Riko the plumper

I was suppose to be spending the day with my mother by her house when she gets a call from work saying she has to go in right away. As we were getting
ready to leave the doorbell rings it was the plumber mom totally forgot he was coming. So i offered to stay and make sure everything went smoothly,now
he wasnt the best looking guy. He was around 40, has a big stomach, mexican, not really my type but for some odd reason i was very attracted to this man.I shook
his hand and introduced myself “Hi Im Vaneesa!”
He had a very thick accent “Hola I am Rick but everyone calls me Riko”
We maked small talk about the weather and how hot it was getting, I was complaining about the central air not working and how my mother had to get that fix
asap ! He laughed and said that he would be able to fix that for us we just need to make another appointment.

I felt his eyes looking at every inch of my body and I know he liked what he saw by the bump in his jeans
“Ok beautiful mami let me get to work and you go relax I`ll be out of here before you know it!”

I went to the kitchen to get something to drink, this house was so hot I had to get out of these clothes.
Standing at 5`2 I had a pretty nice body, being that I go to the gym 4 times a week my body was in great shape, I have long brown hair. My breast size was a 34C,
I have a small waist and nice wide hips that comes with a nice fat ass, I have an hour glass shape, I have a caramel skin complexion being
from the caribbean has its benifits !
I went into to my old bedroom looking for something to wear, but the only thing I found was a white bikini that was kinda tight. Oh well I thought
I wanted this man to fuck the brains out of me and this looked appropriate.

Now I needed a reason to go to the bathroom so I can seduce Riko, I went down to the kitchen made some iced tea and threw in some vodka,
I went into the bathroom and asked him if he would like some, when he looked up at me he was speechless. I told him it was to hot to have clothes on and
that he should take a break and come have some iced tea with me, he nodded and followed me into the kitchen his cock was hard as a rock at this point
he looked as if he wanted to rip everything off of me and just fuck me. I gave him his glass of iced tea when I “ACCIDENTALLY” made some spill right
next to him this was the perfect chance to bend over and touch him.
“Mami excuse me for saying this but your fucking sexy I dont think the things I would do to you is legal!”
“Riko I was hoping you would say that.”
I sat on top of him and gave him the most passionate kiss ever, I felt his rock hard dick threw his jeans all I want
to do was suck it. I got off of him got on my knees unzipped his jeans took his 7 inch cock out and sucked on it, it was like sucking a huge lollipop.
I tried to fit all of him in my mouth but he was to big so instead I massaged his shaft with one hand in the other hand I was playing with his balls and
had the rest of his cock in my mouth.

“Vaneesa mami I love the way you suck my monster cock,I want to fuck you till your pussy brakes.”
He was moaning non stop he grabbed my hair and kept pushing his dick futher down my throat, until he shot his load down my throat.
He stripped me, lifted me up on to the counter put my legs around his shoulders and started sucking on my clit. I felt like I was in heaven,
he tounge fucked me till I couldnt take it anymore. I pushed his head in my pussy till I came all over his face.

“Riko please fuck me I want you fucking cock in my pussy !! ”
“My pleasure princess !”

He bent me over doggie style and just rammed it in my pussy. “RIKO FUCK I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME HARD AND FAST PLEASE DONT STOP.”
Riko kept fucking me he grabbed on to my tits for support, he was squeezing my nipples so hard it made me want him to fuck me harder!
He fliped me over and picked me up in the air and fucked me he was sucking on my tits while he was fucking me. I felt an orgasim coming
so I was grinding on his cock even harder he could tell I was on the verge of cumming when he lifted my of his dick pushed me to the floor and
stuffed his cock in my mouth. The taste of my pussy on his dick tastes so good, I wanted him to cum in my mouth again. Just when i was getting back to the
flow of sucking his dick he pulled it out of my mouth. He laid down on the floor next to me and I got on top of him, I rode him like a fucking cowgirl.
His hands where on my nipples pulling on them, that just made me feel like cumming harder.

“My little sex whore princess I want you to cum with daddy do you understand”
“YESSS DADDY” it took us less than 2 mins till we both were cumming.
I hopped of his dick and started sucking it dry,”GOOD little sex whore princess suck this cock dry so then daddy can fuck you in the bathroom”
I made him get off of the floor and onto the chair, I sucked his dick dry. I turned around so my ass was facing him bent over and let him enjoy my ass for a little. Then it was to the shower..