The Willing Secretary

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today, considering the pressures and frequent monotony of modern society.

The majority of today’s men and women live in an overcrowded, competitive, noisy world. Most are put into slots and walk on a treadmill — going to boring jobs, living in carbon-copy houses, socializing with the same people. Their desperation is reflected in the rising rate of divorce, alcoholism, drug addiction, and at times is frighteningly released through violent and seemingly unmotivated crime.

The fictional characters in THE WILLING SECRETARY are desperate people, like their real life counterparts. Bored, frustrated, unhappy, they seize at the first opportunity for release. In their need, they cast aside morals and scruples, determined to five only for the moment, to grab at pleasure before it is taken away.

THE WILLING SECRETARY is a novel about the “quiet desperation” in so many of us — and the extremes to which it may drive us.


“Oh, fucking Christ! I’m gonna come!”

Eric Stafford grabbed the armrests of his desk chair and screamed. He spread his legs farther apart to allow Becky Morris more room to suck on his hot cock.

“Eat it! Faster! Squeeze my balls!”

She reached in to caress his taut ball-sac, digging her red fingernails into the rough hairy skin surrounding his balls. Her mouth worked furiously around his throbbing cock. Great strands of spit leaked from around her slurping lips, spilling across her chin and onto Eric’s balls. She kneaded the warm sac with her practiced hand.

Becky slurped and, sucked as he moved his asscheeks faster and faster, slapping them up and down against his leather chair as he tried to mouth fuck her as deeply as possible.

“This is it, baby! I’m gonna shoot my wad into your guts! Keep on sucking. Yeah!”

Becky scraped her fingernails along the sensitive strip of hairy skin between his balls and his asshole. All the while, she maintained a tremendous suction on Eric’s hot cock-shaft, feeling his hot plum of a cockhead pound deep into her throat.

She could feel the pressure building in the little tube behind Eric’s balls. Sensing the tiny spasms that signaled Eric’s impending blast-off, Becky tried all the harder to make him come. She compressed her lips along the whole length of his prick, moving from the bumpy skin near his pulsating balls, along the smoother skin that covered his bulging veins, to the velvety crimson skin of his now-bursting cockhead.

Faster and faster she sucked, pistoning her face in his crotch. His hairy thighs were covered with saliva and pre-cum. His crotch was hot and wet, and she kept splashing against it.

“Get it, baby!” he shouted. “Work it! Work it!”

Becky clasped his hot slippery balls in her hands.

She could feel the beginnings of a super orgasm surging through Eric’s cock. Grinding her knees into the soft carpet, she braced herself for Eric’s load.

He grabbed her head and pulled it down violently. At the same time, he thrust his prick as far back into her greedy throat as he could force it. His wet matted pubic hairs curled around Becky’s nose. She savored the heady aroma of his crotch, anticipating the rush of his hot cum.

“Yeah, here it is, bitch! It’s all yours! Aaaarrrggghhh!”

Sizzling spurts of white jism boiled into her throat. She tried to swallow the spewing cum, but there was just too much! It came gushing down her throat, and gob’s of it leaked out her mouth and nose.

Eric continued pumping. Silky strands of jism and spit dangled from his thighs and Becky’s chin. She kept her lips tight around his cock, until it grew limp and Eric’s fucking strokes became shallower and shallower.

He leaned back in his chair, gently caressing Becky’s hair.

“All right, baby. You really know how to bring a guy off.”

She tried to show her appreciation by licking his shrinking cock clean. Becky looked up and smiled, her cheeks glistening with cock-juices.

Eric sighed and smiled back. “You’ve got the job,” he said.

“Great!” she said, clapping her hands together. “When do I start?”

“You just did.”

In an adjoining room, behind a wall panel, Eric had a modest bedroom. It was complete with a small mirrored bar and a cozy circular bed. Becky was back there, cleaning up in the bathroom. She was thinking about her first day on the job. So far, she had no complaints.

One thing she really liked about her new boss — aside from the fact that he had a delicious big cock — was his style. Sure, she had worked for lawyers before, and basically they were a bunch of assholes. But Eric seemed different.

Smacking her lips, savoring the last taste of Eric’s salty cum, she decided this was going to be a great job. Pulling a big soft towel off the rack and grabbing a warm wet washcloth, Becky walked back into Eric’s office.

He was still sprawled behind his desk, enjoying the calm that follows a good orgasm. When Eric heard Becky approaching, treading softly across the carpet on her dainty bare feet, he turned around in his chair to face her.

Becky had wrapped, herself in a thick orange terrycloth towel. The towel was barely large enough to cover her tremendous tits and her fantastic ass. Her sensuality fairly spilled out.

For a moment, she thought how strange this all was. Just minutes ago, she had given Eric a juicy blow-job, and now she was parading around in a towel as if she were back home at her apartment. She hardly knew this man, yet she was behaving as if they were long-time lovers.

Stopping in front of Eric, close enough to feel a special warmth pass between them, she looked into his relaxed eyes. It was then she understood. What was happening was so natural, it seemed unnatural.

Still, it would take her some time to get used to it.

She handed Eric a washcloth and towel. “Will there be anything else, Mr. Stafford?” she said, imitating the perfect secretary.

Eric smiled at her, and they both laughed at her joke. Sure, it would take some time to get used to this, she thought. But not a long time — not a long time at all!

A tingling sensation began in her pussy and spread warmly through Becky’s belly as she watched Eric clean the syrupy sauces from his cock and balls. He looked peaceful and relaxed.

But suddenly Becky began feeling on edge. She felt as if she had started something — by sucking Eric off — that had yet to be finished.

“You look like something’s wrong,” Eric said, tossing the washcloth onto his desk.

Becky bit her lip as the warmth coursed through her jutting tits.

“Oh… no, it’s nothing. I just…”

“Just what?”

Since Eric was so relaxed, it made Becky feel better. She felt like she could open up to him and tell him things she would normally have trouble telling any other man.

“It’s just that I feel kinda funny… you know… about sex and stuff.”

He shook his head in astonishment. “Well, you could have fooled me. You sucked my cock like you’ve been doing it all your life!”

Becky was suddenly embarrassed. After a brief silence, she said: “That’s because I have.”

“I don’t quite understand,” he said.

“Well, I grew up in this small town… on a farm… just me and my mom. I didn’t have a father… he died when I was a baby… and it was pretty tough.”

Eric’s cock began stirring back to life. He tried to hide it under the edge of his desk.

“I’ll bet it was tough,” he said, studying her superbly rounded tits.

“And we used to have men out at the place all the time. Mom used to enjoy all the attention.”

Eric nodded, urging Becky to continue.

“But I just didn’t want to be bothered all the time by all those strange men and boys,” she said.

“You know, they were just after… well… you know… they were all after one thing.”

Becky adjusted her towel, tightening it around her giant tits. Eric’s eyes bulged out as he watched her juicy jugs heave and jiggle under the soft orange fabric.

“So I just had to do something to keep these guys at arm’s length,” Becky continued. “At first they were happy if I just… well… played with them… by hand. But that wasn’t enough. Then one guy, a friend of my mom’s, taught me how to… you know… use my mouth.”

Eric slowly reached under the desk and began rubbing the growing hardness of his prick. Her innocent manner was really turning him on!

“So I guess the word got around and guys were coming over to the house all the time. My mom even got mad at me one time… told me I was stealing all her men.” Becky blushed and looked away. “But I shouldn’t be telling you all this.”

Eric squeezed his cock and rolled his eyes up. “On the contrary,” he said, falling into his lawyer role as he tried to contain the growing desire in his balls, “since we’ll be working together, I think it’s important for us to talk like this. You know… to try and get to know each other better.”

Becky smiled with relief. Here I am, she thought, standing here dressed in nothing but this towel! Even so, I can’t help but feel I can trust this man.

“I think you’re right,” she said.

“So tell me more about your home life.”

Becky smiled, gently licking her upper lip with her red tongue.

“Anyway, my mom got mad at me, but I tried to explain to her. I started put just trying to keep these guys at bay. I liked them, but I didn’t like them that much… you know, to give them everything… so I just kissed their… their cocks… you know.”

“I understand,” Eric said. “It just seemed natural to you.”

“That’s right. But I feel like you know all about me already.”

Becky realized that her nipples were hard and tingling. The reassuring face of her new boss, along with those not-too-distant memories of her small town boyfriends, worked together to intensify that strange yearning she had felt earlier. She found herself gently caressing her tits as she drifted in thought for a moment.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said. Noticing that Eric was staring intently at her while she rubbed her tits, Becky quickly clasped her hands behind her back.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed,” he said. “There’s a lots of things we think are wrong to do that are actually perfectly all right.”

Becky was relieved Eric thought this way, because the sensation that began in her cunt was growing stronger and stronger, filling her with ever-increasing waves of pleasure. And she didn’t want it to stop!

She slowly moved her hands up to her hips, wanting more than anything to grab her tits and rub her nipples. Eric watched her trembling arms, studying her heaving tits. Dribbles of pre-cum leaked from the rosy tip of his cock. He squeezed the base of his prick, and the flow of pre-cum increased.

“Please,” he said, “feel free to do anything you want.”

Becky couldn’t hold herself back any longer. She didn’t know what it was that caused her to reach up and stroke her hot tits. She worked the nipples back and forth with abandon, relishing the feel of the soft terrycloth against her flesh. Maybe it was the memory of sucking all that cock back home. Or maybe it was the pleading edge in Eric’s voice.

But whatever it was, it didn’t matter. She just had to do something about the flames that were heating up her cunt.

The frenzied motion of her hands grinding her heaving tits caused the towel to come free. She let it fall to the floor. Her pussy-hair was revealed — a beautiful tuft of curly blonde hair. Becky continued kneading her soft tits, spreading her legs a bit as she felt her cunt beginning to get wet.

Pushing back his chair, Eric jumped up onto his desk. He thrust out his huge cock, waving the blood-swollen cockhead in Becky’s face.

She stopped stroking her nipples to stare wide eyed at Eric’s bloated prick. It seemed even larger than it had when she had sucked it! Her pussy was getting sloppy-wet now as she stared up at Eric’s hot cock.

“Are you ready for this, bitch?”

Even though Becky’s pussy was burning with unquenched desire, she didn’t want to take all of Eric’s massive, throbbing cockmeat into her cunt.

“I said, are you ready for my cock?”

“No, please. I never… no… please!” Becky moved her hands down to cover her cunt, and her fingers were soon soaked with hot pussyjuice. Her thumb brushed her quivering clit, sending hot shivers up and down her body.

“You’re gonna love your first fuck,” Eric said from atop his desk. “But first, I’m gonna suck your pussy until your head spins!”

With that, Eric leaped down and stood before Becky, reaching out to gently touch her rosy-tipped tits. She moaned, feeling his cocktip pulsing against her satin-smooth belly.

He sucked one of her taut nipples into his mouth, running his tongue fiercely around her bumpy areola. His hands cupped her soft titflesh.

“Ohhh, that feels so good. But don’t fuck me. Please, don’t fuck me!”

“Relax, honey. Give me a taste of that sweet pussy!”

Eric dropped slowly to his knees, dragging his fiery tongue down along her cleavage, across her belly, and into the soft fluffy fringe of her cunthair.

Becky quivered with delight as his tongue seemed to trigger little explosions in her nerves as it slipped toward her juicy cuntlips.

Eric reached in and parted the wet flaps, burying his tongue inside her hot cunt. He licked the wet walls of her pussy-tunnel and swallowed every drop of her cuntjuice.

“Yeah, that’s nice. Now, do my clit! Suck my fucking clit!”

Eric flipped his tongue rapidly back and forth, causing waves of ecstasy that threatened to burst her bubbling pussy! Then he opened his mouth wide, thrusting it against her cunt, burying his face between her legs, giving her a wet cuntal soul-kiss.

“Ohhh, so good. Suck me deeper! Oh, make me come! Aiiieeee!”

Her hips spasmed against his head, rocking back and forth faster and faster. He gripped her asscheeks, digging his fingers into her succulent flesh, holding himself fast against the steaming mouth of her cunt.

Eric’s cock rubbed against her leg, spreading juicy streams of pre-cum with each throb.

“I’m there! Yeah… oh, you did it! So good! I’m commming!”

Becky blasted wave after wave of hot pussy-cum into his hungry face. Eric lapped up as much as he could, biting her puffy pink pussy-flaps. She grabbed the back of his head and held him fast against her creaming cunt — until her orgasm was finished and she had blasted every ounce of her pussy-juice into his eager mouth!

Eric rose up and gently pushed Becky back down onto the plush rug as she moaned contentedly. Eric knelt before her, staring at the pink, wrinkled lips of her pussy. He gave his cock a preliminary teasing stroke.

“This is it, baby. I’m really gonna plow up that sweet pussy!”

Becky groaned. Her face was sweaty and her hair was stuck to her forehead. She rolled her red tongue across her full lips. She groaned again, still immersed in post-orgasmic bliss.

Eric paused to enjoy her writhing and murmuring. But his enjoyment was cut short by a sharp knock on his office door.


“What’s wrong, honey?” Becky cooed. Eric took his hand from his throbbing cock to check his watch. “I forgot. I had an appointment with a client ten minutes ago.”

A voice boomed out from the other side of the frosted glass door. “Hey, how about opening up in there? I ain’t got all day!”

“Who is that?” Becky asked, dreamily rubbing her fingers across her soaked cuntlips.

“Paul Reed. He’s a special client of mine.”

Becky sat up, suddenly surprised. “You mean Paul Reed, the football star?”

“That’s the one,” Eric said, looking around for his clothes.

Becky was somewhat of a sports fan, having sat in front of the TV set oh many a Sunday afternoon back home, entertaining her many suitors. Paul Reed was one of her favorite players. And she knew all about his reputation — both on the field and off. She also knew that if there was ever someone Eric shouldn’t keep waiting, it was Paul Reed.

Paul was a star defensive lineman. He could have easily burst into the room, ramming his body through the door. And Becky wouldn’t put it past him! After all, Paul was known for doing the unexpected. He still had to answer to the league commissioner for his escapade last year with a squad of a visiting team’s cheerleaders.

“Ah, just a minute, Paul,” Eric called out. “I’ll be right with you.”

“Whaddaya doing in there, anyway? Knocking off a piece of ass?” Paul laughed and stamped his foot.

Eric hurriedly struggled to button his shirt and pants. “Come on, baby. Why don’t you take a little nap in the other room? You’re had a busy day today.”

Eric tried to tie his tie and help Becky up at the same time. She kept moaning and tried to cuddle up to him, sucking on a cunt-juice-soaked finger as he struggled to bring her to her feet.

Becky often had fantasies about football stars. In fact, back home she used to pretend she was blowing her favorite players when she sucked off her boyfriends.

“Come on. Can’t I meet him?” she asked. “Not yet. This is really important. Private stuff.”

Eric just about dragged Becky into the adjoining room. He quickly closed the wall panel and rushed across the office, checking his slacks at the last minute for tell-tale cum-stains.

Out of breath, Eric opened the door for the big football player. Becky was pressed against the wall, out of sight, straining to hear everything they said.

“Sorry to bother you, Counselor,” Paul said sarcastically.

“Oh, that’s okay. I was on the phone. Long distance. I had a little trouble making the connection.”

Becky laughed from her hiding spot, her big tits jiggling.

Eric quickly retreated behind his desk. He still had an aching hard-on!

“That’s cool,” Paul said, sitting down. “So tell me, how are things going with my case?”

“Not too bad. I think we’ll be able to get you the contract you want. You made a smart move turning free agent this season.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” Paul said, smiling.

Suddenly the big man looked around the room. His nostrils flared as he sniffed, inhaling deeply.

“Have you started using a new room deodorizer? It smells like fuck in here.”

“Here, let me open a window,” said Eric.

When Becky heard Eric get up, she laughed again. Pussy-juice was still running freely down her legs. Despite the momentary humor she found in the situation, a nagging itch still gnawed at her cunt.

“And you are looking a little bushed,” Paul said to Eric. “I could just swear I caught you fucking.”

“Yes, well… about your contract.”

Eric sat back down and looked furtively through his desk drawers. He pulled out a stack of papers and shuffled through them.

“I could just swear,” continued Paul, “except for the fact that I know you so well. I know you ain’t had any pussy since pussy had you!”

Paul slapped his huge thighs, thoroughly enjoying his joke. But his laughter was interrupted. He stopped short upon noticing part of an orange terrycloth bath towel sticking out of the woodwork.

Eric realized what Paul had seen and lowered his head into his hands, his elbows planted against his desk blotter.

“Now, let me guess,” said Paul. “It’s a new work of art. Some of that there modern art, that’s what it is. And it’s been soaked in the finest French pussy-sauce for that special touch. I bet it’s an original, too. It must have cost you plenty.”

Paul stood and walked over to the wall. He bent over and reached for the end of the towel. Becky shivered expectantly, knowing that only a thin piece of wood separated her naked body from the sexy football player.

Just then the wall panel opened, smacking Paul in the face. He was about to curse, but restrained himself when he found himself staring at a pair of perfectly manicured female feet.

Paul raised himself slowly, ogling the smooth silky legs that guided his eyes up until he was staring at a fluffy patch of blonde cunt-hair.

“I believe you dropped something, ma’am,” Paul said.

Becky laughed seductively. She tried to cover her immense tits with her hands and arms. But it was no use. Her tits were so big, Paul was still treated to a magnificent eyeful!

Becky felt her cunt growing hot and wet, just at the sight of the big man. She licked her lips and smiled at him. But she also noticed Eric behind his desk, shaking his head sadly. She assumed something was wrong. Eric’s was a small law firm and landing the Paul Reed account had probably been a real coup. Paul was a big name, known by rabid fans all over the country. And hiring a lawyer who spent more time in cunt than in court, wouldn’t rate too high in Paul’s book, Becky surmised. Especially since Paul was still trying to pacify the commissioner after that mess with those cheerleaders.

So she figured that Eric thought the ballgame was over.

“Mr. Paul Reed,” Eric said resignedly. “I’d like you to meet my new secretary, Rebecca Morris.”

“The pleasure’s all mine, Miss,” said Paul. He smiled and held out his hand.

Becky smiled back and grasped his hand, stroking his big index finger like she was caressing a bone-hard cock.

“I’m pleased to meet you,” she said. Reaching down to retrieve the towel, Paul sneaked a quick look at Becky’s pussy. Her legs were spread a little wider now, and he could see dried-up juices encrusted on her outer cuntlips. Paul inhaled deeply, savoring the musky smell of her pussy.

Becky was still high from the orgasm Eric had just given her. But even though she had reached one level of satisfaction, she sensed that somehow she was just beginning.

Paul stood in front of her as she wrapped the towel around herself. He stood so close that she could feel his warm breath streaming across the tops of her big tits.

Eric awkwardly broke the silence. “Rebecca was helping me with an important case… a rape case… and I needed to do some special… research.”

Becky laughed, then smiled at Paul. He smiled back and led her to the couch against the far wall of the office.

“Is that right?” said Paul, sitting down very close to the secretary. “Well, maybe she can do some research for my case, too!”

Becky laughed again and playfully patted Paul on his solid bicep. She could feel that welcome warmth returning to her cunt, spreading up through her belly.

“I’m not sure you understand,” said Eric, suddenly rising. He paced back and forth in front of his window. “You see, your case is an entirely different matter.”

Paul laughed boisterously, putting a brawny arm around Becky’s lightly freckled shoulders and pulling her close to him. “Save it for the judge.”

Becky showed her appreciation of Paul’s sense of humor by tapping his thigh. Feeling a sudden jolt of heat pass between them, she left her hand there. As she held his leg tighter, she watched his cock grow beneath the tight-fitting material of his pants.

Even though Paul’s cock was only semihard — and still growing — Becky could tell it was much bigger than Eric’s prick!

She wanted to reach out and touch it — to stroke it and squeeze it. But something held her back. Even though those waves of warm anticipation were flooding through her again, she held back.

But hadn’t that happened before, with Eric? Didn’t she try not to give in to her impulses? And didn’t she finally do just that — give in? And hadn’t it been more than worth it — having Eric suck her slippery clit until she blasted-off in his face?

Paul held her tighter and she grabbed his cock. She could feel Paul’s hard cockmeat flinch as she rolled the flat of her hand across his prick. Without a moment’s hesitation, she reached for his zipper and yanked it down. She dug, through the silky fabric of his briefs, trying to pull out his throbbing cock.

Paul groaned as Becky tried to force his giant prick through the small opening in his pants. He unsnapped the waistband of his trousers and expertly peeled his pants down to his ankles.

“There we go, honey. Now you got some room to work out!”

Paul’s cock flipped up and smacked against his chest as Becky finally freed his prick from the restraining shorts. The cockhead was cherry-red and looked delicious!

Becky desperately wanted to give it a good sucking, but she was afraid Paul’s huge cock wouldn’t fit all the way into her throat!

Eric continued pacing, still muttering about Paul’s case. “You see, in order to secure your contract we don’t present any evidence. We don’t try and prove you innocent.”

Paul rocked his hips, fucking into the grip of Becky’s tightly squeezing hand.

“That’s all the evidence you’re going to need,” Paul said, thrusting his bloated cockmeat in the direction of Becky’s eager face.

She squeezed Paul’s aching cock and gently jacked him off. She pushed his loose foreskin up until it almost covered the top of his prick-head. Then she rolled the skin back down, exposing the sensitive cockflesh just below the shiny pink ridge of his hot knob.

Bending over, Becky flicked the tip of her tongue into the slippery gash in Paul’s cocktip, enjoying the first salty droplets of pre-cum.

“Yeah, baby. Do it! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!”

Hunching up into his lap, she nestled his cock between her big creamy tits. She worked his cock in her cleavage, savoring the feel of his velvety cockflesh against her sensitive tits. His balls banged mightily against her belly each time he thrust upward.

Eric looked lip from his pacing at the scene taking place on his couch. He slapped his forehead in disbelief. Then he blew a farewell kiss toward his law school diploma hanging on the wall. Sitting down in disgust, he buried his head in his hands.

But his cock was starting to get hard again!

Now Becky was kneeling in front of Paul, preparing to suck his cock. She cupped his balls in her hand while teasing the head of his prick with her passionate tongue.

Paul moaned, clenching the couch cushions with his powerful hands until he ripped the fabric. His fingers slipped into the couch stuffing just as Becky lowered her thrillingly hot lips and mouth down around his cockshaft!

She was overwhelmed by the feel of his pulsating veins and throbbing cum-tube rubbing across her hot lips.

“Ohhh, you fucking cunt! Suck it! Suck it faster!”

Becky was more than happy to oblige, pumping her head up and down, faster and faster. Hot juices leaked from her mouth, mingling with the first jets of Paul’s pre-cum until his entire cockshaft was glistening brightly. She slurped and sucked furiously.

Paul’s balls slipped up close to his prickshaft. The skin of his ball-sac grew hard and tight. Becky scraped her red fingernails across the firm skin of his balls, swirling her fingers in his curly brown pubic hair. He rocked his hips frantically, smacking his blazing cocktip again and again against the back of Becky’s throat.

She was afraid of gagging. But she knew that since Paul was so close to shooting off that anything she did other than suck as hard as she could would spoil his blast-off. So she tried to take in as much of Paul’s raging cock as she could, tilting her head back to line up her throat with the front of her mouth.

Paul groaned with utter satisfaction as he felt four more inches of his cock slip deep into Becky’s obliging face.

“Aaaaanggghhh! Fuck it like a cunt, bitch! Like a tight cunt!”

Eric looked up, rescued from his depressing thoughts by Paul’s frenzied groans. As Eric slowly opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Becky’s big white asscheeks. Her ass was moving back and forth in rhythm to her bobbing head. Eric’s eyes latched onto the puffed-up mound of her cunt. Drops of cunt-sauce were spilling out of her red pussy-hole. Her tiny puckered asshole was shiny with juice.

Eric needed no further invitation than the sight of Becky’s soaked pussy-slit. He tore off his clothes and hurdled across the desk again, his hard prick slapping against his belly.

Eric crawled across the carpet until he was directly behind Becky’s bobbing and weaving asscheeks. He gripped them firmly and guided his eager prick into her well-lubricated cunt. The feel of her hot pussy against his cocktip caused him to howl with delight.

Becky felt Eric’s cock nudging against her virgin pussy. She tried to move aside, but her cunt was too slippery and Eric was in too far. With one mighty thrust, he broke through and was all the way inside her. His balls slapped up against her thighs and his fingers dug into her twitching hips. Tears of pain ran down her face and onto Paul’s cockshaft. It felt like Eric had just plunged a burning spear into her pussy! She moaned in agony. But she couldn’t stop sucking because Paul was about to come.

Her moans of distress only served to excite Paul further. The combination of her tight sucking mouth and her stifled whimpering drove him closer and closer to emptying his swelling, cum-filled balls.

As Eric continued fucking her from behind, the pain began to ease. Soon, the waves of desire Becky had thrilled to earlier returned. The harder Eric fucked her, the more her pleasure grew. She tried to answer his powerful thrusts now, moving her ass back against him, meeting each one of his urgent lunges.

As the fucking and sucking grew more intense, Becky found herself controlling the pleasure of the two delirious men. Each time she swallowed Paul’s giant cock, Becky fucked her ass back to meet Eric’s strokes. Up and down, back and forth, she fucked and sucked the two cocks in perfect rhythm.

The anticipation of two creamy, delicious loads of cum exploding into her sweaty, writhing body sent surges of ecstasy through her. Her cunt-flaps squished each time Eric’s balls smacked into her pussy. Her mouth slapped against the juices splattering across Paul’s lap.

“Ohhhh, baby! I’m coming! Yeah, this is it! Aaaaahhhhh!”

Hot spurts of cum splashed deep into Becky’s throat as Paul started shooting his wad. His cock twitched and spumed in her boiling mouth. She sucked even harder, sucking in her cheeks until she thought her skin would split, trying to milk every last drop of hot spunk from Paul’s spewing cock.

As Becky’s mouth filled to the brim with creamy cum, Eric pistoned his cock into her cunt, furiously. Paul’s cum bubbled from her lips as Eric began launching bursts of hot jism into her sweet cunt.

“You little bitch! Here it comes! Yeah, right up your tight cunt. Yaaaggghhhh!”

“Oh, do it!” she shrieked. “Fuck me! Cook me alive with your fucking hot cunt!”

The instant Eric’s cum hit her hot pussy-walls, Becky began bucking and quivering as her orgasm racked her impaled body. She felt as if her whole insides were soaked in blisteringly hot juices. She felt as if she were immersed in a seething sea of flaming cum-sauce. She felt as if she were floating away as her hips jerked and trembled out of control.

“Ohhhh! Aiiieeeee! I’m coming so fucking good!” she wailed at the top of her lungs.

With one final, mighty hunch, Becky collapsed in a heap, sighing and hissing and steaming, sweating like a pig. The two limp, slippery cocks popped out of Becky’s mouth and, cunt at almost the same time. Eric fell across her back, exhausted. Paul collapsed against the couch. His hands were covered with the couch stuffing he had ripped up in his frenzy.

“So… what do you think… about your case… now?” panted Eric.

Paul laughed and gently stroked Becky’s hand, pulling strands of sweat-soaked hair away from her eyes.

“I’m glad you’re my lawyer,” Paul smiled. “Because you took my case… all the way… to the Supreme Cunt!”

Becky flopped down contentedly, her body slick and coated with sweat and cum. Her pussy throbbed with pleasurable echoes of the furious pumping Eric had just given her. She wanted nothing more than to lie there, inhaling the musky smells of frantic three-way fucking, and enjoy the warm afterglow.


Becky was relieved — in more ways than one. It seemed that Eric’s account with Paul Reed was sound. And his choice to hire her on as his personal secretary was proving to be a very wise decision. She knew she was going to be a great help to him in the near future.

After he regained some of his energy, Eric nudged Becky. She was lying comfortably, cuddled up between Paul’s legs.

“Ah, Becky? Why don’t you go in and take a quick shower? Paul and I have some important business to discuss. And then this afternoon there’ll be some things for you to do.”

Becky felt a tingle in her cunt. She smiled back at Eric, running a hand across her big tits.

“No, no, there’ll be plenty of time for that later,” said Eric. “I didn’t hire you just to…”

Paul and Becky laughed as Eric blushed. Becky reached over and gently caressed Paul’s soft cock.

“I’ll believe that when I see it,” she said.

Giving Paul’s pecker a farewell kiss, Becky got up and walked toward Eric’s private bathroom. Her cunt sloshed as she walked, rivulets of cum and pussy-juice streaming down the insides of her thighs.

Paul and Eric slowly gathered themselves together, and then Paul took a chair in front of Eric’s desk. He rested his huge hands on his knees and sighed deeply.

“I’ll have to hand it to you, Eric old boy. Chicks have given me blowjobs and chicks have given me blowjobs — if you know what I mean. But that chick of yours! Whoa, I’m telling you! I thought I was going to come so hard that I’d blast the back of her head right off!”

Becky had paused again to listen at the wall, out of sight. When she heard Paul say those words, her pussy filled with a pleasant heat. She wanted to take just one last look at his muscle-hardened body before washing up.

Pushing the wall panel open just a hair, Becky saw Eric reaching for the box of cigars he saved for only the most special occasions. He dragged one big Havana under his nose and inhaled appreciatively. Snipping the ends off two of the cigars, he handed one to Paul and fired them up.

“I just hope this is the beginning of a long and satisfying… working… relationship,” Eric said.

Working in my cunt, Becky giggled to herself from her hiding place.

“If we had a chick like her working for the team, we’d never win any fucking games,” Paul said. “We’d be too busy busting our nuts in the locker room. Boy, can she suck!”

“And fuck,” Eric added. “In case you didn’t notice, I was back there taking her precious little cherry.”

At those words, Becky sighed, feeling her stretched-out cunt aching with a special brand-new pleasure.

“Buddy, you and the Pittsburgh Steelers coulda been back there fucking her into next week and I wouldn’t have noticed,” Paul said. “She had me in another world with that mouth of hers!”

The two men sat smoking for a while in silence, waiting for Becky to return. They finally heard the shower turn off. It wasn’t long before the new secretary stepped back into the room. She was dressed fashionably, but with a certain degree of reservation. Her blonde hair was long and sleek, trailing down across her shoulders. Her long skirt was slit just past the knee and her high-heeled shoes accentuated the curve of her sensuous calves.

Without a doubt, she looked incredibly sexy. But one wouldn’t, have guessed that she had just finished fucking and sucking these two satisfied men who stared at her hungrily.

The pleasant smell of the cigars mingled with the heavy smell of sex in the room. Becky’s pussy tingled as she smiled back at Paul and Eric. They look so satisfied, she thought. And sure, she had been treated to a great fuck. But something still felt incomplete. After Eric’s cock had filled her with his hat cum, she felt strangely empty. She could tell she needed something more. But what that something was — and how she was going to go about getting it — remained a mystery.

“So, Miss Morris. Are you ready to go back to work?”

Becky understood that Eric was talking business now. And she was somewhat relieved, because Eric and Paul seemed too complacent to even try to satisfy her curious desire.

“Yes, ah… Mr. Stafford. Quite ready.”

Becky grabbed a notepad off Eric’s desk and stood next to him as if she were about to take a letter, Eric leaned back in his chair, trying to act dignified.

“Right now, I’ve got to go over some of the fine points of Paul’s contract,” he said. “But in the meantime, I’d like you to run a little errand for me.”

“Whatever you say. You’re the boss.”

“I’ve been working on a divorce case for a long time now — for my old friend Ed Royce. We’ve been trying to get this thing wrapped up for too long. I don’t know what the problem is. Sometimes I think he doesn’t even want a divorce.”

Becky noticed Paul grinning, rolling his cigar around in the ashtray. He had met Ed’s buxom wife Cathy a few times — and had been instantly attracted to her immense tits and her big shapely ass. Becky also couldn’t help noticing that Paul’s cock was slowly growing in his form fitting slacks.

“Anyway,” Eric continued, “I want you to stop by Ed’s wife’s lawyer’s office and pick up some important papers. We’ve got to go to court tomorrow and I want to make sure everything is in order.”

Eric wrote down the lawyer’s name and gave Becky directions. “And get yourself some lunch while you’re out,” he said, finally. “We’ll see you in a few hours.”

Becky scooped up her purse and walked to the door. Waving goodbye, she treated Eric and Paul to one last shake of her deliciously wide ass. Just before leaving, she paused and saw the two men staring at one another, shaking their heads in disbelief. Eric put his feet up on the desk and smiled a gratified smile. Becky closed the door and smiled, too. She was confident that this was the start of something really big.

Becky stepped out of the thickly carpeted elevator onto the twenty-fifth floor of the tallest office building in town. She tried to act as businesslike as possible. But deep down, she felt hot and sexy. It was hard for her to dismiss these feelings, and she bit her lip in frustration.

Rechecking the number of the lawyer’s office, Becky walked slowly down the high-ceilinged hallway until she found it. The lawyer’s name was on the door: Caroline Harris, Attorney at Law.

She opened the door and walked in smartly, trying to display a little self-confidence. After all, this was her first day on the job. And Becky considered first impressions important.

Becky could see that Caroline Harris obviously cared less about first impressions. She was kneeling in front of her desk sucking on a sopping wet pussy!

Becky gasped, holding her hand in front of her mouth. Caroline turned around and glared at the young secretary.

“And what can I do for you, young lady?” she said crisply, wiping pussy-juice from her mouth and chin.

“I… I, ah… Mr. Stafford sent me over… to… get…”

“So you’re working for that old limp dick, eh,” said the slender lady lawyer.

The big woman sprawled across Caroline’s desk slowly raised up, reaching down to gently massage her throbbing clit. “What’s going on?” she asked groggily. “I was just about to come!”

“Oh, it’s nothing. This little cocksucker here just walked in here like she owned the place, that’s all.”

The woman on the desk wore her dark hair long and it was carelessly tousled all around her shoulders and tits.

“Damnit, I was so close,” the big woman said. “I know, honey. I could feel your sweet pussy ready to blast off,” said Caroline. “And since this little slut just spoiled your sweet come, we’re going to have to teach her a little lesson.”

This was all happening too fast. After all the fucking and sucking in Eric’s office, Becky had prepared herself for getting down to business. And she was totally unprepared for this scene. The sight of a lithe older woman sucking the daylights out of another woman’s pussy was too much. Becky wondered when these lawyers ever got any work done!

Becky tried to back out the door, but Caroline was much swifter. In one fast motion, the lady lawyer locked the door and pushed Becky hard against the wall. She was remarkably strong for a woman her size.

“Okay, Cathy honey, help me strip her down! She’s going to pay for your missed pleasure!”

The big brunette fairly bounced off the wet desk and held Becky in a half-nelson. Caroline ripped off Becky’s skirt and blouse, even though Becky kicked and thrashed madly.

“Don’t! Stop it! You can’t do this to me!” screamed the young secretary.

“Oh, yes we can,” Caroline said, leering. “And we’re going to do it good, too!”

Despite the fact that she could not escape, Becky felt a strange sexy flow of expectation pass through her cunt. Somehow, struggling fiercely seemed to stimulate this hot new feeling! Becky strained harder, feeling her cunt grow soft and wet and juicy.

Caroline slipped her belt out of her skirt and gently slapped the leather strip against the palm of her hand. “Hold her over your knee, Cathy. And stick her precious little ass up in the air for me!”

Dropping to the floor, and bringing Becky down with her, Cathy stretched the young secretary across her pudgy thighs. Becky’s wide white ass bobbed and weaved helplessly — a delicious target for Caroline’s vicious belt.

Becky struggled with ill her strength. But it was no use fighting against Cathy’s relentless grip. The big woman’s bulky tits rested on Becky’s squirming back, her giant nipples growing harder and harder.

Trapped in Cathy’s grip, Becky felt her energy ebbing. Her wriggling became less intense and she was just about to give up when Caroline struck her full-force in the ass with a stroke of her wide belt. Becky squirmed, sobbing now, her body racked with intense bolts of fiery pain. Again and again, Caroline reared back and whipped the belt across Becky’s raw asscheeks. Becky fought to free herself, but Cathy’s hold on her only grew tighter.

Through the waves of pain that threatened to make her black out, Becky caught an overpowering whiff of pussy-juice. The more Becky struggled, the more she perspired. And her sweat mingled with Cathy’s sweat and their flowing cunt-sauces. Combined with the violent pain, these odors stirred more strange desires within Becky. She found herself rubbing her wet pussy across Cathy’s wide thighs in rhythm to Caroline’s subsiding belt strokes.

Becky felt itchy thrills flowing through her sopping cunt. They grew stronger and stronger, threatening to build into another shattering climax. Despite these overpowering sensations, Becky thought how strange this was. It had all happened so quickly, without warning or reason.

Caroline was moaning, her little body shivering with sensual, exertion. And Cathy’s arms and sweaty legs were holding Becky captive. It seemed so ridiculous to Becky. But as the feelings multiplied in her sensitive cunt, she knew there could be nothing ridiculous about feeling pleasure. She didn’t care how odd this scene seemed — now she just wanted more! Her cunt was fairly screaming far satisfaction!

Caroline worked herself up into a lather and was now fingering her wet pussy under her skirt. The belt came down softer and softer across Becky’s wounded asscheeks, until Caroline dropped the whip altogether.

Becky realized that this little display had done nothing less than stir up her urges to a fever pitch. The fucking and sucking she had received at the hands of Eric and Paul was only a prelude to this even greater and totally overwhelming experience. She began moaning and bucking her ass back and forth, rubbing her dripping pussy against Cathy.

Cathy got the message and thrust her fingers into Becky’s clenching cunt. Back and forth the big woman sloshed her fingers inside Becky. Her hand worked faster and was harder than even Eric’s pumping prick!

The little lady lawyer yanked off her clothes and fell down beside her finger-fucking friend.

“She owes you one!” Caroline moaned. “Make her suck your big pussy!”

Cathy was way ahead of her, having leaned back flat onto the carpet, pulling and then pushing Becky’s face between her legs. The smell of the big girl’s seething pussy-sauces served to keep Becky’s cunt itching with a terrible need. Hunching her cunt up and down on the carpet, Becky dove headfirst into Cathy’s soaked pussy. Becky’s talent for cocksucking was not wasted on Cathy’s huge wet cunt. Becky lapped furiously at the girl’s erect clit, while Cathy moaned and bellowed.

“Ahhh! Yeah, suck on it! Suck all of it! Ohhhhh!”

Becky slurped and slid her lips along each of Cathy’s drenched pussy-flaps before thrusting her tongue full-force into Cathy’s cavernous pussy channel. With one hand, Becky worked a slippery finger into the puckered button of Cathy’s asshole. In and out, faster and faster, Becky worked her tongue and finger in a smooth, forceful fucking rhythm.

At the same time, little Caroline hefted one of Cathy’s enormous tits and began sucking on her hard brown nipple. She sucked and sucked, kneeling next to Cathy’s bucking, humping body. The big woman’s asscheeks smashed into the carpet while Becky struggled to keep her mouth attached to her big wet cunt.

Becky was beyond thought now. She had given in completely to her passions. It was as if the pervading itch in her cunt had taken control of her body. Her sole purpose in life seemed to be nothing more than giving and having orgasms! She sucked and slurped on Cathy’s cunt with every fiber of her being.

Cathy moaned like there was no tomorrow, and Becky ate her pussy all the harder, matching Cathy’s increasingly desperate wails with increasingly fiercer tongue-fucking.

Cathy’s long hair stuck to her chest, curling in wet spirals around her smooth, jiggling tits. Caroline pushed her wet hair aside and moved atop her hefty friend, mashing her little tits into Cathy’s generous nipples. Caroline lifted her skinny leg over Becky’s jerking, heaving head and rested her wet pussy atop Cathy’s. Their hot pussy-mounds stuck together. Their scratchy pubic bushes fused and crackled. Their two cunts seemed to be glued together into one long delicious slash of wet pussy.

The sight of the two cunts drove Becky wild. All she wanted to do was lick them savagely until they gushed with pussy-cum. Becky felt as if she were one huge tongue — hot and steaming — designed only to make Cathy and Caroline shriek with ecstasy.

Becky pushed Cathy’s quivering legs a bit farther apart. Then she placed both hands in front of her so she could get enough leverage to slide her face along the tandem cunts. The fat blade of her tongue moved up and down, thrilling two throbbing clits at once.

“Aaaggghhh! Ohhhhh!”


Cathy and Caroline moaned together, their cries mingling in one loud eruption of bliss. Their hips bucked and their pussies slapped together, but Becky drove her face and tongue with more and more intensity against their sopping cunts. Sweat and saliva and salty-sweat pussy-sauces washed over Becky’s whole face until it looked like she was caught in a rainstorm of cunt-juice. Her hair was wet and stuck to her cheeks and forehead. And her ass still stung with the exquisite after-effects of the belt lashes.

“Yeah, you little bitch! I’m coming! Yeah! Aaaahhhhh!”

The two pussies were hunching uncontrollably, firmly gripped in the throes of a massive orgasm. The two pairs of stuck-together hips spasmed and jerked while Cathy and Caroline wailed with sweet release.

After what seemed an eternity, their thrashing subsided until they fell exhausted into one another’s arms.

Becky’s neck ached from the constant up and down motion. She sank down cheek-first into a thick creamy pool of cunt-juices and closed her eyes, listening to the soft sounds of the two women murmuring. She felt good — like she had after getting Eric and Paul off. But getting someone else off was one thing. She felt calm after the cunt-sucking workout was over — but she still felt incomplete. As she lay there gathering her strength, an irresistible need was gathering in her cunt.

Sometimes she wondered if she would ever be satisfied!

After she was sufficiently rested, little Caroline managed to stand up. Taking stock of the situation, the lady lawyer reverted back to her normal self. Nudging Becky in the shoulder with her foot, she demanded, “Now, what was it you wanted, you little tramp?”


Becky’s cunt still felt unfulfilled. It throbbed and itched with a greedy sexual need. But the sound of Caroline’s screeching voice diminished Becky’s desire for the moment.

Becky sat up, wiping thick pussy-juices from her face. Her hand was dripping with the stuff, and she tried to wipe the musky sauces off onto the rug.

But Caroline beat her to the punch, again. “Don’t try it, slut. That’s an expensive carpet — not cheap ass-wipe!” With that, Caroline hauled off and slapped Becky across the face, knocking her back down into the pool of fuck-slime.

The sharp sting of Caroline’s blow throbbed throughout Becky’s head. And her neck still ached from the suck-job she had just given the two women. That curious gnawing sensation still pulsed deep in her cunt. The combination of the two feelings — pleasure and pain — overloaded her nerves, and it was all she could do to stare back up at Caroline numbly.

“Don’t wipe it off, bitch. Lick it off!”

The tiny lady lawyer reached down and thrust Becky’s limp hand into her exhausted mouth. Becky’s tongue was so tired she could barely move it out of the way. The smell of her sweat mingling with the odor of the pussy-sauces was overpowering in itself. But to have to taste that sloppy mixture was almost too much. Becky felt on the verge of gagging. But at the same time, her pussy began leaking more of those hot sauces as she felt herself becoming strangely aroused. She felt torn with emotion. As she tried to tongue her slimy fingers, she wondered if she’d ever receive satisfaction.

“Every drop, cunt-face!”

While Cathy held her securely from behind, Becky was unable to stop the witch-like Caroline from force-feeding her. It was all she could do to swallow the heady mixture. Caroline pinched Becky’s nostrils together. With each gasping breath she took, Becky tried to slide her tired aching tongue along her sopping hand.

Cathy eased her grip somewhat, and reached down into the wet maw of Becky’s crotch. Sliding two of her fingers up along Becky’s puffy pussylips, her digits were soon dripping with fresh cunt-sauce.

“She’s still creaming!” cried the woman with delight.

She then rammed her fat fingers up as far as they would go into Becky’s cunt.

“Mmmmmmphfff! Aaaaaahhhh!”

Becky began rocking her hips, trying to appease her growing passions on Cathy’s cock-like fingers. She hunched down, trying to swallow up Cathy’s pudgy hand with her pussy-mouth.

Becky could feel the delicious beginnings of another orgasm. Oh, if only Cathy would keep pumping her hand into her needy cunt! Becky knew this come would be much better than the one she had while Eric fucked her tight virgin pussy. Everything that had happened so far seemed to be building up to this sweet moment!

She twitched and writhed, trying to work her cunt as fast and as hard as she could, pummeling Cathy’s meaty fist with her hot, drenched pussy. Becky’s passion-swollen pussy-mound beat against Cathy’s hand and arm, causing the girl’s tits to bounce and jiggle furiously.

Caroline squeezed Becky’s face tighter, her eyes glinting cruelly. Seeing that Becky was beginning to enjoy herself — seeing that Becky was straining with all her strength to force her pleasure-racked body to come — Caroline slapped the young secretary again.

“Okay, that’s enough… fun… for today, cunt.”

Caroline got up and walked to her desk. She took a bulky file folder from the top of a neat stack and gripped it tightly.

Caroline sneered and said, “I suppose since that mosquito-cock Eric Stafford sent you over, you must want this!” The lady lawyer tossed the heavy file at Becky, but it landed in the puddle of pussy slop. Papers flew out all over. “Now get your filthy little clothes on and get out of here!”

Cathy was now rudely pinching both of Becky’s hard brown nipples with her big fingers. Becky had to tear herself away. As she quickly dressed, her tits burned and throbbed painfully. She felt frustrated and empty — deserted on the brink of a fantastic come.

Caroline and Cathy had to laugh, putting their arms around each other, gently massaging each other’s nipples.

“What a tramp,” said Caroline, swirling her tiny hand around the massive tits of her friend.

“She got us off, though. You have to give her at least that much,” said Cathy.

Becky looked up and snarled, adjusting her skirt.

“What I’d like to give her is a foot-long dildo up the asshole,” said Caroline, gently tweaking one of Cathy’s big nipples.

Cathy sighed. “That reminds me,” she said. “Getting my pussy sucked is one thing. But right now I’m in the mood for some thick hard cock.”

Becky picked up the thick file, cringing and shivering with strange excitement at the sound of the word “cock”.

Cathy leaned over and gave her small friend a sisterly peck on the forehead. The lady lawyer affectionately slapped Cathy’s fat ass.

“Well, suit yourself,” she said. “I’ve got some work to do.”

Becky stooped down to pick up the papers that had fallen from the file. She felt hot and uncomfortable. Her cunt still itched with need, but she felt too embarrassed and humiliated to do anything about it. She was so flustered she couldn’t concentrate on putting the file folder in order. It seemed to take forever.

After Cathy quickly cleaned up, she gathered her things together and prepared to leave. “If you need me,” she called out, “I’ll be at The Meat Market, up at the bar.”

“That’s if you’re not out in the parking lot fucking your sweet fat ass into buttermilk,” said Caroline. She blew her chubby friend a goodbye kiss. Then she stared evilly at Becky, who was still struggling with the messy paperwork. “Haven’t you left yet, you little shit?”

Becky was sobbing now, wiping her tear streaked cheeks with her forearms. She turned and ran out of the office as fast as she could.

Becky took a long lunch, trying to calm herself down. Her emotions were so twisted up that it took her some time to get herself together.

Even so, as Becky walked back up the hall to Eric’s office, she found herself wiping away linger tears. Straightening her blouse, she heard voices behind the door and stopped to listen in.

“I tell you, Ed. That chick can, suck cock like something outta this world.” Eric sat back in his chair, secretly massaging his sore prick.

“That’s right,” Paul echoed. “That little honey completely blew me away!”

The three of them laughed.

Outside, Becky felt relieved. After being brutally assaulted by the lady lawyer and her friend, she was pleased to be returning to people who really appreciated her.

Ed walked up to Eric’s desk and leaned against it. He held his highball glass up to the light, admiring the way the light played on the swirling scotch and soda. Sticking a beefy thumb into the watch pocket of his vest he sighed and said, “So when do I get to meet this new employee of yours?”

Hearing this new man’s distinguished-sounding voice. Becky felt a pleasant tingle shoot through her itchy pussy-hole. As if on cue, she opened the heavy frosted glass door and walked into the office.

“Oh… I didn’t know… you were in conference,” she said.

Ed slipped off the desk and faced Becky. “No need to feel embarrassed, my dear. We’re all friends here. In fact, I almost feel like I know you already. The gentlemen here were speaking quite highly of your, ah, talents.”

Becky blushed and nodded a silent thanks for the compliment. “I’ve been a secretary for a while, now. I kinda like it.”

Ed sipped at his drink, admiring Becky’s shapely legs. “Yes, and I’m sure the feeling is mutual.”

Becky could see his growing cock beginning to thrust up against the thin material of his trousers. She stepped alongside Eric and placed the file in front of him. She blanched when she noticed the huge wet stain that covered the bottom edge of the file folder. Eric sniffed hesitantly at the unmistakable odor of cunt. Ed and Paul were also drawn by the smell, turning around and staring curiously at Eric.

Feeling as if she had just done something unspeakably terrible, Becky slinked backward, wishing she could just run out of the room. She backed into the thick drapes behind Eric’s desk and wanted to hide herself in the dense fabric. A hot rush of humiliation flashed through her like a fever. But along with this sudden feeling of shame, those strange sexual yearnings returned. It was as if the humiliation triggered by the stained file folder also stirred up deeper more urgent feelings.

Despite the growing emotions flooding through her body, Becky tried to take stock of the situation, if only for a moment. Here, in this very office, she had earlier received a tremendous orgasm while satisfying both Eric and Paul — and losing her virginity in the process. And then she had been forced to eat out two seemingly insatiable women — at the same time. All the while, it seemed as if a surging, expanding need had been consistently growing within her — a need that, as yet, had not been satisfied. Somehow, it didn’t seem fair.

Along with these emotions, Becky also noticed that her ass was beginning to throb painfully, also. Reaching behind, she tenderly patted her asscheeks, sending shivers of pain up and down her legs and through her hips.

But the pain quickly became secondary to the discomfort she felt upon noticing the three men staring at her. Glancing down, she saw that her blouse was torn and some of the buttons were missing. And her skirt was splotched with blobs of cunt-juice. She wanted to wail and shriek and run away forever. How could this be happening to her? It was only her first day on the job and already she had made a complete fool of herself. She felt she would never get out of this spot and would be trapped for eternity — endlessly suffering this unbearable humiliation over and over and over.

Becky was relieved that Paul sensed her uneasiness. He moved toward her. He placed one of his thick muscular arms around her shoulders and gently squeezed her. But touching her was nothing less than electric. She felt as if she had just plugged herself into a sexual wall socket. Jolts of raw energy seemed to shoot through her — right into her throbbing clit. She saw Paul’s big cock jump straight upright in his pants, forcing him to bend over awkwardly and fumble his throbbing prick free of the tangle of his undershorts.

As Becky watched Paul toying with his cock, her once seemingly unbearable predicament passed momentarily. All she could think about now was that only an hour ago she had all of Paul’s giant pulsating cock in her mouth, sucking eagerly on it while he moaned and groaned for all he was worth. This memory forced her to begin craving more of that same action — for it seemed that nothing less would satisfy her hungry cunt.

A little voice from deep in the recesses of her confused mind urged her to give in. The voice grew louder and louder until it was transformed into an aching, itching throb that pulsated freely from the depths of her cunt, spreading throughout her hot loins. She wanted to come! She wanted to fuck!

Becky saw that Eric and Ed were staring at her. Ed wheezed into his highball glass while Eric lifted the sopping file folder to his nose and breathed deeply. The heady mixture of three different blends of cunt-juice seemed to be too much for the young lawyer. He slumped back into his plush chair as if in a faint. Ed breathed faster and faster, his bald head growing redder with excitement.

Becky thought that Ed looked about to shoot off in his pants. She felt sorry for him as he tried to restrain himself. From reading his file during her long lunch hour, Becky knew he had been married to Cathy for a long time. Becky figured that Ed was no longer turned on by his fat wife by the way he was staring at her with his mouth hanging wide-open. It must have been ages since he’d gotten his rocks off, she thought. She could tell that Ed now wanted nothing more than to fuck her silly. But somehow he managed to hold himself back.

“Ah, Eric? How do you think we’re going to do in court tomorrow?” Ed asked, trying to change the subject, his deep voice quivering.

“Huh? What about tomorrow?” Eric replied, suddenly snapping out of his reverie. He shook his head, trying to free himself from the intoxicating power of the pussy-juice fumes that still wafted up strongly from the file folder.

“Tomorrow! In court!”

Ed’s cock was growing with each heartbeat. Becky watched his bloated cockhead inching up along the inside of his zipper. She thought that he would shoot his wad at any moment.

Eric slapped the top of the file folder confidently. “No sweat,” he said. “It’s in the bag. This’ll be the easiest divorce I ever handled.”

Ed’s eyelids fluttered blissfully. Becky was all too aware that her beautiful body and the aromatic cunt-smells were driving the big man slowly over the edge. She could tell that his cock was demanding to be released, pulsating against the crotch of his trousers as if it had a mind of its own.

Becky reached down and began stroking her puffed-up pussy-mound. The air seemed to be charged with steamy sex. For as Becky looked around she noticed that each of the three men was rubbing his crotch, grinding his thickening cock with the heel of his hand.

Ed nervously and irregularly stroked his bloated cock with one hand, while ice cubes clinked musically in the glass he clutched in his other unsteady hand.

Eric rocked back and forth in his chair, rubbing his thick cockmeat along the underside of his desk drawer.

Paul pulled Becky closer, rubbing his fat cock slowly, trying to rub it against her hip.

Despite the fact that Ed was a bit overweight, Becky decided that his was the biggest, fattest looking cock of the three. She felt her mouth watering as she imagined how thick and hard Ed’s cock must be.

She was beyond reason now. Her whole being was guided by all-encompassing sexual need. The trivial occurrences of the day — her petty embarrassments and humiliations — disintegrated into so much dust. As she moved toward Ed, her pussy beginning to drip fresh hot cuntjuice, she knew that this was the way things should be. If only everyone could just forget all their stupid little problems and fuck — then there wouldn’t be any problems.

She moved around the desk, taking off her clothes quickly. She heard Ed sigh dramatically as she slipped out of her sheer white panties. Her fluffy blonde cunt-bush glistened in the bright light streaming in through the window.

She laid her sopping nylon underthings on the edge of the desk. Eric reached over and grabbed them, knocking over his ashtray in the process. He pressed the wet panties into his face and breathed like he was taking his last breath. He inhaled so deeply and passionately that his teeth stood out in relief against the slick fabric.

Becky knelt down in front of Ed and licked her lips. He saw what was coming and quickly wriggled out of his suit jacket. He placed his sweaty hands on Becky’s sleek tanned shoulders. He studied her ass as she gently swayed from side to side. He inhaled raggedly as she reached up to undo his belt buckle.

With a practiced tug, she yanked down his zipper and slid his trousers to his knees. Running her hands up the quivering sides of his big hairy thighs, Becky watched his enormous cock throb upward with each excited heartbeat.

She leaned forward and gently kissed one of his huge balls. She sucked it in all the way, licking in circles around his hot nut, and then his ball slipped out of her wet mouth with a loud pop.

“Aaaahhhhh! Do it, honey! Please!”

A big drop of pre-cum perched on the end of his cockhead. Becky leaned in and licked the salty drop off, savoring the taste, swirling her tongue around inside her mouth.

Forming her lips in a wide “O”, Becky hovered over Ed’s blue-red cockhead before inhaling his pricktip, putting her mouth just past the shiny rim of his knob. She blew little bursts of warm dry air across his dickhead, gently increasing the pressure with her encircling lips. Then she clasped Ed’s cockhead as tight as she could with her experienced lips and twirled her tongue around it furiously. Reaching up, she clutching his tight ball-sac and slowly kneaded his fragile nuts. “Yeahhhh! Ohhhhh! Eat it, you sweet cunt!” Ed moaned deliriously.

He grabbed the sides of Becky’s head and forced her down on his cock. She took the whole of his fat cockshaft deep into her throat, burying her nose into the thick wiry bush of pubic hair in Ed’s groin.

He gripped tighter on her hair, sending jolts of pain through Becky’s head. What with the combination of sweet pain shooting through her and the fat log of his cock plugging up her throat, Becky felt her cunt drooling uncontrollably, dripping onto the carpet like a leaky faucet.

With Ed’s big prick deep in her mouth, Becky felt flashes of pleasure flow through her hot pussy. He began pumping slowly in and out until he was fiercely forcing his tremendously hard cock faster and faster into her mouth.

As she felt his sweet velvet cock-skin sliding against her tongue and cheeks, she knew a special pleasure that told her she would soon be fulfilled. This beautiful sex-charged moment seemed to last forever as Ed viciously stroked into the lush hot wetness of her tender mouth.

Out of the corners of her eyes, Becky noticed that Eric and Paul had stepped up alongside her, one lusty stud standing next to each of her heaving shoulders. As she mouth fucked Ed faster and faster, slurping and sucking the whole length of his about-to-burst cock. Becky felt herself growing hotter as her tits swayed pendulously.

Her nipples heated up and grew taut. Her breathing grew more ragged as she huffed and puffed around the hot sickness of Ed’s hammering prick. Her mouth was ragingly hot and her lips were strained almost to the point of tearing.

She sucked and slurped along the length of Ed’s cock, saliva and pre-cum leaking from her mouth and dripping from her chin, coating Ed’s balls and then pouring down across his hairy inner thigh, streaming down his quivering legs until it slopped along the tops of his socks.

She heard curious smacking noises on either side of her. Looking one way and then the other, without missing a stroke, she saw that Paul and Eric had released their eager cocks from the confines of their pants. The two men were jerking off, their eyes shut tight, gritting their teeth, trying to rub their flushed cock tips in her blonde hair and around her cars.

“Yeah, baby! Keep on sucking!” Paul yelled. “We’re gonna flood you with cum! Gonna drown you in hot steaming cum! Yeahhhh!”

Ed was manhandling her now, pushing and pulling her desperately onto his steaming cock, thrusting his hips powerfully into her face. She could feel the pressure building in his ball-sac as his jism began boiling in his balls. She eased her lower lip out just a little so she could rub it gently along the length of Ed’s bulging cum-tube.

Eric and Paul beat off faster and faster, punching their fists up against their tight ball-sacs, peeling their foreskins back forcefully. Their ruby red cockheads stood out majestically, drops of precum falling to the carpet.

“Come on, you hot little bitch!” Eric screamed. “Suck him dry!”

Becky felt swirling surges of pleasure sweep through her heaving body. She felt so good and so hot. She felt as if she really belonged here, immersed in passion, boiling with sex-heat.

As Eric egged her on, he reached down and grabbed hold of one of her perfectly shaped asscheeks. Trailing his middle finger into her steaming asscrack, he found the little brown pucker of her asshole and teased it with his fingertip. Dipping down into her wet pussy-hole, he brought his slippery finger back up and jammed it hard and deep into her rubbery ass-tunnel.

Becky screamed sharply but her cry was cut short as Ed forced her mouth back down on his throbbing prick. Her muffled cry sent lewd vibrations down through Ed’s cocktip, down deep into his balls.

“This is it, baby! Take it, yeah! Swallow it all! Every fucking drop!”

Ed’s cockhead shot spurt after furious spurt of white-hot jism into her ravaged throat. His balls convulsed and jumped in their sac as they discharged their hot load. His cock grew fatter as it swelled up to accommodate his gushing cum.

With Eric’s insistent finger in her raw asshole, and Ed’s blasting cock her throat, it felt as if a burning sex-spear was impaling the length of her quivering body. Her cunt burned hotter and hotter as it streamed out wave after wave of hot pussy sauces. Her whole body felt like one big cunt, flooding the room with a tidal wave of steaming sex-juices.

She gripped Ed’s shooting cock as tight as she could with her lips and mouth, trying to wring every drop of cum from the man’s prick.

He moaned appreciatively, smacking his belly into her face, pumping wildly. Each time he withdrew, preparing for another thrust, strands of hot spit and cum stretched between them like cobwebs.

As Becky struggled to keep Ed’s slippery shrinking cock in her mouth, she felt hot cum splattering across her shoulders. Eric and Paul were moaning in unison, pounding their cocks like it was the end of the world. Becky was unable to swallow all of Ed’s massive load of cum. Most of it gushed out of her mouth and splattered across her face and neck as Eric and Paul spilled great blobs of white-hot jism onto her quivering back and shoulders. They came and came, shooting furiously, pumping out their wads until Becky’s head and shoulders were practically covered in the thick viscous cum.

She felt the hot thick liquid flowing down into her armpits and spreading across her swaying tits. As she hunched back and forth, the hot cum dripped from her stiff nipples onto the carpet.

Ed’s slippery cock slipped from her mouth. She wailed out loud and long as she felt herself about to become the victim of a body-shattering orgasm.

“Aaaahhhhh, shit! I’m commmming! I’m fucking comming!”

Eric’s finger still worked frantically in her asshole, threatening to tear her up. The nonstop pain in her ass and the smell and feel of cum sent her over the edge. She spasmed and spasmed until she collapsed heavily onto the floor.

The three men fell to their knees. They sighed and wheezed, struggling to catch their breath.

Feeling as if she were swimming in an endless warm sea, Becky wallowed in the viscous puddle of hot cum and pussy-juice. It felt so good! She wanted to lie there forever.

And she would have if it hadn’t been for that insistent itch that still burned in her desperate cunt.


The spray from the hot shower felt great, crashing across Becky’s neck and shoulders. She lazily soaped her big tits, lingering lovingly around her hard nipples. Thick white lather flowed down her sleek belly and spilled across her furry cuntbush, coursing down her thighs.

She rubbed the slick bar of soap between her legs, teasing her pouting outer pussy-lips. Her clit throbbed as she stirred up more of those strange desires. The hot water continued to beat down across her shoulders, massaging her tired muscles. And a spreading sex-heat boiled in her loins. She paused to enjoy the sudden fuck-warmth, throwing her head back, closing her eyes, her mouth gaping wide as she moaned and sighed, her tongue flicking and swirling around her full red lips.

Becky dropped the soap. She had to lean against the wall of the shower stall to keep from falling, grabbing onto the stainless-steel soap dish at the last moment. She took a deep breath, recovering from the sudden overwhelming sensations that flooded through her needy pussy.

It was as if her body was telling her that she needed more and more sex before she could be fulfilled. Sure, she had been part of some great fucking and sucking. But it seemed as if she had been giving more than she had been receiving.

As Becky slumped in the shower stall, feeling her pussy burning with an unmistakable need, she realized just how much she needed to have a super climax. If she didn’t have a bone-shattering orgasm damn quick, something terrible was going to happen. Getting fucked senseless was the least she could do for herself. It was as if the suck job she had given Eric earlier in the day had ignited an intense yet slow-burning fuse deep in her slick pussy. And she needed to fuck and fuck and fuck to keep that fuse burning.

She had a choice — to either let that sizzling fuck fuse go out and leave herself frustrated, or go out and try and stuff as many cocks as she could find deep into her clenching cunt. Only by diving headfirst into a seething morass of fuck-activity would she be able to detonate that explosive orgasm that her body desperately craved.

Drying off with a warm fluffy towel, tenderly rubbing down her bulging tits and her eager pussy, Becky knew without a doubt what it was she needed. The only problem was getting it. She figured that she would have to make the best of every situation, thinking sex all the while. As she shook out her beautiful long blonde hair, she realized that getting laid was the easiest thing in the world. If you just thought sex-sex-sex, there was nothing to it. If you just cast aside petty fears of rejection and said the right words, before you knew it you’d be fucking your eyes out, coming and coming and coming.

What could be easier? she thought, snapping the elastic waistband after wriggling her sheer panties up along her legs and snug around her taut asscheeks. The crotch of her panties was still moist and cool. Then she remembered how Eric had inhaled the sheer fabric, sniffing her fragrant panties for all he was worth.

She dressed swiftly, determined to go out and seek her fuck-fortune as soon as possible, it was late afternoon now, and the end of her workday. She wanted nothing more than to go out and celebrate. Becky felt waves of new energy sweeping through her, waves of desire broadcast by her unfulfilled pussy. It was as if her desperate cunt was now controlling her mind, driving her on to find some hot cocks. And Becky wouldn’t have it any other way.

When Becky finally stepped out into Eric’s office, she saw that Ed was all alone, reading a magazine on the couch. He looked up when he heard her enter, and he smiled broadly, knowingly.

“Well, don’t we look nice,” he said. Ed stroked his cock through his pants unashamedly, letting Becky know just how much she had pleased him.

She smiled and nodded a silent thank you. She had done a good job of cleaning up her clothes, and any tell-tale cum stains or pussy-juice blotches could hardly be noticed.

Before she could cress the room and leave through the door, Ed jumped up and cut her off. He stood staring deep into her eyes, still rubbing his cock. She watched his pulsing prick growing before her eyes, stretching out the thin material of his trousers. At the sight of Ed’s massive cock straining to be free of his pants, Becky’s pussy began to heat up.

“Where you off to so fast, young lady?” Ed asked, reaching out to stroke one of Becky’s soft jutting tits.

“Well… I was going to go… ah…”

Becky was momentarily overwhelmed by the rushed of heat that flowed through her big tits as Ed kneaded her succulent titflesh.

The big man grabbed her securely by her shoulders. He leaned over and kissed her hard on the lips, thrusting his hot tongue deep into her mouth, running it all around her teeth, threatening to ream out her throat. Becky sighed appreciatively, reaching around his hips to grab as much of his ass as she could, pulling herself close and rubbing her hot pussy-mound against his ever-growing cock. He released her suddenly and licked his lips. Looking up and down her body in a final appreciative appraisal, Ed said, “What say you and me go out for a little bite? To get our strength up.”

Becky felt itchy and hot, but she also felt that it would be delightful to delay the inevitable a little longer. Sure, going out for a few drinks and some supper would be perfect. And who knows, she might even be able to find one or two other cocks out there to sweeten the pot. Fucking Ed’s big fat cock would be a super treat in itself. And maybe she might be able to throw a couple more giant pricks into the bargain. She felt anxious and hot all over — doubly hot because her plan was already being put into action, and it was working!

“I know just the place,” Ed said. “They’ve got great steaks there.”

Becky rubbed her thighs together, putting exquisite pressure on her throbbing clit.

“Oh yeah? Where’s that?” she asked, grinding her pussy-mound harder into Ed’s hot crotch.

He gasped, his hot breath flowing out all over her face. She felt his huge prick lurching in his pants, spasming against her needy cunt.

When he regained his composure, Ed replied, “It’s call the The Meat Market. I’m sure you’ll like it.”

Becky gave Ed’s cock one final squeeze before they walked out into the hallway. So far everything’s working perfectly, she thought. And her cunt creamed a slow but steady stream of juice, causing her to slosh as she walked. She took Ed’s arm and nestled her cheek against the expensive fabric of his suit jacket. As they stepped into the elevator, she studied Ed’s still-hard cock. She wanted to unzip his pants and yank out his prick to give him a quick blowjob before they reached the ground floor.

The restaurant was crowded when they arrived and they were forced to wait for a table. Ed decided it would be a good idea to have a few drinks before dinner. Becky agreed, and followed the big man up to the bar.

Becky sat as close to Ed as she could, spinning gently this way and that on her stool, teasing Ed as she rubbed her hot knee across his thigh.

She sipped her cool gin and tonic and scanned the bar. There were plenty of strapping studs there with a lot more on their minds than good steak and a few beers. Becky was turned on by the decidedly sexy atmosphere. She flirted with her eyes, catching the heated gazes of a few, of the local studs and winking back seductively. The sudden touch of Ed’s big hot hand on her knee combined with the knowing glances of some of the men around her, caused Becky to feel intense thrills flowing through her charged-up cunt. She closed her eyes and sighed, enjoying the sudden sex-heat that burned in her loins.

Becky downed her drink and quickly ordered another. She wanted to get good and loose. Because something told her she was in for a good fucking this evening.

She continued scanning the bar, feeling herself growing hotter and hotter. Ed leaned over and kissed her ear, brushing her shiny blonde hair back and tonguing her soft lobes. Thrilling jolts of heat coursed through her, and she could feel her clit begin to throb and grow erect. She wished Ed could reach down and stroke her clit, but was finding that drawing out her impulsiveness was quite exquisite. She was momentarily content to just enjoy the sweet rushes of sex-heat that flowed through her body. Knowing that soon she would be furiously fucking a fat juicy cock was enough to keep her going — and her cunt nice and warm and wet!

Becky finished her second drink quickly, enjoying the satisfying combination of alcohol and warm pussy-thrills. It seemed as if her whole belly were glowing with intense bliss. Oh, if she could only ram a finger into her cunt for a moment!

Her bliss was momentarily interrupted when Becky spied an all-too-familiar face at one end of the bar. There was Cathy Royce, Ed’s wife, yucking it up, fairly cramming her oversized tits into some young stud’s face. Cathy was straddling her stool as best she could, her legs crossed and her short skirt riding high above her thick creamy thighs. Becky could see a little white triangle of the woman’s panties between her big legs.

Becky shivered with disgust as she realized that her saliva and pussy-sauces were probably still stained into the fabric of Cathy’s panties. She took another long drink to try and get rid of the sudden bad taste that crept into her mouth.

But then she remembered what a massive orgasm she had provided for the pudgy Cathy. Becky was suddenly hot again, the alcohol had loosened her up considerably. She figured that Cathy had only been trying to get her rocks off when she had forced Becky to eat her cunt. And Becky had to admit that she did enjoy the suck-session once they really got into it. Fucking was fucking, Becky decided, swirling the ice cubes around in her drink.

Becky’s initial disgust upon seeing Cathy had now turned to respect. Becky realized that Cathy must have long ago discovered the special joys of all-out fucking and she had to respect the big woman for that. Becky offered Cathy a silent toast and downed her drink.

Unconsciously sliding her hand down across Ed’s thigh, Becky stroked the outline of his hard prick with her thumb and forefinger. Then she felt Ed lurch suddenly, almost falling off his stool — and his big prick went soft almost instantly! He slammed his drink down hard on the bar, splashing booze across his shin.

“What’s wrong?” Becky asked, alarmed by the sudden loss of a hard cock to stroke.

“Oh, nothing much,” Ed said sarcastically. He was talking a bit too loud and many of the people at the bar turned to look his way. “It’s just that that big slut over there — my almost ex-wife — is too close for comfort. Come on, let’s get out of here!”

“But wait!” Becky pleaded. “Wait a minute.” Ed’s cock was so big that even when it was soft Becky could still get a good grip on it. As the big man tried to leave, Becky tugged hard on his prick and brought him back to the stool.

“Damn, that hurts!” he said, cringing with the sudden pain of having his prick yanked sharply.

People were staring at them from all corners of the restaurant. Those in the know slyly pointed from Cathy to Ed and laughed.

“You can’t talk that way about her,” Becky admonished him. “She happens to be a friend of mine.”

Even though Becky had met Cathy for the first time only hours earlier, Becky felt as if they shared a special understanding about fucking. Just because a woman enjoyed having cock upon cock thrust into her until she came with every fiber of her being was no reason to call her a slut in public. Becky realized that there was a thin line between what society would call unacceptable and what some individuals might call enjoying all that life had to offer.

Becky stared Ed straight in the eye. “You’re going to have to apologize to her or I’m leaving right now.”

Ed stared at Becky’s pert jutting tits, watching them jiggle. His lips were quivering and he began breathing raggedly.

Becky knew she had him over a barrel. The way she had been treating him, she knew he figured he was going to get a fantastic fuck out of her later that night. And now that she was threatening to leave, Ed was just putty in her hands.

“Okay. I-I guess you’re right,” he said, suddenly very quiet.

Becky knew she had won the battle outright as she felt Ed’s cock beginning to get hard again in her fierce grip.

“Now you go over there and say you’re sorry.” The rest of the people at the bar were watching the drama intently. Cathy lit a cigarette and turned away when she saw Ed approach.

The big man starred down at the floor and shuffled his feet like a naughty little boy. “I guess… I guess I’m sorry,” he said.

Cathy puffed slowly on her cigarette, blowing a cloud of smoke into Ed’s red face. “Well, I don’t know whether to accept or not,” she said. “Especially since you’re here with that little… that little… piece of… fluff. We’re still married, you know. Until the trial tomorrow.”

“I know. But if I don’t patch things up right now… well… I won’t get any…”

“Save your breath, fatso. I had some of her tongue this afternoon and it was hardly worth it. And besides, I know for a fact that you haven’t been able to get it up for years.” Cathy mashed her cigarette out in the ashtray. “That happens to be why we’re getting divorced… in case you forgot already.”

“But… honey.”

“Don’t call me honey, you impotent joke of a man!”

Cathy and Ed were suddenly silent as they heard the insistent tap of Becky’s foot behind them. Becky was standing with her arms crossed, shaking her head.

“You two are just acting like a couple of kids.” Becky lowered her arms to reveal the succulent shape of her big tits. She tilted her hips to accentuate the delightful curve of her asscheeks through her slinky dress. “I think you should both kiss and make up.”

To remind Cathy of their earlier encounter, Becky licked her lips slowly, moving, her crotch around in small circles. Cathy couldn’t help noticing Becky’s seductive movements. She unconsciously raised a hand to cup one of her tits and began stroking her nipple in response to Becky’s flirtatious little dance.

Ed turned his head back and forth quickly as if he were watching a tennis match, his eyes bouncing from tits to tits. His cock began to swell and get rock-hard again. And Cathy couldn’t help but notice that, either.

It was as if Becky and Cathy got the same idea at once. They smiled at one another and both slipped an arm under Ed’s.

“Yes, I think you’re right, dear,” Cathy said to Becky. “I think we should let bygones be bygones.”

Ed was startled as the two women kissed him at the same time. They watched with delight as his cock lurched and spasmed in his pants. Becky rubbed her tits against Ed’s shoulder. Cathy followed suit. Soon, Ed had four massive tits rolling hotly across his upper body. The sex-heat seemed to blast out of their nipples and fill him with new life and energy.

Becky smiled knowingly and winked at Cathy. “I think we should go somewhere and make this a formal apology.”

Becky and Cathy all but carried Ed out of the bar. The rest of the patrons had been watching their little show with great interest. When the hot trio began to leave, they were accompanied by rousing applause. Becky and Cathy waved a hearty goodbye as they disappeared through the door and hit the street.

“Ohhhh, Ed! Fuck me harder! Deeper! Aiiieeee, you’re killing me with your big prick!”

Becky was flat on her back on the living-room rug, screaming and shrieking with delight as Ed fucked her ferociously. He thrust his gigantic cock into her with tremendous force, bashing into her pussy-mound with each stroke, knocking her whole body a few inches farther toward the bedroom as he savagely fucked her.

Ed still had his vest and shirt on, having hastily thrown Becky to the floor and started fucking her immediately. She tried her best to reach down and pull his shirttails out of the way so she could watch his mammoth cock slamming into her hungry cunt. A spray of fresh pussy-sauce splattered out against his thighs each time his cock forced its way into her squishy cunt. His giant-sized balls slapped against her wet steamy asscrack each time he arched his back and pumped into her.

“Fuck me, you beast! Fuck me harder! Yaaaggghhh!”

Ed continued humping her as hard as he could until they reached the far wall of the living room. A thick line of mashed-down shag carpet led from the front door to the spot where they now furiously fucked. A thin fragrant trail of musky fuck-juices also stained the carpet.

Becky was held fast against the wall, her head butting up against the molding each time Ed fucked into her cunt. A picture directly above her head knocked against the wall each time Ed’s hips smashed into her.

Ed’s prick felt so big inside her, Becky thought he was going to split her down the middle. But as his fucking motion became faster and faster, as he heaved and moaned, his eyes shut tight in ecstasy and his teeth gritting with lust, Becky matched him stroke for stroke. Whatever pain she felt was quickly changed to pleasure as she struggled to meet each one of Ed’s powerful fuck-thrusts. Their bodies collided with bone-shattering force, pussyjuice and pre-cum splashing all over the place. It wasn’t long before the carpet was just as drenched and matted down as the curly pubic hairs that covered Becky’s red-hot cunt.

Each time Ed thrust his oversized cock into her steaming cunt, it felt like Becky was riding the muzzle of a huge exploding cannon. Intense waves of hot pleasure shot through her body each time her pussy was ruthlessly invaded. Her head continued banging against the wall and she was so involved in the ferocious fucking that she thought the apartment was caving in all around them.

“Faster, Ed! Faster! Oh, God, it feels so fucking good! Fuck me to death! Oh, I love it! Aaaarrrggghhh!”

Ed’s big hips continued to mercilessly hammer against her. He groaned with delight and Becky could feel his ball-sac tightening up as it slapped harder and harder against her sensitive asshole. She knew he was going to come soon. And just in time, for thrilling waves of pleasure were zooming through her ravaged cunt. Her clit was itching almost unbearably as Ed’s thick cockshaft continued to grind against it with each downstroke.

She felt her hot cunt beginning to spasm in the first throes of orgasm. Her cunt-channel started to clench around Ed’s rock-hard cock each time he drove his prick to the very back of her slippery pussy-furnace.

Becky wrapped her long legs as far around Ed’s hunching body as she could, locking her ankles together, trying to fuse her cunt onto Ed’s relentlessly pumping prick. She folded her arms around his neck and buried his face between her madly flopping tits. She began shrieking and moaning uncontrollably as she felt the first hot blasts of Ed’s spurting jism boiling in her cunt.

She gripped him tighter, trying to milk every last drop of hot cum from his aching ball-sac. His hot spurts of jism served to trigger her own orgasm and soon she was bunching like a madwoman, writhing and groaning, her taut asscheeks bouncing up off the rug to meet his thrusts.

Ed tried to suck on one of her hot hard nipples. But as he twisted his body around to bite down on her sweaty tit, his cock slipped out of Becky’s clenching pussy. He shot great thick, creamy spurts of cum all across her heaving belly. His big cock was like a garden hose out of control, thrashing about in mid-air as it sprayed its full load of jism all up and down her hunching body.

As the hot sticky gobs of cum spit out all over her, Becky gave in completely to an all-consuming orgasm. She bucked and squirmed under the big man, hammering her fists ferociously into his fleshy back.

“Oh, Jesus fucking Christ, I’m coming! Yaaahhhgggg!”

Ed rolled off, exhausted, knocked away by the force of Becky’s twisting, convulsing body. A thick string of cum still connected his cock to her quivering, jism-soaked belly.

As she rode out her furious come, Becky reached down and smeared Ed’s cum all around her hot pussylips, her flat, trembling belly and her creamy twitching thighs. Her fine wide ass kept bouncing up off the rug as orgasm after orgasm coursed through her clenching cunt. She splashed fuck juices across Ed’s back each time she slapped down into the pool of pussy-sauce and cock-cream that glistened in a puddle beneath her trembling asscheeks.

“Yeah, this is it!” she shrieked.

For one blissful moment, she blacked out and felt herself floating, a faraway, dreamy feeling rippling through her satisfied body. She sighed a pleased sigh, rolling her head back and forth as she enjoyed her afterglow. Reaching back down into the sea of cum that coated her belly and thighs, Becky loaded her hand up with the hot sticky jism like a bear dipping his paw into a honey pot. She brought her hand up to her mouth and began licking Ed’s cock-cream from her heavily laden fingers. Her bright-red tongue flashed across her hand as she sucked down every drop of Ed’s cum. She swallowed slowly, enjoying the bittersweet taste of his starchy jism.

Ed lay next to her, sighing contentedly, absentmindedly stroking one of her big floppy tits. His flaccid cock rested comfortably in a jungle of sopping matted pubic hair. Becky reached over to gently stroke his limp wet prick. She then stuck her freshly soaked fingers back into her mouth and savored the tangy taste of fresh cum and musky pussy-juices.

She and Ed moaned together, their sighs mingling blissfully.

“Well, I see you two finally got your rocks off. You made quite a mess of it, too.” Cathy spoke clearly, but Becky noticed a tinge of desire and nervousness coloring the big woman’s words. “And now that you’ve managed to bring my husband back from the dead, why don’t you come over here and see what you can do for me?”

Cathy was straddling the back of the couch, her legs spread wide. She wore a pair of spike-heeled shoes and black nylon stockings — the kind with the seam up the back. A black garter belt graced her ample thighs. She wore no panties, and her big juicy cunt was spread wide, her pussylips glistening with fresh cunt-sauce. A black push-up bra held her giant jutting tits in place. Holes were cut in the huge cups so her massive brown nipples could peek through.

Becky got up from the floor as if obeying a command. She walked slowly across the floor and dropped to her knees in front of Cathy’s drooling pussy. Inching her head forward, Becky aimed her tongue directly for the gleaming bud of Cathy’s erect clit. As Becky rolled her steamy wet tongue around Cathy’s throbbing clit, the big woman moaned appreciatively, sucking great draughts of air through her clenched teeth.

“Yeah, baby. Just like last time. Suck me off!” As Becky sucked harder and harder. Cathy’s cunt began pushing wave after wave of cunt sauce. Her ample thighs rippled and quivered as she clung tightly to the back of the couch to avoid falling.

“Ohhhh, do it, you little slut! Make me come! Aaahhh!”

Becky mashed her face as far into Cathy’s giant cunt as she could and still manage to breathe. She felt Cathy’s wet pussy-flaps glued to her hollowed cheeks. Becky sucked deeper and deeper, inhaling the fresh musky smell of Cathy’s creaming cunt.

Cathy gripped the sides of Becky’s heaving head with her fleshy hands and called out to her husband. “Get up, you tired old motherfucker! Get over here and watch this up close. I want you to see how to really suck a pussy!”

Ed slowly gathered himself together and marched over to the scene taking place on the couch. He knelt down next to Becky so he could watch her tongue flick all across Cathy’s drooling pussylips and dart up into the woman’s glistening cunt channel.

“Yeah, that’s how to do it. Yeahhhh! Oh, that feels so good, I can’t tell you! Aaahhh!”

As Becky thrashed her tongue all around the sopping cunt, Ed moved in closer, breathing hotly in her ear.

“Now it’s your turn! Get in there and suck!” Cathy ordered.

Cathy reached down and pushed Becky’s face aside. Then she grabbed Ed by his ears and pulled him full force into her gushing cunt. She moved her thighs closer together to make sure he couldn’t get away, and Becky could barely see the sucking man’s head hidden between Cathy’s tremendous quivering thighs.

“Now jerk on his cock, you little bitch! I want him hard again so he can throw one of those furious fucks into me. You’re not the only one around here that likes to fuck good hard cock!”

Becky obliged, stroking Ed’s drooping cock until it stood up hard and hungry. She moved her other hand around to stroke his bulging ball-sac, squeezing his cum-stuffed balls tenderly.

Ed rooted around in his wife’s drenched cunt until great strands of pussy-juice dripped from his chin. Cathy moaned with delight, squeezing her husband’s head tighter with her legs while she stroked her big brown nipples. Her nipples stood out hard and pointed and she squeezed them roughly with her fingers.

“Yeah, that’s it, baby! I always knew you could suck a good pussy! Dig deeper, you little fucker. Deeper! Aaaaggghhh!”

As Becky stroked Ed’s rock-hard cock, she realized that he and his wife Cathy were probably getting it on for the first time in many years. This made the secretary feel very good, knowing that she was helping to save their marriage. Getting fucked into oblivion is one thing, she thought. But sex isn’t all take and no give. She now understood that half the pleasure of fucking was allowing someone else to enjoy a mindless orgasm. She jacked Ed off all the harder now, priming him for another tremendous fuck, getting his fuck-juices flowing again. He moaned appreciatively, his muffled groans sending waves of sheer pleasure throughout Cathy’s wet pussy.

“Okay, fat man! Now it’s my turn to feel your big prick. My pussy is hungry for your cockmeat! Now give it to me!”

Cathy flopped back down onto the couch, her huge cunt gaping wetly. She spread her legs apart to allow Ed to stand up. Her legs hung over the back of the couch as she reached up to spread her pussylips apart.

“Fuck me!” she screamed.

Ed got to his feet and nestled up just in front of his wife’s sopping, inviting cunt. He gripped his blood-engorged cock in one hand and stared at the wet pink target of Cathy’s gleaming pussy. She pulled her slick pussy-flaps farther apart to reveal the opening to her needy cunt-channel.

“Come on, asshole! Fuck me!”

Ed aimed his cock carefully. With one mighty thrust, he rammed his fat cock balls-deep into his wife’s juicy pussy. Cuntjuice splattered all over the place. Cathy’s big legs wrapped around his chubby asscheeks and the two of them began humping in earnest.

Cathy writhed against, the couch cushions, her head hanging over the edge and her ham flowing out across the floor. She dug her spike-heels deep into Ed’s trembling asscheeks and he fucked all the faster. She gripped her oversized tits in her hands and squeezed them for all she was worth. She began humping faster and faster, shrieking each time the tip of Ed’s hot cock brushed across her supersensitive clit. Her asscheeks flattened out on the couch each time she received one of Ed’s gut wrenching cock-thrusts.

Becky kneeled just behind Ed, hypnotized by the sight of his hefty ball-sac smacking repeatedly into Cathy’s ass-crack. She moved closer to him, gripping the sides of his heaving hips. Holding on tight, she nosed into his ass-crack and began seeking out his asshole with her tongue. She flicked her hot, juicy tongue up and down between his clenched asscheeks. When she found his puckered asshole, she drove her tongue into it with all her strength. His bucking hips were knocking her head back and forth, but Becky managed to hang on and drive her tongue deeper and deeper inside his ass-channel.

Ed moaned and cried out. Becky could feel his taut cum-tube tightening up just behind his flopping ball-sac. She slipped her wet tongue free of Ed’s asshole and inched forward to lap at his sizzling balls. He fucked harder and harder into his wife’s overflowing cunt, but Becky continued to maintain her grip. She sucked one of his balls into her mouth and swirled her practiced tongue around it furiously. Pussy-juice splashed into Becky’s face each time Ed thrust into Cathy’s dripping cunt, but the young secretary kept Ed’s tender ball locked securely between her full lips.

Becky could feel cum beginning to boil in Ed’s balls. He tried to spread his legs apart to allow Becky tithe room she needed to suck at his stewing ball-sac. And all the while, he kept fucking faster and faster into Cathy’s slippery pussy.

“OH, Ed! Aiieee!” Cathy shrieked like it was the end of the world. “How come you never fucking me like this before? Ohhh, it feels so fucking good. Yeahhhh! Aaaihhhh!”

Becky felt a massive glowing sensation flash through her hot young body at the sound of Cathy’s horny moans. Becky felt her pussy growing wetter and wetter as she realized it was all because of her that Ed and Cathy were fucking away so contentedly.

And now the contentment was building to a furious finish as Ed picked up the pace, fucking with all his strength, the tendons standing out in his thighs and legs as he strained to fuck his lust-drunk wife as hard and as powerfully as he could. He lifted his wife’s legs up around his shoulders. That way he could drive his swollen cock as deep as possible into Cathy’s pussy and still allow Becky enough room to suck on his hot ball-sac.

The three of them moved in perfect rhythm. Becky could sense that Ed was about to shoot his load at any second and she tried to hang onto him with all her might, still slurping his tender balls into her hot mouth. Cathy moaned louder and louder as Ed’s giant cock reamed out her slavering cunt-hole, sending her to the brink of ecstasy.

Then Cathy’s body tensed and quivered and spasmed out of control as the first waves of orgasm raced through her. Her arms flailed about, knocking ashtrays and knick-knacks off the coffee table. She screamed and wailed, her titflesh flushing crimson. Sweat gleamed and glistened all over her body. The black color of her bra and stockings served to make her creamy flesh look all the more delectable.

As Ed felt his load of hot cum about to shoot out into his wife’s clenching cunt, he ran his hands up and down her sheer black nylons, enjoying the cool feel of the sexy stockings. Her sharp high-heeled shoes continued to dig into his neck and shoulders — and it was that special sensation of sweet pain that sent him over the edge!

He blasted heavily into his wife’s clasping, greedy cunt. His white-hot jism overflowed her cunt and dripped down onto Becky’s face. The young secretary lapped up the creamy cum as best she could, her face now drenched with fresh pussy sauce and hot cock-cream.

As Ed tried to fuck out the last of his load, his thick cock slipped out of Cathy’s juicy cunt. He continued blasting off, shooting more streams of cum down onto Cathy’s full quivering belly. As she writhed like a bitch in heat, more of Ed’s cum jetted out of his fiercely red cockhead, splashing against her face and neck.

She wagged her tongue savagely, trying to catch a drop of his shooting jism. By the time Ed stopped spurting his white-hot cum, Cathy was covered with the stuff. His sticky jism oozed down between her immense tits, covering her skimpy black bra and dripping from her frilly garter belt. Her belly was waked with his cum, and it spread all around her trembling torso like melted cake frosting.

Becky reached up and stroked Ed’s subsiding cock, licking it clean. He moaned one final delighted moan, and then slumped over the edge of the couch. The young secretary stood up and stared down at Cathy as she spasmed in the final throes of her come. Becky slid her hand across the big woman’s mushy pussy and stroked her still erect clit, wringing the last sweet moments of bliss out of Cathy’s racked and ravaged body.

Staring down at the mess of cum and pussy sauce that soaked Cathy’s still-trembling body, Becky finger-fucked herself while she caressed her friend’s throbbing clit. Becky felt a short sweet blast shoot through her pussy as she enjoyed a quick come before sinking down next to Cathy on the fuck-juice-soaked couch.

It wasn’t long before the three of them were sound asleep, stuck together with dried-up and encrusted cum and pussy-sauces.


The next day, when Ed came into Eric’s office to prepare for his day in court, the big man acted as if he hardly knew Becky. She wore an especially alluring dress, one which accented the full curve of her lush tits, the neckline dropping just far enough to allow a tiny half-moon of rosy areola to peek out.

“Good morning, Rocky,” Ed said to her in a businesslike monotone.

She knew he was starring at her deep cleavage, but the sexy sight of her big tits seemed to have no effect on him. Becky had worn the revealing dress especially for him, to try and buck up his spirits before the trial — and also to show her appreciation for the previous evening’s hot activities. Becky looked longingly at his crotch, but there was no evidence of a hard-on. She was very disappointed.

“Hello, Ed,” she replied, winking knowingly. “I hope everything goes all right today.”

Ed leaned over her desk and shook his head slowly back and forth. “I don’t know,” he sighed. “I just don’t know if I should go through with this whole thing. You see, after last night.”

“Well, Ed! Good to see you. You’re looking chipper this morning.” Eric walked out of his office carrying the file folder Becky had brought him the day before from Caroline Harris’ office. He seemed pleased to see the big man and slapped Ed briskly across his shoulder. “I tell you, old buddy, this divorce will be a piece of cake. It’s in the bag, I tell you.”

“That’s great, Eric,” Ed replied. “Just great.” But Becky noticed a strange lack of conviction in Ed’s voice. She chewed nervously on the eraser of her pencil and thought about what might be troubling Eric’s client. It seemed curious to her that Ed should be acting so down-in-the-mouth since the night before he had been robust and energetic, big her with load after load of his hot cum until almost sunup. Then again, she thought, maybe the man was just tired. After all, he did use up a lot of energy in the process of satisfying both Becky and his horny wife Cathy. In fact, Becky was amazed that Ed had been able to fuck and suck and shoot off as many hot loads of jism as he had.

“Well, today’s the big day,” Eric continued. “Why don’t we go grab a bite to eat and then walk on down to the courthouse? Yes sir, Ed. It won’t be long before you’ll be a free man.”

Ed just nodded and followed Eric’s lead as the young lawyer guided him to the door.

“Good luck,” Becky said, thrusting her tits out in one last attempt to cheer the big man up.

Ed smiled wanly and then just stared back down at the floor.

“So, you’re in charge until I get back,” Eric told her. “The trial probably won’t be over until late this afternoon. I’m leaving the office in your hands. I’m sure you can handle it.”

Becky smiled broadly at her boss. “Don’t worry about a thing,” she said.

Then she thrust her delicious tits out in Eric’s direction, hoping to get a rise out of somebody. He took the bait and smiled appreciatively as his eyes bulged to take in the succulent sight of Becky’s huge thrusting tits. When Becky saw the sudden bulge in his trousers she was satisfied.

A pleasant warmth began surging through her pussy. Even though she had been fucked senseless the night before, she was still ready for more. She could hardly wait for Eric’s return after the trial. All morning she had been dreaming about a celebration fuck-orgy. She just hoped the trial would be over as soon as possible. So she could get her daily dose of big hard cocks.

Judging from the glint in Eric’s eyes, Becky figured he was thinking along the same lines. Giving his cock a gentle squeeze that only Becky could see, he winked at his new secretary and then ushered Ed out the door and into the hallway.

After the door closed behind them, Becky sighed deeply. She reached up under her short skirt and began teasing her puffy pussylips with her pencil eraser. She kept pencil-fucking herself until her cunt began creaming a slow hot ooze of juice. Her hips squirmed in her chair as jolts of lust streamed through her fiery cunt.

Just then she had an unsettling thought, interrupting the progress of her sizzling masturbation. Remembering Ed’s sad face made her stop thinking about her own pleasure. She wished she could have done something to cheer him up before he left. She had even planned to give him one or her super-hot blowjobs if he had wanted one.

But obviously something more than the need to shoot his cum had been bothering him. Slapping the slick pencil down on her desk blotter, Becky decided she would do a little investigating of her own into this case. She grabbed her purse and locked up Eric’s office, then set out for Caroline Harris’ office across town.

The skinny lady lawyer’s office was at the end of a long hallway, secluded from most of the foot traffic near the elevators. So Becky felt safe from being spotted as she leaned over to peek in through Caroline’s keyhole.

Cathy was perched on the desk again, her dress pushed up around her waist. Caroline was on her knees, gently sucking and kissing the big woman’s pussy. As she sucked Cathy off, she talked to her between mouthfuls of juicy cunt.

“You know, honey,” the small woman said, licking fresh cunt-cream from her thin lips, “this divorce is going to be the easiest case I ever won. We can’t lose!”

The skinny lawyer gripped Cathy’s chunky thighs tighter with her long bony fingers and continued nibbling at her puffy pussylips. But Cathy stared uninterested off into space. She could just as easily have been having her teeth fixed, Becky thought, judging from the uncaring look in the woman’s eyes.

Slowly, the puzzle pieces began to fit together. Cathy wore the same sad expression as her husband Ed. And now Becky knew why! Neither of them wanted to get divorced after all!

Becky felt a wonderful rush of hot lust and pleasure flow through her cunt. She knew that last night she had been the one to bring Cathy and Ed back together. As Becky’s steamy pussy began to gush fresh cunt-sauce, she realized that she had done nothing less than save their marriage.

Or had she? Now, the problem seemed to be that Ed and Cathy were so confused they didn’t know what to do. Probably, they really wanted to call the divorce off. But, it seemed to Becky, they weren’t entirely sure. After all, they had invested quite a bit of time and money in their respective lawyers, Caroline and Eric. Calling the whole thing off might be considered a rash and foolish move, by some people.

And Cathy and Ed were really nice people. Becky could attest to that wholeheartedly. They were just too nice to try and stop the legal wheels once they had been set in motion.

So Becky decided she had to do something to help her new friends. After all, they had treated her to some great orgasms. It was the least Becky could do, to try and stop the divorce proceedings.

Her pussy began clenching and squirting great gobs of cuntjuice as Becky realized that all this time she had been finger-fucking herself. But she also realized that she had to try and keep Ed and Cathy together — otherwise, Becky would be missing out on some great three-way fuck-sessions!

Strangely enough, just as Becky made her vow to help Ed and his wife any way she could, Cathy began moaning and groaning and hunching her pussy furiously into little Caroline’s face. Becky strained to keep her eye glued to the keyhole and her finger glued to her gooey cunt at the same time. She pumped her hand faster and faster against her needy cunt, working in rhythm to Cathy’s intense hunching motions.

The big woman began flopping her ass harder and harder against the desk as Caroline struggled to keep sucking on her big cunt. Becky’s steamy breath left a circle of moisture on the shiny metal around the keyhole as she heaved and sighed in response to her own impending orgasm.

Cathy reached down to push little Caroline’s face deep into her mushy pussy as she was gripped by a bone-shattering come. This sight triggered Becky’s come, and she gasped as a fierce heat blasted through her loins — a momentary searing pain followed by the sweet release of coming.

Becky tried to suck in her breath and stifle a scream as she struggled in the throes of blasting off. After the rushes of bliss passed through her, she leaned against the door, trying to catch her breath. She wiped her soaking fingers off on the rug and readjusted her panties and skirt. As she stood and turned to go, she noticed a young businessman standing nearby scratching his head.

Oh, God, she thought to herself, he saw the whole thing! But she had not time to waste on petty little problems like getting caught finger-fucking in front of a lawyer’s office. Crazier things had happened, she told herself.

As she walked briskly past the young man, she gave him a seductive wink and an ample view of her bulging, jiggling titflesh. That ought to keep him happy, she thought, rushing past him to catch the first open elevator.

Court was in full-session. The judge had just taken the bench and was busy rearranging some papers and things, pushing his large wooden gavel off to one side. He fluffed out his large flowing black robe and studied the scene before him.

Eric was whispering to his client, Ed Royce, at their table just in front of the visitors’ gallery. The young lawyer had a confident grin on his face and he gave Ed one last reassuring pat on the back. Yet Ed still wore the same empty look he’d had on his face when he’d left Eric’s office earlier in the day.

Caroline was adjusting her blouse and little jacket as she shuffled some papers in front of her client, Cathy Royce. The big woman looked just as unhappy as her husband. She even shuddered now and then as if she were weeping, causing her gigantic tits to jiggle under her thin blouse. Caroline tried to console her client one last time before she addressed the judge.

Walking before the bench, little Caroline called the first witness. After doing so, she stared disdainfully across the room at her rival attorney, Eric Stafford. He looked back and laughed, causing the lady lawyer to intensify her scornful expression.

One after the other, character witnesses were called to the stand. Eric and Caroline engaged in a full-scale battle, trying their hardest to outwit each other during cross-examinations. The judge was growing extremely tired sustaining and overruling various objections raised by the two battling attorneys.

All the while, Ed and Cathy just slumped down into their seats, growing very tired of the whole business. One time they glanced over at one another at the same time. Ed tried to smile and Cathy tried her best to smile back, but something kept them from doing so. They just slumped down deeper into their seats and watched Eric and Caroline fight it out.

At one point the judge even banged his gavel down sharply, stopping the two lawyers in the middle of a heated argument.

“Just whose welfare are we concerned with here?” he asked, his voice resonating deeply from behind the massive hardwood bench. “Are we trying to resolve a divorce question? Or are you two attorneys simply exercised your egos?”

This seemed to silence the courtroom for a few minutes, but before long Eric and Caroline were at it again. The judge resigned himself to slumping down in his big chair until he looked just as bored and disinterested as Ed and Cathy.

And Becky was watching the whole scene unfold. She had been there from the start, but not in the visitors’ gallery. She had managed to sneak into the judge’s chambers, after bribing one of the bailiffs with a generous view of her tits.

She peered out from Judge Roark’s chambers and watched Eric and Caroline slowly but surely lull the entire courtroom into a state of suspended animation. Now is the perfect time, she thought. Becky took a deep breath and slowly opened the door wide enough for her to slip through and into the courtroom. She got down on her hands and knees and carefully crawled toward the almost sleeping judge.

When she was about halfway there, stalking quietly like a beast of prey, Ed noticed her. He shot up quickly in his seat, feeling a sudden burst of adrenaline shoot through his tired body. Becky noticed that he saw her. She lifted a finger to her lips and gestured for him to be quiet. Ed settled back down. Becky smiled back, at him conspiratorially, nodding as if to say, “Everything’s going to be all right!”

Slowly but surely, Becky made her way toward the judge. Eric and Caroline were engaged in a heated discussion, arguing over an obscure point of legal reference, and the judge had fallen completely asleep. He snored quietly as Becky approached.

She skillfully slipped in around him, taking refuge beneath the huge wooden box that was the judge’s bench. Hunching around in the close confines, she managed to position herself directly in front of the sleeping judge’s knees. Cautiously, she eased the bottom edge of his robe up over his shoes. Then she trailed the silky black fabric higher along his calves, until she reached the tops of his socks. She folded the robe back inch by inch.

As her eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, she peeled more and more of the robe back, expecting to see a pair of under shorts, at least. But the man was completely naked under his robe! Becky followed his bony white legs to his thin thighs. And she was surprised to see the sickly-looking man possessed a powerful-looking cock! As he snored, his big cock rose and fell gently, and his large ballsac dropped against the seat of his chair.

Becky lifted his heavy robe as far as she could. She ducked underneath it like an old-time photographer slipping beneath his black camera shroud. But Becky wasn’t there to take pictures. She was there to take a hot load of the judge’s sticky jism!

Placing her sweaty hands gently under his wrinkled ball-sac, Becky moved her head closer, flicking her hot tongue all around his soft, tender balls. This caused the old judge to stop snoring for a moment. He breathed irregularly, snuffling short draughts of air through his nose, and almost woke up. But Becky was working ever so gently, lightly caressing his balls and the base of his flaccid cockshaft with just the tip of her hot tongue.

Under her skillful touch, his big cock began to grow. Becky could feel his blood pumping into his cock as she managed to tenderly grip the very tip of his thickly veined prick. She moved slowly to his cocktip and, applied hot feathery flicks of her tongue to his red prickhead. His cock grew harder and harder under her practiced touch, yet Becky was so subtle the old man still slept soundly.

It was getting hotter beneath the judge’s bench, but Becky enjoyed the feeling as her body began sweating and her cunt grew juicier. She rubbed her thighs together, squeezing her clit in an excruciatingly delicious embrace between her drooling pussylips. Eric’s arguments came through to her as just so much droning through the hard wood of the bench. She kept grinding her throbbing clit between her wet thighs and moaned ever so slightly.

Licking her lips thoroughly, Becky got her mouth ready to take in the head of the judge’s hot cock. Tenderly, Becky cased her face closer to the man’s big prick and then took in just the tip of his blood-engorged cockhead. Her lips gently squeezed beneath his enflamed knob as she worked up a hot mouthful of spit and bathed his delicious prick-tip.

The judge began stirring restlessly in his chair, but remained asleep, much to Becky’s surprise. She felt a little hurt that the important man didn’t respond more actively to her skillful blowjob. But that forced her to work all the harder toward bringing this man off. She could almost taste the wonderful hot blast of his sticky cum as she continued to suck fiercely on his cocktip.

Massaging his drooping ball-sac in both hands, Becky moved down the judge’s huge cockshaft, trying to take as much of his big fat cock into her throat as she could. As his fiery cocktip finally touched the back of her hot throat, she buried her pert little nose in the crinkly bush of pubic hair that sprouted around the base of his thick cockshaft. As she teased his blood-engorged veins, rolling her tongue around and around his steamy prickshaft, she felt his ball-sac tighten up in her tender grip. She could actually feel his jism beginning to boil in his delicate balls.

In quick, short spasms, she felt his cum beginning to shoot up into the thick rubbery tube on the underside of his fiery cockshaft. She began to move her mouth up and down on his prick as she maintained an agonizingly intense pressure with her flaming lips. Up and down, she mouth-fucked his cock, working faster and faster. Sweat and saliva poured down her chin, matting down his curly pubic hairs. The first drops of salty pre-cum oozed into her mouth and she swallowed them eagerly.

She kneaded his ball-sac less tenderly now, sensing that he was about to shoot his massive load any second. It seemed to Becky’s experienced touch that this old man had been saving up a heavy load of cum for quite some time. She could tell that after he blasted off, she would almost be swimming in the sticky stuff!

As she gripped his big balls tighter and mouth fucked his cock furiously, spraying spit and fuck juices all over each time she struggled to take a breath, she could tell that he was now going to blast his wad of jism. She spread her knees wide apart in anticipation, bracing herself for his bubbling load of cum.

The first blast of lava-hot cum shot into the back of her throat so hard her head smacked brutally into the top of the hardwood bench. She moaned in sudden pain, but continued sucking for all she was worth. Soon, cum gushed out of her mouth and nose as she struggled to swallow his torrential load.

When Becky’s head thudded against the top of the hardwood enclosure, it echoed through the entire courtroom. The judge finally woke up, caught in the midst of the biggest, mast intense orgasm he had ever experienced in his long life! Lost in ecstasy, it was all the judge could do to grab his hefty gavel and strike it savagely atop his bench.

“Aiieeee! Ohhh, case dismissed! Yaaaggghh! Ohhh, I refuse… to… ohhhh… grant this… aaarrrggghhh… divorce!”

The judge continued to bang his gavel as he shot his load into Becky’s hungry, sucking mouth. He writhed and moaned in his chair as if he were caught in the grip of an epileptic fit.

Eric and Caroline were suddenly silent. They stared at each other, perplexed.

“What the fuck?” Eric snapped.

“I knew the old boy was senile. But I never expected anything like this,” Caroline said, totally amazed.

The two lawyers just stood there dumbfounded, watching the old judge squirm and moan. Eric shook his head and slapped his forehead with the palm of his hand. Caroline leaned against him and buried her face in his broad shoulder. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The visitors began smirking, and then slowly broke into uproarious laughter until the whole courtroom was resounding with their guffaws and chortling — not to mention the judge’s orgasmic moaning and shrieking.

Becky struggled to keep mouth-fucking the old man as he showered her with blast after blast of hot jism. Soon, her face and neck were bathed with slimy cum — and the judge kept blasting away!

In the midst of all the commotion, Ed and Cathy finally looked across the courtroom at each other. Smiles and sparkling eyes soon replaced the gloomy looks they had been wearing all day. Ed quickly got up from behind the table, knocking his chair over as he hastily rushed over to meet his wife.

They embraced heartily, almost falling over as their bodies collided. Ed gave Cathy a deep tongue kiss, reaching behind her to squeeze as much of her ample assflesh as he could grip with his short fingers. Someone in the audience applauded as the couple was reunited.

Ed slipped his wife’s arm through his and they quickly made their way through the chaotic throng in the courtroom gallery. The crowd was still laughing and whistling as the couple slipped away through the doors.

Soon, a squad of bailiffs moved in and tried to settle things down. But they only added to the confusion. Before long, the courtroom was filled with a frenzied mass of out-of-control humanity. One of the bailiffs even fired a warning shot through the ceiling, but this only added to the circus-like atmosphere.

And safely under the judge’s bench, sweating from the jungle-like humidity and dripping with slippery cock-cream, Becky wiped thick gobs of jism from her eyes and nose. Despite the noise and mayhem all around her, Becky somehow knew that everything was going to be all right!


In the midst of all the confusion in the courtroom, Becky eagerly slipped away unnoticed. The judge was half-conscious, slumped weakly across his chair, and Becky had no trouble pushing him out of the way and making good her escape through the back door.

She had plenty of time to freshen up back at the office before Eric returned from court. Becky was busy filing her nails when her young boss returned.

“How’d it go?” she asked. “You look kinda [missing text].”

Eric shook his head and tossed some papers onto Becky’s little desk. “Well, we lost,” he said, sighing. “But for some reason, I think we still won. Try and figure that one out.”

“Whatever you say,” Becky said, smiling knowingly. “You’re the boss.”

“I just hope I never have to come up before Judge Roark again,” Eric said, scratching his chin. “I heard that old guy was not playing with a full deck. And now I know it for a fact. I tell you, you should have been there. You wouldn’t have believed it.”

Becky ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth. The salty taste of the judge’s cum still lingered. She savored the old man’s flavorful jism as she smiled up at him. If only he knew Becky had been there, too, driving that judge out of his mind! She didn’t know what Eric might think. But the important thing was that her plan had worked. Ed and Cathy’s marriage was saved.

But even more important was the burning need that still plagued Becky’s ever-greedy pussy. As she sat and studied her boss’ crotch, she realized that she had been spending too much time satisfying her own need to be fucked. After all, she told herself, that was the idea in the rust place. She was supposed to go out and try to fuck and suck as many cocks as she could to try to put out the fire that raged in her cunt.

She decided that now was the time to act on her desires. If she was ever going to get the overwhelming fucking that she deserved, it was going to be now or never!

Becky sat down her nail file and shifted seductively in her chair, wiggling her pretty ass from side to side. At the same time, she rolled her big tits around in circles, tracing big delicious designs in the air with her hardening nipples. She licked her full pouting lips with the tip of her red tongue, all the while winking at Eric.

But she frowned whew she noticed that he appeared not to notice her seductive movements. Eric looked through the stack of mail on her desk and then turned to walk into his office.

Becky sucked in a deep breath, suddenly distraught. She knew she had to do something quick. Otherwise, it would be all she could do to stop herself from ramming the nearest cock-shaped device into her dripping pussy and fucking herself to a much-needed orgasm. But cramming a finger or a bunch of pencils or a rolled-up magazine up her cunt instead of Eric’s big hard cock — especially since his delicious prick was so close at hand — seemed like such a waste. She just had to feel his fiery cockshaft thrusting into her again and again until she gushed out wave, after wave of pent-up pussy-cream.

Becky realized she would have to resort to desperate measures.

“Eric?” she cooed, just before he stepped through the doorway into his office. “Do you like my tits?” The well-endowed young secretary slowly peeled her little shirt-blouse over her shoulders. She pinched her big brown nipples between her long sexy fingers until her delicious tit tips grew hard and erect. She teased the ends of her hard nipples with her long red fingernails.

“Oooo, that buns,” she squealed.

Eric glanced up from the handful of mail he had been reading.

“Yeah, sure. I love your tits. Most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen.” Then he started back into his office.

“But wait! Eric! I… I’m glad you like my tits. But… but what do you think about… about this?”

Becky pushed herself up so she could sit on the back of her sturdy chair, pressing her feet firmly into the chair seat for support. She quickly pulled up her skirt and rolled it back around her slim waist. Grabbing the crotchband of her sheer panties, she pulled the nylon fabric out of the way swiftly, revealing her hairy, meaty pussylips. Fresh cunt-sauce flowed out of her pussy and drooled down her thighs and then dripped onto the edge of the chair.

“Huh? Tell me! How do you like my juicy cunt?”

Eric stepped back and grabbed hold of the door-jamb. He did a quick double-take.

“Well, I… ah… I always said I… liked your pretty little pussy didn’t I?”

Stroking one of her firm nipples with one hand, Becky began working her other hand into her wet cunt, spreading apart her squishy pussy-flaps with each stroke of her fingers. She rolled her head back, allowing her long shiny hair to spread out across her soft shoulders. Looking back up at Eric, she said, “But when you see my wet pussy… don’t you… ohhhhh… don’t you feel like sticking your… ohhh… your big fat cock into it?”

Eric took a deep breath and shook his head. “Not right now, Becky. I’ve got some really important work to do.” Eric tried to control himself. “Maybe a little later.”

“Oh, God!” Becky shrieked. “But I need you now, damn it! I need you to fuck me right now!”

She realized her only chance to satisfy her demanding cunt was to get Eric’s big cock inside her as soon as possible. Tearing off her flimsy clothes, she ran across the small reception area and flung herself at Eric’s feet, wrapping her arms around his ankles.

“Fuck me, you big brute! Can’t you see I need to have, your fucking cock? Give me a fucking break! Fuck me like there’s no tomorrow! Anyway you want, just fuck me senseless with your big hunk of cockmeat!”

Eric stared down at her as she clutched at his legs, digging her fingernails into the thin fabric of his slacks. She gnawed at his ankles, drooling hot saliva all over his shoe-tops.

“What are you waiting for?” she wailed. “Come on and fuck me!”

Becky looked up and saw that Eric’s cock was bulging beneath his pants. She could see it pulsating as fresh hot blood pumped through his growing cockshaft. She stuck out her tongue and drooled like a bitch-dog in heat. His cock-bulge looked so big and meaty, she could almost feel his blazing cockhead ramming deep into the back of her throat. When she thought about the surging sea of hot jism that he must be packing in his giant balls, she almost passed out from a sudden wave of ecstasy.

Eric could control himself no longer. He reached down and picked up his hot young secretary. Throwing her over his shoulders, he carried her as fast as he could through his office into his private bedroom. He slammed her down on the bed and tore off his suit. He ripped the sleeves of his jacket as he struggled to free himself from his restraining clothes.

Becky quickly flung off her tattered bra and panties. She lay on the bed writhing and squirming with hot urgent need. She rubbed and hunched her drenched cunt back and forth across the silky bedspread, arching her big succulent ass up in the air with each fuck-motion of her gyrating hips. In order to restrain her mounting need to scream out loud — to express her overwhelming desire to feel his hot cockmeat slamming into her with merciless force — she bit down hard on one of the soft pillows, still moaning and writhing.

Eric finally freed himself from his tight-fitting three-piece suit. He leaped down onto the bed and tore the pillow out of Becky’s frothing mouth.

“Okay, bitch!” he yelled. “You wanted some cock! Well, you’re gonna get some cock! Suck on this mother and see how you like it, slut!”

He knelt before her, holding his hot cock right in front of her face. She breathed raggedly, drooling and flipping out her tongue. Eric gripped his huge cock at the base with one fist and brutally stabbed it at her. His cockhead bashed into her eye, her cheek and her nose as she struggled to suck it into her mouth. She pouted her full hot lips and snapped at his cock, trying desperately to slurp his rock-hard prickhead into her throat.

Eric howled with laughter as he continued cruelly poking his enormous blood-engorged cock into her face.

“What’s the matter, you little whore? Don’t you know how to suck a man’s cock?”

“Please! Please let me suck it!” Becky begged. “Ohhh, you don’t know how much I want to eat your big cock! Aaahhhh!”

He grabbed a bunch of her hair and pulled her head toward his blazing crotch, forcing his big prick deep into her gaping throat. With ferocious cock-thrusts, he began fucking her mouth, ignoring her sudden whimpering and whining.

“Don’t give me that shit, you fucking cunt-face bitch!” he yelled at her. “I know you love to suck my cock like this. Now start working out! Use your hot tongue to make me come, cunt!”

Becky worked desperately to give Eric the good blowjob he demanded. At the same time, she continued hunching her dripping pussy back and forth, spraying the bedspread with gushing cunt sauces.

The harder Eric fucked into her face, the hotter her cunt grew. Great flashes of pleasure began to streak through her heaving, squirming body. She moved her hands up to cup and squeeze his ballsac. As her fingers touched the hot wrinkled skin surrounding his balls, a jolt of flaming sex-heat rushed through her, causing her cunt-walls to spasm and convulse.

She tried to match the animal force of Eric’s cock-thrusting by slamming her face hard against his crotch each time his steaming prick smashed into the back of her throat. She rubbed her nose raw on the crinkly, wiry bush of his cock-hairs each time she took the length of his furiously hot prick. But soon his rough hairs were matted down, wet from the hot saliva and pre-cum that splashed out of Becky’s ravaged mouth.

He gripped the back of her head with both hands and held her still while he pummeled her face for the last time. Then he withdrew his red-hot cock and rubbed the near-bursting flesh of his prickhead against the soft wet flesh of her cheeks.

“You suck good, baby,” he said, tightening his grip on her battered skull. “But now I got something else I want you to do.”

Eric grabbed Becky’s sweaty shoulders and spun her around onto her back. He dug his fingers into her thighs and spread her legs wide. He paused to stare at her sizzling, dripping cunt, admiring the way her pussylips gleamed and glistened.

“You’re right, baby,” he said. “I do like your sweet pussy. More than anything else, I love to fuck your big wet pussy!”

She ground her ass back against the bedspread, wiggling her cunt around in circles. He reached in and grasped her hard, erect clit between his rough thumb and forefinger. He squeezed her tit savagely, and Becky squealed with sudden pain. But the more he massaged her clit, the more she liked it. She could tell that finally she was going to experience the overwhelming orgasm that was due her.

As Eric squeezed on her clit, she writhed her hips up toward his cock. She couldn’t wait for him to ram his huge cock deep into her super-hot cunt channel. Becky moaned as she watched hot drops of pre-cum bubble and drip from the end of his prickhead.

“So what are you waiting for?” she screamed. “Come on and fuck me! Don’t you understand? You’re supposed to fuck me when your cock gets so hard like that! Ohhhhh, please, fuck me!”

“Yeah, I love to listen to little whores like you beg for my cock,” he said, sneering. “And now you’re going to get just what you deserve! And maybe more, bitch!”

Squeezing her nipples as hard as she could, enjoying the flashes of pain and pleasure that coursed through her body and gasping as lust boiled in her pussy, she only hoped that Eric could provide her with as much fucking as he promised. Gazing at his ferocious cock through the hazy heat waves that streamed up from her simmering pussy, she knew his prick was big enough to satisfy her needs, but she wondered if he could last long enough to bring her to the scalding, blazing climax that she so desperately needed.

Her doubts were temporarily extinguished as Eric thrust his iron-hard cock deep into her molten pussy. He rammed his prick in to the hilt. She howled like a banshee as she felt his hot cockhead hit the very back of her cunt-tunnel.

Faster and faster be fucked her, ramming into her with the concentrated force of a piledriver. His muscular hips bucked and heaved, his sweaty asscheeks clenched and quivered as he plunged down into her wet, mushy pussy. He was mauling her cunt with the potent power of a jackhammer, and she felt as if her abused body was going to split right down the middle.

But this frantic fucking was just what she wanted — and just what she needed. Becky wrapped her long legs around Eric’s relentlessly bucking body, digging her heels into his back to spur him on, trying to tilt her sizzling pussy at the right angle so she could receive as much of his stabbing cock as possible.

“Aiiiieee! I’m commiiinnng! Ohhhh, it feels so fucking good! I can’t believe it! Yaaaggghhh!”

As her thrilling orgasm reached its peak, Eric groaned and shot the first blast of his sizzling cum deep into her clutching, clasping cunt. Then his prick erupted and fired bursts of blazing jism into her pussy until his sticky white-hot cum spilled out past her pummeled pussylips and drenched the bedspread.

Becky rode out the blissful waves of her climax, gently swirling her hips back and forth under the comforting weight of Eric’s sagging body. He had unloaded every last drop of his searing cum into Becky’s needy cunt. She loved the squishy feel of their mingled fuck-juices sluicing between their clinging bodies.

Now their intense fucking-motions subsided until Becky rocked tenderly, moving her hips slowly and easily, trying to get a little cool air to blow across her overheated cunt. As she lay there enjoying every blissful second, she felt, like Eric had fucked her so well she would never have fuck again! He had really thrown a superior fuck into her, she thought happily before dozing off.


When Becky finally woke up, she checked the electric clock next to Eric’s bed. It was still early in the evening. She stretched and breathed deeply, causing the dried-up cum and pussy-juice plastered across her belly to crack and flake. She brushed the dandruff-like particles off onto the rumpled bedclothes.

Getting up to turn on the overhead light, Becky made sure she was alone in the room. So many strange things had been happening lately, she wanted to make sure she had a little privacy for a change. A musky sex-smell hung in the air, causing warm rushes of desire to course through Becky’s cunt. She reached down and ran her hand through her tender pussylips.

Oh, if only I could satisfy my Goddamn cunt! she said to herself.

Becky took a long hot shower, soaping herself liberally, enjoying the flowing stream of lather that flooded down across her big delicious tits. She toweled herself dry quickly and scrambled into her clothes.

She walked through Eric’s dark office and then stepped into the brightly lit reception room. Sitting on the small couch, reading a magazine, was none other than Paul Reed.

“Did you enjoy your rest?” he asked. He smiled broadly and his eyes twinkled.

“Yeah, I feel great,” Becky answered.

She felt her pussy growing warm. Cunt-sauce began to trickle out past her puffy pussylips. She thought Paul looked like just the man to satisfy her ever-horny cunt.

Paul spread his muscular thighs wide apart when he saw that Becky was going to leap into his lap. Tie caught her easily and held her tight in his brawny arms. Becky ran her long fingers across his tight, rippling chest muscles, rubbing the heel of her hand hard against the thin fabric of his shirt.

“Well, young lady, I’d have to say you were glad to see me,” the big man said. He sighed deeply, blowing his breath out hotly across Becky’s jutting tits.

“That’s right, you big stud. I always get like this when I see a man who packs a meaty cock like yours. I can remember sucking it like it was an hour ago!”

Becky leaned back and grabbed, the hem of her short skirt with both hands, pulling her skirt back up to her slim waist. She had purposely neglected to wear her panties. Her slick creaming cuntlips were revealed in all their juicy glory.

Paul stared down at Becky’s cunt with obvious delight. “Yes sir, that is one hot little box you got there, kitten.”

“Well, what are you waiting for? A referee’s whistle? Why don’t you get down there and lap it up?”

Becky eased her hands down into her cunt. Tenderly grasping her outer cuntlips between her red-enameled fingernails, she pried her pussy-flaps apart to reveal her quivering cunt-hole.

“Come on, it’s all yours. You’re not funny, are you?”

Paul laughed from deep in his chest. “Are you kidding? I’ve had this cock stuffed into more dripping pussies than you could count. And you know I’d be the first one to dive into your wet cunt — if we had the time.”

Becky worked two of her fingers into her drooling pussy to try and soothe her frustration. “What the… oooohh… what the fuck… ahhhh… are you talking about, anyway?”

“I need you to do a little favor for me, honey.”

“What more could… ahhhh… do for you the… ooohhh… let you fuck my pussy, Goddamn it!”

“Just come with me and I’ll try and explain on the way.”

Paul eased Becky up off the couch. She was hopping mad. Standing before the big football player with her arms crossed, she tapped her foot impatiently. Her skin was still rolled back up around her waist, and her cunt quivered and leaked more juice from the vibrations of her shaking legs.

Paul grabbed a few sheets of Kleenex from the side table and wiped the puddle of cunt-sauce from his knee. Then he stood up and grabbed Becky around the waist, ushering her out the door. When they were in the elevator, Paul pushed the button for the underground parking garage.

When they were finally in his new sports car, speeding down the freeway, Paul began telling Becky his story.

“I suppose you heard about the trouble I had with those cheerleaders,” he said, checking his speedometer.

“I heard something about it,” Becky answered coldly.

Despite her outward bitchiness, her cunt was still on fire. It looked like Paul didn’t want to fuck her. And how could she ever follow through on her plan to feed her hungry pussy any delicious cock available if she was stuck in the tiny front seat of a fast-moving car?

“Didn’t they file a paternity suit or something?” she asked.

“A half-dozen fucking paternity suits, to be exact. But that’s another story altogether. The big problem is this. The league commissioner wants to suspend me until everything with these cheerleaders is cleared up.” Becky stared at her dark reflection in the window glass, noticing all the other ears they were passing as they hurtled along in the fast lane.

“So how does that include me?” she sneered.

“I need you to fuck and suck the old guy so he’ll let me play. If I can start the game on opening day it will mean a lot to the whole team. I don’t know how we could pay you back, but we’ll sure as hell try.”

Becky was so horny she didn’t really care that Paul had all but kidnapped her. At the sound of the words “fuck and suck” her pussy began drooling again. She didn’t care who Paul set her up with, as long as the guy had a cock and as long as he knew what to do with it. She would take care of the rest.

Reaching down to stroke her bulging pussy mound, Becky turned to Paul and smiled. “Sure, I’ll do whatever you want. Just get me there in a hurry, that’s all I ask. I’m so horny right now I could fuck the whole NFL — if they weren’t all a bunch of pansies!” Becky’s smile turned to a leer and she glared at him icily.

“Just do me this favor, bitch.”

Paul stepped down hard on the accelerator. Before long, he had pulled off the freeway and was driving down the tree-lined entrance road to Commissioner Hogan’s estate on the outskirts of town.

“Quaint little place,” Becky said sarcastically as Paul parked in front of the three-story mansion.

“You’ll learn to love it here, slut.”

Paul leaped out of his car and stepped around to pull Becky out of the front seat. He dragged her to the front door and knocked loudly on the thick oak. The door finally opened and a short, expensively dressed man appeared, breathing huskily.

“Ah, yes,” he said, his eyes bulging as he gazed at Becky’s succulent body. “Please come in. I’ve been expecting you.”

The little man led Becky and Paul to an impeccably furnished sitting room at the end of a long hallway.

“Won’t you have a seat?” he said, motioning with his tiny arm.

Becky looked around the room at the expensive paintings and fixtures and eased her seductively wide ass into the plush velvet cushions of an antique couch. She looked up at the little man and said crisply. “You can tell Commissioner what’s-his-name that we’re here now.”

Paul coughed nervously. He narrowed his eyes and shook his head at Becky.

“What the fuck’s your problem?” she snarled. “Miss Morris, allow me to introduce you to Commissioner Hogan,” Paul said, standing.

Becky’s body went slack. She dropped her forehead into her hand and said angrily, “Are you kidding? You brought me over here to f…”

Paul cut her off with a glare. He strided over to the little man and placed his big arm around the commissioner’s shoulders, practically obscuring his tiny head.

“Sir, Miss Morris… or you can call her Becky… is my… ah, mediator. She’s had quite a bit of legal experience… in these… ah, matters. I’m sure she’ll be able to help you reach an agreeable decision… regarding our little… disagreement.”

“Yes, I see,” the commissioner said, flinging Paul’s arm off his shoulders and walking toward the couch.

Becky studied him closely. He was not bad looking, she thought, for a little shrimp. As she realized he was staring at her with his tongue practically hanging out of his mouth; she figured she might as well humor the little guy. She crossed her legs and smoothed her skirt back so that he could see the dark promise of her bushy cunt. She slowly ran her long sexy fingers along her smooth leg, raking her red fingernails across her creamy inner thighs. Jutting her delicious tits out toward his quivering lips, she slid her tongue around her full pouting lips.

Paul noticed that the couple had taken an interest in one another. He pound his hands together gleefully, and then backed out of the room, shutting the door quietly behind him.

As Becky smiled and thrust out her gigantic tits, she eyed the commissioner’s crotch, looking for a tell-tale hard-on. She was pleased to see that the little man packed a remarkably thick cock. The bulge in his pants reached almost down to his knee! Judging from the way he stared at her longingly, she figured she’d be able to satisfy him quickly and then get out of there — to move on to greener pastures.

The commissioner stood next to her and reached over to stroke her warm thigh, rubbing his hand from her knee down to the hem of her skimpy skirt.

“Can I get you a drink?” he asked hoarsely.

“Certainly,” Becky replied. She was suddenly struck by the self-confidence this man possessed. She felt like he was speaking to her as if he owned her.

He squeezed her thigh tightly before retiring to the bar in the corner. Staring back at the seething secretary, he cast her an unsettling glance.

Becky thought she detected something sinister in his strangely gleaming eyes. No, it couldn’t be, she thought. He looks like such a nice little guy. But nonetheless, his curious gaze had triggered a fresh gush of pussy-juice. She moved uncomfortably on the couch, afraid that she might ruin the costly fabric with her dripping cunt-sauces.

The commissioner returned with her drink. He held the crystal glass out to Becky. His other hand was behind his back.

“Here you are,” he said devilishly. “I hope you enjoy it.”

Suddenly, Becky felt as if a cold breeze had blown into the room. She downed her drink quickly, tossing it straight into the back of her throat. She gasped and choked, knocking her fist against her breast bone after the liquor hit. He had made her an especially strong drink and the booze burned and glowed in her belly. Soon, warm sensations were coursing through her pussy. The booze had triggered the desperate urges that had racked her pussy ever since she had sucked off Eric two days ago. She wanted to get fucked so bad she could taste it. But how could this little man give her the fucking she so frantically requested?

“Would you like another?” he asked, smiling impishly.

Becky wiped her mouth. “Sure, why not?”

The commissioner brought his hand out from behind his back. All this time, he had been clutching a thin leather riding crop. He gently slapped the end of the little whip into the palm of his little hand.

“I’m sorry, you slut! But I’m afraid you cannot have another drink! It’s obvious you don’t know how to hold your liquor.”

Becky stared at him, totally amazed. Her first reaction was to close her legs and cover her tits with her arms. But she sat there immobile, almost hypnotized by the odd gleam in the commissioner’s beady eyes. This just can’t be happening, she told herself. It’s just too weird!

The little man paced back and forth in front of the frightened secretary. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to be paid for your bad manners,” he said. “I thought you came over here tonight to help me negotiate a little business matter. But instead, it appears you want to carry on like a fucking pig instead!”

With that, the commissioner lashed out and struck Becky across her big fleshy tits with the riding crop.

“Aaaaahhh, shit! That hurts!”

“You bet it does!” he screamed back at her. “But not as much as this!”

He brought the whip down hard again, striking her full force across her thighs. He thrashed her quickly two more times until huge red welts appeared.

“Now, perhaps you’ll learn to control yourself,” he said brusquely.

Almost unbearable jolts of pain shot through her legs, forcing Becky to scream out in agony. But as much as she wanted to run out of the room, she found herself unable to budge. It was as if her body knew that his harsh treatment would soon pay off in a jackpot of bliss, and she found herself submitting to the little man’s flogging punishment.

“Take off your clothes, bitch! I want to see you naked!”

Becky obeyed, ripping her things off as fast as she could, tearing off her skirt and tossing the shredded fabric aside.

“Faster!” he demanded, beating her with his whip. “You’re not moving fast enough!”

As she struggled to tear off her blouse, he struck her again and again. Then he jumped up onto the couch and stood over her, continuing his merciless lashing. Becky tried to cover her trembling tits with her arms, but he whacked at her limbs viciously. She rolled over, trying to protect her sensitive tits, but that simply allowed the commissioner access to her creamy asscheeks. He smashed one foot down on her back, trying to hold her squirming body in place while his riding crop whistled through the air and sliced into the firm, succulent flesh of her ass.

“Aaaahhhhh! Ohhhh, that hurts! You’re killing me, damn it! Yaaahhhggg!”

He continued whipping her until she felt as if he had blistered every square inch of her tender flesh. But still, he managed to find unabused areas of her squirming, writhing body with the end of his fierce, unrelenting whip. It was as if the terrible-looking little riding crop had a mind of its own as it continued striking her all over.

As the little man breathed raggedly, murmuring incoherently, she squealed beneath him. But the more he punished her, the more she realized she wanted the blows to hun! It was crazy to think anyone could experience pleasure in such a situation! she told herself.

But nevertheless, all this time her pussy had been gushing tremendous amounts of fresh creamy cunt sauce. As she squirmed against the slick fabric of the couch, she lathered her hips and thighs in the churning puddle of her cuntjuice. She was actually creaming in anticipation of being fucked by this madman!

But was he really mad? Maybe she was the one who was mad, since she seemed to be wallowing with strange delight beneath the blows of his whip. But this couldn’t be crazy if it felt so good. She finally admitted it to herself. She was getting off on being thrashed. She was finally getting in touch with deep hidden sensations that had always been dormant in her juicy cunt. She loved it — and she wanted more.

“Ohhhhh, you’re really doing it now!” she shrieked.

The commissioner paused for a moment. Sweat dripped off his forehead and splashed onto her raw, blistered back.

“That’s the idea, YOU fucking whore! And now I’ve got a real surprise for you.”

Her body fairly hummed all over with sweet pain. She wriggled her drenched cunt against the sopping fabric of the couch, feeling the first delicious stirrings of a climax bristling throughout her battered loins.

The little man struggled above her, trying to tear off his clothes. His costly suit lay scattered all over the room by the time he finally stripped, sweat glistening all over his trembling body. His oversized cock was wagging and pulsating, pumped up to the bursting point with excited surging blood. She looked back over her stinging shoulder to gaze longingly at his red-hot prick. Pre-cum oozed in a steady stream from the end of his cocktip, flowing in a syrupy string until it coiled onto her bruised asscheeks.

“Now, spread your ass for me, bitch. You’re really gonna get it! Yeahhhh!”

Becky reached behind to grab her asscheeks and spread them apart.

“Oh, please! Don’t hurt me!” she wailed.

But she knew she didn’t mean what she was saying. She wanted him to ravage her ass any way he knew how. She only pretended to be in pain because she knew he enjoyed seeing her writhing in agony. Becky wondered what the man would think if he knew she was enjoying the torture and torment more than he was!

She pulled her asscheeks apart as far as she could — until she thought her ass would rip apart. And the intense pain felt so good! Jolts and shocks of anguish flashed through her ass and filled her pussy with burning pleasure. Her clit throbbed hotly and she mashed it against the couch cushion, grinding her wide hips down as hard as she could. The overabundance of pre-cum and cuntjuice streamed over her ravished body, making each and every welt and sore on her thighs and ass sting with precious pain.

The frenzied commissioner teased the rubbery pucker of her asshole with the end of his whip handle. He worked the first half-inch of the leather grip into her clenching ass and moaned. Becky thrashed about as if she were mortally hurt. But she really wanted him to ram the whip handle in deeper!

“There, you filthy bitch! Now I’m going to rip up your fucking asshole. Yeahhhhh!”

With one furious lunge, the little man forced the riding crop as deep into Becky’s ass-channel as he could. She felt as if she had just been plugged with a burning sword. Sharp hot pain slashed through the entire length of her ass-tunnel, causing her to scream like a woman possessed.

As he worked the thin leather whip in and out of her asshole with maniacal intensity, Becky gave in to the all-encompassing blasts in her pussy. She was building up to a climax that threatened to split her in half. This was the moment she had been waiting for for so long. And to think this crazy little man had brought her to this ecstatic point. All the frustration and unfulfilled desire of the past few days seemed to be dissolving, burned away by the furious action of the riding crop slicing into her asshole!

She couldn’t think any more — she didn’t want to think any more! — and she gave in completely to the thrilling sensations pounding through her cunt. She hunched back and forth out of control, trying to match the equally frantic thrusts of the whip handle deep in her asshole.

Then the commissioner plunged the riding crop into her ass as deep as he could. He screwed it around, back and forth, his sweaty fist grinding into the soft flesh of her juice-drenched ass-crack. Then he withdrew the whip with one frantic yank and tossed the leather stick into the corner.

Becky’s ass-tunnel buzzed with concentrated pain.

“Ohhhh, fuck me!” she cried out. “Fuck me with your big cock and put that fire out in my asshole!”

The little man hunched over her, clutching his fiery-red cock in one hand. With one massive thrust, he rammed his prick all the way into her abused ass-channel and then began fucking her with all his strength.

“Yeah, so tight, you little slut. Fuck it, bitch! Fuck my cock!”

Her cunt had gushed out so much pussy-sauce that it dripped heavily down the sides of the couch, puddling onto the rig. Her clit was pulsating with throbbing excitement, and she crushed it against the couch furiously, caught in the first throes of an all-embracing orgasm. Oh, she knew it was going to be so good! And all she had to do was ride it out, cast herself into the flames of her sweltering, feverish cunt!

The commissioner ruthlessly fucked into her seething asshole, his sagging ball-sac slapping against her sopping cunt with each furious thrust. He had to grip Becky’s bunching hips for dear life as she began to come. She writhed and bucked up and down, and it was all the little man do to hang on.

“Ohhh, yeahhh! This is it! Fuck, I’m comming! Aiiieeee!”

Becky thrashed and shuddered one last time, every muscle in her excited body tensing from the potency of her climax. With one final shriek, she collapsed into the pool of fuck-juices.

When she collapsed, the commissioner’s raging cock slipped out of her asshole. He cried out in ecstasy as he shot his hot load of cum straight up into the air. His cum-blasts arced and then splashed down across Becky’s back, spilling across he shoulderblades. As he sank back on his haunches, racked with bliss, his uncontrolled cock fired the rest of his cum all over. His jism spattered onto Becky’s tender ass, onto the back of the couch, into her hair, and across the floor.

When his final cum-spasm passed through his cock, the little commissioner fell back against the far end of the couch, trying to catch his breath. Becky lay before him, moaning, licking stray droplets of hot cum from her mouth and cheeks as she relished the final moments of her massive orgasm.

Finally — if only for the moment — she had been able to subdue those restless demands in her cunt. And it felt great!

Sometime later, Paul returned. He opened the door slowly and entered the room cautiously. Upon seeing Becky and the commissioner passed out on the fuck-juice-soaked couch, he said out loud, “Jesus fucking Christ, it’s humid enough in here to grow mushrooms! What the hell did you two do, anyway?”

Becky heard his voice as a distant drone, a mild irritation coming from far, far away. All she wanted to do was wallow mindlessly in the final moments of her ecstasy!


The rest of the week passed uneventfully for Becky. Eric was involved in a number of time consuming cases and she hardly ever saw him. The blissful after-effects of her massive come aver at the commissioner’s house didn’t last long enough to please her. She had awakened the next day feeling great, but it wasn’t long before that uncomfortable itch began nagging and gnawing inside her cunt again.

She came back to work expecting to get a little satisfaction from Eric, but all she had been able to do was suck him off a few times. She had also hoped that Paul might stop by and give her a much-needed fucking. But she found out that he was busy all week getting ready for the big opening-day game that coming Sunday. She tried to call Ed and Cathy a few times to suggest the three of them get together, but the couple had taken a second honeymoon and no one knew when they’d be back.

As Becky straightened out some files and tabulated some overdue bills, she thought again about her decision to get as much cock as she could. Nothing seemed to be working out the way she’d planned. She dropped back into her chair and slumped forward, holding her weary, confused head in her hands. She was all set to just pack up and leave this office — to just forget about this job and living and working in the city — when the mailman arrived.

Going through the sack of mail, she separated the bills and junk mail into different piles. But at the bottom there was a letter addressed to her! Becky couldn’t believe it!

The envelope looked like real high-class stationery. And it was embossed with the NFL logo. Maybe it was a letter from Paul. Maybe he knew how horny and depressed she was and he was writing from training camp to try and cheer her up. But no! The return address was the commissioners office!

But why would the commissioner be writing to her? After all, Eric was Paul’s attorney. She was just Paul’s friend. Then her asshole clenched tightly as she recalled the brutal — but satisfying — assfucking the little man had given her earlier in the week.

She tore the letter open quickly. It was a handwritten note straight from the commissioner’s desk. He thanked her for the wonderful evening and said that it was one of the most memorable business discussions of his entire life. He wanted Becky to be sure to tell Paul that everything would be all right and that the big man could play in Sunday’s game — with the commissioners blessing. He also extended his wishes for a successful season for Paul and the rest of the team. He also wanted Becky to know that she was welcome in his home at any time and that he would be looking forward to seeing her in the near future.

Becky reached down beneath her desk and casually began stroking her pussy. The kind letter had started her cunt gushing more hot cream and she savored the delightful sensations flashing through her cunt. Then she noticed a special pass enclosed with the letter that had Becky’s name printed on it. The pass also stated that she could bring as many friends as she wanted to enjoy the opening day football game from the commissioner’s private box.

What a nice thoughtful man Commissioner Hogan was, Becky thought as she plunged a finger deep inside her creaming cunt-hole. His kindness had changed her whole day.

She brought her finger up to her nose and sniffed in the pungent fragrance of spicy pussy-sauce. It was as if the musky smell of her fuck-juices dissolved the dreary thoughts that had been oppressing her just a few moments ago. She started to conceive a plan that she hoped would satisfy her itchy cunt for a long, long time. Suddenly, she was filled with new energy — eager to get things together and determined to make this new plan a success!

Before her workday was over, Becky had managed to accomplish the first step in her scheme. She told Eric about the free pass and he was tremendously excited about going to the game with her. Then Becky managed to get through to Ed and Cathy. The newly reunited couple also expressed a desire to join Becky that coming Sunday. Being the forgiving person that she was, Becky also invited Caroline.

When all that was done, Becky sat back in her chair, completely contented. She slowly finger fucked herself to a gentle, leisurely climax and then slumped down, sighing. Becky couldn’t wait for the day of the football game. If everything worked according to plan, she was going to be the happiest secretary in the world!

Ed and Cathy picked everybody up in their big station wagon. They drove to the game early so they could enjoy a cozy tailgate party before the kickoff. There was plenty of cold beer and good food and before long everyone was pleasantly tipsy.

Caroline flirted with everyone, getting in a stray cock-squeeze and tit-rub here and there. Ed and Cathy were inseparable, kissing and stroking one another between bites of sandwiches and healthy swallows of beer. And Becky got her share of attention, also. By the time the party was in full swing, Eric was stroking one of her creamy thighs while Caroline massaged the other one. Becky’s pussy creamed exquisitely, gushing cunt-sauce out across her little folding chair.

When the cheers from the rabid crowd within the stadium grew louder and louder, they realized the game was about to begin. Gathering their things together, they quickly made their way inside. Whenever Becky displayed her special pass to the security guards, she was treated royally. In appreciation for the kind treatment, she left each guard with a generous view of her full, bulging tits or a lascivious shake of her wide, succulent ass.

The jolly little group arrived at the commissioner’s box just as the team captains out on the field had concluded the coin toss. The short commissioner was dressed in loose, comfortable clothing and he looked quite cheerful compared to the demonic image he projected with Becky had last been with him. She thought he looked like a completely different man — and quite sexy, too!

“Well, I’m glad you all could make it. Please, make yourself comfortable. And Becky, why don’t you sit over here, by me!”

The young secretary needed no second invitation. Joining the little man, she smiled and put her arm around his shoulders. Delighting in the sizzling sex-heat that passed between them, Becky and the commissioner settled down to watch the game.

Ed and Cathy nestled into their comfortable seats, also. Before long, Cathy had her pudgy husband’s cock in her hand. She squeezed it and stroked it expertly after each good play out on the field. Ed responded by unbuttoning her blouse and extracting one of Cathy’s huge tits, massaging her big nipple while she pleased his roaring cock.

Although hesitant at first, Caroline soon began stroking Eric’s big cock through the fabric of his loose, casual pants. Not, much of a football fan herself, she spent more time watching Eric’s blood engorged prick than she did watching the game.

And Becky and the commissioner held each other closer, cheering on the home team. The defense finally took the field, and now they had their first chance to see Paul in action.

The big defensive end lined up on all fours, hunching his trim muscular ass up in the air. The opposing quarterback barked out his signals and then the play started, the linemen on both sides thrashing and mauling one another. It was a running play off tackle, right toward Paul. He brutally threw his man out of the way and stood all alone waiting for the ball carrier. Paul met him head-on and drilled him into the turf. It was a spectacular tackle and the whole stadium cheered madly, chanting his name.

Becky leaped up and down in her seat, screaming and yelling. A dark wet spot on the front of her shorts proclaimed just how much her sweet pussy had been creaming and juicing.

When Paul got to his feet, he looked up in the direction of the commissioners’ box and raised his fist triumphantly. His teammates surrounded him, patting him on the back as the referee called an injury time-out. The opposing team’s trainer rushed out onto the field to attend to the man Paul had just tackled. The man appeared to be unconscious.

Becky continued cheering wildly, whistling and waving her anus. At the same time, Caroline was digging in Eric’s crotch, trying to extract his furiously bulging cock.

“That’s it, baby,” Eric moaned. “Go on and suck it.”

Caroline looked down at Eric’s throbbing prick once she had exposed it. He noticed a curious frightened look in her eyes.

“I’ve never sucked a man’s cock before,” she said, nervously clutching his steamy prick-meat with both hands.

“That’s okay, honey,” Eric moaned. “Just pretend it’s candy!”

The rest of the game was exciting and Paul and his teammates ended up victorious. It was a great day for the home team and their fans. As the crowd began to filter out of the gigantic stadium, the commissioner turned to his guests and smiled proudly.

“How would you all like to go downstairs and meet the wining team?” he asked.

“Oooo, that would be fantastic!” Becky squealed.

As she clapped her hands together, her pussy spilled out more fresh cream. Hot waves of desire rushed through her trembling body as she realized that her plan was beginning to go into high gear!

The commissioner led his guests down a nearby hallway. They all stepped into a private elevator that led directly to the home team’s locker room. When the excited little group stepped out of the elevator, they were greeted by the sights and sounds of a rowdy, triumphant professional football squad.

Big burly men were parading around in all stages of undress Becky gasped as she saw the huge meaty cocks of some of the players. Other muscular men were having tape removed from their ankles and thighs and still others were stripping off their uniforms and protective pads. Before long, most of the men were completely naked — and Becky stood staring with her mouth wide open. Her cunt began bubbling and boiling as she studied the muscular bodies of the sexy football players.

“Well, who do we have here!” Paul announced. “Come on, guys. Gather ’round. I’d like you to meet some friends of mine!”

Soon, the little group of visitors was surrounded by a few dozen husky, sweaty men. Becky breathed in deeply, savoring the heady male scent that permeated the locker room.

Paul put his powerful arm around the young secretary’s trembling shoulders and held her close. She stared down at the skimpy towel that was loosely wrapped around Paul’s athletic waist. His cock was beginning to stir, and it began to push out against the rough white terrycloth material.

“I’ll have to let you guys in on a little secret,” Paul continued, his loud voice resounding throughout the underground room. “The other night, this little lady here accused me of being a fucking faggot!”

The rest of the team laughed loudly, slapping their knees and throwing towels all around. Paul laughed with them, reaching down to grab a hefty handful of Becky’s titflesh.

Paul waved his arm, signaling his audience to quiet down. “So, I’d like you guys to help me teach this cunt a little lesson!”

The players all cheered and whistled. Even Eric found himself clapping his hands in support of Paul’s idea. Caroline, too, couldn’t stop her little pussy from creaming at the sight of all those luscious male bodies.

Paul lifted Becky and up and carried her high over his head. Leading the crowd to the far side of the locker room, he laid Becky down on a long linen-covered table that the trainer used to give back rubs and massages. Paul spread her legs and then deftly removed her shorts. Anonymous hands reached in and tore off Becky’s blouse and bra. Some of the players passed her tattered clothing back and forth, sniffing in her delectable female scent.

Becky couldn’t believe her good fortune. It was as it she were being paid back for all those long frustrated days she had spend during the week. She lay there, writhing her hips, gasping as she looked all around at the forest of hard, jutting cocks that ringed the table she was lying on. Oh, it was going to be so damned good! she told herself.

“Okay, boys! I’m going first!” Paul shouted. “Give me some room!”

Paul stood at the bottom edge of the table, holding Becky’s ankles with his giant fists. He reached up and yanked her soaking panties off with one tremendous flick of his wrist. The skimpy nylon tore and Becky moaned with overwhelming passion as her slippery cunt was revealed. Then Paul tossed her aromatic underwear far back into the crowd. Dozens of anxious arms reached up to snare Becky’s flying panties and the players screamed their delight. The lucky man who caught her panties thrust them into his big mouth and pretended to eat them. He was the quarterback, Terry Brewer, and his teammates applauded him heartily.

Then Paul pulled Becky toward his face until her long sleek legs hung over the edge of the table. With one ferocious lunge, Paul dove into her cunt and began feasting on her wet, gleaming pussy flaps. He sucked as much of Becky’s outer pussylips into his mouth as he could. Then he moved his head back, stretching her glistening cuntlips out with his strong white teeth.

Becky moaned ecstatically and flailed her arms about. She threw her head from side to side, drooling at the sight of the dozens of cockheads that surrounded her.

Ed and Cathy could barely see what was going on, but they didn’t have to see to know that something really sexy was taking place. The air in the locker room fairly buzzed with animal lust. And it wasn’t long before they were all charged up and ready to fuck. Ed grabbed his chunky wife by the hand and laid her down in a corner piled high with cotton towel sacks. Cathy ripped off her little sun-suit and pulled her quivering legs back. Ed struggled to get out of his shorts. Grabbing his rock-hard, raging red cock in his ham-like fist, he ran straight for his groaning, hissing wife and plunged his cockmeat deep into her drooling pussy.

Eric and Caroline followed suit. They ran across the room, tearing off their clothes and flinging them haphazardly this way and that. Eric grabbed the little lady lawyer from behind and pushed her down onto a long wooden bench in front of a row of metal lockers. The tiny woman screamed and shrieked as Eric sliced into her little cunt with his furiously hard prick. They fucked as hard as they could. Caroline’s legs wrapped around Eric’s heaving hips and her ass slapped mercilessly against the hard wood bench. His giant ball-sac smacked against her shaking asscheeks as he fucked into her with all his strength.

The commissioner managed to plow through the throng of tall football players before scrambling atop the lockers that stood in front of Paul as he chomped noisily on Becky’s cunt. The little man yanked out his oversized cock and began jacking himself off.

“That’s it!” the commissioner screamed. “Suck on her juicy pussy. Suck on it! Yeahhhhh!”

Becky reached down to grab the sides of Paul’s head. She clutched his hair in her straining fingers and tried to pull him deeper into her foaming cunt. He worked his mouth against her wet cunt so frantically that he had whipped up her pussy-cream into a hot lather. His cheeks and chin were covered with a thick coating of juice.

“Ohhhhh, suck me!” Becky wailed. “Suck me dry, ohhhhhh! Faster! Eat, eat, eat! Yaaarrrggghhh!”

Paul’s tongue lashed out faster and faster, scooping out dollops of steaming pussy-sauce each time he came up for air. His teammates continued to cheer him on, yelling frantically and then breaking into an uproarious chant.

“Suck! Suck! Suck!” they screamed in unison. “Suck! Suck! Suck!”

As Ed continued hammering into his wife, his asscheeks clenching and trembling, he was joined by two of the horny football players. Malcolm Ascencio and Ted Burke, two super-strong offensive linemen, rolled Ed over onto his back so that Cathy was on top, and the thrashing couple didn’t miss a stroke! Cathy’s big, creamy ass worked up and down, trying to milk her husband’s cock of its hot load of cum. And she screamed out in sudden agony as Malcolm rammed his raging horse-cock balls-deep into her asshole. But the bulky, muscular lineman gripped Cathy’s hips until he raised welts. But she fucked all the harder, spurred on by the hot pain shooting through her abused asshole.

Malcolm’s partner, Ted, crawled clumsily up over the pile of towel sacks. He faced Cathy and grabbed her shoulders with his giant-sized hands. Careful not to dislodge the two furiously fucking cocks from Cathy’s asshole and cunt-hole, Ted eased her head closer to his red-hot cocktip. Her eyes opened wide with hot eagerness as she feasted on the sight of his huge pulsating cock. Gripping his prick with one hand, he guided it into Cathy’s wide-open mouth. She moaned blissfully as she experienced three cocks smashing into her in perfect rhythm.

Eric and Caroline continued fucking on the wooden bench like it was the end of the world. They were soon joined by a slender wide-receiver, Mark Jefferson. He slipped in and straddled the bench, sitting down on top of Caroline’s hard sweaty tits. He gripped the back of her head with his long fingers, struggling to maintain his balance as Eric continued fucking his cock into Caroline’s fuck-juice-drenched cunt. Mark raised Caroline’s head, forcing his cock between her lips. She squeezed his velvety-hard prick between her cheeks and thrashing tongue, squirming her sensitive nipples into his taut asscheeks.

The commissioner kept jerking on his cock, waving his cocktip above the heads of the players who surrounded Paul and Becky.

“Okay, you’ve sucked her enough!” the little man said. “Now give her a taste of your cock! Yeahhhh!”

Paul raised up and grinned down at Becky as she writhed and moaned. Cunt juice dribbled down his chin and flowed down his neck and chest.

“This is it, baby. Now, you’re going to get it! This is one fuck you’ll never forget! Ever!”

“Please, fuck me! Damn it, fuck me out of my mind! Ohhhhh, I need you to fuck me so bad!”

As Paul slipped the head of his cock into Becky’s wet trembling cunt-hole, his teammates began chanting again.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” they shouted together. “Fuck! Fuck!”

Paul grabbed the sides of the table for leverage and then drove his blood-engorged prick in deep, spraying pussy-sauce all over each time he smacked into Becky’s cunt-mound. She moaned and shrieked so loud, she almost drowned out the noise of the shouting players!

As Becky slammed her hips up to meet the punishing thrusts of Paul’s cock, she knew without a doubt that this was it! Her whole squirming, sweating, juicing body told her that finally she was going to experience the overwhelming orgasm that she had craved so long. At last, with Paul’s relentlessly fucking cock reaming out her cunt, she was going to come and come and come!

She locked her heels around his hips and pulled him against her chest where he could writhe on top of her super-sensitive tits. As their bellies mashed together, sweat and fuck-juices splashed out, soaking the sides of the table.

The three men fucking Cathy on the towel sacks began howling louder and louder as they felt their loads of hot cum about to shoot out of their frantically pumping cocks. Ted was the first to blast off, firing his cum into Cathy’s mouth. He wailed like a stuck pig as Cathy struggled to swallow each and every spurt. But he had shot too much cum into her throat and much of the hot sticky liquid gushed out of her mouth.

Then Ed busted his balls, spurting a molten blast of cum into Cathy’s clenching, spasming cunt. And as Cathy’s ass-muscles gripped Malcolm’s cock tighter, he couldn’t hold back from erupting into her fiery ass-channel. He shrieked in ecstasy as he drained his blazing balls into the woman’s quivering ass.

The super-delicious feel of three loads of cum leaking out of her body caused Cathy to squeal with delight, caught in the first throes of her orgasm. She bucked out of control on the towel sacks, her huge tits jiggling and her wide asscheeks quaking. She shrieked one last time and then collapsed into the heap of hot fucked-out flesh that surrounded her.

Under the unyielding weight of two hard-fucking men, skinny Caroline thrashed her way to her own climax. Just at the moment Mark’s long slender cock shot a full load of cum into her furiously sucking mouth, she shouted out loud, spitting hot jism against the foot player’s heaving, all muscular belly. She was something better than she ever had before! As Eric’s big cock skewered into her convulsing cunt, she vowed she would never suck a pussy again. Fucking cock was just too good!

As the lady lawyer came, her cunt gripping Eric’s cock tighter than a squeezing fist, he blasted his flaming-hot load of jism. Her cries of ecstasy mingled with his as they wrung out their climaxes.

From on top of the lockers, the commissioner beat himself off as fast as he could, his tiny hand moving in a blur up and down his stout cock. He shot a stream of cum that arched down onto the table where Becky was being brutally fucked — and loving every minute of it!

The commissioner’s hot jism burned into the sweaty skin of her face and neck. She watched the flowing cum shower down on top of her until her eyes were stuck shut with the gooey jism.

Then all the men standing around her began jacking off, unable to restrain themselves any longer. She reached out, trying to brush her hands across the velvety tops of as many cockheads as she could. Soon, loads of jism began spurting and geysering all around her. It wasn’t long before she was coated with a slimy layer of white-hot cockcream.

Becky arched her hips furiously as she felt herself about to be consumed by her climax. She clung tighter to Paul as her scorching pussy churned around his thrusting prick. It only took the first few hot spurts of his jism to take her over the edge.

Becky screamed long and loud as her climax racked her body, threatening to tear her quivering cunt into a thousand burning pieces.

Oh, it felt so good! She only wished that it could last forever!

After all the wailing and groaning and shrieking had died down, everyone sprawled out on the floor, breathing deeply and rubbing their aching cocks and cunts. Becky managed to collect enough strength to wipe her face clean of its coating of jism. Plunging a cum-drenched finger into her mouth and licking it hungrily, she smiled up at Paul, totally delighted. Her pussy had finally received the fucking it required, and now Becky lay there exhausted and fulfilled.

Paul smiled back at her, struggling to catch his breath. “Well, boys,” he panted, “that’s what I call teamwork!”

The fact that so many people had shared in her delicious orgasm only made Becky feel all that much more complete. The dozens of climaxes that accompanied hers only served to magnify her overwhelming pleasure. This was the greatest day of her life!

Looking around at her blissfully fucked-out friends, she made a mental note to ask the commissioner for season tickets!

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