The Subway Ride (M+f, reluct, public, almost flash)

Jacquie was, as usual reading as she rode the crowded
subway. Holding onto the support that dangled from
the roof of the car with her left hand, and with her
book in her right hand Jacquie was concentrating on
not noticing the crowed of humanity around her. When
the hand touched her, she didn’t give it too much
thought, she moved away as an automatic response. As
she moved away from the offending hand, Jacquie bumped
into another person who leaned toward her, forcing her
back to where she had been when she felt the hand.
All of this happened without Jacquie taking her eyes
from the paperback book in her hand. The second time
the hand touched, and distinctly caressed, her fanny
Jacquie looked up from her reading prepared to say
something to the pervert who was groping her and move
to another part of the car.

“Shhh,” a man said as Jacquie looked up into his face.
Jacquie found it very uncomfortable to find a strange
man standing so close to her. As she lowered her book
the man took a step closer. Jacquie’s breasts were
almost touching the man’s chest.

“Don’t say a word,” he said softly as he reached up
and placed his hand over hers on the overhead


“Shhh,” the man said again, Jacquie felt a sharp point
pressing against her belly, “be quite and you won’t be
hurt.” Jacquie looked down and saw the point of a
switchblade pushing against her stomach. She gasped
involuntarily when she felt the back of her skirt
raised, and the man standing behind her slip both of
his hands inside the top of her panties. She
swallowed several times as his hands massaged her butt

“No, oh god no,” Jacquie whispered as the men on each
side of her slipped a hand under her blouse and,
working in unison, pulled her bra up off her breasts.
They then began to pinch and twist her nipples.

“Shhh,” the man standing in front of Jacquie reminded
her. She could no longer feel the knifepoint against
her skin, but was sure it was close by. Still holding
her hand to the handhold over her head, the man facing
Jacquie lifted the front of her skirt and, with the
help of the man behind her, slipped her panties
halfway down her trembling thighs. Although tears
rolled down Jacquie’s cheeks, and her face burned with
humiliation and impotent rage, her body spasmed, and
she felt a bolt of pleasure, like white heat, course
through her when, as he searched for the opening to
her pussy, the man’s finger moved over her clitoris.
As his fingers began to push into her cunt, Jacquie
looked around, searching for someone to help her.
Only then did Jacquie realize how thoroughly trapped
she was by these men. In addition to the four men,
one on each side fondling her breasts, one in front
forcing a finger into her, and the one behind her
caressing her fanny, there was another group of men
encircling the five of them. This outer ring blocked
the view of onlookers and kept anyone else from
interfering with Jacquie’s public ravishing.

“Shhh,” the man warned once again as his finger sank
deep into Jacquie. Maybe all they’ll do is finger me,
Jacquie thought as she felt her panties being cut
away. Oh god they couldn’t do more than that on the
subway, they couldn’t. Releasing her abused nipples,
the man on each side of Jacquie slipped an arm around
her waist to support her. Then, slipping their other
hands between her legs, they pulled Jacquie’s legs up
and apart.

Jacquie felt, more than heard the trousers of the man
in front of her being unzipped. With the man behind
her supporting her butt, Jacquie felt the head of the
man she was facing’s hard cock press against her pussy

“No,” she whispered, not daring to speak loud enough
to be heard above the general roar of steel wheels on
the steel tracks, electric motors and the
conversations of her fellow subway passengers, “oh god
please don’t.”

“Shhh,” he said again, as he brushed hair out of
Jacquie’s eyes with a gesture that would be
interpreted by anyone viewing it to be an act of
gentle concern from a loving friend. As the train
jerked, preparing to stop at a station, the man
slipped his hard cock completely into Jacquie.
Jacquie moaned, almost too loudly as an unexpected
wave of orgasmic pleasure accompanied the penetration.
The men held Jacquie impaled motionless on the
invading cock while passengers came and went around
them. Jacquie’s body began to tremble with
expectation as she enjoyed that particular feeling of
fullness and completeness that only a hard cock inside
a wet cunt can provide. It was a feeling that Jacquie
had not experienced in the months since she had broken
up with her boyfriend. It was a feeling that neither
fingers, nor vibrators could counterfeit, and only
now, after this rapist had forced himself inside her,
did Jacquie realize how much she missed it.

As the train moved out of the station the cock inside
her began to move in time with the swaying and jerking
of the car. Jacquie pulled her hand down from the
handhold and cupped it over her mouth. No longer
afraid of the knife, Jacquie did not want to attract
the attention of the other people in the car with what
threatened to be very loud screams of orgasmic