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Fill my Hole with fist, toys and fingers

Since she was a teen girl Megan had enjoyed playing with herself, rubbing her clit until the release as the waves of pleasure washed over her body. As she grew up she experimented more, learning to use the things she found around her. What exited her were the possibilities. She could not look at a […]

Even The Neighbors Suck!

Steve and Bonnie Conrad were an extremely promiscuous couple with teenaged twin daughters named Pam and Jill. Though the two blonde girls were extremely attractive and innocent looking, they’d both lost their cherries and had been fucking regularly ever since. Their parents, unaware of the twins’ sexual activities, were into all sorts of kinky sex, […]

Rubber pants and collar

As the limousine pulled through the London streets, David wondered how this weekend would live up to the start it had. He was, of course, rock hard in his rubber underwear, and lying with his head in his Mistress’ lap wasn’t helping. ‘Stop here!’ she called out to the driver, and stepped out into the […]

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