The Trysts of Felicia and Frank – Helpless For Pleasure

For a couple of months, Felicia and Frank had made love at least once
a week or so; they slowly gained trust in each other for more and more
in the way of power exchanges, to the point where they decided to try
one of their two heaviest kinks.

Laying on a soft bed together, Frank asked Felicia, “How long should I
keep you tied at first?”

“Let’s start for an hour, then you can ungag me and I’ll tell you what
I think,” she responded.

With that, he slowly slipped all of her clothes off, then his, and
kissed her deeply for several minutes in a tight embrace. He then
quickly slipped the blindfold over her eyes, put the earplugs in,
gagged her, and put the hood on her.

He hugged her again, and then secured one limb to each bedpost, until
she was completely helpless; as a finishing touch, he put headphones
over her ears, and turned the radio on.

Her heart beat like a drum as he looked her over; as did hers, as she
anticipated what her playmate might do next. Her girl flower began to
glisten with wetness; his manhood dripped with pre, as he looked at
her spread womanhood.

Although he wanted to just jump on Felicia and ravish her, he resisted
the urge, and went to get a shot of rum – he wanted to make her wait,
to intensify things.

When he got back to the bedroom, he saw Felicia’s flower sopping wet;
now, he decided, was the time.

Climbing onto the bed with her, Frank slid two fingers into his
helpless playmate’s girl hole; curling them up toward the front, he
probed for Felicia’s g-spot, watching her hip movements to see if he
could tell when he’d gotten the right spot.

He wasn’t sure, so he kissed the girl’s clit package, sucking it a
little. Felicia wiggled her hips in pleasure.


~<3 2. ~<3

Even though it hadn’t been an hour, Frank had an idea – but he needed
to ask Felicia about it; undoing enough of the face mask for her to
speak, he asked, “How did you like it?”

“I loved it!”

“I need to ask you something.”


“I want to try some stuff – stuff I think you’ll like. But I’ll need
to keep you tied up for a while.”

“How long?”

“I’m not sure… can I just keep you tied till it’s done.”

Felicia blushed. “Okay.”

After redoing her face gear, he did something quite odd – he left to
go do other things, and to leave her anticipating.

The hours slowly ticked away: Four, five, six hours.

Seven hours later, he came back in with a new toy – a jackrabbit. He
sneaked up on Felicia, and gently ran the tip over her flower.

Felicia was surprised; while she kind of liked the anticipation thing,
she was glad he was back.

She thought this was an ordinary vibrator – until Frank pushed it deep
inside of her, and she felt the second prong hug her clit.

He turned it up high, torturing the woman with pleasure; he watched
her hips tremble and finally shake, her muffled moans leaking through
the ball gag.

Frank waited a couple minutes, his hand gently petting Felicia’s tummy
to let her know he was still there.

Then, he suddenly turned the vibe on max, and pressed it flat agains
the length of Felicia’s soft flower. He leaned on her, putting his
weight on her hips, making it hard for her to even move that… so she
can’t push toward nor pull away from the vibe.

From her muffled moans and tension, he could tell she climaxed again;
he didn’t let up, though. He kept it there, causing her to have a
third… a fourth… a fifth orgasm.

He let up for a bit, and realized she was trembling and shaking
continuously from having so much pleasure.

He decided that his sweet Felicia had had enough for the day, and
undid her bindings.

Frank brought her a six-pack of cold soda, and cuddled her gently,
comforting the trembling girl; finally, he asked, “How was it?”

She sipped the drink, and said, “I want to do it again yesterday,”
followed by sweet giggles.

You must be hungry; let’s get you cleaned up and dressed, and I’ll
take you to get anything you like.