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Naughty teens 1.

It was a typical after school day in the Tanner house. All the adults were in their rooms doing their own thing. The house was completely empty. Stephanie was the first to come through the front door. She came in wearing cute little white dress with black polkadots, red knee high socks, and black sandals. […]

The P.E. Teacher

I was just beginning my senior year with what seemed like the easiest class schedule. My girlfriend had just dumped me for some guy she met that was on Real World MTV. The first day of school I had a P.E. class to fill in some credits and to my surprise to new volleyball coach […]

Just Good Friends

Glenda and I had been friends since grade school. While it was true that most of our meetings had been in school, we had been to each other’s houses many times. Glenda was one of these girls who did not attract much attention. She was pretty but not really beautiful. It was really hard to […]