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Body Drafts

After removing her bra, Michelle slowly slipped off her more reluctant panties, then stood there holding both. She looked over at Dr Narain sheepishly, the underwear dangling from her hand. “Anywhere,” Narain said with a generous shrug. “Just throw them over there.” Michelle turned and tossed first the bra, then the panties onto a tawny […]

Penny’s Mistake – His Lordships Best

Penny woke with a start, to find Mrs Growel tutting like a mother hen about the room. “Sorry dear” the kindly housekeeper muttered “but the Master insist you prepare to meet his best, you’ve been asleep for nearly three hours you know and the guests are becoming impatient.” Smiling indulgently at Penny the old woman […]

Curve Patrol

I exited the bathroom still wet from a long soak in the tub. With my terry robe wrapped tightly around me, I stalked toward the kitchen on the hunt for a giant mug of hot chocolate. A triple latte espresso would have been better, but it was nine at night and I’d had a long […]

Horny wife’s mid-life crisis 2.

Robin was taking a late night flight home. That afternoon, she called me and asked me to meet her in the bar of the hotel that is in the airport terminal. She wanted me to wait until a half-hour after her plane had landed, and to initially act like I didn’t know her. She asked […]

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