The Summer Camp Nurse

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, join the neighborhood mate-traders.

Lisa Chambers is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within her a love of perversity and a depth of passion she never dreamed existed lie coiled like snakes, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse them.

THE SUMMER CAMP NURSE — a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


Lisa Chambers stepped out of her little infirmary and took a deep breath of the fresh wilderness air. It was a far cry from the big city, this Camp Wawakakee. She knew that her summer job at Camp Wawakakee would do her a world of good. She had gotten sick and tired of the city grind.

Lisa was a dedicated nurse who loved her profession, but the sameness and the pressures of nursing in a big-city hospital required an occasional escape, and this year Camp Wawakakee was it.

Lisa had been at the camp about a week now, and so far her new services as camp nurse hadn’t been needed even once. She knew, however, that with so many boys running around in the woods she would eventually be called upon to render some nursing service or other. Actually, she was more concerned with the health and well-being of the counselors and assistant counselors.

Lisa waved to old Mr. Carter, the director of the camp and its founder. The old gentleman had been very impressed with Lisa’s resume. She remembered the look on the man’s face when she agreed to take the position for the summer at a fraction of the salary she could have gotten elsewhere.

Lisa had explained that she looked upon her stay as vacation as much as a job. But the fact of the matter was that Lisa had more than a professional interest in her young patients. She had discovered early in her nursing career that the younger patients under her care often were in need of something that they just couldn’t get in the hospital — they needed sex.

Lisa had found that young patients recovered far faster if she paid attention to their sexual needs as well as to their medical ones. She just loved the genuine appreciation they showed her when she slipped her warm hand up under their hospital gowns and wrapped her fingers around their stiff pricks. She loved the way they responded to her loving caresses. She loved the way they stiffened in every muscle as she stroked their hard young cocks. And she loved the way they always shot her hand full of hot white cum after a few well-practiced strokes.

Of course Lisa knew that all of her youthful patients had different needs and desires, so she was very versatile in her treatment of them. Some of her boys required her to raise their gowns and bury her pretty face in their laps, taking their hard pricks down her throat and bobbing her head up and down. She always loved it when her boys shot her face and throat full of steaming young cum. She loved to swallow it all down.

Some of her boys developed a taste for pussy, a taste which they had acquired when she sat on their faces right there in their hospital beds. Lisa was convinced that young boys made the best pussy-lickers. They always lapped at her dripping cunt passionately and brought her off in the wildest orgasms imaginable.

She remembered one young patient who had to eat her pussy at least once a day. He had tried to pretend that he was having a relapse just the day before he was due to be released from the hospital. She had almost wished he could persuade the doctors that he needed another week or two in the hospital, but such a ruse had been difficult.

Lisa’s activities at Harper General were fraught with peril, of course. She knew that Dr. Colson, the director, wouldn’t understand her effective but unconventional practices. She had always thought that it might be easier to carry on her special brand of nursing care here in the more reined and informal atmosphere of this summer camp.

As she stood on the porch of the rustically constructed infirmary, she saw her first patient limping down the path toward her. She walked inside and prepared for the patient. Her sensitive pussy was already itching beneath her crisp white nurse’s uniform.

She took a deep breath and waited for the door, to open. She didn’t know who the boy was, but she had seen clearly as he strode down the path that he was a cute young hunk.

“Come right in. We’re always open!”

“Hi, I’m Chris. Chris Trask.” The good-looking blond boy smiled.

“I believe I’ve noticed you around the camp, Chris,” Lisa smiled, shaking his hand.

“I’m a junior camp counselor. You must be our new nurse.”

“I’m Nurse Chambers. Now what seems to be the problem here?” she asked, looking down at the boy’s slightly skinned knee.

“It’s no big thing. I just fell and skinned my knee. I would’ve just shined it off, but Mr. Carter saw it happen. He’s a big stickier for details, you know. He says we have to report to the nurse every time we get hurt, even if it’s minor. Something to do with the insurance or something. I don’t know. Big deal. It doesn’t even hurt.” The boy winced a bit when he moved his leg.

“It looks rather painful to me, Chris. I’d better have a look at it. Sit down over here, Chris,” Lisa said, pointing to her examining table. “Let me get your records.”

“See, I’m as healthy as a bull. Dad always says I’m as strong as an ox and twice as smart.” The boy grinned, brushing the hair out of his sparkling blue eyes.

“I see you have no health problems. No injuries last year. Oh, what’s this? You broke your right leg when you were at camp some years ago. Have you had any problems with that leg, Chris?”

“Gosh no, Nurse Chambers. I was only thirteen then. It healed right up. It’s as good as new now.” He slapped his right leg for emphasis.

“Your legs do look very strong, Chris. You have very thick leg muscles, Chris. You must work out. Do you work out with weights, young man?” she asked, her eyes roving over her young patient’s thickly muscled legs.

“…yeah, Nurse Chambers… I work out some. I get a lot of exercise just bein’ a junior counselor too. There’s lots of stuff for us to do, you know.”

“I can see that, Chris. You’re a very fine specimen,” she smiled, walking over to the door and locking it. “Now let’s have a look at this injury.”

Lisa flicked on the bright white light over her examining table. She swabbed the scrape with antiseptic.

“There, that should take care of the scrape. You’re right, Chris, that was nothing. But I think it might be a good idea to examine that leg you broke. I want to see if it was set properly.”

Lisa ran her hand up Chris’ tanned leg from his ankle all the way to where his leg disappeared into his shorts. She thrilled to the feel of his warm hairless skin beneath her hand. She felt his muscles swelling with youthful power. She put her other hand on his leg and ran them both all over his leg, letting her fingers run up under the leg of his khaki shorts.

She looked up at the boy and watched him swallow hard. She could tell from his bobbing Adam’s apple that she was already having an effect on her young patient.

“Hmmmmm. Well now, this is very interesting,” she said in a puzzled voice.

“What… uh… what is, Nurse Chambers?”

“I’m not sure yet. Let me examine the other leg, Chris.”

Chris raised his leg so that she could run her warm silky hands all up and down it too. There was something about the way she touched him that made him feel all funny inside. He felt lightheaded, and he had a sinking feeling in the pit of his young stomach. He had never had a nurse run her hands all over his bare legs like that. In fact, he had never had anyone feel his legs or any other part of his body like that. He hadn’t managed to get any pussy yet, or even get close enough to a girl to get a good feel. His parents were very strict and watched him like hawks. In fact, he thought that was why they always sent him to camp, to keep him way from girls.

“Very interesting indeed, Chris,” Lisa said in a thoughtful tone of voice. “How are you feeling right now, Chris?”

“Feeling? Uh… oh… gosh. I… I don’t know… I guess I’m okay.”

“You seem to be getting very tense, Chris. Is anything the matter, dear?” Her tone softened, her voice becoming more feminine and less professional.

“Uh… no, Nurse Chambers. Uh, there’s nothin’ wrong… I… I feel fine.”

Actually Chris was having a terrible time. He tried to put Nurse Chambers’ hands out of his mind, tried to forget how they were feeling on his legs, but it was impossible. His whole body was responding to her touch, responding in a way that he knew could become very embarrassing to him. He felt a warmth in his balls and a stirring in his prick that spelled trouble. He knew that if she didn’t stop feeling his legs he was going to get a hard-on. And when Chris got a hard-on there was no hiding it from anyone. His cock was just too big to bide.

“The muscles in your legs seem to be getting harder by the minute, Chris. I’ve never seen such a thing. It must be symptomatic of something. I think this bears some investigation, Chris. Why don’t you remove your shirt, darling?”

“My… my shirt?”

“Yes, Chris, I think this condition calls for a complete examination. I can help you if you’re having trouble.”

She smiled, taking her hands away from his legs. She heard him breathe a sigh of relief when her fingers left his legs. She knew what was bothering him. She also knew that all the self-control in the world wasn’t going to keep that prick from standing up in his shorts under her expert influence.

“Now let me help you off with your T-shirt,” she said, tugging his Camp Wawakakee T-shirt out of his shorts and skinning it off his well-muscled young body.

“Gosh, Nurse Chambers, do… do I really have to be examined? I mean… uh, does it have to be right now?” the boy gasped, his T-shirt up past his chest now.

“Yes, Chris, I’m afraid so. This condition, whatever it is, could be serious. We need to examine you while the symptoms are manifesting themselves. We need to get it out into the open.”

“Get… get what out into the open?”

“Your problem, Chris. We need to find the source of all this physical tension. Why, just look, Chris! Your arms are stiff too. I can’t get your T-shirt off you unless you raise your arms, darling.”

When Chris raised his strong young arms, Lisa pulled his T-shirt off and tossed it away. She let her gaze fall on Chris’ strong young body. His upper body rippled with muscles. She watched his chest rising and falling when he breathed. His skin was completely hairless and as smooth looking as a baby’s butt. He was tanned a golden bronze from his face to the waistband of his shorts.

Lisa’s cunt was steaming now. Just the sight of the boy’s strong body had made her pussy start itching with desire. She hadn’t had a boy since she had left the city, and she was dying for the wild pleasures that this boy could bring her. She wanted to rip his shorts open and haul out his cock, but she managed to control herself, at least for the moment. She knew that she would eventually get what she wanted.

“Oh gosh, Nurse Chambers, I… I think I ought be going! I… I’ve got a lot of chores to do around the camp… you know… and is well know how Mr. Carter.”

The boy began fidgeting on the examining table.

“Let me worry about Mr. Carter, darling. I think your well-being is more important than a few silly chores around camp,” she said, putting her stethoscope to his chest. “My, my, my. Your heart is beating very fast, Chris. But it’s beating as if you were excited about something. Are you getting excited about something, Chris?”

“Oh Jesus! No! I… I’m not gettin’ excited about anything! I’m really not! Honest!”

The boy knew now that his prick was going to stand up in his shorts in a second or two. The way she touched his chest made his balls ache and his prick fill with hot blood. It wasn’t the touch of a woman who was trying to turn him on. But how could it be? How could it be that a beautiful woman like Nurse Chambers was trying to turn him on? She could have any man she wanted. She had a body that wouldn’t quit, and a face as beautiful as any movie star. And she was old enough to be his mother. Why would she want a kid like him? His head swam with confusion.

But there was to much confusion about what Lisa had to next. She looked down between her young victim’s legs and saw a bulge in his shorts that was getting bigger and bigger by the second. She had him now. She knew that he would be putty in her warm and loving hands. She would shape him into a hot young fucker, a fucker who could satisfy her need for tireless young pricks.

“Well, darling, if you say there’s nothing exciting you, I guess we’ll just have to look farther for the cause of all this muscular tension and rapid heartbeat. You even seem to be breathing erratically, Chris! How strange. Why don’t you just drop your shorts for me, darling?”

“Oh God! Do what? Oh no! No! You… you don’t really want me to do that, do you, Nurse Chambers?” he gasped, sitting bolt upright in an effort to bide his stiffening prick.

“I don’t see how I can give you a good examination if you don’t take your shorts off, Chris.”

“But… but… why? I mean… why do you have to see… uh… why do you have to see me with my pants off?”

“Don’t you know what I want to see, darling?” Lisa smiled, enjoying the way she had the boy shivering with excitement and fear.

He shook his head rapidly, too nervous now to speak coherently.

“I want to check for any… any swellings,” she said in a low and seductive voice.

“Oh shit!” the boy squealed.

“In fact, darling, I seem to see a swelling already. It’s right there! Why yes! It’s getting bigger and bigger all the time. I simply must feel it to see if it’s as hard as it looks!”


Lisa smiled wickedly, putting her hand right on the big hard swelling that was making a tent in his loose-fitting shorts. She felt the incredible warmth of her patient’s young prick soaking right through his shots into her hand. She knew that the warmth of her hand was having an equal or greater affection the boy.

“Oh, Chris, this swelling seems to be feverish too. I think you’d better let me help you off with your shorts,” she said, attacking his pants.

Lisa had his shorts unfastened and his zipper tugged down before Chris could protest. She pulled his shorts down to his knees and stared at the enormous bulge in his white briefs. His cock was so big and swollen that the hard thing was sticking several inches down his leg, and his crotch was swelling with the big balls that were confined there.

“This is very interesting. Oh yes indeed! This is very unusual. I don’t think I’ve seen a case like this in all my years of nursing, Chris. It’s so big! It’s… well, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!”

“B-beautiful? You… you mean you like it? You’re not mad ’cause it got swelled up like that?” the boy gasped, feeling her eyes burning into his crotch.

“I’m a nurse, lover. I’ve seen everything. But your cock is so big and hard! I really have to see more of that fat hard cock… just professional curiosity of course,” she smiled. “Strip those underpants off, boy!”

Chris did as he was told. He skinned his underpants down and sat there on the edge of the examining table, his huge hard-on sticking up from his lap. He felt terribly nervous and self-conscious about exposing his privates in their excited condition, but what could he do? And besides, there was something about showing Nurse Chambers his cock and balls that made him feel good.

“Well, Chris, I think we’ve found the source of all that tension. You’re horny, darling. You probably haven’t had a good piece of ass in a long time from the looks of this big hard cock,” she smiled, knowing the effect her hot words were having on the innocent boy. “In fact, you probably have never had a piece of ass. Is that right, Chris? Are you a horny young virgin?”

The boy nodded nervously. He somehow knew that it was futile to hide anything from Nurse Chambers. His cock was throbbing and jerking between his legs, making his balls ache with the pressure of their hot cum. She was right about the tension, he thought. He was one knot of tension from head to toe.

“It’s no wonder that you’re so tense, darling. Your balls must be all full of hot cum. They must be swelling between those strong young legs of yours. It must be terribly uncomfortable for you. Is that right, darling? Just nod your head if you’re too excited to speak, Chris.”

The boy nodded weakly, gripping the edges of the examining table and holding on tightly until his knuckles turned white.

“Why you must get hard-ons like this all the time. I’ll just bet that huge dick gets all hard whenever you even think about girls. I’ll bet it fills out in your pants at school several times a day. It must be awfully cramped in your tight pants with your big fat balls. I’ll bet that by the end of the day you have to grab your hard cock in your fist and beat off until you shoot your hot cum all over your hand. Isn’t that right, darling?”

“Yes, Nurse Chambers! Yes!” Chris groaned, his voice quavering with tension.

“It’s a good thing that there weren’t any girls at Camp Wawakakee. You won’t be bothered by hard-ons as often. In fact, I seem to be the only female here. That’s very interesting, isn’t it, darling. I’m the only female at camp! Could it be that this beautiful hard cock jumped up at attention to salute me? Is this hard-on for me, darling?”

The boy swallowed hard and nodded, looking for the first time directly into Nurse Chambers’ mysterious black eyes.

“I’m flattered, Chris! It’s so nice to know that such a handsome young stud as you has an interest in me. Of course you know I’m old enough to be your mother.”

“I… I don’t care, Nurse Chambers! You’re… you’re beautiful!”

“Do you really think so, darling? Perhaps you’d like to examine me more thoroughly. I examined you, after all. And this is the examining room, isn’t it? Why don’t you open my uniform and have a look at my breasts.”

Chris gasped, watching her tits rising and falling sexily beneath her white uniform. “Do you really mean it, Nurse Chambers? You mean I can really look at your tits?”

“I’d love to let you see my body, Chris. Perhaps you can find some tense places on my body too.” Her hand brushed ever so gently against the swollen knob of the boy’s towering cock. Lisa smiled when she saw his body jerk at her touch. “Why don’t I help you, darling?”

Lisa unbuttoned the front of her nurse’s uniform and spread it open to reveal her white slip and the bulging bra that seemed to barely contain her big tits. She saw the boy’s mouth fall open when he laid his eyes on her bra-encased tits. She could just imagine what his reaction would be when he saw her luscious tits in all their naked beauty.

She shrugged her shoulders and let her uniform fall to the floor. She stepped out of it and stood before the boy a moment. She ran her hands down her sides, making the material of her satin slip cling to her curvy body.

“Oh shit yeah! You’re beautiful! Beautiful! I… I don’t believe this is really happening to me!”

His balls were aching as he watched the nurse slowly and sensuously remove her clingy slip.

Lisa then turned three times in front of the boy, letting him stare at her barely clothed body. She felt his eyes roving over her curvaceous form, felt his eyes burning through her bulging bra and her thin white panties. She removed her cap and let her long silky black hair fall down her back.

“Do you think you could help me, darling?” she asked softly, turning her back to the boy.

He fumbled nervously with the back of her bra, finally opening the garment. She turned around and faced the horny wide-eyed kid, holding the cups of her bra to her tits. She moved very close to the boy, until her tits were only an arm’s length from him. Then she pulled the bra away and let the boy see what he had been dreaming about for so long. She let him see the most perfect set of tits imaginable.

She heard the delighted kid suck in his breath when he saw her double handfuls of tit-flesh before his eyes. Her tits were full and firm, as if they were being held up and out by someone’s hands. Her nipples were already stiff. Her wide areolas were goose-pimpled and dark. Her nipples tingled as the boy stared at her tits.

“Would you like to touch them, Chris?” Chris reached up and dared to lay his trembling hand on one of her silky tits. Then he reached out with the other hand and laid it on the other luscious tit. He looked up into her eyes, as if searching for signs of disapproval.

“Your hands feel so good on my naked tits, starling. Stroke my tits, Chris. That’s lovely. Oh yes! Your hands are so strong! I love the feel of strong hands on my naked breasts!”

“Gee, they feel good, Nurse Chambers! They’re so warm and smooth! Jeeze, Nurse Chambers, your… your nipples are all hard! They’re stiff like my prick! Look at how they stand out like that! Can I touch them too? Please?” Chris asked in a husky voice.

“Oh yes, darling! Do touch them! Pinch them between your fingers, darling! That feels so nice, so fucking nice. It makes my nipples tingle so beautifully! Oh God yes! My tits! My hot fucking tits! I want you to kiss them now, darling.”

“Can I? Honest?” The boy felt half dizzy from excitement.

“Oh God yes! Press your lips to my tingling nipples and kiss them! Nibble them too, lover! Bite them gently! Suck my nipples like a baby! Suck my tits! Lick and suck my hot fucking tits!”

Lisa’s young patient made wet slurping noises as he licked and sucked greedily at her freely offered tits. She loved the youthful exuberance with which he attacked her tits. He didn’t have the polish of an experienced lover, but what he was doing to her made her hot beyond belief. She couldn’t help wondering how those busy lips and that wildly flicking tongue would feel in her steaming cunt.

“I’m so hot! You’re making me so fucking hot!” Lisa felt her cunt dripping. “Are you getting hot too, Chris?”

“I’ve been hot, Nurse Chambers!”

“My cunt is on tire, darling. I need to be naked, stark naked! It’s so fucking hot between my legs, Chris! Let me sit on the table, darling. I’m going to be the patient, darling. You be the doctor. Take my panties off. You really have to examine my cunt and see why it’s so hot!”

Chris jumped up, his long hard prick bouncing up and down in front of him.

Lisa sat on the end of the examining table and lay back, parting her long lithe legs just a bit. “Come slip my panties down, darling Chris. I want to be naked for you.”

Chris held his breath and slipped her panties down until he could see the dark down of her cunt hair. He stared as more and more of her pussy came into view. He stopped when he had uncovered her enticing cunt and stared between her silky-looking legs.

“Is it pretty, darling? Does the good doctor like what he sees?” she teased.

“Oh shit yeah!” the horny kid gasped.

“Take my panties the rest of the way off, darling. I want to spread my legs for you. I want you to be able to examine my cunt more easily. I want you to look way up inside it!”

The boy did as he was told. He held her panties up to his face and inhaled the hot feminine fragrance. The scent of her musky pussy went right to his head, making him drunk with lust. He watched in rapt attention as his lusty nurse spread her legs for him. He stared between the rubbery-looking little lips of her pussy-flesh. The dewy lips parted as she spread her legs more widely. He could now see the rosy inner flesh of her incredibly hot-looking cunt. He wanted to reach out and touch her there, but he was afraid to be that bold.

“I know what you want to do, Chris. You want to put your finger in my cunt. Is that right, darling?” She reached between her spread legs and stroked her pussy with two fingers.

“Can I touch it, Nurse Chambers?”

“Oh yes, darling! You really must touch it. We’re playing doctor, and all good doctors touch their women patients’ cunts whenever possible. Put your finger in it, darling. See if you can discover my hot spot. I’m unbearably hot, Chris!”

Chris reached out his trembling hand, his finger pointed at her cunt. Lisa helped him by guiding his hand right to her cunt. She trembled with delight when his fingertip came in contact with the hot flesh of her seething cunt.

“Oh God yes! It feels so good. Put your finger inside me, Chris. Oh yes! It’s so lovely! Press my clit. Can you find it, darling? There!” She guided his fingertips to her tingling little bud of clit-flesh.

“Does that feel good when I rub it?” Chris asked, moving his finger in a tight circle, stimulating the tiny finger of flesh. When he saw her legs began moving with every stroke against her clit he knew that he was making her feel very good indeed.

“Oh Chris! Chris! I want your face between my legs! Put your lips on my cunt!” she moaned, reaching out and putting her hands on the boy’s head. She pulled his face toward her open pussy. He was eager to have a good long look at her cunt, and she knew it. “Isn’t it prettier up close, darling?”

“Oh fuck yes! It’s beautiful! It sure smells good too! Jesus Christ! I gotta lick it, Nurse Chambers! I’ve always dreamed about licking a woman’s spread-open cunt!”

“Put your tongue in me, darling. That’s right! Oh God yes! It’s so hot and slippery inside me! God, Chris, you do that so well! Lick it, lover! Lick my cunt! I don’t care if you are only a young boy! I don’t care if I am old enough to be your mother! Lick my fucking hot cunt! Make me come!”

Chris lapped wildly at Nurse Chambers’ juicy cunt. His tongue raced up and down the rosy crevice between her cunt-lips. Her cunt-juice flowed freely as he stimulated her sensitive flesh. He slurped up her juices, sucking them into his mouth and thirsting for more.

His cock strained between his legs, jerking wildly, aching with excitement ad tension. As he lapped at her clit, he pressed his hard cock against the edge of the examining table on which Lisa was lying. He couldn’t help moving his hips and rubbing his cock against the table, bringing himself very close to a ball-wracking orgasm.

“I want to suck your prick now, Chris! I want to take it in my mouth and suck it until you shoot your cum down my fucking throat!” she moaned, her cunt spasming in ecstasy as she writhed with pleasure.

“Oh shit! You… you mean it, Nurse Chambers? You really gonna suck me off?” the kid asked.

“Give me that cock! Give it to me! Don’t waste your cum fucking the table, silly boy!”

Lisa reached out and grabbed the boy’s purplish swollen cock-head with her hand. She ran her hand around the head of his sensitive prick, making his body jerk spasmodically. His cock was dripping with pre-cum, covering the head and shaft with slippery fluid. Lisa fell to her knees and opened her mouth as widely as she could. She wrapped her loving lips around the big knob of his hot cock and sucked his prick into, her mouth.

Young Chris almost passed out when he felt the incredible warmth and wetness of her mouth suddenly engulf his cock. He felt her mouth sucking at his prick, drawing it deeper into her face. He felt the roof of her mouth rubbing against the super-sensitive flesh of his cock-head as she drew his hard-on into her mouth and down her sucking throat.

Lisa sucked Chris’ hard cock all the way down her throat, swallowing as she tried to take the huge hard thing. The shaft of his jerking cock stretched her lips as it pushed into her throat. She felt him start moving his cock in her throat, slowly at first, but with increasing speed and urgency. She knew the boy couldn’t control himself now. She knew the cock would soon be fucking in and out of her throat.

“Oh shit, Nurse Chambers, I… I gotta shoot! I just gotta! Is it okay if I cumin your throat! Is it, Nurse Chambers? Please say it’s okay! Please!” the, boy gasped, rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet, moving his hard prick in and out of her face.

Lisa looked up at the boy and tried to let him know that it was fine with her if he shot off in her face. She could hardly wait to feel his hot thick cum spurting against the back of her throat. She knew from the way he was fucking her face that it wouldn’t be long until he shot his load.

The horny kid was fucking her face with such force that her head was pressed against the edge of the examining table. His balls were slapping against her chin with each thrust into her sweet face.

“Nurse Chambers, I… I think I’m gonna shoot! Oh fuck yeah! Oh fuck! Suck it! Suck my fuckin’ cock! I’m commin’! Yeah! Here it comes, Nurse Chambers! I’m gonna shoot it down your throat! I’m commin’! Aarrrggghhld!”

Chris had never felt such a powerful sensation before. He felt as if his cock and balls had been struck by lightning. His balls tensed suddenly between his legs, gathering in a tight knot just as his cum shot through his cock. He reached down and grabbed Nurse Chambers’ hair as his balls tightened. Spasm after hot spasm shook his tense young body as his cock pumped spurt after spurt of hot thick cum into her sucking face.

Lisa thought she might drown on the huge amount of hot cum the boy sprayed down her throat. She felt as if a gallon of the hot thick stuff was being squirted down her throat. She swallowed again and again in an effort to drink it all down, but it was just no use. The thick white cum he shot into her face dripped from her lips and ran down the shaft of the kid’s prick. Some of his jism ran onto her naked tits and onto her legs.

Lisa finally had to pull away from Chris’ wildly spurting cock to keep from choking on his cum. His cock was still shooting when she pulled her lips off the head of it with a loud plop. She held his swollen prick against her cheek and let the last few spurts of his cum spray against her silky cheeks. She rubbed his dripping cock-head against her cheeks, spreading his cum all over her lovely face. She smiled up at the boy, licking her cum-covered lips and giving the kid a look of lust that almost made his cock stiffen again.

“Oh Jesus, Nurse Chambers, that was great! I… I never felt anything like that before! You do that great!” the boy panted, his knees weak and his arms shaking a bit.

“Then it was much better than jacking off, darling?”

“Oh gosh yeah! Can I do it again? I mean… will you do it again? Will you suck me some more? I’ll be hard again in a minute. I sure would love to lick your pussy. Can I? Can I, Nurse Chambers? Please?”

The kid fell to his knees.

“Darling, I’m sure there will be many opportunities for us to get together to continue your treatments. I’m gad to see that your tension has decreased somewhat. The treatment had been a complete success! Don’t you feel better now, darling?”

“Oh God yes!” the kid gasped, looking up at her when she got to her feet and started to dress.

“I think it would be a good idea if you put your clothes on, Chris. You wouldn’t want to go about your junior-counselor duties in the nude. What would the other boys think?” She watched her patient reluctantly get into his clothes. “Tuck your prick back in your shorts now. That’s the way!”

She smiled, zipping up his shorts for him.

“Gosh, Nurse Chambers…”

“Don’t be so sad, darling. We’ll see each other again. I have some wonderful ideas for your next treatment.”


The day after Lisa’s encounter with young Chris was very uneventful. Lisa was beginning to wonder if she would ever be called upon to offer her services as nurse. She was also starting to get very horny again.

Just thinking about the wild things she had done to Chris the day before was making her cunt warm up.

She looked out the window and down the dusty path to the riding stable. One or two boys were saddling up their horses. She watched the shirtless boys riding off, their bodies glowing in the light of the setting sun. She wished they were riding her. She knew that she could give the young bucks a ride they would never forget.

Lisa was imagining how the boys could both fuck her at the same time when she was suddenly startled by a knock on the door. She tried to regain her composure and put fucking out of her mind for a while.

When she opened the door, her thoughts turned once again to her favorite past time. Chris was standing there. She looked down between his legs and saw that he had a big hard-on. His hard prick was sticking down the leg of his shorts.

Lisa wanted to grab the horny kid and pull him inside her little infirmary, but he wasn’t alone. Leaning up against his shoulder was another boy. He was taller than Chris, tall and thin with long legs and arms. He was limping as he walked into the infirmary.

“What seems to be the problem, Chris?” Lisa asked, looking down at Chris’ hard cock, then at the other boy’s foot.

“Eddie twisted his foot playin’ basketball. He says it’s nothin’, but I thought I ought to bring him to you.”

“It’s really nothin’, honest! I do this all the time! I’ll be fine in a few minutes!” Eddie said, shaking his leg.

Lisa knew perfectly well that Chris had brought Eddie to her as an excuse to see her again. His cock was threatening to tear a hole in his shorts at any minute. He sat down on a couch in the waiting area and put a magazine over his hard cock-bulge while Lisa examined Eddie.

Lisa asked Eddie to take his shoe off. She felt his foot for a moment or two and could find no damage.

“I don’t think we have anything to worry about Eddie. You’ll be as good as new in an hour or two. It isn’t sprained. I think you should just sit over here for a few minutes with your foot elevated,” she said, her cunt itching for Chris’ cock.

“Thanks, Nurse Chambers,” Eddie said.

“You’re big for your age, Eddie. You must be very good at basketball. You’re so tall,” she smiled, her eyes roving over the young boy’s body.

“I hope I can get on the team at my high school pretty soon,” the kid said.

“I’m sure you’ll make the team, Eddie. You seem to be quite an athlete.”

Eddie was wearing gym shorts. He had apparently forgotten to wear a jock under his shorts. Lisa could see the outline of a long thin prick beneath his white shorts. She could even see the pink of his balls barely showing through the crotch of his shorts. She had to turn away from the boy. Her cunt was starting to blaze.

Lisa ran the curtain around the little cubicle in which Eddie waited. She knew that he could very easily peek around the curtain if he wanted to, and she knew he would want to when he got an idea of what was about to happen on the other side of the room.

“Chris, are you feeling better today? Is your knee improving?” she asked, walking over to the boy, unbuttoning her uniform as she walked.

“I… I think I need to be examined again, Nurse Chambers!” the kid gasped, his balls burning between his tense young legs.

When Lisa stood before the boy, she did a slow strip. She slithered out of her uniform, stripped off her slip, wriggled out of her panties, and stood before him wearing only her shoes and her bra. She unfastened her bra and held the cups against her tits, swaying her body to music that only she and Chris seemed to hear.

“If you want to see my tits, you’ll have to lick my pussy,” she said, speaking loudly enough for Eddie to hear.

Eddie thought he was imagining things when he heard Nurse Chambers tell Chris to lick her pussy. He shook his head and peeked through a crack in the curtain. What he saw made his head swim. Nurse Chambers was standing an the other side of the room naked. Chris was on his knees between her legs. He could see Chris’ face pressed up between Nurse Chambers’ spread legs.

“Oh my God! Oh holy shit!” Eddie gasped, almost falling off the chair. The dumbfounded kid stared in shock at the wild scene at the far end of the room.

“Oh, Chris! Chris, darling! That feels so nice, so very nice! You suck my pussy so beautifully! Doesn’t it taste nice? Doesn’t the juice turn you on when you suck it into your mouth? I’ve been told I have a very sweet-tasting little cunt!” she gasped.

“It tastes so fucking good! Jesus! It tastes good! I wanna lick it all up, Nurse Chambers!” the hard-cocked kid moaned, his words slightly muffled by her juicy pussy.

“You’re making me so hot with your tongue, darling! Lick it just the way I taught you, darling! Oh God yes! Yes! Lick my cunt! Lick my hot fucking cunt! Lick meeeee!” she cried, her cunt blazing with lust for the kid.

“Oh shit! Oh fucking shit! This ain’t real! This ain’t really happening! I gotta be dreamin’!” Eddie whispered to himself, his eyes bugging out as he watched Nurse Chambers have her pussy eaten by his junior-camp counselor.

“Put your tongue way up inside me, darling! Thrust it into me like a hard little cock! Tonguefuck me, Chris! In and out! In and out of my fucking hot cunt! Oh God yes!” the hot-assed nurse moaned, her cunt dripping juices all over the boy’s face.

Chris ran his hands up and down Nurse Chambers’ legs. He ran his hands up her sides as he licked and sucked her cunt. His fingers made her skin tingle with pleasure, delight which was expressed in the way she clamped her legs together and held his head between her naked thighs.

“Oh Chris! Chris! I want that big hard prick you have throbbing in your shorts! I want to suck it! I want to lick and suck that big stiff cock! I want to make that fucking cock harder and longer than it’s ever been before!” she groaned.

Chris crawled out from between Nurse Chambers’ shuddering legs. Her naked body was shivering all over with pure excitement. Chris stood, before her and tried to open his shorts. His fingers were just not cooperating with him.

Lisa had to fall to her knees and attack his shorts. She almost tore them open to get at the enormous hunk of hot cock that throbbed within.

She tugged down his tightly stretched zipper and reached inside to grab his cock. She pulled at the huge cock until it popped out of his fly. She ran her fist up and down the dripping thing until the head of it swelled like a ripe plum in her hand. She managed to unfasten his shorts eventually. She tugged them down and exposed the boy’s excited prick and balls.

Chris wasn’t the only kid in the infirmary whose cock and balls were excited. Eddie was drinking in the whole scene. His cock had filled with hot blood almost immediately and was straining against his white gym shorts. His balls were swelling with excitement.

Eddie didn’t understand why Nurse Chambers was letting him watch her and Chris do those things, but he was enjoying every nasty minute of the show. The horny boy tried to control himself, but it was just no use. He couldn’t help reaching down and rubbing his hard cock through his gym shorts. He made it get even longer and stiffer by rubbing it with the palm of his hand. It jerked in his shorts, straining at the material. His balls ached with tension. He had forgotten all about his sore ankle. He was sitting on the edge of the chair, his head all the way out of the curtained enclosure.

Lisa squeezed Chris’ balls as she bobbed up and down on his hard cock. She took his cock all the way down her throat with each downward plunge of her pretty head. She gagged each time the swollen head of the kid’s cock banged against the back of her sucking throat. She reached between her legs and began diddling herself. She pushed her fingers between the little lips of her steaming cunt. She began poking her fingers in and out of her grasping cunt, driving herself wilder and wilder by the second.

“I have to be fucked, Chris! I need a hard cock!” she moaned when she pulled away from the boy’s dripping cock. “Will you fuck me, Chris? Will you do it to me, darling? I know you’re young and you’ve never fucked a woman, darling. Can you do it? Are you man enough to shove that big hard prick into my hot fucking cunt and fuck the living piss out of me?”

“Oh yeah! I can do it! I-I know I can! Gosh, Nurse Chambers; that’s all I’ve been thinking about all night! I had to beat-off three times last night before I could go to sleep! I was thinking about you all three times? I can fuck you, Nurse Chambers!” the boy cried excitedly, his balls aching for the chance to fuck the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on.

“Then do it, darling! Do it right here! Right on the couch! Fuck me! Shove that cock in my cunt and fuck me hard!” Lisa groaned, falling on her back on the couch. She rested her head cm the arm of the couch and draped one leg over the back, resting her other foot on the floor.

She was open to the boy now, open and ready for the rough fucking she knew the boy was about to give her. She had teased his cock so long that she knew he was too hot to be gentle with her. He would shove it in her and fuck her furiously — and that was just fine with her.

Chris fell on her, his shorts still down around his ankles, his shoes still on his feet.

Lisa wrapped her loving arms around the boy and squeezed him to her. She thrilled to the feel of his youthful muscles flexing with every move of his strong body against her. She felt his cock banging against her as he bucked his hard young ass. He took a while to find the hot gash between her spread legs, but when he finally did find it, his cock pushed into her so hard and deep that it made her scream.

“Oh God! God yes!” she cried. “What a cock? What a big hard cock! Oh, Chris, Chris! It’s so big, so fucking big! I don’t know if I can take it all! It’s stretching me, stretching my cunt! It’s so hot? It feels so good! It’s so deep inside me now!”

“Did I really hurt you, Nurse Chambers?” the boy asked nervously. He had his cock in her all the way to his hot balls. He didn’t move a muscle, waiting for her approval.

“You hurt me, lover, but it was so nice! Hurt me some more, stud! Hurt me with that huge cock! Move it now, darling! Don’t be afraid! You’re the most wonderful fucker I’ve had, darling! Fuck me with that fat hard thing! Fuck me as hard as you like, Chris!”

Chris began fucking his hard cock in and out of Lisa’s steaming cunt. He nearly dragged it all the way out with each pull, and, he fucked it in all the way to his balls with each thrust. It wasn’t long before both Chris and Lisa were beside themselves with passion. Chris’ strokes became faster and faster. Lisa began matching Chris’ strokes with strokes of her own. She thrust her pelvis out and gyrated her luscious ass, grinding her cunt against the kid’s groin and making his cock move in a tight circle deep inside her.

“Oh, Chris! I’m so fucking hot! Oh God yes! My cunt is on fire! I love your cock, darling! It’s so big and hot inside me! I just love cocks! I could suck a prick right now! I need another hard cock! Yes! I have to suck a cock! A big hard cock to put in my mouth and suck until the cum squirts out of it!” she cried at the top of her voice.

“Oh shit! Shit! Yeah! I got one! Oh fuck, yeah! Here! Have mine! I can’t stand it anymore!” Eddie shouted from across the room.

The hard-cocked kid hadn’t just been watching Nurse Chambers get violently fucked. He had pushed his gym shorts down to his ankles and had been jerking himself off. His cock towered up now, dripping with pre-cum and aching like hell. When he stood up and ran toward Nurse Chambers, his cock bobbed up and down in front of him.


The nervous and excited young boy almost fell flat on his face, tripping over his own shorts. He crawled half the way on all fours, urged on by Lisa’s beckoning hand. When he reached her and stood up, presenting her with his long cock, Lisa reached out and wrapped her loving fingers around the shaft of it.

“It’s so long! My goodness, Eddie, how long is it?” she asked, her mouth watering.

“Uh… well… it’s about ten inches hard that is! I measure it sometimes. I think it’s gonna get even longer. My brother has a thirteen-inch one.”

“And what lovely balls,” Lisa said, staring at the huge balls hanging low in their sac. She reached out and took the boy’s balls in her hand. “So big and heavy! Oh! Oh! Chris! That felt so good! Do that again! Fuck me! Oh God yes!”

“Are you really gonna do it to me, Nurse Chambers? Honest?” Eddie asked, his balls tingling with excitement in the beautiful nurse’s hand.

“Oh yes, Eddie! I most certainly am going to do it to you! I want this long stiff cock in my mouth! I want to be fucked in my cunt and my mouth at the same time! Just the thought of it makes me hot, so fucking hot! Are you ready, Eddie, darling? Are you ready to feel my lips on your naked cock? Are you ready far your fir st blow-job?” she asked, holding her patient’s swollen cock-head very close to her lovely lips.

“Oh, fuck yeah! I’m ready!” the kid gasped in a squeaky voice full of excitement.

“Give her that cock, Eddie! Give it to her! She sucks real good! She likes to have ’em shoved down her throat too! Fuck her face while I fuck her cunt, man! Oh, shit! I’m so fuckin’ horny I can’t believe it!” Chris exclaimed, his muscular young body straining as he fucked Nurse Chambers’ hot cunt.

Lisa wrapped her loving lips around Eddie’s cock-head. His cock had been oozing pre-cum for a long time now and was slippery from the head to the base. She felt her lips slipping up and down on his rigid cock very smoothly as she bobbed her head back and forth. She took the incredibly long cock down her throat until she gagged on the swollen thing. She had to pull away from his prick a few times to catch her breath. The excitement of being so violently fucked by Chris was making it hard for her to breathe.

“Jesus Christ, yeah! I never felt anything as good as this! It feels so good in your mouth, Nurse Chambers! It’s wet and hot and — oh shit — I don’t know, Nurse Chambers… it’s nothing like I thought. It’s so fucking great!” the boy gasped.

Lisa ran her tongue around the head of Eddie’s throbbing prick, making it jerk against the roof of her mouth. She bit gently but firmly at the shaft of his cock. She pressed her tongue against the underside of his cock, forcing the head of it up against the roof of her mouth. And all the while she was sucking him, making wet slurping sounds as she ate his prick.

“Take that cock, Nurse Chambers! Take my fucking cock! I wanna feel it buried in your cunt all the way to my balls!” Chris moaned, banging away with a passion.

His young balls slapped hard against the couch cushion. His wet cock made wet sucking sounds as it moved in and out of Nurse Chambers’ grasping cunt. Her cunt-juice was being whipped into a heady froth by the pistoning action of the young boy’s cock.

Lisa was going wild with passion. She bobbed her head up and down on Eddie’s cock, bringing the kid closer and closer to a mighty orgasm. She felt his heavy balls swinging hard against her chin with each thrust of his cock down her throat. Eddie was rocking back and forth against her now, driving his prick so far down her throat that she felt the hair on his crotch against her nose with each deep thrust.

Chris’ body was heavy and hot against her, as he worked his cock in and out of her clutching cunt. She could feel the tingling of pleasure that signaled her impending orgasm. She knew both boys were about to reach the limits of their endurance. She knew that a minute or two more of such wild fucking and sucking would make both horny kids shoot their hot wads.

“Take that cock, Nurse Chambers! Suck it! Suck my hard cock? It feels so good in your mouth, Nurse Chambers? Suck me! Suck my fucking prick! Oh shit, Nurse Chambers, I… I think it’s gonna happen soon! I think I’m gonna shoot my stuff! Oh fucking shit yeah! I’m gonna shoot it now? Do you really want me to shoot in your mouth?” the boy gasped, his balls getting hotter and hotter.

“Give it to her, man! She wants it in her face! Shoot that fucking cum down her throat! She wants it, Eddie! Let her drink it all down! Shoot! Shoot? I’m gonna give her my juice too! I’m gonna fill her fucking cunt up with it! Here it comes, Nurse Chambers! Take it! Take my fuckin’ cum! I’m shootin’! Take it!” Chris moaned as his balls suddenly tensed.

Lisa felt the boy’s enormous prick suddenly throb deep inside her, the hard shaft of it pressing very hard against the walls of her wet cunt. She also felt the fire of her orgasm spreading over her, radiating out from her hot little clit. She felt her cunt spasming with desire again and again. Her cunt clutched the boy’s impaled cock tightly, holding it in a vise-like grip as his cum spurted up into her.

Lisa felt Chris’ hot cum spraying up inside her, filling her, pouring into her until it ran out of her cunt, dripping from her pussy-lips and covering the kid’s cock and balls. She suddenly felt the other boy’s stiff cock start spurting what seemed like a gallon of hot cum down her throat. She felt his prick jerking in her face as his balls unloaded their pent-up load. She swallowed desperately, trying to drink down all of the boy’s jizz, but the stuff dripped from her sucking lips and ran down her chin.

“Oh shit, Nurse Chambers! It feels so good! I’m commin’ in your mouth! Jesus! It feels so fucking good! I can’t stop coming! It’s so fucking great! Look at the stuff running out of her mouth, Chris! Jesus, this is fucking wild!” the boy gasped as his cock shot off in her face.

“I’m filling her cunt up with cum right now! Oh damn, this is so fucking good! Take it, Nurse Chambers! Take every hard inch of that big cock!” Chris cried as he sank his cock in her all the way to his balls.

When the boys had finally emptied their hot balls into her face and cunt, they fell on her, covering her body. She felt their hearts beating hard and fast. She felt their hands all over her naked body, stroking her tits and ass. She rolled off the couch and fell on top of Chris. His still hard cock was buried in her cunt. Eddie stood over them now, his long prick still stiff and dribbling cum. He reached down and shook his cock, making cum fly from the head of it.

“My God, boys, don’t your cocks ever get soft? Why, I believe your cocks are hard enough to fuck me again. Eddie, darling, would you like to fuck me in the ass?” she smiled up at the boy who stood over her.

“In… in your ass? Wow! I’ll do anything you say, Nurse Chambers! I never fucked a woman before! Can I do it to you? You’d really let me do that to you?” the boy asked in a throaty voice.

“I want your cock in my ass while Chris is in my cunt! I want both of you to fuck me as hard as you can, boys!”

Eddie stepped up to Lisa’s upturned ass and laid his hands on her ass-cheeks, feeling their silky warmth. He spread the cheeks of the woman’s luscious ass and stared at her asshole. She told him to put his finger on the little ring of her asshole. He obeyed eagerly, exploring her little asshole and running his fingernail around it. She loved the things he was doing to her and she told him so.

“Put the head of your cock against my asshole, darling. That’s right. Oh God yes! It feels so hot against my little asshole! It’s so big and hard again! Push it against me! Oh God! Harder! Harder, darling! Yes! It’s going in! Oh God! Yessssss!” she hissed when the head of his bulging prick pushed into her shitter.

“Oh fuck yeah! Jesus! It’s in your ass, Nurse Chambers! My cock is in your ass!” Eddie gasped when his prick pushed into her incredibly tight asshole.

“Does it feel good, man? I never had my cock in her ass!” Chris gasped, his cock hard and swollen again in her seething cunt.

“It’s tight, real tight, Chris! Jesus! It feels kinds like she’s got her hands wrapped around my cock and she’s squeezing it real hard! It’s great!” Eddie cried, his cock sunk in her ass all the way to his balls.

“Move it in and out of me, Eddie! Fuck me in the ass! Fuck me hard! Move that prick! Move it in my asshole! Move it fast! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeee!” she moaned at the top of her voice.

Eddie didn’t need to be told twice. The eager boy started bucking his young ass and driving his cock in and out of her hot ass with strokes that grew faster and faster by the second. His balls banged against her sweet ass with every thrust. He stood with legs wide apart, straddling Chris’ legs and fucking her.

Chris started fucking Nurse Chambers’ clutching cunt hard. She had been working the muscles of her cunt against the hard shaft of his cock the whole time it had been inside her, stroking it. She had made it as hard as it had been when it had first been thrust inside her. The kid bucked his ass and thrust it so deeply into her that her whole body was raised off the floor. The boy’s balls slapped against the hard floor, but he was so horny that he didn’t feel any pam.

“Fuck me, boys! Do it to me? I’m so horny? I want to be fucked! Fuck my ass! Fuck my Goddamn hot cunt! Give me cock! Give me hard fucking cock! I want it! Fuck me!” she moaned, her cunt and ass grasping at the hard cocks that were so firmly packed into her.

“Oh God! Fuck! Take my cock! Take it in your cunt! Shit! Suck it up in there! I’m gonna shoot-off again! Oh fuckin’ shit! Here I come! I’m coming! I’m fucking shooting again!” Chris growled as he once again pumped her cunt full of his hot thick jism.

“Oh Chris! Come in me! Fuck me! Oh God! Can you feel Eddie’s cock inside me too, darling? Can you feel it pounding my as shale? Fuck me, both of you! Fuck my ass! Screw my cunt! Make me come! Oh God yes! Oh fuck! Fuck me! Fuck meeee! I’m coming, commiinnnggg!” she screamed.

Eddie saw stars when he closed his eyes and felt his cock shoot-off again, this time in Nurse Chambers’ hot ass. Her ass seemed to suck the cum right out of his swollen balls. He felt his balls shooting blast after blast of hot cum into her ass. His body shook from head to toe as spasms of pleasure tore through him.

Once again the three horny fuckers fell in a pile, stroking each other. The air was filled with the sounds of moaning and heavy breathing. The three lay together for several minutes, saying nothing, basking in the warmth of their pleasure. Lisa knew that she had given both young lads a taste of sex that they were not likely to forget.

“Well, darlings, did you enjoy that?” she asked as she started putting on her clothes.

“And how,” Eddie said, his cock starting to rise again.

“Can we stay all night and do it some more?” Chris asked, his prick swelling before Lisa’s eyes.

“It’s dark outside, boys. We can’t fuck in the infirmary all night. It just wouldn’t be very professional of me. And what if someone caught us. You do understand that we have to keep this a secret between the three of us, don’t you?”

“Gosh, Nurse Chambers, we won’t tell. Honest,” Chris said, not wanting to ruin a good thing.

“I think you should both come back for another examination in… say two weeks. And remember, this is very hush-hush.”

“Two weeks! But, Nurse Chambers, I don’t think I can wait that long,” Eddie said.

“Me neither, Nurse Chambers! Gosh! I… I can’t do without it that long!” Chris gasped.

“Boys, you did without it all your lives, until now. Surely you can wait two weeks! Just think how much more you’ll enjoy it when the time comes for your examinations. You’ll be so horny that you’ll fuck me so hard I won’t be able to walk!” she smiled wickedly. “Now get your clothes on. I have to straighten up here and fill out my daily report. I wonder if I should go into detail about your medical problem, Eddie. No, better not.”

Lisa giggled, grabbing the boy’s long stiff prick and rubbing it just a bit.

Both boys had a lot of trouble getting their stiff cocks back in their shorts. When they were finally more or less decent, she rushed them out the door.

“And by the way, there will be no jacking off for the next two weeks. I want those balls full of cum the next time I see you!” she whispered as she closed the door.

“Oh no!” Eddie groaned as the boys walked stiff-legged down the path, their hard cocks already starting to ache in their shorts.

Lisa liked the way she was torturing the boys. She knew that in two weeks they would have something to look forward to — and so would she. She didn’t know exactly what tomorrow would bring, but from the horny condition of the boys she had treated so far, she gathered that she wouldn’t be just sifting on her ass for two weeks.


Lisa was taking a nice stroll around the camp on her lunch hour when her next patient fell out of a tree right in front of her. The boy almost startled her out of her wits. He came crashing into some dense bushes by the side of the path. Before she could regain her composure, three other boys came rushing up from out of nowhere to see how their fallen comrade had come through his tumble.

“What on earth is this?” Lisa gasped.

“He fell out of the tree, Nurse Chambers,” one of the younger boys said, parting the bushes to have a look at the victim.

“I know that, son, but why was he in the tree in the first place?” she asked in a rather annoyed voice, trying to get through the bushes to examine the injured boy.

“I was tryin’ to get our frisbee down!” Lisa heard a voice call from somewhere deep in the brush.

“Are you all right?” she asked, finally getting a look at the kid who had fallen.

“I think so. I just got the wind knocked out of me. I’m okay. Honest,” the boy said, struggling to his feet and brushing himself off.

“I’m not so sure, son. What is your name, by the way?” Lisa asked, brushing leaves from the boy’s hair.

“I’m Russell — Russell Bowers. You’re Nurse Chambers, aren’t you?” the boy asked.

“That’s right, Russell. How did you know my name?”

“Everybody knows about you, Nurse Chambers,” the young boy said, regaining his composure after his fall.

“Boys, why don’t you just run on now? I think Russell will be fine,” she said, waving the other kids away. “Now what exactly does everybody know about me, Russell?”

“Uh… well… just that you’re real… well… real pretty,” the boy said, looking down at his feet and blushing.

“That’s sweet, Russell,” Lisa smiled. “Nurse Gumpert wasn’t pretty at all. In fact, she was so ugly it made the guys sick just to look at her,” the boy said.

“Now, now, Russell. You shouldn’t speak that way about Nurse Gumpert. I’m sure she was very dedicated,” Lisa said, unable to hide a little smile.

“You sure are as pretty as the guys said you were!” the boy gasped, his eyes glittering with youthful excitement.

“Russell, darling, I wonder if I shouldn’t examine you a bit. Are you sure you feel okay? Thai really was a nasty fall.”

“I feel fine, Nurse Chambers. Honest,” the boy said, doing some jumping jacks to show that he wasn’t damaged.

“Just the same, Russell, I really should have a look at you. Just a quick look. Why don’t we just take a little walk into the woods. It’s more private deeper in the woods, Russell. I might ask you to take your clothes off, and we wouldn’t want the other boys to see, would we, Russell?”

“Uh… gosh… I guess not!”

Lisa took the boy’s hand and led him deeper into the dense woods. They walked for a few minutes until they came to a tiny clearing.

“There, this should be private enough, Russell. Now where exactly does it hun?” she asked, standing in front of the boy and looking into his innocent blue eyes.

“I… I don’t know, Nurse Chambers. It doesn’t really hurt anywhere,” the kid said, swallowing hard.

“Are you sure you don’t feel any discomfort anywhere at all?” she asked, raising her dress all the way up to her waist.

Lisa stood there shamelessly showing the boy her barely covered cunt. She held her uniform up around her waist and let the kid stare wide-eyed at her silky legs and the dark nest of hair that showed through her white panties. She let one hand dip between her legs and clamp over her little cunt-mound. She rubbed herself lewdly. She then ran one finger up and down the little crevice where the thin material pushed into the crack of her cunt.

“Now, darling, are you feeling any discomfort?” she asked again.

Young Russell was feeling a lot of discomfort all of a sudden. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him. He tried not to stare at her legs and cunt, but there was just nothing he could do to avoid it. He had never even seen a pussy before, and the pussy he was seeing beneath the sheer white panties was driving him wild. He heard Nurse Chambers say something, but he was too completely focused on the sight between her legs to hear what she had, asked him.

“Well, Russell, perhaps you need to see more of me!”

She smiled wickedly, reaching down with one hand and slipping her panties down over her legs. Still holding her dress up with one hand, she stepped out of her panties and threw them to Russell. They fell right over the young boy’s handsome face. She heard him breathe in deeply, inhaling her sexy feminine fragrance.

Russell took her panties off his head and stared at them. Then he quickly put them back to his nose and sniffed the silky garment that only seconds before had been pressed up against her musky cunt.

Lisa looked down between the kid’s legs and saw something hard and stiff-looking making a bulge in his shorts. She knew it was too big to be his pocket knife, and it seemed to be getting bigger by the second.

“Now, Russell, are you feeling discomfort?”

“Gosh… I don’t know, Nurse Chambers!” the kid gasped, looking down at him rowing hard-on and the tent it was making in his shorts.

Russell didn’t understand why Nurse Chambers was showing him her cunt. Didn’t she understand what happened to guys when they saw things like that?

“That swelling cock between your legs looks terribly uncomfortable, Russell. It must be cramping your balls, darling. If you take your shorts off and let the air circulate around your cock and balls you’ll feel much better. I can feel the breeze blowing over my hot little cunt now, darling, and I feel much better. In fact, I think I’m going to take my dress off and get all naked. Why don’t you take your clothes off, darling?”

“You… you really want me to to strip down?” the boy asked, his cock throbbing in his pants and his balls swelling with excitement between his legs.

“Of course. I am your camp nurse, after all. How can I give you a proper examination if you have all your clothes on? After such a fall, you might have a bruise or something somewhere on your body. It’s going to be a lot of fun hunting for it. Off with your shirt, Russell. That’s the boy! Oh my! Such a nice strong body you have, Russell,” she said, approaching the boy, her naked tits swaying as she walked. “Show off with the shorts, darling. Don’t be afraid. You’ve been naked before in front of nurses, haven’t you?”

“Sure, but they weren’t beautiful naked ladies like — like you!” Russell whispered.

As Lisa approached the boy, he backed away from her. He had managed to summon up the courage to take his shirt off and drop it ow the ground, but he just couldn’t bring himself to take down his shorts in front of her. His cock was as stiff as a board. There was no way to make his hard-on go down.

“I think you’re going to need a little help getting those pants off, Russell,” Lisa said, backing the boy up against a tree.

Lisa reached down in front of the kid’s body and unfastened his shorts. She felt his stomach tighten when he sucked in his breath. She ran her warm silky hand right down inside the boy’s shorts. When her fingers wrapped around the shaft of his cock, she heard him gasp. She was very impressed with the thickness of the kid’s hard prick. His cock wasn’t very long, but it was unusually thick, just the thing to stretch her tight cunt.

“Russell, darling, you have a very thick cock for a boy of your tender years! Why, my fingers just barely go around the shaft of your hard cock! I really would love to see it out in the sunlight. Don’t be afraid, Russell, just let me unzip your shorts for you. That’s right. Ummm! Such big heavy balls too!” she gasped when she had tugged down his tightly stretched zipper and reached farther inside to fondle his fat balls.

“Oh jeez, Nurse Chambers! You’ve got your fingers around my cock! Oh shit! I gotta be dreamin’! I-I don’t believe this!” the boy gasped, his young balls aching with desire.

“Your balls must be all full of cum, Russell. They’re so big and fat. I just love little boys with big fat balls and hard thick cocks!” she moaned in a voice that dripped with lust.

“But… but why are you doing this? I’m just a-a kid!” Russell cried.

“Do you want me to stop, darling? Really? I’ll stop if you really want me to, Russell,” she said, stroking his short thick hard-on with one hand and gently kneading his balls with the other.

“Oh no, Nurse Chambers, you don’t have to stop. It’s okay… I mean… uh… it’s okay with me if it’s okay with you.”

“Then you’re enjoying the way I’m making you feel, Russell?”

“It… It feels good, but… gee… this is so wild! I never thought this would happen to me!”

“You have to learn about sex some time, don’t you, dear boy? You do want to learn about fucking and sucking, don’t you?”

“Gosh yeah! Oh jeez, that feels good! Oh damn, yeah! My cock feels good! Keep doing that, will you, Nurse Chambers? Please keep doing it!” the boy gasped, his cock dripping with pre-cum and making a wet spot in the leg of his shorts.

“I thought you’d enjoy this, darling. You see, you’re not just a kid after all! I think you have just what I need to make me very happy. I know I have what it takes to make a horny young stud like you happy, Russell. Do you like what you see?” she asked, taking her hands off the kid’s cock and balls and running her hands over her exposed tits.

“Gosh yeah, Nurse Chambers, you’re beautiful,” the boy said.

The boy stepped toward her for the first time and reached out to explore her naked tits.

She stepped back just as his trembling fingers made contact with her naked flesh.

“I want you to take your shorts off first, Russell. Push them down. Show me that you really want me to see your cock and balls. It’s only fair, lover. After all, I’m standing here as naked as the day I was born.”

Russell did as he was told, pushing his shorts down to his ankles. When his unyielding cock pulled from the leg of his shorts, it snapped up and stood at attention for Nurse Chambers’ inspection. She beckoned the boy to come toward her. He obeyed, his stiff cock bobbing up and down in front of him as he walked. The boy’s eyes were fixed on Nurse Chambers’ luscious naked body. The sunlight filtering through the trees fell on her naked flesh and made her skin glow.

“C-can I touch you now, Nurse Chambers? Please? I wanna feel your tits? Can I?” the boy asked, his hands trembling as he reached out to touch her tits.

“Yes, lover, you may touch my tits. I want to feel your strong young hands on them. I think you’ll like my titties, darling. They’re nice and soft. They’re warm and silky. Do you like them, lover?”

She moaned, cupping her tits in the palms of her hands and lifting them slightly, offering them to her young patient.

“Oh shit yeah I like them! They’re something else!” the boy cried, letting his fingers trail over the silky skin of her curvy tits.

“Put your hands right on them, darling. Don’t be afraid. Run your hands all over my tits, Russell,” she said, shrugging her bare shoulders and thrusting out her tits.

“Gosh, Nurse Chambers, your nipples are hard,” the boy said excitedly, looking into the nurse’s mysterious dark eyes.

“They’re hard for you, Russell. My nipples are tingling for you, darling. Why don’t you kiss them? I love having my stiff nipples licked and sucked by a handsome boy like you. Don’t be afraid, little lover, put your lips on my tits!”

She moaned, squeezing her tits and thrusting them closer to the boy’s face.

Russell buried his young face in Lisa’s freely offered tits and began licking and nibbling and kissing them all over. The boys lips and tongue seemed to be everywhere at once. When his lips fastened on one of her stiff nipples, she breathed in deeply. She put her hand behind the boy’s shaggy head and kept his face right where it was.

“Oh God yes, Russell! It feels so good when you do that, darling. Your lips feel so nice sucking at my tit. Nibble my nipple, darling. Oh God yes! Suck my tits like a baby, Russell. Suck the other nipple now, boy! Oh yes! Oh God yes! Don’t you love the way my nipples feel in your mouth? Don’t you love the way they taste on your tongue?”

Russell was too busy slurping at her tits to answer. He wasn’t aware of anything in the world except Nurse Chambers’ luscious tits, until he felt her reach down between his legs and grab his hard prick. When he felt her fingers wrapping around his dripping cock, he gasped and looked up at her.

“I thought that might get your attention, Russell. I have something else for you to lick and suck, Russell. I think you might like this treat I have in store for you even better than my tits. Would you like to lick my cunt?”

“Your… your cunt?” Russell gasped, looking down at the dark patch of hair between Nurse Chambers’ lovely naked legs.

“Yes, Russell, my cunt. It’s all hot and wet right now, lover. It’s all hot and wet just for you and it needs to be licked. I want to feel your tongue running up and down the crevice between my cunt-lips. Doesn’t that sound just delicious? Wouldn’t you like to taste my little cunt?” she asked, reaching between her naked legs and putting her fingers into her seething cunt.


Russell stared between her legs, his mouth wide open. He couldn’t believe that she was dipping her fingers into her cunt. He watched her move her fingers inside her pussy.

She closed her eyes for a moment. Then she took her fingers out of her cunt and put them up to his lips. He could detect the same scent on her dewy fingers as he had sucked into his lungs from her panties.

The boy opened his lips just a bit when she put her fingers into his mouth. She felt his tongue running over her fingers, licking off the tasty cunt-juice that covered them.

“Make a bed for me on the ground, darling. Use our clothes, lover,” she said. “We won’t be needing them for a while.”

Lisa reclined on the bed the boy had made for her under a tree. She leaned back against the tree trunk, her naked tits catching the warm glow of the sun. She raised her knees and spread her legs, opening her cunt for his inspection.

The kid fell on his belly and crawled between her spread legs, staring at the rosy gash that was now visible between them. He was only a foot away from her naked cunt, so close to her that the scent of her steaming pussy wafted past his nostrils. He breathed deeply, inhaling her musky scent and falling more deeply under her spell of seduction.

“Doesn’t it look hot, Russell? Doesn’t it look as if it’s on fire inside? Touch it, darling boy. Touch my cunt. Put your hand over it and feel how hot it is!” she gasped, spreading her knees even farther apart.

The boy’s hand was soon covering the gash between her open legs. She felt the warmth of his hand soaking into her cunt. She knew that he felt the incredible heat from her steaming cunt against the palm of his exploring hand.

“Put one of your fingers into my cunt, boy. Don’t be afraid. I want you to do it to me, lover. I want your fingers in my cunt. I want to feel your finger moving inside me,” she said, gasping when the boy inserted a trembling finger between the lips of her dripping cunt.

Russell started moving his finger deeper into her cunt, exploring her inner flesh. He stroked the wet flesh of her cunt with his fingertip. He could already feel her cunt clutching at his finger. When he found a hard little bud of flesh, he pushed his finger hard against it. When he moved his finger against the hot spot between her cunt-lips, the woman began to whimper softly. Encouraged by her little moans of delight, the boy began rubbing the little bud harder and faster, moving his finger in a circle.

“Oh, Russell! Russell, darling, that feels so nice! I’m so hot, so fucking hot! I just love having my cunt fingered by a horny boy! You’re doing such wonderful things to me, Russell! Are you sure you’ve never had your finger in a woman’s cunt before?” she gasped, her legs writhing a bit as the boy stimulated her hot clit.

“Gosh no, Nurse Chambers, but I sure do like it! Can I really do what you said? Can I really lick it?” the kid asked his finger still rubbing hard against her tingling clit.

“Oh God yes, Russell! Get that handsome face between my fucking legs and lick that cunt! Hurry! I’m on fire for it! Jesus Christ yes! I’m dripping! Lick me! Lick me, boy!” the hot used nurse moaned, her cunt wide-spread and waiting for the boy’s tongue.

The kid buried his face between Lisa’s open legs and began sucking at the dewy lips of her pussy. He pressed his lips against the jiggling flesh of her open cunt-lips, sucking at the little folds. He tasted her hot musky moisture on his lips and tongue. He puckered his young lips and pressed them right between her cunt-lips, forcing his lips up into her. He started sucking noisily at her rosy inner flesh, drinking up the moisture that flowed freely from her seething pussy.

Lisa wrapped her long naked legs around the boy’s shoulders and held his face more tightly against her cunt. She felt his lips working magic inside her, making her willing cunt tingle and burn with pure pleasure. She reached down and held her hand behind the boy’s head, forcing his young face even more tightly against her sweet cunt. She let the innocent boy come up for air occasionally, but only long enough to take a quick breath.

“Your tongue, Russell! You must put your tongue up inside me! I must feel it, darling! I must feel it moving deep inside me! Do it, lover! Put your tongue in my cunt, your horny little lover!”

The boy quickly did as he was told, thrusting his tongue into her and wriggling it around.

She began gyrating her pelvis and grinding her wet cunt against the boy’s eager face.

“Tongue-fuck me, stud! You must fuck me with your stiff tongue! Use your tongue like a little cock and push it in and out! Oh God, yes! That’s it, lover! That’s exactly what I need! In and out, Russell! In and out with that tongue! Oh yes! Tongue-fuck me! Do it! Eat my fucking hot cunt! Eat me! Eat me!” she screamed when her cunt started spasming with orgasmic delight.

Lisa’s cunt spasmed again and again. She felt as if fireworks were going off in her cunt. Wave after wave of sensation rushed over her. Her nipples tingled and stiffened.

“Oh God, yes! Yesssss! I’m coming! You’re doing it to me, Russell! You’re making me came! Oh God, it feels so good, so fucking good!” she moaned, her body suddenly going limp.

“Did I do it right?” Russell asked excitedly, looking up at the lusty nurse.

“You did it beautifully, darling. I’ve never had my pussy eaten more perfectly. Did you enjoy the little treat I promised you, Russell? Was it tasty enough?”

“Gosh yeah! Gee, I could eat pussy all day!” the boy grinned, his cheeks and lips glistening with pussy-juice.

“But there are so many other things we can do together, Russell. There are so many new and exciting things.”

“There are? Like what?” the boy asked, his eyes glittering with desire for his nurse. “I’d do anything for you, Nurse Chambers!”

“What would you like me to do for you, darling?” she asked.

“Would you… uh… would you touch me again? I mean… uh… like you did before when you put your hand in my shorts?”

“Oh I’d love to touch your cock and balls! Your prick must be awfully hard by now, Russell; I’ll just bet your balls are swelling and starting to ache, aren’t they? Poor baby. I’ve been neglecting you. And I promised you an examination, too. Come to me, sweetheart, and let me relieve your suffering,” she said, getting to her bees and opening her arms for her young patient.

Russell jumped up and walked on his knees over to her. She wrapped her loving arms around the horny little kid and gave him a long kiss on the lips. Her tongue found its way inside the boy’s mouth. She tasted her own pussy, on the boy’s lips. Their tongues intertwined as they kissed each other deeply.

Lisa’s hands were all over Russell’s naked young body. She thrilled to the feel of his tense young muscles. She glanced down at the short but incredibly thick shaft of his cock jutting up in front of him.

“You have such a wonderful body, Russell, my dear. Your skin is as smooth as a baby’s behind. It’s nice to feel a young man’s smooth body. Older men are so hairy. The only hair you have on your body is between her legs, Russell,” she said, her fingers running over the kid’s chest and down past his navel to the patch of dark curly hair on his groin.

Russell was holding his breath. His cock was thrust out as far as possible. He wanted it to look as long as he could make it look. He hoped she was satisfied with his prick. He wanted desperately to satisfy her in every way.

Lisa heard the kid suck in his breath involuntarily when she put her fingers on the head of his cock. She brushed the leaves off his dripping cock with the palm of her hand, making his whole body jerk spasmodically. The boy, was so excited that she was almost afraid to touch the head of his prick for fear of bringing him off too soon.

“You have a lovely cock, Russell, has anyone ever told you that?” she asked. “Have you ever had anyone touch your cock?”

“Just you, Nurse Chambers!” the boy gasped, his balls feeling like they would explode at any minute.

“Does it turn you on when I touch your cock, lover?” she asked, running the tip of her fingernail around the underside of the boy’s bulging cock-head.

“Oh jeez, yeah! Gosh! That feels great! I’ve never felt like this before!”

“Does it feel even better when I wrap my fingers around the shaft of your prick and squeeze it just like this?”

“Oh yeah! Yeah!” the kid gasped.

“You’re just dripping with excitement, Russell. Your cock is all slippery. It’s easy for me to move my hand up and down such a dripping prick. Does it feel good when I jack you off, son?” Lisa asked in a voice quivering with lust.

“Oh fuck yeah? Jesus Christ yeah!” the horny boy gasped when she started stroking his aching cock.

“Does it feel better than when you do it yourself?”

“A whole lot better, Nurse Chambers! A thousand times better!”

“I’m so glad, darling. I think this will feel even better than being jacked off,” she said, wrapping her wet lips around the thick shaft of his cock.

Lisa’s sucking lips moved slowly from the base of the boy’s cock all the way to the dripping head of it. She ran her tongue along the edge of his bulging cock-head, making the boy’s prick jerk against her loving lips. When she opened her pretty mouth and sucked the whole head of it into her face, the boy gasped with pleasure and excitement. She started bobbing her head up and down on the boy’s throbbing cock, making his cum-filled balls bounce against her chin. Her head moved faster and faster up and down the length of his cock.

“Oh shit! Nurse Chambers, I think something’s gonna, something’s gonna happen pretty soon! If you don’t stop, I think I’m gonna shoot my stuff in your mouth! You won’t be mad at me, will you? I… I can’t help it, Nurse Chambers! On fuck! Nurse Chambers! I’m gonna shoot off! I’m shootin’, Nurse Chambers! Oh fuckin’ shit! Here it comes! I’m commin’!” the boy shouted.

When his balls suddenly unloaded their heavy load down the nurse’s sucking throat, the boy grunted and thrust his cock, driving it as far into her face as he could.

Lisa tried to swallow all of the kid’s jism, but it wasn’t possible. His load dripped from her stretched lips and ran down her chin. She pulled his prick out of her mouth and smiled up at the boy. His cum was still dripping from her lips. She ran her tongue over her lips and squeezed the last drops of jism from his dripping cock. She ran her fist over his cock and made a drop of cum ooze from the tip of it. She flicked put her tongue and carried the last of his cum into her mouth.

The boy fell on his back on the pass. The experience had been unlike anything he had experienced before.

“Oh wow! That was somethin’ else, Nurse Chambers! You took my stuff right down your throat! Wow! You swallowed it!” the kid cried in disbelief.

“I have many things in store for you that might surprise you, Russell, darling,” she said.

Lisa was about to go over and squat on his cock when she and the boy suddenly had quite a different surprise. Two boys suddenly crashed through the dense undergrowth and burst into the clearing where she and Russell had made their little love nest. The two boys seemed as shocked by their discovery as Lisa and Russell were at being discovered.

The shock was considerable, but since the intruders were boys of about Russell’s age, Lisa knew that she could handle them.


“Oh fuck! Jesus Christ! What the hell’s goin’ on?” one of the boys gasped when he saw Lisa’s luscious naked body.

“What are you doin’, Russell? Man, you’re naked! Oh wow! Nurse Chambers! I don’t get it?” the other boy exclaimed, staring wide-eyed at Nurse Chambers’ naked tits.

“What are we gonna do, Nurse Chambers?” Russell almost cried, trying desperately to pull on his shorts.

“Don’t be in such a hurry, Russell. Don’t put your pants on just yet, darling. We have many other things to explore, darling,” she said, brushing the boy’s hand away from his shorts. Russell dropped his shafts and stood naked in front of the two young intruders. He tried to cover his thickening cock with his hands, but Lisa brushed his hands away.

“I want to see that beautiful cock of yours, darling. It took me long enough to get you to let me see it, darling. I don’t want you to hide it now!”

The two boys looked at each other in amazement. They couldn’t believe what they had stumbled upon in the clearing. They didn’t know for sure, but it seemed that Nurse Chambers and their friend Russell had been fucking in the woods. The boys couldn’t take their eyes off the nurse’s naked body. She didn’t try to hide her nakedness for a minute. Instead, she seemed to be standing and moving as if to show off her curvy body. They couldn’t help letting their eyes rove over her glowing form as they walked slowly toward her.

“Well, boys, don’t you think you owe Russell and me an explanation?” she finally asked when the boys were within an arm’s length of her.

“We… uh… we were just lookin’ for Russell. We didn’t mean anything — honest!” the older of the two kids tried to explain.

“Yeah, Nurse Chambers, we just wanted to throw some more frisbee. We thought Russell got lost or something. We didn’t mean to catch you and Russell… uh… doin’ what you were doin’,” the other boy said, his eyes still running up and down Nurse Chambers’ naked body.

“And just what do you think Russell and I were doing?”

“Oh gosh. I-I don’t know — honest!” the younger boy gasped.

“You have good ears, don’t you, son? Didn’t you just hear me say that I let Russell eat my cunt, and that I sucked his cock?” the lusty nurse asked the nervous boy.

“Uh… yes… well, I heard you say that, yeah.”

“That’s exactly what we were doing, son. And we were about to do something else when you interrupted us. I was just about to get fucked by that horny stud when you barged in on us.”

“You were?” Russell’s mouth was open in amazement.

“Yes, lover, I was. I want to take that big fat cock in my cunt. That cock is just made to stretch a cunt, darling. Just look at how big and thick it is, Russell. You might not know it, son, but you have a wonderful prick there. My cunt is just itching for it!” she gasped, eyeing Russell’s rock-hard cock.

“You mean you were really gonna let Russell fuck you?” the older boy gasped.

“Right here in the woods?” the younger boy asked, his cock starting to stir in his pants.

“I was, boys, and guess what,” she said. “I still am!”

“All right!” Russell shouted, his balls shivering with excitement.

“I think you boys should hang around and watch. You might learn something about fucking. You do want to learn about fucking, don’t you, boys?” Lisa asked, feeling wickedly seductive.

“We sure do, Nurse Chambers!” the boys cried in unison.

“Then sit down,” she said in a serious tone.

The boys sat like well-trained puppies.

“You know, Nurse Chambers, my cock’s as big as Russell’s,” the younger boy said.

“Oh really?” she smiled over her shoulder as she walked over to where her horny patient waited.

“Mine too!” the older boy cried; “In fact, mine’s longer than his!”

“Now what makes you think I’d be interested in that bit of information, boys?” she asked in a teasing voice. “I don’t even know your names and already you’re telling me all about your private pans!”

“My name’s Tim,” the older boy said, his prick rising quickly in his pants.

“My name’s Jerry, Nurse Chambers,” the other boy said, watching Lisa’s naked asscheeks rising and falling as she moved toward the pile of clothes beneath the tree.

“Well, boys, now that we’ve been more formally introduced, I suppose we can talk about your cocks. Are they really all that big? Are they getting hard now, boys?”

The two boys looked at each other in amazement. She knew exactly what was happening to their cocks without even looking.

“Russell, darling, why don’t you just sit on the ground here and let me do all the work. I’m going to sit on your lap and take your big hard cock right up my cunt,” she said.

Russell sat with his legs straight out in front of him. His thick prick was jutting up from his lap and dripping again with pre-cum. His balls were full of cum and ready to blow another wad into her cunt. He stared at her firm tits as she straddled his legs and stood facing him. She reached between her legs and rubbed her cunt for a moment, feeling the free-flowing juice of her cunt on her hand. She knew that Tim and Jerry were craning their necks on the other side of the clearing, trying to get a good look at what was going on.

“Come here, boys,” she said, snapping her fingers.

The two young lads jumped up and ran over to her. She could see their stiff cocks sticking down the legs of their pants. Sh could see that the boys hadn’t lied when they had bragged about the sizes of their eager young pricks. She could tell that she would be spending the whole afternoon in the little clearing with the boys. Often the two hard-cocked kids stood close to her, she snapped her fingers again and they fell to the ground. They sat cross-legged, staring wild-eyed at Lisa’s dark and delicious cunt as it descended slowly toward the head of young Russell’s waiting prick.

Russell was very self-conscious about puffing on a show for his pals, but he tried to be brave. Lisa knew that he would be having the greatest time of his life as soon as she engulfed his cock with her grasping cunt. After sliding up and down on his cock a few times, she knew that she could make him forget their audience. In fact, she rather expected that Russell would soon come to enjoy showing off his talent at fucking.

“Oh God, Russell! Your cock is so hot! I can feel the heat of it already? Can you feel my cuntlips against the head of your big hard cock, darling? My cunt is so close to your cock now, darling! I must have it inside me!” she moaned, lowering her body just enough to take the knob of his cock into her cunt.

“Oh shit! Oh yeah, that feels good, Nurse Chambers! Oh fuck yeah! My cock’s in your cunt! It’s hot in there! Oh wow! It’s goin’ deeper? Oh fuck! This feels so fucking good! I can’t believe this! My cock’s in your cunt!” the kid gasped as he felt her cunt sucking at his prick.

Lisa felt the boy’s swollen cock-head stretching the lips of her cunt, filling her. As the bulbous head of the thing pushed between her cunt-lips, she started working the practiced muscles between her legs, massaging the kid’s aching cock and making his balls blaze with lust. She looked over at Tim and Jerry and licked her lips. She smiled a wicked smile and lifted her naked tits slightly. She could see both boys’ stiff cocks jerk in their pants when she looked over at them.

“Doesn’t it look like fun, boys? Don’t you wish you were Russell?” she asked, moving closer to Russell’s naked chest and moving her body so that her tits brushed against his soft smooth skin.

The boys were speechless. Their mouths were open and their eyes glazed over with lust. She knew that she could get the kids to do anything in the world that she wanted them to do for her. She was thrilled by the power that she held over the boys. She kept smiling at the onlookers as she took more and more of Russell’s dripping prick into her.

“Oh God yes, Russell! Your cock is so hot and thick! I just love the way it’s stretching me! Fill me with it, darling! You’re such a hot fucking stud! Oh, darling, you’re so hard, so big, so hot!” she moaned, moving her ass and grinding her wet cunt against the kid’s cock.

“It sure feels good in there, Nurse Chambers! It feels like your cunt is sucking at my cock or something! Gosh, your cunt is hot! It’s real tight, kinda like a fist — only — well — only better!” the horny boy groaned, his cock throbbing deep in the woman’s hot cunt.

“Fuck me hard, boy! Oh God yes! Give me that cock! I want to feel stretched and stuffed with cock! I’m going to slide up and down on it, lover! I’m going to squeeze your beautiful young cock with my cunt and bounce up and down on it until I make you shoot your wad! Do you want that, darling? Do you want to shoot your cum in my fucking cunt?”

“That’s what I want! Yeah! I want to fuck you! I want to push my cock all the way in there and squirt in your cunt, Nurse Chambers! Take it up there! Take it!” the kid growled, moving his young ass and raising the hot nurse into the air with each upward thrust.

Lisa moved up and down on the young boy’s cock. The thing seemed to get bigger and thicker by the minute. She wrapped her loving arms more tightly around the boy and held him to her as they bounced up and down together. She felt her naked nipples tingling as they rubbed against the boy’s chest. She felt his hot breath against her throat as he panted like a sex-crazed animal.

“Give it to me! Give me that cock! Fuck me! Fuck me like a stud, Russell! Oh, Russell, you’re such a wonderful fucker! I’ve never been so beautifully fucked! I’m so hot, so fucking hot! I’m on fire? Oh God yes! Harder! Deeper! Hurry! Oh yes! Yessssssssss!” she hissed.

“Oh shit! This is wild! This is too fucking much!” Tim gasped, his prick throbbing against the tightly stretched material of his pants.

“My-my cock’s gettin’ hard, Tim! What if she sees it?” Jerry whispered in Tim’s ear, his prick dripping with pre-cum and jerking with excitement.

“I think she already sees it, Jerry. She keeps lookin’ at us. Maybe she’s gonna — gosh, I don’t know, Jerry, maybe she’s gonna let us fuck her too!” Tim moaned in a hushed voice.

“Nurse Chambers! I think ft’s gonna happen! I… I think I’m gonna shoot off? Oh fuck yeah! Here it comes, Nurse Chambers! I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna come in your cunt!” Russell shouted as his balls tensed between his straining legs.

“Oh yes, lover! Come in me! Squirt me full of your hot cum! Pill me up with it! Put out my fire with it, darling! Drown my cunt with it! I want to feel it spraying up into me! Fuck me! Come in me! I’m coming too, lover! We’re coming together! We’re coming, coming, coming!” she cried as her cunt spasmed again and again.

“Take the stuff! Take it! Take my fucking cum!” the horny fucker growled, his cock spurting what seemed to the boy like a gallon of cum.

Every spurt of the hot thick stuff made his whole body jerk. Every muscle in his body tightened and then released as he unloaded his cum into her cunt.

“Oh, Russell! Russell, it was lovely! You fuck so well! Are you sure you’ve never fucked a woman before, darling?” Lisa asked as she and her young fucker held each other in a warm embrace.

“This was the first time, Nurse Chambers. Honest. I… I still don’t believe I really did it!” the kid said.

“I hope it won’t be the last time you fuck me, darling,” Lisa smiled, kissing Russell on the lips.

Tim and Jerry were having a bad time of it. The scene they had witnessed had driven them wild with lust. Their cocks were hot and throbbing with excitement. Their balls were cramped in their pants and aching with pent-up cum.

Both boys had to reach down and rub their tingling cocks. The friction of their hands and the tough material of their pants against the shafts of their already-excited cocks just made things worse. For the two onlookers, the tension of waiting to find out what their sexy nurse had in store for them was almost unbearable.

Lisa rather reluctantly stood up and let Russell’s fat cock pull from her cunt. She stood over the two boys who had been watching her lewd display. She saw that they were ready for anything now. Their cocks were making tents in their pants. She could see patches of wetness where the pre-cum from their stiff cocks had dampened their pants. She knelt down in front of the boys and looked them in their glittering eyes.

“Something tells me you boys liked our little performance. Is that true, darlings?”

Both boys nodded eagerly.

“But did you learn anything about fucking? Did you watch carefully and see how Russell did it to me? Did you see how he thrust his rock-hard cock into my cunt? Do you remember how he banged it in and out of me? Do you think you could do the same? Do you think you could make me come the way Russell did?” The boys nodded again.

“Show me your cocks, boys! Let me see how they measure up!” she exclaimed.


Tim and Jerry almost tore their pants open getting to their throbbing cocks. Lisa saw the boys fumbling nervously with their zippers and offered her assistance. She brushed both boys’ hands away and began opening their pants for them.

While she unzipped Jerry’s pants, she reached down with her free hand and pushed down with the palm of her hand on the long hard bulge of his cock. She unfastened the top of Jerry’s pants and spread them open. His long hard-on was still firmly imbedded in the leg of his pants.

When she took her hand off Jerry’s cock, she started working on Tim’s pants. When her busy hands had opened both boys’ pants and tugged down both boys’ zippers, she was ready to release their excited young pricks. She reached down into both boys’ pants at the same time and grabbed a rock-hard cock in each hand. She squeezed both boys’ jerking cocks tightly. She began tugging at their hard-ons until she had managed to free them from the confinement of their pants.

“How lovely, boys! I’ve never seen more beautiful cocks in all my years of nursing, darlings. Is there something about Camp Wawakakee that attracts big-cocked young studs like you three lads? Just look at the size of these cocks! They’re pretty enough to eat! You don’t mind if I have a little taste, do you, boys?” she asked, running her tongue over her luscious lips.

The boys were too excited to say much. They just stared at Nurse Chambers’ beautiful naked tits and breathed heavily. Their long hard cocks stuck up from their laps, pressing against their T-shirts and getting hotter and hotter by the second.

Lisa could hardly make up her mind which prick to suck first. They both looked delicious. She decided to start her cocksucking with the younger boy’s cock.

When she bent down over Jerry’s lap and blew a stream of warm moist breath over the slippery head of the kid’s dripping prick, she thought the boy would jump out of his pants. When she pressed her lips against his bulging cock-head, the boy’s reaction was the same. She planted a wet kiss on the boy’s cock and smiled up at him.

“You seem startled, Jerry, darling. Didn’t it feel good?” she asked.

“Oh wow, Nurse Chambers, it felt great! I just didn’t think it would feel that good! Gosh! You really put your lips on my — on my cock!” the boy gasped.

“That’s the way I felt the first time she touched my cock, Jerry,” Russell said.

The boy had taken a kneeling position by the side of the other two boys and was eagerly watching Lisa work on their stiff pricks. His own cock was already hard again and sticking up between his legs. He hoped Nurse Chambers wouldn’t forget about him as she worked on Tim and Jerry.

“You have such a nice hot tasty cock, Jerry. The fluid that’s oozing from it tastes nice and salty on my tongue. It makes me want to suck that hard slippery thing into my mouth and eat it. Do you mind if I eat your cock, darling?” she asked, licking her lips.

“Please do it, Nurse Chambers. Please put it in your mouth! I really need it, Nurse Chambers! My cock’s driving me wild! I gotta feel your mouth on it! My balls are aching! I gotta shoot off! I can’t stand it much more, Nurse Chambers!” Jerry cried, his tails gathered between his legs like a knot of tension.

“Poor darling! Let me see if I can make you feel better. And don’t be afraid if you shoot your hot cum down my throat, lover. I would just love to drink down the cream that shoots out of your big balls!” With that, Lisa of coed her pretty mouth and took the boy’s rigid prick into her sucking face. She reached between his tense legs and grabbed his cum-filled balls, squeezing them as she sucked. She ran her practiced tongue around the head of his dripping cock. She knew just what to do to make the boy’s cock-head tingle and burn with excitement. She felt the rigid prick jerking and kicking in her mouth, felt the head of it piledriving up against the roof of her mouth. She made wet slurping sounds as she sucked any at his cock.

Jerry began moaning and groaning with pleasure. He couldn’t help moving his hips and thrusting his cock in and out of her busy mouth. He raised his ass off the ground with each thrust into her face. He felt her fingers clutching at his tense balls, kneading them in her warm hand, tugging at them gently. Nurse Chambers’ long black hair brushed against the boy’s balls and the naked shaft of his cock as she moved her head up and down in his lap. Jerry’s fists were balled at his sides. Every muscle in his body was tense and hard as she brought him closer and closer to the climax that he craved.

Lisa reached out with her free hand and wrapped her loving fingers around the long hard shaft of the older boy’s prick. She felt him move closer to her. She began slowly stoking Tim’s cock up and down while she sucked his buddy’s prick and played with his balls. She could feel Tim’s cock oozing pre-cum and wetting her fingers as they moved up and down on his silky cock-shaft. She knew that she would have to suck his cock soon. The boy was just too horny to go without her loving care for much longer. “That feels so fucking good, Nurse Chambers!” Tim gasped as she jerked his cock up and down. “She’s jerking me off, you guys! I can’t believe this! This is somethin’ else!”

“Just wait till she makes you come, man! Wait till she puts her mouth on it and sucks the cum right out of your cock! She’s gonna drive you wild, man!” Russell exclaimed, reaching down and stroking his stiff prick.

“Gosh, Nurse Chambers, I… I think my cock’s gonna shoot! Oh fuck, yeah! I’m gonna shoot it! Suck me! Keep sucking my hard cock, Nurse Chambers! Oh yeah! Suck! Suck my fucking prick! Oh yeah! Eat it! I’m commin’! Arrrraggggghhhhh!” the kid growled when his balls spasmed.

Jerry shoved his cock down her throat so far when he shot off that Lisa almost choked on it. She drank down the cum that shot in rapid spurts against the back of her throat. She coughed and sputtered as she tried to take the huge load the little boy poured into her throat. When she pulled her head away from his dribbling prick, she looked up at the grinning boy and licked the cum off her lips.

“Do you feel better now, Jerry, darling?” she asked sweetly.

“Oh yeah! I feel great! Gosh that feels good! You’re the greatest nurse in the world!” Jerry cried, still breathing heavily.

“It’s nice to be appreciated, Jerry. That’s why I came to Camp Wawakakee, darling. I knew that you boys would appreciate my services. Are you in need of my professional services, Tim?” she asked, her eyes burning with hot lust for the boy.

“I sure am, Nurse Chambers! My balls are achin’ something awful! Could you do something to make ’em feel better?” Tim asked, grinning mischievously, his dark eyes glistening with lust.

“Don’t go away, Jerry,” she said. “I’ll be needing you soon.”

“I’m not leaving, Nurse Chambers. No way!” Jerry said, reaching between his legs and fondling his cock.

“Does this feel good. Tim?” Lisa asked, rubbing her thumb over the sensitive underside of the kid’s bulging cock-head.

“Oh fuck yeah!” the boy gasped, his whole body jerking with pleasure.

“And how does this feel, darling?” Lisa asked, putting her lovely face in his lap and flicking her tongue over the lips of his dripping prick-head.

“Oh shit! That feels real good, Nurse Chambers, real good!” the boy gasped, his cock throbbing in the woman’s silky hand.

“Tell me how this feels, Tim,” Lisa said, sucking the shaft of his cock into her mouth.

She pressed her tongue against the underside of Tim’s and forced the head of it hard against the roof of her mouth. Then she started bobbing up and down on his hard cock. She drove the kid wild with the friction of his cock against the roof of her mouth.

Lisa reached between her legs and stuck a finger into her tingling cunt. She dripped with excitement. She found the hot little bud of her clit and began rubbing it with the tip of her finger. She knew that all three inquisitive boys were watching her finger her hot cunt. She started poking her finger in and out of her cunt, making her hotter and hotter by the second. She needed a stiff prick between her legs, needed to feel it stroking in and out of her.

“I’m gonna come, Nurse Chambers! God, Nurse Chambers, that feels great! Oh shit! Here it comes! Oh fuck! I’m gonna shoot down your throat! I’m commin’ in your mouth!” Tim grunted.

“Do it, man! Fuck her! Fuck her face, man! Oh shit, yeah! Fill her face with that cock! Shoot that cum down her throat!” Russell cried, stroking his own stiff prick while he watched.

Tim saw stars when his balls suddenly unloaded their wad of hot cum down Nurse Chambers’ sucking throat. He felt her throat contracting around his spurting prick as she swallowed again and again. The boy heard her choking and gasping for breath as she tried to swallow the huge amount of jism he pumped into her face. When his cock finally pulled from her mouth with an audible pop, it snapped up against his belly, still as stiff as a board. He looked down and saw her smiling up at him, his cum glistening on her lips.

“Oh wow!” he gasped, failing on his back in the grass.

Lisa laughed and fell on her back too. She raised her legs and offered her hot cunt to her young patients. “I’m so hot, boys. Do you see how hot my cunt is, boys? Do you see how wet it is? I’m just dripping with excitement. Wouldn’t you love to bury your handsome faces between my legs and lick my cunt?”

“And how!” Russell said, smacking his lips.

“I’ll even spread my legs more for you, boys. Come and taste my cunt, boys. I’m sure you’ll find it tasty,” Lisa said, spreading her legs wide apart and reaching between them to insert two fingers in her cunt. She lewdly spread her two fingers apart and opened her cunt-lips in a display calculated to drive the cager boys wild.

Russell was the first to bury his face between Lisa’s open legs. She shivered with pleasure when she felt his tongue licking up and down the rosy crevice between her legs. She ran her hands over her silky naked tits, feeling the stiff tips of them tingling against her fingers.

“Oh God, Russell! Your tongue feels so good on my cunt! Lick me! Lick my hot fucking cunt! Lick me!” she moaned, her cunt seething as the obedient boy lapped away at her.

It wasn’t long before Jerry had to have a taste of her cunt too. He pushed his face between her legs, sniffing like a puppy at her fragrant cunt. He started licking her dewy cunt-lips, lapping up her juices. He thrust his tongue into her cunt and began tongue-fucking her along with Russell. Both boys’ tongues poked wildly in and out of her grasping cunt.

While Russell and Jerry lapped at her cunt, Tim began sucking her naked tits. He popped one nipple into his mouth and sucked like a baby. Lisa pinched at her other nipple, making her whole body tingle with delight.

“Oh God yes! I love you boys so! You’re doing such lovely things to me! Lick me, boys! Make my cunt tingle, darlings! Lick my hot fucking cunt! I’m so fucking horny! I need a prick! I need a hard cock in my cunt! Fuck me now, boys! I don’t care which of you fucks me! Just hurry and stick a prick in me!”

Jerry scrambled into position between her legs, pushing Russell out of the way. He fell on her and began bucking his ass wildly, thrusting his stiff prick against the general vicinity of her cunt. It took him a while, but the boy finally found his target. He thrust his cock into her all the way to his hot balls with one quick thrust. Lisa looked down and saw the look of pure pleasure on the kid’s face when he buried his cock in her hot cunt.

“Oh God yes! I love your prick, Jerry! It’s so big and hard in my cunt! It’s jerking so hard imide me! I can feel the heat of it, stud! It’s so good, so fucking good! In and out now, lover boy! Stick it to me! I need it so! Fuck me!” she cried, her cunt clutching at the hard prick that was buried deep inside her.

Jerry started moving his cock in and out of her hot pussy, withdrawing it until it almost pulled from her, then punching it back into her all the way. His fucking pace grew faster and faster until his cock had whipped her cunt-juices into a froth by the friction of his cock against her tight and juicy flesh. The boy’s balls slapped against Lisa’s steaming crotch as he fucked in and out of her.

“Come in my cunt! Shoot me full of it! Do it, boy! Come! Shoot it in me! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt!” she moaned, wrapping her long lithe legs firmly around the boy’s lean waist.

It wasn’t long before the horny boy was ready to do just what she had ordered him to do. He felt his balls getting ready to shoot a gallon of hot cum into her sucking cunt. He kept thrusting in and out of her until the last moment, then forced his cock into her as far as it would go.

“I’m commin’! Oh fucking shit! Here it comes! I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna shoot my cum in your cunt! Take it! Take the hot fuckin’ stuff up there, Nurse Chambers! Take my fucking hot cum!” the kid gasped, his balls spasming with pleasure between his straining legs.

“Oh, Jerry! Jerry, darling! Yes, lover! I can feel it! I can feel your cum squirting into me! Come deep in my cunt! I want to feel it spraying against my flesh! It’s so hot inside me! Don’t ever stop coming! Come in me until your big balls are empty!”

When Jerry had finished fucking her, he fell off her and let Russell take his place between her spread legs. Russell sank his cock into her tight cunt and began banging in and out of her with a wild passion. He stretched her clutching cunt with his thick prick. He could hear her whimpering with delight as he filled her cunt with his prick. Her whimpers and moans of pleasure spurred him on to even greater passion. His cock was soon moving like a jackhammer between her trembling legs.

“Fuck me! Fuck me fast, lover! Oh yes! Yes, Russell! You love it, don’t you, darling? You love my hot cunt! You fuck me so perfectly! Stretch my cunt with your fat cock! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeee!” she cried, her legs writhing and shaking as she climaxed.

Her cunt grabbed Russell’s cock so tightly when she climaxed that his cock suddenly started spurting deep inside her. The boy grunted and moaned as his spunk poured into her sucking cunt. He was still spurting into her when Tim pushed him aside and plunged his own hard cock into her, Tim fucked her furiously, bucking his ass hard and fast, moving his cock in and out of her tight dripping cunt until he too shot his wad into her.

“Oh, boys, boys! I can’t stand it! It’s just too lovely! My God! What horny fucking studs you boys turned out to be, and with only an afternoon of experience! Just imagine what wonderful things you’ll be able to do to me by the end of the summer!” Lisa exclaimed, standing up and looking at the three boys sprawled on the ground at her feet.


Lisa was thinking about the wild things she had done in the woods the week before when Mr. Carter suddenly appeared at the door of the infirmary with a young boy. The boy was looking very dejected and holding his stomach.

“Just tell Nurse Chambers what’s ailing you, son,” Mr. Carter said, patting the boy on the back and turning to leave. “Wayne seems to be a little shy, Nurse Chambers, but I’m sure you have ways of dealing with problems of that sort. Wayne seems to have a stomach ache. It’s probably nothing to worry about, but it’s always good to be sure. Whip him into shape if you can, Nurse Chambers. We need tall boys like Wayne on our basketball team.”

The old gentleman left, closing the door behind him.

“Well, Wayne, what seems to be the trouble today?” Lisa asked. She noticed that the boy wouldn’t look up from the floor. He didn’t reply to her question so she walked over to him and put her hand on his shoulder. “Wayne, did you hear me?”

“Yes, Nurse Chambers,” he said.

“Then why don’t you answer, darling? I’m just trying to help. I know it’s difficult when you’re shy, Wayne, but you really must try. I have to find out what’s bothering you,” she said in a warm voice, running her silky hand over the back of the boy’s neck.

Lisa was touched by the boy’s shyness. She thought she could do something to bring the boy out of his shyness, but it wasn’t exactly the help that Mr. Carter had had in mind for the boy.

“Are you having pains in your stomach, darling?”

“Uh… yeah… I… guess,” the boy whispered haltingly.

“Look at me, Wayne. Come now, darling. We have to get to know each other if I’m going to help you feel better,” Lisa said, lifting his chin and looking into his eyes. “There, that’s much better. I’d much rather see your face than the top of your head, Wayne. You have such a handsome face, Wayne. You really should let people see it. Hold your head up and be proud of yourself, darling.”

“Gosh, Nurse Chambers, no-nobody ever told me I was handsome before,” the kid said.

“Are you joking, Wayne? Why, you’re very handsome! I can’t imagine why no one has mentioned it.”

“Well… I’ve got these stupid freckles… and, well, I gotta wear these dumb old glasses and everything,” the boy muttered.

“I like your glasses, darling. And those freckles are very nice. Freckles are cute, Wayne. You should be proud of your freckles. A lot of girls are attracted by freckles, Wayne.”

“I kinda stay away from girls.”

“Oh? I can’t imagine why. I think you would be very popular with the girls. You’re tall and handsome and strong. I would think any girl would be attracted to you, darling.”

“I read a lot and listen to classical music and stuff. I don’t play sports much — you know — girls don’t like guys that read and play the piano,” he said, adjusting his glasses and looking back down at his feet.

“I think you’ll find that’s not true, darling. You just have to develop more faith in yourself, dear. I think we hive a lot to discuss.”

“…I guess we do. I never talked to anybody like this before, Nurse Chambers.”

“You can feel free to talk to me about anything at all that’s bothering you, Wayne. But first we have to attend to that stomach ache of yours.”

“Oh, that,” the boy said, “it’s nothing.”

“Well, let’s have a look anyway, Wayne,” she smiled. “Just have a seat on the table. Don’t be afraid, darling. I won’t bite.”

“I know that!” the boy laughed.

“I’ve never bitten anyone yet, darling,” she said, lifting the boy’s white T-shirt and laying her hand flat on his stomach.

She felt the warmth of his body soaking into her hand. She began moving her hand over his stomach, thrilling to the smoothness of his hairless skin. She wondered if the boy was feeling a thrill as she stroked his bare stomach. She ran her hand up over his firm chest. She felt his body stiffen just a bit as she explored his body.

“Uh — Nurse Chambers, I’ve got to tell you something.”

“I’m listening, darling,” she said, puffing her other hand on his arm.

“Uh, it’s about this stomach ache. I just made it up. I don’t really have a stomach ache at all,” the boy said.

“Really, Wayne? Why on earth would you do a think like that?”

“I… well… I just wanted to get out of basketball practice. I don’t like sports. All the other guys — well, they laugh at me and tease me and stuff.”

“Tease you? Laugh at you? Why would they do that, Wayne? I’m sure you could play basketball better than anyone else at camp. You’re the tallest boy here,” Lisa said, her hand still running over the boy’s upper body.

“I don’t know, Nurse Chambers. I guess it’s because I’m such a dork… I-I trip all over myself and stuff. I’d rather just sit home and read or something.”

“Don’t you get tired of sitting around and reading, darling?”


“Would you like to learn about something to do that might be more fun than just sitting and reading? Of course, reading is very important. But there are other things a young man like you might enjoy. And I think once you tried this little activity I have in mind, you might feel much better about yourself.”

“W-would I?” the boy asked, feeling the warmth and smoothness of Nurse Chambers’ hand moving all over the front of his upper body. She wasn’t touching him like a nurse.

“Are you curious about this little activity I’d like to introduce you to, darling?” she asked, taking her hand off his body and looking him in the eye. The boy nodded, nervously adjusting his glasses and clearing his throat. “I thought you might be interested. You’re the curious type, aren’t you? You’re always eager to explore new things. Have you ever been curious about sex, darling?”

“S-Sex?” the boy gasped.

“Yes, Wayne, sex. Fucking,” Lisa said, pulling up a high stool and setting it in front of the boy.

She sat on the stool and crossed her legs. She sat so close to the boy that her legs were touching his.

“Oh gosh, Nurse Chambers! I — you… you mean, uh, fucking — you really wanna know if I’m curious about that?” the boy asked, his cock starting to stir a bit in his pants.

“Aren’t you curious about fucking and sucking, darling? Most boys are. It’s only natural, Wayne. At your age, boys don’t think of much else. I know you read a lot, darling, but you must spend some of your time just looking at pictures. You do know the kind of pictures I’m referring to, don’t you, Wayne?” she smiled, reaching down and pushing up the hemline of her crisp white uniform.

“What do you mean, Nurse Chambers?” the boy asked, his cheeks turning red.

“You know, darling. Pictures of naked women, Wayne. Pictures of naked women with their tits exposed. Pictures of naked women with their legs spread and their cunts wide open so that you can look right up inside them. Does all of that sound familiar now, darling?”

“Oh gosh! I… I’d better go! I really gotta!” the boy gasped, his cock stiffening.

He didn’t really want to leave, but he knew what would happen soon. He would get a big hard-on and be embarrassed. He couldn’t imagine what Nurse Chambers would say if she saw a big hard-on sticking up in his pants.

“Don’t go just yet, darling. You’ll hate yourself if you leave now, darling. The fun part is just beginning, Wayne,” she said, putting her hand on the boy’s leg.

“But, Nurse Chambers, I… I feel funny. I can’t stand it… I mean, gosh, the way you’re talking — I’m kinda scared!” the boy exclaimed.

“I know, lover. Try to be brave. You’ll soon see that everything will be all right. In fact, Wayne, everything will be better than all right. Everything will be just wonderful. This will be an experience you’ll look back on fondly for the rest of your life, darling. You’ll remember this as the day you saw your first real pussy,” Lisa said, raising her uniform and showing the boy what she had waiting for him between her silky legs.

Lisa had been kind enough not to wear panties on this particular morning, leaving her pussy enticingly bare for the boy to examine. She uncrossed her lovely legs and rested her feet on the top rung of the stool, raising her knees high. She spread her knees wide apart, lewdly opening her naked cunt for the boy. She could see by the intoxicated look on his face that he was already under her seductive spell.

“Are you glad that you decided not to run away, Wayne?” she asked.

The boy nodded, his eyes wide, his mouth hanging open in shock and amazement. His cock continued to rise in his pants, but now he wasn’t nearly as concerned with that as he was with the new and mind-boggling sight Nurse Chambers had presented him with. Her cunt was the most beautiful and mysterious thing the boy had ever seen. Nothing he had read in books or seen in his girlie magazines had prepared him for the incredible excitement of seeing a woman’s cunt for the first time.

“Is it pretty, darling?” she asked, reaching between her open legs and running her hand over the patch of dark hair that fringed her cunt.

“Oh gee! It’s beautiful… oh gosh, Nurse Chambers, I can’t believe it! You-you’re really letting me see your… your pussy! This is too much!” the kid gasped, his hard-on sticking several hard inches down the leg of his pants.

“Is there anything you would like to show me, Wayne?” Lisa asked, casting an obvious glance at the long hard bulge in the kid’s pants.


“Wouldn’t you like me to see your stiff prick, Wayne, darling?”

“My… my… my cock? You-you really wanna see my cock?” the boy gasped, his mouth as dry as cotton.

“I’d like very much to see it, darling. I’ll bet it’s very long and thick and very, very hard. I always seem to have that effect on boys. Whenever I show a boy my cunt, his prick just stands up and starts to jerk in his pants, just like yours, Wayne. Why don’t you just let me see what I’ve done to you, darling? Let’s see if we can get that hard prick out of those tight pants.”

Lisa leaned toward the horny boy and unzipped his pants. She reached inside his fly and fondled the kid’s heavy balls. She let her fingers find the base of his stiff cock. She wrapped her fingers around the hard shaft of his jerking cock and tugged at the thing. It was unyielding and stuck too far down the leg of his pants. She attacked his pants, opening them and tugging them down as far as she could.

“You’ll have to help, darling. Just raise up a bit. There. Now let’s push your pants all the way down to your ankles. The underwear can go right along with it, Wayne,” she said, pushing his pants all the way to the floor and baring his lower body.

Lisa’s mouth started to water when she saw the stiff prick that suddenly leaped out of his pants and snapped up against the kid’s stomach. The thing stuck up from between the boy’s long legs and throbbed with excitement. The head of it was swollen so tightly that the skin glistened. Even as she watched, a droplet of pre-cum appeared on his prick-head. She reached out and gently touched the tip of his swollen cock-head.

“My, but you are excited, aren’t you, Wayne?”

“I can’t help it, Nurse Chambers! You’re drivin’ me crazy!” the boy cried, his balls aching with excitement.

Lisa carried the drop of pre-cum fluid to her tongue. She slowly flicked out her tongue and tasted his oozings.

“Delicious, darling. I really must have a taste of that lovely cock,” she said, wrapping her long silky fingers around the jerking shaft of his cock.

“T-taste! You really mean you’re gonna suck my cock?” the boy asked in amazement.

“I promised to introduce you to fucking and sucking, darling. This is sucking?” Lisa smiled, bending over the boy’s lap.

Lisa wrapped her loving lips around the boy’s dripping cock-head and began taking it slowly into her mouth. She did wonderful things to his prick-head with her tongue, running her tongue tip all around and under the head of his cock. She felt the boy’s cock swelling in her mouth. She tasted the salty hot pre-cum that oozed from his cock.

Wayne had never been so turned on in his life. He gripped the edge of the examining table and held on for dear life. He couldn’t believe bow good her lips and tongue felt on his sensitive cock-head. He tried not to move his cock, but the more she worked on his cock, the more he felt the urge to fuck his cock back and forth in her mouth. He started rocking back and forth on the table, thrusting his thick cock in and, out of her sucking face.

He moved his cock in and out of her face very slowly at first, but his movements became faster and faster. She didn’t seem to mind what he was doing to her, so he fucked her face even faster. Before long, the boy’s cock was banging in and out of her face like a jackhammer.

Lisa was soon on her knees and Wayne was off the examining table and bucking his ass wildly, fucking his cock in and out of Lisa’s face. She grabbed his balls and squeezed them tightly, tugging at the cum-filled orbs as she tried to swallow his huge hard cock.

“Oh my gosh! This is so good! I’ve got my cock in your mouth, Nurse Chambers! I’m really doin’ it! I’m really fuckin’ you in the mouth! I don’t believe this! Suck my prick! Oh shit! Take my cock down your throat! I wanna shove it down your throat! I gotta fuck your face! This feels so fucking great!” the kid shouted, his body tense from head to toe.

Lisa sensed that the boy was about to blow a hot wad of cum down her throat. She wanted to keep his prick hot and hard a bit longer. She pulled away from his cock and let it slap up against his stomach, wetting his T-shirt with pre-cum. She rubbed the palm of her hand against the aching shaft of his cock, pressing it tightly against his body. She ran her hand up the shaft of his slippery cock and moved the heel of her hand in a tight circle against the underside of his sensitive cock-head.

“Hold your arms up, son. I want you naked,” she said, stripping the boy’s T-shirt off. “Sit on the stool, darling.”

The horny kid obeyed eagerly.

Lisa sat on the end of the examining table and lay on her back. She raised her uniform up to her waist again and exposed the downy nest of her steaming cunt. She spread her legs and invited the boy to have a good long look at her. She reached between her open legs and parted the lips of her cunt with two fingers, exposing her rosy inner flesh. The boy leaned forward on the stool to get a better look. He moved his face closer and closer.

“That’s a good boy, Wayne. Do you like my little cunt? I thought you might. Would you like to come closer, darling? Don’t be afraid. I won’t mind if you put your lips right on my little cunt. In fact, I’d just love to be kissed between the legs right now. My cunt is so hot right now. Feeling your lips on the lips of my cunt would be just wonderful. Kiss me there, Wayne!”

The hot musky scent of Nurse Chambers’ open pussy was driving the kid wild. He felt drunk with lust. He had to bury his face between her silky legs. When he touched his trembling lips to the raggedy little lips of her dripping cunt, he heard her draw in a breath as if he had done something to her that felt very good. He touched his lips to her cunt again and heard her breathe deeply again. The knowledge that he was making her feel good spurred him on.

“I sure do like the way your cunt smells, Nurse Chambers! It makes me hot! God, it smells great!” the boy gasped, breathing in the scent of her juicy cunt.

“Lick it, lover. Lick my fucking cunt! I know you want to taste it. I just know you’ll love the taste of my pussy, Wayne. Lick my crevice, boy! Lick the juices out of my cunt!” Lisa moaned, grabbing the boy’s hair and pulling his head closer to her hot cunt.

Lisa closed her eyes and abandoned herself to the pure delight of having her cunt eaten by the horny boy. She felt his tongue running up the crevice between her legs again and again. She felt his lips pressed against the moist flesh of her pussy, felt him sucking her juices into his mouth. She heard the wet slurping sounds his lips made as he sucked at her cunt. She pushed his face more tightly against her cunt. She started moving her hips in a circle, grinding her sweet pussy against the young boy’s face.

“Oh Wayne, darling, you do that so well! You should be able to make any girl happy doing this to her, darling! Lick me, lover! Lick my cunt until I scream, Wayne! I’m so fucking hot for it! Stick your tongue up inside me where I’m the hottest, darling! Thrust your tongue as far up inside my cunt as you can reach! Yes, Wayne! That’s lovely! I can feel it moving inside me like a little cock! Do you want your cock up there instead of your tongue, stud? Do you want to shove that big stiff prick of yours right up my cunt? Do you want to feel my cunt squeezing it deep inside me?” Lisa moaned, her cunt itching for a hard cock. “I know you want it, Wayne! I know you want to shove that cock in my cunt and fuck me until you shoot your wad! Do it, darling!”

She pushed his face away from her hot cunt. She held her hands against the boy’s freckled cheeks and made him look up at her.

Lisa told the boy to sit on the stool. He obeyed eagerly, watching her every move with his wide eyes. His cock stood up straight from his lap, the head of it swollen and ready to be buried in her juicy cunt. He watched as Nurse Chambers sat on his lap, facing him. She slowly crouched over his lap, easing herself down until they both gasped with pleasure.

“You felt it too, didn’t you, Wayne? You felt your cock-head touch my cunt for the first time? It was nice, wasn’t it, darling? Do you feel the heat of my cunt? I feel the heat of your cockhead, lover. You’re going to make my cunt melt when you shove that red-hot cock up inside me. I just have to feel more of it. Just let me ease down on your wonderful cock. Oh God yes! It’s so big! Your cock-head is so fat and swollen! It’s stretching my cunt, Wayne! What a lovely hard cock you have, son! Does my pussy feel good around your cock?”

The poor boy was almost too excited to speak. He felt her cunt clutching at his cock, sucking at it as if it were trying to suck the whole thing into her. He gripped the seat of the stool and held on for dear life. When the shaft of his cock was all the way in her, the boy started bucking his ass and fucking in and out.

“Oh God! How hot! What a long hard cock! It feels so fucking hot inside me! Move that prick in and out of my fucking cunt! Buck that ass and fuck that cock in and out of me! I want to be fucked hot and hard! I want to feel every hard hot inch of that glorious prick moving in and out of my cunt! Fuck me hard, lover! I don’t care if you’re only a young boy! You’re a stud as far as I’m concerned, lover! Fuck me!” she cried, beginning to bounce up and down on the boy’s lap.

“Oh shit! It feels so good! Gosh, Nurse Chambers, I’ve never felt anything like this before! I’m gonna fuck you, Nurse Chambers! I’m gonna fuck you real good! Take it!” the horny boy shouted.

Lisa was pleased with the sudden change that had come over the boy. He wasn’t sounding like a boy suffering from shyness now. He certainly wasn’t fucking her like a shy boy. His cock was punching in and out of her juicy cunt with a bold power that was driving her wild. She could feel the big swollen head of Wayne’s cock stroking her innermost flesh, while the hard shaft of it stroked against her cunt-lips. She worked the muscles of her pussy and massaged his aching prick.

“It’s so deep inside me, so deep! I can feel it filling me, Wayne! Oh God, Wayne, you make me feel so hot, so fucking hot! Suck my tits while you fuck me, lover! I want to feel your lips fastened on my nipples! Oh yes! That’s right, lover! It feels so good! My nipples are tingling so! Fuck me!” Lisa moaned, bouncing wildly up and down on Wayne’s lap.

Wayne sucked noisily at Nurse. Chambers’ tits. He sucked the hard peaks of her nipples into his mouth and ran his tongue around the sensitive flesh. His cock continued to slip and slide up and down in Nurse Chambers’ sucking cunt. His balls slapped against the stool as he bucked up and down.

“Oh God, yes! Fuck me! Bite my tits! Oh, Wayne! Wayne! I’m going to come, darling! You’re making my cunt spasm, lover. Oh, Wayne! I’m comnunmminnnnggggg!” she cried as she felt the pussy-melting pleasure of her orgasm.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna shoot off!” the boy gasped, suddenly feeling Nurse Chambers’ hot cunt clutching his prick harder than ever. “Oh fuck, yeah! I’m gonna shoot! I can’t hold it back! I’m gonna come in your cunt!” the boy cried, his cock swelling up inside her and straining against the walls of her cunt.

“Oh, Wayne, Wayne! Do it! Do it in my ant! Shoot me full of your hot cum! I want it, darling! Give me your cum! Give me your virgin load, lover! Squirt in me! Fill me with it!” Lisa moaned.

Lisa felt the kid’s jerking cock suddenly start shooting cum against the clutching walls of her cunt. She felt the thick jizz spurting against her flesh. She felt his cock throbbing and kicking with each spurt his balls shot into her. She wrapped her loving arms around the boy and held him to her very closely. She felt the boy’s heart racing in his chest, felt his breath against her checks as she felt his orgasm shake his body.

“Oh God, Wayne! That was so beautiful! You can really fuck, darling! Did you like your first taste of hot fucking?” she gasped, holding the boy in a warm embrace.

“It was great, Nurse Chambers! Gosh, no wonder everybody always wants to do this stuff! I wanna do it some more! Can we do it again right now? I gotta do it again, Nurse Chambers!”

“But you just finished shooting your load inside me, darling. Surely you’re not ready to go at it again.”

“Yes I am, Nurse Chambers! When I beat off, sometimes I shoot off five or six times in a row! I wanna do it again! Please, Nurse Chambers! Please let me fuck you again!”

“That sounds very tempting, Wayne, but I think we’d better call it quits for today. I don’t want to tire you,” Lisa said, easing herself off the kid’s still-hard prick.

“C-can I come back tomorrow? Oh, please, Nurse Chambers! Let me come back tomorrow!” the boy moaned. “I wanna fuck you so bad! I’ll make it feel real good! Honest! I’ll fuck you real good and lick your cunt and everything!”

“My, my, Wayne! You certainly don’t seem to be the same shy boy who had trouble looking in my eyes only a short time ago! What a nice change! You won’t be shy again, will you, darling?”

“Gosh no, Nurse Chambers. I just fucked the most beautiful woman in the world. Wow! I don’t have any reason to feel like a jerk any more,” the boy said, obviously proud of his newly discovered abilities.

“Wayne, darling, I have a wonderful idea. Why don’t we meet at the swimming pool tomorrow night for a moonlight dip?” Lisa said as she got into her clothes.

“Gosh, Nurse Chambers, that sounds great. But… uh… isn’t the pool off limits at night? That’s what Mr. Carter said.”

“Yes, Wayne, I believe it is. That’s why it will be so much more fun. Since there won’t be anyone else around, we won’t have to bother wearing swimsuits.”

“I’ll be there!” the boy cried excitedly.

“I thought you might, lover,” she said, kissing the boy on the lips as he opened the door to leave. “Oh, Wayne, I have another little task for you. I want you to ask these boys to beat the pool too. Let’s see — Chris and Eddie and Russell,” she said, writing the boys’ names on a piece of paper and handing it to Wayne.

“But… oh… gosh, Nurse Chambers, all these guys? You said we were gonna swim naked and stuff. I don’t get it.”

“Just tell them, darling. There’s enough of me to go around, lover. Remember, one of the rules at Camp Wawakakee is to share. I’ll see you tomorrow night, Wayne,” Lisa smiled, closing the door.


Lisa’s cunt was blazing by the time the boys arrived at the deserted pool. She had arrived a bit early to take a quick dip before the boys got there. It was a hot night and the cool water felt good rushing over her naked body. The pool was far enough from the main part of the camp that she was fairly certain she and the boys were safe from intrusions. When she saw the boys striding toward the pool in a group, she climbed out and covered her naked body with a towel.

“Well, boys, you’re right on time! Are you ready for a nice dip?” she asked, her glance falling to the boys’ well-filled crotches. She could see that all the boys were ready for her. Each boy had a big fat bulge in his pants.

“We sure are ready, Nurse Chambers. Are you gonna… uh… are you gonna just swim… or, uh… are you gonna give us some pussy?” Chris asked, apparently speaking for the whole group.

“We’ll see, Chris. Do you like my swimsuit?” Lisa asked, letting her towel drop.

“Oh shit!” Chris gasped, his cock jerking when he saw her wet naked body.

“Gosh, you’re beautiful!” Eddie gasped.

“Thank you, boys. The water feels so nice against my naked skin. It’s unbearably hot tonight, isn’t it, boys? My little cunt is unbearably hot too. The water can cool off my body, but only one thing can cool off my cunt. Do any of you boys know what that one thing is?”

“Fucking?” Russell asked, grinning.

“Come to the head of the class, darling,” Lisa smiled, beckoning the boy to come to her. “You seem to be as hot as I am, Russell. Oh my! You’re very hot! Your cock is so hot it might just burn a hole in your jeans!”

She ran her fingers over the long hard bulge of his prick.

One by one the horny kids stepped up to her and let her rub their stiff cocks through their pants. Lisa moved onto her knees, looking up at the circle of horny young boys that pressed in on her. She was in heaven.

“You boys are so stiff! You must have been thinking about me all night. I’ve been thinking about you boys too. I’ve been thinking about all the wonderfully nasty things we can do together. The first thing I want to do is suck all your big hard cocks. Just being close to them makes me hungry for cock. Just look at how they’re swelling and jerking. They’re so hot, so hot and hard! And they’re all mine! Aren’t they, darlings?”

“You can do anything you want to mine, Nurse Chambers,” Tim said, thrusting out his hips and grinding his prick against Nurse Chambers’ palm.

“Mine too,” Russell said, reaching down and running his fingers over his cock-bulge.

“I have to see them, boys. I have to see those big beautiful hard-ons you’ve brought for me to play with and suck,” Lisa said, her cunt twitching and burning with hot desire.

The hot-assed nurse attacked the boys’ pants. She had so many pants to open that she didn’t know where to start first. She chose Chris, since he was the oldest. She unbuckled his belt and let it hang open. She unzipped his tight jeans and unfastened his pants, pulling them open and exposing his crotch to her eager gaze. The boy wasn’t wearing any underwear. She could see the blond hair on his crotch and the big thick base of his cock. She reached into the kid’s open jeans and ran her fingers through the patch of hair between his legs.

Lisa grasped the base of the boy’s prick and tried in vain to pull it out of his tight pants. The big hard thing was so firmly stuck down his pants leg that she had to pull his pants down several inches. When his blood-engorged prick pulled from his pants, it snapped up against his shiftless upper body and bobbed up and down in front of him.

Lisa reached up with both hands and ran them over his hard young stomach. She took his throbbing cock in her hand and squeezed it tightly until the head of it turned purple. While she squeezed Chris’ exposed prick, she busied her other hand with trying to open Russell’s fly. Russell was eager to help her get his cock out of its uncomfortable confinement.

One by one the boys dropped their jeans and presented their excited cocks to the camp nurse. The boys knew that only Nurse Chambers could cure their cocks and balls of the unbearable aching that had brought them to her.

Lisa tried to stroke all the cocks at once. Her hands flew from hard cock to hard cock. The boys moved even closer to her, pushing their dripping pricks against her cheeks and lips. She felt the incredible heat of their swollen cocks against her face. She reached up and grabbed a cock, not even caring who it belonged to. She moved the shaft of the thing, forcing the slick head of it to rub against her lovely lips.

“She’s gonna suck me, you guys! She’s gonna suck my cock!” Jerry gasped.

“It’s so hard and tasty,” she said, licking at the dripping head of the kid’s cock. “I just have to suck it. I’m sure you won’t mind, will you, darling?”

“Oh shit no! I won’t mind! Suck it, Nurse Chambers! Please suck it! I’m real fuckin’ horny!” Jerry moaned, his balls swelling with excitement.

Lisa opened her mouth as wide as she could and took Jerry’s fat cock into her face. She ran her tongue around Jerry’s cock-head until she thought the horny boy would fill her face with cum. Then she pulled his head away and let the jerking prick slap up against the kid’s stomach.

“You’re so hard, Jerry, so hard — and hot! I want you to keep that wonderful cock hard and hot for me, lover?” she smiled, moving on to the next cock that was shoved into her face.

“Suck me, Nurse Chambers. I wanna feel your lips on my cock. I’m so horny tonight you wouldn’t believe it!” Russell gasped, reaching down between his tense legs and grabbing his balls.

Lisa wrapped her warm lips around the bulging head of Russell’s stiff cock. She flicked her tongue over the head of the boy’s dripping cock, making his body jerk with pure pleasure. She held the base of his prick in her loving hand while she licked and sucked. She blindly reached out and gabbed another cock, which turned out to be Wayne’s. She held both cock-shafts in her hands and pushed them up against her lips. She ran her tongue over both fat cock-heads, squeezing the shafts of the boys’ naked pricks very tightly.

“Oh shit! That feels so fucking good, Nurse. Chambers!” Russell moaned, his balls swelling with excitement.

“Lick me, Nurse Chambers! Lick my cock! Lick it! Oh fuck yes! Oh shit yeah! That’s so good! This is the greatest! She’s licking my cock, you guys! I don’t believe this shit! Is this really happening?” Wayne gasped, his cock dripping against her sweet lips.

Lisa held the boys’ cocks even closer together and pressed them more tightly against her lips. She felt the heads of the two cocks moving into her lips.

Lisa opened her mouth as widely as she could and managed somehow to take both of the swollen cocks into her face. She felt her checks bulging as the hot hard-ons filled her face. She took a deep breath and plunged down on the two jerking pricks, taking them both all the way to the back of her throat. She felt the hard cocks jerking and kicking in her throat. She slowly began moving her head up and down on the twin pricks, letting the cock-heads rub against the roof of her mouth.

“Oh fucking shit, this is good! Damn! My cock’s gettin’ bigger and bigger in your mouth, Nurse Chambers! I’m as stiff as a fucking board! Suck it, Nurse Chambers! Suck my cock!” Wayne cried, beginning to rock back and forth, forcing his swollen cock in and out of the nurse’s lovely mouth.

“Suck my cock, Nurse Chambers! Suck that fucker! Take it all the way down your throat! Suck it! Oh fucking shit, that feels so good! Don’t ever stop, Nurse Chambers! Suck it!” Russell groaned, his cock swelling to greater and greater proportions.

“Hurry up, you guys! Come on! I gotta get sucked too,” Tim said, his balls aching with lust.

The boy’s cock was rubbing against Lisa’s silky cheek. His low-hanging balls were resting on her shoulder. The kid reached down and forced his cock against her cheek. He started rocking back and forth a bit, sawing his prick against her check.

When Lisa thought Wayne and Russell were on the brink of shooting their cum, she pulled away from their swollen cocks and let them snap up in front of their bodies. She heard both boys gasp when their cocks pulled from her face. They looked down at her with pleading expressions on their faces.

“Don’t worry, bays, I’ll finish you off soon. We mustn’t be selfish. The brothers need to be sucked too. Just look at all these hard cocks and swollen balls. I have my work cut out for me, boys. I have to relieve all this suffering. After all, darlings, it is my duty as a good nurse.”

Lisa wrapped her lips around another boy’s cock and sucked it until he too was about to shoot his wad. Then she let his stiff cock pull from her mouth and bob up and down in front of her face. She worked on each boy’s cock in turn, bringing each boy to the brink of orgasm. When she had sucked every kid’s cock, she started over again, making the circle three or four times before she finally decided the boys had suffered the exquisite torture long enough. She grasped Chris’ huge cock and held it close to her lips.

“I want you to come in my mouth, darling. I want you to fill my mouth with your delicious cum. Oh God, I’m so hot, so fucking hot! Give it to me!” she moaned.

Lisa opened her mouth and let the kid shove his cock down into her maw. She felt the swollen knob of the hot prick bang hard against the back of her throat when he thrust it into her. He fucked his massive cock in and out of her sweet face a few times, then suddenly grunted.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna come! Oh yeah! I’m shootin’ my stuff! Take it, Nurse Chambers! Take that cum! Suck it! Suck it down! Take it all!” the kid groaned as his balls spasmed.

“Fuck her mouth! Shoot it in her! Yeah! Give it to her!” Jerry gasped as he watched his fellow camper shoot off in Nurse Chambers’ lovely face.

Lisa almost drowned on the boy’s spurting cum. She swallowed again and again in an effort to drink down all his cum. The hot stuff dripped from her lips and onto her naked tits. She coughed and sputtered as the boy pumped his… hot cum down her throat. She had to pull away from his prick in order to take a deep breath. His cock was still squirting cum when it pulled from her lips. Chris caught the last few spurts of his cum in the palm of his hand and rubbed it all over Lisa’s cheeks.

Lisa looked up at the horny boy and smiled, his cum glistening on her lips and cheeks.

“Do YOU feel better, darling?” she asked.

“And how!” Chris said.

“Next patient!” Lisa smiled.

It didn’t take long for a cock to find its way into Lisa’s loving mouth. She looked up and saw Jerry looking down at her, his face twisted into a look of lust that made Lisa’s cunt tingle. She couldn’t help reaching between her legs and pushing her fingers between the tingling lips of her hot cunt. She moved her fingers slowly against the flesh of her cunt while she sucked Jerry’s throbbing cock.

“Jesus! That’s so good, so fuckin’ good! Your tongue feels so great on the head of my cock! Fuck! This is great! Suck! Suck that cock! Eat it, Nurse Chambers! It feels so fuckin’ good in your mouth! Oh yeah! Yeah! I… I think — oh shit! I’m gonna shoot it! Jesus Christ! I’m gonna shoot! Yeah, Nurse Chambers! I’m shootin’! Right now! Now! Arrrraaaggghhhhh!” the boy growled as his balls pumped his steaming cum down Nurse Chambers’ throat.

Once again Lisa was being drowned with cum. She grabbed the boy’s balls with one hand while she continued to finger her cunt with the other. She squeezed Jerry’s balls as his cock spurted into her mouth. She kneaded his hot balls, gently tugging at them to milk every last drop of jism out of them.

“Oh God, Jerry! How could one boy’s balls hold so much cum?” Lisa moaned when she pulled away from the kid’s prick.

“There’ll be some more ready for you real soon, Nurse Chambers,” Jerry said, shaking his cock in her face.

“I got some for you right now!” Wayne gasped, pushing his cock at Nurse Chambers’ face and jerking off rapidly.

“Oh yes, lover! Jerk-off on my fucking face! I love to see hot cum spurt out of a stiff cock? Jerk it off and shoot in my face! Oh God, yes! Beat your hard fucking meat in my face! Come in my face! Come! Hurry! Beat it faster! All of you! All of you, jerk-off and come on my face!” the horny nurse cried, her eyes flashing.

All the boys grabbed their cocks and started jerking on them. They pointed their rigid cocks at her lips and cheeks. Their cum-filled balls bounced between their naked legs.

Lisa’s fingers worked faster and taster between the open lips of her steaming cunt, bringing her closer and closer to a pussy-melting orgasm.

“Now! Now, boys! Shoot your cum all at once! All of you! Oh God yes! Six studs shooting on my face all at once! I’m so hot! Do it, boys! I want to feel your cum dripping down my cheeks! I want to feel it dripping onto my tits and my naked legs! I want to taste it on my lips? I want to lick it off my fucking lips! Squirt it at me! Shoot!” she cried, her cunt starting to spasm.

“Here mine comes, Nurse Chambers! Oh fuck yeah!” Eddie gasped.

Lisa watched as the kid pushed his cock down, pointing it straight at her eye. She watched as a shot of the thick jizz splattered against her eyelid.

One by one the kids shot their wads into Lisa’s face. She felt her body shuddering, and her cunt spasmed. She whimpered with pure delight as she felt her cunt climax again and again.

Her body was soon covered with hot cum. It dripped from her lips and ran down over her chin to drip onto her silky tits.

“Oh, boys, boys! You’ve covered my body with cum!” Lisa cried, reaching out and grabbing two cocks. She rubbed the rubbery heads of the boys’ cocks against her cheeks. “I think it’s time for a moonlight swim, boys. I just love swimming in the nude. Feeling the water rushing over my naked body makes me so hot. I can just feel the water rushing between my legs and against the lips of my little cunt. Follow me, boys!”

She then dove naked into the pool.


The six horny kids kicked off their shoes and socks and pants. One by one the boys dove in after their hot-assed nurse. The air was filled with the sounds of splashing water and the shouts of the horny boys.

When the boys caught up with Lisa, they started running their hands all over her naked body, especially between her legs. The boys pushed their faces between her legs, licking at the crack of her cunt.

Lisa felt the boys’ naked bodies rubbing up against her they slid by her in the water. She reached down and felt one of the boys’ cocks, finding it stiff again and ready for action. She was ready too. Her cunt twitched with excitement. She swam to the edge of the pool and raised herself partly out of the water, shaking her long hair and looking every bit as sexy as she felt. She held onto the ladder, letting the boys swim between her open spread legs and nibble at her naked cunt.

“Oh God yes! Lick me! Lick my hot cunt! I’m so horny, boys! Lick my hot fucking cunt! Put your tongues into me and lick my cunt! I want to feel tongues all over me! Lick me! Suck me!” she moaned, tossing her head to and fro in the heat of her lust.

The boys splashed and shoved each other in their eagerness to bury their faces between Lisa’s legs and lick her cunt. The boys’ tongues and lips were busy against her silky wet flesh. They nibbled the lips of her cunt, nipped at the skin of her inner thighs, pressed their lips against asscheeks and drove her wild. Young Wayne even sucked at her toes.

“Oh, boys, boys! It’s too beautiful for words! You’re making me feel so good! I can’t stand it, boys, I have to be fucked? I have to have cocks in my cunt! I want to be fucked hot and hard by all of you!” Lisa cried, her cunt gushing fuck-juices.

Lisa climbed out of the pool, her body dripping and glistening in the bright light of the full moon. As she climbed the ladder, she felt the boys reaching up and laying their hands on her naked ass. She knew the sight of her wet asscheeks rising and falling as she moved was driving the boys wild. She knew they were staring at the dark tuft of hair below the crack of her ass, longing to fuck their stiff pricks into her luscious cunt.

Lisa spread her towel on the ground, lay down and spread her naked legs. The boys gathered around her, ogling her wet body, their eyes burning between her parted legs. She reached between her legs and parted the lips of her steaming cunt. She gyrated her pelvis, making a lewd display of her open pussy for the boys. Her cunt was dying to feel the pussy-melting friction of a big stiff cock. She felt her pussy spasm with pleasure when she thought of what the hard-cocked boys could do for her.

“Wayne, darling, what would you like to do to me?” Lisa asked, slowly pulling at the lips of her cunt with her fingers.

“Gosh, Nurse Chambers, I’d wanna just stick my cock in your cunt and fuck you until I shoot off in there!” the kid gasped, his cock jerking hot and hard in front of his body.

“Will you fuck me hard and fast? Will you drive that nice stiff cock in and out of my cunt like a jackhammer? Will you make my whole body shake when you fuck it in and out of me?” Lisa asked.

“Oh shit yes! I’ll do it that way! Let me do it to YOU! Please! I gotta do it!” he cried.

“Come to me, darling. Give me that beautiful cock!” Lisa moaned, holding out her arms and inviting the kid to fail on her.

Lisa wrapped her loving arms around Wayne’s slender young body and held him to her in a warm embrace. Their wet baffles slipped and slid together as they moved in a lusty rhythm. She felt the boy bucking his lean ass and poking his prick against her inner thighs in an effort to find her cunt. When his cock finally did find the crevice between her spread legs, she screamed in pure delight. The boy fucked his stiff prick into her tight cunt all the way to his balls.

Lisa wrapped her legs around the boy’s naked ass and held him tightly to her as he fucked his cock in and out of her clutching cunt. She raised her ass off the towel and met each thrust of his prick with a thrust of her cunt. She gyrated her hips and moved her cunt in a tight circle, making her flesh do wonderful things to the boy’s aching cock. Her cunt blazed as the boy stroked his cock-shaft against the hot bud of her clit. She whimpered with delight as the boy’s cock moved faster and faster in and out of her sucking cunt.

“Oh shit! Take my cock! Take that fucking cock in your cunt! Can you feel it? Does it feel good, Nurse Chambers?”

“Oh yes, lover! Yes! I can feel it deep inside me, darling! It’s so long and hard! It’s going so deep, so wonderfully deep inside me! Fuck my cunt! I can’t stand it! Oh, how lovely! Fuck me! Fuck me, boy! I want that cock! I have to feel it in me! Fuck me hard! Oh yes! Yessssss!” Lisa hissed in the pussy-melting heat of her… desire.

“Fuck her, Wayne! Fuck her good, man!” Chris shouted.

“Yeah, Wayne! Do it to her good! Fuck her! Fuck her cunt! Drive it in there, man! We’re all watchin’, Wayne! We wanna getter too! Faster, man! Faster! Fuck her fast! Get your rocks off in her cunt! Do it!” Eddie cried, his hand running up and down his long hard-on.

All the boys grabbed their cocks and started jerking off while they watched the sexy show. They knew that Lisa would give all of them a chance to dip their pricks in her cunt.

“I’m gonna shoot off, Nurse Chambers! Jesus! I-I’m gonna shoot! Here it comes, Nurse Chambers! Take it! Take my cum in your cunt! Here it is! Oh fuck, yeah! Fuck! Arrraggghhbh!” the kid groaned as his balls spasmed between his straining legs.

“Oh yes! Fill me with your hot cum, darling boy! Pump me full of it! Oh yes! I can feel it! I can feel your cum squirting into me!” Lisa cried.

Lisa worked the muscles of her tight cunt against the shaft of the boy’s prick, milking every last drop of cum out of his balls. She felt what seemed like a gallon of hot jism spurting inside her hot pussy. The boy’s cock spasmed deep inside her and spurted again and again. She could feel his body shaking each time a blast of cum squirted out of his cock-head.

“Oh shit! That was wild! Damn that felt good! I could do this all night!” the boy gasped, rolling off of her and making way for his buddies.

“You might get the opportunity to do this all night, darling. I’m so hot! I could fuck all night! I need another cock! I must have a cock in my cunt! There are so many to choose from! I think a nice thick one would be just perfect to stretch my little pussy! Russell, come to me! Yours is the thickest prick of all! I must have it! I must feel that big hot cock parting the lips of my cunt! I want to be fucked hot and hard, stud! I want you to make me scream with that big thick cock!”

Russell didn’t have to be asked twice. He fell on her in a flash and buried his short but incredibly thick cock between the trembling lips of her juicy cunt.

Lisa whimpered with pleasure when the knob of his swollen prick pushed between her cunt-lips and stretched her flesh. She wrapped her arms wound the boy’s body and held him close. She felt her naked tits crushing up against his warm wet chest. She could feel his young heart racing in his chest as he fucked his cock in and out of her clutching cunt.

“Oh Russell! Fuck me! Spread my cunt open with that fat fucking cock! It’s so thick! It feels so good in my cunt! Fuck me! Move that hard cock between my legs! Oh God, YES! I love it so! Fuck me hard, darling! You’re such a stud! Fuck me! Show the other boys what you can do to me, darling! Fuck me like a man! Fuck meeeeee!”

“Give it to her, man! She wants it, man! Listen to her, Russell, she’s begin’ for it! Fuck her! Fuck her hard, man!” one of the boys shouted.

It wasn’t long before Russell’s hard fucking brought him to the brink of shooting his hot wad. He felt his balls slapping against her steaming crotch as he banged away at her cunt. When his balls suddenly tensed and he felt the first spasm of his orgasm, the boy groaned. He thrust his cock all the way into her and gritted his teeth as his prick spurted blast after hot blast of cum deep into her sucking cunt.

“Oh, darling! You’re coming! Oh God, yes! I can feel it, lover! I can feel your cum shooting into me! It’s filling my cunt! Shoot it in me! Shoot your cum!” Lisa moaned, her cunt sucking at the boy’s shooting cock.

Lisa closed her eyes and abandoned herself to the wild pleasure of being fucked by the horny young studs. She felt cock after hard cock being shoved into her again. She came again and again as the boys brought her to one climax after another. She whimpered with delight as the boys took turns fucking her cunt.

The wild fucking and sucking went on all night. Only when the first rays of dawn broke through the trees were the boys and the hot assed nurse exhausted from their romp.

Lisa wondered how many of the kids at Camp Wawakakee she could seduce by the end of the summer. She hoped she could draw all of them into her web of seduction, but if she missed one or two boys, there was always the next year.

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