Secretary Enslaved

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor, and usually that is within limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people’s behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed to discover that we are different, naughty or even perverted in our sexual practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

SECRETARY ENSLAVED — a shocking story, certainly, but one which may not be as unbelievable as it first appears, one which could hold many valuable lessons for a large segment of our diverse population.


“I don’t see that you have much choice, Miss Jones,” Alex Hazen said, leaning back into the heavily-padded, monstrous swivel chair behind his desk.

The chair was made of rich black leather and it’s back reached high up over her boss’ head, reminding Sharon of a seat for some stem judge who might slap her into chains. The frightened young woman squirmed uncomfortably in a small chair at the front of the massive oak desk.

“Mr. Hazen,” she said emphatically, straining to show her honesty with her voice, “I promise you, I didn’t have anything to do with the money that’s missing, no matter what you or anybody else might think!”

“Look,” Mr. Hazen said, leaning forward and dropping his hands to the desk. “There’s no sense in arguing about it, because my office manager confirms that it’s true. Miss Lentz says she gave you the locked box with two-hundred dollars in it to put away and when she checked it later, the money was gone. She went through your desk while you were at break, and she found the missing key to the box in your top drawer.”

“I didn’t take that money,” Sharon said tensely. “I’m a secretary, not a thief!”

Mr. Hazen’s smile was caustic. “Then what about the two-hundred dollars we found stuck in the side pocket of your purse?”

“Somebody must have put it there while I was away from my desk!” Sharon cried, her mind in a complete swirl. Somehow, the whole afternoon had gone completely crazy, and everything was running out of control. The young woman, only a few years out of college, was growing more and more frightened and confused, and she didn’t know what to do.

“That may be,” Alex Hazen said as a crooked, sneering smile began to spread on his face. “But who’s going to believe you? Do you think the police are going to take your word against ours when a businessman and his office manager tell them an employee has stolen our money?”

“They can’t prove it because I didn’t do it!” Sharon gasped.

“Ah, but they can!” Alex laughed triumphantly. “They’ll have two respectable witnesses in me and Miss Lentz. I know you don’t have any money, so you’ll spend time in jail because you can’t make bail, and the newspapers will tell everybody that you’re nothing but a common thief. And even if you do manage to get out of jail after awhile, you’ll have lost your job in the meantime. And there’s nobody else who’ll give another job to someone whose picture has been in the paper for stealing money from their employer.”

It all made such brutal sense. Even Sharon could understand that the police would be more likely to believe Mr. Hazen than her.

“What do you want, Mr. Hazen?” she asked, feeling defeated. “What is it that you want me to do?”

“Just what I told you before,” he said with a sadistic grin. “Instead of arguing with me and making me mad, you ought to be doing something nice to take my mind off calling the police.”

“But I can’t do what you asked,” Sharon said desperately.

“Sure you can,” her boss insisted. “It’s not going to hurt you to show me those tits you’re hiding under that blouse.”

Sharon’s face burned. She knew that she was turning red. She could feel the embarrassment burn in the skin of her face and tits. But she knew that she was going to have to do exactly what he said to keep him from calling the police.

“I’m tired of waiting, bitch,” Alex Hazen said, and reached for the phone on his desk. “I’m starting to dial the police right now and the only way you’re going to stop me is to have those tits naked before the cops answer the phone!”

Sharon whined, but she stood quickly as his finger punched out the first number. By the time the third number was pressed, she had the buttons of her blouse open and she shrugged out of the garment, all the time watching the phone. Her boss was punching in the seventh digit when she reached behind her and unsnapped the hook of the bra. The cups of padded material fell away from her tits, painting stubby nipples toward the man behind the desk.

His eyes feasted on the bare female tit flesh, then suddenly he shook his head.

“No, I’m sorry,” he mumbled into the phone. “I don’t need the police right at this minute, so I must have dialed the wrong number.”

With a sigh of relief, Sharon watched him put the receiver back into its cradle and turn his eyes back to her naked chest. Once again, blood rushed hotly through her checks and tits. She could almost feel Mr. Hazen pawing her, and it made her scarlet skin itch and crawl.

“Holy shit!” Alex hissed. “You do have a real wild set of tits! Olga told me that you’d have some hot tits if we could ever manage to get you down to the buff!”

Olga? Sharon wondered, then she connected the name to the office manager, Miss Lentz. But why in the world would Miss Lentz have been talking to their boss about his secretary’s tits?

“Can I put my bra and blouse back on now?” Sharon asked him, wanting to hide her tits, along with her shame.

His sadistic laughter seemed to fill the room. “You haven’t even started being naked yet, you silly cunt!” he yelled at her. “You think one peek at your tits is worth me keeping you out of jail? If you want to hang onto your freedom, reputation, and that damn paycheck of yours, you’re going to have to do a whole hell of a lot more than flash your tits around before you’ve paid your dues!”

Sharon almost panicked when he rose and started around the desk, and she backed into the corner of the office, holding the palm of her hands up to cover her tits. Her stomach tensed and her heart leaped into her throat, but Alex seemed to ignore her as he walked across the room. When he reached the other side, he took a key out and locked the door, then turned back to her as he dropped the key into his pocket.

“Now I want to see your naked ass, bitch!” he snarled at her. “When you’re finished, I don’t want you to have on a stitch of clothes!”

“No!” Sharon squealed, clutching her tits so tightly that her fingertips made marks in the flesh.

Alex snatched her bra and blouse from the chair where she had dropped them, and carried them over to an open closet. He tossed the garments inside, then slammed the door and turned toward the frightened young woman.

“I told you that you didn’t have a fucking choice,” he said as he walked back behind his desk and sat down. “If you don’t do everything I and Miss Lentz say, we’re going to call the newspapers and the police. And right now, I’ll kick you out of here with your tits hanging out for all the rest of the secretaries to see, then I’ll tell everybody that you were stripping and begging to suck my cock to keep me from calling the cops!”

“Please!” Sharon groaned, but the fiery lust in her boss’ eyes told the young secretary that her pleas didn’t stand a chance. There was nothing she could do, so she stepped forward in the room and began stripping out of her clothes, until she finally stood naked before Alex Hazen.

He whistled softly. The sexy young bitch’s body was even better than he had expected. He felt his long cock grow hard in his trousers as he glared closely at her trembling flesh.

She was neither short nor tall, perhaps five-five, with a sleek body that seemed molded to her bones. Her weight wasn’t much more than a hundred pounds, and all of it was packed in long muscles that looked like they were built for speed. Her hair — long, brown tresses — flowed smoothly across her shoulders and draped almost halfway down her back. Her eyes were green and her features were small, giving her an appearance of being younger than she was. A long neck and small shoulders came next, then her creamy flesh flowed down her chest to arch outward into a pair of magnificent tits. Her tits were full and firm, and the tips looked like they were almost reaching upward and outward, as if seeking a mouth to suck them in. The halos of skin around the stubby nipples were only a slightly darker pink than the surrounding skin. Never had Alex seen a better pair of shapely tits, and the lusty sight was beginning to make his mouth water.

Her legs were lean and hard. And the backs of the thighs crawled up onto a pert, tight little ass which trembled tensely because she was afraid. Far down her belly, a soft patch of chestnut cunt hair grew like a pelt around the lips of her delicate little cunt. Her cunt slit peeked out of its beard as Alex stared at Sharon’s crotch, and he smiled at the evil thoughts that he had. Sharon was the best looking secretary he had ever seen in all of his forty years, and she — to Alex Hazen’s delight — was in his and Olga’s clutches.

“Please, Mr. Hazen!” the frightened secretary moaned. “Let me get dressed! I’m so terribly ashamed!”

“Shut up!” he growled, and pushed his chair back from the desk. “Come aver here in front of me so I can get a better look!”

A glance at the door reminded her that it was still locked.

Trembling, Sharon stumbled on faltering feet to the side of the desk, where she used a hand on top of the wooden surface to give her whirling head some balance.

“Over here, damn it!” Alex Hazen snarled, pointing at the edge of the desk in front of him. When she moved around, he ordered her to face the other way, her naked ass toward his face, then to lean forward onto the top of the desk.

Sharon grimaced, but did as she was told. She really saw little choice. She leaned forward, onto her chest and stomach on top of the wooden desk. The position perched her ass over the edge of the desk, right in front of Alex’s face.

“Good!” she groaned in desperate humiliation when she knew that he was staring right at her naked ass and cunt. She could almost feel his eyes painting her skin red with embarrassment as his stares pawed over her flesh.

Alex peered at the young woman’s naked ass. It was there, just three feet from his face. He used his shoes to kick apart her bare feet until her ass-crease and pussy partially spread.

From the back, her cunt looked good enough to eat. The closeness of her inner thighs caused the mounds of the pussy to appear enlarged, and splitting the center of the hump was the juicy slit of her cunt. Her ass crack was tantalizingly parted, just enough to get a glimpse inside, where the tiny bud of her asshole winked out from the shadows.

“Reach back and spread your ass cheeks,” Alex said, then slapped her hips with his open hand when she didn’t do it fast enough.

The young secretary yelped in pain at the brutal, stinging blow and her hands moved to her ass. For a second, she rubbed the prickling skin of her ass, then she slowly parted the ass crack. She blubbered, almost choking on her sobs of embarrassment, but her fingers spread her ass wide. Her ass-flesh was pulled tight, her asshole puckering outward and her pussy lips gaping as a result.

“Aaargh!” Sharon groaned in shame.

The skin of her ass still burned from the slap of Alex’s hand, and her fingers felt as if they were branding her flesh. She could feel the pressure beneath the fingertips as she pried open her ass-crease and pussy, and a wave of total degradation flooded through her body and mind.

Alex laughed, his voice filled with sadism and lust. The little bitch secretary of his had fallen completely for the phony theft lie and his office manager had staged. She had been so afraid of the publicity and of being locked up in jail that she had given in to his humiliating demands. Now he had the sexy cunt right where he wanted her, ready to make her his office sex slave.

Sharon winced when Alex’s finger prodded into her pussy slit. She strained forward, pushing the front of her thighs painfully against the edge of the desk. Her weight shifted forward, pinching her tits against the wood until they ached. But no matter how much she squirmed, she couldn’t get away from the thick finger swirling around in her pussy slit and lining up with the mouth of her cunt hole.

She squeaked as the finger shoved into her fuck hole.

“Nooo!” Sharon groaned in shame as the finger began pistoning like a small cock. Sharon’s boss was crudely finger-fucking her cunthole while she was forced to lean over his desk.

“You better get that cunt hole greasy if you know what’s good for you!” Alex snarled, leaning forward in the chair so he could jam his finger far up the trembling woman’s pussy. When enough juices flowed to make the finger glide in and out, he shoved a second finger inside.

“Don’t hurt me!” Sharon cried as she felt her pussy being stretched. The two fingers scissored in her cunt, twitting one way, then the other. The humiliated young secretary felt terribly used and abused, and tears began streaking her cheeks.

“There’s enough cunt cream now,” Alex said, and suddenly his two thick fingers were ripped from her pussy. Their retreat came so suddenly that it left her feeling kind of hollow before her cunt walls collapsed back in.

Sharon heard a soft thud behind her somewhere on the floor, and she rolled her head around to see. Alex Hazen was naked from the waist down, and a tremendous prick was jutting out from his crotch.

“Oh, God, no!” Sharon cried, and tried to push her naked body up from the desk.

But a large hand caught the back of her neck and slammed her face back down against the wood. The desk smacked her right cheekbone as hard as if she had been hit with a fist.

“Don’t do that to me!” she shrieked, clenching her eyes and trying to force her head to clear.

“Shut up, you bitch!” Alex growled at her as he guided his cockhead into her pussyslit. “Don’t give me any shit about being a virgin, because you’re nothing but a slut!”

“I’m not!” the frightened, naked secretary gasped. “I’ve only fucked once, and that time hurt! Please don’t fuck your prick into me!”

“Here comes, cunthole,” he snarled sadistically. “Have some big, hard cock!”

Three inches of throbbing prick rammed into Sharon’s tiny pussyhole before wedging tight in her virginal cuntgrip. His cock tugged sharply at the tender flesh of her cunt walls. “It hurts!” Sharon shrieked. “It’s ripping my pussy to pieces! Take it out! Oh, please — take your cock out of my cunt!”

Alex laughed. His prick was throbbing and cum was boiling in his balls. He had a naked, sexy secretary sprawled over his desk and he was feeding her his long, rigid prick. And even if it split the little bitch’s pussy wide open, he was going to fuck all of his cock into her guts.

Alex’s bulging cockhead felt like a small fist in Sharon’s cunthole. Her pussy ring squeezed down tightly on the thick shaft. Slowly, the prick began inching back out of her cunthole, then it fucked violently inside once again. Another inch of her pussy channel was broached as the cock-stroke spread pussyjuice in her fuckhole.

“Aaargh!” Sharon screamed as another couple of inches of prick fucked in. Her tight cunt walls were shoved brutally out of the way as the cockhead burrowed in. Another few tearing cock-strokes wedged even more of Alex’s prick into her cunt. Finally, the cockhead knocked roughly against the end of her pussy, against the closed doorway of her womb.

“How do you like that, bitch! Just think of every pounding cock-stroke as one more day you won’t have to spend in prison!”

He fucked his hard cock into her aching pussy. Sharon groaned each time the swollen cockhead battered the end of her cunthole. Her pussy felt stretched by the terribly thick cockshaft, but her cuntjuiccs had started to flow and were beginning to ease the way. She could hear the horny sloshing sounds of her pussy as her boss fucked her from the rear.

“That’s a tight fucking pussy!” Alex Hazen hissed as he fucked his throbbing cock into his secretary’s cunthole. Her pussy was squeezing his cock harder than a fist. He could feel gripping cunt walls along every inch of his buried prickmeat, and the wet heat, of her cuntjuices felt like it would scald his skin.

“It hurts!” Sharon moaned as her cunthole was fucked. She had never dreamed of a hard cock fucking into her pussy so hard.

“Hot damn!” Alex gasped. “My balls are about to explode! Get ready bitch! I’m about to fill your cunt with cum.”

Sharon felt his prick swell even further inside her pussyhole. Then a wetness blasted into the end of her fuckhole. Sticky cum splattered all over the deep end of her pussy as her boss continued to fuck. His cockhead hammered and spat, then beat at her again. Again and again the raping prick shot its sticky juices into the tortured young woman, until her pussy leaked jism clown the insides of her legs.


Sharon was collapsed face-down atop the wide oaken desk. Alex Hazen’s cock was still jammed into her pussy, and it remained as hard as a rock. Even cumming hadn’t knocked the starch out of his raping prick, and Sharon whimpered when she felt the long prickshaft throb inside her cunt.

She had hoped that emptying his balls would have taken the lust out of her sadistic boss, but that wish had turned out to be empty.

“Please take it out!” Sharon groaned, her weight pressing heavily on her tits. She hadn’t realized how banged around her firm tits had been while she was being violently fucked, but they ached now from the savage mashing they had taken.

“When I’m good and ready,” Alex said, and leaned forward over her naked body. The position fevered his prick inside her pussy, poking it painfully up against her cunt walls.

Sharon groaned again at the brutal treatment, while Alex pushed a finger onto a small button on his desk. Sharon didn’t know what the button was. She ached from being raped and all that filled her mind was her desire for her boss to back his cock out of her cunt and allow her up off the desk.

But Alex’s prick kept her body nailed to the desk.

Sharon heard the sound of a key clicking in the door. Panic ran through her that someone was coming in and would see what was going on, so she wiggled frantically on the desk, trying to crawl away from Alex’s cock. But Alex Hazen placed a large hand on the back of her neck, driving her face down, then he buried his cock far up her cunt. The two-pronged attack froze the secretary and ended all of her struggles.

There was the sound of the door opening and closing. Sharon couldn’t see because her cheek was mashed to the desk. Soft footsteps came toward the center of the room, and the frightened young secretary was so embarrassed that she almost pissed down her legs.

“Are all of them gone?” Alex asked.

“I gave them the rest of the afternoon off,” a voice answered. “The little bitches were so excited to get out of here an hour early that they completely forgot, that she was in here.”

It was Olga Lentz, the office manager, and the cool tones of her European accent floated through the room. It seemed wrong — terribly wrong — to Sharon for another woman to see her naked and raped on the desk, and she almost choked on her humiliation. She was surprised that the office manager hadn’t immediately demanded to know what was going on, but Sharon had little doubt that the rape scene would be over now that it had been discovered.

“Were her tits as nice as I thought?” Miss Lentz asked. “Hiding under her clothes, they looked like they should be just made to suck!”

“Even better,” Alex said, lifting his hand from the back of Sharon’s neck. “And her pussy is just as tight as you hoped! I don’t know how good it’s going to feel to your tongue, but it’s squeezing the hell out of my prick!”

“Why don’t you slip your cock out of there and let me eat your cum out of her pussy?” Olga asked calmly.

Sharon had expected the whole thing to be over now, and instead they were talking about doing even more evil to her body. She couldn’t believe that a woman would actually talk about eating cunt, and it made her stomach grip in panic to hear such lewdness discussed. But when she squirmed to try to get up, Alex hammered her down with his prick.

“Not right now,” he said, looking down at the naked body of his secretary. “I think I’ll fuck her some more in the cunt, so why don’t you feed her some of that bald pussy of yours instead?”

“Flip her over then, so I can get my cunt in her face,” Olga said. “There’s only one thing better than licking young pussy, and that’s having young tongue tickling my own!”

Alex reached down as far as he could and across the front of his calves to latch his left hand onto Sharon’s right leg below the knee, then he stood up and quickly yanked. As her body twisted, Alex’s right arm reached across and grabbed her left leg as it flew up. In a motion that was wild and confusing to the young woman, she was jerked around on the top or the desk, and she landed firmly on her back. Alex had, twisted her onto her back without taking his cock from her cunt.

“Umph!” she grunted when she slammed down onto her back. Her tits racked and quivered violently on her naked chest. She glanced up to see tall, broad-shouldered Alex Hazen standing between her legs, then her eyes drifted down to her crotch. His thick rod, of fuckmeat disapptared into her body, fucking her cunthole full of prick.

She heard the rustle of clothing falling to the floor. Olga Lentz was somewhere out of sight, stripping out of her clothes. With a sweep of his hand, Alex knocked the letter tray from his desk then lifted up on Sharon’s legs. Still impaled by the throbbing prick, the frightened young secretary was turned on the desk until her body lay down its greater length. As soon as she was turned, Sharon rolled her head to see where the office manager had gone.

“Oh!” the abused woman yelped when she saw Olga. The office manager was completely naked and moving toward the desk.

Olga was a tall woman, and her shoulders and chest were broader than would be expected on a woman’s body. Her hair was so blonde that it was almost colorless, and it had been cropped severely at her ears. Her eyes were as hard and cold as the blue steel from which they took their color, and her features were strong but sharply cleaved. Her lips were thin and her teeth glinted as she smiled tightly and looked down at the naked secretary pinned to the desk.

Olga’s tits were smaller than Sharon’s but certainly no less firm, and they seemed to flow naturally out of the muscles of her shoulders and arms. Her stomach was hard, as was the rest of her body, as if she had been lifting weights. But the thing that startled Sharon most of all was that Olga’s pussy was completely naked of hair. The smooth skin around the cuntslit was as bald as a child’s.

“You like looking at hairless pussy?” the female office manager hissed. “In just a few seconds, I’ll give you a much closer look, and even a chance to lick it with your tongue.”

“No!” Sharon cried. “I can’t do that! It’s wrong! No woman should lick another woman’s cunt!”

“Not unless she gets a chance!” Olga laughed, lifting one knee onto the edge of the desk.

“I’m not a lesbian!” Sharon wailed, trying to twist from the awful woman.

“Maybe not,” the office manager said, “but you’re damn sure going to be a cunt-licker by the time that I’m through!”

Panic riveted the young naked secretary to the top of the desk. She was no longer aware of the hard cock stretching her pussy wide. All that was left was the terror of looking up at a hairless cunt as Olga straddled Sharon’s head.

“Nooo!” the young, tormented woman groaned. Never had she seen such a thing. She didn’t think it right for a woman to even think about pussy, much less look right up into one that was beginning to descend toward her face. But her terror was so strong, and her shock so complete, that she couldn’t have closed her eyes if she had tried. When something is threatening your very existence and everything you believe, it’s impossible to look away from its approach.

The front of Olga’s body was toward Sharon’s face as the woman bent to bring her cunt to the secretary’s mouth. The spread of her knees opened up her crotch and the crack of her ass, and both grew wider as they descended. Olga’s cunt mound bulged out, and it was completely visible because of the lack of hair. The pouting outer lips of her pussy parted, revealing looser, more tender inner folds that flowered wider and wider, as her cunt approached Sharon’s face.

Sharon looked into the older woman’s fuckpit, and the sight of it caused her to gasp. Just an inch or so away from the bottom of the pussyslit was the puckered brown bud of a shithole. The skin around it was wrinided, the folds all pointing inward as if drawing a bull’s-eye to the closed mouth of Olga’s ass. The sight of Olga’s cunt and asshole was just too much to be believed, and Sharon groaned in desperation as Olga’s pussy covered her face.

“Eeek!” Sharon squealed when the lips of Olga’s pussy touched her mouth. There was heat and slippery moisture coming from Olga’s cunt that sent needles of ice running clear through Sharon’s body. Terrified at what was happening, she clamped her mouth shut as Olga’s pussy began to rub on her face.

“The bitch thinks she can resist!” Olga snarled. “Let’s teach her that she had better give in! You hurt her with your cock while I smother her with cunt!”

Sharon’s upstretchcd legs were spread, open big her pussy completely to Alex’s prick. Her cunt was totally vulnerable to the hard cock of her boss as he began fucking his hard cock into her with all of his strength. His swollen cockhead battered against the deep end of her pussy, rubbing her tender flesh.

Since his prick was longer than her fuck channel, he could hit the closed mouth of her womb with all of his power, and the velvety meat inside her pussy was deeply bruised from being savagely hammered by prick. Her entire abdomen was gripped with intense agony from the deep, raping fuck.

At the same time, Olga’s cunt was smearing over the bottom of her face. The top of the gash moved up and hooked against the underside of her nose, then the fluttering mouth of the pussyhole was mashed down onto her mouth. Suddenly, all of Olga’s weight came straight down, driving the back of Sharon’s head firmly against the top of the desk.

The terrified secretary tried to gasp, but found that there wasn’t any air. When she tried to breathe in through her nose, pussymeat was sucked into her nostrils. And when her lips opened to gasp air into her mouth, Olga’s cunthole was mashed down to form a suction. Sharon was pinned to her back, completely trapped, without a trickle of breath.

“Mmmmph!” Sharon moaned. Olga’s pussy was choking her to death!

“You better open up and get that tongue to work!” Olga shouted down to the tortured secretary. “You may end up being a pussy-eater but at least you’ll be alive!”

The argument was a strong one and grew even more logical as Sharon’s lungs began to shriek for air. Her eyes were bulging, looking up the front of the office manager’s naked form at the underside of her quivering, hard-nippled tits. The sight of a woman’s body seeming to grow right out of her own face shocked Sharon, but the pain in her chest from the lack of breath was even more threatening. In panic, her lips parted and she shoved her tongue out of her mouth and into the cunthole that was smashed against her face.

“Yes!” Olga exclaimed triumphantly as she felt the young woman’s tongue ram up her pussy. “Alex, the young bitch is eating cunt!”

The man roared in laughter and slammed his cock brutally into Sharon’s pussy one final time. The ache in her guts was causing her abdomen to cramp, but now, with her tongue far up Olga’s pussy, her boss was beginning to back off. The next stroke was still firm, but certainly less violent as he began to fuck her cunt much more slowly.

Sharon sucked air into her tortured lungs when Olga’s pussy lifted from her lips and nose. It rose only a fraction of an inch from her face, but it was enough for her to gasp air. The heady smell of pussy swept through her nose to her chest, and the air was so full of the odor of cuntjuice that it felt like it was wet. But the gasping breaths calmed the fire in Sharon’s lungs and some of her extreme panic began to die. It was then that she realized that her tongue was still far up the office manger’s cunthole, but she knew better than to take it out.

“Tongue-fuck me!” Olga hissed. “Piston your tongue back and forth in my pussy! Swirl your face around on my cunthole and eat my leaking cream!”

Sharon strained and did as she was told. She was too frightened to resist. Olga had already shown that she was willing to smother the secretary with cunt unless her pussy was tonguefucked and licked.

The hot, wet flesh that Sharon stroked with her tongue was like warm, slippery velvet. Its heat flowed clear down into the secretary’s mouth in the form of pussyjuices. The juices collected in the back of Sharon’s mouth until she was afraid that she was going to choke. Desperately, she gulped and swallowed them down, feeling their heat, spread clear to her stomach.

Sharon found that the taste of pussy wasn’t nearly as bad as she had feared. There was a sweetness to it, and she had no trouble swallowing it down her throat. Even the smell of cunt that was filling her nose didn’t seem bad at all. Sharon quickly learned that the offensive nature of eating pussy had been almost totally in her mind.

She pistoned her tongue, gliding it in and out of Olga’s slippery cunthole, and continued to gulp down the juices. Her tongue reached so far up the woman’s pussy that her throat began to ache. Sharon swirled her tongue, licking around the walls of the tight fuckhole she was eating, and felt Olga’s body begin to tense and shake.

“This bitch eats cunt like a pro!” Olga hissed. “It’s like she’s been starving for it all of her life!”

A lightning bolt of shame ripped through Sharon’s guts. Her mind was snapped back to what was going on. For a minute she had drifted off as she got involved in licking and tonguefucking cunt. The smell and taste of pussy was almost like an addictive drug, calming her mind and urging her on. But the office manager’s words had stunned Sharon with the total depravity of what she was being forced to do. It made her feel like a whore. But there was nothing she could do but keep eating pussy to keep herself from being smothered to death.

“Now, bitch!” Olga snarled. “Lick down my gash! Get my clit in your lips and suck it like a cock!”

Tears came to the eyes of the tormented secretary, but she pulled her tongue out of Olga’s cunthole as she had been told. Its tip glided back and forth in the wet pussy-gash, bumping each time into Olga’s long, trembling clit. Sharon’s own little clit was just a bump hiding at the top of her pussyslit. But Olga’s was more than half as long as Sharon’s little finger and jutted from the folds at the top of her cunt. It trembled each time Sharon’s tongue bumped against its shaft.

“Suck my clit!” Olga hissed. “Or I’ll smother you with pussy again, and this time I won’t get up!”

Sharon groaned and opened her lips. Her tongue pulled back into her mouth and she tilted her face farther up. The shaft of Olga’s clit ran over her top lip and poked into her mouth. It was long enough to reach the tongue inside as Sharon closed her lips.

“Eat it, cunt-licker!” Olga screamed. “Cocksuck my clit!”

Alex smiled triumphantly as his office manager leaned over the girl’s head and caught her weight with her hands. The new position allowed Alex to look past Olga’s ass-crease and down to the face of the pussy-eating secretary. He could see Sharon’s delicious lips sucking Olga’s distended clit just like it was a small, hard prick. Soon — very soon — he’d fuck that beautiful face for himself, but for now he’d settle for cunt.

Sharon’s tight pussy was squeezing down hard on Alex’s massive prick, coaxing cum up from his balls. He glanced down to see her stretched pussymouth sucking at his prick as he fucked it into the cunthole beyond. The whole rape scean was turning out even better than he had hoped, and a new secretarial sex slave was being born. He had wild, lewd plans for Sharon’s young pussy.

Alex’s cock was swelling and becoming even more fued up with an approaching cum as he watched Olga feed the secretary a face full of cunt.

Hot pussyjuices splashed out onto Sharon’s chin, and she could feel them rim down onto both sides of her neck. She felt bathed by the musky fluid, and more of it was continuing to pour out. Olga was humping her hips now, fucking Sharon’s mouth with her clit. Sharon closed her lips tightly around the shaft of the clit and allowed her lips to be fucked.

“You’re a pussy-eater! Cunt-licker! Fucking lesbian whore!” the office manager screamed at the tortured secretary as a series of cums began flashing through Olga’s guts. Olga’s pussyjuices turned even hotter as they streamed out onto Sharon’s face.

Sharon could feel the hammering prick in her cunt wall. It bulged obscenely. Then, with a loud shout, Alex was pumping sticky jizz into her pussyhole again, and Sharon could feel its hot splash at the end of her cunt. Above her, Olga’s whole body trembled as her clit fucked again and again into Sharon’s mouth. Her two superiors were flooding the young secretary’s body with cream as cum blasted through their guts.

Sharon tried desperately to hang on through the terrible raping experience, clinging desperately to the thought of a chance to get away. As pussyjuices bathed her face and jism blasted into her cunthole, her mind was filled with seductive thoughts of the safety of her home.


When Sharon finally stepped through the entrance of her home, she breathed a very deep sigh of relief. She leaned heavily back on the double-latched door, almost exhausted from the rush of feeling free. The house wasn’t really very much — just a couple of small bedrooms, a living room, and kitchen — but right then it seemed like a mansion of security that she had been afraid that she might never reach.

It was after seven in the evening before Sharon had managed to get home since the wild sex action hadn’t stopped, even when Alex Hazen had emptied his balls for the second time. Slowly, his cock had gone partially soft, but not completely limp, and he had dragged it out of her pussy to leave her slumped on the desk.

Olga Lentz, the office manager, hadn’t been through, and she had continued to rub her pussy around Sharon’s face and, for a minute or two, Sharon had thought that they were alone. But there was a strange clicking and whirring that would occasionally go on, so she knew that her boss was still in the room. What he was doing she didn’t have the faintest idea, but Sharon had been far too busy with Olga’s cunt mashed on her face to worry.

But finally, even Olga seemed to tire, and she climbed down from the table, taking her naked, bald pussy from Sharon’s mouth. Then the office manager had dived her face into Sharon’s juicy cunt and licked from one end of the slit to the other. The lewd sensations the velvety tongue caused in the young secretary’s pussy made her clench her eyes shut and try to overlook what was going on.

Sharon imagined that it was a man busily eating out her cunthole, and the thought made things a bit less terrible. Maybe even strangely pleasant, Sharon thought as, once again, the clicking and whirring broke the silence.

Then it had been Alex Hazen’s turn again, and he slapped his thick, partially swollen cock against her chin and cheeks. Finally, he forced the hot meat between her lips, the bulging shaft spreading her jaws open, and he fucked her mouth absent-mindedly, without much enthusiasm, and Sharon wondered why he even bothered. One more time, the clicks and whirs began sounding.

Then, strangely, they had let her up from the desk and left her, allowing her to get back into her clothes. Sharon pulled her garments on, nervously watching the doorway, afraid the pair of tormentors would return and attack her again. But when she peeked out of Alex’s office, there was no one to be seen. It was only when she had picked up her purse and was scurrying toward the front door that Olga Lentz came out of her office. The last words that the office manager had said were that she would see Sharon in the morning at about, nine.

Fat chance of that, Sharon thought as she pushed herself through her front door a little later. She checked it to make sure that both locks were engaged, then she went in and took a bath and changed into a set of short babydoll pajamas. After fixing soup and a sandwich for her dinner, she sat in her favorite chair and stared at the flickering TV, wondering what she should do.

Should she call the police? Certainly she wasn’t going back to work. The more she worried, the more uncertain she became.

There was a loud knock on her front door. She glanced at the clock on the wall and saw that it was ten-thirty. A bolt of sheer panic ran through her with the thought that it might be Alex and Olga. They knew where she lived and that she would be alone, and Sharon suddenly knew that she should have left town and run completely away.

The knock crashed again. Sharon pushed herself from her chair and edged across to the door on tiptoe. Please make them go away, she thought as she stared at the locks.

“Miss Jones?” a deep, masculine voice asked through the door. The knock sounded again. “If you’re in there you need to open up, because I need to talk to you! Something has happened! This is the police!”

The police? Sharon’s mind was in a whirl. Then her mind jumped to her parents, and she that figured something had gone wrong. It was the only reason policemen came knocking at your door so late at night. She reached over, pulled up the small metal cover of the peephole, and could see a tall man standing there solemnly dressed in a blue policeman’s uniform.

“Just a minute!” Sharon cried and quickly sprang the locks. When she pulled the door open, the tall police officer stepped inside. In one of his hands, he held a manila envelope.

“I’m Officer Tomlin,” the policeman said as he walked to the center of the living room. He pointed to the easy chair in which Sharon had been sitting. “Frank Tomlin. Now why don’t you turn off the television and sit down, Miss Jones? I think it would be better that way.”

Agonizingly, Sharon turned off the TV and sat down where the man had indicated. He towered over her — dark hair, strong features, and a muscular body upon which his tailored uniform fit like a glove.

“You better take a look at these first,” he said, handing Sharon the envelope. “Then I’ll tell you just how things are.”

Confused about what the package could have to do with her parents, Sharon flicked open the flap and dumped the contents into her lap. It was a collection of pictures. There were six snapshots that had apparently been taken that afternoon in the office. In two of them, she was eating Olga’s pussyhole, and in two others, she appeared to be sucking Alex’s cock. He had actually been fucking her face, but there was nothing to reveal that in the photographs she held.

The final two pictures showed Olga eating Sharon’s pussy, and the young secretary had a strangely dreamy smile on her face. Sharon knew that she had been blanking her mind and pretending it was a man’s face between her legs, but, again, the photos made that truth a terrible lie. In all six of the pictures, she was clearly recognizable, leaving no doubt about what the clicks and whirring that afternoon had really been.

Suddenly she became very, very aware of how little clothing she had on, the hem of the gown barely covering the brief, filmy panties that were barely hiding her pussy and ass. She knew that her cunthair showed through the panties, and that her nipples showed through the gown.

She glanced up. The policeman had a tight, satisfied smile on his face.

“There’s at least a dozen more,” he said. “All of them easily recognizable. The way I make it, that’s indecent exposure, coupled with prostitution, since the story is that you charged each of them fifty dollars. Add that to the theft charges over the two-hundred dollars you took and it’s enough to send you to prison for a long, long time. And if that’s not enough, we can probably stir it al’around and come up with some more charges.”

“But I didn’t do it!” Sharon cried. “They made me take off my clothes and then they raped me! I didn’t charge them anything and I didn’t take their money!”

“Maybe not,” the policeman said, one hand on the shaft of his night stick. “But I’m a cop and I investigated it, and that’s what I say happened. And my two good friends, Alex Hazen and Olga Letz, will testify to it all. And there’s at least a couple girls in the office who heard your gasps and screams this afternoon and knew you were fucking your boss in the office. You haven’t got a chance, bitch! It’s either prison or being our nice, compliant sex slave!”

“You’re with them in this thing!” Sharon gasped, suddenly realizing the truth. It stunned her that the trap she had first walked into that afternoon had suddenly become a hundred times more effective.

“Yeah,” he laughed in confirmation. “And for you that’s tough titty, like they always say.”

Sharon tried to bolt. She couldn’t go out of the front of the chair since he had moved in closer, so she tried to tumble over the arm. He caught her by the bottom of her gown and jerked her roughly back into the chair. She landed face-down across the chair as her body twisted, and Frank swept one of her arms expertly up behind her back. Hard, cold metal bit into the flesh of her wrist and a loud click echoed in the room, then he pulled her other arm back. The second wrist was captured quickly and painfully in the other ring of the handcuffs as her hands were locked behind her waist. Sharon struggled, trying to wiggle away as she kicked back with her feet.

“Add resisting arrest and striking police officer to your list of charges!” Frank shouted, then struck the back of her head with the heel of his hand.

Sharon’s brain exploded in confused pain, and she was so dazed that she collapsed weakly across the arms of the chair.

“Help me!” Sharon cried, then shrieked as her hands were forced up between her shoulders.

“Scream all you want to, cunt,” Frank said. “I’m the police. I’m all the help you’re going to get!”

“Nooo!” Sharon groaned as the filmy bottom of her nightgown was ripped from her ass.

The material came away in shreds, leaving her ass and cunt completely bare. Large hands roughly shoved the hem of the gown up to her armpits. Then the hands jerked on the front of her hips, pulling her back until her feet hit the floor and her head crashed down onto the cushion of the chair. Her mouth bit at the material as tears of fright and humiliation poured from her eyes.

“Jeez, you do have a pretty ass,” Frank Tomlin said as one of his hands rubbed over the skin or her hips. “Alex told me that the Goddamn thing was beautiful enough to fuck.”

Sharon heard the jaws of a trap slam closed in her mind. A whole collection of rapists had moved in on her — her office manager, her boss, and now a cop. The sanctuary that she had thought her home offered had turned out to be nothing but a dream. There was no place she could run away to and hide from the terrible, lusty scene.

A thick, rough finger rammed into her dry pussyhole. It pulled painfully at the tender flesh as it fucked in. Sharon’s cunt latched down onto the finger and squeezed it as her muscles tightened to force it out.

“That is a tiny pussy!” Frank gasped. “And Alex says your mouth’s hot and tight! That means that asshole of yours must be a real cockwringer!”

Sharon jerked from the terrible spearing of her cunthole, and her wrists were cut by the edge of the cuffs. Frank kicked the insides of her heels, splaying her legs open even more. Then he pulled his finger out of her pussy and pushed down on the upper part of her back. The young secretary was pinned over the arm of the chair, her naked ass perched high. In such an unnatural position, she couldn’t even try to wiggle away.

“We better get that fuckhole loosened up and some pussyjuice flowing,” the sadistic policeman said. “I’ll need that cuntcream later for my cock!”

Sharon heard the sound of wood on leather and trembled about what it might mean. She didn’t have to wait too long to find out as the end of Frank’s thick night stick bumped into the slit of her cunt. He moved it all up and down her pussyslit, then centered it on the mouth of her cunt.

Sharon began screaming even before he shoved the thick wooden shaft in, since she knew what it would do. With her cunthole dry and the inner walls collapsed, the club ripped her flesh as it fucked in.

“Aaeeiii!” she screamed as the shaft of wood fucked into her pussy. It felt like the flesh of her cuntlips and her clit were being pulled in with the club. It wasn’t until almost four inches of the shaft were buried inside her that the friction gave way and stopped the tearing pain. Then the end of the stick fucked clear to the end of her cunthole, slamming against her bruised flesh.

“Noo!” Sharon groaned as pain spread through her guts. The bruised flesh at the end of her pussyhole was obscenely tender to the touch. And the touch was really a battering as Frank swirled the night stick around in her tight cunt. But the action did begin to churn up some pussyjuice.

“That’s better!” the policeman shouted as he stared down at the night stick disappearing into the young woman’s cunt.

He loved to watch the symbol of his power rape a tight pussy. The night stick was the next best thing to his prick in showing some little bitch who was boss.

“You are a whore, aren’t you!” Frank hissed as Sharon’s pussyjuices began to flow.

“No!” Sharon cried. “It hurts! I don’t like it!”

“That’s good,” he said. “You ain’t supposed to. Slaves haven’t got any right to cum! You’re going to do what we say! And the first thing you’re going to do tomorrow morning is dress your naked ass in the shortest skirt you have and report to your office! If you don’t show up for work in the morning, I’ll have the police force track you down no matter where you go!”

Sharon moaned, her face buried in the cushion of the chair as the night stick continued to rape her cunt. With the slippery moisture of pussyjuice to glide on, the thick shaft was pistoning back and forth. Once again, Sharon felt completely betrayed by her body as it reacted to the terrible violation. She was shamed and abused enough without her own pussy acting like it was enjoying itself as the night stick fucked far up her cunt. She couldn’t even see what was going on as her pussy flesh was abused.

Sharon was humiliated, debased and more than a little frightened by the evil scene. She was bound by handcuffs just like a common prostitute or criminal, and she was being threatened with prison. Even her wildest nightmares had never been as horrible as what was really happening, and she knew that there would be no escape.

“You got a swampy fuck pit now,” Frank said, and backed away from the naked woman.

He left the night stick buried far up her pussy as he began to strip out of his uniform. His cock was already hard and jutting up from his groin. It was at least twice as thick as the night stick buried in her pussy.

Sharon gulped, trying to swallow down her shame. He had left her there, trapped with a shaft of wood jutting from her cunt. She heard his clothing fall away. Then the night stick began swirling painfully around in her cunt again as the evil policeman moved it with his hand.

“You like that, bitch?” he asked. “Well, I’m tired of it! It’s time to grease up my cock!”

Sharon moaned.

When the night stick was pulled from her pussy, the officer quickly replaced it with his cock. Sharon yipped as his thick prick fucked in, spreading her pussyhole wide. And when the cockhead rammed against the tenderness of the back of her cunt, she cried out in pain.

The cock pistoned, fucking into her tight pussychute. The juices inside her cunthole washed over it, greasing the long, thick prick. Sharon thought she was in for another brutal fucking, and she was surprised when Frank yanked his prick from her pussy.

“Get ready for some ass-fucking!” he groaned. “My cock’s got all the grease that it needs!”

His words were like daggers in Sharon’s chest. They pierced and almost stopped her heart. The brutal man was talking about fucking her shithole, and she knew that her whole just wasn’t big enough. His cock would tear and rip her guts to pieces, and the fear of it made her howl.

The young secretary’s cries turned on Frank even more. What good is it to cornhole a shitter, he thought, if the bitch doesn’t scream in pain. He used the fingers of one hand to spread the tormented woman’s ass-crease, revealing the tiny pucker of her asshole. His prick throbbed and hardened even more as he pressed his cockhead against her shitter.

Brutally, he shoved the wrinkled skin of her asshole inside as he crammed his cockhead through her ass-ring. A crushing pressure gripped his cock right behind his swollen cockhead, making him gasp with pleasure. It was the tightest shitter he’d ever fucked his prick into and he was determined to make it swallow all of his meaty cock.

“Aaeeiii!” Sharon screamed as she felt her asshole ripping apart. It was just as if she had been speared by a cold metal spike that was going to rip through her guts. She would have never believed that, such pain could exist.

Frank grunted as he watched all of his long, thick cock disappear through the woman’s tight shithole. There was nothing he liked better than cornholing a young virgin asshole, and Sharon’s shitter had obviously never been fucked. Impaling her ass with his prick was even more fun than fucking her pussy.

“Nooo!” Sharon groaned. “It’s killing me! It’s ripping my ass to pieces! I can’t stand it! Take your cock out of my guts!”

“It’s just beginning, whore!” Frank cried as he began fucking her tight ass. “By the time you get fucked in the ass a hundred times by me and others, you’ll beg for someone to ram cock up your shitter!”

The tortured young secretary collapsed loosely across the arm of the chair. Every muscle seemed to go limp, battered into submission by the hard cock raping her ass. Before long, even her ass-ring gave up the fight and stretched enough to lessen the pain. Then the policeman’s cock was gliding in and out of her tight asshole as if it had been meant to be fucked.

“Oh shit, this is good cornholing!” Frank exclaimed as his balls began tightening between his legs.

He could feel his cum bubbling in his balls, getting ready to blast into the woman’s shitchute. His prickshaft swelled even more. Then his spine burned and his balls gripped, and cum exploded from the end of his prick far up into Sharon’s raped asshole.

Sharon felt the heat of his jism splash into the depths of her shitter, and it seemed to spread fire through her cunt. Horrible pain was mixed with bolts of some other sensation, and the combination rocked her body and mind. If she had been fucking with a cock up her curt, she would have sworn she was starting to cum. But that was clearly impossible, she thought as pussyjuices ran hot and thick down her legs. She sobbed, then her whole body was ripped by a violent explosion that began somewhere down near her pouting pussy and speared asshole and spread upward to jolt her mind.


Sharon had a slab of hard prick in her mouth. She sucked the cockhead clear to the back of her tongue. The swollen prick bulged against the opening to her throat, plugging it up. Her velvety tongue was mashed to the bottom of her mouth, allowing almost all of the long cock to slide beyond her lips. Although the young captive secretary didn’t know it, the prick was just one good shove from burrowing down into the intense tightness of her throat.

Her eyes were closed. Her nose was full of the smell of cum and pussyjuice left over on the prick from when Alex Hazen had fucked her. Her legs ached from being trapped beneath her naked ass in the close confines of where she sat, but she continued to quietly suck cock.

Sharon had groaned when she had awakened that morning, knowing full well what was in store for her. Her pussy and asshole had still been tender from the awful fucking they had suffered the day before. But no matter how frightened and abused she was, Sharon knew there was no escape. She would have to get dressed and go back to the office, where her boss and office manager waited for her with swollen cock and leaking cunt. The visit by the policeman had stripped away her options. She couldn’t even run.

Since reluctantly arriving at the office that morning, she’d been fucked in the pussy by Alex Hazen and forced to eat Olga Lentz’s cunt. She’d been kept naked in her boss’ office since noon, and now she was tucked up, hidden away in the well of Alex’s desk eating on his thick prick as he sat in his chair with his trousers and underwear down to his ankles. Across the desk from him was a salesman from an office supply house discussing the latest bargains, completely unaware that his customer was enjoying a horny cock-sucking.

“I’ve got another deal,” the salesman said. “Which will probably take care of all your computer paper needs for a year.”

“Is that right?” Alex asked, reaching down beneath his desk and wrapping his fingers into Sharon’s hair. He used his grip to run the tortured secretary’s mouth up and don over his throbbing prick. He never let on to the salesman that a naked bitch was fucking his cock with her hot mouth.

“Yeah,” the salesman said. “I’ve already got a low price. If you order twenty boxes, I can give you a twenty-five percent discount on top of that.”

Alex laughed, shoving down on the back of Sharon’s head to drive his cockhead clear to the back of her mouth.

“Of course, the paper’s clean and ready to go,” the salesman said.

“Virginal,” Alex said.

“Something like that.”

“That’s all right for paper,” Alex said. “But I don’t like my naked women like that. I like them with a hot pussy and asshole, and a mouth that knows how to suck cock.”

“I guess that’s the best kind,” the salesman said weakly. Somehow the whole sales visit was getting out of hand.

“Goddamn right!” Alex exclaimed, scooting his ass down another inch in the chair. The new position rammed even more of his prick into the captive secretary’s mouth. “That’s what’s missing in the business world today, enough good cunthole and cock-sucking mouth to help negotiate a deal!”

Sharon’s eyes bulged as cockhead strained her jaws. Her mouth was wedged open by the thick prick buried clear to her tonsils. She sucked moist air up through her nose, smelling the horny aroma of cock. The taste of pre-cum glazed back along her tongue as she felt the thick fuck-pole begin to swell in her mouth. Alex pulled her head up, sliding his prickshaft back through her lips. Then her face was slammed down again, driving his cockhead almost into her throat.

“I guess something like that would be helpful in getting better discounts,” the salesman said uncomfortably. The lewd talk and the images it caused in his mind were making his prick get hard in his pants. He hadn’t had a good cocksucking in quite some time, and his balls ached with the thought of a hot mouth on his prick.

“Then we’ll just have to see what we can do,” Alex said, pushing his chair back. His fingers hung tightly onto Sharon’s hair and he pulled her out from beneath the desk with her mouth still locked tightly around his prick. Suddenly he stood up, and his cockhead lodged against her tonsils, moving the young secretary up onto her knees. She groaned as she realized that her head and shoulders rose above the level of the top of the desk and into the salesman’s view.

“Shit!” the salesman gasped as he saw that his customer was naked from the waist down. And latched onto his hard prick was the head of a young woman.

As the salesman watched, Alex began fucking hard into Sharon’s face, causing his wet cock to squeak back and forth in her tight lips.

Sharon’s mouth was being brutally hammered by prick. The hands in her hair kept her face braced solidly into place. The shaft of the prick swelled tremendously and the cockhead ballooned at the opening of her throat. Then Alex’s balls exploded and splashed fiery jism into her mouth. The sticky cum bathed the young secretary’s tonsils, then glided hotly down her throat. She drank his cum, gulping with her throat until the pulses of cum slowed and finally quit.

The salesman was speechless. He realized with a shack that his customer’s prick had been cocksucked ever since he had arrived in the office. All the time he had been talking office supply deals, Alex’s cock had been sucked by a hot mouth. The salesman’s prick throbbed at such a hot, horny thought, and his cockhead pressed painfully against his confining pants.

Alex looked over at him and smiled.

“Let’s see what kind of deal we can strike,” he said.

He glanced down at Sharon, who sat down wearily on her ankles as his still-hard cock slipped out of her mouth.

“Get over there, bitch, and get his pants down!” Alex shouted at her. “While we talk business, you suck his cock until it’s ready to blast!”

Sharon groaned. She was already embarrassed clear to her core at the salesman seeing her eating her boss’ prick. Now she was going to be humiliated even more by being forced to suck a stranger’s cock. Her face and tits were red with shame, and she was reluctant to crawl across the room. But Alex kicked out of his pants and shoes and dragged her across the room, shoving her near the salesman’s knees.

“Nooo!” she moaned, but Alex aimed a hard kick at her ass. His toes struck her right in her ass-crease, battering her shithole. She knew it was just the start of the beating she’d get if she didn’t do as she was told. So, while Alex stood over her, Sharon reached up to unbuckle the salesman’s belt. She quickly had the man’s pants and underwear don to his ankles, and she leaned over his naked legs.

“Now,” Alex said as he moved behind Sharon’s naked body, “I’m going to fuck out this bitch’s asshole while she sucks on your cock. You’ve got until I shoot jism up her ass to give me a deal that I’ll accept. If you do, she’ll gobble your cum down her throat as a bonus for making the offer.”

Sharon wanted to scream out in horror. The thought of eating more prick or getting her ass fucked made her dizzy with disgust. She felt lower than a snake’s belly and wished the terrible experience would stop. But she knew that to protest would just cause her more trouble and pain, so she bitterly resolved herself to what she was told.

The prick staring her in the face wasn’t quite as thick as that of her boss, but it was every bit as long. The cockhead was almost purple from the blood and the veins under the skin of his prickshaft that stood out. They looked like crooked roads traveling all around the shaft as the long cock throbbed in her face.

The cockhead glistened slightly with the precum that had spilled in his pants, and the flavor of the natural grease spread across her tongue as she sucked the prick through her lips. Her jaws ached from the hard face-fucking she had suffered from her boss. Her lips closed around the throbbing shaft as her teeth scraped along the hot cockmeat. The aroma of a crotch, with the faint hint of sweat, filled her nose and mind as she sucked his cock deeply into her mouth.

“Oh, shit, that feels good!” the salesman groaned, scooting his naked ass forward in the seat. The new position arched his hips outward, driving his hard prick deep into Sharon’s mouth.

The sex slave secretary was surprised that the cock felt different than that of her boss. She had never thought that pricks might be noticeably different. The salesman’s prick tasted slightly of salt, no doubt the salt of crotch sweat. The perspiration gave his cock and balls a muskier smell that wasn’t offensive at all.

The prickshaft wasn’t as thick as the one she had sucked before, so it didn’t make her jaws ache. And the skin had a softer feel. The rubbery flesh of his cockhead wasn’t as hot and vibrant as the bead of Alex’s cock.

To further test its feel, Sharon closed her oral grip even more, pressing up with her tongue and down with the roof of her mouth. She sucked her cheeks in to surround the prick completely, then pulled back.

“Damn!” the salesman exclaimed. “I’ve never felt such a good, cock-sucking mouth!”

The words caused a strange feeling to swarm through Sharon’s naked body. It warmed her almost like it was a compliment, like saying she was the best cock-sucker around. For a second, she reveled in it, then it struck her how evil her satisfaction was. He wasn’t talking about good work or fine appearance, but how good it was to be taping her mouth. Her stomach churned in the shame that washed through her when she realized how terribly she was being used.

Alex scooted up closer to Sharon’s hips. His hands rubbed over her ass-flesh, then his thumbs pried apart her ass-cheeks. Her puckered shithole was completely exposed to him, and he chuckled softly as he lined up the tightly closed brown fuckhole with the end of his cock. Sharon’s spit was still wet on his prick, and would be enough to allow him to force his cock into her ass. He was going to fuck her tiny shitter until the poor girl bellowed and screamed.

Sharon felt her ass-crack being spread. She whimpered down over the salesman’s mouthspearing prick. Her shithole was still tender from the ass fucking she had suffered the night before from the policeman, and she knew that Alex’s prick would cause her terrible pain.

Her teeth closed around the fuckshaft in her mouth as she tried to hang on when she felt Alex’s cockhead jam against the mouth of her shitter. A terrible pressure began to grow on her asshole, then a bolt of pain blasted through her like lightning. Then his throbbing cockhead popped through her shitter and buried itself in her shitchute.

“Shit!” the salesman screamed. “She’s chewing on my cock! The Goddamn bitch is trying to eat up my prick!”

Two more inches of stabbing fuckmeat screwed into her asshole. The spit she had left on the prick was only barely enough to allow Alex’s cock into her ass. His cock scraped hard against the flesh of her ass-ring, torturing her shithole with pain. As more of the long, thick shaft rammed into her guts, Sharon began to scream around the salesman’s prick.

“She’s vibrating it!” the salesman groaned. “Her screams are like a vibrator on my prick!”

“Then you better get to talking deals!” Alex growled. “This asshole is trying to strangle my cock! You better give me a bargain before I bathe her guts with cum if you want to shoot your spunk into her mouth!”

Every inch of Alex’s prick fucked into Sharon’s shitter. She felt Alex’s heavy balls slap against the gash of her cunt. His cockhair scratched against her naked ass and the fronts of his thighs smacked against the backs of her own. Inside her shitchute, it felt like all of her guts were being shoved out of place. The thick, throbbing cock fucked clear up into her stomach, as if a fence post had been thrust into her ass.

The prick in her mouth was trembling at the rare experience of the hot, tight, cock-sucking warmth. The salesman had never felt such a tremendous oral fucking. He wanted more than anything to shoot his scalding cum into the woman’s throat, and his mind grappled for what he would have to do to bring it about.

“YOU can have your Goddamn discount even if you don’t buy twenty boxes!” the salesman groaned, thrusting his prick up into the woman’s face.

“Not good enough,” Alex said as he fucked his cock up his secretary’s asshole.

When he dragged his prick back out, her tight ass-ring sucked hard on the surface of his cornholing prick. Her shitter was like a mouth trying to hold his thick shaft inside.

Sharon groaned from the ache in her asshole. The tight ring of muscles that formed her assring was still burning with pain. It felt like her hipbones were being forced violently to the side as Alex’s cock was fucked back into her ass. She had hoped that the ass-fucking the policeman had administered the night before would have loosened her shitter up, but the tiny hole had regained its normal tight size. But, as the prick fucked into her shithole, the pain finally forced her ass-ring to give up. The screaming muscles finally relented and adjusted, ending some of the intense ache. Her ass was still uncomfortably plugged, but the searing pain was gone.

Sharon turned her mind back to sucking prick. The salesman’s cock was throbbing hard in her mouth. Her mind and body was burning hot with shame at what was going on, but she realized that she was a sex slave to her boss. Her whole world had turned upside down in the past twenty-four hours, and she didn’t know whether she would ever get her freedom back.

Hard prick spread her asshole wide. Throbbing cockhead jammed against her tonsils. She knew that Alex didn’t want her to make the horny salesman cum before he had offered a good deal on the office supplies, so Sharon didn’t suck as hard as she could. When she felt the man’s prick swell in her mouth, she eased up on the pressure with her lips. She lifted her head to take away the tightness of the opening to her throat.

“Oh no!” the man groaned. “Suck on it harder! Make my cock feel the pressure of your mouth!”

“No fucking way,” Alex said as he fucked his prick into Sharon’s shitter. “The bitch isn’t going to suck your cum, until you make me a deal I like. If you don’t do better, I’m going to tell her to get your prick out of her mouth!”

“Don’t do that!” the man gasped. “Jeez, I couldn’t stand it! I need her to suck my cum!”

“Then talk deal,” Alex said, brutally fucking his cock clear up Sharon’s asshole.

“I’ll give you a fucking fifty-percent discount on anything you want!” the salesman groaned. “Just tell me what you want!”

“Still not good enough!” Alex laughed sadistically. He grabbed the base of his prick and twisted it around, causing his cockhead to swirl in Sharon’s asschute. “I’m getting ready to fuck this whole hard and blast a thick stream of cum into her guts! If you want to cum, you better get to talking a real deal on that paper!”

Sharon’s tongue swirled around the cockhead in her mouth, but she refused to suck on it. She knew that if she didn’t help tantalize the man into making a good deal, Alex would make her suffer. In her shitter, her boss’ prick was now thundering back and forth, fucking her brutal ly. The heat of the ass-fuck was beginning to spread throughout her lower body, and her spine was starting to burn. Her ass-ring was being stimulated furiously by Alex’s harddriving cock. In her mouth, spit was leaking down all over the salesman’s prick as cuntjuices ran down the insides of her thighs.

“Oh fuck! Make her suck it!” the man groaned. “I’ll give you everything you want for only one-fourth the price! That takes every bit of my commission and the profit, and I’ll even have to make up some of the inventory cost out of my pocket!”

“There’s the deal I wanted,” Alex said. “Send me twenty-five boxes of computer paper! Now, bitch, get that prick all the way down your throat!”

The large palm of Alex’s hand slammed down on the back of Sharon’s head. Her boss leaned forward as he fucked his prick into her ass. The pressure on the back of her head drove her face down hard on the salesman’s prick. All of the force came down onto the end of the cockhead, and the pressure was enough to drive the throbbing prick clear into her throat. The small opening to her gullet was breached, and the cockhead slid down into the gripping pressure of her throat. The muscles of her neck bulged outward, showing the progress of the fuckshaft down her throat as the tormented secretary’s breath was cut off. Her nose was buried in the salesman’s cockhair and her chin moved against his balls. Every bit of his prick was buricd beyond her lips, and half of the long shaft was down her throat.

“Oh shit!” the salesman howled. “She’s deep-throating my prick! My cock’s buried halfway to her stomach!”

Alex’s thick prick spread her asshole wide as it fucked into her guts. His hard prick was cornholing her ass furiously, causing Alex’s balls to roar. Hot, liquid fire splashed far up her shitbole and spread heat through her ass. Sharon’s guts felt like they were exploding with lightning bolts of sensation as the salesman’s long prick hammered back and forth down her throat.

Then the cock-sucked, deep-throated prick blossomed even larger, and the salesman was shooting his cum. The sticky jism greased its way clown into her stomach. At both ends of the captive secretary’s body, fuckholes were being filled with cum.


“But I just don’t understand,” Sharon said as she struggled back into her clothing at the end of the long business day. “I already have a job right here. In fact, you won’t even let me quit.”

“It’s all really quite simple,” Alex Hazen said confidently as he sat in the chair behind his desk and watched the secretary’s naked flesh disappear behind the garments she was putting on. “Titus Marks loaned me the money to start my business and, so far, I haven’t had to repay him a penny. He gives me credit for having made payments on the loan by recruiting him secretarial employees. Most young women are worth a month off the loan, but, if I get lucky with a luscious one, he knocks off more than one month.”

Sharon frowned. When she caught herself wondering how much she would be worth, she shoved the thought from her mind.

“But I don’t know anything about him,” she said, clasping the last of the buttons on the front of her dress.

A laugh came from the other side of the room.

“Just think about what has happened over the last couple of days,” Olga Lentz, the office manager, said sarcastically. “Multiply that by two, and that’s all that you will ever want to know about Titus Marks.”

Sharon’s heart clenched tightly inside her chest. The past two days had been nothing but continual sexual abuse. Olga, Alex and the policeman had used pussy and cock as torture instruments in tormenting her, and now they were talking about selling her like a slave so someone could abuse her naked flesh.

“But I don’t want to go to work for someone else,” Sharon said, glancing longingly at the door. She gritted her teeth. “I have a job here and that’s all that I need!”

“You don’t have any choice in the matter, bitch!” Alex hissed. “As long as we’ve got those pictures of you, and with the police watching you, you’ll either go willingly along with us over to Titus’ place or you’ll find, yourself quickly heading for jail!”

It hurt Sharon to realize that he was telling the truth. She really had no option at all. Earlier in the day, when she had balked at eating out Olga’s pussyhole, they had threatened to send the awful pictures to her parents. In some ways, that would be even worse than ending up in prison. So Sharon was totally captive to the evil man’s will, and the threat of the photographs had ended all thoughts of escape. Her only chance was that Titus Marks wasn’t nearly as bad as they thought, and that somehow she could convince him to offer her some kind of help. Surely there was no one in the world that was as sadistic and evil as Alex and Olga!

Sharon went with them without further complaint, down into the parking garage and out onto the dark streets in Alex’s car. The drive took them out of the downtown area and into hills at the other side of the city, where they wound up on a long drive to a mansion that sprawled across the crest of a hill.

The house was enormous, built almost like a castle, and Sharon was pulled from the automobile and up onto a columned parch. Only a few seconds after Alex rang the bell, the heavy door slowly opened to reveal the body of a massive man. He was dark — black hair and tanned face, and dressed in a butler’s uniform — and he filled up the doorway completely. He was a full foot taller than the frightened Sharon.

“Mr. Hazen, good evening,” the man said in a voice that sounded like clashing rocks. “I suppose you’re here to see Mr. Marks.”

“That’s right, Jason,” Alex said, shoving Sharon slightly. “We’ve brought another prospective secretarial employee for him to check out.”

The butler stared at Sharon. Then he scowled and looked back at Alex.

“You and your party go on into the interview room while I inform Mr. Marks that you are here,” the butler said, and stepped aside to let them into the house.

Alex pulled Sharon along by a tight grip on her wrist and Olga followed, while the butler disappeared somewhere into the massive building. Down a long hallway, Alex forced Sharon into a large, dimly lit room. He made her stand in front of a large desk, then backed up with Olga against one wall.

Sharon stood, quivering with uncertainty, staring at the tall bookcase on the wall behind the desk. It was only a couple of minutes before she heard the door behind her open and close, and heavy footfalls began approaching her from the rear. She trembled, not knowing what was going, to happen as a man walked around and sat down behind the desk.

Titus Marks was a large man, not as big as the butler, but everything about him spoke of strength. His arms, where they stuck out of the sleeves of the loose bathrobe he wore, were thick and muscular. His hair was laced with gray, but Sharon thought that he wasn’t very old, perhaps only in his forties.

“Is this her?” he asked, but his eyes never left Sharon as he looked her overfrom head to toe. Once more it seemed as if a pair of eyes were undressing her, as she felt that her clothes were melting from her flesh to leave her completely naked.

“Her name is Sharon Jones,” Alex said. “She’s been through the usual stuff.”

“Can she type?” Titus asked.

“She’s an excellent typist,” Olga said. “She can really make those keys jump and spark?”

“She’ll get a chance to do that,” Titus said, the hint of a dark smile on his face…

His eyes changed, as if he had just made a decision.

“Then I guess we better check the bitch,” he growled.

Sharon’s heart fell. She had hoped that Titus Marks would somehow turn out to be a relief from her terrible boss and office manager. But when he referred to her as a bitch without even knowing her, Sharon realized that, like Alex and Olga, the man considered her nothing more than a sex slave to torture and abuse. He was cut from the same sadistic cloth, and Sharon knew that falling into his grasp would offer her no freedom or relief. The sexual torture and humiliation would go an under her new owner if Titus Marks decided to make her one of his captives.

He ordered her to come around the desk and Sharon forced herself to move. It was as if her shoes had glue on the soles, because she had to struggle to get through each halting step. But finally she was around the expanse of the wide desk and was standing at Titus’ side. The huge man turned in his chair to face her straight on, then ordered her to turn around. Frightened, Sharon complied. As scary as it was facing the strange man, it was even more unsettling to her nerves to look away.

“Bend over and grab your ankles,” he said sternly, and, groaning, Sharon did as she was told.

As she reached down for her ankles, she felt her short skirt slide up over her hips until it was bunched at her waist. Only the filmy panties she wore hid her ass-flesh, and that flimsy garment was quickly stripped down to her knees. The cool air of the room tickled across her naked cunt and asscheeks, and Sharon moaned from the intense shame.

“She’s got a pretty ass,” Titus said calmly, as if he was looking over a horse. “But that doesn’t tell me much. I better check out the tightness of her cunt.”

Fingers grappled into Sharon’s pussyslit from the rear, shoving the tender folds to the side. Then one of the thick digits jammed into her cunthole. Sharon squeaked from the pain of the impaling.

He seemed pleased as Sharon’s pussy squeezed down on his finger.

“She’s got a tight cunthole,” he said, swirling his finger around inside her pussy. “It feels like it would be a good fuck!”

“I can attest to that!” Alex said eagerly.

Sharon groaned. Humiliation filled her. There she was, her naked ass thrust up into the air and one man finger-fucking her pussy while another man was talking about fucking her cunt with his prick.

“Now for the other fuckhole,” Titus said as he ripped his finger from Sharon’s tortured cunt.

Then, just a second later, the thick finger jammed through her sore ass-ring and up into her shiner. She cried from the biting agony of her ass being pierced as the finger speared all the way in. The faint trace of pussyjuice left on his finger eased, but didn’t stop, the pain.

“That’s a Goddamned tight shitter,” Titus said with lusty interest.

Sharon winced at both the lewd talk and the pain that was shooting through her ass. As the finger started drawing back out, it hurt even worse, and tears of pain and shame began leaking onto her cheeks.

“Okay, you can stand back up,” Titus said, and Sharon straightened her back and pulled her panties up over her naked ass.

When he told her to turn back around, she did so, her skirt falling back across her hips.

“Now let’s see your tits,” Titus said smugly. “No!” Sharon cried. She had been pushed as far as her humiliated mind could accept. With her face covered by tears, she wrapped her arms across her tits, unable to accept any more of the terrible abuse.

Titus smirked and reached over to one corner of his desk. He pushed a button, then leaned back in his chair. In only a few seconds, a door opened behind Sharon. There, filling the doorway completely, was the big butler.

“Yes, sir?” Jason asked, his voice like low thunder.

“We seem to have added this bitch to our secretarial staff,” Titus said to the butler calmly. “And, as usual, the first thing that she has to be taught is our discipline system for cunts that get out of line. Would you set it up far us now, Jason, so we can get that part out of the way?”

“I’d be happy to, sir,” the butler said, walking into the room and closing the door behind him.

He moved across the room to where a large lever had been mounted on the opposite wall. When he turned it, the sound of clanking and creaking floated down from the ceiling. Sharon glanced up, searching for the noise, and saw a contraption much like a wide trapeze started to descend from the ceiling. The metal bar was several fret long and suspended by chains. The butler tossed a large rug on the floor beneath it. Two sliding bolts were mounted in the floor with chains coming from each. At the end of both chains was a heavy metal clamp, and Sharon gasped when she realized what it all meant.

Sharon bolted toward the door, but the butler cut her off, wrapping one large arm around her waist and lifting her from the floor. He carried her over and locked her wrists into clamps on the ends of the overhead bar, then snapped the other clamps around her ankles. Jason returned to the lever and moved it until Sharon’s toes were pulled from the floor. Then he came back and adjusted the floor bolts until her legs were spread wide apart.

Her wrists ached from supporting her weight and her ankles were cut when she tried to twist. She was totally captured by the chains, unable to thrash more than an inch in any direction. Then the butler showed her a long, wicked knife, pushing the blade up in front of her face.

Sharon gasped when the sharp point began moving toward her tits, and she could see the light of the room glinting off its sharp edge. The knife slipped down the front of her dress, and, with one quick jerk, the material was sliced from her tits. Other cuts removed the rest of her clothing, and soon the tortured secretary was suspended naked in the middle of the room.

“Yessss!” Titus Marks hissed. “This little bitch will do just fine!”

He turned in his chair toward the other pair of sadists.

“Miss Lentz,” he said, “Would you do us the honors of teaching this cunt our discipline system, and what’s in store for her if she doesn’t eagerly do everything she’s told?”

“Certainly,” Olga said.

She moved along the wall to a built-in cabinet. She reached in and took something long and black from inside, then carried it back and held it up in front of Sharon’s frightened face.

“This,” she said, spewing spit into Sharon’s face, “is what you get each time you even think about disobeying!”

Sharon screamed. Olga held an evil, black bullwhip.

Sharon’s eyes bulged as Olga began to move, circling the naked, bound female body. Sharon twisted her head to follow the progress of the other woman, and Olga stopped when she was behind Sharon and to the side. As the terrified secretary watched, Olga dropped the lash of the whip to the floor, where it coiled and twisted like a snake. Her arm went back, then flashed forward, lifting the coils swiftly from the floor.

“Aaeeeiii!” Sharon screamed as the whip slashed across her back, below her shoulder blades. A line of fire was etched into her tender skin, igniting a blaze of pain that ripped through her flesh. Her naked body thrashed violently in the chains from the intense agony, the clamps cutting deeply into the flesh of her wrists and ankles.

The whip struck again, this time high on her shoulders. The pain that was torturing her doubled with the new blow as another line of fire was added to her body.

“Noooo!” Sharon wailed as steady blows began to batter her body.

Olga had set herself into a rhythm of lashing the naked young woman. The black whip snaked out and struck time after time, turning the secretary’s back into a pattern of scarlet lines.

Then Olga moved her aim down, zeroing in on the naked asscheeks that trembled along with the rest of Sharon’s body. The first slash to the ass seared a line across both of the asschecks, causing the tortured sex slave to scream in pain. Slowly, Olga’s pussy began to grease itself inside her panties at the lusty feeling of beating Sharon’s soft flesh.

Sharon was struck again and again. There was pain she never would have believed. Even the agony she felt when her ass had been fucked couldn’t compare with the torture she was suffering. Even the backs of her thighs were being tortured by the terrible lashing, and soon Sharon’s screams were almost continual.

But Olga wasn’t through with beating the naked girl. Pausing for a few seconds, she moved until she was directly behind the tortured secretary. She curled the whip behind her and lashed out, snapping the tip of the bullwhip right into the secretary’s ass-crease, hitting Sharon’s little shithole.

Pain speared clear into Sharon’s guts. The end of the whip had popped against her asshole. The pain ripped up through her body and froze the screams in her chest, and throat.

Then the whip fell silent, and Sharon’s mind jumped to the conclusion that the terrible beating had finally ended. But Olga was only moving around to the front, where she had clear flesh to mark with searing, scarlet lines.

“No!” Sharon shrieked, but already the lash was on its way. It sliced across both of her trembling tits, ripping at her nipples. In horror, Sharon glanced down, sure that the little nubs had been ripped from her flesh. But although they were brutally beaten, the nipples were still in place at the ends of her tits.

Qlga’s arm worked steadily, slicing the whip into Sharon’s tits again and again. Angry red lines covered the mounds in every direction, turning her tits into twin peaks of pain.

Then the whip began to slash at Sharon’s stomach, and the flesh there became deeply marked. And finally, Olga positioned herself directly in front of the tortured secretary and lashed out underhanded with the whip. This time the tip of the evil torturing device snapped right into the gash of Sharon’s pussy, searing against the tender flesh.

Then Olga stepped back, and Titus rose from his chair. All during the beating, he had sat and calmly watched the savage thrashing of his new sex slave’s flesh. Now, before the young woman was permanently damaged, he stopped the lesson in discipline.

Slowly, be walked around Sharon’s naked, beaten body, until he was once more in front of her. Then he stepped forward.

“This is what a woman can do to you with a whip!” he whispered. “Imagine what it would be like if Jason or I lashed you with all of our strength! Because that’s what you will get if you ever give me the impression of hesitating to do anything that I or my people say! Do you understand that, bitch? Do you understand that real well?”

His words burned into her. She had no doubt that he meant what he said. If he or the large butler ever took a whip to her, the frightened, beaten, naked young secretary knew that she would be dead.

Sharon gulped and frantically nodded her head. Even the pain didn’t frighten her as much as his eyes. She could look far down into the black depths and see even more horrible torture if she ever displeased him. There was no doubt in her mind that, no matter how degrading, she would have to leap to do everything he said.

“Now!” he gasped, taking a couple of steps back from her and turning his head to glance over toward Alex and Olga. “The two of you can leave her to me! She’s mine now to do what I want with!”

Sharon’s previous torturers moved silently from the room. When they were gone, Titus turned to his butler.

“Take her to an empty room and get the hair off her pussy,” he said sternly. “When she begins work in the morning, I want her cunt as slick as a baby’s!”

Titus reached forward and grabbed a handful of Sharon’s pussyhair. With a tremendous jerk, he pulled a wide patch of it out of her cunt mound, then turned and left the room as the young sex slave screamed in terror and pain.


Sharon’s hands flowed over the keyboard of the electric typewriter. She could feel every one of the keystrokes in her cunt. All around her, other naked secretaries furiously typed, bound to desk-like contraptions such as hers. There must have been at leant a dozen naked young women in the large office complex of the mansion, and each of them was busily typing.

At no time had Sharon really believed that she would be expected to produce actual secretarial work in addition to being a sexual slave. So she was completely surprised when she had been led totally naked into the large room that was obviously an office and forced to sit down at the lewdly constructed desk.

Just the night before, Jason, the butler, had taken her from the chains down to a small room with nothing but a dresser and a narrow bed. Throwing her down roughly onto the firm mattress, he had used belts to tie her knees back, her feet bent back against the backs of her thighs.

Bound there, Sharon’s legs had been stretched painfully wide, and her pussy had gaped open for the butler to easily see. But he apparently hadn’t been interested as much in fucking her with his cock as in shaving the pussyhair from her cunt. He used a bar of soap and a straight razor to get the job done and, when he finally released her, her pussy was shaved. When she glanced down between her legs, her cunt looked just like it had when she had been a little girl, and the tormented secretary cried hers elf to sleep when the butler finally left her alone.

The next morning, she had been fed and let into a bathroom to pee, then she had been taken to the office complex of the building and up to a strangely built contraption that included a typewriter. When she was ordered to sit down, she glanced at the seat and gasped at the long shaft that rose into the air.

Sobbing, but afraid to resist, she allowed herself to be forced onto the dildo, which ran far up into her cunt. It wasn’t as thick as a man’s prick, but it still plugged her pussy clear to the end. Straps were wrapped around her naked body from the rear, locking her tightly in place.

As a final insult, long electrical wires from the platform that held the typewriter were attached painfully to her nipples by small alligator clips. The tiny teeth bit into her flesh until her whole tit-mounds finally went numb.

Sharon glanced down. Other wires led from the base of the typewriter and disappeared beneath her seat. She shrugged, trying to force her mind from the discomfort she felt in her pussy and tits, then looked around the large room.

Sharon watched as the other naked secretaries were led in. Each, in turn, was pushed down onto a long dildo and locked into place. Then the wires were clipped to their tits and each girl suffered her own minute of pain before her tit-flesh went numb.

Sharon could reach the typewriter with her hands, but she couldn’t lift her ass from the seat. The long dildo would stay inside her cunthole until someone came around and unstrapped her from the chair.

A door in the front of the room opened and a large redhead stepped through. She was dressed in a tight black leather garment with holes cut out in front so her massive tits could stick through. Slowly, she walked past a table to a large podium placed in front of the secretarial desks. Looking closely, Sharon could see that the whole crotch was also missing from the tight leather garment, allowing wild, red cunthair to blossom through the crotch.

“Before my assistants pass out the assignments for typing this morning,” the fiery haired woman said, “I want to introduce you to our new secretary. If you will glance toward the main door, you’ll be able to see who the new cunt is.”

Sharon was humiliated when all of the women turned in her direction. She tried to shrink lower into the chair, but was held in place by the dildo jammed into her cunt.

Suddenly, Sharon’s whole body was thrashing about in the electricity flowed in through the wires on her tits. The shock froze her, and it felt as if every cell in her body was being beaten violently by a whip.

Then the ripping current was gone and Sharon slumped heavily down onto the fake cock. Up in front of the room, the redhead pulled her finger away from a panel in the podium and smiled sadistically out over the naked, captive women, showing teeth that glinted wetly in her mouth.

“I’m Tara Sharp,” the woman said to Sharon. “The rest of these secretarial bitches know me already. They also know that they’ll get a large dose of what you just felt if they don’t keep those hands flying over those typewriter keys.”

There was more to be heard, but Sharon was hardly listening. The horror of her situation filled her. Her tits still ached from the terrible electrical shock that had been administered. For those few seconds she had suffered the electricity, Sharon had been sure she had been dying as she struggled to take in a single breath.

The four assistants who moved through the room were all young men who wore outfits similar to that of the red-haired Tara. One of them, a lanky blonde with her cunt as hairless as a baby’s ass, slapped down a stack of papers on one side of Sharon’s typewriter and a stack of forms on the other. Without being told, the tormented sectary reached over and picked up one of the forms. It was an inventory slip for filling orders, and the stack of papers on the other side were computer printouts of sales information.

When Tara yelled sternly for the secretaries to begin working, Sharon quickly rolled one of the forms into her typewriter and began keying in the required information.

“Eceeck!” she cried at the first keystroke. A gentle spark of electricity tickled into the flesh far up inside her cunt. As she typed afew more strokes, the sparks leaped each time she depressed the keys. The sensation wasn’t really painful, but it came as a surprise, and Sharon’s hands froze above the keys.

“Aaaargh!” she groaned at the shocking pain as the current of electricity ripped into her tits. Quickly, her cry choked off when the current paralyzed her chest. The bolt of electricity lasted only a couple of seconds before it died away. Terrified, Sharon’s bulging eyes looked to the front of the room, where the tall fiery-haired Tara stood with a finger near a button on the console built into the podium.

“I think you better forget about that tickle in your pussy,” Tara said. “It isn’t anything like what will happen to your tits if that typewriter ever stops!”

Immediately, Sharon’s hands dove back onto the keyboard. She began typing the sales information onto the form as fast as her fingers could move. The trickle of current from the dildo in her pussy leaked almost constantly into her cuntflesh, but the stimulation was something Sharon knew she’d just have to endure.

When the first form was finished, she ripped it out of the typewriter and quickly replaced it with another. Fearfully, she glanced up at the front of the room, where Tara’s finger quivered over the button.

Sharon began typing again. Tara, the office manager, smiled sadistically and pulled her finger back from the console, while Sharon locked herself into a furious working pace.

The completed forms piled up. Nearly naked women walked around and picked up the finished work and put more in its place. The whole room was filled with the clatter of a dozen busy typewriters as the office frantically functioned. Titus Marks had solved the problem of worker incentives by wiring up his secretaries’ tits.

The constant tingle of the gentle current in her pussy eventually caused Sharon’s cunthole to flow. The juices leaked down over the dildo to spread wetly between her hips and the seat. The dampness allowed the current to spread until it finally tickled at her whole ass. Even Sharon’s shithole was bombarded by telegraph like electrical charges, until her ass was stimulated almost beyond belief.

But it wasn’t the strange pussy-juicing pleasure from the typing that kept Sharon constantly working. It was the threat of the severe shocking of her tits. Already, she had felt the searing pain twice ripping into her body, and she was horrified at the thought of suffering it again.

Around her, other young women occasionally failed to keep up the pace. Fingers and hands would painfully cramp, or their arms would grow unbearably heavy. Sharon knew each time that one of the other women grew weak by the sudden, shrill scream that would fill the room before quickly chocking out as the electricity froze the air in the woman’s chest. Seeing the other women was enough to keep Sharon working hard.

The forms were routine, requiring the same keystrokes again and again. After the first hour of furious work, Sharon found herself able to glance around without ever stopping her hands. To her right sat a small naked blonde. The young woman didn’t look like much more than a kid.

Sitting just beyond the blonde at another desk was a brunette. Her tits were magnificently large, full melons, without the slightest hint of a droop. Her rosy nipples poked firmly out from the front and were captured by alligator clips.

A shriek broke out from the other side of the room. Sharon glanced over to see a brown haired young woman thrashing around in her chair. Her tits, succulent things that even made Sharon’s mouth water, were jumping savagely all around her chest. Sharon could almost see, hear and feel the electrical current burning through the woman’s tit-flesh as she shook violently in pain. Then, suddenly, the woman’s body slumped as if it had been released, and her hands went into motion. They leaped back onto the keyboard and were typing in information even before her body was completely still.

A soft hand touched Sharon’s shoulder. She glanced up without interrupting her typing. The hand belonged to the lanky blond with the bald pussy, and the young woman reached down and unclamped the wires from Sharon’s tits. Then the straps that held Sharon to the scat were released and the blonde woman motioned for Sharon to rise.

Sharon stood, pulling her cunthole off the dildo in the center of the scat, and the inside walls of her pussy slowly collapsed back to their normal size. Sharon thought that the wires being off her tits would mean the pain was over, so she wasn’t prepared for the feeling to return to her nipples. But since the alligator clips were gone, the numbness left, and Sharon suffered intense pain where her nipples had been bitten, by the metal teeth. One of her hands rubbed at her sore nipples as she was led to the front of the room by the blonde.

Tara waited for her, and the closer Sharon got, the more imposing the red-haired woman seemed. She was several inches taller than Sharon, and her body was firm. She stood with her fists driven into the leather on her hips, her legs spread wide for balance. The position caused her fiery cunthair to swarm out the opening in the garment at the crotch, and, up close, Sharon saw the deep gash of the woman’s pussy where it peeked through the tuft of red hair.

“I guess you are a fine-looking cunt after all!” Tara sneered as she looked Sharon’s naked body over. The tormented secretary’s pussy burned with her embarrassment. “Just looking at that naked pussy makes my tongue hard, but I’ll get to that pleasure later! Right now I have to make sure that you’re ready for the board meeting after lunch since you’ve been selected as dessert! That asshole Jason may have the biggest cock in the whole world, but he’s got a pile of shit for brains! I haven’t ever seen a pussy that he’s shaved which still didn’t have leftover hair!”

Three of the assistants forced Sharon onto her back on top of a table alongside the podium, and Tara moved around between Sharon’s legs to inspect her cunt mound. The blonde and another woman pulled Sharon’s knees apart so far that her hips ached, and Tara leaned down to look closely all around Sharon’s gaping cunt. Fingers closed around Sharon’s tender, inner pussylips, then Tara pulled them far out of the gash of Sharon’s cunt. The stretching hurt so much that Sharon thought her pussyflesh would tear, but finally Tara released it and let the cuntlips pop back into Sharon’s juicy cuntslit.

“Ahh, here!” the sadistic female office manager said as she ran fingertips around Sharon’s naked cunt. “The son-of-a-bitch did leave some stubble of cunthair just like I suspected he would.”

Tara lifted her face from between Sharon’s legs and ordered one of the assistants to get some some super-stickum tape. When it was brought, the redhead tore off a long piece and pressed it against the skin of Sharon’s pussy mound.

“Aaeeiii!” the tormented secretary screamed as the tape was tipped away.

With the tape went the stubble of pussy hair that had been pulled from her cunt mound. Again and again, the sticky tape was pressed around her tortured pussy, then jerked violently away. Her cunthair stubble was savagely torn out, permaitently damaging them so they would never again grow. It took ten minutes of demented screaming from the tortured young woman before the sadistic Tara was finally satisfied that Sharon’s cunt was as bald as it could possibly be.

Sharon was then dragged to the Xerox machine, where the terrible abuse continued. Giving the feeble excuse that the office needed a picture to make her identification card, they forced Sharon’s naked ass up onto the plate to be photographed. All of the assistants had a big laugh when the paper finally came out showing an impression of Sharon’s asscheeks.

Then, not satisfied, they carried it further and pulled her legs wide, one on each side of the piece of equipment. They made her spread her pussylips with her fingers and press them wetly down onto the glass. A button was pushed, blinding light flashed up, and a black-and-white image of Sharon’s open pussy was printed onto a sheet of paper. They all thought that so hilarious that each of them had to have a copy, so Sharon had to suffer through several more images.

Then Tara and the assistants turned Sharon over onto her chest across the glass, and took Xerox pictures of her tits. By the time they were through and led Sharon back to her desk, she was happy to sit back down on the dildo and return to her typing just to be left alone.

Later, they fed her pussymeat for lunch. But before they forced cunt to her mouth, she had been humiliated even further when she told them she had to pee. She was the first secretary in the room to suffer a full bladder, and Sharon, in her inexperience, hadn’t known what was to come.

Laughing, the assistants hauled her back up off the dildo and led her to the front, where they forced her to squat down over an empty wastebasket in full view of everyone. The strong stream of piss that achingly burst from her cunt drummed loudly against the inside of the wastebasket and its sound echoed throughout the room. Every one of the secretaries at the desks glanced up at the sound of loud pissing, and Sharon went completely red with shame when she saw their secret smiles.

Sharon’s ass was poised over the wastebasket while her cunt fired a hot stream of piss. Tara and all of her assistants were laughing hysterically at Sharon’s embarrassment and shame.

They gave her a wet washcloth to wipe the piss drops that had splattered back onto her pussy, Tara forced Sharon to chew on the pissoiled cloth. The moisture drained from the material and collected at the back of Sharon’s mouth. And she wasn’t allowed to sit back down on her dildo at her desk until she had swallowed the mixture, which caused her stomach to spasm in protest.

At noon, they fed her. Once again on her back atop the long table! Sharon had begun to cry. Tara was the first to climb up and sit down on Sharon’s grimacing face. Bright red cunthair swarmed all over Sharon’s nose, cheeks, and chin as hot, wet pussy smothered down onto her lips. Tara’s cunthole was, like a fountain shooting down into Sharon’s mouth, and within seconds, the abused secretary was gulping pussyjuice down.

“Eat it, bitch!” Tara screamed at the tormented girl. “Fuck my cunt out with your tongue or I’ll wire up your tits and turn on the current and not turn it off for an hour!”

The threat frightened Sharon. She shoved her face up through the gap in Tara’s leather garment, then her tongue pushed out of her mouth and up into Tara’s hot cunt hole immediately, the pussyhole grew even hotter and squirted juices strongly down into Sharon’s mouth. She gulped again and again, drinking cuntcream down into her stomach as Tara rolled her pussy all over the captive secretary’s face.

“How’s this for fucking a bitch’s face with your cunt?” Tara shouted to her assistants, and humped pussy hard against Sharon’s head. Her cunt rammed savagely against the lower part of the frightened woman’s nose. Sharon felt like she was being drowned in hot pussyjuice, but finally the red-haired bitch got off.

“Getting your pussy tongue-fucked is a pleasant break from the drudgery of the day,” the lusty office manager said as she crawled down from the desk, leaving Sharon flat on her back, her face sopping with pussyjuice.

“Can be next?” the long-legged blonde with the bald cunt asked her boss.

“If you hurry,” Tara said. “The others are waiting their turns, and we still have to get her ready far the board meeting after lunch.”

Within seconds, a slippery, hairless pussy was being pushed into Sharon’s face. The lack of pussyhair startled Sharon, since it felt like she was eating out the cunt of a little girl. But, when Sharon opened her eyes, she looked up at a pair of naked, womanly tits jutting out from the leather garment that the long-legged blonde wore. And the cunthole she was eating was certainly no immature little fuckhole, judging by the amount of hot cuntjuice that it was pourbig into Sharon’s mouth.

And the blonde’s pussy wasn’t the last. Two more cunts, one hairy and one bald, were forced into the tormented young woman’s face. Sharon was forced to lick pussy until each of the female fuckholes had gotten off. By the time the last assistant’s cunt was taken care of by Sharon’s tongue, the sex slave’s face, the linings of her nose, and her whole mouth were covered by thick pussycream.

Exhausted, Sharon was pulled from the top of the desk and dragged out the door and down a hallway to a bathroom, where she was forced into a shower. As she trembled in the corner, the water pounded against her face and body, washing the pussyjuice from her skin. But nothing the crowd of women, could do would ever chase away the horror of being attacked by a mob of cunts and having to eat each one until it shot off.


The conference table in the board room was massive, an expanse of polished oak that must have weighed more than a ton. It was the largest piece of furniture that Sharon had ever seen and, for a secretary who had been in many offices, that was saying a lot. The table was built in the shape of a long rectangle. There must have been at least twenty large, deep black leather chairs surrounding its perimeter, but the young sex slave wasn’t given much of a chance to count.

The most unusual thing about the table was the track like slot that had been inlaid into the wood. Fitting into the recessed slot on the top of the table was a padded platform on wheels. On that platform were four metal clamps, two toward the middle of the table and the other pair toward the edge. And Sharon didn’t have very long to wonder about the platform’s design before she found out about it firsthand.

Jason, the butler, and Tara, the office manager, forced the naked secretary down onto her back atop the small platform. The clamps toward the middle of the table were snapped around her upper arms just below the shoulders, and they held the top of her body firmly against the padding. Then her knees were bent severely and her feet pulled back toward the cheeks of her ass until they rested on top of the platform. Her ankles were then captured by the other pair of clamps, and the combination pinned her solidly to the platform.

The device wasn’t quite as long as her body so both her ass and head pushed past the ends. At one extreme, Jason pulled out a small extension to hold up her head and the addition brought her some relief. But there was nothing done about her ass hanging off the other edge, and, enhanced by the unnatural spread of her knees, the position spread her naked pussy wide open. Her cunt mound split and her tender inner pussylips flowered, showing the mouth of her cunthole.

Then Jason and Tara left her. She could rock the platform, but not free herself from its grasp. Her knees ached from the sharp angle and her pussy felt shamefully exposed. The platform was close enough to the edge of the table that her ass and cunt actually extended past the oaken top, and Sharon’s mind fought wildly with the terrible thoughts of what might happen next. She was to get any from the terrible wiring of her tits to an electrical current, but she was afraid that she was now on the way to even more horrifying trouble.

That possibility was brought home when several men and a few women began arriving in the room. Sharon was bound up at the head of the large table, and all of the people were taking seats along the sides and far end, but each of them took the few seconds to pass by and stare down at Sharon’s naked flesh. The young secretary groaned to herself with humiliation, embarrassment.

Even the women entering the room were dressed in expensive suits and ties, making Sharon even more intensely aware of her lewdly exposed tits and cunt. She didn’t even have the small comfort of pussyhair to help cover her gaping cuntgash, and the tormented woman’s naked flesh burned hot and scarlet from the humiliation that she felt.

To make matterd worse, not a single one of the people arriving in the room offered the least hint of comfort or concern. Each of the executives acted like it was the normal course of things to have a chained, naked sex slave present at their business meeting.

When the chairs were filled with executives, the door to the hallway opened one final time. Titus Marks strolled into the room, followed by a thin blonde female administrative assistant, and he walked around to sit in the single vacant chair left at the head of the table. When he had settled in, Sharon could no longer see him beyond the top of her head, but the tall blonde woman, wearing a tightly tailored gray suit and a long, black tie, stood nearby and stared down at the frightened, naked secretary with obvious amusement.

“I trust all you had an excellent lunch at the executive dining room,” Titus said slowly. “And if there are any complaints about the food, you should address them to Miss Anderson.”

The blonde nodded her head. Her hair, cropped short at her ears, bobbed when she did.

But her blue eyes never left Sharon’s naked tits. It was as if Sharon’s tits were the only thing that interested her in the room.

“As usual at our board meetings,” Titus said after a slight pause, “we’ll have our dessert while we work. The delectable treat on the menu this afternoon is a brand new acquisition, and I’m sure all of you will give her an appropriate executive welcome.”

There were titters of laughter around the room. The nervous sound of excitement and lust in the laughing voices made Sharon’s blood fill with ice. If there had been any doubt before, it was swept away now — she was facing an afternoon of sexual abuse.

“As is custom,” Titus said, “while we pass around and enjoy dessert, we’ll take care of a little business. So, Miss Anderson, if you’ll be so kind as to unlock the brake, we’ll get on with this meeting.”

The tail blonde woman leaned over and sacked Sharon’s right nipple loudly into her hot, wet mouth. The suction distended the tit until it stretched painfully in over the woman’s velvety tongue, then her glistening teeth bit firmly into the flesh.

Sharon yipped in pain and surprise as her tit was deeply marked by sharp teeth. Then the administrative assistant tripped the brake on the platform and snapped Sharon’s tit out of her mouth, leaving an angry bite mark around the nipple, before shoving the platform and the tormented secretary to the tight.

The platform glided easily on its track past Titus Marks and stopped at the first person on the other side. That person was a gray-haired, older woman with rimless glasses perched on her slightly pugged nose. As Sharon watched in panic, the elderly woman removed her eyeglasses and laid them on the table. Then her face nodded toward Sharon’s hairless pussy. Her long tongue snaked out of her mouth to greedily lick through Sharon’s cuntgash.

Sharon cried and whipped her head to the side to look back up toward the head of the table.

Titus scowled at the noise and nodded at his administrative assistant, who took a black riding crop out of a briefcase and began slapping it loudly into the palm of one hand. Sharon’s cries stopped and fear speared through her guts. There was no doubt about the message the sexy administrative assistant was conveying: Interrupt Titus Marks while he was conducting his meeting and the riding crop would savage Sharon’s flesh. The bound secretary immediately bit down hard on her lower lip, suffering the indignities in silence. And, while she trembled without making sound, the older woman began lapping pussyjuices from Sharon’s cunt.

“Now!” Titus growled. “Without further interruption, we’ll move on to the first order of business!”

The older woman who was eating Sharon’s pussy apparently had an agenda of her own. As Titus’ voice droned on about profit pictures and sales margins, the woman ran her long tongue through the captive secretary’s cuntslit. The tip fucked against the head of the small clit biding in its folds of skin at the top of the gash. Then the tongue slid down the length of the pussy slit to poke at the mouth of Sharon’s cunthole. In spite of Sharon’s honor, the stimulation of her pussy caused her fuck juices to flow. The woman caught them with her tongue as they emerged from Sharon’s cunthole and gulped them down her throat. The shaving of her pussy mound seemed to make Sharon’s cunt even more sensitive than before, and pleasurable sexual sparks began to fire. Perhaps it had been no accident that the elderly woman had been first in line to enjoy Sharon’s flesh as dessert, because the pussy-licking greased up the captive secretary’s cunthole very well.

When the woman raised her head from between the secretary’s legs, her deeply-lined face was smeared by the cuntjuices of young Sharon. She smiled, her teeth glinting from the moisture of the young cunthole she had eaten, and there was a satisfied look on her face. Finally, she sighed and pushed the platform to the right.

The large hand of a man reached up to stop the platform’s progress along the track in the table. He positioned her naked body right before his chair, then gained the attention of Titus and rose from his seat.

“I think our sales approach might be wrong, Mr. Chairman,” he said as he unbuttoned the fly of his pants. His fingers ran inside the gap and pulled out his long, hard cock. “It’s obvious that we’re not getting the proper market penetration and I think we ought to do something about that.”

Titus laughed as the man lined his throbbing cockhead up with Sharon’s gaping, wet pussy.

“And just how do you suggest we improve our penetration?” Titus asked.

“We must thrust ourselves forcefully into the marketplace,” the man said, driving his prick savagely into the captive woman’s cunthole. His throbbing cockhead drove clear to the end of her pussy. “We can’t daily around about filling our place in the economy.”

The man’s hard cock stuffed Sharon’s cunthole. Throbbing fuckmneat stretched her pussy walls outward. Her pussy felt crammed full of prick, and she said silent thanks to the woman who had eaten her pussy, since it had made her cunthole very wet. If the man had fucked his thick prick into her without that natural lubrication, Sharon knew she would be screaming with pain.

“All that is well and good,” Titus said, considering what the man had said. “An initial advertising campaign might get us inside, but it’s not going to guarantee that we keep our share of the business.”

The man smiled confidently. “You’re right, of course, Mr. Chairman. We have to keep hitting the consumer again and again.”

As if to illustrate his point, he fucked his prick back, and forth inside Sharon’s pussy. His cockhead battered savagely against the deep end of her fuck-pit. Unrelenting, the fucking reamed out her cunthole until it felt like the stretched condition was natural.

The man continued his presentation for several minutes as he brutally fucked the captive woman’s cunt. Then, finally, with his point made, his cock swelled inside Sharon’s fuckhole and blasted sticky cum into her gaping pussy. Again and again he shot jism into the deep cavern of her cunt before finally puffing his prick out and pushing it back into his pants.

When he sat down, happy with what he had contributed, Sharon and the platform were pushed along on the track.

“I wish it was all that easy,” a man in his forties said as he rose from his chair, stopping the platform and Sharon in front of him at the same time. “But we have to look at all sides of the question and some of them offer different problems.”

His hand worked at the underside of the platform near the large ball that rode the track. There was a click, and suddenly Sharon and the platform were pivoted around until her head was hanging over the edge. He lifted her by the hair as he shoved the extension back in, then her neck arched back as her head dropped, and suddenly she stared at the man’s crotch. His fingers were busy at the front of his pants, until he finally managed to lever his thick prick from his trousers.

“For example,” the man said gruffly as he used his fingers to pry open Sharon’s mouth. “Instead of just thrusting into an existing market, why don’t we try to appeal to the consumers’ tastes? Instead of just giving them something to use, let’s offer them something they can really get their teeth into!”

His hard prick wedged into Sharon’s mouth, prying her jaws wide. The rubbery cockhead slid clear to the back of her mouth. There it battered against the opening to her throat, threatening to spear past her tonsils.

“A multiple sales approach always is better,” Titus said. “I assume that’s what you’re suggesting rather than just substituting one for the other.”

“Exactly,” the face-fucker said. He hauled his cockhead out to Sharon’s lips, then fucked it in to the back of her mouth. “We should penetrate the traditional market just like Jackson showed, but let’s not forget that there are other ways and places to attack!”

The hard prickshaft was covered with Sharon’s spit, and the taste of pre-cum was swirling through her mouth. To keep her jaws from aching, she closed her tongue and checks around the mouth-fucking cock. It was pistoning into her face as though her mouth was a pussy.

“And when we get the consumers hungering for what we’re offering,” the man said. “Then we can go after the more difficult market. All we have to do is exert a little more effort to force our product into places it normally doesn’t go!”

He linked his fingers around the back of Sharon’s neck and pulled, locking her head firmly in place. His cockhead jammed against her tonsils and continued to shove. A terrible pressure began to grow against the end of Sharon’s mouth, then, with intense pain, the small opening gave way and the entire swollen prickhead popped into the tight grip of her throat.

“And once we make the breach,” the man said emphatically, “we have to force the issue all the way!”

Long inches of throbbing cock crammed down the narrow tube of the tortured secretary’s gullet. The muscles around her neck bulged to show everyone in the room the progress of the man’s cockhead down her throat. Sharon’s breath was abruptly cut off as prick blocked the air to her lungs. She was being deep-throated by a thundering slab of male fuckmeat, the cockhead reaching almost into her chest. Cockhair scratched wickedly at her chin and the man’s heavy balls slapped along her nose. Then the throat-raping prick was fucking violently back and forth, reaming out the entire length of her neck.

The cockhead scraped back and forth along the walls of Sharon’s throat, rubbing them raw as the prick deep-throated the tortured young woman. But her gullet was so tight, and squeezing the fuckmeat so intently, that the oral rape couldn’t go on for long. The prickshaft swelled on one of its savage thrusts and the cockhead ballooned. Soon scalding jism was blasting into her throat to grease its way to her stomach.

After what seemed like a gallon of the sticky cum had spurted into her gullet, the prick was pulled back into her mouth. The cockhead popped out of her throat, and Sharon sucked cooling air through her nose to salve her burning lungs.

The man’s presentation was apparently over, and he pulled his cock out of her mouth and pushed the softening prick back into his pants. Then he shoved the bound secretary on to the next executive in line.

Once again, it was a woman, but this time a young one, not much older than Sharon was herself. As the tall, brown-haired beauty stood, she reached into her briefcase for a large, fake prick.

“Have we thought about sampling?” the woman asked Titus Marks as she turned Sharon and the platform back around. When she had the hard rubber cockhead of the dildo lined up with Sharon’s cunthole, she added: “There’s nothing like a sample to let the consumer know what the real thing is all about.”

The dildo rammed into Sharon’s cunt. She had to bite at her lip to keep from screaming. The phony cock was bigger than any real one she’d ever had in her pussy, and the terribly thick thing spread her cunthole wide. If it hadn’t been for the cum that was still leaking from her fuck-pit, the monstrous rubber prick never would have made it inside. Still, in spite of the juices, it felt like a fence post was being shoved into her cunt, and Sharon fought herself to keep from groaning.

“What do you suggest?” Titus Marks asked the young woman.

“A massive effort that’s going to penetrate the market completely,” the woman said lustily, fucking the thick dildo in and out of the captive secretary’s pussy. “By the time it’s through, I want to know that there’s, not a fraction of an inch of the territory that we haven’t repeatedly touched.”

Sharon’s inner cunt walls were stretched thin. The phony cockhead fucked clear to the end of her fuck-pit, filling her pussy completely. After long seconds of jerking and thrusting, her cuntbole finally adjusted. The pain of the stretching diminished and the plepure came on and greased down her pussy channel even more. Before the woman finished, Sharon had gotten off several times from the ravaging of her cunt by the dildo.

Sharon was exhausted when she was finally pushed on down the line. Angry teeth marks still surrounded one of her nipples. Her pussy had been licked by the older woman until cuntjuice had flowed down across her asshole. Then her pussy had been savagely raped by a man talking about market penetration. Next, a large cock had been forced clear into her throat to shoot its spunk almost to her stomach. And even that hadn’t ended the demented sex torture, and Sharon had been pushed along to another young woman, who had fucked Sharon’s cunt brutally with a rubber prick.

As she was once more pushed along the track, Sharon was almost insane from the fear about what could possibly happen next.

She didn’t have long to wait to find out. The next man in line abruptly stopped the moving platform with his hand as he pulled himself from his chair. He was a massive man with a solid body. He stared smugly down at the captive, well-fucked young woman before glancing up to the head of the table.

The cock the man pulled from his trousers was the largest one Sharon had ever seen. Its thick shaft was a handful, and the cockhead, raging purple with lust, looked like a small fist aimed between Sharon’s legs. With one hand, he reached up to her shoulders and jammed her body down until her thighs were wedged even more painfully wide.

“We’ve talked about several approaches so far,” the large man said. “But we really haven’t paid much attention to intensity. I’m part of the old school.”

He used the fingers of one hand to spread Sharon’s asscrack.

“I don’t like this pussyfooting, or playing kissy-kissy with the consumer. If we want to make money and that’s what we’re here for our sales approach is going to have to go right for the consumers’ guts!”

Sharon gasped when she realized what was about to happen. Before she could protest, the man’s massive cockhead was driven straight into her asshole. A lightning bolt of pain struck her lower body and ripped clear up into her chest. She couldn’t even scream as several inches of the horse-like cock was viciously fucked into her shitter. Her air didn’t come back until the entire monstrous prick was speared through her shithole to jam far up into her guts.

“Nooooo!” Sharon moaned, unable to control herself any longer. Her ass-ring was in far too much pain. True to the promise, the blonde female administrative assistant walked around the table and slashed the riding crop down savagely onto Sharon’s naked tits. It took several more cutting blows before Sharon could cut off her groaning sounds as the thick prick violently fucked her ass. She wasn’t even aware of when the mighty cock finally swelled even more and filled her shitter with cum.

And still the sexual torture went on. When the man’s gigantic prick was yanked roughly from her suffering asshole, she was simply shoved on to the next executive. One after another, they used and abused her as they discussed profits and corporate pictures, each of them using Sharon to illustrate his or her point.

She was fucked in the mouth, pussy and ass, and forced to eat more cock and cunt. One woman even pissed in her face while the rest of the participants watched, enjoying the degradation of the young slave. If there had ever been any doubts in Sharon’s tortured mind about why she was being held captive in Titus Marks’ mansion, the board meeting had washed them away.


“You see, my dear,” Tara said, smiling broadly, her teeth glinting brightly, “We have to make sure you get your exercise. If you sit at that desk all day without at least stretching your muscles, your pretty little tits will start to sag and that nice ass of yours will begin to spread like a bad case of the plague.”

Sharon bit on the tip of her tongue to keep from reminding the large, red-haired witch that she hadn’t been wasting time all day. She had been locked helpless to a padded platform on top of a conference table, being fucked in almost every possible way. And, as fares her muscles were concerned, every one of them felt as though it had been beaten and stretched all out of shape.

When they had taken Sharon off the table that afternoon, she had been led to a long room at the back of the mansion, which looked, for all intents and purposes, like a military barracks. Twenty small metal beds lined the side walls of the room. Each was padded by a thin mattress and covered by blankets and sheets.

Sharon hadn’t been given any clothing, but at least they had allowed her to rest, and the exhausted secretary had collapsed and slept away the rest of the day. When she had awakened, the rest of the naked secretaries were milling around in the room. One of them told her that they had already eaten.

Then the door at the opposite end to the hall opened, and Tara and a thin brown-haired assistant stepped inside. They had come for Sharon, and they locked a metal collar around her neck, then used a leak to lead her outside.

“Can I get something to eat?” Sharon asked, following along behind the sadistic pair. Each of the lusty women was dressed in black leather, with holes cut out for their tits and cunts.

“Later,” Tara said.

“Then can I go to the bathroom?” the young secretary asked. “I really need to pee!”

“You just pissed this afternoon!” Tara hissed.

“Yeah,” the other woman said. “She looked just like a silly bitch! I can still hear that golden piss beating into that wastebasket like a drum!”

Sharon groaned in embarrassment. She hadn’t needed to be reminded of that. She still shuddered each time she thought about hunkering down, her naked ass and cunt over the trash basket, her piss hissing into it for everyone in the office could see and hear.

“You’ll just have to hold it,” Tara said as she stopped in front of a heavy, locked door. “There’s a device you can piss into inside this room after you’re through with your exercises!”

The room into which they stepped was brightly lit, and around it were, scattered a number of devices. Many of the contraptions looked like familiar exercise equipment, but each of them seemed somehow strangely different. The high bar had straps and clamps that could be used to lock legs into place, and the pommel horse had along, thick dildo jutting up in the middle of the saddle.

Chains from the ceiling ended in exercise rings, but there were handcuffs attached to both. There were other devices Sharon didn’t get much of a chance to study, but she figured she already knew far more than she wanted to. All of the exercise equipment had been turned into taunting instruments of torture, with bondage devices built onto them so that a terrified victim could be ravaged and fucked.

Tara tugged on the chain attached to the collar and pulled Sharon across the room. The device the captive secretary was being moved toward appeared to be an exercise bicycle that had been altered. Instead of metal feet, it was mounted atop a square steel box, and the seat was bulky and heavy and had a tall upright back built on. The pedals and handlebars were about the only things that seemed normal to the frightened young woman.

“This is your exercise equipment for the day,” Tara said wickedly, and pushed Sharon onto the large platform for the device. Sharon groaned when she stepped up, the tension in her abdomen torturing her intensely stretched bladder. She was forced to sit on the seat, which was unnaturally wide and bowed out her legs. With her feet on the pedals, her legs were spread apart to open her cunt and asscrack, and the mouths of her fuckholes nuzzled down tightly onto the surface of the seat.

“Please let me go to the bathroom!” Sharon gasped, but Tara just snarled and slapped viciously at the secretary’s naked tits. Her tits bounced painfully all over Sharon’s chest, and the left one showed a palm print in scarlet. She bit her lower lip to keep from screaming out as straps were buckled across her legs, abdomen, and chest.

Then her feet were clamped onto the pedals and her hands locked onto the handlebars, finishing the job of binding the naked sex slave firmly into place. She was perched there, trembling, sure that something terrible was about to take place.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she asked, feeling, terribly vulnerable and alone. Once again, she was completely bound and totally at the mercy of others, and her fear was growing by leaps and bounds.

“Because you’re going to exercise whether you want to or not,” Tara said. “There’s a gauge down there in front and, in spite of how much you whine and moan like a bitch dog, you’re going to ride this thing the equivalent of five miles!”

When Tara moved back, Sharon glanced down. Sure enough, there was a gauge down beyond her knees. She had ridden exercise bicycles before and she knew that, if they didn’t have the resistance set too tight, she could make the five miles with ease.

Tentatively Sharon pushed at the pedals. The tension was set way down, so Sharon knew there would be no problem pedaling five miles. She resolved herself to getting it over with as soon as she could, so she pushed down again with her left foot.

“Oh!” she squeaked when something jamed hard into her pussyslit. It felt like the head of a horribly thick cock. Her feet immediately stopped on the pedals, and she sat there trembling with confusion.

“Get to pedaling, bitch!” Tara hissed up at the frightened secretary.

The other young woman, her bald pussy showing through the open crotch of her leather garment, crossed her arms across her naked tits and smiled a wicked smile.

“But something punched me in my pussy!” Sharon exclaimed. “I don’t know what would do that to me!”

“Did we forget to tell you about that?” Tara asked, an evil smile on her face; “Every bit of you needs to be exercised so the bicycle has a built-in dildo to ream out your cunt! We want that little pussy of yours to be real strong so it can squeeze down on a prick or tongue!”

“Oh, no!” Sharon moaned, squeezing her eyes shut. Her cunthole was already bruised and tender, and it didn’t need any more beating from a phony cock, she knew that the claim about exercising it was just a way to taunt her.

“Stop being such a frightened little bitch!” Tara snarled at Sharon. “The fucking thing is greased! The bicycle keeps it oiled up as long as you pedal, so it won’t tear your pretty little pussy!”

“Yeah,” the assistant said. “The dildo for your pussy is just as slippery as the other one that’s going to fuck your ass!”

Sharon’s eyes popped open in surprise. She stared at the other young woman. But, before there was a chance to sort out the words, Tara grabbed one of Sharon’s nipples in each of her hands. Her fingers bit severely into both of the tit-mounds, then her wrists turned to twist savagely on the tits.

“Aaargh!” Sharon cried.

Her tits felt as if they were being ripped from her chest. The pain was so intense that it sent the gripping agony clear up through her shoulders, neck and jaws.

“Pedal, bitch!” Tara hissed. “If you don’t, I’m going to tear these naked tits off and stuff them in your mouth, then make you eat them raw!”

It was a choice of terrible pains, but at least Sharon’s cunt and asshole wets built for penetration. There was absolutely nothing to relieve the horrible agony now ravaging her tits so reluctantly; her feet began to slowly move.

The aid of the dildo returned from the scat and brutally pushed into her cunt. The cockhead was centered on her tiny cunthole, and the thick prick shoved its way inside. Thankfully, Tara had been telling the truth when she said it was heavily greased. The grease paved the way into her pussy, and it kept the thick shaft from hurting her aching pussy.

After reaching clear to the deep end, the phony prick began sliding out of Sharon’s cunthole. When the swollen cockhead dropped back into the seat, turning her pussylips free, a terrible new pressure began centering on her tiny closed asshole.

Sharon could feel the point of the phony cockhead about to rape up her shiner, but there remained the horrible torture of Tara’s hands ripping at her tits. Her asshole was no longer virgin, and Sharon knew that it could stretch open for a prick, so, groaning deeply, she continued to turn the pedals while the thick dildo fucked painfully up her ass.

The dildo was long, reaching clear up so her guts before it began to descend, and Sharon gritted her teeth from the sensation of her shithole. Finally, the lewd, cornholing dildo moved out of her guts and back down into the seat, only to be replaced instantly by its cunt-spearing rubber companion.

Sharon’s feet moved at an agonizingly slow pace. It would take a long time to ride five miles, but at least it made the cunt-fucking and assrape as gentle as it could be. When Sharon was well into a slow rhythm, Tara released her tortured tits and backed away to stand in front of the exercise bicycle.

“Umph! Umph! Umph!” Sharon grunted as her cunt and asshole were fucked.

“You’re going to have to ride faster than that, bitch!” Tara snarled. “We’re not going to stand down here all night while you ride a slow five miles.”

Sharon tried to make her legs move faster, but each time she did, the fake cocks painfully hammered into her asshole and pussy. The torture was more than she could stand, so she immediately slowed down to a pace less painful, and continued to slowly pedal phony cocks up her cunthole and shitter.

“I guess we’re going to have to give her some incentive,” Tara said as she watched the tortured young woman. “We can’t have a lazy bitch like this ruining our secretarial staff!”

“Can I do it?” the brown-haired, lusty young assistant asked.

She appeared to be so excited that she almost pissed down the insides of her legs.

“Be my guest!” The older woman laughed at her assistant’s excitement and moved out of the way.

The younger woman scurried over and stood in front of the bicycle as Sharon continued to slowly pedal. The assistant reached down into a cabinet built in the front of the bicycle’s base and extracted two long wires tipped by alligator clips. She held them up toward Sharon’s naked tits, opening the sharp metal teeth.

“Noooo,” the bound, naked secretary said when she opened her eyes.

Horrified, she watched the clips being snapped onto her nipples, then the biting pain caused her to scream is it felt like the tips of her tits were being eaten. Her feet jerked to a halt on the pedals, leaving one long dildo crammed tightly up her distended whole as she trembling agony until her tits started to go numb. “You know what’s coining next don’t you, you sweet little sex slut?” Tara asked as she pushed the assistant out of the way and moved back in front of Sharon. “I’m going to count to three, then I’m going to turn the current on full blast and leave it that way until you’ve pedaled five miles! If you don’t want to fry your tits right there on your chest, you better get to moving those Goddamn feet!”

Tara stepped back.

“One!” she shouted.

Sharon’s feet began to push. The muscles of her legs tensed as they bore down on the pedals.


The tortured secretary grunted and pushed harder. The bicycle was picking up speed. The dildos ticked into her cunthole and ass about as fast as a man usually pumps his prick.

“Three!” Tara shouted triumphantly, and leaned down to the cabinet and threw the switch. Immediately, electricity seared into Sharon’s tits, burning through her nipples.

“Aaaargh!” the naked secretary screamed through the pain. The current ripped through her flesh and into her chest, where it choked off her air.

Furiously, she drove harder with her feet. She knew it was her only hope to stay alive. The pedals spun, beginning to pickup speed. The current died down at least enough for her to take in a ragged breath. But the pain in her chest was still bad, so she forced her feet to move even faster.

Hard, phony cock hammered violently into her cunthole, slamming against the end of the fuck channel to batter at her already-bruised flesh. Quickly, the thick dildo ripped out of her pussy as the second dildo rammed up her ass. It shocked her guts with its brutal blow, then began to rapidly retreat.

And still the current burned. Almost demented, Sharon pistoned her feet even harder. The electricity slowly died away in her tits but, in her savaged cunt and asshole, the dildos were doing terrible violence.

“Nooo!” Sharon cried, the sound halfway between a growl and a scream. She couldn’t stand the awful beating inside her shiner and pussy, so her feet slowed. Like a lightning bolt, her tita and chest were hammered by the renewed current, freezing her lungs and making her body jerk in the grip of the tight straps.

No matter which way she pedaled, furiously or slowly, she was tortured by terrible pain. Her cunthole and shitter were able to go numb, but her tits could never adjust to the searing electrical power. Even when her legs began to viciously cramp, she drove her feet frantically on the pedals to escape the hell of the current.

Screaming at the torture she knew would burn into her suffering tits, Sharon felt her leg muscles go out of control and totally quit in exhaustion. Slumping her head and shoulder forward, she waited in agony for her punishment. Her scattered thoughts through the agony and haze in her mind to realize that the two sadistic women in front of the torture device were laughing in hysterical amusement.

“The stupid cunthole didn’t know when to quit!” The auburn-haired beauty giggled so hard she almost choked. “The current cut off when she reached five miles, and the silly slut went ahead and pedaled three more!”

Sharon’s jaw sagged in weariness and the muscles of her legs and arms were just beginning to unwind from their cramps. Her full bladder felt like a punching bag, and it caused a horrible pain and pressure.

Her whole lower body ached from the brutal fucking and from the intense gripping of her bladder. Her head nodded down toward her chest and she looked painfully at the odometer which, indeed, showed that she had pedaled eight miles.

“Ohhh!” Sharon groaned as the women unstrapped her.

She fell sideways from the seat into their arms.

“Pleasee!” she moaned as they propped her onto her feet. “Gotta pee!”

“You piss on my floor and I’ll cut that pussymeat out with a knife!” Tara hissed as each of the women grabbed and arm and began pulling Sharon to the rear of the room.

Sharon was so used up that she couldn’t even turn to follow, and she fell backwards until they caught her and pulled her along, her heels dragging.

“Please let me pee!” Sharon gasped. “I can’t hold it anymore!”

“Here’s the saddle with the pus drain,” Tara said firmly. “Let us get you up there and strapped in, then you can piss all your little pussy desires.”

Sharon was pushed up onto a device much like the first. But this one had a scat like a western saddle. As her back and legs were strapped into the contraption, and her wrists locked to the handlebars, she wearily glanced down and could see a shallow metal trough built into the seat. It tilted and drained to the rear, beneath her naked ass.

“Can I pee now?” Sharon asked, but she knew it didn’t matter what they said. She was past holding it in, and her piss was going to flood from her pussy with permission or without.

“Be my guest,” Tara said sadistically. “But I’d advise you to let a little squirt go first.”

Sharon shrieked in agony before the first few drops flowed. But then the first squirt came, prying open her pinhole, and the golden liquid hissed down into the metal drain.

“Aaeeiii!” the tormented secretary screamed as her whole body went rigid. The electricity from a wire in the trough had walked up her piss stream and into her pussy. It felt like she was sitting in a executioner’s chair as her whole body violently shook. The current slammed her pisshole shut and cut off the golden stream. Quickly, the searing current died and left the sex slave’s body as limp as a rag.

“It’s killing me!” she screamed. “I can’t! I can’t!”

“You’re going to stay there until you do!” Tara shouted, then both of the evil women broke into sadistic laughter.

Sharon added screams to the noisy confusion as piss hissed down the tube from her bladder and burst from her pussy. The liquid blast splashed into the trough, making a wet connection with the live electrical wire.

Shocking current walked up the golden piss stream and seared its way into her tortured pussy. Once again, Sharon’s whole body went rigid and began to violently shake in the straps, but this time the piss had broken completely free of its restraints and it continued to pour, rushing from her pussy even faster.

Sharon felt like her whole body was on fire. It felt like her soul and her life was streaming out of the pinhole of her cunt. Her mind became full of the terrible shocking pain as she was caught in the grip of the current. She was beyond fright and agony and, as she finally passed out, she was certain that she was going to die.


The next morning, Sharon was back at her desk in the main office, her hands busy on the typewriter and tiny sparks shooting through her pussy from the electrified dildo up her cunt. Her nipples were wired back to the punishing console up at the front of the room, but Sharon wasn’t going to take a chance of ever suffering the bite from that. The experience with the current the night before as it tortured both her tits and cunt had been enough to teach the naked secretarial sex slave that she never again wanted to feel her body being shocked.

Sharon turned out one completed form after another with the typewriter all through the long morning, never letting her fingers stop. Around her, one of the naked secretaries would occasionally falter, and then the screams would rip. But Sharon found her groove and stayed in it.

Lunch gave her a short break and allowed her work the cramps out of her hands. The meal was taken in a small cafeteria and the food was exceptionally good. After thirty minutes of respite, the naked women were at their typewriters again. When five o’clock came, they were unstrapped and led off to eat once more, then it was on to a large latrine and a welcome shower and piss, then most of them were taken to the barracks. But Sharon was stopped in the hallway before she could reach the room with her bed and told that she was to be taken to a sales meeting.

“Oh no!” Sharon groaned. “I’m so tired I’m about to collapse! And if I have to suffer the electricity again, I think I’ll shrivel up and die!”

“There’s no electricity,” Tara said, taking Sharon’s upper arm into her hand. The assistant grabbed Sharon’s other arm and the secretary was quickly led back down the hall. “There’s just going to be the sales manager and a couple of his men, and all three of them think strictly with their cocks.”

When Sharon was left naked in a closed, small conference with three men, one of them handed her an enormous dildo and told her to crawl up onto the table and fuck the bulky shaft into her cunt. While the men talked business, Sharon lay nakedly on her back in the center of the table, her knees high and spread, and pistoned the thick phony prick back and forth in the juicy hole of her pussy.

The men’s words meant little to the secretarial sex slave and, for the most part, neither did fucking the thick dildo into her cunthole just a few feet from their faces. Sharon had long ago been pushed down into the deepest depths of shame and humiliation. She had learned to accept the debasement that she was trapped in. As the men talked about sales curves and ways to impress customers, the exhausted young secretary was actually being allowed to rest there on her back. And if all it cost to get that relief from exhaustion and suffering was the act of reaming out her pussy with a phony cock, that was a price she was more than willing to pay.

There was pleasure in her cunt from the dildo, and Sharon’s pussyjuices had started to flow. She could feel the swollen rubber cockhead and the slight bulges of the simulated veins in the shaft rub deliciously along her sensitive inner cunt walls.

The ring of muscles at the opening of her pussyhole clung to the shaft when the dildo was pulled out, almost as if her cunthole was trying to suck the thick phony cock. Just how much difference was there in a pussy and mouth anyway? She wondered, since both of the holes seemed to be built for wrapping around cock. Even her asshole, which before had seemed deceptively small, actually easily adjusted to the fucking of a hot, horny prick.

As she fucked the dildo into her heating pussy, Sharon realized that although there were other things that it did, her whole body was actually designed to please a cock. She groaned as the idea turned her on even more, making her cunt grease the phony prick with its juices.

Slowly, Sharon pulled the thick dildo out of her pussy and brought the greasy shaft up toward her face. She looked longingly at the swollen rubber cockhead covered with pussy juices, then opened her mouth and slid the phony prick onto her tongue. She tasted cunt, relishing it in her mouth, then she probed her tonsils with the phony cockhead as her lips closed around the shaft. Her tongue licked around the greasy shaft, collecting the delicious pussyjuices, which she swallowed hungrily down.

And then she fucked her face, moaning as the phony cock nudged her tonsils. She wished she could swallow the whole thing down. But she was unable to force the thick shaft into her throat — that would have taken the strength of a man — and she pulled the false prick out to her lips and licked longingly at the cockhead with the tip of her tongue.

Her eyes, hazy with lust, drifted toward the men. They had stopped talking when they had heard her moans, and were watching the horny young woman. The sex slave was worshipping the thick phony prick, then she returned it down between her legs. She used her feet to push up on the table, lifting her naked ass, her shithole already greased by juices that had leaked and flawed down from her cunt. The cockhead lined up with the tiny bud of her skitter and, grunting and grimacing, the sex-crazed secretarial slave fucked the phony prick into her tight ass.

“Aaargh!” she groaned. Her pussy exploded in a roaring cum. The pain had added just the right sensation to push her over the edge. Her lusty eyes were almost frantic now that she was raping her own ass.

“Shit! Look at that!” the sales manager exclaimed. “The Goddamn secretarial slut is in heat!”

“That’s what I call real dick-tantalization,” another of the men hissed. His cock throbbed stiffly in his pants.

“What are we waiting for?” the third man exclaimed.

They leaped to their feet and immediately stripped out of their clothes, then scrambled up onto the table with the sex-hungry slave.

Sharon saw them coming and gasped in anticipation. She pulled the thick dildo out of her as she hungrily watched the three cocks waving readily around in front of their bodies. There was a sharp difference in each man’s prick, but she didn’t care about size, shape or heft. She wanted prick, regardless of the dimensions, and there were three of the lusty fuckpoles within her grasp.

There was only one cock that Sharon considered normal. It was thick and about eight inches long, and it was remarkably well proportioned. It was attached to the youngest salesman, who crawled up on Sharon’s right, and the lust-filled sex slave had to admit that she had never realized the astonishing beauty of a prick. Just as her body was designed to be fucked in every possible way, the cock jutting out above the salesman’s balls seemed structured perfectly to do the job. The sight of his throbbing cock made her hungry to take the hot shaft in her mouth and ravish it with the worship it deserved.

Climbing up near her feet was the sales manager, and Sharon glanced at his prick. It wasn’t long, maybe only six inches, but it was the thickest cock she’d ever seen. It was so big around that it made the six inches of its length look stubby and squat. Its thickness made her think of the prick of a horse, and her pussy began to ache from the anticipation of how it would stretch her cunt.

Three days before, she’d never have considered fucking something so thick, but now she knew her pussy would probably spread to suck it in. And even if her cunthole couldn’t do it easily, Sharon knew there would be delicious pain when her pussy walls were stretched thin.

The third man’s cock was different in another way. It wasn’t quite as thick as a normal prick, but it was unbelievably long. It stretched farther than the length of the secretarial slave’s forearm, forming more than a foot of throbbing prick.

The short sales manager shrugged his shoulders and became the first to attack the sex slave with his throbbing prick. He scooted on his knees up between the secretary’s thighs, then lifted her legs up to drape back down across his shoulders. He poked at her juicy cunthole with his enormously thick cockhead, but found that it wasn’t nearly big enough without some sort of extra leverage.

“Get up here and grab the bitch’s ankles and spread her legs wide apart!” he growled at his salesmen, and his naked companions scooted around. They latched onto Sharon’s ankles and pried apart her legs.

“Ooooh,” she groaned in pain as her legs were forced into complete splits. The two extremities were almost in a perfect line that reached cicar across the table. Her pussyflesh was stretched unbelievably tight, and her cunt was spread open so far that she thought her pussyslit would tear.

The sales manager spit into his hands and rubbed the saliva onto the end of his thick prick. Then he pressed the fist-sized cockhead to the mouth of Sharon’s gaping pussy and fucked in with all of his might.

“Aaeeiii!” the tortured secretary screamed as the enormous cockhead was forced brutally into her cunt. Her cunthole just wasn’t big enough to swallow such a thick cock in the normal course of fucking. The only thing that saved her pussy from being torn was its ability to expand until her cunt walls were stretched obscenely thin. When the cockhead reached the deep part of her cunthole, even Sharon’s hipbones were nudged and pushed out of the way.

“Now turn us both over,” the sales manager said as he dropped her legs back down.

Sharon didn’t need to worry about the cock slipping out of her cunt, since the prick was wedged into her pussy too tightly. Finally, the sales manager was flat on his back and Sharon was perched over his balls while his mighty prick fucked completely and painfully into her cunt.

“My turn!” the young salesman exclaimed as he rose to his feet and walked around to Sharon’s face. His feet moved to stand on either side of his sales manager’s head as his hard, throbbing prick waved around in front of Sharon’s face. His piss-slit seemed like an evil eye cut into the swollen, purplish cockhead that bounced around in front of her lips, obviously eager to fuck into her mouth.

Saliva ran thickly in Sharon’s mouth and leaked lustily out from the corners of her lips when she parted them to open the way. Her mouth felt like a pussy built into her face as it wetly waited for the large prick to fuck her face.

The salesman pushed her hair out of the way and grabbed onto both of Sharon’s ears, then he pulled them sharply to force her mouth onto his prick. The hot, hard, throbbing flesh of his cock pushed in along Sharon’s tongue, and she closed her lips around it to form a tight, pussy-like grip. The cockhead burrowed through the intense oral pressure, ramming clear back to her tonsils, and Sharon gasped from the feeling of prick completely filling her mouth. The taste of pre-cum was already spreading back across her tongue, making her groan with lust as she gulped some of her spit down her throat past the cockhead wedged tightly against the opening to her gullet.

“And now,” the salesman with the abnormally long prick exclaimed, “it’s time for me to get into the action!”

The salesman in front backed away a step, pulling Sharon along by her ears. At the same time, the sales manager wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her toward his chest. The combined action caused Sharon to lean slightly, shifting her ass a little higher into the air. She heard the thud of the other salesman going to his knees behind her naked, upraised ass, and she knew what was coming next. Her abdomen gripped in anticipation almost as if she could already feel the long prick stirring around in her guts.

The tip of the throbbing, hot cockhead touched the puckered mouth of her shitter. Sharon groaned, knowing how much it would hurt with an enormously thick cock already stuffed into her cunt. The whole lower part of her body already seemed completely crammed full of prick. And the third man was about to cockhole another long prick through the tiny mouth of her ass, forcing even more cock into her abused body.

“Hold her tight,” the man with the thin prick said as his hands closed around Sharon’s hips.

The salesman fucking her mouth reached forward and braced both hands across the tops of the secretary’s shoulders. The sales manager on the bottom wrapped his arms firmly around her waist. Sharon might as well have been completely bound in chains as the men immobilized her in preparation for the ass-spearing prick.

And then the pressure on her asshole started to grow, and Sharon began to whine. The cunt stuffing thick cock had already pushed her flesh hard against the mouth of her shitter, so her asshole had little room to expand in that direction. If the new prick was going to fuck up her shitter, it had to do so by brutally forcing apart the brown bud in spite of the strong pressure, making Sharon’s ass-ring fight the intrusion even harder, and heightening the already-savage pain.

“Nooooo!” Sharon moaned desperately. The cock’s effort to fuck up her ass was torturing her with terrible pain, but at the same time, her guts were screaming out to be invaded by prick.

Two cocks were already filling her mouth and cunt, and sex-crazed secretary wanted another one buried in her shitter.

Suddenly, the thick cockhead battering at the mouth of her guts popped through her suffering ass-ring. Sharon screamed, and the sounds of her agony shot through the room. The pain and lusty satisfaction of having her asshole fucked combined to drive her nearly out of her mind.

“Oh shit!” the ass-fucking salesman exclaimed. “I don’t think there’s enough Goddamn room in there for my prick!”

“There’s plenty,” the sales manager growled, and held Sharon even tighter. “Get your cock into this bitch’s shitter so it can join mine in tearing up her body!”

“Fuck her guts!” the face-fucking salesman gasped as he drove his prick hard against Sharon’s tonsils. “Make her feel hard prick in all three of her fuckholes, then we’ll fuck this silly secretary to pieces!”

“Aaaargh!” Sharon screamed around the mouth-stuffing prick when three more inches of the ass-spearing cock fucked into her shithole.

She could feel the cockhead rub against the thick prick already inside her pussy through the thin membrane that separated the channels of her cunt and ass. Every fuckhole that she had was stretched painfully open.

“Holy shit!” the sales manager gasped.

He could feel every motion of the prick inside her asshole pushing aganist his cock in her cunt. His hips thrust upward, then back down as he began pistoning his hard, thick shaft into Sharon’s obscenely stretched pussyhole, grinding his cockmeat against the pressure of the cock fucking into Sharon’s ass.

The face-fucking salesman was also becoming excited by watching the young woman’s pussy and asshole being fucked. Sharon’s hot mouth was closed around his thrusting prick, but the man wanted even more. He buried his cockhead against the opening to the sex slave’s throat, then he wrapped both hands around the back of her head and neck. With a violent shove, he fucked his cock all the way into the secretary’s throat, and his shaft and cockhead gilded deeply into her neck.

A hard bone battered against Sharon’s nose as she swallowed all of the man’s hard prick. She felt the muscles of her neck give way and make room in her painfully expanded throat. Her air was gone, but she didn’t care, since she was so gloriously filled with prick. With one lusty cock buried far down her throat, and a lewdly long prick jamming far up her ass, it seemed that the two cockheads might eventually meet somewhere in the center of her body. The thought made Sharon begin to shake and cum.

Her pussy was stuffed full, much more than would have ever seemed possible. Skin was stretched in her cuntgash and throughout her groin. The pussy-fucking was almost as thick as a man’s wrist, and it was savagely fucking her cunt. Hot pussyjuice, fired by her cum, greased along the cockshaft, but nothing could ever make up for the tremendous thickness. It scraped rather than glided as it painfully punished her pleasured pussy.

And her asshole was on fire. It was the blaze of both pleasure and pain. She was being cornholed while her pussy was being fucked, and her whole lower body felt like one might hole stuffed full of hot, horny prick. The ass-fucking she was suffering added even more to the shocking sensations, turning her orgasm into an explosion like a volcano.

At the same time, hard prick was fucking her throat. Inches of the cock pulled back, but the cockhead remained buried in the tightness of her throat, then the whole prick rammed back in, adding more fire to her blazing cunt.

“Let’s cum in her together,” the sales manager said, and the three mighty pricks swelled in Sharon’s mouth, cunt, and ass.

The cockheads expanded everywhere inside her stuffed body, then scalding spunk began to flow. Some of it blasted dawn her throat on the way to her stomach. Other explosions of spunk washed over the stretched, deep end of her pussyhole, adding more fuel to her blazing cum. And still more of the sticky cum rocketed far up into her guts from the cornholing cock to touch off an inferno in her ass.

The secretarial slave screamed and screamed. Then Sharon passed out while the three pricks thundered, so she never knew when the brutal triple-fuck stopped.


Sharon awoke to the gentle licking of her pussy. Two velvety tongues were bathing her naked tits at the same time. Slowly, she opened her eyes and glanced around, and she could see the bare tits and asses of the other dozen naked secretaries surrounding her on all sides. While she had been passed out, she had been taken back to the barracks where she and other sex slaves rested and slept. And since it was obvious to the other women that Sharon had been brutally fucked, they were administering some gentle loving care.

“Oh, look,” one tall blonde said as she saw Sharon’s open eyes.

Sharon could tell that the young naked secretary was blonde only because of the hair on her head, since there wasn’t any hair around her pussy to be seen. Like all of the secretarial sex slaves, the young woman’s juicy pussy was shaved completely bald.

“What happened?” Sharon asked the blonde as she struggled to see all those around her. When she glanced at her chest, two long feminine tongues were wetly stroking her nipples, causing warm pleasure to spread throughout her upper body. Gentle licking was also heating up her stomach and crotch.

“They brought you in about an hour ago,” the blonde said softly. “And you looked like you were completely fucked out. Your cunthole and ass were stretched so bad they were flapping open and there was air leaking from your mouth. Since all of us secretaries are in this thing together, we try to make things easier on the most recently fucked slave.”

“Nothing was ripped, or bloody?” Sharon asked, wondering how in the world her body had survived.

“Everything’s okay,” the blonde said soothingly. “Even if it is all a bit stretched out of shape. Samantha, that delicious little cunt licker, already has your pussyhole back to normal. We didn’t want to wake you up to take care of your ass, but if you’re willing, I’ll take care of that now.”

Sharon nodded, and the beautiful blonde turned and told a trim, stacked brunette to lie down beside Sharon with her knees up by Sharon’s head. When the other naked feminine body was beside her) the gentle hands of the other women turned Sharon over on top of the naked female body, her pussy settling dawn onto the brunette’s waiting face. Once again, a gentle tongue began licking in Sharon’s pussyslit, and her cunthole rewarded the brunette with a mouthful of hot juices.

The blonde went softly to the mattress, behind Sharon’s naked ass and used her fingers to gently pry open Sharon’s asscrack. Her finger probed easily into the stretched mouth of Sharon’s well-fucked asshole, then the finger was gone and a tongue took its place. The tip of the blonde’s tongue stroked around the stretched ring of the shithole, licking away some of the pain. Then it thrust completely through Sharon’s ass-ring and licked around the inner ass walls.

“Ooooah!” Sharon moaned with intense pleasure.

She’d never felt anything so intensely delightful. The tongue in her pussy was probing up the cunthole while the one in her ass was licking around the inside of her shitter. Somehow, the sensations caused her ass-ring to waken as if brought back from the dead. And what had been a limp, flaccid shithole, began closing around the young woman’s marvelous tongue. After several minutes of such lusty licking, Sharon’s asshole and pussy had regained their strength, and they squeezed down tightly.

“Roll her back over and I’ll give her some pussy to eat!” a feminine voice whispered, and Sharon felt the gentle female hands on her again. They returned her to her back atop the mattress, then one of them pushed a thick pillow underneath her hips, which raised her ass and pussy from the bed.

The blonde rolled over onto her stomach, her face pushed up between Sharon’s asscheeks, and her long velvety tongue snaked out and began licking and probing at Sharon’s shithole again. Fingers pried her asscheeks apart, allowing the blonde to nuzzle into the spread crease, and her tongue fucked completely into Sharon’s shitter to send a delicious thrill through her guts.

Another young secretary fell to her knees, straddling the blonde’s naked back, and her face dipped to Sharon’s pussy. With hands spreading her thighs wide, Sharon’s cunt gaped open, revealing her wet pussyflesh, tingling clit and the flared inner lips surrounding the mouth of her cunthole.

The woman licked furiously all through Sharon’s cuntgash, then began drinking juices from her pussyhole, as if the young woman’s mouth was desperately hungry for cunt. Everywhere the tip of the woman’s tongue went it spread heat and pleasure through Sharon’s pussy. And when the long, velvety licker pushed gently into her cunthole, Sharon’s pussy began to cream.

Two other feminine heads — one blonde and the other red-haired — moved down to the secretary’s aching tits. Two more tongues added pleasure to her body as they licked and swirled around the nipples. Then Sharon glanced up as two feet settled on opposite sides of her head, and she looked right into a descending, hairless pussy. The cunt glistened brightly from pussyjuice in anticipation of Sharon’s tongue.

As the young secretary watched, the cuntgash flared open, settling on her face. The pussy split and the inner cuntlips flowered, reveling the tender mouth of the girl’s hot pussy. And when the wet cuntlips finally spread against Sharon’s face, a gentle wave of orgasm rolled through Sharon’s body. Her nose was filled with the lusty smell of delicious pussy, and the taste of cunt rapidly filled her mouth.

At the same time, another of the naked females stepped one foot over Sharon’s stomach and slowly lowered herself to her knees. When the hot, wet flesh of the woman’s pussy touched the skin of Sharon’s abdomen, it began to fuck itself against Sharon’s stomach.

Streaks of cuntjuice quickly marked Sharon’s skin from the base of her ribcage clear down to shaved skin below her navel. But the cunt-loving group wasn’t complete until two of the other naked secretaries sat down on Sharon’s hands. Her thumbs fucked far up the two tight assholes while three of her fingers on each hand probed into their pussyholes.

Earlier, Sharon had been swarmed by cocks ravishing her body, and now cunts and tongues had taken over the job. There was something wonderfully delicious about each way of being totally immersed in sex. Sharon’s whole being had become devoted to the lusty pleasure of other naked bodies.

“Oh, this is delicious pussy,” the young woman said as she lifted her face from Sharon’s naked, bald cunt. Pussy juices covered the woman’s whole lower face.

“I love eating her shithole!” the blonde moaned as she pulled back for a breath.

“Eat my hot pussy!” the woman sitting on Sharon’s face gasped, pushing her hairless cunt even firmer against Sharon’s mouth.

Sharon’s tongue wiggled farther into the cunthole as pussyjuices poured down to fill the back of her mouth. She gulped them down, hoping for more.

And, meanwhile, the pussy gliding in its own juices atop Sharon’s stomach was smoothly on the move. It washed back and forth from her navel almost up to the tits, which were still being gently licked. Her nipples were almost as hard as cock, and, at the same time, other women shifted to take the sensitive nubs in their mouths. Their lips settled hotly over Sharon’s tit-mounds, and they sucked her tits far into their mouths.

The cunts and asshole speared by Sharon’s fingers and thumbs were rocking and grinding into her hands. Her thumbs were buried clear up to her palms, and her fingers danced and wiggled in the juicy cunts.

Why had she never realized how much pleasure there was in the world, Sharon wondered dreamily as cuntholes and tongues continued to work all over her body. Even the pain she had suffered from the electricity and beatings seemed to make wonderful sense. Now she accepted that sex, punishment, pain, and pleasure were all totally linked to the process of her work in such a way that she would never again want it to stop.

A large orgasm rolled through Sharon’s guts, growing higher as it came near the shore of her blasting release. The women around her felt Sharon’s body tense and knew that her time was approaching. Each of them hurried to match their pace to hers, to cause one glorious group climax.

Cunts thrashed on Sharon’s fingers and assholes spasmed lustily around her cornholing thumbs. Another cunt stroked but its cum into the slippery skin of her stomach. A pair of hot mouths were furiously sucking on Sharon’s tits, causing them to ache with pleasure, and tongues in her cunt and asshole were fucking in and out deliriously, causing Sharon to finally shake into a earth-shattering orgasm.

All over her body, cunts were exploding with pleasure, and Sharon gave herself over completely to being a sex slave. She hoped, more than anything in the world, that the pleasure both gentle and painful, would never, ever come to an end.

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