Whipped Chained Cousin and the drunken wife

Ellen Kimberly tried pulling away, the filthy sole of the engineering boot crushing her upper lip. The pretty teenager tried squirming away, her fingers curling and digging into the soft dirt beneath her for traction. But Ellen found she couldn’t make a move. Her cousin Jeff was holding her captive there, increasing the weight of his foot against her skull when it looked as if she would wriggle from him.

“No, Jeff, please! I… I’m sorry!” she wailed, shaking the tears from her eyes and staring up at the tall broad-shouldered stud straddling her.

“Damned bitch!” he sneered, turning his head and spitting off to the side. “Knew you was nothin’ but trouble when you came here. Just havin’ a vacation, huh?”

Ellen felt the rough-hewn heel crushing her chin while the tip of the sole pressed in against her forehead. She jerked both hands up, pressing her fingers against his ankles and trying to push that foot from her face. Impossible.

Jeff had knocked her down from behind, stunning her before slapping her around then finally doing this. She had made a terrible mistake telling her aunt about his drinking, about all that beer and wine he and his buddies were consuming the other night. Jeff, she had thought, would be mad at her. But this was too much!

“I swear, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it,” Ellen pleaded, feeling the terror claw at her heart like icy fingers.

The skin between her cunt and asshole puckered with goose bumps while her heart began to pound madly. Dropping her hands, Ellen dug her heels into the soft dirt, desperately trying to move back once more, anything to lessen the pressure of that foot against her head. Jeff followed, balancing himself carefully, looking around to see if anything was near. No, there was nothing but the faint lights of the house in the distance.

“You’re gonna be real sorry,” Jeff said.

He bent down, taking the foot from her face and grabbing her roughly by the shoulders. She saw his bright eyes, eyes like those of a rat about to pounce from a tabletop! She shivered in his grasp, feeling her body trembling between his gripping fingers. Ellen thought of screaming. Surely someone would hear her, someone in the house. But then the girl remembered how easily Jeff had subdued her. If she tried anything more, he might really hurt her. No. She would bide her time, then escape when she could.

What a hellish country vacation this was becoming!

“Up. Get up on your fuckin’ feet. You’re gonna meet some of the guys you fucked up today by blabbin’ to my old lady,” Jeff said, scooping her up from the ground, then shoving her forward.

Ellen stumbled, then regained her balance, pushing the hair from her eyes. It was late, very late. If it weren’t for the full moan overhead silvering the rolling countryside of Northern California, she wouldn’t have been able to see a thing. As it was, it was difficult for her to walk through the uncut wheat fields without tripping. And behind her always there was Jeff, not allowing her to take a step on her own. They marched down a small hill toward the stream that ran through her uncle’s property. Would he drown her in it? He was certainly mad enough.

“Over there, bitch. Come on, move it.”

When she appeared confused, Jeff moved up to her, reaching out and grabbing a fistful of her hair. Ellen cried out, her knees rubbing together then buckling while her body twisted around. Excruciating agony shot from her scalp down to her toes, making the young teenager scream again. She jerked her hands up, curling her fingers into two tiny fists and beating them against her cousin’s chest. They were like cotton balls against that muscular body. Jeff laughed at her vain attempts, tightening his grip on her hair.

Ellen thought she would faint from the agony. Her feet slipped along the muddy ground, sliding from her sandals while Jeff began pulling her along after him. He dragged her like a sack of dirt, ignoring her sobbing pleas, her screams. She knew it was impossible for anyone to heat her now. They were too far away from the bunkhouse and the main building. More of the white cotton swim frock tore as they lumbered through the brush, branch tearing at her dress and flesh.

“No, no, please, stop this!”

It was all Ellen could do to keep up with her cousin as they plodded forward. Once the girl slipped, her feet sliding out from under her. Jeff still kept his grip on her hair, dragging her up after kicking her several times in the ribs and knocking the wind from her. Painfully, the young girl rose from the dirt, shaking the hair from her eyes and trying to steady herself.

How she was growing to hate her cousin’s boy she had once admired secretly here on the farm. He was so handsome, so… manly. In fact, up to this day she had thought he would make a pass at her, from the way he had been eyeing her at the dinner table. All that fantasy was shot to pieces now as he pulled and pushed her along the edge of the stream.

“There. Come on, bitch, we’re almost there. Then you can tell ’em how you were worded about me and the others and that’s why the fuck you squealed on us,” Jeff said hatefully.

There was no reasoning with her cousin. He was furious with her and only wanted to hurt her. Ellen did her best to keep her whimpering to a minimum. Perhaps the others would calm him down, making him see that what he was doing was utter madness.

She looked ahead, seeing that old cabin she’d spotted earlier on the banks of the river. It had been a makeshift home for some white trash several years before. Not it just stood there, leaning more and more toward the river with each passing day. Now there were several motorcycles parked behind it, and lights shown from inside. Ellen’s courage failed as they climbed up the two rotting stairs to the door. Finally Jeff let go of her hair, doubling his fists and pounding against the wall.

“It’s me. I’ve got the little slut with me. Come on, lemme in.”

Ellen wrinkled her nose as the door opened and she smelled the stench of stale wine and beer and smoke. There were crushed cans on the floor, several skittering away from her bare feet as she moved into the small, crowded, dirty house. They were all there, Jeff’s friends, all looking at her silently as she moved slowly forward. Modestly, the girl crossed her arms, trying to hide her tits that were becoming exposed from the rips in her dress.

“What do you think, Curly?” Jeff asked, indicating with a sharp hand signal for Ellen to stop. “She’s blown the whistle on my drinking, and that means my old man’s gonna come down hard on the whole fuckin’ country. This place is gonna go fast.” His eyes were glowing with anger as he turned and looked from man to man. “And then what? We ain’t gonna have no place to drink, to bring the ladies for a fuck, nothin’!” He glared at her, his face reddening far a minute. “And who helped all this along?”

The girl shrank back from him, feeling as if he had just struck her again. The others were glaring at her just as sharply as he was. There would be no mercy from this awful crowd.

“Let’s beat the livin’ shit outta her!” someone shouted from behind.

“Naw! The whip, man. Take care of the bitch!” someone else cried out from the other side of the room.

“We’re gonna make her pay. Come on. Let’s get started. When she’s through, she ain’t gonna talk to nobody for a while.”

“No!” she cried.

She knew Jeff had given some kind of signal, a sign that they could all have at her right now. She put her hands up over her face as she saw general movement throughout the room. Jeff was first on her, grabbing her hair and spinning her around the room.

In a moment Ellen felt the back of her head striking a wall hard, the blow dazing her. Hands were gripping her bodice, tearing the dress from her body. She could feel fingers crawling on her flesh, pinching her tummy, the sliding down to her panties.

“Fight me, bitch, and I’m gonna piss all over you. My bladder’s almost as full as my balls.”

“No! No, what are you going to do?”

Her question brought out more shouts of laughter from all around her. Ellen choked and gagged with growing terror as he prayed to God that none of this would go any further. Perhaps someone would come along and break up this mad orgy of revenge. But even as she prayed, Ellen knew it would do no good. Jeff was going to fuck her, then turn her over to the mob. The pretty blonde teenager had heard of things like this happening to other women, girls who had been picked up along the highway or something and tortured by maniacs. But this was her own family, her own flesh and blood doing this to her. It wasn’t natural, just wasn’t natural for Jeff to be doing this to her.

“No, help, help me!”

Her cousin stopped her screams by clapping one hand over her mouth, the pressure forcing her lips to cut against her front teeth. Ellen tried calming herself. All this twisting and shouting would only make things worse for her. She had to keep calm, no matter what happened. Later, when it was all over, she would have her revenge. But now… now Jeff would have the upper hand, and there was nothing in the world she could do about it.

“That’s better,” Jeff whispered, noticing her gradual calming. “Now if you don’t fuck around so much, you might even get to like this.”

But her protests were growing weaker now. Ellen felt hot tears of shame and frustration roll down her flushed cheeks as she submitted to her cousin. He was on top of her, murmuring something to her while unbuckling his trousers. Behind him, she could hear the other men saying awful things about how he should fuck her. But Jeff just kept touching her all over, moving both hands now around to her ass and squeezing the soft, white asscheeks until Ellen squealed from the painful pressure. His hard muscled body pressing up against her was doing something more than simply crushing her into the wall. Something else was starting up, Ellen realized, something she couldn’t understand.

She shook her head, unable to comprehend why her cunt was starting to warm and shiver under the constant attack of her sadistic cousin. The stench of his breath nearly overwhelmed her, the smell of tobacco and beer. But there was something in the way he stared at her, something in the way he was abusing her that made her heart pound with something more than fear and terror.

Jeff moved his hands around once more, ripping the dress completely from her body.

Ellen screamed, throwing her arms around her and trying to hide her tits and cunt. More hands were moving over her flesh, clawing at her thighs, her ass, her tits. She cried, slapping them away, turning and turning as the men laughed and swatted her smartly.

“No, stop it! No, don’t do this to me!” she cried out, tears rolling down her face.

“She’s mine first.”


Jeff had thrown something around her neck. A rope or rag or something that felt terribly rough was pressing around her windpipe, choking the air from her lungs. Ellen’s eyes bulged out while her fingers worked at the rope. Her screams were choked off while her nostrils flared and her tongue slipped uncontrollably from her mouth, licking at her lips. The girl felt her knees buckling as she sank to the floor. Everything began to grow dim and fade away. Ellen felt her knees touching the hardwood floor as she began to pass out. A last-second reprieve brought her back to reality once again. Her cousin had thrown away the rope and knocked her to the floor.

“Let’s get those panties off her,” Jeff suggested, dropping down next to her.

She felt her cousin’s hand jamming between her thighs, rubbing over the crotch panel of her panties, then turning and pinching her white thigh flesh. Ellen grimaced, throwing her head back and yelping loudly in pain. And then she felt him finally grab her panties, tentatively pulling them, then finally tugging them completely from her body.

“Hey, man, nice pussy. She cherry?”

“Don’t know, Curly, but we’re gonna find out soon enough,” Jeff said, smacking his lips in delight as he saw the blonde cunt hairs covering her pussy mound.

“Please don’t… don’t touch me,” Ellen said.

“You mean, fuck right? You don’t wanna say the word ’cause it ain’t ladylike, right? Christ, by the time we get through pokin’ you, you ain’t gonna want to say nothin’ but fuck.” Ellen trembled at his words. She thought again of all the men in the shack. There had to be at least ten, maybe more. And they were all going to fuck her? She would be dead by morning. Again Ellen struggled against her cousin, twisting up against his body while he worked her panties off, then moved one hand down to her hot cuntlips. He was grinning, working his fingers greedily over her pussylips, squeezing them against one another while slowly slipping his forefinger into her cunt.

Ellen stopped the wriggling, concentrating on the new, exciting feeling going on down there between her split thighs. She was getting fucked, finger-fucked by that awful young man straddling her. That man, her cousin, was staring down at her cunt now while he slipped the invading digit up to the second joint.

At that point, Jeff ran into something firm and unyielding. Ellen jerked, her hands fanning up against his chest while her ass fucked back. Her cherry! He had touched that firm, sensitive wall of cherry flesh. Jeff smiled cruelly, working the tip of his finger back, the moving it back hard against the small membrane.

Knowing what was going to happen, Ellen started moving around and yelling, striking out with her arms and leg, at anything she could. “Shut up or I’ll break your arms and ribs, baby. I’m gonna get in there, and so is some of them. And there ain’t nothin’ you can do to stop it.”

As if to emphasize what was going to happen, Jeff tugged her short, curly pussy hairs. The teenager squealed in pain, jerking her legs out as if she had been touched with electricity. The young blonde girl was hysterical with fear now, knowing the moment when someone would tear through her cherry and fuck her was near. Her mind raced with the certainty of what was about to happen. Again Ellen cried out, and again she received a sharp smack across the face.

Jeff was back on top of her, playing games with the squealing teenager. At times he teased her naked flesh, painfully beading the white skin into tight little balls, clenching them in his rough fists and keeping them like that until Ellen screamed out in agony. Moving down, Jeff pinched her soft inner thighs with both hands, reddening the flesh with his fingers. Then when he gripped a handful of her cunt hairs and yanked up sharply, tearing them from her pussy, Ellen thought she would surely faint from the pain. The girl let out a hellish shriek, her back arching up while her feet banged against the floor.


Ellen’s throat hurt from all the screaming and from the tension that racked her body.

“Hey, man, shut this little bitch up with your cock. She’s gonna get some suckin’ time in as well as havin’ a dick up her pussy. Man, there ain’t gonna be a hole we haven’t filled by the time we shove you outta here,” Jeff said with a sharp laugh.

There was movement to her left. Ellen turned slightly and saw the young man her cousin had referred to as Curly sliding down next to her. He had pulled his pants down. Something very long was sticking out from between his legs, something that was moving toward her face. She had heard about girls doing this sort of thing, taking their boyfriend’s things into their mouths and sucking. It was a say of satisfying the boy without worrying about getting knocked up. But this… this was different. They were doing it to humiliate her and shut her up.

Ellen squealed, twisting her head away as she felt the fat, hard, hot cockhead brushing over her cheeks. She revolted at the thought of having something that long and thick and hard in her mouth! It ran against everything she had been taught. How her modesty was being violated by these horrible, terrible men. And her cousin was the ringleader!

“No!” she shouted again.

But Jeff and the others would have their way. Curly was grabbing her hair, twisting her head around so he could jam his prick into her mouth. Ellen felt her stomach turn over. And this, she suspected, was only the beginning.


“Get the straps, man. Can’t fuck a cherry unless she’s strapped don.”

“Yeah, come on, bring ’em over here.” Jeff laughed at the suggestion, working that finger horribly up and down, scraping the slick walls of her pussy with his fingernail, making them quiver while rubbing his knuckles over her clit. Ellen shouted for mercy several times. But then there was that throbbing prick rubbing over her lips now, threatening to slip down into her throat if she opened her mouth.

“Come on, baby, open up. Open up real wide and take ol’ Curly’s dick. Gonna fed real nice settlin’ down in your mouth. And I’m gonna like it, feelin’ your tongue slippin’ around my…”


Ellen was next to fall victim to Jeff’s anger. She felt his free hand slip around her back, tear the halter from her body, then toss it to one side. Almost immediately he dropped his face down, opening his mouth and engulfing one firm rubbery nipple in between his lips.

She yowled like a frightened cat, arching her spine once again as she felt his front teeth biting into the sensitive tit flesh. Never had she felt anything so painful in her life!

Ellen struggled against the killing pain, feeling his teeth cutting into her tit, threatening to tear off the nipple. Then there came his tongue, licking and sanding across the tit tip, soothing the area that had been attacked moments ago. Ellen sighed, moving her ass from side to side, ever-mindful of the cock still rubbing over her lips.

And now she could taste something oozing from the head of that monster, something very bleachy and flat tasting leaking from the pussy slit. Cum! She had read all about that in sex education class, how a man gets excited and how his cock oozed pre-cum to get the cunt ready for a hard fucking.

She thought about all the threats her cousin had made against her and found herself nearly as hot as she was terrified.

Jeff was reaching between her thighs with one hand. He dug his fingers into her asscheeks for better leverage, slowly forcing that awful finger back into her cunt. It was pressing hard against her cherry. In an instant Ellen knew what her cousin was going to do. He was going to tear through that small membrane with his fingers, rip through it, then fuck her. She squirmed back from that awful touch, finding her movement blocked by Curly’s knees. He was reaching down now, pressing his fingertips against the junctions of her jaw. She opened her mouth to scream. That was all he had been waiting for. With a sharp laugh, the dark-haired stud gripped his prick with one hand and shot it into her mouth.

Ellen closed her eyes in shame and defeat, coughing and gagging while the young man fucked at least half his cockmeat into her mouth. He was sighing, pumping thighs up and down, feeding more of his fucker down her throat while still keeping his fingers pressed around her jawbones.

“And don’t think you’re gonna score any points by bitin’ on that thing,” Curly warned, pulling out, then slipping his prick down, down until the round tip touched her tonsils. “You try somethin’ like that and I’m gonna clean this place up with you. Then,” he added with a chortle, “I’ll fuck you in ass. And if you don’t think that don’t hurt…”

Curly’s sentence ended with a soft groan. He was fucking her mouth freely now, pulling back, watching her pouty lips pucker outward then fail in as he drove his cockmeat back down her throat.

Ellen swallowed as much spit as she could, the rest of it frothing out around the stretched corners of her mouth. There was nothing more she could do. Curly had her where he wanted her, her head wedged between his legs, his prick spearing into her mouth again and again. She wouldn’t help it. No, she wouldn’t contribute to his mouth-fucking joy. But on the other hand, Ellen knew she wouldn’t do anything to stop it.

She lay there, her jaw slack, spit frothing out and wetting down her cheeks and chin. And then there was that finger, that awful digit squirming in her cunt, pinching up against her cherry until she squealed with a muffled cry against the fucking prick in her throat.


Jeff’s finger kept on driving around, scraping against her pussy walls. And then the pain became more than excruciating. It was pure agony. White lights popped in front of her eyes, blinding the young teenager while her legs kicked out like a frog’s. She screamed against the mouth-fucking cock once again as the finger tore through her cherry.

He had done it. The savage had done it, ripped through her cherry and made it into what he had been calling her all evening, a slut!

Ellen felt her body jerk and twitch as if someone were still kicking it. Jeff still had his finger inside her pussy, tearing away at the last remnants of her cherry, then wiping the pink froth on her ripped skirt.


“Get those straps around here. Hey, pull out so we can slip the bitch on her belly. Don’t worry, Curly, you’ll have ‘er givin’ head just like before. I think she really digs it,” Jeff laughed.

“No, no, no more,” Ellen gasped quietly. “Oh please, don’t do anything more.”

She kept sobbing, feeling renewed humiliation as they backed off.

“Man, almost popped off a couple of times there. She’s got a real sweet mouth, that one. Man, can she suck a good dick.”

Ellen felt the words rip what shreds of pride thee were from her mind. There was Jeff, cradling her almost lovingly, then flipping her around and positioning her until her ass was sticking straight up there in the air. Ellen could feel the stickiness of her cuntal crack as the cool air struck her exposed ass. She reddened, feeling so exposed, so… so vulnerable!

“Here’s them straps. That’ll keep ‘er quiet when you fuck ‘er.”

“Yeah, real good,” Jeff said, examining the black leather buckles brought out to him.

Ellen eyed the devices warily, looking over her shoulder. Jeff was opening one of them, a ramp of some sort, and moving it up to her right wrist. Ellen felt the soft black leather slip around her flesh then cinch tight. He drew back on the leather, pulling her arm from in front of her to a position midway across her lower back.

Warning her to keep it that way, Jeff moved to the other wrist, doing the same thing to it, bringing it up around and behind until it was rubbing up against the opposite hand. He tied the two of them together with leather thongs, making the young girl press her forehead against the dirty floor for support.

Jeff slapped her ass several times, moving his callused fingers up and down her cuntal crack, spreading the outer pussylips apart and looking at the pink, moist cuntal meat. Ellen blushed furiously, feeling the leather cutting into her flesh and making her fingers feel terribly icy. She shook, her mind reeling with fear as she felt Jeff pull out that invading finger.

“Goin’ in, boys. Might have to steady her. Come on, Curly, and slip that cockmeat into her mouth. That’ll keep the little slut quiet while I poke the shit outta that pussy. Man,” Jeff said, shaking his head in disbelief, “look at the way the little bitch is juicin’. Man, she can’t wait to have my cock in ‘er.”

“No, no, not… uhhhhh!”

Curly had slipped down in front of her, grabbing two fistfuls of her hair in both hands and jerking her head back. She opened her mouth in agony, screaming, thinking he was going to snatch her bald. The agony was nearly as debilitating as the fear of being choked to death with that ten-inch monster cock. Curly was wasting no time now, bunching into her throat until his fat prickhead rubbed up against her tonsils.

Ellen felt her throat constricting, cinching around his meaty fucker while the big stud rubbed his balls under her chin. Curly was in heaven, his head falling back, his eyes closed while his fingers kept on tugging and ripping at the girl’s straight blonde hair.

“Man, that’s it, baby, move that tongue around nice that… uhhhh, under it, shit, yeah, Christ! Feels like my whole cock’s on fire, man!”

“Go for it, Curly.”

Jeff straddled her, sliding his fingers around the curves of her ass and spreading the asscheeks outward, exposing her wet little cunt.

Ellen sobbed, feeling Curly bobbing her head back and forth against his meaty prick while her cousin leaned forward over her. He was mounting her like a dog, like the bitch he kept telling her she was. He was rubbing the full length of his cock against her cunt while wrapping his hands around her waist.

Ellen remembered seeing dogs do this sort of thing in the streets. And now it was happening to her. Jeff tugged at the leather bonds purposely, working them against her flesh and chuckling when he heard her groaning against the mouth-fucking prick. Pushing her down a little bit, he slipped his knees against the backs of her legs, nearly lifting her from the floor. The rubber-like rim of her pussy stretched as she felt his prickhead rub up against her fuck-hole. Jeff meant business now. She could tell from the way he was holding her, from the way his fingers gripped her thighs and hipbones.

Curly’s prick went even deeper into her throat, staying there. For a moment, she thought he was going to cum right then. But then something else caught her attention. Jeff’s cock, that wonderful, horrid prick, was going into her bit by bit, its thick, meaty inches spreading her cuntlips itchily apart.

Ellen growled and groaned, the tight little cuntal opening finally giving way. The girl shuddered as the boring mass of stiff, hot cock flesh started fucking into her pussy. Her legs tensed and cramped painfully while her body shivered with pain.

Fucked! She was being fucked by her own cousin in this horrible place, all those rowdy boys watching and cheering her on as if she were some kind of prostitute hired to give pleasure. But there was a kind of pleasure Ellen felt herself getting, a pleasure she never would have thought possible. The humiliation, the pain, the bondage, everything was conspiring against her, making the prick in her mouth and the one fucking into her pussy seem hotter than anything she had ever touched or felt in her life.

“Man, she’s right! Goddamned virgin. Too bad… uhhh… fuck around in school like most cunts,” Jeff groaned, tugging back, then fucking back in.

Ellen screamed, feeling as if her cousin was ripping her pussy apart as easily as if he were tearing tissue. It was awful, awful.

Curly was groaning happily now, slamming his crotch against her face while his balls swung up against her chin. Ellen swallowed, the salty, bleachy slime coating her mouth and throat. Curly’s fingers were still pulling at her hair, tearing at the strands, the fingernails scratching her scalp at times. He was close. She could tell he was going to cum in her mouth. The thought of having a man’s jizz spraying down her throat sickened Ellen.

“Go, man, come on, spray that wad in her mouth,” Jeff encouraged, shaking the excess sweat from his forehead, watching Curly go crazy.

“Man, gonna pop in the bitch! I… mean, gonna do it, gonna… ooohhh, fuck!”

Ellen felt him grabbing her head in both hands, pressing down so hard she thought surely would crush her skull. His prick was jerking around in her mouth. And then she felt the first wads of cum spattering against the back of her throat, sliding down slimily toward her belly. More came, rope-like streams of jizz coating her throat and inner cheeks. Curly was twitching like a crazy man, still holding her, at times slapping her, filling the girl’s sucking mouth with more and more of his hot, white jizz.

The teenager tried swallowing at first, then gave up and took to coughing and spitting. She felt the excess jizz oozing down her chin, wetting her cheeks, coating her face while Curly’s balls kept on pumping more and more of the white stuff into her mouth.

“That’s it, man, she’ll suck you dry. Clean them tubes for Curly, baby, clean ’em up good and make him happy, ’cause you’re gonna do a number on my dick before I get through with you.”

It was going all the way in! As Curly slipped his softening cock from her mouth, rubbing the bloated cockhead over her cum-smeared lips, Ellen could feel Jeff’s cock going all the way into her pussy!

Twisting her head around, she spat out the vile mixture of cum and spit, tugging at the leather still holding her wrists bound together. Her cousin was fucking his cock all the way in now. She could feel the blood-swollen knob of his prick going all the way. It was so odd, so strange having something that big and hard and thick in her pussy, stretching her.

She shook all over, perspiration soaking her face and dripping from her chin. She lowered her face once more, unable to stare these awful men in the face while her own cousin raped her. She writhed helplessly under him, agonizing to the pressure of the hot, searing pain as more and more of his cock seemed to fill her cunt. Ellen fixed her crotch muscles, trying to force out that unwelcome intruder.

But the pressure of her thighs seemed to arouse Jeff all the more. Heir cuntal walls were hot, clasping, grabbing that fat cock and squeezing it lovingly. Jeff was heard moaning behind her, curling his fingers and dragging the sharp, jagged nails over her back.

Ellen cried out, no cock now to hold back her screams and groans. But Jeff seemed to enjoy hearing her sobbing and complaining. He struck her several times with the flat of his hand against her head, laughing when she screamed. He would follow the strike with a particularly powerful forward fuck-thrust, one that would nearly knock her knees from the floor. Then he moved his hands quickly to her belly, lifting her farther from the floor. It wasn’t enough for him to violate her like this. He had to touch the rest of her as well. What, dear God, had she done to deserve this?

Jeff kept his fingers moving along the flatness of her belly, making her wriggle with that maddening touch. Then the fingers found her nipples once more, pinching them, rolling them around between his fingers and making her squeal each time he pressed down hard. She jerked her ass up, feeling her ass rubbing against the hairy flesh of his flat, washboard belly.

“Fuck her, man, fuck her good. Christ, she’s goin’ for it, just like you said she would,” Curly said, slipping his prick back into his Levi’s.

“Yeah, goin’ for it like somebody lappin’ up water they ain’t had for days,” Jeff said, his voice having an edge to it now. “Come on, slut, come on and show me and these guys. What kinda slut you really are. Get that caboose up.” He slapped her ass hard with both hands. “Get that ass up and fuck back. Man, oh man, that’s a hot little pussy she’s got down there.”

“No! Oh, God! No, no, please…”

“Please what, bitch, fuck harder? Sure, if that’s what you want, you’ll get it.”

Jeff hooked his fingers around her jutting hipbones, fucking down and in as hard as he could while holding Ellen hard against him. The young girl thought surely his cock would rush up to her mouth. She would be spitting out cum from the inside now. And then, as the fucking continued, the girl felt her mind sinking into a kind of dim red haze. She couldn’t think, couldn’t feel anything except the continual hot fucking of her cousin’s prickmeat in her cunt. She grunted with every fuck-thrust now, her head snapping back from the force of those killing blows. Jeff was riding her, holding onto her wrist bonds and fucking his cock roughly into her.

The continual thrusts of his cockmeat inside her were building up sensations she had never been aware of. Yes, yes, Ellen thought to herself, the feeling in her burning cunt mounting higher with each passing second. She wanted more sensation, more of that cockmeat in her, more fucking that would send her off in her own climax.

“Come on, baby, move it, move it that way… real nice, real… uhhhh!”

Jeff was going to cum. She could feel his fucker chugging through her pussy hard, slamming down into her, getting ready to spit out the hot white jizz and coat her virgin cunt. Ellen sighed with her mounting lust, gasping like the animal she now believed herself to be. Yes, she was no better than a bitch, a slut. Her body quaked and shivered with lewd need while her ass ground firmly against him.

“Man, uhhhhh!”

Jeff gasped, then slumped over her, the white hot spunk jetting into her pussy. Ellen felt her asscheeks slamming against him, thrilling to the combination of his stiff prick and the hot, squirmy cum-load blasting into her pussy. She screamed, jerking her wrists against the binding leather as the hot, tight, itching feeling lapping at her clit turned into something much bolder, more intense, more driving. She was cumming, having a climax while her cousin dumped more and more spunk into her sucking cunt hole.


Ellen didn’t care any longer who saw her or what she was doing. The teenager wrenched her body against the floor, tearing at the restraints as she came and came and came.


Ellen had heard women talking about climaxes, about how their cunts itched and ached and throbbed while they writhed like snakes under the boyfriends before they “came”. She had listened carefully to their descriptions, blushing furiously as she doubted she could ever perform like that.

Now, sitting in this small closet, her legs tucked under her ass, her eyes blurred with tears of shame, Ellen knew full well what those women had meant. It was worse with her, she thought. At least they had been involved in an act of love, of mutual respect. She had been beaten, shoved, fucked in the mouth, then flipped over and raped cruelly in front of those jeering men, stripped of her pride and self-respect just as she had been shorn of her clothing.

She huddled in the corner of the closet her cousin Jeff had thrown her into, drawing her knees up against her chin and licking the salty flesh. Her thighs and calves cramped from the small space she cringed in.

On the other side of the door she could hear the men laughing and drinking, one occasionally kicking a boot against the wood and making her nearly jump from her skin. Just the thought of having to go through something like that, once more, as her cousin had promised, brought chills racing up and down her spine. Raped. Fucked like that, like some animal from the fields brought in for the slaughter! If only her aunt could see this. Surely she would grab her son and throw him out, rescuing her from more humiliation.


The door flew open suddenly, the yellow light knifing into Ellen’s eyes and temporarily blinding her. She shaded her face, narrowing her eyes and immediately recognizing her cousin Jeff standing there before her. She cringed from his silhouetted body. Already she could feel his boot kicking her, the rough sandy touch of the heel pressing against her forehead, threatening to crush her brains onto the floor. Ellen felt her tummy tighten into painful, cramming knots as she trembled before him.

“Now, you’re gonna be a good bitch, right? You’re gonna tell the old lady you was makin’ all that up about me and the boys, okay? You understand?”

Jeff was leaning in, bracing himself with both hands against the door’s molding. Ellen could tell from the smell of his breath he had been drinking heavily again. At this point, she was ready to agree to anything. Hope rising in her heart, she nodded her head quickly up and down, wiping a stray tear from under one eye.

“Oh yes, Jeff, yes! I’ll tell her! I’ll tell her anything you want,” she whispered, hardly believing her ordeal was about to end.

“And you’ll take the consequences, even if she throws you out?”

“Yes, anything,” Ellen agreed, feeling uneasy now that she could discern the expression on his face.

He was sneering at her, looking down as if she were some sort of unspeakable filth.

Ellen rubbed her fingers briskly up and down her arms, wishing there were some way she could get out of this quickly. The girl had the suspicion that the longer she remained in this horrid shack, the greater her chances were of being abused and maltreated by Jeff and his drunken, rebellious friends.

“Good. Then you’re gonna come on out and dance for the boys… dance really pretty like for ’em, and we even got some help for that.”

She begged her cousin not to touch her. Ellen even flattened her ass against the rear wall of the small cabinet, wishing she could somehow disappear in one of the cracks and escape her cousin’s touch. But Jeff wouldn’t be put off. He stumbled drunkenly in, swearing at her, kicking one boot hard against the wall near her knee, then sliding his hands under her armpits and jerking her up to a standing position.

Ellen trembled. He leaned back a bit, staring at her naked body, admiring her nipples and taking in the teeth marks that still encircled both tit tips.


Ellen cried out as he pinched both nipples, squeezing them in his fingers until they nearly crushed beneath his calluses like ripe berries.

The girl threatened to collapse to the floor once again, the small confines of the space preventing her from doing anything except falling forward against her cousin.

Jeff laughed softly, embracing her, sliding his fingers down her sides, tracing her slim, boyish hips while letting his hand slip down to her ass. Ellen squawked the second two digits dug roughly into her asshole, burying themselves up to the second joint. She squirmed back, her shoulders striking the back wall while her cousin kept on rotating his offending fingers back and forth, around and around in her tight little slitter.

“Some ladies like it in the butt,” Jeff said, sliding a third, then a fourth finger into her asshole and moving them back and forth like a cock.

“Won’t hurt much, once you get used to havin’ a dick slidin’ all the way up your asshole. Pretty darned spicy, from what other ladies have told me.”

“No, awwwww! Take em out, Jeff! Don’t!” Ellen cried.

She could hear the men in the room laughing, guessing what her cousin was doing to her.

“Fist her, man. Get that damned hand of yours all the way up her shitter. She won’t have no trouble with constipation for years.”

That was Curly’s voice. Ellen recognized it as the hot, cutting agony racing through her ass targeted into her cunt.

Jeff was biting her neck now, his teeth threatening to cut through her flesh as he kept fucking his fingers in and out of her asshole. The agony raced to the outer curves of her asscheeks, making her belly muscles knot up and cramp while her body pitched against Jeff. His knees knocked hers apart while those fingers fucked deeper into her asshole.

For a moment, Ellen thought she would disgrace herself and shit right on his hand. She could well imagine the punishment she would receive for doing something like that to her cousin, although he richly deserved it.

“Oooooo! Stop it, Jeff! Oh God, no!”

His fingers seemed to tear at her ass guts, making her shiver and nearly faint with pain. Her cousin only grinned, twisting his fingers around a little more before pulling them out quickly and backing from the small closet.

“Come on. Outside here, out here where the guys can see you.”

He pulled the reluctant teenager from the closet, dragging her back into the room where she had undergone her fucking ordeal. Ellen kept her eyes down, her feet dragging over the floor as she heard the guys make all sorts of obscene remarks about her and what she had done. The girl wanted to beg her cousin not to hurt her. But she knew that would only make the men laugh and taunt her. There was nothing to do except wait until their fury was spent.

“She says she ain’t gonna fuck around with us anymore. She’s gonna tell everybody she lied about me. We’ll see,” Jeff said, narrowing his eyes suspiciously. “But I’m gonna make sure she knows what’s gonna be down the road for her if she doesn’t follow through.”

Jeff had removed the cuffs before flinging her into the closet. He had then in his hand once more, dangling them from his fingers like a toy.

Ellen drew her hands to her mouth, choking down a scream as she watched him approach her. The girl wanted to hide her hands, remembering the tight, painful grip on the cuffs on her wrists. But instead she stood there, hands in front of her while her cousin slipped the black leather cuffs over her hands and cinched them.

Drawing her forward, he pulled her toward the opposite wall, toward what appeared to be two small eyehooks driven into the wall. Tugging ha arms up, Jeff fixed time cuffs to the devices, locking the two small brass clamps that had been stitched into the cuffs just under the top.

Ellen tugged in vain, testing the strength of the hooks and clamps. They held firmly, keeping her facing the wall as Jeff moved behind her once more.

There was silence, a quiet that unnerved her. She knew her cousin had something terrible in mind. She could see it in his eyes. The leather cuffs were cutting off the circulation in her fingers once more, making them terribly icy and itchy. That was when she felt his fingers against her ass, creating the inner curves of her asscheeks. Some of the men around him were panting heavily, watching with rounded eyes as Jeff sank to his knees and spread her ass open like the halves of a ripe melon.

Ellen let out a gasp, her head falling back while her mouth opened wide. She could feel his jagged thumbnails rubbing painfully against the wrinkled grey-pink flesh of her shitter. Her cousin’s breath panted hotly against her asscheeks as he drew closer, burying his face in her ass.

Ellen fell forward, her knees knocked against the plaster wall while all her leg muscles seemed to fail. Her cousin was slopping his tongue over her shitter! Oh, God in heaven, he had his mouth down tine! She ground her teeth together, falling against the wall and tightening her asscheeks around Jeff’s face.

Never, never had she guessed something like this could have such a devastating effect on her cunt. Again Ellen groaned, shaking all over, ashamed of the hot, racy feelings she was experiencing as she hung there from the wall. How her cousin licked into her ass, stiffening his tongue, touching the slick lining of her bowels while keeping her asscheeks spread wide for his sucking mouth. The teenager tensed her thighs until they ridged, prancing her ass up, standing on tip-toe as if that could somehow move her away from the licking tongue.

Still, her cousin kept concentrating on her asshole while moving his fingers around to her pussy. He was stroking her now, moving his fingers deftly through her pussy hairs, then sliding than up through the seeping cuntal oil, up to her clit. How the sparks flew the moment Jeff had touched the tiny organ, rubbing it with one finger while sticking another into her cunt hole!

Ellen drew her legs together, rubbing her knees against one another while tightening her ass once again. Oh, oh, this was wild, completely perverted! And yet now much she loved having her cousin’s tongue licking up her as shale while he finger-fucked her cunt in front of these gaping men.

“You dig that don’tcha, baby? You like havin’ your butt tongued that way while I fuck you. Hey, guys, she’s goin’ for it!”

“Beat the shit outta that little slut,” Curly suggested, reaching around and starting to loosen his belt.

Jeff saw the move and held his hand out as a signal to stop. He was having too good a time right now licking her ass out, humiliating her right here in front of the other men. Ellen wished she could die or sink out of existence, feeling his tongue lick up one asscheek then down the other until long silvery streaks of spit appeared on her lightly tanned flesh. It was then when she heard something that made her tremble, the sound of leather against cloth, the sound of her cousin’s belt sliding from his Levi’s. Ellen pulled her head from the hall, looking over her shoulder. Both Curly and Jeff had taken their belts from their pants and were holding them like whips right now.

“No, please… please, don’t touch me with those things!”

Jeff only grinned back at her, doubling the belt and snapping the halves right in her face. Ellen screamed, flinching away from the black leather. She could almost feel its hissing kiss against her flesh as she eyed the belt, then moved her glance to slowly. He had his belt completely, unfurled, trailing it over the floor, staring at her spit-slicked ass. She knew what he wonted to do. But he was waiting for Jeff’s first move. Her cousin would call the shots. The others would follow.

Ellen pulled wildly at the restraining cuffs, feeling the bonds tightening even more around her wrists and making her fingers numb. Her toes curled against the hard wooden floor while tiny dots of perspiration beaded her face and upper arms. Her nipples began to stand out, small red nubs sticking up from her surrounding tit flesh. Every sense in her was aroused, was sharpened as the girl waited for the first blow.

“Awwwwww!” Ellen screamed, her body snapping as she felt the first stinging kiss of leather.

Sparks seemed to fly into her flesh, making the teenager scream and throw her head back, her long blonde hair sweeping over the top curves of her ass. Ellen twisted her wrists in the cuffs, her knees banging against the wall. The horrid sound of the leather smacking dryly against her flesh filled her ears.

But I won’t let him see me cry, she vowed to herself, grinding her teeth.

Ellen looked again to her right when some time had passed. She saw Jeff’s shadow there on the floor, saw his arms cocked, the belt dangling from his right hand as if it were a snake. She trembled, feeling time itself freeze as she waited for the thing to came hissing through the air once more and slap against her body.

His arm jerked forward, the belt snapping up, then slicing through the air with a whistling sound. Ellen jerked her head forward, pressing her nose against the plaster and tensing her arms and legs as the belt slapped down once more, this time criss-crossing over the ugly purple welt rising from the first blow. Once more Ellen did her best to keep the tears flowing, clawing at the soft plaster before her. Behind her, she could hear the others laughing and encouraging Jeff.

“Come on buddy let’s both have at ‘er. She’s gonna find out what the fuck’s gonna go down if she opens that yap one more time,” Jeff said.

That was all Curly needed. Stepping forward, he put one foot in front of the other for support, snapping back one arm, then bringing it forward, the leather belt unfurling like a black leather whip. Ellen could hear the hissing behind her and tensed for the blow. It came like a whirlwind, slicing into her flesh like a knife, cutting her right between the shoulder blades. Ellen nearly fell to the floor from the force of that blow, her head bobbing around while her arms shuddered. Another hard, smacking blow of the belt against the back of her skull straightened her out.

Whimpering, she waited to feel the next blow. But it didn’t come. Instead Curly stepped up to her, sliding the belt around her throat and tightening it until she choked. Vainly, Ellen tried pulling her wrists front the cuffs. But still the bonds held, cutting into her flesh while the belt tightened against her windpipe. Ellen arched her spine, trying to lessen the tension of the leather against her throat. But Curly only laughed at her attempt, moving back with her, drawing the leather around and twisting it up against her neck until she thought she was going to die from strangulation.

Then the belt was gone! She coughed, closing her eyes and feeling the blessed oxygen rushing in to feed her lungs. Her relief was so great the girl didn’t even feel the next few blows against her ass and the backs of her thighs. But when the tip of Jeff’s belt caught her shitter, yanking it out of shape, Ellen screamed, standing on her toes once more and throwing her body against the wall in front of her.

“Go for it, baby. Come on, you’re gonna make it again, right? And this time it’s gonna be with the ol’ belt. Yeah,” Jeff said, his lips curling into a cruel smile, “she’s gonna make it with this fuckin’ belt, and we’re gonna help her along.”

Curly stepped in once more, snapping the belt between her thighs, letting the beveled tip cut into her cunt.

Ellen thought her pussy was on fire as the leather burned her cunt. Her clit popped up, sparks seemingly flying into her pussy and making the cunt walls convulse against one another. Another blow, also breaking into her cunt after cutting through her thighs, brought out more seepy fluid from her pussy. She could feel the soothing pussy juice trickling through her cuntal hairs, oozing down her inner thighs as the blows against her pussy, and ass became more and more frenzied.

Jeff stepped in, joining Curly as he brought the belt down hard across her back. Two belts! There were two belts now striking her, slicing into her flesh, welting her young body. When her cousin called her a bitch once more, he brought the belt down hard across her tits, making sure the leather flattened against her nipples.

Ellen screamed until her throat hurt, certain her tit tips had been ripped from her flesh. Another blow, more savage than the first, bit into her nipples a second time, turning them a deeper red. Ellen twisted and turned, trying to bide the most sensitive parts of her body from the slashing belts. But with two men tormenting her, there didn’t seem any way she could keep them from hurting her.

When she named her back to Jeff, Curly came around and had a clear shot at her cunt. When she tried to side-step Curly, her cousin zeroed in for the kill.

It was at that point when Jeff dropped his belt, reached forward and grabbed at Ellen’s cunt. He was twisting the hairs and her cuntlips in his fist. The pulling, tearing sensation shot through the teenager like a hot, scaring knife.

Ellen screeched, her knees knocking together, her body swaying drunkenly against the wall. The pain was nearly overwhelming. Ellen thought it was a miracle she hadn’t passed out from shock. Jeff did it again, pulling out more cunt hairs, then pushing them into her mouth. Ellen turned her head away, spitting out the vile curls, staring with growing hatred at her sadistic cousin.

“You’re gonna go back, you hear? You’re gonna go back and tell ’em you were a fuckin’ bitch liar, understand? You’re gonna tell my old lady you ain’t nothin’ but scum, understand?”

“Yes, yes, anything. I promise,” Ellen panted, ready to sign her soul away just to be rid of these terrible men. Jeff must have recognized this. He nodded his head slowly, motioning to Curly and another boy to take her down from the wall. Ellen moaned in relief, hoping this was the end of it.


“No, no, not again! Jeff, I told you I would talk to your mother… please, no, no, no!”

Ellen rattled on hysterically, finding herself in yet another dilemma. Her cousin hadn’t trusted her promise to absolve him of her accusation. He wanted to make certain his lesson was well-ingrained in the girl.

After having taken her down from the wall, Jeff had Curly and sonic of the others bring in what appeared to be a kind of cross. Two six, foot pieces of old wood and been fastened together at the center to form a broad X. It was to this that Jeff dragged his moaning cousin, instructing her to lie down on it. Ellen had no intention of disobeying Jeff. Quickly, she crawled onto the wood, feeling the sharp splinters biting into her palms.

“On your back. It’s a position you’re gonna get used to if you stay around,” Jeff remarked.

Again, Ellen did as she was told, keeping her arms at her sides while spreading her legs and letting them rest on the bottom of the stand. Curly were busy, starting at her ankles and looping half-inch line around and around her legs.

Ellen soon found herself bound, each of her legs fastened with six loops to the rotting wood. Jeff brought one piece of line up around her ass, cinching it between her cuntlips and rubbing it back and forth until his cousin let out another cry. Ellen felt the rough hemp stimulating her cunt, rubbing up against her slick cuntal walls after halving her pussy mound. When Jeff brought the rope up and touched her clit with it, the girl shivered, rubbing her shoulderblades against the splintery wooden cross. Curly continued the roping, looping the line several times around her waist, then stretching it around her tits like a harness and tightening it around her chest so her tits stood out even more.

“Get her neck, and then we’ve got ‘er good.” Curly agreed, grabbing more rope and fastening it to the line just under her tits.

Ellen gasped, feeling the hemp lightening around her throat as Curly criss-crossed the line on either side of her neck, bringing it down around the backs of her arms and fastening it finally to the line cinched around her waist.

Ellen was roped all the way now, fastened to the cross that leaned against the wall at a forty-five-degree angle. It was impassible to move, to even shiver much while roped this way. Trying to move her ass a little, the girl felt the line cutting teasingly into her cunt, sending delightful yet dangerous sensations racing through her overheated cunt.

Jeff walked up to her, trailing one finger up her tits, stopping at her left nipple. His eyes were laughing at her as he surveyed her situation. Curly had just finished cinching the ropes tight around her body and was standing back, admiring his sadistic handiwork.

“Got that skinnin’ knife? I like that fucker,” Jeff said, stretching out his hand in Curly’s direction and taking the knife. “You can really take the flesh off a rabbit real fast with one of these. You understand?”

The girl felt her body flash hot all over as she eyed the weapon with terror. Nodding her head rapidly, Ellen swallowed her terror, acutely aware now of the ropes holding her prisoner to this horrid, splintery wooden cross.

“And I’ve been told you can do the same thing with people you know, take the skin off real fast with one of these numbers. Of course,” Jeff said, his voice lowering ominously, “they gotta be tied up and all that, or they’ll move around too much when you start. You know, just like you.”

He wouldn’t do something like that. No. He wouldn’t try to do something like that, not in front of these witnesses, not in front of the others. Yet that was an uneasy knowledge Ellen had as she pressed up against the ropes, feeling them cut horribly into her flesh.

A little sob escaped from her lips as she looked from the glinting knife to her cousin’s eyes, then back at the knife. His eyes were glittering savagely, just as they had before he began working on her with that awful belt. There would be no help coming from the others, who stood quietly around now, drinking their beer, watching with amusement as Jeff began approaching his terrified cousin.

“Nice skin. Real nice skin. Bet it would make a real nice lampshade or something. How about a wallet, just like the kinds you get from cows.”

Sick! He had to be sick to be saying such awful things. But Jeff was holding the blade against the top of her nose now, the flat end pressing against the top bone while the tip dug teasingly at her flesh. She crossed her eyes to keep watch on the awful thing, feeling that Jeff would cut her if she made the slightest sound or indication she was going to scream. Beach of sweat broke out on her forehead while her mouth tightened into a thin-lined scar. A tremor passed along one tight cheek, that being her only movement. Ellen knew one false move would have terrible consequences.

Then she felt the blade crossing her face, sliding down her cheeks, pressing against the flushed skin. Next, the knife was at her throat, right up against her windpipe. Ellen coughed instinctively, terror gripping her heart as she wondered if that movement would push the cutting edge of the blade into her windpipe.

But Jeff was careful, moving the knife away and sliding it down, tracing a thin white line along her pink flesh, touching the tips of her tits and making the red, rubbery nipples tingle at the cold sensation of metal against flesh.

“Yeah, nothin’ like skinnin’ a good animal and roastin’ it nice and proper over a fire. You don’t want that to happen to you, do you?”

“No, noooo!”

Ellen held her breath, feeling tingly sensation breaking out all over her cunt. Her pussy was starting to spasm, whether in excitement or terror Ellen couldn’t tell yet. She felt her cousin bring the knife down in a curving line, stopping just inches from her cuntlips.

Jeff moved the blade down until the cold flattened end pressed against the full length of her pussy mound. He began rocking it, making sure the tip touched her clit. Ellen stiffened, her legs pressing up against the restraining ropes while she stared wide-eyed at her cousin. Was he going to tear out her pussy, rip it to pieces with that knife?

Just that thought made her shake with more terror. Turning her eyes away, Ellen felt she couldn’t look at her cousin without coming unglued altogether. Besides, she didn’t have to look at him to picture her cousin, lean, hard muscled, handsome, but his face marked with savagery that disfigured the pleasant features. She felt more of her cuntal juices oozing from the soft, velvety lining of her pussy and wondered if Jeff was realizing just what kind of forces he was unleashing in her.

Tiny orgasms exploded in her pussy, making the pussy walls quiver and slide against one another as her thighs tensed, released, then tensed once more.

It was hell. It was heaven. It was a mix of both as the knife seemed to do all the work. She felt it spreading the pussy lips now, entering her cunt. Oh, it was a miracle Jeff wasn’t cutting her with that thing as he played with her pussy. How wet her cunt and thighs were tingling hotly while her cousin threatened to cut her open with that skinning knife.

He was pushing the knife against her clit again. It was a gentle, steady touch, exerting enough pressure to make Ellen climax. Her orgasm spurted softly, like a baby’s kiss. Rolling her thighs as much as she could, the teenager let out another cry.

“Man, nothin’ keeps this broad down. She’s gonna cum no matter what happens,” Curly said, watching as Ellen rutted shamelessly in front of him.

“Yeah, thought she was that way, the way she’s been eyein’ my prick all fuckin’ week. You’re a cock-happy bitch, you know that?”

Jeff had pulled the knife away. That was all Ellen cared about. He could call her all the names in the book for all she cared. The knife was gone. Thank God, the knife was gone. Ellen relaxed in her bonds, not even caring about the cutting sensation the ropes made.

“Gettin’ hot in here. Let’s drag the bitch outside and finish her up,” Jeff suggested.

There was movement behind her. Ellen let out a cry, feeling the cross being slipped from the wall, then dragged across the room and outside. She turned her head around as much as she could, watching as the old cabin disappeared from view in the darkness. She smelled the fresh air immediately as they dragged the cross toward the river. She could smell the musky, clean air of the outdoors and smiled with relief. It was good to be out of that fetid, sick atmosphere. Ellen inhaled sharply, filling her lungs with the clean air as they lay the cross down flat on the pound. Jeff approached her, swaggering with of triumph, raising one foot and pressing it against her lips, crushing them against her front teeth.

“It started out this way, remember, slut? You were screamin’ and carryin’ on and I had to knock you down and step on your face. Remember?”

“Yes, yessss!”

Ellen could feel him wiping his boot across her cheeks once more and wondered if he would kick her in the head and knock her skull to pieces, as he had promised before. Instead, Jeff pulled the knife from his pocket once again and sliced through the ropes holding her to the cross. Ellen let out tiny cries as the cold metal flashed through the air, fearing each time he would cut through her flesh. But her cousin was careful, obviously skilled in what he was doing. Several minutes later he had sliced through all the line holding her prisoner, reaching around and slipping the knife back into its holder.

“Get up.”

Ellen rose from the cross, looking warily around her, rubbing her arms and wrists and ankles briskly before tucking her legs under her ass and standing unsteadily in front of Jeff and the others. She knew they had something planned for her. A mass rape? A fucking spree that would make her turn her brains out? Awful, terrible images drifted through her mind, images that made her cunt tingle and made the heat rise once more in her crotch.

Jeff spat onto the ground then took her by one arm, leading her along a few more feet. Then he stopped, turning her around like a puppet dangling from a string. With one backhanded slap, he sent the girl stumbling back ward, arms flailing at the air for balance.

The men roared as she struggled for support. Ellen knew she would be tortured. Jeff stepped forward, gripping her shoulders. He pushed her at she silent rank of men surrounding her. Curly was till drinking his can of beer. He lowered the can from his lips, watching as she stumbled and regained her balance.

“Come on, baby, walk around, walk around these guys. Strut your stuff. We’re gonna see which one wants that hot little pussy.”

Ellen shrank away from the men. She knew they all wanted to fuck her. Jeff was throwing her to the dogs after he had satisfied himself with her. He was still stroking his cockmeat, pulling and tugging on it while watching her naked body move along before his buddies. Curly lunged for her, Ellen getting away by shrugging him off and reaching the other side of the circle.


But there were more hands grabbing for her. Laughter and obscenities chased her across the yard the way the men did, stinging at her pride as she ran for her life. Ellen panted heavily, brushing the hair from her eyes as she stared wildly for some path of escape. The wind blew from the north, raising the hair from her shoulders and chilling her flesh. In the distance, she could hear dogs baying at the full moon overhead. Everything conspired against her, the resulting scene resembling some horror film in which she was the star.

Ellen cried out as Curly stepped forward with raised fists, beating her savagely on the head. She covered her face, one leg tripping over the other as she stumbled backward and wildly searched for balance.

Her tits bobbed against each another, her ass and thighs jiggling as she ran from side to side. Goose flesh exploded on her arms and chest while she slipped on the soft dirt and fell to her knees.


Someone had struck her ass with a belt. Ellen jumped up, swatting her hands defensively behind her as she moved quickly from the offending touch. Another slap, this one across the face, made the young girl stumble. It was all so confusing, terrifying. She felt a warm trickle on her thigh and knew she was pissing on herself.

“Hey, man, she can’t stop peein’ on the ground! Guess we got too much for her!” Curly shouted, pointing and laughing at the hysterical girl.

They were throwing clods of dirt now, hitting her face, her belly, her ass. It was as if the entire world had turned upside down and was assailing her. There was no place to run, no place to bide.

Ellen screamed, spinning around, unsure of which way to go. She was a terrified, confused animal, cornered, spinning around, waiting to be killed. The girl covered her face for a moment, sobbing wildly into her hands as she felt her knees giving way.

The guys were roaring now, the increased sound making her drop her hands from her face and look around. Oh, God! Some of them had pulled their cocks out and were jerking off, watching her the way her cousin was. Then she heard running behind her. It was Curly. He grabbed her hair, pulling back to slow her down as she sped away. He rasped something, words she couldn’t understand. He held her tight, pulling her blonde hair back until her head was as far back as it could be.

Still holding her hair, twisting it until she could hear the strands tearing from her scalp, he reached around and shoved two fingers in her clit. Twisting them around and around, he made her yelp with pleasure. Ellen found herself grinding her thighs hungrily for pleasure while his fingers fucked in and out, in and out like a cock.

“Man, she wants my dick bad… just like she did when I had it in her mouth. You want me to fuck you, baby? You want that meat sawin’ through your pussy?”


Curly spun her around, reaching up and cupping her chin between his thumb and forefinger. He was still finger-fucking her with one hand, tightening his grip on her chin and making Ellen feel he would shatter her jaw with that grip. He was forcing her back, down to the ground. Suddenly he punched the teenager in the belly, laughing as she doubled over and collapsed to the ground. Gagging, fighting for breath, Ellen held one hand to her throat while ignoring for the moment the sound of someone coming up behind her.

Then, turning around, she saw it was her cousin Jeff, his fists raised. Scrambling to her feet, Ellen screamed, covering her face as he rained blows on her head. She was sinking once more when the attack finally subsided.

“Oh please, Jeff… please, don’t do this… please leave me alone!” Ellen begged.

She backed away as Jeff stretched out his hands, his prick protruding from his Levi’s like some horrible monster. He was going to rape her again, rape her after having tormented her this way. Lunging forward, he grabbed her by the wrists, spinning her to the ground with a dull thud.

Stunned by the sudden fall, Ellen did nothing to protect herself for the moment. He was on her instantly, slapping her back to the pound when Ellen tried pushing herself up.

“Now I’ll get you really good,” he snorted. “Now I’ll fuck you ’til you taste my dick all the way up in your throat.”

Jeff grabbed her hair, a wad of jizz lodged in his piss-slit. He was ready now, his balls hurting. Pushing down his pants to his ankles, Jeff sank to the ground, looking bigger than he had moments ago. Ellen thought she would like to give him something for his trouble, a knife, an exchange of gifts at this kind of devil’s celebration. He bent forward once more, back-handing her moth, making her shudder. A second boy left a red palm print on her ass.

“All the way overall the way,” he said, grabbing her fleshy asscheeks and forcing her down onto her face.

Ellen tightened her asscheeks. He was going to fuck her in the ass as if she were some mindless thing whose only reason for living was to satisfy him.

He was on her now, his weight crushing Ellen, forcing her face into the dirt. She wriggled under him, fighting to breathe, struggling to be free of the crushing weight. Through the pounding in her head, she could hear the shouting of the young men around her. Then there was pain, a pain far more awful than the pain she had felt when he had fucked his fingers into her asshole. And there would be more. Of that, poor Ellen was sure.


“Owwwww! Oh, you’re hurting me!” The pain was awful, as if she were being ripped in two. Her cousin was relentless, bracing his hands on her shoulders and digging his knees painfully into the backs of her legs. He was fucking her mercilessly, driving his cockmeat in steadily up her asshole. Jeff used the full weight of his body to force his fucker in. She thought she could feel her interior organs moving around to accommodate that massive prick slipping obscenely into her shitter and plowing through her ass guts.

“Yeah, that’s a good hot-assed baby, give it to me, bitch!”

The pile-driving, mad force of his cockmeat in her shitter drove Ellen wild. Time and time again, she begged her cousin to stop fucking her ass. There was too much pain, too much agony throbbing up through her thighs into her cunt and making the young, sobbing girl scream in terror. His hands gripped her tits, mashing them, squeezing her nipples until she thought he was going to tear them off. He was a mindless, savage devil raping her back there, at times fucking his cock in so hard she thought he was surely tearing the small delicate ring of her asshole.

And then she felt him sliding his fingers around her hipbones, digging them into her cunt, tearing at the smooth lining and exciting her terribly. In seconds she was as bad as he was, rutting, gasping, fucking back, flattening her ass against his belly and pumping back and forth while his fingers fucked deep into her cunt. She could feel the repercussions in her clit when Jeff started firing his cum-load in her ass.

She could feel his spunk spitting into her ass guts as if it were hot water from an enema bag. And all the while he was fucking his cockmeat more slowly in and out while flailing her clit with his fingers.

“Ahhhhhhh!” she gasped.

Ellen couldn’t hide her pleasure any longer. She let out long gasps of joy as Jeff settled onto her, moving his hips more slowly against her asscheeks. She felt his fucker stirring her insides around like a giant spoon, and Ellen had to admit to herself the sensation wasn’t all that bad.

She drew her hands up to her mouth, biting her knuckles. What kind of whore was she turning into? Her cousin had called her all those names. She hadn’t believed them up until now. But her reaction to this savage ass-fucking was something she had never guessed would happen. She liked it! She really liked it! And what was worse, Ellen had the feeling her cousin Jeff saw that.

“Man, this cunt’s too fuckin’ much! Drained my balls out.”

“Let us have a crack at her now, man,” some of the boys were shouting.

“Sure. Later, maybe, but it’s gettin’ too late now. My old lady’s gonna freak if Ellen comes in like this. She’s got a big part to play, right?” Jeff said, rearing off her and pulling Ellen’s head up from the dirt. “You’re gonna play and act like you never played before. You’re gonna tell my old lady somethin’, and if you don’t pull it off right, you’re gonna wind up right back here with morel understand?”

“Yes, oh God, yes!” Ellen sobbed.

Pulling her hands in front of her, Ellen rose shakily to her feet, noticing the men were disappointed they couldn’t all rape her tonight. She should have been grateful to her cousin for holding them off. But it was only for the purpose of her lie.

That began to bother her now as her cousin threw the remains of her clothes at her and ordered her to dress. How could she lie like that to her aunt, to a woman who had been so kind to her? And it would be a terrible lie! She would be admitting to having framed her cousin and causing so much trouble for nothing. And that would be a lie. Ellen trembled at the consequences. Would Aunt Helen tell her mother? Would she send her packing? It was something Ellen wouldn’t have minded at all at this point. The thought of hanging around here with her cousin and his friends watching every move she made horrified her. She would be better off back in L.A. fighting the traffic and smog rather than running for her life in the clean country air.

Besides, Ellen thought as she drew her panties up over her thighs and reached for the remnants of her dress, she needed time to sort out what had happened to her. Why had she responded so readily to this attack? Why had she climaxed so many times when all she should have been doing was screaming for her life?

“Come on, baby, this ain’t no pajama party. Let’s get outta here and get goin’. Remember, tomorrow morning,” Jeff said, pointing a warning finger at her as she gathered the torn dress around her body and stepped from the cabin.

Jeff led the way, holding her hard by the wrist, purposely twisting it now and then to send a reminding twitch of pain through her arm.

It was over. At least for now, it was over. Ellen stepped wearily through the high weeds, feeling her cousin’s jizz still oozing from her asshole and wetting down her panties. The lights of the house appeared over the top of the hill. Jeff stopped, turning to his cousin and holding both her wrists.

“We’ll go up the back outside stairs. The old lady won’t see you like that. You change and come back down, and you don’t act freaky or nothin’, you understand?”

“How can I? You’ve just raped me, and then… and then they…”

Jeff threw back his head and laughed, straightening suddenly and giving her a terrifying look of hatred. He gripped her shoulders, his fingers squeezing them so hard the girl shuddered in pain.

“So what? You been fucked. You liked it. Sure you did, so don’t gimme that rape shit,” Jeff spat out, shoving her backward. “You just act natural, then you tell my old lady what we talked about tonight, understand?”

Ellen sniffed, rubbing her nose and keeping her thoughts to herself. The house in front of her looked so secure, a fortress against anything untoward. And yet, cringing the way she was behind her cousin, Ellen knew differently. She had been maltreated horribly, abused, then threatened. And the only way to extricate herself from this awful mess was to lie to someone she respected and loved.

“Go on, get upstairs. Maybe I’ll call on you later and give you a good-night fuck,” Jeff said, slapping her hard on the ass.

She started to climb the stairs. It was a long haul as Ellen dragged herself up the stairs, hearing the television droning from the family room downstairs. Reaching the top landing, the girl rushed into the hall, not daring to look back. She hurried to her room and shut the door quietly behind her. Standing there, eyes closed, her arms wrapped around her body, her shoulders shaking against the door, Ellen thought she would stay there for the rest of her vacation. She would pretend she was on, anything to keep from seeing her cousin and his dreadful friends once more.

“Oh, God in heaven, sweet Jesus, what have I done?” she said, covering her face and sinking in defeat to the floor.

She could still feel the kiss of the leather belt against her flesh, the sound of the guys roaring as she struggled to her feet, the horrid sound of a cock tearing through her asshole while she crawled like some animal in the dirt. Still on all fours, the teenager crawled to the bed, stretching her body over the mattress and lying there on her back. She closed her eyes finally, still seeing Jeff, still feeling his body squirming on top of hers while he hurt her so much…

The following morning was dreadful for the girl. Jeff was there at the breakfast table, watching her the way an eagle might watch his prey. Ellen came down sullenly, saying very little while her uncle wolfed down breakfast and rushed out to go to town.

It was only when her aunt began a lecture on drinking once more that Ellen stood up and “confessed” to her lie. Jeff was pleased, grinning at her behind his coffee cup while his mother stared open-mouthed at her niece.

“I never, never would have thought you capable of doing something like that, Ellen. Why would you tell such a tale to hurt your cousin?”

Ellen fumbled for an answer, curling the napkin again and again in her fingers, keeping her eyes from her cousin Jeff. Thinking it might be “fun” to watch him twist in the wind under parental scrutiny was about the only thing she could drum up. Aunt Helen dismissed her with some dismay, apologizing profusely to her son and warning Ellen that she had to think over the possibility of sending her back to Los Angeles.

Ellen felt herself deflate with relief as she left the kitchen. Leaving the farm. That would be fine with her. She would rather face her mother’s confusion and shaking finger than go through another evening with her crazy cousin and his rowdy buddies.

Climbing the stairs to her room, Ellen was about to think of how to pack when Jeff came running up to the foot of the steps.

“Not bad. Real good, in fact. My mom’s all bent outta shape about you. Doubt she’s gonna send you home, though. Come on down to the barn in a couple of hours,” Jeff said, checking his watch and raising his eyebrows as he noticed the time. “Got some chores to do, but I’ll be free by then.”

Ellen turned on the stairs, clutching the dark oaken hand rail. She trembled with indignation. How dare he tell her to come to him? Especially considering what had happened and what she had just done!

“No. I won’t. Your mother’s going to send me home and [missing text].”

Jeff’s face darkened. He held up one hand and scowled at her.

“I ain’t got no time to argue with you,” he said, keeping his voice soft as he checked over his shoulder to make certain his mother wasn’t there. “You’ll come because you wanna come.” He grinned menacingly. “I can get you any time I want, drag you outta bed if I have to.”

“But… but you promised, you said… I did this, you’d leave me alone,” Ellen protested, her face flushing red as she felt her hopes sinking.

“So, I lied,” Jeff said with a grin, shrugging as he backed away, flipped on his cowboy hat, then stamped out the front door.

Ellen stood there on the stairs for a while, feeling as if she could pitch herself from the landing to the living room below and end all her problems. He had made her do this horrid thing, and then lied to her, breaking his promise, telling her she had to… no, she wouldn’t do it!

Turning, Ellen rushed on up the stairs, catching sight of the grandfather clock and seeing she had plenty of time to pack, get out and flag a bus, if she could dare to do such a thing. She had money. Her mother had given her some before she left. She could explain partially what had happened later.

Ellen’s mind was a whirlwind of confusion as she rushed into her room and pulled the things from the closet, stuffing them in her suitcases.

She had packed nearly half when the futility of the whole affair settled on her mind. They would laugh at her, condemn her, even blame her for what happened if the whole truth came out. Women always took the blame, Ellen thought with despair, sitting calmly on the bed and looking at the white-faced alarm clock. She would have to listen to Jeff, perhaps plead with him later on, beg him not to do this to her. She was family, his own flesh and blood.

Slowly Ellen replaced her things, eyeing the clock and seeing it was nearly noon when she had finished. She would avoid seeing her aunt. She was too ashamed to come face-to-face with the woman.

Once more she used the back stairs shading her eyes in the brilliant noonday sun and going down to the yard. There in the near distance she could see her cousin Jeff standing alone by his father’s blue Chevy pickup, wiping the sweat from his forehead with one hand while holding his hat with the other. He had just noticed her coming down. She could tell that from the way he stiffened and put on his hat.

“God, help me,” she murmured.

“Thought you’d be right about on time,” Jeff said, checking his watch, then scanning the horizon. “Pop’s not back. Figured he wouldn’t be. Come on, baby, I’m hot to trot with you.”

Ellen paused, lowering her head while feeling her feet become planted in the round.

“I don’t want you… hurting me, Jeff. It’s not right.”

Her cousin laughed and shook his head, grabbing her by the elbow and pulling her after him.

“You ain’t got a choice, really. You gonna shout your fool head off right now? Huh?”

Ellen lowered her eyes, knowing she would stay quiet.

“Thought so. Come on.”

Jeff pulled her around to one side of the pickup, pushing her in and slamming the door behind her. Ellen settled in the seat. Jeff climbed in and started the truck up, shifting gears quickly and jerking the car forward.

Ellen looked at the house in her rear-view mirror, wishing she had the courage to throw open the door and jump out. Instead, the teenager sat there, hands folded modestly in her lap, feeling the nipples of her tits rubbing ticklishly against her bra as the truck lurched and bounced over the twisting dirt road. A tornado of dust swirled behind them as Jeff guided the truck down through the south pasture, along the river, and past the small shack where he and the others had raped her.

Ellen looked back, then stole a glance at her cousin. Where was he taking her? She settled back in the seat, her heart starting to pound more furiously as the cab rocked and rolled along the country road.

They must have driven nearly five miles when he pulled to the left and slowed down. Leaning forward over the wheel, Jeff narrowed his eyes and peered through the windshield, looking satisfied at what he saw.

“Good. They ain’t there yet. Got some time to ourselves, just like I planned,” he said with satisfaction, stepping on the gas and guiding the pickup carefully off the road into a grove of towering elms. “Come on, get out.”

She opened her door, swinging her lithe legs out and wondering where on earth they were going. She could see no structure in the area. There were plenty of open fields and groves, but no homes. He got out and came around.

“This way,” he said.

He took her by the elbow again, his fingers bruising her flesh. Ellen panted, shaking the loose hair from her eyes as she tried to keep up with her fast-walking cousin. They threaded their way through the field, finally topping one hill and stopping.

“Right over there. We’ve been gettin’ shit together for a long time for somethin’ like this. You’re the first one to try it. Real nice, real nice,” Jeff said, letting one hand slide down the small of her back and cup her ass.

Ellen swung around, slapping his fingers away. Jeff wasn’t offended, laughing as he grabbed her hand and pulled her down the bill. Ellen now saw where he was taking her a two story rotting farmhouse that looked as if it hadn’t been touched for several years. Part of the roof had already fallen in while the porch sagged badly toward the ground. Weeds and tall grass had grown up along the stone foundation, so that the white clapboard house seemed to be floating on top of the grass.

They nearly ran through the weeds, Jeff pulling her, swearing when she stumbled and fell. She half expected him to kick her. But she realized he was anxious to get her into the house and wasn’t about to waste valuable time mistreating her out here.

He dragged her up the stairs by one arm, wheeling her around and slamming the girl against the side of the house. Ellen pressed one cheek against the rotting wall, trying to catch her breath as she watched her cousin fishing a key from his pocket and opening the front door.

“Inside!” he barked.

Pushing herself from the wall, Ellen stepped inside, smelling the odor of rot and neglect while she saw clouds of dust swirling at her feet. Jeff stepped in behind her. He pushed her through the living room, not saying a word as they entered the kitchen and turned around where she guessed the stove and refrigerator had once stood.

“Down the steps. It’s cooler down there in the basement.”

As she reached the top of the stairs, Jeff grabbed both her arms, drawing them roughly behind her and twisting her wrists until Ellen thought he would break all the small bones in her hand. She screamed, doubling over, her knees giving way while her feet slipped dangerously over the top step.

Spittle frothed from her mouth while her cousin guided her down the first few steps, purposely banging her forehead against the gray cinderblock wall. He was pulling her arms farther back now, increasing the pulling, tearing ache in both shoulders while his fingers continued to twist her wrists around.

Ellen thought she felt something pop and break in both hands while the agony in her shoulders throbbed to a burning ache. Her legs wouldn’t obey her any longer. The girl felt herself falling down the stairs, prevented from pitching headfirst only by her cousin’s strong hands.

“Go for it, bitch.”

Then he let go, thrusting her forward.

Ellen shrieked, her arms suddenly freed, but her body falling through the air, arms and legs kicking out and flailing. She was falling into the darkness, her right ankle striking the steps and the handrail several times. Somewhere in the distance was the floor. And then, with a crashing thud, everything went black for the young blonde teenager.


Ellen had no idea how long she’d been unconscious. When she awoke, the girl realized immediately she was trapped in some sort of bondage device. At first Ellen wanted to keep her eyes closed, to pretend to be still unconscious. But then that would only prolong the agony. Sooner or later she would have to “come to” and Jeff would be waiting for that, ready with a vengeance.

Blinking her eyes open, Ellen found herself trapped in a kind of pillory device. Her arms had been thrust through two holes at the top of a large yellow board and locked in place while her ankles had likewise been pushed through two larger holes at the bottom. Her ass sagged down toward the floor, having no support for the time being. Two large iron feet projecting to either side of the pillory board prevented the device from pitching over with Ellen’s weight. She cleared her eyes, feeling now the pulling of her body weight against her shoulders and thighs.

“So, you’re awake? Good. I was wonderin’ if you were gonna come outta it or I’d have to take you to a doctor or something.”

Jeff was behind her, walking up slowly, examining her as she hung there.

Ellen quickly realized that she had been stripped, her naked body hanging there, waiting for torture. She pulled at her arms, her eyes widening with increasing fear that verged on panic.

“And then the guys’ll be here in a while. They expect you to entertain the whale group. You know how to do that by now. Right, Ellen?”

Only then did the full force of her panic hit her. She screamed and pulled at the holds. But her arms and legs were locked fast. Her ass bounced up and down with her wild struggles, the asscheeks opening and closing while her thighs ridged from all the struggling.

It was no use. Ellen stopped, lowering her head and pressing her forehead against her upper arm. She opened her mouth, gasping for air, wondering what new horror her cousin had in store for her. She felt her heart racing with fear as the roughly cut holes chafed her wrists and ankles. The flesh around them was already turning a dark pink while her ass hung there, spread open by the awkward position.

“In case you don’t know it, it’s called a pillory. Me and some of the guys thought it up after checking it out in some history books. Thought some of the gals around here’d love it. Guess you’re the first one to try it out.”

Ellen was having an awful time catching her breath. She looked over her shoulder and gasped when she saw her cousin moving a large wooden barrel from one corner of the cellar up to the pillory. From the sloshing inside, she could tell it was nearly half filled with some kind of liquid.

Ellen stopped jerking around, her eyes now focused on the large dark-brown cask and the brass spigot that was stuck in the lower half of the barrel.

Jeff went back into the shadows, coming out once again with a black rubber hose that fitted tightly onto the spigot. There was a long steel nozzle at the other end of the latex tubing that reminded Ellen of an enema nozzle.

The girl turned away, shuddering, feeling goose flesh breaking out all over her body. At about the same time, Ellen realized with horror that her cunt was growing very, very moist. The excitement, the frustration, the pain, everything was conspiring against, her, making her cunt begin to tingle in that delightful, itchy way while juice started oozing from her pussy slat and dotting her blonde cunt hairs with a musky dew. Ellen stopped her thrashing once more, watching her cousin work while feeling that delightful warmth spreading through her pussy and thighs.

“We’ve been brewin some beer around here for some time. Moonshine, guess you’d call it. That’s why I was freaked when you started blabbin’ about me and the boys drinkin’ during the day. Thought my old man might find out about this,” Jeff said, kicking the barrel with one foot. “But you played right in our hands. We can go on makin’ the stuff, drinkin’ some of it, selin’ the rest. Hey, bet you’d dig havin’ some of this in your gut.”

“No, no, t-thank… thank y-you,” Ellen stammered, staring wide-eyed at the cask.

“You’re just shy about it,” Jeff said mockingly as he twisted the nozzle in one hand.

Ellen had no idea now of what he was going to do with that tubing. She tightened her ass, prancing it up and down, trying to tuck it away as Jeff moved behind her and bent down. He was going to shove it up her ass! Oh, God in heaven, he was going to shove that awful nozzle up her shitter just as he had shoved his prick up her asshole the other day?

Ellen screamed, pitching her head forward, her cheeks puffing out and reddening while her eyes blinked wide open. Her nostrils flared while spittle formed tiny dots on her lips. She could feel it, feel the cold steel against her asshole while Jeff played with her. Finally, he shoved the entire steel device up into her ass guts, pushing until the entire length of the nozzle had been crammed into her asshole.


Ellen screamed, her body shuddering as she felt the cold pressure from that nozzle forcing its way into her bowels. Jeff was pushing the tube in farther, shoving inch after inch into her body while Ellen felt her ass muscles clenching instinctively around it. Splinters dug painfully into her wrists and ankles as she jerked against the offending tubing in her asshole.

“Now, I don’t want you to be uncomfortable while you get your asshole taken care of. Got somethin’ here lust for your pussy, and I can see it needs somethin’ fast,” Jeff said, peering down between the girl’s spread thighs and seeing the pussy juice trickling through the blonde, curly forest of cunt hair.

“No more. Please, Jeff, no more!”

He was rolling a three-legged stool out, positioning it under her ass. Panicked, Ellen jerked her ass, trying desperately not to be impaled on that monstrous thing sticking out in the middle of it. A prick! A cock, only this one was even bigger than the one hanging from her cousin’s crotch. And it was steel!

Jeff pushed the stool under her ass, then moved around to the front and put his hands on her shoulders.

Ellen cried out, jerking her head from side to side as she felt the cold iron cock spreading her cuntal walls wide apart. She felt it sliding into her so easy, so easy. Her cunt was that wet! She blushed again, feeling wave after wave of humiliation sweep over her as her eyes blurred with tears.

Jeff unbuckled his trousers, pushing them down and freeing his half-hard prick. Ellen knew the set-up wasn’t through yet. She knew now he was going to have her eat his cockmeat the way she had sucked Curly’s prick. She would have her cunt fucked, her asshole filled, and her mouth stuffed with prickmeat.

Ellen started to cry, hanging her head down. It was unfair, all of it. What had she done in life for God to punish her this way? What terrible crime had she committed to be locked up in a pillory like this? She couldn’t even defend herself, as weak as she was. Lambs to the slaughter had more options than she.

“Now you’ll suck my prick, Ellen. Saw you do a real pro job on Curly the other day. Now you’re gonna swing on my meat and bring me off,” Jeff said, rubbing his hands on either side of her head and drawing it forward. “It’s gonna feel real nice having a hot mornin’ rubbin’ up against my prick.”

Ellen felt as if she had sunk into hell already. She could feel her cunt sliding down farther and farther on the steel prick, the metal becoming warmer as her pussy heated it. She felt her shame, a kind of weird pleasure coming from all this.

“In case you didn’t notice it,” Jeff added with a savage grin, “I put some spikes around the bottom of that thing fucking you now. If you slide all the way down, you’re gonna cut yourself up pretty damned bad.”

Ellen tensed her thighs. She hadn’t noticed anything like that at the start. But then again, terror had blurred her vision. She tensed her body immediately, feeling her thighs and calves cramping as she leaned forward against the pillory to keep her ass from sliding down any farther. Oh, how it hurt, holding herself back like that. She couldn’t keep it up much longer.

Jeff grinned, having delivered that last bit of information to his satisfaction. As he leaned over to the faucet of the barrel, Jeff’s prick brushed against her mouth. Ellen jerked her head back, catching a whiff of his crotch and feeling another rush of excitement burn through her.

“You like that, don’t you? You like the smell of a guys cock, especially when it’s right up against your mouth?” Jeff said.


Ellen lied. She couldn’t admit to something that horrid, even if it were true.


Ellen was rewarded for her lie with a sharp back-handed slap across the face. Her head jerked violently, the blonde hair splashing across her reddened face.

“Don’t ever lie to me again. If you do, you’ll pay for it real bad.”

With that, Jeff turned the spigot on.


Ellen gasped, her eyes widening while her jaw slackened. She was shivering once more, her body bouncing up and down. Something very cold was rushing into her bowels, filling her up the way air fills a balloon. She writhed crazily against the pillory, groaning and begging Jeff to let her go while the homemade brew sprayed into her shitter.

Ellen felt her thighs releasing their painful grip. Her cunt slid down, down onto the dildo until her asscheeks made contact with the spikes Jeff had told her about.

Ellen cried out once more, tensing her legs and worming her cunt up from the base of the dildo. The spikes hurt, and they would certainly pierce her flesh if she kept her ass down there.

“Enjoy yourself, baby. You can do anything you want,” Jeff said, laughing at the pained, frustrated expression on Ellen’s face. “If you bounce too hard up and down on the dildo, you’re gonna tear your ass up. And,” he added with a shrug, rubbing his fingers up and down over his cock, “if you struggle around here, that thing up your butt’s gonna be more painful. Meantime, you’re gonna chow down on this prick. It’s real good, even better than Curly’s, I think. And man, we both know what a meal you made of his cock.”

Her cousin’s words mocked her situation and made Ellen furious. She wanted to tell him just what she thought of his ideas, of his desire to keep her prisoner here. It was sick, perverted, demented. But Ellen didn’t get the chance to say one word.

Jeff was holding his hard, purple-headed cock in both hands now, rubbing the tip against her lips, making her lick the droplets that oozed from the piss slit and creamed the double-lobed tip. He was hot, real hot.

Ellen could smell the heat from his crotch as she could smell the musky aroma waiting up from between her legs. He purposely toyed with her, streaking her lips with his pre-cum before pushing his cock against her mouth and forcing her to swallow it.

“Yeah, that’s it, baby, that’s the way. Come on, suck it on down, suck it all the way, just like you swallowed Curly’s meat.”

Ellen felt herself calming down as the beer poured through her intestines. It was making her tipsy, even drunk as her body filled up with the liquid. Jeff put his hands on either side of Ellen’s head, guiding her mouth down onto his fucker. Ellen liked that; liked it a lot. She enjoyed having that prick touching the top of her tongue, rubbing against the back of her throat, going all the way and nearly choking the air from her lungs while his balls pillowed up against her chin.

Ellen started bouncing her cunt a little more daringly on the dildo as well, feeling the cool rush of the smooth metal against her cuntal walls and against her clit. It was all going so well, so wonderfully well. The splinters in her wrists and ankles even seemed to add to her delight as she licked and sucked at the mouth fucking prick while fucking her cunt on the steel dildo.


The spikes! She was rubbing her asscheeks against the spikes! Fear jabbed through her euphoria, making Ellen regain spine presence of mind and work her pussy up from the base of the dildo. Jeff was making grunting animal sounds, working his hips, forcing his cockmeat down into her mouth while she laved her tongue over the scar just under his prickhead.

She liked the sensation now of having her mouth filled that way. It was nice, real nice having her cheeks puff out that way. And when he fucked his cock all the way down into her throat go she couldn’t breathe except through her clogged nose, Ellen groaned with happiness. Oh, that beer, that awful beer was making her feel that way as she bounced and fucked on the dildo.

Jeff was groaning now, too, his eyes closed while his fingers tightened around her skull. Ellen knew she was exciting him terribly with the fucking of her tongue. Just moving it subtly that way back and forth under his cockmeat while letting the wet, warm insides of her cheeks caress the throbbing veins was making her cousin get hotter and hotter. And how her own excitement was building. Her stomach seemed to be burning, turning somersaults. But the sheer terror she had felt earlier was gone.

The girl had the feeling that her entire body was floating, her pleasure building more and more as the pain diminished. She sucked on that throbbing prick with more abandon, her head bobbing back and forth so hard and jerkily the hair splashed around her face.

“Get ready for it, baby. Come on, go for it, make it real good for me, bitch. Yeah, it’s real good when you suck down and get dirty,” Jeff groaned.

Ellen felt her pussy juice flowing out freely now, wetting down her cunt hairs until they were soaked with it. Oh, how she wished her cousin was fucking her instead of that metal thing rummaging through her cunt. But it was sure better than nothing. It seemed to get better; in fact, as the beer continued to have its effect. The teenager got higher and higher. Her pain was becoming another factor in the pleasure she was feeling. And more importantly, Ellen had begun to get the hang of fucking up and down on the steel prick. After a few more pinches from the steel spikes, the girl learned to tense her thigh muscles just enough to limit the bouncing movement of her ass so she wouldn’t get clit.

“Uh! Uhh! Uhhh!”

Ellen started bouncing up and down faster, moving her body in an erotic frenzy while the steel dildo rubbed against her itching pussy. More and more juice sprayed from her cunthole, wetting down her shivering asscheeks as she rubbed her tongue wildly around her cousin’s prick. She could feel her cunt flesh giving way under the onslaught of the steel prick as she rose and fell, rose and fell like a merry-go-round horse on its pole. The more she bounced up and down, the hotter she became, and the faster her juices flowed from her cunt.

“Eat it, bitch! Man, that’s it, suck that mother! Wows you little slut! That’s the way, that’s the way you’re gonna do it to me from now on.”

Ellen was drunk, delirious. She ate his cockmeat as if her life depended upon it. At least, she thought to herself with some relief, she wasn’t being hurt. There were no whips, nor belts, no boots, no hands slapping her mindlessly around the room. There was only that wonderful prick sticking down into her throat, spearing her mouth while she fucked her cunt wildly up and down on the rodding steel cock. And how her cousin’s pre-cum began to flow, coating her throat, making her mouth sticky and salty as hot pleasure started exploding in her veins.

That steel prick was getting very warm now, heated from the warmth of her cunt. The more excited she became, the more enthusiastically she worked her mouth over her cousin’s prick. The smell of Jeff’s cock and balls became more and more enjoyable for the girl. She even liked the way his wiry cock hairs tickled the insides of her nostrils as she fell forward, sucking so hard her cheeks caved in.

Her mouth was making wet sucking noises while she glided her tongue up and down on Jeff’s swollen prickmeat. Ellen became more and more inventive with the way she licked her tongue around. She teased the tip of it against his prickhead, poking it hard into his piss-slit and drawing out more of the juices. Jeff liked that feeling, rubbing his fingers nervously over her cheeks, then drawing her head hard against his crotch.

“Come on, baby, take it, take it all. You’re gonna take all of it!”

Ellen wanted to swallow all of it! She wanted to be drowned in his cum as she licked her tongue down all the way, touching the fat, hairy base of his cock. Jeff threw his head back and started bouncing up and down as the girl teased her tongue around his prick. Ellen kept up her steady rising and falling on the dildo. As her lust mounted, her aches and pains blended into a weird kind of pleasure. She wanted to be hurt more, to feel more pain while all this was going on. Ellen knew it was wrong to feel this. But something was happening, something that moved her beyond rationalizing or considering what was normal. The pressure in her tummy was incredible, and the high she had from the beer was mellow.

She moaned against Jeff’s cock, the vibrations driving him crazy. He threatened to cum, then managed to hold back while the girl was now being driven crazy by her own fuck-lust. She bobbed up and down frantically on the steel dildo harder and deeper, feeling it tearing through her cunt. The steel spikes she had been so careful to avoid now bit into her asscheeks, the pricking sensations now causing only pleasure. And as she bounced up and down, bet mouth sucked greedily against her cousin’s prick.


Ellen couldn’t hold back anymore. And she could tell her cousin felt the same way. He would soon be shooting in her mouth, blowing off the back of her skull with his cum. And she would love every ounce of his cock cream sliding greasily down her throat?


“Suck it, suck it down… fuckin’ Jesus, it’s too much, man, too much!”

Jeff’s voice was strained, his voice thickening while his face blanched. She could feel his prick starting to jerk from side to side, acting like a wild animal in her mouth. Jeff growled, his hips banging against her face.

Ellen couldn’t stand it any longer, bouncing up and down, wanting to impale her body again and again with that warm rod of steel. She wanted to scar horns with all those nails and spikes her cousin had fastened to the seat of the stool while she exploded again and again against that hard, steely cock. It was a moment of sheer inanity, of white-hot, searing pleasure that ripped through her clit, then stabbed deep into her cunt. She quivered in the pillory, feeling the wild flame of cum shoot through her like firecrackers exploding all through her body.

Ellen’s climax peaked, ebbed, then peaked again while she felt something hot and flat-tasting splatter into her mouth. Her cousin’s spunk. He was shooting his cum into her throat, drowning her with it while moving his prick back and forth, back and forth over her tongue. It was good, oh so very good, feeling his prick unload that way.

“That’s it, baby, that’s the way, suck it all down, eat it all up, clean me out, bitch,” Jeff crooned, tensing his hands against her skull while keeping his cock all the way in her throat.

Ellen felt herself coming down, her body relaxed and glowing. She was too relaxed now to maintain her position on the dildo. Sliding down, Ellen felt the spikes pressing into flesh as she rated her ass on the stool, her cunt still clenching, grasping, and quivering around the steel prick.

The room grew quiet except for the heavy panting of the two of them. As the girl staffed easing down from her high, she realized the beer enema was starting to cramp her belly. She squeezed her sphincter muscles around the nozzle, feeling the pleasure fade away again as the pain of her overloaded bowels built in her body.

Jeff was pulling his cock out of her mouth slowly, enjoying the warm caressing feeling of her lips against his prick.

Ellen groaned, squirming uncomfortably, feeling she would slit all over the floor if he didn’t pull the hose from her shitter right now! He knew, she felt, what was going on. He knew she was in pain. Ellen could tell from the smirk he had on his face as he climbed around her with maddening slowness. Ellen said nothing, panting from the fear that she would soil herself.

Jeff reached down and pulled the hose from her ass, laughing as the beer shot out from her stretched asshole and gurgled down the drain just under the stool. Everything had been planned, Ellen thought, tugging at the pillory that still held her. Still, her belly cramped and she was certain there was more beer somewhere up deep in her bowels, waiting to explode onto the floor with a shitty violence.

Jeff released her, pointing to a small door at one end of the room. Ellen raced to it and barely made it inside. She had been right. The explosion of the liquid contents of her bowels was so powerful and the relief she felt so great that the girl thought she was having a mini-orgasm. For what seemed like long minutes, the girl sat on the stool, head in her hands, wishing she could lock the door and keep her cousin Jeff out of her life.

“You fall in? Come on, get outta there or I’m gonna kick the fuckin’ door in and shove your head in the toilet!”

He left her no option. Trembling, she flushed the toilet and stood, washing herself off and examining the small bathroom to see if there was some way out. Nothing. Ellen had expected as much. Sighing, she opened the door and walked out bravely.

“Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it, bitch? You got me off and got off, too. You sure have come a long way since you got here, little Miss Prancy Ass.”

Ellen stood there, modestly covering her cunt while her mind wandered back to the house. There, her aunt was making dinner, probably thinking of how Ellen had betrayed her son with a dreadful lie. If only her aunt knew! How Ellen wished she could go back home and tell them all if they would believe her. “Now we get rough.”

His words made her flesh tingle. There was a tone to Jeff’s voice now, one that lost what little playfulness there was before. He took her by the hair, leading her across the room, past the pillory, past where she had disgraced herself on that awful steel prick. Ellen stumbled after him, her head bent forward, her hands still at her side. It was useless, even worse than useless, to resist.


Ellen stopped dead in her tracks, her eyes widening as she caught sight of that awful cross on which she’d been roped earlier. Jeff had dragged it here, put it in this basement. Ellen threw her arms protectively around her body, shrinking back from the thing. Even her cousin’s harsh grip on her hair couldn’t keep her from yanking back in terror. That cross. That dreadful, awful, horrible cross! They were going to put her back on it and… and do whatever they pleased to her.

“Come on.”

Jeff slapped her after lofting go of her hair, shoving her forward and fighting with the teen who now struggled desperately with him. Ellen shouted and screamed, her cries bouncing uselessly off the granite walk around her. She felt her tits slapping against one another as her feet slid uselessly over the floor.

Jeff raised one hand like a club, the shadow cutting across her face. Ellen saw the move and shrieked, remembering how it hurt when he hit her with his fist. Without a word, her cousin brought down his hand, his knuckles bruising her chin as the slap mixed with the shrill cries of the girl.

Ellen felt herself collapsing into his arms, the stunning blow killing all thoughts of resistance.

“I’m fuckin’ tired of all your Goddamned yelpin’. Got something just for that, just for you.”

“Trainer mask. Saw it in some map and put one together, myself. Ain’t never used it,” Jeff said, moving off into the shadows for the moment.

Ellen lay there, staring after him, hearing him rummaging through a drawer. When he came back, the girl saw what appeared to be several bather straps fastened together in various areas.

“Just sit there. Don’t make a move.”

Ellen did as she was told, sitting on her heels, being very, very quiet even though her arms and legs began to ache in that kneeling position. She felt him draping two straps on either side of her nose, a third one with what appeared to be a red ball brushing against her upper lip. She could tell from the pressure that the three formed a triangle around her nose and mouth, a fourth strap attaching itself to the top junction of the first two. It was a kind of bridle that Jeff was fitting over her head, tightening the straps until the leather pressed against her flesh and made her nose stand out a bit. At that point he grabbed the ball with one hand and started pushing it against her front teeth.

“Come on, open up. Don’t make me use my hand again, baby, or you’ll be seein’ stars for the next week.”

Sobbing, Ellen opened her mouth, feeling the latex ball slip easily past her lips and over her tongue. She felt an ache in her jaw as Jeff pushed the ball all the way in, then tightened the strap around her mouth until the leather creased her chin. With a few more adjustments, her cousin had fitted the mask tightly to her face, the ball keeping her from making anything but the smallest grunt.

“Now you won’t have any trouble gettin’ over onto the cross. And if you do,” he added with a nasty laugh, “I won’t have to hear about it.”

He lifted Ellen from the floor, pushing her toward the hated instrument now standing up against the wall.

“Turn around. Put your ass up against that thing. We’re gonna have us a test. You like tests, don’t you, Ellen? My old lady says you do real well in school. She’s always braggin’ about that. Well, we’re gonna see how good you do here, bitch.”

Ellen watched as Jeff bent down and fastened one black leather buckle around her chafed ankles. How it hurt, especially after her flesh had been scored by the rough wood of the pillory. Then came the other strap, this one just above her knee.

Ellen groaned as her cousin bound her other leg in the same manner. She tried to cry out when he cinched the leather too tight. But the ball gag was doing its job.

“Okay, up with the arms. Stretch ’em good. Just like you’re reachin’ for the stars,” Jeff laughed.

Ellen kept her arms up and spread out slightly from her body. She was being strapped back up in that horrid, helpless position. The cuffs around her wrists were just as tight as the ones around her ankles, holding her body fast to the cross.

Jeff finished with his work, stepping back to admire what he had done. Ellen trembled. Was he going to whip her again? Would there be more leather smacking against her body, more fucking? There was nothing she could do. Even worse, unlike before, the girl couldn’t even cry out in anguish this time.

“Now for the test.”

Test? Ellen trembled at the thought of what he might have in store for her. Her cousin, she had discovered, had no trouble in devising things to hurt people with, especially her. Again he walked into the shadows, keeping his eyes on her, obviously pleased with what he had done so far. Ellen hung there on the cross for what seemed like an eternity, hearing metallic sounds every now and then that made her jerk against her leather bonds. At times she had to move her fingers to keep the circulation going. And swallowing the spit that gathered intermittently behind the ball was an effort.

“Now, we get down to some serious shit. Gotta get you primed before the guys get back.”

Liar! she thought. He just wanted her, himself. And what on earth was he pushing in front of him? It was a small black box with what appeared to be five or six sets of wires dangling from one end. Ellen watched it, her eyes scanning the box.

Only when Jeff came near did she get an idea of what it contained. There were two dials in front, just above which were two plastic voltage indicators. The small black and red undies were at rest now to the left. Her heart began to pound more heavily when she saw small brass clamps at the ends of those black wires.

Jeff didn’t bother looking at her at this point, humming some country-western tune while unraveling the black cord and sticking the plug in a nearby socket. Switching the machine on, he busied himself around the clamps, checking the fittings, untangling the wires.

“It’s a transformer, a regulator. You know, it’s sort of like the kind kids use on their railroad sets. But I’ve got a better use for it.”

He still kept his eyes from her. But Ellen could see that sick, sadistic smile creeping over his lips. Rivulets of perspiration began to trickle down her arms, streaking her flesh while she worked her wrists and ankles instinctively against the restraints. He was going to attach those horrible things to her body and… and electrocute her!

Ellen bit down on the latex ball, summing, into it while closing her eyes and jerking against the cross. The violent moves from her body nearly dislodged the cross from the wall. Jeff grinned more widely, glad his cousin had finally put two and two together.

Holding up one clamp, the young stud walked over to Ellen, snapping and unsnapping it in front of her until the girl thought she would piss on herself from fear. Jeff even rubbed the clamp against her chin, drawing it up to her eyes, then lowering it to her right nipple.

Ellen followed the movement, holding her breath while still biting down on the rubber ball. He rubbed the smooth top of the clamp over the tiny stiffening nub, bringing it around the bottom of the areola, then opening it. With a quick flash of the hand, Jeff slipped the clamp onto her rubbery nipple, the teeth chewing cruelly into the flesh.

Ellen screamed, chewing down onto the ball so hard she thought her teeth would break. He tugged at the clamp from the wires, watching as the nipple pulled out, distending from the pressure, threatening to tear from the rest of her tit. Ellen squirmed, sheer terror racing through her body as she screamed again into the gagging ball. How the teeth of that clamp hurt! The pain burned into her brain, seeming to shatter her skull as the girl struggled violently against the leather restraints. The tiny teeth seemed to be nibbling her tit as if attached to a chewing jaw, biting into her tender, stretched nipple and sending more stinging shocks of pain through her tit and up to her brain. She let out another muffled groan, her teeth biting down hard on the red latex ball.

Her cousin had been wise to gag her for his own peace, she thought wryly, watching him open another clamp and slide it up to her left nipple.

Ellen shrieked, snapping her head back and banging it repeatedly against the wooden cross. Now two centers shot agony up through her body to her mind, two centers of throbbing pain that nearly made her faint with pain. Ellen strained her body against the leather straps, feeling them cut into her sweaty flesh. The nibbling clamp teeth seemed to be tearing at her nipple. The teenager was too frightened to look down for fear of seeing blood trickling from her violated tit tips.

And there he was sniggering at her, laughing as if this were some horrid game! Ellen fought for control of her mind, feeling she couldn’t continue, to reel like this. She would fight the pain, the agony that ripped through her body like a thousand burning knives.

Struggling, the girl sucked in deep lungfuls of air through her flared nostrils, slowly bringing herself back to reality. They were clamps. Nothing more, nothing less. Looking down nervously, she saw there had been no damage done… yet. Her nipples were pulled down and yanked out of shape. But there seemed to be no teal danger of them being torn from her tits. A swift hand movement caught her eye. Ellen looked up and saw her cousin with yet another clamp, this time moving it down toward her belly.

Jeff kept his eyes on her, enjoying her terror, her disgust. Opening the clamp, he brushed his knuckles over her cunt, making Ellen squeak with surprise and fear. And, to her amazement, she felt her pussy tremble with delight at that passing touch. Her cuntlips were starting to swell, to fold one over the other while her small round, red-tipped clit began to rise slowly from the moist, surrounding cunt flesh. It was to that area Jeff slipped the third clamp, letting its teeth sink into the dark-pink, tumid flesh.

Ellen sighed, spasms that itched and ached all at once raking through her cunt. She tried to draw her knees up, to work her hips to rid her cunt of that invader. But she could do nothing but strain against the cruel leather straps. So intense were the feelings between her white, shivering thighs that the girl hardly noticed two more clamps being attached to her large toes. It was only when Jeff stretched a particularly long black wire in front of her that the teenager realized this was far from over.

“Now, the last one before we start,” Jeff announced, pulling the wire around her hip and wedging his hand between her ass and the cross.

Ellen could feel the cold small metal thing pressing up against her shitter and knew he was going to shove it up her ass. It was just as he had done with the beer enema. Jeff held her asscheeks apart with one hand, doubling the wire over for added strength and resistance and pushing the clamp up into her asshole. The young girl closed her eyes, tears welling up under the lids as she felt that horrid snake-like thing worming up her ass guts, scraping along the slick, moist bowel lining for several inches before her cousin finally stopped.

“Wired to the tits. Good expression, and pretty darned accurate as far as you go, Cuz,” Jeff said, wiping his hands on his Levi’s, then going back to the black transformer.

The transformer! Ellen had nearly forgotten about that, her mind being preoccupied with the pain the clamps themselves created. That was nothing, only an overture to what was about to happen. The girl’s eyes sharpened on the transformer, watching as her cousin’s fingers moved around the dials. He was doing this purposely, playing her for time, making her tremble as she wondered when the shock would come and how it would feel.

Ellen didn’t have to wait much longer. Jeff flipped a switch, then turned the main dial to a higher setting.


It was there, a throbbing pulse that pumped its way through her nipples, her clit, her toes, her asshole. Ellen screwed her eyes up, somewhat surprised there wasn’t more pain involved. In fact, she was ashamed to admit to herself, it was pleasurable, especially the current seeping through the clamp and tickling her clit. It was like a tiny bristle brush being scraped lightly over the slick little top of her clit, coaxing out more pleasurable itchy-aching sensations that made her body tremble in heat.

Ellen threw back her head, chewing down on the ball once more while her nipples swelled up against the biting teeth of the clamps. Their feeling now was almost like a mouth sucking and nibbling on her tits while the sensitive spots between her toes itched and tingled. Up her ass, the clamp seemed to come alive like a tiny beast, moving around and nudging up against her ass walls. At times a spicy sperm shot out from her asshole and rushed into her clit, making that tiny organ throb with a more urgent spasm. Ellen liked that. She was starting to enjoy all of this.

“Not bad, eh? Thought you’d start diggin’ shit like this. But there’s a helluva lot more where that came from. Like… this.”

Jeff turned the dial up.

Immediately, Ellen felt her spine arching up from the cross, her spine nearly cracking while her head slammed back against the wood.


The tingling, nibbling, teasing sensation was gone. This time the current was causing some real pain, making Ellen’s body shiver and quake as if she were having a fit. Icy fingers of panic gripped the teenager as she saw the dial had several more settings, all of which she expected her cousin to use.



It felt as if hands were slapping her across the face, her tits, her belly, her ass! Ellen wriggled her body against the cross, feeling her tits slapping against one another as the current bit into her body. The weight in her ass pushed like a finger as those metal teeth began biting, it seemed, around her clit. What was the dial set at?

Ellen tried focusing her eyes on the black transformer. But the current was making her vision blurred, it seemed. She shook her head violently, curling her fingers and creasing her damp palms with her nails as she waited for yet more electricity to explode through her body.

“Want more? Was that why you were lookin’ at me?”


No, no, no! She would die if he shot more current through her. But Jeff’s fingers moved deftly around the dial, pushing it up to the next notch. Ellen’s eyes widened as she felt the biting, stinging buzz of the electricity singe through her. Her nipples became bloated and purple, sputtering and sparking beneath the biting clamps while her clit throbbed and pulsed in time with her beating heart. The pain inside was enormous. She swore all her joints were throbbing and coming apart while her bones seemed to be shattering under the tremendous force of the current.

Uncannily, Ellen felt climax after climax erupt between her legs. She was helpless to control the jerking in her cunt and the tearing sensation in her pussy. She swore she could smell burning flesh.

“More?” he asked, leering at her.

Ellen jerked forward from the cross, feeling she could tear through the leather bonds still holding her to the wood behind. He had just turned the dial up all the way!

Ellen screamed through the gag, beating her head like a hammer against the cross. Her face was a blur while the wires around her tits slapped wildly together. She thought she was going to die! Her climaxes fell one atop the other while more and more juice showered from her cunthole, spattering her rippling thighs with musky pussy juice. Her body was shaking tremendously, her tummy caved in to reveal all the ribs protruding against her skin. The girl howled and shrieked into the gagging ball, biting down until she thought her teeth would break. Every square inch of her body throbbed to the beat of the rushing current.

Ellen shivered there on the cross, waiting for death, when suddenly her cousin shut the machine down with a sweep of one hand. She was still trembling and sobbing when he jerked the pincers from her swollen tits, cunt and ass. Reaching up, he pulled the ball gag from her mouth, laughing as her pent-up screams followed. Again and again the young girl shrieked hysterically, struggling against the bonds keeping her on the cross. Jeff slapped her several times.

“No, no, no, no more! Oh, God in heaven, you’re gonna kill me, kill me!” she screamed, long strands of her blonde hair clinging to her dampened cheeks.

“Gonna fuck you now, bitch. That’s the way to get through to you, hit you up like this, then fuck you ’til you turn blue.”

She felt the straps loosen around her wrists, then her thighs and ankles. Ellen found herself falling from the cross, caught by Jeff, then shoved to the floor like an animal. He pushed her shoulders against the floor, then spread her clenched legs apart with his knees. He shoved one hand between her thighs, cupping his fingers around her cunt, spreading her pussy lips apart and sticking several fingers into her hot, convulsing cuntal folds.

Ellen screamed, arching her spine and pushing the back of her head against the cement floor. Jeff swore at her, putting one hand around her throat and tightening his fingers around her windpipe while unbuckling his Levi’s with his other hand and shoving them down.

In a moment, the girl felt his thrusting cock fuck into her pussy.


Ellen threw her shoulders against the floor once more, trying to scoot back from the slamming cockmeat inside her cunt. But Jeff held her tight, pinning her with his prick, fucking deep into her. The girl gagged, still recovering from the awful torture of the electricity.

Jeff pushed his fingers through her hair, grabbing fistfuls of it and tugging back until Ellen yelped in pain. He laughed again at her agony, tearing strands from her scalp while dropping his face to her neck and sucking hard at her flesh.

He held her fast, his hands now sliding down from her head and moving to her tits. He squeezed her tits as if’ he wanted to rip them from her body, pinching the sore bloated nipples, then moving his mouth down and biting at the nubs until Ellen was squealing and shrieking in pain once more. This vile, sick man was tormenting her again, not having had enough of her cries by having sent high voltage through her earlier.

Ellen could feel the itching force of her climax spreading through her pussy. It was so instinctive to reach down and want to scratch that itch, to rub her fingers over her clit. But Jeff was doing that for her.

Angling his body up slightly, he fucked down and deep, making sure his prick touched her clit. The resulting sparking sensation sent Ellen higher and higher. She kicked both legs out, hammering her cousin hard on his lower back with her beds as she dragged her fingernails across his shoulders. In. In. In. She wanted to get fucked hard, fast, deep, just the way Jeff was doing it. Maybe he was right. Maybe she did love having this happen to her, having anything like this happen to her as long as she was fucked in the end!

Lust boiled and her clit seemed stung with another wave of climax. His prick pound her insides. The bruising, ramming of his prick tore at her clit in an endless fuck. As he fucked farther into her snug cunt, the muscles stretched tantalizingly to accommodate his cockmeat.

Shamelessly, Ellen rolled and bucked under her cousin’s savage attack, groaning as she felt him start to spurt his jizz in her fuck-hole. She closed her thighs and clutched him tightly to her cunt with her legs. She couldn’t hold back her orgasm. While he shoved his fucker into her pussy, her clit exploded as she held his prick lighter and let him rub his prick shaft against her clit. Her climax seemed to be unending. She thrashed her hips wildly, her body feeling as if it were being pricked with thousands of burning needles.

Her orgasm ebbed for a bit, then peaked once more, making her hips whip about feverishly. She was jerking heavily against Jeff, banging her hipbones against his while her cunt throbbed so violently she could feel the vibrations in her asshole.


Jeff let out a long low sigh, thrusting forward, stiffening, then falling on top of Ellen in collapse. The girl lay there like a dead woman, feeling all the strength and will drained from her. She had been fucked, fucked hard and long and fast, fucked after that horrid torture. And how she had loved it! He was smoothing his fingers up and down her arms, pinching her flesh while keeping her captive with his arms, his legs, his belly. Ellen tried squirming out from under him once, but found it impossible.

He slowly pulled his dripping prick from her cunt after some time. Ellen felt her pussy continue to shiver and clutch at the retreating cock. She sobbed, taking short, panting gasps of breath as he slipped his cockmeat from her cunt.

Ellen rolled onto her side, curling into a fetal position while sliding two fingers into her mouth. She had never felt so humiliated, so deserted in all her life. She could see her cousin dressing, hitching up his Levi’s and pushing his flaccid prick into his pants. The others would come soon, filing in and wanting her to perform for them.

Closing her eyes, Ellen found herself crying silently once more. She had been dragged so deep into the filth it was nearly impossible for her to imagine what life had been like prior to this horror. Had she really been a good girl? Had she actually gone to school and laughed and played with the others without thinking so much about… about pain and fucking? That world seemed light years away as she lay there now on the cellar floor, cum oozing from her violated pussy.

“Come on, cunt. We’re gonna do somethin’ more with you. You don’t think I’m through with you, do you? We’re just startin’. Don’t crap out on me now,” Jeff said, nudging her with the toe of his boot.

She cringed with a whimper, hearing him chuckling at her reaction. Ellen tried rising from the floor, but found it impossible to move right then.

Cursing softly, Jeff bent down and grabbed her arms, jerking her up from the floor and propping her against the wall.

“Not that again. No, n-not t-that,” Ellen stammered, her eyes wide as she looked at the cross.

“Don’t have to worry about that. Don’t like to do the same thing twice in one day,” he said, shaking his head in confirmation. “But I gotta make some calls, and don’t wanna leave you like this. Gotta make sure you ain’t gonna bolt from me.”

“I won’t! I swear I won’t, Jeff. I’ll be good. I’ll stay here and not say a word,” she whispered rapid-fire, holding her hands together prayer fashion and hoping her cousin would believe her.

“It’d be nice to think that. But not yet. Come on.”

He led her away from the cross, and Ellen sighed with relief. She couldn’t stand being bound like that, helpless, waiting for more electricity, for more pain. At one point he stopped her, looking up. Ellen followed his eyes, finding herself staring at a pulley assembly some ten feet above her, she guessed. Telling her to remain where she was, Jeff went back into the darkness, fumbling around for several seconds before coming back with a handful of cuffs and rope. Ellen drew her hands to her lips once more, wishing now she had been bound to the cross. What new thing did he have in store for her?

“Now, I ain’t gonna be gone long, so you’re gonna get only a little taste of this.”

“No, not more, no…”

She started to back away. But then Ellen caught sight of the warning look in Jeff’s face. She had seen it before when he had kicked her, slapped her, hurt her. She stopped, gathering her wits about her and swallowing hard. No matter what he did to her will those bonds, it would be less terrible than suffering through another of his beatings.

“Better,” he said.

Taking a length of half-inch line, her cousin wrapped it tightly around her right wrist, cinching it tight with a figure-eight knot. Another rope was slipped under this makeshift cuff, fastened with a boatswain’s hitch, then tugged taut. Jeff kicked a nearby crate over toward her, upending it, then standing firmly on the top, pulling the rope up with him.

Ellen followed until she was directly under the pulley assembly, keeping her eyes fixed on the floor. No. She wouldn’t watch what was happening. She wouldn’t take part in this horror. Jeff was threading the rope through the pulleys, then tugging it down until the portion above her grew even more taut. Ellen felt her arm rising above her head, the rope tightening around her wrist. Jeff was pulling on the rope more and more until Ellen found herself standing only on her toes, her right hand strained high above her head out of her reach. She looked frightened, staring at her cousin, wondering what he was going to do next.

“Jeff, please, it’s… it’s hurting me,” Ellen complained, her face blanching and grimacing as the rope cuff tightened more and more around her wrist, cutting off circulation.

“You stood it before and didn’t kick off. You’ll take this just as well.”

Jeff looked around to make certain there was a nearby eye hook to which he could fasten the free end of the rope. Satisfying himself with that, the young stud pulled down, slowly raising Ellen up from the floor until her toes, were at least eighteen inches above the cellar floor. She hung there from one arm, her fingers becoming icy and unfeeling while the ropes chafed at her already scarred wrist. The puffing sensation of her body weight against her elbows and shoulders was terrible. She thought she could feel something popping in her deltoids while her ribs hurt terribly from the strain. Grinding her teeth together, Ellen fought the desire to scream. It would only weaken her, amuse her cousin, and do no good.

And there was more. God in heaven, there was more! Jeff slipped a leather band around her right ankle, then stood up and clamped an identical one around her left wrist. Moving behind the girl, Jeff reached down and grasped his cousin’s ankle, bending it back, back until her foot was pressing against her lower back.

Ellen let out a shout, feeling the pain from that awkward position shooting up her spine. She tried bending forward a little to ease the bent-back pose of her leg. But movement was nearly impossible.

Jeff fastened the two bands together with a single link. How she ached! With cum still leaking from her cunt, the weeping girl hung there from one wrist, her other wrist and its opposite ankle joined at her lower back. Her left foot was dangling and kicking spasmodically while the pain in her shoulderblades was increasingly severe.

“Here’s a box for you to rest on. Unfortunately it’s got plenty of nails and splinters on the top, so you’re gonna have to be careful,” Jeff said, kicking another crate in her direction.

Ellen peered down at the horrible thing, seeing that to rest some weight on that thing might be more painful than hanging there by the wrist without support.

“NO, please, don’t… don’t leave me!” she cried, watching as her cousin began to climb the stairs. She never, never would have thought she would be saying those terrible words to him.

“Damned nice to be wanted that way. But don’t worry,” he said with a grin, saluting her mockingly. “I’ll be back and we’ll have more time to have some fun.”

It was a terrible punishment. She wanted to scream, to do something like that to relieve the pain that was nearly breaking her back, arm and leg. She tossed her head angrily, her long blonde hair sweeping over her ass. No. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of another shriek.

The girl dangled there for several moments, twisting in the air, her body stretching agonizingly from the ceiling as the ropes creaked from her weight. Her foot sought the crate. Her shoulder and wrist felt as if they were on fire! And when she put her foot down on the crate, she made contact with several rusty nails. She cried out, the pain of that contact making her draw her foot away in panic.

The girl hung there for a few more minutes, stretching, agonizing over the pulling weight tearing at her shoulders and ankle. Finally Ellen let her head fall to one side, closing her eyes, trying to endure the pain stoically.

From a distance she might have appeared asleep if not for the occasional moans she let out. But then Ellen couldn’t stand the agony any longer. The pain was cramping every muscle in her body. With a shriek, she called for help from her cousin, jerking and bouncing on the ropes until she thought surely she had broken something.

“What the fuck’s goin’ on down there? You havin’ a party or somethin’?”

“Stop it. Please, in God’s name, stop it! I can’t take it anymore!”

Ellen’s words slurred as pain made it hard for her to speak. She was hysterical, blinking away the hot, stinging tears, watching as her cousin came down the stairs maddeningly slowly. The heartbroken girl watched as he strolled to her, stood on the crate, then unfastened the link holding her leg to her ankle.

Ellen gasped with relief, feeling the aching cramps cease immediately as she brought her leg down. How simple the pleasures were that heartened her now. And perhaps, if she were lucky, her arms would come down as well. How nice that would be! She would have given anything to have been standing there on the floor like a normal human being, hands at her side.

“There,” Jeff said.

The last knot was untied and Ellen dropped to the floor, fingering her sore wrist and looking with dismay at the dark-pink flesh torn now by all the cuffing she had endured.

“Don’t worry. You’ll survive. Some of the guys are comin’ over to watch. They wanna see this new place. I’ve done some redecoratin’ and they wanna get a load of it. We’re gonna have ourselves parties down here with all the local gals… though they don’t know it right now,” Jeff said, wiping his lips with the back of one hand. “You’re sort of the test animal… tryin’ out all this shit. We’re gonna have half the cunts of the valley swingin’ wound here by the time we’re through. And you know what?” Jeff narrowed his eyes, grinning hellishly. “They’re gonna wind up lovin’ it… just like you.”

He left her alone for a moment, putting the ropes and cuffs away. Ellen eyed the steps wondering if there were enough time for her to bolt and rush up the stairs. She took one hesitant step then stopped. Oh, how well he had trained her! Even without a leash or rope, he had managed to keep her in check. Ellen thought about the consequences, his brutality, the impossibility of making it up the stairs in time.

“And what I dig about you, Ellen, is that you just don’t give up. I mean, you keep wantin’ more.”

“That’s not true!” she spat back, feeling he had seen the truth.

“Sure, sure. We’ll find out.”

Ellen had a feeling he would.


It was dark. It was very dark where Jeff had left Ellen until his friends came. She was glad in a way he had pulled her down from the awful pulleys that had threatened to tear her arms out. But she could hardly breathe!

It was a coffin, or appeared to be a small dark wooden box in which she could hardly move. Her shoulder blades rubbed against the back while her tits pillowed against the front panel. If she concentrated, Ellen found she could mow her fingers around and push her feet forward and backward.

As she breathed, puffs of her own wind came back to her. She would have suffocated if it hadn’t been for the tiny holes in the front and sides of the small coffin. Even so it was very hard to breathe. And it was becoming so hot in there!

Ellen felt perspiration streaking her sides and rolling down her tits as she waited for the sounds of the men tromping down the stairs to get her.

What was that? Ellen tensed, hearing movement in front of the coffin. Were they here already? The thought brought her back from her daydream to reality. She pressed her arms against the wood, cocking her head to one side and listening for sounds of voices. No. There was no one there except her cousin, who was moving something around outside. She relaxed, letting out a sigh.

That hum! No, there was something going on, something that frightened her. It was the sound of the transformer once more. What was he going to do? Ellen felt the old terror rise in her quickly. She tried jerking her hands up from her sides, wanting to push the door open. She had to see what was going on!

“Please, please, lemme out! Oh God in heaven, lemme out! Jeff!”

Ellen beat at the sides of the coffin with her fists, feeling as if she were being buried alive. No. No. It was awful, hideous to feel something like this! She had to see what he was doing before.

What was that? Ellen thought she could hear faint scraping nearby. She looked around her as best she could, seeing only the tiny dots of light that came in through the pitifully small holes. Then, before she could assess the latest development, something was touching her throat.

Ellen screamed, knocking her head back against the case. It was a needle of some sort, threatening to pierce her windpipe! Ellen shrieked, beating her knuckles against the sides of the coffin.

“Too high? Guess so. I’ll try something a little lower.”

“No, no, you’re sick! Don’t… oh, God in heaven, please don’t!”

Ellen felt herself about to faint from terror as another scraping sound, and then another echoed through the tiny coffin. In a second, she felt the pinching bit of two sharp needles against her tits. And then… and then came the electricity again, in sharp, burning jolt. Ellen screamed and screamed and screamed, throwing her body from side to side, clawing at the wood until her fingertips bled with the splinters. And still Jeff kept the voltage pouring through the needles, burning her flesh.

“Stop it!”

Ellen’s cries fell on deaf ears. She coughed and choked, the needles finally withdrawing for the moment. It was worse than having the clamps biting into her body. At least then she had been able to see what was happening. With this, there was nothing, nothing but the unknown assailing her at any moment.

Another scraping sound, this time a little lower than the first. Ellen flattened her shoulders again against the wood and whimpered like a small animal. She tried drawing her hands to her tits. But the needles were coming too quickly. They touched her nipples before she could protect herself. The terrified girl gasped as her tit tips hardened against the cold sharpness. And then came the electricity, the voltage that burned like tiny matches singeing her flesh. Again Ellen shrieked, beating her head against the coffin while she felt her knees buckling and touching the front of the case.


And the needles advanced steadily. Her nipples felt punctured by the horrid things, those pointy instruments chewing into her tits and making her nearly faint with agony.

“Havin’ fun, Ellen? It’s real nice out here. You don’t know where the fuck I’m gonna be pushin’ the needles through, do you? That’s what makes it interesting. And I’m gonna fry you up all over again and then fuck you. You sure came hard and fast after I got you fired up with all that voltage. Fuck, thought you was gonna bust my cock in two when you came!”


More needles slipped into the coffin, some of them stabbing into the bottom curves of her tits, others touching her nipples and adding more of the itchy, biting voltage to torment her. There were more sensations as well, needles Jeff showed in that touched her tummy, her thighs, her cunt. It was if she were being stabbed to death slowly, Jeff twisting them around and pushing them into the coffin and stopping just short of having the sharp ends piercing her flesh the current was doing more to her, Ellen felt, than an actual stabbing could accomplish. It was a steady onslaught of torment, of scaring pain that tore into her cunt, her belly, her ass, her tits. Tiny teeth ripped into her cunt and ravaged her clit while her ass tightened and a swirling agony bit into her cunt.

“Stop… nooooo, stop… oh, my God in heaven, when will it end?”

Ellen beat the sides of the case harder until she thought her fists would turn blue. The needles seemed to be digging deeper into her. Ellen threw her head back once more, feeling one of the needles piercing her clit. The searing, dizzying agony made her body shiver. Her entire consciousness focused on the areas of flesh touched by the horrid needles as they dug deeper into her flesh. And the awful, terrible feelings they were releasing in her made her almost faint with passion.

Ellen bawled and begged for the pain to stop. And yet somewhere in her mind as she thrashed and beat her body against the firm wooden walls of the coffin, she was hoping it would continue. She felt her cunt warming, heating up and juicing while her cousin continued to torture her.

Jeff had been right. The more pain he caused her, the hotter she became. She wouldn’t resist him if he mounted her right now, throwing her to the floor and fucking her.

A climax bit, this one nearly as powerful as the one that had stung her while strapped to the cross. Her tits seemed so full, so heavy. And Ellen felt she had to be fucked again. God have mercy on her, but she had to be fucked again. Ellen sagged against the wood, gasping and sobbing, so hot she thought she would catch fire.


The coffin door suddenly swung open. Ellen felt the burst of cool air and cried out, Jeff catching her as she fell forward. He held her back against the rear of the case, his eyes dancing mischievously.

“Had enough?”

“Please, no more, no more… take me out of here before your friends come, please.”

“I thought you’d be all smiles. Just think of all those cocks waitin’ for you, wantin’ to be shoved into you. You’d be climbin’ the walls for it.”

“No, no, no more, no more, I can’t…”

Ellen fell to the floor, hiding her face, shaking and sobbing uncontrollably. She couldn’t rise from the floor even when her cousin barked the command. When he kicked her sharply in the ribs, the girl simply tumbled from the coffin, sprawling at his feet. She reached forward, stretching her arms out and grabbing him around the ankles. She begged for mercy, clutching at the cuffs while shaking more tears from her eyes. Jeff was unmoved, pulling away from her, fucking her once again in the ribs.

“You can do any fuckin’ thing you wait. You showed me that, and you ain’t gonna just lay there while my buddies come down here for a show. I’ve got somethin’ that’ll get you going.”

He was dragging her again, her arms dangling at her sides as if they had been broken. She was hot, so very, very hot. But Ellen feared to tell her cousin that. He knew, anyway. He would fuck her, torture her, then fuck her again until his friends got there. Then she would be meat for the beasts while he watched and laughed, using her like a circus freak for the amusement of his bawdy buddies.

“Oh, what…”

It was a bench of about three feet in length. He picked her up by the shoulders, wheeling her about and sitting her as firmly on the top. Ellen slumped forward, nearly tumbling from the stool. It was all she could do to stiffen her back and thighs and keep firmly seated. They were in a narrow part of the cellar, in what she guessed had once been a fruit bin before the door had been pried any.

Peering through her curtaining hair, the teenager saw two chains hanging opposite one another, each one being about two feet long and ending in black leather buckled cuffs. Glancing down at her feet absently, Ellen realized the stool had a strap, this one being about three or four feet in length, presently hanging to the floor from the top of the bench.

Jeff took the free end of the belt and slipped it around her waist, tightening until she grunted. Putting one hand on her forehead, he pushed her back, her shoulders dropping from the edge of the stool, her hair sweeping over the floor. How her spine cracked and ached from this position! Getting up, her cousin took her right leg and stretched it forward and up, bracing the ankle against his chest while he drew the first chain out from the wall and slipped the cuff around her foot.

Ellen pulled herself up and watched him do the same to the other, tugging the chains taut until her legs were spread wide apart in a big V. Ellen could feel the air touching her hot cunt, a sensation that made her, feel more excited and aroused than ever.


“Gotta get fucked, right? Gotta have that prick in you?”

Ellen nodded her head, feeling the taut strain of the chains tearing at her legs. She didn’t have to ask twice. Jeff had gotten a hard-on watching her sprawled helplessly that way, her legs chained to the walls. With a grunt, he unzipped his Levi’s, pulling out his cockmeat and stroking it. Ellen cried out lustfully, rolling her hips as the stud bent down and fucked his prick right into her cunt. The squishy, wet sound Jeff’s cock made while fucking into her pussy excited Ellen nearly as much as the sensation of having something that hot and hard shoving into her. Her clit sputtered and sparked while her cuntal muscles cinched down hard on the invading cock, milking it as if she hadn’t been fucked for years.

Jeff liked her reaction, molding her tits with his fingers while fucking her in the bent-over position. It didn’t take him long to cum, his balls boiling over in moments while Ellen continued to climax long after the last wad of jizz spattered into her cunt.

“Ruttin’ fuckin’ whore. That’s what you are, a ruttin’ slut,” Jeff muttered, pulling his cock from her sucking clit and grinning at the girl.

There was little shame now, Ellen thought, rolling her hips. There was only pleasure and hurt and fucking and all rolled into one beautiful feeling that was still enfolding her even now.


Curly came down the stairs first, followed by two others. Ellen looked up from her bound position, staring heavy-lidded at the men who were studying her with curiosity.

“You fuck her?”

Jeff threw back his head and laughed, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down.

“You kiddin’? She’s been going like nuts for the past couple of hours. She’s a regular fucking machine, once you knock her around a little,” Jeff admitted, nodding in Ellen’s direction.

“I don’t know if I wanna fuck her now,” one of the other boys said.

“Yeah, he gets all the fucking goods, while we get sloppy seconds,” Curly said gloomily, kicking one foot against the floor.

“Hey, come on, she is my cuz. Besides,” Jeff said, brightening, “we got ways to clean her up for the hog call, right? Remember Pam?”

Curly’s face lightened, his lips curling into a smile.

“Sure, that little bitch who thought her shit didn’t stink.”

“Come on. We’re gonna give this one the same treatment… sort of.”

Jeff unbuckled the cuffs holding her ankles to the chains, letting her legs fall while unstrapping the belt binding her to the stool.

Ellen nearly fell from the bench, catching herself and rising from the prone position she had been in. Jeff was there, standing imperiously, pointing in the direction of the cross.

Ellen moaned. Not again. No more, no more electricity. Her body would surely disintegrate under any more of that pain.

“Come on, baby. I’m not gonna fuck around with you all damned day.”

Ellen rose from the bench, her muscles aching, her shoulders throbbing in pain. She started shuffling dejectedly toward that awful device. But Jeff caught her arm, redirecting her move. Ellen looked at him with confusion. He guided her past the cross, past the horrid transformation from which she cringed and hugged his body. It was dark ahead of her. At that point Jeff stopped, flipping on a light.

A bathtub? They wanted her in a bathtub? Ellen looked at her cousin with surprise, then stared back at the thing. There was a drain at the forward end, but obviously no water attachments. It looked as if it had been just shoved there for storage.

“What do you want me to do?”

Jeff smiled.

“That’s the way I like to hear it. No screamin’, no fightin’. You just wanna help me out, right? Good. Climb in there, slut. That’s a good bitch, one leg after the other… that’s the way.”

Ellen felt the cold slick surface of the tub against the bare soles of her feet. She shivered but did as she was told, peering over one shoulder nervously and seeing the others had gathered more closely at the tub. What was going to happen to her in here? She was certain it would be awful.

“Come on, come a little closer to the edge, Ellen. You don’t wanna slide away from me,” Curly said, scratching his groin obscenely.

Ellen felt the last rush of angry injured pride she would feel for some time. They were taking her for granted. She was their private whore, their kept slut on call whenever they chose to wriggle their fingers for her. She wanted to spit in their faces. And yet, lying there, her tits pressed against the cool smooth porcelain surface of the tub, she couldn’t resist their commands. There was something in her cousin’s masterful tone, something in the desire she had to be dominated that overrode all common sense. Ellen curled her fingers around the lips of the tub, pulling herself up to the edge and looking up at the men.

Curly and her cousin were the closest, the others several steps behind. Jeff made the first move, unbuttoning his shirt, then slipping his Levi’s down around his knees. His prick was soft, something that surprised the young girl. She had been so used to seeing that massive fucker sticking straight out, the full ten inches ringed with ropelike blue veins. His balls were tight against his crotch, a sign he was excited. But something was keeping him from getting his prick long and thick.

Curly was shoving his pants down as well, his cock long and yet only semi-rigid. He was rolling the fat cockhead around between his fingers, bending his knees slightly while caressing the underside of the double-lobed tip gently.

Ellen found herself licking her lips, wondering if the guys were going to make her suck both cocks at the same time. She could already feel the pain in her jaw and wondered how it would feel having the two pricks sliding over her tongue, rubbing against her tonsils, jamming down her throat and cuffing off precious oxygen.

“Oh, God! No, oh… disgusting!”

Ellen reeled back, covering her face with both hands. Her ass slapped against the porcelain bottom of the tub while her tits jiggled like pudding on her chest. Ellen tried scrambling away, her feet slipping on the smooth surface. She tumbled back in, screaming at the top of her lungs while still beating at the disgusting yellow stream of piss that was stinging against her thighs.

Her cousin was pissing on her, the hot piss spattering over her hips, then rolling down toward her belly. She rolled halfway around, clawing at the opposite lip of the tub, trying to pull herself out. One of the boys ran around and brought one fist down against her hand like a hammer.

Ellen screamed, feeling as if every bone in her hand had been shattered. She drew back her arm, still screeching, trying to roll away from the filthy piss.

“Come on, baby, don’t be like that. You wanna get cleaned up, right? You wanna have some fun. Well, you’re gettin’ both,” Jeff said grimly, squeezing off the stream of piss for a moment. “Just what the fuck you deserve, slut.”

Ellen shook her head violently, drawing her legs up to avoid the piss that was gathering around the drain. She heard the gurgling sound of the piss going down and felt bile rising hotly in her throat. It was all she could do to keep from gagging. The thought of being used as someone’s toilet horrified her.

As much as she had endured so far, this had to be the worst. The electricity, the punching, the boot-licking, everything seemed to pale beside this latest outrage. Ellen drew back, her eyelids fluttering as she looked from one man to the other and realized there was no way out.

Curly came forward once more, holding his prick aimed at her face the way a gun man would hold his weapon. Ellen knelt there, not daring to move a muscle, feeling her heart beating so hard she thought it would explode in her chest. A yellow drop, then another oozed from the piss slit and dropped with a thunk in front of her. Then the drops came more rapidly, finally merging once more into a stream of hot piss.

“I… I can’t do this… I… uhhhhh!” Somehow, Ellen managed to keep from retching in front of them. The hot, disgusting, smelly stream of piss spattered over her belly, filling her navel, then spilling through her cuntal hairs into her pussy gash. It sluiced down her thighs and dribbled over her hips into the tub where the warm, oily pies gathered under her ass like a warm grease. The whole thing made the girl wriggle perceptively, her eyelids blinking. She wriggled her hips, instinctively trying to shake off the hot drops.

“My turn.”

Someone behind began pissing on the back of her neck, wetting down her spine, pissing on her ass. She felt the hot, stinging stream oozing into her asscrack, and making the backs of her legs wet with piss. Ellen gagged, putting one hand up to her mouth once again to keep from vomiting. She swallowed the awful-tasting bile down, tightening her throat while a second stream of piss spattered against hot tight, white buns and turned them yellow.

“Now, a little more,” Jeff said.

“Come on, baby, open up that mouth, open wide. I wanna piss in it, use it for a toilet,” Jeff said in a mocking voice.

She wailed, but no one was paying her any attention. She could feel the piss spattering in her hair, sucking it down, making it cling disgustingly to her skull while more warm piss pattered down against her back. When Jeff moved the stream of piss up to her mouth, she closed her eyes, refusing to open her lips until he reached down and started applying pressure to her jaw. Remembering the bone crushing pain from the last time, the girl opened her mouth, constricting her throat even more to keep the piss from oozing down to her belly.

It was awful. The piss spattered along her lips, then moved down to her chin before shooting into her mouth. Ellen could feel the piss filling her mouth, gurgling around her teeth, then slopping out and dribbling down her chin. And to her increasing horror and surprise, the young teenager found her clit was stinging to a climax, throbbing and jerking as Curly sent the last of his piss spattering against the top of her cuntal mound.

It was the ultimate degradation. Her cousin had dragged her through all this, and she had survived… even enjoyed some of it… no, all of it. It was over for now. She could tell that. She saw that in her cousin’s eyes, in the way he turned, hitched up his pants and stared at his buddies. There would be more, but not now.

“She’s had enough,” he said gruffly, throwing Ellen a towel. “Clean up. You’re gonna go around here and show ’em how this shit works, but I won’t put you through the ropes, not right now, anyway. We’ve got ourselves a real filly here, guys.”

Ellen heard the men laugh in approval, watching them slap her cousin on the back.

“And, when you come back here again, you’re gonna be surprised. Got more shit on the planning boards for you, bitch. Shower over there. Shit, you stink,” Jeff said, wrinkling his nose in exaggerated disgust and shoving her away from him.

Ellen nearly crawled away from the laughing young men, feeling as worthless as a sack of shit. And yet… and yet she liked that feeling. Stepping into the small gray metal shower stall and turning on the icy water, the teenager realized she enjoyed being dominated that way.

Turning in the shower, she washed the piss off. Should she warn her aunt? Should she say or do something to help the other girls around here? Ellen found herself smiling as she began dabbing the water from her body. No. Let them find their own enjoyment here. She had little doubt they would. Certainly her cousin and Curly and the others would do their best to help.

And would she return? Ellen smiled, searching for her panties. Of course she would.