A Mother’s Lust, a mom’s cunt

Bernice McCormack felt a slight throbbing in her cunt when she saw her naked son in the bathroom.

Ordinarily, she would have yelled at him to close the door — didn’t he know he had a little sister running around the house?

This time she didn’t yell. Instead, she let her eyes trail over the smooth back, the firm, rounded ass, the meaty thighs. From this angle, she could tell he was very much his father’s son. The boy, although still a teenager, had the body of a man. And that cock! It must hang halfway to his knees!

The delicate sensation that burned near the base of her spine swept forward, tingling her pussy opening. Slowly, she lowered her right hand to her side, then over, to her crotch. Even through the material of her skirt and the silky pants, she could feel her clit grow rock-hard. She swallowed hard, then bit her lower lip.

Mike was now looking in the mirror, checking his appearance, before taking his girlfriend to the drive-in. At his age, he could be forgiven a certain vanity as he admired his features. The shock of blue-black hair, the dark-brown eyes and angular face made him one of the most handsome boys in school. Football and soccer were responsible for the heavily muscled body, the lean, sinewy features around his stomach and hips. He was just beginning to get hair on his chest. Thank God, his skin had finally cleared up.

His girlfriend was partly responsible for that, he thought. Sex for them had now become a pretty routine thing, not that he didn’t look forward to it. He did. He felt his cock pulsate just thinking about what he was going to do to that little bitch tonight.

Bernice’s eyes were now on Mike’s prick. Had it gotten bigger? Yes, it had. She wondered suddenly if her son and his girlfriend were sleeping together. Probably. Christ, if I had something like that to fuck, I sure would! She thought.

She began rubbing her fingers over her cunt, thinking about what the two of them would be doing less than an hour frown now.

He would spread her legs, then jab that thick cock head between her thighs. She could almost see the massive shaft slip noisily through the tiny, puckered opening, stretching the slick walls. His balls would crawl upward, then nestle inside the crack of her ass. There they would lie, throbbing with life, ready to explode. The gushing wads of cum would…

“Ohhhhh!” she cried out. A spasm of raw pleasure constricted her cunt, almost doubling her over.

“M-Mom! You OK?” Mike asked, hearing her groan.

Fortunately, she had jumped back, out of view, when the storm of climax hit her guts.

“I… I just stubbed my toe,” she lied. Her insides were still rippling, causing her opening to buzz, ache. “It… It hurts,” she added, wincing.

“Anything I can do?”

Yes, Son, she heard her mind scream. You can come over here and shove that big, beautiful dick right up my cunt! You can spit out all those globs of cum inside me! You can…

“No… I’m fine,” she gasped, trying to control her voice. “But… you’d better hurry. You don’t want to be late.”

Later, after kissing him lightly on the cheek, then watching him leave, she almost ran to her bedroom. She quickly threw off her clothes and stood in front of the mirror, looking at a reflection she hardly recognized. She hadn’t been this excited since she’d kicked Larry out — what was it? Two years now?

She suddenly forgot all about her husband’s faults, his running around, his drinking, the cruel games he’d play. What she remembered was the way that sonofabitch could fuck. If he hadn’t been so good, he would have been log gone before she finally took all she could.

Mike looked a lot like him, she thought. Big and muscular, that easy grin, those bedroom eyes. Her daughter and two other sons took after her side of the family.

“Oh… I want your cock inside me,” she whispered, placing both hands on her thighs. She dug her thumbs into the loose folds of skin that surrounded the blonde-haired cunt and pulled them apart. When she saw the pink, oozing canal, she thrust her middle finger deeply inside. When her palm hit the rock-hard surface of her clit, she again cried out with pleasure. “Right… up… here!” she moaned, arching her back.

She had meant to pretend it was Larry’s prick, but the vision of Mike’s meat kept coming back. The boy was young and firm, just as Larry had been when they’d first married. What would it be like? She wondered. Her own son’s cock inside her.

Guilt and pleasure swept around her like a damp fog. She tried desperately to forget Mike. It wasn’t normal for a mother to do what she was doing! If she wanted it that bad, why didn’t she just go out and find herself a man? Why masturbate and think of her son? “Oh… Mike,” she groaned, pleasure now outweighing guilt. “I wish I was that little girl. God, I’d fuck that cock of yours! I’d suck it off! I’d…”

Her voice became a choking, tortured groan as an explosion of raw ecstasy burned into her hole. She began pinching, squeezing, pulling on her clit. The sensations, however, were empty. Nothing would satisfy that ache, that horrible itch, but a big, juicy slab of cock!

“Ohhhh… God!” she wailed, her face now contorted with anguish. She humped her fingers, constricting the walls of cunt flesh around her knuckles. “I… I want you… Mike! God, how I want you!”

When the convulsions finally subsided, she again looked at her reflection. Once more, she hardly recognized her own face. The smooth, creamy skin was flushed, almost as if she had a sunburn. The short-cropped blond hair seemed paler, almost drained of all color. Her emerald green eyes were flashing, dark and hungry.

It had been so long since a man had touched her body. She almost had forgotten what it was like to feel a hot, sucking mouth on her pink-tipped tits, the rough hands sweeping over her waist, her hips.

She looked at her features carefully. Yes, she was still attractive enough, even at thirty-eight. Her tits were full and up-turned, the nipples small and rubbery. Her stomach was flat, her legs firm and lean. Tiny crows-feet etched her eyes, but even they added to her sultry good looks. Made her look world-wise, experienced.

Again she thrust her middle finger inside her hole. She would do it until that itch went away, or she collapsed from sheer exhaustion.

“Shit!” she heard Mike say as he slammed the door. “Shit and double damn shit!”

Quickly, Bernice threw on her housecoat, wondering what had happened. He sounded furious, and he was usually the quiet one in the family.

“Little bitch stood me up,” he said, seeing her appear from the hallway. He was sitting on the couch, his expression stony, one leg thrown over the arm, his large foot dangling about two inches from the carpet.

“Sorry, I can’t make it tonight,” he said, his voice high-pitch, mimicking. “I hope you understand.”

He exhaled loudly and looked in the general direction of the television. “Oh yes, I understand all right. Little bitch.”

“Hey it’s been a long time since just you and I did anything together,” Bernice said brightly. “I know I’m no match for your girlfriend, but we could go out…”

“You want go to the drive-in with me?” Mike asked, puzzled. He had asked her a hundred times to get out, to meet people, but she refused. He had finally given up, even though he hated the idea of her being wasted like that. She was a good-looking woman. He just hoped women still looked as good when he was thirty-eight!

“Would you?” he added, his eyes glinting. “I mean, hell, you never go any place. And just because Dad…”

He left the thought unfinished. He knew how much it still hurt her even to talk about him.

“You wouldn’t be ashamed to take your old mother?” Bernice said, feeling her throat constrict.

“I’d have the best-looking woman there,” Mike said.

God, what a charmer! Little bastard! She could nip this whole thing in the bud and say no. What might she do there in the car with him?

“I’d love to go,” she said. “Just let me get dressed.”

A short time later, as they sat in the darkness, watching the fuzzy picture on the screen, Bernice shot her son a glance from the corner of her eye. He looked bored.

Well, the kids didn’t come to this particular drive-in for the movies. That was obvious from what people around them were doing. She knew that Mike was probably regretting asking her out.

“How are you and your girlfriend getting along?” she asked, trying to sound casual. “Do you…”

“Well, I’ll be Goddamned!” Mike said suddenly, looking sharply to his left.

“What’s the matter?” Bernice asked.

“That little cunt is over there with Bobby Randolph!” Mike said, fuming. “I ought to go over there and break both their fucking necks!”

“Don’t, Mike,” Bernice said, touching his arm. “If a girl would stand you up, she’s got to be crazy. Just leave them be.”

“But she’s probably fucking the living…” He stopped suddenly, turning beet red. “I’m sorry,” he said, looking at his mother. “I’m… just so pissed.” He looked again at the car where his girlfriend and Bobby Randolph were. “I think I will go over there and kick some ass,” he said, his hand on the door.

“No,” Bernice said, digging her nails into is arm. “I’m not going to let you. Don’t be an idiot. She’s not worth it.”

Mike turned and was about to say something, perhaps vent his anger, but he stopped short. He’d never seen his mother look quite like that. Not like a mother at all. Her eyes were pleading, yet filled with a strange light.

“I want you to stay here with me,” Bernice whispered. “And remember, Son, you’ll always have me.”

Neither Mike nor Bernice knew what exactly happened next, how it came about. They were sitting apart from each other one moment, the next, they were embracing, their mouths locked. Mike’s right hand was on his mother’s tit, squeezing the firm, pointed flesh.

“You’ll always have me,” Bernice whispered, darting her tongue inside his mouth. “You… you can have me now if you want.”

Mike kissed from her mouth, leaving a glistening trail of spit over her chin, then pressed his lips into the hollow of her throat. As he felt her pulse beat against his lips, he also felt her nipples touch his chest.

“Can… can I suck your tits, Mom?” he murmured. “Oh, please let me! I’m sorry, I can’t help it! I want them!”

Bernice ran her fingers through his curly shock of black hair, then touched his temples. Her insides were bubbling, alive with hunger. She knew she was taking advantage of him. He had been stood up, his girlfriend was out with another boy, and he was vulnerable.

“You can do anything to me you want,” she whispered, pushing his head down to her tits. “And everything!”


Bernice felt her body shiver with anticipation when Mike opened her blouse, then removed her bra. How could this be happening? She thought. My own son, ready to suck my tits! Ready to… to… how would it feel to have his cock inside her?

“Fuck me!” she gasped. “Oh God, Son, I want your big cock in me!” She crushed his face against her tits and reached for the thick mound at his crotch. “I… I saw you in the bathroom tonight and I know it’s big and hard and… and… beautiful, and I want it. I… I want you to fuck me!”

“Jesus?” Mike said, his loins now aching. His mother had turned into a wildcat! Actually, he hadn’t even known it would lead to this, come this far. He had wanted hug, to kiss her tits. But fuck his own mother! “I… I can’t do that,” he stammered. “You’re my… my mother!”

“I had you inside me for nine months,” Bernice moaned, unable to control her emotions. “I want you inside me again. Now… tonight.”

Mike knew that he should pull away. It still wasn’t too late. He had just been upset, gone crazy, and his mother hadn’t been out with anyone in two years. He opened his mouth to tell her they must stop, that it was wrong. Instead of speaking, he closed his lips around the firm, rubbery nipple.

“Ohhhh, Mom!” he winced, sucking the silky mound over his tongue. “You’re so sweet and hot!”

“Mmmmmm!” Bernice gasped, his mouth sending electric-like ripples of pleasure into her chest. “Suck me, Son. God, lick my tits and fuck me! Do everything to me.”

If Mike had any further arguments with himself, he forgot them. All that seemed to matter now was the sensuous curves beheld, the soft mounds of tit, how his prick ached for release.

“Can… can I lick you all over?” he murmured, lowering his hands down her sides, tugging at her skirt. “Can I… oh, Mom, I want to kiss your pussy!”

“Yes,” Bernice gasped, leaning back against the door. She spread her legs and hiked her skirt up. As it folded around her waist, she yanked her panties down, revealing he blonde-haired, oozing hole. “Stick your tongue in here and fuck me with it,” she panted. “Oh God, Mike… hurry! I’m on fire!”

Mike completely removed the panties, then grabbed her thighs. At first he simply looked at the glistening, pulsating hole, his mouth hanging open. He’d never seen a woman so exited in his life!

“You’re beautiful!” he gasped, lowering his face to the damp patch. “Jesus… beautiful all over, Mom…”

His words became a muffle as he closed his lips around the tiny, delicate opening. He then took a deep breath, inhaling the steamy aroma of her canal, and thrust his tongue fully inside. As it slipped through the churning walls, he felt the back of his throat ache. Quickly, he sucked in some of the flaming juices, feeling them burn across his tongue like acid.

“So fucking hot and sweet!” he gurgled. “I… I didn’t know pussy could be this good!”

“Eat me!” Bernice screamed out, clawing at his wide shoulders. “Oh fuck, lick my pussy to death. Oh fuck, lick my pussy to death!”

She couldn’t remember ever feeling this good before, not even with Larry. Or perhaps it had just been too long.

“Ohhh!” she yelled suddenly as her insides burst with an explosion of pure, raw release. She squeezed her legs together, trapping his face between her thighs. She then pushed him against her cunt, holding the back of his head with both hands.

“Eat!” she shrieked. “Eat me to death, you little bastard! Lick it in! Fuck me with your tongue! Eat!”

Mike couldn’t believe the tremendous vacuum inside his mother’s pussy. It was practically yanking his tongue out by the roots! He pulled away with some difficulty.

“You’re hotter than a firecracker!” he panted. “Jesus, let me see it!”

“No!” Bernice said, her voice tortured, filled with anguish. “Don’t look… suck it! Lick it, you sonofabitch!”

Mike wanted nothing more than to do exactly that, but still he wanted to see it, find out what it was that snuggled around his cock. He placed his thumbs at the sides of her opening and tugged the loose folds of skin back. When the pink, fluttering tunnel came into view, he peered inside. It was a work of beauty. Slick and oozing, the coral-colored walls were slightly oval, almost as small as a throat.

“You expect me to put my cock in this little thing!” he gasped. “God, you’re smaller than Roxanne!”

In fact, his mother was more beautiful, more sensuous, more delicious than that little whore ever would be. She was nothing but a girl. His mother was a woman and she made him feel like a man.

“Put your tongue back in,” Bernice cried out, grabbing him by the hair of the head. “You’re driving me crazy! I can’t stand it any more, you little stud! Eat me! God, eat me alive!”

Mike bit down on her cunt like a striking cobra. The second his lips hit the hairy snatch, he jabbed his tongue inside, then curled it upward, drawing it over the slippery surface.

“Mmmmmm, delicious,” he murmured, his voice vibrating inside her canal… “I’m gonna eat you up and swallow you, baby!”

When her passion became almost unbearable, Bernice began humping violently against his face. As his tongue stabbed in and out, she could feel her clit throb against his nose, ready to explode. She began writhing, bucking wildly, every cell of her body burning with ecstasy.

“Fuck me! Tongue fuck me, you bastard!” she screamed. “I… I… aeeee!”

When her orgasm hit her full force, causing her insides to churn savagely, Mike felt his own ecstasy become all consuming. He chewed and licked furiously, gobbling over her clit, the rubbery folds of skin, the delicate, silky hairs. Soon, the car was steaming up from his breathing, the sounds of his smacking lips growing louder and louder.

“Mmmmmm, take it, whore,” he gasped, holding his tongue straight, punching it in quickly. “Lick it all the way in, baby. Mmmm, I love your hot pussy, Mom!”

Bernice finally felt her pleasures peak, then subside, leaving her insides feeling dull, aching. What he had done was perfect, the most fantastic feeling she’d ever had. And if his tongue could bring her to such heights, what could his prick do?

“Fuck me,” she said, pulling at his shoulders. “I want you to stick that big cock in me and…”

“Aren’t you gonna eat me now?” Mike murmured, resisting her move. “Fair is fair, right?”

“Well,” she began, “it’s been a long time since I sucked a cock, but I’ll try.”

Mike unbuckled his trousers and pulled his zipper down, releasing his pent-up dick. When it sprang from his pants, he exhaled with relief. Some of the hard aches disappeared.

“Ohhhhhh, it’s so big?” Bernice said, grasping the massive column with both hands. “Roxanne is nuts to go off and leave something like this!”

“Suck it,” Mike said. “Come on, eat it in. See how much you can take.”

“Mmmmm, I’ll take every hard inch,” his mother whispered, lowering her face to his crotch.

Mike almost laughed. Take it all? Impossible! Roxanne was the best he’d ever had and she could only get about half of it in her throat. Oh well, it was nice to dream.

Bernice closed her mouth around the gigantic cock head and sank her lips down the shaft. When the tip of it buzzed between her tonsils, she turned her head slightly sideways, then took a deep breath. He was huge! A good ten inches, at least. Maybe more.

“Ah… that’s fine,” Mike said, watching about half of his prick disappear between her lips. “Just as good as…”

His words evaporated in amazement as he watched her slowly take in more, then gobble the entire amount into her throat. Her lips were now tightly pursed at the base, munching over the wiry hairs.

“You… you can suck it all!” he gasped finally. “Jesus… fucking… God! Where are you putting it, Mom?”

“Mmmmmm,” Bernice said, taking his right hand. She pressed it between her tits, molding his fingers into the soft flesh.

“Goddamn… I still don’t believe it!” Mike said, his eyes wide, hungry.

Bernice slipped her mouth back up the monstrous prod, then spit it from her lips. As it hit his stomach with a dull thud, she darted her tongue between his furry, cum-filled balls. She then took them one at a time into her mouth, washing them tenderly.

“Mmmmmm, now both,” she murmured, sucking the twin orbs over her tongue at the same time.

While she chewed and nibbled on his balls, she began jacking his cock with both hands, occasionally rubbing the shaft over her cheeks, between her eyes. The massive slab was throbbing more quickly, tightening and expanding.

“Oh… Fucking Christ!” Mike growled, punching his hips upward. “I… I don’t know if I can take much more, Mom. I’m gonna blow my fucking wad right on my stomach!”

“Ohhhhh, don’t do that,” Bernice said, flopping his nuts from her mouth. She ran the tip of her tongue up the side of his prick, then kissed the glistening head. “I want to suck that cream… mmmm, and eat it.”

“You take it in the mouth?” Mike asked. God, this was too good to be true! Not only did she know how to suck dick, but she actually ate cum! “I… I mean, you’ll really do it?”

“Mmmmmm, what girl wouldn’t?” she teased, rolling the tip of her tongue over his cum-hole. “I just love sucking gallons of hot, creamy cum.”

Mike thought his mind would explode. His girlfriend would often suck him if he coaxed her enough, but she’d never eat it. Once he couldn’t help himself and blew his load in her mouth and was she pissed! Well, he couldn’t blame her.

“Eat it,” he panted. “God, if you’re gonna do it, you’d better do it now. I… I can’t hold back much longer.”

“Mmmmm let me lick you some more first,” Bernice whispered. She hadn’t tasted a male body in so long she was almost crazy with hunger. The rough texture of muscles, the wiry hairs, the heady aroma…

“I want to kiss every square inch of you, baby,” she said, moving her mouth over the top of his thigh.

What happened next made Mike think the universe had suddenly exploded. His mother was now fucking her tongue under his balls, digging the tip of it into the crack of his ass!

“Oh… that’s good,” he winced. “Too fucking good!”

“Oh yes, delicious,” Bernice gasped. His firm, tight ass was made for sucking. She couldn’t wait to get him home so she could get a really good angle at it, to stab her tongue inside that tight, little shitter. “Like it?” she murmured, nudging toward the greasy opening. “Like your mother eating you out?”

Mike couldn’t even speak. He knew if he moved a muscle, his nuts would blow. He bold his breath, waiting for her to atop the torture, hoping she wouldn’t.

“And now for that big cock,” she said, busily working her lips upward, over his nuts. “Mmmmmmm. You ready to give your mother a load of cum?”

“Unhhhhh… fuck!” Mike barked. “Take it, Goddamn you!”

When he felt her lips slide over the base of his prick, he just couldn’t help himself any most. If he’d waited another second, his mind would have snapped. He grubbed her head and slammed her face violently against his crotch. He heaved upward at the same time, burying the entire slab of meat into the back of her throat.

“Mmmmfffff!” Bernice choked, surprised, but delighted with his sudden move. When his cock head hit the back of her mouth and dipped in to her throat, she could feel the heat from his meat burn downward, inflaming her guts. She gave another throaty moan, feeling her climax build at the back of her pussy.

Mike withdrew his prod, then hammered back in. As his shaft slid through her pursed lips, he felt the churning masse of cum boil into his cock, then spew upward, ballooning the end of his dick.

“Now!” he cried out, every muscle in his body tense with pain. “Suck my cock now, cock sucker!”

When the first gush of boiling jism hit the back of her throat, Bernice’s cunt opening fluttered then exploded. She choked and spluttered, forcing some of the hot jism upward, behind her nose. Then, when he plunged in more of his scalding juices, twin streams of milky fluid shot from both nostrils.

“Ooommm!” she gurgled, bobbing her head up and down, wallowing more of the fluid over her tongue as it burst from his cum-hole.

“Take it, cunt!” Mike groaned, holding her head so tight his knuckles were turning white. “Suck every fucking drop and… and… eat my dick, Mother!”

“Aaaaghhh!” Bernice gargled, now tasting the bulk of his load, feeling it surge between her teeth, burn into her cheeks. Some of it seeped from the corners of her mouth, wetting up her chin. But most of it rolled into her stomach where it seemed to pulsate with life.

“Oh, shit… all of it!” Mike finally said, punching in the last of his load. “Oh… fucking Jesus… suck me! Suck me like this all Goddamned night!”

When Bernice pulled back, she was almost glad it was over. His orgasm had been too wonderful to waste in the front seat of a car. She needed more room, room to spread those delicious juices all over his body and lick them off.

“You mean that?” she said, lifting her head, lapping a stray wad of cum from her chin with the tip of her tongue. “You want your mother to suck you to sleep?”

“Who’s going to sleep?” Mike laughed. Bernice went back to his prick and gathered up all the glistening globs of cum, rolling them into one puddle in his dark crotch hairs. She then took the juice into her mouth and held her head back, letting the force of gravity pull it into the back of her throat. As it bubbled past her tonsils, she felt another raw sensation at the base of her cunt canal.

“Why don’t we go home and do this right?” she suggested. “Get in bed, and we can…”

“Right?” Mike said. “Jesus, what could be more right! I… I never knew it could feel so good! You’re the best little cock sucker a kid ever had, Mom!”

“You liked it?” she teased, working her fingers over his meat. “I’m glad. And since you did, I’ll blow you all the way home. Just drive carefully.”

“Oh Jesus… oh Jesus,” Mike grunted. Which would be better? Getting another blow job on the way home, or finally dipping into that tiny crack?

“Oh… Jesus,” he gasped again, starting the engine, yanking the car into reverse, taking the speaker with them.


Bernice spread her legs a little wider to give her son more room. When he lowered himself down on her body, she felt a surge of warmth hit the back of her cunt. That precious cock she had been sucking all the way home from the drive-in would now be entering her cunt. She could hardly wait.

“Hurry!” she cried out, touching his wide, tanned shoulders with her fingers. “Oh God, let me have it… hard!”

Mike was glad that he’d blown his wad twice before. Now he could take his time. Even still, just looking at the hungry urgency in his mother’s eyes made his loins burn.

“Ready?” he murmured, kissing her on the mouth. “Mmmmmmmm? You ready for your little boy’s big dick?”

“Yes,” Bernice whispered into his throat. “God, I haven’t had a good fucking in so long! You don’t know how much I’m going to love this!”

She felt his massive cock head press into the slippery patch between her legs. The mere touch was electric, sending a jolt of raw pleasure all the way toward the back of her oozing canal. She thrust her hips upward, crushing their bodies together, now feeling the full size of his prod. His balls were throbbing between her thighs, vibrating with another load of cum.

“Wow, you are one hot lady,” Mike said, feeling her tremble. “I… I never knew a girl who liked dick so much.”

“It’s been so long,” Bernice whispered, raking her nails down his back to his furry ass. She sounded wistful, like one who knows life may have passed her by. “I… I don’t even remember how it feels.”

“Well, you’re about to find out,” Mike said. He lifted his ass and worked the tip of his prick into the greasy opening of her cunt. When he felt the tight lips surround his cock head, he gently eased inward. “Here it comes!” he gasped, pushing through the tightly constricted walls.

“Ohhhh… God!” Bernice screamed out. She felt as if she were a virgin again. He seemed even bigger than Larry had that first time. Real pain shot into her guts, melting her. “It hurts!” she cried out, throwing her head to one side. “Oh God, it hurts so good!”

“Holy… mother fuck!” Mike winced. “You’ve got the littlest pussy I ever fucked!”

The thought of her young son ramming his cock into a lot of girls inflamed Bernice with ecstasy. She wondered how the others handled it, how many times he had given them orgasms, what they had screamed into his mouth.

“Fuck me the best,” she moaned. “Give it to your mother like you never have anyone else.”

“Don’t you worry, sweetheart,” Mike said, now crunching the root of his enormous optic between the rim of her cunt. “I’ll fuck you til you stay fucked! You won’t walk right for a fucking week!”

As the pressure inside her cunt grew, Bernice didn’t doubt his words for a moment. Already she felt as if her canal had been torn, was bleeding. Yet now, pleasure was dancing with pain, the twin sensations in gentle combat. Within seconds, pleasure won out.

“Mmmmmm, good!” she groaned, squeezing her fingers into his rounded, muscular ass. She spread the tight cheeks and touched the greasy nub of his shithole. “God, you’re good all over,” she said, kissing his shoulder.

“OK, just hang on,” Mike said, withdrawing his prod. “This is gonna be one wild ride, baby.”

He had hardly gotten the words out when he hammered back in, punching his full weight between her thighs. He withdrew immediately and slammed back in.

“Take it, you cock sucking whore,” he spat, grabbing for her legs. He yanked her thighs violently apart and dug his toes into the sheets. He then began banging in and out as if in a rage, his ass becoming a fleshy blur.

“Take it here! And… fucking… here! Here, bitch! Like it?”

“Ooohhhh!” Bernice wailed, now tearing her nails into his shitter, trying to push him even harder, faster inside her. She’d never known such pure ecstasy before. Every cell in her body seemed to burst with warmth.

“Fuck me just like that! God, don’t stop! Don’t ever stop! Fuck meeee!”

“Wow… you sure can fucking take it, can’t you?” Mike panted. It seemed every time he plowed inside her she got hungrier, more passionate. And here he thought he’d been spoiled by Roxanne, who would move her ass once in while!

“Well, see if you can take this, whore!” he spat, giving her all he had.

As he fucked furiously, almost like a jack hammer, Bernice felt her orgasm sweep through her cunt.

“Poke me full of hot cream, you little bastard!” she screamed, bucking wildly beneath him, matching him stroke for stroke. “I want it all! Give me… aieeee!”

Her climax was the best she’d ever had, whether her memory was good or bad. She knew that. Before, they had been more or less localized. This time, her entire body pulsated. So much, in fact, she seemed to have turned into an extension of him.

“Fuck!” she shrieked, half-sitting. She grabbed his ass even tighter, pushing her hips upward, crushing the full length of his meat inside her.

“Ohhhh… God! Fuck! Fuck! Screw me, you bastard!”

“God fucking damn!” Mike gasped. She was a tiger, an animal! And her cunt was pulling on his prick just like her throat had! And here he thought he was the big stud, fucking all these girls. Hell, he hadn’t been fucked till now!

He threw his arms under hers, placing his palms on her shoulders, completely enfolding heer body in his. He then stabbed upward with his full strength, somehow managing to equal her intensity. But not for long. Soon, his cock base was throbbing as if it were on fire, or he’d been hit in the nuts with a baseball bat.

“Oh… fuck… I’m so close, I…”

“Give it to me!” his mother yelled, biting his mouth, licking her tongue over his lips, his cheeks, his chin. “Give me cum, you bull! Fuck it all to me!”

She experienced another almost blinding flash of pure ecstasy. As it built, then peaked savagely, she felt his cock head balloon, then spit the scalding fluid.

“Oh fuck… take it, you cum-sucking bitch!” Mike growled, his body flexing, painfully. “Eat it right up your cunt and fuck it to your brains!”

Her threw himself forward beneath his huge, hulking frame and began fucking her brutally, like a sex starved animal. And each time his prick sent a tower of liquid fire into the back of her pulsating tunnel, the ache inside his balls grew worse. Only when the bulk of his climax spurted out did he get any relief. And when it did finally explode from his cum-hole, he was covered with sweat.

“Oh… Mom!” he winced, falling over her body, relaxing. He squirmed his ass around and felt the sloshing streams of jism wash back up the length of his cock, then dribble from the bottom of her slit. A few seconds later, his nuts became glued to the crack of her ass, held there by silvery, web-like strands.

“Mike, my darling, Mike!” Bernice gasped. “Mmmmm, you don’t know how much your mother appreciates this. It was so good! God, I wish I was a girl again. I’d fuck you morning, noon end night!”

“You mean you’re not?” Mike teased, just now getting his breath. “I’d kinda hoped we could do it all the time.”

“Oh, you wouldn’t want me,” Bernice said. She had been so concerned with her own pleasures, she hadn’t even thought about what he must have felt. Was he flattering her now? Even if he was, it was still nice to hear.

“I’m just an old woman,” she added, giving him a smile.

“Let me tell you this, baby,” Mike said, lifting his head and looking her in the eyes. “You’re the best. And I’ve had a few. Shit, you’re the best!”

“Maybe you’re being hasty,” Bernice teased. “You haven’t tried everything I have to offer.”

Mike looked at her closely, then lowered his eyes to her tits. He then rolled away and placed his palm over her cum-splattered pussy.

“What’s left?” he asked. “You have another pussy some place?”

“Well, sort of,” Bernice said. She spread her legs and thrust her fingers between her thighs. “Ever made any rear deliveries?” she asked.

“You mean, fuck you in the ass?” Mike gasped.

“Sure,” his mother said. “Ever tried it?”

“No,” Mike said slowly. “I don’t know any girls who’ll let me.”

“This girl will let you,” Bernice said. “Mmmm, I’ll let you do it all you want.” She grasped his thick, throbbing shaft and jacked the loose foreskin over the oval head. “Mmmmmm, just so long as you do it with this big thing,” she said.

“You’re serious,” Mike said, still wondering if she were. “I… you’ll really let me do it?”

In answer, his mother rolled to her back and got to her knees. She looked at him over her shoulder and wiggled her ass suggestively.

“Ready when you are,” she said, flashing him a wicked smile.

Mike looked at the rounded ass, his eyes taking in the gentle curves, the soft contours. He then swallowed hard as he crept behind her, planting his knees between her legs.

“Oh Jesus, this is going to be so good,” he whispered, touching the tender flesh.

“Just go easy at first, Son,” Bernice said. “That big cock might tear my asshole to pieces.”

“That’s what I want it to do,” the boy said, now quivering with anticipation. He loaned forward and slipped his throbbing cock head into the delicate crack of her shitter. When flesh touched flesh, he gasped loudly. “God… so warm,” he said, bending to kiss the back of her neck.

Bernice held her breath, waiting for the hard spasm of pain. Then, as the tip of his prick nudged into the puckered rim, she gave a loud, growling groan.

“Hurt?” Mike asked, freezing.

“No,” she panted. “I… I mean, it hurts so good! God, stick it all the way in, you little stud. All the way in!”

Mike slipped his hands over her cheeks and spread them, giving himself a better angle. He waited for a few seconds, prolonging the agony for them both, then gently eased inside. As his meat glided through the greasy walls, he felt his balls expand, then pulsate.

“Wow… so fucking tight!” he gasped.

“Mmmmm, delicious!” his mother murmured. There had been hardly any pain at all, only a large pressure which swelled her guts. She reached under her body and grasped his dangling balls, rolling them upward. When the hairy surfaces touched her oozing cunt, she flinched. “Now… hard!” she begged. “Drive it all the way in!”

Mike withdrew slightly, then slammed fully for ward, burying the entire slab of his cock into the back of her shitter. When he felt her insides hug and suck on him like a throat, he bit into the soft flesh of her neck.

“Christ, this is perfect,” he whispered, his breath hot against her skin. “Mom, you have the best little asshole for fucking! Oh… God!”

Bernice felt herself go weak. Pleasure had now taken complete control of her body, shaking her insides. She began rocking back and forth, squirming her ass around. Soon, she adjusted to his huge size, making it easier for him to slide in and out.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, squeezing his nuts, feeling the steady vibrations of a fresh load of cum. “Slam that big cock in my asshole and fuck the living shit out of me!”

“Oh, take it, you cock sucking whore,” Mike grunted, now grinding in, pulling out, his moves getting quicker. “Take all of it right up your shitter and fuck it!”

As the intensity of his fucking grew, Bernice felt her pussy throb. A few seconds later, both tunnels seemed to mesh, become one mass of writhing flesh. Her orgasm was just seconds away, and something told her it would be wonderful, perhaps even better than the ones she’d had before.

“Harder!” she panted, now moving with him, jerking her ass back each time he plunged into her. “Ram it as fast and hard as you can, you little bull-stud.”

“Oh shit!” Mike moaned, suddenly realizing he couldn’t hold back much longer. Already his load felt so heavy, ready to burst from his nuts. “I… I’m so fucking close!” he panted. “Christ, I wanted it to last!”

“Poke me full!” Bernice demanded, remembering the thick, gushing loads of cum that had speared into her mouth and pussy. “Shove in a whole gallon, you little bastard!”

Before she had gotten the words out, she felt her insides swell as his meat expanded. She could then almost see his prod as it began to jerk, spit the scalding juices upward, through his cum-tube. When the first fiery blast showered her insides, she froze, her back arching.

“Aieeeee!” she wailed, jerking upward. She reached around and grabbed his bobbing ass, helping him to hammer harder.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she chanted, her words matching the pulsating of his cock head.

“Take it, cunt!” Mike barked, slamming against her body with wild punches. “Suck it right up your asshole, baby! All of it! Take my cum, whore!”

Bernice wondered how it was possible for his orgasm to be so thick, so plentiful. Yet, there it was, already filling her ass to overflowing, now streaming down the insides of her thighs. And the little sonofabitch was still pumping in more! Would he ever stop? She hoped not.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned, her body giving a final spasm of release. She held herself against his warm, muscular body, then fell forward, gasping into the sheets. “God… yes,” she whispered. “Mmmmmmm, yes!”

When she fell, Mike went with her, crushing his full weight over her backside. He lifted and lowered his hips for a few more times, then fully relaxed, panting against her shoulder.

“Oh Mom,” he whispered. “Let’s stay like this all night. Don’t move at all. I want to go to sleep, just like this. Mmmmm, with my dick inside you and fucking andd…”

His voice trailed off to a murmur as he closed his eyes, exhaustion setting in. Finally, he dropped off to a happy, dreamless sleep, his cock slowly wilting, easing out of her shitter.

As Bernice lay beneath him, her own passions spent, she had time to think about what had happened. Was it something that would have taken place eventually, or had she forced it? She searched her mind, ready to encounter the horrible guilt. She had, after all, seduced her own son.

Perhaps it was bad, she didn’t know. Still, she hadn’t used a lead pipe, she reasoned. And it wasn’t like she was doing it to her whole family. Just Mike.

After all, there were Brian and Gary and Tammy. She wouldn’t dream of touching them. Wouldn’t even dream of it!

Moments later, she fell in a deep sleep as she dreamed those exact thoughts.


The morning light brought guilt and shame for Bernice, and it was with the greatest difficulty that she could even function. Breakfast had been a nightmare. While Brian, Gary and Tammy chatted easily, as they did on a Saturday morning, Mike seemed intent on making everything into a sexual comment, to have a double meaning. She was afraid even to look at him.

She almost crowed with relief when Tammy went to see a girl friend and Gary and Mike went to play ping pong at the recreation center, two blacks away. That left her with only Brian, the eighteen-year-old. It was his day to mow the grass, and he was now in the backyard dressed only in cut-offs, behind the mower, his firm body glistening in the late morning sun.

She watched from the back window, again reliving each moment of the night before, her guilt intensifying. She simply had to talk to someone. Anyone! Even Brian, perhaps. He had a head on his shoulders. Well, that’s not all he had, she thought, looking at his body with a careful glance as be moved the mower closer. He looked like a Greek God, all blond and tanned, his thick muscles forming hard angles on his six-foot frame.

It’s thoughts like that that got me where I am! She warned herself.

Still, he certainly looked good.

“Boy, it’s hot out there,” he said, coming in a few moments later. “Anything to drink?” As he talked, he fumbled in the refrigerator and took out the milk carton. He almost drained the contents in one gulp. Some of the milky fluid dripped from the corners of his mouth. “Whew! That sure hits the spot,” he said, replacing the carton.

“Can I talk to you, Brian?” Bernice began, now afraid to look at his body, choosing to gaze into his dark-blue eyes. “It’s something that has me worried.”

“Shoot,” the boy said, sitting down opposite her. “I’d rather stay in here where it’s cool anyway.”

Bernice took a deep breath, then looked down at her coffee cup. She began explaining what had happened the night before, saying the words almost in a sing-song fashion. As she heard herself speak, she hardly recognized her own voice. And the story, itself, seemed oddly disjointed.

“OK, I’ll bite,” Brian said, grinning. “What’s the punch line?” Her and Mike fucking? Ridiculous! “Well?”

“It’s true,” she said. “And I feel terrible!”

“Wow, you mean… you and that little fart really…”

“Yes,” she said, then burst into tears. “Oh God, what am I going to do?”

“Hey, Mom, it’s OK,” the older boy said. He stood and walked around the table. He touched her shoulders, then pulled her into his arms, embracing her warmly. “It’ll work out,” he cooed in her ear. “Nothing’s so bad it can’t be fixed.”

Another flash of guilt hit her. Had she told him, then cried, just to get near him like this? His body was firm, sweaty, deliciously heady, engulfing her like a muscular blanket. His crotch was thick, pushing into hers.

“I’m terrible!” she cried out.

“Now tell me, why are you terrible?” Brian said, kissing her cheek. “You’re my mom and you’re terrific.” He squeezed his arms around her a little harder. “Now tell me. Why do you really think you’re so terrible?”

“I’m terrible, because… because, I’d like to do the same thing to you,” she spluttered, wondering where she’d gotten the courage to utter those words.

“Same thing to me?” Brian repeated, as if by rote, like her words were foreign. “You… you and me?” he said finally, pulling back.

“I told you I was terrible!” she cried. “Oh God, what’s wrong with me!”

“There’s nothing wrong with you,” Brian said. “You’re just a horny lady, that’s all.” He kissed her again, his act tender, loving. “And as soon as you get yourself a steady man…”

“I don’t want a steady man,” she said. “I want…”

“Well, until you do get that steady man, and believe me, you will, we’ll take care of you,” the boy said. “But be sure and get rid of that guilt.”

“How can I?” she asked, her voice desperate. “When I want my own sons!”

“Well, have you ever thought that your own sons might want you?” he said, a strange look in his eye. “Like I said,” he added with a chuckle, “I’ll do anything to keep from mowing that lawn.”

Before she knew what was happening, he lifted her in his sweaty arms and carried her through the double doors that led to the bedrooms. He then entered her bedroom and lowered her down on the bed. Without saying a word, he shucked out of his shorts, then stood before her.

“Still want me?” he asked. “Or should I shower first?”

Bernice couldn’t believe this was happening! She honestly wanted to think that she confessed to him so he could help her. He was now adding to her guilt! And he stood there, almost mocking, arrogant. Calling her bluff!

“Yes — I want you,” she said, her words spasms of pain. “God, yes, I want you!”

As he lowered himself down on her, she felt her heart skip a beat. At that moment, she had never seen a more handsome man in her life. Not only was he muscular, God-like, but his angular face was perfect, not a flaw anywhere. His blue eyes were piercing, eager. His sculptured chest was hairless, almost like golden-brown marble. His cock, however, was the most beautiful thing about him. It was thick and long, longer even than Mike’s — richly veined, the large, oval-shaped head glistening.

“Oh Brian, help me!” she pleaded, making one last effort for sanity. “Please!”

“I’ll help you get that little pussy to throbbing,” her son said, lowering his mouth down on hers. He thrust his tongue between her lips, then bit her lower lip. “Mmmmmm, and I’ll bet it throbs to beat sixty,” he murmured, his hands pulling at her clothes.

When she was fully naked, he began kissing her, his passion mounting. He had always thought his mother was damned attractive, but until now, he hadn’t realized just how much. Her body was firm and ripe, soft to his touch, and those tits God, a girl of eighteen should have them! They were full, pointed, burning against his chest, like stabbing knives. Her smoldering cunt, fringed with corn-colored hair was damp, hotter than anything he’d imagined. He knew his father was pretty much of an idiot, but to leave her? God, he was a dope!

“So my little brother was the first to dip into this little pussy?” he said, sliding his mouth over her chin to the hollow of her throat. “Lucky little bastard.”

“We… we can stop,” Bernice said, her voice pained. “If we stop now, we can…”

“We can’t stop, you know that,” Brian said, his voice husky with pleasure. “I don’t want to, and neither do you. You want my cock, don’t you, Mom? Say it. You want my cock.”

“Yessss!” she hissed, clawing at his back, feeling her mind almost snap with ecstasy. “Oh… God… I want your cock!”

“And I want this little cunt to fuck,” Brian said, moving his hands down her sides. When he touched her oozing mound, he lowered his face to her tits, taking the rubbery nipples between his teeth. “Mmmmm, I want your pussy… and I want to eat your tits,” he gurgled.

“Fuck me! Suck me!” she begged, squirming beneath him, grabbing for his ass. “Oh, sweet Christ… do it! Do it to me… now, you bastard!”

She pressed her fingers into the taut flesh of his ass cheeks, then stabbed into the crack. When her nails raked over the greasy bud of his shitter, she heaved her body upward, feeling her pussy lips kiss the underside of his prick. The mere touch was enough to cause her to jerk with anguish and hot desire.

“Jesus!” the boy gasped. “Looks like it might take Mike and me both to keep you satisfied. You’re a hot little bitch in heat, you know that?”

“I… I know I want you to fuck me,” Bernice groaned. “God, I want it so bad I can taste it!”

“Don’t worry, sweetheart,” Brian pinned. “When I finish reaming out your little cunt, you’re gonna do exactly that. Gonna taste every fucking drop.”

As he said the last word, he lifted his ass, then grasped his cock with his right hand. Carefully, he aimed the tip of it into the steaming mound of cunt, piercing the delicate rim. Gently, he eased inside, stretching the fluttering walls apart.

“Ahhh… so tight!” he grunted. “Why didn’t you tell me your pussy was this good? I’d have been fucking it long before now.”

As he penetrated her fully, Bernice’s mind swept over the past. Here was her own flesh and blood, her own son, thrusting his meat inside her. God, she had changed his diapers, taught him to walk, saw him through all kinds of childhood disasters. Never in a million years, when she had sat holding him, reading him bedtime stories, had she dreamed he’d be fucking her! Those same feet that were now rubbing her ankles had once kicked inside her swollen belly!

“Oh… Brian!” she cried, feeling the room spin. Just how depraved could she get? Was there no limit? “Fuck me!” she screamed, clawing harder at his ass. “Fuck your mother, you mother fucker!”

“I will, baby,” her son said, moving his mouth back and forth over her tits. “Mmmmm, gonna fuck and suck you all day long.”

He began plunging in and out rhythmically, his body tightening. Each stroke filled them both with greater passion, greater urgency. Soon, when he could stand the horrible aches in his balls no longer, he started slamming into her hole with his full strength.

“Take it, bitch!” he growled. “Goddamn you, take my cock and eat it up to your brains! Gonna fuck you… unhhhh!”

Bernice worked with him as he reached full momentum, his ass slapping up and down in a blur. She pumped her hips, and thrust her fingertips into his shitter.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she panted, her face contorting with anguish. She lowered her head and pulled the blond strands of hair between her teeth. Her orgasm was just a few seconds away.

“Give it to me… now!” she screamed.

When the thundering spasms drilled up and down her cunt, she froze for a second, then began threshing wildly beneath him. She couldn’t seem to get enough, and every time she felt his cock slam into her cunt, the itch only grew more horrible. Finally, she was quivering all over, her excitement peaking, growing savage.

“Oh… shit!” Brian gasped, now feeling her pussy suck on his meat furiously. He couldn’t have held back now if his life depended on it! “I’m… I’m blowing my fucking load, baby!” he winced, flexing every muscle in his body.

“Yesss!” Bernice screamed, feeling his prod stiffen, squeeze her guts even further apart. Then, as it exploded, sending a shower of warmth into her canal, she experienced one, long storm of raw, ultimate release. “Ohhhh!” she shrieked, biting her lips until she tasted blood.

“Unh! Take it, cock sucker!” Brian panted, chewing hungrily over her tits, emptying more of his climax into her churning pussy. “Take every fucking drop, bitch!”

Bernice couldn’t believe the intensity of his climax. He seemed not only to be fucking with his cock, but every particle of his body. And each delicious load of cum made her more aware of how pleasure was infecting them both. She had another flashing climax, constricting her insides.

“Ohhhh!” she cried out, jerking upward. “Give me all of you,” she said, her voice barely audible, a rasp. “Dick me good, you bastard!”

Brian punched in the last of his boiling juices, then fell over her body, moving his face back against hers. With his mouth slack, he pressed down on her, lips, letting his tongue slide between her teeth.

“You feel bad about that?” he said, feeling her heart pound against his. “When it feels this fucking good?”

“Oh… I don’t know,” Bernice said. “When I’m alone, I know what we’re doing is wrong, but when I’m like this I don’t care! All I can think of is cock! Mmmmmmm, big cock like this!”

They lay molded together for several long moments, waiting for their pleasures to subside. Finally, Brian pulled away and looked at her, his eyes laughing.

“Any regrets?” he asked, stroking her tits. “I know I don’t have any.”

“None,” Bernice lied.

“Then let’s make this an all-day party,” he said, again lowering his face down on her tits. “We’ll fuck and fuck and fuck!”

“I wish I could be so carefree about it, like you,” Bernice said wistfully. “Like all of the kids today.”

“Why don’t you try?” Brian murmured. “Earlier you said you wanted it so bad you could taste it. You meant that, didn’t you?”


“Then taste it,” he said, taking her hand and placing it over his rock-hard cock. “Taste your son, cock sucker. Taste him real, real good.”


Bernice held her son’s cock with bath hands, feeling the thick slab pulsate. And now, as she faced it more closely, it looked twice as big as before. No small wonder her cunt was torn, raw.

“Looks like I’ve got my job to do,” she said, feeling her throat twitch with hunger. “This thing belongs on a horse!”

“Nope,” Brian said, pushing down on the back of her head, “it belongs right inside that cock sucking mouth of yours.”

Bernice took a deep breath, then opened her mouth wide. She closed her lips around the cum-splattered head and slowly sank downward, feeling her mouth stretch painfully. When she felt the enormous cock head sear between her tonsils, she saw that she had barely taken in half of it. She repositioned herself, lying slightly to one side, then gulped the rest of it in, feeling it squeeze down her throat. When her mouth touched the wiry hairs, she exhaled, feeling her air wheeze around the rubbery surfaces.

“Qhhh fucking God!” Brian cried out. “That’s so Goddamned good the way you do it!” He pressed harder against the back of her head, then threw his left leg around her shoulder. “Suck me, whore! Suck me dry!”

Bernice held herself in his crotch for several seconds, feeling her lungs burn. Finally, she pulled back up and inhaled deeply, just holding his cock head in her mouth.

“Want to fuck me?” she gurgled. “Hmmmm?”

“No!” Brian said quickly. “I mean, yes. But not now! I want you to suck me!”

“I mean do you want to fuck my face?” she said, tugging at his body. “Roll over and punch it to my throat like my mouth was a pussy.”

“Holy shit!” Brian said, his voice shaking. “I-I don’t believe this is happening!”

He flipped her to her back, then planted his knees in her armpits. Still holding the back of her head, he leaned forward, totally engulfing her head and shoulders in his hard, hairy warmth. He withdrew slightly, feeling his nuts slide between her tits, then slammed fully forward.

“Aaaaghhhh!” Bernice choked, moving her hands to his ass to push him away. His cock was killing her, so hard and meaty she thought it would pierce through the back of her neck. When she grabbed the rounded, hairy cheeks, however, she felt her fingers dig in, crushing him even harder forward. She gave another moan, wondering how anything could be so wonderful, so painful at the same time.

“Jesus… suck!” Brian said, withdrawing so she could breathe. He then plunged quickly back in. As he did, his nuts slipped across the hollow of her, throat, then hung from her chin, his cum-load vibrating against her flesh like a hive of angry bees.

“Eat it all in, cock sucker, and lick me out!” he panted, leaning forward.

As he began bobbing his body up and down, drilling his meat in and out, Bernice held her mouth open, at times gulping forward. All pain had left her, and nothing seemed to matter now but the thick slab of cock.

“Mmmmmmm!” she groaned, her eyes closing with enormous ecstasy. She twisted her face around, grinding her lips into the hairy base, lapping the loose folds of skin around his balls under her lips. “Oooommm!”

“Goddamn! I love women who love dick!” Brian moaned, rocking from side to side. “I just hope you like to suck cum, too. I bet I’ve got a gallon of it!”

When he mentioned the words, Bernice hoped her own pleasures would wait. How fantastic it would be to have her cunt explode with climax the very second he pumped his fiery juices into her throat. To feel the globs shower over her tonsils, the heat sweeping down, matching the fire of her guts.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned, rubbing her knees together, feeling her clit throb almost painfully.

Brian was now pumping back and forth with greater force, feeling the ache in his balls become almost unbearable. Then, when he felt a spasming at the base of his cock, he stopped all movement.

“Just a second,” he panted. “Let’s slow down. I want this to last. I’ve never had it this way before! Shit, let’s take all day!”

Bernice didn’t know if she could take the delicious torture any longer. Already she could taste the flavor of his jism as the steam from the juices billowed up his cum-tube. She did as he asked, however, moving nothing but her tongue.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he began sliding his cock in and out rhythmically. And as he fucked her throat, he felt the pulsating at the base of his shaft return.

“God, it’s so fucking good!” he said, squirming over her face. “Lick it right in there, cock sucker. I want that mouth sucking on every fucking inch!”

Bernice was going faster than he was, banging her head up and down, wallowing her mouth around his cock like it was the last one on earth. And each time it plunged between her teeth, she felt new, more exciting ripples of ecstasy at the back of her throat.

“Mmmmmmm,” she gurgled, closing her eyes. She could feel another spasm of hard pleasure race up and down her spine as she inhaled the heady aroma of his damp crotch. She fingered his ass more intently, giving out another throaty growl.

“Quicker now,” Brian gasped. “Come on, Mom, let’s see just how good you can suck on a big dick.”

Bernice needed absolutely no encouragement. She dug her nails into his hard flesh and began slapping her head up and down. She was sucking so fast, so furiously, her lips began to heat up from the friction.

“Ohhmmm!” she moaned, her voice lost through the hairs of his crotch.

“Eat, whore!” Brian said, winced. “God, eat me now!” His insides were churning, ready to burst. Suddenly, he felt a flaming explosion in his nuts. A thick stream of cum shot into the base of his shaft. “Ah… yes! Now! Suck, bitch! Suck my… unhhhh!”

In this position, Bernice felt her mouth almost become a pussy, for both her throat and cunt canal were buzzing with exactly the same sensations. She hadn’t thought it was possible, but her orgasm burned in two places, melting toward each other. When the fiery currents finally crashed together, she heaved her entire body upward, locking her lips tightly around the root of his prick.

“Aaaabhhhh!” she shrieked, her voice now greasy with a film of jism.

“Oh… you really like that stuff, don’t you, whore?” Brian panted. “Bet you love gargling cream down your throat.”

“Unhhhh!” Bernice gasped out, another orgasm filling her insides, rippling right down to the tips of her toes.

“Take it all,” the boy grunted, thrusting in the bulk of his quick release. “Come on — suck, cock sucker, suck!”

Bernice lapped on his meat like a starving animal, her throat a vacuum, begging for more. When she finally realized that there simply was no more to eat out, she felt almost cheated. Why couldn’t she have a steady stream of that delicious fluid for hours and hours?

“Ohhhhh God,” she groaned, spitting his meat to one side and licking into his blond hairs. When she found a cooling pool of cum clinging to them, she almost went insane with hunger. She gobbled the fluid into her mouth so forcefully she yanked same of the hairs out by the roots. “Mmmmm!” she moaned, feeling them scratch the back of her throat.

“Ouch!” Brian grimaced, pulling away. “Shit, Mom, you’re eating me alive!”

“Oh, I wish I could sometimes,” his mother said, eyeing his firm, muscular body. “I’d like to chew you down, have you inside me like you were once.”

“Jesus,” Brian said, his eyes widening. “Now I know Mike and I won’t be enough to take care of you. I never thought I’d be doing this, but I’m gonna go out looking for a man. For you!”

“I don’t want anybody else,” she said, not really listening to his meaning. She didn’t! Why should she waste her time on some clod, when she had the best right here at home? “I want you and Mike and…”

She didn’t finish the statement, her voice suddenly locking in her throat. She wouldn’t even think of Gary. He would be the one she wouldn’t seduce. It would prove to herself that she wasn’t as terrible as she thought.

That way, I would know I could control myself…

“What are you thinking?” Brian asked. He had almost gotten afraid of her. She looked like she was ill. “I… I mean, are you OK?”

“No, I’m not OK,” she said, the light in her green eyes flashing with new hunger. “And I won’t be OK until I’ve had my fill of cock. Your cock.”

She seemed to have a complete reversal of personality. Before, she had allowed what had happened. This time, she would insist on it. And nothing, not anything anybody could do or say, would make her deny those dark urges in her body.

“I am going to fuck you,” she said evenly, more to herself, just to hear the words. They still shocked her, but she was now slightly immune. The guilt didn’t shower around her as before. She repeated the statement.

“Well, go ahead,” Brian said. “Don’t think I’ve ever said no to a woman before.”

“Would you ever say no to me?” she wondered aloud.

“Not unless I was completely fucked out,” Brian answered, stroking her side. “Which, by the way, may be pretty soon if we keep at it like this.”

Suddenly, Bernice felt happier than she ever had before. She had finally worked out her problem. And the solution was Gary. So long as Gary remained untouched, she was safe, sane. He was her salvation.

She was depraved, but not that depraved.

There are, would be, limits.

She lowered her face to Brian’s crotch and held the bay’s prod. But as the thick slab of meat entered her throat, it felt different. It hardly felt like Brian at all.

She looked through the blond haze of crotch hair and flinched. Through some strange eye-play, like a mirage, Brian’s face slowly changed — became younger. The young face of Gary took hold.

“Mmmmm!” she groaned, licking her lips tightly around the cock, closing her eyes.

If it couldn’t be real, it certainly was nice to pretend.


Bernice lay in bed, feeling totally satisfied for the first time in years. She and Brian had done everything possible it seemed. And now, her pussy was throbbing with exhaustion, spent. Tonight, she would sleep.

She stretched out in the large bed, then rearranged the pillow. It would be quiet and peaceful. All the kids had dates, and wouldn’t be home for hours. She closed her eyes, enjoying the darkness, the soft drone of the air conditioner.

“Oh, hi, Mom,” Gary said, peeking through the half-opened door. “Why so early?”

“I thought you were going out,” she said, pulling the covers up to her neck.

“We did,” the boy answered, then looked over his shoulder. “Susan and I were just wondering if we could watch TV in my room.”

“Oh, she’s here?” Bernice asked, trying to sound casual. “Sure, go ahead,” she added. “I’m just tired. I won’t be any bother.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Gary said, flashing her a wide grin. “We’ll try not to be too loud.”

Bernice sighed with relief. At least she wouldn’t have to be in the house with him alone. It was still too early to test her courage — even if she did feel exhausted.

She lay back again, making a concerted effort to sleep. But each time she felt herself drift off, she was jolted back to wakefulness. What were they doing in there? She wondered. Really watching TV or…

A slight stirring inside her cunt made her squirm. Surely this couldn’t be happening! I had Brian’s cock so many times, I thought I’d be good for weeks, she thought.

And anyway, she certainly wasn’t going to go spy on them. Still, she did need a drink of water.

She walked down the hallway a few moments later, careful not to make a sound. She then paused outside Gary’s bedroom door and listened. The television was on, but they were talking. She listened a little more carefully, feeling her throat constrict.

“Mmmmmm, Gary,” Susan said softly, “your big cock feels so good there. I… I just love it!”

“Ohhhh, I like it too,” Gary murmured. “Gee, baby, you have the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked.”

Bernice was stunned. Not because of what they were doing or what she’d heard, but because it was what she wanted to hear, wanted them to be doing. She gently pushed against the door, hoping the latch hadn’t caught. When the door swung slightly, she almost cried with relief.

She looked inside, feeling her heart pound in her throat, her eyes moving from the television screen, past the nightstand, to the bed. There they lay, their bodies intertwined, Gary’s small, hairy ass bobbing up and down between the girl’s legs.

“Oh… yes,” the girl gasped, bending her knees slightly. “Just like that, baby. Mmmmm, fast and hard! Really fuck me with it.”

Bernice felt her knees go weak. Never before had she gotten so excited so quickly. A minor orgasm tore through her pussy. When it finally burst around her oozing opening, she held onto the doorjamb for support with her right hand. Her left hand was between her teeth, throbbing from her bite.

God, they were beautiful! Susan was a redhead, her sensuous body firm, lean and delicately curved. Even from this distance, she could tell the color of her eyes — dark blue, setting off the golden tan. Her hair was shoulder-length, giving strength to the oval-shaped face. She could see the large, almost melon-like tits, the tips pink and rubbery.

Gary gave a hard contrast to her soft beauty. He was, angular, heavily-muscled and his frame was big and strong. The shock of light-brown hair just hit his shoulders. His back was wide and triangular-shaped, giving way to a slim waist and a firm, tight ass. His legs were rippling hardness, covered with golden hair. He had larger well-shaped feet, his toes now curled.

“Ah baby, I want to hold back as long as I can,” he said as his mother stared between his legs, noticing his thick, pulsating balls. “Mmmmm, I love it when it hurts like this!”

Bernice watched his monstrous cock slide in and out of the red-haired hole, pushing the delicate folds of skin back with each hard thrust.

God, I wish I were lying there!

“Mmmmmm, you’re good, Gary,” Susan panted, running her fingers over his smooth, muscular back. “God, you fuck so good, I can’t stand it!”

“You’d better be able to stand it, you little whore,” Gary said, his mouth over hers. “I’m gonna fuck you like this all night. Never gonna take my dick out of this sweet pussy.”

“What about your mother?” the girl asked. “What if she?”

“Ah, don’t worry about it,” Gary said. “She’s asleep. And anyway, if she did happen to catch us, she’d understand. She’s pretty cool.”

Understand? God yes, I would understand! If I were you, Susan, I’d be doing exactly what you’re doing and not worry about anything but that big, hard cock!

“Oh Gary! My God, it’s… it’s… unhhh!” Susan gasped suddenly. Bernice could see that the girl’s cunt was twitching around her son’s plunging cock. She could also see a glistening stream of pussy juice sear over his balls. “Fuck! Fuck me, you bull!”

Bernice knew exactly what the girl was now feeling. She was having a delicious climax, her cunt tube exploding with agonized relief. It was rippling around that cock, hugging it like a throat would.

“Ready for some hot cream, baby?” Gary grunted, his body flexing, showing off every muscle. “I’ve got a load here… just ripe for picking.”

“Give it to me!” the girl spluttered, her face now a study in torture. “Give me gallons of the stuff, you bastard!”

“Unh! Fuck, take it!” Susan gasped, plunging wildly between her legs. His cum burst from his nuts and thundered up the center of his shaft, blowing into her guts. “Take it all, you cock sucking bitch!”

Bernice was now mesmerized by what was happening. What thrills that girl must be having, she thought. Having all that scalding cream filming up her insides, feeling it slosh around, etching into her fluttering walls.

“Baby, baby, baby,” Gary moaned, his ass now bobbing up and down so quickly it looked like a fleshy jackhammer. “Take it! Every fucking, screwing drop!”

When Bernice saw some of his creamy cum ooze from the bottom of the girl’s cunt and coat his nuts, she again felt her insides convulse with pure, raw pleasure. She slowly lowered her left hand and thrust her fingers against the filmy material of her housecoat. When she touched the raw, aching clit, a thundering spasm drilled inside.

God! her mind screamed. So good! Fuck her, Son! Ram that big cock in and out and fuck the living shit out of her! Make it hurt! Tear that little pussy to pieces!

She was thankful a few seconds later when her orgasm subsided to a dull throb. She was about to turn, hoping that she could get to sleep now. She felt drained.

“Mmmmmm, stay right there,” Susan said. “Don’t take it out. Not yet.”

“Don’t you want to suck on it a little?” Gary said, lifting his upper body, supporting himself over her with his elbows. “I just love the way you lick dick, baby.”

When Bernice heard their words, she remained glued to the spot. This she had to see! For one thing, she would be able to see exactly how much meat that little stud had. Also, she was curious how the girl sucked cock. Maybe she could learn a few tricks, who knows?

“I think I’d rather have you fuck me some more,” Susan said, mock disappointment on her face. “I always feel so bad that I can’t do it like you want me to.”

“You’ll just have to keep trying, baby,” Gary urged. “Some day you’ll be able to eat it all in.”

“This thing?” Susan said. “Never!”

When Gary pulled away and lay on his back, Bernice understood what the girl was talking about. Gary was huge! And his prick was only half hard! Christ, when he stood up, it must reach his knees!

“Come on, you can practice all night if you want,” Gary said, placing his right hand at the back of her head, pushing her to his crotch. “Eat as much as you can, OK?”

If Bernice thought she could be objective about what was now happening, she was dead wrong. When she saw the girl lift the monstrous prod she felt her throat constrict, then flutter. She licked her lips, almost able to taste the combined flavor of cum and pussy juice. Her cunt began throbbing once more, her canal tightening.

“Go ahead,” Gary urged, crushing Susan’s face down on his prick. “Suck it in. Real slow! I like to watch it.”

Susan opened her mouth as wide as possible, then locked her lips around the massive head. She then slowly inched downward, taking in about six inches. She stopped suddenly and coughed. Quickly, she pulled away, spitting his dick onto his stomach.

“It’s too big!” she said, her voice pained. “I’m sorry, Gary. I… I just can’t do it!”

“You’re doing just fine,” Gary said. “And anyway, you’re sucking enough of it anyway. Now do it some more. I want to blow it in your throat.”

Bernice was mesmerized by the size of her son’s cock. How could she have possibly thought when she was diapering him years ago that that peanut would grew into such a monster!

As hungry as I am, I don’t know if I could take it all! But, by God, I’d choke trying!

Susan was now working her mouth back down the thick column, feeling Gary’s cock head throb between her tonsils. And although his meat was giving her discomfort, it was not enough to keep her pussy from again buzzing with pleasure. That was obvious from the way her fluttering muscles were pushing out thick wads of cum from her hole, wetting the insides of her thighs.

Bernice watched the silvery juices, then the tiny slit from where they streamed. She had a sudden urge to walk in, to go over and lock her mouth around that small opening, to eat out those steamy lumps.

Talk about perverted!

She pulled her housecoat open and spread her legs. She then leaned her face against the doorjamb. As her nose poked through the crack, she could actually smell the heady aroma of their bodies. She jabbed the fingertips of her right hand inside her swollen crack.

“Mmmmmm!” she gasped, then bit her lower lip. Had she been heard? No. From the excited looks on both their faces, a bomb going off wouldn’t have disturbed them. She took a quick breath and gave another scream, this time the only sound echoing inside her lust-crazed brain.

“Oh baby, that’s good,” Gary said, pumping his hips up and down, meeting her downward sucks. “Lick it like that! Faster, sweetheart! Now… now chew on it!”

Susan bobbed her head up and down furiously, gobbling as much of his meat as possible. She then stopped suddenly and pulled the loose foreskin back with her teeth. When it separated from his throbbing, purplish-colored head she darted her tongue into the indention, leaving it wet with her spit.

While she worked on the end of his shaft, her fingers were busy at the base, squeezing into the taut flesh, pulling on his balls. A few seconds later, she lifted both hairy orbs and rolled them up the sides of his cock. She then gobbled down until her lips touched the rough surfaces.

“Mmmmmmm!” she gurgled, her eyes closing with pleasure. She ate back up. “Delicious!” she gasped from the corner of her mouth. “So big, mmmmm, and hard!”

“Suck, cock sucker!” Gary said, reaching for her shoulders. “Come on… I’m getting so close. Suck as fast as you can. I’m gonna give you a lot of cream to gargle down, baby.”

As the girl quickly mouthed up and down his shaft, Bernice let her eyes go to the area between Susan’s thighs. The girl’s cunt was now twitching and puckering, spitting out more of that delicious looking fluid.

Bernice rammed the tips of all five fingers inside her own churning hole, then felt her insides jerk wildly. She felt her back arch, her knees go weak. And when her orgasm hit her full force, she had to bury her face under her left arm to keep from screaming. As she inhaled, her voice was a throaty gurgle, aching for what that girl was about to get.

“Now!” Gary winced, jerking his hips up, crushing her head down with his hands. “Suck my cock… now, cock sucker!”

While Bernice’s climax peaked, empty, but still intense, she saw her son’s prick expand to an even larger size. Then, at the base, she could almost see the thick wads of jizz boil from his nuts. Suddenly, Susan’s cheeks ballooned, then a white mass of cum shot from her nostrils and the corners of her mouth at the same time.

“Aaanghhhh!” she spluttered, twisting her face around.

“Oh… suck, whore, suck!” Gary commanded, his face now almost demonic. “Eat my cum down and… Jesus, just suck me dry!”

Bernice watched more of his flaming juices splatter from under the girl’s lips. Gary’s entire shaft, his nuts and the hairs of his crotch now steamed with his massive release. And still he was blasting out more!

“God, I want that!” Bernice whispered, biting her lower lip, her eyes glazed with hunger. “I want to suck you so bad, Son!”

“Unhhhhh… all of it, bitch!” Gary said finally, giving her mouth one last, hard punch. “Mmmmmmm, now clean me up, baby,” he added, falling back down, his chest heaving.

Bernice couldn’t take any more. She knew if she stayed there one second longer, she couldn’t control her emotions. She would throw caution to the wind and…

She didn’t even want to think about it.

She turned and walked away on legs weak as rubber. As she touched the door knob to her room, she heard a noise in the living room, like a door being closed. Quickly, she spun and padded down the hall. When she saw Mike standing there, she almost fainted.

“Thank God you’re home, Son,” she gasped.

“Mom? You OK?” Mike asked. His mother looked wild. Had there been an accident? He had heard a moan from Gary’s bedroom when he came in. “Anything wrong?” he added, taking a quick step toward her.

“Something is terribly wrong,” Bernice said, reaching out. “Your mother needs a cock so bad she’s going crazy!”

“Well, if that’s all…” Mike said, smiling, relieved.

“Not all,” Bernice interrupted, “it’s everything!”


Bernice eyed her son’s cock and was glad she was lying down. Otherwise she would have fainted, she knew. She’d never wanted anything so bad in her life. She looked at the giant slab of meat with a worshipful glance. Her mouth began to water, like before Thanksgiving dinner when she was a child.

“Hurry!” she said, holding her arms out. “Get in bed! If I don’t get fucked pretty soon, my cunt is gonna explode!”

Mike tore off the last of his clothes and kicked his shoes aside. He sat on the side of the bed to remove his socks, but the moment he touched his feet he felt his mother yank him to his back.

“Give it to me.” She was pouncing on his body. “Goddamn you, I said give it to me!”

Before Mike really knew what was happening, his mother had thrown herself over his body. Her knees were at his sides, her face in his crotch. Just above his mouth was her oozing, steamy cunt. Immediately, he felt a warmth encircle his prod, then lap fully to the base. Her nose separated his nuts into two mounds.

“Jesus!” he gasped, wondering what had happened to make her so excited. He’d never seen a cunt so bubbly! It was covered with a delicate froth, the glistening drops looking like pearls on her blonde-hairs. “You are in a bad way, aren’t you?” he whispered, licking his tongue out, touching the delicate opening.

“Mmmmffff!” Bernice cried. Now she had a dick to suck too! God, that was all that mattered. The world was right again. She lapped hungrily around the large shaft, chewing and sucking until it was fully hard, then licked toward the head. As it buzzed between her teeth, she gave another groan of pleasure, crushing her pussy down on Mike’s mouth.

“Suck me, Son,” she murmured. “Suck my pussy while I eat down your dick!”

Mike had little choice. His mother’s cunt was now firmly molded over his mouth, the internal muscles working on his tongue like a throat, pulling, sucking. In fact, all he had to do was lie there.

“Ohhhhh!” Bernice cried suddenly, feeling her guts explode with warmth. This was exactly what she needed, craved. Her pleasures peaked, sending a shower of ecstasy into every cell. She began bobbing her head up and down furiously, her smacking sounds filling the room.

“Jesus… suck,” Mike said as he placed his hands under her body. He dug his fingers into the loose folds of skin that surrounded her oozing entrance and pulled them apart. He then lunged the full length of his tongue inside, curling the tip of it to collect some of the scalding juices.

“Mmmmmm, we can both suck,” he gurgled.

“See… see who can eat the best.”

When Bernice felt the vibrations of his voice, she was filled with new ecstasy. She began jacking and sucking on Mike’s prod for all she was worth. And each time she gobbled the entire slab into her throat, she could think of only one thing.


Gary, and that big cock!

This is your cock, Gary. See how much it pleases your mother? See how she’s sucking the very life out of it? Do you like it? Do you like your cock sucking mother?

“Suck, bitch,” Mike growled, now chewing around the base of her throbbing clit. “Eat it all in! I’m close! Harder! Faster, slut! Lick it all!”

Bernice twisted her head around as she dived into his crotch. When the boy’s cock head slapped between her tonsils then thrust down her throat, she pursed her lips tightly, letting her tongue work amid his shaft. She could now taste the flavor of his nearing orgasm. The steam was both salty and sweet at the same time, etching the back of her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she gurgled, pulling with her lips, her throat now begging for his release.

“Fucking shit!” Mike cried out, his body flexing, becoming rigid. He’d never had anyone who sucked like that! She wasn’t even human! A vampire!

“Come, Son!” Bernice said, spitting his meat from her mouth. She darted the tip of her tongue around the glistening cock head. “Give me your cum to suck! Now! God, I can’t stand it! I have to have it!” As she said the last word, she again gobbled fully to the dark-haired spot.

“Christ… you got it, cock sucker!” Mike grunted, heaving his ass upward. He felt his swirling masses of jism bolt from his balls, balloon his prick. The juices seemed to boil inside the center of his cock head, then explode from his cum-soaked [missing text]. “Uhhhhh… suck!” he panted.

“Aaaaaaghhhh!” Bernice wailed, digging her fingers into the taut muscles of his thighs, scraping bits of flesh under her nails. His lava-like liquid burst inside her throat, giving her blessed relief. Again she screamed, tasting the second, then the third explosion of cream.

“Lick it, whore,” Mike growled, jabbing his teeth into the delicate walls just inside her hole. “Suck my cock good and hard, baby. Mmmmmm, fuck! All over! Take it all!”

As he pumped upward, thrusting in the bulk of his load, he felt her insides tighten, trapping his tongue. Then, when she almost pulled it out by the roots, her walls began fluttering wildly, almost like a hollow tongue. He shoved in the last of his cum and grabbed her ass, crushing her fully against his face.

“Mmmmmmm, Mom!” he cried out, his voice a greasy muffle. “Suck… God… suck!”

Bernice felt her body grind with a last spasm of raw pleasure as the final glob of cum rolled don the back of her throat. Her body flinched, then relaxed, now filled with surging warmth.

“Yesssssss,” she said, hissing from the side of her mouth. “Mrnmmmm, yesssssss!”

They lay like that for several long moments, feeling their bodies mold together, mouth on cunt, mouth on cock. Finally, Bernice pulled away and lay on her back. She placed her fingers between her thighs and touched her raw, pulsating cunt. If she hadn’t known different, she would have sworn he’d fucked her. Her orgasm had been so intense it had almost ruptured her insides.

“Mmmm,” she said, enjoying the painful throbs. As she closed her eyes, she could again see the vision of Gary drilling his cock deeply inside Susan’s pussy. Were they doing that right now? She wondered. Or maybe something just as good…

“Fuck me,” she said to her son. “You want to?”

“Hell yes,” Mike said, pulling off his socks. “Just let me get undressed.” He laughed, then turned and looked at her hungry expression. “Jesus, what got into you?” he asked. “You practically raped me.” He laughed again. “Not that I mind, though.”

“I saw Gary and Susan,” she confessed. “I was walking down the hall and happened to look in and…”

“Happened?” Mike asked, not believing her for a second.

“Well, I just wondered what they were doing,” she said, flushing. “They said they were going to watch television.”

“Susan? Gary?” Mike said. “You gotta be kidding. Hell, that girl doesn’t even know television has been invented. All she cares about is fucking. Gary and I used to fuck her together all the time.”

A whole new world was suddenly unfolding for Bernice. Had she been blind? Those kids had probably been screwing their eyes out right under her nose!

“My God!” she gasped. “You… you mean, she had two of you? At the same time?”

“She likes cock,” Mike said, grinning. “She’s a nice girl, but she just likes cock.”

A nice girl who likes cock. Somehow that didn’t exactly click for Bernice. Nice girls didn’t like cock at all. They liked dancing and swimming and knitting and.

Nice girls were boring girls, she suddenly realized. Maybe that’s why she and her husband hadn’t made it. She had been nice. She saw things in a new light now.

She and Larry would make love, beautiful, satisfying love. Then she would go to sleep, leaving him to… what? He began drinking, then seeing other women. He had blamed both actions on her. Then, she thought she had been totally in the right, he totally wrong. She wasn’t so sure now. Had she satisfied him? Obviously she had not. She wondered suddenly what he was doing.

A picture formed in her mind. There were Mike and her husband, lying side by side, both their pricks throbbing, hard against their stomachs. No small wonder Susan liked two men at the same time.

One dick to suck, the other to fuck!

“I’d sure like to see that,” she said, shivering with pleasure.

“Huh?” Mike asked, snuggling close to his mother’s side. “What’s that?”

“I’d like to have… I mean, I’d like to see you and Gary and Susan at the same time,” she said.

“Wouldn’t you rather have me all to yourself?” Mike teased. He ran his fingers over her upturned tin. “Susan’s OK, but I like you better.”

“Would you do it?” she asked excitedly. “I mean, I know it sounds terrible, but…”

“Want me to go in and fuck her?” Mike asked. The idea of joining Gary and Susan while his mother watched fascinated him. “Sure, I’ll do it,” he said. “Right now?”

“In a few minutes,” Bernice said, pulling him over on her body. “I want to be completely satisfied when I see it. Only God knows what I’d do.”

“This might be one hell of a night,” Mike laughed.

“It had better be,” his mother said, wrapping her arms around him. “Now fuck me, you little stud. Show me how you’re gonna give it to Susan.”

“Probably like… unhhhh… this!” Mike said, stabbing forward. With one move he completely impaled his mother’s cunt with a hard thrust.

“Ohhh… Jesus!” Bernice cried out, flinching. A blinding flash of pain and pleasure shot up her cunt. In a way, however, she was glad that she hadn’t known what he was going to do. This way, she was completely aware of his size, his power.

“Yes… fuck me, you bull. Shove it in and fuck my pussy to pieces!”

Mike was getting really excited, thinking about what was going to transpire. It was almost like he would be on exhibition. He just hoped Susan would be ready for the show!

“Take it, you little whore,” he spat, then clamped his lips over his mother’s mouth. “Mmmmmm, take my cock and fuck it! Fuck it all the way in your sweet, hot hole, bitch!”

With the thought of screwing the girl in the next room, while his own mother was bucking and writhing beneath him, he felt a sharp spasm at the base of his dick. He couldn’t remember being this hungry for sex before. It was almost like making love to two women at the same time. His mind on one, his body on the other!

“Gonna fuck you both,” he growled, licking across her chin to the hollow of her throat. He was now pumping wildly, punching his cock in and out as hard as possible. “Gonna fuck the living… Goddamned… shit out of you!”

“Ohhhhb, yes,” Bernice wailed, slipping her hands over his thrusting ass. “Really give it to me. Fuck me hard, you little shit! Fuck me like you’re gonna fuck Susan!”

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” Mike grunted, his lips moving to her tits. He took the nipples into his mouth and bit down, savagely, tasting her flesh. “Unhhh!” he gurgled, feeling his prick swell.

Bernice clawed at his ass, stabbing her nails into the greasy crack of his shitter, waiting for the creamy explosion of his climax. And as his prod began throbbing, becoming rock-hard, she knew it was only seconds away.

“Give it to me, you bastard!” she panted, jerking her body wildly against his. “Give your old mother a lot of cum in her pussy!”

She had barely gotten the last word out when she felt the first burst of cum shower into the back of her aching pussy. She froze for a second, then began humping, writhing, every square inch of he insides fluttering around his meat.

“Take it, baby!” Mike barked, slamming savagely inside, grinding out more of his flaming juices. “Suck it right up here! Unh! Here, bitch…! Fuck… here!”

When the bulk of his load burned into her hole, Bernice felt her own climax tear through her cunt. She crushed his face down on her tits, stabbing his teeth into the delicate flesh. She was now totally lost in oblivious release, her entire body shaking with ecstasy.

“All of it!” she begged, her words a wince. “Fuck me! God, fuck me harder, you bastard! Really give it to me!”

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” Mike gasped, plunging in the last few spurts with savage strength.

When the final lump of scalding fluid smoldered inside her box, Bernice squirmed her ass around, feeling his cock slosh in the milky juice. She was now aware of every big inch of his meat, feeling it mold tightly inside her canal.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured, kissing the top of his head. “That… that was good. God, almost too good!”

She then thought of the young girl in the next room, how she must be feeling now, how she would feel in a few moments. Gary’s cock was one thing, but having both boys! How she envied that girl.

“Oh Mom, your pussy is so fucking sweet,” Mike murmured, kissing up from her tits. “I think I could stay here all night.”

“Mmmmm, and I want you to,” Bernice said, squeezng his ass with her fingers. “But you have a job to do. And I want to watch you do it.”

“Hell, why don’t you join us?” Mike asked. “You know what they say, two’s company, three’s an orgy.”

“No,” she said. “Maybe some other time.”

She didn’t want to tell Mike that she wanted Gary alone the first time. She didn’t want to share him with anyone. She wanted him to…

My God! He was supposed to be my salvation, she thought. If I didn’t make it with him, it would prove that I wasn’t totally depraved.

“Do you think I’m bad?” she asked quietly. “I mean, do you think I’m, well, depraved?”

“No,” Mike said. “But something tells me you will be before the night is out. Wait until you find out what Brian has for you.”

“Huh?” Bernice said, irritation in her face. She had told that boy she didn’t want a man, and if she did, she’d find him herself. The idea of him pimping for her made her angry. “Where is Brian?” she asked, moving away.

“Oh, he won’t be back for hours,” Mike said coolly. “He’s gonna pick up a friend.”

“Do you know him?” she asked.

“Oh, I’ve met him,” Mike said. “Now I’ve told you too much already,” he added. “I’m not saying another word. Besides, we’ve got better things to do than talk, don’t we?”

Again, Bernice thought of what she’d asked Mike to do. She suddenly wanted to feel guilty — to tell him not to be part of her plan to spy, but she couldn’t muster up the energy. Or perhaps her energy was in another direction. She felt a shiver of anticipation race into her veins.

“You feel pretty good?” she asked. “I mean good enough to fuck that little girl’s brains out?”

“Oh, I might manage,” Mike said. “You ready?”

“Make it good for her,” Bernice said. “If you do, it will be good for me.”

She followed him down the hall, then took a deep breath when he opened Gary’s door. She then stationed herself outside as she had before, her eyes peering through the crack. She heard a slight, feminine yelp, then Mike’s voice.

“Is this a private party?” he asked. “Or can anyone join?”

“Hey,” Gary said. “Be quiet, you’ll wake Mom.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Mike lied. “I just checked on her and she’s asleep. We can have all the fun we want. That is, if you want.”

“I sure do,” Susan said, her voice trembling with pleasure. “Just like the good old days. Two big cocks to fuck at the same time!”

Bernice watched Mike join them on the bed. She closed her eyes for a second, then opened them. As she looked at the three firm, young bodies, she felt her own body go weak.

“I… I just hope I can take this,” she murmured to herself.


“I just hope I can take this,” Susan giggled, looking first at Gary, then to Mike. “My pussy is already so sore I can hardly move.”

“You don’t have to move at all,” Mike said, kneeling on the bed beside her. “Just lay there, baby. We’ll do everything. Won’t we Gary?”

“You know, brother,” Gary said, mock irritation in his voice, “you really ought to find yourself your own girl.”

“I have one,” Mike said, glancing quickly toward the door. “She’s in the wings, so to speak.”

“Well, why didn’t you invite her over?” Gary wondered. “We could make a whole night of this.”

“I think she’s gonna join us later,” Mike said. “Now shut up. You want to talk or fuck?”

“I want to fuck,” Susan said, grabbing for both slabs of cock. “Mmmmmmm, I want these big dicks inside me at the same time!”

In the darkness of the hallway, Bernice watched, a feverish expression on her face. She braced herself, waiting.

Mike lay beside Susan and placed his hand on her tits. He then nuzzled his face against hers and let his fingers crawl over the twin, firm mounds. On the other side, Gary dug his fingers into the soft flesh of Susan’s left thigh, then lowered his mouth down on her shoulder.

“Like this baby?” he whispered, nibbling on the delicate flesh. “You like to fuck two bulls at the same time?”

“Yes!” Susan cried out. “Oh God, I love it! I just wish I could have three or four… or a million!”

“Wow, I just love girls who are so dick-hungry,” Mike said. “Makes my peter so hard. Just ripe for fucking.”

“Fuck me,” Susan whimpered, her body twitching with anguished anticipation. “Both of you fuck me at the same time!”

She turned to her side, facing Mike, throwing her left leg over his hip. When both of her holes were fully revealed, she dropped her hands, grasping both cocks. She inched the massive heads toward the small openings, then gave a cry of pleasure.

“Fuck in at the same time,” she begged, rubbing the ends of their cocks against her flesh. “Mmmm, I want it now!”

Mike buried his face between her creamy tits and pushed forward, stabbing the end of his cock inside her glistening cunt hole. On the other side, Gary bit the back of her neck as he pushed his cock into her asshole.

“Ohhhh,” both boys groaned, sliding their shafts slowly inside. When their balls met, throbbed together between her two entrances, she moaned again.

“Yessss!” Susan screamed out, flinching wildly. With her insides fully impaled with cock, she felt an immediate flash of pleasure rip into her guts.

“Fuck… fuck me!” she said weakly, her face turning white with tortured ecstasy. “Both of you! Fuck me apart! God, I want it!”

When Bernice saw her sons shove their dicks into Susan, she almost had a climax. Almost! Her pleasure built, then quickly evaporated, leaving her with an empty sensation. She dropped both hands and squeezed and pulled on her clit. Again, the ecstasy began building. Again it fell short of the mark.

I want those cocks, she said to herself. God, I wish it was me there. I… I’ve had Mike’s big dick, but Gary looks so good inside there. And, I’m going to get it. Before the night is out! Yes, I don’t care how depraved I get. I’m going to fuck him! I’m going to fuck his eyes out!

“Fuck my eyes out!” Susan shrieked, running her fingers over both bodies. “Really stick it to me, you studs! Shove me full of hot cum! Mmmmmm, all over me!”

“OK, baby, you want a fucking?” Gary said, kissing under her arm, closing his lips around her left tit. “We’ll give you a fucking you won’t forget, you little whore.”

When he stabbed inside her ass hole savagely, Mike punched forward, grinding the full length of his prick into the throbbing canal of her pussy. The boys could now feel each other’s dicks as they became molded together, separated only by the thin membrane between her ass and cunt.

“Ohhhhhbh!” Susan winced, her insides swelling with spasms of pleasure and pain. “Yes! Just like that! Now hard! Fuck me as hard as you can, you bastards!”

“Take it, you little cunt,” Mike growled, chewing hungrily on her tits.

“Fuck any dick right up your snatch and suck it with your pussy.”

“Mmmmm, and take this one, too,” Gary grunted, plunging his thick slab of cock in and out of her shitter.

“Good!” Susan cried out, clawing at both bodies, crushing them harder against her sandwiched body. “Mmmmmm, you don’t know how good it feels to have two big cocks inside me!”

Bernice watched mesmerized as the young girl swallowed the two monstrous prods inside her body. How wonderful it must be, she thought. Having all that meat!

She fingered her clit a little faster, feeling the insides swell, then flutter. As her pleasure became more intense, she felt her cunt spit juices from he opening. She caught the steaming liquid in her palm, then raised it to her lips. She then looked again at the scene before her as she lapped on the mixture of cunt juice and cum. When it burned into her throat, she grunted with ecstasy. Her sons were now hammering into Susan’s body with full force.

“Take it, whore!” Gary panted, his muscles flexing, now covered with a film of sweat. “Fuck it right up your shitter, I got a whole load of cum to give you.”

“No!” Susan cried out. “Not yet! Keep fucking me! Hold back. I want you to do this to me for a long time!”

“Wow,” Gary said, “I… I don’t know if I can.”

He slowed his moves, but still felt the churning ache in his balls. Her body was so hot, her insides pulling like a mouth, milking him. He gritted his teeth, then stopped altogether, giving a low moan of anguish.

“Give me one of those tits to suck,” he said, licking under her arm. When he again tasted the delicate flavor of her smooth mound, he knew it would be useless to hold back. “God, you’re gonna have to take it,” he murmured. “Your asshole is just too fucking good!”

While he gobbled down on her tit and again slammed in and out of her shitter, Mike took the other tit in his mouth and banged into her pussy.

“God! Ohhh God!” Susan yelled. Her entire body was now alive with pleasure. Not only were both tits being eaten greedily but her guts felt like a punching bag. A massive convulsion of raw ecstasy exploded suddenly, engulfing both slabs of cock with sucking warmth.

“Fuck meeee!” she wailed, bucking and thrashing between their humping bodies.

“Take it, you little cock sucker,” Mike grunted, tearing his teeth into the soft flesh of her tit. He hammered inward with his full strength, causing his nuts to slap against the insides of her thighs. “Take it right up you and fuck it, slut!”

“Let’s give it to her at the same time, Mike!” Gary said, wincing. “Tell me when you’re ready to…”

“Fuck I’m ready now!” Mike gurgled. “I can blow my wad any second…”

“Now!” Susan yelled. “God, plow me full of hot cum now!”

As her orgasm reached a raging peak, she felt both cocks expand and stretch her openings painfully. Then, as their climaxes shot up the center of their plunging shafts, she could almost see the thick, vibrating wads.

“Unhhhh!” Mike groaned, stabbing her cunt with the first of his powerful release.

“Here, bitch!” Gary said at the same time, feeling his cock head explode inside her asshole.

“Yessss!” Susan hissed through clenched teeth, now feeling twin bursts of cum riddle her insides. Her own climax was now shaking her insides, becoming almost painful. She gave another scream as it became unbearable, then fell in a heap, weak, exhausted.

“Fuck it, cum-sucker!” Gary gasped, grinding in more of his boiling jizz. “Take every Goddamned drop and eat it up your shitter!”

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” Mike panted, plowing in the bulk of his load, feeling it splatter the back of her cunt.

As the three bodies became one mass of writhing, climaxing flesh, Bernice almost fainted. If she didn’t get some sort of relief soon, she knew she’d go crazy. She moaned loudly as she jabbed her fingers inside her aching pussy, then quickly stepped back, out of sight.

“What was that?” Gary murmured, still feeling his meat vibrate inside Susan’s shitter. “You guys hear something?”

Mike looked toward the door. He would have gotten up and gone to his mother, but he just didn’t have the strength.

“Mom’s calling you, Gary,” he said. “Go see what she wants.”

“Me?” Gary said. “It just sounded like a moan. I didn’t hear my name.”

“Well, go anyway,” Mike said. “She might need something.”

When Bernice heard their conversation, she fled down the hall and stumbled toward her bed.

“Now,” she said. “I’m going to have you now, Gary!”


Gary entered the darkness of his mother’s bedroom. He was still naked, except for a towel wrapped around his middle.

“Mom? You OK?” he asked, squinting, looking toward the figure in the bed.

“No,” Bernice said, trying to control the emotion in her voice as she saw the outline of his body. “I… I think I might need you.”

“Let me go get some clothes on,” the boy said, turning.

“No,” Bernice said quickly. “I need you now!” she sat up in the bed. “Come over here, Son.”

As Gary approached the bed, the room became suddenly bright. His mother had turned on the lamp. The boy stopped and gasped.

“Mom!” he said, looking at the pink nipples peaking her firm, ripened tits. “You’re… you’re naked!”

“Mmmmm, and you will be too, if you take off that ridiculous towel,” Bernice said, her eyes on the bulge in the terrycloth.


“Come here and fuck your mother,” Bernice said, pulling the sheets back. As her nude form became fully revealed, she dropped a hand to her glistening cunt.

“You want to fuck your mother, Son?” She jabbed her finger into the dark, swollen hole. “Mmmmmmm, I’d rather have your big dick here instead of my finger.”

“Holy… fucking… Jesus!” Gary said, dropping the towel. He made a move to pick it up again, but stopped. Had he heard right? His own mother asking him to fuck her?

“Fuck you?” he panted. His cock was now fully rigid, slapping his stomach.

“I saw you fucking Susan and I want the same thing,” Bernice said. She threw her legs over the side of the bed, then stood. “Mmmmmmm, I want that hard big dick of yours. Will you give it to me?” Gary couldn’t have spoken, moved for anything.

What was happening now was something he’d never even thought of. Yet, it was happening. His own mother — naked as the day she was born — was walking toward him, her tits flopping up and down, her eyes glinting with hunger.

“Please?” Bernice said, now standing only a few inches from him. “I’ll suck you if you’ll fuck me.”

When the boy said nothing, merely looked at her with a rather stupid expression on his handsome face, she reached out and touched the massive slab of cock. Up close, it was even bigger, harder. Her throat constricted.

“Mmmmmm I’ll see if I can take this whole thing in my throat,” she whispered, slowly drop ping to her knees. “Would you like that, baby? Would you like your mommy sucking your big dick all the way in?”

“Suck?” Gary finally managed to splutter out. He felt as if his mind had exploded. The room seemed to be spinning, was uncomfortably warm. “Suck?” he repeated, his heart in his throat.

“Mmmmmmm, no wonder Susan found it so difficult to lick all this in,” Bernice said, now on her knees before him. “It’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.”

“You… you saw Susan and me?” Gary said. “When we were…”

“I hope you don’t mind,” Bernice said, rubbing her mouth over the glistening cock head as she held his shaft down at an angle to his stomach. “I just took a little peek. To see what that lucky girl was getting. And now… now I want it.”

“My God, I don’t believe this,” Gary whispered, feeling the warmth of her spit burn into his cock head. “My own mother eating my cock!”

“Well, can I?” she whispered, looking up through the dark-brown crotch hairs. “I really would love to try to get all this in my throat.”

Gary nodded his head, wondering where he’d gotten the courage to do even that simple act. What else could he do? He thought. Christ, he’d never seen a woman look at a dick like that! And even if she couldn’t lick all of him inside, maybe she could take more than Susan. She’d had a lot more practice.

“Suck me,” he finally whispered, spreading his legs. He saw his hands move away from his body, then touch her shoulders. When flesh burned against flesh, he winced, feeling an electric-like jolt of pleasure race up his arm. “God yes,” he grimaced. “Suck my cock, Mom!”

“Mmmmmm, I will!” Bernice panted, wrapping both hands around the huge shaft. She pulled up and down, working the loose foreskin over the massive head, then closed her lips around the end, feeling the heat sear the back of her throat.

“Ahhhh!” she groaned moving her face closer. Gary watched as her lip’s slowly inched dow his cock. Then, when she took about half inside her mouth — the most any girl had over taken — he pulled back. She resisted his move by placing her hands on his ass. She then licked in about two more inches.

“Jesus!” the boy cried out, trembling with excitement. “You can take a lot of cock!”

Bernice lapped her tongue around the spongy texture of his shaft, then pulled back. When his cock head slipped from her mouth and hit his stomach with a thud, she kissed both his hairy balls.

“Want me to suck it all the time?” she murmured, pulling the wiry hairs between her teeth. She could feel the vibrations of his cum-load tickle her lips. “Hmmm! You want your cock sucking mommy to lick it all?”

“You can’t,” Gary said, hoping against hope that his statement was a lie. “Where would you put it?”

“Right here,” she said, taking his right hand. She brushed his palm over her tits, then into the valley between the upturned, coral-tipped nipples. “Just feel,” she added, again working her mouth over the end of his shaft as she held it down with her left hand.

“Jesus…! Jesus…! Jesus!” Gary groaned, watching her quickly gulp forward. Her lips were now crawling toward the base, stretching wide. Just a few more inches!

“Jesus fucking Christ!” he said, flinching. Her mouth was now around his root, the entire slab of meat inside her throat. “You fucking did it!” he said, his eyes wide with amazement.

Bernice held him inside her throat for several seconds, then pulled back. It had been difficult, she admitted, but it was wonderful.

“I’ll do it for you any time you want,” she said from the corner of her mouth. “Mmmmmm, any time at all, baby!”

“Do it now!” Gary said, his expression tortured. He felt he could almost blow his wad right then, just thinking about what she’d done! “Suck it some more, Ma! God, suck me like that all night!”

Bernice again took the full length into her mouth, then licked back toward the head. As it buzzed between her teeth, she took a deep breath, then chewed back to the hairy root. This time, she came back faster, then lunged down hard.

“God damn!” Gary gasped, watching her moves become even quicker. Her head was now bobbing back and forth in a fleshy blur, her lips sliding up and down his cock noisily. “Suck, cock sucker!” he cried, moving his hands to the back of her head. He jabbed her face savagely into his crotch and pumped his hips forward at the same time.

“Suck, bitch! Jesus, suck me dry!”

As Bernice gulped up and down his shaft, she felt the ache in the back of her throat ripple downward. The sensation seemed to grip her guts, then ripple the back of her cunt. Soon, her pussy was fluttering, ready to burst with climax. She rubbed her legs together and stimulated her throbbing clit.

“Unhhhhhh!” she cried, her voice a hungry muffle in his damp crotch hairs. “Mmmmm!”

“God, you like it, don’t you?” Gary gasped. “You really dig the shit out of eating dick!”

He’d never seen a girl go at it like his mother was. She was sucking and chewing like there was no tomorrow! And each time he felt his cock head hit the back of her throat, then sweep downward, another rumble of agonized pleasure blasted through his balls. He tightened every muscle in his body, trying desperately to hold back the boiling masses of jizz, but he knew it would be useless in a few seconds.

“God, I’m gonna come!” he said, leaning forward, touching the top of her head with his stomach. “Can I blow off in your mouth, Mom? Huh? Please let me do it!”

“Mmmm-hmmm!” Bernice gasped, locking her lips firmly around his expanding meat. She couldn’t wait to taste his cum, feel it scald the back of her throat. She jabbed her fingers into the crack of his ass and squeezed him forwards. “Ooommm!” she gurgled, now fully engulfed in his hard, hairy maleness.

“Jesus! Jesus shit!” Gary cried out, his eyes closing with agonized pleasure. “I’m so fucking close! I hope you like it, Mom — I’m gonna punch in a fucking gallon!”

He dug his fingers into her blonde hair and began banging her face back and forth. At the same time, he thrust his hips violently forward, slapping their bodies together noisily. His cum was now bubbling into the base of his prick, collecting, exploding.

“Now, whore cock sucker!” he wailed, almost falling forward. “Take my cum and lick it! Fuck! Now!”

“Aaaaaghhh!” Bernice choked, feeling the swirling gobs of molten juice splatter from the end of his ballooning prick. The liquid burst at the back of her throat, then separated. Some of the flaming fluid seared into her stomach, other wads blasted into her cheeks and swept through her teeth. A massive lump burst upward, behind her nose. Seconds later, as a second quick explosion burned from his cock head, twin, glistening streams of lava-like jism spewed from both nostrils. She screamed again, her own orgasm peaking savagely.

“Suck, cunt!” Gary panted, humping savagely against her face. “Suck every Goddamned inch and eat out my cream!”

Bernice couldn’t believe the amount of his release. And when she thought he surely must be finished, he blasted in another delicious glob. Soon, she had cum splattered all over her face, dripping from her chin, oozing from the sides of her mouth.

“Mmmmm!” she groaned, rolling the juices around his plunging shaft. Another raw convulsion of ecstasy drilled up and down her cunt canal, causing her to buck. “Ooohhhhhh!” she coughed.

“All… fuck, all of it, dick licker!” Gary said finally, slamming in the last glob of cum. He heaved a sigh of relief and fell to the floor, catching himself with his hands. When his mother went with him, her back now on the floor, he placed his knees in her armpits and leaned forward. He gave her mouth a few quick pumps, then relaxed, crushing the full weight between her lips.

“Mmmmm, all, baby,” he sighed. “Yes, all…”

When Bernice felt him crawl over her body, then engulf her face, neck and shoulders in his hulking frame, she experienced another orgasm. This time the sensations were the best ever, lasting for what seemed an eternity. Finally, as they buzzed to aching throbs, she pulled to the side, letting his cock slip from her lips.

“Mmmmmmmmm, fantastic!” she gurgled, moving her mouth toward a sticky pool of milky cum that clung to his hairs. “And delicious!” she added, sucking the fluid over her tongue.

“That was the best, Ma,” Gary said, his voice barely audible. “God, I haven’t had my dick sucked until now!”

“Glad you liked it,” Bernice said, still collecting the stray globs of jism. “I really did. Mmmmm, still do!”

A few seconds later, Gary pulled to his side, then watched as his mother finished cleaning him up. Just watching her do it was exciting. God, if she could suck cock like that, just think how she must fuck!

“You like my dick?” he asked, moving his hips back and forth, gouging the end of it against her cheek.

“Sure do,” Bernice gasped, shivering again with pleasure. “What a silly question.”

“I’m glad,” Gary said, “because I’m gonna ram right up your pussy now. And you’d better like it, because I’m gonna make you hurt. Really fuck you, baby.”

“Ohhhhh, I just love being really fucked,” his mother said, getting to her feet. “And I’ll tell you what I’ll do. You fuck me good and hard and I’ll suck you to sleep tonight.” She got to the bed and lay back, stretching out her legs. “Would you like that, Son? Like your mother to eat you to dreamland?”

“Christ!” Gary said, getting on the bed with her. He looked at the glistening patch of cunt and felt his loins almost burst. He didn’t know which he liked best, the idea of her eating him all night, or dipping into that tiny bole.

“You got a deal, you cock sucker,” he said, squeezing between her legs. “Sucking and fucking all night.”

As he lowered his body down on hers, Bernice trembled with anticipation. She would now have that huge cock reaming out her guts, just like it had her throat.

“Fuck me!” she groaned, touching his sculptured chest. “God, I want you to fuck me crazy!”

When his cock head tore into her opening, they both flinched. Not entirely from pleasure, however.

“Well, hello!” Mike said from the doorway.

“Goddamn it,” Gary said. “Can’t I ever screw anyone without you showing up?”

“Probably not,” Mike laughed. “Uh, Susan is asleep. Thought I might come in and join you. Do you mind?”

“I sure as hell do,” Gary said. “Now get the fuck…”

“Not at all,” Bernice said. “Come on in.”

“I planned to anyway,” Mike grinned, moving toward the bed.

“Little prick,” Gary muttered.

“Mmmmmm, no,” Bernice said, gasping. “Big prick! Two big, hard pricks to fuck and suck!”


Bernice lay on her stomach while Gary settled himself between her legs. Mike knelt in front of her and held the back of her head, inching her opened mouth towrd his cock by placing his hands behind her head.

“Oh God, two big dicks!” Bernice said, shivering with anticipation. “Mmmmm, suck… and… fuck!”

Her words became a hungry muffle as she closed her lips around the underside of Mike’s prick! She then cupped his dangling, furry balls and rolled them aver her checks. When she felt the quick vibrations of his cum-load, she arched her back.

“Stick it to me,” she gasped, working her mouth toward the tip of the boy’s prick. “Mmmmmmm, fuck me while I eat on this sweet thing.”

“Oh boy, I just love riding doggy-style,” Gary said, eyeing her firm, rounded ass. “Get ready for one hell of a fucking, Mom!”

He parted her cheeks with his hands and looked between her thighs, watching the delicate cunt opening flutter with excitement. The insides were oozing, sending a slow-moving stream of milky juice into her blonde hairs. He took his right hand and held his rigid cock down at the right angle to his body, then nestled the tip of it into the furry entrance. When it became engulfed in a hugging, sucking warmth, he flinched, his face contorting with anguish.

“God, so fucking hot!” he cried out. “You should fuck this thing, Mike. Best little piece of ass…”

“I have,” Mike said, watching with fascination as his mother gobbled down on his cock. “But what really turns me on is the way she sucks dick. God, would you look at that!”

Bernice’s mouth was now pursed around the root of his shaft, her nose nuzzling in his wiry crotch hairs. His nuts were draped over her chin.

“Mmmm!” Bernice moaned, slowly pulling book, savoring the acrid flavor of dried cum and pussy juice. “Delicious!” she gasped as the cock head bounced from her lips, hitting his stomach.

“God, my boys sure do have good dicks to suck.” She licked hungrily around Mike’s balls and thighs while she felt Gary eased further inside her pussy.

“All the way, baby,” she whispered, reaching between her legs. When she touched his nuts, she sucked both of Mike’s balls over her tongue.

“Jesus Christ!” Gary said, leaning forward, kissing the back of her neck. More than half of his prick was now nestled inside her churning cunt tube, being massaged, squeezed with her spuming muscles. “I just hope I can last long enough,” he panted stopping for a second.

“Ohhhhh… all the way!” Bernice said, spitting Mike’s nuts from her mouth. She flicked the tip of her tongue up the underside of the boy’s cock and wiggled her ass at the same time. “I want every hard inch of that thing poking my guts out, you little bastard. Now… now fuck your mother!”

“Mother fuck!” Gary winced, blasting in the rest of his shaft with one quick move. Her pussy opening was now pursed tightly around the base of his cock, puffing some of his wiry hairs into the creamy canal.

“Just… fuck, just like a virgin!” he said, licking across her shoulder to her armpit.

While Bernice felt his prod mold into her guts, she quickly gobbled down the entire slab of his cock in front of her. Now it was perfect, having them bath inside her all the way. They were so big it seemed almost as if they had met in her guts, their cock heads throbbing as one. She gave a throaty gurgle and bit around the rubbery base.

“Ohhh fuck!” Mike said, pumping forward, then jerking back. “Yes, Mom, suck! Shit, just like that! Eat my balls dry.”

As he jerked his hips back and forth, Bernice began moving with him, hungrily licking forward, pulling back. Soon his meat was sliding in and out quickly, causing his nuts to slap her throat. And with each thrust, the steam from his cum-hole got stronger.

“Mmmmmm!” she groaned, now feeling her pussy twitch with ecstasy. Gary seemed even bigger this way, fucking with full penetration. She gave his nuts another squeeze and rolled them into the silky hairs of her cunt. When she experienced another quick ripple of pleasure, she coughed out a greasy moan.

“Wow, she sure knows how to fuck a dick,” Gary said, kissing under her arm. He turned her slightly to one side and darted his tongue around the base of her right tit. Slowly, he nibbled up ward, finally taking the rubbery bud between his teeth.

“Mmmmmmm, sweet,” he murmured, biting into the delicate flesh. “Eating tit and fucking!”

Bernice’s insides were now alive with ecstasy. Gary had begun to ram his cock in and out with greater speed, eat on her tits with urgency. And each time she felt his hard thrusts, she sucked harder on Mike’s prod. Soon, she knew her orgasm would burst, yet she fought it, wanting this torture to last for as long as possible.

“Suck, baby, suck,” Mike said, his body trembling. He could already feel his nuts rumble, begging for release. “Stick it all the way in and get ready for a hot lump of cum.”

Bernice could no longer hold back. Just the mention of the word, seeing the thick, scalding masses pour into her throat, her cunt, set her body to flames. She began licking, pulling wildly on his cock, jerking savagely back and forth.

“Mmmmffffff!” she screamed, yanking on both sets of nuts. Every cell in her body cried out for relief.

“Oh shit,” Gary grunted, spitting her tit out and getting to his haunches. “I can’t take this any longer. It’s too fucking good!” He grabbed her hips and began banging her ass back and forth, drilling his meat in and out with brutal stabs. “Take it, whore!” he gasped. “Goddamn you, take it here! Fuck… all the Goddamned way in!”

Both pricks expanded at the same time, and Bernice knew that with a little luck, they would explode together. Yet, it was too much to ask for. Still, the idea was nice. She pursed her lips and her cunt muscles at the same time, feeling the bases of their shafts jerk.

“Ooommmm!” she wailed, freezing for a second as her own orgasm exploded suddenly. As it showered from the back of her pussy and blew through her fluttering tube, she felt a scalding sensation hit her throat. Immediately her cunt was inflamed with boiling juices. “Aaaaaghh!” she choked, bucking wildly between them.

It had happened! God, the moment her pleasures had peaked violently, both Mike and Gary thrust their cum into her body. Her insides seemed to melt, her muscles turn to rubber.

“Take it, cock sucker!” Mike growled, punching in more of his own. “Come on, bitch, lick it in your throat and gargle it down! Eat, whore! God damn you, eat!”

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Gary chanted, gouging in his explosive climax, feeling the sticky juices slosh around his plunging meat.

“Unhhhh!” Bernice groaned, regaining her strength. She began tearing at their bodies with her nails, thrashing about as if being tortured. Another crashing orgasm thundered up and down her guts, the sensation so intense, it knocked her face away from Mike’s spurting shaft.

“Fuck meee!” she shrieked! A splattering glob of cum shot from the end of his prick and melted between her eyes.

“Ahhhhhh yes!” she groaned, lapping her tongue out, catching the dribbling liquid.

“Fuck it all, slut!” Gary said, grinding in the final wad of jizz. He squirmed his ass around, then slowed his movements, just barely gliding in and out of her hot, greasy hole.

“Oh fuck, Mom,” he said, his voice just above a whisper, “That was the best!”

Bernice saw a final squirt from Mike’s rock hard, pulsating cock, then fell to her sides dragging him with her. She then crushed her face down in his sticky crotch and lapped over his meat, his balls, the insides of his thighs.

“Oh boys, that was good,” she grimaced. Her insides were still churning, begging for more of the same. “I just hope you want to do this all night! Mmmmm, I don’t think I could ever get enough of this!”

As she cleaned Mike’s cock and balls of cum, Gary eased from her pussy and fell to his back, his chest heaving with satisfaction. He reached out and ran his fingers over her smooth, rounded ass, scraping his nails over her tight shit opening.

“You like it here, too?” he asked. “I could really get into some butt-fucking.”

“Well, just go ahead and get into it,” Bernice said. She than looked through the haze of Mike’s crotch hairs. “You want to fuck me in the pussy while he reams out my asshole?” she asked.

“Oh, but it feels so good the way you suck,” Mike said. He didn’t want to ever move. It was fantastic just lying there, having her work on his meat. “Just do it a little more. Please?”

“Tell you what,” Bernice said, tugging at his hips. “You roll over and I’ll work on your ass hole while Gary fucks mine.”

“Oh Christ!” Mike said, his eye lighting up. “Hell, yes I will!”

After he flipped to his stomach and spread his thighs, Bernice planted her mouth over the crack of his butt. She then pulled the cheeks apart with her fingers and darted the tip of her tongue forward. She rolled it over the greasy bud for several seconds, then plunged fully inside. When she felt the hot, sucking pulsations draw her further into his canal, she bared her teeth and scraped them over the ringed muscle.

“Mmmm, sweet hot shitter,” she gasped, clawing into the taut flesh of his cheeks.

“Jesus… one down here too!” Gary said, spreading his mother’s ass cheeks. “You sure you can take it? God, it’s tiny!”

“Fuck me,” Bernice said, now lapping in and out of Mike’s asshole. “Fuck it to me and blow my shiter apart! I want gallons of hot cum in there!”

Gary knelt behind her and lifted her hips slightly with both hands. He then humped forward, stabbing his cock head into the delicate crack. As he rocking his body back and forth, he created rate pressure forward, feeling her opening expand, wrap around his meat. When he was sure he had the right angle, he jabbed forward.

“Mmmmm!” Bernice cried, throwing her head back. “Yes! God yes!” Massive ripples of ecstasy and torture danced up and down her spine. And although she knew they had better wait for her insides to adjust to his tremendous size, she simply couldn’t. She wanted his cock more than any thing right now!

“Hard!” she begged. “God, ram it to me as hard and fast as you can! I want it to hurt, you mother fucker!”

“Christ, it feels so tight,” Gary gasped. “You sure? I don’t want to kill you, Mom.”

“GO ahead! Now!” Bernice said, reaching behind her and slapping his ass. She pushed down hard, stabbing her middle finger into his shitter.

“Fuck… Fuck me!”

“OK, you asked for it,” Gary winced. He took deep breath, then lunged forward with all his might. When he felt the base of his prick punch between the circular opening, he screamed out, his voice agonized.

Bernice had never known such burning pain in her life. It was almost as if she had a hot poker up her ass. Still, it was wonderful, for each time the throb of torture abated, it was replaced with delicious, balm-like warmth. She slowly relaxed then went back to Mike’s asshole, driving her tongue in and out of the acrid-tasting hole.

“Fuck me,” she gurgled. “Mmmmmmm, now fuck me hard!”

Above her, Mike was tearing at the sheets with his fingers. Just how much of this torture could a guy take? While his mother sucked her mouth around his shitter, he could feel his nuts throb with growing urgency. Finally, he flipped to his back and jabbed his cock into her mouth.

“Suck it,” he winced. “Christ, I’m ready to blow!”

Bernice spit him out, then began jacking his meat quickly. As she thrust the loose foreskin over his ballooning cock head, she could feel his meat jerk.

“In my pussy,” she said, “Please fuck your cum inside me.”

“Oh Jesus, I just hope I can make it!” Mike said, scrambling down. He yanked her leg upward and blasted his cock into her cunt with one thrust.

Before it hit the back of her tunnel, his prick exploded.

“Ohhhh… unhhhh!” he yelled, biting down on her tits.

Bernice couldn’t believe how powerful his orgasm was. Or perhaps it was having both slabs of meat inside her that caused such delicious pain. She felt her body tense until she was sure her muscles would tear.

“Ohhhhh God!” she screamed out finally, her cunt sucking on Mike’s bursting cock head.

“Fuck… meeee!”

Her pleasure seemed to infect Gary. He began thundering wildly in and out of her hole, going so fast his balls were slapping the backs of her thighs with echoing smacks.

“Take mine too!” he patted. “Oh God, Mom, fuck it all the way in!”

For Bernice, this was too much. What she thought was pleasure before was nothing compared to now. Every cell, each nerve in her body burned with release. But it didn’t stop there. When her climax peaked, it seemed to explode, sending ripples of pure ecstasy up and down her spine. Even her hair tingled. She bucked and writhed between them, clawing at their bodies, screaming with anguish.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she pleaded, her voice now hoarse. “Jesus, fuck me to death, you bastards!”

After both boys hammered their loads into her body, they slowed their movements. While Gary thrust in, Mike pulled out. Then, when Mike shoved inward, Gary withdrew. They fucked her like this for what seemed hours, drawing their pricks back and forth like a saw. Finally, they stopped altogether, molding Bernice between them.

“Mmmmm, Mom, you are the best fucking lay,” Gary whispered. “I don’t believe it, but I’m ready to go again!”

“You ready to go again?” Bernice asked Mike. “Mmmmmmmm?” Mike said, drained, exhausted, almost asleep.

“Looks like we lost one,” Bernice laughed, looking over her shoulder. “You think you can fuck for two?”

“Sure as hell try,” Gary laughed. “You just get ready for it.”

“Tell you what,” Bernice said. “Let me make us something to eat. I think you’re gonna need your strength. Your mother is really cock-hungry tonight.”

Reluctantly, Gary pulled away and propped himself up on one elbow, watching his mother get off the bed. As she padded from the room, he felt another stirring in his nuts. God, she was good looking. Can’t wait to punch into that hole again!

In the kitchen, Bernice began preparing sandwiches, opening chips. Then, when she was finished, she put the food on a tray and started toward the bedroom. She turned suddenly when the back door opened.

“Tammy!” she said to her daughter. “I thought you were staying over with Julie!”

“It was a lie,” Tammy, her daughter said. “I wasn’t with Julie.”

“What’s wrong, honey?” Bernice said, noticing that her daughter’s cheeks were wet with tears. She placed the tray down and awkwardly covered her nakedness as she sat at the table.

“Oh Mom, I don’t know what to do!” Tammy cried, her liquid-brown eyes watering up again. “It’s so hard!”

“What is, baby?” Bernice said, pulling the girl down on a chair. “Tell me.”

“Well,” Tammy began, “Johnny and I were going to… well, he was going to… we didn’t, though. I was scared, and he seemed to want it, and I thought he’d hurt me and… well…”

Her voice trailed off to a soft moan.

“You and Johnny?” Bernice prompted. “You were going to make love?” When Tammy nodded, Bernice added, “And you’re a virgin?”

“Yes,” Tammy said, wondering where she’d gotten the courage to tell her mother these things. “I mean, I didn’t want just anybody to do it. But, I don’t know, Johnny seemed like such an animal. Tearing at my clothes and all.”

“Well, you should have someone you love to do it,” Bernice said, touching her daughter’s shoulder. “Someone who will take time. It doesn’t have to hurt.”

“Yeah, but who?” Tammy said, almost desperately. “All the boys I know are.”

“Wait,” Bernice interrupted, thinking of Gary. “I think I know just the person. You love him and he’s really great in bed. And what’s more, I’ll make him go slow. I’ll be there with you.”

“Huh?” Tammy said, her eyes about to pop out of her head. Had her mother gone completely crazy? She’d been without a man too long.

“You just go into your room and wait,” Bernice said, again standing. She gave Tammy a big smile as she exited with the tray. “We’ll be right in, sweetheart. And believe me, you’re going to have the best.”


Tammy and Gary exchanged glances as they never had before. While his eyes were going over the smooth, tanned flesh, the long, flowing dark-brown hair, the upturned, firm tits, she was gawking at his cock.

“My God!” she gasped, a tremor of fear in her voice. “Are… are they all that big?”

Bernice pushed her son inside the room toward the bed. She then pulled the boy down and patted both their legs. She looked from one to the other.

“He’s got a really nice one, doesn’t he?” she said to Tammy. “It’s going to feel so good when it goes inside you.”

“It’ll kill me!” the girl said, flinching. She looked down at her tiny, puckered hole, then back to the huge slab of meat. “Never!” she said, shaking her head. “Not in a million years!”

“Do you want it, Tammy?” Gary asked suddenly, feeling slightly railroaded. Even if she was a virgin, he wasn’t going to force her to do something she didn’t want. Although it was a temptation to stab between those long, lean legs right now. “We don’t have to… uh, well, do it,” he added.

“Yes, I want it,” Tammy said, looking him in the eye. God, it was so strange. She’d never even thought of him as a sexual object, and here he was, one of the best-looking studs around! Had she been blind? She felt a sudden twitching in her cunt, something she’d never known before.

“Yes, I want it really bad,” she murmured, dropping her eye once more to his crotch.

“You two just do what comes natural,” Bernice said, sitting back. “I’ll watch the first time.” Then to Tammy, “But you’d better get your fill, because I get it the second time!”

Gary knelt between his sister’s legs, then reached out, touching the tips of her tits. God, he’d never been so excited in his life! A young, beautiful virgin! This would be her first cock. He would be the first to stab inside that swollen, delicate hole! It took every ounce of strength to control his emotions, to keep from impaling her that very second.

“Pretty,” he whispered, lowering his face to her tits. “God, Sis, you’re pretty all over!”

Things were happening too fast for Tammy. Not fifteen minutes ago she was fighting a boy off, and now she was lying here meek as a lamb, ready to be fucked. And that cock! Christ, would she live through it?

“Just… just go slow,” she said, swallowing hard. “Please?”

“Mmmmmm, baby, I’ll go so fucking slow,” Gary whispered, brushing his lips over the rubbery, pink nipples. He took the twin projections in his mouth, licking them tenderly, then kissed upward, pausing for a few seconds, wetting up the hollow of her throat. He then kissed her on the mouth, gently stabbing his tongue between her teeth. “Mmmmm, so fucking slow,” he panted, crushing her in his arms.

Tammy thought the world had exploded when she felt his hard muscularity wrap around her, his sweet breath in her mouth. She could not feel the huge slab of cock pulsating against her thighs. It seemed even larger now, stretching half the distance of her thigh. She trembled with a mixture of dread and pleasure.

“Oh Gary!” she said, moving her hands over his sides, to his back. She slowly inched her fingers downward, to his firm, hairy ass.

“Mmmmm, you’re good,” she grunted, fingering his tight as crack. “God, I didn’t know my brother was such a bull!”

They kissed with growing passion, molding their bodies together, their chests heaving excitedly. Finally, Gary licked to her chin, then back to her throat. As he moved his face downward, he could feel her nipples throb against his chest. His cock was now rock-hard, ready to split.

“Ready, Sis?” he whispered. “You ready for your first big cock?”

“Yes!” Tammy cried out. “Oh God, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

Just thinking about it now was enough to cause the girl’s body to shake — her eyes to become glazed with anticipation. She ran her hands over his smooth, muscular body waiting.

“Now,” she whispered against the top of his head. “Please… now!”

Bernice watched with fascinated interest as her son’s monstrous cock head found the furry, slick opening. She leaned slightly sideways to get a better view, then thrust her fingers between her legs. As she touched her clit, she saw Gary’s meat slip slightly inside.

“Fuck her… God, fuck her,” she panted, reaching out, touching the boy’s ass. “Do it easy.”

Tammy cried out suddenly. She had expected a little pain, but nothing like this! As his cock head spread her opening to the breaking point, she felt flutters race up and down her pussy canal. Yet, somehow, the sensations were wonderful.

“Yesssss!” she cried out, spreading her legs a little wider. “Tear my pussy apart! Really rip through my cherry!”

Gary nudged further inside her swollen, pulsating canal until the end of his dick touched the delicate membrane of her virginity. As it molded around his cock head, he paused, then withdrew slightly.

“Take it now, Sis,” he murmured, moving his mouth from her tits. He clamped his lips firmly around hers and stabbed his tongue between her teeth. At the same time, he heaved forward, planting the entire slab of cock firmly in her guts.

“Ohhhhh… fuck it, baby!” he screamed into her throat.

Tammy gave a silent shriek when she felt his meat tear through her cherry, then thrust where no other prick had been. Seconds later, she felt a warm oozing sensation, knowing it was her virgin blood that now seeped around his throbbing cock.

“God!” she finally screamed, clawing wildly at his back, his ass. “Fuck meeee!”

Even before he withdrew and hammered back in, her orgasm hit her savagely. It was nothing like she’d ever experienced before. The times she had diddled herself at night were like a handshake compared to tbe explosions that now rocked her body.

“Oh fuck… take it!” Gary whimpered. This was the second virgin he’d screwed, and the first was so long ago he hardly remembered it. This one, however, would be forever etched in his mind. He seemed suddenly aware of the female body for the first time, could almost taste every inch of his sister.

“Take it all the way in,” he groaned, trying desperately to control the boiling pressure inside his balls.

“Give it to me!” Tammy yelled out, jerking her hips upward, swallowing all of his prod. “Mmmmm, fuck me hard and… and God, just fuck the shit out of me?”

“Oh fuck, I will!” Gary barked, now slamming in and out with full force. “Gonna fuck you so good, you won’t ever need another cock!”

“Oh! Oh! Aieeeee!” Tammy screamed, feeling another storm of sweet release inside her churning hole. This time, the climax was even better, lasting for what seemed an eternity.

“Fuck! Fuck!” she panted, chewing on his mouth, running her fingers wildly over his body. “Shove it to me, you bastard! God, fuck me to pieces!”

While he slammed in and out, his ass bobbing furiously, Bernice crawled between their legs and bent to their crotches. She was mesmerized with her son’s balls as they crawled back and forth, vibrating like hairy beehives. She touched them, then lifted them to her open mouth.

“Mmmmmmm, fuck her good, baby,” she said, lapping one of the orbs into her mouth. She washed it with her tongue, then repeated the action with the other.

“Give it to her good! I want to see a gallon of cum fucked in her hole!”

Gary banged his sister with every ounce of strength he could muster. And when he felt his mother’s lips on his nuts, he was sure he wouldn’t be able to hold back. By some miracle, however, he managed, squeezing the ringed muscle at the base of his cock. The pressure inside his balls was growing, almost splitting his loins.

“Tell… tell me when you want it,” he stammered. “Oh, fucking Jesus… tell me it’s now!”

“Now!” both Bernice and Tammy screamed. Bernice found the waiting almost unbearable. Tammy felt it completely so.

As they screamed out, Gary shoved forward, then held himself inside for a couple of seconds. He panted and winced as his explosive juices swept from his nuts, throbbed through the center of his prick, then spat from his cum-hole.

“Oh… Fuck!” he cried, withdrawing, punching in the second spurt. “Take it, whore! Take my cock and fuck it all the way in! Fuck! Unhhhhh!”

Tammy didn’t exactly know what to expect, but this was better than her wildest dreams. His cum was scalding, yet soothing. And as it flooded her insides, she felt the liquid etching her fluttering walls like acid. The heat from his body filtered into every cell, every nerve. Within a matter of seconds, her entire body was alive with flames.

“Aaaahhh!” she shrieked, throwing herself upward to meet his fantastically hard thrusts. “Yes! God yes! Fuck me full, you bastard! I want every drop!”

Another convulsion of raw ecstasy burned up and down her canal, finally bursting around her opening. As it reached full force, it caused her opening to clamp firmly around the base of his meat, trapping him momentarily inside.

“Unhhhh… fucking… tight!” Gary grimaced, pulling away from the vacuum of her pussy. He shoved back in, then squirmed his ass around, now feeling his cum slosh backward, milking around his shaft. “Oh… baby, baby, baby,” he gasped, blowing in the bulk of his jizz.

Bernice moved her mouth closer to her daughter’s cunt, feeling the delicate hairs tickle her chin. Then, as she darted the tip of her tongue out to taste the opaque juices that wet up the insides of the girl’s thighs, she saw a milky stream of cum ooze from the bottom of the spasming rim.

“Mmmmmmm, give her a lot!” she gasped, sucking the hot, pink fluid over her tongue. “Delicious! Pussy juice and cum to suck! God…”

Her words became a hungry muffle as she gobbled more of the steaming liquid into her mouth. Finally, she gulped in an especially large glob and sat back, moving her face upward. As the force of gravity pulled the fiery fluid into the back of her throat, she felt her own pussy twitch, then burst with release.

“Aaaaghhh!” she screamed out, thrusting ha fingers wildly in and out of her cunt. “Fuck! Fuck her! Fuck us both!”

While her climax was peaking, Gary was grinding the last of his pleasures into his sister’s torn cunt. He gave one final heave forward, burying his meat inside her, pressing his hulking weight into the opening.

“All of it,” he grimaced, then collapsed, gasping into her mouth. “Mmmmmm, baby… you have been fucked!”

“Oh yes,” Tammy murmured. She couldn’t imagine anything feeling better. And had she known it would be so great, she might have given her cherry to Johnny! It didn’t matter now, because she had three brothers. And if Mike and Brian were anything like Gary, she was in for one hell of a time. “Oh yes,” she repeated, snuggling closer, feeling her pleasures renew themselves.

“Now me,” Bernice said, unable to control herself any longer. “Get your ass off and fuck your mother!”

“Just a few minutes more, Mom,” Gary said. “God, it feels so good like this.”

“Hey, will I do?” Mike said from behind them, wiping the sleep out of his eyes.

“Jesus!” Gary said. “I might have known he’d show up about now.”

“What’s all the noise about?” Susan said, walking in just behind Mike. When she saw all the naked bodies, she had to grab the door-jamb for support.

“My God!” she gasped. “It looks like…”

“Like lot of fun,” Bernice finished. “Now let’s get this show on the road.”

As they all got on the bed, she suddenly wondered where Brian was, wished he were here now. Why the hell did that kid have to take off? And she’d certainly give him a piece of her mind when she saw him. She could find her own men. Hadn’t she already!


“Mmmmm I’ll take my sister,” Mike said, looking hungrily at Tammy’s tits, the soft mound of cunt.

“Go right and,” Gary said, pulling his mother and his girlfriend close. “I got plenty right here. Right Mom? Susan?”

“Well, I do know one thing,” Bernice grinned, holding his cock upward. “You certainly have plenty here.” She winked at Susan. “You think it’s enough for both of us?”

Susan was still stunned by what she had first seen. She thought she was the only person who was so crazy about sex. But looking around the room, she felt like a rank amateur! She nodded her head quickly, then reached out, fingering Gary’s balls.

“Want to suck his cock?” Bernice asked, pushing the girl’s head down in her son’s crotch. “If you try, you can get it all in.”

“I… I have tried,” the girl said, swallowing hard. “I can’t. It’s too big.”

“Let me show you, sweetheart,” Bernice offered. “When you have the knack, it’s easy.”

She took Gary’s cock head between her lips and slowly slipped them down the shaft. When her mouth squirmed into the bushy fringe of dark hair around the root of his meat, she twisted her face around. Even slower, she pulled back up.

“See?” she said. “Now you try it.”

It looked so easy the way she did it, Susan thought. But, Christ, where was she putting it? Nonetheless, she wasn’t about to give up trying. She was almost on trial it seemed. She took a deep breath and placed her lips over the glistening cock head.

“Here goes,” she murmured, closing her eyes. She pushed her head down until she felt his cock head glide between her tonsils. This is where she had always stopped, feeling that gagging sensation, that horrible pain. Now, however, her determination was greater than ever. She lunged forward, expecting the worst.

“Aaaaghhhhh!” she choked, now feeling his hairs scrape her lips.

“Well… I’ll be Goddamned!” Gary gasped. “Jesus, Mom, you’re a good teacher!”

“How was it, baby?” Bernice asked the panting girl when she came up a few seconds later.

“It’s wonderful!” Susan groaned, her eyes wide, her mouth in a big grin. “Fantastic! I think I’ll suck cock all the time from now on!”

“And let that sweet little pussy go to waste?” Gary said, moving his hands over her body. “Not on your life, sweetheart.”

“Hey, look at this,” Mike said proudly. “Tammy is a natural. Just look at the way she eats dick.”

Everyone looked over and saw Tammy gulping up and down Mike’s rock-hard shaft, going all the way down to his throbbing nuts. She wasn’t aware that they were watching, however. She was concentrating on the way his prick pleased her throat.

“Mmmmm,” she groaned, twisting her face around, digging her fingers into the hard surface of his stomach.

When she turned slightly to one side, Bernice looked between her daughter’s legs. Thick, creamy streams were oozing from the tiny hole, wetting-up the insides of her thighs.

“Think I’ll suck myself some cum,” she said, crawling over. She planted her face between Tammy’s thighs and licked into the bleeding hole.

“Mmmmmm, you mind if your mommy eats the cream out of your pussy, baby?” she whispered.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Tammy cried out, letting Mike’s prick flop from her lips. She didn’t know what to make of the feelings that now churned in her guts. Her mother’s tongue was almost like a cock, but soft and yielding.

“Go ahead!” She winced, jerking her crotch forward. “We’ll… we’ll suck together!”

After the last word, she again gulped down on Mike’s cock. Across from her, Susan was doing the same to Gary’s meat, gobbling furiously up and down.

“Wow, look at this little cock sucker now,” Gary said, his eyes on what Susan was doing. “I don’t fucking believe it! Eats like there’s no tomorrow!”

The rest of them, however, were lost in their own pleasures. While Mike thrust his prick deeply into his sister’s throat, Bernice was eating her out, gobbling hungrily on the oozing wads of cum.

Gary gave them one fleeting glance, then fully concentrated on what Susan was doing. He began working with her, moving his hips up and down each time she bobbed her head. His full length of prick was now piercing her lips.

“That’s the way, baby,” he grunted. “All the fucking way in! Come on, suck faster! Let’s see just what kind of cock sucker you are!”

Susan moved slightly forward to give herself a better angle. She then grasped the base of his prod with the fingers of both hands and began jacking his shaft. While she pulled his meat up and down, she quickly flicked the tip of her tongue around on his cock head.

“Mmmmmmm, delicious!” she murmured, already able to taste the flavor of his nearing orgasm. “I love cock! Mmmmm, this big cock!”

“Oh Christ,” Gary said, grabbing the sheets with his fingers. As his climax drew nearer, his knuckles turned white, his chest heaved faster.

“Eat, baby. God, lick it in! I’m gonna blow that throat of yours apart. Mmmmmmm, just like I fucked that pussy of yours.”

Susan worked her fingers harder, feeling his meat expand, then jerk at the base. When she knew without a doubt that he was about to shoot-off, she gobbled completely downward, crushing her lips into the wiry hairs. She then twisted her face around, feeling him pulsate between her tonsils, waiting.

“God… fucking… damn!” Gary grunted, half-sitting. He grabbed the back of her head and slapped her face savagely into his burning crotch. At the same time, he humped upward. When his prick was fully impaled in her tbroat, he felt the first of his explosive climax splatter the back of her throat.

“Unhhh!” he gasped, rocking back and forth. “Suck, cock sucker! Goddamn you, you cum sucking slut, suck!”

Susan felt her own orgasm explode the split second his juices seared into the back of her throat. She squirmed between his legs, rubbing her knees together, squeezing her pulsating clit into the loose folds of skin that puckered around her oozing cunt opening.

“Mmnunfffff!” she choked, wallowing the fiery liquid around in her mouth, swishing it between her teeth. Another climax drilled through her cunt.

“Eat it all, whore!” Gary winced, shoving in the final globs of cum. “Suck my cock dry!”

When his orgasm subsided to a dull throb, so did Susan’s. She crushed her face down, then repositioned herself, lying now at his side, her head on his stomach. She remained there for several moments, feeling his prick gently wither, slip from her mouth.

“Mmmmm, so good,” she whispered, clutching his empty balls, rolling them over her cheeks.

“Love your cum.”

Behind her Mike was almost ready to climax. He was jerking his ass up and down, savagely drilling his meat into his sister’s mouth. While he did, Tammy was writhing, bucking beneath her brother’s assault.

“Suck, Sis,” Mike growled. “Gonna load that little mouth up with cum!”

Bernice moved away from her daughter’s pussy, leaving a glistening trail as she kissed across her stomach. She licked between the two firm mounds of tits, washing each tiny nipple then crushed her lips down on Mike’s nuts.

“Suck him together,” she murmured, walling the hairy orbs into her mouth. “Mmmmmmm, I’ll help you, baby.”

Now that Mike had his cock firmly planted in her throat, and his nuts were being nibbled and sucked by his mother, he let himself go completely. And just the small act of relaxing was met with a bursting sensation at the base of his prick. He stabbed upward with all his might.

“Suck it, bitches!” he cried out. “Lick my dick and balls! Suck on my cum, cock suckers! Unhhh!”

When Bernice felt his balls recede slightly into his crotch, she knew his boiling load was spurting up the center of his meat. She quickly moved upward, holding her mouth open next to Tammy’s lips.

“Let me have some too,” she gasped, her eyes glinting with hunger. “God… I love his cream!”

Tammy got the first hot blast of juice, then quickly spit his prick from her mouth, aiming the tip of it into her mother’s waiting throat. When she saw the thick release shoot across Bernice’s lapping tongue, she gulped her own lump of cum down.

“Ohhhhh!” she groaned. “I want more! Let me have it, Mom! Now!”

Reluctantly, Bernice let Tammy have his prick. Then she, too, watched as the steamy liquid etched across her daughter’s tongue.

“Give us lots to drink,” she pleaded, embracing Tammy. As she crushed her throbbing cunt against her daughter’s, she was given another quick spurt of the frothy jism. “Minmmmm!” she cried out, gurgling it down, experiencing a convulsion of climax at the same time.

“Ohhhhhh!” Tammy shrieked, punching her ass back and forth against her mother’s body. Their clits were now buzzing together, their openings molding. “Fuck! Suck! I want some more cock!”

When Mike finally stopped blowing his load, he fell back, exhausted. He squirmed beneath their faces, rolling his prick around, then ceased to move at all. He was now so drained he could barely keep his eyes open.

“Goddamn,” he said, his voice a whisper. “I’m… shit, I’m done for.”

“Oh no!” Tammy said, looking at her brother, then over to where Gary lay. “They’re both gone!”

“And I was just getting started good again,” Susan said. “Well? What are we going to do?”

Bernice was about to say something when the front door slammed. She sat up and looked toward the hall.

“Brian? That you?” she called out.

“Yep,” he answered.

“Where is everyone?”

“Reinforcements,” Bernice laughed. When Brian entered, he whistled as he looked around. For several seconds, he couldn’t even comment. It looked like a battleground. He said as much.

“Get over here,” Bernice said, reaching out. “We’ve fucked these two out.”

“Just a second,” Brian said after a few seconds. “I need to talk to you, Mom. Alone, OK?”

“Be right back, girls,” Bernice said, rising from the bed. She followed her son into the hall. “Well? What’s up?” she asked her oldest son.

“Someone is coming over,” Brian began. “Someone I want you to meet.”

“Look, Brian,” Bernice began, “I don’t think it’s a good idea, whatever it is you have planned. I…”

“Just hang on,” Brian interrupted. “Give it a chance, OK?”

“I… I don’t think so,” Bernice said slowly.

“Please? For me?” he asked.

“OK,” Bernice said finally. “Where is he?”

“He’ll be here in a few minutes. He wanted me to prepare you first.”

“Prepare me?” Bernice asked, scandalized. “Who are you all of a sudden, chief eunuch?”

“Dammit, be serious,” Brian said. “He just wants to make sure you still… uh, that you like him.”

“OK, so I’m prepared,” Bernice said. “When is he going to be here?”

“Not for a few minutes,” her son answered. “Do me a favor, OK? Slip into something nice.” She was about to object, when he added, “For me?”

“Christ,” Bernice spat. “You’d better make this up to me later, Son.”

“I will, I promise,” he said, grinning. “Now, while you get ready, I think I saw a couple of girls who just might need a man.”

When he left her for where Tammy and Susan were, Bernice walked down the hall to her room. She stood there for several moments, then shrugged her shoulders.

“What the hell,” she said, going to the bathroom. “Might as well go whole hog.”

She stepped into the shower and turned on the water. As the jets of warm fluid hit her body, she instantly felt more alive. Well, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all. If she didn’t like him — which she knew she wouldn’t — she could give him a drink and send him on his way.

Moments later, she stepped from the tub and began drying off. From the corner of her eye, she caught a movement in her room.

Well, he’s a brave sonofabitch, she thought. Coming right into my bedroom! Brian has gone too far this time. She wrapped the towel round her body and stormed from the bathroom.

She almost fainted when she looked into the eyes of her ex-husband.

“Larry!” she gasped.

“Hello, Bernice,” the man said, an easy smile on his lips. “You’re looking fit.”


Bernice was speechless. She wanted to feel rage, to pour out her emotions, to blame him for everything that had ever happened to her. Finally, she opened her mouth, but only a slight squeak came from her lips.

“You look younger,” Larry said, his eyes moving over the outline of her shoulders, his glance finally resting on her tits, which were partially bare. “Much more alive,” he added. He stood suddenly and turned toward the door.

“I… I didn’t think this was a good idea when Brian suggested it,” he said. “I’m sorry if I’ve upset you.”

“Don’t… don’t go,” Bernice said, stammering.

“What’s there here for me?” Larry asked, looking around the room. “Don’t lie and say that you still care.”

“But! I do!” Bernice said. Her heart was in her throat. “I’ve always cared, Larry.”

“Never enough, it seemed,” the man said, exhaling. His shoulders slumped as if he were exhausted. “I just needed more, I guess.”

“Did you find it?” she asked softly.

“No,” he answered. “In fact, I didn’t find as much as I left. Funny, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s sad,” Bernice said. “A lot of things have happened since you left,” she added, wondering why.

“I know,” Larry grinned. “Brian told me. I don’t think I would have come otherwise.”

“He told you about us?” Bernice dared. “Yes,” Larry said. “Excuse me if it excites me,” he added. “I haven’t been excited in a long time.”

As Bernice was about to reach out to hug him Tammy and Mike burst through the door followed by Brian.

“Daddy!” Tammy said. “You’re home!”

“I don’t know,” he said, then looked at Bernice. “Am I?”

“Yes,” Bernice said. “You’re home, sweetheart.”

The scene that followed was almost too much for Bernice. Finally, after hugs, kisses, handshakes, she shooed her children out and closed the door.

“Are you still excited?” she asked, dropping the towel, standing before him naked.

“God… yes,” he said, looking at her firm, ripened body with a hungry look. “I’ve never been so excited in my life!”

Moments later, they both lay sprawled on the bed, their nude bodies intertwined. Their mouths were locked, their kisses passionate and wet.

“Let me look at you,” Larry said, pulling away.

“Mmmmm, let me look at you!” Bernice gasped. He was better looking than she remembered, an older version of Mike. He was big and hulking, not an ounce of fat on his frame. The shock of blue-black hair seemed curlier, thicker. His eyes were dark as the sea at night. His muscular body was covered with black hair, setting off his sculptured look. Between his legs throbbed a cock so large it almost made her hurt to think of it inside her.

“You’re beautiful,” she murmured, kissing his neck.

“No, you’re the one who is beautiful,” he said, moving on top of her body. He kissed her again, then let his lips brush across her chin. “God…! The most beautiful woman I’ve ever known!” he murmured, moving to her throat.

He kissed her neck and shoulders, then let his mouth slowly inch toward her upturned tits. He kissed and sucked them one at a time then squeezed the silky mounds together and sucked the twin buds of nipples into his mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm, sweet!” he gasped, lowering his hands to her hips, then over to her pussy. “Sweet and hot!”

“Fuck me!” Bernice cried out, flinching with ecstasy. “God, Larry, I want you so bad!”

“Mmmmmm. I want you too, baby,” he said, moving downward, darting his tongue over her stomach. “First let me kiss you all over. Remember you with my mouth.”

It was the most difficult thing she had ever done before, just to lie there under his gentle assault. When he kissed through the brush of cunt hair, then jabbed his tongue into her churning slit opening, she jerked upward, grabbing the back of his head.

“Oh God!” she screamed, climaxing immediately.

“Wow, you are hot, aren’t you?” Larry said. “I don’t know what’s done it to you, but I love it!”

“Love me! God, love me!” Bernice wailed, clawing at his shoulders, the back of his neck.

Larry pushed her back down, then nibbled over the tops of her thighs. He then kissed toward her feet, finally taking each toe into his mouth separately. He worked his way back up, then planted himself between her thighs, lowering his face to her oozing pussy.

“Want me to lick you?” he whispered, placing his thumbs at the sides of her opening, pulling back the loose folds of skin. “Hmmmmm? Want a good tongue-job?”

“I don’t care!” Bernice cried. “Just do it, you bastard! Anything! God, everything!”

While she bucked and writhed with anguished release, Larry jabbed the tip of his tongue inside her swollen opening. He played inside for several seconds, then bared his teeth, scraping them over her throbbing clit.

“God, baby your pussy is the best!” he murmured into her hole. “Never had one better!”

“Aieeeee!” Bernice screamed, thrashing now with wild desire. His tongue was giving her thrills she hadn’t known even existed.

“Eat!” she begged, raking across his back and shoulders. “God, eat my pussy alive!”

Larry plunged in and out more quickly, feeling her insides tug like a throat. And as her passion mounted to a gut-grinding level, a delicate stream of juice oozed forward, etching his mouth like acid. He gave a throaty gurgle, then nuzzled his nose into the furry warmth, inhaling the perfumed aroma.

“Mmmmm, sweetheart,” he panted. “I can’t wait to fuck it to you in here.”

“Now!” Bernice screamed, her entire body flaming with lust. “Fuck me! God, I’ve got to have it!”

“No, I want us both to want it more than anything when we do it,” he said, trying to ignore the torture of his loins. “It has to be perfect.”

Bernice thought if it got any better, she would explode. She was now begging with every inch of her being, her voice pleading.

Slowly, and after what seemed an eternity, he kissed upward, through the bush of her cunt hair, and licked over her stomach. When her tits nudged the top of his head, he reached up and squeezed them together. He then lapped over them, darting his tongue between and around the buzzing nipples. Finely, he nibbled to her neck, then kissed her firmly on the mouth.

“Now, sweetheart,” he whispered, thrusting his tongue deeply inside her mouth. “Let’s fuck each other… Now.”

“Aaaahhhhh!” Bernice cried, feeling his cock head throb against the insides of her thighs. His balls, too, were pulsating, tickling her flesh. “Fuck meeeee!” she panted, another orgasm ripping through her guts.

“Jesus, you’re a bitch in heat,” Larry winced, nuzzling the end of his cock into her furry, glistening hole. “But we’ll soon fix that. I’m gonna fuck the living shit out of you. Two long, Goddamned years of fucking!”

Bernice felt her cunt opening stretch, then burn with pain. No small wonder her sons had such huge cocks — look at the stock they came from? He seemed bigger than all three of them together! And as he pushed the rest of his prick through her convulsing tunnel, he grew even larger.

“God!” she screamed, now feeling him fully impaled, her cunt clutching at the root of his dick. “Fuck meeeee!”

“Unhhh!” Larry winced, remaining inside for several seconds before moving. Her cunt was wrapped around his prick like a sucking throat, molding into his flesh.

“So fucking hot, baby,” he murmured, withdrawing. When the tip of his prod buzzed near her opening, he thrust quickly back in. “Fuck!” he grimaced. “Take it! God, baby take my cock and fuck it!”

As he began fucking in and out of her snatch, Bernice had one climax after another, each more intense than the last. Soon, her body was trembling with peaking release, and the only time she could distinguish any sensation at all was when her pussy hole would explode once more.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she chanted, moving with him, punching her hips upward to meet his inward thrusts. “God, give it to me like this… all night long!”

“I will. God, baby, I will!” Larry said, wincing. He could have gone then and there, but he wanted this feeling to last for as long as it could. It was almost impossible, however, to hold back the onslaught. Already his cum was boiling over into the base of his cock. “Just fuck me,” he panted. “Christ, just fuck me as long as you can.”

“Please,” Bernice begged, “give me your cum now! God, I want it inside me!”

Larry humped his body over hers and lowered his face to her tits. As he bit into the delicate flesh of her tits, he felt his cock stiffen painfully. It then began throbbing, jerking with life. From the base, quick spasms shot upward, each one bringing with it a lump of jizz.

“Fuck it!” he groaned, squirming his ass around, withdrawing, plunging back in, squirming once more. “Take my cum and fuck it up to your cock sucking brains!”

“Ohhhhhhh!” Bernice yelled, now feeling the scalding fluid eat into the back of her cunt. She jerked upward wildly, locking her pussy entrance around his meat, trapping him inside. “All of it, you bastard? Fuck it to me!”

“Unh! Unh!” Larry grimaced, punching in the second and third spurts of jism. “Oh fuck… take it, whore!” he added, blasting in the bulk.

Bernice’s insides were a cauldron of precious release. And each quick thrust of his cock sent her to heights she hadn’t dreamed possible. Finally, she gave a gasping scream of total, ultimate ecstasy, then fell in a heap, her body vibrating with satisfaction.

“Oh yes, baby, yes,” Larry moaned, grinding in the last boiling wad. He shoved his full weight into her cunt, then relaxed, gasping against her tits. “Mmmmmmm, now this is fucking, let me tell you!”

“You’re really coming home,” Bernice said a short while later, feeling his prick get hard again. “To stay?”

“Sure,” he said. “I’ll just have to leave to get my things, that’s all.”

“You have any bridges to burn?” Bernice asked. He was an attractive man. “There must be at least one girl — I mean…”

“There’s no one,” he said. “Never has been. Not now or ever. I found out I’d rather be miserable with you than happy with someone else.”

“Well, you won’t be miserable ever again,” Bernice said. “You’ve got a family to see to that.”

“They took pretty good care of you, didn’t they?” Larry laughed. “I’ve got some good boys.”

“Mmmmm, I’ll say,” Bernice smiled. “And you’ve got a daughter that you’re gonna enjoy getting to know again.”

“We can be a happy family, can’t we?” he asked.

“Sure can,” Bernice said, stroking his back. “Now what do you want to do to make you very happy?”

“Mmmmm, I guess I have the desire to fuck my children’s mother,” he answered. “Savagely.”

“Yes,” Bernice whispered, her mouth meeting his. “Oh God, yes!”

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