The Farmer’s Wild Daughter

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today’s world.

The majority of today’s men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness — a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

THE FARMER’S WILD DAUGHTER — a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us — and the extremes to which it may drive us.


The first thing Cindy did after her parents disappeared down the long driveway in the pickup truck was to kick off her shoes and head off across the back pasture for a walk. The dust of the pick-up hadn’t yet settled, and she could hear the truck turning out of the driveway onto the road far below in the valley.

The realization that she might never see her mother again, and the realization that from now on it would be just her and her dad and the farm animals living alone here at Walnut Grove Farm, saddened her in one way, but thrilled her in another. It might get a little lonely around the place without her mother, but it would be a lot more relaxed.

Cindy wiggled her toes in the grass. It was mid-morning and sunny, but the pasture grass was still slightly damp with dew, and had a warm, sensual feel to it. Cindy rubbed her soles on the grass, enjoying the massaging sensations. Going barefoot was one of the pleasures of life, but one that her mother had strictly forbidden her. In fact, it seemed that anything that felt good at all, her mother had strictly forbidden.

Go to church, read your Bible, go to school, do your chores, lights out at eight o’clock, no bare feet, no long hair, no make-up, and no boyfriends — all were on her mother’s list of commandments. If Cindy so much as glanced at a boy in church, her hawk-eyed mother would pinch her, leaving pinch marks on her arm or thigh that would sometimes last a week.

Cindy clenched her teeth. In a way, she hated her mother. Even though she kept telling herself she loved her mother as she was supposed to, Cindy knew that she also hated the woman.

But I’m free of her now, she thought. I might never see her again. And Cindy suddenly felt so giddy and free that she had to pee.

She looked back at the house a few hundred yards below in the grove of walnut trees, and she asked herself why she should walk all the way back to the house just to use the bathroom.

Her dad pissed outdoors. More than once she’d spotted him pissing behind the barn or out in the fields, and of course she’d turned away quickly, before she saw too much.

Her mother would be leaving from town on the noon bus and would not be returning to the farm. Her dad wouldn’t get back until after noon. For a few hours, and for the first time in her life, she had the farm all to herself. She was all alone. She could take off all her clothes and rim around naked if she wanted to.

Cindy pulled off her pink blouse and pushed down her jeans. She unfastened her bra and let it drop. Her tits jiggled in the open air, her nipples licked by the sunshine. Her loins throbbed as she peeled off her panties and stood naked at last. She squatted where she stood, held her pussylips apart, and pissed on the grass.

She felt like an animal, like a cow or a horse or a dog. The smell of her piss made her nostrils flare. It had a sweet aroma, like that of fresh cut hay. The hissing of her piss between her pussylips made the blonde-furred slabs of girl meat tingle. Cindy squeezed out the last of her piss and straightened up. A few drops of piss dribbled down the insides of her thighs, but she didn’t bother to wipe them off.

She looked toward the house, feeling embarrassed and guilty. Although she knew her mother was gone, it was as if she could sense her mother’s eyes on her, watching her from the kitchen window. She half expected to see the woman bolt out the back door screeching in horror and disgust at what she had just witnessed.

Leaving her clothes where she’d dropped them, Cindy continued hiking up the hill. After a few steps, she started to skip and hum. Her tits bounced and jiggled like balloons filled with water. She’d never realized just how big and heavy and bouncy her tits were.

She’d never realized how well-developed a girl she was. She had bigger tits than her mother. She had bigger bones and rounder, more voluptuous hips. Her pussylips puffed up tighter as she skipped, shimmying against each other. Hot, slick juices oozed out of her crotch and oiled the inner lips, allowing them to slide against each other as if they’d been buttered. A steamy, musky, girlish aroma rose in the morning air.

It felt good to be naked. It felt good to be free. Cindy couldn’t help groping her crotch and giving it a squeeze. Itchy sensations pulsed through her cunt, through her loins, and through her asshole. Her nipples and toes tingled. When she pulled her hand away, it was wet with spit-like juices. She ran up the hill, her heart slamming, her tits flapping up and down. She’d never in her life felt so uninhibited, so crazy.

She reached the ridge of the hill and started down the other side. In the distance, all she saw were other rolling hills. She was out of sight of any roads or buildings. Down below, she spotted some horses, and she immediately decided to go bareback riding, something her mother had never allowed.

She was halfway down the hill when the sound of barking startled her. Out of the woods to her left two dogs came bounding. The female collie, Lassie, belonged to Cindy. Cindy had wondered where the bitch had disappeared to all morning. Pursuing the collie was a large male German shepherd. As the collie slowed, her tail up in the air, the shepherd mounted her, his red cock gleaming in the sunshine for a few seconds before he slipped it up the collie’s cunt.

The coupled dogs panted, their tongues hanging out. The stud fucked rapidly, letting out growls of pleasure. The bitch appeared to wiggle her furry ass to further excite the stud’s fucking motions. A shudder went through the stud’s flanks. He put his snout up in the air and his eyes appeared to glaze over. More shudders quivered the stud’s flanks, and he whimpered. A few seconds later, he dismounted, Cindy could see fluid dripping from the tip of his cock. He sniffed Lassie’s ass, and she bounded away.

The shepherd pursued the bitch and caught her before she reached the woods. He got on her again and humped. He shot-off, dismounted, and followed the bitch into the woods, likely to fuck her again.

Cindy was panting. It was the first time she’d ever dared watch closely as two animals fucked. The sight excited her. Pussycream oozed from between her throbbing cuntlips and dribbled down the insides of her thighs. She slipped a finger between the swollen lips and rubbed at the slick, burning meat of her crotch. Her clit pressed against her sliding finger, and Cindy shivered. Thrills shot through her cunt and ran up and down her spine. She forced herself to stop.

It wasn’t that Cindy had never jerked off. She jerked off at least once every few weeks — when she feared she’d lose her mind with frustration if she didn’t relieve herself. But she’d never jerked off without days of denial first, without days of fighting the filthy urge, and after she’d lost control and had done it, she struggled with guilt for days afterward. Her mother had taught her that there were parts of her body that a girl did not touch.

Cindy’s heart thudded faster and she breathed harder, her eyes on the fucking dogs, her arms around the stallion’s neck, her loins humping as she worked her burning pussy against the stallion’s spine. Pussycream pooled on the stallion’s black fur and Cindy rubbed her cunt in it. Her legs tightened fiercely around the stallion, her toes clutching at his black flanks. She rubbed her nude young body against him, moaning as the fuck pleasure mounted in her loins.

“Ooooh, I want it!” she moaned. “I want it!”

The sun caressed her naked back and ass. The breeze licked her sweat-moist asscrack. She felt tingles in her twitching, pink asshole. She felt like pissing again. She felt like grinding her pussy raw against the horse. The smells of hay and horse manure increased her excitement. She felt earthy and dirty and bestial. She was just like one of those dogs. For a moment, she imagined herself on all fours with the German shepherd mounted on her ass, his stiff cock jabbing between her cuntlips, but the image was too filthy to dwell upon. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feelings building in her loins.

With her eyes closed, she imagined the cock of the stallion she was riding. She wondered what it smelled like. She wondered how it felt to the touch. Although the filthy thoughts excited more intense feelings in her pussy, her conscience got the better of her, and she forced the thoughts away.

Just think about the feelings, she told herself. Oh, the feelings! Feels so good!

Grinding her pussy against the back of the stallion, leaking trickles of pussyjuice down his black fur, she clung to his neck and, rode him. He moved faster, bouncing her, sending shock waves of sensation through her loins. It wasn’t the first time she’d, rubbed herself off while riding a horse, but it was the first time she’d done it riding bareback, the first time she’d done it without any clothes on. She imagined her mother standing at the crest of the hill and looking down at her, watching her every scandalous gyration, listening to her every gasp of girl jib pleasure.

The stallion snorted. Tossed his head. Cindy clung to him for her life, grinding her tits against him, grinding her cunt against him. Her cunt sizzled, turning to a blast furnace inside. In her excitement, her asshole opened momentarily, allowing the breeze to lick the edges of her pucker. Cindy felt the wicked urge to reach beck and wiggle a finger up into her asshole.

She’d never in her life experienced such wicked, perverted desires. She humped the stallion’s back in a frenzy, the fuck sensations whirling in her loins, steaming through her legs, pounding through her asshole and tits. She’d leaked so much cunt juice that the stallion’s back was slicker than a greased pig between her lop.

The stallion tossed his head again, and reared up as if trying to throw her off. She glimpsed the coupled dogs, saw the quivering flanks of the stud as he pumped his jism up the bitch’s burning cunthole. She slammed her cunt against the stallion’s spine and exploded with pleasure.

“Ohhhh, yesssss!” she whined, bucking uncontrollably, panting fiercely, her toes clutching, her eyes rolling, the explosions going off in her pussy again and again. “I feel it! Huh, huh, ohhhh!”

The stallion pawed the ground and tossed his head as Cindy spasmed against his back. If she hadn’t had a vise-like grip on him with her arms and legs, he would have thrown her off. She clung to him, humping his back until she’d squeezed out every twinge of hot pleasure.

Finally, she slid off him, getting her tits and belly wet in the process with the fuck juices she’d leaked on his fur. She had never in her life leaked so much pussyjuice while rubbing off.

Her cunt was sopping wet. Pussyjuice trickled down her legs. Black horsehair stuck to the pussycream that, had rubbed off on her tits and belly.

Once over the crest of the hill, she ran, her tits flapping like water balloons. Halfway down the hill, she retrieved her clothes and quickly put them on. She continued running until she’d reached the house. She needed to take a bath and wash the evidence of sin off her body.


Cindy stepped out of the bathtub and patted herself dry with a thick, fluffy towel. She’d let her hair down, and it hung straight, well past her shoulders. Since she’d kept her hair pinned up in recent months, never letting it down when her mother could see it, her mother never realized just how long it had grown lately. It was blonde and lustrous, satiny. Her mother would have been furious to see it so long, would have called it a vain and sinful display.

Cindy spread a thin layer of baby oil all over her body, giving her smooth skin a sheen and a sweet scent. Her pussy was still pulsating pleasantly from her jerk-off, but she tried not to dwell on the sensations for fear she’d be tempted to jerk-off again. She couldn’t let masturbation become a habit.

The house was quieter than it had ever been, and Cindy realized that she’d never been alone in the house for any length of time without her mother being somewhere nearby to watch her every move and to give her orders. Her mother’s constant presence in the house had been like a noise, and now that noise was gone.

Cindy pulled on panties, jeans, and a clean white blouse. She didn’t bother to put on a bra or shoes. It was wicked not to wear a bra, but not terribly wicked. The freedom she felt exhilarated her.

She took a novel she’d been secretly reading out into the sunshine with her and relaxed on the porch swing. It was delightful to be able to read without her mother’s interference. Her mother disapproved of her reading any books but the Bible, religious books, and her school textbooks, and she’d have burned the novel if she’d ever discovered Cindy with it.

Cindy became so engrossed in her book that she didn’t hear the car until it had pulled up alongside the house. She dropped her book and watched a man climb out and head for the porch, wiping his brow with a handkerchief.

“Morning,” he said. “A touch warm, ain’t it?”

He wore a sport shirt and carried a large suitcase.

“My parents aren’t home,” Cindy said.

“Well then, that makes you the lady of the house, don’t it, young lady? And I’m here to talk to the lady of the house.” He climbed up onto the porch.

Cindy didn’t know whether to slip into the house and slam the door, which is what her mother had always done when confronted by traveling salesmen — unless they were Bible salesmen — or to simply tell the man that she wasn’t interested, and that he should leave. She thought of something even better.

“I don’t have any money,” she said. “I can’t buy anything.”

“I can come back later and make a delivery when you have some money,” the man said. “But as long as I’m here now, we can fit you with a new pair of shoes right now. How does that sound?”


“I knew the second I drove up that you’d be in need of new shoes. My, look at those pretty young feet, all bare and in need of new shoes.” He dropped the suitcase on the porch in front of Cindy and knelt at her feet. He opened the suitcase, which was stuffed with women’s shoes in various colors.

“I really don’t need…”

“Here’s a pair oughta fit you.” He grabbed Cindy’s left foot and jammed a blue shoe onto it. He jammed one onto her other foot. “Ain’t that pretty? Shows off your toes real nice, don’t it? Get up now and see how they feel.”

Cindy didn’t know what to do. She stood up and clopped around the porch in the shoes.

“Too tight,” she said. “Look, I really don’t…”

“Sit right down here and we’ll fit you with another pair.”

With a sigh of resignation, Cindy plopped her ass back down on the porch swing and let the salesman fit her with another pair of shoes. Ironically now, she wished her mother were there to handle the situation.

“Where’s your folks?” salesman shoved a larger, red pair of high heels onto her feet. “Gone to town,” Cindy said.

“Expect ’em back soon?”

“Not for hours, and I don’t think they’ll have any money when they get back, either.”

“Hmm. Ain’t them shoes gorgeous, honey? I got a daughter about your age, a pretty girl just like you, and she owns a pair just like ’em.”

“They’re still too tight,” Cindy said. “Look, I really…”

“Oh, I hope I ain’t hurt your pretty feet forcing ’em into tight shoes.” He pulled the shoes off and started rubbing her toes.

Cindy giggled nervously. “Don’t!”

She tried to pull her feet away.

The salesman held on. He took a firmer hold on her feet, his fingers and thumbs digging in as he massaged.

“Just relax. I’m a man who knows about girls’ feet. I’m an expert of sorts. Yes sir, a real expert on pleasing a lady’s feet. You got pretty feet, girl. Yes sir, real pretty.”

Cindy couldn’t deny that the massage felt good, but she couldn’t relax in the presence of this strange salesman. His face was all red, sweat beaded on his forehead, and he was breathing louder and faster by the second.

“You’re a real pretty farm-girl,” he said. “Ain’t seen a farm-girl pretty as you in a long time.”

He leaned forward suddenly and kissed her feet. Before Cindy could pull back, he was sucking her toes.

Cindy started to gasp and pant, partially with panic, partially with excitement. The man’s hot tongue slithered between her toes. His fat lips smacked. Itchy, sexy sensations shot through her feet and toes. Her cunt started to throb. Her tits swelled in her blouse, her nipples pressing against the white cotton fabric.

“I have to go inside,” she said. “I really have to go! I have chores to do!”

“Relax,” the man said.

He licked her feet all over and rubbed her spit wet toes on his chubby, stubbly cheeks. He lapped at her soles, licked between her toes, and sucked her toes like a calf.

“Gorgeous farm-girl feet,” he muttered. “Oh man!”

Cindy squirmed on the porch swing, not knowing what to do, hardly able to think. The sensations caused by the man’s foot-licking and toe-sucking made her want to shove her hand down in her jeans and stick a finger up her pussy and jerk-off.

“Ohhhh!” she moaned. “Ohhhh!”

The man dropped her feet. He pushed his head between her legs, pressed his mouth to the crotch of her jeans, and started sucking.

Cindy’s eyes rolled from the sensation. “Don’t! Oh God!”

The man forced her legs wider apart and gnawed at her cunt through her jeans. Cindy quivered, too weak to push his head away, too weak to even think of fighting him.

The man slid up higher and sucked her nipples through her blouse. Cindy squeezed him between her legs. Her cunt nearly spasmed with each suck of his lips at her tits. He moved up and kissed her, sliding his fat tongue into her mouth. Cindy moaned, helpless, her young body a squirming, throbbing mass of heat and sensation. Mechanically, she sucked his tongue.

He pulled off her blouse, pulled down her jeans, and peeled off her panties. Cindy giggled, dizzy and out of her mind. She’d never felt so naked.

“Candy crotch,” the man muttered. He shoved her legs wide apart and buried his balding head between her thighs. He spread her cuntlips with his thumbs and licked the pink, wet pussymeat between them.

Cindy’s toes curled. She tossed her blonde head from side to side, humping her pussy at the man’s licking, sucking mouth.

“Yes!” she moaned. “Yes!”

The man growled like a dog. His nose and lips were buried between her swollen cuntlips. His tongue wiggled in her pussyhole, buried inside her, licking out the fluffy folds and tasty crevices of her virgin pussy.

Cindy draped her legs over his shoulders, digging her toes into his back, squeezing his fat head between her thighs. His cunt-sucking sent fuck sensations pulsing throughout her body. She grabbed her tits and massaged them, rubbing and pinching her nipples. It all felt so good she wanted to scream.

“Honey-bitch,” the man mumbled, his mouth full of cunt. “Sweet, young pussy!”

He slurped up the cuntjuices bubbling out of her, nibbled on her clit, and sucked on the sizzling meat of her inner cuntlips.

“Mmm, mmmmm!”

Cindy noticed that his right arm was jerking as he twisted his head between her thighs. Through the spaces between the slats of the swing seat, she could see his hand jerking up and down on his big, glassy-headed cock, which stuck out of the fly of his pants.

Fluid bubbled from the gaping pinhole of his cock and dribbled down over his knuckles. Some of the fluid seeped under his foreskin, and as his foreskin slid up and down around the edge of his swollen cock-knob, it made squishy noises. Cindy could smell a musky aroma rising from his cock, and the smell excited her is much as the sight of his cock did.

“Oooooh!” she squealed, grinding her cunt in his mouth, fucking herself on his probing, twisting tongue. The fuck tension in her loins mounted. The sensations shooting through her cunt reached a maddening pitch. She squealed again as her pussy exploded with spasms.

The salesman growled, sucking the cuntjuices out of her, munching and sucking and licking her contracting pussy. His nose rubbed her clit. His tongue darted into her steaming fuckhole again and again.

As Cindy spumed with ecstasy, feeding him her sweet female juices, the salesman jerked his cock to an ecstasy of it’s own. He grunted, his body shuddered, and his hot jism shot against the underside of the swing, some of it splashing against Cindy’s legs and ass through the spaces between the slats.

Cindy watched the cum spurting from the man’s bucking cock, and the sight of him shooting his jism increased her excitement and intensified the sensations racking her pussy. She caught some of the hot, sticky jism with her fingers and rubbed it on her nipples. She tightened her leg lock on the man’s head and ground her cunt in his mouth.

Cindy’s legs finally relaxed and fell away from the man’s head. He was breathing hard, as if having a heart attack. Shakily, he sat back. Cindy’s pussycream clung to his lips and chin, some of her blonde pussy hair stuck to it.

After a few moments, the man blinked his eyes and looked quickly behind himself. He seemed nervous, like a man who’d just awakened from a trance and had discovered that he’d murdered somebody in a fit of temporary insanity. He glanced at his watch.

“Gotta be going,” he said. “Late? Way behind schedule! Way behind schedule!” He stuffed the shoes back in his suitcase, forced the suitcase shut, and stood up. His cock, dripping with cum, dangled from his open fly, and he stuffed it back in his pants as hastily as he’d stuffed the shoes into the suitcase? He lugged the suitcase to his car, wiping Cindy’s cuntjuice off his mouth on the way. Without a word to Cindy, he started his car, spun his tires as he backed up and turned around, then tore off, leaving a cloud of dust behind.

Cindy got down off the porch swing and inspected the pool of the man’s cum under it. She dipped her fingers in the cum, then raised her hand to her nose and sniffed. The potent aroma made her blink. She couldn’t resist tasting the sticky fluid. She found it salty and bittersweet. She couldn’t say she was crazy about the taste, and yet, she found her mouth watering for more.

Crouching like a cat, her naked ass up in the air and licked by the sunshine, she lapped up the pool of freshly shot cum. She licked the cum off the swing, too. She smacked her lips and wiped her mouth. As she started to dress, she realized that the salesman had run off with her panties.


When Jim Sutter arrived home after seeing his ex-wife off on a bus, he was ready to sell the farm, move into town, and take a job in a factory. He feared that things would be unbearable round the farm without his ex-wife around. She may have been a nagging bitch, but she’d been a damned good cook, and at least she made noise around the place and kept things from getting boring.

Cindy couldn’t cook, because her mother had never allowed her in the kitchen, and he and Cindy were so shy around each other that Jim feared they wouldn’t exchange more than two words a day. Sure, things were going to be a lot freer around the place without her keeping a constant watch and without her constant bitching and dragging everybody to church three times a week, but things were going to be mighty dead too, and Jim wondered if he’d be able to tolerate that deadness.

At least in town there’d be other people close by to keep them both from dying of non-communication and boredom, he thought as he drove up the long, winding driveway toward the house and other farm buildings. Maybe it was time to sell the place and give up farming for good. He’d been complaining for years that farming was all work and no pay.

He parked the truck and found Cindy asleep on the porch swing, an open book lying beside her. Hoping not to disturb her, he tiptoed up the porch steps.

There was something different about her today, he thought as he looked down at her. She was more rosy-cheeked and more healthy looking or something. Maybe he just hadn’t taken a close look at her in a long time, but she looked like a different girl.

She was barefoot, for one thing. Her mother would have thrown a fit to see Cindy lying there barefoot. Jim looked at the pretty young feet of his daughter and thought he hadn’t viewed anything so beautiful in years. He resisted the urge to reach down and stroke them.

But there was more to the change he perceived in Cindy than her rosy cheeks and bare feet. She somehow looked more filled out than he remembered. It was as if she’d blossomed overnight from a little girl to a young woman. Her hair was down, dangling like gold silk off the porch swing, the tips of it nearly touching the porch. He’d never realized she had such long hair. Her mother would have thrown another fit to realize Cindy had grown her hair long.

Through the thin, white material of Cindy’s blouse, Jim saw his daughter’s plump young nipples pressing against the material with each rise and fall of her well-developed tits. His heart thumped and he swallowed when he realized she was braless. His cock started to swell in his jeans, and he quickly slipped into the house, easing shut the screen door behind him. He was stunned to see Cindy without a bra, and he was shocked at the effect it had on him.

He glanced back through the screen door and noticed the cover of Cindy’s open paperback book — a color illustration of a man and a woman passionately embracing, the woman’s tits bulging from her half-open blouse, the man sinking his teeth into her exposed throat. It shocked him to realize that Cindy read such dirty books.

So, my innocent little girl is growing up, Jim thought as he entered the kitchen for some lemonade. As he drank the lemonade, he thought to himself that he should have picked up a six-pack of beer while he’d been in town.

He went to the bathroom and pissed standing up in front of the toilet, something he hadn’t done in the house since he’d got married. His wife had demanded that he sit down when he pissed so she wouldn’t have to hear his piss splashing into the toilet water. She found the sound disgusting and uncivilized, she said, and that had been that.

He milked the piss out of his prick and found his hand applying a little extra stroking. His cock was still half-hard from his glimpse of Cindy’s nipples through her blouse, and as he massaged his cock, it swelled and stiffened to a full, pleasantly throbbing erection. He felt wicked, and somewhat embarrassed to be beating off his cock like some teenaged kid.

He didn’t think he’d jerked off more than a dozen times since he’d gotten married. His wife would have sent him to the minister if she’d ever caught him performing such a perverted, sinful, immature act, so he’d had to content himself with the once or twice monthly fucks she’d allowed him.

To his wife’s disgust, however, he’d made up for the lack of fucking and masturbation with a lot of wet dreams over the past years, something his wife couldn’t complain much about, since she’d realized that the only way he was going to have fewer wet dreams was if she allowed him to fuck her more often, something she was not about to do.

It sure felt good, sliding his foreskin up and down his veiny cock, watching the lube ooze out and moisten his bulbous cock-knob. His prick looked bigger now than when he’d been a teenager. He’d measured it once, when he was young, and he’d found it to be eight inches, measured along the top edge. Now it appeared a half-inch to an inch longer than that, and certainly thicker — and smellier. No matter how thoroughly he washed it, his wife had continually complained about the disgusting smell.

He was standing in front of the toilet with the bathroom door wide open, squatting slightly, his hips thrust forward, his hand yanking up and down his cock. Pre-cum ran over his grimy knuckles. He massaged his large, sweaty balls with his free hand. His jeans had ridden down to his knees, and the draft that wafted through the house felt good on his naked ass. He shucked off his shirt so he’d feel more naked and sexier, and resumed his ball-squeezing and cock-beating.

Visions of a girl’s bare feet, blonde hair, and braless tits started to tease his imagination, but when he realized whose bare feet, blonde hair, and braless tits they were, he refused to dwell on the images. It wasn’t right for a man to think of his daughter in that way. Try as he would to ignore them, the images persisted, returning repeatedly to tease him. He licked his lips. He saw Cindy’s tits, braless under her blouse, her hot young toes, her silky, golden hair.

Man, what a girl! he thought.

Thrills needled his cock, shooting through the core of it. His balls swelled and tightened. The pit of his asshole tingled. His hand yanked his foreskin viciously, stretching it, working it hard against his bone-hard cockshaft. “What a girl!” he mumbled.

Hot, itchy sensations saturated his pulsating cock, and suddenly his jism erupted in white spurts against the wall, against the toilet tank. It fell on the toilet seat and dripped into the water. Humping his loins, jerking his hand, squeezing his balls rhythmically, he shot his load freely, not caring where it fell. The scent of his cum filled the air. His grunts of pleasure echoed off the bathroom walls.

“Awwww, yeahhh!” he moaned, and he imagined the blue eyes of his voluptuous young daughter glazed with ecstasy as he pumped his cum up her spasming teen pussy.

The back door slammed.

“Daddy, are you home?” Cindy called from the kitchen.

Jim Sutter’s heart dropped into his stomach. In a panic, he stumbled out of the bathroom, his pants bunched around his knees, his cock still pulsating in his hand. He dripped cum all the way down the hallway as he made for his bedroom.

He dove through the door of his bedroom and locked it behind him. Faint from his powerful orgasm, he flopped down on the bed, his right hand still filled with half-hard cock and sticky cum. Cindy hadn’t seen him, he told himself, although he wasn’t convinced of it.

Cindy stood outside the bathroom, trying to decide whether she was awake or still asleep. She’d awakened on the porch swing to the sound of a voice in the house, and when she’d spotted her dad’s pick-up truck, she’d gone inside, thinking that he might have called her. What she’d seen when she’d reached the hallway made her wonder if she wasn’t still dreaming. She’d spotted her shirtless, bare-assed dad, his pants down around his knees, stumble into his bedroom and shut the door.

She stepped into the bathroom. Her dad’s shirt lay on the bathroom floor. Immediately, she felt something sticky and warm oozing between her toes, and she jerked her foot back. A thick, whitish fluid dripped from her toes. She looked at the toilet and the wall behind it, and saw more gobs of the fluid. She sniffed the air. The smell was familiar. It smelled like the traveling salesman’s jism.

Cindy guessed immediately what had happened. Her father had jacked off and had squirted his spunk all over the bathroom. If it hadn’t been for her encounter this morning with the salesman, she wouldn’t have known what all the sticky gobs and trickles were, or how they’d gotten splashed all over the wall and toilet.

She blinked her eyes and jerked her head. She was still groggy with sleep and she wanted to be sure she wasn’t still dreaming. Each time she blinked, she found the scene in the bathroom unchanged. Her dad’s spunk was everywhere, and the scent of it made her dizzy. She remembered his muscular back and bare ass as he’d stumbled down the hallway. She looked at his shirt lying on the floor. She imagined him beating off his cock the way the salesman had done it. She imagined his spurting cum.

Her pussy tightened and throbbed. Her legs quivered. As her excitement grew, she felt faint. She closed the bathroom door.

She had to come again. She was too excited to care about anything else but satisfying her aching pussy. She took off her blouse and jeans. Her right hand slipped between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. She knelt down in front of the toilet. As her fingers slipped into the slick wetness between her pussylips, as she massaged her clit and poked her fingers in and out of her fuckhole, she sniffed her dad’s cum on the toilet seat. Dazed by the scent, she started to lap it up.

The taste of the cum, the feel of it as she rolled it on her tongue and savored it, made her close her eyes and sigh. She swallowed, eating her dad’s rich, sweet-tasting jism. It tasted better than the salesman’s jism. She lapped greedily at the gobs on the toilet seat, then slurped up the wads running down the tank. Her lips smacked.

Rising up to straddle the toilet, she caught a juicy wad of cum with her fingertips and rubbed it between her pussylips, massaging it up into her cunthole. As she jerked off with her dad’s spunk, she licked more of it off the tank top and the walls. Her fingers squished in her juicy, cum-slick cunt. Her hand jerked faster. She crouched again in front of the toilet and sucked up the gobs of her dad’s cum from the floor tiles.

She imagined the cum squirting from her dad’s prick. Her head swam. Her body throbbed. She tore at the itching, sizzling meat of her tight cunt.

“I’m gonna come!” she moaned. “Oh God!”

Her pussy erupted.

Gasping with each rush of electricity through her loins, Cindy humped at her jerking hand. The peppery taste of her dad’s cum on her lips increased her excitement, and she licked the toilet seat in hope of finding one last, tasty drop.

She moaned as the orgasmic thrills pulsed through her nude body, and she tossed her blonde head from side to side. It was her third orgasm of the day, but it was just as intense and toe-curling as the other two had been.

When her pleasure had finally subsided, she got up and sat on the toilet. Her piss flowed, falling on the gobs of her dad’s cum that floated in the toilet bowl. It thrilled her to see her own pin mingling with her dad’s piss and jism.

It felt good to piss, too, she thought. It felt good to come and to pin and to be naked. She spread her legs, shoved her hand between them, and started to beat-off again.

Her hand knifed at her pussy, three bunched fingers plunging in and out of her fuckhole. A few drops of pussyjuice dripped into the toilet. Her toes played with the floor tiles. She lifted her tits to her mouth and flicked her tongue at her nipples. She felt so sexy and sensuous that she wanted to announce to the world how good she felt.

“Feels so good!” she whispered, jerking her hand faster, searing the skin of her fingers as they pistoned into her tight cunt. “Oh yes, yeas!”

Her hand moved mechanically. It wouldn’t slow down. She craved the ultimate sensation, the ultimate pleasure. At the last moment, she kicked her legs up in the air, clutched air with her toes, and exploded with ecstasy.

“Ohhhhh!” she groaned. “Mmmmnnnn!” As she came, pussyjuice dribbled out of her and dripped into the toilet. She wondered if her dad felt as good when he shot-off.


That evening, Cindy did her best to cook supper, and seeing that she’d hardly ever cooked anything before in her life, she did a respectable job. She fried hamburgers and warmed up two cans of pea soup. Her dad complimented her on the meal. He also complimented her on her hair, which he said looked good long.

“You can grow your pretty hair all the way to the floor, now that your mother’s gone,” he said. “I sure don’t mind. And you can go barefoot all the time and wear whatever clothes you want — or don’t want.”

He glanced at the open neck of her blouse. Cindy blushed. She realized that he’d noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Yes, sir, I think you and me are gonna get along fine around here without your mother. And I’ll tell you one thing, if you don’t wanna go to church, you don’t have to. I sure won’t be going much. I been dragged to church enough times in the last twenty years to last me the rest of my life — shit, to last me ten lifetimes!”

“Me too,” Cindy said shyly.

She was surprised to hear her dad talk so much. Usually he said things about school, her dress, and not much more than that.

“And you can read whatever books you want. No need to hide ’em around me. Any books. And anytime you wanna use the pick-up to go to town, or to go out for a ride, or out on a date, it’s yours for the asking.”

Cindy couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and the more her dad talked, the more excited she got. Her mother hadn’t allowed her to learn to drive or to date boys.

“I don’t have a driver’s license,” she reminded her father.

“I know,” he said. “And we’re gonna start fixing that right now. Come on.”

“Where we going?”

“To give you your first driving lesson, girl! Leave the dishes! Come on!”

“I’d better get some shoes.”

“You don’t need shoes. Come on, girl, the sun’s heading down. Let’s get your lesson in before dark.”

A minute later Cindy found herself behind the wheel of the pick-up. Her dad adjusted the seat as far forward as it would go so her feet could reach the pedals. He sat close to her right side, his left arm draped over the seat behind her neck. She could smell his sweat, and she found the smell pleasant.

The truck had an automatic transmission, so Cindy had no trouble getting it moving down the driveway. She giggled at the thrill it gave her to be driving, and her dad laughed too. Soon they were out on the road.

Jim Sutter had a hard-on that was ready to bust out of his pants. The sweet, girlish smell of his daughter made him dizzy. He was glad she was driving, because he didn’t think he’d be able to control the steering wheel. Sitting next to her, and being taller than she was, he was able to look down into her blouse and see her tits.

His hand itched to slide down in her blouse and take a feel. He hadn’t felt so excited since his days of dating girls in high school. It was as if he were young again and out for a ride with a girl, and all that mattered in the world was getting his prick inside her.

“You’re doing real good, honey?” He stroked his daughter’s shoulder. “By next week you’ll have your license.”

Cindy’s giggle sent hot quivers through his hard cock. His crotch was getting stained with the pre-cum oozing from his pinhole.

Jim wasn’t paying attention to where they were going. They were out on the road, but he didn’t know in which direction they were traveling or how far they’d driven — and he didn’t care. His eyes were on Cindy’s hands and feet and tits, on her blonde hair and cute profile. He could hardly keep his hands off his cock.

“Here’s the crossroads,” Cindy said, and Jim came out of his daze. Cindy pulled up to the stop sign where the two country roads crossed each other. On one corner of the intersection was a bar, on another corner a gas station.

“Pull in at the tavern,” Jim said. “I’ll be right back.”

Cindy was more than surprised to see her dad enter the bar. She didn’t know he drank. Her mother would have had a heart attack to see him step through the tavern door.

Cindy rubbed the crotch of her jeans and found it moist and tight against her swollen cunt. She squeezed her legs together and worked her thighs against each other rhythmically. It sure was exciting to be driving for the first time, and so was sitting so close to her dad.

When Jim stroked her shoulder, she felt like melting. As wicked as the thought was, she kept wishing her dad would get as bold with her as the traveling salesman had — and pull her pants off. She wondered if her dad would want to lick her cunt. The thought of his tongue slurping between her cuntlips made her squirm.

Her dad returned, carrying a six-pack of beer. “Let’s get home,” he said. “You can help me drink this.”

“You’re gonna let me drink beer?” Cindy asked. Her mother would have killed him at the suggestion of such a thing.

“Of course,” he said. “You’re a grown girl. A few beers ain’t gonna hurt you.”

Cindy pulled out onto the road. As the last tatters of sunset dissolved into the western horizon, she switched on the headlights. All the way home, her dad stroked her shoulder. Neither of them spoke.

When they got home, they sat side by side on the couch, two small lamps casting a romantic light in the living room, the sound of crickets coming in through the window screens. Cindy had drunk two beers, and she felt like she was floating. Her dad shoved another beer into her hand, and she sipped it.

“You’re drunk,” he said.

“I know!” Cindy gasped.

“Well, so am I. Ain’t it getting a might hot in here?”

He pulled off his shirt.

She admired his muscular chest and the bold segments of his abdominal muscles.

“Too bad I’m a girl,” Cindy said. “If I wasn’t, I’d take off my shirt too.”

“What’s to stop you just because you’re a girl?”

Cindy giggled. “You’ll see my tits.”

“Your what? Your tits? Hell, don’t you think I’ve seen tits before? Go ahead, girl, take it off.” He started unbuttoning her blouse for her.

“I can do it.” Her fingers fumbled with the last remaining buttons, and her blouse fell open and slipped off one shoulder. She giggled, embarrassed.

“Come on,” Jim said.

He grabbed her blouse by the back of the neck and pulled. Her arms slipped out of the sleeves and her dad dropped the blouse on the couch.

“Feel better?”

He took one look at her tits, took a slug of beer, then leaned over and pulled off his boots and socks.

Cindy finished her beer. She closed her eyes and rested her head against the top of the couch. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. She was floating. She’d let go completely. She didn’t care what happened to her.

Jim Sutter took one look at his topless, barefoot, pleasantly drunk daughter, and he couldn’t control himself. The three cans of beer he’d drunk drove away any inhibitions he had. He leaned toward the girl and covered her lips with his. A sigh escaped them both as his tongue slipped into her mouth. It startled him when she immediately started to suck his tongue. He grabbed her warm, silky-smooth tits and massaged them as he and Cindy continued kissing. His cock throbbed with each flick of her tongue in his mouth.

“I love you,” Jim muttered.

He nuzzled and kissed her all over her face and neck. He slid down, nuzzled her tits, and licked and sucked her nipples. The smell, taste, and feel of her was better than anything he’d ever experienced with any other female. He wanted to eat her alive.

Cindy squirmed, gasping and moaning. Her bare toes wiggled and clutched. She squeezed her legs together. Her blonde head rocked from side to side. The thrills shooting through her body made her want to scream.

Her dad lifted her arms and licked out her smooth-shaved armpits. He licked off the trickles of sweat that had run down her flanks. He lapped over every inch of her tits, returning repeatedly to lick and nibble her cherries, to suck and gently bite her nipples.

Cindy’s cunt contracted, and she nearly spanned with each suck at her nipples. He licked out her armpits again, licked and bit the sides of her neck and throat, kissed her again and drooled spit into her mouth.

“Oh Daddy!” Cindy gasped. “Oh Daddy!”

She threw her arms around his neck and darted her tongue in and out of his mouth. She was quivering, melting.

Her dad pulled away. He slid down in front of her and undid her jeans. As he peeled them off her legs, the smell of her steaming cunt rose in the air. Kneeling on the floor in front of the couch, he spread her legs and buried his head between her thighs. Moaning, he began to lick and nuzzle and suck her frothing young pussy.

“My girl!” he groaned. “My Cindy!”

Cindy kicked her legs up in the air and spread them as wide as they’d go. She reached between her thighs, hooked her fingers at the edges of her swollen blonde cuntlips, and hauled them wide apart, stretching them like rubber. Her dad plunged his nose and lips into the seething pink fuckmeat, into the pulsating young crotch-hole, and he sucked the pussyjuice out of her, fucked his tongue as deep into her as it would go, and rubbed his nose against her clit and up and down her sizzling inner cuntlips.

Cindy pointed her toes, rolled her head from side to side, and groaned. Her tits rose and fell with her panting.

“Come in my face,” her dad said. “Come on, baby!”

He thrust his tongue inside her, twisting his nose against her crotch, licking and sucking and gnawing.

“Come on, honey, juice in my face!”


Cindy grabbed his head, digging her fingernails into his scalp, grinding her crotch against his face. Her thighs wrapped around his head and tightened, and with each hump and gyration of her loins, electric shock waves jolted her cunt. Her ass bouncing, her tits jiggling and wobbling, she humped to a climax against her dad’s mouth. As the spasms exploded in her cunthole, she whined like a cat.

“Daddy, eat my juice!”

Jim Sutter took a spurt of hot cuntjuice in his mouth like a squirt of wine from a wineskin. He guzzled the sweet nectar of his daughter’s pussy and bathed his face in her sizzling, exploding cuntmeat. He couldn’t get enough of the taste and smell of her. She could come in his face from now till eternity if she wanted to.

Cindy fucked her dad’s mouth until she’d stopped spasming and her crotch had become so sensitive that she couldn’t stand another flick of his hot tongue. Gasping, she unclamped her legs and pushed her dad’s head away. He tried to give her cunt a few more licks, but she fought him off.

“Don’t,” she said.

His face was red and drenched with her pussyjuice. He looked even drunker than before he’d blown her.

“How was it?”

“It felt really good,” Cindy said. She crossed her legs and gently worked them against each other, squeezing out the last flickers of orgasmic sensation. Her toes were still clutching.

Smiling drunkenly, her dad rose to his feet. His jeans were tented out at the fly and stained with pre-cum from his cock. He sucked in his gut and unsnapped his jeans. Watching Cindy’s face, he slowly unzipped his fly.

His cock sprang out like a rattlesnake with venom dripping from its mouth. The glossy cockhead was half-hooded by a thick foreskin. As he lowered his jeans and stepped out of them, Cindy gawked open-mouthed at his cock and balls. The throbbing of his cock and the slow rolling of his balls in their sac hypnotized her.

Jim’s cock dripped and dripped, oozing out a fresh gob of pre-cum with each throb. It was an enormous cock, gnarled with bulging veins. His balls were the size of hard-boiled eggs.

Cindy licked her lips. Her nostrils flared. She could smell his cock, could almost taste it. Her mouth watered when she thought of sucking the sweet cum straight out of his cock. She held out her arms, and her dad came to her.


“What a girl!” he said.

He stepped up on the couch and straddled Cindy’s thighs. She looked up at his balls and cock. Some pre-cum splashed on her face like hot rain, and she blinked. The smell of her dad’s balls so close to her nose made her sigh. She stuck out her tongue and her dad squatted slightly, lowering his balls to her lips. She started to slurp, cleaning the musky sweat off his tight, swollen ball-sac.

“Aw man!” Jim moaned. “Lick ’em all over, little sweetheart! Jesus, what a feeling!”

He rotated his pelvis, rubbing his balls all over Cindy’s mouth, helping her to get at every part of his balls with her wet, nimble tongue. He shoved his crotch against her mouth, and she sucked at it, her nose buried in his balls, her lips and tongue working on the sweaty flesh between his balls and asshole.

“You sure do love a man’s ball-sweat,” he said.

No girl had ever licked his balls and crotch the way Cindy was. It was as if his balls had been dipped in honey and she was a hungry bear cub.

Cindy was getting more drunk on the smell and taste of her dad’s balls than she’d gotten from the three cans of beer. Her excitement increased with every flick of her tongue against his hairy flesh, and she stuck the middle finger of her right hand up her pussy, jerking herself off as she sucked her dad’s balls. His balls were swollen and heavy. They felt like a pair of rubbery, hard-boiled eggs in their sac, and as they squirmed against her slurping, probing tongue, Cindy herself squirmed with excitement.

“Kiss ’em, little bitch,” her dad said, and she smooched his balls, making his cock throb wildly and drip pre-cum all over her blonde head.

Jim Sutter was about to shoot-off without touching his cock. His foreskin had peeled back almost completely off his cock-knob, and fiery thrills shot through his cock again and again. He knew that if he didn’t cool off a bit, he was going to waste his load all over Cindy’s pretty blonde head. He took a deep breath and forced himself to step back off the couch.

“Daddy, I wanna suck your cock,” Cindy said. She opened her mouth, stuck her tongue out, and gazed longingly at his pulsing cock. “I wanna taste it.”

Jim picked up his beer can and poured the last of his beer over his cock to cool it off. Beer ran down the length of his cock and dripped from his balls. He grinned at Cindy, and she grinned back mischievously.

“Let me lick the beer off,” she said. She had her legs spread wide, and was sliding a stiff finger in and off of her itching, red-hot young pussy.

“In a minute,” her dad said.

She kicked her legs up in the air, pointed her toes, and jabbed her finger in and out of her crotch faster, trying to excite her dad with her seductive posture and antics. He grabbed her feet mid pressed them together around his cock. She wiggled her toes and started rubbing her soles along his prickshaft.

Cindy giggled at the ticklish, sexy feel of his foreskin sliding up and down his cock. His cock felt huge between her feet, and so hot it almost burned her. She rubbed her toes against the moist cock-knob and found it even hotter than the shaft. She dipped her big toe in the precum oozing from his pinhole, then shoved her wet toe up at her dad’s mouth. He let her toe slide between his lips and he sucked it clean.

Jim couldn’t take any more fooling around. His balls were starting to ache. He dropped her feet and stepped back up on the couch. He squatted until his cock throbbed at the level of Cindy’s now. Her nostrils flared as she sniffed the cockhead, and her eyes rolled back, glazing over as she inhaled his male scent.

Cindy’s head swam. For a moment, she thought she might pass out. The raunchy smell of her dad’s throbbing, uncut prick was almost too potent for her. She stuck her tongue out and caught some of his dripping pre-cum. It tasted salty, and she swallowed it. She reached up to feel her dad’s cock, squeezing it with her finger-tips to test, its hardness. The prickshaft was so thick that her hand would close only halfway around it.

“Stroke it!” Jim gasped.

Cindy squeezed his cock and stroked it upward, making the foreskin curl over the flared edges of the wet cock-knob and causing a strand of lube to ooze out and drip on her tits. Holding the shaft tightly, she started to rub the cockhead all over her face. Musky moisture from the cockhead and the lube from the pisshole smeared on her cheeks and nose. She pulled her finger out of her pussy and smeared warm pussyjuice on her dad’s cock, working the tip of her wet finger into the mouth of the pisshole. She stuck her finger back up her pussy and, as she fingerfucked herself, she started to lick the head of her dad’s cock.

“Oh baby!” her dad groaned.

He watched every flick of her pink tongue at his cock, watched the tip of it probing his pisshole, watched her blue eyes gaze up, and saw her mischievous, girlish smile. She sure knew how to pleasure a man’s cock.

“How many cocks you sucked off before, girl?”

“None,” Cindy said. She kissed the tip of his cock. As her dad forced his cock in deeper, she took it, letting her throat rein, letting the massive prick slide down her gullet. She wanted every inch of it, even if she choked to death on it.

“What a cocksucker!” Jim growled. “Oh baby, suck it!”

He braced his hands on top of her shoulders and gently fucked at her face, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, in and out of her throat. Her lips were stretched thin around his enormously thick cockshaft, and they rippled over his prick-veins. Jim could see his swollen cock-knob sliding in her throat like a bobbing Adam’s apple. Her face turned red as she swallowed every inch of his cock. Her nose rubbed in his cockhair. His balls flapped against her chin. He couldn’t believe she’d swallowed the whole thing.

Cindy jerked her head and growled as she sucked. She could hardly breathe, but she didn’t care. The taste of her dad’s cock, the feel of it stuffing her mouth and throat, made her wild. She rammed her finger in and out of her pussy, making her pussyjuice froth out around it. Each smack of her lips, each responsive pulsation of her dad’s cock in her mouth, sent a wave of pleasure through her body.

The harder and faster Cindy sucked, the more pleasure she felt. Her pussy clutched at her ramming finger. Her toes clutched at the floor. She wanted to come, and she wanted her dad to come with her.

“Oh honey, oh baby!”

Her dad was gasping, working his cock in and out of her throat, tossing his head from side to side as the pleasure saturated his cock and balls. Her sucking sent fuck pleasure up his asshole and into his nipples and toes. Each flick of her tongue at the underside of his cockhead sent an electric shock through him. He wanted the pleasure to go on forever, to never stop, but he couldn’t hold it. His balls started to contract, and his cum was on the way.

Cindy felt the electricity and spunk surge through his cock. She braced herself as the first spurt gushed into her throat. She gagged as the hot juice burst against her tonsils. Before she could swallow, another spurt filled her mouth. Her dad was moaning, grunting, ramming his cock in and out.

“Drink it, baby, suck it out! Take it all, baby, yeahhh!”

Cindy growled. Despite an occasional gag, she managed to swallow her dad’s cum without losing any of it. It ran down her throat in thick, slimy wads, and the taste of it made her hungry for more.

She sucked to the rhythm of her dad’s cock spasms, eating his salty fuck-juice, sending ecstasy through his cock with her electric lips and tongue.

As Jim’s orgasm reached its peak of pleasure, Cindy’s orgasm began. Her eyes glazed over and rolled back. Her loins bucked. Her pussy chewed at her sliding middle finger, and her pussyjuice dribbled out onto the couch seat between her smooth young thighs. Her nipples quivered, her toes curled, and she saw stars.

Jim Sutter stroked his daughter’s soft blonde head. She looked so pretty when she came that he could hardly stand to watch. Seeing her writhe with girlish ecstasy as she munched his cock and drank his cum was the sexiest sight he’d ever witnessed. He felt the vibrations in her mouth and tongue with each spasm that shook her body. He reached down and squeezed her tits, pinched and tweaked her firm, rubbery nipples, and her eyes rolled back to white slits. She grunted and moaned.

“You’re sure feeling it, girl!” Jim gasped. And he was right. Cindy was feeling her orgasm so intensely that she thought she’d die. Her teeth sank into the rock-hard shaft of her dad’s cock as if it were a piece of wood. His molten cum ran down her throat. Her pussyjuice drenched her hand. She clamped her thighs hard around her jerking hand and spasming pussy, and she whimpered with ecstasy.


They made popcorn in the kitchen. As the corn popped in a large, cast-iron pot on the stove Cindy melted butter in a small pan. As she worked her dad sat at the kitchen table watching her ass wiggle and her tits jiggle, and despite his recent orgasm, his cock stood up against his stomach and throbbed with each beat of his heart.

Her long, straight blonde hair fell well past her shoulders in back. The pussyjuice between her legs shined like oil. He could easily have jacked off watching her, but he kept his hands off his cock for fear that he’d do just that if he didn’t restrain himself.

Steam billowed from the jumping lid of the pot, and the smell of the corn and the melting butter mixed with the aroma of Cindy’s young pussy. The whole house seemed to smell of teen pussy, or at least Jim Sutter imagined that it did.

Cindy dumped the popcorn into a big bowl and dribbled butter over it. She lightly salted the buttered popcorn and set the bowl on the kitchen table. She blushed and giggled at the sight of her dad sitting naked at the table, his huge prick sticking straight up in the air and twitching. She thought she must be dreaming. This entire day must have been a dream. She looked down at her own naked body and blushed even deeper.

“You’ll be a better cook than your mother in no time,” her dad said. “And we’re gonna be eating high off the hog now that we can eat what we want, instead of what she decides we ought to.”

He munched some popcorn.

“Come sit on my lap, girl!”

Cindy giggled as she took a seat an her dad’s knee and leaned against him. She curled an arm around his neck, and he curled an arm around her shoulders. Her right thigh pressed against his throbbing cock, and she got goosebumps from the feel of it.

“Open up,” Jim said, and he fed her some popcorn. “Yes sir, we’ll have popcorn every night if we want. Shit, we’ll have it for breakfast if we want. I can’t believe the way that woman controlled our lives. How did we ever put up with her?”

“I don’t know, Daddy.”

Cindy smiled and hugged her dad tighter. She prayed that she wouldn’t suddenly wake up and discover that her dream had ended. She’d never imagined that she could feel so good, or so free.

“This kernel needs more butter,” her dad said. “Spread your legs a little.”

“What’re you doing?” Cindy asked.

“Just spread your legs.”

Cindy watched her dad’s big, grimy, muscular hand move down between her thighs and slip a kernel of popcorn between her pussylips, inserting it into the wet, pink cunt-flesh between the golden-furred lips. He wiggled the kernel round slightly, touching her clit with it and making her breath quicken, then pulled the kernel back out and popped it in his mouth. “Now that’s the why popcorn oughta be buttered,” he said. He shoved another kernel into her twit, buttering it with her pussyjuice then pulled it out and ate it.

“You’re still drunk,” Cindy said. “And so am I.”

“I know!” Jim gasped. “Ain’t it great! Next time we’ll buy two six-packs instead of one! Then we’ll really have some fun!”

Cindy giggled, but she didn’t know how they could be having much more fun than they already were.

They munched popcorn without speaking for awhile, her dad occasionally buttering a kernel between her pussylips to make her squirm, then popping the cunt-flavored kernel into his mouth. As she squirmed, she pressed her thigh harder against his cock and feel it pulsate. Pre come oozed from his prick and got her thigh wet and slippery. She worked her leg against his cock.

“Who was the first boy that ever fucked you?” Jim asked.

The question surprised Cindy. “What do you mean?”

“Come on, tell me! We ain’t having any secrets between us from now on! Tell me about the first time! When did it happen, what boy did it, and where? I’ll bet it was in the back seat of a car, right?”

“There’s nothing to tell,” Cindy said. “I’ve never been fucked.”

“Come on, girl.”


“You’re shitting me!”

“I am not! I’ve never been fucked!”

“A girl who sucks cock like you ain’t never been fucked? Tell me another one!”

Cindy was starting to get irritated. “Honest, I’ve never been fucked, and your cock is the first one I’ve ever sucked, and that’s that!”

She crossed her arms and pouted.

“You’re shitting me, girl.”

“And you’re drunk,” Cindy said.

She started to get up, but her dad held her down. He shoved his right hand between her legs and inserted his middle finger between her pussylips. Cindy caught her breath as he forced the thick finger up her cunt, then she gasped as he probed her intact but elastic cherry.

“Ouch! Don’t push so hard!”

He withdrew his dripping finger and sucked it clean. His cock throbbed wildly against her leg. He had a leer on his face.

“I wouldn’t have believed it,” he said. “But my finger don’t lie! Jesus Christ, girl, you’re a virgin! A genuine virgin!”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you,” Cindy said.

Her dad slipped his finger back inside her and twisted it gently. Each time his fingertip probed and stretched her cherry, she winced. Her own fingers had never managed to penetrate so deep into her cunt. It felt great to have his thick finger twisting inside her, except for the pain when he jabbed her cherry as if he wanted to puncture it.

“Not so deep!” Cindy gasped. “Daddy, not so deep!”

Her dad pulled his finger out.

“Time for bed,” he said.

“But it’s still early!”

“Come on, girl.”

Before Cindy knew what was happening, her dad was on his feet and carrying her. His hot cock throbbed against her ass.

He carried her out of the kitchen, up the stairs, and into her bedroom. He laid her face up on her bed and sprawled out on top of her. His naked body completely covered hers, crushing her against the mattress and smothering her. His cock felt like a hot, pulsating snake between them. He kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She couldn’t help but respond.

She kissed him back and sucked his tongue. She drooled spit into his mouth, and he drooled spit into hers. They drank each other’s spit, inhaled each other’s breath, and rocked their naked bodies together with a slow, sensual rhythm.

“Ohhh, Daddy!” she moaned. “Daddy!”

She wrapped her arms around her dad’s broad, muscular back. Her tits swelled and rubbed against his hairy chest. She worked her silky-smooth belly against his cock, feeling his foreskin sliding, feeling his hot pre-cum greasing her belly-skin. She was dazed and groaning. She hoped he’d never climb off her.

“Mmmmmm, Daddy!”

“Baby!” He kissed her and licked her all over the face, all over the neck and shoulder. He nuzzled her ears, nibbled them, stroked her soft blonde hair and resumed devouring her mouth and tongue. “Baby, I wanna get inside you! I wanna fuck you!”

“I wanna feel you inside me, Daddy. I wanna fuck your cock. Do it to me, Daddy, I want it!”

Jim slid down slightly and shoved his lube dripping cock between her thighs. He kissed her tits and gently sucked her nipples. Cindy’s cunt contracted wildly. She spread her legs and started humping her sizzling crotch against her dad’s cock. She was moaning.

“Raise up your legs and wrap ’em around my hips,” her dad said. “That’s it, honey!”

Cindy felt pussyjuice dribbling from her seething pussy and running down her crotch and asscrack. Her cunt throbbed, itched, burned. She wiggled her ass, rocked her loins. Her pussy strained against her dad’s cock, and he guided the tip of it into position between her pussylips. The wet knob of his cock kissed the sucking mouth of her cunt, and electricity shot through both father and daughter.

“Dadddyyy!” Cindy moaned. “Fuck me!”

She squeezed her dad’s hips between her thighs. Her toes wiggled with excitement.

“Hold on!” Jim panted. He was shaking all over. His body had broken into a sweat. His cock pulsated with heat like a branding iron, pre-cum bubbling out of it nonstop. He began to work his cockhead between Cindy’s pussylips, to fuck it up into Cindy’s virgin pussy. “Hold on, honey!”

As his cock began to penetrate her, Cindy dug her fingernails into her dad’s back. Her tits rose and fell as she panted. She arched her back and pressed up against him.

“Be careful!” she groaned, “it’s so big!” Her eyes bulged as the head of his cock stretched apart her pussylips. The cock-knob felt as big as a fist and as hot as a baked apple fresh from the oven. Her pussylips stretched wider than ever before, and she clung to her dad, her heart slamming his cockhead was inside her.

“Oh, honey, you’re so fucking tight! Man, do I want you!”

“Be careful!”

“Oh baby!” He forced his cock deeper up he cunt. The cockhead and only a few inches of shaft had disappeared inside her when his prickhead tore her cherry.

“Stop!” Cindy screamed, gasping and squirming in pain. “It’s too big! It’s killing me!”

“Baby, I can’t stop! Baby, I can’t?” Her dad kept driving, fucking his cock deeper inside her. “I can’t stop, honey! Oh God, it feels good!”

Cindy’s fingernails punctured the skin on her dad’s back. Her mouth gaped in a long, high pitched wail. She gnawed at her dad’s jaw. The pain in her ant was unbearable.

Her dad fucked. “Awwww!”

Her cherry exploded inside her. All nine inches of his cock rammed up her crotch to the hilt. She squirmed like a fish on a spear, white light exploding in her brain. Her dad’s cock fucked in and out of her bleeding cunt. Her pain was so intense that she no longer felt it. She blubbered as her dad rutted at her, and in her hysteria, she passed out.

Jim Sutter was unable to control himself. His loins wouldn’t stop humping, his cock fucking inside her juicy, bleeding pussy. He’d almost shot-off when he’d snapped her cherry, and now he prayed that Cindy would wake up and share in his pleasure before he creamed inside her. He’d never felt so good. He lapped at her sweet young face and sucked up welts on her neck. Her eyelids quivered, and Jim licked them until they opened.

For a moment, Cindy thought she was finally waking up from her fantastic dream. A split second later, she found herself wondering if she’d died and was waking up in hell. She had a grunting, snorting, rutting beast on top of her, pinning her naked body down and grinding her into the mattress. It took her a few seconds to realize that the beast on top of her was her own father, and a few more seconds to realize exactly what was happening.

She felt his cock sliding in and out of her. She felt his wet balls slapping against her upturned crotch, felt hot fluid leaking down her asscrack, and smelled pussyjuice and the faint odor of blood. A wave of dizziness swept through her head and she nearly passed out again.

Her dad kissed her mouth, sucked on her nose, craned his head down, and started licking her tits. He licked out her armpits. He got her nipples in his mouth and sucked.

Cindy saw stars. She gasped as her cunt contracted. She realized that she no longer felt pain. After the excruciating pain of penetration, she’d blacked out. She’d awakened with a numb cunt, and now the pleasure was returning to it. She started to rock her loins, to slide and grind her cunt on her dad’s fucking cock.

“That’s it, sweetheart,” her dad said. “That’s it, honey, fuck me!”

Jim settled down on top of her with all his weight, rubbing his chest against her tits, kissing her fiercely, gazing into her blue eyes as his loins humped between bet quivering thighs, as his cock rammed in and out of her sucking, seething, grinding cunt.

Cindy panted like a woman giving birth. Her loins rocked with a quick rhythm as she fucked her dad’s cock. She squeezed her dad between her legs and kicked her heels at his contracting asscheeks, spurring him to fuck her faster, to drive his cock into her deeper. She could feel his cockhead popping in and out of the mouth of her womb. The deeper he fucked her, the deeper she wanted to be fucked. She dug her toes into his asscheeks, clawing his ass with her toenails as she clawed his back with her fingers.

“Give it to me!” Cindy gasped. “Oh Daddy, do it! Mmmmnnnn!”

She was becoming delirious. She couldn’t get enough of the sensation of her dad’s huge prick fucking in and out of her. She felt her asshole opening and closing, sucking excitedly at the air as her cunt sucked excitedly at cock.

“Can you come soon?” he dad asked, panting. “Honey, can’t hold it much longer! I want you to come with me!”

“Any time!” Cindy moaned. “Squirt it inside me, Daddy!”

“I’ll fill you up and make it come out your mouth!”

“Do it!” Cindy muttered, grinding her pelvis up at him. “Come on, Daddy, squirt it!”

“Yeah! Yeahhhh!” Her dad bore down, fucking her with all his strength, cracking his hipbones against hers and making them both gasp from the jolts. His cock swelled and hardened with each grinding, slamming stroke. Her blood-tinged pussyjuice frothed out around his cock and dribbled down his swinging, crotch-slapping balls. Sweat dripped from his nose and splashed on her face. His body-hair rubbed her smooth young skin like sandpaper.

“I’m gonna come!” Cindy gasped. “Oh God!”

She couldn’t delay the onset of her orgasm. The feelings came on suddenly and began to erupt inside her. Her blue eyes rolled back and her lithe body quivered and jerked as the spasms overwhelmed her. As her pussy contracted, it nearly skinned alive her dad’s plunging, fucking cock.

Her dad’s head snapped back. He looked as if he’d been shot. He groaned. His cock started to buck and vibrate. His eyes glazed over. Cum exploded from his pisshole and spasms shook his body. Streams of sizzling jism splashed into Cindy’s pussy.

“Ahhhh!” Jim bellowed.

Cindy clung to him, jerking under him as he jerked wildly on top of her. The feel of his slimy, sizzling cum gushing into her again and again made her moan with delight. The hot spurts filled her pussy. Some of the cum oozed out around the shaft of his sliding cock and mixed with her pussyjuice and cherry-blood.

She felt the muscles of her dad’s back contract, felt shudders pass through his body, felt his cock flex and spurt. With each ejaculation of cum into her pussy, her loins clutched with a fresh flurry of spasms and her clutching toes tingled.

“Shoot it in me, Daddy, shoot it!”

Her dad fucked her pussy long after his cock had stopped shooting cum. Their coupled fuck organs twitched with the aftershocks of orgasm, and they moaned in unison, enjoying the last delicious flickers of ecstasy. He kissed her long and deep. At last, his cock grew softer.

She expected him to pull out and roll off her. Instead, he relaxed on her and got heavier. In seconds, he started to snore.


Cindy lay under her sleeping dad a long while before she began to get restless. His half-hard cock was still anchored in her cunt, and the feel of it slowly pulsing inside her gave her enough pleasure that she was able to ignore the discomfort of being trapped under his muscular frame.

Finally, though, she began to feel as if she was going to smother to death if she didn’t get out from under him, and she tried to wake him up.

“Daddy, wake up! Get off me! Please, Daddy, wake up!”

He grunted and snuggled down against her harder, crushing and smothering her that much more. She started to get panicky and to squirm. It took her a few minutes of struggling, but she finally managed to fight her way out from under him. The moment she broke free and got up off the bed, her dad turned over in his sleep, rolling off the imprint of her body on the mattress and lying on his back. He snored, a blissful smile on his face.

Cindy went outside to sit on the porch swing and get some air. The moon was bright, and she could sec horses and cattle grazing out on the hillside pastures. She jumped when a furry creature came bounding around the corner of the house and up onto to the porch. Lassie, the tramp, had finally come home after being gone all day. Cindy went into the house and returned with a bag of dog food, which she dumped into the collie’s food dish.

“Horny bitch,” Cindy said, watching the dog chow down the food.

Horny just like me, Cindy thought, and she slipped a finger up her cunt and slowly masturbated, imagining herself to be a bitch in heat like the collie.

Cum oozed out of Cindy’s pussy as her finger pumped, and she looked down to see if the fluid was bloody. In the moonlight, she couldn’t tell. She wondered how much she’d actually bled when her dad had fucked his cock up her virgin pussy and torn her cherry to shreds. She’d never forget the explosion of pain. She’d never felt anything like it, and she hoped she’d never feel anything like it again. The pain had been worth it, though. Getting fucked by a cock was definitely worth it, though. Getting fucked by a cock was definitely worth any amount of initial pain. The exquisite pleasure of getting fucked made the pain seem insignificant by contrast.

She got up and went back into the house. Upstairs in her bedroom, a small lamp cast light over her sleeping father. He lay on his back, his big floppy prick hanging over his balls.

Cindy crawled onto the bed and lay facedown between his spread legs. She sniffed his balls, then began to lick. Soon she was lapping like a mother cat cleaning its kittens. The taste and smell of her dad’s balls made her drunk, made her groan. His cock puffed up, hardened, and flipped back against his belly, throbbing rhythmically as she continued to slobber all over his balls.

She slid up higher. Bracing herself on her elbows, her long blonde hair dangling along her cheeks and cascading over her tits, she bent her dad’s cock up to her lips and went down on it. The cock head filled her mouth. She slid her lips down the prick shaft until the cock head was buried deep in her throat and her nose was rubbing in his cock hair. She bobbed her head slowly, smacking her lips, churning her tongue, and sucking hungrily for his jism.

Her dad groaned. His loins began to rock, to hump. She couldn’t tell if he was still asleep or not. His hands came down on her head, guiding its bobbing motions. He humped gently at her face, fucking his huge cock in and out of her throat. His eyes remained closed.

It took her only a few minutes to get him off. A shiver went through her as his prick swelled and began to pulsate. He grunted, his cock flexed hard, and his hot jism gushed into her throat. She sucked greedily, her lips smacking, her throat bobbing as the thick fuck cream ran down it. He pumped out at least six rich spurts before his humping slowed and his cock began to soften.

Cindy sucked out his oozing cum, then milked the last of his cum from his piss-tube. His cock slipped out of her mouth, and her dad sighed and resumed his snoring. Cindy curled up between his legs, her face nestled against his cock and balls, and fell asleep.

The light of dawn was coming in through the windows when Cindy awoke with a start. She found herself lying face-up across her bed, her legs dangling off and wide apart. Her dad knelt on the floor in front of her, his head bobbing between her thighs, his wet tongue slurping at her throbbing pussy.

As he sucked and licked, Jim reached up to stroke the silky skin of her belly and tits. His tongue darted in and out of her cunt. He sucked at her clit. Pussyjuice dribbled out of her, and he lapped it up greedily.

Cindy rubbed her eyes, yawned, and stretched luxuriously, pointing her toes and sighing as her dad treated her to a blow-job. He pressed on her thighs to get her to spread wider, and she spread her legs with mounting pleasure. Her toes wiggled and curled with each fuck of her dad’s tongue between the fluffy folds of her cunt. Her toes clutched hard each time he sucked her clit.

“Mmmmm, Daddy, lick!” Cindy gasped. “Feels so good!”

She began to hump. She needed to get off. Once her hips started to rock and gyrate, there was no stopping her pleasure from racing to a head and bursting inside her. As she came, she crushed her dad’s head between her thighs and fucked wildly at his mouth.

Jim was growling, twisting his head from side to side, eating her succulent pink cuntmeat, and sucking the sweet pussyjuice out of her. He kept sucking long after her orgasm subsided, and her pussy became so super-sensitive that she gasped and had to force his head away.

“I could suck you all day, girl,” Jim said. He licked her juices off his lips and picked a few golden cunthairs out of his teeth.

Cindy got up to go to the bathroom. As she was sitting on the toilet pining, her dad stepped into the bathroom, too.

Cindy blushed, embarrassed. “Daddy, what are you doing here?”

“Don’t stop,” her dad said. “I love to watch a girl piss.”

He massaged his huge, lube-dripping cock, sliding the foreskin up and down.

“Come on, honey, it turns me on!”

“I can’t pee with you watching me.”

“Well, at least try.”

“I can’t!”

Her dad pulled her up off the toilet. He gave her a kiss, then turned her around and bent her over.

“Brace your hands on the toilet seat. Turn up your ass.”

“What’re you gonna do?”

“Turn up your ass and see.”

Cindy felt a few trickles of piss running down her legs. She felt her dad rubbing his cock in the piss. He continued rubbing his cock upward until it was sliding against her furry, piss-wet cunt. He spread her cuntlips wide and anchored his cockhead between them. He took a good grip on her ass and told her to hold on.

Cindy braced herself. She panted as his huge, searing-hot cock slid to the hilt up her pussy. She groaned with him, then wiggled her ass as he started to fuck her, it felt so good to have his big horny prick sliding in and out of her. She could hardly stand the intense sensations. She felt like screaming.

“Wiggle that hot little ass, baby,” Jim said. “That’s it, turn me on!”

Cindy tossed her head from side to side, the tips of her blonde hair brushing the toilet seat. Her tits dangled, jiggling like water balloons.

She worked her ass in circles and rubbed it against her dad’s hard belly as he rammed his cock up her cunt to the but.

“Are you feeling it, girl?”

“Mmmmm! Give it to me! Feels good!”

Her dad fucked faster, the head of his cock pounding the mouth of her womb and making her gasp. Her loins tightened with each plunge of his cock, building toward an explosion. Her asshole twitched, opening as she became more excited. Her dad started fingering her asshole. He moistened his finger with spit and slipped it inside.

“Daddy!” Cindy gasped. “What’re you doing!”

His finger pumped in and out. “Want me to stop?”

“Well — no!”

“I didn’t think so.” Jim fingerfucked her whole for a minute or so, watching her squirm, and then he did stop. Not only did he pull his finger out of her asshole, but he pulled his cock out of her cunt as well.

She groaned. “I was just gonna come!”

“I know,” he said. “That’s why I pulled out. I don’t want you coming yet.”

He smeared some pussycream up from her cunt to her asscrack. He slipped two fingers up her asshole at the same time, then three fingers.

Cindy enjoyed the sensations his fingers gave her asshole. She wished he would shove his cock back in her pussy, though. She was going to go crazy if she didn’t come soon.

“Hold on,” her dad said.

Cindy giggled, wiggling her ass in anticipation of his hot cock slipping back up her cunt. “Shove it in!”

Cindy’s crotch and ass were in such a state of throbbing excitement that she didn’t realize that his cock was entering her asshole until the cock-knob had already slipped past her assring and was throbbing inside her. Before she could resist, the rest of his cock followed like a huge, greased rattlesnake, and his belly collided with her ass.

Cindy’s eyes bugged out. She felt more surprise than pain, surprise at what her dad had done to her, and surprise at how little it hurt. Compared to getting her cherry blasted to smithereens, taking a cock up her asshole for the first time was nothing.

In seconds, the searing sensation of having her asshole stretched wide melted into a throbbing kind of pleasure. His cock started to fuck in and out, and Cindy moaned from the delicious sensation of it fucking her shitter.

“Relax!” her dad grunted, fucking like a stallion. “It won’t hurt so bad if you relax!”

“It doesn’t hurt,” Cindy said. “I love it!”

“Goddamn!” Jim gasped. “You beat all!” Cindy wiggled her ass and churned her asshole on her dad’s sliding, pulsating cock. She shoved her right hand up between her legs and rubbed her cunt, sliding her fingers in the sizzling fuckmeat between her cuntlips, rubbing vigorously at her pleasure-raw teen clit.

“Mmmm, Daddy, fuck me, grind me!”

Her tits flapped as her dad’s belly collided with her ass repeatedly. Each thrust of his cock up her asshole sent electricity streaming through her loins. It felt as good as getting her cunt fucked, and being able to rub her pussy at the same time that she was being ass fucked made it doubly pleasurable. She panted, her tongue hanging out.

“Oh, Daddy, fuck me! Squirt your cream in me!”

Her dad reached under her and grabbed her tits. He felt them, squeezed them, rubbed his rough thumbs on her nipples, and pinched and tweaked them. She squealed from the sensations that pulsed through her, and squirmed, her lithe teen body, teasing and tantalizing her dad with its sensual gyrations.

Jim let go of her tits and stroked all over her silky, glowing skin, feeling the curves of her lower back and hips, encircling her tiny waist with his hands. Her silky ass churned against his belly. Her asshole sizzled and sucked. He fucked his cock in and out of her in a grunting, growling frenzy. His pleasure reached a peak and he exploded into her.

“Ahhhhh!” He shot streams of jism up her asshole. “Honey!”

Jim slumped forward over her, hugging her loins, grinding his belly against her wiggling ass, and pumping spurt after spurt into her guts. As he creamed her asshole, he licked at her back and shoulders, chewed at her sweet-smelling blonde hair.

Cindy groaned as the spurts splashed into her ass. Every cell of her body prickled and throbbed. She felt like jumping out of her skin. She pinched her clit between her fingers and thumb and twisted it back and forth. Her ass gyrated. Her body undulated as if ocean waves were moving through it. Her asshole contracted with each flex of her dad’s cock and each gush of his molten spunk up her guts. The tension burst inside her.

“I’m coming! Ohhhh, Daddy!”

She fucked crazily, banging her ass against her dad’s belly, grinding her hand between her thighs, churning her asshole on her dad’s bucking, jizz-spitting prick.

“Squirt it, Daddy, oh yesss!”

Father and daughter fucked and grunted and moaned for a full minute before their spasms subsided and they pulled apart. They’d been welded together so tightly that they eased away from each other carefully, for fear their skin would tear if they uncoupled too fast.

“I’ve gotta pee bad,” Cindy said. She tried to sit on the toilet, but her dad wouldn’t let her.

He squatted behind her and started licking between her thighs. “Piss, honey, let me taste it! Come on, sweetheart!”

Cindy had no trouble getting her piss-flow going. As her piss dribbled from between her gold furred cuntlips, her dad went crazy. He slurped and sucked, drinking her piss and letting it wash down his chin and neck, his chest and belly, his cock and balls.

Jim spread her cuntlips and pressed his mouth between them, sucking the bitter-sweet piss directly from her pisshole. He guzzled and gulped, drinking like a man who had gone days without water. Then, before Cindy finished pissing, he abruptly rose to his feet and shoved his cock up her cunt.

“Keep pissing,” he said. “Piss on my cock.” He fucked her, letting her hot piss bathe his cock and balls. When she finished pissing, he pulled his cock out of her and squatted behind her again, licking her piss-wet cunt clean.

Cindy didn’t know what to make of her dad’s behavior. She couldn’t shame him for what he was doing, though, because she was enjoying every second of it. When he started to lick her asshole, Cindy bent over and contracted her shitchute, squeezing his own cum out of her asshole and into his mouth.

“Suck my asshole, Daddy! Lick it!” Cindy glanced over her shoulder and watched with mischievous glee as her daddy ate out her ass.


A few mornings later, a shirtless Jim Sutter was out in the fields cutting hay when he spotted Cindy walking toward him from across the field. A thermos jug dangled by its handle from her right hand. He immediately put on the brakes, shut off the tractor, and watched her.

As usual, she was stark-naked. She hadn’t had any clothes on her willowy young figure since he’d stripped her two days before. She had the most voluptuous curves I’ve ever seen on a teenager, and her big, shapely tits and long blonde hair made him want to eat her alive every time he looked at her.

Jim’s cock swelled in his jeans and he squeezed it. He had shot his wad so many times in the past few days that he couldn’t keep count anymore, but one look at his naked young daughter still turned his cock to steel in seconds.

“Hey girl, what you got there?”

“Lemonade, what else?” Cindy climbed up the tractor, sat on Jim’s knee, and poured him some lemonade.

“You’re spoiling me,” he said, stroking her silky lower back. He emptied the cup and she poured him some more. He could feel the heat of her hot pussy penetrating his thigh through his jeans. “How am I supposed to get any work done with you coming out here to pamper me every half-hour?”

She reached down and rubbed his bulging crotch. “How can you get any work done when you’re always in this condition?”

“I don’t get in that condition till you come around flashing your ass and tits in my face.”

“Want me to leave?”

“Hell no!”

Jim pulled his daughter against his bare chest and kissed her. The thermos bottle and cup toppled off the tractor. He shoved his tongue between her lips, flicking it at her tongue. Her mouth seemed sweeter than the lemonade he’d just drunk. She drooled in his mouth and he drank her spit. They both moaned.

Cindy broke their kiss and undid his jeans. He lifted up so she could pull the jeans down to his knees. His cock slapped up hard and throbbing against his stomach. He didn’t know what she had in store for him, but he guessed it would be a blow-job. She loved to suck cum as much as he loved to suck pussy.

“What you up to, girl?”

“You’ll see!” She stepped onto the tractor seat and straddled his legs. Squatting, then kneeling, she sat on his cock and let it slide all the way up her cunt.

They both groaned.

“Damn!” Jim said. “Girl, you got the hottest, tightest pussy! Man, I could fuck it forever!”

“Ooooh, Daddy, I love your cock!” She wrapped her arms around his neck and started to slide up and down, her heavy tits flapping in his face and against his chest.

Daggers of pleasure shot through his cock.

He leaned back and relaxed, letting her do all the work. “Honey, you’re gonna spoil me rotten!”

“I hope so!” Cindy moaned.

She fucked him until he nearly came, then pulled her cunt off his cock and replaced it with her asshole. Her asshole always seemed hotter and tighter than her cunt when he first entered it, and Jim groaned with the itchy, prickling sensations that tore through his cock.

Cindy fucked up and down, her asshole quivering and sucking, fuck juices trickling from her open cunt and drenching his lower belly. He reached down and spread the sweet juices all over his stomach and chest. He rubbed them on his face, licked them off his fingers, and Cindy kissed him, tasting her cunt on his lips.

She alternated fucking him, with her asshole, with her cunt, with her asshole again, with her cunt again, then again with her asshole. Each time she pulled up off him, he was closer to coming than before. She’d perfected the art of bringing him to the brink of orgasm without letting him come, and the frustration her teasing caused him was as great as the pleasure.

“Damn it, girl, I gotta come!”

“Mmmm, so do I, Daddy. But the longer we hold off, the better it’ll feel when we do.” She tightened her asshole and nearly skinned his cock as she sank down.

Jim’s eyes almost popped out.

She tortured him for five more minutes before she lost control. Jerking up and down, her tits banging Jim in the face, she started to gasp and writhe. Her loins erupted with spasms, and her exploding asshole sent electricity surging through Jim’s cock. His head snapped back, his eyes rolled skyward, and he grunted with each explosive spurt up her ass. His cock felt like a shotgun going, off.

Cindy squirmed in his arms, her head snapping back again and again, her blonde hair dangling nearly to her ass. Jim gnawed on her tits, and her asshole nearly chewed his cock off. When they finally finished coming and Cindy slid off Jim’s lap, they were both exhausted.

“How am I supposed to work now?” Jim asked. “I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck!”

“Come down on the grass and we’ll sleep,” Cindy said dreamily. She tugged on his hand.

He shrugged her off. “If I don’t get this hay cut, girl, our cattle will starve this winter. Why don’t you take the pick-up and go to town or something! Get away from this place for a while — let me get some work done!”

“I don’t have a driver’s license,” Cindy said. “Hell, the chances of some cop checking you for a license are one in a million. You drive, as good as anybody else on the road. Go out and get some more practice and we’ll take you in for your test next week.”

Cindy gave him a mischievous grin and turned back toward the house. He watched her wiggle down the hill, and the gyrations of her ass sent tingles through his cock, which was as hard as a rock again. He was tempted to go after her. He imagined catching her, bending her over, plugging her, and fucking her ass until his jism shot up her asshole or cunt again.

He could fuck her till his balls fell off, if he wasn’t careful, and the farm would go to hell in the process. He had to learn to control his lust — at least on occasion — and now was one of those occasions. With a sigh, he forced up his jeans and wedged his cock back into them.

“Girl!” Jim hollered. “Remember to put on some clothes when you go out driving.”

“Do I have to?”

Jim Sutter shook his head, started up his tractor, and resumed cutting hay. He resisted the impulse to glance again at his naked, ass wiggling daughter.

Cindy steered the pick-up out onto the road and headed away from town rather than toward it. She figured that driving toward town would only increase her chances of running into a sheriff’s deputy who would demand to see her license.

Driving didn’t seem very hard. Cindy couldn’t understand why her mother had made such a big fuss over her wanting to learn to drive. She was sure glad that her mother was gone and she didn’t miss the woman the least little bit. In fact, she didn’t care if she ever saw her mother again. All her mother had ever done was to forbid Cindy to do everything she’d ever really wanted to do.

Her hair blew in the clover-scented breeze. She was dressed in shorts, a blouse, and nothing else. She’d made the shorts by cuffing off a pair of jeans before she’d left the house. She didn’t own any factory-made shorts because her mother had strictly forbidden her to wear such sinful clothing. She’d cut the jeans off too short, so they were hardly larger than a pair of panties. They did cover her ass, though, which was all that was necessary. She’d tied her blouse up under her tits to make a halter of it. She was wearing a sort of makeshift bikini, and she felt almost as naked as before she’d put any clothing on at all.

She sailed past the Martinson farm, the nearest neighboring farm to the west. She’d gone all through school with the Martinson twins, Joel and Jeff, who were her own age, but whom she’d never gotten to know. Her mother had strictly forbidden her to talk to boys anywhere except at church, and whenever the twins had stopped by the farm on their bikes, her mother had thrown a fit, ordering Cindy inside the house while she lectured the boys about getting their hair cut and putting on shoes.

Cindy was a mile past the Martinson farm and crossing the Prairie river when she spotted two bikes in the ditch near the bridge. She recognized the beat-up old bikes immediately, so she pulled the pick-up onto the shoulder beyond the bridge and climbed out.

The Prairie river was a twisting, meandering trout stream. Sunlight glistened off of the water below the bridge and made the sandy river bottom look like gold. A small, painted turtle poked its nose above the surface of the stream, then dove again and swam into the shadows. Cindy went over to the bikes and spotted two pairs of barefoot tracks leading away from the bikes and upstream.

Cindy followed the tracks upstream along the riverbank. The stream twisted this way and that. The boys had hiked upstream a long way, and Cindy was wondering how much farther she’d have to walk to find them when she rounded a bend and spotted them. She stepped back of sight immediately, watching them through the trees.

As usual, they were grubby, and they were dressed in nothing but old jeans. Manes of shaggy blond hair hung to their shoulders in back and nearly covered their eyes in front, making them look like sheepdogs. They were tanned so dark that Cindy wondered how much of their tan was real and how much was dirt. They were remarkably lean boys, with stomach muscles that looked hard.

Joel stood out on a sand bar, while Jeff sat cross-legged on the sandy bank. Each boy held a fishing pole in his left hand and a big, uncut cock in his right. As they slid their foreskins up and down, working them up over the flared edges of their glossy, purplish cockheads, both boys appeared to be daydreaming, gazing out over the water, their eyes on their fishing lines or on the ripples in the stream.

Cindy’s heart pounded, and she began to breathe faster. She gave her pussy a squeeze and clamped her legs together. She licked her lips. Joel and Jeff had always turned her on — even though she’d refused to dwell on her excitement when she thought about them — and now she was fascinated and titillated by the scene in front of her. The two big cocks looked oversized on boys with such lean hips and skinny bellies. She loved the sight of their muscular hands stroking up and down, loved the dreamy looks on the boys’ faces, and wondered what they were thinking about as they beat-off.

Jeff said something to his brother, and Joel nodded. Cindy couldn’t quite make out what Jeff said, but she thought she heard the word tits.

Cindy gazed at the boys, expecting at any moment to see wads of jism spurting from their cocks. She wanted to watch the boys jerk-off, but at the same time, she didn’t want them to waste their cum by shooting it on the sand or into the stream. She wondered if either of them had ever fucked a girl.

She didn’t know what to do. She thought about jumping out at them and yelling surprise. She thought about walking dreamily up the beach and pretending not to see either of them until she stumbled over Jeff. She thought about stumbling out of the trees, her tongue hanging out, and going straight for their lube-dripping cocks.

Joel started to hump, his hand jerking faster, and Cindy knew that if she didn’t do something quick, Joel would be blasting a big load out over the water. She retreated back down the beach and started to whistle.

Gathering her courage, Cindy began to march back up the beach. She wanted to give the boys the impression that she was just strolling along. As she rounded the bend where the boys came into sight, she found them both on their feet, their cocks tucked safely out of sight in their jeans, although the bulges under the thin denim were obvious.

“Hi,” Cindy said. “I never expected to meet you guys out here fishing.”

“What’re you doing here?” Jeff asked. He frowned suspiciously.

“Hiking,” Cindy said. She walked up closer until she could smell Jeff’s sweat. “You guys catch anything?”

“Of course,” Joel said from out on the sand bar. “But we throw ’em back.”

His eyes were all over Cindy.

“I thought your mother never let you go anywhere,” Jeff said.

“My mother’s gone,” Cindy said. “Divorced my dad and left. I can do anything I want now.”

She sat down on the sand.

“Nice place you guys got here.” Joel came in from the sand bar. He and Jeff glanced at each other.

“We were just gonna go skinny-dipping,” Joel said.

“Want me to leave?” Cindy asked. “If you mind seeing a couple of guys naked,” Jeff said.

“Why should I mind?”

The two boys stripped off their jeans. They made no attempt to hide their hard-ons.

Cindy made no attempt to hide her interest. She could smell their cocks, and the smell drugged her.

“Mind if I get naked too?” she asked.


The horny boys watched Cindy undress. She took off her blouse first, giving them a look at her swollen tits and erect nipples. Their cocks twitched wildly, flicking off gobs and strands of pre-cum. They were so excited that their foreskins had peeled back completely off their cock-knobs.

Cindy smiled at them and unsnapped her shorts. She lifted her ass and pushed them down her legs. The sand felt warm against her naked ass, and the breeze wound between her legs and licked her pussy. The boys gawked at her. They looked ready to pounce.

“I thought you guys were going skinny dipping,” Cindy said.

“We changed our mind,” Jeff said. Like his brother, he was breathing heavily.

“We never knew you were that kind of girl,” Joel said.

“What kind of girl is that?” Cindy asked. “The kind that would get naked with a couple of guys!” Jeff gasped.

“Well, now you know,” Cindy said. “I’m that kind of girl.”

The twitching of the boys’ randy cocks was driving her to distraction. She couldn’t keep her eyes off the two lube-dripping pricks. She reached up and wrapped one hand around each cock.

“Move closer together, you guys!”

She positioned the boys, and got up onto her knees in front of them. Their cocks dripped precum on her tits. She bent their cocks down and raised up high enough so she could rub their cockheads on her tits and smear pre-cum all over them. The boys’ legs trembled in their excitement, and they had to support each other to keep from toppling over.

“You sure like to play with cocks!” Jeff groaned.

“Just like you guys,” Cindy said with a smirk. “You think I didn’t see you guys playing with yourselves while you were fishing?”

The boys blushed as Cindy rubbed their cockheads on her tits, squeezing out pre-cum on her nipples. The smell of their unwashed, uncut cocks nearly knocked Cindy out. The potent scent made her head spin and sent vibrations pulsing to her cunt.

She shoved her nipples against their open, lube-oozing piss holes and tried to work her nipples into the boys’ cocks. She got the tips of her nipples inside, and the two pricks throbbed powerfully, sending sticky trickles of pre-cum down her tits.

“She’s fucking our cocks with her tit-nubs!” Joel said, his eyes wide with astonishment.

Cindy giggled and jerked her hands on the boys’ cocks, working their foreskins up and down. From the way their pricks were swelling and jumping, she could tell they were close to shooting jism, and she didn’t want that to happen yet.

She let go of the boys’ pricks and made them stand even closer together, so that their ball-sacs were touching. Cindy pushed her head between them and started nuzzling and licking their balls. Their balls smelled and tasted like her dad’s balls, only about three times as strong. Cindy didn’t mind, though, because the strong male scent turned her on.

The twins watched her blonde head twist between them, watched her nose nuzzle their balls and her tongue lick. Their toes wiggled in the sand and they pressed closer around Cindy. Their pricks dripped pre-cum on her head and shoulders. They were panting like runners after a sprint.

“Suck our cocks,” Jeff said.

“Turn around first,” Cindy said.

She maneuvered the two boys until they were facing away from her and bending over, mooning her with their asses. She could see their brownish-pink assholes twitching between their asscheeks, and she couldn’t resist taking a taste.

“Oh man!” Joel gasped. He wiggled his ass as Cindy licked from one end of his asscrack to the other. “Lick it?”

Cindy licked up and down Joel’s sweaty asscrack until he whimpered with excitement. She sucked on his asshole and worked her tongue up into it. Joel grabbed his cock and started jerking off wildly.

Cindy yanked her tongue out of his asshole and slapped his jerking arm to make him let go of his cock. She shoved her nose between Jeff’s asscheeks and gave him the same treatment she’d given his brother. When Jeff started wiggling his ass and jerking off, Cindy pulled her tongue out of him and slapped his arm too.

“Turn back around,” she said.

She had the twins stand close together again, so she could press their cocks together and suck both of their cocks at the same time. She held their pulsating, lube-dripping cocks and started to lick the purplish prick-knobs. The boys groaned, humping, working their cocks between her hands.

Cindy’s eyes rolled deliriously as she licked the musky film off their unwashed cockheads and sucked the lube from the tips of their cocks. She was so excited that the pussyjuice was running out of her in hot trickles and sliding down the insides of her thighs like melted butter. She was dying to rub her pussy, but both of her hands were occupied. She squeezed her thighs together and wiggled her ass, pleasuring her pussy as best she could by rubbing her pussylips together between her clamped legs.

The boys groaned, slowly nodding their blond heads from side to side, rolling their eyes, drunk on the pleasure Cindy was giving their hard pricks. She opened her mouth as wide as she could, nearly dislocating her jaws, and she forced her lips over the two cockheads, forced their burning cock-knobs into her mouth, forced her lips down farther.

She managed to swallow three inches of their eight-inch cocks before she couldn’t take another millimeter without her lips tearing and her jaws breaking. Crazy with excitement at having both cocks in her mouth at the same time, Cindy growled, munching on their tasty prickheads.

The boys each pressed a hand to her head. They humped gently, making their cocks slide together inside her mouth, working their cocks within the ring of her stretched lips.

To Cindy’s surprise, she managed to swallow another inch of their cocks before she started gagging uncontrollably. The boys eased off, letting her suck as much as she was able to. Her spit ran down their cockshafts and trickled over their balls. She sucked rhythmically, hungry for their jism. In no time, their cocks started to quiver.

“I’m gonna come?” Jeff gasped.

“Me too!” Joel groaned.

Cindy’s skull felt as if it would explode as the two cocks swelled unmercifully in her mouth and began to buck and pulsate. She sucked the flaring cock-knobs and jerked her hands and stretched their foreskins. The boys rose up on their toes, their asses humping, their belly muscles rippling, and they groaned in unison as the jism erupted from their twin cocks and filled Cindy’s mouth.

Cindy’s throat was flooded after one spurt. Her mouth overflowed. Slimy jism dripped from her chin and trickled down her tits. She sucked and swallowed as best she could, but the profuse loads of the two randy boys was more than any girl could handle alone.

The boys shuddered as orgasmic tremors ripped through their skinny, humping bodies. Their dirty toes clutched sand and they grunted like bulls as they pumped their jism down Cindy’s throat.

“Drink it?” Jeff growled.

“Yeah, drink it?” hi, brother said.

When they’d finished coming, their cocks softened just enough for Cindy to disengage her mouth without doing permanent damage to her jaws. She lowered herself and sat on her heels, licking off the jism that had trickled over her hands. As the dazed boys watched her, she cleaned up the mess they’d made on her tits by lifting each tit and licking the creamy jism off of it. The boys’ pricks no longer pointed skyward, but drooped slightly, throbbing rhythmically and dripping. The sight of their big, salami-like cocks excited Cindy.

“I wanna be fucked now,” she said.

She shoved her hands between her legs and got them gooey with her pussyjuice. She raised her hands, smeared pussyjuice on the two drooping cocks, and felt them immediately grow harder. She raised her pussy-smelling hands higher so the boys could sniff them.

The boys acted as if they’d taken a whiff of a potent drug. Their pricks throbbed, standing out and stretching their foreskins nearly taut.

“I’ll fuck you first,” Jeff said.

“No, I will!” Joel gasped.

“You’ll both fuck me,” Cindy said. “At the same time.”

The two boys looked at each other as if Cindy were crazy. Cindy wasn’t quite sure she could manage getting fucked by both twins simultaneously, but over the past few days she’d been imagining the mechanics of just such a feat, and it seemed worth a try.

“Who wants to fuck my pussy?”

“I do,” the boys said in unison. “You can’t both fuck my pussy. One of you has to fuck my asshole.”

The twins blinked and glanced at each other again.

“Your asshole!” Joel gasped. “You sure you want your asshole fucked?”

“Don’t tell me that guys with wild reputations like you two have never fucked a girl’s asshole!”

“Sure we have,” Jeff said. “Plenty of times! Fucked the shit out of lots of assholes! And I’ll fuck yours too, bitch, if that’s what you like!”

“It’s what I love,” Cindy said with a mischievous grin. The boys’ dumbfounded expressions pleased her. She was convinced that neither boy had ever fucked a girl’s asshole.

“I’ll fuck your asshole too,” Joel said. “I’m first!” Jeff moaned. “I claimed her asshole first!”

Cindy took Joel’s hand. “You can fuck my cunt.”

She pulled him down and positioned him on his back on the sand. She climbed over him and straddled him, grinding her pussy against his cock.

“Sit on it!” Joel moaned.

Cindy bent his prick and rubbed his cockknob between her pussylips. Her pussyjuice dribbled down his shaft and onto his balls. With a sigh, she sank her cunt onto his cock, taking in all eight inches of it and wiggling her ass against his balls.

As Joel squirmed, his eyes rolling with pleasure, Cindy lay forward on top of him and kissed him. At the same time, she reached back and spread her asscheeks.

Jeff got down behind her and licked her ass. He lapped from one end of her tasty asscrack to the other. His tongue probed her asshole and wiggled inside it. Cindy moaned, squirming on top of Joel, working her cunt on his cock and her tongue in his throat. From the sounds Joel was making, Cindy could tell he was loving it.

Jeff lubricated his cock with Cindy’s slick pussyjuice. He smeared pussyjuice between her asscheeks. He slipped a finger up her asshole and worked it in twisting, reaming circles. When Cindy started gasping, he yanked his finger out of her, bridged himself over her, and shoved his cock between her asscheeks.

“Oh yes, shove it in!” Cindy moaned.

As Jeff bore down, Cindy’s asshole opened. Eight inches of Jeff’s cock slipped inside Cindy’s asshole as easily as his twin brother’s cock had slipped inside her cunt. Jeff collapsed on top of her, his ass bouncing, his cock driving.

Cindy shivered and almost jumped out of her skin. The sensation of having two big cocks fucking her loins simultaneously made her moan and groan. She squirmed between the sweaty bodies of the two boys, grinding her fuckholes on their cocks, fucking in unison with them.

Under Cindy, Joel was fucking his cock up into her juicing cunt. His blond head tossed from side to side deliriously. On top of her, Jeff humped like a rutting bull, fucking his horny cock in and out of her asshole, biting her shoulders and neck, drooling spit on her.

“You’re so tight!” Jeff grunted. As he fucked, his belly smacked against her gyrating ass. His long cock plunged in and out like a hot, greased snake. He was fucking her so fast that her asshole sizzled from the friction.

“I feel your cock rubbing inside her,” Joel said to his brother. “I feel it rubbing against mine. Can you feel my cock?”

“Yeah, I feel it!” Jeff gasped. “It feels fucking great!”

Cindy reveled in the sensation of being sandwiched between two sweaty, grunting boys. And not only were the two boys smothering her between them, but they were also fucking the depths of her body with their eight-inch pricks.

She sucked on Joel’s tongue, drooled spit down his throat, mashed her nose against his nose, and inhaled his breath. As Jeff sank his teeth into the back of her neck, and as he thrust his wet tongue into her ear, Cindy shivered alternately with chills and hot flashes. Her loins became a seething, churning inferno. Her asshole and cunt contracted in unison, chewing, squeezing, and sucking the boys’ horny pricks. Waves of fuck pleasure surged through her loins and coursed to every part of her body. She was in ecstasy. She couldn’t stand it another second!

“I’m gonna come!” Cindy groaned. “Ohhh, mmmmnnnn!”

Her orgasm came on in slow motion, hovering at the brink for several endless moments. The sensations were excruciating. She thought her mind was going to explode. She felt the two rigid cocks plunging in and out of her loins, felt every vein on their steel-hard pricks, felt, the searing, flared edges of their cockheads. The two cocks were rubbing electricity into her loins, were shooting electricity into her like fire.

Cindy felt the two cocks swell and grow even harder. She felt the vibrations and spastic jerking, felt the boys shudder as their balls contracted and the jism hurled through their cocks, and heard them grunt and cry out in unison as their spunk gushed into her body.

“Yessssss!” Cindy screamed. Her pussy and asshole exploded. “Shooooot it!”

Her body jerked and writhed and shuddered. She cared for nothing but pleasure, felt only the orgasmic electricity surging through her body and the cocks squirting streams of sizzling jism inside her. The gushing spunk splashed in the depths of her womb and in the depths of her asshole. Her fuckholes contracted, teasing out spurt after spurt as the two helpless boys fucked beneath and above her. At last, their mutual fucking slowed.

Cindy’s muscles softened, and she melted with relaxation. Jeff lay panting on top of her, his cock pulsing in her asshole. He worked his cock in her slowly, squeezing out the last of his spunk and pleasure. Joel seemed to sink into the sand under her. Only his cock remained hard, twitching in her cunt. At last, Jeff rolled off Cindy, and Joel gave Cindy a push, rolling her off of him. The breeze cooled the three of them, drying the sweat on their bodies.

After a while, Joel spoke.

“Now I get to fuck your asshole,” he said to Cindy.

“Go ahead.” Cindy flopped over on her belly and let the horny boy mount her from behind.

When Joel had pleasured his cock in her asshole and rolled off her, Jeff climbed aboard and fucked his cock into her cunt. Cindy lay there moaning as the two farm boys took turns enjoying her. She didn’t care if they fucked her all day and all night.


Cindy had a hard time concentrating on the road test for her driver’s license because she was distracted by the large bulge in the examiner’s pants. He was a middle-aged man, with glasses and a serious face, but in spite of his serious attitude, she noticed him looking at her bare legs a lot, and once she even caught him trying to look down her blouse.

Cindy was sweating, nervous, and a touch horny. She squirmed uncomfortably on the seat of the pick up as she drove.

“You must have graduated this spring,” the examiner said.

“Why, yes, I did,” Cindy said.

“Then you must have known my daughter Marilyn, Marilyn Kelly.”

Cindy thought a second. “Sure! She was a cheerleader, wasn’t she?”

“Yes, and now she’s on her way to college,” the examiner said with a sigh. “We’re sure going to miss her around the house, my wife and I. We have no other children. Are you on your way to college, Cynthia?”

“Not for the time being, at least,” Cindy said. “Right now my dad needs me to help out around the farm. My mom’s gone, and I’m the only one left.”

“Your dad’s lucky to have such a faithful daughter. Turn left here, please.” He directed her downtown, where he asked her to park between two parked cars.

Cindy panicked. She’d never even tried parking between cars before. It would have been hard enough if she’d been driving a car. In the pick-up truck, she found it impossible. After three disastrous attempts, during which she barely avoided scraping against and banging into the cars, the examiner told her to drive on. “I hate to tell you this, Cynthia, but I can’t very well pass you on this road test when you’ve failed to park. It’s too bad, because you’re otherwise a very fine driver.”

“Can I try again?”

“I’m afraid not. You’re allowed three tries per road test. I’m sorry, but that’s the rule.”

Cindy expected him to direct her back to the driver’s license bureau, but instead he had her drive in what appeared to be aimless circles. She didn’t know why they didn’t return to his office, since she’d failed the test, but when she caught him giving his cock a quick grope, she understood.

“Is driving barefoot illegal?” Cindy asked.

“Not in this state,” the examiner said.

At the next stoplight, Cindy kicked off her shoes. The examiner gave his cock another grope. She knew that if he could, he would pull out his cock and beat off while looking at her. She wished he would do it.

“When are we going back?” Cindy asked. The examiner looked at his watch. “My next appointment isn’t for an hour yet, so let’s just drive around some more. I’m debating whether I might bend the rules a bit and give you another crack at parking since you’re such a competent driver otherwise. Maybe we should test you in a more secluded location, where you’ll be less nervous.”

“I know just the place,” Cindy said.

“Oh? Then take us there.”

As she drove, Cindy casually opened a few of the upper buttons of her blouse as if to cool off, and the examiner’s eyes bugged out so far that Cindy almost laughed. She wondered if he really thought she was oblivious to his lecherous attentions. When she reached the high school, she drove into the empty parking lot and steered toward a small utility shed at the far end of the lot.

“Where are you going?” the examiner asked.

“I’ll park behind that shed,” Cindy said. “Don’t you think that’s a good place to practice my parking?”

The examiner frowned.

Cindy gave him a mischievous grin and glanced at the bulge in his pants.

Cindy pulled the pick-up into the shade behind the utility shed. The truck was visible only to the athletic fields, which were deserted. She switched off the ignition and turned toward the examiner, giving him an inviting smile. His clipboard slid out of his hands. He was red faced and perspiring, and when Cindy reached out and took off his reading glasses, he started stammering.

“What — Miss — what are you — oh my!”

Cindy had slid over next to him and started unzipping his pants. He made no attempt to stop her. His cock was so swollen and rigid that she couldn’t get it out of his fly, so she had to unbuckle his belt and lower his pants and underwear. His prick was larger than she’d expected, and she sighed blissfully as she lowered her mouth over it and began to suck.

The examiner groaned. He stroked Cindy’s silky blonde hair and rubbed his bare ass against the truck seat. His cock contracted and squirmed with each suck of her lips and each flick of her tongue. She squeezed his balls, massaging them gently as she sucked. She sensed his jism about to erupt, and she pulled her mouth off his cock.

He slumped back, panting. With a handkerchief, he wiped the sweat off his face.

“You didn’t finish!” he gasped.

“What’s the hurry?” Cindy asked. “We have almost an hour.”

She unbuttoned her blouse and let it slide off, and the examiner licked his lips at the sight of her swollen nipples. She unzipped her shorts and raised her ass off the seat so she could peel them down and off. The scent of her hot cunt filled the cab of the pick-up, and the examiner closed his eyes, inhaling.

Cindy leaned back against the truck door and spread her legs, dropping one foot to the floor and resting the other foot on the back of the seat. She reached between her legs and hauled apart her blonde-furred cuntlips, showing the bug-eyed examiner the pink, juice-wet meat of her inner cunt. Her clit stood out boldly.

“Want a taste?” Cindy asked invitingly.

The examiner touched his chest as if to slow the wild slamming of his heart. Panting fiercely, he leaned forward and shoved his head between Cindy’s spread legs. He sniffed at her cunt like a dog, then started to lick.

“Oh honey!” he whispered. “Sweet young pussy!”

He lapped wildly, spit and pussyjuice flicking from his flapping tongue. He caught Cindy’s clit between his lips and sucked on it. He darted his tongue up Cindy’s pussyhole.

Cindy’s toes curled. Her eyes rolled back and she moaned. She grabbed the man’s head and started grinding her crotch in his face, fucking her pussy on his growling, sucking mouth. The smell of pussy grew so strong that even Cindy got whoozy on it.

“Lick my cunt!” she moaned. “Eat out my crotch! Lick it, ooooh, yes!”

The man’s tongue wasn’t as skilled as the tongues of her dad, the Martinson twins or the traveling salesman, but it was hot and wet and electric, and that was all Cindy needed to get off on it.

She clamped the man’s head between her thighs and humped his face in a horny frenzy, ignoring the choking, smothering sounds the man made. His tongue wriggled deep inside her, and her pussy erupted suddenly with orgasmic fireworks. Her toes clutched and she groaned.

“I’m coming! Ohhhh, it feels so good!”

She humped the man’s mouth until she’d squeezed out every twinge of orgasmic sensation. She let go of his head. The truck seat under her ass was greasy with her juices, as if melted butter had been spilled between her legs, and the examiner licked the seat clean.

“Did you like it?” Cindy asked.

“I’ve never had anything like it.” The man kissed her crotch and sat up.

“You’ll like this even better,” she said. She unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. She pulled off his pants and underwear and dropped them in a heap on the floor.

The examiner kept looking out the window nervously, but he was too wound up to stop Cindy from stripping him naked and doing whatever she wanted. She had him lie flat on the seat, with his head resting against the door on the driver’s side, and when she had him in position, she straddled him at the waist, facing him, and guided his rigid cock up into her cunt. Her ass squashed down on his balls.

“Like it?” Cindy asked.

“Ohhhh man!” The examiner’s eyes rolled deliriously. He was squirming. He reached up to play with Cindy’s tits, and his cock flexed wildly inside her.

Cindy wiggled her ass and started to slide up and down.

“Try not to come too fast,” she said. “You wanna enjoy it. You like my tits?”

“Love ’em,” the man groaned. “You’re skin’s so soft and hot!”

He slid his hands down her flanks. He stroked her lower back as she undulated and bounced. His cock made squishy sounds in her cunt, and her hot cunt juices dribbled out over his balls. He started fucking hard, grunting at each penetration.

Cindy slipped off his cock. He was getting too close, too fast.

The man groaned with frustration. “Why’d you stop?”

“Ever fuck a girl’s asshole?” Cindy asked. The man blinked a few times, as if trying to convince himself that he was awake and not dreaming. He grabbed Cindy’s round asscheeks, feeling them up and spreading them. Cindy bent his cunt-buttered cock and pressed her asspucker against tits glowing knob.

With a wiggle of her ass, Cindy started fucking his cock up her asshole. Once she got the cock head inside, she let herself go. As her asshole fucked his cock to the hilt, the examiner banged his head back against the truck door. He was writhing in ecstasy.

“Take it easy,” Cindy said. “You don’t wanna knock yourself out and miss all the fun.”

She lightly scratched the man’s chest and belly with her fingernails. She pinched and tweaked his nipples. She bounced up and down, her tits flapping, her asshole sucking the man’s rigid cock.

“Bitch!” the man growled. The sensations her churning, sliding asshole sent through his cock made him grind his teeth. “Beautiful fucking bitch! Teenaged minx!”

Cindy laughed, riding the sex-crazed examiner, giving him the fuck of his life. She was sure he’d never fucked a girl’s asshole before, or talked so dirty. He’d probably never dared think such words before.

She could identify with him, because until only a week ago she’d gone on soul-searching guilt trips every time she’d touched her pussy. But now that her mother was gone, her guilt was gone, she was free, and she was going to make up for all the years of pleasure she’d denied herself.

“Asshole bitch!” the examiner groaned, thrusting up into her asshole as she slipped up and down. “Hot tits, hot ass, juicy pussy, yeah! Velvet skin! Fucking little minx!”

His hands roved all over her squirming young body, feeling up every inch of her.

“Ohhh, fuck me!” Cindy squealed. “Ram my asshole! Make me come!”

She hooked two fingers into her pussy and fucked her sizzling cunt as she screwed her asshole on the man’s cock.

“Give it to me, ohhh baby!”

The examiner wrapped his hands around her slender waist and jerked her up and down on his cock. Her tits flapped, her pussyjuice dribbled onto his lower belly as she masturbated her crotch, and his cock fucked up her asshole.

“Oh God!” he grunted. “Marilyn, take it!” Fucking and writhing, he arched up and exploded into Cindy’s vise-tight asshole.

“Ahhhh, honey!”

“Ohhhh, squirt it!” Cindy squealed. “Cream me! I feel it coming!”

Rotating her ass like a fan, plunging two fingers in and out of her pussy, she concentrated on the feel of the man’s cock fucking in her asshole and shooting cum into her guts. The fuck sensations whirled to a head in her loins and both her asshole and cunt exploded. She shuddered violently as the spasms swept through her flesh.

The fucking couple groaned in unison, their fuck organs contracting rhythmically. Cindy felt so good that she giggled. A mischievous impulse caused her to kick one leg forward and to stuff her toes into the man’s mouth. His munching and slobbering on her toes sent more thrills through her loins.

When her orgasm subsided Cindy collapsed back, lying on the seat between the man’s legs. His cock was still in her asshole, her toes still in his mouth. She shoved her other foot toward him. As he licked and sucked and gnawed on her feet, Cindy reached between her legs and started to jack-off.

Cindy came again, and the man sucked her toes until the orgasmic waves hd dissipated in her loins and her toes had stopped clutching. She pulled her juice-drenched fingers out of her pussy, and the man sucked them clean. Then be leaned forward and lapped the pussy-goo off her crotch as she sighed with pleasure. He probably would have sucked her off again if he hadn’t glanced at his watch.

“My God, I’m late? We’ve gotta get back? What am I gonna tell the supervisor?” He began to dress in a panic.

“Tell them we ran out of gas,” Cindy said. “Or that I’m a real slow driver.”

“Get dressed, girl, we’ve gotta get back!”

“Have I passed my parking test. Mr. Kelly?”

“If you get me back to the office in five minutes,” he said. “And YOU have to swear not to say a word about this to anyone!”

“I won’t say a word,” Cindy said.

She squealed through traffic and ran a red light, but she got the examiner back to his office on time. He said nothing about her reckless driving.

“You’re some girl,” he said as he climbed out of the pick-up. “Take this form to window four and they’ll give you your license.”

“Thanks!” Cindy smiled.


Sleeping with her dad was much better than sleeping alone, and Cindy wondered how she’d managed to spend the first eighteen years of her life sleeping by herself.

Her dad fucked her every night before she went to sleep, fucked her again when she woke up in the morning, and often fucked her once or twice during the night. Sometimes she’d wake up in the middle of the night to the feel of her dad’s cock sliding in and out of her asshole or cunt, to the feel of his belly smacking against her ass, or to the sound of him grunting like a bull as he drove toward orgasm.

A few times, Cindy woke up to the feel of lint already squirting inside her, and sometimes, she was sure, she didn’t wake up at all as her dad fucked her and creamed her and went beck to sleep.

She liked to sleep on her side, with her dad on his side behind her, his arms around her, his nose nuzzling her neck through her blonde hair, his cock squeezed between her thighs or anchored in her cunt or ass hole. She always went to sleep with his cock buried inside her, and sometimes she’d wake up to find that it hadn’t slipped out of her all night long. It stayed hard once it got into her, softening only slightly at times, as if to rest from its fierce hardness. Cindy loved her dad’s cock. She only wished he had three of them instead of one. She wanted one for her mouth, one for her whole, and one for her cunt.

If she had to get up during the night to pins, her dad usually got up with her and followed her into the bathroom. She’d sit on the toilet with her legs spread as he half-asleep dad lapped at the golden juice trickling from between her golden-furred pussylips.

Jim loved drinking Cindy’s piss, and when he kissed her afterwards, she’d taste her piss on his lips. One night, after she’d pissed and he’d drunk her golden juice, her dad got up in front of the toilet, his enormous prick drooping, and as he began to piss, Cindy impulsively leaned over and darted her tongue at the golden fluid streaming from his cock.

The taste was as bitter as the strong beer her dad had taken to buying, and it gave her head a kick like beer too, but something about the taste excited her, and she grabbed her dad’s pissing cock and stuffed it into her mouth.

Jim turned toward her, groaning as she sucked his cock and gulped down throatfuls of his hot piss. She almost gagged a few times, but she was determined not to, and she managed to drain his bladder without losing more than a few trickles down her neck and tits.

“Baby, you’re a doll!” Jim said. He stroked her blonde head, enjoying the sight of her with his huge cock stuffed in her mouth and trickles of his piss leaking from the corners of her lips.

Cindy cooed her appreciation and kept on sucking. Her dad’s cock hardened, stuffing her throat, sliding down her gullet. She bobbed her head, rippling her lips aver his cock-veins, flicking her tongue at the sensitive underside of his cock as he worked it in and out of her mouth. As she sucked him, she massaged his balls, slid her hand under his balls and between his legs, rubbed her middle finger up and down his asscrack, and twisted it up into his asshole.

“Aw, Christ that feels great!” Jim groaned. “Careful, or I’ll come too quick! Where’d you learn to do that?”

Whenever she fingerfucked her dad’s asshole, he asked her where she’d learned to do it. Cindy never answered his question, because she was afraid to tell him that the Martinson twins had taught her.

Jim had no idea that she was fucking and sucking the Martinson twins as often as she was fucking and sucking him. Both boys loved having their assholes fucked by her stiff middle fingers as she blew their smelly cocks, and Cindy could make them come instantly if she jabbed the right spot in their assholes. Unlike her dad, the boys didn’t care how quick she made them come, because they could come again five minutes later.

Cindy jabbed her middle finger at the mass of swelling flesh in her dad’s asshole, feeling it grow as big as a walnut and contract. She rammed her finger in and out, hammering the meaty swelling with her fingertip, munching her dad’s cockhead and licking his cock. His cock flexed, quivered, and began to spurt. Slimy jism splashed against her tonsils.

“Ohhh, baby, drink it!”

Her dad cradled her head in his hands and forced his cock deeper into her throat, shooting his jism straight down her gullet. His cock shuddered with each ejaculation, sending vibrations of pleasure through Cindy’s lips and head.

She sucked his cock dry, using her hand to milk the last jelly-like gobs of spunk out of his piss-tube. His cock flopped out of her mouth.

“You never get enough, do you?” her dad asked.

Cindy smiled up at him. “Uh-uh! I could eat your jism for breakfast, lunch and supper!”

The next morning, she woke up to find herself alone in bed. Wondering what was up, she bounded down the stairs, her tits flapping, her long blonde hair trailing behind her. In the kitchen, she found her dad beating over a bowl of steaming oatmeal. She giggled as he shot wads of creamy spunk into the bowl. He told her to sit down and he shoved the bowl in front of her.

“Eat,” he said, and Cindy picked up her spoon.

The oatmeal had a spicy taste.

“Like it?”

“Not bad,” Cindy said. “Can I have this every morning from now on? I’ll milk the cow if you don’t want to.”

“Filthy little bitch!”

As Cindy munched on her jismed oatmeal, her dad crawled under the table, slid up between her legs, and started licking out her tangy crotch. He licked her pink, inner cuntlips clean, then plunged his tongue up her cunthole. Her toes curled against the kitchen floor. Before she’d finished eating, she was coming with her dad’s tongue inside her. She squirmed on her chair, moaning and humping as her dad sucked juice from her pussy.

Cindy burped.

“Great breakfast,” she said. “From now on you can do the cooking.”

“I’ll cook you, if you don’t watch out.” Her dad crawled out from under the table, his rigid cock in his hand, his tongue licking pussyjuice off his lips.

Cindy giggled as he picked her up out of her chair and laid her face-up on the breakfast table. He raised her legs, rested her heels against his shoulders, and moved up close so he could slide his cock into her.

Cindy’s toes curled as his pulsating prick slid to the hilt up her cunt. She sighed, luxuriating in the sensation. As many times as she’d been fucked, she was always surprised at the sensation when a cock first entered her. It was like a big greased rattlesnake slipping into her and crawling around inside her. She loved it.

“Mmmm, Daddy, fuck me!” Cindy moaned.

She tossed her blond head slowly, enjoying the feel of her dad’s hot cock fucking in and out of her. She played with her tits, rubbing and squeezing them, pinching her nipples. Her toes wiggled against her dad’s cheeks, and he grabbed her feet, pressed them together, and stuffed her toes into his mouth.

“Oooooh, Daddy, suck my toes! It drives me crazy!”

Her dad’s cock flexed inside her, quivering and pulsating as he rammed it repeatedly up her crotch. His cock always became very hard when he was sucking on parts of her body such as her nipples, pussy, or toes. She knew he was wild for her feet. Often, he’d drop down in front of her and crouch like a cat as he lapped at her dirty toes. Sometimes he’d press her feet around his cock and jack himself off with them. Sometimes he’d intentionally squirt jism on her feet, then lick the jism off as it trickled down her insteps and between her toes.

“Oooooh, Daddy, you’re gonna make me come!” Cindy gasped. She squirmed on the table, churning her cunt on his cock, wiggling her hot toes in his mouth.

His spit ran down her feet. Her pussyjuice frothed out around his plunging cock and dripped down the edge of the table. He grunted, fucking faster, ramming his cock up her crotch so deep that his cockhead popped repeatedly into the mouth of her womb. His eyes rolled back and his body started to shudder.

“I’m coming, baby!”

“Me too.” Cindy gasped. “Oh, Daddy!” As her dad’s cum burst into her pussy, Cindy’s pussy erupted with spasms.

“Ahhhh, baby!” Jim groaned, thrusting wildly with each explosion of cum.

“Daddyyyy!” Cindy’s toes clutched, clawing at her dad’s face. Her blonde head rolled from side to side. She was delirious.

After she’d stopped spasming and he’d stopped shooting, Jim kept fucking her, and Cindy nearly screamed from the intense sensations shooting through her cunt. He lay forward on top of her, grinding his chest on her tits, fucking his cock in her super-sensitive pussy. Her knees were pressed to her shoulders. She was being crushed. He laughed as she squirmed under him. He fucked her fast and hard, until she came again. Finally, he pulled out.

“Now it’s your turn to make me some breakfast,” Jim said.

“You already had your breakfast,” Cindy said.

“I guess I’ll have to fuck you again,” her dad said.

“Okay, I’ll make your breakfast!”

Cindy got up quickly, before her dad could get hold of her, and she scampered to the refrigerator.

Her dad laughed. “What’s the matter, your old man too much for you?”

“Sometimes,” Cindy said, breaking an egg into a bowl.


It was a warm morning in July, and Cindy was out driving the pick-up. Her dad was out in the fields cutting hay, and he’d been in such a frenzy to get out in the fields that he hadn’t even had time to fuck her. After two weeks of steady rain, the farmers were all in a panic to get their hay cut and baled before the clouds rolled in again.

Even though he hadn’t fucked her, Cindy couldn’t complain that her dad hadn’t been fucking her enough. Over the two rainy weeks, that’s about all he’d done — ride her naked young ass while the lightning and thunder cracked outside — and Cindy had gotten so addicted to having a hot cock inside her all the time that she was about to go nuts from not having her morning fuck. She’d jacked off three times, but jacking off didn’t help much. She needed a cock to satisfy her.

She cruised past the Martinson farm a few times, blowing her horn in her attempt to attract Joel and Jeff, but nobody came out to greet her except a barking dog. She figured the twins must be out in the fields helping their dad make hay.

Cindy considered driving up to the house and knocking on the door, but she couldn’t get up the nerve. Mrs. Martinson had made it clear to Cindy by her attitude the few times Cindy had ventured into the yard that she thought Cindy had become a cheap tramp who was out to corrupt her angelic twins. The old bitch didn’t want Cindy around — that was clear.

On her last pass by the Martinson farm, Cindy gave the truck horn an extra-long blast and stuck her tongue out at the house. She was sure Mrs. Martinson was glaring put the window at her, muttering about Cindy’s shameless style of dress and about what a cheap tramp Cindy had become since her dear mother had left.

Cindy couldn’t believe how naive Mrs. Martinson was. Her angelic twins had been notorious all through school as having the biggest cocks around. The twins alone had fucked as many girls in school as all the other guys had together. And there were rumors that they’d even fucked some of the lady teachers on a regular basis, which was how they’d managed to pass certain courses without ever cracking a book.

Cindy drove several miles past the river where she and the twins often met to fuck. She passed the crossroads where her dad had bought the six-pack of beer on the day her mother had left. She was dressed in her usual driving clothes — bikini-sized shorts and a blouse tied up like a halter — and as she drove farther along the deserted road, she was tempted to remove all her clothes and drive stark-naked.

She’d been out driving for over a half-hour and no cars had passed her. Within moments after she’d made this observation, she spotted a car parked on the road shoulder.

Cindy slowed down as she approached. Two young men in suit pants, white shirts with the sleeves rolled up, and loosened ties, were struggling to change a flat tire. Strands of their slicked-down hair had come unglued and dangled over their sweat-beaded foreheads.

Cindy pegged them immediately. Her mother had allowed more traveling evangelists into the house than flies, and Cindy had spent months of her life listening to them drone on about sin and hell and about how everybody in the world was damned except themselves and a few hundred other chosen believers. Cindy could spot traveling evangelists a mile away.

She pulled the pick-up off the road in back of their jacked-up car. She had a wicked, idea. The two men stared at her as she climbed down out of the truck. Their eyes swept from the top of her blonde head to the tips of her bare toes, and their faces reddened.

“You guys having trouble?”

“Flat tire,” said the shorter, somewhat chubby young man.

“Need help?”

“No ma’am,” said the taller, a gangly young man with a smile. “The Lord helps them that helps themselves, you know.”

Cindy smirked at his calling her ma’am. He wasn’t older than she was. The chubby guy looked older than the gangly one, but not by much.

“Mind if I watch, then?”

The men frowned, shrugged, and went back to work.

Cindy leaned against the front of the pickup, her tits thrust high and nearly falling out of the open top of her blouse, one leg raised and bent at the knee, her heel resting on the bumper.

The young man glanced at her as they worked. Their hands fumbled incompetently. They got in each other’s way. Sweat trickled down their cheeks.

“You sure you can’t use some help?” Cindy asked. “I live on a farm, you know. I have experience with machines.”

Cindy slid down next to the chubby man and took the tire wrench out of his hands.

The two men stood up and moved away from her.

Cindy made a futile attempt to loosen the nuts on the tire rim. “You guys should have loosened these before you jacked up the car.”

“Changing tires isn’t women’s work,” the gangly young man said. “What would you know about it?”

“More than you,” Cindy said. “By the way, what is women’s work? This, maybe?”

She dropped the wrench and reached up to grope the crotches of the two men. As she suspected, the cocks of both, evangelists were hard. She squeezed them and grinned.

The men jumped away, but not before Cindy had managed a good feel. The open mouths of both men were quivering.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you like having your cocks felt up by a farm-girl?” She made another grab at the chubby one’s cock.

“Come no further, temptress!” he said. He held up his hand as if trying to ward off a vampire.

“Vixen!” the gangly man gasped. “She-devil! Repent, lest ye burn forever in everlasting fire.”

“Everlasting fire!” Cindy groaned. “Hell can’t be much hotter than this weather today. I guess when I get there I’ll just have to shuck off my clothes and get more comfortable — like this.”

She rose up and began undressing.

The two men looked as if they’d spilt blood vessels in their brains. They looked at each other as if each expected the other to say something, or do something.

Cindy stretched luxuriously.

“That feels so much better,” she said. “You guys wanna fuck this farm-girl?”

She bent over, turned up her ass, and reached back to spread apart her pussylips and asscheeks.

“You can have pussy or ass, take your pick. Or, if you’d prefer a blow-job…” She glanced over her shoulder at the men and licked her lips.

The chubby man unzipped his pants. He was panting like a lust-crazed bull.

“Warren, what are you doing?” the gangly man asked.

“Shut up!” the chubby one gasped. He yanked his rigid cock out of his pants. It was dripping pre-cum.

“It’s a big one!” Cindy squealed with delight. “Plug it in me, boy!”

She wiggled her ass and waited for the man to mount her.

He fumbled as much trying to get his cock into Cindy’s pussy as he had trying to loosen the nuts on the tire rim, and Cindy finally grabbed his prick and guided it into place.

“I can see you’ve had about as much experience fucking girls as you’ve had changing tires,” she said.

“Shut up!” the man moaned.

With a thrust, he buried his cock in her cunt to the hilt. He grabbed her ass and started to fuck, sliding his cock in and out. Sweat rolled off his face and dripped on Cindy’s ass.

“Oh!” he moaned. “Ohhhh?”

“That feels good!” Cindy gasped. “Drive it in, boy, make me feel it!”

The man banged against her ass, jolting her, making her gasp. Her pussyjuices dripped from his cock, soiling his suit pants and running down her legs. His cock made squishy noises inside her. He grunted like a bull.

Cindy’s toes clutched against the sandy road. She braced her hands on her knees and churned her ass. Her tits flapped.

“For a man of the cloth, you sure can fuck,” she said.

“Shut up?” the chubby man shouted. “I mean it!”

He slapped her ass viciously.

“Ouch! Damn it!” Cindy exclaimed. She tightened her pussy and tried to skin the man’s cock alive.

The man’s cock turned to red-hot steel. He fucked in a frenzy, hugging Cindy’s loins. As Cindy churned her cunt on his cock, he exploded inside her, jerking and convulsing.

“Uhhhhh!” he moaned. “Ohhhhh!”

“Squirt it!” Cindy greened, contracting her cunt with each throb of the man’s cock. “Mmmm, I love that feeling! Cream me!”

The man fucked until his cock and body went limp, then he fell away from her like a rag doll. He staggered a few steps and collapsed.

Cindy laughed at him.

“Next,” she said.

The gangly young man had pulled his long, skinny cock out of his pants and was squeezing it rhythmically. He looked dazed and drunk.

“Well, come on, preacher!” Cindy gasped. “Get it while it’s hot!”

She spread her asscheeks and wiggled her ass at him. The chubby evangelist’s cum was dribbling from her cunt and down her legs.

“Come on, fuck a horny farm-girl! I know it’s something you’ve always wanted to do!”

The man stumbled toward her and drove his cock against her crotch. His cock slipped in to the hilt. He started fucking instantly.

“Oh my Lord!” he gasped. “Oh Jesus!” Cindy giggled. “I ain’t Jesus, honey, I’m Cindy! Oooh, move that hard thing!”

The young man fucked. Cindy let him bong her pussy till she could tell he was getting close, then she jerked away and disengaged herself from his cock.

“Heck!” he gasped.

He mounted her again, but Cindy grabbed his cock before he could ram it up her cunt and guided it between her asscheeks. The evangelist thrust, and his cock disappeared up Cindy’s asshole in one smooth movement.


Cindy tightened her asshole, manipulating his cock as he fucked her.

“Fuck me!” she moaned. “Oh baby!”

“Yes!” the evangelist grunted. “Yes! Yes!” Cindy’s tits flapped. She groaned with each hard thrust. She reached between her legs and started beating off her pussy.

“Perverts!” the chubby preacher shouted. He jumped up and tried to yank his companion off Cindy’s ass. “Stop it! This is bad!”

The gangly young man tried to shrug the chubby man off, but when the fat man persisted, the gangly youth drove an elbow into his ribs and knocked him away. The chubby man staggered away, gasping and clutching his side.

Cindy leaned back into the man’s arms, wiggled her ass in voluptuous circles, and took his hands and placed them on her tits. The young preacher groaned, feeling her tits, pinching her nipples, and gnawing on the back of her neck. Cindy writhed with hot flashes and chills. She plunged three fingers in and out of her cunt. Her fucked asshole fluttered with contractions.

“I’m gonna come!” she moaned. “Oh, honey, fuck me!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” The young evangelist fucked his cock up her asshole with each word. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“I’m coming!” Cindy whined. “Ohhhhh baby!”

Her ass hole and pussy exploded with contractions. Her blonde head twisted from side to side.

“Ahhhhh!” the preacher moaned. He crushed Cindy in a bear-hug and shot jism up her whole. “Ohhhhhh!”

Cindy’s eyes rolled back and turned up toward the blazing sun. She jerked with the spasms wracking her body. Each flex of the young man’s cock sent a stream of hot jism squirting into her ass, and she squealed. She contracted her asshole and wiggled her ass until she’d milked out every drop of cum from the young man’s cock. The man released her and she fell against the car. He sat down on the ground, panting.

A short distance away, the chubby evangelist was sitting on the ground, rubbing his bruised ribs. Cindy wiggled over to him and shoved her cunt in his face.

“What you need is a lick of pussy,” she said. She spread her cuntlips and rubbed her sizzling pussy against his nose. “Come on, boy, it tastes good!”

The chubby man withstood her teasing for two full seconds before he started moaning and rubbing his face in her crotch. He slurped up and down her pussy. His cock had stiffened again, and he started beating it off.

The gangly evangelist came crawling over and shoved his nose up between Cindy’s asscheeks. He slurped up and down her asscrack and jerked on his cock. In five minutes, both men were shooting cum on Cindy’s legs. Cindy got off again, then squirmed out of their clutches.

“Thanks, guys! I’d let you fuck me again, but my dad’s waiting for me at home! He likes pussy for lunch! I’m sure you understand!”

She picked up her clothes and, without putting them on, climbed into the pick-up truck.

“Good luck changing that tire, boys!”

She turned the truck around, honked the horn, and left the two dazed young preachers sitting on the edge of the road, their cocks in their hands and their faces smeared with fuckjuice.

When she arrived home, she spotted her dad in the yard fiddling with the tractor. His eyes widened when she jumped out of the pick-up without any clothes on.

“Girl, where’ve you been like that?”

“Out driving! I helped a couple traveling preachers change a fiat tire!”

“Dressed like that? Sure you did! What if somebody had seen you driving like that? They might have called the sheriff!”

“I know how to handle sheriffs,” Cindy said. “Or any man, for that matter!”

“Sometimes I think you’re getting too sassy for your britches,” Jim said.

“I don’t wear britches,” Cindy said. “Or anything eke when I can help it!”

Her dad made a playful attempt to grab her, but she pulled away, giggling, and ran for the house. He caught her before she reached the front porch and pushed her down on her hands and knees.

“Looks like I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson,” Jim said, hauling out his nine-inch cock.

Cindy turned up her ass and wiggled it. “Go ahead, I love being taught lessons!”

Her dad entered her cunt and started fucking. As he humped, he pulled off his shirt and lowered his jeans to his knees. His muscular belly smacked against her ass, making her gasp, making her tits flap.

“You little tramp! You got fresh cumin your pussy, and in your asshole too!”

“I wonder where that came from?”

Her dad shook his head and kept fucking. “Don’t tell me,” he said. “I don’t wanna know.”

“I can’t get enough,” said Cindy. “I just can’t help myself, Daddy!”

“I know,” Jim said. “You don’t have to explain anything to me.”

He gripped her ass and fucked.

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