Slave Wife Sucks and fucks

“Please, Nicky… let me go!” squealed Ellen Brady.

“No, baby, no way,” answered her husband, Nicky. “You heard what I said.” Struggling frantically, Mrs. Brady tried to loosen the silk strips that held her securely in position. Kneeling over the edge of the bed, she felt so helpless, so vulnerable with her ass jutting out. Stroking his prick, her husband watched her struggle, a smile on his face.

“Untie me, Nicky, please? Come on, honey ohhhh… ohhhh!” she sobbed. Her cheek still stung from where he had backhanded her.

“No, Ellen. I told you… you are mine!” he snapped, flipping her short skirt onto her back.

His cock twitched as he eyed her pantied ass, framed by her blue gaffer belt and sand-colored stockings. Oh, God, yes, he thought. It’s been denied me for so long. He took out his knife.

Ellen lay still, exhausted. She felt the air tickle her thighs. Her pussy and ass-hole were clamped tightly closed. Her body quivered from head to foot. She was totally helpless. Completely at her husband’s mercy. Hesitantly, she craned her neck to see what he was up to now. Her eyes widened in terror as she saw Nicky advancing on her.

“Ahh! Oh, God! Aaahhhh!” she shrieked. Holding the knife high, Nicky straddled her back. His hand covered her mouth. His legs wrapped around her waist. Grinning wolfishly, he squeezed her mouth tightly, shutting her up. Ellen bucked and kicked, her husband riding her like a horse until she could buck no mote. Her body went limp, except her neck. Her head was pulled back in a high arc by her husband’s grip.

Nicky looked at her, his heart thumping. His grin disappeared. Lust built up inside him. He saw his wife’s eyes open wide in fright. Her neck was so pretty and graceful, so fine and delicate, he thought. He had waited so long to get the proud, haughty bitch in that position, and now she was his to do anything he wanted with.

Slowly, he lowered her head to the bed. Bending closer, he inhaled her fragrance.

Ellen shivered as her husband’s lips touched her neck. Chills rushed through her body. His lips kissed and sucked up and down the side of her neck. His hand forced itself under her tits and began squeezing them, leaving her mouth free.

Nicky enjoyed the feel of his wife’s helpless body between his legs. His cock was stiff and throbbing as he hunched against her. Closing his eyes, he enjoyed himself as he kissed her smooth, warm flesh and felt her tits. But it wasn’t enough. He needed more.

“Now, baby,” he warned her, “you be quiet now, and I won’t have to gag ya, ya hear?” Wide-eyed, Ellen looked back at him, gulping. She nodded, too scared to do anything else. Her tits were throbbing from his squeezing. Then she saw the knife pointing between her legs, getting closer.

“No, Nicky… no, don’t hurt me!” she wailed.

The cold, steel blade pressed against her thigh. Then her husband slashed. And slashed again.

Ellen dropped heavily on the bed, her panties in tatters around her knees. Sucking great drafts of air, she panted, not knowing what would come next.

Her husband put the knife to the side and reached for her ass-cheeks. Hungrily, he spread them. Her ass-hole quivered.

“Oh, baby… God-damn, you got a sweet ass-hole!” he moaned. “I wanna see inside it.” His cock twitching, he moved his thumbs closer to her shit-hole. Keeping her ass-cheeks spread wide with his fingers, he put his thumbs on the sides of her brown ass-hole. Applying pressure, he spread his ass-hole wide. But the woman was so tense that her ass-hole resisted his efforts. Swearing, he slapped her ass hard.

“Ouch!” she hollered, her ass-cheeks recoiling. “Don’t hit me anymore!”

“All right. I said I wanted to see up your ass. Now keep your ass-hole relaxed.”

“Okay, just… don’t hit me anymore. I’ll do what you say,” she moaned.

She closed her eyes, still sobbing, and tried to concentrate. Gradually, she was able to relax her ass-hole for her husband.

Nicky spread her ass again, putting his thumbs next to her shit-hole. His heart lurched. Her light-brown shit-hole gaped open. He pushed harder, making her shitter stretch a little more. It turned him on to see her ass-hole spread wide open. It turned him on more to know that her ass-hole as his to do with as he pleased.

Putting his nose right next to her shitter, he inhaled. The heady, erotic smell of her ass filled his nostrils. Keeping her ass-hole open, he sniffed several times. He put his nose right on her open ass-hole. His cock ached to be touched and stroked as he smelled. Then, wanting more, he snaked his tongue out.

“Oh, Nicky,” she whimpered, “what are you doing? That’s… that’s dirty!”

“Shut up, Ellen! I’m the boss here now, not you, like I already told you. If I wanna lick your ass-hole, I’m gonna do it. And anything else I want to do with you. You’re my property now.” As Ellen felt the wet softness of his tongue swirl around her shit-hole, she wondered how she’d gotten in that position. She had never before dreamed that someday her husband would do that to her. He had always been so considerate of her.

They had only been married for three years. And though the sensuously rounded brunette had already been twenty-five years old at the time of their marriage, she had still been virgin. Her mother had always told her to save her pussy for the right man, and Ellen had done so. She tried to apply the principles that her mother had instilled in her. She had been taught that sex was for having kids. And that was the point on which she had disagreed with Nicky ever since their marriage.

From the beginning, Nicky had wanted to fuck every day, sometimes two and three times. Since they had just married, she had given in, hoping to have a child. But for some reason, the kid had not materialized. After the first few months, Ellen had been purposely slowing down the frequency of their fucks.

Ellen insisted on fucking missionary style. She refused to have much to do with foreplay. She would not put her mouth on any part of her husband’s body except his lips. And she would not allow his lips on her body, either. To touch, or even to look at, her ass-hole was strictly forbidden.

Until now, that is, she reminded herself, as her husband’s tongue began swirling in and out of her open, brown shit-hole.

She couldn’t believe the strange turn of events. Just before his return from work, she had prepared supper as usual. When he got home, she had it hot and ready for him, like the good wife she was. She remembered that strange, little smile he had displayed at the table as they ate. Something had been different.

“Let’s have a little wine with our supper, sweetheart,” he had suggested.

Ellen had looked into his bright, brown eyes, loving him. He was a good looking man.

A year older than she, he had thick, light-brown hair that fell just over his ears. His eyes too, were brown, brighter than her own deep, expressive eyes.

He was trim and tall, his cock circumcised and huge. He had no hair on his body other than that between his legs. The cock-bush surrounding his balls was thick and rich enough to provide pleasure to any woman who buried her face there. That was something she did not do, because she was a nice girl.

After half-a-dozen glasses of wine, Nicky had her, her head woozy, in the bedroom. Feeling good, she wanted to fuck missionary style, as always. Smiling at him, she had begun unbuttoning her blouse. And that’s when he’d slapped her.

Sprawling onto the bed, she looked up at him, holding her cheek. It burned. It throbbed. Her mouth hung open. It was the first time he had ever struck her.

“Ellen,” growled Nicky, “I’ve got something to tell you.” Ellen could only look at him, shocked. She had never soon him like that.

“Ellen, our marriage is dull,” he said. “Boring! Routine. You nag too much. You’re pretty good at housekeeping and cooking, but you can’t fuck! So I’ve decided to take steps to change that. There’s a new order of things, starting right now. From now on, I’m the boss! You’re the slave!”

“Wh-what?” she yelped. “You must be insane! Now please… this has gone far enough!” But as she began getting up, Nicky wrestled with her. In moments, he had her pinned face down on the bed. Ellen struggled, even as she felt the straps sliding around her wrists. But before she knew it, she was tied fast, kneeling over the end of their bed.

Leather straps held her wrists together. A thin strip of silk rope secured the leather bands to the head of the bed. Her legs, just below the knees, were also gripped by leather bands. These were also tied with silk ropes to the legs of the bed. Pulled tight, they held her knees far enough apart for someone to crawl between them.

A black, leather slave collar went around her neck. It had a double row of white silk thread around the borders of the collar. Diamond shapes of mother-of-pearl were inlaid around the collar, too. It was impressive, but Ellen would rather have seen it on someone other than herself.

“Listen, baby. From now on, your my slave! You’re gonna be my whore!” her husband had roared, then he had stripped.

Now, as his tongue cleaned out her ass-hole, Ellen was still sobbing with embarrassment and shame. It was too, too much, she thought. But she knew she couldn’t do a thing about it.

Nicky swirled his tongue deep into his wife’s sweet shit-hole. The taste of her ass-hole was so good it was making his head swim. He had wanted to suck her shitter for a long time. His cock was raging hard and his balls were tingling with fuck-need.

Squeezing her ass-cheeks, he imagined how good it was going to feel to fuck her there. He was going to make her ass-fuck, and make her love it. He knew that when he was through training his wife, she would be begging him to ass-fuck her thoroughly and often. But that would come later. His hands slid from her ass to her cunt.

Ellen moaned, squirming with shame. Her husband’s mouth felt hot and slippery as it fitted into her ass-hole. His tongue was slick and wet as it licked her ass-hole inside out. She could feel her ass-hole stretch open for Nicky’s tongue. He pushed his face hard between her ass-cheeks and sucked. His hands slid to her pussy. She wept as his hands began teasing her cunt-lips.

Her pussy was neither swollen nor aroused. Her cunt-lips were pressed tightly closed, leaving only the slightest hint of pink cunt-slit in between them. Her cunt-hair was thin, soft and downy. Ellen could feel her cunt-hair tickling as her husband’s hand rubbed up and down her cunt-lips.

Sometimes his fingers slid over her pussy-slit. At other times, they brushed over her cunt and the hairs above it. At still other times, his fingers teasingly brushed her inner thighs on both sides before caressing her pussy-lips again.

“Nicky… please… stop this! I’m your wife, Nicky… please, stop it!” she sobbed.

He didn’t even stop sucking her ass-hole. He opened his pants and took out his cock. With one hand, he pumped his prick. With the other, he played with her pussy. He could feel how tightly closed her cunt-lips were. Sticking his prick in her cunt was an idea he relished.

Ellen as relieved to feel her husband’s mouth leave her shit-hole. She wondered what was up, and waited. She felt the thick, hot knob of her husband’s prick tease her sensitive cunt-slit. His cock was huge — nine inches long and two inches thick. It always pained her to take his cock in her pussy. His cock-knob began pressing more firmly. Her cunt was opened by Nicky’s fingers.

“Okay, Ellen. I’m gonna fuck! And I mean right now, too!”


Ellen shivered, feeling so vulnerable beneath him. She knew she was going to have to fuck.

Nicky’s cock was throbbing. Swollen hugely, it looked very big as it pressed between her cunt-lips. He loved the way her soft, velvety cunt-lips separated to fit over his cock-head.

“Oh, baby, you got a sweet pussy!” He sighed, opening her cunt with her fingers.

Her soft, pink cunt-flesh looked smooth and inviting. He knew how tight her fuck-hole was. He couldn’t wait to get balls-deep in it. He pressed more firmly. Groaning, he worked his cock back and forth, trying to get some fuck-juice on his prick-tip to ease the way. Puffing out, he spit in his hand. Then he slapped it on his cock.

“Please, Nicky… if we’re gonna do this,” his wife choked, “let’s get it over with, huh?” Nicky looked at the shuddering woman.

She was just a little shorter than your average girl. Her body was rounded, full and sensuous, but not fat. Her tits were huge, extra-large and jutting. Her nipples, Nicky knew, were big and dark pink. Her nips were as big around as a silver dollar. Her ass was full and round, sweet and soft.

Ellen turned to look at him.

“Nicky, please, hon… do we have to do this?” she asked, tears in her eyes.

Nicky looked at her pretty face. It was the same golden, glowing pink color as the rest of her body. Her pretty eyes were deep brown, expressive. And her lips. Her lips were luscious. Now, his prick pulsing against her heated cunt-lips, Nicky could wait no longer to fuck her.

“All right baby, I’m gonna fuck ya… right now!” he barked.

Slowly increasing the pressure, his cock-head sank between her cunt-lips. His hot, slicked cock-head lubed up Ellen’s pussy. He groaned at the velvety feel of her cunt. But though he was loving the gripping, sliding feel, he could tell that Ellen was not enjoying the way her cunt was getting stretched.

Ellen strained against her bonds, acutely aware of the leather slave collar she wore. Her face was drawn up in a grimace, and her body was tense. Her cunt-lips were splitting, yawning widely to receive her husband’s two-inch thick cock. Little signals of pain shot from her stretched cunt-hole until it opened wide enough to take his cock. Then the stretched sensation moved deep inside her, until she felt full, completely filled.

As his massive prick sunk into her fuck-hole all the way to his balls, she slumped onto the bed, panting. For even though she had fucked his cock many times before, every time seemed like the first time to her. Nine inches of prick inside her, her cunt throbbed.

“Oh, God-damn, you got some sweet pussy!” moaned Nicky, pulling her against him.

Ellen hardly heard him, moaning, “Oh, oh… oh, God… oh, God… it’s big! It hurts!”

“Don’t worry, honey, you’re gonna like it before we’re finished,” he reassured her.

Ellen braced herself on the bed. Her husband dug into her pussy firmly, moving from side to side. His thick prick opened her fuck-hole deep inside. And as he slowly began working his cock in and out, the insides of her cunt were massaged thoroughly. Alternately grunting and sobbing, Ellen lay there, fists clenched and legs braced while her husband fucked her dog-style.

Nicky held her tightly, his arms wrapped around her tits. As he fucked her, he crushed her tits against her chest. He could feel her tits mashing flat and spreading out. He knew she would love their fuck before long. He began fucking a little harder and a little faster. He could feel her tight fuck-hole spread for him as his cock did its good work.

Her cunt was hot, tight and moist. Her velvety cunt-lips grabbed at his cock, sucking like they wanted more. But Ellen’s facial expression suggested otherwise. Still, she held her cunt at the best angle for him to fuck, like a good wife should.

“Nicky, oh… oh, please… get it over with!” she moaned.

“Hey, baby… don’t be so impatient. I’m gonna shoot a cum load in ya, don’t worry,” Nicky grunted. “Ooohhh, yeahhh, that’s some good pussy!” Ellen felt his cock pull back. Slowly, his prick eased out until his cock-head was all that was left inside her. Her husband worked his hips from side to side, getting his big cock-knob slide around in her wet cunt-hole. Then his grip tightened around her tits. Ellen braced herself. And then it came.

“Oooommmppphhh! Oh, Nicky, aaahhh… uhhhh!” she squealed as he began pounding his cock into her.

Nicky lunged. His cock drove into her cunt, not stopping until it was balls deep. He pound against her, digging his cock into her pussy. He felt the wonderful softness of her cunt-lips wrapped around the root of his cock. His balls swung underneath her.

“God-damn, Ellen…” Nicky sighed.

Thud after thud rang out as Nicky’s body slammed repeatedly into his wife’s. The full roundness of her ass-cheeks flattened and rippled with each jolt. With each pump into her, her cunt-lips spread instantly to take her husband’s prick all the way to the root. Then, when he whipped his cock back, she could feel the pressure ease, and her cunt-hole narrowed again. Then again, almost without warning, her sweet cunt-hole was forced wide open and stretched deep inside.

Nicky fucked like he as insane. He was digging and driving into her like a pile-driver, boring out her cunt without let-up. But even as she sobbed with the feeling of degradation, something inside her began stirring. She was surprised to feel the cream beginning to seep out from her cunt-walls as she was fucked.

The cunt-flesh between her legs was burning, tingling with sensation. She had not wanted to be fucked like that, but she was no longer in control of her mind. Her cunt was. And her cunt decided to release some fuck-cream to ease the pounding. Nicky’s thick, throbbing cock slid faster and easier inside her. Ellen began moaning.

“Oh, Nicky… oh… oh… uuhh! Oh, baby… mmmmm, oh, Nicky… what’s happening to meeeee? Oh! Oh!”

Nicky knew exactly what was happening to her. Cock-lust was forming deep within her. Her body was shaking. Every now and then, shivers would sweep the length of her smooth, slender body.

An accustomed tingling began coming from the top of her cunt-slit. Her clit had been forcibly awakened from its usual slumber. And though she still felt helpless and ashamed, Ellen couldn’t figure out what was going on inside her body. All she knew was that she was liking their fuck more and more. Her body trembling, she unconsciously began gyrating her hips just a little bit.

“Oh, Nicky,” she mewled. “what’s going on? Oh, oh… uuhhh!”

“That’s it, you whore! Fuck me back work that cunt! Yeah, baby… oh, God, fuck me back with that pussy!” Nicky urged, breathing hard. “Oh, God, I don’t know how much more I can take!” Nicky felt tremors begin deep inside his balls. His toes began quivering. The muscles in his calves began vibrating. His cock swelled, bloating even more thickly inside his wife’s fuck-hole. His grip grew tighter around her already crushed tits. He pulled her into him, fucking deeply into her open cunt-hole as he did. Her cunt-lips wrapped snugly around his prick-root, and he dug hard.

“Oh, you little bitch… I’m gonna cum! Au… aaahhhgggghhh!” he groaned.

He turned his head from side to side, pulling the helpless woman’s body close to him as he fucked her. His cock-knob expanded tremendously. His legs kicked powerfully. His body convulsed. Foaming gobs of cum spurted from his cock and into Ellen’s grasping cunt.

“Aaaaaaahhhh! I’m cumming! Yyyaaahhh!” he roared, pumping into the open fuck-hole between her spread legs.

“Ooommppphhh! Aaahhh! Mmppphhh!” grunted the woman as the breath was pounded out of her lungs with each deep thrust into her pussy.

She felt her husband’s cock swell inside her. She felt his huge, bloated cock-knob piston like a fist inside her cunt. She felt his cock stretch the throbbing inner walls of her cunt, making fuck-cream run down the sides. And she felt the spasms racing the length of Nicky’s cock, as it exploded in a hot, wet spray of cum.

“Nicky!” she shrieked.

Again and again, her husband’s prick spasmed and leapt. Her cunt was a sloppy, wet mess as load after thick cum-load spurted into her cunt-hole. She felt every hot wad splat inside hers, and even though she had been taught not to enjoy sex, it was a sensation that excited her. She hated to admit that she liked feeling her man’s cum spurt inside her. But she did like it, and she couldn’t hide that fact from herself.

Sweating, Nicky fucked his wife’s cunt until his balls released the last drops of his jizz. His cock slipped and slid with the added lube of his cunt-load. Thick slippery wads slid down the length of his prick, spreading all around and inside Ellen’s cunt. As his last spasm raced the length of his cock, Nicky slumped down onto the woman’s back. He rested, panting, with his cock still buried to the hilt inside her gripping, dripping fuck-hole.

Ellen had almost faced the fact that Nicky was going to do whatever he wished with her. And because her clit had already begun responding to his savage, primitive treatment, she wasn’t quite as reluctant as she had been before, when she still wore the respectable trappings of society.

Now, tied securely in position for her husband’s use, Ellen began getting an idea of just how much her life before had been without meaning.

Her cunt was throbbing inside from the brutal fucking she had taken. She felt the slimy wetness of her husband’s cum soak her pussy through and through. Her clit was still engorging, along with her cunt-lips.

“Whew! God-damn!” moaned Nicky. “Shit!” Rearing back, he looked at her cunt as he pulled his prick out. A little at a time, his reddened, cum-smeared cock-flesh appeared from deep inside her cunt. Her cunt-lips bulged as he withdrew. He could see her swollen, inner cunt-lips try to peek out into view. Her bright pink pussy-flesh invited him to fuck it again, but it was an invitation he had to turn down for the moment. Then his gaze fell on her ass-hole.

Her shit-hole was still wet and shining from the tonguing he had given it. Her ass-hole looked sweet, soft and tender — ready for any use he wanted to make of it. From its taste, he knew he was going to love ass-fucking her. His cock twitched, then came out of her cunt with a plop. He knelt there, spreading her ass-cheeks for another view of her ass-hole.

Her brown shit-hole opened up like a rosebud. He couldn’t resist smelling it again. Automatically, his tongue began probing her ass-hole. Hungrily, Nicky tongued his wife’s shit-hole. Ellen submissively knelt, feeling invaded once again by his hot, slimy tongue. His velvety, wet tongue swirled around between her ass-cheeks, then his fingers tickled her slit between her cunt-lips. Her clit was trembling as his fingers neared it.

Lightly, his fingers brushed over her clit. They began circling along with his tongue in her ass. His fingers fucked over he swelling fuck-nub, making her clit swell even more. Ellen was starting to feel good now, coupled with the throbbing coming from inside her cunt-hole. Her hips began to move.

Nicky noticed her movements. He lifted his head from between her ass-cheeks and chuckled. “Hey, baby… see? I knew it! You are a little whore! My whore!”

“Mmmm… oh, Nicky!” moaned Ellen, closing her eyes.

But then the good sensations stopped. Nicky slid his hand down from her clit. Her clit-bud ached for more, but didn’t get it. Instead, his fingers slid back to her reddened pussy. Two of his fingers stiffened at the entrance to her cunt. Her husband began applying pressure.

“All right, Ellen. You liked what I was doing, and you’re gonna like this, too!” His fingers picked up her fuck-juice. They slid deep. Carefully, he made sure they were dripping with thick, steaming wads of jizz.

Ellen moaned, enjoying the feel of his fingers digging into her cunt, swirling around, then out of her gaping fuck-hole. She gasped, wondering what was next. When she opened her eyes, it was to see and smell the cum dripping from her husband’s two fingers. Her eyes widened at the sight of the wet mess.

“Wh-what?” she yelped, horrified.

“Open your mouth! You’re gonna eat my cum!” Nicky growled.


Ellen stared with revulsion at the dripping wads of cum.

“No, Nicky… please, I’ll get sick!”

“No you won t, you just think you will. But I know better. I’ve never seen a woman yet who didn’t like sucking cum, once they decided to put their minds into trying it. Now, lick it up!” He moved his fingers to her lips.

Ellen didn’t want to make him angry. Hesitantly, she began parting her lips. She smelled the cum’s odor flow up into her nose. It smelled musky and hot. The smell wasn’t as bad as she’d expected. Her lips opened a little more.

“Ohhhh? Uuuuhhhh!” moaned Ellen as his fingers fucked into her cunt.

Her cunt opened. Her husband spread it with one hand while his fingers swirled around and got more fuck-cream on them. Swiftly, he brought his fingers back to her, mouth. She hesitated only for an instant.

Looking at his shining, wet fingers approaching her mouth, Ellen lowered her eyes. Then, quickly, she brought them back up. Her cunt was pulsing in greater arousal than she could ever remember. Adoration began appearing in her eyes as the load of cum neared her mouth. Humbly, Ellen opened her lips to receive her husband’s second offering.

His fingers touched her lips, then slid inside. The hot, erotic taste of cum filled her mouth once more. His fingers began fucking slowly in and out. The friction pushed and pulled her lips. Closing her eyes, Ellen began imagining how her husband’s cock would feel sliding in and out instead. Now her tongue, too, began coming alive. Her tongue swirled over his fingers to get all the cum off then. Each time she tasted his cum, the flavor went straight to her cunt, and from there, straight to her brain.

Her husband chuckled. “Whooooeeee! That’s it, honey… suck my fingers! Use your mouth? Oh, fuck, I like it!” His cock was already growing again. His cock throbbed as it inflated with hot blood. The woman’s lips sucking and licking his fingers made Nicky’s cock want to be licked and sucked, too.

“Mmmmmm,” whimpered Ellen, her body awakening from its long slumber.

“Like it, babe? Here’s some more for ya.” Again, chills rushed up and down Ellen’s back. Nicky’s fingers drove into her opened fuck-hole, swirled around, then whipped out dripping cum. Quickly, they were inserted into her mouth. Now, more hungrily than before, she cleaned his fingers off, lovingly kissing and sucking them.

By now, Nicky’s cock was hard. His prick stood out from his belly at a slightly upward angle. Feeling the tingle in his balls, Nicky climbed onto the bed.

Ellen opened her eyes as she felt Nicky’s weight on the bed. Her eyes were slightly glazed with newly awakened lust as his big, thick cock came into her field of vision. His huge cock-knob was purplish and swollen. His balls hung down, heavy and bloated. As his cock got closer to her face, she could feel the heat it gave off.

Moaning softly, Ellen watched anxiously as his cock neared her face. She had never sucked cock before. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to, either even though she had to admit that the cum she had just eaten was good.

She watched, her eyes growing wider, as Nicky spread his legs and positioned himself with his cock right beneath her mouth. His balls hung down, resting on the bedspread. She noticed his balls for almost the first time. They were huge! She imagined the loads of cum they could produce. The memory of sucking the load off her husband’s fingers made her shiver deep inside. Something inside her was stirring, but she didn’t know what.

“Okay, Ellen. Time for you to suck some cock. Put your mouth on my prick, baby. I want a blow-job. I haven’t had one in so long I forgot what it feels like. Now, suck!” he ordered, putting his hands on the back of her head and drawing her down.

Ellen protested, “But Nicky! Wait, that’s… that’s not right! It’s perverted to make me put my mouth on it! I’ve never done that before! Oh!” Nicky ignored her. He pulled her face down, rubbing his prick along her smooth cheeks. Its heat burned into her face.

“Uuuuhhh, Nicky… oh, baby,” she purred.

She felt his swollen cock slide over her chin, then over her lips. The smell drifted into her nostrils, and she breathed harder. The silky, velvety feel of hot, lusty prick-skin burned into her lips and from there to her brain. She couldn’t help herself. She had to taste his cock.

“Good, baby,” Nicky said, “it… lick it, honey, put your mouth on it.”

“Mmmm… mmmmm,” she murmured as her mouth opened.

His hot, rubbery cock-head felt strange against her soft lips. She began kissing his cock-head, brushing it with her tongue. Nicky moved his cock back and forth in front of her. Her tongue thrilled to taste the texture of his prick skin. But when he pulled his cock away and aimed his prick-tip straight into her mouth, she hesitated.

The piss-hole in the middle of his cock-head was large. It looked like he could squirt a thick stream of either piss or cum out of it. And it was the part she was hesitant about. He had probably pissed not too long ago, Ellen thought. What if some pig was still on it, or in his piss-hole? Or what if he pissed in her mouth? What would she do? What could she do? She would probably have to swallow it to keep from drowning, she thought.

“Open your mouth, Ellen!” Nick ordered.

Ellen kept watching as if in a dream. She imagined how it would feel to have his warm balls fill her mouth. Recoiling, she trembled all over.

“B… b-but, Nicky,” she stuttered.

“Don’t gimme that! Open you mouth. I wanna put my prick in your mouth!”

“B-but, Nicky… honey… please… don’t piss in my mouth!” she sobbed.

“Huh?” replied Nicky. “What the hell are you talking about? You stupid bitch! Who said anything about that?”

“You mean… you mean, you’re not going to… going to piss in my mouth?”

“No, whore! But don’t give me any ideas!” he roared. “Now, start sucking prick!” Somewhat relieved, Ellen still watched his cock dreamily. His prick-head neared her lips. She still stared at his piss-hole. Only now, she imagined the thick jets of foaming cum his piss-slit could produce. Now she could, see a bit of jizz shining at the opening as Nicky jacked his cock. Her lips parted.

Swiftly, her husband fitted his cock-head between her opening lips.

“Lick it, baby! Use your tongue!” he demanded, his fingers caressing her hair.

She felt his cock scorch the sensitive insides of her lips. The flavor of jizz teased her taste buds again. His sticky jism stuck to her tongue, making the flavor fill her mind. Already liking it, she flicked her tongue back and forth. Softly, she began nursing on his cock, trying to draw out more cum. Her husband pushed his cock into her mouth, and she opened wider. Ellen felt so degraded and vulgar as Nicky’s hot, hard cock-knob slid into her mouth. Her tongue swirled more vigorously.

“Mmmmnnnnhhhh… oh, mmmmnnnn… nnnn!” she moaned.

As she performed the lewd act, fuck-juice seeped from her cunt. A drop trickled down her thigh. Her mouth began sucking his cock-knob more hungrily. Her pussy had never gushed so much fuck-juice.

“Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah, baby!” Nicky crowed.

Ellen closed her eyes, sliding her lips farther down his thick cock-shaft. His cock felt thick, hard, hot, and rubbery. Her lips gripped, and her tongue slithered around and around. The wetness of her mouth made her lips slide easily up and down. Slowly, as her husband’s hands guided her head, she sucked in more and more of his cock. When about half was being pulled with her lips and tongue, she couldn’t fit any more cock in her mouth. Softly she sucked, her head turning from side to side as her hunger got stronger.

“Mmmmm… mmmnnn! Mmmm!” she moaned, slurping and sucking.

“That’s it, honey,” urged Nicky, “suck it! Suck my prick, you whore! Oh, fuck… do it!” His cock was swollen monstrously. Ellen’s wet, warm nibbling and pulling along the top half of his cock was getting to his mind. He had always known that his wife’s mouth would feel good blowing his cock. He began smiling, seeing her gobbling his cock now. He had grown all along that Ellen had it in her.

“Baby…” whispered Nicky, “put your lips behind my cock-head and go to work with your tongue.” Nicky held his cock up and out, puffing his cock-skin tight. Ellen purred “… right, mmmppphhhhh!” She could feel his cock-head bloat even more. Sliding her lips up his cock-shaft, she locked them behind his cock-knob. Gripping his meaty cock with her lips, she began bathing his prick-head with her tongue. The velvety feel of his hot, slick prick-head excited her as it burned into her tongue. Again and again, turning her head softly to and fro, she swirled her tongue around his piss-hole. Then she spiraled her tongue into the center.

She could feel the opening of his piss-hole. Sensuously, she slid her tongue up and down the length of his piss-slit. She was rewarded with the flavor of cum. Pointing her tongue, she gently stabbed her tongue in. Thoroughly wiping out his piss-hole, she began swirling her tongue back toward the crown of his cock-head.

“Ohhh, God-damn, baby!” croaked Nicky, guiding her head with his hands. “Oh, fuck, you learn fast! Oh! Oh, yes! Suck me, bitch!” Ellen slid her lips back down his cock-shaft. Slowly she opened her mouth. His huge throbbing cock-meat filled her mouth. Her lips worked, her tongue swabbing its underside as his prick pulsed between her lip.

“Oh, yes slave?” Nicky cried. “Now, bob your head on my cock. Pump it with your lips! I’m gonna make you swallow my cum!” Ellen’s heart as thumping. She could feel his prick engorge. Her head pumped up and down like an oil well, trying to pump the load out of his balls. His big balls lay bloated and heavy between his jogs, slowly rising and falling as his cock-flesh was pulled. They began rising and falling faster as Nicky grabbed his cock and began jacking it off into her mouth. Seeing his stuck-up wife suck his cock was the ultimate turn-on to him.

Ellen was shocked at her own behavior. She had been taught that it was naughty to put her mouth between a male’s legs. But now, bound and helpless to protest, her brain was pulsing with excitement. And her cunt was, too.

As she slurped and sucked at Nicky’s nine-inch prick-meat, her cunt was burning inside. Hot slippery fuck-juice was trickling down her cunt-slit and flooding her clit and cunt-hairs. Some of the fuck-cream dribbled down her thighs. Inside her cunt, the hot fuck-juice filled it to the brim. Her clit was swollen, and throbbing.

“Mmmppphhh… mmmppphhh!” the woman whimpered, desire welling up deep inside her.

Her lips grasped at her husband’s cock. Greedily, her mouth pumped up and down his hard, thick piston of cock. Her tongue swirled all over and around his mouth-fucking prick. The lust sensations traveled through the soft tissues of her mouth to her brain, then to her cunt.

As a result, she sucked and licked her husband’s cock avidly.

“Mmm, baby… yeah, suck it, suck it!” groaned Nicky, his hands caressing her hair. “God, oh, God, yes… that’s it! Suck, baby, suck!”

“Mmmmmnnnnn…” purred Ellen, sucking with gusto.

Her cunt was a burning flaming, scorching inferno of lust. Her clit felt like it was about to explode. Her clit needed to be touched. She started to stop sucking prick, asking, “Nicky… p-please… my c-clit… ahhhh! Oh!” His hand grazed the side of her cheek. “Slave, I didn’t tell ya to stop. Keep sucking, whore! I’m about to cum. And ya better get it all, too!” Ellen went back to giving him a blow-job while he hunched his cock into her mouth.

Alternately, his cock slid deep, then back until his cock-knob touched her lips. Then again, her cheeks puffed out and his bloated cock slid in. She could feel his cock throb with lust. Her tongue swirling, she noticed his balls tighten. Soon after that, she felt Nicky’s prick swell fatter and harder.

“Oooohhhh! K-keep sucking, babe! Aggh! Oh, I’m fixing to cum, Ellen! Eat it! Eat it all! Yyyuuuggghhh!” he cried, his body stiffening. “Here comes my load!” The man went crazy as his balls spasmed. His muscles convulsed. His hands twisted his wife’s hair, pulling her face down. He made her suck all she could take, her lips bulging widely around the middle of his cock. Thrashing about on the bed, he fucked his wife’s gobbling mouth as his cock exploded in a spray of foaming cum.

Almost gagging as Nicky jammed his cock home, Ellen was still sucking. Her head jerked up and down as her husband fucked her mouth. When his prick bloated and spurted the wads of thick, warm cum into her mouth, she went crazy, too. Her lips were becoming numbed as they stretched tightly around the thick shaft of his cock with each fuck-thrust. Gobs of jizz floated around in her mouth. Her lips slid up and down his cock-shaft. Sticky cum repeatedly blasted out of his big piss-hole, flooding her mouth.

Ellen sucked and licked, her husband’s pulsating cock hungrily. She pumped her head up and down, sucking well. Great, powerful spasms swept his cock. From root to expanding cock-knob, the contractions sent his load spewing out of his piss-hole. It spattered onto Ellen’s tongue. Her tongue swirling, the cum was washed over the sides and the head of Nicky’s cock.

Her husband’s toes were tightly curled in response to the excruciating pleasure. Again and again, his muscles convulsed as his balls emptied into Ellen’s mouth. Groaning, he spasmed until he could cum no more.

At last, his grip loosened in his wife’s hair. She looked up at him, her brown eyes open wide in enjoyment.

“Aaahhh… that was good, baby oh, God-damn was it good!” he moaned.

“Now, wrap your lips around my prick-head. Suck gently to get it all!”

“Uuhuh…” She nodded. “Yessss…” She pulled her head back. The crown of his prick-head touched inside her lips. Her tongue found his piss-hole. She licked as she sucked gently. She was rewarded with some more fuck-juice as her husband jacked off into her mouth. His balls rose and fell heavily, and a little more jizz seeped into her greedy mouth. She loved it.


“Ellen,” he said. “you were good, slave. It’s a good thing too. For you, that is.” Ellen stared at him, dazed. No one had ever talked to her like that. But now there wasn’t much she could do to prevent him from doing anything he wanted with her. But then, as she watched her husband’s cock twitch on his belly, her thoughts focused on the flavor of his own. She heard the voice as if she were hypnotized with cock-lust. “If you had not performed as you did, you would have had to be punished,” he said, eyeing her sharply.

She cringed.

“Yes… you’ve been getting away with far too much since we got married. From now on, when you misbehave, or whenever I decide you need it, you will receive discipline!”

“Wh-what, Nicky? No! You don’t mean that!” she cried.

Nodding his head as he smiled, he said, “Yes, Ellen. Would YOU like me to list a few of the ways I might punish you? Let’s see… I could spank you. Or, I could force a large dildo up your ass and make you wear it all day long.”

“Oohhh!” squeaked his wife, her eyes opening wide. She could hardly believe what she was hearing! Her ass-hole trembled.

Nicky got off the bed, squeezing his cock. Walking around behind the woman, he stared at her ass-cheeks. Her rounded ass-globes were soft and full. He got on his knees behind her, reaching for them. He squeezed, his fingers sinking into her firm, creamy ass-flesh. His hands went to work, massaging his wife’s ass as he continued his speech.

“Or, I could get three of my friends to fuck you in all three holes at once! Yeah, Ellen. Row would you like to have a cock in your pussy, a cock in your mouth, and another cock, the biggest one, in your ass-hole, all fucking you hard?”

Ellen shook. Her ass quivered at the thought of taking a cock in her ass-hole. Her ass-cheeks trembled under the warm touch of her husband’s hands circling and caressing. Then she felt the burning touch of his fingers sliding into the crack between her ass-cheeks.

“But you were good this time, so you’re gonna be rewarded. I’m gonna make you cream. I can tell how turned on ya are. God-damn! I’ve never seen this much cream come outta your cunt! Baby, you are hot!” Moaning, Ellen began relaxing. Nicky’s hands went to work, soothing her pussy. His fingers lightly traced their way around her cunt-lips. Her sensitive pussy-flesh quivered. Her cunt-lips puffed out, swollen with lust. His fingers caressed gently, then began sliding between her pussy-lips. Her soft, pink cunt-slit gaped open as Nicky’s fingers pushed between them.

Ellen groaned again and again, “Oh, God, Nicky… oh, God, yes!” She spread her knees a little farther apart than they had been. Her clit swelled even more, hot fuck-juice filling her cunt-hole. Her thick, creamy juice was seeping from her cunt-hole.

“Oh, Nicky! Yes, do it! Put your fingers in me!”

“Hell, yeah, baby!” Ellen braced herself. His fingers slid back and forth, picking up fuck-juice. Ellen’s breath came quicker. She began moaning louder. Then, her cunt gripping Nicky’s two fingers tightly, they stopped halfway in her. She relaxed her cunt-hole, wanting them all.

“Come on, Nicky… baby, what’re you waiting for?” she begged, out of her mind with lust.

Then she purred as his fingers slid deep.

Arching her back, she gaped her legs. Moaning, she took his fingers ail the way to the hilt. She barely heard her husband’s delighted words.

“That’s it, baby, take them!” he brayed, then he began finger-fucking her good.

She was just as delighted. His fingers pulled back, sliding easily. Her cunt-lips narrowed. Then they split open, and his two fingers pumped as deep as they could go. Again they pulled back, then again they drove home. With each deep stroke, Ellen grunted her pleasure.

Her head was resting on the bed, her eyes tightly closed. The pleasure radiating from her cunt was filling her mind. Her cunt throbbed with fuck-need. She realized she needed a cock inside her. But Nicky’s fingers were doing an admirable job, she had to admit, as they squished in and out of her moist fuck-hole.

She doubted his finger-fucking could get hand tickle her clit, the pleasure she felt turned to ecstasy. Motivated by the rushes of pure pleasure she felt, her cunt oozed fuck-juice in a steady trickle. His fingers on her clit went to work, making her groan repeatedly.

“Oh, fuck… oh, Nicky… your fingers! Oh, God! Oh, God… baby, oh… oh fucking good… hhhh… uumhhhh, oh, yes!” she moaned.

Her clit engorged. His fingers circled it lightly. Her clit quivered with anticipation as his fingers spiraled in. Throbbing as it swelled, her clit was burning with the need to explode in orgasm.

Nicky’s fingers began to swirl and massage. Keeping the same beat, his fingers worked in unison on her pussy. As Nicky’s tongue fucked her ass-hole, top, Ellen felt the pleasure build up inside her to almost unbearable levels. She had to let it out! She had to let out steam! She had to explode! “Uuuggghhh! Oh, God, oh, God-damn… aaahhh! Ooooohhhh… ooommmppphhh!” she grunted, her body shaking with spasms.

Her toes curled up tightly. Her legs tightened, the muscles bulging obscenely. Goose bumps flashed over her slender body. Her nipples stood straight out, swollen and puckered. Her jaw clenched shut as the muffled groans were squeezed from her throat by the force of her climax.

Her cunt spasmed around Nicky’s fucking fingers. She bowed her head, growing ashamed of her dirty thoughts. As she did, Nicky stood, his cock hard and throbbing.

His mighty cock was bloated and purple. Ellen saw his big, hanging balls. She thought of the cum-loads his balls produced. She looked at his big piss-hole. A drop of cum was already at the tip. She began licking her lips, thoughts of cum-sucking forming in her mind.

“Oh, Nicky… let me taste it! Please, honey… I wanna suck it again!” she moaned, opening her mouth in invitation.

“No, baby, no! Not this time!” He laughed, beginning to jack off. “I’m gonna jack off on your ass-hole!”

“Mmmm… mmmnnn,” whimpered his wife as his prick-head pressed between her ass-cheeks.

“Nicky! No… it’s too big to go in there!”

“Bullshit, Ellen! You can take it there, easy. But I’m not gonna ass-fuck ya right now, anyway.” Ellen was shaking as his hot prick-head nuzzled her ass-hole. Her soft, brown shit-hole was already slick and wet. Nicky applied pressure, slowly jerking off as he stared between her ass-cheeks. He spread his wife’s ass. He eyed her tight, puckered shit-hole. His cock-head touched her shitter, and he pushed. His wife’s ass-hole began opening. Hungrily, he jacked off slowly watching his cock-head push into her little shit-hole.

“Uuhhh! Uuhhh! Nicky! Please!” Ellen cried her ass-hole stretching over his cock-knob.

“Shut up, bitch!” he roared. “I’m not ass fuck ya tonight, I said. Now shut up!” He pulled back, easing the pressure on her shit-hole. Ellen groaned with relief. Her throbbing ass-hole was spared. Her brown shit-hole pulsed as her husband’s prick-head burned into her.

Nicky stared hard between her spread ass-cheeks. Her ass-hole was relaxed, since he had pulled his cock back. Her fuck-hole was brown on the rim, then turned lighter inside. Her sweet, wrinkled ass-hole looked so inviting. He knew he was going to fuck her ass-hole soon, but for now he wanted to look at it good and long, while it was still virgin.

Ellen lay shivering as her husband jacked off behind her. She felt obscenely exposed, her ass-hole opened by his fingers. Her body was flushed, though, and she didn’t know if it was from excitement or embarrassment. Every now and then, she felt his prick-head touch her ass-hole. Each time, the heat seemed to burn the soft, sensitive tissues.

“Oh, fuck. Ellen! You got a great ass! I swear I’m gonna ass-fuck you soon. Man, I wanna get in that ass-hole!” he puffed. “Oh, shit… uh… uh… uh!” Sweating and huffing, Nicky felt his balls tighten once again. His cock bloated more. His prick-knob swelled. His toes began curling. His legs tightened, too. His body began trembling all over, and his hand slid up and down his cock-shaft faster. He stared at the brown shit-hole between Ellen’s ass-cheeks, imagining how it would feel to fuck her ass-hole hard. As he imagined her hot, slippery, gripping ass-hole wrapped around his cock all the way to his balls, his balls convulsed. His cock leapt, then it was swept with pulsing spasms.

“Aaaggghhh! Oh, you whore! Fuck, I’m cumming, bitch! Yyyaaahhh!” he howled, throwing his head back and thrusting his cock up against her ass-hole.

Nicky pressed his prick-head against her shitter. As his balls exploded and convulsions wracked his body from his head to his toes, the steaming wads spattered onto his wife’s trembling shit-hole.

Again and again, the thick, foaming jets of cum spurted onto Ellen’s sweet ass-hole. Her brown fuck-hole was soft and slippery on Nicky’s cock-head, and he slipped it up and down and all around as he came. Working his prick frenziedly, he squeezed and pulled, out of his mind with pleasure. Ellen moaned. She felt his wet jizz spray her ass-hole, then drip toward her cunt. She wished she could have gotten his cum in her mouth. “Oh, God damn that felt good,” her husband grunted, pulling his prick more slowly. “Uuhh, fuck.” He heaved, shakily getting to his feet.

Ellen turned to look at him. His prick was reddened and looked swollen from the beating it had taken. Cum leaked from his cock-tip. Nicky bent down, scooping his cum-load off Ellen’s ass-hole. Eagerly, Ellen sucked his fingers clean, enjoying the taste of his fuck-juice. When his fingers were clean, he began untying her.

“All right, Ellen,” Nicky said.

Ellen felt comforted as she was helped up and pulled into his arms.

“Oh, Nicky, Nicky… honey, I feel different,” she said, hugging him.

“Yeah, baby. I know you do,” he reassured her. “Listen, I love you. But you’ve never known how to behave. Now I’m gonna teach you. I’m gonna be your master. Whenever I tell you something, you are to obey instantly, and without question. Is that understood?”

“Anything you tell me?” she asked, clutching him tighter. The leather slave collar pressed against her throat.

“That’s right, baby. Anything!” he ordered, making sure she got the message. “Now, let’s get ready for bed. Here, I’ll walk ya.” Later, in bed, Ellen lay there sleepily. On the verge of failing asleep, her mind began playing tricks on her. Or so she thought.

For somehow, she had a feeling. A new awareness had entered her inner being. Though she didn’t know why, or even what it was, something had changed inside her.


Ellen awoke as Nicky shook her. “Ellen, wake up,” he crooned. She blinked her eyes, then was able to see him more clearly. He was smiling, his eyes shining.

“Here, honey, I’ve got something for ya,” he whispered, taking her hand in his.

Ellen’s hand was guided down his body. She turned to look. Nicky wrapped her hand around the big lump in his shorts at the same time she saw it. Her eyes widened.

“I got some prick for ya to suck! Feel it, baby, feel how hard it is,” he urged, letting go of her hand.

“Mmmm, yeahhh!” she whispered, hardly conscious of what she was doing.

Her hand went to work, guided by the new experiences implanted in her mind. She felt for his big cock-knob. His prick-tip contracted as she squeezed, then came back harder and more swollen. Her fingers slid down the length of his prick-meat squeezing lightly all up and down. Nicky groaned his pleasure at what she was doing.

“Uuhh, yeah! That’s it, honey. Oh, yeah… you do learn fast, don’t ya. I like it! Now, suck it!” he ordered.

No longer in the least bit sleepy, Ellen moved quickly to get in position for sucking. Her big tits swung down as she knelt between his legs. Breathlessly, she reached again for his cock.

“Wait a minute,” Nicky said. “I gotta better idea. Turn around. Face my feet. Put your legs over my head. I wanna play with your pussy.” Ellen liked the sound of that. Quickly she turned around, throwing a leg over her husband’s face to get in the sixty-nine. She could feel his hot breath on her cunt.

“Yeah, hold it right there!” Nicky shouted. He looked up between her legs. Her cunt was right above his eyes. Her cunt hairs were soft. His fingers slid toward her cunt-slit. Ellen’s cunt-slit warn pink and smooth. Her outer cunt-lips were closed nicely, letting only a teasingly small bit of her inner cunt-lips show. Breathing harder as he felt his cock being handled, he spread Ellen’s cunt.

Now opened like the petals of a flower, her cunt-lips shiningly gaped for him. Her fuck-hole was bright-pink and slick inside. He could see bits of white, lubricating fuck-juices coat her pussy. Her cunt was engorging in response to his touch. Her clit was swelling, too, he could see. His thumb strayed to her clit as his wife’s mouth opened over his cock-head.

Ellen watched his hot prick-knob near her mouth. She opened wider, fitting her lips over his cock-head. His velvety prick-flesh burned her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Her tongue swirled, then tickled just below his cock-head. From the way his cock twitched, she knew she was blowing him right. She began sliding her slicked lips up and down, wetting his cock-shaft to make it more slippery. That worked well, and her sucking lips pistoned up and down easily. Slowly, her husband’s nine-inch cock began disappearing into her mouth.

The lusty heat of his hard, throbbing cock scared into her brain. Cock-lust filled her, and she sucked and licked her husband’s cock avidly. His fingers opening and playing with her cunt made their sixty-nine all the better.

“Mmmm… m… mmmppphhh!” she moaned.

Her hand cupped Nicky’s balls. His heavy, bloated balls quivered under her touch. As her other hand massaged the root of his cock, the simultaneous pleasure made Nicky groan.

“Oh, shit… oh, shit… God-damn, that’s it! Oh, yeah! Suck it, baby, suck my prick, you whore!” As he moaned, he began bumping into his wife’s mouth. His ass-cheeks tightened. He couldn’t believe the pleasure as her hands massaged his balls and his cock-root, while her mouth sucked and licked the rest of his cock. His cock was tingling all over. Spreading the woman’s cunt open again, he lifted his head to taste it.

Her swollen, pink cunt-flesh opened under his fingers. He saw how moist her, sensitive cunt-slit was as it spread open for his tongue. The smell of fuck-juice filled his nostrils as his head neared her cunt. Again and again, he filled his lungs deeply with the smell of hot pussy, almost pushing his nose into her fuck-hole. While he began hungrily eating her out, his thumb gently stroked her clit. Under the double pleasure, Ellen, too, began gyrating her hips.

Tossing her head and arching her back, she planted her cunt on her husband’s mouth. Sensuously and gracefully, she pumped her cunt up and down. While her husband kept her cunt-lips spread far apart, he steadily kissed and licked deep into her open, dripping fuck-hole.

Shivers of sensation rippled from her clit, taking over her body. She felt like she was glowing with pleasure. Her body throbbed all over. Nick’s hot, wet tongue swirled in and out of her cunt slowly, and his thumb on her clit made her scream with desire.

“Oh, yes, Nicky! Eat me!”

“Aww, fuck, that’s some sweet pussy!” Nicky groaned, diving back in.

Ellen groaned and whimpered her pleasure as his thumb did its job. His thumb circled her clit, making it engorge even more with hot blood. Again and again, his thumb slid across her clit, making her thrust down with her pussy to get more pleasure. Now his thumb gently circled, keeping in close touch of the rim of her clit.

Thoughts of pleasure fined her mind, shutting out any other thoughts she had ever had. Nicky’s hard, throbbing prick fucked in and out of her mouth. She could taste the bit of cum that had already seeped out of his piss-hole. His pre-cum enhanced the pleasure she felt, making her suck prick with even more enthusiasm. Wanting more pre-cum, she pulled her head back until only his hard cock-knob remained in her mouth.

Her lips locked around his prick-head. Her tongue softly glided over his cock-head. Mound and around it swirled, starting from the outside edge and spiraling in. Closer and closer her tongue got to his oozing cum-hole. Tastier and tastier grew the flavor of his cum. No longer was she afraid of him pissing in her mouth. She didn’t care what he did, as long as she could taste the liquids that issued from his cock.

“Oh, God, babe… oh, yes, suck it… God-damn you suck good cock, whore!” Nicky groaned. “Suck me off, you little bitch!” Ellen had every intention of complying with his demands. His cock slipped and slid in and out of her greedy mouth. She sucked hungrily, spurred on his mouth and fingers on her pussy.

The sensation was building. Her cunt and clit felt like they were swelling larger and larger with each stroke. Her fuck-juice was dripping out of her cunt-hole and into Nicky’s gulping mouth, and he sucked and licked her pussy hungrily. Her clit was throbbing under the expert caress of his thumb. She could feel her clit bloat even more. She began shivering as her mind registered an overload of pleasure. Her toes began curling. Her calves tightened, her thighs quivering.

“Aaaahhh! Mm… mmmmm… mmmpphh… oh, God, oh, God damn, eat me! Eat me… Uhmph!” she screamed, convulsing in orgasm.

Her nipples stood erect. Her eyes screwed shut. Her jaw muscles bulged, but she was careful not to bite his prick. Her breath came in stifled grunts as spasms wracked her smooth, slender body.

Waves of pleasure radiated out from her cunt and clit. Nicky’s soft, wet mouth sucked and licked so good, and his thumb frigged so well. Ellen felt like her cunt was being sucked clean as her pussy-muscles convulsed again and again. As fuck-cream oozed from the depths of her cunt-hole, her husband’s mouth hungrily gobbled it all.

“Mmmmnnnn yeah… mmmmmnnnnn… yeah!” he moaned, his cock throbbing.

As her hot cunt-juice gushed onto his cheeks, he felt like he was swimming in her fuck-juice. Its taste filled his mouth. Its scent filled his nostrils. Its influence spread to his spinal cord, where it merged with the messages from his cock.

His engorged prick-meat was throbbing with excitement in his wife’s mouth. She was sucking him like a pro. Her soft, sweet mouth surrounded his prick. She wetly pulled his sensitized cock-flesh up and down, over and over again. As she did, her tongue teased. His cock couldn’t help puffing up. His balls tingled and tightened. They were ready to empty.

“Oh, don’t stop, bitch? Keep sucking! Suck meee! Oooggghhh! Mmmmppphhh!” he grunted, his hips jerking into the air.

Ellen, her mind fogged by her climax, was busily spasming, too, but her mouth worked her husband’s cock like it was supposed to. She felt his cock swell hugely. Then her husband’s body tightened, and spasms raced the length of his cock-shaft. She knew enough to suck hungrily as his steaming load splashed into his mouth.

Wad after quivering wad spurted into her mouth. She sucked eagerly. His jizz splattered over her tongue, to be picked up and smeared all over Nicky’s cock. Ellen’s tongue swirled madly, licking and teasing every part of her husband’s wonderful cock. His thick, sticky cum coated her tongue, making her mouth slip and slide wetly over his pulsing cock-flesh. She could feel his big, rubbery cock-head expand and contract in her sucking, pulling mouth. She was pleased and excited by the fact that her husband’s cock was hugely swollen, as hard as a rod of solid as steel as it spurted its warm load.

Again and again, her mouth sucked up and down. Nicky’s body spasmed repeatedly, his balls flooding his wife’s mouth with fuck-cream. He convulsed until he could cum no more, then collapsed back onto the bed, panting. Slowly, his toes uncurled.

“God-damn, Ellen… awwww, fuck!” Ellen contentedly sucked his prick, her tongue dipping into his piss-hole. The good flavor of cum seared into her tongue. She licked up and down his piss-slit until it was clean, then she let his cock fall out of her mouth. A warm glow filled her body. It was the afterglow of her climax, and the satisfaction of knowing she had sucked her husband’s cock dry. She felt filled, complete. Gratefully, she nestled her head against her husband’s cock, smelling it.

Her mouth went for the spot between his balls and the root of his prick. She began kissing lovingly all over his hairy cock-root. With her hand, she gently caressed his cock. She felt her husband’s hands roam all over her ass and cunt.

“A-all right, honey,” he choked, patting her sweet ass. “You can get up now.”

“Mmmmm,” she purred, her ass tingling. “Damn, Nicky… I feel good now!”

“So do I,” he said, casing her onto the bed beside him.

He looked at her cunt. He felt her cunt-hairs, sliding his hand up and down between her legs.

“Oooh, Nicky!” Ellen laughed, his fingers tickling her pussy.

“Well, slave, it’s time for me to get ready for work,” he said. “You get between the sheets and wait for me to get back.”

“Okay,” she answered, laughing. The sheets felt good against her naked flesh.

Nicky walked back in a few minutes later, his big cock and balls swinging each of his steps. In his hand was a long, narrow box. Ellen squinted, but couldn’t tell what it was.

“What’s that, Nicky?” she asked.

“You’re about to find out, baby,” he assured her. “Oh, God-damn, are you about to find out!” Nicky laughed, opening the box. Ellen’s eyes widened.

“What? You’re not gonna stick that thing in me, are ya?” She clutched the sheets to her chin, aware of her naked, tingling cunt.

“Yeah!” He laughed gleefully, holding up a big dildo.

While not quite as thick as his own cock, the pink, hard, rubber cock was ten-inches long a full extra inch of hard cock to fill almost any fuck-hole.


“Come on out from between those sheets, sweetheart. You’re about to take it all,” Nicky said.

“B-but, Nicky,” she hesitated, not sure if she wanted the long, fat dildo inside her.

“But nothing, babe. You come on out here and lie on your back with your knees high and wide!” he ordered. “Or do you need to be disciplined?” Ellen drew back not wanting to get spanked. She threw back the sheet. Her naked body was coolly caressed by the air. Goose bumps broke out on her fine, firm body. Her nipples puckered up, growing hard and rubbery. Her cunt was pulsing and her heart was pounding as she got into position.

Nicky looked at his wife, liking what he saw. She looked good in that position, holding her knees high and spread wide. Her cunt-lips were separated, the wet, hot flesh inside shining with cream. He liked the way her cunt-bush spread into two lines around her cunt-hole, getting thinner at the bottom of her cunt. Squeezing his cock, he got between her legs. Ellen eyed him warily.

She could see how Nicky’s cock had already started re-inflating. The big dildo loomed closer to her pussy as he knelt between her legs. Her cunt was lubing in anticipation as the dildo touched her cunt-lips.

“Oh, baby, your cunt’s wet!” Nicky snickered, rubbing the cock-head up and down her cunt-slit.

“Ooooh, oooh,” his wife moaned, her cunt-lips opening.

Shivers of sensation burned out from every place the dildo touched. Softly at first, the dildo pressed against her cunt-slit. Sensuously, it slid up and down between her pussy-lips. With each pass, the rubber cock pressed a little more firmly. As a result, her swollen pussy lips gradually opened to accept the hard probe. She shivered all over as her cunt-slit was teased so good.

“Spread your cunt!” her husband whispered.

“Nnn… nnn… okay,” Ellen moaned, her cunt on fire.

She felt for her cunt-lips. Her swollen, spongy pussy-lips were tingling with excitement as she spread them wide apart.

Nicky stared into his wife’s open cunt. Her inner cunt-lips were bright pink, the wet, oozing flesh inside glistening with fuck-cream. The sight of Ellen with her legs held high and wide, holding her cunt-lips stretched open for him, made his cock buzz. He squeezed his prick, then pressed the dildo to her fuck-hole.

“Ohhhh, ahhhh!” Ellen moaned. “Don’t go too fast… please!” She inhaled as the hard, rubber dildo pushed into her fuck-hole. Her inner cunt stretched, and with a grunt, she began taking the cock inside her.

“You can handle it, baby,” Nicky said. Cupping his balls in one hand, he began slowly pushing the dildo in with the other. As he watched his wife’s cunt swallow the hard, rubber cock, his own got harder and harder.

“Unnnnggghhhh, aaaaahhhh, baby… oh, uuhhhh!” she moved, her head thrown back. Her hair was hanging partly over her face. Her eyes were closed in an expression of ecstasy. Her lips were drawn back, turning down at the corners. And her nipples were stiff and swollen with arousal as the dildo sank deeply into her cunt.

Ellen felt the cock slide in, deeper and deeper. She felt like the cock was already a foot deep! Her cunt throbbed along its entire length as the stretching sensation crept deeper.

“Ugh… ugh… h-how much is in me?” she grunted, her cunt pulsing strongly.

Nicky eyed the remainder of the dildo which peeked out from her split cunt-lips, answering, “About five inches. Ya like it, huh? Don’t worry, I’m taking it slowly.”

“Oh, yeah… feels good… oh, yeaahhh!” Ellen purred.

Steadily, the dildo sunk into her cunt. She was filling with it. She kept filling and filling up, her cunt juicing continuously. The dildo was slick and slippery as it was coated with her hot fuck-juice. She had to keep breathing deeply as the dildo sank in deeper.

Sharp ripples spread out deep inside her. Her cunt-lips were burning. They were dragged in slightly by the friction of the sliding dildo. The inside of her cunt was being stroked and massaged, wrapped tightly around the length of the cock. Her hips began moving, swirling with lust as her pleasure grew.

Hungrily, she hunched her cunt up, keeping it wide open to take all she could get inside it. She undulated her ass, gyrating her pussy down and around the dildo. She squeezed her cunt massaging the inside of her cunt. She breathed harder, wanting it all inside her. She began fucking the dildo by trying to make it drive all the way in her. Determined to take it to the hilt, she held her breath. Then, with a groan, she threw her cunt at the dildo hard. She screamed as her cunt-lips met her husband’s hand. “Oh, God! Oh, God! Aaiiiggghht… uhh… uhh, ahh… oh my God… oh my God!” she shrieked, her head turning from side to side.

Her cunt stretched deeply. Ripples of pleasure radiated in ever-widening circles. The ripples of lust spread through her nervous system to her ass-hole. The itch of lust began in her brown shit-hole too, and from there the waves spread farther.

At the same time, the waves spread down her legs and up her body. Her whole cunt-mound and clit throbbed with lust and desire. Her ass-cheeks trembled. They felt like they were glowing. Her belly and beck flashed with excitement, and her tits swelled and burned. And as the waves of intense lust flooded her brain, she breathed deep, braced herself, and began fucking herself with the dildo.

Nicky could hardly believe it! The bitch was hot! He began fingering her clit as he held the rubber prick. The way she was throwing her cunt at him was too wild! She bucked and heaved, pumping her cunt up and down, from side to side. Nicky’s hand was busy holding the dildo tightly to keep his grip, while he did his best to fuck her right back with it. His own cock was stiff as a board.

“Oh, honey… fuck me,” Ellen moaned. “Fuck me, fuck me… fuck me with it!” If her parents, relatives and stuck-up friends could see her now, they would be shocked by her lewd, obscene behavior, she was sure. But she didn’t care. She didn’t give one bit of a fuck what any of them thought. All she wanted was to satisfy the craving that was burning deep inside her.

She felt the dildo dig deep inside her hot pussy. She felt it stretch the sensitive, swollen insides of her cunt. And her clit felt the wonderful massage of her husband’s fingers. Her legs spread wider, and she stretched her cunt farther apart.

And as she did, her clit pulsed. Her husband’s fingers brushed her clit-bud maddeningly again and again. It was too much.

“Oh, I’m g-gonna cum! Aaahhh… aaahhhnnnggghhh! Ohhh!” she cried, her body tensing and exploding with spasms.

Again and again, massive waves of pleasure swept her body from head to foot. Her eyes fogged and blacked out as he squeezed them together. She mashed her lips together as she grunted and convulsed. Her legs kicked and jerked wildly.

Her cunt trembled, spasms sweeping its inner length. Hot, foaming cream was dribbling out of her cunt-hole abundantly, making her clit and ass-hole shine wetly. She was out of breath as she came to rest, her body shivering with spent passion.

Then she felt her husband’s tongue swirl between her thighs.

Nicky, seeing and smelling the inviting aroma of hot cunt-juice, could not resist. The thick scent of cum between his wife’s legs beckoned him. He wanted her cunt-juice, and he bent down to it.

His tongue shot out, licking up a little of her thick cream. The sharp flavor tantalized his tongue, the flavor traveling straight to his brain. His mouth began sucking and kissing her clit and echoic to dean up all of her fuck-juice. All Ellen could do was lie back and enjoy it.

Filled with the afterglow of her climax, Ellen felt great as Nicky’s tongue swirled over her cunt-lips. His tongue slid into the slit of her cunt, traveling in circles to go around the base of the dildo. His soft, velvety tongue made her pussy purr in contentment. Then his tongue slid lower.

His tongue lightly tickled the flesh between her cunt and ass-hole. She smiled at the touch of his tongue there. His lips kissed and nipped at her soft, sweet flesh, then his mouth slid to her ass-hole. Hungrily gobbling and moaning, Nicky licked and sucked his wife’s shit-hole.

“Mmmmppphhh… mmmmppphhbhh… mmmppphhh!” Nicky growled, his mouth sucking avidly.

Ellen pulled her knees all the way to her tits and arched her back, thrusting out her ass to better let Nicky fit his mouth to it.

“Oooohhhh! Oh, st… gn… ph, yes, Nicky!” she wailed.

Her ass-hole quivered. Nicky’s tongue danced wetly over it, sweetly caressing her tender shit-hole. Then his tongue stiffened and began sliding inside. Swiftly, his tongue worked in and out, sliding more deeply every second. Ellen held onto her husband’s head as she felt his fingers open her shit-hole until it gaped. Nicky drove his tongue in as deep as it could go, foaming at the mouth in his lust for her ass-hole. His cock was foaming at the knob, too, raring to fuck her shitter.

Then he remembered he had to go to work! He looked at the clock.

“Fuck!” he cussed. “It’s God-damn time to go work. Shit!” And her ass-hole had been tasting so sweet, too. He got up on his knees, fondling his swollen cock. He could spurt into her now, or he could let his cock go down and save his cum load for tonight. It took only seconds for him to make up his mind. He got off the bed. He would have a huge load tonight.

Ellen watched him dig into the dresser drawer. He straightened up, holding some straps of some kind, she noted. Then she trembled as she saw that the straps matched the black, leather collar she wore.

“Nicky!” she blurted. “What are you doing now?” He advanced, smiling. “These straps are to hold that dildo in your pussy until I get home.”

“No!” she shrieked. She couldn’t hold the big cock in her twat for eight hours? Her cunt would be raw by the end of that time.

“That’s right, baby. You better remember your situation.”

“No… no, I-I don’t care, Nicky, I c-can’t let you do this to me!” She began getting up, forgetting the good sensations for the moment.

But that was only until his backhand landed on her cheek.

“Oh!” she cried, throwing her hands up to protect her face.

“Bitch!” Nicky slapped her twice more, leaving her sobbing beneath him.

“Now get up. Stand here in front of me.” Cringing, Ellen glanced sideways at him, her eyes doe-like in their hurt. Her cheeks throbbed from his stinging slaps. But not wanting to provoke any more, she did as he told her, all too aware of her nakedness. She was standing with her cunt inches away from his face. She trembled a bit more as Nicky’s fingers caressed the soft, fluffy cunt-hairs between her legs. Her cunt pulsed in time with both, her cheeks.

“Baby, I just can’t resist this sweet pussy!” he murmured.

After he felt her clit and cunt-lips, he turned and picked up the leather harness. It was an array of straps going in every direction. He held it up, and its shape became more evident.

The waistband was wide, heavy and studded. In front and back, a thin, rounded strap ran down a short way, branched into a Y above her clit and at the beginning of her ass-crack, and met at a reinforced pad of soft leather. The narrow, moveable pad had fittings for two dildos. Holes in the centers of the fittings allowed short, stubby bolts to screw into the base of the selected dildo.

Used with two dildos, the harness would keep them buried as deeply as they could go up a girl’s ass-hole and cunt. Or, a dildo could be attached to the front fitting, keeping the back one empty. Through a ratcheting action, the pad could be slid back to fit the one dildo into the girl’s ass-hole. That would keep her shit-hole stuffed, while leaving her pussy free to be used in any way desired.

From the sides of the pad, circular straps fit around the thighs, angling up forty-five degrees from the cunt to the hip. Side straps ran down a short ways to connect the waistband to the circular thigh taps. All of the straps were joined by heavy-duty buckles with locks. They could be tightened until they clit deep into the flesh of the wearer, and they could not be removed without the key. The bolts to the dildos were locked in place by a latch which in turn was locked with a key-lock.

Nicky held it down, ordering, “Step in, Ellen!” Holding one hand to her delicate throat, she lifted a leg. Swiftly, the waistband and thigh strap were pulled past her foot to her calf. Automatically, she lowered her foot and raised the other. The waistband and thigh strap went over it, too, then it was pulled up her legs. As the exotic leather slid up the soft flesh of her legs, Ellen trembled. She could feel every caress of the leather as Nicky fitted her with the harness.

He pulled it up until the pad fitted between her thighs. Using one hand, he pressed the back fitting to the dildo still soaking in his wife’s pussy. She grunted as he mashed her clit with the front of the leather pad. Then he loosely buckled the waistband so it would stay up. Working quickly, he grabbed a short, stubby bolt and secured it to the dildo. Then he took hold of the waistband and pulled it higher.

Ellen winced. The straps dug into her cunt, cramming the dildo as deep inside her pussy as was possible. Her clit engorged in pain and pleasure. Chills rushed up and down her back as her pussy swelled and chafed against the pad. Her tensed cunt-muscles gripped the dildo tightly for its entire ten-inch length. Then she felt the bite of the strap as her husband fastened it tightly around her waist. Ellen felt humiliated as he fastened the waist strap, then locked it. The click of the lock seemed like the last word on the matter. She bowed her head.

Nicky stood up and held her. He liked the feel of her warm, submissive body against his. She was blooming into a new woman now. She was learning already. He should have done it long ago, he thought, fondling her ass. His cock was still tingling, burning against the taut body of his wife. With difficulty, he pulled away, knowing he’d make the wait worthwhile later tonight. Minutes later, Ellen sobbed as she watched him go down the driveway. The dildo lodged deep into her pussy was mute testimony that she was no longer running anything. But that wasn’t the hard part.

The hard part was that, deep inside, she derived a certain, perverted enjoyment of what was happening to her.


Ellen awakened to the ringing of the telephone. Somewhere between sobs, she had drifted off to sleep, she realized. Her cunt was throbbing deep inside as she reached for the phone.

“H-huh… hello?” she mumbled, shaking her head.

“Babe,” her husband said, “how’s your cunt feel?”

“H-huh… ohhh…” she mumbled, her brain fogged.

“I said, how’s your cunt feel? It oughta be pretty hot by now.” Ellen blushed crimson, now becoming more aware of the deep pulsating in her cunt. She could feel the tautness of her moist cunt-flesh gripping the dildo. The fake cock was thick and long. Then she felt the wetness between her thighs. Reaching between her legs, she tried to force a finger under the harness pad. She couldn’t quite do it, but her fingers came back wetted and slick.

“Oh, Nicky… it’s wet, and… and… throbbing,” she moaned, blushing again.

“Hee-hee!” crowed the man. “I knew it!” Ellen snatched the receiver away from her ear, holding her ear in agony. She heard the burning come from the phone and knew she had better listen. Cautiously, she put it back to her ear. “Nicky, please! My ear! Not so loud, honey, please!” she asked.

“All right, honey, it was unintentional.” Ellen wondered what time it was. She glanced at the clock. Nicky had only been gone two hours! “What is it, Nicky?” she asked sleepily, yawning. Her body felt aglow.

“I’ve got your instructions,” he said. “Put on some patent-leather high heels, and some black stockings. Oh, and a black garter belt, too. It’ll fit over the harness. Make sure the dildo stays deep in your pussy, too, baby!”

“I don’t have much choice, Nicky,” she reminded him.

Ellen shrugged, putting down the phone. She began doing as her husband and master had ordered.

Nicky turned as he hung up. Will’s eyebrows shot up questioningly.

Nicky crowed. “Yeah, she’s becoming more and more willing to do anything I say man. You were right, the more you play with her cunt, the more she’s willing to obey, apparently. At least, this one is!”

“Yeah, Nick. I thought so all along.” Will shrugged. “Since I first saw that bitch. She just looks like that type of girl. But now, I get to do my part.”

“You sure do, man. Yeah, she’s ready for it, I think. Listen, you be strict with her, ya hear? Make her know who’s boss.”

“You bet I will,” Will assured him. “But, hey, think she’ll call anyone for help?”

Nicky sat back in his chair. “No, I don’t think so. Naw, hell no! This one’s having too much fun. She won’t call anyone.” Nicky watched Will go, trying not to think about the throbbing in his own balls. His mind and body filling with excitement, he was content that he had chosen the right man for the job. His wife would fuck Will without question before very much longer had passed.

Meanwhile, Ellen had finished dressing. She stood before her bedroom mirror, admiring her full form. Her big tits were creamy smooth, and her nipples were large circle. She liked the way her belly sloped down to her cunt and dipped between her legs. The harness looked sexy on her, she decided. With the garter, stockings and high heels, she had to admit that she did look good. And she felt good, too. Her flesh felt tingly and alive. She stretched her body out. Her tits stretched and flattened as she raised her arms high in the air and thrust her belly out. Her cunt was throbbing and wet, and her nipples came erect as she brushed her fingers over them. The erotic pleasure made her close her eyes and moan.

Then pinching her nipple softly, firmly, squeezing and contracting her cunt around the plugging dildo. Her hips began gyrating, and her fingers brushed lightly up and down her sides and belly. She hadn’t realized how good solitary pleasures could be.

Her clit was also throbbing, aching to be touched. But covered with the front of the dildo pad as it was, she wasn’t sure just yet how to go about it. She began moving toward the bed. Her hands lifted to her tits, cupping them, feeling them. Her soft tit-flush burned, throbbing with built-up lust.

The woman desperately needed release. She had never before known how badly she could ache for an orgasm. Nicky had already taught her that, she realized. Quickly, she lay down on the bed. On her back, she threw her legs high and wide.

“Aaahhh…” she purred, feeling her cunt-lips separate around the dildo.

The deep throbbing filled her up so full. She pressed on the front of the pad with both hands, making it massage her clit. Her fuck-nub surged at the pressure. She began rubbing with more energy. Pleasure filled her body. She began clenching her cunt-muscles in time to her massage. As she rubbed on the pad, the dildo was moved from side to side, transmitting the good vibrations deep inside her pussy. Moaning, she relaxed her knees, letting them fold back to her tits.

“Oh, God… oh, fuck, yeah!” she purred. “Ooohhh… God-damn…” Harder, her hands frigged her clit with the leather pad. Her eyes closed in enjoyment. She felt every bit of movement the dildo made inside her. At the same time, her clit pulsed with engorged lust as the pad frigged back and forth.

Ellen could feel her clit being pulled every which way by the smooth leather pad, the slickness from her cunt oozing all over it to make it slide easily. Her cunt-lips were stretched wide apart. Dripping thick, creamy fuck-juice, her pussy had never been stuffed so full.

Her body glowing with pleasure, Ellen stretched out and looked around. She tried to think of a way to get more pleasure. Rolling over, she drew a sharp breath as her hands glided up and down her ass-cheeks, occasionally sliding between them. She felt good and alive. But she needed to feel more! Then an idea came to her. Quickly, she rushed to the living room.

The sofa seemed pleasantly inviting as she straddled the cushioned arm. Her eyes rolled back, and she inhaled deeply as her cunt settled down onto the armrest. Firmly, she pushed down, fitting the arm snugly between her thighs. Her clit throbbed. The dildo dug into her cunt. Her stretched fuck-hole was inflamed with lust. Sensuously, she stretched.

Almost automatically, her thighs began to pump. Opening her legs, she tried to force the dildo deeper. Then she clenched her cunt, squeezing the dildo powerfully. Undulating her hips, she made the thick, rubber cock churn the insides of her clit wonderfully. Her elastic cunt-hole pulled as she dreamily squirmed on the sofa arm. As her wet, sloppy fuck-hole was massaged, her clit was also being taken care of.

The slick front of the pad was forced firmly against her engorged clit. Her swollen cunt-lips were stretched wide apart, leaving her throbbing fuck-nub naked and ready. As she fucked herself, her clit was mashed and caressed. The leather felt wonderfully erotic against her clit.

“Ohhh… oooohhh… God… oh, God-damn, baby, fuck me… fuck me!” she mewled, only half-conscious of what she was saying.

Will peeping in from outside the living room window could hardly believe what he was seeing. But the cock throbbing in the front of Will Monroe’s pants told him that whether she was real or not, she looked good. Very, very good. Slowly, be inserted the key in the front door. Ellen rode on, unaware of the spectator.

Her body was heaving, her thighs pumping and squeezing. Her big tits swayed, bouncing and swinging like jelly. Her nipples were tight and hard. With one hand, she reached up to cup and fondle her nips, teasing them with her fingers. With the other, she held tightly to the back of the sofa, pulling and pushing lustily.

Her cunt was a hot mess of fuck-juices as her reddened pussy-flesh was worked over by the dildo. Repeatedly, the pad frigged her swollen clit. Ellen felt like her clit was growing larger with each fuck-stroke, and that it had to explode soon.

“Aahh… uuhhh… uuhhh, oh, God! God… oh, oh fuck me… oh shit… I’m cumming… oh, fuck me with that fat cock… oh!” she groaned, her voice growing louder.

She locked her thighs around the sofa arm. Madly she gyrated, her hips bucking in sexual frenzy. She threw her arms on the sofa back and buried her head in them. Holding on tightly with her thighs her body tensed as her muscles were triggered by the overload of pleasure swamping her mind.

“Uuuhhh… uuhhh… uuuhhh! Nnnngghhh! Oh…!” she shrieked, her body flushing as the convulsions hit her.

Her cunt damped like a vise, then it released. Thick gobs of fuck-juice were forced out of her cunt and over the base of the dildo mount. Then her cunt relaxed, only to swiftly clamp down powerfully with the following spasm. Again and again, her cunt was swept with convulsions, and each time, more fuck-juice dripped out. With each contraction of her gushing pussy, her clit, too, seemed to throb with excruciating pleasure.

Again and again, rushes of ecstasy radiated out from her clit. From there, the ripples washed through her body. They seemed to magnify on their way to her brain. By the time the pleasure waves reached her mind, they swamped her. Her mind reeled, floating about with the mind-blowing force of her orgasm. From her quivering toes to her reeling mind to her clenching cunt to her trembling ass-hole, Ellen exploded.

Her face was red as she grunted, “Uunnngggghhhh! Uuuggghhhppphhh!” As the last violent tremor wracked her heated body, she once again rested her head on her arms. Deep breaths shook her, filling her lungs with reviving air. Her mind was reeling and she had to rest. But her cunt was not yet satisfied. Her pussy was still alive, tingling with life and lust. Every now and then as she rested, she clenched her thighs around the armrest to savor the goodness coming from her stuffed fuck-hole.

Meanwhile, Will had gotten his eyes full, watching from the entrance hall. He had a straight view between Ellen’s spread legs, from behind. He could see a bit of her ass-hole. The cum spattered on the dildo pad and inside her thighs was shining and wet.

Silently, Will took out his cock. He began pumping, already tasting in his mind the woman’s fuck-juice. He imagined filling his nostrils with its smell, and his cock engorged more. His cock-head was huge, purplish and mushroom-shaped as he pulled on it, formulating his plan. While he thought it out, Ellen roused herself.

Shakily, she got to her feet. Wow, she thought. She needed to rest. Grabbing a couple of cushions, she arranged them on the sofa.

Will watched her, liking the way she looked in the stockings and harness. And especially the shoes she wore. The high heels were sexy. The gold buckles gleamed expensively. Her feet looked great in them. Her feet were fine and dainty, delicate and sexy.

He looked her up and down as she lay down on the couch. She rested comfortably with her arms over her head. Her legs came to rest slightly splayed. Will liked the way her fully rounded ass-cheeks jutted out, then smoothly curved back in to meet her legs. Her legs were long, smooth and graceful. Will felt a sudden desire to hug her less, and lick her foot.

For a moment, he pictured himself caressing he calves while rubbing her stocking-clad feel all over his face. He could almost feel the silky smooth stockings. He could almost smell her pretty feet, could almost feel her toes being sucked into his mouth. He would love to got down and smell and lick her feet. His cock was engorging terribly at the thought.

Ellen was lying still seemingly waiting for him. Her arms were thrown back. Her legs were stretched out comfortably. Her tits rose and fell slowly. From what Will could see her eyes wee closed. He slowly went down the hall to her bedroom.

There, he rummaged through her dresser until he found some stockings. Grabbing a handful, he took them with him. He wondered how much she was going to like what was going to happen to her. Smiling and shaking his head, he crept out, getting the feeling that she was going to enjoy anything he chose to do to her.

Silently, he sneaked behind her out thrown arms. Careful not to disturb her, he slipped a loop around each of her wrists, not puffing it tight yet. Then he slipped a stocking around each ankle, leaving the knots loose for the moment. He tied the other ends of all four stockings around the legs of the couch, making sure those knots were securely tied. His prick was throbbing as he stepped back to admire his handiwork.

The woman looked beautiful, stretched out and fled down. His hand began jacking his cock as he imagined fucking her. Her tits were big and jutting, even as she lay on her back. He knew her nips would be good to suck. He’d been wanting to find out how good she was for a long time, and now he knew he was going to have her for any purpose from now on.

Will’s cock strained, huge and bloated in his hand. His prick was so thick he couldn’t wrap his hand completely around it. His cock-knob was enormous, and bulged even more every time he pumped his fist up to it and squeezed. Soon a drop of shining cum appeared from his wide, long piss-slit.

The knots on the stockings were ready to be slammed home. A quick jerk would tighten the knots against all resistance. Quickly, Will tightened them.

Ellen’s eyes opened as her wrists were secured. Her mind clouded. She felt the loops tighten around her ankles before she came fully awake. “Wh-what…” she stammered, seeing Will.

And his cock was out! She noticed. He had a huge cock! His swollen, reddened prick looked thick enough to have come from a mule! In her efforts to cover her mouth with her hand, she discovered and realized that she was tied up.

“What’s… what’s going on here?” she demanded, tugging furiously at the nylons. But the stockings would not budge.

And as the image of Will’s throbbing prick flashed in her mind over and over again, her willpower weakened.

“Don’t struggle, baby,” Will urged. “I’m just here to give you further lessons on how to please a man.”

“N-no!” Ellen cried. “Why, Will, why?”

“Became, Ellen, that’s the way it’s gonna be from now on. You might as well get used to it. Cock’s gonna be your favorite subject before we get through with you,” he said. Then his hand slid between her thighs.

Ellen shivered at his touch. Heat rippled out all over her sweet flesh. Her cunt surged. Her nipples were hard all over again. Fuck-hunger growing inside her, she looked Will up and down as if for the first time. His hazel eyes bored into hers, and she averted her eyes. But she still glanced up and down his good build. Even as she noticed how his black hair was short and neat, her eyes kept returning hungrily to his swollen prick. His cock was even fatter than her husband’s two-inch thickness! From the way that cock filled Will’s hand with plenty to spare, Ellen estimated it to be at least two and half inches thick! Her eyes glanced up to his full, sensuous lips. Briefly, she imagined him doing what Nicky had done that first time he had tied her up. He had sucked her cunt and ass-hole for the very first time, and had done a very good job of it, too. Again, her gaze dropped to his prick, as Will’s hand kept squeezing and pumping.

Will steadily watched the naked woman, making note of the fact that she couldn’t keep her eyes off his cock. Yeah, she was a cock-hungry broad, he thought.

Ellen was mentally comparing the length of her husband’s nine-inch cock with Will’s. Will’s prick looked like eight inches, to her. Imagining his fat, engorged prick-head splitting her cunt-lips apart made Ellen shudder with fear and anticipation. His circumcised cock-knob was bloated enormously. Will began coming closer, jacking off slowly.

“Suck it, Ellen!” he ordered. “I have a load of cum for you to swallow. Suck it good, too!”


Ellen looked up at win, wanting his cock.

“All… all right, Will,” she stammered. “Yes… ye, let me… let me suck it!” Swiftly, Will took off his pants. Ellen stared dreamily at his cock. His cock-knob was swollen, purplish, and split almost in two by his big piss-hole. She could see cum already leaking from his prick-tip. She licked her lips. Will threw his leg over her shoulders and straddled her face. His balls were big. They were huge.

“Let me suck your b-balls, too, Will… p-please?” she asked, fitting into the role which had been given her.

She couldn’t help herself. The deep craving for cock was already stirred inside her.

“I’m gonna, baby, real soon. First, lick the cum off my prick-head.” He held his cock out to her.

Ellen moaned, staring at the man’s cock-knob. His cum-hole was oozing with sticky liquid. As Will held his cock out, offering it to her, her lips opened to accept the offering. The hot stickiness of his cum teased her taste buds. Feeling his burning cock-flesh against her tongue, she moaned again. The smell and taste of horny cock was filling her mind with incredible lust. She closed her eyes. Pressing her tongue harder, she licked and sucked at his seeping piss-slit.

“Oooohhhh! Yeah, oh, yeah,” Will groaned, leaning his head back.

The heat of the mast’s cock felt good on her lips. His cum tasted good on her tongue. She licked his cock-head lovingly. His hands went behind her head, guiding her. She closed her eyes for a moment, concentrating on the feel and taste of Will’s prick.

Her tongue swirling, she wet his prick thoroughly. Gradually, Will worked more cock-meat into her mouth. Slowly, he pumped his hips, and each time, Ellen’s grasping lips sucked in more cock. Her lips wore stretched widely over his thick, bulbous cock-knob. His prick-tip was slick and wet, burning its lust into her tongue. Her tongue responded by lashing and swirling over every piece of hard cock it could reach. Tasting more cum in her mouth, she knew she was sucking him right. Will’s moans confirmed it.

“Ohhh… oh, h… God-damn, baby, oh, suck it! Suck it!” Glowing with pleasure at his compliments. Ellen sucked and licked more avidly. She liked the way his thick cock throbbed in response to her mouthing. She only wished she could reach up and fondle his fat cock-root while she sucked. She wanted to jack his cock off into her mouth. But then Will began taking his cock out.

“All right, baby. Now… suck my balls!” The man looked at Ellen lying between his legs, her eyes wide open, her tongue out. The look in her eyes left no doubt in Will’s mind as to whether or not she liked blowing his prick. Losing no time, he lowered his balls onto her lips.

His soft, tickly cock-hair settled over her nose and chin. She kissed his swinging, leathery ball bag, then began licking it. Gently, she nudged his balls with her tongue. Will moved his balls around, indicating to her where to lick. She complied willingly.

“Ohhh, yeahhh, suck them, baby lick them…” Will moaned, throwing his head back.

The nibbling and swirling of her tongue was sending chills of excruciating excitement to his brain.

Ellen’s lips opened and closed on his balls. Softly, she nipped his tender flesh, pulling it out, then letting go. Her tongue darted in and out, nudging his heavy balls back and forth. Then she pushed his balls up and down, liking the full, bloated feel.

Breathing deeply, she noted that his balls smelled slightly of sweat. The salty taste was good against her tongue. The weight of his swollen cock rested against her face. It turned Ellen on tremendously to have her face between a man’s legs, licking his sweaty balls. It made her know that she was a woman being dominated by a man.

It was easy for Ellen to tell that Will liked it, too. He moaned each time her tongue lifted one of his balls. The sensation was wild, almost on the threshold of pain. All the girl had to do was stab her tongue too forcefully, and one of his balls would suffer the consequences. But now his cock-head was oozing cum again. That demanded her attention.

“Hold your tongue out,” he ordered, jerking his cock. The drops of cum at his cock-tip grew bluer.

Ellen, her body aglow, held her tongue all the way out, lifting his balls. Slowly, Will pulled back. His balls pulled down over her tongue, then swung free. His cock-root was next in line. Swiftly, he pressed down to get firm contact with her tongue.

“Move your tongue a little… slowly…” he moaned.

The woman’s tongue came to life, just as she had been ordered. She felt the velvety feel and heat of his prick-skin. His cock was so smooth and slippery when wet. She felt the power of his pulse throbbing inside the thick, fat vein. She wanted to gobble down his cock. The craving for fuck-cream was filling her body.

“Here, baby, taste it… lick it clean,” he groaned, pushing his prick-head down to her tongue.

With his other hand, he held the back of her heed. It made him feel all-powerful as he watched his thick, white cum being transferred to her licking tongue.

Ellen looked up at him, her deep-brown eyes doe-like. Her tongue slowly licked closer to his piss-hole. She tasted his wet, slimy jizz as it collected on her tongue. It whetted her appetite for more. When she got it all. Will jerked his cock into her mouth.

“Yeah, baby… now suck it!”

“Mmm… uunnhh…” she purred.

“Oh, God, yes!” he moaned as her soft lips covered his prick-head.

Ellen purred as Will’s rubbery prick-head slid into her mouth. Her tongue went wild. It slipped and slid, swirling with gusto over his throbbing cock-head. She felt his cock expand and contract as she nursed on it. Each time she sucked, she could taste a bit more cum drip into her mouth. Her tongue picked it up and swirled it around, savoring the erotic flavor of wet, sticky jism.

“Oh, God-damn, you sweet, sucking whore! Suck my cock… oh, yeah do it… suck it, bitch!” His hands twisted in her hair.

Ellen liked the warm, reassuring caress of his hands. Chills rushed through her heated flesh to her mind. She closed her eyes, sucking more hard cock into her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed and ballooned again and again as she nursed. Her mouth was filling with his stiff, horny cock, and she knew that it wouldn’t be long before she got her reward.

“Mmm… oh… mmnn…” she purred. Her head turned as she sucked, and she pulled against her bonds. She wished she could get her hands on Will’s cock.

Slowly, his thick cock began sliding back and forth. First, it slid about an inch deeper, then pulled back until only his cock-knob was still in her mouth. Will began to mouth-fuck her. Gradually he went faster, a little at a time.

Ellen kept her lips locked around his dick, sucking hungrily. Her mouth was stretched wide open, her lips taut around his thick cock-stalk. She wished she could fit his whole prick in her mouth, but that was an impossibility right now. Maybe when her expertise increased she thought, but not right now. Will’s moans registered in the back of her mind as she sucked him so good.

“Uuuhhh… mmhhh… Oh, baby… you suck… good, baby! Aaabhh… oh, God,” he groaned, his head thrown back.

Every now and then, Will peered down to watch his cock disappear into the lady’s mouth. He pumped his hips slowly, gyrating from side to side when all the prick she could handle was in her mouth. The slick, soft, warm wetness of her lips and tongue were getting to him. He could feet his balls tighten. His cock bloated even more. The tingling began deep inside his balls, and he felt the cum rising front within tern.

“D-don’t stop, baby… I… I’m gonna cum, you whore! Oh yeah, don’t stop!” he urged, manipulating her head from side to side.

Ellen could feel his stiff cock grow stiffer inside her mouth. Her tongue swirled faster wanting his load. His cock-knob grew fantastically hard in her mouth. Then she felt his spasm begin at his cock-root. With a powerful surge, Will’s cock leapt and spurted into her mouth.

“Aaarrrggg! Ag… oh, oh, oh… uuunnnggghhh!” Will cried, his balls unloading. His hips jerked uncontrollably.

As the first wet spurt of cum landed on her tongue, Ellen’s body was filled with pride. She had made him cum! She sucked with gusto. The spurts came stronger. Foaming jizz spurted between her lips, the thick, warm wads flooding her mouth. The sticky mess floated all around her tongue and along the sides of Will’s thrusting cock.

Will’s toes were tightly curled. His legs were taut. His muscles were trembling, and his ass-hole spasmed with the spurts of fuck-juice. His balls swung back and forth. His cock-head expanded and contracted as his big piss-hole delivered his load of cum into her warm, welcoming mouth. He mouth fucked her until his balls were emptied.

Ellen sensed the end of his climax. She felt his pulses slow down in his cock. The cum stopped spurting, and she savored the taste of his fuck-juice. Slowly, his prick pumped in and out. When he pulled his cock out of her moth, she sucked at it to get all of his cum. His cock-knob lingered in her mouth, and she kept her lips locked behind it, gently nursing. At last Will pulled his cock-tip free.

“God damn,” he groaned, “you sure you haven’t been doing that a long time? Oh, fuck… you suck good prick, baby!”

Ellen swallowed. “No, Will, I only started sucking prick yesterday, when Nicky made me do it. Otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.”

“Yeah, what a little fool you were. But we’re helping you change your old-fashioned attitudes, aren’t we?” She nodded.

“You’re gonna learn a lot of new things before we’re through with you, and that’s a promise,” he assured her.

They both knew that she was enjoying herself more than ever before in her previously straight, respectable life. She had missed so much. She watched him get up, his cock hanging limply between his legs. His cock was reddened and a little moist.

Will looked at her, squeezing his cock. She had sucked well. He smiled. He wondered if she would lick and suck his ass-hole as well as she had sucked his cock.

“You ready to suck my ass?” he asked, looking sideways at her.

Ellen looked surprised. “Huh? What did you say?”

“I said, are you ready to lick my ass-hole!” That was almost beyond anything Ellen had expected. She didn’t remember how hungrily Nicky had sucked her own ass-hole. Chills of fear, and of something else she didn’t recognize, surged in her helpless body. There was also a warm glow spreading out from her cunt.

“No!” she whispered. “Not that, don’t make me do that, Will, please! That’s… that’s dirty!” Will liked what he heard. He was going to get the pleasure of teaching her how to suck and lick a man’s ass-hole, and important art for any woman to know. It was especially good since she was reluctant to do it. He would have to make her do it. Will knew that once she got past her initial inhibitions, she was going to like it, just as she was going to like everything else that was done to her. She just didn’t know it yet.


Ellen watched him, trembling. Will turned around and straddled her head, facing her feet. His ass was over her face instead of his cock and balls, which were dangling just out of reach of her mouth. She looked up as his ass hovered over her face.

“You’re gonna love this, baby,” Will said. His balls hung obscenely just inches away from her chin as he spread his ass-cheeks. Ellen couldn’t believe it! His deep ass-crack opened and the hair separated around his ass-hole. His puckered shit-hole was brown, a fringe of hairs surrounding it.

Ellen could see how tightly closed his ass-hole was, clenched comfortably shut. As she looked at it, his shitter clenched tighter, then let go. She almost expected to see a turd drop out onto her face. Instead, his ass-hole relaxed and opened slightly. As it got closer to her face, she began smelling its fragrance.

Now his balls had disappeared beneath her field of vision. The smell coming from between his legs was primitive, a man’s smell. She could smell the power in him, the beast in him. It was the smell between a man’s legs that was becoming more familiar to her.

“Baby, take a good look at my ass-hole,” Will said. “After you lick up and down the crack of my ass, start licking around the rim of my ass-hole. Use your tongue lightly, not too lightly. Lightly, remember that. Then flick your tongue back and forth over it before you tongue-fuck it. Now, start licking any ass-crack!” As he spoke, Ellen felt his fingers on her nipples. His fingers twirled around her nips, squeezing lightly. His hands felt great on her tits, and she arched her back in pleasure. Even as she did that, she inhaled deeply the smell of his ass-hole. His ass lowered farther until the top of his ass-crack was right over her mouth.

“Go on, put out your tongue, I said!” Hesitantly, her tongue snaked out. The warm, salty taste of his ass flesh seared her tongue. The warmth of his ass felt somehow comforting to her tongue as she cautiously licked a small area. His ass flesh was smooth and soft, she noted. The taste was not unpleasant. But when she thought of his brown shit-hole farther down, she shivered again. She wondered what Will would do if she didn’t do as he’d asked, and she trembled again. Her tongue went to work, moving slowly back and forth as Will began raising his ass into the air. His fingers stayed busy on her nipples.

His fingers pulled more firmly. Ellen could feel her nipples being squeezed, then drawn far out. The man pinched at the base, pulling her nipples out as ferns they could go until they stretched tautly. Squeezing firmly, he then allowed her nipples to slide back through his fingers until they returned to their normal position. Each time he gave her the treatment her nips throbbed even more than before.

Ellen felt like her nips were growing larger and stiffer. She felt like gallons of hot, gushing blood were pouring into them. She also found that her cunt was throbbing, ad her clit was swelling, just like her nipples were. Her tongue kept swirling down his ass-crack.

Ellen looked up and saw that mat of his ass-crack was now in sight. Her tongue was getting closer to his shit-hole. His ass-cheeks deepened. Her mouth began sliding close to his ass-hole. She began quivering inside.

“Noooo!” she screamed, startling herself. “Noooo! I-I can’t do it, Will!” Will turned, surprised. Oh, well, he thought, it just made it that much more fun.

“Bitch, you heard what I said! You’re gonna learn how to please a man’s ass-hole whether you like it or not. Now if you don’t want to be disciplined for your disobedience, you’d better get to licking,” he warned. “And you better do it good, too!” He lowered his ass back to her mouth. Ellen just couldn’t do it. It was just too much. She began to cry.

“All right, whore!” he yelled, getting up. “You don’t wanna do as you’re told, you’re gonna have to be punished!” She watched him go, fear in her eyes. He returned quickly, holding a handful of clothespins. Her eyes widened.

“Wh-what’re you gonna do with th-those?” she asked.

“You’re about to find out!” Swiftly, he clamped one of them to her nipple.

“Aaahhh! Ooowww! Oh, God! Oouucchh!” she cried. “Take it off, oh, please, take it off!” Her nipple swelled and throbbed. The clothespin grabbed, squeezing her nip hard and tightly. Ellen felt like her nipple was going to be pinched off. She could feel the throbs of pain ripple powerfully through her tit and filling her body with pain.

She writhed, her head turning from side to side as she tried to get away from the pain. But before she could even fully realize what was happening, her other nipple, too, was nearly pinched off with another clothespin.

That nipple, too, filled with hot, engorging blood, the pain racing to fill her body. Both her nipples pulsated, turning purple from the pressure. Her tits felt like they were expanding hugely, then contracting, then swelling and contracting again and again with the pain. Her pussy was clamped tightly around the thick dildo as she squirmed on the couch, crying helplessly.

Will looked at her, his cock on the rise.

“Do you need more persuasion?” he asked. Taking the shaking of her head as a no answer, he climbed back onto the couch, lowering his ass to her face.

Tears in her eyes, Ellen looked up at his hairy ass. If it would stop the pain, she wanted nothing more than to lick and suck his ass-hole. To fuck his shitter with her tongue. She felt like she would be willing to stick her tongue up his ass far enough to scoop out his shit if it would stop the pain in her nipples.

“Please… take them off!” she begged. “It hurts… oh, yeah, I’ll do any… anything you say, Will, just take them off, please!”

“Uh-uh. Not ’til I feel your tongue digging up my ass.” He craned his head back at her, looking her in the eye. “Oh, and I have another one for your cunt if these two aren’t enough!” Ellen couldn’t believe her ears as he smiled at her. But she had him. The harness pad was locked in place over her clit.

As if reading her thoughts, he whispered, “I got the key to that, too, baby. We’re only just beginning!” Ellen’s hopes dropped. She could imagine how painful it would be to have her clit pinched in the terrible clothespin. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth. Will lowered his ass. He didn’t waste time. He planted his ass-hole tight on the tip of her tongue.

Ellen didn’t have time to think about it. The throbbing pain in her nipples made her do it. She darted her tongue around his ass-hole. A bittersweet taste burned into her tongue. Her tongue swirled lightly, as she had been instructed. Around and around the rim she licked, causing Will to arch his back and plant his ass down more firmly.

Taking her cue, Ellen began licking back and forth. Her tongue slid up and down over his brown shit-hole. She could feel his soft, sensitive ass-hole flesh quiver with pleasure. She licked and sucked like she was born to it.

“Oooohhh, yeah, baby! God-damn, that feels good!” His cock was half-inflated and growing larger. “Yeah, now slide your tongue in; work it from side to side to get it in.” Whimpering from the pain coming from her tortured tits, she began doing as he said. She stiffened her tongue, pushing against his little ass-hole. She could feel his soft shitter open. Her tongue found the center and swirled in. Will’s ass drove down, forcing his ass-hole against her mouth. Her tongue stiffened, probing in and out of his shit-hole. Tears in her eyes, she strained to make her tongue as stiff as possible. Pushing hard, she managed to get a little bit of her tongue inside his shit-hole.

“All right! Oh, fuck, Ellen… get it in… put your tongue up my ass!” he groaned, his cock now almost fully hard. “Clean it out, baby… oh, yeah! Clean out my ass-hole with your tongue!” As Ellen licked his ass-hole inside out, the excitement of her situation began working on her mind. She could clearly smell the aroma from between his legs. It was a man’s smell, and she decided that she liked it. No matter how much the idea had repulsed her at first, she found that the more she tongued his ass-hole, the more turned on she got.

Even the pain from her nipples was easing up. Her tongue pushed in, trying to get deeper, then she drew it back again. Again and again, she made her tongue fuck as deep as it could go up the horny man’s open shit-hole. Her tongue got tired, but still she licked his ass-hole inside out.

“That’s it, baby… tongue-fuck my ass!” Will demanded, stroking his cock.

His wrist-thick prick was too fat for his hand to fit around all the way. After stroking his cock a few times, he reached between her legs. He swiftly fitted the key into the lock. In a matter of seconds, the pad was pulled out of the way. The smell of Ellen’s pussy-cream wafted into his nose. It made him dizzy. He leaned forward, staring at the wet, pink fuck-hole between her legs. The dildo was buried to the hilt inside her, and he could see how her cunt-lips bulged as far apart as he thought they could go to fit around it. He laughed to himself, enjoying himself to the fullest as he reached for the dildo.

As Ellen breathed the smell of his ass, her mind and mouth filling with the taste of it, she was glad to feel Will’s hands between her legs. She felt him grab the dildo. A deep moan rose from her throat as she felt the dildo being pulled out. Her cunt-lips bulged. She could feel the friction dragging the insides of her cunt. She knew her pussy was hot and slippery. There was an ache inside her cunt that wanted fulfillment. Her clit was so engorged Ellen felt like she was going to burst if her clit didn’t get attention.

Will watched, an intense light burning in his eyes — the light of lust. Lust for cunt was on his brain as the wet, shining dildo emerged from Ellen’s reddened pussy right before his eyes. It turned him on to see how her cunt bulged out from the friction. Then he looked closely at her cunt drawing the dildo out a little at a time.

Her swollen clit was extra-large, about half an inch in diameter. It stood out about half an inch, too. Her clit was pulsating with lust. Her cunt was stretched so tightly that her clit hung down almost touching the dildo. He angled the dildo up, making the slick, rubber cock drag along her clit as he pulled the dildo back.

“Mmmmnnn! Nnnnn!” squeaked Ellen, her hips jerking.

Her cunt was closing around the retreating dildo head. She was losing the long, thick cock that had been deep inside her cunt since earlier that morning. Her cunt was irritated and roused. She wanted more as she tongue-fucked Will’s shit-hole. She wanted to get fucked. As if reading her mind, Will pushed the fat, rubber cock back inside her.

As the dildo slid deep, Ellen arched her hips up to receive it. She wished she could spread her legs wide open far the cock. Her cunt-lips bulged open, the fuck-juices inside making the dildo slide easily into her gaping fuck-hole. Her cunt was filling up again, and as she did, her clit was being stroked back the other way. It was so thoughtful of Will to stimulate her clit like that, she thought. It only made her tongue-fuck his ass-hole with more enthusiasm.

“God-damn, baby… oh, fuck, you’re an asshole-eating whore, aren’t ya? Yes, oh, God-damn, yes… do it, baby!” Will crowed. The tonguing was driving him out of his mind, and his throbbing cock was proof. To show his pleasure with her performance, he began fucking her with the dildo more firmly.

Ellen groaned as the dildo began fucking her. Her pussy was throbbing with excitement. She could feel the juices gush out from her inner pussy-walls. She panted as the ten-inch cock drove deep, filling her cunt to the brim. Then she moaned as the cock pulled out, frigging her clit as her pussy emptied. She groaned with pleasure as the dildo drove home and frigged her cunt at the same time. Will’s arms pistoned back and forth, pumping the dildo slowly, firmly.

Ellen’s body was quivering with heat. A flush spread out through her smooth, yielding flesh. Her cunt was pushed and pulled, her cunt-lips separating widely each time she took the dildo deep.

Her tongue worked automatically in his ass-hole. She arched her cunt up to meet the dildo, wishing her legs were free. She spread them as far as she could under the circumstances. And as their fucking picked up speed, the trembling in her toes told her that she was about to climax.

“Mmmm… mmmmm… ohhh… ohhh… mmmnnnn,” she moaned. “G-gonna… cumi… nnnggghhh! Oh… oh… oh! Mmmnnnggghhh!” Will gyrated his ass into her face, mashing her lips and tongue. His arm pumped hard and fast. Each time he pushed the dildo into her cunt. He drove it in deep. He quickly jerked the cock back, then slammed it home again as she came to life beneath him. Squishing, sucking sounds came from her sloppy fuck-hole.

Her cunt seemed to swell with rushing blood. Her clit quivered, expanding under the extreme pleasure. Her toes curled, her legs tightening. Then her cunt clamped shut on the dildo, squeezing it tightly in its hot, wet embrace as she came.

Her face rammed up into Will’s ass. Her mouth and tongue gave his open shit-hole a rim job he wouldn’t soon forget. Her eyes were tightly closed as she panted her lust. Her body was flushed and excited. Her swollen, mashed nipples throbbed with something other than pain. Excruciating pleasure radiated out from her tits as her clit sent signals of explosive climax to her brain. Every muscle in her body spasmed again and again with pleasure.

Her cunt-muscles were quivering without control. Hot gushes of fuck-juice squeezed past the dildo blocking her cunt-hole. Her wet, slippery cum oozed down between her legs, sliding over her ass-hole and onto the cushions. Again and again she kicked, writhing in uncontrollable passion as her climax washed over her like a roaring flood. Will dildo-fucked her until she could cum no more. She fell back, exhausted and happy. Will got up and turned around, pulling out the dildo. His cock strained at the air.

Quickly, he untied her legs. Grabbing her ankles, he raised her legs high. Settling between her thighs, he wrapped her legs around his waist. In an instant, his huge cock-knob was at the entrance to her pussy.

Ellen opened her eyes as she recovered. Will’s hot cock-knob burned into her cunt. Her pussy was hot, ready, and waiting to be fucked. But as she looked down at his wrist-thick prick, she wondered if her cunt would be torn in two.


Without waiting, Will pushed Ellen’s cunt-lips were forced open. Her tight, soft cunt-lips split Will’s cock-head, and he felt his cock sink between them.

“Oh, God, Will!” Ellen mewled. “You’re so big! Ooommmppphhh!” Ellen’s legs jerked around his waist, and she pulled him against her. Her cunt was yawning open more than it ever had before. The man’s cock was as big a donkey’s. Her pussy-lips felt like they were splitting in two as Will pumped his cock deeper and deeper. With one long, slow thrust, he was balls-deep in her.

“Ooommmppphhh!” she groaned again, her cunt stretched almost to the breaking point. Her pussy was throbbing as Will’s huge cock lodged all the way inside.

“Uuuunnnggghhh!” Will sighed, his cock tightly gripped in her wet cunt-hole. His eyes rolled up. Her cunt fit his prick like a glove. His cock was throbbing with the squeezing pleasure. Ellen’s hot, slick pussy-walls were tautly wrapped around his big prick, and as he sighed in pleasure, he fucked more deeply into her.

“Ah, oh, God, Will!” moaned Ellen. “You’re tearing me in two! Oh, wait a minute… let me get used to it. Oh, fuck, I’ve never had anything that big in me.” Will waited. The pulsing inside her cunt transmitted to his cock. The sensations traveled up his spine and right into his mind. He pulled slowly back, feeling the grip of her cunt pull his cock-skin. That made him groan again before he stopped.

Pausing a split second, he then fucked back into her until his balls swung against the crack of her ass. His eyes rolled back again, and his cock strained inside the woman’s slippery, squeezing, clutching fuck-hole. She was tight. And from the way her eyes were rolled back, Will knew she was liking the fuck she was getting. He pulled back and slowly began fucking her faster.

“Oooh… oh… ooohh!” Ellen grunted each time he pressed against her body.

Her cunt split apart, then contracted as he drew beck. Then, again, her pussy bulged wide open to take his cock all the way to the balls. Her reddened fuck-hole was stretched so tautly that her clit rubbed on his cock with each fuck thrust. Pleasure waves rippled through her body as she was fucked good and hard.

Ellen wished she could hold him, pull him to her, but her arms were tied fast. Her legs rolled from side to side as she manipulated her hips in her desire. She urged him on with her heels, pulling his cock deep into her cunt with her legs. At the same time, she lifted her ass off the couch, using his back as leverage.

They fucked wildly, thudding into each other without regard for any damage that might occur. Mindless with passion, they heaved, slamming together, their fuck-organs slipping and sliding. Again and again, Will sheathed his cock in her cunt-hole. Her slick fuck-juice coated them. Some of it spattered on their legs and bellies as they fucked.

Will’s fat prick fucked into her pussy, churning her insides, was making her shudder. The sensations built up. She fucked him harder, feeling drops of sweat hitting her tits. Her nipples were numbed now, but she could still feel the heat and the throbbing coming from them. That mixed well with the wide-stretched sensation in her cunt.

The man was fucking her like he was riding a bronco. Each time her cunt-lips slid to the root of his cock, he groaned. He felt her cunt grip his cock-head as it slid in and out. He fucked into her pussy and felt her, slick cunt-walls separate over his rubbery prick-knob.

As his balls swung back and forth in their sack, they began tightening. The first pang of intense pleasure began building at the root of his cock, and he knew he would cum soon. He could tell from her actions that she was about to explode, too.

“Oh, God, Will… I’m gonna cum, baby, oh, God, yes… yes… yes! Fuck me… harder… faster… oh, fuck… uuuhhh… uuuhhh… uuunnnggghhh!” she cried, her body thudding up against his.

As she started to cum, Will yanked the clothespins off. She shrieked as blood rushed back into her bruised, mashed nipples. Her muscles spasmed. Her cunt convulsed, clamping Will’s cock in a powerful grip. Her hips swiveled uncontrollably. Juices squirted from her fuck-hole. Her clit throbbed mightily, sending waves of intense pleasure riding over every cell in her body. Her shrieks came nonstop as she had one of the most powerful climaxes of her life.

Her head was twisting and turning from side to side, like her hips. She panted without control, her swollen tits rising and falling heavily. Again and again, spasms raced the length of her cunt. Her wet, slick pussy-flesh kneaded and massaged Will’s horny cock from root to knob, again and again as he fucked her hard. She threw herself at him, giving him the ride of his life. Her pussy as good. It was too good for him to hold back any longer.

“Uuuhhh,” he moaned, “uu… oh, God-damn, you fucking whore! Oh, fuck me with that cunt, you bitch! Fuck me… oh, shit! Aaahhh… aaahhh, God, yes, it’s good… oh! Aaaarrrggghhh!” Powerfully, he drove himself balls-deep into her open, welcoming fuck-hole. His mind fogged over. His balls drew up. His cock swelled until it almost exploded. His feet and toes curled. His legs and arms quivered. Shaking with lust, his cock sliding in and out of Ellen’s squeezing, clenching, clutching pussy, he came inside her.

His cock leapt in her cunt-hole. His balls spasmed. The first spasm raced the length of his cock. Then another. Spurt after wet spurt of foaming jizz shot into her sucking cunt. Repeatedly, he drove his cock deep into her, only to swiftly jerk back and slam home again. His cock spasmed, unleashing torrents of cum inside her. Their grunts combined in the air as their sweating bodies slammed together in the heat of their passion.

Will felt like he would never stop cumming. His balls spasmed without control, and his cock kept jerking inside her cunt-hole. Pleasure swamped his brain as wad after quivering wad spurted into the woman beneath him. The load of cum filled her, pussy, slid back along the length of his hard-pistoning cock, and leaked out to dribble down between her thighs. The smell of cock, cunt, and cum was heavy in the air when they finally slumped down together.

Will hugged her tightly to him, his chest flattening her tits against his body. He pulled her to him, kissing her hungrily as her hips jerked more slowly. She kissed him back just as passionately. She felt full, complete after her orgasms. Will had given her a good, hard fucking. Her stuffed cunt was proof of that. Slowly, the fullness began to fade as he pulled out of her.

He stood, his reddened cock hanging limply. White wads of cum, shone on his cock, along with her own glistening fuck-juices. He moved up to her face. She didn’t need to be told what was expected of her. She opened her mouth. Contentedly, she sucked him clean. The taste of fuck-juice filled her brain, and she loved it. Even the taste of her own cunt-juices didn’t turn her off. Instead, it heightened the excitement and pleasure she felt. That, mingled with the taste of Will’s cum, kept the glow burning in her body. When he pulled his cock out of her mouth, cleaned, she was happy. In her mind’s imagination, she could still feel how his cock had stretched her pussy and her mouth. She watched as he began getting dressed.

“Whew, Ellen,” he murmured, still out of breath. “That was some fuck!”

Ellen purred, “It sure was, Will. God-damn… I still can’t believe it the size of your cock. You filled me up and fucked me down, Will!”

He smiled at her. “You’ve learned your lessons well, Ellen. Now, there’s one more thing.”

She looked at him expectantly.

“From now on, whenever anyone enters or leaves the house, you are to be on your knees at the door. You will be expected to show your submissiveness and admiration for whomever it may be by using your mouth between their legs. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Will.” She looked at him. “Is that what Nicky wants, too?”

“You have no right to ask me that, Ellen. You are only to do what you are told from now on, without asking questions. But, yes, that’s the way Nicky wants it.”

Ellen began seeing the light. “Oh, so he sent you, did he?”

Will nodded. Ellen didn’t say anything, but a strange thrill was filling her newly awakened body.

“Now get on your knees by the door. I’m fixing to leave.” She did, waiting anxiously for another taste of his cock. When he stopped in front of her, she reached for his zipper. In seconds, she had his cock out and was sucking with an almost insatiable intensity. She felt his cock grow in her mouth and she hungrily licked and sucked his cock-head. Then she began bobbing her head up and down, sucking gently until he pushed her back.

She looked at him, disappointment in her eyes, longing growing in her heart. His heavy cock was almost hard again.

“Hold it, baby, hold it! I’ve got to save a little bit for the wife, too, ya know. She likes all the cock she can handle, too.” Ellen’s eyes widened in surprise. She hadn’t known her friend Sherri behaved that way. Sherri was so elegant and respectable. Will noticed Ellen’s expression and could read what was going on in her mind. He just chuckled, shaking his head as he went out.

“Nicky’ll be home soon. You be ready for him, okay?” She nodded as the door closed behind him. When Nicky came home a little while later, Ellen was on her knees waiting for him. He was surprised and pleased when she went at his cock immediately. Well, he reasoned, she had to make up for lost time. And she tried, not letting go of his cock until it was pouring its load of hot fuck-juice down her throat.

“Wow!” he burst out. “It looks like I gotta tiger on my hands, now. What else did Will teach you?”

“Not tiger, honey, tigress,” she said as she led him into their bedroom.


Ellen shivered, anticipating what was going to happen when Will arrived. Nicky had promised that he and Will were going to make her a complete woman. She could hardly wait.

It was Friday night, and Nicky would be home any minute now. She was waiting by the living room window so she could see him when he drove into the driveway. Sitting in the chair, she thought about what was to come. She couldn’t help spreading her legs and playing with her pussy.

Her fingers gently tickled her inner thighs before sliding to her already wet cunt-hole. There, they slid up and down her gaped cunt-slit. Finding her clit, she circled it, then began massaging it.

“Oh, God,” she cooed, her nipples beginning to harden.

The car turned into the driveway, interrupting her solitary pleasure. It was just as well. She was looking forward to sucking cock. Quickly, she got into her customary position on her knees by the door. The door opened, and Nicky entered.

“How’s my little slave this evening?” he asked as her hands reached for his zipper.

“Horny,” she answered, pulling his cock out. As always, the anticipation of having his wife greet him on her knees when he arrived made his cock half-hard before he even got to the door. Now as she stroked his cock, it got bigger.

Ellen looked dreamily at his big prick. Playfully, she blew on his cock-tip, watching it jump. Then she began kissing all up and down his cock-shaft. She pointed his cock at her open mouth. Looking into her husband’s eyes, she formed her lips into a gaping O. She licked her lips until they gleamed, then covered his piss-hole with them. She slid her lips down his cock-shaft until she had all she could hold in her mouth. His cock jumped more wildly now that it was encased in her wet, sucking mouth. Cock lust growing inside her, she began bobbing her head, sucking avidly.

“Hold on, baby!” Nicky laughed, pushing her head away. “Let’s wait ’til Will gets here, okay?” She looked up at him, wanting his load, but knowing there was no arguing with him. Looking at him hungrily, the invitation was plain in her eyes. She liked the way he winked and smiled back at her, offering his cock for her to suck a little more.

She took him up on it, willingly sucking his big prick back into her mouth. She liked the way his hands gently guided her head as she sucked him. She cupped his balls, gently feeling them. Her mouth was full of stiff prick. She felt like she could suck his cock for hours. But too soon, he pushed her back again.

“God-damn, Ellen, you’ve learned well! But hold up. We’re gonna give ya all the cock you can handle,” he assured her, stroking her cheek.

“I know you will, Nicky,” she answered, knowing it was true. With two big pricks at her disposal, she felt sure they could adequately quench her cock-lust.

She got up as he went to shower. Going into their bedroom, she began getting her apparel ready for Will’s arrival. Besides the black, leather slave collar she wore, she would wear a leather harness around her tits. She laid it out so Nicky could fit her with it when he got out of the shower. Then she got out a tiny, red g-string. She held it up. It would barely cover her cunt and leave all of her ass hanging out. A thin, red garter belt and a pair of sand-colored stockings came next. Red high heels with thin straps and gold buckles would complete her outfit.

Quickly, Ellen fixed her makeup, then put on everything except the harness. She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked so hot she had to start frigging her cunt. Her mouth began watering as she thought how she would look with the tit harness in place. Just then Nicky came out. He whistled.

“Yeah, baby!” he exclaimed. He was wearing only a pair of black bikini briefs. The cock-bulge in front of them looked like an elephant’s trunk.

“Help me with this, honey,” she said, pointing to the harness.

“With pleasure.” Quickly, he got her into it, securing the back tightly. She gasped as the leather straps were pulled taut against her soft tit-flesh. In front, the straps circling her heavy, jutting tits made them bulge out. Nicky’s mouth began watering.

“I’m starved,” he said. “Let’s get my dinner. Will ought to be here in fifteen minutes.” They went into the kitchen. Ellen waited on him. Each time she came near him, she squeezed his cock, while he squeezed her nipples. By the time they were through, Will was driving into the driveway. Anticipation rising, she rushed to the door and knelt.

Seconds after Will entered the house, Ellen had his cock out and was sucking with gusto. His big cock stretched her lips like Nicky’s couldn’t do. His giant cock-knob turned her on immensely. She sucked and licked. Will caressed her hair in appreciation as his cock grew to its full, hole-stuffing dimensions.

“Hey, Nicky… uuuuhhh,” he groaned, “this bitch’s learning good. I can tell you’ve been giving her lots of practice.”

“Oh, yeah!” Nicky grinned, nodding his head. The lump in his briefs was growing again.

Ellen stood up. Will looked at her, his cock twitching in anticipation. He looked her up and down. The way her tits bulged out excited him. She looked hot, and that’s exactly what she was.

She went into Will’s arms as he held them out. His arms felt strong as they wrapped around her, pulling her against his hard body. She felt a rush as his lips found hers and his hands found her ass. She opened her mouth, running her tongue around his lips. At the same time, his own tongue got busy on her mouth. They kissed deeply, her hands reaching for his cock. Then her legs were pushed into the air and Nicky’s hot breath floated over her cunt. His fingers pried her cunt-lips apart. She felt obscenely exposed, her pussy wide-open for her husband to look inside. It turned her on. Then his mouth brushed her inner thighs. She moaned her desire.

“Oh, God, yes, Nicky! Eat me there!” she begged.

Instantly, his tongue traced a light line over her aching cunt-lips. After sliding up and down and all around her cunt-hole, his tongue slid into her gaping pussy-slit. His tongue flicked up and down between her cunt-hole and her clit. Her clit was swelling, throbbing. She wanted so badly to feel his mouth circling it. Instead, his tongue teased her.

By the time Nicky’s tongue slid all around her fuck-hole, Will had broken off the kiss. She looked up at him to see him pulling off his briefs. At the same time, Nicky’s tongue slid into her cunt. She moaned, arching her pussy up to meet Nicky’s mouth. His tongue slid deep, wiggling from side to side, then he began darting his tongue in and out, fucking her insanely.

Ellen knew how much Nicky enjoyed sucking her fuck-juice from the way his tongue fucked her frantically. Moans of enjoyment came from both their lips. She closed her eyes and savored the pleasure. As Nicky’s tongue slid up her cunt slit to her clit, she began smelling the familiar smell of horny cock. Will’s hand went to the back of her head, pulling her face around to his cock. She opened her eyes, staring with glazing eyes at his big, swollen cock-knob. His piss-hole was already half open, a few drops of cum seeping out of it. Her tongue went after his pre-cum. The taste of his jizz teased her, and she knew she wanted more. Her mouth opened, and her lips formed a wide O. Obligingly, Will fitted his prick-head to her lips. She began sucking.

“Ooohhh, baby,” win crooned. “Yeah, use your… you know how to please a cock, do it, baby, do it!” win’s hands strayed up and down her hair and the sides of her face, occasionally roaming over her tits. The feel of his cock sliding into her mouth was good. And with the tonguing in her cunt, Ellen was going crazy with the desire to cum.

“Nicky… please… suck my clit!” she screamed.

Obligingly, her husband slid his tongue up her cunt-slit. He slid his tongue around her clit. Shivers of good sensation rushed through her body. She ached to feel him suck. But he didn’t, not just yet. He teased her unmercifully, swirling his tongue just outside the edge of her clit. Her hips moved on the bed, gyrating in lust.

“Beg me for it, baby,” Nicky said, his tongue dancing madly.

“Oh, please, Nicky,” she begged without hesitation, “Suck my clit! Please… my clit needs to feel your mouth on it!” Grunting, Nicky complied. His lips found her clit, engulfing it wetly. Gently sucking, his tongue swirled. First in circles, then flicking back and forth, he tongued her hot fuck-nub. Her hips were pumping into his face as he sucked her. Her own mouth was doing a good job sucking Will, too.

“Whoa, baby,” Will cried, pulling his cock from her mouth. “I don’t wanna cum just yet! I think I wanna lick your ass!” Nicky looked up, ignoring Ellen’s protests. “Okay, let’s turn her over.” Together, the two men rolled Ellen over onto her knees. Nicky got under her, fastening his mouth back to her cunt. Will got behind her on his knees, spreading her ass-cheeks to get an eyeful of her ass-hole. His eyes widened, hungrily breathing in the smell of her shitter. Her light, puckered ass-hole was hairless and inviting.

Ellen gasped. Will’s tongue slid up and down the crack of her ass, sending ripples down her spine. Her husband’s tongue slid up and down her cunt-slit, doubling the intensity of the pleasure waves. As Nicky’s tongue slid to her clit, Will’s tongue slid to her ass-hole. Both tongues beg circling their targets, making her shake with eagerness. Her ass-hole quivered, wanting to feel Will’s tongue slide into it. The man’s tongue circled around her brown shit-hole for several long moments, while Nicky’s tongue swirled around her clit. At the same time, as if on cue, their tongues reached their targets.

Will knew what he was doing. Her ass-hole twitched with need as his tongue flicked over it. His slick tongue dipped into her shit-hole with each pass. As she relaxed, Will was able to stick his tongue deeper into her ass-hole. Finally, her ass-hole was completely relaxed and open for him. He hungrily began tongue fucking her in the ass.

“Fuck, Ellen… you got a sweet-tasting ass-hole!” he mumbled.

Nicky’s tongue tweaked and lashed Ellen’s clit repeatedly, making her grind her hips. Both men were moving their heads with her motions, keeping their mouths glued between her legs. The pleasure combined in her mind, swamping her brain. She knew she was going to explode.

“Oh, God… oh, God… I’m g-gonna cum, Nicky! Keep sucking! Oh, yes… ooohh… uuuhhh! Oh, God… nnnggghhh! Oh my God. Mmmnnnggghhh!” she yelped, her hips convulsing and grinding down onto Nicky’s mouth.

Her cunt scorned to expand to massive proportions. Her cunt seemed to swell and bulge. Fuck fluids leaked from deep within her cunt-hole, flowing down over Nicky’s face. Her body shivered. Spasms began in her toes. Convulsions wracked every muscle in her body as the flush spread through her. Her tits were erect and stiff, her eyes squeezed tightly closed. Turning her head from side to side, she came hard. Nicky hungrily gobbled and sucked up her fuck-juice, until she fell back, her tits heaving.

He got out from between her legs. Will, too, lifted his head.

“Baby,” Nicky said, “we’ve gotta surprise for you.” She opened her yes gradually, wondering what he meant.

Nicky fingered her ass-hole gently, rubbing his fingers all around and just inside her tight, brown shit-hole. He could tell Ellen liked that from the way she moaned and stretched her ass out against his hand.

“I’m going to ass-fuck you tonight!” Nicky said.

Her eyes widened. She didn’t know if she could take his huge cock up her ass! Her ass-hole was too small. She liked the idea, but her shitter would stretch, and she would be torn in two! “Nicky…” she balked. “Nicky, wait. I… I don’t know if I can take you there.” He ignored her pleas, laughing. “Of course you can, baby. Believe me, I know. I’ve fucked many girls in the ass, before I met you. In fact, you’re the only one who didn’t let me do that to them.” Her eyes narrowed.

“Don’t look at me like that, baby,” he said. “You’re gonna get ass-fucked and I think you might as well realize there’s not much you can do about it. Trust me though, it might hurt at first, but soon you’ll be begging for it harder.”

She wasn’t so sure. “Nicky, wait! Please, don’t fuck me that way!”

“All right, baby. You know you’re not supposed to argue with me. You’re gonna get that ass-hole fucked, but now you’re gonna be punished, too. Stand up!” he ordered.

Whimpering, but her body glowing, he stood in front of him. He got up, reached in the bottom dresser drawer, and took out the harness and dildo he had used on her a few days before.

“Step in,” he commanded.

She winced as he pulled the straps tight.

“Open your legs,” he said, pushing the dildo between her cunt-lips.

As she spread her cunt, Will got behind her and held her. Chills rushed down her neck as he began kissing her, fondling her tits, too. His cock slid into the crack of her ass. She could feel the burning hot of his cock transmit to her ass and ass-hole. She whimpered again, wondering what they had in store for her. She thought she might like something up her ass, but their cocks were just too big for her to fuck. Then Nicky began sliding the ten-inch dildo into her pussy.

He pumped the first couple of inches in and out, letting her fuck-juice coat it. She gasped as her cunt stretched to fit over it. Then, slowly, he pushed the cock into her. Her body stiffened. She took deep breaths. Her cunt filled, stretching to take the dildo all the way. Once the cock was inside her, Nicky fastened it in place with the mounting pad. She could feel fuck-cream drip out of her pussy and smearing the pad. The front of the pad rubbed on her clit. Her eyes widened as he went to another drawer and pulled out a hood.

“Wh-what’s that?” she choked, startled by it. He held it up for her. “It’s your slave hood, baby!” The black leather hood was sewn with strong, black thread. It would cover her entire head, with the exception of her nose, which stuck through the only hole. A zipper closed the mouth tightly. It could be opened so the wearer could give suck-jobs. From what Nicky and Will could tell, the hood was, going to be a skin-tight fit over Ellen’s pretty face, once he laced it up. The back could be laced until the wearer’s head felt like size twelve feet being forced into size eight shoes.

Ellen shook with fear as Nicky pulled the hood over her head. She was blinded. She couldn’t see. Her hearing was almost cut off, too. She tried to talk, but her jaw could hardly move. Only her nose stuck out by the time he laced up the back of it, pulling it snug. She had never been this helpless as she was now. She was too conscious of her naked, exposed tits that were throbbing, and her dripping, dildo-stuffed cunt as she was lead out of the room. The dildo squished in her cunt and the front of the rubbed on her clit she walked.

“What now, Nicky?” Will asked, his stiff cock swinging back and forth with his movements.

“We take her into the living room and spank her for being a naughty girl,” Nicky said.

His words floated into Ellen’s ears, making her tremble more.

Together, the two men, started the woman into the living room. There, they bent her over the back of the stuffed chair. Her legs were secured to the back legs, her arms to the front chair legs. She was naked and helpless, able to do nothing, not even plead with them not to hurt her. She trembled all over as she awaited their pleasure.

Nicky picked up a polished, wooden paddle, about three-feet long and four-inches wide. Will smiled at him as he tapped the lady’s ass with it a few times. Ellen knew what was coming when she felt it. But she wasn’t prepared for the first jarring blow. She heard the smack of her ass-flesh ring with the impact. Her ass-cheeks quivered like jelly, and quickly, two more blows hit her. Her body jerked. She writhed, trying to get loose, but the ropes held, her fast. Pain overwhelmed her. Then Nicky began paddling her for real.

Again and again, pausing between blows, his arm pulled far back. He watched her ass-cheeks turn from white to pink to red to bright crimson. The crimson spread out until her whole ass was bright and swollen. The two men delighted to hear the smacks. Their cocks throbbed to see her writhe helplessly while she was punished. They could hear her helpless, agonized sobs muffled in the hood.

Ellen was crying now, her ass-cheeks burning. She felt them throb and still Nicky spanked her. It was so humiliating. She had never been spanked as a child, and it hurt. The dildo was digging in her cunt as she took the spanking, but the juices flooding from her cunt-hole did nothing to ease the pain. By the time her ass-cheeks started numbing, she was heaving with dry sobs. The spanking stopped. Her mouth zipper was opened.

“How do you feel, Ellen?” Nicky asked.

“Aaahhh… uuhh… oohh,” she sobbed. “Oh, you don’t wanna answer, huh? A few more swats for your disobedience will take care of your bad attitude!” Will added, “Yeah, and a prick in your mouth probably help, too!” Ellen smelled his cock before she felt it press against her lips. Something inside her mind made her open her mouth to take his cock in. The hot, throbbing hardness of Will’s fat cock was comforting to her. Her tongue went to work on his cock-head. He began pumping in and out of her mouth. Then the spanking began again.

Jolted, she tried not to bite Will’s cock. She knew it would really be her ass if she did that. She tried to concentrate on pleasing Will with her mouth. Her lips and tongue worked expertly, better than they had ever done before as she tried to please him. His cock was getting bigger and bigger in her mouth.

Will looked at Nicky. “Say, she’s sucking good, Nick! You know, she likes being treated like this!” Nicky swung again, watching his wife’s helpless body jerk as her cheeks flattened.

“Yeah, I know it. She gets off on it. Go ahead, fuck her mouth!” Nicky said, watching the fuck-juice ooze out of her fuck-hole.

Will began fucking her mouth, working from side to side. Ellen’s lips bulged obscenely, her mouth full of hard cock. He held her head, manipulating his cock from side to side. Her lips were drawing in and out. The sight made his balls tighten. He knew it wouldn’t take much more for him to cum.

Meanwhile, Nicky put down the paddle. His cock was raging. He stared between his wife’s swollen ass-cheeks, liking the way her ass-crack deepened down between her legs. His hands went to her ass-cheeks, stroking them to ease the pain. Then he spread them, looking with intense desire at her hairless, puckered ass-hole. He picked up a tube of K-Y jelly, dropping to his knees behind her. Her grunts rang in his ears as Will fed her mouthful after mouthful of cock.

Squeezing her ass-cheeks, Nicky asked, “Ellen, you ready to take it in the ass?” Tearfully, she managed to mumble, “Y-yes, oohh… yes!” It was time to let him use her ass for his pleasure.


Ellen’s jaw was starting to crimp as she sucked Will’s cock. Her lips were wide apart as she tried to eat as much of his prick as she could. Her head was pulled higher, making a straighter line down her throat. Will began thrusting deeper. She could feel his big cock-knob stretch her throat at the back.

Ellen was glad the spanking had stopped. The touch of her husband’s hands was soothing. Then, when she felt his tongue slide down her ass-crack, she gasped. Against the burning, throbbing of her ass-checks, his tongue felt wonderful.

Nicky’s tongue lightly circled her ass-hole a few times, then dove in to the center. He tickled the insides of her ass-hole, stabbing into her shitter as deep as it could go. There, she wriggled it from side to side as Nicky savored the smell and taste of her shit-hole.

Shivers of good sensation rushed up and down Ellen’s back from Nicky’s ass-tonguing. But too soon it ended, and his greasy finger began sliding around and into her ass-hole. Then before she knew it, she felt his giant cock-knob slide between her ass-cheeks.

“Uuuhhh… ohh… ohhhh!” she whimpered, feeling his burning cock centering on her ass-hole.

“Shhh, baby,” Nicky whispered. “Just relax your ass-hole, baby. You cap take it, I know that. Just relax.” The pressure began to open her ass-hole. Her attention was now divided. Will was fucking her mouth with greater lust. She could feel his cock bloat, and could tell he was close to cumming.

Her ass-hole was stretching under the probing behind her. Nicky’s big cock-head pushed, making her tight shit-hole gape to fit over it. She tried to relax her ass, tried not to fight it. If Nicky said it would feel better if she relaxed, then she had to put her faith in him. He hadn’t told her wrong yet.

His cock-knob was sinking between her ass-cheeks. Her ass-hole was now open as it had never been before, and still it stretched more. She knew his prick-head was big, but now it felt like it was six inches thick. Her ass-hole stopped opening, and pain began to ripple up her back. His cock-head slid into her, and there he stopped. Ellen was glad he stopped to let her get used to it. Her brown shit-hole was wide open and throbbing with the unaccustomed stretching. She lay there with her husband’s cock-head fitted just inside her shiner. She couldn’t tell if she felt or pleasure the most. She only knew it was the most delightful sensation she had ever felt.

As for Nicky, he had no doubt that he felt great. His wife’s virgin ass-hole gripped his cock-knob powerfully. Her fuck-hole was slick and hot. He wanted nothing but to sink his prick into her ass all the way to the balls. But he would take his time. He liked to break in ass-hole virgins the right way, so they would come back begging for more cock up the ass.

Slowly, Nicky worked his prick-head back and forth, a half inch at a time, to let her get used to it. He could feel her brown ass-hole loosen. Then he began sinking his cock deeper, looking down between her ass-cheeks to watch her ass-hole swallow his cock. Her moans told him that she was changing her mind about ass-fucking.

“Mmmmpphhh… nnnhhh,” she groaned, her ass-hole stretching and throbbing deep inside.

Ellen could feel how tightly her ass-hole was wrapped around her husband’s cock-head. As his cock sank deeper, the inner walls of her ass-hole stretched inside. She felt every fraction of an inch of progress he made. Her shitter was slowly being filled up. Pain radiated out from her throbbing ass-hole, but at the same time, pleasure welled up within her.

Getting a cock up the ass was like nothing Ellen had ever dreamed of. She was being stuffed, and her ass-hole was quivering with anticipation. Even as she enjoyed the powerful sensations, she felt Will’s grip tighten on her head. He thrust more wildly into her mouth as he got ready to shoot his load down her throat.

“Oh, God-damn, that’s good head,” he grunted, his eyes rolling up. “The bitch sucks good cock, man! Oooohhh… aahhh… oh, God… oh oh… oh, fuck! Yeah, I’m gonna… gonna cum! Get ready, baby… here I cum! Oh, you whore! Nnnnggghhh!” Ellen gobbled and sucked Will’s cock for all she was worth. Her tongue swirled around his erupting cock-head. Her mouth was flooded with gushes of thick, warm fuck-cream. Some of his cum slid down her throat. Some stuck to her tongue. Some slid down along his pumping cock-shaft. The smell of cum was in Ellen’s nostrils as he fucked her mouth with his cock leaping and throbbing.

She liked it. His foaming jizz kept spurting like it would never end. Her tongue raced around and into his bubbling piss-hole as she nursed on his cock, hungry for cum. There was enough jism to please her taste buds by the time his cock began draining. As he pulled out of her mouth, she sucked more strongly. She wanted it all, and she got it, too.

Will’s eyes were closed as he enjoyed the afterglow of his orgasm. He pulled his cock back, opening his eyes to watch Ellen’s lips bulge. Her lips grasped at his prick-knob, and he paused to let her suck up the last drops of his load. She sucked like a baby, making him wince. His balls were completely drained by the time he removed his cock from her mouth. When he did, he zipped the mask closed again.

“Man, I gotta sit down,” Will said, squeezing his cock. “I’m gonna watch for a bit.”

Will took up a position right beside Ellen’s ass so he could watch Nicky’s cock slide in and out of her ass-hole.

Ellen’s face was restricted once again after Will zipped up the front of the mask. She could not see, hear or talk, and all she could do was concentrate on the stretching in her ass-hole. As her husband slowly sank his cock up her ass, the stretching moved deeper and deeper inside her. She wanted to ask Nicky how much cock was in, how much was left to go. Her ass-hole already felt completely full, but still his long, fat cock kept sliding deeper.

Her breath was catching in her throat. Her toes were tightly curled. Her shit-hole kept filling up. She had expected massive pain, but the pain wasn’t bad at all. She could feel the heat make her body glow. Her ass-hole throbbed strongly as it was forced to slide down the length of Nicky’s cock.

Nicky looked down between her ass-cheeks again. Three fourths of his cock were inside her. Her puckering, brown shit-hole gripped his cock. Her ass-hole clutched, sucking his prick like it wanted it all. The lube made her ass-hole slippery and wet. Her shitter was hot inside, the tight walls squeezing his cock all the way around.

Ellen waited, almost out of breath from her panting. The pain in her ass was easing, turning to pleasure. Her ass-hole throbbed like never before. Nicky’s big cock stretched her ass-hole hugely, making it gape open obscenely. She felt full inside. Her ass-hole relaxed more, deeper. Then she heard his voice, barely coming to her through the hood.

“All right, whore,” he grunted, “you’re gonna get it all now!” Nicky leaned forward, resting most of his weight on her back. His hands slid around her, grabbing her bulging tits. He began squeezing and mauling her tits, slowly working his cock-head out of her ass-hole a few inches each way. After a few strokes, he pushed. He groaned as his cock sunk between her spread ass-cheeks until his cock was balls deep.

“Uuhhhh!” grunted Ellen.

Her grunts were muffled in the hood. His cock felt good. The weight and warmth of her man’s body on top of her was comforting, as was the heat of his cock burning deep inside her ass-hole. His hands knew what they were doing on her tits, massaging them and pinching her nipples. Her ass-hole was pulled back, then pushed in as he pumped her.

A long, low moan shot from her lips as her husband hunched between her ass-checks, his stiff prick buried to the root. Her ass-hole had never been so full. The deep throbbing inside made pleasure shoot through Ellen’s mind, still tinged with a slight bit of pain. After just a moment’s rest, Nicky’s ass-plugging cock drew back.

Nicky groaned again, pleasure filling his mind as he fucked all the way up his wife’s ass. Her ass-hole fitted his cock like a second layer of skin! He had never fucked in an ass-hole so tight, so hot. Her ass was deep, too, taking every bit of his cock without complaint as far as he could tell.

Slowly, he drew his cock back about halfway. Then he reversed direction, groaning again. Her rubbery ass-hole slid tightly down to grab the root of his cock in its tight, wet grip. Unable to control himself any longer, he began slowly ass-fucking her, groaning with pleasure.

“Oh, Ellen… oh, fuck, your asshole’s tight… feels good!” he moaned, not caring whether she could hear him or not.

She heard him faintly. But she felt the good vibrations coming from her ass-hole very strongly. As her husband ass-fucked her, her ass-hole was filled, then refilled with cock. Each time he pulled back, her shit-hole felt like it was emptying, like she was taking a good shit. But then when he fucked into her, the filling-up sensation made her whimper.

Again and again, her ass-hole was pulled, then pushed in. The lube made his cock slide easily, and as he began fucking her harder, she felt like she had always had a prick up her ass. Her ass-hole felt stretched full, like a taut water balloon. She arched her ass higher, opening it fully to take his every deep thrust. With the dildo in her cunt and Nicky’s cock in her ass, she was glowing between the legs like she had never thought possible.

With each deep stroke, Nicky’s cock rubbed against the ten-inch dildo into her pussy. She squirmed from side to side, squeezing her cunt and ass-hole around the two hole-filling cocks. The dildo made her feel like she was on the verge of cumming. The sensation built up steadily, with each pump. Her husband fucked her harder.

Nicky was kissing his wife’s back and neck, his hands roaming at will over her tits. Her big tits were firm. He loved them. And he loved the grip of her ass-hole, too, each time he encased his cock all the way inside. He began pulling back until only his cock-head was inside her. Then he braced his legs.

Driving deep into her shit-hole, he ground against her, trying to get even his balls up her ass. Then he slowly pulled back. Again, he firmly sunk his balls deep into her ass, grinding against her hard as his head began swimming. It felt so good he knew he couldn’t last long, not as long as he would have liked. Already, his heavy, bloated balls were tightening. And from the way Ellen’s body was trembling, he could tell she was on the brink, too.

Ellen shuddered with pleasure, her whole body tingling. Her clit as burning, her cunt juicing abundantly. She tried to clench her ass-hole, but Nicky’s cock kept it from dosing. All she could do was lie over the back of the chair, her ass-cheeks opening and flattening each time Nicky hammered his cock into her. Ellen didn’t know if it could get any better until Will unzipped her mouth zipper again. Automatically, hungrily, her lips grasped for the cock-head she knew to be there. His heavy, rubbery prick was hot and hard as she sucked it into her mouth.

Will groaned. He never tired of getting his cock sucked off. His cock was stiff and aching from watching the ass-fucking. He wanted to bury his own cock up her ass, but he settled for her mouth right now. The woman eagerly licked and sucked.

As Ellen sucked him, her husband was hammering into her ass. She was almost lifted off her feet each time he got his cock all into her and rooted from side to side. Her ass-hole was quivering, loving the new, good treatment. Her cunt was swollen and dripping. She was on fire between her legs. Her mouth was full of horny cock, the heat and lust burning straight to her mind. It was too much for her to take without exploding.

“Ahhh… oh, God… mmmnnnhhh!” she mumbled around Will’s cock. “Nnn… nnnggghhh! Mmmppphhh!” Tremors raced from her cunt and ass-hole to her toes and to her mind. Her body flushed, goose bumps flashing across her smooth flesh. Her cunt spasmed. Her ass-hole convulsed. Going wild, her puckering, brown shit-hole squeezed and massaged her husband’s cock from root to knob as he ass-fucked her. Fuck-juice spurted out of her cunt, dripping down her thighs. Her breath came in gasps between thrusts of Will’s cock in her mouth. A thin sheen of sweat shone on her body.

Ellen came explosively. She rode it out, her body spasming all over. She thought she would never stop cumming. Her ass-hole was quivering frantically, pinching her husband’s cock tightly and wonderfully. The full sensation felt exquisite as she rode her climax out to the end. But her husband’s cum was just about to begin.

The pinching, grabbing, sucking, squeezing of her wet, juicy ass-hole was too much. It overloaded his mind. His cock had never felt so good. Nicky felt like his cock-head would burst as it engorged in her hot shit-chute. His balls swung heavily against her, drawing up in their anxiety to unload. The spasms wracking the woman’s ass-hole proved to be the detonator he needed. Massaged and stroked so his cock had to explode. He hugged her tightly mashing her nipples. He thrust into her ass with all his power, lifting her feet off the floor.

“Aaaggghhh! Aaaggghhh! Aaaggghhh! Uh… shit… mmmnnnggghhh!” he howled, his cock leaping and spurting into his wife’s sucking shit-hole.

Spasm after powerful spasm swept the length of his cock. From his convulsing balls to the fat root of his cock to his expanding prick-head, his orgasm washed over him. His toes were curling, his legs tightening as he came. His face was beet red, sweat dripping down his brow. His eyes tightly closed, he howled his lust as spurt after foaming spurt of thick cum shot into his wife’s open ass-hole. The wet, pistoning action drove him crazy. His mind blacked out, swamped by the intense fuck-pleasure.

Ellen pumped her ass back at him. She squeezed her ass-hole tightly around his cock, wanting his cum deep inside her. She felt intense pleasure. The steady, deep pumping inside her ass made her feel like the happiest person in the world as her husband came in her ass. She ground back at him, wanting all of his cum-load. And her sucking, wringing ass-hole got just that — all of it.

Nicky lay on top of her, his cock still twitching in her sweet shit-hole. He didn’t want to ever get up. His cock and balls were empty, never having been so satisfied. He had always sworn that there was nothing as good as a hot, deep ass-hole, and he would never be able to say otherwise.

“Oh, shit, Will!” he groaned. “This is a helluva piece of ass, man! Fuck! That’s some good ass-hole!” Will looked at him, his cock throbbing in anticipation as Ellen eagerly sucked. He wanted some of her ass.

“Yeah? I’ll have some, then,” Will said, pulling his cock out of the woman’s mouth. Her lips sucked at his cock until it was all the way out.

Then she felt Nicky’s cock pull out of her ass-hole. She was draining, emptying of the good sensations she had been having. When his cock-head was almost out, her ass-hole was triggered. Her shitter clamped shut, expelling Nicky’s draining prick-knob.

Nicky stood up straight, a satisfied expression on his face. “All right. Let’s trade places!” Both men’s cocks were shiny and wet from juices. Will’s cock was coated with spit, and as he looked at Ellen’s slippery ass-hole, he knew no other lube was needed. Her open, brown shit-hole had been well-fucked, and she was ready for him. Nicky’s cock was smeared with gobs of cum and the juices from Ellen’s ass. He waved his cock in front of her nose.

“Suck it clean, bitch!” he ordered, feeling full of power after having fucked her ass-hole good.

Ellen groaned again, feeling the two cocks press against her. She smelled ass and cum mixed on Nicky’s cock. Obediently, she sucked his cock into her mouth. At the same time, Will’s slick cock was pressing at her ass-hole. She knew how much fatter than Nicky’s it was. Her ass-hole was going to be stretched to the limit. If Will’s cock felt as good as Nicky’s had, she was in for the time of her life, she knew. She was grunting as Will pushed his cock-head into her.

Her mouth worked automatically, accustomed by now to sucking prick. The flavor of Nicky’s cock worked on her taste buds, driving her insane with lust. She began nursing on his cock, sucking and licking it clean as Nicky had ordered.

Ellen’s mouth wouldn’t allow his cock to go limp, and that was just fine with Nicky. Her mouth worked even better as her ass-hole opened all the way to take Will’s cock-head into it. She grunted again when Will’s cock popped in. Ellen felt like her ass-hole would tear if it had to stretch any more. But it felt good. So good that chills rushed up and down her body.

“Mmm… nnnhhh,” she mewled, ripples of heat and fuck-need spreading out from her ass.

Will stared between her ass-cheeks, watching how her ass-hole bulged and swayed open to take his cock.

“Aw, God-damn!” he moaned, his eyes rolling back. Her ass-hole slipped over his cock-head, tighter than any fuck-hole he had ever been in. Slowly, he began pushing more cock into her.

Ellen was feeling the greatest pleasure she had ever known. Her ass-hole was wide open, stretching to the limit to take Will’s massive cock. Slowly, she filled up, grunting with the sensation. The stretching, plugging sensation made her shudder with desire.

Will pushed his cock into her shitter with one long, slow stroke. When he pushed his balk against her ass, Ellen groaned deeply. She thought his cock was going to come out her throat. She had never been so stuffed. When win began slowly ass-fucking her, she began an almost hysterical, uncontrollable moaning. With each deep pump, chills radiated out from her shit-hole to fill her entire body.

Her mouth hardly knew what it was doing as she sucked her husband’s cock. Nicky’s cock stiffened fully again, revived by her expert cock-sucking. Soon he was holding the sides of her head, guiding her head from side to side. He slowly pumped his hips, moving his cock all around in her mouth. Her mouth wasn’t as good as her ass-hole, but it was very good nonetheless. His cock swelled with pleasure, his balls readying themselves to deliver another load.

Ellen could feel her husband’s cock harden. She sucked it more avidly. She wanted to swallow his load while Will pounded her ass. She pumped back at Will, working her ass-hole as best she could around his cock. His fat prick plugged her ass-hole so full she could hardly clench it, but she tried. The motions weren’t lost on Will, either.

He, too, bent over and laid his weight on her back. Reaching for her tits, he began squeezing them like Nicky had. Shivers rushed through the ass-fucked woman’s body all that much more, her nipples as hard as rocks. The man pinched and pulled her nips while he fucked. Her ass-cheeks were repeatedly flattened by his hard, deep fuck-thrusts. Will liked watching her ass flatten as he hammered into her shit-hole.

“Fuck… uuhhh… you were right. Oh, God… yeahhh! This is some good ass-hole!” The wet, juicy feel of her ass was making Will go crazy. His cock was throbbing deep inside her, the walls of her ass-hole grabbing for his prick and squeezing its entire length. He fucked faster and harder, almost picking her up off the floor each time he drove home and round deeply into her.

As Ellen received his fuck-thrusts up her ass, she was moaning, grunting with pleasure. Her ass-hole had a hot itch inside that was being most satisfactorily rubbed. Will’s fat cock made her feel so full. The constant hammering filled her body with pleasure. Her ass-hole narrowed just behind his cock-head each time he pulled back, then yawned wide open to take his cock to the root. Again and again, her shit-hole expanded and narrowed, expanded and narrowed. Combined with the feel of Nicky’s cock in her mouth and the dildo in her sloppy cunt, she felt the tremors beginning once again.

Nicky, too, was approaching another climax. “Oh… oh… keep sucking… God-damn, I’m gonna cum in your mouth… suck me you whore! Suck my load! Uh…” he groaned, his body quivering, “Uunnnggghh! Aarrrggghhh!” Ellen sucked with an appetite for cum that couldn’t be quenched. She gobbled and sucked as cum poured out of Nicky’s cock-head, splashing wetly into her mouth. Spurts of the warm, quivering wads streamed out of his cum-hole seemingly without end. She hungrily ate his cum, wanting all she could get. The pulsations sweeping his cock from root to knob excited her, making her want it all. She had a mouthful by the time his balls stopped spurting.

Happily she swirled his sticky jizz all around her mouth, sucking strongly on Nicky’s cock as he pulled it out of her mouth. As was his custom, he paused with just his cock-knob between her lips. She nursed on it making sure all his load was out. And as she paused, savoring the flavor of his fuck-cream, the deep hammering in her ass-hole drove her over the edge.

“Oh, God,” she mumbled, drops of cum streaming down her chin. “Mmmmmmnnnnnn… uugghhh… ah… ah!” Every muscle in her body spasmed. Her mouth was open as she gasped. The flavor of cum was in her mouth. Sweat was all over her body. And Will was behind her, fucking her ass-hole good as she came.

Her ass-hole went wild. Fluttering madly, her shitter worked in time with the convulsions wracking her through and through. Fuck-juice was pouring out of her pussy, her swollen, reddened fuck-hole spasming deep inside around the dildo. Both fuck-holes were full. The glowing sensation she felt between her legs washed through her whole body. And as her ass-hole throbbed, squeezing and massaging Will’s pistoning cock, she thought she felt his fat cock get harder. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew that Will was about to flood her insides with cum.

The man had tried to hold back as long as possible. But like Nicky, he had found the sucking, clenching grip of her slippery shit-hole to be too much for his cock to resist. Her clutching, brown ass-hole pinched his cock up and down its length, sucking it, wanting to extract its load of corn. His balls tightened in response. He mauled her tits harshly, puffing himself deeply into her ass-hole. Hunching into her with all the power at his command, his body shuddered with the force of his release.

“U… yyaaahh!” he roared, his cock leaping inside her.

The woman’s ass-hole slipped and slid the length of his cock, wringing the cum out of him. Hot, wet spurts shot deep up her ass, joining there with Nicky’s cum. The slippery wads slid up and down his cock, making him fuck with greater ease. Will’s stalk leapt again and again, his cock expanding and contracting as the spasms wracked him. Her ass-hole was wet and open as he came deep inside. Grunting, he fucked her ass hard until his cock stopped spurting.

From the ways his cock had exploded, he wondered if he had blown the head off his cock. But the feel was too good for him to worry about. He kept ass-fucking her as deep as he could as the spasms came farther and farther apart. By the time he slumped onto her back, both of them were spent.

Ellen rested over the chair back, her ass-hole throbbing in contentment. Her shitter had been fucked well, not once, but twice. Again, she felt like she was draining as Will pulled his cock out of her ass. Her ass-hole snapped shut behind his cock-head. A trickle of fuck-juice ran out of her stretched clit-hole, to join with the cream from her pussy. The insides of her thighs were wet.

Will reeled back, a dazed expression on his face. His mind was reeling. But not too much to get back in front of the woman. He lifted his sagging cock to her lips. She smelled the cum and ass-juices on his cock and opened her mouth. She needed no urging as she sucked and licked him until his cock was clean.

“All right, let’s untie her,” Nicky said.

Ellen stood up, her body cramped from being held in one position for so long. But she felt alive and refreshed at the same time. When the hood was removed, she felt free. Her body positively glowed from the release she had gotten.

“How ’bout a drink, then I’ll leave you two alone,” suggested Will.

“Sounds good,” Nicky said, looking at Ellen. “Yeah,” she moaned, her tits heaving. “I’ll have one, too.” The two men sat on the couch, while Ellen knelt on the floor in front of them. While they drank, she would alternately move up to one of them to kiss and suck his cock and balls. Every few minutes or so she would feel the need to have her face nuzzling between a man’s legs. The men didn’t object, either. They enjoyed the attention she gave their cocks and balls.

Too soon for her, they were finished with their drinks. Will got dressed. When Will went to the door, Ellen rushed there ahead of him. She went at his cock like she hadn’t had any prick for days, even though they all knew better. Will was pleased with her, letting her suck his well-used cock back to hardness.

Ellen kept sucking, not wanting to let go, and he didn’t try very hard to make her, either.

His cock was raging in her mouth, and his balls drew up. Soon, Ellen was swallowing another cum-load, her checks ballooning as her mouth filled. The sight made Nicky’s cock hard all over again, too. Will put his cock back in his pants, shaking his head with pleasure as he went out.

Ellen remained on her knees, looking up at her husband. He had changed her. He had made her aware of her body and the pleasures she craved. Her sore ass-hole twitched pleasurably, the throbbing still deep inside. Her husband had lived up to his promise. He had made her a total woman, just like he had said he would. She looked with almost insatiable hunger at his swollen cock.

Swiftly, she turned around on her knees in front of him. She spread her ass-checks wide apart. Nicky looked at her well-fucked ass-hole, his cock growing fatter.

“Nicky,” his wife said, “I… I want your cock in me… in my ass!” She didn’t need to tell him twice.

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