The Roped Schoolgirl’s Rape

Immoral men capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

The girl in this book is the victim of her unscrupulous boyfriend and the evil people he causes her to become involved with. Ginny finds herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the whims of her captors.

THE ROPED SCHOOLGIRL’S RAPE — the shocking story of an innocent girl learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.


“Who is that creepy guy?” Ginny Williams bugged her notebook to her tits, feeling revulsion and a slight sexual thrill race through her body. She had stopped by her locker, pressing her rounded ass against the blue metal door. Her girlfriend, Cindy Frainingham, was fishing in the top shelf of her opened locker for her history book, muttering under her breath.

“Hm? Oh, him?” Cindy’s voice dropped when her eyes flashed across an older man carelessly dressed in dirty coveralls and a khaki army-style shirt. He was rattling around a small cleaning closet, casting looks at several of the girls in the high school as they breezed by.

“He’s unreal,” Ginny said, feeling a giggle die in her throat the minute his gaze came to rest on her. There was something in that gleam, something that made her blood chill. Ginny tightened her fingers around the notebook, drawing her knees together under her plaid skirt and curling her toes against her sandals.

“Yeah,” Cindy said breathlessly, slamming her locker door hard after having found that elusive history text. “He’s new. I heard Mrs. Johnson complaining about him to one of the coaches yesterday, something about the way he kept on ogling the girls.”

Cindy and Ginny giggled, moving away from the lockers and keeping a safe distance from the leering man.

“Anyway, he’s the new janitor. I heard he’s just out of jail or something.”

“Wow! And they let him work here?”

Ginny turned around and glanced over her shoulder. The janitor was pulling another pail from the small closet. He glanced up and caught her eye again. Ginny thought she could see a leering smile begin to curl his thin lips. She shuddered again, turning and quickening her pace down the red-tiled hall.

“Sounds freaky, I know,” Cindy agreed. “Probably there’s nothing to the story. Come on. We’re gonna be late for class.”

Ginny hurried behind her best friend, quickly forgetting about her unpleasant encounter with the janitor back in the hall. The two girls had just rounded another corner when Ginny found herself colliding with Justin Hartman, captain of the football squad.

Her books tumbled from her hands, skittering across the smooth floor. It was all she could do to keep her balance. Cindy was still walking ahead of her, impatiently waving her hand to hurry.

“Gosh. Sorry about this, Ginny. Here, come on, I’ll help.”

Ginny felt both frustration and incredible excitement. Justin Hartman, here, at her feet, bending down and picking up her things. And he’d called her by her first name! Ginny had dreamed naughty dreams about Justin lately. There were times in her bed, even in class here at Fairmount High, when Ginny would feel that electric flame burning up her thighs, strangely chilling and yet scorching her young un-fucked cunt. It was then the blonde teenager would rub her thighs against one another, trying to hide the blush spreading over her cheeks while her breathing became raspy. It was the thought of Justin, Justin with that sexy smile, those dark-brown eyes and that thick-muscled body that was doing this to her.

“You got history class with Mrs. Johnson now?” Justin asked, glancing quickly at his watch.

“Yes. And I’m going to be a little late, I guess,” Ginny said hesitantly. Self-consciously the girl straightened her back and took lung-filling breaths. The crowd in the hall was thinning quickly as the kids ran for class. One or two glanced at Ginny and Justin as doors slammed loudly all up and down the corridor. Soon the two were nearly alone.

“Here. Guess you’d better get going. I’ve got this period free. Supposed to be studying some plays for next Thursday’s game with South High.”

“That sounds exciting.”

Ginny didn’t want to go to class. She felt that tingling sensations on the tender inner surfaces of her thighs. Ginny felt oddly giddy, weakened. Once more the teen had to force her self to keep steady, or surely Justin would suspect the effect he had on her.

“Not really. Say, you wouldn’t want to cut class and help me,” Justin said, his face suddenly brightening. “I need somebody to help sort out the plays. One of the guys was supposed to come but he’s down with the flu or something. What do you say?”

“I-I don’t know.”

Ginny bit her lower lip, casting a look at the closed door far to the right. Mrs. Johnson was taking attendance now, probably wondering what on earth her student was doing. Ginny had never cut class before, although the temptation had been great for other reasons. Now Justin was asking her to help him — alone, maybe — somewhere in the school. The temptation was too great. They were just going to discuss the examination they’d taken two days ago. Ginny knew she’d passed, and passed well. Mrs. Johnson wouldn’t mind that much.

“Okay. Let’s go.”

Justin flashed her that sexy smile again end turned, peering down the hall. There were some monitors wandering up and down the corridor. They had to avoid the teachers or risk getting caught. Justin signaled her with a wave of the hand, then rushed across the hall down a small set of stairs. Ginny followed, feeling excited, flushed. It was as if she were some criminal trying to get away with the crime of the century. And it was with Justin!

“This way.”

The two teens made their way across the length of the school, descending another set of stairs until they were in the athletic area. The pungent aroma of Lysol reminded Ginny for some reason of the janitor.

“In here,” he said.

The room was small and brightly lit. Justin moved about quickly, his big frame darting across the room. Ginny put her books down on a nearby chair, standing a little self-consciously after having closed the door. Justin was pulling some papers with weird drawings scribbled over the white surfaces. He did have some work for her to do. Ginny felt deflated with disappointment. She wasn’t sure what she wanted, but she hadn’t cut Mrs. Johnson’s history class to be Justin’s editor.

Justin explained what was needed, bending so closely to her that Ginny could feel his hot, panting breath against the back of her neck. Her nipples were getting hard, pressing itchy against her bra. At the same time, she could feel heat concentrating in the furry cunt crack between her shivering white legs. Again the girl moved her ass cheeks over the smooth leather surface of the chair, feeling her cunt lips rubbing against one another. Ginny’s eyes swam as she stared at the stack of papers lying on her lap. Justin was still talking. She caught one or two words, enough to figure out what he was saying. But her concentration was warped while her cunt began to grow all hot and moist under Justin’s sexual heat.

“And then when you’ve got those plays sorted out, give’em to me. I’ll figure out the rest,” Justin finished, casting a toothy smile at her.

Ginny nodded her head, her fingers trembling on the edges of the papers. She’d nearly dropped them when Justin traced his fingers along the nape of her neck. Oh, this wasn’t going to work out too well. She shuffled the confusing papers around, trying to concentrate on her job. But all she could think of was that handsome football player sitting only a few feet away from her. There were times when she thought she could hear someone shuffling around outside the door. Looking up from her papers, she watched Justin rubbing his chin thoughtfully, his eyes studying some play or other the coach had recommended to him.

“Damn!” he cursed.

Had he locked the door? The last time he’d gotten up and leaned over her to see how she was doing, Ginny could have sworn she had heard the bolt click shut. Maybe it was her imagination. She sighed, smiled up at him, then tried to ignore the tingling sensation between her legs. It was like having a single drop of sweat trickle its way through the hairy covering of her tight little cunt. Ginny bit down on her lower lip, determined to keep her imagination in line.

The two teens worked like this for nearly ten minutes. In a bit Justin shoved the papers from him, leaning back in the small chair and folding his hands behind his head.

Ginny noticed this change in attitude and held her breath. What was going to happen? She felt her tits starting to swell. Ginny glanced down at her watch. There were thirty minutes left in the period. Then surely someone would be coming into this office. It was a miracle no one knew they were there in the first place!

“You’re a pretty girl — real pretty,” Justin said.

Was there something in his voice, a catch, a sudden throatiness she hadn’t noticed before? Ginny curled her toes against the soles of her sandals again. In some strange way, her flesh seemed to sense the heat and excitement radiating from him. She felt a sudden glow wash over her skin while her body responded against her will. But was it against her will? Ginny was feeling things now, things she instinctively knew they were wonderful and promising. The girl lowered her eyes modestly, feeling her pussy swell.

“You know, I’ve been waiting to meet you for a long time,” he said.

Ginny gasped. The words sent a jolt of terror mixed with hope racing through her mind.


“Yeah. You’ve always been with somebody, though. And I guess I’ve been busy with the game and everything,” Justin admitted.

“And I’ve wanted to meet you. But…”

Ginny was surprised at herself at this sudden boldness. Her cheeks were burning with embarrassment and sexual arousal. Now the young blonde teen could feel those juices seeping from her cunt, dampening the crotch of her white cotton panties. Her body was seeming to melt under Justin’s hot, steady gaze. She felt that tingle in her nipples increase until she wished she could take off her bra. Her cunt closed up tight under the wiry tangle of her pussy hairs, like a fist. Glancing back up, Ginny saw a wide grin break over Justin’s face. One hand had slipped down over his crotch, she guessed. The girl could see some slight movement in his right arm and guessed he was playing with himself through his tight-fitting Levi’s.

“Maybe — maybe I should go back — to history class and…”

Ginny made a half-hearted attempt to stand up. Justin had moved around the desk before she could gather her books, however.

“You wanna go? From the way you were acting, I thought you were gonna hang around.”

“I — what do you — oh no, Justin, don’t, don’t do this here…”

Her books tumbled to the floor with a muffled crash. Ginny felt a double jolt crash right through her. The football player was right in front of her, the outline of his cock obvious against his faded blue jeans. He was big, very big. Ginny’s eyes widened and a breath caught in her throat. She had seen pictures, of course, of guys with their pricks hard. It was all a part of the advanced course in sex education. But none of them had matched what she guessed was dangling between Justin’s legs.

“You’ve helped me a lot, and I thought I’d give you something back for it.”

His words weren’t even trying to cover up what he meant. Ginny felt the room swaying around her as he moved up. In a second he was cuddling her tight against his broad chest. He squeezed her tight, her tits nestling close against him. Ginny at first tried to pull away from him, but she liked the way those iron bands of his arms made her heart beat faster and her flesh crawl with forbidden pleasure. Behind her she could hear the clock ticking away the precious seconds.

“No, please, Justin, don’t…”

The words died on her lips. Justin slid his hands down her body and onto her ass. Ginny felt him gathering up the material of her plaid skirt, raising the hem up, up until the bottoms of her ass cheeks were exposed. His fingers were hot against the thin white cotton material. Justin was cupping her ass cheeks, his fingers pressing into the resilient flesh. Ginny moaned, closing her eyes and feeling a hot rush of feelings pinch her clit.

“Ginny, you want me bad, don’t you? You want me, like I want you.”

Ginny couldn’t answer. But she no longer tried to pull away. Having her ass squeezed felt horribly good. His hands were gentle yet firm. It was only when he started hunching hard against her that she started to worry. Her body was doing funny things. Ginny felt as if someone had slipped gob of butter between her legs, just inside her pussy. It was so hot and wet down there.

The tingle between her thighs had grown more urgent now. It was becoming harder and harder for her to take a breath. Ginny pulled back, her fingers flattening out against Justin’s chest while her knees were braced against Justin’s. This had to stop. Ginny didn’t know where it would go otherwise!

“Oh, baby.”

But how her young cunt lips were aching to be touched by his ass-caressing fingers. It was a terrible thought, but one the girl couldn’t resist thinking.

“Oh Justin, what if somebody walks in and…”

“Don’t worry about that. The guys are out in the playing field. Coach is with ’em. Nobody’s gonna come in here for a while,” he said, glancing up at the clock behind them and smiling with relief.

“But — oh, I don’t know…” Her mind was whirling around. “I’m scared. I haven’t let a guy, you know, touch me like this and…”

He was working the panties into her ass crack now, rubbing the damp material up against the tight knot of her asshole. Ginny’s eyes grew round as she felt the spicy forbidden feeling of the material pushing up into her shitter. Her knees grew weak, knocking wildly together and against Justin’s. He had to let her go. This was going too far.

“I want you bad — real bad.”

Her skirt came off in his hands with one move. Ginny couldn’t believe it. She hadn’t even felt his fingers fumbling for the zipper. He was smoothing her blouse back over her thin shoulders, working the buttons open. In a second it, too, dropped to the floor. She caught his wrist when he touched the elastic of her panties.

“No!” she gasped.

Ginny couldn’t go that far, not just yet. Standing there in the office, with those horrible lights overhead, in just her bra and panties was bad enough. Justin smiled again, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

“Okay. We’ll play it your way — for a while.”

The condition made her flesh crawl. There was nothing she could do if he wanted to play things his way. He was stronger than she, and he was right. There were no sounds outside, no sign of anybody nearby she could call to if he wanted to rape her.

“Take down my pants, then,” he said calmly. Ginny felt him gripping her right hand, forcing her fingers to his fly. She tightened her grip around the tab and pulled down. The sound of his fly opening sent chills racing up and down her spine. Ginny pushed the trousers down to his knees, Justin’s hand’s holding hers by the wrist.

“Now the shorts.”

The girl tried pulling away, but Justin forced her to do it. Ginny couldn’t look as she pushed his shorts down to his knees. The touch of something very hot told her his prick was free.

“Oh no, no!”

He was holding her once more, pressing his body against his. Something very hot and incredibly stiff touched the front of her cotton panties. Then she felt that hot thing slide up, up until it was way beyond the elastic band of her underwear. It was his cock, still rubbing up against the full length of her sheathed cunt while touching her belly button. And instinctively the girl knew he was going to try to shove his prick in her. Again Ginny tried pulling back, squeezing her ass cheeks together and bracing her knees against Justin’s. The big football player simply held onto her, his hands now cupping her ass cheeks once more and squeezing them against one another.

“That’s it. Play around. You like to play around, don’tcha?”

“No, don’t, Justin! Oh, oh, I don’t know what’s happening to me!” she wailed.

“Just feelin’ good. You’re feeing real good, and so am I.”

He was laughing hollowly, his body rubbing up more hotly against hers. Ginny whimpered as he walked back with her against the wall, flipping off the light switch. In a second they were plunged into near-darkness. A faint glow washed over the room. It was enough for her to see his handsome face.

“Oh, Ginny, we’re gonna fuck. We’re gonna fuck hard and long.”

“No, I never…”

But her protests were drowned by a long, tonguing kiss.


Justin moved one of his hands slowly around her narrow hips. Smoothing his fingers around her flat tummy, he finally curled them under her cotton-sheathed pussy mound. Ginny gasped, her eyelids fluttering as she felt the pressure of his fingers against her pussy.

He knew what he was doing. He’d done this sort of thing before. He knew how a woman was built, what she needed to feel good. And he was doing it!

Ginny groaned, her head falling back, her long blonde hair sweeping over her lower back. His finger was pushing the cotton up into her virgin cunt, sopping up the juices that flowed from her velvety smooth pussy walls.

“Ohhh, oh, yes, yes, yes,” she moaned.

She could no longer lie. Whatever he was going to do to her, she wanted. Ginny dragged in air to feed her lungs. His hipbones gouged against hers. She could feel the brushing of his cock up and down against her belly. She could feel the brush of his balls, as well. She wanted to look at his prick, to touch it. Did she dare ask? Was there something wrong in being curious? How was a girl supposed to act the first time she fucked? Ginny sucked in her pouting lower lip and chewed down hard. She wished she’d listened to those fast girls more. Her mother had warned her against them, telling Ginny that nice, decent girls just didn’t do “it”. But now the girl found herself in the position of wanting to get fucked so bad that she could cry. And Ginny was afraid she would do something stupid.

“Oh, baby!” the boy groaned.

So, far, so good. Justin was obviously turned on to what she was doing.

“Come on. Feel me up. I wanna feel those fingers grabbing my cock.”

Ginny nearly fainted with the realization of what was happening. She was supposed to be in world history class upstairs, talking about the last exam. And here she was in the gym department, feeling a guy’s prick. Wow, what would Cindy say when she told her?

She tried to quiet the tremble in her hand. She felt the backs of her fingers brushing down against the thick hairs on Justin’s chest. She felt his ribs heaving up and down with the great puffs of air he took. Her fingers slipped down a little farther.

“Gonna fuck you long and slow and deep,” Justin whispered.

“Long… slow… deep.”

Ginny swallowed hard, a pulse leaping at her throat. Just the thought of something like that made her clit throb. He was standing there quietly, his hands resting on her ass cheeks. At times he rubbed the cotton material up against her asshole again. But now he was concentrating on her reaction to his prick.

“Come on, feel it. You’re gonna dig it! My cock is gonna drive you nuts.”


The dim play of light across his chest hair excited her. He was so male, hairy, so strong. And she was so naked, so tiny and thin. The comparison of their bodies excited Ginny even more. A scary kind of thrill excited her. She could scream, of course. But who would hear her? There wouldn’t be anyone down here for at least another twenty minutes. Justin had told her that, and there was no reason why she shouldn’t believe it. He could do all sorts of things to her in those twenty minutes.

“Justin,” she whispered the second her fingers brushed into his cock hairs. In another moment Ginny found herself touching his prick. Instinctively the girl drew her hand away, as if she’d touched a live burner.

“No, come on, touch my cock, rub it up, feel my prick baby. Come on and feel what’s gonna be goin’ through you in a few seconds.”

His voice was soft but insistent. There was no mistaking the way he was holding her. Swallowing hard again, Ginny opened her tight fist, trying to curl her fingers around his big hot cock. She couldn’t! His prick shaft was so big, so thick, she couldn’t get her hand around it. His cock had to be at least two inches thick. No, he couldn’t be thinking of fucking her with that monster. A more experienced girl might be able to take that, but not her!

“Uhhhhhh, that’s it, baby, rub it up. Man, it’s real good and when you touch my cock like that.”

Justin had closed his eyes, and was making funny grunting sounds. She felt his body sway heavily against hers. In a way Ginny was surprised at the way a guy’s cock felt. Pushing away her fears of fucking for the second, the girl concentrated on the touch of Justin’s prick. It was hard, really hard and stiff all around. But, the outer skin seemed a little flexible. When she jacked his prick flesh up and down, Justin groaned more loudly, pressing his hipbones against hers while rubbing the cotton of her briefs up into her shifter. That made Ginny more excited, gasping out cries of delight.

Toward the end of his prick flared out, to form an arrow-shaped head. Juice or something was oozing from his cock tip, wetting down her fingers. Ginny could feel her own juices seeping from her hot hairy fuck hole and guessed it was about the same reaction. A hot shock that Justin was feeling the same thing made her quiver with lust.

“Man, oh, man!” he groaned.

Ginny guessed his cock was a little over eight inches, maybe nine or ten. In any case it seemed to belong between a donkey’s hindquarters and not between a man’s legs. The girl wondered if there were some women who couldn’t be fucked very deep. Maybe she was one of those, and he’d hurt her with his hard, hot prick trying to get it all the way in.

“Oh, don’t, Justin!”

“Don’t tell me you don’t want it. Christ, you’re burnin’ up so much, I’m surprised jour fuckin’ panties haven’t caught fire!”

“No, don’t say things like that!”

He was getting dirty, telling things that both offended and excited her.

“It feels good?” she asked, her lips so dry, she could hardly speak.

“Oh, yeah, yeah!”

Ginny wasn’t thinking about what she was doing. How could she? Her hands seemed to know what to do. How odd. She fondled Justin’s balls, feeling the shape and heat of them through the thin skin. They were so big and hot and leathery. Ginny thought about what she’d learned about them, about how much white cum they held, and about how those powerful cock muscles shot out spurts of jizz when the man was excited enough. She was going to find out about this first-hand. Ginny squeezed them, rolling his balls against themselves. Justin’s breathing caught. She sighed finally, rubbing one hand through his curly hair. Ginny was trying to act a little cool, a little sophisticated.

“Oh, baby, baby,” he sighed.

Justin was holding her more tightly, kissing her neck and shoulders. They were walking back together toward along couch to one side of the chair she’d been sitting in. Ginny felt her naked feet sliding over the papers she’d been shuffling through. The teen smiled. Justin hadn’t really cared about those plays after all.

They fell backward onto the couch. Ginny heard the springs below groaning and thought the piece of furniture would collapse under their double weight.

“Oh, no, no!” she gasped.

She felt her spine pressing against the cool brown leather of the cushions. She felt him slip one thigh over hers. He was fumbling around, unfastening her bra, pulling it from her body. How good and free it was to have her big tits resting naked on her chest. Justin drew back, admiring her tits, then let out a long, low whistle. He moved his hands inward, his fingers cupping her lush tits.

“Been thinking about this for a long time. I’ve seen your tits bobbin’ up and down against those tight sweaters you wear. Never thought I’d have’em in my hands this soon, though.”

He bent down, stray strands of his dark hair falling over his forehead. In a moment Ginny felt his lips cupping around one of her stiff nipples. It was the weirdest feeling she’d had in a long time. A guy was actually sucking her nipples. She felt his lips caressing her sore, tender tit-tips, his tongue rubbing over the hard flesh. At the same time, Justin was squeezing her tits with one hand, drawing the flesh together while nibbling her tit-tip. Ginny felt her cunt explode in a myriad of bright sensations. Arching her spine, she pushed the back of her head against the cushions flailing her legs against the cushions, the young teenage girl yammered for mercy. Oh, oh, just having him suck her nipples that way was driving her up the wall. A steady, pulsing beat began in her clit, driving its way through her body.

“God — man, man, suckin’ tit. Suckin’ your tit!”

Justin smacked his lips, then moved his head to the left and dropped back down once more. In a second his lips had engulfed her other nipple. He was making wet, sucking sounds as he nipped and bit at her tender tit-tip. And the magic things he was doing with his tongue, sanding her across tit-tip, driving it around and around in tiny circles, while all the time squeezing her tit. Ginny twisted to the left, then to the right, her long blonde hair matting against her dampened cheeks and forehead. Beads of perspiration dotted her flesh while Justin kept sucking tit.

“Mmmmmmm,” she sighed.

He was fully on top of her now. His fingers were clutching at the underside of her cunt mound. They divided the naked crack beneath the soaked cotton and pushed deep. Ginny sucked in a breath. Digging her chin into his broad shoulders, the girl tried to squirm away from his probing fingers. She was afraid he’d be fucking her soon after he’d dragged her cotton panties off. Justin was so heavy, so insistent. She knew lie wanted to get her panties off now to fuck her. Yet no matter how much the girl wanted to feel his prick inside her, still the thought of having something that big and hard fucking her frightened Ginny to death. Fucking. It had such a dangerous sound, that word. Dangerous and yet so very, very exciting.

“Ohhhhh, ohhhhh!”

Justin was still fumbling with her panties, his fingers pulling down. Ginny could feel the elastic rubbing up against her thighs. He was smoothing his hands along her legs, drawing them down to her knees, then sliding them back up until they were caressing her ass cheeks again. Ginny was going wild. His cock had slipped a little lower now, almost under her cunt mound. She could feel it. She had soaked her panty crotch with hot juice while he pumped his prick against the crack. Yes, she could tell where the crown of his cock head was. It was shoving up the fluffy cotton material up between her cunt lips.

“Ohhhh, baby, could rub up against you all the time. But I got better things than dry fuckin’ you.”

And now she could feel the big athlete sliding his hands under her panties once more, this time sliding them over her ass cheeks. He grabbed her ass cheeks in both hands, his palms burning her flesh. Ginny moaned, finding herself hunching her cunt up against his prick. His fingers were pulling her ass cheeks apart while the fingernails bit into her shitter. He spread her ass cheeks as widely apart as they could go. The resulting tension made her inner cunt lips un-stick sexily.

Ginny felt another sexy ripple of delight rush through her pussy. The tickle between her thighs was good, so good. When he was hunching up against her, Ginny teased her cunt mound away from Justin, letting him just graze her tender tingling clit. She guessed it was something like a man’s cock. Her pussy felt so slick and wet. She’d let Justin push her thighs apart and now she couldn’t be sure what had happened to her panties. They were still on, but her pussy had become so slick, so hot. The rub of his cock head seemed to real.

Curious, Ginny slipped one hand down again to find out. She touched his cock shaft and balls, finally finding the steamy drenched place where her cunt lips had been mashed to the right.

“Oh, nooooooo!” she gasped.

“Come on, Ginny. You didn’t think. I wasn’t going to fuck you?”

“No, don’t, not yet. Oh, please!”

Justin’s hot cock head was actually touching her cunt. His slick prick tip was gliding up and down the feathery delta of her pussy. Ginny shivered with both fear and excitement. Why was it so exciting to know that his stiff cock was so close to her cherry?

“No, I won’t — won’t let you touch it! No, don’t!”

Somehow she’d managed to get one hand down between their grinding hips. Moving her fingers around, she tried to pull the narrow crotch band of cotton back over her cunt. The material was wet with her, own juices. She couldn’t get a good grip on her panties. The soaked cotton slipped again and again from her hand.

“Oh, yeahhhh, real nice,” the boy breathed in her ear.

Justin’s cock gouged steadily, greedily at her. His arms were tightly wrapped around her body now, forcing his thighs against hers. It was almost impossible for her to move her wrist now between their sweaty bodies.

“Justin, no, listen to me.”

His open mouth was wet and hungry at her neck. She felt her chin slicked down. Desperately she tried turning her face. Justin caught her head with both hands and smothered her protests with a tonguing kiss. It was hard for her to breathe, made nearly impassible now by that tongue burrowing all the way in her mouth. Spit bubbled up around the corners of her lips, drooling down her chin as she fought back frantically. The backs of her heels dragged along the leather couch. She could hear her sweat-dampened flesh squealing along the cushions as Justin began sliding his cock along her cunt crack. He was going to fuck her, force himself into her, and there was little she could do to stop him!

“Nooo!” she screamed.

Justin was trying to slide down now. He was trying to change the angle of his prick with her cunt. Ginny knew immediately why. Letting out a cry, tearing her mouth from his, the teen curled her fingers into two tight fists, and began beating at his back. She moved her legs around, driving her heels against the backs of his powerful legs. He had found that narrow, shallow spot where she knew her cunt mouth lay hidden.

“Damn it, oh, God, please, stop it, Justin! No not here, not…”

“Damn it, lay still!”

No, she wouldn’t. Frantically the girl began twisting her body around, managing to slide her hands up and press hard against his chest. When Justin refused to take this hint and began seriously changing his style for the initial fuck-thrust, Ginny panicked and scratched his right cheek with her long fingernails.

“Damn!” he bellowed.

Almost instantly he reared back, his cock slipping away from her cunt hole. Ginny blinked her eyes, staring up at the long marks, red and deep against his tanned flesh. Justin rubbed his fingers over the injured flesh to check for blood. There was none, but still the anger in his eyes burned like a hellish flame. Once more, Ginny felt frightened. But this time it was for her own physical safety.

“Damn it! You didn’t have to push me this far, Ginny.”

“What — I — uhhhhhhhh!”

The blow came suddenly, unexpectedly, his hand slamming hard against her right cheek. A rush of air escaped over her front teeth and her head snapped violently to the left, her hair splashing over her flushed face. Ginny felt the hot marks of his fingers against her flesh. No one, not even her mother in anger, had ever hit her. She had been Daddy’s girl before he’d died five years ago. And now this near stranger had struck her hard across the face, bringing salty hot tears to her eyes.

“Justin, oh, why?”

He paused for a second, examining his knuckles for bruises from that last blow.

“‘Cause I got tired of this frightened virgin shit you’re trying to pull.”

Ginny blinked away the tears, rubbing one away from under her eye.

“It’s no act. Please, just let me go and I won’t tell anybody about this.”

But Justin was still on top of her, his legs pinning hers to the couch cushion. Ginny was aware of the heavy beat of her heart. Her gaze moved down to his hands. Justin was rubbing his fingers together, a cruel smile crossing his thin lips.

“Uhhhhh, no, no, help, oh, God!”

He’d struck her again. As she trembled, terrified of this young stud overpowering her, Justin had raised his right hand again, and he brought it down hard in a broad arcing sweep.

She had watched his lips pull back across his teeth while his fingers whistled through the air. The sound of the slap and her quavering, outcry were muffled by the thickness of the office walls.

“Shut up!”

But Ginny refused, yelling her head off while more tears flooded from her eyes. She could hardly believe this. What had begun as a romantic bit of excitement was now turning into a horror show.

“No, I won’t. Oh, God, somebody, anybody — uhhhhhh!”

Another blow, this time with his knuckles bruising her chin and cutting off the remaining words of her cry. Stunned into a sobbing hysteria, Ginny twisted her face away from the young athlete, her thoughts a confused jumped of fear and pain.


“I’m sick ‘n’ tired of hearing you cry all the time.”

Justin had shoved his hands down, tearing her panties off her body. Wadding them in a small ball, he pushed the panties into her mouth, laughing as the young teen gagged on her own cunt juice.

“Nice, eh? You can taste what the fuck I’m gonna be suckin’ out,” he growled.

Ginny worked her tongue around the wadded cotton, her jaws hurting from being pried, open. Her mind reeled with fear and degradation. He was going to fuck her this brutal way and there was little she could do. The blonde teen twisted on the couch, peering over one of Justin’s shoulders. Another five minutes had passed. In fifteen minutes or so he would have to let her go. But much could happen in that short period of time.

“Yeah, gonna split this mother wide open, real wide open. Unnnnnnnn!”

Ginny felt her cunt lips being spread apart once again. Justin was using his fingers carefully, tracing his callused fingertips along the sensitive flesh between her inner and outer cunt lips. Her knees jerked up, rubbing against the big stud’s legs.


Ginny bit down hard against the spit-soaked panties blocking her throat. Her nostrils flared and she twitched, jerking as his middle finger began pushing into her cunt hole. His long finger kept on moving up, up, until it was touching her clit. It seemed like such a private spot, one she wouldn’t let just anyone see or touch. And there was Justin, slipping his finger back and forth, increasing the maddening tickle until she thought she would die from the sensation. Ginny groaned, cinching her eyes shut.

“Like it, eh?”

No, she wouldn’t give in, wouldn’t show this maniac how much his fingering was driving her up the wall. Ginny moved her head to one side, staring blankly at the wall opposite them. Justin laughed softly, slipping his finger back to the bottom junction of her cunt lips, then trailing it back to her clit once more.


Ginny felt sweat rolling down her back, seeping into her asshole. Her flesh squeaked and grunted along the leather couch cushions. The girl groaned long and loud, sounds coming from deep in her throat as that working finger found its way along the slick length of her fuck slit.

Ginny prayed silently that the time would fly by and soon the bell would ring. But Justin kept finger fucking her in this teasing way, driving her mad beyond belief.

Then something changed. It was the way Justin was touching her. Suddenly it occurred to her that he was going to tear her cherry with his finger. Ginny looked pleadingly at the big stud. But Justin was staring at her drooling pussy, his finger tracing the rubbery rim of her tense outer cunt lips.

“Yeahhhh,” he sighed.

Ginny let out another low, soft guttural moan as her soft warm thighs shivered with excitement and fear. She felt his finger sinking in, the second joint passing past her outer cunt lips. Juice boiled up from her cunt, smearing her flesh.

“Man, oh, man! Your cunt’s really stokin’ up. You want this real bad,” Justin said, passing one hand over his prick.

No, that wasn’t true. She wasn’t like some of those girls in school who had to have lots of guys following them around.

“Nooofffff!” she choked.

“Yeah, sure. You’re juicin’ so bad, my finger’s nearly slipping out.”

Justin stuck his finger down deeper. Ginny arched her spine, feeling her cunt sucking solidly.

“Good. Startin’ to loosen up — uhhhh, yeah, gettin’ better.”

There was a moment when Ginny felt incredible pressure, the pressure of his finger rubbing up against her cherry. She stiffened, her toes curling while her head pushed against the small cushion behind. No, it couldn’t be happening now! He couldn’t be getting ready to fuck her now!

“Goin’ for it.”

Ginny opened her mouth wide to scream. The pressure was turning into something else now, a terrible, concentrated pain that took her breath away. Stars exploded in front of her eyes while a buzzing sound seemed to fill her head. The blonde teen let out gasps and sank into a series of yelping fits. The wadded panties stuffed in her mouth kept her cries to a minimum. Justin swatted her several times with the back of his free hand. But he was more interested in what was happening to his fucking finger. The blows were light, barely felt by the panting girl who lay there on the couch like a sacrificial victim. Beads of perspiration rolled down from her forehead, streaking her flushed cheeks. Working one hand free, Ginny again tried shoving Justin away from her. But the young stud only laughed at her weak attempts at escape.

“Yet, yeah,” he sighed. The pinching agony became greater. The farther Justin pressed in, the more it hurt. Ginny suddenly realized the pain was beyond excruciating. It was pure agony. Only the pressure of the panties against her throat kept her from filling the room with cries of her rage and hurt. And then his awful finger ripped right through the stretched little membrane. Ginny shrieked, her teeth tearing at the soft cotton material of her briefs.

“Ohh, yeahhh, yeahhh, got it in all the way. You’re fucked all the way, baby. Feels good.”

Justin was wriggling his finger down, down into the dark velvety depths of her cunt. Ginny sobbed freely, her body shaking as if someone had touched a live electric wire to her tits.

“Man, wasn’t sure if you were a virgin or not. The way you were acting, but I guess you were telling the truth,” Justin said, cocking his head to one side and raising his eyebrows.

Ginny looked down. He was wiping some of the pink froth on the couch. Was she bleeding much? Her mother hadn’t told her too much about what happened when a man fucked a woman. Mother was always so embarrassed about things like that, it seemed. It didn’t appear to be so bad.

“Man, you’ve got one tight cunt. We’re gonna see what we can do about this. Now you shut up,” Justin said, bending forward and staring right into her eyes.

Ginny turned her head again, sobbing with shame and complete humiliation. This was ending up to be something far from what she thought it would be. There was no beauty, no gentleness. There was just the rough treatment she had to endure under Justin, praying the bell would ring and call him back to his senses.

His finger was back in, working around in her pussy, his knuckle scraping along her rubbery cunt lips. Ginny found her pussy was stretching like elastic, fitting tightly but nicely around his invading finger. Was it possible she was turning back on? Yes, it was more than possible. As the seconds ticked by, marked by the ticking on the wall clock behind her, Ginny felt that familiar warmth return. Soon her clit was growing tense once more while juice frothed from her violated fuck hole.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s it, baby. There ain’t gonna be no more pain. Just gonna be my cock in your cunt, drivin’ you half nuts.”

Justin’s voice was getting throatier as his excitement was peaking. Ginny stopped thinking. She had to. Surely she would go crazy if she thought about what was happening to her. Her virginity, her mother, her degradation, everything was swept away by the thrills building up inside her. Her tits jiggled like lumps of jello as she choked on her own spit.

“Oh, man, nice, nice!” the boy groaned. Justin was bracing himself over her now, having pulled his finger out with a sucking pop. Her cunt walls seemed to be rubbing together. Ginny gasped, her muscles cramping. And then she felt his prick rubbing up and down against the full furry length of her cunt crack. The tension was almost maddening. Ginny found herself spreading her knees apart, inching them back, back until they were even with Justin’s thighs. The young boy looked around and smiled more broadly. He shook his head, knocking off beads of sweat that had gathered around his nose and mouth.

“You’re ready. You can’t even keep your fuckin’ legs down on the bed. Man, you want it bad, and you’re gonna get it the same way.”

The more he humiliated her, the more he taunted her with those terrible words, the more she loved it. Ginny felt her cunt stretching wide open, the tiny muscles guarding her pussy mouth cramping, cinching, trembling, waiting, for the touch of his cock head.

“Man, goin’ in!” Justin grunted.

Ginny trembled, cringing, waiting as her eyes widened in panic and lust. Peering over her tits seethe plowing through her cunt hairs. She dropped her head back to the pillow, gasping through the cotton panties stuffed in her mouth. Her nostrils burned. Her heart pounded so hard, Ginny thought she would have a heart attack. And now she could feel his prick head touching her cunt. It was as if someone had dropped acid on her tiny fuck-nub. Ginny flailed her legs against the couch, then jerked them back up, hugging Justin’s strong-muscled body with the insides of her thighs. Fuck, fuck, that’s all she could think of doing.

“Now, gonna keep steady, right? You’re gonna keep your ass flat against the couch so I can fuck you good, right?” Justin taunted.

Ginny couldn’t think of what he was saying. All she knew was that she was hot, and that cock hanging from between Justin’s legs could take care of that itchy ache draining her of her will and strength.

To make certain Ginny would stay still, Justin grabbed her hair, twisting the blonde strands around in his fingers and pulling back. Ginny’s eyelids flickered, a moan of agony escaping from around the stuffed panties.

“Okay, Ginny. One big cock’s about to get stuffed into your cunt.”

Ginny felt at the same time the pressure of his cock head against her cunt lips. Justin had arched his spine, angling his ass cheeks differently to get his cock into a fucking position. It was as if he were about, to spear her in half with some terrible weapon. She let out another low moan.

“Yeah, yeah, moan it out, bitch. That turns me on. You’re scared shitless now. But soon you’re gonna be moanin’ for something else.”

“Aghhghhyyahghghghhhh!” she screamed. He had shot at least half of his prick, five inches, into her pussy, ramming it in with one powerful fuck thrust. At first Ginny couldn’t believe it was happening. The sensation of having something that hot and stiff fucking into her body was incredible. Then she realized that Justin was fucking her. He yanked at her hair once again, groaning, then slapped her again and again as her cries pitched higher and higher.


Another slap landed, this blow bruising her forehead. Justin twisted her head around, tearing more strands of hair from her scalp. He seemed to enjoy doing this, causing her pain, then fucking yet another inch into her violated cunt. Ginny’s knees jerked outward like those of a frog’s. Shockwave after painful shockwave of pure pain slammed through her as she felt her slick cunt walls being stretched to the tearing point.

Ginny knew she couldn’t take more of this. And still his cock meat kept coming, squeezing through her tight pussy, frying up in her boiling juices. Ginny gasped, barley able to keep enough air in her lungs to remain conscious.

“Man, man, you’re tightenin’ up on me again. Can’t let that happen, baby. Come on, loosen up. Fuck! You’re cuttin’ my prick in two!”

Justin reached down with one hand, and he began rubbing his fingers back and forth, back and forth on either side of her stretched cunt lips. Ginny sighed. At least there was no pain, no slaps, no tearing of the hair.

Then Justin started fucking his cock back into her. Ginny wondered if it were physically possible to be fucked to death. Surely Justin had that cock of death, an instrument that could drive a woman insane or into the grave. And there was more of it, much more still outside her juicing cunt.

Justin arched his spine, throwing back his head as a particularly powerful spasm passed through his body. He began dragging his cock out slowly. The change in direction sent shivers of delight and fear racing through Ginny’s body. It felt like an obscene kiss, a vacuum attached to her cunt, sucking out her guts!

“Noooofoofofffff!” she choked.

Justin only pulled two inches from her cunt. With a powerful downward thrust, he shoved back in, fucking his cock head several inches past where the last stroke had stopped. Ginny arched her back, her body shivering and twitching under the hideous attack. The big stud repeated this move, pulling out, then fucking back in, each time going, a little deeper.

Ginny no longer thought about time, about the bell that would eventually rescue her from this madman. She concentrated instead on her pussy, on her cunt that was being fucked by that kissing cock. Finally the girl realized Justin’s balls were flattening up against her body. His prick was all the way inside her pussy. His hands braced against her narrow shoulders and his hot breath pumped against her throat. She could feel his heavy legs draped over hers, could feel his chest rubbing over her tits. And most of all, Ginny could feel the full ten inches of his cock throbbing deep inside her, taking her over, tilling her mind, her body, her will with a life of its own!

“Uhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned.

Justin lay on top of her for several moments, his heart beating against hers. She loved that feel, the sensation of his body pressing against hers. The smooth, wet rub of the couch against her flesh added to the sexy sensation of being really fucked.

“Ohhhh, Ginny, nice, nice.”

There were no more tears now, no more protesting sobs, no more yelps of pain. There was only pure pleasure, a kind of pleasure she never had dreamed possible. It was as if every square inch of her body were throbbing with sensual delight.

Justin raised himself somewhat, moving his hands around and touching her tits. He was massaging her nipples, squeezing them now between his thumbs and forefingers until the girl cinched her eyes shut once more and let out a low moan through the gagging stuffed panties.

“Uhhhhhh, owwwwwww!”

“Yeah, those nice big tits and those hard nipples. Love’em.”

Ginny had heard about how guys really groove on a girl’s tits and nipples. Now she was seeing it for the first time in action. Justin’s eyes were lit up again while he toyed with her nipples. He liked it when he squeezed down on her red rubbery nipples and watched her chest heave with the resulting pain.

“Man, gonna fuck you, fuck you nuts.”

Slowly but steadily Justin began fucking her. His hips bumped up against hers, making her body shiver from the contact. In and out, in and out his cock fucked, at first only a few inches slipping from the hot, hugging hold of her cunt. And then up to seven inches slid up, then squeezed back in.

“Huhhhrrr! Huhhhrrr! Huhhhhrrrr!”

Her mind bleached out all thought and sensation except the feel of Justin’s prick plowing through her pussy. His soft, leathery balls slapped again and again while he rode high, ensuring his prick would continually touch her clit. The resulting electrical seepage drove Ginny closer and closer to the brink of climax. She had touched herself secretly in bed and felt something nice happen to her pussy. That, she guessed, was orgasm. But now she was feeling something much more intense, something much more overwhelming. And this, she instinctively knew, was only the prelude to something far more powerful.

“Uhhhhh!” Ginny gasped, tears of delight running down her cheeks.

She knew he was going to shoot his wad into her. She knew his hot, sticky jizz was going to clog her cunt. Her soft whimpers became louder sobs as she started realizing she was enjoying what he was doing to her. The continual jerky fuck thrusts of his cock had built up sensations she had never been aware of before. Justin rode her like a pro, his hands gripping her hipbones. At times he slid them back, his fingers cupping her ass cheeks and holding them rolled back so he could fuck deeper.

“Fuckin’ slut, fuckin’ whore. Gonna make — uhhh — gonna make you feel my prick all the way.”

The bell! Above the room, Ginny could hear the class-change bell. And still Justin fucked her. Oh, what would become of her?


“That away, baby. Come on, move that ass, move it around and make me feel real good!”

Justin fucked his cock in faster and faster. Ginny knew his cum was about to boil out of his prick head. She could see the animal state in his eyes and knew he was going to blow his wad into her.

“Uhhhhhh!” he grunted.

Ginny was going crazy with sensation. Perspiration streaked her body as again and again Justin fucked long, low and deep into her cunt. At the last moment he slipped his right hand down, curling it until his fingertip was brushing up against her asshole.

“Noooofffffff!” she cried.

Justin managed to jab his finger up to the first joint into her ass before he came. Ginny heard the young man let out a wail. Glancing up through her long blonde lashes, she watched as he snapped his head from side to side. The veins stood out in his throat while his chest heaved mightily up and down. Oh, he was shooting. Yes, she could feel something very hot and wet and sticky spattering against her cunt walls. He was fire-hosing his jizz into her, and she loved every second of it!

Ginny knew she should have howled with pain and humiliation. Instead she was sighing with mounting lust, gasping like the gutter animal she felt herself to be. Yes, she was no better than Justin. This fucking had proven that. It had started somewhat against her will. But now he didn’t have to hold her down to the couch. Justin didn’t have to twist and tear at her hair. No, she wanted more and more. It was too good to stop. Her body shivered and twitched with lewd needs while her ass cheeks ground up to meet his fuck thrusts. Fucking, sucking were everything the girl wanted as Justin shot more and more of his load into her.

“Yaghghghghhhfhhfff!” she screamed through the gag.

Millions of hot, sparking needles seemed to pierce her clit as she slipped into a fit of cumming. Screaming as loudly as she could, the girl felt her cunt milking down hard on Justin’s shooting prick. Again and again, her pussy cinched down, gripping and hugging that hunk of cock meat as more and more of his hot white jism sprayed into her cunt. Ginny found herself drifting on golden clouds of ecstasy while her pussy milked and snapped hard against the big stud’s fucking cock.

“Uhhhhh,” she moaned.

Even after Justin’s prick stopped sending rope-like streamers of jizz into her pussy, the girl twisted and writhed under his body. Oh, yes, she loved that feeling, loved the sensation of having her cunt filled, really filled by his hot cock.

“Baby, baby, that was one fuckin’ good lay. Man, that was fuckin’ A, Ginny, real fuckin’ A,” Justin sighed.

The girl lay there quietly, her arms hanging limply down from the couch. She felt the hot weight of his body against hers, the muscles pressing the air from her lungs. It was all so good, so very, good! It was only when she heard shuffling outside the door that the teen realized both of them were in an extremely compromising position.

“Justin. The bell! Oh, God!”


Ginny was still fighting off the glow that made movement almost painful. Justin had pulled from her cunt quickly, streams of his cum oozing from her pussy slit. How she wanted just to lay there with him, to continue feeling his prick stretching her cunt walls apart. But there was no time. She could hear laughter outside in the hall. Even though they were deep in the bowels of the school, surely the coach or some members of the team would be nearby. All they had to do was be seen sneaking from the office and word would be all over school. Pulling her panties from her mouth, Ginny stood up shakily. They were so damp. She couldn’t put them on.

“Come on, man. Somebody’s gonna come in and find us,” Justin said.

Ginny thought of the horrified look on her mother’s face if she were to learn the truth, and she dressed frenziedly. Somehow she’d managed to slip on her bra, then get into her skirt and blouse without falling onto the floor. As she sat on the edge of the couch, sliding her feet into the sandals, Justin tucked his t-shirt into his Levi’s, bending down and picking up her scattered papers and books.

“My panties!” Ginny exclaimed, taking her books from Justin and heading for the door. She looked frantically around the floor, and couldn’t find them.

“I’ll hunt’em down. You gotta get outta here now, Ginny. I’ll call you later and we can have a return-party date, okay?”

She felt weak, too weak and drained to protest. Hugging her books, she staggered to the door.

“You okay?”

“Yes. I — ohhhh, Justin!”

Her cunt still hungered for his prick. This had been her first fuck. And now all she could think of was fucking, of having that stud’s cock inside her, ramming down against her clit. But Justin was firm.

“Not now. Come on out,” he said.

As insistent as he had been fucking her, he was now pushing her away. Ginny cast one longing look over her shoulder, then shuffled from the room. Hearing the door slam behind her, the girl stood in front of it for several moments, wondering what would happen now. She had done it, gone all the way. Should she tell Cindy? It was something she had to share, had to tell someone about or she’d burst.

These and other similar thoughts filled her head as she walked moodily away from the coaches’ office. It was only when she reached the stairs that Ginny realized someone was staring at her.

It was that dreadful janitor, the one she and Cindy had talked about in the hall some forty-five minutes earlier. He was leaning against the handrail of the stairs, effectively blocking her way. There was no one around at the moment, and he was taking full advantage of the situation. There was a hideous grin on his face, one that made the girl feel suddenly dirty all over.

“Excuse me,” she said, lowering her eyes modestly and starting for the stairs.

But the janitor didn’t move. He stayed there, one leg blocking her way. Ginny could easily have jumped over and raced up the steps to safety. But she refused to play his game.

Backing away, she hugged her notebook a little tighter her eyes flaring up.

“I said excuse me. I have to get to class,” Ginny said as firmly as she could.

His smile only increased, the wrinkles around his eyes becoming more pronounced like some hideous spider web layering his face. It was only now that the teen realized how repulsive this man was, like some overgrown gnome. She looked over her shoulders back at the office. If he tried anything Ginny knew she could run back to Justin and be safe.

“What’s the matter? You wanna go back to your boyfriend and fuck around again. You don’t wanna be nice to Gus?”

Ginny’s mouth dropped open. She wasn’t schooled in handling men like the janitor, and her guilt showed through easily. His grin grew more hellish, his lips pulling back and revealing his hideous tobacco-stained teeth. Ginny felt sick all over.

“You-you don’t know what you’re talking about,” she whispered.

Gus didn’t answer her. Dropping one hand to his crotch, he rubbed his fingers along the greasy khaki material. Ginny knew what he was doing. She could see the stretched material pulling tight over his prick, revealing the full length and thickness of his fuck rod.

“No!” she gasped.

Ginny shook her head, backing away from the janitor.

“If you don’t let me go, I’ll scream. And I don’t care what you say. Ill tell everybody you tried to touch me and-and…”

Gus’ face turned darker as his hand dropped from his crotch. Straightening, he moved his leg from the stairs. Above them they could hear several couples about to descend to the basement.

“You’re okay now. But don’t count on it anymore. Ol’ Gus don’t give up that easy.”

Ginny rushed past him, holding her breath so she wouldn’t have to smell his greasy flesh. What a terrible encounter to have right after that wonderful session with Justin. Well, she’d just ignore it. Climbing the stairs, feeling the cummy slide of her cunt lips against one another, Ginny had to grip the handrail to keep from falling on her face. More than once someone came up to her and wondered if she was all right. It was only when she saw Cindy standing by the office, talking to two other girls, that Ginny felt a little of her old strength come back. Wouldn’t her friend just burst when she heard what had happened while everybody was in Mrs. Johnson’s class, getting good and bored?

“What went on?” Cindy asked breathlessly, walking next to her friend. It was the last period, one that was relatively free for both girls. Ginny looked around her, then breathlessly told Cindy everything. The young brunette stopped by the water fountain, her eyes wide.

“You did it? You really — really fucked him?” she asked, lowering her voice. Her eyes glistened and her mouth dropped open.

“Oh, it was wonderful,” Ginny said dreamily, feeling her cheeks flush with embarrassment and excitement.

“Wow! Doing that scares me… kind of,” Cindy said.

Only now was Ginny terribly aware that she had no panties on. When would Justin call to give them back? And what price would he extract from her for her panties?

“Did it hurt?”

Ginny thought of the way he’d mistreated her, the slapping, the hair-pulling, the dirty words. Those were things she felt she couldn’t share with Cindy.

“Kind of. But then it got all kind of dreamy and fuzzy and — and, oh, I don’t know. It was so good I couldn’t keep my mind straight.”

Ginny was tempted to tell her friend more. But Justin’s way of fucking was too wild, she thought, for most people to handle. The rub of her skirt against her pussy was starting to get her going again. Just thinking and talking about what happened last period drove up her excitement. She’d have to stop talking or God only knew what would happen.

“Well, I think I’d go nuts if someone like Justin made love to me,” Cindy agreed, nodding her head.

They strolled away from the water fountain through the thinning crowd. Some of the kids were going home, talking excitedly about the Halloween dance coming up in several days. It was only when they turned the corner that Ginny let out an exclamation of surprise. It was Gus, kneeling by another fountain and muttering obscenities as he fiddled with the plumbing. Mr. Twain, the physics teacher, was standing above him, frowning at the dirty janitor while shaking his head.

“Going home, girls?”

Gus turned around, saw Ginny, then leered heavily at her before going back to his thankless job.

“Uh, yes, Mr. Twain. Goodnight,” Ginny said, strolling past the men.

“Did you see the way that janitor looked at you?” Cindy whispered.

Ginny nodded as they stepped carefully down the steps in front of the school. It was starting to cloud up already, a chilly breeze blowing in from the north and stirring the leaves of the trees nearby.

“I don’t wanna think about him,” Ginny said, trying to affect a bored expression.

“Yeah, I guess. If someone had fucked, me like that, I wouldn’t care about any creepy ol’ janitor.”

“Yeah. Oh, it was wonderful when he fingered me until I thought I was going to scream.”

“Oh, wow,” Cindy said, perking up as Ginny replayed what had happened between her and Justin.

“And then — well, I’d better go home,” Ginny said. “My mother — I guess I feel kinda guilty and all that.”

“Guess so. I wish something like that would happen to me. Justin! Boy, you sure went first-class,” Cindy said enviously, as the two girls parted company at the corner.

All the way home, Ginny felt herself walking on a cloud. The slick rub of her cunt lips against one another was a continuous reminder of what had happened to her. She could almost feel Justin’s hands on her, his finger up her ass, his prick fucking her cunt until she screamed through those gagging panties.

That evening Ginny could hardly read her books. Every time she opened her history book, she thought of Justin and the way he had fucked her. She had cut Mrs. Johnson’s class for cock, and would have done it again. Her mother had said little when the girl hardly touched her food, commenting only on the fact that she seemed a little more pensive that evening. At nine-thirty her pink princess phone rang. Thinking it to be Cindy, Ginny closed her book with a sigh and scooted across the bed, brushing her hair from her eyes.

“Hi. It’s Justin. Doing anything special tonight?”


Ginny tried to calm her breathing.

“I-I didn’t expect you to call. How did you know my phone number?”

“I want to see you tonight.”

His voice was cocky, self-assured. Ginny squeezed the pink receiver in her damp palm and scooted back until her spine rested against the headboard. She could imagine him sitting in his bedroom, one hand between his legs as he touched his cock.

“You can’t come to see me! My mother — you can’t come over.”

“Then you come to me,” he said. “I wanna do nice things to your body again. And I’ve been sniffin’ your panties, thinking about what nice things we did today. Remember?”

Of course, she remembered. She flushed at the thought of the two of them fucking tonight, sneaking from the house so she could have a late night rendezvous. Oh, Cindy would be furious with jealousy when she told her about this.

“I want you to come over to the school tight now. I’ll be waiting. I want to kiss your tits. Gonna touch each nipple real slow. I’m gonna lick it until you start begging for more. Just like you did today. Yeah, gonna eat those pretty little tits ’til you start babbling.”

Ginny blushed furiously. She panted hard, feeling dizzy as her cunt heated up under Justin’s dirty words. She squirmed on the bed, her knees clenched together while that slick feeling washed over her cunt lips. Her pussy muscles, convulsed deep inside.

“No. I can’t. My mom’s downstairs watching TV. She’ll see me if I go out. Besides, why should I come to school. Nobody’s there.”

“My folks are at home. I’m in the coach’s office now. We were practicing late. He trusts me, gives me the keys to the outside door here. Don’t have to go in through the main entrance.”

She could imagine how well Justin used the coach’s trust to lure girls into the room.

“I don’t know.”

“You could hang up. I won’t call again. But then again, you won’t get your panties back, and probably won’t see me like this afternoon.” He was laughing at her weakness. He knew what she wanted.

“Come on, baby. Gonna fuck you. Real slow is how I’ll do it. It’ll be just like today. Only you won’t have that cherry to get in the way.”

“Ohhhh, God!”

Ginny felt the hot, sweaty rub of the receiver against her ear. She couldn’t say no, now. She’d been thinking about Justin all night. And now here he was, phoning her, talking dirty to her and inviting her for another fucking session. Was she becoming a nymphomaniac? Ginny pushed those uncomfortable questions from her mind. All she knew was that her cunt was hot and Justin could put out that aching fire.

“I’ll be there,” he said.

The phone hung up. Ginny thought she could hear Justin laughing again. Closing her book, the girl slipped on her sandals, grabbing a blue jacket, then slipping it over her shoulders. Ginny tiptoed to her door, and she cracked it open. Her mother was still downstairs. Down the hall, she could hear the steady droning of some news documentary. Biting her lower lip, Ginny closed the door, careful to turn off the light. It was an unspoken rule that her mother would never open the door once she thought her daughter had gone off to sleep. Ginny walked carefully down the hall, past the living room, where she saw the hack of her mother’s head just above the long green sofa. She disappeared into the kitchen, making sure she had the keys to the back door before slipping out and carefully re-closing it. Shivering, Ginny hurried down the drive, looking about to make sure no neighbors were spying on her. Ginny’s heels clattered against the concrete as she rushed down the street, onto Brand Boulevard, then across the four lanes of busy traffic, until she saw the dark shape of the school building looming in front of her. Moving along the east side, she saw the dim glow of lights from the basement athletic area. Justin was there, just like he had said he would be.

Ginny paused for a moment, her fingers pulling at the edges of her sweater. It was wrong, terribly wrong for her to sneak from her house like that. She had just lost her cherry today, and Justin bad been so rough. But there was something in the sinfulness of the thing, something exciting about the way he had overpowered her and made her obey that appealed to the girl.

Letting out a sigh, Ginny walked slowly to the outside stairs, curling her fingers around the cold metal handrail and descending the steps to the outside door. The frosted glass on the windows prevented her from seeing in. She knocked softly against the panes, inhaling sharply when she saw a shape moving behind the glass.

“It’s Ginny,” she whispered loudly through a crack in the door, adjusting her sweater around her neck as a breeze raised her hair from her shoulders.

There was rattling on the other side of the door. Then it opened slowly, pushing out toward her.

“Justin, I feel so weird coming here and — oh, God!”

It was Gus.


“No! Oh, God, noooo!”

Ginny tried pulling back. But Gus had been ready for her shock. Grabbing her hard by the wrist, he yanked the frantic, teen into the building, kicking the door shut behind her. She heard the double panes rattling in their frames as she pitched forward, barely keeping her balance. Where was Justin? Why had he called her and asked her to come if he wasn’t here?

“That’s it, baby. Come on, come on to ol’ Gus. He wants to have a little fun with you.”

Ginny turned around, backing slowly away from the advancing janitor. He looked more loathsome than before. The sweat on his face made him look more horrible. His close cropped graying black hair glistened. His broad forehead wrinkled and the skin around his dark eyes tightened. He hadn’t shaved for a day or so. How could the school district have hired such a pig in the first place?

“Justin’s around here. He called, and I was right there. In fact, I heard you pantin’ away.”

“No, no, that’s not true!” Ginny said, shaking her head slowly.

“Sure is. Justin’s my pal, my buddy at least for a while. I told the little fucker I’d turn’em in, tell the coach he was fuckin’ around. Your panties were right there under the couch. I didn’t let ’em take ’em away before the coach came back. The kid was frantic. Loves football and all that shit.”

Gus rubbed one hand under his chin, peeling off a lose scab.

“Me, I like fuckin’. Fuckin’ young stuff like you. Usually gotta pay for it,” he said, his voice lowering nastily. “But this time I’m gonna get it free.”

Ginny felt her stomach tighten. Justin had sold her, solid her to Gus like some slave just to save his precious high-school football career.


“He’s gettin’ some stuff ready. I don’t like fuckin’ in the usual way. Guess you could’ve figured that out, though.”

Ginny didn’t want to figure anything out. She looked wildly around, searching for a path of escape. Everything was dark around her. She wasn’t familiar with the twisting passages in this area of the school building. She’d be running blindly about with Gus behind her, knowing every square inch of the pathway.

“No, oh, no!”

Now the girl knew what real fear was. The flesh along her thighs and in the crack along her ass crawled. As Gus took one step closer, she drew back, her breath catching. Ginny thought she could hear her heart pounding. Gus looked so big now, much bigger than she’d remembered him.

“Ohhhh!” she gasped.

Gus caught her by the shoulders, his big palms pressing down. Ginny closed her eyes and shuddered, fighting out the sheer desire to scream. He was hurting her, curling his fingers into her flesh and pressing down. The pain shot up to her neck, then down to her back.

“Suck cock, baby? You wanna wrap them lips around my prick and suck me off? Yeah, that’d be good, givin’ ol’ Gus some good head.”

The thought made Ginny want to vomit. He was pressing her down toward the floor. He was going to make her do it. He was going to make her suck his prick!

Ginny twisted away, backing off after Gus lost some of his grip.

“Bitch!” he spat.

He moved, quickly, twisting strands of her hair in his fists Ginny yelped, feeling him tearing strands from her scalp.

“Yaghghhghh!” she screamed.

Her eyelids flickered as Gus jerked her close, his filthy breath pumping in her face. She could smell all that whisky and, tobacco he had consumed. The odor made her want to puke. And this was the thing that was doing to fuck her?

“Suck me, baby, suck me good!”

He tightened his grip on her hair, dragging her back, back past the door and toward the office, where she and Justin had fucked. Muttering something about her being too much trouble, he flung her forward, sliding one leg out to make sure she tripped on it.

Ginny pitched forward, her legs tangling over one another. Her hair flew in her eyes as she doubled over, her palms hitting the polished concrete floor hard. The shock of the blow sent shards of pain through her arms and elbows, the air being knocked from her lungs as she rolled several times and finally came to rest against a door.

“Here,” he said.

He was tugging her hair again, drawing her face up against his booted foot so hard that the blow cracked her lower lip. Ginny moaned, able to taste her own blood, and Gus growled again. The horror of what she was now facing surged through her like some hideous new life.

“No, I won’t, I won’t!”

He stared at her, breathing hard, heavy. The brightness in his eyes was like the hungry fixed stare of a sewer rat. As she trembled, the terror gnawing at her mind, Gus smiled. He enjoyed doing this, watching a woman trembling under his filthy gaze.

Raising one hand slowly above his head, he drew closer, his feet nearly touching hers. Ginny whimpered, tensing, waiting for the blow to fall. He would strike her again and again. She knew it, felt it in her bones. Even as she flattened herself against the wall, drawing her legs up until she was a tight little ball, his hand came down. As before with Justin, she could hear the wind whistling between his spread fingers. There was a moment’s silence. And then the blow came, the force knocking her body halfway on its right side.

“Ygaghghhgh — uhhhhfffffff!”

Ginny covered her face with both hands, whimpering softly. She dug her heels into the floor, trying to scoot away from the big man. Gus followed her, raising one booted foot and kicking her hard in the ribs.

“Ooooooffffffff!” she gasped.

Ginny doubled over, her hands instinctively gripping her belly. Gus laughed, raising his foot again and jerking it hard against the back of her neck.

Stars exploded behind her eyes as she fell on her hands and knees. She had to get away. Blindly, the girl scurried from her tormentor, sobbing, shaking the long blonde hair from her eyes. Somewhere in the scramble, her sweater had come off and now lay on the floor. Gus pursued her, letting the girl get ahead of him for a few seconds. He enjoyed this, letting his prey skitter ahead for a while, flushed with the hope of escape. No one would escape from him, he knew.

Ginny stopped, turning around and peering like a frightened animal over one shoulder. He was standing there, his legs spread widely apart, a vicious leer on his ugly face. Nowhere could she find escape. The walls seemed to be closing in on her. She drew back, her head under a water fountain. Oh, if only Justin would come out and discover what was going on, he would help her.

“Justin!” she cried, hot tears rolling down her cheeks. Justin swore something and advanced quickly, his hands stretched out for her. Ginny stifled another scream, half twisting around and raising one shoulder protectively against him.

“You ain’t gotta choice, bitch.”

He dragged her out from under the fountain, by the wrists, hauling her like a sack of potatoes down the hall to the coach’s room.

“No, no!”

“Shut up!”

He slapped her again, backhanding the girl into near-submission. Ginny’s body slid backward on the slick floor, her head knocking hard against the hard surface. She lay there, arms spread to either side of her body as if she were about to be crucified. Her dress had ridden up to her knees. Weakly she thrust her arms down, her fingers trying to pull down the hem of her skirt modestly below her knees. At that point, she watched Gus unzip his fly. Then he pushed his pants below his knees.

Ginny saw his cock, big, thick, ugly, his dark purple prick tip pulsing with excitement. The knobby vines knotted around his cock shaft. His balls were taut, drawn to the upper portion of his sac. The image of a blade formed in her mind as his cock quickly swelled to its full heat and hardness. She wanted to touch his prick, feel it. And yet her mind was telling her it was awful for her to feel this way. The blows must have knocked the sense from her.

“Yeah, we’re gonna have ourselves a real hot time tonight.”

Ginny sobbed, pressing her spine against the wall. She clenched her fists, pressing them against her thighs. Her cunt trembled. The thought of having him fucking her, fucking her, after she had had that wonderful experience with Justin in the room, sickened her. Ginny made a face, turning away from the standing janitor.

But Gus wasn’t about to be put off. He reached down, curling his fingers around the top of her blouse, and tore down. Ginny struggled, her hands fighting his. But the teen was no match for the janitor. Gus ripped her garment open, tearing the material apart, then jerking it from her body. Next came her skirt. Ginny skittered back on the floor, beating at the ugly man with both her fists. Her blows only made Gus laugh. He dropped to his knees, pushing her back hard while fumbling with her zipper. She heard more tearing, ripping sounds while he muttered something about her zipper sticking. He gave up, joining his hands together near the front of her skirt then rapidly pulling them apart. The plaid material ripped down. In a moment Ginny had been stripped. She lay there on the cold hard cement floor, cringing away from Gus, clad only in her bra and cotton panties.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s a good start.”

Once during their struggle Ginny had felt his prick brushing up against her arm. It had been as if someone had touched her with a hot iron. She shrank away from it and Gus, praying he’d drop of a heart attack or something.

“Okay, suck it, and suck it good. You try anything, baby, like bitin’, and I’m gonna knock that pretty head of yours all around this fuckin’ room.”

Gus had her on her knees now, her ass cheeks resting uncomfortably on her heels. His pants were gathered around his ankles, while his cock stood out thick and hard. Ginny wrinkled her nose. She could smell the sour, thick odor of his unwashed crotch. But Gus was gathering more of her hair in his fists, pulling at the strands, making her shudder with pain as he drew her face closer to his crotch. When she drew back, he yanked up on her hair, lifting her ass from her heels. Ginny cried out, shaking her head, indicating with a nod that she wouldn’t fight him any longer.

“Suck!” he demanded.

Opening her mouth, the girl closed her eyes. A hard pulse leaped at her throat. She swallowed once, then parted her lips a little farther. Ginny could feel something very hot brushing over her pouty lower lip. Then Gus was saying something, moaning while rubbing his cock back and forth over one cheek. She could feel his prick sliding up to her eyes, then into her hair before slipping back to the area around her mouth. He was toying with her, watching her revulsion as he rubbed his prick back and forth against her face. When she shivered too much, the janitor yanked up on her hair, tearing yet more strands from her scalp. Finally he centered his prick head in front, of her mouth. Ginny blinked open her eyes and saw that his cock was about to plunge down her throat. She quaked, her mind rioting with mixed emotions as Gus tensed his thighs and drove in.

“Mmmmfffffff,” she choked.

“Ohhh, yeahhhh. It’s been a fuckin’ long time since I’ve had head. Head, baby. That’s what’s it’s called. Givin’ good head. And you’ve got a nice, hot tight little mouth. Probably just as tight as your cunt or ass.”

Ginny coughed, gagging from the thick hunk of hot cock meat throbbing in her mouth. The veins felt like warm worms squirming down past her lips. Gus only fucked three or four inches in and out of her mouth. He enjoyed peering down, watching his spit-slicked fuck rod sliding in and out, in and out between her thinly stretched lips. His balls swung back and forth, hot, tight with cum wanting to boil out.

“Come on, come on, move that fuckin’ tongue around my — ohhhh, yeahhhhh!”

Again Gus jerked up on her hair, giving her commands and tearing at her if she didn’t respond fast enough. Ginny flicked her tongue around the groove separating the double lobes. Gus liked that. He shivered, leaning forward, caressing her head while giving her more inches to suck and chew on.

“Come on, baby, tighten up those lips! Oh, yeah, yeah, milkin’ my prick just like that. Fuck, baby where the fuck you learn somethin’ like that? Justin give you lessons that good?”

Ginny bobbed her head back and forth, feeling the silky sweep of her hair against her shoulders and arms. The girl flicked her tongue more frantically, drawing it down as far as she could, until she curled it around, the arrow-shaped head of Gus’ prick.

“Now, go for it, baby. Gonna throat you. Gonna give you it all.”

Ginny barely heard what he was saying when she felt his fingers cupping the back of her skull. He was holding onto her, his palms pressed against her ears, flattened against the sides of her head. Then he shoved down, his knees bending slightly and banging against her face. More cock was sliding into her mouth. Ginny swallowed the spit that threatened to choke her. More and more cock head slipped in, sliding over her tongue, past her molars, past her tonsils, going down until she could feel his prick head banging against her throat.

“Nooooofffff!” she cried.

Gus wasn’t about to stop. He held her tightly, pressing his hands so tightly, the girl thought he would surely crush her skull. In and out now, in and out, the full eight inches piledriving into her mouth. She could feel the soft slap of his balls against her chin.

Gus shoved forward, keeping his crotch pressed hard against her face. Ginny moaned, trying so back away, feeling dizzy with the lack of oxygen. He was cutting off her air with his prick. She jerked her hands up, pressing her fingertips against his overhanging belly while trying to twist her head away. She had to get some air. Surely she would die if he kept his prick buried in her throat like that!

“Ohhh, yeahhhh, baby, baby, suck that fuck rod. Come on,” he sighed, closing his eyes and tending his spine back a little. He rubbed his crotch up and down, flattening her nose against his groin while his cock hairs bristled in her flaring nostrils.

Finally he relented, backing away. Inch by thick inch, Gus slid back until only his prick head rested on her lower lip. A thin pearly drop of cum oozed from his piss-slit and dropped onto her tongue. She tasted it, that salty, bleachy flavor of jizz.

“Man, there’s more where that came from. And you’re gonna get plenty of it.”

He pushed her back, wiping the tip of his fuck rod against her mouth. Ginny felt awful. She had committed a terrible thing, had sucked a man’s cock. And it was this man, this horrible man who was forcing her to do it.

The girl could feel that familiar warmth down between her thighs. There was something inside her, something responding to his cruelty. She could feel that dampness in her cunt and her clit began stiffening, the surrounding silky flesh. No, Gus must never know how, hot she was becoming.

“Over on your belly.”

To emphasize his command, Gus slipped one toe under her ass, flipping the girl to one side. Ginny sobbed, wiping a tear away from her eyes as she obeyed the man mutely. She rested on her tummy, glad that at least for a second or two her tits and cunt were tucked away from his leering gaze. She rested one burning cheek against her right arm, staring off in the darkness, wondering where on earth Justin had disappeared.

What was that? She could hear the rattle of the long, metal buckle of his belt as he took it from his pant loops and twisted it around his fists.

“Please, oh, no!”

She tensed, her smooth round white ass cheeks trembling under the thin cotton of her panties. Her knees knocked together. Stories of men who tortured girls before killing them raced through her mind as Gus’ gigantic shadow cut across her body. She felt so small, so frail, so pushed into the dirt as Gus towered over her.

“Bitch!” he spat.

Gus braced himself, his arm cocking in the air like a catapult. The thick black leather sizzled through the air, hissing more loudly than his fist had earlier. It came down hard, smacking dryly across both ass cheeks. Ginny had never felt anything so stinging, so hot before in her life. She opened her mouth, her lips twisting apart as a howl came from deep inside her.

“Yaghghghghhh!” she screamed.

She jerked forward, her arms shooting forward while her knees jerked apart. She started to get up, bracing her hands on either side of her body. Gus stepped forward, placing his right heel between her shoulder blades and shoving down hard. Ginny slammed against the floor, her chin striking the concrete so violently, she thought her jawbone had shattered.

Again Ginny shrieked, the leather belt curling around the bottom swell of her left ass cheek. A hot stinging sensation bit along her cunt lips, nipping into her clit while her asshole winked open and shut.

“Good and hot. Gonna warm up them ass cheeks good and hot with this mother, then fuck the shit outta ’em.”

Ginny was certain he would. And then God only knew what would happen to her.


Ginny squirmed and whimpered as the belt thrashed against her ass cheeks. Gus didn’t seem to tire, his arm cocking again and again, sending that awful belt whipping across her ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs. Ginny curled her hand into a fist, jamming her knuckles into her mouth to stifle the cries that came automatically from the painful blows. Tears streamed from her eyes as the leather belt whipped over her ass cheeks. The cotton panties were no protection. There were times when the girl thought Gus had torn them from her body with that horrid belt.

“Uhhhhhhh!” he panted as he whipped.

He was breathing more heavily now. Perhaps he would become bored with the beating and would give up.


Another blow landed, this one more savage than before. The end of the belt sliced between her shoulders, touching the lower section of her neck. Ginny let out a howl, her arms jerking out once more in front of her while a buzzing sound invaded her head. Two more quick blows followed, the leather seeming to curl under the elastic leg bands of her white cotton panties and touching her asshole. That was impossible, she thought, reaching around tentatively and making certain her panties were securely on.

“Uhhhhhh!” he grunted.

The young teen doubted she would be able to stand much more brutality. Already the searing pain had spread into her cunt. Rather than lowering the agony racking her cunt, the pain from the leather beating increased the feeling of lust in her pussy. It was so complicated, so weird. But the more Gus abused her, the more he hit and kicked her, the more she was enjoying it. Ginny screwed up her forehead, trying to understand why this was so.

“Yaghhghghhhhh!” she wailed.

The belt bit into the naked soles of her feet. It was as if nails were being driven through her toes. No part of her body was safe.

“Fuckin’ little slut. You did this, and yet you say you don’t want no more.”

“No, no, you’re-you’re lying,” she said through clenched teeth.

Gus only laughed, throwing back his head and chortling while trailing the tip of the belt along the subtle curves of her body. Ginny trembled at the light, teasing touch of the leather. He stopped the belt as it swung like a hideous pendulum between her reddened ass cheeks. Sighing, Ginny instinctively clenched her ass cheeks together, feeling a warming, dampness spreading through her pussy.

“Gonna tell me how much you wanna get fucked by ol’ Gus?”

Ginny turned her tear-stained face away from him, feeling shame, rage and humiliation course through her mind and body like fire. The animal was satisfied for the moment that he had tormented her enough, she thought. He was catching his breath, letting that belt trail along the backs of her legs, then back up to her ass. Gus walked forward, putting his feet up against her right thigh. Ginny turned her head the other way, refusing to acknowledge he was there.

“Gonna need some persuasion. If this little fellah can’t do it, I know what can.”

Ginny raised her head and twisted it around. He was standing there, dressed only in his dirty janitor’s shirt. His cock still stood out like some big barber pole, glistening with her spit. His prick head seemed to have grown bigger. His cock was still purple, swollen with lust, ready to spit out its jizz.

“Yeah, yeah,” he muttered.

Gus was down between her legs, his filthy fingers pushing her knees apart. She felt his hands gripping the soft spots behind her legs, and groaned. He was halving her, spreading her apart. Then she felt his breath blowing against her ass cheeks. He was fingering the elastic leg bands of her panties, pushing them up, exposing the lower swells of her ass cheeks. Ginny reached back, but Gus’ hands slapped hers to one side. She felt his nose pressing up against her ass crack, felt the hot lapping sensation of his tongue over the forbidden zone of her body. He was going to eat her cunt and asshole!

“Noooo!” she gasped.

The girl turned around, staring straight ahead as she gulped in lungfuls of air. It was awful and wonderful at the same time. She felt his horrid mouth as it found her cunt lips and pressed down and in. To have his mouth against her swelling cunt was so exciting, so overwhelming! Ginny shook her head again and again as if she were trying to knock the sensations from her mind. But they came back stronger, her clit stretching out to meet the janitor’s tongue and lips. She moved her knees a little farther apart, feeling the resulting stretching sensation spreading tantalizingly throughout her pussy. Gus moaned into her pussy, the vibrations of his voice sending her yet higher into the sexual stratosphere.

“Man, nice hot cunt! Yeahhh, bitch, you want ol’ Gus, really do.”

Her chest heaved as he moved his head from side to side. He was burrowing into her cunt.

She could feel the hot juices her pussy seeping from the deepest parts of her pussy. The tickling of his mouth was so rough, so brutal. And yet Ginny felt she needed that kind of sensation now. Groaning, covering her mouth and trying to disguise her delight, the girl couldn’t help her tiny ass from wriggling back and forth like a tail. Yes, she was happy for it, happy for the beating for the sucking, for everything.

Gus had spread her ass cheeks wide apart now, gathering up the soaked material of her cotton panties and pushing the crotch panel to one side. It was as if she were wearing nothing at all at this point.

“NO, don’t! Oh, please, don’t do that! Oh, God, no!”

Gus was rimming her, tracing his tongue around the tense ring of her outer pussy lips, then stiffening it and sticking it in all the way.

At the same time, the janitor was holding her thighs up off the floor with both hands, his arms braced against the concrete. Ginny thought she would die from the sensation. For one moment she forgot who was behind her. She forgot about the pain, about the degradation. All she could think of now was the wonderful wet, wriggling sensation of his tongue fucking in and out of her cunt.

“Ummmmmm!” she moaned.

“Oh, baby, you’re too much! Fuckin’ hot ass! Real nice.”

There was another tearing sound. He’d ripped her panties from her body. There was only the elastic band and shreds of the cotton material hanging from it. His mouth was back again, wedged between her ass checks while his callused fingers spread her ass cheeks wide apart. Ginny gave up trying to fight the big man. She lay there, splayed wide open, her ass being eaten out by the fiend.

“This is enough, man, can’t take it,” he said.

Gus was mounting her like a stag in the forest. She felt his knees pressing painfully against the backs of her legs. Twice the girl tried to turn around, but the janitor had his paw-like hands on her shoulder blades, holding her down hard to the concrete. He was covering her like a blanket, his hot body pressing onto hers. Ginny let out another cry as she felt her body crushing under the weight of his belly and chest. The feelings in her fuck zones were growing more lewd with each passing second. She could feel the slick rubbing of her cunt lips, wet from the spit.

“Man, oh, man!”

Gus was panting above her, sweat dripping from his belly and forehead and spattering onto her body. She waited, wondering what else he had in store for her. The flutter in her stomach had passed through the trial of pain. Now it was a furnace of slippery heat.

“No, ohhhh!” the girl moaned.

Ginny fought off those sensations again. She was a good girl, a good girl who had gone a little too far today. She couldn’t have these kinds of feelings. She just couldn’t. And yet they were there, hot, winking, making her clit stand up like a tiny cock, begging to be licked and sucked by Gus once, more.

For a second the girl thought of hanging helplessly from the ceiling while he shoved, his uncut cock into her cunt. A fresh flood of juice seeped from her fuck hole, wetting down her pussy lips and Gus’ prick.

“Man, hot and wet. No wonder that little fucker, Justin, wanted to fuck your brains out this afternoon. Too bad for both of you I was around.”

Ginny felt his prick sliding up and down, up and down in her narrow, sweaty ass crack. His cock tip nudged at her cunt, then slipped up to her asshole. She was terrified that he would fuck her in the ass. It seemed so grotesque, almost as grotesque as sucking a guy’s prick. Ginny shivered. She had done the cock sucking. Would she be made to ass fuck?

“Ohhhhh!” she gasped.

Gus grabbed her hipbones, angling his body upward while sliding his prick down. She felt his hot fat cock head moving around until it was nudging once more at her cunt hole. The tiny muscles around her pussy mouth were fluttering again, cinching down on thin air, her cunt walls squirming against one another. Oh, he was going to fuck her there, drive his big prick through her body.

“No, oh, no!”

Gus’ fingers gripped her hipbones harder. Ginny knew from the angle of his grip that he was going to fuck her soon. He seemed to be enjoying this dry fucking. But soon he would want to fuck into her cunt.

“Fuck it out, baby, gonna fuck it out,” Gus grunted.

Ginny arched her back slightly, getting ready for the hot sparky sensation of his prick squeezing into her pussy.

It was something of a surprise when she felt his cock head slide down suddenly and shove up hard against her puckered asshole. The girl yelped, snapping her head from left to right while clawing at the concrete floor until two nails tore off. Gus laughed again, striking the back of her head with one hand when he saw her painful reaction. Ginny yowled again when he shoved forward, his fat prick head making her puckered asshole flesh gave way.

“Come on, baby, come on and loosen up. You were nice and tight in your cunt, but you were openin’ up for me. Now you’re gonna open up for ol’ Gus in the ass. That’s it, you’re gonna open up — uhhhhh!”

Gus kept on gaining ground, pressing forward, skewering his prick into her shitter. Then he relaxed for a second, rubbing his hands up and down her sides. With another move, he unhitched her bra, throwing it into the fountain overhead. Reaching forward, he grabbed her tits, squeezing them, pinching her nipples while nudging Ginny’s asshole again and again. The blonde shook her head from side to side, unsure what part other body hurt worse. Her pinched nipples made her squeal, while the aching shoving in her asshole made the girl howl with agony. Gus squeezed her nipples harder than before, bending forward now and biting the nape of her neck. Ginny reared up, closing her eyes and letting out a shout of horror that echoed through the empty corridors of the high school. Then suddenly Gus jammed his prick forward. Before the girl could think, his fuck rod was inside her, his cock head spreading her bowels. The muscles around her asshole felt as if they were tearing, ripping from the mammoth size of Gus’ entering prick.

And yet there was her cunt, so hot, so empty, almost crying out to be filled! She secretly wanted to feel his hard prick in her cunt, not her ass. And now she felt the obscene slickness of his foreskin peeling back. The end of his cock felt slippery. It reached fractionally farther into her ass. She consciously eased the tight grip of her ass on his prick head, blinking yet another tear from her eye.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it, ease up on ol’ Gus. I’m gonna ride your ass and show you what a fuckin’ good time you can have gettin’ ass fucked.”

Gus let go of her hips. She felt his hands move back up to her bruised tits. Ginny squirmed, moving her ass back toward the big man while grunting like a bitch in heat. He slapped her reddened ass several times, warning her not to squirm away, telling her how to wag her ass so she would excite him even more.

“Yeah, that’s it, man, that’s it!”

Ginny was a quick study. She felt his prick splitting her wide open, the pain reaching to the edges of her ass cheeks, then ricocheting quickly to her belly. Her muscles cramped and her head, throbbed. Gus was stretching his hands between her splayed thighs, jerking her ass up, angling it so he could slip his cock more easily into her asshole. The girl let out another grunt, clinching her eyes shut, while she ground her teeth together. It was so wild, so incredibly wild, feeling that achey pain mixed with the stinging delight nibbling at her clit. Gus guessed her excitement and he stroked her cunt lips with one hand, at times pinching them together. The girl let out another animal grunt, her hair curtaining her flushed face. Oh, if Justin could only see her now, rutting like some awful beast while Gus was fucking her asshole.

“Oh, God!” she wailed.

The wide head of his cock seemed to go on forever! He moved back, then pushed forward. Two fingers, then three, then four slipped into her cunt, dragging her pussy lips back and forth against his knuckles.

His prick was all the way inside her asshole! Ginny felt her arm and leg muscles spasm from the strain. Then the girl felt him pulling back, and she let out a high-pitched squeal. Oh, it felt as if he were turning her inside out. Her tummy flattened, cramping, while her spine seemed to shatter from the pressure. Ginny bit her lip. She couldn’t even sob now. She couldn’t do much, not with the steady chugging movements in her ass. She shoved her ass cheeks toward him, looking for relief from the obscene sucking in her shitter. Gus would give her no relief. He fucked her with his fingers, pinched her nipples while ramming his fat fuck rod back into her ass. His belly pressed up against the tops of her full-fleshed ass cheeks, flattening them against his groin. Then he pulled back, peering down and watching four inches of his prick slip from her clutching, puckered asshole. He leaned forward yet again, squeezing more cock meat into her shitter and listening to the girl let out a howl of delight and pain.

Ginny felt her mind splitting in half. Again she thought of the horrid thing she was doing and wanted to rush from his hurting prick. And yet there was another side of her, the darker side wanting more sensation, more of his cock inside her ass!

“Oh, yeah, yeah, plenty of action, baby, that’s what’s drivin’ you nuts.”

“No, ohhhh!”

Gus slid his cock all the way out except for his prick head. He kept that in, jabbing it toyingly teasingly into her shitter.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Ginny grunted, each time his awful cock nudged deeper into her. Then with a groan, Gus pushed all the way in, his balls flattening up against the girl’s ass cheeks. Oh, how big his cock was up her shitter. Ginny couldn’t help marveling over it. It was like having a baseball bat shoved up her asshole.

Gus leaned forward, almost as if he wanted to fuck more cock meat into her ass than before. Ginny sucked in a ragged breath, beads of perspiration dripping down her forehead and burning into her eyes and nose. The veins stood out in her neck as she dropped her head between her jutting shoulder blades. Too much. This was too much. The head of his cock went up and up, filling her until she thought it would surely come out of her mouth. She thought she could almost taste the pre-cum oozing from his piss-slit.

“And this is just for starters, bitch. Just for starters,” Gus said, his mind whirling around now in a fever of lust.

She thought her belly would burst with having so much cock meat stuffed in her ass!

“Uhhhhhh!” he grunted.

He was hammering his groin against her ass cheeks heavily now, his belly slapping wetly against her quivering flesh. Ginny’s body jerked forward each time, her hair swinging over her face while her dangling tits jiggled from the force of his fuck thrusts. The tempo of the janitor’s ass-ripping cock increased. Ginny found herself squeezing her ass tight around his prick, trying to drag out more sensation from the fucking.

“Oh, no, no, no!” Ginny wailed.

The protests were against her self. How could she stoop to this level? And yet there she was, wallowing in the gutter, while Gus fucked her. She didn’t care bow much it hurt her now, how much he fucked her mindlessly. She just wanted his cock to explode inside her, drive her wild until the spinning golden ball of excitement and heat in her ass-guts exploded and burned her shitter and clit.

“Ohhh, yeahhhhh!” Gus sighed. Ginny grunted with the effort of keeping up with his strokes. All the attention in her mind focused on her clit and asshole. And then Gus rammed his cock home, deep into her ass one last time. Ginny thought she could feel something tearing inside her. She screamed, feeling his jizz burning into her bowels like sulphuric acid. The thick, squirting masses of jism filled her like an enema, making her convulse on the floor. Gus swore wildly at her, hitting her back, her head, her neck while he shot again and again into her ass. The girl shrieked and her clit throbbed in time to the spurting of Gus’ cock. She was cumming, climaxing with the savage fury of her fucking. This, she felt, was only the start, just as Gus had told her earlier.


Ginny whimpered softly, feeling the filthy suction of Gus’ prick as he pulled it from her slackening slitter. Her legs twitched as his fat prick head paused for a second, then slipped out.

“Gus ain’t through with you yet, baby. He ain’t through with you for a long shot.”

Ginny turned away from him. But the big janitor had stood up again and was sliding both hands under her arms. She let out a groan, her feet dragging on the floor. Her knees could barely support the girl as she tried to stand. Reality began to trickle in. Foolishly, modestly, Ginny criss-crossed her arms, her fingers fanning out around her cunt as Gus leered at her. She felt so dirtied, so foul, standing naked there in front of the high school janitor.

“Nice pussy. Hey Justin, come out here. I just got through fuckin’ your little cunt. She’s got one hell of a tight asshole!”

His words rang out like cannon shots in the school corridor. There was movement down the hall. In a moment Justin appeared, his face looking sheepish as Ginny leveled a steady, accusing glance at him.

“Sorry, Ginny. He came in the office after you’d left and — well, what the hell.”

Justin had his hands jammed in his front Levi’s pockets. He just shrugged, looking from one to the other. Ginny realized at this point he was using her only as some kind of whore, something to placate Gus. He’d do anything to keep the janitor’s mouth shut.

“Me and Justin, we was talkin’ back there before you showed. Set up some stuff for you, baby. Think you’re gonna like it.”

Justin gathered up her torn garments in several scoops while Gus took Ginny by the hand and pulled her along. Ginny followed reluctantly, pulling back at times, her naked feet shuffling along the cold floor. With her free hand, the terrified young blonde teen tried covering her tits and cunt. She felt so exposed, so vulnerable now. And those tightened fingers around her wrist didn’t make her feel any more, sure or what was going to happen next.

“I’m here,” he said.

They had passed the office where she and Justin had fucked earlier that day. They were somewhere near the wrestling room. The smell of sweaty bodies increased. There was a closeness in the darkness. Gus opened one door, then moved behind and put his hand between her shoulder blades. With a snorting laugh, he pushed her forward.

Ginny stumbled in, stubbing her toe on one of the wrestling mats still laying on the floor. She caught her balance, pushing back the hair that had swept in front of her eyes. Gus walked in, reaching around and flicking on the overhead lights. The sudden light nearly blinded Ginny. Squinting, she partially covered her face as she looked around the room. At first she saw nothing unusual. Then the girl’s eyes caught sight of a small stool. Just above it was a noose, a real noose, made from inch thick line attached to a ceiling fixture some twelve feet above. Ginny shrank back, her forehead wrinkling with fear and displeasure. Gus caught her, his hands on both shoulders. “Don’t worry about it, baby. I think you’re gonna enjoy doing this. It’s lots of fun, especially knowing the way you like to fuck.”

He held her tightly, guiding her forward toward that horrid thing. Ginny felt as if she were being led to the execution block. She twisted around, casting one terrified glance after another at Justin who was standing in the doorway. The young teen saw it was no use. Justin wasn’t about to help her. He was enjoying himself too much, watching her terror, watching the way she shrank under Gus’ touch. He was just the same as the janitor, maybe more attractive and better built, but cut from the same sadistic cloth.

“Ohhh, nooo!”

“Now sit down.”

Her legs were straddling the small three legged stool. Ginny felt the insides of her thighs gripping the small piece of furniture. Gus moved behind her, his hands still on her shoulders. He pressed down. She felt her knees giving way as her ass moved down, down toward the round wooden top. In a moment she was squatting down on the stool, the cold wood making her flesh break into goose pimples. Immediately the girl dropped her hands over her crotch, hugging her upper arms together to cover her tits.

“Don’t need modesty around here, not with me,” Gus said as he checked the rope, then gripped the noose and slipped it around Ginny’s neck quickly. The girl let out a startled yelp, the hemp chafing her flesh. Jerking both arms up, she clawed her fingertips at the rope, trying to knock the noose from her throat.

“Forget it!” Gus barked loudly, knocking her hands away, while adjusting the quadruple slipknots and adjusting the size of the noose. In a moment the choking device was tight against her windpipe. Ginny let out a startled yelp, her ass bouncing up and down against the stool. The legs scraped slightly along the concrete floor. For one moment the girl thought that they were going to hang her right here in the wrestling room.

“Move around too much, baby, and this mother’s gonna strangle you. You don’t want that, do you?” Gus asked, whispering in her ear.

She had to get out of this some way. They were going to kill her for sport!

“Now, we’re gonna see just how fast you are,” Gus said, checking the rope one more time, then reaching back in his hind right pocket. Ginny’s terror-stricken eyes followed his hand movements, watching as he pulled out a large black and white-handled switchblade. Pushing the button, Gus revealed a five-inch blade that snapped into position.

“Like it?”

He moved around to the girl, pressing the flat of the blade against one of her cheeks. Ginny shivered, pressing her fists against her ass cheeks. She was afraid to move. The rope was holding her head high. The girl trembled as Gus rubbed the blade back and forth, rocking it from handle to tip against her nose. Was he going to slice open her face?

“We’re gonna try somethin’ more interesting than this.”

The big man moved around, gesturing for Justin to come into the room and shut the door.

“You’re gonna see just how hot this little bitch is.”

Gus knelt down in front of the girl, his gaze fastened on her cunt. Ginny was completely humiliated. She couldn’t look down for fear of choking. But she knew he could see her juices glistening on her blonde cunt hairs. She knew he could see his spit slicked on her thighs. Gus licked his lips. Was he going to suck her pussy again? If she moved, she could hang herself. That was it! Enjoying sex while teetering on the brink of death. And Gus was there, watching her, watching to see how far she’d go.

“Now watch this, man. She’s got a cunt like a fuckin’ steel trap.”

The tip of the switch-blade, followed a curving path. Gus trailed it up from her knees, around in a broad arc toward her cunt, then back toward her ankle. Ginny closed her eyes, sucking in a hissing breath through her flared nostrils. She felt the icy touch of the steel against her flesh inching toward her pussy, then away. He was teasing her, teasing her with that instrument the way he had teased her with his tongue and lips earlier. The girl curled her feet, the arches cramping, while her bare toes tapped against the floor. She bit her lip, her face twisting into a mass of intense concentration. She could almost see the blade as it slipped and slid its way around her flesh. Now be had it several inches from her pussy. He was rocking it the way he had against her cheek. Only now the pointed end of the knife was right up against her cunt. Ginny felt the juices starting to flow again, her pussy swelling open with sexual heat. Once more brutality was taking its toll, making her feel aroused as if this cruelty were her lover!

Ginny felt her cunt suck in air, opening in an instinctive spasm as the knife began moving forward, tracing the outer swollen line of her cunt lips.

“Look at that, man! Her fuckin’ cunt’s movin’, really moving around!”

“Yeah. You know, when I was fuckin’ her this afternoon I thought I was feelin’ somethin’ movin’ around. Her cunt’s really something else!” Justin said.

Ginny kept, her gaze away from Gus and Justin. She thought only of that knife, that horrid blade rubbing up against her pussy. Gus adjusted his kneeling position, leaning somewhat against one thigh. He moved the switchblade until the steel was pressing against her clit. Ginny gasped. The cold pressure on her clit sent a shock as sharp as the knife itself.

Ginny stiffened her back, her legs kicking hard against the stool. That slight movement tightened the noose around her neck. She swallowed hard, the room spinning around and around. She had to be more careful, or surely she would kill herself.

“Now, we’ll see how much control she’s got. Not bad so far?”

The continual chill and touch of the blade sent streamers of terror and incredible arousal coursing through the terrified girl. Ginny slowly became conscious of the tiny slits on the edges of her cunt lips, slits caused when her cunt lips contracted against the knife. She was milking it, trying to suck at the knife as if it were a cock. Oh, how overheated her pussy was! It had been all that ass fucking, that had done it! Nothing had entered her pussy. Even though she had cum violently, still her cunt wanted something inside it, something long and hard. Gus had cheated her of a hard fuck. Now her pussy was turning on to this obscene knife.

Ginny’s pulse raced, the blood scorching her veins. Looking to one side, she saw Justin was stroking his long, thick cock. He was enjoying this terribly, watching as more beads of perspiration rolled along her high-riding tits, while Gus kept on torturing her with the knife against her cunt. He twisted his fingers around his prick head, groaning softly when beads of cum oozed from his piss-slit. Moving forward another step, he looked down, watching as the gleaming blade disappeared in the thick blond bush protecting Ginny’s cunt.

“Oh, no, oh, please, don’t do this! Oh God, no!”

But it was almost impossible for her to talk. Any movement she made with her throat or neck tightened the noose more, it seemed. But then it was impossible for her not to say or do anything. Gus had slid the knife up a little farther, making sure the tip of the blade was cutting into her cunt folds. The girl’s feet beat hard against the floor and she sucked in another kissing breath. The searing pain was inseparable from the electric thrill of the direct clit-touch. Her ass slid along the splintery wooden top. Ginny felt her cunt lips catch on fire. The constant rush of her juices across and into the tiny slits caused by Gus’ traveling switchblade amplified the tense, aching feeling deep in her pussy. She wanted to get fucked, fucked bad. The mixture of horror sent streamers of strange chilling thrills through her. Ginny swallowed hard again, trying to edge back from the choking hemp.

“Uhhhhhhh,” she moaned.

Ginny also felt a strange, warmth rising in her belly, making her cunt muscles tighten even more against the cutting blade. The fiery stinging in her cunt lips and the terror of the janitor’s knife wound her excitement higher. Ginny hated herself as she thought about what would happen next. She new she would be acting like a pig, a worthless slut. This man had raped her horribly in the ass, and trapped Justin and her in this web of disgusting humiliation. She hated him horribly. And yet her body was saying something else. Her hips were moving, her body was opening up to him. She wanted him, wanted his cock inside her. At one point Ginny even thought about having that knife inside her, fucking her. She blinked away another tear of frustration, her chest tightening while her mouth grew as dry as cotton.

Gus moved the knife back, stinging a groove down to the edge of the girl’s cunt mouth. The spinning, buzzing flashes that had made her off-balance stopped. But the fear of having her pussy carved up created a kind of wet, quivering sensation in her belly.

“Oh, baby, man, oh man, you’re so fuckin’ hot. You’re burnin’ up my face,” Gus taunted, spreading her cunt lips with one hand while still toying with them with the knife.

Ginny knew she was disgracing herself. There was no way she could hide the excitement gripping her cunt now. The juice was oozing too freely, her wheezing was too obvious. Her nipples felt long, red and hard, though she couldn’t look down. Yes, she was hot, extremely aroused. They wanted to have that hideous, ugly fat janitor stick his cock in her hungry fuck hole.

“Oh!” she gasped.

Gus slipped the knife back a little, poking at the rim of her asshole.

“Fucked the slut there a little while ago. Man, she’s as hot in her shitter as she is in her cunt. This one’s a real find.”

“Yeah. Practically burned my prick off this afternoon,” Justin agreed, licking his dry lips while watching the knife trail along the girl’s cunt.

“I’ll bet. You’ll have your chance to try it again. And this time bet she’ll be even hotter. Look at this,” Gus said.

Gus was panting now, turning the knife around and pressing the flat of the blade against her cunt. The shocking chill of the switchblade against her hot pussy lips made Ginny cry out again and again. Her cunt lips contracted, her soft, swollen pussy lips squeezing hard against the sharpened edges of the knife. Ginny let out another howl of delight and frustration. She was cutting herself on that horrid weapon. And there was nothing she could do to stop.

“Oh, man, man, she’s hot ‘n ready for a fuckin’. Come on. I gotta fuck her now.”

“Yeah, yeah, all right. Remember what I told you about this.”

“Yeah, yeah!”

Justin shoved his Levi’s down, freeing completely his cock and balls. Ginny swallowed again, spotting Justin’s hard prick as the boy bent forward and gripped her thighs.

“Uhhhhh,” she moaned.

When he moved her from the stool a few inches, Ginny felt the noose strangling her. She cried out, her face blanching, then turning red as the rope tightened, blocking out more previous air.

“Uhhh, no, don’t, oh, God, don’t! Justin, you’re gonna kill meeeeeeee!”

His hands didn’t loosen around her thighs. He gripped her hard, hunkering down and forward like some mad dog. There was that savage gleam in his eye again. Only this time there was more of it than before. Gus had released the beast in him. It was almost like some unholy father-and-son routine. Each one had found the other, and Ginny was their mutual victim!

Ginny felt the blind stabs of his cock against the sides of her cunt. The conical head of his prick slipped under the slippery crack between her cunt lips. The salty drop of lube on his cock head set the wound in her clit on fire. It burned into her like some powerful acid. Ginny stiffened, feeling her spine tingle from the sensation of being fucked. Justin was again fucking her in this wild, horrible position. Her legs slipped forward, her knees still hugging the stool. Gus had moved away, stepping to one side while still holding tightly onto his switchblade. Ginny found herself rolling her hips forward, her ass cheeks halfway off the stool. It was an uncomfortable position, but one that Ginny hardly noticed when Justin began squeezing his prick into her.

His cock was a piece of heaven, Ginny thought as sparks exploded in front of her eyes! For one brief second she’d forgotten about Gus, about the knife, about the rope choking the air from her whenever she moved the slightest bit. Justin was inside her again, his prick stretching her itchy, elastic cunt walls apart.

“Uhhhh!” Ginny gasped, staring straight ahead, just past Justin’s handsome face.

She couldn’t stare into his eyes. There was something so terrible, so frightening in his eyes right now. Instead, she looked past the big athlete, riding his prick as more and more of his cock jerked in.

His long, thick cock slipped into her cunthole like a thick greased finger. The image burned into her mind, making the young blonde cry out more.

“Oh, no, no!”

The rope was tightening again. Justin was sliding her forward yet a few more inches! His fingers dug into her thighs, leaving long red marks as more of his cock squeezed down into her pussy.

“Justin’s gonna fuck you good, baby. But you’re gonna be choked up if you move around too much. Tell you what ol’ Gus is gonna do. Sometime I’m gonna kick this fuckin’ stool out from under you.”

“No! No!”

“And then I’m gonna hand you this knife,” Gus continued, ignoring her wild protests. “If you’re fast enough, baby, you can cut the rope and save yourself.”

“Oh, God!”

They were sick, sick to have thought of something like this! Ginny tried struggling backward, trying to get back on the stool. But Justin was too excited and wanting this whole scene too much to let her do anything. Instead, he held onto the girl hard, his fingernails scraping along her flesh painfully.


Ginny sobbed. The bruising fingers on her thighs made every square inch of her body ache, it seemed. And always she thought of that rope, that awful rope tightening around her throat. There were times when she twisted her head one way and the other, hoping to find some position where she could drag in more oxygen. But Justin’s fucking was taking precedence over everything. Slowly, the noose was growing more and more tight around her throat. In another moment, she would be fighting for her life!

Justin was all the way in her now, his cock fucking in and out, in and out with long, sucking sounds. Ginny could feel his balls slapping up against her ass. And now he had his hands up to her tits, pinching them, squeezing them while thrusting his groin up harder and faster. Oh, yes, he’d be dumping his load of jizz in her soon. And soon that noose would tighten as well, threatening to break her neck!


“Ohhh, baby, baby, good hot pussy! Yeah, man, hotter’n this afternoon. You were right — uhhhh — right, Gus. This one’s somethin’ special.”

“Yeah, kid. Thought so the first time I laid eyes on her ass.”

Ginny had no energy for growling or gasping now. All her being seemed focused on her cunt. It was pinpointing all attention around the pistoning rod of prick meat in her guts.

“Fuck it, baby, come on, fuck it.”

Ginny’s flesh glistened with perspiration. She rolled her eyes up, catching sight of the rope trembling under the fucking movements.

“Soon, kid?”

“Yeah, yeah, soon!”

Justin was huffing, his breath catching every now and then when Ginny’s cunt snapped shut on his cock. The girl felt his fingers scraping painfully along her ass cheeks now. He had nearly raised her from the stool. His upper legs and groin were hammering hard against her, his prick fucking faster and faster into her sucking, dribbling cunt hole. Ginny fought for air! Her eyes bulged out and her nostrils flared and burned with what oxygen she could suck in. The noose was even tighter now, the rough hemp leaving a long pink circular mark around her throat. It was such a combination, the rope nearly killing her, Justin’s cock fucking like a trenching tool into her pussy. The room was spinning, growing more and more blurry as Justin fucked her like an animal.


It was happening! Just was stopping, his cock throbbing and beating its wild cumming rhythm against her cunt. She saw the young athlete throw back his head, his Adam’s apple working up and down against his throat. The veins stood out against his forehead while his lips worked together, saying nothing. The rope tightened. And then Ginny felt his slimy cock cream filling her throbbing cunt slit. Justin’s cock shaft slopped back and forth while gobs of jizz shot in.

“Fuck, Jesus fuck, I’m doin’ it, man, fillin’ the slut up.”

Justin’s voice was strained as his prick shot up and stayed buried all the way in Ginny’s pussy. The girl let out a matching hoarse cry, every inch of her body bucking and milking his fuck rod, it seemed. She felt her cunt lips wetting down with the sharp jets of jizz. Justin was going crazy under her, his body rubbing up hard against hers. Vaguely, dimly Ginny caught sight of something moving around behind her. It was Gus. She remembered what he had said about kicking the stool from under her. She felt the stool moving as he placed one foot against the bottom rung.

Half-blinded by her own cum, the teen realized with horror that the stool had been kicked from under her ass with one violent shove. She heard it rattling against the floor. Almost immediately the rope choked her, the inch-thick hemp hanging her. The explosive throbs and pulses in her pussy seemed to increase as the rope cinched around her neck. Ginny fought for air, her hands flailing wildly about. Justin was oblivious to her plight, his eyes a closed as more and more jizz burned into her cunt lining. At one point Ginny felt the back of her hand bang against Gus’ thigh.

“Here, bitch.”

Something hard was in her palm, the switchblade! For one wild instant Ginny thought about plunging the knife into Gus, then Justin. But the noose around her neck became the target for the blade. Twisting her hand up and around, Ginny guided the knife to the jiggling rope above her. Oh, it seemed to take so long! She jerked the switchblade back and forth, feeling the movement of the knife through the noose strangling her. Her arm muscles ached as panic settled like a cold fog over her heart. She had to move quickly, move quickly, or surely she would pass out from lack of air!

“Uhhhhhh!” she gasped.

The girl sawed frantically, making guttural sounds from the effort. Ginny heard the rope parting as the blade sawed deeper and deeper into the hemp. Justin was still cumming, fucking his prick deep into the girl while gripping her thighs. A ring of blackness clouded her vision. The blade finally cut through! Immediately she felt the noose loosen around her windpipe while the rope draped around her shoulders. She pitched forward, the weight of her body nearly knocking Justin to the ground. The young stud held firm, however, bracing himself while finishing the blonde teen off with three more powerful fuck thrusts.

It had been too much! Justin left her lying there on the floor, dumped like a useless sack of shit on the cold concrete. Quickly, Ginny reached up, her fingers clawing at her throat as she slipped the horrid noose from her neck.

“Come on. Let’s get the little slut cleaned up before turnin’ her out,” Gus suggested, grabbing her by the wrist and dragging her back out the room.

There was no pretense of nicety, no desire to help her along. Gus pulled her the way he would have pulled a dirty sack down the hall, her legs trailing behind her, her one arm dangling uselessly to one side. What was the use of standing up? What was the use of fighting back? She felt exhausted, drained, emotionally and physically beaten by their horrible actions. Gus pulled her up, hugging her closely to his body while cupping her ass cheeks in both his hands. It was horrid, the same horrid grip he had given her before ass fucking her. She felt his hands digging into her ass cheeks, the fingers scraping along her ass crack. He was working her asshole lips together, grinning hellishly at her.

“And we only just begun. Inside,” Gus said. He pushed her forward toward a door at the side of a white-walled room. Ginny stumbled, raising her hands to sweep the hair from her face. The aches in her muscles from having been fucked in such grotesque ways, plus the near hanging she’d barely escaped, numbed her for the moment. The girl tripped and fell sprawling on her hands and knees on a tiled floor just inside a raised sill. Big hands gripped her shoulders and pushed her forward, over more tiles until the teen found herself lying in some sort of gutter or depression. There was a distinct odor. Shaking the fog from her mind Ginny realized she was inside the men’s room on the other side of the wrestling room. The slight depression she was in was the urinal. The trough led downward on either side, small metal drains now rusty near her.

“That’s right, baby. You’re a toilet, a real toilet, and we’re gonna show you what we do with toilets.”

Ginny watched as Gus and Justin positioned themselves in front of her, spreading their legs, bending them slightly at the knees. Each one was holding his limp prick loosely near the crown. How odd it was not to see either of these men sporting their long, thick cocks fully hard. Ginny scooted around, her legs sliding out of the piss trough. The smell around her was sour and pungent. Thank goodness the toilet hadn’t been used for some time. The tiles were warm and dry and the stench rising from the rusty drains was mild.

Gus was first. He twisted his fingers around his fat red prick head, his thumb caressing the slit just under his double-lobed prick tip. One drop, then three, then a small trickle of yellow began seeping from his cock head. Then the stream became stronger as he bent, his knees yet farther forward, his legs spreading wider apart. The horrid stream of piss bounced off the stained tiled wall behind Ginny. The girl flinched, feeling the hot stinging spray of piss spatter onto her back and neck. She began crawling out of the piss-trough. But Justin blocked her way, raising one foot and threatening to kick her face if she made any escape attempt.

“Uhhhhhh,” she moaned.

Gus grinned, directing his twisting yellow spray onto her face. Ginny screamed, raising her hands and putting them in front of her face. She had taken the full brunt of his piss on her nose and chin, some of the yellow drops swung into her mouth. She gagged, feeling dry heaves clench her belly and chest. Turning her head away, the terrified blonde teen felt the stream now on her thighs, now on her belly, the spray warming her flesh. The stink spread. A pulse leaped in her throat. The terrible heat of that stream was making the girl ill.

“Oh baby, baby,” Gus moaned.

Ginny covered her mouth, feeling the sour bile rising in her throat. No, no, she wouldn’t vomit. They would probably make her eat it if she did.

Another spray, this one coming from Justin! He began pissing on her hair, moving the spray to her ears, over her cheeks. Ginny cried out, sliding one hand around to the side of her head to protect her mouth from his piss. Gus had almost gone dry.

“Gonna reload,” he said.

Gus moved away from the urinal as Justin took his place, smiling as he moved his piss stream down to her cunt, pissing on her cunt mound as if it were a flat rock. Ginny let out an anguished cry of disgust, dropping, both hands immediately to her pussy to protect her pussy lips from this violation. It was what Justin wanted. Just as quickly, he jerked his hands up, moving the spray immediately to her mouth and eyes. Ginny found herself swallowing the awful piss, the spray stinging her nostrils and eyes. She jerked back, the back of her head striking the wall behind her and nearly knocking her out. Her spread legs stretched out in front of her as she sank into the piss gutter. Around her, the girl could hear the urine gurgling down the rusty drains as more stench rose like a dreadful cloud around her.

Gus was drinking water from a glass, nearby. When he returned, he gave a filled glass to Justin who downed it quickly.

“You ain’t gonna forget tonight so easy. And this ain’t everything.”

“Oh no, no, don’t — don’t! Not more, not any more!”

Ginny thought surely she would collapse from the drain on her emotions! What kind of men were they?

“Uhhhhhh!” she gasped.

Justin held her by the hair, jerking the strands from her scalp as he’d done earlier. This seemed to be one of his favorite pastimes. And Gus stepped up, pissing again. The more Justin held her by the hair up from her flesh, the wider Ginny opened her mouth. It was here that Gus directed his spray, spattering her lips with the urine first, then moving the stream down until he was pissing directly into her mouth. Both men could hear the swirling of the urine as it swished around her molars, her tongue, the back of her throat.

Ginny gagged and coughed, closing her throat as best she could to keep the vile liquid from reaching her stomach. She felt the piss swirling around her tonsils, some of it spilling out and dribbling down her chin to her belly. They were using her as a toilet. The stench now of piss in her mouth rose to her nostrils. She groaned and gasped but couldn’t twist free of Justin’s terrible grip on her hair.

“Man, oh, man, pissin in this ones’s a real trip, man.”

Gus went dry again, shaking the last few drops off against Ginny’s face. The girl felt Justin let her hair go. Turning around, she held onto her belly, spitting out the foul liquid into the gutter.


Justin cut lose, pissing into her hair once more as she doubled over and held back the vomit trying to reach her throat. She was almost unconscious to the pissing this time around. They had dragged her through the muck. Any more was almost superfluous. Justin emptied his bladder, shaking the last few drops against her spine, then placed one booted foot against her ass cheeks and shoved forward. Again the girl found herself sprawling forward, her hands sliding out in front of her, gliding over the piss-slicked tiles. She rubbed her mouth and nose in the filth.

“Okay, baby,” Justin said, glancing at his watch.

Gus looked down at his, also, pursing his lips together.

“Yeah, gotta get this slut outta here. The cops’ll come out soon if they see the lights on. Don’t want ’em nosin’ around and out about this.”

Ginny pushed herself up from the muck, her tits hanging heavily from her upper chest. She let her long piss-stained hair all around her ears, curtaining her flushed, shamed face. If there had been a hole deep enough, the girl would have crawled into it to hide her shame.

“Man, somethin’ rotten stinks around here,” Gus said, putting his hands on his fat hips and laughing at the humiliated teen.

“Come on,” Justin said more compassionately, stepping back as Ginny crawled farther from the urinal. “Let’s clean her up and get her out of here.” Both men took the dazed, stunned girl from the lavatory, moving her through the empty room to another behind. There in the shower they scrubbed her like a farm animal, warning the girl not to say a word.

“You do, and we’ll make what happened to you seem like a nun’s picnic,” Gus warned, pinching her ass as he shoved her under the hot water spray.

Ginny stared at him, her blonde hair clinging to her face and neck. The water felt good, washing off all the piss and sweat and cum that had nearly baked itself onto her body. Passing her fingers shakily through her hair, Ginny wondered how on earth she was going to get home. Surely her torn clothing would attract attention, even this late in the evening.

“And I wanna tap that little slut friend you got — Cindy, I think its her name,” Gus said, twisting the rusty knobs and turning off the water. “I’ll call you when I want you both to come over. You get ‘er down here any way you can. But we’re gonna have ourselves a real party, understand? A real party.”

Ginny half heard what Gus was muttering about. All she cared for was to leave the school, get out of his grip any way she could. Justin handed her the rags that had been her clothes. Fighting back the tears, she draped her ripped blouse and torn skirt around her body, doing the best she could to cover herself. Ginny was still a little stunned, still dazed from the violent treatment and fucking she’d endured. But the girl did the best she could to be coherent. She wanted to make certain she was in complete control of her faculties when she came home. God only knew what her mother would think and say if she were to find her daughter creeping into the house in rags!

“Okay, I’ll drive her home.”

Justin guided the girl out of the school, leading her by the hand across the broad athletic field to a blue Mustang parked on the side street. All the time, Ginny kept taking deep breaths of air, feeling herself coming back to reality. She had endured much. Gus had fucked her in the ass after having beaten her badly. Then the two of them had forced her to nearly hang herself while Justin fucked her half-mindless topped the evening off by pissing on her, literally kicking her into the gutter and letting Ginny know what they thought of her. Sitting in the car, she turned from Justin, shading her eyes, feeling the tears and confusion flow. She had lied to them all the time. Ginny had enjoyed the pain, the abuse. She had cum harder when the men were the most brutal. She shook her head, resting her forehead against the smooth cool glass of the side window. Justin lumbered into his car, turning on the engine and pulling away quickly from the curb. Ginny wondered what time it was. What did it matter? They sped the few blocks to her house, the lights and houses becoming a mindless blur. She found the car stopped in a few minutes.

Clearing her head, the girl peered through the side window and found herself staring at the front of her house. All the windows were dark. Mother had gone to bed without suspecting a thing. Ginny smiled, aware that the situation didn’t merit that kind of reaction. Her mother was snoring peacefully in her room, unaware that her daughter had been fucking her brains out that evening!

“See you later,” she said.

Justin had been silent, unfriendly as he pushed her from the car, then slammed the door behind her before pulling away from the curb slowly. Ginny stood there alone on the lawn, the leaves of the old twisted oak rustling in the breeze. She felt the wind separating her still damp hair. They had scrubbed her like a pig. Again the teen smiled, putting one hand to her lips to keep from laughing. Turning, she walked quickly to the house, feeling that same sexy rub of her cunt lips against one another that had gotten her into trouble in the first place. The keys, thank goodness she still had them! Her blouse was starting to come off as she turned the lock in the door, and pushed her way into the kitchen.

“Thank God!”

It was quiet. Only the steady clicking of the grandfather’s clock in the living room broke the silence. Carefully Ginny locked the door, gathering what was left of her blouse and holding it over her tits as she tiptoed through the kitchen, down the hall and into the living room. No, Mother had gone to bed, all right. There was the old television guide, flipped open, lying by the television set.

Ginny climbed the stairs, moved past her mother’s bedroom, then finally slipped back into her room. She sighed a breath of relief. Closing her eyes, she leaned heavily against the door, opening her mouth and gulping in large lungfuls of air. Then tentatively Ginny moved one hand up to her throat, feeling the chafed area where the rope had rubbed against her flesh. Justin and Gus had tried to kill her with that noose. And she had loved it, loved feeling Justin’s cock fucking through her pussy, jabbing up her cunt to bang off her cervix, while Gus had kicked out the stool from under her. She had climaxed while the air was being choked from her!

Gus had said something about bringing Cindy with her the next time — next time? Ginny moved away from the door, crossed the room haltingly, then through herself over the bed, burying her face in the pillow. She could still feel their hands, their cocks, their piss.

And there would be more. Strangely enough, Ginny was looking forward to it. A normal girl, she thought would have been running for the police. And yet — well, she would think about it tomorrow. Perhaps then she could sort it all out.


“He wants to meet me tonight?”

Ginny nodded, sipping the last of her milk from the small canon. Several kids, around her were squeezing through the chair-lined aisle in the cafeteria, chattering excitedly about the dance tomorrow night.

“Wow — Justin — the two of you and me? That sounds really freaky, Ginny.”

Cindy leveled a steady glance at her friend, shaking the brown hair from her eyes.

“You don’t have, to come. I told Justin I didn’t think you would.”

“You said that?”

Cindy was watching her closely, her forehead wrinkled in annoyance. Ginny affected a slightly bored expression, gathering up her half-eaten sandwich and stuffing it back in the paper sack.

“I said I thought you would think coming here at night would be too kinky. I don’t know,” Ginny said, shrugging her slender shoulders. “I just said I’d ask, but not to expect anything.”

Ginny was surprised at herself. She was turning into quite a little liar. Beneath her cool exterior, the girl was feeling herself fall to pieces. It had been nearly three days since her encounter with Gus and Justin. She had had to wear high-collared blouses and dresses to hide the light pink chafe marks that were only now starting to fade. The welts and marks from belt beating were pretty much gone. But the emotional scars still remained. At night, the and turned, her body on fire as she dreamed of Justin holding her, fucking her while that terrible noose choked the wind from her lungs. And Gus figured into her dreams, that awful, ugly fat body of his cornering hers, weighing on top of it while he beat her into submission.

“I don’t know,” Cindy said.

Justin had called her last night, the sound of his voice over the phone making her hair stand on end. He had told her to bring Cindy tonight, any way she could. At first Ginny refused. She more than guessed what kind of night it would be. But then came all the threats and Ginny finally caved in. Oh oh, she wished she were stronger! She wished she could stand up to Justin and Gus. But then she thought of the delicious feelings she had had during that night of terror. Something evil, something Satanic in her moved when Justin spoke. And she agreed to lure Cindy into their proceedings.

“Come on Cindy,” Ginny said, edging up to her friend and giggling. “It’s something else getting… you know, fucked by Justin.” Ginny rolled her eyes up, shrugging her head between her shoulders and giggling once more. Cindy’s eyes lit up as she squirmed excitedly in her chair. She looked around suspiciously to make sure no one heard them.

“I guess so. You’ll come with me? I mean, it’s my first time and all.”

Ginny smiled, feeling somewhat superior to her friend.

“Sure. No problem. I’ll meet you in front of the school, at around nine. Okay?”

Cindy nodded, biting her lower lip in excitement.

“I can hardly wait,” she confessed in a shaky voice. “His prick’s eight inches long?”

“Maybe longer,” Ginny said solemnly, nodding her head.

“Doesn’t it hurt or anything?” Ginny shrugged again. “At first. But then he started sucking my cunt and all what and — oh, there’s that janitor again.”

Ginny saw him staring at her and Cindy, smiling that awful leer of his while working on one of the overhead lights.

“I know. Come on, let’s get out of here.”

Ginny felt as if she were betraying her very best friend in the world. But then something told her Cindy would quickly find pleasure doing this. All the rest of the school day, Ginny could hardly sit still. Her heart beat quick as she stared at the clock, praying the minute hand would move more quickly. At home she could hardly look at her books let alone read them. She had told her mother there was a dance committee meeting that evening at school. Her mother, trusting her, said little, only telling her to be careful in coming home.

“Oh, God!”

The lies she had been telling, and the lies she would continue to tell! It was a little after eight-thirty when Ginny could no longer stand the waiting. She was chewing her nails, feeling her cunt tighten like a fist then swell open, hot and ready. She was trembling when she took the freshly washed cotton panties, then slid them up her naked legs. She snuggled the crotch band against her cunt, feeling the soft rub of the material against her sensitive pussy lips. Oh, how her knees shook and knocked against one another at that light touch. Only now did she realize the extent of her heat. No wonder she worked so hard at getting her friend to school. She would have done anything for Justin, anything to have him fucking her again. The girl closed her eyes as a particularly powerful spasm passed through her pussy. The pining, the beating, everything added to her arousal.

She felt tingly and excited. Though she had suffered so severely and wonderfully at their hands only three days earlier, the girl felt expectant, hungry for Justin’s and Gus’ weird kind of affection Justin had treated her like dirt. Yet yesterday in the hall he had hugged her, slipping one hand around her waist and down to her ass when he thought no one was looking. Ginny had struggled weakly against him, her books tumbling to the floor while her papers scattered around the corridor. Justin had only laughed, biting her neck, telling her, “There’s more where that came from.”

“God!” she moaned.

Tonight would be the night. She was afraid of him and Gus. Yet she couldn’t keep her thoughts about sex from taking over her brain. It was as if she were possessed by some horrible devil. She adjusted the elastic band around her narrow waist, wondering who would be pulling the panties down tonight.

“And don’t forget, dear, if it’s later than ten-thirty, take a cab. I’ll pay for it,” her mother called from downstairs.

“Yes, Mother.”

Ginny nearly giggled at her mother’s concern. But the giggle ended when she thought about Gus and Justin. They were planning something special. She could feel it, see it in Justin’s eyes when he grabbed her like that in the hall yesterday. She could hear it in his voice when he talked to her last night about getting Cindy to come down to the school with her.

Ginny glanced at her small alarm clock. It was getting close to nine. She had told Cindy she’d meet her in front of the school by nine. Ginny hurried now, slipping her bra over her tits. The smooth material felt good against her nipples. Who would be biting and sucking them tonight? Both men did such a good job! She liked the way Gus nipped her tit-tips, drawing half her tit in his big mouth while rubbing the flat of his tongue over her nipple. Just thinking about it made her cunt tremble in wild anticipation. Oh, it would be good tonight!

Maybe she was really doing too much this time. She had fallen into that pit of lewd entertainment by accident. Now she was choosing it, dragging a friend into it. And all for the sake of two men who had used her as a toilet. Ginny paused, drawing her skirt slowly up her thighs. Was it an attack of conscience? She turned, looking at herself in the mirror. There was a look of expectancy on her face, a look of smoldering want and lust she couldn’t disguise. Thank goodness her mother was watching television downstairs! Ginny shook her head, trying not to think about questions, about morality, about morbid conscience. That was gone, out of the way. All she could think of now was the delight that lay in store for her in spite of or because of the pain!

Ginny stood before her mirror, turning and sucking in her flat tummy until it made a cave under her ribs. She realized how petite and yet how attractive she was. Small, yet with full hips and thighs and tits. Her ass was full, yet compact and well-rounded. No wonder Justin and Gus had been hungering after her.

“God help me!” she moaned.

Hurriedly Ginny finished dressing, tucking her blouse in her skirt and padding down the stairs. Quickly she called good-bye to her mother, then skipped from the door, hearing the screen bang behind her. It was a cool evening, one that made her breathe hard as she rushed down the sidewalk toward the school building.

“Right on time,” Cindy said, glancing down at her small, wristwatch. “Where’s Justin?”

Ginny could hardly speak. Her excitement was so great, she only took her friend by the elbow and guided her away from the front entrance. There in the basement she could see the familiar glow coming from the janitor’s room. Just beyond was the light from the gymnastic area; Justin and Gus were there. She sucked in another deep breath, descending the stone steps to the door.


Ginny put her fingers to her lips, rapping softly at the metal door. After some time she heard the lock opening, the door puffing back.

“Come on.”

Cindy followed, pulling her sweater together around her neck. Justin was there, all right, standing with a pair of white basketball shorts on and that was it! Ginny frowned especially when he closed the door again and stared hotly at her friend.

“In here — came on.”

Cindy followed the two of them blindly, looking around at the empty corridors. This was the first time she had ever been in the men’s gym, and the sounds and sights of the area fascinated her.

“We’ll use the mat room,” Justin said.

“Oh, I can hardly believe this is happening! What are we supposed to do?”

“Guess we’ll find out,” Ginny said honestly, unsure when Gus would make his appearance.

The threesome entered the mat room, a room full of memories for Ginny. She looked about. The noose was gone, taken out before school began the next day, she assumed. Justin had only flicked on one light, barely illuminating the area. It had the atmosphere of a bar she thought, as she began unbuttoning her blouse. Cindy stood next to her, her hands folded together, looking terribly out of place.

“Here, you’ll need some help with that,” Justin said, taking off her sweater.

When Ginny had slipped off her blouse and started unhitching her skirt, Justin came back, moving behind the brunette and starting to unbutton her garment. Cindy closed her eyes, lowering her head a little while trembling mightily. Cindy glowered at the girl. Yes, she had asked her to come at Justin’s command. Now she was watching, as Justin seemed to be more interested in her than Ginny!

“That’s it, baby, that’s it, relax.”

Justin and Cindy were almost in an embrace. The brunette had shed her blouse and skirt and now stood bare-footed wearing only her bra and panties. Justin dropped his head and began sucking on one of Cindy’s tits. The girl’s eyes shined with excitement while her body bent back to accommodate Justin’s move.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Cindy squealed.

Ginny felt her flesh glowing. She wanted to touch him, to touch both of them. Her mood must have reached Justin. The young stud stood up, working his fingers against his cock through his gym shorts. He signaled with one hand for her to approach. Ginny walked over to her friend, very aware of the subtle rubbing of her cunt lips against one another. She wondered if Cindy could see the dark stain of her juices against the cotton crotch of her panties.

“Suck her cunt, man. I dig watchin’ women suck cunt.”


Cindy reared back, her eyes wide. She stared first at Justin, then at her friend.

“Hey, you gotta play by my rules. You’re here now, right, Gus?” Justin said.

Ginny felt somewhat unclean when she turned and saw the big janitor standing there in the doorway.

Cindy made a horrible face, covering her tits and cunt with her hands and backing away. She looked accusingly at Ginny. Yes, she knew now, knew her friend had betrayed her in the worst way.

“You — oh, God, Ginny, how could you’ve done this to me?”

“I couldn’t help it,” Ginny said, feeling another rush of guilt washing over her. “I just couldn’t help it. You’ll understand.”

“Yeah, you’re right, she’ll understand,” Gus said, almost salivating as he stared at the trembling brunette in front of him.

“Come on, take’em to the other mat room,” Gus said with a laugh when Cindy rushed for her clothes and Justin kicked them away. The girl cried out, shaking her head violently. Her cries became more fevered when Gus grabbed her by the wrist and pulled violently. The girl’s body snapped nearly in half. Ginny thought she could hear some bones cracking as Gus half-dragged, half pulled the screaming Cindy from the mat room.

“Justin!” Ginny gasped anxiously.

“Come on.”

She followed her friend’s screams, watching with growing interest as Gus pulled and yanked at the brunette teen, finally pitching her like an old basket of clothes into another mat room to the right.

When Ginny entered, she saw the men had been busy. There were all sorts of devices there. The noose, thank God, wasn’t there. But there were several wooden chairs, apparently having been taken from the cafeteria. Crude leather straps had been taken from the walls and thrown on the concrete floor. Cindy was standing there in the center, bent at the waist, still covering her cunt and tits. Gus had ripped her bra off during the struggle to the room.

“Here, drink this. You’ll need it,” Justin said, pressing a glass of amber-colored fluid into Ginny’s hand.

Ginny looked questioningly in his eyes and found no answer. Blinking against the brilliant overhead light, she did as she was told. She felt the chill hit her stomach. And then a strange, almost paralyzing warmth began spreading through her body. Little by little the blonde teen began losing the sense of guilt and horror as to what was happening. She noticed that Cindy was still wearing her panties. But Gus was walking slowly around her like a wolf stalking its prey. Cindy watched every move he made, choking back the hysterical sobs, still glancing at her friend now and then as if begging for help. She wouldn’t get it in that quarter.

“Okay, man, enough of this crap.”

Gus was all over her in a second, his big arms embracing the squealing, shrieking brunette. Cindy struggled, beating at him with her fists while kicking back as hard as she could. It was almost comical to Ginny as she watched her friend completely stripped, then her ass grabbed and pinched by the vile janitor. Cindy’s long brown hair swept over her ass. Then her screams of revulsion turned to cries of pain. Gus was grabbing a fistful of her cunt hairs, twisting them out of her pussy. When he did it again, Cindy yammered for mercy, her body trembling horribly.


“Shut up!”

Gus let go, jerking one hand back hard, then backhanding her so violently that the girl’s body lifted three inches from the floor. Cindy flew back, her arms cast to either side of her body. Her ass edged out, then flattened as she landed hard near the edge of the mat. She rolled over several times, her arms now together, her legs entangled. The girl had stopped her cries. Now she only sobbed quietly, her body shaken occasionally by a cough or a gagging sound.

“Tie ‘er up.”

Justin moved to Cindy, dragging the near hysterical girl up from the floor to one of the wooden chairs. He worked silently, ignoring her pleas as he buckled two straps around her body. One kept her ass flat against the seat and pressed against the back of the chair. The other cinched her back to the rear of the device. At first the girl struggled in the hope of breaking free. Ginny watched, knowing that even if Cindy were to break through the straps somehow, there would be no way she could leave without Justin and Gus letting it happen.

“Now you — you get down there and suck her pussy out,” Gus said, grabbing hold of Ginny’s right arm and hauling her over.

The liquid, whatever it was she had drunk, was making her a little high. Whisky? It was hard to tell. She stumbled over her own feet, kneeling before the trembling Cindy and pitching forward. Gus was holding her by the hair, forcing her head in between the girl’s flailing legs. She could feel her ears pressing against the flesh of her friend’s inner thighs. Something warm was against her mouth — Cindy’s cunt. Ginny laughed, reared back, then pushed forward, sticking out her tongue and remembering how Gus had touched her all over before fucking her ass.

Ginny tasted the odd flavor of Cindy’s pussy. It reminded her somewhat of a man’s jizz. She stuck her tongue in again, sucking hard while pressing her nose up against her friend’s clit. Cindy yammered once more for mercy, snapping her head back and beating her feet against the floor. Ginny groaned. Justin had slipped beneath her and was tonguing her pussy, as well, smoothing his fingers up along her ass cheeks to feel how hot and wet she was. Oh, this was going to be a better night than before!


“No, don’t do it, Ginny! Oh, how could you have done this to me?” Cindy cried out again and again as the blonde tongued and licked at her pussy.

It was so strange having slick female flesh pressing up against her teeth and tongue, Ginny thought. She slopped her tongue up and down, drinking up the pungent-tasting juices while Justin scoured her pussy with his mouth. The more he sucked at her, the more frenziedly Ginny licked her best friend.

“Ummmmmm,” she sighed.

The pussy hairs tickled her nostrils as she drew her tongue up one swollen cunt-lip, then down the other. There was a thrill warming her pussy as she spread her knees farther apart and sat down on Justin’s face. Oh, how good and naughty it was, feeling his tongue snaking up into her pussy, wriggling around like some kind of weird snake.

“Man, that’s it. Now come on, baby, suck my cock,” Gus said.

“No, I won’t, I won’t!”

But there was nothing for Cindy to do. Gus unzipped his filthy trousers, pushing them down and revealing his fat, sausage-like prick. Cindy shrieked, jerking her head away. Ginny glanced up in time to see Gus slapping her several times, leaving long red marks on the girl’s flushed cheeks. In a moment his prick was buried in Cindy’s mouth, her cheeks puffed out like those of a chipmunk.


Cindy’s head began bobbing back and forth, helped in part by Gus’ hands wrapped tightly around her skull. What a sight they made, Cindy strapped to the chair, helpless, her mouth stuffed with Gus’ cock meat. Below and between her splayed thighs, there was Ginny, eating out her cunt. And at the bottom, there was Justin, beating off while sticking his tongue in and out of her pussy.

“Oh, man, man, move that tongue around. Fuck, she ain’t as good as the one down there. But she’s gonna learn good, right?”

Gus tugged at her hair, yanking out yet more brown strands and causing her to howl in agony.

“Come-on. Let’s get this goin’.”

Ginny felt hands on her shoulders, pulling her roughly away. Ginny landed on her ass, watching as the two men unfastened the straps and hauled the sobbing girl away from the chair.

“Tie ‘er up. Don’t want the little bitch gettin’ away. We want her to see what a real cunt does,” Gus said, nodding toward Cindy.

Ginny felt a rush of thrills excite her pussy. Gus nodded to one of the chairs. Like a robot, Ginny moved to it, sitting on the one that her friend had recently been tormented on. There was a small pool of juices, evidence that Cindy wasn’t unmoved by what was going on around her. She spread her legs to either side of the wet spot, watching as Justin tied her hands behind the chair. Cindy shook the hair from her eyes, staring with tear-stained eyes at her friend. “Ohhhhh, Ginny!”

“A little gentle persuasion,” Gus said, producing three, long slim firecrackers from one of his shirt pockets. His prick seemed to stand out straighter as he fondled the small instruments lovingly in his palm.

“We’re gonna warm you up a little. You know, a kind of appetizer.”

“No, no!”

Ginny bawled, jerking her arms up, feeling the muscles cramp around her biceps and triceps as she struggled against the horrid chair. Terror, real terror gripped her heart as she watched Gus approach her. Behind, peering over his shoulder, Justin leered hellishly at her. Ginny shook her head, eyes rounding in disbelief. They were going to tear her apart. Surely those explosions would rip her cunt open!

“Nooooo!” she screamed.

Ginny threw her head back, gazing hopelessly at the ceiling. No one would help her. Not even God would help her. She was alone, trapped in this horror, a horror she had created, herself!

One, then another snapped into her cunt. Gus was careful to leave most of the firecracker out of her pussy hole, to keep her juices from putting out the fuse. He took the third firecracker in one hand and rubbed it against her nose.

“And you know where this little mother’s goin’?”

Ginny shook her head, terrified to give him an answer.

“Right up the old asshole!”


Gus only laughed at her, sliding one hand down between her thighs and shoving her body forward. Ginny felt something poking blindly at her asshole and immediately thought of the time when Gus had fucked her so brutally in the ass, nearly tearing her ass cheeks apart with his fat cock.

“Uhhhhhh!” she grunted.

It was in! She could feel the small thing worming its way into her shitter until the firecracker’s papered covering was chafing at her bowel lining. Gus chuckled, fishing out a pack of matches and striking two of them together. Ginny wrinkled her nose up, smelling the burnt sulphur.

“Now, for a little action.”

Ginny nearly fainted from pain and from the knowledge of what would probably happen once those horrid things went off. There was a hissing sound mixed with little pops. Gus had ignited the two fuses sticking from her cunt. Next came her asshole. Desperately Ginny worked her ass and cunt muscles, trying to shove those terrible things from her fuck holes. But Gus had pushed them too deeply. Her flesh tingled and crawled as the fuses burned closer to the gunpowder. Gus smirked and enjoyed the spectacle of Ginny struggling against hopeless odds.

“Uhhhh — oooohhhhh!” she wailed.

She could feel the fire coming closer to her pussy. Already the sparks were singeing some of her blonde cunt hairs. Ginny could smell the acrid smoke of them as they blackened and curled back.

“Please, don’t! Oh, my God, what are you going to do to me?”

The ropes chafed her wrists as she struggled wildly against the chair. If only she could get free! She would snuff out the fires, then take any other kind of punishment they would dole out, but not this!

Her mouth became a tight grimace and her eyes cinched tightly together. It was all she could do to keep from shitting from terror. The fires were rapidly approaching the firecrackers now. The heat spread across her lower ass slope and were singeing her lower cunt lips. Ginny cringed and struggled against the steadily burning horror. The girl kicked back with both her legs, hearing the chair moving on the floor.

“Oh, God!” She screamed.

There was nothing more she could do. Tensing even more, the young blonde teen prayed, quivering as the heat licked into her cunt and asshole. There was a moment’s hesitation, when it seemed the fuses might go out.

“Damn!” Gus cursed.

Ginny relaxed for a second, thanking God that something had happened to keep her safe and free from pain. Then suddenly the powder was ignited. The girl felt the start of the tearing explosions and let out a shriek.


“Oh, no!” Cindy cried, twisting her head away when she saw the blinding light of the exploding firecrackers come from her friend’s cunt and asshole.

“Yeahhhh!” Gus sighed.

It was as if a million hot-tipped needles had punctured her cunt and shitter at the same time. Ginny kicked both legs but, nearly upending the chair from her violent move. Her spine straightened and her head snapped from side to side, her long hair sweeping, over her jiggling tits. She jerked her thighs from left to right while tightening her ass and cunt. The girl was trying to smother the fires with her juices. The fires, however, scalded the teen with another heart-rending cry, the blonde passed out. But before she had lost consciousness Ginny felt something odd, a movement in her cunt and clitas a tiny orgasm spilled from the pain. She had actually cum while the fire-crackers were being hissed out by her juices!

“Uhhhhhhh,” she moaned.

Someone had thrown some water over her face, Justin, perhaps. She could still smell the acrid aroma of the burned gunpowder and her flesh.

“Ohhhh, Ginny,” Cindy sighed sadly. Her friend was staring wide-eyed at her from across the way.

“I-I,” Ginny didn’t know what to say.

“We’re just startin’. Me and Justin came up with this thing we saw in one of those sex mags. Some guys in Holland thought it up.”

Cindy stared wildly at them, while Ginny sobbed.

“And you thought he just played around with football or some rights bitch?”

Ginny blinked the tears from her eyes, looking about and seeing several pieces of wood. One in particular was nearly six feet long, a two-by-four with several lengths of leather stripping nearby. Gus moved to her chair first, untying her then pulling her up from the seat. It was difficult for her to walk after having endured the double explosion in her cunt and asshole. He directed her over to the long piece of wood, barking at the girl to stop, then bend over.

“No, oh, please, Gus!”

He wouldn’t take no for an answer. Gripping her by the neck as if she were a disobedient puppy, the big man jerked her forward, knocking his fist into her belly to double her over.

“Ooooofffff!” she gasped.

Ginny had no choice. She straightened her legs, bending over at the waist and feeling her tits roll forward and nearly strike her chin.

“Now put your hands behind your ankles, wrist to ankles, baby.”

Ginny did this quickly, waiting in that grotesque position with her ass checks angled high in the air as Gus took one of the leather thongs, looping it around the board, then her ankle, then her wrist. He threaded the thong around and around, fixing it tightly in a slip knot so that Ginny’s wrist, ankle and the board were roped tightly together.

“Now for the other one.”

Ginny disliked the position. She was completely helpless and unable to see much of what was going on around her. It was hard for her to keep her balance, having to bend her knees and wag her ass around several times to keep from pitching forward or to one side. The board began chafing the backs of her ankles when Gus ordered Cindy over.

“Oh, please!” she begged.

Ginny heard dragging sounds, then felt her friend’s ass bump up against hers.

“In the same position, baby. That’s it, back up against your fuckin’ friend over there and rub asses. Don’t be bashful. You dug havin’ your cunt sucked out by her. You won’t mind rubbin’ a little ass.”

They bent the brunette over in the same manner as Ginny, roping her wrists and ankles to the same board. In a moment both young girls were roped ass to ass, ankle to ankle, leg to leg to one another. What on earth were the men planning to do to them?


“Ohhh, Cindy, I’m sorry,” Ginny said, feeling the soft, silky rub of her friend’s ass against hers. She tried adjusting her awkward bent-over position, but the leather thongs holding her wrists to her ankles wouldn’t let her move much. Trying to bend her knees helped little, as well. Whenever she dropped her ass to case the ache in her arms, Ginny found that Cindy’s body kept her from lower big her ass too much.

Justin and Gus laughed as the young girls tried to adjust their positions, their naked bodies swaying against one another.

“Let’s have somethin’ to spike this up.”

There were sounds of movement to the right. Ginny drew her head up again, ignoring the pain in her lower back from the movement. Both men were moving something toward her, a table with a large box on it.

“We use this mother at the games sometimes,” Justin said, unraveling a dark-brown cord from the top. “Looks like we’ll need an extension,” he muttered, leaving Gus for a while.

“Nice to see a couple of gals like this, gettin’ to know one another real nice.”

He moved behind Ginny. Cindy was crying out something, begging Gus not to put it in. Ginny could feel her friend’s violent moves, her cries. Then there was the sound of choking and gagging, mixed with muffled cries of horror. Gus was making her friend suck his prick! She recognized those sloppy, gagging sounds, the sounds of a young girl trying not to choke on her own spit while accommodating a fat, thick cock in her mouth.

“Ummm, that’s nice, real nice,” Gus said. “Hey, come on, let’s get goin’ with this thing,” Justin said.

Reluctantly, Gus pulled his prick front Cindy’s mouth. Ginny could hear her friend sobbing, and spitting out the vile mixture of spit and cum.

“Ohhhhh, God!” Cindy cried.

“Yeah, I got plenty of time to stick that one. Man, she’s gonna yelp when I fuck ‘er cunt with my prick,” Gus vowed.

“Yeah, yeah. Now, come on, you told me how to do this, but I forget.”

“Okay, I fucked around with this for the last couple of days — spare time and all that fuckin’ shit,” Gus said, unraveling several pairs of thin wires with copper clamps screwed on at the ends. “You guys used this generator out in the field of extra lights and all that. I put in a special relay here, then added some plugs for the different clamps. It ought to be enough for these sluts.”

Ginny peered up through her curtaining hair and saw the two men unraveling the wires. Justin bent down and shoved something in her mouth. It was her wadded panties, the juice stained panties he had kept earlier. He pushed them all the way in now, slapping her when she objected and tried to shove them out with her tongue.

“Don’t want you biting off your tongue,” he said, slapping her once on the ass.

Cindy was crying out as Gus pushed something in her mouth, as well. The girl sobbed, her body nearly knocking Ginny to the floor once again.

“Now, let’s try these on for size,” Justin said, attaching one end of the wire to the machine while uncoiling its length and holding onto the copper clamp.

The pincer on her nipple hurt terribly. Ginny felt her knees giving way while the pain throbbed through her tit and slammed into her belly. She wanted to yell, to shout something. But the gagging panties kept her from doing more than letting out a low moan. Another clamp, as severe as the first, bit down on her left nipple. Next, another pincer was clamped to the area just below her clit, while two more were locked in on her cunt lips. The wires dangled and slapped together below her body, making the teen feel as if she were part of some weird science fiction story.

“Oowwwwwfffff!” the brunette wailed.

Gus was doing the same thing to Cindy, Ginny guessed. She could feel the girl’s jerky movements behind her, her ass bobbing up and down, while her legs slammed against the backs of the blonde’s.

“Now, for something a little different for both of you,” Gus said.

She felt someone pulling her ass cheeks apart. Ginny’s jaws slackened when she felt something thin and cold being inserted into her asshole. It was a wire or something, and one was pushed into Cindy’s asshole as well. Both girls shivered at that intrusion as the men laughed.

“Okay, they’re set to go,” Justin said, backing away, while Gus fiddled with the wires. There was a clicking sound, followed by a steady hum. He had switched on the machine. Ginny trembled, her teeth and tongue working against the gagging panties as she prayed for strength. The cold wire felt like an icy snake up her asshole. She took shallow breaths to keep from choking as she waked, waited for the first biting shock of electricity. The clamps on her tits were heavy, pulling down on her tits while tiny teeth seemed to nibble at her nipples. And how those teeth nibbled at her cunt lips. Ginny sighed, wondering if Cindy had the same feelings. Certainly, she didn’t hear the girl moaning any longer. There weren’t even the violent shaking movements that indicated the brunette was in pain. Maybe Cindy was discovering that odd mixture of pain and pleasure that Ginny had found the other day. Ginny could hardly wait to talk to Cindy once this horror had run its course.

Justin went around to one side of the machine. It was humming merrily, the needles inside the glassed volume indicator jumping slightly. Gus watched the two girls, then turned one knob to the first setting.

“Ohhhh!” the blonde gasped.

Ginny felt something, something like a faint warming pulse surge through her tits, cunt and asshole all at the same time. Cindy must have had the same feeling, too! She felt the girl’s ass cheeks harden and rub up against hers.

“Uhhhhh!” Cindy groaned, her head bobbing up and down while she rested against Ginny’s ass.

Ginny jerked again. The jolt now was hardly strong enough to do much more than raise gooseflesh. It was Gus’ way, she thought, of letting them know the torture was about to start. The girl tensed, waiting for what she knew would surely come.

Another notch higher and, she could a kind of hot itchy ache starting to spread from all parts of her body. The pincers seemed to be biting more, the tiny teeth nipping and chewing on her cunt, asshole and nipples while her flesh warmed even more. Cindy began bobbing her ass around, banging it against Ginny’s. Gus kept on turning the setting higher, pausing for a few moments between each notch. As the electricity leaped through her body, the blonde jerked, biting down hard on her spit-soaked panties.

“Man, go for it, baby, go for it. Look at the two of ’em,” Gus said, pointing at Ginny and Cindy. “They can’t get enough of it.”

Ginny growled, jerking her head from side to side, her long blonde hair sweeping over her ankles. Her tits jumped with the electrical current while her knees knocked against one another. Ginny had the most awful urge to fall down onto the floor and roll around, feeling a climax coming on from the increasingly savage electrical charge. But Cindy’s body kept her somewhat upright in that grotesque position. She bobbed her ass, as did her friend, chewing on the gag, waiting for Gus to become more, wild and switch on a higher current.

Ginny didn’t have to wait for long. It was like a hand slapping her tits, cunt and asshole. The aftershock felt like blunted glass shards scratching her distended nipples and clit. The girl’s knees weakened again, knocking together while she snapped her head back and forth. Her asshole muscles gripped down hard on the common wire attaching her and Cindy. More than once, she feared she would lose control of her bowels and shit all over her best friend. Again the girl wondered about Cindy, wondered if she were having the same awful feelings tearing through her.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” she wailed.

Gus cranked the switch a bit higher. Ginny kit as if she were being struck by a brick wall. Her tits, belly, cunt and asshole were being ripped to pieces by fiery knives. Her bones ached and seemed to shatter, and her hair stood on end. Her cries were choked behind that awful gag. No more, she thought, no more. Surely any more electricity would surely knock her out, if not kill her!

“Yaghhfhfhhfffff!” she screamed.

Gus was pushing them to the limits. It appeared as if Justin would have let them go. But Gus insisted, cranking the dial up yet another notch. Ginny’s lips turned purple, while diamonds of spit stood on her lips. The cunt juice speckled and dried on her thighs. Oh yes, this horror was exciting her as much as it was killing her. The pain was enormous inside her. And yet she could feel a powerful climax erupt. From Cindy’s awful sobbing behind her, she guessed that the girl was having the same experience. Gus was jerking himself off, turning the power yet higher. Her body was a writhing mass of flesh while her face was a shaking blur. She couldn’t stand much more of this!

“Damn it! Watchin’ ’em’s makin’ me so fuckin’ hot,” Gus said, turning off the machine.

Ginny nearly collapsed to the floor. The electricity had been something of a prop. Now it was gone, and the girls nearly tumbled to the floor. Gus and Justin jerked the pincers free, and the girls’ pent-up shouts following the gags the men tore out.

Ginny sobbed, tremors erupting in her ass cheeks as they slipped out the wires. Next came the bonds. In a moment, Ginny was freed, Justin climbing onto her, fucking into her as she stood in front of her friend. Ginny wasn’t ashamed. She threw back her head and laughed, her body still buzzing from the horrible electrical savaging. Gus was slapping Cindy again and again, finally knocking her to the floor. As Justin threw Ginny down and continued fucking her in a doggy style, Ginny saw her friend being flipped around, her ass cheeks spread. Gus was spitting on his fingers, rubbing the saliva around his fat cock head. Ginny couldn’t look. She heard her friend’s high-pitched shrieks and knew Gus was squeezing his greasy, fat cock meat into the girl’s shitter!

“Yaghghhghghghgh!” Cindy screamed.

Justin held her head, his hands squeezing her tits as his prick fucked into her. Tie forced his cock deeper and deeper, the achey force of her climax tearing and stinging her clit. His prick fucked into her like a jackhammer, spitting out its cum as he held her waist and ass with clawing fingers. It was what Ginny had wanted, what she had prayed for. With a howl of delight, the girl joined her lover in this wild hurricane of lust, his cock grinding her insides.

When they were through, Justin was stand big above the two girls. Gus had already finished fucking Cindy, leaving the naked girl sprawled and sobbing. Traces of cum and shit smeared the inner curves of her ass cheeks as she hid her tear-stained face from the others.

“Oh, Cindy,” Ginny breathed.

“He-he fucked me there — and it hurt,” the girl cried.

“You don’t stop this, and it’s gonna hurt a whole lot worse,” Gus threatened, zipping up his filthy Levi’s, then starting to coil up the wires.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Ginny crooned, sweeping the girl’s hair from her face.

“Oh, you didn’t tell me you were into this kind of thing,” the girl said, looking at her friend accusingly.

Ginny felt a shock of shame, then quickly recovered herself.

“And you didn’t feel anything — anything good?” Ginny asked, narrowing her eyes and staring deep into her friend’s eyes. Cindy blushed furiously, looking the other way.

“I thought so,” Ginny said, pursing her lips triumphantly.

“Hey, you two. It’s a short session tonight. We gotta get outta here,” Justin said, kicking the clothes of both girls across the room.

Ginny picked out her things, glad that at least this time nothing was torn. Cindy sniffed, wiping her nose while sidling up to her friend protectively.

“It’ll be okay,” Ginny said, stepping into her panties, while Justin and Gus put away the generator. “As long as you play their game, nothing bad’ll happen.”

“But what if I don’t wanna play — at least, I’m not sure.”

Ginny smiled, pausing as she hooked her bra.

“We’ll see,” she said.

Ginny felt experienced, almost worldly and sophisticated, next to her friend. And she had been fucking only a few days. It was odd what doing this kind of thing did tots mind.

What would Mother say if she knew. Again, she smiled. Mother would never know.

And as long as Justin wanted her — and Gus, for that matter — she would continue coming here, with or without Cindy. Yes, it was going to be quite a school year. Fucking, especially this kind of fucking, especially this kind of fucking, must do things like this to people. Cindy, too, would feel this way once she loosened up. Oh, how damn good it was to be alive!

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