Stripped And Whipped

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor, and usually that is within limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important, many adults harbor fears about themselves, and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people’s behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed to discover that we are not different, naughty or even perverted in our sexual practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

STRIPPED AND WHIPPED — a shocking story, certainly, but one which may not be as unbelievable as it first appears, one which could hold many valuable lessons for a large segment of our diverse population.


“You’ll sleep in here, even with all the money you think you’ve got.”

The words were sharp, uncompromising, shattering. Lisa Eldridge clung to her black and white suitcase, her fingers turning while she stared at the bleak cell. She knew it was real. She knew she would be here for at least six months until a parole board heard her case once more. Still it all seemed like a horrible, horrible dream to the blonde teen, her world of parties and the good life shattered by a careless, mindless drunken driving accident.

“And you won’t have a chance to do the things you normally do with boys,” the tall, slender matron said, her thin lips curling up into a wry smile.

“Wh-what?” Lisa realized she was being addressed.

“Fucking. We all know that’s what rich little girls like you do, besides drinking, which is obviously why you’re here,” she said, arching her eyebrows while looking down at the teen coolly.

Lisa felt the coolness between the two of them. Anna Beddingfield, the matron in charge of her floor, was hostile toward her from the beginning. The way she eyed her made Lisa cringe and draw more inside her clothes. All those prison stories she’d seen on TV, she thought, were real.

“I never…”

Anna raised her hand to stop her. She backed away from the room to let Lisa enter, barely brushing her fingertips over the girl’s ass as she passed. Lisa nearly yelped, but managed to swallow her surprise and fear.

“You’ll find the uniform in the top drawer. All girls wear the uniform until they’re discharged,” Anna said in a business-like tone, folding her long bony fingers over one another. “You’ll change and be ready to meet the matron in twenty minutes. All girls meet the head matron at the start. I think you’ll find the experience most — educational!”

With that Anna stepped from the room, her black heels clacking against the brightly polished tiles of the first floor.

Lisa could have sat down on the narrow bunk and wept. It wasn’t her fault. None of it was. She wasn’t behind the wheel. She hadn’t even gone in and bought the bottle. But her parents had been so horrified, they felt a stay in a place like this would straighten her out, as her father had coldly told to the judge. Straighten out? Hadn’t they looked at this so-called halfway house before they’d committed her? The outside reminded Lisa of an eighteenth century mansion — all gray stone with high, narrow windows. The grounds in front were well kept, edged with tall, graceful trees, and small round islands of brightly colored flowers broke up the manicured green of the sloping lawn. It was, all in all, rather pleasant, until you stood at the front steps. Then the enormity of the building and its stony severity chilled you to the bone. All the gardens, trees and grass didn’t cover the horrid nastiness that seemed to waft from the building.

Lisa sniffed, putting her small suitcase down next to the wooden nightstand and turning to the small bureau to her right. Pulling open the top drawer, she saw the shapeless gray uniform the matron had been talking about. Lisa felt as if she were in prison. Reform? There was nothing else, she saw only fear and a severity that made her flesh crawl.

“Oh God, please help me!” she whispered, saying a little prayer as she shrugged off her blouse and skirt, folding them up carefully and pulling out the gray thing tossed into the drawer. “How could this — have happened?”

Lisa whispered the question as she slipped the gown over her head, straightening it as best she could. In the hall, she heard several footsteps shuffle past her locked door. Stiffening, Lisa thought it might be that dreadful Anna coining for her. Nothing. Relaxing once more, she sat on the edge of her tiny cot, wondering what they would do to her here at the school, and if she would survive.

“Good! You’re ready. Come this way.”

The door had shot open and slammed against the wall with the sound of an exploding pistol. Lisa jumped from the bed, feeling Anna’s fingers grip her upper arm and pull her away from her bed. The matron nearly flung her into the hall, closing the door behind them, then pushing the blonde teen roughly forward. Lisa shrank away from the couch, keeping her eyes lowered while quickly moving in the direction Anna indicated.

They walked for what seemed like miles. At times, Lisa caught sight of another girl or two being ushered down the long, polished hall. But she didn’t dare look up until they stopped in front of a large oak door. Anna rapped lightly with her knuckles, then opened it and pushed Lisa into a large, dimly lit room.

“What is this? This isn’t an office!”

There was no furniture, no rug. There were no paintings, nothing that would suggest an office. But there were plenty of large, frightening-looking things hanging on the wall, things that made the girl’s blood freeze in her veins. Whips, riding crops, prods, bridles, bits, Lisa recognized many of these things from all the horseback riding lessons she had taken before all the trouble had started at home.

She wheeled around, staring at the matron behind her. Anna was grinning widely, her fingers working against one another as her eyes skipped from one instrument of torture to another.

“This isn’t — what are you going to do to me?”

Lisa’s body shivered as she backed away. Anna was now looking far taller and more cruel than she ever had. Throwing her slender arms around her body, the blonde teen looked around her wildly. Surely there had to be some escape path, some way she could get out of here! Dashing to one side, Lisa rushed to the door, hammering her fists on it and shouting for help. In an instant, she felt Anna’s fingers gripping her elbows, the digits feeling like steel bands cutting into her flesh. The matron pulled Lisa around and brought the back of her right hand hard against the girl’s cheek.


Lisa’s head snapped back as she fell to the floor, the room spinning. Crumpled on the floor, Lisa cowered back, dragging her body away from the matron. Stretching one hand above her head, the teen tried to reach the door once more. Surely someone would hear her and would rescue her from this madwoman. But Anna was following her, a hellish grin on her face, her fingers clenched into fists as she brought one leg back and snapped it forward, burying the toe of her black shoes into the girl’s right side.


Lisa jerked, bringing her knees up to her chin and rolling onto her other side. Anna followed her, shouting obscenities at her, kicking her in the ass, in the sides again, and telling the girl she was no more than a thieving, drunken whore.

“No, no, I’m not!” Lisa shouted back, trying to cover herself and protect herself from the horrid rain of pounding blows.

She was on her stomach now, crawling away from the door, the hair in her eyes partially blinding her as she tried to drag herself away from the matron. At last the beating stopped. Her tummy and shoulders hurt from all the blows. Quietly, she drew her elbows to her sides, hugging herself and trying to sink from sight.

Anna pursued her, grabbing hold of her long blonde hair and pulling the teen up from the floor.


Lisa’s eyelids fluttered as she felt the tearing pain race through her scalp. She could feel several strands of hair ripping from her flesh as she jerked her hands back and began pounding her fists against the offending fingers.

Anna ignored her, pulling the shrieking teen back from one end of the room. Lisa sobbed, tears blinding her. Anna let her go, kicking her once again in the ribs, then bending over her until her face was nearly pushed into her nose.

“You’re nothing but a little slut! That’s why you’re here, and that’s the way you’ll be treated! Now get up! Now!”

When Lisa hesitated, Anna slapped her hard across the face, the fingers burning into her flesh. Pushing the hair from her eyes, the girl realized she had no choice. Bracing herself against the floor with one hand, Lisa staggered to her feet and tried not to sob too loudly when she felt Anna remove her gown and throw it to one side. The matron felt her up and down as if she were a piece of meat to be sold at market, obviously pleased at what she had.

Lisa shuffled to another part of the room, spreading her legs widely apart as Anna had instructed her and placing them on the outside of two large eyehooks that had been cemented into the floor. The teen stood there, her flesh puckering up into goosebumps as the wrinkled skin of her nipples just under her bra was tickling with a kind of delightful itch. What on earth was she feeling? Stripped half-naked like this in this awful place, how could she feel anything approximating pleasure.

“No! Oh, no, what are you doing to me?”

Where had she gotten those leather straps? And why was Anna tying them tightly around her ankles, then looping them through the eyehooks? Lisa wanted to pull them off. But again she remembered the matron’s fists, the hands that nearly knocked her unconscious.

Trying to remain calm, she felt Anna cinch the first strip of leather against her ankle, doubling it over until it pressed hard against her flesh. She had secured it to the first hook, then bent over and did the same with the girl’s other ankle. In a moment, Lisa felt her ankles bound securely to the eyehooks, the quarter-inch strips of black leather creasing her flesh.

“Now, you’ll hold your hands over your head, please? Yes, like that.”

It had been too dark in the room for Lisa to notice everything. But now that she had her hands over her head she tilted her face up and saw a narrow four-foot wooden bar suspended from a single chain swaying directly over her head.

Anna went to one wall and pushed a button. Immediately, the room was filled with a soft humming sound and the crossbar lowered to within reach of Lisa’s strained fingers. Anna walked over to the girl and smiled once more, slipping the straps over Lisa’s right wrist and attaching her hand to one end of the pole. The girl could feel her body stretching even from this light bit of work. She had to stand on tiptoe while the matron finished attaching her left wrist to the pole.

“Oh, that hurts!” the girl moaned, wincing with discomfort. Her arches were hurting her from standing on her toes, but it was the only thing she could do to keep the pain from her shoulders and upper arms.

“Too bad! We’ll see what we can do to stop it,” Anna said, laughing softly, then slipping two fingers between Lisa’s bra cups and tearing them down.

The girl screamed, feeling her halter rip from her body. Her tits flopped loosely against her heaving chest, the nipples pink and hard. For a second, Lisa thought she had seen Anna licking her lips. That thought evaporated when she felt the matron pulling down her panties.

But the briefs were around her knees now, slipping no farther as her legs were spread on the floor.

“What a nice, pink little ass. I could do such naughty things to that plump ass.”

Lisa’s cheeks burned with shame as she felt Anna’s fingers crawling over her ass. She had never been stripped like this, felt up like this, humiliated like this! And there would be more, she was sure of it.

“Now, then, let’s see how much we can stretch.”


Anna went back to the control panel, flipping open the back door and pressing a button. Immediately Lisa felt the pressure increase around her shoulders as the bar slowly rose back toward the ceiling. Lisa’s eyes rounded, her head jerking from side to side as she stared at the bonds around her wrists. The leather grew more taut, pulling her body up from the floor while the ties kept her ankles against the floor.

Lisa let out a shriek, her head falling back as she felt something popping in her shoulders. Her skin seemed to be pulling apart as her spine stretched, sending flashes of agony rushing through her back and into her shoulders. The girl let out another shriek, her legs trembling as her knees seemed to be separating from their sockets. The girl could feel the tendons stretching, the muscles tearing as the leather bonds chewed mercilessly into her ankles.

Just when the teen thought she would faint, Anna stopped, lowering the beam a little more, then stopping it. Lisa felt her body stretching taut like a pulled rubber band. Shaking the hot tears from her eyes, she looked down at the floor, half expecting to see her ankles bleeding from the cutting leather bonds.

“Now then, that’s the first thing we teach the girls here — just what could happen to you should you break any of our rules.”

“But-but I don’t know any of the rules!”

“You’ll learn them soon enough. You’ll be pleased to know that our success rate in rehabilitation is incredible. The governor has lauded our program, although he doesn’t know a thing about it. That’s fine for us.”

“But I’m not a criminal!” Lisa cried, her fingers growing icy and numb as the leather straps cut info her wrists. It hurt being stretched like this, her tits flattening against her chest while her ankles throbbed with agony.

Lisa watched as the matron turned and walked to the far wall, studying the various instruments hanging on wooden spikes driven into the cinderblocks. Anna tapped one long forefinger against her chin thoughtfully, then selected a multi-thonged riding crop for her weapon. Lisa cringed as much as she could, writhing in her bonds as her eyes widened with horror. No one had ever spanked her. She had been a spoiled child, a loved child. No one had done anything so mean to her. Sweat rolled down the sides of her tits and over her chest as she stared at the awful thing coming at her.

“No, please — no, please don’t hurt me with that thing! I’ll tell my father what happened, and he’ll be here with the police!”

Anna said nothing, studying the hanging girl, then moving in around the back. Lisa let out a gasping breath. She felt the woman working the crop into her asshole, twisting the handle around and around while pushing up at Lisa’s shitter. Her face blanched and her legs trembled as much as they could. Lisa threw back her head, shouting to the ceiling as the muscles in her arms knotted. Just when she thought she could take no more, Anna pulled the crop out, stepping back and cocking her arm back.

Lisa knew what was going to happen. She heard the leather thongs sizzling through the air as they crashed down against her assflesh. For one agonizing moment, the girl felt the black leather slice into her skin, snapping hotly against her asscheeks and leaving four long red marks on her lightly tanned ass.


She jerked and twisted, her head snapping from side to side as tears oozed from under her blonde lashes. Her ass burned from the blow. And then there was another one, the thongs crisscrossing the marks of the first.

Lisa jerked against her bonds, the pole overhead shaking from the force of her jiggling, thrashing body. Anna was wheezing behind her, bringing the thongs down again and again against her asscheeks, reddening them until long purple welts began to erupt on the girl’s flesh. Then the cut of the leather moved to Lisa’s thighs, the thongs biting along her flesh there until they whipped dangerously close to her exposed cunt.

Lisa let out another scream of horror, her thighs ridging as her fingers worked against the bar holding her arms apart. The pole seemed to move closer to the ceiling. Or was it her imagination? Lisa didn’t know. Her arms ached, shooting pains racing up and down her stretched muscles as the awful riding crop burned into her ass and thighs. And just when Lisa thought one of them or the other would give out, Anna found new strength, bringing the lash around to her belly and leaving a long red mark just above Lisa’s navel.


Anna’s face was distorted with lust. The black hair she had kept knotted in a severe bun had come undone, splashing over her face as she brought the crop down on Lisa’s tits.


One leather thong stung across Lisa’s tight nipple, making the girl arch her spine and snap backward, her body rattling against the cruel bonds. And then the matron brought the whip down to her cunt, purposely keeping the knotted tips from actually touching Lisa’s pussy.

Lisa’s face whitened again, her lips working against one another as her brain fried from horror and agony. She felt the tiny tingly muscles around the top of her pussy knotting up and cramping, but her clit was actually growing stiff from the hot, stinging blows torturing her belly and thighs.

Anna saw that. Anna saw everything. Her eyes lit up like glowing coals. Bringing the whip down once more, Anna purposely let the knotted tips of the thongs chew into the girl’s upper thigh flesh. Lisa yowled like a cat, her body jerking back and forth as the chain overhead rattled and groaned from the force, of her twitching body.

Lisa didn’t know what to think as she hung there, stretched to the ripping point. Her eyes widened as she felt the glowing between her thighs reach up into her cunt, making her virginal pussy walls hot and swampy, while her clit throbbed in time with her wounds.

Anna brought the crop down again and again, the dry smacking sounds of leather against flesh echoing in the room.

The room was growing smaller and darker, Lisa thought, looking around as she felt her cunt tightening like a tiny fist. The constant blows were working her up to climax, making her pant heavily as she threw back her head and screamed. Suddenly she felt her pussy throbbing, aching and pounding, while everything around her went black. The room grew silent as Lisa fainted, and the last thing she remembered was the incredible force of her climax against the burning sensation of the leather whip.


As Lisa’s head lolled. She caught glimpses of overhead light fixtures. Someone carried her upward. The echoing walls of the stairwell amplified the breathing of the men who held her. She was half-wrapped in a coarse blanket that scratched her nipples and cunt. She had no idea where in the building she was, or even if she were in the same building. Her muscles ached from all the stretching. Thank goodness, she thought to herself, that she wouldn’t be hanging from the ceiling again. At least she didn’t hurt any longer. Her head felt hard and numb and twisted inside.

Then one of the men shifted his grip on her body and opened a door. Men! Men at a girls’ institution! Curious, Lisa wanted to look around her and see where she was, who these men were. But instead she lay limply in her blanket, sensing they were carrying her down another hall. Perhaps they were taking her to the head matron, where she would learn all the rules.

“Yes, what is it?” a muffled woman’s voice asked.

“The girl who just came in. Lisa.”

More footsteps. A door opening.

“Yes, yes, of course. Bring her in.”

The men half-carried, half-dragged Lisa into the room. She heard them say something to the woman who then turned and lowered the shades. It grew very dark-nearly as dark as the grave, Lisa thought grimly as she heard them moving furniture all about. She felt herself being lifted, then set down onto a hard surface. Still keeping her eyes closed, she let herself dangle onto it, lying with her arms half off the sides. She breathed slow and easy, hiding the flutter of terror in her belly.

This could be the chance she needed, the girl thought, the chance for escape! She would tell her mother and father, show them the marks. Surely those would wake up her parents and indicate what kind of hell-hole this place was!

“Secure her, just like the others,” the woman said dully.

Lisa peered to the right from under one slitted eyelid. She could see book shelves lining a wall, all very medical-looking volumes. A window to the left had been heavily shaded for her benefit, Lisa thought. Lisa tried hard to think of the date. How long had she been out? She felt a ravenous hunger start to gnaw at her stomach.

“Well, we have a new arrival,” she heard the woman whisper as the men left the room, closing the door behind them. “I wonder if you’ll be more cooperative than the others.”

Lisa put every ounce of her being into staying still, breathing slowly while watching as best she could what was happening. The head matron was walking around her. Her voice came from one side, then the other.

Lisa tried to roll when the woman pulled the coarse blanket from under her. She felt hands pulling and tugging at her. Lisa cringed at the clammy touch. But the matron didn’t appear to notice. This had to be a special table, Lisa thought grimly as she felt the woman putting her hands together above her head, then shackle them to something hard and cold.

Lisa winced again, the cuffs burning into the spots where the leather thongs had cut. For a moment the girl wondered why her feet and ankles were left untied. The cold table under her rolled toward one of the walls she hadn’t been able to see. The matron was breathing a little more heavily now. And then Lisa felt the table tipping. Her head rose. The pivot was apparently near the small of her back. She let her eyelids open a whisker’s width. She was facing a narrow wall, blank except for a small picture depicting some country scene. The table reached vertical.

Lisa let out a gasp, the muscles still sore from the horror earlier. She stayed calm until she realized her feet didn’t reach the floor. She would hang there from her wrists, just as she had hung from them in the other room.


Something smashed into her belly. Lisa doubled up, her knees jerking to her tits. The matron had taken a small club and swung it into her tummy, knocking the wind from the teen.

Lisa gagged, the dull pain seemimg to wrench her guts inside-out. Her eyes opened wide.

“Good. I knew you were awake from the moment the guards brought you in. My name is Elena. Elena DuPoint. I’m the head matron here. Undoubtedly, Anna, your floor matron, has shown you some of the things that can happen to a girl here should she — well, cross me or one of the guards.”

Lisa nodded her head up and down, biting down on her pouty lower lip. If she played by all the rules, perhaps she would be let free of this contraption.

“Good. See, we’re making progress already,” Elena said, sitting on the edge of her desk and folding her long fingers together over one knee.

Lisa could see the woman was very tall and attractive, her dark-brown hair pulled back severely from her face in much the same style Anna wore.

Elena wore a long white doctor’s gown, tied tight around her waist. Leaning to one side, she tapped one long red fingernail lightly against the polished top of her oak desk. She was studying Lisa, narrowing her eyes while her thin red lips curled into a smile.

“Please, Miss DuPoint, when will you let me go?”

Elena’s smile broadened as she tilted her head back and narrowed her eyes even more.

“That, my dear child, depends on you. We have various rules here, rules you’ll learn soon. Perhaps we should start now, no?”

“Yes, yes, anything!” Lisa gasped, the pain getting worse in her shoulders.

“Good. Then we’ll start with these.”

Lisa’s eyes widened. Elena was holding what appeared to be tiny clamps. It was then the girl realized just how naked and vulnerable she was.

Squirming her ass against the smooth polished surface of the table, Lisa felt the metal cuffs chewing into her wrist flesh. She watched Elena, watched those slender fingers squeeze one of the clamps open to reveal a double set of tiny copper teeth. Lisa trembled, her forehead creasing while tiny dots of cold sweat beaded on her face. The matron lowered one hand, brushing the tip of the clamp against the girl’s right nipple, then let the teeth bite into the little bud.

“Ah! Haghhhhh!”

Lisa arched her spine, pressing her shoulders against the table while curling and uncurling her tiny fingers. She could feel the tiny teeth sinking into the short pink stub of her nipple, creasing the sensitive flesh, making her feel the throbbing, itchy sensation that began to make the nub swell. She bit down harder on her lower lip, until she could taste her own blood while the head matron walked to the other side of the table, caressing the teen’s cheek with one hand.

Elena was toying with her, trailing the cold clip against her upper chest, letting the wires cup around the girl’s trembling chin before she brushed the girl’s free nipple with the steel clip. Lisa watched as the jaws opened, then snapped down on the pink nub. Grinding her teeth together, she felt her jaws aching as the wires tugged her tits apart.

“Good. You’re a better inmate than most,” Elena said with satisfaction, pulling the wires taut to a position behind her large desk.

Lisa turned her head to the side, watching the matron attaching the free ends of the long black wires to something near the center drawer. The woman then produced three more clamps from the right drawer, holding them in one hand while she brought down her right hand and started stroking Lisa’s cunt. The girl whimpered through her flared nostrils, trembling as Elena stiffened her right forefinger and pushed it into the teen’s tight, wet pussy.


Lisa tugged at the iron holding her wrists, her legs undulating against the smooth surface of the table she lay on. She could feel her pussy muscles tightening around the probing digit, stroking it while Elena brought her thumb around to Lisa’s clit. Again the teen moaned, this time the sound almost resembling a cat’s purr. The woman was fucking her, fucking her and stroking her clit at the same time. It was an irresistible sensation, one that made the young woman’s mind spin as she shifted her thighs from side to side, licking her dry lips and drinking in the probing, filling sensation.

“Yes, it is rather nice, isn’t it, Lisa? It’s probably the same sort of feeling you had many times when your boyfriends touched you that way.”

There was something in the tone of Elena’s voice that cut through the pleasant fog blurring Lisa’s mind. She struggled up through her stunning pleasure, shaking her head and trying to deny what the head matron was implying. Elena’s face darkened, her ridged eyebrows meeting together in a vee in the center of her forehead.

Lisa felt her finger pushing in until the jagged nail pricked her cherry. The girl let out a gasp, her jaw slackening as her eyes rolled back into her head. The matron was going to take away her virginity.

Elena’s face showed obvious surprise as she stabbed her nail against the bunched flesh, pushing it until Lisa thought surely it would give way. The woman withdrew her hand, examining the tip. There was a little blood on it, blood Lisa knew came from her nearly ruptured cherry. Whimpering, the teen closed her eyes in defeat and she felt as if her entire body had been cruelly violated.

“I would have thought you a little liar like most of the girls here,” Elena said almost to herself, examining the bloody nail, then wiping it on the back of her uniform. “In any case, our little session here will serve as a warning in case you decide not to tell the truth when asked!”

Elena moved the alligator clips around to the girl’s pussy.

Lisa held her breath, her cheeks puffing out while the cords stood out against her neck. Elena opened one clamp and let it bite down on the teen’s right cuntlip. Lisa groaned, thumping the backs of her legs against the table.

It was so close to her clit, so very very close to the thumping thumb-like organ that began to quiver and stiffen at the biting touch of the clamp.

Elena noticed the girl’s reaction and smiled pleasantly, sliding the other clip down around Lisa’s thighs until the pointed tip was pressing against the brown bunched flesh of the teen’s asshole. Lisa shook her head violently from side to side, guessing what the woman was planning to do. She tried shoving her ass flat against the table, but nothing worked. Elena won in the end, spreading the teen’s asscheeks apart and pushing the slippery cold head into her shitter.

Lisa rolled her head from side to side, her eyes lighting on the books lined like soldiers on a nearby shelf. It was so innocent-looking-a doctor’s office, perhaps. Then she felt again the tug of the wires. Lisa turned back toward the desk and saw Elena attaching the wires to something behind her desk.

In a moment, the matron was ready, reaching back and pulling out the pearl-colored clip holding her hair in a tight bun. The locks tumbled down around her shoulders, fanning out as she untied her white doctor’s gown and let it slip off to the floor.

Lisa gasped. Elena was naked underneath, her long red nipples poking out with excitement, and her swollen cuntlips easily visible through the brown bush of her cunthair. The woman was obviously excited by what was going on.

“If you haven’t determined what is going to happen to you, let me explain,” Elena said simply, as if giving a lecture, stepping behind her desk and turning on a switch.

Immediately there was a hum, and Lisa thought of the overhead bar that had stretched her from the basement floor.

“I’ve read your current record. You deny you had anything to do with the buying of that liquor, and of what happened afterward. We’re here to help you accept the blame,” Elena said with a smile, brushing a stray strand of hair from her face and dropping her eyes to the panel. “Of course, recognizing a weakness is very difficult, even in the best of circumstances. So we’re here to help that process along. Soon you’ll be a more mature person.”

“You’re-you’re crazy!”

Elena frowned again.

“And I thought we were making such good progress. Perhaps this will help you realize how guilty you were.”

Lisa watched Elena’s right hand drop to what she guessed was a control panel. The humming sound increased, and with the higher pitch came a dull, distinct thumping sensation in her tits, asshole and cunt. She stiffened, jerking her body against the table and curling her fingers into tight little fists.

Lisa licked her dry lips again, her throat going dry as her belly tightened with fear. Electricity! The head matron was going to electrocute her! Lisa panicked, her eyes widening and her bowels churning with terror. She had read about certain South American countries still using electricity as an effective way of torturing their enemies. It was said to make believers of even the most dedicated radical!

Lisa raised her ass from the table, feeling the alligator clip shoved up her ass slide up even farther. It seemed alive, gnawing at her insides while her nipples grew even thicker and pressed against the nibbling metallic teeth of the clips.

“You see. Now, do you realize you were doing wrong that night?”

“Ohhhh, what-what night?”

Elena smiled again, twisting the knob up two notches.

Lisa screamed, her throat going raw as sharp fangs ripped into her nipples, cunt and asshole. She was pissing on herself, her thighs rippling as the urine stained the table and short-circuited the clamps for a moment. Her head shook, and the dreadful current made her muscles cramp painfully against one another. She was about to shriek when Elena brought the current back down. Lisa collapsed against the table, sucking in raspy lungfuls of air as she looked pleadingly at the matron.

“Please, please, I swear, I didn’t do anything wrong! I didn’t know they were going to buy liquor! I-I just went along, I guess!” Lisa cried, her eyes warily studying the desk.

“You went along? That’s a start,” Elena said, nodding in approval. “But you still see yourself as innocent. No one’s innocent in something like this.”

“No, please! No more, no — aghhhhh!”

Lisa jerked like a puppet, biting down on her tongue while the buzzing, spinning flashes of electricity exploded through her brain once more. Her tits bounced, the nipples swelling more and more as her tummy muscles hardened and ballooned against her sweaty flesh. She jerked up and down, her asscheeks fluttering against one another while her clit swelled to the bursting. It was awful, acting this way in front of the matron. But Lisa couldn’t help it. The electricity was doing this to her. She didn’t have a choice in the matter. There was Elena, towering over her, mocking, demanding that she tell lies about herself. No, she wouldn’t give in, no matter what the woman made her do!

Elena turned the switch a notch higher, and Lisa arched her spine more, beating her head against the table. Sweat cascaded down the sides of her jiggling tits as she felt pain tearing through her clit and asshole. She tried to scream out, but nothing would come. Her bones throbbed, her muscles tearing. It felt as if her joints would come apart and blast open. Again and again the girl twitched and jerked, her body bouncing obscenely against the table.

Then Elena raised the setting yet another notch.


Lisa found her voice. Her lips were purple with blood, while more and more agonized cries escaped from her throat. The pain was awful, feeling as if someone were tearing the flesh from her muscles.

Lisa felt raw, exposed, torn to pieces. Her skull felt as if it were going to rip apart, and the smell of burning flesh filled her flared nostrils. What was more humiliating and incomprehensible was her climax erupting the way it was, her thighs rippling under the electric attack while her cunt snapped shut on the clips and spasmed again and again. Her face was a blur, her head rocking violently from shoulder to shoulder as her legs kicked out, back, up and down, the heels hammering against the table.

Elena’s eyes were wide as she shut off the current, moving quickly from behind her desk and pushing the table down. Lisa was still irrational, screaming and beating her body against the table as Elena straddled her shoulders and shoved her cunt right against the teen’s mouth. The taste of hot pussymeat pressed against her lips brought Lisa to. She writhed, more violently than before, protesting against the vile act and tasting the pungent flavor of Elena’s hot pussy rubbing back and forth over her mouth.

“Oh yes!” Elena whispered, closing her eyes and bracing her hands on either side of the helpless girl’s body. “Eat my sweet pussy? Stick that tongue in there and — ohhh, ohhh, ohhh!”

Elena stiffened, her voice cracking as she shoved her cunt hard against Lisa’s lips. The girl could feel the matron’s fat cuntlips working against one another as spasms rippled through her cunt. She cried out in protest again. But as always, there was no one interested enough or bold enough to interrupt the matron. She sniffled and cried, her cunt slackening as Elena’s pussy finished its climax. This, she thought, was only the beginning.


Lisa lay huddled in a ball in the cellar of the building. Elena hadn’t bothered to give her any clothing, saying there would be time enough for that. One man — Elena had called him Gus — took her by the arm after she’d been released from the table, and dragged her to the basement without saying a word. It was obvious Gus would have enjoyed doing something to her other than guide her to this filthy, dark room. But the matron was firm about what would happen to Lisa — for now.

Where were the other girls now? For a while, Lisa had heard someone nearby moaning and gasping. The noise had stopped for some time now. Was it coming from another room? Another cell? From across the way? Lisa couldn’t tell. It was so dark she could hardly see her hand in front of her face.

Tentatively putting out one hand, she could feel that the walls and floor were slippery. She cringed, putting her hand under her arm for a moment. Lisa didn’t dare try to find out more about the blackness surrounding her. The clawlike skittering of small animals had stopped her when she first tried to feel her way along the wall. Maybe, she thought, it’s another day outside. It could be later than that.

She thought about something else, about a hot bath, about food. A hot steaming tub of clean water would feel wonderful now. The picture in her mind grew brighter. She would slip into the warm water and feel it cleaning away all the filth and hurt she had endured.

A shrill scream of terror cut through the clammy air of the cellar. Lisa jerked to a sitting position, her ass sliding back against the slimy floor until her spine pressed against the wall. The heavy door grated open. She saw black shapes against the yellow light of the corridor. One of those shapes stumbled in, its arms stretched forward while its legs tangled up with one another.

“Enjoy your new friend,” Gus said, slamming the door shut.

The person screamed again, thrashing around the floor before growing quiet. Lisa was terrified, her hair standing on end, her former pains and horrors evaporating for the moment as she sat there quietly and listened to the sobbing. It was another girl. She was sure of it! Gently, tentatively she reached out with one hand and waved it gently back and forth, stretching it until she brushed something soft and warm with her fingertips.

“No! Oh, get away!”

“What is it? What did they do to you? It’s all right, I’m a friend.”

“They hurt me! They-they beat me and then they-they raped me!” the girl cried, her words becoming irrational in moments.

“What can I do?”

Lisa felt desperate. There was nothing in the room — no medicine, no help. Just her. The girl felt fear and nausea rising in her throat, and her belly turned over.

“Oh please, water, water…”

She felt the girl trembling against her touch. Her flesh crawled as she thought of what could happen to her in the next few minutes. In spite of what they’d done to her, she still had her cherry. No man had touched her, even though Gus looked as if he wanted to rape her until she bled.

“I’ll see if there’s some around.”

She had to keep busy, do something to keep from thinking about herself and her pain. She touched the wall and crawled blindly ahead, licking her lips. She realized then that she was parched, in spite of the dampness of the cellar. Lisa creeped around, feeling ahead with her hands. Her muscles were starting to tighten and cramp from the long time she had spent hanging from the table, then squatting here unmoving in the dark. The floor was rough in spots, tearing at her naked knees.


Lisa gagged, lurching back while drawing one hand under her arm. It was unmistakably some animal she had touched, some-some rat, probably watching her, studying her, waiting to bite her. Shaking, Lisa got a grip on herself when she heard the thing patter away. She listened for the girl’s breathing to tell where she was. What if she had found water and couldn’t find her way back?

Lisa crawled forward, sensing a wall in front of her. She heard the echo of her breath deadening as she moved forward a little more. Oh God, what kind of place had her parents confined her to? It was like a German concentration camp the girl thought, touching the wall.

Lisa moved away, feeling her muscles spasm. Crawling around, she felt the throbbing aches in her shoulders caused by the horrible, iron cuffs. She tried to ignore them. She wished the girl had never come in. Then she wouldn’t be crawling around the cellar searching for water. She would be stretched out there on the stone floor, thinking about a hot bath.

Rising shakily from her knees, the girl moved forward. She arched her toes up and slid her feet out slowly, hoping to find something. Sliding a foot at a time, Lisa started to move faster. Her first few steps hadn’t located anything.

Suddenly, her right foot splashed into icy liquid. She jumped back with a squeal.

“Oh, did you find something?”

“Yes, yes. Keep talking. I’ll bring some back.”

The girl made nonsense noises, sobbing in between while Lisa put her hands into the pool and raised a handful of the liquid to her mouth. It tasted bad. But she couldn’t be choosy. Her achievement lifted her spirits. She drank some, then drank more, the sloshing of the water making the girl in the dark wail more loudly. Lisa stopped, hearing the girl crawling across the floor.

“Please, oh please, give me some!” Lisa felt terribly selfish. Only here one day and she was acting nearly as cruelly as Elena and that dreadful Anna.

“Yes, yes, keep talking!”

The girl moaned softly, breaking off every now and then. Lisa moved toward the sound, stepping carefully. She almost dropped the water that hadn’t already dripped from her hands. She nudged the girl with her foot. Kneeling slowly, she let out a deep breath. She could feel lips against her fingers, then a tongue lapping at the water in her hands.

“Oh no, not yet! Oh God, God, thank you!” the girl groaned, leaning heavily against Lisa. “My name’s Kathy — Kathy Foster. My parents put me in here because they caught me with a guy. I’ve been here one week. They kept me locked up in the room all the time. That is, until today!”

Lisa put one comforting arm around the girl, hugging the naked teenager to her chest.

“Have they — you know, raped you?” Kathy asked.

Not yet, in any case. She didn’t want to volunteer what else they had done to her. Thoughts of the electricity, of the horrible riding crop, of her multiple climaxes, and especially of Elena riding her mouth with her cunt flashed through her mind. They were unsettling images — images she would rather put to rest.

“You probably haven’t been here that long. I managed to talk to one girl once while we were waiting for one of the matrons to fetch us from the shower room. She said they hurt you real bad here before they let you go. Did you hear that too?”

“No. I haven’t met anybody here, other than you, of course,” Lisa said, forcing down the memories of Anna and Elena.

Kathy sighed, tugging at her hair.

“I guess — well, you’re lucky so far. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. They say some of the girls go crazy here! I don’t know.”

Lisa sat, stunned. She thought of the two women, of Gus, and of the others who had to be nearby suffering and creating agony. Her flesh crawled again, and she wanted to find the door and beat on it. But her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door grating open.

It was Gus. “You! Come with me!”

Kathy squeezed Lisa’s hand, shivering and shrinking back into the blackness of the room as the blonde stood up and shook the hair from her eyes.

“Wh-where are we going?”

Gus stood there quietly, his face silhouetted by the bright light behind him. There was no recourse. She couldn’t run, couldn’t hide. Mustering what courage she had, the teen walked forward, feeling the man’s rough hand grip her right forearm and pull her into the bright light.

Lisa squinted her eyes, the light hurting her as Gus shoved her down the corridor. She stumbled, regaining her balance, trying to cover her cunt and tits. They walked for what seemed like miles, turning several corners, until Lisa didn’t know where she was. When they came to the end of one hall, Gus fished out a ring of keys, taking a long copper one and opening a green door to Lisa’s right. Lisa stepped in, not knowing what she would find.


The girl half-expected to find Anna or Elena behind the door, smirking at her as she entered. Instead there was nothing — nothing but old machinery stacked every which way against the bare cinderblock walls.

Lisa turned around, wondering if there had been a mistake. When Gus slammed the door behind him, she knew there had been none. Remembering Kathy’s story of how she’d been raped, the girl backed away, her eyes growing wide. The pain, the beating, the humiliation had been enough. Slowly, Lisa shook her head from side to side, her flesh puckering up around her nipples and her thighs ridging with mounting terror.

“No, no!”

Gus rushed her, knocking her hands from her tits, then shoving the screaming teen back. Lisa stumbled away, her heels striking an uneven metal plate on the basement floor. Gus moved fast, jumping on top of her, his weight knocking the wind from her. He was kissing her throat, his teeth tearing at her flesh while his knees shoved hers apart.

Clenching her teeth together, Lisa felt the bile rising in her throat. So this is how it is to be raped! She could understand why women felt outrage and fear. But Gus was enjoying her fear, laughing at it as he pawed her.

“Get up!”

Reluctantly, Lisa dragged herself to her feet, drawing her upper arms together to try to hide her naked tits. Gus laughed at her vain attempts, moving around her and studying her as if she were some sort of animal. When he reached down and started grabbing for her cunt, the girl screamed and bent over at the waist, trying to cover the bushy hair from his view. Gus laughed, moving quickly behind her and slapping her white shivering ass with the flat of his right hand. Lisa squealed, slapping back at him and wheeling around, trying to keep him in front of her. He wiped the back of his hand over his lips, grinning at her.

“Why-why are you doing this to me?” she screamed, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Because I wanna!”

With that, Gus walked up to her, raising both fists in the air. Lisa let out a sharp cry and stumbled backward, expecting to feel blows against her head at any time. When she saw his fists come down at her, she let out another shriek and jerked to one side, her tits bobbing as her asscheeks slapped against one another.

Gus pursued her, his fingers just missing her as she crashed into all sorts of things. Once Lisa stumbled over an engine, tumbling head over heels onto some loose crates. Gus kicked them to one side, nearly grabbing her. She felt his fingers touching her flesh, but managed to shrink away successfully.

It was when he grabbed her hair and began pulling the girl back that she lost control. She felt a warm trickle on her right thigh and knew she was pissing out of control. She was disgracing herself in front of this pig.

Gus saw the urine seeping from her fuckslot and laughed, tearing more hair from her head. Somehow the girl managed to wrench free, slipping back, stumbling over her own feet and pitching hard against the wall. Brushing the hair from her eyes, the young teen shot forward, rushing for the door. But Gus was behind her, stepping out of the shadows and reaching for her streaming hair once again.

Lisa tried once more to step away from him. But Gus was determined to get her this time. Grabbing her hair, he pulled back hard to stop her. The girl yelped, her head jerking back and her arms stretched in front of her as her curled fingers clawed the air. Despair rushed through her brain as Lisa felt her knees grow weak and wobble. She was sinking to the floor, and Gus was on top of her once more, his knees hurting her. She could feel his brass belt buckle pressing against her belly as his paw-like hands slipped over her thighs.


Lisa’s face was red and pinched as Gus pinched her ass and smoothed his other hand over her flat belly. No one had touched her naked flesh like this. Not even on the hottest of her dates had she let a guy so much as lay one finger on her thighs. And now this animal had stripped her and was feeling her all over. She groaned through her clenched teeth, worming her ass back and forth as his fingers dug into her firm flesh.

“No, don’t — oh God in heaven, no, don’t do this to me!”

“Yeah, baby, you wanna get fucked back, real bad! I think you’re gonna get your wish!”

She felt one hand moving down between her thighs, the fingers squeezing her white flesh, gathering it up into tiny balls and pinching it until she had wailed and jerked her legs farther apart.

Lisa rolled her head from one side to the other, her eyes staring at the ceiling as she felt his digits inching their way up toward her pussy. She could feel his thumb squeezing into her cunthole for leverage as his other fingers clawed along her cuntslit.

Lisa let out a groan, feeling grossly uncomfortable. And then Gus jammed two fingers into her cunt.


Lisa’s eyes rounded suddenly, her spine, arching back while she wallowed her shoulders against the floor behind her. The breath left her lungs as she screamed at the sudden, violent intrusion. He was fucking her with his fingers, twisting them around and fucking in and out until the callused, dirty fingertips touched her cherry. It was too much!

Lisa’s knees jerked out and her fists beat at the big man’s face. He was hurting her, spearing into her with his fingers while his body pressed hers flat against the floor. She could hardly breathe! And now there was the awful pain, the humiliating pain of his fingers fucking into her virgin cunt.

Gus pushed his fingers in a little more, making the puckered, bunched flesh in her pussy throb more intensely. Lisa let out another howl, tears flowing from her eyes and her cheeks flushing with the agony.

“No, don’t — oh God, don’t do this to me!” she cried.

“Man, you ain’t never been fucked before! That’s a trip!”

“Please, don’t-don’t…”

Gus felt her pissing on his fingers once again. Cursing, he jerked his hand away from her cunthole, then shoved his piss-slicked fingers against her lips. Lisa gagged, pulling her head away from the foul-smelling fingers. But Gus refused to let her get away that easily. Once more, he pushed his fingers up to her lips, rubbing them back and forth until he was coating her teeth with urine. It was more than the girl could stand. Retching, Lisa thrashed and kicked, feeling her world coming unglued as Gus readied her for her first fuck.


Lisa sighed with relief when Gus finally pulled his awful-tasting fingers from her mouth. She caught her breath. He was licking her nipples now, the nubs still a little sore from having been clamped by the awful alligator clips and the electricity that had surged through them.

Gus bit down hard on her nipple, rolling up his eyes and watching the teen’s face grow white from the pain. Laughing, he pulled back, struggling to his feet. Lisa watched him unblinkingly, wishing she had a knife, anything sharp she could stab into his belly. She could see a large cock-bulge tenting up the front of his jeans. It was big, and he was going to shove that prick into her.

“Get up!”

“What-what are you going to do to me now?” the girl asked.

Lisa had no wish to leave the floor now. Gus was thinking of something vile, something horrible to do to her before he finally fucked her. Thoughts of Anna and Elena rushed through her mind once again.

“Gonna warm up that ass. Since you haven’t had a cock in you, baby, you’re gonna need something to get you goin’.”

“No, don’t!”

He jerked her up from the floor, wheeling her around and nearly sending the teen stumbling back to the concrete once more. Lisa found herself stumbling into a wall, her hands braced on either side of her body as her nose crushed against the rough cinderblock. Gus took her by the elbows and dragged the protesting girl to a set of pipes running parallel to the floor. They were warm but not burning to the touch, Lisa found as she slipped her hands around them and waited for Gus to make his move. She had little time to wait. Moving quickly, the big man pulled two pieces of rope from his rear pocket, taking one and looping it around her right wrist.

“Looks like they’ve gotten to you already. Well, that’s okay. They haven’t popped your fuckin’ cherry yet,” Gus said, “and that’s all that matters to me, baby.”

Lisa watched fascinated as he threaded the quarter-inch line around itself, securing it and her wrist with a double knot to the narrow pipe. He worked the second rope in much the same way, tightening the line until it creased her flesh. Lisa was firmly bound to the pipes, her knees pressing against the wall while her feet slipped over the cold, smooth floor. Gus crooned gently, his fingers smoothing over her ass, back and thighs, inching toward her cunt. The girl let out a low groan, her head falling back.

Then Gus’ fingers slipped away from her.

There was a soft hissing sound, the sound of leather sliding over material. Panicked, the girl turned around just in time to see Gus folding his belt in two, gripping the black leather strip with one hand and rubbing his prick with the other. She knew what was going to happen. Already Lisa felt her flesh becoming terribly sensitive flesh becoming terribly sensitive as she jerked and twisted, her movements making her asscheeks jiggle invitingly.

“Man, somebody really took the leather to you already,” Gus said, examining the bright red marks on her flesh. “Bet you could use another lashing thought, right?”

“No, no, you’re all crazy!” the girl wailed, tugging wildly at her ropes.

She felt her long hair splashing across her face and whipping over her narrow shoulders as Gus paused for a moment before cutting the air with his belt.


Lisa jumped from the floor, her head jerking back as she felt the leather slicing through her assflesh. It was harder, much harder than the blow she’d received from the floor matron earlier that day. Her knees buckled, banging painfully against the wall in front of her.

Gus laughed behind her, rubbing the leather with his fingers, then bringing it back once more and snapping it above his head. Lisa jumped each time as if he had let out a pistol shot against her ear. The pain throbbed through her ass, making the flesh pucker and rise in an ugly purple welt. Lisa sniffed, shaking the tears from her flushed face as she tensed and waited for the next blow. Her asscheeks bunched against one another, tightening as Gus snapped the black leather belt again and again.

And then Lisa let out another chilling shriek. Another hot, stinging blow savaged her ass, the end of the belt cutting cruelly into her white flesh. This time the tip curled around her inner assflesh, making the young woman’s asshole wink with agony as she hurled herself against the wall again. The ropes cut into her wrists like knives.

Gus moved around this time, bringing a third blow hard against her asscrack. It was as if someone had squeezed hot wax into her asshole. Lisa shrilled out a high-pitched squeal, her body jerking and twisting, her arms knotted with cramped muscles as she jerked and pulled against the cruel ropes holding her to the pipes.

Gus started beating her regularly now, slapping the belt again and again against the backs of her shivering thighs. He was timing the blows to match the opening and closing of her asscheeks, snapping the leather into her shitter again and again, until Lisa thought he would rip her asshole open.


“Like I said, gotta warm up that ass,” Gus said, kicking her in the ass with one booted foot and threatening her with more.

Lisa sank down to the floor, her head back, her hair sweeping over her lower back while her knees spread widely apart. She couldn’t take any more. She just couldn’t.

Gus brought the belt down between her shoulder blades, scarring the white flesh and making the teen roll forward. She struck her forehead against the wall, the blow knocking her senseless. Hanging there, feeling her nerves separating in her wrists from the pulling weight of her body, Lisa wanted only to die. Surely that had to be better than enduring this agony. She felt the blows against her upper arms, over her ass and down across her back. But they were dulled now.

Swearing, Gus threw the belt down for the moment and grabbed the teen around the waist, twisting her around until she was facing him. Lisa’s arms were twisted over one another, her forearms aching from the awkward position, while her ass hung inches from the floor. She tried rising from that position, but Gus’ beating kept her down. Kneeling in front of her, he stuck two fingers up into her cunt while jamming two more into her shitter.


Lisa let out a cry of agony, her face a wrinkled mask of pain. He was fucking her up both holes, stroking her cherry teasingly while screwing two other fingers up into her bowels. Lisa kicked her feet out, bouncing her ass up and down while the fingers savaged her body.

“No, no, out! Out! Take ’em out!”

Gus shoved another finger into her shitter, twisting them around until the girl’s knees jerked together. Pulling his fingers out with a popping sound, he picked up the belt again, doubling it and rubbing it against her, cheek. Lisa flinched back, her eyes round, focused on the horrible thing that had only recently scarred her body. He was rubbing it over mouth, bringing the belt around her neck like a collar, then cinching it tight. Lisa found it difficult to breathe, and was about to protest when she realized that he intended to hurt her that way.

The girl felt real panic shoot through her as she shivered against the ropes holding her arms tied high above her head. He was choking her, tightening the leather belt more and more until she could feel her windpipe squeezing shut. Her head grew light and buzzy and her, nostrils flared, trying to draw in more and more oxygen to feed her twisting body.

Lisa wanted to scream, wanted to beg for mercy. But she couldn’t say one word. The leather was tightening more and more, shutting off her voice, her oxygen. The girl’s head shook as if she were having a fit, while her tongue lolled out and wet her blackening lips. The world seemed to be fading away as Gus began choking the life from her with the awful leather belt.

Just when she thought she would faint, the girl felt him loosen his grip. He shoved his face against hers, a face that showed lust and excitement and anger all rolled into one awful mask. Lisa pulled back as far as she could, her legs slipping out from under her. Dropping the belt, Gus reached up to the ropes, untying them and letting the teen fail down to the floor. He moved back, rubbing his cock and opening his jeans as Lisa held her throat and crawled away from him.

She hurt all over. He had managed to whip her ass raw, then choke her half to death. And now he was going to fuck her. He grabbed her ankles quickly, pulling her down toward him.

Lisa screamed, shaking her head, reaching forward and trying to knock his hands from her legs. He only laughed at her futile attempts at escape, stretching his right arm forward and striking the teen hard against the right side of her face. Lisa fell back against the floor, her body still, almost lifeless as Gus climbed on top of the girl and held her down by her shoulders.

She could feel it now, feel his prick flattening her cuntlips and shoving in. She pressed the flats of her hands against his chest, pushing up as she felt his knees spreading hers apart. He was slobbering all over her, licking her tits, kissing her throat and biting at her lips until she thought she would vomit from revulsion.

When she screamed again, he slapped her twice, cracking his knuckles against her chin and silencing the wailing girl. In another moment, Gus, was fucking his cockhead in, the fat, double-lobed thing poking into her dry cunt and forcing her pussy walls apart.

Lisa’s mouth opened, a rush of air escaping over her front teeth as she felt his prick fucking into her pussy. In another moment, she could feel her outer cuntlips close over the cocktip, cinching tight as his cock seemed to burn into her cunt. The girl moaned as Gus left his prick there for a moment, stroking her cunt while biting on her nipples. Then Lisa felt something, something she thought was shameful and delightful at the same time. She was responding to Gus’ caresses, her pussy growing hot and moist, embracing the fat cock as her legs spread farther apart.

And all the while Gus was telling her filthy things about her body. He loved the way her pussy felt snugging up against his cock. He loved the way her tits felt against his kneading fingers.

Jerking his T-shirt up, he pressed his chest against hers, making sure she could feel all of him. His touch and words made her feel filthy, low. She hated his touch, the feel of his fingers crawling all over her thighs and squeezing her ass as he fucked her. Now that his cockhead was wedged tightly into her cunthole, he was fanning his fingers out onto her belly, rubbing them over her sweaty flesh and watching how his touch revolted her. And the more pain he caused her, the more excited he became.

Gus moved one hand down to her cunt, strumming her clit with his fingers while fucking yet another inch of cock into her cunt. At the same time, Gus slipped fingers into her shitter — two of them again — poking them in while pushing his prickhead against her cherry. Lisa cried out in protest, beating her fists against him more savagely. But Gus enjoyed her revulsion all the more, jamming a third finger into her asshole.

Lisa’s eyes fluttered. She felt a terrible pain, a concentrated pain between her legs she had never felt before in her life! The girl screamed, arching her back and jerking her knees against Gus’ big body. It was hurting more and more as Gus increased the pressure, his hipbones bruising hers.

Lisa wailed again, the pain fighting with the terrible pleasure she was feeling now. She wanted him to stop the hurting. But against her will, the young teen felt more pleasure building up in her, making her cunt so very, very hot and tight.

“Hold still!”

His eyes bored into hers as he grabbed her roughly by the shoulders and held her down. His weight came down again as he fucked into the tight hot hole of her cunt.

Lisa screamed, tossing and twisting in his grasp, as he stabbed down. The girl shrieked, her eyes nearly popping from her skull as her nostrils flared in painful horror. It was tearing! She could feel her cherry, feel the flesh rip and tear away under the steady onslaught of his fucking prick.

Lisa let out another howl and fell limp against the floor. He was in her all the way. She could feel his balls pillowing out against her upturned ass. He had torn her cherry, the last thing in the world she had of innocence. Gus held his prick in all the way for a while, his fingers stretching down to her ass now, kneading the flesh as he fucked the fingers of his other hand in and out of her asshole.

Lisa came back to life when he began fucking her, driving his cock in and out, in and out, abusing her cunt while stretching her shitter more and more with his awful, probing fingers.

“No-uh, no!”

Lisa could have vomited from the awful horror. She cried for her lost innocence, now aware of the two things fucking in her body. Gus was fucking her like a maniac now, his body making hers shiver with each downward fucking stroke. In a moment, his cock was burning a tight little passage into her slippery cunthole, making the girl grunt again and again. She felt the rushing of his prick as it ripped through her tight cunt.

Deliberately changing the angle of his fucking Gus hammered his cock against her cunt, slowly arousing the tiny nub until it was long and stiff and throbbing. Soon all Lisa could think about was the hot, clinging sensation between her shivering legs. Fucking. They were fucking — doing the thing her mother had hoped to prevent her from doing by sending her here! Lisa wanted to laugh. If only her parents could see what they had accomplished!

Gus was fucking hard. It felt as if his fuckthrusts would force his cock right into her mouth. Lisa gasped, her body rubbing back and forth against the concrete floor. It was so awful, so humiliating. And yet there was something in her that responded to the brutality and loved the fucking that was tearing her in two right now. His fingers were hurting her deliciously now, reaching up to her tits, pinching her nipples and tearing at them until the girl was screaming and laughing at the same time.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!”

The long thick cock fucked into her cunthole like a fat greased finger. The heavy flow of her cuntjuice made Lisa’s cunt slippery for the invading prick.

Gus fucked her harder, savaging her, hitting her now and then across the face while twisting his hips and fucking her even more brutally. In another moment, the girl couldn’t disguise the awesome feelings building in her cunt. She had never felt anything so comprehensive, so overwhelming that it made her belly swell with tension.

The young woman fucked back for all she was worth. Gus gave his cock a sharp jerk, reaching up and twisting his fingers in her hair. He pulled back, tearing more hair from her scalp while shoving his mouth down on hers and sticking his tongue down her throat. She could feel his spit oozing down into her belly as he fucked down deep and hard. Tearing his mouth from hers, he ripped at her hair mare savagely than before.

“Tell me you wanna get fucked, and fucked real good by me!”

“No, no, no!”

Lisa couldn’t. Clenching her teeth together, she fought back to keep the terrible words from exploding over her lips.

“Tell me!”

He was shouting now, tearing at her hair and fucking her harder, hammering his prick against her clit until she felt the tiny organ shrinking back from the heat. And while fucking his cock into her pussy, he pushed his fingers all the way up into her asshole once more. Lisa let out a cry, her face turning white once more.

“Yes, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard!” she cried, her words bouncing off the walls.

“Just what I’m doin’.”

Gus laughed at his triumph, twisting his fingers around in her asshole as he fucked his prick in all the way. He was going to cum! He was going to cum and she was going to climax with him! Lisa could feel the tension building in her, her pussy tightening around his cock, holding it as his balls started to tremble. Her belly rubbed against his as his bruising fingers on her nipples made every bit of her big tits ache.

Then the girl felt teeth clamping on the side of her throat while his fingers fucked deep into her ass. She needed that odd release, needed to feel his prick, sending streamers of cum into her cunt. Yes, cum! That’s what the boys at school called that sticky white stuff that shot out of their cocks. And that was what she would feel spitting from Gus’ prick.


A flash of delicious fire singed Lisa’s clit, making the tiny organ throb and spasm. It was happening, Lisa thought, feeling her world explode as she kicked her legs high in the air and hugged Gus’ body. The itchy, burning sensation around her pussy grew more and more concentrated, until Lisa found herself gulping in oxygen to feed her bruised body.

“Man, that’s it, come on, rut it out, bitch! Gimme that good piece of ass!”

Lisa couldn’t stop. It was as if she were a runaway train, going out of control as her cunt clamped down on the cum-shooting cock. The whirling knot of tension in her belly finally exploded as she came and came, her cunt clenching on his prick at least twice for every wad of cum that shot from the piss-slit.

And as Gus hovered over her belly and dumped his spunk into her cunt, Lisa shivered, wondering whether she would ever become as terrified and spineless as Kathy.


Elena was right. Lisa had learned the rules in a very short period of time. On the third day, she lost a good deal of her long blonde hair. A severe-jawed matron cut it short, almost making her look like a boy. After Gus had finished with her, he’d dragged her, half-bleeding and naked, back to her cell, where Anna was waiting for her. It must be a regular, horrid routine, the girl thought as she was led to the showers and washed.

The next few days dragged on without incident. At least, she thanked God, there were no more beatings. She saw some of the other girls, none of whom looked as if they wanted to talk. They all wore the same, sullen, dulled look — as if the life had been beaten from them. Lisa wondered just how long they’d been there. On the fourth day, she was put on garbage detail.

“Clean out the garbage,” Anna said, pointing to a stinking part of the kitchen after turning on a switch that filled the room with a sickly yellow light.

Lisa looked inside. She staggered, grasping the wall for support. It was filthy. There were rats scurrying in and out of the decaying food, and clots of something undefinable stained the floor.

“Get on with it! Drag out this mess and clean the floor,” Anna said, slapping Lisa hard across the ass.

“Where-where’s the other girl?” Lisa asked, backing away from the matron. She looked at her feet, then at the garbage, trying to keep her distance.

“Kathy? She didn’t feel well. She’s at the clinic.”

The matron drew herself up taller as she stepped through the door. Her keys rattled against her thighs. Lisa watched her, remembering how lustful she had looked when she had whipped the teen mercilessly.

“Pray to God you’re stronger. We don’t like girls who try to slack from work!”


There was no use arguing with the matrons. They made the rules, and they ran the ship. Lisa sighed, turning around to the filth on the floor. She wished she could die.

“You heard me,” Anna said, leaning toward her threateningly. “Work!”

Lisa shrank back. The woman seemed to grow a foot when she shouted her commands at the cringing girl. The images of the crop, of the electricity, of the awful fucking she’d endured on the floor of that back room all flashed back in her mind. No, she couldn’t go through that again. She looked at the bloodless fury in Anna’s face and kept her eyes on the matron, bending over to start dragging out the garbage.

Anna stared at Lisa, her eyes narrowed. It was difficult to clean. There were no tools, no shovels, not even a broom. It was, Lisa assumed, a way to humiliate the new girls even more. She scooped up a pile of the smelly rotting mess only to find a decomposing body of a large rat. Turning, Lisa vomited up yellow bile, messing her dress and the garbage, while her guts seemed to be tearing out. Her dress was covered with the horrid mess, and she shook her head, weeping. Looking up at Anna, she hoped the woman would have pity. But the matron simply stared back, her eyes wide.

Lisa felt her entire body quivering like a willow in a gale. Her muscles were weak. Mustering her strength, the girl dragged herself to her feet when Anna looked as if she might strike her with the keys. As horrible as it was, the girl still wanted to live, to keep herself in one piece and not feel more whips slamming into her. She grabbed the garbage again and dragged it toward the doorway. Other girls outside stood as stiff as statues, watching as Lisa moved quickly from the large bin outside back into the cellar, scooping up more of the rotting mess and taking it out, until it was all packed away in the garbage bin.

“Now clean it up! You’re lucky I didn’t decide for you to lick the floor, as well!” Anna shouted, pointing one crooked finger toward a bucket and pail.

Lisa went to her hands and knees. The scrubbrush and bucket waiting there for her seemed to be the sanest thing she’d encountered at the school since she’d arrived.

Lisa worked from the door toward the back wall, the clean space fanning out behind her like a river delta. Moving from left to right, she always scrubbed just in front of herself. Her knees started to hurt. The whip-stripes glued the dress to her skin. But Lisa scrubbed on, her nails shredding from the harsh soap solution. Her knuckles were raw. The fan-shaped area she’d cleaned was less than halfway to the wall in back when the matron called to her.

“You! You’re finished with the cleaning over there,” she said with a gesture.

Lisa rose to her feet, pushing loose strands of hair from her face. Wiping the sweat from her face, she picked up the bucket and wearily moved toward the doorway.

“Look who’s here.”

Lisa shrank back, banging into the matron behind her. It was Gus, the stupid, hellish smile on his face making her stomach turn over.

“No! Don’t make me go with him! No, please!” Lisa moaned, curling her fingers into Anna’s soft white gown.

“It looks as if you’ve made an impression. No, you’re not going anywhere with him — at least, alone. We have another school, one more — uh, remote for special cases. You, Lisa, are special to us.”

Lisa shrank from the thought, looking from the woman to the man and feeling as if she were being sold to the devil.

“You’ll be transported in that truck over there. We’ve got some of the boys from our other school in there,” Anna said. “Make sure you don’t do anything in there you wouldn’t do in here.”

Special school? Where were they taking her? She thought about Kathy and wondered if the girl was in the truck. It stood there, some boys peering out from behind the canvas covering. They were sullen and quiet too, their spirit having been obviously kicked out.

Gus took her by the arm and dragged her to the vehicle. It was all Lisa could do to lift her body over the tailgate. She teetered on the edge for a long instant, about to fall backward. But Gus slapped her hard on her crotch, pushing her forward. Lisa fell down, bruising her elbow on the wooden floor of the truck. The center of her cunt mound started to swell immediately from the blow.

Skittering into the back of the truck, Lisa felt fingers and hands touching her, sliding up her skirt and trying to grab hold of her thighs. She slapped them away, drawing her sore knees together and pushing back her hair. She would have to be cool. She would have to appear as if they would all go to hell if they as much as looked at her the wrong way.

A heavy jolt of the truck pushed her back, but the constant pitching and jerking of the ride lulled Lisa into a daze. She heard some, of the boys talking to the girls, their voices low, frightened, nervous. Gus and another guard had drawn a tarp over the back, partially blocking the view. At times, Lisa could see other cars behind them, and she wanted to rush forward and wave for help. But no one would stop. Instinctively, she knew that. Besides, there were signs all over the vehicle proclaiming it a prisoner’s van. If she tried to escape, the good citizens outside would doubtlessly return her like a bad penny. And then there would be hell to pay, Lisa knew.

The dull, throbbing ache in her crotch and the knotted fatigue of her muscles were like a pool of pain where she floated just under the surface.

The truck moved all night. The drone of dispirited voices paused each time it slowed, making them all think they had reached the end of the line. Lisa slept. The thick presence of a cock against her right thigh intruded. She felt someone, some man, rubbing against her. It was probably one of the filthy boys, and she would slap him away. But then the slow, certain motion of a man about to take possession of a woman intrigued the girl. She had been raped cruelly, her cherry torn from her viciously by that animal driving the van now.

What would it feel like, Lisa wondered, if someone took her lovingly, carefully, the way a man would fuck a woman? The interwoven network of arms in the cramped truck hindered Lisa and the unknown boy who had turned his belly against hers.

She heard the others dozing, and some snoring as she felt a hand over her left tit. She twisted her shoulders, acknowledging the hand by moving her tit against it. The boy was tall and thickly built, probably some gang member who had been in and out of reform schools for years. She let her head fall forward against his chest.

Lisa surrendered, feeling she was trapped and might as well make the best of it. She could feel the boy’s hot breath gusting through her short hair, warming her face as he moved his other hand. She had a brief glimpse of light hair and a long, straight nose. Then his lips pressed against hers, his tongue working between her lips and down her throat as the wind whistled through the open slats of the truck. His big, strong-fingered hands opened the buttons of her dress, then the front of his gray workshirt.

Oh, this was better, far better than the raping fuck she had endured! Her cunt was warming, simmering, the muscles swelling with excitement as juice frothed from her jagged pussycrack. The itchy, tingly sensation was growing into something much more intense, something more overwhelming. Lisa felt the scratchy hairs on his chest sting the cuts on her tits. Wincing, she kissed even more hungrily at him. His hand moved down between their tightly pressed bodies, oblivious to the others around them.

He slid his hand down into her crotch. And she could feel the long, thick mass of his cock against her belly now! How long and fat it was, far bigger than the thing that had ripped through her cherry. But then Lisa had been half-crazed with pain and terror. She couldn’t remember too much about that raping fuck, except that it hurt her terribly. This was so different. She could feel the stubbly strength of his fingers on her cunthair.


It was all the noise she allowed herself. If the others knew what was going on, there would be a free-for-all, Lisa being the target. She felt the boy undo all her buttons now. Her pussy warmed even more, boiling hotter than it had earlier. The tight mass of bodies all around was like a hundred strong hands massaging every inch of her body. The bony hardness of the boys and the curves of the girls all molded against her, everything accentuated by the rolling and lurching of the truck.

Lisa pulled away from the tonguing kiss, every tooth in her mouth throbbing. She rose higher, feeling the sliding, rolling fingertips moving from the top of her cunt mound to the wet, slippery zone around her cunt. It was a revelation, so much more intense, more overwhelming than what she’d felt earlier. The hands on her cunt moved, squeezing her puffy cuntlips together and rubbing the inner folds against her clit. She let out a long soft sigh, feeling her breath rebound from his face.

In a moment, the boy rolled his hips, his cock pushing against the knotted top of her cunt mound. The cockhead pressed right against her clit. Lisa sighed, her body trembling as she rocked her ass from side to side. He sucked and bit at her neck as he fucked his cock into the greasy crack of her pussy. The girl squirmed, trying to slide easily onto the tower of prickmeat. It wasn’t easy. She had only been fucked once. But the boy was insistent, pushing forward, grunting with the effort, and finally with a greasy slide, pushing his prick all the way in.


Lisa let out another long, low moan, all but inaudible as she felt her cunt stretched itchily by the big cock. Afraid to move any more, she felt his cock pushing down deep into her fuckhole.

Lisa contracted her cunt muscles to milk that fat thing while she felt the boy driving his tongue back into her mouth, down her throat. The rising heat between her white, shivering legs made her move again. He was fucking down with all his might, pushing his prick in and rocking his hips as best he could while holding her thighs as hard as he could. In a moment, Lisa felt his long fingers digging into her fleshy ass, scratching at it as she fucked up and down. Lisa felt the tide of lust overwhelm her, wash over her as she ground against the boy harder. She felt the long bar of hard cock fucking deeper, pressing her guts aside.

Lisa moaned aloud now, not worried if anyone heard or saw what she was doing. The big boy managed to fuck down as hard as he could, actually creating some room for them in the cramped truck.

Lisa heard herself sobbing as the roar of the truck, the rumble of the double wheels underneath and the noisy breathing of the boys and girls there all merged with the swelling tension in her belly. She ground her clit hungrily against him, loving the sensation of stretching in her cunt. Every bump of his cock sent her feelings higher and higher. It was all she could do to keep from screaming out her pleasure. The salty sting of sweat added to the lewd excitement racing through her.

She was all the way down on his big cock now. Lisa thought her cunt was being forced up into her chest by that long prick. She moved her ass in frantic little circles, feeling his cock stirring her insides up. The mass of tension in her tummy swelled more and more. She pushed down, her torn, burning asshole pouting outward as her asscheeks flexed, then softened. The boy dug his fingernails into her ass. Lisa could feel all her nerve endings standing up on end, while the insides of her thighs alternately chilled and burned. Her body was turning into a rubbery, melting mass of clinging pleasure as the whirling ball of hunger within her threatened to explode.

About to cry out, Lisa felt his lips cover hers again, muffling her moans and sighs as his prick jerked around inside her cunt. She could feel her womb trembling, and her belly bloated out as if inflated with air.

The tossing of the truck inspired the teen to fuck harder, while her pulse raced through her sweaty body. Lisa tossed her hips with wild abandon, slapping her naked ass again and again against the wooden truck bed. Someone behind her was laughing and pointing at her. But the teen didn’t care. She was too far gone. She could feel her climax coming, and she was holding her breath until it came.

A fire started around her cunt mouth, the gathering rush exploding into her belly, then careening into her brain. Lisa groaned, ramming her cunt up onto the rock-hard bar of cockmeat impaling her. She felt the boy’s fingers pinching her nipples, squeezing them until she squealed, as his prick staffed spitting out squirt after squirt of his jizz.

She wept and struggled, her fists striking the big stud as her cunt milked at his bucking cock. Her head bent back and her tits jiggled like pudding from the furious blasts of her cunt’s reaction. Even when the thrusts of the boy’s cock faded, Lisa’s orgasm went on and on. Finally slipping off into a coma-like sleep, the young girl knew only that she’d been fucked by the best cock of her young life!

How long she slept, Lisa had no idea. When she awoke, it was bright again. Someone had pulled her dress up round her shoulders. Some of the girls were frowning at her and turning away when her eyes met theirs. Had she slept that way? Had someone else taken advantage of her while she was asleep? No. She couldn’t be that numb.

Modestly, she pulled her dress down, sitting up and feeling the muscles cramping in her neck and back.

The truck lurched.

Lisa recalled where she was. The interwoven arms and shoulders around her made her feel hemmed in. She was about to scream when the truck finally rattled to a stop. The engine soon stopped. Lisa and the others sighed with relief as Gus pulled the tarp back and signaled them with a whistle to climb out.

It was difficult for her to move. She nearly tumbled out onto her face from the high tailgate. And nobody helped her, least of all the girls who had probably witnessed at least part of her fucking spree the night before.

Lisa looked around. There were long wooden buildings standing under tall pines. At first sight, it looked as if it might be some religious retreat, or a camp. But then she caught sight of the barbed wire fence and guard towers. No. This was just another prison, even though it seemed more pleasant than the first.

“You, Lisa!”

She felt as if the devil himself had signaled her out. Trembling, Lisa looked up and saw Gus and two other guards leering at her. Just in front of her was Kathy. Quickly, she ambled up to the girl, touching the brunette lightly on the forearm.

“Oh-oh how good, you’re here!” Kathy exclaimed, tightening her fingers around Lisa’s hand.

It was the first sign of anything civilized since Lisa had arrived.

“Shut up!” Gus shouted.

There were at least five guards there with the two matrons who obviously ran the camp. They had just come from what appeared to be an administration building standing on high ground just in front of the barracks-like buildings.

“You’ve all been chosen to come here for one week! This is, in a way, an honor camp! We want you to see what rewards you can get if you follow rules!” one woman said, lifting her chin slightly and talking at the top of her voice.

The prisoners all remained silent, terrified to speak, the boys being pushed to the left, while the girls huddled under a tall redwood tree.

“This is an honor for you. You’ll work here for three days, then return to the main building. Additional trips will depend on your individual behavior.”

Lisa grimly looked up at her friend, who was visibly trembling.

“You two over there. Come with me,” Gus said, motioning toward Lisa and Kathy.

Kathy turned white, but Lisa held onto her.

“Don’t let them know you’re afraid. That’s the worst,” she whispered, guiding her friend up the hill as the others watched them silently.

Lisa felt as if she had years of experience on Kathy. And yet she had only been imprisoned a little more than one week.


Lisa and Kathy walked for some time with two guards following them. Gus was whispering to the other guard as she and Kathy carefully picked their way up the hill, moving away from the main campground. Behind her, Lisa could hear the sounds of work starting. She was afraid Gus and his friend had other plans for them, plans that didn’t quite fit in with ideal prison life.

“Go for her!”

Lisa froze at the command, her blood chilling as she heard the rapid padding of footsteps behind her. But the tall red-headed guard shot past her, heading right for Kathy. Lisa gasped at what she saw. The big man grabbed the girl’s shoulders, swinging up on her back. His knees grabbed the teen around her hips, and he leaned forward, preventing her from falling backward. Then Lisa realized the man wasn’t wearing his jeans. He was buck-naked, his prick stabbing up against the girl’s dress. He was pulling and tearing at the material.

“No, oh no, don’t-don’t — aghhghghhh!”

“Go for it, Red! That’s it, man, fuck the bitch in the ass!”

Was he doing it? It was hard for Lisa to tell from where she was standing. Besides, she didn’t particularly want to see the man fucking her friend in the ass. From the girl’s screaming protests, Lisa thought the brunette was getting some cock in her shitter.

For a moment, Lisa thought Kathy would collapse to the ground. Red was thin and lanky. And her friend was far from big. Amazingly, the girl found the strength to walk, driven on by Red’s ass-slapping and obscenities. Kathy waddled, bent over under the guard’s weight.

Lisa looked the other way, unable to bear the stupid look of satisfaction on Red’s face as his prick fucked in and out of Kathy’s hot, squishy asshole. When Lisa stopped for a moment, she heard Gus coming up behind her. She didn’t want his cock up her ass. She would rather die than have him fuck her that way. She hurried forward, her feet bleeding from the rocks and rough round as she nearly caught up with the squealing Kathy.

Lisa wondered how Kathy could stand it. She had complained about getting raped the other day, and was hysterical in the cellar. Perhaps the threat of something more harmful than fucking had calmed her.

Again Lisa fell behind, stopping for a moment to catch her breath. A sharp pricking on her right asscheek made her scream, her knees jerking as she nearly fell forward on her face. Turning around, she saw that Gus was armed with a skinning knife. That was enough to give her strength. She watched as her friend trudged up the long hillside, reaching the top, then starting to go down. Kathy finally couldn’t go any farther, her knees buckling under her while Red beat her head and shoulders with both fists.

“You leave her alone, you pig! You — ahhh!”

Lisa had started to run to her friend’s assistance when she felt a rough hand slide under her dress, cup her ass, then pinch her asscheeks cruelly.

Lisa wheeled around, nearly falling to the ground as she slapped his offending hand away.

“Feisty slut!”

“You-you stop calling me names like that!” Lisa cried, hearing her friend screaming on the other side of the hill. “What’s he doing to her?”

“None of your fuckin’ business!”

Lisa backed away, her flesh crawling with horror as she watched Gus lunge for her. She jumped away. But her move wasn’t fast enough. He knocked her down.

With a scream, Lisa fell to one side, her head striking the exposed root of an old elm tree. Stretching her right hand forward, she grabbed a fistful of loose dirt and threw it at Gus, her knees digging painfully into the ground as she tried to escape. Catching her by the ankles, the big guard wrestled the teen back to the dirt, laughing at her and pulling her down the hill, while Kathy shrieked to the heavens.

“NO, no, don’t-don’t-don’t fuck me!” Lisa cried.

“Baby, that’s not all I’m gonna do to you,” Gus said.

She felt his fingers play with her asshole, then move up to her cunt. Desperately, the blonde teen tried squeezing her legs together while crawling back, the dirt caking around her exposed thighs and arms, while sweat streaked her flushed face. And then Gus’ hand was between her thighs, spreading them.

When Lisa started to fight back again, she saw something glitter in the air. It was the knife coming down at her. She screamed, one hand covering her throat protectively while the other was pinned between her body and Gus’. There was a stinging, slicing sensation on her right arm. With a sob, Lisa looked at a curving red line on the top of her arm. Blood oozed out, coloring her tanned flesh. He had cut her. And doubtlessly, he would cut her again, perhaps more severely, if she didn’t bend to his will.

“Over on that fuckin’ belly!”

She felt him grabbing her roughly by the hips, twisting her around and shoving her face in the dirt. He pressed the cold flat end of the blade against her throat, then brought it down slowly, letting the razor-sharp end of the knife barely cut her flesh, until Lisa was nearly hysterical with fear. If she moved, Lisa knew she could force the knife blade through her flesh.

Opening and closing her mouth like a fish, the young teen lay there quietly, her fingers clenching and unclenching as her cunt became warmer and tighter. Curiously, Lisa wondered what something so cold and sharp would feel like pressing against her hot outer cuntlips.

Gus cut the prison gown open from the back, the knife blade nearly cutting her ass.

Gus was having fun with her, twisting the blade, then bringing it around in a broad arc until he was tracing a thin line over her asscheeks. The young girl whimpered, digging her fingertips into the soft dirt as she listened to Kathy screaming from the other side of the hill.

Gus was slow and deliberate in moving the blade around in ever-decreasing circles, getting closer and closer to her shitter, until he was nearly touching the wrinkled flesh.

Lisa let out a gasp, her asscheeks clenching as she felt the knife pricking her asshole. Her eyes widened, her lips working against one another as her nostrils flared. It was awful! He was going to slice her open. Already he had cut her arm. The wound throbbed as he continued to play with her ass.

“Up on your knees, slut!”

The young teen rose from the dirt, her elbows bowing out as she stuck her ass in the air. The girl wanted to sink out of sight. She was exposing herself shamelessly to this man — out in the open, like some kind of stupid animal. Slowly, she brought her knees up, raising her ass. The wet, sticky line of her cuntslit was exposed. Gus fucked one finger up her cunt, laughing as he saw the jagged opening snapping shut on thin air.


Lisa felt it again, the awful steel tip pricking her ass. She closed her eyes and bit down hard on her pouty lower lip, mentally tracing the knife’s path. She could almost see it now as it moved around her ass, then slipped down to the curve where her ass met her thigh. The pressure increased as the surgically sharp tip slid closer to her cunt. Lisa wanted to scream. Her heart was beating so hard she thought it would surely burst!

Lisa could feel her pussy sucking in air, opening in uncontrollable spasms as the knife traced the outer line of her cuntlips. The moist, soft vulnerability of the area terrified her. She shivered, her face twisting into a mask of fear, while Gus began to hum some country and western tune behind her. Her eyelids wrinkled and perspiration began to drip from under her shaking arms.

The knife pulled away.

Lisa let out a soft sigh, feeling her body relax from the easing tension. Perhaps he had cum while watching her kneel under his attack.

Lisa felt a trickle of cuntjuice ooze from her pussy. She was about to turn around when suddenly a shocking chill froze the center of her cunt. The flat of the blade pressed against her wet fuckslit. Gus was rocking it from her cunt to her cunthole, watching as the girl nearly fell flat on her face.


Lisa wished she could have sunk into the earth at this point. She could feel her cunt cinching down on the blade, the cuntlips cutting themselves on the razor-sharp edges of the knife. She was slitting herself on the dagger!

Gus was having the time of his life watching her, purposely teasing her as he rocked the knife down, pressing the tip hard against her clit.

Lisa gasped. The pressure on her half-erect sex center created a shock as sharp as the blade itself. She arched her spine, presenting her open cunt eagerly for the big guard to stare at.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s the way, baby, move that ass!”

He slapped her ass with his free hand to emphasize his point. Lisa squealed with the blow, feeling her cheeks warm and redden.

“Man, oh, man that’s the way I like it — good and hot and ready! Your folks were right to put you away!” Gus shouted, moving the knife up a little and watching as her cuntlips milked at the blade. “We’re gonna give you plenty to think about before you leave!”

Lisa didn’t want anything to think about, here or later. She could only sense the rocking of the knife back and forth against her cunt. The repeated touch and the chill of the steel made the young woman hotter and hotter. Slowly Lisa became terribly aware of all the tiny cuts on the edges of her cuntlips. The stinging fuckjuice dribbling across the small wounds made her clit swell bigger and bigger, the tiny nub bloating up until it was red and throbbing. Lisa found a hotter, more intense lust flowing from her crotch. She fought with herself, knowing it just wasn’t right feeling something so good with Gus.

But still she couldn’t stop herself. Her pulse raced. She opened her eyes and looked over one shoulder. Gus was kneeling behind her, his pants down and his cock out, the fingers of his free hand stroking the thing harder and thicker.


The tip of the knife pierced her clit. The searing pain was inseparable from the electric thrill of the direct contact. Then some pussyjuice trickled in, stinging the wound and at the same time exciting Lisa more and more. Her pussy was on fire. The constant rush of fuckjuice across and into the slits was like salt rubbed into wounds. Her head throbbed from all the arousal. Lisa wondered what else Gus would do. Would he cut her throat, slice her open? The thought made her cuntjuice flow all the more.

Lisa felt the rising warmth of her aroused blush on her cheeks, tits and belly. The fiery sting in her cuntlips pushed her excitement higher. She hated herself for feeling excited.

“Man, you’re gonna burn my cock off when I fuck you!”

“Fuck — yes, fuck!” Lisa murmured, lowering her head and letting her hair sweep over her whitened knuckles.

Gus moved the edge of the blade back, cutting a groove down to the edge of her cuntmouth. The buzzing, spinning flashes from her clit slackened off. But the fear of having her throat slit still kept her heart beating.

Then the girl shoved her ass back at the big guard in a bold move. The tip of the knife slipped around the wrinkled rim of her cunt, then past the puckered ring of her shitter. Lisa wanted to hide her aroused pussy from the guard.

The spasm in her shitter let her cunt unclench. Air in her overheated fuckhole blew out. She shot a quick look over one shoulder again to stare at Gus. He still stroked his long thick cock, oblivious to her noisy cunthole.

Lisa knew she was shaming herself. Her body was hungry for his red-knobbed prick. She wanted Gus to fuck his cock into her raw, hungry cunt. The tender tissues were still raw from all the cutting, but she needed to have something in her, something stretching her, scratching all the hot, throbbing, itchy cuts the knife had made.


Gus had poked the knife at the rim of her asshole.

Lisa stiffened, her ass bobbing and weaving as she cried out with shock.

The pinprick stabbing forced the gray rubbery ring of her shitter inward, barely breaking the skin. The same forbidden pleasure she got from shitting after a spicy meal rose in her guts. For a second, the girl let herself imagine the unnatural probing of Gus’ cock in her asshole. Fucked in the ass! Lisa nearly laughed, throwing her head from side to side. What a whore she was becoming!

Gus was breathing heavily now, his breath catching as his fist moved faster and faster over his cock. He poked the tip of the knife into her puffy cuntlips, then drew it back until he cut into her asscheeks. Lisa groaned, her head spinning.

She was confused, feeling fear and pain and arousal all mixed together. She rolled her thighs from side to side, arching and shoving her punctured ass back at him. It was all she could do to keep from cumming right against the wonderful slicing knife while Gus jacked off behind her.

“Oh, oh!”

“That’s it, bitch! You really want this cock in you, don’t you? The idea of gettin’ sliced and fucked at the same time turns you on, huh?”

“No, no!”

Her protests were weak. The cuts around her slippery cunt were like small fires in her flesh. The entire cunt blazed with heat and stinging pain. Lisa’s sweat trickled into the bleeding cuts making them burn and itch. She felt the oily, slippery sweat rolling down her thighs and mixing with her cuntjuice.

“So, you like lookin’ at my cock too, eh?” Gus had caught her swinging her head around once more and staring at his big prick.

“Okay, baby, take it, take my cock!”

Lisa wanted to tell him she wasn’t a slut. She wanted to scream out that she was a good girl, a decent girl as her mother had told her time and time again. But her cunt wouldn’t let her.

She felt Gus kneel closer behind her, his hands grabbing her hips as his prick stabbed blindly against the sides of her cunt. The head of his prick slipped into the wet crack between her cuntlips. A salty drop of cum on his cockhead set the wound in her clit on fire. It burned like acid. Lisa rolled her hips forward, bending her spine. The cockhead lodged in her cunthole as she felt the cold knife resting against her jutting shoulder blades. Gus was moving the blade up until the sharpened edge was shaving flesh from her throat.

“Now, nice and easy, nice — uhhhh!”

He was scraping more and more flesh, making the girl’s eyes widen, while her head shivered and shook with terror. She could only hear the pounding and rushing of her pulse as he bore down to fuck her. His long, thick prick slipped into her cunthole, easing down and prickling at all the sensitive cuts, while Gus moved the knife blade around until it was just opposite her throat. The heavy, fear-driven flow of her cuntjuice and the arousal made Lisa’s tissues more and more slippery for the raping cock.

Once Gus had fucked his prick halfway into her torn, dripping cunthole, he let go of her hips and shifted his grip to her ass.

Pinching and squeezing her asscheeks, the big guard brought the knife back down to her spine, shaving the sharpened edge over the bumps and hollows of her spinal column. Lisa shuddered under the attack, shoving her ass back, squeezing her cuntal walls together and milking the big stud, hoping to bring him off quickly.

She loathed the man whose prick fucked deeper and deeper into her pussy by the second. But she hated herself all the more for letting him do it. The dog-like position made her feel degraded. But the worst part of it all was the response of her body. She found she actually enjoyed the pain and agony. She had secretly enjoyed what Anna had done to her. And Elena’s electrical torture had aroused her to no end. Now the awful rape was turning her on. She couldn’t hide it from him. Gus could see it in her, and he took advantage of her perverted lust.


Lisa hunched back against the guard even harder. She wanted him to hurt her as his long thick cock was shoved up into her fuck hole. She felt the cockhead beating her womb, drawing out, then slipping back in. Then Gus moved the knife down until he had it back against her asshole.

Lisa let out another cry, her nostrils flaring as she pushed back and jerked her ass up. She could feel the sharp blade prickling her shitter, stabbing into the wrinkled flesh as his cock fucked down hard.

Again and again the girl tried to stop the chain of dreadful events. She protested against what her body was doing, against what Gus was doing to her. But the guard only moved the blade farther against her shifter, pricking more of the gray wrinkled flesh, until Lisa learned to keep her mouth shut.

She swallowed down a lump of fear, feeling a terrible tightening in her chest and throat as she tried to draw in more air to feed her bursting lungs. Gus thought she was protesting against his cock rather than against her own pleasure. He slapped her ass viciously, bringing the flat of the knife blade against her throat again as he draped himself over her. She felt his panting breath against the back of her neck. In a moment, he was biting her, threatening to tear her flesh from her body as she sobbed and gasped.

Lisa screamed, the teeth on her neck making her throw her head back. She raised herself up on her arms, the constant movement of her ass continuing. She had to have that hot, hard release now. The knife, the humiliation, the fucking, everything pointed to that need. Behind her, she knew Gus needed the release too. She felt his belly slapping loudly against her bloodspotted ass. She felt the wiry hairs of his cockbush against her pricked asshole. Every scratchy curl, seemed to find a little cut near her shitter. The itching, burning sensation in and around her cunt and ass drove her half mad. She shoved back against the big man’s pounding cock, her ass arching and thrusting as she fucked herself toward a climax.

Gus pushed his free hand at her sensitive nipples. Lisa grunted and sobbed with the pain. The combination of the stretching in her cunt and the gouqing, nasty pain around her nipple filled her mind. All she wanted was to have those feelings increase until the pain and the swelling, spinning knot of tension in her belly swept over her.

Lisa cursed and shouted, her head rolling. She could hear Gus laughing at her, calling her all sorts of names as he fucked into her like a maniac. He nearly upended her more than once with the force of his blows. The soft firmness in her ass intensified, her asscrack grabbing at his cockhair as she and Gus fucked back and forth on the ground. The driving thrusts of the guard’s prick and the bucking agony of Lisa’s body filled the air with groans and sighs.

“Man, oh, man, gonna shoot! Gonna shoot my fuckin’ cockhead off in your pussy, baby!”

“No, no, take it out, you pig!”

Lisa shivered, feeling a rush of chilly heat sear her clit. Gus’ confession sent streamers of weird delight racing through her body. She growled like a dog, a low harsh noise that tore at her throat. The whirling knot of lust in her crotch was about to explode. She hated the excitement, the lust, and the cock that was causing it. Gus was riding her expertly, riding her into the ground.

Lisa tried to hold off. The great blasts of heat in her pussy grew and grew. She heard the squishing of her juices between the heavy slaps of his belly against her ass.

The tension in her pussy was building, making her clamp her cunt tightly. Lisa grit her teeth. She had no energy left for growling or gasping. All her energy was focused in on her cunt.

Then the tension in her belly slipped. Lisa let out another cry, feeling Gus’ cock stiffen.

“Fuckin’ slut!” Gus cried out at her, drawing the knife around her asshole, then pushing it in a little before finally letting it drop with a thud to the ground.

Lisa heard him grunting heavily, his breath breaking. She readied herself. With a furious savage jab, Gus banged his cockhead against her womb. Blind with determination to ruin him, she held on.


An explosion of cum erupted inside her. Lisa could feel the hot gush of spunk spattering against her cuntwalls, burning them like acid. She gasped, blowing out the breath she had held as her pussy buckled in from the sexual heat.

The first massive fuck-jolt of her orgasm shattered the girl completely. Her shitter went into spasms, wringing tighter than ever before. Her hips moved uncontrollably. Lisa heard herself screaming as Gus’ teeth broke through the skin of her neck. Another blast of cum struck deep in her belly.

The terrifying impact of her orgasm ripped outward from her cunt. Lisa felt it in her nipples, fingers and knees. The punctured skin around her cunt and shitter was on fire. After each shivering throb of her cuntwalls, the ripples left a mad echo of emptiness that stopped the pain until the next spasm.

Lisa sobbed, knowing that she couldn’t stop herself. She was no better than a slut, a whore. They could do what they wanted with her, and she would just go along.


It was all Lisa could do to walk after the maddening fuck. Gus had recovered quickly enough, slipping the juice-smeared dagger back into the case hanging from his belt and drawing his jeans back up.

Lisa stumbled upward, holding the slit back of her dress together while picking her way over the uneven ground to the top of the hill. She gasped, holding one hand over her mouth. Red had tied Kathy to an old dead tree. He was taking off the last of the reign from her wrist, catching the naked girl throwing her over his right shoulder.

“I’m gonna have to carry the bitch!”

Lisa stumbled down the hill, scraping her knees and elbows painfully, while Gus kicked small stones and rocks into her face. There was a large cabin at the bottom of the hill, a thin wisp of white smoke drifting from the brick chimney. She stopped once she reached the bottom of the hill, hearing Kathy’s sobs. The girl was barely conscious, looking up at her friend with tear-filled eyes.

There were sounds coming from inside the cabin. Then Elena strolled out onto the broad shaded front porch, her hands on her hips. Lisa nearly fainted from shock. There was no hope for them now!

“Bring them inside. We’re ready.”

Elena eyed Lisa. She no longer wore her uniform. Dressed in tight-fitting riding pants and a white blouse, she nodded in Kathy’s direction. Red dumped the girl onto the ground. Kathy rolled over twice before coming to a stop.

When she heard Elena approaching, she managed to draw herself together and stand shakily in front of the matron.

“He-he raped me! He raped me and tied me up and-and…”

Her voice faded as Elena’s face grew hard. Jerking one hand up, the matron brought the back down hard against the girl’s face, knocking Kathy to her knees.

“You don’t have to tell me stupid, foolish things. Of course he fucked you. That’s all you’re good for until you show us otherwise. Meanwhile, you’ll be used for our pleasure — and your own enlightenment,” Elena said, her voice softening a bit as she looked at Lisa.

Gus shoved the blonde forward, muttering something in her ear.

They all walked into the large cabin. Immediately, Lisa could see it was no different than the torture room she had endured back at the institution. This was, of course, far more secluded. Undoubtedly they could do even more here without the worry that someone might accidentally overhear them.


Kathy backed away as Red took more rope and bound her arms behind her. She dropped her head, her body bending over as he threaded the line around her wrists, cinching it tight. He pulled the rope tight, making sure the girl’s cries shrilled high before he stopped.

Kathy staggered forward, her head down, her brown hair covering her face. Lisa gasped when she saw Elena pick up what appeared to be a black leather dog collar and slip it around the girl’s neck, adjusting it until she could hear the teen gagging. Kathy brought her head up, her eyes wet with tears, pleading with the head matron to stop. Elena ignored the girl, slipping the buckle tight against the back of her neck.

Next Elena took a red handkerchief handed to her by Gus and pushed it into the teen’s mouth. Red pulled a roll of masking tape from the drawer of an old desk pushed to the side and tore off a piece, wrapping it around the girls head to keep the handkerchief in place.

Kathy struggled, her arms bulging against the ropes as her lips worked against the handkerchief.

“Bring Johnny out here. Johnny is going to be an old friend of yours if you don’t obey,” Elena said.

“What-what’s Johnny?” Lisa asked, pressing her fingers against her thighs.

“We have him here, although he’s been known to make one or two trips back to the main building with us. Here he is.”

Lisa found herself staring at a long pole mounted on a brass, circular stand. Instantly, the girl saw a thick ten-inch pink latex dildo standing straight up from the top. She pressed one hand over her mouth as Kathy screamed wide-eyed through the gag. Her cheeks reddened with the effort, and she backed away from the awful thing.

Red and Gus were on her in a second, each one taking an arm and lifting her effortlessly off the floor. Her toes scraped along the polished wood and her tits jiggled teasingly together.

Kathy jerked her head from one side to the other, the leather collar cutting into her throat. She looked wildly at Lisa as if the blonde teen could do something to help her. Lisa shook her head, her hands still pressed against her mouth in horror as she watched the men raise Kathy over the dildo. Centering the teen’s cunt over the smooth pink cockhead, they began to lower her.


Kathy’s eyes were so wide Lisa thought they would pop from her head. Her chest rose and her forearms shuddered with horror. She kept kicking her legs out, scissoring them back and forth while her head snapped back and forth. The girl was hysterical, the cords sticking out from her throat as scream after strangled cry barely escaped from the spit-soaked gag. Lisa saw her friend stiffening the second the dildo touched her cunt.

Both Gus and Red worked slowly now, twisting her body back and forth with easy, screwing movements, lowering the girl onto the awful dildo. Groaning, Kathy closed her eyes and surrendered as they pushed the greased pole up into her cunt.

Lisa let out another cry, watching as her friend’s legs kicked out once more. She could see the head of the plastic prick disappear under the bushy brown hair of her friend’s cunt. Kathy stiffened, her head rolled back, her eyes wide and unblinking as she stared at the open-beamed ceiling overhead. Her fingers worked against one another as more and more of the long, thick dildo fucked into her pussy.

Gus and Red stopped for a moment, shaking the sweat from their foreheads, then lowered Kathy down until nearly half of the dildo was buried in her cunt.

Twisting the girl around completely, they laughed at her cries, raised her up a little bit, then brought her back down, her legs swinging helplessly against one another and against the men. The muscles in her legs and arms bulged against her sweaty flesh, and her eyes reflected the pain and humiliation she was enduring.

Elena was resting against the desk, tapping one forefinger against her chin and watching the scene with bright, glowing eyes. For one mad second, Lisa thought of scrambling from the table and making a break for it. Surely she could run outside and disappear in the woods. But then, where would she run?


Kathy let out one last protesting grunt before going limp.

“Hey, c’mon, baby, you can’t faint on us now. Come on, get up.”

They dropped her down two inches. The jabbing sensation of the pole against her cuntwalls woke the teen. She screamed, jerking and twitching as they finished.

“Okay, Kathy. You’re all the way down. You can stop yourself from goin’ down farther by just shovin’ up with your toes. Careful now, or you’re gonna tip the stand over, and that’s gonna fuck you up real bad, understand?” Red asked, patting the teen on the thigh.

Both men backed away, looking at their handiwork with growing satisfaction. Kathy explored her situation, looking down, then curling her toes and pushing up as far as she could, until her arches ached from the pressure. Pushing and screwing as hard as she could, the young teen couldn’t slide off the dildo.

“That’s right,” Elena said, tilting her head back and narrowing her eyes. “The dildo’s shoved up so far you won’t be able to jump off. I suggest you relax and enjoy it. You can fuck yourself all day with Johnny and not worry about the cock going soft.”

The dirty language seemed shocking, coming from Elena’s mouth. But then, Lisa thought, so was everything the woman did. Shifting her gaze back to Kathy, the blonde teen saw her friend’s gathering panic. She was still standing on tiptoe, staring wildly at her feet and moving from side to side while grunting through the spitty gag. Twice she tried sliding off the dildo, and twice she failed.

“There, she seems to be adjusting to it.”

“Sure wish I was a gal with somethin’ that nice to sit on,” Red said, running his fingers through his hair and laughing at the girl.

“She ain’t had one bigger than that, but I bet she’s sure gonna want one after she gets used to fuckin’ herself on that mother.”

Kathy flashed scarlet, staring with fear and humiliation at her tormentors.

“She probably ain’t gonna want to leave this place by the time we get through,” Gus said, scratching his prick through his jeans.

Lisa stared at him, wanting to mash his balls with her bare feet. Only Elena’s presence kept her from doing something so foolish.

“You try jumpin’ up and down on it, girl. It’s gonna feel damned good,” Red said, roaring with laughter as he walked up to the girl and tried to push her all the way down on the stabbing dildo.

“You’ve had your fun with her for the time being,” Elena said, her burning eyes the only indication that she was enjoying the scene. “But you’ve forgotten Lisa, our new — uh, guest. Take her and bind her to that pole the way I told you to earlier.”

The men looked at one another, then grabbed the protesting teen, shoving her past Kathy. Gus ordered the teen to bend down, pulling her torn gown from her shoulders and tossing it onto the floor.

Lisa did as she was told, keeping her hands on her feet and spreading her legs apart. Elena walked behind her, noticing the cool jizz oozing from her pussy. She smiled with approval, inhaling sharply. Looking up, Lisa could see Elena’s nipples poked against the front of her white blouse. She was enjoying this terribly, watching the two girls being tortured this way. And now there would be more rope, more bondage.

Behind her, Lisa could hear Kathy struggling on the dildo, her cunt spread wide open by the thing as the girl fought to get off. Standing on tiptoe again, she fell when a cramp attacked her arch, fucking herself painfully.

Gus returned with two long pieces of quarterinch line.

“That’s fine. Keep your wrists on the tops of your feet, dear. You’ll enjoy this, I’m sure,” Elena said.

Red dragged a heavy board over to Lisa, throwing it over the tops of her feet. The girl squealed with pain, then set her jaw firmly, determined not to yell the way Kathy was. Gus bent down on one knee, slipping the rope around her ankle, then pulling it over the wood. Fixing the rope in a surgeon’s knot, he slid across the floor to her other wrist and did the same thing. In the end, Lisa found herself spread apart as before, her cunt exposed and her pricked asshole stretched, while her ankles and wrists were bound together and attached to the board.

“Now, walk,” Elena said, tapping Lisa lightly between her jutting shoulder blades.

Walk? Was she serious? Lisa wondered.

An impatient slap across her ass told the girl she was. With difficulty, the teen pushed one foot forward, feeling the cutting pain of the board against her ankle. Wincing, Lisa pushed her other foot forward, nearly losing her balance with the effort. Elena moved behind her, smoothing her long fingers over Lisa’s naked ass and letting one finger slip into her cunthole. Lisa let out a gasp but said nothing.

“I see Gus has been a little cruel to you. Well, that’s to be expected,” Elena said with a sigh, glancing over at the guard. “He had his way — with knives, especially. But I suppose you know that already.”

Lisa walked, starting to master the awkward way in which she was roped. Waddling like a crippled duck, she moved around the large room, her hair curtaining her face as blood rushed to her head. At times, Gus or Red would kick her, slapping her ass and laughing, while Elena looked on, pleased with her handiwork.

They forced Lisa to walk around the room three times, her tits swaying as they pinched her ass until she squealed. But Elena soon tired of the game.

“We’re here for more interesting games. We’ll see just how strong Lisa is — and Kathy. If they’re really strong,” Elena said, “then perhaps they’ll have earned themselves some good-time. And good-time means an earlier out.”

Oh, yes, yes! Good-time! Lisa felt herself growing stronger, her soul hardening to steel as she watched them. She would get out early come hell or high water!


A pillory of sorts was standing in front of her, dragged out from a small room just to the right of the main section of the cabin. There were holes meant for arms and legs cut into the yellow pine. To one side was a three-legged stool, the seat of which had been modified to support a twelve-inch dildo that appeared to be made, of steel. Unlike the one currently fucking Kathy, this one seemed more threatening, deadly in the way it reflected the single overhead lamp.

Lisa shrank back, feeling Elena’s steely fingers gripping her and pushing her forward. As the woman pulled her toward the odd block, she could see a bench several inches higher than the two top arm-holes. Her eyes narrowed, examining the stool, and discovered several straps of thin black leather fastened to the wood. Again she pulled back, whimpering softly, while Kathy began riding her dildo in earnest.

“You seem a little afraid. Here. This will be a little more amusing than what your friend’s doing. Besides, this will teach you the discipline we want you to have — in your bones, so to speak.”

Elena let her go for an instant, opening the bottom half of the makeshift pillory while Gus scooped the teen from the floor and pushed both legs in. He held the twisting girl, who was too terrified to make too much of a fuss yet still protesting against the rough, splintery feeling of the hewn wood against her flesh. Elena dropped the device down, locking a small padlock to secure it, then moving around to the top.

Lisa knew what she had to do. Meekly, her eyes lowered, the girl thrust her arms into the top holes, grimacing as Elena closed the top portion snugly against her forearms. Gus moved away, letting the girl sag down, her asscheeks spreading open from the weight of her hanging body. Lisa blushed furiously, knowing full well something awful would happen now. She looked from the men to Kathy, then to Elena. She could see something odd in their eyes, a kind of anger and lust mixed together that made her shiver in the stocks. Gus moved around to her ass, smoothing one hand over her asscrack and starting to stick his right forefinger into her, cunt.

“No! Not yet. She has to be primed, just as always.”

“Not all the time,” Gus muttered, reluctantly backing away and sniffing the heated cuntjuice on his digit.

“And you don’t look too comfortable, dear. We have something for you to rest on. But then of course, you saw what we have for you to rest on.”

Elena moved the stool up to Lisa. Instantly, Lisa knew what they were going to do. Jerking her head to the right, she looked at Kathy, her legs spilt apart, the awful dildo slipped into her fuckhole, slick now with her hot juices.

She was going to have the sane sort of thing up her cunt, only this one was cold steel. Her cunt buckled, puckering tightly as the tendons in her thighs bulged against her flesh.

Elena was moving the dildo to Lisa’s ass, watching her closely, her thin lips curled into the awful smile that made Lisa shudder as if she’d just stepped on a dead rat. Elena slipped both hands under Lisa’s ass, raising her asscheeks up a few inches as she pushed the stool forward until the silver dildo was directly under her cunt.

Lisa chewed down on her lower lip, her eyes closing as she felt the cold touch of the dildo against her pussy. This would be her next lover, that dead thing pushing into her. And yet — and yet in some mysterious way her body was starting to respond to what was happening around her. She felt a sudden glow wash over her flesh as her body responded against her will. Heat concentrated in the furry bundle between her legs as Gus and Red watched with increasing interest. Kathy was nearly forgotten off in the corner, impaled like a pinned butterfly, while Elena gently lowered Lisa’s ass down onto the jutting steel dildo.

At the hard touch of the dildo, a jolt of terror mixed with a strange kind of hope raced through her mind. Her tits were itching and her fuzzy cunt was generating more and more heat. It was odd the way the smooth thing was unsticking her cuntlips, stretching them thin while burrowing into her overheated pussy. A knot of tension formed between her tummy and her cunt as Elena pushed down a little harder.

Lisa started to tense, her legs, pushing up, trying to stop the inevitable, although she knew it was foolish and futile. In a way, the girl wished she could control the tremors that ran through her cunt. It was maddening to feel so good while knowing she was being tormented and laughed at as if she were some odd laboratory animal.


It was going in steadily now, pushing aside the hot, tumid cuntmeat, stretching all the secret pink hollows of her young pussy while making the girl buck and writhe. It was magic, a kind of magic that brought tears to her eyes as she let them fuck her with the thing.

Lower and lower she went, until the teen felt her cunt boiling with juice and heat, her cunt rubbed up to near climax. Deep in her body, only inches away from the tip of that steel dildo, her womb was starting to spasm.

“Uhhhhhhh, oh no, no, don’t!”

She was full of the dildo, stuffed with the steel until she opened her mouth to gasp. Her body shivered against the pillory and her eyes clenched tightly shut. Lisa refused to look at any of them, turning her head away, keeping her eyelids shut, and in the distance, she could hear Kathy moaning.

“Attach the wires!”

Lisa started, opening her eyes and looking at the tall matron. Wires? Electricity? More current? She tugged frantically at her hands, hurting her already-scraped wrists while Elena busied herself stretching the black wires leading from the dildo to a small gray box Lisa hadn’t noticed when she first entered the cabin. There were wires leading from the thing Kathy was impaled on as well. She could see they were going to hook all of the wires together.

“Pull the gag out of that one,” Elena said, nodding in Kathy’s direction.

Gus complied while Red helped the matron screw the two wires into two brass leads at the back of the transformer.

“This isn’t your ordinary train transformer. They can kill,” Elena began to explain, sweeping one hand over the dials. “We’ve developed this sort of thing for treating patients in mental institutions, although now this sort of thing is frowned on. Too bad, but I’ve found other uses for it. It can discipline one without really causing damage as the commercial transformers can. The secret is all in the amperage. Here, do you want to see what it can do?”

Lisa dispaired. She knew Elena was going to show her, one way or another. The matron switched on the box, then turned it so Lisa could see the two pulsing needles in the small plastic bubbles in front. The girl was mesmerized by their movements, nearly thinking that their pulsing matched the throbbing going on in her cunt. She moved her ass ever so slightly, feeling the warming steel rub up against her cuntwalls. The sensation was delightful. Her cuntlips snugged up against the rodding dildo, milking it as if it were a cock.

“No, don’t — oh God, they’re going to electrocute ue!”

Kathy was hysterical, staring bug-eyed at Lisa as Gus finished wiring her up. Lisa wanted to offer some word of encouragement, something that would ease the teen’s mind. But there was nothing to be said. She couldn’t comfort her now any more than she could have in that awful cellar where they’d huddled.

Lisa looked away, wishing she could draw her hands out of the stocks and cover her ears to block out the horrible sounds of Kathy’s plaintive cries. She felt her cuntlips tingling and tightening around that steel dildo, milking at it. Then there was that awful humming sound, the sound she’d heard before in Elena’s office.


There was a sharp jolt, one that made the girl jerk up on the dildo and nearly shoot off the thing. Her arms pulled wildly at the stocks, and her legs jerked back and forth as best they could.

Lisa cried, blinking away the tears, remembering how awful it had been in Elena’s office when the woman had fried her with the current. Again the matron shot her a jolt of current, watching as the teen stiffened and rose up on the dildo, her muscles spasming and her arms and legs knotting involuntarily.

Gus moved around and put both hands down on her shoulders, shoving her down until her ass nearly touched the bottom of the stool. Lisa shivered, feeling the cold steel stretching her cuntwalls even more, rummaging through her young body. It was terrible feeling split by something so hard and unyielding. Oh, how much better it was to have a man fucking her! She would have preferred to have Gus or Red fucking her.

“Now, to be fair, we’ll give Kathy something to think about.”

“No, no!”

Kathy’s face whitened, her eyes riveted to the box, while sweat coursed down between her jutting tits. The young teen was panting like an animal, her roped hands behind her back moving slightly up and down and her toes curling against the copper stand. Elena smiled, turning the second dial and watching as Kathy’s face jerked, snapped, then slackened.


The teen impaled herself competely on the dildo, sinking all the way down and nearly tearing her body in two while the current soared through her body. She screamed and shouted, her head lolling from shoulder to shoulder as her nipples turned the same color purple her lips had. She slobbered and groaned, her eyes rolling up into her head until only the whites were showing.

Elena turned the dial down, frowning at the girl’s reaction.

“Obviously, we must be more careful with her. She’s more sensitive. Well, that can be arranged,” Elena said. “Now, we’ll play a little game. I enjoy games, don’t you? All you have to do is tell me to give the other girl more current, then what you’re experiencing will be gone. That’s easy enough, isn’t it?”

“Oh God, no, no!”

Kathy was still hysterical. She looked at the machine, having since regained her balance and voice. Elena shook her head, looking at Lisa and smiling.

“You first, as you’re the strongest.”

Lisa braced herself, murmuring a prayer as she watched Elena’s fingers tighten around one knob, then suddenly switch to another. It was a big surprise for Kathy.


Again the girl screamed and jerked like a crazed puppet, her legs kicking out, her knees jerking together, then snapping apart, her belly ballooning as if she were about to give birth.

Kathy snapped back, her lips working against one another, her teeth chattering as she cast one baleful look at Lisa, then shouted, “Her! Her! Give it to her! She can take it more than I can!”

“Well,” Elena said, arching one eyebrow and looking meaningfully at Lisa, “we certainly know who our friends are, don’t we?”

“Oh, God!”

Lisa felt her thighs tightening, her fingers and toes curling until they cramped. There it was, that same, tingling feeling. Only this time it was concentrated in her cunt. She felt the tiny muscles become rigid, gripping the steel dildo and shaking it while her head fell back, her long blonde hair sweeping over her ass. She thrust her ass up, her tits flopping forward as her nipples hardened like two glowing rocks. She felt herself cumming, a small, fiery climax that exploded between her legs and took her breath away.

Lisa let out a blasting breath, her teeth chattering. Elena was studying her, smiling, knowing full well what had happened. There was another burst of current, snapping the girl and making her spine rattle as her fuckjuices were starting to fry under the steady sparking current of the gray box.

“God, give some back to her!” Lisa moaned. “Let her enjoy this!”

Elena smiled at Lisa, switching the dial down and twisting the second up to the third notch. Kathy’s hair seemed to stand on end, and her legs scissor-kicked back and forth. She bounced up and down on the dildo, her tits jumping to her chin and slapping back down against her chest, while her asacheeks jiggled like two white pillows against one another. She was gagging, hardly able to get a sound out from her throat as she looked wildly about the room. Her shoulders hunched forward, her face a mask of agony as she stared at Lisa and tried to speak.

“Lisa! Lisa! Give it to Lisa!”

“I’ll give it to both of you since you both enjoy it!”


Lisa protested. But it was too late. She could smell the burning flesh as Elena turned both dials to the fifth setting. Her eyes blurred as her cunt fried under the current. Jerking and twisting against the pillory, Lisa felt her pussy go into spasms that wouldn’t end. It was an infinite cum, one climax after another that took her breath and strength away. Her torso flopped back and forth while her head smacked twice against the top edge of the pillory. In the vague distance, she could hear Kathy shouting and cursing, her body bouncing up and down the pole like the horse of a merry-go-round.

Lisa found herself scratching at the pillory with her fingernails, crying out again and again as she fucked her cunt down onto the dildo and nudged her womb with the rounded, sparking tip.

Lisa wasn’t sure what was happening next. The men were rushing around and Elena was doing something with the box. In a moment, she saw a set of white legs draped loosely over the top of the pillory while something dark was shoved into her face. Rearing back and rolling her eyes up, she realized it was the halfconscious Kathy, her ass flattened against the splintery top of the stock and her cunt drooling fuckjuice as her heels rested against the front of the pillory. She had her eyes closed, her long brown hair clinging damply to her cheeks and forehead. She looked drunk as Gus pushed her cunt closer to Lisa.

“Eat it! Eat it, or I’ll turn the dial up to ten!” Elena shouted.

Her voice was thick, breaking at the end. At a setting of five, the girl thought her pussy would fry up. Quickly, she pressed her lips against her friend’s pussy, tasting the pungent flavor of the girl’s pussy. Kathy let out a moan, some of the current from Lisa’s body passing to her cunt through Lisa’s tongue. In a moment, she was making strange wheezing sounds, her cheeks puffed out and her eyes glazed over.

Lisa began a steady falling and rising action on the dildo as she started pushing her tongue into the teen’s cunt. She wanted to feel more slaps, more whips, more belts as she twisted her shivering white ass on the steel pole. Slurping harder into Kathy’s hot cunt, Lisa drew her tongue up the hot pink flesh, sticking it in at times. Kathy’s fleshy legs folded over Lisa’s face, pressing in as she rode the teen’s tongue.

Lisa found herself beyond pain. The pressure in her tummy was growing more and more as her arousal increased. Somehow she managed to rise and fall faster and faster, moaning against Kathy’s cunt. The resulting vocal vibrations drove the teen half wild, her body lurching forward, perspiration streaking the sides of her face.

Lisa liked the idea that her friend was enjoying the cuntlapping. She bobbed up and down on the dildo even more, feeling the thing rummaging around in her cunt. She loved that sensation as she pushed her tongue in all the way, stiffening it and fucking it in and out as if it were a cock.

Kathy was riding Lisa’s tongue and moving her ass back and forth as much as she could while working her fingers against the binding ropes behind her back. Gus was rubbing up against her, obviously wanting to fuck her. But Elena was firm, calming him down with a stare while closely watching Lisa.

The blonde teen was moving faster and faster, the pressure building up around her cunt, the top of her pussy knotting up with cramps while her clit throbbed and jerked as if it would rip off. Her legs shivered and cuntjuice spurted from her hot, hairy pussy.

Lisa groaned, fucking her tongue in Kathy’s cunt as fast as she could, concentrating on the hot tight feeling about to explode with the fury of a burst dam.

And then it happened. Her ass bounced furiously up and down on the stool, nearly upending it as Kathy squealed and twisted above her. Both girls were cuniming, feeling their cunts explode as the electricity sparked heavily into Lisa’s body. She squeaked, tightening her cuntmuscles around the dildo and drawing it in deep as the powerful spasms hit her pussy.

“Uhhhhhhh — ooooooooh!”

Lisa calmed herself, letting out a long sigh as Elena finally turned off the transformer and passed a shaky hand through her black hair. Gus took Kathy from the top of tbe pillory, laying her on the cold floor as Red moved in and slipped the stool and dildo away from the young blonde.

Lisa almost hated to have the dildo slipped from her cunt. It had felt good and hot and hard in there, pushing up into her pussy and rummaging around. But she knew there would be more.


The trip back to the correctional institution was somewhat disappointing. Lisa had hoped that somehow she could have learned if her performance had somehow shortened her term. The others around her sat sullenly, talking about all the hard work they had to do and the poor food they got.

“The slop’s better in jail than that bird shit they fed us out there,” one girl said bitterly, tugging at her stringy black hair.

Lisa sat quietly, her hands in her lap and her mind whirling around wildly. She thought about all she’d endured, the fucking, the beatings, the electricity. She looked around the small truck at the other girls and wondered if they’d done the same thing. No one was talking much. That was usual. They had been kept separate for the time they’d been at the institution, meeting only briefly for meals.

Looking to her right, Lisa saw Kathy. She was half in a catatonic state.

When they arrived, the girls filed out quietly, their heads down and their eyes showing the defeat and disappointment each felt.

“You! Not yet!”

It was Gus’ voice sounding in the air like a gunshot. Some of the other girls turned and smirked as they watched the guard swagger up to Lisa and catch her by the arm. She was so used to abuse she didn’t even cringe, grimly wondering what else he had in store for her.

“You wanna get outta here — fast? You know,” he said, panting down her neck and making her flesh crawl. “I got a way with Elena. She likes you, but she’ll listen to me if you go along.”

Lisa turned, staring him squarely in the eye.

“In other words, you want to fuck me, or do something, without Elena knowing, right?”

She was surprised at how hard her voice sounded. She was becoming seasoned, hard as diamonds, and she had them to thank for it!

Gus grinned, scratching his flat chin and leering down at her. “Just be ready, that’s all.”

Be ready. The words made her shiver as she thought of all they could mean. All through the day as she scrubbed floors, swept down the sterile halls and avoided Kathy’s pleading glances when she could, Lisa thought about freedom. Yes, she would do anything to get out of here. Surely they couldn’t hurt or humiliate her any more than they had. Toward the end of the day, she felt hungry and weak. It was hard to get her thoughts to focus. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to press the fog away. She put fingers over her face, dragging her skin down. The tips of her fingers were hard.

Then a hand on her shoulder made her jump. Gasping, Lisa spun around, seeing, the white, stony face of Anna, the floor matron.

“Come with me!”

Lisa glanced up. It was four-thirty, the time when most of the girls had finished with their work and had returned to their cells before dinner. Classes of various sorts were to start around seven-thirty and last until ten. The classes, however, were a terrible joke. Everyone knew it, including the so-called teachers, who were more into leering at the girls than teaching.


“You heard me! You’ll be excused from classes if need be. I hope you enjoyed yourself at camp,” Anna said almost as an afterthought as she led the girl down the corridor to the stairs. “We did our best to bring some of the boys from the correctional center to — uh, amuse all of you.”

Lisa let out a hard laugh, shaking her head and shuffling her sandals over the smooth tiles. She had no idea where the matron was leading her. They passed, she thought, the room where she had initially met Anna. Through the door, Lisa thought she could hear screams. Another victim, Lisa thought grimly, quickening her pace as Anna turned her in one direction and pushed her down a narrow corridor.

Lisa put one hand to her throat, her cuntlips starting to tingle and rub sexily aver one another. They were going to do something to her, something that would excite as well as terrify her. She wrinkled her forehead, curious to know why she was growing more and more delighted by these sessions.

Anna stopped her, putting a hand on her shoulder and holding her back while opening a small brown wooden door to her left. Lisa stepped back, wrinkling her nose and feeling bile rising in her throat. It smelled awful — a latrine, or worse, she thought.

“Why are you so picky all of a sudden?”

Anna pushed her in, and Lisa slipped on the greasy floor and fell flat on her face. She put her hands on either side of her shoulders and pushed herself up, shaking the hair from her eyes and staring wide-eyed around her. There was hardly any light, objects looming in the shadows nearby.

Then the girl saw movement to her left. Drawing her hands back, she rolled back onto her ass, her coarse woolen dress gathering up around her thighs. Frantically, the teen pulled down the hem, drawing her knees together and still trying to act modest in spite of what had happened to her at the institution thus far.

It was Gus and one other man she hadn’t seen earlier. They were coming at her, while Anna’s thick-thighed silhouette blocked the doorway. Lisa backed into a corner, pressing her fists against her thighs and feeling her ass pillowing up against the wall. Gus bent down, curling his thick fingers around the top of her dress and tearing down.

Lisa screamed, beating at him as he ripped open the front of her dress. Her legs swung around in front of her, her ankles striking the big guard as he hauled her out of the corner and flung the teen face-down onto the floor. Yes! It was urine! She could smell the awful odor now. Gagging, Lisa pushed herself up. She would rush past Anna and and run somewhere.


Gus put out one foot, tripping the girl and sending her sprawling once again against the floor. Lisa slid on her chin, bruising her palms and cheeks. Her knees hurt her terribly. Sobbing, she felt Gus gripping her by the hair and pulling her back, her eyelids fluttering and her legs dragging behind her.

In a moment, Lisa felt something very hard and cold strike against the back of her head. Turning slightly, she saw it was an old-fashioned bathtub — high, wide and white, with porcelain legs. Lisa struggled against the man as he scooped up her legs and threw her into the bathtub.

Lisa quickly jerked her arms up, protecting her tits, which had spilled from her ripped-open dress. Both men were standing at the foot of the tub now, and Gus was bracing his thighs against the front.

“Well, are you going to just stand there, or do it?” Anna asked dryly from the doorway.

Gus turned around and gave her a grin, then reached down, opened his fly and pulled out his cock. The other man did the same, unable to keep his eyes off the girl. When Lisa began to move back, Gus walked around to the side of the tub, catching the torn section of her dress and ripping the garment open as if it were made of tissue.

Lisa cried out, grabbing at the rough material and trying to drag it back over her exposed body. She knew what being naked meant — pain, horror, humiliation. But Gus only laughed, at her, throwing the dress onto the filthy floor.

The first man was closing his eyes now and rolling his cockhead between his thumb and forefinger. He was young, Lisa thought, almost like a teenager, although in the dim light it was hard to see well. He was handsome, attractive. She looked at him, wondering if he would help her escape from this horror.

“Uhhhhghhhhh! No! No! Don’t!”

They were pissing on her. She could feel the hot watery sting of the hot urine spattering against her right ankle. Feeling her throat constrict, the teen slid all the way back. The stream splashed over her tits, then back down onto her belly, until it was slicking down over her thighs once again. Lisa could feel the hot piss spattering around her cunt, the droplets wetting down her tummy and tits. Gus moved around, aiming his cock at her face.

Before she could think twice, Lisa felt another hot stream of piss spatter against her right cheek. She screamed, bringing one hand up to her face and protecting it while scooting to the other side of the tub. Urine gurgled down the tiny drain in front of her, slicking down the surface of the tub. Reaching up, Lisa tried gripping the curled lip of the bathtub to haul herself out. But Gus brought his piss-stream up to her mouth, drawing a line across her lips and up to her eyes. The girl gagged and fell back, striking her head against the back of the tub. The young boy was moving the yeliow stream up and down her belly now, stinging her nipples, then bringing it down to her navel, where urine gathered in a sickening yellow pool.

Lisa crawled forward, her hair dripping with piss as her fingers sloshed through the hot, oily, smelly liquid. She smelled like a toilet! She hated herself, loathed herself for submitting to this ultimate degradation. The girl hauled herself to the opposite end of the bathtub and rested her chin against the edge. Fighting for breaths of air, the young teen sucked in gulps of oxygen, aware that Gus had moved around now and was in front of her.

He gripped her hair, tearing back so hard her mouth opened automatically to scream. Gus managed to block that by sending a stream of piss down into her mouth.

Lisa was horrified! Her eyes widened and deep, gagging sounds ripped from her throat. The young teen fought back with everything she could. Lisa could feel the piss sloshing around over her teeth, spattering over the back of her throat and slicking down her tonsils until it swirled around and spilled over her lips.

Gus’ cock went dry, and he threw the girl back as if she were trash. Lisa struck her head on the tub edge, sprawling over the surface.

“I’ve got some more. Wait,” the young boy said, spreading his legs and bringing his knees up against the front of the tub.

It was useless, Lisa thought with a sob, feeling herself fall into a faint. The young boy, whoever he was, was as corrupt as they were.


She lay there in a pool of urine, the smell of piss rising sickeningly from the tub and her body like a deadly vapor. Lisa let out a sharp laugh, then fell back into the pool of piss.


Lisa never thought of herself as particularly weak. Still, she hadn’t managed to keep conscious after the men had pissed on her. Vaguely the girl remembered someone washing her. At least there was the dream of being ducked in cold water and scrubbed.

But when they carried her to a cold, hard table, Lisa couldn’t fake her unconsciousness any longer. She felt something hard tapping insistently against her right arch.

Someone struck her foot hard, the pain shooting up her thighs and crashing into her brain. Opening her eyes and dragging her foot back, Lisa found herself staring right into Elena’s pupils.

“You’ve passed all the tests — as best as anyone can at your age,” Elena said. “Now you’ll be ours — forever! And you’ll carry that mark with you.”

Lisa looked around frantically. Anna was there. So were Gus, Red, and the young boy, who was more handsome than she had originally thought. He looked down at her, his eyes glittering, feasting on her naked body.

“Gus, tie her down. This will be only for a second.”

Lisa saw she was in a small room. Raising her head slightly above the wooden table, she saw Elena’s office through a half-opened door. The room was bare except for the table and what appeared to be a large metal pot of some sort sitting atop a cabinet. There was a sour, pungent aroma in the air like gasoline, something that made her skin tighten.

Lisa felt Gus pull a rope over her ankles, drawing her arms back until her big tits were pulled flat. Looking down, she saw Anna hand Red more rope, stand back, cross her arms in front of her and watch approvingly. It was as if she were in some sort of initiation, with all of them watching as judges.

Lisa twisted her head around just in time to catch Elena opening the cabinet door to pull out a poker. When she watched the head mistress thrusting the iron into the large pot and heard rattling sounds, Lisa immediately knew that the poker was a branding iron, and she was to be its next victim. The cords stood out in her throat, and her arms and legs writhed against the cruel bonds.

Lisa didn’t care if the rope burned her flesh. She didn’t care if the splinters on the large butcher’s table pricked her ass until the skin began to seep tiny drops of blood. She screamed, beating the back of her skull against the table as Elena slowly, deliberately and calmly thrust the poker in and out, in and out, heating the disc at the end until it was red-hot.

The young man walked forward now, unable to keep from touching her. He ran his fingers lightly along her ridged thighs, gently caressing her, then moving up until he was tracing them over her nipples. Just as Elena drew the poker from the coals, the young man twisted her nipples cruelly, his blue eyes growing more and more intense as the teen writhed in agony. He was pulling her heavy tits up by the nipples, crushing the rubbery tips until hot flashes exploded through her chest and cunt.

Elena smiled, nodding in Gus’ direction. The older guard pulled the boy away and whispered something in his ear, something that pleased him very, very much.

Elena moved over to the bench, looking down at the girl. At the end of the poker there was the glowing disc. Elena’s fingers were tightened around the wooden handle as she brought the branding iron directly over her belly, slowly lowering it, watching the girl twist and squirm below.

Lisa watched the poker, her eyes wide and her head shaking, her fingers working against her sweaty palms. Her body glistened with perspiration as she writhed against her bonds. The girl could feel the splinters sticking into her asshole now, producing a hot sensation that radiated to her cunt. Elena brought the branding iron down a little farther, until it was less than an inch away from the flesh of her right thigh. She could feel the stinging heat reddening her flesh, making it blister as she whimpered and strained to be silent.

Elena moved the poker closer and closer to Lisa’s cunt. With a whispering crackle, the first few curly hairs on the teen’s cuntlips burned.

Lisa let out another whimper, unable to stand the pain, and unable to comprehend the pleasure coursing through her pussy that made her clit stand on end and throb like a festering wound.

“Look, Claus, she’s aroused, just as I said she would be. This is a special girl,” Elena said, her voice low as she moved the iron up to Lisa’s nipples. Lisa let out another cry, her tit tips burning under the branding iron. “This is a girl who will mature into a fine woman, a woman who understands pain and pleasure!”

Lisa fought the idea, shaking her head and denying it in her soul as she lay helplessly on the table. The poker dropped a little more. The pain was horrible. It felt as if Elena was burning her with flaming gasoline. Lisa screamed as Elena dropped the poker against her right thigh.


The ropes groaned under her straining body as the teen arched her spine and jerked spasmodically against the bonds. For a moment, Lisa thought she would faint. But her mind and will were too strong. She felt the hot iron burning through her flesh, sending hot and cold throbs of pain crashing through her body as the smell of burning flesh filled the tiny room.

Lisa sagged back down to the table, sobbing, tears flowing from her eyes. She felt stiff and awfully weak. Yet there was a kind of anger that flowed through her now, an anger directed at no one in particular. She saw Elena getting something from the cabinet, flipping open the top of a can and spraying the small burned area of her thigh. Lisa winced, the stinging pain nearly worse than the hot burning agony that had nearly made her faint.

“Disinfectant,” Elena said, putting the can down. “Now, you’re one of us — one with the institution. We have to leave an impression on you — and the other girls here. You have one more job to do. And then, Lisa, dear, you’ll be a trustee of sorts.”

Gus and Red released her. She rose from the table, wrapping her upper arms modestly over her tits, her legs swinging back and forth. Elena and Anna led her through the doorway and down the hall.

When they entered another room, Lisa saw five young girls, still in what she would call their outside world dresses. They were huddled together, their eyes wide with surprise as Lisa walked in stark naked, the burning red circle on her right thigh all too obvious.

Lisa turned and saw what had been occupying their attention until she had arrived. It was a wood-framed rectangular contraption — a frame within a frame. The inner rectangle was attached to the outer one by two large wooden pegs, enabling the smaller frame to swing around. And tied to the corners of the twin boards were quarter-inch black leather thongs.

Lisa blushed and looked down as Gus led her to the frame. The other girls glanced up, their lips trembling and tears spilling as Lisa stepped into the frame. Gus stretched her arms out and fixed her hands on either side of the inner frame. Lisa wondered what was in store for the girls, and what Gus was going to do to her here as she stood naked in front of them all.

The blonde teen had little time to think, though. Gus fixed her ankles to the bottom of the inner frame, snapping two iron cuffs over her feet to hold them in place. Backing up, he grabbed the smaller rectangle with one hand and pulled on it.

Immediately Lisa swung forward. The inner frame rotated until the girl was upside-down, her long blonde hair splashing over the floor and her tits pillowed against her chin.

Gus pulled his belt from his pants, doubling it, then bringing the black leather down hard across Lisa’s ass. But instead of the agonizing pain Lisa had earlier felt, there were explosions of hot lust, making her cunt simmer and her body shiver under each savage blow. The welts, red marks and streaks of blood that began to appear just under her tits all were delicious to the young teen.

The girls watching didn’t see her leer of pleasure, however. They hugged one another, screaming at each dry smack of the leather belt. They watched as Lisa’s upside-down body shook and twisted with each biting slice of the weapon.

Grabbing hold of the frame once again, Gus twisted it around until the girl was upright once more. Lisa swallowed hard, her head still spinning while her flesh glowed with the heat of the recent whipping. When she blinked her eyes clear, she saw two men — Claus and Gus — standing there with their cocks out.

Gus went first, standing on the foot of the frame behind her as the handsome young guard gripped his nine-inch prick and stuck the fat prickhead up against her greasy, bloated cuntlips. Lisa threw her head back, pulling at the ropes when she felt the double-lobed cockhead fuck into her cunthole. Then hot shivers made her asshole spasm as Gus fucked his prickhead against her shtitter. Soon both men were fucking her at the same time, with Gus’ knees pressing against the backs of her legs while Claus sealed his mouth against hers and shoved his long cock into her pussy.

The girls were hysterical now, sobbing and groaning as the two cocks sawed away at Lisa’s body. She felt splitting pain radiate out to the curves of her ass, and her knees trembled. Fucked in the ass! And by that animal! But having Claus fuck her cunt took away from the revulsion she might have felt earlier. Elena was right. She was enjoying this immensely, her grunting moans filling the room and accenting the cries she heard from the other girls.


She screamed her climax shamelessly, throwing back her head and writhing as both men emptied their balls into her. She could feel Gus’ cum sucking down her bowels, giving her the enema of her life as Claus’ prick made her cunt-walls buckle in on his spitting cock.

When they finally stepped down and zipped up their trousers, Lisa looked around the room. The girls were appropriately cowed. Lisa looked away, feeling a kind of power rising in her. Yes, Elena was right. She was a special person. They had trained her and turned her into one of them.

And as Gus began unbuckling the straps holding her hands to the frame above her head, Lisa looked at the young women in front of her and wondered who — if any of them — would first taste her own version of cruelty in the days to come. She didn’t think she would be leaving the institution soon — not when she had so much to learn. Elena, in the end, had won.

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