Three-way Nurse

How far will some people go to achieve those things that are important to them? A question as old as man. And as long as people have goals they feel are important, they will go to great lengths to fulfill those goals.

Examples can be found everywhere that the end justifies the means for people whose personal achievement, or success, or personal desire, is the only thing that really matters.

THREE-WAY NURSE is the story about a hospital staff whose members will do anything to satisfy their sexual desires — even if it means plotting and scheming to assure secrecy. Although many people might consider their behavior to be perverted because of their personal goals, they cannot argue with the happiness each is destined to find.

THREE-WAY NURSE — a startling story that provides insight into the happiness that can be gained from what society considers taboo.


With her white uniform pushed up around her waist and the cheeks of her ass perched on the edge of the desk, Nurse Christie Cannon opened her thighs and exposed her cunt to Harvey Adams.

Harvey was the pharmacist at the Park Ridge Hospital. He was a soft-spoken guy, a bachelor in his forties, and everyone who worked at the hospital liked him. He always flirted a little with Christie, in that mild way of his, and she never thought anything of it. Until this morning. Right after she started her shift, Harvey approached her and announced he’d give both his arms and legs for the opportunity to lick her pussy.

That special feeling of a man’s mouth on her cunt was something Christie always relished. It was never so completely satisfying as a good, hard cock in there, but it had a special meaning all its own. It proved to her beyond any doubt that the man craved to please her. Christie liked to be pleased.

She told Harvey it was unnecessary to give up his arms and legs. She told him he needed his arms and legs, in order to work in the hospital pharmacy. She pulled him into an empty office and proceeded to unveil the object of his desire.

Since Christie never wore panties, the unveiling was rather sudden. She’d always felt constrained and completely sexless in white pantyhose. A white garter belt and white nylons gave her more freedom and made her feel sexy. Doing without panties meant she could take advantage of sudden opportunities.

More important, a bare pussy framed by a garter belt and stockings always seemed to drive men crazy, particularly the doctors, and driving men crazy was something Christie had long ago decided was one of the more worthwhile things in life. Maybe almost as good as chocolate chip ice cream. The advantage of chocolate chip ice cream was that she’d be able to enjoy it at the age of ninety.

The expression on Harvey’s face was thrilling. She quivered at the rapture in his eyes as he gazed at her pussy. She had dark hair, even darker at her crotch, and there was plenty of it. Tucking up her uniform to keep it from getting stained, she pursed her lips in a kiss. She leaned back on her hands and drew up her legs, hooking the heels of her white shoes on the edge of the desk. She glanced down at the gaping red gash of her cunt, and then looked at Harvey and smiled.

“It won’t bite, Harvey. It’s what you wanted, isn’t it? All for you. Warm it up, honey. Come on, I have to get back to the ward.”

He pulled over a chair. He sat down with his face no more than a foot away from her open pussy. She smiled at the way he seemed hypnotized by her pussy. She could see his nostrils twitching as he sniffed her.

“I don’t have much time,” she said. “Maybe you don’t like it. This was your idea, you know. Do you like my pussy, Harvey?” He spoke without moving his eyes from her crotch. “It’s gorgeous,” he said. “I knew you’d have a nice one, but this is really beautiful!”

Christie chuckled. She felt more relaxed now. She knew he was going to be good at it. A man had to like cunt in order to be any good at sucking it. She wasn’t really due on the ward for nearly an hour. She had all the time in the world — more than enough time to have his mouth and tongue send her over the rainbow.

“Come on, lover,” she said. “It’s time.”

Placing a hand on the inner side of each leg, he moved his mouth to her cunt.

She almost cried out as she felt his tongue begin lapping at her pussy like a child licking an ice cream cone. His delicate touch was unexpected. Most men dug in immediately, filling their mouths with cunt-meat. She was always thrilled at the way they growled and slurped and made sucking noises. The gynecology residents were usually the noisiest. Maybe it had something to do with frustration. They spent all day looking at pussies without being able to really do anything to them, and when they finally had one available they simply lost control. Ferocious sucking was delightful, but a little too disorganized. Christie liked the action to be more deliberate.

Harvey was very deliberate. He’d now widened the area of his lapping to the insides of her thighs. He was giving her a tongue-bath, completely wetting everything with his saliva, from the tops of her stockings to her navel. At intervals, he zeroed in his tongue on her cuntslit and began sliding it from top to bottom and bottom to top until she shuddered. After a few minutes of being washed over by Harvey’s agile wet tongue, Christie’s fat pink clit was out stiff and quivering. Once her clit came out, Harvey maliciously avoided it. Slipping his tongue lower down, he pushed it deep into her cunt-hole.

Christie stared down at the top of his head and groaned softly. She could feel his tongue in there. The sensation produced by his long, eel-like, muscular tongue was delicious. He moved his tongue in and out like a small cock. He had a clever way of rubbing his nose on her clit each time he pushed his tongue into her wet cunt-hole. She was flooded, not just wet. Cunt-juice was oozing out of her in a torrent. Harvey finally pulled back and looked up at her with a juice-coated, glistening face.

“How am I doing?” he said.

Christie nodded. “It’s wonderful, Harvey. But maybe you could pay more attention to my clit.”

He chuckled. “I know all about clits,” he said. “I’m an expert.”

His hands were on her legs again, his slurping mouth at her cunt. This time he slurped. The delicate stage was finished. He moved his tongue around with pressure behind it, probing all her crevices and folds. He spread her legs wider with his hands, then buried his tongue as deep as he could get it in the grip of her cunt-hole. He had a way of vibrating his tongue that brought shivers to her spine.

She pulled his face deeper into her crotch. She could feel her cunt-juice running down onto her asshole and it drove her wild. She hooked her legs over his shoulders and began moving her hips up and down. He struggled at first, half suffocated, and then resumed vibrating his tongue. When he finally rolled his tongue-tip over her swollen clit, she lurched up at him with a grunt.

“Suck it!” she hissed. “Suck my clit!”

She rolled her ass and pushed her crotch against his chin. Holding him firmly by the head, she stroked into his mouth, pumping against his tongue. She was fucking him now, rocking her cunt back and forth on his face to bring herself off. She rode steadily up to her climax, crooning and wailing as she massaged her clit over his lips and teeth and nose and chin. When the spasms finally hit her, she held his head firmly in her crotch and came on his face. She fell back on her desktop with a deep groan and covered her sopping wet cunt with her hand her head tilted to the side.

After the session with Harvey Adams, Christie walked into they surgical ward a bit disheveled. She hoped it wasn’t too noticeable, but Head Nurse Angie Biddle sniffed and gave her a strange look. After checking over the chart on the ward desk, Christie hurried off to the washroom to clean up for the second time since leaving Harvey. Angie Biddle had a notorious sense of smell, and Christie wasn’t taking any chances. Christie secluded herself in one of the half-dozen cubicles in the nurse’s john. She pulled up her uniform and perched on the edge of the toilet seat. She dabbed and blotted her pussy. She smiled at the way she quickly juiced up again at the touch of her own hand. Her cuntlips hung out drooping and swollen, not yet recovered from Harvey’s sucking. This was just one of those days. Her period was due soon and she knew her cunt would be steaming day and night until it happened. Bending her head down to watch, she eased two fingers into the grip of her cunt-hole and moaned softly at the sweet sensation.

Jesus, it was good!

She wiggled her fingers and jabbed them in and out. She watched every motion, savoring it all, smiling at the lewd beauty of her masturbation. It was always better when she could see it, when she could watch the sucking mouth of her meaty cunt grasping at her fingers.

Christie had two serious suitors at the hospital, two members of the medical staff who’d hinted at marriage — a cardiology resident named Brad Wylie, and an intern named Steve Gorman. She was certain she’d eventually wind up marrying one of them, but she had, no idea which one she preferred. Sometimes she drove herself crazy trying to decide between them. She thought about them now. She imagined them watching her, begging her to let them shove their cock into the channel of her pussy. She imagined them pleading on their knees. She’d make them eat her before they fucked her. She’d make them suck her pussy while she sat on the toilet. Brad had once done that to her. He was much better at sucking than Steve. But Steve had the bigger cock.

She had three fingers in her cunt-hole, now. She stretched her cunt-mouth with one hand and used the fingers of the other hand to massage her clit. She was moving along to an orgasm — and the sensation was marvelous! She loved watching her hips bucking her drooling cunt against her hands. It was almost as if she were watching someone else masturbating. She gasped at the pleasure of it, moaning as the orgasm washed over her body in a great wave. Probing and massaging her cunt in a frenzy, she tried to milk every last bit of pleasure from the come.

Not yet sated, hoping to bring herself off again, she continued playing with her cunt. Whenever she masturbated, the second orgasm was always easier to bring on than the first.

The door to the washroom suddenly opened. She heard two nurses come in. Giggling silently at her audacity, she continued fingering her cunt. She clamped her lips firmly together to prevent herself from crying out. Carefully massaging her throbbing clit, she used every ounce of willpower to hold herself still and silent while she brought herself off for the second time.

She blotted her pussy again. She wiped the sticky, pungent cunt-juice off her fingers with toilet paper. She arranged her uniform and left the cubicle. The two nurses were busily pissing in their own cubicles. With a sigh of relief, Christie slipped out the door.

At the end of the corridor, as she turned the corner, she ran into Brad Wylie.

“Jesus!” he said. “You’re like a guided missile! Where in hell are you rushing to, Christie?”

She laughed nervously. She apologized. After a quick glance down the corridor to make certain they were alone, she pressed against him and kissed his cheek.

“Find an empty bed,” she said. “And please do it fast!”

Brad chuckled. “That bad, huh? I haven’t seen you moaning for it like this in ages.”

She playfully pinched his cock. “Shut up and find us a bed,” she said. With a final fingering of his rising cock, she pranced off to the surgical ward. She knew Brad would come through with a bed — he always did! She hoped he wouldn’t dawdle.

As it turned out, he moved faster than she’d expected. An hour later they were facing each other in an empty room on the sixth hoof. Brad had arranged things with the nurse in charge and Christie felt safe enough to really let loose. God, how she needed it!

Removing his white jacket, Brad undid his tie. Christie kicked off her shoes and came into his arms. Their mouths locked in a hot, searching kiss. He pulled her close to him with one hand pressed on her quivering ass. The prominent bulge of his cock-shaft dug into tile rise of her belly.

Christie felt as if she had a fire in her cunt. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to hold out through the preliminaries. Brad liked to dally he liked a long build-up!

His cock bulging into her belly, he helped her peel off her uniform. He unhooked her bra and removed it, staring hungrily as her large, red-tipped tits came into view.

“The best tits on the staff,” he said.

She cupped one of her full tits in her hand, offering it to his open mouth. Closing his lips over her hard nipple, he began greedily sucking on it.

Sighing, her hand holding up her tit, she fed his mouth.

He finally released her saliva-coated tit and moved his lips to the other one. Christie reached down between their bodies and lowered his zipper. Probing inside his fly, she grabbed hold of his hard cock and brought it out into the open air.

Brad moaned into the flesh of her tit when she began to rhythmically stroke his cock. She felt a drop of pre-cum ooze from his cock-slit onto the palm of her hand. Using the ball of her thumb, she spread the sticky drop over the tight skin of his fat cock-head.

“I can’t wait,” she said. “Fuck me now!”

He pulled his mouth off her tit and chuckled. “Easy, honey,” he said. “I want a taste of that sweet pussy of yours.”

He crouched down with his face near her pussy. With a sigh of resignation, she moved her legs apart to give him access. Using the fingers of both hands, her knees wobbly, her pelvis thrust forward, she pulled her cunt-lips open and offered herself.

“Suck it!” she hissed.

An instant later, she felt his rough tongue lapping the length of her burning cunt-slit. He quickly found her clit and began sucking on the quivering bud. Using his head for support, she twirled her fingers in his hair. He had a good mouth. He worked her flesh over, feeding on her, massaging her clit with just the right mount of pressure. Clenching the cheeks of her ass together, she tilted her cunt up to his face.

She finally pulled away from him. “Damn you!” she said. “Get your clothes off and fuck me!”

She stretched out on the bed, her eyes on his throbbing cock still protruding from the fly of his pants. He quickly removed his clothes and lay down beside her. She grabbed his cock, pulling at his hard prick-meat.

“Put it in me!” she screamed.

He positioned himself between her legs. Grabbing her calves, he spread them apart and opened her cunt-gash to his hungry gaze. She moved her hands to her tits and fondled them. He rubbed his cock-head between her dripping cunt-lips. Grasping her calves again, he pushed them up so that her knees pressed into her tits. He positioned his throbbing cock-head at the entrance to her cunt and pushed forward to sink the length of his cock into her slippery pussy-channel.

She moaned at the full, stretched feeling caused by his pulsing cock in her cunt. He was in her to the hilt. Her arms went up and she grabbed his shoulders.

“Fuck me now!” she hissed. “Fuck me hard!”

The clutching walls of her cunt grabbed his cock as he slowly pulled out. When he had no more than his fat cock-head still inside, he thrust in hard and hit bottom. A gasp of pleasure burst out of her throat. He began a steady rhythm, pistoning in and out of her cunt with long, slow strokes.

She dug her fingernails into his muscular shoulders as he continued lunging into her body. His rhythm picked up speed. The base of his cock continually brushed over her throbbing clit with each stroke.

She soon felt his cock expanding in the grip of her cunt-channel and she knew he’d be coming soon. She was ready now. She wanted his cum. She wanted him ramming her cunthole as he shot his load. She loved taking the jism out of a man. She loved sucking his balls dry with her pussy!

His strokes suddenly increased in speed and became jerky and erratic. He vetted a deep groan, and a moment later she felt the first hot spurt of his cum and began writhing in the throes of her own orgasm.

He continued to piston in and out of cunt as the boiling load gushed from bloated head of his cock.

“Oh, God!” she moaned. Shivering, she wrapped her legs around his ass and closed her eyes. They churned and writhed snaking the bed creak and bounce beneath them. A tremor rocked him as he shot the last of his load into her frothing cunt.

What he finally pulled out and rolled over on his back, Christie turned on her side and kissed his cheek.

“That was lovely,” she said.

He turned his head and looked at her. “Then let’s make it permanently lovely.”

She laughed. “Is that a proposal?”

“You know it is.”

“Then the answer is no,” she said. “At least not yet. And now, let’s get out of here before someone finds us like this?”


The first time Christie saw Frank Ryan, she knew he’d be a troublesome patient. He had two television sets and two telephones in his room. He was a gravel-voiced, muscular man who looked like one of those people who made sure they got whatever they wanted. His eyes, like hot black coals, raked over her body in a way that made her shiver. She had the impression he could see right through her clothes right through her uniform to the bare black bush of her pussy!

The first day she was alone with him, he told her she had a nice ass.

The second day, he asked her if her tits were real.

On the third day, he suddenly flung the sheet aside, pulled up the front of his hospital gown to his bare belly, and gathered his cock and balls in his beefy hand.

“I need action,” he said.

Christie turned up an eyebrow and tossed him a look of annoyance. “This isn’t a cat house, Mr. Ryan. It’s a hospital. You want action for that thing, you wait until you get out of here.”

Grabbing hold of her hand, he pulled it down on his limp cock. “Play with it,” he said. “See if you can make it hard!”

The feel of his cock had its effect on her. He had a stubby, circumcised cock with a fat, purplish cock-head. His balls were enormous. Her fingers automatically began stroking him, pulling the soft skin of his cock-shaft back and forth with a gentle touch. Then she decided she might as well milk him, if only to keep him quiet. She increased both the pressure and tempo of her pumping fingers. His cock began to swell anti stiffen. She curled the fingers of her free hand under his ball-sac and jiggled his balls.

“You’re a sweetie,” he said. “Show me your cunt.”

“Don’t be silly, Mr. Ryan.”

“You’ve, got a bare pussy under that uniform, haven’t you?”

She chuckled. She liked his cock. She liked the strength of it. She also liked the merry look in his eyes. “What makes you think I’m bare?” she said.

“I can tell,” Ryan said. “It’s a sixth sense. Show it to me!”

The temptation was too great. Pulling her fingers away from his cock, she walked over to the door and locked it. She returned to the side of the bed. Slowly unbuttoning her uniform, she slipped it off and draped it over a chair.

His eyes glittering, Ryan gazed at her black haired pussy. “That eating stuff,” he said.

She smiled. “Then I hope you’re hungry, Ryan, because here I come.”

Climbing over him, she moved her legs apart and straddled his face. Using the fingers of both hands, she brushed the curly black hairs away from her moist pussy. Her clit was up. Pink flesh gleamed her fat, hair covered cunt-lips. She petted her cunt-lips with her fingertips, easing them open, prying them wide apart.

“Kiss it!” she hissed.

Looking down, she watched him stick out his tongue. His nostrils quivered as he sniffed the aroma of her cunt. When he began stroking his tongue between her cunt-lips, she sighed and eased her crotch down onto his face.

He began eating her cunt with a fierce determination, his sucking mouth grinding on her oozing pussy-flesh. He lapped deep into her cunt-hole. He massaged her cunt-lips with his nose. He breathed in deeply the smell of her cunt, saturating himself with her female scent. His strong hands slid over her ass, squeezing and jiggling her rubbery asscheeks.

Shuddering with pleasure at the aggressive probing of his tongue, Christie finally moved her cunt off his face and left the bed.

“You’re good at that,” she said.

Ryan grinned and watched her strip off her bra. When she reached for a garter clasp, he shook his head. “Leave them on,” he said. “I like a little spice in my food.”

Wearing nothing now except her white cap, a white garter belt, white stockings, and white shoes, Christie cupped her tits in her hands and asked Ryan about his wife.

“She’s dead,” he said. “You remind me of her. Big tits and a juicy cunt. She was a good woman!”

Christie was glad to hear he liked big tits. She wanted more of his cute mouth, but this time on her nipples. When she sat down beside him on the bed, his hands immediately moved to her tits. She leaned forward to hang a nipple into his open mouth. She smiled at the way he handled her tits, at the way his hands held them while he nursed. He was a big, burly man but at the moment, he looked like an infant, sucking on her hanging tits as if they were filled with milk. She crooned encouragement as he moved from one nipple to the other.

Her nipples glistened with his saliva when she finally pulled away, from his face. She patted his cheek.

“You’re really, in no condition to do any hard work,” she said. “Why don’t you just lie back and let me take care of you.”

“Take care of me how?” he growled.

Christie laughed. “If you promise to behave yourself, I’ll suck your cock.”

Ryan grinned. “It’s a deal,” he said.

She raised up head of the bed to make it easier for him to watch. She ran her hands over his legs and thighs. A sheen of sweat covered his protruding belly, flattening the line of graying hairs that thickened as they neared his crotch. His cock was limp again, and hung to one side like a tired sausage.

His body jerked as she slid a hand under his balls and worked her fingers in the crack of his ass. He groaned when she pushed a fingertip into the tight ring of his asshole. Lifting up his cock with her free hand, she leaned forward and rubbed it against her tits.

Lowering her face, she ran her tongue over the skin of his belly, tickling his hairs and stimulating his flesh. She nipped him in places with her teeth. She blew her hot breath into the tangle of his crotch hair. She continued moving her fingertip in and out of the tight grip of his asshole.

He moaned between clenched teeth, and she felt the first surging of blood into his limp cock. She cupped his balls and massaged them. She nuzzled her nose into the thick hair around the base of his cock.

She ran her fingertips back and forth along the underside of his slowly rising cock-shaft. His cock-head was visibly swelling now, fattening out to the size of a small plum. She kept working her fingertip in and out of his loosening asshole. He was getting there, his cock-shaft thickening and lifting, his cockhead expanding. He was soon grunting like a bull, his hands moving to pull her head down toward his upright cock.

She extended her tongue and teased it up the underside of his erect prick-shaft. She moved her mouth down again and licked around his cock-root. Opening her lips, she sucked in one of his quivering balls.

Ryan groaned. She sucked on his ball, playing her tongue over his wrinkled ball-sac, probing and slurping. He groaned again when she popped it out of her mouth and sucked in his other ball. By the time she moved her mouth up to his cock again, his ball-sac was coated with her saliva.

She had all of her finger wiggling in his ass, now. He squirmed and shifted on her hand, grunting at each thrust of her fingertip.

Cupping his balls, she slipped her mouth over the throbbing head of his cock and took him in until his cock-head jabbed at the back of her throat. She began bobbing her head up and down, fucking him with her suctioning mouth.

“Oh, yeah!” he groaned. “Blow me, you bitch! Suck my cock!”

His fat cock was completely bloated now, a hard slab of fuck-meat sliding smoothly in and out of her mouth. When the bulb of his cock began to throb, Christie knew he was only seconds away from a climax. Squeezing his balls, stepping, up the rhythm of her finger pistoning into his clenched asshole, she chewed and gulped on his thrusting cock-meat.

“Oh, shit!” he groaned. “I’m coming, baby! I’m coming!”

Her lips pulled violently at his flexing cockhead. A sudden spurt of hot jism geysered out of his cock-head into her mouth. A slippery coating of cum soon covered her teeth. His cock continued to throb and pump what seemed like a never-ending supply of jism into her sucking mouth. She swallowed continuously as his cock-cream eased down her throat. She kept sucking him, trying to drain his balls — to draw every ounce of his cum out through his cock!

He fell back onto the bed, his eyes closed, his chest heaving, his lungs pumping for air. Christie lifted her head and let his soft, slippery cock slide from her lips. She licked up the remnants of jism at the corners of her mouth. She packed her tits into her bra and slipped on her uniform. She pulled down Ryan’s hospital gown, covered his legs with the sheet, and checked his pulse. Humming softly, she walked out of the room.

Later that afternoon, Head Nurse Biddle stopped Christie in the corridor.

“We’re having trouble with that Ryan patient,” Nurse Biddle said. “He screams at all the nurses. Insists you’re the only one he wants in his room. I don’t know what’s going on, dearie, but I’ve got orders to see that Mr. Ryan gets treated like royalty. See if you can calm him down, will you?”

Christie gazed at Nurse Biddle’s plump ass as the older woman turned and walked off. Christie had never liked Head Nurse Biddle. There was something strange about her. Christie had heard rumors that Nurse Biddle liked women. There was always some of that going on at the hospital, and as long as it didn’t affect her, Christie paid no attention to it. If Head Nurse Biddle enjoyed sucking pussy more than sucking cock, Christie felt sorry for her. Christie had no doubts about her own preference.

She found Ryan sitting up in bed with a telephone at each ear. He motioned her to close the door and sit down. Remembering Head Nurse Biddle’s request, Christie shut the door and sat down on a chair near the window. She sat there waiting for Ryan to finish what looked like two very important telephone conversations. She smiled when she noticed him ogling her legs. She remembered the feel of his fat cock spouting cum into her mouth. Her pussy quivered and she moved her thighs apart. She pulled back her uniform until her thighs were completely exposed. Sliding a hand down to her crotch, she gave him a teasing smile and fingered her cuntlips. By the time he was off the phone, she had him panting and growling like a grizzly bear.

“You promised you’d behave yourself,” she said. “All the nurses ate complaining about you.”

“The hell with that,” he said. “Let’s fuck. That cunt of yours is driving me crazy!”

Christie laughed. The rampant lust in his eyes fed her own excitement. She thought of his cock again, and any hesitation she had about yielding quickly vanished. Walking over to the door, she turned the lock. Anyone on the staff could open the door from the outside, but at least she’d have time to get off the bed.

Moments later, she was on the bed completely stripped. Ryan’s medical problems were minor, and she decided there was no reason he couldn’t fuck her any way he wanted. It would probably be good for him. His cock was hard and throbbing, and he was obviously strong enough!

She opened her legs for him. He knelt between her knees. Instead of immediately crawling forward to mount her, he lifted one of her legs and began to lick the smooth, warm flesh above her stocking top. He licked up and down, and then he moved to her other leg and did the same thing.

“Great legs,” he said. “A good pair of legs always turns me on.”

He rolled over. She looked back over her shoulder as he gazed at her compact white ass. He briskly brushed his hand back and forth across her asscheeks, enjoying the way they quivered.

“Great ass!” he said. “You’ve got the sweetest little ass I’ve seen in a longtime.”

He leaned forward and kissed her neck. His nibbling lips moved down between her shoulder blades to the small of her back. Wrapping his hands around the firm cheeks of her ass, he kissed down into her ass-crack. He licked and sucked at her damp, quivering assflesh.

She held her breath, waiting to see how far he would go.

He pushed his hot wet tongue deeper into the sweaty cleft of her ass. Soon, he was pressing his face firmly between her asscheeks, his nose caught at the top of her asscrack, his tongue probing and tickling at her tingling little asshole.

“Oh, Jesus!” she moaned.

He rose up on his knees. Gripping her at the hips, he pulled her ass up. She moved her knees forward for support. He pushed her thighs farther apart and pressed against the small of her back. He now had her kneeling with her head and shoulders on the mattress and her ass in the air.

He looked directly down at her fat, dark haired cunt and winking asshole. Grabbing his cock, he worked the head of it into her juicy cunt. Ht pushed forward. She vented a grunt of approval as his thick cock sank smoothly into her slippery cunt.

Pumping, twisting, slamming his belly against her bouncing ass, he fucked her from the rear. She moaned, writhed, and pressed back against his thrusts. His cock-shift felt wonderful as it pistoned in and out of her steaming cunt. At the end of each stroke, his balls slapped deliciously against her dripping cunt-lips.

He suddenly pulled out of her. She rolled over on her back with a groan. Amazed, she watched him walk over to the sink and run cold water over his cock. He chuckled when he saw the look of surprise in her eyes.

“I’m cooling it off,” he said. “I don’t like my gun to go off until I’m good and ready.” Then he added: “How’d you like to do something different?”

“Like what?” Christie said.

“You ever had it in the backdoor?”

Christie laughed. “It’s been a while since the last time,” she said. “But let’s try it. We’ll have to use something, though. What about your shaving cream?”

Ryan chuckled. “Good idea,” he said. He brought over a can, of shaving cream. Christie anointed his cock with white foam, spreading it over the entire length of his bloated cock, and then she lay back on the bed to dab some on her asshole.

His eyes glittering, Ryan looked down at her target. Small, brown, and puckered, her asshole lay between the proudly swelling mounds of her ass like a tiny wrinkled flower. “It looks awfully small,” he said. “Are you sure that’s where you want it?”

Christie ignored the silly question. She climbed up on her hands and knees, lowered her head and shoulders to the mattress, and offered Ryan her ass.

“Get to work!” she said.

His cock twitching, Ryan bellied up to her asscheeks. He aimed his fat cock-head at her asshole. Christie moaned when she felt his cock-head rubbing against her asshole.

“Come on, lover,” she said. “Get it in!”

Holding his cock in place with one hand, he steadied himself by holding onto her hip with the other. He pushed forward. At first, her asshole refused to open up, but then Christie suddenly relaxed and his cock-head snapped into her tight ass-channel. He continued pushing forward, slowly sliding the length of his cock into her hot, rubbery ass-tunnel.

“Oh, God!” Christie groaned.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine!” Christie said. She loved having a cock in her ass. It always hurt a little, especially when the man had a thick cock, but after a moment or two her ass-muscles reined and the only thing left was an incredibly pleasurable feeling. She adored a cock in her pussy, but her ass was about ten times more sensitive. She reached a hand back and worked her fingers between her cunt-lips. If Ryan could last long enough, she’d be able to get an orgasm going in both her holes!

Taking hold of her hips, he began thrusting his cock. Each jab of his fuck-meat into her ass brought a cry of total pleasure from her throat. She kept her fingers working on her clit. When she pushed a finger into her cunt, she could feel his cock on the other side of the partition between her cunt-hole and asshole.

She suddenly heard a noise coming from the direction of the door. She thought it was the door, but she wasn’t sure. She thought the door had been opened and closed again. Maybe it was another nurse. Maybe someone had seen her on the bed with Ryan’s cock up her ass! Oh, God!

But at this point, she didn’t care. The cock up her ass was too delicious. “Fuck me!” she groaned. “Keep fucking me!”


When she finally arrived home that evening, the memory of the door opening and closing while she was on the bed with Ryan brought on a fit of depression. She’d been a damn fool for taking a chance like that with a patient. If someone had really opened the door and seen her — and it could only be someone on the staff! One word to the Director of the hospital would get her fired. Oliver Fleming was very strict about things like that. He didn’t mind nurses screwing around with doctors — especially when he was one of the doctors — but the patients were out of bounds. Fleming had more than once made a pass at her, but Christie had never accepted his invitation. She now realized the only way to protect her job was to make sure the Director would be on her side.

Knowing what she had to do, Christie decided it was best not to waste any time. She called Fleming at home. He was a fifty-year-old bachelor, and she hoped he might be able to see her that very evening. The essential part of her plan was that she get to Fleming first.

He seemed happy to talk to her on the phone. He seemed even happier when she came right out and invited herself to his house. A mischievous smile was on Christie’s face when she hung up the phone. Poor old Fleming would never know what hit him!

She decided to dress carefully. She wore a simple, carefully fitted short dress whose neckline revealed just the right amount of the tops of her tits. Under the dress, she wore a pair of flimsy bikini panties, a thin garter belt, and sheer beige stockings. The nylons came up very high — to just an inch below the mound of her pussy.

An hour after the telephone call, she was on Fleming’s doorstep.

“Come in, come in, Christie,” he said. “You look marvelous. You’re still the prettiest nurse in the hospital.”

Christie fluttered her eyes. “Oh, really, Doctor Fleming!”

“Oliver Fleming never lies,” he said. She walked with him into his large living room. Even at fifty, he was still handsome. He had a full head of steel-grey hair and icy blue eyes. He made her sit down on a low sofa. He brought her a drink and sat down opposite her in an easy chair. Dressed as she was, there was no way she could sit gracefully on the sofa without showing a good deal of her thighs. Her knees were nearly up at her chin, and the slightest displacement of her short dress would reveal the tops of her stockings, the bare undersides of her thighs — and even the bulge of her cunt-lips under the thin nylon of her panties! She gave him just the briefest glimpse of what she had on under her dress, and she smiled inwardly at the resulting sparkle in his eyes.

“I think it’s important that as Director I be close to everyone on the staff,” he said.

Christie nodded. He was wearing a silk dressing gown, and she wondered if he had anything on under it. The more she studied him, the more attractive he became. Getting Fleming on her side was not going to be as unpleasant as she’d thought!

His eyes were now on the neckline of her dress. He ran his tongue over his thin lips. She imagined that tongue vibrating up and down between her cunt-lips. The idea of Fleming sucking her pussy made her shiver with lust. She had to be careful, however. If she moved too fast, Fleming might get suspicious.

As if unconscious of what she was doing, she flashed the undersides of her thighs at him again. From the gleam in his eyes, she guessed he’d probably seen the bulge of her nylon covered cunt-lips. There might even be a damp spot there — she could feel some of the wetness now!

When he shifted his body in the easy chair, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The movement of his legs had opened the front of his dressing gown. He pushed himself forward on the seat until his cock and balls hung over the edge in full view. His cock dangled over a wrinkled, leathery ball-sac. He was uncircumcised. His fat cock-head was out of proportion to the thin stalk which it capped. His cock-head, still half covered by foreskin, was almost as big as a plum.

He smiled at her with a twinkle in his eyes. “I know why you’re here,” he said.

Christie’s mouth fell open. “Huh?”

“Head Nurse Biddle told me all about your little party with one of our patients.”


Fleming sighed. “The patient’s name is Frank Ryan. Biddle says you had his cock up your ass.”

“Oh, God!” Christie moaned. “Does that mean I’m fired?”

“That depends on you, my dear.”

“On me?”

His cock-head was visibly swelling, his prick-shaft twitching as it slowly lengthened.

“You know the rules about activities of that kind with patients,” Fleming said. “Biddle and I agree we ought to have a good reason to ignore something like this. So far I don’t see any good reason.”

“What would be a good reason?” Christie said.

Her heart was beating like a trip-hammer. It was up to her to change Fleming’s mind about firing her. The sight of his dangling cock made her shudder. His cockhead was throbbing and his prick-shaft was growing.

“Open your knees,” Fleming said. “Let’s have a look at your legs.”

She looked up to see his eyes staring down at her legs. She slowly parted her knees. She spread her legs farther and farther apart, and then she took hold of the hem other dress and rolled it back to her belly.

“Lovely,” Fleming said.

She looked down at her slim legs, at her swelling thighs clasped by her stockings. She ran her fingertips up over her thighs to the waistband of her panties. She began rolling down the flimsy panties covering the dark bush of her cunt-hair. When the panties were a thin roll on her thighs, she ran the flat of her hand across her springy pubic curls. Fleming’s eyes were fixed on her crotch, concentrating on her moving hand.

“I just love Park Ridge Hospital,” she whimpered. “I’d be awfully depressed if I had to leave.”

His cock was rigid and ready for fucking. His swollen cock-head looked almost as big as a baseball on the end of his thin cock-shaft. He had the fattest cock-head Christie had ever seen!

“You’ve got a lot of hair there, haven’t you?” he said.

She slipped off the sofa and knelt on the rug. Picking up the hem of her dress, she peeled her dress off in one smooth motion and tore it away. Rising to her feet, she rolled her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She readjusted her garters. She stood naked in her thin garter belt and beige stockings, her feet perched on high-heeled pumps, wide apart.

“Come over here,” he said. He was breathing heavily. His hands reached out to her. When she moved forward, his hands came around behind her to grip the cheeks of her ass. He opened his legs wide and pulled her in. With a low grunt, he pressed his face forward into her bush of cunt-hair.

His tongue probed between her cunt-lips. He moved his hands to the front to pull open her outer pussy-lips to expose her cunt. She stood motionless as he slurped and licked at her cunt. Then he pulled his mouth away and turned her body around.

“Let’s have a look at it from the back,” he said.

Her pussy quivered as he forced her to bend over. Moving her legs apart, she doubled over and took hold of her knees with her hands. If he wanted to look at her that way, she would make sure he saw it all!

Fleming gasped. “Christ, what a cunt!” he said.

A soft moan escaped her lips at the first touch of his wet tongue on her asshole. He played his tongue-tip over her tightly clenched ass-ring. She automatically squeezed her ass muscles. The sensation produced by his tongue as it repeatedly circled her asshole was exquisite.

At intervals, he ran his tongue lower down to probe the mouth of her cunt. She could feel the first stirrings of an impending orgasm. Her nipples were stiff. Her tits hung down like heavy fruit, swaying each time she moved her body. His desire to impale herself on it, spear her ass on his wet tongue. His tongue-tip finally squirmed into the grip of her asshole and her throat gurgled out a moan of pleasure.

He tongue-fucked her asshole for two full minutes. Unable to take any more, Christie pulled away and turned to face him. Her nipples were stiff and swollen. Cunt-juice dripped down the insides of her thighs to wet the tops of her stockings. Looking down, she saw Fleming had his cock in his hand. Pre-cum continuously leaked from the slit at the end of his cock-head.

She knew what he wanted. She kneeled down on the rug between his legs. She leaned forward with her hands on the chair on either side of his body. Extending her tongue, she began licking the end of his hard cock.

Her pussy fluttered as she worked on his half-bared cock-head. She opened her mouth and took the exposed end of his cock-head between her lips. The heat arid velvety texture of his cock-head was delicious. She loved the feel of his soft foreskin against her tongue.

Denting was soon grunting with pleasure. Christie gently tightened her teeth on his foreskin and slid her mouth down the shaft of his cock. She shivered at the feeling of his huge cock in her mouth, at the soft feel of his cockskin under her lips. She began sucking on his bulbous, mouth-filling cock-head.

She had him now. Oliver Fleming might be the Director of the hospital, but at the moment he was completely in her power. Her head bobbing slowly up and down on his cock, she fucked him with her mouth. Fleming groaned and bucked his crotch against her face. She worked his cock deeper into her throat, burying almost all of its length in her warm mouth — until he grabbed her head with his hands and pulled his cock from her mouth.

“Get your cunt over my face,” he said.

She changed position, straddling his chest with her ass and cunt toward his face. He pulled her down until her crotch was against his mouth. Once again she engulfed his throbbing cock. She rammed her cunt as hard as she could against his face. Using his hands to hold her cunt open, he squirmed and wriggled his tongue up and down along its length.

She rocked her body back and forth, her mouth sliding up and down on his cock, her cunt moving up and down on his face.

He suddenly groaned, and a moment later spurted a great gob of jism to flood her mouth and clog her throat. His cock spurted again, and she gulped and swallowed to keep pace with his eruption. She kept her head still, except to caress the fat knob of his cock with her tongue. As his climax ended, the spurting of his cum dwindled to a mere convulsive twitching of his cock-head. She sucked gently on his cock in order to drain the last of his sperm. As the last drop rolled over her tongue, her cunt spasmed on Fleming’s mouth. She came on his face, her cunt-juice oozing thickly onto his nose and lips. She finally fell off to the side and lay on her belly.

“Delicious,” Fleming said. “Absolutely delicious!”

She felt his hand fluttering up the backs of her thighs. He cupped and fondled the cheeks of her ass. She turned her head to look at his body. He lay on his side facing her. His limp cock hung down across his thigh. Her head was still toward his feet. Her pussy quivered as he continued to stroke her asscheeks.

Moving her face to his crotch, she took his soft cock between her lips. She curled her fingers under his balls. She tongued back his foreskin to expose his meaty cock-head. She swirled her tongue over his velvety skin, her fingers gently stroking his soft cock-shaft.

Fleming continued caressing her asscheeks. When she opened her legs to give him, access to her cunt, she felt his cock-head swell in her mouth. His fingers probed between her cuntlips as his cock continued growing. Lying on her belly, she still held no more than the end of his cock in her mouth. She shivered at the tickling touches of his fingers along the lips of her pussy. She moaned when his fingertips briefly brushed her asshole. He rubbed one cunt-lip against the other, teasing the hairs that covered their surfaces. Her cunt-hole opened like a hungry mouth to the probing touch of his fingers.

His cock was now fully erect again, and she removed her fingers from his cock shaft. She began to suck his cock-head, her lips forming a tight ring behind his flared cock-rim. She used her lips and tongue, and occasionally she nipped the resilient flesh of his cock-head with her teeth.

He now had two fingers in the channel of her cunt. She shuddered as he slowly pistoned them in and out of her juicy pussy-hole. His cock-head, swelled in her wet mouth. She closed her right hand around the shaft of his cock, pulling back on it to completely peel the foreskin off his throbbing cock-head. She closed her mouth over his fruit-like cock-head, her tongue massaging the knot of flesh on the underside. The ring of her tightly closed lips prevented his foreskin from covering his cockhead. She now had almost four inches of his cock in her mouth! The slit of his cock-head was leaking pre-cum, teasing her with a hint of the jism she wanted spurting in her mouth. She wanted to taste this cum again, to drink him until his balls were drained. She kept tonguing and sucking him with a steady rhythm.

His fingers were brushing her asshole, again. She shivered when she remembered the feel of his wet tongue. She loved being touched there. Only a few hours had passed since Frank Ryan’s cock had stretched her asshole, but her little ass craved attention again. She mewled and wriggled her hips to encourage Fleming. Instead of reaming out her ass with a finger, which was what she hoped for, he forced her off his body and pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Taking hold of her hands, he helped her to her feet. He led her to the end of the sofa. He stood behind her, his cock pressing against her ass.

“Bend over,” he said. “Hold onto the sofa!”

She let herself be pushed forward, her hands outstretched to hold the arm of the sofa, her feet planted wide apart on the floor. She bent forward at the waist and heard him grunt behind her.

“Look at that,” he groaned. “Christ, what an ass! Look at the way your tits hang down. I’m going to fuck your brains out, my dear!”

He pushed her shoulders down until she had her cheek against the sofa. He clutched her hip with one hand and used the other hand to guide the spongy head of his cock into the mouth of her dripping cunt.

“Oh, shit, yes!” she moaned. Her pussy grabbed at his cock, welcoming his stiff prickmeat.

Gripping the cheeks of her ass with both hands, he spread her open to feed the length of his cock into her juice-drenched cunt. Her hands caught at the sofa when he lurched forward and buried his cock to the hilt. He pulled back with a deep grunt of satisfaction. She could feel her cunt-lips pulled out by his cockhead as he withdrew. Then he pushed forward again, his cock sliding home with a long, twisting stroke.

“I think you ought to be in my office the first thing every morning,” he said. “Ten or fifteen minutes of this in the morning will get the day off to a good start, don’t you think?”

“Mmmmmmm!” she murmured.

He responded by quickening his strokes thrusting, his cock solidly into her cunt, faster and faster, until she and the sofa shook from the force of his driving cock. She was beginning to feel the first sensations of an oncoming climax. She moaned at the slippery, frothy feeling of his hard cock stroking in and out of her steaming cunt. Her swollen cunt throbbed with each powerful thrust.

“Fuck me!” she moaned.

The swinging of her upraised ass became more pronounced. She gyrated her cunt in order to feel all of his meaty cock reaming out her cunt-channel.

“Give it to me!” she cried. “Fuck me hard!”

Panting and wheezing, his hands trembling on the white checks of her lewdly tilted ass, he pumped his cock vigorously in and out of her boiling cunt. At the end of each stroke, his balls slapped against her upper thighs with a wet noise. Grinding and humping, she dug her fingernails into the upholstery of the sofa. She shook her ass, pulling and rotating on his thick cock.

“Uhh!” he groaned. “Uhh — oh, baby — I’m coming, coming!”

She came with him, her cunt vibrating, her ass humping, as his jism splattered into the spasming channel of her milking cunt.

Later, as they lay resting on the sofa, he told her Head Nurse Biddle expected a visit from her.

“Biddle isn’t too bad,” Fleming said. “The best thing to do is relax and enjoy it!”


Christie was thankful she was off duty the next day. Late in the morning, she opened her eyes, totally exhausted after a restless sleep. There was no escaping the fact that she had to see Head Nurse Biddle as soon as possible. She knew that if she waited too long, Biddle would only be more difficult to handle.

Sliding out of bed, rubbing her eyes as she crossed the bedroom to the bathroom, Christie prepared a bubble bath and climbed into the tub with a sigh. She soaped her tits vigorously until her dark nipples protruded through the lather. She pinched her hard nipple-tips, wincing at the pain. She pressed her tits flat against her chest, her fingers kneading her swollen nipples. She imagined someone else’s hands moving over her belly, someone’s fingers curling in the wet hair at her crotch.

The hand between her thighs gripped her cunt. God, it felt good! Her cunt was already swollen from the heat of the water. She massaged it with her fingers, strumming it with a familiar cadence. The gash of her cunt seemed on fire. She pushed a finger into the grip of her cunt hole. She spread her legs wider. She rubbed her outer and inner cunt-lips with the heel of her palm.

Her leg muscles began to tremble. Her feet moved back and forth along the bottom of the tub. She totally surrendered her body to the delicious pleasure of finger-fucking herself!

She stared down at her quivering clit protruding from the black bush of her cunt-hair.

“Fuck!” she moaned. “Fuck my clit!”

A gurgling sound came out of her throat. Her hand closed over her cunt, her fingers pulling and pinching her cunt-lips — churning the creamy, thick juice oozing out of her hairy pussy-hole. The orgasm was better than nothing — but what she really needed was a cock, a big long cock plowing in and out of her cunt and dumping a load of hot male cum!

Climbing out of the tub, she dried her body with a large towel and began her preparations for Head Nurse Biddle.

An hour later, Christie was standing outside Nurse Biddle’s office at the hospital. Christie paused a moment in front of the door. She fluffed her hair and straightened the neckline of her dress. Taking a deep breath, her heart pounding, she rapped on the door.

“Come in!”

Opening the door, Christie stepped into the office. Nurse Biddle was seated behind her desk. When she saw Christie, she raised an eyebrow and smiled.

“Close the door and sit down,” she said.

There was only one empty chair in the room, and that was on Nurse Biddle’s side of the desk. Feeling as if an invisible hand was twisting her stomach, Christie moved forward and sat down.

Nurse Biddle appraised her from head to foot. “I rarely get a chance to see you out of uniform,” the older woman said. “You’re very attractive.”

Christie blushed. “Thank you,” she said.

“You’ve already seen Doctor Fleming, haven’t you?”

Christie nodded. “Yesterday evening.”

“Then I suppose we understand each other, don’t we? You ought to consider yourself very lucky. I think any one of the other nurses wouldn’t have a chance — they’d be fired immediately. But you’re something special, aren’t you Christie? Twitching your little ass around her like a bitch-dog in heat. I can smell it, you know. I can smell your precious little pussy every time it’s been active. I had a hunch you’d get after that Ryan fellow. Pretty picture you made, up on the bed like that with your cute little ass in the air. Very pretty. He had you in the ass, didn’t he?”

Frightened by the venom in the woman’s voice, Christie nodded.

Nurse Biddle smiled. “And now, in a manner of speaking, you belong to me, don’t you?”

Christie nodded again. She realized her hands were trembling, and she folded them over her knees.

Nurse Biddle fixed her eyes on the low-cut neckline of Christie’s summer dress. “Stand up,” she said.

Christie rose uncertainly to her feet. Her eyes glittering, Nurse Biddle leaned forward and ran her fingers over Christie’s nylon-clad knees. A moment later, the woman’s soft warm hands were moving up under Christie’s dress and over her thighs. Christie froze. She’d expected Nurse Biddle’s hands on her body, but now that it was happening, she was confused. She’d never liked the touch of another girl’s hands. Once in a while a girl would try to get familiar with her — brush her tits, pat her ass, or even try to rub cunts. Christie always discouraged them. This time, however, she had no choice. There was also something different about it. Nurse Biddle was at least ten years older than Christie — she was certainly not another girl. The axe was hanging over Christie’s head. One wrong word, one unthinking act and she’d be canned — and her chances of getting a job at another hospital in town would probably be zero!

Christie stood there with her hands at her sides and her eyes straight ahead. She was afraid to breathe, let alone speak or move. Under her dress, Nurse Biddle’s hands were on Christie’s ass now, squeezing, clutching, and fondling her plump ass-cheeks covered by flimsy nylon panties.

Nurse Biddle pressed her face against Christie’s belly. Christie found herself trembling with excitement. The touch of Nurse Biddle’s hands somehow seemed more erotic than she’d expected! Christie wondered if the older woman could tell she was getting turned on.

Nurse Biddle finally sat back in her chair. She looked Christie up and down and smiled. “Take off the dress, honey,” she said. “Let’s have a look at you.”

Her eyes glazed, Christie unzipped her dress and slipped it off. Nurse Biddle looked her over and nodded her approval.

“You’re lovely.” Nurse Biddle said. She waved a hand when she saw Christie had stopped undressing. “But take everything off,” she said. “Let me see all of it darling!”

Irritated now, confused by the dampness between her legs, Christie stripped everything off as quickly as possible. She’d be damned if she’d give Nurse Biddle the pleasure of a striptease. Nurse Biddle didn’t seem to mind. By the time Christie was completely naked, the older woman’s eyes were glowing.

“Delicious!” Nurse Biddle said. “Come closer, honey. Don’t be afraid!”

When Christie moved forward, Nurse Biddle extended her hands and took bold of Christie’s heavy, swaying tits. Christie a shivered at the first touch of Nurse Biddle’s fingers brushing lightly over her nipples.

“Mmmmmn, you excite easily, don’t you?” Nurse Biddle said. She pulled Christie’s tits towards her face. Christie moaned softly when the older woman began licking and sucking at her long dark nipples. She could feel her pussy quivering. She could feel her cunt-juice oozing out between her swollen cunt-lips to drench the insides of her thighs. She was turned on! There was no way to deny it!

The fact that Nurse Biddle was a woman didn’t seem to make any difference — her nipples and cunt and clit didn’t seem to care. One thing was certain — Nurse Biddle was an expert at sucking a tit. Hot flashes of exquisite pleasure radiated out from Christie’s saliva coated tits. She looked down, to watch how Nurse Biddle drew the nipple and its surrounding dark flesh deeply into her mouth. Christie yielded to the delightful sensation of having her nipple sucked so expertly by Nurse Biddle. She knew, as she looked at her other tit and saw her nipple standing up hard, that the one in Nurse Biddle’s mouth must also be erect.

Christie’s heart was pounding in her chest. She was confused. She’d always thought two women playing with each other was the dirtiest thing imaginable! But the spreading feelings of pleasure that the expert tongue and mouth of Nurse Biddle were bringing to her entire body was almost more than she could bear!

As Nurse Biddle’s hands roamed down Christie’s sides, clutching at her asscheeks, the fingers digging into her yielding flesh, Christie instinctively moved her body forward against the older woman.

Nurse Biddle pulled her mouth off Christie’s tit. The long, hard nipple glistened with saliva.

“Get up on the desk,” Nurse Biddle said.

Christie knew what was coming. She perched on the desk, her ass on the edge, and leaned back on her elbows. Nurse Biddle was obviously going to eat her cunt. Christie found herself excited by the idea. Head Nurse Biddle had been giving her orders ever since she’d been working at the hospital. Now she was going to have her cunt-juice all over Head Nurse Biddle’s face.

Nurse Biddle lapped her tongue over Christie’s belly. She licked along the edge of her garter belt and probed her tongue-tip into Christie’s navel. Christie giggled. Nurse Biddle giggled in reply.

“You’re adorable,” Nurse Biddle said.

Then her head moved down, her face sliding over Christie’s belly to Christie’s cunt. Leaning on her elbows, Christie looked down at the nurse’s cap between her thighs. It seemed ridiculous to have a nurse’s cap there.

Ridiculous or not, when Nurse Biddle’s hands came around to spread open the lips of Christie’s cunt, Christie vented a low, deep moan.

Nurse Biddle was obviously through wasting time. All the fondling and squeezing and tit sucking had been the appetizer for the main course. Now that the main dish in the feast was under her nose, Nurse Biddle moaned with delight. Her tongue came out of her mouth like a pink, wet snake and began a series of stabbing attacks at Christie’s swollen clit.

Breathing heavily through her dry mouth, Christie managed to grunt at each touch of Nurse Biddle’s agile tongue.

“Suck it!” Christie hissed. “Suck my pussy!”

She found it hard to believe the words were coming out of her mouth. Looking down, she could see Nurse Biddle’s face buried in the curls of her cunt-mound. Nurse Biddle obviously enjoyed sucking pussy. All the stories about her were absolutely true. Christie wondered how many other nurses had had their crotches cleaned out by Nurse Biddle’s mouth!

Christie’s swollen clit throbbed and quivered. A delicious warmth flowed out of her pussy to spread over her body. She no longer cared why she was there. She loved every moment of it!

Nurse Biddle knew that Christie no longer rejected her. She could tell by the relaxation of Christie’s muscles and by the swelling of Christie’s clit. When she exerted the slightest pressure on the insides of Christie’s thighs, the younger nurse immediately opened her legs. Nurse Biddle worked her fingers down the hairy sides of her larger outer cunt-lips. She pried open Christie’s luscious cunt and drilled her tongue deep into her soft, quivering cunt tunnel. Christie’s cunt-juice oozed out like a flow of hot lava to cover Nurse Biddle’s mouth. The older woman sucked and tasted her cunt-cream with a satisfied slurping noise. She stiffened her tongue and drove it deep into her cunt-hole. She pressed her nose against her enlarged clit. She thrilled at the fluttering reactions of Christie’s meaty cunt-lips.

Nurse Biddle began opening the buttons of her uniform. Christie’s eyes were closed and she was breathing rapidly through her mouth. Nurse Biddle’s tongue continued working on Christie’s drooling cunt. She kept her tongue in place even as she slipped out of her uniform mild unhooked her bra. She was soon naked from the waist up, her mammoth tits hanging like juicy melons. She continued licking and lapping every square inch of Christie’s spread open cunt. She worked over her inner cuntlips. She drew her swollen clit into her mouth and carefully gripped it between her teeth.

Christie heaved up her thighs. A quivering moan of pleasure escaped her lips.

Working down, Nurse Biddle ran her stiff tongue deep into Christie’s cunt-hole. She slobbered over the abundance of cunt-juice oozing out of her pussy. Continuing down further, she licked the smooth curves, at the junction of Christie’s thighs and asscheeks. Christie groaned and pulled her legs back to expose more of her ass. Nurse Biddle spread Christie’s asscheeks with her hands and gazed at the puckered ring of Christie’s asshole. After nearly twenty years as a nurse, an asshole was not mysterious territory to Nurse Biddle. She’d had to cope with all kinds, all sizes, and all shapes. But this was not the asshole of some messy patient — this was the asshole of a beautiful young nurse! With an audible sigh, Nurse Biddle leaned forward and ran the very tip of her tongue over the wrinkled grommet of Christie’s sweet little asshole.

“Oh, God!” Christie groaned.

Nurse Biddle wriggled a hand between her own thighs. Her fingers probed her crotch until she found the engorged shaft of her clit. Massaging her stiff clit, she continued licking Christie’s asshole. Then she began pushing her tongue at her puckered anal-ring, demanding entrance. She continued to apply pressure until the muscle of her asshole relaxed and her tongue popped into her rubbery ass-channel. Like a tiny mouth, Christie’s asshole closed and tightly gripped Nurse Biddle’s tongue. When Nurse Biddle finally pulled out her tongue and straightened up, Christie’s asshole flared out to protest the loss.

Using both hands, Nurse Biddle lifted one of her huge tits. Her stiff pink nipple was about the size of her thumb. Pressing forward, she brought her juicy teat up against the quivering meat of Christie’s open cunt. She placed the nipple directly on Christie’s clit. The full, hanging globe of her tit completely covered Christie’s crotch!

One hand frantically playing with her own clit, Nurse Biddle vigorously massaged her tit over Christie’s dripping cunt. Within moments, the older woman was gurgling and babbling in the throes of a stupendous climax. Christie stared wide-eyed as the Head Nurse quaked and groaned.

When Nurse Biddle’s orgasm finally abated, she fell back in her chair and looked at Christie with glowing eyes.

“Come down here and suck my pussy,” Nurse Biddle said.

Christie flushed scarlet. She hadn’t expected that. She’d thought Nurse Biddle would do all the sucking. The idea of sucking another woman’s cunt did not appeal to Christie at all. She’d never been able to understand how her boyfriends could enjoy putting their mouths on her dripping cunt. She tried keeping her pussy clean and fresh, but it was still a pussy. She had no idea about, the condition of Nurse Biddle’s steaming crotch. Was she clean? Clean or not, Christie decided she really had no choice.

Nurse Biddle had all her clothes stripped off now. She had a plump body. Her tits looked even huger when she was completely naked. They hung down almost to her belly. Her large rink nipples were swollen and bloated with, her sexual arousal. Below the folds of Nurse Biddle’s belly was a thick bush of auburn cunt-hair. Christie stared at her protruding, drooping cuntlips. Nurse Biddle’s pink clit was stiff and throbbing.

For one terrifying moment, Christie felt that she couldn’t do it. Then she remembered the power Nurse Biddle had over her — and with a sigh of resignation she slipped off the desk.

She knelt down between Nurse Biddle’s legs. Sighing, Nurse Biddle smiled and raised one leg to more completely expose her gaping cunt.

“Do a good job,” Nurse Biddle said. “I like it slow and easy. Have you ever done it before?”

Her eyes fixed on her steaming red cuntgash, Christie shook her head. “No,” she said.

Nurse Biddle chuckled. “Well, there’s always a first time, isn’t there? Come on honey. Get that cute little tongue in my cunt and suck me out!”

Leaning forward, Christie rubbed her cheek against the warm insides of Nurse Biddle’s thighs. She tasted the soft skin with her lips. She moved her face closer to the woman’s cunt and sniffed. There was none of the intimate feminine smell she expected. There was nothing except the delicate aroma of daffodils, or maybe it was roses, she couldn’t tell. Whatever it was, it was pleasant. Using her fingers, Christie parted the thick, hairy outer lips of Nurse Biddle’s cunt and placed her open mouth in the very center of her juicy pussy-gash.

“That’s it!” Nurse Biddle hissed. “Eat my pussy!”

Christie began kissing add licking Nurse Biddle’s cunt. She found herself enjoying the softness of her pussy-flesh. She moved her pursed lips up and down her cunt-slit, savoring the feel of the rubbery, wet cunt-meat. She tickled her tongue-tip over her large clit — and then took it in between her lips and began sucking.

Nurse Biddle began gyrating her hips. She flexed her thighs and squirmed her ass. She held up a huge tit in each hand and whimpered.

“Oh, shit, yes!” she groaned. “Suck it, baby! Suck that box!”

Her body shuddering with one spasm after another, her cunt throbbed out its climax against Christie’s tongue.

When it was over, Nurse Biddle looked down, at Christie and patted her cheek.

“Thank you, darling,” the older woman said. “That was beautiful!”

Christie said nothing. She felt ashamed and guilty, but at least, for the moment, her job was safe.


The first time Christie heard about Charlie Homan, she was sitting in the cafeteria eating her lunch and minding her own business. A nurse named Annabelle Leighton sat down at Christie’s table with a wink and a giggled.

“There’s a monster in room 403,” Annabelle said.

Christie gave her a puzzled look. “Monster?”

Annabelle nodded. “There’s a teen-age kid in there with absolutely the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Christie smiled and pushed away her salad. “Are you measuring them these days?”

“Don’t be a smart-ass,” Annabelle giggled. “Go have a look and see for yourself. But keep your hands off, honey Biddle has been on the warpath for a week about nurses fooling around with patients. No cock in the world is worth trouble with Biddle.”

Christie rolled her eyes and pretended to agree. She knew all about Head Nurse Biddle. After five days of sucking at Head Nurse Biddle’s dripping pussy, there was nothing about Nurse Biddle Christie wasn’t aware of.

Christie’s poor little mouth was operating on a full schedule. She sucked off the Hospital Director every morning and the Head Nurse every afternoon. They’d promised her there would be only one more week of sucking, but the problem was whether Christie would last that long. It wasn’t, the sucking that bothered her, it was the lack of variety. Oliver Fleming had a cute cock-head, but the man attached to the other, end of the cock was a clod. Head Nurse Biddle was a big-tittied bore. She’d made Christie suck on her fat nipples until Christie had a cramp in her jaw. All for the love of a stinking job! Christie’s brain was getting rattled. She hadn’t been near any man beside Oliver Fleming for nearly a week. Looking in on the patient in 403, just looking, would get her spirits up. Christie very badly wanted her spirits back up where they belonged.

The boy in 403 turned out to be a cute blond-haired kid with freckles. His eyes lit up when Christie walked into the room with a friendly smile. He’d had a compound leg fracture. He had the leg in a cast, but otherwise he seemed fine. When Christie asked if he had any pain, he shook his head.

“I’m just bored,” he said.

She sat down on the edge of the bed. She ruffled his blond curly hair. She questioned him about his leg and learned he’d broken it playing football.

“I bet your girlfriend misses you,” she said.

He shrugged. “There’s no one special.”

Christie laughed. She squeezed the muscular thigh of his good leg. “Playing the field, huh? You must drive all the girls crazy.”

His eyes were on the swell of her tits under her uniform. She ran her hand back and forth along his thigh. It wasn’t long before she had her eyes fastened to the tent in the sheet produced by his obvious erection.

“Oh, wow!” she said with a smile. “Did I do that?”

Sighing, he nodded. He was evidently less naive than she’d assumed.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

“It don’t matter,” he said. “It happens all the time.”


“Yeah,” he said.

“Let’s have a look.”

She couldn’t help it. After Annabelle’s rave introduction. Christie’s curiosity had to be satisfied. She pulled down the sheet. She stared. She gasped!

“Oh, sweet Jesus!” she said.

A ten-inch horse-cock rose up out of his crotch like a baseball bat. She feasted her eyes on his thick white cock-shaft sprouting out of the sparse nest of blond hair between his strong thighs. His cock jerked and twitched. His heavy, hanging balls quivered. His bloated cock-head visibly swelled under her eyes.

“You’re very… well built!” she said.

He looked bored. “Yeah,” he said. “You wanna suck it?”

His boldness caught her by surprise. She wanted to get up and leave, but the sight of his huge cock held her back. “I don’t think I ought to do that,” she said. “But maybe I could… take care of it for you.”

He snorted. “Sure,” he said. “Whatever you want.”

Extending a hand, she closed her fist around the shaft of his cock. He groaned. His pelvis rose up. His body jerked and twisted. She squeezed his throbbing cock-shaft in response. With a slow, leisurely stroke, she began masturbating him.

“I think this is the biggest one I’ve ever seen,” she said.

“Do you like it?”

“It’s lovely,” she said.

She brushed the tips of her fingers against the silky flesh of his huge cock-knob. The heat of his cock-shaft under her hand was thrilling. She could hardly close her slender fingers around his fat cylinder of fuck-meat. He groaned and trembled as her fist moved up and down his throbbing prick. Her eyes glittering, she kept shifting her gaze from his contorted face to the red, angry-looking head of his gorgeous cock.

“Oh, shit!” he moaned. He squirmed his hips. His full, sleek-looking balls rolled back and forth. She used one hand to cup his balls and, the other hand to pump and stroke his prick-shaft.

“Does that feel good?” she said. “Am I doing it right?”

A moment later, the first white pearls of hot jism came spurting out of the head of his cock. Using both hands, she pressed down on the base of his convulsing prick-shaft.

“Oh, honey!” she crooned. “That’s lovely! Keep coming! Give me all of it!”

As she watched his jism foam and spurt out of his bloated cock-head, she had a sudden urge to have her mouth stuffed with his cockmeat. Swooping down like a bird of prey, her jaws wide-open, she engulfed his spouting cock-head.

After days of the thin, watery jism of Oliver Fleming, the boy’s thick, ropy cum was a welcome treat. Her lips glistening with sperm, she pulled her mouth off his cock a moment.

“Delicious!” she said.

The boy groaned. The swollen, purplish head of his cock sent a thick set of white cockcream spurting against her face. His hot cum dripped down her cheeks and over her chin. With a soft moan, she jabbed the spitting head of his cock back into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed. Her hand worked up and down his throbbing cock-shaft to milk the last drop out of his balls.

“Oh, Jesus!” he groaned.


“Yeah,” he said.

His cock was still hard — not as stiff as before, but definitely not soft. She maintained her grasp on his cock. He was still trembling. When she pushed back his foreskin, the trembling increased. She chuckled at his excitement. She slid her hand down to his balls and began to play with them.

“They still look full,” she teased. “Would you like to come again?”

He nodded. He gazed down at her hand as it rubbed and fondled his balls.

“You just lie there and let me do the work,” Christie said. She was dizzy with excitement. Her cunt was oozing a flood of cunt-juice between her thighs. She hadn’t intended to fuck him, but the temptation was now too much to resist. She stroked his cock and gave it a playful squeeze. She ran a hand over the hard muscles of his belly. She smiled when he put his hand on her thigh.

“How many girls have you fucked?” she said.

He shrugged. “Jesus, I don’t know,” he said. “I don’t count.”

“Have you ever licked a pussy?”

He shook his head. “I’ve never done that,” he said.

She pulled up her uniform. As usual, she was without panties and her pussy was bare. He stared fixedly at her black bush of cunthair. She ran a hand between her legs and teased him by prying open her cunt-lips. The hot glow in his eyes was delicious.

She climbed on the bed and kneeled beside him for a moment. Then she leaned forward and placed her hands on either side of his shoulders. She looked down into his sweaty, upturned face. She threw a leg over his body. She straddled him and moved forward to hang her cunt over his face.

She had her uniform pulled up to her waist. He moved his hands around to cup her ass. He squeezed her asscheeks and pulled her crotch forward, into his face. His wet tongue swept through the fur covering her pussy. She felt the tip of his tongue flicking against her clit.

“That’s good, honey,” she said. “Just keep at it, you’re doing fine.”

He was an adorable kid. He ate her cunt slowly and patiently. She thanked the woman who’d showed him how. She hardly moved, except to let her right hand fall lightly on the top of his head. Her left hand continued to hold her uniform up out of the way. The hand on his head playfully ruffled his hair. She liked him. He wasn’t ashamed to push his nose in a woman’s cunt. He licked carefully, probing deep with his tongue. She could feel her cunt slopping with his saliva. She could feel his spit dribbling down her wet cunt-hair onto her inner thigh. It tickled a little, but she hardly noticed. Her thoughts were totally on the pleasure inside her hot cunt.

She finally pulled her cunt away from his mouth. She moved back to straddle his thighs. She positioned the hairy slot of her cunt over his massive fuck-meat. She reached down, took the red-knobbed cock in her hands, and centered it on her cunt-gash. Thea she slowly squatted down until his fat cock-head touched her cunt-lips. She had cunt-juice oozing out of her pussy in a flood. She smeared some of it on the head of his cock. She rubbed his spongy cock-head up and down her cunt-slit, just barely touching her swollen clit. Then she squatted down, pushing his cock into her cunt, stuffing herself with its hot, throbbing hardness. A grunt of pleasure gurgled out of his throat.

She sat there a moment, her body speared on his cock. She straddled him as if he were a horse. She loved the feel of his huge young cock in her sopping wet cunt. She began grinding her hips, impaling herself on his cock and moaning her pleasure.

The boy grunted each time she completed a thrust on his cock. The look of pleasure on his face was exciting. She had him in her power. She felt herself to be in total control!

Now, she changed the movements of her hips to a slow, rhythmical hunching. He fucked his own hips up and down, pumping his cock in and out of her slippery cunt. The sounds of their groaning and grunting filled the room. Christie prayed no one out in the corridor could hear them. The danger of discovery increased her excitement. She frantically worked her hungry cunt up and down on the boy’s giant cock. Her breathing was unsteady, her mouth gasping and sucking for air. She was now so excited, she was no longer aware of her surroundings. Having her cunt fully stretched by a thick cock always did this to her. No matter how strong her determination to maintain control, she sooner or later lost out to the pleasure of the fucking. Her eyes clamped shut for long moments, and then she opened them quickly as the rhythm of her fucking became frenzied.

She smiled at him. She reached a hand behind her and fingered his swollen balls. She shivered at the thought of his balls bloated with hot jism. She waited until he’d simmered down a little, and then she began pumping her cunt again. She moved slowly at first, and then with greater force and speed.

She was soon aware of the growing response of her body within moments, she was climbing up to an orgasm, shuddering and trembling ramming her cunt down oh the hot pole of his cock.

As she quaked and groaned through her climax, his sock suddenly began spewing out its load. A torrent of sticky, hot jism flooded her cunt, shooting up her pussy channel in a foaming geyser. She cried out at the feel of it, gurgling and moaning with lust. Squeezed out by the spasms in bet cunt, her own cunt juice gushed down over his throbbing cock and drenched his balls.

With a final moan, she pulled the swollen flesh, of her cunt off his softening cock. His glistening fuck-meat popped out of her pussy hole and flopped on his thigh.

Christie gradually became aware of the time and place. She climbed off his body and left the bed. Holding her uniform up around the waist, she walked over to the small sink and briefly cleaned up her crotch. Then, she turned back to the bed. She looked down at the soft meat of his cock and smiled.

“You need cleaning, too,” she said.

She had a sudden lecherous impulse to wash his cock and balls with her tongue. Why not? she thought. It’s mostly my own cunt-juice. His flaccid cock lay on his thigh like a restless snake. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she lowered her fact toward his crotch.

Her nipples brushed his thighs. She took his cock in her hand, holding its weight on her palm. As she gazed at it, it began to swell and thicken. She watched the tip bloom and grow darker. She watched the soft skin grow tight and velvety before her eyes. She felt the thickness of him in her hand. His cock pulsed with an animal power under her fingers as his blood pumped into it. She watched his balls jerking up and down in their wrinkled sac.

She had no doubt that she’d be able to make him come again. This would be the third time. Maybe afterward he’d be able to get some rest! A shiver went down her spine at the lewdness of what she was doing. It certainly wasn’t the accepted way to wash up a patient! Her pussy quivered. She could feel her cunt-lips swelling up again.

He was now pumping his hips at her, making his cock slide in her hand. She tipped his cock-shaft toward her mouth. Opening her lips, she sucked him in.

“Oh, Christ!” he moaned.

His cock filled her mouth, pushing her tongue aside and bloating out her cheeks. She could taste the flavor of his juice-coated fuck-meat. She took his cock all the way in until his velvety cock-head hit the back of her throat. She made a mewling sound of pleasure and went to work on him.

She licked and sucked until all the flavor of their combined juices was gone. Then she pulled her mouth off his cock and licked along the root of his cock-shaft. Her tongue lashed out again and again, her lips sucking and kissing with a loud wet noise.

She followed her nose into the bush of his crotch-hair. She washed her tongue over the folded, wrinkled skin of his balls. When she stuffed his glistening cock back into her mouth, he pushed his hips up toward her face.

“Oh, yeah!” he moaned. “Oh, Christ, that’s good!”

She felt his cock swell and tremble and push back to her throat. She knew he’d come soon! She tightened her lips and increased the suction on his cock-head. A moment later, his fat cock-knob swelled up like a balloon and throbbed out the first jet of his milky jism. The salvo of sperm surged past her lips, over the flat of her tongue and into her throat. She felt the warm, slippery splatter of his cock-cream trickling, down her gullet. She heard him groan. His hands grabbed her head. His hips writhed beneath her face. She kept sucking until the flow stopped, and then she squeezed his balls and sucked some more.

He groaned. She finally pulled her mouth off his cock with a slurping noise. She swirled her tongue over her lips and swallowed the clinging remnants of his cum.


“Jesus, yeah!” he said.

She playfully pinched his cock and pulled up the sheet to cover him. Tweaking his nose, she turned on her heel and pranced out of the room.


“You’ve been avoiding me,” Steve Gorman said.

Stretched out like a lazy cat, Christie watched the young intern move slowly toward the bed. Steve Gorman was the second man in her life. In the end, it would be either Brad or Steve. Sometime soon she would have to make a decision — assuming, of course, she didn’t murder Nurse Biddle and wind up in jail.

Her eyes caressed the muscular strength of Steve’s naked body. He approached her with his gaze fixed between her outstretched legs. His heavy cock touched her thigh as he positioned himself beside her on the bed. His hands moved to her tits. His touch was light and knowing. Her nipples immediately responded, hardening and throbbing with desire. She leaned into his gently massaging fingers. A contented purring sound escaped from her lips.

The corners of her mouth turning up in a soft smile, she slipped a hand down to his crotch and took his cock between her fingers. Her hand gradually tightened around his thick cock-shaft.

“Yeah, baby,” he said. “That feels nice.” With a short grunt, he pushed his fuck-meat into her clutching fingers.

Christie ran the ball of her thumb over the smooth, tight skin of his cock-head. She dabbed at the fluid welling out of his cock-slit and spread it over the surface of his spongy cock-knob. She ran her fingertips up and down his fat, pulsing shaft, tracing out the network of thick veins. The one certain thing about Steve Gorman was that he had an impressive cock.

She suddenly gasped at the touch of Steve’s hot, wet mouth on the hard nipple of her right tit. His tongue lashed out to caress her long, sensitive nipple-tip. She could feel the sharp edges of his teeth tightening on her nipple. She pushed her tit against his face and moaned.

“That’s it!” she said. “Suck it!”

She moved a hand to the back of his head and pulled his face into her tit-flesh. The harder he sucked on her nipple, the harder she pumped on his cock. He began humping his ass, fucking his throbbing cock in and out of her hand. She could feel his steaming cockhead pressing against the side of her body. Her eyes clamped shut. She shivered at the exquisite sensation produced by his mouth on her swollen nipple.

She rolled on her side to make it easier for him to play with her tits. The palm of her hand rubbed against the bloated head of his cock. Her other hand continued pumping the full length of his pulsing cock-shaft. She moved the tip of his cock to the hairy mound of her cunt. She could feel the wetness between her legs. She could feel the soft, wet lips of her pussy kissing his swollen cock. She fitted his fat cock-head to the mouth of her cunt and their bodies began moving in rhythm.

She suddenly snapped back her hips, pulling her wet cunt off of his cock. “Not yet,” she said. “Eat me first. Suck my pussy before we fuck!”

Steve looked at her and grinned. “You’re a hot-assed bitch, aren’t you?” he said. He began sliding down the front of her body. The coolness of the air-conditioned hospital room brought a quiver to the nipples of her trembling tits. Steve’s long, hot tongue left a wet trail across her belly. His face was soon poised over the steaming gulch of her sweet-smelling cunt. His strong fingers held her fleshy thighs. Lewdly smacking his lips, he pressed his face into the hairy dampness of her crotch.

“Suck me!” Christie hissed. She rammed her cunt against his handsome mouth.

He moved his hands behind her to cup her asscheeks. He rolled her over onto her back. She wrapped her legs around his neck and drove her heels against his shoulder blades. She babbled and mewled as his tongue toyed with her stiff clit. He moved his tongue down to probe the deep cavern of her dripping cunt. Christie moaned when she felt the warm muscle of his tongue pistoning in and out of her cunt-hole like a small cock.

“Oh, Jesus!” she cried. “I love that! Fuck me with your tongue!”

His fingers massaged the heavy globes of her ass, pulling her body up to meet each new thrust. She tossed her head and rocked her body from side to side. Shivers of excitement surged through her body when she felt his fingertips creeping into the deep crack between her asscheeks. She gasped when he began playing with the tight muscular ring of her asshole. With a sudden, growl of passion, she pushed him away and forced him to stretch out on his back.

Steve grinned. “You’re the boss,” he said. He knew she’d bring him to the very peak of excitement and then drain every drop of jism out of his balls. He folded the pillow under his head. His eyes raked up and down the length of her body.

Sighing, Christie leaned over him. Her heavy tits fell forward, her long, dark nipples swaying, over his chest.

“Stick out your tongue,” she giggled.

When his red, pulpy tongue obediently came out of his mouth, she dropped her spongy nipple onto its wet surface. She teased him with one tit and then the other until both her nipples glistened with his saliva. She kept her right hand working up and down on his thick cock. Once again, Steve moved a hand to her ass and tickled her asshole. She kissed him and sucked his tongue into her mouth. Then he pulled her face away and her wet lips and tongue caressed his neck. She was soon working her mouth over his shoulders and hairy chest. Wrapping her lips around one of his tiny nipples she sucked at it as she squirmed down the length of his body.

She rested the side of her face against his hard belly and pressed the thick shaft of his cock into her tits. Her tongue probed his navel. She rolled his hot cock against her sweaty flesh. Moving her face farther down, she poised her mouth over, his swollen, throbbing cock-head.

“Suck it!” he hissed. “Come on, baby! Get it in there and suck it!”

Extending her tongue out as far as possible, she began licking the full length of his fuckmeat. She licked up and down, from the base of his cock to the tiny slit at the tip of his bulging cock-head. She slurped and slobbered over every inch of his quivering pink cock-meat.

Her mouth soon worked its way down to his heavy balls. Opening her jaws wide, she sucked first one and then the other ball into her mouth and rolled it on her tongue. She popped his balls out of her mouth and pushed his knees back to tilt up his crotch. A low pitched groan escaped Steve’s throat as the tip of her tongue found the tight puckered ring of his asshole. His thighs tensed and jerked. Her face pressed into the crack of his ass, Christie pushed her tongue forward into the steaming depths of his asshole.

The drilling of her warm tongue into his ass soon had him bucking and groaning like a wild animal. She pulled away as soon as she realized he was close to coming. Scrambling off to the side, she positioned herself on her hands and knees. She leaned forward with her face and tits on the bed and her ass in the air. Her shoulders carrying her weight in front, she reached behind her back and pried open her plump asscheeks.

“Fuck me, honey!” she hissed. “Fuck my ass!”

Filling his hands with her rubbery asscheeks, lifting her hips, he positioned himself behind her and poked the head of his cock at her tiny asshole. His cock was sufficiently lubricated from her sucking. Prying open her asshole, he succeeded in pushing in first the tip of his cock, then the whole head — then most of the shaft! Christie groaned. Steve had a big cock, and the feel of it reaming out her ass always drove her wild. She felt like a bug impaled on a pin. The feel of his fuck-muscle violating her tight ass was exquisite.

Steve was soon thrusting vigorously in and out of her loose red asshole. Pummeling the attractive nurse’s ass whenever they had a bat session was always a treat. Of all the women he fucked, Christie had the most educated asshole. She knew exactly when to squeeze down on his cock to increase his pleasure. He loved the super-tight clutch of her hot asshole as it gripped his probing cock-meat.

Christie felt as if someone were shooting a deliciously hot blowtorch up her ass. She mewled and squirmed. For one crazy moment, she imagined Steve was a thoroughbred stallion fucking her with a horse-cock! She bucked her ass against his powerful thrusts. She gasped and sobbed as she moved up to an intense orgasm.

“Oh, sweet Jesus, fuck my ass,” she groaned. “Fuck me hard!”

The exquisite spasms of her orgasm racked her body. Moments later, Steve vented a series of grunts and began squirting his thick jism up the chute of her ass.

They finally rolled away from each other and collapsed on the bed — exhausted!

An hour later, Christie grabbed a quick shower in the surgery wing in preparation for her daily session with Oliver Fleming. She wasn’t mean enough, to go to Fleming with her two holes greased by another man’s cum. After reaming out her ass, Steve had fucked her pussy ragged. He’d left her with a crotch full of his jism, a stretched out cunt, and a sore asshole. She felt better after the shower, but she still had a fucked-out feeling in her crotch and she had to walk a little bowlegged.

Fleming leered, smiled and took her hand.

“You look radiant,” he said.

“I feel fine,” Christie said. She wanted to tell him he was a damn hypocrite. He really didn’t care how she felt or looked. All he cared about was getting his wrinkled old balls emptied out!

He locked the office door and turned off all the lights except a small table lamp. As usual, he immediately approached her and put his hands on her tits.

“How’s my little sexpot?” he leered.

His fingers opened the buttons of her uniform. He helped her slip out of her dress and draped it over a chair. He unhooked her bra. He weighed her tits in his hands like a man buying melons at a fruit stand. He fastened his mouth on one of her long, hard nipples and sucked at it hungrily.

As far as Christie was concerned, the exasperating thing about these sessions was that he somehow always managed to turn her on. She wanted to remain as cold as ice — but her body always deceived her!

He pulled his mouth off her tit and smiled. “I bet you can get one in your mouth,” he said.


“I bet you can get a nipple in your mouth. Try it. Let’s see if you can do it.”

Her pussy quivered. Shivering with lust, she raised up a tit with both hands. By extending her tongue out as far as possible, she just managed to lick her swollen nipple.

“Beautiful!” Fleming said. “Now, that turns me on!”

She knew what was coming next. They’d been through the routine before. He sometimes had a crazy passion to watch her masturbate. She never minded doing that in front of a man, as long as there was fucking afterward. Fleming, however, sometimes did no more than jerk off on her tits or cunt. She considered that a waste. She liked the feel of a man fucking his jism into her body. Watching his cock squirt out his cum was nice, but only second best.

She slid a hand down to her crotch and fingered her cunt-lips. Fleming’s eyes glittered when she pushed two fingers into the grip of her cunt-hole. She pulled her fingers out and held them up to show him the coating of cuntjuice.

“Wet little hole, baby?” he grinned.

She nodded. Her cunt was dripping wet. There was no way to pretend it wasn’t!

“Fuck it a little,” he said. “Use your fingers like a cock.”

She began pistoning her fingers in and out of her cunt-hole. His hands fumbled with his belt and fly. He eventually freed his swollen cock and began slowly stroking it with his fist. Christie stared at his huge cock-head and thought about how it would feel inside her dripping cunt.

A moment later, too close to coming, he stopped jerking off and started mauling her tits again. He sucked her nipples like a wild animal. She thrust her tits up at his face. She liked the way he squeezed and pulled on them. She knew they’d be sore afterward, but at the moment she wanted his fingers digging in. It was strange how now that she was on the receiving end, she liked a little pain. Arching her back, she focused her attention on the sensations in her tits.

He had a tit in each hand, and he squeezed until her soft tit-flesh bulged out around his fingers. He grabbed her long nipples with his thumbs and forefingers. He pulled her tits out from her chest as far as they would stretch. He twisted and pinched her swollen nipples to produce an exquisite combination of pain and pleasure. The muscles of her belly quivered out of control. Her crotch was saturated with the gushing juices from her cunt.

“Get on the sofa!” he hissed.

He made her stretch out with her legs splayed wide-open to show her cunt. Kneeling between her feet, he pulled her cunt-lips open with both hands.

“Christ, what a cunt!” he said. “You’re like an animal in heat! Your cunt is like a furnace!”

She moaned and wiggled her ass. He continued pulling out her cunt-lips. She looked down and saw the amazing length to which he had drawn out her pussy-flesh.

He finally released her and slipped his trousers down to free his cock and balls. His fat pink cock stood straight out from his body, his cock-head bloated and dripping. He crawled between her legs. She was aware of nothing else but her incredible need to be fucked. She was thankful he got on with it. He positioned his cock-head at the mouth of her cunt, grabbed the cheeks of her ass, and slammed his hard hot cock in to the hilt.

“Oh, God, yes!” she groaned. “Fuck me!” Supporting her ass with his hands, he balanced himself on his knees. He began to fuck her with a tough, relentless, thrusting of his hips. Christie was surprised that a man his age could be so physically active. Without any letup, he continued fucking her as hard as any of the younger men she knew. When she began groaning, he pulled his lips back on his teeth and grinned.

“You like it, huh? You thought old Fleming couldn’t cut the mustard, didn’t you?”

She slammed her cunt up to meet each powerful thrust. She cried and whimpered when he suddenly pulled his cock out of her cunt and leered down at her.

“Not yet,” he said. “It’s not that easy.”

Moving a hand to her cunt, he pinched her throbbing clit between two fingers. She wailed and threw her ass high off the sofa. Keeping his fingers on her clit, he used his other hand to probe her sopping wet cunt-hole. He soon had three fingers pistoning in and out of the steaming channel of her cunt.

“You’ve got a great little box,” he said.

Then he giggled. “It’s easy to understand why Head Nurse Biddle enjoys chewing on it. When was the last time Biddle went down on you?”

Christie moaned. “Yesterday.”

“Did you like it?”

She moaned again. “Oh, God, I can’t talk about that now! Fuck me! For God’s sake, do something!”

His head suddenly swooped down, his sucking mouth searching out her cunt. She cried out and bucked her wet pussy up at his face. When she felt his hard finger pushing against her asshole, she knew it was only a matter of time before he blew her mind with a fantastic orgasm.

There was nothing delicate about the way he used his finger in her ass — he rammed it in deep, fucked it around, and made sure to let her know it was there.

She strained her cunt against his face and clutched at his finger with her asshole. She soon found herself in the midst of a fantastic orgasm. Her hands grabbed at his head as she tried to force his face into her crotch. He pulled away with a laugh and locked down at her. He kept pistoning his finger in and out of her asshole and grinning at the way she bucked up each time to meet it.

“You like having your sweet little shit-hole reamed out, don’t you honey?”

She closed her eyes and whimpered. “Please! Oh, sweet Jesus, please!”

There was a sudden stretching of her asshole and she realized he now had two fingers inside. She groaned and kept bucking her ass against his hand. She had her own fingers massaging her clit, pulling and tugging at the sensitive nub of flesh in rhythm with his fingers fucking her ass.

There was a sudden sharp pain in her ass as he pushed in a third finger. The pain lasted no more than a moment and, then began the most intensely pleasurable sensation she had ever experienced! The pleasure rose up in a series of crescendos. The last thing she saw before oblivion was Fleming drooling at the mouth as he watched his three fingers pumping in and out of her stretched asshole.


Christie sat on the toilet idly fingering the lips of her pussy and thinking about Frank Ryan. More than a week had passed since his discharge from the hospital, and now he’d invited her to party at his apartment. She was eagerly looking forward to an evening of fun. The people at the hospital had been getting on her nerves, particularly Head Nurse Biddle and Doctor Fleming, and it would be good to get out for a carefree evening.

In the meantime, it couldn’t do any harm to warm up a little. She sat on the toilet with her legs wide apart. She rubbed her middle finger up and down the groove of her pussy. The fed of her fingertip moving along the trail from clit to cunt-hole and back again was delicious.

She closed her eyes and thought about Frank Ryan. She thought about socking his cock. She thought about his mouth on her cunt. She thought about his cock in her ass. She kept moving her finger from the mouth of her cunt to her clit, repeating the stroke over and over.

It was really silly the way women were constructed — she could never understand why her clit wasn’t inside her cunt-hole where it belonged.

She soon added a second finger to the first. One finger was fine, but she liked stretching the mouth of her cunt-hole. Her pussy responded with a delicate quiver at the entry of the second intruder.

She concentrated more intently on the idea Ryan eating her and then fucking her. She used her thumb now, together with her two plunging fingers. She deftly pinched her clit each time she pushed her fingers into the hot grip of her cunt-hole. She twisted her ass on the toilet. Cunt-juice oozed out of her cunt to drip off her pistoning fingers into the water.

“Oh, shit!” she groaned. “This is crazy!”

But there was no way she could stop now. She stroked herself more vigorously. Her eyes tightly shut, she imagined the feeling of a hard cock plunging in and out of her cunt. She drew closer and closer to the climax, and then, finally, the tremors were rolling up through her belly and she moaned out her release.

She felt better now. She felt more ready for Frank Ryan’s party. By the time she got out of the bathroom, her only thoughts concerned the clothes she would wear.

Ryan met her at the door with a drink in his hand and a smile on his face. He had lipstick on his cheek. His tie was loose and he looked happy.

“Come join the party,” he said.

It turned out Ryan’s idea of a party was three people — himself, Christie, and another woman.

Her name was Maureen. She had dark hair, dark eyes, and a slim body sheathed in a slinky dress. She looked about the same age as Christie.

Ryan mixed Christie a drink and they all sat and chatted to get better acquainted. Christie had no doubts about Ryan’s intentions — he wanted both women, either one after the other or at the same time. She had to admire his nerve. She’d never been involved in a threesome before, and she found herself ready and willing to try it. Maureen obviously had no qualms about it either — her mouth was soon locked with Ryan’s in a wet kiss, and a moment later her hand was fondling his huge erection.

Christie shivered at the lewd sight of Maureen’s hand on Ryan’s meaty cock. Ryan’s hands were on Maureen’s thrusting tits. Maureen continued to stroke his hard cock. His long thick cock-shaft looked very white, and Christie could see his bulging cock head, red and shiny, as Maureen’s hand moved over it.

Maureen finally pulled her lips away from Ryan’s mouth. Her hand still holding his cock, she looked at Christie and smiled.

“Frank told me you and this salami of his are old friends. I hope you don’t mind.”

Christie shrugged. She was feeling the effects of the liquor. She certainly didn’t mind that Maureen knew that she and Ryan had fucked. At the moment, Christie was more interested in how public Maureen wanted things.

Maureen evidently wanted things very public, indeed! She slipped off the couch and knelt on the floor between Ryan’s legs. Christie’s heart raced as she watched the elegant brunette run her pink tongue over the swollen head of Ryan’s huge cock. Ryan slumped back against the soft cushions of the sofa. His eyes were half-closed. His lips were turned up in a smile as he watched Maureen’s mouth working on his fuck-meat.

Christie stared transfixed at the scene. She watched Maureen lick his huge cock while her hand moved possessively up and down his long cock-shaft. Maureen opened her mouth. She swooped down and half the length of his cock disappeared between her lips.

Ryan’s body stiffened as the brunette’s mouth moved steadily up and down over his bulging cock-head. He vented a deep groan of pleasure and grabbed Maureen’s head with his hands to direct the rhythm of her sucking.

Christie was very much aware of her own excitement. She had a hand between her legs, continually rubbing her burning crotch through the material of her dress. She kept her eyes locked on the stretched lips of Maureen’s mouth moving up and down on his long shaft of glistening cock-meat. The lewdness of it all was too much to bear. Slipping a hand under her dress, Christie began directly massaging her cunt with her fingers. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been so turned on. She had a flood of cunt-juice flowing out her cunt and her knees were quivering.

Maureen suddenly pulled her mouth off Ryan’s cock. She rose up and began a slow dance around the room. Her hands fluttering over her body, she stripped off her clothes piece by piece. She was soon wearing nothing more than, a flimsy garter belt to hold up her nylons. She had drooping, pear-shaped tits with long, brown nipples, a curvy, firm looking ass, and a dense bush of dark cunthair below her belly.

Ryan caught Christie’s eye and grinned. “Come on over here and get cozy,” he said.

Christie rose up and walked across the room. She was conscious of their eyes on her body. She knelt down between Ryan’s legs. His cock had softened up a bit, but it was still long enough to bring a flutter to her pussy. She held his limp cock-shaft in her hand. His bare cock-head had a dull, purplish-pink color. Extending her wet tongue, Christie began licking his prick.

She swirled her tongue over his velvety, mushroom-shaped cock-knob. The knowledge that another woman was watching her doing it made it all the more exciting. Opening her mouth wide, she engulfed his entire cock, taking all of him until his fat cockhead jammed into the back of her throat and the tight ring of her lips pressed against his shorts. When she pulled back her mouth, she let her saliva drool down to bathe his swollen cock-meat.

She began steadily pumping her mouth up and down on his cock, slurping and slobbering over his thick cylinder of rampant prick-flesh, fucking him with her face and shivering at the obscene picture she knew she was making. She sucked hard on his cock-head each time she drew back, and then on the downstroke she let his cock-head slide over her tongue as the ring of her lips moved down to the base of his cockshaft. She finally had him stiffened out again, his cock long and hard, her mouth filled with his spongy cock-knob. She concentrated all her attention on twisting and pumping her mouth, sucking him furiously until he vented a hoarse groan. He slid his hands into her hair and caressed her head as it bobbed up and down on his fleshy prick.

“Oh, yeah, that’s nice!” Ryan growled. “How does it taste, baby?”

Christie pulled her mouth off his cock and smiled. “Delicious!” she said. She turned and looked at Maureen. The other woman was standing nearby, her legs wide apart, her hand massaging her cunt as she watched Christie work on Ryan.

Moving her mouth back to Ryan’s cock, Christie extended her tongue and swirled it over his spongy cock. His bloated cock-head wobbled back and forth on its supple stalk. She held his cock-shaft near the base. She licked the underside of his cock-tip, then slid her tongue in the groove behind the flared rim of his cock-head. His cock-knob bobbed and weaved. She took his cock-tip between her lips again, and slid the ring of her mouth down towards, the base. She had nearly all of his cock inside her mouth. Her cheeks alternately hollowed, and swelled as she sucked his meaty prick.

Ryan’s cock was soon as hard as iron. She had to withdraw until she held little more than his cock-head inside her mouth. She sucked on his cock-knob and massaged the underside with her tongue. When she finally pulled her mouth away with a slurping noise, Maureen hissed.

“Let me have a turn at that.”

Christie shifted her body to the side and Maureen knelt down beside her. Shivering with lust, Christie kept her hand at the base of Ryan’s cock and offered his fuck-meat to Maureen’s mouth.

Opening her mouth wide, Maureen engulfed his fat cock-head and began bobbing her head up and down with a rapid, slurping rhythm. Christie finally pulled her hand away and rose up to her feet. She stripped off her clothes. She kept her eyes fixed on the curve of Maureen’s naked ass. With an amused gleam in her eyes, she took a step back and peered down to catch a glimpse of Maureen’s asshole. Frank noticed what she was looking at and laughed. Maureen pulled her mouth off his cock and turned up at puzzled glance.

“It’s nothing,” Ryan grinned. “Christie’s looking at your ass. Maybe it’s because she’s a nurse.”

Maureen chuckled. “Do I pass inspection?” Christie blushed. “Sorry,” she said. “Next time I won’t be so obvious.” She decided it was time to get her clothes off. Maureen heartily approved and clapped her hands when Christie unhooked her bra to reveal her heavy tits.

“It’s about time,” Maureen said.

Christie laughed. She posed for them, turning her body to show her ass and tits. She saw them whispering together and wondered what was going on. Ryan finally grinned and spoke.

“Maureen needs a favor,” he said. “She’s never had it in the ass. She wants you to hold her hand while I try it.”

Christie looked at Maureen. Maureen blushed. “I thought you might help,” Maureen said. “He said he did it to you, and… well… you’re a nurse, aren’t you? I mean if anything goes wrong, you’re right here!”

Christie giggled. Ryan suggested they go to the bedroom. “The floor’s too hard on the knees,” he said. They walked off to the bedroom, the two naked women on either side of Ryan, helping, him remove his clothes.

Maureen quickly arranged Ryan on the bed and dived down to stuff her mouth with his cock. Sitting up against the headboard, Ryan fondled her cars to encourage the sucking.

Christie climbed on the bed and crouched behind Maureen. She feasted her eyes on the full curves of Maureen’s ass. Part of Maureen’s cunt and all of her asshole was clearly visible. Maureen was hairy. Dark curls ran from Maureen’s pussy into the crack of her ass and around her asshole. At first Christie just looked. Then she ran her fingertips over the full curves of Maureen’s luscious ass. Her hand moved down to the pouting lips of Maureen’s cunt. She fluttered her fingers over her thick, drooping cunt-lips and finally probed between them to find some cunt-juice.

Scooping out some of Maureen’s cunt cream, Christie carried it up to the girl’s tiny, hair-rimmed asshole. She smeared the pussyjuice into her puckered, muscular anal-ring.

Her mouth filled with Ryan’s cock, Maureen stifled a groan and lurched forward under the probing caress of Christie’s finger in her ass Christie began finger-fucking Maureen’s sweet little asshole to the same rhythm as the brunette’s sucking of Ryan’s cock. Christie tilted her head to the side to study the hang of Maureen’s long-nippled tits. Extending her hand, Christie ran it over Maureen’s jiggling tits. She pulled and pinched her fruity nipples until Maureen squealed.

Maureen suddenly pulled her mouth off Ryan’s cock. “I need fucking!” she groaned.

She rolled over on her back and pulled her knees up to her chest. Her meaty cunt lay turned up sand waiting. Ryan moved above her, positioned his cock head at the mouth of her cunt, and plunged in with a single, smooth stroke.

“Oh, Jesus, yes!” Maureen moaned.

Ryan’s balls slapped against her ass. Christie watched them fuck with a hand busy at her own cunt. On a sudden impulse, she extended her free hand and grabbed Ryan’s swinging balls from underneath his ass. He had full, heavy balls. The feel of them jiggling was delicious. She ran the ball of her thumb over his hairy asshole, and then pushed the digit inside the tight ring of his asshole.

Ryan grunted. He flexed the cheeks of his ass. He clenched his asshole on Christie’s finger. He finally pulled his cock out of Maureen’s cunt and growled.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he said. “Show me your ass!”

Moaning softly, Maureen crouched on her knees with her head down and her ass in the air. She turned her face and looked at Christie with glazed eyes.

“Don’t let him hurt me,” Maureen pleaded. Christie smiled and patted Maureen’s ass affectionately. “Don’t worry, honey,” she said. “I’ll get some Vaseline and loosen you up first.”

Returning from the bathroom with a jar of Vaseline, it occurred to Christie that Maureen was fortunate to have another woman around to help. Getting fucked in the ass for the first time could be a horrible experience if it wasn’t done right. Most men become too excited to use the necessary caution.

A huge grin on his face, Ryan stepped aside to let Christie grease up Maureen’s tender asshole.

Christie ran her fingers over her firm asscheeks in her palms, squeezed and fondled them, and finally spread them open to feast her eyes.

The tight wrinkled pucker of Maureen’s asshole winked up at her. Below it, the plump outer lips of Maureen’s pussy bulged and pouted. Her pink tender inner lips were unfurled and hanging down. It was a lusty, meaty looking cunt. Scooping up some Vaseline on her thumb, Christie began massaging Maureen’s tight asshole.

Maureen vented a soft moan. “Oh, sweet Jesus!” she said.

“It’s nice,” Maureen said. “I always like being touched there.”

Maureen’s asshole looked hardly big enough to take a cock, but Christie was able to work her thumb inside without any difficulty.

The only response out of Maureen was a grunt of pleasure. Christie now began massaging the inside of Maureen’s asshole, pulling and stretching the ring of muscle until it loosened up and lost its tension. Pulling out her thumb, Christie replaced it with her middle finger. She reamed out her asshole with a screwing motion, and then she added her forefinger to the middle finger to stretch out her asshole farther.

A deep groan rumbled out of Maureen’s throat. Christie looked at Ryan and saw that he’d already greased up his cock.

“I think we’re ready,” Christie said.

She fingered Ryan’s cock, pinched his fat swollen cock-head, and squeezed a gob of precum out of his cock-slit. Then she positioned his cock-head at the ring of Maureen’s asshole.

“Open up, honey,” Christie said. “Just relax your muscles. There’ll be a little pain at first, but it doesn’t last. Just open up and relax.”

Grunting like an animal, his hands clutching the globes of Maureen’s ass, Ryan pushed forward. Christie could see the tight ring of the girl’s ass opening up as he drove his cock into her. He moved forward with a series of short, powerful thrusts, forcing the head of his cock into her tight asshole like a pile driver. Maureen whimpered with each forward jab. Her eyes glazed over with fascination, Christie watched the girl’s asshole stretch like rubber to accept his throbbing cock.

The walls of Maureen’s ass-channel clutched and pulled at the fleshy foreskin of Ryan’s cock. He rammed his cock in until he had his wiry crotch-hair pressing against her ass.

“Oh, God!” she cried. “Oh, sweet Jesus Christ!”

She began grinding her ass in a frenzy, urging him to fuck her. Smiling, Christie watched his greasy cock pistoning in and out of Maureen’s elastic asshole. She patted Ryan’s ass. She fondled his swinging balls. Climbing on the bed, Christie opened her thighs in front of Maureen’s face and pulled the girl’s mouth down to her dripping cunt.


Stretched out on the sofa, one leg rocking to the rhythm of the music on the stereo Christie leisurely sucked oh Oliver Fleming’s balls. She gently rolled his balls from one side of her mouth to the other. She popped them out of her lips, and began licking his wrinkled ballsac with her tongue. Wearing only his shirt and tie, one foot raised up on the sofa cushion to make room for Christie’s head, Fleming sighed.

“You’re very good at that,” he said.

Christie purred. She’d come to like Fleming. He really wasn’t a bad guy. Sometimes she thought of him as a father-figure. There was something definitely erotic about lying there sucking the balls of a man his age. His ball-sac was loose enough so that she could really get his balls toward the back of her throat. She liked that. She had fantasies about swallowing his balls. She imagined what the newspapers would make of that — nurse castrates Hospital Director. But the difficulty with swallowing his balls was that they’d no longer be there to suck on. Christie liked sucking balls. She liked sucking Fleming’s balls best of all! Maybe it was because it turned him into a lamb. It seemed that every time she had his balls in her mouth, he became docile and affectionate. He was really just like her father. She’d never, of course, had her father’s balls in her mouth — but she imagined this was what it would be like!

“I’ve invited Paul Westfield here this evening,” Fleming said.

Coughing and sputtering, Christie spit out Fleming’s balls and looked up at him in astonishment.

“There, there,” Fleming said. “Don’t be so upset.” He tried pushing his cock-head into Christie’s mouth. Some pre-cum dripped out of his cock-slit and covered one of her eyebrows. She pushed his cock away from her lips and looked hurt.

“But, Oliver,” she whimpered, “if Paul Westfield sees me here, he’ll know something is going on.”

Fleming chuckled. “He already knows, my pet. Think of it as a favor. Paul Westfield is the best surgeon we have at the hospital, isn’t he?”

“Yes,” Christie said. “He certainly is.”

“And we wouldn’t want to lose him, would we?”

“No,” Christie said. “We certainly wouldn’t.”

“Well, Paul has been depressed since his divorce and I think we ought to bring him out of it. Just think of it as a favor to good old Park Ridge Hospital. You’re loyal to the hospital, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am,” Christie said.

“Good,” Fleming sighed. “Then it’s settled. Tonight, we’ll transform Paul Westfield into a happy man! Doesn’t that sound nice?”

“Yes,” Christie said.

“What are you wearing under that dress? You’ve been here nearly an hour and I haven’t had a look at you yet.”

Christie pulled her dress up over her thighs and exposed her bare pussy. It never made sense to wear panties when she visited Fleming. He’s sooner or later tear them off. She let her legs fall open to give him a good look at her cunt.

“Delicious!” Fleming said. “I think we’re going to make Paul very happy tonight.”

Christie was hoping Fleming would take time out for a few laps at her pussy. Sucking his balls had juiced up her cunt, and Fleming had demonstrated more than once that he had an expert tongue and enjoyed using it. There was nothing that turned Christie on more than a man who liked sucking pussy — and knew how to do it?

Unfortunately, Fleming’s mind was occupied with Paul Westfield. “We’re going out to dinner,” Fleming said. “I think I’d better get my clothes on. Paul has to be sort of led into things, you know. I’ve always had the impression he’s a little bit of a prude.”

When Westfield arrived, he showed no surprise at Christie’s presence. He was a tall, distinguished-looking man with grey hair. He smiled at Christie with a twinkle in his eyes.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you out of uniform,” he said. “You’re prettier than ever.”

Christie blushed. She found herself adoring the attentions of these two middle-aged doctors. She wondered how much Westfield really knew about Fleming and herself. She wondered how soon it would be before Westfield would be after her.

Soon enough. Less than an hour later, she was sitting between them in a restaurant and Westfield had his hand on her legs. They kept ordering drinks. They kept talking about the hospital. Westfield’s hand kept trying to push itself between Christie’s thighs. She kept her legs closed because her crotch was sopping wet with cunt-juice. Even the tampon she had in there wasn’t enough to keep her dry. She was so hot, she thought she’d come right there under the table. She finally gave in and opened her legs. He was in the midst of a story about some operation he’d performed. Without batting an eye, his hand moved up and closed over the mound of her wet cunt. She knew he could feel how dripping wet she was, but he gave no sign of it. He just pried open her cunt-lips and dug in, as if handling a bare cunt in a restaurant was something he did every day in the week.

“I think it’s time to go home,” Fleming said.

Christie heaved a sigh of relief. Westfield pulled his hand from between her legs. Fleming dropped some money on the table, and in a moment they were moving toward the exit.

They had a short discussion about whether they ought to go to Westfield’s place or Fleming’s apartment. As far as Christie was concerned, they could take her to the nearest alley — as long as they fucked the shit out of her hungry cunt!

They crowded into the back of a taxi and headed for Fleming’s apartment. The liquor was having its effect. They were soon cracking jokes and giggling. Before they finished the ride, Christie had a hand in each lap, checking out the bulge of their cocks. Everything checked out fine. By the time they got to Fleming’s place, both men had roaring hard-ons!

Once inside the door of the apartment, neither man could keep his hands off her body. While Fleming caressed her tight little ass, Westfield was busy playing with her tits.

In the center of the living room, Christie wrapped her arms around Westfield’s neck and drew herself up against his chest. She mashed her lips against his. She was sure he could feel the hard tips of her swollen nipples through the material of her dress. She gyrated her hips against his body. She could feel the hard lump of his cock. As she and Westfield kissed, Christie felt Fleming’s hands massaging the cheeks of her ass. As her tongue explored Westfield’s mouth, Fleming raised her dress up to her waist to expose her bare flesh.

The cool air caressed her naked ass. She broke away from Westfield and turned to Fleming. She snuggled into his arms. She caught her breath as she felt the heavy mounds of her asscheeks being pulled apart. The tips of his fingers explored her deep asscrack. She moaned softly when he toyed with the tight ring of her asshole. Chuckling at her response, he forced his fingertip into her rubbery ass channel.

With a wry smile at the sight of the Hospital Director’s finger deep in the ass of one of the nurses, Westfield crossed the large living room to a well-stocked bar against one of the walls. He listened to Christie’s moans as he prepared three strong drinks. She was a tantalizing bitch. He still had the smell of her cunt on his fingers. He hadn’t played with a woman’s pussy in a restaurant in years!

When Westfield turned round again, he saw Christie on her knees with Fleming’s hard cock deep in her throat. Westfield walked back across the room and handed Fleming his drink.

“Thanks,” Fleming said. He thrust his cock deeper into Christie’s mouth. “She’s very good at this,” Fleming said. “Be sure to give it a try.”

Christie had no intention of wasting Fleming’s first load of jism down her throat. There’d be plenty of time to drink all the cum she wanted to, later. What she needed at the moment was the feel of a stiff cock slamming in and out of her cunt.

Pulling her face out from between Fleming’s legs, Christie smiled up at him, and then over at Westfield on the sofa. She saw the drinks in their hands and asked for her own. Without getting up off her knees, she leaned her head back and took a deep swallow of her drink. She could see traces of her lipstick on Fleming’s cock. She held out her hand and he helped her rise to her feet. She handed him her drink. Unzipping bet dress, she slipped it off and draped it over a chair.

Westfield whistled his admiration. He stared with glittering eyes at the dark bush of her cunt-hair framed by her garter belt and nylons.

Her tits swayed back and forth like heavy cantaloupes as she pranced across the room on her high heels. She let them have a good look at the wobble of her asscheeks, and then called out to them over her shoulder.

“I think the bedroom would be more comfortable,” she said. “I hope you don’t mind.”

She left them there. Moments later, she stretched out on Fleming’s wide bed. She propped a pillow beneath her head and spread her legs apart. The pose wasn’t exactly prim and proper, but neither was her mood — she needed hard fucking! The idea of making it with two men at the same time had her pussy quivering and her nipples tingling. Damn it, why don’t they hurry! she thought.

In a moment, both Fleming and Westfield walked into the room. Both pairs of eyes traveled up from her feet to the dark cunt-bush between her legs. Fleming’s eyes remained fixed on her hairy cunt. Westfield’s gaze continued up across her flat stomach to the mounds of her cherry-tippled tits.

“Lovely,” Westfield said.

Christie squirmed beneath the hot stares of the two men. She was thrilled at the way their eyes devoured every inch of her body. Her lips pulled back in a wanton smile. She slowly rotated her ass on the mattress. She raised her legs up in the air. They gazed transfixed at her sopping cunt. She reached down between her raised legs, smiled lewdly, and parted the folds of her pussy with her fingertips. Beads of cuntjuice glistened on her pubic hair.

“Jesus, what a cunt!” Westfield hissed.

Her fingers probing the moist heat of her pussy-gash, she watched them strip off their clothes. They climbed on the bed on either side of her body. Looking down, she watched her fingers pumping in and out of her cunt. Fleming’s hand moved to the insides of her thighs. Westfield’s fingers captured her right nipple. She raised her ass up off the bed as he twisted and pulled at her tit. The burning lust in his eyes sent a shiver racing through her belly. Westfield dug his fingers into the meat of her tit and raised it up to his lips. He began sucking and slurping at her long, dark nipple. Christie could feel the sharp edges of his teeth. Then Fleming’s hand was between her thighs, joining her own on the mound of her cunt. Her head rocked from side to side as she felt his fingers seeking out the erect tip of her throbbing clit.

With a short grunt, Fleming climbed between her thighs and lowered his face to the steaming heat of her cunt. She moaned at the first touch of his tongue whipping her clit back and forth. He sucked and slurped at her cunt like a hungry puppy. Then, he pulled his face out from between her legs and climbed up to his knees. He licked the excess cunt-juice from his mouth. He positioned the head of his throbbing cock between her dripping cunt-lips. Christie raised up her ass and pressed her cunt against the fat knob of his cock. With a sharp thrust of his hips, Fleming rammed his swollen fuck-meat deep into the channel of her pussy gash. Christie vented soft moan as his cock began pumping in and out of her ravenous cunt.

Wrapping her legs around Fleming’s waist, Christie forced him to roll over. Resting on his side, he continued fucking her with a steady rhythm. Christie reached behind her. Her fingers slipped into the crack of her ass. She pulled her asscheeks apart and looked over her shoulder. She smiled when she saw Westfield’s gaze centered on her puckered asshole.

There was no need for either of them to say anything. Christie was offering her sweet little asshole — and Westfield was not about to refuse! Shifting his body forward, he pressed the tip of his cock into the deep crack of her ass.

Christie bit her lip as Westfield’s cock-head pressed against the tight ring of her asshole. She held her asscheeks apart for him. She groaned as his cock-head suddenly snapped in. He lurched forward to drive his cock into the clutching grip of her asshole.

“Oh, Christ!” she hissed. “Fuck me!”

She tightened her ass-muscles on his cock. She had both men now, one cock in her cunt and the other reaming out her ass. She felt as through her body was stuffed with cock-meat right up to her throat! She felt skewered, gloriously impaled like a sacrificial animal.

As Westfield felt her muscles tightening around hit cock-shaft, massaging the throbbing meat of his cock, he fought to hold back his climax.

Fleming could feel the constriction of her cunt caused by Westfield’s cock stretching her ass. He groaned and grunted in a delirium, holding on to her tits as if they were life preservers offered to a drowning man.

Her crotch aflame from the fucking of her two holes, Christie rocked back and forth from one slab of fuck-meat to the other. She slammed her body between the two thrusting cocks. She soon had both men convulsing past the point of no return, their swollen cocks spurting jet after jet hit jism into her fuckhole and asshole. Her eyes rolled back and she cried out her ecstasy.

Later, when she recovered her senses, she sat up and smiled at the two men lying there limp and exhausted. She squirmed out from between their bodies. She could feel sticky, thick jism running down the insides other thighs. She climbed to her knees, moved her legs apart, and held her hands at her waist. When the two men opened their eyes, they found themselves confronted by her jism-drenched crotch.

Fleming was the first to move his face forward and close his mouth over the cunt which he had just ravaged. He sucked and slurped at the mixture of his own jism and Christie’s cunt-juice.

His eyes feverish as he watched his colleague grunting at the trough of the nurse’s cunt, Westfield suddenly moved behind Christie and pressed his face between the cheeks of her ass.

Christie cupped her hands under her tits and moaned. She had the Hospital Director sucking jism out of her cunt-hole and the Chief Surgeon sucking jism out of her asshole. Her eyes glittering, she placed a hand on each head and urged them on.

“Suck me out!” she hissed. “Get it all out!”

Westfield mewled in response and pushed his long, wet tongue into the depths of her asshole. Christie groaned and tightened her ass-muscles. His tongue felt delicious. Using both hands, she pulled her asscheeks open to give him more room.

Fleming moved his mouth up to her clit and closed his lips over it.

Grunting at the luscious sensation of the two men slobbering at the dripping fountain of her crotch, Christie released her asscheeks to slap against Westfield’s face, and moved her hands to her tits. She raised up her naked, sweaty tits. Bending her head forward, she wrapped her lips round a long, brown nipple. She sucked and chewed on her swollen teat. Pulling it out of her mouth, she moved her lips to the other nipple and gave it the sate treatment.

Westfield wanted a chance to suck her cunt. Fleming moved away and the surgeon crouched down between her legs and put his mouth on her pussy. He used his hands to lift her asscheeks. He slid his tongue deep in her cunthole, and at the same time he pushed a finger into the ring of her stretched, fucked-out asshole. Fleming sat beside her, playing with her tits and sucking her nipples.

Christie had the feeling she was in paradise. After the marvelous two-way fuck and suck, Paul Westfield was now paying homage to her drooling, drooping cunt — and obviously enjoying every moment of it. She shivered at the memory of the way his tongue had thoroughly washed out her asshole. He now held up her ass and flicked his tongue against the inner walls of her cunt. He seemed to love drinking the cunt-juice that continued to pour out of her pussy.

She started coming again — a slow, shattering orgasm that seemed to last forever. When it was finally over, she no longer knew if she was alive or dead. She glanced at the two long, limp cocks and the ball-sacs hanging below them. Extending her hands, she jiggled their balls on her palms and giggled softly.

“I think the tanks ate empty,” she crooned. “At least for awhile!”


The first time Brad Wylie put his hand on Head Nurse Biddle’s ass, he knew she thought he was crazy.

“Don’t do that,” she said.

The important thing was that she didn’t move away. Angie Biddle might get her kicks screwing around with other women, but Brad had an idea she’d enjoy some variety — in the form of a hard cock! At least that was the opinion he and Christie had come to when they’d wracked their brains over Christie’s problem. Getting Biddle into line by fucking her seemed the only way out. Now that things were underway, Brad found that he didn’t mind at all — Nurse Biddle’s fat, meaty ass had a great feel to it. As far as Brad was concerned, the feel of a woman’s ass always told him more than anything else about what she’d be like in bed. A woman with a big, strong ass was usually something to reckon with on a mattress. Head Nurse Biddle’s ass was very big and very strong.

He pressed his open hand more firmly against her ass. He could feel the deep crack between her asscheeks through her uniform. He moved his middle finger lightly along the groove. She stiffened. Then a moment later, she pressed back against his hand.

“I said stop that,” she said. “That’s not allowed, Doctor. And you know it!”

She had a grim look on her face. But when his finger pressed into the crack of her ass, the look softened and a flush came to her cheeks.

“What do you want?” she said.

“Let’s go down to your office and I’ll show you.”

“I’m too old for you.”

Brad chuckled. “Come on,” he said. “Let’s go.”

She went. Ten minutes later they were in her office with the door locked. She sat on the sofa with her legs spread out at a slight angle. He ogled her big tits and curvy legs, and smiled.

“I bet you’re dynamite between the sheets,” he said.

She smiled coquettishly. She unpinned her nurse’s cap, and fluffed her hair.

“I’ve never had any complaints,” she said.

He sat down on the rug in front of the sofa. He reached out and placed his hand on the inside of her dimpled knee. “I’m not surprised,” he said. He slid his hand up a few inches along her nylon-covered thigh.

She moved her legs farther apart from where he was sitting, he could see a patch of white panties and a few wisps of dark cunthair. She sighed and wiggled as his hand wandered up along her thigh to the edge of her white stocking. His wrist pushed up the hem of her uniform — to completely expose her thighs above her white nylons, the straps of her garter belt, and the crotch of her white panties. The intimate aroma of her meaty cunt filled his nostrils. He could feel his cock stirring in his pants.

Her pussy was damp to his touch as he playfully jiggled it beneath her panties. He could see the outline of her rich patch of cunt hair.

“You look ready,” he said.

Sighing, she turned up a thin smile. “You’ll have to suck it to find out,” she said. “Do you suck pussy, Doctor Wylie?”

Brad grinned. Nurse Biddle pushed her pelvis forward to give him better access to her cunt. He slipped a finger beneath the elastic band of her panties. He tickled her cunt-bush and then moved his finger down to graze her clit. She hissed. She squirmed her hips and pushed her cunt forward. Using both hands, he slowly peeled her panties down over her thighs and legs. He pulled them off over her shoes and tossed them over his shoulder.

Her hands holding her uniform tucked up at her waist, Nurse Biddle spread her thighs wide open. Her meaty, thick-lipped cunt lay fully exposed to the young doctor. He moved his head down to her crotch and began to lick, up the insides of her thighs above the tops of her stockings. The tip of his tongue snaked trough her tangled cunt-hair and down over her moist cunt-lips. Her clit was one of the largest he’d ever seen, almost the size of his thumb! He teased her by avoiding it. He licked all around it, but never touched her quivering cunt nipple.

“Oh, yes, lick it!” she yelled. She heaved up her pelvis, pushing her steaming cunt against his mouth.

Brad chuckled. He enjoyed making them wait. Going down on a woman the first time was always a treat, particularly if the woman was older and her cunt was experienced. The anticipation drove them crazy. It heightened bit own pleasure to have a woman trembling with excitement before he fucked her.

He pushed back against tic undersides of her thighs to bring her crotch up in the air. She mewled in a high pitched voice when he ran his tongue down from the slit of her cunt to the ring of her asshole.

“Oh, Jesus, that’s nasty!” she hissed. “Go ahead, you bastard, lick my asshole!”

He tickled her puckered asshole awhile. She crooned and giggled and moaned. He finally moved his mouth back up to her clit and took her firm bud between his lips. He could feel her swollen red clit throbbing under his tongue. Lifting her tight over his shoulders, he slipped his hands beneath her ass and pulled her cunt forward to his mouth. He nuzzled her dripping cunt and then looked up at her face. His lips glistened with her cunt-juice.

“You like it?”

“Oh, God, do I ever,” she said.

He rolled his tongue up and down over her large, angry-looking clit. Cunt-juice oozed out of her fuck-hole in a steady stream. Her cunt was sopping wet and churning with hot lust. Her tissues were all swelled up and her wet cunt looked definitely raunchy. He liked them like that — reeking and raunchy-looking. Grabbing a cunt-lip between each thumb and forefinger, he pulled her pussy-flaps out a good four inches and gazed into her brimming pink cunt-hole. She looked down at him and giggled.

“Like what you see, honey?”

“You’re a big-cunted woman,” he said.

She chuckled. “I’ll just assume that’s a compliment. Now, get your nose in there and team it out.”

He put his mouth on her again and began sucking. He could eat a juicy cunt like this all day! He used a finger to tickle her asshole. She crooned each time his fingernail scratched her puckered ring of ass-muscle. She lay there with heavy tits bouncing around under her uniform, her legs stretched out over his shoulders, the heels of her white shoes pointing towards, the ceiling. Her hips gyrated wildly as his tongue probed and searched her dripping cunt.

“I can’t take it any more!” she hissed. “What’s that?”

“Fuck me!” she said. “I need a cock up there! Fuck my cunt!”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, I’m sure, you moron! Bring out your prick!”

Brad laughed. “Jesus, Angie, I thought you never took any cock.”

“I usually don’t, you bastard! I haven’t in years! But you’ve got me so hot, I can’t stand it! Fuck me! Please, fuck me!”

“Sorry, can’t hear you,” Brad said. He enjoyed the spectacle of Head Nurse Biddle pleading for his hard cock.

“Please!” she groaned.

He rose up slowly from her sopping cunt and stood over her. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly halfway.

“What was that you wanted?”

“Your cock, you bastard!” She lunged forward and made a grab for his fly, but he backed off out of her reach. He stood there with his hands on his hips and looked down at her. Her hair was a mess. Her heaving tits strained against the fabric of her uniform. Her skirt was up over her waist. Her eyes were smoky with frustration and her meaty wet cunt dripped like a fountain.

Unzipping his fly all the way, he eased out his thick, hard cock. “Is this what you want?”

Her eyes lit up. She gazed at his heavily veined, meaty cock sticking out of his pants. A drop of pre cum glistened on his fat, pink cock-head. She lurched forward off the couch and knelt in front of him with her lips just an inch away from his bloated cock-head. Her tongue snaked out between her lips and swirled lightly over his cock-knob.

Taking hold of his cock, Brad slapped it playfully against the side of her face. “You want it bad enough to eat, Angie?”

“Please!” she said. Her fingers curled around his cock-shaft and brought his cockhead in front of her mouth again.

With a short laugh, Brad stepped back. “Not yet,” he said. “Take off the uniform.”

She hurriedly obeyed. A moment later, she had the uniform off and tossed away. He ogled her huge tits bulging out of her bra.

“Take that damned thing off!” he growled. “Let’s have a look at your tits!”

When her bra came off, he whistled at the sight of the drooping melons of her tits. Her enormous juicy nipples made his cock throb.

When her fingers moved to ungarter her stocking, he stopped her. “Leave them on,” he said. “They make you look whorish. You like looking whorish don’t you, Angie?”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

She lay down at his feet and looked up at him with imploring eyes. His cock-head quivered and a gob of pre-cum dropped off his prick-tip to land on her belly. Mewling with delight, she rubbed the sticky fluid into her skin.

He removed his clothes, stripping everything off until he was naked. Crouching down, he straddled her chest and eased his weight down slowly so that his cock nestled in the valley between her huge tits.

“Jim going to fuck your tits,” he said.

“Oh, yes!” she crooned. “Do it! Fuck them hard!”

But he began gently. He eased his cock-meat through the deep crease between her tits. He felt the soft flesh of her chest against his hairy balls. As he humped her tits, his hands pinched her fat nipples until they were hard.

She pulled his ass against her body, but he held back. He knew what she wanted. It was in her eyes, in the way she looked at him. Cunts like this enjoyed being abused — and there were very few things that Brad enjoyed more than abusing them! He would keep her primed up tight, keep her bursting with hot passion, but he wouldn’t pull, the string until he was good and ready. Not until she was a frothing, mad tigress, begging him on her hands and knees for a taste of his big, red cock-meat. Then he’d give it to her — and give it to her good!

Her eyes flashed wildly as she watched his cock surging back and forth between her tits. Her mouth quivered with passion. Her flips heaved up and down under his weight. He could feel her thighs straining and flexing as she tried to bring an orgasm out of her body. He knew she wouldn’t have a climax until he rammed his cock deep into her steaming cunt. Head Nurse Angie Biddle might favor pussy most of the time, but at the moment she was cock-happy. Before they were through, he’d find some way to scare the shit out of her so she’d, never bother Christie again.

“Oh, God, please!” she moaned. “Easy, baby,” he said.

He found himself excited by the sight of her full, pouting mouth begging for his cock. He could feel her hot body melting under him. He could smell the musty odor of her frothing cunt. He pressed his weight down on her chest and began to move more vigorously.

Hot cum was beginning to rise in his balls as they slapped down on her heaving tits. He was ready to give her a taste — just a taste. Taking aim, he let go and shot his load right into her face. The ropy juice splattered against her forehead, just above the eyes, and dripped down over her nose and cheeks. The sight of his cock-cream dripping down her face brought up another gob of gism from his throbbing cock.

Each time he shot off, her tongue extended out of her mouth to slurp up his thick cum. He sprayed her with cock-juice until there was nothing left in his balls. She licked up his sticky cock-cream with her pink tongue. He ran his fingers over her face. He smeared his jism over her lips and chin. She lapped up his sperm like a starved kitten.

Reaching under him, she caressed his cock as though afraid it would go soft on her before she had a chance to stuff it into her steaming cunt. Brad knew he was good for at least another load. He moved forward on her chest until his cock was within reach of her jism coated mouth.

“Fuck me!” she pleaded.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “There’s time enough for that. Right now, you just suck on it and keep it happy.”

Her mouth opened to take in his throbbing fuck-meat. She obviously knew how to use her tongue, and he wondered where she’d learned it. He’d once heard, that the best cock-suckers were lesbians. He had no idea whether it was true, but Angie Biddle certainly seemed to know what she was doing. He felt another load of cock-cream beginning to build up inside his balls. He moved his hand behind him and massaged her meaty cunt. She mewled and sucked his cock more vigorously.

“You’re a good cock-sucker,” he said.

He rocked his hips back and forth to the rhythm of her sucking. His cock made a delicious slurping sound as it pumped in and out of her wet mouth. Her hand tickled his hairy balls. She was an expert. She kept her lips curled over her teeth to avoid scraping him. She was able to take his cock-head to the back of her throat without gagging.

“Me you ready for another load, Angie?” She nodded her head up and down, answering with her eyes.

He sneered. “You like the taste of hot jism, don’t you? I bet you can drink quarts of it, you cunt.”

She squeezed his cock with her lips. Her hand slid up from his balls and stroked his wet cock-shaft each time it pulled out of her clinging mouth. He could see the anticipation in her eyes — she wanted a fresh load of sperm pouring down her throat!

“You’re ready now, aren’t you, baby?” he said. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it back and forth to make her speed up the rhythm of her sucking. He was hurting her, but he knew she loved it. As the pain and pleasure clouded over her eyes, he thrust his throbbing cock deep down her throat and came.

Spurt after spurt of hot jism streamed into the cavern of her eager mouth. He kept his cock moving until he’d flooded her, until she panted and gagged for breath. Then, when she seemed about to choke on his cum, he withdrew his rampant cock out of her dripping mouth.

He smiled down at her. “Good stuff, isn’t it?”

She forced a smile in return and wiped her drooling mouth with the back of her hand. He rose up and left her there. His cock was now half-hard and dangling. He knew she would do anything for him, now.

“Get up on your hands and knees,” he said. “Crawl around for me.”

She began crawling around the office on her hands and knees. Her heavy tits hung down to graze the carpet with her swollen nipples. Her fat white ass, looked enormous. He could see the bulge of dark cunt-hair protruding from between her legs.

He pumped his cock until he had it good and hard again. Crouching down behind her, he rammed his cock into her dripping cunt with a single smooth stroke.

“Oh, Christ!” she groaned. “Fuck me! Fuck my brains out!”

He spread her asscheeks and pushed in until he had his balls slapping against her thighs. She squirmed her cunt on his hard, thick cockmeat and moaned. When he suddenly pulled his cock out, she weaved her hips in a panic.

“Oh, Jesus!” she cried. “Put it back!”

Brad chuckled. He pushed his middle finger and index finger into her cunt-hole and his thumb in her asshole. He stiffened his fingers and began churning her two holes with a rapid rhythm. A deep, animal-like grunt rumbled out of her throat and she wagged her hips to urge him on.

“Fuck me!” she moaned. “Give it to me!” Pulling his fingers out, he positioned his cock-head on the ring of her asshole and rammed his meat up her ass.

She screamed. She wailed. She began yelping like a wounded dog. He leaned forward over her back and filled his hands with her hanging tits.

“This is for Christie,” he said. “You stay away from her, you lousy dyke bitch. You hear?”

She heard. He pulled out and rammed his cock up her cunt. After five strokes into her cunt-hole, he rammed her ass again. He kept shifting between her two holes until she begged for mercy. He pulled his cock out before she had a chance to have an orgasm. He ripped up her uniform and tied her up. He had her trussed up on the floor with her head down and her ass in the air. He removed a light-bulb from one of the lamps and screwed the metal end into her asshole. She crouched there on the rug with a 60-watt bulb sticking out of her ass.

“Do your bit for the energy shortage,” he said. “See if you can turn the light on!”

With a last chuckle, he put on his clothes and walked out.


One of the younger nurses discovered Head Nurse Biddle in her office. The light bulb was not lit. Unable to face the sarcasm of the hospital staff, Nurse Biddle resigned and obtained a position at a hospital in another city.

Shortly after, Director Fleming was caught with his hand in the till. He was brought upon charges of embezzlement and ousted from his office.

Chief Surgeon Westfield had his head turned by a young lady from Milan and never came back from his European vacation.

Christie was sitting in the cafeteria one day, when Nurse Annabelle Leighton sat down at her table. Annabelle seemed exhausted. As usual, she winked at Christie and giggled.

“Room 312,” Annabelle said. “There’s a kid in there with absolutely the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Christie screwed up her face in an expression of disbelief. “The last time you told me that, it brought me nothing but trouble.”

“It’s true,” Annabelle said.

Christie smirked. “I thought I saw you walking bow-legged when you came in here.”

Annabelle blushed. “I won’t deny it. Thank God, Biddle is gone. The new Head Nurse seems okay, doesn’t she? Anyway, if you want seconds, he’s a football player and he does have the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. He’s got a friend in there now, but maybe you can scare the friend away.”

“Eat your soup,” Christie said. “You look like you need it.”

Annabelle giggled. “I’ll arrange it,” she said. “I’ll tell him about you. His name is Ted Mitchell. God, what a cock! He wanted me to take on his friend, but I was really too pooped. His friend’s cute, though. I wouldn’t mind taking on both of them at the same time. That’s awful, isn’t it? I mean, we’re supposed to nurse them, not fuck them. How do you feel about that? Could you take on two at the same time?”

Christie certainly could. An hour later she found herself in room 312 confronting Ted Mitchell and his friend, Jerry. Jerry was young and cute. He looked even younger without clothes. He had acute face, acute body, and a cute, average-size cock dangling over a pair of tight pink balls.

Ted Mitchell was something else. His wiry, sun-tanned body lay stretched out on the bed. His cock was enormous! Christie’s mouth and throat went dry as she stared at it. Jt was by far the biggest cock she’d ever seen — and it wasn’t even hard yet! Her nipples tingled and her cunt throbbed as she imagined what it would be like fully erect. A cock like that would reach places in her cunt that had never before been touched!

“You said you’d take your clothes off,” Jerry said. He was cute, but he was also tough. They were both tough. They were two studs who’d obviously played this game before.

She had a moment of hesitation. She wondered if she ought to go through with it. The quivering in her pussy won out and she quickly stripped off her clothes. When she unhooked her bra she saw Jerry appraising her tits as if they were pieces of meat he was considering buying. The tough look in his eyes just didn’t fit his cute face. But the look was there — in Jerry’s eyes and in Ted’s. She straightened up and stood naked before them.

“Nice tits,” Jerry said. “Very nice.” He reached out and ran a sweaty hand over her tits. He squeezed them one at a time, as if he owned them. Maybe he does, she thought. They owned her body, at least for the time she agreed to be with them. He used his thumb and forefinger to tug at her nipples until they swelled and puckered. He ran his hand down over her belly to the bush of her cunt-hair, and playfully pinched her fat cunt-lips.

Stretched out on the bed, his huge cock hanging limp on his thigh, Ted was looking at her with hunger in his eyes. She deliberately posed for him. She cocked her hip to accentuate the curve of her ass. She blew him a kiss when she saw the life beginning to show in his fuck-meat.

“That’s a sweet-looking pussy,” Ted grinned.

Rolling her ass seductively, she moved toward the bed. Jerry came with her, and she settled onto the bed between the two men. “God, what a cock you’ve got,” she said to Ted. “You must be part horse.”

“All horse,” he said. “Just pure stud.”

“I can believe it,” Christie said.

Jerry snickered. “It’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it.”

Christie smiled. “This is a good chance to prove it,” she said.

As she lay on her back between them, she felt hot juices beginning to lubricate her cunt. She opened her legs to get some air on her pussy-meat. She wandered if they could smell her. She imagined her cunt-smell wafting up to their noses and turning them on. Reaching out, she took hold of Jerry’s cock in her right hand and Ted’s enormous prick-shaft in her left hand. She squeezed both cocks. They were getting hard now. She loved the feel of a cock getting stiff in her hand.

Her left leg fell across Ted’s thigh. Her right leg pressed against Jerry. Her eyes fluttered closed as she squeezed the cocks she held in her hands. They were hot and hard. They seemed bursting with energy as they grew even larger in her fists. The sleeves of their outer cock-skin slipped easily up and down over their hardened inner prick-meat. She began to masturbate the two men together.

The cock in her left hand seemed large beyond belief. She let her fingers wander up and down, measuring its length.

“Jesus, what a cock!” she hissed. She moaned when she felt Jerry’s hand on her cunt. The moan became louder as he leaned across her body and ran his tongue over the crest of her tit. Releasing Ted’s cock, she caught hold of his head and pulled his face down over her other tit. The heads of the two men were almost touching, as each sucked at a throbbing nipple.

Christie lifted her ass from the bed as she felt a finger spread the lips, of her cunt. She neither knew nor cared whose finger it was. She found herself unable to delay any longer the need to stuff her cunt. Ted lifted his head from her tit and kissed her long and hard on the mouth. Jerry’s cock throbbed against her leg as she rolled over. She climbed on Ted’s body and clutched at the huge shaft of his upright cock.

“Ready, lover?”

Ted grinned up at her. “Ready as ever, baby!”

She knelt over him, one hand holding his huge cock, the other hand against his muscular chest for support. Jerry moved over Ted’s head. He half-sat with his back against the headrest of the bed, his hips on a line with Ted’s shoulders — his cock rigidly erect and waiting! Christie bent forward and kissed his cock-head.

“It’s a nice looking cock,” she said.

She lowered her hips until her cunt made contact with the enormous head of Ted’s fuckmeat. She bit her lips when she felt his smooth cock-knob meet the wet flaps of her pussy. A soft moan came out of her throat as her cuntlips, were pushed apart by his massive cock.

Her ass sank lower. Ted’s hands reached around to covet the upper curves of her asscheeks as her cunt slowly parted around the head of his cock.

“Oh, Jesus!” she hissed.

She had his cock partly in her cunt, his immense cock-head spreading her cunt-mouth in a way she’d never believed possible. She was sure she’d faint before taking all of him, but her body didn’t seem to care. Her pelvis automatically gyrated and pushed down onto his massive cock.

Groaning and mewling, she slowly inched her cunt down over his cock. Two inches. Five. Seven. It seemed endless! He was in there touching places where a cock had never been before.

Jerry waved his cock in front of her face, demanding attention. Her breath rasped in her throat. She extended her tongue and touched the crown of his cock, licking it slowly. Then her mouth opened and her lips formed a ring around his cock-head. She began sucking him. Jerry moved one hand to the back of her head and other hand down to fondle her hanging tit.

It was the great cock throbbing in her cunt that gave her a pleasure almost too exquisite to be endured. Her hips rose and fell with a slow, sensuous rhythm. She could feel the thick, fleshy cylinder of his cock stretching every muscle in her cunt. She could feel her cunt-lips drawn back and forth by the friction of his prick-meat. Her clit quivered and throbbed and felt ready to burst!

The hands on her ass were now lifting her up and down onto his huge cock. On the upstroke, her cunt was drawn up until only his fat prick-head remained within her cunt-hole. On the downstroke, her cunt was fully packed with Ted’s pulsing cock-meat. She could feel her own warm pussy-juices flowing from the lips of her cunt-gash to wet the insides of her thighs. Each tit was in the grasp of a strong, knowing hand.

“Suck it, baby!” Jerry hissed. “Suck that cock!”

Her lips bobbed up and down over his rigid cock-shaft. A violent trembling shook her lower body as she dropped her hips and crammed Ted’s huge cock fully into her cunt. She stayed down, grinding the mound of her cunt against his pubic bone, massaging her clit until she brought herself to the throes of an orgasm.

Her hips churned. Her cunt milked his cock. Her lips sucked greedily at the smaller prick filling her mouth. A sudden gushing eruption, hot as lava, rose inside her, and she knew Ted was coming. He lifted his hips from the bed and held her suspended over his cock. His pulsing fuck-meat completely filled her. His cock-cream continued to pump until she could feel it running down from her cunt-lips to wet her thighs.

Strong hands continued squeezing her tits, her swollen nipples, the cheeks of her ass. The hand on the back of her head was now more insistent. Jerry was straining to get his cock deeper into her mouth. Her jaws ached as she opened them as wide as possible to accept him.

The head of his cock slammed against the back of her throat. The hair covering his balls tickled her chin. His jism poured deep into her mouth. She swallowed deeply. She felt the thick slimy cock-gravy sliding down her throw. Pulling back her head, she let the second spurt splatter against her lips and chin. She caught the third spurt in her open mouth. She ran her tongue over the sticky shaft of his cock, and then cleaned off his cock-head with her lips.

Ted remained, immobile beneath her. His cock was now soft, but it still felt huge. An aching void appeared in her cunt when he twisted his hips and pulled free. His wet cock dangled against her thigh. She rolled over and looked at him.

“First time I ever rode a real stallion,” she said. She reached a hand down to stroke the sticky meat of his cock.

“Maybe when I get out of here we can make it together,” be said. “I like the way you fuck.”

Christie smiled. “I’ve got two boyfriends,” she said. “I think I now know which one I’m going to many.”

Both Ted and Jerry screwed up their faces with disapproval. Christie laughed and began putting on her clothes. When she had her uniform buttoned up, she kissed each of them on the cheek and walked out of the room.

Brad Wylie, M.D. and Christie Cannon, R.N. were married at the end of the summer. After a simple ceremony attended by no more than a few close friends, the newlyweds drove off for a brief honeymoon at a nearby resort.

In the car, on the way to the motel, Christie sat close to Brad. He placed his hand on her nylon-covered knees. The tips of his fingers wedged between her legs, and it wasn’t long before Christie opened her knees and Brad’s hand slid up between her thighs.

Brad’s cock hardened in his shorts as he kneaded her thigh through her stocking. He slid his hand onto her bare, warm flesh.

“That feels good,” Christie crooned. She moved a hand to his lap and giggled when she felt the hardness of his cock. Her fingers deftly massaged his cock-head through his pants and shorts. She finally pulled his zipper down and brought out his fuck-meat.

“Jesus!” Brad groaned.

Christie chuckled. “Brad, honey. We haven’t passed a car for miles and miles.”

She reached into his shorts and pulled both of his balls out. A moment later, she had her head in his lap and her face close to the tip of his rampant cock. She took hold of his cock down near the base and tightened her fingers around it until the veins began to swell. She began licking her way upward toward his cockhead. She caught some of his clear pre-cum on her tongue as it oozed from his cock-slit. She briefly sucked his plum-shaped cock-head into her mouth and thoroughly wet it with her saliva.

Pulling her mouth away, she made a cooing sound and ran her tongue downward to his balls. She licked over his wrinkled ball-sac. She scooped up one of his balls between her lips and gently pressed it to the roof of her mouth as though it was a delicate, soft-shelled egg.

“Oh, shit!” Brad moaned. “I’m pulling the car over. This is too dangerous!”

He found a wide spot on the shoulder of the road and stopped the car. Christie returned her hand to the base of his cock and pulled the skin back until his velvety cock-knob was completely uncovered. She positioned his cock, then bent her head and began teasing his cockhead, stabbing and swabbing his sensitive flesh with her tongue. Brad sat there with his head leaning against the back of the seat and his throat rumbling with pleasure.

She swirled her tongue around and around the crown of his cock. She mewled at the delicate taste and aroma. Her eyes gleaming, she looked up at him and crooned.

“Feel good, honey?”

He gazed at her with his eyes half-closed and his chest heaving. “You’ll make me come,” he said.

Christie giggled. “Now, now Doctor Wylie, that’s nasty!”

Shaping her lips in the form of a ring, she pulled the head of his cock into her mouth. With her lips grasping him tightly, she began irritating the underside of his cock with just the barest touch of her teeth. She sucked on him like a vacuum cleaner. She began pumping her head up and down, pretending her mouth was a cunt and trying to milk him with its suction.

“Oh, Jesus!” he moaned. His hands went to the back of her head, imprisoning her mouth on his cock. “Suck it, baby!” he hissed. “Suck it hard!”

Her tongue continued to swirl over the bloated head of his cock. She teased his cock clit, massaged his flared prick-rim, and tickled the groove on the underside. Her fingers probed and fondled his heavy balls. Pulling her lips off his cock with a slurping noise, she looked up at his face and giggled.

“Came on, Doctor Wylie! Give Mrs. Wylie a mouthful!”

He groaned. He vented a long, drawn-out sigh as his cock began bucking out of control. His cock-head jerked and throbbed in her mouth as the jism shot out of him in a hot geyser. It flooded her mouth and filled the hollows of her cheeks. She began gulping and swallowing his thick, ropy sperm — her fingers squeezing his balls to drain him!

She kept his cock in her mouth until she felt it lose its size, until she was sure she had all his cum. Only then did she release him. She licked off the remnants of sperm coating his cockhead. She tucked his cock back into his pants and closed his fly. Looking up at him, she swiped her tongue over her lips and turned up a smile.

“Delicious,” she said.

Brad grinned. “You’re too much!”

She moved back on the seat. Her hands went to her tits and she cupped and squeezed them through the material of her blouse. She spread her legs apart and pushed her skirt back to uncover her thighs. Bunching her skirt at her hips, she raised up her ass and pulled down her panties. She laughed when Brad whistled.

“Like what you see?”

“The lady sure has a pretty pussy,” he said. He moved closer to her, took hold of her panties, and pulled them down her legs and off her ankles.

“That’s better,” Christie said. She spread her legs wide, exposing her thick bush of cunthair. She moved her hands off her tits and ran them down to her belly, her fingers tangled in her pussy. She took hold of her cunt-lips and pulled them apart to reveal the wet, pink meat of her pussy.

“This is Christie’s cunt,” she said.

He grinned: “It certainly is!”

“Do you promise to suck it and fuck it until death do us part?”

“I do,” Brad laughed. “I certainly do!”

“Then now is the time to start,” Christie said. Slipping a hand behind his neck, she pulled her husband’s face down to her crotch.

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