Teacher In Training

Oftentimes, strange and unconventional desires lurk beneath the veneer of normalcy many individuals project. Given the right set of circumstances, these desires cease to be repressed — and are eventually acted out.

Certain individuals attempt to retaliate against the increasing necessity to comply with society’s demands by embracing unorthodox modes of behavior. Subcultures exist in our society, catering to a wide range of tastes. If these cultural avenues of expression did not exist, the pressure to conform would become too much for some people to bear — and the consequences would be devastating.

Aurora Instrom, the heroine of TEACHER IN TRAINING, is an unwilling victim of a suburban subculture. Caught in a covert world she never dreamed existed, Aurora struggles to free herself, until she comes to understand the ultimate value of her new experience.

The alarm rang and Aurora Instrom reached out, to shut it off. She lay there in the semidarkness feeling very unhappy.

Wearily she got up and showered, wondering if things at this school would be as bad as she thought they would.

She had thought she wanted to be a teacher, but she’d done very badly at college and didn’t know why. As a result her grades weren’t that good and this school was the only one that had even interviewed her.

She had been frightened at the interview. The headmaster, Brett Harmon, and his wife Karla had been friendly enough, but there was a sternness to them, a strange feeling of menace that put Aurora off. Also both of them had looked at her strangely, made her stand, up, walk around. She was sure Brett, at least, had been examining her body.

But they offered her a contract and she signed.

As she put her makeup on, Aurora hoped that there wasn’t anything sexual in Brett’s attention. Here in this reform school for seniors in high school, she would be in constant, day-to-day contact with them and things could be difficult and embarrassing.

She was also worried by the uniform she had to wear. It was one thing that the girls had to wear uniforms, and the boys in the adjoining school, but for the teachers to have to dress like this was rather humiliating. Still, Aurora had met many of the teachers and most of them had been there for several years and looked very happy. And they didn’t worry about the uniform.

So Aurora slid the white mesh stockings up her long, shapely legs, watching in the mirror how the skin-hugging nylon set off the curves of her thighs and calves. Then came the little white and pink bodice, with the lacy straps down to the stockings tops. The bodice stopped just short of her lovely full tits and ended above her tight, swelling ass. When she had fastened all the hooks, Aurora stared at herself in the mirror. It was too blatantly sexual and Aurora didn’t like that.

She’d had relationships with men, it wasn’t that she was against sex, she assured herself as she pulled on the pussy-hugging white panties. But they had all been such disappointments. If that was sex, then Aurora could do without it. In fact, she hated it. They just put her on a bed, stuck their cocks in and fucked her for a few minutes at most, and then filled her lovely little pussy with that horrible cum. It was disgusting and after a few attempts, Aurora gave it all up.

She put on the quarter-cup, white bra. White was for the new teachers. At some point, she had been told, she would move onto red and then black and then whatever she wanted. But that was a long way away.

Then came the white blouse, cut very low, almost to her nipples. The effect had made Aurora very embarrassed when she met the other teachers, it was almost as if they were flaunting their tits, legs and asses.

The tight white skirt was pulled in at the waist by the wide belt. The hem of the skirt barely covered her stocking tops and made her even more embarrassed. With the white, five-inch heels as a final touch, Aurora stood and realized that she hated what she looked like. Her lovely blonde hair, falling around her face to her shoulders, set off her soft, pouting lips in the deep shade of red lipstick she wore, the high cheekbones, her wide-set hazel eyes and her slightly turned-up nose.

Aurora’s tits were high, thrusting out. The quarter-cup bra accentuated her cleavage. Her slim waist led down to the luscious swell of her ass and her long, curvaceous legs.

She picked up the thin cane that all teachers had to carry everywhere and looked at it. There was no way she would ever be able to use this on the girls. She would gain their respect that was the way to teach.

Breakfast was the next humiliation. The hundred or so girls looked at her and the teachers chuckled at her discomfort as she sat down. She was blushing furiously by the time it was over and she went to her assigned class.

She opened the door with fingers that were visibly trembling, to face ten teenagers in their red-and-white uniforms. They looked at her with furtive hostility and one of them, a little ash blonde sitting near the back, sniggered openly.

“Now, girls,” Aurora said, “my name is Miss Instrom, but you can call me Aurora. I’m going to be…”

“Who the fuck cares?” the little blonde said.

“What did you say?” Aurora asked, sweat breaking out on her forehead.

“I said, who the fuck cares?” the little blonde said, polishing her nails. Several of the other girls laughed.

“I hope you’d like to get to know me,” Aurora said, her blushes getting deeper. She gripped the cane desperately.

“What for?” the little blonde said. “I mean you got this job the way they all got it. Blowjob was it? I mean you know what this place is really like?”

She sneered and leaned back, sliding her skirt up her thighs, revealing her tight red panties.

“If you wanna get in here good,” she said, “you better suck my pussy.”

“What? Stop that!” Aurora shouted as the class broke into shrieks of laughter. “Girls, stop it!”

“Come on, Miss,” another of the girls shouted, “we blow enough cocks, you come and blow us!”

The laughter doubled and Aurora cringed back.

“Come on, Aurora!” the little blonde yelled, getting up on the desk. “Show us your pussy!”

She teased her skirt right up and slid her panties down her legs, showing the blonde cuntmound beneath.

“Put your panties on!” Aurora pleaded.

“Put them on for me,” the girl challenged and Aurora broke into floods of tears. She fled from the classroom and down the hall to the headmaster’s office. Without knocking, she rushed in and was halfway across the room before she came to a horrified halt, staring at what she saw Brett Harmon was standing at one end of his desk. Tied hand and foot, face-down on the desk was a pretty dark-haired girl, dressed in the pink-and-black uniform of a senior. Her blouse was open, her rather large tits were pressed into the leather top of his desk, her skirt was up, over her back and her panties were on the floor. Her face hung over the edge of the desk and her soft mouth was deep on Brett’s cock, sucking it for all she was worth while she struggled violently with the ropes that held her wrists and ankles to the edges of the desk.

The girl’s ass was covered with red lines and the red was spreading all over her ass-flesh. Above her stood Karla, a short-handled, single-tailed leather whip in her hand. There was a cracking noise and the whip lashed over the girl’s ass.

Her bubbling scream rang out from around Brett’s cock and she rammed her mouth deeper onto his prick.

“W-what?” Aurora stammered. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, come in, Aurora,” Brett said, “sit down, we have some disciplining to do, we won’t be long. You’ve got a problem?”

The whip landed again and the girl gave a piteous scream, her throat stretching to take Brett’s massive cock as her desperate heave rammed it deeper in.

“Lulu here was caught fucking a boy when he was on punishment parade,” Brett said. “That sort of thing had to be dealt with very severely. Again, Karla.”

Karla lashed the whip into Lulu’s ass and the little dark-haired girl’s scream rang round the room.

Aurora panicked, this was too much. “I must go. I resign, I can’t…”

“Sit down!” Brett snapped and Aurora wavered, there was such command in his voice. He pulled his cock out of Lulu’s mouth and advanced on Aurora.

Aurora hovered over the chair and Brett pushed her down into it, his cock bobbing close to her face, hard and menacing.

“You’ll do as you’re told!” Brett snapped. “You won’t get a job anywhere else. I took you because of your looks and body, honey, not because of your mind. And you’re gonna learn how to use them. Now wait until I’ve finished and…”

“You can’t do this to these girls!” Aurora wept. “Let me go!”

“What?” he sneered, “Can’t do this? Who do you think these girls are, huh? This is all they understand, baby, and I give it to them. When they leave me, they’re straightened out all right. They don’t come back and the state loves that. You think they ask me questions about my methods? They get good young men and women who know how to behave. That’s what they want. Discipline!”

“No!” Aurora wailed. “Let me go! I’ll tell them all what you’re like!”

“Okay,” Brett said, “that’s enough. I’ll have to teach you properly. Get out the rope, Karla, she can watch. That might change her mind a bit.”

Leaving the sobbing, heaving girl still tied face-down over the desk, Karla went off and pressed a button in the wall. Part of the ceiling pulled back and a shining set of metal bars slid out. From them a rope unwound until it was about six feet from the floor.

“Good,” Brett said and hustled the terrified Aurora over to the rope. He took her wrists and slid them into broad leather straps that tightened on her hands.

“No!” Aurora screamed, but Karla pressed another button and the rope began to go up, pulling her wrists with it. The rope went on, pulling her hands up until her feet only just touched the carpet. Then Karla touched the button again and the horrible rope stopped, leaving Aurora stretched badly, her whole body taking with the strain on her arms.

“Call her class they have the day off,” Brett said. “That’ll give her something to work for.” Karla grinned as she left and Brett untied the moaning Lulu. The little girl got up off the desk and stood rubbing her ass, her dark hair falling over her shoulders. Her blouse was still open.

“Since we have more to do than I thought,” Brett said, “you can undress down to proper regulations, Lulu.”

“Yes, Sir.” Lulu’s fingers trembled as she undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse and slipped it out of the waistband of her skirt. She let it fall and her bra with it, revealing a little slip, open at the neck.

Brett leaned on his desk and watched as the little schoolgirl unzipped her skirt and let it fall. Now she stood there in just the slip, which was open almost to her waist, white stockings and her high heels.

“Come with me,” Brett said.

Obediently Lulu followed him as he walked up to the struggling Aurora, hanging there in a state of shock.

“Get my robe, Lulu.”

“Yes, Sir.” Lulu went over to a closet, coming back with a long purple robe. She knew exactly what to do.

Brett slid his hand over the front of Aurora’s tight blouse, over her tits that were thrust out even more by her stretched arms. She moaned and tried to pull away, but her feet couldn’t get any grip on the carpet.

Lulu took Brett’s jacket off, running it down his free arm while he slid his other hand over Aurora’s body, over both her tits until her nipples throbbed and got hard at his touch, then down over her waist and the swell of her ass.

Lulu unbuttoned his shirt, took his tie off and peeled the shirt away, while all the time he played with Aurora’s ass and upper thighs. She hung there, almost unable to breathe at the horror.

Brett sat down in the chair while Lulu knelt at his feet and eased his shoes off. All the time he kept his eyes on Aurora. Her soft mouth trembled as his steely gaze played over her body. Her stretched arms not only pushed her tits out, but also lifted the hem of her skirt to the tops of her stockings, revealing the creamy white of her thighs.

Lulu eased Brett’s pants down his legs and off, then went back for his underpants. She moaned as she took hold of his massive cock, stroking it as she pulled his underpants over the thick bulbous cock-head and away, and down his legs.

Completely naked, Brett stood up and Lulu put the robe on him. He walked back up to Aurora and, at a nod from him, Lulu sank back to her knees and reached inside his robe.

To Aurora’s utter disgust, the schoolgirl took the massive fuck-rod and slipped her lips over it, moving her mouth over his purplish cock-head and sucking gently on it, just rubbing her fingers over his cock-head and stroking his balls.

“One of the first things the girls learn here,” Brett said, “is how to suck cock properly.”

His fingers played with the insides of Aurora’s thighs, just above her stocking tops.

“How to suck them off, and how to tease them, keep the man on the edge of coming for as long as he wants, for hours, if he wants, Lulu’s very good at it, don’t you think?”

His fingers slid up Aurora’s cringing body to the neck of her tight blouse.

“She knows she still has to go over the desk, so she wants me to be as hot as possible, so that I’ll come quickly and save her a lot of pain.”

He undid the top button of Aurora’s blouse. “But,” he said softly, “if your body excites me too much and I come in her mouth, it won’t be her fault, will it?”

His fingers undid the next button of Aurora’s blouse, revealing the clasp of her quarter-cup bra.

“If that happens, I’d have to get Karla to whip you while Lulu sucks me hard again and then goes over the desk, that’s only fair, isn’t it?”

Aurora threw her head back and screamed as Brett slid both his hands over her bra and took hold of the tiny clasp. He heaved and the clasp gave at once, snapping so violently her lovely tits burst out, thrusting into the air.

“Nooooo!” Aurora wailed as Brett’s hands ran over her twin tit-globes, concentrating on her nipples. He slid them between the finger and thumb of each hand and pinched and rolled under. Aurora moaned with the rising pain. His fingers played with her nipples and Aurora could see that his cock was pushing faster and harder into Lulu’s soft little mouth.

Lulu groaned, but she was working his cockrod now for all she was worth, her mouth sucking deeper, her hands squeezing his balls and crossing his cock-shaft with rising passion. “Oh, how terrible,” Brett said in his menacing, deadly voice, “I think I’m going to come. I bet if I reached down under your skirt and felt your pussy, especially through those little white panties, that I’d come almost at once.”

Aurora screamed, her body heaving on the rope. But Brett was already reaching down, his hand working under her little skirt, sliding up her thigh until her reached the crotch of her tiny white panties. She tried to close her legs, but his brutal hands forced their way in.

“Ooooh, that’s so nice!” he crooned, while Lulu’s mouth sank even deeper on his cock. “You’ve got a really wonderful cunt, baby, oh lovely, those pussy-lips so soft and I bet your pussy-mound is blonde, isn’t it? Matches perfectly. What a pity, I’m coming, I’m going to shoot right in Lulu’s mouth and she’s going to show you how it’s done. Ooohhhhhh!”

He kept one hand on Aurora’s helpless cunt while he slid his other one into Lulu’s hair, holding her young mouth to his cock as it worked in and out of her mouth.

Aurora stared in rising horror at what was going on, and shivered in horror at the touch of Brett’s fingers in her pussy. She hadn’t seen just how big Brett’s cock was until then. It had to be nine or ten inches of throbbing cock-meat, and fully half of it was sliding in and out of Lulu’s hot little mouth.

Lulu gurgled around the pistoning cock-rod, her hands working Brett’s shaft, while it thrust at her face faster and harder as his grip in her hair tightened.

Brett sighed, his rock-hard cock sliding in and out of Lulu’s mouth. His fingers probed deeper into Aurora’s pussy, pushing into the very entrance of her cunt, the thin material of her panties rasping over her tender flesh as it was forced in.

“Yeahhhhh!” he yelled suddenly, ramming his cock deeper into Lulu’s mouth. “Ready, now, now!”

Lulu’s skillful mouth worked over his fuckrod, sucking at the heaving flesh as it speeded up and Brett gasped with lust, his hand tight in her hair. The tube on the underside of his cock suddenly bulged with cum and hot streams of it surged into the little schoolgirl’s mouth.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Brett roared. “That’s it, you little shit! That’s it! Now show her, show her!”

Under Aurora’s terrified eyes, Lulu eased her mouth back up Brett’s cock, keeping her hands jerking his shaft as the cum poured out. She eased her lips the last inch and there was his cock-slit, shooting thick gobs of cum. Lulu opened her mouth, leaned back, Brett’s hand working compulsively in her hair, as another jet surged from his cock, streamed out in an arc and poured into her open mouth. She gurgled with delight, opened her mouth wider for the next spurt, taking some of it over her lips and chin and all the time Brett gasped and roared with delight, his cock emptying in huge gobs of spunk.

“You did it!” he yelled in delight. “You did it, you little whore! Suck it all out, suck it all out!”

Moaning and gurgling, Lulu sank her mouth back over the jerking cock and sucked up the last of Brett’s cum as it ran out of his piss-slit and into her welcoming mouth. She held her lips over his cock-head, sucking at the cum as it oozed over her tongue while Brett held her head, thrusting in longer, slower strokes at the young girl’s mouth.

Karla came back into the room. There was one thing about her that Aurora had found strange at the interview. She wore a hat with a veil over her face and Aurora found that disconcerting. Now it was plain menacing and Aurora began to see why Karla wore it.

Karla was a tall woman, with brunette hair held up under her hat, showing her beautiful, severe face with its dark eyes, long straight nose and full, sensual mouth. She wore long earrings falling on either side of the veil that partly concealed her features. Below that she wore a tight-fitting black dress, the hem just below the knee, but slit high on her thigh to reveal, right at the top, the hint of white flesh. It was the only sight of her legs, for she wore tight black, thigh-high boots with spiked heels. She stood for a moment, watching the scene.

“All set,” she said. “Did that little cunt bring you off, darling?”

“Yeah,” he said, “I mean look at that body.”

He lifted Aurora’s skirt to show the curves of her legs and ass to his wife. And all the time Lulu kept her soft mouth playing with his cock.

“Yes, I see,” Karla said thoughtfully. She waked slowly over to the trembling Aurora. She pulled Aurora’s face around to her and smiled nastily. “So you made my husband come, did you?”

“It wasn’t me, please, I want to go!” Aurora wept, staring through the back veil of Karla’s piercing eyes.

“He said it was you. Are you saying he’s a liar?” Karla asked softly, her fingers playing with Aurora’s lovely mouth.

“N-no, no, no! It’s just that…”

“Now you have to be whipped until his cock is hard again,” Karla said, her voice not changing at all.

“It wasn’t me!” Aurora screamed in horror. “These are your tits, standing out like this, aren’t they?” Karla said, taking one of Aurora’s nipples in her fingers and twisting it.

“Yes, yes!” Aurora sobbed. “Please, it’s all a mistake! I just want to go!”

“And he came when he took them out and felt your pussy, didn’t he?” Karla said, her hand still caressing Aurora’s face. “Now you’d better learn that the only right answer to my question is the one I want. It gets pretty painful around here for people who forget that.”

Her fingers tightened on Aurora’s nipple and the helpless teacher moaned in pain, her arms puffing helplessly at the rope.

“Let me explain one more thing,” Karla said, her hands sliding Aurora’s blouse right away from her tits. “You brought Brett off. So you get whipped until he’s hard again. You notice that he’s hard already?”

She twisted Aurora’s nipples, digging her long fingernails in as well.

“Yessss!” Aurora wailed, her body filled with shooting pains from her tits. She could see clearly that Brett’s cock was as long and hard as it had been when he shot into Lulu’s mouth. And still the little schoolgirl sucked at it, caressing the hard length.

“I know, it’s terrible, isn’t it?” Karla said with mock sympathy. “The doctors called it something, I forget what, but he’s oversexed, the poor darling. So saying, you get whipped until he’s hard again is just our little joke! He’s always hard! Now, close your legs!”

The sudden change in her tone made Aurora start and she had closed her legs before she knew what she was doing. With hard, expert movements, Karla undid Aurora’s belt and pulled her skirt down her legs and off, exposing her wonderful, swelling ass in the tiny, tight white panties. Then she reached up and ripped at the blouse, tearing it at the shoulder first and then pulling it to shreds, throwing the pieces away all over the floor. As Aurora screamed and struggled, Karla gripped the torn bra and ripped that away too.

Aurora wept, hanging there in her stockings, panties and the bodice, her tits showing to them all, and her ass only protected by the white panties.

“Now, that’s better.” Karla walked over to the leather whip and picked it up.

Brett pulled Lulu up by her hair and led her over to his desk. The sultry schoolgirl bent over obediently and leaned tits down over the leather top, facing the helpless Aurora so that both she and Brett could get a good view. She spread her long legs and Brett came up behind her, sliding his cock over her pussy-lips. She moaned contentedly and he pushed, working his cock halfway into her cunt in one go, the massive fucker sliding easily on her free-flowing pussy-juices.

Lulu crooned. “Ooohh, Sir, fuck me, Sir, fill my pussy, please, I’ll do anything if you’ll — aahhh, yessss, fuck meeee!”

Wailing and mewling, she pushed back at Brett and he rammed his cock to the top of her cunt lifting her feet off the carpet with the force of eight cocks. He held her there and then eased back, starting a long slow fucking of the obedient, willing schoolgirl.

Aurora stared at the whip as Karla held it and ran it past her face. Aurora was petrified. She stared at Karla as the horrible woman raised the whip and lashed it through the air, the tip flicking inches from Aurora’s nose.

“See that?” Karla said. “Think what that’s gonna do to your ass.”

The whip curled up, flicked in the air and lashed brutally across Aurora’s heaving asscheeks.

Aurora screamed, her body tossing wildly as the agony surged through her ass. She twisted around, saw the whip lashing through the air again. She wailed as the thin leather cut into her creamy white ass-flesh. She stared down in horror, her head twisted as far as it would go, seeing the two red lines across her ass. Karla cut her ass with the whip again.

“Stop it, I haven’t done anything!” she yelled. “No, no don’t!”

“We’re going to teach you the proper behavior for a mistress in this school,” Karla said, whipping the screaming Aurora hard. “First obedience, then to learn how to get obedience from the girls.”

She laid the whip across Aurora’s ass once more, the slap of the leather on skin ringing out a second before Aurora’s terrified scream.

“Is his cock hard enough yet?” Karla asked Lulu.

The little schoolgirl moaned with delight as she heaved her ass back, taking as much of Brett’s enormous cock as she could into her hot little cunt.

“Ooooh, no, Miss,” she sighed, “no, it isn’t hard enough yet!”

She giggled a little as she rubbed her tits into the hard leather top of Brett’s desk, her pussy sucking the whole of his rock-hard fucker into its sopping wet interior.

“You hear that? He isn’t hard enough yet.” Karla whipped the leather into Aurora’s ass and the helpless young teacher wept and screamed in pain, her body jerking under the impact of the whip.

“Noooo!” Aurora wailed, pain rushing all over her body. She still couldn’t believe that she was so terribly trapped. Her lovely lips opened wide again as the whip cut her ass, lashing another strip of red pain across her white flesh. “Oooohhhh, help me!”

Karla stopped the whip and came over to Aurora, standing in front of the sobbing teacher. “Are you prepared to be reasonable?”

“Yes!” Aurora sobbed.

“We’ll see,” Karla said. She went to the wall and let the rope go.

Aurora fell to the floor in a heap, sobbing her heart out. She tried to reach back to rub her suffering ass, but her hands were still too tightly bound in the leather thongs and she just had to lie there. But not for long.

“Get up!” Karla snapped and prodded Aurora with her spiked heel.

Aurora rolled over and cringed up at the dominating woman.

“Get up!” Karla said. “I shan’t tell you again!”

Aurora scrambled to her fret, standing weeping as Karla undid the bonds and stared at her, walking slowly around her. Aurora shivered as she felt the whip handle running slowly over her ass.

“Not bad for a piece of whore flesh,” Karla said. “Bend over, hold your ankles.”

Aurora trembled from head to foot as she slowly slid her hands down her thighs and past her tines, bending her body until her ass stuck in the air, a perfect target for whatever Karla wanted to do.

“Spread your legs,” Karla said and the terrified teacher did as she was told, her legs straining in their white stockings, the high-heeled shoes making it more difficult for her to bend, pulling out the curves of her legs and ass even tighter. “Watch Lulu get fucked. It’ll be your turn soon, so you might as well know what you’re in for.”

Aurora broke into fresh sobs as she craned her head up and stared at the depraved scene being played out over Brett’s desk. Lulu had gripped the edges as she heaved and rolled in rising lust, her ass jerking back faster and harder for Brett’s cock.

“Ooohhh, Sir!” she screamed. “Oh fill me up, Sir! Fill me up with cum — ooooobhh!”

Her tits rubbed harder into the desk top as she rolled in rising climax, her body shaking with him.

Brett grunted as he heaved his cock deep into Lulu’s hot little fuck-hole. He slid his hands over her red ass and slapped her hard with his hand, getting another wail of lust from the dark-haired schoolgirl. His cock stiffened further, swelling and throbbing in Lulu’s cunt, his strokes getting faster, heaving Lulu off her feet at the peak of each ramming fuck.

Aurora shivered with horror as she watched. It was all too horrible to think about. Then she gave a low scream and looked back through her wide-spread legs. The handle of the whip was running over her pussy, while behind her stood Karla, her face impassive behind the lacy veil.

“Your stockings are crooked,” Karla said, “this is the time I shall warn you. The next time it’s six strokes of the cane. And the same goes for all the girls. If I find YOU ignoring that, you’ll get the strokes they should get. Straighten them. Don’t get up!”

Aurora sobbed at the rising shame of her position. Weeping bitterly, she reached back and tried to get the seams of her white mesh stockings to run straight up the back of her wonderful, long legs. It was very difficult, particularly from her position, and with the whip handle playing over her pussy, but she managed it eventually.

“Better,” Karla said, “and don’t forget that.”

She smiled at Aurora. “You have two choices now. You can bend over as before and hold your ankles while I give you four strokes of the whip, two for getting up, two for not calling me Madame. If you don’t, then you go back on the rope and I whip you until you beg me to be allowed to bend over and take the strokes. Which is it?”

Aurora knew she meant. There was no choice for her, but she still gasped and burst into floods of tears. Sobbing and wailing with humiliation, Aurora turned back and spread her legs, sliding her hands down her calves until she held her ankles and stared up at Karla, who took the whip and curled it in her hands. Aurora fought with terror as she watched the whip curl through the air. The thin leather tail lashed into her ass and she heaved, almost losing her balance as the pain erupted over her body.

“Aaaaghhh!” she screamed. “Oooohhh, help me!”

The whip went back and held there. Aurora wept, her body shaking with pain. She whipped her ankles desperately, closing her eyes as she saw the whip curling upward again and again.

Karla whipped the thin leather into Aurora once more.

“Uuurrgghhh!” Aurora screamed, losing her balance and falling onto the carpet, her body shaking with agony.

“Get up!” Karla snapped. “Fast, you stupid little bitch!”

Aurora struggled up, turning, getting her hands around her ankles once more, while the pain rang through her body.

“What do you do as soon as you’ve got up?” Karla snapped, running the whip through her fingers.

Aurora was baffled. She stared at Karla, trying to see through the veil, but Karla’s eyes were as hard and impassive as usual.

“Chock your stocking sews!” Karla yelled. “If you let them get out of line, you go over again fuck, you learn so slow.”

Frantically Aurora checked her stockings. The scams were already put of line and the fall of the carpet had wrinkled them badly. She pulled them straight and Karla checked her again.

“Good,” she said. “Now bend back over, let me finish this and we can get started.”

Aurora broke into more sobs as she was bound to her ankles. It was accompanied by Lulu’s moans and screams as she came, heaving on the desk top, her body trembling as the man fucked over her.

“Oooohhh! Sir!” Lulu groaned. “Oooohhh, Sir! That’s wonderful, ooooh, do it Sir, don’t stop!”

She squealed with delight as his pistoning cock-rod heaved in even harder, lifting her feet right off the carpet, holding her there while she screamed with delight, her cunt sucking and jerking on his massive fuck-rod.

The tip of the whip handle pushed at the very entrance of Aurora’s pussy. She screeched with disgust and tried to get away.

“Do you want another six strokes?” Karla snapped.

“No, Madame. No!” Aurora cried, the agony still running out from her whipped ass.

“Then sit still!”

Aurora forced herself to do as she was told, her legs squeezed together as she tried to stop her trembling. In fact, Aurora had never been very wet at all, and the leather handle hurt as it pushed in.

“Hold still,” Karla said as Aurora’s trembling legs swayed under the horror she was enduring.

The whip handle pushed right in, working to the top of Aurora’s cunt, and thrusting around while Karla slid her finger over Aurora’s ass and down to the tight ring of ass muscles that trembled in sympathy to the invasion of her cunt.

“Hmmm, no virginity to worry about,” Karla said, “and your ass reacts well, we shall have to develop that. Tell me, do you fuck many men?”

“No,” Aurora said with a shudder.

“I should think not,” Karla said, “by the way your pussy is so dry, who the fuck would want to get his cock rubbed raw? We’ll have to work on that too. Let’s see how it goes into your ass.”

“Uuuurrgggghh, no!” Aurora screamed, her whole body shuddering at the very thought.

“What did you say?” Karla snapped, rasping the whip handle over Aurora’s suffering pussy-walls.

“Nothing, Madame!” Aurora sobbed.

“In this school you get fucked every way there is!” Karla snapped.

“And you’ll get enough cocks up your ass before you’re through. Let me show things to you.”

The whip handle pulled brutally out of Aurora’s pussy and slid up to her ass. Aurora almost passed out at the terror of it all, but somehow she held still, knowing what would happen if she didn’t.

“In this school,” Karla said, pushing the whip handle at Aurora’s tight ass, “what Brett and I say goes, without question, got that?”

“Yes, Madame!” Aurora gasped as her ass gave a little under the thrusting whip handle, the top of it penetrating half an inch or so. Her body shook with the pain and she gasped as her ass tried to tighten up to stop it going any farther.

“You are in complete command of all the girls, without question,” Karla said, pushing the whip handle again and getting it even farther into Aurora’s shuddering ass. “They are to be whipped any way you want for any breach of discipline. Got that?”

“Yes, Madame!” Aurora sobbed, her ass throbbing under the push of the whip handle.

“Yow can have the girls fuck anybody you want as well. And you can have any of them whenever you want. Got that?”

Aurora gurgled in pain as the whip handle slid several inches into her ass. It felt as if she was impaled on the horrible thing. “Yes, Madame!”

“You can also send for any of the boys you want,” Karla said and pushed the whip handle again, “That’s more complicated. If you want to inflict some pain, and we all do sometimes, then call for some of them on punishment duty.” She twisted the whip handle and Aurora’s legs went to jelly, the little blonde staggering before she got her balance back again. “If you want a real good fuck, then call for the senior boys who are on merit awards. Got that?”

“Uuuurrrgggghhh. Yes, Madame!”

“They’re also useful for keeping the girls in line. They’re all disgusting little bitches, but they learn a lesson when they’ve sucked a couple of cocks off with the cane whipping their asses the whole time. It’ll be up to you, when you’ve passed the test.”

She started fucking Aurora’s ass with the whip handle, twisting it around as the terrified girl moaned and heaved, trying to keep her legs straight.

“And finally, you fuck the masters at boys school whenever they want.”

“Yes, Madame!” Aurora wept as the whip churned and pulled her guts.

“Good, stand up.”

Aurora sprang back upright, the wonderful curves of her body shaking with fear.

“Come here,” Karla said and led her close to the desk where Lulu shrieked and moaned with lust as she came. Brett was leaning forward, his hands on her tits as he fucked her faster and faster, his cock blurring in and out of her cunt.

“Watch this,” Karla said, “you might learn something.”

Aurora stood there, her ass aching from the whip and the fucking the handle had given her. As she watched, Karla threw the whip away and went over to a closet in the wall, coming back with a small, short-tailed cat, the tails knotted tightly every inch or so, and the knots still shiny with use. She stood at the far end of the desk, at Lulu’s panting mouth as the girl moaned and heaved with climax.

“Come on, you horny fucker,” Karla said, “we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

She held the cat and ran her hand over the front of her tight dress, opening her thighs and pressing the material into her pussy. It was the first sign of arousal Aurora had seen her give.

Brett heaved at Lulu’s cunt, his cock slamming harder into the teens, his loins slapping into her ass-cheeks at the peak of every ramming fuck. He pulled Lulu up by her tits, holding her close to him, so that her ass was pressed into his cock and her body bowed slightly, her large firm tits held tight and thrust out, over the desk.

“Do it!” Brett yelled. “Do it!”

Karla drew the cat back and whipped it across Lulu’s thrusting tit-mounds, beating the tight knots into the area around her nipple, making sure she avoided Brett’s hands. He, on his part, squeezed the twin mounds harder, forcing them out to meet the cat tails.

“Aaaghhhhh!” Lulu screamed, her body jumping and heaving faster, while Karla lashed her tits with swinging blows. “Aaaahhhhhhh! Yes, Sir, ohhhh, fuck is that good for you Sir?” Her little cunt sucked at Brett’s cock while her tits reddened and bobbled with each blow of the whip.

“Yes baby that’s good!” Brett growled, holding the teen close, thrusting his cock to the beat of his wife’s whipping stroke. “Yeahhhh! Here I come, baby, here I come!”

His hips began to jerk uncontrollably as his cock filled with hot jism. With a bellow of lust, he heaved Lulu off her feet and held her on his cock, her body shaking and heaving, her tits held out as the cat lashed across them.

Lulu screamed as her cunt filled with the rushing cam bursting out of Brett’s huge throbbing cock. She trembled, her body bowed back, her tits red from the cat, with deeper, crimson marks all over them. Her ass heaved as her cimnt throbbed around the spurting fucker and her legs pulled up, spreading so that Brett could get more of his cock in her hot cunt. She screamed as the whip lashed her jiggling tit-globes.

“Ooooh, fill me up, Sir, fill me up!” Her little white slip tossed wildly as she came, the sides of it flapping over her whipped tits occasionally.

Aurora watched in shame and horror as Lulu’s body rolled on Brett’s enormous fuckrod. Cum oozed out of Lulu’s cunt and ran into the crack of her ass, but she didn’t care, she just screamed and came, while Brett held her, his cock still spurting cum in her wet cunt.

“That’s it, that’s it!” he roared. “Ooooh, fuck that was good, that was good!”

He gave Lulu one last huge heave upward and then dropped the little schoolgirl back onto the desk, leaving her moaning face-down on the leather top while he slid his cock slowly in and out of her throbbing cunt, working the last of his cum out. Lulu rubbed her tits as she came down off her climax, gasping for breath.

“Not bad, I think you have paid for your disobedience,” Karla said. “Now, would you like to be a special girl for the day?”

“Oh, yes, Madame,” Lulu gasped, still facedown on the desk top.

“When my husband gets his cock out of your cunt, I have a job for you,” Karla said.

Brett gave a grin and pulled his prick out of Karla’s sucking pussy. It had gone down a little, but was still more than rigid enough to scare the daylights out of the trembling Aurora. He grinned and let his robe swing back over his massive fucker. Lulu stood up and instantly began to fix her stocking seams straight as she waited for Karla to give her instructions.

Instantly Brett grabbed Aurora by her long blonde hair and pulled her. Screaming and wailing, Aurora lurched back in her high heels until she came up against the back of a chair. Keeping his grip on her hair, Brett walked around the chair and pulled her hard, so that she almost lost her balance, but ended up bent back like a bow, the back of the chair biting into her just above her waist.

“Spread your legs,” Karla said and whipped the cat right into Aurora’s lovely tits.

Aurora’s scream rang around the room as she put her hands up over her fits to protect them.

The cat lashed into her upper thighs, beating red lines all over her milky flesh between her stocking tops and her pussy-mound.

She screamed again, putting her hands down to protect her thighs, while all die time Brett kept his grip on her hair, allowing her no room to move at all.

“Put your hands behind your back,” Karla said, “if you want to get this over with quickly.”

“I’ll do whatever you want!” Aurora sobbed, terrified out of her mind.

“Good. But you have to take three strokes on your pussy. Open your legs when you’re ready!”

Aurora opened her legs even as she was screaming with pain. She could feel her tits bursting with agony, her lovely red areolas throbbing under the terrible assault. She hung over the chair back as the cat lashed upward, right between her legs.

She gasped, tears starting out of her eyes as the cat lashed her. Her puffy pussy-lips felt as if they were bursting, and her clit erupted with horrible agony. Her clit burned, throbbing with a pain that coursed through her, making her body throb in a strange way. She screamed and Brett let go of her hair.

But there was still Lulu, waiting on the desk, her legs wide open, cum running out of her pussy, through her fingers, and all over her ass.

“I was very naughty, Madame,” Lulu confessed, “I couldn’t help it, I got so excited I came just watching. There’s so much more cum to lick up now, my pussy just gushed!”

Karla smiled. “You’re going for bonus points for this weekend, huh.”

“Yes, Madame.”

“You just might get them,” Karla said. “Now, lick her out!”

Helplessly Aurora bent over the desk and let her mouth come closer to the reeking pit of Lulu’s cunt. She smelt the strong odor of a woman in heat, mixed with the clean, salty smell of Brett’s cum as she got closer and the mixture churned up her insides just as the pain from the whip on her clit had done. Sobbing, she licked and some of the cum and Lulu’s pussy-juices came up into her mouth. With a shudder, she swallowed them. She licked again, over Lulu’s clit, cleaning off the creamy mess.

“Ooooohh,” Lulu sighed. “Oooohhh, I like that.”

Lulu lay there purring as Aurora licked at her pussy, cleaning the red cunt-gash until there was no more cum in it.

“Right into my cunt, Miss,” Lulu said, opening the tight little hole and making sure Aurora’s tongue went right in as far as it could. “Oooohhhh, yes, that’s nice! Now my ass, that got some of it.”

She lay even farther back and spread her asschecks, showing the goo running deep in the crack.

Aurora almost threw up. But this wasn’t as bad as the whip. She licked at the goo, listening to Lulu’s contented purring, feeling Lulu’s tight little ass muscles spasm under her tongue. It was disgusting, but Lulu’s ass was clean, and so Aurora managed to survive the ordeal.

“Good!” Karla snapped. “Get going, Lulu, and you, come here.”

Aurora got up and stared at Karla. There was a strange light in the horrible woman’s eyes.

Aurora stumbled over to Karla as the tall dark woman stood there, the whip in her hands. She looked Aurora up and down.

“You still haven’t been fucked,” she said, “but that can wait. Take my dress off.”

Aurora didn’t think of refusing. Karla’s glittering eyes behind the veil made her shake. She reached for the top of the zipper at the back of Karla’s dress, easing it down, right to the crack of Karla’s ass. Then she slid it down the woman’s arms, and held it as she stepped out of it.

Aurora had no real idea what she expected to find under the dress, but it certainly wasn’t a leather dress, with a hem that only just covered Karla’s ass. It was cut so low that Karla’s luscious tits bulged right out, and from the deepest point of the neck line, a zipper reached right down the front to the hem. The whole effect, coupled with the thigh-length boots, was one of vastly increased menace.

“Good,” Karla said. She walked around Aurora as the young teacher stood there trembling. “Your stocking scams are out of line!”

“No, really, no!” Aurora wailed, turning and staring. Karla was right, her stocking seam was out of line.

“Well,” Karla said in her best silky voice, “what happens to girls whose stockings are out of line?”

Aurora felt her throat constricting. “They get whipped, Madame.”

“Very good, you’re learning. For that you can suck Brett’s cock while I do it. Everything is so much nicer with a cock in your mouth, don’t you think?”

Aurora felt her chest heaving in panic. She looked over to Brett, sprawled in a chair, his cock sticking out of the front of his robe. It was not as big as it had been before, but it stirred as she looked at it and began to unwind and stretch like a snake. It had cum smeared all over it and Aurora felt sick again as she looked at it. She knew she would never get that huge cockhead past her lovely lips.

“Don’t just look at it!” Karla snapped. “Co over there, bend over and get on with it!”

It was a bad dream for Aurora as she walked over to the grinning headmaster. She looked once again at the enormous cock she was supposed to suck. It had grown in just a few moments, standing out, almost hard. The huge ball-shaped cock-head was throbbing slightly as Brett reached out and ran his hands over her tits, then up to take a handful of her blonde hair.

“Don’t be shy,” he said, “it’s all for you.”

Their contemptuous teasing was almost worse than the pain of the whip. Aurora sobbed as she bent over, her long legs stretching as she went down, her ass pushing up, presenting a perfect target.

Brett held her hair as she led her mouth to the swollen tip of his cock. Close up the thing it looked even more menacing, huge and purplish, oaths end of the cock-shaft.

Brett grabbed her hair tighter. He took his cock and slapped it hard against Aurora’s face. There was some give in it still, it wasn’t totally hard, and that made the sting of it even worse. Aurora gasped and wailed, but his cock came back, slapping the other side of her face, stinging just as badly.

“Whore meat,” Brett said, “that’s all you are, bitch, and don’t forget it, whore meat!”

He gave her another double slap with his huge cock. It was now almost hard, and stiffening all the time.

“Now suck it,” he said.

Her ass trembled as she slid her soft lips over the thick cock-head. Any moment now Karla would start her punishment, driving more pain through her helpless body. She licked the hard cock-flesh, feeling it tremble and push at her mouth as she did. She opened her soft lips and, incredibly, the monster slid between them and into her mouth.

She moaned and wept at the shame. Never had she let a man do this with his cock.

It was dirty and disgusting. She felt his massive round cock-head move farther into her mouth as he kept his grip on her hair, moving his cock in and out as he wanted.

“Suck it, you whore!” he snapped.

Aurora sucked on the cock-head and the cane lashed her ass. The agony surged through her and she jumped, her mouth coming off his cock as she screamed, her legs going soft and jelly-like under the assault of the leather whip.

Aurora wailed, tears spouting from her eyes as the horrible whip lashed her again, driving a thin line of unbearable agony across her ass.

“Suck cock!” Brett snapped and Aurora jerked her head back over his cock-head just as the whip landed again and drove her arching up in a scream of pure pain. Brett yelled, his hand gripping her hair tight as he leaned in and slapped her across the face.

Aurora screamed and collapsed to her knees. “I can’t! How can I? I can’t if you whip me!”

“Work it out, bitch!” Karla snapped. “It’s the whip until you do!”

The thin leather tail cut Aurora’s ass as she knelt there.

Aurora’s scream rang around the room as she staggered back up. Then she bent over again sobbing and wailing, her mouth going down on Brett’s cock. As her soft lips touched it the whip cut her ass.

Aurora screamed in helpless passion. She twisted, her mind on fire, her body shaking with pain and humiliation. Her fingers gripped Brett’s cock as she half turned, raging at Karla.

The whip cut her ass again.

Aurora broke. She started, jumped and turned on Karla, tearing at the woman who tortured her.

Instantly Karla grabbed her wrists and flung her down across the carpet, rolling her with a casual flick of her arm. Aurora turned to get up, reached for Karla and moaned as she was twisted and fell on her back, staring up at the dominatrix who straddled her contemptuously.

“Want to try again?” Karla said with a sweet grin. She lashed the whip across Aurora’s tits. “Come on, go for me again! Go for me real good!”

Aurora clutched her tits, staring up Karla’s long shapely legs to the dark curls of her pussymound beneath the tiny leather dress. Somehow it seemed even more obscene to Aurora that Karla wasn’t wearing panties. She rolled, trying to escape from Karla’s long legs, but suddenly she was pinned to the carpet by Karla’s spiked heel, right in the middle of her back. Aurora moaned as the painful spike dug into her flesh.

“I’ve had enough of you,” Karla said. “I’m gonna beat you into submission, my girl. Then we’ll see if you make it as a teacher here!”

Still holding her heel in Aurora’s back, she lashed the whip across Aurora’s heaving ass.

“Aaahhhh! I’m sorry, Madame!” Aurora sobbed, her ass burning with unbearable pain. “Please, I won’t be bad again!”

“Damn right,” Karla said, “you’ve got some work ahead of you, whore.”

She lashed Aurora’s ass with the whip, laying the thin leather tail over the crimson mass of Aurora’s ass-flesh, beating more agony into the helpless teacher.

“Get your ass up!” Karla snapped and whipped her again.

There was nothing the terrified teacher could do. Karla’s spiked heel was in her back and the very tip was more than sharp enough to puncture her flesh if she tried to disobey.

Sobbing her heart out, Aurora lifted her ass and knelt, her face in the carpet, her arms covering her head as she prayed that this horror soon be over.

Very slowly Karla slid her heel, dragging it over Aurora’s back and don towards her ass. Aurora wept and sobbed out loud and Karla whipped her hard.

Karla’s spiked heel slid over her whipped ass, scaring deep weals in her mashed flesh. It moved deeper, between Aurora’s ass-cheeks, and then down, to the very entrance of her shitter.

“This is going right up your ass,” Karla said, “so don’t move, or it’ll really hurt.”

Aurora couldn’t believe the horror. She crouched there waiting in desperation as Karla pushed and her sharp heel slid into her asshole. She gasped and moaned, trying to keep still. It wasn’t that the spiked heel was so large, it was the tenor it inspired, the thin hard shank moving up in her ass, widening all the time, pushing right into her guts. Aurora gurgled with pain, her body trembling helplessly.

“Now I’m gonna whip and fuck you with my heel,” Karla said, “it’s all a little whore like you deserves.”

She rammed harder into Aurora’s ass and lashed the whip around her foot as her heel sank deep between Aurora’s ass-cheeks. The whip lashed in again, laying down circular lines of pain over Aurora’s ass while Karla’s heel rammed hard, pushing Aurora’s hips into the carpet.

The whole of Karla’s spiked heel was in her ass and the rest of Karla’s boot pushed deep between her ass-cheeks, trying to ram it farther. The whip curled and bit, beating sharp pangs of pain into her ass-cheeks as they shuddered and spasmed around Karla’s heel. She screamed, head rearing up, her mind spinning with horror.

“Yeah, scream, cunt,” Karla said as she whipped and heel-fucked Aurora’s ass. “This is just the start. You wanna get onto the next thing?”

She whipped Aurora’s ass hard, the thin leather cracking over her crimson, mashed flesh. Each movement made Karla’s spiked boot sink deeper, sending the tip of the heel right into her guts. She whipped Aurora harder, the thin leather tail lashing around her boot with practiced ease. Swinging the whip casually, she laid down rings of agony all over Aurora’s twitching ass.

“I’ll move on, Madame!” Aurora screamed, her ass tossing helplessly, rising despite herself, ramming Karla’s heel into her shit-pit. The harder she rammed the heel into her ass, the less the pain from the whip seemed. She found herself ramming her ass up with desperate heaves as the whip lashed her, forcing the heel deeper, while Karla increased the pressure to match every movement she made.

“Beg me,” said Karla, riding Aurora’s ass, her black boot pivoting as it twisted her heel deeper.

Aurora moaned as she heaved up in desperation, ramming the heel into her ass. She was trembling and gasping, her chest heaving, her pulse shaking to the beat of a deep throbbing emotion inside her that she had never felt before. It was like tenor, but not, surging up slowly with each lash of the whip and each deep gut push of Karla’s boot heel.

The whip stopped and Karla waited as the sobbing, weeping Aurora lay flat on the floor, her ass still jerking helplessly.

“Did you ever come when a man fucked you?” she asked suddenly.

Aurora burst into harder floods of tears. “Y-yes, Madame!”

“Liar,” Karla said. “You never came, did you?”

“No, no, no!” she confessed, her voice sobbing and desperate. “I never came, never!”

“Thank you,” Karla said. “Never forget, you can’t fool me. Now, why didn’t you come?”

“I-I don’t know, honestly, Madame!” Aurora wept.

“Good,” Karla said, “that’s the truth. If you did know, you would have done something about it. Now you know why you didn’t come, and, if you’re a very good little teacher, I’ll show you everything!”

Aurora gasped and wept as the boot pulled out of her ass. She lay where she was, not daring to say a word.

“Get up,” Karla said and Aurora scrambled to her feet, tears in her eyes. What she saw made her gasp, almost pass out.

While Karla had been degrading her, Brett had wheeled in something that looked like a gymnasium horse. It was round and padded, but it was shorter than, normal and had leather straps all over it. At one end it also had an enormous dildo sticking up, fully as big as Brett’s cock.

“Go ride the horse, bitch?” Karla said.

“No, no, please!” Aurora sobbed.

Brett grabbed her arm and took a firm hold of her blonde hair with his other hand and dragged her, moaning and shrieking, over to the horse.

Brett flung her, face-down across the horse, her eyes inches from the massive dildo.

“Sit on it,” he said.

Aurora gasped. Close up, the dildo looked utterly dreadful, more than large enough to rip her in two if she was forced to stuff it up her soft little pussy.

Brutally Brett hauled the teacher around and heaved her over the horse, so that her head was off one end and her legs were spread wide on either side of the massive dildo.

Karla stalked up, laid the tail of the whip across Aurora’s ass and dragged it slowly over her red, whipped flesh. The braids in the leather dragged a little at her sending shivers of pain all over the helpless teacher.

“Tell me how much you wanna fuck that dildo,” Karla crooned and tossed the whip up, lashing the thin tail over Aurora’s ass.

Aurora tossed wildly on the leather-backed horse. Just below her mouth, the swollen head of Brett’s cock bobbed out of the front of his robe, and that made her more disgusted and horrified than ever.

“Tell me!” Karla said and whipped the squirming girl again.

“All right, all right, Madame!” Aurora wailed, her resistance broken, “I want to fuck that-that, dildo!”

“Then get your cunt over it and do it!” Karla snapped, whipping Aurora hard across her ass.

Aurora eased her ass up, feeling and staring behind her until she felt the tip of the dildo pushing against the tight entrance of her pussy. The dildo was massive, hurting her even when she just eased it past her outer cunt-lips. She moaned and drew back, but the whip cracked into her ass and she screamed, thrusting down, taking an inch or so of the huge fuck-rod in her swollen pussy. Pain rushed out of her cunt to mingle with the agony from her ass. She heaved again and got another inch or so of the enormous fucker into her cunt. Karla lashed her, yelling at her to get it all in and the weeping blonde teacher rammed down, feeling the massive rubber prick slide farther into her cunt.

Things that had never happened before were happening to Aurora. The pain from the whip, as it surged over her body, seemed to concentrate in her pussy, burning there, churning with the pain of the dildo as it penetrated deeper. But the pain somehow made her pussy lubricate, and even relax to take more of the rubber cock. She moaned as the whip urged her on, thrusting down, her cunt got wetter, burying more and more of the enormous cock in her cunt.

Another savage beat of the thin whip and Aurora sank the dildo into her cunt until her pussy-lips rubbed over the rough leather surface of the horse. The huge thing was entirely inside her pussy, filling her until she was sure she was crammed to the brim with the horrible rubber cock. It rasped over her cunt-walls, driving strange electric sparks of feeling from them, feelings that mingled with the pain, swept around and back, making her fuck-hole wetter with each heave of her body on the dildo.

Karla walked forward and took one of Aurora’s ankles. Suddenly there was a strap around it, lashing it to the leg of the horse. It left Aurora just enough room to heave her cunt almost to the top of the dildo, but no more.

Then Karla had her other ankle and had lashed that to the other leg of the horse before she knew what was happening.

The strutting, black-booted woman came around to her head and showed the weeping Aurora a large studded collar.

“You’ll wear this until I think you’ve improved,” she said and slid it around Aurora’s neck. It wan horribly humiliating, but it also sent shivers over Aurora’s body, shivers that made her heave up and down on the dildo, her pussy walls spasming with an awful excitement.

Karla hung a chain from the collar and tied that to a clip in the base bar that ran across the bottom of the horse. Aurora grabbed at the chain, but it was firmly tied.

“Now,” Karla said, leaning over the struggling Aurora. “You’re gonna learn cocksucking properly. You’re gonna be whipped until Brett comes in your mouth, honey, and if any of it comes out of those pretty little lips of yours, you’ll lick it off wherever it falls, just for a start.”

She paced back behind Aurora, drawing the whip through her fingers.

Brett grabbed her hair and ran his cock over her lips. “Remember this? Now suck it!”

Aurora kit the massive round cock-head push at her lips. She gave in, taking the huge hunk of meat into her mouth, letting it push past her lips and to the entrance of her throat. It filled her mouth, the slightly salty taste and rubbery feel to it almost making Aurora sick.

“Caress my balls,” Brett said, “and do it right, we don’t have all month to train you.”

Aurora took hold of his huge hairy ball sac and caressed it, feeling the heavy nuts move in her fingers, pulsating slightly as she sucked Brett’s cock-head.

The whip lashed her ass. With a dull scream she lunged frantically, her pussy slamming down on the dildo and her head coming up over Brett’s cock-head.

“Stilt!” Brett yelled. “Suck deeper, whore! Suck deeper!”

He took a handful of her hair and rammed her face back down on his cock, thrusting it to her throat and letting it play there as he waited.

Aurora knew the whip was coming. Brett’s grip on her hair increased as the leather tail whipped her helpless ass. The agony soared out and Brett leaned on her head, forcing her mouth down the long cock-shaft as her scream bubbled out from around it.

Incredibly it helped the pain. As her pussy rammed down on the dildo, and Brett’s cock slammed deep in her mouth, the twin fuckings made the agony more bearable, burning terribly, but almost arousing.

“Yeahhh!” Brett breathed. “Now you’ve got it, whore! Now you’ve got it!”

The whip lashed at her ass, driving the dildo over her pussy-walls, spreading them, making them spasm with a dark pain that sent a terrible arousal all over the bound teacher’s body. Her throat opened a little to take more of Brett’s cock on the downward plunge of her head and it invaded, making her gurgle with the power of the ramming throat fuck.

Her head jerked up with her ass, the whip caught her and she was plunging down, taking the cock and dildo deep, filling her pussy and mouth, her whole body seeming to be filled with cock. Pain rushed over her in constant waves, but already it was mingling with the, dark arousal, driving Aurora out of her mind with horror and helpless passion.

The last thing she wanted to do was get turned on by this dreadful rape and humiliation. But it was happening, the beat of the twin cocks, the lash of the whip into her heaving ass, were all making her cunt get wetter and the sparks of terrible passion get hotter.

“Come on, whore!” Karla snapped as she lashed the heaving, screaming Aurora. “Suck him off, cunt, suck him off!”

Her veil tossed as she laid the whip into Aurora’s ass, and she slid the hem of her short black leather skirt up so she could caress her pussy. Her hand fucked almost casually as she tossed the whip around.

Aurora wept and heaved, her screams of fucking the massive ramming at her throat. Her dildo was pumping her pussy hard on the horse. The beat of the whip sang in her flesh, driving her out of her mind, sending bursts of fire to burn deep in her guts. Her mouth was swallowing more and more of Brett’s cock with each wild thrust downward, her fingers played with his balls as she thrashed around on the horse, heaving up and down, her legs pulling at the bonds.

Brett’s cock rammed into her throat as the whip drove her head down. He twisted his grip in her hair and yelled with release.

“Yeahhhh!” he roared. “Yeahhhh, I’m coming, bitch, I’m coming!”

Aurora shuddered as the whip speeded up and her mouth moved to keep pace with it. But her ass was pumping faster too, the dildo filling her cunt. Shame and desperation rushed over her, for, not only was Brett coming, she was too. For the first time in her life she was going to have an orgasm, and in this degrading agony.

The whip lashed into Aurora’s ass faster and harder as Brett’s cock pumped between her soft lips. The massive fuck-rod slammed deeper, heaving right into her throat. Aurora was out of her mind with pain and the most debauched lust she had ever known. Her ass burned with the fires of hell, but they were driving her into a shrieking orgasm as well as deep sobs of agony. She had no idea of anything any more, all she could do was toss wildly to the beat of the whip and the pulsating throb of Brett’s massive cock.

Another thrash of the whip crashed across her crimson ass-cheeks, beating a fresh thin line of pain into her flesh. Her body thrashed against the bonds, her legs shook and her lips plunged deeper on the thick hard cock filling her mouth. With deep guttural moans, she caressed his heavy balls, feeling them churn in her fingers.

The pain of the whip was opening her throat, she could feel it. As the thin leather whipped her ass, her muscles opened, allowing more of the cock to slide in. At the same time, her pussy slammed down on the dildo, forcing the imitation cock deep into her cunt, her pussy-walls sucking at the stiff rod as if it could also shoot cum into her body. She jerked faster, her mouth opening wider, her lips sliding down the throbbing cock until they were almost around the base of the monster and Brett’s cock-head seemed to be buried in her stomach. Her throat muscles bulged as he fucked her mouth, rasping over the pulsating cock.

“Oooooah yeahhhh!” Brett breathed, his hands in Aurora’s blonde hair, twisting wildly as his balls throbbed to the release of his cum. “Fuuuuck, whip her, Karla, whip the little cunt!”

“Bitch, bitch!” Karla yelled as she lashed Aurora’s ass. Her free hand was down, under her tiny leather dress, rubbing her swollen pussy. She was panting with excitement, her eyes glazed as they whipped the helpless teacher. “Take his cum, bitch! Suck my fucking husband off, bitch!”

Brett wound his fingers in Aurora’s beautiful blonde hair and came, his cock pumping cum into her throat.

As the first jet of hot spunk hit the back of her throat, Aurora came. Her fingers tightened on his balls as they shot their load. The cum backed up into her mouth and, for the first time, she tasted a man’s cum. It was slippery and creamy. She heaved against the collar as another huge shot of salty goo poured out and the whip lashed her ass, driving her cunt down on the dildo. Her legs trembled, heaving helplessly against the leather straps that held her to the horse. A surging climax rushed up and she swallowed some of the cum, taking it down her throat and into her stomach as she came again, her body jerking and heaving to the pulse of the whip and the shooting cock.

“Shit, shit, yeahhhh!” Brett roared as came, his hands in Aurora’s hair, his frantic prick pumping cum into Aurora’s throat. His balls tightened in her hands as he shot more hot wads of jism, filling Aurora’s mouth until she swallowed again, taking the cum down in desperate, choking heaves. The gushing cockrod shot more, and her muffled scream rang out as the dildo rammed higher into her cunt, spreading her pussy-walls with its huge round thickness.

Brett yelled as his cock gave out, shooting the last of his cum, filling Aurora’s mouth as she gurgled and sucked. He kept his hands in her hair, holding her there as his stream slowed.

Aurora mowed as she lay across the horse, her pussy still pumping up and down on the dildo, her head spinning as she licked up the last of Brett’s hot jism. The whip stopped and Brett’s cock softened slightly in her mouth, going down an inch or so. Her ass ached and burned, her skin feeling as if it had been ripped open. Behind her, she heard Karla gasping with lust as she rolled the whip in her fingers.

“Not too bad,” Brett said, heaving the helpless teacher’s head up and pulling his cock out from between her lips. “A bit more practice and you’ll be passable.”

Aurora wept helplessly, her hands pulling at the collar around her neck. She turned her head to see Karla grinning at her.

“So you came, bitch,” Karla said with great satisfaction. She was rubbing the whip handle over her clit as she rolled the tail in her hands and her hips jerked, watching Aurora all the time from behind the black veil.

Aurora burst into more tears. But her cunt still thrust slowly up and down on the dildo as the lingering sensations of her climax faded away.

“Yes, Madame, I came!” Aurora wept in shame, her cunt circling helplessly on the dildo.

“Well, how nice,” Karla said, “because you’ve got so much more to do.”

Aurora’s tears ran down her face as she struggled against the bonds, and her fears doubled as she heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Brett said from his seat in the soft chair.

The door opened and in came Lulu with three boys. Two of them were in robes and the other one was stark naked. He also had his arms bound behind his back and had on a large studded collar, just like Aurora. One of the other boys pulled him in and he staggered into the middle of the room.

“Good, good,” Brett said, leaning back in his chair. “It’s Robin and Flynn, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Sir,” they said, standing there, their eyes glued to Aurora’s luscious form still trapped on the horse.

“If I’ve got it right, you two were top of the wrestling elimination, huh?” Brett said.

“That’s right, Sir,” Robin said. They were both big, strapping teens and their eager young cocks were already sticking out of their robes.

“So, you do deserve a lot of reward,” Brett said. “And we have her for you. This is Aurora, our new teacher. Take her any way you want, but remember, if you fuck up, she might be punishing you.” He leaned forward. “In fact, I shall insist on it.” He grinned at them. “So make sure you don’t fuck up.”

“You bet, Sir,” Robin said.

He and Flynn advanced on the sobbing Aurora. They obviously knew the ropes, for they stood close to her, running their eyes over her lovely figure, their hands playing with their cocks.

Karla came up and slipped her hands through their arms. “Lulu was a good girl and got one shot from each of you?”

“Yeah, Madame,” Flynn said, “she sure did.”

“Good,” Karla purred, “I don’t want this one getting off light. Give her a real good working over and I’ll send you a couple of the younger girls for the night, say, tomorrow?”

Aurora’s face was only a few inches from Robin’s cock and she saw it jump and throb at the very mention of such a degraded deal.

“You bet, Madame!” he gasped. “Fuck, this is the best school I ever went to!”

“It wasn’t so nice when you came here, hey?” Karla said quietly as her hand slid down the front of his robe and grabbed his cock. “Just follow the rules, that’s the way to the top, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, Madame,” Robin breathed.

Karla left, going over to the naked body who stood with his head down, his limp cock pointing at the floor. Karla snapped her fingers.

“Lulu,” she said, “came and get him hard, we’re gonna need another cock.”

“Yes, Madame,” Lulu said obediently. She came over to the boy as Karla took hold of the chain to his collar and lashed it around the ropes that Aurora had been hung from. She pushed the button and the rope went up, pulling the boy until the collar was tight and he was almost swinging from it. He gasped as sultry little Lulu came up to him and stroked his limp cock.

“Hm, get it up for me, Howard,” she murmured, “get it up, and Madame won’t whip you.”

“What’s he in for?” Karla demanded, coming up behind the shivering young man, the whip in her hand.

“Bribing one of the other boys to suck his cock,” Lulu said nastily, her hands tightening on his cock.

“Well, well, well,” Karla said, her voice rising as she stared at the helpless boy. “Soon have that out of you?”

She lashed the whip over the bound boy’s ass. Flynn and Robin ran their hands over the shivering, weeping Aurora. Over the nylon of her white stockings, the lacy curves of the bodice that displayed her luscious body. And over her ass and down to where the dildo thrust into her wet cunt.

“Fuuuuuck,” Flynn breathed, “they got some great teachers here, but this is the best.”

His hand raced down Aurora’s legs, running over the curves, down to her ankles and then up all the way to her stocking tops and over her milky white thighs.

Robin’s fingers probed around the entrance to Aurora’s heaving cunt, trying to slide his finger in alongside the dildo.

“How do you want this cunt, then?” Flynn asked.

“Let’s take this sucker down and put her over the back,” Robin said. “I want her mouth — I mean fuck, look at that mouth.”

“Okay, first time,” Flynn said with a grin. Aurora moaned as the bonds were taken off her ankles and the chain loosened from around the base bar. She was picked up by the teens and dumped on her feet.

“Stocking scams,” Flynn snapped and picked up the cat.

Aurora fought with her rage. She wasn’t going to be dictated to by these two mere boys. “No! And stop this — aaaghhhh!”

Instantly Robin grabbed the chain and forced her over the horse, ramming her face over the other side and holding her down.

“Stop it, no, stop it!” Aurora wailed, but Flynn had her ankles and had pulled each of them out and clipped them the legs of the horse before she could move. She struggled, but Robin had her pinned and her legs were wide open.

The cat lashed up and bit into her soft pussy, beating a surge of pain through her body.

“My, my, my, you sure got this ass of yours whipped, didn’t you?” Flynn lashed the knotted tails of the cat upwards, beating another hard bunch of pain points into the sobbing teacher. “Now you wise up, baby, you’re gonna get fucked, and anything else we want, so do it right now, got that?”

He beat the cat into Aurora’s shivering cunt, making her jump against the horse.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she screamed, her fainthearted resistance broken at once.

“Good,” Flynn said and undid the bonds around her ankles. She rolled off the horse and onto the floor, staggering as she turned to face them. Submissively she bent to straighten her stocking scams. She waited, her legs trembling, hardly able to keep still in her high-heeled shoes.

Robin went to the horse and lowered it slightly. He grabbed Aurora and pulled her over it, so fast she screamed in surprise and alarm, her body tossing, trying to keep balance as the horse dug in the small of the back. She was pulled over it, her back aching with the strain, her head dangling over backwards, so that she stared up at the ceiling.

The two boys took her ankles and lashed them to the legs, so that she was spread-eagled. Then Robin lashed the chain back to the base bar of the horse and tightened it so that Aurora gurgled and gasped, pulling helplessly at it, her body open and aching.

“Fuck, that’s real pretty,” Robin said, coming up to the sobbing teacher. He ran his hands over her tits, and thrust his cock at her mouth.

With a moan of desperate surrender, Aurora opened her mouth and let his cock slide inside her lovely lips. She was shaking with terror.

“Not bad,” Robin said cheerfully. He took a couple of hard-springed paper clips out of his robe pocket and eased his cock from Aurora’s mouth. “How do you like these?”

Aurora stared up at the terrible things. She had no idea what he was going to do with them, but she shuddered to even look at them.

“You’ve got such a great pair of tits,” Robin murmured, playing the clips over Aurora’s shrinking flesh. “Fuck, they’re great.”

“Noooo!” Aurora wailed as she felt the clips running over the curves of her tits, over the whipped flesh and closer to her nipples. She began jerking on the horse as the expectation rose in her and the clips brushed over her tight nipple buds. She tried to put her hands up, but Robin blocked them with his thighs.

“Such great tits,” Robin murmured, pushing his cock back at Aurora’s soft mouth, forcing his cock in as he played with her soft tit-mounds.

He ran the clips over the soft red circles of Aurora’s areolas, then opened one of them a little and slid it over her nipple. Her gurgle of horror rang out from around his cock as he thrust it into her throat and pulled back.

“You mean, you don’t like this?” he asked. Aurora wept at the sight of the clips, their terrible tight jaws, so close to her nipples. Robin’s cock bobbed at her mouth. It was big enough and thick, throbbing with lust.

“Well, try them,” Robin said and slowly released the pressure on the clip around her nipple.

The pain started slowly, and, at the same time, Flynn started to shove his cock into her heaving pussy. The twin sensations rolled over her body, the push of the young, hard cock and the increasing pain of the clip. The pain got worse as the clip began to squash her nipple, biting into the flesh as the jaws closed. Aurora’s gasp became a low scream and then she wailed in horror and agony as the clip closed completely over her tight little nipple bud.

“Yeahhhh!” Flynn roared, slamming his cock high into Aurora’s spasming cunt. “Ooohhh, fuck, she does well on pain! Shit, her cunt goes crazy!”

He pumped his cock in and out, pushing Aurora’s ass up off the horse with his hard fucking.

“Let’s try the other one,” Robin said.

“Nooooo!” Aurora wailed, her body shaking with the pain in her nipple. But Robin pushed his cock back into her mouth and her voice became muffled. The hard cock-rod pushed deeper, right at her throat until Robin’s balls bumped against her upturned nose.

Aurora struggled, but she was helpless, pinned on her back over the leather horse. Her blonde hair swept the floor as she tossed wildly, feeling the first touch of the clamp on her nipple. Robin’s cock-head slowly pushed at her throat, trying to open it for thereat of his shaft. She felt Flynn’s hands running over the lacy material of her bodice and suddenly Robin let the clip go.

The terrible thing snapped shut over her nipple and sheer agony burst over Aurora. She screamed and her body tightened on the horse, jerking around as the two cocks slammed into her. She shrieked into Robin’s heaving fucker, her throat opening under the pain, allowing his cock to sink deep into her throat.

“Yeahhh, fuck her, fuck her good, Flynn!” Robin’s cock swelled in Aurora’s mouth as he fucked her, his hand running over her tits, pulling at the clips, sending more waves of agony all over the helpless teacher.

With a deep scream, she grabbed Robin’s balls, tearing at them as the pain in her nipples overwhelmed her. She didn’t care any longer.

“Whip her, whip her!” he yelled and Flynn lashed the cat across Aurora’s tits, beating the clips around with furious strokes.

As the abused teacher struggled over the horse, Lulu’s soft mouth and hands were working on the moaning, weeping Howard as he hung from his collar, trying to keep his balance.

“Get it up!” Karla snapped. She picked up the thin cane and came over to him, tapping it on his ass.

Howard stared at the cane, his hands twisting frantically behind his back.

The cane lashed his ass, the cane slapping into his skin. He gave a strangled scream and his cock thrust at Lulu’s mouth, going in a little way while her hands played with his shaft. Karla lashed him again, watching as he heaved at the young girl’s mouth.

Lulu pulled her mouth back. “Shit, he’s getting hard!”

“I thought so,” Karla said and whipped the boy with a stinging stroke.

She kept on, the cane lashing into his ass while Lulu leaned back, her hand on his cock-shaft. Lulu opened the neck of her blouse to show him her tits and ran her hands under the hem of her skirt, playing shamelessly with her pussy.

“He’s getting harder, Madame,” she said.

“Good,” Karla said and whipped the boy, the cane bending with the force of the blow.

Howard’s cock heaved up full and hard, although it was rather small by comparison with the rest of the cocks in the room. He tossed on the chain, his cock thrusting up as he heaved under the heat of the cane.

Lulu took a set of small leather nooses and ran them over Howard’s cock, all the way to the base. As he gasped and stared at her, she ran one noose over his cock-base and the other two over his balls, tightening them until he was screaming in pain, both his cock and balls fully constricted.

“That’ll stop you coming,” Lulu said nastily. She stood up and ran her hand over his cock. “Please, Madame, could I have first go? After all I did get him hard.”

“Sure,” Karla said, “it’ll warm him up a bit.”

Lulu stripped off her blouse and skirt, showing that she had no panties on. Cum ran over her thighs as she moved up to Howard and straddled his cock, heaving it deep into her hot pussy, her little slip riding up high over her ass.

“Oooohhh, yeas! I needed another cock.” She pumped up and down on it, holding Howard around the neck, her cunt thrusting hard on his bound prick.

“You want me to help?” Karla asked, coming up behind the moaning boy and laying the cane across his ass.

“Oh, yes, Madame, please!” Lulu gasped, her tits rubbing over Howard’s chest.

The cane almost beat Howard off balance and left him entirely hanging from the collar. Lulu pulled him bock, her demanding cunt moving up and down his hard prick. Karla whipped him with repeated strokes, timing them for the stroke of Lulu’s cunt, giving the willing little slave all the pleasure she wanted.

“Ooohhh, thank you, Madame!” Lulu moaned. “Thank you! Ooohhh, I’ll come, I know I will, real soon — oohhhh!”

Her pussy slammed up and down on Howard’s bound cock-rod, dripping cum and pussy-juices all over it.

Howard gave strangled moans as his ass got redder and redder and his cock was almost hauled off at the root by Lulu’s frantic fucking the horny little schoolgirl screamed with lust as she came, her tits scraping his chest, her cunt sucking at his cock, increasing his agony because he couldn’t come and his bound cock just throbbed and swelled.

“Oaohhhh, ycsss, Madame, yesss! That’s wonderful!” Lulu screamed, cresting into a series of climaxes.

Karla laid the cane into Howard’s ass, beating him until he was screamag with agony. His fingers twisted violently as he tried to keep them out of the way of the cane while all the time Lulu’s cunt was slamming up and down on his cock like a suction pump gone berserk.

“Ohhhh yes, Madame!” Lulu screamed as she came, her body heaving up and down on Howard’s helpless cock. “Just a few more, yaw! Yessss! Yeeeesss!”

With a final scream of utter satisfaction, Lulu rolled off Howard’s cock, her cunt throbbing, ha dark hair toning wildly. She fell to the floor, spreading her thighs and running her fingers over her hot pussy, stroking it as the pulses of her climax subsided.

“Oh, thank you, Madame, thank you,” she gasped.

“You’re welcome,” Karla said, going over and pressing the button. The rope started to come down and Howard regained his balance, panting in the tight collar. He shivered as he stood and waited.

Karla tapped the cane in her palm, smiling at the shivering boy.

Karla slid the hem of her tiny, tight leather dress up, showing Howard her pussy-mound, wet and matted down with her cunt-juices.

“Sucking cunt is so much better than sucking cock, don’t you think?” she purred.

Howard moaned and shook. “Yes, Madame!”

“Good,” Karla said sweetly, “because you’re going to suck my pussy while I watch the show.” She took hold of the chain and led Howard to the soft chair which she made him turn until she could watch the violent fucking going on over the horse. She sat down, eased her dress up and spread her legs on either side of Howard’s head.

“Suck it,” she said and leaned back with a dreamy smile to watch Aurora swallow cock and jet her cunt reamed out by Flynn’s stiff prick.

Aurora’s body gyrated wildly on the horse as she sucked at Robin’s throbbing cock and Flynn rammed his own stiff prick up her suffering pussy. But the thing that got her heaving even more was the way Robin moved the clips on her nipples. Each time his cock thrust at her throat, he twisted them pulling her tits out, pinching the jaws even harder. The agony rushed over her, driving her wild with a terrible mixture of emotions. In desperation, Aurora twisted Robin’s cock and balls with her hands, her fingers tightening viciously.

“Bitch!” he yelled, his cock disappearing down Aurora’s throat. “You bitch, I’ll tear your tits off!”

He pulled at the clips, twisting them hard, but Aurora just screamed and kept her fingers working his heaving cock and balls. Robin gasped as his cock-head heaved in Aurora’s tight little throat. He leaned down over Aurora’s tits, his breath ragged as he mouth-fucked the blonde teacher.

“Shit, she’s got a great cunt!” Flynn moaned, ramming in harder, his hands pressing Aurora’s thighs wider open against the leather top of the horse. “Fuck! I’m gonna shoot in a moment!”

The two boys increased the frantic pace of their fucking and Aurora’s body shook with the double cock invasion. Her screams rang out past Robin’s thick fucker, but they weren’t all screams of pain any longer.

Aurora didn’t know how it happened. It was something to do with the way she twisted Robin’s cock and balls. Instead of pulling out, he rammed his cock in harder, screaming at her the whole time and twisting the clips. But his cock was getting even harder, his balls churned in her hands, and the twisting of the clips made her work his balls harder. And that set them both off. Another heaving, desperate orgasm was building in Aurora’s body. She was out of control, tossing wildly, her hips heaving up to take more of Flynn’s throbbing fuck-rod, her throat opening wider, swallowing the whole of Robin’s prick.

She moaned as her nipples exploded with more pain and shudders of horrible excitement thrashed through her. Her blonde hair tossed across the carpet, she struggled against the collar, but it all went on, driving her wild with depraved lust. She couldn’t stop herself pushing her tits up, screaming in desperate lust as the clips twisted, pulling her tight fleshy buds, driving her out of her mind.

“Oh fuck, you, bitch!” Robin yelled. “I’m coming! Ooohhh, fuck! Take it all, you bitch, and make it good, or I’ll whip your tits raw!”

He heaved at her mouth and Aurora felt, his cock-head trembling deep in her throat. Her tight fingers felt the cum rushing from his balls and down his cock-shaft, heading right for her mouth. A climax tore through her and she heaved at his balls, driving a scream of lust from him as the first jet of cum burst out of his cock, deep in her throat.

“Bitch!” he yelled and pulled his cock back, letting it shoot into her mouth, the thick creamy cum bursting out of his cock-slit. “Take it whore, take it!”

Aurora gave a long bubbling wail as her mouth filled with cum. Robin’s hands on her tits set off another climax, shaking her body as she heaved over the back of the horse. Her thighs trembled to the beat of Flynn’s cock in her pussy and the rasping power of that fuck sent orgasms chasing all through her.

She screamed, cum pouring into her mouth, filling her cheeks before she swallowed the salty, sticky goo. She pulled Robin’s cock in closer, taking squirts of his jism deep in her mouth and thin thrusting up, heaving his spurting cock-rod down her throat as he roared and shot.

“Jceezz!” Flynn yelled, his cock trembling deep in Aurora’s pussy. “She’s got me too? Fuck, she’s got me! I gotta have this one again!”

He thrust Aurora’s thighs open, pushing her stocking tops way out of line against the rough leather of the horse as he plunged deep into her buttery cunt depths.

The throbbing beat of his cock in her cunt sent Aurora wailing and screaming with hopeless passion, her back heaving against the horse, her hands gripping Robin’s cock for all she was worth, sucking at his cock-head that now just oozed cum, milking it for all its hot fuck-juice. Her hips tossed, her pussy-walls spumed over Flynn’s cock, throbbing around the huge cockhead as the cum burst from it, high in her cunt.

She screamed, twisting Robin’s cock. Her cunt throbbed around Flynn’s cock, tightening in a way he couldn’t mistake as another series of orgasms pulsed over her, sending her rocking and screaming on the horse, the collar rubbing hard against her neck.

“Fuck!” Robin yelled, his cock already beginning to soften. “The bitch is coming, the fucking bitch is coming!”

He twisted the clips, driving Aurora screaming into another heaving climax.

Flynn yelled with lust as his cock shot thick wads of creamy cock-juice into Aurora’s throbbing cunt. His cock-rod twitched and heaved as it pistoned back, shooting cum over Aurora’s cunt-walls, then rammed high, still pouring out jism while Aurora tossed on the horse, her sore ass-cheeks tightening and throbbing to the beat of the two cocks.

“Look at this cunt!” Robin roared, twisting the clips, making Aurora come again, her tits heaving in pain. “Fuck, she comes when I do anything!”

“Yeahhhh!” Flynn said dreamily as his cock gave out, shooting the last of his cum into Aurora’s throbbing, clutching cunt. He leaned over her, watching as she spasmed again, screaming in pain and lust as Robin twisted her nipples in the clips.

“Enough?” a voice snapped and Brett stood over them, his cock standing out from his robe.

The two boys were somewhat subdued as they undid the bonds and took the clips off Aurora’s nipples. She rolled off the horse and fell on the floor, moaning and clutching her tits, crouching there, staring at the carpet in horrible shame. She rubbed her ass and felt the hard flush of desire surge out of her beaten flesh. Moaning and desperate, she caressed her tits and the same thing happened. The beatings she had suffered, were turning her on.

“Stand up,” Brett said, his voice curiously soft.

Aurora staggered to her feet. She saw the boys standing a few feet away, playing with their cocks and laughing. She broke into tears at the humiliation, her legs trembling with the lingering pain she had suffered.

“Well now,” Brett said, his eyes sparkling with delight, “you enjoyed that far too much, so we’ll give you some more things to do, you see that?”

He pointed to a small stool, also padded with leather, but only a foot or so off the ground. Its wooden legs were spread wide and, like the horse, it had a thick dildo sticking out from the center. This one was even bigger, however, at least a foot long, as thick as her arm, and shining with some sort of crew.

“Go sit on that,” Brett said, “but what do you do first?”

Aurora’s head spun as she looked at the terrible dildo and she didn’t hear Brett’s question.

Brett nodded and Flynn sprang greedily forward, gripping Aurora’s elbows and pulling them behind her back, thrusting her tits out.

“Aaahhh!” Aurora screamed. “No, not that, not that, nooo!”

She wailed in horror as Brett picked up the car and approached her, running the tails through his fingers.

“What is the first thing you do after being whipped?” Brett asked, lashing the cat over Aurora’s thrusting tits.

“Aaahh! Put my stocking straight!” Aurora screamed, heaving helplessly in Flynn’s strong grasp.

“Then do it!”

Aurora shrieked and jumped as Flynn let go of her and stepped back, his cock already more than half hard. She wanted to rub her tits so badly, but Brett was standing there, playing with the cat. So she instantly bent down, pulling her stocking seams into line until they ran straight down the backs of her legs. At a nod from Brett she pulled her bodice straight, twisting the lacy top close to her red, sore tits. Then she faced them again.

“Over there,” Brett said.

Aurora’s legs shook with terrible weakness as she stared at the dude. It seemed thicker each time she saw it, bouncing slightly on a strong spring that held it to the little stool. She walked over to it, her legs wobbly, but still drawing the stares of the two boys who followed her.

On the way, she passed Karla, leaning back in her chair, her short leather dress up to her waist. She had a dreamy look on her face as she forced Howard to suck away at her pussy. She had freed his arms and he had one hand free to ease the pain in his cock and balls as the tight nooses kept them in constant agony. His cock was purple and throbbed, but Karla didn’t blink, just lashed the cane across his shoulders whenever he flagged. As Aurora passed, Karla slipped the zip of her dress down and slid her hand in, caressing her tits as she gave a slow moan of arousal at Howard’s pussy-sucking.

Aurora reached the stool with the dildo. The orgasm that had ripped through her was still throbbing softly, but she knew that nothing she did would get that thing up her cunt. It would rip her apart.

“P-please, Brett,” she moaned, “you can do anything you like, but I’ll never get that into my pussy, never, it’ll…”

“Who said anything about your pussy?” he said, with a grin. “When I said sit, I meant sit, it goes up your ass, my little blonde discovery. Right up your ass!”

Aurora fell to her knees in front of the terrible dildo. She shuddered as she reached out and ran her fingers over the thick bulbous cock-head on it. It was so thick she was sure it would simply tear her ass open if she tried to take it off. And yet there was a strange, terrible churning in her guts as she felt the enormous fucker.

“Sit an it,” Brett said, leaning over the sobbing blonde. “Or I’ll use this on you again.”

He ran the cat tails over Aurora’s tits and she gave a choking moan of surrender and crawled onto the stool.

She looked up to see the two boys standing, their eyes glued to her lovely figure poised over the massive thick dildo. Her legs trembled as she lifted her ass over the dildo and held onto it, shuddering with fear.

Crouched as she was over the huge fucker, Aurora took a deep shuddering breath and lowered her ass. The huge cock-head reached her crinkled asshole and she gasped, feeling it push against the tight ring of muscles.

“Down on it,” Brett said, standing so close to her she could see the front of his robe twitch as his cock reared up. He was getting more and more excited by the moment.

Aurora tried to relax, her legs and take the huge dildo in her ass, but she couldn’t. She pushed and the thick cock-head opened her ass muscles a little, but then a sharp stab of pain rushed over her and she pulled away.

“Down on it!” Brett said. “This is your last chance!”

Aurora tried again. The thick cock-head pushed a little into her ass, but her muscles protested too much and she pulled up again.

“I can’t wait all night!” Brett snapped. “Here, Lulu, get her and you two, hold her ankles.”

The horny little Lulu climbed off the chair she was resting in and came over, letting her little slip flick sexily over her ass. She took the handcuffs from Brett and went behind Aurora.

Aurora tried to lash out at Lulu, but Lulu dodged and Brett whipped the cat out, right across Aurora’s tits. Aurora screamed as Lulu took one wrist and clipped it into the cuffs, then went for her other one, dragging them together until she clicked them into place and Aurora’s arms were tied behind her back.

“Hold her,” Brett said and Lulu took hold of Aurora’s hair, twisting her fingers in the blonde locks until Aurora moaned with the pain.

The two boys took hold of Aurora’s ankles and waited there, grinning in expectation. Her legs were folded under her, keeping her weight off the dildo and Aurora knew what was coming. She screamed helplessly, all the time staring at the cat Brett held, as Flynn ran his hand over her tits, stroking the soft flesh.

“Pull,” Brett said and the two boys heaved Aurora’s ankles out from under her.

She wailed as her ass began to take the whole weight of her body on the dildo. The massive cock-head pushed at her ass entrance, while her legs came open and forward, being pulled out from under her by the grinning boys. She screamed, but, with a jerk, they pulled her ankles up and she was stuck on the top of the dildo, the whole of the pressure on her tight ring of ass muscles. “Now,” Brett said, “hold her!”

He took the cat and lashed it over Aurora’s tits, whipping her until she was screaming and jumping on the dildo.

Her ass clenched as tightly as it could, but the massive fuck-rod pushed in a little, stretching her shitter until she was sure her flesh would tear.

Aurora screamed as the cat whipped into hex tits, bouncing them around on her rib cage, beating fresh red marks all over her flesh.

Without warning, Brett shifted to her pussy. The cat lashed in, beating all over her upper thighs and pussy-lips, beating through onto her cunt, sending throbbing pain all over her body. She screamed and heaved, her body jerking as the cock-head on the dildo sank severely into her ass.

Aurora screeched, her body drenched with sweat aching and burning with pain. She was impaled on a monster that was pushing deep into her body, pushing her ass-walls open until they throbbed in seething agony.

“Yeahhhh!” Brett chuckled, whipping the screening teacher’s pussy again. She heaved and sank farther onto the dildo, gurgling and moaning in agony. “Hold her up boys!”

Flynn and Robin started to lift, pushing Aurora’s ankles up, stretching her legs to the limit. And also helping to push the terrible dildo farther up her ass.

Aurora’s body throbbed and pulsed with pain as the whip cut her pussy and her legs were hauled up puffing the a deeper into her an. She struggled, but her wrists wets being cut deeply by the handcuffs and it only added to the pain. She heaved again and over half the dildo sank into her tight asshole.

“More, more!” Brett said, whipping the cat over Aurora’s tits, watching them bounce and jiggle, reddening with each stroke.

Aurora screamed as she rammed down even harder on the huge dildo. The cock-head on it was now so deep in her guts she was sure it couldn’t go any farther. The huge shaft filled her ass, stretching her ass-walls to the limit, making them throb and heave around its enormous length.

“Now,” commanded Brett and whipped the cat into Aurora’s pussy, beating her more fiercely than ever before.

Aurora’s body heaved up, and then sank right onto the stool, her ass-cheeks on the smooth leather surface, her ass throbbing with a footlong, thick dildo inside it. She moaned, twisting and heaving on the enormous fuck-rod.

Brett nodded and Lulu undid the cuffs, pulling them away at the same time as the boys loosed her ankles.

Aurora gurgled, trying to keep still to stop the pain. But her ass throbbed and heaved, and she found that it was moving slowly up and down a little on the dildo. For some reason that helped, made the pain bearable.

“Now fuck yourself on it,” Brett said, “and don’t let it come out of your ass. Flynn, you can get your cock sucked at the same time, if you want.”

Flynn didn’t need any further encouragement. He leaped forward and took hold of Aurora’s hair, sliding his cock between her soft, pouting lips.

“Take Lulu any way you want,” Brett said to Robin, and the young stud sat down in a chair, his cock sliding out of his robe.

“Treat it right,” he said to Lulu. “Suck it hard and then climb on it.”

“Ooohhh, yesss!” Lulu purred as she slid to her knees between his thighs. She took his hard cock and ran her lips over it, licking and sucking at the throbbing flesh. She cooed and let her soft lips run deep down his hard cock-shaft. He gasped and ran his hand through her hair.

Aurora heaved up on the dildo, pulling her feet under her thighs again. It was a massive relief, for she could control her body better. She eased up and down on the enormous thick dildo, feeling the smooth, creamed surface running over her ass-walls.

“Caress my cock, bitch,” Flynn said, sliding his cock-rod deep into her mouth, “and let’s see that dildo fuckin’ your ass.”

Aurora gave a shudder as she obeyed. The humiliation was terrible as she was forced to slide her hands over Flynn’s cock, caressing it.

On the long length as she slid up and down a few inches on the dildo. She caressed his balls.

She started to get into a rhythm, slowly tightening her grip on his nuts as she heaved up and down on the dildo. He began to moan, thrust at her mouth harder, gripping her hair as he fucked her.

“Bitch, you bitch! I’ll show you I can take it! You see if I don’t!” He rammed his cock deeper, forcing it into Aurora’s throat, leaning on her shoulders so that the dildo rammed harder into her ass.

Aurora’s head spun. She didn’t know what she was doing any more. The massive dildo in her ass rammed up and down, filling her guts with hard cock, reaming out her walls until she was sobbing with the pain.

But the pain was sparking that passion she hated so much. She couldn’t stop herself, her ass trembled and sucked at the monstrous thing, her fingers seized Flynn’s cock and balls and worked over them in a frenzy of passion. She was no longer trying to hurt him but to ram his cock deeper into her throat. With guttural groans, she sank her ass onto the dildo, her ass-cheeks spreading around the leather of the stool.

Flynn yelled, his cock heaving in Aurora’s mouth. He was no longer trying to ram his cock in to hurt Aurora and make her stop twisting his balls.

His throbbing cock moved effortlessly in and out of her throat as she slid up and down on the dildo, gurgling with passion, her ass trembling with the excitement rushing through it. Her fingers worked his cock and caressed his balls hard, but they were driving his cum out, not causing pain.

Deep gurgling moans of lust ran out from Aurora’s throat as it filled with hard cock. She thrashed wildly on the dildo, her ass throbbing as the climax mounted in her, rising over her like a tidal wave.

She choked as she came, her mouth around Flynn’s cock, sucking it to the balls as her fingers moved over his swollen nut sac, demanding his cum. Her ass exploded with orgasm, huge climaxes rushing through her as the massive dildo heaved deep in her guts. She could feel the thick cock-head rasping over her walls.

It seemed to her as if it was churning in her stomach, driving the whole of her body into helpless orgasms on his massive length. Again she swallowed Flynn’s cock, taking it all in, the thick hardness in her mouth making her guts churn with excitement as the two hard cock-rods filled her body.

“Get on my cock,” Robin said as Lulu’s hot mouth sank deep over his throbbing fucker.

“Oooohh, yeah!” Lulu breathed as she eased her mouth back up his long hard cock. She slid onto his knees and worked his cock to the tight entrance of her pussy. She held it there and ran it over her tit, trembling with lust. “Or would you like it up my ass?”

“No, your cunt,” he said, “and come in close, I wanna watch this.”

Lulu pouted as she slid her hot little cunt over Robin’s cock, working it to the depths of her pussy and then leaning in on him, her hands around his neck as she eased up and down, her cunt-walls throbbing softly over his prick.

As Aurora’s deep gurgling screams rang around the room, Lulu worked her cunt over Robin’s cock, her mouth nuzzling his neck in a frenzy of desire to be better than Aurora.

“Oooohhh, shit!” Flynn yelled, his cock pistoning in and out of Aurora’s delicious lips. “She’s bringing me off, I’m gonna shoot again, oohhh fuck, this is too much!”

His cock throbbed and heaved at Aurora’s throat as he rammed in, his balls slapping into her chin at the peak of each pass.

As for Aurora, she was falling into a terrible blackness.

Aurora screamed with horrible passion as the hot stream of cum gushed into her mouth. The dildo throbbed in her ass, rasping over her asswalls, making her screaming climax even higher. She held Flynn’s balls, her soft lips caressing his cock-shaft as gobs of his jism poured out into her throat.

Flynn yelled at the top of his voice, his cock pistoning in and out of Aurora’s throat, chest heaving in a fury of lust. He pulled his cock back, staring down as his piss-slit shot a thick stream over Aurora’s lips.

“Suck it up, whore!” he yelled. “Suck it all the way!”

White creamy cum erupted, spilling her face with its sticky fluid.

Aurora’s tongue flicked out over her lips, licking in the cum, running it around her mouth before she swallowed it. Her deep groans of passion rang around the room as she heaved up and down on the dildo, ramming it harder into her ass, jerking the massive cock-head over her shitter walls without any shame at all. She moaned, her hands busy on Flynn’s cock, rubbing the cock-shaft, caressing his balls. Her tits heaved with another massive shaking orgasm as the last of his cum dribbled out of his cock and over her soft red lips. Moaning with horrible abandon, she licked it up, raking it all in and swallowing it.

“Hm, that was something else, some fucking thing else.” Flynn let his cock run very slowly between Aurora’s lips, pushing into her mouth and back as it came down. Aurora was still coming dawn. She was lying on the dildo. With deep groans, she forced it higher as the passion overwhelmed her, surging up to drown her again. The feel of the massive cock in her shit-pit was setting off fresh waves of climax each time she twisted up and down on it. She was becoming a slave to her desperate desires.

“What did I tell you?” Robin said as he sat in the chair with Lulu running her hot little cunt up and down his stiff cock-rod.

“Yeahhhh!” Flynn sighed and eased his cock out of Aurora’s mouth. “That was some blowjob!”

“But not as good as mine,” Lulu insisted, her petulant mouth playing over Robin’s chest, her steamy cunt working over his fucker. She tightened her pussy muscles and he gave a groan of lust. “Let’s see her do that!”

“You wait,” Robin said lazily, “that’s the honest piece of cunt this school’s ever had.”

“Skit to you! I could out fuck her any day.” Lulu increased the speed of her ramming fuck on his thick cock-rod, her pussy-walls trembling and sucking at it as they slid up and down, demanding another shot of his cum.

“Okay,” Brett said with a grin as he walked up to the moaning, heaving Aurora. He went behind Aurora and before she knew it, there it were two clicks and her arms were in the cuffs again, helpless behind her back.

Aurora moaned, twisting on the dildo, pulses of excitement flashing over her as she twisted in the bonds. Her lovely tits were thrust out as result of her arms being cuffed.

Brett came and stood in front of her, rimning the cat tails through his fingers, his cock standing out hard and ready. “I’m gonna show you who you are, bitch! You won’t be able to hold out much longer.”

“What we you doing? No, haven’t you whipped me enough?” Aurora wept, tears flowing out of her eyes. But nothing stopping the frantic churning in her stomach as she watched the cat, the tails stroking through Brett’s fingers.

“Have you been whipped enough?” Brett asked, his eyes boring into the moaning teacher. “I don’t know what you mean — please stop!”

Aurora sobbed. “I’ve had enough, please!”

Brett drew back the cat and Aurora screamed, her body heaving on the stool, her ass throbbing around the dildo. Helplessly she thrust out her tits as the cat lashed across them, beating fingers into her flesh, but also creating lust.

Aurora screamed as she came, her ass pulsating, her body running wild on the low stool. She bounced on her heels, her legs taking the strain, letting the dildo run deep into her ass.

The cat came back, stroking hard across her nipples, belting agony through her tits until she was sobbing with raging orgasms and pain.

She wept, her body jerking, her tits thrust out, taking the lashing cat and bouncing to the sordid, raging beat of her climaxes. Brett changed the direction of the cat, lashing the tails into Aurora’s cunt, swinging it accurately between her open thighs.

Aurora screamed as the terrible knots beat into her soft pussy and the pulsating bud of her clit. Her orgasms climbed higher, surging helplessly as she tossed wildly on the dildo, her ass clutching the hard length, her body bowed to the lash of the whip.

“Look at you, bitch!” Brett roared. “You can’t get enough, look at you!”

Aurora screamed in helpless rage, her body betraying her at every step. She was bent back, her thighs spread wantonly wide so that the cat could whip her easily, beating into her clit. Her surging climaxes roiled higher.

“Tell me how much you want it,” Brett yelled, the whip lashing into Aurora’s cunt and then switching, stroking fresh agony into her cunt.

“I hate it, I hate you, I hate you all!” Aurora bucked in helpless waves of orgasm, her body tossing like a cork on the waves.

The cat stopped and Brett reached in, gripping Aurora by her collar lifting her up off the dildo and across the floor.

Aurora rolled on the carpet, her blonde hair all over the place, her body shaking at the removal of the thick dildo. With her cuffed hands she rubbed it, trying to rub right down into her ass-cheeks rub her shit hole to try and get some relief as the pain went on.

“Get up,” Brett said and Aurora struggled to her knees, her bound arms training against the handcuffs. Brett reached down and slipped them off. “Up!”

Somehow Aurora got to her feet, her body still trembling under the demands of her raging orgasms that wanted more and didn’t get it. She moaned, pushing her hair out of the way and then Aurora reached down and began puffing her stocking seams straight.

She got them as correct as they would go, since they were now torn and shredded out at the knee, and then pulled her bodice into position. Finally she stood waiting for her tormentor, choking with fear.

He took the chain on her collar and rattled it a little. “Still won’t give in, huh?”

“I hate you!” Aurora wept, her face streaming with tears.

“Can’t stop now, we’re so close, can we?” Brett said. “Lulu, take this one into the bathroom and let her tidy up a bit. We’ll be ready for her when she gets back.”

“Oooh, Sir, just a moment, he’s coming!” Lulu wailed, her cunt sucking up and down on Robin’s cock with, faster and harder strokes. “I gotta bring him off, Sir! I gotta!”

“I suppose we can wait, but you’ll have to give him an extra bit of excitement, I don’t have all day.”

“Whatever you say,” Lulu gasped as she saw Brett pick up the cane. Shamelessly she leaned forward, heaving her ass out for the painful strokes as her steaming little cunt worked over Robin’s stiff fuck-rod.

The cane cut her ass with a sharp slap and she screamed, her body slamming down on Robin’s cock until he groaned with lust and the cum boiled in his balls.

“Another one, Sir! He’s coming! I’m gonna get it! Aaagghhh, yes!” Lulu wailed as her ass heaved again to the beat of the the cane on her tight ass-cheeks.

Robin roared as the cum burst from his balls and surged down his cock-shaft. He heaved up in the chair, pushing Lulu’s ass even farther out for the cane.

“Give her a few more, please, Sir!” he gasped. “It does great things to her cunt!”

Brett whipped the screaming Lulu as she climaxed, her body tossing in delight on the spurting cock-rod. She eased up, holding Robin’s cock-shaft in her fingers as she pulled the shooting cock-head out of her cunt and caressed it, letting the thick gobs of creamy cum splash all over her pussy-mound.

“Ooohhh, was that good for you, baby?” She stroked his dribbling cock as Brett stopped the whip and she slumped back down across Robin’s legs, dreamily sighing with release.

“Now, take this one to the bathroom,” Brett said.

Aurora thought for a moment that she would have a chance to escape, but Brett put cuffs on it ankles.

In the bathroom Lulu went to her and pulled her tightly by the chain.

“Come here, bitch!” She pulled Aurora over to a chair and sat in it, spreading her legs wide, pushing her cum-filled pussy-hair at the horrrifed teacher. “Lick it up!”

Aurora thought of refusing, but she was still bound and wasn’t going to go anywhere, and she just couldn’t take any more of the whip. Submissively she bent down. Almost whimpering with the agony of humiliation, she licked into Lulu’s pussy-hair, taking up some of the cum smeared there. She was used to the taste of jism by now, but it was difficult to suck it all out of Lulu’s tangled cunt-hair. Lulu seemed to get particular delight in making her lick up every last gob of Robin’s jism.

Finally Lulu let Aurora up. Lulu made her rip her stockings off around the ankle cuffs and then take off her bodice and have a shower, which eased some more of Aurora’s aches and pains. She looked at herself in the mirror as Lulu dried her off and almost broke into sobs as she saw the crimson mass of her ass and tits and felt the aches still throbbing there.

Lulu hardly said anything after Aurora had licked her cunt clean. Suddenly, as she rubbed the towel over Aurora’s tits, she blurted out.

“Don’t you try anything, bitch, I’m the best lay in this school and don’t you forget it!”

She was wondering about what Lulu had said. She could hear the fear in the young girl’s voice, as if Aurora was going to challenge her to some depraved title and take it away from her.

Lulu led her back into the room stark naked. Aurora stared strangely when she got back in. The only thing different was that Howard hung by his arms from a rope, his ankles lashed to the bolts in the floor, his cock still bound and sticking out painfully. Flynn and Robin were leaning back in chairs, having a beer as they watched with great amusement.

Aurora didn’t realize what was going on until her hands were bound and she was forced close to the shivering Howard. He avoided her eyes, his cock throbbing in pain, his ass red from whip marks. Aurora gave a low gasp as her arms were hauled up and suddenly she was hanging from them, her whole body stretched.

“Get on his cock,” Brett said.

Howard groaned, his sore cock heaving in desperation. His cock was blue from the bindings, and his cock-head seemed about to explode from the pressure of his hard-on.

Aurora’s tides of passion had run down and she had only horror left as she stared down at Howard’s cock while Karla came up and held it, stroking it, flicking the throbbing head with the short rod she carried.

Brett tapped Aurora’s ass with the cane and the blonde teacher wept, but moved her body up to allow Karla to guide Howard’s cock to the entrance to her mint.

“You have to prove you aren’t a wimp, then you get all the pussy you can handle. Got that?” Karla said to Howard.

“Yes, Madame!” Howard moaned as his sore cock-head pushed at Aurora’s pussy.

Aurora’s cunt was still damp and Howard’s cock slipped deep inside with ease. He gasped and moaned, staring past Aurora’s shoulder as her pussy sank over his cock and she moaned at this new invasion. They were close, her tits heaving over his chest. Despite all the pain, his cock throbbed harder at the closeness of such a desirable woman.

Karla took the thin rod and lashed it over Howard’s ass. She grinned from behind the veil as he heaved and gasped, his cock thrusting deep into Aurora’s cunt.

Then Brett whipped the cat into Aurora’s crimson ass-cheeks. She screamed, her body gyrating on the ropes as she rammed her pussy up and down on Howard’s cock.

Karla whipped the suffering boy until his cock heaved deep in Aurora’s pussy. Karla lashed him mercilessly, her arms flashing the rod in, beating his ass, forcing his cock up and down into Aurora’s pussy.

Aurora was sinking into the horrible pit of lust again. The cat lashed the agony and lust into her ass, and the feel of the frantically heaving cock in her cunt set off a surging excitement almost at once. Her head flew back and she screamed in pain and lust, her ass tossing and thrusting, forcing her cunt deeper on Howard’s cock. With an unearthly shriek she came, wailing and screaming, her arms pulling at the ropes while Robin and Flynn looked on and cheered her.

“Anybody want her ass?” Brett asked, whipping Aurora’s sore cheeks with the cat.

Both boys nodded.

“Lulu, see which one is hardest and he gets her first,” Brett said, whipping Aurora again.

Aurora sobbed in horror and shame. She wasn’t going to escape anything. The cat lashed her and, she climaxed helplessly on Howard’s fucker, hanging on the beat of the whip, her ass jerking for it, waiting for the pain that could set off another surging climax.

Lulu swayed over to the boys and dropped to her knees between Flynn’s legs and felt his cock, running her lips over the stiff flesh.

“Not bad,” she said and walked over to Robin, doing the same, feeling and sucking on the thick, hard flesh.

“Send Flynn first and suck my cock until it’s time for me,” Robin said.

“You got it,” Lulu breathed, “Flynn’s harder, Sir!”

Lulu worked her way over to Robin’s chair and slid her hot little mouth around his big fuck-rod.

Flynn walked up to where Aurora heaved in constant climax, her ass jerking as she came on. Howard’s cock, her lovely blonde hair flinging around wildly with each lash of the cat. She panted and heaved, her eyes glittering with lust as the cat tails beat hard strokes across her tight ass.

“Ready?” Brett said, whipping the screaming teacher.

“You bet, Sir,” Flynn said.

Brett stopped whipping Aurora and moved back.

Flynn slid his cock to the tight entrance of Aurora’s ass. It was still wet and lubricated and his cock pushed easily against the ring of muscles, forcing them open. His big cock-head slid in, past the muscles and deep into Aurora’s shifter.

She moaned, her ass throbbing with new lust as Flynn’s cock heaved in. The thick fuck-rod pushed against the membrane separating his cock from Howard’s bound prick, setting off more explosions of lust in the helpless teacher. She gurgled and screamed, her ass and pussy sucking at the cocks, throbbing over them, working them for all she was worth.

Karla lashed the thin rod into Howard’s ass, keeping the steady beating going, driving the boy crazy. He heaved his cock deeper, seeking some relief in Aurora’s clit, yelling wildly at the fact that his cock couldn’t shoot to give him satisfaction.

Aurora wept, her body tossing, her cunt and ass throbbing, exploding with endless surges of climax. Her two fuck-holes worked over the twin cocks, sucking at them so hard that toward would have shot a thousand times had to.

But it was Flynn whose cock was rising to the point of no return. He gasped and heaved at Aurora’s ass, running his hands around onto her tits, caressing them, feeling her nipples, rolling the hard buds between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing until Aurora gave low bubbling screams of pain.

“Ooohhh, shit!” Flynn yelled, his cock heaving Aurora’s feet up off the floor he was so frantic. “I’m gonna come again! Ohhh, fuck, she’s incredible!”

He pounded away in Aurora’s tight ass, his cock heaving her up so that her high heels dragged on the floor. His hands worked her nipples harder, squeezing the crinkled flesh until Aurora gave another deep scream of lust and came in shuddering heaves, her ass sucking violently at his cock.

Aurora screamed as she came, her cunt trembling over Howard’s raw cock, sucking at it as she pumped up and down. The chain from her, collar rattled with the violence, of her movements as she felt Flynn’s cock go out of control in her ass and throb with the rush of cum down its shaft.

“Ooohhh, fuck!” Flynn yelled. “I can’t believe it! I can’t! I’m coming, coommmiinng!”

He almost tore Aurora’s nipples off as he heaved her up and his stream of hot cum burst high in her shivering ass.

Karla whipped Howard viciously. “Fuck her good fuck her good and I might let you come. Get her!”

Her eyes were glazed as she whipped him, her fingers running over her hot pussy, working herself into another frenzy.

Howard yelled, his cock thrusting deep into Aurora’s cunt, driving her higher into her orgasm. Flynn’s cock spouted hot cum in her ass, white spurts of jism rushing out, covering her ass-walls. He yelled with lust, holding her tits as he pumped another wad of spunk into her shitter, his heaving cock mashing it to her ass-walls.

“Ooohhh, fuck!” he gasped. “What an ass, ohhh, what an ass!”

His cock gave a series of final rapid heaves, shooting the last of his cum into the heaving teacher’s ass in short dribbles and then slow oozing. He held his cock high in Aurora’s shit-pit, his hands playing over her luscious tits as his cock gave out and sank slowly in her heaving ass passage, subsiding and getting soft. He cuddled her tits, still panting and heaving slowly on her ass. Finally, with a deep moan, she pulled out of the deep dark shit-hole.

White goo ran out of Aurora’s throbbing shitter as she gave another great wail and slammed back down on Flynn’s cock, wanting more of it in her desperate shame. She wept in horror, her body demanding more of the degradation and pain she had suffered. It was betraying her, making her into slut as bad as Karla, or Lulu. Karla whipped outward and he yelled as she he heaved up into her cunt and more tremors of lust ripped through the bound teacher. She hung up on the rope, weeping in her terrible humiliation.

Brett came up, grinning as he always did. He drew the cat across her ass and leaned in to the sobbing teacher.

“Tell us how muck you want it,” he said. Aurora screamed, tossed on the ropes. Karla had whipped Howard again and his ass heaved to the beat of the rod, forcing his cock deep into Aurora’s pussy.

“Fuck off!” she screamed. “I hate you, you pervert! I hate you and all the things you do! Hate you!”

And she turned and spat in his face.

He grinned and lashed the cat across her ass, watching as she came helpless out of her bonds ramming her cunt down on Howard’s cock.

“Then why do you come all the time?”

“Fuck off!” Aurora screeched as the cat lashed her ass, driving her into a weeping come. “Let me alone, I was fine until you did this to me, you bastard, I want to go home!”

Brett grinned and whipped her again. “But you are home, all you have to do is admit it.”

He leaned back, lashed her with the cat and then waited until her burst of orgasms had subsided a little.

“Tell us,” he said.

“Never, get lost!” Aurora screamed. “I’ll never give in to you, you fuck-faced shit, never never, never — aahhhh!”

Her body jerked as she raged in climax, her cunt slamming up and down on Howard’s cock as he heaved to the beat of Karla’s rod.

“Well then,” Brett said laying the cat into her ass with hard strokes, “we’ll just have to continue until you do see reason.”

Aurora shuddered from head to toe as the cat whipped into her ass, driving another climax from her. She rammed her pussy down on Howard’s cock, feeling the waves of excitement surging all over her body. There was nothing she could to do stop it, she was their slave, entirely at their mercy.

Brett whipped her again, just as Karla whipped Howard. Howard’s ass was bright red and throbbing, his cock almost torn off at the root.

He gripped the ropes and trembled, waiting for the next blow of the cane. His face was white, but he stared relentlessly past Aurora, his teeth clenched.

“You want her ass now, Robin?” Brett asked, lashing Aurora.

“Yes, Sir,” he said, and almost jumped out of the chair.

“Hey,” Lulu said, “are you telling me you’d rather have her ass than my mouth?”

She sat back on her heels and slid her little slip over her upper thighs, showing off the milky white of her skin.

Robin chuckled at her and slid his cock back into her open mouth. “Did you see how fast she brought Flynn off? I’m gonna find out, I’ll give you a report.”

“Fucker,” Lulu said, pulling her mouth away from his cock, failing and spreading her shapely thighs for him to see her pussy. “If you want this again, you’re gonna have to beg!”

“Don’t bet on it,” Robin said and went over to the struggling blonde teacher on the ropes who moaned in constant, orgasmic arousal.

Brett gave Aurora one last lash of the cat and rammed his cock into the crack of her ass, going in easily on Flynn’s cum and Aurora’s flowing pussy-juices. He grunted as he pushed his stiff cock-head over Aurora’s ass muscles and shoved, penetrating at once, pushing several inches into her hot ass.

Aurora twisted desperately.

“Hey, this is a great ass,” Robin said, leaning around and taking hold of Aurora’s tits, working her nipples as Flynn had done when he ass-fucked her.

“Better than mine?” Lulu sneered, coming close on one side, staring at Aurora’s heaving body.

“Yeah,” Robin snarled.

Lulu picked up the cane which was lying on the floor. “This bitch isn’t going to take my place!”

“Get the fuck outa here,” Robin said, his cock heaving deep in Aurora’s shitter, his voice getting rough and ragged as he panted with rising lust. His fingers tightened on Aurora’s nipple buds and the bound teacher squealed, her legs shaking with another series of raging climaxes.

“I’m gonna whip her tits!” Lulu yelled. “I’m gonna teach the little whore!”

Her arm went up and she lashed the cane down, beating it across Aurora’s tits, but Robin didn’t get his hands out of the way. The cane cut across his wrist and he gave a piercing yell of anger.

“Hold her, hold her!” he bellowed. “I’m gonna cream the bitch!”

Flynn grabbed her and hauled her away, throwing her into a chair and standing over the screaming, yelling girl.

“Ooooh, fuck, I’m gonna cream that thick when I’ve shot up your fantastic ass!” Robin moaned into Aurora’s ear as his cock thrust deep and he rubbed his wrists. “I’m gonna make her lick your ass out, would you like that?”

Aurora moaned, coming at the thought of Lulu’s mouth licking at her ass. “Nooo, nooo, don’t, don’t!”

Robin laughed and his cock stiffened even farther in Aurora’s shitter. He heaved his hard fuck-rod up and down, his hands back on her tits, pulling and caressing her nipples.

“Still won’t give in, huh?” he said. “You don’t stand a chance, baby, Brett knows just how to keep you coming until you can’t take it any more.”

His arms tightened on her nipples and his cock surged in her ass, getting harder and thicker by the moment as Aurora’s sucking ass-walls demanded another shot of cum.

Aurora screamed and wept, her body gyrating, her ass thrusting back for Robin’s cock. Karla whipped Howard, driving him into the screaming blonde teacher. His cock was throbbing and desperate, rubbing over her pussy walls, wanting desperately to shoot, but unable to. He moaned, but his face was set and he took each blow of the thin rod with just a shudder, his cock thrusting up at the blow into his ass.

Aurora wept as crashing orgasms rolled over her, never stopping, surging, driving her nearly crazy with lust and horror.

“Skit, she can do it!” Robin yelled as he slammed his cock deep into Aurora’s skitter. “She’s bringing me off again — fuuuck! What an ass!”

He gripped Aurora’s tits, thrusting his cock harder and faster into her ass, his stiff prick running up and down the length of the thin divide in Aurora’s body between his cock and Howard’s. He bellowed and his balls churned out another stream of hot cum.

As this load of jism smashed into her ass, Aurora crested, soaring into a jerking climax, her chest heaving, thrusting her tits at Robin’s hands. She wanted cock, massive cocks, shoved up her every hole, again and again, and again. She gurgled and heaved her ass back, shoving it at Robin’s cock, sucking his spurting cockrod deep into her guts. She was out of control, her legs climbing up Howard’s suffering body, wrapping around his waist, above the lash of the rod on his ass, pulling his cock deeper into her cunt.

She screamed, her head thrown back, her blonde hair tossing wildly. The chain from her collar bounced between her tits with each heave she made.

Robin gasped as his cock poured out its load into Aurora’s sucking, heaving ass. His jets of white goo splattered high in Aurora’s shit-pit, smearing down the length of his spurting cockrod, and oozing out over Aurora’s thighs and ass. He moaned as his cock began to give out, throbbing the last of its spunk into the demanding ass.

But still Aurora kept riding him and Howard, her cunt and ass sucking violently at their cocks, her orgasms shaking her all over. Robin eased his cock out of her ass and pulled away, gasping in awe at the formerly quiet, embarrassed by her who was now fucking her heart out, being in pain because his cock was no longer up her ass.

“Come on, baby, let’s hear it,” Brett said in. Aurora’s ear.

“Fuck off, you bastards, you made me do this! I hate you!” Aurora sobbed, shame fighting a desperate battle with her lust.

Brett pulled on the rope and it dropped. Aurora fell, rolling back off Howard’s cock, almost puffing it off as she collapsed on the carpet. He gave a low shudder and moan, his cock bouncing wildly. Aurora almost passed out on the floor.

Her hands came free of the bonds. Desperately she rubbed her pussy and rolled, the desire raging in her. She worked her tits, twisting her nipples, hurting herself as much as she could, sobbing with depraved lust.

Brett stood over her, his cock sticking out of his robe. It bobbed close to Aurora’s twisting, sobbing face. It was his cock, that enormous thick cock that could fill her and make her come and be satisfied. In a dream she heaved up and grabbed it, holding onto the massive thickness, her mouth moving up to it, drooling with anticipation.

“Naughty,” Brett said and pushed her away, Aurora rolled, dropping back on the car and twisting up to grab for the cock again. The chain caught on her knees and she almost lost her balance.

“You want my cock?” Brett said.

Aurora struggled desperately. She had just enough reason left to know what Brett would demand in exchange for his cock. She stared at it, her mouth watering, her pussy running juices in constant streams.

“Noooo!” she screamed. “No, I hate you, I hate you!”

Brett laughed and pulled away. “Well, we’ll see how you take having your ass licked out! Over the desk.”

It was a desperate, cruel game they were playing with her. The two boys picked her up and put her unresisting body face-down over the desk. Her tears ran over the leather top as she panted and heaved out, her body burning with the desires of a depraved slut.

“Suck her ass!” Robin snapped, taking Lulu and pushing her toward the gasping Aurora.

“Fuck off!” Lulu yelled, her large tits bouncing as she struggled with him.

Flynn took her brutally and threw her over Aurora’s ass, face-down on top of the moaning teacher. Lulu’s ass was over Aurora’s, their long legs spread close to each other, Lulu’s face buried between Aurora’s shoulder blades.

Flynn climbed onto the desk and gripped Lulu’s wrists, holding her while he knelt over Aurora’s head and thrust his cock into Lulu’s soft mouth. “You can take it out to lick her, nothing else.”

Robin lashed the cane into Lulu’s ass.

The little dark-haired nympho screamed and her legs jerked, but Robin just waited and lashed her again, driving another gurgling scream from her. Her mouth sucked at Flynn’s cock and it had almost got hard again with all the excitement. He gripped Lulu’s wrists and leaned back, holding the screaming girl tight over Aurora.

Brett grinned as he watched. “I think she’s going to be a real asset!”

“What I’d like to do is put my pussy over this cock of yours as we watch,” Karla said. “I feel very deprived today, thank God we have a party tonight.”

With a grin, Brett picked his wife up and carried her to a clink where he sat down and slipped Karla deep on his cock-rod. She sighed and leaned back against him, her tits thrusting into his hands, her soft pussy working slowly over his massive cock.

Aurora was in a dream. It was very strange with Lulu’s heaving body on top of hers. The rubbing of another female body was very arousing and Aurora could feel the heat of Lulu’s cunt rubbing over her ass as she jerked to the beat of the whip. Aurora sighed, her mind whirling, helpless in the grip of the most horrible and yet most delicious feelings she had ever had.

Lulu screamed, her mouth jerking down Flynn’s cock as Robin whipped her.

She heaved up, her legs kicking in a futile attempt to keep the cane from her ass.

“Lick down her back slowly,” Robin demanded, whipping Lulu again.

With a moan Lulu sank her mouth to the luscious white of Aurora’s back, licking the skin, tasting the fresh, salty sweat. Flynn grabbed her head and rammed her mouth back over his cock. The cane lashed her ass.

“Lick her back!” Robin demanded.

Lulu screamed as she tried to pull her mouth off Flynn’s cock, but he held it there, grinning nastily. Only at the third stroke of the cane did he relent and let Lulu’s sobbing mouth go back to Aurora’s soft skin.

Aurora moaned as the touch of Lulu’s mouth sent her swirling into soft, sensuous climaxes, her body throbbing slowly on the desk top as Lulu licked lower.

By the time Lulu had got her mouth to the crack of Aurora’s ass, her own ass-cheeks were a pulped mass of red skin, and she wept desperately.

Flynn let go of her hands then and got off the desk. Robin stood over her with the whip and waited.

“Do it right,” he said.

Aurora gave a gasp of lust as Lulu’s hot tongue licked into the top of her ass-crack. There wasn’t much cum there, but she lingered, licking into the deep dark cavern, tasting the sweat and faint juices from Aurora’s pussy and ass. Slowly the little schoolgirl moved lower, triggering more wonderful climaxes in Aurora.

“Excuse me, my dear,” Karla cooed to Brett, “but I can’t let this pass.”

“Of course,” he said and let his wife climb off his rock-hard cock and go over to the desk.

As Lulu’s tongue licked lower, seeking the very pit of Aurora’s ass, Karla climbed onto the table and spread her thighs round Aurora’s face. She eased her little leather skirt up to her waist and took Aurora’s chain.

“Wouldn’t you love to suck some pussy?” she whispered, tugging just a little on Aurora’s collar.

Aurora wanted to scream at her, show that she would never give in to this depravity, but she had very little resistance left. And there, right in front of her eyes, was the delicious crack of Karla’s cunt, shining with juices, the hard little clit bud showing through the puffy pussylips.

With a groan the blonde teacher sank her mouth over Karla’s cunt-lips and in, tasting her juices, licking into the crack of her cunt until she came to the rosy, throbbing clit bud. Then, as Lulu’s mouth reached her asshole, Aurora sucked Karla’s clit into her mouth and held it there, sucking and rasping her tongue over it.

“Ooohhh, yesss!” Karla gasped, running her cunt over Aurora’s mouth, holding Aurora’s hair, heaving her ass up and down. “Now isn’t that just wonderful?”

In truth it was for Aurora, which made it even worse. Here, with Lulu’s tongue licking at her ass and her own mouth on Karla’s cunt, she was in a different world, a soft world of slow, surging orgasms, completely different from the surging rage she had with men. She sucked and caressed Karla’s thighs, her body moving in the most delicious rolls of passion, her ass spasming as Lulu’s tongue licked deeper, probing into her shit-hole.

The soft climaxes gently rolled on, and Aurora found herself sucking harder, moving her tongue over Karla’s clit with more demanding desire. Karla leaned back, her thighs spread wide around Aurora’s face, and gave a moan of passion, her thighs trembling.

“Ooooh!” she gasped. “That’s it! That’s perfect? Ohhhh, that’s perfect!”

She gave a trembling heave and came, her legs pushing outward, her thighs wet with Aurora’s saliva and her own juices. She trembled and came again, lying back on the desk top, her back arching, thrusting her pussy right into Aurora’s face.

Aurora came at the same time, her ass throbbing around Lulu’s tongue, her pussy dripping juices. The three women held together for almost another minute, while Aurora and Karla came in long soft waves and Lulu licked right down the crack of Aurora’s ass and into her pussy.

Robin finally pulled Lulu away from Aurora’s ass.

“Now,” he said, “you can suck Howard off, the poor fucker needs it.”

“Not that wimp!” Lulu yelled. “Fuck it! I’ve got a reputation to keep up.”

Robin laughed. “Well, guess what? Now, if you’re not there and sucking cock in two seconds, I’ll tie you up, whip you the whole time and keep that restraint on his cock until you beg me and promise anything if I’ll take it off and let you finish him. Got that?”

“Fuck off!” Lulu said.

And then Lulu screamed as they grabbed her and hustled her over to where Howard still hung on the ropes.

Aurora came off the desk and stood up, gazing around the room in a daze. Still in her dream, she reached up and took the collar off. Dizzily she gazed over to where Robin and Flynn held Lulu, getting her ready for another painfully humiliating experience.

“A good job,” Aurora whispered to herself, “after all the little bitch did to me.” She sat on the desk, her whipped ass aching very pleasurably, and watched.

Brett and Karla were watching Aurora. He looked at his wife and she gave him a slight grin. They both waited, wondering which way Aurora would jump.

“Suck him off!” Robin yelled at Lulu and pushed her over a bar that Flynn had brought out. It was at waist height and Lulu went over it, kicking and screaming, her red ass thrusting up into the air. Flynn lashed her ankles to the base of the bar and Lulu turned as far as she could, yelling and swearing at them.

“Fuck off!” she screamed as Flynn took her wrists and lashed them to the same ring bolts that held Howard’s ankles. Lulu screeched, her face inches from Howard’s throbbing, bound cock.

“Suck it!” Robin said and laid into the shrieking girl with the cane.

“Bastard!” Lulu yelled, her ass heaving, throbbing under the assault.

“Suck it!” Robin snapped as he lashed her again. “Remember, we don’t take the bonds off until I say so.”

He whipped the screaming girl once again and Lulu broke into sobs, her ass heaving under the beat of the cane.

“Not him!” she wailed. “Come on! Not him! I’ll suck anybody else off, but not him!”

“Suck him!” Robin snapped, laying into Lulu with the cane, the sound of the stroke ringing out over the room a second before Lulu’s piercing scream.

“Noooo!” Lulu wailed. Her dark hair tossed as she writhed in helpless rage and pain as she lay across the bar.

“Suck him!” Robin said, whipping the cane into Lulu’s tight ass-cheeks.

“All right — aaahhh!” Lulu screamed. She moaned as her mouth sank over Howard’s cock and worked up and down the throbbing shaft, while her body heaved under the relentless assault of the cane.

Suddenly the idea came to Aurora. Her final revenge on Lulu. The idea possessed her, drove anything else out of her head. She went over, still naked, and stood behind the heaving, glassy-eyed Howard. She leaned in and whispered to him.

“How would you like to get rid of that wimp image, Howard?”

He gave a low gasp and gritted his teeth. “They won’t let me get rid of it, Miss.”

“Do as I say, and they will,” Aurora said.

“Okay,” Aurora said, “be a wimp then.”

“No, no,” he whispered urgently, his cock vanishing into the depths of Lulu’s hot throat while she screamed at the steady beat of the cane on her ass. “I’ll try it, Miss!”

“Good,” Aurora said.

She stayed behind him, caressing his chest, watching Robin as he whipped the streaming Lulu. Finally Robin felt he had got enough revenge for the cane Lulu had beat across his wrists.

“Okay,” he said, “pull that thing off his cock. Let him come.”

Aurora leaned over Howard, her hand reaching down to his cock.

“Now,” she whispered to Howard, “when I take it off, don’t come, hold out until you get what you want from that bitch sucking you. Soon she’ll offer anything to end her pain.”

“Oh, fuck, Miss!” he gasped, his cock thrusting and jumping in Lulu’s mouth. “I can’t hold out!”

Aurora toyed with the leather restraints around his cock and balls. “Do you want to be a man?”

“Of course!” he gasped.

“Then do it,” Aurora said. “It’s up to you.” She pulled the cord, the knot came open and the leather restraints foil away.

For ten seconds or so Aurora was sure Howard was going to fail. He yelled, his cock jumping free, throbbing with hours of pent-up lust. He pulled on the ropes, yelling as Lulu sucked his cock into her throat, desperate to stop the beating on her ass.

Then Howard roared in outright fury. He stopped heaving, his ass trembled, but stayed still and he looked down at Lulu’s head as she sucked him, her groans and screams of pain ringing out around his cock.

Robin whipped Lulu, laying the cane into her ass, while she sucked with rising desperation. Howard’s cock seemed to have grown at least three inches since the restraints had come oft and it was turning a deep, throbbing red. Still he stood there, letting Lulu work her throat over it.

“Uuurrghhh!” Lulu screamed. “Come, you fucking wimp, come!”

Her mouth sank deeper, her throat working his cock-head with all the skill she knew. And still he didn’t shoot.

A smile of terrible satisfaction spread over Howard’s face. He waited, standing there while Lulu took more punishment, her ass heaving in agony.

“Beg me!” Howard said suddenly, and the whole room looked at him.

“You bastard, come!” Lulu screamed, her mouth dropping back over his cock with frantic haste.

“Beg me!” he repeated, his hands gripping the bonds. “I’m not going to shoot until you beg me!”

“Aaahhhh!” Lulu screamed as she pulled her mouth back up his cock. “You fucker! You lousy little wimpy cock-sucker. Aaahhh, come you shit-licking sucker, come!”

“Beg me,” Howard said, his cock vanishing to the root in Lulu’s mouth while everybody stared at the scene in near disbelief.

Robin whipped Lulu harder, the cane bending under the impact. “I’d do as he says. Howard just grew up.”

“Aaaagh!” Lulu screamed, her body tossing on the bar as the agony rolled over her. “You fucker! Please, let me suck you off!”

“Try again,” Howard said.

“Please, please — aaahhh! Please, Howard, let me suck you off!”

“Maybe,” he said. “But you come to my dorm room twice a week for the next six months and I have you any way I want as long as I want.”

“All right, now please let me suck you off!” Lulu screamed, her ass beating against the bar in her pain.

“Okay,” Howard said and he leaned back, his hips jerking suddenly, his mouth open as he gasped and roared and a stream of cum burst out of his cock, gushing into Lulu’s mouth. “Yeahhh! Oohhh, yeahhh, suck it all down, whore! Suck it all down!”

As Lulu’s soft little mouth ran over Howard’s spurting cock-flesh, taking his cum and swallowing it with vast heaves of relief, Aurora found herself looking down at the depraved sight, her mouth watering again, her pussy getting wet. For some reason she couldn’t understand, she wanted some more cum. She braced herself. If she walked out now, she would get away, home free from this disgusting place. She turned for the door.

“Just a moment,” Brett said and he gripped her arm, sending thrills of excitement through the blonde teacher. “Where are you going?”

Aurora stared at the front of Brett’s robe and there was his cock, still stiff and hard, still ready to fill her mouth and pussy and ass.

Brett grinned at her and pushed her to her knees. “I’m actually going to give you a choice. If you want, you can leave now and I won’t stop you. Or you can stay and have my cock which ever way you want. Just for a start. Then you come to our staff party tonight and meet everybody. Any way you want. Any way they want.”

Aurora trembled all over. Behind her Howard was still shooting the last of his cum into Lulu’s mouth, yelling in total satisfaction. Aurora gazed at Brett’s cock. Any way she wanted it. The big, thick hunk of meat. Her mouth watered and her knees got weak. And then the party, cocks all over the place and cunts and tits. And the whip whenever she was bad. And she could be so bad. She gasped, fighting with herself. She should get out, leave this den, of vice. Now.

The next morning the door to the classroom opened and Aurora walked in. Immediately the class began to giggle, the girls looking at her as if they were just waiting for her to burst into tears.

Aurora slammed the cane down on the first desk. “Silence!”

There was a shudder in the room, but some of the girls didn’t stop giggling and the snitty little blonde that had broken Aurora the day before took out her nail file and started filing her nails.

Aurora walked to the next desk, her lovely blonde hair flowing over her shoulders, her tight black dress flicking up over her stocking tops. She slammed the cane onto the wooden desk top.

“This is the last time I will repeat myself!” she snapped. “On your feet, all of you!”

Half the class jumped up at once, shivering, glancing at each other. Aurora fixed the other girls with a steely glare and rapidly they stood, one by one, staring around, wondering what had happened.

“Oh good,” Aurora said as the witty little blonde stayed in her seat, her feet up on the desk, sanding her nails. “So you think the discipline in this class isn’t what it should be?”

“Who the fuck cares?” the little blonde said, her pert, cocky little face grinning wildly. “You suck a lot of cocks yesterday to get the black outfit? One fucking day and you think you’re a big shot.”

Smiling with total assurance, Aurora walked between the desks, taking her time, until she came to the little blonde’s desk. “Tell me, what’s your name?”

“What’s it to you?” the girl said and went onto her next nail.

“I really think it would be nice if we knew each other’s name,” said Aurora sweetly. “Mine is Miss Instrom.”

“Funny, I forgot already,” the girl said.

“Now that’s too bad,” Aurora said. “Because you’re going to take six strokes of the cane across your ass and thank me every time.”

“The fuck I am,” the girl said.

Aurora turned to the four girls closest to her. “Hold her over the desk, unless you want what she’s going to get?”

Not one of them hesitated. There was real terror in their eyes as they jumped up and grabbed the little blonde.

“Hey, you bitches, let me go, let me go!” the blonde yelled. She screamed as she was hauled forward and aver her desk.

“I’m sorry, Toni,” one of the girls said, “we have to.”

Aurora handed leather straps to the girls. “Tie her down!”

Tern struggled the whole time, but there was nothing she could do. She was soon lashed to her desk, her ankles to the back legs, her wrists to the bottom of the front ones. Toni struggled, her little uniform skirt way up over her heaving ass.

“Nice,” Aurora said and ran her hands over Toni’s tight ass-cheeks. Toni indeed had a nice ass, tight curves that led down to a pair of long, shapely legs. Aurora flipped the skirt up, right over Toni’s back, revealing her tight little white panties, and the lacy straps of her suspenders. She took the cane and whipped it into Toni’s straining ass-cheeks.

It was a very satisfying moment for Aurora. She saw the cane bend a little, watched as the thin line of red appeared on Toni’s ass, showing through her tiny, white panties. Even more satisfying was the scream that Toni gave, her body twisting as her ass beat at the desk top.

“You bitch!” she yelled.

Aurora whipped her again, laying the cane on her ass hard and fast. “What did you say?”

“No, no, Miss, no, I didn’t say anything,” Toni said, her voice suddenly frightened.

“What did you say?” Aurora repeated, lashing her viciously.

“Aaaghh! Nothing, Miss, nothing I swear it!” Toni screamed, her ass burning red with the strokes of the cane.

“I heard you call me a bitch,” Aurora said, lashing her once more. “Did anybody else?”

“Yes, Miss,” said half a dozen of the gills.

“Yes, Miss Instrom!” Aurora snapped.

“Yes, Miss Instrom!” they all chorused.

“Good, I thought so,” Aurora said. Her heart was beating hard and her pussy was soaking wet. She was having the time of her life. “Any girl who calls me a bitch in the future will get ten strokes of the cane. But, since this is the first time, you’ll just get six,” she said to the cowering Toni. “Then we can give you the six for disobedience, can’t we?”

“Aaaghh — yes, Miss Instrom!” Toni wailed. “Good,” Aurora said, “we seem to be getting somewhere.”

She eased Toni’s panties into the crack of her ass, enjoying the bound girl’s tenor. Then she twisted her high heels into position and whipped her hard, the cane lashing into her ass with six, precise strokes. At each one Toni screamed, jumping on the desk, bunting into tears by the third stroke and sobbing her heart out by the sixth.

Aurora turned on the girls who were all cowering beside their desks. “I hear this is the class bully.”

“Yes, Miss Instrom,” said several of the girls. “If she bothers any of you again, you are to tell me,” Aurora said. She walked slowly between the desks, leaving Toni tied down. “If she tried anything, she will get another six strokes before we start school in the morning. And, for the next two weeks, I will believe any story any girl tells me about her. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Miss Instrom,” the girls yelled, delight in their voices.

There was a terrified wail from Toni.

“Good,” Aurora said. “Take the swaps off.” The girls rushed to do as she said as Aurora paced slowly to the front of the class. She went up onto the podium and stood beside her desk, waiting as Toni sobbed and rubbed her ass.

“What is the first thing you do after punishment?” Aurora snapped.

Instantly half the girls checked to see that their stroking seams were straight and Toni frantically pulled, hers into line.

“That is the last warning you get on that too,” Aurora said. “From now on, this class will be perfectly turned out. There will be inspection before class and any girl improperly dressed will get the regulation six stokes. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Miss Instrom!”

Aurora turned on her high heels, her short tight dress fucking over her thighs. “I would like to forget your behavior yesterday, but the senior boys won at football last night.”

There was a gasp of horror from the girls at that.

“And I insisted to Mr. Harmon that this class entertain them,” Aurora said, “as punishment for yesterday. So this class will be giving the ten most valuable players their reward this morning. If all goes well, Mr. Harmon has assured me that same other class can give the other players their rewards later. It’s up to me to judge how you perform. So impress me, girls, or it’s the defense this afternoon.”

The girls felt a mixture of terror and anticipation. They glanced at each other constantly, their eyes down, their bodies shifting and trembling.

Aurora went to the door and let the football players in. They were all massive, their chests seeming even bigger under the robes they wore. They stood at the head of the class, grinning and eyeing the girls expectantly.

One of the boys came forward with the air of one who had won something and was embarrassed about it. Aurora slid her hand up his to be, and smiled at him.

“Three touchdowns?” she said. “Yes, Miss,” he grinned. “I’m sure you did wonderfully,” Aurora said, sliding her hand over his cock. “Boy, that’s a real nice one, I must make a note of you.”

“Yes, Miss,” he said, his face reddening, his eyes, running over Aurora’s figure with total lust.

“Would you like to see this girl’s tits?” Aurora asked. “It looks as if she has real nice ones.”

“Yes, Miss, that would be great!” he gasped. “Take your blouse and skirt off,” Aurora said to a pretty dark-haired girl. As the terrified little girl stripped off her blouse and skirt, Aurora turned to the girls. “It’s blow-jobs all round, while I show you what your asses will get for any disobedience in this class. After that, the boys can have you any way they want until lunch time.”

The little girl stood facing them in just her slip, panties, stockings and high-heeled shoes, trembling, tears in her eyes.

Aurora took her hand off the boy’s cock and ran it over the top of the girl’s slip. “Did somebody give you permission not to wear any bra?”

Near to tears, Toni said “but I thought…”

“Wrong,” Aurora said. “All girls are to wear bras unless I say otherwise. Open your slip.”

Tit girl’s fingers trembled as she undid the buttons to her slip and eased the sides away, showing her two small thrusting tits. They clearly didn’t need a bra, but that wasn’t the point.

“Hold her arms back for me,” Aurora said to the boy. “Her elbows, hard in the small of her back!”

The girl gave a wail of fear as she was pulled back, her arms straining, tier tits heaved right out over her desk. She stared at Aurora as the blonde teacher pulled her slip sides right away from her tits and laid the thin cane across them, just touching the upper curves, where her nipples met the areolas.

“Any girl not wearing a bra in the future, unless she gets permission from me, will get six of these. Since this is the first day, we’ll just hand out.”

The little dark-haired girl screamed as she saw the cane go up and slash down that was nothing to the scream she gave as the thin rod lashed at her nipples, beating her tits downward viciously. They bounced back and she trembled in the boy’s hands, two thin red lines of agony over the ends of her tits. Aurora whipped her again.

“What do you say!” she snapped as the girl’s wails rang around the room.

“Thank you, Miss Instrom!” the girl screamed.

“Good, now over the desk.”

The boy let go of the trembling, sobbing girl and she dropped down over her desk, her ass presented for her punishment. She slid her hands desperately into the boy’s robe and grabbed his cock, running her mouth down it, feverishly trying to get him to come.

“Mouth off!” Aurora snapped and lashed the girl’s ass.

“Aaagghhh!” she screamed, tossing on the desk top, but her mouth came off his cock really fast.

“You suck when I tell you to!” Aurora snapped and lashed the girl, beating another line of pain into her ass.

“Yes, Miss Instrom,” she wept.

Aurora whipped her again. “Now suck!” As Aurora reddened the girl’s ass with hard strokes of the cane, she found Brett standing beside her.

“Everything going well?” he asked, looking at the girl sucking cock for all she was worth.

“Fine, Sir,” Aurora said, whipping the girl.

“Fine,” Brett said, “excellent, carry on.”

“Oh, Sir,” Aurora said. She went close to Brett and whispered to him, her leg pushing between his. “I know I handle all cases of discipline, Sir, but you know I can be bad sometimes, and I’m sure my stocking seams will be out of line at the end of school today. I must report that to you, mustn’t I, Sir?”

Brett’s cock sprang up, rock hard. He gasped and ran his hand over Aurora’s tight ass-cheeks.

“Of course,” he said softly. “You must report to my office after school any day that happens.”

“Oh, yes, Sir,” Aurora whispered. “And it happens every day!”

Reluctantly she pulled away, back to the girl. In a raging delight she lashed her.

“Suck it!” she said and whipped her hard. Aurora was going to like being a teacher.

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