The Taxman and the Muse (MF, spanking)

The evil taxman woke up slowly. He hadn’t slept very well, and he suspected
he knew why. His bed was just too convenient for trysts. It was out of the
way; therefore the participants were unlikely to be interrupted. It was just
the right height. It was sturdy, easily able to hold two bodies. And the lid
was polished and smooth. No splinters.

But they forget, or don’t care that it was HIS bed! He got out of his coffin
and got dressed. He shut the lid and looked at it with a sigh. Yup, someone
had been here. Chocolate syrup spots, and sticky drops. He scraped at one
and raised it to his mouth. Honey.

Not much to narrow down the suspects. Neither Cat, Friday nor Ali was averse
to sweet accoutrements. But then he spotted the feather stuck to one drop of
honey. A soft and iridescent feather. A Muse’s feather. Friday’s feather.

As he cleaned his coffin, he made a decision. If the ladies were going to
use his room for trysts, he was going to have to punish them. Actually, he
should punish the knights too, but that didn’t turn him on.

When he finished oiling the top of his bed, he took the offending feather
and went to find Friday. He finally found her alone in the kitchen, counting
the giant cans of chocolate sauce and barrels of honey.

“Friday!” He roared.

She jumped with a squeal and spun around, her fist between her breasts and
trying to catch her breath. “Para! Shit, you scared me! What’s got you so
pissy this evening?”

He showed her the feather. “Oh goody, thank you! My wings were looking a
little out of sync.” She danced over to take it back but he caught her hand
when she tried to take it.

“I found it on my bed. Stuck in some honey. Honey that I didn’t get to
enjoy. Now, honestly, I don’t mind you or the other Ladies using my bed to
tryst on. But from now on, if you don’t clean up after, I’m going to spank
you. Starting now.”

Friday’s eyes widened in surprise at his words, and she tried to pull away.
But he was strong, and in truth, she didn’t try all that hard. He scooted
one of the chairs away from the table and sat down, then pulled her down and
over his lap.

The little muse was wearing a plaid schoolgirl skirt, a white cotton blouse,
tube socks and black maryjanes. Pretty white panties peeked from under her
skirt, and he’d already noticed she’d neglected her brassiere.

“Friday, I think I’m going to enjoy this,” he said as he tugged her skirt up
to her waist and ran his hand over her cotton-covered bottom.

She looked over her shoulder, pushing her wings out of the way so she could
see his face. “Go ahead, I dare you!”

His hand came down with a firm slap on her bottom, drawing a startled yelp
from the little muse.

“You spanked me! I can’t believe you did that! OW!”

The second blow dropped as she protested.

“Friday, I think this should be a bare-bottomed punishment. Lift up a
little.” When she did, he pulled her panties down around her ankles. He ran
his palm against her silky skin, before delivering another stinging smack to
her cheek. He alternated cheeks and carefully measured his blows. Soon both
cheeks glowed a bright red.

“There, was that bad?” he asked.

“Yes,” she pouted. “I don’t think I like you anymore.”

“Well, I can’t have that, sweet Friday. Let me try to change your mind.”
With that, he tossed her over his shoulder. As she protested, he walked
around the kitchen, opening the fridge and gathering things she couldn’t
see. Then he carried her to her room, her panties still around her ankles
and her bright red bottom visible to anyone that happened by.

Kicking the door shut behind them, he lay her face down on her bed. “Now,
the first thing to do is cool the burning.” He hiked her skirt up again and
leaned over her. She could feel his cool breath against her hot skin, then
she felt something cold stroke her bottom.

It took her a moment to realize it was his tongue, and that he had ice in
his mouth. But it was certainly easing the heat of her spanking. At least on
her skin.

He took the opportunity to spread her legs apart and licked the backs of her
thighs. As he kissed the insides of her knees, he looked up admiringly at
the junction of her legs. He was a bit surprised to see her labia
dew-touched, but decided it was an encouraging sight. Crunching the last of
the ice, he kissed up the insides of her thighs.

“OH!” she cried as his mouth caressed her sex for the first time. “No fair!
How do you expect me to stay,” she gasped, “angry at you when you do this?”

He ran his tongue between her labia, making her squirm, before answering.
“Friday, dear, that is the whole point. I don’t want you angry with me. I
want you happy and relaxed.”

He moved back from between her legs and sat up. He then lifted her into a
kneeling position. Sometime during his ministrations, he’d escaped the
confines of his trousers, and his erection was eager for use.

As she knelt before him, he leaned over her and unbuttoned her blouse,
cupping her breasts in his hands and rubbing his palms against her nipples.
“Umm, you know I love to have my titties played with!”

“I know, and they are magnificent titties to play with.” He began to pinch
and tug lightly on her nipples. She responded with a happy sigh. He let one
of her breasts go and took hold of his cock, and began rubbing the tip
against the opening of her sex.

“No. I am still angry with you. You can’t have me. Hey! I didn’t tell you to
stop playing with my nipple!”

He chuckled and obediently began to roll her nipple between his thumb and
forefinger again. But he also continued to rub his cockhead against her sex,
rubbing it between her labia and stroking his pisshole over her clit. He
could feel her responding as her sex got moister and she began to press back
against him.

“Oh shit, Para, FUCK ME!” With those words, he slowly sank his cock into her
pussy and began to stroke. When he was firmly buried in her tight slit, he
reached up and began to play with her clit. Her wings began to move on her
back, spreading and closing with each stroke of his cock inside her damp

Friday began to grind her pussy upon his shaft, twisting on the flesh buried
within her. Knowing he would hold her up, she reached between her legs and
took his hand in hers, showing him exactly how to touch her. It wasn’t long
before the shaft buried inside her and the two hands playing against her
clit drove her to the edge of climax.

Suddenly he slammed his shaft deep inside her. She could feel it throb
within her, and the juices splashing across her womb. Almost immediately,
her muscles began to spasm and milk the surging cock inside her.

As she came, she felt the mildly painful pricking of his fangs at the base
of her wings, and felt him suckling on the wound. At last, they collapsed on
her bed, facing each other. “God, Para, that was wonderful! And my bum
doesn’t hurt anymore. Hey, since you bit me, does that mean I’m a vampire
now, too?”

“Of course,” he answered.

“Oh goody!!” After wiping her pussy with some Kleenex, she pulled her
panties up and buttoned her blouse. She smiled down at the Taxman. ” I’m
sorry I left a mess on your coffin. I’ll try to be more considerate in the
future. But now I’m going to go find Arty. He’s been naughty again, and I
think it’s time he learned what an angry vampire muse can do!”

As Para lay back on her bed he chuckled to himself as he heard Friday
calling softly; “Oh Arty!!”