Beaten Prisoner Wife

Oftentimes, strange and unconventional desires lurk beneath the veneer of normalcy many individuals project. Given the right set of circumstances, these desires cease to be repressed and are eventually acted out. Certain individuals attempt to retaliate against the increasing necessity to comply with society’s demands by embracing unorthodox modes of behavior. Subcultures exist in our society, catering to a wide range of tastes. If these cultural avenues of expression did not exist, the pressure to conform would become too much for some people to bear and the consequences would be devastating. Lena Tillerman — the heroine of BEATEN PRISONER WIFE — is an unwilling victim of a suburban subculture. Caught up in a covert world she never dreamed existed, Lena struggles to free herself until she comes to understand the ultimate value of her new experience.


The judge stared down at the trembling girl. “You have been found guilty,” he said. “Have you got anything to say?” Lena burst into tears. Her straight, shoulder length blonde hair swayed as she held her hands to her face and sobbed in terror.

“P-please,” she gasped, “I didn’t do anything. It was my husband, he embezzled the money.”

It was true, it was true, Lena would have pledged her life to that. She almost fell to the wooden floor of the courthouse as she remembered how cruelly she had been deceived. Jack had swept her off her feet, playing up to her innocence. She didn’t know he had read of her inheritance in the local newspaper and, seeing his chance, moved in on her.

Beautiful though she was, Lena had lived a very sheltered life. When both her parents were killed in a car crash, leaving her with all the money, it had all been a terrible shock. When the handsome stranger from out of town had called two days later, claiming to be an insurance agent, Lena had put herself in his hands. He began taking her out and three months later they were married.

But, a month later, he was gone and so was her inheritance. He had taken her fortune from the bank and somehow her signature was on the documents. She felt utterly betrayed.

“I didn’t do it,” she sobbed. “Please let me go.”

The judge laughed. “That’s what they all say,” he said, looking down at the policeman who leaned against the podium. “I reckon she’s a candidate for the special unit, don’t you, Jerry?”

“Yeah,” said the policeman.

“Five years,” said the judge.

Lena opened her mouth and screamed as they clamped the cuffs back on her wrists and carried her out of the courthouse and down to the black wagon. They threw her inside and one policeman got in behind her and the other climbed into the driver’s seat.

Lena struggled onto the hard metal seat, tears running down her face as the wagon roared out of the courtyard. There were no windows and it was very hot. Sweat joined her tears as Lena stared at the burly Jerry. His look reminded her of the way Jack had stared at her the one night he had forced himself on her helpless body.

The wagon picked up speed and they left the town behind. The heat made the sweat run between the twin peaks of Lena’s tits and over her flat stomach, down into the crack of her pussy and over her thighs.

“Sheeeit,” said Jerry slowly, “if you ain’t the prettiest little piece of ass I’ve run out to the unit in a long time.”

Lena didn’t speak. A terrible fear was rising in her throat.

“Yeahhhh,” said Jerry, spreading his legs and running his hand over the bulge in his pants. “Get up.”

Lena struggled to her feet and tried to stand in the swaying, rolling wagon. Jerry reached up and slid the connecting panel to the driver’s compartment open. “Hey, Sonny,” he said, “get a load of this in your rearview mirror.”

Lena heard Sonny laugh and the wagon almost ran off the road as he studied her.

“Me first,” said Jerry.

“Sure,” said Sonny. “I’ll stop in the Leyland Estate anyway.”

Jerry laughed and flipped the panel shut. “Come here,” he said.

Lena walked over to him, almost falling with each step because her hands were bound and she couldn’t keep her balance. She trembled as he looked her up and down and then reached up and, in one movement, ripped open the neck of her blouse, right to the waist. As the buttons flew all over the back of the wagon, Lena screamed and fell backwards. But Jerry heaved her upright again and one of his huge hands went to the clasp at the front of her bra.

Lena didn’t have time to scream again before her tits bounced out and Jerry ran his terrible hands all over them.

“Oh please,” she wept.

But he pulled her mouth down to his and tried to kiss her. Lena almost gagged as his hot breath rose to her delicate nose. She turned her face, trying to avoid him.

Jerry laughed. With one hand he held her upright by the torn front of her blouse. Then he raised his other hand and Lena stared in horror as he slapped her hard across the face. She gave a yelp of terror as her head flew to one side and then to the other as he backhanded her.

“You sure gotta lot to learn, slut,” he snarled. “Now kiss me, and make it good.”

Frightened out of her wits, Lena leaned down and let him ram his mouth into hers. His hands still roved over the white flesh of her tits and she gave a moan of fear as he took each of her nipples in his fingers and twisted them.

Slowly at first, and then with increasing speed, he rolled the delicate buds between his thumbs and forefingers, increasing the pressure all the time.

He let the weeping girl pull her mouth away from him, but only so that he could gloat more fully over her tears and red cheek where the vicious slap had landed. His hands tightened around her nipples and he twisted until Lena could feel the pain rolling out over her tits and into her chest.

“Please don’t,” she gasped, her mind unable to understand what was happening to her.

Jerry just laughed and stood up, still holding her tits. When he was up and facing her, he reached for the ripped front of her blouse again and his other hand went down and pressed between her legs.

All Lena could do was whimper as the thin fabric of her summer skirt was pushed between her thighs and his terrible fingers reached up and forced it into the crack of her pussy.

“Open your legs,” he snapped.

Only hoping that the terrible ordeal would soon be over, Lena slid her legs apart and tried to cover her tits with her cuffed hands. Then she felt him lifting the hem of her dress and touching the transparent material of her panties, she knew he was going to rape her. It was just like Jack had done on their wedding night. His fingers forced the panties into her cunt and he chuckled nastily.

“Sheeit,” he said. “Ripe little whore, eh? Wet as hell.” He pulled her panties aside and rammed one of his fingers into her cunt.

As he laughed and finger-fucked her, Lena wanted to scream that it was only sweat that was making her wet. She didn’t get like that. She felt his awful fingers ramming into the innermost recesses of her body and she thought she was going to throw up all over him. Jerry put another finger into her pussy and laughed as the girl moaned and struggled.

Then he flung her backwards. Lena screamed as she tripped and sprawled on the metal floor of the van. Her head slammed onto the floor and stars swept across her eyes as she groaned.

As her vision cleared, she found Jerry standing over her. His hands opened the front of his pants and he pulled out his cock. Lena groaned in terror as she saw Jerry play with his eight inches of rock-hard cockmeat. He smiled down at her and laughed.

“Take your panties off,” he said. “Nice and slow, I like to look.”

Lena couldn’t disobey. The pain from her slapped face and hurt nipples were more than enough warning of what he would do if she refused. She slid her bound hands down to her panties and tried to pull them down. It was difficult, but slowly her triangle of blonde pussyhair came into view and Jerry chuckled, running his hand up and down his stiff cock. Bending her legs, Lena managed to slide her panties right down and off one of her feet. She then fell back, sick and exhausted, the tiny white briefs clinging around her right ankle.

“Now open your legs and pull them up,” said Jerry.

With her mind reeling and her breath choking at each horrible threat, Lena pulled her legs up and spread them as she had been told to do. She held herself there and stared up at him, silently begging him to let her alone.

Jerry grinned down at the helpless girl at his feet, her tits in plain view, her cunt spread and open to him.

“Would you like me to jack off over you?” he asked with a grin, rubbing his cock slowly.

Lena didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t sure what he meant, but she was sure it was bound to be something terrible. She looked up at him, her hair spread out on the dirty painted floor, her body bouncing slightly with each movement of the van.

“Fuckin’ hell,” said Jerry, “you’re no fuckin’ fun.”

He knelt between her legs and the tip of his cock rubbed against the damp flesh of Lena’s clit.

“Now,” he said quietly, “would you like me to jack off over your tits, or shall I fuck the shit out of you?”

Lena couldn’t speak. The terror in her trembling body clenched her muscles and made her twitch.

Then he suddenly rammed his cock into the delicate opening of her cunt. Lena jumped and screamed as the pain ran up her spine. Then she knew there was nothing she could do, and she collapsed and almost passed out as he leaned down and forced himself further into her pussy.

Jerry just laughed again as Lena moaned and tried to get away. Her bound hands were forced over her head as he leaned down on her. His mouth went to her right nipple and he sucked it between his teeth holding it there. His huge cock forced her pussy walls open farther than they had ever been before.

“Keep your legs up,” he snapped.

Terrified out of her mind, Lena pulled her knees up again and moaned as he rammed his body down on her. His cock sank in to the entrance of her uterus, sending fresh pain up into her body.

With one hand holding hers above her head, and his mouth on her nipple while he fucked her helpless body Jerry laughed again and pulled his mouth away from her tit.

“Beg me to fuck you,” he said.

Lena groaned and her head rolled on the floor as she tried to say words she had never even dreamed of saying in her life before.

Jerry rammed his cock into her harder, bashing her ass on the metal.

“Beg me to fuck you,” he said and his mouth went back to her nipple.

Lena groaned and tried to escape. Suddenly his teeth closed around her delicate flesh and he bit, hard.

Lena screamed and her body twisted under his. But there wasn’t anything she could do. His teeth bit harder on her nipple and her screams echoed round the tinny interior of the van. He scissored his lower jaw and the pain got worse until Lena feared he was tearing her nipple right off.

He took his mouth away. “Beg me to fuck you,” he said, forcing his throbbing cockmeat harder into her cunt, his mouth closing on her left tit.

Lena sobbed and screamed as his teeth rolled her nipple and increased the pressure until she was helpless in the agony.

“Please fuck me,” she whispered.

The teeth just bit harder.

Lena screamed, the agony from her tits rolling down her body to meet the pain from her fucked cunt.

“Please fuck me!” she moaned, her blonde head throbbing now with the pain of the thump on the floor.

Lena didn’t think the pain could get any worse, but it did. His teeth clamped down until her nipple almost exploded with agony. He was grunting with the effort as his cock thrust its way up into her cunt.

“Please fuck me!” she screamed, the pain subsiding as he played with her tits now, licking and sucking where his cruel teeth had been.

But that didn’t help the pain in her cunt. It got even worse as his cock seemed to grow with each ramming pass into her body. Her body was forced harder and harder against the floor.

Helpless to prevent anything, Lena closed her eyes and prayed it would soon be over. She felt the heavy weight of his body on hers, lifting up to drop across her spread thighs as his prick fucked her faster and faster.

“Ohhh shit,” he groaned. “Oh shit, what a piece of ass you’re gonna be. Oh yeahhh, fuck me baby, I’m gonna shoot all that cum in your hot little cunt! Beg me for it baby, come on beg me for it!”

His body twitched and rammed into her and Lena didn’t know what he meant. It was just like the last seconds of Jack’s rape, as he had moaned and all that terrible goo had shot out. She knew she hadn’t got the words right, but Jerry didn’t any longer seem to care. He even let go of her bound hands as he lifted himself up so he could get a better angle for his fuck.

“Aaagghhhh!” he shouted and his cock swelled and the cum burst out of it, high in Lena’s cunt.

He held himself above her as he shot, wads and wads of the hot fluid pouring out, splashing against Lena’s cunt walls. He squeezed down on her pussy as he rammed into her until the gush of his cum became a trickle. Then he fell across her body, gasping and moaning with satisfaction.

Lena could feel some of the goo spreading over her thighs and she was revolted by it. As soon as she could get to a bathroom, she would wash it off, but she had no idea when that would be. She felt his body rising again and she looked at him as he grinned down at her in vile lust.

“Well, now,” he said. “It’s time you were nice to Sonny. He likes little girls too.”


Lena moaned in renewed terror, knowing it wasn’t going to stop. She felt the van bumping over the rough road as she lay helpless on the floor. Sonny drove it for a long way and then, suddenly it stopped and Lena choked with the fear.

She heard Sonny get down from the driver’s seat and walk slowly round to the back doors. They swung open close to her head and she saw Sonny standing there, grinning down at her. His eyes roved over her exposed body and she tried to cover her tits with her hands, but he slapped her hard and she sobbed and gave up.

“Get out,” he said.

Jerry reached out and hauled her brutally to her feet and threw her out. She fell down the steps and sprawled on the grass of a small clearing in a forest. Through her tears she looked around but it was obvious they were miles from anywhere.

“Stand up, fuckmeat,” said Sonny.

Lena tried her best but her legs wouldn’t do it. She fell again and begged for mercy as both men heaved her upright. She managed to stand and face them. In her ripped blouse and stained skirt, she stared at the ground, trying to pretend she wasn’t there.

“Shit, that’s nice,” said Sonny. “Fucked the shit outa her, did ya?”

“Yeah,” said Jerry, “and I’m already gettin’ it up again.” He reached in and pulled the side of her torn blouse away so that her tits were in plain view.

“Tough,” said Sonny. “I get her now. Come here, bitch, let’s see how you give head.”

Lena didn’t have an idea of what he meant. She sneaked a look at him and saw he was indicating that she was to come to him. Slowly, and with the new fear rising in her throat and gagging her, she walked until she was inches from his terrible, masculine body. “Kneel, shit,” said Sonny.

Lena moaned with the fear and felt as if she was going to pass out. She almost fell to the soft grass and only just kept herself from collapsing completely. As she knelt there, she realized she was level with his crotch and the bulge there was big.

“Open my pants,” said Sonny. Lena raised her trembling hands and tried to pull the zip down. As with her panties, her hands wouldn’t act properly an she struggled as the tiny metal handle kept slipping out of her fingers.

“Come on, shitface,” said Sonny and he pulled her head back by her hair and slapped her face again.

Lena screamed at the pain and managed to pull the zip down almost as far as it would go.

“Now take my cock out,” said Sonny, enjoying every second of the terrible humiliation.

Lena did as she was told, her mind wandering to escape the horrible realization that these two men, who were supposed to uphold the law, were going to rape her and violate every principle she had been taught. Her hand almost recoiled in horror as it touched the hard rod of Sonny’s cock. His prick throbbed and heaved and she could imagine what it would be like if he rammed it into her poor raped pussy.

Slowly she managed to pull his cock out of his fly and hold it right in front of her face. It was another massive weapon, even bigger, it seemed, than Jerry’s prick had been. The round tip was swollen with blood and, at the little slit at the very tip, there was a drop of fluid that trembled with each twitch of the hard cockmeat. From there, the hard shaft ran down, the veins on it standing out, to a set of huge balls in their soft sac. Around its base was a mass of curly hair that smelled masculine, a smell Lena hated.

“Now kiss it,” said Sonny quietly.

Lena felt as if he’d struck her. Put her lips to that horrible thing? She would rather die!

“Kiss it, lick the tip,” said Sonny and grabbed for her head.

Lena screamed and threw herself backwards on the grass. “No! No, you can’t make me do anything like that. I won’t, you can kill me first!” She struggled to get away, but her hands were still bound and she stumbled and fell on her face.

Sonny laughed. “Oh, we ain’t gonna kill ya,” he said. “But it will be very painful. Now, get your ass back here and suck my cock or it’ll be very bad for ya.”

But Lena didn’t listen. She screamed and tried to get to her feet to run, but Jerry tripped her up and she sprawled on her face again.

“I don’t think she learns real fast,” he said to Sonny. “I think we’re gonna have to use more forceful methods.”

Sonny laughed and Lena groaned as he picked her up and slung her over his shoulder like a sack of beans. She vaguely saw Jerry walk back to the van as Sonny carried her over to a tall thin tree. He held her there until Jerry came back and Lena moaned as she saw that he was carrying several pieces of rope.

Then Sonny threw her to the ground and slowly bent the tree over until it was bowed and the top leaves almost reached the ground. He leaned across it and watched, laughing quietly as Jerry reached down and grabbed Lena’s ankles. As she tried to struggle, he lashed a rope round each of them and then heaved her to her feet again.

“Oh no,” she breathed, stricken with a greater terror than she had ever known in her life before as he carried her to one side of the tree and threw her over it. “Oh please! Please don’t, please, I didn’t do it, I’m innocent, I really am, please.”

She gave up as their cruel laughter echoed around the clearing. Sonny turned round on the tree and held her body pressed across it while Jerry lashed two more ropes round Lena’s wrists. Then he undid the handcuffs and pulled her farther over the tree.

It was obvious that they had done this before. Lena saw the tree root sticking out of the ground as Jerry went right to it, put the rope underneath it and pulled. Her body was pulled down further, the pain increasing as he heaved and stretched her arm tight. Then he tied it off and went to her other wrist.

By now the fear was such that Lena couldn’t speak. She watched him lash her other hand to the base of another small tree.

He laughed and leaned down on her and it was Sonny’s turn. He went to the ropes round her ankles and spread her legs, tying them to a pair of stakes that had been driven into the ground. Lena struggled, but she was bound too tightly and the tree pressed up into the exact place where the top of her thighs met her pussy. Her ass was stuck high in the air and both her hands and feet were spread, her hands much farther apart than her ankles.

Then Jerry let go of her body. Lena screamed suddenly in pain and terror as the tree struggled to get upright again and she was stretched as if on a rack, her body bent in two, her ass sticking straight up. A terrible agony spread down her stretched arms and legs. Her feet had been tied close to the tree, so the backs of her knees were particularly pained as the ligaments were almost pulled apart.

She got an upside-down view of Jerry as he walked over to a bush and cut a thin, straight rod about four feet long.

“What about your belt?” Sonny yelled gleefully as Jerry stripped the leaves from the rod and switched it experimentally.

“Nooo,” he said slowly. “I think this one needs more pain to make her into a good girl.”

He walked back and Lena stared up at him as he laid the rod gently across her asscheeks.

“Yeah,” he said, “This should do.”

He flipped Lena’s short skirt up over her back until her naked ass was exposed totally.

“Hold on,” said Sonny, “I wanna watch.”

Lena moaned as she watched him wriggle under her bound body until his face could look up at her ass and his groin was just below her face. His huge cock bobbed at her nose and she couldn’t push it away. The smell of him rose to her nostrils and almost made her sick.

“You know what’s gonna happen now?” asked Sonny pleasantly, holding Lena’s blonde head in his hands and staring into her begging eyes.

Lena couldn’t speak, but she shook her head as far as his hands would let her.

“Jerry’s gonna whip your ass,” said Sonny pleasantly. “And you know when he’s gonna stop?”

Again Lena could only shake her head and tremble with the most desperate fear.

“He’s gonna stop when you’ve sucked the last drop of cum from my cock,” said Sonny and Lena groaned. “So the sooner you start, the less you get. That’s fair, isn’t it?”

Sonny let her face go and leaned back, putting his arms under his head to enjoy the view better. Lena struggled and tried to pull free, but she couldn’t move more than an inch or so. The pain from the tree trying to heave her in the air was getting worse and worse.

Then she forgot the pain of the tree. She heard the cane swish and then the most terrible agony she had ever known exploded from her asscheeks. Jerry had laid the thin rod right across them and her staring eyes could see him pull back for the next stroke.

“Oh no! No, please! No, aagghhh, oh God,” Lena wept.

But the rod slashed into her delicate flesh again. Sonny’s cock throbbed and bounced against her face as he watched. It was the most brutal reminder of what she had to do. Gritting her teeth, she tried to make herself stand it but the awful agony of the next cut made her scream helplessly, her body heaving.

“Oh, please, don’t. I beg you, oh no!”

Lena wept as the thin strip of wood added another line of red pain to her ass. Jerry laughed and slashed into her again, watching as the beaten girl heaved and her legs trembled with the pain.

Jerry whipped the rod lower, down to the joint of the back of her thighs and her asscheeks. Then he moved up again, covering every inch of her assflesh until it was one mass of red, glowing agony.

Lena’s sobs and screams rang round the forest, but there was no one to hear her and save her. Huge pulses of agony burst out of her ass and rolled round her body, making her throb and heave at each lashing cut. And still Sonny’s terrible cock bounced at her nose. He just let it wave there as he looked up and enjoyed the pain Jerry was inflicting.

“Sheeit,” said Jerry with satisfaction. “I love whipping the shit out of little cunts like this one.”

He leaned back and gave Lena an extra hard cut. She screamed and rolled helplessly, struggling to pull free of the ropes.

By now Lena’s ass was so sore that she looked at the cock with less loathing than she had before. At each stroke of the whip, it seemed easier to take it in her mouth and let it do whatever it wanted to. But it was so vile, such a terrible thing to do. She choked again and tried to take the pain, but it was getting too intense. Each lash was now unbearable and the pain spread over her bound body, surging up into her tits and down her arms and legs, building and spreading, getting impossible to take.

Then, with one more lash, her mouth opened to scream and the cock surged up to fill her lips. She let it stay there, too agonized to push it away.

“That’s better,” said Sonny.

His hands went to her head and she let him run his cockmeat a little further into her mouth. She moaned as it went past her teeth and filled her cheeks with its stiffness.

“Lick it,” said Sonny.

The agony in the next slash of the whip sent Lena out of her mind. She ran her tongue over the tip of the terrible cock, tasting the drop of fluid. It was salty but that was all she noticed before the whip landed again and she screamed as Sonny heaved his hips upward and his cock rammed to the back of her throat.

The huge prick filled her mouth and ran in and out of her lips as she groaned in pain and wriggled, trying to escape the terrible whip. It landed harder as she took Sonny’s cock in her mouth and closed her eyes, trying to make herself believe this was just a terrible nightmare.

“Come on you little shit, suck it,” said Sonny, “I take a long time to come so you’ll be whipped raw if you don’t hurry up!”

Lena tried to do as she was told. She had never had a cock even near her mouth before and now she had to suck it off. The pain was clouding her mind. She hardly knew that she had opened her mouth wider, sucking Sonny’s huge cockmeat deeper into her mouth and ramming her head up and down on it, taking more and more of it at each pass. Her moans could be heard even through the gag of hard cockflesh and her ass beat up and down.

Then the pain of each stroke began to spread and soften, melting into a greater agony that filled her body and sent Lena into a constant scream that only rose slightly at each cut of the rod. Her mouth was open for Sonny to fuck and he went in deeper at each push. He took his hands from her blonde hair and let her do all the work. As Jerry whipped her in an increasing frenzy, Lena felt Sonny’s hands on her tits, taking her nipples and twisting them brutally. But now that was only a minor pain.

With a series of desperate screams, Lena felt the agony in her body rise to a pitch of utter and total desperation and suddenly crash over into a release of terrifying power. Her mouth opened to its fullest and took Sonny’s cock to the hilt while she sucked on it with a fury of complete abandon. Her ass waved and lunged and the tree beat up and down, leaves breaking, off as it was beaten to the ground. Her straight blonde hair waved and lashed around as her head went out of control and the orgasm exploded through her body.

Sonny gasped and his hands tightened around Lena’s tits. His cock throbbed out of control and he lunged up into the soft open mouth as it brought him to his climax. His hips rammed into Lena’s mouth faster and harder as Jerry whipped her ass until the rod was an almost invisible streak in the air. Lena screamed and the first gush of Sonny’s cum surged into her throat.

She hardly tasted it, this terrible stuff. The whip lashed continuously at her ass and her come beat through her body, sending anything but the surging explosions of orgasm from her consciousness.

Sonny yelled as more and more of his cum gushed out into Lena’s mouth. Gobs of it oozed from her lips and in a haze of lust she licked at it, sucking it all down. On and on it went and her release surged higher with it until the last drops squeezed from the slit in Sonny’s cockhead. He then fell back while Lena gave a sob and collapsed, her body limp across the tree.

Jerry stopped whipping her. The bound girl sobbed harder and shame burst through her pain-wracked body. Her body echoed with the agony she had gone through.

Then she felt Jerry’s hands running over her flaming red ass. She could only give a low moan of pain and she trembled when he spoke.

“Fuck me,” he said. “I got the biggest hard-on in my life. Where you think I should put it, Sonny?”


Lena gasped and her body shook as she heard Jerry talking. She knew now there was even more pain and humiliation in store for her. Sonny’s semi-hard cock ran over her lips as he grinned up at his buddy.

“Shit man,” he said. “Why don’t you try her mouth? It’s not bad. I mean she can’t deepthroat yet, but that’ll come. I feel like fucking her ass anyway. If you get the Vaseline from the van my cock’ll be back up by the time you got it.”

As Lena heard Jerry walking away, she realized that they really were going to do it to her.

“Oh please,” she whispered, “please don’t do that, please, I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Sonny just laughed and heaved his rapidly hardening cock back into her mouth. “Sure you did,” he said, “you stopped sucking my cock. You did a lot wrong, you little shit. Now get on with it or I’ll give your ass another going over.”

Lena moaned and sobbed with her helplessness. Her wide, soft lips opened and she let Sonny run his cock in and out of her mouth as he liked. Anything was better than more of that terrible pain of the whip. The hard cockmeat worked around the back of her mouth and slid over her teeth as she gave another great sob of fear and closed her eyes. To think that only a month or so ago she had been an innocent young woman of means and now she was tied over a tree, being beaten and violated in the most depraved manner.

Jerry came back and tossed a small jar of Vaseline to Sonny. Sonny grinned again and held it in front of the bound girl’s face.

“See this?” he asked.

Lena sobbed around the cockmeat in her mouth and her head bobbed up and down to tell him she did see it. She had a feeling that any hesitation would get her another whipping.

“You know what I’m going to do with this?” he went on.

Lena almost choked as she shook her head, tears streaming down her face.

“I’m gonna rub this all over my cock and inside your ass and then I’m gonna fuck you while you suck Jerry here off. His poor cock is so hard from whipping you, he just gotta have some relief, know what I mean?”

Lena just nodded her helpless head again and felt Sonny’s cock pull out of her mouth. She couldn’t look as Jerry slowly worked his way under her body and his massive, hard cockrod moved steadily closer to her mouth. Suddenly she screamed as his fingers seized her nipples and pulled on them, squeezing brutally.

“Suck my cock,” he ordered.

Lena moaned as her stomach contracted in fear and she left her mouth open, allowing the cock to slide inside. There was still some of his cum streaked down his cock from the time he had fucked her in the van. It was dry and hard and it came off in her mouth and almost made her sick as she tried to salivate enough to spit it out.

“Suck me properly, cunt,” Jerry snapped, his fingers twisting Lena’s nipples again.

She sobbed and gave up trying to get rid of the old cum. She widened her jaws and ran her tongue over the throbbing cockshaft, waiting in mortal fear for the slash of the whip.

But it didn’t come. Sonny’s hands ran over her beaten ass and he chuckled as he kneaded the red, sore flesh.

“Shit man,” he said. “You sure gave this slut a good lesson. She won’t get a better one at the unit.”

“With all the stuff they’ve got there, sure she will,” said Jerry as he rammed his cock up into Lena’s mouth and gave her tits another rough squeeze.

Lena trembled in the rising terror and the tree bent lower and strained into her bent body. The pain from her bound wrists and ankles got more and more intense and she almost wished the men would get on and do whatever disgusting thing they wanted to do to her and get it over with.

But at the first touch of Sonny’s fingers on her asshole she gave a moan of utter fear. She struggled on the tree as the slick, Vaselined finger slid up into her ass. Gurgling noises came from her mouth as the finger sank into her body. The pain rushed out and Lena couldn’t imagine what it would be like to take that entire terrible cock.

I Jerry chuckled and his hands took large bunches of her blonde hair, pulling her face harder onto his cock. “Hey man,” he said. “She wants to get ass-fucked so bad! You wanna hear her beg?”

“Sure,” said Sonny pleasantly as he ran his finger round inside Lena’s asshole, making her shudder with the pain.

“Oh please, don’t do that,” she whispered as Jerry slid his cock out of her mouth and lifted her head up by her hair.

“Oh, but you want it so bad, little girl, don’t you?” he asked.

“Please, have mercy, please! It’s, aaaggghhh, oh God no, please.”

New agony shot through her and she then even realized that Sonny had taken his finger out of her ass. But it wasn’t her ass now whipped. The thin cane slashed up, into the crack of her pussy. She writhed on the shaking tree, bending it further as she struggled and wept. The cane slashed up again and her clit caught the full impact of the blow. Her scream rang round the clearing as the dreadful agony pulsated through her body.

“Oh, but you want your ass fucked so bad,” said Sonny as he whipped her again as she sobbed and pleaded with them to stop.

There was a dreadful menace in his voice as he slashed her pussy again and the sea of pain just got deeper and throbbed through the whole of her being. At the next cut she almost dragged herself off the tree, the force of the pain was so bad. Jerry’s cock bobbed less than an inch from her lips and his hands held her hair and made her wide, terrified eyes stare at it. The thin rod whipped into her cuntal mound again and Lena almost fainted at the pain. She couldn’t even think now, all she knew was the pain.

“Beg, you cunt!” Sonny yelled and the cane cut into Lena’s cunt again, and the tip reaching higher and leaving a red welt on her lower stomach.

“Oh please, you can do it,” she sobbed. “Please, you can fuck me! Please, please fuck my ass!”

Jerry pulled her mouth straight back down on his cock and her screams and moans diminished as he fucked right to the back of her mouth. Then Sonny’s finger ran in and out of her ass again and she moaned.

Suddenly, as the cock in her mouth seemed to swell another inch, Lena felt the thrust of Sonny’s massive hunk of prickmeat at the entrance to her ass. Taking his finger had been painful, but it was nothing compared to the agony that now shot out as he forced his Vaselined cock past the outer ring of muscles.

Lena tried to scream, but her mouth was gagged by Jerry’s cock. She felt as if she was being ripped in two as Sonny leaned in on her helpless body. His cock penetrated another inch.

Jerry held her hair and forced her mouth up and down, yelling at her to suck properly. The throbbing from her beaten pussy was more than enough to get her to make an effort. She began sucking on the dreadful prickrod, licking at it as hard as she could.

“Fuck me,” muttered Jerry. “You sure got a lot of technique to learn, but they’ll teach you. Now suck it! Suck it.”

Lena did her best, but she still wasn’t satisfying Jerry. He threatened her, forcing her head up and down by her hair until the bound girl was dizzy and sick from the motion.

And Sonny rammed his cock another inch into her ass. Her ass muscles spread and throbbed round it, pain shooting out in all directions. He grunted and heaved again, another inch of Lena’s shit hole giving way to the invading prickmeat.

“Shit,” Sonny mumbled. “She sure’s a great ass-fuck.”

He gave another great shove and Lena’s ass opened all the way. His hips slapped painfully against her asscheeks as his cock slammed into her ass.

Her screams of pain rolled around Jerry’s cockmeat and her body heaved and trembled in total agony. Lena gave up the struggle and just hung there sobbing, her tears mixing with her saliva as it ran down Jerry’s prickshaft and into his cockhair. Behind her, Sonny slowly ran his cockrod back out of her ass until only the tip remained inside her aching body. Then he fucked in once more and Lena’s eyes and mouth widened with the new pain. Slowly he slid back out again and Lena’s breath rushed out through her nostrils as she braced herself for the next deep fuckstroke.

Jerry rammed her down, holding her hair and watching as his hard-on passed slowly through her ripe red lips. “Suck it good,” he warned. “We get you to the unit when we want and in whatever shape we like, so do as you’re fuckin’ well told.”

Lena was long past understanding the reality of her situation. She tried to do her best with Jerry’s cockmeat, sucking at it as hard as she could and letting him move her head however he wanted. With each thrust into her mouth the huge cock seemed to get bigger, swelling out her cheeks and forcing her jaws wide apart.

The hot, stiff shaft pulsed as Jerry moaned and held her around it. Small drops of fluid formed at the slit on the tip of the cockhead. They tasted salty and Lena was sure that he would be shooting more of the awful white fluid into her mouth very soon. It would be as bad as ever, but at least it would mean the end of her ordeal and that would be something.

Sonny laughed and fucked her ass harder and harder, forcing her helpless body against the tree. Lena felt his cock swelling too, forcing her ass muscles to spread. The pain from them echoed round her body.

The rasping of his prick in her ass spread the pain slowly until there was only one agony and even that began turning into the most diabolical ecstasy. With each fuck-thrust, and the slapping of his thighs against her whipped ass, the pleasure grew, sending the poor bound girl moaning as her body responded, despite all she could do.

Her mouth opened wider and in a haze of mixed pain and growing lust, Lena felt the huge tip of Jerry’s cockhead reach just inside her throat. Sonny fucked her ass in a series of heaving lunges and the pain subsided further and Lena found herself groaning as the pressure against her asswalls sent her higher and higher. She knew her ass was thrusting up to meet the cock as it rushed in, but she couldn’t stop it.

Jerry pulled her head up by the hair again and looked into Lena’s lust-clouded eyes. “Just suck the tip, cunt,” he said. “I’m gonna wait till my buddy here comes. Ohhhh, I’m hotter than hell! Yeahhhh, run your lips over it. Now lick it, yeahhh just like that. Now suck, just that deep!” He emphasized his words by fucking her mouth harder.

As Sonny rammed his cock into her ass, Lena sucked on the cockhead and felt it twitch and leap in her mouth. More drops of fluid formed at the piss-slit and she sucked them down almost greedily, utterly ashamed of herself for the way she was acting.

But even such shame couldn’t stop the power of her orgasm as it rose in her body. It soared from her beaten ass and pussy and crashed into her stomach and ran back down to the furious throbbing of her fucked ass. Jerry’s hands left her hair as he felt her sucking his cock with growing devotion. He reached for her tits again and this time his rough fingers made groans of sheer abandon roll from Lena’s throat.

As Jerry rolled her nipples and pulled her thrusting tits out and down towards his body, Lena crashed over into a come of desperate release. Screams of lust poured out around Jerry’s cockhead to echo round the forest.

Greedily Lena sucked and her ass bent back to take every inch of the cock raping her body. The rolling crash of her come sent her bound legs heaving up and down while her tits sent spasms of orgasm out to join the uncontrollable force of her release.

She felt the two cocks throbbing out of control too. Jerry gasped as he let her lick and suck his huge cockhead, and Sonny yelled in lust as the tightening walls of Lena’s ass sent the cum surging round his balls, just waiting for the moment to shoot out.

The gush of cum from Jerry’s cock hit Lena’s hot throat. She sucked at it, feeling more and more boil from the slit and into her mouth. With each shot her own come went higher and she moaned as waves of cream poured out and filled her cheeks. Her tongue was covered and she couldn’t swallow fast enough to get rid of it all. Gobs of the white, sticky goo forced their way past her lips and onto the heaving, thrusting cock.

“Fuck, fuck, oh shit, I’m coming!” Sonny shouted as his cock thrust deeper into Lena’s ass and his load splattered against her ass walls.

His cock pumped in and out, faster as his jizz gushed out into Lena’s ass. His body was out of control as it fucked her ass, and his cum lubricated her ass channel even more. Her ass muscles tightened to get more of the friction the huge cock was giving them.

Delirious with the mixture of agony and lust, Lena sucked up the white fluid pouring from Jerry’s cock and groaned as the degradation of what she was doing washed over her again. Even as her come reached its peak and shattered all over her helpless body, she started weeping with the shame of what she had allowed these men to do. She couldn’t keep them from raping her, but she should not have come like this. She let the last dribbles of cum run down Jerry’s cock as she stopped sucking and burst into fresh tears.

“Suck it up, bitch,” he snapped.

His hands went to her hair and again and, with the last of her come rolling through her, Lena sobbed and let him force her to suck up all the cum that was running down his throbbing cockshaft.

Sonny still yelled and fucked her ass, ramming her body into the bending tree as he let the force of his orgasm carry him away. His cock shot like crazy as he moaned and leaned forward over Lena’s bound body, forcing the tree even farther down and her mouth deeper onto Jerry’s oozing prick. The last of the cum shot into Lena’s body and the three of them hung there, exhausted.

Slowly Sonny pulled his cock from Lena’s slippery ass and it slipped out with a distinct sound that made Lena’s shame rise to new heights. Jerry’s softening cockmeat fell from her mouth and she gave an enormous sob of shame.


They untied the weeping, terrified girl and threw her in the back of the van. Lena fell onto the dirty floor and collapsed, sobbing her heart out. Sonny got behind the wheel and they set off back down the rutted forest road to the highway. He drove for another half hour or so and then Lena felt the van make a slow turn and heard gravel crunch under the wheels.

It was still a long time before the van stopped. Finally Jerry threw the back doors open and bundled Lena out. Sonny grabbed her other arm and she just got a quick glimpse of a forbidding three-story brick building before she was carried up a flight of stone steps and through a pair of large doors.

Inside, Lena was dragged across a hall and up another flight of steps. Then there was a dark corridor and Lena hung from their arms as another door opened and she was flung onto the floor.

Gasping and trembling, she looked up. It was a large room and looked like a study. The floor was deeply carpeted and there was a large desk in front of her.

“Get up!” a voice snapped.

Trying to pull her torn dress round her exposed body, Lena struggled to her feet.

On the other side of the desk sat a tall, sinister looking man who stared at her and ran a pen between his fingers, pushing it on the desk top and twirling it, repeating the action constantly, slowly. Beside him stood a woman, her dark hair falling below her shoulders. She had a sharp, hard, but beautiful face with full, sensual lips. Both the man and the woman wore tight outfits of black leather. The man’s shirt was open low on his chest, showing his hairy, muscular body. The woman’s top was cut lower over a pair of small, thrusting tits. At her waist was a wide, tight belt, and below that a pair of hot pants. Her long, shapely legs were outlined in a pair of skin-hugging boots, Lena saw as she walked slowly round the table.

“Well,” she drawled, running her hand across Lena’s trembling body. “Nice piece of ass.” She pulled the top of Lena’s torn dress aside and Lena choked and tried to pull it back.

Instantly the woman slapped her hard across the cheek, getting a stifled sob from the girl as her head spun to one side. Lena let go of her dress and, to her utter horror, she felt the woman’s hands on her tits.

“Needs some training though,” said the woman. “I’m Zenor and this is Mr. Markson. ‘Sir’ to you. You will do everything we say from now on or you will find your stay here very painful indeed. Now what is my name?”

“Zenor,” said the trembling Lena.

“And what is his name?”

“Mr. — Sir!” said Lena hurriedly as she saw Zenor’s hand sweep upwards.

“That’s better,” said Zenor as she walked slowly around Lena, looking her up and down as she went. “Lift your skirt.”

Lena hurried to obey, her trembling hands reaching for the ripped hem and lifting it.

“Higher,” said Zenor impatiently, and Lena lifted the dress until it was around her waist and her ass and pussy were exposed for everyone in the room to see. “Turn around. Look at that, Rod! That’s one whipped ass for you.”

The man behind the desk laughed softly and Lena sobbed as he looked at her beaten ass.

“Bend over,” he said.

Lena slowly bent at the waist, lowering her upper body. She didn’t dare let go of her dress and she held that position, her hand bunched at her waist, holding the remains of her clothing.

“Not bad,” said the man behind the desk. “Old Judgy sure knows the ones to send, eh, Sonny?”

“Yeah,” said Sonny. “And he particularly wants a go at this one when she’s trained.”

The man laughed again, the sound making Lena tremble again. “Maybe,” he said, “maybe.” Then he also got to his feet. “Stand up.”

As he came round the desk to her, he looked even taller and more well-muscled than Lena had thought at first. His face was set and fierce, the face of a man who got what he wanted, exactly when he wanted it. He looked at Lena and slid the top of her dress away from her tits, playing with the nipples thoughtfully.

“Okay,” he said, “I think we can make something decent out of this.” He went back to the desk and took a set of keys. “Here Sonny, you guys go get yourselves something to eat and then you can have any of the girls in C block. They nearly rioted last night and they need someone to calm them down.”

Sonny grinned as he took the keys and he and Jerry went out. It was almost a relief to Lena to have her two violators out of her sight. She then watched as Rod went to the desk and pressed the intercom.

“Send Nancy and Fiona in,” he said.

Lena stood on the soft carpet, her body trembling uncontrollably as Rod and Zenor looked at her casually and said nothing. Less than a minute later there was a soft knock on the door.

“Come,” said Rod.

Two girls came in rather uncertainly. They were both dressed in tight, blue uniforms, the tops cut low across their tits and the skirts only just reaching to the tops of their stockings. They walked to either side of Lena, the stiletto points of their high-heels digging deep into the carpet.

“I’ve just promoted you two,” said Rod, and the two girls giggled and simpered. “And now I’m giving you a chance to prove you can handle it. Take this one and get her ready for tonight. She’ll watch, of course, but I don’t want her looking and smelling like this. And don’t use any heavy whips on her, she’s red enough as it is.”

“Yes, Sir,” said the darker of the two girls instantly.

Lena was seized again and hustled out of the room. She yelled and struggled all the way through the door. Once they were in the corridor again she was slammed into the wall and held there by the two girls.

“Listen, fuck face,” said the brunette, her face inches from Lena’s sweating, horrified body, “don’t you fuck us around, see? I don’t wanna get busted back down to grade three cuz a slut, like you fucks me around. Got that?”

Lena sobbed and shook her head, tears pouring down her face again.

“And if you’re wondering, you little cunt, you’re grade one, so you gotta long way to go. Got that?”

Lena nodded her head again and almost collapsed onto the floor. They hurried her back along the corridor and into a large empty bathroom. The fittings were luxurious, with a shower, large massage table, a hot tub and sauna room.

Nancy and Fiona flung Lena across the tiled floor and told her to take her clothes off. Knowing there was no way out, Lena did as she was told, slipping the torn dress down to her feet and stepping out of it. The rest of her clothes had already been torn off in her rape.

“Now get in the shower,” said Nancy, the darker girl.

Lena shuffled across the floor and stepped into the cubicle. Her face was a mask of shame as she stood there and waited while they turned the shower on. The stream of warm, soothing water almost relaxed the poor girl and she stood there while the two of them washed her body down, from her shoulders to her feet. Then they made her stay there while they washed her hair.

They made her dry herself with a large towel and sat her down while they dried her hair and set it, combing the ends of her straight blonde hair under in the style that flattered her most.

“Hey, that looks good,” said Fiona, her wicked, sharp little face pouting as she combed Lena’s locks. Like Lena, Fiona had blonde hair, but it was longer and reached far down her back. “What time is it?”

“Just past five,” said Nancy.

“Oh, that’s fine,” said Fiona. “We don’t have to have her ready until nine, so I think I’ll have me a little suck off.”

“We have to get her fed,” said Nancy doubtfully.

“I know,” said Fiona. “But we’re grade four now, baby. We can get these things easier now. Come on!”

Lena broke into tears again as they led her over to the massage table. She wasn’t sure what they were going to make her do but it sounded horrible. In growing horror she watched Fiona slide onto the table, and wriggle out of her panties, sliding them down her shapely legs and dropping them on the floor. She spread her legs and slid one of her fingers into the crack of her pussy.

“Suck it,” she said, grinning at Lena.

The horror broke over Lena like a tidal wave. She stared at the sulky blonde on the table, her legs spread wide, her short skirt almost up to her waist.

“No!” she screamed. “You can’t make me do that!”

Both the girls laughed and Fiona slipped off the table and went to a cupboard by the wall. She selected a slim leather crop about three feet long and came back.

“I said, suck it,” she said and swished the thin crop through the air, smacking it into the palm of her hand.

Lena moaned at the prospect of more agony. “Oh, please,” she wept, “please, don’t make me do something like that, please.”

“Shit,” said Fiona, “she’s gotta learn faster than this.”

“Be careful,” said Nancy, “remember what Rod said.”

“Oh fuck me, he isn’t gonna worry if we whip her tits a bit. Just gets them ready for him,” said Fiona.

The crop swished again and Lena gasped and choked. “Hold her,” said Fiona.

Nancy gripped Lena’s arms and pulled them tight behind her back by the elbows, forcing them together until her tits were pushed out, an easy target for Fiona’s whip.

“Oh, all right,” Lena sobbed, “I’ll do it, I promise I will.” Fiona laughed and her sharp face grinned in pleasure. “Bit late, my sweet,” she said.

Lena stared at the crop as Fiona raised it. It trembled in her hand and then slashed down. The pain exploded from Lena’s tits as it cut right across her nipples. She screamed and struggled, but Nancy held her. The crop landed again, just lower than the first cut, sending more agony through Lena’s body.

“Now, don’t you want to suck my pussy?” asked Fiona softly as she thrashed the crop into Lena’s throbbing tits again, making them bounce as the thin red lines of whipped flesh grew and melted together.

“Oh yes!” Lena screamed as the pain erupted through her body.

“How much do you want to suck my pussy?” Fiona asked, whipping her agonized tits again.

“Ahhhh, oh God,” Lena moaned as the pain grew and she screamed again.

“Tell me!” said Fiona mercilessly as she cut the red and bouncing flesh again.

“Oh a lot, a lot, aaaagghhh! Ohhhh!” Lena screamed.

Just then the door opened and Rod stuck his head in. “Being difficult, is she, girls?” he asked, looking at the sobbing Lena.

“Can’t make up her mind how much she wants to suck my pussy,” said Fiona, whipping Lena’s tits again and getting the expected scream from her.

“Fuck,” said Rod, “doesn’t she know she wants to suck it more than anything in the world?”

“Oh yes!” Lena screamed as the crop lashed her unbearably. “I want to suck it more than anything else in the world!”

“There? You see?” said Rod. “That was easy, wasn’t it. Have a good time, girls, I won’t need her until nine.” He left and shut the door.

Fiona put the crop on the edge of the massage table and got back onto it. She spread her legs again and beckoned Lena to her.

“Now suck it good,” she snarled, “or I’ll whip the shit out of you again.”

Hardly knowing what she was doing, Lena bent down and put her mouth close to the slick female flesh of Fiona’s pussy. The smell of a woman in heat came up at her and it was curiously exciting. Slowly she lowered her head until her lips touched the hard bud of Fiona’s clit.

“Lick it!” Fiona snapped.

Slowly Lena put out her tongue and let it run over the hot cuntflesh. She tasted the pussyjuices as they flowed from Fiona’s hot pussy and gave a low moan at the thought of what she was doing.

“Spread my pussy,” said Fiona.

Lena stopped, looking up at her, bewildered.

“Like this!” snapped Fiona, putting her hands on the downy flesh on either side of her cunt and easing the lips apart. “Now you do it!”

Hating herself for giving into this debauchery, Lena put her fingers on another woman’s cunt and spread the lips. Then she lowered her head again and licked up and down the slit, hearing Fiona give a low moan of lust.

“Lower,” snapped Fiona.

Lena knew from the tone of her voice the punishment that would come if she refused. She licked across the pulsing flesh, her tongue exploring the soft hole and then reaching up for the bud of Fiona’s clit.

“Now suck it all in your mouth,” said Fiona.

Lena gave a moan of despair, but knew she couldn’t refuse. She spread her lips across the hot, damp flesh and sucked it into her mouth, running her tongue over as much of it as she could.

“Hold my clit in your teeth and suck and lick it,” said Fiona.

Lena did as she was told, sucking the swelling bud between her sharp front teeth and biting down on it just hard enough to hold it in place.

Her tongue flicked back and forth, sweeping over the throbbing clit and making it stand up.

“Bite it harder,” Fiona moaned and her hips started to gyrate on the table, heaving up and down, making Lena’s head slowly spin to keep up with her. “Harder!”

Lena bit and sucked, her mind in termoil as she felt Fiona’s legs spread around her head as she started to come.

“Ohhhh yeahhh!” Fiona screamed. “Oh suck my cunt, suck it, hard you fucker! Harder!”

Lena sucked and bit down on the flesh as hard as she could, feeling Fiona go out of control on the table. Fiona’s legs trembled and raised high in the air as she rocked and thrust herself up and down on the table. She grabbed Lena by the hair, yelling at her all the time.

“Suck it, suck it bitch,” she screamed. “Oh yeahhh, I’m coming! Hold it like that until I tell you, ohhhh yeahhh, yeahhh!”

Her body beat up and down, her legs tightening round Lena’s back as she came and subsided in a series of great heaves. She gasped, her blue skirt all over the place.

“That wasn’t too bad. You might do all right with some training.”

Lena moaned and sobbed as she saw the teeth marks on Fiona’s cunt before the blonde slipped to one side and rolled off the table. “You wanna go?” Fiona asked Nancy.

The brunette stared at the naked Lena. “Nah,” she said at length. “I’ve gotta couple of business friends coming in tonight and they’re too good to waste on this cunt.” She laughed and walked over to the hot tub. “Get in. You can soak for half and hour or so, do your tits and ass a world of good.”

Still trembling and terrified, Lena slid into the hot, swirling water and cried with the relief it gave her. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend the tub was in her house and all she had to do was rest in it until it was time for dinner.


They brought Lena some food and let her eat it in the hot tub. That was quite luxurious and Lena was almost ready to think things wouldn’t be so bad here when she got used to them. Then they made her get out and dry herself, watching as she did it. They sat her down in front of the mirror and made her up, skillfully bringing out the natural beauty in her high cheekbones and soft red lips.

Lena couldn’t help getting nervous again as they did that. It was almost as if she were being prepared for some kind of ritual. Her fear grew even more as they made her put some perfume on, rubbing it into her wrists and ankles and then spraying the whole of her body with a fine mist that sent her head reeling again.

They stood her up and made her parade for them, trying to decide on what she would wear. Lena cringed at the impersonal way they discussed her strong and weak points. Her legs were real good, they said, but her tits needed pushing up. She looked at herself in the mirror and was amazed at the way the red marks of her beating had been taken out by the swirling water of the tub. Her flesh looked flushed rather than whipped.

“Okay,” said Fiona, “we’ll go with that. Come on, bitch!”

To Lena’s renewed horror they dragged her out stark naked and made her walk along the endless corridor and up another flight of stairs. Several people passed. A girl in a white uniform, cut as high and tight as the ones Fiona and Nancy were wearing, carried a tray into a room and closed the door without looking at Lena. But she was not so lucky with the next people. Two men, escorting five women prisoners, came on them as they walked round a corner.

The women hooted at Lena, cat-calling, telling her it only got worse. The guards snarled and slapped several of the girls with their whips to shut them up. But the women went on and Lena flushed with embarrassment.

Nancy and Fiona took her into a dressing room. There they made her put on a pair of black, fishnet stockings held up by frilly suspenders. A silky G-string panty went on over that. Then Fiona handed Lena a black leather dress. Lena struggled into the tight garment that stretched around her soft body. It pushed her tits up and left the top half of them exposed, while the hem of the dress came to the tops of her stockings. Finally they made her step into a pair of high, sling black shoes and pulled the zip on the front of the dress up until it pushed her tits together tightly and created a deep line of cleavage.

“Yeah!” said Nancy. “I reckon he’ll like that.”

Lena felt tears welling in her eyes again but she fought them back.

They led her out of the dressing room, her fear rolling through her as she followed them, unresisting, along another corridor. They went down some wide steps and through another pair of doors and Lena gasped at the terrible sight.

It was a massive room, laid out with tables and benches and instruments that Lena could now guess the use of. She was pushed forward and came face to face with Rod as he lounged in a chair, watching as another girl was led toward him.

“Not bad,” he said casually as he looked Lena up and down. “Put her in a chair where she can see everything and I’ll get to her later. And get a chain round her neck.”

“Oh yes, Sir, yes, sorry,” said Nancy. “We forgot.”

“Too busy having a good time,” said Rod curtly. “But we can deal with that later.”

“Yes, Sir, yes,” said the girls and pulled Lena back.

Lena then found herself strapped down in a leather chair, her arms lashed to the arms, her ankles and knees strapped to the legs, and her body lashed to the back. Then Nancy put a studded collar round her neck and attached a long chain to it, letting it fall between her open legs. Finally, as Lena vainly struggled, Fiona stuffed a gag in her mouth and tied it with a long strip of cloth.

They hooked at the bound girl and she stared at them as they went back to Rod. He nodded at Lena, then sent the two girls off. They scuttled through the doors quickly and after that Rod ignored Lena completely.

Instead, all the attention in the room was focused on the girl who now stood in front of Rod. He ran his hand slowly up her thighs, lifting the short white skirt as he did so. The girl trembled and stared above his head, her heaving tits a sign of her fear.

Behind her were two more girls, dressed in the blue of grade four, and with them three male guards. The men were dressed in white shirts and tight black pants and all of them had bulges in their pants. They watched as Rod ran his hand inside the girl’s panties and fondled her pussy.

“Now you were a very bad girl, weren’t you, Debby?” he asked, softly.

“Y-yes, Sir,” Debby gasped, opening her legs further as Rod pushed her thighs. Her luscious black hair rolled over his shoulders as her whole body trembled.

“I’ve spoken to you about that before,” said Rod, his fingers rolling her clit between them. “And you never listen, you never learn that orders are to be obeyed. Do you?”

“N-no, Sir,” Debby gasped and her body rocked as Rod ran a finger up into her cunt.

“Well, tonight we shall have to impress that on you again, won’t we?” Rod looked up at her and Debby shook and her mouth opened, the full lips revealing the white of her front teeth.

“Yes, Sir, yes,” Debby gasped while her tits heaved.

“Take the dress off,” said Rod and leaned back in his chair to watch.

Debby slowly walked to a small podium near the center of the room and stood up on it. Slowly she reached her hand up in its white, lacy glove, and undid the top button of her white dress. The men around her stared as she undid the next button, and the next, to reveal the top of a tiny slip, also white. Lena could see the heaving of the girl’s chest as she reached for the next button and the next, until the dress was open to her waist, and she began to slip it off her shoulders. Slowly her luscious tits were revealed, only just concealed in the flimsy top of the slip.

The dress slid down her arms and inch, by inch, showing her slim waist and then the swelling ass cheeks, just covered still by the slip. The dress dropped farther until Debby’s legs were visible in their white stockings and the whiteheeled shoes. She stepped out of the dress and left it on the podium.

“Now the slip,” said Rod.

Debby gasped and raised her hands to the shoulder straps, sliding them off and letting the silky material fall to the floor. She was now almost fully exposed. Her dark hair fell around her face and her soft tits jutted out for all to feast their eyes on. All she had left to protect her were a tiny pair of white panties that showed the dark triangle of her pussyhair to perfection, and her stockings and shoes.

“What hole you want, Bill?” asked Rod.

“Shit, I want that mouth,” said Bill as he stepped forward.

Bill was a massive man with dark, curly hair. He looked like a body-builder and the bulge in his pants was as big as the rest of him.

“Okay, put her over the bench,” said Rod, getting lazily to his feet.

Debby didn’t protest as the men picked her up and threw her across the waist-high bench. She sobbed a bit as they took her legs and bent them back over her head. The two girls in blue uniforms took them then and forced them down until Debby was bent in two, her ankles almost level with her face, her thighs spread wide and her ass, in the white panties, thrown high in the air.

Rod took a leather, nine-tailed whip from the wall and walked over to the trembling girl as she lay on her back, looking up at him. But she couldn’t look for long. Bill stood at her head and unzipped his pants. Out sprang his massive cock and Lena trembled at the thought that one day she might be forced to suck such a monster. Jerry’s and Sonny’s cocks had been big but Bill’s cock was a foot long if it was an inch, so thick Lena was sure she couldn’t get her fingers round it. She shuddered and wriggled in the chair, trying to loosen some of the ropes.

Then, with the men standing round to watch and the girls holding Debby’s ankles wide apart, Bill slid his cock between her soft, red lips. Debby moaned and her body heaved on the table as Bill rammed himself deep into her mouth.

Rod stepped behind the struggling girl, the whip swinging in his hand. Softly he caressed her ass with the knotted tails, running it between her legs so it slipped across the taut material of her panties.

“Oh, you bad little girl,” he said, “you’re all wet, and I haven’t done a thing to you yet.”

Through the fleshy pole in her mouth Debby moaned and struggled and the two girls forced her legs further down and wider apart. Rod stood back and raised the whip. Debby moaned and Bill rammed his cock deeper into her mouth. Rod slashed the whip into the stretched flesh of Debby’s ass. She heaved on the bench and a moan of pain rose from her throat where Bill was forcing his cock deeper and deeper.

Rod whipped her again, laying the leather strips expertly into Debby’s thrusting flesh as her muffled cries rang in the room. Bill leaned in and Lena saw the muscles of Debby’s throat open to take the huge pole. Then Rod slammed the whip into Debby again and again until her ass was a mass of red welts and her hips rose in the air helplessly to meet each expected slap of the leather.

Bill leaned farther in and Lena gasped and wept as she saw that his cock was all the way into Debby’s mouth. Her throat was distended around the gigantic chunk of cockmeat as it rammed in and then slowly retreated to slam in again at the next stroke of the whip.

Debby went berserk, her body heaving, her legs struggling and trembling against the hands that held her on the bench. The whip slashed across her ass again and her screams echoed, even around the cock as it forced its way farther and farther down her throat.

Lena watched in mounting horror, but also with a terrible excitement. She tried to ignore it, but her pussy itched as she watched. She tried to put her legs together to try and relieve some of the awful feelings she was getting. Nobody paid her any attention as she struggled in the chair, her legs held hoplessly apart, with no way of bringing any relief to her pussy.

On the bench Debby was twitching and rolling to every beat of the whip. Shamelessly her ass reached for it while her mouth sucked compulsively at the cock invading her. Bill yelled as he fucked her face, his cock ramming in and out, faster and faster as he lost control. Debby’s dark hair bounced around on the table as her mouth sucked. Bill leaned closer to her, forcing his spasming cockrod into her throat until Debby reached up and took his balls, caressing and licking them.

“Okay, girls, give Bill her legs and come here,” said Rod as he whipped Debby again, the rhythm of his strokes matching the desperate throbbing of Debby’s ass.

Bill didn’t argue. He leaned out and grabbed Debby’s ankles, forcing her legs wider as he now brought all the power of his body to bear on her mouth. He rammed his cock in to the hilt at each fuck-stroke, hearing the beaten girl sob and moan as her ass got redder and redder with the whipping.

As Bill held Debby onto the bench, the two other girls came around and knelt at Rod’s feet. They didn’t need to be told what to do. Together they unzipped his pants and pulled his throbbing cock out. In their tight blue uniforms they leaned in and kissed his purplish cockhead, licking at it as Rod whipped Debby’s ass and Bill fucked her face. Debby moaned and struggled to breathe through the mound of flesh in her throat.

As the two girls licked his cockhead, Rod shifted the attack of his whip and slammed it down into Debby’s wide-spread pussy. Debby’s screams could be heard all over the room. She bucked and struggled but there was no escape. Bill fucked her mouth harder and harder as his cock went out of control. Rod whipped her pussy while the girls at his feet licked and sucked their way along his cock.

By now the damp patch on Debby’s panties could be seen by everyone in the room and they stared as it spread. The panties were whipped into Debby’s cunt with each blow of the leather. Debby’s screams and her frantic, sucking mouth fascinated Lena as she struggled in her chair.

Her bonds only increased the excitement in her pussy and Lena tried to bring herself some relief but there was nothing she could do to ease the terrible longing. She gasped into the gag in her mouth and was almost glad of it, otherwise her moans of lust would have been heard all over the room.

Rod whipped into Debby’s clit and the girl gave an unearthly scream of lust and she started to come. Her body thrashed on the bench and her mouth opened even wider. Her gloved hands grasped at Bill’s prickrod, forcing it in deeper, caressing his balls and giving him the extra stimulation he needed. He threw his head back and bellowed as his cock jumped and the cum boiled in his balls and began its journey down his cockshaft.

At the same time one of the girls sucking Rod’s cock slid it into her mouth while the other struggled to get her share. Rod whipped Debby harder and faster, his hips thrusting out to each slash of the leather, his prickrod jumping as the two little slaves fought to claim his cum.

Bill’s cum shot into Debby’s hot little mouth and she screamed in lust as it poured over her tongue and filled her cheeks. Bill moaned and thrust, his spurting cock throwing him backwards and forwards as it unloaded. He roared with the release. Cum oozed from Debby’s lips and she greedily sucked it back in as her ass reached up, begging for the whip, while her orgasm drove her body higher and higher. She couldn’t get enough of the pain she wanted.

Then Rod’s cock spurted the first of his load. One of the girls held his cockshaft while she leaned back and opened her mouth. Her hands rubbed at him as the white goo shot out, arching through the air and landing in her open, willing mouth. The other girl pushed her competitor aside and got her share of the treasure. She licked and sucked as Rod slammed the whip harder and faster into Debby’s pussy and Debby sucked and licked up the last of Bill’s cum.

For nearly a minute more Rod whipped Debby while she screamed and rolled, sucking at Bill’s cock as it ran in and out of her mouth, already stiff enough to fuck again. Rod’s cock didn’t go down at all either, Lena noticed. It spurted more and more cum into the mouths of the two girls as they sucked and licked at it, but it stayed very hard while they swallowed and gasped at the seemingly endless stream of white fluid.

Finally the cum was all spent and even Debby was quiet on the bench, her hips barely moving as she moaned and settled down. Bill let go of her legs and they fell helplessly across the table and she rested there as her orgasm subsided.

“Well now,” said Rod, “you have some other men to satisfy, Debby. You’ve been a very wicked little girl and you have a lot of work to do yet.”

It didn’t seem to be much of a threat to Debby. She moaned and her hands went down to her tortured pussy. They frantically rubbed the wet, beaten flesh through her white panties.

“Oh, yes, Sir, yes!” she gasped.


“Take those panties off,” Rod snapped.

Debby moaned and leaned back on the table and slowly slid the damp briefs down her thighs and onto the floor. Wantonly she spread her legs and played with herself, running her finger into her cunt, then rubbing her clit. With a grin of utter lust, she raised the finger to her lips and licked off her juices, smiling at the circle of men.

“Get her on the frame,” said Rod, holding the two girls’ heads as they continued to suck and lick his hard cock.

The remaining two guards stepped forward and grabbed Debby. She gasped and wriggled as they carried her across to a massive square frame standing near the center of the room. One of the men held her while the other one tied her arms to ropes that hung from the top corners of the frame. Then he reached down and spread her legs, tying Debby’s ankles to the two lower corners. Then Debby moaned as they pulled on the ropes and stretched her body until she hung, her feet off the floor, legs spread wide, all her weight on her arms.

One of the girls sucking Rod’s cock went berserk. Her mouth sucked and licked and her hand was down under her short skirt, rubbing her hot little pussy.

“Oh please, Sir, give me some cock! Please! I deserve it,” she begged as she hung on his cockrod, taking as much of it as she could in her hungry little mouth.

Calmly Rod let her suck him, waiting until the last of her come had gone. She gasped and fell backwards to the floor, her eyes and mouth wide with desire.

“What have I told you about coming without my permission?” Rod asked her as she rolled at his feet.

“I’m sorry, Sir, I couldn’t help myself,” the girl wailed, her eyes glazed as she stared round the room.

The other girl, darker and with a pair of deep dark eyes, snickered and took Rod’s cock in her own mouth. Slowly she sucked it, looking at the other girl with no pity at all.

“If you want cock, well, you can have cock,” said Rod, looking down at the girl with a terrible grin. “Boys, bring the bench over here, this little slut wants some cock.”

The two guards laughed and left Debby hanging on the ropes for a while. They went over to the wall and came back with a narrow bench. The seat was padded with leather, but its main feature was a massive rubber dildo sticking up from its center. The dildo sat on a strong spring that allowed it to wobble slightly and Lena watched as they brought it over and placed it near Rod and the two girls.

Tied in her chair, Lena had a perfect view of everything that happened. Her pussy itched again, more fiercely now, and she still couldn’t do a thing to stop it.

She watched as one of the guards walked up to Debby and showed her the long leather whip he carried. Debby moaned and stared at the slim, flexible tail of interwoven strands that ended in a small, tight knot. The guard stepped back and cracked the whip just inches from the bound girl’s tits. Debby threw herself back and gasped, but the whip didn’t touch her.

Behind her the other guard unzipped his pants and took his cock out. Slowly he ran his hand up and down the hard cockshaft as he watched and waited.

Then Debby screamed as the whip cracked across her nipples, leaving a thin red line of pain. She jerked on the ropes and sobbed, but the whip cracked in again and another red line joined the first and Debby’s tits bounced at the awful contact. Then the guard stepped back another pace and again swung the whip, concentrating on one tit at a time. The knotted end cracked across Debby’s nipple and Debby’s screams echoed around the room and her body contorted as the pain mounted.

The guard behind Debby stepped forward, his cock sticking out from his pants like a flagpole. He opened the top of his pants, until his hairy cockmound was completely exposed. Then he leaned in and took Debby’s whipped ass in his hands. Debby gave a moan and twisted on the ropes. She knew what was coming. The whip slashed into her right nipple and she screamed as she felt the guard slowly move his cock into the crack of her ass.

“Oh fuck, oh, aaaghhhh,” Debby screamed as her helpless body rocked on the ropes.

The guard behind her slowly pulled her backwards and slid his cock deeper between her sore, red asscheeks. Sliding one arm round her hips and fingering Debby’s pussy, the guard worked his cock into the entrance of her shit hole. With his knees slightly bent, he waited.

The whip slashed into Debby’s tits. She screamed and jerked and her heaving ass forced the cock just past the entrance to her asshole. The guard held her there, thrusting his cock upward as Debby moaned and stared at the whip, swinging backwards and then crashing in on her ripe tits.

Lena stared at the scene. Her legs trembled as she tried to pull them together to bring some relief to her throbbing pussy. Her whole body was on fire as she looked out to where Rod had pulled the blue-dressed girl to her feet and had swung her to the bench.

“Sit down, you little slut,” he said. “You’ll get all the cock you can handle. I’ll teach you to have a come without my say-so!”

The girl, her long blonde hair swaying, gave a groan and reluctantly walked to the bench. In front of them all she took her panties down and straddled the bench, the great big dildo rubbing up against the hair of her pussymound. Bill came over, his cock as hard as it had been the first moment she had taken it in her mouth, and stood menacingly beside her. He watched as she moaned and lifted her body until she could slide the rubber monster over her red, wet clit.

“Sit on it,” said Bill as the girl gasped and let the head of the dildo reach just inside her pussy. “Right down!”

The girl gave a groan of pain and dropped her body until several inches of the dildo sank into her cunt.

“Come on you little shit, fuck yourself!” Bill snapped.

The girl fell the last few inches and the whole of the dildo disappeared into her cunthole. Her clit rubbed against the leather padding of the bench. She moaned and clutched at the soft padding as her hips rotated and the huge cock fucked its way deep into her cunt.

Bill reached out and undid the top of her dress, opening it until he could reach in and take her small thrusting tits out. He fondled them as she rolled and fucked herself, crushing her nipples between his fingers as his cock got even harder.

“Getting enough?” he asked.

“Oh please, Sir, please, I want a real cock,” the girl gasped as her hips rammed up and down on the bench.

“You little cunt,” said Bill. “Well, maybe I’ll give you a real cock right up your ass after I’ve given it something to think about!”

He twisted the girl’s nipples violently and she gave a scream and rolled backwards on the fake cock. Bill let go of her tits and seized her hair, pulling her forward on the bench until her body was flat down on it, her face over one end, and her ass still rocking as she fucked the dildo.

“Stay there,” said Bill and the girl gasped.

Debby gave another scream as the cock in her ass forced its way in and the whip slipped backward and crashed down again. Her arms were holding her up, the muscles contorted, while her legs flapped, trying to pull out of the ropes but going nowhere at all. The guard behind her gave a bellow of satisfaction as his cock rammed the last inch into her ass.

“Fuck that, you cunt!” he yelled.

Debby screamed at the cut of the whip and her ass muscles sucked at his cock as it started to fuck in and out. The guard took his hands away from Debby’s hips and let her ride him, her long black hair flipping helplessly around as her head jerked and her body rolled on the ropes.

Then the guard whipping her changed his attack. He showed what an expert he was as the knotted end of the whip cut precisely into the crack of Debby’s pussy.

The scream Debby gave this time was twice as piercing as any she had given before. Her legs trembled and spread, while the red bud of her clit seemed to emerge from her cunt lips, begging for more of the whip.

“Oh shit, ohhhh, fuck me,” Debby screamed as the cock in her ass heaved her upward and the whip came in again.

But he didn’t hit exactly on her pussy. Instead he lashed the tender white flesh at the insides of her thighs, gaining another dreadful scream from the girl. Then, as the guard behind her fucked Debby harder and harder, the one whipping her laid it down the inside of one of her thighs, then back up, across her pussy and down the other one as far as her stocking tops.

With each cut Debby screamed and heaved, her ass thrusting back to get the cock, her legs trembling. The whip started to climb back tip her thigh again and she gave fresh screams of lust. Her eyes closed, she struggled, her ass sucking at the cock as it invaded her.

From her chair, Lena stared at the orgy, her pussy on fire as she choked and knew that before long she would be out there, humiliated and beaten as Debby was being. The thought made her dizzy with fear, but the burning in her pussy wouldn’t go away. It surged up, spreading slowly over the whole of her body, out to the tips of her nipples as she thrust out against the leather of her dress. She looked over to where the dark girl who had been sucking Rod was now bent over a bench getting fucked by Rod while they watched the blonde on the bench fucking herself with the dildo.

Bill flipped her short blue dress up over her ass, exposing it to the thin wooden rod he had in his hand. The girl stared over her shoulder at him, her arms round the bench. Her wide mouth pouted and gasped and her cunt sucked greedily at the dildo.

Bill lashed her ass and she moaned and fucked the dildo deeper into her pussy. He raised it again and she gasped, her ass circling as he whipped her again.

“How about a double fuck, you little whore?” Bill asked as he laid into the soft orbs of her ass.

“Oh yes, Sir, yes, if you want, anything you want, Sir,” the girl begged as the whip landed again.

“Good,” said Bill, running his hand over the stiff shaft of his cock. “But I’m gonna make you come first.”

Debby gave a terrible scream and Lena looked over, expecting her to pass out. But Debby was thrashing up and down on the huge cock in her ass and her legs were spreading as wide as she could as the whip lashed around the top of her reddened thighs.

“Oh shit, I’m coming!” Debby yelled.

She crashed around on the ropes, her body spasming as the heaves of her come almost drove her off the cock fucking her ass. The two guards chuckled and the one fucking her held her hips again as he rammed up and let Debby’s body do the work of bringing him off. The one whipping her now kept the whip landing just at the crack of her pussy. At each lash Debby screamed louder and her orgasm went further and further out of control. She leaped and her ass sucked at the cock and the guard leaned back, holding onto her hips and his cock rammed in faster until it was a blur.

Debby’s pussy was a mass of red flesh. Her hot little clit forced its way out, begging for more of the whip. The guard obliged her, landing the knots exactly on the bud, giving Debby endless streams of pain.

“Oh yeahhhh,” yelled the guard fucking her ass, “take it you little cunt! Take all my cum!”

In her chair Lena gasped but couldn’t take her eyes off the dreadful scene. She saw Debby screaming with lust, lunging for the whip and the cock pumping all its cum into her ass. Lena saw the white goo overflow, squeezing out of Debby’s ass and running down the backs of her thighs as the guard held her and made her take every last drop of his jizz. Six more times the guard whipped Debby’s pussy and finally she gave a last great scream and collapsed on the ropes. The guard held her there while the last of his cum slipped out and into her ass.

The blonde bent over fucking the dildo, was coming too. She yelled and heaved and Bill let her have it, building her come higher and higher with expert strokes.

“Take that you little cunt,” he chuckled, “and remember, you get double-fucked next.”

The girl gave a scream and fell forward on the horse. She gasped and Bill dropped the cane and walked over to the bench. He straddled it and forced his cock into the puckered entrance of her ass. The girl moaned, but she didn’t try to stop him as inch by inch he forced his way in, stretching the girl’s ass walls to the limit.

The guard behind Debby slipped his cock out of her ass and took the whip from the other guard. Debby, moaned and her body twitched, but the last guard still opened his pants and took his cock out. He walked up to her and put it at the entrance to her whipped pussy.

“Now we’re really going to teach you not to break the rules,” he said softly and rammed his cock into her wet, slippery pussy.

Debby was so exhausted she could hardly moan at the new brutal invasion. But she twisted and screamed when the whip landed across her already beaten ass.

“One more you little shit,” the guard fucking her whispered. “Bring me off and you can have a rest.”

“Oh please, no, let me rest first!” Debby cried. “Please, just for a aaggghh, ohhhh God, ohhhh no!”

She moaned and twisted slowly on the ropes as the whip cut into her again. But there was no mercy for her. The whip lashed her tender ass and the cock fucked deep into her pussy. With what strength she had left Debby tried to bring the guard off, but her cunt muscles were slack.

Lena stared, the awful fear and burning in her body making her gasp for breath. She saw Rod, still slowly fucking the dark girl over the bench, as she grinned and rolled her hips, slowly working him as he instructed her.

On the leather bench the blonde girl was groaning as the cock in her ass slid farther and farther in. Lena could see the pain she was in but Bill didn’t let up. He rammed his cock into the hilt and leaned down on her helpless body, forcing her down so he could fuck her harder.

“Enough cock for you, cum-breath?” Bill asked as he fucked her ass, slamming the girl into the bench at each pass.

“Y-yes, Sir,” the blonde girl gasped as her body slid up and back on the bench and her tits rubbed against the leather.

Lena couldn’t believe it, it was too horrible! Both the blonde girl on the bench and Debby were showing signs of new arousal. Debby lurched and swung as the whip crashed into her ass, and her dark hair flew round her beautiful face as the guard fucking her cunt lifted her on his cock and made her rotate on it.

Debby sobbed, but her body was moving faster, thrashing to the beat of the whip on her ass. “Aaaghhhhh!” she screamed. “Oh fuck! Oh yes, ohhhh, oh whip me! Whip me, oh fuck! Whip me!”

Lena stared and struggled to breathe through the gag in her mouth. She watched as Debby thrust her ass back for the whip and cried out as the leather cut across her red asscheeks. The girl on the bench was moaning now, new arousal spreading with each ramming thrust of Bill’s cock. He fucked her deeper, driving her asscheeks apart with his cock.

“Oh yeahhh, cunt!” he shouted. “Oh yeah, take my cock! I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you, cunt-face!”

He leaned down and fucked her ass in a blur of cock and hips. The girl screamed and flattened herself out on the bench. Lena could see the dildo still moving in her cunt as Bill’s cock rammed into her ass.

Steadily the tension in the room mounted. Lena stared as Debby moaned and thrashed to the beat of the whip, her cunt thrusting up to get all she could of the cock. Bill was yelling as he went out of control and the cum began to spurt from his cock into the blonde girl’s ass. The girl was coming too, Lena knew. She was coming as the two cocks beat into her body.

Suddenly Debby was screaming again. “Ohhhh, yessss!” she shrieked. “Oh whip me, please! Oh harder, I want to come! Harder! Harder! Whip me harder you fucking shit! Harder!”

Lena’s body shook as she watched the guard lay the whip into Debby’s ass with a fury that went beyond anything she had seen before. The terrible sea of emotions that washed over her mouth nearly drove her insane as her helplessly bound body got no relief. She watched Debby scream and thrash as another orgasm overcame her and Lena almost wished she was in Debby’s place — at least then there would be some release from this terrible desire.

The guard, with his cock ramming into Debby’s cunt, threw his head back and yelled.

“Whip her!” he shouted. “Whip the shit till she screams! I’m coming, oh fuck I’m coming!”

His cock jumped and Debby gave another series of ear shattering yells as the cum shot out into her cunt. Debby’s body was thrown around on the spasming cock and the force of the whip for what seemed to Lena to be minutes of unbearable agony. Debby screamed as she came and Lena could only watch, her own body burning with the most terrible desire in her life.

The girl on the bench came too, moaning with lust as Bill fucked her ass slower and more softly until the last of his cum was spent and he fell over her body and relaxed.

The only one who didn’t come was Rod. He was still slowly fucking the dark-haired girl over the bench, watching the whole scene with a certain amount of amusement. The girl came, but, knowing her master, she kept it down, biting her lip as she climaxed, holding her moans in for fear of what Rod would do.

Finally the room was quiet. Debby hung by her arms, still supported by the cock in her cunt, while the other guard untied her wrists and ankles and let her fall onto the floor. She lay there with slow sobs of contentment, her fingers rubbing her pussy and tits as she came down from the incredible high of her orgasm.

Bill slipped his softening cock from the blonde girl’s ass and let her roll off the bench and onto the floor, too. He stood over her as his cock throbbed slightly and drops of goo still clung to it.

“Clean it off,” he said, and knelt beside her.

Wordlessly the girl took his cock and licked the cum and ass juices from it, cleaning it until it was shining with her saliva. Bill grunted and stood up again. The girl lay on the carpet and slid her short dress down over her thighs as she relaxed.

“Okay,” said Rod pleasantly, sliding his stillhard cock out of the dark girl’s pussy. “I think that will do for now.”

He came over to Lena and she felt the surges of new terror as he stood there. She was certain he was going to rape her. But he only looked her over carefully, apparently satisfied with what he saw. Lena tried to hold herself still, but the shaking of her legs and the twitching pulse of her whole body were very apparent to Rod. She hoped he would think she shook from fear, and not the awful mixture of emotion.

“Take her to room twelve,” Rod said. “Just the usual, she’s seen enough for tonight.”

The three guards untied Lena and hustled her along a corridor, one of them pulling her by the chain round her neck. They took her into a dark room and threw her across a bed. She was certain she was going to be raped, as she had been certain before, but, once again, she was wrong. They just manacled her ankles to the end of the bed, leaving her legs spread, and ran the chain attached to her collar around a bar above the head of the bed.

They left and Lena lay in the dark, her body throbbing with dreadful desire. Her pussy throbbed and her whole body heaved and wouldn’t rest with the memory of what she had seen. She could still hear the crack of the whips, the screams of the bound girls, the yells and moans of the men as they came. It was awful, but she found herself running her hands over her body, trying not to do what she so desperately wanted to do.

It didn’t occur to her to wonder why her hands had been left untied. All she knew was that the terrible sea of flames in her body had to be put out. Without her consciously knowing it, her hands wandered down over her flat stomach and worked the short leather skirt into the crack of her pussy. Sobbing and gasping, Lena slowly slid the hem of her skirt up, feeling in the darkness for the soft, wet crack of her pussy.

Through the thin material of her black panties she ran her fingers over the throbbing flesh. She had to do it, she had to! She slipped her fingers inside the nylon briefs and felt for her clit, rubbing it, feeling her legs pulling at the bonds that held her to the bed. With increasing fury she rubbed her dripping cunt.

Suddenly then brilliant fight came on. Lena screamed and pulled her hand from her cunt, but Rod stood in front of the bed, grinning at her.

“What a little whore,” he said. “You know the penalty for masturbating without orders, don’t you?”


Lena wanted to cry out that she didn’t know, that she was sorry and she wouldn’t do it again, but none of it would come out. She lay there shaking helplessly as Rod untied her legs, then walked to the head of the bed and undid the chain attached to the collar around her neck.

“On your feet, bitch!” he snapped, and heaved Lena up and off the bed by the collar.

She gasped for air as the collar bit into her neck. She stood in front of him, shaking with utter terror.

“Put your shoes on, you little cunt,” Rod said.

He stood over Lena as she slipped her feet into her high-heeled pumps and tied the straps round her ankles. Then he pulled her to the door and threw her into the corridor. Standing there were Nancy and Fiona. They still wore their tight, short blue uniforms, though Nancy had hers open almost to the waist, her tits jutting out proudly.

“Shit,” she swore as she saw Lena. “I was getting my ass fucked off and this little shit acts up.”

“Yeah,” said Rod as he threw Lena at the two women. “I want her properly trained this time and if she isn’t it’ll be your asses! I’ll bust the two of you down to ‘one’ again.”

“Don’t worry, Rod,” said Fiona as she seized Lena’s neck chain. “You just give us a couple of days. That’s all we’ll need.” She jerked Lena round and slapped her across the face.

“I hope so,” said Rod nastily. “I’ve got a big party next week and I want a new attraction.” He stalked off down the corridor.

The two women dragged Lena down the hall. Lena struggled to keep up with them as she gasped for air and tried to plead for mercy. But she was totally ignored. Fiona finally opened a door and Nancy dragged her through.

Once inside Lena burst into tears again. It was a smaller room than the one she had witnessed Debby’s punishment in, but it had a lot of the same equipment. She wished she was dead and away from the terror as Nancy went over to the wall and took down a short, stiff leather crop.

“Now,” she said as Fiona grinned and leaned back on a table, spreading her legs and sliding her short dress up over her thighs. “Show us how you rub your little pussy. Come on!” She smacked the crop into her palm for emphasis.

“Oh, p-please,” Lena sobbed.

But Nancy slapped the crop again and Lena hurriedly lifted her black leather dress to show her white thighs above the stocking tops.

“I wasn’t really,” she wept, “I was just, just itchy, had to…”

“Take those panties off, we want a good show,” said Fiona, sliding her own wanton hand into her briefs and rubbing her hot clit.

Lena sobbed again, but she was trapped and slowly she took her panties down, sliding them over her stockings and somehow managing to keep them from catching on her shoes.

“Now, show us,” said Nancy, and the crop slapped again.

Lena sobbed, but slowly she ran her hand down to her soaking wet cunt. She was almost petrified with fear, but at the same time, she felt that awful excitement rising in her once more.

She rubbed her clit, gently and the surge of lust ran through her body. She let out the most terrible moan.

“Open your fucking legs,” Fiona ordered.

Lena slid her high heels apart and her fingers ran helplessly over the desperate flesh of her cunt. She hardly knew what she was doing as her back arched and her head flopped back. An orgasm was rising within her and she couldn’t stop it. Her hips rammed forward, then flicked back as she masturbated in front of the two other women.

“Oh no,” she sobbed as she watched them grinning and staring.

“Sit up on the table and spread your legs wider!” snapped Nancy.

Lena fell back against the wooden edge of a table. Hardly knowing what she was doing, she worked her ass onto the top and leaned back, spreading her legs until she could get her fingers over every inch of the throbbing surface of her pussy. Her ass clenched and she worked her cunt with growing fury as an explosion burst across her clit and slammed through her body, spreading right to her fingertips and back into her cunt.

“Oh, God!” Lena sobbed. “Oh no, please, no! Oh, I’m coming! I’m coming!”

She stared at their mocking faces as the two girls waited and made her rub her clit until the last pulse was gone and Lena fell back on the table and begged for mercy.

“Now, that was the easy one,” Fiona said with a grin. “Now you do it again, only this time we show you what happens to little girls who rub themselves off. You’re here to please other people and you will do exactly as you’re told. Now roll over!”

Lena wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but she didn’t dare protest. She rolled onto her stomach and tried not to cry any more as Fiona took the chain and wrapped it around a spike sticking from the bottom of the table. Lena’s collar was pulled tight, forcing her face down over the edge.

“Now run your hands under your body,” Fiona ordered.

Moaning softly, she slid her arms under her bound body and between her thighs. She could feel the dampness on them as her pussy juices spread and that made it even worse. Nancy took one of Lena’s ankles and tied it to a leg of the table while Fiona did the same to the other one.

“Now rub your pussy again,” snapped Fiona.

Lena wept and pleaded, but her fingers went up and touched the tip of her still slightly throbbing clit. Then she screamed as the leather crop lashed into her rounded asscheeks. Her fingers stopped rubbing her cunt because the pain was so unbearable. Nancy lashed her again and Lena gave another terrible scream and arched on the table, her collar almost choking her.

“That’s fine,” said Nancy with a laugh as she whipped the bound girl. “You stop getting whipped when you come again. So that’s fine, stop rubbing your clit, honey, I love whipping cunts like you.”

The crop revived the memories of the tree and the dreadful whipping she had taken there. But even that had not been as agonizing as the crop. She knew her ass was forced up and that her tiny black leather dress had ridden up well above her exposed asscheeks and she almost passed out at the knowledge of the joy Fiona and Nancy were getting by watching her helplessness.

The crop lashed her again, biting deep into the already red and sore flesh and Lena gasped and choked in her restraining collar. Lena screamed and begged them to stop but they both just laughed. Nancy whipped her ass as hard as she could and Lena thought the pain would never stop.

“Fuck, am I gonna be ready for the boys after this,” chuckled Fiona, her fingers playing with her own cunt through her thin panties.

“Shit,” agreed Nancy, lashing Lena again. “You bet your ass. Who gets her?”

“Cell level ten,” said Fiona, “there’s some big cocks in there.”

“Yeahhhhh,” said Nancy with another grin. “Come on you fucking little cunt! I want a show.”

Through the haze of agony her whole body had become, Lena barely heard Nancy. She certainly hadn’t grasped any of the conversation or what it might mean. But the idea that the pain would stop when she brought herself to climax stuck, and she reached up and started playing with her clit once more.

“Now that’s better,” snapped Fiona.

Lena screamed in renewed agony as the hard leather crop beat her tender asscheeks until they were red and throbbing. Her body rubbed across the shiny wooden surface of the table and she somehow knew that she wasn’t the first victim to be tied like this and whipped into submission. Frantically her fingers worked at her clit.

“Come on fuck-face,” said Fiona, “fingerfuck yourself.”

Lena couldn’t think any more, she was just a body in an ocean of pain. She worked a finger up and into her cunt, slowly sliding it around in the abundant cunt juices of her first come.

Nancy laughed as she whipped Lena again and Lena gave a scream. But it was lower and softer as her body absorbed the punishment and each additional slash of pain now seemed less intense, more muted. She slid a second finger and then a third finger into her cunt.

“Now finger-fuck yourself!” Nancy shouted as she lashed Lena and another deep red stripe joined the numerous ones already there.

As Lena slowly worked her fingers in and out of her gaping pussyhole, Nancy whipped the crop down her asscheeks and then to the tops of her thighs. Nancy whipped her way slowly down Lena’s thighs until she was at the dark top of her stockings. Then she whipped her way up again, and, at each cut, Lena gave a fresh scream and moan of agony.

“Ohhhhh, ohhh no,” Lena moaned.

Her body twisted and her hips slammed into the edge of the table as Nancy whipped her, but she no longer felt it so badly. Her fingers came out of her cunt and started to work her clit again. Her ass circled, no longer certain that it wanted to get out of the way of the next slash of the crop.

“Put your fingers back in your cunt,” Nancy shouted.

But Lena didn’t hear her. Her fingers worked frantically over her clit, the lust growing each time the whip slashed into her. Lena’s nips lurched upward and her fingers blurred on her cunt as she wept. Her collar seemed to tighten round her neck as she gasped for air.

Nancy threw her arm back and lashed the bound girl as hard as she could. The agony of the whip on her ass and the ecstasy of her rising orgasm melted in Lena’s body until she was emitting a constant, low, moaning scream. Her ass rose to each lash of the crop and her fingers pulsed over her pussy, shamelessly bringing herself off while the two women laughed and watched.

“Oh fuck, fuck, ohhhhh fuck,” Lena yelled for the first time in her life.

Her body was one constant, repeating explosion of lust. The whip only fed her orgasm as it ripped through her. Her fingers sank into her pussy and then jerked back out to rub her throbbing, desperate clit.

Suddenly the pain and orgasm peaked, shattering her whole body. Lena gave one last scream and fell across the table as she blacked out.


Lena came to slowly. She was on the floor, curled up. She stretched and the pain from her beating spread like a scalding burn. She gave a gasp and a low groan as she felt the beaten, pulpy flesh of her ass. The memory of her horrible torture came back to her and the shattering peak of her come was forgotten in the realization that she was a captive, a prisoner.

“Hey, hey, the little cunt’s coming round,” said Nancy, and she leaned over Lena.

“Oh please, please let me go,” Lena sobbed. “I didn’t do anything, I really didn’t.”

“You just fuckin’ came, like the whore you are,” said Nancy. “Now get the fuck on your feet.”

Lena didn’t have a chance. The two of them dragged her up and then took her out of the door. Staggering along behind them, Lena wondered how long the nightmare could go on. She was dragged down the hall and then through several sets of doors, each of which was opened by a guard who laughed at her. One of them ran his hands up her thigh as she stood in total misery.

“Hey, do I get a go?” he grinned as his hand ran over Lena’s naked, whipped ass.

“Later, you horny fucker,” said Fiona, and the guard chuckled and took his hand away.

The last door opened into a group of cells. The metal walkway caused her high-heels to catch, but each time Nancy dragged her along with no sympathy at all. With a ripple of excitement the men in the cells came awake. Suddenly hands reached through the bars, both for Lena and her captors. Fiona casually reached into one of the cells and slid her hands into a guy’s pants.

“Wanna fuck, big boy?” she asked.

The prisoner yelled as she squeezed his cock.

“Then wait,” she added.

The man suddenly screamed in pain as she held his balls. She tightened her grip until he fell away, clutching his crotch and lashing out at his cell mates who jeered at him.

Nancy took a key from inside her dress and opened a cell. They pushed Lena inside and Fiona strolled in too, waving at the prisoners who now crowded to the outer bars of their cells to get a better look. Nancy locked the door and jammed Lena back against it. She almost collapsed as she looked around the cell.

It was only twenty or so feet square. There were four bunks in it and four men, all of them huge. They all stared at Lena and from the cells on either side more men tried to reach in and touch her. Lena shuddered with horror as the four men grinned and looked her up and down.

“Well, hey guys,” said Fiona, “it’s party time!”


“Oh no!” Lena screamed as the men circled closer to her.

“Well, shit my pants,” said one of the prisoners gleefully. “Look at that piece of ass!”

He was huge, well over six-feet, wearing prison overalls. His three companions were only slightly smaller than he was and it was clear he was the leader. He stroked his large black beard and laughed.

“Show us your ass, cock-sucker,” he bellowed.

The men in the other cells cheered and struggled to get closer to the terrified girl. Lena wept and clutched at the bars, trying somehow to escape. But Fiona seized her arm and pulled her round to face the four men.

“Do as he says or you’ll be sorry.” She smiled and she leaned back against the bars beside the right hand cell. Instantly hands grabbed her and Lena stared as she thought all three of them were going to be raped. But Fiona turned and viciously stabbed the man with a small knife she had produced from somewhere. The man staggered back, blood pouring from his arm.

“You fuck with a grade four?” Fiona snarled. “Guards!”

The man rushed back to the bars. “Please, no,” he wailed, “it was only a joke!”

But it was too late. Three male guards rushed along the corridor and a key rattled in the lock. The man, blood still pouring from his arm, tried to hide at the back of the cell, but nobody helped him. The guards walked through and the man screamed as they beat him to the floor. They dragged his unconscious body away and one of the guards grinned at Fiona as they left.

“Fuckers never learn,” he said.

Fiona smiled and winked at him. “See you later,” she said. “We owe you.”

The beating had taken some of the steam out of the men. But the huge man with the beard put it back in by striding up close to Lena and pulling her round to face him with a tug on her neck chain.

“Now show us your ass, fuck-face,” he demanded, slamming Lena back against the bars as the other men cheered.

Lena gasped and her body trembled as she looked at the hungry faces round her. All of them looked as, if they hadn’t had a woman in months.

“Show us your ass,” the bearded man snarled.

There was something in his voice that made Lena shudder. Slowly she reached down and lifted the hem of her leather dress up over her thighs until the first of her red, whipped flesh came into view. The men whistled and called their approval. “Higher!”

Shaking in terror, Lena lifted the dress until her pussy was revealed and another great yell went up from all the men. Lena sobbed, but her fingers somehow continued lifting and the whole of her whipped ass was clear of the dress. He ordered her to bend over and she did, sobbing with the dreadful humiliation.

“Turn round shit-ass,” snapped the man.

Wishing she was dead, she turned and bent over, shrinking in mortal fear. The tide of cat calls and whistles echoed around the cells.

“Hey, hey,” said the man, “You sure got to her, didn’t you? Whipped the shit out of the little cunt. What the fuck did she do?”

“None of your business,” Nancy snapped and the crop slapped into her palm again. “You ain’t here to ask questions, you’re here because of your cock. Now use it or I’ll have you thrown in another cell and you can watch.”

The man stared at Nancy and almost went for her, but the memory of the other inmate held him back. He unzipped the front of his pants and pulled his cock out. It gave Lena a new fear. It was huge, nine inches of rock-hard cockpole, sticking out from the tight, hairy bush between his massive thighs.

“Now, come here and give me a great big kiss,” he said, and the men burst out in a roar of approval.

Lena moaned and stumbled forward, reaching up to let the man kiss her.

“Not there, you slut!” he yelled, slapping Lena across the face and sending her to the floor in a weeping heap. “Kiss my cock, you shithead!”

Lena struggled up, wishing she could fall through the floor onto a bottomless pit and be lost forever. She got on her knees and shuffled over to the man, staring at the horrible, meaty cockpole she had to put in her mouth. She reached out and the sweaty smell from his cock nearly made her vomit.

“Kiss it,” he said.

Lena leaned in and let her wide red lips run over just the hard, purplish surface of his cockhead. Around her the men cheered and laughed as Lena’s tears ran down her cheeks and onto the hard cock. She let her lips touch it again, revolted by the overwhelming male odor.

“Now lick it,” said the man.

An even greater cheer went up as Lena’s tongue darted out for a second and licked the huge round head. “Deeper, cunt mouth,” snarled the man.

Lena let her lips take the swollen cockmeat between them. She licked over the terrible, smooth surface, trying to satisfy him.

“Cunt can’t deep throat I suppose?” the man asked Nancy, who stood there slowly slapping the crop into her hard.

“If you don’t shut the fuck up, I’ll get you thrown in the basement,” said Nancy.

The big man snarled at her, but his hands went back down. He took masses of Lena’s soft hair and slowly and brutally pulled her face onto his cock.

Lena felt the massive cock ram into her mouth. Inch by inch it went in and the man yelled and shouted, cheering the big man on. The cock filled Lena’s cheeks, forcing its way in deeper, past her back teeth and right to the entrance of her throat. Desperately she lifted her hands, running them round the shaft and holding on for dear life, trying to block the terrible monster from going in any deeper. The man closed his eyes and he leaned back dreamily, letting her suck on his cock.

Then, slowly he began to fuck her face, sliding in to the cheers of the other inmates.

“Suck it, bitch!” he shouted. “Suck it good or so help me I’ll take that crop and whip the shit outa you again.”

The threat was more than Lena could take. Her sobs were stifled by the rigid cockmeat but she offered no resistance as he slid in. She tried to suck on the tip as hard as she could as it worked its way in, deep to the back of her throat. She worked her tongue over the throbbing underside, feeling the ridge of the tube as she did. She knew that soon cum would be shooting down that tube and into her mouth and the thought made her gag again.

But there was nothing she could do. The man held her by the hair and fucked her face with long, slow strokes, his hips working back and forward as the men stared and cheered. Many of them were already rubbing the hard bulges in their pants.

As the man face-fucked Lena, Fiona laughed. She turned to the men, struggling to get through the bars.

“Who’s man enough to fuck me?” she demanded, lifting her short blue dress and revealing her wonderful legs and the soft, down hair around her pussy.

Every one of the men shouted and tried to get through the bars at her.

“Take your cocks out,” she said.

All of them pulled out their hot, hard prickrods and leaned in on the bars so Fiona could make her choice. She slowly walked along the line of six men, running her hands over each of their cocks, teasing them, playing with the throbbing, desperate flesh as the man groaned. By the time she got to the fifth man he was staring, wild-eyed, at Lena.

Fiona smiled wickedly and her hand slid up and down on his cock. “Wanna fuck my pussy?” she asked, sliding her dress up.

He gasped and his cock spasmed and suddenly cum shot out of it. He yelled and moaned as Fiona jerked him expertly off, the white goo splattering all over the metal floor.

“Oh dear,” she said as the man clutched the bars and jerked his way to a release, “now I can’t fuck that cock, can I?”

The prisoner didn’t answer but his friends yelled and cheered. Fiona let go of his still twitching cock and went on to the last man.

“Oh, yeahhhh,” she murmured as she played with the rock-hard prickrod. “You gotta cock, baby, hold it right there for me.”

Without another word Fiona swarmed up the bars, holding tight to them. She spread her legs, allowing the man to shove his cock into the crack of her hungry pussy. Then, with a yell of total lust, Fiona sank down onto the man. The two of them held each other, the bars between them, fucking deeply.

The men cheered continuously as poor Lena was forced to suck the cock harder. The man rammed her face down and his cock up into her mouth and Fiona and the other prisoner fucked against the bars. Fiona moved like a cat in heat, her ass thrusting up and down, her legs spread wide, forced against the bars as she took every inch of the cock into her hungry cunt.

“Fuck me good,” she whispered to the prisoner, “and you get the slut to suck you hard again.”

Her hips rolled in tight circles and she gave moans of satisfaction as the prisoner held his cock in place for her to fuck. Her blonde hair flew all over the place and the hem of her short dress slipped from side to side with each movement of her ass, revealing her stocking tops and up the crack where the hard cock ran in and out of her hot pussy.

Lena heard the men shouting and cheering and her tears ran over the cock and tasted salty, mixing with the pre-come fluid oozing from the crack in the tip of the cock as it forced its way in yet again. She rubbed on the prickshaft, trying to get the horrible fuck over with. But then Nancy added to her shame by running the tip of the crop between her legs and playing it over the red, swollen bud of her clit.

Lena moaned and her embarrassment got worse as the dreadful thrill of the leather on her cunt sent her hips working back on it, trying to get more. Her mouth opened wider on the cock and her tongue worked over the tip. She let her front teeth play over the swollen flesh as the man grunted and then heaved a sigh of lust, jerking his hips harder into her face.

Nancy played the crop across Lena’s clit and the girl moaned and sucked the prickrod as the thrill of it ran through her. She wept new tears at the knowledge that she was getting turned on and showing all those terrible men that she was going to come. She tried to stop herself, but another great yell went up as Nancy forced Lena’s thighs apart so that she could rub the crop over her cuntmeat. Lena knew then she was exposed for them all to see and the dreadful lust was more than she could bear.

Suddenly her throat strained to take more of the cock and her lips closed tightly around the shaft. She sucked hard as her head pulsed up and down, forcing the cock in deeper. She gave a terrible groan and her hips twitched around on the leather crop as she sank the nine inches of hard cockmeat into her face. Her lips came up against the man’s hairy crotch and her tongue licked out over his heavy balls.

The man yelled and clutched her hair even harder. “Shit!” he bellowed. “Oh shit, you cunt, I’m coming! Suck me down! Shit! Suck me all down, all of it!”

The first jet of cum surged out of his balls and Lena felt every inch of its journey along the tube under his cock. When it hit her throat, she let it swim down, heading for her stomach. Moaning in terrible lust, Lena let his cock slip back a little into the cavern of her mouth. The jizz shot onto her tongue and she could taste it. Holding herself up on the twitching cockrod, she sucked and licked, oblivious to anything else around her.

On the bars Fiona was coming as well. She leaned back and her hips rammed up and down on the man’s cock. “Oh yeahhhh, you fuck good,” she moaned. “Keep it up and you get the treat. Ohhhh, yehhhh! Oh fuck me, fuck meeeee!”

The prisoner she was fucking clenched his teeth and held on. His cock was being sucked at by the hottest little cunt in the special unit, but somehow he kept himself from shooting. He knew the way to better rewards. For a minute Fiona came on his cock, her cunt spasming around it until she was satisfied. Around her several of the men were glassy-eyed as they watched. Their hips pressed against the bars as the damp spots spread down the front of their uniforms.

Lena sucked the last of the jism from the big man’s cock and he leaned back and let go of her hair with a sigh of contentment. His cock slipped out of her mouth and Lena fell to the floor in a crumpled heap. As her orgasm subsided, she had that rush of realization and her sobs burst out, her shoulders shaking with remorce.

Against the bars Fiona twitched and yelled as the last of her come subsided. “Now you come!” she yelled at the man fucking her.

He let go with a bellow of release and his jizz shot into Fiona’s cunt. But she didn’t take it all. She pulled back, reaching down and grabbing his prickshaft, guiding it until it shot into the blonde hair of her pussy. But the man didn’t mind. His orgasm throbbed and he yelled as Fiona’s skilled fingers worked him over until he was spent and his cum clotted in her cunthair.

Then she let him go and walked over to where Lena was on the floor. Fiona pulled her up and looked down at the sobbing girl.

“Got some more cum for you, lover,” she said. “Lick it out of my cunt. All of it! I like my pussy clean after I get fucked.”

Lena had no energy left to protest, besides she knew what would happen if she tried. So she allowed herself to be pulled up and her face was pushed into the soft fur of Fiona’s cunt. Lena moaned, finding it wasn’t so bad, not as bad as being whipped.

The cum stuck to Fiona’s pussyhair, making it difficult to suck off. But Lena couldn’t move until she finished, so she did as she was told and, slowly, strand by strand, the goo slid into her mouth leaving the hair clean and damp.

When it was over Lena lay in a moaning heap, wondering what other possible humiliations they could heap on her.


The laughter and excitement hardly died down in the cell. Two men hauled Lena to her feet and made her face the circle of male lust once more. She shook and tried to look away, but everywhere there were male faces. Many of the men were now openly playing with their cocks, rubbing them slowly as they looked at the terrified girl.

“I think it’s about time you took that dress off now,” said Nancy, her voice as smooth as silk.

Lena stared at the dirty floor as she slowly pulled the zip down to her waist. Then she stepped out of it and tried to cover her tits with her hands. But a warning glance from Nancy quickly made her lower them again.

Lena had thought she had no more tears left, but now fresh ones began to flow as the prisoners took in the luscious curves of her young body. Her full, thrusting tits couldn’t be concealed and the trembling of her thighs accentuated her legs in their black stockings and high heels.

“Hey, I get my suck now,” called the prisoner who had fucked Fiona.

She turned on him like a fury. “You get what I fuckin’ give you, shit-heap!” she said. “Now get it up or you’ll be outa here.”

The man looked startled and angry, but he swallowed his pride and started to work his softening cock as he watched Lena.

“Time for a double-fuck, I think,” said Nancy. “Here! I get the fuck this time.”

Fiona grinned and took the leather crop. “You guys like to have her hung up?” she asked.

The chorus of shouts and cheers sent Lena into another fit of hysterics. This time she fought, struggling against the two men as they seized her and held her hands together. It was hopeless, but Lena was beyond reasoning as she screamed, watching them tie her wrists together and then take the long end of the rope and toss it over one of the bars which formed the roof of the cell.

“You bastards!” she shrieked as they heaved on the rope and her arms were pulled above her head. “You fucking cunts! You shits! Help me, help me!”

They laughed as they heaved her up by her wrists until her feet were only just touching the floor. Her arms stretched painfully as her body hung on them and she moaned and heaved, fear at her helplessness growing in her.

Fiona walked slowly around the gently swinging girl. She raised one of Lena’s tits in her hand and squeezed it until Lena gave a groan of pain and her eyes closed and she sobbed. Then Fiona slowly ran her hand down the soft flesh of Lena’s stomach until she reached with the hard bud of Lena’s clit.

“You love it, you little slut,” she whispered, “you just don’t know it yet.”

She gave Lena’s clit a hard pull and twisted. Lena yelled and heaved her legs, appalled at the terrible suggestion Fiona had just made.

“You wanna fuck her ass?” Fiona asked one of the men.

He didn’t need to be asked twice. He was a sandyhaired young guy, with a wiry frame and a cock that sprang out of his overalls like a coiled spring. He walked round so that Lena could see his cock and she moaned. It wasn’t as thick as the prick she had been forced to suck, but it was even longer and throbbed with just as much heat and lust.

“Oh please!” she whispered.

He didn’t even glance at her as he laughed and walked round behind her. Lena felt the swollen head of his cock between the still agonized cheeks of her ass and she gave a groan of dread. He pushed, but the tight entrance wouldn’t give.

“Shit!” gasped the man, holding Lena’s hips and ramming harder between the red ass globes. “She’s tighter than a reamed bolt.” He heaved but got nothing but a scream from Lena.

“Please, please, they put something on it last time,” Lena whispered.

Fiona laughed. “Then you should be able to take him this time,” she chuckled. “You’re just a tight ass, you shit, and I’m gonna loosen you up. Hey, let me know when you’re in her to the balls.”

Lena stared in horror as Fiona held the crop up, high in the air. It trembled there, waiting. Around her, Lena could feel the anticipation in the cell block. None of the men spoke. All of them stared, like Lena, at the tip of the leather whip.

“Oh please,” Lena whispered, “please, just give me some time, I can get it in, honest I can, please let me, aaaggghhh, oh God, oh no, please!”

She heaved up on her arms as Fiona lashed her right across her nipples. Lena’s young tits bounced with the force of the blow and, as she fell back, she felt the man’s cock just inside the puckered entrance to her ass. He held there and waited for Fiona’s next blow.

As it came in Lena sobbed and shrieked as the thin leather beat across her tender flesh with no mercy at all. She heaved upward as she tried to pull herself in to protect her agonized tits and again the man forced himself deeper into her ass.

She didn’t know then which was the worse pain, the whipping or the dreadful agony of the huge cock ramming into her asshole. Again the whip beat her tits down and carried on through as they bounced back again and Lena’s scream could be heard all over the cell block.

By now most of the prisoners openly played with their cocks as they watched the young girl get whipped.

Nancy lashed Lena’s tits again and then shifted the crop downwards, slashing it up now, into the tender underside of her flesh, a new target for agony. The men stared as the red flesh beat up and down and the bound girl screamed and heaved in agony. Their hands played with their cocks and the first jets of new cum shot out onto the floor. Most of the cocks didn’t soften at all as the men stared at Lena and got their pricks ready for another shoot.

As Lena screamed and fell over at the end of each lashing, the man steadily rammed his cock further into her ass. The fire of her beaten, sore flesh spread as his cock forced her dry ass walls further open.

“Oh no!” Lena wept. “Oh please.”

But she was cut off by another vicious cut across her nipples and her sobs sent more cum shooting into the air. One man moved as close as he could and on the next thrash of the crop his cock spurted. He clutched it and his spunk shot high and splattered against Lena’s tortured tits.

The next slash of the whip sent gobs of jizz flying off again while the rest got steadily mashed into her flesh by the beating. The prisoner grinned as his cock softened but he continued to rub it and soon it was hard again, like all the others.

The agony climbed and Lena felt her ass muscles relax and the man’s cock slip in deeper. In a strange moment of clarity she stared at the crop as it waited a split second before tearing into her again. Was it possible that she would love this? That she would want to be tied up and whipped and fucked like this? The possibility that it was true was enough to make her gasp and sob in terror.

She felt the cock slide another inch in and her legs trembled, instinctively spreading to take the raping prick. The whip lashed her and she gave another scream as she watched Fiona grinning while playing with her pussy, even as she lifted the whip again and lashed Lena.

Nancy wasn’t going to wait any more. She climbed onto the top bunk and spread her legs over the edge.

“You,” she said, “get your cock up here and fuck me.”

The prisoner came over and stood on the lower bunk until his cock was level with her hungry pussy. Nancy smiled and leaned back, propping up her dark head so she could watch Lena getting whipped and fucked. Slowly the man ran his thick cock between the lips of Nancy’s pussy and she gave a moan of lust, thrusting her hips out to take all the cockrod.

It wasn’t hard for the man. His cock met no resistance at all as it went in, ramming right to the top in one smooth movement. He grinned and leaned down over Nancy as she spread her legs and encouraged him to fuck her as deep as he could. He obliged willingly and the two of them rocked, Nancy’s hot cuntmuscles clenching his cock, milking it.

But nobody watched them. All the attention was on Lena as she screamed and rolled with the cock in her ass. At the last inch or so, the man didn’t seem to be in a hurry. One of his cock-thrusts could have filled her all the way, but he held back, making Lena scream and beg.

“Oh please, please go all the way,” she moaned.

But he didn’t. He held where he was and let the bound and tortured girl pull and heave on the ropes, trying to escape and have more of his cock at the same time.

Before she knew it, Lena felt the flood of another come rising in her body. The pain of the whip subsided faster each time, replaced by the surge of fuck-lust that would take her over into a glorious orgasm and then leave her aching and ashamed of her very existence.

“Oh no, no, no,” she moaned.

But her body gave her away as usual. With each thrash of the leather whip, she screamed endlessly until she gave one terrible shriek. Her body writhed around on the ropes and the man behind her rammed his cock right into her ass until his thighs slapped against her rounded asscheeks.

Fiona stopped whipping her. Lena wept and struggled, staring at the man who now stood before her, his cock already out and ready. He didn’t speak, just put his prick against the entrance to her pussy and pushed.

Lena had no idea she could take two cocks in her body. But now they were there, both of them. The one in her ass strained at the walls and the slightly shorter, but fatter prick in her cunt almost lifted her off her feet with the force of each of its fuck-strokes.

Fiona let the crop fall against Lena’s legs and watched. On the bunk to one side, Nancy and the man were still fucking away, but the other men all watched the bound figure of Lena getting two cocks ramming in and out of her body. Her eyes were closed now and she jumped and twitched as they fucked her. Then, slowly she started to climb to the unbearable heights of orgasm once more.

As pleasure burst over her, she abandoned all attempts at pretense. She screamed at each hard fuck-thrusts, her face a mass of lust and terror. She bounced up and down, not knowing that her muscles were clenching harder and faster on the cocks. She wasn’t aware that the men were straining, coming despite all they could do to stop themselves. All she knew was the wonderful, surging agony and lust of her own come.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh fuck! Fuck me! Harder, ohhhh, nooooo! Ohhhh aaaaghhhhh!” Lena screamed, feeling the cocks throbbing and spasming inside her.

Nancy pulled the man fucking her down by his hair. “That’s better,” she breathed. “You look after Fiona and me if you want to stay healthy. Now fuck me, like that, better, good!”

Dreamily Nancy ran her hand down to her pussy and squeezed it between the thrusting cock and her clit. She rubbed as she watched Lena, her climbing come taking her over, too.

Then the man fucking Lena’s ass started to shoot. Yelling and clutching her hips for all he was worth, he jerked Lena’s ass around as the cum mashed into her asshole and lubricated his fucking prick like nothing else could have done. The beating cocks were almost in contact, separated only by the thin wall between Lena’s cunt and ass. To Lena it was as if she was being fucked in the same hole by two monstrous hunks of prickmeat.

She gave another yell of lust as the man fucking her cunt came. He grabbed her tits, twisting the nipples until she screamed. Again and again he tortured her already agonized nipples and all it did was make her come harder. She moaned and hung on the ropes as the last of the cum squeezed out of the cocks and they held her in place.

On the bunk, Nancy was almost finished with her climax, milking the man dry as she came, waiting as he struggled. He gave in and yelled as his cock shot its load. Nancy gurgled with satisfaction as he thrust harder and deeper into her pussy and she ran her hungry fingers up into her cunt, letting the cum run down to them. Then she pulled them out and thrust them in, finally raising her cum-dripping fingers into her mouth, tasting the wonderful goo.

The cum ran all over Lena’s legs from her pussy and ass. The men held her there while she moaned and twisted feebly, her come still subsiding. Finally they both pulled out and Lena moaned and fell hard into her arms.

Fiona untied the ropes from around the bar and let Lena fall again. Lena passed out into a deep, silent pit, where there were no men, no whips, only utter silence and satisfaction.


Lena came around slowly, her mind was groggy and she moaned slightly at the pain in her tits and ass. There were voices in the distance, shouts and yells and she raised her head. In an instant she realized where she was. Nancy was climbing the bars as she fucked one of the prisoners and Fiona was on one of the bunks, her back to the wall, her legs spread and braced against the bottom of the top bunk, while the big bearded prisoner who had made Lena suck him fucked her for all she was worth.

“Come on, big boy!” Fiona shouted. “Keep it up, fucker, keep it up! I wanna be fucked out of my mind.”

She grabbed the man’s head and pulled him closer as his cock rammed in and out of her cunt. The guy was panting and sweat ran down his shoulders. But he kept going, lifting Fiona’s heaving body with each thrust of his hips.

The prisoner fucking Nancy through the bars was coming, his cock jumping as he yelled and his cell mates cheered and fought to be the next to fuck Nancy. She moaned herself as she came, thrusting against the bars, her legs trembling as cum oozed out of her cunt and ran down over her thighs. She shouted and slid away from the man, leaving his cock jumping and spurting the last drops of goo.

“Hey! Me next!” shouted one of the prisoners, jumping at the bars to try and grab Fiona. But Fiona’s stare subdued him rapidly.

“Hey look! The cunt’s come round,” one of the prisoners in the other adjoining cell shouted.

Lena tried to drop her head again and pretend she was still out cold, but it was too late.

“You know what to do with her, guys,” said Nancy.

Lena wondered if the terrible night would ever end. Her whole body ached and her its and ass were so red and sore. But the two men who grabbed her didn’t care. They dragged her to the bars separating their cell from the cell on the other side and Lena could see the terrible lust in their eyes as they watched her being dragged over. She moaned and almost begged, but she knew it was no use.

She gave a small cry of horror when she saw what they were about to do to her. One of the men held her while another one cranked a set of bars apart slightly and moved them down to the level of her ass. Right there the bars had been bulged even further apart, so that they would fit nicely around her flaming red asscheeks. As the man spun her around, she howled and tried to get free, but she was too weak.

They forced her ass into the bulge in the bars and held her there while a mass of willing hands from the other cell wrapped belts and towels and shirts around the tops of her thighs, then around her knees and finally around her wide spread ankles. She groaned and struggled, but she was held really tight, her ass sticking into the next cell.

The two prisoners who had held her bent her at the waist until she was staring at the floor and her ass stuck even more temptingly into the adjoining cell. Already hands were touching her, probing between her legs and rubbing her sore, but wet, pussy. Her arms were suddenly twisted up behind her back and lashed together. She screamed as she felt her bound hands being handcuffed to a crosspiece in the bars. Then she really was helpless.

“Free fucks, boys,” called Nancy as she turned her back and began to fuck another prisoner through the bars.

Lena had just enough energy to scream and struggle as she felt the first cock thrust into her cunt. The man grunted as he fucked his way in, his balls slapping into her asscheeks. Lena moaned as the big cockrod spread her cuntwalls and rubbed against the already sore pussyflesh. The man rammed in and out furiously, his cell mates urging him on. Lena gasped and wept as the cock spasmed and shot, cum rushing into her pussy as the man beat at her ass furiously.

“Get outa there, you fucker!” another inmate yelled. “It’s my turn!”

The first cock finished shooting and slowly pulled out. “Hold your fuckin’ cock yourself,” the man growled.

The other man laughed and his cock worked over Lena’s throbbing pussy, running through the cum that flowed out and down her thighs. She groaned at the thought of what she must look like, helplessly bound and brutally gangraped. But then it all got worse. The cock, now running with cum and pussy juices, worked its way up to her asshole. With one huge heave the man fucked right to the hilt and Lena yelled as he slapped into her sore ass.

Nothing could stop him as he slowly pulled out and then rammed back in. His cell mates were shouting at him too for their turn, but he took his time, fucking her with long, slow strokes, his hands through the bars, holding her bound thighs.

Then there was a cock in her mouth. With a moan of submission Lena opened her lips and let it slide in. It thrust to the back of her throat and stayed there while the man leaned down and rolled her thrashed, red nipples with his fingers. Lena gasped and calculated how many cocks she was going to have to suck. There were four men in the cell and only one of them was fucking Nancy so there would be three more. It was almost too awful to think about!

Then she heard Nancy yelling as she and the bearded prisoner came. The bunk springs squealed as they rolled and thrashed around.

“That wasn’t too bad, big boy, maybe I’ll get you a pass to the next show. Maybe,” Nancy laughed.

The man grunted, but his pleasure was obvious.

Lena moaned as the man fucking her ass moved faster and faster. The bars shook as he held them and fucked her, his cock ramming into her soft asshole and sending pain out to mingle with the previous agony she had endured. Sweat ran down her body as she twisted, feeling the cum shoot out of the cock and into her ass until it seemed to fill her whole body.

Suddenly even as the cock in her ass was still spurting and jumping, the cock in her mouth pulled out and there was Nancy, her legs spread, being lifted toward Lena’s mouth.

“Clean me off, cunt!” snapped Nancy. “I wanna get fucked again.”

Two men forced Lena’s head lower until she came into contact with Nancy’s cum streaked pussy and thighs. Nancy chuckled and leaned back in the bearded prisoner’s arms as Lena sobbed and licked at the cum, cleaning Nancy’s thighs and pussy hair. There was so much jizz Lena thought she was going to drown in the salty goo. It ran out of Nancy’s pussy and into her mouth in long waves.

Another cock was at the entrance to Lena’s pussy and slid in. Lena’s body shook, but she was beyond moaning even as the next brutal invasion went on. Nancy held her head while she licked up the last of the goo from the dark cunthair and then Nancy pulled back.

“Come here,” she said to the man who had been fucking Lena’s mouth. “I want it again. You, cunt, suck him hard again so he can give me another ride.”

Lena found a sudden, terrible surge of disappointment that she wasn’t going to get to bring that cock off. It was hers, she had been sucking it, it wasn’t fair! But she didn’t have time to say anything before the bearded prisoner forced his soft cock rod into Lena’s mouth and held her by her long blonde hair again.

“Get me hard, cunt,” he said, “or you’ll be sorry.”

Lena sucked at the cock which was still covered with cum and Nancy’s pussy juices. He held his semi-soft prick just inside her mouth and let her run her tongue over the swollen head while she sucked desperately on as much of the shaft as she could take.

Slowly a strange delirium came over Lena. The cock in her pussy shot its load and another one forced its way in. She was aware of torrents of cum running down her legs and soaking her stockings, but the pain was melting, turning into a strong, slow surge of pleasure.

The cock in her mouth got harder and her body twisted against the bars, trying to get more of the cocks. Helpless as she was, Lena could only be fucked, and now she wanted to fuck the men, to take them deeper and let them spend all their lusts in her and give her the climax she could feel building in her bound body.

The man fucking her came and another cock sank into her ass. The men still cheered and yelled and she knew they were all going to fuck her again. Through her swirling mass of pain and rising passion, Lena suddenly wanted to be fucked by all of them again and again until they were satisfied.

She sucked furiously at the cock ramming at her throat, moaning and heaving. The man murmured in pleasure and her held her hair and forced his hardening prick into her mouth. She wanted cum in her mouth, oceans of cum, and she worked on the cock, sucking it, running her tongue over the huge head, licking down into the slit, wishing that white goo would shoot out.

The cock in her ass shot and the man heaved and yelled as more of the salty fluid bathed Lena’s asshole. It was almost the last clear moment she remembered. The frantic, ramming fuck sent her over into a climax that grew the more she was fucked.

She lost count on the number of times she was fucked, both in her cunt and ass. It became a long rolling tide of orgasm, with Lena rising as each cock fucked her and came and sinking slightly as it pulled out, only to start climbing again.

But her frustration grew because she was never allowed to suck a cock off. Each time she got one hard to the point of shooting, Nancy or Fiona would pull the man away and fuck him, often on the floor in front of Lena’s desperate eyes.

But there seemed to be no end to the cocks that wanted to fuck her. Her insides were beaten to a jelly and still the cocks raped her, her climaxes going higher and higher. She sucked hungrily at all the soft, cumwet cocks she could get, always getting them hard and then giving them to Nancy and Fiona.

As one prisoner yet again shot his load into Fiona who lay on her back on the floor below Lena, Lena found herself begging for some cum in her mouth. She couldn’t believe she was that depraved, but now she was offering to lick Fiona’s cunt clean, anything to get some of it. As another cock came in her ass, the jizz ran down her legs in streams. Lena realized she was moaning with lust as she licked at Fiona’s thrusting red hot pussy and it offered up its load of cum.

Tears of shame broke over Lena, but she couldn’t help it. She licked and sucked, taking one cock after another into her mouth. When that was done she begged someone else to fuck her.

She was still moaning and begging in a low, desperate voice as the last of the men in the other cell satisfied his lust in her and fell back. In the cell she was in there were only limp cocks as the men gasped and grinned at each other. Nancy and Fiona lay on the bench and bunks laughing as they smoothed their dresses down and got ready to leave.

“Take her down,” Nancy said to the men.

They untied the still twisting, moaning Lena and she half fell to the floor. The pain in her stretched arms and raped cunt and ass was nothing compared to the pain of the lust that still ran through her. She wept at her depravity, but she wanted cocks, hard cocks to fuck her. She crouched on the floor, giving out the low screams of a madwoman.

Nancy and Fiona took her under the arms and carried her out. As they dragged her past the cells with the prisoners who had been unable to do anything but watch, Lena could hardly hear their yells and pleadings to be given a chance at her.

But she did hear Nancy as she said. “We owe those guards, Fiona. At least a blow-job.”

“Hell,” said Fiona, “let this little shit do it. She’s pleading for some cum anyway.”

It was still a haze as Lena felt herself carried into the guard room. The three guards were inside, watching a movie. The prisoner they had hauled out earlier was nowhere to be seen.

“Who’s first?” called Nancy as Fiona forced Lena to her knees.

One of the guards came over, unzipping his pants. Wordlessly Lena took his cock in her mouth and sucked it as Fiona held her arms behind her back. Nancy played with the man, rubbing his cockshaft as he pulled out of Lena’s mouth and squeezing his balls as he sank in.

Low moans of satisfaction came from Lena as she sucked and the cock invaded her mouth. She held there, the tide of orgasm gently falling away as the cocks each came in her mouth. She couldn’t move because Fiona held her on her knees on the hard floor until the last man had given up his load. Nancy played with all of them, keeping them hot for a long time before she let them shoot into Lena’s mouth. Lena’s moans could not have been disguised as anything but moans of total satisfaction.

“Yeah,” said Nancy. “She’s trained all right.”

Only then did the realization hit Lena. How depraved and degraded she had become! As the two women dragged her back out, she burst into floods of shameful tears.


When Lena woke up, she had no idea where she was. She tried to turn and get out of the bed, but she found she was chained by the neck. Then she remembered everything and a sob broke from her throat and she sniveled and wept as she remembered all the pain and humiliation of the night before.

Her whole body was stiff and sore and her pussy and ass felt as if they had been beaten to a jelly by endless fucking. Her tits and ass still throbbed with low, muted agony and she felt more betrayed and alone than ever before in her life. She tossed on the surprisingly comfortable mattress and tried to look round the cell.

Lena had been expecting just another cell, but there was enough light filtering in through the heavy curtains to let her see a comfortable room with carpets and soft chairs and a sofa. She tried to get up but she couldn’t rise far and there was something encrusted on her upper body.

She lifted her hands, which hadn’t been bound, and rubbed on it. It came off and she realized it was dried cum. It was all over her, around her neck, her tits and all around her pussy and lower stomach. She knew she would need a shower to get rid of it all. Then she had no further time for thought because the door opened and Nancy and Fiona came in.

“How’s our little fuck-slut?” Nancy asked cheerfully.

Fiona threw the curtains back and sunlight flooded in. Nancy pulled the covers off Lena and Lena reacted without thinking, covering her tits with her hands. Nancy just looked at her and Lena eased her arms slowly away and down.

“That’s better,” said Nancy, tossing the short leather whip onto the carpet. “I didn’t think you were that stupid.”

Nancy ran her hands over Lena’s body, taking in the whip marks across her tits and the cum clinging in hard crusts. Fiona unlocked the neck chain and Lena rubbed her throat, feeling the bite of the metal fading, but also remembering the cocks that had rammed so far down her throat the night before. Her throat was sore and she coughed slightly.

“Roll over,” said Nancy.

Lena rolled over onto her stomach and lay there while the two women ran their hands over her ass.

“Hmmmm,” said Fiona, “she’s made for it. Look at that, looks great.”

Nancy laughed and her fingers ran deep between the crack of Lena’s ass and Lena wriggled and gasped, her face in the pillow.

“Okay, get up you little fucker,” said Nancy.

Lena almost leaped off the bed she was so eager to please them. She stood in front of them as they looked her up and down.

“In there,” said Nancy.

Lena hurried through the door. Then at Nancy’s instruction she got in the shower and cleaned herself right off, soaping away the pain and cum until she felt fresh and clean. She was dried off and examined again by the women before being taken back into the room and left alone.

Shortly after that they came back again with breakfast and a short robe for Lena. They showed her the television, stereo, and the windows. Outside Lena saw the grounds of the unit beyond the strong bars. Then the women left her alone again.

And so it went for Lena for the next two days and nights. Nancy and Fiona came in with her food and to tell her when to bathe, but otherwise they left her alone.

It was on the third morning that Lena began to understand what they were planning for her. Nancy and Fiona came in as usual, unlocked her chain and pulled back her covers. They checked her whipped flesh and told her yet again how fast she had recovered.

“Spread your legs,” Fiona ordered.

Lena whimpered, her eyes on the whip the two women always carried, but it stayed down as she slowly spread her thighs for Fiona. As she did it, the flesh slowly parting to reveal the blonde cunt hair and the crack of her pussy, Lena felt a surge of lust.

Fiona looked down at her cunt and told her to spread wider. Lena felt the surge of feeling again and she opened herself to the gaze of her two guards.

“I bet you’re as horny as hell again, now,” said Fiona softly, touching the bud of Lena’s clit.

Lena moaned. It was true and she hadn’t realized it. She wanted sex again, more and more sex, any way she could get it! That was horrible! She bit her finger and tried to turn away from Fiona’s hand.

“Yeaahhhhh,” said Fiona softly. “I bet you’re dreaming of great big cocks, fucking your mouth, shooting all over your face and I bet you’d love to get raped again, right now. I bet you’d love to have a cock right in front of those thirsty lips of yours.”

As she spoke, Fiona rubbed and stroked Lena’s moistening pussy. Lena moaned as she bit into her knuckles and tried not to give in. Her body shook and tears of frustration ran down her cheeks.

“And then I tell you that you will get your ass whipped until you have sucked all the cum from the cock, and as he slides it past your open lips and you feel it working into your throat, and…”

“Ohhhh, mmmgggghh,” Lena sobbed as she rolled in the most terrible agony.

“You feel the first slash of the whip on your hot asscheeks,” Fiona whispered to the twitching girl.

Lena screamed and lost control. Her hips spasmed as she started to climb towards orgasm.

“Ohhhh, fuccckkkk!” she yelled. “Oh, no, don’t, don’t, please! Oh no, no! I’m coming!” She gurgled in terrible shame and she clutched for Fiona’s arm to press harder against her pussy.

But Fiona pulled away and laughed at her.

“Oh yes,” she chuckled, “I’m sure you didn’t mean to do that.”

Lena wept and thrashed on the bed, her fingers hovering just at the lips of her cunt. The agony of her uncompleted come was so great that she wanted to defy them and finger-fuck herself away. But she remembered the endless pain and humiliation and she hesitated, her hands never quite daring to rub her clit.

“Let me tell you a few things,” said Fiona softly, her mouth inches from Lena’s ears.

Lena moaned and her hands strained to touch her throbbing desperate pussy.

“Rod wants you as the big attraction at his next party,” said Fiona, her voice caressing Lena’s horrified ears. “But he wants you all fresh and new, none of those nasty whip marks on your delicate tits. You understand?”

Lena moaned and wept and her fingers clenched as she struggled.

“Now, if you’re a nasty little girl and you rub your pussy, we shall have to punish you again, won’t we?” asked Fiona.

“Mmmnnnghhh,” Lena groaned, nodding her head furiously, her body writhing on the bed.

“And if we punish you, you’ll get all those whip marks on you, won’t we?”

“Mmmnnnggghhh,” Lena sobbed, on the edge of an orgasm just from the soft, menacing words.

“And Rod will be so angry because he won’t be able to use you for his party. You see?” Fiona whispered. “And when Rod gets angry, nasty things happen. But,” she went on, her mouth right at Lena’s ear, her teeth gently tugging on the lobe, “he always gives the girls who have failed to train a cunt like you properly a weekend with her first, and the run of any male ward we like.”

“Aaagghhh!” Lena screamed as she heaved in awful agony.

“So you can imagine what would happen to you. We’ll get you fucked and whipped by every motherfuckin’ man in this place! And they all want to get their hands on you.”

Lena screamed as she tried to make herself come without touching herself. She knew Fiona wasn’t lying and the horror of being at the mercy of every convict in the prison was just enough to keep her from masturbating. She gasped and groaned and her hands went back over her head and clasped the metal headpiece, wringing it in utter agony.

But Fiona wasn’t finished. “I bet you think you can wait until we’ve gone and then fingerfuck yourself,” she said, her voice said caressing the agonized girl. “But you see that little hole in the ceiling? It’s a camera and it’s on you all the time. One touch of your cunt and it’s all over.”

Lena stared, her eyes wide at the tiny hole. She hadn’t even looked at the ceiling before and now it was obvious how the two women had known to come in just after she woke up. And it wasn’t the only hole. There were at least three more. Lena gasped and her tears ran fresh down her lovely cheeks.

“Now don’t worry,” said Fiona softly. “You’ll get everything you desire, everything,” she breathed and Lena moaned again and sobbed. “But when we say so.” Fiona chuckled. “So you be a good little cunt, or you’ll wish you’d never been born!”

Lena wept and tossed on the bed.

“Now, suck me off,” said Fiona, leaning back in one of the chairs and easing her panties down her shapely legs.

Lena knew better than to disobey. She struggled off the bed and crawled across the floor with Nancy’s whip hovering over her ass. Fiona pulled her short blue dress up to her waist and Lena leaned in and let her mouth run over the hot pussylips. Fiona gave a low gurgle of satisfaction and reached down, taking Lena’s blonde hair in her hands and pulling her mouth right onto her open cunt.

It was the ultimate frustration for Lena. Her body throbbed with lust, but she couldn’t make herself come. All she could do was suck the hungry pussy and listen to Fiona comment on how much better she was at sucking cunt, and how, with a bit more work, she might actually get good at it. Lena wept as Fiona rubbed her face in the running juices. Fiona heaved and came, but even that wasn’t the end. Nancy sat in the chair and made Lena suck her off, too. Lena did as she was told, her lust at a terrible pitch where she couldn’t come, but only suck and lick the wet flesh of Nancy’s clit and cunt.

For three more days the torture went on. The women would come into the room, make Lena open her legs and then work her to a fever pitch before leaving her hanging and making her suck them off. By the fourth day, Lena was pacing the room, glancing at the holes in the ceiling as she tried to control herself. She was absolutely mad with lust and she knew that was exactly the way they wanted her.

Then early in the evening of the fourth day, Fiona and Nancy returned, but Lena knew it was different this time. They carried some clothes, which Fiona tossed on the bed.

“Okay, slut,” she said, “time to get ready.”

Lena was taken into the bathroom and bathed, powdered, and sprayed with perfume. Then they made her up so that her already high cheekbones were brought out more prominently and her wide eyes looked even more innocent and beguiling. Then they painted her soft, wide lips a deep red and when Lena looked at herself in the mirror she realized she actually was beautiful. She stared at her reflection, her face a mixture of fear and the most unrestrained lust.

They took her back into the bedroom and dressed her. First came white stockings, suspender belt and panties. Then there was a tight white bodice that thrust her tits high without covering them and pinched her waist while flowing over her ass in frilly lace and spreading around her pussy. Then came a lacy white dress. It was cut low on Lena’s tits and reached almost to her knees, and again it was tight, showing every curve of her luscious body. Then there was a wide white hat, and white veil and high-heeled white shoes to match.

Lena looked at herself in the mirror. Her face concealed by the veil, she looked like the most innocent of brides, and she shook with terrible anticipation.

“Right, slut,” said Nancy. “Now you get a chance to show them how well we trained you. Don’t fuck up or you’re dead meat, honey.”

In a daze Lena let them lead her out of the room.


Lena had no idea how far they had led her. She had to feel her way down steps and through a hall piled with crates in the semi-darkness. Then there was a door and she could hear the soft murmur of voices beyond a screen.

“Wash your hands,” Nancy ordered and Lena was surprised to find dust on them, presumably from the crates. Fiona brushed her dress down as she rinsed the dust off, and then Fiona gave her a lacy pair of white gloves that came to her elbows. In the darkness Lena trembled as they led her to a curtain in the heavy screen.

Then soft music started and Lena’s whole body shook with the knowledge that something was about to happen. Her pent-up lust rose.

“Get on,” snapped Nancy, shoving Lena through the curtain.

Leila blinked. The lights were high and, twenty or so feet in front of her they dropped off to blackness. As she appeared, a deep hush fell and Lena could feel eyes taking her in. She stood motionless, wondering what to do.

“Come forward, little girl,” said silky, soft woman’s voice, and Lena was sure she had heard it before but she couldn’t place it.

She shuffled forward uncertainly until the voice told her to stop. She stood a couple of feet from the edge of the spotlights and she could just see the reflected light falling on faces out in the darkness. There were about fifty people she thought. Her heart started pounding painfully as she realized she was the center of attention, the actress for all to see. Her chest swelled and the lust in her body surged.

“Well, what do you think of our new bride?” asked the silky voice. The audience gave a murmur of appreciation.

Lena’s eyes were getting adjusted and she could now see that there were men sitting at the tables. At the feet of each man was a girl. Most of the girls were running their hands over the men’s stiff cockrods, but a few were gently sucking. The men ignored them and stared at Lena.

“I think you should show your friends what a wonderful pair of legs you’ve got,” said the voice. “My friends like to see a girl’s legs, right to the top.”

Lena gasped, even the touch of her own fingers on her thighs almost enough to make her come. Slowly the dress slid up her thighs, over her stocking tops and up to her panties. She didn’t have to be told to take it higher, she kept on lifting until the audience could see the soft down of her pussyhair through her almost transparent panties.

“Now, walk closer. Show them properly,” said the voice.

Lena walked almost to the rim of the lights and spread her legs, rubbing her hands wantonly down the curve in her lower stomach, almost to the top of her panties as she gave the men a show. She heard the low reaction and saw the half shadowed watchers shifting in their chairs and forcing the sucking girls deeper onto their cocks as they watched.

Then Lena walked slowly across the stage, her dress held up in her white gloved hands, her hips swaying. She moaned softly as she turned and walked back, swaying her ass, showing them all what she had to offer.

“You slut!” the voice suddenly snapped.

Lena stopped in mid-stride and her lust surged to fever pitch as she knew, with a desperate longing, what was coming next.

“Showing yourself off to anyone who happens to be there,” the voice went on scornfully. “You’re just a whore, aren’t you?”

Lena gasped and her hands played desperately down her body. But she didn’t dare touch her pussy.

“I said, you’re just a fucking shameless little whore, aren’t you?” the voice shouted and suddenly Lena knew it. It was Zenor.

“Y-yes, yes, yes!” Lena screamed suddenly.

“Then you should be punished, shouldn’t you?” Zenor said.

“Yes, oh yes, oh yes!” Lena wailed and her body shook as he grabbed at her dress and almost pulled it off.

Without warning Zenor appeared on Lena’s right. She was dressed all in tight black leather top that was cut away to show her tits, a short tight skirt, black stockings and high boots, and a black cap. In her hand she carried a long, leather whip.

Rod came onstage to her left. He wore a white shirt with black pants, cut tight to show the enormous bulge of his cock. Effortlessly he carried a leather-covered bench with extending steel legs.

Lena knew what she had to do and she dissolved in a seething, liquid lust that made her unaware of almost everything that was happening.

Dimly she heard Zenor order her to open the neck of her dress to show her tits. With trembling hands Lena pulled at the bow and the dress neck eased away and she spread it until the tight bodice was open, her tits exposed for all to see. She saw a man in the front row groan as his cum shot into the mouth of the girl sucking him. He heaved and she licked at him, as Lena saw Rod put the bench down.

Slowly Rod walked over to her and turned her to the audience. He eased the veil back from her hat to show the men the full beauty of her face. Lena’s chest heaved as she heard their moans of appreciation and watched another man shoot cum, the girl taking it over her face and then leaning down to suck him once more while he watched.

Rod took her hat off and Lena felt so helpless she rocked and started to come. There was nothing she could do. She was a slave and the men were going to watch her being whipped and then probably fuck her anyway they wanted. She bit her lip as the lust choked her.

“Bend over,” said Zenor.

Lena slowly bent at the waist and leaned down over the bench. It was set at the right height. Her body draped over it, her legs stretched and forced straight in the high-heeled shoes. Her body was shaking as she felt Rod take her legs and spread them until he could lash her ankles to the legs of the horse. Then he came round and did the same to her wrists. Her body was bent deeply and her ass rose high before the watchers, only just covered by her virginal, white dress.

Then Rod cranked the bench higher and Lena groaned with uncontrollable lust as the padded leather pushed into her waist, lifting her ass even higher until her arms and her legs were stretched to the utmost. She heard more gasps from the watching men.

Then Lena felt Zenor lift her dress up and flip it over until her ass was exposed. Her moans got louder and she was sure all the men could see that she was about to come, the way she twisted and heaved on the horse. She had forgotten all her shame. She wanted it so badly, wanted anything they gave her.

In front of her staring eyes, Rod pulled the front of his pants apart. His cock sprang out and Lena gasped at it. It was bigger than anything she had been raped by in the cells, a foot of hard cock so thick it would fill her mouth to bursting. In the cells she would have wept and begged for mercy but now she choked with the desire to feel that hardness in her throat.

“You have to be punished very severely, you know that?” asked Zenor.

“Ohhhggg, ohggg! Yes! Yes! Ohhhgggg!” Lena screamed, hardly able to get the words out.

“So for a start, I’ll have to whip your ass until you’ve sucked that cock off, won’t I?” Zenor asked.

“Ohhhggguuu, yes! Yes, oh please!” Lena shouted.

“Then beg to suck it,” said Zenor and slashed the whip across Lena’s ass.

Lena’s scream echoed round the hall. Her asscheeks had a deep, red glowing line across them and her body trembled with the force of the orgasm the whip had unleashed.

Blind and deaf with lust, Lena went into an uncontrollable orgasm. “Ohhhgggg, please, whip me, whip me please!” she moaned. “Oh yessss, oh please, give me your cock, pleaseeee, ohhhggg aaaaagghhhh!”

Inch by inch Rod moved his cock nearer her trembling, begging mouth. Zenor lashed the whip across Lena’s ass and line after red line spread across the trembling flesh, melting into one mass of crimson skin. At each piercing scream another man came and not a cock in the place was soft. The bound girl was begging and screaming for each cut of the whip while she desperately tried to get Rod’s cock in her mouth. The sight was more than enough to keep the men hard.

Then Rod let his cock brush across Lena’s begging mouth. She screamed uncontrollably and lunged to take it, but he held back, making her lick just the tip as the whip lashed her ass, her body in the white dress heaving across the padded bench.

Slowly Rod let Lena take his cockhead between her lips. She moaned with satisfaction and licked at it as if it was the most perfect gift in the world. Her orgasm grew another terrible notch and Zenor, her dark hair flowing around her face, whipped Lena harder and faster.

As the audience stared and the whip landed on the crimson, throbbing flesh of Lena’s ass, Rod slowly let Lena take more of his cock. Inch by inch it slid deeper into the willing mouth until it rested at the back of her throat and the muscles worked over the swollen head and Lena felt as if her body would explode.

Everything had melted into the lust of the whip and the cock in her mouth. Lena didn’t feel any pain any more and she no longer cared that so many men were watching her ass get whipped. The cock slowly forced its way back from her mouth and then went in again. Her white dress bounced over her hips and the strokes of the whip forced it back up over her waist, but she didn’t notice.

All she knew or cared about was the cock in her mouth. Greedily she sucked, taking it as far in as he would let her, wanting desperately for him to fuck her face as hard as he wanted and shoot his jizz down into her stomach or all over her face or tits, or anywhere he wanted to.

Rod seized her hair, forcing her face deeper onto his cock as he lost control. He muttered in admiration, as the force of her mouth sent his cock spasming. No slave had been able to suck him off this fast before and he shouted and laughed at the release as the cum surged up his cock and spurted out into Lena’s hot, sucking mouth.

The whip crashed into her ass with each surging peak of her climax as Lena felt the hot cum filling her mouth in endless waves. Delirious with lust she drank it down, drops forming at the corners of her mouth as her cheeks filled and her throat swallowed as fast as it could. On and on she sucked until even Rod’s cock had shot its last and he held her head and slowly worked his still hard cock in and out between her lips.

But Lena hadn’t finished. “Please,” she begged, her ass circling as far as it could, “please, I want another one. Please, Sir, please, let me suck another one. I want more cum, Sir! Please, I want more!”

Utterly beside herself with lust, Lena felt them untie her arms and legs and stand her up. They told her to take her dress off and she grabbed at the neck until a slash of the whip across her tits brought her up sharply.

“Slowly,” Zenor snapped.

Lena reached for the buttons and drew them apart. Leaning down to show the men, she saw some of them still sitting, but a lot of them had crowded around the stage. Their lustful faces were close as they held the slave girls at their feet and made them keep sucking cock.

Lena slid the white dress slowly off her body, reveling in the constant surge of lust from the floor below her. She dropped it and stepped out, showing her soft thighs, spreading them, running her hands over her panties, soaking wet with her juices.

At another order she slid her panties down, spreading her legs again, thrusting her finger into her wanton little cunt, parading close to the men, urging them to finger fuck her too. Hand after hand reached up and worked her throbbing cunt over. Fingers fucked in and out and she couldn’t get enough. She thrust her cunt over their faces, wanting more and more as her orgasm raged on. She couldn’t have stopped it if she’d wanted to.

More fingers worked into her cunt and reached around for her ass. She stood, legs spread, her head thrown back as she came and came. She heard Zenor telling her what a little whore she was and that she was going to pay for standing there, letting men finger fuck her. Lena groaned with new lust and her hips spasmed as spurts of jizz soaked her white stockings.

Then hands grabbed her hands and pulled her back. A large hook came down from the roof on a rope and Lena looked at it and moaned as her wrists were lashed together and placed over the hook. As it was hauled up again and her arms went with it, she gave another groan of terrible lust. The hook stopped rising as her feet, in their high heels, barely touched the floor.

Lena hung there, the pain in her arms sending more sparks of climax surging into her body. She watched and her tits heaved as she saw Zenor a few feet away, the whip swinging lazily through the air. Two girls took her feet and pulled them wide apart as a cock reached into the crack of her ass.

Lena gave a scream of anticipation. Her mouth worked as she stared at the whip and her ass reached back to get the cock. Her pussyjuices had been flowing so freely the cock had no difficulty at all in forcing its way into the tight hole of her ass.

As the man thrust himself high into her body, Zenor grinned and lashed the whip into Lena’s tits. In a pit of molten delirium, Lena heard herself begging, begging for the whip, begging to be ass-fucked, begging for more pain so she could keep on coming. Her body swung viciously on the hook, her ass beating at the man as he fucked her and yelled with desire.

Lena felt his hands go round her thighs and hold her ass tight on his cock. It throbbed and beat into her while his hot breath rolled over her neck. She knew his eyes were on her tits as the whip crashed into them, bouncing them up and down over her ribs, utterly at the mercy of Zenor and the tight leather whip.

The man whispered in her ear and there was something dreadfully familiar in the voice. “You little cunt,” he whispered. “You love this, don’t you? Love getting whipped while people watch and shoot their cum all over you? You’re a total shit, you deserve to be punished, don’t you? Don’t you?”

“Oh, yyesss, ohhhhyesss, ohhhhh, oh yessss!” Lena shrieked as the whip flashed at her tits in a blur of leather and the man forced his cock into her ass and it shot cum, hot surging cum into her body, burning her asswalls with its juice. Sliding down, out of her ass as her tits throbbed and beat up for the whip again. White jizz flowed onto the tops of her stocking as Zenor slowed her whipping and the man slid his cock out of her ass while it was still hard.

“Oh no, please, don’t stop, please! No!” Lena begged.

But the hook was let go and Lena collapsed in a heap on the floor. She crawled towards the man who had fucked her ass.

“Please, please, give me some more,” she begged. “Oh more, please, Sir, please!”

Suddenly he laughed and in that instant Lena recognized him for sure. She looked up, horrified. It was Jack, her husband, the man who had embezzled her money and left her to this hell! She choked as she saw him look down at her with amusement.

“You sure have changed, you little cunt,” he said. “I didn’t think they could do it, but they fuckin’ did it. They sure did it.”

Lena sobbed and there was a flash of anger, but it was lost instantly as she saw his cock bobbing inches from her face. It was covered in her ass juices and gobs of cum and she reached up and licked it, tasting the cum, wanting more of it.

Jack let her suck. He put his hands on his hips and watched her ass she cleaned him off and his cock became as hard as it had been.

“You wanna get out of here?” Jack asked, running his cockmeat back into Lena’s mouth and then pulling back to the entrance of her lips.

Lena moaned and sucked him.

“I might take you back, you little whore,” said Jack. “If you can prove to me that you’ll be a good little slave and behave yourself.”

Lena mumbled as she sucked his cock. He forced her head back until she could speak.

“Anything, anything,” she gasped. “Anything you want! Oh please, please give me more.” Her moans got desperate as she grabbed Jack’s cock and tried to swallow it.

“Well, I may be persuaded,” said Jack. “What do you think, Rod? If she’s good tonight, maybe I should take her back?”

“If she’s real good,” said Rod. “And if you bring her back to some of our parties. Well, maybe, if she’s real good.”

“Oh yes, oh I will be, I will!”

Lena gasped as she grabbed for her husband’s cock and sucked at it. She groaned as hands pulled her away from him, forced her back over the bench, her face close to him. She watched as two of the slave girls knelt and ran their hot little tongues over his cock, taunting her as she moaned. A cock rammed into her pussy and the man leaned down and forced himself to the top of her cunt.

Lena stared and screamed as she saw Jack lift one of the girls and slide his cock into her pussy while the other one ran her willing little mouth over both of them. The cock thrust in and out of her and she gasped and sobbed.

“If you’re a real good little slut,” said Jack, grinning at her, “and fuck everything I tell you to tonight, then maybe, maybe I’ll let you suck me off at the end and I might even take you home.” The girl fucking him came, rolling in ecstasy, while her friend licked and sucked her clit.

The cock in Lena’s cunt was shooting, hot, wonderful cum bursting in her cunt. She screamed as the new orgasm filled her and she saw the one girl climb off Jack’s cock to let the other one get on and have her come.

Hands lifted Lena, put her on the hook again as men closed in on her and forced their rigid cocks into her pussy and ass at the same time. She came again, rolling as they double-fucked her, watching Jack’s cock fucking the other girl, wanting to suck it, wanting so much to prove that she would be a good little girl for him, the perfect slave.

She would prove it, she knew she would. Yelling and screaming, the men fucking her came, and the hook was released again and she fell, with cum covering her legs and lower body. There was a cock at her mouth and greedily she sucked it, sinking into a sea of lust she never wanted to climb out of.

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