt clinging to it.

“Oooooh, that’s the way, Bobby!” Linda sobbed. “That’s how to do it! Do it harder and faster!”

“Like this, Mom!”

He fucked in and out fast.

“Oh, God, yes!” she moaned, churning her ass. “As fast and hard as you want! Do it… fuck me! Yes, that’s it! Fuck me… fuck Mother with your beautiful hard cock! Give it to me… give it to me! I want it so deep in my cunt… fucking me so hard! Fuck me, Bobby! Fuck Mother real hard and deep!”

Overwhelmed with sensation, Linda drew her knees up against her son’s sides, shoved her feet into the air, hooking the back of her heels over his shoulders. She began to twist and grind her ass to the hard thrusts of his cock. She cooed and sobbed, her hands gripping her tits in painful tightness. She twisted her head from side to side, tears of ecstasy flowing from her eyes. The wetness of her cunt made squishy sounds as he fucked her.

His balls bounced against her ass, the smooth crack, the puckering of her asshole. Her clit was rubbed by the hard shaft as he fucked into her, then pulled back. Each time he pulled back, Linda felt as if his cock would come out, and she would thrust her ass upward, causing her son to plunge his prick into her cunt again.

Crying out, she whipped her ass in tight circles as Bobby dug his fingers into her hips, fucking her with greater frenzy. The beating of his balls upon her churning as and against the swollen lips of her cunt filled her with such steamy ecstasy that Linda screamed.

“Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me!” she babbled. “Ohhhhh, baby, fuck Mother! I love it, Bobby! I love that hard cock in my cunt! I love your hard cock so fucking much! I need it… can’t get enough hard cock! My cunt… Mother’s cunt is so fucking hot!”

The intense excitement was overpowering, and Bobby fucked into her pussy as hard as he could.

“Your cunt is hot, Mom!” he gasped.

“Very hot!”

“I wanna fuck you, Mom!”

“You are fucking me! You’re fucking me so good, Bobby! Oooooh, fuck me real hard! Fuck me deep! Make me come again and again! I love to come, and I want you to fuck me and make me come over and over and aver!”

“I might come, too, Mom!” he groaned, his balls feeling so tight.

“I know!” Linda whimpered. “I can feel your cock, baby! I can feel your cock getting so big and hard in my cunt! I know you’ll come, too!”

She felt another orgasm welling up inside her feverishly hot cunt, and she began to pound against him. She started beating at the mattress with her fists, her lower body grating in a frenzy of motion.

“Oooooh, I feel it! I can feel myself getting ready to come again, Bobby! My cunt… I can feel my cunt ready to explode! Oh, harder fuck me harder!”

“Mom… oh, Mom!” Bobby groaned, fucking into his mother’s cunt with all his young strength. “I’m gonna — Mom, you’re holding my cock too tight! That’s gonna make me come!”

“I can’t help it!” she screamed. “My cunt is doing it by itself! I can’t make it turn loose! Ooooohhhh — I’m coming again, Bobby! I’m coming again!”

Bobby fucked hard into her contracting cunt, holding his mother’s hips tight with his hands. He started shaking, then with a loud gasp, he spewed creamy come juice into her cunt. The rapid squirts spattered along the clasping meat of her pussy, making Linda squeal with rapture.

Her orgasm gathered strength, the spasms sucking at her son’s cock as she writhed her ass against his balls.

Spurt after hot spurt filled her demanding cunt, making Linda sob with ecstasy. She thought her son would never stop coming, but then he did.

For a breathless moment, she continued to constrict her cunt around her son’s cock, then she sighed as his cock pulled from her pussy, her legs flung wide as she struggled to breathe.

Bobby stepped back, almost tripping on his pants at his feet. He stared at his mother’s cunt, seeing how wet it had become. The soft hair was matted against the lips of her slit, the cheeks of her ass smeared with their juices.

He pulled his pants up, then, without speaking, he left her room.

Linda lay spread out, one arm over her eyes. She felt as if she was about to cry, but not in shame. Her flesh glowed. She felt so very good.


Linda went about her housework with pleasure.

She could not believe how good she felt. Sarah and Bobby were at school, and Linda performed her chores while singing and humming. She wore only a pair of skimpy panties, feeling deliciously wicked. She moved back and forth past the undraped windows, not caring if someone saw her. She rubbed her cunt and squeezed her tits. The experience of having her son’s cock in her cunt had been beautiful, and it felt as if it was still in there, stretching her pussy open, filling her cunt.

After her housework, she spent a long time in the bath. She was still high with happiness by the time she finished bathing. She brushed her hair and dressed. It was almost time for Sarah and Bobby to come home, and Linda thought of ways to get Sarah out of the house for an hour or so.

Her cream-colored skirt swirled about her long legs as she paced, waiting. Her white blouse clung to her tits, her nipples protruding with ready hardness. It had been a good idea to leave off the bra, she thought. Not only did the friction of her soft blouse make her nipples tingle, but she was sure her son would enjoy her this way, too.

She saw them coming up the walk, and she smiled when she saw them holding hands. She was at the door when they arrived, greeting them breathlessly.

“You can have snacks, if you want,” she said.

“Ice cream, Mother?” Sarah grinned. “We can have ice cream?”

Linda nodded, and when Sarah skipped toward the kitchen, she grabbed her son’s hand, holding him back.

“Bobby?” she whispered. “Would you like to do it again to me?”

Bobby saw the hot look in her eyes, and he grinned, nodding his head.

“Please…” Linda whispered, sliding her hand down his back to his ass cupping and squeezing his ass. “It think of some way to get your sister out of the house for awhile. This time, we can get naked… take all our clothes off. Would you like that?”

“I sure would, Mom! Can I see your… those?” He pointed at her tits.

Linda almost squirmed with readiness. “You can play with them, too.”

She ran her hand over the front of her son’s pants, still clutching his ass with the other. She squeezed his cock and balls gently.

“Mmmmmmm, I’m going to love playing with your cock, darling.”

Bobby trembled, grinning from ear to car. “You gonna let me touch your cunt, too, Mom?”

“You can touch me all over. Here…” She took his hand and slipped it under her skirt, between her legs, curling his fingers into her crotch. “Have a little feel of Mother’s cunt now… and then later…”

“Bobby, your ice cream is gonna melt!” Sarah called from the kitchen.

“I don’t want any ice cream!” he whispered, rubbing the wet heat of his mother’s crotch with his palm, his cock swelling against her hand. “I wanna fuck you right now, Mom!”

“Go eat your ice cream,” Linda purred. “We don’t want your sister to get suspicious, do we?”

Bobby reluctantly went to the kitchen. Linda sat waiting, trying to think of something to get Sarah out of the house. She could hear them talking quietly.

“You’re not a cunt-face, Sarah,” she heard Bobby say.

Linda straightened up, listening. “What is a cunt, Bobby?” Sarah asked. “I know guys call a girl that sometimes, but what’s a cunt?”

“It’s what you have in your panties,” Bobby replied. “You know, that thing you pee with. That’s a cunt, Sarah.”

Linda heard her daughter giggle softly.

“I don’t think my face looks like that,” Sarah said.

“You know what it looks like?” he asked eagerly.

“I look at it with a mirror.” Sarah answered shyly.

“Show it to me, too!”

“You’re talking nasty with me again!” Sarah giggled.

“You gonna tell Mom?”

“Maybe not this time.”

Linda sat up, listening to them closely. She was surprised to find their conversation exciting. She stroked her tits as she listened, feeling her nipples erecting.

“If you’re not gonna tell Mom, does that mean you’ll let me see your cunt, too, Sarah?”

“I’m not supposed to let boys see it.”

“Who said so?”

“Well… I’m not, Bobby. Besides, you’re my brother.”

“Sure I am, but I’m a guy, too.”

“If I did, you’d stop calling me names?” Linda stood up, her legs shaking. This had gone far enough. Linda wasn’t sure what she felt, anger… jealousy… maybe. What she did feel was excitement, very intense excitement. There was a growing heat between her thighs, spreading outward from her cunt.

“Sarah, if I told you a secret, would you keep it?” Bobby asked.

Linda moved quickly to the doorway. “Bobby, I want a word with you!”

Bobby followed her sheepishly to his bedroom. He stood near his bed, watching his mother warily.

Linda paced back and forth, feeling excitement mixed with apprehension. “You promised you wouldn’t tell, Bobby.”

“I wasn’t gonna tell her, Mom.”

“This secret; what secret, then?”

“Just that I already saw a cunt.” Linda faced him. “My cunt?”

“No. I wasn’t gonna say whose cunt I saw, Mom.”

Linda smiled. She placed her hands on his shoulders, pulling him close. She pressed her lips against his, her tongue moving slowly into his mouth.

Bobby sucked at his mother’s tongue, wrapping his arms around her waist while pushing his cock tightly against her thigh. Linda began to writhe. “I promised you could feel me up, didn’t I? What are you waiting for, honey.”

She pulled at his belt, getting it open, then yanked his zipper down. She shoved his pants to his feet, gasping in delight when she saw his cock hard. She gripped his cock tightly.

“Feel me, honey! Feel Mother… feel anything you want to feel!”

Feverishly, Bobby lifted her skirt, clutching her ass, squeezing the cheeks of her ass, as his mother rubbed the dripping head of his cock against her thighs.

With a liquid fire flowing through her, Linda pulled away. She leaned over his bed, bracing her arms, her skirt at her waist, her naked ass weaving slowly.

“Do it now!” she whispered. “Do it to me now, Bobby!”

Bobby stared in fascination at his mother’s twisting, naked ass. The soft hair of her cunt pushed between her thighs as she spread her feet on the floor. He watched her asshole pucker, and he gripped his cock tightly in his fist.

“Now, Bobby!”

Bobby pushed the head of his cock slowly into his mother’s cunt, watching as the wet, pink flesh of her pussy closed lightly around his cock. With the head of his cock inside, he began to caress her smooth ass and thighs.

Linda made a little whimpering sound, feeling his cock jerking just inside her cunt. She could hardly stand it — the need for his cock to be deep in her pussy was so strong. She pushed her ass back, sliding her cunt onto his cock until it was buried fully. She let her breath out, then did a lewd, gyrating dance with her ass.

“Oooooh, Bobby, Bobby!” Linda sobbed, lowering her head to look between her thighs, watching his balls swing. Pushing a hand between her legs, she enjoyed the feel of his balls rubbing into her palm. “Fuck me, baby! Fuck Mother!”

With erotic thoughts flashing in her mind, Linda began to rub and agitate her swollen clit while her son fucked faster and faster into her cunt.

Bobby, pumping his hips, caressed her fiery flesh, running his hands over the satiny checks of his mother’s ass, up and down her thighs, staring at her cunt. The head of his hard cock rubbed the sensitive tissues of her cunt, the hot jerks of it sending rippling flashes of heat through her body.

Groaning softly, she pushed both arms above her head, clawing at the sheets on his bed, shaking her ass frantically while his cock fucked deep into her cunt. Each thrust of his cock into her cunt made her nipples rub against her blouse, adding to her delight.

“Oooooh, yes, yes!” she sobbed. “Oh, so good! So very good, Bobby! Ahhh, shove it deep, baby! I love it deep, Bobby!”

“You’re wiggling too fast, Mom!” he gasped. “I-I can’t help it!” she cried. “I can’t be still!”

Bobby plunged hard, pushing her along his bed. Linda lost her balance, falling to her side, his cock coming from her cunt with a wet sound.

“No!” she sobbed. “I’m not ready to stop!” Bobby grabbed his mother’s thigh, lifting it high, then plunged his cock back into her cunt swiftly.

With a gasp of pleasure, Linda humped her ass as she lay on her side, one leg resting on her son’s shoulder. With feverish fingers, she began to rub at her clit again.

Bobby, seeing what she was doing, felt his balls draw up tight and became very hot.

The wanton feeling was intense for Linda, and she wanted to reveal her needs to her son in the most lewd ways she could imagine.

“Bobby, I want to… honey, let me…” Before her son could understand, Linda yanked away, her cunt coming off his cock. His prick jerked up, dripping with cunt-wetness.

Linda twisted and scooted on the bed, darting her face to his cock and balls, eyes glazed with passion. Moaning, she ran her tongue up and down the shaft of his cock, licking up the juices. She lapped down to his balls, swirling her tongue around them. As she licked and kissed his cock and balls, she flung her legs wide apart and began to rub her clit, stabbing her fingers into her cunt, making wet sounds.

Bobby, more surprised than startled at what his mother was doing, stood stiffly, hips pushed forward, fists doubled at his hips, staring down, as her tongue licked around his cock and balls.

Linda finger-fucked her cunt swiftly.

“So hard…” Linda mewled, sliding her mouth up and down the shaft of her son’s cock. “So hard, so hot, so — Mmmmmm, baby! I want it in my mouth!”

Her hot lips closing over his cock almost sent Bobby into a gushing spasm immediately. He panted and lunged forward, driving his cock into his mother’s mouth.

Linda gurgled with delight when her lips smashed at the base of his cock, his balls on her cheek. She began to suck back and forth, lips tight. Her hot mouth made Bobby dance about, and he turned to watch her finger-fucking herself, her fingers digging into her cunt swiftly.

Linda shoved her other hand between his thighs, caressing his ass, rubbing her fingers along the crack of his ass. The taste of her cunt on his cock sent her into shivering rapture.

Arching and grinding her ass, Linda sucked hard on her son’s cock, the hot hardness filling her mouth. His cock was long, but she could suck it in comfort, even using her tongue to lick in hot circles.

She glanced up at his face, still holding his cock in her mouth. He was looking down at her.

Linda pulled away from his cock, resting her cheek against his prick.

“Don’t you like this, Bobby?” she asked anxiously. “Isn’t it feeling good to you?”

He nodded. “I like it fine, Mom. You just caught me by surprise.”

“Only liking it fine? I was hoping you’d love it. Most guys would, you know.”

“That girl in school… Mom, the guys say she does this to them, too.”

“Oh, she’s a little cocksucker, too, is she? And what do they call her for doing that to them?”


“Fuck-face, huh?” Linda moaned, sliding her mouth back to the head of his cock. “You can call me fuck-face, if you want. Just talk to me while I suck on this hard cock, Bobby. Talk to me real nasty. I love to hear that when I suck on a cock! It makes me hotter.”

She was still running her fingers into her cunt, her legs splayed widely.

Bobby watched her as she closed her mouth over his cock again. His eyes were brighter now.

“Suck it, Mom!” he said, softly at first. “Suck my cock! You’re a fuck-face, too, Mom! I love your hot mouth on my cock!”

Linda mewled with pleasure, sucking harder. Seeing the way she sucked faster on his cock and the way she fingered her cunt, Bobby began speaking louder and with more passion.

“Suck it… my cock! Lick my cock and balls, Mom! Shove your fingers up your hairy cunt. Fuck-face! Cunt… hot cunt! Fucking piss-sucking cocksucker! You’re gonna make me come, Mom!”

His words inspired her, and she gobbled on his cock. She fingered into the crack of her son’s ass, rubbing the puckering tightness of his asshole, her mouth jerking up and down on his cock.

“Hairy cunt, so… hot, wet, hairy cunt! Hot fucking ass… making yourself come with your hands, Mom! Suck my cock and make your cunt come!”

Linda drew her crotch up tight against her fingers, while sucking as hard as she could on his cock. His prick throbbed so powerfully between her lips. Soon that creamy sweetness would be spurting into her mouth, she knew. The hunger she felt was more intense now. The need to have his cock squirt into her mouth was strong. Linda wanted him to come in her mouth, to spurt that hot juice down her throat.

“Mom I’m about to come!” Bobby gasped, his hips jerking back and forth to the bobbing motions of her face. “My cock… I’m gonna come, Mom!”

Squealing, Linda sucked as hard as she could, her tongue pressing his cock against the roof of her mouth. Her eyes opened and closed in dazed passion. Her cunt gripped her fingers.

She was on the very edge of orgasm. “Mom, I’m gonna do it!” Bobby shouted. “Mmmmm,” she whimpered, sucking fast. The hot gush of his creamy come juice splattered across her tongue. With the first spurt, her cunt constricted on her stiff fingers, and she began to come in strong convulsive waves as her son spewed rapidly into her mouth.

Linda gulped his come juice down, swallowing it with more hunger than she ever had when a cock came in her mouth. His jizz was hot and thick, sliding down her throat.

As his cock jerked and gushed, her cunt convulsed over and over…


The following morning, Linda found Sarah feverish.

Sending her son off to school alone, she examined her daughter carefully, trying to decide if she should call the doctor. But Sarah insisted she was not ill, that she felt fine.

“I don’t know what it is, Mother, but I feel strange,” Sarah said. “I feel all hot, but I’m not sick.”

“Perhaps a bath would help,” Linda suggested.

Without embarrassment, Sarah threw back the sheets and sat up. Her small gown was bunched about her waist, and the first thing Linda noticed was the absence of panties. As Sarah swung her exquisite legs over the side of the bed. Linda, stared at Sarah’s adorable little ass, the compact asscheeks bunching tightly in movement as Sarah went to the bathroom.

She sat quietly as she heard the water running into the tub, wondering why she felt so excited by her daughter’s body. Without a doubt, Sarah was beautiful. Sweet as candy was an apt description for Sarah, and the saying about wanting to eat a person up because they were so sweet applied as well, Linda thought.

Seeing her daughter’s panties, Linda spread them out and smoothed them out. On impulse, she buried her face into the nylon, breathing in the heady scent of her daughter’s crotch. With her body shivering, Linda found her cunt responding with quivering wetness. She ran her daughter’s panties over her face, her nose, her lips. The scent of Sarah’s young cunt filled her with a strange excitement. She imagined what it would feel like to have her hands over Sarah’s succulent body, to feel her sweet little ass, those gorgeous, slender thighs… her little cunt.

With Sarah’s panties dangling from her hand, Linda walked into the bathroom. Her daughter looked up at her. Linda stood gazing at Sarah for a trembling moment, then squatted at the edge of the tub.

“Let me wash you,” she said, taking the sponge from Sarah’s hand. The panties dropped into the water, and Sarah looked at her mother. “They were under your pillow, baby. I think I know what’s wrong with you, now.”

She soaped Sarah’s creamy back, her gaze on those tight little titties, those candy-pink nipples. When she ran the sponge over them, Sarah began to breathe last, watching her mother.

Linda dropped the sponge and ran her palms over Sarah’s lovely tits. The feel of them in her hands was making her tremble, and her own cunt was swelling, her clit on fire. She could not resist squeezing them gently.

“Lie back,” Linda said softly.

Sarah lay back, still looking at her mother’s face steadily. Linda lifted one of her daughter’s legs. She soaped the girl’s slim leg, but as her fingers came close to Sarah’s crotch, she pulled back. Linda washed Sarah’s other leg, then told her to sit up.

Linda rinsed the soap off her daughter. “I should get in with you. It looks so soothing.”

“Come on in, Mother,” Sarah said, smiling. For a moment Linda was tempted. “No, I better not. You dry off, then let’s see if you feel better.”

Linda left the bathroom, shaking with excitement. She sat on her bed, hands in her lap, wondering about her incestuous thoughts, when she looked up to see her daughter standing in the doorway, wrapped in a towel.

“Mom, I still feel funny,” Sarah said softly.

“I know, honey,” Linda replied. “I feel a little funny, myself.”

“You do? Down there?”

“Down where?” Linda asked, trembling more than ever.

“Between your legs. That’s where I feel very funny. It’s like a tingling, but hot. I feel like I’m swollen, Mother.”

“Let me… see.”

Sarah came close, dropping the towel without embarrassment.

Linda felt as if she couldn’t breathe. Her daughter’s naked beauty was breathtaking — the small hips, the exquisitely long legs, those small titties with sweet, pink nipples, but most of all, the luscious slit of her cunt, lightly coated with soft little hairs.

“You do look puffy, Sarah,” Linda said in a throaty whisper.

“What do we do about it, Mother?”

“We make it go away,” Linda whispered. “Mother will take the swelling away.”

Hardly believing she was doing this, Linda stroked up and down Sarah’s thighs. Sarah felt very hot, and her tiny nipples were very stiff.

As Linda caressed Sarah’s hips, Sarah began to make soft whimpering sounds, twisting slightly. With her feet spread on the floor, Linda saw the glistening wetness on the sweetness of Sarah’s cunt. She ran her hand down the trembling flat plane of her daughter’s stomach, then trailed the tip of one finger along the girl’s fiery slit. Sarah gasped, her hips jerking forward.

“Oooooh, Mother, that makes it feel better,” she gasped, putting a hand on her mother’s shoulder for balance. “Are you gonna make it feel better, Mother? Will you make the swelling go away?”

“Yes, darling,” Linda said. “Mother will make it feel better.”

Rubbing between Sarah’s thighs with a light, soft touch, Linda felt her daughter’s cunt become very wet and hot. She had to get her panties off, away from her own pussy.

“Does rubbing my cunt make it go away, Mother?” Sarah asked innocently. “Will it make the swelling go away by rubbing my cunt?”

“Your…” Linda whispered. “Your cunt…”

“Is your cunt swollen, too, Mom?” Sarah asked, squirming against her mother’s palm now. “Does your cunt become swollen like mine? Do you rub your cunt to make it go away, too?”

“My cunt…” Linda moaned. “Your cunt… my cunt…”

“Mother, I wanna rub your cunt, too!” Sarah sobbed, dancing about with excitement. “Let me rub your cunt, Mother!”

Dreamily, Linda undressed as her daughter climbed onto her bed, leaning back on one arm and rubbing at her succulent cunt.

What she was doing was crazy, Linda thought, as crazy as fucking her son. But Sarah looked so tempting.

Gazing at her mother’s naked body, Sarah cooed with pleasure, spreading her little cunt with her fingers. “You have beautiful titties, Mother. I wanna have nice ones like that some day. Am I gonna get that much hair on my cunt, too?”

Linda leaned over, running her hand across her daughter’s titties. She sucked air into her lungs when Sarah closed her hand on hers, squeezing it.

Linda sat on the bed, and they fell into each other’s arms, hands busy feeling as Linda kissed her daughter’s creamy shoulders, her neck, her face. She spread her legs as her daughter ran her small hand between them.

She pressed Sarah to her back.

“Sarah… baby,” she moaned. “God, baby!”

“Rub it, Mother!” Sarah whimpered, pushing her hips up. “Rub my cunt some more!”

“Yes!” Linda sobbed. “Mother will, rub it… this way!”

She turned, scissoring her legs between her daughter’s, sliding her cunt against the smooth inside surface of Sarah’s thigh.

“Mother will rub it with her cunt!”

“Oooooh, that would feel so good, Mother!” Linda edged closer, leaving a hot trail of wetness on Sarah’s thigh.

Sarah, her head lifted to watch, parted her cunt with two fingers, eyes smoldering with shy, innocent eagerness.

“My leg is wet, Mother!” She giggled softly. “Pussy juice,” Linda said. “That’s because my cunt is so wet. Your pussy is wet, too, baby.”

“Ooooh, I know, Mother! And it feels on fire!”

“So is mine,” Linda panted. “Your little cunt… my… they’re both on fire, and we’ve got to take care of them!”

“Touch it, Mother! Touch your cunt to my cunt.”

“Hold it open!”

“You, too, Mother!”

Linda pushed her fingers to her cunt, spreading it apart. Then she pressed her pussy against the wet, fiery slit of her daughter’s pussy. Their two knotted clitoris smashed together.

“Ohhhhh, Sarah!”

“Ahhhhh, Mother!”

Linda hugged Sarah’s thigh against her stomach. Her other hands clasped a small asscheek, and she began to squirm and twist her cunt against her daughter’s.

Sarah cried out, grabbing her mother’s thigh in one hand, her mother’s ass in the other as they strained hard against each other’s crotches.

They began to grind hard, making wet sounds.

“Oooooh, Mother! It’s good, so good!”

“Yes, baby! It’s wonderful! Your cunt is on fire, baby. Mother’s cunt is on fire, too!”



They strained hard, thrashing and squirming. Linda held Sarah’s ass in both hands, pumping her cunt against her daughter’s pussy with almost frantic fucking motions. Her clit was rubbed and smashed by Sarah’s, their hot juices mingling, drenching their thighs, making their asscheeks slippery. She was delighted with the sharp thrust of her daughter’s hips and the unashamed display of wanton passion Sarah displayed.

“Sarah… my cunt! Baby, I’m going to come!”

“Ooooh, Mother… harder… harder!” Beating hard into her daughter’s cunt, Linda gripped the girl’s ass and screamed. “I’m coming! Oh, God… I’m coming so fucking hard!”

“Mother! Mother!”

Despite the power of her orgasm, Linda felt the distinct contractions of her daughter’s cunt against hers. Knowing she was making Sarah come with her sent her excitement higher, and Linda fucked as hard as she could against Sarah’s pussy.

The spasms began to fade, and they clung tightly to each other, breathing harshly. Linda felt the girl’s tight ass relax in her palms.

After a while, Sarah shifted and pulled away. She giggled softly. “I don’t feel all swollen anymore, Mother. But I sure do hafta pee.”

“Then you better pee.” Linda smiled.

She watched her daughter get out of bed, picking up the towel. She sucked in her breath as Sarah’s cute little ass was spread, exposing her pink asshole which was glistening with pussy juices.

“Don’t move!” she said, sliding off the bed to her knees behind her bent-over daughter. “God, you have the most beautiful little ass in the world, Sarah!”

Unable to control the urge, Linda clasped her daughter’s hips, then, with a low moan, she buried her fact between the hot cheeks of Sarah’s ass, kissing feverishly at the girl’s crinkling asshole, flicking the tip of her tongue against it.

“Oooh, Mother! That tickles!” Sarah giggled, wiggling and pushing her ass against her mother’s face.

Linda moaned again, licking her daughter’s fiery asshole, scooting her tongue down and under, tasting the hot slit of her daughter’s cunt. She smeared her face into it, her tongue lapping with hunger. She pulled Sarah’s hot little ass tighter against her face, pushing her tongue into the satiny tightness of her daughter’s cunt.

Sarah twisted and gurgled, smashing into her mother’s face with ecstasy.

Puffing her tongue out of Sarah’s clinging cunt, Linda licked up to the girl’s crinkling asshole again. She ran wet circles over it, then parted her lips wide. With a little pressure, she ran her tongue into her daughter’s asshole.

“Mother!” Sarah squealed.

Linda tongued deeper, her mind whirling with the lewd thing she was doing. She plunged her tongue in and out, then down to Sarah’s sweet cunt again. Hungry with wanton desire, she tongue-fucked into her daughter’s cunt a number of times, making Sarah gasp with rapture. Then she plunged it back into the tight heat of her asshole. Sarah yelped and twisted, pushing against her mother’s face as if she wanted that tongue deeper.

“Ohhh, it’s gonna happen again, Mother!” Linda sat down on the floor, pulling Sarah’s ass over her face as she rested the back of her head on the edge of the mattress. Sarah straddled her mother’s face, bending way over. She pushed her mother’s thighs apart, and began to thrust her fingers lip her mother’s cunt.

Linda gasped, lifting her hips and spreading her legs wide for Sarah.

Almost sitting on her mother’s face, Sarah churned her hot, tight ass down hard. Linda stabbed her tongue in and out of Sarah’s hot tightness, her chin pressing against her daughter’s seeping cunt. She felt Sarah’s asshole clinging to her tongue with flexing motions as she fucked into it rapidly.

Squealing with intense ecstasy, Sarah began to bang her ass up and down on her mother’s face, and Linda probed her tongue in and out of Sarah’s asshole. Their squeals became louder, the grinding more frantic. Sarah’s fingers made juicy sounds as she plunged them deep into her mother’s hairy cunt.

“I’m gonna do it again, Mother!”

Linda felt the contractions of her daughter’s orgasm as Sarah’s asshole began to suck at her buried tongue. She kept fucking in and out wildly as her daughter came. But then she felt a lot of wetness. Hot wetness was running along her chin, down her neck to her tits. Sarah was still squealing with orgasm, so Linda kept her face and mouth tight to her daughter’s hot ass.

“Ohhhhh, Mother!” Sarah moaned, lifting from her mother’s face. “That was so good! I didn’t think it would ever stop?”

She stood on shaking legs, turning toward her mother. She started to smile, then let out a soft gasp and clutched her cunt with both hands.

“Oh, I didn’t mean… I didn’t know I was — ohhhh!”

Sarah whirled, running from the room and to the hall bathroom.

Linda sat on the floor, resting against the bed, looking down at her wet tits. Her daughter, out of her intense excitement and need to pee, had pissed over her chin and tits as she came.

For a moment, Linda didn’t know what to make of it, then she began to laugh softly to herself. She ran her hands over her tits, smearing the piss over her flesh, her nipples. She could not be angry at Sarah. She probably could not help herself. She didn’t want Sarah to be embarrassed, ashamed. Linda stood up and walked over to her daughter.

Sarah sat on the toilet, her face in her hands. Hugging her daughter, Linda stroked her, trying to soothe her daughter.

“It’s okay, baby,” she said softly. “Please, it’s okay.”

“But it isn’t, Mom!” Sarah sobbed. “Now you won’t do it to me anymore. You won’t play with me ever again.”

“Yes I will, Sarah,” Linda replied. “Mother will always play with you. It’s okay, baby.”

“But I… I peed on you, Mother!” Linda lifted Sarah’s chin, lifting her daughter’s tear-stained face, looking into those young eyes.

“Yes, you did, but… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, Sarah, I liked it!”

“You did?”

Linda nodded. “I loved it… so hot, so wet, on my neck and titties. Yes, I loved the feeling.”

“Then you will play with me again, Mother?”

“I will, but right now I wish you’d get up and let me sit down there before I piss down my fucking legs.”


What she had done with her daughter had surprised Linda, but not her behavior. The one thing about it that did concern her, but not overly so, was when Sarah had pissed over her chin and tits. It had not been done deliberately, she knew. The thing about it that bothered Linda was that she had enjoyed it. Sarah’s piss had been so warm and wet on her flesh, almost as good as when Bobby had came over her thigh that first time.

For a few days, Linda found herself dividing her attentions between her son and daughter. She would fuck Bobby, or suck his hot cock off, only to find Sarah coming to her with her little cunt swollen and aching again, wanting her mother to rub it and give her relief. Sometimes they would rub their cunts together, and sometimes Linda would use her fingers to bring Sarah to orgasm.

And Sarah, so sweet and precious, would return the favor. Her small hands were so gentle on her body, so feathery light, that it seldom took Linda more than a few minutes before she was coming.

Sarah had not pissed on her again, but each time they were together, Linda had waited anxiously for it to happen. She could not bring herself to ask Sarah to do it.

Linda lay in bed, the house quiet, trying to imagine what it would feel like if her daughter would press her head between those satiny thighs, push that wet cunt hard against her mouth, holding her that way while she tongued and licked and sucked her daughter to orgasm. Such thoughts gave her a hot, melting feeling, her inner thighs feeling fiery.

She lay on her back with her legs spread wide apart, trying to cool the steamy heat of her cunt.

Running her hand through the soft hair of her pussy, Linda fondled her cunt. It felt drenched with juices. Her clit bulged, as if vibrating with need. She could hardly touch it, it was so sensitive. She wanted things done to her, wild, wicked things. She wanted Bobby, Sarah… either of them to do lewd things to her body, to give her pleasure.

As if by some mysterious message passed through the walls of the bedroom, Linda saw her son entering her room.

“Mom, I can’t sleep.”

Linda sat up and turned on her bedside lamp. “I know,” she said softly. “I’m having trouble, too.”

Bobby sat on the side of her bed, looking at his mother’s tits. They were almost spilling from her nightgown, her nipples pressing at the thin material.

“Mom, I broke my promise, kinda,” he said softly.

“How? Which promise?” Linda took his hand and placed it on her thigh.

“I peeked at Sarah tonight when she was in the bathtub,” Bobby said. “I didn’t mean to, but the door was open partway, and when I went past, she was there in the tub, and I looked.”

Linda pulled him against her tits, wrapping her arms around him. “That wasn’t breaking your promise. You couldn’t help but peck if the door was open.” She stroked his back, feeling excitement swell hotter inside her. “What did you see?”

Bobby nuzzled into his mother’s tits. “I saw her little titties.”

“Pretty, aren’t they?”

Bobby looked up at her. “You’ve seen them, too, Mom?”

Linda began to tremble. She nodded. “Yes, I’ve seen them.”

Bobby became excited, clasping her tit. “I sure would like to touch them, Mom. I bet Sarah would let me touch them.”

Linda closed her eyes, imagining her son fondling her daughter’s succulent titties. She groaned, her cunt wet with swollen desire. She moved her hand down his stomach to his crotch? His cock was hard, very hard, his balls hot.

“Bobby, take your shorts off and get under the sheet with me,” she whispered, stripping her gown over her head and tossing it to the floor.

He quickly removed his shorts, sliding in next to her. His cock rubbed at her hip, and Linda squirmed tightly against it when he began to fondle her tits. She gripped his cock, smearing his seeping piss-hole over her hip and thigh. The wetness made her tremble in delight.

While he sucked at her tits, Bobby ran his hands over her naked body. He moved his fingers through the silky pussy hair, caressing her wet, pulsating cunt.

As Linda squirmed her hips in pleasure, he used his other hand on her ass, feeling the hot swells, cupping her asscheeks and squeezing, making her mewl with sensation.

“Oooooh, baby, this is nice!” she moaned, turning onto her side with her back toward him. “Rub your cock on Mother’s ass, honey. Here, wrap your arms around me and squeeze my tits and rub my ass with your hard cock.”

As he closed his hands on her tits, Bobby licked and kissed his mother’s back. Linda, with a hand behind her, moved his cock against her ass. She dragged the smooth head of his cock, up and down her flesh, making her asscheeks very wet with his dripping juices. She pushed his cock between her thighs, rubbing it along the fiery slit of her cunt. She pushed the head of his cock into her pussy for a moment, lifting her leg to give him more room.

“Fuck me for a little while,” she sighed, pushing against his cock.

Bobby thrust into her cunt, his lower stomach pressed against her ass, his hands digging into her firm tits.

Linda whimpered and wiggled, her cunt clasping his cock as it moved in and out. She held his hip as she wiggled with him.

“Feel it, honey? Feel Mother’s cunt holding your cock?”

“Oh, I sure do, Mom!”

“You do love to fuck Mother, don’t you?”

“I really do, Mom?”

“But you want to fuck Sarah, too, don’t you?”

“Aw, Mom… she wouldn’t let me.”

“Maybe… maybe she would.”

“But I can’t. What about my promise, Mom?”

“Let’s say you keep it only with the girls at school, not at home.”

“You mean I can peek at Sarah?”

“Every chance you get,” Linda said, squirming with more excitement. “Just don’t call her names.”

The idea of watching him fuck Sarah, his young cock penetrating Sarah’s cunt, made Linda feverish with hunger. She began to pump her ass back and forth, grinding enthusiastically. She felt his cock go deeper, then pulling back almost out of her pussy. She began to gasp and moan as ecstasy grew within her body. Her eyes were closed, an erotic fantasy developing about her daughter and son, fucking each other, Sarah’s sweet mouth trying to swallow her brother’s hard cock.

“Oh!” Linda cried out.

Bobby’s cock had slipped out of her cunt. She shifted her ass, searching for it, wanting his cock back inside her. She felt the hot, wet head of his prick slide upward, between the cheeks of her ass. It rubbed across her asshole, and Linda felt something like an electrical jolt.

Her eyes opened. Her mouth parted. The head of his cock was pushing upon the pucker of her asshole. She started to pull her hips forward, but he pushed with her.

There was a tingle around her asshole, and before she knew what she was doing, she began to return the pressure. She pushed her ass back, feeling the head of her son’s cock entering her asshole. It felt as if her asshole was opening, and she couldn’t believe the feeling. There was no pain at all, only a wild tingling that grew and grew.


His breath was hot on her back. He was clutching her tits very tightly.

She wiggled, pushing her ass a little more against his cock. Her asshole seemed to give, and a feverish tremor shot through her. She fell as if her asshole was wanting to be penetrated by her son’s cock. It was a strange, different feeling, one that felt wickedly lewd.

“Bobby! Bobby!” she felt him push against her asshole. “Honey… baby, do you know what you’re doing?”

“Mom, you feel so hot there!” he answered.

“I am hot there!” she moaned. “God, don’t believe how hot I am right there! Try and push it into me. Let’s see if your cock will go in back there, baby!”

The pressure increased, and with it came more tingling pleasure. Her whole felt very small and tight, and his cock felt huge. With a groan, she pushed hard onto his cock.

Linda gasped when the head of her son’s cock popped past the tight pucker. Both of them became still, as if afraid to move. Her asshole clenched the head of her son’s cock, though, as if afraid it would pull out. He was still clutching her tits.

Linda began to shiver, feeling as if her asshole had become widened more than possible. She eased back against his cock. The stuffing of her whole felt better and better. She lifted her leg and ran her hand over her cunt, sliding two fingers over the shaft of his cock, feeling the stretched ring of her asshole around it.

“Bobby, fuck me!” she gasped. “Fuck Mother right there! Ooooh, push our cock up Mother’s ass, baby! I want you to fuck me in my… my asshole!”

Bobby pushed his cock deeper as she squirmed. He was gasping, holding her tits as tight as he could.

Linda could not believe what she was feeling. It was fantastic — her son’s cock was sliding into her asshole!

His prick stretched her open, yet her asshole was so tight around him. She felt his balls, and she clutched them as he pushed his cock all the way up her asshole.

Again, they, didn’t move.

It was Linda who finally began to move. She pumped her hips back and forth slowly, feeling the friction on the clasping ring of her asshole, his cock so hot and hard. She held his balls, her wrist soaked with the juices seeping from her excited cunt.

“Ohhh, Bobby, fuck me!” she cried. “Right up the ass! Fuck me in my ass, baby! I don’t believe it’s so good! Your cock… in my ass! You feel so big in my ass, Bobby!”

“So tight, Mom!” he panted. “So tight and hot!”

“Help me!” she pleaded, thrusting back and forth. “Help me do it! Fuck me, baby! Fuck Mother up the ass!”

Bobby lowered one hand to her squirming hip and began to stab back and forth.

Linda sobbed and wiggled her ass in delight. She squeezed his balls, then rubbed furiously at her pulsating cunt, his cock creating beautiful feelings in her asshole.

The thrashing of their bodies caused the sheet to slide downward. It was now over their hips. Linda faced the wall, and his back was toward the bedroom door.

Neither of them were aware that Sarah, hearing the strange noises, had come to watch. She stood in the doorway, staring at the way her brother’s hips moved, knowing he was fucking their mother. She watched them, wide-eyed.

“Oooooh, Bobby, more, baby! Push it deeper!” Linda gasped.

“It’s all the way in, Mom!”

“I want more!” Linda sobbed. “Oh, God, I want it so deep, so very deep! I need that hard cock, Bobby! Mother needs your hard cock so much! Fuck me… fuck me deep and hard and fast! Make me come! My cunt is burning… so wet and hot! I want to come, Bobby!”

“I think I might come, too!”

“Ohhh, yes, yes!”

The sheet scooted down their hips as they humped and churned. Sarah stared at them, her little cunt boiling with wet heat.

“Ohhh, my cunt… my ass!” Linda wailed. “Bobby, I’m going to come! Ahhhh, come with me, Bobby! Come in me… squirt it in me, baby!”

Sarah watched her brother’s ass tighten as he pressed hard against their mother’s grinding ass. She twisted her hips, licking her lips as she watched them tremble through orgasm.

“I feel it!” Linda cried out. “T can feel you coming in me! I can feel the hot squirts up my ass, Bobby!”

Her orgasm created a sucking, rippling pull on his cock, and Bobby groaned as he spewed jizz into his mother’s gripping asshole. Linda was pressing his hot balls hard against her convulsing cunt, and he kept clutching her tit and hip with his.

The sheet was at their knees now, their bodies exposed to Sarah’s wide, hot eyes.

“Ooooooh, that was very good!” Linda sighed, turning to press her tits against her son’s chest. “Did you like fucking Mother in the ass, Bobby?”

“Yeah! It was different, and I wanna do it again, if you’d let me.”

“I want you to,” Linda said, kissing him wetly. “I want you to do everything to me, and I want to do everything to you. I want to fuck you and suck you and make you come in me, on me… all over me!”

“What about Sarah?”

“Do what she’ll let you do, honey. Anything your sister will let you do, that’s okay with me.”

Sarah began to tremble, staring at them.

“Can I sleep here, Mom?”

“You better not. Your sister might see you in the morning. We don’t know what she would say, do we?”

“I guess you’re right,” he said reluctantly. “I’ll go back to my room, but I sure wanna sleep close to you instead.”

He got out of her bed, facing his mother.

Sarah watched her mother’s hands move along his thigh.

“Can I use your bathroom, Mom?” Bobby asked. “I gotta pee.”

“Of course you can,” Linda said softly. Sarah watched her brother enter the adjoining bathroom, but when her mother swung her legs over the side of the bed, she turned and hurried back to her room before she was noticed.

Linda stood up, her eyes glassy as she looked at her bathroom. The opportunity was too good to miss. With shaking legs, she moved toward the bathroom, listening to her son pissing into the toilet.

“Bobby,” she said softly, entering the bathroom. “Wait. Please, wait a minute.”

Bobby stopped pissing, surprised to find her in the bathroom.

Linda stared at his cock, a bead of piss on the head. She shivered, kneeling at his side…


“Bobby, let me watch.” Bobby giggled.

“Please, honey, I want to watch you pee!” Bobby began to piss again.

Seeing the hot piss gush from his cock made Linda feverish again. She ran her hand over his ass, her cheek against his hip. She caressed up his thigh to his balls, then held them. Her eyes were glazed with perverse passion, and her tits swelled, her nipples feeling stiff.

“Let me hold it.” She slid her fingers round the base of his cock. “I want to hold it while you piss…”

The touch of his mother’s fingers stopped him from pissing for a moment. It felt strange to have someone else holding his cock as he pissed. But then the stream was going again, and now he enjoyed it.

Linda, cooing hotly, swung his cock from side to side, watching the stream wave about.

She sat on her heels, face tilted up at him, her eyes wild with heat. She straightened her shoulders, shoving her tits outward.

Bobby stood before his mother, curious as to what she was going to do. Her grip tightened, preventing him from pissing, but the need to do so was there.

“My titties, baby! Do it on Mother’s tits!”

“Pee on your tits, Mom?”

“Ohhh, please, Bobby! Do it on my tits!” Again, Sarah had returned, unable to remain in her room. She had gotten so hot watching them, and, thinking that her brother had gone back to his bed, she wanted to be with her mother now. Seeing the bed empty, the bathroom door open and hearing voice, she sneaked in and stood watching from the doorway. She stared at her brother’s cock, at the way her mother pushed her tits up and out, the expression on her face.

“Bobby, pee on my tits!” Linda pleaded. “Piss all over Mother’s tits!”

Sarah felt as if she was going to fall down, her legs becoming so weak and trembling as she watched.

When his mother relaxed her fingers on the base of his cock, Bobby spewed a hot stream of piss onto her jutting tits.

Linda gasped, looking down at his piss splashing over her creamy tits and stiff nipples. She moved his cock, making him piss over one tit, then the other. The wet, hot sting made her mewl and gurgle. She turned loose of his cock, cupping her tits, lifting them to the hot stream. She cooed and whimpered as piss ran down her stomach, matting the hair of her cunt. Her pussy seemed to clench with a tight heat as her son, now holding his cock, sprayed her tits hotly.

“Over my neck!” Linda cried softly.

Bobby lifted his cock, pissing over her neck. His eyes glowed with perverse pleasure. “You like it, Mom?”

“Oooooh, I love it, baby!” she moaned. “So hot… so wet! Piss on my neck, piss on my tits! Oh, look at my stomach, my pussy hair, my legs! I’m soaked in your hot piss!”

“Is it gonna make you come, Mom?”

“It feels like it! My cunt is hot, so hot!”

“Open your knees! I’ll piss on your cunt, too!”

Linda spread her knees, leaning back and lifting her ass. She spread her cunt open with her fingers, then cried out when the hot piss stung her clit and the silt of her cunt.

“Ohhh, my pussy!” she sobbed. “Piss on Mother’s pussy… piss all over my fucking cunt, Bobby! Ahhhh, so good!”

Sarah pushed a hand hard against her cunt, the wet heat becoming very intense as she watched them. Her brother’s cock and balls fascinated her, as much as her mother’s hairy cunt did. She wanted to feel his cock, play with it the way her mother had.

“Oh, you’re stopping!” Linda gasped.

“I can’t help it, Mom!”

“I know,” Linda whispered. “I know. Now, let me…”

Sarah gasped softly when she saw her mother’s tongue dart out, her face lifting to Bobby’s cock.

Bobby giggled when she watched what his mother was doing.

Linda flicked her tongue over the tip of his cock, licking away a clinging bead of piss there. Then, with a low moan, almost a growl, Linda pulled his cock into her mouth and began to suck it wildly, gripping his hips.

Bobby caught the back of her head, jerking her face against his crotch, her mouth over his prick. He began to fuck into his mother’s sucking mouth, and Sarah stared with hot eyes.

“You gonna suck it off, Mom?” Bobby asked hoarsely.

“Mmmmm!” Linda moaned, dragging her mouth off his cock. “Yes, I am going to suck it off! I’m going to make you come again, right in my mouth this time! Bobby, you’re the only guy that ever came in my cunt, my asshole, and my mouth. No other guy has ever done that before.”

“But you want me too, don’t you, Mom?”

“I want you to come in me, on me, more than anyone else has ever done. I want you to piss on me… all over me!”

“I will, Mom!” Bobby promised, almost dancing with excitement, ramming his cock back into her mouth. “I’ll fuck you… fuck your cunt, fuck your ass, fuck your mouth, and piss all over you!”

Linda began to suck frantically, squirming her cunt against one heel, grinding on it.

Sarah watched, her gaze moving from her mother’s naked ass to the way she swallowed Bobby’s cock. The impulse to run into the bathroom was strong, but Sarah hesitated. Her mother might not like that, might even get mad at her.

“Suck harder, Mom!” Bobby gasped, pumping on his cock. “Your mouth… so hot and wet! Suck my cock, Mom! Ohhh, suck my cock and make me come in your cocksucking throat!”

Linda pulled off him. “I’ll suck it off! I’ll make you come down my cocksucking throat! Give Mother a real big, hot load of come juice, Bobby! Choke me with it… choke the piss out of me with a hot squirt of juice!”

She began to suck wildly once more.

Sarah could not believe that her brother could push his cock so far into their mother’s mouth without choking her. But her mother was sucking very hard and fast, as if it was the most enjoyable thing in the world. Sarah felt as if she was about to come just watching them. Her little cunt burned hotly, her pussy juices flowing more than ever. Her tits felt so hard and painful too. The swelling pain in her young cunt was worse than ever.

“Mom, I’m gonna come!” Bobby shouted, pushing his cock deep. “I’m gonna come hard!”

Linda, squealing wetly, gobbled at his throbbing cock frantically, gripping his asscheeks to jerk his cock deep into her mouth.

“Ohhh, Mom!”

The hot spurts of come juice flew across her tongue.

Linda swallowed, her eyes closed. The squirts of come juice burned down her throat. She sucked as hard as she could, her lips drawn tight over the head of her son’s cock, her tongue pushing it against the roof of her mouth.

Each hot gush of jizz into her mouth sent her cunt into pulsating clutches. Her orgasm was very powerful.

Sobbing with her mouth full of her son’s cock, Linda sucked with even greater force, pulling the creamy sweetness out of his balls as they bumped against her chin.

“Mmmmm, so much!” Linda purred as she pulled her mouth off him. “That was very good, baby. You really came for mother. I love it when you come so much that way.”

“You just suck it right out of me, Mom,” Bobby sighed, running his hands through her hair. “I guess I have to go back to my bed now, huh? Are you sure I can’t sleep with you?”

“Not yet,” Linda said, getting to her feet. “Let’s see how it goes with your sister, okay? We don’t want to give her any surprises, do we?”

Sarah, having sneaked away, was so excited she was almost dancing.

She hid in her room until she heard her brother enter his bedroom, then she sneaked back out again, going straight to her mother’s room. She found her mother sitting on her bed, her tits, her stomach, thighs, still glistening wetly with piss.


“What’s wrong, honey?” Linda asked, looking up in surprise.

“I-I feel all swollen again.”

Linda smiled. She had just finished with her son, and now her daughter needed her. She held her arms out. Then she remembered she was still drenched in her son’s piss.

“Let me clean up,” she said, starting to stand.

But Sarah flung her small body onto her mother’s lap, squirming against her tightly, arms around her neck. “No, you don’t have to, Mother! Play with me now… play with my pussy, Mother!”

“Then let’s take your gown off,” Linda said, lifting it over Sarah’s head.

Sarah squirmed her pantied ass onto Linda’s thighs, and suddenly she dipped her young face, and began to lick at her mother’s tits.

“Sarah, you should let me…”

But her daughter had begun to suck on her nipple, her hot lips pulling as her tongue swirled.

Linda looked down, wondering why her daughter had not noticed the piss on her tits.

“Mmmmm, your titties taste good, Mother!” Sarah moaned, sliding her mouth to the other nipple. “They’re wet!”

“Honey, maybe you should let me — ohhhh, baby, suck my tits!”

Linda moved her hand to Sarah’s crotch, feeling the hot heat through the girl’s tight panties. She peeled them off.

Sarah, without releasing her mother’s piss-wet tit, lifted her little ass.

Linda lay back, pulling her daughter with her. Sarah squirmed on top of her, kissing and licking at the soft flesh of her mother’s tits. Linda breathed harder, watching that little tongue swish about, afraid to tell Sarah she was licking her brother’s piss off her tits. She gasped in pleasure when her daughter began licking downward, over her stomach.

“You’re wet all over, Mother” Sarah purred, her darting tongue everywhere. “I like it. You taste good.”

When Sarah’s tongue began moving through the wet hair of her cunt, Linda spread her legs.

Sarah stared at her mother’s cunt for a long time. “I’m gonna taste your cunt this time, Mother.”

“You should let me…”

“You’re so wet, Mother, and I wanna lick it this way!” Sarah insisted.

“Then, turn around so I can have something to lick, too, baby,” Linda whimpered, giving in. She would find some way to tell Sarah later. Right now, she was as hot as her daughter.

Sarah twisted on the bed, spreading her knees over her mother’s face.

Linda stared into the succulent sweetness of her daughter’s almost-hairless cunt, her tiny asshole crinkling. Lifting up, she lapped Sarah’s slit, from the throbbing clit to the base of Sarah’s spine, tasting her juicy cunt then her hot asshole. Feverishly, she clutched Sarah’s hips, burying her face into the girl’s sweet crotch, sucking and licking while her daughter twisted her ass about.

Linda spread her legs and arched upward.

Sarah, mewling with excitement, began to lick her mother’s crotch, tasting her brother’s piss, the seeping juices of her mother’s cunt. She smashed her own pussy up and down, beating it into her mother’s face. She clutched the bunching checks of her mother’s ass, pulling her mother’s wet clit hard into her sucking mouth.

They pressed and smashed at each other, wet sounds becoming loud in the room.

Linda smashed her daughter’s face between her hot thighs, flung them open, then closed them again. Sarah, spreading her knees outward, mashed her hot little pussy as tight as she could against her mother’s mouth, squealing hotly as her mother’s tongue darted into her pussy.

“Ooooh, suck it, Mother!” Sarah gasped, smearing her face into her mother’s pussy. “Suck my cunt… I wanna tongue your wet cunt and make you come, Mother!”

“Lick it, Sarah!” Linda cried. “Lick Mother in the cunt… I’m going to tongue-fuck your hot little pussy… your wet little cunt, your tight little asshole… I’m going to make you come, too!”

Linda thrust her feet into the air, gripping her daughter’s grinding ass. She rammed her own cunt up at Sarah’s hot mouth, feeling that hot tongue slide along her slit before it dipped into her asshole.

Feverish with hunger, they licked and sucked and kissed. It didn’t matter if they licked hot pussy or tight assholes. They thrashed on the bed, holding tightly to each other, sometimes with Linda on top, sometimes her daughter.

Their cries of ecstasy became more pronounced.

Then, lunging into each other hard, mother and daughter came at the same time. They convulsed, twisting and grinding. They trembled through at least two orgasms before pulling apart, with Sarah sprawled on her back next to Linda.

“God, that was better than ever!” Linda sighed.

“I loved it, Mother!” Sarah panted. “You were so wet, so hot, and I loved how you tasted.”

Linda sat up, still feeling weak. “I know I was wet.”

Sarah smiled. “That wasn’t all just your pussy, Mother. You were wet with something else.”

“I was?”

Sarah nodded, giggling wickedly. “That was pee… piss, I tasted, Mother.”

“I… had just been in the bathroom,” Linda said warily.

“I know. I watched,” Sarah admitted. “You watched? You saw me and…”

“I saw you put Bobby’s cock in your mouth, and I saw him pee all over you.”

“Oh, God!” Linda moaned.

“I’ll do it for you, too, Mother,” Sarah said. “If Bobby can do it, why can’t I?”

“I-I didn’t know you wanted to…” Linda stared at her daughter.

“You didn’t ask,” Sarah said, giggling again. “Mother, do you really want Bobby to do it to me, too?”

“You heard that?”

Sarah nodded. “Can he put it in me? It looks so big!”

Linda wanted to burst out laughing. “Are you sure?”

“If you can, I can, Mother,” Sarah said. “Besides, he’s been good to me for some reason. He doesn’t call me names anymore, and I sure would like to feel his cock, Mother.”

Linda grabbed her daughter, hugging her tight. “My hot babies! My hot, hot babies, want to fuck each other!”

“Then you’ll let us?” Sarah asked.

“You heard what I told your brother. That’s up to you, and him. I don’t have anything to say about it.”

“But is it okay with you?”

“Sarah… I’d love it if you two fucked!” With a squeal, Sarah began running her hands, then her mouth, over her mother’s body once again. Linda could not resist.


Linda felt as if she were floating in air. She felt so happy. Things were going right for her.

Bobby was helping his sister with her homework, both of them sprawling on the living room floor with books open.

Linda sat and knitted, deliberately letting her knees part so they could peek at her if they wanted. Bobby looked, and she winked at him when he glanced between her thighs at her panties. She saw him nudge Sarah, who then looked up, too. Those blue eyes opened wide.

Linda wanted more from them. She wanted them to do things to her, lewd, wonderful, exciting things. She wanted their hot hands on her. She wanted to be naked with them, her cunt on fire as they brought her to orgasm after orgasm.

It was after dinner when Bobby came to her, his face looking flushed.

“Mom, Sarah gives me a hard-on.”

“I know she does, honey.” Linda smiled at him.

“I think she does it deliberately, too.”

“Oh? Why would your sister do that?”

“I think she wants to fuck me, Mom.”

“Really?” Linda asked, amused.

“Yes, really.”

Linda hugged him. Her son wrapped his arms around her, his hands automatically cupping her ass. She wiggled against him, feeling his cock throbbing in his pants.

“Did she give you this one?” she whispered. “If she did, it’s a nice one, baby.”

Her son squirmed against her, breathing hard. She writhed her ass against his cupping hands as he pushed her back until she was leaning against the sink.

Linda giggled as he lifted her dress, his hands caressing the edges of her lacy panties. He needed her, and he needed her now. His cock was so hard.

“Mom, I wanna fuck you now!” he moaned, opening his pants and pulling his cock out.

Linda grabbed it, whimpering. She pressed the smooth head of his cock against her panties, feeling it push the lacy material into her pussy. She lifted on to her toes, parting her knees for him.

Bobby seemed to be trying to push his cock through her panties.

“Baby!” She giggled. “You’re so eager!”

“I gotta, Mom!”

“I know, honey, and you will. Let me move my panties.”

But his hand was between her thighs before she could do anything. She felt his fingers inside her panties, on her cunt, as he pulled the crotch band away. Gripping his cock tightly, she placed the head between the fiery lips of her cunt, and with a subtle thrust, she slipped her pussy onto his cock. She placed her hands on his shoulders, and Bobby gripped her ass tightly.

“Oh! Fuck me!” she panted. “Fuck me now, Bobby!”

Bobby began hunching, driving his hard cock into her cunt.

Linda made low whimpering sounds as she clung to him, pumping her hips to his fuck movements. Her clit was being rubbed by the shaft of his cock, making her shake and tremble as passion swelled hotly within her body.

Over his head, she saw Sarah standing in the doorway, her face flushed. It was an opportunity to get them together, but her son’s cock fucked into her cunt so deliciously, stabbing in quick, short strokes, that it made speech impossible, the only sounds she could make were soft, low, husky moans and squeals. It was obvious to her, though, that Sarah was intensely excited.

“Fuck… fuck… me!” Linda hissed. “Ohhh, fuck… me!”

The pounding of Bobby’s, cock into her cunt made her breathless. She clung to his shoulders, her knees pushed open, bent a little so he could thrust his cock upward into her. The soft, wet fuck-sounds filled the kitchen, the scent of heated pussy wafting about them.

Bobby shoved his hands into the waistband of her panties, clutching the cheeks of her ass, fucking faster and faster into her pussy.

Linda whipped her hips around and around, jerking them forward when he thrust into her, then yanking back. Her tits swelled inside her blouse, teasing her.

With a cry, she jerked a hand off her son’s shoulder and tore her blouse open. When her tits spilled out, Bobby moved quickly, grabbing a stiff nipple and sucking it greedily, humping into her cunt with even more strength.

“Ohhhh… my tits… my ass… my cunt.” Linda sobbed, grinding lewdly against him. “Bob… fuck me! Fuck me!”

Sarah was writhing in the doorway. Her tiny nipples strained at her T-shirt.

Bobby pulled hard on his mother’s tit, sucking it deep into his wet mouth.

Linda whimpered, one of her hands now gripping his shoulder, the other holding his ass, constricting her cunt around his hard cock with all her strength.

“You’re about to make me come!” she panted.

Bobby pulled away from her tit. “Mom, oh, Mom, your cunt is — ohhh, Mom, your cunt is holding me too tight! I’m gonna come, Mom! I’m gonna come in your fucking hot cunt!”

“Yes!” Linda cried, banging her cunt to the base of his cock, gripping his ass hard. “Come in my cunt! Come in Mother’s hot cunt!”

She groaned as rapture swept through her, the rapid spurts of her son’s come juice splashing into her pussy. Her clit was crushed against his cock, and her rippling orgasm exploded.

With a cry, Linda came with him, her cunt flexing on his cock, pulling at it. Her ass trembled, her legs weakening. Her vision blurred as she saw her daughter slip out of the doorway, just as Bobby pulled his cock out of her cunt. He stumbled to a chair, sitting down hard, his chest heaving as he panted.

Linda leaned against the sink, her dress still about her hips, trembling as she tried to steady herself.

“You sure did need it bad, Bobby,” she said softly. “You filled Mother’s cunt so full. You always do, but this time — ohhh, it was wonderful!”

With a lazy grin, Bobby struggled to his feet. He kissed his mother’s naked tits, saying something about needing to lie down for a while. Linda watched him leave, smiling with affection, delighted to please him.

As soon as Bobby was gone, Sarah came into the kitchen.

Linda winked. “I saw you watching. Why didn’t you come on in, baby?”

“I wanted to see Bobby fuck you, Mother.”

“You don’t have to hide now, you know.”

Sarah stared at her mother’s bushy cunt. “You’re dripping, Mother.”

“I know,” Linda murmured. “Your brother, he comes so much.”

Specks of come juice clung to the soft hair of Linda’s cunt, some of it smeared on her inner thighs, glistening wetly. Sarah touched her mother’s pussy hair, then she lightly ran a fingertip along the slit of her cunt.

“So wet, Mother,” Sarah whispered. “With Bobby’s come juice.”

Sarah slowly squatted before her mother, her soft little hands caressing up and down Linda’s satiny thighs. She stared at her mother’s cunt, licking her lips. She leaned forward, kissing her mother’s stomach just above the waistband of her panties.

“I wonder…”

“Wonder what, Sarah?” Linda asked softly. “What it tastes like,” her daughter answered. “You know what my cunt tastes like, honey.”

“I mean… Bobby’s come juice, Mother.” Sarah stroked her mother’s pantied ass. The crotch was still pulled to one side, the hairy slit of her mother’s cunt exposed. “I saw you, with it in your mouth, and I know he came in your mouth, Mother. Do you like it? Does it taste good to you?”

Linda looked down at Sarah’s flushed face, nodding her head. “I love to suck Bobby off, baby. I love how hard and hot his cock is, and when he comes — ohhhh, it’s wonderful!”

Sarah’s tongue flicked out, licking a small bead of come juice off her mother’s cunt hair. She drew it into her mouth, her eyes rolling.

“I like it. I like the taste, Mother.”

Linda moved her hands down the front of her panties. She pulled them away from her cunt, stretching them until they ripped. She arched her hips forward, twisting gently.

Sarah smelled the hot, wet scent of her mother’s cunt. Her small hands cupped the round, firm cheeks of Linda’s ass. With a little whimper, she opened her mouth and pressed it over her mother’s fiery, hairy cunt.

“Mmmm! Baby, oh baby!” Linda whimpered, beginning to tremble again.

She had not fully recovered from her orgasm with her son, and she was still weak. But the hot wetness of her daughter’s young mouth on her cunt sent tremors of renewed ecstasy through her. “Ahhh, Sarah… baby! Oh, yes, honey!”

Sarah closed her eyes, her face buried into her mother’s crotch. She licked, moving along the pulsating slit of her mother’s cunt. She licked back and forth, the juice of her brother’s jizz coating her tongue. She drew back, running her tongue through the soft pussy hairs, sucking on it with her lips. She moaned, her hands squeezing into her mother’s ass.

Linda shook as she stood, knees slightly bent, spread wide for her daughter.

Sarah swirled her tongue along the edges of her mother’s pussy, lapping wetly, puffing her mother’s steamy cunt closer to her face. Again she closed her mouth over the fiery slit, sucking hard. She sucked the come juice from her mother’s cunt, swallowing in wet gulps. Her tongue thrust, penetrating her mother’s cunt, then she began stabbing in and out.

“Oooooh, Sarah!” Linda sobbed, twitting her ass, grinding her cunt against her daughter’s mouth. “Ohhhh, baby, suck it out… suck my cunt, Sarah! Ahhhhh, suck my wet cunt, baby! Bobby fucked it, now you, suck it!”

Sarah sucked and licked feverishly, smearing her young face into her mother’s crotch.

Linda grabbed the back of her daughter’s head with one hand, pulling at it, squirming in a frenzy. She became weaker and weaker, her cunt rippling around her daughter’s thrusting tongue, against Sarah’s wantonly sucking lips.

One of Sarah’s fingers pushed into the crack of Linda’s ass, brushing the puckering heat of her asshole, making Linda gasp with pleasure.

“Sarah — oh, my God, Sarah!”

Sarah, breathing harshly, mouthed her mother’s cunt frantically. She began to finger her mother’s asshole.

Linda twisted and rolled her hips, Sarah’s tongue and finger driving her out of her mind.

“You’ve got my ass on fire, baby!” Linda panted. “My cunt… my ass… I’m on fire, Sarah!”

Sarah moaned, sucking at the swollen lips of her mother’s cunt, her tongue swirling swiftly around the vibrating knot of her clit. She pushed the tip of her finger against the pucker of Linda’s asshole, then, with a quick thrust, she rammed it deep. Linda wailed, holding the back of her daughter’s head with both hands now.

“Ohhh, my God!”

Sarah sucked with even more power, plunging her finger in and out of her mother’s asshole.

Sarah’s finger and tongue sent Linda into a mind-reeling rapture. She churned her ass wildly, crunching her cunt as hard as she could against her daughter’s sucking mouth. The finger rammed into her asshole faster, deeper.

“Sarah! Ohhh, Sarah!”

Sarah moaned in passion, sucking and licking feverishly. She swallowed as her mouth was filled with the juice of her brother’s jizz and her mother’s pussy juices.

“I’ll come!” Linda moaned. “Baby, you’ll make Mother come!”

As if the words inflamed her, Sarah sucked harder, her tongue penetrating her mother’s cunt, then twisting over her pulsating clit. Her finger moved in and out of Linda’s clasping asshole with quick lunges.

Linda squirmed, unable to get her cunt as tight into her daughter’s face as she wanted.

“Now, baby! Ohhh, yes, now!”

When her mother’s cunt contracted, Sarah pushed her tongue as deep as she could. She held her finger deep inside Linda’s asshole, feeling it pucker tightly as the spasms whipped through her mother’s body.

Linda shook violently, her knees bending, losing strength. She almost sat on her daughter’s face, but Sarah pulled back. Linda slid down the counter of the sink, her legs flung wide open. She was gasping, her naked tits lifting and falling.

“I came, too,” Sarah said in a breathless voice. “I didn’t touch myself, and I came, too, Mother.”

“It happens that way,” Linda panted. “Sometimes a girl is so fucking hot, she comes without being touched.”

Sarah licked her puffy lips. “Mother, I wanna suck Bobby off, too. I wanna make him come in my mouth. I really like how it tastes.”

Recovering slowly, Linda smiled at her daughter. “You haven’t fucked him yet, and here you are wanting to suck his cock off. You are a hot little cunt, aren’t you?”

Sarah giggled. “And getting hotter, Mother. But Bobby isn’t taking the hint.”

“Maybe you better be a little more blunt honey.”

“You mean just grab his cock, huh?” Sarah grinned. “Just grab it and stuff it in?”

“If that’s what it takes, and you want it so much, then that may be what you’ll have to do.”

Sarah laughed sweetly. “He’d piss in his pants!”

“Or on me, I hope!” Linda cooed.

“Mother, you’re terrible!” Sarah giggled.

“Sure, and you and your brother love me for it, too.”

“I’m gonna find Bobby, and he’s gonna fuck me… today.”

Linda watched Sarah leave. She recovered slowly from her orgasms, her flesh tingling and glowing as she finished her chores. Her cunt twitched, and she adjusted the crotch of her panties over it, feeling better.

“Bobby isn’t here,” Sarah said. “He’s not in the house, Mother…”

“He’ll be back. He never stays out long, not lately.”

“He better hurry,” Sarah said, wiggling her small ass.

“Maybe I could help you until he gets back.” Linda slid her hand over Sarah’s ass. “I know what it’s like to need it and not get it.”

“I want his cock, Mother! I want his cock in my pussy! I want to be fucked! I want to be fucked by Bobby and I want to be fucked now!”

“Well, if you want cock instead of Mother licking you…”

Sarah stamped her foot in frustration. “If he doesn’t hurry back and fuck me, he might never fuck me!”

Linda smiled, understanding her daughter, understanding what she felt and needed.


Bobby came in carrying a small bag. “I wanted some ice cream,” he announced. Sarah was giving him dirty looks, and Linda smiled, waiting to see what her daughter would do.

“Fuck your ice cream!” Sarah yelled.

Bobby jumped. “Fuck what?”

“I said, fuck your fucking ice cream!”

“Mom, did you hear me?”

“I heard, Bobby,” Linda interjected. “I think your sister is trying to tell you something.”

Bobby stared at Sarah. “Boy, just the other day you were gonna tell on me for saying things like that, Sarah.”

“Bobby, I am not a cunt-face, and I said fuck your ice cream. I’m a… you know what a girl is, don’t you?”

“What I don’t know is what’s going on here!” Bobby looked from his mother to his sister, genuinely confused.

Sarah stood a few feet from him. “Bobby, you wanna fuck?”

Bobby gulped. “Do I wanna… you mean, you, Sarah?”

“You wanna fuck me?”

Bobby looked at his mother, then back at his sister.

“If you don’t wanna fuck me, then say so,” Sarah said. “Because if you don’t, I’m gonna push you down and fuck your ass off! I’ll fuck you, Bobby!”

Linda was excited, smiling.

“Mom, does she mean it?” Bobby asked, gazing at his sister.

“I think she means every word, honey,” Linda replied.

“You just see if I mean it,” Sarah panted, jerking her T-shirt over her head and throwing it aside. Her tight, pink tits lifted, her nipples taut with desire. She unzipped her shorts, pushing them down along with her panties, kicking them off her feet. She stood up, hands on her hips.

Bobby stared at his sister, his eyes taking in her small tits, the sprinkling of hair on her cunt. His cock lifted in his pants.

“Bobby,” Sarah panted, “If you don’t take your cock out and fuck me right now, I’m gonna walk out of here and you won’t ever get to fuck me!”

“You better do what she says, honey,” Linda urged.

Bobby, starting to tremble, removed his clothing.

Linda sat down in a chair, weak with anticipation. Her cunt was bubbling with wet heat as she watched her son’s cock jerking.

With a soft squeal, Sarah jumped toward him, grasping his cock in her hot little fist. She pumped it, staring at his prick.

Lifting one knee, hooking her heel on the of the chair, Linda began to rub at her pantied cunt while watching.

Sarah gripped her brother’s cock firmly. She jerked on it, soft cries of delight coming from her. Her ass writhed with eagerness, and she began to moan when Bobby began to caress her tight tits, running his palms over her hips and compact ass.

Both kids glanced at their mother. Linda rubbed at the stretched crotch of her panties.

“Feel her little cunt, Bobby!” Linda whispered. “Feel her sweet little pussy!”

With a squeal, Sarah spread her slender legs, and Bobby pushed his hand between them.

“Oh, Sarah!” he moaned. “It’s so soft and hot!”

“Wanna kiss it, Bobby?” Sarah purred. “You can kiss if you wanna.”

“I do, but not right now,” Bobby said, stroking her clit. “I wanna fuck you, Sarah. I wanna put my cock in your cunt!”

Linda trembled as she watched them.

Sarah lowered herself to the floor, getting onto her hands and knees. She waggled her cute ass, giggling shyly. She arched her back, lifting her pretty ass.

Bobby stared at her, seeing his sister’s cunt glistening wetly. Dropping to his knees, his cock jerking up and down with anticipation, he clasped Sarah’s hips, rubbing the head of his cock between the lips of her cunt.

Linda watched as her son’s cock touched the tight-looking pussy. She jerked her panties to one side, sliding two fingers into her hairy cunt.

“Fuck her, Bobby!” she gasped. “Fuck your sister’s hot little cunt!”

Bobby looked at his mother, grinning at the way her fingers were darting in and out of her juicy cunt. He eased his cock forward, pressing upon the resisting slit of Sarah’s pussy.

Sarah moaned, her head lifted, eyes closed, her bottom lip between her teeth. She was shaking, but eager to have Bobby fuck her.

They were positioned so that Linda could watch the pink flesh of Sarah’s pussy sink inward, and she held her breath in anticipation.

“Bobby! Ohhhh, Bobby!” Sarah whimpered. “It’s… it’s gonna go in me!”

Bobby pushed gently, staring at her ass. The head of his cock moved in slowly, spreading the tender lips of Sarah’s cunt. Sarah held her breath, the pressure becoming intense. She felt his swollen cock entering, then she let her breath out, squealing loudly.

“Bobby, it’s so big! Is it in… is it inside my cunt now, Bobby?”

“Oh, yes, baby!” Linda exclaimed. “His cock is in your tight little cunt!”

“Are you gonna fuck me now, Bobby?” Sarah asked.

Bobby, feeling the grip of his sister’s cunt, could not answer. He held her hips and eased his cock deeper, gritting his teeth as the wet heat of her pussy closed more firmly round his cock. He pushed, then his cock was completely inside his sister’s cunt. His balls pushed against her, and he shook with ecstasy.

Sarah, her eyes rolling, was afraid to move. Her arms trembled, her knees pushing outward, spreading her crotch for him.

Linda leaned forward, her fingers stuffed into her cunt. Her daughter’s pussy clung so sweetly to his cock, she thought.

Bobby, pulling back slowly, brought a cry of delight from his sister. He pulled until his cock almost came out of her pussy, then he eased it back in once more, slowly. The friction of his hot hardness, the slowness, was agonizing to Sarah. She pushed back the next time he shoved in. The faster friction sent her small ass to shaking.

“Bobby! Ooooh. Bobby!” she moaned. “You gotta go faster! You just gotta do it faster, Bobby!”

Linda trembled as she heard her daughter’s urgent pleas. Sarah was hotter than she realized. Sarah had never been fucked before, and yet she was almost screaming at her brother to ram it in her, to fuck her fast.

But, either afraid he would hurt his sister, or because of his enjoyment of the slow, tight movement, Bobby ignored her. He kept moving his cock back and forth very slowly, and Linda watched the shaft glistening with juices. He caressed his sister’s wiggling ass and thighs as he watched Sarah twist her ass about.

Sarah could hardly stand it. She let her arms bend until her head and shoulders were on the floor, her saucy, pretty ass arched high in the air. She began to hump and churn as if she had been fucking for years. Her tight ass whipped about in gyrating circles, her cunt sliding off and on her brother’s cock.

Caught by her sudden frenzy, Bobby turned stiff, staring down at her while Sarah fucked him, hearing the slaps of her ass against his lower stomach.

“Oh, yes, Sarah!” Linda urged hotly. “Shake your pretty little ass! Fuck him, Sarah! Fuck your brother… fuck his hard cock with your hot, tight cunt!”

“Oooooh, Mother, watch me!” Sarah gasped, grinding wantonly. “Watch me! I can fuck him, Mother! I can fuck Bobby!”

Bobby began to thrust into his sister’s cunt as she tossed her ass back against him. Wet, squishy sounds filled the room, and Linda began to pound her fingers in and out of her cunt swiftly. She had drawn her panties to one side, her legs spread wide. Her eyes were glassy as she watched them.

Bobby was now ramming into his sister’s cunt with force, his balls swinging. The harder he stabbed into her, the more Sarah gasped and squealed in rapture. She began to grind her ass in sideways movements, straining to get his cock as deep inside her cunt as possible. Her small tits swelled, her pink nipples becoming very rigid.

To Linda, the sight of her adorable little ass sticking in the air was the most beautiful sight in the world.

“You like it, Sarah?” Linda moaned. “Do you like his hard cock in your cunt, baby?”

“I love it, Mother!” Sarah sobbed. “Ohhhh, I love it so much! Fuck me, Bobby! Oooooh, fuck me real hard!”

Bobby, now feeling the unbearable tightness and heat of his sister’s cunt, began to plunge his cock into her as fast as he could. His balls swelled, beating into Sarah’s steamy crotch.

“I’m not gonna last much longer!” he groaned.

Sarah churned her tight ass in greater frenzy. “My pussy… oh, my cunt is… so full of your cock, Bobby! It’s tingling and burning and — ahhhh, it’s so good! Make me come, Bobby! Fuck me and make me come! Please, make me come!”

Bobby rammed hard, his cock buried to his balls. His body turned stiff, then he trembled.

“Sarah, I’m coming!”

The hot spurt of her brother’s come juice into her cunt triggered a powerful orgasm in Sarah. She lifted her head. She screamed. Her cunt clasped his cock tightly, then she began to come in boiling waves. Her naked body shuddered, her ass trembling. She screamed again, her cunt squeezing at Bobby’s gushing cock, the walls of her pussy clutching the shaft.

Spasm after spasm swept through Sarah as her cunt gripped his cock tighter than their mother’s had.

Bobby came hard. Creamy juice oozed past the tight opening of her cunt and his cock, running slowly along Sarah’s inner thighs and coating his balls.

With a moan, Sarah scooted forward, so weak that she could barely keep her ass in the air. She sprawled on her stomach, quivering, fingers clawing slowly at the carpet, sobbing softly as the feeling of ecstasy kept rumbling through her. Her slim legs were spread wide, her cunt twitching, seeping wetly.

Bobby sat back on his heck.

Linda stared at them. Her cunt was on fire, juices coating the insides of her thighs. She stared at her son’s cock and balls.

With a low moan, she slipped from the chair to her knees, her dress around her waist, her hand now inside her panties, fingers stuffed up her cunt. She moved toward her son, eyes fixed hotly upon his cock and balls. She pushed her face into his crotch, whimpering with pleasure. Her ass lifted into the air, knees spreading. Her long tongue darted, swirling over his balls, licking greedily at the juices.

Her ass twisted in the air as she licked underneath Bobby’s balls, then around the base of his cock. She dragged her tongue along the shaft to the head of his cock, running her tongue over his piss-hole.

“Oh, Mom!” Bobby groaned, arching his crotch to her face. “Oooooh, that’s very good, Mom!”

“Delicious!” Linda moaned.

Sarah turned her head to see what her mother was doing, and she saw her mother’s pantied ass in the air, the crotch bulging with her hand. She turned and scooted forward. She saw her mother lapping her brother’s balls.

“Are you gonna suck his cock, Mother? Oooooh, I wanna see his cock in your mouth, Mother!”

Linda’s eyes flashed to Sarah.

Bobby lifted, and adjusted his cock, then dropped it into his mother’s mouth. Linda closed her lips around it. Sarah giggled, cupping Bobby’s balls, rubbing them against their mother’s chin.

Linda sucked Bobby’s cock, whimpering softly. She pushed her mouth down tightly enjoying the way her daughter pressed his young balls against her chin. The taste of his cock and the juices of their orgasms sent wild, tippling heat through her body to her cunt, causing it to clasp her buried fingers tightly.

“Oh, my cunt!” Linda moaned as she pulled away from his cock. “My cunt… so hot! So fucking hot!”

With a little squeal, Sarah darted to her mother’s uplifted ass. She pushed her mother’s dress high on her back and leaned over. She buried her face into her motor’s panties, sucking at the wet crotch of her panties.

Linda gasped, then began to suck up and down on her son’s hardening cock. She pulled her hand out of her panties, sliding them around Bobby’s body to grip his naked ass.

Bobby lifted his hips, pushing his cock deep into his mother’s mouth. She sucked so hard and hungrily on his cock that he groaned in rapture. The wet sounds of his sister sucking at their mother’s panties inflamed him even more.

Sarah hooked her finger into her mother’s panties, jerking them down over her creamy ass to mid-thigh. Sarah shoved her mouth to her mother’s hairy cunt, sucking, as her tongue darted into it.

Linda, gasping around her son’s cock, began to suck upward with tight lips. She waggled and pressed her cunt into her daughter’s face. Sarah’s hot tongue lapped Linda’s clit, dragged wetly along the slit of her cunt, then teased the puckering asshole.

“Mmmmm!” Linda moaned when her daughter suddenly thrust her tongue into her asshole.

Sarah clutched her mother’s hips, fucking her tongue swiftly into the fiery tightness of her shitter, then down to her other’s seeping cunt again.

Linda felt as if she was going to explode with the intense feelings. She had the sensation that her cunt was being sucked at the same time that her asshole was being tongue-fucked. She gripped her son’s ass, pulling his hips up as she drove her mouth down on his cock. The hot throb of his cock against her tongue and lips increased the sweet burning sensation in her pussy. Her tits felt more swollen than ever, and she tried to push her pussy against her daughter’s sucking mouth with all her strength. “Oh, Mom.” Bobby moaned. “You’re sucking so hard! You’re gonna suck my balls off, Mom!”

Linda sucked as hard as she could, bobbing her mouth up and down on his jerking hardness. When her son began to pump up and down, fucking her mouth, she let out a pleased moan. He had just come off in his sister’s cunt, but she was hoping his balls were full again.

On her back, Sarah scooted her head between her mother’s thighs. She shoved her hands to Linda’s trembling ass, and pulled her mother’s wet cunt hard into her face. Sucking and licking swiftly, her tongue penetrating her mother’s fiery cunt, Sarah moaned loudly. The soft, wet hair of her mother’s cunt caressed her hot face, pleasing her.

When her son began plunging into her mouth faster, Linda held her head up, letting him fuck her mouth as hard as he wanted. The base of his cock beat against her tight lips, bruising them, but she didn’t care. She began to pump her ass up and down, smashing her cunt against her daughter’s face in a frenzy. Her clit was tightly knotted, hard with intense ecstasy. She rubbed her cunt back and forth on Sarah’s face, then she began to move up and down again. She smashed her cunt harder and harder into her daughter’s mouth, while taking the wild thrusts of her son’s cock into her own.

“Ooooooh, Mom, I’m gonna choke you!” Bobby cried out. “I’m gonna come down your fucking throat… come in your cocksucking mouth! Mom, my cock… I’m gonna come, Mom!”

With muffled squeals, Linda pressed her tongue hard against his plunging cock, her lips as tight as she could get them around the hot shaft. She felt his cock jerking in her mouth.

Sarah held her face up, clinging to her mother’s churning ass. She moaned, feeling her mother’s wet cunt slide over her tongue.

“Up her ass, Sarah!” Bobby gasped. “Ram your finger up Mom’s hot asshole!”

Linda, her mind already reeling with ecstasy, screamed around her son’s cock when her daughter’s finger plunged into her asshole. The sudden depth of the penetration sent her cunt smashing into Sarah’s mouth. Her orgasm exploded with force, making her shake from head to toe. With her cunt in fiery contractions, her mouth was filling with thick, sweet juice as her son began to come, squirting jizz rapidly into her throat. She swallowed.

“Ohhhh, my God!” Linda moaned, rolling onto her side weakly. Her mouth glistened wetly, her tongue moving over her puffy lips. “I came so hard, so very hard!”

Sarah sat up, giggling. “I know, Mother. I had my tongue in your cunt. You sure did get tight when you came.”

Bobby was on his back, once more panting for breath. His cock lay along his left thigh. Linda caressed his cock with a soft, gentle hand.

“Sarah, I think your brother is almost too much for us, don’t you?”

“Not for me, Mother!” Sarah giggled. “I can fuck him all day!”

“You probably can.” Linda smiled lazily. “But I think it’s going to take both of us to keep him satisfied.”


No longer did Linda try to hide from either her son or daughter when she wanted them. Now, when she felt horny, which was most of the time, she would reach for the one closest to her, and fuck him or her.

The one thing that bothered her was no one mentioned pissing. They said nothing about pissing on her, and she wanted them to. Oddly enough, Linda felt a little bashful about bringing it up. She would catch sight of her son, pissing into the toilet, and seeing him piss would set him on fire. She thought about pissing constantly, remembering how hot it had made her feel when she was drenched in it.

She sat out on the lawn, watching Bobby push Sarah in the swing.

Sarah was naked under her dress, and her saucy little ass flashed, as did her cunt. Seeing her pussy excited Linda as much as her son.

When the swing came back, Bobby would catch the board seat, then lick at his sister’s ass and cunt, making Sarah giggle and squeal with pleasure.

Bobby, unable to keep his hard-on inside his pants, had let it out. It was very hard.

Linda leaned back, knees bent and parted, so that her son could peek at her crotch.

“Bobby, you keep that up and you’ll make me come!” Sarah giggled. “Are you trying to make me come, Bobby?”

“You wanna come, Sarah?” He caught the swing, holding it from going forward. “Scoot your ass back a little.”

Sarah squealed in delight when her brother shoved his cock into her cunt from behind.

Linda laughed as she watched Bobby hunching up and down, holding the swing while fucking his squealing sister. She could see his cock penetrate Sarah’s tight pussy.

“Give her a good fuck, Bobby!” she called out.

“Oh, he is, Mother!” Sarah gasped. “He’s fucking the piss out of me!”

“Fuck her hot cunt, baby!” Linda moaned. “Fuck the piss out of her hot little cunt!”

Bobby’s ass pumped back and forth. Sarah’s sweet little ass hung over the swing seat, taking his cock with squealing ecstasy into her cunt. She clung to the ropes with both hands, her head tilted back, eyes closed as she felt the rapture fill her young body.

“Tell me if you’re gonna come, Sarah,” Bobby panted.

“Oh, just a little more!” Sarah cried out, wiggling her ass. “A little more… a little more!”

Bobby rammed in, his cock plunging.

Linda began squirming her ass on the lawn as she watched them, her cunt drenching her panties. Each time her son lunged upward with his cock, she could see his balls smash against the hairless lips of her daughter’s cunt.

“Fuck her… fuck her!” she panted. “Fuck your sister? Fuck her, hot little cunt!”

“Fuck me, Bobby!” Sarah gasped. “Ohhhh, fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt hard! Oooooh, I love being fucked, Bobby!”

“Are you gonna come yet?” Bobby panted. “Almost! Ooooo — ahhhh, almost, Bobby!” Bobby suddenly yanked his cock out of his sister’s cunt, letting the swing go.

“Bobby! Don’t stop now!” Sarah cried, trying to stop from swinging away from her brother. “You gotta fuck me… make me come! Mother, make him fuck me some more! I was about to come, Bobby!”

But he was moving toward his mother.

“Bobby, you mother-fucking, cunt-sucking prick!” Sarah screamed. “You come back here and make me come! Mother… make him fuck me!”

But Bobby was pulling his mother’s dress to her waist, jerking her panties off.

Linda lay back spreading her legs and reaching for him. She clutched his shoulders and thrust her naked cunt up just as he came down.

“Oooooh, yes, Bobby. Fuck Mother!” she sobbed, gyrating her ass wildly as he began to plunge into her. “Fuck me, fuck me!”

“Mother, he was fucking me!” Sarah complained, watching her mother wrap her long, slim thighs around his wait, locking her heels over his pumping ass. “No fair! That’s not fair, damn it all to fucking hell!”

Linda bit into her son’s shoulder as she moved her ass frantically, taking the wild pounding of his cock into her cunt. She was so hot, so aroused, by watching them, that Bobby had only stabbed a dozen times or so before she began to cry out with orgasm.

“So soon! Ohhh, so soon!” she babbled, twisting hard beneath him.

Bobby plunged in and out of his mother’s cunt, making her come hard and strong. His cock was squeezed by the gripping tightness, and when he felt the contractions weaken, he pulled his cock out of her pussy.

“Bobby…” Linda moaned.

Bobby was on his way back to his sister.

“Your turn, Sarah!” He laughed.

“Oooooh, yes, my turn!”

Sarah scooted her ass forward in the swing this time, spreading her slender legs wide for him. Clinging to the ropes, she gasped when Bobby rammed his stiff cock into her cunt quickly. Lifting her legs, waving them in the air, she began to sob out her ecstasy. Bobby grabbed his sister’s naked ass and rammed in and out of her cunt.

“Hot cunt!” he panted. “So much hot cunt around here… gotta fuck them both! Gotta fuck both hot cunts!”

Linda, recovering somewhat, began to laugh softly as she watched them. “I’ve never seen a cock stay so fucking hard in my life!”

“More, Bobby!” Sarah cried out. “I want more… give me all the hard cock you got! Give it to me up my cunt… my hot, wet, fucking cunt!”

Sarah waved her slim thighs in the air, clutching the ropes desperately as her brother fucked her hard. Bobby held her asscheeks, panting with effort, his ass pumping in short, rapid thrusts.

“You gonna come, Sarah?” he panted. “Are you gonna come now?”

“Oh, yes, Bobby! Harder! Please, fuck me harder!”

“Tell me when!”

“Now! I’m gonna come now!”

Feeling his sister’s cunt grab at his cock, Bobby kept fucking in and out of her. The squeezing heat of her cunt closed around his cock, and he gritted his teeth.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out of her cunt.

“Bobby!” Sarah screamed.

But he was coming now, too.

He gushed hot come juice over the contracting slit of his sister’s cunt, spattering it with hot wetness. Sarah cried out, coming very hard as he coated her crotch with come juice.

“On my pussy!” Sarah sobbed. “Oh, come on my cunt! I like it… come all over my cunt, my legs — oooooh, yes, Bobby!”

Bobby smeared the hot liquid over his sister’s cunt and thighs. Then he stepped back.

“There, Mom,” he said. “You wanna lick her cunt now?”

Linda moved quickly to her daughter, kneeling before her. She lifted Sarah’s legs, draping them over her shoulders, then began to lick at the satiny flesh of her daughter’s inner thighs, her tongue swirling through the come juice. She ran her tongue about the pulsing slit, through the soft hair of her daughter’s cunt, then she closed her mouth around it and sucked, darting her tongue in and out.

“Mother, you’ll make me come again!” Sarah squealed.

Linda pulled away. “I forgot where we are. Come on, you two. I don’t want anyone to see us.”

Linda smoothed her skirt down, picking up her panties where Bobby had tossed them. She ran to the door, then yanked her skirt over her ass, wiggling it at them.

“Hot ass waiting in the house!” she called out.

When Bobby and Sarah entered the house, they found their mother naked on the floor of the living room, legs spread wide.

With giggling delight, they knelt at her sides, feeling her firm tits, her cunt, her thighs.

Linda wiggled and sighed in pleasure, one hand stroking her son’s cock, pulling on it, wanting him hard again. The other was between her daughter’s hot legs, rubbing and caressing her tender young cunt.

“You’re going to give me a proper fuck,” she told her son, “and this time you’re not going to jerk it out of my cunt, you hear? You’re going to fuck Mother and come in my cunt they way I love it most.”

“What about me, Mother?” Sarah sighed, sucking on one of Linda’s stiff nipples.

“You’re going to sit in my face, baby. You’re going to get tongue-fucked while Bobby fucks my pussy, that’s what you’re going to do.” She felt her son’s cock responding to her jerking fist. “Sarah, I want your hot, sweet ass in my face, and Bobby’s cock up my cunt. I want both, and I want them now!”

Bobby, his cock not yet fully hard, moved between his mother’s legs. Linda lifted her ass, her fingers spreading her hairy cunt for him. Bobby stuffed his cock into her pussy, and Linda gasped in delight as she felt him grow to full hardness inside her. She wiggled her ass.

“Fuck me, Bobby!” she moaned.

On his knees, Bobby began to shove his cock into his mother’s cunt, watching her bob her ass up and down, seeing her fiery cunt slide back and forth on his cock.

Sarah stood above her mother’s head, her feet on each side. Linda stared at Sarah’s cunt, at her firm little ass. Her hands moved up Sarah’s satiny thighs, over the tight little ass-cheeks, and began to pull her daughter down. The closer Sarah’s sweet cunt came to her face, the louder Linda moaned.

Sarah, facing her brother, watched his cock darting in and out of their mother’s gripping cunt. She bent over and fingered her mother’s clit, making her hips jerk with sensation. She rubbed at their mother’s clit while Bobby fucked into her cunt.

Sarah spread her feet and knees wide, settling her cunt and ass on her mother’s face.

Linda licked feverishly at her daughter’s pussy, sliding her tongue up and down the wet slit, into the crack of Sarah’s tight little ass, probing her asshole, then back to her cunt again. She kept her hips moving up and down, feeling the hot friction of her son’s cock stretching her pussy.

“Fuck her good, Bobby!” Sarah screamed. “Rub your cunt in her face!” Bobby panted. Sarah jerked her hips back and forth, pressing down into her mother’s sucking mouth.

Linda whimpered with passion, not caring what was being rubbed on her mouth and tongue, whether it was Sarah’s cunt or tight little asshole. She cried out when her son gripped her hips, lifting her cunt to his cock. She felt him fucking her cunt harder and faster. His balls banged against her ass, and she ran her hands underneath, pulling her asscheeks open, wanting to feel his balls rub upon the pucker of her asshole as he fucked her.

Sarah squirmed, rubbing back and forth. Her hot wetness coated her mother’s cheeks and chin and nose.

Linda mouthed at Sarah’s pussy in a feverish frenzy, her tongue darting into the girl’s wet cunt, then into the tight crinkle of Sarah’s asshole.

Her son pushed her knees back, then he pulled his cock from her cunt and pushed the swollen head upon her tight asshole.

Turning her face to one side, Linda squealed. “Yes, Bobby, up my ass! Fuck me up the ass a little!”

Bobby drove his cock into his mother’s asshole.

“Fuck Mother in the ass, Bobby!” Sarah panted, rubbing at her mother’s juicy cunt with both her hands. “Fuck her hot asshole! Ooooh, Mother, suck my pussy… suck my cunt hard!”

Bobby plunged his hard cock deep into his mother’s asshole, watching his sister’s hands on her cunt.

Linda was trembling, holding her knees back now with her hands behind them. She lifted her ass high as her son’s cock stuffed her fiery asshole. She sucked and licked her daughter’s cunt, her tongue sliding from pussy to asshole. Her emotions soared, the ecstasy becoming wilder than ever. Her asshole was throbbing around her son’s cock.

Sarah stared wild-eyed at her brother’s cock as it slid in and out of the grip of their mother’s asshole. She crammed all four of her fingers into her mother’s cunt, thrusting them in and out.

Linda almost exploded when she felt her cunt being filled and her ass stuffed. She jerked up and down frantically, still spreading the cheeks of her ass, trying to get her son’s cock deeper up her asshole. She sucked frantically at the dripping slit of Sarah’s boiling cunt. She was aware of what she was doing, yet it was like a dream, a wonderful dream. She had never felt such wanton feelings before. Not even when they had pissed on her.

The ecstasy was intense and she shook her ass as fast as she could. Her daughter was smashing her pussy hard into her face.

Linda was about to come, and it was going to be a very strong orgasm.

“Fuck her ass!” Sarah screamed, ramming her fingers in and out of her mother’s cunt. “Fuck Mother in her hot asshole, Bobby! Ooooh, I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come!”

“Hurry, Sarah!” Bobby panted. “Make her come, too! Fuck her cunt harder with your fingers! Make her come, too!”

With Sarah now thrashing her hot little ass into her face, Linda couldn’t seem to get her son’s cock deep enough into her asshole. She arched as high as she could, her knees against her daughter’s thighs. She sucked and licked greedily at her daughter’s swollen cunt, her nose rubbing Sarah’s asshole. She felt her son plunge faster, going as deep as he could into her tightly clinging asshole.

Sarah suddenly screamed, grinding against her mother’s face, her body shaking as she came.

Linda wailed, the sound muffled by the wetness of Sarah’s cunt rubbing her mouth. Her cunt twitched around Sarah’s still-plunging fingers, and her asshole seemed to suddenly explode.

Bobby grunted loudly, ramming his cock deep into her ass.

Linda’s mind went blank. The only thing she felt was the power of her orgasm shooting through her body. She did not even feel the hot spurts of her son’s come juice spewing into her asshole, nor the desperate squeezing that her cunt was doing around her daughter’s buried fingers.

When they pulled away from her, all she could do was lay sprawled lewdly in the middle of the floor, panting desperately for air.


Linda was surprised not to be sore after the wild fucking she was getting. She had had more cock in her cunt, her mouth and asshole in the past few weeks than ever in her life, or so it seemed.

The more she got, the more she wanted, and it seemed to be the same way with her son and daughter. Sarah was so young, yet so hot all the time and so eager to try everything she could with her little cunt and tight asshole.

But still nothing was said about pissing.

Linda wanted it so much, wanted them to piss on her.

Finally, walking in the bathroom while Sarah was sitting on the toilet one afternoon, Linda could no longer keep quiet about her desires. She knelt at Sarah’s feet, looking up into her daughter’s face.

“Sarah, please…” she whispered, sliding a hand between her daughter’s thighs, cupping her wet cunt. “Piss for Mother.”

Sarah giggled and pissed into her mother’s palm.

Linda smiled as the hot piss filled her hand, overflowed into the toilet. She lifted her hand, opening her blouse and washing her tits in it.

“Ohhhhh, so nice,” Linda moaned softly, pushing her hand back under her daughter’s cunt. “More, baby. Piss some more for Mother.”

“But I’ve finished,” Sarah gasped.

“Ohhh, shit!” Linda complained, then she spread hex daughter’s knees apart and began licking up and down her little cunt, tasting hot piss. She slurped and lapped, trembling with passion. She dipped her tongue into Sarah’s cunt, plunged it inside a few times, then pulled it out and licked Sarah’s little asshole. “Oooooh, I love it, Sarah! I know it’s crazy, but I love it so much! It makes me so hot!”

She sat on her heels as Sarah pulled her panties up.

“Sarah… please, I need it so much! You don’t know how much I want it!”

“I know, Mother,” Sarah said. “Let me talk to Bobby. If he won’t do it for you, I will.”

Linda was surprised that her daughter understood so well. She stood and left the bathroom, following Sarah, feeling anticipation well up within her.

The kids were in the living room, heads together, whispering.

“You mean we have secrets now?” Linda asked.

“No, Mother,” Sarah said.

“Then why this whispering?”

“We wanna surprise you, that’s all.” Bobby said. “It wouldn’t be a surprise if you knew.”

Tingling with delicious sensations, Linda left them alone. She sat in the kitchen, sipping coffee, waiting until they waited her. Her cunt steamed with anticipation, and her tits felt so sensitive inside her blouse. She fantasized about them pissing over her body.

She finished the coffee when they entered, standing at her side. She looked at them, her eyes hot and pleading.

“I know you two think I’m horrible, but I can’t help it. I’ve never felt this way in my life… I never thought I would be fucking my son and sucking my daughter’s cunt, but I am… all the time. But, I need more. I suppose I am terrible.”

“You aren’t terrible, Mom,” Bobby said, opening her blouse. “I love you the way you are, and so does Sarah. We like to make you happy, make you feel good. We don’t care what it is, or what we have to do, we enjoy it as much as you do.”

“He’s right, Mother,” Sarah said. “And Bobby has kept his promise to you. He never calls me cunt-face or other names, and he doesn’t even peek up girls’ skirts at school any more. Oh, he peeks up mine, but I’m his sister, and I don’t think that would make you mad at him.”

Linda smiled as they fondled her tits. “Just don’t get caught and bring any notes home to me.”

They lifted her to her feet, and Linda began to tremble as they undressed her. She felt their hot hands on her body as her panties were removed, then they took turns feeling her hairy cunt and satiny ass. They each took a stiff nipple into their hot mouths, sucking them as they fondled her body. She grasped her son’s cock through his pants, her other hand pushing Sarah’s skirt between her thighs to rub her daughter’s succulent cunt. Her hips shook as her pussy began to steam.

She felt weak as they pushed her down. She knelt, looking up at them, suddenly feeling shy. Bobby moved in front of her, holding his cock in his hand. He rubbed it over her face and her lips while his sister undressed. When Sarah was naked, Bobby pulled away and began taking his clothes off. Sarah spread her legs and rubbed her cunt into their mother’s face.

Linda had never felt this way before, so passive and unresisting.

She looked at them. They were naked now.

“Please…” she whispered. “Please… you know what I want. Please, for me?”

Sarah picked up her discarded panties, and Linda moaned eagerly as Sarah rubbed the crotch into her face. The scent of her daughter’s hot little cunt was on them, and she opened her mouth to suck the crotch. She trembled, seeing her son step toward her face.

“Piss on me, Bobby,” Sarah said.

Linda gasped.

“Piss in her cocksucking face,” Sarah said. “Piss in her fucking face and on her fucking tits and fucking stomach!”

Bobby arched his hips, holding his cock.

Linda stared at the tiny silt of his piss-hole, her tits feeling swollen. She looked up.

Bobby began to piss, slowly at first.

It ran over her forehead, down her face. Linda gasped, her cunt lurching with wet heat as he pissed into her face. She closed her eyes, shivering, as hot piss ran down her neck, then over her tits. She began to moan softly, swaying slightly. When she felt his piss stinging her nipples, she closed her eyes.

Bobby pissed over her stomach, then into the hair of her cunt.

Linda’s arms became drenched in piss, then her thighs. Piss ran from her forehead, down her checks and neck, off her tits. She was shaking now, shaking with hot ecstasy, her cunt feeling more fiery than ever before.

She cupped her hands and watched them fill with piss. She felt it run along the slit of her pussy. Her clit throbbed, the cheeks of her ass bunching. She began to whimper with passion.

When the flow of piss ended, she lifted her head, lips swollen.

“Lick it off, Mom,” Bobby said, offering the head of his cock to her. “Lick the piss off my cock!”

With a little moan, Linda swirled her tongue about his cock, lapping up the beads of hot piss.

Bobby pushed the head of his cock past her lips, spurting piss across her tongue. Her eyes rolled feverishly, then another squirt splashed into her throat. Linda groaned, almost coming.

Her son pulled his cock out of her mouth. “Now you piss on her, Sarah,” he said. Linda waited, still shivering, ready to come, her cunt lurching with the most beautiful sensations. She remained sitting on her heels, hands still folded in her lap, Bobby’s piss running over her flesh.

Sarah moved to her. She parted her thighs and spread them over the top of her mother’s head. Linda held her breath, then she felt the hot piss raining upon her head, soaking her hair as it flowed over her shoulders.

Bobby stood back watching, working his cock with his fist.

“I’m pissing for you, Mother!” Sarah purred. “I’m giving you a piss shower! Is it nice, Mother? Do you like it?”

“Oooooh, yes!” Linda moaned, her cunt swelling.

Sarah pissed hard, a hissing sound coming from her young cunt. She looked down at the top of her mother’s drenched head, giggling softly.

Linda slowly tilted her head back feeling her daughter’s hot piss on her forehead. She caught a brief glimpse of the hot piss spewing from Sarah’s cunt before she closed her eyes, then took the full force of the hot stream into her face.

“Drink it, Mother!” Sarah gasped.

For just an instant, Linda resisted, then she parted her lips.

Sarah adjusted her position and then pissed directly into her mother’s open mouth.

“Yeah, piss in her cocksucking mouth, Sarah!” Bobby urged. “Piss in Mom’s mouth!”

Linda’s mouth filled, then overflowed. She moaned, spreading her knees.

“Don’t touch your cunt, Mom!” Bobby ordered.

Her daughter kept pissing hard into her open mouth. Her cunt was boiling, juices dripping from it. Her clit felt painful. Her hips started to jerk.

Bobby moved close to her face, aiming his cock.

“Now both of us are gonna piss in your mouth, Mom.”

Linda felt his hot piss spurt into her mouth along with his sister’s.

She gasped in ecstasy, then swallowed their pigs.

Suddenly her cunt exploded.

With a wet, choking scream, Linda began to come very hard. Her hands jerked off her thighs, clutching her cunt tightly. For a long moment, she sat upright, coming so hard that she couldn’t believe it. When she started coming, her mouth closed, her throat gulping down the mouthfuls of piss. But Sarah and Bobby were still pissing into her face, and her orgasm became stronger.

She began to sag, becoming weak, as her orgasm kept rumbling through her. She slumped, then moved slowly to the floor. She lay on her side, then on her back, flinging her legs wide apart and rubbing furiously at her convulsing cunt and screaming in mindless ecstasy.

Bobby and Sarah stood watching her, pleased with themselves. Bobby had his arm around his sister, holding her ass, and Sarah held his cock in a tight fist.

Linda began to roll on the floor, stabbing the fingers of both hands into her cunt as she kept coming and coming.

It seemed a long time before she became still, sprawled in a puddle of piss, her flesh glistening from head to toe. Her cunt kept twitching.

“You know what I bet Mom would really like?” Bobby said. “I bet she’d love it if we tied her up, you know, and poked things in her cunt and ass. I bet she’d really like that.”

Linda began to tremble. Never in her life had she thought anything like that would appeal to her, yet she could not deny, the flood of heat overwhelming her body.

“Let’s do it, Bobby!” Sarah giggled. “We can tie her up and piss on her and fuck her anyway we wanna fuck her!”

“We’ve already fucked her anyway we wanna,” Bobby said. “We gotta do something different with her.”

“Like what?”

“We can make her go without panties when she shops, and jerk her dress up and let people see her ass.”

“Oooooh, let’s do that!” Sarah cooed. “That would make me hot, too!”

“You wanna make her fuck anyone else?” Bobby asked.

Linda wanted to protest, yet she couldn’t. “I know a couple of guys, I think,” Sarah replied.

“Yeah, we can tie her to the bed, with her legs open, and bring guys in to fuck her. I bet Mom would come good that way.”

“When are we gonna do it, Bobby? Wanna do it right now?”

“Maybe we better clean up,” Sarah said. Linda continued to feel weak as they helped her to the bathroom. She sat in the tub as they washed her, wondering why she couldn’t protest. She knew they were going to do it, even if she did protest. She sighed.

She allowed them to take her into the bedroom. They found ropes and tied her arms to the head of the bed, then spread her legs wide and tied her ankles to the footboard.

She found her cunt turning juicy with wet heat. When she realized they had tied her this way because they knew she would respond with lust, she began to blush with embarrassment.

Sitting at her side, Sarah picked up the phone, and Linda heard the end of her daughter’s conversation.

“And you get Jerry and Robbie, too. You wanna get fucked, then you better hurry over here. My brother and I have got her all ready, and this time I’m gonna get fucked, too. You guys aren’t gonna just jack off all over me again.”

Linda turned to look at her daughter.

Sarah grinned. “You didn’t know, did you, Mother?”

“I-I guess I didn’t.”

“We’ve got this sort of gang,” Sarah said. “Just a couple of guys and girls, but it’s fun. Now we’re gonna let you be part of our gang.”

“Bobby, did you know about this?”

“Not until just the other day, Mom,” he said, twisting his mother’s nipple. “But I do now. You want a part of it?”

Slowly, Linda nodded.

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