After Hours Secretary

It would appear that there is very little some people would not do in the interest of “getting ahead”. The salesman lying to a prospective customer in order to make a sale; the politician “buying” friends, and thereby support at the ballot box; the businessman deliberately setting out to destroy his competition… the examples go on and on.

And as usual people suffer.

AFTER HOURS SECRETARY is the story of Ginny Mason, at first a shy and innocent young employee for a large company, who soon would stop at nothing in order to advance and gain recognition. With only success in mind, Ginny uses her body in order to advance — and, of course, she suffers. She is surrounded by men who are willing to use ha and abuse her, and her degradation seems destined to continue unabated.

But the truth is revealed in all its sordidness and Ginny sees the chance to become the victor rather than the victim.

A shocking novel of human greed and human love. A story that answers many questions about our confusing times.


Ginny felt the heat rising in her face. Some man was taking advantage of the packed crowd in the elevator. His hand cupped and caressed her ass while she struggled to squeeze between the two men in front of her. Her ripe tits thrust provocatively against her tight sweater and rubbed against a male arm.

“Hello, there!” the tall, balding man said as he looked down at her breasts. He pursed his lips in approval and moved his arm back and forth, nabbing firmly against her tits. The young blonde felt more anger and humiliation sweep through her at his treatment. The bastard behind her had gotten his hand inside her thighs now. He was grabbing her cunt.

Ginny’s breath came in angry gasps as she tried to spin around and identify her tormentor. She twisted violently, almost falling against the man on her left, looking for the owner of the taunting hand and fingers. Every one was looking straight ahead. No one had the slightest expression of guilt on his face.

They were watching her, though. She knew they were all watching her. Out of the corners of their eyes they were looking. Inside, they were laughing. Damn them, she thought. Damn them! Damn them!

She stood helpless and embarrassed as the elevator finally reached her floor. Ginny pushed her way out the door as the laughter erupted behind her. She shuddered at their soft whispers and walked rapidly down the hallway to the office where she worked.

“Pussy! Pussy! Here, pussy, pussy!” She heard one of the men calling. Even the three girls who had been on the elevator with her were giggling.

It was that way every morning. Ginny Mason opened the door marked WORLDWIDE PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS. She shoved roughly, angrily, against the heavy oak and glass door and shouldered her way in. She saw Mr. Timms look up from his desk and watch her legs and ass as she passed his door, his lips smiling in approval of her lithe body. Lorelei Novak waved happily from her desk, then sipped contentedly on her coffee.

“I’d almost given up hope that you’d make it on time,” the redhead called out. “Really, Ginny, you’re going to have to move out of that nunnery where you life. There’s just the apartment for you out at my complex. Let me drive you to see it this afternoon.”

Ginny didn’t really stay in a nunnery, but the church-sponsored home for single women was almost as bad. The blonde was not so concerned about the lack of social life as by the difficulty in getting to work each morning. The church home had been built years before in the central city. Now most of the better jobs were in the new office buildings on the fringes of town. This sparkling new complex in which Worldwide Properties was located stood near the airport for the benefit of the sales staff and customers alike. Ginny was forced to take an hour and a half bus ride each day, a ride filled with the same sort of humiliation she had just experienced in the elevator.

“I guess,” she answered Lorelei, “it wouldn’t hurt to take a look.”

The redhead had been after her to move out there with her ever since Ginny started to work at Worldwide Properties two months ago. The blonde had been hesitant because of the reputation of the singles’ apartments. She knew that Lorelei fucked around constantly. If she went out there as a friend of the girl, she would be assumed just as easy a lay. Ginny didn’t want that, not at all. Hell, she had enough trouble as it was.

“Great!” the redhead answered, her green eyes sparkling. “I promise you, you’ll adore living at The Golden Sand. We’ll all see to that!”

Their conversation was interrupted by a tall, beautifully built young man entering the office. Ginny stood with her mouth open as his eyes fixed on her. He looked into her eyes, not over her body. His sensuous lips spread in a friendly smile. Their eyes held on each other for a moment, then he turned and walked into Mr. Timms’ office. Ginny stood gaping after him, impressed by his warmth and his casual air of power.

“Who?” she stammered at Lorelei. “Who was that?”

“Steady honey!” the redhead laughed. “That’s the big time! That’s Sid Weeks. Surely you’ve written up some of his orders. He’s the hottest salesman this company ever had.”

“He’s gorgeous!” Ginny gasped. “He’s absolutely gorgeous!”

“Sure he is,” Lorelei agreed. “Every model in town knows that. Every young debutante has tried to get him, too. Half of them have, but only for a few nights. Stay clear of that, baby! You’re just getting out of your convent. You aren’t ready for the likes of Sid Weeks.”

Ginny cut her eyes over at her friend. She suppressed the irritation she felt at Lorelei’s comments. She hadn’t said anything about wanting to go to bed with Sid. All she had said was that he was a gorgeous man. He was! Damn, but he was! Even without the expensive clothes he wore he would be gorgeous. She shivered at the thought of running her hand through his thick brown hair. Ginny caught herself imagining being crushed against his broad chest, then blushed slightly. Maybe Lorelei was right. Maybe she was interested in the salesman.

The blonde became more confused about her emotions when Sid Weeks completed his conference with Mr. Timms. He came out of the office and looked around until he spotted her. He was smiling as he came through the gate and walked directly to her.

“Miss Mason?” he asked. “Miss Ginny Mason?”

Ginny couldn’t get her mouth to working right. She attempted to answer him, but could only nod and smile up into those deep brown eyes. She felt a quiver of excitement run through her body and unconsciously squared her shoulders to let her tits stick out even further.

Sid laid a stack of orders on her desk, asking her if she could have them written up for him by afternoon. The blonde nodded eagerly. That wouldn’t be difficult. She could get this work done easily, even if it weren’t for Sid. She nodded her assurance, still unable to speak. Her eyes, however, glowed up into his face. Sid reached out and touched her on the cheek very gently.

“Thanks, honey,” he told her. “I’ll see you this afternoon, then.”

Ginny watched him walk out of the office. Her heart missed a beat as he turned at the door and waved to her. She did not realize that she had picked up the stack of his papers and was hugging them to her tits. She didn’t realize it until she heard the soft laughter beside her.

“I never saw anyone go so crazy over a piece of cock in my life!” Lorelei teased her. “Damn, baby! You did everything but eat him right here in the office.”

Ginny turned blood red in embarrassment. She tossed her head saucily at the redhead and began working on the orders. What did Lorelei know anyway?

She kept her blonde head buried in the work all morning. Ginny had everything completed long before noon. She felt such elation that Mr. Timms didn’t bother her with the way he stared at her tits when she had to go into his office on several occasions. She felt so happy that she didn’t even mind the whistles and hoots of the men as they walked toward the cafeteria for lunch. She did mind it, though, when one of Lorelei’s friends let his hands slip around her waist and upward to touch the side of one tit. She twisted out of his embrace, glared at him viciously, then let her sense of well-being return.

The afternoon was hell as she waited impatiently for Sid to come for his papers. Ginny couldn’t really understand herself. She had never felt this way before. Her pussy was tingling and glowing as she watched the door for Sid’s smiling face. She could imagine his hands over her body, felt a quiver of delight at the idea of his lips on her nipples. She stopped her train of thought, afraid even to imagine how delicious his cock would feel driving up her cunt.

Her heart leaped as he finally entered the office. She looked up at him as he bent over her desk, checking her work. He looked through the sheets of paper with a serious expression on his face. Finally he smiled down at her and leaned over toward her. He caught her face in both hands and held it while he kissed her softly on the lips.

“Thanks, sweetheart,” he told her. “First chance I get, I’m going to show my appreciation.”

He kissed her again, just slightly more passionately. Their eyes met for an instant, then he turned and left. Beside her, Lorelei whistled softly.

“I never saw him do that before,” she admitted. “I never saw him even touch any girl in the office before.”

She looked hard at Ginny. Her green eyes were piercing as they studied the girl. “Don’t let it go to your head, though. Remember, he never screws the same girl twice in the same month.”

Ginny ignored her friend. Her mind was already racing ahead. She could hardly wait for the day to end. She wanted to see that apartment. She had to see it. When Sid finally asked her for a date, she couldn’t take him to the church home afterwards. That wouldn’t be very sophisticated, would it?


He pulled her back on the chaise lounge. His hands roved madly over her tits, pulling on the heaving breasts as she drew her leg upward between his thighs and rubbed against his hard, throbbing cock. He reached behind her and unsnapped her halter, then pulled it off her shoulders to expose her shining tits to his eager lips.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned as he leaned over her and began kissing the satin skin passionately. “Yesssssssss!”

Ginny Mason started to get up from her own chair and walk back inside her apartment. She was uncomfortable having a couple fuck so openly, right on the next balcony. Maybe they weren’t fucking yet, but she had no doubt that they would be in short order. She leaned forward, then made herself lean back again.

Why should she be chased inside? This was her apartment. She was sitting on her own balcony. If the couple next door didn’t mind having an audience to their fuck, then why should it concern her? Besides, she would call more attention to herself by getting up and going to the door.

“Ohhhh, yessssss!” she heard the sigh as he pulled the girl’s slacks down her legs. “Yessssss! Let’s see that soft, sweet pussy! Ohhh, yesssss!”

The girl giggled, twisting her body about in sensuous enjoyment of his caresses. It was a different girl, Ginny realized, than the one he had been cuddled beside last night. This one was brunette, tall and slender. Last night he had been all wrapped up with the chubby blonde from 16-F.

“Get that big sausage out!” The girl’s throaty voice shook Ginny. “Let me have a handful of good meat!”

The blonde tried to close her eyes. She tried to look away. Instead, she watched in fascination while he dropped his pants and let his big cock come throbbing out into the brunette’s hands. She caught the prick in both hands and pumped it slowly and lovingly while he went back after her tits with his mouth. Their bodies writhed about on the lounge, gasps filling the air.

Ginny’s throat had a sudden lump in it. Her heart had picked up its beat. She was both intrigued and repulsed by the scene. She should have expected things like this at The Golden Sand, however. Lorelei had warned her that most of the people were pretty swinging. She had not really been listening. Ginny had been determined to take the apartment when they arrived at the complex. The sight of private balconies, the numerous swimming pools and tennis courts, all convinced her that this was where she needed to live. She needed a setting like this for that evening that Sid would bring her home.

The blonde took the apartment immediately, then spent a week shopping for furniture. She finally gave up on finding anything in her price range and went to a rental agency. Her payments were outrageous, but she had created the atmosphere of casual elegance she wanted. If he were used to dating models and society girls, then she couldn’t bring him in to a collection of cast-offs, could she?

“Ooooooeee!” the brunette next door shrieked. The boy’s head was buried in her tits, twisting about while he pulled her panties down her legs and began pawing the dark hairs of her cunt. “Oooooooeeeeee! Get me, baby! Get your hand in my pussy and pump my juice a little while! Oooooooo!”

Ginny heard the boy laugh softly. He raised his face, then plunged back after her lunging breasts. He caught a nipple in his mouth and began sucking noisily on it. Her black hair waved wildly about as she rolled her head from one side to another in the ecstatic excitement of their sexual play.

“Pussy! Pussy! Who’s got your pussy?” he laughed as his finger dragged across her cunt, then slipped inside to play with her clit.

“Somebody that knows what to do with it!” she laughed in response. “You sure the shit better know what to do with hot cunt.”

They rolled about, bodies writhing and twisting. Even at some distance, Ginny could hear the sloshing sound of his finger working in the gushing liquids her pussy was pumping out. His finger was buried deep up her, plunging back and forth lushly as she moaned her delight. Her hands stayed at his cock, one pumping the hefty shaft while the other reached beneath and began to pull and toy at his balls.

“Yesssss, baby!” he panted. “Pull my cock, sweetheart! Pump my meat for me! Ohhhhh, baby! You’re one sweet piece of ass!”

Ginny hadn’t seen Sid Weeks since that one day he had come into the office. She mentioned him to Mr. Timms one afternoon. Her boss looked at her with raised eyebrows and the hint of a smile on his lips.

“Sorry, honey,” he told her. “None of us are able to keep Sid on a leash. He was heading for New York when he left here. I think he’ll probably swing over to Europe before he comes back. He had a couple of solid customers spending the summer in the Balearic Islands.”

She tried to cover her disappointment. The older man saw it, though. He smiled at her, then softened his expression. His eyes became warm and friendly. He leaned forward, as though telling a carefully guarded secret.

“He was very interested in you, though,” he confided. “First thing he wanted to know was who the new blonde was.”

Timms winked knowingly at Ginny, laughed at her sudden embarrassment, then dismissed her with a wave of his hand. “Get back to work,” he snapped. “If I know Sid Weeks, you’ll be the first to see him when he returns.”

Ginny pondered that comment all afternoon. Was her boss just trying to make her feel good? Should she believe him or believe Lorelei’s claim that Sid was far too occupied with servicing the glamour girls of the city. She had finally decided to believe Mr. Timms. He should know, shouldn’t he? Besides, Ginny admitted, it was more fun to believe his side of the story.

“Oooooeeeeee!” the brunette’s cry broke into her reverie. “Ooooohhh, yessssss! Get it in me! Stick that hunk of cock up my pussy! Oooooeeeeee! Fuck, baby! Fuck me!”

The boy climbed up over the girl, poising his enormous cock above her. He grabbed the heavy meat in one hand and pointed it toward her cunt. Ginny held her breath as she watched, waiting for him to bury that huge cock into the writhing girl beneath him.

“I’ll show you what happens to girls who dare me!” he panted. “I’ll show you what it is to get this much cock up your cunt!”

“Please!” the brunette whispered. “Please give it to me! Let me feel it in me! Fuck me, baby! Ohhhhhh, fuck me!”

He rolled his cock in small circles against her pussy, making sure he had her clit wild with erotic frenzy. He taunted and teased the girl’s quivering body until her pathetic, pleading gasps echoed from the walls of the neighboring buildings. Then he gave a single violent lunge. Ginny’s heart seemed to miss a beat as she saw his cock drive into the brunette’s cunt. He buried his meat all the way to the hilt in the soft pussy, then laughed as he started to fuck in long, slow thrusts.

“That satisfy you?” he laughed. “That get my cock where you wanted it?”

“Mmmmmmm!” the girl murmured in reply. “Oooooo, yesssss! Now start fucking, baby! Ride my hot pussy for the rest of the night!”

She wrapped her long legs about him and clung to his excited body while he pumped and plunged his cock into her. They rolled from side to side. His hands groped along her sides, pulling at her tits sensuously. Then he dropped one hand down and cuddled her ass while he kept up his slow, deliberate fucking.

“Uhhhhhh!” he groaned with each thrust. “Ohhhhhh! Uhhhhhhh!”

Ginny shuddered at the sight. Her body was tingling all over from the experience. Her throat was hot and dry. Her nipples had begun to throb and burn. She cupped one tit in a hand, rolling it on her chest. She reached inside her bra and fingered the firm, ripe flesh of her tits while her body pounded with rising excitement. She could imagine the feelings that ran through the body of the brunette. She could imagine the deep, warm comfort of that big cock in her pussy.

“Aaaaaaa!” the brunette hissed in pleasure. “Oooooooeee! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me harder! Drive it into me, sweetheart!”

The boy answered her urging. He began slamming his body at her, driving his cock through her pussy in vicious strokes. Ginny could hear the sound of the thick meat slapping through the juicy cunt. Her legs came up further on his body and wrapped about his waist. Her ass shimmered in the golden light of the late afternoon. Her thighs seemed like satin, their muscles rippling as she hugged his lunging body tighter and tighter. She wrapped her arms about his shoulders and buried her face against his neck. Ginny was sure that she had caught his skin in her teeth and was biting him as they fucked harder and harder.

“Oh, yes!” he panted. “Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Uhhhhmmmmmmm!”

He shook wildly, balling away with new ferocity. They both gasped for air as their bodies merged into a single, writhing, twisting unity. Ginny kept one hand on her tit and reached the other into her crotch. She pressed the material of her slacks against her tingling pussy, rubbing firmly so that her slit could go crazy with excitement. Her heart was beating wildly as she felt united with the couple on the next balcony. She was just as lost in the sensuous thrill of the fuck as if she had been beneath the boy.

“I’m getting there!” she heard the brunette whisper frantically. “Ooooo, I’m getting ready! Fuck me! Please! Fuck harder! I’m coming! Let your cum blow through me! Oooooooeeeeeee!”

Their two bodies shuddered in a frenzy of orgasm. They rolled and clawed at each other. His ass was a blur of driving motion. He drove his angry cock harder and harder as his load began to explode into her panting pussy.

“Yesssss!” he gasped. “Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhh! I’m fucking you now! Ohhhh, baby! I’m fucking the shit out of you!”

“Fuck me!” she answered. “Keep fucking, sweetheart! Fuck! Fuck! Ooooooeeeeeeee!”

Ginny had to get away from the scene. She had to get away from the sound of cock and cunt. She had to get out of range of their delighted gasps. She took advantage of the moment when they were lost in their orgasms and ran through the door into her own apartment.

Her knees were weak. Her breath was still irregular. Ginny stood in the safety of her own small dining room, panting and quivering with excitement. Her body was aching, crying for fulfillment. She felt her tits swollen inside the tight bra. She felt her clit still tingling at the gate of her pussy. She was dizzy from it all. She wasn’t supposed to feel this way. This was wrong! This was terrible! To feel like this was ugly and dirty!

She had to find relief, however. Ginny ran to her bedroom, taking off her clothes as she went. Her hands were trembling as she stretched on her back across the bed. She lay back, her body alive with growing desire. Slowly she gave in to the temptation. Her hand dropped between her thighs. Her finger teased about the golden hairs above her cunt, then rubbed lightly at the lips of her pussy. Her breath came in a sudden gasp of excitement as she slipped her finger inside and touched her ecstatic clit. A spark of pleasure ran up through her pussy as she pressed again at the tiny nubbin.

“Ahhhhhh!” the blonde sighed, catching one of her nipples on the tip of a finger and rotating the throbbing button slowly. “Mmmmmmm!”

She closed her eyes, lying back and letting her body pulse and glow with surging pleasure. Sid’s face swam before her, Sid’s smile softly haunted her. She imagined his cock down where her finger was sending such electric sparks rippling through her pussy. She imagined his hands caressing her heaving tits.

“Yessssss!” she hissed. Her cunt tingled with a thousand little sparks. She eased her finger past her clit and began to pump along the passage. Her juices were flowing, lubricating the velvet pussy as she fucked her finger more sensuously, more deliberately. Her other hand pulled and mashed her tits, stimulating the heaving globes until they seemed half again as large as before.

“Oooooooooo!” she moaned. “Fuck me! Ohhhhh, God! Somebody fuck me!”

Ginny swung her face from side to side, letting her soft, blonde hair swirl over the bed. She drew her knees upward, spreading her thighs open even further. Her ass kept leaping upward, driving her pussy over the probing finger. The blonde shuddered as she listened to the soft sound of her finger stirring the juices of her cunt. She felt the juice begin to pour out of her pussy and run back to the cheeks of her ass.

“Ooooooeeeeee!” she panted. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

The room was spinning about her flow, whirling crazily from side to side. Lights swirled over the ceiling as her body hunched and pounded with the fantastic surge of her orgasm. She fucked her finger wildly into her pussy. She rubbed her nipples roughly. She panted with the rushing, overwhelming pleasure that shook her slender body.

“Ohhhhhh, yesssssss!” she gasped as the full blast of her climax shook through her. For a moment she felt pinned helplessly to the bed. Then her body erupted into voluptuous spasms. She rocked and bounced over the bed, humping, hunching, panting and gasping.

Her pussy quivered ecstatically about her finger as she finally fell back limply. The blonde felt a warm glow all through her body. She lay still, trying to let her breathing return to normal. Then the old feeling of guilt crept over her. She shouldn’t have done that. What she did was horrible! That’s what she had been taught. That’s what she had always believed.

Ginny shuddered at the power her body held over her. That was why she had shunned Lorelei. That was why she had first taken a room under the protective guidance of the church. That was why she had never allowed herself to get emotionally involved with any man. She knew that she couldn’t trust herself. She knew that sooner or later her body would betray her, just as it had tonight.

“Damn you, Sid Weeks,” she whispered to the empty room. “It’s your fault.”

It was, she was certain. It was all because of his warm smile, his casual good looks. Except for Sid.

Weeks she would have been sitting alone back at the church home. She would never have been exposed to the couple fucking on the next balcony. She would never have had all this raw passion stirred up inside her.

“Damn! Damn! Damn!” she said aloud, then turned over and buried her face into the pillows.


“Looks like you have an admirer over there,” Lorelei laughed to Ginny, nodding her head toward the black-haired man who watched them.

The girls had taken advantage of the brilliant sunshine and were spending their Saturday beside one of the swimming pools. They had studiously avoided giving any encouragement to the men and boys who constantly tried to strike up a conversation. Ginny had made that a condition for accompanying her friend. She had refused to come when Lorelei first suggested it. “I don’t feel like getting hassled by the guys,” she explained. “I know you well enough to have no doubt that you know them all, that we would attract half the men in the complex.”

“I promise to be good!” Lorelei laughed. “I won’t put the make on a single guy as long as you’re with me.”

In the end, Ginny gave up and accompanied her to the pool. Lorelei had kept her word. She had been cool and aloof every time a male body leaned down over them or tried to lounge along the sunning area beside them. When the girls refused to encourage them, the men would finally leave to find more success with the other females who clustered about the water.

Ginny glanced over in the direction of the redhead’s nod. That one had made no attempt to meet them. He had just been sitting there, basking in the sun. His eyes, though, had never left the blonde’s body. Ginny gave him a more appraising look.

He was a few years older than any of the other men around the pool, older than any of the tenants Ginny had seen around the apartments. His black hair was flecked with grey, giving him a rather distinguished appearance. His body was as lean as those of the younger men. He was lean and tanned, heavy black hair across his wide, muscular chest. He still hadn’t even smiled at Ginny. He only lay back, relaxed. His eyes, however, never left her body.

The blonde shivered and turned away from him. She could still feel his gaze on her. She didn’t have to look back to know that those cool, appraising eyes were still studying her. The blonde felt a sudden impulse to go back to her apartment. She tensed her shoulders, preparing to lift herself from the towel on which she lay. Just as suddenly, she relaxed and lay back down. Why should she let him chase her off? Just because he looked so much like Mr. Evans, she shouldn’t become frightened. Lloyd Evans had been a long time ago. She had been over that experience for years.

He, too, had studied her carefully. Lloyd Evans had been her teacher back in high school. At first she had been completely fascinated by having such a handsome teacher. When she realized how he watched her as she concentrated on her written exercises she had been delighted. The young blonde responded to his open approval, wearing her tightest sweaters and shortest skirts for his sake.

She found a thousand reasons to remain after class each day. Ginny felt the warmth of his eyes resting on her tits or on her ass while she twisted about, getting him to explain some problem she had long ago solved. Their eyes would meet briefly, each letting the other know how much these secret glances meant.

Their game continued for most of the school year. Her friends teased her continually about the way she was taunting Mr. Evans. She didn’t care. After the way the boys her age had started grabbing for her young tits, it was so exciting to have a grown man admire her without ever really touching her. She dreamed about him touching her. Hell yes, she fantasized like crazy. She would lie in bed at night and imagine his arms around her. She closed her eyes and felt his head resting against her tits. Sometimes she even imagined how it would be to have his cock up between her thighs. She had to control thoughts like that, however. She didn’t dare think too much about that. She wouldn’t be able to resist staring at his groin if she thought too much about that.

Ginny had gone over to Mr. Evans’ apartment one Saturday afternoon. She had never done anything like that before. She had never heard of a student visiting in a faculty home except when a club or a class might be invited to a party. She had become terribly curious, however. She had become determined to see the inside of his apartment. After all, if she was going to daydream about cuddling with him on his sofa, it would help to know what the sofa looked like. She made up a difficult problem and went over to get his assistance.

She didn’t just walk over, either. For two hours she primped and brushed before her mirror. She slipped into her softest blouse. Her ass was cuddled into her tightest, most tantalizing slacks. The blonde put on light make-up with deliberate care, trying her best to appear older and more sophisticated.

Lloyd Evans stared in surprise when he answered his door. He controlled his surprise and invited the little blonde inside, his eyes looking appreciatively over her luscious young curves. He led her to his couch and sat beside her while she explained her confusion with the problem. He carefully led her to the solution, then sat back and watched her while she studied their work. A smile played at the corners of his mouth. A slow realization came into his eyes. He stirred uncomfortably on the couch for a moment, then met her eyes as she looked up. They smiled at each other for a long, tense minute.

“Would you like a Coke?” he asked her, breaking the sudden tension that had built up.

She nodded eagerly, happy for the opportunity to remain with him now that her reason for visiting had been removed. The blonde watched his lean, lithe body as he walked across the room. She answered a sudden impulse and got up, following him into his small kitchen and standing beside him as he got ice from the refrigerator. She took the glass as he handed it to her and began to sip slowly on the drink. Mr. Evans pulled out a can of beer, hesitated, and then held it up for her to see.

“Do you mind?” he asked her. “I don’t know if I’m supposed to drink around students.”

“Since we’ve already finished with my question, maybe I’m not a student any longer,” she suggested.

“Just a pretty girl who happens to be in my apartment,” he laughed as he poured the beer into a tall glass. They stood together, watching each other as they drank. Their eyes met nervously. Ginny became suddenly very ill at ease.

“More than just a pretty girl,” he corrected himself. “The prettiest girl in school.”

She was never sure exactly how it had happened. One minute they were standing in the kitchen, facing each other. The next moment he was kissing her. Her tits pressed against his chest. His arms held her tightly. His lips covered her mouth. His tongue forced her lips apart and ran into her mouth. She shivered as he sucked at her breath. He kissed her deeply, possessively. He smiled at her when he finally lifted his head. He smiled at her and led her to the living room.

Ginny felt her first qualms of hesitation as he sat her beside him and pulled her over. This was more than she had planned. She hadn’t really planned on the kiss. She certainly hadn’t planned on the way his hands were cupping her tits. She struggled feebly, then nestled against him. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to let him feel her up just a little bit. His hands felt so delicious on her tits. He caught one of her lovely pears and rolled it about, his fingers brushing across her nipple and sending the most fantastic little sparks of pleasure rippling through her.

“Ohhhhh, Ginny!” he gasped. “You’re even softer than I had imagined. Ohhh, what a soft, lovely girl!”

His words and the way he said them brought deeper shudders through her young body. Ginny pulled his face back to her lips. This time her tongue met his as they kissed, twisting their bodies anxiously against each other. She sucked back at his breath and arched her back so her tit would be even more tempting to his active massage.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed, then pulled back from his kiss for a moment. “Am I really so lovely? Do I really feel so soft in your arms?”

She looked at him through misty eyes and saw the growing demand on his face. His hands began to rove more brazenly over her body. He stroked along her legs and ass, then reached between her thighs and rubbed his fingers against her tingling little cunt. He pressed her slacks into the soft crack and rubbed her a little harder. Ginny gasped at the sudden surge of excitement he created in her pussy.

“No!” she gasped, frightened all of a sudden at what was happening. “Please! That’s going too far!”

She meant it. It was one thing to lie in her bed at night and imagine him fucking her. It was something else entirely to have him rubbing her pussy up like this. The teen-ager was frightened. She looked at his face and realized that he was throbbing with lust. She had let him go too far. She had let him get too excited. Somehow she had to stop him before everything was totally out of control.

“I have to go,” she whispered in a shaky voice. “My folks are expecting me.”

“Sure,” he laughed. “Sure you do. You can go as soon as you deliver on what you’ve been promising me all year.”

He pressed his hand into her cunt more roughly and shook her trembling pussy. Then he got one arm beneath her ass and lifted her from the couch. He laughed as he walked across the room with her, taking her toward the open door to his bedroom. Ginny saw the bed inside, gasping in terror as she realized he wasn’t going to be content with just a little hard petting.

“Please!” she whispered again. “Please don’t! I… I… I never have!”

“Never too late to start,” he chuckled as he laid her on the bed. “Gorgeous pussy like yours should be broken in right.”

His hands reached for her blouse, unbuttoning the soft material and slipping it off her shoulders. He paused to kiss across the swelling globes of her tits, then reached behind her and unhooked her bra. His mouth went after her breasts as soon as he had the dainty nylon bra free. He caught one nipple in his mouth and sucked deeply and passionately on it while his hands fumbled about her slacks. Ginny trembled in fright as he pulled the slacks down her legs, then ran his hand adoringly across her thin panties. He caressed her pussy through the silken panties for a moment, then grabbed the elastic band and pulled them roughly downward.

“Ohhhhh, please!” she said again. “Please! I’m afraid. I’m so afraid!”

“Nothing to fear,” he assured her. “Nothing to fear at all. When I’m finished with you, you’ll be thanking me.”

He leaned his face down and kissed her pussy, licking at her quivering cuntlips and sucking softly at her moistening twat. Then he stood up and began stripping out of his own clothes. Ginny watched in horror as his big cock came into view. Her heart felt like it was going to pound through her chest as she watched him take the long, hard meat in his hand and give it an affectionate pump.

“It’s been a long time since this old cock got to pop a cherry,” Mr. Evans laughed. “Damn! I don’t know if I’ve ever tun it into such a soft young pussy as yours.”

He sat beside her on the edge of the bed and took one of her hands in his. Ginny held her breath as he pulled her hand over and placed it on his hot prick. She jumped at the slow throbs that ran through the hard cock.

“Look at it!” he commanded her. “Don’t be afraid to look at it good. Come on! Play with it a little bit!”

The young blonde forced herself to look at the frightening cock. She saw the curve of the long shaft, the reddening of the bared head. She tightened her fingers around it and began to pump slowly along the pulsing shaft. His skin ran smoothly back and forth, showing more and more of the deep pink flesh inside. Mr. Evans began to stroke her finger about the lips of her pussy again teasing and taunting until she felt her juices begin to ooze through her tingling cunt.

“Yesssssss!” he muttered. “That’s the girl! Ohhhhh, sweetheart! That’s the softest, sweetest pussy I’ve had my hands on in a long time!”

His fingertip went inside her cunt and began to rub sensuously at her clit. Sparks went flashing up her pussy, leaving Ginny breathless and gasping for air. Mr. Evans laughed softly, his eyes studying her face. He rubbed his finger in slow circle, generating more heat inside her cunt. Her tits were beginning to swell, her nipples getting warm and tight. He leaned down and took one nipple in his mouth, depressing it with his tongue while his free hand cupped and caressed her other tit.

“Mmmmmmm!” she heard herself moaning in pleasure. “Ooooooo! Mmmmmmmm!”

She twisted luxuriously beneath his skilled hands. It was the girl’s first real experience of passion, her first awareness of her ability to respond to sexual play. She couldn’t see his cock now, because of his head bent over her heaving, throbbing tits. She could explore it with her fingers, though. She worked both hands along the pecker, then slipped one hand beneath and played with his balls.

“Ohhhhh, sweetheart!” he panted. “You’re learning fast. You’re learning damn fast!”

She responded to his praise. She responded to his play. She responded to his adoration of her firm, young body. Ginny thrust her tits at his face, rubbing them wildly, frantically against him. Her thighs closed about his hand, hugging it inside her pussy as he began to pump his finger along the gushing walls of her cunt.

“Mmmmmm!” she purred. “Ooooooo!”

He laughed gently, lifted his face from her tits, then began to crawl up over her. His huge cock stood glimmering above her body, seeming to throb with anticipation of plunging into her waiting pussy. Ginny looked at the waving instrument, feeling both anticipation and terror. Her body was pulsing to be fucked, but her brain was frightened at the thought of the pain such a wicked-looking cock would bring as it split her body. She rolled her head back and forth, trying to get her voice to speak and plead with Mr. Evans.

“Take it easy, baby,” his voice soothed her. “Don’t be afraid of my cock. It won’t hurt for long. Then you’ll see how beautiful it is to have a good fuck.”

He took his cock in his hands and eased the huge, bulging head against her pussy. Ginny gasped as he slowly pushed into her trembling cuntlips. His size stretched her. His hot cockhead rubbed against her clit, sending those shimmering sparks through her pussy again. One hand kept caressing her hips and thigh while he held his pulsing cock against her clit and rubbed sensuously.

“Ohhhh, baby!” he panted. “That’s the sweetest-feeling pussy I ever imagined. Damn! You’re driving me crazy to get on into you.”

There was no way she could hold him back. Even if she had really wanted to prevent it, her body had no strength to resist. She was throbbing and pulsing beneath him. Her pussy was helpless against the impending assault of his giant prick. She lay back, clenching her teeth, waiting for the searing pain of his final thrust into her.

Lloyd Evans delayed his fuck for a few more minutes. He held his cock against her clit and kept getting her ready. His free hand worked her ass while he leaned down and began sucking and kissing at her lunging tits again. He was trembling in excitement, his body ready to explode in violent passion. He fucked the entrance of her cunt until her juices were flowing lushly. Then he looked at her agonized face.

“Feels like you’re ready, sweetheart,” he murmured. “Just stay relaxed and we’ll get the difficult part out of the way.”

He lunged at her suddenly. His angry cock drove viciously at her. Ginny screamed as he stretched her pussy apart. It felt like a hot knife had driven into her. She felt her cherry hold for a brief moment, and then give way to the charge of his enraged cock. Pain shot through her as he buried his meat into her cunt.

“There!” he gasped. “That takes care of your cherry. Lay still. Just lay still a minute. Soon as that pussy gets used to having a cock inside, we’ll get back to the real fun.”

He kissed her face and lips. He kissed and caressed her tits. He sucked at each nipple while holding his throbbing cock still inside her shuddering pussy. Ginny could not help sobbing. She cried quietly, both from the pain and from the excitement. She had lost her virginity. It had been her own fault. She knew that. She had come over here and flaunted herself at him. He was only taking what she had innocently offered him.

“Now!” he panted after giving her a few minutes’ rest. “Now I’m going to fuck the hell out of that sweet pussy!”

His eyes burned with a new ferocity. His face was tense with lust. His nostrils flared, his temples pounded. He began to pump his cock back and forth inside her pussy. Ginny gasped at the new pain. It still hurt. It hurt horribly. It hurt, but there was also a strange feeling of pleasure mingled with it. She could feel her cunt stuffed with the big sausage. She could feel each massive throb of desire as it ran through his cock. Mr. Evans panted with surging pleasure, thrusting deeper and deeper into her glowing pussy. He twisted his body about as he fucked her, sending shuddering sparks of soft pleasure through her diminishing pain.

“Uhhhh! Uhhhhh!” he panted as he drove at her. “Ahhhhhhhhh!”

“Yes!” she cried. “Oh, yes! Fuck me! Ooooooo! Fuck me!”

“Good fucking pussy!” he gasped. “Sweet, sweet cunt!”

He became more active in his balling. He caught her ass in both hands and lifted her along his driving shaft. Ginny wrapped her legs about him, sucking him into herself and writhing in intense pleasure. The pain was gone suddenly. All she could feel was the wonderful new exhilaration of being a woman. She was taking a man! She was giving a man his pleasure! She was being fucked!

“Oooooeeee!” she screamed. “Fuck me! Ride me! Oooooeeeeee! Fuck me!”

He laughed and she laughed with him, then gasped as she felt the deeper sensation of her climax swelling inside her. For a moment she was paralyzed, frozen against the bed beneath his lunging cock. Then the room exploded about her. Her orgasm trembled through her pussy, sending wild, frantic surges of delight all through her body. She arched her back upward to rub her tits over his chest in a delirious frenzy of lust. She wrapped her legs more tightly about him, hugging them about his waist while her pussy sucked voluptuously on his rampaging cock.

“Let it come!” she pleaded. “Give me with your wad! Ooooooeeeee! Fuck me! Ohhhhh, please, fuck me!”

His body trembled as his charge came boiling up through his hot cock. His cum erupted from the head and shot into her cunt. The touch of the semen against the raw nerves of her pussy sent Ginny into more glorious rapture. They rolled about the bed, their bodies frantically thrusting and lunging as they gasped through the fabulous thrills of joint orgasm.

“Aaaaaaiiiiiii!” Mr. Evans cried. “Ohhhhhh, what a fuck! What a gorgeous little pussy. Aaaaaaiiiiii!”

Ginny glowed all over. The blonde shimmered inside and out. She was being fucked by a man. She wasn’t just being screwed by a groping, insecure boy. She was being fucked by a man! More than that, she was giving him one hell of a piece of pussy. She had no doubt of her competence. There was no doubt of the satisfaction on his face.

“Oooooooo!” she cooed. “Yesssssss!”


“Yummy!” the redhead sighed. “These are the yummiest tits!”

Ginny laughed, her own hands filled with the voluptuous breasts of her friend. She cupped and cuddled a heaving breast, twisting her body about so she could get her lips to one of the soft, pink nipples without disturbing Lorelei’s impassioned sucking at her own. Their golden bodies shimmered in the light that came in the open window. They sighed and murmured softly, lost in the exquisite loveliness of each other’s bodies.

Ginny ran one hand down from Lorelei’s tits and caressed the firm, flat tummy of the redhead. She delighted in the satin smoothness of the skin beneath her fingers, then shivered happily as she felt the silken hairs above the girl’s pussy. She tongued one of the hardened nipples, pressing it back into the enormous areola that had so attracted her about her friend’s tits.

“Mmmmmm!” she groaned. “Mmmmmm!” She sucked sharply on the full globe, feeling Lorelei lunge in excitement beside her and give an answering suck on her own heaving breast. They pressed more tightly together, throbbing with the rise of passion. Ginny shuddered deliciously as her finger found the moist lips of the red-haired girl’s pussy. She rubbed slowly and softly along the lips, teasing and taunting her friend into gasping anticipation.

It was probably the fault of the dark-haired man at the pool. Jim Wales was the name he had given when he finally introduced himself. He reminded Ginny even more of Lloyd Evans as he stood beside her, his swimming trunks showing a healthy mass of cock bulging at his groin. His eyes rested casually on the swell of her tits above the bikini top. He suggested that the two girls attend the evening party at the clubhouse. His eyes suggested that he had a hell of a lot more in mind than just dancing with them. The memory of Lloyd Evans swirled even more vibrantly through the blonde’s mind.

“Oooooo, my God!” Lorelei panted as Ginny fingered into her pussy and rubbed her clit in slow, deliberate strokes. “Ooooooo, baby! You’re turning me on! Damn! You’re turning me on like crazy!”

Her own finger began playing at the lips of Ginny’s pussy, then parted the tingling cuntlips and ran inside. The blonde twisted her ass slowly to increase the delicious sensations that began to leap about her pussy. She sucked harder on the redhead’s luscious tits, pulling and tonguing frantically in an effort to get Lorelei as excited as she was becoming.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned. “Mmmmmmm! You have the loveliest tits I ever tasted! Mmmmmm!”

Ginny didn’t like to be reminded of Lloyd Evans. She didn’t like being reminded of how dependent she became on his big cock. After that first afternoon she had found some reason for slipping over to his apartment at least once a week. He fucked her regularly for the rest of the term. Then, one Tuesday in early summer, she had discovered that he’d moved. He moved away without telling her. He accepted a job at another school and never even mentioned it to her. She heard that he got married later that summer, that he had been engaged all the time.

The blonde had been angry with him. She had been even angrier at herself. Ginny resented the fact that she still wanted to feel his cock driving through her pussy. She hated him for the ecstasy he gave her. She despised the passionate needs that ran through her young cunt.

She wasn’t about to let all that happen again. She hadn’t been fucked since. She wasn’t going to be fucked again, not until she was sure that there would be no repetition of that summer. She would keep her hot little pussy under control. Damn right, she would!

That hot little pussy was in ecstasy just now. Lorelei was fingering the hell out of it. Ginny writhed at the sensuous touch of the redhead’s finger inside her cunt. She plunged her own finger deeper into the juicy passage below her, pumping and rubbing frantically.

She wasn’t sure exactly how they had ended up in Lorelei’s bed like this. It was because of Jim Wales. She was sure of that. It was because Jim Wales and Lloyd Evans. Her memories had left her too horny. The girls went from the pool to the red-haired girl’s apartment and showered.

Lorelei was waiting with a towel as Ginny stepped out. The touch of the softly massaging hands over her body was more than Ginny could resist. She relaxed into Lorelei’s embrace. She let the redhead caress her body, then instinctively began fondling, her friend’s tits. Lorelei had a hell of a pair on her. More important, they were shaped so exquisitely. They were full and firm, soft and spongy, all at the same time. And there were those areolas. The darker pink areolas seemed to take up half of each tit. They gave the redhead’s breasts a breathtakingly sexy appearance.

Ginny fingered about the nipples, then leaned down and kissed them. The girls looked at each other, the same question in each pair of eyes. They smiled hesitantly, then walked together into the bedroom. Lorelei pulled back the covers, then slipped her golden body onto the sheets. She pulled Ginny down with her and began to kiss and caress the blonde with growing intensity. That’s how it started. Ginny had been caught off guard. Now it was too late to hold back her surging passion.

“Mmmmmm,” she cooed as she pumped her finger luxuriously into Lorelei’s pussy. “Ooooooo!”

Her friend began to slide her lips down over Ginny’s tummy, kissing and sucking as she moved. Her tongue lapped into the blonde’s navel as Ginny responded with similar kisses, moving closer and closer to the auburn hairs and the waiting pussy. They eased their bodies into a better position, then let their faces slip between each other’s thighs. Lips met cunts at the same moment. Tongues darted into the moist cuntlips simultaneously.

“Mmmmmm,” they moaned. “Oooooooo! Mmmmmmmm!”

They rolled slowly from side to side, burying their faces deeper between each other’s thighs. They sucked voluptuously at each other’s throbbing pussies. They closed their thighs about each other’s heads, hugging themselves tightly together. Their hands roved at will over satin skin, caressing ass and thigh in soft, firm strokes. Ginny lapped hungrily at the soft, juicy cunt. She shivered in ecstasy at the sharp female taste of Lorelei, then began to suck at the pulsing cunt.

“Ooooooeee, baby!” Lorelei gasped. “That’s driving me crazy! You’re sending me up the walls with that sucking!”

Ginny felt the trembling response of the girl’s pussy. She sucked harder. She licked eagerly at the pulsing cunt. She sucked again, then blew into the yawning cavity as hard as she could. The redhead lunged beneath her, her lithe body pulsing from the sudden new thrill. Her breath came in a tremendous gasp of pleasure just as she was beginning to suck at Ginny’s pussy. The increased suction brought the blonde’s cunt into a deep series of spasms. The girls quivered in each other’s arms, sucking and caressing and rolling as their young passions churned through them.

Ginny pressed her lips against the throbbing pussy, trying to get them tight enough that no air could escape. She rapidly alternated blowing and sucking. She licked deeper and more frantically. Then she sucked again, sucked and blew forcefully. Lorelei struggled beneath her, trying to duplicate the insane pleasure that surged through her pussy. The room swirled about them. The bed seemed to tilt to one side, then to the other. Around and around they spun, panting and gasping, while their orgasms shook them. Ginny quivered wildly as her pussy exploded into lusty passion. She sucked the new, sharper taste that was oozing from Lorelei’s cunt. They lapped and sucked. They licked and blew. They rolled and twisted about the bed. Both girls were breathless when they finally slipped apart. They lay limp and panting, their lips curled in soft, dreamy smiles.

“Wow!” the redhead gasped. “I’ve never been sucked like that before. Ohhhh, wow!”

“Look who’s talking,” Ginny smiled lazily. “My pussy is still tingling from what you did to it.”

Their hands touched. Their fingers entwined. They lay back and basked in the warm, hazy glow that covered them. Ginny closed her eyes and half-dozed. Her boy gave a jolt of pleasure from time to time, like it was still remembering the exotic pleasure just experienced. Through the mist of her eyes, the blonde tried to picture a man lying beside her. She closed her eyes, recalling Sid Weeks. She saw his face swim before her. Then the darker, more angular face of Lloyd Evans swirled into her memory. Sid and Lloyd, then the man at the pool, Jim Wales — they were all there. Their mouths smiled sensuously at her. Their eyes sparkled with kindled passion.

Ginny shook herself. Enough of that! She forced her eyes open. She forced herself to concentrate on something real, something tangible. She stared hard and carefully at the table beside the bed. She counted the dimes and quarters Lorelei had tossed casually on it at some time in the past. She fought off the memories. She struggled against the dreams. No! She mustn’t let herself get hurt again. She mustn’t give in to her passions. She mustn’t keep yearning for a man.

“Lorelei?” she asked suddenly, propping up on one elbow and looking at the sensuous face of the redhead. “You fuck around a lot, don’t you?”

“I know what to do for an itch in my pussy,” Lorelei answered. “I know the best exercise in the world to prevent sagging tits.”

She smiled more broadly. Her green eyes shone like polished emeralds. She moistened her wide lips as though remembering pleasures not so long past. The redhead reached out and patted Ginny on the ass, letting her hand linger sensuously, then draw along the girl’s thigh.

“Why?” she asked. “Interested in joining me?”

“No!” Ginny snapped. “Oh, no!”

The thought frightened her. That wasn’t what she meant. That wasn’t what she meant at all. Sure, she could get all hot for Sid Weeks. That was different, though. She could play games about being all ready to fuck him. She didn’t ever expect him to really put the make on her. It was like having cunt itch for Robert Redford. You knew it was only a game. Of course, she realized, that’s the way it had been with Mr. Evans, too. She had been playing out her little game. The trouble was that it ceased being a game. He really did fuck her.

“You ever been dumped by a man?” Ginny asked softly. “Did you ever have a man you really liked leave you. Just all of a sudden not be there?”

“Sure, baby,” the redhead laughed. “Everybody has that happen. I’ve had them drop me after the greatest fuck in the world. I’ve also dropped a few of them the same way. You know, it all seemed great that night. The next morning, though, you just had lost interest in him.”

She winked broadly at the blonde and patted her ass again. Ginny didn’t understand. She opened her mouth to speak, then closed it quickly. What could she say? Clearly the redhead felt differently about fucking than she did. She smiled half-heartedly at Lorelei and shrugged her shoulders.

“I suppose so,” she said without feeling.

“Hey!” Lorelei scolded her. “Let’s don’t get so down in the mouth. No need to mope around. Come on, let’s clit fuck for a while.” She laughed at the confused expression on Ginny’s face. “Here,” she said, “I’ll show you what I mean.”

She positioned them so that their cunts were pressed together. She began rubbing her pussy against Ginny’s, twisting her body about so that the blonde could feel their clits begin to simmer against each other. New sparks ran up her pussy as Lorelei rubbed harder into her crotch. She caught the redhead and pulled her toward her, getting her luscious tits against the other girl’s breasts. Their nipples touched. They mashed the firm globes into each other, then rolled their bodies about to increase the delicious stimulation. Their tits swelled with pleasure as they rubbed them together sensuously. Their cunts glowed and began to ooze fluid again, making small sounds as they rubbed slowly and erotically together.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Lorelei panted. “You learn awfully damn fast. Ooooooo! You’re a hell of a piece of tail! Ohhhhhh, wow!”

Their hands groped along each pair of hips, caressing and stroking with soft determination. Ginny shivered at the touch of Lorelei’s satin skin, tingled at the way the redhead’s hands were sending small sparks of delight all through her. She scooted her pussy tighter in between the girl’s thighs, grinding roughly into the pulsing cuntlips. Her clit was going crazy from the play. She could feel the beat of her pulse in the delicate nubbin, could feel it heating up with voluptuous expectation.

“Ooooooeeeee!” she gasped. “Ooooo, I like it! I never tried it before, but I sure like it! Ooooooo!”

Lorelei’s hand began cupping over her ass. The redhead ran her finger along the crevice between her buttocks, then fingered over her asshole. Ginny felt her body tense up as the finger touched her asshole, then pressed gently into it. The redhead got the very tip of her finger inside and began to rotate it slowly, sending the most exquisite chills up through Ginny’s ass.

The blonde responded, feeling about Lorelei’s firm buttocks until she got her finger on the red-haired girl’s asshole. She pressed just hard enough to feel the flesh open and let her finger slip inside. She pumped lightly at the very opening of Lorelei’s asshole while they shivered together at the wonderful feelings that began pouring through their bodies.

“Mmmmmm,” Ginny sighed. “Ohhhh, Lorelei! Ohhhh, my! That’s turning me on!”

“You ever been finger-fucked in the ass before?” Lorelei asked her. “I figured not. All right, baby. You’ve got a wild new experience ahead of you. Act like you’re trying to take a crap. Don’t worry, you won’t. It will give you a hell of a ride, though.”

Hesitantly, Ginny complied with the suggestion. She could feel the redhead’s finger slipping deeper into her crack. She strained down on the probing, plunging finger. Fiery sparks ran through her. Pleasure came surging through her ass. She gasped at the unexpected pleasure and began to push her own finger deeper and deeper into her friend’s ass. They lay panting together while they fucked their fingers frantically into each other’s asses.

“Oooooeeee!” Lorelei screamed. “I’m riding! Ohhhh, baby! I’m riding this fuck! Give it to me, sweetie! Finger all the way through me!”

Both bodies throbbed with ecstasy. Tits mashed into tits. Nipples rubbed over nipples. Clit caressed clit. Pussy sucked pussy. Fingers turned each asshole into a cavern of throbbing delight. The girls rocked about the bed, eyes closed to capture every delicious sensation that shimmered through them. Ginny felt her second orgasm approaching. She held her breath as its force hit her. Her body exploded inside her. Thrilling sparks ran through her. Her tits burned and swelled against Lorelei. Her pussy gushed, her juices mingling with the cream that was beginning to flow lushly from the redhead’s cunt. Her ass seemed like it wanted to scream her exquisite pleasure. She finally had to take a breath. She gasped for oxygen, then felt like she would faint from the fantastic pleasure that ripped through her body.

“Aaaaaiiiiii!” they shrieked together. “Ooooooeeeeee!”


He walked softly over to the couch. His eyes smiled in anticipation as he looked at her soft body. Sid Weeks nodded his approval of the way she had dressed. He smiled at the proud thrust of her tits against the satin blouse. He glanced down at the nylon-covered thigh that was revealed beneath the dramatically slit skirt. He walked to the couch and sat beside her.

“Now!” he whispered.

Ginny moved into his arms. She turned to him, letting her tits press into his broad chest. She parted her lips and welcomed his tongue as he explored her mouth. She shivered as his arms encircled her. She moaned softly as one hand slipped through the slit in her skirt and cupped her firm ass.

“You came,” she purred. “You came for me.”

“Damn right!” he muttered hoarsely. “I came for that fabulous body. I came to see if you’re as good as you promise to be when you push those tits out at me in the office. I’m going to suck those tits until they ache. I’m going to lap at your sweet little pussy until I lick it dry. Then I’m going to fuck you until you scream.”

“Promises! Promises!” Ginny taunted.

She lay back to give him free access to her body. She was tingling at every touch of his hands. Her body shook in anticipation. Her heart pounding beneath her swelling, heaving tits. It was happening! It was about to happen! Sid Weeks was going to fuck her!

“Mmmmmmm,” she sighed as his hands began to roam over her body. “Mmmmmm, yessssssss! Ohhhh, yesssssss!”

She could see the lust, the wild desire, in his eyes. She shivered as his hand moved over her. He caressed the dramatic sweep of her waist and hips. Then his hands moved back up toward her trembling breasts. Slowly he began to fondle each tit, delighting in how firm and full she was. His eyes smiled appreciatively down at her as he cupped each tit lovingly.

He pulled the satin blouse away. Her tits lay exposed to his eyes, even more lovely in their nakedness. He reached back for them. His hand glided over the silken flesh. He cupped them. He caressed them. He pulled them forward. He rolled them about. His thumb pressed into an excited nipple, sending shimmering sparks through her.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed again. “They’re for you. They’re all for you.”

She reached up and slipped her fingers into his rich growth of hair. She pulled his face back to hers and kissed him softly on his sensuous lips. Then she pushed his face downward into her tits. She pulled him firmly into her heaving breasts and jumped in delight as his lips touched her burning nipples.

“Yes!” she gasped. “Ohhhh, yes! Yes! Yes!”

Exquisite sparks were shooting through her body as his tongue went to work on her nipples. Over and over he flicked it across her tight button. Her tits swelled and pulsed with excitement. Her whole body was throbbing in sensuous pleasure. She moaned as he released her skirt and pulled it from her. She listened to it rustle as it dropped to the floor. Then he was after her panty-hose. He pushed a hand inside and stripped the nylon down over her hips and pulled it along her legs. He got her out of her panties just as quickly, just as easily and expertly.

“Ohhhh, sweetheart!” he murmured as his hands began to roam over her bare hips and inside her soft, sensitive thighs. “Ohhhh, what a beautiful little pussy!”

Ginny slipped her hand between them and rubbed at his groin. She felt the huge, hard cock as it struggled for freedom. God, it was immense! She would know she’d been fucked when that huge meat finished with her.

“Lots of cock there,” she whispered. “Lots of nice, sweet cock down there.”

Sid moved his lips from her tits. Slowly he worked his way downward, over her navel. His tongue teased at that indenture while his hands came back up to cover her tits. Her body glowed more brightly as his lips moved on downward. She felt his lips moving over her cunt hair, then along the mounds of her cunt itself.

“Mmmmmmm,” he sighed in delight. “Sweet pussy. Sweet, sweet little pussy.”

His lips moved tauntingly about the lips of her pussy. He kissed her cuntlips, then kissed back over her hairs. Ginny tried to hunch herself at him, tried to catch his lips with her twat. Her pussy was aching to be sucked. Her clit was burning to feel his tongue.

His lips continued their play. He kissed all over her cunt while his hands played at her tits. Ginny lay waiting, her breath coming in impatient gasps. Her body was bathed in the glow of mounting desire. She was throbbing, pulsing, burning. She ached to feel him clamp his lips firmly over her pussy.

“Ooooooo!” she moaned. “Please! Hurry! Suck me! Ooooo, suck my aching little cunt!”

His hands left her tits and roved down her sides and waist. He slipped them beneath her and caressed her ass. He pulled her legs upward and outward to give him freer access to her yawning pussy. Then he went after her! Ginny hissed in excitement as his mouth closed over her cunt. The blonde moaned as his tongue darted in and began to press against her clit. She closed her thighs against his head, shaking and trembling as he worked her passion button slowly and deliberately.

“Yesssss!” she groaned. “Ooooo, yes! Suck me, darling! Suck me!”

His mouth drew on her clit. He sucked powerfully, then began to gnaw at her tender pussy. He sucked. He blew. He nibbled. He licked her like crazy. His hands were moving frantically over her ass, shaking each buttock in his surging passion. His finger slipped into her crack and pressed into her asshole. Ginny felt more fires igniting inside her. Every fiber of her body seemed to be aflame. Every nerve was pulsing with raw desire. The fire roared within her. She heard her voice screaming in passion as she writhed in the warm haze of her ecstasy.

“Fuck me, Sid,” she shrieked. “Oooooeeeee! Fuck me! Blow me! Eat me! Oooooo, my darling! Take me! Take me!”

Her juices were pouring from her pussy. She could hear his tongue lapping eagerly at her flood. She shook and throbbed. She pulsed and trembled. She couldn’t hold herself back. The fires were out of control. Her sexual volcano was ready to erupt. Her hot lava was ready to come boiling through her tingling pussy.

“Ohhhhhh!” she moaned. “I can’t stop it! Oooooeeee! It’s coming! It’s coming now! Ooooooeeeee!”

Sid sucked at her cunt even more frantically as her world began to explode. His hands turned her from side to side. His finger plunged wildly into her asshole. His lips sucked hungrily at her ecstatic cunt. Ginny felt the heat surge through her as her orgasm roared up from her boiling pussy. She gasped, shaking helplessly while he continued to work her boy into deeper and deeper passion. The room whirled about her. She was aware of little except for the delirious working of his tongue and his hands. She moaned and cried as the pleasure ripped through her.

Then the flames became more like banked coals. Ginny lay in a contented haze of delight as she watched Sid get up and begin removing his clothing. She watched the desire that lit his face as he looked down at her. He dropped his pants and shorts, turning toward her with his monstrous cock in both hands. The blonde stared unbelievingly at the enormous pecker. He saw her eyes widen in amazement and laughed softly, pumping the great, curved rod for her.

“Now that we’ve gotten the edge off,” he told her, “let’s get down to some real fucking.”

She was stunned by the size of his cock. She watched in trembling fascination as he came down toward her. His cock wasn’t just long. It was thick. It looked as thick as a man’s wrist. She moistened her lips in anticipation. No wonder all the models and debutantes had such hot pants for Sid Weeks. He was hung like no other man in town.

Ginny reached up and grabbed at the mammoth cock. Sid stood beside her a moment, letting her get the feel of its size. She ran her fingers along the hot shaft, feeling how hard, how warm, how magnificent it was. She pulled his skin along the cock, then sat up and caressed the bluish head that seemed to look lustfully at her. She pulled the prick down against her cheek and rubbed it over her face.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she purred. “Oooooo, it’s soooo big!”

“That’s why I had to get you so lathered before I put it to you,” he laughed. “I’d have scared the hell out of you if I’d just pulled it out and fucked you earlier.”

He dropped over her and brought the head of the magnificent cock against the soaked lips of her cunt. He rubbed it slowly over the entrance to her pussy, sending new throbs of pleasure up her cunt. He slowly began to let it part her cuntlips and force its way into her tight pussy.

“Yes,” he repeated. “We had to get you all greased for this meat. I want you to feel it. I want you to feel stuffed with it. I wouldn’t want to hurt you though. I sure wouldn’t want to frighten you.”

“Stop worrying,” Ginny assured him. “I want that gorgeous cock in me. Let it hurt if you have to. I’ll die if I don’t get all that up my cunt.”

Sid lifted her knees again, spreading her thighs wide, and getting her pussy stretched open for that hard meat. He reached beneath her and lifted her ass in his hands. She held the pulsing cock against her pussy as he began to press forcefully into her. Her clit went crazy from the pressure of the mammoth head. Her cunt didn’t seem big enough to take it. She tried to hunch herself forward over the throbbing prick, sweating heavily in her concentration.

A wave of apprehension swept over her. It wasn’t going to make it. He was too damn big. She couldn’t get him inside her. Then she felt him pause for a moment. He seemed to tense up, preparing himself. Then he erupted in an enraged thrust. The blonde screamed as searing pain tore through her pussy. He was ripping her apart! He was tearing the hell out of her tender cunt. The huge cock powered its way in, shattering any resistance her poor cunt might have left.

“Ahhhhhhh!” he panted. “That does it! I’m in there, baby! I’ve got my, meat stuffed in that pussy. Now I’m going to give you the fuck of your life.”

Slowly the pain subsided. In its place Ginny felt a deep warmth. She felt the huge prick stretch her cunt as it rammed deeper and deeper. She felt the throbbing beat of Sid’s pulse along the full length of the great rod. Tears were still flowing from her eyes as she smiled mistily up at him.

“The painful part’s dyer,” he assured her. “From here on it’s pure pleasure.”

“Mmmmmmm,” she sighed, beginning to pulse along with the pumps of the cock. “Oooooo, yes! Fuck me, Sid! Fuck that gorgeous cock into me!”

His lips came down over her mouth. His tongue thrust into her, seeking to claim every portion of her. His hands cupped and caressed her ass and her tits. Ginny squirmed in delight as they rolled from side to side. Her pussy squeezed at the juicy cock. Every movement sent rippling pleasure surging up through her cunt. The blonde met his boiling lust with a blazing passion of her own. She gasped as his shaft dug deeper into her cunt. His slow pumps were becoming rougher, more demanding. The cunt was a weapon now, a weapon of raging desire. He plunged roughly into her. He speared at her. He drove maddeningly into her. Each wild, frantic drive of his cock sent new thrills along the walls of her pussy.

“Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!” he panted, gasping for breath in his intense demand. “Ohhhhh, baby! How sweet! How sweet! Uhhhhh!”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me!” she panted back at him. “Ooooooeeeee! Ride me, Sid! Fuck me! Ooooeeeee!”

His driving fuck sent her back into a frenzy of desire. It was as though she hadn’t just gone through a luscious orgasm. A new climax built up inside her. Her ass humped her cunt along the lunging cock. Her pussy trembled under a thousand sensuous spasms as his swollen cock heated up and fucked with rapidly increasing intensity. She wrapped her legs about him and rolled them from side to side, groaning and panting as he fucked her.

“Ooooooo!” she moaned. “Mmmmmmm! Fuck me! Oooooeeeee! Ride me, sweetheart! Fuck me! Mmmmmmmm!”

She rubbed her tits against his heaving chest, feeling the delicious thrill running back from her nipples as they touched him. She sucked at his tongue as he kissed her again, drawing on it as lushly as her pussy was sucking on his cock. She sucked deeper at his breath and tinged as his tongue roamed about her mouth. She was gasping for breath as he raised his face from her and smiled lustfully at her. His eyes glanced down at her lunging tits. He licked his lips at the sight of his great cock burying itself into her soft young body.

“You are one hell of a fuck,” he told her. “You are one great piece of pussy!”

“Love it!” she replied. “I love that cock in me! Fuck me! Drive that sweet meat through me!”

Sid smiled at her again, looked at her tits, then brought one hand up from her ass. His fingers dragged across her nipples. His eyes sparkled in passion as he caught one nipple beneath his thumb and pressed it in tiny circles. His cock seemed to grow even more enormous as he plowed wildly at her cunt. She felt heightened demand surging through her pussy, sucking at his cock anxiously. Her cunt quivered in ecstasy, clamping tightly over his rampaging cock while her juices poured freely along the walls. Her thighs pulsed with mounting desire. She hugged them more tightly about his lunging, thrusting body. Her ass leaped about in erotic frenzy, hunching her pussy wildly along his lunging cock.

“Fill me!” she pleaded. “Let it go! Ohhhhhh, Sid! Blow it into me! Let me feel your hot cum shooting into my pussy!”

She ached to feel his cum. She wanted to feel the great cock unload its hot wad. She shuddered in the anticipation of having him pump his stuff in her cunt until she was running over. She clutched at him, rocking and writhing about as her brain whirled with swirling passion.

“Please!” she screamed. “Let me have it! Give it to me! Oooooo! Fuck me, darling! Fuck me!”

“That,” he panted, “is what I have in mind. Get ready, sweetheart! Here it comes!”

“Ooooo, yes!” she panted back. “Ooooooeeeee! Ooooo, that’s beautiful! That’s gorgeous! Ooooooo!”

He pumped his hot shaft furiously. His hand clawed at her tits, pulling and twisting them into shimmering pleasure. His ass drove the great cock deeper into her yawning, glowing pussy. Electric rapture flashed through her. She clamped her legs tightly around him and hung on as his cock began to explode inside her.

“Aaaaaiiieee!” she shrieked as his hot cum boiled into her. “Oooooo! Yes! Yes! Oooooooo, yes!”

Sid tried to speak but could only grunt as he shook with the force of his released passion. He groaned loudly as his cock shuddered frantically, pumping his semen into her quivering pussy. Ginny screamed back at him as she felt the warmth entering her. She bit into his shoulder as she became maddened by the overpowering pleasure that surged through them. His teeth answered, digging into her tender neck as their orgasms merged. They clawed and bit and screamed in a final, delirious moment of exploding passion.

Ginny Mason lay back on her bed. Her body still glowed. Her pussy was still quivering. She could smell the sharp odor of her juice. She slowly pulled her finger out of her soaked cunt. A slow smile spread across her lips. That’s the way it would be!

“You come back here, Sid Weeks,” she whispered to the empty room. “You come back from Europe, and that’s how it will be. That’s the kind of fuck that’s waiting for you.”

She closed her eyes and lay content. Outside her apartment she could hear the noises of other couples chattering together. They were all out there, selecting partners for the weekend. Ginny wouldn’t be a part, of that. She would wait for Sid’s return. Then it would not have to be just a fantasy. Then it could really be like that.

She took the note he had written, his request for her to take charge of all his reports. Sid wanted her to have sole charge of correspondence with him. She rubbed the piece of paper slowly over her tits. She rubbed the note down her body, then pressed it against her soft pussy.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed. “Get home, Sid Weeks! Get your sweet cock down there. My pussy is waiting. I’ll give you a better fuck than you’ll ever get from your glamour girls.”

She lay back and dropped off to sleep. He would come to her. This week or next week he would be back. Then he would come to her.


“Put me down!” she gasped, kicking her legs helplessly as the tall, dark-haired man lifted her into the air and carded her through the room. “You let me down right now!”

Jim Wales laughed at her. He made no motion to obey her demand. Instead he held her tighter, his fingers gripping at her ass as he walked toward the hallway beyond the large room where perhaps twenty people were lounging about.

“No way!” he told her. “No way I’m going to put you down until I get you on the bed.”

Ginny struggled in his arms, trying to get her hands free to claw at him. She had expected the party to be wild. She had expected to have to fight for her honor. She hadn’t expected it to all happen so suddenly, though. She and Lorelei had just walked in. They opened the door and stepped inside. The next thing she knew, Jim Wales had grabbed her and lifted her up, his face buried into her heaving tits.

“I’ve been waiting for this fuck since I first saw you,” he told her. “Don’t think I’m going to let you stand around long enough for some other guy to slip his cock in that pussy first.”

He carried her down the hallway. The first room they came to was occupied. It sure the hell was. Ginny shuddered as she saw two guys pulling the clothes off of a slender brunette. The girl had a hand on each of their cocks and was laughing delightedly as they pawed at her body.

“Don’t mind us,” Jim called to them. “We’ll try on down the hall.”

“I won’t mind a little sharing later tonight,” he laughed to Ginny. “First, though, I want to fuck you all by myself. I don’t want any other smelly old cock in the way.”

He pushed open the next door and walked inside. Ginny was terrified as he carried her to the bed and dropped her onto it. He came down on top of her, his lips seeking hers demandingly. His hands were all over her body, grabbing at her tits and at her ass with brutal excitement. She tried to bring her knee up in his groin but missed. Her leg rose helplessly, giving him a better chance to grab at her pussy with one wide hand. He caught her cunt roughly and laughed, then he slapped her suddenly. He hit her hard enough to send her brain reeling.

“None of that, baby!” he snarled. “You came to this party. Don’t think you can pick who you want to fuck with. The rules here say you fuck whoever grabs you first.”

He went to work on her clothes, pulling her blouse off quickly, then struggling with her slacks until he had them down her legs. He turned her onto her side and unsnapped her bra, then got it off her body and began kissing and sucking at her tits while his hands slipped her panties down her thighs.

Ginny was trembling. She thought of fighting him again, then felt the ache which still pulsed along her jaw. She couldn’t fight him off. From the way things looked, she wouldn’t get any help from anyone else here. The only safe thing to do was to submit to his lust. Maybe he would be fast. Maybe he’d pop off quickly. Then she could try to slip out and leave Lorelei here with these sex-crazed maniacs. If the redhead liked this sort of party, then she could stay here by herself Ginny wanted out. The blonde wanted to get back to the safety and privacy of her own apartment.

“That’s better,” Jim told her, misreading the cause of her sudden compliance. “I figured you’d be ready to fuck as soon as you got over the first surprise.”

He stood up beside the bed and peeled out of his own clothes. His long, slender cock rose up from his groin. The dark man smiled at her and patted his rod with affection. Then he dropped back beside Ginny. He rolled her onto her tummy, then lifted her up, getting her on her elbows and knees. He crawled behind her and got between her legs, pressing his body against her ass.

“Takes a long piece of meat to do it this way,” he laughed. “Takes a cock as long as mine. Gives me a better play with your tits, too.”

He reached around her and caught a tit in either hand. He began to squeeze and roll her breasts. His fingers rubbed across her nipples, getting them tight and hard despite the blonde’s decision to remain completely passive. He tugged and cupped each tit. He thumbed voluptuously at each nipple. He continued to work her tits until Ginny was panting from the way they swelled in response. Damn him! Damn him! He knew what to do to make her respond. She shivered in anger, shivered just as much out of the growing pleasure he was bringing to her heaving tits.

“Mmmmmmm,” he moaned. “I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve been watching for you every weekend, just biding my time until you showed up at one of our parties.”

His hot cock was between her thighs. She could feel him pulsing and throbbing as he slowly pushed the meat up against the lips of her pussy. She discovered that she was unconsciously rolling her tits into his adoring hands. She was waving her ass sensuously against him and easing her cunt down onto his leaping cock.

“That’s the girl!” he complimented her. “That’s the way I like it! Ohhhh, baby! What a gorgeous little ass! What a hell of a pair of tits!”

He pushed upwards, embedding the head of his cock into her pussy. The touch of his hot meat against her clit sent shivers of pleasure surging through her. He dropped one hand from her tits and began to rub at the outside of her cunt, catching her clit in a sensuous vise between his finger and his cock. Ginny lunged about, struggling to control her breathing. His own hot breath was at her ear. She could hear him grunting and panting as he worked feverishly to bring her to full heat.

“Uhhhhhh!” he gasped, rubbing his cock in small circles. “Uhhhhhh! Mmmmmmmm!”

She should not have come tonight. The blonde had known better. A few weeks’ residence at the complex had shown her what sort of parties she might expect. Lorelei hadn’t hidden the fact that almost everyone would be fucking tonight. The redhead had sprayed an extra amount of cologne over her pussy just before they left. No, Ginny had no one to blame but herself for getting into this predicament.

If she could blame anyone, it was Sid Weeks. The handsome salesman had returned. He had breezed into the office the first of the week and come straight to her desk.

“There’s my girl!” he smiled, sending shivers of exquisite pleasure through her. “There’s the pretty girl who has been taking care of my reports.”

He kissed her on the cheek and handed her a small package. Ginny ripped the paper from it and opened the jeweler’s box. She gasped as she saw it then held it up to the light. The jade settings in the necklace glowed beautifully as she viewed, it in amazement. She’d never been given suck a lovely gift.

“Th-thank you,” she stammered as she smiled down at her.

Sid placed a hand on either side of her face. He held her cheeks gently and leaned over. His lips touched her deliciously. He sucked ever so gently at her lips, then stood back up. He winked broadly at her as he turned away.

“That’s just to let you know how much I appreciate all you did,” he told her.

For the rest of the week he waved each time he dropped by the office. Twice he stopped and chatted with her. Ginny expected him to ask her for a date every time she saw him. She expected the phone to ring at the office each day, to hear him on the other end. She dreamed of his getting her phone number from Mr. Timms and calling her at night.

She never heard from him. He never asked her for a date. He never invited her to lunch or dinner. She became sick with disappointment as the days passed. He wasn’t going to call her. Why should he? He had repaid any obligation with the necklace. There was nothing more he felt toward her, just appreciation of her as a girl in the office who looked after his sales and reports.

Sid’s picture had been in the morning paper. It wasn’t Sid that the photographer had wanted to snap. He had to get the salesman, though. He had to get the man in order to have a picture of the young woman with him. The short account beneath the photo referred to the return of the woman after a brief marriage. The way she was smiling up at Sid, she wasn’t interested in another marriage just now.

The blonde had flung the paper aside, then stormed about her apartment. Finally she walked over to see Lorelei. Her red-haired friend began trying to talk her into coming to the party. Lorelei made no pretense about the kind of party it would be. That was probably why Ginny had agreed. Damn it, if Sid didn’t want to fuck her, there were a hundred other men who’d leap at the chance.

She hadn’t really planned on letting any of them screw her. Ginny only wanted to have them want her. She had anticipated a more sophisticated approach. She would come to the party, smile at the constant propositions, then go back to her apartment. That would have been sufficient to salve her bruised ego.

Now she was getting a hell of a lot more than she had expected. She had been taken completely by surprise when Jim grabbed her up and brought her back here. He had gotten his cock at her so fast she hadn’t really had time to think about it. Now she couldn’t think. She sure the hell couldn’t be rational about anything with the way he was working her clit into such fiery excitement. Her tits swelled into his hand. Her nipples got harder and fighter beneath his fingers. Her pussy was throbbing and pumping her oils out in rich profusion.

“Ooooooo!” she gasped. “Mmmmmmm! More, Jim! Give me more of that cock! Oooooo! Drive it up me!”

He laughed as he continued to tease her clit with the head of his lunging cock. He laughed, then began nibbling at her ear. He caught the lobe between his teeth and bit lightly, sending chills of erotic pleasure all through her. The blonde pressed her pussy downward over his trembling pecker, finally feeling it spread her passage and lunge up her cunt.

“Caught it, did you?” he laughed hoarsely. “Your pussy caught itself a piece of cock. Now let’s see if you know what to do with it!”

He began fucking her with slow, quivering thrusts. Her clit went into new ecstasy as he rubbed it maddeningly while lunging his pulsing cock at her in more vibrant fucking. His other hand worked about her tits, cupping and caressing them as they bobbled happily on her chest. He twisted from side to side, increasing the pressure of his cock inside the soft walls of her cunt. The blonde gasped and panted with the delirious excitement that ran through her.

“Oooooeeee!” she screamed. “Fuck me! Ooooeeeee! Ride my ass, baby! Mmmmmmmm! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Damn! Damn!” he panted back at her. “Damn! Damn! You’re a hell of a lot more pussy than I even dreamed. God, you’re one great piece of ass!”

Send the word to Sid Weeks, she thought. Let the bastard know what he was missing! This could have been his fuck. He could have had his cock up her pussy! She was every bit as good as the scrawny brunette in the photo. She was younger! She was built a hell of a lot better. Shit! That broad’s two tits weren’t as much flesh as one of these beneath Jim’s roving hand. Your fault, Sid Weeks, she thought. You missed it! You turned it down. It was waiting for you all week, but you ignored it.

“Fuck me!” she screamed louder. “Fuck me, damn it! Fuck the living shit out of me!”

“Hell yes!” Jim snorted. “Ohhhh, God, yes! You want a rough fuck, baby? Just hold tight! Here we go!”

He slammed his cock at her viciously. He thrust his long rod up her, twisting it as he pumped. His hands went after her with more brutal demand. He pulled at her tits. He clawed at her clit. He grunted and snarled as he pounded at her. She could hear the slap of his body against her ass with each long thrust. She could feel her juices slosh about in her cunt as his lean prick stirred her oils. He suddenly brought both hands to her hips, holding her tightly while he fucked with savage ferocity. As he lunged his cock rapidly into her, he pumped her ass and hips, making the fuck even more heated.

“Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!” he grunted. “I’ll give you a fuck! Ohhh! What a fuck I’ll give you!”

Ginny twisted her head around. She got her mouth against his shoulder and bit into his flesh as hard as she could. She felt Jim jerk in pain, then answer with even more violent fucking. They bounced across the bed, fucking and biting and clawing at each other with unrelieved fury. Her pussy was a single mass of shimmering lust. Fire kindled inside her, blazing along the passage where his cock roared with such angry intent.

“Yes! Yes!” she panted. “Fuck me! Oooooeeeeee! Ride me, Jim! Fuck my ass off! Oooooeeeee!”

Her orgasm boiled up inside her. She felt the sudden explosions begin to rip through her body. She struggled for air as her body erupted in soaring rapture. She felt her cum oozing through her cunt, felt his cock getting hotter and more anxious. She struggled to cry out to him. She moaned in an effort to urge him into his climax. She searched for her voice, finally finding it and letting out an ear-splitting cry.

“Now!” she shrieked. “Now! Now! Let it come! Ohhhh, God! Do it to me now!”

He did. His cock shuddered in a frenzy, then unloaded its hot wad into her. Jim gasped behind her, unable to hold back the wild charge of his delirious cock. His cum bounced through her pussy, sending her into deeper orgasm. They rocked about the bed. Jim came up higher, lifting her off her knees and almost standing her on her head as his cock slammed at her again and again.

“Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Aaaaiiiiii!” he cried in ecstasy. “Aaaaaaiiiii! Greatest pussy! Greatest pussy of all! Aaaaaaaaiiiii!”

He gave a final terrible shudder, then fell back behind her. His cock slipped from her pussy as the lips of her cunt tried to hold it inside. He fell to the bed, gasping for air. His hand reached for her, catching one tit and holding it tightly. His mouth spread in a dazed smile as he looked at her. He shook his head slowly and unbelievingly.

“I’d never have thought it,” he panted. “I’d never have thought that such a beautiful cunt could be so damn horny. God, baby! No man ever had such a ride as that before.”

His words were intensely satisfying to the blonde. Maybe she wasn’t as experienced as Lorelei. Maybe she wasn’t as much a woman of the world as that skinny brunette. She could give a good fuck, though. She could satisfy the hell out of a man. Jim was no boy. Jim Wales wasn’t a kid after his first pussy. Jim knew what was worth fucking. He had told her she was the greatest. Damn it, why couldn’t he tell Sid Weeks?

She fell onto the bed, as limp as the man beside her. Her tits were aching from their treatment. Her pussy was still burning from the job his cock had done on it. She lay still, planning to find her clothes as soon as she had the strength. She would get her clothes and go back home. She had accomplished her goal for the night. She had proved that she was the best pussy around. It was time to leave.

“Hey, you two!” Lorelei called in from the door. “Time’s up! No two are allowed to fuck each other all night. Come on out for the chain we’re getting started.”


“No! No!” Ginny gasped as the three girls began pulling her from the bed. “Hey! That’s enough! I’m all fucked out!”

“That’s why you ought to join us,” Lorelei laughed. “There’s nothing like a good cunt suck to get you back in the mood for screwing.”

She pushed the blonde by her ass as the other two girls pulled her by the arms. Ginny tried to pull free as they pushed and dragged her out the door and back up the hallway. Finally she gave in as Lorelei began to tease her playfully along her thighs and beneath her pussy. She jumped as the redhead gave her a healthy goose. She shrieked good-naturedly and let them pull her easily on into the large front room.

“All right! All right!” she laughed back at them. “I’ll play. Don’t pull my arms off.”

The girls were spreading small mattress rolls about the room. They covered the floor with the soft padding, then began gathering in a circle. Ginny dropped to the floor with the rest and joined them as they alternated a girl on her back with one on her knees. Lorelei looked up at the men who stood anxiously around them, cocks in various stages of erection.

“You guys wait until we get our cunts pumping,” she told them. “Waif until we start having orgasms. Then jump in and fuck the shit out of us.”

“Why don’t I turn the fights off just as you get there?” one of the men suggested. “That way we won’t know whose pussy we stick it in.”

“Better yet,” another added, “turn them out now. Let the girls mill around in the dark a minute. Then they can feel each other up as they try to get in a chain. Nobody will know where the hell anybody is.”

“Shit!” a big, tough-looking blond boy laughed. “Why wait around? Get the lights off and let’s start grabbing tits right now.”

The room exploded into a series of arguments. Ginny lay back on the mattress and watched Lorelei and one of the men stand face to face, screaming at each other and trying to be heard over the general confusion. The blonde began to laugh. It all seemed so absurd. They were all about ready to have a general free-for-all. They were all getting madder and madder, just because of a dispute as to how they would go about having a mass bang. It was hysterical. It was unbelievable!

Ginny began looking from cock to cock around the circle of shouting men. In the excitement of the discussion they had all lost their hard-ons. Now the cocks hung limply in front of them, bouncing about as the boys screamed and shouted in the general confusion. She lay back and laughed harder at the ridiculousness of the whole scene. The blonde began to get up from the floor. This would be a good time for her to make her escape from the party.

She had waited too long, however. The men were giving way to the insistence of Lorelei and several other girls. The redhead wanted the girls to suck pussy. She was going to have her way. The boy in front of her finally shrugged his shoulders in resignation. He turned to some of the other men and pulled them aside. Lorelei looked back at the girls and motioned for them to resume their positions on the mattresses.

The brunette Ginny had first seen being undressed in the bedroom was crouched below her. A chubby girl with light-brown hair smiled as she knelt beside the blonde’s face. Around the room the rest of the women started getting lips placed against pussies. Ginny watched the chubby girl as the fat cunt was brought over her. She saw the moisture in the girl’s cunt hairs as the fat thighs dropped toward her face.

“Ohhhh, yessssss!” the brunette hissed as she spread Ginny’s legs and lunged her face eagerly at the blonde’s cunt. Her mouth fastened over Ginny’s cunt and began to suck slowly and luxuriously. Her tongue darted inside and lapped at her clit until she had Ginny writhing from side to side in growing excitement.

“Eat me, sweetheart!” she heard the chubby girl pant. “Eat my pussy while I get this juicy cunt next to you.”

The brown-haired girl’s voice faded away as her fat cheeks were dropped between the thighs of the next girl. Ginny let the soft pussy come down over her face. She kissed the trembling pussylips softly, then sucked quickly. The heavy thighs of the girl tightened against her face as she sucked and then blew up the gaping cunt.

“Mmmmmm!” she heard the girl moan. “Uhhhhmmmmmm!”

Ginny was doing her own share of moaning as the brunette’s mouth drew throbbing pleasure all through her young pussy. The girl was good, damn good. She sucked and blew, letting her tongue rub Ginny’s clit into delirious response. Above her she heard the murmur of the waiting men. She could hear their deep, lusty gasps of delight as they watched the twisting circle of pussy beneath them.

“Ohhhh, look at them!” a deep baritone voice groaned. “Look at all that sweet tail! Ohhhh, man! I’m getting hard and ready to get my turn. Damn! I’m sure anxious to stick my cock into some of that!”

“Come on, sweethearts!” another male voice called down. “Suck those cunts! Get those soft little pussies all steamed up. We’ve got some hot cock waiting!”

“Mmmmmm!” Ginny groaned as she sucked deeper on the fat girl’s sweating pussy. She shook her face rapidly inside the pudgy thighs, letting her tongue slap inside the gushing cunt. Then she sucked again, tasting the sharp juices the brown-haired girl was oozing from the linings of her soft cunt. “Mmmmmmmm!”

The brunette’s hands reached upward and caught at Ginny’s tits. Her fingers rubbed sensuously about the nipples, sending sparks of glowing pleasure through the blonde’s swelling globes. Ginny arched her back and thrust her tits more lusciously into the girl’s hands. She groped with her own hands until she found the heavy masses of tit that hung down from the fat girl’s chest.

Damn! She’d never felt so much tit in her life. Shit! The chubby young woman had two watermelons hanging on her. Ginny pressed her fingers delightedly into the soft flesh. She caught a mammoth nipple on her thumb and rolled it in a gentle circle. She could feel the nipple tighten. She felt the tits, themselves, get tighter and firmer.

“Mmmmmm!” the chubby girl moaned as she pressed her thighs tighter against Ginny’s cheeks. She hugged herself down onto the blonde’s lips and hunched her ass forward, rubbing her gushing cunt all over the blonde’s mouth.

“Just look at those chicks!” one of the men gasped. “Look at all that tit and pussy! Listen to them sucking away! Damn!”

“Yeah,” the baritone voice answered, “think of how much waste is going on down there! We need to turn a few cocks loose in all that pussy!”

“Take it easy,” one of his companions urged. “You’ll get to cool your meat in some of that tail. The way they’re going, they’ll be ready for us in no time.”

He was right, Ginny realized. She was already getting heated up. Her pussy was pumping furiously in response to the brunette’s lively tongue. She could feel her pussy beginning to throb and pulse with rising passion. She twisted about, wrapping her thighs around the soft, dark hair and rubbing her cunt eagerly against the adoring lips. Her nipples were burning from the girl’s expert massage. Her tits were swollen and excited. She blew sharply into the chubby girl’s pussy and felt her leap about in soaring pleasure.

Somewhere in the circle she heard a sharp gasp of pleasure. One of the girls had already gotten to the brink of orgasm. She heard the harsh panting, then heard the loud plea of a female voice.

“Give me some cock!” the girl screamed. “Ohhhh, damn! One of you studs get down here and fuck me!”

The men came tumbling upon them. In a single rush they were all over the girls. They pulled them apart, hands groping insanely over ass and tits, separating the entwined female bodies so they could get their overheated cocks between soft, feminine thighs.

“Get them!” the baritone screamed. “Get these cunts! Fuck them, men! Let’s fuck them all!”

Ginny was pulled roughly to the side. In the rush of bodies she saw the fat girl’s thighs pulled from her. She saw a huge cock, sticking hungrily out of some man’s dark cock hair, go lunging for the fat pussy. She saw a big male pull the slender brunette over and climb on her. His face was alive with lusty anticipation.

She lost sight of him as the big blond boy’s face came down over her. He dropped roughly on top of her, spreading her legs and pumping his short, thick pecker at her tingling pussy. He placed one huge hand beneath her ass, the other arm coming beneath her shoulders and pulling her upward. He crushed her tits against his hard chest. He slammed his heavy prick into her cunt. He wasn’t very long, but he was sure thick. His anxious cock forced its way into her pussy, spreading her cuntlips as never before. He laughed in his intense pleasure, shaking her body against himself. Her tits ignited from the treatment. Her nipples rubbed hard against his body, sending sparks of passion surging about her body. He shook his cock as he drove it into her cunt, twisting about to see just how widely he could get her pussy stretched.

“Ooooooeeeee!” the blonde panted as she wrapped her legs about him. “Yes! Ooooo, yes!”

She had been almost to orgasm when the men interrupted the girls. Now his roaring cock was bringing her back toward her climax. She hunched herself up at his throbbing pecker, twisting her pussy as they fucked.

“Uhhhhh!” he panted. “Ohhhh, baby! What a great little piece of pussy I found! Ohhhh, baby!”

His cock blasted into her, shooting hot cum along the walls of her cunt. The feeling was all it took to send Ginny into her orgasm. She held tightly to his lunging body while her pussy shimmered with fiery delight. She could hardly breathe, both from the intensity of her orgasm and from the bear hug of the big man’s arms about her. She writhed deliciously, struggling to prolong the gorgeous experience. She screamed her encouragement to the hot cock that was blasting away into her.

“Ride, baby!” she called out. “Ride my pussy! Oooooo! Fuck me! Fuck me! Mmmmmmm!”

They shuddered for what seemed an eternity. Then they gradually calmed from the ecstatic passion that had swept through them. The huge man slipped his hands from beneath her and caressed her tits and hips appreciatively. He smiled down at her, his brilliant blue eyes gazing adoringly on the way her tits still heaved excitedly with each breath.

“Damn!” he whispered. “You’re beautiful! You’re the first beautiful girl I ever knew who really enjoyed fucking.”

“What?” Ginny asked him, not quite able to make out his words because of his panting for breath.

“You fuck back at me,” he explained. “Most pretty girls just lay there for you to do it to them. They want you to do it all. They seem to think it’s enough for them just to let you get in their little pussy.”

“I’m not like that?”

“Shit no!” he assured her. “Hell, you fuck better than an ugly broad. You know, those who don’t have anything to offer except hot pants — you out-fuck even them.”

He slipped down beside her, his hands still playfully teasing her full, ripe tits. The blonde smiled over at him and patted his limp cock. He had given her a hell of a compliment. She was a good lay. She gave a hell of a screw. Too bad that Sid Weeks didn’t know just how good she could be. Her body shivered as she imagined how much better she might have been had the handsome salesman been on top of her. She gave a playful tug at the big guy’s cock and leaned toward him. She kissed his tits tenderly, then fingered his balls affectionately. She laughed softly as she realized that she didn’t even know his name. She knew no more about him than he knew about her. All either of them knew what that it had been a good fuck. At this kind of party, that was all they needed to know.

“All right, everybody!” Jim Wales called from across the room. “Any that aren’t finished, hurry the hell up. The rest of you, get out to the pool!”

Ginny looked over at her partner. The blond boy laughed as he began to rise from the mattress beside her. He slapped her on her ass, then pulled her to her feet. He was still laughing, towering over her body, as he pushed her along with the crowd that had begun moving toward the door.

“What’s this all about?” the blonde asked him. “I’m not sure I feel in the mood for a swim.”

The boy bellowed loudly as though she had told a funny joke. He slapped her again, leaving the print of his hand on one of her buttocks. Before she realized it he had swept her up into the air. He carried her struggling out with the others, ignoring her screams. No matter how hard she beat her fists on his chest, he didn’t seem to even feel it. He walked quickly to the edge of the water. The next moment Ginny felt herself hurtling through the air. She did have the presence of mind to catch a quick breath before she hit the water. She came back to the surface and saw that everyone was leaping into the water. Well, they were all getting into the water. Some were leaping. Others were being pushed or thrown into the pool. The water churned with flailing bodies as the last few members of the party came diving headlong into the sparkling liquid.

“Hey!” she cried as she felt hands gripping over her body. “Take it easy!”

A man’s laughing face broke the surface of the water in front of her. He smiled at her, took a deep breath, then dropped back beneath the surface. His hands went after her tits again, his hands and his mouth. He rubbed her pussy before coming up for another huge gasp of air. This time he dove down and went for her cunt immediately. It was quite a new experience for the blonde to have her pussy sucked from under water. She struggled to keep her head above the water while he sucked her cunt and fondled her ass.

“You’ll drown me!” she protested as he came up for air once again. “Let me get over to the side. Then you can play all the games you like.”

He nodded and followed her as she swam for the edge of the pool. Ginny noticed that some of the girls had climbed out of the pool and had been caught by men as they danced about the apron. They were being taken to various lounges and laid out for the guys to crawl on. Her new partner seemed to prefer to do whatever he had in mind while she stayed in the water.

She grabbed the edge of the pool and turned to him. He winked at her, then dropped under the water. In a moment he had pushed her ass against the side and was sucking and licking at her pussy eagerly. Finally he pulled her thighs apart and got his legs inside them. He came up her body, getting his face out of the water and taking another huge gulp of air. He didn’t dive back down, though. Instead he pushed his cock up against her pussy. His arms reached over her shoulders and grabbed the pool edge. He held himself over her as he struggled to get his cock into her pussy while they remained in the water.

“Fuck you in the pool!” he panted. “That’s how I want to do it. Don’t worry, sweetheart, it can be done!”

He was right. It took a hell of a lot of patience, but he finally managed to press her ass against the side of the pool and drive his cock into her cunt. He dropped one hand from the pool edge and held it beneath her ass. Ginny wrapped her legs about him, hugging tightly with her legs and one arm which she put around his neck. They supported themselves, each with a hand on the tiled edge, while they began bouncing around in the water. “Weird, huh?” the boy asked her.

The blonde nodded her head. It was a weird experience. It was the strangest sensation she could imagine. They were half-floating in the water his legs churning as he drove his cock into her pussy. She rubbed her tits sensuously as they touched him. She was floating in a lush bed of cotton, she imagined. She closed her eyes and let her body writhe in the water. She shimmered against him, beginning to pulse and pound in response to the way his cock was working in her pussy.

“Come on,” she urged. “Go ahead and fuck me!”

She was amazed at herself. She was ready to feel his warm cum spurt into her. She hoped that she would be able to experience an orgasm hanging in the water like this.

“Ooooo, yes!” she gasped as the inside of her pussy began to feel the new warmth. He was shooting his jism into her. She could feel his cock throbbing along the walls of her cunt. She hugged her legs tighter about him, rubbing against him rapidly, frantically. “Oooooeeeee!” she shouted. “Mmmmm! Fuck me! Ooooo, fuck me!”

“Hell yes!” he panted. “I’ve got that little pussy now!”

They hugged tightly, their bodies humping and shaking. They dropped beneath the water at the height of their orgasms, struggling to catch hold of the pool edge once more, Ginny swallowed a mouthful of water, then got her hand on the tile and pulled herself back up as the boy kept balling away at her glowing pussy. The struggle, however, had taken the steam out of her passion. She held on until he had unloaded his cock, then began climbing out of the water.

Someone had brought towels out to the pool. The blonde dropped on one of them and took another to dry her hair. She listened to the orgiastic murmurs going on around her as she rapidly toweled her hair. She watched the nearest couples shake frantically as they went into orgasm. She glanced about, searching for the boy who had just fucked her in the pool. She couldn’t locate him.

It didn’t matter, though. She had fucked all she cared to for one night. The blonde got up and slipped away from the party. She walked back into the building to get her clothes. She was ready to go home. She’d had enough of this.


Ginny closed the door behind her. Inside, the noise of the party had picked back up. It felt good to have her clothes back on. The dip in the pool, despite the fuck that went with it, had refreshed her. She stood for a moment and inhaled the evening air. Her tits thrust voluptuously against her blouse. The light breeze whipped her slacks about her long, lithe legs. She took a deep breath, then started down the walk.

She saw the two men sitting in the parked car. She couldn’t make out any details of their faces. She only saw their silhouettes against the light. She saw fiery ashes for a moment as one of them flicked his cigarette out the window.

“Hey, baby!” the one in the passenger seat called to her as she walked past. “Let’s have a little party of our own!”

She glanced coolly at him, then began walking past the car. Smart guys were one thing she didn’t want just now. What she really wanted was to get back to her apartment and get into a hot tub of water. She would take a long bath, then cuddle up in her bed and read the new novel she had bought this week.

“Slow down, baby!” the man snarled. “Don’t just prance on by us like that! Come on, honey. Talk with us for a minute.”

“I’m busy,” she snapped back over her shoulder. She swung past the car and was about to step into the street when the other two men suddenly appeared. They came from either, side of her, apparently having been waiting in the shadows behind this car and the one next to it.

“Man wants to talk to you!” one of them snarled as they grabbed her. They spun her about and hustled her into the back seat of the car before she had quite realized what was going on. The blonde started to scream. Her cry was throttled, however, by a huge hand that clapped over her mouth. The other man pressed the open blade of a knife against her side.

“None of that!” he panted. “No screaming. You be good, you hear?”

The car motor roared to life. Ginny was slung across the seat as the driver backed up, then swung the car along the drive. He sped out to the street and turned onto the thoroughfare. The blonde was pinned to the back seat by the rapid acceleration of the automobile. She glanced down at the knife blade, amazed that with all the movement of the car she hadn’t been stabbed. She looked up as the man in the passenger seat turned around and smiled back at her.

“Like I said,” he grinned, “let’s have a little party of our own.”

The blonde shuddered at the way he eyed her. She felt even more immediate threat from the way the men in the back seat were leaning against her. The one on her right had his hand on her thigh and was slowly caressing down toward her crotch. She shuddered at the smell of beer that came from him. The whole car reeked with the smell of stale beer. Her stomach gave a quick turn as she tried to breathe through her mouth to keep from smelling them.

“She didn’t want to party with us,” the man in the front told his friends. “What do you think we ought to do with a broad that thinks she’s too good to party with us?”

“Fuck her!” the heavy-set man beside her grunted. “Let’s fuck the shit out of her! Damn, she’s sure got a sweet feeling pussy!”

His big hand clamped over her cunt and squeezed. The blonde gasped at the roughness of his treatment. She felt sickened by the way he laughed at her discomfort. He kept hold of her pussy, his hand pressing harder into her crotch.

“That’s what ought to be done with girls who live in those singles’ apartments,” he muttered. “You’re all smart cunts who let any rich guys get it up your ass. You treat us working men like trash, though.”

Ginny’s head snapped around at his words and the tone of his voice. Some girl at her complex must have refused him. Now he was going to take out his resentment on her. Her heart skipped a beat at the rising apprehension inside her. He was winning at her, his eyes sparkling with lust as he shook her cunt.

“Yeah,” he muttered. “We’ll see how special you think your pussy is after we finish working it over.”

“We used to work up there at your apartments,” the man in the front seat told her. “Man, I never saw so much pussy floating around in my life. They didn’t want to pass it my way, though. You bitches seemed to think that your shit didn’t stink or something. Hell, I’d keep a hard-on all day. Let one of those bastards in a coat and tie drive up, though, and you couldn’t get in the sack fast enough.”

There were girls like that, Ginny knew. Probably Lorelei was like that. There were girls who fucked with the guy’s clothes, or his job, or car. They fucked his money or his importance. They didn’t fuck the man himself. That was unimportant to them. The blonde shuddered again. These crude men had been offended by some girl like that. They thought she was that kind, and were after their share of fucking her.

“Please!” she whispered. “I’m not one of them. Please! Ohhh, don’t you understand? I’m not like those girls you’re mad at.”

“Hey, gang!” the man to her left cried out. “Listen to her. She doesn’t mind that we work construction. You hear that? She likes to fuck working men!”

He reached over and cupped one of her tits. His palm closed over her breast, pulling and pressing it roughly. His eyes met hers in a demanding challenge. He stared hard into the girl’s face, his mouth tightening in pleasure as he worked at her lit.

“That right, baby?” he asked. “You like to fuck men like us? You prefer a stinking old cock like mine to one of them perfumed pricks the rich guys would slick to you?”

“Hey, Joe!” the man in the front seat laughed. “Maybe she’s trying to tell us she don’t fuck with anybody. You think she expects us to believe that?”

“Do you?” Joe asked her as he opened her blouse and ran his hand inside. “You think we’ll believe that you were at that party back there, but didn’t let any of the guys get to your pussy?”

They were tormenting her, Ginny realized. They were deliberately teasing and taunting her. There was nothing she could say that would talk them out of fucking her. She gasped as Joe ran his hand inside her bra and began pressing his rough fingers into the tender flesh of her tits. His partner, to her right, had found the zipper to her slacks and opened it. His hand was pushing inside her panties, a heavy finger searching for the gate of her cunt. He was missing two teeth in front. He grinned at her, the gaping holes in his mouth giving him an evil, frightening look.

“Next thing we know,” he laughed, “she’ll be trying to tell us that she didn’t get laid back at that party.” He leaned his face close to Ginny’s. His breath was almost overpowering as he hovered over her. “Don’t lie to old Stoney,” he chuckled. “We know what that party was all about. Shit! We tried hard enough to get in there.”

His finger got to her pussy and went roughly inside. He rubbed at her clit brutally. Ginny felt pain and apprehension tingle through her cunt as he thrust his finger past her clit and rubbed it around her soft pussy. She didn’t know which, of them was the more frightening, Stoney fingerfucking her or Joe squeezing and pawing her tits. The blonde sat helpless, at the mercy of the two crude men, while the man in the front seat leered back and watched them.

“Get her lathered up good,” he encouraged his buddies. “Get her all ready for me. Soon as we get to the shack, old Brad’s going to try out that piece of tail.”

“Why the hell do you always get to fuck them first?” Stoney muttered. “Seems like we ought to let the honors pass around sometimes.”

“Maybe next time,” the leader laughed. “Not with this cunt, though. Shit, I saw her body as she walked out that door. I said to myself that there wasn’t going to be any cock get into that until I’d tried it out.”

“Shit!” Joe murmured from the other side of Ginny. “You say that about all of them.”

The argument, if it could be called that, was terminated by the car making a sharp turn, then coming to a stop. Ginny glanced out the windows. They were in a run-down area of the city, most of the buildings looking deserted and probably condemned. As they pulled her from the car she saw the darkened shapes of abandoned cars off to the side of the small driveway. Ahead was a small shack in the midst of stacks of unidentifiable metal. A junkyard, the girl guessed. They had brought her to a junkyard for their night of pleasure at her expense.

“Get her inside!” Brad ordered. “Get her in there and let’s get a good look at the broad.”

They half pulled, half dragged the blonde to the door. The man who had been driving stepped in front of them and unlocked the door, then went inside and turned on a single light. He waited, smiling, as they brought the girl inside and pushed her toward a small cot which sat against one of the dirty walls.

“Wow!” Joe whistled softly as he stood in front of the blonde and saw her clearly beneath the light. “God! We sure found us a beauty this time!”

Ginny shivered in fear at the way all four men were leering at her. She wondered how many other girls had been brought to this shack and raped. She wondered what had happened to the girls afterwards. The place stunk with the mixed smells of grease and booze and filth. The bare mattress was grimy, as dirty as the floor and walls of the small shack. She shuddered more deeply as she imagined how many girls had been forced to lay back on it and submit to whatever the men desired.

“Hurry up!” Brad snapped at her. “Come on, baby! Get out of those clothes. Show us what you’ve got for us. Let’s see all your goodies!”

His companions laughed with him. They waited expectantly. When Ginny hesitated, the looming figure of Brad stepped toward her. His eyes burned with determination. His face twisted in lust. His breath was already coming in short pants as he reached toward her. He grabbed the neck of her blouse and jerked. Her buttons pulled loose as he yanked the blouse open.

“You going to undress?” he asked her in a snarling voice. “You want me to do it for you?”

“Man!” Stoney gloated. “I’d love to get my hands on her. I’ll get them off her. Damn, if I won’t get her naked!”

Ginny saw the pulsing bulge in his pants as he moved toward her. She felt a moment’s relief when Brad stuck out an arm and pushed the smaller man back. The burly leader’s eyes stayed on her, asking their question. Ginny nodded her head in compliance. She slowly began slipping her blouse over her shoulders and pulling off her slacks. The men watched her in eager fascination. They licked their lips hungrily at the sight of her naked tits when she removed her bra. Brad nodded toward her panties, even though the delicately thin nylon concealed very little from the eye.

“Everything, sweetheart!” he gasped. “Damn! You’re sure one hell of a good-looking piece of pussy!”

He reached for his belt and released it. The frightened blonde watched from the small bed while he pulled his pants down. He dropped his shorts and let his ugly, angry-looking cock swing upwards in throbbing readiness. The burly man hesitated a moment, then grinned and began pulling his shirt off.

“Shit!” he panted. “You’re worth getting everything off for. Hell yes! I want to feel those tits rubbing against my bare skin!”

He came toward her. He stepped to the bed and pushed her down on her back. Ginny was trembling in anguished fear as he crawled on top of her. He got himself between her legs and rammed his heavy cock against her pussy. He didn’t shove it in at first. He held it in one hand and rubbed the great head in circles about her cuntlips. She saw the slow smile of lustful pleasure on his lips as he looked down at her soft, helpless body.

“What a piece of pussy!” he muttered again. “What a hell of a piece of pussy! I’m going to have the fuck of my life! Ohhhh, baby! What a fuck you’re going to give me!”

The tall man who had been driving, the one member of the gang whose name Ginny had not heard, walked over to a small refrigerator. He pulled out three cans of beer and came back to join the other two men who were crowding around the cot, watching as their leader began his fuck. The blonde heard the snap of cans being opened. Then she gasped with pain as Brad suddenly rammed his hard piece of meat into her cunt.

“Ohhhhh!” she moaned at the pain of such a dry entry. “Please! Ohhhh, please!”

“No begging!” he snarled. “I don’t like whimpering cunts. You stop whining and give me a good lay. Then we can enjoy the evening. You lay there and cry and I’ll lose my temper with you.”

He pumped his cock roughly at the entrance of her cunt, rubbing the knob of the cockhead over her clit. The blonde began to feel his warmth spread through her pussy as he kept working at her. He got one hand on her tits and began mashing at them brutally. His thumb rubbed viciously at her nipple, sending sharp pains rolling through her tits. His other hand slid beneath her ass, grabbing roughly at one buttock and pulling her cunt harder over his pulsing cock.

“Uhhhh!” he moaned in pleasure. “Ohhhhh, how sweet! What a sweet little cunt!”

“Hey, you bastard!” Stoney called down from above them. “You going to talk about it all night, or you going to get to balling? Hell, I’m about to pop off just looking at all that pussy!”

“Shut up!” Brad snarled. “Pop off if you have to! Pussy like this ought to be taken slow and easy. This is no quick bang piece of cunt. This is the real thing! Damn! This is sure some fine little pussy!”

His cock thrust past her clit and stretched the blonde’s cunt. He pumped slowly at her, seeming to enjoy every throb of his excited pecker. He twisted about, waving his hard meat inside her. Then he bent his body enough to get his face at her tits. His unshaven face felt like sandpaper on the sensitive skin of her tits as he started sucking on the nipple. He cupped and squeezed one tit while sucking hungrily on the other. His tongue lapped eagerly across her tit, then he opened his mouth as wide as he could and tried to see how much of the trembling globe he could suck inside.

“Mmmmm!” he moaned, his hand working in a frenzy on the girl’s ass. “Ooooooo! Mmmmm!”

His cock seemed to leap with new pleasure. He slammed his body at her more roughly, driving his meat deeper into her pussy. He had her juices beginning to flow now. Despite the terror inside the girl, despite the pain of his rough face against her tits, despite the crude violence with which he was fucking her, she began to respond to the presence of his cock. Her cunt glowed and pulsed, closing over his prick tightly and sucking lusciously on the driving hunk of hard meat. Sharp spasms of desire shook her pussy. She heard the sound of his cock slapping through the gushing oils. She felt his body tense in pleasure as he fucked her with greater abandon. They rolled from side to side on the small bed. He lifted his face from her tits and straightened above her. His face glowed with delight. His mouth hung loosely open, saliva drooling from the corners of his lips.

“You like this?” he asked, without expecting a reply. “You like to get a real man in your cunt?”

“Get her, Brad!” the driver called out. “Fuck her, man! She feels it! Ohh, man! She knows she’s got a piece of cock in her now!”

“Yeah,” Brad snorted. “Your pussy is getting all hot, huh? All right, sweetheart. Now let’s get to some real fucking!”

He wrapped his arms about her and began driving his prick at her roughly. He slammed his body against her so that each mad thrust shook her all the way through. His cock was hot now, heating her pussy like crazy as it kept driving up into her. She hadn’t realized that she’d wrapped her legs around him. She didn’t realize that her ass was working rapidly, answering his passion as it rubbed her cunt along his gleaming prick.

“Mmmmm!” the blonde groaned. “Ooooo! Come on! Fuck me! Mmmmm! Ride my pussy, Brad! Fuck me!”

“How’s that, boys?” he called up to his friends. “She’s all for it. I knew she’d like it, once we got her all greased up. All right, baby! Let’s ride! Let’s wear that pussy out!”

His body began to shake as his lust built to a peak. He began struggling for air. He heaved and panted above her. He pulled her against him and rubbed her tits wildly over his chest. He humped his cock into her pussy with insane frenzy. Ginny lay beneath him, helpless to prevent her body from responding to his fuck. She was panting as wildly as he. She was glowing and moaning as frantically as he. Her pussy needed only the touch of his cum to explode into her own soaring orgasm.

“Ooooeeee!” she heard her voice shrieking through the room. “Oooooeeee! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oooooeeeeee!”

“Aaaaaaiiii!” he screamed back. “Uhhhh! Ohhhhh! Yes! Fuck this sweet cunt! Ohhhh!”

His cock shivered and trembled. His meat quivered inside her as it unloaded his hot wad. He fucked her in blind fury as he shot his cum into her waiting, pulsing cunt.


“You want a can of beer?” Stoney asked her. “You want a can of beer before we start fucking?”

He stood beside the cot, his clothes tossed in a pile off to the side. He turned his own can of beer up and downed the remainder. As Ginny shook her head, he tossed the can over into the corner and dropped onto the small mattress. The blonde had almost agreed. It might have delayed the fuck for a few minutes. She had shared a beer with him. It would have prolonged things, though. She would still have to submit to being fucked by each one of the men before they’d let her go. The sooner she could satisfy their lusts, the sooner they might let her go.

“Play with it, honey,” Stoney mumbled as he took her hand and placed it on his cock. “Work me up a little more. I love to feel a girl’s hand pumping my hot old pecker.”

Ginny fought back the sickening thought of playing with his filthy cock.

“Come on, baby,” he demanded. “Get to pumping my meat. There are two more men getting hornier than slit just waiting for their turn.”

He leaned over her and began stroking along the inside of her thighs like he had done in the car earlier. His hand moved slowly over the satin flesh, working its way toward her pussy. Ginny complied with his demand, pumping his cock roughly and firmly. She clamped her fingers tightly about the throbbing meat and pulled the skin along his shaft. Her other hand reached back into his balls. She ran her fingers about his nuts, trying to tease him into making this a short fuck. That was her strategy. She had accepted the hopelessness of her situation. Since they were all determined to fuck her, she’d just have to try to get them to pop off as soon as possible. She pulled on his bag and caught at his nuts with her fingers. She pulled viciously on his eager prick, watching how his cockhead got deeper red from the excitement.

Stoney got his hand up to her cunt and ran a finger along her soaked pussylips. He rubbed at her asshole with just as much taunting play. Finally he sent a shiver of strange pleasure through the blonde as he eased his finger into her and slowly worked her clit.

“You’re a pretty smart little girl,” he told her. “You know pretty damn well how to please a man. You learn that at those fancy apartments?”

His other hand got onto her tits. He pulled each of them upward, rolling them on her chest. His fingers brushed across her nipples, sending quick sparks of pleasure into her swelling breasts. He began thumbing her nipples as he dug his other finger deeper into her soft pussy. He slowly pumped her, twisting his finger so it could drag along the stretched inner passage of her cunt.

“No,” he answered his own question, the question Ginny had forgotten he’d asked. “None of those fancy little rich guys could teach you anything. I’ve watched them when I used to work up there. They prefer to eat pussy.”

He looked down at Ginny. His eyes burned into hers. He pushed his finger as far back in her pussy as he could. He grasped her tits roughly and shook one heaving breast.

“You like having them eat you?” he asked. “You like the way they suck your pussy?”

“Try it and see,” Brad called out from where he sat in one of the old chairs along the wall. “See if she likes to have you suck her cunt. Shit, you’d get a hell of a lot of my cum that’s left up there.”

“That’s why I’m not about to,” Stoney laughed, then turned his attention back to Ginny. He began looking more closely at her tits, licking his lips in excitement. His Adam’s apple bobbed rapidly as he stared at the way her luscious tits flowed beneath his fingers. He gave a gasp and began climbing up over the blonde. Ginny released his cock as he positioned himself up over her tummy. He pushed his warm prick down into her tits and rubbed it delightedly against her globes.

“Damn, that feels good!” he laughed. “Ohhhh, those boobs feel so soft and delicious against my cock.”

He pulled her tits tightly against his prick, holding it down against her chest by the pressure of the boobs. Slowly he began pumping through the shimmering breasts, laughing softly as he toyed with her. Lloyd Evans had done this once, the blonde recalled. At least she had done it with her teacher’s cock. She had laid beside him one afternoon after a fuck and had begun playing with his cock. As she taunted a new hardness into the shaft, she pressed it into her tits and rubbed her soft flesh along the luscious prick. This was different, though. That had been a lazy, beautiful afternoon. This time her tits were being fucked by a rough, smelly man on a dirty, rough mattress. The little blonde shuddered at the difference. Her attacker saw her movement and misread the meaning.

“You like that, baby?” he asked her. “Sure you like it! I saw the way you tinged from it. Yes, you like to be played with I’ll bet you let those guys back at the apartment do about whatever they want with you, huh?”

Ginny shook her head at him. He didn’t notice. He hadn’t wanted any agreement from her anyway. He wasn’t really talking to her. He was just talking for his own encouragement. He began panting harder as he kept thrusting his cock upward between her tits. He gasped in delight, then began to tremble all over. Ginny felt him release her tits. She could see his cock spring upward as he let her tits go from around it.

“Enough of that!” he panted. “Time to get in your pussy! Later I might want to dump my load on your tits. First, though, I’ve got a hot wad to shoot into your cunt!”

He slid his body down the mattress. He pushed between her thighs and brought his cock up to her cuntlips. The blonde shook as he went in immediately. He was past wasting any more time. His cock started pumping and driving the moment it entered her pussy. He spread her thighs wider apart and rolled from side to side in the cradle of flesh she provided. His cock lunged heatedly against the sensitive walls of her cunt, slowly igniting her dull flames into renewed passion. He sent tingling sensations of erotic pleasure along her raw nerves. He jerked his cock roughly in her pussy, making up in movement what he lacked in size. He pulled her toward him, pressing his chest roughly into her tits. The feel of her hard nipples excited her into soft groans of intense pleasure.

“Ohhhh, sweet baby!” he moaned. “Oooooo, what a soft, luscious body! Uhhhh! Uhhhhh!”

His groans became gasping pants as he balled her more roughly. His cock throbbed and pulsed, his orgasm building rapidly inside. Through her pussy nerves Ginny could feel his prick getting hotter and harder. He shook wildly, then began slamming at her, thrusting his cock deliriously deep into her yielding cunt.

“Fuck you, baby!” he panted. “I’ll fuck you! Uhhh! I’ll give you a fuck to remember! Uhhhh!”

The hot cum suddenly gushed from his cock. Ginny shuddered as it oozed through her cunt. She held tighter to him, letting him drain his balls into her. She wrapped her legs around him and rode along through his anguished, pulsing thrusts. She felt her pussy beginning to warm up from his charge just as he was finishing. She lay back on the mattress, panting and heaving with the nearness of her own climax. Stoney looked down at her and laughed happily. He threw back his shoulders and dismounted her, strutting over for another beer while he waved for Joe to take his place.

“All right,” he bragged. “She knows that she’s been fucked. Next cook, go to it. I’ve got her hotter than hell.”

He was right. She was hot. Her body was still pulsing. Her orgasm was still just beneath the surface. She smiled hopefully at Joe as he dropped on top of her. She hoped he wouldn’t waste time. She wanted him to get his cock in her immediately and start shooting his cum.

He wrapped his arms about her, then rolled onto his back, pulling the blonde over on top of him. He got his erect prick up at her pussy and smiled as she sank onto the steaming shaft. She eased her pussy onto him as he reached for her tits and began caressing them eagerly.

“I’ll give you a ride this time,” he told her. “I got hung up on your tits back in the car. Fucking like this, I can have all the fun I want with these beauties and still give you a good, solid balling.”

He emphasized his point by thrusting upward. He lifted Ginny up from the bed with the force of his thrust. As she came back down, his cock shuddering inside her cunt, she got her knees into position where she could ride him as he humped upward again and again. She twisted her chest about to roll her tits for him. His eyes glowed as she thrust her ripe globes into his hands. He caught each tit in one hand and held them tightly, opening and closing his palms to send sparkling pleasure all through the big breasts.

“Mmmmmm!” she sighed. “Oooooeeee! Ride me, Joe! Oooooeeee!”

His body slammed upward, driving his cock deeper into her glowing cunt. He pulled her chest forward and began sucking and licking at her tits while he ran his prick deliciously through her. The blonde threw back her head and let her hair wave freely about. Her mouth hung open, saliva drooling from her lips as she felt her body soaring with passion. Her brain was reeling. Her head was pounding. Her tits were heaving in exquisite enjoyment of his hands and his lips. Her pussy was filled with luscious fires, sparks lighting every nerve in her.

“Oooooeeee!” she screamed. “Ooooeeee! Fuck me! Oooo, fuck me! Give me a ride, Joe! Ooooeeeee!”

Her orgasm exploded inside her. She shook vibrantly as her pussy went into spasms of pure ecstasy. Ginny tried to cry out again. She could only moan softly as her passion was so strong it seemed to sweep all before it. She could hardly breathe. She could not speak. She just bounced on his lunging cock and shivered with the roaring passion that came to its fulfillment inside her.

Joe watched her. He could feel what was happening. His cock was being squeezed and sucked by the passionate response of her delirious cunt. He sucked and squeezed her tits for a few more moments. He sucked her tits until she was struggling to scream in her glorious agony. Then he suddenly rolled her beneath him. He came up over her, his cock slamming roughly, viciously into her glowing pussy.

“My turn!” he panted. “My turn! Now I’ll get mine!”

He drove his cock into her rapidly, then grabbed her tighter as he began to spew his hot cum into her. Ginny wrapped her legs around his waist. She lay panting and pleased as he emptied his angry cock into her. She pulled his face to hers and kissed his lips lightly, then watched him get off her. The removal of his cock gave her pussy another brief flutter of pleasure. She shivered luxuriously, turning her eyes to where the man that had driven them here was waiting.

He grinned at her as he walked to the bed. He wiped beer foam from his lips and came down beside her. His eyes twinkled as he nodded toward his short, thick cock.

“Suck it!” he panted eagerly. “Give me a blow job, baby!”

Ginny looked at him, considering if she could talk him out of it. She couldn’t! She saw the expression in his eyes and realized that he was determined. He reached for her, grabbed her head, and pulled her toward him. Ginny fought back the nausea as he got his fingers buried in her hair and pulled her face down to his cock.

“Stop wasting time,” he told her. “Get your mouth over it. You give me a good suck, you hear? You blow the hell out of it.”

She could smell him as she opened her mouth.

Her body shuddered as his hard prick came between her lips. The blonde closed her eyes tightly and began slowly sucking on the thick cock. He hunched himself against her face, trying to drive the meat back toward her throat. He was trembling in excitement as she sucked harder on him. His hands held her face tight over his pecker, pulling her back toward his balls. He pumped roughly, gasping as he kept lunging at her.

“Uhhhhh! Suck it, baby!” he moaned. “Ohhhh, give me a good suck! Ohhh! Uhhhh!”

He was almost getting his cock into her throat. With each thrust the bulging head hit the back of her mouth. Ginny breathed a sigh of thanks that he wasn’t hung like the other men. She shuddered again and concentrated on sucking and blowing in alternate movements. She reached for his balls with one hand, teasing at his nuts until she had him lunging on the mattress in panting excitement.

“Yessss!” he hissed. “Ohhhh, yesssss! That’s the girl! That’s the way to blow me! Ohhh, God! That’s nice!”

His hands trembled as he held her head. His breath came in rapid gasps. His ass was bouncing wildly beneath her. He kept trying to probe deeper with his short cock. The thick pecker shook with insane impatience as she sucked it once more. The blonde suddenly licked her tongue along the hot meat. She sucked, then licked, then blew as hard as she could. He leaped beneath her. His cock shuddered in her mouth. His hot cum gushed out suddenly. She felt her mouth fill with the sharp semen. Ginny tried to get her face free so she could spit the mess out. He wouldn’t let her, though. His hands were still at her head. His fingers were firmly entwined in her hair.

“Swallow it, baby!” he muttered hoarsely. “Swallow all that good cum!”

Ginny gagged as the semen oozed into her throat. She felt her stomach about to retch, then forced herself to swallow a wad quickly. She swallowed, then swallowed again as he kept spurting his load into her mouth.

“Ahhhhh!” he finally sighed loudly. “Ohhhh, that feel’s better. Damn! What a relief to get rid of that load!”

His hands relaxed their grip on her head. He lay back, his chest heaving as he tried to return to normal breathing. A smile lay across his lips as he looked happily at her. Ginny huddled against the wall. She sat with her knees drawn up against her chest. The blonde buried her head in her arms, sobbing lightly at the humiliation they had subjected her to. She waited for them to ready to leave the shack. After all, she had given them each their fuck. She had been pretty damn good, too. Hell, she began to tell herself, she’d been better than they’d ever had before. They ought to let her go. They ought to drive her back to her apartment right now.

Her head snapped up. Her eyes blazed, tearless, as she looked out at them. They sat about the room drinking their beer and watching her lazily. Ginny stared at Brad. Her eyes burned into his.

“You’ve had your fun,” she snapped. “Now get your clothes back on and drive me home!”

The sharpness in her voice surprised her. It surprised Brad as well. The burly leader looked up in amazement. He almost let her give him orders like that. He had started toward his clothes when he caught himself. An ugly smile came to his face as he turned on the blonde. He walked over to the bed and slapped the younger man roughly on the ass.

“Move off,” he snarled. “Our little lady is getting sort of bitchy. Did you heat her? She acts like she thinks we’re through. Shit, baby, we’re just starting. We’ve been fucking the easy way up to now. I guess maybe you’re ready to get the special treatment.”


Her blonde hair shimmered in the fading afternoon light as she bent her head over her desk and concentrated on the work before her. Gaylord Timms stood at the door of his office and watched her. The older man’s heart beat just a little faster every time he looked at the beautiful little blonde. She was lovely. Damn, she was lovely. He walked back toward her and smiled as she looked up at him.

“You sure I’m not keeping you from a date?” he asked for the fourth time that afternoon. “I mean, it seems unusual for a young woman as attractive as you to be free on Sunday.”

“I’m glad you called me,” she answered brightly. “You saved me from a very boring day.”

She had been happy to get his phone call. After last night Ginny was quite happy to be sitting safely in the office, preparing the report for the special meeting of the directors of the company. Last night! It seemed so far away now. It seemed almost like it happened to another girl. It seemed like it happened in another world.

“Yeah!” the big bastard had panted as he stood by the cot. “Now we start really having some fun!”

He had dropped onto the mattress with her while she huddled back against the wall. He reached for her roughly and pulled her forward, pushing her onto her elbows. He pulled her ass around and got behind her. His hands came up beneath her tits, grabbing roughly at both heaving globes. He pinched one nipple brutally, holding her button between two fingers until she was moaning in pain.

“Not so bossy now, are you?” Brad gloated. “You’re going to learn who’s calling the shots around here. Hell yes, I’m going to teach you!”

He kept the fingers on her nipple. His other hand dropped to her pussy and began pinching at her clit just as viciously. He ran one hand inside her and kept his thumb on the outside. He pressed them together hard and twisted. The blonde gasped as pain flashed through her. She shook with the agony he was bringing to her body. She clenched her teeth against the blinding pain, hating him all of a sudden. Up until now she had merely disliked him. Up until now she had thought of him as just a smelly, uncouth brute. She had even felt a little pity for him. No longer! She hated him! She despised him! Damn him! Damn him, anyway!

“Don’t like that, do you?” he laughed. “I feel you trying to fight me. It’s hard to fight, though, when I’ve got you between my fingers like this.”

His big cock rubbed between her thighs. He released her tit and began to caress her body with his hand. He swung his body from side to side, rubbing his cock up against the crease in her ass. She could feel his body shake as he laughed at her misery. She waited for him to go ahead. She waited for him to get his cock into her pussy and dog-fuck her. She didn’t realize that he had other plans.

She realized it, though, when he caught her hips in both hands. He held her tightly and began to push his cock into the crack between her buttocks. He laughed as he got the tip of his pecker at her asshole and began to drive it into the tender opening.

“Let’s see how your ass fucks,” he laughed. “Let’s see if you know how to handle a prick up your asshole!”

“No!” she gasped. “Please! Ohhhh, noooooo!” She throttled her please. Ginny realized that her panting only encouraged him to greater excess. She clamped her mouth shut and moaned softly as his cock pressed harder into her asshole. She couldn’t keep back the scream that came to her lips as he stretched her asshole and got his cock inside. It felt like he had torn her flesh. Hot pain shot through her. Her ass started to throb with agony as he drove his cock deeper into her.

“God!” she bellowed as he pulled her hips back toward him. “Ohhhh, God!”

He pulled her onto his cock. He pulled her ass all the way over his pulsing meat. Then he reached back around and began to finger her clit while he started pumping into her ass. He worked her clit roughly, his other hand returning to her tits and roughing up her nipples. His cock sent flashes of blinding pain through her ass.

“Damn, she feels good this way!” he called out to his companions. “She’s got the tightest little ass you ever fucked. Damn! She’s got my pecker going crazy!”

That was the word for the way his prick was thrusting and lunging through her ass. The blonde struggled to put into practice the lesson she’d learned from Lorelei. She forced herself down on his cock. She strained her muscles toward the intruder, trying her damnest to slit on him. That would have given her some pleasure. That would have taught him. She knew she couldn’t, though. It felt like it, but she knew it wasn’t happening. It was relieving some of the pain, however. It made it easier to take his frenzied thrusts.

“Ohhhhh, we’re riding now!” he panted. “Yes, yes! I’m riding your precious little ass! Ohhhh, baby! Ride me! Give me a good ride!”

He fucked her rapidly, pumping his cock into her with angry intensity. He pulled and twisted at her tits. He finger-fucked her cunt. His excitement built up rapidly. Her ass was too tight for his cock to last very long. It was only a matter of minutes before he started quivering insanely.

“God!” he whispered. “I’m going to shoot off! Damn! Your ass was too tight, baby! I never fucked such a tight ass before.”

Ginny trembled as his warm semen flooded into her ass. She clenched her teeth tighter as he gasped and moaned behind her. He emptied his cock into her, then sank back onto the cot. She felt the welcome relief as his cock slipped slowly out of her asshole. The blonde glanced back and saw him smiling happily, then she slipped down onto her tummy, hoping for some respite.

She didn’t get it, though. The rough men kept her at it for most of the night. They fucked her once more each. She didn’t remember how many more times. It had all become hazy in her mind. She did have to suck them, though. She remembered that. They used her body for their pleasure until they had worn their peckers out. Only then did they drive her back toward her apartment. They let her out two blocks away from the complex.

There was a gentle knock on the office door. Ginny looked up and watched Mr. Timms met the delivery boy and took the bags of food. He came back to her desk, looking proud and happy at his surprise.

“I took the liberty of ordering dinner for us,” he told her. “If we’re going to be working into the night, we ought to have a good meal, don’t you think?”

Ginny smiled up at him and nodded. His call had come to her apartment early that morning. She had listened sleepily as he apologized for calling so early. He had been trying until late the evening before, he explained. There was a special meeting of the company directors Monday, and he needed someone to help him get the reports ready. It was a welcome opportunity for Ginny. It got her out of the apartment. It got her mind off the terror of the evening before.

They took the food out of the bags and spread it across her desk. Ginny ate heartily, realizing that she hadn’t eaten since breakfast yesterday morning. The food was good, the coffee even better. More than the food, though, the way Mr. Timms looked at her renewed her self-esteem. He looked at her like she was something very, very special. He smiled warmly, adoringly as their eyes met. Ginny felt better, knowing that all the fucking she had done in the last twenty-four hours didn’t show at all. Somehow it made her feel fresh and pure. Especially the way he looked at her made her feel fresh and clean again.

“Mr. Timms,” she told him as they were finishing the meal, “I can handle this work alone. If you’d prefer to go home to your family, I certainly would understand.”

“What family?” he asked, looking at her strangely.

“Your wife and children,” she explained. Somehow she had just assumed that he had a family. Mr. Timms seemed that type. It was impossible to think of him without imagining him very married.

“I’ve been a widower for almost five years,” he told her. “My wife and child were killed in an automobile accident.”

“I’m sorry!” Ginny gasped. “I didn’t know.”

He accepted her apology, then talked with her about his life. He was a very lonely man, the blonde realized. Worldwide Properties was his whole world now. He had thought at times of looking for another woman, but never got around to it. Perhaps, she felt, he was afraid of experiencing all that hurt again. She looked at him tenderly, feeling an urge to cuddle his face against her tits. She asked him if he didn’t feel the physical need of a woman sometimes. He hung his head for a moment, then looked up at her.

“Sometimes,” he confessed, “I just ache to have a woman touch me.”

Ginny reached out her hand and placed it on his. She stroked gently along his fingers. Then she got up and walked around her desk. She smiled as she stepped into his arms. She returned his kiss passionately, pressing her luscious body tightly against him. His cock began to throb against her. She drew her knee up between his thighs and pressed upward into the hardening prick. As his hands slowly gathered the courage to caress her tits, she pulled her face away. Her eyes glowed with a misty light as she smiled at him.

“There’s a couch in the rest room,” she suggested. “On Sunday night, I don’t think we’d be interrupted.”

He looked at her with disbelief in his eyes. He hesitated, as though unable to comprehend what she was offering him. He wanted her, though. The blonde had no doubt of that. Poor man! Five years without any pussy could destroy him. She needed to take care of his overdue needs. Ginny laughed lightly and took his hand. She pulled him behind her as she made her way past the other desks. She took him into the rest room, then turned toward him.

“Don’t be afraid of me,” she assured him. “There won’t be any complications. I’m not going to get all hung up on you after one good fuck.”

She slowly began unbuttoning her blouse. Mr. Timms watched her remove her blouse and skirt.

As she slipped her panty-hose down her legs he began removing his own clothes. She waited in bra and panties until he was naked, then made a great show of removing the final garments. His eyes looked eagerly at her luscious, young body. He moistened his lips nervously, then joined her as she sat down on the soft couch.

She was so lovely, Gaylord Timms felt. She was the softest, sweetest girl he had ever imagined. Ever since she came to work for him he had dreamed of how it might be to fuck her. He had watched her walk around the office. He had drooled at the way her tits thrust against her tight sweaters and blouses. He had trembled at the thought of getting his hands on those tits. His cocks tingled every time her saucy ass swung past his door. Damn! She was gorgeous! She was beautiful! Now she was going to fuck him!

“So lovely,” he sighed as he began caressing her tits. “So beautiful!”

Ginny reached for his cock and began to fondle it into pulsing excitement. She pumped his shaft and fingered his balls. She traced the outline of his male nipples with a fingertip while he began to feel her pussy.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed. “Ooooo, that feels good. Mmmmmmm!”

The adoration in his eyes, the reverence in his touch, sent chills of pleasure through her body. To Mr. Timms she wasn’t just an available piece of pussy. To him she was a Goddess. She was his beautiful, young princess. This was the kind of fuck she needed. She leaned back as his face came over hers. She parted her lips for his kiss and glowed as his tongue came into her mouth and ran passionately about. She quivered as he sucked deeply, lovingly on her breath. She tingled as he caressed her clit into shimmering ecstasy. She trembled as he thumbed her nipples into hard, tight buttons of passion.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned happily. “Love me, Mr. Timms. Love me! Mmmmmm!”

It didn’t seem strange at all to call him “mister” as he prepared to fuck her. That’s who he was to her. That’s how he would remain to her. He was her boss. He was also a man with a terrible need. Wasn’t that part of a good employee’s job? Wasn’t she supposed to keep her boss healthy and happy?

“Sweetheart!” he panted as he laid her across the couch. “What a beautiful little sweetheart!”

He came over her. He smiled adoringly at her as he got between her thighs and placed his cock gently at the lips of her cunt. He stroked along her hips and thighs as he shoved gently into her. He held his prick in careful check, stopping just inside her pussy and flipping his cockhead back and forth over her clit. His hand came back to her tits, cuddling them and caressing them while they swelled even more ripe and full.

“So much woman!” he gasped. “Sooooo much lovely woman! Ohhhh, baby! What you do to a lonely old man!”

“I want to,” she assured him. “I want to show you how important you are to all of us. I want to please you. I want to make you happy.”

He smiled softly and affectionately at her as he began thrusting his cock deeper into her well-oiled cunt. He fucked her slowly and deliberately. His rod splashed through the gushing lubricants that filled her pussy. He pulled her against his chest, rubbing her tits lusciously as he weaved his body above on her. His cock began to weave, too. He did amazing things with his tool. He worked it in her cunt until he had her shaking with fiery spasms. Her pussy sucked at his cock, struggling to draw his charge from him.

“Ooooeeee!” Ginny moaned in passion. “Oooooeeeee! That’s fantastic! Oooooo, keep it up! Fuck me! Ooooeee, fuck me!”

She wrapped her legs around his waist and began humping herself along his cock. She writhed, thrusting her swollen tits upward against him. She tried to get their nipples to touch and brush together. She rolled her ass about to match the way he fucked her.

“That’s beautiful!” she cried out. “Beautiful! Beautiful! What a gorgeous fuck! Mmmmmmm!”

His lips came back over her mouth. He sucked deeply, powerfully on her breath. The blonde felt like he was inhaling her being. He was trying to suck her reality into himself through that long, passionate kiss. She shivered in surging delight. She humped faster along his prick. Her pussy began to shudder with sparkling passion. Ginny throbbed with the rise of her orgasm.

She knew it was close upon her. She couldn’t hold back much longer. She was going crazy from the way he fucked her. The young woman broke her mouth free of his kiss so she could plead with him.

“Fuck me!” she begged. “Let it fill me! Let your cum fill my pussy! Oooooo, Mr. Timms, I’m coming! Oooooooo!”

The room began to spin around her. Blazing lights seemed to be flashing about her. Her orgasm shook her, pinned her to the couch, then sent her into shuddering ecstasy. She gasped as the explosions went off throughout her body. Her pussy felt like it was dancing. Her tits felt like they were as large as basketballs. She soared off in her orgy of delight.

Mr. Timms kept fucking her. He held back his own orgasm. He let her ride out her passion, then slowly brought her back to a peak of desire. This time she knew he would share the rapture with her. As her pussy began to glow with a second climax, she felt his cock start to pound harder than ever. His throbs shook her cunt into pulsing, glowing beauty. She was beginning to scream her ecstasy when his cum hit her. Five year’s of pent-up cum came boiling into her. She had never experienced such an eruption from a man. He fucked and rolled them about, his cock shooting and shooting.

“Ohhhhh!” he moaned. “Ohhhh, finally! Ohhh, it’s been so long! What a beautiful fuck! What a beautiful girl!”

They lay in each other’s arms afterwards. Mr. Timms kept stroking her body. His eyes kept gazing on her as though she were something exquisite, something very precious. His treatment of her sent a warm shiver through her. She was something special. She was very special.

Ginny closed her eyes and basked in his adoration. She might have done something nice for a lonely man, but he had done even more for her. She had made him feel virile and important again. He had done more than that for her. He had made her feel soft and desirable. He had restored her innocence. She was his little princess. She was his goddess. She was a very special person, a very special lay.

Ginny leaned over and kissed him. She kissed his eyelids. She kissed his cheeks. She kissed his chin. Then she kissed him softly on the lips. She held the kiss for a long time. As she finally drew back she smiled adoringly at him.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “Thank you for the most beautiful moment in my life.”


“Ready?” Ginny asked as she looked over at Lorelei. “Ready to turn on the charm?”

“If it’s charm I’m supposed to turn on,” her friend laughed. “Actually I think Mr. Timms would prefer that we turn on less charm and more sex.”

Their eyes met, sparkling. Ginny had caught their reflections in a glass door as they walked through the lobby of the exclusive hotel. The dresses they had purchased earlier in the day were breathtaking. Ginny had never worn anything so absolutely gorgeous in her life. The price had been gorgeous, too. She had gasped at the price tag, then shrugged her shoulders. Mr. Timms had warned them against even looking at the price. All he wanted was for them to each select the best-looking dress they could find. He was paying for it.

“I don’t think well have to do much turning on,” the blonde added. “These clothes pretty well do it for us.”

Her body was displayed lusciously by the clinging silk. The dress looked more like a nightgown than a dress. That was the fashion for evening, though. The hot-orange material was cut low, almost low enough to show her nipples. Only the tiniest straps held it up. The long skirt was slit well up to her thighs. Ginny knew she looked gorgeous. The redhead with her was just as spectacular. Lorelei had selected a rich gold silk that covered one shoulder but dropped low off the other, showing the sick of her tit. They had taken longer selecting the right jewelry than they had picking out the dresses. They looked sexy as hell. They felt sexy as hell. They were sexy as hell!

The girls laughed at each other, then pushed through the heavy door to the party within. The sound of the small combo met them, the sound of chattering voices surrounded them. They stepped inside and paused, surveying the party for the directors.

“There they are now!” Mr. Timms’ voice rang out. He had two men with him. Ginny smiled at her boss as he ushered his two friends through the crowd toward them. The men’s eyes glowed as they spotted the girls. They took a good look at the dresses, a better look at the bodies so flagrantly displayed by the dresses. Both of them smiled eagerly and came willingly along beside Gaylord Timms.

“Miss Mason. Miss Novak,” Timms bubbled. “Mr. Harris and Mr. Dawson.”

The tall man with prematurely gray hair took Ginny’s hand. He squeezed her fingers gently and smiled down into her eyes. She saw his gaze drop briefly to the luscious display of tit before coming back to meet her upturned face. He smiled warmly.

“Hamilton Harris,” he said. “To save time, just call me Ham.”

“Ginny,” she answered. “No, it’s not short for Virginia and no, I’m not a virgin.”

They laughed together. Ham put an arm about her waist and nodded his approval to Mr. Timms. The blonde snuggled against him, catching the appreciative wink of Mr. Timms. Her boss beamed at them as he turned to go and look after some of the other directors. These two men were very important to the company, Ginny knew. They had recently purchased huge shares of stock and come on the board. It was extremely important that they be made to feel secure about the company and about the way Mr. Timms ran the operation.

Ham led her to the bar and ordered drinks for them. As she sipped her drink, the blonde’s eyes roved over the assembled directors and their guests. She saw Lorelei and the dark-haired Bill Dawson dancing. Then her attention was caught by the slender brunette dancing beside them. She looked so familiar. Something about her appearance sent a vague feeling of discomfort through Ginny.

“Hey!” Ham protested. “You’re ignoring me!”

“Never!” she laughed. “I’d never ignore a man like you. No way!”

“See someone you recognized?” he asked, looking in the direction she had been staring. “You acted as though you’d seen a ghost.”

Ginny didn’t realize that her expression had given her away. Suddenly she realized why she had felt such a gut reaction to the brunette. It was the girl whose picture had been in the paper with Sid Weeks. Ginny felt a sudden surge of anger inside her. What was she doing here?

“The slender girl out there dancing,” she answered Ham. “The one next to Lorelei. I thought I knew her.”

“You probably do,” Ham replied. “That’s old man Jenkins’ daughter. Too bad she doesn’t have the class of her old man. I hear she’s become little more than a tramp. Her dad still dotes on her, though. I understand the men at Worldwide have to play up to her in order to keep the Jenkins account.”

So that was it! That was why Sid had been with the woman! Ginny felt a moment of guilt at her anger toward the, young salesman. She had misjudged him. Still, he wasn’t with the woman all the time. He wasn’t with her tonight. He had plenty of other free time. He could have called Ginny for a date.

Ham’s arm came back around her. He pulled the blonde tightly against himself. His hand felt along her hip, delighting in the softness of her skin beneath the thin silk. She could sense the sudden arousal of his passion. She could feel the increased excitement inside him. He leaned his lips down to her ear and whispered his suggestion.

“Parties like this bore me,” he told her. “Why don’t we slip up to my suite for a private celebration?”

She had known he would ask her. He was supposed to ask her. That was why all the expense of dress and jewelry. That was why she had spent the afternoon at the beauty salon. That was why she was here. Ginny cuddled against his body and nodded her agreement. She winked across at Lorelei as they made their way to the door. She saw Mr. Timms smile at them as he led her out of the room.

She felt important as they stood waiting for the elevator. She was with an extremely powerful man, an extremely wealthy man. She knew that the other women who were passing along the hallway were looking at her enviously. Ham Harris was striking man. The air of power and assurance exuded from him. He looked important. He looked powerful and rich.

His eyes fastened on her body as they rode up in the elevator. He studied her curves as though already anticipating having them beneath his roving hands. He didn’t start pawing at her immediately, though. He had too much class for that. Men like Hamilton Harris didn’t have to paw at women. All they had to do was crook a finger and pussy came running. He knew it. He would have plenty of time to explore her body at leisure. He knew that, too.

His suite was on the top floor of the hotel. He had a terrace that looked down on the city. Ginny walked out there and looked at the brilliant display of lights below her while Ham mixed them two more drinks. She stood at the edge and felt the light evening breeze whip her dress about her legs and press the thin material even more revealingly against her tits.

“Lovely!” he whispered from behind her. “Absolutely lovely! I don’t mean the city. I’m speaking of the lovely woman standing here looking out on the lights.”

He set her drink on the railing in front of her and reached around her. His face was buried into her hair, kissing at the lobe of an ear. One hand came up and caressed her tits. His cock was warm and firm as it pressed against her ass. Ginny sighed in delight and leaned back against him. She thrust her tits outward into his palm and arched her neck to give him better opportunity to kiss along her shoulders and neck.

“Mmmmmm!” she sighed. “Who needs a drink? You’re more intoxicating than any booze on the market.”

“That’s my line,” he laughed. “Damn if I’ve ever found a girl who got my cock so hard so quickly.”

He set his glass beside hers and turned her toward him. He kissed her deeply, passionately. His hands roved over her body, then found the zipper at the tack of the dress. He pulled the zipper down, slipped the silk off her, and led her to a lounge that sat in the shadows of the terrace.

“We’ll fuck under the stars,” he told her as he began removing his own clothing. “We’ll lay here together and let the night witness our fucking.”

Ginny slipped out of her hose and panties. She hadn’t worn a bra. With that dress, there was no way she could have worn a bra. Besides, a bra would have destroyed the way the silk had emphasized her nipples. The blonde lay back, naked and willing as Ham finished getting out of his clothes. His lithe body glistened in the light from within the doors. He smiled down at the luscious girl on the lounge and slipped beside her.

“Mmmmmm!” Ginny sighed as she reached for his cock. “Ooooo, I like a well-hung man!”

He was! Damn, but he was! She caught his huge cock in both hands. She pumped the skin along his pulsing shaft while she traced the tip of his meat with her fingers. Ham leaned down and began to suck at her tits. His tongue ran over a nipple, sending immediate sparks of desire through her heaving breasts. He sucked each tit lovingly while his finger reached inside her pussy and pumped her juices.

“Ohhhh, what a sweet girl!” he panted. “What a luscious, delicious woman!”

Ginny’s mind was whirling at the thought of his fucking her. This was not just any man she might have picked up. This was Hamilton Harris. This was one of the twenty richest men in the country. This was the man who was considering taking over the whole damn company. Ham could do it. Ham could buy out everyone else and never even miss the money. He was sucking her tits! This important man was kissing and sucking on her tits just like any boy out at the apartment complex.

He really wasn’t that different, either. His mouth felt like any other man’s on her nipples. His finger was like any other man’s in her cunt. His cock might be larger than most, but it still felt no different from many others. Still, the thought of fucking a man of prominence, a man of importance, sent shivers through the impressionable young girl.

“Oooooeeee!” she gasped as his finger got her juices pumping madly. “Ooooeeeee!”

He laughed softly, then slipped around on the lounge. He got his face over her pussy and began kissing wildly up her thighs. Ginny pulled his cock toward her lips and kissed the hot tip. He had sprayed cologne all over his body, she realized. The exotic sensuous smell seemed to come from his cock itself. She kissed the pecker again, then licked over the bulging head. Ham’s lips closed over her pussy. His tongue slipped into her and licked lusciously about her clit. Ginny shivered with the sudden surge of pleasure he brought to her.

Ham Harris was sucking her pussy! It was beyond belief! Her body pulsed with excitement. He licked through her cunt, then began to suck deeply at her. Ginny gasped for breath. She let his cock ease into her mouth and began to suck slowly and carefully on his wild pecker.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned. “Ooooo! Mmmmm!”

His mammoth prick filled her mouth. She held him gently as she sucked him. Damn! She’d have to watch out with this much cock. One frantic lunge and he would choke her. His rod was certainly excited enough to cause trouble. She could feel it throbbing and pulsing beneath her lips. No amount of licking it was going to cool it off either. She sucked about the thick meat, licking and sucking with deep pleasure while she heard the soft sounds of his lapping at her oozing cunt.

“Uhhh!” he grunted, then blew up into her cunt. “Uhhhhh!”

The blonde felt like she was sailing in the air. The way he blew into her sent stabbing flames of delight through her. Her body quivered with passion. She shook wildly as he went after her with ever-growing intensity. Ginny sucked him harder, too. She let him start pumping his cock into her mouth. She could feel the head of his prick strike against the back of her throat. Damn! In another minute he would have his meat down her throat. She pulled her head back just a bit and blew on him as hard as she could.

“Mmmmmffff!” he moaned, his body seeming to leap about with the passion she brought roaring to the surface. “Mmmmmfffff!”

He was shaking and trembling like nothing she had ever felt before. They both shook and throbbed on the small lounge. His cock did get to her throat. She gagged for a moment as his huge pecker slammed into her throat. She lost her fear, though, as he immediately pulled it back into her mouth. Over and over he pumped it at her. He would drive the huge head into her throat, then pull it back. He had the muscles in her throat quivering with new pleasure. It was almost like she had another clit back there.

“Mmmmm!” she murmured. “Oooooo!”

It was a delicious experience. She quivered deliriously as he sucked and blew more wildly into her pussy. She answered with a luscious treatment of his cock. They rolled from side to side on the lounge. Their slurping noises filled the stillness of the evening. Their bodies were afire with the blazing culmination of their passion.

He was about to cum! Ginny knew it. She could feel it in the way his cock was quivering so intensely. He was going to fill her mouth with his cum. No! He was going to shoot it off down her throat! The head of his prick was at the entrance to her throat. She writhed in ecstasy, waiting eagerly to receive his wad. Her pussy was already erupting. He was already sucking and eating her. Now she wanted him!

She got him! Damn, but she got him! His huge wad came boiling out of his cock. She struggled to keep from choking on it. She pulled her face back from his roaring pecker and swallowed his cum, then sucked harder on his raging prick. She sucked him until he began slowing his thrusts. She sucked two, three more swallows of heavy cum. Then she licked the head of his cock to get all of his load. She had him inside her. She had taken his strength, his dynamic power.

The blonde lay back and smiled at Ham. She could still taste his cum on her lips. Her pussy still tingled from his sucking. She felt enveloped in the warm glow of their play. She sighed deeply, content and satisfied.

Hamilton Harris slowly sat up. He staggered up from the lounge and walked to the railing. Ginny watched him retrieve their untouched drinks and come back toward her.

“We need a chaser after that,” he laughed. “Damn, you’re a hell of a little chick. You’re the sweetest suck I ever had.”

“Give me the chaser,” she laughed back, reaching for the drink.

“I wasn’t talking about this,” he told her. “This is just a little refreshment. We’ll have our chaser inside in a few minutes. We’ll have a couple of drinks first. Then, sweetheart, I’ll show you how to top off a good cunt suck.”


“You’re kidding!” the blonde gasped. “You’ve got to be kidding!”

Satin sheets glistened from the bed. The pungent scent of incense rose about the room. Ginny stared at Ham Harris, not able to believe his request. He was serious, though. He was completely serious as he held the string whip out for her. He wanted to be whipped. He wanted her to whip him as a part of their fucking.

“Don’t knock it!” he told her. His eyes sparkled eagerly. His monstrous cock hung limply in front of him now. His smooth, lean body seemed to glow in anticipation.

“I don’t understand,” the girl protested. “How can that make for a better fuck? Besides, I’ll make scars on your body.”

“Not with this, you won’t,” he assured her. “It only feels like it’s cutting into the skin. Really, it doesn’t do any real damage. See?”

He turned about, inviting her to inspect his body. She shook her head in confusion. There were no scars on him. If he usually got this as part of a screw, then he must be right about that. Ginny sighed in resignation and held out her hand. She looked down at the loose-hanging string, not able to comprehend how it could fail to leave scars.

“All right, sweetheart,” he panted as he turned and lay on his stomach across the bed. “Get busy.”

“How hard?” she asked, still hesitant.

“How hard do you want my cock?” he asked her. “Try to imagine yourself getting my bone up by whipping me.”

She lifted her arm and brought the whistling strings down across his ass. She heard the gentle slap of the whip against his flesh. As she lifted back for another blow she saw the soft pink glow that came to his skin. Again she dropped her arm, striking him on the other buttock this time. She whipped him again and again, slowly becoming fascinated at the way his skin responded to the blows.

“My back,” he told her, “work on my back and legs. Keep it up until I’m glowing all over.”

Ginny complied with his wishes. She grew to enjoy each blow. Deep inside her, there was kindled some strange delight in administering the pain. She discovered that it was from excitement, not fatigue, that her breath was getting so rapid. She could feel a tingle in her pussy with each blow. Her nipples had hardened. Her tits were getting swollen from the strange pleasure.

“Yes!” she hissed, striking more viciously at him. “Yes! Yes!”

“Mmmmmmm!” Ham moaned as he writhed beneath her. “Oooooo! Mmmmmmm!”

She kept striking him. She lost all track of time. She became a part of the whip, lashing down at him with sensual pleasure. Her pussy was trembling. She felt her juices begin to trickle down her thighs. Her nipples were hard and burning. The blonde gasped in pleasure as she whipped him over and over. Her mouth hung loose, her body glowing and pulsing with this weird, strange pleasure.

“Yes! Yes!” she hissed, her emotions seething within her. “Yes! Ooooo! Yes!”

“Give it to me, baby!” Ham groaned from the bed. “Harder! Ride me, sweetheart! Ooooo, lovely! That’s lovely! Mmmmm!”

He was shaking vibrantly. His skin was pink and glowing all over his body. She gasped in new pleasure and whipped him, more rapidly. Suddenly he turned onto his back. His cock was immense.

His pecker stood up, hard and pulsing. Ham reached up and grabbed her arm. He pulled her down onto the bed beside him. Ginny was tingling with passion as he wrestled the whip from her. She lay throbbing across the bed as she heard him rise above her.

Then the whip descended. The blonde felt each strand cut into her flesh. She gasped at the stinging force of his blow. Again he brought the whip down onto her. Another part of her back felt the searing pain. He struck across her ass. He brought the whip over her thighs. He whipped her steadily, each vicious stroke sending sharp pain through her.

“Ooooo!” she groaned. “Ooooo! It hurts! Ooooo, that’s driving me wild! Ooooo!”

Her reaction was beginning to change. What had been felt as pain was slowly becoming exciting to her. She began to anticipate each blow, to wonder where it would strike. Her body pulsed and throbbed beneath his whipping. Damn! She had never felt so alive in her life. No part of her wasn’t intensely sensitive. She gasped at the realization. She understood what had aroused him so fiercely. Her body was pounding and pulsing, eager for the next blow. She writhed in total pleasure while he whipped them both into a frenzy.

Then he was on the bed with her. He turned her onto her back and came over her. His cock rose before her eyes, mammoth and anxious. She watched him mouth her, watched him bring his huge meat between her legs.

“God, yes!” she whispered. “Ohhhh, yes! Fuck me! Get all that cock up my cunt and fuck me! Ooooeeee!”

He came after her roughly. He placed the head of his cock against her cunt and drove it into her.

She screamed her delight as he buried his sword to the hilt. Her pussy clamped over the juicy meat. Her tits rolled sensuously before him, inviting his hands to grab at them and caress them wildly. She spread her thighs wide apart. She humped her pussy along the huge shaft, feeling every beat of his pulse along the magnificent tool.

“Now!” he panted. “Now we’re ready to get down to fucking! Ohhh, sweetheart! I want to spend the rest of the night balling away at this lovely body.”

“Please!” she begged him. “Please do it! Fuck me, Ham! Oooooeeeee! Yes! Yes! Like that! Ooooo!”

He had begun pushing his cock at her. He was harder than any man she’d ever had inside her. He was bigger than any man she’d ever had inside her. The blonde’s body leaped about on the bed, surging forward to answer his sensuous fuck.

Ham pulled her knees upward. He pulled her legs fin forward. Ginny wrapped them around his chest and waist. She hunched her ass forward, turning her pussy upward to meet his driving fuck. Her tits rolled luxuriously beneath his hands. She wrapped her arms about his neck and pulled him tighter against herself.

“Mmmmmm!” she sighed happily. “Oooooeeeee! Ride, Ham, ride! Fuck me! Oooooo, feed that cock to me!”

She kissed along his shoulder and neck. She sucked at his firm skin. Then she bit suddenly into his shoulder. Ham jumped at the pain she sent through his body. He shuddered, then fucked her harder, more thoroughly. He kissed along her shoulder, then caught the lobe of an ear between his teeth. He tugged at her ear for a moment. Then he released the lobe and licked her ear.

“So beautiful!” he panted to her. “So soft! So sweet! So lovely!”

“So hot!” she added. “So horny! Oooooeeeee! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me! Ooooo! Feed it to me! Oooooeeeee!”

He dropped his face back to her neck and suddenly bit into her. Ginny leaped about under the new pain. It was such a gorgeous pain. It was such ecstatic agony. She shuddered in delight. Her pussy shimmered from the driving thrusts of his giant cock. Her hands wandered all over his body. She massaged her encouragement to him. He fucked her with deep, demanding thrusts. He held her tightly against himself. Then he lifted his chest enough to let his hands get back at her tits. He thumbed her nipples until she felt that they were really on fire. He cupped her lunging breasts in violent adoration.

“Yes, baby!” he gasped. “Ohhhh, God! You’re wonderful! You’re a magnificent woman! Ohhhh, let’s ride, sweetheart! Lets ride this fuck!”

“I’m with you!” her voice answered hoarsely. “Damn right I’m with you! Fuck me! Mmmmmm! Good cock! Good, juicy cock! Mmmmmm!”

She sucked at his meat with her cunt. She felt her pussy muscles shaking with a thousand spasms. She heard the soft sloshing contact of prick and pussy. Then she felt her climax begin to build. She began to pant with deeper excitement. Her body tingled, then burned. Her emotions soared through her. Every nerve was awake. Every delicious sensation she had ever felt was shooting through her.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned. “Mmmmmm, I’m coming! God! I’m exploding!”

That’s the way she felt. Her orgasm boiled through her. She shuddered horribly. She struggled to get her breath. She felt the room whirling around her. She felt the intense beauty of his cock. She wanted him! She wanted his cum! She wanted to feel his body become as delirious with lust as her own.

“Fuck me!” she begged. “Let it come! Shoot it in me! Ooooo! Please! Please! Oooooo!”

“Ride it, sweetheart!” he told her. “Ride it out! Enjoy the hell out of it! There’s more to come! Ohhhh, yes, sweetheart! I’m just letting my wad keep building!”

She soared into rapture. For a few moments she seemed to lose consciousness in the raging thrill of her passion. She gasped and panted. She whirled and throbbed. She glowed. She burned. She exulted in the fantastic beauty that was inside her.

“Oooooooeeeeeeee!” she screamed in a final, loud cry. Then she felt the slow subsiding of her passion. She lay back and enjoyed the slow warmth of his fucking her. She smiled up at him and parted her lips for his kiss. He was magnificent. Ho had given her the most fantastic orgasm she had ever imagined. He had fucked the hell out of her. Better yet, there was more to come! There was a hell of a lot more to come. Ham was only beginning to rise to his full lust. His cock was just beginning to work on her pussy.

“Lay back there,” he told her. “Take it easy for a minute. Catch your breath. Maybe I’ll catch you on the next one.”

He didn’t, though. He didn’t shoot into her as she went into just as frantic an orgasm. Once more he kept fucking sensuously and expertly while she soared into orbits of pleasure. Once again he caressed her as she lay beneath him, rebuilding her strength. The third time, however, he was with her. Ginny knew it almost all the way. She knew it by the way his cock kept quivering inside her. She felt his mammoth wad build up along the length of his rampaging cock. She felt his chest struggle to control his breath. She was on the brink of her own climax, holding back for just that moment.

“Now!” she cried out. “Now! Ohhh, let it roll! Let it roll! Shoot it to me! Ooooo!”

He did! Damn! His cock roared inside her. Hot cum came pouring from his ecstatic rod, filling her. His semen ran down her legs and over her ass. His cum shot all through her shimmering pussy. He erupted and kept erupting.

“Uhhhhhh!” he moaned loudly. “Uhhhhhhh!”

Ginny couldn’t even moan. She had lost the ability to make a sound. All she could do was lie there, her body totally afire with surging pleasure. She lay helpless, unable to breathe for a moment. She lay helpless, her body yielding to the powerful discharge of his rampant cock. She took his load. She gasped at how much he was pouring into her. She quivered in soaring delirium, then felt as though she were going to faint from the pleasure just past. It was beautiful. It was magnificent.

When she finally opened her eyes he was smiling down at her. He still pumped his empty cock through her pussy. Their organs tingled at the memory of such an unbelievable fuck. He leaned down and kissed her lightly. She squeezed his cock inside her pussy and returned his smile.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “Ohhhh, thank you! Thank you!”

Somewhere she had read that you should compliment a man afterwards. You should let him think he had been something special. She didn’t need to have read it. Ginny was only saying what she felt. It had been a hell of a fuck. She was grateful. She really was.

She watched him as he got up, sending deep spasms of pleasure through her pussy as he slowly withdrew his big pecker. She smiled contentedly as he left the room to get them fresh drinks. He would be back. He would be back to join her on these luscious satin sheets. He would be back for more. No man could walk away from what had just happened. Anyone, man or woman, would have to try some more of that.


Ginny inserted her key in the door and turned the knob. She flipped on the light switch and stepped aside so Sid could go in. As she closed the door behind her she smiled up at the young salesman. She smiled up and stepped into his open arms.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed. “Welcome to my party.”

“Party?” he asked.

“You and me,” she laughed. “Our party. Our celebration. We’ve got a new boss now. Mr. Timms thinks he will be fantastic. He’s got enough money to get Worldwide Properties really moving. Mr. Timms says he’ll be a lot more fun to work for than that stuffy board we used to have.”

“I hope he likes me,” Sid admitted. “I’d sure like to get on the good side of Hamilton Harris.”

He stepped back from her for a minute. His eyes probed into her. He frowned for a moment, then gave a quick smile. No, there was no truth in the rumor, Sid decided. Ginny was far too much of an innocent to have been sleeping around with Hamilton Harris. She was far too inexperienced. It was all just a dirty piece of gossip. He looked down at the lovely girl and cursed himself for thinking that way about her. Ginny might let a man fuck her, but it wouldn’t be for that reason. She’d only screw a man she was in love with. He knew all about girls like Ginny.

“How could he help it?” she asked. “How could he help but like you. I took one look at you and haven’t been able to get you out of my mind. I even get jealous of those girls who have their pictures taken with you.”

Sid stared at her again. Was she telling him something? Did she really feel that way? Damn! If she did, then he just might get into the sweetest pussy in town. He hung his head like he was embarrassed.

“Don’t go playing games like that with me!” Ginny snapped at him. “I know you think I’m just a little country girl. You think I’m not in the league with those rich broads.”

“I didn’t say that!” he protested. “I never have thought that. Look, Ginny, I’m a hot-blooded bastard. I try not to have anything to do with nice girls. I’d have trouble keeping my hands to myself.” He watched her carefully. That approach usually worked with girls like Ginny. If he had judged her correctly, she’d be wanting to show him that she wasn’t quite so frigid and innocent as she appeared.

“You’re sure keeping them to yourself right now,” she whispered to him. “Wouldn’t they be happier if they were exploring my body?”

He laughed. It was working. Damn! In another ten minutes he’d have her in bed. Hot damn! His hands trembled as he pulled her back against himself. He let his hands begin to rove. He felt those gorgeous curves. He caressed those fantastic tits. He cupped that saucy ass. His cock lunged eagerly against her. Ohhh, yes! It had worked! Miss Ginny Mason was about to be seduced. Another innocent young girl was about to be introduced to the ways of the world.

“Mmmmm!” he sighed. “Beautiful, you’d better be careful. I’m a dirty man. I’m an awfully dirty man. And you send terribly dirty thoughts through my head.”

He could feel her nipples getting tight. Yes! She was getting hot. His cock throbbed in anticipation and he let his hand slip between her thighs. If she would give him another minute he’d have her ready. Let him play with her clit for a minute and she’d be as good as fucked.

“Mmmmmm,” Ginny murmured, pretending not to notice his hand feeling up her leg. “Don’t say awful things about yourself.”

Sid caught her pussy. He pressed his hand against her cunt, pushing her panties into the opening. He stroked slowly, lovingly until he could feel her body go limp in his arms. He had her now! She was ready for fucking. He suddenly pushed her roughly from him and walked toward the door.

“I have to leave, Ginny,” he told her. “I can’t trust myself with you. You’re too beautiful and I’m too much in need of a soft, sensitive woman.”

He reached for the door, pausing to give her a chance to call him back. Ginny watched him, a soft smile on her face. She debated letting him go. No, she wouldn’t tease him that way. She began unbuttoning her blouse as she spoke his name.

“Sid,” she said softly, “don’t go. You don’t have to go looking for some hard, cold woman to answer your needs.”

She had her blouse off by the time he turned to her. She dropped it to the floor and unsnapped her bra. The salesman smiled as he watched those voluptuous tits released from confinement. He stepped toward her as she dropped her skirt and slipped out of her hose. He had her in his arms before she could get her panties off. He had her in his arms and followed her lead to the bedroom.

His cock was leaping inside his pants as he stepped through the door. He took her to the bed and smiled down at her while undressing.

“You’re more beautiful than I imagined!” he gasped, telling the truth for once.

He came down beside her. His hands caressed her heaving tits. He leaned down and kissed her tight nipples. He pulled her luscious globes together and kissed across both nipples. Damn, she was sexy! He trembled in his eagerness as he sucked one nipple firmly.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed delightedly.

“Mmmmmm, it feels so nice to be loved like this.” He took her hand and gently led it to his lunging cock. He closed her fingers about his hard meat and showed her how to pump along the shaft. His breath was coming in great gasps as he returned to kissing her tits. One hand went for her pussy, slipping a finger inside to work her clit into ecstasy. Ginny tightened her grip on his cock. She slipped her other hand back into his balls and explored his excited nuts.

“Ooooo,” she moaned lightly. “You make me feel so good. You make me feel like I’m so much woman.”

“You are!” he assured her as he crawled over her. “God, you are!”

She led his cock toward her pussy. She held the tip of his pecker against her cuntlips and clenched her eyes shut like she was afraid he might hurt her. He smiled down at her as he eased his cock into her satin cunt. She clamped her pussy over his pecker and began twisting beneath his slow, deliberate thrusts. He shuddered in pleasure at the feel of her flesh about him. He began driving his cock into her with greater vigor. He wanted to fuck the hell out of her. He wanted to get rough with her, to slam his anxious cock at her soft, yielding pussy. He could wait for that, he reminded himself. First he had to initiate her into fucking. Then he could teach her all about the many ways of finding sensual delight.

Ginny watched him as he proceeded so gently and slowly. She reached down to tease his balls again. Then she lay back and arched her back to thrust her tits against his chest. She rolled her swollen globes against him sensuously. She twisted from side to side, letting her pussy encourage his cock to greater activity.

“Ooooo!” she moaned. “Fuck me! Ooooooeee! Fuck me! Let me feel your stuff! Mmmmmmm!”

Sid answered her plea. He began fucking her with greater ferocity. He drove his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. He grabbed her tits and mashed them roughly on her chest. If she wanted it like this, then she could just hang on. He’d show her how a man of the world fucked.

“I’ll fuck you!” he panted. “I’ll give you a good taste of cock!”

His cock raged at her sweet cunt. Ginny began to tremble with the growth of her passion. This was more like it! Shit, he’d been taking too long. At the rate he was going, they’d be here all night.

“Fuck!” she cried. “Fuck me! Ooooeeeee! Ride me! Ball me! Mmmmm! Oooooeeee!”

Ginny didn’t have all night for the fuck. In two hours there would be a private jet waiting. Hamilton Harris had called this afternoon. He was sending his jet. He promised her a party. He promised her a hell of a party! She had to get finished with Sid Weeks and get to the airport. She was due later tonight in the Bahamas.

“Ride me, sweetheart!” she screamed as Sid’s cock began to shudder. “Fuck me! Yes! Yes! Let me feel it! Ooooeeeee!”

She was tingling in anticipation. Ham always surprised her with something new. He always had some more exciting way to fuck than before. She wanted the salesman to get through with his fuck so she could hurry to meet her boss. She felt like a party. Damn, but she was ready to party!

“Honey, there’s always a party,” Ham had told her. “You’re always a party in yourself. You’re the wildest party I ever threw!”

“Hurry the hell up!” she screamed to Sid. “Fuck me, baby! Blow it into me! Ooooooeeeeeee!”

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