Hot Sucking Teacher

The facade of respectability often crumbles to dust with remarkable swiftness once its protective armor has been pierced.

The relatively minor investigation into the conduct of one police officer results in the discovery of massive corruption within the force. A routine check by the government of a corporation’s finances turns up damning evidence of widespread tax evasion, graft, kickbacks, bribes and payoffs. Insignificant-looking cysts reveal malignant tumors.

And what of the facade of righteousness and puritan morality in the tree-shaded, picket- and wrought-iron-fenced suburbs of middle- and upper-middle-class America?

What really goes on behind those freshly painted doors? Is depravity an exclusive right of the ghetto-dweller, as many of the more fortunate would like to think?

The serious and shocking story of one pleasant suburb, and of some of the teachers in its ivy-covered high school who helped crack the facade — and watch it crumble about their heads.

HOT SUCKING TEACHER — a novel that goes beyond the fictitious town in which it is set… possibly an American town?


Val was wearing nothing but a baseball cap and a pair of thigh-length pink leg-warmers when Sid Cooke swung open the door of her tiny office. She was changing after her last gym class of the day and, her brown body glowed with health and vigor. Her big tits rode high on her chest, the nipples jutting up nearly an inch off their puffy pink circles.

“Don’t you ever knock when you enter a room?” she pouted, glaring at him from under the brim of her red baseball cap. Her fluffy blonde hair squiggled out on either side of her lovely face. She was blushing prettily.

“Don’t you ever lock the Goddamn thing? How was I to know you were changing?” He stood on the threshold, gazing at her hungrily. His eyes roamed everywhere, taking her all in.

“Well you know now. How about being a gentleman and giving me two minutes to get decent?”

She had dipped one hand into her crotch and was vainly trying to cover the lovely tufted V of her cunt hair. One arm tried to hold her tits modestly, but that was even more hopeless. They kept tumbling free like ripe, heavy fruit.

Sid closed the door, gently behind him. “Who said I was a gentleman? I’ve been trying to get a look at those tits for weeks now. You’ve kept them pretty much to yourself.”

Val sighed. Sid was a fellow teacher and in the three weeks she’d been at the school he hadn’t left her alone. He’d pursued her constantly, asking her out again and again. Finally, to quiet him down, she’d consented to see him. They’d been out twice and on both occasions he’d been all over her. It had taken all her cunning not to end up in bed with him.

Not that he wasn’t attractive. He was tall and dark and had a great body. But he obviously had only one thing on his mind, and she was interested in a more rounded, more meaningful relationship with someone serious and caring. Sid was funny and she quite enjoyed being with him. But she could never be so completely concerned with sex as he was. It could never work between them.

“Sid, would you please leave?” she said, rolling her eyes to the ceiling. Then, in spite of herself, she giggled. He was shuffling toward her comically, flicking his eyebrows up and down and leering at her like a dirty old man.

“Come on now, give a guy a break,” he smiled. “You jiggle down the hallways bouncing those big beautiful tits and swaying that gorgeous little ass of yours, you drive me out of my mind on two dates that left me horny and frustrated, what do you expect me to do when I find the girl of my dreams bare-ass in front of me? You’re too much, baby. Too much for any normal guy to resist.”

He was closing in on her and she backed up till her lovely ass cheeks bumped the edge of her desk. He came to a stop directly in front of her, not quite touching her, then dipped his head quickly to kiss her golden brown shoulder. His hands came up to circle her tiny waist. Her skin was warm and soft and so smooth.

“What did you want down here anyway?” she asked, trying to keep her voice level.

“Isn’t it obvious what I want? I came down to ask you to dinner tonight, but now I know this is what I really need.” He was kissing along her shoulder to her neck. He began nuzzling her cozily just below her ear.

“Sid…” she sighed.

Val was trying to resist, she really was. But it was hard to put authority into your voice when you were nine-tenths naked in front of a guy and wearing a baseball cap to boot. What was worse, the closeness of his body was having an effect on her. She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d made love with anyone and her nerve-endings were tingling.

“Don’t fight it, babe,” he murmured, sensing the change in her. “Seems to me you’ve been fighting it way too long.”

He was using his lips and tongue on her neck, licking her, teasing the skin with his lips. He worked his way down under her chin and over to the other side of her head. His hands were stroking gently up and down her flanks, caressing her. He could feel her body relax against the desk. He wanted to fling her on the desk top, to manhandle her tits, to cram his cock inside her and blast his wad. But he knew he could have to go slowly.

“Sid, please, don’t…” she murmured.

She felt so helpless there in front of him, one hand in her crotch, one arm cradling her colossal tits. His mouth was making her feel weaker by the second.

Finally, his mouth left her neck and began to go lower. He started kissing the lush upper slopes of her tits, the part she couldn’t cover with her arm. He sensed her chest rising and falling under his lips as her breathing grew heavier. His hands ran up and down her naked back, as high as her shoulder blades and as low as her upper ass cheeks planted firmly on the desk.

“Sid, we shouldn’t be doing this… I shouldn’t be letting you…” she muttered. In spite of herself her head rolled back on her shoulders and her eyes closed with pleasure.

“Don’t worry, don’t fret,” he coaxed. “Just move your arm a little… that’s right.”

To his surprise, she let her arm slip lower and lower on her gorgeous young tits. He moved with her, kissing and licking, and more and more brown tit came into view. Then he saw the paler skin which had been covered by her bikini and he knew he was getting somewhere. Any minute now — heaven!

“What if someone, comes by?” she whispered, her voice growing more excited. “I’m a new teacher here. I have my good name to consider. There’s no one around. The place is deserted,” he snorted into her chest.

Her arm fell a little lower and he could see the top part of one pink circle surrounding her nipple. Then he forced her arm down farther, and one big nipple came into view. His mouth began to water.

Val had amazing nipples. Even when she wasn’t aroused, they stood up proudly, well over half an inch in length. They were thick and solid and a dark, nut-brown color. They sat on top of their puffy pink circles like varnished thumb-tips. When she was excited, they grew and grew, till they were nearly an inch long, fat, solid stubs of granite hard flesh.

“Sonovabitch! These could really poke a guy’s eye out!” he groaned, studying the one hopelessly erect stub.

He leaned forward and flicked the nipple with his tongue. Then with a deep groan he sank his mouth onto it and began sucking madly. It was hot and hard as stone against his tongue.

“Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!” she moaned.

Now her arm fell away from her tits and let them settle on her chest. She arched her back some, forcing her one tit against his face, cramming the nipple into his mouth. His hand came up to cup and maul the other tit. His fingers sent sparks into her.

He sucked hard on her nipple, circling his tongue around and round it, drawing it up off its circle with his lips. It seemed to swell and grow even longer in his mouth. When he finally lifted up off it the stub was wet and shining, as if it had been glazed. It pointed to the ceiling proudly.

“I’ve never seen nipples like these. I’ve never seen such gorgeous fucking tits,” Sid croaked. And he began licking down into her cleavage, slobbering his way between her tits toward the other swollen nipple.

“They’ve always been that way. I don’t know why,” Val murmured, her eyes closed, her head rolling back.

She knew she should stop this. She knew she should protest. She was a fresh young teacher, after all, and he was using four-letter words around her as if she was a lumberjack or something. And he was sucking her tits crazily.

But she couldn’t stop him. She couldn’t say a word. The sparks flying into her chest were too lovely and the feel of his suckling mouth was too much. She blushed at the rush of her thoughts and feelings. She didn’t even mind the swearing and the dirty words. Somehow it all added to the excitement, to the wild pleasure running through her.

He found her other nipple with his mouth and began sucking it as he had the other. She sighed and leaned back on the desk, supporting herself with her free arm. Incredibly, she still had one hand in her crotch and she kept it there modestly, as if when the time came she could still stop him if she wished. This crazy episode needn’t go all the way, after all.

“I don’t believe these fucking nipples! They’re crazy!” he wheezed, lifting his mouth off her tit at last.

Sid gazed fondly at her tits as they shifted and settled with her slightest movement. They were brown and swollen-looking, and swept down and separated as if they’d been pumped too full of fluid. The circles around the tips were puffy and pink. The nipples jutted out so far they cast shadows on the skin.

The tits rose and fell with her heavy breathing. She stared at him from under the peak of her cap, wondering what he would do next. Now would be the time to protest, she realized. If she wanted to stop this whole thing before it went any further, all she had to do was speak up, push him away, make her voice stern and tell him to get lost. But she did none of these things.

And Sid seemed to sense what was going on in her head, for he paused just to look into her face, to smile at her. It was as though he knew that she wanted him to go on, but was teasing her by giving her this chance to say something. If she didn’t speak up, there’d be no turning back. There could be no excuses. He could do what he wanted with her and she could hardly complain.

She cast down her eyes like a shy little girl and he almost laughed out loud. She looked so young and pretty and cute there with her frizzy blonde hair fluffed out from under her cap, her gorgeous face framed perfectly. Her big tits heaved on her chest, her brown belly rippled below. He felt a solid stirring in his cock. He licked his lips hungrily.

“You like having your titties sucked? That feel good, a hot mouth on your big nipples?” he leered.

He brought up both hands and cupped her tits solidly, squeezing them, pressing the nipples in on themselves with his thumbs. She leaned forward and let her tits settle into his hands.

She didn’t answer. She couldn’t trust her voice. She watched as he hefted her tits, separated them, tested their weight. Then she was nuzzling his face back between them, cramming both tits to his cheeks. He mashed them to either side of his head and groaned with pleasure. Then he began kissing and licking her again. He planted hot wet kisses on her skin and worked his way lower, an inch at a time. Slipping his head from between her tits he licked down aver her rib cage, along the slight hollow of her belly. The skin was brown and flat and firm. Then he was digging his tongue into her navel, scooting it around and teasing her. Her belly heaved under his mouth. Val knew where this was leading and her heart beat faster at the thought. She still clutched her hand against her pussy. Her legs were closed modestly. As he worked lower she found herself leaning back slightly. The edge of the desk dug into the taut flesh of her ass cheeks. Was there still time to stop him, still time to protest?

His mouth left her navel and sucked its way down over her lower belly. It occurred to her suddenly that if he’d burst in the door a few seconds later she would have had her panties on and things might have been very different. But as it was she wore no panties, nothing below her baseball cap but the woolly pink leg-warmers that ended midway up her golden brown thighs. She felt so helpless.

“So what’s it to be, babe?” Sid grunted, gazing up into her lovely face. He had his tongue stuck out and was licking circles around and around her lower belly, just above her sheltering hand. “You going to move that hand? You want me to use my mouth on your cunt? Want me to suck your pussy?”

Why did he have to be so vulgar? Val wondered. He seemed to want to shock her, to assault her with the four-letter words and dirty expression. Or maybe he knew more than she did. She was responding to the dirty talk, she couldn’t deny it. It made her feel sexy and strange and… yes, a little dirty. Why did she also feel so good?

“I could lick your cunt real good. I suck a mean cunt. Ask anybody, they’ll tell you. Sid Cooke is the best pussy-eater in town.” He licked lower on her golden belly, onto the paler skin, along her thumb. He stared up at her with a funny look in his eyes.

Bit by bit, so slowly that at first bethought he was imagining it, her hand slipped down off her crotch. He caught a glimpse of a sliver of blonde pussy hair, then more, then more. At last her hand fluttered away altogether and the glorious tufted V of her cunt was displayed there in front of him. He licked his lips, swallowed, and groaned.

“Spread your legs. Spread ’em wide,” he muttered. “I like lots of room when I eat cunt. I like to get my head in there and really go to town.”

Shyly, a bit at a time, Val inched her feet apart on the floor. Her slender brown thighs cranked wider and wider. And beneath the fluffy curls of her crotch hair, the puffy lips of her cunt started to split for him.


“Beautiful. Fucking beautiful!” he whispered, gazing at the pulpy lips of her cunt. “Is there anything about you that isn’t fucking gorgeous, babe?”

Val stared down at him, fascinated. She was sitting on the edge of the desk now, supporting herself with both arms. Her big tits had rolled and separated slightly on her chest. She gazed down between than at his beaming face. He was inches from her pussy, staring into it with an intensity that shocked her. His hands rested on the tops of her thighs, above her legwarmers.

“Gorgeous face, gorgeous legs, gorgeous tits, gorgeous ass. And now, gorgeous fucking pussy. You’re really some hunk of woman, babe.”

His fingers inched up her thighs, into her crotch. He caught at the pulpy lips of her cunt and pried apart gently. Shiny pink skin winked at him. He could see her inner cunt, and the button of her clit.

Val fell back onto her elbows. And then, without thinking, she lifted her legs, hooked her feet onto the edge of the desk. At the same time she spread her thighs wide, displaying her crotch for him brazenly. All thought of resistance had gone now, at least for the time being. She stared down at him anxiously between her scissored legs.

“That’s it. Atta girl,” he encouraged, suddenly faced with not just her flowering pussy but also the puckered ring of her pretty asshole. “Show Sid your cunt. Spread wide for him now.”

Val could feel herself growing moist. Without him even touching her pussy, she was growing wet between her legs. She blushed again, ashamed of herself. What must he think of her? Did he think she was too easy? A slut? She had no more time to think about it. He was thrusting his face up against her pussy poking at hunks of flesh with his tongue.

“Ohhh! Ohhh!” she moaned, again closing her eyes and willing her head about loosely. His tongue on her pussy felt even better than on her nipples. Her golden belly rippled with pleasure.

He poked his tongue about everywhere, warming to his work. And as be pried her cuntlips wide with his fingers great shiny pink hunks of skin flopped down from inside her. Her cunt was expanding, blooming for him, oozing pulpy strips of skin that formed into a ragged circle. The small bud of her clit gleamed brightly at him.

“You like that? You like a tongue on your hot little pussy?” he leered.

He didn’t wait for any reply, but dipped his head deep between her thighs and plucked at her ragged cuntlips with his mouth. Her pussy was swelling crazily, and a gooey sweet slime was dribbling down onto his face.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh!” she groaned.

She kept her eyes closed now except for brief moments when she gazed down between her legs at his sucking face. Tremors of pleasure were running through her cunt.

His mouth was pressed firmly onto her gaping pussy and he was firing his tongue in and out, like a miniature cock, and circling it around and around. Her pulpy hair-lined cunt lips sucked against his face. Her clit vibrated each time he touched it. She couldn’t believe how good she felt. Waves of pleasure were running through her.

“Ohhhhh! Oh fuck!” she whimpered, amazed that she’d used a four-letter word. But she couldn’t help it. He was doing things to her with his mouth that were driving her crazy! She suddenly wanted to talk dirty.

“Mmmfff,” he slobbered into her pussy.

He nipped at her inner cunt lips, drew the ragged folds of skin out as far as he could. The weird pulpy circle of her cunt hole seemed to force itself further into the open.

“Eat me! Eat my cunt!” she wailed, no longer able to control what she said. “Suck my cunt! Oh suck it! Oh it feels so fucking good!”

Sid did his best, working his tongue deep into her cunt then pulling back and nibbling at the loose folds of skin, oozing from between her outer cunt lips. He pressed her clit with his tongue-tip and diddled it about. He sucked and licked and kissed all over her cunt and the grease flowed down and made his face shine.

“Fuck me, Sid. Please fuck me,” she said at last, her voice a near snarl. “I want your cock inside me. I need to get fucked real bad.”

She enjoyed using the dirty words. It was like some kind of release for her. She was letting him do dirty things to her, so why not use the proper words to describe such things? Now she was asking him to fuck her and somehow there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it. She wanted his cock. She needed it. Why not tell him?

“Shove your cock up my cunt. Fuck me silly. I need it so bad,” she went on. She was glaring down at him between the pink sheaths of her leg-warmers. She could see his nose half-buried in the pretty blonde curls of her crotch hair.

He slobbered, sucking her even harder. But his eyes rolled up to her face and they were bright with lust. He wouldn’t be able to keep himself from fucking her for much longer.

She humped her ass up off the desk, mashed her gaping pussy hard onto his mouth. She could hear wet sucking sounds as he gnawed at her. He sounded as though he was slurping up soup.

“Fuck me! Cram your cock inside me and fuck me till I can’t stand up!” she croaked.

She fell to her back on the desk, flailed her arms out on either side of her. Her big tits rolled back on her chest, spread themselves slightly with the long nipples thrust up high.

“So, you’re in the mood for some cock finally are you?” he grinned, lifting his mouth off her oozing cunt. His face was shiny with her pussy juices. “And after all that playing hard to get. Shit, you want it worse than I do!”

“Just fuck me. Please fuck me,” she moaned. Her head rolled from side to side on the desk. She still had her silly baseball cap on.

“Well, as long as you insist,” he teased.

He climbed to his feet, a little wobbly after all the crouching. Then, with slow, relaxed movements, he unzipped his pants, shoved them to the floor along with his shorts, and stepped, from the tangle. His cock swayed up and out, a long thick hunk of cockmeat that was already pulsing hard.

She stared down between her hooked-up legs, her eyes taking in the length and girth of his prick. She swallowed, a bit surprised at the size of it. Sid’s balls hung heavily beneath it, swollen and twitching. The cock itself was about eight inches long and the foreskin had peeled back off the head and left it shining wetly.

“You like it? My cock big enough for you?” he smiled.

“Mmmmmmm,” she muttered, not once taking her eyes off the swinging prick. He had taken it in his hand and was pumping it steadily. He eased forward between her scissored legs.

He planted the huge cockhead against the gaping wet folds of her pussy, scraped it up and down solidly. The ragged hunks of skin bent this way and that as he played with them. They nipped at and kissed his cockhead but he didn’t move forward. He didn’t shove his cock inside her. He was teasing her.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh please!” she gasped, the touch of his prick head sending sparks up her cunt. “Cram it inside! Fuck me hard! Don’t play with me!”

But that was exactly what he was doing. He slid his cockhead up and down against her cunt but never pushed inside. And her ass lifted up off the desk and wriggled about as she tried to impale herself on his prick. She was whimpering, begging him for his cock. He played it up and down and stared at her, having the time of his life.

“You want it? You want my cock? Then how come you’ve been so cold lately? How come you’d never let me get anywhere with you?” He drilled down onto her clit with his cockhead then pulled back immediately.

“I’m sorry! It won’t happen again! I’ll do anything! I’ll do anything you ask! Just fuck me! Please fuck me!”

Val lunged forward and her cuntlips caught at the purple head of his cock. To her surprise, he didn’t pull back this time. He let his prick head stay where it was, just inside her cunt lips.

“Okay. I’ll remember that,” he muttered.

His cock was like a huge steel bar jutting out from his crotch. Only the head was out of sight between her puffy cuntlips. He arched his back, remained perfectly still while he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it off. Val writhed and wriggled, trying to stick herself with his blazing hard-on.

“Fuck me! Give me your cock! Cram me full of cockmeat!” she pleaded. “I need it so bad! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!”

Sid smiled at her. Then he leaned forward, his eyes on the warped lips of her cunt. An inch at a time, his bloated cock bulled into her, warping her cuntlips even more. Two, three, four inches of his cock disappeared. Her belly rippled hungrily. Five, six, seven inches slid into her. Her eyes glazed over, filmed with lust.

“You like that? My cock feel good inside you?” he leered. He shoved the last inch of swollen prick between her cuntlips and rested, his crotch hair mingled with hers. His huge cock throbbed in her soggy cunt.

“Oh yes! Oh God!” she gasped. She began to wiggle her ass on the desk, trying to hump his blazing cock. “Shove it in and out! Fuck me! Fuck me hard with that beautiful hard-on!”

He laughed. It was hard to believe she’d changed so completely in so short a time. Only the other night, in his apartment, he’d tried his damndest to get into her pants. After their dinner date he figured he had her primed. But she wouldn’t let him get to first base. She’d frozen as soon as he’d tried to even feel her tits.

Now here she was, all decked out for him, nude but for her stupid pink leg-warmers and red baseball cap, begging him for it, pleading with him to cram his cock into her. He had it all laid out in front of him, her big beautiful tits, her swollen stiff nipples, her soggy, sucking cunt. Things sure could change in a hurry.

He pulled his cock back till only the fat head rested between her puffy cuntlips. Then he rammed forward, driving his prick to the hilt in her greasy pussy slice. His ass humped back and forth again and again and he was fucking her with a vengeance, pile-driving his cock in and out of her.

“Yes! Oh fuck, yes!” she pealed. “Cram it deep! Fuck me hard and deep! Ohhhh fuck!”

He grinned, lunging his prick in and out steadily. And he reached down, planted his hands on her tits, squeezed and massaged them roughly. Her leg slipped around his back, her ankles hooked together. She drew him deep inside her again and again, helping him bury his cock far up her pussy.

“You say you’ll do anything for me, huh? I won’t forget that,” he panted. “You must like cock a lot, to say stuff like that.”

“I love it, I love it, I love it,” she moaned. She smacked her belly into his again and again. Her big tits quivered under his mauling hands.

“Yeah, we’re gonna have fun together, you and me. I like chicks who crave cock. I can make their lives very interesting.” He pumped away, carving his cock this way and that in her soggy cunt hole. Wet squelching sounds rose up from their meshed fuck-parts.

“Fuck me hard! It feels so good! I’ll do anything! Anything!” she raved.

She ran her hands up and down his hairy arms while he squeezed her tits. Her eyes were sparkling, full of lust and life. There was a fine film of sweat all over her face. Her head rolled from side to side and a couple of pretty blonde ringlets of hair stuck to her cheek.

Sid couldn’t stop grinning. He was having the time of his life! This wasn’t like any ordinary old fuck. It was special. He knew dozens of women who would drop their pants and spread their legs for him without a second thought. There’d never been a scarcity of pussy in his life. But Val wasn’t like most of the women he knew. She was quiet, and normally very shy about sex. He’d found out that after a couple of dates.

She was a challenge for him, something different. He’d been determined to fuck her, no matter how long it took, no matter what he had to do to get there. And this afternoon, through his blundering through her door without knocking, it had all fallen into place. Within a matter of minutes she’d been begging him for it, laid out naked on her desk like some porno queen.

Sometimes the shyest ones were the hottest, he thought, cramming his cock deep inside her yet again. And they sure were the most exciting to fuck. They might pout and frown and play hard to get, but if you could break down their defenses, look out. He got a real thrill out of seducing someone this way, getting some prim little girl to act like a whore. Something about it really appealed to him.

And she was obviously enjoying herself. He had no idea how long it had been since she was fucked, but if he was any judge, it had been quite a while. She was going wild there beneath him, churning her belly into his, lifting her ass off the desk and humping him madly. Already he was thinking ahead to what else he could have her do in future sessions. Under the right circumstances, he figured he could get her to do about anything.

“Oh God, I’m coming! I’m coming!” she whimpered. She chugged her ass up and down and sucked his cock deep inside her. Her mouth was twisted into a snarl of lust.

“Hang in there, babe, so am I,” he grunted, feeling the jism swirling in his nuts. “Just a couple of seconds, and I’ll be right there with you.”

She was humming deep in her throat, smacking her belly again and again into his. Her pussy was tingling crazily. He lifted up off her a little, let go her jiggling tits. She grabbed them herself, squeezed them in her hands and pinched her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Her rib cage heaved with her deep heavy breathing.

“So big! So deep! So big!” she was crooning. She bit into her bottom lip and her nostrils flared.

“Fucking right, babe. A nice big cock for the little lady.” He sliced his cock into her, carving it this way and that. He felt his balls melting as the cum jetted up his prick.

A giant bolt of spunk shot from his cock deep into her cunt. It blasted out thickly, like hot, sizzling cream. And Sid waited a second, paused, with his prick buried to the hilt inside her. He watched her closely, studied her as her eyes fluttered open and gazed into his. She seemed shocked to be suddenly flooded with cum.

“You’re coming! You’re coming inside me!” Val bleated, her eyes big and round and very blue. “Oh God! Oh God! You’re coming!”

He grunted, unable to say anything. But suddenly he got the urge to shock her even more. He couldn’t help it. There was something about her that made him want to do it. He pulled back his cock till only the head sat between her swollen cuntlips. Then he slipped his cock from her pussy altogether. He propped it up over her cock hair and aimed it up over her belly. He humped back and forth steadily.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she croaked. Her eyes were riveted to the swollen purple head of his cock.

A shimmering jet of cum two feet long shot up into the air, hung there for a second, then fell splattering across her belly and tits. It made a wet smacking sound as it landed on her golden belly and slithered just to one side of her stiffened nipple. Trickles of white began to roll down the globe of one tit like icing down a cake.

“Ohhhhh!” she gasped. “You’re coming on me! Ohhhhh fuck, you’re coming all over me!”

He drilled steadily back and forth, his ass flexing, his cock lodged firmly in the bushy tangle of her cunt hair. Another rope of jizz leapt free, this one arcing so high it ended up decorating her from neck to crotch with a fat line of silver. The spunk drooled from her neck around the outside of one tit-mound, like a string of pearls. Then it wriggled down her left side before curving into her pussy hair.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh!” she moaned, scarcely believing what he was doing to her. She glared at his spurting cock head in fascination, waiting for more jets of shimmering cum.

Part of her was disgusted at what he was doing, but part of her was thrilled and excited. She found herself wondering when his next jet would come, bow high it would spurt, where it would land on her heaving body. She’d never seen a guy come before. She’d no idea it could be so spectacular.

“Yes! Oh yes!” she began to moan. And she tilted her head up, propped herself up on her elbows, and gazed at his cockhead lovingly.

His cock was shoved down over her belly as Sid heaved forward. His next blast shot up the center of her body in a gleaming white line that filled her navel and ran directly between her heaving tits, settling finally in a small pool in the hollow of her neck. The spunk glowed on her brown skin like melted wax.

“Come on me! Coming all over me!” she croaked. Her eyes followed all the weird silver patterns on her skin. Wriggling white lines of spunk were everywhere on her, like painted stripes.

He humped forward again and again, but he’d shot the last of his long jets. Pearly white cum oozed from his cock tip, drooled down in jelly strings onto her belly. Cum dripped into her crotch hair, matting the strands together. He slowed down, eased his cock back and forth with lazy jerks. He glared down at her cum-splattered body, as surprised as she was.

“So much cum! So fucking much!” she breathed.

Ant suddenly she brought up her hands, ran her fingers through the cooling pools of jizz. She began to smear the spunk all over her belly and into her tits, making her skin shine lewdly. She daubed her nipples, making them glow like glazed berries.


Sid wasn’t the only interesting fellow Val had come in contact with in her first three weeks of teaching. On her very first day, in fact, she’d met Don Keller, who taught English. He was in his first year at the school also and at the end of the day they’d run into each other in the hall and sympathized with each other on their lack of experience. Don was having a rougher time of it than she because he had some really tough punks in his classes.

He was soft-spoken and shy, but eventually he had plucked up courage and asked her out. She’d had two dates with him, in between seeing Sid, and she’d quite enjoyed herself. He hadn’t come on strong with her, the way Sid had. In fact he hadn’t even tried to kiss her. She liked him for this, somehow. It made her feel closer to him, in some way.

Now, after what had happened between her and Sid, she felt a little funny about seeing Don. She felt guilty and dirty. At the time, of course, she hadn’t felt this way. Once Sid had warmed her up she writhed and rolled about on her desk and begged him for his cock and let him fuck her silly. She had to admit she’d had the time of her life. But now, somehow, she felt differently.

She’d never fucked anyone just for sex before, that was the thing. In the past, whenever she’d done it, and there hadn’t been many times, she’d really liked the guy and maybe even thought she was in love with him. The sex had always meant something special. She’d never been the kind of person to get herself fucked just because she was horny.

Now she began to wonder about herself. Sid had awakened something in her she hadn’t known was there. She had screamed and bucked herself about on his cock like a bitch in heat, not giving a damn that she didn’t really care for him. He had used her for a session of pure sex and nothing else. And she had used him for the same thing.

When Don asked her out two days after her wild office fuck with Sid, she hesitated. She felt cheap, as if she didn’t have the right to a nice guy like Don after what she’d done. She said yes only after Don looked real hurt at her hesitation. The last thing in the world she wanted to do was upset him. Once she’d consented, she felt better. She felt almost grateful to him for asking her.

They had a pleasant dinner, and laughed a lot at the struggles they were having trying to get used to teaching. They both felt so young, and in many ways less experienced than the tougher kids in their classes. Don had her squealing at his stories about a couple of really dumb boys in one English class. He had a way of making even sad stuff amusing.

As they left the restaurant Val found herself hooking her arm into his and leaning against him warmly. The wine had something to do with it, but she’d had such a pleasant evening that she really did feel a warm friendly glow towards him. She began to wonder what it would be like to have a steady boyfriend again. It had been a while since, she’d been out with anyone more than once or twice.

Once in his car she snuggled up to him and soon they were necking heavily, their hands roaming everywhere over each other. She leaned back and let him squeeze her tits. Her fingers drifted down into his crotch and began roving over the outline of his cock. He seemed to be growing hard already inside his pants.

“Val, you’re so pretty,” he murmured, breaking off their kiss and nuzzling her ear. His hand massaged her tit gently through her low-cut dress. He made no move to feel inside or pry her tit free.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm,” she sighed, feeling very warm in her crotch all of a sudden. What was happening to her lately? She started to cream her pants after a couple of kisses. Had crazy Sid had that much of an effect on her?

She leaned forward, heaved her tits against Don’s hands. Her dress was very revealing, the neckline cut so low that most of the inner globes of her tits were exposed. All through dinner Don had been trying his best not to stare at her cleavage. But it had been impossible to ignore. Now, as she changed position, the tits almost tumbled over the dress top.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmm,” she murmured, and she moved to one side quickly so that his fingers slipped under the material of the dress before he could do anything about it.

“Val, honey…” he breathed, suddenly finding a great deal of her tit in his hand. He squeezed the warm skin inside the dress and his fingers snaked down to cup one tit completely. Her long nipple scraped against his palm like a rough stone.

“Yes, oh yes! Feel them Don! Feel my titties!” The strap over her shoulder had begun to slip down her arm and most of her right tit was exposed. He was squeezing it gently, massaging her tit around and around.

“You’re so lovely, Val. Oh God!” he moaned.

Her hand played about in his crotch still, but now she sought out the tab of his fly, tugged it down quickly. She reached inside, snaked her hand inside his shorts, curled her fingers around the steadily growing bulk of his prick. She tried to pull it out into the open but it was all caught up in his pants.

“Baby, let me take your cock out,” she found herself saying. “I want to see your cock, Don. Please let me.”

He was still busy playing with her tit. And now her other shoulder strap was slipping down her arm as her dress became more and more disarrayed. He moved over to the left one, cupped it in his fist, pressed the stiff nipple with his thumb. Her dress slipped low enough now to expose both luscious jugs.

Both her hands were in his crotch. One unhooked the top of his pants and folded them open while the other tried to haul his cock into the open. At last she managed to pull out the elastic of his shorts and wrangle his prick free. She began to tug it up and down with easy, steady strokes. His cock thickened solidly in her fist.

“Val… oh Val…” he wheezed.

He twisted a little in his seat, giving her more room to jerk him off. He glanced down briefly at her pumping hand, amazed at how gentle, yet expert she was. She obviously knew what she was doing with a cock. He wondered how much experience she’d really had.

“Don, feel me. Feel my pussy,” she urged, and she slipped a bit lower in her seat.

Her dress had a slit up one side, and as the material slipped down between her legs one long slender brown thigh was exposed almost to the top. She felt like some horny teenager writhing about there in the cramped front seat of Don’s car. But that was okay. She’d been way too shy and serious when she was young to do such things. Now she could enjoy them, having a little fun, maybe pretend she was a young teen again.

She thrust her crotch up at Don and he left her exposed tits finally and ran one hand up her golden thigh. She was glad she hadn’t worn hose. There was nothing between Don and her twat but a brief pair of bikini panties. He shouldn’t have too much trouble removing those.

His cock was growing steadily in her fist. It jutted out above the clasp of her fingers maybe four solid inches. She wanked him evenly, her fingers applying just the right amount of pressure. Wet snapping sounds rose up from his crotch and the sight of the growing prick made her mouth water.

“Yes, feel my pussy, pull down my panties,” she urged, watching as he raised her dress.

Her underpants were no more than a brief triangle of pale blue across her tufted crotch. Lacy blue strings snaked over her hips. His fingers touched the sheer material, felt the crinkle of the curly crotch hairs beneath.

“Oh Val… oh Val…” was all he could say.

“Take them off. Pull off my panties,” she coaxed. “I want you to see my pussy. I want you to feel it.”

He gripped at the tiny lace strings at her hips and pulled down gently. She lifted her ass to make it easy. And bit by bit her panties slipped down off her crotch, revealing inch after inch of blonde cunt hair. Soon the pants were stretched taut between the tops of her thighs, like a lacy rope. Then they were around her knees. Finally, they were hooked uselessly around one foot.

“Val… Val…” he murmured gazing into her hairy crotch. She had slipped low enough in her seat now so that her cunt was clearly visible. Her pussylips had already begun to crack open and he could see bright pink tissue shining at him.

“Touch it. Use your fingers on me,” she begged. She really wondered at his slowness. Why did she have to give him directions this way?

He leaned over and stared into her crotch intently. His fingers stroked up her thighs, found the puffy slabs of her cunt lips, and pulled apart gently. The bright pink skin inside gleamed at him, the cunt hole itself formed into a small oval mouth. She was moist already, he could see that. The tissue was shiny and slick.

“Use your fingers. Finger-fuck me!” she pleaded, her voice suddenly growing tense.

Her fist had increased its pace on his cock and was now shucking up and down rapidly.

“Finger-fuck you?” Don repeated, glancing up into her lovely face.

He stared back into her gaping cunt, then cork-screwed his long middle finger inside. He sank it past the first and second knuckle till it was buried completely.

“Ohhhhhh yes!” she groaned, appearing as satisfied as if he’d sank his thick cock into her. She closed her eyes and sank lower in her seat. Her fist gripped his prick like a lifeline.

He started drilling his finger back and forth in her pussy, doing just as she asked. With two fingers of his free hand he held her cuntlips open as wide as he could. She was oozing a thick syrupy juice and soon his whole hand was soaked and sticky.

“Like that! Oh yes! Finger-fuck me!” she moaned. She licked her lips and breathed heavily.

She was quite a picture sprawled out there on the front seat. Her dress was draped loosely around her waist, leaving her tits exposed and heaving on her chest and her crotch completely uncovered. Her legs were split wide for him, the tufted gash of her cunt damn near turned inside out.

Her red mouth was open and moist and her tongue flicked this way and that. The dark blue shadow daubed over her eyelids glowed like two bruises. She rolled her head from side to side and her lovely blonde hair fluffed out on either side of her face in tight little ringlets. His balls churned just to look at her.

And as if that wasn’t enough, her fist was wanking him with quick, expert tugs. He felt a mild panic rise in him. He wouldn’t be able to hold back his jizz for long, certainly not long enough to get his cock inside her. He wondered, what was the best thing to do. If only she wasn’t jerking him so quickly.

“Val… honey…” he groaned.

He had been cork-screwing his finger around and around in her cunt but now he paused, glanced into her face quickly. He wanted to warn her, to stop her. But he found he couldn’t talk.

He pulled his finger from her greasy cunt, leaving the pussy lips gaping wide. He made a move to grab for his cock, to wrest it from her hand, but he stopped almost as soon as he’d begun. There was a delicious melting sensation in his balls and he found himself unable to move, unable to speak. He knew he was going to come any second and all he could do was gaze at his straining cock as it writhed in her fist.

“What’s the matter?” she croaked. Her head stopped its rolling and her eyes came into focus. Her cunt felt so cold and empty.

“Nnnnn, nnnnn,” he moaned. His hips lunged back and forth, forcing his cock in and out through the tight cradle of her fingers. He bent over towards her.

Her eyes followed his to the tip of his cock, and while they both watched, a giant silver jet of cum shot out from the tight slit. The jet splashed across one thigh and ended up on her hip. On the way it crossed the hairy triangle of her cunt bush at an angle, decorating the tufted mound with a pretty string of white. The cum hung across her crotch hair like a twine of wool.

“Oh my,” she whispered, not shocked, not surprised, just interested. Her fist never once lost its jerking rhythm on his exploding prick.

A second streamer of jizz fountained up from his cock. This crossed the first one at an angle but fell a little lower, so that it drooled down the inside of one thigh and slithered in a messy rope all over her gaping cunt. Part of it hung in her cunt hair like wax, but most of it dribbled down onto the ragged pink folds of her cunt skin, making them shine.

“Ohhhh, ohhhh,” she whimpered, and suddenly she tugged his cock closer, aimed it deliberately, at her split crotch. She watched the cockhead anxiously for more spurts of cum.

Two jets fired off in rapid succession, both of them smacking directly onto her gaping pink cunt. The wads of spunk dripped down over the bright pink cunt lips and into the crack of her ass. Some cum slipped inside her, directly between her swollen pussylips. The hot cream gave her pussy a greasy, varnished look.

“Nnnnnn, nnnnnn,” he groaned, watching helplessly as his cock spurted its white load over her crotch hair and cunt. He felt his balls sizzling in his crotch.

“All over my cunt. All over my hot cunt,” she murmured.

And as she tugged on his cock another wad of spunk spurted free, bounced off the top of her thigh and landed like the early jets in the tangle of her pubic hair. It slopped down further, all over the left side of her split-wide cunt.

She slowed down her hand movements at last and primed his cock slowly, allowing the cum to drop and drool free lazily. Spunk oozed from his cocktip, dangled from his cock head in steadily stretching strings, then fell splattering to her belly or into her pussy hair. Her crotch was a mess of wriggling silver cum lines. Her cunt hair was matted with jizz, heavy and wet with it. Her cunt itself drooled knots of cream.

“All over my cunt. Steaming hot jizz, all over my aching cunt,” she whispered, almost to herself.

Val hadn’t taken her eyes off his spurting cock all this time, but now he had quit spurting she stared at her clogged cunt hair and tilted her head to gaze at her drooling pussy. She seemed fascinated with what had happened.

She tugged on his oozing prick, milking out the final dregs of his climax and letting the goo drip into her crotch. His cock was growing soft in her fist. Finally she let it go, reached her hand into her crotch, felt all the thick wads of cum hanging off her cunt lips. She rubbed the cum into her pussy, raised her face and smiled at him.


The last class of the day on Friday was a rough one for Val because she had to put up with Bob Talbot and a couple of his goon friends. They always disrupted her class and made it damn near impossible for her to teach. She had a lot to learn about classroom discipline, she realized, but Talbot and his friends were making things especially difficult.

She decided to have it out with young Talbot once and for all. She suspected he wasn’t as dumb as he made out to be and that most of the time he was just showing off for the others in the class. If she could talk to him alone, get him away from his friends, she suspected they might get on well together. It was worth trying.

One thing she didn’t like to admit was that she found Talbot very attractive. He might be ill-mannered and self-centered, but he was dark and lean and very sexy. He was muscular without being heavy. He had long legs and a trim ass. He also had a way of looking at her that made her feel slightly uncomfortable, as if he was undressing her in his head.

He stayed behind after class, as she had asked him to, but she was strangely shy with him and couldn’t really get across what she wanted to say. She had meant to appeal to his intelligence, to try to communicate with him on an adult level. Instead she found herself staring into his dark eyes and sneaking little glimpses into his crotch.

He smiled at her the whole time, as if he knew exactly the effect he was having on her. But he wasn’t loud and didn’t try to show off the way he did in class. He was very quiet, very sure of himself, and he answered her questions softly and politely. At the end of their pointless little talk he even walked her back to her office.

“I know I should try to behave better in class and everything,” he said finally, surprising her. The halls were nearly deserted as they neared her office. “I know how upset you get. But I can’t help it. There’s just something about you that brings out the punk in me. You’re too nice or something.”

“Too nice?” It was funny, Val thought, how she felt so much younger than he. And now he sounded like he was about to give her some older-brother-type advice.

“Yeah. When someone is real nice, there’s always someone who wants to do dirty things to them. It’s the way things are.”

Val found herself breathing deeply. And once they were at her office door she urged him inside, closed the door behind them. She shared the poky little office with Barb, the French teacher, and she was glad that so far this year Barb had always left right after class. She barely used the office, except in the mornings, and Val usually had it to herself.

“How do you mean, dirty things?” Val queried. She motioned for Talbot to sit in the chair facing her desk, but she was too tense to sit down. She paced back and forth alongside him.

“You know. Nice people always get fucked. It’s that simple.” He was watching her face and he wasn’t smiling as much now.

“That’s not always true,” she said, ignoring his use of the swear word. She stopped in front of him and stared down into his eyes. He was glaring at the well of her tits, she noticed.

“You wanna fuck?” he asked her suddenly, without any warning. “You got me into your office now, so how about it? You must have brought me here for a reason.”

“Mr. Talbot!” she protested, but her voice sounded very unconvincing, even to herself.

“How about a blow-job? You wanna suck my cock? I tell you what, you suck my cock and I’ll promise to be a better boy in class. No more shit. All you gotta do is suck some meat.”

Val flushed to the roots of her pretty blonde hair. Again she felt like a helpless teenager. What made things worse, she realized with a lurch of her heart, that she really did want to suck Bob Talbot’s cock! There was nothing she’d like better, in fact. But how could she admit such a thing? How should she react?

“I know you want to. Why pretend?” he smiled. And he reached up to take both her hands in his. He slumped in his chair and spread his legs wide, pulling her gently between them.

“Mr. Talbot, I think this has gone far enough,” she said. But she didn’t pull back. She didn’t resist. She stared down at him with a frown on her pretty face.

“You don’t have to be shy. I know you want to see my cock. Don’t fight it.”

He pulled her closer, then tugged down on her hands so that she was forced to her knees between his spread legs. Then he let go of her and began unzipping and opening his jeans.

Instead of leaping to her feet and running from the room, Val knelt calmly between his legs and watched while he opened his pants. She was breathing heavily and her heart pounded. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t bring herself to do anything but stare into his crotch. His jeans were unzipped and open. He lifted his ass and shoved them, down to his knees. There was a huge bulge in his shorts.

“I don’t usually mix with teachers,” he said matter-of-factly. “But you’re different. There’s something about, you. You look like you’d try anything once.” He had his fingers hooked in his shorts and was about to shove them down off his crotch. She stopped him.

“No. Let me,” she whispered. And she waved his hands away and dug her fingers under the elastic waistband of his underpants.

What was happening to her? Why was he doing this? She couldn’t say. She knew this was taboo. She was a teacher, he was a student. There would be hell to pay if anyone ever found out about this. But she couldn’t stop herself. More than anything in the world, she wanted to suck his cock.

“I don’t usually mix with students, either,” she put in.

Her fingers drew down his shorts and his thick swelling cock flopped into view. It rolled across his belly and settled just to the left. It was a good six inches long and was still far from fully erect.

He lifted his ass obligingly and she pulled his underpants all the way down to his knees. Then she shoved them down further, along with his jeans, and worked the whole tangle off over his feet. Finally she drew herself cozily into the crook of his legs and stroked her hands up his strong hairy thighs. She watched his balls settle as he spread his legs wide.

“Go ahead. Touch it. Don’t be shy. Suck it,” he encouraged. He gripped his cock in his hand and waved it at her threateningly.

“It’s so big. And it’s not even stiff yet,” she murmured.

Her fingers curled around the bulk of his cock and he let go of it, allowing her to take over. She squeezed it expertly and pumped it several times in her fist. His prick began to grow thicker and longer at an alarming rate.

Her mouth watered. And with a quick dip of her head she planted a soft wet kiss on the cock shaft, just below the purple tip. Her lipstick smeared, off into the hardening skin. She smiled. Then she kissed it again, on the huge cockhead itself this time. She felt it flex weirdly at her touch. His balls shifted again in their dry wrinkled pouch.

“Nice. Real nice,” was his only comment. He watched her closely. He couldn’t believe his pretty young teacher was actually going to suck his cock.

“Mmmmmmm,” she mumbled.

Her fingers touched his cock shaft on one side, propping it up, while she kissed and nuzzled the underside. She was licking him, tracing her tongue down the ragged seam that ran all the way down the underside of his cock. It grew more and more solid as she worked.

Ugly blue veins were growing thicker as the cock stiffened. She dawdled over these, skimming her tongue tip over them and following them like roads on a map. They fascinated her. One minute they weren’t there, and the next they were throbbing and popping as if they were about to burst. She licked them, made them shine wetly.

And then she came to his balls. They hung there in the crook of his thighs, tiny hairs sprouting from the pouch. Each time she squeezed or tugged on his cock, they shifted and rolled. She eased the fingers of her free hand under them gently, lifted them slightly, watched them separate. Then she began licking them, curling her tongue around each one in turn.

He moaned softly, shifted in his seat. She folded her lips over one swollen ball, poked it about with her tongue. Then she snorted and dug deeper into his crotch with her face. His ball plopped inside her mouth and she started sucking it warmly, bathing it in the wetness of her mouth. She tickled it with her tongue and played it about every which way. She heard him groan deeply.

“Jesus, you really know what you’re doing, don’t you?” he wheezed. “I’ve never had my balls sucked before.”

Val let his ball slip from her mouth and moved over to the other one. She was making wet, lewd sucking sounds with her mouth. Her tongue was cradling his ball gently as she sucked. And she glanced around the stiff column of his cock from time to time to check on his reaction. His eyes had glazed over and his chest was heaving.

“Ohhhhh, fuck,” he moaned. “Suck ’em. Suck my nuts!”

Val pumped his cock slowly in her fist, tilting it first this way and then that as she shifted from one ball to the other. At one point she moved his balls close together with her fingers, flopped her mouth down over his entire ball sac. It took some effort, but she soon had both swollen balls caught in her sucking mouth. Her cheeks bulged lewdly.

“Ohhhnnn, fuck! Ohhhnnn shit!” he croaked. He gripped the arms of the chair and his knuckles grew white.

“Ssspppllfff! You like that? You like me sucking your balls?” she snorted, letting his aching balls slip from her mouth. His ball-sac shone wetly with the juices of her mouth. The tiny sprouting hairs glistened.

“Jesus, lady, you should be teaching sucking for a living, not all that other stuff. I’d really listen to you in class then. You really know what you’re doing. Oh fuck!”

Val had begun licking up the underside of his cock, scraping her tongue this way and that. She worked her way up the shaft slowly, again following every vein and bump with her tongue. Finally, she reached the bloated cockhead. She stared at him over it, her big blue eyes glowing. She was kissing his cock head and smiling at the same time.

Then, very slowly, she let her full lips fold down over the purple dome of his cockhead. Her eyes never left his face as she did this. Her face was flushed with lust and pleasure. She seemed to be having the time of her life. His cockhead disappeared into the soft wet chamber of her mouth. She began to suck with gentle, easy motions of her mouth. Her head tilted down slightly.

“Ohhhhhh!” he grunted, glaring at her gorgeous face. Her bright red lips shone wetly as she moved them further and further down on his bloated cock shaft. Her tongue was sweeping this way and that.

She angled her head slightly as she slid down his cock, and soon the bloated cockhead had bumped the roof of her mouth and drilled into the back of her throat. Inch after inch of swollen cock meat slid between her lips, and soon more than half his prick was embedded in her face. She paused a second and her nostrils flared wildly.

“You won’t be able to take it all. Don’t hurt yourself,” he warned her. There was a husky catch to his voice.

“Mmmfffmmmfff!” she mumbled.

And she immediately tilted her head some more and went to work on the rest of his aching cock. Her lips crept down a bit at a time, absorbing another couple of inches of meat.

The fingers of one hand circled his cock at its base, but now she removed them as she approached with her lips. Her other hand tickled his swollen ball-sac gently. Her mouth formed a tight seal around the ugly bulk of his cock. Her cheeks swelled out and then hollowed as she blew him.

“Don’t hurt yourself! Jesus!” he croaked, his eyes glued to her swollen face. He couldn’t believe she was trying to suck in his entire cock.

“Mmmmfff!” she snorted, and with a last lazy droop of her eyelids she paused, the whole of his cock embedded in her face. Her pretty little nose was buried in his crotch hair and she was snorting loudly.

“Oh fuck! You did it! You ate up my whole cock!” he wheezed. He felt the tremors in his balls as she continued to tickle him there with her fingers.

She grunted and almost immediately she was backing off, withdrawing up the length of his cock. Her ovaled mouth left a slick wet trail up the length of his prick. His cock shone as if it had been greased.

Her mouth rose up till she had only the swollen cockhead between her lips. Her nostrils flared as she drew in bouts of air. But almost immediately she was ramming back down again, forcing her lovely wet mouth all the way back down into his wiry crotch hair. A couple of strands of his pubic hair got caught between her teeth as she rose up yet again.

“Ohhhh fuck! What a cock-sucker!” he croaked. There were more wild stirrings in his tortured balls.

Val slid up and down on his cock for some time, setting up a steady rhythm and sticking to it. Her pretty blonde head bobbed up and down erotically. And as she proceeded her strokes on his cock became shallower. Her mouth slid only halfway down his cockshaft. She wrapped her fist around the base of his prick again and began to jerk him off.

“Jesus! You’re gonna get a mouthful of cum if you don’t slow up!” he snorted. His nuts really were starting to quake between his thighs. At this rate, he’d be blasting in just a matter of seconds.

She ignored him for the time being, content to shuck her face up and down. Her mouth and hands showed him no mercy at all. But then at the last moment, when he thought for sure he’d lost all control, she suddenly lifted up off his cock, slopped her mouth off it entirely, and let go of it with her hand. It flopped back against his belly like a landed fish, twitching and throbbing.

“What… ohhhhh… huh…?” he muttered, his eyes rolling at her. He glanced at his cock, amazed that it wasn’t spurting jets of white jizz.

“Maybe we should let you cool off, then,” she put in sweetly, as if she was a nurse telling him what was best for him. “I’d like to use my tits on you. Would you like that? Would you like me to rub my tits all over your poor hot cock?”

Bob groaned, staring at her wildly. Then he watched as she unbuttoned her blouse, slipped it from her shoulders, showed him the glorious swollen mounds of her big tits. There was no bra for her to remove, and the mighty jugs tumbled free quickly, their nipples jutting up to the ceiling like thick stubs of wood. She leaned over him and her tits swayed out from her chest like over-filled wineskins.

“Oh no. Oh God,” he groaned, as if he couldn’t stand much more of this glorious torture. He watched as she tilted his cock with her fingers, slotted it gently into the deep trough between her tits.

“You want me to fuck you with my tits? Would you like that?” she purred.

And while she watched him closely she began pumping herself up and down on her haunches, driving his cock in and out of her cleavage. She let go his cock and pressed both tits to each side of it, trapping it. His poor cock was damn near steaming in the embrace of her tits.

He wheezed, gripping the arms of his chair tightly. Her tits were so tight on his cock he really did feel like he was being fucked, or at least jerked off. The jizz still swirled in his nuts.

“Your cock is so hard! Are you about to burst? Are you really about to burst your balls?” she teased. She smiled at him warmly, as if they were old friends.

She suddenly leaned back on her heels, letting his cock slip free of her tits. But then she was grabbing it with her fingers, tilting it over, drawing it toward her swollen, erect nipple. With slow, lazy, roundabout movements, she started rubbing his cockhead against her hard nipple. A pearl of clear fluid oozed from his cock tip and smudged the pink circle around it.

“You gotta give me a break! I can’t take much more of this!” he moaned. And there was real desperation in his voice. He gazed down with wild eyes at his cock.

“But I am giving you a break. I thought this would be easier for you than my sucking,” Val said innocently. She shifted his cock over to her other tit and began rubbing his prick head into this second nipple.

“Ohhhh fuck! Ohhhh shit!” he croaked, and all at once he felt a melting sensation in his balls. He stared helplessly at the swollen shaft of his cock.

“Okay then, I’ll go back to sucking,” she said. Her head dipped and her mouth ovaled as she pulled his hard on back toward her face.

His cock head was maybe two inches from her open mouth when it squeaked, its piss-slit opened, and out shot a silver streak of hot cum. The jet, which if shot out in the open might have leapt over a foot, fired directly between her open lips, smacking her in the teeth with a audible rattle. It hit the roof of her mouth, bounced off her tongue, and split into several streams that slithered into the back of her throat.

“Ohhhh fuck! Ohhh shit!” he groaned, and he humped his cock through the cradle of her fist.

Val was caught by surprise, but she acted quickly. She swallowed, gulping down a great thick wad of spunk. Then she closed her pretty lips around the top of his cock, just around the cockhead, pumping the base of his prick steadily with her hand the whole time. She stuck her tongue just below his split piss-slit and waited.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh!” he grunted. His ass was humping up and down in his chair and again his knuckles were white on the chair arms.

Val felt a huge streamer of cum dash across her tongue and into the back of her mouth. The force of it was so powerful, it surprised her. Again she swallowed, siphoning off as much of the steaming goo as she could. But a great deal of it swirled about in her mouth, slopping between her cheeks and gums and oozing between her teeth.

“Suck it! Suck it all down!” he crooned. As he glared into her face a thick trickle of silver cum seeped from one corner of her mouth and dripped down toward her chin. Her eyes gazed back into his very seriously.

Her fist pumped his cock steadily, and another monster jizz-jet spurted off into her mouth. Adding to all the cum still squirming about in her mouth, this really clogged things up. She swallowed, but she found herself choking, gagging on the hot swirls of goop. She raised her mouth up off his cock and her lips sagged open with all the weight of cum.

“Oohhhh fuck! Ohhh fuck!” he croaked.

And as he watched a thick wall of silver slime fell from her lips and slopped heavily over the still spurting spike of his cock. Great gooey ropes of jizz drooled over her pumping fingers, webbing them together. Silver cum strands flopped into his dark crotch hair.

She held her drooling mouth inches above his twitching cock head and her fist never once lost a beat on his straining cock shaft. Another long silver jet spurted up, straight between her gaping lips, only to tumble back down off her tongue almost at once. She smacked her lips together, trying to retain as much cum as possible. But she lost gobs of it.

He moaned deeply, half out of his mind at the sight of his prim little teacher spewing globs of cum from her mouth. She was so enthusiastic. She wouldn’t give up, wouldn’t back off. She stayed right where she was, inches from his spurting cock, letting wad after wad of sizzling jizz shoot into her mouth. She didn’t seem, like the same woman she was in the classroom.

She tugged on his cock one more time, and a final jet of slime spurted free, again directly between her gaping, waiting lips. This one she caught in time. Her lips closed and she tilted her face back slightly, forcing the cum into the back of her throat. She swallowed deeply, sucking down a great jelly-like mess of spunk. Then she closed her lips over his cockhead one more time.

“Eat it all! Suck down all my cum!” he pleaded. He stared at her with glazed eyes.

Val milked out the dregs of his cum with her pumping fist, sucking out the last of the slime, drawing it deep into her throat. Her head bobbed slowly and her fist squeezed his cock. And only when she was satisfied he had no more jizz to shoot did she lift her smeared mouth off his bloated cock head. She glanced down at his reddened prick affectionately.

And then she turned her face up to look at him, and she smiled, as if he’d just done her some enormous favor. Strings of silver cum slopped from her lips and drooled down over her chin. Spunk dangled from her chin in long elastic ropes which danced weirdly from side to side as she moved. Her lower face was wet and shiny and spangled with gobs of white.

“I don’t believe it! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” he gasped, completely drained. He sagged back in his chair as if he’d run some great distance.

“You like that?” she smiled. “Did I suck your cock real good?”


There was to be a party on Saturday night at a rambling old house owned by Roger Kerr and his girlfriend Jean. They were both teachers and had lived together for years in various houses before finding the present one and renovating it. According to the gossip around school, their relationship was pretty well over but they still liked working on houses together. Jean was about to move out into yet another old place and Roger was going to help her fix it up.

Sid Cooke was a good friend of Roger’s and he insisted that Val come with him on Saturday night. She hesitated. There would be lots of other teachers there and quite possibly Don Keller would show up. She wasn’t sure she wanted Don to see her in Sid Cooke’s company. He might get discouraged and not ask her out again. He was so sensitive.

Sid insisted she come. In fact he showed up at her apartment on Saturday afternoon with a gift for her which made it impossible to turn him down. It was a beautiful, slinky evening dress that must have cost a fortune. He wouldn’t allow her to refuse it. He also handed her a box of sexy underwear that he wanted her to wear. She picked the items out of the box one at a time and looked doubtful.

“You want me to wear a garter belt?” she cried, fingering the beautiful white lace underthings. The belt itself was embroidered with lacy flower patterns. It was soft and light and looked very expensive.

“Fucking right. And the stockings too. But no pants. Positively no fucking panties. I want you bare-ass there tonight. But I want to be the only one who knows it.”

“But this dress is damn near all the way up to the crotch! If I change position or sit a certain way my whole crotch will be bare!”

“That’s the whole point. It has to be daring to be fun. And you have to be able to flash your pussy at me every so often. I insist on that.”

“What! Sid you must be crazy… I can’t go around a crowded room flashing my pussy at you! Other teachers will be there. Mr. Higgins the principal may be there!”

“I know. Should be fun. We might get bored if we don’t do something, Val. It’s just for you and me. No one else will know.”

“Sid, you’re a pervert. These things will make me feel like a whore.”

“So what? Don’t you ever want to try something a little bit daring? Let loose! Have some fun!”

He had left her then, and in spite of herself she’d stripped naked in her bedroom, snaked the garter belt around her waist and hauled the sheer white stockings up her golden thighs. She stared into her full-length mirror, scarcely believing the effect the sexy underthings had on her idea of herself. She didn’t feel like a whore at all. She felt more like one of those gorgeous models in the men’s glossy magazines, the ones who stretched out on beds and gazed longingly into the camera.

She was beautiful, there was no denying it. And with a shy giggle she clambered onto her bed, pulled back the coverlet, and romped about there for a while in front of the mirror, trying out various sexy poses. She stuck her pretty ass up in the air and ruffled her blonde hair into the pillow, staring back at herself with lust in her eyes. She lay on her back and kicked her legs in the air, watching the way her big tits rolled back and settled on her chest.

Then she knelt up in the tangle of sheets, hooked her arms in back of her head, ruffled her hair. She raised her chest, thrust out her tits and spread her thighs wide. She loved the way the white stockings ended at the tops of her golden thighs, and the way the slender white suspenders snaked up her thighs to join the garter belt. Her blonde pussy was framed perfectly in the space between.

She noticed suddenly that her cunt was cracking open. A tiny flower of pink skin had poked its way between her pussy lips and was growing, expanding below the tufted V of her crotch hair. Shyly, she reached down, planted her fingertips on her outer cuntlips. She pried them apart, staring into the mirror the whole time. And the lovely inner folds of her cunt flopped into view.

She groaned suddenly, sparks of lust jumping up into her belly. What was happening to her? Sid seemed to know just, what to do to keep her off balance. Only minutes ago she was determined not to do as he asked. It was sexist and insulting. Now she knew she would; she would go to a crowded party wearing a daring dress and nothing underneath but a garter belt and stockings. She would definitely not wear panties. Did Sid know more about her then than she did herself?

Sighing deeply, she skipped off the bed and peeled off the sexy underwear. If she didn’t stop herself now, she realized, she’d spend the entire afternoon rolling about on the bed, masturbating. She had things to do, shopping to get done. It would be best to save all her horniness for the evening. After the party, if she knew Sid, he’d have something planned for the two of them. She’d wait and see what it was.

The rest of the afternoon and early evening she filled up with various chores. She tried to keep her mind off sex. And in particular, she tried not to think of Don Keller and whether or not he’d be around to see her with Sid. It was too much of a pain to have to worry about such things. If he saw her he saw her, that’s all there was to it.

Later in the evening, wandering in and out of the chattering knots of party guests, she was glad she hadn’t worried. There was no sign of Don anywhere. She began to relax. And after two glasses of wine, she caught Sid’s eye across the room and winked at him. He was watching her closely.

There was a group of people to her left, arguing about course changes or something, and she was pretending to listen carefully. But suddenly she stared right into Sid’s eyes, though he must have been twelve feet away, and pulled her dress to one side quickly. The tufted mound of her naked pussy was clearly visible between the slender white strips of her garters. Her thighs were golden brown above the pale stocking tops.

She almost laughed out loud, seeing him swallow and glance to his left and right nervously. He seemed more nervous than she was. But he was obviously excited as hell. And why not? They were in a noisy, crowded room, twelve or fifteen feet apart, and she was flashing her naked cunt at him. Maybe he had thought she wouldn’t have the guts to do as he asked.

For the next hour she wandered around the various downstairs rooms of the huge old house, joining in a conversation here or there or flirting with the various men who tried to make a play for her. Though they all taught at the same school, she was seeing many of them for the first time. She enjoyed the way even the married men gazed longingly into her deep lush cleavage.

From time to time she caught sight of Sid, and whenever she could she quickly parted her dress for him, let him see the brazen mound of her cunt. At one point, when they were alone in the kitchen, she let her dress strap slip off her shoulder and shoved her naked tit at him. He squeezed it quickly and felt the stiffness of the long nipple.

“Meet me upstairs in five minutes,” he gasped, helping her shove her tit back into her dress. “Third door on the left.”

He moved off and left her to refill her glass alone. She could feel the wetness seeping from between her pussy lips already. What was it about Sid that turned her on so? Why did her cunt cream when she was around him. She didn’t love him. She didn’t even like him that much. She could see very clearly that he wasn’t a very nice guy at all. Maybe it was pure sex and nothing else that they had in common, she thought.

Breathing deeply, and avoiding the come ons of two or three other male teachers as she went, Val made her way through the living room and down the hall to the stairs. She climbed the stairs slowly, sipping her wine as she went. She tapped on the door Sid had indicated, and stepped inside. Sid was waiting for her there, along with Roger Kerr, the owner of the house.

“Well come on in,” Sid welcomed her. He was standing at the foot of an enormous double bed. Roger Kerr was sitting on it.

“What… what’s going on?” she murmured, glancing from Sid to Roger and back again. “I thought…”

“I want you to meet the man of the house,” Sid interrupted. “I’ve told him all about you. He’s very impressed. I’d like the two of you to get to know each other real well.”

Roger stood up and smiled at her, just as warmly as he’d done earlier when he’d welcomed the two of them at the front door. Val stared at Sid, not quite understanding what he was up to. She’d expected a quick and daring fuck in this strange old house, just the two of them. What was their host doing here?

“Sid?” she began. But she didn’t know what to say. She gulped a mouthful of her wine.

Sid came over to her and placed his arm around her shoulders. He squeezed her and beamed at Roger, as if he was showing off his proudest possession. Then his hand drifted down her back and settled on the globe of one lush ass cheek. He kneaded the flesh roughly with his fingers. He slipped his hand into the deep crack of her ass.

“Well, what do you think?” he smiled at Roger. “Isn’t she the cutest piece of ass you’ve ever seen? And look at this.”

To Val’s dismay, Sid gripped the front of her dress and pulled it aside. All the glory of her hairy cunt was revealed for Roger, along with the erotic straps of her garter belt and her sheer white stockings. She groaned deeply, blushing to the roots of her hair. Her hand fluttered down to try to cover herself, but she immediately realized how silly this was.

“Great pair of tits too. Look at this,” Sid went on.

Before she could react he had forced down the front of her dress so far that both big beautiful tits joggled into view, their nipples hopelessly long and swollen. He flicked one for Roger’s amusement, let him see how swollen it was.

“She’s beautiful,” Roger murmured, his eyes taking in every inch of Val’s gorgeous young body. “She’s just stunning.”

“And today you’re the one who’s gonna get stunned. Val, honey, I want you to make it with Roger here. He and Jean are breaking up. He’s been depressed about it. Why don’t you fuck him to cheer him up?”

So that was it, Val thought, her heart pounding. He actually wants me to make it with a friend of his. He wants to pass me around like a hunk of meat. What a creep! He had absolutely no consideration for her feelings. What kind of man let other guys fuck his girlfriends? It was kinky and obscene.

“Sid!” she protested. She felt so silly there in front of this man she’d only just met, her tits and cunt on display for him. She swore she would never forgive Sid for this.

“Show her your cock, man. She’ll really want to fuck you then,” Sid went on merrily. Then he turned to Val. “Roger’s got a cock that would choke a horse. You’ll love it.”

Val felt as though she was caught in some weird dream. This couldn’t be happening, not to her. They were all teachers here, fine, upstanding citizens. They were supposed to set examples for others. They were responsible members of society. Surely Roger must see that this was crazy, even if boorish Sid didn’t. There had to be one sane person in the room.

But Roger was unzipping his pants, hauling out a long floppy cock from inside his shorts. He waved it at her like a naughty schoolboy, a shy grin of pride on his face. The cock was about eight inches long, and seemed to be growing longer even as she looked at it. Roger jerked on it slowly, making it thicker.

“See what I mean?” Sid leered. “Cock like a bull. You’ll love it, babe. Get that inside you and you’ll forget what day it is.”

“Maybe she’d rather not,” Roger put in softly. He stared anxiously into Val’s pouting face. His cock stuck up through his fist like a fat hunk of hose.

Val felt a sudden pang of tenderness for him. He looked so sad and depressed all of a sudden at the thought she didn’t want to fuck him. It occurred to her he was probably a much nicer guy than Sid. And there was her own horniness to consider. Maybe she could fuck him after all. It was even possible she could make Sid jealous, and anything that could hurt Sid she was all for.

“And what will you do while I’m fucking your friend?” she asked him, her voice suddenly hard and sarcastic. “Will you go to the bathroom and jerk off?”

“I might very well jerk off. That’s a great idea,” Sid said. “But I’ll stay right here if you don’t mind. I want to watch.”

Val stared at him, her mouth falling open. He wasn’t kidding, that much was obvious. He really did plan to stay in the room and watch while she and Roger fucked. She glanced at Roger, to check if he found this idea as weird as she did. But he merely stared at her blankly, his cock still growing in his fist. He seemed to accept the idea without question. He had probably discussed all this with Sid beforehand.

She almost laughed out loud. This was just too crazy for words. What the fuck, she thought, stepping away from Sid’s embrace. She was horny, all turned on from wearing the lewd underwear and sipping wine. If there was a big cock available, who was she to turn it down? And if weird Sid wanted to watch, so what? She let her dress fall to the floor and stepped from it.


“Atta girl, I knew you’d come through. Show Roger a good time now. He hasn’t had a piece for a while.” Sid moved back from the bed, dropped his pants to the floor, and took his cock in his hand. Then he sat down in an old wicker chair and began pulling on his cock slowly, watching every move the couple on the bed made.

Val was naked except for her white garter belt and sheer white stockings. She’d crawled onto the bed with Roger and was in the process of helping him untangle his pants from around his feet. When he was completely naked she grasped his cock in her fingers, tugged it toward her, and shucked it up and down evenly. Then she dipped her head and stuffed it into her mouth.

“Hey, nice…” Roger grunted, settling back against the pillows. “Your little girlfriend sure knows how to suck a cock, Sid.”

“Wait till she gets going. Give her a chance,” Sid replied. His own cock was growing stiff in his fist. He pumped it up and down very slowly, pacing himself.

Val drew more and more of the huge prick into her face. She wouldn’t be able to suck much of it, that was obvious. The cock was just so fucking big. But her lips crept down and down and down, and before long she had damn near half of his prickmeat between her lips. She contented herself with that and began bobbing her head up and down on him, sucking him hard.

“Yeah! Oh yeah!” Roger crooned. He glanced over at Sid and winked. Sid winked back and then turned his eyes to Roger’s cock, which was half-buried in Val’s eager sucking face.

She sucked for maybe three minutes, curling her tongue every which way on the stiffening cock trunk and pumping it solidly in her fist. But all at once she stopped and lifted bet dripping mouth up off the straining cock. She clambered up over Roger, retaining a tight grip on his prick with her fist. She planted a foot on either side of him, bent her knees, began lowering herself down toward his thick hard-on.

“Yeah! Oh yeah!” Sid croaked from his chair. “Sit on it! Sit on his big hard cock!”

Val’s thighs spread wide and her knees bent further. She was squatting over Roger’s relaxed body, holding his cock upright in her fist. She shifted from left to right, nudged his cock head under the tufted V of her crotch hair. She moved gingerly from side to side, paused, then settled slowly, letting her full weight force her down onto the erect prick.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she sighed, sinking lower and lower on his cock. She sounded deeply satisfied.

Finally his entire cock was buried in her greasy cunt and she sat there contentedly, resting. She arched her back in a lazy stretch and her big beautiful tits thrust up all taut, the nipples jutting up to the ceiling. The white garter belt dug into the golden flatness of her belly, the suspenders stretched tight on either side.

“Fuck him! Shake your ass and fuck him till he can’t stand up!” Sid grunted from the sidelines. He leaned forward in his chair, staring intently at the two of them.

“Ohhh! Ohhh!” Roger groaned. He was draped helplessly across the bed, his cock embedded in her. His eyes rolled about crazily in his head.

Val planted her palms on his chest and leaned forward so that her tits swung out beneath her. She shifted her ass back and forth on him a couple of times, as if she was getting used to the feel of a horse between her legs. Then she began bouncing up and down, fucking him, drilling his cock in and out of her pussy evenly. Her tits jiggled and jumped in sequence.

“Fuck him! Fuck him!” Sid croaked, jerking his own cock wildly. “How does his cock feel inside you? Does it feel nice, to have a huge hunk of cock drilling you?”

Val didn’t answer. She continued to bounce up and down steadily. This whole weird scene wasn’t as disturbing as she had imagined it would be. She felt as if she was on stage, or performing sex for cameras in a porno movie. But it was kind of fun, in a way. And it made her feel even sexier to know that Sid was excited at what he saw.

Was there nothing about sex that she couldn’t get used to, she wondered, if given the chance? Was there nothing she wouldn’t try? Her behavior over the past few days had been pretty outrageous, there was no denying it. But it had been fun, too. It had been exciting and thrilling and kinky. And she got the feeling she would get to like any and all aspects of sex if she could only try them.

With this in mind, she suddenly stopped bucking up and down on top of Roger. Planting a hand against her cunt to make sure his cock didn’t plop free she raised one leg, swung it over his chest, and continued to corkscrew herself around till she was facing the exact opposite direction. She heard him grunt as his cock was twisted, but she didn’t care. She faced away from him now, gripped his thighs, and shucked herself up and down all over again.

“Great. Just great,” Sid commented. He studied the heavy weight of her tits as they hung down below her. The nipples looked about to pop, they were so swollen.

Val thrust her ass back and forth on top of Roger. Her cunt seemed tote tugging his cock from its roots. He groaned and whimpered and made little sounds of distress. At one point he reached up, hooked his hand under the rear strap of her garter belt and hung on for dear life. His cock was being sucked and bent every which way!

“Fuck her up the ass!” Sid suddenly cried, his eyes lighting up. “Take your cock out of her and fuck her up the ass!”

He had been studying the beautiful curve of Val’s body, and the way her ass cheeks seemed to split as they jumped up and down on Roger’s belly. It had occurred to him all at once that he wanted nothing better than to see Roger’s huge cock bulling back and forth in her tight little asshole. His own cock twitched in his hand as he thought about it.

“Ohhh, ohhh,” was all Roger could say. He seemed in a trance. He tugged on the strap of her garter belt, helped her ride his bucking cock.

“Fuck her up the ass! She’ll love it!” Sid grunted.

He stood up and stepped toward them with his bloated cock in his hand. He gripped Val by the shoulder, stopping her steady up and down motions. He was glaring at Roger.

“Up the ass? Up the ass?” Val sighed. Did people really do such things? She had a feeling she was about to find out.

Roger was roused from his trance at last, and with Sid giving directions she lifted up off his hot cock and crawled to one side on the huge bed. She snuggled her face and tits down into the coverlet, arched her back, and thrust her ass high in the air. She spread her thighs wide, as Sid told her to do, and then waited with her heart pounding.

“Come on Rog, wake up! Shove it up her ass!” Sid ordered. He was kneeling on the bed with them now, directing their every move. His cock bounced up and down between his legs.

“Ohhh, ohhh,” was all Roger could say. He too was on his knees and Sid was urging him from behind Val, between her wide-spread thighs.

Val felt the touch of a hot cock head against her left ass cheek. She knew her cunt was gaping wide open and an oily slime was drooling down the insides of her thighs. She inched her ass backwards, trying to help poor dazed Roger. The cock head scraped across her ass cheek and settled just to one side of her oozing pussy.

“Up her ass, Rog! Fuck her up the ass!” Sid urged. He sounded as though he was talking to a dumb kid.

Roger dipped his cock quickly against the soggy pit of her cunt hole and gathered a coating of pussy oil on his cockhead. Then he slid his prick up along the crack of her ass, between the cheeks, till he found the tight puckered circle of her asshole. He planted his cock head solidly, paused, then pressed forward with all his might. His cock strained against her girlish asshole.

Val felt as though someone were trying to shove a baseball bat up her ass. She strained forward, her face pressed into a pillow and her legs almost buckled beneath her. But then she forced herself back, heaving against his bulling prick. She was determined not to be scared. She was determined to let him fuck her up her ass.

“It’s going! Press harder! Press harder!” Sid grunted. He watched as Roger’s bloated purple cockhead drove between her tight young ass cheeks. He saw the veins popping in the shaft of the huge cock.

“Nnnnnn! Nnnnnn!” Val groaned into the pillow. It might not go, she thought. She might not be able to take him up her ass after all.

But then all at once something seemed to give and she knew the hot ball of his cockhead was boring into her asshole. She held her thighs shut, trying to keep her knees from buckling. She clamped her eyes shut tight and bit into the pillow. Her fist caught at a hunk of sheet and twisted it tightly.

“It’s going! It’s fucking going!” Sid croaked.

He watched as first the head, then two and three inches of cock shaft disappeared up Val’s cute little ass. He urged Roger on, acting as cheerleader. Another couple of inches of bloated cock, rode up, denting her perfect ass cheeks.

“Nnnnnnn! Nnnnnnn!” Val crooned. It wasn’t painful, a numbness was growing in her crotch, so that she couldn’t feel much of anything. She bit the pillow and whimpered.

Roger pressed on till all of his huge cock was embedded in Val’s asshole. Then he rested, panting strangely, his cock lodged far up inside her. His crotch hair, was mashed up against her pale satin ass cheeks. He leaned over her, sweat dripping off him into the hollow of her back. He snorted in great gulps of air.

Then he began bucking back and forth, ramming his cock in and out of her asshole as if he had no control of his movements. He gripped her garter belt strap again and pulled on it crazily as he rode her. His cock lunged deep up her ass on each stroke as he fucked into her again and again and again.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” she wheezed. It was the strangest sensation she had ever experienced, having a huge cock bucking in and out of her ass. She’d never dreamed anything could feel so weird.

“Go for it! Fuck her ass!” Sid croaked. He pulled on his own cock steadily once again, making his balls shake.

Roger reamed her again and again, burying his cock to the hilt up her ass and forcing her whole body to tremble. From the first his movements were short, fast, and steady. He didn’t miss a beat. He rammed forward again and again and her tits were crushed into the sheet beneath her. He ran his hands over her ass cheeks from time to time, amazed at the sweet smoothness of them.

Sid watched for as long as he could. He seemed fascinated by the way her asshole sucked in all of the huge cock each time. But then he could stand it no more. He crawled around on the bed till he was up against Val’s head. He gripped her shoulders, raising her off her pillow and forcing his cock into her dazed face. He shoved his cockhead between her lips, arched forward, and buried five inches of cock in her mouth.

“Gggmmmfff!” she complained, her eyes rolling. But she had no choice but to suck his cock. Each lunge from Roger’s prick drove her dawn deep onto Sid’s blazing hard-on.

“Suck it! Suck my cock while he fucks you up the ass!” he grunted. Another inch or two of cock slid into her mouth.

Val had no time to think about what was happening to her. All she knew was that she was being used in an amazingly wild and dirty way by two horny men at the same time. And something about the idea thrilled her to her very bones. She felt wave after wave of lust sweep through her. She was faint with sex, with the wild kinky lewdness of what was happening to her.

The weird thins was that she felt herself coming. Her cunt was empty, there was no cock bulling back and forth in there. She had a cock up her ass and one in her mouth, but none up her cunt. Yet she was coming. Soft melty sensations were rolling through her crotch. She forced her mouth deep onto Sid’s cock humping her ass back onto Roger’s hot prick.

“I’m coming! I’m fucking coming!” Roger wheezed, his first clear words in a long time. He drilled back and forth three times, four times, and buried his cock one last time up her ass.

Val felt jet after jet of steaming hot spunk springing far up her asshole. His cock quivered again and again and after each spasm a hot blast of jizz fired from his cock tip. She humped back onto his cock, accepting wad after wad after wad. The cock cream swirled about up her asshole like hot lead and it only added to her pleasure.

“Eat it, girl! Eat it!” Sid croaked.

And almost at once a sizzling bolt of cum shot from his cock and filled her mouth to capacity. She gulped as much down as she could, feeling the cum slither down, her throat like raw eggs.

“Oh fuck! Coming up her ass! Oh fuck!” Roger grunted. He rammed his hips forward and shot out another knot of spunk into her clogged asshole.

Val was trapped between the two spurting males. As soon as she accepted one jet of cum up her ass, a steaming wad of cock cream rifled into her mouth. She gulped and swallowed, but great globs of spunk overflowed her lips and dangled down her chin. Cum hung off Sid’s cock and drooled down over his balls.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Roger groaned. Yet another jet of jism rocketed from his prick and now when he withdrew his cock it shone like a greased piston. Gobs of silver cum clung to the shaft weirdly.

“Ggglllggglll!” she gurgled, swallowing more and more hot cum.

Her mouth filled up again as Sid’s cock twitched and this time heavy jets of white burst from her lips wildly. She couldn’t hold any more jizz between her cheeks and gums. It splattered free, speckling her face with silver.

The two men humped her crazily for some time, firing out knot after knot of heavy male cream. The overflow jizz down the insides of her thighs and flowed down her face. Val handled them both as calmly as she could, rocking her body between them and letting them blast her full of steaming cock cream. Her heart pounded with the lewd excitement of it all.

And finally the men moved more slowly, feeding her lengths of cock more lazily. She swallowed heavily, clearing her mouth of the last of Sid’s spunk. Her tits hung down below her, swollen and heavy. Her ass rocked back and forth with easy, gentle motions. Roger’s cum dripped as far as her white stocking tops and soiled the pretty material.

Sid pulled his cock from her sucking mouth and let her kiss and lick it lazily. He swept it back and forth across her cheeks, smearing cum all over her lower face. Roger withdrew his cock from her ass at last, slotted it up along the tight crack of her ass. It dripped cum into the small of her back. He bucked it up and down, very slowly.

“You enjoy that, girl?” Sid asked her huskily. He noticed how her lips shone with cum.

“Mmmmmmfffff,” Val murmured, her voice a purr of pleasure.

She would have been ashamed to admit it out loud, but she really had enjoyed every wild kinky minute of her double fuck. Who would ever have thought it? A dirty double fuck with two men she didn’t even like, one of whom she’d only just met. Was she going crazy or what?

“Up the ass and in your mouth at the same time! That’s really something, huh?” Sid went on. “Sure-fire birth-control, that’s for sure! We sure are careful that way, huh Rog?”

Roger drove his cock slowly back and forth in the crack of Val’s ass, watching as blob after blob of cum dripped into the small of her back. His eyes had taken on a glazed look again, as if he’d fallen back into his trance. He glanced up at Sid quickly, but didn’t say anything. His huge cock was softening slightly, drooping over the curve of her ass.

“Yeah, that was sure something, little girl,” Sid muttered. He swept his cock back and forth across Val’s face some more, spreading his cum everywhere.


If she had felt guilty about seeing Don Keller before, after her first encounter with crazy Sid, Val really felt badly this time around. What made things especially difficult was that he’d seen her at Roger’s house after all. After her orgy with Sid and Roger upstairs she’d dragged herself back downstairs only to find the party still going on. Don had come over to her right away, a sweet smile on his face.

“I was wondering if you’d be here. I wanted to see you,” he said, frowning a little as she tried to turn away.

She felt awful that he’d seen her here, fresh from her fuck and suck session with Sid and Roger. She could still feel the slimy cum oozing from her asshole and her throat was still clogged with ropes of Sid’s jism. She wondered briefly if he’d caught sight of Roger or Sid coming downstairs ahead of her. Surely he’d put two and two together.

“Are you okay? You look a bit upset,” Don said. He touched her arm and tried to draw her to him.

“I’m fine. I’ve just had a bit too much to drink. Please leave me alone,” she snapped.

Hurriedly she had pulled herself away, called a cab, and left the house before he could catch up with her again. Sid offered to drive her home but she wouldn’t hear of it.

She slept badly and spent all the next day worrying about what Don thought of her. He must have shown up late at the party. Why did he have to show up at all? Had he guessed that she’d gone there with Sid? Or, worse, had he guessed that she’d had it off upstairs with both Sid and the master of the house? It was all too horrible to think of. She gave herself a headache fretting over it.

The phone rang several times, but Val didn’t answer it. It was either Don, who she couldn’t face right now, or Sid, whom she’d had quite enough of for one weekend. She ate a late lunch, then went out walking in a lazy drizzle that had started that morning. She tried not to think about Don, or Sid, or any of the crazy things that had happened to her in the last little while. She felt so confused!

Then, around four o’clock, she suddenly decided what to do, at least with the rest of her Sunday. She began walking swiftly, and in twenty minutes she was knocking on Don’s apartment door. Her head was spinning and her heart pumping, but she had a feeling she’d soon be feeling better. She couldn’t feel any worse.

He opened the door and gazed at her, his eyes wide with surprise. “Val, I thought…”

“Don, will you fuck me please?” she asked, her voice pleading. “Don’t talk. Don’t say anything. Just fuck me, okay?”

She marched into his apartment slammed the door shut behind her. He followed her into the living room, his mouth open. He started to say something but thought better of it. He motioned for her to sit down, ignoring what she’d said, not quite sure he’d heard right anyway. She turned around in the center of the room and stared at him.

“Don, I’m very confused right now about everything. But I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want you to ask me any questions. I just want you to fuck me. I’d really feel better if you did. Okay?”

She slipped off her raincoat and let it fall to the floor. Then she hauled off her cotton top and peeled off her tight blue jeans. She was wearing no underwear, and in seconds she was standing there naked in front of him, her big tits rising and falling as she breathed deeply. There was a wild light in her lovely blue eyes.

“Anything to oblige…” Don murmured, his cock stirring in spite of the short notice. “But I don’t understand.”

“Don’t talk, just fuck,” she ordered.

And she stepped up to him and pressed her open mouth on his. Her hand snaked into his crotch and found the growing bulk of his prick. She began squeezing and massaging his shaft through his pants.

She dug her tongue into his mouth and sucked on his lips for a while, but soon she broke off their kiss and began sinking to the floor, unbuttoning his shirt as she went. Squatting on her haunches, she fumbled with his belt and fly, shoved his pants and shorts down around his ankles. His cock sprang out at her and she immediately gripped it in her fist, priming it in her fingers.

“Val…” he murmured, at a loss as to what had brought on this sudden burst of lust. Last night at Roger’s party she’d been so cold, so rude.

She mumbled, stuffing his growing cock between her lips. She drove her face back and forth, sucking all his cock into her mouth at one gulp then pulling back till only the purple cockhead sat on her tongue.

She knelt on the floor now and gripped the backs of his thighs with her fingers. Her face drove in and out, absorbing his cock again and again. His prick grew more and more solid and soon it shone with a fine coating of fluid from her mouth. It stuck out from his crotch like a crowbar.

She sucked him like this for just over a minute, but then she pulled his cock from her mouth and gripped it in her fist. She stared at him with a strange and serious look in her eyes. She began to rub his cock head into her face with harsh circular movements. Around and around her fist poked the swollen cock, over her cheeks and her nose and her forehead.

“Val…” he croaked, holding her tenderly by the shoulders.

He wanted to speak to her, to tell her she didn’t have to do these things for him. Butte couldn’t get the words out. He was growing weak in the knees at her expert cock-sucking.

She stood up suddenly and tugging him by the cock she led him to a coffee table in the center of the room. His pants and shorts were still tangled up around his feet and he almost tumbled to the floor. She had an easy time forcing him to sit on the coffee table. Then she quickly untangled his clothes and pushed him down so that he was flat on his back. His cock stuck up solidly from his crotch.

“I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you so bad,” she whispered. And gripping his prick in her hand she spread her legs and climbed over him, fucking his hard-on under her crotch.

She adjusted her body slightly, shifted from side to side, and soon she had his cockhead stuffed between the pulpy lips of her cunt. She sank down on him quickly, letting his cock bull its way into her pussy. Her hands planted themselves on his chest and she began to buck up and down, drilling herself with his stony cock. Her tits joggled up and down.

“You okay?” he managed to pant up at her. His hands settled on the smooth golden slenderness of her thighs.

“Don’t talk, just fuck,” she reminded him, and she bent down her head, sweeping her blonde hair across his face two or three times. She had set up an easy, steady rhythm, and was fucking up and down merrily.

It was easy for her to tell him to fuck her, but really in his present position there was little he could do. He was flat on his back on the coffee table, caught between her lovely straining thighs. She was pressing down hard on his chest with her palms and grazing him every so often with her lush tits. Her nipples were as hard as stones on his skin.

“I love to fuck, I love to fuck,” she chanted. She shook her head from side to side and her blonde hair bounced. She rode him evenly, spiking herself again and again on his prick.

But all at once she stopped. He felt the pressure of her hands on his chest and she was hauling herself up off his throbbing cock. His cock slopped free of her cunt hole and she hobbled forward, her legs spread wide on either side of him. She moved up over his chest and didn’t stop, till her gaping wet cunt was inches from his dazed face.

“Suck it! Eat my pussy!” she begged, and she lowered her crotch onto his gasping mouth.

The hairy slabs of her cunt lips settled against his lips and he began gnawing at all the sweet pink flesh between. He dug his tongue deep into her cunt and swirled it around. He nipped at her with his lips. She whimpered and sighed, moving her crotch in slow circular movements over his mouth. She arched her back and let her tits stretch luxuriously.

“Ohhh fuck, it feels so good! Suck my cunt! Eat my pussy!” she croaked. And she sighed deeply, almost as if she was hurting. Her eyelids were heavy with lust.

He worked at hit cunt, reaming her out good with his tongue. Then he found the button of her clit and she went wild, rolling her crotch around and round madly. She gripped his head in her hands, closed off his ears, and held him steady there against her cunt as if she couldn’t bear to let him go. Deep groaning sounds rose up from her throat.

A thick oily fluid was sluicing down her cunt and coating his face. Her cunt hair was mashed against his nose and he was having a difficult time breathing. His hands reached under her, gripping her lush and perfect ass cheeks. One hand drifted into the crack of her ass and searched out the puckered ring of her asshole. He shoved his long middle finger up her ass.

“Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!” she wailed, her head rolling back, her tits stretching and straining. She wriggled her crotch on his face and didn’t know which way to go. Her cunt was melting, her asshole tingling.

“Sssppplllfff!” he slobbered into her cunt, his tongue following her clit everywhere. He drilled his finger deep into her asshole, corkscrewing it about roughly.

Suddenly, with a great shuddering sigh, she turned forward and her cunt left his mouth. His finger was plucked from her asshole at the same time. He gulped in great drafts of air and took time out to recover from her wildness. When he finally turned his head to search for her, she was off to his left, draped over the couch, her ass in the air.

“Fuck me from behind! Cram your cock up inside me and fuck me till I can’t walk!” she pleaded.

Val was half-kneeling on the couch, gazing at him over her shoulder. She had her ass in the air and was prying the cheeks apart with her fingers.

Still gasping, he staggered up off the coffee table and heaved himself over to her. His cock was looming out from his crotch like the branch of a tree. It hadn’t lost any of its stiffness. He took it in his fist and stared down at her spread ass cheeks. Both her cunt and the ring of her asshole were gaping wide and for a moment he didn’t know where to shove his blazing hard-on.

“Fuck me deep! Fuck me hard! Crank your cock all the way inside me!” she begged. Her voice was wild and husky.

He leaned down and slotted the head of his cock in the gaping space between her cunt lips. He pressed down, driving his prick inch after swollen inch into her sucking cunt hole. His prick was buried to the hilt almost immediately, and he began ramming in and out, feeding her lengths of cock with a steady rhythm. His balls danced up and down in their pouch.

“Yes! Slice me with that cock! Fuck me crazy!” she moaned. Her ass pumped back at him, slapped his belly again and again. Her cunt was sucking tightly at his cock, almost peeling it.

Don gazed down at the deep erotic hollow of her back. From this angle he could just see the rear swell of one of her huge tits. He looked at the ringlets of bright blonde hair dancing about between her shoulder blades, watching her head toss from side to side crazily. He heard her moan and groan and beg him to cram his cock deep. He was in heaven.

He couldn’t understand what had come over her. She was like a different woman. She wasn’t at all like the prim and shy new teacher he’d first asked out such a short time ago. She was a wild thing, some kind of sex maniac or nympho or something. Something had happened to her to make her let loose like this. He had no idea what it was, but he was grateful as hell.

“I’m coming! Oh fuck, I’m coming!” she croaked. She jammed herself back against his cock like a crazy person.

“Me too! Oh fuck, me too!” he raved. His balls swung to and fro and he felt the hot sizzling cum bursting up his cock.

A thick creamy knot of cum burst high up her cunt. It flooded her insides, swirling about wildly. He pulled back, drawing strings of silver jism with him. The sticky fluid hung from his cock and smudged her cuntlips. It oozed free and dangled from her pussy in loose strings.

“I feel it! Oh fuck, I feel you shooting off up my cunt!” she wailed. She chugged herself back against his cock.

Another giant wad of slime burst free up her cunt and then another. He was lobbing slug after slug of creamy cum up her pussy and soon his cock was making wet squishing noises as it plowed through all the juicy spunk. Cum oozed from her pussy hole in great greasy blobs. It slithered down her thighs and matted her crotch hair together effortlessly.

She bucked forward wildly and this time moved so far that his cock slipped from her sucking cunt. When she shoved back his cock was caught in the crack of her ass and it tilted up till it angled high over the small of her back. Then it squirted yet again, shooting an arc of cum so far it landed in her hair and splattered all the way down the center of her back. The cum glistened on bet skin like wax.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she squealed, glancing behind her. She continued bucking against his freed cock, her ass cheeks nipping tightly at the spurting shaft.

Another jet of spunk shot from his cock, this one all the way up the right side of her back as far as her shoulder blade. It splattered loudly on her golden skin then wriggled to the left and to the right as she kept on moving. Two long white trickles moved left as far as her spine, then drooled down into the small of her back.

He grabbed his cock at last, brought it under control, and stuffed it quickly into the gaping slice of her cunt. But he had stopped coming now and he simply rammed back and forth evenly as his cock grew softer and softer. He held her by her hips and stared at the ropes of silver cum striping her golden back. Sweat dripped thickly off his chin.

And even Val at last slowed down, grew less wild in her movements. She moaned and groaned and shoved her ass back against his belly. Her tits swung back and forth beneath her. She muttered to herself every once in a while, as if commenting on her performance. For a while she didn’t appear aware that Don was still in the room.

“What a fuck! What a wild, amazing fuck!” he said softly.

He fed his cock several more times into her soggy cunt then let it slip free. He fell forward on the couch, on top of her, his prick draped softly over the hump of her ass cheek.

“I love it. I love to fuck,” Val murmured, almost to herself.

Her hand reached out behind her and circled his softening prick. She squeezed it tenderly and pumped it back and forth in her hand. It was slick and slimy with cum.

“You’re crazy, you know that?” he told her at last. “You’re the craziest lady I’ve ever been with.”

“I can’t help it. I just can’t help it,” she sighed.


Val felt better after she’d fucked Don, just as she’d predicted. She figured she owed it to him, in a way, after her wild fuck-sessions with Sid. It made her feel less guilty. He must mean something special to me, she thought. Why else would she concern herself with what he thought? She knew she wasn’t in love with Don or anything, but she didn’t want to lose him either.

It eased her mind a great deal when he told her he knew that she was seeing Sid Cooke. He didn’t particularly like the guy, he said, but if she wished to see him that was her business. He wouldn’t ask her any questions about her other friends. He wanted her to have complete freedom. Val wondered how he would feel if he knew she’d serviced both Sid and Roger at the same time the other night. She decided not to test him by telling him.

She wondered if it wouldn’t just be simpler to tell old Sid to get lost. He was a creep, after all. And the way he had set her up with Roger at the party had been unforgivable. Maybe she should stop seeing anyone but Don. That would be the safest thing. Then she’d have a steady boyfriend and a steady fuck. There would be no need for all this other stuff.

The thing was, and she hated to admit this, there was something about crazy Sid and his dirty, kinky use of her that she liked. Was she sick? How could a person enjoy being used as a gift to a friend? Or a plaything for two men at the same time? Any average woman would tell Sid to go fuck himself. The guy was a pervert.

She simply must love sex more than she’d ever realized, she decided. And if anything, she should be grateful to Sid for this. He had shown her, after that, day he’d burst into her office.

He invited her up to his place in midweek, and she accepted without a second thought. Don wanted her to have her freedom, didn’t he? She might as well take advantage of it. When Sid said he had a special treat in store for her she found herself breathing heavily then and there. It would be some new sexual adventure he had planned, she knew. She was anxious with expectation.

The evening started out tamely enough, with a dinner that Sid had prepared himself and a bottle of expensive wine. The meal was really very good, and Val found herself looking at Sid in a new light. Maybe he wasn’t as much of an asshole as she took him for. His place was full of books and be had a great record collection. He obviously had taste in some things.

They were halfway through their second bottle of wine and Val was feeling mellow and romantic when Sid took her hand and told her it was time for her special treat. Cradling the half empty bottle, he led her out of his apartment and down the hall. She was baffled, but smiled sweetly. When he tapped at a door at the end of the hallway and ushered her inside she smiled at him quizzically.

“Boys, I want you to meet my good friend Val,” Sid said to two amazingly good-looking and muscular young men who were standing by the window. “Val’s a daring young lady, and will try anything once.”

Val glanced quickly at the two young men then cast her eyes around the apartment itself. Actually, it looked more like a studio than an apartment. There was a video camera set up on a tripod and bright lights in various corners. In the center of everything, with all the lights playing on it, was a huge king-sized bed. The rest of the furniture had been shoved to one side.

“Sid, what is this? What’s going on here?” she murmured.

She glanced back at the two gorgeous young men. They looked like models, they were so perfect. Both had muscles that rippled beautifully.

Sid grinned at her. “You seemed to enjoy the fun and games with Roger and me the other night. You seemed to like handling more than one cock at the same time. I thought maybe you could have a little fun with Sam and Ray here. They’re real anxious to get to know you.”

“But I’ve never even met these guys! They’re absolute strangers!” she protested, glancing nervously at the two men. Their eyes were racing over her lush body.

“No matter. You didn’t know Roger either but you drained him dry. You’ll enjoy yourself. Come on, show us some ass.” Sid picked up the video camera and pointed it at her.

“And you want to film us, make a dirty movie? Sid, you must be crazy! I can’t let you do that!”

“Just a friendly little home movie is all. Just for our personal pleasure. No one else will see it.”

“I won’t do it! I won’t!” she snapped. She glared at him and her face flushed.

“Okay, okay,” he agreed, and he replaced the camera on top of the tripod. “But you can’t let these gorgeous guys go to waste. They got cocks on ’em like horses. You might as well have a little fun with them.”

“The three of you at the same time? You must be nuts.”

“Boys, drop your pants. Show her what you got,” Sid ordered.

He spoke with complete confidence, as if he knew she couldn’t resist what they had to offer her. He watched her closely as his two friends unzipped and peeled off their pants.

And she did indeed stop snarling and turn her eyes to the crotches of the two muscular young men. They shoved their pants to the floor, stepped from them, and set about taking off their shirts. They both had brown, hairy bodies, big and muscular. They must spend every week in the gym, Val mused, her eyes taking in everything.

What interested her most was what hung down between their legs. They had the biggest cocks she had ever seen! Thick and heavy, at least eight inches long, the pricks hung down damn near to their knees from the forests of crotch hair. The cocks swung a little in the air as the two men finished undressing. Val felt her mellow and romantic mood changed completely to one of pure lust.

“See? How can you turn down a couple of cocks like that?” Sid soothed. He came over to her, put his arm around her waist. His hand slipped down over her ass and caressed the taut flesh. “Why not give ’em a try, no obligation?”

“Sid, you’re such a fucking weirdo,” she murmured. He had been fumbling with the back of her dress without her realizing it, and suddenly the slinky material slipped down off her body like a loose towel.

“Sid!” she protested. But now she was half smiling. She stood there in front of them all wearing nothing but a black garter belt and sheer black stockings. She let Sid help her step from the dress and blushed deeply.

“Hey! So you like sexy underwear after all! You go out and buy these yourself or what?”

Sid smoothed his hands down the dry surfaces of her stockinged legs. He was kneeling on the floor with her dress over his arm. He planted a soft kiss on her left ass cheek.

Val didn’t say anything. She didn’t want to admit that his gift of the lewd white underwear had turned her on so much that she had gone out and bought herself a matching set in black. She’d wanted to surprise him this evening with her new get-up. This was before she had any idea she would be taking part in a gang-bang.

“What do you say, boys? Isn’t she dressed for the part?” Sid leered.

He shoved her toward the bed where the two big men were already waiting for her. He watched her ass flex as she moved. Her big tits swayed beautifully.

Without any more protests, Val climbed on the bed and reached for the two men. What was the use of complaining? Sid seemed to know what she wanted and what turned her on before she did herself. Why argue with him? If he wanted her to fuck two strange men at the same time, what of it? She’d probably be raving about it in a few days as the best experience of her life. He seemed to know so much.

“Atta girl. Suck their cocks. You’ll love it,” Sid encouraged her. He stripped off his own clothes quickly but stayed back from the bed.

The two young men met Val with, smiles and winks but didn’t say anything to her. They were standing on the bed and as she clambered between them their cocks hung down heavily at her eye-level. She smiled at them nervously then glanced at the swinging bulk of their cocks. Her heart did a flip-flop at seeing them up close. They were the biggest and ugliest cocks she had ever set eyes on.

“Go to it, girl. Play with them,” Sid instructed her from behind her. “I picked these cocks special for you. I knew you’d like them.”

Val knelt between the two men, their huge bloated cocks inches from her face. She stared at them, amazed at their size. They weren’t even stiff. How would she ever handle pricks this size? And what when they grew even bigger? She groaned with lust and brought her face up beneath the two cocks and let them rest across her mouth.

Sid suddenly appeared in front of her, his video camera whirring on his shoulder. He zoomed in between the two men, capturing her face and the two giant cocks in close-up. But all she did was blink her eyes wide and glare into the lens. It didn’t seem to matter anymore whether she was filmed or not. She opened her mouth, flicked out her tongue, and began to lick each one of the cock heads in turn.

“That’s it! Perfect!” Sid crooned, surprised that she was no longer protesting. “Move closer, boys. Cover her face with cock! This will be great!”

Sam and Ray edged closer together and their cockheads butted together over the red painted oval of Val’s mouth. Her tongue flicked from side to side and her lips folded partway over each cock head. The men supported their cocks with their fingers, holding them out to her as she sucked. Sid’s camera whirred continually.

By degrees, both cocks were growing larger, angling upwards so that they needed less and less support. Eventually she brought up both her hands and took the pricks from them, holding them out over her face like bat handles. She felt the power in each prick and the thickness of the throbbing veins in each shaft. The twin cockheads swelled alarmingly against her wet red mouth.

“Suck ’em! Take one in your mouth and suck it!” Sid urged. He rammed his camera at her like a weapon.

She did as she was told, turning her head slightly and sucking in one enormous cock head at one gulp. With the other cock head poking her cheek hotly, she started sucking the first one. She absorbed the cockhead and two inches of growing cockshaft quickly. Her head began to bob up and down.

“Yeah, she sucks nice,” Sam said, for it was his cock that was embedded in her face. “She sucks cock like a pro.”

Val snorted, not quite sure how to take that remark. But then she was driving further down on his thickening cock and she had to concentrate on other matters. She gazed up along the length of the huge cock and followed a big ugly blue vein until it disappeared into his crotch hair. Her lips were sealed tight around the blazing hard-on.

“Me too, babe. Me too,” Ray insisted, scraping his purple prickhead up her cheek as far as her eye. His great mushroom of a cock head filled her entire eye socket.

She pulled off Sam’s cock and left it glistening against her ear while she twisted over toward Ray. She sucked this second cock into her mouth as soon as she could capture it and soon her lips were riding up and down evenly. Her fists were wrapped around both cock bases and she pulled on them steadily.

“Great. Just fucking great,” Sid muttered.

He loved the way her eyes closed with lust and her cheeks swelled and hollowed. Her eye make-up was thick and dark blue and it shone for the camera. Her mouth glistened wet and red with a thick coating of gloss, and this was already smudging off onto each blazing cock.

The pricks were so big, she could only suck in the head and maybe an inch or so of shaft at one gulp. And her lips had to stretch and strain to do this. She made them grow by pumping them steadily in her fists, shucking them up and down evenly. She shifted from one prick knob to the other, licking, kissing, sucking. Her nostrils flared and she groaned with lust.

“Suck their balls! Lick their nuts!” Sid urged, tilting his camera at an angle. He squatted lower on the bed, his knees straining.

Val glanced up at him from under her droopy eyelids, then let Sam’s cock slop from her smudged lips. She tugged it upright, hauling the weighty sac of his balls up with it. Her head dipped and her mouth opened and she began licking the swollen leathery pouch with long scrapes of her tongue. His nuts shifted in the pouch like eggs in a velvet bag.

“Beautiful. Fucking beautiful!” Sid raved. The dark brown of Sam’s cock and balls contrasted sharply with the pale skin of Val’s face.

She licked the balls and chased them about for some time before finally capturing one and sucking it between her lips. It rolled about on her tongue and she bathed it with spit and teased it. Her lips closed around the stretched skin of his ball-sac. She tugged on the ball slightly, stretching the leathery pouch.

“Shit! Oh fuck!” Sam groaned.

But almost as soon as he spoke she slopped out his quivering nut and shifted over to one of Ray’s dangling balls.

She performed the same service for Ray, licking his balls and then sucking one swollen nut inside her mouth. At one point she let the first ball plop free and captured its twin. Her lip gloss smeared off onto the hairy dangling pouch. Red blotches glowed on the balls for Sid’s camera. Val made deep groaning sounds in her throat.

“Suck ’em good! That’s it, suck their balls raw!” Sid encouraged.

His own cock had started a steady rise in his crotch. It heaved out now from his forest of pubic hair and pointed at her tits.

Val moaned. She gave Ray’s ball sac one last lick and slipped back over toward Sam, snorting beneath his cock like some wild thing.

“Perfect! Just beautiful!” Sid chanted. He was amazed at how little he had to tell her. She was acting like a slut for the camera without very much prompting from him.

Val suddenly stopped sucking Sam’s balls, turning her head to face the camera fully. Her lipstick was smeared every which way, but her dark-blue eye make-up was still intact. Her eyes crinkled up at the sides as she broke into a lewd and teasing smile. She tugged the two cocks together in front of her mouth, butted them together and licked them. Her lips flopped about over the heads once again.

Then, gripping each cock midway up its swollen trunk, she started smearing the cockheads into her face. Around and around she rubbed them, smudging off the pre-cum juice onto her cheeks and nose and forehead. Now she began messing up her eye make-up as she rubbed the prick heads onto her lids. The cocks bent under the strain and the heads changed shape.

“Jesus! Ohhh fuck!” Ray muttered, gazing down at her. He’d never had a woman do this to his cock before.

“Sonovabitch!” croaked Sam, clenching his eyes shut.

“Perfect! Fucking perfect!” Sid praised. His cock twitched higher in his crotch.

Val smudged the cock heads every which way on her face, and as the traces of pre-cum juice smeared off, her face began to glisten slightly. Snail-tracks of clear fluid ran up her cheeks and along her forehead. The cocks oozed out more and more as she worked. She squeezed them, tugged on them, forced them back and forth across her features.

“I love cock!” she moaned. “I’m crazy about cock! Big stiff swollen cocks! I love ’em! Oh fuck! Oh cock-sucker!”

She rubbed the prick heads into her face some more for the camera, then turned to stuff Ray’s cock back into her mouth.


“I’ve got to fuck her, Sid. I can’t stand much more of this!” Sam groaned. His cock dented her cheek while she sucked Ray’s cock.

“Okay, good. Go to it. Fuck her,” Sid agreed. “Lay her down flat and stuff her. Do it any way you like.”

Sam immediately left her side, moving around in back of her, gripping her by the shoulders and pulling her back onto the bed. Ray’s cock snapped roughly from her mouth and bounced up and down in the air like a released spring. Her tits shimmied on her chest as she rolled backwards.

“Hey! Fuck!” Ray complained, his big cock dripping. He held his cock by the base and waved it about in the air like a weapon.

“Get down on your knees! She’ll keep on sucking you!” Sam suggested.

He was moving around her again, crawling in between her hooked-up legs. She was flat on her back on the bed now, gazing about her in search of cock. Sid shifted about with his ever present camera.

Ray did as he was told, flopping down beside Val’s head and shaking his prick over her face. She immediately grabbed hold of it, turned her head, and stuffed it between her hungry lips. She began sucking it, driving her mouth up and down on the huge swollen prickshaft. She let her legs fall open wide, prepared herself for what she knew would happen next.

“She’s wet! She’s gaping wide open and soaking wet!” Sam moaned.

He was gazing into her split crotch, amazed at the glistening slabs of pussy meat that were bursting forth beneath the V of her pubic hair. Her black garter belt and the thin straps of her suspenders framed the gaping hairy cunt perfectly.

“Fuck her! That’s what you wanted! Fuck her!” Sid ordered. He was kneeling by Val’s side, swinging his camera from her face to her crotch and back again.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Sam croaked.

He gripped his cock in his fist, shoving the bloated cock head between her oozing pink cunt lips. Then he shoved forward, dropped down, and let his belly sink down onto hers. His cock crammed up her to the hilt.

“Sssmmmsssmmm!” she groaned onto Ray’s bloated prick. Her voice was heavy with lust and pleasure.

While Sid filmed everything that was going on, the two horny men began fucking Val, one plowing his cock in and out of her greasy pussy, the other ramming his prick back and forth in her mouth. The bed heaved and creaked under all the pressure. Val’s body was wracked by the jerking, straining cocks.

“What a slut! What a sexy, cock-sucking slut!” Sid grunted under his breath. Val paid no attention to what he said. She was too caught up in fucking and sucking.

“My turn! I want to fuck her too!” Ray wheezed. His cock had grown a dangerous purple color against her face and appeared about to burst at any minute.

“Okay! Okay!” Sid answered, willing to agree to anything at this point.

It was surprisingly easy to pull Sam out of her soggy cunt. Sid figured it was because he was about to come and he didn’t want to be the first. He let Ray move him to one side and eased himself up to Val’s waiting mouth. While she sucked Sam’s prick into her face, Ray drove his huge hard-on up her already gaping pussy.

Sid moved back and forth, filming first her stuffed face in close-up then concentrating on the glistening piston of Ray’s cock sliding in and out of her hairy cunt. From time to time he moved back to capture the whole lewd double fuck in one shot. And meanwhile his own cock rose up like a towering column from his crotch.

“What, a bitch! What a sleazy, cock-sucking whore!” he muttered under his breath.

His cock bounced up and down comically, and a fat pearl of clear pre-cum juice formed at its tip. This dripped off at one point and soiled Val’s black stocking.

With each jerk of Ray’s cock, Val’s body shuddered weirdly. Her big tits had separated slightly on her chest and they wobbled and twitched at every cock-lunge. Her mouth was rammed again and again onto the hot spike of Sam’s prick. She didn’t have to move at all. All the motion was created by the two horny men.

“Fuck her up the ass and the cunt at the same time. Sandwich-fuck her,” Sid suggested after several minutes of this. “I want to catch both your cocks reaming her.”

Both men ignored him, totally caught up in their pistoning movements. They were each covered in sweat and their big muscles stretched and strained. It appeared that they were both getting pretty close to coming. They might have fucked themselves over the edge then and there, but Val suddenly pulled her mouth off Sam’s cock and glared up at the two of them with wild eyes.

“Do it! Fuck me up the ass and the cunt at the same time! I want you to!” she grunted, a note of real urgency in her voice. “Sandwich fuck me! Both cocks at the same time! Split me in half!”

Sam seemed about to stuff his cock back in her face, but she suddenly squirmed upright, hauled herself back off Ray’s quivering cock. She was on her knees, forcing herself back against Ray and mashing her tits into his chest. His cock bent up against her belly and a thick wad of pre-cum slime smudged off onto her skin. She rode him over onto his back, making him grunt with shock and discomfort.

“Sonovabitch! Fuck!” he complained.

She was light but strong and determined. He sank back deep into the bed, his cock crushed against her golden belly. She was straddling him, riding him. And as he settled she raised her tits up off his chest and searched beneath her for his steel-hard cock.

“Sit on it! Yeah, sit on his big cock!” Sid raved, following her every wild movement with his camera.

Sam knelt to one side on the bed, his cock in his fist. He looked dazed and confused. He looked about him stupidly for some place to stick his prick.

“Oh God! Fuck me hard! Up my cunt and up my ass! Oh fuck!” she mumbled, her head rolling, her blonde hair flailing.

Her fingers had circled Ray’s cock and she held it upright while she squatted over him and shifted from side to side. She slotted his cock head between her greasy cuntlips and settled slowly, letting his big prick bull into her.

“Sam! Up her ass! Go to it!” Sid ordered. He moved down on the bed, between Ray’s spread legs. He wanted a perfect view of Val’s crotch as the second cock went up her asshole.

Sam slowly came to his senses. He gazed at Val’s split ass cheeks, saw the curving stony bulk of Ray’s cock embedding itself up her cunt. He caught sight of her puckered asshole just above, winking at him from between her buns. He climbed up in front of Sid and leaned down, his legs straining. He planted his fat cockhead against the tight ring of her asshole.

“Up my ass! Shove your big cock up my ass and fuck me! Split me in half!” she croaked.

She had settled down on Ray’s cock now. It was buried to the balls in her sucking pussy. Her hands gripped her ass cheeks tightly and pulled them apart. She was spreading herself for him, flaunting her asshole shamelessly. She gazed back over her shoulder desperately.

Sam sank more and more weight onto her and his cockhead strained against the circle of her asshole. He grunted and groaned and so did she, while Sid and Ray waited patiently. For a while it looked as though the cock was too big for her asshole. But then something stretched and she began groaning deeply, the head of Sam’s cock being swallowed inside her.

Then it was easy. Inch after inch of swollen cock bulled up her asshole. Sam sank lower and lower, burying his cock up inside her and feeling the stiff bulk of Ray’s cock right next door. Sid filmed the whole thing in close-up, fascinated by the sight of the two huge cocks disappearing up her twin fuck-holes. Her split thighs appeared pale between the hairy legs of the two men.

“Great! Stuff it all the way up her asshole! Fuck her ass!” Sid cried.

His own cock was fully erect and enormous in his crotch. It dripped regularly now and he knew if he touched it he would probably shoot as high as the ceiling.

Sam lowered himself one last inch and his balls settled down against Ray’s. Both men stuffed into her to the hilt, their cocks throbbing. She was crushed and split between them like a rag-doll, her slender body impaled on the twin pricks. Her big tits mashed into Ray’s chest once more as she was forced to lean forward under Sam.

“Fuck me! Split me in half! Cram me full of cock!” she pleaded. She tried to wiggle herself back and forth between the two hairy men, but she had so little room to maneuver.

Finally the men began to fuck her, bucking their cocks in and out of her tight sucking fuck-holes. Sid came in close behind, filming every jerk and thrust of the straining cocks. He was amazed that she could take both cocks so deep. Each time they rammed into her, the two cocks disappeared completely. The heavy velvet ball pouches twitched and trembled against each other.

Sid filmed the weird triangle from every angle, capturing even the stretching of her black garter straps against her lovely thighs. But at last even he could take no more. He hustled around to Val’s head and tilted her face up with his fingers. With one quick motion he shoved his own cock between her gaping lips, stuffing her third and final hole with straining cockmeat.

“Ggglllfff! Ggglllmmm!” she grunted, her eyes rolling, her lips sealing themselves around his rutting cock.

Her mind reeled. Three cocks, she had three cocks inside her at the same time! Damn near a yard of thick heaving cock. God what a lewd, dirty turn-on. What if Don could see her now!

“Suck it! Eat my cock, bitch!” Sid croaked. Even while he strained to stuff her face with cock, he continued filming, his camera locked to his shoulder.

They all fucked her, all three of them, bulling their huge cocks in and out of her lovely slender body. They tugged her every which way, from side to side and up and down and back and forth. The three hot cocks bucked and strained inside her, jerking ever and ever closer to climax. None of them would be able to keep this up for long.

And suddenly Sid realized that if they all went off inside her, he would have nothing to film, there would be no climax for his dirty movie. He drilled his cock back and forth inside her mouth, burying the head in her throat. But then he pulled back quickly and let his reddened prick slip from her gasping lips. He moved to one side, his cock swaying in his crotch.

“Come in her face! I want to see your cum!” he grunted at Ray and Sam. “Pull your cocks out of her and spray her with jizz! Cover her in cum! The little bitch will love it!”

Again the men were slow to react. They were all caught up in their private fucking worlds. So it was up to Val. And as much as she was enjoying the gang-bang she was as curious as Sid to see their cum burst free. She tugged herself forward, squeezing herself off the bulling dicks. She squirmed to her side on the bed, then onto her back. She reached for the straining cocks eagerly.

Both Sam and Ray were now in a daze. They knelt on the bed helplessly, their huge glistening cocks jutting up to the ceiling like raised arms. Almost by instinct, they shuffled to either side of Val’s head, letting her grip their cocks in her fists. She tugged them closer to her, yanking on their cocks till the bloated shafts cast shadows over her face.

She began jerking them off, her fingers tugging expertly. And from time to time she opened her mouth, and sucked at one of the cockheads quickly. Her eyes never left the straining pricks. She watched the piss-slits for any tell-tale signs. She was determined to see them shoot their wads. She wanted lots of hot jizz in her face.

“Yeah, pull on them like that! Jerk ’em off all over your face!” Sid ordered, addressing Val for the first time in a while. “Tug them cocks! Wank ’em up good!”

For the sixth or seventh time since she’d known him, Val wondered how Sid had ever become a teacher. He was so crude. He spoke like a truck driver. And his tastes in sex, well they were not what you would call average. Though since knowing him she had come to wonder about her own tastes in this area as well. She had enjoyed what he’d put her through.

These thoughts flashed through her head quickly. But then she was concentrating one hundred percent on the twitching cocks again. They were as hard as steel in her fists, swollen and ugly and the blue veins pulsed in their shafts. The cock heads had ballooned way out of proportion and they appeared about to explode at any second.

“Sonovabitch! Oh fuck!” Sam croaked at last.

And he heaved out his belly at her as his cock began to spurt. Her eyes were glued to his cock head. She held her mouth open and stuck out her tongue, waiting for his burst of turn.

His first spunk jet shot straight between her gaping lips, hitting her pink outstretched tongue and bouncing back into the depths of her throat before she could react. She swallowed deeply, gulping down a thick glob of jizz. The rest swilled about her mouth and coated her tongue. Cum squished between her teeth like glue.

“Ohhhhffff! Ohhhhmmmm!” she gasped, smacking her lips to the taste of the fat wad of cum; a blob of white hung off the corner of her mouth.

“In her face! Spurt in her face!” Sid urged. He had been shoving his camera between the two men, filming Val’s face in close-up. Now suddenly he hooked his leg over her middle and straddled her, settled his ass on her belly. His cock jutted out over her tits threateningly. His camera tilted down toward her.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhh fuck!” Sam grunted.

A second quivering jet of spunk shot from his cock. It hit her mouth and since she had her lips closed, it scattered in all directions like hot grease. Two loops of cum shot up her cheeks, while two more spun off down her chin. Lines of silver spread out from her mouth like spokes from the hub of a wheel.

“Like that! Yeah, like that!” Sid praised.

His own cock had slotted neatly into the deep hollow of her cleavage and without thinking he was slowly humping back and forth while he filmed, fucking her tits.

A monstrous streamer of silver spunk spurted from Sam’s cock and fountained up Val’s face. It was huge, nearly three feet long, and it spun and spiraled in the air before splattering up the length of her face. It ended up coiled across her features like a small snake, draping from her neck up into her hair with many twists and turns between.

She had opened her mouth again, ready to suck in more sizzling juice, and some of this jet did slither between her gaping lips. But most of it lay across her face weirdly, curving from her neck over her chin and mouth before riding up the side of her nose. It slithered between her eyes and drifted across her forehead, the rest of it hanging in her hair like some weird ornament.

“Fantastic! Fucking great!” Sid wailed, humping her tits while he still held his camera high.

There was a gasp and a grunt from Ray and while Sam’s cock continued spewing, his own began lobbing wads of spunk across her face. He shot none knot directly into her gaping mouth, just as Sam had done, and she immediately smacked her lips and began swallowing the greasy slime. The rest fired out in regular shots, straight into her pretty, passive face.

One spurt smashed across her face from ear to ear, looping across her nose and cheeks in a fat slimy trail. Another bounced across her forehead, all along the hair-line, like a silver head-band, before it slopped down her temple and onto her neck. Yet another crossed her face diagonally, skimming over her mouth and cheeks and just missing her left eye.

“More! Fucking great!” Sid raved on. “Splatter her with cum! Cover her face in hot jizz!”

Val had been watching this craziness through half-shut eyes, amazed at the strength and beauty of the swirling, spinning ropes of silver cum. But now it all got to be a bit much. First Sam shot a streamer of spunk directly across one eye, and she was forced to close it altogether. Then Ray dashed a shot of white across her other eye, and she couldn’t watch any more. All she could do was lay back and feel the hot waxy jets smacking her in the face. “Fuck! Oh fuck!” Sam croaked, and he shot one last knot of jism across her gleaming wet mouth. From now on his bloated cock simply dripped heavy globs of cream onto Val’s face. The cum blotched her skin with splotches the size of silver dollars.

Ray didn’t say a word. He just helped Val tug on his cock and watched his jets of cum spurt every which way. She had gamely opened her mouth yet again and he concentrated on firing wad after wad of hot cum straight onto her outstretched tongue. Strings of jizz hung from her lips, drooled from the corners of her mouth. She looked like she’d been hit in the mouth with a wet snowball.

“Spurt it! Spurt it all over the fucking place!” Sid grunted. His voice was hoarse and strange, as if he too was losing control of his humping cock.

Ray bounced a jet of white off her tongue and watched it disappear between her gaping lips. Then another one, which veered to one side and dashed up her right cheek. The next few ropes of spunk drooled from his cock tip slowly, dangling in the air like white elastic bands before snapping over her cum-coated face. Finally he too had stopped spurting. He decorated Val’s face as if he was icing a cake.

“Spurt it! Spurt it all over the fucking place!” Sid repeated.

And this time he scooped up his cock from between her tits with his fist, began jerking on it crazily. Still operating his camera with one hand, he jacked himself off with the other, aiming his prick at Val’s face like a weapon. His fist was a blur of motion on his spasming cock.

“Sssppplllfff!” Val gurgled, gulping down a mouthful of jizz. She breathed with difficulty through one unclogged nostril.

Sid’s cock seemed to explode in his hand. The piss-slit opened and coil after-coil of steaming hot spunk whirled through the air. The jizz spurted clear like champagne from a bottle, every which way. It frothed and foamed and gushed as he tugged on his cock. And all of it, jet after jet, splashed onto Val’s already overflowing face.

He pumped his cock just inches from her drenched features, and after each tug a silver knot of cum splatted her cheeks, her forehead, her nose. Her mouth had opened again and he did his best to fill it, firing wad after wad between her spewing lips. Strings of cum hung from her teeth and danced across the oval of her mouth weirdly. Her tongue was buried under a blanket of jizz.

“In your face! In your hot cock-sucking face!” he groaned. One, two, three jets of silver cum shot between her soiled lips.

He tilted his cock upwards, watching while a tracer of spunk the thickness of his finger rode all the way up the center of her face. He inched even closer to her, holding his cock so close to her mouth the head nearly touched her. And now each time a jet shot free it smacked her in the mouth and exploded in every direction. Ribbons and ropes of sizzling hot jizz coated Val’s face completely.

“Maybe she’s had enough. Ease up, Sid,” Ray murmured. Along with Sam he was smudging his own cock into her cheek gently. He smeared wads of cum back and forth across her face.

“In her face! In her cock-sucking face!” Sid grunted.

He spurted yet another hot jet of cum which draped across her face in a big letter S. It curved round one eye and slid alongside her nose, ending up hooked in the corner of her mouth.

Val moaned, gobs of spunk pouring from her lips. She couldn’t swallow any more. She was gagging. And a heavy stream of silver cum slithered steadily from her gasping lips. Cum joined her lips together in a white pool. It was backed up from her throat and drooling free. “Cunt! Slut! Cock-sucker!” Sid wailed.

His prick spat out one last knot of jizz. It hooked on her eyelash and dripped off slowly, like a tear. Both eyes were clogged shut completely. Cum buried the lashes like snow.

Val’s face was awash with cum. Ribbons and streams of it hung off her like a melting white mask. She gleamed with it, her forehead and cheeks drenched in a thick coating of silver. Her eyes, her nose, her chin were all blotched and splattered with white jizz. Her mouth was a drooling white pool of spunk. Cum poured from her lips, like lava.

“Bitch! Cunt! Spunk-eater!” Sid croaked.

He moved forward, slotted his cockhead onto the drooling oval of her mouth. He plunged forward, driving all the quaking cum inside with his cock. Spunk burst from the corners of her mouth in thick jets.

“Jesus, Sid, take it easy,” Ray urged. “Let her breathe for fuck’s sake. It’s all over now.”

Sid muttered on to himself, calling Val all the dirty names he could think of. He pointed his camera down at her face and captured every last gruesome detail. He sank his prick deep in her mouth, while the other two rested their cocks on her forehead. Val gurgled and groaned weirdly.


Don Keller tried calling Val several times on Saturday, but there was never any answer. She hadn’t shown up for work the previous day and he was growing worried about her. He wanted to make sure she was all right. He was about to drive over to her apartment when Roger Kerr called to remind him of another party at his house. His girlfriend Jean had finally moved out and Roger was celebrating the occasion with some of his friends.

Don really wasn’t in the mood for another party. He didn’t enjoy socializing much to start with, and this evening he was more interested in checking up on Val. But it occurred to him that Val might be there, as she had been last week. And if she wasn’t, well he would stay at Roger’s only a few minutes, then go to Val’s place later.

Once he arrived he was surprised to find the house full of men. There was Roger and Sid Cooke and half a dozen other male teachers, as well as some fellows Don had never seen before. But there were no women. No wives, no girlfriends, nothing. It hadn’t occurred to Don that this was a stag party, or he wouldn’t have bothered coming. Most of the men were already drunk and very noisy.

He asked Roger what the occasion was, and whether or not one of the men was getting married, or something. Roger said he was celebrating his new freedom, and it was as simple as that. He had the whole house to himself for the first time. There would be lots of parties from now on, with all the women you could want. But tonight was just for the boys. No women allowed.

“Who needs ’em?” Sid Cooke put in, grabbing Don by the arm. “Come see what we have instead. You’ll be real interested in this. I did this especially for tonight.”

He pulled Don into the room that Roger used as a study. It was dim and smoke-filled. Several of the men were facing a huge TV set, watching a porno film flash across the screen. They laughed and made lewd comments as the action unfolded. Don sighed and turned immediately to leave. He wasn’t in the mood for this. He had to find Val. He had to make sure she was okay.

But just as he loosened his arm from Sid’s grip, he noticed something about the girl in the movie. The camera was focused on her lovely tits and Don swore he recognized them. They were big and full and heavy and had thick, swollen nipples. His heart pounded as he watched the camera drift slowly up toward her face. Then his mouth went dry and he couldn’t move.

He had never seen Val looking lovelier. Her eyes gleamed with life and pleasure. Her face shone as if she was having some wonderful dream. Her mouth was open slightly and the full lips shone over her white teeth. The only thing out of the ordinary was that she had two huge ugly cocks butted together in front of her face. She was licking the cockheads, sticking her tongue out and curling it every which way over the two swollen pricks.

“Go for it, baby! Suck them cocks!” someone yelled. The other men in the room snickered and laughed.

“Isn’t that the little slut that just started teaching last month?” someone else wanted to know. “Hey Sid, how did you get a hold of this stuff?”

“I’m not telling,” Sid leered. “Isn’t she something though?”

Don was rooted to the spot. He simply could not move. He glared at the TV screen in amazement, as if he was seeing some wild and exotic creature for the first time. His mind was racing and his heart pounded. He wondered if there was some mistake, if the girl in the movie just looked like Val. But deep down he knew there was no mistake.

“What a cock-sucker! Look at her suck!” someone grunted.

“She’s going for the balls! Look at her go!” commented someone else.

Don watched miserably as Val sucked first one cock then the other. Then he stared with the others as she snuffled her mouth about beneath both of the huge cocks, licking and sucking each dangling ball in turn. When had all this happened, he wondered. And why the fuck had she ever consented to let herself be filmed? What kind of girl was she? Was she nuts or what?

There were muffled grunts and groans on the soundtrack of the film, and occasionally a spoken order of some kind which was barely audible. It was a crude piece of work, obviously home-made. But Val was so lovely, so sexy, and she was so clearly enjoying every minute with the big cocks, that the whole thing was very effective. There, were grunts and groans from the men watching as well.

What really made them groan though was what she did next. Facing the camera fully, and with the lewdest, most teasing smile on her lips, she began rubbing the cockheads into her face, greasing herself up with clear globs of fluid that oozed from each prick tip. Then she spoke, and her words were the first that could be heard clearly.

“I love cock!” she moaned. “I’m crazy about cock! Big stiff swollen cocks! I love ’em! Oh fuck! Oh cock-sucker!”

Don wanted to leave. He really had to leave. How much of this could a man take? That wasn’t just some sleazy slut actress up there on the screen rubbing cocks into her face. It was Val, the lady he liked and cared for more than anyone in the world right now. He had been thinking of her more and more lately, dreaming romantic dreams about her. How could he stand there and watch this filthy display?

Yet he couldn’t move. He stood there and watched with the others as the men on screen made lewd comments about her, twisted her this way and that on the bed, shoved their huge ugly cocks into her mouth and up her cunt. She was fucking both men at the same time. She had a cock up her cunt and one in her face. Was there nothing she wouldn’t do?

Apparently not. For in the very next sequence, she was sandwiched between the two men. One had his cock up her pussy, the other had his buried up her ass. She was humping the two of them, letting two horny studs double-stump her. Both cocks disappeared completely up her fuck-holes and she writhed about as if she’d never felt anything so good in her whole life.

And she was begging them for more. “Fuck me! Split me in half! Cram me full of cock!” she pleaded. Don felt his stomach churn over weirdly.

But he also felt something else and this made him blush with shame. His cock began to twitch inside his pants and to his amazement, it started rising, growing stiff in his crotch. He couldn’t believe it. How could he get a hard-on at a time like this? Was he some kind of animal? The girl he cared about most in the world was getting gang-banged on the TV screen and he was getting a hard-on!

“Look at her go! What a fucking slut!” someone grunted.

“This little tramp really craves her cock,” someone else put in. The voices were hoarse and tense, as if the men in the room were having a hard time keeping control of themselves.

Then there were more deep moans and groans as a third big cock was thrust into Val’s face and she began to suck it eagerly. A few of the men began fondling their cocks through their pants. They all shifted uncomfortably in their chairs. Don felt his prick rise higher and higher in his slacks.

Three cocks, he muttered softly to himself, his eyes locked on the screen. Val, who he wanted for his girlfriend, writhing about on the screen with three big ugly cocks embedded inside her. How could he ever face her after seeing this? What would he ever say to her? She was like a person he didn’t even know. She was a stranger to him.

He continued watching, in a daze, as all the cocks were pulled from her fuck-holes at last. Then he stared in amazement along with the others as her face filled the entire screen with the three bloated cocks thrusting and jerking inches from it. He stopped listening to the dirty comments all the men were making and simply waited for what he knew would come next.

And when it did, when all the silvery white spurts of cum splattered into her face, he was amazed that he didn’t feel miserable any more. He didn’t feel angry either. He simply watched the screen in silence, his cock a towering column of flesh in his pants. He watched as jet after jet of steaming silver spunk bounced and jumped about on her face like mercury over glass.

It went on for so long. He was stunned at the huge amounts of cum each man seemed to have. And he was fascinated at the way every last jet seemed to splat straight into her face without a miss. He watched her mouth fill up, studied the streaks and globs splattering her cheeks and nose and forehead. It was a wild, unusual scene, and he’d never seen anything like it.

Sid had moved over to the video machine, and every so often now he stopped it, froze the frame on the screen. For seconds that seemed like hours, to Don, Val’s lovely splattered face filled the screen. Gobs and streamers of silver cum gleamed on her face drooled down her cheeks like hot wax ribbons of white cream were caught in mid-spurt before splashing down onto her. Don gazed at the TV in amazement.

“What a cum-bath! This little slut really loves her jizz!” a hoarse voice put in.

“Look at her suck it! Watch her gulp it down!” someone else added.

Don stared at the screen while his cock throbbed in his pants. Two of the cocks had just spurted jets of cum which hung frozen in the air while Sid stopped the video machine yet again. Val waited patiently, her face crisscrossed with strings of silver, her eyes and mouth clogged full of cream. Sid started the machine once more and the jizz ropes snapped and cascaded down into her face.

“Look at the little tramp! She’s fucking covered in cum!” someone yelled.

“What a slut! What a hot, sleazy little cocksucker!” another voice added.

All at once Don couldn’t stand still. Just as before he couldn’t move, now he couldn’t bear to stay. He turned on his heel, blundered out the door and down the hall. He heard more lewd comments as he stumbled through the living room and on out the front door. Even when he was in his car spinning down the road their voices kept echoing through his head. He couldn’t stop them.

“Slut, cock-sucker, sleazy bitch,” he repeated to himself, driving wildly. “Cunt, pussy, cock-sucking tramp.”

He wasn’t aware of heading anywhere, but soon he was pulling up in front of Val’s apartment building. He parked clumsily, just missing the fender of a sports car sitting at the curb. Then he was dashing up the walkway, striding down the ball, pounding on Val’s door with his fist. A neighbor two doors down stuck his head out into the hall and glared angrily at him.

Then Val was standing there on the threshold, holding the door open and staring at him with her wide blue eyes. Don gasped and gripped the door jamb. For she was standing there wearing nothing but her black garter belt and dark stockings, decked out for all the world to see like some whore or porno star. Her big tits jutting on her chest like melons, their nipples jutting up high to the ceiling.

“Don! I was just getting dressed to go out. Come on in. How good to see you.” She ushered him inside and closed the door behind them. She followed him through to the living room, her ass cheeks flexing.

“Is that the way you always answer the fucking door?” he snapped. “You always… dress like a whore and open the door to strangers?”

She looked at him quickly. “But, Don, you’re not a stranger.”

“I might have been. You didn’t know who the fuck it was. I guess it didn’t matter, did it? One cock’s as good as another to a cocksucking slut like you, isn’t it?”

“Don, why are you being so mean? What’s the matter with you?” she purred.

“And where the fuck were you planning on going tonight? Were you going downtown to pick up guys in bars, or were you going to make another porno movie for your asshole friend Sid?”

“You saw…” she began. So that was it. Don had seen the dirty tape Sid had made of her. She watched him pace around the room.

“Fucking right I saw. And about a dozen other guys besides. You’re going to be real popular in school after this. You’re going to have more cocks offered you than you can handle. What are you going to do about them? How will you handle them all?”

“Don…” she murmured, suddenly wishing she weren’t all dressed up in black garter belt and stockings. She wished she was wasting a virginal white dress and no make-up. “What a jerk I’ve been! I thought we had something special. I thought you really liked me!”

“I do! I do really like you! But you said I could do what I wanted! You said you wanted me to have my freedom!”

“I didn’t think you’d go off fucking and sucking three guys at the same time! I didn’t think you’d let them make dirty movies with you! Jesus Christ!”

“Don, this is silly. Why don’t we be friends?” she said.

She suddenly saw only one way out of this. There was only one way to stop him yelling at her and get her off the hook. She dropped to her knees on the carpet. She began fumbling with his belt and, fly.

“What the fuck are you doing? What is this?” he grunted.

He knew he should stop her. He wouldn’t be able to argue with her with his pants to his knees and his cock in her mouth. But he did nothing.

“Let me suck you off,” she whispered. “I don’t want you to be upset. I’ll suck you off and everything will be all right, you’ll see.”

His pants were open and she was shoving them down to his ankles. His shorts soon followed and she gripped his still half-hard cock and shucked it up and down in her fist. She gazed up at him with her big blue eyes, licked her lips, smiled at him. She had just applied make-up, and her bright red lips shone in a sexy oval.

“I’ll do anything for you, you’ll see,” she murmured. “I’ll suck you off. I’ll let you come in my mouth. I’ll let you come in my face, if you want, just like those guys in the movie. I’ll make you forget everything.”

“Val, I’ve just spent the last few minutes in a roomful of horny men. They were watching you fuck and suck three guys at the same time. They were calling you slut and cunt and cocksucker and watching while three men jerked off into your face. How can things be the same after that? How can they?”

“What do those guys matter? Who cares about them? All that matters is cock… cock…”

She bent her head, stuck out her tongue, slipped the head of his cock and three inches of shaft between her red painted lips. She began to suck him drawing his cock into her mouth an inch at a time and pumping the base in her fist. Her checks swelled out and then hollowed. Her tongue flicked every which way on his swollen cockhead.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” she crooned, working her mouth up and down on his cock.

He was nearly fully hard already, and she could feel pre-cum juice oozing out into her throat. Sid’s dirty tape must have really turned him on.

“We can’t just ignore what you’ve done and pretend it never happened,” he croaked, trying his best to keep control of himself. “We can’t.”

His voice trailed off as yet another inch of thick cock drilled into her mouth. Her fist shucked his prick up and down mercilessly, and her free hand tickled and teased his dangling balls. Each time she raised up and only the head of his cock remained in her mouth, she used her tongue to curl around and around it while she bathed it in the warmth of her face.

“Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmm!” she moaned, her eyes fluttering closed. She felt the tremors at the base of his prick.

It might not work, she realized. She might suck him off only to have him begin yelling and cursing her all over again. He might never forgive her for what she had done. But she wanted to try to keep Don around. He was nice, he was reliable, and if she ever wanted to get married, he’d be the type of guy she’d choose.

But if he didn’t want ever to see her again after tonight, she’d manage, she’d get by. For now she had a wider range of experience. Crazy Sid had put her in touch with her deep and powerful sexuality and she knew she’d always have men in her life, lots of them. She loved cock too much to give it up for one guy.

She drove her mouth down over his prick one more time and Don spurted.

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